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The Best!
I just wanted to say that I have the most amazing friends here.   I was gone forever, and decided to come back.  I was re-welcomed with open arms.   It feels good to be remembered.   Granted, I kept up with many via FB, but not all.   I just wanted to share my warm fuzzies.
Genetically Modified Food
Genetically modified food has it been in your body? If you have ever bought those vine ripened tomatoes that look super red and pretty in those fancy plastic containers you have eaten gm food. Those tomatoes originate from flavr savr the first FDA approved gm food. The Flavr Savr tomato ripens on the vine – resulting in fuller flavor. It is modified so that it remains firm after harvesting. A modification of this gm food is still in the market. You think it ends in tomatoes? Most soybeans, cotton, corn and canola in the US are GM in one way or another. Unlike organic, and treated foods gm food DO NOT need labels. The soybean has been gm with DNA from leeches to give it the chewier consistency. That is why those veggie burgers all those health nuts like have the consistency of meat. GM Disaster... The tryptophan disaster in the end of the 1980-ies and beginning of 1990-ies killed 37 and permanently disabled 1.500 people in the US in a very painful disease called eosonop
Main Profile Photos
Greetings Lately there has been a huge increase of individuals using fake photos as their main profile photo. Most people do this to get better ratings or to deceptively lure people to click into their page. This is not what we had in mind when we created this site, so we are going to be taking action prevent this. 1. Any top 100 cherry using a fake main profile photo will be reset to Level 0. 2. If you see a top 100 cherry using a fake photo as their main profile photo, please report to a bouncer. 3. We have ZERO tolerance for anyone trying to manipulate our cherry ranking. Anyone caught cheating will be reset. We have always been a community regulated site. I am certain our community will help regulate this. If you are reported, you will receive a warning to remove. If you do not comply, you will be reset. If you continually abuse, you will be reset. Thanks for your support. Scrapper PS...The only ones crying about this are the people who are manipulating
Hater i find this rather funny but i thought i would make people aware of this jerk...first of all read his bulletin...i commented on the side of it too now here is the comment he left on my page here is the losers page. :) famousde@ CherryTAP
Henchman Here I Come...
I am under 100,000 points from Henchman! Any suggestions {within reason} of how to level quicker? Yes, I have been rating pics and stash...:P
Well the other blog was a blast and I just wanted to thank everyone for joining in and playing :D   But it got me thinking... why do you or don't you post NSFW pics?   I go back and forth on posting them.  It depends on how well I can control the pics and if I trust the people in the blog.  Also I won't post anymore nsfw pics that show my face after having been burned before. So what about you.....
Im Evil!!!
Today i have to confess i was mean to Seamus........ I planned to say yes to the marriage even tho we laughed and said we would never pay for it.. boy was he shocked   He heard my evil laugh and knew i was planning something I said i would make a blog about the guy who told me Seamus was an asshole today .. when i got home from work... Then 20 minutes before I got home I told him to make a blog about what and evil cunt i was .... he took the bait.... After fighting for 5 minutes i paid for our marriage.... I win I'm evil Wicked And Micheal thought Seamus was an asshole... he never met a girl like me   by the way this doesnt mean im stopping perving you .................ever!!!!
Questions 7-4-09
Ask me ANYTHING and I will answer. No matter how personal, embarrassing, or complicated the question. I will, in response, ask you a question. What better way to get to know someone?   I shall start: Why is it, when my shoe comes untied, it's always my left?
Re Rated
Why in the fuck would I give a shit if you re rated me? If you felt compelled to do so, just do it and be on your way. No need to tell me that you re rated me. I am not going to feel obligated to reciprocate. If you are on my friends list and do this, then you are a fucking retard.
Remedial Cosmetology- Perms And Relaxer Day
Saturday was perm and relaxer day and all the students in my class had to pair up and find a victim...err.. client to practice on. My first client dropped out for fear I would fuck up her hair. Oh well. I've had a bad perm before and you really can fuck up some hair permenantly so I get it. Luckily I found some one else to practice on with a relaxer. It was a busy day that day because not only did we have clients we also had some guys in making an industrial video. An industrial video is a video made for a company used to show what they do and how they do it. The company later uses them for promotion or to inspire the team. I did a lot of them back in the day. They are tedious because the people you are taping are always overly excited about being on camera to the point where they go slightly retarded. I call my class remedial because of the events I witnessed that day. First my instructor was so thrilled about someone video taping her she turned into a crazy lady. So concerned was
This is a public service announcement from the Emanon Foundation:BEAT YOUR KIDS.Pretty simple do not be afraid to put your foot knee deep in a kids ass.Dinner rules: Either they eat what you cook or they do not eatOther rules:The minute they tell you to shut up, they get a busted lip or you have failed as a parent.The minute they brace up at you, they end up on their ass or you have failed as a parent. The minute they hit you with a fist they turn up missing never to be seen againThis message Endorsed by the Foot in Ass foundation which is cosponsored by the Thrown in trunk groupThis public service announcement is now concludedYes I am bored, sue Me! Since people cannot get it...THIS BLOG IS FOR COMICAL PURPOSES, DAMN EMOS TAKING THIS SHIT SERIOUS
Eye Surgery
Hello to all of you reading this!      I am now 10 weeks past having surgery for a detached retina in my right eye.  It has been, to say the least, something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  I won't get into all the not so nice details, but suffice it to say, it has been quite a hellish ordeal.  The ophthalmologist did what is called a "buckle" procedure.  I haven't been able to spend too much time on the computer, or anything for that matter, because fatigue sets into that eye relatively quickly.  My vision is blurry, to say the least, and I have been told it will probably stay that way.  But, the alternative would be to TOTAL blindness in the eye.  So, I thank all of you who have left me comments, sent drinks, bling and well wishes.  I hope to get back to the Fu as soon as I can.  I wish ALL of you the most joyous and wonderful holiday season possible and hope to see you all VERY soon.  Thank you again!
Should I?
I was thinking of doing an auction or a comment bombing contest if I can find a sponsor... If I were, would anyone be interested in joining? Would anyone want to sponsor a contest? Give me some thoughts....
Now Youre A Man
Drunk Mummers Running Wild
The MuMMers had a party can we say wild ? It didn't take long to find out who the trouble makers were going to be didn't take long to find out who was going to strip either Some just had fun target="_blank"> some drank waaayyy to much He was really bummed they were not anal beads ohh forgot some!! src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">
SB convo..I am bored and amusing should I proceed? Read from the bottom up ->mr_snuffel...: i am me mr_snuffel...: what are you then? ->mr_snuffel...: Um...what do you mean..I hae a cock if that is what it takes to be a guy then i guess mr_snuffel...: meaning? ->mr_snuffel...: i have a kinda i guess mr_snuffel...: you're a guy then? ->mr_snuffel...: No mr_snuffel...: hermaphrodite? ->mr_snuffel...: when I said i was happy with the 7 inches i meant my own cock mr_snuffel...: meaning? ->mr_snuffel...: I am more of a ptcher than a catcher mr_snuffel...: do you?? ->mr_snuffel...: depends do u swallow? mr_snuffel...: i want to try you, up for that?? ->mr_snuffel...: It is in my pants and fills me nicely...wanna try it? mr_snuffel...: 5 more would fill you up even nicer, sweetie...... ->mr_snuffel...: I am happy with the 7 I have thanks mr_snuffel...: want a real 12 inches, baby?? lol
A Galss By Glass Account Of $5 Wine.
After a long afternoon of raping/flirting with bloggers in Wicked's latest creation, I decided I should head to the store to pick up supplies for taco night. I didn't have a lot of spare cash so when I came across a bottle of $5 Cabernet I was pretty excited. "I can use this for cooking" I thought. and oh look at that a 55 cents coupon. Excellent. I picked up a few more items and headed home. When I got home I opened the door, my arms full of grocery bags, to find Baxter looking all innocent. This is a bad sign. I walked into the apartment to find he had torn up the garbage on the living room carpet. He claims it was the garbage gnomes but they haven't been here since I stopped working. Baxter says they never show up when there is peoples.I knew he was telling tales. Garbage Gnomes! As if!  I yelled and screamed and cleaned up the mess. That's when I found the gnome hat. Damn gnomes! I apologized to Baxter but I still felt bad. I looked at the wine. "oh that will make the sad go away
Monday's New Theme!!
It has come to my attention on how Hard Trailer Park Hoes and Gigolos would be to hold with the Seamus versus Wicked Bet running. So to make my life easier we will be having Greek Mythology day... Please come wearing togas and eating grapes... here's the list so far Artemis= me Voluptas= Pixie Medusa= Witty Ick somethign= Seamus "loser of the bet" Poisedon= Chainsaw Shits& Giggles= Zeus Hercules= Name Crisis Hades= Hugh Eros= Bonz Haphaestus= Jobob Uranus= Pedro Aphrodite= Blue Eyed Soul Erebus=Husky Redneck Athena= Amykins  John Stamos= Ketch22 Apollo= Fwee (there goes my fantasies of the fish) So grab your Gyros and your togas OPA WICKED
My Crazy Meanderings
Ok my friends. I was trolling through the mumms, and noticed all the alternate accounts playing. Those of you that really, truly know me.. know that I view this as a fun game. I like to read their "About me" or check out their friends, pics, fans... etc. So, i have noticed this one asshole in particular, and wanted to check him out. The following, was his "about me"   I nearly DIED!!!     HERE GOES:     There is nothing more beautiful to me, than a woman cumming. The way her body flexes, stomach muscles tighten, hips rise up, then she squeezes.   I'm 6'2 and over 200 pounds. All women are small, to me. I've always heard that they feel safe when they are with me. I like it when women are reserved and quiet, yet i know the dirty thoughts that go on in their heads. I want to exploit EVERY fantasy she has and make it happen. I can fly you to see me, with only two calls. So don't think i'm just another flake on this site. I AM looking for the ONE that can fulfill every fantasy
Fu Women
Once in a while I get swamped by asskissers-people that are aware that I would unleash my mighty Fox powers (aka tell them the truth about themselves) on them, leaving them defenseless. So they feel like suckin up to me, telling me all these rosey wonderful things.   THe truth is: even if I am nice to you at some point after you have swiped my ass with your metaphorical tongue, I still have the same opinion about you. And chances are, it is not the highest one.   Chances are, that if you are a female (I AM much harder on females cause you represent my gender in a really shitty way), you are a "mummer" and you are one of the popular ones, I dont hold you in much regard. Especially if you have cliqish tendencies. Chances are, I have pretty valid piplines that provide me with more info about you than you could possibly imagine, including your inter/intra Fubar drama. Its really fun to hear stories about your pathetic lil failed lives.    
Level Ms. Heather Now!!!!!!!!
She only has 770k to go. @ cherrytap
Fuckin Bitches In Mysb
To: ->Mistress o...: btw I am marriedyou stupid fuck ->Mistress o...: lmao hiya  how are ya...keep talkin shit ya knw notin about..keep goin Mistress o...: TALK ALL THE SHIT YOU WANT YOU WHITE TRASH CRACK WHORE. HOW THE HELL CAN YOU BE A MOTHER TO YOUR CHILD WHEN YOU FUCKING NEVER GET YOUR NIG UGLY NOSE OFF THE COMPUTER? FUBAR MUST MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF RIGHT BECAUSE YOU ARE SO FUCKING OBVIOUSLY TRASHY NO REAL MAN WOULD WANT YOU. ->Mistress o...: so fuck you ...fuck your fake account...and fuck your silly games ->Mistress o...: so you do that..I already have people tracking your keep thinkin what ya want...but ya may wanna read a fucking law book first. BTW it takes REALL bals to make a FAKE acct to fuck with someone ->Mistress o...: actually...misuse is illegal and that is a federal law you fucking idiot ->Mistress o...
No Regular Nsfw Mumm Friday, Happy?
Today and every Friday, hopefully, no mumms from me!  A. Happy B. AWWWWW
Epic Mummer Song
2008 the year in review (We didn't start the fire) Baby Jesus, Sassy, J, not a mumm go away Hell cat, fake tits, Rev's donkey show Joe Hood and Vixen, plus Baka what a vision North Ohio, South Ohio, we always know Pony bling, comment bomb, happy hour, autos on lots of hos, the bids are high who's next to go bye bye Mumm comments, that's mean who died and made you queen Jenatalia, Crazy Dave its sad Bob went goodbye We didn't start the fire it was always burning since the fu's been turning we didn't start the fire we didn't light it we're not tryin to fight it Coot shopping every day Seamus and Katiemae bouncer feller, Cinderellas Bounty posting cock big cons, Don Juans chubby chasers, ding dongs Misfits boobs, fuzzy balls mumms around the clock Einsteins, small peens fubars got a winning team sexy mummettes, plastic man Elvis Presley has been banned blocked oh, your a pest all the drama its the best Prinny's face, know your
A Christmas Special : Fubar's Real Life Stories...
Well, with it being the holidays and all, I figured I would do something nice that people can relate to. Awhile back I had asked for people to post and share their Fubar stories about interactions with others from here in real life…so with that in mind, this posting for the holiday is dedicated to the real meetings, greetings, relationships and just about any other real - life instance with people from this place.. And with that in mind, I’ll let these stories, images and pictures speak for themselves after I describe some of my own…enjoy… Of course there’s me and mine, met on here 3 years ago and have since own a new home, purchased a new car, and are doing quite well. The very first person I ever talked to on here outside of Fubar. At the time I didn’t even have a Yahoo. How we met on here is quite a story, at the time she was running a top Fubar Lounge ( known as Lost Cherry & Cherry Tap during those days) lounge called Club De Ja Vu. And I woul
A Real Good Day!
Today is Spectacular.... because: 1. Even if that ultrasound technician was a cunt the results from the ultrasound make me happy. My baby is a very low risk for Down Syndrome or any other birth defects besides having Jeff and I as parents 2. I went to a low risk Maternity clinic where i met a great nurse and doctors that could perform the delivery. I hear my baby's heart rate for the first time..... 150 beats per minute... 3. Jeff somehow convinced me to go threw Prenatal classes again in my happy mood.. Ill kill him later. 3. for the last 4 days i have not been constipated. 4. I dont feel nauseated and i ate glossettes. 5. I got a new book called the lovely bones and yes i know its going to be a movie but i really prefer reading to watching movies 6. the guy that lives with us hasn't been home in 2 days ever since I left that face book comment "If you live with me you might want to run away for a while" 7. This week the government will finally be paying me and I will go out
This And That [blame Raven!]
Okay Raven was bored and told Me to do a blog, When asked on what she said“Sex, politics, murder, animal husbandry..”Okay here goes, Sex:I make a habit, and have so since the age of ten to have sex at least six nights a week, I have had sex with exactly 832 different woman, and have had sex thousands of times. It is not only great exercise but it can be a lot of fun, though as a sex addict I rarely, or rather very few woman are able to make Me achieve orgasm, so though they are always satisfied it is Me usually left to go home and as they say rub one out if you will.Politics:I voted for Obama because I thought and still do think him to be a better candidate than McCain, though Obama is a politician. So regardless if he or McCain had won, as a politician I expect them to fuck us over no matter what. It is not about if you will get fucked over or not, they will fuck you over, it is about who will fuck you with lube as in fuck you over and you think you are doing well, and who
The Fubar Bunnies:agreement
                                                                  The Fubar Bunnies: Agreement   We are a family who tries and help each other and there for each other to lean on when needed. Also we are a Females and Male family...As much as anyone we like to have fun like with Auctions--Contests--but most of all we all like to get along and just have a good time. Below are the requirments needed to join   1. Must have Atleast 10 Pics and a Salute   2.Must Add us to ur name Females:The Fubar Bunnies   Males:The Fubar Bunnies BodyGuard   3.Add the HomePage (this page) To Atleast a TOP FRIEND...No family Adds needed UNLESS YOU WANT TO!!   4. Show Love to all Our Family However We don't Ask for it on a Daily bases...Real Life COMES FIRST!!!   5.If You Would Like To Join Very Easy....COMMENT ON THIS BLOG: I AGREE   After You have AGREED and ADD IT TO YOUR NAME..You will then be placed in a Team Your TeamDirector Is very Imporant They will keep in Contact with you About N
respect aint just an old song ya know...
Very Sad....but Very True
Every so often, a little message appears in my shoutbox...normally from a young lady of around 20 years of looks harmless enough, maybe its someone who is a little lonely and is looking for someone to chat to so as with most I start to chat......well it happened a few minutes ago and yes my second thought was is the conversation we had......I have removed the young lady's name as I think it is only fair not to disclose who she is....... : hi there Me : Hello : how re you Me : I am well thank are you? : im good what are you up to? Me : nothing much....have just woken up..How about you? : nm hun just chattin and lookin for someoene to watch my camshow later lol Me : How very show..doing what? : anything you want me on cam : no limits. you interested? Me : all depends I guess....... : depends on what? Me : on what I am doing at the time......I have to work in a couple of hours....and have a
Rating Revolution Roll Call!!
Rating Revolution Roll Call! In order to become a member of the family,you must R/F/A all family members. In friends request state "Joining the RR" if you are already friends with someone leave a comment stating the same.Blank request's will not be accepted! If a member has their profile set to private,pass them up.After you become a member they will R/F/A you! You will encounter problems with the bouncer,while trying to add everyone. Just remember to change things up when he appears! Example: Joining the RR...(3 dots on the end) Bouncer shows up-enter his code Joining the RR..(2 dots) Everytime he appears add or remove dots! Now let's begin! HomePage 1.Rating Revolution Owner 2.$ç()řTëR™--(Lori's Hubby){Owner of Rating Revolution}[Demon Crew Recruiter] Enforcer 4.~Wizard~Owner of Club Tabu~Enforcer for the Rating Revolution~ Crew Leaders 5.♥ Lori ♥ aka Sxy Bytch Wife 2 ScOoTeR{FuOwned by Claymore}{Shoutbox is OFF} 6.buttrflygodde
Week 4 Schedule
Here ya go guys.. good luck! Sunday Sept 28th ATL @ CAR CLE @ CIN HOU @ JAC DEN @ KC SF @ NO ARI @ NYJ GB @ TB MIN @ TEN SD @ OAK BUF @ STL WAS @ DAL PHI @ CHI Monday Sept 29th BAL @ PIT BYES: DET, IND, NE, MIA, NYG, SEA
Mummer Xmas Party
the dress up theme worked really well
My Last Heartbreak...
Wanted to write this blog for awhile, since I always bring this story up when comforting friends and/or explaining why I take my time anymore... Fore-warning, this may be a long blog so grab a snack or two and a beverage... ... Alright, wayyyy back in high-school, probably my senior year, I met this girl named "Tammy". I guess we ran into each other a few times at different parties but never exchanged numbers or anything. Honestly, I don't remember meeting her untill... Fastforward a few years when MySpace went national. Yeah, we ran into each other online and after a few monthes of talking, she invited me to meet her for drinks with her and her friends. So I go, and we hit it off. In fact, we constantly called/texted/MySpaced/hung out with friends at bars and parties. We confided in eachother about EVERYTHING, including our love lives and such. We called eachother "twins". She was meh sis, I was her bro. Fastforward a few years... She ends up admitting she thinks we'd be
List Of Grievances
My brain isn't functioning, I'm either so exhausted or completely brain dead.... I hate these things: men who where athletic socks with dress shoes men who are so intellectual they become arrogant and condescending woman who think beauty is more important then brains people who clear their throat over the phone people who do snot rockets in the shower people who spit on the sidewalk as your walking down it the list goes on I am so seriously stupid right now my response time will be slow *kicks you all in the shins and walks away*   Wicked
Husky Is A Bonehead - Drop Confetti On Him Here
You can read the title... cough up the tickertape parade for Husky dammit.
Thanks Old Dude...ew
NorthJersey: lol ok....well thanks for talking ...cya sexy Suga Lips: get her collegen NorthJersey: i like your lips better than hers Suga Lips: well maybe you should stick with her NorthJersey: yes ..that is how I met my wife Suga Lips: dude...does this actually work on women? NorthJersey: i understand...can I at least kiss you for maybe 20 minutes? Suga Lips: I don't keep secrets and I don't cheat NorthJersey: perfect I am married will be our secret Suga Lips: ok well I'm married for 1 and for 2 you're old enough to be my dad NorthJersey: if you ever visit nj or nyc ..please call me 1st ..thanks Sug
The Glitzy Glamour Photo Contest!!!
Here they are ... the lucky chosen few. Everyone can vote once. The three categories are:  1) Sassiest  2)Prettiest  and 3)Most Glamourous over all. If you're leaving a vote, please use this format: 1) Sassiest - 2) Prettiest - 3) Most Glamorous -   Prizes!!! The man with the most votes for "Sassiest" will be awarded 6 million fubucks. The man with the most votes for "prettiest" will be awarded 1 million fubucks and a somewhat sfw salute from yours truly. And the man with the most votes for the "Most Glamorous" will be awarded a fucking boomerang provided by my inspiration: Vixen
Welcome To The Family!!
Here is our current list of members Lets give them all a warm welcome and check them all out { Founder and owner } ˘ľcottonblossom˘ľ*Wont be around much ck out blogs I post if ya wish*@ fubar { Leader } {{!Starry!}}{R/L G/F 2 JOHNNY@ fubar { Leader } JOHNNY { R/L B/F 2 {{!Starry!}} }@ fubar { Sec. of the Spankers Club } Sugarlicious Member of The Spankers Club & Pegasus Project@ fubar { Spankers Club Manager } ~*~Mamma T~*~ Spanker Club Manager ~*~@ fubar ~ஐ~neef03(Ruby Red)Onyx Force FM ~ஐ~ & FM of ~The Life-Savers~ & FM of ~The Spankers Cl@ fubar ~Hazyeyz ~@ fubar ßîg♦ĐâĐdÝ♦W♦~Spankers Bad Boy~@ fubar *Jennicense* Shadow Leveler/Spanker/Club Far Team Captain/DSC/Member of Fubar's Flaming Hottie@ fubar
A Must Read For All Dj's =)
I am probably going to take a live round for posting this blog, but hell, when has that ever stopped me, right? Fubar has more "DJ's" on this site than God has followers!! What is that all about? I have even reached out to talk to some of these so called "DJ's" only to find out they are not affiliated with a lounge, don't have the software to run on air if they wanted to and instead of rockin 2 turntables and a microphone, it's more like 1 cassette player and a Karaoke machine. I've asked these same people if they DJ in real life...that's an overwhelming "NO". I do hear, "but I wanna be one"...umm okay so I guess if you put it in your name and call yourself one it makes it happen?? Shit, in that case, I'm Millionaire Stang all day long *snickers* Look "DJ Shenanigans" and "Sir Wish I Could Mix A Lot"...Having DJ in your name is NOT a Fubar requirement! If you ARE a DJ at some level, then by all means, rock that shit but if you are not, then to me DJ simply means "Dat Jo
Special Happy Hour
I have a HH set for 5pm PDT on Thurs. It's in honor of my friend's father who is battling non-hodgkins lymphoma cancer. They did a petscan last week and found out that the cancer had moved from around his spleen to his groin/neck. Needless to say he was upgraded from a Stage 2 to a Stage 3. This is very discouraging news to hear when you are about to do your first chemo treatments. And for the nay sayers, I know this won't fix anything, but it is definitely a coping mechanism for us. I will ask that on Thurs/my HH that you carry this picture as your default. If you don't want to that's fine too. Also, in case you are uncertain or unaware of this type of cancer, here are a cpl of sites that will make you aware of what lymphoma cancer is. (He has non-hodgkins lymphoma.) Thanks everyone in advance. See
Writing Exercises...
Okay so me and Tinker decided we're gonna do a writing exercise every week and anyone who is interested can do it, too. We have ten items that we write into a short story. Those will be chosen randomly by other people who aren't participating. We will post by every Sunday night, here in the blog so everyone can check it out. So now all we need is ten items. 1.Broken French horn 2.Tape dispenser 3.Cocaine 4.Blue M&M 5.Hand Sanitizer 6.Pinleaf Oak 7.Polka dot bra with broken strap 8.Banana Bobble Heads 9.Sickle 10.Calculator And bonus word...sock monkey! Alright, the exercise is due by Sunday at midnite. UNTITLED EXERCISE #1 Skye took a gulp from her water bottle, eyed it dismally, then tossed the empty contianer onto the floor. Wth one hand on the steering wheel, she fished around the seat for more refreshment but found only one blue M&M. "Fucking heat!" She stomped on the accelerator but quickly eased up as the temperature gauge
Tranny Cocks
This is pretty par for the course for me lately...*sigh* i never get any takers on the suprise buttsecks. Is it because my tranny cock is bigger than theirs? ->ubarf: what no suprise buttsecks? ->ubarf: i wont even use lube i will drydock that shit ->ubarf: Oh yea we always need guys with hairy asses to stick out huge tranny cocks in...i could make you bleed ubarf: victims??? ->ubarf: you wanna be in one in sure we could use more victims ubarf: im sure you must make a fortune doing shemale vids. rofl ->ubarf: no i still got i just tuck it...lmao ubarf: had a cock eh? rofl ->ubarf: not as much as i have to pay to get rid of my cock ubarf: oh my great have some AWESOME much did they cost you for you to get those?
Eyebrows Who Needs Them?
