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We light a candle In remembrance Of those we have lost, Those we hold close in heart, For everyone in need. We hold tight the memories That keep the candle Shinning, oh so brightly. We kneel in prayer Remembering the times We shared With those departed, Those lying ill, Or anyone in need. We pray for strength To provide them our support, Or to carry on their legacy. Martina McBrideBlessedMusic Video Codes By Music mary we think of you we pray for you you have the strenght of the angels we miss you and need you we are praying for you you are an angel she is in a contest wile she fights for her life lets show her some suport ill gladly give the link to anyone asking everyone loves you Mary you are blessed as you are an angel Pls repost this blog in support to mary
Caught The News.......written 2002, By Me
As i caught the news, i started to think of my son. I don't want him to have a gun! or even to deal with one! but that's all we hear and see, and i wonder "will he always be here with me?" I'm afraid, he's so brave, he loves his country, If he chooses to leave ....I'll tie a yellow ribbon around a tree to comfort me, We love God and leave our lives in his hands, and i know that he will guide him back to me. For right now i know i have nothing to fear my son is six and for a few more years he will be near, and as for my thoughts, well i know i'll have another as i catch the news again. Mom P.S. My first poem...I hope you like it! Enjoy!
Tattoo Contest
> I will be taking Your favorite Tattoo pic starting now and will take them through the first day of the contest. The contest will start on the 15th@7pm est Time. And will end the 22nd@7pm est. There are some rules that MUST be followed. NO DRAMA!!!!! if you start a problem, or anyone that is voting for you starts a problem I have the right to delete your entry from the contest. This means no bad mouthing, no going and down rating, NO CALLING CHEATING. I DONT CARE HOW ANYONE GETS THERE VOTES Self commenting is a must No NSFW pics will be allowed Most comments and rates at the end of the contest wins. Each rate counts as 10 comments so if you have alot of friends that dont bomb at least get them all to come and rate and your comments will add up. It will be your responsibility to notify your friends of my rules If you post or repost a bulletin about my contest make sure my rules are stated in the bulletin. First Prize... A weeks bl
I Love Ya !!!
This was sent to me by my x wife last night .and just after she sent it to me she had a massive heart attech I got the call just after 11:00pm last nite.we have been divorced for 19 years now...zz.. One morning you will never wake up. Do all your friends know you love them? I was thinking...I could die today, tomorrow or next week, and I wondered If I had any wounds needing to be healed, friendships that needed rekindling or three words needing to be said. Let every one of Your friends and family know you love them. Even if you think they don't love you back. You would be amazed at what those three little words and a smile can do. And just in case GOD calls me home before I see You again.... I LOVE YA!!!
(i Know Alot Of You Have Seen This Allready, But Please, Who Ever Hasnt, Please Just Watch This)red Skeltons Pledge Of Aligance(please Watch This To T
What The Hell??
K so i posted this mumm and no one seemed to give a damn, and that just pissed me off even more cuz only since it didnt happen to any of them they didnt seem to care to do anything about it..... Does anybody else have a problem with this site being able to right click and save any picture that is posted. anybody can take any picture and post it anywhere they want it. I know i have had issues with people saving my pictures and then posting them as their own and ive seen other websites with some girls naughty pictures on them and they have no idea about it. So do you all think its their own fault for posting pictures up and not making them private or do you think we can make a stand and tell baby jesus he needs to get the program so that doesnt happen anymore? I know its long, sorry... I dont understand why the fuck anybody needs to save someones pictures when they can just go to their page and drool all over it there...and ok save it whatever, but what gives anybody the r
Me Singing - Bash Away, Lol
I made this little video for my baby and just thought I would share with you how nuts I am...Dang I sure am putting myself out here...bash away, it's all for fun anyway (I surely know I can't make any money at this!)
Just wanted to let all know that my blogs are still arround they're just marked nsfw!! I found out the they dont put the urls on your main page to the nsfw blogs , And my are way to naughty to be on the page so I created a few blogs so that u will be able to find them easier!!! I am feeling under the weather today got a bad cold ! I will be making more blogs as well very soon !!!! Any suggestions would be great !!! I will be doing some more pictures out door theme! Getting some new toys as well LOL , Stay naughty all!!! Thanks for all the luvin for u all!! Redqueenbbw
Embracing Nature©
Man you just have to love summer. This year has been terrific down south, as far as summers go, it's been quite mild. The other nice thing is that if ya go to the park the heat usually keeps the families inside. If you throw out a blanket in the shade you can enjoy the summer breezes, the squirrels chattering in the trees, and the smell of fresh cut grass filling the air. When I called her to see if she felt like just enjoying a light picnic she jumped at the chance. We haven't really spent time together lately and I missed her. I used business principle #7...K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. I threw a cutting board, cheese, some fruit, and two bottles of wine along with a blanket into my backpack and off I went. She was dressed in a simple sundress and sandals and her hair up in a ponytail. She didn't even give me a chance to open the door for her as she jumped in and gave me a kiss hello. Small talk always comes easy when your with someone that your familiar with. Laughing
Just Because You Have A Computer.....
I feel the need to say this folks. Just because you mom bought you a shiny new computer and you can point an click you are not Neo from the fucking Matrix. Because you have downloaded a bunch of pirated music and porn you are not a Hacker. You are just a kid with a Walmart computer running Lindows. My roomate has recently had a little Fubarian fling with some woman who lives 10,000 miles from us and it went bad. Now we have 17 year old minions threatening to hack our system. I tried to be the peace maker. But to be honest I would love this dumb ass take a swing because it would just amuse the hell out of me. I am tired of all these little kiddies out there thinking just because they can download the Idiots Guide to Hacking Barbi Dress up they can hack anything out there. Anyway done with my rant.
is everyone doing? :)
seeing who reads the blogs... if you seen this leave comment
Hahahaha!!!!'s Not Funny
xxolmecaxx@ fubar Another perve with unsolicited shoutbox idiocy to a friend. As with all shoutbox convos: bottom to top. *blocked* ->xxolmecaxx: I see you checking me out...I know you want me xxolmecaxx just checked you out! ->xxolmecaxx: don't be such a pussy. You too busy hitting up women you don't know with pervy comments to respond to someone who obviously wants to do things with you? xxolmecaxx: sorry ->xxolmecaxx: cum back hottie...I wanna see you shove a road cone up your ass ->xxolmecaxx: nono...come on baby, I wanna see you jizz in your face..cum in your eye for me hot stuff xxolmecaxx: heyy Im busy ok ->xxolmecaxx: oh...but you like to be watched? xxolmecaxx: no Im not gay and I dont interest on gays ->xxolmecaxx: thats gay? xxolmecaxx: I will xxolmecaxx: yes ->xxolmecaxx: will you eat your own cum for me? ->xxolmecaxx: no...I just like to watch guys masturbate and imagine it's me as I give them a reacharound as my shit-covered balls bounce
Ladies I Have A Question If I May!!!! Men Welcome
Hey Hey Hey, thanks once again for checking out my blog. For all that leave a comment I promise to rate u on your profile. So this one is for the ladies. Ladies tell me what is the real truth on the subject DICKS. many men believe that size matters Is this true. I was once told by a lady that it aint so much the length of the cock but the thickness. Would you say this was true? or was this women just trying to be nice for all the short dick men. So ladies please tell me the truth on dicks, does size matter. Really I want the truth. A chance to set the record straight. Thanks Ladies Special thanks to Shells for Idea. xoxox babes Check what the men had to say on the subject
New Pix Plus.....
It has always been my desire and passion (though I know alot of ya wont agree w/me on it but I dont care what ya think or say about it)to go into the pornogphy business....Well I may be a bigger girl but I have also have been told by many that I have GREAT potenial and Iam what the marketing world of porn is looking for...Well my big break will be coming next month when I will have a table set up here in Detroit at the "Sex and more show"...I jus did up some new pix for the cover of my up and coming dvd that Iam hoping to promote while at the sex and more show....if things go well then Ill be heading to the sex and more shows in both LA and Vegas in the next few months....I ask that ya dont look down at me for what Iam doing being that this has been a lifelong dream of mine (ever since I was a teenager)...I remember as a teen coming home from school and popping my dad's porn movies in and sayin to myself that one day I wanna do that....My dad always told me NOT to do this stuff but Iam
This Is Our Island! Nsfw
Ok, I have finished it. This is very new, and also very rough draft. Forgive typos and grammer, and by all means please provide any feedback you wish. ************************************************* This is our island, not a soul around for hundreds of miles. We sailed for several days to find this very spot on earth to share our time peacefully together. To share with one another this magnificent space. The view of a lifetime, as if painted by the masters themselves upon a canvas of blue. This would be an evening that we would randomly bring up when we are old and gray sitting in our rockers on the porch watching the setting sun. For it is the setting sun that will trigger the memory when all other memories fade. I reach for your hand and pull you off the boat, into the warm inviting waters below. You laugh as you surface and smile, splashing playfully. With a turn of my head you understand and we begin the short swim to the pristine beach before us. As we get clos
Deleting My Account
Hey all Just wanted to post this blog and share it to say BYE to all my incredible friends on here that Ive made over the past year Im deleting it in one hour just to give you guys that are my real friends a chance to say bye...I havent been a saint, I havent been perfect...but I really fell in Love with someone on here....I know I know I should of never went down that road online....and most you guys will say dont go you'll get over her....but theres no getting over this one...She was the ONE...Im pretty sure most of you understand've been there yerselves....But online you make enemies and you make a past....and they both come back to muddy the waters in yer relationships.....either that or she was looking for a way Out I dunno.....I just know Im done here....I wish you all the best of luck......We had some great memories some great debates and ome good wars with other lounges....Good-bye everyone....Hope all yer dreams come true!!!
