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The Best Damn Auction Ever!! I Mean Ever!!
The Meeting
  It's a beautiful day, he's a regular guy, about 5'7, brown hair, neatly dressed and clean shaven.  He enters the coffee shop, grabs a quick black coffee, and finds a place to sit.  She enters, nicely dressed, long legs, nice shape, very pretty.  she orders, and looks for a place to sit.  The place is kinda full, and the only place to sit is at his table.  she approaches, and politely asks if he's expecting company.  He responds no. and invites her to sit.  They chat a bit drinking their coffee's and laughing.  As she finishes her cup, she rises to leave, and coyly passes him a slip of paper with her number.  She smiles as she walks away thinking, "Possibilities, definite possibilities"!   ~~~~~~~~~~~~------------------------------~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Rummaging through his pocket, he finds the slip of paper.  He looks it over, and remembers the lovely lady that gave it to him.  He considers for a moment or two what to do, then on impulse picks yo his phone and dials.  it rings once, t
Rip Macho Man" Randy Savage
  "Macho Man" Randy Savage, a professional wrestler who became a fan favorite thanks to his outlandish outfits and trademark catchphrase, died Friday in a car wreck, as first reported by TMZ. The 58-year-old Savage -- whose legal name was Randy Mario Poffo -- reportedly suffered a heart attack while driving his 2009 Jeep Wrangler in Tampa, Fla., and careened across lanes of oncoming traffic before colliding head-on with a tree. He died later at a local hospital. Savage's wife Lynn, who was riding in the passenger seat, escaped with only minor injuries. Both passengers were wearing seatbelts and the police do not believe alcohol was a factor. The World Wrestling Federation favorite from Ohio burst onto the scene in 1985 and quickly drew attention with his flamboyant outfits and "ooh yeah!" catchphrase. His marriage to Elizabeth Hulette, Ms. Elizabeth to fans, was one of the first high-profile wrestler/valet relationships. They divorced in 1992. Savage remarried last year. He won
Some People
Some people are trying so hard, but stupidity is an incurable disease.
So...My daughter and her fiance went to Dave and Buster's recently. They traded their tickets in for a remote controlled helicopter. There was a warning that came with it.....  "Warning - If blade damage, don't be fly, otherwise it will create the human body or airframe damage."     um......Yeah.
Soul Mates
Our meeting was more than fate. God knew you were my soul mate. Your timing is never wrong. Now we share a bond so strong. Our time together means so much. Each moment intensifies the need to touch. Your love has reached my deepest soul. Longing for you to daily hold. May our love and need continuously grow. Forever, LOVE, NEED, PASSION to each show.
Add Me
add me up on my link or ym prettysexyicole  :)
If I Were To Come To You ........
If I were to come to you in the middle of the night offering you my bodywould you accept it If I were to come to youin the middle of the dayoffering you kisses would you accept it If I were to come to you in your dreams promises of unfulfilled dark taboo desireswould you take it drowning in those that you long for but havent tastedIf I were to come to youin your hour of darkest needoffering my throatwould you bite it If I were to come to youright now and offer youall of this would you turn awaycower from all you want hiding behind that mask called normal would you run to me tasting that forbidden fruit called Tamitha Lynn  
I Stand Here And I Stand Alone
Since my other one was deleted... OMFG!! Do we really need to go back to the Drama Queens (and no I'm not talking about the women...*clearing my throat).  Men, let me clarify please. Most MEN don't beg for Bling, Pimpouts, and Shitfaces. I always thought it was something to share with your friend or who you wanted to share them with. So why are these "so-called" men getting mad when we (women) don't share are abilities with them? Or get mad because you Bling someone else and they didn't get anything? Really?!?  I may be mistaken, but this is a game/social site right? I mean we are here to meet new people, level up and have fun...right? On occasion I may help someone who ask for it, but I mostly use them for friends and family that need leveling or if they are running a special ability. Even if I see a friend that isn't 100% shitfaced, I will buy them drinks until they are. I don't like calling people out, but I'm sure you know who you are. You seem to go to different women asking
Whing Ass Cry Baby
chicks wanna make a nigga look bad ha you got another thing coming if you think you that bad runnin they mouth looking for sympathy from niggas bitch grow the fuck up handle your own business lil cry baby why you ignoring me only reason why is cuz bitch you  annoying me yo one thing you dont know bout me is I DONT GIVE A FUCK what you or anyone else gotta say about me tryin to get me set up by ex supposed girlfriends ha you trippin that shit whack the bitch is inher 20's acting like she back in high school with the childish bull crap so yea yo this is my blog my flow what ever you wanna calll it but check this out bitch your like an illegal imagrant in my book you just been deported so fuck you and your littel childish shit you wanna talk about me this is what you fucking get you run your mouth bout me talkin shit believe this will be only the beginning for what ill have in store for you bitch dj papi chulo the one and only all the real chicks get the fuck at me 
Likes Em Fun, But Not A Ton
Dear Ninja, Ok first let me start by saying I'm in no way *skinny* and I Do not desire to be I'm confident and content with my apperance my question to you is Is It wrong or does it make me shallow that I personally prefer *Thick* as opposed to *Fat* Woman...And Yes To Me There Is A Difference between FAT and THICK Thanks IcON   Icon, It's perfectly fine to like whatever kind of woman you want. And there is, indeed, a difference between fat and thick. Personal attractions are just that, PERSONAL. As long as you're not into animals or minors, you're ok. Someone who is thick has muscle tone in certain areas that make the woman more curvy. But there is a huge difference between curvy and morbidly obese women calling themselves thick. Thick implies a thick layer of muscle between the skin and the bone. When flexed, these muscles appear thick, and are firm to the touch. Fat isn't. And while most women do have some fat in places we'd rather not, when your curves are defined only b
More Details On The Leveling Up Requirements!
*****FROM BABYJESUS' BLOG*****   Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know what to expect when we release the revamped fubar leveling system in the next few days. We're hoping to launch it by Friday, but it might come on Monday.   * We're going to reduce the amount of points required for all levels. To reach the top level (50) you'll need around 500M points. You currently need 700M to reach level 45, so it'll be easier for everyone. Our goal is to get more people leveling up. * We've removed the road-blocks that really made it really annoying to level up: Fan 25 newbies at level 20, be at exactly 50% buzz at level 22, get referrals at levels 26/28/30, be a VIP at level 35, perform level up action for 15 members at level 42, * Initially choosing an Angel/Demon side will only cost 1M fubucks down from 10M. Changing sides will cost 5M fubucks. * We've reduced the pain on a lot of the existing requirements to level up. For example, the MuMM 500 vote requirement has be
[but How Do You Really Feel About Muscle Strain?]
Look, sometimes you have to play Wii sports for 30 innings of pitching before you get a win...   going "pro" on that game is ridonculous. Got sidearm cyborgs pitching junk balls and hitting out of the park homers on 86 mph screwballs meanwhile I'm suffering muscle death and my arm makes a crinkling noise not unlike a stepped on water bottle   translation: Wii cheats at baseball. But I am pretty good at it... even if I can't lift my arm to take a drink today. I don't think this is gonna be a "nintendo post" but I have been thinking a lot about video games lately. My limited edition, no longer replaceable 80 gig PS3 is fucking up on PS2 games regularly, so I played some nintendo to sidestep the frustration. Result sore arms. But I did get some cooking in today. Spent $50 on groceries picked up... a boatload of vegetables and... ... that was about it. Man, if people were lookin into my cart today they'd swear I was on a health kick, of course my rinkydink town was out of any
79 Senators Vote To Trash The Constitution: The “war Of Terror” On The Us Grows (repost)
Marti Oakley, Contributing Writer Activist Post If you haven’t received the memo yet, let me update you on your status as it pertains to the Constitution and your civil liberties; you have neither.  79 Senators who snickered as they swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, voted to render you guilty in advance, with no chance of proving your innocence.  The unlawful data mining and collection, the compilation of dossiers on virtually every person in the US, the unwarranted wire-tapping, the rifling through personal records of all kinds for no other reason than to collect information to be used at a later date if the government decides to prosecute you for whatever reasons, was extended. The Patriot Acts were sold to the public as part of the war of terror perpetrated by the Bush administration after the false flag attacks of 9/11.  A “War of Terror” is being perpetrated by our own government against its own people and is
Memorial Day
Originally called Decoration Day for those who died in the Civil War. Soldiers are amazing people, we know this but not everyone that is a hero is apart of some military branch. This isnt a blog about changing but just remembering the people who have passed that also gave there life. The mother that died durin child birth. The person that was killed before time and there organs saved another soul. The teachers that have spent there life teaching children to be better people. Giving them hope when all else seems to fail. The Single parents that do whatever they can to make sure even if they go without, the children dont. The grandmother you had that was more of a mother than your own. The grandfather that loved you like a son. The musical talent that inspired you to pick up a guitar. The poet you fell inlove with just by understanding and feeling the words. This blog is for the people who have touched your life, military or not. In memory of my Aunt Judy that passed away 7 years ago. Yo
The Former Buck Cherry Pie Sweet
So as some of you may already know, I'm back! My last profile has been active for over four years now. I have been back on the Fu for about a month now and I have already surpassed my level on my other profile.WOW, how things have changed.... Johnny Devil is still here, FUDADDY, CowgirlXtreme, but I see a lot of new faces. We didn't have Cherry Bombs, or Boomerangs, or anything like that the last time... Happy Hours were $100. We did have Bling, and the FU was always awesome!I am glad to have made some new friends.... I'm glad to e back.. Glad to be back.:)  Just wanted to kick it off with a Blog, it's about time. Oh yeah, and I know I'll have some haters, oh to the well.Later! 
Stupid Encounter #74 Lmao
11:34pm cajunh...: love you look 11:34pm iC51Ne...: aweee Thank you 11:35pm cajunh...: its true 11:35pm iC51Ne...: What do you like about it? 11:36pm cajunh...: is this a trick question? 11:37pm iC51Ne...: answer it and find out 11:37pm cajunh...: think your pretty, THATS ALL 11:40pm cajunh...: LEARN TO TAKE A COMPLIMENENT FRIEND 11:41pm cajunh...: GUESS YOU THINK THAT WAS A ATTEMPT TO FUCK YOU, LMAO 11:42pm cajunh...: you funking women or so arrogant 11:43pm
Assignment For The Day: Navy Seals
I posted this on my EP account (I Want to Get Pregnant Group).  Tell me what you think about it:   *** I think this is one of the most wonderful reasons why being a woman is so much fun. You are a nurturer and a cradle of life. I consider motherhood and womanhood as a blessing. My version of feminism is different from the kind of feminism that you will get to read in books, magazines and most of the websites. For me, feminism is not about gender bending. It is about giving the same importance to women and empowering them. It is about empowering the female or the womb power and making women love themselves for who they are.  Women can do sports, manage a business, take leadership roles, and excel in fields outside the home. But you can never compare them to men. They are different from them, yet they are equals. Women are the cradles and nurturers of life. Men are designed to protect it.Some people ask, why is there a limited opportunities for women when it comes to some fields like
Things aren't always what they seem, so guarded is a heart that can not sing. Blinded by those things which are not seen. Broken is the soul kept with in. Haunted by the thoughts and sounds of him. Alone she walks in a world of sin. Judged by the world with there snickers and grins.  A scarelet letter which burns so bright. Forever rememinding her of  that fairful night. Luts thought was love taken a flight.  Shattered reality when he was gone at first light. A scorned lover rises with in looking for a fight. How to heal a soul so badly  burned. How to heal a heart so blacked and turnned. How to get revenage on a heart that used  tourted raped and abused.  Only by living life and forgetting ones sorrow. 
Are U Happy Now
"Are You Happy Now?"Now, don’t just walk awayPretending everything’s okAnd you don’t care about meAnd I know there’s just no useWhen all your lies become your truths and I don’t care... yeah, yeah, yeahCould you look me in the eye And tell me that you’re happy now, ohhh, ohhhWould you tell it to my face or have I been erased, Are you happy now? Are you happy now? You took all there was to take, And left me with an empty plateAnd you don’t care about it, yeah. And I am givin' up this gameI’m leaving you with all the blame cause I don’t care, yeah, yeah yeah,Could you look me in the eye? And tell me that you’re happy now, oohh oohhhWould you tell it to my face or have I been erased, 
This Site
  When I first joined this site 2 years ago I was amazed by all the things you could do and by all the wonderful people I met.Back then you could only rate a profile page once a week and people actually took time to talk n get to know each other.Then Fubar decided to change all that and then added more special bling and slowly you could see the site even the people changing.Now you see people almost literally willing to hurt anyone or do anything to get a rank,to have all the newest hottest bling that came out that day. Pretty much seeing people willing to sell themselves and their souls just to be something on a tiny little website.I’ve seen people spending almost $500 a week to rank or have a green or red name while there is people in this country out of work and starving.Just think what that same money would do if donated to a food pantry or shelter and the wonderful feeling you’d have for doing it.Pretty sure it would last longer than it takes for them to come out with
Cajun Sex ..
Last May, Boudreaux married an attractive woman, Lola, half his age.After several months, Lola complained that she had never climaxed during sex; and according to her Grand Momma, all Cajun women are entitled to a climax once in a while.So, to resolve the problem, they went to see the large-animal Vet since there was no trustworthy doctor anywhere in Pierre Part.The Vet didn't have a clue, but he did recall how, during the hot summer, his Momma and Daddy would fan a cow with a big towel that was having any difficulty breeding. This would cool her down and make her relax.So, the Vet told them to hire a strong, virile, young man to wave a big towel over them while they were having sex. This, the Vet said, would cause the young wife to cool down, relax, and then climax.So the couple hired a strong young man from the big city of Houma to wave that big towel over them as the Vet suggested.After many efforts, Lola still had not climaxed! They went back to the Vet. The Vet said for Lola to ch
New Codes
Supermen, Xmen, Spiedrmen And Other Bugs *splash!*
my self preservation instinct turned crimson red but i will tell you what the sneaky guys already know :P situation 1 when you see a girl on the street and your heart goes bOOm bOOm bOOm i want you in my room... dont frekking follow her! honestly dont! it will creep her off  and she will put you a sticker "butt rapist DANGER!" in no time. You want to talk to her just stop her on the street say a compliment but please dont say "hey you cute/sexy/hot "she heard it before compliment an element of her clothing say she has gorgeous shoes, earings or beautiful hair color, it can be a bullshit no one cares but for that 5 seconds you have her smile ;p and thats something good ;p situation 2 she is a  hottie what to do to drag her attention? now you are in troubles NOT! :P step one out of one! separate her from the the herd of hyenas she came with (so called her BFFs SwEeeTTttt)  and make her smile just like in the situation one just make her smile and she will remember you ;] oh important
If Youd Like A Flashy Picture Read This
If you want a flashy or bright pic something that will catch ppls eye i can make em for ya 3 mil each bring a get a friend to buy one and ill make you one free for each friend u can bring to me that buys one.
Hmmm Is Sydney A Teaser? Or A Teaser And A Pleaser?
Quick Feel!
Full Body- Fan Me~~ For More Fun Sydney Blogs
It has came to my mind that I am a control freak. Yes. I like being in control of my surroundings.  How do I  know this? Well, let me explain.......................   Flying:: I love it, but I can't stand the fact that my life is in the hands of multipule other people.  Not only the pilot, but the air traffic control people. What if one of them is having a bad day? What if they are focused on something else. I'm dead..........   Tattoos:: I love them too. But, even though I may be still, what happens if they sneeze or cough? I have a mistake on my body that is no fault of my own.       Oh and is anyone else having issues with blogs? I can't center it or change the color.
Getting up from her seat, she approaches the man. He sits and continues to look blankly out the window. Looking him over, he seems plain and unassuming. Short reddish blond hair coming to a widows peak, pale skin, almost ashen in color. His eyes are most striking, dark, and (her mind must be playing tricks on her, she tells herself) swirling orbs in a sunken face. He looks as though he has seen hell, and lived to tell about it. She realizes she has no idea how long she has been staring at him. He looks up at her, and in a calm voice, says” I think you better take your seat”. The words chill her to the bone. Shaking visibly she backs up and stumbles back onto the bench seat. She notices his gaze has shifted to the front of the car. She sees his hand tighten into a fist and almost....disappear, no it has been a long day. Up ahead you can hear the turmoil. Gunshots being fired, people yelling. A large creature is in the next car and the people within are fighting for their li
So those of you who know me well know that for the past 18 months I have been dealing with severe shoulder and arm pain. For the longest time The doctors thought the problem was in my neck since the mri's showed a bad disc. Countless months were spent pursuing this angle, including physical therapy and medication, all with no progress. Finally, after 3 doctors and one surgeon, not to mention almost having major neck surgery that turns out would have been totally unnecessary, my last doctor finally found the problem in my shoulder not my neck. Turns out I have a nerve impingement in my shoulder as well as a couple bone spurs grinding on things. Finally a light at the end of the tunnel.   NOT!   The doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon once the problem was finally correctly diagnosed. The surgeon agreed to take over my case and the other doctor closed out my file on his end. I was told that when I needed a refill on my medication to call the surgeon and he would take care of i
Police State Amerika (repost)
David GallandCasey ResearchI just had a conversation with constitutional lawyer and monetary expert Dr. Edwin Vieira. I first became acquainted with Dr. Vieira, who holds four degrees from Harvard and has extensive experience arguing cases before the Supreme Court, at our recent Casey Research Summit in Boca Raton, where he spoke on how far off the constitutional rails the nation has traveled. Here is a summary of what he told me… Dr. Vieira and I covered a lot of ground in our lengthy conversation, most of it related to the U.S. monetary system – its history, nature, and likely fate. But in between the details and analysis of how it is that the nation’s fiscal and monetary affairs have deteriorated to the current dismal state – and how the global sovereign debt crisis is likely to be resolved – a couple of deeply concerning truths emerged.Concerning because, taken together, these truths have set the stage for a full-blown police state.The first of these
Onesided Conversation With My Dead Father
You denied the damage you did I called you weeks before you died Knowing somehow that you would die soon Your voice so weak and weary I asked again "Do you have anything to tell me You are clearly going to die soon" You were horrified by my frankness for some reason The death bed confession & sorrow Did not come I beg your spirit then To apologize to me You were a coward and a bully in life Rise to the occasion for once And be a hero in death Either way I will no longer carry this I will treat you like a stranger Because you are      
View on YouTube   Connie vs. Katy   View on YouTube
The Sound Of Life.......
The sound of life is sometimes loud and other times barely audible.... My life is uniquely quiet, I live in a vacuum completely void of all life's noise. Some may be thinking how awesome that must be..... Let me assure you it is depressingly mind numbing.... In my own personal vacuum, my world is totally vacant of all laughter, good times,  and human connections of any kind. There is no Love, no Touch, no Hug, no Shoulder to Cry on, no Hand to Hold, and no Arms to give you is just me all by myself. I have done my best to live in this life, I have known love or at least what I thought was love. I have given every ounce of Love, Loyalty, Respect, and Kindness, that I could find to another, but it was never enough.... Living in total silence is very lonely and frustrating. I find myself with desires to live loud again, but my Heart is stricken with fear. I truly believe it is time for me to just stay here in the silence and keep the Demon of desire locked up with
How do you pretend that you are happy that is over something that is totally tearing you up inside yet you have to *pretend* to be happy or you will push this person "YOUR KID" away? I cant really explain this right now, especially not right now, all I can say is this is tearing me up from the ground up! Yet nothing she is doing is really wrong......ugh I wish I could explain this more :(
Heptagon Shaped Diamond
As I start I see the words deep within my heart. They are already there Always on the walls are messages thatdidn’t make it to the one that they were created for, the windows were closedas was the door. The person you think you know is no better or worse than you, theyfeel weakness and strength then they grow thankful for the red, white, andblue. Battles shall be fought and after thedead and dying will bleed and rot. Fighting will never cease unless there are the unbridled few that stillbelieve in worldly peace. You just can’t preach and teach of the storyto be told, you must venture out among the people to be brave and bold. It isn’t known by many that we are all toblame, it isn’t one side or the other that occupy this game. It has been saidit takes two to Tango, it also takes two to let go. Ready to start a new tried but true world offriends, where the truth and trust never ends. Turn to those you love andreassure them they will be here for the joining of seven continents
[we Could Not Find This Post]
Welp, tomorrow I have to take back what I said, and have to come up with a... polite explanation as to why I don't want to take a physically dangerous job for $2.50 an hour.   I'd be less conflicted if I was a bastard, but pretty much everyone I know has reaffirmed that ... this is not a good idea.   What the fuck ever? Meanwhile my online "social life" ? If you can call it such continues to deteriorate much like everything else around me.   I haven't had the opportunity for a followup confrontation with a forum-goer who went pretty far out of his way to either malign me, misinterpret me, or just troll me.   Either way, he's not been seen since, but the owner/operator/moderator of said forum has a stick up his ass, and I was ... somewhat in the line of fire of his /rage.   Not something I want to deal with or come down on me since that forum's a good distraction, and of some use to me. His hissyfit was ill timed for me since I had taken about as much infantile fuckery as I
Here We Go!
It was suggested that I take the 30 day music challenge.  I will readily admit to seeing friends on facebook posting “day 3, song xx” and not having a clue what they were I know J  I have thought about whether I should be posting songs that demonstrate my depth and breadth of music knowledge/appreciation in order to “wow” folk.  However I have decided that I can’t maintain that level of pretentiousness for a whole month!  So, I think I will just select songs that pop into my head on that day.   The “topics” are pre-determined (by some magical mystical faerie) although having seen the list of the 30 topics I do feel that a few have been missed best live song, best cover version.  I might add these to the end of the challenge J Those of you who have chatted with me will know that I can happily spend an entire night on youtube hopping through the music videos ending up at some random song at 3am in the morning (apologies for t
[with Tamales I'll Kick Your Ass]
So ... one whole day of cooking later, and we have pork tamales. Hot tamales? Possibly. *pops neck* This will seriously take a while. And will likely tax your aresnal, library and techniques. You will need a 2-3 lb pork shoulder roast About a cup of spice mix (and I will SHARE MINE LATER BE PATIENT!!!) About 5 cups of tomato juice One whole onion 1 large or 2 med cloves of garlic 1/2 a jalapeno (more, or a cerano or habanero if your diners are bold) 1 medium jar of diced tomato (or crushed or whole about 2 cups worth)   and then you'll need 3 1/2 cups of masa horina 1/2 cup of lard 2-4 cups of liquid (hopefully from preparing the pork) 1 tb of salt 2 1/4 tsp of baking powder and some cornhusks (about 2 dozen should be fine) And yes- that's the portions you use to make Alton Brown's turkey tamale dough. We didn't make turkey tamales... Alright Phase ... -7 I made a pork roast. I about stabbed my mother when she dropped this beautiful pork shoulder into a hot
Geronimo E-kia, A Poem By The 1491s (repost)
Check Out Scratchers On Itunes!
If you have a mobile phone, check out Scratchers the latest creation from the team. If you like lottory tickets but hate buying them, this is a super addicting game for your mobile phone.
Day 3.
Day 3. A song that makes you happy.   I have many many many songs that fall into my “happy song” category. However, my choice is a long standing fave and one that never ever fails to lift my spirits. I don’t care if you now think I’m educationally sub-normal, I really like it.     I’m off to listen to it right now – I hope you play the game and listen all the way through.   Stella
Feels Like It Was Written By My Baby Girl Chassity Aka Rip My Baby Girl
My Dad, he tells a lot of lies. He never did before. But from now until he dies, He'll tell a whole lot more. Ask my dad how he is, And because he cant explain, He will tell a little lie, Because he cant explain the pain. Ask My Dad how he is, He'll say "I'm alright." If that's the truth please tell me, Why does he cry each night? Ask My Dad how he is. "I’m fine. I’m well. I’m coping" For God’s sake Dad, just tell the truth. Tell them your heart is broken. He’ll love me all his life, I loved him all of mine. But if you ask him how he is, He’ll lie and say he’s fine. I am here in Heaven, I cannot hug him from here. If he lies to you don’t listen Just hug him and hold him near. On the day we meet again, We’ll smile and I’ll be bold. I’ll say, "you’re lucky to get in here, Dad, With all the lies you’ve told!"
10 Thing's To Never Say To A Man You Love!
1. I can't wait to see what you're doing for my Birthday! 2. Are you....crying? 3. If we leave right now, we'll have time to stop by Bed Bath & Beyond. 4. Do you need help lighting the grill? 5. I'm putting the whole conversation on my Blog. 6. You had so much hair back then! 7. I don't care how big and drunk he is, he shouldn't be talking through the movie. I'm going to say something! 8. Actually it doesn't happen to EVERY guy! 9. We're vegetarian's now! 10. My dad can fix that, you should call him!   **I hope I don't have to explain WHY women should never say anything listed above!**
Dancing Embers
Where once there was nothing but embers, along came a man who blew on them till a spark ignited, and he sat by the little spark n tended to it till there was a brilliant flame.    Then one day, a cold cruel wind came rushing by, and blew the beautiful flame out.  The man now cold and tired, notice a second spark and fanned it till it burnt bright.    Looking back, he saw the smouldering remains of his old friend, and remembered how it use to burn, keeping him warm and cosy.    He decided to see if he could still keep the little spark alive. Alternating between the two, he slowly realise he could truly only tend to one properly, and abandoned his old friend.    From the nook of his new cosy corner, he watched on as the little spark slowly died out... returning to the embers it used to be.    Only this time, the embers slowly turned to ash, reduced to nothing more then a faded memory, without the care of its old friend.    ~S.A.P~
Day 5.
Day 5.  A song that reminds you of someone. This one goes back a bit to my late teens/early 20’s when I used to wear ripped jean shorts and DM’s with honey blonde hair that went past my waist (I have pics somewhere…I need to post them for a laugh!).  Those days were filled with lots of music gigs..week in week out back to back – lots of trips up and down the motorway to Wolves civic hall. The guy responsible for it all was Tetley (hi hon x) and when I hear this band/song I’m instantly reminded of those days squashed in with hundreds of others, jumping when they jumped, us both coming out of the venue completely deaf having had a great night.  I’ve seen this band a number of times and although they have changed their line up and had a rough patch in the middle of their career they are still out and about today – playing Download festival in 2010.  They formed in late 89 (the lead singer previously being in the Quireboys) and the tickets I can
I allowed the wonderful image of my father slip from me. I am sorry my precious Daddio! I still mourn and miss you so terribly. I love you with all that I am. Always Daddy's little girl...... Happy Father's Day!
My Angel
The way your blue eyes sparkle that perfect little smile the way you blush when you look my way it all amazes me making me feel like a child meeting santa   your fingers wrapped around mine my arms around you the look in your eyes before we kiss melts me from the inside like an ice cube on a roaring fire   when you lounge in your sweats the way you get all dolled up you are always beautiful to me   of all the things you say or do one thing will always stand out to me   the fact that you are the one who holds my heart and it amazes me everyday that i am yours   the love we share sends me to heaven with only the mention of your name
"People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. People talk about how great love is, but that's bullshit. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous. How can they deal with love if they're afraid to feel? Pain is meant to wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they're wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio. You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It's all in how you carry it. That's what matters. Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you. Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you're letting society destroy your reality. You should stand up for your right to feel your pain."
Lonely Nighttime Fantasies..... Adorned in a sheer flame silk robe, the gentle curve of her buttocks resting lightly on her heels, as her wrists cross behind her well arched back… quietly kneeling on her pink fluffy pillow lost in her thoughts and daydreams… girl's fingers toying absentmindedly with her slave bells…. big emerald eyes soft and wistful as the chiming of her bells comfort her... their song evoking her spirit...whirling around her taking her to a place of tranquil beauty and haunting music.... Rising slowly from her pillow, this girl walks to the center of the room, her long ebony tresses wild and free as she starts to slowly spin and dance to the sound of her jingling bells. . . her body flowing in liquid motion as her hips undulate and shake from side to side. her berry red lips softly curved up wards as she feels the heat of eyes upon her. weaving back and forth losing herself in the shear pleasure of the danc
92 Truths
  Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. NAME: Katie AGE : 28 :P BIRTHDATE: June 19, 1976 FULL NAME: Katherine Lynn     WHAT WAS YOUR: 1. last beverage = Coke 2. last phone call = cable people 3. last text message = none 4. last song you listened to = Divinity...Lay in bed you've made 5. last time you cried = Saturday HAVE YOU EVER 6. dated someone twice = No 7. been cheated on = No 8. kissed someone & regretted it = Yes. 9. lost someone special = Yes. 11. been drunk and threw up = Yes. LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS: 12. Black 13. Red. 14. Green LAST YEAR (2010), HAVE YOU: 15. Made a new friend = Yes. 16. Fallen out of love = what is love exactly? 17. Laughed until you cried = IDK it was last year... 18. Met someone who changed you = yes 19. Found out who your true friends were = everday 20. Found out someone was talking ab
Conversation With My 8 Year Old Son
I do not remember how the conversation came up but this is the conversation that went on during the drive to Blockbuster last night...   Son: I did not kiss a girl Daughter: What about Macy Son: Nooooo Mom: What about Bethany Son: I do not like her Mom: what about Olivia Son: I do not want to kiss her Daughter:  why not Son: She is black Mom: So? Son: she will taste different   I cried from laughing so hard...   Fucking kids...u have to love them...
