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Say What?!
This asshat wrote me about a MuMM comment I made in a tattoo MuMM. I said I didn't care what tattoo they got, I was going back to my 3some with Matt & Drew LOL. (They'll know what I'm talking about.) Read from bottom up. ->lilbit123: make absolutely no sense comment wasnt even directed at you or was about you and you choose to write me about it like an hour after I said it..but I'm the dumbass...BTW that's how its spelled DUMBASS lilbit123: shit you are in a league all your own dum azz i could never be that low ->lilbit123: don't put me in your catagory lilbit123: well we have some thing in common we are dum azz ->lilbit123: the 3some comment was a JOKE about another MuMM..dumbass.. lilbit123: what ever go back and look at what you put dum azz ->lilbit123: my comment had nothing to do with the I dunno WTF you're talking about lilbit123: new tat ->lilbit123: umm I dont remember commenting on that mumm..title's not familiar lilbit1
3g Needs You! Help Me Win This Contest!
PLEASE HELP ME WIN! I've never been in a contest before, so this is new to me. I thought I may as well give it a try and hopefullyyyyyyyy I win it! The contest starts on Saturday 5/31! That's tomorrow for the day impaired. You know I love yee anyhow :D The picture I need you to comment on needs a total of 40,000 commentaries to win a 3 month VIP and a 1 day blast. You know I'd do it for you!!!!!!! Hell, I've done it for those of you who have asked me to. Come on and show GoofyGeekyGoddess a little love. ;) I promise to give you some elevens and platinum cherries if I win!!!!! Some of you will get fubling too. ;) Send me a message letting me know you helped me out and love will be given! Mmkay? Here yee, here yee, loves, click the texted link below to the contest you go. It's being run by DJ Edge. Meg aka '|3G|GoofyGeekyGoddess* :Teh Hawtness: Heart Breakah, Soul Takeh -PhattahThanCakeBattah-' Nelly FurtadoManeaterMusic Video Codes By Music
Bite Me
I sign on today to find this crap..... And when i go to the link i find this.... Not one of my pictures. Is this a new Fubar game? Is this a way to level someone fake account? (I didn't rate btw) And if so, why are they all coming to me? Do i seem like someone who is nice and willing to help? WRONG... Now to make my mumm. Should i go spam the assholes who said this crap? Two of them are above level 20. Should i give out their Fubar user #'s and send my friends after them? Wait? I have friends? They picked the wrong Cubby to play with today.... I REPEAT.. DONT VISIT ANY OF THOSE PROFILES....
Submitted two job applications today - both library jobs, so I'd be out of the office environment that has me so bored and sitting here all day... Wish me luck!!!
Fantasy Island Staff &staff Rules
Owners ^She~Devil^ GM AliveAt40 (GM @ Fantasy Island) Head Greeters Tequila Take Me Home...Head Greeter @ FANTASY ISLAND ^DaRkPhOeNiX^Greeter@Fantasy Island ~*~GET* LEI'D~*~ HaPpY*DaNcE~*~ Promoters ♥FallenLoki♥~Fu-wifey of Shiftngears~[[Shadow Leveler]]**Git-R-Done Bomb Squad** Maj Security LEE ENGLAND'S BIG CANNON ( HEAD SECURITY @ FANTASY ISLAND )and a DBC member ~*~GooB JuSt GooB~*~ GoD BLeSS OuR TrOOpS~*~A.H.S~*~ Irish (Pitbull)
Privacy Settings.
Last night during my Happy Hour a man sent me several blings and I tried several times to send him gifts, message him, and shout him but I kept getting these... Now he has writted a MuMM saying I am Rude. :( And of course I am getting this... Those of you who know me know I would never ever be intentionally rude. :( I can't believe this is happening.....
Firefox *&$^@!!!!
So Firefox wanted to update itself today and being the giving guy that I am I let it. The result, it doesn't seem to want to play well with fubar. Whenever I'm on a page it is ok for a few seconds and then it blocks me out from being able to click on anything. Now, I could try and figure out what's wrong but I'd much rather log on using IE and bitch about it. Anybody using firefox with the latest update seeing the same crap?
Hurricane Ike!
OK so my friend Kevin (who is actually sitting in my living room right now...) set up a web cam to show whats going on in my front yard LOL here ya go! Express Yourself LIVE
Fu Bad Girls Are Fu Bad Business
Before I even get rolling, I know this shit is petty and am even a bit pissed I have to use any of my time on this but I'm am kind of tired of answering the same question over and over. In the land of FU and it's infinite numbers of families and groups, another girl group has popped up calling themselves the FU Bad Girls. Are they in ANY way relation to the small group of friends I have that are the FU Bad Bitches?? NOT EVEN CLOSE. Understand this 1st, the FU Bad Bitches are not a rate, fan and add group. We are just a small group of friends who have been through a lot together and through their strength and tenacity in various situations, have shown that they are indeed a bad bitch. The Fu Bad Girls seemed to NOT be able to be original in concept nor name, so when people 1st asked if we were one in the same and I found myself repeating over and over we wern't, I approached the "biter" ummm "founder" of the FU Bad Girls and explained to her the issue and asked if she might c
To All 2nd Alarm Hotties!!! ¢¾¢¾¢¾
Every day is love a hottie day¢¾ But since we are so many, it's hard to get around to you all. But if you leave a comment here, I will get to you, and rate all your pics. Just let me know ¢¾ ¢¾ Lots of love from Annipoo ¢¾
Week 10 Stats And Week 11 Schedule
Hey all.. sorry took so long. Here goes: 1st Place: Its' Just Me with 94-144 2nd Place: Kelly with 93-144 3rd Place: JP with 91-144 4th Place: Drill and Porch with 85-144 5th Place: Superman with 83-144 6th Place: Me with 80-144 *ish* 7th, 8th and 9th Place: Texi 78-144 Will 77-144 Carrie 72-144 50 pts or lower McLovin 58 Red Alert 57 Crow 48 Alchy 42 Mikey 31 WEEK 11 SCHEDULE Thurs, Nov 13th NYJ @ NE Sun Nov 16th DEN @ ATL MIN @ TB BAL @ NYG DET @ CAR PHI @ CIN CHI @ GB OAK @ MIA NO @ KC HOU @ IND STL @ SF ARI @ SEA TEN @ JAC SD @ PIT DAL @ WAS Mon, Nov 17th CLE @ BUF Remember, I need your picks for Thursday's game no later than 5pm Thursday night. The rest of the picks by Friday 5pm. Good luck guys!
I typed in Daddy Rocks Hard. Your Daddy Is Ozzy Osbourne What You Call Him: Papi Why You Love Him: You don't love him, you just love calling him "daddy" Who's Your Daddy?
Ok So Its Friday And...
i'm working on my buzz and stalking blogs...Bring on the Feet porn!!
That Bish
I vow to never ever click on a link from Ash again. Bish sent me straight to a Gangsta Gay sex site. :|
Angel Turning Evil? Huh?
Alright this Angel friend of mine wants to become ebil.... so a I heard a little bark through the grapevine :) JWH@ fubar Love on her hard!
Hurt Feelings
there is a guy who goes by the oh so boring name of "dave" on this site. he comments on my shoutbox all the time. obviously, he's never read my tips and pointers blog. likely, he hasn't read any of my blogs or my profile for that matter. all he ever says there in the shoutbox is "hi" or s'up? or something just as boring as his lame ass username. anyone who has actually read anything i've written must realize they should step it up a notch. unfortunately he has not the brains to do so. today, that douchebag did the same thing again then rated me a 1 and blocked me when yet again i did not respond. come on...this is the fucking internet for god's sake. why do people take it so personally? and really, if you walked up to a girl in a bar and say "hi" will you get a good response? no. have some fucking game, dude. goodbye, dave. you will be sorely missed. or not.
Oh Noe =[!
So I got to take a new picture of my hair right BUT NO MY camera won't turn on. And yes I tried changing the batteries. And yes, I made sure I put them in right.
Feel Bad Dad
i feel bad, my lil princess works as a counselor in a home for troubled teen girls. two of them were arguing and she went to go diffuse the situation when the girl that was in her room slammed the door. it pinched off the tip of her middle finger, taking all the meat from the bone up. she went to the trauma center and they flapped it and closed it over the bone. instead of going home after this she went back to work to talk to the girl to tell her she wasn`t mad at her. the girl is one of my daughters favorites and she knew it was an accident. she made sure she lost none of her privileges and took her to lunch today i feel bad i wasn`t there to hug her but i am so proud of her for thinking more of her young charge than her own injury. 
Check This Out
Loads of people what do MuMMs do that thing where they are a spotlight, so I have decided that it must be a wicked way to get TEH!! POINTZ!!  As I love TEH!! POINTZ!! I have decided that I will do this as well, because if there's a bandwagon going, Imma gonna jump it. So here's the thing.  I hereby solemnly swear that from now until the end of May, or until I haz loads of bucks to do that thing, I swear that any money anyone gives me will not get spent on buying TQ back from some guy or other, or buying a Hummer to give to Jai.  The only gifts I will buy will be those ones where it is a cheap can of beer - YOUR money will go on me getting spotlight and nothing else.  If you give me any.  Which you don't have to.  Well wishes are equally valued.  Or a can of that cheap beer. Whatever.  But I have a vision.  A vision of a man.  A man that wears a wrestling man mask that he drawed on his face himself.  A man that is a spotlight.  A man... well, it's me.  Do you see? It's me, being a spot
New Fun Blog...
Alright...I'm gonna give a 1 credit bling out to the person who answers the most of the following questions right...Lets see who knows Woo the best!   1. How many kids do I have? 2. What age did I have my first child? 3. What is my favorite color? 4. Do I actually live in Minneapolis? 5. Who is my favorite painter? Monet, Renoir, or VanGogh 6. What is my favorite kind of dog? 7. What is my favorite fast food place?   Okay folks...try to guess! You can guess more than once!
I Live In My Head
I live in my head (or a lament on the price of cold coffee) (or, lauding the virtue of sour cream) I live in my head With monuments to pristine clarity Where crystalline palaces gleam In a city on the edge of eternity, Where the ideal is close enough To solve the problems of reality. She lives in her heart With obstacles of immense enormity Where burdens drag her at a weary pace Through the ruins of what never was, While myriad complications dash her hopes On the troubles she discovers and explores. In many lifetimes my blanched fingertips Pressed the filmy bubble of difference between us, In disbelief that the hair's breadth of years Must snatch that unique pear from her short life So that we can never be.
You Stay Classy San Diego
Hola Amigos/Amigas!  I’m back from vacation.  What’s that?  You say you didn’t realize I was gone?  Fine.  I don’t need your sympathy “welcome back!”   I’ve been marginalized and ignored by better people than you!   Nevertheless, I’m going to tell you about my vacation.  I just spent 7 glorious days lounging about in San Diego.  San Diego is lovely for a number of reasons.  But the biggest reason San Diego is lovely is that it is NOT Phoenix.  You see, we’ve been averaging 110 + degrees for the last couple of weeks here in the PHX.  It’s the type of weather that makes household pets burst into flames if they go outside to pee.  Whereas, in San Diego, they are lucky to top 80 degrees – ever.  Which is why every July, Arizonans invade the beaches of San Diego with our mandals, bad Hawaiian shirts, and dry, flaky skin.   Upon arriving in the Land of Ron Burgundy, I immediately rented a surfboard for a week.  I’m n
Damn Kids!!!
Recently, I've been reminded of something I haven't thought of for awhile.... Kids! Now while I'm more then content knowing I'll never have any myself, I DO get reminded of how wonderful they are... I grew up with friends who had older siblings who had kids, so when I started dating, I was used to my girlfriends' nieces and/or nephews around... Fast forward to my first fiance when I was 20. Beautiful little Italian girl named Toni who captured my heart. And not only did Toni love me, but so did her 2 year old daughter Amber. I was so happy, not only did I have ONE girl to love... ...but TWO! And when the young one was asleep, me and mommy had "adult time"... least till 2 AM. We knew we had to finish up by then cuz Amber would wonder into bed with us by then... Amber even made TWO Father's Day gifts..... though I made it clear I'm NOT her daddy... What hurt when me and Toni broke up was the fact my heart broke x2.................. I remember leaving our apartment aft
So I have a point to make, if you came here thinking this was about point then you missed the point, the point being I have no point in making points for the sake of making points to have a point to make...   ..boredom more than likely will delete this, since I missed My point of making a point to start a pointless discussion on points for the sake of missing to make a point in the trying to attain a point...   ...damn insomnia... 3 days no sleep.. shoot Me.
The World As We Know It Has Come To An End!
I am out , yes thats right OUT OF COFFEEEEEEEE   /wrists Wicked
Ringaling A Ling
when i was a child i caught chronic ear infections and had tubes put in my ears. as an adult I have slight hearing loss in my left ear, and get fluid on my ear every time I have an upper respiratory infection, or bad allergies will cause it as well. according to the old wives tales, when your ear rings, it supposed to mean some one is talking about you. I believe one side meant it was good and the other meant it was bad...i cant recall, mostly because its bs. but my ear has been ringing all day long, so whos talking about me? lol working on the boats with the loud engines running all the time probably doesnt help my hearing one bit. I just wrote this blog cuz there isnt anything going on any who as you were
Realizations V2
1. Something is wrong with me. No point whore is willing to fuMarry me. =[ 2. The people that are on the top for winning at the slots and poker really don't have good luck. They probably just spent an ungodly amount of money to get creidits. 3. It's nice having a new phone number that only 4 people know the number to. [if you're on my phone and you don't have the new number yet, you'll get it] 4. I didn't realize, until today, how many weirdos I know. It's scary. 5. It's looking like things are looking up for me and I couldn't be happier. Maybe December will be a good month and a great start at something new. 6. As always, I love my friends.
The Internetz
i m not sure about bio father never raised bio mom dies in '01......i m trolling google....i find 2 addresses in Philadelphia with my fathers name....i put 2 and 2 together( i think)..he was 20 yrs old when i was (if this is him).....what do i even begin to say to this man....the site i found him on has an actual telephone i call it and make an ass of myself...or do i say...."are you my Daddy??
Liltigerlili...give Her Your Fubucks
3-16-10 is lili's birthday... wouldn't you like to see her in the spotlight??? THIS IS NOT HER IDEA AND SHE IS NOT BEGGING FOR BUCKS..IT'S MY IDEA AND I'M BEGGING FOR THE BUCKS...SOOOOO THERE! hehe *sips on her joe* ♥ thanks in advance *grin*  
What The Hell?
This is an email I got today.  It sturck me as funny as hell considering I spoke with the person for all of 5 minutes. From the very first moment I saw you I knew that we were destined to be together. It has been so long since a woman has captured my attention so fully or made my heart beat the way it did that very first day i saw your pics on badoo. Your smile lights up my entire spirit. Your laughter fills me with joy, and your mere presence will warm any room. I have no doubt you are the woman Heaven has made especially for me.Thank you for the comfortable conversations and for asking me to be your friend maybe it might lead us somewhere from there. Most importantly, thank you for sharing your friendship and wanting to make me your good friend first. No matter how slowly or at what distance our courtship developes, I know standing before God and our future family, vowing to be your partner for life, was the easiest decision I could have ever made.Each day that passes makes our fr
You Tell Me
I wonder...what is the difference between love and infatuation? And can infatuation turn to love?   All you wordly wise people out there...enlighten me.
April 1st Is No Laughing Matter
So as most of you have heard, I got fired on April 1st. "Like," as the kids say, "for realz." I know a lot of you probably thought the status was an April Fools joke, and I can't blame you. If I'd been more clear-headed, I probably would have added something to the effect of it not being a joke, but it was all so sudden that I was totally off-guard. So what happened? Well, I'm still trying to figure that out myself, exactly, but here's the facts as I see 'em. Wednesday, March 31st, I got into a verbal confrontation with my boss over the phone. Without going into details, she heavily implied that I was lazy and lying to her (but of course, not in any specific wording that could be traced back to her). This isn't the first time that something like this had happened, and I'd had enough. I called her on it. I told her directly that I felt harassed and she was calling me a liar. She kind of hand-waved it off, but never strongly denied it. I very nearly walked out that day over it, but aft
May Vent Session...just Telling It Like It Always...
inefuehwh4ufhw84w49f … time to shake out the brain cobwebs and get back to it guess huh? Crazy times, weird people and strange places. That’s about it about now. For those of who you do not follow the news, and there are a lot of you, please be advised that right now in the Gulf of Mexico, there’s probably the worst U.S. oil spill disaster in history happening, it’s going to spread from the gulf coast and potentially all up the eastern seaboard of the U.S., in addition to a lot of photos of black birds, you will see gas prices shoot up as well as the price of seafood. Just sayin. Then.. There’s Arizona and the immigration disaster. There are upwards of 500,000 illegal immigrants in the state of Arizona. The drug cartels from Mexico have run wild and are now crossing our borders en
Large Mammary Glands
Dear Ladies with Large Mammary Glands, I feel the need to apologize to you for getting all excited when i see your boobies. I failed to realize at the time that they come with their own sets of problems... Witchie I'm sorry i masturbated and squirted to your boobies. Hellyion I'm sorry that I want to masturbate and squirt to yours. Witty in the wet t shirt...mmm Mrs Bad crumble oh my..   I did not know what i know now... I did not know what life was like with large mammary glands, I am sorry that when you take your bra off there are indents of the bra left behind, That your back aches for hours from carrying such a heavy load. I didn't realize how many idiots talk to your breasts. I was one of those people and I'm sorry. Even tonight when i was talking to the asshole ( my lovely husband who i cherish and adore) i realize men only care about themselves. He said and let me quote "i ain`t gotta lug them around" This is when it dawned on me. Men just want to lube them up and sli
I Am A Fu Hoar
I am quite possibly the worst Fu Hoar on this site.  My 4 year Fu anniversary is coming up.  Sad I know considering people who have been on this site for a lot less longer than I are way higher in the levels (hence why I say I am the possibly the worst fu hoar).  Now thanks to Passions and Jacko, I might possibly be able to level. (keeps fingers, toes, arms, eyes and legs crossed) I am asking you, my more experienced fu hoars, how much would an acceptable fu buck price be for a 25 bling pack and VIP be?  ( I figured I would try to procure some achievements as well).  Also for you pros out there, do you think that FU would retroact my spotlight acheivement?  I have screen shots and such...just wondering.  And if any of you have any advice, I would surely appreciate it.   PS...I want to know who else has been on this site as long as I nice to remember good ole Lost Cherry.
Men Friends And Fu Skanks ....
U knooooooooooooooooooooooooo , its really messed up you can be friends with a guy mad long and help them with all there problems  emotionally and shit , and the second some fu skank talks dirty to them or send the porn "they like" to share haha -nice onee...ur replaced like bam!  regurdess of what they look like sexual attention is nice right? hahaha  i didnt know skanks came before anything in life  .... they should make the jack card a new skank card .... skank card is wild it beats all ! hows that for strip poker baby !hahaim sorry  but i would never treat my friends like that .....  js...rant rant rant .....     LISTEN TO SONG AND COMMENT ... "use to think the world of you ,I have just lost respect for you .........."  
Who's Out Of Line?
This is what happened during a pimp out...A sb lounge hello, no nothing. grrrr Demon Kitty GM HPPfuengaged to DjCr... Buzz:  100% sh*t faced! Level: Disciple (26) Gender: Female, 31 Location: Camden On Gauley, WV Status: cum play wif this kitty   8:01pm Demon Kitt...: 8:06pm Deacon:  for getting in my sb with your lounge So she sends her BF to tell me something LMAO... I dont think i was eccessively rude, I didnt name call or anything!!! just simply used fubar emotes..if they are so rude, why are they available for our use? hmmmm?
Things That Make Me Lol...
People who act smarter than everyone else but cant read a simple map. Women who refer to themselves as milfs (dont they know the term is moms i'd like to fuck?... I'D like) Turnips... just because Watching people react angrily to things that happen to them, yet laugh about doing the SAME thing to others Season 12 of South Park (y) Hypocrites (True, I can admit Im a hypocrite myself, but if you cant laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?) Mitch Hedberg Those "Hitler reacts" videos on YouTube Sweatin' to the Oldies vol. 2,3 and 5 Watching when my dad tried to play Halo...he hasnt mastered "Pong" on Atari, but he thought he could handle an Xbox   People who walk up to a locked door, try to open it, step back, look around, then try to open it again before leaving.   I know its not much of a list, but I was trying to go for something thats a lil more than a "Blow off some steam and rant" type blog, or a "Whoa is me" blog that seems to be the norm lately. What makes so
Some Insights
I have wanted to Blog about me for a while now. But I don't know what to say. I see emo blogs, angry blogs, "Eff You" blogs (and status messages and mumms too) on here, and I feel saddened. All I want is to take their pain and turn it into an object lesson in life and help get over it. I usually can't.  I see people on the Gulf Coast suffering. And Somalia. And Haiti. And dozens of other places in dire need. And i want to gather up all the food and money and people and trucks and building supplies I can and go help. I can't do it.  I see people attacking ideas and actions that i perceive as positive (political and not) and all I have is the desire to show them how they are wrong, and how wrong they are. I can't. These things coupled with the fact that, in the last year, my household's income went to less than half because i lost my job and my mom has been working for free some months, and my sister hasn't sold enough product to get her commission check, and I get so depressed that I
The Parade Of Sunday Stupid...
Soo yeah then. Hi kids, how in the hell have you all been? Me, just a big ol happy basket of peaches as usual. Yanno, yeah I've been quiet but it kinda gets like that when you're "watching" stuff you know. And that's about right. So what do I see latley? Well, this might be odd to say for Fubar but people's feelings being hurt and being emo even? Somewhat. Then I see silly. I see point and rate and bling game silliness. I am so happy I am out of that loop you have no idea. Sure I have my family and friends, etc that do stuff of course. But that's not really why they are there for the most part anyways. Alot of you don't realize just how crazy it can be up there in that rate game. Maybe you don't even want to, I dunno. Want to see something crazy and true? This is a story I received about one of them up there, recently even. Read this sb...the name is x-ed out to protect the person involved.... So if I am reading this right, this person is paying people off with boomerangs ju
Warm N Fuzzy
It's a crisp, rainy Fall day here in the Bluegrass and I LOVE it!  Autumn is my favorite time of year.  The colors, scents, and briskness in the air never fails to refresh me.   I love the warmth and coziness of dim lights, fuzzy throws, hot spiced teas, scented candles or wax tarts burning.  Today it's Hot Maple Toddy scented tarts. :)   I've already decorated my front door and front flower bed for the season.  Autumn leaves, pumpkins,  chrysanthemums in yellow and dark red, and a cute lil scarecrow.     Time to bake fresh apple cakes, apple dumplings, apple pie, pumpkin bread, and make some fried apple pies.  Pour another glass of fresh cider.     What a lovely time of year.  :)     That is all....   For now.
Now You Know ...
just got my day surgery date   Mon Jan 17 th   I just broke into a cold sweat.... so much for priding myself on being calm and considering it no big deal huh   now you know
Lil Peeved
Multiple system restores at 6am will do that to a person. And caution, probably going to offend some people with this, but what's new.   I've had cause to be very, very proud to be Kiwi this past week; I've also had cause to hate some of them...and to want to rip my screen apart at some of the despicable ignorance displayed by foreigners.   For the record, and for the sake of my tongue with its bite marks... - no, our Prime Minister isn't a great orator, but he IS a half decent person...he doesn't stand on ceremony (there is no Mr Prime Minister, it's John) and he doesn't take hours and days to get his spin doctors to tell him what he can/should say in just the right way. The politicians here I respect most are the ones that DO look embarrassed to be trying rhetoric and pathos to impress. They SHOULD be embarrassed. And, by the way, that's his home-town, he has friends missing there himself...he and half the government, and opposition, were there within hours (on the ground too, n
You Disgust Me, Clarence.
If your name is actually Clarence, I apologize. Unless, of course, you're actually disgusting. Speaking of disgusting, I'm kind of grossed out by the personalities that some people exhibit. I'm not claiming mine is superior because I know it's not, and I think the dumbass that keeps popping up in my shoutbox to get a "like" because he can't remember who he spammed 24 hours earlier could probably attest to what a bitch I can be... but some people that even I thought I knew better can really be disappointing in an ewww kind of way. As far as this site goes, just because I don't buy you as much bling as I used to when I wasted more money on here doesn't mean I started to like you less. I can't afford it and I won't pretend that I can, but it seems those are the only kind of acknowledgements some people seem to acknowledge in return. I was never looking for gratitude, or even a response to the gift itself, but the reason I ever got you something in the first place was because I admired a
Is There A Rehab Center For A Sparkly Things Addiction?
I'm never going to win..    First off, I blame Krazik for this.. He's in charge of bling..    Every couple of weeks fubar puts in the bling shop a ring.. The only flaw I find in Jen is her fucking addiction to sparkly shit.. Every single time a new ring pops into the bling shop Jen hits play on her prerecorded message to me.. It goes like this...    Jen: OOOOHHHHH.. That's pretty.. That's the preitties ring I've ever seen.. How many credits do you have? I swear, I won't ask for another one again.. Yea, i know I said that last time, but this THE ONE.. I love you baby.. *bats eyelashes*    Ryan: *bangs head on keyboard*   5 minutes later...   · Jen has bought you a Bling-Pack!   It's a plot by fubar admin to drive me insane.. The bastards... 
remember when people read these and had a good time? interacted and then did them on their own?     so ask me a question any question and I will answer within reason and then post a blog asking your friends the same   pssst:  it's Witchies fault!    peace baby 
Blow Jobs
I have had so many guys ask me how I suck cock. So rather than write this so many times, here we go: Ready? ooh sexy let me get on my knees and let you grab the back of my head and ram your cock down my throat till I gag or better yet throw up and than let you drip cum all over my face while U smear it around....... No is that at all sexy...or this: I position on the bed and have you lay back. I take yor semi hard cock in my mouth and work my lips around the head of your cock and slowly beging to suck up and down taking your massive hard on in my warm mouth and swirl my toungue all around. I get the will and nerve to completly swallow you to your balls and relase it out jerking your cock as I lick and nibble on your balls. I begin to lick and suck my way back up to your cock head and lick all the precum that is now dripping from your cock and look up into your eyes as I lick it up and while still looking at you, you watch as your cock slips into my mouth again and i feel your ba
Bra Sizes Explained
Bra Sizes Explained Have you ever wondered why A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, and H are the letters used to define bra sizes? If you have wondered why, but couldn't figure out what the letters stood for, it is about time you became informed! {A} Almost boobs... {B} Barely there {C} Can't complain! {D} Dang! {DD} Double dang! {E} Enormous! {F} Fake {G} Get a Reduction {H} Help me, I've fallen and I can't get up! What one are you ???