Friends Part 1
First and foremost, I really do appreciate all my TRUE friends. And I'm not talking about the ones that randomly pop up and throw a comment on my page to get some points.... I'm talkin about the ones that I talk to on a regular basis in my yahoo (and no, i will not be giving that yahoo ID out... NICE TRY). I also understand that some of my friends, don't get along with each other. I also understand that some of them don't trust each other, or trust me with them. This is an issue with me. Here is all that I ask for in a friend,and what a friend is to me. A friend is someone who you can call and say "hi, how are you" whenever you want to. Or to talk to about a game, or a concert you went to see. A friend is someone who will also sit and listen to you cry, and vent, all while trying to give you the best advice possible. See, I have those friends. Unfortunately some of those friends, aren't liked by many. Certain people are going to read this, and be like oh I know who shes ta
Another Idiot Pt2
->Psychowolf...: The force is strong in the young padawan..... Leanna_K.O...: oh i see well i am sorry but i think that i am done talking to you... you scare me ->Psychowolf...: I have jedi powers; and monitor the black market trade Leanna_K.O...: but how did you know it happend to me it just is a lil odd i have not said anything to anyone ->Psychowolf...: ive heard rumors on the internets of people buying kids on fubar Leanna_K.O...: no he did not give an amout.... what the fuck how did you know that he wanted to buy my kid ->Psychowolf...: i bet he offered some insane value, like 50k or some shit Leanna_K.O...: it was started cuz i have my son as my prim... how did you know that he wanted to buy my kid ->Psychowolf...: what was he offering, seriously?. What started it? Leanna_K.O...: yes ->Psychowolf...: was some guy offering to buy your kid..............phsyco thats to funny!
Important Notice For My Friends
Christmas Wishes
Everyone must think I am crazy for posting this one (Being a wiccan and it being September).. but Christmas is only four months away.. I want to know.. Have you been naughty or nice.. and what do you want under your tree this year?
Bush U.n. Speech
I couldn't agree with the foreign minister more! America isn't responsible for any other country's "freedom," so I wish Bush would stop trying to play that card. No wonder people detest the United States! What a joke. ------------------------------- Cubans walk out during Bush U.N. speech UNITED NATIONS - Cuba's foreign minister walked out of the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday in protest of President Bush's speech in which he said the "long rule of a cruel dictator is nearing its end" on the communist island. The Cuban delegation issued a statement saying the decision by Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque to leave was a "sign of profound rejection of the arrogant and mediocre statement by President Bush." In his speech, Bush looked ahead to a Cuba no longer ruled by Fidel Castro, the ailing 81-year-old leader who has not appeared in public in more than a year, since ceding power to a provisional government headed by his brother Raul. "In Cuba, the long rule of
Holy Nicotine Withdrawl!
UGH! I can't go smoke until this guy that's here inspecting our plant leaves. I.NEED.A.SMOKE. If he's not out of here in the next half an hour I'm going to cut out his heart and eat it. RAW.
Mr. Doe
This is probably going to be the hardest blog I'll ever have to write.... so please, bear with me if its lengthy. Its important to me, and I feel I need to get this out, so I can just get on with my life. Back in May, I met someone. He came to my page, "stalked me", as we used to say, and I started talking to him. Well, daily, our friendship grew stronger and stronger. I was well aware of the fact that he had a girlfriend, and tried to help him out in any "situations" that he was unsure how to deal with. He would tell me things that she supposedly did, or things that she said, screen shots, you name it. I've seen A LOT. Back in this time period, I was living in California, and the shit hit the fan out there. Everything that went wrong, did, and I finally had to get out of there for my well being, as well as to take care of my mom and sister, out here in Florida. This person I met back in May, we'll call him Mr. Doe to make things easier, knew about everything that was happening
Ignorant Ppl.
WHY do some guys think that all women want nasty/explicit comment and/or talk? WHY do some guys think that it is perfectly acceptable to behave in this way without knowing whether it is welcome or not? WHY do some guys think that just because some women like it, that all do? FYI... THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT OR ON MY PROFILE/PICS THAT EVEN REMOTELY SUGGESTS THAT I'M INTERESTED IN THAT.......... IF YA DON'T LIKE IT....... POOF AND BE GONE!
Okay people.... I DON'T DO DRAMA!!! Now because of some dumn shit that has no life I am now in the middle of it!!! Really the only thing you have in this world is your name so here is my blog to clear my name. STUPID FUCKING PEOPLE!!! I don't disrespect people and I have NEVER treated a woman badly on this site... If I have, comment on this blog and we will make sure we clear the misunderstood! REALLY, I was brought up to respect woman, so this is why Im so frustrated. So here is the story.... I was told by a family member that my name was mentioned in someone elses business. She wrote a blog about it. Here it is Anyways, some guy was checking out my profile a little to much about a month ago, I thought nothing of it but all the sudden he kept checking me out... so I go to his profile and all my family are in his family... All the sudden Im on a friends profile and this person has visited them.... I send this guy a message an
Small Bus 7 Updated On 10-16-07
Request only taken by Blog Comment Request at The Short Bus Blogs Have Moved To The Short Bus Home Page Please leave Comments there to Be Added and Ride The Coolest Bus On FUBAR. Jokers Wild Short Bus Home Page@ fubar Direct Link to Jokers Wild's Bus Stop Lounge Please Repost Bulletins at least once, Not required but it helps get more people on for the PaRtY Come Jump on Jokers Wild's Small Bus where the only requirement is to have a sense of humor. Unlike Trains and planes this IS A 100% Free Ride. NO RATING REQUIRED NO FANNING REQUIRED NO ADDING REQUIRED NO NEED TO BUY ANYTHING FOR THE DRIVERS You Rate, Add, Comment who you want to and IF you want to THIS BUS RIDE IS ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE When The Bus is full we will add a second one and another one until we have a small bus convoy ! LOL Remember Just because you rate someone on this bus is no requirement that they rate you back, This is to see p
Mind Teaser For Ya
During a recent school trip to the zoo, I was sat at the rear of the bus. I noticed a strange thing, Laura, Jessica and Wendy were all sitting on the left side of the bus. Even more curious was the fact that Steven, John and Danielle were all sitting on the right side of the bus. On which side was James sitting?
Bob Old List
♥☆ Best Of British ☆♥ To find out more about the group then please click here to go to the blog :D We don't want any drama so if you have any problems, try and deal with it among yourselves and not the group thanks! I've made us a lounge wooohooo please check it out and subscribe. It's for us all to meet up, chill out, have a chat and get to know each other better :D click to go to the lounge It has music and is decorated :D Please be sure to RATE, FAN then ADD each member, this is what this list is about, making friend :D Remember to tell them that you're a Best Of British (BOB) member so they will definitely add you :D Start from the top and work your way down the list. Once you have them all added, its probably best that you refresh this page incase anyone else has joined, as I'm adding members all the time and don't want to miss them (Y) You do not have to add everyone in 1 day, you can keep coming back but the sooner you add everyone, t
What Most Men Want
Blond and huge chested.. *sighs.. too bad.. I don't have any of that... What I do have is intelligence, imagination, and one hell of an ass, but oh well. And I give earth shattering blow jobs..But since breasts are the most important. LOL - Get Your Own
Kids And Projects
2 weeks ago i was informed by my 12 yr old son that he has to turn in a project. " what kind of project?" i asked him. " oh i have to build a water bottle rocket". i tell him no problem, just get the information and we can build it. we have to know what size water bottle, do we need to build a launcher, what will the teacher provide etc. the next day i ask " did you get the info?" to which he replied " no,, i forgot ". bring it home tomorrow he is told. it was forgotten about until the weekend just before it was due,,, still no info, nada,, " oh the directions mustve been washed and i am certain we need a launcher" grrr at the last minute we were scrambling to build a water bottle rocket, complete with launcher assy. total cost $68 at the local hardware store. gawd i was pissed. how could a project for school, thats worth so much of his grade require $65 in parts. the rocket and launcher were built,,we stayed up late sunday night workin on it. it was in on time. and now it sits on the
Just Me.
Ok so I sat down today I thought What do I want in my life. What is missing . I had a wonderful childhood. My marriage didnt fair to well But I have 3 wonderful children that I am very proud of Yes it was/is hard being the mother father figure but we have to do things that are hard in out lives and when you look back and view the outcome and its a pretty good site you realize that all the hardship and heart ache was well with it. In a material sense my children and I want for nothing. I have a great job that I love, and a family I would not trade the world for. SO what am I missing? What I am missing and I think I always have is to MATTER to someone What does that mean well the definition for the word matter in this sense is (count: have weight; have importance , carry weight.) And in a way that sort of explains it. What I want goes deeper then that. I want to Matter to where I for once am the major thought, care, want, in someones life. I want to be in their every
Stang's Underground Has Closed
I wanted to blog this myself before the rumor mill got started. I have become disenchanted with some things on FUBAR, however, although I have considered it, I'm not disenchanted enough at the moment to leave my friends. I am being much more selective about how much money I choose to spend on and for the site. No ,the lounges do not cost money but you pay for the DJ box and server space....The site, the people on it and those close to it have been very good to me in the past and I am not trying to "damn" them, I am not bad talking anyone all I can say is that I am not super happy with some things at the moment. Additionally, I had some people who were associated with the lounge who merely wanted to have a name...that's NOT what it's about. I will be hanging out in one of three lounges mostly and these are the 3 that I endorse: After Hours Club Fantasia Club 54 Thank you to all who have come in to party with us but I think we've had our run. Maybe if some uber de
Heyy..shuddup! YOU do it! *waves to Cubby n' NinjaStars* My gawd. :/
Drama Drama Drama
WTF is with this site, it's an "adult site" yet we have all this shit going on around us, personally, I don't care who uses what to get where, it's a free site FFS, WHO CARES! I come across the most ridiculous bulletin yet, and I'm not saying names, so I'll leave it at that, but it's someone sticking their nose into someone else's drama, worrying about things they need not worry about, then having the nerve to do some kinda fu-call out to someone else, trying to call out every bad move someone has made, I mean really....I've said it before and it'll probably come up again, go the hell up! Do you think you're really making an impact on that persons life? Because you're not. Another thing, before moving on, and this probably sickens me the most, is the people that go along with this ranting of a woman going through PMS and making these slanderous accusations about someone else, they stick behind her and back her up, repost her bulletin, and then say don't attack me for posting this, I'm
Why Can't I?