Funny Thing Son Said, Then I Went Off Topic Complaining
so my son's teacher emailed me to tell me that my son said " sometimes when my mom is too tired after work, she just makes us macaroni and cheese with cat food in it" and the teacher put LOL. I told the teacher it was spam!! the teacher replied said ..."I know what he was talking about, this is NYC" lol I tell a days things can get blown out of proportion lol...imagine if CPS knocked on my door to see if i was feeding my kids cat food lol...I am a single mom of 3 and it is not easy!!! I do not qualify nor do i want assistance of any kind, I work my butt off and every cent I make is for them. Living in the city aint cheap...AT know what sucks even more? is the after school program...they could stay until 5:30 but I dont qualify it is only for low income families. HELLO - if they are a couple and only 1 is working why cant the one that isnt working get their kid from school on time??? I think that single working moms should get a chance for that!! cause i have to pay
The Angels
the angels of flight hold on to wht left of there sword as they fly around looking 4 more kill, like swolled voltrers..they keep come as they wait 4 another life form to craw out from the crack..and snap wht has been left of there sqeeling soul..
An Encounter
I drive over to your house. I wonder we will do when I get there.  I feel like I have been on the road for hours but it’s been only minutes.  I come slowly down your road and park the car.  I stare at the house for second, feelings of nervousness run throughout my body.  I step out of the car and walk to the front door.  I knock on the door and you answer.  The look of happiness on your face as you see me puts me at ease.  As I walk into the house you stop me and give me a hug.  Your arms around me, I felt warm and secure.  We go and sit down on the couch and talk for awhile.  We discuss nothing and everything.  The laughter is so easy and the flirting is what we do best.  The tension in the air gets so thick.  Like the humidity in the air right before a down pour.  We constantly stare at each other.  We can’t seem to stare any where else.  We both know what’s going to happen but when are we is the question. Every once and awhile you touch my arm, leg
The Grind
As our bodies moved in time together pressing up against one another not allowing any space between us for we couldn’t be any closer or connected than we are now, as I move slowly inside of you pressing hard to get just a little deeper into you as you look into my eyes. Both eyes are locked as lips touch tenderly in a quick rapid pace I hold myself tight into you not wanting this feeling to end, I hold you close to me for a moment only wishing time would stand still only for us in this moment for this is our time together and no one else’s and as the kisses become more passionate and the touching becomes more rapid the built up tension is released as we hold each other even tighter than before as if this moment was to last forever. Ya I wrote that late at night when I was tired lol
Are you scared of the dark Are you afraid they’ll break your heart Are you afraid you’ll lose yourself Are you afraid of your own health Are you scared to lose Are you afraid to choose Are you afraid you’ll win Are you scared of your own sin Are you scared to forgive Are you afraid to live Are you afraid to die Do you think you told a lie To live When you think you’re dying To laugh When you feel like crying To stand When you think you’re gonna fall It’s just fear after all It’s only fear after all Are you afraid you’ll be alone Are you scared to pick up the phone Are you scared of the past Do you think that you might crash Do you think you’re in too deep Are you afraid to sleep Are you scared there’s no stability Are you afraid of your own fragility To mend When you’re think you’re breaking To strength When you know you’re shaking To pray When your back’s against the wall It’s only fear after all
In Summery
my nights events... started at the local pub the owners kid dragged me over to a place called dirty jims because we were supposed to take shots with a bachlorette party(even though i won't drink) it went from there to their stretch limo hummer thing to another club where a girl i actually made dinner for a few months back was hitting on me.... from there we took a short bus back to the pub and then i had a girl i've known for 10 years tried to hook up in a threesome with me and this other girl... which... it's been awhile since i've gotten laid(longer than i'll admit to)so it was almost tempting... but her on again off again boyfriend of 10 years showed up and kinda made her leave... in all it almost sounds like i had a good time... but let me say this i was sober... babysitting drunk bitches all night... hanging out with a male stripper... his asshole drug addict friend and some random soon to be married women(the bachlorette party) really all i got out of that night was a fucking he
    sitting quietly....thinking about her place in the world...gosh. she does that a lot... it is strange that no matter how things change on the outside, still inside they are the same she went for a walk along the beach today and came accross a seagull playing in the surf... girl sat down to watch him......running back and forth....dodging the waves... then suddenly he stopped....he gazed out far into the sea....and girl wondered what it would be like to be him..... to soar above the world without be free..... then the reality of it hit her...... no one is ever really free.... everyO/one is a slave to something....... some to money.....some to love.....some to fear....some to ego......some to their desires.....some to habit....... freedom is a very funny means be selfsufficient....the ability to decide one's own path..... very lonely words in girl's heart..... people are meant to be interdependant....not s
New Drinking Game?
I was thinking (uh-oh!) while I trolled the mumms today.   A new drinking game, where we take a shot every time a mummer changes their status to talk about how rude people are after they post their drivel. Could maybe even tie it in with a mummer's lounge so we can send a round of drinks whenever it happens :P Who's with me?  ;)
Will You
Will you? Will you smile when our eyes meet? Will you embrace me oh so soft and sweet; will you tremble at the first touch and smile knowing it has been a while? Will you hold me tight even if it is late at night and let me know that you are alright, when you look into the eyes of blue will it be enough to get you through? Will you melt at the first kiss thinking it should always be just like this? Will you want to stay in the moment forever never wanting it to end, thinking this is how time should be spent? So let me ask you this will you?
Don't Like Fubar?
If you constantly complain in your status, or any other fubar media option, about how "bad" fubar is, or talk bad about it in any other way, why stay?   Is is because:   1. You are a FuHo?   2. You are naturally a whiner and can't help it?   3. You think the world revolves around how YOU feel or think?   4. You forgot to take your meds?   5. Can't find the delete link?   I can't help you with 1-4, but I can CERTAINLY help you with 5. Just ask.   Why stay if Fubar is so bad? When you talk about this site, you are talking about my second family. I've been bouncing for over 4 years and you just don't KNOW.   Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  
12 Major Issues The Mainstream Media Is Playing Down Or Ignoring Altogether (repost)
As the mainstream media continues to be obsessed with Anthony Weiner and his bizarre adventures on Twitter, much more serious events are happening around the world that are getting very little attention.  In America today, if the mainstream media does not cover something it is almost as if it never happened. Right now, the worst nuclear disaster in human history continues to unfold in Japan , U.S. nuclear facilities are being threatened by flood waters, the U.S. military is bombing Yemen, gigantic cracks in the earth are appearing all over the globe and the largest wildfire in Arizona history is causing immense devastation.  But Anthony Weiner, Bristol Palin and Miss USA are what the mainstream media want to tell us about and most Americans are buying it. In times like these, it is more important than ever to think for ourselves.  The corporate-owned mainstream media is not interested in looking out for us.  Rather, they are going to tell us whatever fits
Things I Find Interesting!!!
So lately I am personally getting a kick out of the peeps on this site that say they hate drama, but are the cause of it..lmao.... And fuck doesn't anyone ever read a damn fuckin profile anymore...You might find out if the person is married, or weather they are gay or striaght I mean fuck....Now seriously, y even have anything written there anymore if no one is gonna read it! I dunno how many times i have had to direct peeps to read my profile to get a fuckin clue...IDC if you want to fuckin due me...I don't fuckin care if you think i have great breast...I mean honestly this is an adult site yes, but just because peeps are on here doesnt mean we what to get fucked...I know personaly a few that are just lookin to chat or make a few friends. How about those that say they don't need to prove who they are....the i don't do salutes....hey i bet i could make a fake ass profile and place a hot ass dude or chick up there too and get all the screaming attention idc for I me
Recollection Of A Fight
This was something I had written once when asked "What does it feel like to be a fighter?" Since I am (for the most part), retired from actively fighting, I thought I would publish it here. I hope you enjoy the read as you gain a rare look through my eyes inside a fight. Critics have called it a “blood-sport” and “human cock-fighting”. However, Mixed Martial Arts remains not only a test of skill and endurance, but an essential part of human character-building and quest for the ultimate in physical excellence. The mixture of intense pain and pleasure felt through pushing yourself cannot be duplicated or rationalized, it can only be lived. Further, the emotions and feelings experienced during an MMA fight far exceed any other form of competition I have ever known. As my fatigued body slumped backwards against the cage wall, the cold rubber-coated fencing only gives slightly against my weight. The cold and clammy steel is a welcome feelin
I Am Only Human.
Through the inconspicuous shield that outlines me, is a being entirely capable of compassion, understanding, and trust.This shield, which each of us carry, can be used as an armament, or mark of individuality, depending on one's intentions.Though my own shield is seemingly impenetrable, it is anything but...and try as I might, I cannot ward off everything that is said, or done.Only through the ignorant and callous things that are, at times, directed towards me, can I develop a tolerance and strengthen my shield. I can only allow so much before I break or before someone breaks me.I do not expect kindness from everyone, nor do I expect myself to give it.I do not let many people inside of my own shield, and those who I do let it, know that I am not as strong as I may seem from the outside.The truth these people show me, guides me. I look to them for honesty and fidelity, which they never fail to give.If it weren't for them, my shield would be almost completely degraded.I lack strong
To The Bug That Crushed The Possum
To the bug that crushed the possum: Am writing to a certain person here on this site and if u know my story and know me well then u will know of whom I speak of but I want to thank her for leavening me when I was at my worst and need you to stand my me the most I also want to thank her for taking all my belongings and lied to me at the same time I hope u are happy with the hypocrites u have in your family and livening the the dead beat town u live in for u and I both know u are not going to do anything with your life besides being a hypercondact and play with peoples heart I was I would also like to thank whoever it was in your family that made the account on collarme .com for I can’t remove it for I don’t have the account password and would ask that you find out who put it there and remove it asap would like that very much (for we all know your mom did not like me much) u hope u have fun without me in your life and I hope u find lots of carpets to munch on because apparently the dic
Should The U.s. Arm The Libyan Rebels?
It's kinda like that same old song -- a cruel dictator clings to power and President Obama is criticized for being "slow to act." he did say Libya's Moammar Gadhafi must go. But, it wasn't fast enough -- or strong enough -- even though some say he's treading carefully because there are still Americans in Libya. That's not stopping Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman. Lieberman told CNN he understands why the Obama Administration waited, but now "we ought to provide (the Libyan rebels) with arms." McCain said the President should impose a "no-fly zone" over Libya -- so Libyan pilots can't attack their own people. "Get tough," McCain said. "I understand the safety of American citizens is our highest priority. It is not our only priority." Both senators stopped short of saying U.S. troops ought to be used to help topple Gadhafi. Tough choice -- because who really knows who's leading the opposition in libya? Former CIA officer Jamie Smith says there's "no
My Mom
My mother passed away on June 28th 2011. It was sudden and most definitely not expected. I'm angry, hurt and I don't know what the hell I'm doing.  I wrote this tonight for her. I'm not worried about the flow. This is what I'm feeling, and the best way I could express it.  MOM Lord knows how you made me crazy.  Frustrated me to no end. The thing was though.  I never questioned you were my best friend.   Walked beside me and held my hand. Always supported me  Loved me with everything you had. Showed me that I was worthy.  Now I can't pick up the phone Dial your number and hear your voice.  For you have left me here Without a word or a choice.  I can usually find the words  For a story or a book.  But to tell you how I love you I only needed to give you a look.  Now I can't see your face Or put my arms around you. Nothing makes sense to me I do not have a clue.  Where do I go from here? How do I go on? Mom, I miss you so much I can't accept that you'r
To My Friends.. All Friends
to my friends... a friend of mine made me a nsfw salute of her with my name on a paper on her chest.... my friends list is acting up and i cant find you to get my pic again i accidentally deleted it .. if ur are the one who did that message me so we can reconnect plz....   and on a side note if anyone wants to make me one like that of them id be more than happy to accept it lol
Break Time!
My internet has been out for a couple days due to storms and I've had to find other things to occupy my time besides the net and fu.. I actually enjoyed my "fu break" and have decided to try to go through "fu-rehab" and take a couple days or more away from here. 
Block Lists Cleared?
noticed that my block list had been cleared. thought I'd done so myself and not remembered, went and checked up on some people who had me blocked, and noticed that one didn't have me blocked anymore; assumed she'd unblocked me, and thanked her. then noticed two more no longer did- 3 is a pattern. Friends may want to rebuild their lists (and no, I have no intention of abusing this, now that I realize what it is- etc.  Stash ratings has always been another matter ;) )
Girl's Name......
    its funny but when she was told about this blog she didnt think it was something she would be interested in....but now that she has started writing it is like a dam broke inside of her ....and the words and memmories just dont want to stay in their very proper little boxes..... in a way it is nice to have something to write them down on...something that will live on long after she has turned to ashes......her feelings are all jumbled today... the spirits feel so is comforting to let the stories take see them grow wings and fly....smiling softly.....the wisdom of her Grandfather surrounding her lately so much...  as He has so often when she has needed Him....The best in her comes from Him.... He was so strong...yet always gentle and kind....wild creatures would still to His touch....He was the best Man in her whole world......when she was little her Grandfather would cuddle her up before her bedtime and tell her over and over the story of her
Head Shots
Do people really want to see a Zillion head shots of the sameface? BORING!!!! What's up with that ? Are people so full of them selves that they think one would enjoy looking at the same face a thousand times!
Note To My True Friends.
Note to my true and cherished friends.   My deepest apologies for not being as attentive as I should be. My personal life is filled with "horse shit" as I like to call it. I am going through so much...mentally, emotionally and physically. No, I am not ill...except for peri menopause. AKA pre mental pause and it is kicking my ass (my emotions anyway). That, along with family crisis upon crisis upon crisis has my mind in a constant state of WTF?!!!! I do withdraw from friends. It may be wrong but it is how I am and how I have always been. It isn't intentional it's just that sometimes I can not be social. It is certainly not by choice it is unfortunately a part of my personality, I guess. My truest friends accept that part of me and will be around when I am of sound mind and body. To those friends that love me no matter what....I offer you my undying love and devotion. I am truly grateful and honored to have precious friends that love me unconditionally. I love you all ve
The Fun Never Ends As Long As I'm Buying.
So, I recently set out to prove a point to myself, that fubar, and 90% of the so called friends I and everyone else ahve on it, only notice if you got bling, and notice I put 90% I have found a few wonderful friends on fubar that I wouldn't change for the world or trade for millions of dollars. but...   Amazing right after you purchase that god mode bling, and you look at the blue circle with the lightning bolt and wonder... wtf happened to the cross? Probably some religious freak bitched and moaned until it got changed... but anyway, I remeber saying to myself do I really, really want to spend this money on this? And that is the biggest thing to me, this is actual money that I could be shoving in my pocket and scratching my nuts with, but hey I bought it, I was cool with it, and I set out to have my fun. And i was right, the minute I turned it on, my bar tab lit up again like it used to all the other times, and I was liked, and I was rated, and I ahd beggers in my shout box, "I am
slowly she reaches for the pack of cigarettes on the bed gently slides one out between her fingers she can't quite comprehend yet that he is dead standing there in the doorway she lingers   not in any rush, she puts the cigarette to her lips lights one and stands there smoking, hands upon her hips   he shouldn't of said those awful things to her shouldn't of said he was leaving that it was over her chest was still heaving   she should leave that hotel room someone had to of heard the boom from the gun she dropped on the floor before she got her cigarettes and walked to the door   but if she flees, where will she go 
Sparkles Is A Slut
Comments welcome.
My Daughter's First Paid Video Gig
Just a bit of bragging: She was contacted because of her video posted on YouTube and the production company bought the rights to use her video in their ad. I have to laugh. She and her friends do a lot of videos and post them on YouTube. That it actually paid pretty well is fun.
Law That Will Save The Lives Of Thousands Of Children     follow this link and sign the petition   this law really needs to go into affect, if it doesn't, then thousands of children will suffer, because of someone not reporting them missing.  plz help get this law passed
A Tazer As A Gift
Pocket Tazer Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife.A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Tazer for their anniversarysubmitted this:Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked myinterest.. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for alittle something extra for my wife Julie. What I came across was a100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized Tazer.The effects of the Tazer were supposed to be short lived, with no long termadverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat tosafety...??WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home... Iloaded two AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button.. Nothing!I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button andpressed it against a metal surface at the same time, I'd get the blue arc ofelectricity darting back and forth between the prongs.AWESOME!!! Unfortunately, I have yet to explain to Julie what that burn spotis on the face of her mic
Sometimes We Need It =)
What would be your ideal romantic setting?  What would you take the time to plan and create for that someone special? I've done a couple of things with past relationships, as I specified 1 or 2 in the A-Z portion. One particular time, I asked my man to meet me at this 5 star hotel at a specific time. I set it up where there were flowers and candles EVERYWHERE. I set out a plate of appetizers and wine along with a note. I wasn't there yet, but I'm sure he was looking for me (even though he said he wasn't). I arrived about 30 mins after I asked him to be there. I had on nothing but a lace nightie, trench and heels (I was sooo scared I would get pulled over while I was driving there lol. But I made it there without incident.). Anyway...long story short we enjoyed the night and morning.  Even though we had to snap back to reality, it was VERY fun while it lasted. Now, I told my story...what is your experience?
This Bish Is... Wow Loss For Words
(CNN) -- A Southern California woman was in jail Wednesday after allegedly drugging her husband, cutting off his penis, throwing it into the garbage disposal and turning it on, Orange County police said. Catherine Kieu Becker put a drug or poison in her husband's dinner Monday evening to make him sleepy, according to the initial police investigation. "The victim went to lie down and he woke up tied to the bed with his wife tugging his clothes off," police said. "The suspect grabbed the victim's penis and cut it off." Becker told police he "deserved it" when they arrived at the scene after she called 911, the police report said. The couple is going through a divorce. Becker, 48, was arrested for aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, administering a drug with intent to commit a felony, poisoning, and spousal abuse. She was booked into the Orange County Jail. The 51-year-old victim, who hasn't been identified because he is an alleged victim of spousal a
Just in need of a little venting I suppose... The general reason for this rant is simple...Fubar is a number of things to a number of people but all in all it is in reality the same thing all around...It's a Fake Bar...We'll start with that word Fake...when I think of the word many things come to mind...those little fruit centerpieces that people have on their table in the summer...shit looks all around real but in all actuality it's plastic...whatever you do, don't try and feed the kids grapes from those can get messy. Another thing that pops to mind when I think of Fake would be my wedding vows from back in the day...can't get more out there than hearing me say "I promise to love honor and OBEY" anyone...I think I should have re worded that situation...may have gone better. But I digress.  There are any number of people on das Fu, everyone has come across most types...There's the beggars, the liars, the cheats, the whores, the pimps, the adulterers, the sinful, lu
My Big Brother..
My brother's name is Rob.  He is 9 years older than me.  He is dying from cancer.  He's had it for a while, and he's been trying to fight it off for about 2 years now.  The past 10 months have been really rough on him.  Back on March 17, 2011, he had a heart attack and died for 5 minutes; then they were able to bring him back.  He said it was just like going to sleep, and he doesn't remember anything.  He was in the hospital for 2 weeks.  During that time, he was unable to continue with his chemotherapy, and that was all the cancer needed to spread throughout his body. On Monday, July 11, 2011, he was brought to the Hospice House by ambulance.  My father had gone up to see him on the previous day and when he came home, he told me that Rob had gone dramtically downhill since Friday, July 8, 2011.  When I heard that, I knew that my brother was not going to be with us for much longer.  His wife, Sherry, asked me if I was going to go up and see him, and I told her I just couldn't, because
Give me something to do, people! Fucking with these people gets boring too quickly.     toy: hey sexy 5:13pm toy: wanna watch me cum 5:13pm toy: ? 5:14pm Suga Lips: Oh yes. What's your address? 5:15pm toy: im on skype right now 5:15pm toy: got skype? 5:16pm Suga Lips: Oh I wanted to go to your house. 5:16pm toy: where do u live? 5:16pm Suga Lips: Wherever you want me to live. 5:16pm toy: u can come 5:16pm toy: lol 5:16pm toy: which state r u in 5:17pm Suga Lips: The state of confusion. 5:17pm toy: lmao 5:17pm toy: i can bang u back 2 your senses
Too Much Info
Indiana Schools No Longer Required To Teach Cursive
Indiana Schools No Longer Required To Teach Cursive    Is the keyboard completely replacing the pen? Indiana school officials have announced that students will no longer be required to learn cursive writing, effective this fall. In a memo to schools in April, state officials said schools can still teach cursive as independent school protocol, but students will be expected to be proficient in using the keyboard, The Tribune-Starreports. District and school officials didn't find the announcement particularly surprising. From the Associated Press: "The skill of handwriting is a dying art," [said East Allen County Schools Superintendent Karyle Green]. "Everything isn't handwritten anymore." The Tribune-Star also reports that parents are worried about children knowing how to sign their names. The SAT and Advanced Placement exams also currently require handwritten essays.   Quick Poll Should schools still teach cursive?  YES  NO   I dare say, though,  coul
Never Say I Love You..
Never say I love you..if you really don't careNever talk about feelings..if they aren't really thereNever hold my hand.. if you're going to break my heartNever say you're going to..if you don't plan to startNever look me into my eyes..if all you do is lieNever say hello..if you really mean goodbyeIf you really mean forever..then please say you'll tryNever say forever..'cuz forever makes me cry 
Going to Maui in 33 days ... cannot wait to get on the beaches and snorkel and to geocache
Taking Another Step..
The heart inside begins to truly beat... slowly at first then a little faster... the scars seemed to have healed... I turn the bolt.. I put the key in the lock and turn it... the heart begins to be faster.. wanting to be let out.. fear and joy at struggle inside me... feelings.. true emotions flood me for the first time since the devastation... I stand before the door.. my hand on the handle of the newly unlocked door... both wanting to open it and wanting to relock it.. the heart beats strong and fast... begging to be let out... do I dare?
My Vibrator
My vibrator, which brings me heaven, Rabbit be thy name. You make me cum, you bring such fun, on earth - or is it heaven? Give me this day my daily thrill, and forgive me my screams as I forgive those who sold me dud batteries. Lead me straight into temptation. Deliver me from frustration. For thine is the vibration, the power and rotation. For ever and ever. No Men!  
                As I was getting my stiuff ready for work the next day I felt fingers in my hair. I freeze thinking that the person was going to pull my hair but instead they started to scratch my head with there nails and then slowly pull my head back and kiss me hard. He then tugged me slowly back to the bed, as he did he tugged at my shirt and stopped kissing me to take my shirt off making him lose his grip on my hair. When my shirt came off I tugged his shirt off as well purring when I see his sexy chest. He turned me to get at my bra strap and when he unhucked it I let it slide down. When I turned around and looked at him he was staring at my chest.                 “I hate who made those damn things. It hides natures treshers from everyone. I just wish younever had to wear them or I could just kill the person who made them.”                 He then pulled me to the bed and laid me down on the bed andstarted to kiss down my neck to my chest to nipples finally. He slow
Hello all!! y'all must think am crazy on here!! I know that i am not perfect by all means, but i have to get this out... For a whole day now I sit and wonder if I go into a lounge and just park and fall back asleep is that a reason to be ban from a lounge... I know my answer is no, but i think the person that ban me knows i might have horn in on a relationship they had with a member of fubar, and now is out for blood.. So i think if my taughts turn out to be right, i will post this cause i have a name for myself it appears!! Ladies of Fubar you got to know how to keep a man happy and please in every sort of way... If he out looking for someone else then you as a Lady not doing the job right!! see i am to a point i just dont care no more, the drama queen in me is in full swing, so bring it... But I know that my true friends will understand this... The special person in my life does not exist on fubar, just because y'all think he does.. Fubar is the place we got to be friends, but he exi
"what If"
As I sit here i wonder, what if? Not that i regret my life or who I am. I just wonder how diff things would b if I had made diff choices in my life.
Support Lounge
You know, when it comes to the ways of Fubar and how shit works here, I am not stupid or ignorant. I just happen to be, it seems, one of very few people that realize this website is supposed to be for fun and games, not the begging bullshit all the time, and shitty ways people try to get what they want. I may not be highly ranked here when compared to time spent, but that's by my own choosing. Occasionally I will peek at the broadcasts, because some of my friends do them at times, and I enjoy talking with them that way. I can always pop in to see Manda Murderface kicking someone out for a comment, I'll put the same one and she laughs at me. She's my friend, that's what this shit is supposed to be about. Last night, I look real quick and see one broadcast with 184 viewers within about 2 minutes. I go in to see what it is, and it's a rather haggard looking couple, basically beginning their ascent into porn for the night. As usual, you see the typical comments from guys asking or tellin
The Final Stroke Of My Damnation
There are those who hate people who do them wrong. They wish undescribable torments and horrors visited upon their enemies. There are those who pray for the death of those they loath. I am NOT among them.... ...My curse is far worse than that.   "May thy every day be as the last. May thee experience no new things. See no new sights. Love no new loves. May every waking moment in the remaining time of thy existence become tedious and dull. May the light of life be driven from thy heart and thy soul wither in mediocrity. May no songs be sung, nor stories told of thy exploits. May thy life be without meaning or cause. And when thee have gone, may no one remember thy name or thy life. Thy curse is not death. Death is a blessing. Thy curse is to never have lived at all. With every ounce of my wrath I do curse thee with non-existence."
In Silence
If I follow my heart and it shatters, shards of emotion strewn about carelessly as if its owner fell short of protecting its worth, would you look upon it as such? If I stumble in my time of despair, blinded by my season of darkened skies, would you carry me and set light to the path I was meant to take? If I called you hero, for all the compassion you have given me, would you know its value or has this title become so cliché that you wouldn’t feel the depth of its meaning? If I searched for the one word that would make you understand just how much you mean to me, would you wait patiently, by my side until the word could be spoken? If I failed to speak any words at all, would you hear ~ in silence the language of a once shattered heart saying I love you?   © 2009 Babbette Francis/Yevette Cole ~ aka (SugarRain)  
Wtf? A Message Sent To Me.