It was a beautiful day out the sun was shining, the windows were down and i was driving fast. The wind was whipping threw my hair when i looked up and noticed my normally perfectly trimmed eyebrows were suddenly Sasquatch like... I realize Ive been avoiding getting my eyebrows done because of a certain situation... I cheated on my hairdresser...... you see my hair dresser and eyebrow lady work at the same salon who is also one of my customers.. I have been using these ladies for over 8 years with out once cheating.. Cheating on your hairdresser or eyebrow lady is not wise.. they tend to seek revenge after you come back. It wasnt really my fault and im not sure how to tell her without having one side of my head shaved off for being honest.. You see Jeff's sister is a hair cutter and has been asking me when i would let her cut my hair and since im trying to get in I decided to allow her to do it.. Ive regretted cheating ever since... SO last week as im driving with my cheating h
Friend told Me to post a blog… so here goesAm I the only one seeing point sluts who ARE NOT on My friends list activating their Auto 11’s in the alert box? I do not care about them or their silly points… leave it to fu to mess up what works perfectly fine….*when writing this* …I am also seeing point sluts activating their Bombs in the alert bar as well… Also am I the only one seeing point sluts photos in their “recent upload by friends box”? When I told a certain fubar Admin about this, he said that I was not telling the truth basically…well he said that was not possible …^^ screen shot just 5 mins old and hm look at all those point sluts in that box who are not on My friends list… damn I guess anything is possible like that saying says :P^^On a lighter note… damn I got rick rolled yesterday when going to click on a link a friend said was from a hot gothic model with a gas mask on and instead I found Rick
What The Hell Pt 2
I saw people refered to as "slutmuffin"s here , and was ruminating on the exact definition..I mean there are all types here on Fu, so what precisely is a "slutmuffin"?? There are plenty of slut's here on Fu ( thankyou baby jesus) and there's a bit of muff, so anm I to assume that the simple addition of the the two equals the product of slutmuffin? But how is that when the term is used referring to a male of the Fu species..I am confuzzled Big Time
To Clarify
NO. I DO NOT HAVE AN ORDER IN WHICH I COMMENT. NO, I DON'T LIKE ANYONE MORE SPECIAL THAN THE OTHER. (ok maybe there are a few :P) I have 3 people ask where they're comment was. Not nicely i might add. And none of the 3, have commented me in last 3 days or more. TRY LEAVING ME A FUCKING COMMENT, then i "MIGHT" fucking leaving you one. OMG. I am not here to make you happy. Get off your ass, top making blogs and commenting in mumms and say hi. Then maybe i'll say hi back. I might be a tad pissed. Sorry PS. It's everyone's birthday today. No i mean it. EVERYONES. Ok, maybe its. DaisyBlues Delirious Sproets And another thing. EVERYONE has auto 11's too. Well maybe just SherryMH Freak Rippedflesh Alison and anyone else i forgot. Someone give me a cigarette before i KILL someone Oh and btw Hi
I Did It
i sent a message to scrapper about becoming a bouncer and now i get to sit around with my thumb up my but waiting for a reply. =] wish me luck??
Dj Jabba The Hut
Originally I wasn't going to give this piece of crap the time of day but after finding out something I will. This dude is pathetic. Within days of talking to chicks on here he is instantly in love with them, wanting them to move out there with him and so on. I came across his path not long after I created an account on here. He was trying to basically buy me. I was in an auction and he bid one thing and then wanted it to be higher so he bid a happy hour. Fine with me. Well then he kept dragging his feet to pay up. It was oh well tell me when you want to book the HH. Um dude that doesn't matter to you. You give me the gift HH and then I book it for when I want. That's how it works. Well he got pissy because I was going to use some of my other 11s on other people. Mind you this was back before everything rate-wise was re-setting like it does now. So he tried to cop an attitude with me and I was like forget it than. Save your money and I'll remove your name from my page
I had love for him... he was once a good man. Then he broke my heart...   Our conversation this morning: Philemon has this as a status"*inviziblez* So I message him "I see you" He comes back with some weird scooby doo saying, and I was like huh? he says no worries its from a scooby do cartoon I'm old....   Now this is where he went wrong. A. never ask a woman if shes pregnant b. Never tell someone you are old before you know how old they are.. Golden rules men should live by don't need to know why just live by them...... Also if I ask you if my ass looks fat don't reply with anything other then this You are beautiful and your ass is fine!!! It may be a lie but will serve you better then this: I still love it.....(which means to woman your ass is FAT!!!!) so note to Philemon when stating your old (at 34) make sure the woman your talking to is not (35) BASTARD   love Wicked
Okay..well I just finished with my Cherry bomb that Ashley got me, for some reason she wanted to see me level, I am not here for points and only used it cause it was very quiet and no one was talking... so any way I leveled and am now a Prophet... As a prophet I shall lead you all to the promise land... also known as the local porn store or whore house... I shall spread joy to all the lonely people ... by buying them porn movies .... I shall take the misery away from your life... by buying hookers... So before I launched the Cherry Bomb and while the Cherry Bomb was active i had the status of "It's quiet and I am bored, so launching bomb some one got me now to get it over with... shout open to family only so show me your tits... oh wait i have seen most of yours any way :P" While EXCUSE me I figured your average dullard could figure out that this status was purely comical ... such a shame the inferior intellectual capacity that one must have to take such a thing serious... Yet I t
Sexual Kink
  Whats your sexual kink? Doing it in places you can get caught, a certain body part, a certain sex act etc? Is there something kinky you have always wanted to do but havent yet?       As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog
Text Me!
OK, I'm going to be all stupid here and post my cell number, cuz I broke my old phone and lost ALL of my contacts... ALL OF THEM!!! Sooo... if I used to have your number, or if I didn't, and you want me to, text me so I can get it again and have you in my contacts. Number is.... 574-952-0355 in case you don't know it :P *waits for random naughty texts*
Bothers Me
A list of stuff that bothers me. 1.) When people order King Sized meals with a Diet drink. 2.) People who don't know how to pump gas. 3.) How that skinny, bitchy, STD infected whore can get a great guy; yet I can't even get scum. 4.) Why bottled water costs so much. 5.) Why Karma hasn't kicked in for some people yet. 6.) People who don't use turn signals...ever. 7.) I saw a cop almost hit 3 get to a starbucks for no reason. 8.) My work sells popcorn and microwave soup. We don't have a microwave. 9.) My work is the only gas station that doesn't sell ice or have a fountain station. 10.) My schedule will say 5-10; I won't get off til 3, yet I don't complain. 11.) My mom was with a new man during my dad's funeral. 12.) Why am I never happy? 13.) Illiteracy rate. 14.) Wiggers; just why? 15.) Where's my damn cheesecake? 16.) OCD- who messed up my colored pencils again? >.>! 17.) Mini skirts... on anyone. 18.) I am not
Coot This Is Your Life
Being Put To Sleep
It turns out this is the last day of me being adopted by Princess. I'm old, and word on the street is she's putting me to sleep tonight. No, don't feel bad i had a long happy life with Princess. In my last hours i reflect on all the good times we had. Of course there were the many walks we had. :D As you can see her boobs grew very nice as she matured. She kinda over dressed for most walks though. My fellow dogs all wanted to bang her. She also took good care of me, feeding me often even though she hated the smell of my dog food. Awwwww the good times of her rubbing ma belly. Sometimes i'd get to excited and hump her leg. She didn't like that though... We became Canadian champs at doggie frisbee. Lookie at us go... Sometimes she'd invited me to watch her threesomes. I REALLY liked that We were so cute together we even made the National doggie magizine
Uh Oh!!
Before I begin, I need to state that I never break the law...I always ensure all my escapades are 18 or over *wink wink* I work retail for now..and at both jobs there are naturally a lot of jailbait working there with me. Normally not an issue. one of my jobs I seem to have acquired a nickname. I've overheard some of the girls say it a time or two in the break room or stock room...but always assumed it was someone else since I mainly keep to myself and don't engage anybody in conversation. They call me "Sexy Silent Slim" :( Now...not a nickname I'm particularly fond of, but the really bad thing is all these jailbait chicks (some cute...but all still illegal so therefore no go) using it. I don't know if I should find it cute or be offended. It isn't right for a girl 11 years younger than me to call me sexy. Anywho...the funny part of this is, the person who gave me the nickname. Our 49 year old stock manager. Gay as Liberacci. He thinks I'm a fine piece of meat, and
Mon, Feb 9 I just got my truck back from the shop 3 months a ago after $4000. worth of repairs (it's been in the shop 9 times in 3 years). One the things they "fixed" was my drivers side front axle shaft for the second time. I just got back from acquiring some gas and it sounded like my front tire was falling off.The last time I heard a noise like that was when I snapped my front axle on my last truck. I'm so frick'n mad right now.BTW, I paid $16,000 for it and have had $14,000 worth of work done to it. Keep in mind I have been unemployed for a full year now.GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! No, it's not a Ford, wish it was then I'd have an excuse.And I'm really getting pissed at all the comments I get from mechanics about how awesome my truck is. Way too many are seeing it Tues. Update. I took it in and my brake calliper got loose and got all fucked up in the wheel.How the hell does that happen? on a vehicle with 70,000 miles? They're the only ones who have ever taken it off.
[porn] What’s Your Poison?
Okay I am rather bored so what better to do then a blog on porn, so in your comments below I want three things from you.What is your type of porn to watch, can be one, or no more then three, and please don’t bullshit saying you never seen a porn before or I will just say bullshit.Below are a list of some of the top 100 woman in porn/erotica films, I found on google.Check these girls out! They had to do something right to be on the top girls list.I haven’t checked them out yet BUT I do plan to check EACH and every one and will tell you what I think of them hm    1. Jenna Jameson   2. Shyla Stylez   3. Tera Patrick   4. Brianna Frost   5. Audrey Bitoni   6. Briana Banks   7. Nikki Benz   8. Priya Rai   9. Jesse Jane  10. Amy Reid  11. Devon  12. Carmella Bing  13. Silvia Saint  14. Lisa Ann  15. Shawna Lenee  16. Bree Olson  17. Stormy Daniels  18. Rachel Starr  19. Puma Swede  20. Ashlynn Brooke  21. Nina Mercedez  22. Hanna Hilton  23. Rachel Roxxx  24. Gianna Michaels 
Changes And Stuffs
I haven't been on much and those close to me know why. I am going to be making some changes in my life,if you don't hear or see from me, then you may be one of these changes. It is hard for me to do this.I am not this type of person,but I think there are people who are very destructive.They strive on the fact that there are people like myself that wear their heart on their sleeve. I haven't deleted anyone yet and I know people ask me all the time if I deleted them.Nope,I haven't.Fubar glitch?I rarely delete.I deleted someone a couple weeks ago and that is because a great friend found the page number the jerk was on for me. With everything that is going on I need to surround myself with optimistic people who will not drag me in the mud with them and people who understand the pain etc that I am dealing with.I know some have it a hell of a lot worse than I am they are a lot like me in the fact they don't lash out on people. I have my kunty kit moments, we all have moments.I am not ta
Join The A2mÇ-toe Mafia
Welcome all to the A2MC-Toe Society!     I would like to extend this invitation to everyone who would like to be a part of this new, exciting Fubar group!   Of course with any group, we are going to need a list of rules and requirements for all who wish to join.   1. To be voted into the group, you must submit a boobie, c-toe, cock salute or a2m video to a current member.. but only after asking if they want one.   2. Must buy a member at least 2 drinks and one "spicy" gift   3. Must profile rate each member daily   4. Must rate at least 1000 member pics daily   5. You must shit talk each other on the quarter hour.   6. Must write one MuMM a day professing your love for A2M or C-      Toe   7. Must be blocked from no less than 5 MuMM posters   8. Must show proof of calling someone a cunt in your shoutbox.   9. Must capture scrolling A2MC-Toe mafia members   10. You must show the founders daily "fulove" and then  immediately go masturbate.          AND OF COUR
A Prayer
A womans sex prayer...... Now i lay him down to fuck, I pray he tears this pussy up, but if his dick is small and weak, god I pray this man can eat!!! hee hee
Thank You So Much...
Many words I want to express but just cant as of now..But many of you on this site have shared a huge part of your life with me..Can I just say thank you to all that have been here with me through all the pain n sorrow..Yes its been hard on my whole family which is very large..Thank you for all the Gifts, Flowers, N Cards..Alot of you r asking question please hold them until I can buried my niece please..a service will be held for the public Friday, Dec. 21. A Mass of Christian Burial will follow at St. Rose’s Church  Saturday, Dec. 22. Burial will be at a later date and will be private..So again I will be leaving to have my last moments with my little princess Joey (Josephine)She was a very beauitful little girl always smiling or just trying to make u smile ..her favorite color is purple..I cant write no more ..I will miss her dearly ..Thank you so much for all your support Fu Family n Friends..Love Ya All..Suzanne (Harley)
I'm in this little contest... Could ya take the time to rate it? Nothing special. *whistles innocently*
Very Sweet Words
Dearest JohnI just wanted to let you know just how much I treasure you as a friend.I came to this site with not a lot of expectations of ever meeting such a wonderful friend as you but, I came in the mumms, and we chatted briefly. Ever since then you have made me smile, laugh, giggle, and have always been a good friend to me. You've listened to me bitch and moan about the crappy things life has thrown my way, and never once judged me for them. You know I have a dysfunctional family, hate people, would love to have a "kill stupid people day", hate people that use shitty grammar and spelling, want to molest your starfish with with a sandpaper dildo laced with mace and you still keep being friends with me.I love how, even when I'm tired, or have gone missing for a while, I can come back here and we pick up right where we left off. I truly treasure our friendship. And, one day, I would really love to meet you and have coffee with you, and of course, some mad ass BBQ and beer!Anyways, I'm d
A True Hero
AMSTERDAM - Miep Gies, the office secretary who defied the Nazi occupiers to hide Anne Frank and her family for two years and saved the teenager's diary, has died, the Anne Frank Museum said Tuesday. She was 100. Gies' Web site reported that she died Monday after a brief illness. The report was confirmed by museum spokeswoman Maatje Mostar, but she gave no details. The British Broadcasting Corp. said she died in a nursing home after suffering a fall last month. Gies was the last of the few non-Jews who supplied food, books and good cheer to the secret annex behind the canal warehouse where Anne, her parents, sister and four other Jews hid for 25 months during World War II.   After the apartment was raided by the German police, Gies gathered up Anne's scattered notebooks and papers and locked them in a drawer for her return after the war. The diary, which Anne Frank was given on her 13th birthday, chronicles her life in hiding from June 12, 1942 until August 1, 1944. 'Helpers'Gies
I have already stumbled upon several white trash cunts with pierced tongues and babies in their pics. Can't someone shoot those bitches in the face so they can't reproduce any longer? On weekends, I have to deal with those likes at my hotel, and I secretly wish they would drown in the swimming pool so their gene pool ends right there. I wish it was legal to fuckin kill ppl, like it was in a homeland. I miss that freedom...
F Word #2
Have you checked it out? If not, please do... Once you have, let me know what you think...ideas, comments, hate mail, love mail...bring it! Also, check out the F Words profile and send in lots of stuff...good stuff.
I'm Still Sick. (drama-free)
I don't know how many of you know, but I've been sick since October. Bronchitis, and pneumonia mostly, but pleurisy and emphysema have been discussed. I've had many blood tests, several x-rays of my lungs, been on 4 rounds of different antibiotics, and am now on corticosteroids, albuterol, and singulair to help me breathe. I have to call my doctor in a week if I'm still not better, and if I'm not, we start the next step - which he didn't tell me what it was - he just looked at me. I'm assuming it's either being admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics, or oxygen treatment, or other lung stuffz, or all of the above. I've been so sick lately, it's taken all my energy to sit here more than a few minutes at at time. My breaths are about 1/10th of what they normally are. It takes a lot out of me to type and stuff, believe it or not. I'm sorry if I've ignored anyone, or forgotten to reply to anyone, and that's why I'm writing this. I'm gonna visit my son this weekend, and be bac
Ask M0p!
Yeah, I'll jump on the bandwagon for as long as I can sit here, I guess... can't sit long, breathing gets harder at night... :| Not that I'll get many people in here, but why the hell not. Ask me anything. I'll be 100% honest, if it's at all possible.
Send Me Your Fubar Shoutbox/chat Feedback And Suggestions.
Can you please post your feedback, suggestions and wishlist for our chat/shoutbox? What chat client do you use?   Please be contructive and keep this blog focused on the questions above.   Thanks      
Baby's Daddy
To many people are claiming to be my child's father, can you help me find the true one.... I thought Witchie was it... Dammit she came at me with a turkey baster, had me all tied up and everything... HELP WIcked and her fetus
Things Unsaid
There's this thing where you write what you have wanted to say to someone but have not. Ya might think I'm not really known for biting my tongue...and you'd be kinda right...which is why I've never tried this before but hey, everyone evolves (it's part of my plan to get new, better friends...ones without links). So here goes...the paranoid amongst you may not wish to read further. Why would I want to buy a skincare range from someone wearing an inch of make-up over obviously bad skin? Your lab coat doesn't make you look professional, it just makes you look like a badly-made-up bimbo in a lab coat. Fuck off! I'd like to blame you for me being that stupid. But I can't. I can blame you for taking advantage of it though. Are you really that fucking dumb, or are you just pretending cuz it's easier? Stop digging, you looked stupid 30 minutes ago. The promise is not broken, just unkept. Why on earth would you think that I would find such one-dimensional crap attractive? Just because i
I Love Everybody
I am so deeply concerned that some of you might die of shock and that would upset me so   Sproet and I are changing personas   I have to be sweet and gentle and kind like her   and she has to be a raging lunatic bitch like me   the one who cracks first is a big fat loser !   I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL   please pray for me
I remember when (isn't this how all bs sad tales start?) blogs used to be cool.  The mumms had gotten shitty for the first time (was it really the first time) and blogs were where the kool kids were...  Now no one really goes to blogs and certainly there is no blog stalking going on, except for witchie's on occasion or probably Jen's, but since I am not here friend I don’t go to them.  Anyway that is my thought for now.  I do not plan to do anything about them sucking, just decided to point it out.     Carry on.
The $1,000,000 Valentine!
Please read the entire blog before you order or ask questions (I've added F.A.Q. at the bottom). Blog rates and re-rates are appreciated! :) Game F.A.Q. 1. Can I buy them for anyone, or just the people in the photo album? ~ You may purchase as many as you like, for as many members as you like, with only one exception. I WILL deliver to bouncers, but I will NOT deliver to "yellow". This means, no hearts for babyjesus or Scrapper will be valid. They have enough to do without being swamped. 2. I sent my bucks, but I haven't heard anything from you. What's the deal? ~ The deal is that I go from back to front in my inbox. I do this so that I can make and deliver hearts in the order they were received. Once I've opened your email,you will get a reply from me. After that, your hearts will be delivered in my next set. I usually do about 75 orders at a time. During my last game, I received HUNDREDS of requests daily - this is why I appreciate your patience. I will get to them, it j
Something Different
Ive been busy the last week or so and have missed alot of people here. Before I left a friend started a blog having others ask him questions about himself. I liked the idea and being bored at the moment I thought I would do the same. (Thnkz for the idea Emanon)   So here are the rules... you can ask me anything you wish to know and I will answer it as best i can... if it is something I dont not wish to be made public I will either tell you in private or just say it is something I wont answer at the time. Im hoping for some good thought filled questions so take your time and give me something good.
My Kumquat!
For those of you who know me well, know that one of my best friends on this site has been Hugh.... Hes my Kumquat and I'm his snow pea... hes stuck around for 3 years of my roller coaster life and I'm hoping you guys can help me ... I know Hugh will probably not agree with it.. but I am trying to get him Donations for Spotlight  (he will kill me actually)... He might abuse me for this or he might just send all the money back.. He will kill me so please don't mention that i sent you and i really don't care how much you send him could be 200 fubucks just make sure you say "spotlight Donation" as a message...   Hes going to kill me and Im going to laugh my ass off.....   Thanks for all your help.. please no matter what do not mention this blog to him!!  
At It Again...
Not drunk but still venomous I still let myself get dragged into bashing someone again... I'm not proud of this but feel I do have a right to be angry.  Unfortunately, to explain why is a tad embarassing.  I fell for a rather old trick and since the person who scammed me is a well known and very frequent presence in the MuMMs, my anger keeps getting re-enflamed. Worse for me is we have too many friends in common and I end up pissing them off, which is not my intention.  I believe scammers, especially when real $ is involved, need to be trashed and I would expect the same treatment if I scammed someone...
Shawn Is Coming To Day
So Shawn will be here tonight..Yes, folks, he is moving up here with me to the ville. CONSIDER THIS FUICIDAL TO MY DU STATUS .. WOOTS !!! I am so excited, nervous and alllllllllll that jazz... No need to get gettin emotional on yawl ... Be happy for Casey ... Shawn is a great man and i love him dearly .. I needed this peace of mind and that he gives me . Check out his blogs. oh and Subby is a mimja............. and Jeezy has cooties 8-p
R.i.p. Ginnie & Ashley
On November 15,2006 two friends of our family,16 yr.old Ginnie & her 15 yr.old sister Ashley were in an automobile accident on their way to school that morning. Ginnie, who was driving was killed instantly when the front right wheel of her car went off the road and she over corrected,sending her vehicle spinning across the other lane,through a ditch and into a tree.Ashley died a week later. It`s strange that it`s so near the anniversary of their deaths when I was on Myspace last night looking through recent pics my son Shane had uploaded and then began looking through his old pics and found these comments made by Ginnie & Ashley about a month and a half before they were killed. There was nothing on Ashley`s Myspace page,but I took this screen shot of Ginnie`s to show the last log in was actually the day she died. I still feel saddened at losing them and just wanted to share this with someone.
Killer Crickets
So its a lil late but heres part two of teh cricket saga...Iz been busy.  As many know I have a cricket crisis, no Im not lacking Names for the Wicked Lil creatures, they have infested my truck.. I believe there are 4 more now when i started with two, I inadvertantly open a cricket whore house it Seamus, which still isnt the crisis i speak of .... Last thursday on my way to the bus.. I was texting a Moon pie (i can text with out looking so dont yell at me for doing it while driving) THe crickets were chirping and said moon pie was starting to melt my Puppet strings, Suddenly Out of the corner of my eye  i see a brown spot dart toward my moving truck...I hear a Hugh dummbump dummbump noise..... and knew the crickets drove the bunny to suicide.... Theses things are not only driving me crazy but they are making poor lil bunnys get runned overz. Halp me with my Cricket crisis ... Pllllleeeeaaase. Ps the bomb didnt work.... :/ I haz been invadeded by evil bunny killing super crickets.
Pft Whatever.
I'm sick of the fake ass bitches around here. People who really have nothing going for them so they fake shit. Whatever...its played out. Makes the rest of us who have actually suffered from it look bad and afraid to tell people because people might not believe us. Ugh, its sickening. This particular mumm poster claimed she had non-small cell lung cancer in a mumm and had written a poem on it. Misfit called her out on plagiarism and she deleted...
Wicked A Narcotic Or Neurotic?
I have been trying to adjust to this site and I'm failing miserably at it.. I know a few of you have been worried about me but I'm ok don't worry I'm a big girl with flesh coloured granny panties... I realize that at times i seem a little Neurotic and after reading its terminology i would have to agree.. Neurotic: behavior is not ousted socially acceptable norms... what i want to know is who determines whats socially acceptable.. I also believe im all of your crack..... hence narcotic... I also decided i dont mind being your crack... (laugh as you need to) so after careful examination i have deemed myself completely unstable   ENJOY!
Awww Fuck
first off i haven`t been around much lately, kinda  bored with fu, but not the people, know what i mean? ok point of this blog i think it`s time i finally broke down and did my first block yep, WICKED, that crazy canadian cunt my insane fuckin fu wifey she has turned into a twat blocker since she got knocked up i love her dearly but she has more mental problems than charley manson`s whole family combined that and as of right now she has one of the cutest lil asses that god ever made and i don`t want to have to look at pics in the coming months where it looks like a white ford explorer
Weekend Update
Im sick my son gave me his cold and I could strangle him.. he also informed me that i will be the basketball moms taxi tonight... FUCK ME! It was valentines day.. i hate valentines day Im pregnant still went to the doctor this morning found out im anemic... no wonder i was craving red meat.. Oh and of course my baby was moving so much they couldn't get a heart beat... SHOCKER I want to crawl into bed and die. Our drainage pipe stopped draining and decided to do a reverse in direction and come out the basement instead... I cant do laundry or dishes which poses a not enough maternity clothes problem.. And to top it all off i saw the skinniest pregnant lady who's baby belly looked like a tiny sour dough loaf.. I wanted to feed her chocolate and butter... I have to admit watching the olympics doesn't thrill me, never really has. That is all.. Oh and answering witchies question who's crazier, thank you all for tryign to be polite but i know im the nuttier of the two that is all.
That One Lady!
Theres this lady I refuse to say her name because she has made me mad... then she said she would never show me her ass again! being im the pitcher and shes the catcher this is a nightmare...   She said soemthign to me so now i refuse to talk to her... untill she apologizes.. I cant exactly remeber what she said now but it hurt Seamus doesnt want to be my go between anymore.. he screws up and sends her flowers!   So if you see that firey red head lady tell her im not talking to her   WICKED
Fubar World Cruise Passengers, Page 3
♫♪♫ ♫♪♫ Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking .. Welcome to the Fubar World Cruise, where you can get more friends, fans, page rates and fugifts. Please rate this blog, its #30 so far in the top blogs woohooo well done everyone ;o) You need to rate (profile only), fan and add all crew members as well as all of the passengers to be added. If any members come up as invalid in these blogs, please message me to let me know so I can remove them, thank you. You can see the Crew List and rules here and go to Page 1 here and Page 2 here of the passengers lists. IF ANY PASSENGERS HAVE THEIR PROFILE PAGES SET TO "FRIENDS ONLY", SEND THEM A PRIVATE MESSAGE INFORMING THEM THAT YOU ARE JOINING THE FUBAR WORLD CRUISE AND TO RATE FAN AND ADD YOU, AND THAT YOU WILL RATE AND FAN THEM ONCE YOU'RE ADDED TO THEIR FRIENDS LIST, THANKS! Our Passengers (201-300) ... 201 Poetic Justice 202 ♥§Ă§§Ë®§
Week 3 Schedule
Personal Mussings
I get days sometimes longer that I will end up wondering whats the point. Why am I doing the same thing everyday to face the same obstacles and issues knowing I will be doing that again next week too. Today I was throwing Christmas stock around..(ya I know isnt it a bitch?) thinking my God I am doing this again already? It got me to wondering do I deal with those issues from time to time because I am not married live alone and have no kids (ok now I feel pathetic LMAO) or do we all hit that wall no matter what our lives are made up of?