All I want to know is why... Why can't I get one decent man that isn't married or taken in some way.. interested in me? Why can't I get a man that doesn't feel the need to flirt with every woman that walks across his path? Why can't I get one solitary man that just wants one woman? Why don't men understand.. if they are taken in any way.. and flirting online.. it is cheating and lying.. not just to their girlfriends or wives.. but to their online "chatting" friends? I don't understand it.. Why can't I?
Having Surgery
Second Place :)
hi friends! hows everyone? im pretty good...just got home from work. :) im looking forward to an extra day off this week for thanksgiving :D case you didnt know, i was in a contest. i tried my best, but with my work schedule, and the bouncer checks i wasnt able to do as well as in previous contests. its ok happy to have gotten 2cnd place :) there is a list ive been putting together of friends who have helped me a bunch in this contest...keep your eye out for that :) i should be posting it tomorrow sometime. anyhow...i hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!! i love you guys! oh yeah...i have 98 11s to give out. i will split them between all who comment on this blog during happy hour:) thanks all! **muah**
Let's Have A Drink
The problem with some people is...when they're not drunk, they're sober. I drink to make other people interesting. It only takes one drink to get me drunk. The problem is, i can't remember if it's the 13th or the 14th drink? Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.
Aspen Glow, Part 2©
To just lay next to her soaking up the sun, basking in the glow of passion. But it was time to head back to camp. The worst part was getting back into the snow melt stream naked and making our way back to shore. With gasps and giggles we got to our clothes and dressed in a hurry and on our way. Talking,laughing and loving the feel of her holding my hand. The sparkle in her eye when she smiled got me every time. We arrived at camp just as the sun began it's retreat behind the mountains. I started a fire, while she got out dinner. Food just seems to taste better when cooked on an open fire. Once the fire was going, the steaks hit the grate and the smells over whelmed us. The smell of olive oil,garlic,with a sprig of rosemary mingled with the grilling ribeyes would make a herbivore salivate. The baked potatoes were wrapped in foil and buried deep within the coals of the fire, while a can of green beans boils next on the far end of the grill. Letting the fire do its work, I couldn't h
My 1 Year Anniversary On Fubar
Wow, looking back I can't believe I've been here on Fubar a year now(well technically it's tomorrow Dec. 2nd). It's been a crazy year. A lot of ups and downs, amongst learning experiences. I survived though and i'm thankful I did. There were many times I thought about deleting my account to have some of the many wonderful friends i've met, come to me and tell me how much i've meant to them and how much they appreciated me. That alone was reason enough to stay. I came here to meet new friends and that I have done. In fact two of my best friends i've met here...Omallesygold and devil man....I love you guys you have been there for me 100% and I will always be there for the both of you on the site and off. The guys in my family are amazing and i'm thankful they are in my life. Over the next week or so I will be going by your sites and telling you why I think you are so special to me. I really want to say thanks to those that didn't bail on me when my life seemed upside down.
Do you guys think Im too skinny? Look at my pics and tell me the truth. Im thinking about fattning up a liitle bit.Lemme know what your decision is.
Wha - Wait ... Sunday?
Hello and I hope this finds you With a wonderful weekend to remember. With Monday looming in a few mere hours from now, I'm at a loss to what happen to the weekend. let alone last week? For that matter, the whole month of November! Which as I reflect on my daily messages of the last week or so - seem to have me "Going in different direction or at a loss!" I didn't intend a theme week, but it looks as if it was one! So to clear up why I've seemed without a destiny ... I should mention as the song alludes to: I've been doing night shifts, and that's got my whole sleep patterns out of whack & in turn me literally not knowing if "I'm coming -or- going!" I mean I was used to waking around 4am for some time now ... Now @ 4 I'm half way threw a shift??? So, in turn that explains a good deal of my 'underlying' reasoning behind today's multi directional comment ... The sexual innuendoes, Now that's a whole different apple! Without any m
i amused myself just now. i was making a collections call for the company and i realized that i totally switch my voice with customers and reps. it gets all high pitched and professional sounding. for those of you that know me, you know damn well that's a riot considering how polar opposite of that i am. lol
Can You Be A Diva?
Divas are women who are past their mothering time and have some serious life experience behind them. Divas do not suffer fools and are never hesitant to forge ahead when no others would.. Divas are secure in who they are and know what they have to offer in this life. Divas are unable to see the world as mundane. Divas see magic in every thought, move, process and moment. They could not look at life differently if they tried. They are able to finds hidden truths in all things. Also, do not get in her way. Divas love children and friends greatly and are capable of glorious romances and loving relationships with spouses or partners. Their friendships are deep and abiding, usually with one or two particularly tight bonds and several additional pals in their realm of influence. They do not require validation of themselves from others to feel good about themselves. Though they do enjoy compliments!!! While their bonds are very close, they are experienced enough to have dealt with death in a
Bulletin With Background
This tutorial is made for a lounge bulletin, this can be altered for any other bulletin needs. Top Text Here Bottom Text Here ******************************** INSTRUCTIONS #1 Replace Background Image URL Here with the URL for the Background Image (use the DIRECT LINK code from photobucket) #2 Replace lounge link here with the link to your lounge #3 Replace picture link here with the URL to the picture you want to link (use the DIRECT LINK code from photobucket) #4 Replace Top Text Here and Bottom Text Here with the text you want in your bulletin #5 Set your Font Size and Coloring ******************************** Font Size and Color Codes Font Size Only Font Color Only Font Size and Color ALWAYS END FONT SETTINGS WITH ******************************** Example Font Coding This is an example ******************************** You can get font color codes from: http://www.
Sniper Christmas Carol.......for The Point Whores
You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout im tellin you why Sniper man is coming to town Im lookin at my friends list And I'm checkin it over twice Finding out for sure whos been naughty and whos been nice I know when you are Online I know when you are not I know if you have checked me out And I like that an aweful lot You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout im tellin you why Sniper man is coming to town There is over 500 of you That ive added to my list I know when you have rated my Stash My blogs and all my pics You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout im tellin you why Sniper man is coming to town So dont take this so personally If I take you off my list Its just that I know ive rated yours and youve not returned the love for SHIT!! You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout im tellin you why Sniper man is coming to town
So Sad And So Unfair
December 4th, 2007, Jessica Sherwood had to do something no mother should ever have to do.At 2:29 pm Jessica made a very tough, but the right decision to take her little 3 month old daughter off life support.In memory of little London Marie, i thought id start a little forward..Jessica had a message that i want every one to know..This is what jessica said:IF NE ONE HAS KIDS MAKE SURE U KEEP THEM WIT U THE WHOLE TIME DNT GIVE THEM TO NE ONE THAT U DNT TRUST..... TRUST ME I THOUGHT I TRUSTED JOSH..... BUT NOW AS OF 12-4-07 AT 2:29AM SHE IS GONE.... MY ONE AND ONLY BABY....... AND HE IS GUNNA PAY FOR EVER EVEN IF HE GETS OUTTA JAIL SCOTT FREE HE WILL BE DEAD NO MATTER WAT......... TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND THAT KNO LONDON I AM VERY ANGRY AND UPSET I LOST THE LOVE OF MY LIFE MY BABY GIRL.... SHE DIED ON HER 3MONTH BDAY........SHE HAD 6 FRACTURED RIBS..... BOTH OF HER LEGS WERE FRACTURED.... AND HER BRAIN WAS SO DAMANAGED THAT IF SHE WERE TO LIVE SHE WOULD BE A VEGETABLE.... SO I DID WAT WAS RI
No Friday Comment
Its a dark day in my household So I'll be sparse in my fu-time. I lost my ex-mother-in-law early this morning. Many might think that shouldn't effect me, But my heart lays heavy and I'm deeply sadden. Winifred was a tough as nails New Yorker, who I had the utmost respect. She was legally blind from an early age, although she wasn't totally blind - Being she was functional as a sighted person . . . It never took away from her ability of "seeing" people for there strengths and not their weaknesses. My two oldest lost another grandparent, Which leaves them with only one now. (my mother) As my oldest daughter called me to inform me - Brought a flash of painful memories: About nine years ago, I was at the hospital . . . Comforting my mother, who's husband, my stepfather & true mentor . . . was slipping away from cancer that night. Beside me were my two loving kids who adored their grandpa and were t
Fubar Safe Color Chart
These Are Browser Safe Colors.These are supported by all Browsers.The Hexadecimal are provided below.Just Copy and paste in your Code.fubar Safe Color Chart#000000#000033#000066#000099#0000CC#0000FF#330000#330033#330066#330099#3300CC#3300FF#660000#660033#660066#660099#6600CC#6600FF#990000#990033#990066#990099#9900CC#9900FF
Aspen Glow,part 3©
We had been exploring the mountains and playing since we arrived. I could never tire of this woman. If you win Love's lottery and find that one person that fits your whole life, you are one of the most lucky in the world. Some never express their wants and desires and live their life unfulfilled and empty. Always share yourself with the one your with. Let them know everything you desire and want,then take their hand and explore it together. They just might surprise you. The acidic smell of a dying fire, the wind caressing the pine bows above, the ghost of the wild rustling the underbrush, the crisp air of night in the mountains. Snuggled in a warm down sleeping bag, held off the cold ground by an air mattress, having the a very naughty dream. Off somewhere we were together. The smell of her hair and the caress of her lips as they travel my body. My dreams have always been so vivid and alive. It was like I was hovering above watching the two of us together. I could see her be
Friendship Friends are a God send if you treat them right. A real friend will always be a friend no matter what comes to light. Friends share a closeness no one else can understand. Always there to give a hug or just to lend a helping hand. For they are just creating a bonding friendship so true. That comes from deep in the heart and in action too. They will be by your side through your ups and your downs. Put a smile on your face when your wearing a frown. A true friend is the one who will still be there when the room you are in had already cleared. They will be there through thick and thin. Praying to God that somehow you will win. Give you the shirt off their back, if it is something you lack. Help you do what you must,
My Wish -dedication To My Friends
I know I could not put all you in this but please know My wish is for all of you. Please watch til the end Liberated Spice and I owe this all to my new friend ღ~*Lil'B *~ღ ~*ღ HeadPm@н㣣wΣη~wη - R/L Daughter@ fubar
~without You~
Not My President
Thought this was interesting and had to share. Everyone is free to have their own opinion and I am not in anyway forcing mine on you. >To all my friends:The feedback from the "Not My President" bulletin has been astounding. This is definately a hot topic. Thank you all who have reposted the bulletin.There have been negative replies to it also, some even called me names and said I was ignorant! Regardless, I refuse to sit back and do nothing. Never will I sit idle while many, especially the young, are led like sheep to vote for anyone promising "change" who, at the same time:- refuses to take an oath on The Holy Bible (VERY BIG ISSUE FOR ME)- was raised as a Muslim, and may still be- belongs to a church that is committed to Africa, not America- refuses to honor our American flag during the National Anthem- refuses to pledge his allegiance to The Flag of The United States of America (ANOTHER BIG ISSUE FOR ME)DOES THIS SOUND LIKE AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT TO YOU?This country was founded on
Happy Hour
I just wanted to let you all know that Sunday I'll be hosting the 7 pm pst Happy Hour...I have wonderful friends that I love and hope many of you can level...Hugs and much love to you all.... Tina
If I Seem Distant Lately...