Hello how you doing today? Am kemi by name, Am interested in your profile... Am so curious to your profile... Let me easily tell little of me...I am that easy going type,open minded and a good listener .I laugh a lot and try to make people around me all the time happy.My hobbies are too many but to mentioned a few; sports,watching movies, going for walks, playing with kids, listening to all types of music), making love at the beach, dancing in the dark etc. My favorite movies are romantic movies, eating habits: just about anything..My hair is black which is one of my most attractive features. I don't have any kids, I don't smoke. I like basketball (to watch). like taking walks in the park. My favorite movies are romantic comedies, any comedies, really. I like action movies, too, as long as they have a good plot. I like seeing horror movies when I have a strong woman beside me to protect Dear Mostly importantly i want to get married to a caring, down to earth, romantic,God f
Eternal Lust
The two of them sat on the old wooden porch, letting their feet rest in the freshly cut grass from midday and looking out at the broken reflection of the moon on the lake behind the cabin. Apollo looked over at Heather as the lights from the stars danced around in her deep, tunnel like brown eyes and smiled before brushing his hand against her soft cream colored skin and pulling her wavy auburn hair out of her face and tucking it behind her ear.Apollo placed his hand on the small of her back and pulled her body into his, allowing her to feel his natural body warmth. Heather placed her hand on the cross tattooed over his heart and traced her delicate fingers down his dark earthy skin and traced the outlines of his rock hard abs with her crimson colored nails before allowing her fingers to rest on the top of his pants.She hesitated for a while, not quite sure she wanted to go further, but the anticipation was too much for her. she could already see his hard, thick, throbbing cock bulging
Fallin Solders Of July 2011
THESE ARE THE REAL PEOPLE THAT NEED TO BE REMEMBERED Army Pfc. James A. Waters Died July 1, 2011 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom 21, of Cloverdale, Ind.; assigned to 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, N.Y.; died July 1 in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit using an improvised explosive device.     Army Staff Sgt. Michael J. Garcia Died July 4, 2011 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom 27, of Bossier City, La.; assigned to the 63rd Ordnance Battalion, 52nd Ordnance Group (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), 20th Support Command, Fort Polk, La.; died July 4 in Logar province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit using an improvised explosive device.         Army Spc. Preston J. Suter Died July 5, 2011 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom 22, of Sandy, Utah; assigned to the 709th Military Police Battalion,
Tropical Storm Don Has Little Area Impact
We just can't BUY rain...  From the McALLEN — In Hidalgo County, a potential rain event turned mostly into a non-event. Tropical Storm Don blew ashore Friday in South Texas, bringing much-needed rain — but little else — to portions of the Rio Grande Valley. By 8:30 p.m., when the dissipating storm was just beginning to move inland over northern Kenedy County [cq], the National Hurricane Center was already planning to downgrade it to a tropical depression, hours ahead of when the warnings were originally scheduled to lapse. The rest of the article is here: I read and heard reports that the reason it did this was the same reason storms dissipate as they reach land onthe Arabian peninsula - the heat. This has NEVER happened on North America before in recorded history. I'd like to see another Ivan right about now... heading straight north to Dallas... Oh, wells...        Rock on!Shaw
Car Troubles
Hmm. Today is Saturday. My car has been in the shop for a week for a thermostat, then they found out the fan motor doesn't work, now they don't know what is going on. It's very frustrating to me. I have no idea how much money this is going to cost me. I had a rental car up until yesterday. That got too expensive, so now I'm driving my boyfrined's car. What a sweetheart he is. Despite all this, I'm in good spirits.
Why do I find a girl masturbating to her step-mom so sexy? discuss!
The Beach
It wasn’t that they weren’t connecting; just the stresses of life were getting to them so they decided a vacation was due and away to the beach they went. He understood how watching the waves would calm and invigorate her.   They arrived and settled in some and he was relaxing and she was itching to go see the beach. He said,” babe, why don’t you go sunbathe for a bit and I’ll get a shower and we’ll go out to eat dinner in an hour or so. “   She said ok and grabbed the beach blanket, a book, changed into her swimsuit and kissed her love passionately goodbye.  As beautiful of a day it was, there were few people on the beach that day. She found a mostly secluded spot and settled in. She lay feeling the sun kiss her skin and listening to the water caress the shore as a gentle breeze blew across her.   Her nipples became hard from the breeze while the heat of the sun warmed her and she got a chill throughout her. She started thinking about th
I Desires
We enjoy the soft warm spring eveningsA lovers moon smiling gently upon usLaying back slowly on the cool grassWatching the stars twinkling aboveStretching out your arm behind meAllowing me to lay back, rest my head on itTurning your head to murmur in my earSpeaking the words from within your heartSlowly pulling me closer to you, against youYour hand caressing me, softly, lovinglyFeeling your warmth burning within youOur lips urgently touching, kissing ardentlyTongues touching, dancing, writhingMuted sighs escaping on the night airFeeling your emotions flowing into meWashing over me, filling me, overwhelming meKnowingly I can feel your passion risingFurther strengthening my desire for youAs your lips cover mine with your kissesKissing my breasts, caressing them, nibblingSucking softly, greedily on my nipplesYour teeth squeezing them, devouring themWanting to explore and taste them, enjoy themYour hands massaging, manipulating my budsFeeling your hands pulling on meOur sighs betraying ou
Fake Lacey Brooks Revisited...
This is a re-post of a fake busted on 5/13/2011. Since some fucking idiot just pimped it out, I figured it would need a revisit. Ready for some good old fashioned fun? Ok. Here we go... User: Profile pics with no salute & looking for credits. Shock shocker: Real person who's pictures they are using and pretending to be: Lacey Brooks. They can be located on : Never ends huh? I wonder how many people paid for this when they can see it for free? LoL. WAKE UP PEOPLE.
Help!! I'm Trapped - 863
No one hears me calling even though they are nearby even when they see me falling. I'll never be heard screaming in the deep dark night feeling I'm murdered while I'm dreaming. Steel bars don't hold me in two years ago I had a child that there marks my record with sin. Next to me no man is seen therefore I'm not good jeez this life isn't fair and its mean. Someday I hope things improve and somewhere deep inside I hope I don't have to change or move. To know freedom is to know all thats not guessed by some yet there is the freedom to chose to fall. Help!! Please help me Oh God, please hear Help!! I'm trapped don't you see.
A Refresher Course
To All The People Who Have Their Heads Planted Firmly Up Their Own Rectums.The lesson shall begin:Now.. If all those Rectally Absorbed out there could manage to extract their heads momentarily.. Please Read The Text Below.. I Promise your heads will be reinserted in no time at all!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Con·sid·er·ate - [kuhn-sid-er-it]–adjective(hope I'm not going to fast for you)1.showing kindly awareness or regard for another's feelings, circumstances, etc.: a very considerate critic.2.carefully considered; deliberate.3.marked by consideration or reflection; deliberate; prudent.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Don't worry if you haven't quite picked it up.. You can have this lesson Tattooed on your Colon.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bringing About Positivity In One's Life
Now....before lil fu brains get to thinking and then lil fu tongues get to wagging,because I KNOW how ppl are on here...I will say that this blog is SOLEY directed towards a recent "hater" I have developed as of late on fu that felt the need to text my personal cell number with their hate and failed attempts at sabotage. Anyone that knows me knows a year or so ago this blog would've been NSFW,filled with a lot of animosity,anger,hate and explicit language. I am a different person today as I was then,I am a much more positive and positive goal oriented person. I find it difficult anymore to raise up the energy to combat hate with hate,it's beneath me me it's just a lot of wasted energy all of it being negative and I believe in Karma,I believe that if you put positive energy out there and treat people positively then that energy will return to you 10 fold if you put negative energy out there and treat people negatively then that energy will return to you 10
You Mean So Much To Me
You mean so much to me, where could I even begin to startMore than the world so grand, you live deep within my heartYou mean so much to me, I hope that I show you everydayJust how special you are, in love with you I will forever stayYou mean so much to me, no words could ever say just how muchSo I hope my love does show, especially with the way I touchYou mean so much to me, more and more each day my love does growAlways searching for another way, a special way to let my love showYou mean so much to me, more than any amount of silver or goldSo blessed with your love, so eager to watch our life unfoldYou mean so much to me, such a treasure I found in youCaptured by your beauty so real, spell-bound by your love so trueYou mean so much to me, a masterpiece of love I did findSo many memories for us to make, my past I leave behindYou mean so much to me, a rainbow with colors that dazzleEach time I look at you, once more I must call you beautifulYou mean so much to me, just how much I hope y
Why Do People Try
So I  have been single for years and i have to say that i am so sick of hearing the same shit over and over by the same fuckin  people. when you're singhe le its--- don't look for someone they'll find you, or your a pretty girl , you'll find someone. when your depressed---its ok it'll get better, or cheer up things cant be that bad, or look a the bright side. I say BULL SHIT WHO WANTS TO HEAR THAT PTIMISTIC BULLSHIT, IT IS THE SAME  SHIT FROM YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND ASSOCIATES................ How the hell would they even know, its the same people who tell this stupid optimistic bullshit, you know the ones, they either been married forever or been with thier significant other, so long it's like talking to your mom and dad  or  one of your friends who has no clue to what the big picture is... O an the guys  you tell them your single and lonely famous words of a walking talking hard on--- its ok  they'll find you, lets have sex, get on cam lets play, show me your tits.......
The Truck Driver You Flipped Off? Let Me Tell You His Story.
That truck driver you flipped off? Let me tell you his story.   Let me tell you a little about the truck driver you just flipped off because he was passing another truck, and you had to cancel the cruise control and slow down until he completed the pass and moved back over. His truck is governed to 68 miles an hour, because the company he leases it from believes it keeps him and the public and the equipment safer. The truck he passed was probably running under 65 mph to conserve fuel. You see, the best these trucks do for fuel economy is about 8 miles per gallon. With fuel at almost $4 per gallon -- well, you do the math. And, yes, that driver pays for his own fuel. He needs to be 1,014 miles from where he loaded in two days. And he can't fudge his federally mandated driver log, because he no longer does it on paper; he is logged electronically. He can drive 11 hours in a 14-hour period; then he must take a 10-hour break. And considering that the shipper w
They Found Streaks That Could Be Caused From Water On Mars
 scientists have annouced today that they found "hints of water" on mars.   The discovery comes from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), which spotted slopes carved into the martian surface that appear to most likely have been created by the flow of liquid salt water. The slopes appear to change over the course of different seasons on Mars, suggesting that liquid water, if it exists at all, is only present in the Martian spring.   .In recent years, evidence has been mounting that Mars has icecaps of frozen water at its poles.There has been evidence in the past that water exists on mars but this is by far the most proof we have had yes we have found ice caps before..but these are much different than what we found then..These are highly seasonal scientists observed some growth by more than 200 meters [650 feet] in a matter of just two Earth months." The narrow streaks emerge only on slopes in the planet's warmest regions, and usually on the sides of craters facing the equator, w
Only The Strongest Will Survive
we lose ourselves in a online world full of make believe we beg for likes and bling, wtf where is that gonna get us? no where!! we cant put fubar on our job aplication which most of you on here needs a dang job to begin with people arent who they seem people lie to get ahead no one is real, the few that are get treated like sh!t i am a shadow on the wall im there for everyone to talk to im like the fubar doctor some of you people have no life at all thats why you spend ur whole day on this thing, you need it in order to feel complete that is unhealthy, not only will it cause stress, but it will cause depression some of us need attention to feel wanted or cared about and when some of us dont get it we get angry and depressed DO PEOPLE EVEN READ BLOGS? ITS JUST A WASTE OF SPACE! YET I DO IT TO SEE WTF HAPPENS, ITS A WAY TO VENT! not like anyone gives a d*mn 
Ffs!!!! Grammar 101 People!!!!!!
WE'RE=WE ARE (We're all very happy that you attended college.)WERE=PAST TENSE OF ARE (There were a lot of people in her class.)WHERE=SPECIFIES A LOCATION (Where is the dictionary?)THEY'RE=THEY ARE (They're offering free grammar classes online now.)THERE=SPECIFIES A LOCATION (The instructions are right there!)THEIR=SHOWS POSSESSION (Their brains stopped functioning.)YOU'RE=YOU ARE (You're misusing the English Language.)YOUR=SHOWS POSSESSION (Your grammar teacher would be ashamed.) AN = USE IF THE FOLLOWING WORD BEGINS WITH A VOWEL SOUND (The paper came an hour late.)A = USE IF THE FOLLOWING WORD BEGINS WITH A CONSANANT SOUND (The girl decided she wanted a unicorn for Christmas.) NOW = SHOWS PRESENT TENSE (Now is a wonderful time to brush up on spelling.)KNOW = TO HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF SOMETHING (I know you know better!)USE IT! LIVE IT! LOVE IT! BECAUSE YOU'RE GIVING THE INTERNET A FRACKIN HEADACHE!!!!
Learn Respect The People That Rate You!!!
Really "Ticks Me Off" when you don't show the respect i give you! Remember bk n the day as to "Cherry Tap"!!! If you rated n fan them n took all your time rating them, they would show you the same respect bk!   Not all about who has the most money on here, or who has as many bling pack's elect. Learn respect n love your friends n family don't take advatage of them because there helping you out!   There's a lot people like me that can't afford to buy vip's, but as you can see don't stop us from trying to get were you are!! This kinda funny you think about it, imagine this if wasn't for people like me to rate n fan add you as friend you still be on level's 20's!   So next time you see someone busted there 'butt" to rate you have some respect learn todo the same thing! Not sure y but this subject " " Really Piss Me Off " "!!   Guess because only have one friend takes the time to help me out!! That person is DJ TAM if wasn't for her i wouldn't be where i am today! SweetHeart wann
FM3 is done. And I mean... done. Not 100% but a lot of those skills have an activation/learn rate of obscene improbability. Not worth doing. I have more than the worthwile skills. I stomped the holy befuck out of that game. Ran into trouble in 2 spots in 60 missions. TWO. One was a protection mission where the weak underleveled NPC got rushed and murdered in a turn the other was the very last mission and I only -thought- I was in trouble. Outnumbered 9 to 4 very quickly became outnumbered 9 to 4 and only 3 of the badguys with arms and weapons. When I was finished I looked through the library again ... Same conclusions as before, I took another look at Ring Of Red (Another mech game) but, I really felt like I had already beat the pants off that game as well. Find the formation/range sweetspot for that map... kill bitches, make money.     I guess it could be worse. I could be locked in a cell in the dark, throwing a button at the walls and feeling around to find it.  
I've got no remorse in my eyes I've got you too caught up in my lies And you believe me evey time Never thinking i'm going to hurt you without ever trying But hell that's your problem not mine Right How could you just give up without a fight You should have known you can't have the cake an eat it too That's just not how this story is gonna play through That would make you almost as bad as me For believing that things weren't as bad as they seem But the truth is right in front of our face The love is gone no matter how hard we try to pick up the pace It's not my fault you keep holding on to what could have been I would have given anything to believe that too but that was back then Maybe when your face is too far shoved in the dirt It won't hurt At least not as bad as it's going to of you don't But I know well enough to know you won't So now the question is if it's really worth all this pain And what it is that your gonna actually gain Other than a broken heart and a distorted sort of h
My Kitty
Had to put down my 19 yr old cat... She was the last of the pets from when I lived at my parents... I wasn't especially fond of her, but..I am bummed.  
Boyfriend Application
  basics: name:   e-mail : AIM : MSN : yahoo! : birthday [mm.dd.yy]:      location:  physical: height:      weight:  build:  heavy    muscular    beefy    lean    skinny eye color:      hair color:  tattoos/piercings? website/picture URL:  smartie pants: what year? drop out college freshman  college sophomore college junior college senior keep goin' do y
F^ck!ng Honesty
I'm real I don't pretend to be something I'm not I come off as a bitch sometimes that's only because people dont like to hear the truth I don't wear make up because well I don't have to yeah makeup is cool and all looks decent on some women but damn do you really need to look like a Cheeto?? And if ur over weight like obsess please do not wear cut off shorts and skimpy tank tops it makes u look bad and Other people's eyes to bleed out *yet again this is where I get someone saying I'm mean and a bitch and have no respect* well if I didn't say it being I'm honest who the fuck would?? When it's hot I get that u want to dress with less clothing but if u work in a family restaurant I do not want to see ur thong when u bend over if I wanted to see a women's thong I would look in my damn dresser or go to a strip club I don't wanna see it when I'm trying to eat nor does anyone else so cover ur ass up u attention whore And as for the single 40 year olds at the 21 year old bars u
Proof That We Are Headed Towards A Rather Powerful Solar Max In 2013 "On August 1st 2011, the sun emitted a C-class solar flare that spawned what scientists call a coronal mass ejection, or CME, headed toward Earth. The CME impacted Earth's magnetic field August 3rd. CMEs occasionally hit Earth. This CME will have few noticeable consequences beyond producing an aurorae.The CME hit Earth's magnetic field on August 3rd at 1740 UT. The impact sparked a G2-class geomagnetic storm that lasted nearly 12 hours--time enough for auroras to spread all the way from Europe to North America. The possible arrival of a second CME on August 4th might provide even better spectacular auroral displays." The sun goes through a regular activity cycle about 11 years long. The last solar maximum occurred in 2001 and its recent extreme solar minimum was particularly weak and long lasting. These kinds of eruptions are one of the first signs that the sun is waking up and heading toward another solar
All About The Ass!
Life is all about ass. You're either married to an ASS divorcing an ASS or trying to forget an ASS. You're either working your ass off, sweating your ass off, laughing your ass off, kicking ass, kissing ass, spanking ass, hauling ass, wiping ass, busting ass, shaking your ass, or trying to get a piece of ass! Or, you ARE an ass? If you agree with this.... pass the ass (_!_)
Shitty Night
I guess maybe the old saying really is true - "the older you get (insert whatever applicable here)......I've never made a big secret of smoking weed. When I was younger, dumber, and didn't give a rat's ass - I would walk into any store, any day smelling like I stepped out of a Cheech & Chong movie. I would go any and pretty much everywhere, smoking on the way there, while I was there, whatever. I see a lot of younger kids doing it today. In Colorado now, it's so easy to get a "medical license" to buy weed, it's ridiculous. A lot of younger kids and people think that by this fact alone - they have every right to do it anywhere they want, as much as they want, and especially as publicly as they want. Now, I'm not here to judge anyone exactly, because I say this shit from experience. But especially to the people that get into their little broadcasts and load up a big, fat bowl to look cool - you look fuckin stupid. I have been there; driving down the street, smoking a bowl while I fucked
Why Are Honeybees Disappearing?
                                                              Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!”                                                                      Now Albert Einstein was not a Entomologist, but entomologists today say its causing them and the world a huge problem. Has anyone else ever noticed that bee stings have became less and less? I cant remember the last time a kid got stung but a bee or myself for that matter, but the decline in honeybee populations in the U.S. and elsewhere signals a major environmental imbalance that could have far wrose implications for our agricultural food supply. " in 24 states around the U.S. have bubbled up to the surface, over the last year and a half, but hardly any large-scale media attention has been drawn to this potentially serious problem" Brough
Love Kills
So in the town where my brother lives, where I babysit my nephew, there is a guy who rides around in public on one of those Rascal-type scooters. This might be because he's 500-600 pounds, or because he has no legs. maybe both. I nicknamed this person the Weeble when I first saw him, because Weebles wobble but they don't fall down. He also doesn't seem to shower or bathe or shave, and from what I hear he is extremely nasty to others as well. But yesterday my brother texted me some info that I found really disturbing. Apparently he has a girlfriend now. I can't get anyone to spend 90 minutes in silence with me inside a dark movie theater, but this guy has a full time companion. I knew I was lame, but I didn't realize HOW lame until now. Talk about a wake up call. I think I need to be dead now.
Talk to me your voice is sweet as music to my earsTouch me One touch from you is comfort that will banish all my fearsHold me closeI love the warmth, the blending of our skinThe first time that you held meMy heart had peace withinSmile at me The sun comes out And storms all blow awayYou dry my tears with gentle handsAnd see, my love, what words can not conveyLaugh with meThe cheer you bring the laughter that we sharebinds our hearts renews our joy andLightens any load or careChallenge meYou lead me into unknown heightsof new horizons we'll discoverInspire mewith courage all my talents you uncoverComfort meWhen I am down you give me strengthTo face the storms with graceFor in the midst of darkest nightI feel your touch I see your faceAnd in your heart you know that I am always here for youTo touch, to smile to comfort youTo give you all you need and moreYou are my strength you are my loveForever the one whom I adore.
Ancient Advanced Civilizations
Ancient advanced civilizations?   Does anone know anything about them? Do you have any idea that we have found an ancient civilization located on an island is athens greece that match the discription of the lost city of atlantis.Do you have any idea that there houses look much like our houses today? The ancient civilizations is known to date back to the bronze age 2500 bc payramid days.. If we thought the Egyptains were strange just try to get a grip on some of the stuff they found in other parts of the world. This stuff is not make up or fiction.This is REAL life these things are being found but that I find so sad is that no one seams to care or even know anything about this. Are we really so envolved in our everyday crap,our adult swin,our internet that we dont even see the amazing evidence that we are not as smart as we once were. were talking really smart people.Now I know "some" people might say thats nonsence look at what we have have now compared to them we have the tv! o
My Feelings
Hello everyone i hope all my friends had a Great Day!! Just would like for everyone to know i am on here lookin for friends. If I find something better than friendship that would be Awesome!! Just want people to know i am a kind and loving person and just because i add you to my page that doesnt mean i want to F@@k you!! I know i have NSFW photos that may make people think i am on here to find sex which dont get me wrong it has been a long time for me but not desperate enough just to sleep with anyone that is not who i am. I have some great friends on here and really appreciate the ones who accept me for who i am!! For all the others just get to know someone before you talk about wanting to get in the sack with them try being someones friend and enjoy getting to know them before you start asking crazy azz quetions!! Thanks to all who have read this not much on telling my feelings to the world but something had to be said to some of these men on here i am sure you know who you are if y
Do You Remember?
                                                                   Do You Remember ?                Do You Remember          the good 'ole days          do you remember when,          you had fun at school          and couldn't wait to go back again.              Do You Remember           when it was safe           for children to play outside,           and when you fell and skinned their knee           was the only time they cried.               Do you Remember            watching cartoons            Road Runner and Bugs Bunny            and when an anvil            hit them on the head            it was just funny.               Do you Remember Holloween           Trick Or Treating all night           you could eat the candy           straight from the bag           and everything would be alright.                Do you Remember             Pledging Allegiance             to The Grand 'ole Flag             and do you Remember when
New Blog
I know I have not been on much lately.   Seems like the 2 lap tops i had.. croaked.. or something. I am now back on the old desk top which is very old..and takes forever to even upload a page. I do miss most of my family on here.  But I have also been learning to improve my life..and getting things done around here.  I have been dieting since last july .  It started becuz i was borderline diabetic.  Anyways.. since then I have lost 47lbs.  I only want to lose about 10more lbs.  It has been getting extremely hard.  I didnt lose any for 2 months..then last month and this month i have lost 2lbs per month.  I figure by new years..I will be where i want to be. LOL.  Anyways.. it has all been worth it. I do not feel like a huge cow anymore. Lately I been walking about 2 to 3 miles daily.. working out at curves..doing zumba 6hrs or so a week..etc. Just a update on whats been going on around here. Hopefully Christmas or so..i can get a new laptop. Being on something so slow is quite f
If I Only Knew
                                                                    If I Only Knew      Looking out , on an open field    hoping to catch a glance,    wishing you were just over the horizon,    and maybe give me one more chance.      I wish I knew then,    what I know now    and that I was wrong,    I don't know how    I let it go this far    and how I let it go on    for so long.      Why does it have to hurt so bad,    to use the love you once had,    and if it's possible to go back to the day    when all that you loved simply got up    and just walked away.      I wish I knew then, what I know now,    and that is to never play with someones heart    If I knew that in the first place, today we would'nt    be apart.       If I could've done something     in the first place, I should've     done it from the start,     instead of offering you empty     promises I should've offered you     my Heart.
Dumb Asses Lol
· THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! He must have been defending his fat GF from a mumm. Ladies, if you are fat and admit to being lazy..DO NOT give diet advice and NEVER tell someone they should not work out everyday. I am so sick of that shit...ugh. What a day. Joseph copied my mumm and reposted it and blocked me. lmao.. Some chicks got butt hurt at my advice and oddly I was actually being nice. Must be true I just intimidate people no matter what I say..either that or I just look like a bitch regardless. Anywho..GREAT DAY..I feel special now. :D
Wonder Of Love
Wonder Love, making love to someone loves you always and means it, Wonder love, Holds you in the wind at cold nights he is crying for you, Wounder Love, is hearts falling from the Sykes that he made for you all night , Wounder love is , Kisses on your face he loves with out asking in the dusk's of the night after making love, Wound Love is , Setting up all night laughing about nothings holding hands  laying in hot sheets of hot sex you just had, Wounder love is , Taking ride in a car stopping and having hot sex for the fun of it , Wounder love is  Just looking at each other knowing he be there for ever not saying a word ... Wonder love is .... Wonder of love
If You Ever Want To See
If you ever want to see a waterfall, I will take you to Niagra. If you ever want to see a sunset, I will take you to Airazona. If you ever want to stand on top of a mountain, I will take you hiking, and if you ever want to see a love thats strong. Baby I will take you home. If you ever want to see the open sea, I will take you to the west keys. If you ever want to see a eagle fly, I will take you to the Wyoming skies. If you ever want to see a shooting star, I will take you to the hood of my car, and if you ever want to see a mircle. Baby I will take you home. So if you ever want to see your dreams, then don't be afraid to follow me. Just put your hand in mine and I will show you everything. Beyond your front porch, higher then the north pole. So if you ever want to see forever. Baby I will take you home.
Can't Get It Up!
Would You?
Can i take you with me, Would you even come? Lay with me till we can see The rising of the sun.. Take your hand in mine Lay it softly on my skin, Lose our minds along with time, Till i feel you deep within.. You satisfy my hunger Your taste upon my lips, The way your body flows with mine, The motion of our hips.. Now the mornings breaking free With the early morning sun, Can i take you with me, Would you even come?
My Busy Week
So yesterday was my bestie's birthday Tues we all went out for dinner since Bob was off...we also went to the bar and had a drink then to the hookah bar Wed I took kel to lunch and shopping, then went shopping later by myself Thurs we all went to the casino (sans bob) I lost my ass :( I have discovered that Bob makes things more fun, he is like my big brother...protective yet picks on me Tonight I am pumped!! I scored a pair of tickets to a sold out concert for 30 bucks...yes 30 for the pair..I am geeked! I am takin my Kellee to the sold out Jason Aldean show...yes I know it is country...but if you know me at all you know I listen to everything   Sat I have a bridal shower which I have to leave early to go to a wedding     BUSY BUSY BUSY
Points To Ponder
Mumm posters are so lame lately...comment approval, blocking after you call them a whore...sheeesh THEN one of them posts on my page ....ew. Now what I really wanted to mumm about     1. I have sleep apnea, and a patient at work was telling me that he used to have horrid insomnia before he used his machine, I told him that even with mine I often still couldn't sleep so I stopped using it Well, he yelled at me for about 20 minutes and made me promise to wear it. He said in abot 4-6 weeks I will sleep like a baby andwake up feeling refreshed. We'll see. Stupid darth vader contraption 2. The wedding I went to was delightful. The girls from work are so much fun!! 3. I have a verbose adversary, and he is intellectually stimulating, but he's chicken.
A What Is The Question
A daughter unwanted, but kept at birth. A slave to many, buried in the dirt. A victim, a prisoner to his ways. A friend stabbed in the heart, then thrown away. A girlfriend, beaten down to size. Praying through swollen eyes. A wife, tossed to the side, forgotten and alone. A mother wise, bitter and strong. A fighter working her way through school. A protector from a world so cruel. A singer, blaring out all her fears. A survivor drowning in tears.
A Lame Ass Excuse
When I hear people making excuses for abusers, it seriously gets under my skin. I don't care about the statistics, or studies, to me it's all just a lame ass excuse. Something or someone else to pin the blame on for being just a horrible person in general. I was a victim, and I remember looking into those beautiful blue eyes and begging for my life, and the same eyes that were once beautiful to me, became emotionless and cold. No expression, no feeling at all, and my cries fell upon def ears. His mother told me that when he was a little boy, he used to witness his father beating her and hide in a closet and scream for him to stop. But, that is the part I don't understand. How could he do the same to another individual, after witnessing it happening to his own mother. A pattern they say? Well I don't buy it. I never had a mother or a father for that matter, but I am a damn good one, and I could easily use that as an excuse to be the type of mother to my daughter that mine was to me. Bu
A firefighter is being yelled at for taking too long to get there, while trying desperately to save the life of a total stranger, starving because they missed their last meal, tired because the alarm sounded just as they closed their eyes and it's now four in the morning and is missing their family while taking care of yours. Re-post if you... are a firefighter, love a firefighter, or appreciate a firefighter.