Oh Jeez.
Subject: Your eyes Body: Literally made me shudder. That never happens. You are beautiful, and I really enjoyed reading you profile. Would you like to talk and maybe get to know each other? -Rick srsly? wtf. *bangs head on desk*
Gah! Damn Bad Luck
Hello friends ...well im telling ya im just full of bad luck when it comes to my ankle. As most of you know last week i was given the thumbs up to start walking and they put me in a walking cast. The nurse told me to use my crutches for the first few days until i got used to walking on it but then everything should be fine and to come back in 6 weeks. Also if you had read the last blog i made about my ankle and doctors visit you will remember that the chic was in a huge hurry and was even having her husband help apply the walking cast. So anyway im still having to use my crutches because the pain in my heel when i walk is incredibly horrid. I figured it was just my bones adjusting to the change whatever but its not gotten any less painful. Everytime i put pressure on my ankle i get sharp pains in my heel that go up my leg almost like im being stuck with knives. Never having been in a walking cast before i called my doctor this morning asking that they please return my call as i have s
Peace & All That....
I you and all but you about to EXPIRE!!! Soon, I many days does it last anyways..anyone know?? her...please... I beg you... LMFAO!!! *will make the deal sweet* bling a ding your blingy dingy dong..blingy? ♥ ~PoSTal
Gimme Your Stuff
Soooo here's the deal. I'm working on a project for good ol' fubar and I neeeeed your input. 1. Gimme your best friend request...the funniest, the creepiest, the most memorable. You know you've gotten 'em and I'm hoping you've saved 'em. I'm not looking for hardcore nsfw content here, but just those invites or messages that had you almost spit coffee at your screen...those ones that you know are worth sharing with the fuWorld. Thanks! 2. Any questions you have about the site. An a and b to this section... a. I'm talking kinda broad here. Bring me your bitching about the rates or some other feature...something you think needs to be clarified someway or just something you would like for Scrapper to answer in some way or another. b. This one is a bit more specific. Gimme something you want to know...something that you think is unclear or you just think should be better defined. Basically a support question. Alrighty folks...bring it on. Do me a favor and send your pe
Litty Ditty About Misfit
Halp Me Jesus!
So I am going on my approx. 38th or so hour of no sleep. Insomnia is killing me. My body feels like I'm dead but my mind just can't stfu. I flop around in there like a damn fish out of water. Ugh. Nothing is helping anymore...I fail at sleep.
Note To Self!!
Note to self: NEVER QUIT!! There is this lady who thought she could take away my fu hubby and my fu lover. In the last few weeks this lady and I have been in a pissing contest. I believe im winning! Needless to say after one upping her on bling and blasts and threats off all sorts, she topped me by buying me a HH. She thought she had me I would bend to her will, she implored me to say Uncle.. I SAY NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO i bought her a HH as well, You will see us tomorrow together. Please so I can win just go hit her like mad.... I will not bend, nor break I will win SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This Sucks
just wanted to see if this is broken too urghh
Fuckin Bitch
So I log on this morning to find some bullshit message from some fake troll cunt on here about she ripped a couple of my pics to post a blog about me in  my hometown on   she Told Cerri she took hers for an old lady escort service..and of will do I am calling out to my wonderful friends to go take a look at his fucking cuntrag and see how SHE likes harrassment      
What Would You Do For A....
Smoke? It hasn't even been 24 hours since I bumbed that last cig off of GBT. I have cut back drastically from a pack a day to 4 or 5 over the weekend. Still those few cigs were enough to get me through the day. I always knew I was an addict. I always knew I had very little will power, But HOLY SHIT the things my nicotine addicted brain thinks up to get me to go in search of smokes. Scary thoughts.  Disturbing thoughts. Crazy crack whore thoughts. Luckily, I haven't acted upon any of them. I have however, chewed my fingernails to the nub and cleaned several things that really didn't need to be cleaned. I haven't been over eating. I am such an addict I actually feel sick with out my fix. I smell the smoke in everything in my house. Everything. It makes me miss it more as well as disgusted with myself. I really loved smoking. LOVED IT. But I keep telling myself $180 a month. Stained teeth. Cancer. Dirty fucking habit. It's almost enough. Almost. i think the thing that is sa
In a pondering a few thingsOkay I see peoples user name “Devils son 666”   “satanic hails” “baphomet666” “Christ killer” etc etc ..and when you go their page they have one of two thing, either a cross in their photos, or under heroes they have jesus Christ, god, and speak of how their lord and savior blah blah, are these people just mentally retarded or what?… Um guys hate to break it to you, but most women on hear who claim to be bisexual, has never stuck their tongue in a … has never had a female stick their tongue in their… and have no intentions on ever doing it, they do it just so you can get them bling and just maybe one day you can watch them kiss another girl.Okay, so a woman shouts Me yesterday and ask Me to read her blog,.. I said sure… was about her son being sick and she asking everyone to pray for him, I replied back to her, I am an atheist so I do not pray nor would I be hypocritical as to say tha
For once the name fits...I seriously have a CRISIS! This thing is kicking my ass and figured I would give an update. I still can't get to my Crisis account on my work desk top.  So here I am yet again, sitting at my cube mates computer on this account (which Fubar made automatically for going to the page).  I have tried everything. Including trying to decode the cookie files to see if I can get my username and password on my computer so Fu will autoload for me.  Freakin thing is BLOCKED!  This happened for 2 days back around April. I paniced. It went away.  It does not seem to be going away this time.  My computer has been fixed since last Wednesday and still nothing.  My LAST hope is a Face Book page my good friend Witchie has set up for me. According to her, I can log in through face book.  Of course...I have it working and I can't find the link.  AND...what the hell is all the hype about Face Book?  It looks so plain, simple and boring it aint even funny?  Where is Wicked? I need
So You Think You Can Dance. Week 4
I know none of you watch this show but I'm blogging it anyway. So last night each of the remaining 7 couples had to do two routines. There weren't any particular bad routines so I think we are down to mostly good dancers. There are two males that should go soon (Matt and Thayne) and it's probably getting close to time for Comfort to head home too. Anyway, once again the best routines were the two Mia Michaels one. The first one she choreographed with Katee and Joshua was amazing. Katee danced the best that she has so far on the show and the routine was just amazing. Just when I thought it wouldn't get any better though Twitch and Kherington did a Mia routine that was incredible. It was to a John Mayer song and the music, the dancing and the performance was so well put together it gave me goosebumps. My front runner to win the whole thing is still Will who is the best dancer in the competition but there are some suprising dark horses, mostly from the womens side - Chelsie an
Holy Crap
last day. Just sayin :D Talk amongst yourselves...
Just One...
Can you? Just one reason....
First Camping Trip This Year!!
This past weekend I went camping for Victoria day (clarified for Hugh and Rev...) it was a beautiful day when we got out there. I set up and started to drink. Rye and Coke go along way and a few marshmallow baileys shots and the Bocce tournament was on. For those of you who have not played bocce its a game where you try to get your 3lb ball closets to a small white ball. Seems a little lame but when half your team is drunk and your playing with forest and water hazards it passes the day away. To get down the business ill forward two days to the last night, A dark black cloud came over the sky and it started to snow. The weather took a turn and hit -4. Being Canadian we are use to this shit, but the Greek heritage in me choose to hide out in the tent under my blankets with my faithful companion nakita... Well i was bored and wondering about my fu friends so i got online and started chatting with Seamus and Witty (evil bastards).. Needless to say after an hour or so i had to pee. I ma
>alb4175: oh well You are curious but I can tell ya wouldnt take it lke a man and squeal for me ->alb4175: Iam not interested in cock..I am a giver not a taker alb4175: ill send you a pic of mine ->alb4175: what is in it for me? I mean ya wantthe cock or ya dont..I dont have time to play games alb4175: i want to see a pic of your whole body ->alb4175: email ya a pic? I would have to take would take me a few I guess the answer to my question is thatyou DO like the cock alb4175: email? ->alb4175: I just really like to defile a man...make him cry..then shoot it in his down for that? ->
For Lipstick
picture, Freshman year in high school. its homecoming or some excuse for a skip out party, im drinking alot for the first is spinning and i really have to pee... so a girl im interested in is sitting on my lap in a ;lazy boy chair and i tell her i gotta pee. she gets off my lap and im really having trouble getting out of this trap people are laughing at me and next thing i know, a few people start tickling me before i get in the bathroom... so im doing the peepee dance in front the toilet and dont get my zipper down quick enough and my nick name for the rest of the year was wetspot!!!!   so there ya go...embarrassing moment #1   as you were!
Okay, I know alot of folks on here talk to OTHER folks on here outside of FUBAR and all. Gossip and updates get passed via phone and texts and all. Seems everyone's in the loop and knows what's going on, right?!? Well not with me... I'm outside of the gossip circle, and I intend to keep it that way. I only talk to ONE erson on the phone from here, and text a few FRIENDS I truly care for ... BUT NEVER do we talk about what's going on here. I've made a few "enemies" while on here, and I know they're on your friend's list... I don't care. I expect the same if any of YOUR "enemies" are on MY friend's list... Don't get me wrong, I'll defend my friends when needed but mostly I try to just have fun here... Bottom line, if I'm YOUR friend... ...I'm YOUR friend. Take it or leave it.   
Sex, Lies And Videotape blog is going to be about the things that make me tick.....I know  some of you know things about me  that i wouldnt tell the average person. Some of you think i m crazy and i have a tendency to say things without being tactful....i admit i do such things without hesitation.....Most times i do it without malicious intent or venom...Thats not who i really am inside...Im genuine, thoughtful and i have tons of respect for those that deserve it......Onto the real me.....LOL...Some will be suprised..most will not.... Sex with me is a complicated thing at times......The act itself isnt, but what leads up to it can be as complex as Quantum mathematics......Some of you know that i consider myself a "switch"...Those of you who know what that means, read on, for those that dont, you will be informed of a side you never knew.........A"switch" is an individual who at times feels like he needs to be submissive to a woman to feel cared for, dominated and shown how to give affection when and
Xena's Wrestling Prospects List (enquire Within)
In a MuMM today the topic was about slavery and whether you would want to be someone's slave. I know I would make a bad slave, and commented that I would like someone to wrestle with. The following have so far offered their services. 1. Xena 2. Peacey 3. Imy 4. AzMephisto 5. phnortgner 6. Psyche (in Choc Pudding Pool) 7. Crazy Lips 8. Lord Spinoza 9. Zardio 10. JD Wendy (in the Jack Daniels flavored Jello Ring) 11. Greek Goddess (in the Jello Ring) 12. irishgirl Any other takers. The rules are ... THERE ARE NO RULES. Anything goes. LOL WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT We need to come up with how to declare a win ... What are the ideas ??? (Oh God I ask stupid questions at times but go on perves ... lay it on me)
So I am in this auction hosted by my good friend DaisyBlue. Wanna Get Your ♥ On and own me??? PLUS 1 WEEKLY SNAPVINE AND BIG PIMPIN' GIFT Click the pic. Please rate. Thank you!
I'm A Barbie Girl Damnit
As always i post it, then watch it, so this might be bad. I dont remember all the words... OMG my throat hurts. I might have to leave after this Lmaooooo last one
Pimpouts: Would You Rather
So I happen to be behind the Angel Pimpout ability here on the fu.. I've been linked to a couple bulletins and a mum where some users are really upset over the *recipient* limitation being set to 3 and I thought that I would take a second and address it to let you guys know that your concerns aren't fallling on deaf ears. The limitation isn't to stick it to you guys.  The fact is you have to consider that there is a finite amount of room in our online user bar up there.  Every 5 minutes we swap out pimped users and you can probably do some math and figure out how many pimpouts are possible in a day. With an increasing number of people reaching level 28 and choosing Angel I thought limiting the recipients would be the least arguable short term solution to this problem. The other solution being that we make the pimpout time less than 5 minutes  OR we can let the approximate wait time back up to well over an hour during prime time. Your thoughts on Pimpouts? -eric
The Choice Is Yours....
I just wanted you all to know I just recently purchased my Hugh back....   then end!               Actually what the blog is about its Mondays theme... I figure since you give me your opinions but i never listen ... this week you will get to decide between the two..   A.Trailer park Hoes and Gigolos B. Under 5" (Hugh's idea) for those who wish to remain on my "friends" list I suggest you pick A.  C. Transformers     Evil as always Wicked   PS be sure to spay and neuter your pets....
Bad Day Turned Good!!
Sorry to my friends for being so flippy today..   Life's shit had me down   My dad came over and actually made me laugh.. hes a dork like me   I want to thank all my friends for putting up with my craziness...   Im bringing back theme day.... I love to hate you all Wicked
Kids And Sex, Or Lack There Of...
Kids are a trump card arent they? I had my "friend" come over tonight, she dropped her kids off at a relatives house and was free for the evening. after receiving texts about how she needed some... and weve been, "dating" for months, but since i work offshore its been as many "dates" as i can count on both hands, no pun intended! anyways Im online agian cuz her teenaged son was getting off work and his ride stranded him. So obviously she goes get him, and IF she had not I wouldnt be seeing her again anyway, so Im pleased by her decision. I know weve all know those chics that would be whores about it...   anyways Ive had MY sons at my house since the day i got home from the boat. And wouldnt you know...they saw DAD had company and started singing "daddy has a girlfriend" all thru the damned house... funny! and they were being CRAZY... and UP MY ARSE! well you know kids... they were not in thier normal routine at all... one extra variable and everything goes out the window lol   we
I Caved Fuckers
swore i`d never open a facebook acct found out yesterday i`ve had one for a few years and forgot about it. add me if you want or don`t
Moob Contest?
Hey..... Anyone still wanna do a m00b contest? I know I've lost my main contestant but a little birdy just asked me about it. I'd gotten all sidetracked with my neverending depression and all :P
Hospital Woes.
Well it happened. I got the phone call this afternoon. For people that read all my blogs. Yup. They are going to operate. On Monday morning @ 7:30am Cubby will be under the knife. For those that know what i'm talking about, the first doctor is doing it. After 5 MRI's they see the swelling has gone down enough to do it safely. Ya, i'm scared shitless. Ya i think i better get drunk tonight. Never in my life have i been this nervous. Hold me. I'll be offline awhile, so if you don't see me, you'll know why. I might take Sunday off of Fubar too, i think i need to spend time with the million cats i own, and friends and family. Back surgery is never an easy to go through, and there are risks. But thank god i don't live in Flordia, i might wake up with an arm chopped off. LOL. PS, if i get one hug i'll delete your ass. Treat me the same as you always do. I'm pretty emotional and don't need Fubar friends feeling sorry for me. DO YOU HEAR ME? For thos that read this after Monday, see
ashley_xxxxx appears to be offline and will receive your messages after signing in. You can also send a message to ashley_xxxxx mobile device. Send an SMS Message (Ctrl+T) ashley_xxxxx: Bitch ashley_xxxxx: I will cut ya till i see bone Sherry : bitch back ashley_xxxxx: suddup ashley_xxxxx: i will fucking kill you ashley_xxxxx: Shuddup you whit3e devil ashley_xxxxx: Sleep with one eye open PROOF!!!!!
Angels And Demons
For the present moment, you are allowed to switch sides if you have a large enough sum of fuBucks. You'll find the link here to do so. This way we'll hopefully be able to add some really kick ass features without a lot of people worried that one side has it so much better and all you level 28+ people can get full benefits of having made it this far. Questions, comments, specifial ability ideas?  
Flashbacks And Nightmares, A Start Of A New Short Story
Chapter 1He woke up to the usual pounding in his head, felt the sunlight streaming through the bedroom window before he even opened his eyes. Rubbing the crust from his eyes he could  feel the sheen of sweat on his face, inhaling deeply he could smell the acrid aroma of sour booze leaving his body. He put his feet on the floor and stumbled the few steps to the bathroom for his morning piss.Right hand on the wall to steady himself and left on his cock for aim he started to urinate. Upon looking down to direct the stream he noticed dried blood caked around his thumbnail, not awake enough to give it much thought he finished and walked slowly to the kitchen. Up until recently he would have went to the coffee pot first thing but in the last few months he hadn`t bothered to make coffee, he instead went to the freezer and poured himself a mug of vodka instead. He sat at the table and took a big swallow then lit a cigarette, coughed and took another drag. Holding up his hand he looked at the b
Friend Add Of The Day
Again..where do guys come up with this shit and does any woman ever fall for it? andre22 mins agothe day began,the sun rose an illuminated the sky,my vision cleared,i saw such a vision of beauty.soft an true,such a wonderful woman,i knew it was you... hope to have news from you princess to me you represent the elegance of a classy sexy lady wow muah xxyyxx
Cause I Was Told By Boo
Dear Boo I am writing this blog for you My breasts will soon say moo Im having problems taking a poo Maybe i should sit on the lue I love you Boo   Now you should all love and adore on Boo cause shes my nipple expert. That is all Wicked
How In The Hell???
Ok, I have to ask...I was in the military for 8 years....I can fold damn near any item of clothing known to mankind...I got a set of FITTED sheets for my bed for Christmas, and i decided to use them for the first time about 5 days ago....I wash them and when i went to fold them i swear it took me 45 minutest to even get them to look HALFWAY folded....Ok i know theres somebody out there with OCD that can help me out....i have never been so perplexed on how to fold a fitted sheet...I got so frustrated with them i was ready to tear off the corners just so i could fold the damn things properly!!!!!!   Any kind of suggestion would be appreciated...
Once In a lifetime The kind of friend who you know no matter what you do will always be behind you supporting you & your decisions A friend who accepts you and doesnt even know your name A friend who even after the things they learn about you they may not like, doesnt judge you the person who after you share your deepest most inner thoughts with, asks you if theres more you need to say Once in a lifetime you find a friend who after youve finished up a conversation for the night, you realize you have this illuminating smile on your face that wasn't there before once in a lifetime you can meet a person and feel like you've known them all your life Once in a lifetime You find a friend who not only touchs your heart..................................................... but also touches your soul So you may be wondering whats miss behavin up to now! well here i tell you! i have met many many great people on this site without a doubt! but one person ive met has touch
Tell Them What They Won Don Pardo!
*I know this is long but I sincerely hope you read it all* By now I am sure you've all come to hear the story of Sporks and her dead child. My position regarding this story has always been the same: I don't know what happened, the authorities are investigating all this, and the truth will eventually (hopefully) come out. The fact that she got a lawyer does not, in any way, indicate that she is guilty or hiding something. Contrary to what Law and Order or CSI tell you... guilty people don't get lawyers, SMART people do. Do you have any idea how many times people have taken plea deals because they were faced with a mountain of evidence by the cops that didn't exist? They panic and cop to things they didn't do because they believe a lesser penalty is better than the 20 years the police are telling them they will receive. The police can, will and do lie to you in these investigations. They aren't under oath. So long as they don't violate your constitutional rights, they can do whateve
Adios Amigos
So long, farewell, auf weidersehn, goodbye! That's right, kids, it's time for me to hit the road, make like a hockey player and get the puck outta here, yep i'm off like a prom dress. I've truly enjoyed meeting some of you. Others, well... this is a goodbye note not a rant. ;0) It's been an interesting fu-journey to say the least. I don't know if I'm bored, irritated, or just too addicted to the flashing red lights, but I need to move on with my life. I'm starting a new phase with job, location, etc, so now's as good a time as ever. Not to mention the fact that as many of you have probably noticed, I don't really have the time for it anymore. Or maybe I don't make the time because I don't want to. I can't figure out which and I don't care to take the two seconds to figure it out. I may be back someday. Or, if I truly feel the need to lose my self respect maybe you'll see me on a site where I can make REAL money off of men drooling at my breasts. Don't hold your br
3 Way
So, as some of you know i bought a new car over labor day weekend. and NO im not telling you what i drive! *paranoidprinny* :P anywhoo...this morning on the way to work, stopped at a red light listening to Pinks "so what" just chillin n thinkin, then...BAM! some dude rearended me! Hit me hard enough to force me to rear end the broad in front of me. :/ everyone pulled over, got eachothers info...well the girl that i hit took off, she was "late for work and has no damage, heres my phone number if you need me" type o deal. but the guy that hit me and i exchanged our info and such...he was actually kinda cute. :) im fine, not hurt at all and the damage to the car isnt THAT bad, little marks and indents on the front bumper and a lil worse on the back. when i got my last car, it was new too and a week later some dude rear ended me inna drive through, he was also kinda cute. :) what is it with cute boys rear ending me? anyway, just a lil story for yall.
Blog #2
1) The reason why they haven't met the 3rd time is apparently that her mother killed herself, and Jaymee had to attend the funeral. The same day I saw her pop up on a mumm, making a funny comment. Not a way to mourn. Plz refer to the part where her mother died when she was 5, and she was raised by her single father. 2) Then right when they decide to meet, and she is on her way to see him, the hurrican/flood/whatever hits, and she gets cuts, infections, etc, gets into ICU. 3) I tell Deacon that its fishy that something global happens all the time. I feel awful for both of them, but my 6th sense is REALLY tingling. 4) He says that she is in the hospital, but doesnt wanna give out the info so ppl wont feel bad for her. I smell BS, and ask him who else is in touch with him. # ppl: Her dad, her aunt, and her friend McLovin. Her dad only texts, for some reason from HER cell phone (uh oh), and uses phrases like "uhmmm,ok", etc. Things that only youngsters would say. Her
Just Lovely.
baby cakes: wanna fuck Now wasn't that just a lovely lil shout I just got. :|
Hey everyone. That is all.
Just Sayin
these are thins that satara is just sayin   (i like this format better)   taken out of context they take on a whole new meaning sometimes
Made Up Words
was talking with a sweet but mentally challenged women today about made up words. here are hers mog for a mud bog grazy for a grey hazy day i contributed fucksplat and cuntdribble does anyone else make up their own words and what are they yes i`m fuckin ripped, smoked some sk-47 whooo haaa
I Like Music Montages
If i could live anywhere in the world it would have to be inside a Romantic Comedy. I wouldn't even be picky about it. I'll take any of the J-Lo, Julia, Sandra, Meg, Nicole etc.etc. vehicles for box office happy. I don't really like those movies. I usually only watch them when they re-run on TBS or it's someone elses treat. But if I could live in one I totally would. I think it would be nice to meet the love of my life in a chance meeting or through some wacky misunderstanding. I think it would be fantastic to be thought of as a princess when I'm really a maid, or vise versa. I think it is completely tragic that the slightly immature man of my dreams isn't pining over me and my no nonsense, all business approach to life. And I truly believe that there is something wrong with me and all my girlfriends because we never drink 'ritas and then dance around the kitchen table while singing "Lime in the Coconut". Perhaps it's due to our lack of kitchen tables. I would even be fine with the
loverboy75: hey girl whats up i dont know you but i do know some girl from you way dawn macarthor 12:56pmTo loverboy75: yeah? i dunno where that is 12:57pmloverboy75: i didnt say its where your from co and the city dawn is a person and i didnt say that you knowed her all i ask did you know her,aint gotta be a bitch 1:02pmTo loverboy75: hey dont get all pissy at me never said who she is how do I know if I know her 1:03pmTo loverboy75: i just now saw that part and no I dont know her..but ya donthave to be a fucking dick...all I said was i dunno where something is..fuck you are a charmer eh? 1:05pmloverboy75: hey im sorry if you took it if i was being a dick i dont know who pissed on your pradade but i wasnt being a dick but i can be if you want to say that i am 1:06pmTo loverboy75: yeah your reply sounded pretty snarky..and if you think you wanna be a dick go for it..whatever turns your crank 1:08pmloverboy75: no i dont like beind a dick but the only way im a dick if wom
Re The Other Blog
First off, I've been a tad busy this week, hence my rare sightings here (yes I know you didn't notice, crush my ego you bastards).   Secondly, some of you responded to my last blog as if I was meaning 'you'...when I say 'you' I am talking to a generic 'you', not anybody specific.   I don't like people putting themselves down; I sure as fuck don't like it when they're doing so to try and make me 'feel better'. It bugs me that people I care about would think that I would want that.   For the record, then, pedantically as possible...   I don't deal well with stupid. When I say 'stupid' I mean - small-minded, selfish, petty, lacking insight, lame, puerile...fuck it's 6am I'm not going to find a thesaurus - right up to just 'thick as fucking pigshit'.   Good rule of thumb, if I like you, I do not consider you stupid.   There are plenty of smart people here - on my list and not on my list.   Note, I consider myself intelligent...that doesn't mean I consider myself 'smart'.  
Ugh, I swear today is just one of those days. The minute I woke up I was instantly crabby, and everyone has just been on my last nerve today. I know it will affect how I am with clients so I tried to see if I could leave early, but stuck here til 6.. grrr I so just want to go home, crawl back in bed and pretend today never started yet. Anyone else ever have those days? I'm usually pretty happy go lucky, but today.. Meh.