Hello to my awesome peeps! I am sorry I haven\'t had much Fu time lately. I just put my house back on the market, and have been very preoccupied with that. I just wanted to take a minute to say to all my awesome friends,\"Thank you for always showing me the love you do!\" I don\'t always get a chance to comment back when I would like to, but it\'s great knowing you are thinking of me. I just had to put this info here so you know why I have been quiet lately,lol. Hopefully, things will get to normal again soon enough. The responses I\'m getting from potential buyers is better than I anticipated! Hopefully , it will go quickly. Thanks again all, and I\'m sorry for seeming so neglectful and had to say thanks again for understanding, and for the amazing amout of love you always show! Hope to catch up soon!
Homeward Bound (from Iraq, 26jan08, Updated)
Maybe my absence was noticed by a few people? Maybe? LOL For those of you that stayed in contact and talked to me while I was out here and/or received my random mass mails, they shut off my mail account days ago. They expected me to be gone by then. Somehow I didn't think of this until today. I can post on update on Fubar! LOL For everyone else, yeah I've been in the sandbox for awhile. Thew news for everyone, though, is that I am in country for another 8 hours before hopping a plane to Qatar. I'll sit there for a night or two and then I am on my way to the states, baby! WOO! LOL The past few days I've just been sitting in a room playing Xbox with a couple of guys in a similar bump situation. However, keep your eyes open on the 29th. Have the fire warm. Break out the beer and lock up the daughter. Wolf's coming home. ;) UPDATE: 31Jan08 Got home last night. Threw some bags on the floor of my uncle's house and crashed HARD, lol. My car has gone to total suck
What The Hell Happened??
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.... Oops wrong scenario... A long time ago on a site called Lost Cherry, A time when kindness, manners and friendship ran rampant. There was a discerning sense of ethics and etiquette. Now as the site has grown many of the old ways have become a thing of the past. Making way for a much more ME orientated atmosphere. Luckily a lone internet scavenger stumbled across the dead cherry scrolls while rummaging through archives in a hidden data base. After hour upon hour the scrolls have finally been translated. Baby Jesus said unto the people of Cherryland...... This site is my gift to you, go forth my children, make friends, rate, fan and add in the name of love. I give you 10s and 11s for which to award our fellow brethren. Give them freely and give them often. The 1 through 9s are of no use and only there to fill space, using them may result in hurt feelings or a rash of 1s tossed right back at you. (rather damaging to your rating if
Possible Departure
Hi friends. Hi family. Hi random strangers that decided to pop in for a read. I posted a mumm the other day stating that I might be taking a break from this site and the internet in general. I'm still undecided about this whole thing. As some of you know and most of your are oblivious to, I'm having some issues. I'm not going to tell you about them here... or anywhere for that matter. If you don't know, it's obviously none of your business. There's a lot of shit that I need to sort out. I'm definitely going to be on msn and yahoo for those of you that have it. I don't know when or if I'll take myself away from this place (not deleting). For those of you that have given me the support and lended me their ears and shoulders... thank you and I love you all for that. For those who oppose me... I have nothing nice to say to you and I'm not going to lower myself to that level. Yeah... it's taking me forever to write this. I barely even remember what I wrote above. I just kno
Me And Sex
Everyone seems to have an interest in me and sex. I don't mind writing about me and sex, my sex life, or my fantasies. I'll warn you up front I LIVE AND PLAY on the edge. Have ever looked at a girl in a mag and pictured her tied up and gagged as your personally toy. Will I'm that girl. No not the one in the mag, the one in your head. The helpless one that has no other reason to live but to accept your cock.
Must See
I'm planning a trip back to Chicago in a few months. Last time I was there was for work so I never really got to see the city during the day and didn't get to see much during the night. I'm looking for sites that I absolutely can not leave with out seeing. Leave me a comment with anything that I must see or must do while I'm there! I can't wait to go back, what I did see while there the last time I loved it! So for those of you that live in the area or have been there your help is appreciated!
Cold Hearted?
Earlier today I wrote a blog about how I felt about internet relationship and if it was possably and mean time everything in the comment was good until my ex decided to say I neg... him.Before we stopped talking a week ago.My words to him was I think we need to work on things and I wasn't fu marrying him.I mean shit we was rl/gf&bf.He told me that he cared and loved me and wanted to be with me.After a week we talk.And I feel like My heart got handed to my in a brown paper bag.I turn off my shout box and when I decided to turn it back on somebody called me a cold hearted bitch cause of my finally decision.I mean shit what am I suppose to do?After a week of not talking and when we do we get into it.Plus I have been talking to somebody esle.It didn't seem right.I said we could be friends cause I feel like we never had a friendship.Shit I felt like everybody was on his side about the whole things.My friends tell me to chill out cause they would kill to be in my shoes.To have a guy that act
Details - Nfo About My Skinz :
What Seperates me from other Skinners on Fubar : * I bring a Clean Layout Style to Fu (No Spam BullSh!t on My Skinz) * Transparenciez - Yes this has been done, but I make it Flow n Look Good WHY? - Because I dont like to spend hours on my graphix (the custom ones) So it can be covered by a bunch of colored divs - I make skins to show off my Graphix & Coding Skillz * Originality No-One on Fu Makes Skinz & Lounges Like Me * Details - I pay very close attention to Details.. Everything is in the details. * Everything from what I can see is coded.(My Skins are Written By ME - With the Exception of YOTDs Comment Code.. Modified & Used With her Permission-Cuz She Fowkin ROX!) - I dont steal Peoples Code & Call it my own.. * You will Notice in the pictures animations on Peoples names - This is coded per User Level on FU..(Ever Seen the Flaming Staff Text in a Lounge?) **Mine** * I just wanted to write this blog because alot of people dont pay attention to what is all in my ski
Life In General
Ever been walking along, minding your own business, when out of fucking no where life in all her evilness comes and punt kicks you in the cunt/nuts(which ever applies to you)? You automatically grab said cunt/nuts, scream, drop to the ground, and assume the fetal position with tears streaming down your face thinking "Why me God?"(Buddah, Jehovah, Satan, or who ever you chose to worship) Well this has been my week. I have been taking my antidepressant like clockwork every night before I go to bed and only missed one night, but this week has been brutal. I cry like 10 times a day for no reason at all, have become "A morbid bitch" so elequently put by one of my Fubar friends, and honestly if it were not for my kids I would have slit my wrists. I am not shaking this off like I usually do. Could my meds not be working anymore? I've been on them for like a month or so.
I Wanna Stoooory!! Lets Have Some Fun For Valentines Day
hehehehe! I just love these kind of things. The idea is that I will start a story with 3 words.... and then everyone will add 3 more words to the story by posting a comment. Play as often as you like, just please let someone post between your own. And...., who knows just where our story will go?? OK!!! To start things off the first three words are: Its was inevitable
Do You Yahooooooooo?
I just resurrected my yahoo. I'm looking for people to add to it as I brutally culled the names on it. Didn't even know who half the people were, lol. If you use yahoo fairly regularly and want to add me, let me know in private message or a shout. I'm not in the habit of using it anymore, so I'd also be looking for someone to remind me to use it - if you see me on the FU, but not on yahoo tell me to log in :P Voice and cam chatting is optional. I don't show my junk on cam, but hey - if you're hawt and wanna share, who am I to deny you happiness? :P Donkey fact: Donkeys were first domesticated around the year 4000bc.
Show My Boyz Love... Here We Go!!
Make video montages at
Apology For Miss Angel In Waiting
i would like to apologize and say im sorry for disrespecting u, belittling u, and degrading u. i am sorry for acting like a jerk and a ass. u didnt deserve to be treated like that. do hope u can forgive me. . i will respect and appreciate u more. u have my word
I saw my boss the first time in a month, and he already made my blood boil and make my blood pressure go up. WHYYY?!!! I wanna kill the fuckin bastard. Die, Greg! ARGHHH!
For some reason every time I see a 50 year old woman in a slutty outfit striking a pseudo sexy pose on Fubar, I think to myself that I should quit complaining that my mother is a nerdy scientist that has no life outside of a mushroom picking club, library, sudoku, and Antique Roadshow.
Someone Tried Kidnapping My Daughter...