Domestic Violence
While you SCREAM at your woman, there's a man wishing he could whisper softly in her ears. While you HUMILIATE,OFFEND and INSULT her, there's a man flirting with her and reminding her how wonderful she is. While you HURT your woman, there's a man wishing he could make love to her. While you make your women CRY there's a man stealing smiles from her. Post this on your wall if you're against Domestic Violence
Interesting Conversation Tonite
HAD A LUVLY CONVERSATION WITH THIS YOUNG GUY TONITE THOUGHT I WOULD SHARE IT , Tell me what ya'll think :D I have found it entertaining: me:mmmmm lots of men on here wanna see mmmMicahhhh:do i look like most men? me:nope do you have more pics? mmmMicahhhh:not on here my brother owns a photo gallery he took the one thats on here i dont do the take pics of muyself thing lol me:awhhhhhh too bad it would be nice to see more pics of you mmmMicahhhh:i show naked pics of my body me:i dont need neked pics mmmMicahhhh:u know u wanna see lol me:o its good no im not one of those chicks I like faces mmmMicahhhh:11 inch cock me:and? that means what to me? mmmMicahhhh:well nevermind. me:okay then hun sorry your not impressing me have a great nite mmmMicahhhh:ur the one whos not impressing me' me:i wasnt trying luv u contacted me remember mmmMicahhhh:u shuda been but ur not impressive . u lookd like u might be fun . u prove me wrong me:sorry luv. mmmMicahhhh:nah u aint me:hav
You May Not Be...
You may not be… By Craig Wilhelm 9/6/2011   You may not be a super-model, But you’re still beautiful to me.   You may not be a dentist, But I love your smile.   You may not be a doctor or a nurse, But I love how you truly care about people.   You may not be a comedian, But I love how you make me laugh.    You may not be a rock star, But I love your voice.   You may not be a teacher, But I love the things you teach me.   You may not be many things to many people, But I love how you are everything that I need.
Dont Waste
Dont waste your affection to a wrong person who is not responding....,but dont miss to keep your affection to the right one who respects it ....!
Today's Birthday Blog!...
Hello everyone and welcome back from the long weekend and the bling sale ( I slept through it whoops) anyways, back to the grind.. Here's wishing a very happy birthday tooooo... WickedFriend Ganja Goddess@ fubar Show her some birthday lovins! She's been here forever too...more tomorrow!..peace.
A Fairy Tail For Two...
  Walking through the woodsin my Little red riding hoodon my way to your housetip toeing quiet as a mouse carrying with me a basket of goodscheese,crackers,and a bottle of winehot dumplings,spread of thighfor desert an even till of sweet cherry pie tucked under arm a worm,cozy blanketjust for you and I to lay as we sit to enjoya fine dinner ofword and play Now take care and read closefor now there is a picture on displayworth a thousand words written with much lesssaid to give you sweet dreamswhen you find the time for resttill then...good nigh and god bless
Life Update
Here is a brief update on my current situation: I just started my last semester as an undergrad! I'm very excited about it but I'm also very nervous because I need to write a 40 page senior thesis in order to graduate, and I haven't even started it yet. It's due in December and I also have to present it. After I graduate, I need to have my grad school applications in by January 15th. There is just a lot going on right now so I won't be on Fubar much. Right now I'm reading Huckleberry Finn for my American Lit class and I'm really enjoying it. Mark Twain certainly was a genius. I recommend reading it if you haven't already. I spend a lot of time at work when I'm not in school, which makes coming home to do school work and write a 40 page paper very difficult. I'm also a huge procrastinator. That will never change. I have tried over and over again to stay on top of things, but I always leave everything to the last minute. Oh well. I'll stop whining now. I need some sleep anyway. :)
My Feelings On This Day 9/10/2011
Woke up this morning and turned on the radio which music is a great part of my life always there for me when nothing or no one else is there. And the great Hot 98.1 has been doing Tributes all day and has made me cry all day. Actually crying writing this but just need to vent somehow. Find myself thinking about where i was and what i was doing on that very tragic day which changed my life forever and i remember not being up long sitting drinking coffee and watching a local show and i will never forget the anger and pain and sorrow i felt on that day. And i find that i still feel the same way today feelings havent changed and heart still aches for everyone lost on that day they will forever be remembered. Thanks for reading and letting me tell my feelings. And Thanks to all our Military for your service!!!
[the Deezart]
You're not going to get that reference, since you never watched a little spoofy gem called "Mobile Suit Gundam Abridged". Shit is hilarious.   Where was I? Oh- right. Goin to the deezart for a week to hang out with my brother, his wife, my folks, and my cousin who lives about 20 minutes from the strip.   I'm in fair, but not great, spirits and health. My brother is WAY into Legend of Mana right now, so I'm probably going to dupe a save for him to trade with, and grab a spare controller so we can play while we're there. This will be my umpteenth trip out there. I've had HOT (like way hotter than usual) hoochies grinding on my crotch for money I've got shithammered and played blackjack beyond my means I've seen plenty of neocircus and compilation performances. I've been to the guaranteed food poisoning open for 40 years buffets. I've seen a very convincing Prince tribute band when just stopping for a burger, nearly dead with fatigue and hunger. I have walked to the grand
A Thought About 9-11
I was working in North Bergen NJ at the time...for Liz Claiborne. Normally I'd take Route 3 to work but I decided to take route 80 (as I figured less traffic and I'm always a few minutes late to work...much to my bosses chargrin). I made it on to Tonelle Avenue (which is a main road about 4 blocks from where I worked). 4 lanes of traffic were merged into 2 as a huge water main broke. I was thinking to myself,cripes my boss is going to go ballistic. I called my friend @ work and said - tell Tahseen I'm going to be a bit late. He said - Sure Steve but there's something major going on in ny. Get here when you get here. And I did....eventually get to work and parked on the roof of the parking garage. Normally there would be a few people outside having a smoke or 2 but that gorgeous September morning there were...lot's of peope outside. I stepped out of my car and joked " wow a welcoming committee" . I was told to look across the river into NY and i saw one of the world trade build
I Know
I know who I amAnd I know whyThe paths I've takenThe choices I've madeThe Life I've livedI have no excusesOnly explanationsI've seen thingsI've never wanted to seeI've known thingsI was better off not knowingNo guided pathsSpur of the moment changesDecisions denied thoughtConfused, lostFighting my way throughI made it
More Poems By Me
Poems written By: me a.k.a.abby my wonderful life:just when u thought things were going greatyou relize the life your living is the one u hate.the things you say and do you may dreadjumping from room to room bed to bed.the four walls close in more and more everydaythe world without color it all turns the days pass by you feel more out of placeall u can do is stand and pace.many nights u stay up to seeif this is the person u truely want to be.your friends tell u your heartless,cold,dark and a whoreyou change and change and they want u to change somemore.the person inside me is dark and coldbut im more than that im loving and words might be blunt,coldhearted,and deepbut there also trueful eventhough they make u locked in a closet with no way outi sit on the floor like a seed that wont sprout.i sit here and wonder as the days go byshould i live or should i all alone now i must saymaybe i should just die and rot away.noone loves me nor do they carethey just l
What I Believe In
I believe in the golden rule. I believe that treating others with the same respect and courtesy that I want. I may have my sarcastic moments, but I generally treat everyone with a clean slate and with a respectful approach. I believe in giving an open heart and letting people in rather than pushing away. I'm no pushover, I will not let my heart be trampled on, but I have had friends for decades because I gave them caring and support and they still know to this day I will not leave their side. I believe in giving second and third chances. I've had several chances in my day and don't understand the point in being open and shut with people or situations. Life is too short yet with too much space to fill, for there only to be one opportunity to make the right choice. I also believe in questioning just what the right choice is because it can be different for different people and situations. I believe in being genuine and having humility. I'm sometimes horrible with compliments because of
Be Gentle With Me
    I am a strong, independent woman. I can take care of myself, my kids, my home, my job, my business, my finances. I am woman, hear me roar!! I am also a woman. I need to feel loved, nurtured, cared for, taken care of, protected, cherished, treated with tenderness. I am woman, protect my heart!!I do what I have to do to take care of my family and as a single mom, I'm happy to do it. But deep down, I am still a woman that needs to be treated with TLC. There is a fine line between the two. I want to teach my daughter that it's okay to want to be taken care's how she was built. And I want my boys to know that it is ingrained in them to want to be the care takers.Perhaps I'm too sensitive or needy. If that's the case, then so be it. God created me to be the woman that I am, so who am I to argue with the Creator of the Heavens and Earth??Find that fine line and walk it as a woman? Don't mind if I do...  
And There It Is...
my HIStory is a bit interesting. i've had quite a few of these little internet relationships. i meet guys, we hit it off. feelings are developed. sometimes its mutual for a while, but then something always happens. i get to see more of who they really are and they get to see more of who i am. one person or both end up unimpressed. so that's when i move on. i hurt people, sure. do i like doing that? no, but i'm not going to fake emotions or interest to spare your feelings. we're adults. why run off and cry about how terrible i am and how i mislead you?you're not the only one "mislead". ya know, but because i "date" a lot...i'm trouble or i'm not worth placing your trust in me. lol whatever. that's the jist on why these chicks feel the need to give warning. i am ALWAYS only myself. the guys i've talked to in the past apparently didn't like me...that's why we aren't still together. and to the guys i'm still friends with...well, if you've complained about me...then oh well, not much i can
Home Sweet Home
i remember an icy day 4 years ago when i had just finished starting a pot of my yummy homemade veggie beef soup, walked to the mailbox in the ice, i had received my first letter from my son who was in boot camp in chicago. one of the first lines was "im doing ok mom, but i would give just about anything to have a big bowl of your homemade veggie beef soup right now." needless to say, i didnt eat the soup. i sent it home with my sister.     fast forward to now... i have a huge pot of soup simmering on the stove and homemade apple cinnamon muffins(his favorite)  baking in the oven. my son is here to spend the day. 
And Let Death Be Thy Destination
For far too long, I have watched and waited I have delved into the depths, and rose to the heights I observed and recorded the behaviors of mankind, in all manner of being.   I have seen the blood lust of the kill,in men and women and children Smelled their appalling stench of rotting flesh, as they pass me by Heard the multitudes of oaths and blasphemies uttered from their dead lips.   There is no redemption for the filth that walks the Earth No absolutions for the men, nor the whores they inject themselves into No mercy for the killers of flesh, mind, and soul.   Selfish, narcissistic children of all ages Who would not even piss on someone in flames Who only seek the pleasure of their carrion flesh.   I look upon this world, this modern society, this cesspool of sperm and ova I feel revulsion come over me, and I turn my back on it all No more.... Let their putrid, decaying, debauchery continue....And let death be thy destination.
The Most Beautiful Light
Off in the distance, is a sight like none other. It's beauty surpasses any, yet to be discovered. You reach for it, and feel a sting. You instantly pull back. That's when you notice it's, in the middle of a thorn patch. Still you don't care, it's worth the blood shed. You see the bigger picture, what lies ahead. Those thorns, that stick to it, drawn to it almost. Are just that, thorns, easily disposed. But you yourself, shine just as bright. The two of you together, could give off the most beautiful light.
Just As I Told You
My eyes are shut, but I can feel you here. Under the sheets, your breath in my ear. Your presence is heavy, the darkness surrounds. Movement is impossible, holding me down. Intimidation doesn't work, I am not afraid. I have been hurt, lost and betrayed. Fear is one thing, you cannot gain. I'm a wild animal, that cannot be tamed. I know what you've come for, but it is in someone else's hands. You cannot have it. I have messed up your plans. You reach in anyway, to try and capture my soul. But just as I told you. You find an empty hole.
Nothing Left
A single red rose, unopened at first. Then the light shines down, giving it birth. It's open and bright, innocent and pure. The dew drips from the pedals, saturating the sand. A stranger admires it, holds it in his hand. It's fragrance is so sweet, elegant and kind. He has to change it, pulling the pedals off one at a time. Until the rose, can take no more. It is no longer, innocent and pure. It is tainted and dark, there is nothing left. But a pile of broken pedals, where it once slept.
Just Thought I'd Let You Know
So you call yourself a ladies man, well I don't see it. What kind of a "lady", is going to fall for this shit. Telling your stories of sex, and satisfaction. Knowing that it is all, an exaggeration. Cyber, sorry, I don't engage in that. Step into the real world, that's where it's at. I know all to well, that you would never approach me at all. If I passed you by on the street, at the mall. You hide behind the screen, because it causes your balls to grow. I am familiar with your type, just thought I'd let you know.
Do You Have The Power
Power isn't measured by the money, in your bank account. It depends on your strength, from the inside out. Not your size, your looks, or your car. That has nothing to do, with the person you are. Fixing a problem, seeing beyond someones imperfections. Will lead you, in the right direction. Do you have the power, to make your own place? Or do you choose, to forget it's face?
For those that dont know I got engaged last week, it was suppose to be an open engagement for now but, we have technically set a date for this Nov 12th, as long as the pastor is free that day :) We got our wedding bands tonight I had to share my news!!!!
Okay. Quick Social Commentary By Me:
Because of Facebook, I no longer have to actually remember anyone's birthday. ~ Remember the excitement of seeing the date written on the kitchen calendar? Because of cell phones, I no longer have to remember anyone's phone number. ~ How many did you used to have memorized as a kid? Who could you call if your cell phone died right now? Because of GPS, I really don't have to know where anyone lives and I certainly don't have to know how to read a map. ~ Who used to carry an atlas in their car? Remember pulling over and looking at a gas station map? Because of spell check, I don't really have to know how to spell. ~ Take a look at the atrocious spelling/grammar people have and how accepted it is. People graduate with these skills? Because of either diet pills or unhealthy social acceptance, I really don't have to worry about my health or fitness. ~ Take a look at the obesity rate. Just look around you and see how many excuses there are for it. Because of Nintendo Wii, some
Sometimes, I Really Do Love Science! version: CERN found Neutrinos travelling faster than light. The physicists hold back the result to triple-check everything. For the "non-physics minded", this means the neutrinos were younger at the point of arrival than at the point they started.That would mean Einstein's theory, and all physics based on it, is wrong because the speed of light is the one fixed value that he used, expecting it to be the fastest possible movement. This means Einstein was at least partially wrong. which has it's own set of implications that are VERY far-reaching in our understanding of the universe.What this means is, simply... Scientists have discovered the reality of not only faster-than-light speed, but the possibility of time travel. In the event that something can achieve super-luminous speeds, the object would cease to age and be capable of backward motion
You Weren't The One!
You weren’t the one I gave too much You gave to little It was hard to see But baby you weren’t the one for me It is hard to take Feeling my heart break Crying rivers of tears All that’s left are doubts and fears I hope and pray that I will find my way Into a new and brighter day I am moving on No matter how much it hurts To realize that weren't the one!
Pure Imagination
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."  ~ Albert Einstein I'm not sure that I completely agree with that statement.  Pardon me for challenging a certified genius, however, I believe there are times when knowledge far outweighs imagination.   In looking for pictures for this post, I quickly realized that everyone was referencing imagination in the positive.  In that regard, it IS vital.  We want our kids to use their imaginations.  It is a wonderful thing to watch children make up games and stories to entertain themselves, as opposed to having a video game do it for them.  But what about negative imagination? There are times that your imagination can run away with you.  An overactive imagination can tell you things are there, when they aren't...or vice versa.  It can make you paranoid.  It can cause you to take what little information you may have and fill in the blanks on your own...usually using assumption and past experience.  This can be a bad thing! ** CONFESSION TIME
The Best Divorce Letter Ever
 Dear Wife, ... I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever. I’ve been a good man to you ... for 7 years & I have nothing to show for it. These last 2 weeks have been hell. ... Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that was the last straw. Last week, you came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favourite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me any more; you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me any-more; whatever the case, I’m gone. Your EX-Husband P.S. don’t try to find me. Your SISTER & I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life! —— Dear Ex-Husband Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It’s t
From A Bored Night About A Year Ago, My God I Was All Over The Place
My Sweet Bela (Lugosi) ORRR A Boring Night a Few Months Back   The only promise that is ever kept is that you will die. Start with a joke right? Am i insane? Probably. Narcisstic with delusions of grandeur and just a touch of the want/need to be a MartyR (works with my name)? Definitely. Thruought all of that i still think, no i know, that i am the nicest most sympathetic dude on the planet. i simultaneously love/hate humanity so much that i wish everyone would be so happy/miserable that they would just fucking die. Some people (you know who you are) have said that i live like a hermit. Due to several power outages im forced to write in a notebook for fear of a power failure so now im deciphering this chicken scratch i have written. Perhaps if your (un)lucky enough ill have several of my mood swings so that you know what i deal with on a daily basis. maybe once i get help, life will be more easy and tolerable. ok, movie break!   part 2:Cloris Leachman When I Close My Eyes -OR
Just Random Ranting......
this is my first blog on here so.. bear with me.. if  you took the time to read this.. MANY THANKS. so im not used to writing publicly so bear with me,as i get ideas.. i have a lot of time on my hands.. as im currently looking for work.. which sucks. in the last year i have worked on job.. which paid minimum wage ie (7.40 hr)... i worked at price rite as a cashier.. guess what.. go fired. yeah you read that right fired.. not for stealing, or having an attitide with my supervisors, or customers.. but because im a moron when it comes to simple math... seriously. im horrible.. if you put in the wrong amount on the register... your screwed if you cant do simple math... and when it comes to math... im freeze.. im get uncomfortable when i make a mistake.. With having an anxiety issue with that... not good. so i got fired for having an OVERAGE of $7 dollars... getting fired cause your drawer is over... makes you an even bigger idiot than the people who happen to steal..  before that i wo
Peace , Love & Light Through Destruction!
The road's are growing further apart, Shadow's in the distance seem to be mocking me, As the one heart I had is slowly slipping into dust, We tried everything to turn table's, Get those wheels rolling, Spikes & ice on the road, Impede even the strongest of will's,S creaming desperately unto the cold cold night, Dream's are embedded in the concrete again, Just like his every footstep leading to you, We may have fallen but never beaten, I shall not rest until you are fixed, We have thought's, Feeling's & regret's, Looking for an Angel of light & carry us ,Across continent's & clear blue sea's, Keep your belief's open & wish & pray, They can answer your prayer's as they do, Your eye's are the window's to your soul, If they are true you shall shine
A Conversation With Tenacious D After A Tribute Performance
A conversation that took place after Tenacious D performed their greatest hit Tribute at a concert.A guy pulls the band away to a secluded area and wants to know more about this incitent. He asks JB to describe this demon. JB fills him in, and the guy says..."Hmm. Intereasting. It seems to me you must have been mistaken. This was not the devil. This could only have been Ron White, and it sounds to me was totally drunk again. You could have played Mary had a Little Lamb and he'd have called it great."JB pulls the guy further away fromm prying eyes, and says..."Yes. You have been the first man to notice it. The truth is, Ron White is Class A demon from the seventh realm of Hades. Unfortunately, now that you know, you must die. We will allow you to pick you're own demise. What will it be, my friend? And, no, it can't be of old age.""Why don't you let Ron kill me.""Sadly, not possible, he is impossible when drunk. He'd just botch it up.""Well, I always did want to die in the throws and pas
What Do I Want In A Woman
  What do I want in a woman     What do I want in a woman; I want a partner, an equal What do I want in a woman; the one who sees into my very soul, the child within, the tenderness, and passion, the creativity and care that makes me want to save an injured wild animal because it breaks my heart, she sees, and does not shrink back What do I want in a woman; one who becomes a part of my soul, and I hers, while still being our own individual selves at the same time What do I want in a Woman: trust, and faith that never falters What do I want in a woman: to say, to be, to balance me, for we share enough that we agree on what matters, and share in activities we both enjoy, but not identical for balance brings completion, my strengths to balm her weaknesses, and hers to mine what do I want in a woman: to hold, to talk through many a long night What do I want in a woman; to laugh, to cry, to hope,to dream, to win, to fail, and trough it all to know the other has felt eve
My Angel
Earned The Right
My name is Melissa bitch, say it loud and with pride. Don’t whisper it behind my back, there’s no need to hide. I’m suited for battle, ready to take you on. Putting my name in your mouth, is where you went wrong. You have no idea, what I’m about. Although, I have a feeling, you’re about to find out. I took the high road, ignored it, dismissed it in-fact. While you snuck up, and put a blade through my back. That’s ok, the battle is on you. But the war is mine, my blood bleeds blue. Your cowardice is my strength, it just enrages me more. We’ve never met, but I’m kicking in your door. You had no right to speak my name. I play to win, this isn’t a game. With each blow, you’ll feel my pain. When it’s over, maybe then, you’ll have earned the right to speak my fucking name.
For me things are still crazy as anything right now.   I have had to deal with 3 deaths in a month, and 2 more deaths with people from work.  My Papaw had a mini stroke yesterday, with the loss of my G'ma.  If he makes through the holidays it will be a blessing.     No, I still do not have interwebz at the house.  Things are still topsy turvy but I am around, if you can't find me here .. I am on FB, and google+
I Know They Say Everything Is Bigger In Texas...but This Is Ridiculous!!!
I am currently standing in a chair at my friends house because a spider is MIA... I went to grab my bag and a spider big enought to carry me off crawled out of it...Since I had no shoes on and nothing in reach to kill it, I went to bathroom to grab the ,believe it or not, spider killer. Well dont waist your fucking money cause I sprayed the spider and it looked at me like "bitch please" and continued to keep on crawling. So I went and grabbed a shoe to smash the big SOB and he is nowhere to be found. I will not get down till the hugh fucking thing is found and dead.... I might be here awhile...  
Can I Sleep In Your Bed
My hair brushed your face, while we were trying to rest. Both tossing and turning, trying our best. To close our eyes, drift off to Dreamland. You reached out to me, with a touch of your hand. You knew I was upset, you seen the tears shed. Knowing I needed you, that's when you said. Hey Mom, can I sleep in your bed.
Top Blogger, Nah
I figured out the game at Outpersonals. I loaded my blog with comments. It was mind numbing by the time I moved "Suggarfoot" to third place. I don't think blogs are as popular at Fubar as on the other sites but the game here is even more agressive than any 'blog war'. Sides don't seem to be so obvious. As long as you click on things you get rewarded here. Some of us figured out the game fast. I noticed we(from lifeout) have levelled higher than some who've been here over a year. Also our blogs seem to be hidden away. This mindless popularity point game is addictive but it's good to connect on a more personal level through dialogs. If anyone reads this please say "Hi' just so I know I've been read :)
Today's Birthday special goes tooo.... Its Peek a Boos Birthday xSBFx@ fubar I would put a song in here but if you check out her profile it's pretty clear what's goin on...haha....yes I know I'm behind with stuff, fear not kids, I'll get there....go show her some bday luvins in the meantime!!
Ever Seen A Koala Move This Fast
Until I Found You
I'm sure you have heard it said, a time or two. That there is someone out there, made especially for you. I thought I had found them, a few times before. But nothing, NO ONE, has ever knocked down my door. And when YOU did, and I found you there. It was something remarkable, unique and rare. The power is amazing, surpasses them all. You didn't have to trip me, for me to fall. YOU can make me so angry, then set me on fire. Leave me craving you, raw desire. Then there's love, so much, too deep to explain. I never really knew it, until I heard your name. YOU are my ONE, made just for me. With you, I am just free. YOU are power, lust, genuine and true. I never really knew love, until I found YOU.
When I Awoke Last Night
You came to me, when I closed my eyes. As if you were there, inside. I felt your heart, beating with mine. Creating our own, moment in time. Your breath against, my skin. Your warmth, deeply within. The softness of your touch, set me on fire. The look in your eyes, pure desire. The sound of your moans, was music to my ears. Nothing but pleasure, no pain or fear. Skin against skin, cheek to cheek. Not a single word, did we speak. With each caress, every touch, every kiss. We wrote our own message, that couldn't be dismissed. The we laid there in each other's arms, just a few minutes more. Both dreading you, reaching for the door. But you didn't, you just held onto me tight. I could still feel you with me, when I awoke last night.
Keep Them Thangs Closed
Some of the people on this site, really crack me up. Flashing their shit around, uhhh yuck! If you're gonna show some skin, do it with class. No one wants to see, your cottage cheese ass. Women act like their in heat, basically humping your leg. Men resort to promises, then next they beg. Flashing their penis, in front of the screen. Like it something, we've never seen. It's sick, twisted, not to mention gross. Sometimes I ask myself, what the hell are those. To the freaky ass men and women out there, please watch what you post. For goodness sakes pervs, keep them thangs closed.
You Little D**k Piece Of S**t
A random stranger, sends me a link. I clicked it, didn't even think. And there he was, whacking away. Instantly got pissed, couldn't help but say. What the Hell makes you think, I wanted to see that? He would have to let go of his junk, to write me back. He tried to apologize, but I was too pissed. You make me sick, I wanna puke, seriously disgusted. Do you not realize, this is a screen. And you're not showing me anything, I haven't already seen. But do continue, have fun with it. But don't message me again, you little dick piece of shit.
Things Are So Bad In America That Now Even Sesame Street Muppets Are Poverty-stricken And Hungry (repost)
Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie are about to get a new friend.  This new character comes from a family that is poverty-stricken and that struggles to get enough food.  She is going to teach the other residents of Sesame Street the facts about hunger in America.  Her name is Lily, and she will be appearing on a special one hour primetime special of Sesame Street that will focus on the plight of hungry children all over the nation.  You can see video of this new Sesame Street character right here.  This is yet another sign that things are so bad in America that nobody can really deny the reality of what is happening anymore.  When you have more than one out of every five children living in poverty and one out of every four children on food stamps, it would be an injustice to call it anything less than a national crisis.  Our economy is dying because of our foolishness and our children are paying the price. But a new Sesame Street character that is poverty-st
Anything Will Do
Do you know why, I do so much? The reason I can't just simply, give up. Because I have never, known anyone like you before. You shock me, amaze me, always wanting more. I tried to turn away, as if it didn't matter. But that just hurt me more, completely shattered. I don't want anything, but your love as well. Not knowing, is like, living in Hell. A word, a gesture, anything will do. To let me know, what exactly I am to you.
Lost Book
Lost Book I always felt like I was a princess who got lost in the wrong story. Where was my Knight in shining armor? Where was my kiss instead of pain? Where was the one to love and not hurt? Where were the words to say ?My lady:May I have your hand? That I may kiss your beauty? But instead I got . What's this about kissing your hand? Your no better then anyone else. Where is the words? Your beauty captures my soul to look upon it. You shine with great glory to only be treated as a princess(my princess) But as we all know fairytales are for books never true. So I stay lonely and blue. Love can not find me.  I am lost on the wrong shelf. Where no one wants to look.
Alone Now
Alone Now , I have to be alone now to here the sounds of pain in my heart of the darkness of love going a way all around me no one to tell me that they love me or care I will not found my love here in the city lights or in the town walks of the nights all is gone now so I shall go and lay my head on my pillow and sleep for ever and end it for the light will come and take me and I can rest my soul and I will be free of the pain in my heart
Leaving Fubar
Well since I cant write this on my statues because of what i'am about to write will be to big so I'am just going to post this up on my blog and hope u guys read it. Ever since I joined Ive changed alot in a bad way I dont go out, I dont play any video games that I spent my time on I miss my friends, This became an addictive to me in a bad way and I just wanna change back it sounds crazy but its the truth. Also i dont get the help when I need it, I helped out many and when I ask they dont respond soo its just not for me sry. I just wanna thank everyone who have been there for me ill always remember u guys, ill be on here but just to talk and give my points away to ppl that mean something to me. Goodluck everyone!
A Call To Action For All Light/energy Workers, Spirit Guides, Witches Etc... This Hallow's Eve
Dear Friends,   In deep angst we are searching for magical answers to the events surrounding Occupy Wall Street and the state of this great nation as well as global affairs.   We recognize that we all hold creative and destructive force within us, this is our divine nature.    Honoring our divine nature in all its complexity, how can we come into balance?   What we know is: we have come together over many years,  trained and built relationships with each other and the sacred earth.   This is our time, where the veil between worlds is thin - to come together, a time in history, when we have built a network of witches that spans the continents.   We have the training and power to focus our wills and spirit.   We have the help of many, many spirit realms and we have the communication network to take effective action as has never been done before.   All of the psychics and sensitives have known we would be called upon someday to use this network.   Let us now each take a
Nsfw Pics
ok just feel like putting this out there.... Yes I do have Nsfw pics.... No you do not have to look at them... i do have 100's of other pics that are funny beautiful and worth lookin at. IF you do not want to see Nsfw pics then you have two options on Fubar.. you can either turn off "show NSFW content" or DO WHAT NORMAL PEOPLE DO AND JUST DNT LOOK! WOW that was easy.... dont add me and act like my friend and then take it upon your self to look in my nsfw folder and then block me.... i mean thats really childish... just because ppl have nsfw pics on here does not make them bad ppl... and before I jump off my soap box... IF YOU CAN READ THIS IS AN ADULT SITE SO YOU SHOULD EXPECT PEOPLE TO HAVE THOSE FOLDERS ON HERE AND IF YOU DONT LIKE THAT THEN GO BACK TO FACEBOOK OR MYSPACE !!!!!!    thank you for your time please have a great day!!!!   