Olympics First 5 Days
Probably not surprising to those who have grown to know me, I really love the Olympics. I think it's an incredibly wonderful event and I try to watch absolutely all that I can. I get soaked up in all the stories and and drama and I love sport. I hate that people politicize it but that's the crappy world we live in so I ignore it. Here are my thoughts on the first 5 days now that I've finally watched the end of the opening ceremonies. So, since I was playing soccer Friday night and then went to a friends house for some drinks I missed the opening ceremonies. Of course I tivo'd it, and I've been tivo'ing about 18 hours of coverage a day every day as well, but since I was out volunteering all weekend I had to watch the ceremonies in little hour bits. I finally finished it last night. If any of you have seen it, you know that it was one of the most incredible spectacles ever in the history of the Olympics. If you haven't seen it, you definitely should try to. I don't want to go into
This is the last thing I will say about this EVER. There is a specific person talking a lot of shit about me. 1) she says I am lying about talking to deacon. Let me tell you.. i have nothing better to do than lie about talking to my friends on the phone. 2) she says that because i won't post a NON BLURRY picture of my phone log to prove it shows i am lying.. no.. it shows i respect my friends enough to not post their damn phone number on the internet. 3) she says that she has PROOF that Jaymee is not dead. well.. post it.. all i have seen is speculation. I want to see a picture of her with a newspaper in hand that shows the date! 4) she says that she is doing this because she is friends with deacon and hates that he is hurt by a fake (or whatever) YOU are hurting him more by continuing this shit. Either way he has lost the love of his life. IF by some ODD chance you are right and she staged this WHOLE thing (*blink blink.. eye roll*) then Deacon STILL has
What A Dream...
I just had a dream.. it was crazy.. I had a dream that i woke up to my husband's kok in my face.. i started sucking on him with him kinda sitting on my chest or whatever... next thing i know i feel another set of hands at my legs... I look at my husband and kinda gasp and he grins... i woke up while (in the dream) i was screaming around my husbands kok and digging my nails into his hips... dunno who i was dreaming was fucking me... the bad thing is... that USED to be me... i had threesomes.. i had foursomes even... and i loved them... guys or girls.. i didn't care... I gave that up for my husband...he isn't into sharing.. and while i DO miss it... i love my husband.. sometimes... I do wanna go back to that though.. but again.. i love and respect my husband is this brought on from running into my ex-girlfriend on halloween? or is it just my mind saying BITCH YOU ARE HORNY AND NEED TO GET FUCKED NOW! btw.. my ex-girlfriend is going to be at my mot
Pet Peeves
I am bored here are some of tell me some of yours   -people who do not use their turn signals -people who leave their signals on for miles -men who wear socks with sandals -ppl with BBW..DJ..Milf..and MFKN in their names -the price of tampons -fat chicks in spandex -people who take babies out in only a diaper..or a diaper with a stained white tshirt -men who open a convo with  wow you are hot -why can men go topless and women cant -bad boob jobs -bad lip jobs I am sure I will come up with more - stupid people -stupid peoples children -children who run thru the store unattended -illegals
She Ra Cunt Haters Untie!
Yeah, I know it says untie, I was tryin to be fuckin funny, if you don't get it, you can't join the club so neener neener neener! Yeah, I know as women we have not just the right, but the hormonal composition to be bitchy, and sometimes even cunty, but usually it's provoked.  You know, serious infringements like eating the last of the chocolate ice cream or cutting me off in traffic.  I'm talking about the abnormal over the top cuntiness because you looked crosseyed at somone's fu-lust, or because you simply presumed to exist on the same spiritual plane.  Come on bitches now, smile at your sister try to love one another right nao!
Cvnt, Just Cuz I Like Seeing That In The Bartab
stoned day off today, long weekend caffeine buzz ask me anything you want to know about me, i`ll answer in a pm, or ask in a pm if you don`t want your question here did i mention bored?
    I have nothing to say.....
Damn it, the news said we would not get any more snow ‘til mid January, Here it is, New Years eve, its fucking snowing hard and we expected to get a foot at least. Damn it nature, how can I alert My minions to go down town and blow up people in snow? Random Artistic noticeThis huge black crow just landed on the tree outside My window and it is like maybe ten feet away from the squirrels nest, just would be a great shot if I had a better camera… damn it ... and no it was not eating it, the trees outside My window have several bird nest and one squirrel.. Maybe the only view I will miss when I move.. other than the ducks on the east river… hm.Okay, am bored and didn’t have anything better to do than to blog, well I could be adding more stuff to My deviants art page since I have been putting it off for like a week… Have a deviant arts page? I am AtheosEmanon, Atheos of course being the greek word for Atheist, or basically meaning without god, and of course
Well it took me over three years, but I finally got a profile that reached 24 without it being jumped on by admin   *does a dance*
Member Handbook
It Seems That Somebody Is Beyond Help.
I have no clue what kind of drugs this dipshit is on. But this is what I have received in my messages this morning. It seems he wishes to have a challenge after I have already challenged him. Of course that one he has backed away from out of fear. It sounds to me that he must be gay or cannot accept that he is a lesser man than I. from: Bob (The Love D... Online (Me thinks needle-dick Bounty is hiding!) Plano, TX subject: I knew it would work received: 07/23/2008 01:31 am replied: no block this member Flag as spam I just knew if I posted a couple of naked pics with my cock completely soft, you'd get that big ego going and try to act like you're all big cocked and shit and would spew that shit all over the mumms, which you did indeed.... talking up so much about how much bigger you were than me and bragging all over the place just like you do with everything else... damn predictable indeed. Well, what you didn't know is a friend of mine has already shown m
She's Back!!
Omg Jade is back! I am so excited! I have missed this woman!! Purdy please go show this girl some love!! If you don't know her tell her I sent you! She has teh AWESOME!!! JadeLotus@ fubar
My Girls!!!!
FIVE of my most favorite girls on the Fu all have Auto 11s today!!! Please hit them up!!!!! They haz teh HAWT!!! Ash ™SS♥ Owns my Ebil soul*FuPetOfMs.D*@ fubar ~Fiesty~@ fubar ♡Hazel Eyes...RIP Kept In Corsets♡@ fubar Not tellin ™ McLovely@ fubar I AM A HORRIBLE FRIEND!!!! *HANGS HEAD AND CRIES* MONICA THE GREAT, IF YOU CRUSH ME,. PLEASE TELL ME SO I CAN LOVE ON YOU!!@ fubar
Why Pornos Are Horrible
I started watching pornos about a year ago. I still to this day believe I could make a better one. Here are the reasons that I am starting to hate the pornos: 1. no woman would shove a penis so far down her throat that she gags. 2. No woman would hork on a penis or vagina. Its not attractive. 3. when having an orgasm not all woman stare directly into the camera. 4. not all woman bend like gumby 5. If your going to slap the person your having sex with do it hard. 6. pulling hair means pulling hair not caressing it 7. Havign a threesome is not the girl holding the other girls hair while shes giving the guy head 8. when they say kinky sex its doesn’t always mean disgusting. 9. you will never fuck an 18 year old at the age of 35 plus get over it, this does not make a good scene. 10. lol when fingering a girl do it for more then three finger pumps then shoving those said fingers in her mouth… that’s a buzz kill 11. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY IN THE CAMERA!!!! 12. we can all tell yo
Getting Rid Of Dead Weight
New Years Eve Party ....woop Here It Is
NSFW because I know you fuckers      
Dear Fubar
Dear Fubar ... I am not trying to be difficult or even accusatory I am just trying to understand so that I and others can make sure not to cross you mumm restriction lines again. In the past I have attempted to email and ask for clarification as to why these things happen however that has not turned out very well for me and I never get an answer or direction   Today I posted the following mumm       the result being it was removed for violating your rules and I am banned from commenting As this is not the first time I have had this happen for a mumm of this nature and I am not the first one I am hoping someone from fubar would be willling to address our questions as to what it is we are doing wrong so that we can avoid doing it in the future   thank you        
Wth And Htf?
 TeArY just activated bling: Famplifier! WTH is that old biddy doing in my live feed and HTF did she get there??? She has me blocked.  Ole bitch.
What I Learnt Today
Some people can't handle that some people WILL read between the lines, realise what you are saying and NOT give you the answer you were so hoping for. Some people can't tell the difference between an ACTUAL pack mentality and people who happen to have the same opinion (cos OMG shock shock horror horror! that rarely every happens cos everyone HAS to be such an individual like). Some people don't realise just because they have to google words someone else said to them doesn't mean that the person posted them previously had to google it. :)   I know it's an amazing world out there where people actually know big words and stuff, but hell I'm a believer that it happens. :O
Photo Challenge
That sounds WAY more sensible than this is gonna be.   Basically, I have a Happy Hour to do *pauses for gasps of awe and amazement*...Helly has one too, but cuz she's like a proper decent hoar now, she'll probably be looking for ways to maximise her levelling abilities and stuffs (ie, she won't want to be associated with me...especially now).   I don't like the idea of just going through the motions (minds OUT of gutter tyvm)...because someone was very generous. SOOOOOOOOOO   I wanted to do an homage to the poor abused lollipops of fu. Realistically (and sadly) I do have enough god-awful lollipop pics of my own to get me through, BUT the kind gentleman Mr Higgs Boson did agree to letting me swipe his for the hour as well.   Which gave me a more betterer idea (more betterer is deliberate, stfu)...I think the more god-awful lollipop pics I can get the better (Mr Boson aside, obviously his is a work of art).   Sooooooooooooooo I think you all should help me. All being the operat
Just Say It!!
I feel like there needs to be some sort of rant venue for today.  Not sure why.  Could be the Aliens that visited me last night, I don't know. SO.....SAY IT!  YOU KNOW YOU WANNA!!   Anything at all damnit!! Examples: You are ugly! Why do the same fucking hoars scroll up top all the time! KMA! drill abandoned us and he is ghey! I miss Witty and Mrs B! I'll give you $5 for a bad hand job. Hey Yankess....FUCK YOU!  HAHAHAHAHA
Just A Little Note..
Hi to everyone that was here for me through the horrible time in my life..I am getting better but I still have my days when I think about Josephine (My God Child that was killed in the school shooting in Ct.)I will be leaving again for Ct. to spread Josephines ashes Friday  n yes I will have a part of my heart hurting..I will be back to Fu soon..Must I mention to a few that took me out of there family cause I wasn'trunning bling n saying I shouldn't share my life with fu..well damn it..It was all the good folks on fu that were all hurting over the pain of these children's n others killed..What were u doing but grabbing points..My life doesn'trevolve around fu..It was my KickAss Family N Friends on fu that supported me through all the pain I was going through n my family fuck all the few folks that dont have a heart n only care about running bling n being red..*Pretty Fuckin Sad*....I don't need u in my family..Enough Said!!!I know my little princess is in a better place n now she
Please Read This, Be Aware
We need to be more aware of what our kids are doing... online and offline... here's a link to a very touching story that made me cry... its sad.. what kids will do now a days... please read it and post it, make parents, children, everyone more aware. The Link here A little piece of the story: "We found out a few days later, after looking on my computer, that you had been to a website that explained, step by step, how to achieve this unbelievable “high” by cutting off the blood supply for just a little while to your head and then you stand up and it feels so euphoric! " Please be aware. Click Here for More Info On the Choking Game.
Mummers Hung Over After To Much Cheer
Violets head is pounding and she regrets those last 8 shots Kevin actually has not sobered up enough to get dressed yet word is he never really stopped drinking James hopes to be able to stand direct light and loose the glasses before New Years she woke up with her hair like this and no one will tell her WTF happened
Child Molester Updated
[EDITED DUE TO THREATS FROM BOUNCERS OF DELETION... RE-EDITED AFTER BEING TOLD I WAS ALLOWED TO MENTION SCREENNAMES]   I was accused of being a child molester today, in the mumms. Of molesting my own daughter, ffs. By a friend, or so I thought. Not only that, but she accused me of kidnapping my own daughter, and not being able to see her unsupervised. Even went as far as saying she's always been concerned about my intentions with "her" friends on here. Little does she know, but "her" friends on here had, and still have, some pretty deep intentions with me. Just sayin. I can clarify where she got that misinformation, but I shouldn't have to. The people that know me, know my situation, what I've been through, and that I'd never be living with my son's mother and her husband and family if any of that was true. Fact is, I've been fighting Social Security for 8 years since my car accident, and living here for the past 3 has been quite helpful to me, and to them, me being an extra se
Free Bling!!!!
is something im not gonna give you right now if ever, just wanna see who the cool kids are   its gonna be funny seeing who all comes in after my friends comment on this blog thinking they are gonna possibly get bling    STUPID FUCKING POINT WHORES maybe i oughta do a ticker saying i had a free bling blog  
Sho's Private Video.. Hot!
Whatcha Say?
So while I am waiting on Emanon to come up with a blog to cure all of our boredom, I need something to do. How about if you have ANY questions you want answered, ask them. I am bored, and on my way to being drunk, so this should be intresting...
To whom it may concern I have 28 pairs of shoes, I do not think that is overtly excessive for a woman.
'splainin' Stuff
***This is not an emo blog*** ***Try and realign your expectations and realise that this is not an emo blog*** ***Thank you*** ***The 'you' is a generic 'you' and not aimed at anyone in particular***     Anger is an interesting thing...particularly on the internet. Like most things, people take their own sphere of reference, and use that to interpret what you have said into what you are meaning (reasonable enough), what you are feeling (not quite so reasonable) and what you are like (only reasonable if it's me making the judgements...yes, hypocrisy is ahead in the little minds of some...I make judgements. All the time. Everybody does. Unlike some, I make mine knowing I'm sometimes biased and endeavour to recalibrate accordingly. Also unlike some, I'm prepared to justify my judgements AND my actions).   But I digress already.   I have many levels of anger...'tis true. What amazes me though, on here, is that 99% of the time, I'm not angry at all, but people are gasping in horro
Sore Spot
So I've been on Fubar for almost 2 years already and I know it is as drama infested as the 8th grade.  Im not here to bitch about it in any way as I enjoy myself and am adult enough to handle it.  However, when push comes to shove I am going to shove right back!  For those of you who "know" me, you know i am a very nice person and would never attack anyone on here or in real life.  So I was minding my own last nite chillin with a cocktail when a "friend" popped into my shout box.  We had some normal chit chat and just kept fu-ing.  He said he was drinking blah blah blah.  He started to get sexual with his conversation and keep in mind this someone I dont know from shit.  So I ignored him and figured he would go away.  He did'nt, he just came back saying he wished he could suck my tits so I was like screw this not happening.  So I told him I had a man already to suck my tits, which isnt true but hey. Alas...No more shout box meassges!!! So I go to bed only to wake up to a message in my
The Cancer Monster
  If only mom could fix the boo-boo once again! Remember running in the house with blood running down the knee and mom wiping your tears and fixing the boo-boo? Well, this is a boring story to some, so don't feel like you have to sit here and read all this. I am writing this all down for the benefit of some friends on here that care. I had a mammogram done on April 8th. Got a call to go have another mammogram done at the Surgical Breast Center on the 19th. After the mammogram, I had to sit and wait for a bit not having any idea of what was going on, but didn't like it one little bit. A few minutes later I was told they wanted to do an ultrasound on the right breast and a biopsy. I wasn't too overly concerned because I had this done a couple of years ago to the same breast. After that I was told someone would call me with the results. Again, nothing abnormal about that, either. The following Monday afternoon, April 22nd, I got a call from the doctor who did the biopsy and si
you make me smile, you make me mad, you make me laugh, you make me drink, you make me sing, you make me care, you make me late, you make me better, you make me cry, you make me swear, you make me feel shiney and new, you make me dance, you make me carefree, you make me sleepless, you make me hopeful, you make me dream, you make me healthy, you make me happy, you are my friend. thank you
Name Game
This was inspired by a sweet friend of mine (love you, girl) and also by the fact I've been told I need to have more of a blog presence (f-u, hun) The Name Game. The rules are simple, we start with a name of a celebrity. The next name in the list has either the same first or last name (phonetic similarities and spelling differences are accepted "Jorge = George" or "Joe = Joel" etc) just keep it in the The next name follows from the one preceding and so forth. The original name that started this was: Seth Rogen So we go from there.
No Matter How Many Times
No Matter how many time I see this..I smile and feel fuzzy every time   My 5 and 8 year olds ride the bus home together..and my 5 year old is still his sister lifts him down from the last step and sets him on the sidewalk it is so fucking adorable I am a sap big time
Secret Mission
I went on a secret mission today.... I drove may miles... I got a windshield full of dirt.... Ran out of Windshield washer fluid Stuck head out car the sun came up A gas station appeared out of no where I LOVE TODAY I won the mission GIRL SCREAM!!!!
Cause Witty Made Me
Ok for those that didn't read blog yesterday im pregnant... so should i allow witty to be the birthing mom should i give birth in a mr turtle pool and really is Seamus the father Will Witchie be a good fu momma... Will Mr. Dr. Prof. Esq. be a good boob rubber for the entire pregnancy and since hes a dr will he be my ob gyn?   PS Witty will be taking over blog when vomiting starts... Thank you Wicked   PSS just imagine a little girl just like me... (evil laugh)
We Like You So Much...
...that we're gonna link your profile to another website without your permission. A website that you have deliberately chosen not to join, for your own reasons. This all via a new feature given to users on this, your current website of choice, your haven. Am I interpretting this correctly??? A once forbidden action is now a forced feature??? When these ppl activate this link saying they "Like you", those links are in effect shown on thier facebook page creating a direct link to your fubar page???? I dont want to jump to conclusions, but if the above is correct, then to me this greatly decreases the "place to get away" value of this establishment.  
The 36,000 Rate Fake Exposed...
Well, here we go again. Another fake. This one though has a special twist or twenty to go along with it. This profile features a girl that claims to be 23, but in reality is probably a hell of a lot younger than that based on the pictures she has posted. This profile had not one but EIGHT Happy Hours on Saturday and for those of you not in the know, it ran whoever paid for this fake profile's Happy Hours about $800. Eight Hundred Dollars!! That being said and done, many questioned the fact that this thing can put up (or have someone else put up) almost one thousand dollars on it and still not post a verified salute. That's just from one person alone I am sure. From what I understand this fake has been scheming and conning like crazy. And well, like most of them, they get busted in the end by making mistakes. Many, many of you, about 36,000+ profile rates worth, have been fooled and lied to. And with the assistance of my friends, we can bring it to you here completely to pass the word s
Girl Parts Name
LMAO Your Girl Parts Are Named: Twat Waffle Girl Parts Name Generator
Terrorism... Poor Kids
That's right folks!! Terrorism, the Church of PedoPriest has engaged in an act of terrorism and Us at the Arach of Atheos Newspaper has uncovered the new story!We uncovered this story of their Newest member, formerly known as Lord Spinoza. Spinoza had given his life over to god! In the most faithful of all acts He had done what god commanded of him, as has uttered those four words JESUS IS THE GREATEST, he blew himself up while on a bus full of teenagers on their way to Christian campIn this statement released to the media, as well as us those at the “Arach of Atheos” paper, you can see his statement below.  Okay you conspiracy theorist, we all the AOA newspaper, thought it all a little too suspicious that a priest by all accounts on good terms with everyone would just one day decide to commit an act of terrorism and blow himself up.. that was until we found this floating around this secret order of pedophile priest newsletter. In it you see that it was NOT a random act,
Two Fakes And A Con...weekend Of 5/8/2010....
Well, special special times these are. We got ourselves some boomerangs, some Achievement things (see previous blog) and we now are even talking about getting ourselves a Hall of Fame! Wow, imagine that. Anyways, what never changes despite everything else we may see or deal with over the course of time around here are two things - fakes and cons. And they would once again be the subject of this weekend’s excitement here today. First off, let’s start with the fake. I know you all love it. So, with that I bring you.. Same ol tale here eh? Some hot
Can You Say Moron?
Definition: A statement made to free oneself from responsibility. also called hedge clause. A few recent events have convinced me of the importance of publishing a disclaimer about certain behaviors I may at times engage in, thereby releasing me from responsibility of said actions. 1. Accused of being a tease v., teased, teas·ing, teas·es. 1. To annoy or pester; vex. 2. To make fun of; mock playfully. 3. To arouse hope, desire, or curiosity in without affording satisfaction. Disclaimer: I occasionally do these things. And by occasionally I mean often. However, the 'you're a tease' comment that is shouted at me is meant as an insult. I believe my skill in vexing and mocking should be celebrated, not demeaned. So this is half a disclaimer...I only take responsibility for the kind of teasing where the 'you're a tease' comment can be met with a 'thank you.' 2. Accused of stalking Disclaimer: Well, this has only happened once. It occurred because I
Fubar Trains Main List 201 - 300
201.The Coffee TrainThe Coffee Train Tags 202.Funky Roadrunner Train Funky Roadrunner Train Tags 203.You Give Me Butterflies Train You Give Me Butterflies Train Tags 204.Casper The Friendly Ghost Train Casper The Friendly Ghost Tags 205.Bling Train Bling Train Tags 206.Fine as Wine Train Fine as Wine Train Tags 207.Future Train Future Train Tags 208.Best Asset Train Best Asset Train Tags 209.Olympic Spirit Train Olympic Spirit Train Tags 210.Stop Child Abuse Stop Child Abuse Tags 211.Smoochies Train(24) 212.Support Troops Parade 213.Pharoh's Magic Number Train 214.Nookie Train 215.Trail Of Tears Train 216.Sarge's Football Train 217.Kid At Heart 218.Cross Country Road Trip 219.Breast Cancer Awareness Train 220.Rollercoaster of Love 221.Rockstar Tour 222.
  I have some great friends on here, One even wants to see me level bad enough to give me Auto 11's!  I will unleash my 11's Friday around high funoon for those who would like to help me out in my Quest. In the meantime, feel free to rape him or rate him anyways. Oh, an give Kit your Fubucks. I would say go help out JWH but she's not being very nice. I even have a ticker now, however that works.  But I is getting organized. Now I'm scared." target=_blank>Just">href="" target=_blank>@ fubar
Robot Friday?!?
Alright, Kins is MIA and Wicked ain't here yet sooooo...... Anyone wanna do "Robot Friday"?!?   
How To Kill A Seagull!
A clear plastic bag aluminum foil rolled up in balls (to resemble fast food packaging) bag filled with ether..   Love you Name   Anyone got any other ideas. Wicked   PS i missed you all this weekend and yes sometime today i will take pictures of my new hair.. PPS I am buying name camouflage netting and sandbags for his cubicle....
I just fucked My sister, while ranting about popular culture, and now I have $1000 of crack money, but I  insult women and jews. Lmao, just make random sentences.
So Mad I Can't See Straight!
Well Start with the good. The recital went great. The class nailed both routines and I really was proud..they worked so hard..I thought I few times I was gonna break before they caught it..but we all made it thru alive and well lol. I made Adam go with 16 years I have never seen him "dressed up" *giggles* He cleaned up quite well even if he did bitch that the slacks made his nuts sweat. In fairness he does look better out of the clothes tho;)   with that said...many of you know about my redneck drunk asshole neighbor with the doog that never shuts the fuck up.Well my son was out riding his scooter yesterday..i was sitting on the bench reading a book. Ever since we finally called animal control over his dog, this asshole has been uncontrollable..barking at us all the time..telling Jarod to suck his cock...well yesterday, he goes to my SON in the middle of the street and says sorry your momma is crazy and needs ot be taken away son. are YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!!???!?!?A DRUNK FU
My Boobs Have Always Been Nice, Okay?
I hate people so much lately; online and off. Dreamer: i do care to talk, but i definitely dont need to hear shit from other ppl, if u have some kiind of bad mood dont let it out on me Dreamer: i meant i added u to be a friend not for a contest of who got the largest number of friends Dreamer: thats not wut i meant Suga Lips: I talk to a lot of people. I don't need pity conversation. have a good day Dreamer: well u dont have to be sarcastic, if u didnt wish to discuss somethin u should've said so from the beginin, at least am talkin to u Suga Lips: I tried with my oldest and it didn't work. Any other intimate thing you'd like to know? Perhaps when I start my monthly menstration? Dreamer: not to breast-feed a child Suga Lips: Thought what wasn't right? Dreamer: oh.. thought that wasnt right.. but who am i to say anyway
Symbol Of Our Friendship
You are a "Truly Special" friend of mine and I wanted you to know how much our friendship means to me. Please click on the "Click Here To Get The Code" button at the bottom of this message, and send this to everyone that is "Truly Special" to you and let them know how you feel! if you recieve: ----------------- 1 - 3 ( Awww, a couple people really care about you! ) 4 - 6 ( Damn, you are loved aren't you! ) 7 - 12 ( WOW! Your friends absolutly adore you!!! ) Click the above image to rate / rip / comment! Copy the code below and post to your friends You are a "Truly Special" friend of mine and I wanted you to know how much our friendship means to me. Please click on the "Click Here To Get The Code" button at the bottom of this message, and send this to everyone that is "Truly Special" to you and let them know how you feel!if you recieve:-----------------1 - 3 ( Awww, a couple people really care about you! )4 - 6 ( Damn, you are loved aren't you! )7 - 12 ( WOW! Your friend
Who Is Left Behind?
After the auction is over and you see that you have not won.. what happens to you? Left in the dust .. forgot about.. yup they dont talk to you any time for friends.. So we have to stand together I guess and wait till there time runs out.. but will we still be here? hmmm thats the question..