This is not a joke. This is not an email or bulletin. THIS IS REAL. Firstly, MY DAUGHTER IS FINE. She's safe. She knew what to do, and ran away to get an adult, like I've taught her. Secondly, my ex and my daughter live in a small town here in PA (about 45 minutes drive from me), where there's even a curfew for children under 16. It's not anywhere I'd ever expect something like this to happen. If anyone wants to know, I'd be glad to let you know where it is, so you can be sure to keep an eye open if you live in the area. Here's what I know about it so far... I got my usual nightly call at around 10:30, for my "goodnight kisses" phone call with my 6 year old daughter, Giovanna... It was my ex-fiancee, not my daughter. She said she had something to tell me. She then explained how today, around 6:00 PM, a woman (yes, a woman) in a blue-green full-sized van pulled up in front of my daughter's babysitter's house, where my daughter was outside playing, and asked my d
Colon....lmao@friends Sick Of Me Being Right :d
You Are a Colon You are very orderly and fact driven. You aren't concerned much with theories or dreams... only what's true or untrue. You are brilliant and incredibly learned. Anything you know is well researched. You like to make lists and sort through things step by step. You aren't subject to whim or emotions. Your friends see you as a constant source of knowledge and advice. (But they are a little sick of you being right all of the time!) You excel in: Leadership positions You get along best with: The Semi-Colon What Punctuation Mark Are You?
Bar Tab
Is anyone else having issues with their bar tab resetting everday??? If I'm not here 24/7 to pay back all the rates that have been given to me I don't catch them...So for those of you that have rated my pics or stash pls send me a private message so I can return the love...This has been going on for 3 days now for me...Is this a NEW feature that they have started, anyone know??? Thanks my friends, much love...Tina
Auction Results
Well the auction is over and I did a lot better this go around! The problem is...I don't want to own anyone especially after I had to withdraw. I do however enjoy giving things to people I like! What I would really like to see is you guys rate each others stuff and Drews. Those to be rated would be: DREW Sweet Turtle Natural Witch Jay Shockey If anyone doesn't want to do this just let me know and I shall "OWN ya!". I will deliver your bids tomorrow...hope you had fun.. xoxo
Today I had a revelation.. I dont have but like three friends here.. out of the over 12,000 on my page.. I even begged a friend to start joking with me again.. I am begging people to even talk to me.. and that is so demeaning.. and it hurt so much. What did I ever do? I try and try and try and I try.. but nothing helps.. People tell me to "be yourself" then I will get friends, but that is all I am.. is myself.. and it isn't working.. Nothing I do seems to work getting friends.. I even began to stay away from this site more and more.. to see if someone would miss me.. and it shouldn't have surprised me.. when only those three missed me.. or even said anything about it.. In my two years of being here.. all I have are three ..that care about me.. or even WANT to talk to me.. I even thought about whoring myself around on here.. but I simply can't do that.. it isn't who I am.. I have helped so many people here.. I know it shouldn't be about getting things back from those that y
This Is Not All!
You Are a Total Tease You're all about flirting and fun, but you often give guys the wrong idea Most men think they have a chance with you... but come on! You've got high standards, and most men you flirt with aren't going to make the grade And while your tease act will work for a while, every guy you know will eventually be the wiser Do Men Think You're You A Tease?
Homeland Security ..what A Joke
I am so annoyed !!! I mailed out a few small packages to some friends in the states...just some dutch treats from my deli. Today I get the mail with a letter from the post office saying my packages are not being delivered because I sent out pre packaged food and that is in violation of United States homeland security rules, and agreements they have about what can be shipped with Canada. However if I had sent homemade treats it would have been ok ...what the hell??? That is by far the stupidest thing I have EVER heard. Would it not be a hell of a lot easier to slip something fatal in homemade stuff than sealed pre packaged??? < muttering
Back To Abnormal
Now that I'm getting better Blake and Mark are already starting to tighten their grip on me. Blake called a few minutes ago telling me I had to meet him and Mark are the warehouse tonight. What should I wear? Jean skirt or cotton shorts??? you tell me. luv u Tara
Choose An Atheist For President.
Reagan was senile, Bush is a half-wit, Kissinger's an intellectual, Rumsfeld had plenty of experience, and yet they all have similar policies. The train is running on railroad tracks. Whatever corporate ventriloquist dummy you stick in the front cabin to keep the masses distracted makes no difference whatsoever. The question is who can we vote for? They all seem so boring. Doesn't seem like you get much choice over there. The political spectrum goes all the way from far right to centre right. 10,000 flavors of drink in your supermarket aisles and only 'Dumb' and 'Dumber' on the ballot. I think the American people should choose the lesser evil, The so-called savior Senator Obama I really think we need to be backing Obama. Yes, I know, he talks often about his "faith", but he doesn't seem to subscribe to any of its supernatural tenets. He's also the only viable candidate so far to have spoken favorably of nonbelievers, and the best Democratic candidate to win a general electi
Guess I Know
I guess I know who my true friends are, during this contest I've had a lot of ppl come rate and comment me that I don't even know, WONDERFUL ppl that my other friends have asked to come help me out...I know who has helped and who hasn't, so whatever type of contest you find yourself in DO NOT ask me to help you because you won't get it...I'm less than 300 points from being in first place, I'm not asking for you to bomb me, just one rate and one comment helps me out tremendously whether or not you believe it, it's true...So in the near future if you see you're not on my family list anymore, pls refer to this blog...Yes, I'm a bit upset over this, cuz I will help anyone of you the most I can when asked...Hell, I've helped YOUR friends level that I don't even know...No, I'm not bitter, you'll stay on my friends list, but lose the family bond that I thought we all had...
Praise Mecca
After 6 months of metaphorically wrestling with World Financial Network National Bank, those dickheads FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY accepted the fact that I did not open the Victoria Secret credit card this bitch opened in my name. They were calling me every day, sending mass mailings that would all end up at my address, sending me bills, the whole nine yards. When I would talk to them on the phone, depending on the day, I would get different reasons why they were holding me responsible, anything from "the items were delivered to your house" to "you haven't given us a name of the person to get our money from" (which is total bullshit because I did). I kept sending them the number to contact the detective I was working with because he could verify I was the victim of identity theft, they would continue to call me and never once him. This company was a real bitch to deal with. I would ask them "what do I have to do to get this off my credit report?" I would do what they said and
Me....gettin Low! :d
First Stop, Dc
OK, so I'm supposed to do a blog for my owner, talking about how awesome she is and all that, but I'm currently texting her on her progress to the one and only Captain Cooter's residence in sunny California. She has now landed in DC, for her first layover. She's got an hour to explore the wonders of the airport, before she heads off to her next stop in Denver. There is just over 10 hours left until she reaches her destination, and the arms of her love (who'd better fucking hump her leg in the terminal, cuz he promised).
I have decided to make a list of all things I hate, or at least peeve, and add to it on a daily basis Being a semi-misanthrope, I despise about 85 % of humanity and can tolerate about 7% of it. Things I don't like: 1) Women which think they are God's gift to men and their shit doesn't stink. 2) most women in general, I dont like em 3) junkies 4) weak people who make their own lives harder 5) people that are overly obsessed with their appearance (read: vain) 6) bitches 7) slow drivers 8) food leftovers in the sink 9) non-perforated toilet paper 10)prudes 11)cold weather 12) selfrighteousness 13) Islam 14) dirty hair 15) Oprah 16) welfare 17) Russians
Look At This!!!yumm Yumm!!!
03-27-08 (amazing)
Night Prowls
I was just majorly checkout a coyote at work. The damn thing walked right into the lobby a moment ago (I think he saw me smokin outside and got curious when I went back). Took me throwing a rice crispy to get him out.
The Point Of A Mumm
I'm curious what the point of a mumm actually is. From what I know mumm means "make up my mind". But there are people that sit on fubar practically all day and leave rude comments on peoples mumms. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a mumm? Whats the point of leaving all the rude comments? Why don't we have an option to turn comments off on mumms when creating them? Perhaps thats something to propose to the higher ups on fubar. We don't all want to read your rude and negative comments.
Just send me the picture you want to use and help spread the word please!
I Wish I Was In Va
Well My sister is Prego and she lives in VA and I miss her :( and tomorrow the doctor is gonna induce her and I wish i could be there with her while she has her baby so I'm sad today *sigh* I have another sister who lives in VA but shes well yeah to into herself to care so yeah thats my blog and I wish I was in VA!!
My Response To The Stupid Bitch
Look bitch, Dan asked me to lay off you, and, quite honestly, I was going to leave it at that until I saw this fucking blog. Listen little girl, if you seriously think that you're pregnant, more power to you, but basic biology says that you're not, if you were having a period the weekend of the 29th, unless you were lying about that too. I know that it's always possible, but if you went to ANY clinic and told them when your last period was, chances are they wouldn't test you anyway, unless you lied about when your period was to them. As far as having something, then you had it BEFORE you met him because he and I fucked the day before the two of you decided to be in a relationship, and I am clean. It was our last little "fling" and I was asked not to tell you, but now all bets are off. So yeah, he fucked me the night before he committed himself to you, and I have nothing, so that's all on you. I never said that you had been on my page. I have some new visitors from South Bend,
Sold To....
Jendoll ~ 3 day blast by Iced Earth Rules Chantilly Lace ~ 30 day blast by Anonymous Crazy Lips ~ 500,000 fubucks, 1 Happy Hour, a 30 day blast, 3 Month VIP, and six credits worth of fubling, and a Fubar tank top by Holydiver Sweet Turtle ~ 1 month VIP by Jendoll Ms. Mojito ~ one month VIP by m0p Drew ~ 3 month VIP by ty webb Jayne ~ 1 day blast by The Master's Whore Sweet Angel ~ 300,000 fubucks by hughmongus Beauty and the Mess ~ one month VIP by Vixen hughmongus ~ 1 day blast by Yummy-Honey GraficzGrl ~ 3 month VIP by m0p m0p ~ (2) 3 day blasts by GraficzGrl The Master's Whore ~ 1 month VIP, 7 day blast by ty webb [Grg!Ntz] ~ 3 day blast + 50 fubucks by Moet Violets ~ 3 month VIP & 7 day blast by Giggity Captain Cooter ~ 3 day blast by JWH Whoremaster ~ 1 month VIP & 1 day blast or bling pack by JWH Nyha ~ 100,000 fubucks by Jayne Tao of Pan ~ 30 day blast by JoJo [Per] ~ 30 day blast or equivalent by Philemon Mel ~ 3
Thur 04-17-08 (*muah*)
Thursday, April 17, 2008 HELLO! So, if you dont want to hear a "Power Ballad" by the band 'KISS' to scroll to as you read today's subject matter of umm ... the "Kiss" errr Here's another song more KISS related:
How do you release frustration? (this should be interesting lol)
Can Someone Pwease!!