What The Fuck
Pouring myslef out there im already left open might as well let it all out.  Growing up as a child of abuse and keeping that path into my teen years. I have learned how to survive. I have learned how to take the beatings in stride. The physical abuse is so easy to hide to mask. But when a person beats you down emotionally it hurts so much more than any strike to the body one can produce. When your emotional integritiy has been abused its not that easy to get back. Those scars dig deeper last longer. Effect everything that one can come in contact with for the remainder of thier lives. It kills trust it kills security it kills all emotional bonds that have been developed. Im a strong woman in every aspect of my life. But I have been beaten beyond anything ive ever had to endure. I gave my heart away, which for me is not an easy task to begin with. and i have been faced with an emotional beating that has left me an empty shell of who i once was. I gave myself 100% to someone with hopes t
I Am Strong Again
  I am strong again  ByJMT A naive little girl, you think you can control Maybe a Welcome mat, you think you can unroll Or just a possession an object, you think you stole I can see it all now your thoughts,motives,and goal You think I am someone who will bend to your will You think this person is someone you know even still You think you can continue this game, confident in skill But your lies and cons have now given me, my fill You see I am no victim, someone you can make fall I am NOT for you to belittle, so you can stand tall I am NOT some simple creature, that lives for your call Just so you can rip me up, so you can hear me bawl You see I am no object, something for you to own I am NOT for you to dictate over, from that I've flown I am NOT some guilt filled child, from that I've grown So now I can stand up to you and say your cover is blown Once you led me astray from my strength within Finally I
Stupid Me
how does a person keep going down the wrong path doing the wrong things at the wrong time and still try to keep there head up i do it by the hands of my beautiful and wonderful wife babez she means everything to me i'd do anything for her i've been married to this woman going on 9 yrs and still going strong.. but hey every marriage has it's moments and i know i sure do have mine.. and i tend to hurt the ones i love by doing the stupid things in life and she still keeps coming back strong and if ya'll are wondering why i'm putting this on here well i'll tell you why ..cause i'm a dumb ass man and i want to prove to the world that i'm crazy about this woman and i'll do anything to have her around me even if its writing about stuff on here or whatever .. I know i'm only human and human make mistakes but i just hate doing them .. my girl is going thru alot of stuff right now and i'm not making it easier on here for her the more i try to do things to help her the more i tend to make her mad
I am a sucker for a smart guy.
4 Months! :)
On June 8th I finally took a big step and left the state of Hawaii. After all that time of talking about and wanting to get out I finally found the courage to do it. Was it easy? Yes and No. I left all the comfort and security I've known my whole life and stepped out into the unknown. Do I regret it? In the end the answer is no. At times, I miss home. I miss my family and friends. However this is my oppertunity to explore and meet new people and to discover new experiences. Along my journey I have gained both good and bad knowledge. I've done things I wish i didn't, yet I shall not regret any of my actions. Instead I'll take it as a learning experience and gain from it. We all make mistakes. It's up to the individual to either learn from it or have it bring you down. It's now been 4 months since I first took that step onto the plane and watched the state that I was born and raised in fade away. And as I look back on these 4 months I find that although I dislike some of my actions,
I wish, so much, that I could sing, and sing well.
My Home, My Hell
My home is one of heartache, a place of steel and stone, a barren cell, a home in hell, and here I must atone! For all my crimes, I pay with time, where lights glow night and day, and though I rage and pace my cage, I still must stay and pay. I beat and maul the concrete wall, and walk the concrete floor, I damn each day, my only way, and hope for one chance more. Each lonely dawn that each night spawns, I stand and face the wall, in loneliness and bitterness, I await my end days call. Men scream and yell, within my hell, but I'm a man alone. My tears of pain, like bitter rain, spill down on naked stone. Here every gate is one of hate, love has no place to hide, for each last fool who broke the rule, the way to hell is wide! My chains of steel can never feel the things that I hold dear, but chains of steel are kinder than, the woman I lost here. For every lock a key is made, a saw for every chain, but each escape forgets the shape of chains they'll wear again. My Every loss becomes a c
Contest Time Guys!
Calling all Fu-Men..... Get your camera ready.....drop your us what ya got An exciting contest with a bit of a twist   "The Best Cock on Fubar Contest"The Fu-Women will be voting and the winner will receive a 10 bling pack All photos to be submitted by Oct. 31st at midnight The twist?  You will have to print out our contestant sheet and follow the directions to find out what it is    Can't wait to see all the pics!!!!   Say cheese boys!!!!   E-mail me at  or Sabrina at  for the contestant sheet and let us know if you have any questions
Few lines to you my friend from bottom of my heart.Its amazing when strangers becomes friends but its sad when friends become strangers.I never want to lose you as a friend.I met you as a stranger and now i have you as a friend.i hope we will meet in our next walk of life where friendship never ends.I may not be the most important person in your life and surely not.But i hope when you hear my name,You will smile and will say "Thats my friend" :-)
Come Claim Your Prize
Have you ever loved someone, beyond your own control. Out of your own mind, body, and soul. I can't remember, ever feeling this way. It is a part of me, everyday. It is impossible to deny, believe me, I've tried. But the pain just got worse, with every tear that I cried. It is just there, so real and true. There is no disguising my love, for YOU. So it is here with me, come claim your prize. Your reward will be written, behind the green in these eyes.
This Is Sad Just So You Know.
When I was fifteen I had just moved to California. I had absolutely NO friends and to make matters worse my birthday is in the summer time. My parents decided the perfect gift would be a dog (I'd been begging for years) so off to the pound we went. First lap through we saw an adorable brown-eyed husky with ears bigger than her tiny body and it was love at first sight. For the rest of my high school years Kira (the husky) and I were inseparable, she slept with me, she followed me around, I took her for walks, I even taught her a few unnecessary tricks like how to viciously growl at people with just the point of my finger. Today we had to put Kira down and it was one of the worst things I've ever had to do. She was a great dog and I will miss her fuzzy little ass sooooo much. Hug and smooch your pooch and if you don't have one, hug someone else's, trust me they won't mind the extra love.
Empty Promises
These empty promises Begin to hold me down These aching memories keep coming back to me.   Empty promises that mean nothing to you but all lies how could you do me like this I feel lonely empty.   Darkness fills my life again I slowly die inside with out hope I wish I was not here anymore.   This life is to much for me facing my fears alone Take my pain away heal my  heart and soul. Those empty promises.   By Devilina Vampiress Princess Of Darkness (Priscilla Gamez)
What People Fail To Realize
Convenience...watever is easiest..that's all people care about...they fail to realize that anything worth having NEVER comes they talk shit without even thinking or caring for that matter what the person on the other side is feeling like....why?...because in their mind...they can simply click a button and make them they aren't even it's ok because they are not right in front of them....but beyond the screen...regardless of how far away you are....there is a REAL person sitting there..shedding real tears...feeling real emotions....and it's not ok.....choosing the easy option is never the right solution...because that's what you end up with...if you didn't go to school or work to get to where you are now...where would you be?..nowhere...and you can have someone tell you in detail wat they would LOVE to do to you and might do just that...but then wat..where does that leave you...nowhere and with no one...simply because it was the easy and more conven
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A Hot Taste For Love
You whisper into my ear Sweet things that make me weak,Then you look into my eyesWith your mysterious provocative gaze,Causing you to touch my skinTo feel the burning of your flames,Caressing me with a love that is real,Then you kiss me...As I feel your wet eager lipsOur hungry tongues indulging in their craving,To feel the poison...Of your blood boiling throughout your soulSending electrify emotionsStimulating pure intoxication,As your hands flows over me;Touching every curve and everytime you It seems I move my legs apart automatically,As you lift me on the mystical rideWhile my body you know I will guide,Just listen to our songMaking love all night long,The flames of passion, desire and loveIs taking control over us,You put your hands in my breast,As I feel a sensation so exciting,When you kiss my nipples with your eager lipsEvery time you do that,It gets more and more fulfillingLet me feel those sensations,As I feel you deep inside meFeeling a rage so incredible to resist,As all I
Nothing Could Fix
I'm not trying to lay any pressure, at your feet. I just need you to know realism, behind the words I speak. Because they are not just words, to me. They are emotions, actions, reality. I feel them not just say them, it runs deeply. Don't you understand how much, you mean to me? It's not this site, this screen. There's reality inside, everything. I say to you, it comes from the heart. It doesn't matter, we're miles apart. That's the small stuff, simple to cure. But nothing could fix, not having you anymore.
The Dash
I have to choose a font and I am not going to be using the 'terminal' font thats for sure  lol I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on October 3, 2011.  Needless to say, my world has been turned upside downa down and it will  probably never straighten out again. What do you do when life throws such a curve at you ? I am not the first, and unfortuantly , I will not be the last .   But I am still here. Still standing. I find myself tossed between the storms of tears, anger, denial, terror. Terror being the most prominant of these. Occaisionally I find myself in a time of peace, where the wind itself stands silent and nothing moves around me. Those are the times I can breathe. In those times, I think not about the future so much, but about the past. How I have lived my life so far. What I have done, and what I have failed to do. The things that are important in life seem to stand up in front of you , in bright neon colours, brash and unforgivng, so that you cannot miss
My Views On How To Treat A Woman
1) Never take a woman for granted or neglect her. The moment you do, she’ll start scanning the field and you won’t know it. 2) Do not cheat on her, or cheat her. A woman’s revenge could be emotionally lethal. 3)Do not boss her around, push her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, or force her to give you ANYTHING. 4) Do not expect her to wait on you hand and foot. She will take your foot and put it in your hand. 5) Be appreciative for all she does for you and show her appreciation for being in YOUR life. When you start acting like she should be happy she is in YOUR life, she will go out to prove you otherwise. 6) Never lay a hand on her, unless it is to caress her. 7) Never make her second to anything. This is the biggest mistake any man can do. Don’t ever disrespect her or her family, even if she complains about them. It is OK for her to do it, but never for you. Remember this. 9) Always GIVE more than you take from her to stay a man in
I Guess Its A Compliment?
9:59am reply single: dont know me and i dont know you... but how would you like to be in a porn mag? 10:00am more To single: you assume becouse im transgendered i would do porn? 10:00am reply single: yes mam.. 10:00am more To single: wow, 10:01am reply single: ok well im just trying to make money...sorry i bothered.. 10:02am more To single: why would you think i do porn? 10:04am reply single: i ment to ask if you would like to be in a sex would bring lots of attintion 10:06am more To single: no thanks. 10:06am reply single: ok
Snow flakes drifting slowly, softly to the ground. Falling and falling from dusk til dawn. Gently laying a blanket of white on all it touches. So pristine as yet untouched but soon scattered snowmen will appear as children wake and head outside to play.
[i'm Gonna Need A Cigarette, And Your Eye]
As my status may have indicated in the last couple hours   I got broken into. And robbed. Again.   I have to drive to Topeka, take stock, and update the police report. There's no water up there, nothing to do but stumble through broken or stolen shit.   My parents were in town to turn on my heat to keep the pipes from freezing. There are stories anecdotes.   I'm not in the mood to restate them   I just hope my computer is still there. There's an indication that it might still be there.   So, I'm going to drive my old man to work, drive to Topeka... wander through my obliterate house again   update drive back.   ... I bet I have to go to the fucking station too.   and then drive back here and go to work tuesday.   Woo.   And yeah I had the day off anyway.   Still very very very angry   My grampa's antique 38 might be gone My hundred+ year old pocket watch might be gone. My gramma's wedding ring might be gone. My computer might be gone.     Fu
A Touch Unfelt Poem By Darklight
How can you ache and crave for someone's touch When you have never felt it? I do this for yours, though, And the yearning grows more each day I have never wanted anything in my life As much as I want you When you whisper such sweet love In my ear when we talk You make me melt into a puddle Of complete helplessness You have become my every waking thought And my every dream at night I breathe in so hard Trying to catch my breath when we can't talk I close my eyes so tight Hoping when I open them you will be there But I know I have to wait Until the time is right It seems so far away That I think I am losing my mind I want to breathe in your scent And keep it with me all day long I want to taste your love for me By kissing your sweet lips I want to feel your body next to me So when you leave for awhile I can hold on I just want you to know That I really do love you When the day comes and we are together You will always know and feel this I will always hug, ki
Laying alone staring at the night sky. Wrapped in a blanket trying to keep warm, wishing you were here. Your arms holding me tight, our bodies pressed together, Our lips locked in a passionate kiss.
One, Yet We Are Two
It is sparkly, expensive, but it eventually looses it’s shine. That is why, I never want to wear your ring, on this finger of mine. Because WE are worth, so much more. Than any piece of jewelry, you will find at a store. Our bond, our connection, is so rare and true. There is no price tag, on ME and YOU. WE are survivors, fighters, lovers and believers. Powerful, yet weak, true love teachers. Here, but not, WE are together at all times. Joined at the heart, the body, the mind. As if, your blood, is pumping through my veins. While softly whispering, mine and your name. WE give love a new meaning, WE bring it to life. This is why, I could never be your wife. Because a ring is symbolic, materialistic, not needed. Just YOU and I Baby, we’ve already succeeded. WE will never tarnish, fade or lose value. ONE, but yet, WE are two.
Just My Poetry
As I walk this path alone,Gales, blizzards of sleet and snow. Cold, tired and hungry. Desperate for shelter where golden embers glow. Where will this road take me? Will there be sunshine, blue skies, A cosy place to lay my head. And watch the sunrise. I have roamed for so long now. My bones are weary, feet sore. My ancient years need comfort, peace. My eyes, ears, no longer good as before. No longer chasing shadows, kitten tails, Birds, moths, such delicious feasts. My time will come, join my friends; enemies too. For I was king of beasts. Scars I carry inside and out, of loved ones lost, And those in battle and defence. I know that one day I'll join them soon. No more will muscles tense. Stories of old, a place of such peace, Where butterflies dance at your feet, It seemed a long time away, gets closer each day. Those reeds of grass, that cosy place to sleep. Will this path take me to this place? Or is it just a dream and soon I'll awake. My pads sore, my hunger now desperate, My aged
You Finish The Story
You walk up behind me and wrap you arms around my waist and press you cock again my back and I can tell just how much you want me. Whispering in my ear," I want you." I start to dance slowly grinding on your cock making you harder for me you can't stand it spinning me kissing me nice and soft pressing in to me. I can't breath I am melting as you kiss me, Caughting my breath I say," never in my life have I felt that before." We stop dancing walk over to one of the tables sit down you start to unzip my pants putting your hand down them fingering and playing getting me wet you lean over to me kissing my neck and bitting my ear, than say, lets go to my car, I agree and follow you getting to your car sitting in the front seat you start the car and unzip my pants start playing with me well driving to your take you hand out of my pants and lick your fingers saying, "mmmmmm you taste good." 
Dear fubar,   One day i will become ridiculously wasted and buy a FUPONY, and on that day i will also end world hunger.                                                                                                       Sincerely firstfrost
Met Your Match
I couldn't see the demon, as it approached. But I felt it in my presents, when I awoke. From a deep sleep, I just knew it was there. Lurking around, everywhere. The room grew cold, heavy and dark. Sounds of his foot-steps, indenting his mark. Craving destruction, chaos and pain. Fear, turmoil, that is his game. To bring the strong willed, down to his feet. You have met your match demon, for I, cannot be beat.
Do Your Own Math
If my walls could talk, here's what they'd say. Dang, this bitch is crazy, she talks to herself everyday. This is true, it is me. Just a part, of my creativity. I am definitely, not the norm. I smile and embrace, the danger of the storm. Knowing nothing comes easy, thankful for the sweat beads. That roll down my face, while planting the seeds. Of my life, creating my own path. The crazy hard way works for me, but you do your own math.
To You All
As some of you know I am on a mini vacation from here. I need to re-evaluate some things and myself. I was just recentlly played very very hard by someone known on this site. I shall leave names out (those who know know) But this person has already deleted. I need to stress this tho to the many out there who wish to speak to people off here. Yes it is possible to develope feelings for someone off here. Some think that this is impossible cause well you cant "see" them. Well Im going to say this.....think about meet someone, you befriend them, you think the world of them and would do anything for them. Even if it is not in a romantical way, you still would give anything to not see this person hurt or upset or in need. Yet you have never met them. If you can have these feelings for a "friend" you CAN develope emotional attachment to someone off here. Think people think about it. Its not that impossible.    Now to those who like to play these emotional games, I ask you.....Why?
I listen to songs that make me sad even though they make me sad.
For The Curious
In case anyone's wondering why I've reverted to my old emo self... I have this job thing going on.... I have an offer from one company but the one I really want to work for is only at the 2nd interview stage (it's scheduled for tomorrow at 1).  It's a better job, better commute, probably less money but worth it when you figure in the cost of commuting twice as far.  I'm juggling trying not to piss off the first company by putting them off too long, but not wanting to be the asshole that accepts an offer and then reneges when something better comes through. Then there's my mom.  She had her quarterly CT scan on Friday, and they found the tumors had grown much larger and have now invaded her spinal column enough to worry about spinal compression.  She's not in any pain yet, but they rushed her to start immediate radiation therapy to try to shrink them before she loses too much function.  She can't drive now, and has zero filter on her speech, so she told me she wishes I wasn't going ba
The Story Of Heather
When God first made the world, He looked at the bare and barren hillsides and thought how nice it would be to cover them with some kind of beautiful tree or flower. So he turned to the Giant Oak, the biggest and strongest of all of the trees he had made, and asked him if he would be willing to go up to the bare hills to help make them look more attractive. But the oak explained that he needed a good depth of soil in order to grow and that the hillsides would be far too rocky for him to take root. So God left the oak tree and turned to the honeysuckle with its lovely yellow flower and beautiful sweet fragrance. He asked the honeysuckle if she would care to grow on the hillsides and spread her beauty and fragrance amongst the barren slopes. But the honeysuckle explained that she needed a wall or a fence or even another plant to grow against, and for that reason, it would be quite impossible for her to grow in the hills. So God then turned to one of the sweetest and most beau
Copy`d From Myyearbook,
copy`d from myyearbook,   someone said the pic i`m using on profile now is an improvement at less, my reply: yes because we both have something in same pic to look -- 17 minutes ago · Comment · Like · View Rebecca Leuallen 16 minutes ago yes because we both have something in same pic to look at "" that`s what makes this one ok to you """ well what about all the ones all over the place us wonen have to see of other women with hardly nothen on, and we have to deal with it, made to , it`s pushed in our faces all the time !
I Am Who I Fucking Am
I am very aware that the majority of people who use these social networking site's do so in-order to portray themselves as someone they are not....I am NOT one of those people...I will straight up tell you..I am NOT rich..I am NOT perfect...I am NOT fake...I am wat I am...a good mother..a good friend..a hard worker...I have compassion for others and others feelings...way too often I put someone else's feelings ahead of my me..this screen is just that..a piece of equipment covered with glass...some people see it as a gateway to become watever they have say watever it takes....I am silly...goofy..comical..I treat others how they treat me.....but I will NEVER tell you wat you want to hear simply because I can....I know there is a person behind the screen..whether it is the person they portray themselves to be or not...still a person just the same.....I can tell you with 100% honesty....I WILL NOT FUCK the virtual or real world.....that's NOT who I am...I am tha
Tell Me Quickly
At war, you say. That is me, day after day. Fighting, struggling, wondering why. I put on this smile, while dying inside. One phrase, can't possibly be too much. A simple I love you, would be enough. I miss you, wish you were here. Anything to cause me, to dry these tears. You say if I just believed, I could conquer the world. When the only thing, I want to conquer is yours. Your love, your heart, is that too much to ask. I have accomplished great things, an impossible task. The strong one, that's what you called me. If I am so strong, then why am I so damn weak. Hiding, praying, believing, it's real. That what you say is not just words, that they are real. I do not write anything to you, I do not mean. My emotions go way beyond, this fucking screen. I could rip the cord, right out of the wall. And it wouldn't change, the way I feel at all. Plans have been made, this is real life here. Not just a switch you can turn off, then disappear. My he
Cam Information For Wicked Angel Cave
Your Life Will Live On
Melissa, you have to stop beating yourself up. Why do you think, you are never enough? Get rid of those thoughts, inside your head. Close your eyes and, think back instead. Remember running scared, in fear for your life. The victim, the survivor, the mother, the wife. You looked through, the blood tears you cried. You did it alone, looked death in the eye. You are more powerful, than even you know. Hold your head high, allow that to show. It is you, you are the strong one. It has been you, all along. You are the strength, for those who are weak. The voice of those, too afraid to speak. You do not need, anyone. People will remember you, long after you're gone. Make your mark, leave your legacy while you're here. Write with the words, that form your tears. Fight, survive, carry on without fear. Show the world, you are the strong one. Through your words, your life will live on.
"my Wish..."
My wish for you... That your heart smiles true   It is my dream... For your happiness to stream    In you I believe...  With my heart on my sleeve   Just to see your smile again live...  With all my soul I'd give   Opportune happiness follows the pain... Just as sunshine follows the rain   I will always be here... I will always be near...   For whatever inspires your soul aglow... That is my truth; I thought you should know.
Poem By Korczak Ziolkowski, To Be Placed On Crazy Horse Mountain When The Memorial Is Finished
When the course of history has been toldLet these truths here carved be known:Conscience dictates civilizations liveAnd duty ours to place before the world,A chronicle which will long endure.for like all things under us and beyondinevitably we must pass into oblivion. this land of refuge to the strangerwas ours for countless eons before:civilizations majestic and mighty.our gifts were many which we sharedand gratitude for them was known.but later, given my oppressed oneswere murder, rape and sanguine war. looking east from whence invaders came,greedy usurpers of our heritage.for us the past is in our hearts,the future never to be you i give this granite epicfor your descendants to always know-"my lands are where my dead lie buried." Korczak Ziolkowski, SculptorCRAZY HORSE MEMORIAL, Black Hills, SD (Poem to be carved on mountain in letters three feet high)
so this is goodbye my friend, thought it would never end. You threw me away with your garbage. Without a reason why, you was someone i could talk to, all i can do is cry. so guess this is goodbye, i will never know just why. where did i go wrong. I walk away with a sigh. i wish you the best, you will be in my heart, but like the stars you are far away. So I say goodbye.  will miss you.
Hahha Boredom Strikes! :)
Shortest fairy tales from both men and women!    A Man's Fairy Tale    Once upon a time a man asked a woman " will you marry me?"   She said "No"   And he lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and went fishing and hunting and played golf a lot and drank beer and scotch and had money in the bank and left the toilet seat up and farted whenever he wanted.    The End    A womans Fairy Tale :)   Once upon a time a guy asked a girl " will you marry me?"She said "HELL NO"and the girl lived happily ever after and shopped all day. Had mani & pedis every week. Drank wine and danced the nights away. Walked around the house with no makeup on, hair not done in sweats. Didnt have to play dress up no more to impress. Had all her money in the bank...cause he forgot to check his wallet and she used his credit cards. The end :) 
It looks as though they found cancer. Next Thursday I go in for in patient surgery to have the rest removed.  It is very scary for me because they also have to remove lymph nodes and this basically leaves us unaware of the extent of the cancer. I will try to keep all my close friends updated. Sending lots of love to all of you and ty all for caring :) Much Love, Sue
I'm An Entj, Bitches!
Yeah, that's right.... I own the WORLD   "I don't care to sit by the window on an airplane. If I can't control it, why look?" ENTJs have a natural tendency to marshall and direct. This may be expressed with the charm and finesse of a world leader or with the insensitivity of a cult leader. The ENTJ requires little encouragement to make a plan. One ENTJ put it this way... "I make these little plans that really don't have any importance to anyone else, and then feel compelled to carry them out." While "compelled" may not describe ENTJs as a group, nevertheless the bent to plan creatively and to make those plans reality is a common theme for NJ types. ENTJs are often "larger than life" in describing their projects or proposals. This ability may be expressed as salesmanship, story-telling facility or stand-up comedy. In combination with the natural propensity for filibuster, our hero can make it very difficult for the customer to decline. TRADEMARK: -- "I'm really sorry you have to di
Some people mistake kindness for weakness. Contrary to this belief kind people are not weak people. It takes strength and an awareness of personal power to be kind to people. Being kind comes from the ability to see the good in each person and to be comfortable in helping and being a good person, not mattering what the others do or say, staying true to yourself.
In The Shadows
Hiding in the shadows  Where it's dark and cold Sitting in the shadows With no one to hold Thinking in the shadows Where my mind runs wild Running in the shadows Like a spooked child Sleeping in the shadows Alone the way i was born Crying in the shadows With no one to lean on Lives forever in the shadows Until i find someone sweet Standing in the shadows Until i find my heart beat
Your Best Design
Two people, six years apart. Joined at the mind, the soul, the heart. Her every curve, made just for him. Made in his mind, way back then. He didn't even know, until he seen her face. Her size, her voice, those eyes of many shades. The way her body, fits his grip. The one he has on her, the taste of her lips. Everything she is, is his design. A feeling, yet to be defined. Too real, raw passion, love and sweat. Nothing less, but much more, can you feel it yet? Do you feel as I do? Lying next to you. Heart pounding, body shaking. Nothing but desire, satisfaction, in this love we are making. Finally together, becoming one. The way it's meant to be, our journey's begun. With your body, inside mine. You have finally completed, your best design.
Feel Me Within
I lay in my bed, and look off to the right. There's a noise, keeping me awake tonight. It's sounds so familiar, it's hard to describe. There's just something distinctive, that I recognize. It's steady and strong, getting faster with time. I can't help but wonder, if it is just in my mind. Wait, I can feel it now, I knew it was you. Coming to me, from out of the blue. Let me crawl back in bed, and pull the covers back. Lay down with me, and just relax. It was the sound of your heart, that kept me awake. My satisfaction will return the favor, in this love we make. Close your eyes, feel my breath on your skin. Absorb my touch, feel me within. Deeper than the body, the mind, the soul. You are the half, that makes me whole.
First off...this to those of you that THINK you know me...when reality DON'T KNOW SHIT...DON'T send me your little sad pouty faces..because if you DID know me then you would know that gets you NOWHERE...and speaking of profile pretty much speaks for me...obviously it is a waste of speace because everyone tends to miss that about say hey..I'll say want to talk friendly..that works too..laugh..joke...all fine...but DON'T go all typical male on me..and act like I OWE you shit...because I don't...if I talk to's because I want to..not because you guilt me into something when I AHVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHO YOU PEOPLE ARE....respect goes a long way when I'm show me respecta nd I shall do the CHOOSE to ignore my words then i ahve NO problem spelling it out to you...I am NOT interested in ANYTHING here other than casual and friendly conversation with remarkable people..not typical people...people that lack morals....GRRRR....
The Inexperienced Curry Tasting Judge...probably One Of The Funniest Jokes In The World!
Notes from an inexperienced Aussy curry taster named FRANK, who was visiting New Delhi, India from Australia. "Recently I was honoured to be selected as a judge at a curry cook-off. The original person called in sick at the last moment and I happened to be standing there at the judge's table asking directions to the beer tent when the call came.I was assured by the other two judges (couple of local Indians) that the curry wouldn't be all that spicy, besides, they told me I could have free beer during the tasting, so I accepted." Here are the scorecards from the event: Curry # 1: Manoj's Maniac Mobster Monster Curry JUDGE ONE: A little too heavy on tomato. Amusing kick. JUDGE TWO: Nice, smooth tomato flavour. Very mild. FRANK: Holy ****, what the hell is this stuff? You could remove dried paint from your driveway. Took me two beers to put the flames out. I hope that's the worst one. These Indian blokes are crazy. Curry # 2: Applesamy's Afterburner Curry JUDGE ONE: Smoky, with a hint of
With our hearts wrapped in Saran- Are we here to hear hollow words or sincere verbs taking flight to fan the silence? damn the silence! as it smothers the violence of a ghost locked and chained in solitude engaged in caged enraged soliloquy the words reaching out like desperate hands gnarled and grasping for even the lightest featherlike touch well deep within digital prisons snarling and gasping across chasms from our telephones too afraid of voices making us three dimensional intentional connection scares us crawling back into the void avoidance fits us so well well worn torn and wholly alone
Just because there is distance between a man and a women does not mean life has to be judged by that...when two souls meet and find a connection how ever that connection be its still meaningful and sometimes worth while to holding on to and seeing where it goes. I feel as if I couldn't express anymore how beautiful and awesome of a creature you are and your worth waiting for...oh how allll the people I have seen get married or are together living further then us apart and there totally madly deeply in why can't I have that...distance means nothin to me nobodys coming to get me you think so but Im going to be left here all alone for eternity wondering wishing and hoping....when will that day come when my love is so big that the man will see that its true its real and I mean it..maybe one day...maybe one day.......