I Lost #1 Blog
Not long ago I got my baby blog and my story into the #1 blog spot. I just recently noticed that my blog was moved into the #2 spot and it breaks my heart that my story about the loss of our baby has been replaced. I have done everything that I can to try to spread the message about compassion, friendship and understanding. PLEASE help me get my baby blog back into the #1 spot where it belongs so that I can continue to spread the support to other parents that might be going through this very same thing. I know that you all will do the right thing.
My First Contest
come one come all and please help me out in my first contest if you do i will give you a gift for helping out contest ends next friday
Nfl Mock Draft For My Fav Raider's Fan
1. Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU 2. Detroit Lions - Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech 3. Cleveland Browns - Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma 4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin 5. Arizona Cardinals - LaRon Landy, S, LSU 6. Washington Redskins - Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson 7. Minnesota Vikings - Jamal Anderson, DE, Arkansas 8. Atlanta Falcons - Patrick Willis - MLB - Ole Miss 9. Miami Dolphins - Amobi Okoye Louisville 10. Houston Texans - Levi Brown, OT, Penn State 11. San Francisco 49ers - Alan Branch, DT, Michigan 12. Buffalo Bills - Marshawn Lynch, RB, Cal 13. St. Louis Rams - Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska 14.Carolina Panthers - Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame 15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State 16. Green Bay Packers - Ted Ginn, Jr., WR, Ohio State 17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Reggie Nelson, S, Florida 18. Cincinnati Bengals - Leon Hall, CB, Michigan 19. Tennessee Titans - Charles Johnson, DE, Georgia 20. New
Spoken Word ~ The Art Of Seduction By Marq
Jus for the Ladies :D The Art of Seduction Massage, Masseuse, You’re to tight, get loose. Baby Breathe deep, Come on… relax a lil bit… Just let your body fall limp, An stop biting your lip. Here we are, lay down on the couch In the candle light, exploring by mouth Leaving glistening salvia trails across soft skin Lip locked, prepared for twirls & spins Slippery & sliding, tongues will flick. Across swollen tips, to lick two nips. From soft to hard with three moist, kiss. With most clothes still on, but steady grinding hips We dilly & dally, searching our valleys Every crevasse & protrusion How sweet her taste, inducing dream like states, Reveries of erotic illusions Now shedding our clothes, I tear through her hose, An with one quick jerk, Send the buttons soaring from my shirt, Into the air & before they can hit the floor, We are bare chest to breast, Flesh on flesh, Both, craving & begging for more Sticking together from our thick sweat Trickling, &
Shepherd's Pie ?
Today's Shepherd's Pie has the following ingredients in it.... 3 lbs ground beef 5 to 7.5 ozs grated amrican and motarela cheeses (mixed) 1 can corn 8 red potatoes cut up into quarters (with skin on) 1 can garlic and tomatoes 1 jar of sliced mushrooms 1/2 head iceburg lettuce 1/2 sweet onion approx. 1.5 pounds smashed potatoes lots of Mrs. Dash's Garlic and Herb seasonings 1.5 cup red and green gum drops 2 cups plane M&Ms (any colors) 1 can pumkin pie mix For those who don't know, shepherds pie can be made up from most anything you have on hand...but key to it is layering meat - pie mix - veggies - smashed potatoes - candy with american and motarela cheezes on top of it all. YUMMMMY? Would you make it? Would you eat it? Why or why not?
Canceling My Account
I'll be canceling my account this weekend. I am so sick and tired of the stupid drama and bullshit on this site. I have made a few really good friends on here and I'd like to stay in touch with a few of you so if I don't have you on yahoo or myspace and you want to keep in touch, let me know. I bid everyone else farewell and goodbye. And all you mumming assholes that think this is about you. FUCK OFF. You're all drama seeking attention whores.
Ready To Level Again!
ok I love you all it's been a blast the last couple days I'm only 5600 away from leveling again so please rate my blog! love ya! Sign my guestbook while your here!
First Visit To A New Park "a True Story" (straight)
First Visit to a New Park "True Story" (straight) After a couple visits to the same park, we agreed to meet at the new park, which we had talked about. She didn’t want to go to the same park, too often as a couple, with her being married too. Once at the park, we drove into the park a couple miles. We left our cars at a pull off and walked down a path. The path wound along a creek, for half a mile or so. Seeing a nice big sand bar across the creek, we took off our shoes to wade across. She had brought a blanket, which we spread over the ground. I pulled off my shirt and laid down on my back. She laid down next to me and snuggled up close, cuddling and kissing. After a while, she moved to sit on top of me, at my waist. I reached up slipping her dress over her head. She surprised me, by wearing a new pair of Blue Lace panties, bought just for today. I pulled her face to mine, kissing her. She moved her kissing to my neck, then down to my should
First And Only Blog.
Actual article from the LA Times: 'In retrospect, lighting the match was my big mistake. But I was only trying to retrieve the gerbil,' Eric Tomaszewski told bemused doctors in the Severe Burns Unit of Salt Lake City Hospital. Tomaszewski, and his homosexual partner Andrew 'Kiki' Farnum, had been admitted for emergency treatment after a felching session had gone seriously wrong. 'I pushed a cardboard tube up his rectum and slipped Raggot, our gerbil, in,' he explained. 'As usual, Kiki shouted out 'Armageddon', my cue that he'd had enough. I tried to retrieve Raggot but he wouldn't come out again, so I peered into the tube and struck a match, thinking the light might attract him.' At a hushed press conference, a hospital spokesman described what happened next. 'The match ignited a pocket of intestinal gas and a flame shot out the tubing, igniting Mr. Tomaszewski's hair and severely burning his face. It also set fire to the gerbil's fur and whiskers which in turn ignited a larger
Jumping On The Bandwagon
Bitch, bitch, whine, whine, I love you, I hate you....ok ENOUGH of this shit. Lets just all have an orgy and call it good. k? k.
The 15,000 + Rate Memorial Day Weekend Fake
..first off, I'd like to wish all of my friends, their families a very safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! It's the first weekend (officially) that what will be the summer of 2008 and I'm sure will be a memorable one for all of to the fun stuff... This long running FAKE, ..the 15,000+ rate fake. Fif-teen-thousand plus. Over 15,000 people have fallen for this fake below, hell it hasn't even tried to shop a salute or anything...this user below: »-(¯`v´¯)-»ßãßÿ †®èª§üR£ ~Öwñër~ ߪߥ †r€ð§ûrë§ Î§£åñÐ »-(¯`v´¯)-»@ fubar ....has stolen all of her photos from English actress Jennifer Ellison, as shown below: here's the real actress below..even with some of the same
Stupid People
I am so severely tired of stupid people. It seems like I them everyfuckinwhere. I want to dance a jig when I meet someone worthy of a conversation, let alone a friendship. And by worthy I mean someone that is on a same mental level as I am. I don't think I'm better than everyone else, but I know that I am better than some. There are people out there that can be equated to dirt or feces, and I dont care if this sounds shitty, thats just how it is. I am tired of people with a barely present IQ trying to appear better than they really are. Its tiring for me to interact with all those chodes and bitches. I know I'm not a tolerant person, and I don't have to be. Its my party, and I'll hate them if I want to.
Someone has sent you an anonymous fubar gift! "Would you fuck me? Id Fuck Me..Id fuck me HARD"
Occam's Razor Does Not Apply To You...
Occam's razor basically states the simplest solution is usually the correct one. It is a personal favorite of mine, because I see it so often. For example: "No one understands what I am saying, it must be because they went to a different school district, where they didn't teach it and they don't have the background to understand it" No, Occam's Razor would say that they just don't want to listen to you.   To bring this rocketing into my reality, I just get this phone call: Him: Is Domain XYZ down? I can't ping it! Me: Well XYZ is not listed in DNS, so you wouldn't be able to ping it, the key indicator of it being down is that no one in the building would be able to get on it. Him: Can you get on it? Me: Yes, I have been on all day. Him: But I can't see it! Occam's Razor here would state that the problem may be on your side rather than the domain that serves the entire building is down, but this means you would have to do work to fix it, instead of shoving it off on me.
Who Is Keyser Soze?
Then he showed these men of will what will really was. I need to watch this movie again. Speaking of movies, Pineapple Express or Tropic Thunder?
Dj Whoremaster? Rly?
So I have been asked to be the DJ for a private club that my wife and I belong to. I will be doing it most Saturday nights although I'm hoping I won't have to do it every week. I need to download some songs but not sure what download software is the best to use as far as avoiding viruses and legal action. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Sorry I'm Late
I got here late today, sorry but that means no Cubby comments today for you fans. I couldn't sleep last night. New rule for Cubby. NEVER WATCH INFOMERCIALS..... So i start watching this "Hard + Heavy" infomercial. All 80's music. Hair bands, Arena rock, Glam bands, whatever you want to call it. I think i got a woody. These are the tunes i grew up with. Remember, i only act like a teenager. I'm really old btw. :D So first i try and figure out how to order this without a credit card. Then i think, hey.... i should make a whole playlist out of these songs... Big mistake, i've been listening to tunes all morning. I made a whole playlist of songs that made my teenage years fun. Take a listen if you wish. If this is not your kinda thing, no biggie, just make sure your speakers are off when you visit. All 10 of you who do visit. :P I'm off to watch Nascar in a few minutes. Go Tony go. Cheers you all. (Prayers to CuppyCake)
Come Bid On Me!
~~~~ CLICK on pic to see the auction! ~~~~ To make it a little more fair... 1 Million fubuck bid is equal to $7.50 / 1 day blast 2 Million fubuck bid is equal to $12 / 12 credit bling pak or 3 day Blast 2.5 Million fubuck bid is equal to $20 / 7 day Blast 3 Million fubuck bid is equal to $25 / 25 credit bling pak 4 Million fubuck bid is equal to $50 / 70 credit bling pak or 30 day Blast 5 Million fubuck bid is equal to $100 / 150 credit bling pak or HH ~ Example ~ If someone would bid a 1 day blast, to beat that bid, you would have to bid 1000001 fubucks or 1 day blast and 1 fubuck or any other combination...
To be honest, I could never understand spanking and why people get turned on by it. It can't be a psychological issue triggered by childhood experiences, since I used to be on a receiving end of many a spankings. I remember my dad take our an old army belt from the closet, fold it in half, and by creating space between two halves and snapping it back, making this loud snapping noise while getting closer to me. I remember the leather hit any part of my body that happened to be in the way: sometimes face, arm, leg. The target was the butt, ofcourse, but thats one place I tried to avoid getting hit by the belt. It stang and I totally hated that second after it made contact with my skin: burning and stinging. Then came the beltless spankings, when he would catch me (which was really not hard in a studio apt), bend me over his arm, pull down my pants, and smack my butt with as much force as possible. It hurt incredibly, and only one thing I hated more-that hand meeting my face.
Please Let Us Know...
Since it is so hard to keep up with what is going on with our council and members from day to day, we have decided that it might be a good idea to have a place where members and council can keep us informed. Please let us know if you have any need or would like to pass anything on to the other members by posting it here. If you need help... let us know. If you will be away or have an issue to address... let us know. This way everyone can stay on top of the day to day events regarding our family. Please only use this blog to let the family know about your own needs... or the needs of other family members. This is not the proper place to advertise for friends who are not in the family. Non Family Members ARE NOT to post advertisements of any kind on this blog and those comments will be deleted immediately. Thanks
I Said I Would Share This
sorry for the delete the article on my store
I am going to work for the first time in almost 2 weeks.. blah! and in the next THREE i will have four MAYBE 5 days off total... BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHH stupid holiday season at a casino
i set my status to: perfectly_inked needs a good_____. the list so far lottery ticket cocaine fix night kiss motorboat christmas movie spanking ( i have been a bad girl) salad tossing vibrator movie night with lots of junk food (yes, porco, for sure). a ride in the rape van with some good ole porco chicken.
Sexy Thang
"sexy thang" (bottom to top) sexy thang: really u kinda look like a fat ass skanky ass slut.. you look like a dick with ears bitch ->sexy thang: you kinda look like him sexy thang: whos ozzy smartass?
Ok, so this isn't really to do with me, but I thought of this a couple of days ago. When I went to my dad's funeral last year, I noticed that everything with his name on was spelt Brian. Now I'd never seen it like that and questioned my uncles about it. Turns out, he always spelt it wrong, always Bryan. Why, who knows. Just strikes me as kinda weird.
Pretty Please.
Would you please take just a moment to go rate this profile for me? I will forever be in your debt. :P Thank you ♥ Chickalistic@ fubar
Last Time.
I have been tagged going on about 10 times, soooo here is a new list. Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I have every Stephen King book. In hardcover. 2. I have a Bath And Body Works obsession. Preferably Warm Vanilla Sugar. 3. I have a scent obsession. My home has to smell awesome at all times. Firm believer in Febreeze, air fresheners, scented candles, tart warmers, and such. 4. My family calls me Sherry Boo. :| 5. I have a small dent at the top of my forehead that was so graciously given to me when I was 6 years old by my dear brother who decided it would be fun to throw a rock at me. 6. My first ever concert was Journey.
1 2 3 4 Rev Is A Point Whore!
A charming and lovely Canadian person gave me one of those cherry bomb bling things. I'm way too fuckin stoned and lazy to find albums worth bombing. So, I thought I'd appeal to you fuckers to let me know if you have any albums full of pics that you want bombed. Just let me know on this and I'll bookmark your page for when I activate it. I'm so ashamed about this, I can barely look at myself.
So, I just ran a bomb, right? I had my status set at: "beggars ignored...kthxbai" I had a list of people I wanted to hit, and I was going down my messages list. I have my shoutbox set to friends only, so if my friends pop up and say they have autos, or ask for a bomb, it's cool with me... but when people send begging messages through PM... meaning that they aren't even a friend, I feel I have every right to ignore them. Well, I get a message from this dude asking for a bomb, then I get the following message. By the time my bomb was done and over, he'd blocked me... the pussy. PS... If you're a friend, and thought I meant that YOU can't ask, it doesn't apply. If you can get me in my SB, feel free to ask. I'll let you know if I don't have time to hit you cuz I'm doing paybacks or whatever (Y) ***edited to fix gross misuse of apostrophes*** ***edited to add screenshot of dude's bling***
Sb Assault
seen ya cu...: well its just talk not like we are ever going to meet so i say what i see and u have nice tits ->seen ya cu...: you have no shame. seen ya cu...: mmmm ty u have a lovely chest ->seen ya cu...: not a snowball's chance pervert. seen ya cu...: i wanna wrap those nice tits around my cock ->seen ya cu...: ewww no. seen ya cu...: hey sexy cum watch me jerkoff Ewwww. Nothing like awesome morning shoutbox assaults.... a little more added...
Bionics And Stuff
in 24 hours, i shall be about halfway finished with my "total hip replacment" surgery.  evidently its a pretty major deal.  i'll be laid up in the hospital until Thursday.  Next week my mom is coming up to help me with whatever needs to be done as i recover.  my mom is a nosey biddy so i won't be logging onto fu while she's around.  (crap i gotta call her, don't i?) at any rate, my presence here over the next couple weeks will be little.  if anyone wants to keep in touch via email, If you do send me an email, please put your fubar user name in the subject title, just in case it gets routed to junk mail. if not, well i'll be back full force in a few weeks and jumping around again woot woot :)   oh btw, happy birthday to Mz Phatty and to Violets!
14mil Fu Bucks For A Bomb For Peace & All That
If I had the cash I'd buy a bling pack and give her a bomb... but, I'm broke. So, I'm willing to dish out some fubucks (Bunnzy is chippin in 4 mil) if you buy peace & all that a bomb. If you know of anyone selling bombs...please let me know! ♥ PoStaL William's♔Demesne Fu Husband & Lord To Diana's♈Demesne has just sent you 1000000 fuBucks! side note; he has a slogan :D "Don't let us fall flat, help buy a bling for peace and all that. :P" JoJoTM Badass Bad*Girl~Proud member of Fubar's most ignored~Owner of Codeputy has just sent you 500000 fuBucks! "u kanhaz more monies for peace:)" mb....Spikecoon(the tard's) slave has just sent you 500000 fuBucks! "for Peace...I wish I could give ya more" *dances* we're up to 14 fu mil for a bomb for peace! woot woot!!!
Who Wants To Play A Game?
I'm going to be bored soon, because someone hot and sexy and awesome is going to work. So who wants to play a game?   Ze Game: Werewolf   Ze Idea: We are all villagers. (To be played on IRC, because, I have a bot for it.) One or two of the villagers are... DUN DUN DUN... WEREWOLVES!  :oSo then it goes in day-night cycles. Night cycles, everyone "sleeps", except the werewolves, who EAT PEOPLE! OH NOES! So we wake up and find a person dead each morning, then have to figure out who the werewolves are, while the werewolves try to make everyone think (subtly) that it isn't them. Then, at the end of each day-turn, we lynch someone. If we lynch the werewolves before there are more werewolves than people, the villagers win. If not... the werewolves win.There's also a seer, who can, while asleep, have a vision about one villager per turn to determine if they are or are not the werewolf... but admitting to being the seer means the werewolves will eat you faster, so it's VERY hard to use t
Soul For Sale, Make Offer
this is a one time sale to raise fu  money the winning bid gets one slightly tarnished abused soul   disclaimer: soul is as is and comes without a conscience or any semblance of morals     happy now tink?
Sundays for the Family will be a rest day for all of the Family no leveling... if the Recruiters still want to put people though they can but do not have to... This will be a day to recharge and change up and work on the home page...Tag maker can take the day off Too :D   Any Questions or Problems please come and talk to me Thanks all Queen Ice    
Wow, Much Drama
For those of you who know me. I wont get personal, ok well all that much personal.   But over the last few weeks and all I have been dealing with some MAJOR drama on here.   A friend of mine ( or so i thought). Her man was coming on to me big time. And was asking me to come to STL and have sex with him before he met up with her for the first time. He also stated that he would pay for me to come out there for a weekend.  I tell this friend of mine, she was said this... Oh i knew he was like this.. and i should had never trusted him. blah blah blah. And how she was gonna play him for the fool he is. and all that other freaking bull.   Turns out, she desided to believe him, and stay with him, which is her choice, might i add. But I woke up this morning to being blocked by her and a few other people, because, her fu-hubby didnt want her talking to me anymore..   I HATE DRAMA, and I dont care if you block me. But I would like a reason why you block me when you do.
Why is it that a person can sit with the same damn owner for days, I come in and buy them and within 5 minutes there is a sudden bidding war? I feel like I'm being watched. The person isn't ever even bought back from whomever I bought them from either. I think I'm just done wasting my money on people.
Pick A Number...
Okay...Pick a number between 1-150. Whoever gets the closest without going over gets a 1 credit bling. You only get 1 guess. You have until 6pm central about 20 mins =) I'll announce the winner at 6pm too. Go!
What The Bloody Point
of mumming and blogging anymore.   times were when i was popular and got lots of hits, now its just a fucking trickle and i just can't be bothered anymore, and yes fuckers i know the irony of this being a blog, before some smart arse points that out.   yes ok, i am an attention whore.
I have a shit load of it over her   · friend Hellyion got five across the lips by the Pimp Hand of MZ.CHEIV...!· friend Hellyion got five across the lips by the Pimp Hand of MZ.CHEIV...!· friend Hellyion got five across the lips by the Pimp Hand of MZ.CHEIV...!· friend Hellyion got five across the lips by the Pimp Hand of MZ.CHEIV...!· friend Hellyion got five across the lips by the Pimp Hand of MZ.CHEIV...!· friend Hellyion got five across the lips by the Pimp Hand of MZ.CHEIV...!· friend Hellyion got five across the lips by the Pimp Hand of MZ.CHEIV...!   MZ.CHEIVIOUS©2 mins ago-- 53 of 57 Bounty Hunter™ said: Hellyion: lol she bought it JUST to use on me .... she made my fucking day I could make waste money like that ... make sure she knows MZ.CHEIVIOUS© said: Tell her it's not my money so idgad....and I have over 300 more bling credits so i will pimp slap her for a year straight...  
Autos & Cherry Bombs
SOLD OUT!!!!!   Come one, Come all I am selling 4 Cherry Bombs & 4 Auto 11's this afternoon 1st come, 1st served.... The Price is 8 Mill Each... Also tomorrow I will be selling a Happy Hour as well that comes with a 7 day blast...Stay tuned for the HH Blog...And That Is all.... Oh and Good Day everyone =D   SOLD OUT!!!!!
Biggest Bomblist Ever!!
thats right goin to try and do one big monster bomblist. for this one i will buy the first 5 bombs out of my pocket. if u want to join in it will cost u a 25 credit bling pack *REMEMBER THIS IS A BLING PACK AND NOT A BLING* with the bling packs i will buy more bombs. so every1 who buy me a bling pack will get bombed 40 times.  there is only room for 50 ppl so sb me if u would like to join in thanks.
The Big Picture...
Hello fu friends, sittin here bored and figured id share some thoughts and happenings with you. So as most of you know by that lovely annoying birthday alert feature that my bday is saturday..woohoo! Now im super excited about it for several reasons but then a lot of things hit me that i suppose i just decided to ignore. Let me explain a little....So im going to be 30 and i truly believe that these will be my best years yet and you know what, they will be. However today out of the blue it hit me that my brother took his life one week after he turned 30 and whats even weirder is that his birthday had fell on a saturday too and it was one week after on a saturday that he died. Now i know this has no relevance but rather a huge odd coincindence but it still makes me think of him and brings me back to that place all over again of "wtf was he thinking". Then i think how sad it is that im so happy at the exact moment in his life when he so wasnt. In a way i almost feel guilty about the diffe
Funny Pics
ok so here are the rules they have to be funny and they have to be something that would be considered nsfw none of that safe for work shit lol
Whatta Riot
It cut off the first line when he started this whole mess as from the bottom up Ø...: U are I stopped ->MΔ§TΞRVΞÑØ...: buhbye now ->MΔ§TΞRVΞÑØ...: no keepreplying in my got in my sb i did not get in you really are thic k arent ya MΔ§TΞRVΞÑØ...: I'm gone YOU keep commin back ->MΔ§TΞRVΞÑØ...: ohhh so you are an asshurt little bitch...ffs go away ->MΔ§TΞRVΞÑØ...: you dont like me..fine..go away..I promise i wont follow MΔ§TΞRVΞÑØ...: This aint the firsttime U hav attacked me ->MΔ§TΞRVΞÑØ...: in their SB? Like this?
Run Runaway By Slade
I heard this song this morning listening to VH1 Classic! It woke me up! (The rest of the house too - I was singing to it...)       Rock on!Shaw, AKA DurhamNtx
This Scamming Fake Takes The Cake..and I'm Officially Disgusted.
So I just don’t know anymore. For quite some time now, I’ve been very very disgusted with a lot of things that go on around here. Top to bottom , right to left, and everywhere in between. From the non stop fakes and scammers, to the admitted and confirmed cheaters that continue to anoint themselves as “ Fu Gods,” with no remorse, no repent, not even served in a most public way to cause a deterrent to others. Even glorified and admired in some parts by people who should be doing exactly the opposite. To the petty. To the lies, to the double crossing, to the actual personal drama involving so many of my own friends it’s downright ridiculous. The latest example on an insane fake (sort of) scammer is the girl behind these salute pictures. But JD you say, those salutes ma
Im having naughty thoughts........     that is all.
Cause All The Kewl Kids Are Doin It
Since everyone else is doing it...layer one:Spell your name with bands/artistsG- George Michael (oh christ kill me now) A- Abba (yep i like em) L- Linkin Park L-Linkin Park O- Octane layer two:- name: Gallo- birth date: 06/08/71- nicknames: Gallo - current location: WV sleepin with my sister cause she is hot and im the oldest son so i go first- eye color: Black in winter Dark Brown in summer- hair color: whats left Black- righty or lefty: Righty - best friend[s]: My Dadlayer three:- the shoes you wore today: some brown things - your perfect pizza: DiCarlos - the last time you cried: when i found out i was gonna be a dad again   layer four:- your best physical feature: my lil peen- most missed memory: being single layer five:- pepsi or coke: pepsi- mcdonald's or burger king: nasty hate fast food - adidas or nike: Rocky boots - lipton ice tea or nestea: tea im not fuckin british - chocolate or vanilla: chocolate reminds me of anal sex - cappuccino or coffee: both with a sid
New World Order
I just saw an advance for the new Clash of the Titans on G4 and in it one of the producers suggested it'll be an "entirely new world." This got me thinking; What were the worlds we've already seen? Tatooine Eternia Wonderland (Apparently) my anus The Land of Milk and Honey Middle Earth Lythion Waterworld Wonderful World of Disney Elmo's World World of Warcraft World of Darkness Otherworld Small World Flatland Underworld Counter-Clock World The World According to Garp Afterworld World of Hurt Land of the Lost Legoland Dante's Inferno Bobby's World Dragonland Boobs Zombieland Porno Skankville Neverland Zombieland Oz The Matrix
Wanna Join Fuct?
So you wanna join FucT huh? Well heres what you need to do.   Get a hold of... -VIII La Commare Secca -White Mamba or -Buzzkillin' Beauty aka Puddin Tane Any one of those 3 can get you squared away. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TALKED TO ONE OF THEM BEFORE YOU ADD FucT TO YOUR NAME!
Friends like hopes are hard to find,  they lack money, but give much time.  Clouds filled with rain make flowers bloom, just hopefully not on top of MY tomb.  Loyalty like royalty is sometimes an impossible goal, boy this poem makes me look old!