If anyone is watchin UFC tonight since my broke ass cant watch it on pay per view:( let me know who wins between st Pierre and serra, cus me and tatoe has a bet..and really its a no win either way for me.. I still want my fellow canadian to put the boots to Serra :D If you do I will love you all kinds!!! Once tatoe is finished with me of course :( he..lp..m..e ...... :-S later days!!
OK, so here was the friend request: Here's the resulting conversation. Start from the bottom. The asshat never bothered to read my profile or anything. I thin khe gave up when I started talking about the fruits and stuff. ->Sydneyguy: So are you going to answer my question? ->Sydneyguy: Big enough baby, big enough. Sydneyguy: wht size is ur tits ->Sydneyguy: Yeah, we do, but we just started being able to get them again.... will you fuck one of those? Sydneyguy: do u get Afonso mangoes?..sure u don't. ->Sydneyguy: You can still get them, can't you? YOu're not that backward are you? Sydneyguy: this is not cantelope season in Australia ->Sydneyguy: Would you stick your dick in a cantelope? Sydneyguy: no pets, but i pet my dick ->Sydneyguy: Dammit. No pets? Sydneyguy: i dont have dogs and i hate pets ->Sydneyguy: I'm not going to add you to my yahoo without knowing what you'd do for me... I don't add just anyone... I've been wanting to see a
Werd Bitches!!!
Cus I hate feeling left out and stuff. Tell me 10 things you know about me or 10 things you like about me!!
Big Fuckin Tits
the happy hour junky right now has them. bigguns.
Wonderful Morning
So, I was on my way to school this morning, when I flipped my car. All I remember is driving down my drive way then being upside down. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. Nothing seriously wrong. My one arm is banged up, but nothing broken and nothing too deep. I definitely have bruises already. I don't think I hit my head. My car is completely totaled. I don't know what I am gonna do. MY insurance is gonna sky rocket and I definitely cannot afford another vehicle. P.S. I am not asking for any sympathy I just thought you would all like to know what happened. [Edit] So, My one wheel is completely broken and so is my axle. I took off my side view mirror on the drivers side. The roof of my car caved in some. My windshield shattered and so did the window to my driver's side. The head rest of my seat snapped off. My trunk popped open from it. I have a pic as well. I will add more if I think of anything
Survey Supplied By Crystal 4
The Deep Survey (Be completely honest or it doesn't count) [1] What's one thing that would instantly make you dislike a person? Rudeness, no pleases, no thank youss = Fuck you basically [2] What do you do when you need to relax? If i'm at home, well generally I veg out either on here or in front of the tv [3] Why do you think there is war in the world? "Too much intolerance and hate for no good reason." Liked Crystal's answer. Also religion I would add to that [4] Do you think it's ok to sometimes tell white lies? Depends on situation [5] Do you like things in life to stay how they are or change? Both are good. Stability means your comfortable with things, change shows you wanting to learn and grow. So either way all's good [6] If someone liked you, what would be the best way to let you know? well, let me know really [7] What are you listening to right now? Morrissey - You know I couldn't last [8] If you won a lot of money on the lottery, what would
Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me Twice(or More) Shame Shame On You.
No one is really responsible to make someone else happy, no matter what most people have been taught and accept as true.Sadness is a part of our existence. You can choose to be happy or sad and whichever you choose that is what you get. It is when you are feeling sad that you develop new insight about yourself.I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken -- and I'd rather remember it as it WAS when it was at it's best than mend it and see the broken pieces and pretend its good again. You can't go back. No matter how hard you try.If you've made someone sad, they may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. It's a powerful thing, these"emotions" of sadness, especially when it's attached to someone or being with someone. However the most important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there s
More Fakes, Excitement And Such....
...this is silly, stupid and funny. But it goes to show I guess. Check out what happens when a fake gets exposed and doesn't know what to do because it gets locked down for trying too many times to get fake salutes verified I guess... Got its' account locked down by admin and its' fake salute attempts deleted. So what does the stupid fake do when this happens, it makes a new account!! ♪♥ ktluv ♪ ♥ Member:Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club.XoXo♥♪@ fubar ..funny thing is is that this lame fake even links itself to its' old account in its' name.. even though these claims by the owner of this retardation, as show below that they are all "100% REAL".... ...the truth goes more like this.... ..anyways, this fake takes their pictures from this porn site, linked below.... click to check out the real girl... ...why are people so dumb? Oh and on a side note about "cheaters and scripters,"...seen this on yo
Reason #3
You don't always just say what you think I want to hear... you can gently point out my flaws, and not be rude or condescending...
This And That
Not really sure where to start but this is gonna be a long message with different parts so if ya wanna stick around to read it all fine if not fine. Ill start out with this... as most of ya know im a spanker and this club is the best bombin family on fubar! The month of April was a very long month for all members and leaders, and alot of people got stressed out over it. The leaders were workin on something to make things easier for us and for the members. I had something typed up and sent it to the leaders. Now the very first thing the message had said was.... ***** OK guys heres what im gonna post in the spankers blog as long as everyone is ok with it. **** "as long as everyone is ok with it" Now to me this means if ur unhappy or disagree with something that was said to say something about it so we can work it out so EVERYONE is happy. Instead of this happenin 2 leaders got pissed, posted something and quit. I received a short message from someone and something that was said
More Chances
Have You Had A Chance To Own The Sarge?? Do You Want To?? You Have 2 More Chances Once Again... Twisted & Transparent's Auction ~SARGE~ And The Auction My Own Page One More Chance To Own Me..Fubucks Only Auction So Come Bid On Me ...Let's See Who Will Own The Sarge This Time
I work at a hotel. Provided I work a graveyard shift and there is not that much human contact, there is still some, especially in the morning. I noticed that when people come up to me to say something, I get some sort of a mild panic attack. I feel my heart beat faster, and my hands get sorta clammy, and just an overall sucky feeling. Every conversation turns into a mind rape for me, where I have to think about what to say and get freaked out. Any kinda talk gets me that way, but the worst are compliments. When I get one of those (I dont get too many), I feel like my face turns beat red and I have no idea what to say. Today some guy called me a "beautiful night audit lady", and I felt like I was gonna fall through the floor and was completely at loss for words. Ofcourse I love compliments, but I hate feeling totally embarassed and I feel like its obvious.
I'll Never Understand
Come take a journey through a my mind, Im sick and tired of all my young brothers dying Wanting to be like his older brother, 9 years old and in a blink of an eye his life is gone Playing with his older brothers gun, it was loaded, and accidentally shot 1 in his dome Why do these young niggaz want to be grown so soon?, Ill never know Smoke blunts, tote guns, make money, is that all ya really wanna think we live for? Is that all ya young cats see? Do ya really think us older niggaz carry pistols just for ya to see? Well for me and da ones I represent, we have guns for protection, not just to sin. If you have not lived in our type of environment, than dont act like you have than. So many deaths over he say, she say. Pull a pistol, kill that nigga is all ya can think? I remember them days, before I grew da hell up and opened my eyes. I bet that if the situation was handled Real Nigga to Real Nigga, Half them murders wouldnt even happened, but ya mind to small to think li
For 5,000 bucks here's what you need... Movie title Release Date (date not just year) How many Oscars it won And 2 of the stars Quote "Listen to me, mister. You're my knight in shining armor. Don't you forget it. You're going to get back on that horse, and I'm going to be right behind you, holding on tight, and away we're gonna go, go, go!"
Thank You So Much
Are You Kidding Me?
Read from the Bottom up.. seriously wtf are people on? =============================================== SURRENDER ...: If I was perverted I'd be asking you to suck my cock, sorry to offend, everyone else I've sent that to have laughed ->SURRENDER ...: i rarely speak to people in my shoutbox so i seriously doubt that.. basically you look like a perverted little shit that needs to go get laid. SURRENDER ...: um we have spoken before and I do it to see what the reaction is usually the person laughs ->SURRENDER ...: who the fuck are you? who the hell do you think you are doing something like that to someone you have never spoken too SURRENDER ...: mmm coming up behind you nibbling on your neck tracing your arms with featherlight fingertips
Thanks To People Who Levelled Me To Godmother
Thank you so much everyone for your help in getting me to Godmother - the below people are top and should be in everyone's friends list! If I have missed anyone out, I'm sorry - I was asleep when I levelled so a lot of people may have been overwritten in my Bar Tab.... Thank you ... Thank you... Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you... Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you... Thank you ... Summer@ fubar BT**** K.O.P.E ~~~~Uk ****Fubar World Cruise ****@ fubar Learning2Fly@ fubar MikeHammer031@ fubar Mistress Alissandra@ fubar jb147(UK levellers)W.I.S.E.U.K.F.@ fubar gypsysoul fubar wife to finsterbaby member of club far@ fubar starwhisper@ fubar Just Susan
Am I ....
Oblivious? I sure feel like I am anymore. Being in pain and oblivious is what I do best I guess! *Shrugs*
Please Add These Two New Members To Our Family And Welcome Them
Please welcome these two new members to our family and add them thank you lets ~GIT-R-DONE~ ♫ ♪ Aimee ♫ ♪The bitch you love to hate! Hellz Bomberz RL GL to JohnnyBoy@ fubar and ***JOHNNY-BOY*** ~GIT-R-DONE REBEL BOMBSQUAD~@ fubar thank you all, angel eyes
The only thing keeping me here is treatment for a bad infection I got (foliculitus). I had the Dr Appointment today. follow up in july. but if the treatments work, I'm leaving in 2 or 3 weeks. NY > PA > OH > KY > MS > KS > OK > TX > NM > AZ > CA with a fuckin' cat, and shitty air conditioning, and a back window that wont zip, 01 jeep wrangler. this is gonna be a fucked up trip. who wants some dick along the way?
