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3442332's blog: "huhwot"

created on 03/29/2010  |  http://fubar.com/huhwot/b330854  |  9 followers

Lame Is...

When someone's lame...I laugh at them. That is the only response lame deserves.


BUT *long-suffering sigh* here I indulge my penchant for creating shit-storms in a teacup.


Lame is...

- posting a homophobic pic then blocking the people that commented how homophobic you are

- trying to say it's 'against the rules' to comment on someone's pics

- trying to say there are rules...at all

- writing a fucking essay to tell someone how little you care about them

- expecting a fucking troglodyte bitch to waddle behind you everywhere you go to tell you how wonderful you are

- thinking that an Imikimi makes that troglodyte bitch your true love

- blocking people then bitching about others blocking you because you're a mean MuMMer

- thinking you've got any association whatsoever with a 'wolf' when you're more akin to a weasel.


Little boys shouldn't play with the grown-ups if they're going to cry every time they get shown how out of their league they are.


If the wee boy would like to play...c'mere and I'll serve you your arse on a platter again...and don't forget to bring the heifer - I want a word with her too... :)



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