New Hires
The new girl at work has a thing for me, I think... Ive been known to be wrong about these things before. Maybe she's just really, really flirty. Today, she had to squeeze behind me, and the counter, and there isnt much room, so she literally squeezed between us. Well, being such a tight fit, naturally she brushed against my backside, no biggie. But then she turned around looked at me and said "wow" And at first, I thought she thought I had grabbed at her or something, and before I got the chance to say anything she leans in and tells me Ive got a firm ass (like I needed her to inform me of that fact :P) Well for the rest of the night, she's poking at my buttcheek, making comments, etc etc etc... I dont really mind it, its not that big a deal to me. I got her the job there, she's someone I knew "socially" for a bit before and told me she was looking for a different job. Im on my way out from there, and figured they would be looking for a replacement. Tomorrow I have to work ALL day
I Refuse!!
*start of ramble*   Life sucks at times and I know this through experience, but I don't find it necessary to discuss my most intimate life moments with people that I don't know very well. If you feel it necessary to know anything about me, please ask and I will respond with the truth or not at all, please do not assume you know me. It is me who decides how much someone gets to know me on here and you will know if I like you, I will wear my heart on my sleeve and accept you for who you are, I only ask that you do the same for me.   I REFUSE to wallow in the grief that i've been through and I do find it hard to understand why others do, but I do try and I have an understanding heart. I'm sure they have their reasons, it is just not away I want to live my life.   I REFUSE to let others suck the life out of me, if that is what you will do, I will move on quickly. I have no time to waste, but I will always try to listen if you need an ear and give advice if necessary. I'm not a hatefu
Is That A Four Pack Of Tuna Fish In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me.
This blog will be below the typical standards you have come to expect from a Pedro blog. Today was Employee Appreciation Day, for those uninitiated Employee Appreciation Day comes every two weeks at most places, when they give you that little envelope containing your thanks for a job done (well or not.)  As per my pattern, I like to take care of the grocery shopping on Employee Appreciation Day.   Seeing how it's a Thursday, you avoid the crowds and generally more merchandise is available.  As I am getting ready to leave for the day, I ask my co-worker if there is anything going on that I should get involved with.  This was a mistake as it ended up keeping me at work for another two hours.  While I could accept an additional half hour, maybe even an hour, without killing my schedule of Gym, Dinner & Tv, Fubar, read, bed, two hours was a little devastating to my plans.  I did manage to get the grocery shopping done fairly quickly, but I was still way behind schedule. Something I notic
Holy Whiny Fucking Cuntitis Around This Joint!
Randy HAPPILY MARRIED TO MY SOULMAT... Buzz:  100% sh*t faced! Level:  Guardian Angel (35) Gender: Male, 50 Location: East Troy, WI Status: Baby? Is my stuff HOT!!! huh???   9:14am Randy HAPP...: you nasty hole you..your wishing you had a pussy you dick toted wanna be 9:15am  Kloverlynn: lmfao sure dude cuz i am the middle aged man fucking cryin like a bitch about getin blocked 9:16am  Kloverlynn: only cunts use comment approval and then come talk shit. So go rub your achy pussy elsewhere dude
I'm Sorry....
Morning kids, hope your 2011 is off to a great start...I saw something the other day and yeah sure, it kind of got me thinking so, with that in mind, I'm going to post my apology list here. I don't apologize much cuz that goes back to the whole "wrong" factor..but, eh, just read it... 1. I'm sorry I don't run God Modes and Famps Daily. 2. I'm sorry I don't feel the need to bling everything that walks to be cool or for attention. 3. I'm sorry I don't take one on one personal drama and blog it on your behalf. 4. I'm sorry I treat people like people. 5. I'm sorry if I don't perv on you or give you that attention you might need from elsewhere. 6. I'm sorry if I hold people close to me in high regard and hope they do the same by actions and not lip service. 7. I'm sorry if your name color today, level or rank mean nothing to me. 8. I'm sorry if I question things. 9. I'm sorry if I call it like I see it, even though you may not like it. 10.I'm sorry I didn't rate your page today.
This Fake Is Un-originally Bad...and Busted...
..okay okay, by popular profile running a gm + with no salute: The Original Bad Girl@ fubar Claims to be "Ashley" in these pics plus a ton more below: butttttttt..fact is they are of MeganQT from her site.. And countless other picture links profiled below: You make your call here I know what I see I don't know about you. Ha. One more for the road. lol peace. Update 6/30/2011: This gets better. Someone said this person had a salute. Someone found it. Here's the proof: Thanks Marcie. Dude looks like a lady. LOL. Peace.
Military Support Pages On Fubar (updated 12/30/07)
Military Support Pages on FuBar This BLOG is put together for the Pages on FuBar that have been Created for the Sole purpose of Supporting their Country Military. Not for people that Support their Military. If I EVER tried to put that BLOG together, please SHOOT me!!! Because I would have to add roughly 80% (on the light side) of ALL FuBar Members. I have a HEADACHE just thinking of the HTML CODING I would have to do for that. Military Support Pages on FuBar U.S. Air Force U.S. Army U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Marine Corps U.S. Navy Canadian Armed Forces Personnel Support Pages Support Our Troops HERO SUPPORT Capt. Jack SparrowArmy (97-01)Brother-in-Lawis in ArmyDeployed to IraqVisit his PTSD BlOG ~ Echo Angel ~ Check out her
The Truth: Part I many of you may or may not know around here, I had a Ct/Fubar/Real Life girlfriend on here from Mid January until the end of July. I don't want to name names or anything, if you don't know and are really this interested in finding out, feel free to send me a private message, but those who know, know who I'm referring to. At any rate sometime in early May, I met someone else off of here, a random add off of the online user bar and we became very close, very quickly. Miscommunication in the relationship I was in at the time that led me to believe that things weren't right led me to lie to her, cheat, inquire and sneak around (aka fail to mention things that were going on) behind her back. It turns out what I thought to be going on with her at the time was completly false, and she proved to me from phone records, yahoo archives, screen shots and a variety of other methods of proving that what was in my head was not true. I left her to be with someone else. She did not leave me. This
everyone on this site has a mother. some people on this site are mothers. mothers do not get the credit they deserve. if any of the ladies in your group of friends are mothers show them alittle attention and rate them as high as possible for what they do for their kids. also take a minute and think about your own mom and what she has done for you. mother's day should be everyday. that is just how i feel.
New For Levelers
OK..OK YOU ALL HAVE ME OVERWHELMED I N LOVE i HAVE 12 PAGES OPEN AND CANT KEEP UP. I suggest a while ago too have a leveler of the day that we all hit there page and hit it hard rating as much as we can. I need you all too comment on this blog if you are interested in participating..Remember this will be those that rate will be rated its only fair.. Please if you see another leveler that dont pay attention too my blogs please tell them too look so that they dont miss out. Thank you aal for being great friends,, Hugs too all and i cant look at the board tryingtoo show all of you love.. May I say something also my shouts had nothing too do with Shadow Levelers its just frustrating too pay people too rate you that I have rated all they have and the only time I have seen them all on my page was today because I was paying them.
Thanks Guys!!!
I can't begin to name off all the people that helped everyday to help me make Fuberlord. You know who you are. Those that actually took the time to go through my rather obsessively large stash and those that made sure every HH to be here and drop all your 11's. I ♥ you guys!!
Ughhhhh..So over the past month or so i've been trying to keep my cool about something. I've finally had enough so i decided to do a blog. Before i start, the people who know me know that im a very nice girl and would do just about anything to make my friends happy. I'm not calling ANYONE out in this because id be here for 24 hours trying to name everyone...And if this blog does concern you, it dosent mean that i hate you or anything..I just need to say it.. Ok so...Im red..Everyone knows that. For the newer people who dont red means top 10 on the website..Most of us have TONS and TONS of people on our friends list. This goes for other people who arnt red as well.. Anyways...I have some people who talk to me on a regular basis about anything and everything. I do like actual convos..Its when i get fuggin links from people who barely EVER talk to me asking me to repost their bulletins, help them in a contest, check out their new friends etc that really irritate me. I have absolutly
Technical People
When it comes to computers, technical people have got to be the worst. (Or least on par with someone who asks "Where's the 'Any' key?" A good many of them think "Oh noes, I can't have the standard installation, thats for regular (l)users! So they tweak, and they change things, and they download crap, then things don't work like they are supposed to. Now for the ones that take the attitude "I broke it, I'll fix it" that's not a problem, but those type I never see. It's the ones that totally hose things up that are always coming up and bothering me. It's not my job to support individuals, there are over twenty five people at lower levels who have responsibility for that. Yet I get all sorts of people walking up asking me to do stupid crap. Don't they know they are cutting into my Fubar time?
Friends Or Not ???
IF ANYONE and I mean ANYONE feels like I have USED them to reach godfather level please dont be scared to tell me I will remove you from my list. After wanting to leave 25 to life because a lack of repsonses from many of its members over a period of time I was told by the owner that I used 25 to life to get to godfather level. Without being able to respond to this I was blocked from the owners page. HOW 3rd Gradish can ya get??? However THAT is NOT the case, i was accused of leaving a few rates here and there...well i rated one who hadnt even been to my page to ad fan or rate me...but i still rated fanned and gifted her, not to mention the time I invested in making tags for the club. With over 800 friends its kinda tough to keep up with EVERYONE so I returned love to those who showed or returned it to me.I reposted bullitens for the members whenever they asked I always helped them when i was asked and this is what I get. Hell on my Happy only a handfull of 25 to life came to my page.
Ladies To Good Not To Pass On
I saw a friend of mine some weeks back that I only see every 6 months or so. She had lost a PILE of weight. When I asked her what she did she said meh I was not even trying.... she explained that she had started taking a Luna bar every AM because she did not eat breakfast and it had all the nutritional boosts one needs. Her Sister had done this and dropped a few pounds. Hmmmmmm .... I decided to go get some thinking that I really should bc I hate breakfast and it would be healthier. I really did not even believe the other effect my friend had would happen ...uhhhhhh guess what week 4 and I have lost 10lbs. That is literally the only thing I changed and the only thing she changed too. The bar is sort of like munching on sticky cardboard ... mainly natural and packed with vitamins and crap .... looks like it doing me some good so I am happy to gnaw down one every AM. thought I would pass it on
Fubar Trains Main List 301- 354 Updated
301.Need For Speed 302.The Sexy Eyes Train 303.Fubar's Diamond Girls 304.Fubar's Strip Club 305.Love Hurts Train 306.Convoy(94) 307.Rat Race 308.The Ski Resort 309.Colt Nation 310.The Soul Train (62) 311.Freeway Of Love 312.Motivational Train 313.BBW Lovers Train 314.Birthstone Train 315.Camelot(69) 316.Summer's End Beach Party 317.Swimming With The Dolphins Train(62) 318.Fubar Animals Club(31) 319.Heaven Sent & Hell Bound Train 320.THE MEANIN OF FUBAR 321.Waterslide(73) 322.Pimp My ride(19) 323.Ready for the Weekend Train(78) 324.Blast From The Past(25) 325.The Unreal Train(25) 326.A Witches Train 327.Freaky Train(49) 328.TRICK OR TREAT TRAIN 329.January Birthday Train Members List(15) 330.Lets Ride 331.Fabulous Fubar Females Train 332.Fubar Blimp Ride(28) 333.Cha Cha Slide(32) 334.The Platinum Train 335.Dive In(32) 336.
Hosting My First Auction
I want to know who wants to be in my first auction, that i am hosting.. please let me know Auction will start on Oct 13, 2008 and go to Oct 23, 2008 It cost 15k fubucks to enter the auction. Bidding will start at 20k Fubucks OK, for those of you who dont know how this works. you put your self on sale thru me... meaning... stating you will rate their pics, fan them, rate some of their friends. Make pics for them, make a salute to them, anything you can do thru a pc or with a pc, or camera. put down what u think you will be able to do. i will make up a great pic with the pic of you of your choice. and with that people will bid on you. they can bid anything, fu-bucks, bling packs, vips, blasts, tickers, HH's anything... thats how it works.. and what ever they bid they have to give to you ***UPDATE*** Diana's Trick or Treat Auction Here is what the Auction pics will look like. You will have by Oct 6, 8pm Fu-time to write in this blog if y
Week 6 Schedule
About Friend Requests
while i was off shore i received many friend requests from people, but when i got home to accept them...well my sb was empty and all my friend requests were gone. idk what happened but if you sent me a friend request and i didnt accept it, im not the snob vanima will have you believe i am lol. send another one and ill accept it
Abstinence Iz For You!?!?
**No takers for contest that requires abstinence** ATLANTA – A contest that would pay $10,000 to an engaged couple, as long as they abstain from premarital sex, hasn't gotten any takers. The deadline for the Marriage for a Lifetime contest is Oct. 31. The prize includes free flowers, invitations and other wedding treats. So far, organizer Phillippia Faust hasn't gotten any entries. She said, "In our society it's going to be hard to find" a couple that hasn't had premarital sex. Faust has orchestrated mock weddings and other pro-marriage activities through her Marriage Appreciation Training Uplifting Relationship Education program, a nonprofit that isn't church-affiliated. The program is implemented through Rockdale Medical Center. Is this society just a bunch of sex fiends or what? Could you win this contest?
Mona's Wedding Present
Mona and I are getting married soon and I would like to give her 2500 profile rates in the next 24 hours as a wedding present. Ms. Mona Doll ღ Dangerous Curves Member ღ Please rate or re-rate Mona today. Make my beautiful bride-to-be happy and let's keep fubar's finest lady #1. Thanks everyone! We can do this. Yes we can! Steve ~*~ Club United ~*~@ fubar
Would You Be My Valentine?
Who wants to be my Valentine? Click the link above! Love to my friends....
514 Ate My Balls
Instructions - Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I was in gifted and talented classes since kindergarten 2. I took my ACTs when i was in 7th Grade 3. I Barely passed High School. My High Iq didnt matter; I got bored ad quit things a LOT 4. I don't have Morals. I follow a Code 5. I Believe equally in creationism and evolution 6. Im EXTREMELY self conscious, though not many may see that, reflected in my attitude 7. All i know is Ball, Good...And RAPE 8. Some say Dork, Some Say Geek...But im a big LOTR, Star Wars, Trekkie, and 4chan fan.. 9. I Read Tarot Cards 10. I had a crush on a gypsy girl, once, when i was 12 Screw the tagging rules, im alt
Everything I Know About Women
So you think you are smart looking at the source code for some hidden meaning, well I am sorry, one really doesn't exist, this is just another lame joke attempt by me . Sorry for wasting your time and Thank you Spicey for helping me hide the text
Tonight's Specials
So, I thought I'd start something new in my blog. Every night, I'm gonna post the dinner specials from work, ya know, just to make you guys hungry and whatnot. I'm open to suggestions too. If you have a favorite dish, let me know and I'll consider running it as a special one night :) Gnocchi Gorgonzola A generous portion of homemade potato dumplings stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese, and served in a creamy basil-pesto sauce. (Yes, I make these myself. Yes, they are a pain in the ass to prep. But we sell the shit out of em, so I'm stuck making them.) Chicken Francese Two egg-battered chicken breast fillets sauteed with lemon, white wine, and a hint of fresh garlic. Served over choice of pasta. (The sauce is light and very flavorful and the chicken is nice and tender.) Jay's Salmon Fresh 8-10oz salmon fillet, grilled and topped with a light lemon-dill sauce. Served with a side of sauteed vegetables. (Yes, the salmon is fresh, not that frozen shit. I make the sauce t
Lost Single White Male
Ive lost my friend. Hes approximately between 5 foot and 7 foot.... hes has stunning brown to possibly blue eyes.. he has blonde to greyish hair... he wears a borat swim suit everywhere he goes.... He was last seen running away with a tiki torch inserted in his anal cavity... I am lost without him... Im taking donations in order to place his mug on the back of a milk carton... Seamus my friend hes out there all alone.. hes not big enough to be left by himself... help me to find him...... Wicked
**~~*Jenni*~~** .√iolets.'s ToY@ fubar   I know everyone is going for spotlight right now, but she's been quietly collecting. Can you spare her a few. Jenni is a rl friend. ♥
Can People Not Take A Fucking Hint?
♪ ♫♥ Feli...: lol ok then have a nice day!->♪ ♫♥ Feli...: when I don't feel like talking in the shoutbox, yes it is. I had a great day. I am MuMMing now, not talking in the shoutbox♪ ♫♥ Feli...: i only asked you how your day was? is that a bad thing to ask?->♪ ♫♥ Feli...: Which is why I told you put it in your poll. I do not wish to talk to anybody in the shoutbox.♪ ♫♥ Feli...: Well, It wasn't a comment, it was a question♪ ♫♥ Feli...: bye the way how was your day?♪ ♫♥ Feli...: ok you have a nice day->♪ ♫♥ Feli...: Then keep the comments in your poll.♪ ♫♥ Feli...: sorry to upset you really? just being nice here->♪ ♫♥ Feli...: I also keep my comments in the MuMM, you should too.♪ ♫♥ Feli...: wow you are a nasty one   She still isn't done talking   ->♪ ♫♥ Feli.
Bunnies And Rainbows
this isn`t as easy as i thought it was gonna be. the being nice isn`t so hard the not perving part is killing me,i have had to backspace and retype at least 30 times so far today   i just stood in the back yard and watched the neighbors dog completely destoy a window screen just so he could stick his head out and look around   thats all i have
Response For Spinoza...
Spinoza and are debating on his blog here^^ Do go see his blog so you know what i am replying to^^and my reply was to long to fit so this is just so he could read and reply either on his blog or on here===================== Reply to Spinoza Comment 2Well i am speaking of the blacks in the United states, as in most other countries they do no do the "my nigga" thing, and yes most blacks know some black history, i did not say they were scholars in black history merely know about black history, i do not believe you nor i are scholars yet we know about it, and the majorite of blacks do not use such idiotic terms as referring to each other as "nigga" this is usually teens and 20s. You have seen many, but surely you have not seen the majority of blacks. But i am merely speaking in the US, blacks know key figured in black history they may not know the minor players who have done amazing things.You have yet to see progress in the black community, that sh
Va Fanculo. :)
Before you read any further, if you're going to be judgmental and chastise me for speaking my mind in my own blog, GTFO. kthxbai. Now that that's out of the way, I'm noticing something on here. I've not only lost over 200 friends from my friends list over the past few days (could be a fubar glitch, idunno), but the majority of the people I'm attempting to interact with over the past few days, are either ignoring me, or avoiding me. Personally, if it's because I commented about some n00b (doesn't matter WHO it was, the guy I was talking about actually turned out to be pretty kewl - it was the point of it, not the person, but most of you didn't read far enough to know that) and his blog whining about baby mama drama, then idgaf, because like I just said - it wasn't about him personally, it was the idea that a new guy's blog about baby mama drama was more interesting to my so-called friends, than the 10 or so blogs I wrote in those 2 days. Only 2 of the people I saw jump in his blog show
It's Been A Hard Days Night
I think the hardest part of this whole trying to go to school thing is having to deal with the lack of definitive answers. I drove to St. Pete today to drop off yet another single solitary piece of paper to sing song Laura. I can't pretend to know what's involved in her job. A lot of her job seems to be telling me that I ask good questions. I too think that, "So will I be able to go to school in December even if the grants aren't through?" is a good question. I think that applies to anyone who wants to go to school. One of the first things to ask is, "can I fucking go here?" Regardless, I'm not sure that I got my answer. I got more a sing song version of options. I'm just going to show up on the 10th and keep showing up till they ask for money. When that happens I will throw sand in their eyes and run. But until then I will just hope that sing song Lauren's hair dye riddled brain will pull through for me. After that I drove to my sister's place. We talked a bit. mainly about how I
Proper Intruductions
We have all seen the blogs about how ignorant men can be towards the women on this site, when sending friend requests or SB convos from them. Si I figure that since so many women are getting approached by strangers with "hey sexy", and :nice tits" and so on, that women were a bit more tactful and respectful because of knowing how it feels... now usually when us guys get aproached with hey babe or hey sexy, in my experience, something you dont want is coming next! just like a cold call salescall at when i saw this persons full name I thought, here comes the struggling lounge invite...its WICKEDKITTIE OWNER@WICKED'SSTUPIDFUCKINGLOUNGESOMEWHERE (not the actual name of the lounge; for the slow, drunk or blond :P) So when I get a shout with "hey sexy" from some lounge horns came out...bwahahahaha *WICKED KI...: nope but i won't bother u anymore Dεαcοη™: its not very introductory is it? *WICKED KI...: or nice rack D
I'd been wearing an Amish beard since New Year, but had decided to fill it in and go full-beard again, but last night it was pointed out that I'm attending a wedding next week, and it'd look pretty ratty and messy as it is, so I have to shave down to the Amish again until after that.  So when I was shaving this morning, I decided to add a li'l extra detail to the Amish, and have a little tache too... What do you reckon?
My Weekend
So, Im sure none of you noticed I was gone for a few days...well maybe a few of you did, but I went to go spend some time with my kids at my ex's and check out her new place. The house is nice, they have their own room, and the school is with in walking distance of the house. So I take them to school, meet the teachers and my sons are having problems adjusting, which is to be expected, but I have some serious thinking and planning to do. with everything that has changed this year for me, i have no choice but to change some things i can control.  When I got home just a few minutes ago, my friend was visiting with the neighbor chic and we did the typical guy dialog between us, hows work and who are ya dating, bla bla..So I twll him Im not working and he says they need someone at the shipyard that has experience.. yay, so Im hoping i get the knock on the door tomorrow morning from him and the boss man. It wont be for what im used to making but im not making shit right now so im good to
The Gay Debaters... Lmao
Okay Raven [user/353944] after seeing Freedom is Conservative and I debate that we have been having in his mumms over days decided to do this photo.. damn how do I also end up in this position [shut the fuck up spinoza.. I know you would say something about positions]So she did this photo of Me and F.I.C… damn it  Yes she has issues....Okay I am bored …so here goes…I am watching V for Vendetta ...for the second time today.The squirrel outside My window seems to have had babies since I see em poking head out nest.Boast nearly crashed into side of walkway earlierI seen this hot chick in a gas mask dancing at a place I walked by yesterday…was quite tempted to go in… Haven’t a clue what else to say haha [random things may be added to this blog as I see fit-anything UNDER this has been added] What Raven just said on her pic she uploaded.. Wicked Raven said:I am sure they do. They call and say:Freedom "no hard feels sweet cheeks. it's your stubbor
Drinking Games
So I'm talking to a friend of mine, about the fine things men and women do when they are shit faced drunk. We were reminiscing about last summer when I came in to work at 5 am,  after a long night of partying, still completly out of it. So much so that I had to pretend I was sick to go home and sleep off my intoxication before I got fired. So the topic of the night is drunk sex. We decided there are 3 types of drunk hetero sex: 1) The guy is drunk and the chick is not. This drunk sex is lousy, stinky, and utterly nauseating. For some reason sex with a drunk dude, when you are sober, is just not a fun or interesting affair. 2) The chick is drunk and the guy is not. Men seem to like this for some reason, I am supposing because the decreased judgement makes him more likely to get laid, and/or more likely to get things that the lady doesn't usually do. Whatever it is, guys are quick to get a chick drunk. 3) Both parties are drunk. Now this is some crazy sex. Im most cases bost parties
Name Change Voting...
    Hottie Name Change Voting   In regards to our meeting, we are voting on changing the name of our group....   Please put the number of the 1 you will like us to use.... EVERY hottie and prospect vote counts.   1.)  Hotties 2.) Ultimate Hotties 3.)  Rider's Ultimate Hotties   Thanks so much for being loyal, dedicate hotties... We will be known as the classiest, sexiest group of ladies on fu!
My Supporters And Friends.... here it goes...without you fuckers...I wouldn't have made it this far... no lie...I'm fucking serious!   Anyway, I just wanted to remind you that some people do notice and that you're appreciated and loved and stuff. *hugs*   Things are going very well...thanks to my mumming and research I believe I've figured out my complete marketing stratogy ;) Thanks to site is free of gramical errors and spelling errors Thanks to a few of you other fuckers for checking it out to make sure it looks ok n stuffs...   I have two clients about to secure their estimates and I'm stoked...and I just got off the phone with another potential client that I'm placing a bid for on Thrusday...   So, thanks everyone! YOU ROCKITH! happy 420 now....LET'S DANCE!!!
Rampant Homosexuality
I have always been an open minded chickie, in all aspects of life. I was once told by my religious aunt, that there was such a thing as being so open minded that your brain falls out, and that I should start wearing a hat to keep that from happening. *shrugs* Today though, I have a problem being open minded. My little prince of a kitty Dexter Morgan is gay. He lives in the house with Felix (male tuxedo cat) and Meg (female English Mastiff). Dexter does go outside when we are out where he has three little neighborhood buddies Capt. Jack (male orange Tabbly), Misty (gray female longhair) and Lola (Black female shorthair). As cats getting along goes, they all manage pretty well. However, Dexter is in love... with poor Felix. And my problem with this liason is that Felix is not interested in Dexter. Yes people, I am talking about homosexual cat anal rape! I have caught Dexter in the act. He acts all sweet, and starts washing Felix, then rubs his face on him, then leaps onto his back, bite
Who Wants To Do A Zodiac. Auction ? I Need One Of Each Sign
So Wow
I feel amazingly awesome today!!! very blessed indeed! I have great friends (both r/l and fu) a wonderful family (both r/l and fu) and the sun is finally shining!!!!   I guess I'm always in a good mood when I know I'm going to the nurseries and greenhouses!!! I WISH I COULD TAKE ALL OF YOU WITH ME!!!   I finally got the correct logo on my shirts and now have quite the selection of "monkey suits" The girl totally came through and credited me my full amount, even stiched some shirts I found at a local store (none of the online wholesalers had my colour)  I pick up a couple of jackets today, I CAN'T WAIT! I have a part time worker already and hope to keep her employed through the growing season.  (I don't know though, I kinna wanna start saving some money) I have 4 new clients and the list seems to be growing :) so....we'll see.   I connected with an old friend on facebook and my aunt....I love words.....and much easier to "hash out" old issues....   Anywa
Laptop For Uni
So I want to buy a new laptop for university. One that is: Light Cheap (because I r uni student dur) Not too small like a Vaio...those are annoying to type with I want it for typing up notes and things Still want it to surf the net Not using it to play don't need the extra memory to store stuff like that.   What do you recommend? Should I get a notebook or one of those netbook things?  
Sciencey Fair!!!!!!!