This Is Me, Freaking Out.
I have less than a month left on my lease. I haven't packed, and I'm freaking out, because I have no place to go. Someone *offered* to let me rent a room in his condo, but I have yet to see the place. I also need backup plans, and a spare plan, just in case. I'm OCD/neurotic about that kind of thing. Also I loathe, detest and abominate packing. I would like for someone to do it for me. Sadly, it's not going to pack itself. And this time, hopefully my stuff will stay packed for however long it takes me to save up enough money to actually move out of state. Because I truly would rather not move, again. I just went to check on apartments in the area. I pay less for my apartment in Orange County, than what is being offered in Rancho. I've about worked myself into a fairly decent panic attack. Lack of sleep is DEFINITELY not helping right now. I will have to take a nap when I get home.
English Lesson #1
Ok, just because I'm getting tired of people who talk big about knowing the English language and still misspelling's our first lesson!! ENGLISH LESSON #1: COMMONLY MISSPELLED WORDS a. your - possessive form of you - Your mumm sucks. you're - contraction for you are - You're going to hell. b. there - a place other than here - look over there. their - possessive form of they - It's their ball. they're - contraction for they are - They're going to hell. c. here - this place - come over here. hear - to listen, to acknowledge a sound - I hear a drum. d. ball - a round object, usually a play toy; a party or gala; a good time - I like to play with my ball. We went to the ball. We had a ball there. bawl - to yell or cry - She wanted to bawl about her day. Now class...any questions?
Bnc Is A Fag That Blocks His Profile Cuz He Knows He's A Douche!
DAMN I SWEAR NIGGA JUS CANT GET IT RIGHT CAN THEY? U TRY TO BE NICE BUT THEY JUS DONT GET IT!! LEMME SHARE WIT U A CONVO I HAD WIT THIS FOOL WHO DECIDES TO RATE MY PROFILE AND PICS "1" WHEN IT WAS ALL GOOD A WEEK AGO LOL! STANK BASTARD MAD CUZ I WONT CYBER WIT HIM SMSH!!! BnC is his name should stand for Bastard Needs Cybersex cuz he cant get no real pussy!! this is the fags profile pic this is the convo in my shout that made me block this fool!! chk it out peeps! u kno he dumb as hell talkin to me like that! READ FROM THE BOTTOM UP IN EACH BOX
Thank God I'm Agnostic!
Ho Cubby In Da House.
Here is the deal. I really don't ask for much. But when i set out to whore someone i go full steam. I have 2 buddies close to leveling. I have a game plan. For my lady friends, i ask you to Disciple Neppi. I don't think there is a better guy on this site, including myself. Let's get Neppi to level today. Neppi@ fubar My guy buddies attack Shannerz. She's only 240k away from Godfather. She's a great girl, and isn't sitting back letting people help her. She's out rating too. Give her a hand. ~Shannerz ♥ Lil Devil~@ fubar Now you all know me.... I won't stop bugging you and your alerts till my job is done. (Y) Ya, i am a pain in the ass. :P
Shit Fucker Cat
my fucking damn shit cat managed to jump into the chimney and ceiling or walls of my friends house. i think its time to leave him behind, fucking sack of shit.
XO - Fall Out Boy I comb the crowd and pick you out My mouth moves too fast for you to figure it out It starts eyes closed to fingers crossed "To I swear, I say" "To I swear, I say" To hands between legs, to "whatever it takes" To drinks at the club to the bar To the keys to your car To hotel stairs to the emergency exit door To the love, I left my conscience pressed Between the pages of the Bible in the drawer "What did it ever do for me" I say (I say, I say, I say) It never calls me when I'm down Love never wanted me But I took it anyway Put your ear to the speaker And choose love or sympathy But never both Love never wanted me "I hoped you choked And crashed your car" Hey "tear catcher", that's all that you are And ever were From the start I swear, I say I swear, I say To hands between legs, to "whatever it takes" To drinks at the club to the bar To the keys to your car To hotel stairs to the emergency exit door To the love, I left my con
'nuther Auction
OK, here I am in another auction. Will you come and bid on me, please? This is what I'm offering: Here is my offer: All SFW pics rated during HH (11s if available--I can use my guy's account too, so there's lotsa 11's available). Owned by in name for one month Added as #1 friend for a month Keep you shitfaced for a month Link to your profile on my page Rate all stash during HH Blog about the owner with link to the page SFW salute If bid is more than 20.00 cash Five custom graphics One movie with pictures and song of your choice
where the fuck am i supposed to find out which interstates are flooded? i can't find that information on all these pictures of cleavage and tits and thongs. someone go do it for me.
I Have To Stop Or Delete Account For Awhile
i will from todat not be able to charge anything with money at all do not ask or need ,want will be fubucks only. i have to or dlete everything. it saddens me this day because i have bids out there i apologize to all and feel so bad. please except my apologies but something has to be done , want to block me then so be it. bye for now. thank you jim
I Have A Fu-girlfriend
More Free Graphics and Myspace Layouts at I was bought at auction Friday night. Since then, my owner and I have become close.Graphics and Myspace Layouts at We chatted more and more. Then it happened.Comment Graphics and Myspace Layouts at Everyone, I would like to introduce Fubar's latest FU-BF and FU-Gf, Normkewl and Hot & Fluffy!Normkewl~FU BF to Hot & Fluffy~FU-Bomber~FU-Owned By Hot & Fluffy~@ fubarHot&Fluffy~RL/FU GF to DJ_Lette~Fubomber@ Club frat Owner of Sugar&Caffeine and Normkewl@ fubar
Pete's Pet Peeves - Vol 2
Roadside Memorials When someone dies in an auto accident, the bereaved feel the need to put up some flowers, maybe some balloons, or something in the spot of the accident. Herein lies my beef, are you going to forget where it happened? Is it some magical treasure map of morbidity and suffering? Why do I have to look at your garbage long after the flowers wilted and the balloons have deflated? I'd say I feel for you, but odds are I didn't know the person, and I got my own losses that you know nothing about. Plus, do we really have that bad of ADD that if we dont put some kitschy crap in the ground we forget that someone died? Oh Jeez, I am glad I put that stick in the ground or I would have invited Jimmy over for dinner. What's next? Should we start marking where someones life begun if it happened in a car? If so, you'll excuse me, I have some sticks to put in the ground.
What are Midget's? A fubar midget is a mini version of your profile. You can embed it anywhere... your blog, myspace, etc. It's updated in real time, so whoever see's it can find your current fubar status, level, fans, photos, etc,. One of the best things about the midget is that you also receive points everytime someone looks at it! Click the "My" tab and click on Midget to find yours.
Earlier today.. i found out that one of my dog's died of a rattle snake bite. *pouts* when i found out i went to my parents where he was staying at to find out everything. my heart sank finding the news out and knowing he may have suffered. have yet to cry about it. thank god no one has asked me 'are u ok' cause that seems to bring all the tears out. i guess it hasn't really hit me that he's gone now. k strike just hit me now..2:05am 2:15am had to stop for a bit while typing this. and had to stop yet again. can't stop..well u know..*tears* i know ppl will say how sad..but it's different when it's your dog. parents would always say that he was there grandchild and he was one of my kids. i'm gonna miss him a lot. he's one of 3 dogs i had. him, his wifey, and there son. they recently had two other puppies about two months ago. him and his wifey were given to me by my ex fiancee about 4 yrs ago. he was a mini rot. the most kindest sweetest rot you'll ever meet
User #1972254 Sxyeyes 86 Is Fake.
..this user...a newbie already with a blast.. sxyeyes86@ fubar a big fat fake. Pass it on so anyone doesn't do anything retarded...but they already are. HELLO THIS SALUTE IS SHOPPED & THESE PICS AREN'T EVEN ALL OF THE SAME PERSON FOR CHRISTS' SAKE. lol
I Don't Know What I'm Going To Do
My apartment complex in Georgia called me today and asked me if I could move in at a later date. I told them there was no way I could change my move it and that I asked for July 11 as my move-in day in early March. Well he told me that the building I'm supposed to move into will not be ready by then. There's been some set backs and the furniture will not be in in time. On top of that the property manager is in the hospital and won't be in until next Monday. So next Monday they will call me and tell me what they are going to do. I'm so irritated. My mom and her b/f are moving me down there and once they're gone the net day, I have no one to help me move. So if they put me in one room and make me move in a few weeks into my apartment, I'll have no help to move an apartment's worth of stuff. They were supposed to put me in building 6 or 7 which are right by the office, but for whatever reason I got moved to building 8 which is now not done. I don't know what they are going to come up with
My So Call Life.
Sorry I've not been on a whole lot lately.I've been bummed out lately over my life.So I've been staying busy so I don't think a whole lot.I've not forsaken all of my friends on here or the the other websites I'm on too.Just a whole lot of crap going on In my life right now,and I'm trying to sort through It all to see where I stand with my life.And where It's going,just as soon as I figured out my life I'll be back on here on a more constant pace.But for now I must focus on the future,and tried to figured It out.I just wanted to let everyone know so they wouldn't worried about me,because I've got some mail from friends asking me what was up.I can't really goto Into details on my life.But tyvm for all who have written me mail on here to checked up on me.Makes me feel good to know that I do have friends who are keeping tabs on me to make sure I'm ok.
So today is officially a day 1 of my weight loss (which was brought on by trying on my bikini swimsuit yesterday, and shuddering in horror). I am posting this NOT to make people say I don't need to lose weight and shit, but so I can look at this blog and remind myself of it. Grrr. Not sure if gettin my azz to work out would be a better idea than just eating healthier...