Coc Updated 7/28/08
=== 'Home of the 2nd Alarm Hotties' wrote the following at '2008-10-02 19:08:38'.. > > > > > 2nd Alarm Hottie Code of Conduct > > 1. All Hottie members/prospects must have a verified salute and a minimum of 15 pics which include S.F.W body shots. > 2. All hotties must be female by birth. > 3. Shout box and Fu-mail must be open to officers for communications (Profile may not be set to friends only for this purpose). Officers must obtain a yahoo screen name. Firechief, and acting chief must have all officers yahoo sn for communication and meeting purposes > 4. Chief and Hottie homepage must be added to your Family while considered a prospect and remain in family after administration. All new hotties will be assigned to a Team, your team leader must be in your top 7 friends and upon your acceptance to the group you must add '2nd Alarm hotties member' to your fubar screen name, you are allowed 5 days to conform with all C.O.C.rules. > 5. All current 2nd alarm h
Knight Rider & Other Projects
Hey,Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that it looks like my "Knight Rider" episode will be airing on Nov. 12th. If the show isn't on in your area, you can always watch it on I play a casino cocktail waitress, bikini girl, and dancer. However, I'm not sure which scenes will make it all the way through the editing process. Go easy on the criticism, I was completely bloated and the camera adds 50 pounds, not 10...*snickers* Currently, I'm trying to obtain roles in "Criminal Minds," "CSI Miami," "Without a Trace," "Heroes," "Two and a Half Men," "90210," and the new Ron Howard movie. Not sure what will become of it, so wish me luck...I need it! LOL
New Rules
1) All new girls need to r/f/a existing bad girls, and rate their SBG pic folder :) If anyone is blocked let sarge or tulsa's angel know and we will contact them. No bad girls should block other bad girls. 2) All girls should have a pic folder on their page marked Sarge's Bad girls and keep your bad girl tags, and other bad girl pics in it, like graphics, etc. found online (Check Out The Sarge's Bad Girls Page for ideas) You should have at least 25 pics. 3) All existing bad girls should be re-rating the Sarge and fellow bad girls pages and leaving a bad girls comment to let them know it's done. You should also rate their pics in their SBG pic folder. 4) All bad girls should be watching the Sarge's Bad Girls page for new blogs, etc. that you need to be reading! Comment them and rate them so The Sarge knows you read them. 5) If you see a bad girl posted a bulletin please repost for them. If they post a blog read it and rate it 6) If a fellow bad girl needs help leveling ..
Sparkle Sparkle
Ok guys. I am seriously sick of my hair. It is so boring, it doesn't even like have a style.... it is just.... there. So, if you would like to give me any suggestions, that would be wonderful. Pics are always nice too :D Oh, and I refuse to dye it blonde, just throwing that out there.
Because Someone Needs To Write A Blog.....
I have nothing to say...but a blog needs to be made.   Just comment =]
Whats Wrong With Me?
Hello fubar its me Psyche, i have an issue..dillema..situation or whatever  the hell ya wanna call it. Ya see i met this really hot guy a few yrs ago and we hit it off immediately..well in a sexual sense. I wasnt ready for a relationship and he had just gotten out of one so we became fwb's. It worked out great, id go see him whenever i wanted, get satisfaction and leave. We never really conversated or spent time doing anything except sex and to be honest that was just the way i liked it. Then out of nowhere he began wanting me to stay over, not liking when id just get up and leave but i couldnt handle that and so i ended it. Funny thing is we started randomly talking from time to time after that and it was kind of nice. Shortly after i lost my brother and i completely shut down and closed everyone out of my life for quite some time, just didnt have it in me to be anything to anyone anymore. Well a few months ago he contacted me and we've been talking ever since and yes having lots of t
Just So You Know
I have been truly blessed to meet amazing people here.I have also met some pretty horrible people too.I have laughed and cried.It is just not much fun for me anymore.I am not deleting,but I won't be here either. Mumms were so fun for years,but double standard system has just ruined them for me.Some are silenced for the exact same hypocritical stuff others say. I still can't walk without assistance,pain is bad,so yeah it makes me grumpy.That has nothing to do with my decision.While I am kinda immobile I have chosen sites that I can play on with my kiddos and other things. I go to court against workman's comp on next monday,hopefully they will forced to give me new doctors of our choice and we will make progress. I am not gone for good and may pop in for a few seconds etc. The people here are getting too plastic and cruel.Please be careful to never become one of those people :) ================================================== just an update on my injury stuff.... court has been
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a would chuck couldn't chuck wood?   Bored!! first to answer with the correct number gets a prize ... yes bored...   now play nicely :P   WICKED RAVEN GOT CORRECT ANSWER WITH ZERO Look "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a would chuck COULDN'T chuck wood?"
20 Fun Facts About Sex
1. Sex is where babies come from, so although it’s good fun, be careful out there people!   2. Sex has many euphemisms, including “having it off”, “doing it”, and some others.   3. I have seen nearly three bare ladies.   4. A man who has a lot of sexual partners is called a “stud” or a “heart throb”   5. Famous heart throbs include Hollywood Star Brad Pitt, sports star Tiger Woods, and TV’s Screech from off of ‘Saved By The Bell’   6. A woman’s bossoms are fun to mash.   7. There are all sorts of diseases that can be caught from off of girls, like cooties, the lurgy, and the AIDS   8. Hollywood actor Ben Affleck has had sex with so many women that scientists have calculated his the AIDS rating as 3  
I am bored so wanted to do a blog where friends could talk. ALL PICS Below are done by Me. Okay people play nice.. not really, I want lots and lots of cursing!!! \ Lmao, all done! Enjoy
Wyked told Me to blog... This is a blog.She made no specifications as to what to write in a blog, just said to blog…next time wyked say what  you want the blog on :P Charlie Brown is not impressed with your poor excuse of a blog ....Emanon is not impressed that Charlie Brown is not impressed   There you go wyked :P
Cheating On Referrals
Fubarbarians... Over the last few days we have been auditing referrals. Many of you are working hard to invite your "REAL" friends to the site and we appreciate it. Unfortunately, there are always a few people who will abuse the system and take advantage of the extra points. Although it may be tempting, please do not set up fake accounts or use bogus email addresses or your points will be reset to ZERO. It doesn't matter how much you have invested into the site! Cheating is cheating and this has been our policy since day one! The best thing you can to is to protect your investment is to play fair and do not cheat. It's really quite simple. Cheating = Reset to 0. Playing fair = :) It is not fair to the rest of the community who are working hard to legitimately refer good people to have to compete with cheaters. Please take the higher road and ONLY refer legitimate people. Also, please read the terms of service. " reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reje
I Like This.
"Panicking by yourself is the same as laughing alone in an empty room. You feel really silly."
New Bird, Wtf, Am I Nuts?
got a new bird over the weekend i know, i bitch about the other 3 now i totally refurbished a cage, painted it, made her new toys, all the good stuff this is a female indian ringneck, 2 years old and she is bright yellow. if and when her and finn the turquoise male mate they will have pure white chicks with red beaks she was an aviary bird and never been handled before, got her wings clipped first time today and wasn`t fuckin happy. she got loose after the clipping and before i got her in her cage. she bit me 4 times as i tried picking her up, drew blood all 4 times. i finally got a hold of her by the tail and she managed to pull free,leaving all her tail feathers in my hand. she now looks like one of those peeps, the easter marshmallow candies me and her are not off to a good start i`ll take some pics later
Damn Spooky 3rd Shift!
Alright, off the bat... I DON'T SCARE EASILY!!! Working third shift in a huge, empty building has a way to play with your mind, but last NIGHT I had more then THREE weird things happen.... Warning, this may be a long one so grab your popcorn. Backstory: a janitor way back in the early 90s was killed by a stray bullet in the building I work at, but wasn't found till hours later. Alot of the old timers working there joke "John's still here". Pffft, whatever. I never had anything cool happen till a few weeks ago when I was in the 2nd floor men's room... I had just gotten done washing my hands when I heard a little girl's voice say "Hello?!?" coming from the opposite exit... I instinctively said "Hello?" and listened... Then I realized, I never heard the huge automated door open OR close. I ran out to try and catch whoever it was, stopped to listen for footsteps or doors... ... Nothing! I then called the only female worker trhat night on the radio, and she was two floors below
Thursday Three-fer. Two Fakes & A Con Exposed.
So I had a bad day. It’s so cold I woke up to frozen water pipes this morning. When I have a bad day, that usually means someone eats pavement somewhere. And today we have a two - fer special going on right in on this blog. The first one really isn’t a “fake” persay, but it’s a con to a certain degree..check it out here… ♆ Viᶍᶍᶍen Fuwife of Quicksilver@ fubar
Warning For Men
Here is a statement that  is written on a glass from a bar called" The Bulldog" in New Orleans.. it reads as follows: Police are warning all men who frequent The Bulldog to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink from any women Many females use a date rape drug called "Draft Beer" The drug is found in liquid foram and is available anywhere, but  is much more effective from the Bulldag. Beer is used by female sexual predators at parties and bars to persuade their male victims to go home and sleep with them. A woman only needs to get a guy to consume a few units of beer, and then simply ask him to go home for no strings attached sex. Men are rendered helpless against this approach. After several beers, Men will often succumb to the desires to sleep with horrific looking women whom they would never normally be attracted to. After drinking beer, men often awaken with only hazy memories of exactly what happened to them the night before, often with just a feeling that something ba
Swing Kids And A 3 Year Old's Heart
The movie Swing Kids was based in Nazi Germany at a time when Hitler was rapidly rising into power. The young adults who listened to underground, illegal swing music and were against the Nazi movement went through their own rebellion to resist Hitler. So I just got done watching the movie, and my 3 1/2 year old son watched it with me. At the very end, my son looked at me with tears in his eyes, completely heartbroken, and said "Mommy, this hurts my heart. Why did the bad people have to kill everybody? Hitler is a bad man." I looked at my son as he wrapped his arms around me and cried for all those people, and it made me cry too. My son's heart is amazing, and the depth of his understanding is beyond comprehension. As we sat there crying together, it made me wish that Hitler could have somehow known the heart of a child. It's amazing how much kids actually know and understand. Thank GOD my son will never have to know that kind of hatred.
Secret Admirer
·You have a new match 1 min ago ·You have a new match 1 min ago ·You have a new match 3 mins ago ·You have a new match 3 mins ago ·You have a new match 4 mins ago ·You have a new match 5 mins ago ·You have a new match 6 mins ago ·You have a new match 7 mins ago ·You have a new match 7 mins ago ·You have a new match 8 mins ago ·You have a new match 8 mins ago ·You have a new match 10 mins ago Its getting predictable
The End Of Summer 2010 ....
well, it's about that time again kids, the 4th Annual "End of Summer" blog. I usually post these on Labor Day weekend as it's pretty much the unofficial end and last "party weekend" of the season. I try to encapsulate most of the summer happenings around here as well as some of my own fun stuff and of course, what I see.... In many ways, this time of year represents change. Change in the way we act, things we do, times we sleep, people we interact with and the amount of time we spend interacting with them. You can see it not only around here but in people's real lives as well. Kids go back to school, people pick up different lines of work, if they are working at all in this economy. Priorities change, and in some cases, the priority we put on people and people put on us changes, for various reasons. That's the one constant about not only Fubar but life itself, is change. We can't stop it, we can only hope to contain it and make the best of whatev
Texts From Last Night...
One of my favorite pasttimes is reading are a few of my recent faves...   Drinking with birthday clown in the backyard shed at a 5 year olds birthday party at 12 in the afternoon. My life doesn't need any adjustments    She even gives head with a lisp.   She called me her ex's name in a supermarket. How boring am I that she livens up shopping by thinking of another guy?   four guys that i have slept with have come into my job today. FOUR. i feel like it's like bring your sex partners to work day.   if you want blown tonight you're gonna have to take me up on that offer now. in less then 45 minutes you're gonna be blacked out and i'm not doing something i'm not getting credit for in the morning.   These people keep looking at me like I'm the first person to ever eat ribs in a Home Depot.   He's so gross, but the preschooler inside me is screaming that this is her life dream and I have to be with him or she'll never forgive me. I just had a B
"bling Ranking" On Fumafia
I have mentioned this in the fuMafia Blogs, with many who agree with it, with no response from Admin about their oppinion on it, except to reject my Blog Posts. There are many who complain about the gap between Blingers and Non-Blingers.  And many things have been introduced in the game to try to make things more "Fair" for both sides.  But, it never fully addresses the issue, and it's never fully fair.  It always favors 1 side or the other.  When it's made fair for Non-Blingers, Blingers complain because they spent "Real Money" for their Wins, only to get easily beat by someone who has paid nothing (which is understandable, I would be pissed too).  And when it's made fair for Blingers, Non-Blingers feel that they can't keep up with the pace because of the Gap that is there that the cannot catch up to easily (such as the 5,800 Skill Points difference in the Diamond Missions that now seperate Blingers and Non-Blingers who are the same level). What I propose happen is a "Bling Ranking"
having a down day... talking to a guy friend.. and for some reason all he is talking about are these girls he hangs out with size 6 jean with a DD and C cup size... why must people talk about things like that to me? I am gonna go throw up now.. why do i even write blogs? people don't read them lol......
Stay alive, no matter what occurs...I will find you! I'm watching the Last of the Mohicans and that's one of my favorite lines from the movie. Of course it doesn't hurt that Daniel Day Lewis is at extreme hotness in the film. What are some of your fav movie lines?
A Monumental Decision
Well, I made a monumental decision today. I am moving to the same town my son and mother lives in. It's about an hour from me. I won't be moving until mid February,but it makes more sense. I will see Justin and Blake more and I'll be closer to my mother. She needs that right now. So do I. It will also be better for me financially. Cost of living is cheaper there. I told them today. They are so It's a sound decision.
Some More Real-fu-kin Life...
....ya know I just don't know anymore... ..there are some days on here when I wonder why I even sign in. I was looking through old "memories" (screenshots) of Fu days gone by over the years...and what strikes me most of all is the people that just aren't here anymore... ...these days, this place is honestly more selfish than I have ever seen. Everyone's Auto 11's...everyone out for themselves. Sure I'll have a thing now and then...but there are over 600 Level 26 members on this site. SIX HUNDRED!!!....that's crazy... ..barely anyone wants to talk anymore about anything with any substance. Most of what I get is even more selfish, things like, "can you blow this person up because they screwed me over?" The answer has been and always will be no. I try with alot of sucess I might add, to avoid personal drama. I will blow someone up if they are a fake. I will blow someone up if they are a cheater and scripter. I don't care what point level or member rank they are. Those numbers don't
DaisyBlue wrote me a limerck...   There once was a girly named Woo.Giving MuMM Noobs a clue.A hobby of hers,Things could be worse,Than Woo running riot on Fu!!!       lmaooooooooooooo
Updates In The Works For Fubar: Indie Bands, Referral System And Levels.
We've been working on some big changes for fubar! First up, we're going to be adding support for Band Profiles. We're focusing on small / local / indie bands and will allow them to upload their music and keep in touch with their fans. Part of this will also be a daily contest where we can all vote on our favorite new music, and we'll be sending cash to the Peoples Favorite band each day. We'll also be doing a monthly contest and sending the best band $10,000! We're hoping to have this live on the site in the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned!   Next up is simplifying the referral process. I want to do better rewards for people who invite their friends and for those who's friends are actually online. To make this happen I'm going to simplify the referral process so (hopefully) there's less confusion. In the near future the only people who will show up in your referral list will be those who you've invited via email. We'll also update all the home pages to show you whenever your referrals are
The Rules
Leveler Of The Day
WELL ITS TIME TOO DISCUSS THE LEVELER OF THE DAY.It has been brought too my attention that the lower levels are not going too be able too get chosen for the leveler of the day because of the rates they have. I understand that.. I found on my first day for example.Vanessa hit me with everything she had. She rated everything she could and maxed early just on me and wasnt able too help on level ups the rest of the day. So with that heres our options and majority will win on this. We can keep it as it is or I can choose who will be the level of the day . The choice is all yours... I will not be voicing any say in this. All levelers need too comment on this as too how thye feel. Remember if you are not participating you wont be chosen. You gotta give love too get it Thanks for all your input
Now Don't Be Nasty!
You all have been so much to fun to blog with, that I decided I would go ahead and do another for today. I have blogged about this before but it was such a long time ago and by looking around the FU..people still don't get it. People bitch all the time about people downrating their pictures. Now, I don't downrate, I'll pass on rating a picture before I downrate it but I've seen some shit here on the fu that NEEDS to be downrated. So, here I go with my rules for picture posting on the fu! 1. Learn the crop's your FRIEND! If your status says "single and looking" and your living room looks like your place should be condemned..then change your status to "single and looking for the health department". Better yet..clean that shit up and retake the picture. 2. If you want to post pictures in your do the damn thang but don't use the ones where it looks like the damn thang lives in the crotch! Wear clean ONE's. If you can't "shout" it out...don't put
Fvck You All!
I am more hurt by a situation with an "online friend" then I will ever admit here. Fvck you all! Online friends do not really exist.
Hahahaha Bi-polar Bear...
(this is shoutbox, so read from bottom to top :P) ->Aleister C...: no, i laugh @ you because you act like the most bi-polar person i have ever met! but hey, go for it....seems to work for you. i could care less if you blocked me or not, it's not really a matter of concern. Aleister C...: go on laught bitch Aleister C...: stupid Aleister C...: i spelled wrong again i bet you will laught at me for sputid now to Aleister C...: are you going to laught at me anymore because if youd o i will block your tramy ass ->Aleister C...: how in the sweet unholy hell would i know what you look like?!? you've got a picture of a yogi asr default Aleister C...: you proved what you are Aleister C...: see you do hate me because im not hot ->Aleister C...: i'll pass Aleister C...: fuck you ->Aleister C...: HAHAHAHAHA such a snuggly lil fuck, you can correct yourself Aleister C...: streetwalker Aleister C...: slut whore tramp hoe stretwalker ->Aleister C...: thank hell Aleist
I Almost Peed
It takes food seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach. One human hair can support 3 kg (6lbs). Human thighbones are stronger than concrete. A woman's heart beats faster than a man's. The average man's penis is three times the length of his thumb. There are about one trillion bacteria on each of your feet. Women blink twice as often as men. The average person's skin weighs twice as much as their brain. Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself when you are standing still. If saliva cannot dissolve something, you cannot taste it. Women reading this are finished now... Men reading this are still busy looking at their thumbs.
Ash Ash Baby ...
YO VIP THAT BITCHLET Ash Ash baby Ash Ash baby All right stop celebrate and listen Ash's birthday this day should be bitchin some day I will grab hold of her tightly show I love her being a fool daily and nightly will she ever stop Yo I dont know turn on the light and she'll glow shes so extreme she rocks like a vandal she will up stage will wax any chump like a candle dances thru mumms can speaks her doom killing lame brains who are acting like goons deadly game she plays to her own melody hey speaking the truth isn't a felony love her or leave her then your just dead weight you better hits bulls eye or the bitch wont play there's a problem Yo she'll solve it watch her right hook or your head be revolvin Ash Ash baby Ash Ash baby Ash Ash baby Ash Ash baby Now lets get her party jumpin with the mummers kicked in and some tunes pumpin quick give her points for the points shes a shakin she's shaking her ass like a pound of bacon
Point Whores Be Gone
we all know at least 3 of them. someone that was a good person, you were friends with them, and they seemed to be a real person. then, all of a sudden they are gone. they became too caught up in the point system, to give a flying fuck about friendships, or even to care about being a human being. well... i am not on here for that. sure, we all get a little grin, when one of our friends bombs us, or gives us a cute bling. but i dont allow myself to become engrossed in it. the mentality that, "if i'm not in your family, you cant be in mine" is fucking ridiculous. are you just a collector? is it a status thing? if you're reading this, and it offends you, ask yourself when was the last time you contacted me for anything other than something to do with anything other that a level requirement? have you asked me how my new apartment or job are going? have you thought about me or my kids at all? maybe getting a REAL life and thinking about something other than your pathetic little e-bullsh
Sb Chronicles -
->Wycked: backatcha bout mandacuntface ->Wycked: had no intention of it Wycked: anyone who likes thaqt ugly unt boops can kiss my ass Wycked: well dont add me ->Wycked: lmao jealous of WHAT You were just rating my pics and sent me a friends add...too fucking funny Wycked: this conversation is over, go cut yer own throat pls Wycked: you are two pathetic drama queens, who are just jealous ->Wycked: well...have I blocked you? no Wycked: right ->Wycked: boops does not block..and neither do I so try again there big guy Wycked: well boops talks shit and does the same thing, and niether of you are nowhere near as good as manda ->Wycked: well in all honesty she is a blocking pussy..she talks shit to people and blocks...fact Wycked: manda gives me nothing, but honesty ->Wycked: lmaooo keep goin so she can give ya some e snatch ->Wycked: andyou fit that bill as well sir Wycked: if either of you were half the woman manda, you would still be shit ->Wycked: lmao after ya rate allmy
I Will Visit You
There is one really annoying thing that some assholes do, which I HATE HATE HATE   Annoying losers that message me, sayin that they will be in Chicago for _________*insert stupid reason here.  And then asking, what places I recommend, and what should they do.   This REEKS of hinting that I should hook up with them/be their guide in Chicago and eventually in my pants.   Fuckin YELLOW PAGES, use them! I"m not a guide book, nor do I know every fuckin location for every stupid skank infested bar. This is happenin so often, its ridiculous.   ANd, ofcourse, another thing is...   Oh, I wish I lived closer to you! Not coming from a friend, but an annoying stranger that believs for some reason living in my zipcode would give him a key to the city. Seriously...and its always some fat old perverted asshole with crusty pants. Ughh.    
10 Normal Things About Me!
Name Crisis said my odd list would be to long so here goes.... 1. I have a small business selling coffee and paper products to 180 restaurants a few offices and a maid company. 2. I love physical activity, I ride horses, wake board, ski, snowboard... all when im not pregnant. 3. Like most woman I own allot of shoes. 4. I have one son who turned out pretty damn good 5. I am Greek so I love cooking and cant quite wrap my head around cooking for only 3 people. 6. I have one sister. 7. I have one dog and a fish im hoping will die soon... 8. I tend to be rather sensitive and have my feelings hurt allot. Yes its true im a softy 9. I have freckles in the summer 10. I wear underwear.   Please thank the bird for getting all the boring things...   Wicked
Help Shup The Whiny Island Girl
We have all heard it.   -  'They took away my apostrophe - wahhhh wahhh wahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!'   'Its a crime against the Language, *stomps foot, Wahhhhhhhh'  Lets Shup the  woman up.  At first - I thought perhaps it was cyclical - (you know what I mean, guys)  But - the complaints about the apostrophe occurred far more often than one week intervals each month.   So - She either suffers from a raging case of chronic PMS , or she is alot more like her HS English teacher than she cares to admit.   In either case - five people will win:  1st prize:  A Cherry Bomb Bling or Auto 11's, 2nd Prize:  Bling & A Fu-Castle, 3rd, 4th, and 5th prizes:  Really crappy shit. Submit a salute to Passion's Fire.  Post it here.  I'll make a photo album of all salutes.   All entries must include the fucking god forsaken apostrophe.  Points given for creativity, offensiveness, apostrophe placement, LOLZ factor,  grammar, etc, etc. Crap - Did I use the wrong word in the first sentence??  What usage
This Is Not The Blog You Are Looking For
Haven't had enough alcohol for that   Just to let you know, I'll be running that damn god thing soon...probably tonight but don't quote me on that. That's my night, not yours.   I am a benevolent god and therefore have only one rule - don't whinge and I won't kick your arse.   Just to be clear on one thing tho' - if you care about rates, I'm really not going to be able to help you; let's face it, that's not exactly my forte. I am, however, pretty good at blowing shit up and polishing things, so you'll actually get more points that way - so think before you whinge, I am not your average moron, there is a method to my madness.   So, if there's anybody that can actually be affected positively by my paltry contribution, feel free to link them here. Also link anybody you would like slapped. Please clearly state which is which - I am not psychic and, as you should know by now, I have the attention span of a flea on meth.   I will be pimpslapping any of the dumbarses with ten comman
The Gentleman's Club
This was written from my hospital bed. The meds are making me think some very naughty thoughts so I thought I would put into a story form on what is going through my mind while lying here. I hope you enjoy this ... please leave me your comments for it has been awhile since I have written any stories. 36d hugs, Ms. Cleavage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   The Gentleman’s Club Copyright 2008 by Ms. Cleavage The dance music in the gentleman’s club this night was very sultry and alluring as the couples danced on the small dance floor. The lights were  flashing and the different colored bulbs changed with intensity with the beat of the music. Some good old classic 80’s music was playing all night long and all of us middle aged couples were mentally going back in time as the pulse of the music took over. Some real dirty dancing was taking place as we watched from our booth off along the side of the club. My husband and I were commenting to one
Hi. I Am A Taurus
I was reading my astral profile and it says: Taureans are most compatible with Virgo and Capricorn I don't know any virgos or capricorns. I think this is why I am single. Does anyone know any single Virgin or Goat? I prefer men with jobs and a pulse. Ok thanks.
Better Bloggyyyy
Come bid on me!
Please Help Me Prophet
One Credit Bling Trivia
Rule #1: No cheating Rule #2: You must PRIVATE MESSAGE me your guess. No shouts or comments. You may ask for hints or clues in the blog. Rule #3: The first person to get it exactly right, wins. Period. Rule #4: No getting butt hurt if you don't win. This is not the end ot the world. Rule #5: Have fun and think hard! Rule#6: Please repost the bulletin! Bulletin On to the fun.... This trivia is based on a movie quote. The only trick is you're only going to get the first letter of each word in the quote. The actual full length quote is pretty long, so I'm only taking the first part. HGRBLND Remember, private message me your guesses. Good luck! :) We have a WINNER! No more private messages please. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, (follow your heart kid and you'll never go wrong).
Drunk Part 2
Carrie said Creep. Why the hell not...I havent watched it yet
If You Are Still Here...
it is becuase i love you. honestly, and to the ones i deleted please dont take it personal, everyone is welcome on my page because i love talking to everyone. but my life is hell right now so i need to kind of have my little bubble of people who i talk to everyday. and my list lies i do not have 59 friends, i have 24 no drama it will be deleted and i really do love you all sarah
One For The Road.
No, i will not be singing tonight. Vixen was complaining so i had to give her a little something. Grap your ear plugs and run.... Sorry for all you non smokers... Fuck i need help.
Drunky Vixen Will Not Sing
So i will make her. Back in 9/23/2007 she was drunk enough. :P And now i'll amuse myself. :P   Fubar will not allow me to put it in tthe blog, so it's in the comments.