2nd Annual Sciencey Fair Who can enter?: Anyone! How much does it costs? It's FREEEEEEEEE!!!!! Are there prizes? Yes you whoaring bastard! Do I need talent? Lack of talent didn't stop anyone last year. what do i need to do? Make a sciencey drawing. The subject matter can be anything you like. You must use at least 3 different colors. It must be hand drawn. Submit the drawing to me and get your friends to vote on it. Submissions must be entered by November 19th. Voting starts on November 20th and will close on November 28th. winners will be announced on November 29th. You don't have to be on my friends list to enter. prizes:   3rd place or the best of the losers prize: A ticker (yep fubar still has tickers) 2nd place or the just not good enough prize: Daily pimpouts for 7 days. 1st place or the yea whatever it's still an internet contest so who cares prize: a 5 credit bling pack. Miss congeniality or the most votes: dailily pimpouts for 7 days and a 5 credit bling pack
Generation Gaps
I spend way too much time trying to please everyone around me.   Both my mother and my son are staying with me at the moment.  Talk about a generation gap with me stuck in the middle.  My mother is hard to please and set in her ways, which I usually just go along with.  My son is a young 20something and I am young enough to remember how that is.  lol   He plays the tv kinda loud because he has 80% hearing loss in one ear.  He is in the kitchen a lot because he loves to cook.  He helps himself to whatever is in the house, which I prefer.  I don't like for anyone to feel as if they can't make themselves at home in my house.     Mother is barely speaking to me this morning.  Why?  Because my son and Blake's mommy are getting back together and she came over last night with her almost 2 year old lil boy.  No Blake because we have been sick here and want to make sure Blake doesn't catch anything.  As soon as they got here mother told me to shut her bedroom door.  I did. She didn't come
A Little About Me ( If You Get Emotional Get Tissues First) Part 1
I wish this never happened. In 2001 I went to the hospital for what I thought might be a migraine, I never had one so I was not sure. Well that "migraine" sent me to Tx Children's via LifeFlight. I knew something was bad after that and vomiting blood. After all that turns out I had just had two animism's and a ruptured blood clot. My doctors told me I only had a 40/60 chance from surviving it. That was the first part, the second part was the surgery for repair, and they said I had only a 20% chance the surgery would be a success. Luckily I was part of that 20%. I was in ICU for three weeks and another four weeks in recovery.I also had to learn to walk, talk, read, and write again. So another result of tht surgery I have permenet amnesia from May 2001 and back. Although as a result of the surgery I have occasional seizures. I still have to deal with having less feeling in my right side. Less strength in my left. About 15% sensitivity on my scalp, and when I get tired my left
Ffs!! It's Come Down To This?
Yeah we go again. It seems that a couple of times every year a few racists genius's manage to try and break my spirit by sending me love notes, sooooo....instead of going to the bulletins, I'm going to write them a little letter.......I hope they are smart enough to read it..... Dear Simple Minded Person With Nothing Else To Do, First let me begin by thanking you for spending your hard earned FUBUCKS on me....I appreciate the thought however it's money well wasted. Apparently, you don't know me, so let me help you out some....there are things that are way more offensive to me than being called "nigger". Why? It's simple...although it's a word used in hate, it's a huge sign that you have nothing else to pick at me about. It takes a HUGE person (sarcasm) to attempt to offend someone based on something they can't control. You appear to dislike people of color, however, if I were a betting woman..I'd say that you have probably been in my shout telling me how
Ok so we are ready to start this group now. If you want to apply please let me know in this blog. Be sure to read the rules because we will be following them. Much love Shell
Asshat Of The Week ...
..ya know something sometimes something's got to give. This one officially wins asshat of the week. Dudes using hot girl defaults to get rates and points is nothing new really. It's an old school Fubar tactic used by me, Prince Jessie, Ben Dover, RJeezy and even DJ Inferno used him and his ex girlfriend's pictures in the over a year ago race for red. Countless others at one point or another have done the same thing. On July 16.2007 it officially became a reset-worthy violation for anyone in the top 100 members of the site to use a decieving image as a default picture on here. That was almost a year ago. It wasn't cheating as per TOS like such things as people logging into your account to get rates, points and fans is and of course the blaster users and scripters are today. That hasn't changed. You may not like it or agree with it, but it's the way it is. However the difference between all of us and all of these new school Fubarians is that at least we had the dignity and self respect t
Now Das Some Ghetto Shit!
I am glad that I am one of those people that believes that the truth is stranger than fiction and real life provides the best material. Yesterday, I went to Home Depot to replace the globe that fell out of the light fixture into my sink and scared the shit out of me the other night. Me going to Home Depot, in and of itself is a laugh as I mean well...have a great eye...I'm just not mechanically inclined. That said, I go into Home Depot..get my globes and head back to the car. This is where is starts to get good...... So, I'm walking back to my car, doo doo dah doo (Home Depot is in a strip mall and you have to cross the road to get to the parking spaces...remember that ...k?), and I see this "figure" in the BACKseat of this PARKED car about 15 or so parking spaces down. Now, remember I just told you there is a road there so it's a road plus about 15 or so spaces. So this "figure" (I was not wearing my glasses so I didn't know if it was a large statured man or woman...they
Boobs On Parade
So on the way in this morning, this guy was watching "Good Luck Chuck" on his laptop. They have a series of scenes in there, reminiscent of Wedding Crashers where they are bedding scores of women in sequence. In this movie though, they are all naked so there were many clips of boobs flying by. The guy was trying to cover it up by, resizing the window (didn't work), opening up other windows (worked, but as the boobs bounced they kept popping into sight) and fast forwarding (high speed boob jiggling is humorous.) I now want to see this movie. This also brings to mind a complain I had about the movie "Superbad": There was no nudity. Other than all the penis drawings, not one bit of nudes, and this with two separate sex scenes. It was already rated R, why not have the boobies come out? I think its all an attempt to "Chick Flick" up guy movies.
I Am Such
A whore... yes.. i am auctioning MYSELF off.. just because it seems like a good idea have fun..
Yay I Got It!!!
I got the spotlight, so I will be watching everyone's page all day:) To my friends: Thank you all so much for putting up with me and all my point whoring for the last couple of months...thank you all for helping me Godmother and then helping me get spotlight:) I ♥ you all:) That sounded like a lame award speech, didn't it? Anyway, screenshots if you will please....I will be here on and off all day...I have to finish my finals today, so won't be far from the computer at all:)
I deleted almost all the people on my list. not many of you left. we will see how it works out.. If anyone is on here that doesn't want to be... or who thinks bad shit about me... then please just delete me
Dumb People
seriously? i once saw a chick asking for money to pay her phone bill....can anyone spot me a $5 i'm almost outa tampons p.s. eat my ass
Presents Present Presents
My oldest son will be 16 on Tuesday...bad enough, but I also don't know what to get him for Christmas. My 11 year old is easy, but I'm stuck on the oldest! Halp!
Who's M.anna?
I've had the spotlight. You've had the spotlight. Lets help a friend out and get her the spotlight. She is a sweetheart, and i don't pimp many people out now a days, but Anna deserves a hand. Everyone has FuBucks now a days, what's 100k between friends? If you have more, that would be great. But with Christmas coming up, lets be generous. I thank all of you. :D M. Anna ♦ Midwest MILF OWNS my b00bs!@ fubar PS please re-post this LOTS. :P
He Needs Monies!!!
So Van needs some Fu-monies. Care to send him some? You don't need to send a lot..just a little will work. You do that and I'll loves ya forever and ever!!!Here's the link to his page: Captain Cooter@ fubar[hugs]
Waaaaazzzzuuuuup Since I'm bored as shit I decided to post this crap. Anyways just wondering what kind of panties you ladies like to wear, and FIRE AWAAAY...LOL
One Nighters
So I was sittin at work on yahoo, and all of a sudden I get a message...from a guy that I had a one nighter with 7 years ago, when I was 19. Rewind... My friend and I were bored, and decided to find someone to hang out with. We found some dude on yahoo, and invited him to her place. He was 31, covered with disgusting tattoos, and dumber than a bag of shit. We drank beer and sat around, then me and him went to the lake. We made out at the lake, he drove me home at 4am. I suggested we do it, he said next time, cause the car was too small. I said there would be no next time, and suggested that the neighbor's front lawn was big enough to accommodate. So we did it, and I threw a used condom on my neighbor's window sill cause he was a douche. The guy went home. THe next day he called me and asked me out, I said no. He called a coupla hundred times again, and was politely denied based on a lack of IQ. Forward... So yesterday he messaged me out of a blue. He is 38 now, and is movin
Ever since some sour asshole made that fake RussianSlutt profile, I have been doubting all my good friends on here that knew my private info, which is driving me fuckin nuts... To an asshole that put up my info in that profile, including my real name (which I never use, since I go by both married and maiden names in RL, depending on where I'm at), marital situation (albeit perverted in a worst kinda way), and other stuff: If you are reading this, no, you didn't win. It will take some time for me to regain a sense of trusting someone, but I'll get over it. You are nothing but a coward that got butt hurt, and you know it. I always take EVERY word that people say with a grain of sand, and I guess I have lowered the walls that I always build around me. Which was a mistake on my part, but life goes on. Those who know me, know that if I cared about even half public opinion about me, I wouldn't post half the shit I do about me. Last time I cared what people thought about me w
How I Do It
Just so ppl know how I randomly bling it's like this...I see my bar tab and mouse over with my eyes closed.Whoever I land on gets Blinged....I ususlly pick 3 or 4 so that's how it goes ppl.   The bling is usually 1 to 3 credits....Only occasionally do I bling special abilities bling
This Is Why You Should Never Stay At A Holiday Inn.
Believe it or not but I'm not one to really complain about things in real life. I generally just "suck it up" and go about my business. I think that things could be worse. But now...I'm complaining/bitching/venting..what the fuck ever you want to call it. I decide that I'm going to stay in a Holiday Inn this weekend, because I generally just stay at Motel 6. I wanted something different and I knew I wouldn't have a way to get food and this hotel has room service. I'm told they have no smoking rooms with a single bed, so I had to take a room with two beds. No biggie. I'm suppose to have a view and get breakfast. Apparently this is a "suite". I don't know. I'll say that this is the worst hotel I've stayed in, in my whole life. I've stayed in plenty. Now before you gutter minded friends of mine go there..I was in show choir in high school and would have to go to competitions every weekend and we had to stay in hotels. What makes this one so bad? Well, I'm about to tell you. Fi
I Feel Like Such A Whore!
A point whore that is... Anyway, if know someone that can 'Cherry Bomb', please send them my way. I have 2 folders that can be bombed. Thanks!
Rah Rah Rah This Girl Is A Cardinal Fake...
…looks like this is a good week for fakes and bullshit to be exposed on here my friends…play the video for further entertainment… See this thing? With the Happy Hours and begging for cash and whatever else, but somehow can’t manage to post a salute? Because the person running this page has stolen their pictures they are using for the profile from internet porn girl Becca Mans…here’s the profile she says is “her”.. CardinalGirl Fan&Rate Me b4 you add me please...@ fubar … then as the proof below clearly shows, because these albums from the porn site have all of her pics, even the one “she” is using as a default… …..I wonder when people are going to stop buying things for these fakes. I mean cmon. Use some common sense people. Rah rah. Busted. Peace.
You Are Awesome
i may have missed a few of you, and for that i am truly sorry. but i love you anyways.. here is something special for my friends, you guys are awesome, and thank you for being you! Make an on-line slide show at
Smoking For The Children
I have what you would call not a publicly acceptable habit; I smoke.  I have been doing it for many years now, going back to my Army days.  I have quit a couple times, for as long as a year, sometimes for a few months.  Then something happens to make me lose my resolve and I end up smoking again.  The previous story I posted about a disagreement I had at work was one of those times.   I know its bad for me, and I know from the times I have quit how bad a cigarette smells to a non smoker, but none of this seems to phase me when I want my fix of that sweet sweet nicotine.  One thing I noticed on my recent travels was how certain places were more tolerant than others on smoking, I have to say it was quite nice to find a bar that didn't make you go outside to burn a quick one.  I also noticed wild fluctuations on the price of cigarettes in different places. The price of cigarettes has continued to go up, as it seems a perfectly acceptable thing to be taxed by the government.  This lates
Heading Things Off At The Pass
I am shortly going to do a pick thru and delete on my friends list ( I am keeping the people I dont like) In the hopes of heading off the inevitable emails and comments belabouring the fact that I deleted a name ....its nothing personal. Its list managment ...if we dont talk outside of the mumms and dont watch for each others activities I dont see the need for being on a list. Honestly I would rather be able to actually figure out what the people I have regular contact with on a more personal level are doing than have to see a pile of bar tabs alerts that I do nothing with. If that will change the fact that someone  finds me ammusing or comment in the mumms to me or will enjoy a blog I do or even rate my stuff so be it. It certainly does not mean I do not like or do not enjoy people that are not on my list it is just an effort to make this place easier to keep up with. Besides lets be real smaller list smaller drama  pool no?     gosh I just took a page out of Misfits book and rant
Tongue Salutes..
Im in a weird mood tonight, cant really explain it so im not gonna try. Instead ive randomly decided to make a tongue salute folder and i think it'd be really awesome for my friends to ya know..just do it! Im not asking anyone to write on their tongues, just take a pic sticking your tongue out and if i get some ill make a special folder....something to laugh at when nothing else seems funny. Anyway sounds good to me.... Thanks 4 Reading
Rethinking Things
i got an offer to get fu engaged the other day, it came from a beautiful, funny and amazingly interesting woman so i clicked yes. lately she has been showing more of her true self and i`m not sure about it any more.   what do my friends think i should do, i`m all confused
The Christening
I come to you, dear readers, with a question: What shall I call my last nameless peep?  There is Rosie, the production red hen who delights in flying out of the box.  There is Edna, the darkest and smallest peep, an Americana, who barely has tail feathers but is somehow always the last one caught.  There is Lolita, the brown-tinged Silver Laced Wyandotte, who squawks loudly when I try to pick her up.  And there is Lola, a California white named for the Kinks song, because she “walks like a woman but talks like a man, oh my Lola.”  That’s not entirely accurate.  Lola walks like a rooster, roosts like a rooster (sometimes on my shoulder), but peeps just like the others.  She has a prominent comb, though, and was the first to develop tail feathers, which is why my neighbor Janine suspects she may not be a hen after all.  Oh my Lola.  Three of my very photogenic peeps, including Miss Ella, died in a freak accident (picnic, dog).  They’re now buried in my garden, p
When you are dealing with a set of options to determine the total number of possiblities you have to take the base set and put it to the factor of the number of variables.  For example, license plates, if you go with the standard three letters and three numbers then you have the possibility of 17,576,000 (26^3*10^3), of course this doesn't count for the entire series that they throw out such as ASS, KOK, FUK, and etc, but the basic principle still applies. When you have a set with combinations, lets say for instance a pizza, where you can have multiple versions of the same choices then your variations are based on 2 to the factor of the number of possibilities.  To go with the pizza example lets say you have ten different toppings to choose from, you would then have 1024 (2^10) different types of pizza you could order.  I'll break this down in a simpler example so you can see the math.  Your toppings choices are Pepperoni, Sausage and Ham, that would give us 8 (2^3) as the number of p
Blog Worthy Friend Req...
okay hears a lil info im a honest person i am very blunt i believe in everyone knowing where they stand with me and thngs i dont like liars or people who play mind games if i want that i would of stayed in high school for the rest of my life im looking to make new friends not looking for anything serious but believe it can happen when u lest expect it so that door is open but mainly looking i normally dont do this but im gonna take a chance cuz life is short and i dont like it passing me by and missing stuff ????????? and yahoo is not sayin everyone will respond to this or want to its fine and i can respect that but if u do want to i would love to hear from u an chat with you and make a nrew friends well thank u for you time before i forget my name is allan friends call me aj     i recieved the above in a friend request today...the question marks are where he had his phone number....even my mean ass didn't want to spread that all over...his yahoo addy, i couldn
Two Things
I am often called upon to give advice.  I say I am called upon, though it may be in fact that people just want to bitch and I see this as an opportunity to fix their problems so I won't have to hear about them anymore, but I digress.  When I give advice the two most common things I tell people are: Pick your battles Cut your losses Picking your battles refers to making the choice on whether or not you want conflict over a particular matter.  Some people think this to mean only challenge when you think you can win, or when you know in your heart of hearts that you are absolutely 100% correct.  I do not think this is the case, my own personal recommendation is only seek conflict when you think the outcome of that conflict can actually cause a difference.  For example, I see many a person that sport anti-immigration slogans, here in New York, which is basically all immigrants since the Dutch bought the island over 300 years ago.  Now I know I am correct when pointing out that fact
Is There
a reason that  50 gazillion people got fu-married over the summer?    Did they make it free or did all my bitches think I was dead?   and fuck you people for not fu inviting me to the fu weddings - I was looking forward to getting fu trashed and ruining your fuceptions!  
Wanna See The Best On Fu?
All Broke Dicks keep your negativity to your damn self! Wanna see my goodies? Uh huh...I was told too many times I was crazy to leave them open so now~well...I now own my own domain adult site so you will pay regardless....   $20. Bling Pack = 3 day family add $65. Bling Pack =  2 week family add Auto 11 or Cherry Bomb = 1 week family add   3 mo. VIP renewal = 1 mo. 6 mo. VIP renewal = 3 mo. 12 mo. VIP renewal = 6 mo.   7 day blast = 1 day 30 day blast = 2 weeks Happy Hour 1 month  
Unwanted Stuff.
Here's a list of stuff I hate/pet peeves because boo is bored or at least she was 5 hours ago. Let's see if I can get to 10. 1. Drama filled statuses. I have just started deleting people who put things like fuck off you asshole If you don't like it stay off my page. I don't mind the profanity but I do mind your need to make your whole friends list rush to your side. 2. People who fail at satire. Making a racist statement and then calling it ironic does not make a satire win. It makes you socially (perfect example of satire fail) retarded. 3. The fact that drug dealers are so unreliable. just sayin. 4. People that say "that's my thing". ex: wearing all stars with skirts is my thing. no it's not. 5. verbally abusive assholes. i got a friend with a verbally abusive new husband. I would like to stab him in the face but she has no where else to go. Hopefully she can find a new asshole to latch on to. 6. entertainment shows that aren't The Soup. Fuck you mary heart, mario Lopez a
So, my ex added me to myspace yesterday. Not really a big deal; we talk off and on all the time (I have his cell number, I just never text him.)   I asked him why he decided to add me and he told me it was because it was the only way he could message me. (I kind of locked down my myspace account, due to some impending drama.) I thought it was kind of funny, so I asked him what he wanted to message me. He told me it was in the friend request message (which I didn't even read.) He told me the message said "I need your boobs." *raised eyebrow emoticon here*   So I said, "Yeah whatever, dude, you've seen them." Well he wanted me to send pics to his phone. (Not even when hell freezes over.) So, I said no.   Well I just signed on to myspace and discovered he has deleted me (yet again.) lmfao. My husband and I have been together 8 years (as of a few days ago) and married for 7. You would think he would've moved on by now. He has a girlfriend, FFS!   What won't men do for boobs? Serio
For Christmas...
I've been wanting to write this blog for a couple weeks now, but didn't know how to word it and stay entertaining.... I still don't, but feel the need to write about it anyway. Every Christmas, I love buying and donating unwrapped kids toys to the different stores that have it. I'm not saying I go overboard, most of it is at the dollar store. In fact, last year they had a twofer stuffed animal pack. TWO stuffed animals for a DOLLAR!!! Buy ten bucks worth, snip the little platic thing attaching the two and... BAM!!! Ya just made TWENTY kids' Christmas a little better. Now before you think "well, they're just cheap little stuffed animals" PLEASE look at it through the child's eyes... When I was a kid, my mom had to actually turn to charities a couple of times to make sure me and my brother had something under the tree. (If you're a parent, you KNOW that had to be hard) Out of that, I got this lil' jackass which I named "HEE-HAW" which has always been one of my favorite toys a
Psychic Memories
yes its kinda long, dont start reading til you have some time to kill. I started writing this on the boat and I think I will continue writing this story and finish it, before I continue on the Vampire story... enjoy   There is a rustling at the window that wakes Sarah from a sound sleep, as if a tree branch was scratching it in a cold winter wind. But, there is no tree out in the yard and the night is warm and still this July evening in Aspen. Her mind begins rationalizing the possibilities of the noise she hears, or does she really hear a noise outside. Is her mind playing tricks on her? Could this scratching sound be something else, something rational, and something explainable? She thinks to herself, she is 35 years old, and that is too damned old to be scared of the boogeyman! Lying on her side under the covers, she stares at the blackened window for a moment, if there is a burglar outside her window with criminal intent, she needs to know what time it is. So she looks at the cl
Debate Blah Blah..not Really
A friend had the status "WTF?I'm stuck on a 6mo waiting list and Haitians get a doctor delivered in 30mins or less.Domino's needs to get into healthcare.." so I commented, she answered, spinoza commented, and since spinoza and I are both long winded he told Me to just blog it... below in the box is the previous convo, it is all jumbled but Spinoza I placed My under the box Emanon~~Forever Fake~~Father of The Fallen Ones said:30 mins or less..... before or after walking miles to a doctor? hm ☠2Weird2Live2Rare2Die☠ said:They flew Dr's in from MY county.Half hour flight.Tops.My county already has a doctor shortage FFS!Emanon~~Forever Fake~~Father of The Fallen Ones said:Okay so NOW they can see docs [and that is just where they sent docs which is not everywhere] before that walking many miles to see a doc... doubt many Americans have to do that... on top of your having better available docs than they do.☠2Weird2Live2Rare2Die☠ said:Will they also be billed for
Third Hand Smoke?
'Third-hand smoke' could damage health Nicotine residues from tobacco smoke hang around for weeks or months Lingering residue from tobacco smoke which clings to upholstery, clothing and the skin releases cancer-causing agents, work in PNAS journal shows. Berkeley scientists in the US ran lab tests and found "substantial levels" of toxins on smoke-exposed material. They say while banishing smokers to outdoors cuts second-hand smoke, residues will follow them back inside and this "third-hand smoke" may harm. Opponents called it a laughable term designed to frighten people unduly. The scientists say nicotine stains on clothing, furniture and wallpaper can react with a common indoor pollutant to generate dangerous chemicals called tobacco-specific nitrosamines or TSNAs. The real danger is not third-hand smoke but propaganda dressed up as science Simon Clark of the smokers' lobby group Forest In the tests, contaminated
I d/c'd my own IV today. I lost 11 pounds in the last 2 weeks...yay for bein i need new pants i take back anything remotely non cunty i may have ever said about johns whore yeah she deserves the bad and then some. That girl has more pychological issues that a fucking ward of mental patients. but as they say Karma is a bitch...she told me she would chase me off here...I suppose she should know that better people than her have tried yet here I am. My daughters Bday is on 3-6...because i have been so sick and am really not doin a ton better...I am not really wanting to commit to a party...Adam bought 2 tickets for her to Disney on Ice...her dad will be on his mid tour leave and be here the 8th....I am going to give him the tickets to take her...and we wll have cake and gifts for her here..I hope that is ok for her. i have learned I have some very good friends here. I thank those of you who are. no less that 200 of my pics have been removed from the queue  from some asshol
Nsfw Pics Of Pie For Everyone!!!
in light of Pie recently calling me whore in a mumm I decided to release some of his more personal photos that he made me promise never to share with you all .....   hanging out at home         experimental days   last night     party time with the boys     night job     before taping Oprah  
Jason Comes Alive!
So, for those of you not in the know, I sing--if you want to call it that! Ahem, sorry. I was just trying to anticipate your reactions. Anyway, this weekend, I performed in a cabaret show with the pops chorus/show choir that I'm part of. It was my first non-karaoke solo performance--if you want to call it that!--and I thought some of you all might want to hear it. Or you might have detainees you need to torture. It's a multi-purpose recording. Either way, you can listen to it here. I can't figure out how to (or if I can) embed it from Posterous, so you'll have to click the linky. Enjoy!--if you want to call it that!
Manic Monday
I am proposing that Mondays be Manic Mondays so people can post the most humorous photos, mumms, blogs, even bulletins or statuses?  Good idea?
New Rules And How I'm Handling The New Changes To The Alerts.
This has been some week for change. First we get Obama Care and now these changes on Fubar. So with these changes come some new rules regarding contacting me. Since I cannot use this bar at the bottom at all, I feel like I‘m trapped in here and can‘t carry on a conversation. - After posting this blog, my chat box will be turned off. I can’t use this frustrating thing or keep track of a conversation. - If you have my yahoo, please use that to contact me. - If you do not have my yahoo, feel free to message me with a private message, those will be returned. - I will also not be reading any messages enclosed with non-bling gifts, the first thing I will do when I sign in, like I have been all week, is to delete them all. - Messages with Bling will be returned. - Comments left in reply to mine be it a bulletin, blog or status will be returned if I can, once again, know it happened somehow since there are no more alerts. I do not use faceboook, I do not know how to us
New Hotness Like Feature
Okay in the past 3 days I've been utilizing the new 'like' feature on the newest profile option 'new hotness'. Every person on my friends list that I have 'liked' has asked me how to do this. I've decided to make an instructional blog on how to do this. :) (Hopefully the damn pic shows up in the body of this blog; if not, look in the comments.) The 'like' feature can only be used on online members and new members. The tabs for top chicks and top dudes will not allow you to use this feature. Now, underneath all of those thumbnails of pics, there is the word 'refresh'. If there is no one you want to 'like' on that page, just click refresh and you will be given new pics. I hope this is helpful. :)
since i cant upload pics of me ...heres recent ones of me.....      
I'm A Tobacco Addicted Satanist With A Cat!
So I am dipping my toes in a couple online dating sites (shut up, I am not a loser.)  I clearly annotated my profile that I am an agnostic smoker with a cat.  Matter of fact I think that's the title of it "I'm a tobacco addicted satanist with a cat!" So please pray tell, why would women who say that religion is very important to them, or they hate smokers, or they hate cats choose to message me and ask if I would like to chat. Let me tell you now because I know what you are thinking, but there are in fact no pictures of my penis on this site, so dissmis that from your mind.  I do try to be polite and mention that many of the qualities they seek I do not posses but this does not seem to deter them.  I do not be rude and say, "what's the point?"  because I am too classy for that.  Though I am thinking I may mention that I have to have a cigarette then take my cat to my weekly worship of the dark lord.