Remembrance Day/veterans Day
So I just started a new job a few months ago. I do customer service for pay-day loans in America. As we all know as working adults (I hope most of you are working), we do not get paid on stat holidays and banks are closed. You know what chaps my ass...? I hate having to tell people on the phone that it's Remembrance (Or Veterans Day in America) on Friday. It really bothers me that people forget. If it wasn't for all the men and women who died for our freedom, who knows what would have happened? C'mon society, you need a reality check. They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.At the going down of the sun and in the morningWe will remember them. RIP, Grandpa. ♥
Why To Date A Nerd
So this list is aimed at women dating male nerds, i think it could go both ways...1.) While geeks and nerds may be awkward, they’re well-meaning 9 out of 10 times. That smooth dude with the sly grin and the spider hands? Wonder what HIS intentions are... plus, I’ve never had a geek guy not call me when he said he would. Score major points THERE. 2.) They’re useful. In this tech-savvy world, it’s great to have a b/f who can make your laptop, desktop, and just about anything else that plugs into a wall behave itself. 3.) They’re more romantic than they’re given credit for. Ok true, their idea of romance might be to make up a spiffy web-page with all the reasons why they love you, with links to pics of you and sonnets and such... but hey. It lasts longer than flowers, plus you can show your friends. 4.) Due to their neglected status, there are plenty to choose from. You like ‘em tall and slender? There are plenty of geeks/nerds who are. You like &
I'm A Nurse
You're a nurse?? That's cool, I wanted to do that when I was a kid. What do you make? "WHAT DO I MAKE? I make holding your hand seem like the most important thing in the world when you're scared. I can make your child breathe when they stop. I can help your father survive a heart attack. I make myself get out of bed at 4 am to make sure your mother gets the medicine she needs to live. I work all day to save the lives of strangers. Today, I might save your life. I make a difference, what do you make??"
Unbelievably Disgusting And Sickening
Ok so i just went on a little adventure to help with some things for the animal shelter my moms friend runs... Unfortunitly the shelter is a lie. theres numerus dogs at my moms house and an entire apartment full of dogs and cats down the road  and god knows what else. they adopt animals out on the weekends and what not but arent ever successful at it.   anyway the reason for this blog is the appartment that i just went to. i had to pull a dead cat out of one of the rooms. when i first walked into the appartment i immedietly wanted to vomit. the floors were covered in animel waste, the walls and floors were destroye... there were about 10 dogs in the livingroom area. the smell was horrible.   then i got to the bedroom (cat room) there was atleast 10 cats there and the two litter boxes were full and needed to be dumped badly. and the smell was much worse then in the livingroom. between the two boxes lay a dead cat :( i wanted to cry. i wrapped the cat in a towel and put it in a box a
"how Are You?"
I've been getting asked this too much.   I'm not great.   My grandma went to the hospital last night. A nurse checked on her and she had no pulse.. The took her to the hospital. Her BP was super low. Everyone is assume her pace maker kept her alive. Everyone was able to talk with her last night / this morning. Majorly heart breaking.   She told everyone she loved them and such. She asked me to locate a couple family members so she could see them a last time.. Also told me to stop beaching my hair.... lol   So thus, i'm not OK!!! Pls stop asking
Who Am I???
im NOT perfect. im just a girl.i LAUGH. i CRY. i BLEED.but in the end i HEAL and i LEARN.tell me a secret and ill keep it.i can be your BEST FRIEND if you promise to be mine.ive known LOVE and ive suffered HEARTACHE.too TRUSTING at times. im a big PUSHOVER.a PEOPLE PLEASER. at times it sucks.people now days just tend to take ADVANTAGE of others.WHY? who knows. oh OPEN and HONEST. sorry i wont LIE to you.even if you wanted me to.LOYAL like a dog. LOVING like a that bad? sometimes i feel as if it is.ive suffered LOST. seen things that i wish i could forget.ive been BETRAYED by friends and family.but i thank them for that. EXPERIENCE has thought me a lot.i might be YOUNG but im also RANDOM. sometimes FORGETFUL. always HIDING behind a SMILE.this world is already CRUEL, why add to it?have you HUGGED your CHILD lately? do it now.I tell the people I love that I love them,for I have learned the hard way that it might be your last stuck in a CROWDED room yet at
Tool - Stinkfist
Something has to change. Un-deniable dilemma. Boredom's not a burden Anyone should bear. Constant over stimu-lation numbs me but I would not want you any other way. It's not enough. I need more. Nothing seems to satisfy. I said I don't want it. I just need it. To breathe, To feel, to know I'm alive. Finger deep within the borderline. Show me that you love me and that we belong together. Relax, turn around and take my hand. I can help you change Tired moments into pleasure. Say the word and we'll be Well upon our way. Blend and balance Pain and comfort Deep within you Till you will not want me any other way. It's not enough. I need more. Nothing seems to satisfy. I said I don't want it. I just need it. To breathe, To feel, to know I'm alive. Knuckle deep inside the borderline. This may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to. Relax. Slip away. Something kinda sad about the way that things have come to be. Desensitized to everything. What became of subtlety? How can
Wat Do You See?
People look at a stripper..and that's just what they see...a nice body..a pretty face..but they don't really see her at all...they don't allow themselves to see wat she is truly about...they don't see why she is there....maybe she is working her way through college...has a bad past...made some decisions she's not proud of and has to be there....she knows how the people see her..and that's how she makes her money....but that is also why she doesn't date the customers....because she wants someone to REALLY see her...people see what they allow themselves to..wat is easiest to see..not wat they truly are...and that is sad to me
Daddy And Babygirl
Daddy and Babygirl - Foot Fun She was standing at the sink finishing up the last of the dishes, singing along to the song on the radio. She didn't know Daddy was behind her until she felt him pushing up against her body. His arms came around the sides of her as he placed each hand on the counter and leaned further into her, pinning her body against the edge of the sink. He kissed her shoulder and made his way up her neck and to her ear. He leaned into her and growled into her ear, "finish quickly and meet me in the living room." She leaned back against him, her head resting against his neck for just a brief moment, "yes Daddy." With that he pushed himself into her backside one more time, making sure she could feel his arousal against her. She let out a small moan and almost dropped the dish she was holding back in to the water. She hurried to finish up the dishes and get them all put away. Then she walked over to the entryway and saw Daddy sitting on the couch. He
Words...that's All They Are Right?
Words..that's all they are right?...well words cause reactions...feelings..emotions....certain people can get away with saying certain things and it have no effect....but when someone you think highly of says def. has it's's reactions..and creates emotions...feelings...I don't understand why the people who are suppose to care about you....are the first one's to lash out at try and break you down....certain people are not suppose to say certain things....I am a compassionate person....I have compassion for others..and regardless of how broken down I get in the process..I'm not going to lash out and say hurtful things...knowing how I would feel...DO feel being on the opposite side of it....if breaking someone down to make yourself better is what you have to do..then maybe you need to work on some issues within doesn't matter what has went wrong....why it did....wat matters is your reaction to it....I don't dismiss people easily that has touch
If You Are Going To Follow The Bible..follow All Of It!
On her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22, and cannot be condoned under any circumstance. The following response is an open letter to Dr. Laura, which was posted on the Internet. Yes!!! Dear Dr. Laura: ... Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's I have learned a deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some other elements of God's Laws and how to follow them. 1. Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify?
I may be slightly niave, but, make no mistake, I am NOT stupid!
Mental Hospital Phone Menu.Hello and thank you for calling The Looney Bin. Please select from the following options menu: If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you. If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want, stay on the line so we can trace your call. If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be forwarded to the Mother Ship. If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press. If you are manic-depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press, nothing will make you happy anyway. If you are dyslexic, press 9696969696969696. If you are bipolar, please leave a message after the beep or before the beep or after the beep. Please wait for the beep. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. I f you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press
Female Gamers Have More Sex ...
According to a recent study, women who play online games have more sex than those that don't. Click the link to see the infographic.   Fact: Women who play online games have more sex by Libe Goad, Posted Nov 18th 2011 10:30AM Yes, it's true, says a new survey by Harris Interactive for GameHouse. Women who play online games are not only a little older, a little happier but they're also making whoopie more often than those who don't play games. Hel-lo Mrs. Robinson.
Adding Family
Please Make sure ALL members add one another as friends. Rate, Fan, Like and Send an Add....We also ask that you try to comment the Home Page and Family Daily if possible, not mandatory, but it's nice to see the family members on each others pages leaving comments. Great way to get to know each other better. The more interaction within, the stronger our family becomes !!!   Thanks everyone,we love having you as part of TXR !!!
What Love Is
Is love holding the other person when they're crying is it telling them how much that you care? can you provide nessecary feelings to show someone your there? is love telling them how much you missed them is it sharing all your hopes and fears can you provide nessecary proof that you'll be right here   WHAT IS LOVE WHAT IS IT'S MEANING THAT HAS ME SO CONFOUNDED WHAT IS THIS ALL THESE FEELINGS THAT FORM INTO A WELLSPRING IS IT YOU?   how do you give your heart when it's so bound to you is it a retorical question that we've got to prove is love calling them telling them how much the were missed and as soon as they come home you give them a kiss how do you show these feelings when you don't know how to express!   If i gave you my heart and soul, would it mean that i'm whole? if i wipe your tears, does it prove to you i'll always be here   WHAT IS LOVE WHAT IS IT'S MEANING THAT HAS ME SO CONFOUNDED WHAT IS THIS ALL THESE FEELINGS THAT FORM INTO A WELLSPRING IS IT
The Demise Of Commom Sense And Futards
(Soapbox, check...mic check 1-2-3...okay, here we go...) So I have been talking to my friends recently and we have been talking about how there is no common sense left in the world. Ignorance, I can understand. That is something you can fix.  Stupidity, you just can't fix. So what, exactly is wrong?  Why does no one use their brains anymore and why is common sense dead?  Here are my observations: 1.  Proper parenting went out about 30 years ago.  It was replaced by a bunch of wusses who want to be friends of their children.  News flash--you are not supposed to be a friend, you are supposed to be a parent that your children can open up to about things.  And spanking is not beating, it's called discipline and is for when talking doesn't work anymore.  I got spanked, my girls got spanked, and we turned out just fine. 2.  People think that what they see on television is real.  It is NOT.  Just because you see someone on TV do it, it doesn't mean it's right or proper.  I know, propriet
I do not want to be loved from 9-5, M-F.  I need to be loved 24/7/365.
Idiot Green On Fubar
Blingy26 secs-- 10 of 10 Blingy said: seriously, I hate your default, people on this site do have seizures TYVFM squ33key t0y cp fe2 ArmyShyGuy said: yvfw idgaf enjoy being downrated blogged and blocked twit. hope u like the green! you wont have it much longer       ok well that little pic isnt very well for blogs but its in my defult,  [ photo: ]   fucking idiot twit, seriously her likes should be revolked and she should be downrated that shit causes serious brain damage with people who have sezuires. its not funny like she says 
Temp Angel Family Adds
She needs your help to level up! She got her points done, now she needs angel family adds, even if they are temp. She is currently a demon she had to get all her ability points done. So add her so she can level!!! She will return the love!!!   Thanks!   GO LOVE ON HER:
Mumm Haters
So, why is that a few people that are known haters in mumms can get away with stupid fucking shit like reporting a mumm as nsfw when it is clearly marked as such and get you blocked from ever being able to create mumms again, or if you do, they will delete your account, yet when you see and report mumms that deal with the exact same topic and report it nothing gets done., Is this just the bouncers way of protecting their friends and fucking with anyone and everyone that they decide to not like at the time? It is pretty fucking stupid but I guess it feeds their little minds and makes them feel as they are the all powerful OZ, It is bull fucking shit like this that fucks up sites and keeps people from actuallyt being able to fully enjoy their time on here.   I am marking this as nsfw, but I am sure that a fuck stick bouncer will see this, or some fuck wad will report it and soon I wont be fucking able to fucking blog and fucking more. so fuck them.   Do you think I got the word fuck
Moving Help!
So, I'm in need of a fresh start. Moving somewhere new, the whole works! I guess I am posting this because I am looking to get some input from people. Good locations and good job locations. I don't have a set career right now but, I am wanting to open my own cupcake place. This is a serious post. I do not want weird, pervy guys telling me I should move to where they are. Thank you for all of your help!!
"" I`m Not The Kind To Sit By The Phone So To Speak For The Dam Thing To Ring (when He Gets Ready To Call )""""" Or In Thi
copy`d  from a message reply i sent to a guy on another site, your not talking to just time me Today at 9:57pm You what`s that mean """ ? no i`m just keeping my self busy with videos """ i`m not the kind to sit by the phone so to speak for the dam thing to ring (when he gets ready to call )""""" or in this case chat """" don`t mean that i`m with anyone """"" just i`m not gonna sit still sobbing till a guy calls me or chats me """""" i try to do other things to keep my dam self entertained """"" till a guy can start help entertain me in person take me places, and other things, then i have to entertain my self """""""
One Offer Someone Else Made Me
i have alot of stories to add to this i will add there here and ther but this happend a few months ago this one girl hit me up and said i dont have any money for a tattoo i am liker ok i dont anything for free so what did she say i well if u want i can wake up my sister and have her fuck u so i can get a tattoo and my responce was how about i fuck her tattoo her and u can watch if u are going to be stupid enough to offer something like that whore yourself not your own sister come on people use your brain
The Prison
In an instant, I feel the shutter go up my spine, I take that deep breath, and you are completely irrelevant. You sink beneath nothing into the bitterness of forgotten iconography. What are you after all? The sinner that parades as a saint? Dear dear hypocrite, surely one day you must pick which life shall be yours. Seeking to project and extol such virtue yet can you not be found skulking and slithering in the darker recess of misdeed? The depth you lack or the depth you feign brings nourishment only to your delusion. And what redemption have you for your adultery? Your slander? You war-mongering? From a bellowing throne of righteousness you cast your judgement upon those whose transgressions fall pitifully short of your own great treachery. Yes, gaze down your nose fool. Tell yourself how put upon you are. Regale the world with the song of your plight and how no one ever loved you - the way you deserved. Ignore your own malfeasance. Seek instead for some i
I believe in giving people that I care about second chances....or third, or fourth.  Love is love and it does not keep record.
* Murdering your wife isn’t a crime of passion. Premature ejaculation - that's a crime of passion. * How is a woman like a condom? Both spend more time in your wallet than on your dick. * What’s a male chauvinist pig? A guy who hates every bone in a woman's body, except his own. * How can you spot the blind guy at the nudist colony? It's not hard. * Why didn’t the flasher retire? He decided to stick it out for one more year. * How can you tell a head nurse? She’s the one with the dirty knees. * Why is air a lot like sex? It's no big deal unless you're not getting any. * What do a clitoris, an anniversary and a toilet have in common? Men always miss them. * What’s the difference between acne and a priest? Acne waits until you're 14 to cum on your face. * What’s the different between erotic and kinky? Erotic is using a feather… kinky is using the whole chicken. * How do you know you’re at a bulimic bachelor party?
More Bad News
Landed myself in the ER tonight with severe stomach pains.  Turns out I have gallstones and need surgery.  UGH
I Don't Like Hating You
I seen his fist, coming down for the last time. Covered in blood, I knew it was the last breath of mine. Then I heard the sirens, and I was saved. While my mother watched emotionless, not even a wave. As they hauled me away in an ambulance, that night. I never went back, I gave up the fight. I wasn't going to fight for her love, any longer. The pain she was responsible for, only made me stronger. Fifteen years went by, and not a word. Then out of the blue, I heard from her. The pain came back, despite the years. Reading her words, brought back the tears. I tried to let her in, a fresh start perhaps. My baby steps, was just another relapse. Steps already taken, retracing them in-fact. I never got out of the car, when I seen the flashbacks. A piece of metal, was all it took. To change my whole, outlook. Why mom? I don't understand. You've never even held, your little girl's hand. You've never brushed my hair, or sang me a song. What could I have
[i Googled "totally Awesome Survey"]
WoooppeeeeeeE!!!!!!EEEEEE!!!!EEEEEEE!!!EEEEEE!!!!!!!!!EEEEE Whoever wrote this was an insipid fuckwad. This is the only survey I ever refused to finish- scroll down to see why. 1   well 1st of all what is your favorite color?   German Blue                   2   what is your favorite thing to do?   Fuckfight. Or write right.                   3   what is your favorite band?   Too many to narrow down, my favorite band that is STILL a band, and making music is probably Gomez. And no I'm not counting aborted reunion tours/albums.               4   do you listen to escape the fate?   The fuck is that some retarded emo shit?                   5   What time is it?   8:22               6   What are you classified as?(emo,goth,prep,nerd,etc.)   Meat Popsicle... god damn it, did a highschooler write this survey? I'm guessing a fucktarded highschooler wrote this survey. Awesome. Way, hella, awesome.               7
Happy Holidays Sexy Nfsw Salute Contest
Rules Guys Wish Women Knew
1. If you think you are fat, you probably are. Do not ask us. We refuse to answer.2. Learn to work the toilet seat. If it's up, Put it down.3. Do not cut your hair. Ever. Long hair is always more attractive than short hair. One of the big reasons guys fear getting married is that married women always cut their hair, and by then, you are stuck with her.4. Birthdays, Valentines, and Anniversaries are not quests to see if we can find the perfect present yet again!5. If you ask a question you don't want an answer to, expect an answer you do not want to hear.6. Sometimes, we are not thinking about you. Live with it.7. Do not ask us what we are thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as navel lint, the shotgun formation and monster trucks.8. Sunday = sports. It's like the full moon or thechanging of the tides. Let it be.9. Shopping is not a sport, and no, we are never going to think of it that way.10. When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine. R
Green is my favorite color.
Pissed... Rambling
Ok so WTH....     First of all there is Billy, the boy is freaking bipolar... when he is sober it's "there will never be a woman like you mama" then when he is drunk which is more often than not he just wants to run the roads and get with what ever chick will take him... and im nothing... lmao he still says he loves me but doesnt want to be with me again all when he is drunk!!! sober im the best thing to him and he knows he messed up..... Well he tells me last weekend that he wanted to take me to dinner and a movie.... wow a real date after back and forth for two yrs... normally we bbq at the house and drink or go to the bar.... but a real date HE said he wanted.... so all week we talked about this date... i did not let my self get excited untill the morning of when we were still talking about going that night.... well 530 came i got off work came home and got dolled up.... 630 he tells me he is working on a friends truck... so i txt asking how much longer did he think it would be.
Notice Me
Here's a story of a girl,Living in the lonely world,A hidden note,A secret crush,A little boy who talks too much.Well, I'm standing in the crowd,And when you smile I check you out,But you don't even know my name,Your too busy playing games,And I want you too know,If you lose your way,I won't let you go.If I cut my hair,If I change my clothes,Will you notice me?If I bite my lip,If i say hello,Will you notice me?What's it gonna take for you to seeI want you to notice me,I'll get you notice me.Got your head up in the clouds,Tell me when your comin down,I don't wanna sink your ship,It's not about the scolarship,And all the friends that follow you,Tell you things that just aren't true,I'm the girl you never see,I'm the one you really need,So don't you get me wrong,You better make your move,Before the moment's goneTell meI'm not like the rest,I don't care if you're the best,You see it, it's all the same to me ,You just be who you want to be,It's all the same to me,Ohhh don't get me wrong,You
My Patience Had Worn Thin
A friend sent me an sb when I first came to fubar. She wanted me to send her a bling and promised me a family add and access to all her photos. The bribe was never necessay, but I sent her the bling she wanted. She never did keep her bribe. I didn't care though; I felt a warmth in my heart for helping someone I admired and even sent her messages letting her know that although I was hurt I wanted to send her another one sometime. SHE NEVER ONCE ANSWERED! She never thanked me, never even answered me when I tried to make small talk. She most definitely logs in regularly, but it's as if I don't exist anymore now that she got the bling. It has been months and my patience at being ignored is gone. I removed her from my friend list, unfanned her, and sent her one last plea to her sb so she would know I would readd her at any time she is willing to acknowledge my existence and I still intend to send her a second bling if she could be considerate of my feelings and post something. I did not blo
Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head Again!
Ok I don't usually write blogs but this shit is starting to get out of hand with women spreading lies about me. This I what I have to say on that subject: GROW UP CHILDREN!! Jealously is unbecoming of anyone, but spreading lies about me ends up only making you look bad. I have had a few different guys come to me and trash me or block me because women tell them I am talking nasty to them or cussing them out in their shoutbox. Now if some stupid bitch tells you this about me, you can be 100% sure they are FULL OF SHIT!!!! If any women tell you this ask for screen shot proof of the conversations and then send them to me and let me know. I don't start drama with anyone on here. I take a lot of shit from a lot of ppl but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I give WAYYYYYYYY more than I receive. I don't do it to try and take your man, or the guy you THINK is your man. I am the kind of girl who spoils her friends. The one who is hear to listen to them bitch about the women who screw them over (which I have a
Some Ladies Looking For Relationships And Having No Luck Might Want To Read This!
Girls Need To Realize This: (Written By a Guy) We guys don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls or texts you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till the morning. Also, when we tell you you're pretty/beautiful/ gorgeous/cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong. We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. Yeah, you can quote me. Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take advantage of the mood im in. Let us pay for you! dont 'feel bad' We enjoy doing it. It's expected. Smile and say 'thank you.' Kis
You'll Never Learn...
ems1160: you are in a bathroom stall smoking a cigarette suddenly a penis comes through the hole and the voice on the other side says "surprise me" what would you do? To ems1160: Well, If I WAS smoking, which I don't, I would put my cigarette out on that rude penis that shouldn't be in the women's bathroom anyways. Then I'd ignore the idiot who thought it was ok to talk to a lady like you have. BUH BYE   If this is how you plan on speaking to me, don't bother. EVER.   Sincerely, Still not impressed.
Mandy's Douche Bag Of The Day!
Mandy's Douche Bag of the Day! This idiot came into my sb saying "Hey Baby-Wanna have some phone fun?"   With a status that says "I have to go to work, but i have a hard cock...wanna help me drain it!"   What a pathetic man!   Your Master@ fubar
Thoughts Gleaned While Eating A Deluxe Cheeseburger At Mcdonald's
So there I was, putting fries on my cheeseburger (cause that's how I roll), when I had an ephiphany.   But for that I have to back up just a bit. So, if you'll let me, I'm going to Tarintino it for you...   While I was waiting in line to oder my delicious Deluxe Angus Burger (and this isn't an ad for McDonald's--I just think that sandwich is delicious), there was a group of three girls (college aged I'm assuming) in front of me. First they all looked like they had just rolled out of bed (it was close to 1PM) and none of them were wearing coats (it was probably 30 degrees out). One of them walked away with an oder of fries and a drink while the other two waited to hear their total. Then the one tried to swipe her card and when told by the clerk, "It's not taking it, sorry.." the girl turned to her friend and said, "What?" She then yelled for her friend and said, "My card's not working...I don't know why..."  Okay,'s a conundrum if I've ever encountered one.  Gee, why
Poem By Shelly
the  waters  are  like  glass  reflecting  your  face  into  my  image  of you ,  i can  do nothing  but  think  of  the times  we  spent together  ,  if  it  not  for  you  i would  not  live .  all  i have  is  my  heart  to give  .  my love  seems  old  and  tarnished  now  . underneath  this  mask  i  wear  is  a  face  that  is torn  and  ravished  , tears  are  new  that i cry  for you  ,  i  reanounce  my self  into  a world  that  has  broken  my  spell  . 
Slight Turn For The Worse
Sorry I have not been on but things took a slight turn for the worse. I had been running a slight fever for 3 days as well as nausea and headaches which were indications of a possible infection in the surgical opening. I am back on track and waiting for my nurse to come visit and let me know if I will need medical attention from my Doc or if it is ok to wait for my appointment. I apologize for not being around and able to rate you all back but I will soon. Much love to all and ty for the love you keep sending even when I am unable to return it :):):) Keep smiling tomorrow may be a better day :)
How I See You
Have you ever known anyone that was so amazing..that you just couldn't picture your life without them in it in one way or matter how small....just knowing they are you the courage and the strength to get through never woulda thought you were capable of....I have...I do...and if I was asked to describe them....this is wat I would say....they are the the realist form...screwed up....but sweet....hurting....but loving...the prettiest picture I have ever seen...painted perfectly....the contrast of colors....blended magically....portraying the brightest light...there are all kinds of people in this world....but when one person consists of all of is the most beautiful image you could ever see....the kindest voice you could ever hear...and eyes you can look right through...feel their emotions...just from a stare in more powerful then any words could be....a person so wonderful that they can make you strong whe
Mottos Great Advice Just Don't Take My Word For
l don't care what people say and think you like me or you don't...     everyone has an opinion just because they give you one doesn't mean you have to take it     do one thing everyday that scares you     don't have regrets they are all learning experiences that has brought you to the person you are today     sometimes doing the right thing you do it completly alone     Sometimes doing the right thing is not really doing the right thing     read all instructions and directions even if you don't follow them     being open minded is being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes     To error is human no one is perfect     rome wasnt built in a day God din't even do it in    
What's Your Definition Of The "it Factor"?
I was reading something online about people who have the "IT Factor". In your opinion, what does having the "IT Factor" mean and what does it take to have it? I can't answer that cause I really don't have a clue.
I am WAYYYYYY beyond sick of people and their lack of morals....values...there are certain lines you do NOT cross....words you do NOT say...a NO FLY ZONE....people can change your perception of them very quickly...regardless of how long you have known them....harmless flirting is one is random silliness...but being persistent when it is NOT wanted is a total different story...I am DONE covering and making excuses for friends mean the world to me....especially my REAL ones....I will NOT play your fucking game....go play in someone else's field..NOT in BS...just because I have a nice body and like to show it does NOT define me as an individual....I define my fucking self....and it is pretty damn sad when the one being a TOTAL ass clown...KNOWS THIS....I am NOT going to waste my time on the typical male....the one's that only see the exterior....they can do watever they must with the VIRTUAL me....people like that will NEVER ge
This Is Not The Right Time For Hate
But i do...and i cant help it right now.... Everything I ever had  that was the evidences of my accomplishments and achievments.. are gone. I lost my home, and my job in the same week. I asked for help and all i ever got was yes if youll cook for me or sleep with me or yada yada yada.... Im 40 miles away from my home, and i cant get there to get my things and get out of there for good... The chain of events.....that started with one husband who wouldnt stop selling his prescription drugs...........(no wonder he can afford 2 and three rockstars a day) FUCKTARD!  Worthless Useless piece of STD ridden lowlife excuse of a man. He used to pawn his former wife off for sex to his mother's brother,  his blood uncle Their children found and watched the porn that was the result of that incest-fest..OMG the sick things to find wonder 2 of the 3 kids are dysfunctional and scammers of the systems, deadbeat with their own children......The cycles go on and on...... and then there is
The Woman
When God created woman he was working later on the 6th day.An angel came by and said: "Why spend so much time on that one?"And the Lord answered:"Have you seen all the specifications I have to meet to shape her? She must be washable, but not made of plastic, have more than 200 moving parts which all must be replaceable and she must function on all kinds of food, she must be able to embrace several kids at the same time, give a hug that can heal anything from a bruised knee to a broken heart and she must do all this with only two hands."The angel was impressed. "Just two hands...impossible! And this is the standard model? Too much work for one day...wait until tomorrow and then complete her.""I will not", said the Lord. "I am so close to completing this creation, which will be the favorite of my heart. She cures herself when sick and she can work 18 hours a day."The angel came nearer and touched the woman. "But you have made her so soft, Lord.""She is soft", said the Lord,
Not Much Better, For Real....