I am I will be Fix it Damn you       Wicked
Poor Midgets.....
I was watching the Ricky Gervas Show when he mentioned this... I thought it was just a prop for the animated comedy show, until I googled it and came up with the story LMAO poor midgets Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight Spectators cheered as entire Cambodian Midget Fighting League squared off against African Lion Tickets had been sold-out three weeks before the much anticipated fight, which took place in the city of Kâmpóng Chhnăng.The fight was slated when an angry fan contested Yang Sihamoni, President of the CMFL, claiming that one lion could defeat his entire league of 42 fighters.Sihamoni takes great pride in the league he helped create, as was conveyed in his recent advertising campaign for the CMFL that stated his midgets will "... take on anything; man, beast, or machine."This campaign is believed to be what sparked the undisclosed fan to challenge the entire league to fight a lion; a challenge that Sihamoni readily accepted.An African Lion (Pa
For The Record
I hope to hell this is as close to fu-drama as I ever come to indulging in, because I will be buggered if I'm brought to this again.   Apparently, the whole 'giving Jasmine bling credits for her wedding thing' is such a completely radical notion that it is STILL being mentioned by some snivelling little gobshites that have nothing better to do.   How fucking pathetic are you?   For the record, then: I spend money on here...BFD. I spend it on who I want to, when I want to. Jasmine was not the first, and was not the last. If I feel I can afford it, it's really only my business what the hell I do. The reason I gave her so 'many' was because I was getting NSFW MuMMs pulled and a couple of other issues which made me think my profile may be deleted - a matter of principle for me was it would piss me off to have bling credits and get deleted. So I fu-palled them to her. BFD. The other people I've given to have had the good sense/courtesy/discretion/KNOW THAT IT PISSES ME OFF not to
I Was Called A Futard
I was called a futard today, is that the same as a BAstard on fubar, or a REtard on fubar, I am so confused!
I like thrillers or crime dramas. I want to veg out tonight as this site just does my head in come 9PM. The mumms are dead and so are the majority of the people., so ......   Give me some ideas on what films to download.   I watched Nine Dead last night and it was more like a comedy, I laughed all the way through and was sad to see the old gay pervert being killed second as he was hilarious.
Can Ya Help Mclovin Out For Me?
He needs fans to level...HELPPP     McLovin@ fubar
Cam Rules
Today in the Turtle spotlight (hey! It's a free spotlight!!!), we have a dude that rated Wurtle Dee Do's profile a 1. Anyone wanna pay him a visit?!? :D Turtle style? I like bombing pix and profile comments. bwah hah hahhhhhhhh If you don't know whom Wurtle Dee Do is, she's Wild Harleys RL Babygirl. Here's dude's link. Stop by and "say hello." Tell him Turtle sent ya. :P vic lounge owner of: what ever to talk about@ fubar PS... Dude likes to hide behind a fake picture. His salute's available though.
Surreals Angels
Ok heres the deal......I want to do something new here.....I'm making a group called Surreals Angels. lol. I will make a morph for each one that wants to join. All I ask is that you either put surreals angels in your name or put angel at least. if your interested please leave a comment :P
No Need To Ask For It
Yahoo id.... Home Number.. 382 563 3650 Cell Nuber.. 696 873 7326 and last but not home address Sweet Addiction 38258 Dream Street Stalker,Fuland 37325 yahoo me,call me,text me and stalk me...ok then :)
Delusional Idiot's That Take Things To The Extreme
You know, time after time it just simply amazes me how some idiot's on here take things so seriously. What's annoying is the fact that they try to put their two senses in where it doesnt belong, not to mention which is none of their business anyway. And whats even more disturbing and annoying is when a person has to post blogs and a mumm about it. Simply put people like these are obviously paranoid and delusional...then of course they have their own sheep that will believe everything they say. This is why I love this site, because their reality on here is simply for my entertainment..I truly live for this kind of
Douche Of The Day (vegitarian)
I would like to submit the following entry to the Vegitarian Douche of the Day: This guy in subway asked the sandwhich artisan to switch her gloves out after making my sandwhich because ... "He's a vegitarian!"   There you go ladies and gentleman, your Vegitarian Douche of the Day.  
Friday Morning Musings
if humans are such an evolved species why are we the only ones that need toilet paper? every other fuckin animal can shit cleanly  if things from the past are so good that people want to bring them back, why did the die out in the first place? eh, fuck retro anything   why don`t i give a fuck about anything anymore?
My Face Was So Red!!!
We all have had those moments where we just wish for the floor to open up and swallow us whole because we are so damn embarrassed. One of mine was while I was at work. There was this scraggy creepy long stringy haired dirty looking guy pacing back and forth in front of the store. I was helping this very attractive woman in a business suit and looked up to see him walk by the front window for about the 10th time. I opened my huge yap without thinking and said " there's a walking advertisement for celibacy if I have ever seen one". The lady I was helping smiled very sweetly at me and calmly says " I know he is kind of different looking but he is a wonderful man and husband and I love him very much" If there had been a hole for me to crawl into I would have.   whats your most embarrassing moment?   share people share  
Okay I have an addiction to photobucket... the first step is admitting that you have an addiction, the second step is giving into said addiction and telling the world we all gotta die some time...... how pathetic of me to overjoyed when i saw this.... I add about 100 pics a day to my photobucket, usually when I am bored since I do not go out during the day so... yea At first I thought it was a Mistake as just yesterday my account could only hold 10GB and was $40.00 bucks a year so when I saw they added GB space I figured they would charge more so went and saw this.... So should I feed my addiction and add over 100K more pics of blood, gore and other twisted images Or should I go to Photobucket Anonymous and admit that I do not want help for my addiction? Oh yes, It holds 2.5x more... and cost a lot less.. okay I am fucking bored and have issues so  I blogged Okay I am very bored, and thinking of masturbating, to keep this PG-13 should I masturbate to silly fu''s who think tw
Am bored so figure I would pose questions to those on My list.   Women. If I slapped your ass and tied you would you [A] Cry and want Me to stop [B] Cry and get turned on [C] Ask for more and suggest other things [D] Stare scared, and become worried about what would happen next.   Men If I kneed you the balls and told you I screwed your girlfriend would you... [A] Say great, cause you could not satisfy her. [B] Cry and tell Me how much you loved her(which case I would grin and walk off) [C] Stare shocked that I would screw your disease infested girlfriend you pimp out [D] Go to cry to your mother     I am addicted to being bored...damn.. entertain Me.
i am sad..have no idea why.   that is all
Spam Bot...
Spam bot here All I need is your credit card number, and your email address and we can get started :P   BLAME WICKED RAVEN for this...   And like your typically fu slut I will open up My NSFW pics for bling, and if you give Me VIP Me love you long time in bathroom stall         MORONS if you give Me bling or VIP I will screen shot your stupidity!!!
Drum Roll Please ...and The Winners Are
After long deliberation ... lots of fighting ...agreeing to never speak to each other again ... and me spending 2 hours going through a dictionary to figure out all the things Passions called me we have come to a decision   First place....Pie Taster   as much as we hated to give him this there really was no way out of it the bastard put together a pretty impressive masterpiece and you lazy morons did not challenge him much   Second place ... Odie    though Passions and I both suggest he get the camera out and make us a sexy salute because dude sucked heavily in the bribe area   Third place... Blooky   same suggestion to you    Special mention goes too   Boo Suga Jasmine they can fight it out for the left over scraps after the top three have made their choice  I suggest a wet T shirt contest  
What A Two-faced Bitch
Some of you may have been part of a mass delete yesterday, by a certain someone....naturally it was made out to be a joke, but that's not the case. This person has some issues with a select few people around here, including me.  They think they can still have control over anyone that knows them.  Personally, I'm fed up with the high and mighty shit, and being shunned constantly.  If you had any sense in you, you'd make sure this person apologizes to you for their selfish ways.      I'm sure many of you have something to say about this, so I implore you to share your mind with me.
i need freinds i am new to this an not sure still how to use it
I'm In A Giveaway! Help!!!!!!
I'm in a giveaway and need 20,000 comments for a 70 bling pack. any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Click on this pic to help Please leave a comment on this blog so I can remember who helped. Thanks!!!!!!!!! It's Done!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all of your help!!!! woohooo!!!!!
Inspired Edited
Rules Of The Internets.
No rules, no pussies bitching about cock in a tit blog. Post anything here. Give me your BEST. If you produce WIN, you get an internets. Pic related....its the rules of the internets...
Witty The Whore
witty wants to be godfather today   she is running a 11`s  this blog is to convince her that boob and butt pics will magically propel her to the next level   help
Blame It On Misfit
Ok, so Misfit has been pointing out something, and therefore I'm changing it, which will change almost everything.   No more white lies from me.  From now on I'm going to be 100% TRUTHFUL. No more sugar-coating the truth, no more begging for boobs I don't wish to see, no more compliments just to make others feel better about themselves. From here on in, it's 100% honesty.   So, if you don't want the HONEST TRUTH, don't ask me anything because I am pulling out all the stops
Yep.  I'm here.  :D   I missed some of you terribly.  It brought me back.     A lot has been going on since I last saw you.  Some great, some good, and some bad.  :)   This feels a lil weird to be honest, but it's so nice to see so many of you.  :)   To some of you:  I am sorry it seemed I just walked out.  I really needed the time away.  I am back to my old self now.  Forgive me?
I Hate You
I hate the ones who said they loved me and never meant it. I hate the ones who said they loved me, then changed their minds. I hate the ones that loved me, but never bothered to say anything. I hate the ones who never considered me an option to love. I hate people who leave without saying goodbye. I hate everyone who underestimates me. I hate those who have misjudged, pigeonholed, written off or otherwise stereotyped me. I hate being forgotten about. I hate that I waste energy to actively hate anyone. I hate thinking I'm a fuckup. I hate myself for caring what anyone else thinks. I hate that the one person who may be the polar opposite of all these things might never know how much I value him. I hate being afraid to love. Do you hate me?
Back In The Day--3rd Fu-versary
Today is my 3rd year on this site and I thought I'd write a blog to commemorate my time here thus far.   I signed up at a good time, when MuMMs were MuMMs (unless they were polls) and MuMMers were MuMMers (but only some of them.) I'm not considered old school; most of them are gone. :( But I think I've finally moved passed n00b status. This blog is for the newbies: I'm going to  tell you about 'back in the day'. This blog is also for the old schoolers or anyone close to it, who can reminisce about 'the good ole days'. When I signed up, this place was known as Cherrytap and I was told not long before it had been called Lost Cherry. The VIPs you see now were called VICs. There was no bombs, autos, bling or tickers. HHs weren't every hour or close to it, they were usually at night and the prime time was Friday and Saturday night. During HHs, there were so many MuMMs, you could barely keep up (yay for double pointzzzz!) There was no 'NSFW' option in the MuMMs at that time. You had t
5 Dinner Guests
Im sure this has been done before....I dont care....If you had 5 dinner guests (dead or alive) Who would they be and why??   My 5: Martin Luther King Jr.          Hugh Hefner           Salma Hayek            my biological father(whom ive never met)             and my hot english professor from college.....
It's Time To Make This Happen...overdue Actually...
Hello kids, and welcome to another one of -those- blogs... Well, I know alot of you don't vote on mumms or miss things in alert boxes, etc..but based on the results of this mumm I posted a few days back... I think it's time to bring it back some. Yanno kind of back to basics.. See back in the old days, it wasn't just fakes that were blown up here. It was scripters, cheaters, scammers, cons, perverts, criminals, players and all sorts of just the good ol low level fubar gutter trash that I felt that people should be aware of just what and who they were and what they were about. Now I know that like, people g
Dark Side Of Astrology
I found this in on the world wide web. It's not the actual dark side astrology but it made me giggle and go hell yea at the same time. Thought I would share. Enjoy. Aries:Unless you are a masochist, never get tangled up with the sadistic Arian. They love to humiliate you, control you and inflict pain on you. They are the megalomaniacs of the zodiac and have an ego the size of the Empire State Building. Don’t cross them or you’ll find just how short a fuse they have – yes, they’re a notoriously bad-tempered lot. They have a propensity to invade Poland.Famous Arians: Adolf Hitler, Hugh Hefner, Alan Sugar, Celine Dion, Piers MorganTaurus:Taureans are completely materialistic. They know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. They are totally obsessed by wealth and fame and may end up as a stalker. Despite being so starstruck, they are jealous and resentful of anyone who has made it. They are stupid, dishonest and overbearing. If you suspect a Ta
Okay, a friend took this test, and it got me curious... You are 12% Submissive!   Submissive and dominant personality traits are part of everyone's natural make-up. You may be very dominant in the workplace or in being the head of your family, and yet still be submissive when it comes to relationship or sexual matters. If you scored high you may want to look into BDSM as a healthy outlet for your need to serve and obey. If you scored very high it's likely you have already done so.If you scored very low you may want to take my test on dominance, and may have already explored BDSM as a healthy outlet for your need to control and direct others.  Okay, so THAT got me MORE curious... You are 64% dominant! Dominance is a personality trait that all of us have to some degree. Some people are just happier when they are the ones in control and they enjoy knowing people are following their lead. Others enjoy being guided, and enjoy letting others take charge. In a sexual/relati
Not My Fault
just saying
Dumb Whore
Some dumb whore wrote a bulletin about making a real mummer picture, LMFAO!!! rly? good luck with that... According to her, I'm not a mummer, lmfao! She left a comment on my page if you want to know who...
Animal Deeds
Animal Rescue Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals..It takes less than a minute (How about 20 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box 'fund food for animals' for free. This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know. Click HERE for website!
Givez Me A Funne. Nao! Thx.
Post random funny jokes or pictures. Thank you. :)
Candid Mummer Shots
Shows us the goods boys Just three of our stooges Weekend at the Coast for some Badaboom Badabing
That is all.
So drill would no longer be butt hurt about no blogs about him   Drill was fucked over by another soccer club.  his girls are suffering for it.   Drill is funny.   everyone loves drill
Boredom Breeds These...
...bored... so figured I would do a blog on random contradictory things on fu. And other things on fu…Woman... who put bi pride on their page for attention and has never been with a woman...nor plan to…People who have "devil" "satan" "666" etc in their user name and under their Idols section have a huge cross and jesus/god is their idolIs there not a age limit for juggalos? I mean when your in your 30’s and 40’s you seem a little moronic still talking “text talk” and saying stuff like “YO U BETA NOT MESS WIT US OR WE WIL FUK U UP YO” um yea little net threats from some one still living off their parents and following a musical trend instead of getting a job and life really frightens me.Butt hurt mummers…Bored so yesterday mummed a lot more hm and a woman got mad and blocked me for calling her a moron cause she said this “u dun kno me, how da fuk u kno wat I wuld an wuldnt do”…um yea moron… [thanks to her
My New Conclusion
Where to start? When i started on this site, i had no clue about how it worked or whether i even liked it. After about a month, i discovered the mumms.. it was love at first sight. in the following (almost) year, i spent many nights and days in there. making friends, making enemies, and using my quick tongue to hurt others, and make myself feel better. you see, at the time my life was less than happy. (any of you that have known me, know what i'm talking about.) Within the last 3-4 months, the mumms just haven't been as much fun for me, but i couldn't figure out why. I kept thinking it was because the new mummers were just lame, or the posted topics were boring to me. After a long and far too drawn out mumm confrontation yesterday.. I felt unsatisfied. It seriously left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I logged out in the middle of it, because it wasn't making my adrenhiline pump like it used to. So i thought about it, and came to this conclusion: The mumms haven't changed, the m
I Love Fubar Because...
I love Fubar because: I can keep in touch with people on Fubar, but can't on FaceBook. I can chat privately with people on Fubar, but can't on FaceBook. I can upload and tag photos on Fubar, but can't on FaceBook. I can play mafia on Fubar, but can't on FaceBook. I can send/recieve pretend drinks and gifts to friends on Fubar, but can't on FaceBook. I can send/recieve private messages on Fubar, but can't on FaceBook. I can comment/post mumms on Fubar, but can't on FaceBook - ooooh DING DING DING we have a winner!   MUMMS - The ONLY difference between Fubar and FaceBook.   You may talk amongst yourselves now, if anyone reads this shit, that is.
Pete Meets The Middle Aged Spice Girls
Along with spending time at the gym, I have also been spending time at the pool.  Recently I met a group I'd like to dub "The Middle Aged Spice Girls"  These fine ladies are often at the pool as of late, with their sling back heels and bikinis.  Though they are close to my age, and probably older, unless they have really been feeling the effects of the sun. There's Posh, the leader of the group, with her fake boobs raising her to a leadership post.  Yeah hun, we can all tell they are fake, they don't stay up that high when they are that big and you are pushing 45. There's Scary, with her so not symmetrical tattoo'ing.  Yeah I am sure your kids think mom is cool with all the ink, but really everyone at the concert knows you are there with your kids. There's Sporty, the out of work divorced personal trainer.  I know a little more about sporty because we talked a bit at the gym.  She's tough as leather, or at least her skin is. I'll call the last one Baby, not because she is the youn
Things That Would Change If I Ruled The World
1. Senior citizens would be restricted to shopping at supermarkets during certain hours only. These hours would be posted widely so people like me could avoid them.   2. Parents of children who say things like "Timmy please don't do that, mummy's trying to shop" whilst Timmy is simultaneously screaming and destroying 3 shelves will be banned from shopping altogether.   3. HR 'professionals' will be banned.   4. New age and pop "psychologists" will be shot.   5. Oprah and her ilk, and all their damn followers, will be hanged, drawn and quartered.   6. Anyone who thinks walking on hot coals will change them forever, or that there's '30 days to a new you' will be buried up to their necks in their own fucking hot coals, have honey poured on their faces and the fire ants released.   7. Passive-aggressive twats that make you spend an hour of your life nodding and smiling whilst they try and get to the point without actually making a point because they're too damn afraid to actual
Papas Pinups
Papas Pinups1.All Papas Pinups must have a verified salute and a minimun "10 new pics of yourself 2.Most of the Papas Pinups  will be females expect for our few male team that teams will be men who is as well voted in (Pinups Elite)3.Must sign the COC (code of conduct)Agreement below as a comment I"agree"in order to be a Papas Pinup & Post it in your name.(PP,PPE, Pinup, & etc.)Must Be In Your Name.4. Must have your chat on to where any officer and the homepage can communicate with you5.When you become a Papas Pinup we ask you add the homepage as a top friend...if u choose to add other as family or top friends that is your choice6.We ask you show all Pinups love as they will show it back..however we are aware of real life and we respect that as well7.No Pinup will Defame ,Abuse ,Harass ,or threaten any family members .if you have an issues with a family member bring it to your Team Leader if found to be true by Officers you can be terminated from Family permanently .8.Inorder to uphold
Election Mumm Contest..
And the winner is..... Brad @ fubar 100k to enter the election mumm pool, winner takes all (less 20% transaction fee). Person who guesses closest to actual number of election mumms posted from 5:00am to 11:59pm. 100k fubucks per guess submitted.  You may enter as many times as you wish through 8:00pm tonight.  Once you fupal me your guess and fubucks, post a blog comment stating your entry and I will verify for all other entrants to see.   In the event of a tie, prize will be split.   To see the current tally of election mumms go to   11/06/12 Update and I will update as the fubucks come in..   87 Vixen260  30 Slutty J 57 McNear 29 Sherry 129 LilBoops 145 InkBoi 92 Canni 121 MB the Tard 110 Drill 75 Snow Bound Sailor 67 Brad 25 Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Meanie ??? Gracie Mean
Release Her .. The Free Passion S Fire Song
Im not sure who is going to wipe me off the internet first for this .... Scrapper or Passion s    gulps   Release Her ( The free Passion s Fire song)    We know that its time for no chains hmmmm know that when those chains come  it just dont feel the same    How many times have we tried to turn this ban around? we dont wanna give up but Scrappy its like she been under ground can you release her ? can you release her?   Now that shes gone we cant help ourself  from wondering oh. if she'd have come down from her high would it have been alright release her  can you release her ?   Come on Scrappy. Come on Scrappy  you know its time to let just let her go  cause we want her t'be free  but somehow its just not that easy  come on Scrapper hear us Scrapper  Cause I want her to waste time with me were trying to make you see  Scrappy you just got to release her release her release her   I promise I wont link you gross peen anymore  maybe  by thi
Where Are My Monkeys!!!!
Well I have been noticed that the lack of drugs this morning has got me to convince a whole bunch of people to be characters from the wizard of Oz. I am ecstatic that I have found people as wacky as me. Now back to the reason of the blog. I have noticed that I have no flying monkeys....I NEED SOME. Its imperative that we find my missing monkeys and stat. Also where are all the munchkins? Dorothy is completely lost without toto and my god the tin man and the lion have lost their soul mate the scarecrow.... What are you people doing about these lost people...Will i see them on the back of milk cartons? If you know where i could find them please contact..the wicked witch of the west at 1800imevil... Thank you WWW.
Questions 4-9-9
Ok, I'm bored again, and wish to take my mind off here we go: questions.   For the nOObs, this is a place to get answers to questions you've always wondered, or just crossed your mind at the moment. Ask me anything: anything you have ever wondered about anything, and I shall do my damndest to answer, and I shall ask questions of you. :D Feel free to ask others questions, or answer questions posted by others...the whole point of this is to start communications. To get started: who did you stalk to get in here?
The End?
Ahh it’s been awile and it might be an even longer while. As many of you may or may not know, I’ve been on this site for almost three years. Through many ups and downs, highs and lows, personal and mostly not so much, I’ve always been well, pretty much the same. You knew what to expect when you came here. You knew what I was going to say in a shoutbox conversation or a message. What not to expect from me: cash , blings , camera shows , lounge drama and phone calls. Yeah there’s a cute owl. That was cute back in the day when the site was more of a tighter knit community and people “got” the joke. There were many 20 hour days on here, many countless and sleepless nights. Many angles, many plots, many schemes. Did many of you know that at one point I was #23 in Top Scores, #7 Legend and got as high as Red overall Top Member #9? Did you know that me and my gf were the only Red top member real-life couple (she was #4 and I was #9)? .. That was nearly two
Mushy Me
Okie dokie folkies...   Here is your one opportunity...I am in a mushy mood..I will give everyone who wants it a compliment...and trust me...i'll be very sincere =)
Today Is Wednesday, Right?
Babyfrog came over today and we headed up the mall to get her computer fixed. While Gingerballs, the snarky mac genius, worked on her computer we headed over to sephora to play with makeup. I need a new foundation now that I'm not paper white anymore. There were a lot of lovely thing that I wanted. A purple cream eyeliner from Smash box. A perfect red lip pencil and lipstick from Nars. gold and black eyeshodows from that tattoo chick. A lemon and sugar fragranced body spray. All of it will have to wait though. I tried the bare minerals make up. I don't think it's any better than some other brands I've tried. And when I started to sweat it actuall stung a little bit. We also stopped at a thriftstore where gold tops are making a comeback. Babyfrog dared me to try on a snakeskin moomoo. It was hot very hot and a steal at $7. I wasn't gonna let it touch my skin though. We came back to my place and had trukey tacos and a bottle of red she brought over which was very nice and went well w
So..yeah..kinda Freaked Out
What I thought was a kntted muscle in my riht shoulder grew into an excruciatingly painful lump that is actually visible...went to the doc...they did an xray followed by an MRI and hoped it was a fluid filled yst it isnt...they biopsied it this morning...they say that soft tissue sarcoma is not uncommon with the meds I am on...ironic they give me meds to fight my disease that may conceivably have given me a worse I was not so freaked right now I would LOL     anyways that eplains my mood today and the last few days
The doc called!! It is BENIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       *joygasm* so I will have it removed...but that is is a non cancerous growth!!!!! FUCKIN YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Party Olympics
Ok, so I've had some recovery time after this weekend. I was so exhausted last night, I had a friend over and fell asleep. Anywho, I've been trying to motivate myself to write this blog even though it won't be very long.  Friday night after working all night. I had to pick up a trip at a bar downtown. I pull up to Intermission and wait. Five guys come out carrying one guy toward my cab.. I already know this won't end well for me.   They put him in the back. He doesn't speak English. Luckily I speak Spanish, but he wasn't understandable in ANY language. I tell him if he needs to puke to get it in the trash can. This was a waste of breath.   I didn't make it to the end of the block before *blahgahjg;agak* "FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Puked all up in my cab. I was so pissed! *Blaghaghaghagahga!* "FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm just trying to hurry up and get him to his street. His shitbag friends just threw him in my cab and left him to die and me to clean up after it. I was continuously trying to g
The Revolt Has Started!
Just when i thought my body couldn't hate me any worse... It proved I was wrong...   I feel like the captain of a pirate ship watching my crew start a mutiny... WHY BODY WHY! He res the latest mutiny im dealing with.. 1. I realize that my body know thinks its funny to make me believe the brake is the gas pedal... Im driving along and i start slipping on ice, there's a car in front of me so i tap what my instincts have so long told me is the brakes... wrong im hitting the gas. I try again .. fail once again gas.. I grab the e brake and ignore the pedals. I miss the lady by a foot... Jeff has first heart attack! 2. Im making my toast with honey no crust on any side... I have applied to much butter so i go to flick the knife to remove the butter... as i aim for the sink and flick the knife slips out of my hands and hits the window... 3. Im putting away dishes, im carrying a plate to the cupboard and i drop it.. NOT sure exactly what happened I was carrying the plate one minute the
Lord Spinoza requested that I create a thesis on “ME”. So I suppose I can throw something together in order to appease his desire to know more. Quirky: A peculiarity of action, behavior, mannerism, or personality. In most cases this is the first word I use to describe myself. Why? Because if I don't people are caught off guard or feel the need to tell me something I already know. I like my quirks, it keeps people on their toes. Some quirks you ask, well, I don’t eat meat on the bone I have to pick it off to consume it, I trim and file my toe nails every other day because the feeling of long nails against my legs as I sleep drives me to madness, I will help an injured or homeless animal in an instant but if there was a child crying for help I would likely turn and pretend I didn’t hear them (this goes along with the fact that I adore my daughter and hate all other children), I have an overwhelming urge to drive my vehicle into a tree just to see what would happen
Say Hi To Susie For Me.