My Trip To Detroit!
So as you all noticed, I haven't been that active in the past few days. Why? Well, I went to Detroit from Friday to Sunday (and I was busy with school shit after that). Anyway, I really wanted to mumm this but I thought a blog would be more appropriate. Also, it's time I write my first blog (and you guys should be grateful cause you're witnessing history right here). So lets get started. Why the fuck did I go to Detroit? Well, I wanted to go to the Jay-Z/Eminem concert. I planned on buying tickets from a scalper or something. I also went to meet that 17 year old chicka I met on yahoo about a month ago (she lives an hour away from the city). And of course, I needed a bit of a vacation so this was a perfect opportunity. So I left with my friend (who's like Kramer on valium) on Friday morning. We got there sometime in the afternoon and after a little touring, we thought "okay Detroit is boring." Then I went off to go find tickets to the concert. My friend decided not to go so he went ba
Atheistic Assessment▬●ΑΘΕΟΣ--☭--☆
Blogging Buffoon Activated Warning: A lot of reading ahead :P Okay I am bored and figured I would do a blog....what better than on.. atheism. These are either pictures I found on theistic websites [mostly xtian ones] or stuff I have heard people say in relation to atheism or things that atheist may use to support their position.This picture is one I found particularly funny. Um, this atheist may actually convert to believe in a deity if someone can tell me what the fuck this person was trying to say? Maybe this person was so moved by the spirit he/she forgot how to speak English.This was a photo that a friend sent me that had been forwarded to her by her Christian friend, the email said it was “kid safe”... I will go through each one and attempt to dissect them as best as I can. Which as always will simply be my interpretation, I do not speak of all atheist, just myself.“Unlike Christians, atheist believe in “luck” and “fortune”, while Chris
Because Crazy Lips Did It
1.  I am the youngest of 3 children. 2.  I am a closet Stephen King, Dan Brown fan. 3.  I love Garden Ridge {home decor store} 4.  Things HAVE to be aligned around me.  If I come into your home and start straightening things on your walls....just ignore me.  :D 5.  I make my bed before I leave my bedroom in the mornings. 6.  I have to sleep with one leg outside the covers. 7.  I miss my father.  :( 8.  I am the logical one in my family. 9.  I LOVE HGTV. 10. I get excited over a new handbag. 11. I don't trust easily. 12. My eyesight is getting worse. 13. I love fresh ripened tomatoes more than any other food. 14. I love photography. 15. I use Germ X constantly. 16. I absolutely abhor lying. 17. I am always early for appointments. 18. I hate waiting on someone. 19.  I miss cuddling with someone other than my grandchildren. 20. I am obsessed with air fresheners and scented candles. 21. I miss sex. 22. I don't like cheese....except nacho, Parmasean, and jalepeno flavor
So...if He's Interested He Would Make An Effort Riiight?
So the guy I went out with has been kinda MIA recently. The last time we went out, we were just about to go dinner but then couldn't cos he had to rush back to work. He apologised after saying he'd make it up to me next time...butt this was like 2 weeks ago. I did text him the other say just to say hi and check in and he did apologise again for not having been around much and that he missed me (dunno whether he said that just for the sake of saying it though). I told him it was okay cos I understand that he would have been busy (cos I was too hence why I left it so late to just send a text) as he was working on his master's dissertation (or something). So I sent him a last text saying I hope it goes well for him and I figured that I'd just leave him to it and not be distracting/annoying. But we have a lot of mutual friends so I know that on his days off he's been going out and stuff which seems to be a sign that he's not as busy as he had been I think. I thought that nooow he would hav
Weather Ya Know It Or Not
Sky was black as pitch when leaving the base today, so obviously I knew I need to get to the car as soon as i could as this wasnt your typical afternoon shower. The vast parking lot there has but one available exit, as its next to the river. I reached the car just as things were getting blustery. Now this isnt what I'd call twister country, thats more prevalent in the outlying county where there are more open fields for the conditions to culminate. But as I got in the car, I lost the syline on both sides of me, the right of me being the direction of the exit to the secure lot. In a few moments it became the clouds were tapering down to ground level, and I thought "no way , to be sure not", but then i saw the roofing coming off the Ops Center at the end of the lot, and then the debris field swirling, giving it some definition, and thought, well shit, what now, thats the exit. The funnel cloud to the left of the lot was more listless and not really throwing anything up. By the time
Fu Tards That Are Full Of Themself
okay so im not gonna name any sure that she is gonna go complain to fubar staff about my blog. here is a hint her name has to do with murder .   so here is my side of the story...this is the last time im gonna worry about this bullshit drama.   the other night I was spending time with my b/f i was drinking a little it was friday night and i was just messing around.Well i just got a brand  new laptop and I was wanting to try out my camera.So I set my status to " someone show me how to cam I really want to go on air???? so I had another drink and I still could not figure it out..I think my cam wasint working correctly. so stupid me goes and clicks on broadcasts.I thought someone has to know how to tell me to do this ill just click on a cam and ask them. Well i guess I decided to click on the wrong cam because all hell broke loose after I did. I simply said and I qoute " hey,im sorry im a little drunk and I dont know how to do this....all of a sudden she starts cursing
Rok - The Scandal Behind The Woman
I am 'posed to be in my kitchen doing Christmassy stuff but fuggit, roK said I had to write a blog about her scandalous self, mainly because, she assures me, nobody would read it.   So I guess the first point is, roK never makes much sense.   Now obviously, I am a man-hating prudish lesbian, so I don't know much in the way of 'scandal', except to say that this is the woman that sent me a jumping plastic penis AND a pubic hair comb for Christmas...and was disappointed because her local hookers weren't giving away their kamasutra help signs.   She has better hair than I do...which admittedly isn't a huge benchmark, or scandalous...but it's only cuz she goes to a transvestite hairdresser who has the upper body strength sufficient to hold her down while the blowtorch does its magic.   You can rarely find her in the MuMMs anymore...which is a right royal pain in the arse AND a scandal of GOP proportions, in my humble opinion, cuz she happens to be both funny and wise, which is not
List Of 5's's one of THOSE.  Things are getting a lil boring around here.   DO IT!  You know you wanna!  Cut-n-Paste and make your own blog with answers.  List 5 things you like about this place:   1) Friends,  2) mumms,  3) all the beautiful women that live in the Philippines,  4) funny blogs, 5) my Blue Bugatti. List 5 things you dislike about this place:   1) Following Helly and finding cock pics,  2) drama,  3) having salutes rejected,  4) Private NSFW folders,  4) typing a great comment only to find out I am blocked or don't have permission to post. List 5 blings you like (not necessarily a favorite):   1) The George bling,  2) my Chuck Taylors,  3) Exotice Dancer,  4) the Bad Ducky, 5)   The Erotic Grind I never got and still lust over. List 5 fun moments you had on Fubar:   1) The day I discovered I was Fumarried to MEL without consent.   2) My one and only happy hour Wicked got me for my birthday (it was fun, but never again!).  3) The first day (Halloween I believe) on Cherry
A New Body!?!?! Yer Body Is Awesome *giggles* My Birthday Wish...
Hello everyone :) Peace said I should, I'm blogging... My camera died the end of December and I'm going crazy (way more than normal)  I feel lost... I'm working towards obtaining a grant, but it is taking forever.   My health still sucks monkey balls and my Endo and I are working on it, but I have no idea when I'll be able to work full time again. My crafting has been stifled because I'm not comfortable uploading "crappy" photos of my work... Oh, and my laptop died...thank goodness my son got one for Christmas and I can borrow his occasionally..:) Anyway, I'm doing my best to keep my spirits up and I want to thank each and every one of you for the smiles you give friends rule...some, more than others...but guys rule... As always, I appreciate all the fu gifts I receive, you guys spoil the SHIT out of me... but.. this year I'd like to let you know what I'm wishing for. Instead of blinging me, or buying me a blast...or anything else fu related..I wou
People that I know are always telling me how good government schools (public schools) are. The more that I think about it the more I disagree. I believe that the U.S. started public schools around the same time that massive amounts of Catholic Irish immigrants came to this country. People in the U.S. were afraid that these immigrants would spread Catholicism. The system of schooling that we adopted was the Prussian system (the same system Nazi Germany used). Leaders not followers What type of people come out of these government schools? I think that the public school system produces followers. When you go to school one of the first things you learn is how to take orders. Stand in a single file line, get permission to speak, sit up straight, do as I tell you, sit in a assigned seat, and you even have to ask to use the bathroom. I often wonder how 13 years of following orders can produce a leader, let alone an independent thinker. Making us stupid We used to learn how to read
Sit And Watch Me
Can you see me sitting across from hot.... LOOK at me, your tied to the chair, and I have your full attention. See my hand rub my neck slide down onto my breast your intesity changes as you slide out and spread my lips. YOUR TONGUE GLIDING OVER MY PUSSY AS I scream........................ I CANT STAND THE PLEASURE.....I push you off and onto your back as I climb up on top of your face letting you tongue fuck me as you play with my ass. I need you now , I need your kiss, I need your tongue your kiss your fingers and your cock. Leaning forwarD ISWALLOW your cock all the way back right from the start. MAKING YOU RAM YOUR TONGUE IN FURTHER. OMG BABY IM GONNA CUM, cum in my mouth let me taste you, you say.... I want you to cum to, I want to taste you too. WE SHOOT ORGASM seems like the pg version of the feelings we feel as WE EXPLODE INTO EACH OTHERS MOUTHS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM BABES IN TOYLAND THIS KITTY IS HOT and yes I gue
If You've Ever Bought Or Sold On Ebay, You Need To See This..
..many of us have funny stories from ebay , good ones bad ones, but if you ever see someone like this bidding on your stuff, well, I guess you know the end result !! Sorry had to share... Funny bought to me & you by: THE BOSS@ fubar
Stalker Alert we go again! :s One of my stalkers (Wolf Rider),many of you already know him and what i am talking about, has created a fake profile using my pics and information that he has stolen from my profile. He is also doing this to many of my friends too. So be alert to suspicious profiles visiting your page or ripping your pics. If you get a friends request or any rude comments or messages from a newer profile that seems to be me.... do not accept it. It is not me. I have not changed my profile, I do not plan on changing my profile, so I do not need to be re-added. One profile name he is using (to scan profiles and steal info) is Sophi and the second one,at list from what i know till now is Eddy... At first i was thinking to close my account,but doing this i'll give him satisfaction and...i don't want that.I already closed my first account because of him. He has records and he shouldn't be on the net. Here's few messages which he sent to me. ""On 9/10/2007, fu1150496@fubar.c
Advise For Men On How To Score Some Ass
How to Get Into her Pants Without Wasting Time and Money This writing is dedicated to all the card carrying members of male species who have suffered for years from incessant cockteasing followed by cockblocking from those females who choose to think that their vaginas are holy temples dedicated to men worshiping them from afar or paying a hefty entry fee. Have you ever seen that dolled up bar flooze with a push up bra tying off the oxygen to that lil brain, a layer of fake carrot cake colored tan, and a smoker's voice that only a deaf mute man would love? Have you ever seen her flirt with all the happenin douches at the bar, laughing at all the nonsensical little jokes, and fishing for compliments via "Oh, my boobs are too big, I hate them" and "I am so fat, I need to lose weight"? Or have you seen the one oohing and aahing about someone's baby pictures and enjoying comparing tanning salon prices while wearing a top 5 sizes small with tits spilling out all over the place and g
Picture This...
Ok guys and gals picture the hottest woman you can. She's wearing a pair of jean shorts that are damn near daisy dukes, a pair of black construction boots, and a green hard hat. She's sexy isn't she. And she's climbing up a ladder to take down some scaffolding. Her tight little ass all nice and snug in those shorts as she lifts her leg to take another step up. Ok, ok, stop touching yourself and now picture this... Those same tight short shorts on a big male German construction worker. GAG! I know you hate me now but that's what I got a good look at today. Holy Hell did I want to scratch my eyes out. I couldn't believe that these guys would leave their houses wearing those let alone doing construction in them. It was moose knuckle for everyone today regardless if they wanted it or not. So enjoy the visual and have a great day.
I'm So Disapointed Over This Man I Could Cry. I've Trusted Him For A Long Time.
Phuck Yoo, In Flames.
Okay, so I have a little game going with a friend of mine where we flip each other off in different ways. It's childish, but fun. I thought it would be a good idea to light the words "fuck you" on fire on my carport. (I know, I'm wee tah did). Anyway, it definitely left a mark on my carport. (See pictures below) How the FUCK do I get the fire stain crap off my carport?! It's facing the road and I'm sure my neighbors are loving it. (I'm covering it with an outdoor rug for now.) I've tried scrubbing and using soap, and a few other dice.
Some cocksmack that stayed at my hotel left a book behind, and I was unfortunate enough to pick it up and try to read. Well, I really haven't read a biggest piece of garbage in a while. The book is called "The Secret", written by Rhonda Byrne, a cuntish con artist pseudo-psychiatrist that dabbles in new age garbage. It is based on a idea that there are "laws of attraction" that involve positive thoughts attracting other positive thoughts, resulting in eventual goal achievement. Same goes for negative thoughts, only with a reversed result. Example: if you want to get thin, you have to think "thin thoughts". If you want to be rich, you have to think "being rich" thoughts. And a special force in space will make all your goals come true. (she actually puts Alladin's lamp as a fuckin example). One quote from the book: "if someone is overweight, it came from thinking fat thoughts". Another one; "Food cannot cause you to put on weight, unless you think it can." Another gem: "Mak
Life Changing!
Well Whats New With AsH.WeeE..Not A Whole Lot. Just Felt Like Doing Another Ramble Session! I Found Out A Few Months Ago That My Family Was Moving 3000 Miles Away In August!...At First I Didn't Wanna Go Cuz I Absolutly Love Nova Scotia. My Friend Jennifer Moved In With Me & Was Helping Out With Bills. Things Were Going Good But Then She Had To Move Out Because Of Work Purposes!...I Don't Blame Her Though. She Has To Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Her Job..We Are Still Good Friends And Talk Regularly!.. Thats When I Decided That I Wanted To Move With My Parents!..I'll Be Going In September!...Yeah Im 23 And Yeah I'll Be Living With Them But I Don't Really See It As A Bad Thing..I See It As Getting My Life Back Together!..As Some Of You Know From My Past Blogs My Ex Rob Put Me Really Far Into Debt...Way To Far To Get Myself Out So I Have To Do Bankrupsy. At First I Was Really Scared But Now I'm Realizing That Im Still Fairly Young And I Will Have My Credit Back In 5-7 Years. By Then I
Choooo Chooooo!!post It!
Tinker's Baked Shrimp
*Submitted by Tinker who clearly knows how much I lust after seafood.* This recipe comes from the woman who works at the little roadside stand where I get my seafood. She and her husband run it, and they have some of the best, freshest seafood I've ever had. So I made this last night, and it turned out pretty tasty! I figured I'd share. You need: - Uncooked shrimp (preferably fresh, not frozen) - Worcestershire sauce* - Lemon juice - Garlic - Rosemary - Butter, melted (about 1 stick) * Personally, I find this to be the most fun ingredient, because it's so damn hard to say. If you don't think it's hard to say, take a shot of Tequila and try again. It's fun! You do: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Wash the shrimp and put them in a Pyrex baking pan. Pour on the Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and butter, enough to cover the shrimp roughly halfway. Add the garlic and rosemary, to taste. (I used minced garlic and just put a bunch on top. You could also use garl
Chinese Chicken Salad With Tangelo Vinaigrette
*Submitted by the sexiful Penny Dreadful who is not Chinese, but her salad is.* There's really no story here, other than this is my mom's recipe and I like making it for parties because it disappers like lightning. Head of cabbage, chopped Head of Romaine, chopped Package of Slaw mix as much chicken as you like (grilled or baked) 6 stalks celery, diced 3 long green onions, sliced 1 package almond slivers, toasted Tangelo Vinaigrette: I Tangelo, squeezed, or pureed Honey Rice vinager Sesame Oil Fresh Garlic Black pepper Parsley Sea salt Mix to dressing to taste... Toss and Tada!
Let's Level!!!!!!!!!!
She's so close!!!! EvilAsh ¢âSS¢¾ Owns my Ebil soul@ fubar
Muh Slogan {thanks Hazel}
Your Slogan Should Be Sherry. Love Every Bite. The Slogan Generator
I dont like drama!if you have a problem with me you dont need to tell me that you wll delete me you are welcome in my page and you are welcome too to go..i dont care your life !i like  fubar and no question for all for making it long history and making you feel hurt or what ever..i dont like drama i got lot in my life!!!!I am here for 1 reason while i enjoy it too to meet someone and making me lough while i am board..i sit a lot time in my laptop to do something while i am talking to you..a thousand´s friend in my list i cannot intertain you all!can you do that at your list!?were all in here had a close like you too(do you?)I love those who people who having respect with me...i dont care who you are and on what your doing in your profile..i wll do on what i want and do on your´s!!! to sit my sitting profile you dont need to as me why!and i dont need to explain with you why..!! I am pilipina its like you treat a idiot 1....!!! I am not american to expect me a perfect 1 in your own lan
Rabid Dog???
Mmmk, check it Yesterday, I'm standing at the bus stop waiting for Mackie to get home from school, and there's this dog that close by. Never seen it before. Black terrier type. In any case, he's a little skittish, but crosses the street to greet a walker and HER dog. Attacks her dog immediately. So this lady is lookin' around trying to see if there's any owner nearby, and there isn't. Immediately starts kicking this dog off her dog. Damn thing ran away. So now all our backyards are open and shit. We have savannas behind us too. So if they dog proceeds into our backyard, should I just take a tiki torch to it's ass and beat the hell outta it? I mean...the kiddos are out there are the freakin' time now.... Mumm time? lol
Education Via Men's Magazines
I'm not kidding, Esquire, GQ and Maxim are very educational. Just this morning I was reintroduced to the word 'umlaut' courtesy of Esquire. Now will I be using umlaut in everyday conversation? Probably not even in special conversation but, I learned something and that's what counts, right? Oh and it had a hilarious section on sex, too. What do you want from me? It's Monday morning.
Week 8 Stats And Week 9 Schedule.
The leaders so far... 1st Place: It's just me with 73-116 2nd Place: Kelly with 72-116 3rd Place: JP with 70-116 4th Place: Drill with 67-116 5th Place: Superman and Porch with 66-116 6th Place: Me with 64-116 7th Place: Texi with 61-116 Players with scores of 60 or lower.. Will 60 Carrie, Red Alert and McLovin 57 Porch 54 Rich 44 Alchy 42 Crow 30 Mikey 22 Good luck next week guys.. here is WEEK 9 Sunday, Nov 2nd NYJ @ BUF DET @ CHI JAC @ CIN BAL @ CLE TB @ KC HOU @ MIN ARI @ STL GB @ TEN MIA @ DEN DAL @ NYG ATL @ OAK PHI @ SEA NE @ IND Monday, Nov 3rd PIT @ WAS BYES: CAR, NO ,SD, AND SF On a side note.. KC has been considering Daunte Culpepper as QB *cries* So that should change some things a bit.
My Cat
Likes to sleep in my bra... wtf is up with that?
Jenupher This Is Your Life
Auction Closed 8pm 3-27-09
> > > > > > > > > > > > I am holding an AUTO !!" auction ...The hightest bid will win so get them in now Starts 3-24TH th 6pm ..Auction ends 3-27TH At 8PM EST. Highest bid will get an Auto 11. Minimum bid is 5 Million Fu Bucks!!! Have Fun CLICK THIS LINK TO BID
Some may see you as a rebel of sorts, but you know how to be down-to-earth, routine and conventional when it serves you. Your deepest motives may actually be a mystery even to you -- but you don't spend a great deal of time and energy trying to plumb the depths. You're too practical for that. You may have a problem with someone who is asserting his or her authority a little too aggressively today. Avoid a head-on conflict.
Mummers Costume Xmas Party 2
More candid shots of mummers christmas party she is woman hear her roar I wont anal-ize this one ...not for a second lots of Nuns this year I just loved it when he sang if I could turn back time
WOOHOOOOOOOO! I'm a Fu-Millionaire!!! SUCK IT BITCHES!!!!!! *dances around the office naked and tells the boss to fuck off*
Some Holiday Reset Fun..
. Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo [Timeless Version] - Trans-Siberian Orchestra as everyone gets ready for another Fu Christmas year, we should all take a second to appreciate and thank the people that make this a place a cool place to chill, and try to put aside the futards that try to ruin it for their own crazy egomaniacal gain... it's nice to see that MzMic the crazy loon and her husband or whatever MikeS get served with a reset with points. That's justice. As the whole world knew they were cheating in the first place. I see that crazy loon as changed her pic back to her ugly mug again, probably told she couldn't shop her face on a model body anymore. And they even took away their profile rates too, that's a beautiful thing isn't it. At least now everyone can see them for what they are, useless cheaters. ..and to think that retard, Suzy (aka Mountain man aka Kiss My Southern Grits) was talking all of this smack on MikeS blog about me, where the best he could
Yesterday was a tease.... the weather outside was warmer and nicer.... woke up this morning to it snowing again! YUCK! Spokane snow fall sets record for December Posted: Dec 26, 2008 09:50 AM Updated: Dec 26, 2008 10:25 AM PST SPOKANE , Wash. - Talk of a white Christmas , snow fall on Thursday gave Spokane a record for the month of December. As of 4 p.m. Thursday Laurie Nisbet of the National Weather Service says Spokane had received 46.2 inches this month. The old record of 42.7 inches was set in 1996. The latest dump was more than 8 inches from a snow storm that began last night. More snow is in the forecast for Spokane into Monday with heavy accumulations possible Sunday night. ================================== AND GUESS WHATS IN THE FORECAST ALL WEEK!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR~!!!!!
Hey Dare
Well PimpMaster Cubby would just like to tell you, this young lady is only 100K from leveling. Maybe you could give her 5 minutes? Gutter Slut™@ fubar And along with the 592 friends i have who have auto 11's today. Mel doesn't have them often. (she's a bigger whore than me yanoo). Maybe you could give her some luvin too? —‡Μ∃Γ‡—@ fubar No animals or girl guides were harmed in the making of this blog. PS. The Spotlight Rocks :D PPS. Feel free to pimp yourself out in this blog too. Oh look. a Happy Hour. :P
Kill Me Now....
I just got off the phone with my ex (yes dear lord I have lost my mind I am doing an ex blog but at least its not a mumm). Much to my surprise some friends of mine still talk to him and one of them told him about fubar and me being one blah blah blah. Well he got all nosy and asked them to show him.....of course they did. that would bring me to the why he called me part. He called to have a fit about my pictures and why when I was with him I never had, took or sent any like that for him. Having lost my mind I actually went into with him and told him well perhaps if you had not spent the better part of your time telling me I was fat and plain and going into detail of how so many other women are better looking than me I might of. He says that if I had not been dull boring and a prude (that made me laugh) and done something like that for him he probably would have, and that Im insecure if thats what I needed plus that any man would agree with him. blah.... if he gets a fubar acc
Minimal Living.
I've gone through the struggle of getting a good credit score and keeping it, as many of us have. I've increased my income through finding and landing a better paying job,only to spend my money more carelessly and end up living paycheck to paycheck all over again, as many of us have. I bought a house that has way more space than I need and isn't as energy efficient because of this, as well as costing more for upkeep, as many of us have. "A penny saved is a penny earned". That is such an all important quote and genius in it's simplicity. I've done search after search for "minimal living". All I've found is things like people making fun of their camping experience etc... I'm going to start what I call my "minimal living" lifestyle. I'm selling my home and paying off my truck and I'm buying a small, energy efficient home out in the country. I am looking into solar, wind and even hydro power, as well as making my own solar powered heater(ask me about that, it's am
Au Revoir Mon Amour
Today I was struck with a deep sadness. I no longer have a crush...she is gone. My best friend is gone! I know she hasn't been happy here in a while, but thinkin of this place without the most honest, loyal and caring friend i have ever known is very painful. I know her rather well and so I know this was not done on a wHim. This site and many of the people here meant so much to her. Siriusly, I am honored to have known her and feel lucky to have been able to spend a part of my life with her. This is a comment i made for her on our one year anniversary of being friends...back in October.
Why Nice Guys Finish Last
I came across this article and I have to say it makes a valid point. Maybe some of you 'nice guys' out there can benefit from this. Dating Secret Exposed: Why Nice Guys Finish Last By April Masini Are you a nice guy who has always wondered why the cocky guy -- the one who barely appears interested in the girl -- is usually the one who gets the girl? Have you suffered from hearing the words, "You're a really nice guy, but I only like you as a friend," from a woman who you would do (or may, in fact, have already done) just about anything and everything for -- only to turn around and watch her date (or even chase) a guy who treats her like she's nothing special? And are you stumped wondering why she would date a guy who treats her like that when she could have you who would treat her like a princess and give her everything she wants? Well, you better brace yourself because I'm going to tell you a couple of secrets that you might not want to hear. First, "nice" equates wit
Hello my loves. Just an FYI if it seems I haven't been rating like I used to. I turned my internet off when I lost my job last month. Sooo I am "borrowing" the neighbors internet and I only get one bar. This means sometimes when I try to go see pics, it freezes me up and I can't move! So it's not that I don't love you, it's just that I'm poor lol. *Muah* And fuckity fuck fuck
Quick Sketches..
I was looking thru my old Photobucket accounts, and I stumbled across these pics... I had scanned these some time ago... before my scanner blew up and caught fire... These were two quick sketches I had done for paintings I had done, which now, are destroyed, of course... This is the kind of work I did all the time..that I had to give up.. Shit, don't know if I should be even showing you this horrible crap... But It's been a hole in my soul and heart for 11 years, that I haven't done anything worthwhile with anything artistic, outside of bodywork on vehicles.. I did these in late 2004 or early 2005.. It took a few months to do these with the paintings added, so somewhere in that time area.. I got inspired one day...took a lot of pain to inspire me, but it did... Anyway.... Honestly.. what say you??