OK, a lot of you have been wondering whatever happened to me. The truth is, this has been the worst year in a very long time. Many of you know I had a wonderful job here that was not only fulfilling, it paid quite well. Well, in April I was told that not only was the job changing and most of the fulfilling aspects were going away, most of the salary was, too.   As in a 65% salary cut and a 25% cut in commissions.  And they were remaking my service position into a mostly sales position. And they cut the commissions.   I ended up taking a new position that ended up with an $800 per month cut in pay, but still better than losing $1800 per month.... Needless to say, the changes have been depressing...and the other half has been less than supportive...
What A Fake Bitch..
Okay guys everyone needs to go see this picture and read the comments. This person used her photo and had it approved as a salute at one time, when this girl busted her she now has put up yet other salutes. How do we know they are even real. It was told to me awhile back she had this program that allows her to generate fake salutes and to top it off she is not even in the army and is reaping the benefit off of that. This girl shouold be ashamed of herselve,  like Corazon using Brianna garcia pictures and now this Jenitilla aka jenakay, but this girl took it to a new level, she claims to be using the army emble of her ex. She openly admitted she did this on this girls profile and you will also see where this girl ripped it from the fake persons page. What is really sad is that this girl is fighting cancer. Don't believe me go check in her own words what she said. Here is the link..
Here Without You - 3 Doors Down
A hundred days have made me older Since the last time that I saw your pretty face. A thousand lies have made me colder And I don't think I can look at this the same. All the miles that separate Disappear now when I'm dreamin' of your face. [Chorus] I'm here without you baby But you're still on my lonely mind. I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time. I'm here without you baby But you're still with me in my dreams And tonight, it's only you and me. The miles just keep rollin' As the people leave their way to say hello I've heard this life is overrated But I hope that it gets better as we go. [Chorus] Everything I know, and anywhere I go, It gets hard but it won't take away my love. And when the last one falls, when its all said and done. It gets hard but it won't take away my love. [Chorus]
Do You Ever Feel Like Breaking Down?
Do you ever feel like breaking down?  Do you ever feel out of place? Like somehow you just don't belong And no one understands you? Do you ever wanna run away? Do you lock yourself in your room? With the radio on turned up so loud That no one hears you screaming No you don't know what it's like When nothing feels alright No you don't know what it's like to be like me... To be hurt, to feel lost To be left out in the dark To be kicked when your down To feel like you've been pushed around To be on the edge of breaking down But no one's there to save you No you don't know what it's like... Welcome to my life 
A Bear'strue Love
To dream of you Is like a light Within the dark To guide me home. To think of you Is the pleasure Of the warmth of the sun On a breezy cold day. But most of all I yearn and dream To hold you And make love to you Underneath the starry sky Within the bright full moonlight. A blessing in my life Even during hibernational times... As to be able to call you mine In heart and soul Is of divine light and an angel's glow. ~ @2011 Judy Little Hummingbird
Momentary Miracles
Momentary Miracles   Lives, more fragile than dreams, meet and tremble as they touch in the semi-darkness of their waking sleep. Should they touch too long, the visions fix. Lives link like hands on hands like bare arms entwined like moist flesh clinging. Lips and eyes wander amid millions of lips and eyes. In momentary miracles sometimes the right eyes and the right lips fuse and shut out the darkness by closing into each other as birds fold in their young as mouths of babes close on their mothers’ breasts as one dream closes to start anew as I fold gently into you.   Terry
Finally...first holiday since my Daddio passed that I am not consumed by depression...still no tree, though, maybe next year!  *smiles and shrugs*
Just Thought You Should Know
To look at him, you would never know. That his legs are black as coal, from standing knee deep in snow. Frost bite, a prisoner of war. The American dream, is what he suffered for. He held his head high, fought without fear. Shed his share of blood, sweat and tears. You can't look at him, and even begin to understand. To you he was nothing, but just another old man. Show him respect, he has earned at least that. For he is covered with memories, no one can take back. He carries around his reminder, underneath his clothes. He risked his life for you. I just thought you should know.
New Blog - Odd Link.
Sometimes this crap breaks and doesn't give the link so just C&P and scroll down to "Really" thanks
Amid The Million Mannequins.
Amid the Million Mannequins @ Amid the million mannequins (their fixed stares empty like eye-holes of skulls) you stand trying to make them see, touching plastic arms to make them feel, kissing dumb mouths and screaming (your eyes damp with pain) at their deafness. You held them. They did not grow warm, There was no longing in their bloodless touch nor comfort in their pale arms. I too was still-- lost in the stiff maze of their tangled limbs and the eternal chill of their arid eyes... until I stumbled into the oasis of your gaze, the well of your mouth, the healing breeze of your touch... and moved--perhaps just one step-- among these smiling dead... and you saw. When I wonder now what brought (at last) us here (into this throbbing sanctuary of pain and joy) I remember those vacant eyes and all around us lips that would not yield, and ears that did not hear, and mouths that could not speak, and flesh that could not feel... and I know why w
In My Backyard
In My Backyard   In my backyard my friends and I consume martinis, cold and dry, admire my rose plant's symmetry and praise it for its purity. (But should we draw a little nearer, we'd see the rose a little clearer.) Aphids suck at the rose's crotch while voyeur flies drop down to watch. Bees light on the rose bud's face then penetrate with awkward grace. The petals spread with every thrust and yield at length to the fat bee's lust. We sit in chairs and speak of beauty, truth, sincerity and duty while rosebuds shake in frenzied spasm to learn the joy of first orgasm. Terry
True Friends
When the chips are down and u r tring to level up in here you see who r realy good friends to have. I'm blessed to say i have a few great friends on here. Narly Breast u r my brother my oldest friend on here and r awesome. Sin angel u r awesome too darlin. Brae  well u know loves ya darlin. Devilish u r my BFF darlin and loves ya to death. Prissy huni u r awesome too darlin. Nellie huni i just met u huni but u r aces huni and i'll pass u out too all my peeps muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thx so much angel. If i forgot someone i'm sorry ya'll r the best ty so much.
My Fucking Bloggg!!! Hello Rate It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How ...
How proud I am Of all you are And all you do How rich I feel When meshed with you How strong I know Our love to be How lovely to be us You and Me
When they read this...they will know it's for them::     When you try your best, but you don't succeedWhen you get what you want, but not what you needWhen you feel so tired, but you can't sleepStuck in reverseAnd the tears come streaming down your faceWhen you lose something you can't replaceWhen you love someone, but it goes to wasteCould it be worse?Lights will guide you homeAnd ignite your bonesAnd I will try to fix youAnd high up above or down belowWhen you're too in love to let it goBut if you never try you'll never knowJust what you're worthLights will guide you homeAnd ignite your bonesAnd I will try to fix youTears stream down on your faceWhen you lose something you cannot replaceTears stream down on your faceAnd I...Tears stream down on your faceI promise you I will learn from my mistakesTears stream down on your faceAnd I...Lights will guide you homeAnd ignite your bonesAnd I will try to fix you
Playing And Forgot The Kids At Church....... Sexual Play
"Spread your legs." He said in a deep dark whisper.She smiled and parted her thighs so that the cool air hit her bare cunt lips. . .they were already damp with arousal. He looked her in the eye as his hand slid under her skirt and let his fingers brush against her lips."Mmm nice and sloppy already." He grinned.She nodded and wiggled her ass against the chair so her lips rubbed his finger tips harder. "All sloppy for you." She bit her lip and grinned innocently, her eyes flashing an evil glint as she pushed forward so his fingers parted her cunt and let her juices begin to drip down her ass crack. "Very sloppy for you." "Mmm." He purred. "Such a good slut for me huh?"She nodded and wiggled again and enjoyed the feeling of cum dripping out of her wet pussy. She loved being sloppy wet for him, knowing her cunt was his, that her pussy was waiting for his big cock to stuff it full and fuck her hard. She wanted to
[s.t.a.n.d. Vids] Videos That Incorpoate The Ideals Of S.t.a.n.d. According To Those That Call This Turf Home
S.T.A.N.D. VIDS Videos That Incorpoate The Ideals of S.T.A.N.D. According To Those That Call This Turf Home For expainations on the core values these songs presents in S.T.A.N.D. I have written this blog as a reference and posted the link to it to summarize each entry at our turf H.Q. My turf's link: 0.NINE INCH NAILS We're In This Together Before we were *Stand True And Never Dishonor{*S.T.A.N.D.*}{UWS} we were *Nine Inch Nails*{U.W.S}. Thus we had a past in NiN before as a startup. Also, the concept that we are never alone in this battle but work as one united turf entity, this is the value underlining it's core. 1.ROUVAUN The Impossible Dream A reference to our Savior, and how living a perfect life like He has had is an "Impssible Dream" but is a the best use we can make of our lives. I nearly didn't add it due to the religious nature of it, and the fact it is 20s music, but since some in m
Such a generic Blog name.   Drama If you don't like what someone says, how they act or any-fucking-thing, stop talking to them. It gets NO easier then hitting the block button. Maybe if they have your number you might have a bit of an issue, but you were the asshat that let them have it. If you bitch and want someone to feel sorry for you when you get into your little e-fights DO NOT come to me for sympathy. Especially when you constantly ENABLE the problem. If you contstantly have drama around you, guess what? You fucking like it. And if you say you don't you are either lying and you know it or are dense.  The pitty party princess pouting and emo brooding is better suited for I'll produced B movies that make fun of fairy tales.  Now please don't get me wrong, we all have issues and little bouts of drama in our lives. It simply would be to nice if we didn't. I am speaking to those who constantly are whining and complaining about who they are 'fighting' with. blah blah blahPlayers M
Putting You Down
Dont you just dislike the people that put you down? its funny how people put me down over my weight, its like the only thing i hear. From my family, friends, and more. is that all there is to be worried about is my weight......I GET IT I STILL HAVE A LITTLE CHUB!! but why cant you be happy for me not being 200 pounds anymore and am now 145? is that to much to ask from people that should be caring about me, maybe its motivation as some say. or maybe just maybe its jealousy! my mom and aunt is the worst critics ever. my aunt says stuff like "are you sure you dont need a bigger size" im like umm i think i know my own sizes lol. my mom says stuff like "are you sure thats a small, because they might have just put a small label on it to make you feel better" but whats all so weird about it is my aunt and mother are both over weight. it just doesn't make any sense at all.  i can go days without talking to my mother and she will send me a random text saying "you didnt eat today did you"
How We Met
so i was walking down the street one day, and i saw a twenty dollar bill on the ground. =D so i decided to go to a strip club to find some hot bitches to strip for me. i looked over, and i saw you standing there behind the stage in a g-string. the hot strippers were almost done and i put a dollar in the air and she grabbed it with her snatch. *slurp sound effect* needless to say their vaginas were kind of loose. like a black hole. the music changes to "im sexy and i know it" and you strut out in ur g-string hip thrusting the air.  you start break dancing and humping the floor. i pull out some extra ones and start whistling and throwing dolla bills at you. you then  start dancing on the pole and i watch this for about 45 minutes, before u get off the stage, get dressed and come out from back stage. i approach you and ask to buy u a drink, you accept.  we have a few drinks, and then go back to your place. where i find blow up dolls and a dead hooker. i look at you and give you a weird lo
Without Even Trying.
I have a new reason to stick around I suppose. Every once in a while people come across someone that catches their eye. That person may strike another as one in a million  I've finally found that person, and she's unlike anything I've ever laid my eyes on.. Sure some of you probably think, "Hey bro, it's the net, no one finds that attraction here." But hey, guess what? I *Know* I did. It's just that look she has about her, everything from her glowing face, to the innocence she has about her. Even though I haven't heard her voice, it's as if I already know that she's got the sweetest voice. Something almost that can have me listening for days..She's got an aura of intelligence and honesty, that is hard to find these days. She's humorous, and knows how to have a good time...It makes you stop and think "When will I wake up?" But I have. I am living and breathing that purity of a beautiful woman before me, and it's unlike anything I've felt before. Go ahead, call me crazy. Call me insane.
Some Countries Got It Right But Is It Wrong?
    This week the Pope declared war on parents naming babies after celebrities, fruit or popular sports cars. In an address to parents, the ever-progressive pontiff pleaded with worshipers to 'give your children names that are in the Christian calendar'. So Apple, Brooklyn and Ferrari are out, Francisco and Giulia are in. But Benedict's not the only authority figure to stamp down on one of the sillier by-products of celebrity culture. The following names have all been banned around the world for reasons of taste, decency or just plain daftness.  Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii (New Zealand)        New Zealand law bans names which could cause offence to a 'reasonable' person. Good thing too - the country is a stupid name hotspot. We found a couple from the islands who tried and failed to call their son '4Real', but nothing beats the ridiculous moniker above. It belonged to a 9-year-old girl before a judge had her renamed during a custody battle. 'It makes a fool of the child,' he sai
Poets Turns To Two..
Your Beauty amazes me In your arms is where I long to be I want to be there , Your hands in mine Next to your perfect body It has no flaws, no imperfections You were the best choice of any selection Now that I've met you, I'll not forget you If only we could kiss It would fullfill my longing to taste those lips One more time - One turns into Two Two becomes forever when I'm w/ you I'm clueless in learning when without you Yet thoughts of you, will carry me through Because You Know i love you.
Are U Effin Serious
so i get this just a min ago      2:15pm reply TexasRedneck: jacking off on cam 2:16pm more To TexasRedneck: really? ok wel i dont give a damn about that shit...go find a fubar whore   so im thinking its some young dude right ehnt so wrong its an old man   wth is your problems guys?? really? you think popping off saying that is going to get you somewhere? well it might get you somewhere with these fu whores and skank but you will get nothing form me on that shit i do not give a damn about seeing you jack off on cam if i want to see that shit i know where to and who to go to and sure as hell is not god damn fubar keep your fucking bullshit to your fucking self!!!!    THANK YOU! oh heres the perv
2500 Likes And A Rockstar
Getting 2500 likes with one Rockstar isn't easy but it can be done!! I will give you a few pointers on what you can do to acheive your goal and hopefully not have to buy a second Rockstar!!   Pick a busy day!!  Friday nights seem to be the busiest in my opinion.  Saturday evenings aren't bad either.  If you can do it on those evenings, you will have a better chance because more people will be online! Work on getting likes through the day: Leave profile comments for people (profile not status so you leave a like button behind) play FuLotto download music videos  download new pictures  Post a new status often - like every 15 to 30 mins if you can! Vote on songs (not the battle of the Bands, just songs) But you don't want to get pimped any more than twice unless you are willing to reset your ability points to be able to be pimped again.  (I recommend not at all just in case you have to run a second Rockstar!!) You want to be able to be pimped 4 times during your Rockstar!!
Come See The Show
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Club 69 Owner Vs Moi. Gm At Exotic Passions
Jessa Its blingy Joey Oh hey Jessa hey Can I ask you something? Joey  Sure Jessa Are you being Childish cuz Slave opened a new lounge? Joey  not at all .. but for 1 Reason Jessa Ok that doesnt make sense.. Not at all but for one reason?  that means you are because of somethign. Joey  Well hun  Joey: i dont mind him opening a lounge Joey: but  Joey:he basicly ucked me over  Joey: and talked behind ma back  Joey:which i would never do to any 1  Jessa: Ok care to explain ? i come back like a week later from talking to you and hes got his own place.  Joey: yup Joey: well  Jessa: etc the only reason i came to 69 was to Hang out with him. so..  Joey: first of all  Joey: he was ma dj manager Jessa : im confusseled Joey: and then i promoted him  Jessa : ok  Joey: to General manager  Joey: and i gave him everythng  Joey: andnever turned him down  Joey: and then he stoped coming  Joey: for days  Joey: and he come for 5 mins  Joey: coz of family problems  Jessa: ok yo
To A New Friend
To a new friend with a life of their own choosing.      I actually have several friends who are alcoholic’s but haven't had a drink in many years. I've talked about it with them from time to time and they each said that no one could stop them from drinking. The only way for them to stop was when "they" reached a point in their lives when they decided to do that. It made me think about when I stopped smoking.     I smoked for many years and had people constantly nagging me to stop. I tried to stop many times without success. One day I decided on my own to finally stop and did it. Until I set my own mind to do it no one could get me to.    I do drink, and probably more than I should, but that’s just me. I started at a very young age (about 13) and it just changed from one type of drink to another over the years. I have been a wine drinker (not MD or Thunderbird types) from having easy access to European wines while I lived in Germany for almost five years. Started switchi
R U Ready?!
Picture this.....We are in your room and things have started to heat up a lil. You come up behind as you hug me your hands resting on my hips, slowly they being to move to the front of my body. As your hands unbutton my shirt, I feel you slowly exposing my full 48 DD's in all there glory, They are slipping out of my bra. After unclasping my bra you let them fall into your hands. As you are pinching and teasing my nipples making them harder and harder with each pinch....I grab on your pants  pulling you into me more, I feel you big black cock growing as I pull you into me more. You turn me around and grab my head and kiss me, giving me all you got our tongues beging dancing, at the same time our bodies are pressing togther. Finally you cant anymore and you push me to my knees, I reach up and unbuckle your pants, I reach inside and pull out your big black cock, My mouth begins to water as I hold it in my hands, my pussy is getting wet as I lick my lips. Finally I cant resit any longer an
Dreaming of you . Thoughts of your soft touch , Clould my mind . l am lost in waves of time. As your words, wash over my body . Deep in my mind . I get lost in dreams. My body trembles . Wish I could feel your touch . Wish I knew. Pictures . Oh what I picture. In my heart. I will be your doll dress me up . Let us go and play . I wait . Waiting for that day. Dreaming of you . Your eyes . Your eyes they speak to me . I miss them. Many things they say . They tell me you want to touch my body . My flaws  you dont see.  Over come by me. Over come by what we might be . Sick of my endless tragaty. 
Well Said Said Rep Allen West!
Marines that urinated on Taliban dead? Here is what Rep. Allen West said ...Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), a former Army Lieutenant Colonel, sends THE WEEKLY STANDARD an email commenting on the Marines' video, and has given us permission to publish it.“I have sat back and assessed the incident with the video of our Marines urinating on Taliban corpses. I do not recall any self-righteous indignation when our Delta snipers Shugart and Gordon had their bodies dragged through Mogadishu. Neither do I recall media outrage and condemnation of our Blackwater security contractors being killed, their bodies burned, and hung from a bridge in Fallujah.“All these over-emotional pundits and armchair quarterbacks need to chill. Does anyone remember the two Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division who were beheaded and gutted in Iraq?“The Marines were wrong. Give them a maximum punishment under field grade level Article 15 (non-judicial punishment), place a General Officer level letter o
Fubar Acronyms
       FUBAR = Fabricated Users Believing Altered Realities          FUBAR = Freaks Ugly Beyond Any Reality FUBAR = Fat Ugly Bitches And Retards.        FUBAR = Fake Users Being Assholes Regularly   FUBAR = Fucking Users Believing Altered Realities. FUBAR = Fabricated Users Bloated Altered Realities. FUB
I Want To Be Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like who I amBut I guess you don"tI think that I can But you think I won'tAmount to anything at allIf you love me,You sure show it strangeIs there anything that you would want to change?I can't be your paper doll. I wanna be perfect,But I'm meI wanna be flawless,But you seeEvery little crackEvery chip,Every dentEvery little mistake,I wanna be perfectJust like you,But there's only so much that a girl can doWhen I look in the mirror,It makes sense to me,PerfectlyPerfectlyI like worn out shoesYou like high heels, and fantasiesBut I'm what's realI guess you could sayThe shoe don't fitMaybe I'm from Venus You're from marsMy imperfections are what they areI guess one of us must deal, with itI wanna be perfect,But I'm meI wanna be flawless,But you seeEvery little crack,Every chip,Every dent,Every little mistake, yeahI wanna be perfect,Just like youBut there's only so much,That a girl can doWhen I look, In the mirror,What I see,Makes sense to me, yeahPerfectlyOh, perfectlyI try to fitIn the
okay so i found out today that my company is getting tax credits for each employee they train... and while some look at this and say it's encouragement to hire new employees and therefore helpful...  i'd like to go into detail as to why it's not... they are and have been going through tons of new hires...  turns out they get $10,000 for each... so they purposely hire people they know won't stay... the job is heavy industrial labor i noticed when i was getting hired in and they had guys who worked as cashiers and receptionist in our group.. kinda odd huh?  basically this is how it works... they train them... which is generally a one to two month affair during which they produce slightly less than average amounts but then they let them go... in 2 months time said employee makes less than 10k so once they are gone... not only is all the work they did basically free but there is a surplus of money... that's right... your tax dollars are paying my fortune 500 company to sponge free labo
Just a moment ago I read a mumm about love. Interesting ideal behind it but not thought out well in my mind's eye. I think the word love is just said to be said cause its what we think our significant other wants to hear. Is love just a word these days or an actual true bona fide feeling that radiates deep down inside. Personally I sometimes love can be over rated and definitely unappreciated. I think love has been taken for granted for far too long. I challenge you to evaluate how you truly use the word love. Do you truly mean it or just saying it? The things that makes you go hhmm...   Here I quote RedRose a dear friend from across the ways: "said too much ... for me, Love is when you cant fall asleep because your reality is finally better than your dreams ... and when I say it, I mean it with every essence of my being ..."   I would have to agree with her in that concept and ideal but still just saying "I love you" just to be saying it becomes shallow and not significant afte
Another Story
As i sit here and watch the snow,  I think about ya a little bit, I know I gotta stop doing it but hey what can i say I think your sexy  and i cant help but day dream lol.     Walks over to where you are sitting and plops down and crinkles my nose at you and says hey there sexy what are you up to?   You dont answer me at first,  i let my fingers touch the side of your face and turn your face to face me and say whats up hon?  DId you have a bad week.    I still dont really get a response as my fingers trail down to your lips  and i smile  Maybe i can at least make you smile for a few minutes.   you look up at me still have a look like you might bite my head off but i am in a mood to take my chances.   I lean in kissing your lips,  my tongue parting your lips  finding your tongue and wrapping mine around it breaking the kiss slightly  letting my mouth grab your bottom lip and suck on it for a minute the replant my lips onto yours My hands travel down your chest to your belt undoing
Friends are friends forever together 'till the end. You promised me that you would always be my friend. One day something changed I'm not sure what it was. I lost you on that day and the reason was because it was a late dark night and we had a stupid fight. And for some reason, I don't know why, we couldn't make it right. We went our separate ways. This went on for days and days. I made new friends and you made yours, but that hole in my heart could not be filled for that hole was only yours. Times got really tough, my road of life was, oh, so rough. I needed friends, not the kind you see from day to day, but the kind that will always and forever stay Memories were all I h
Something To Help The Fubar Male
This is a summary of what I assume to be a great essay, I did not write this summary, I did not write this essay, but I can relate to it on multiple levels and it might help someone else to stumble upon it.   Start with the premise that a person - generally a male - may be addicted to pornography, and that this addiction may be part of a larger addiction to any number of other sexual "highs" - affairs, visits to prostitutes, anonymous sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, etc. See where this premise leads.2A man wishes to believe there is a beautiful body with no soul attached. Because of this wish he takes the surface for truth. There are no depths. Because of this wish, he begins to worship an image. But when this image enters the future, it loses what the man has given it - momentary devotion. The man wishes for another body, another face, another moment. He discards the image like a painting. It is no longer to his taste. Only the surface can be known and loved, and this is why the imag
Fu Bloopers ~ The Funniest Typos In Support ~
Ailina- Tewety: up to 24 hrs depending on how many its forest come first serve Narley- dont pop the clutch!.....i pooped the clutch went off motobike Sproet: Trixie - it's you rank again all the other members that made points from the previous day Sproet: it's *how* you rank *against*Sproet: holy typoes Sproet: *typos  More to come :)
Santorum: Obama’s College Reforms Part Of ‘indoctrination’ Plot (repost)
Topics: President Barack Obama ♦ President Obama ♦ Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum   Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Wednesday suggested that President Barack Obama wanted to every kid to go to college so they could be brainwashed into being a liberal. Speaking to a crowd of Floridians at the First Baptist Church of Naples, Santorum said that churches and families were under “assault” by the president and liberals. “We’ve lost, unfortunately, our entertainment industry,” the candidate explained. “We’ve lost our higher education. That was the first to go a long time ago. It’s no wonder President Obama wants every kid to go to college. The indoctrination that occurs at American universities is one of the keys to the left holding and maintaining power in America — and it is indoctrination.” “If they taught Judeo-Christian ideology, they would be stripped of every
The Best Divorce Letter Ever!
Dear Wife, I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever. I’ve been a good man to you for 7 years & I have nothing to show for it. These last 2 weeks have been hell. ... Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that was the last straw. Last week, you came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me anymore, you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me anymore, whatever the case, I’m gone. Your EX-Husband P.S. don’t try to find me, Your SISTER & I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life! Dear Ex-Husband Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It’s true you & I have been married for 7 year
Fakes That Aren't Fake And A Big Ol Con Job...
Yeap, fakes that aren't fake and a massive con the link below to read the story.. Click here & then link in stash!... People are fucked in the head. TGIF! ....peace.
_____ _ _ _____ _ _ _ _ | ___|| | | | / ___| | || | | | | | | |__ | | __| | ___ _ __ \ `--. ___ _ __ ___ | || | ___ | | | | | __| | | / _` | / _ \| '__| `--. \ / __|| '__|/ _ \ | || |/ __| | | | | | |___ | || (_| || __/| | /\__/ /| (__ | | | (_) || || |\__ \ \ \_/ / \____/ |_| \__,_| \___||_| \____/ \___||_| \___/ |_||_||___/ \___/ MM MM MM M MM M MM MM M MM MMM MMM= MMM MMM MMM=MM
Clean Out?
So how often do ya think you should clean out your list of the ones that havnt accepted your request every 2weeks ,Once a month,Every 3months or Once a year ?
I Am In A Valentine Auction/ My First One With My Wife.
Its a Valentine Auction. Go bid and be our Valentine. We are hot and sexy as fuck. You know you want to.                                                         Here is my link    Just highlight it and right click and open window, that is it or put it in your browser. Will you win me or my wife ?                                         This is my sexy ass wifes link to hers    - Can you handle us both?  Come be our Cupid. Do you dare ?                                  This is my very first auction, show me how it is done !!    
Me, Another Couple And My Husband...
Me and my husband met a couple in a local bar, started up conversation and played a few games of pool. It turned out to be girls against guys; my husband was pretty good in pool and so was I; with a few drinks in me. Paul and Cathy were pretty good also, I kept noticing Cathy's butt in those tight jeans of hers. Then again, Paul's 501's were tight in all the right places and made me drool to see the way these jeans managed to make his "package", look very inviting. Cathy seemed to like the way my husband looked, but his attitude towards new people was all wrong. I was hoping he wouldn't ruin my chance with this couple. The night took off well and I asked these two to our room in our motel to finish with cocktails and good conversation. Before we left the bar, however, both Cathy and I went to the little girls room to make sure we still looked presentable enough for our guys. While at the sink, I looked at Cathy in the mirror and asked, "are these drinks getting you as horny as they
I'm going to TRY to make today a good day....but it's not starting off the best. In a bit of a stess filled funk today...snapped at the kid.. the wife...and co-workers could be next. It just seems like everyone is STUPID today.. smh! Oh well, guess I better get my ass to work. Hopefully I won't have to choke the shit out of someone!
Boyfriend Application
BOYFRIEND APPLICATION Name: Age: Number: Town: Favorite food: Favorite color: Favorite thing on a girl/boy: Favorite hobby: Would you: Kiss me: Hug me: Tell me you loved me: Jump aroudn with me: Make funny faces with me: Laugh with me: Dance with me: Kiss me in the rain: Dance with me in the rain: Cuddle with me: Sing to me: Hold hands with me: Do you: Have a crush on me: Know me:
Ice Cream Dream
Ice Cream Dream   Sittin' back for a moment of mental release body enveloped deep within the leather of your lazy boy seat light breaking through the the window to find.... You awaken from slumbers with erotic thoughts heavy on your mind.     Totally roused from this seeming never-ending dream with longing desire for some refreshing ice cream.     Make no mistake, within these words lies a deeper message  Sometimes a meat and potatoes encounter ain't always the best vestige.  Mama always said "life's short indulge and start with dessert"  Mmmmm, cool tasty treats guaranteed to please- What flavor to start with first???Maybe....     "Ample Breast Delight."  Nipples full, a beautiful presentation  Swollen , hard-textured, nice and tight  Suckled between your waiting moist lips  Tongue so hot and wet-teasing those delicious nipple tips  “ sweet as cherry pie”  Deliciously decadent.   My my my.....................&nb
I Want An Awesome Marriage
I Want an Awesome Marriage MARRIED OR NOT YOU SHOULD READ THIS (made me think hard) (MARRIED GUY SPEAKING) When I got home that night... my wife was serving dinner, I held her hand and said, I’ ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. Suddenly I didn’t know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the topic calml...y. She didn’t seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why? I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn’t talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn’t love her anymore. I just pitied her! With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own ou
Sometimes I worry that I am too guarded, and that I will never be able to open myself up enough to have the long term relationship that I desire.   Someone told me that I want to be everyone's girl and no one's girl.  I hope he's wrong, but what if he's not?