I'm headed off to an All-inclusive, smoking cessation resort. I've stayed there before, but I have a 90 day credit to use up. They really want me to come back. So much so, That they have sent representatives to come pick me up. For free, even! I've ignored their pleas and door knocking thus far, but realize that the persistant buggers will not allow Susie, Myself and the munchkin any peace until I Succumb to their charm and go relax at the resort. They are persistant.         So, to Allow us as a family to move forward as a complete unit, Without having the shades pulled down constantly, we've decided to grace them with my presence at their designated place of leisure.          This is where you kind people come in. I Ask you to stay in touch with Susie and provide a venting outlet in her stressful times. Check in occaisionally, say hi and muss up her hair, or pat her on the ass. She's strong, but I know she'll need support. I love her very much and want her to keep her chin up while
On A Positive Note
I have a few good things happen in the last week and ive been completely unstable as well so i figure ill list the funny times and we can all have a good laugh...   1. Seamus told me im as crazy as him and witchie, as soon as he said those words i laughed and realized maybe we are the sane ones and the rest of you are nutters. 2. Im having a girl.... excitement was profound till i realized that i now will be playing with barbies and soon this girl will have her period... will i be going threw menopause then? most likely 3. Jeff's mom and boyfriend met my parents....This was a scary thought for 3 years.... let me set up the characters. My dad.... a Stubborn traditional Greek man who has brought up a crazy daughter that im sure has given him many grey hairs. He is 6 foot and always well dressed... he can be most annoying but if you get his humor then hes funny... My mom... A conservative English lady, former top model in England... always dressed properly never goes anywhere witho
Blasphemy... Aborted Atheist #2
Okay I met this new girl like a week or so ago, I was just telling raven about it and thought I would blog about it.Well she wants to move in with Me after a fucking week of seeing her, I understand her living situation isn’t the best but… it has only been a week and I am unsure if I want to take that step after so soon. She said she loves Me too, and that she wants to spend the rest of our lives together. But there are several problems, where she lives is not the best, she is always out in the cold because she is homeless, she says she is clean, even though she has like six fever blisters around her mouth and boils on her arm.I also know she is a hooker and will sleep with anything on two feet, but is this a reason not to let her move in?Last time she was over she was here, she walked out with My TV, when I asked what happen she said…she needed a fix then called Me a punk bitch, but when she was sober she said she was sorry… but should I still let her move i
Abortion / Pro-choice Reasons
Notice: I do not expect most people who happen to come across this to actually read this all, it was originally written for Deviant Art; but I figured I would post this here. I know it is a touchy subject so ... so if you cannot take harsh truths and differing opinion then just go back to myspace and whine with the rest of the babies. If you are pro-life and wish to comment, I welcome it. But please do not comment asking Me somethig that I have already addressed in the writing.====================================== Abortion; such a word that when it is even said in mixed company can provoke such revolting responses, such a simple yet complex word and act that calls into question the very meaning of a person. A word that just the mentioning of it calls into questions the very make up of a society, provokes debate on religion, upbringing, faith, beliefs, gender, politics, background, economics, and every other variable within a society that one may hold dear to themselves, or others. Su
*puts on Kevlar vest* Question:   If MEL were a stripper, what kind of bills would you throw on the runway?   ..COME ON!  This is SERIOUS!  
so this morning I commented on a pic of a half naked dude ( I was nice dammit all I said was meh )    and a few of us were commenting back and forth in there ...the pic poster even commenting back    suddenly out of the group of us in there I am the only one that gets blocked ...   not  Missy fits  not Jeni wren hell not even Dys and we all know how he is    non of us could really figure out what could possibly be the reason for me getting blocked as on this occasion I was not saying anything offense nasty or just over all mean ( adjusts halo)  curious and a lil amused I commented with my Helly name and said  " you blocked me ? and here I thought we had the start of something wonderful I am crushed and saddened "  then headed off to work  got home and I got an email from the half naked young man ....   I cant stop laughing now ...    Isaac United States subject: sorry received:
Got No Time
Im never around I got no time I feel a little guilty I dont talk to you So Im cleaning out my list Not to say i dont like you I just got no time I cant even take a poo   Thats my shitty poem to tell you that if your off my list its not cause i dont like you. Its just because I honestly dont have time and we havent talked in more then a month. So I figuire i can still talk when i see you but this way i wont feel obligied. Dont feel bad im just a bish. Wicked   PS you probably feel the same way just arent hormonally challenged like me. if your really offended by it call me..
Lame Is...
When someone's lame...I laugh at them. That is the only response lame deserves.   BUT *long-suffering sigh* here I indulge my penchant for creating shit-storms in a teacup.   Lame is... - posting a homophobic pic then blocking the people that commented how homophobic you are - trying to say it's 'against the rules' to comment on someone's pics - trying to say there are all - writing a fucking essay to tell someone how little you care about them - expecting a fucking troglodyte bitch to waddle behind you everywhere you go to tell you how wonderful you are - thinking that an Imikimi makes that troglodyte bitch your true love - blocking people then bitching about others blocking you because you're a mean MuMMer - thinking you've got any association whatsoever with a 'wolf' when you're more akin to a weasel.   Little boys shouldn't play with the grown-ups if they're going to cry every time they get shown how out of their league they are.   If the wee boy would
I can now eat the pancakes of victory, instead of the pancakes of shame! Edit: I had been up for over 20 hours doing something for work that wasnt going well, and I was about to give up and make breakfast, when it started to work
Cubby Banned. (no Joke)
Do any of you remember this comment? Maybe i left it on you page a few days ago. Turns out it was true. I've been banned. 'Error, you can't do this" I can't leave main page comments, picture comments, blog or bully comments. This is the picture i used yesterday, pretty NSFW huh? Oh well back to the good news. Thanks to WendyCaroline. :D I'll be turning my auto 11's on in a few minutes. Will anyone show the banned Cubby some luv? Thanks WendyCaroline :D WendyCaroline#CLUB F.A.R. MEMBER@ fubar This is how i feel right now PS Please show the spotlight some luv. It's her birthday. :D Happy Birthday Kissed. xoxo ~~KissyKissed~~@ fubar Busy day, i know... Ok, should i turn on the 11's now? PSS.. I can't answer my own blog remember. Lmaoooo What a joke. Grrrrrrrrrrrr
My Sweet Pussy
ok, boys.....Sarah has 360k to level & her tits are almost as epic as mine & whoever blings her will get a butthole salute, so go rape, bling & all that other good stuffs p.s. eat my ass
Ash thinks she has to move already... She saw a black person. She is thinking she inadvertently moved to the projects. UPDATE: She is safe she said. She saw a white person and a chinese.
Faggy Shorts Much?
A lot of fun has been poked about my attire, and of course that doesn't bother me at all; I wouldn't upload pics of myself in flowered swim trunks and boots if I didn't want to make you giggle. But sometimes I fuck up without realizing it. A couple of weeks ago, I got off work at 7am and went downstairs to get changed into my gym clothes. When I put my shorts on, it just did not seem right. They seemed a little small, a little short. Definitely came up too high on the sides. But I just adjusted them (dang they're small in the crotch too like they're riding up and squeezing my junk) and went on down to the gym. Definitely felt small on me, but I could not figure out why. I'd worn them before right? Just my imagination I guess. In the middle of my workout, smart-ass co-worker Dereck walks past me and says "Daggone John go put some clothes on!". I gave him a stern angry look and continued my workout. I went home when I finished and took the shorts off. They said "Small". What the fuck?
Omg I Can't Mumm!
So I log on today with a message from fubarshop telling me my mumm about unagi and samosa's was deleted because it was NSFW! Since when was that NSFW! And now I can't mumm...I don't think. I've tried posting in a few mumms and nothing happens.
Delete Me If You...
Are just using me as a temporary replacement for someone else. I don't demand to be anyone's best friend but I certainly will not play second fiddle in lieu of anyone.
Hahahha Spinoza Admits It
Spin  " Hahaaaha.. I am walking on the streets like a fucking [Lord] Spooky :Do You Have Your Heels On? And Pink Tights ? Spin :Yes bitch and i think i am going to make a lot of money tonight.hahahahahaha [Lord] Spooky:  Make That Money Whore Spin : Hahaha. I am bitch..hahhaha   
Asian Sex And Sushi
according to the Tyra show...I know, but im unemployed and there isnt much on at 3 pm, 70% of interracial couples are white men and asian women. If this is true, then wheres my asian woman who likes white men? LOLI have experience with just about every other nationality, with the exception of middle eastern...well with that being said, is there any interested asian/middle eastern woman in the New Orleans Area??? im going Craigslist with this...any who, its cold in shiveringTGIF?how are you peoples doing?Whats for lunch?as you were oh yeah...Happy Birthday get it now cuz i prolly wont be on fu for your bday
You Think You Are Safe?
So i dunno about you but i like to keep fubar seperate from my facebook. you dont have a facebook so you dont think this pertains to you. You're wrong!  That blue little "like" button you see under peoples defaults and in their pictures... if youve got one attached to your fubar profile, you are in this too. Just because you do not have a facebook, or didnt link your facebook account to your fubar DOESNT mean your fubar profile isnt being broadcasted on facebook. It just means that YOU do not broadcast your OWN fubar profile on facebook. I have a facebook. I can go to anyone of your profiles or pictures and hit that blue facebook "like" button and it will show in my facebook feed to ALL my facebook friends that I "liked misfit on fubar" and will supply a link to hers (or yours) profile.  From there MY facebook friends can click on said link and get to your fubar pictures. From what I understand is, that if we set our profiles to be "viewable by fubar members only" that people on fa
Rain Sucks!
Here my ass is moving Doing it all alone which is how I do most things in life not that I mind. I load my Uhaul, my bedroom, kitchen bath rooms and living room all loaded and head to my new place that I am writing this from and what, RAIN, LOTS OF IT! Arrrrrrg! I have a truck to unload, things to unpack. I would like to get settled into here for tonight but NOPE, it is raining, if I unload in it I'll just mess my nice stuff up, oh well. Guess I'll have to have the rental an extra day. Thank you all for your comments in the blog before this one. This is the end of my rant! Frank Here is my empty place But I have my laptop! Yay!
Friends Forever (may 13th - 31st)
After hosting my last game, I gave you all the opportunity to send in your ideas of what you think we should play for next. I had my choices narrowed down to 2 favorites, so we'll play the other one at another time. The tokens for this game will be "Friendship Roses", which was submitted by JudiSixxSlave. ~Judi~SIXX SLAVE~MAD HATTER~*S*U*P*~@ fubar Please click her link above, and leave her some love! Game F.A.Q. 1. Who can I order for? You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more roses! 2. Can I order more than one at a time? Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send t
Dont Touch That
I see many signs and warnings "Do not lean", "Stay away from closing doors", "Electrocution Hazard", "This prostitute contains many sexually transmitted diseases." I thought how refresing it would be if there were some positive messages out there like "This is a great place to sit", "Feel free to wander around aimlessly", "Please stare at my boobs, and don't forget to check out my ass" What a wonderful world it would be. Edit: Some lovely signs can be seen here. Edit 2: You know, I think this really has made this world a better place judging from the picture and shoutbox comments I have received after posting the pictures in the link above.
Penis Size
Procedure To test the notion of the possible importance of length vs. width and female sexual satisfaction, two male undergraduate college students - both popular athletes on campus - surveyed 50 female undergraduate college students, considered by the two males to be sexually active, based on the males' prior social experience and knowledge of the females. Subjects The female students ranged in age from 18 to 25 years old. In person or via telephone, the females were asked "In having sex, which feels better, length of penis or width of penis?" In half the cases, the word "width" was used before the word "length," but there were no order effects. There were also no effects for telephone vs. personal interview. All female participants answered the question, perhaps because they knew the student asking the question. Of the 50 females surveyed, 45 reported that width felt better, with only 5 reporting length felt better (chi square = 32.00, df = 1, p < .001). No females repo
So; classes sucked. They day draggeddddddddddddddd foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I got a freakin blister the size of a dime on the bottom of my big toe. And I don't want to pop it. And we have a winter weather/blizzard warning. Oh joy. Tomorrow windchill of -20. I have had a headache since like noon. I am really tired and really hungry. Blah. /endbitchrant
Toys From The 80's And 90's
there's TONS more, i may add some, or add anything you want!
This, That And The Other
Alrighty folks...I want your input again. More lovely and witty ladies for confessions (they need to have clear, good photos) and people in service for the 'we salute you' (this includes, firemen, policemen, etc.) Also, let me know what you think about the FWord and what you would like to see change. We need your opinions for FuApproved. Bring 'em!
Drh Sucks, Just Saying
the bastard got me thinking about pastrami the other day when he wanted to know what to do with a corned beef without the boil with cabbage thing. i told him how to make pastrami  from it on a grill  or smoker of course  me being a lazy fuck haven`t had the smoker fired up in while got up this morning, made coffee, fired up a bowl while waiting for coffee and at on deck looking at smoker got that heated up and tossed a pair of whole chickens on it. friggin birds looked lonely on there, it`s a big fuckin smoker. ended up going to supermarket and picking up some friends for the chickens. now i have a rainbow trout, a whole tilapia, a 4 lb.tritip and 2 chickens on the smoker. of course i had to get beer to drink while tending the smoker, decided to try a new one. wingwalker lager by rj.king brewery, great beer try it if you see it. too much food in smoker, made a few phone calls, now have tuna salad,potato salad and dessert on the way over with friends tis a good fuckin day so far
Wicked Is An Evil Cunt, Again
i feel so used, i pimped the whore out, gave her fubucks for her spotlight and then she texts me that she is blocking me when she gets home because i didn`t answer my phone when she called twice. wtf, she is more fuckin needy than a puppy, but 300 times more evil than any junkyard dog   block her before she blocks me or give her the pleasure
Questions 8-21-09
I'm bored   Ask me ANYTHING!!
Rumors And Contemplation: The Mumms
seeing as how I'm somewhat new to the mumms, I don't really know how things were in the past. what I do know is seeing several complaints about not wanting to play in the mumms anymore. yes, this is old news. there's something that really bothers me about the whole thing. was there really control and a whole different approach and general feeling of the mumms. would another way of mumming like a advice column or a open forum poll debate type things be something people would like to be doing? something where there aren't as many topic and other restrictions. where it's less likely to get IP banned or what ever is done when an opinion isn't agreeable to others. when I have trouble making a decision and I make a mumm, it is frustrating as hell to go through the chat and discussion that has NOTHING to do with my topic. this is probably a feeling shared with others. maybe there can be a button that brings you aside from the main topic to start babbling and then there an option to go off to
Vodka martinis are yum.....   that is all.   (if anything is said out of line, im blaming the alcohol)
Dropping Names
Yes, that's right.  I'm dropping names.  Kloverlyn was nice enough NOT to name any names in her blog, but I'm done being nice.  I'm sick of stupid blond cunt trying to play the victim card.  She has made some of the most insane accusations I have EVER heard of.  She blamed boops for reporting Klover and that's an out and out lie.  Boops would NEVER report Klover for the crap that stupid blond cunt was saying.  She accused me of not being in the military, yet she wouldn't ever make the accusations to my face.  She also accused me of hacking her fubar account, and hacking Klover's other account.  She also stated that there was no way I could have been at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center in 1995-1996 because she claims it was closed down in 1989.  Bullshit.  I don't know where she gets her information from, but Fitz did not close down until 1999, well AFTER I left.  She did send me a backhanded apology and in her apology she attempted to lay the blame at someone else's feet.  I do not tole
Copy Cat
Stolen from...a lot of someones...layer one:Spell your name with bands/artistsNO!!!!!!!!!!! layer two:- name: Theonicia - birth date: march 14, 1974- nicknames: Theo, NiNi, Denise, Bitch, Wifey(Seamus MUAH)- current location: in Wittys CLoset- eye color: Blue- hair color: Brown- righty or lefty: Righty  - best friend[s]: both Ws a S and a H and a few morelayer three:- the shoes you wore today: High heal suede boots.. - your perfect pizza: Feta, ham and green peppers with fresh tomatoes - the last time you cried: in the tub when i realized my belly was expanding....layer four:- your best physical feature: my ass - most missed memory:hopefully child birth the second time cause ill be drugged uplayer five:- pepsi or coke: Gingerale- mcdonald's or burger king: MEAT!!!!- adidas or nike: High Heals damn you all- lipton ice tea or nestea: Chamomile - chocolate or vanilla: vanilla - cappuccino or coffee: Really do I have to answer thislayer six:- curse: absolutley fucking not.- do you
Mummers Gone Wild
a few of the mummers had a party over the weekend ....just thought you would like to see some of the pictures     someone told Peacey is was an Easter party...ooopps     Rio had just a tiny little bit much to drink....dont judge     you can ask Jai about this yourself ... when I did he got kind of defensive     Skully grew his hair back.... just be nice and tell him it looks great he is sensitive     Boo is SUCH an attention whore !     it was nice that Boops had a weekend pass and could show up    
I usually totally ignore people in my shouts I dont know every now and then I cant help myself this is one of those times   budxxx   HEEEYYYYYY do you like oral ???? me    Oh EM G I sure do and I am really really good at it too !! budxxx   hmmmmmm I bet you are baby are you going to prove it? me   oh I sure am are you ready ? me  ok ...keep in mind I am kind of nervous budxxx  no need to be nervous baby just let yourself go wild me  alright here goes..... you sure you are ready ? me  FUCK YOU !! me  was that not just absoulutely the best oral EVER ?? budxxx   oh so you are one of them cunty bitch types me  yup just as much as you are one of those perverted idiot types me  have a great night bye bye now budxxx  fuck you bitch   my work here is done  
Saturday's Fake , Drama, Facts, Issues And A Fun Run...
Hello's the weekend and yeah it's been quite a hot minute since I wrote anything and well, I apologize I guess, I know some people look and look and yada well, here goes...this is about how this place is at the moment.... Yup, you see it right...drama llama humping drama llama. For those who don't understand the imagery there, well, I all know it's true. You see it all over. You've probably even even involved with some of it yourself or at least known someone that has recently... There are people here behind the screens, ok?..these people have feelings. Most people that hang and chill here, are here for a reason. Some people are here for the rate and point game, some people are here to just be perverts, some run better "FuGame" than others, some are just here for friends, etc,'s always the same ol reasons. People sign in for whatever they enjoy. That's the point. I must have said it 16 billion times in this blog
***standard proviso - this is not about YOU, singular. If you want to try and make it about YOU, I would suggest YOU don't as it will fast become about YOU backpedalling like a motherfucker and getting the fuck out of my face***   I was brought up not to make a big deal about certain things; if you give a kindness for the 'glory' of it - or because you get 'appreciated' and/or have some sense of what should be 'owed' you (which makes for a great martyr routine, congrats) then you are a prat. To put it nicely. Maybe it's a cultural thing.   When I give something, the act of giving is the end in and of itself. It embarrasses me and it angers me that people would feel any sense of obligation.  It also annoys me when people assume my motivation, and/or knowledge of me as a result.   I hate feeling me, anything done under obligation is worthless...and it's part of the myriad of mindfuckery that goes on around here.   That includes feigning and fawning. In life there i
Week 2 Schedule
Hey all :) Here is the schedule for week 2. There is no game on Thursday so you can get your picks to me by Friday. Good luck guys! Sunday, Sept 14th CHICAGO @ CAROLINA TENNESSEE @ CINCINNATTI GREEN BAY @ DETROIT BUFFALO @ JACKSONVILLE OAKLAND @ KANSAS CITY INDIANAPOLIS @ MINNESOTA NEW YORK GIANTS @ ST. LOUIS NEW ORLEANS @ WASHINGTON SAN FRANCISCO @ SEATTLE ATLANTA @ TAMPA BAY MIAMI @ ARIZONA SAN DIEGO @ DENVER BALTIMORE @ HOUSTON NEW ENGLAND @ NEW YORK JETS PITTSBURGH @ CLEVELAND Monday, Sept 15th PHILADELPHIA @ DALLAS Same rules apply for the Monday night game. Total score in case of a tie between players.
Trick Or Treat
[Stolen from Lewis] As it's still halloween, kinda, and I'm bored, here's a novel trick or treat type thing Lewis just thought up. Anyone who reads this either says treat, and has to send me a small fu-shop gift and I'll send one in return or trick, and you have to answer any question I can think of for you, and you have to post your answer in the blog itself as a comment. You can only pick one!! So there you go. Let the games begin!! [[EDIT]] If you pick trick then you have to ask me a question.
So, Should I Do It?
So friends of mine have offered to put up a dating profile for me on an internet dating site. I'm not so sure that I'm comfortable with this, while I wouldn't mind finally dating a bit I am not so hot with the people skills. I've never had a blind date in my life and I really think I'd just act like a complete drooling retard on one. I'll probably wind up finding a million excuses not to go even if I do let them do it. Should I tell them not to waste their time? And no, I don't feel like mumming it dammit.
Thong Thursday!
I declare today Thong Thursday to support my dear friend Seamus. He has long worn a thong every Thursday and is in need of some support. He wishes he had the courage to be waxed by Helga, but hes scared that the amount of hair he has will be so painful to remove that he will be crying for weeks. So to help him find the courage I ask you to place a picture of Seamus in a thong in your default. He will know were behind him 100% Thank you for your suport Wicked & Big Tom (mostly Big Tom)
I Like Free Stuff
Do you like free stuff? I do. I like it lots. Here is a few sites I use to get free stuff. I thought I might share. MyPoints.Com. I have been a member of this site for over 8 years. This is a point based site. You earn points by reading junk mail (just click on it, you don't HAVE to actually read it) shopping on line, or answering surveys. You get 5 points for reading the mail and more for surveys or doing trial offers like netflix. If you use it as a search engine for shopping you get points for every dollar you spend. The points get be redeemed for giftcards. Think target, walmart, starbucks, BK, and other chains. If you really want to be awesome you'll give me your email and name in my shoutbox so I can get the referal points. But it's ok if you don't. Free samples and coupons galore. If you can get past the name you will find this site is very simple to use and very well organized. it's mainly just a free sample database. Some are worth it, some are not. I find
Avatar Spoilers
Do I take my hat off to Cameron? HATS OFF : it looked amazing.  As an exercise in world building, it's unsurpassed, although... HATS ON : the neon night stuff was a li'l fruity... HATS OFF : The 3D is rarely used in a "WHOOOO LOOK AT THIS STUFF COMING OUT OF THE SCREEN" way, and is pretty much entirely a 'giving the film depth' tool.  There were more "WHOOOOO LOOK AT MY HANDS" moments in the trailer for some cretinous dance movie they shew beforehand than in the entire movie, so kudos for that. HATS ON : Nevertheless, it's gimmicky and unneccessary, and I want to see the movie in 2D now because I'm convinced it will actually be a better film for it.  I'll go further, and say given the choice between 2D and 3D for ANY future release, and I'm going with 2D.  3D gives me a headache, and as far as Avatar goes and how it enhances the effects, it's like baking the world's most lavish and ornate cake, and then deciding that's not enough and gold-plating it.  I don't want gold-plated cake.
Gettin Inked
Yes, can you believe it? I am gonna get some ink tomorrpw and i didnt have to mumm about it...ZOMGS!!!! anyway, i met the girl whos gonna do it, and saw her work on some friends. shes going to finish and fix my half sleeve work.  I got it started when i lived in Vegas 5 years ago and just never got around to getting it done because I was unconfident in the work done by the shop where i lived in CutOff... so in my ink and piercings folder, i have some pics of whats there already...and I will take some pics after she does me tomorrow.  I am however undecided on if i should let her artistic flow do the fills between the actual shapes or give her instruction. shell be drawing on me and ill decide then i guess if i let her just do what she does. she is however one big bull, and full of ink she did herself...she is talented  :D I am excited   as you were!
Today I will:   change the sink faucet at 9.5 months pregnant work a full time job running a coffee company raise a 13 year old live on 3 hours of sleep clean up the trail of shit you left behind make the bed go grocery shopping make dinner put the strollers away clean out the garage move all the tools you have left all over the house move a dresser tidy up before maids come... oh and to top it all off GROW YOUR DEMON SPAWN   Thank you for your help   ME THE 9.5 MONTH FETUS CARRIER   PS THIS IS A FUCK YOU JEFF NOTE THAT I NEEDED TO GET OFF MY CHEST THAT IS ALL
Mucho Rawr
      The epitome of coolness.  Gawd what I would do.....     Scuse me.  I'm having a moment....  
Usurper Obama▬●ΑΘΕΟΣ--☭--☆
Blogging Buffoon Activated CAUTION... LOTS OF READING AHEAD. I, Einstein, being of sound mind and body will be playing the role of the Leftist propagandist!     I, Pyro, being of sound, mind, and body will be taking the position of 2nd amendment loving REAL American   So I just found out that Obama is a socialist. He also has a deep seeded hatred for white people or the white culture. He hangs around with fascist and commies. He bowed to some commie and is handing America over to them. I hear he was born in Kenya and is not a citizen. I, as a god loving American want to know why is he allowed to be president?I will go through a few points of why he is not qualified to be president!!! I think all of my REAL Americans will agree with me! He bowed to the Emperor of Japan!I as a REAL AMERICAN know that we should never bow to any foreign leaders!!! He is a typical Democrat always bowing to show that we are weak and will submit to foreign leaders   Yes, every American knows that
Strip For Me She said she wanted to have sex with strings attached; Only to her arms and wrist. Said she had, had her heart broken far too many times to even consider walking down that road again She said she only wanted to partake, in the physical. Said she, wanted me to fill her chest, with my treasure; Then afterwards, pretend like I had never even met her. But there was something about the way her insides taste after they had Marinated over night, that made me ponder What it would take to have this woman wake up next to me Every single morning for the rest of my LIFE To abandon my fears of abandonment, To make every woman who has come before her a blur! See the Fact of the matter is I want to reinvent the wheel with her. I want to find different reasons to be in love every single minute That's why I contemplate different positions to keep her interested Each and every single time that I'm IN IT! That's why I treat her sweet like Holy Water.