I'm It? Lol
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am from a large family of 6 Brothers and 3 Sisters. My brothers taught me the most about life. 2. I have moved 16 times in 20 years. 3. I write HTML to relax and calm down. 4. I got my JDW name from finsihing a 1.75 liter of Jack Daniels in 4 hours. I then slept for 2 days. 5. I refuse to answer my cell phone. If you want me to answer...text me. 6. I am the worst driver unless I am mad... 7. I come off as un-approchable at bars on purpose. I hate idle conversation. 8. Intelligence is a huge turn on for me...HUGE! 9. I travel to Norway for Love. 10. I can be callous and cruel and
It's Official!
Ash is redneck. She watched racing. It's a fact. That is all.
To Everyone
This is out of character for me, but if you call fat sonny a friend and you're on my list, delete me now. I don't want anything to do with him. On the off chance Kit reads this, she doesn't count. Oh, and Trixy, she's cool.
Sbgs..want To Be Pimped Out? Read & Comment Here
SBG Pimpouts!!!The SBG Cure to the Monday Blues, while an awesome idea, didn't work as well as we hoped.We are still a great group and want all other groups to notice us for our tight knitness for one.So, what we are doing now is we are going to pimp out two girls a week. IF you want to be pimped out, you have to do the following:1. Have "Sarge's Bad Girls" or "SBG" in your "name" or "nickname" on your profile.2. Have a folder of SBG pics and tags, with a minimum of 25 pictures. Surely I have made you at least two graphics and I and several girls have a wide variety of SBG pics.3. Agree to rate the SBGs of the week's folder when they are SBGs of the week. If you have, by chance, recently rated those pictures, leave comments on each picture. Leave a comment on the last picture in the folder (or the 25th picture) showing you have been there. You do not have to rate them on Monday, but surely you can at some point between Monday and Sunday. It would be ideal to have the SBGs of the week r
Am I A Super Perv?
So, everyonce in awhile when I'm bored, I'll go look at the new members & new photo's section....and usually there is atleast one peen. So, if I happen to right click on these newbs NSFW(as their defaults, I don't go looking for them) would it be wrong if I made a folder so I can have random giggles when I need  a pick me up? Or am I a total perv and should just watch more porn? Cause sometimes I wonder who told these men that their peen was worth showing off.
Single Widow Looking
Ok...lets try this again... Single Black Widow, 24 yo, widow lol...looking to buy a bomb bling with fubux...offering favours.yeah ur dreams...maybe just some rates. So...anyone willing to trade?
I'm A Whore....
In the past few weeks a few things have been brought to my attention. I thought I'd share to enlighten a few people. Well, maybe I'm a little slow in the news department, but maybe there are a few people who don't know these bits of information.   1. Women who have tattoos are whores 2. Women who get on cam are whores   So what does that mean? I'm a whore. Yep. Since I've pretty much mastered the whoreness of getting on cam and having tattoos....anyone have any bits of information on being a point whore?
Just Had To Be Said.
Content deleted... just like the others... this was only needed to explain to my friends why I was acting the way I was. It's over. Done. Nothing more to say about it. I thank the friends that were here for me, and your help will never be forgotten. (h)
Getting To Know People
After a private convo with someone today it got me to thinking.  I know, me thinking is a novel thing, lol.  How well do we really make an effort to get to know people on here? Do we allow others to get to know us?  Why does it seem like that people either share their whole life story or they give nothing away? How do we find a happy medium?
This Weeks Flowers Dedicated To And Inspired By...
  Bunnzy likes her flowers....this is her arrangement *smiles* ♥ PoStaL ps...bunnzy is RAWR...yumminess... ooooooooo if only I were into women...  
I am sick of the fucking feels like I live in Seattle. Iam leaving in 2 days for NY..will be gone for a week. Just an FYI to those that give a shit. Yes John and I broke up...yes I am still going to visit.   to the ones whom feel like stalking and starting would seem the news was not out. *end rant*
Bye My Former Friend
Left this for one of the purged, they seemed rather unimpressed...   summer rain awashhidden in black thunderheadsmy final goodbye   some people have no clue as to how hard Haiku is to compose...
Creative Puns For Smart Minds
1. The roundest knight at King Arthurs Round Table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.2. I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian.3. She was only a whiskey maker, but he loved her still.4. A rubber band pistol was confiscated in an algebra class, because it was a weapon of math disruption.5. The butcher b acked into the meat grinder and got a little behind in his work.6. No matter how much you push the envelope, itll still be stationery.7. A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.8. A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blownapart.9. Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.10. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.11. A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are looking into it.12. Atheism is a non-prophet organization.13. Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat said to the other, You stay he
Finished Before It Started
So my career as a football goalkeeper has seen it's death today. Killed off by doing the job I was put there to do. The weakened hand has taken a pounding over the past few weeks, was just about fully recovered, then whammo. One shot, one hand, one fractured radius bone. Never felt so much pain so quickly.   And I never realised I needed my left hand for so many things until I couldn't actually use it.
Not gonna be on here long,because I am extremely uncomfortable tonight.I did have a pretty decent pain day though. Ginger is having her kittens!!!!! just wanted to announce it,if I feel better will give updates.One looks like a dark smoke color,the other is black & white. hugs and loves!
Hmm, So...
My friend just emailed me and said I look like this guy. (the  one on the left)   Hmm.  I'm less convinced.  
Fit To Be ... Fried
I was recently chatting with a gal who expressed an interest in having her partner tie her up in bed. I have to confess, this is something I’ve never experienced. I guess you could say my sex life has been somewhat vanilla. Not that vanilla is bad, mind you. Some vanilla is really fucking good. I’m talking about that kick ass Breyer’s Vanilla Bean sort of vanilla. Not that soft serve, boring stuff that requires sprinkles to be interesting. Sprinkles are great, but not at the expense of good vanilla.What am I talking about again?Oh yeah, I’ve never tied anyone up … which is sort of sad because tying registers like a “1” on a 10 point Kink-o-meter scale. Anyways, the conversation sort of piqued my interest because I can see myself at least hitting a “3” on the Kink-o-meter someday. So I began to wonder – if the occasion presented itself, how would I go about tying up a woman? What would I even use? It’s not as if I’
Goodbye David
It is with a very heavy heart that I pass on this news.Sometime early this morning, Thursday, October 8, 2009, my dear friend, David Michael Wolf, aka NC CHEROKEE WARRIOR here on Fubar, passed away in his sleep at his home in Joppa, MD.Those of you who knew David, knew that he had been dealing with terminal small cell carcinoma. David had continued to work, driving long hauls to help cover the cost of his medications. I knew David his entire life. His family and mine have been close for several generations. I used to watch David when he was a child, and I watched him grow up to be a very special man.David was first and foremost a poet. He turned many of his writings into songs, and he also wrote music to many of my poems. He had seven CDs of music that he recorded, and some of you here on Fubar were lucky enough to have received some of his music.  David was born in Sylva, NC, on July 5, 1975. He lived in England, from 1996 - 1999. He moved to Maryland in 2000. Although he and I hooked
Shall We Play A Game.
These are all lyrics from tv show theme songs. How many can you guess without google. 1. So while you’re here enjoy the view Keep on doing what you do 2. You'll have some fun now With me and the gang Learning from each other 3. There's a time you got to go and show You're growin' now you know about 4. Don’t waste another minute on your cryin’. We're nowhere near the end (nowhere near) 5. You'll see that life is a frolic and laughter is calling for you...... Down at our rendez-vous, 6. Your job's a joke, you're broke, you're love life's DOA. 7. They'll have theirs, and you'll have yours, and I'll have mine. And together we'll be fine.... 8. Not getting hastled, not getting hustled. Keepin' your head above water 9. As long as we live, it's you and me baby, There ain't nothin wrong with that. 10. This is the music that you hear as you watch the credits. We're almost to the part of where I start to whistle.
I'm Not That Old.
So It's been a few weeks. 1232 junk emails. Here are the highlights and the lowlights.   AARP: Enjoy all the benifits. I'm not that old! AgeQuiz: How old are you really I said I'm not that fucking old! CIO minute: 10 People not to hire. Are you one of them? Hey look buddy, after the age guy, you are all on pretty thin ice. Radical diet pill. Only for the brave! So now I'm fat and a chicken? Terrorism threat level has been elevated to [HI Tell them I said Hi back. Forensics Degree: Your future is dead. I'm going to stop reading these soon. This holiday season, spread more.... this was actually for holiday recipes but I would have to think they cut off the title here on purpose. MRS FARIDA WAZIRI: BE CAREFUL OF THE HUDLOOMS‏ Why? they aren't as bad as hoodlums. Beautiful Russian Women Are Waiting to Meet You fine... tell them I am poor.... and old. Like AARP old. Lonely Wives Adult Dating ok you know what... You bitches already have husbands and now you are going
Should I Say Goodbye...
I have been very close to a certain "someone" on here for over a year and a half.  We have shared laughter, a few tears...and had the occassional disagreement. Not so long ago he met someone on here...whom he eventaully found out was not who she said she was (imagine that?).  Well during his getting to know her phase he withdrew from me...I knew something was up but wasn't sure what. Anyway once he told me I was kind of upset I mean he blew me off for some chick.  I on the other hand have always been a faithful friend..never swaying. Well I was hurt...he begged for me to forgive him so I did. Fast forward to two weeks ago..I notice his behavior is once again "changing". And why you ask??? Yet another Fubar woman.  This one is a real piece of work..she has so much baggage she puts Samsonite to shame. This time however he decided to move this woman in with him. Ok wait...rewind...prior to me finding out she now lives with him..she pretended to be "him" and proceeded to have a conversatio
Double Or Nothing
Babyj hooked it up today. He doubled the number of photos each level can have, and also the number vips can have (from 5000 to 10000). He also doubled the number of 11's vip's get each day from 100 to 200. Tell a friend!  
Dawkins Vs. Christianity-islam
The pokemon Version of debating a christian... and what can happen when you anger a muslim lmao
Atheistic Randomness
I am bored, so here is a random blog of random things Twilight fans, yea, WTF is wrong with you? Sparkly vampires and this appeals to you why? Oh hey look My vampire does not eat human, he never sleeps, he fucking sparkles in the sun light like a little fairy... Okay hm, I am seriously considering typing this out on "Sticker paper" and then pasting it on My front door. Seems someone was bothered by the Free Palestine pic I have in My album because they rated it a one yeserday...and rated the Islamic satire pic an 11, Oh people the freedom of Palestine does not equate to a hatred of Jews, if you think that, you are just a fucking moron. Ever wonder what creates terrorist? .. I don't know... how about being oppressed since birth? .. that is just a thought... This picture, is just cause of what Spinoza and I were speaking of in his picture. I read a poll a while ago that said 53% of religious people under the age of 30 have NEVER read their own religious text, in that same poll, th
Yeah. See Ya.
If you're wondering why you're being taken off my lists (here, and fb), you should focus on who's ass you're kissing, and who you're running and reporting to. I'm too old, too wise, and too busy with real life to entertain the idea of welcoming more drama into my life. If you're one who spreads it, or causes it, you're gone. Simple as that. Don't like it? Stop being a fucking two-faced, backstabbing cunt (that applies to guys, too).     UPDATE: I've deleted basically everyone, aside from a few that have proven themselves a friend to me. I will add back as I see fit.
Amorosa? ..the Early Cinco De Mayo Fake...blown Out....
Wow, ok. So it’s time to revisit this one. First, off let’s bring it back some, to this fake we blew up back in this blog below… Click here to see ... Well apparently that wasn’t enough back at the end of last year for people to wake up and see what this thing really was, a deviant fake. In the meantime, it’s managed to make some new fake creations as well. Apparently this fake has been getting blinged and autoe
Passing It Up...
Okay, just got done watching an episode of STARGATE ATLANTIS... If you know me, you know this is my daily routine before going to bed. And for you BIG SG fans, it's season 4, episode "QUARANTINE"... For all you NON fans, it's an episode where the logical astro-physics scientist guy gets locked down with his biology-loving... ummm, biologist girl he's dating... Anyway, the base goes on LOCKDOWN mode right before he's going to propose to her. HE freaks out because he thinks he's the only one able to save the base. SHE does her best to calm him down and remind him of all his team partners who can do it. HE doesn't pay attention, he's too worried saving the base as well as himself... ... Long story short, he admits he was going to propose but says it's not important now... The last scene is him saying "Hey, we can still have dinner sometime, right?!?" SHE says "of course..." HE walks past the doors, and looks back before they close... SHE says "Goodbye Rodney..." .... Uggggh
Latest Bet
Been meaning to post this for awhile. Me and Papi have yet another bet going, and I hope to break my losing streak. We've got 50 on who will make it the furthest in the NBA Finals. I've got the Cavs, and Papi's got the Lakers (boooo). If they both lose in the same round, we go with whoever has the most wins in that series. If they're tied, then we go with EAST vs WEST (hope it doesn't come down to that). And I have a side bet with ASB, another Lakers fan, that if the Cavs win it all she will post a pic with CAVS on her butt (y) Finally, I have a bet with Dud on the Cleveland/Boston series for 5 million FuBucks (I think).   WITNESS!!!!
Just some observations I've made by rotting my brain while watching tv: Why would men want to dye their facial hair? Just For Men has a beard dye..really?? In the commercial it shows a man with a graying beard being shot down by a 30 or 40 year old woman. Are women at that age really that picky about graying facial hair?? Vanity makes me laugh; just shave the damn thing off! These are the same men who think the 'comb over' looks good and no one can notice. (I just want to shave Donald Trumps head while he sleeps. Luckily for him, he has great security guarding him.) Onto Dell's newest commercial: laptops (of course.) Now in jet black. *blinks* Isn't the standard color for a laptop/desktop black?? Wow me with some hot pink, cherry red or lime green. "OOOH LOOK! THEY HAVE A NORMAL COLOR LAPTOP! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I SO HAVE TO HAVE THAT ONE!!" Oh's JET black..I get it now. *stabs* The Office Max commercial makes me laugh (I think it's Office Max.) "WOW!! THAT'S A LOW PRI
Just Venting
You're a stupid arrogant asshole who needs a woman to constantly stroke your ego. You take what you want from your so-called 'friends'...what YOU want. Not what is best for them. And when it doesn't go your way you manipulate like a little bitch to get what you want, and when it doesn't go your way you throw your toys out of the pram and lower yourself to childish insults. And then to have the audacity later to appear to be 'above' it all or pretending to 'not remember'. Please, even a 12 year old boy can come up with a better excuse than that. If you're going to be an asshole, expect people to react.
Just So You Know
Its that time of year again where my Christmas stock is streaming through the door and there are boxes to the ceiling .... This means my days are getting busier and my time to fuck around shorter. This means you might see me comment something one second and the next I am off cleaning, stocking ,helping customers, wrapping baskets ,or sitting in a corner rocking and humming. SO ... this also means that I am going to have some who think I am either in a bad mood, ignoring them or wishing them to jump in a lake. No ... I am busy  I am heading into my 3 months of having a snowballs chance in hell of making a profit for the year I am run off my feet and dog tired and its not going to stop until January   Every year at this time I have a certain percentage of friends who are convinced I suddenly went through a personality change and they have done something to piss me off. NOPE ... I am busy and I am fucking tired .     so now you know  
Stinky Mcstinky! (x2)
So when I went away with my friends anywhere they are always shocked when I don't pack deodorant or use it religiously like they do. But I'm a simple girl...I'm not fussed about smelling like a bucket of flowers. My most common scent is prolly when I just smell of soap out of the shower. I don't see the need for deodorant myself cos if I get stinky then I just go shower...DUR! Right but my friends, they don't get stinky like straight away either but it seems like they think that no smell=bad and that they have to smell of something flowery 24/7.   In my own lil world, deodorant and perfume doesn't really play much of a factor. I'll prolly spray it if I remember (which is pretty much never). Is it normal for most other people to use it regularly? Like just another daily routine such as brushing your teeth or something?
So I found out today that teh guy I went on a date with asked my step sister out already...LAST YEAR. She turned him down and it's not like he done wrong by asking me, one year later but URRRRRRGHHHHH second choice as per usual. :@
Dentist Or Nay?
So I haven't been for a dental check-up since I came off the NHS and my old dentist charges £60+ just for a check-up. But I haven't had any problems with my teeth ever apart from a small filling when I was about 7. But I dunno...I mean there's a possibility that there might be something wrong with my teeth but it's not something that hurts so I wouldn't know? All dental problems hurt right?   I knooooooooow it's health and all that shiz...but 60 pounds could be spent on other a dress. (I soo got my priorities right lolz). And I'm going to the opticians next week and I deffo need glasses and the only frames I like are Police ones so that will set me back about 150 odd for the frames and then there's the lenses which would be about 80-90 pounds on top.   Aaaaaaaaaaargh and my lil stash of moolah is getting smaller and smaller...   I should get a job really...     But I don't feel like it.
I Have Conquered The World
I did the butt burners...I hate them. I kept my arms up the whole time. I am fuckin awesome, I have not smoked or had caffeine in two months... I have lost 28 pounds and I feel fan fucking tastic.
Had Your Pictures Stolen And Posted? Read Here For Information....
Well, it's been awhile since we've had some kind of crazy. Many of you have heard or have even been effected by this mass-stealing of pictures and posting on another website called On this site there are (mostly girls) NSFW that have been paid for, supposed to be private, or just normal Fu-NSFW style pictures of around 100 or more Fubar girls posted in recent days. I've been told it's at least anywhere between 10-20 different people that could be the ones doing this. If you have any specific information, feel free to pm it to me, as we won't hesitate to nuke the life loser who is doing this to people just to get their rocks off. This doesn't just effect those girls you all love to hate that sell or post their nude pics. No, no many people that don't even have any pictures like that have been violated in this manner by this poster or poster(s). This variety of jerk-off-in-their-grandmother's basement individual is very primative and sick at best, needing mental help at wo
Things I Learned And Did Not Learn From My Last Failed Relationship
THINGS I LEARNED1. That a surplus of communication about little things does not compensate for a failure of communication regarding big things.2. That, in order to captivate my attention for more than a couple of weeks or months, a man needs to be able to tell a really good story. Preferably more than one.3. That laughter isn't just medicine. It's a panacea, the strongest aphrodisiac. Without it, love fails.4. That when my primary complaint is a failure of communication, and when the last text message received from him says, "Don't bother with a letter, I won't read it," I can rest easy knowing that I did the right thing by ending the relationship.5. That the worst thing that can be said of a man is that he did not pay attention.6. That one who has not suffered a great loss (or many great losses) does not yet have the capacity to love fully.THINGS I DID NOT LEARN1. Why it never works out.2. Why I keep trying, and keep being hopeful, even though it never works out.N.B.
Another Day On The Farm
It is April 24, 2013 years after the supposed year of Christ's birth, and it is snowing as if it is right around the day arbitrarily picked to be Christ's birthday, snowing as if these wet globules are clumpy presents from heaven, sent to make us feel loved until we remember that it is fucking April, and then ask:  Why is it snowing??? I will tell you why.It's April.  And I live in a part of the country where this happens.  Also, climate change and gun control and Obama (he gets blamed for everything else, why not this too?) probably have something to do with it. So you know what else is somewhat, but not entirely strange about this very morning in April?  Just how strange it was.  Er, strange to a person who does not live my life.  Let me tell you a story.I sleep soundly, waking to the feeling of a large cat perching on my chest, possibly trying to squish my lungs, despite the fact that total lung squishing would, unbeknownst to the large cat, prevent there being any mor
Britney And K-fed Sex Tape
you are gonna love this...lmao
What Makes A Mother??
I thought of you and closed my eyes And prayed to God today I asked "What makes a Mother?" And I know I heard Him say. "A Mother has a baby" This we know is true "But God can you be a Mother, When your baby's not with you?" "Yes, you can," He replied With confidence in His voice "I give many women babies, When they leave is not their choice. Some I send for a lifetime, And others for the day. And some I send to feel your womb, But there's no need to stay." "I just don't understand this God I want my baby to be here." He took a deep breath and cleared His throat, And then I saw the tear. "I wish I could show you, What your child is doing today. If you could see your child's smile, With all the other children and say... 'We go to Earth to learn our lessons, Of love and life and fear. My Mommy loved me oh so much, I got to come strait here. I feel so lucky to have a Mom, Who had so much love for me. I learned my les
Are You Buzzed?
i just added a little 'buzz' graph to everyones tooltip. your buzz is calculated based on how many drinks you've received in the last 24 hours, some drinks have different weights than others... it should be obvious. it's kinda goofy, but i have some ideas for other features/abilities based on your buzz.... ;) -mike
Spokenword(video Blog) : Fu'poetry By Marq
Fu Poetry... A Message To My Haters And the shallow... The Drama Queens and Point/Attention Whores This goes out to all my haters... The two faced fuckers & the shallow imitators, You think these Drama queens & cam whores mean what they say? Its just their method to be noticed... For their own ego's Sake Coming online just for shits & giggles, Mind fucks, & wastes of time, I should have figured... You are merely hams for the cam... How you love to be seen Str8^ Chat hoz & attention fiends It's like a video game to you... u don't give a fuck, Cuz you'll just make it go away with one click or touch. How sad & pathetic that you're so fake, You'd rather hide your face... Than to be put in your place Well, I've had enough now, I detest your ways & this web of deceit that has spawned my rage This is my coming, call me karmas messenger, I am sorting out the frauds... No disrespect to the rest of ya. But my disappointment in humanity has been growing all the whil
My Anonomous Hater Revealed!!!!
Procol Harum- "in Theblink Of An Eye"
This Is The One!
Alter Egos Or Medication?
Hi, im lou. Im single 34 and i live with my mother. im spending all her money cause shes dying of cancer and waiting for her to get under the ground is asking too much. i have a loan against my house and i go through 1000 bucks a day on out of state women who dont know the insane loser pansey that i am. seeing how im such a loser in real life, is it wrong for me to have alter egos? a way to escape myself? or should i seek the professional attention before i hurt myself and other people pretending to be people that im not?
Louie Only
most of my egos i create to try to scare people, im only 5'5 and very much fat but i like to think of myself as being really big. i flex in my pics so you can see something....anything..please! i know i make fun of girls for being fat but when they look at my pics the know im just crazy. so do i look like jerry only? i know hes in his 50 now so i might have a chance with this one.
My Best Friend
Thank You So Much For All Your Help Leveling Me To Fubarlord!!!!!!!
I want to thank all of you that helped me level....I was sooo excited when I saw my page and all the fun that was left on it! Ty ty ty so much for all the love, I felt it! I'm so sorry I lost some friend requests.. so please resend!! So many of you loved on me that it ran right off my Bar Tab...(ohhh that sounded bad lol) so please please please let me know so I can return the love! I appreciate all of you taking the time to go to my page.... all the messages, rates, Blings, drinks, roses, fans, friend requests and comments were so appreciated... I had so much fun reading them all!!! ty again... you made my night!!!!!
Some People Just Cant Handle The Truth
Aw Look Mumm Comment Deleter who can't take the truth... Original Mumm My Comment (After deleting my comment came to page and blocked me... yea real mature) Deleting comment and blocking only proved what i originally said.. fubar emo (thanks you for proving my point) To any one... If your going to post a global mumm WITHOUT comment approvals dont then act like a little school girl when some one says something that you dont like.. its the net, like real world your not going to like everything someone says.. And if by chance some one says something you dont like be an adult and reply back dont try and delete comment and shut them out as if it never happen your only showing your own immaturity, only children try to block out things and act as if it never happen
My First Earthquake
A moderate earthquake occurred at 11:42:15 AM (PDT) on Tuesday, July 29, 2008. The magnitude 5.8 event occurred 3 km (2 miles) SW of Chino Hills, CA. The hypocentral depth is 12 km ( 8 miles).
I Am Feeling Teh Old.
Well, my baby boy is turning 21 tomorrow. I look back and have no idea where the time has gone. It seems like only a few years ago he was the lil boy with the missing front teeth and the worn out lil stuffed puppy.
The Homeless The Police And Reporters
A day in the life of Helly I rarely lead a boring life ... but it is not often I have a day packed with as much thrills and chills as today. Around my deli we have been having issues with a homeless "camp" being set up across the parking lot due mainly to the Salvation Army office being located in that area.(it usually gives me great mumm material lol) Usually there are 4 or so guys there and mall management will come and move them along once we have phoned and complained a few times. I always felt guilty for doing so until today. This morning I pull in at 9 am and notice there is about 20 there this time. Not to thrilled with how it looked discussed with fellow biz owners that its time we get super firm that something needs to be done. I was nicely on Yahoo jabbering away to Ash and J at 11 when I saw one of them drop their bike in front of the store and dart in. With out thinking it thru I yelled hey hey hey knowing he was up to taking something and jumped my counter. As
So I'm reading a mumm about sex on a first date. Does it really matter which date it is on? Not like prudish college twats actually think the guy will stick around for longer than 3 dates anyways, and decided to propose on a 4th one. Who are people really kiddin? If I want sex, I'll get it. I never really cared about what some guy thought about me, and always got respect even after we did it on a first date. I guess its a Eastern European thing-shitty life made people view sex on a more carnal level than romantic, hence sex on a first date wasn't a biggie in Russia. In fact, it was sorta given that you get laid the same day. My 2 fuckin cents.
This dude needs 13,000 points to level up...go rate him all know him as Mr. Mel;) In a van down by the river@ fubar
Fu Bad Girls Club™© Roster
What Family Role Do You Play?
You Are the Father You are a strong, powerful figure in the lives of your friends and families. In general, you value justice and fairness. You appreciate structure and rules. At your best, you protect and guide those close to you. You are a born leader. You are good at establishing order in chaotic situations. At your worst, you are a tyrant who rules through intimidation and criticism. You are quick to condemn other people as pathetic losers not worth your time. What Family Role Do You Play?
So I'm Doing This Thing....
All it takes is 1 rate and I just may win something. :P Please take a few seconds to rate this pic. Thank you!
Gonna Kill Someone
This may get long, so buckle up. Back Story - As a lot of you know, I applied to be a security guard in february this year. Passed test, sent off forms for licence etc. About a coupla months ago, received said forms back due to out of date info. 'cause it took so long for them to deal with. Resubmitted said forms two months ago to be resent to licensing authority. Now to the new part. Phoned licensing authority today to find out what the hold up was, again. Found out they'd never received my reapplication. At this moment, slightly annoyed. So phoned the company who were meant to have sent them, person in charge not there, said they'd phone back. 3 hours later, nothing. Slighty more annoyed. Phoned back, find out they haven't been sent. More than annoyed now. Before I go on, I'd been told all those months ago that they were paying for my application. Now, in this phone call i'm told that I know have to pay £245, due to everyone else's fuck ups and the now slighty w
No, I Dont Beg.