The First 60 Seconds After You Die
The First 60 Seconds Some questions that are asked of us cause us to look closely at aspects of our lives that we don’t really want to look at.  But the weight of a question does not offer us anything, unless we are able to answer it honestly.  This question has such great weight that most people won’t even acknowledge it; How Will You Spend The First 60 Seconds After You Die? Death is such a difficult subject for men and women to address that it is hardly ever brought up in casual conversation.  Yet, it is often mentioned in marriage vows and in the blessing of new births.  The weight of this question is not so much the subject itself; it is more the necessary preparation to honestly answer it.  Most of us are not willing to disclose our poor state of preparation, and a question such as this leads to revealing our poor state of preparation. It is written in Proverbs 10:2 that, “Treasures of wickedness profit nothing, but righteousness delivers from death.&rdquo
Porn Vid
Early Shower
Water dripping down my bodyeyes closed relishing the feelingso warm and soothing nothing but the sound of water beating on my bodyfeeling it run across my naked skindripping from my hard sensitive nipplesa cold chill out of no wherelooking, I see you standing in the door way watchinga slight grin on your face and a growing bulge in your pantsblushing furiously I turn to pull the curtain but you grab my handpulling me to a fierce kiss as I tug your shirt offnext pushing your pants down, your cock fully hardgrabbing it you push me into the shower fully moaning as my hand is around your hardnessyour demeanor changes, suddenly becoming roughpushing me against the wall and picking me upone fluid motion and you enter me completely your movements precise and fasteach stroke harder bringing me that much closerreaching out your tongue against my nipples I loose controlseeing you won this time, groaning loudly you bite me hard as you finish what you started
One "holy Shit" Moment After Another... But In A Good Way
This day has been filled with one "Holy Shit!!!" moment after another... and only in the very best of ways.   Seriously, numerous times today, I've been so pleasantly surprised that I've exclaimed, "HOLY SHIT!".   I wish more days were like today, but then again, if more days were I'd be unable to appreciate them quite as much and I'd be exhausted and catatonic from trying to keep up. So, I guess, maybe it's best that days this good aren't the norm.     Mistress Genevieve
What If?
If a person told you,"in time I can give you everything you desire. All I ask is to never ask me to change, and when I ask for you to do things in return you, respect my wishes, and me." How would you answer. Remember that anything and everything you want can be given in time, and all they are asking is for you to respect them and who they are with wanting them to change anything about them. If you need more information, let me know what question you have. I am trying to understand how other people view the people they talk to. The biggest question I got so far was if that person was a control freak. No this is a situation where if you were looking to start dating someone whether male or female your choice. The person is making you a promise that anything you would ever need or want could be yours, and doesn't want to change the person they are in return.
Old Poems
My Everything         There is something in the air, Something I can feel, That makes me believe, That this love is real, A power from somewhere, That lets me know, Once again in my life, My love can show , When i hear your voice When i see your face, ,It warms my heart, Like a warm embrace, You are my sunshie, My reason to breathe, Th eyes to my soul, Everything to me,   Without you in my life, I don't know where i would be, You bring me joy, When your smile i see, You give me reason to wake, Each and every morn, Everytime you leave, My heart is torn,   But when you return, My joy is refreshed, And I know it is true, You are the best, For the rest of my life, I will be by your side, I will never hurt you, And never make you cry.
Take It In The Ass, Tranny
Take It In The Ass, Tranny
Help Me?
I NEED 250,000 FRIENDS!! please help me?  
My Perspective,
 I believe that if people can not accept us for the person we are in this life, then they are truly not worth the pian and misery they seem to always be creating for us. We are all different and unique in our own way and not one of us have the right or priviledge to judge another upon this planet. i wish so many times we could go back to the days when everyone cared for their neighbors,friends and strangers in life. It seems more and more these days are only out for themselves and what they can get from others. We do not need hatred,prejudices or discriminations, but unity. for we are all trying to both make it through life and survive and do not need the idiocricies of others that bring us down.
Black History
I am not really qualified to speak about African American history. I am of Scottish/Irish descent. But I was lucky enough to have had a Father who raised me to have an open mind, without prejudice. I am fascinated with hitory in general. And I really like to read about Native American and African American history. The kind of history that does not make it into our school's history books. With all of this in mind, I heard about a very interesting book while watching The Daily Show one recent night. The interview guest was Elizabeth Dowling Taylor, who wrote a book titled A Slave in the White House. Paul Jennings and the Madisons. I have not finshed the book, but basically Paul Jennings was a slave owned by President James Madison. I am still struck by the irony of a President of a 'Democracy' being a slave owner. But I digress. James Madison had placed in his will a provision to free Paul Jennings upon James Madison's death. However, Dolly Madison did not keep the agreement
The Way I Feel ...
The way I feel, when I'm with you, I forget my troubles, like there's just us two. You make my heart, beat fast and strong, and you make me feel, that I truly belong. You fill the gaps, inside my heart, like I've finally found, my missing part. I sink in your eyes, I'm warmed by your smile, and the world is perfect, just for a while. You make life better, than it used to be. You are the sugar, in my cup of tea. Whenever you need me, I'll always be there. I'll be there to talk to, I'll be there to care. Because for you, I would do anything.
Giving Love Another Try ...
it hurts it hurts, this pain inside, feeling alone, no-one by my side I lay in bed, feel your touch god i miss you, oh so much move on move on is what they say. maybe i will maybe one day but to find another that i can love, might be too much to ask from above open up open up let someone in but my hearts still yours it feels like a sin I'll stand with you, be by your side ive loved you forever is the secret u hide let me in, let me in is what you ask I'll be all you need, every wish, every ask Do i take the risk, allow myself to see a father for bubba, a lover for me i know you'd be happy would certainly consent he a biking brother like your best friend so ive opened my heart and fallen for this guy i feel i can depend, give love another try BUT you'll always be my soul mate you'll always be her dad it's something we three agree on in our lives forever and glad
The dream is lost, the love is gone Adrift in a sea of darkness, The Universe has never felt so small, but everyone is so far away. Lonelyness is my friend, I have never hated a friend so. We are boon companions on a trip forever In darkness we float. Yet I still feel, the gravity of the 1 I love so far, far away.
Nothing About Nothing...
Sometimes I wish I could just turn it all off. I wish I didn't feel anything, for you, for anything and anyone. Because feelings hurt. The moment you let your emotions take control, you're fucked. I suppose you just have to decide whether it's all going to be worth it or not, the troubles that come with love. Because of course, he's going to hurt you. But if you really believe that in the end you will come out of it alive, together, then by all means go for it. I just hope that it all turns out well for you. The way I wished it would work out for me......
Please Take A Minute To Read.. And Pray For Ashley.. Thank You..
Turning.. spinning..Around in my head..Are the words..that are left unsaid.. how could you do it..Causing so much left so suddenly..with no chances to explain..  How could you hurt her..the one that you loved so could you pull the trigger..And just give your whole life up??  How could you just leave so cowardly..Leaving her to lie in that hospital bed..with her face bandaged up..who are you to decide when her life is up??  i don't know what went through your head that night..why you wanted to risk her whole entire life.. So you shot her in the face.. and put the trigger to your head..and just like that.. your soul flew away dead..  I never knew you would be capable of this we were so close.. now i just wish i had the chance to hit you in the face with my fists.. you did such a cowardly thing.. when you were the only person you knew you could blame.. How could you try to end her life.. you better believe your the one we are to shame..  No doubt i will miss you.
A Mother is placed to give comfort, love, happiness, security and well-being to a family. She is the most important factor as being the soul back bone of a familys survival. Throughout life, no matter what, a Mother has always been there. Even if you can not see her. It does not matter the differences or conflicts you have had and will have with your Mother because in the end she will still be there, standing strong.  A Mother will undergo a great deal of pain and suffering, for it is not easy to manage a family and keep bonds between one another so strong. No matter what happens, no matter what conflicts, and no matter what hate there is, at the end of each and everyday a Mother is still standing with arms wide open and that to me is priceless...
I'm not sure what just was either a Freudian slip or I have had a stroke. I was talking to the RL boyfriend. My gesture meant to be a three on my wasn't a was a bird. I flipped him off!  WTF was that????? LMAO!!!! I'm just not right.......*sighs* Oh well, part of my charm huh????? *rolls eyes* PEACE
What Does Love Feel Like...
Love is passion, obsession, someone you can't live without. I say, fall head over heels. Find someone you can love like crazy and who will love you the same way back. How do you find them? Well, you forget your head, and you listen to your heart. In truth, there's no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love, well, you haven't lived a life at all. But you have to try, cause if you haven't tried, you haven't lived. So you understand the concept, Now multiply that by infinity, take that to the depths of forever, and you still barely have a glimpse of what I'm taking about....   Peace.
The Day Is Coming
March 3rd is the day I do my photo shoot. I am excited but fuck give me a bottle of wine the day I do it. I refuse to be sober. lmao Someone from the Ta's Ta's foundation will be there to watch the photo shoot. Wonder if they want to see my Ta's ta's. Should I take out my nipple piercings? It should be fun my sister will be doing it too. Well whom I call my sister, we were raised together, but anyway we will do it the same day. Wish me luck. The calendars are for 2013 so I guess they have to get a early start to make sure they are printed and ready for the end of the year. I think they go on sale in October of this year for the 2013. On a lighter note: I had a great time time caming with Papii last night. It was very entertaining and sweet. If you really want to get to know someone caming is the way, but only when you feel comfortable enough to do so. Never let anyone force you into though. I fucking rebell if someone pushes me and say FUCK NO but when I am ready then I let them kn
What happens when Russians make a video game based on their version of "A boy and his dog" ("Roadside Picnic")Something awesome called STALKER.It's a game about a lone amnesiac wandering the wastes of an alternate timeline Chernobyl. There's fallout, mutants, raiders, lawmen, scavengers, artifacts of great power, and deadly phenomenon littering the surrounding wildlands and It is fun as hell.Skill-based combat (meaning no damage twinking by leveling/building your stats) so a shotgun is a shotgunThe AI has different levels of equipment and smarts, for example, a rookie is going to stand toe-toe with his sawn off shotgun and an NBC jacket/gasmask at an inappropriate and ineffective distance from youa veteran is going to flank, call for help, take cover and return fire when you're reloading with a schlick repeating shotgun in a full environmental exoskeleton.If you wander into a hotspotyou might just get dropped dead at that very location, either due to radiation poisoning and not wearing
A Poem
To those who take the time to read this....I don't want opinions in my SB...this is what it is and let's leave it at that        Tears They come sometimes in bucketsThey come sometimes between breaksIt’s hard for me to stop themThe feelings are hard for me to takeYou used to be one personI used to be a different person tooBut the person you have becomeIsn’t the person I know and I don’t know what to doYour words have become hurtfulHere come the tears againFlowing down my cheekBreathe I say…count to tenBut they continue almost every dayAnd it’s getting harder and harder to hide the painI don’t know what is worse the lies or the deceitSomeone get me off this trainI want to turn back the clockI’m tired of the tearsBut looking in the mirrorI see I have aged yearsI’m sitting on the floorBecause my knees are weakYou say talk to meBut my tears make me unable to speakI’m painted as the bad guyIt’s me who is always doing somethin
I'm sure this will piss a few people off, but frankly i don't give a rats ass. This isn't my first rodeo with this site after deleting and coming back multiple times i've been around about 6 years and one thing i've always noticed is things never fucking change.I help people on and off my friends list all the time with bling, vip, leveling anything you name it i've done it. But it always leads to the question, "where the fuck are they when you need them"  i'll tell you where they are the same place as everyone else looking for what they can get for themselves if you arent running bling or helping them no one is ever around which is bullshit so with that i'll say this i feel sorry for the next mother fucker who ask me for anything
This is going to be competely off the wall but is more truth then you are willing to admit. Muslims hate the Jews, not the other way around. Israel lets the Muslims practice their faith in Israel, work, live and offers the same benefits (inculding medical) to all citizens of Israel. In fact, most Arabs in Israel like things the way they are. How much freedom do Muslims and non-Muslims have in their own countries? Then there is America. We are a nation of immigrants and welcomed those immigrants. Do we have scars? Yes! We totally mistreated the native Americans and the slave trade was a black eye on America but that was in the past. Civil rights has tried to address those issues. If we are good Americans, we are color blind and by MLK statements, we should judge on the basis of content of character and not the color of skin. Are there racist whites, yes and they should be called out for their crimes but it is also just as obvious that there are racist blacks and latinos who are blinded
A Sad Soul
Looking in the mirror, At this invisible face, This soul has vanished, Without a trace, Only the memories, When left behind, And still i morn, For a love i can't find, A soul that was happy Now lives in strife, Walking in the shadows, Of my empty life, Should I end it all, Or try to be strong? Its doesn't matter, You wouldn't notice if i was gone, Was my heart fooled? By you deceiving lies, Come back to me, Wipe these tears from my  eyes, Bleeding for the truth, Struggling to find your heart, But you don't feel the way i do, And its riping my heart apart, But until my soul is found I will never let you know, You'll have my heart forever, But i have to let you go.....
Well. This Is... Cheerful.
"Brixham, the third of the Torbay towns, faces Torquay and is at the apex of the southern arm of the bay. It was once a noted fishing port, but it has never experienced the high rates of population growth registered in certain periods by the other Torbay towns, although in the summer season it is always congested with visitors. Brixham's retarded growth, comparitavely speaking, is mainly a consequence of its lack of obvious tourist attractions: no first-class beaches, no delightful promenades or esplanades to saunter along, no pier; the streets narrow and mostly running uphill, and with plenty of mean dwellings. It interests the sightseer principally for its nautical atmosphere and 'quaintness', an example of which is the much photographed Old Coffin House near the the harbour. Its main attraction for the visitor has always been its congested quays and its quayside pubs." An extract from 'Torquay & Paignton - The Making of a Modern Resort' by Henry James Lethbridge.'Mean dwellings', e
Thank god, I do NOT hide my lunacy nor my flaws from anyone. I pity those that feel the need to do so. I am ME...mental, emotional and physical flaws's extremely hard to watch my cherished friends being sucked in by something that is FAKE (once again)! Makes me want to pull away from you. So be it.....
I long for the days when I could feel way back before they put me on my pills. Here I sit in a darkened room with no feelings at all not even pain or doom. People get close and say their my friend that is always the case until the bitter end. Once I get close and pour out my heart they run from me as if scared I will rip them apart. I feel no emotion no remorse or pain yet I listen closely when someone feels the strain. I give my advice yet they never listen with hopes and dreams they would rather follow ambition. Then when their dreams of happiness fade they always blame me and turn away. I once had a dream and hope for a life of pure happiness without all of the strife. The fact remains as I sit here today I have no emotions as they have all fled away Sure I feel anger and rage at times yet tears never track my cheecks from my eyes. I can be your friend and listen so close however don't expect me to feel any remorse. Most times I question if I even have a soul I have been
Dear Person who likes to cry about the people on your friends list being friends with people you dont like,  This is a website. Pull up your big boy underwear and fucking get over it. I predict that after today, you will be known to me as a deleter. (one who threatens to delete their account but never will because of a need for online attention) Have a nice life douchebag.  Sincerely, Me ps...did Grandma's money come in yet?
First Entry--just Some Stuff You Should Know Before Talking To Me.
It's not like anyone reads these things, but I feel like venting my views and sadly, most of fubar seems to disagree. Number one?  I'm a woman.  And listening to all of these political debates centered on what I can and cannot do with MY BODY really pisses me off.  Especially the conservative standpoint of blatant and flagrant misogyny.  Why are men allowed to dictate women's reproductive rights?  So much for gender equality, huh?  I REALLY can't stand that big-mouthed, racist, woman-hating prick Rush Limbaugh, or pretty much any ultra-conservative man or woman.  You like him and what he stands for?  You can show yourself out.  I won't condone any legislation that degrades, limits, minimalizes and harms women.  And you know what?  Neither should any of you. Number two?  As far as abortion goes, no.  I don't like it.  However, it isn't my place to decide who can and cannot have one.  Obviously, if it's past the first trimester--to me, that constitutes murder.  But if it's early in the
Lost Love
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Do not go gentle into that good night,Old age should burn and rave at close of day;Rage, rage against the dying of the light.Though wise men at their end know dark is right,Because their words had forked no lightning theyDo not go gentle into that good night.Good men, the last wave by, crying how brightTheir frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,Rage, rage against the dying of the light.Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,Do not go gentle into that good night.Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sightBlind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,Rage, rage against the dying of the light.And you, my father, there on the sad height,Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.Do not go gentle into that good night.Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Hey Guy who is a total douchebag and still texts me every day after I was a cunt to you and then started ignoring you, Knock that shit the fucking fuck off. I have no interest in you anymore. You are a lying, worthless son of a fuck. Please....just throw yourself into oncoming traffic. Thanks, Me
Pissed Off Woman Blues
                                                                    Pissed Off Woman Blues          Woke up this mornin'       couldn't get out of bed,       three days ago       my woman done hit me upside my Head.         And I got the blues,       I got the blues,       I got the jump back she's gonna attack       Pissed Off Woman Blues.       Now there's a lump on my Head,       as big as a can,       there stands my woman,       she's holdin' a fryin' pan.       And I got the Blues,      I got the blues,      I got the Jump Back She's Gonna Attack,      Pissed Off Woman Blues.      So if your woman,      gets mad at you,      you better run,      before she gets you.,     'cause a woman      can be nice ,      but piss her off      and you may wind up      on a slab of ice.      The you'll have the blues,     you'll have the blues,     you'll have the jump back     she's gonna attack     pissed off woman blues.
Psych Me Out Continued
Last week I approached the shelter about a half hour before we let the homeless in. Most of the crowd was waiting. One had "the look". I knew it as his sign of invading my space. He's good at invading your space without actually invading it. You know, when you're limits are being assessed by a player. He was a lot bigger than I. And very drunk. "Are ya gonna let me in early?" He danced around me testing my personal space. I had a bunch of stuff under my arm like the dweeb in high school. I thought about dropping it to free my hands for a fight but put on my best poker face and stood there. I lit a cigarette.He said "Give me that smoke!" I said "No" im moi best stoic tone. After a few more seconds of toe to toe sizin' up I flicked it in a puddle of water."I'm gonna give you a hard time tonight" he said."I'm not letting you in at all"."You're not but the director will""If he does I'll leave."After I got in to set up the shelter for the night he stood outside and told me I could take my
Grow The Fuck Up Would Ya!!
I have been on and off this site for a long time now...and I have learned a lot within that time..but one thing that erks the hell outta me is stupid fucking people....mean vindictive people really suck ass....people that are so miserable with their own lives..that the only thing that brings them happiness is spreading that misery to other makes no sense to me..I don't give a shit if misery does like company...if you are miserable..then wallow in it alone..leave all the innocent people who you DO NOT know out of it....people waste too much time on shit they shouldn't....worrying about what people do...people that they will prob never meet....instead of just enjoying that person and all that they are..appreciate everything that makes them who they is not fair to anyone to have to listen to shit from people they don't and will never really a fucking adult...this is SUPPOSED to be an adult website..and wat a person does within the walls of their ow
F&*cked Up Real Life News...
Think Fubar drama and the crazy stuff people do here is bad? Check out these real life news stories: What the f*ck is wrong with people today? Peace.
To All My Lifes Lies...
All thats never been validated or resolved. All my lifes pain, stays consistent by the lack of un resolved issues. Those who insist on living their daily LIE. Not a one of them can look me in the eye. Not a one has the guts to stand strong and own their actions. For them I shed a tear. For them, they make me cry. For me, at least Im still alive. For me at least my life is not a lie.
A Kiss
A crowded day at the beach, almost ready to leave, we walk to a shower head to remove the sand from our bodies. As the water pours down your tight body, over your breasts, you realize you have a crowd watching. I move close, letting them know you're taken. You feel my hands on your shoulders washing you down then gently grabbing your shoulder turning you to face me. The water cascades over us, cool against our hot bodies. You move closer, looking up into my eyes as your hands caress my strong arms. I reach down, hands on your waist, pulling you close. I can feel the heat from your chest against mine as you move closer, your arms slipping around my neck. My hands move up and down your back, and you jump lightly as you feel me tugging at your bikini string as my hand moves to your ass. You relax, knowing everything will be alright and reach back pulling the string around your neck lose. Your top falls between us as you reach up again, your hand in my hair and pull me to you. My lips touc
100 Questions
‎1. What's your middle name? Lynn2. What are you listening to right now? The news3. What was the last thing you ate? A Girl Scout Cookie4. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? John5. Do you drink? I have...6. Do you smoke? Cigarettes7. What is the first thing you noticed in someone? Their eyes8. What is your hair color? Brown9. What is your eye color? Hazel10. Do you wear contacts/glasses? Glasses11. Dogs or cats? Dogs. I'm allergic to cats12. What's your favorite animal? Dogs13. What's your favorite television show? I'm really liking "The Walking Dead"14. What's your favorite movie? "The Boondock Saints"15. What's your favorite band/singer? I don't really have a favorite.16. How old are you? 3217. Do you have a crush on anyone? Yes18. What's your sexual orientation? Straight19. What's your favorite color? Green!!!20. What was your most embarrassing moment? [sigh] I was racing someone in a grocery store. Ran right past the "Wet Floor" sign...when I tried to stop, I s
Personality Test
Enneagram Type 5 - The Investigator Thinkers who tend to withdraw and observe People of this personality type essentially fear that they don't have enough inner strength to face life, so they tend to withdraw, to retreat into the safety and security of the mind where they can mentally prepare for their emergence into the world. Fives feel comfortable and at home in the realm of thought. They are generally intelligent, well read and thoughtful and they frequently become experts in the areas that capture their interest. While they are sometimes scientifically oriented, especially with the Six wing, just as many Fives are drawn to the humanities and it is not at all uncommon for Fives to have artistic inclinations. Fives are often a bit eccentric; they feel little need to alter their beliefs to accommodate majority opinion, and they refuse to compromise their freedom to think just as they please. The problem for Fives is that while they are comfortable in the realm of thought, they are
Hurts You
If someone you love hurts you, one of the best things you can do is to move on and find happiness elsewhere. Don't give them the satisfaction of seeing you suffer.
Ustream Cams
(how To) Setup A Mobile Address
(How To) Setup A Mobile AddressIt has been requested I build a blog on Mobile Uploads. Lets face it more than 80% of members use a Mobile Phone (whether it be a Standard Phone a Smart Phone). Each member uses their phone in a different function (way) that is useful in everyday life (or for those that have Emergencies).The below content will list the following:SetUp Mobile Address on Fubar,List Common Errors Phones Give,Give Alternatives To Mobile Uploads,Change / Delete Mobile Upload Number.SetUp/Change/Delete Mobile Address on FubarFirst thing you will need to do is locate the Main Page Menu then click My then Settings. Once you are inside the settings scroll down till you see the text that says Mobile Phone and a link that goes to the Set Up page.(Example Image Below of Menu & Mobile Page)Home My Hottest Latest Games
Unsafe At Any Speed
So I was on the treadmill and I realized that a six minute mile is ten miles per hour and a ten minute mile is is six miles per hour.  I started to do some math and was thinkg of what other combinations worked like that (four miles per hours, etc) and I was on the verge of a major break through I think when all of the sudden this girl walks by... Let me tell you about this girl, while some people tend to overuse the adjective "unbelievable" but I think this is a literal case.  I mean I literally want to walk up and touch it just to make sure it exists and isnt some sort of fever dream.  If I owned the gym, I would pay her to work out there.  Yeah, it's that good. Plus she always has this hundred watt smile going on.  I suppose if I looked like that, I'd be smiling too.  Though her male equivalent at the gym (I know, you are all gasping thinking "What? It's not you!") doesnt seem to smile as much, maybe he wants the chicks to think he is emo.  I suppose that would work better than my "
Simplistic Way Of Life
Is it wrong to just want to make life simplier and just sleep with my friends? Be like Hey, im horny, you turn me on, feel like taking this up my bedroom? no ok i'll just masterbate, or yes ok then just tell me what you like and i'll tell you mine. it would be so frickin nice. Hell I'm willing to teach my a little weirder probly still a virgin friend and teach him some good "life" skills so to speak. In fact that really seems exciting, but he is far to shy and me trying to alude to that might just make him pass out. I think if it wheren't for my aversion to having stranger sex I would be a whore by now, lol.
Iphones & Food Stamps...
Observation of the day: How many people like this do you know?!?!. Happy St. Patty's!
Not Again.....
I swear, I am the biggest over-analyzer that you will ever meet. I think so much about the little things that don't even mean anything. I guess I'm just looking, looking for something that isn't there....
The Carnival
Walking across the midway, it was no less then a perfect day! Spring was well on its way to summer, but not yet too hot to be uncomfortable. The bright blue sky was dotted with a few clouds which moved by slowly and a light wind brought the smells of the day to us. We walked along through the crowds, the aroma of cotton candy, hot dogs, and fresh popcorn filled the air.   I hadn't taken my eyes off you since picking you up, and neither were any of the other men at the carnival. The tight, almost see through top displayed your breasts perfectly. A tiny red, black and white plaid pleated mini let me see your tanned long legs while showing off your perfect ass. How you managed to even walk in your black 4 inch stiletto heels had me marveling as I held your hand as we moved through the people. We paused for a moment deciding what to eat and I moved behind you wrapping my arms around you pulling you close to me. I smiled to myself as you leaned back against me, nothing but my t-shirt betwee
Spring Cleaning
Wow... hard to believe I've been on Fubar over 4 years.  To be honest, I spent little time on the site at first because the real-life friends who'd invited me had already left. But about a year later, I checked back... and to my surprise found several friends from MySpace were now genuine fu-addicts. So I stuck around and naturally became hooked as well. Here on Fubar, I tend to keep things easy. I avoid drama, and for the most part stick to my own page. Although I do play a few games (Mafia, PowerPool, and occasionally Secret Admirer). And lately I've been pushing to level up so I can help out others by pimping them out.  Over the years, I've made some great friends here on Fubar. I pretty much just accepted anyone who sent me an invite. And I've added several people to my family because they needed Angel family adds to level up. However, I've decided it's time to be a little more restrictive. Maybe it's just that I'm paying a bit more attention... but I've seen more and more fake
A Good Morning
Its early in the morning,  I twitched my nose and put myself in your bedroom, (gotta love being me) I see you sleeping there you look so cute but I cant resist to touch you since you are right there.  I lightly sit on the side of your bed and let my fingers run along the side of your face tracing your lips as I do you move slightly , I take my hand away for a minute hoping I haven’t woke you up fully.   When I can tell you are  still in dream land I let my fingers fall back onto your face tracing your lips again around your jaw line and then not being able to help it L ean in and kiss your lips , your cheek and your neck letting my hands run along your body.  Nicely since you don’t like covers I don’t have to fight with any to be able to touch you wherever I want to realizing you must be a little bit of a heavy sleeper I let my mouth taste you from your neck to your side then I position myself kneeling at the side of the bed so I can have a better angle to let my tong
My #s In The Html Codes
I figured that writing up a lil thing on what does the # with my lil html pics mean.  First off it is NOT what I rated you.  I rate 11s on unlimited and 10's if I run out.  I even feel bad somewhat for rating 10s so I typically try not to.    What the # only means is that when I go to your page and "Like" you, the last digit of the # of "Likes" you are on at that time is the # I use.  Say you are at 126 Likes, I will use the 6.  12 Likes, I use the 2.  That "changes" the html code that the bouncers are looking for (for spammers).  I only get the bouncers now if I am very close to the end of my 11s.  So short and sweet, that is the only thing that the # means with my comment.  Hope that clarifies for some of you that have questioned what the # means.  :)  

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