All Sarge's Bad Girls Need To Read This
I Have Seen A Drop In Participation From The Bad Girls Lately..Yes I Know We All Have Things Off Fubar That We Need To Do...But As You All Know I Just Ask That You Keep Informed With What I Have Planned For The Group..I Would Like For Those That Are Still Serious About Being One Of Sarge's Bad Girls To Comment This Blog To Let Me And Everyone Else Know That You Are A Bad Girl And Part Of This Group/Family .. I Also Feel That If We Are Proud To Be Part Of Sarge's Bad Girls All Bad Girls Should Have "Sarge's Bad Girls" In Their Name..If You Have A Reason For Not Adding It (Such As A Long Name Already) Just Let Me Know..If You Would Like .. You May Add SBG's To Your Name...We Talk About Sarge's Bad Girls Being The Best & Baddest..Now Let's Prove It By Showing Everyone That We Care...I Will Give All A Week To Comment This Blog..At Which Time I Will Start Deleting Some From The Group. Thank You, Sgt. Raider Owner Of Sarge's Bad Girls   Update 7-7-09 Please Comment If You Plan On Continuin
Fvcking Fox
On a day when we have 4 of our dead soldiers return home from Afghanistan, we have to put up with this Bullshit. yes, Canada is in the war, yes, we lose soldiers. Nevermind the timing of the show, why does Fox air it? How do these asshats still have a job? You don't have to watch it all, just the Fox TV part, its about a minute long. Sorry, we are a country of 30 million people and can't afford 42 tillion dollars to fully arm of arm forces for 5 years. And PS, we have Police, and they drive in cars. Assholes.
Take 2
 this is the second convo like this that I have had with this guy...sad mr.snuffell.: yeah........i keep forgetting you have ->mr.snuffell..: oh..well that sucks...I mean this is the third time you have offerred me your cock in my sb...yet you dont want mine...sad mr.snuffell..: not scared.........just don't swing that way ->mr.snuffell..: bummer I thought this was the start of somethin great... ->mr.snuffell..: ok then so askin if you swallow is outta the question right? ->mr.snuffell..: aw did I scare you off? Guys that ask the shit you do in the sb are always the quickest to run ->mr.snuffell..: gave me boobs and shaved my adams apple...makes it easier to lure the men in mr.snuffel: and what did the doctors do to you exactly then?? ->mr.snuffell: so you open? ->mr.snuffell..: well believe can do amazing things these days mr.snuffell..: nope.........i just don't believe a woman as gorgeous as you
The Shit I Do For Amusement
As many of you know..I have a side bet going with are the termsand stuff so you fuckers can give me shit.   I have to be every single mumm comment for 48 hours.   Lala has to be mean in every single one..and CANNOT flirt for 48 hours.   if one of us caves...a screenshot of the losing comment must be either one of our blogs and posted.   the loser owes the winner a boob salute(clothed or non) and must put in status and screen name that she was owned by the other.     I can do this so I would suggest Lala not forget it is spelled with a K not a C.   Game on Begins tomorrow at 9 am Fu-time
Am I Stuck Up?
It's come to my attention that I appear stuck up... 2 different people have mentioned this to me so it can't just be the one person that thinks it because they don't like me. I admit I like nice things and are used to a certain way of life...but stuck up? I thought there was a difference between having standards and being stuck up. I? I know most of you, being my friends would be all like 'NO wai! blah blah blah'...but I'd like some brutal honesty please. :)   Pretend it's a mumm.=D
I m sick.......blah   that is all
This And That
I am bored, spinoza told Me to blog So what should I blog about... a blog asking what to blog about... The cum shot face? My enjoyment of women in gas mask, leather, rubber, latex? that need to smoke weed....or get off the crank My random religious conversation with this Christian couple a week or so ago Whistles... true Fascism or thanks My wanting your blood! We hold these truths to be self evident.,. that science says all men are not created equal. Bitch show Me the nudes!
Holiday Weekend Fake-fest...
Well, before we get to the pending fun ahead, let’s take some time this weekend to remember our brave men and women and their families during this time. For without them, their sacrifices, and the legacy they pass down from generation to generation, absolutely none of this would be possible… Now it’s off to the unofficial kick-off of Summer 2010. And I’m sure it will be one that will be well, most remembered indeed. Summertime on fubar always brings a certain vibe in these here parts that leaves those that survive, yes I do mean survive, lasting memories that carry on with them going forward, whether it be real life, or just your fubar life (yes people have two, well, some anyways and some it intermingles, hopefully for the positive.) But anyways I digress here, let’s just get to this meaty piece of early
Need Advice
The following is a real situation i have to deal with, and I know what I am going to say to the room mate, but I figure I can get some ideas and advice from you fine people, as out spoken as you are. I am having some issues concerning my room mate, who has a son and a daughter living here. There are 5 kids in the house at least half the time, 3 of which arent mine. I for the most part take care of my twins and their sister, and my ex wife works and when she wants to go socialize I am obviously watching my boys..well the other room mate likes to go out with her and I have been willing to watch her kids cuz they are usually going to bed when they leave. But its going on about three weeks shes been here, and two of those weeks I have been the cook, the house maid, the baby sitter AND the one putting groceries in the house...I have to put my foot down before it goes any further. She is getting child support and food stamps...GETTING...she hasnt put any food in the house, payed for anythi
Darknymph's Army Volunteers
This page is Currently Under Construction!!!   DO THIS FIRST!!! Fan and friend me (if we aren't already) and message me so I know you're ready to get your fam adds!!!I will send you the trick to using the blog to level quickly!! This is a list of people that have volunteered to help with Fam adds. Be sure to Like/Rate/Fan/Friend request them - they are an awesome group of people to have as friends!! (BTW - if you msg them and ask for an add and you aren't even friends - they can't help you!!! Besides - it's courteous to make sure you Like/Rate/Fan/Friend before asking for help!!) If you have everything to level completed, other than the fam adds - it's time to chat with me. (Yes - Shout box me - I get those messages the quickest so I can get back to you quickly!!) Please do not start working through the list and ask for fam adds until you are all ready to level. That means you have your points and all other requirements completed first because the people on this list are someti
I hate the "improvement" to the MuMMs. It takes longer to load and looks stupid. That is all.
Memories Are Made Of This
I am just sitting here thinking and replaying things in my head. Not that I am wallowing, just reflecting to see where I am. I have been running fast in my life trying to save myself and my family from the darkness that took us over. The fucken funny thing is that I ran and ran looking out for all of these other people, and I realise that my fear of falling helped save everyone else and made me look like a dickhead. Even funnier is the fact that I am picking up the pieces on my own, with the help of an online friend that has stuck by me, even when I have lashed out and been a psycho bitch (you know who you are and I am eternally grateful). The experience left me in a bad light, at times I had to be an actress and at times I had to be real and I lost my identity, or got the two confused. Now I am separated, and have very few friends. And, I realise that, because I put others first, I let myself down. The only one person you can save is yourself, and, hopefully be
This Is Your Life Helly
Mummer Men Snap Shots
The boys meet at the mall every morning before nap He is not so tough Most dont know Fit loves to dance Word on the street is they go commando boys night out!!!!!
Your Kissing Grade: A- You are truly an amazing kisser. Your kisses are extraordinarily mind blowing. Whether you're naturally a good kisser or not, you've taken the time learn how to be the best kisser possible. Anyone would be lucky to get a kiss from you! How Do Your Kisses Rate?
Celebrating My Life! January 19th
On January 19th 2007 I had a double pulmonary embolism. If you don't know what that is a Pulmonary embolism is an obstruction of a blood vessel in the lungs, usually due to a blood clot, which blocks a coronary artery. Pulmonary embolism is a fairly common condition that can be fatal. According to the American Heart Association, an estimated 600,000 Americans develop pulmonary embolism annually; 60,000 die from it. As many as 25,000 Americans are hospitalized each year for pulmonary embolism, which is a relatively common complication in hospitalized patients. Even without warning symptoms, pulmonary embolism can cause sudden death. Treatment is not always successful. I barely survived. I passed two clots into my lungs. I don't tell most people this because it's a personal thing and few friends know all the details. I spent 11 days in the hospital, 4 in ICU. I spent almost a year on blood thinners trying to dissolve these massive clots in my lungs. I am lucky to be alive today. I'm w
Tool Academy And Mondays
that show is bad news. all of a sudden the girl im dating thinks she can "change" me. The show is entertaining to me, but i'd like to know, how many of you try to change the other person? whatever happened to liking someone for who they are? i know, there are adjustments that need to be made but the fact of the matter is, we are who we are because of YEARS of becoming like this. this is a slight issue i have with dating slightly older girls...hmmmm anywho, funny video: fisting? sorry had to add another funny video..this one pertaining to the subject...kinda
Anything Is Possible
Ok people as you know by my status im going for spotlight. It was indeed a spur of the moment decision as it had never appealed to me before, mainly just to see if i could do it. Now after a few conversations of others telling me its impossible and no matter who i say my friends are its just not gonna happen. I say bullshit!! impossible is just not a word in my vocabulary and now i suppose its a matter of my pride and showing others that with the right friends by your side anything can be achieved. Somebody asked me how far i was from the amount i needed and being honest i said that i dont even have a 3rd yet BUT considering i started this at 40k, i truly believe it can be done by April 11th. I was told to save myself the trouble and just give up because now THEY are going for that day...i said bring it on. Now im not just asking because i want the spotlight but rather to prove a point. Thanks 4 Reading
Things That I Find Disturbing.
People using the word sexy to describe Excel spreadsheets. A little over a year ago I noticed people using sexy to describe things like new computers/technology and I have always heard people use that word to describe cars and I guess in a way if that's what you like it makes sense. However, when a coworker was showing me an excel spread sheet and he said "now that's sexy" I got a little vomity. Old men with candy in their pockets. When I was 19 I worked at the Clinique counter in the mall. A guy who worked at a shoe place I would check out on my breaks took a liking to me. He was probably only 45 but he had long gray hair he kept in a pony tail. One day he walked up to me and pulled some butterscotch candy out of his pocket and asked me if I wanted some. My first reaction was to yell "help! I need an adult!!" like mom had instructed me to do when I was 5. My second reaction was the same Guys who work at women's shoe stores. I think that's an Al Bundy thing. It's really not all t
A whisper, a sigh A wink and a glance The glimpse of a thigh The thought of romance. She moves in a bit closer And dances just right He longs to hold her Long into the night. Heart beat quickens Eyes shine with lust His muscle thickens Anticipating a thrust. Heartbeats are frantic As clothes start to fall Each touch is electric They both shed it all. So naked she kneels His dick in her mouth A gasp when she feels  His lips moving south Licking and sucking And moving together Grinding and moaning Their mutual pleasure She begs him to enter And give her his meat Quickly he helps her They regain their feet Swiftly he bends her Down over the bed Legs spread further He thrusts in his head He pushes in harder She squeezes it tight The moan of pleasure The sounds of delight The rhythm of loving The feel of the flesh Indescribable feeling As two bodies mesh Cum rips from his balls As he shoots his load. Her insides expand as She feels him explode.
Me and that guy were talkin about types of Kissers last night..and I gave him "the List" It is something I have been saying for years. SOOOO outta sheer boredom I wwanna share it with you and see if you guys have anything to add. (BAD kissers) 1-Basset hound=where the entire bottom of your face is dripping afterthey kiss you 2- the snake= where they try to swallow you whole 3-The lizard= where the tonue juts in and out of mouth quickly 4- the gnasher= where they grind against your teeth 5- the dentist= whre they try to floss your teeth and try to remove your tonsils  6-the virgin= where they got the mouth movement...but no tongue 7- the humper= whenever ya kiss it is like an automatic on switch for the dry hump     So these were all things that would kill it for anyone I kissed if they did this again boredom...humor me....whatcha got
Online Djs
I was on the potty this morning passing my morning toffee, and I was thinking about how much crap we give Internet DJs, those folks who are all like "Yo I am a DJ" and we are like "Yo shut up" and we make fun of them.  Well, it occured to me that actually what they do is a thing, it's not like it's all pretend.  They provide music in a place online where people listen to music, and actually there's nothing inherently stupid about that.  It seems most of the objections arise from the fact that there is an associated skillset that is central to the concept of a 'DJ' that picking some songs for your computer to play on an internet doesn't require.  It's the self-aggrandisement of calling yourself a 'DJ' that rankles. So, the obvious answer is some kind of alternative title - one that doesn't suggest skills that aren't involved in the activity of being a online musicman.  Now, as easy as it would be to think of a lot of names to call those folks, we really need something non-insulting, so
Throwing Stuff At The Moon
"A pair of NASA spacecraft smashed into the moon at twice the speed of a bullet, as part of a mission aimed at blasting up signs of water ice." I told you science was my passion! evidence:   This drawing was done months ago before Nasa even thought about doing this. Science Bitches! I has it.
Illiteracy Is Cool?
Events that have taken place in the last several weeks have got me to thinking. However, There is just one thing I cannot figure out. This is in reference to no specific individual, just something that I have noticed over the years. I know what my personal opinions of it are. I was just curious as to what others may think. I am sure most if not all of you have seen me busting some poor schmucks balls in the MuMMs for his/her lack of attempting to spell, punctuate and using just basic grammar rules. My personal take on it is, the majority of this behavior is usually done for two different reasons. The first reason being that the person is an actual idiot and too stupid to even try to do things the proper way. The other reason is that the person is just too damned lazy to even attempt to do anything correctly. Typical misspellings, I can forgive as shit happens. I see the English language slowly eroding away to shit. I mean when they are adding made up shit from Rachael Ray t
Mummers, Fuicide, And Other Issues I Want To F_cking Go Off About...
I admit. When I posted my first MuMM YEARS ago, I got ripped up. I saw a bunch of polls, so I posted one myself. Now, before you go saying anything, please know I posted this MuMM before MOST of you kids ever heard of Fubar (or whatever f_cking Cherry name it was at the time). So, I didn't hang in the MuMMs. At the time, I was also on MySpace and a sports smacktalk forum so I only came back here for the friends I made. After a few years of talking shit, and winning "Rookie of the year" as well as TWO MVPs on that sports smack site, I checked out the  MuMMs again while I was bored. NOTHING but SMACKTALK. New stomping grounds... I started off ripping on ANYONE I saw making iggnorant comments, that's what ANY rookie does. But now, over a year and whatever later, I'm sick of that mentality. Too many fuckers on their high-horses trying to make a name for themselves by trying to being the BIGGER jackass. Ever since I hit the MuMMs again, I was thinking every-now-and-again about F
Holy Crap
I knew I was sentimental... I knew I liked to keep things as keepsakes.. But goooood lawwwd...I am a borderline hoarder lol I spent the day organizing my kitchen and de-cluttering it OH MY GOODNESS...I had shit from when my mom was still alive, that I have never once used in 12 years... It was hard, but I purged A LOT   Yay me!
My Ultrasound...not The News I Was Hoping To Hear
I went to my ultrasound this afternoon and didnt exactly get the news I was hoping to hear. It would appear that I have some retained tissue in my uterus still and some fluid in my uterine lining and around the outside of my uterus as well. My dr says that can wait and see if it takes care of itself on its own since I am very close to being done with this whole thing or we can speed up the process with cytotec which will basically cause contractions and a form of labor. I am opting for the cytotec just to get it done and over with because I cant take this waiting anymore and it would appear that my body didnt handle all of it like we were hoping. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
If You Can See The Image In The Blog, Please Leave A Comment Thank You.
I'm testing something.. Myspace Graphics
I Has A Hh
I is a whore and as a result this amzing chick got me a HH. TODAY~8PM fu-time. Miss it & die (except Mac). Make sure you show Confidence lots of love, she has a HH after me. ps...I has 5 more to use. You will get tired of me :P pps...Feel free to get me more HHs.
Free Hh~find Out How~
It has come to my attention that many fu-addicts have yet to experience the sponsorship of a I will be hosting a contest soon: 1st prize~HH 2nd prize~70 Credit bling pack 3rd prize-25 credit bling pack and/or vip bonus prize~most original/funny pic Interested yet? ~criteria~ 15 participants max First come first serve must be a friend (OPEN TO EVERYONE now) judges (3 or 5) will select the winners (I am the tie breaker)*see additional rules* participants will post original/funny/whatever salute to me (to make sure they are real :P) top 3 with the most rates will advance~Judges will then select 1st-3rd place winners Comments are welcomed, but not mandatory. Contest will run at a minimum of 3 weeks, but no more than 4 weeks. I will begin to take participants on Sunday. If you are interested, send me a private message. If you want to be a judge, there will be a small fubuck fee :D oh and sorry so effin long.
J This Is Your Life
Bitch Tits
i saw this scrolling & thought it was a funny default hooray for bitch tits
It's Drunken Friday!
Ok, just humor us ok... I have deemed this "Drunken Photo Friday!" and the only one to play along is Tiff....I wanna see everyone's best drunken photos! C'mon! Throw 'em up there!
Ash's Hubby
Ash's hubby is a jerkface! Just sayin! · Demetrick re-rated you a '1' from a '10'!
K-9 Rhapsody
The choice came down to two parks. One to the north and one to the south. The review on the internet said the one to the north had over 500 dog visitors a day , "hopefully with their owners too" har har har. The one to the south was closer and on the water. I like the water. I would like someone who liked the water. There would be less traffic if I went south. Picnic Island it is. I went a round about way to get there, stopping at the CVS. I bought a bottled water and wind shield wiper fluid. My car is dirty we're in a 3 year drought. It was cloudy and sort of drizzling. My wipers were turning the sparse rain and dirt into mud on my wind shield. This was a necessary stop, I wasn't stalling. Well kinda, I was. Destiny is a hard thing to face. I was sort of familiar with this area. I sold real estate here. Just never that far south and I hadn't been down here in a while. Why would I? There had never been prophecies to follow. It had changed. The luxury, waterfront development was
Greatest Canadian Outdoor Store
I woke up this morning very excited to go check out this new store. Since we love to go camping and I have this serious need to buy every new toy fro camping. I was fairly excited to check out the Greatest Canadian Outdoor Store.... Its about 15 minutes out of city so we stopped at Tim Horton's and grabbed coffee and Breakfast Sandwiches.. The anticipation grew as we drove up to the town named Balzac . this was it my fantasy was coming true. Every possible camping toy you could possibly imagine.. like the coleman deep fryer and the coleman stove of and the coleman water heater...... I was on the verge of my seat.... We pull up find ofcourse the closest parking spot available( I like to stalk shoppers coming out til i find the "A" parking spot. I ofcourse get the a spot in which Jeff is always amazed and high fives me..... Im stoked... camping galore.... I walk up and omg the front of the store is seriously covered in antlers... im a little disgusted but meh ill get over it. I step
Pimp Smacking Results
Groups Targeted : Legends, Admin, Any one with bombs, Cyber Tough Guys28 People Blocked Me+4 Legends  blocked me7 Whiny cunts came in my shout asking why I pimp smacked their boyfriends/friends3 Woman sent by their male friends 3 Net tough guys rated me a 1, BuzzKilled Me, and blocked meRandom boredom: Tried to pimp myself... damn I couldn't For the net tough guys who sent their female friends....  I just wish your moms would of swallowed... Even if just for that one time....
Html Comments...dont Work...odd
I have HTML comments enabled, but no matter what, i try to post HTML code in comments (even my own) and it says it dont work.....but my settings show that HTML is enabled for EVERYONE, i typed in the captcha and saved its just bein retarded to me....but, oh is the HTML i was gonna post in Raistlins blog regarding Merlot Music: PROBLEM SOLVED:  Thanks Papi!  (Must be on here for 2 weeks)PS:  Raistlin is freakin HAWT!! (h)
Okay since I have like 9 different friends commenting a ton of pics.. I figured I would do a blog and let them all play in here Simple question Do you consider the previous pic A - Abuse B - Foreplay   Okay play nice or .. if NSFW tell Me to mark it..
Bothers You I Spend Money On Fubar?!?
I've seen alot of folks call us folks who spend money here names, and I just had to say something. If it wasn't for paying members, this site would be ALOT worse. And if you want to use the excuse "well, you should put that money to better use". Ummmmm.... Is my house paid up? CHECK! Is my cars paid for? CHECK! Is my bills paid for? CHECK! Food and beer in fridge? CHECK! Hell, are my charities still being paid? CHECK! So if I want to spend a few bucks on a web-site having fun, what business of yours is it?!? I'm not saying paying members are better, but I don't see where we are WORSE either... Idiots.
I Never Knew!
As some of you know, I have celiac disease. But what you don't know, is that I've been foolish and have not been following the proper diet for almost a year now. I'm started having some of the same problems I had when I was first treated. Yes, I know, I'm stupid for not sticking with it.... Someone was asking me about celiac disease the other day, and if it was dangerous. This is part of what I found out. When individuals with CD ingest gluten, the villi, tiny hair-like projections in the small intestine that absorb nutrients from food, are damaged. This is due to an immunological reaction to gluten. Damaged villi do not effectively absorb basic nutrients -- proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and, in some cases, water and bile salts. If CD is left untreated, damage to the small bowel can be chronic and life threatening, causing an increased risk of associated disorders -- both nutritional and immune related.
Is It So Terrible
Is it so terrible that I clean up lthe grammar on someone else's SFW smumm, and reposted as an NSFW smumm? A.  Terrible and mean B. Someone should do it!
Whining , effective?  A.  Hell No B. Hell effing no!
First of all thanks for even bothering to read, it won't be short so please be a little patient with me :) I was going to post this once I reached level 40 but I have been forced to do so earlier because it became a conflict with my ABOUT ME section. I have know this site for over 5 years, had a couple of accounts which I personally deleted, out of respect because I was in relationships and latin men tend to be very jealous but not before adding the real nice people I met to my yim or msn. About 70% of those people are no longer on fubar.Back then, there were no godmodes, boomies, pimphands and all those perks, so one really had time to get to know people and chat. For the last 2 years I had an account, very low profile, I was here to relax, make friends,chat, and have fun,could not care less about leveling. Then last August my account got deleted by FU.....I asked many times why, never got a response which annoyed me, I was level 26 and just wanted to be able to pimpout my friends
Yahoo Messenger In The Shoutbox
->Kevin19238: what does that have to do with getting my yahoo? Kevin19238: why you accept me then? ->Kevin19238: umm because i choose to not have insane people on my yahoo? Kevin19238: why ->Kevin19238: ok.. seriously dude.. even though i added you to my list.. that does not mean you get my yahoo.. people that i talk to DAILY don't even have my yahoo Kevin19238: do you have yahoo im? umm... seriously? wtf?
My mom and I got into a conversation the other day. I stated that I think that living should be a privilege, not a right, and I would have no problems getting rid of someone just because I think they are a waste of space. I am not talking about offing someone because of deep seeded hate, just purifying the world of dirt so to speak. She said (besides the fact that she doesn't know how she spawned a maniac) that in that case I should have no probs with someone thinking the same about me and trying to get rid of me. I said that it would be their choice, and they would be more than welcome to try. Judging by personal past experience , I know I could easily rid someone of their most precious possession (life) because I don't think they deserve it. I know I am not the one to judge if they do, but I wouldn't care about that aspect. With the world being such an overpopulated place, I think people should be aware that they are merely recycling the O2 that others could be using, and taking
Fubar Trains Main List 1-100 Updated
Ok me and Tat Man73 are both admitted Train Alchy's You have one we join it lol. Dont know what a train is? Well a train is usually posted in a bulletin or a blog and joining one can give you many rewards be it new friends, extra points and some trains even throw in a special tag made just for joining. So this list is made for all the Train Aholics like us and the Trains owners as well. Now it seems that were in so many that we lose track of whose running what and how to find the addys when we need them. So this blog will keep up with where everything is. And also to bring some of the older trains back to life once more. If you have one that I haven't added please private message me with the blogs addy and I'll add it to the list The trains are in no particular order some are old trains some are newer ones. I'm going to list the trains by where the blogs are located. *Note the blog that it's listed in may not always be the owner of the train* The owner is usually listed in the be
Fk'n Bored
Holy shit...I am so damn bored today...anybody got anything good? Need some Ready to start drinking... /blah
Taken From Mel
If you were to introduce me to someone, what would you say? This should be fun. Pass this along and see what YOU get back.
My Sweetest Friend Wicked
i just want to thank her for showing me the light buring our little contest   i have learned how good it makes me feel to say something nice to someone instead of being the mean sarcastic person i was.   i feel as if the clouds have parted and i can finally see the sunshine   she is amazing isn`t she?   being non perverted ? i am finding that a bit harder pixie     oh yeah i`m in radioX`s auction if you want to bid
Random, Pointless Facts...
1) Scotch + Kahlua = delicious 2) I actually hate it when people compliment me on my eyes 3) I eat more pizza rolls than anyone on the planet 4) I dont believe when people tell me they love me 5) I like drinking in dive bars with older people so I dont have to deal with all the BS that comes along with drinking with people my age 6)  I have surprisingly low selfesteem 7) I crank Frank Sinatra when no one is around 8) I have one ex I still talk to, even hang out with, and there have been no awkward moments between us I would tag people, but Im too lazy to do that. Besides, these things go around so often anyways

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