Well i do. Just not this time. LOL So yanoo how you buy Cubby a gift and he always returns it..... Not no more.... I'm not asking for any money. Just will be a few days before i can afford to be the Fubar big spender i'm used too. Thanks for your understanding... OR.............. Do you see my photo rates? Maybe thats why??? Maybe no one rates me??? Probably not. :P
Dod For Tuesday Is Jaded Beauty
Ĵ Å Ð Ë Ð ß Ë Å Û Ŧ ¥ ™ « Warden of Sadistically Twisted « Member of ®ating ®evolution@ fubar Show her some love! an dont forget to comment that you are rating her!!!
Starting Over
The time has come for me to say goodbye to my home state of Texas. I'm moving on to bigger and better things. Now that things are settled (or close enough to it) with my ex husband, I don't think the state is big enough for both of us. I shouldn't have to feel like I'm looking over my shoulder to see if he's coming after me or not. My son doesn't seem to upset about moving. He's asking me every day when we can move into our new house. For a 7 year old, he's pretty resilient. I can't wait to have everything over and done with. When I walk away this time, I'm not looking back. There's no way I can. The chapter is closed and it's time to move on.
The Word Of The 1st
i'm such a dork. i bought the page a day 2009 urban dictionary calendar. from time to time, i will post interesting words and definitions. we will have a sesame street-esque word of the day type of blog. use the day's word in a sentence if you will or poke fun at the retarded nature of said calendar. since most of us will be either celebrating on new year's day or hungover, i decided to post the 1st word and definition today. have fun. slang: the ever-evolving bastardization of the written and spoken language as a result of social and cultural idolization of celebrities. example: Aw, snap, son. Check out the fine-ass sho-tee rockin' all dat ice. translation: Hello, my good sir. Take a gander at the beautiful woman wearing the expensive jewels.
Internetz - Serious Business...
I saw this while browsing through the BBC News website. When e-drama goes bad! ------------------------------------------------ A man murdered his estranged wife after becoming "enraged" when she changed her marital status on Facebook to "single". Edward Richardson, 41, of Mayfield Road, Biddulph, was found guilty of stabbing Sarah Richardson to death. He killed the 26-year-old hairdresser at her parents' home in Brown Lees, Staffordshire, on 12 May, 2008, Stafford Crown Court heard. Richardson tried to kill himself after the attack and was sentenced to life with a minimum of 17 years in prison. Fiona Cortese, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "Richardson became enraged when Sarah changed her marital status on Facebook to single and decided to go and see her as she was not responding to his messages. "He gained entry by breaking the front door window and made his way into the property. "Once i
A Late Night "would You Rather"
I'm thinking me and my cousin have been up too long. We decided to take out bring out the "would you rather" book and ask each other questions, lol. I didn't realize that the book was this funny. I thought you should know: I have soft boobs with my new bra on, I would rather have fiber optic pubic hairs, I want my boobs to be an automatic dimmer switch, and I want my guy to have a glow in the dark dick I'm sure it's not funny to those reading this, but I laughed so hard I snorted =/
Mumm Blog
Regarding a possible fu-party--- OK, so James and I really wanna do this, but there's lot of decisions to be made, and we want the best turnout. Anyway, so to start the preliminary planning, there's a few questions we want answers to. I'm sure there'll be more eventually, but... 1. When would be the best time for travel? We're thinking May, but that's up for negotiation. 2. Would people want to stay here (our house), or to get hotel rooms or camping spots. I have a fairly large home, so there's always floor space, etc. 3. Should it be kid friendly? The thought of having my children around people I only know over the net is kind of scary, but I also know that it could cause some people who would be able to come otherwise not to be able to. 4. Would you rather have a flat charge for help with booze/food/extra water used, etc, or just have open donations, or have everybody bring a little something? 5. Should it be planned for a whole weekend, or just one ni
The fucking hypocrites around here make me sick. I have now deleted 2 people over the last 2 days who I thought were my friends...but frankly, I don't care whatever...I'm just writing this so my silly ass doesn't cry because I'm an overly sensitive cunt.
Gavin- The Final Chapter?
LA happened in November.  When he left, I felt incomplete.  We kept in touch as much as possible.  He had issuess with his phone, and whatever service I'm using to call him is crap because I have a hard time getting through to him. I never know when or if it's going to work.  There was a period of time I thought he was gone.  His Uncle had cancer. I knew this. He was going to try to get back here in time for my birthday. He had been saving since he got back home. Well, when he disappeared, I assumed he was over me.  A month later I heard from him. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I was sobbing uncontrolably.  He thought it was out of sorrow or anger. I was surprised myself to find it was out of happiness.  I didn't care that he had disappeared. I was only greatful and happy that he was back.  His Uncle HAD in fact died.  He had gone to Queensland to take care of his family.  I completely  understand that.  So now we are up to date. I haven't been able to get a hold of him again. I'm sti
I was thinking since one of my blogs had given me the nickname, "spectacular" I wanted to see how many Purely Spectacular flowers I could get from the gift shop. I think they are only about 65 FuBucks, so  seems like a cheap enough thing to ask for.   ...hey at least I'm not asking for a blast or Happy Hour. =]
Babyj Kicked Me In The Balls
So...maybe 3 people will understand this... But this is me VENTING.... Awesome mood today. After 2 years, one back operation, i golfed for the first time today. :D I sign on to this...   TRUST ME. For Cubby, this is bad. :( Thanks Fubar
Do guys honestly think screen names like "earbreather" and "my face gets messy when i go down" are names that chicks will totally be into? Do they think it ups their obvious lack of sex appeal? i'm losing faith in everything...
Theme Day Postponed
Regrettably I have to postpone theme day for today, due to my laptop crashing... Unfortunately this wouldn't be a problem but my accounting files are stuck in it... I hate being computer illiterate.. Needless to say the accounting files are not backing up properly so I'm rolling up my sleeves and I'm going to either be A. stuck on the phone all day B. trying to back up to one of the other two computers.. which means i will try starting from scratch.. C. start crying and throw myself over a cliff... possibly all three... So I'm sorry but i can not do a theme day today.. please take it on your selves to be me.. then you can all be wicked for a day.. believe me its fun... Love you all Bastards. Wicked
The Story Of The War!!!
Wiccan Work It Out ...
They filed into the arena with their black scarves, purple tunics, and crocheted ponchos. The scent of Ylang-Ylang oil followed them wherever they walked. And as the guitar intro to “Rhiannon” belted through the loudspeakers, thousands of 40-50 year old women started twirling about in their gypsy clothes.Yes, Fleetwood Mac was in concert and the Stevie girls were out in full force.As the song built its crescendo, the twirling began to get more frenetic. By “frenetic” I mean they rotated at about 1 revolution per minute, limbs akimbo then slowly outstretched, each sporting a 1000 mile hypnotic stare. I’m not sure if their trance was induced by the music or by decades of destroying their nasal passages through potion brewing, but I can tell you these gals were in the zone.One in particular began to approach the stage where Lindsey Buckingham was playing. She swayed back and forth, as if ready to cast a spell on the front man. I half expected her to pull some
A Little Disappointed...
There are a couple of people around here I'm a little disappointed with today...Is it so hard to wish someone you're supposedly good friends with a happy birthday? And I definitely know these people were on....But anyways...   Thank you to everyone who has made this day great! I appreciate every gift and well wish I got today!   *group hug*
For Mr. Adorable
Last night I had the weirdest dream..... It was the future and everyone had flying cars and houses floating in the sky. It took a while to get use to flying but i started to be able to make tight turns and stop on dimes in my hybrid cadillac SUV which runs on the worlds garbage. I felt good driving around in a large SUV making the world a cleaner place..... I'm sure at one point during this dream i must have been using my arms to fly the car because i remember Jeff telling me to stop hitting him... back to the dream I'm floating around in my cadillac, trolling for woman when i see my friends. Witty, Witchie, Satara, LaLa, Pixie (oh I've missed Pixie), Blue, Brain ...... the list carries on.. well I couldn't take my eyes off their cleavage... all these woman are LARGE BREASTED. They make me drool... woman make me drool ( no wonder my pillow was drenched when i woke up. Needless to say i pick them up , Cerri and GBT, Sweet and Lilboops.... once i get all the woman in the cadillac i fl
Do You Know...
Just a quick question to see if anyone remembers. Do you know which mummer gave me the nickname Lippy?   hint: was when fubar was still cherry tap hint:  it is an old school mummer
Steamy Summer Romance Game - (closed)
This game is now closed. Thank you all for playing :) Congrats to Jendoll, Witchesbrew, and ImHerAngel! Game F.A.Q.Who can I order for?You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more tokens. Can I order more than one at a time?Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of how many tokens are meant for each person. For example, if you send 5000 fubucks (enough for 10 tokens) you would say "5 to Dawn, User # 975528 and 5 to Cali4nialovin01, User # 884702." If you  have traded rates for tokens, you can say something like "Rated Love Box
Craption Ii
who ever post the funniest caption for this pic in the next 2 hours gets 250K fubucks Majik wins with "no dickheads"
I Hazth A Speech Impedament
I say some words "funny" some of them are "cute" Ive been told when I mispronounce them. I say buttons as buddons church as turch skirt as skurt, but I have no problem saying shirt four as foor i cant even say purse, so I dont bother :P does anyone else have words they say funny?
(500) Days Of Summer
If you like a film that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt from off of 'Third Rock From The Sun' falling in love with Zooey Deschanel from off of 'All The Real Girls', and she's all kooky and keeps him at a distance kinda and then they break up, and it's really well-filmed and edited, and the two leads are charming, and it's also very funny in parts and it makes you laugh a lot, like properly laugh cos the film's proper funny, not just "romantic comedy" funny, then you will probably like '(500) Days Of Summer' which is a five star bloody movie if ever I saw one.
Drill And Ford
I got my new furntiture picked out last night! So yeah I have the happy today   gotta find new lamps still tho But have a very personal dilemma now You all know of my obsession with Drill well...I have given up on him...and was trying to move on to Ford but now when I pee....instead of thinking of Drill lke I always have...I think of Ford AND Drill....and they are together it is not pretty and is quite disturbing... Plus I think Drill misses me he like bought me in fuowned and stuff     I get back on my old account on Friday Imma go for spotlight to piss admin off when they have to look at me all day =D  
So A Gold Star....
have you ever seen a speculum and thought well jeez what if you took it and used it on the ass instead? well of course not.... but there are those who have... and this is a story about one of them... so... a guy takes one and shoves it in a girls ass... parts her silky cheeks and spreads that shit wide open... and takes a nice long piss inside... and well if you do a golden shower inside a brown starfish well dammit that deserves a gold star doesn't it? cause they are trying so fucking hard this message brought to you by leticia wolf
Oh Mah Gawd!
So, some little fellow that has been a fubarian for 5 months took it upon himself to rell me that when you visit someone's page you are to rate them a 10 or higher, fan them, and add them. Hmm... He needs to get his little self into check. Today would have marked the 3rd year of my time here. So I think I know how to visit a page. And I know for a fact that the fubar Bible does not state that I must Rate, Fan, and Add all those I visit. If I visit a page, 99% of the time I will rate it 10 or higher. Fanning I am a bit more restricted with and it is saved for those that actually socialize with me. Adding, well sometimes I might send a request, but that is usually left up to the other person to do. So, now... If I visit you, will I rate you, most likely. Will I fan you? Probably not. Will I add you? Sure... If you send the request. And please... NooBs.. Don't make asses of yourselves by telling the vets of the site "how it is done."
To The Bouncers (esp The One With Bug Eyes)
and other middleaged female  Fu bouncers that keep deleting my shit as a result of bein butthurt, then denying it.   You are nothing but broken, pathetic women that enjoy their "power" online because of the lack thereof in RL. Most of you are victims of abusive, failed  relationships and low self esteem.   After pointing out that D G had bug eyes (shit, her pics scared the shit out of me; I mean, talk about psycho eyes), and she should get her thyroid checked (listen, old lady, YOU will be the one dyin from it if left untreated, no skin off MY back), I now keep gettin my blogs removed.  The timing is rather uncanny.   Really, you are pathetic, not me. So feel free to flag /delete/etc this. LMAO, I laugh in your face, grannies!
Level 92 Fu Mafia Fake Busted - Jane Cloud.
Ah yes, I see even the Fu Mafia has it’s share of con artists and fakes. What a surprise my friends. Those that read my blogs on any kind of level know this to be well, basically a common theme around these parts. The users, the high level people that are shrude and cunning and will talk you into an oblivion and make you think they are important with their lies. The unemployed , unstable and truly unhappy with their life and their biggest contribution to real-life society is how “important” they think they are on Imagine that? You people see it every day. They suck ass and whatever else so hard they make a vacuum cleaner jealous. I like the site just like everyone else. I like the people that run it believe it or not. But I digress and that speech is for a later date. With that, I bring you this weekend’s busted fake…Jane Cloud…. Check it out…
Some Things That Needed To Be Mfkn Said, Courtesy Of The Mfkn Slut
Ok so to begin with I would like to say how proud I am to say that I am part of THE best family on fubar, MFKN.  For the most part this is a family that shows love, day in day out. That is why i am SO proud to be a Founder in this family. Now to my FIRST issue. I myself am jnot a true founder. A Founder, to me, is someone who orignated with the group. However, Bubzy, Cruser, And AsH.WeeE decided that because of the things I had done once joining this family I should be made a founder. I disagreed, but was out voted. My stance is this. Let's take a Precident of America. no matter HOW good of a president was, he could never be called a Founding Father of America. Because, yea, he wasn't around when America was created. So, we decided awhile back, when there were still 5 founders that from then on, there would be no more Founders added. Kind of like a compromise on their part to me. Go me right? So that should answer everyone's question about "Who is going to take Cruser's spot as a fou
It's A Wonderful Life
Christmas doesn't start until I've wept like a baby at this at the cinema.  That is all.
If I'm know for two things, it's making some people lol a bit, and liking pictures of ladies in bras.  But two other things I'm known for are changing up my look with all my beard and that, and loving photographs of my own stupid monkey face. As mentioned in my last blog (stupid fubar not linking to itself right, IT'S DOWN THERE *points*), I've cleared out my photos.  I've posted two new salutes this morning, which were freshly taken last night.  It's a mere six weeks until I go on my annual fu-vacation, so I've decided that those salutes aside, I'm going to hide my face until I get back from that at Easter, giving me plenty of time to mess about with my face and find a new look.  And all you have to do is DO A GUESS OF WHAT I'LL LOOK LIKE IN 12 WEEKS TIME, and maybe do a picture of it.  It'll be way more fun than that sounds.  And the winner gets a prize!!*  What do you say?     * no actual prizes are available
Anti-lounge Cam Rules
ANTI-LOUNGE WEBCAM RULES Here are a set of rules we ask you adhere to as far as our lounge cams are concerned. IF YOU ARE JUST A VIEWER... Try not to ask the person or persons on cam to do things. We are not trained monkeys, we are not strippers, and we are not your personal pets. If you want to be a director, go to Hollywood. IF YOU WANT TO GO ON CAM... If you are lounge staff and want to take an open cam, by all means... go for it. Start with Cam 1 if it's available, that's the staff cam in the lounge, and only staff members are permitted on that cam. If you are a lounge MEMBER and want to take an open cam, please ask an active staff member first. If you happen to be denied and feel you have an issue with that, send a private message to Radio X show. If you are a lounge VISITOR and want to get on cam, fuck you. Seriously... you can't join the lounge first, you impatient prick? ONCE YOU'RE ON CAM... You should change your status to reflect that you're on cam. A goo
Stripper Song
What Song Should You Strip To? Your Song Is Super Freak "That girl is pretty wild now The girl's a super freak The kind of girl you read about In new-wave magazine" Freaky? Yes. But you're also pretty darn funny. Click the link at the beginning and take the survey then post the results in here!
Miss Kitten Fake + 2
You have to be kidding me... I hope no one falls for these. lol. Happy Sunday!
New Things You Should Know About
We have been making some changes and tweaks to various areas of the site.    1. We doubled your photo storage for non VIP and VIP users. 2. We increased the daily 11's from 100 to 250 for VIP's. 3. We removed the bouncer checks on ratings. 4. We made it so you can now fuPal bling credits to each other. There will be more stuff coming down the pike soon. Thanks for your support and be sure to tell your friends. 
So apparently I have becomed self involved when I shower every day. I want to apologize to everyone for not staring at my computer screen 24 hours a day, waiting for something to happen that doesn't even alert me when it does happen. I'm sorry if I offended anyone while I was on my mission to be clean. My next blog will address my self involvement when I go to the bathroom, are preparing food and  eating, spending time with my family, running errands, masturbating, having sex, at friends' houses or are out of town. I am sorry that my self involvement has made you feel upset, sad, lonely or pissed off. :)
Maternity Leave From Fu
Ok so I dont know exactly how to tell you this without just being blunt and straight to the point. I'm getting emotionally exhausted and Im finding it harder and harder to stay on this site for that long. Its not that I don't love you all, because I do. I just cant seem to keep up with everyone. I feel a little like im failing you all because im not trying as hard to ask you how lite goes. I think its my time to take Mat leave from the fu, Ill drop in occasionally but like usual ill be a little flaky and just take off. Even writing this blog seems kind of daunting to me.. im seriously dragging my ass as i write it... kind of like scooting Well most of you know how to get a hold of me... tell witchie she will tell me... LMAO shes going to kill me for that. Honestly ill probably drop in every day but meh i doubt ill be here for long during those visits.. I love you all and i want to thank you for being such good friends. Putting up with the crazy that is me and reading some insa
Anyone That
Anyone that I am blocked by, I refuse to vote on their mumms also!  They can *kish mir in tokhes*! *Yiddish for kiss my ass! 
Life Sucks, Then You Give Up Smoking!
I haven't been on much in the last week. I'm bored of the site ... had too much of it in a huge dose over the last three months.   I also have other things on my mind. I seen the consultant on Wednesday about my foot .... i'm not fucking happy! They don't want to perform surgery yet as the CT scan showed "slight healing" ....   Me: yeah I get that, but what are you going to do about the part of the bone that is sticking out???? Him: ... Well, we hope that will eventually be coverd by scar tissue Me: .... really?? Him: ....Well, yes, it isn't giving you any pain, so we think this is the most appropriate course of action. Me: How do you know it isn't giving me any pain, you haven't even asked me??? Him: Well you didn't wince when I pressed it. Me: And??? That doesn't prove it isn't giving me pain. Him: Well, we think it would be doing you a diservice to operate at present. So we want to wait another 4 weeks. Me: You are joking??? Do you realise how miserable my life is a
True Love
Everywhere I go your smile is there When I think of you the stars overhead are bright My love for you kindles even in the darkness of night. When I dream the moon beams down your name And when you're not around my heart aches for you. You enchant me with your eyes The sound of your voice makes all my dreams come true. You are my heart's delight; it burns ever so bright Every time I try to resist you I just realize my love for you is true.
Site Maintenance - Oct 26th Midnight Pst To Oct 27th 8am Pst!
Hey everyone,   We're doing some *major* site maintenance Tuesday starting at midnight and lasting until Wednesday at 8AM PST. The maintenance may only take an hour or so, but if things go pear shaped, it may last until 8AM PST. Hopefully it'll be on the shorter side. :-)   During this maintenance window, the site probably won't be reachable for anyone. It'll start coming back soon after, but won't be stable and reliable for a few hours.   For those curious, we're moving all the servers to a new location. We're hoping it'll eliminate many of the network outages we've been having over the last few months. We're up to about 150 servers and there's only 3 of us moving them.. so your patience is appreciated! Cheers,   -mike
Just Thinking
Why is it that so many men love porn but frown on a girl having nude pics online?    why is it that any girl who does have even a hint of nudity in her pics is just crying out for the wrong sort of attention? is there no other possibility? can she not just be comfortable with or like the way she looks? Why does it seem that nearly every guy i've ever met seems hung up on monogamy and commitment and defining a relationship? are all men really that insecure? really? why can't i find a "real ghostbusters" pke meter on the internet?   statistics is the worst subject. ever.   does everything i say have to be picked apart and overanalyzed? wait a minute. i'm the one going for my masters in clinical psychology. let everything the fuck go. there's not always a hidden meaning or a hidden agenda.  where is my rob gordon? how hard is it to understand, "i don't want ANYTHING from you. i'm going to die alone and all my cats will eat my fucking face off. and i'm ok with that"?   focus f
Dr. Black
So I'm asking for a favor. :) It's for someone else. It's annoying him I'm doing this, but I don't care. He needs fans to level, so please fan or re-fan. He's probably been a dick to you, but he still needs fans....(this isn't going as well as I hoped.) For me please?
Per Wicked's Request...
Apparently I am the shit in the ghey community... the last 2 friend request i have received are as follows: Hi there, I normally don't do this but I heard threw a friend that you might be interested in guys? Im new at this Fubar and wouldn't mind a guy like you giving me the in and outs! Wanna be more then just friends... my yahoo is, call me sometime this came from smoothoperator who also sent me a cyber love bling... Ive seen you around, well scrolling by and I thought just maybe we could be "friends". I dont know about you but man your hotttttt! Have you ever swung the other way? this came from fucking bling from this guy... I am holding out for a 25 credit bling pack or a pimp hand to accept them as friends... That is all... oh yeah...a premature fuck u because I know how u guys will comment...
Huge hugs and stuffs!   Tomorrow is a long doctor day pffft! Also my kitty Sugar loses his balls and Cory's cat Monkey gets her vagina mulitlated..pray they have a safe kitty surgery day!   I want to apologize for involving my friends in drama. I do not do that and hate being involved in it myself. Most of it was for shits and giggles and I refuse to let trash get attention from me any longer. She is using  friends of mine and myself, to get attention she can't get on her own..   Thank you for helping me being a point whore too!     not any longer ~huge hugs~
Nothing Like A Fake Most Facebook Liked Huh?..
This is the salute of one of today's most facebook liked... Interesting with another "Pay Per View" pic album...but funny these same pics as shown below... are also found on this porn site... You make the call here. Stupid think-with-your-penis dudes continue to send fakes like this bling credits. Why do they want bling credits you ask? Because the people making these fake accounts to collect credits from lonely, horny and pathetic dudes then transfer them to their real accounts. You know what that called? Legally it's "theft by deception" and two, it's simply called cheating. Also note the high level long standing fake that "owns" her. Really? Has it gotten that pathetic?.... ..anyways, I know there's been some buzz about another one of your favorite frogger "homeless next week but on fubar 24/7 running god modes and is always green/teal" dudes that's a huge ass scammer as well. Don't worry, he'll get his. Best to run while he still can, because the more
Disassterous Visits!
Dear Ninja .... my Wicked friends is coming to visit me in 3 weeks and shes scaring the hell out of me. She keeps talking about bringing me gifts of vibrators and buckets ...arriving in a trench coat and clogs... and violating my various delicate parts. Should I just not pick her up at the airport ... or move ~Troubled in Canada   Dear Troubled, If it's Wicked, you better start prepping your butt now. She may have sworn off using those beads on herself, but she hasn't said she wouldn't substitute your keister for hers. Anal Ease will help, but a butt plug might be your only hope. Although, I hear the whole chastity belt thing is actually real and there's a site out there that sells them. Rush shipping perhaps? If you do that, though, she's going to want to shove those beads somewhere, and I don't think they cover the hole you are seeking to protect. A chastity belt and a Hannibal mask would cover 2 out of 3 though! If all else fails, there is always the weirdos that post on
Twice As Nice...
Dear Ninja, I like to comment pictures and encourage fellow fu members with my insight and positive out look. Recently however I have been receiving conflicting reactions to my comments and I am very confused. I will enclose a few samples of what has been happening. On a picture of a generously proportioned cougar who was wearing a startling yellow little teddy. I respectfully left this comment. " I don't like the colour it makes you look like a banana". To which she reacted by yelling at me for three days that she was not fat or old and I did not have room to talk and her posting her saggy tits to make me "eat my heart out" followed by her deleting her account. On a picture of someone who had the screen name sexxi I commented someday I wanted to be sexxi too.Her reaction was to email me that I was too old and ugly to be so judging and again I was told I did not have room to talk. The third examples I will give you was of a fine upstanding senior gentleman who nicely poste
Ok Then
goodman1966: I WANNA FUCK YOU BABY 1:47pm  Klover...: how about ya fuck yourself instead 1:49pm goodman1966: DONE THAT BEFORE NOW YOUR TURN BABE 1:52pm  Klover...: I'll pass 2:00pm goodman1966: YOU TURN ME ON SO MUCH I GUESS I GOT TO FREAKY WITH YOU BUT I ALWAYS SPEAK MY MIND 2:01pm  Klover...: so do i 2:04pm goodman1966: SO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT WHEN YOU SEE MY LIPS BABE 2:04pm  Klover...: ot a fuckin thing 2:09pm goodman1966: I GUESS YOU DONT SEE THE POTENTIAL DIG A LITTLE DEEPER AND USE YOUR IMAGINATION 2:11pm  Klover...: i dont want to i do not find you attractive in the least 2:26pm goodman1966: PROVE IT COME ON WEB CAM WITH ME 2:26pm
Fuelites: This Is How You Deal With Them.
This is my thought of the day.... Why is it that there are people on here that have profiles right... And of course everyone needs help doing something at some point.... Whether its' points, leveling, etc.... Then you see some people helping them in statuses, etc.. So then like you go to their profile or link... And realize you've been cut, or they won't add you and then you see they have persay like 50-200 friends, a a fan of less than like 10 and have been here for years.....running god modes, etc... My thought is this - why the hell would anyone in their right mind make an effort to "help" someone that clearly doesn't care about anyone other than themselves and clearly thinks they are better than everyone else?.... People get 200 friends in like a day on here ok. If you're semi active and have been here since like 2008 then there's a problem. Solution? If you see this crap just don't even bother to "help" those people because you won't see squat in return from them (not ev
I Wrote A Letter
                                                                I Wrote  A  Letter        I wrote a letter     to the woman I loved     to tell here how I feel,     Although I don't say it enough     I want her to know     my love for her is real.         Why is it so hard to say,      what's really on your mind?,      why is it when you want      to say " I Love You!"        The words are so hard to find?         Maybe it's a roadblock,      set up to protect a broken Heart,      I wish I could go back in time      and stop the pain someone caused you,      before it had the chance to start.          If you're not ready to love again,       please take your time,       if falling in love with you were illegal,       then I've commited the ultimate crime.
from: bearkc What kind of a woman are U? A sweet human being & great ...’& Germany subject: bearkc sent you a Red Rose received: 03/10/2012 08:30 am replied: no   block this member "Coming from Germany**You’re amazing **keep in mind that you’re an woman**different from any other**get up go to the mirror**now kiss yourself**sending across this Red Rose, to say: You’re an beautiful woman & a great friend.**You can do almost anything your mind set out to do** You can swim the deepest ocean & climb the highest peak**Be the greatest lover or fly a plane**You can face adversity & still walk tall**You are strong, compassionate & much more than words could ever say**Today is yours & so is every other day** You are as sweet inside as out**Hope your day is as sweet as you are! You are special,unique & you need to be treated as such. I honor the light within you. Wendell"   Ok..Lets see how many of my friends h
I want to grill some chicken tomorrow... I was debating wrapping it in foil with some lemon ..does that sound good? Gimme some low fat low cal ideas fuckers
Interactive Story For U To Help With
ok so heres how this will work....i will start a story on here and each person that views this can comment with a new addition to the story! i just thought it would be cool to see what everyone thinks of! hope you have fun...come back as much as you want! enjoy!! :)**find where the story picks up on the comments and read up from there!! have fun!! :) --------------------------------------- The Story It was a a dark and foggy night, although she had travelled this road before she could not see anything that looked familiar. As her eyes grew heavy she did not know if it was from the lack of sleep or the glass of wine she had only hours before......just then out of nowhere appeared a man...a drifter, no doubt, from the looks of the clothing he wore. ------------------------------------------------- added to this story was: Big-E@ LostCherry He stumbled from behind the dumpster he had use to disguise that fact he just relieved himself, and asked her if she
My Love~
Walk with me, the path of life, to explore every bend of the road Enjoy with me the beauty of life, along its wonderful way Find comfort with me, in each other's arms, when grief crosses our path Find strength with me, in each other's strength, when despair lies in wait Laugh with me, a single true laugh, to enlighten another's distress Cry with me, a single true tear, to understand true happiness Cherish with me, the wonders of life, as they need to be preserved Rejoice with me, in the mysteries, of what is yet to be Find peace with me, in each other's souls, when the world has gone insane Find love with me, in each other's hearts, until this life has been fulfilled And when the path comes to an end I hope we can say from within We've known the beauty of true love, our love came from within All my life I had built up a fantasy of the perfect man. Countless romance stories and fables helped make that fantasy a reality in my mind. Searching for th
Thinking Outloud..
Disappointment, it's something that can be counted on. It will always be there in someone or something you do. Lost loves, lost games, lost friends. Lives cut to short by death, dreams dashed down by OTHER peoples' cold reality. Because of what they went through, because of their past experiences it can only the same for you. YOU can't break the mold, YOU can't be anything but what you come from or from what those around you are. We even do it to our own selves, let past experiences, past people, past history, we let it ALL get in the way. Some are even so completely tore up from what happened before they sabotage everything good that happens later. Recently someone knocked on my door and I was just as warm as I ever was. (He was puzzled, because in his mind he had done me wrong. In my mind he told me the truth and made a choice to do what was necessary for him to do what was right by his children and someone else he had made a promise to. He didn't have to be truthful, and most w
I'm Letting You Go.
There were times when my head was filled with only thoughts of you. When my heart was overwhelmed with emotions meant only for you. In the darkness I'd close my eyes and whisper my goodnight to you. Every night, without a miss. When I went online it was you I searched for. You I wanted to share my day with. Only you. Before the dawn would break and I woke up suddenly, the chill disturbing my dreams, it was you that first came to mind. It was you that entered even my dreams. The touch I imagined upon my cheek - the soft, gentle hands on my face. That touch was yours. "My Someone" was what I called it. I said I never gave it a name, it was an idea. I lied. It was always you. You were my someone. You were that one. When the pain in my chest was so achingly painful and my cheeks burned from all the tears I'd cried, it was you that brought the pain. When he held me in his arms it was you I imagined him to be. I gathered my strength and continued through life, but it was you I did it f
User Or Truly Needy?
A few days ago I posted a mumm because I was a lil put out by someone putting up a Gift registry for someone who in my opinion did not need nor deserve it. The recipient of this good nature cries out that she is afraid her children won't have warm clothes for the winter, at the same time buying sticky posts for the bulletin board. Now I am not the type that knows a lot about the sticky posts so I went to Fubar Support and this was my reply: Re: Sticky Bulletins Hide header Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 11:20:21 -0700 From: Size: 2 KB To: Reply-To: It will show you as the reposter. fubar Support On 9/21/2007, wrote: I have a question about making the bulletin sticky ... if I were to make someone elses bulletin sticky ... would it show me as repost or the person who initially put it up? Now I know that someone could buy you blasts, and VIP, but the sticky posts, I wasn't sure. After reading this e-mail that I got from support I think I
J-roxx Contest
Okay...For all you fucking people who are saying PebblesInAZ cheated on the contest you can go to hell. Ya'll are saying we created 200 FAKE ACCOUNTS in ONE DAY?...Hahahaa GET REAL!.. If you would have took the time to go back and look at all the fucking GREEN NAMES who came and rated her instead of bitchin and moanin you'd see the "dates joined" went as far back as LAST WEEK...WHO THE FUCK MAKES 200 FAKE ACCOUNTS?.. I ASH.WEEE helped with asking the green names so if u wanna call me a cheater GO FOR IT. go look at ALL my recent viewers...Mostly green names right?..Wanna know why they came to my page AND LEFT ME COMMENTS?....because i RATED THEIR PROFILE..If you do something nice for someone they are likely to do something nice for you when needed. Stop being sore losers. If you are going to accuse people of cheating then get your fucking facts straight. Im a pretty nice girl but this pissed me the fuck off. We busted ass..Okay thx. MUAHSS
So this morning, for some strange reason, I decided to see if I could still do a backbend. I think the last time I attempted it was when I was 5 months pregnant with my oldest, who is now 9. The more unbelievable part of it, is that I was able to do one, the correct way, with arms OVER the shoulders. I couldn't get back up though. Interesting experience, so say the least :D
Grrr At Fubar
Leave Me A Voice Comment Thingy :d
Hey hey....I just got one of them snapvine comment things. It is located under my music player. You can either use ur puter mic or call the phone number to leave me a voice comment. I would love to hear everyones sexE selves or if u just want to hear me...take a listen I guess. Oh and Fox is not talking about Fu people. She is talking about snapvine staff who leave u annoying messages about snapvine crap. I delete them when I get them so it sounds like Fox is referring to fu people but she is So when u get a chance...I command u to leave me a voice comment. That is all ;p
So I took this personality test, and now I feel like a total psycho... my results DisorderRatingParanoid Disorder:HighSchizoid Disorder:HighSchizotypal Disorder:Very HighAntisocial Disorder:ModerateBorderline Disorder:ModerateHistrionic Disorder:HighNarcissistic Disorder:HighAvoidant Disorder:HighDependent Disorder:HighObsessive-Compulsive Disorder:High-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! ---- Personality Disorders --
List # 4 Of Club Far Members
Just One Rate!
is going for 1,000,000 Fu~Bucks! The Contest ends May 17th 11:45pm Eastern Time 8:45pm Fubar Time 1 rate = 10 points 1 comment = 1 point Come comment bomb her! Even if you don't comment! @ Least rate it!
He Really Is A Pu$$y!!!
OK, so I decided that I needed to go and visit my place, my special place, and I kind of wanted to show my guy, so, on the off chance that something happened when he wasn't around, he would know exactly where it is. So, we went in a walk through the woods... DARK woods... and he made me lead the way. Granted, I've been there before, and had the bearings better, but, he not ONCE made a move to lead. So, then, when we got to my special place and hung out there for a little bit, we decided to cut through the tall grass and get on the railroad tracks to get back to the road. HE MADE ME LEAD THE WAY. I wish I would've found a snake... so I could've put it in his pocket.
Go Faux Yourself
Something I just don't understand, the Fauxhawk. To me, the mohawk was a statement that you just don't care about societies rules and you wear your hair how you damn well feel like it. The Fauxhawk is like, I want to rebel, but I still want to fit into corporate America. Which, to me, is the antithesis of the thing you are Faux'ing in the first place. I'll say it here first, Fauxhawks are the mullets of the future.
Hey handsome would you be a doll and buy me a bling pack? Oh and make it a big one please. Hey sexy would you mind getting me a VIP? I would owe you so much of you could get me a few blasts. Help! I so need a Happy hour. My birthday is coming up and it would mean a lot to me. Seriously…these are some of the stupid SB messages that I get from some females on this site. Some offer their NSFW pics and webcam shows, but there are others than think they are so “special” that I should do it for fucking free. Do I have a face that says, “I need pussy?” WTF? I don’t mind helping out the ever few online “friends” in need or bidding on silly auctions, but that is ALWAYS my CHOICE. I hate it when women (I say this because men don’t ask me for this type of shit) think they can use their box to seduce me into giving them free Fubar shit. At least two asked for me to donate to their charity. It's no one on my friends list. I am just venting before it’s too late and turn into a
Son Of A .,,,,,,,, !!!
I just want sympathy I was hauling the cardboard out to be recycled when the cart jumped and nailed me in the leg not the happy good fun kind of nailing either OUCH give me hugs fluckers
Bw's Auction
FOR SALE!!! I will be hosting an auction starting on Sept.26-2pm fubar time and ending on Oct.4-2pm fubar time. If you wanna enter send me a message with your picture, what you have to offer and 20k fubux. You can choose to end you auction earlier if you got a bid you would like to accept. Most rates will receive a Silver Heart bling from me. If you have any questions message me. Remember i'm just the HOST.i'm not responsible who and what bids and if they pay or not. Come get your own sexy fu-slave! Pimp out brought to you by: ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar
Answeres And Rules !!!
1. Yes,I am from Romania and I’m living in Romania and I always have.Wtf is so hard to understand or believe abt that? 2. Don’t ask for my MSN,Yahoo or phone number,cause I won’t give them to u!! 3. No,I don’t want to see u’r NSFW pics,cam,or WTFE u want to show me!I’m not interested and I really don’t care!! 4. I tried to be nice to everybody,I was trying to help everybody with level,fubucks,etc…But I noticed something...It seems that everybody remembers me only when they need help.Well,no more help from now on.I know who helpes me when I need it and I’ll return the favor to them.But for the rest of my long list…don’t ask me to help u,cause I won’t! 5. Don't try to start any DRAMA.I'm sick and tired of crap.So..if U'r here to start a drama,move over or u'll be blocked.AND I MEAN IT!!!! 6. Also stop asking me why a specific person is on my family.Is not you're f**king business who's on my family and why.They are there for a reason and because they deserve to be t
Last Day.
I have been refraining from annoying you guys with this, but today is the last day, soooooooooo.... Wanna own me? I am still fairly cheap! Lmao! At least take a moment to click and rate the Thank you♥
Another Idiot.
I don't know where these idiots come from but here is the convo. Bottom up. †ßîg èv...: ok snokkums ->†ßîg èv...: anytime princess, I already told you that †ßîg èv...: im glad u did lil sis.ur gonna look cute chewin on them ->†ßîg èv...: I told you the address ->†ßîg èv...: I have had balls all of my life junior †ßîg èv...: yea i guess sittin behind a comp gives u balls to. ->†ßîg èv...: lock the folder up. Maybe you are a Ranger, Intelligence isn't a requirement †ßîg èv...: ummm naw its dun for pic comments asshole because i have pics of my children on my page ->†ßîg èv...: Most rangers that I know would have the sack to not have to approve comments. so You fail dipshit. †ßîg èv...: yea im sure i would lil boy ->†ßîg èv...: Ranger? hahaha Please. Bring friends then because you will bore the piss out of me †ßîg èv...: yea we shall see how this army ranger looks in ur eyes such a lil badass on here huh ->†ßîg èv...:
A Leg Up...literally
Ok friends so i made a mumm before my surgery but many people are just finding out and asking questions so ive decided to kind of fill in the holes and put it all out there. I initially went in on the 18th for a 2nd ankle fusion, bone graph and removal of a couple tumors that had formed in my leg do to all the surgeries ive had ( this one being my 4th on just this leg ). Well during the surgery they faced several complications and i ended up having even more work performed. After 3 hrs in surgery this is what i had done..ankle fusion, heel fusion, removal of 2 tumors as well as the removal of my rt ligament and finally a couple titanium screws in the bottom of my heel and a 2nd skin graph. Now thats a mouth full and its a lot to have to type over and over so i hope this answers most of ya'lls questions. I was admitted on the 18th and because of my body hating surgery wasnt sure how long id end up being in there so i asked for all of your thoughts and prayers asking only that i get to
richieinfl...: do u like giving head to hot guys hun? That is what I came home to in my shoutbox :S Is there something written on my forehead that says "HELLO, I ENJOY DEEPTHROATING!" ? Seriously, wth. >_>
Perfecting The Art Of
Wazzzzuuup To all my sexy female friends, just curious as to know how you guys are so good at multi-tasking, while we men surely suck at Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated ladies. Oh and don't mind me. I'm just bored as hell and drowning my self in a bottle as we BOOOOOYYYAAAHHH..... By the way I hope everybody's night is going
Fuckin Cunts
My Shoutbox ->Jersey girl 1: in that case just fuckin block me Jersey girl 1: hum I cant rate u since there is not a 0 ->Jersey girl 1: thank you, rate me a one and block me please Jersey girl 1: becasue u are a jerk ->Jersey girl 1: i don`n really fuckin care Jersey girl 1: after u make the money for the drugs use them an OD I hate ur mumm comments ->Jersey girl 1: WHAT? Jersey girl 1: overdose on then while u are at it on for 5 minutes and i get this shit cunt won`t rate me a 1 and block me
This Disturbs Me
I'm just sayin...Have a fantastic day!
...weird. I woke up suddenly early this morning and I was really horny. I mean, really, really, really horny. I started to rub on my guy in an attempt to wake him up and take care of my issue. He started to moan, and as he was moaning, I heard the sound of a feminine whisper as well. I didn't think much of it, and continued to try to wake him up. He let out a very loud moan, and I clearly heard female vocalizations mixed with the moan, although I couldn't make out any words. It honestly sounded like there was a woman in our bedroom. I was startled, and stopped trying to wake him up and simply laid there and listened. He was just breathing, and at the end of each exhale I heard the sound of a female whisper. The whispers got quieter and quieter and eventually it was just the sound of him snoring. I succeeded in waking him up and fornication commenced. During the act, I opened my eyes and looked at the door. The door had a reddish tint to it, a sort of glow. Puzzled, I
Naked Rocker Made Me Do It
(If you are reading this, you should repost it. I'm curious what others will say! ....At the very least, leave me a comment letting me know you saw it!) ================================================================================================== What is it that you absolutely need sexually? kissing and lots of foreplay What is something you have always wanted to try? light bondage What is something you have never done in bed before? see above What time of day do you like to have sex? Is any a time? What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on? Kisses while his hands are in my hair. How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? About 2 seconds If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you nervous or excited? Makes me Would it bother you if your bf/gf got naked at a beach or river? Only if he was the only one. Have you ever faked an orgasm? ask my ex husband What Part of y
Merry Christmas?
I was talking to John last night on the phone and some how we got to talking about what my ex wanted me to give him as a Christmas present a few years back. I thought it was funny, so did he. So, I figured I'd blog it. Enjoy! A few months after I made my Fubar account, which I think was right about the time that they switched the name from Lost Cherry to Cherry Tap, my ex found my profile on here. Now keep in mind that the most provocative picture I had up at the time was something close to this one... He came to me a few days before Christmas and said that he seen that particular picture and said I looked "kind of slutty". Now I don't think there's anything "slutty" about that picture. You don't see anything really. God forbid if he came to my profile now and seen this picture... Anyway, back to the story. It's now Christmas day, and for the sake of our boys, I was being nice and we were all going to my soon to be ex inlaw's house for Christmas dinner. He tells me he
Stalker? Yes..i Have One.
For the past few weeks I've had the pleasure of being "checked out" by the same person. Of course this person has no picture and does NOTHING when s/he is on my page. I went to their profile and left a comment asking who they were..and of course, I heard nothing. Ideally I'd make my profile only viewable to those with salutes, but there is one non-saluted friend of mine, who I love dearly, that wouldn't be able to come to my page. I guess I could block this person, but they aren't really doing anything besides just looking at my page. Ugh.Bottom one is them: On a different subject, I need to make a MuMM.
Fury At Stupidity
Mmkay, this is just a little something I need to get off my chest: Where the fuck do fucking idiots get off claiming that punishment for a crime should itself be a crime? What the fuck kind of stupidity does it take to not see the major fucking logic failure in such an argument? Oh, someone got raped, I know, let's stick fucking spikes up their arse and rip off their genitalia, that'll make the world a WAY better place! Anyone who has this kind of attitude and is on my friends list can feel free to remove themselves if they disagree strenuously with me on this, because I have no space in my life for someone who lacks even a shred of compassion or decency. Just sayin'. *gets off soap box* ...just in case it wasn't obvious: I'm saying that people who believe in, say, mutilating murderers as punishment = stupid.
I Lust Him
Matchbox Twenty. I have had a long time lust affair with this man. Musically, my ♥ belongs to Rob. *swoon*
Secret Lives Of Mummer Men
Crazy Dave tried to pay me not to share this...but I stood firm Doug didn't try pay me off the silly man just trusted my word ... so angelic!! Baby Satan's weekend job Spike Coon ... who knew???
Arranging The The Pieces
I feel how this site is so aptly named. I african-americaned out last night. First time it's ever happened to me. Drinks at the club are ridiculously pricey so we (my boy's and I) drank before we went. I was drinking Jack Daniels I will venture to say over half the bottle with a 60:40 ratio Jack to coke. Once inside I bought a round of drinks and got a double shot of Jager. Not a wise decision on my part. I vaguely remember dancing and the rest of the tale is what my boy's have told me . I believe them for the most part except the part where they said I fucked some chick and danced with a tranny (i avoided eye contact with that beast at all cost). What happened the 2.5 hours at the club I don't know. I do remember leaving because some drunk bitch told me I was drunk. I nearly fell down the stairs. I thought I was driven straight home but apparently we went to Denny's and I was so fucked up they said I opted to stay in the car. They made attempts to revive me but to no avail. I was als
They See Me Rollin...
Spotlight---I want it. probably wont happen and i sure cant get it alone so i suppose im going to have to count on all of you to help me. Can we do this...together? I want it April 11th...that is a VERY special day for me and i deserve to be in the spotlight that day!
Have You??
Make A Wish!
ok so i am bored with the non-mumm trash shit we have going yeah i know i am a total snob... anyway i wanted to play a game with you =D so ok this will require intelligence and wit if you can manage... you are to grant a persons wish and the ruin it at the same time... sorta wish master style got it? for example i wish for a car ok granted you are given a car unfortunatly the dilvery driver is drunk and ran you over and you are now in the hospital ok so my first wish i wish i wasn't so damn bored... this isn't hard to fuck up it isn't nsfw but not like anyone gives a shit what i say anyway it just makes it easier to involve others
I was driving home a moment ago, and the main road I was taking had cop cars blocking everything off. I drove by a little closer, and saw a 3 car accident. One was missing 2 front wheels, and was just sittin on the pavement. Other two cars were completely destroyed: one sitting on its roof with everything smashed in, and the other smashed with the ground.   I am pretty sure that whoever was in those two cars are dead, since there is no way someone could survive that shit.   Just to think that just moments ago those people were driving to work, planning their day, living life. And moments later, it was all over...forever...just trapped in a mass of twisted metal and plastic. ANd to think of how many times I have been an inch away from a car next to me, or had someone almost swerve into me, etc. Some people are just luckier than others...
Fubar Addict Auction
My Witty!
It was a dark and stormy night.......... I was sad and depressed, I got on fubar and i stumbled across the most gorgues woman I have ever met.... I kept seeing her sneak into my bogs all the time I knew she was the  one for me......I bought her.... then Mr A thoguth it was funny the fing bastard to make me have a biding war... It was on the bastard would never take my Witty away.. The other night I received a phone call from Mop... he said hold on and clicked the other line.... I heard this girl voice and I realized it was my beloved Witty... the first time i ever heard her voice, I knew we had a connection..... We GIRL SCREAMED...... mop cried... I love my Witty she makes me laugh and smile.. I hate it when she goes to look for jobs cause i cant love her all day... shes my one my only WITTY......I LOVE YOU   Wicked
Glow Worms......
Often times when i ge t bored Ill look over at the blast box... YET it never fails i wanna spork my eyes out when i do .... and as Ive noticed the same few ppl there lately.... i cant help but to nit pick their pics..and some Ive seen otfen enough to name them.... NOT that its right .. or a very nice thing to do but who am I kidding right .. me nice? ppfft! Moving on ... here are a few examples of pics that need to be..adjusted.... ( in no way am i being mean for size or clothing taste its simply just a bad pic or idea to do to their pics.... The glow worms... the Wet spot... The cougar the canyon       AND FOR THE RECORD i AM IN NO WAY SAYING THAT THEY ARENT BEAUTIFUL... BUT DAMN IF YA WANNA BE IN TEH LIME LIGHT .. LOOK GOOD DOING IT... 
Summer Food
I got  a nice shiny new grill last night..and I an one of those types that is leery of new recipes but I wanna try something I wanna know what are some of you guys' fave summer recipes ...marinades...whatever. Please humor me so Ido not have to bitch and moan and post a whiny nonmumm.  
I Want This
I want a man who will sing Neil Young songs to me. I want someone to care for me the way Neil cares about the women in his songs. Le sigh.
Rob Zombie. Sherimoon Zombie. Malcom McDowell. Ugh. I want to see this movie so goddamn much. This, Harry Potter and Inglourius Basterds should be the best movies all summer.    
What Isn't Said
dear you, there are days when i absolutely do not fucking get you at all. today is one of those days. it drives me crazy. i shouldn't have to just know that you think i'm some list of wonderful adjectives besides 'pretty''s nice to actually hear them--from you instead of the people who wish they were in your shoes. every time i climb a wall, a raptor waits trying to ass rape me while simultaneously attempting to eat my face. scary. me p.s. you mean the world to me.
Farrah Fawcett
(CNN) -- Farrah Fawcett, the blonde-maned actress whose best-selling poster and "Charlie's Angels" stardom made her one of the most famous faces in the world, has died. She was 62. Fawcett, who checked into a Los Angeles, California, hospital in early April, had been battling anal cancer on and off for three years. Ryan O'Neal, Fawcett's romantic partner since the mid-1980s, recently told People magazine that the sex symbol was declining. "She stays in bed now. The doctors see that she is comfortable. Farrah is on IVs, but some of that is for nourishment. The treatment has pretty much ended," he said in a story posted May 7. Fawcett's cancer journey has been documented in a television special partly shot by the actress. Fawcett began shooting "Farrah's Story," by taking a camera to a doctor's appointment. Eventually, the film expanded to include trips overseas in hopes of treating the cancer. The documentary aired on NBC on May 15. Fawcett's beauty -- her gleaming smile was pri
Witty Screen Name
i need ideas for a new screen name that is catchy     and i will only use the name u pick if you show me your boobs   NO COCKS!!!!
Lets See Right Quick
as some of you know i lost my globals tonight...and if ya didnt know now ya know :P anyways if ya saw it you know i didnt say anything offensive, but my mumms have been getting reported for years! how sad is that? YEARS!!! every non NSFW mumm i post gets deleted by, most likely, the same individual (or plural)!  so right now, right here im gonna ask the sorry ass, weak minded, pathetic person (or persons) to come foreward now and fess up! I like to keep my friends close and myt enemies closer, so under this rukle, im guessing they are probably on my friends list,  or yours (the reader) so here we go...lets do this now! speak up!
One Hour Countdown
i am leaving, i have had enough of the cheating fucking lying filthy whores in this place. one hour starts now, if anybody wants anything out of my pics etc/ now is the time.
The Glory
I am very humbled right now.I could have lost my father today.He wrecked his motorcycle on some train tracks today and wrecked at 40 miles per hour.He didnt have a helmet on and he usually wears one.He hit head first and slid on the pavement.People stopped who saw it and thought he was dead he hit so hard.He has a tiny bump on his head and a scratch on his stomach but walked away pretty much unhurt.He was on his way to our church.He is the pastor.He showed up his clothes werent even dirty.The only thing I noticed was his shoe got scraped up real bad.His bike even barely got a scratch on it.He still was able to preach his sermon and have a smile on his face.I give all the glory to GOD for being merciful to spare my father his life or serious injury.I had a bad feeling about my father riding a motorcyle.I've lost alot of friends on them.I thank God for knowing that my dad has work here to do and that we need him and not taking him.My parents are the greatest parents in the world and my f
Numbers Of Things.
1. I hate when I'm ignored. There is a huge difference between not seeing something and completely being avoided. I'm being flat out avoided. 2. It's cold this morning. 3. I really wanted to go to NC this weekend, but my plans fell through. It sucks, but oh well. I'll get over it. 4. Van is such a flake, lol. He told me he'd "never" do something, and he's went and done it. No, it's not a bad thing, just something funny to me. 5. WhatsHisName [andy] made me some coffee.  It's nice and hot. Now we are talking about cartoons. 6. Things in my life are actually looking really good. It's amazing what a move will do to a person. 7. I love my friends. 8. I have a friend that sent my bird a bling. Go figure, lol. My bird loved it though.
What Does Your Walk Say About You?
Your Walk Says You're Bold You are outgoing, funny, and friendly. You love attention, and you make sure everyone knows when you enter a room. Other people see you as confident. You are proud of who you are, and that shows immediately. You are careful, thoughtful, and detail oriented. You tend to test people's patience, but your patience pays off. You tend to be all work and very little play. You are too responsible to let loose. What Does Your Walk Say About You?
Why My Peen Is So Shiny
            that is all

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