The Battle Of 4th Of July
It was very pirate of me to have this little fight with the other BBQ people. What happened was that we had a BBQ on the 4th of July. Big party, lots to eat. Later in the day, we had visitors. A lady brought her kid over from the other BBQ next to us and started taking food. She would tell her kid, "Quick, grab a plate... take some of this... and this... and that..." When some asked her why she was here, or who invited her over, she said something like, "Oh, that girl over, umm... I forget where she is, but a girl said it was fine..." Big liar. She probably ran out of food at her own BBQ and wanted to take ours. But, what got to us was that it didn't happen just that one time. More uninvited guests came by. Sometimes alone, sometimes in small groups. Yes, we had plenty of food, but, they didn't have to just come in and take it, claim that they know a guy, and take our food. My friend called them out on it. He sent a couple of people back, and he was still angry. Then, that's w
Long, Bitter, And Not Exactly To The Point
This woman I work with really pisses me off. I'm trying to figure out how to best deal with her. I need to say something, but if I don't carefully plan what I want to say I'm likely to blow up on her wouldn't want things to get messy. She is supposed to go to lunch at noon and I go at 1PM, she's been pushing it back for a while now. Yesterday (she's the receptionist, when she goes to lunch I cover for her), so yesterday she's sitting at her desk talking to her friend until 12:50. Then she comes back in my office and says she's ready for a "quick" lunch. She returns at 1 freakin 40. Also, she'll pop her head in my office and say, "I need to go to the bathroom," or something of the like, and then she just leaves. Does it matter what I'm doing? No. Once I was in the kitchen cleaning things up around noon and I came out to find her getting on the elevator. She didn't even say anything to me, she was just going to leave the phones unattended. There is quite a bit more that
Deadliest Catch - New Season
I finally had some time to fire the first episode up on my Tivo. There wasn't much fishing but it was a kick ass episode. I feel so bad for Phil. I like that guy. Anybody watch it?
How Much?
Q & A - Take 3 Q. "How much did they cost?" A. You don't have to pay for things you are born with. So... I recently received a comment on one of my photos regarding the authenticity of my breasts. He auto-assumed they were fake instead of taking a second to ask me. He simply said "how much did they cost?" I am pretty sure he intended the comment to be hurtful; however, it actually made me smile a little. When someone believes my breasts are fake I take it as a compliment! If he had just asked me I would have told him that they are the real deal. My chest is 100 percent natural. I got lucky in the boob department and if you look through my photos it is obvious that I am pretty proud of my rack. Are they perky? Yes! Do I have children yet? No! Haha. I am waiting on the days following child birth and breast feeding when they head south and at that point I will absolutely treat myself to a lift! At the present time the only alterations I have made to my physical appe
"you Got Served"...pfft!
Sorry about the sideways view. Bunch of drunken (minus me) idiots dancing in the kitchen at a house party. Hadn't seen my people in awhile. I missed them dearly... Dirty, Drunken Robot Sarah yellin' at me to drink. Mikey tryin to hand me a drink. Is what happens WHEN you drink... *I ain't gonna lie. I motorboated those sonsofbitches too. -REL
Leave Your Midget On This Blog!!
Okay. So I recently had a picture flagged as NSFW. Now normally you can tell why something is flagged. Albight it may be a RETARDED reason, but you can sort of maybe direct yourself down the train of thought that may have caused them to see something as NSFW. However this time, I am 100% stumped. I have had this pic up for QUITE sometime. No problems. None at all. It's not obscene, it's not offensive, it's not lewd, sexual, or racially prejudice, nor does it offend people based on religious or sexual preferance. It's a simple pic that I've had up and as my default for quite sometime. "What is this pic that could get Johnny so fired up about?" you may ask yourself. Well, here's the link. I don't dare show it in my blog because then my BLOG will be NSFW. The Evil pic that has signaled the downfall of HUMANITY Now can anyone, HONESTLY tell me what the hell is offensive or NOT SAFE FOR WORK in this picture? What about this picture makes viewing it at work so horribly wrong?
Man On Wire
Got into a free preview of this yesterday - about Philippe Petit, a french guy who in the 70's decided he wanted to walk on a high wire stretched between the towers of the World Trade Centre, and with a group of friends planned and executed a plan to do so under the noses of the security and police. One of the most compelling and inspiring documentaries I've seen an ages. As insane as the idea clearly was, Petit's lust for life is infectious, and it's well worth looking out for if you get teh chance to see it.
Nsfw Photo's
I Knocked The Dust Off This Syn Exclusive! Rare Footage!
Ok...this is a first for me on Fubar....actual video footage of a very drunk Syn, singing karaoke love songs, and believe me when I say drunk cuz I would never attempt this sober lol. So, for your viewing pleasure, love it or laugh your ass off to it, here is your man Syn singing, or atleast making a valiant drunken effort to, a song by Billy Ray Cyrus called "Somebody New". And since I know the other party involved in the video will have sumptin smart to say about it, let it be known that this person cried like a baby lmaoo! Gawd, I can be so romantic sometimes hehe!
Friendship Circle Give Away (members Only)
Friendship Circle Give Away Give away will run from Aug. 27th -Sept. 06th Most comments after Sept. 6th wins---1 Month VIP..Good luck to all :) 1st place VIP 2nd place small bling pack 3rd place 250K Fu Bucks A Friendship Circle Give Away for our members to show how much we care...Only Friendship Circle members are allowed to enter,but anyone can bomb for you..(HoakieGirl,Jus'Me & Micki-Blue-Eyes can not help because they can not show favoritism) If you want to join the Give Away please let me know.....Thanks everyone for being awesome members~! Luv & Hugs ~~Your Co Founder Micki-Blue-Eyes OUR 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY
New Contest Themes?
First Off I Want To Thank Miss Honeyshine For Sponsoring The Auction With A Blast..She Would Like To Sponsor A Contest This Time With Either A Blast Or Bling Pack To The Winner..The Contest Will Be Most Rates Wins... But I Will Also Be Giving Fubucks Random Amounts To Everyone That Participates Depending How Many Rates They Get... But We Need A Theme For The Contest ..So Leave A Comment Here Or Send Me A Message With A Theme Idea..
Just Some Blabbering
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Drivetime Playlist
In a few weeks me and some friends are going up to Scotland to climb Ben Nevis (tallest mountain in the UK). Before the climbing can start, however, there is a 10 hour roadtrip to undertake. Don't get me wrong, I love roadtrips, but what I figured would make it particularly awesome would be if I made a CD and all the songs had some kind of link to mountains or climbing. What could be better than a topical guess the song competition? Anyway, having had the initial idea, it doesn't seem as straightforward as I first thought to fill a CD. Here are some songs that are currently on the shortlist, but not many of them are even definites:- - Tina Turner - River Deep, Mountain High - Bob Dylan - Thunder on the Mountain - The Carpenters - On Top of the World - Jackie Wilson - Higher and Higher - Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills - Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground - The Shamen - Move any Mountain The trouble is, I also have to like the songs... or they at least have to have some sort of
The Bachelor Pad
my place that i moved into last week.
Guess The Word
Pseudocide.... anyone?
So guess what! Most of you know I recently moved to Texas with my gay uncle and his partner right! I have barely been able to be online because they are being assholes well tonight well 5 minutes ago I was told by my uncle that I can no longer get online because the comp is in their bedroom and his pansy a$$ feels that I am violating his personal space! Friggin Queen! So guess what! Even though I have an unused HH and active blasts and all this other sh1t I won't be online! Isn't that nice. I will be getting a laptop soon. It was already planned on so whatever thats not the point. My uncles bf is a real b1tch. I had issues with him already. I won't get into the other issues but living here isn't working. I don't get along with girls much soI don't know why I thought I could live with 2 queens! i wanna thank all that have helped me so much. I appreciate you all! I won't be gone forever but will be at least a week before I activly come back. But I will try to get on at work f
Just Passing Threw *muah*
HELLO: My dear sweet friends! I know ~I Know~ It's been ~F O R E V E R~ I was going to write you ALL when it occurred to me: I'm STILL on DIAL UP! So, you'll get my old stand by ... I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know all is well on my side of the screen. I hope it's the same on your side and all those you love are healthy & happy. I've popped on FUBAR a few times although under time constrains, I was unable to say hello (damn dial-up) *gumbles with that thought* I seen you have kept coming bye and leaving me love (which makes me feel so) and I thank you ever so much! My summer has been full and life seems to keep me away from the computer, be it m
Error: You Aren't Allowed To View This Blog
Why do people freak out when I post a private blog? Every time I post one, at least one person jumps in my shoutbox asking why. Honestly, you expect pearls of wisdom from me or something? My blogs all suck anyway, who cares if you can't see it. Chances are you wouldn't want to if you could anyway :p
What Kind Of Sandwich Are You?
You Are a Grilled Cheese Sandwich You are a traditional person with very simple tastes. In your opinion, the best things in life are free, easy, and fun. You totally go with the flow. And you enjoy every minute of it! Your best friend: The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Your mortal enemy: The Ham Sandwich What Kind of Sandwich Are You?
Is It Bad That I Only Left 1 Unchecked?!?!
You Are 95% Kinky If you've heard of it, you've tried it. You're that kinky. You're open to any and all sexual experiences, as long as they're safe. You see the bedroom as the primary place for all your adventures. But that's not to say that the bedroom is the only place you get kinky! Are You Kinky?
Please Read Your Life Depends On It!
by mimcing someone you want to become this person but sense this goal is impoossible or unreachble you copy cat and or act like this person in doing so to get satifaction a car breaths just like a human or an animal, thus saying a car can be an animal but so can a human being, but animals can take on the characteristics of a human thus becomeing house pets in a video game this is lagg, lagg is on your screen you are in a differnt place or position and the other person or person's will be in hopping along or doing something that makes no sense or can avoide bullets that uknw hit them, the game cannot handle suprem fastness so on there screen they hit u or missed and in that case being something like this can happen Lost planet is a game that laggs very badly, they need to make new sever's in the usa or closer the only severs for this game are in japan so r connection can not be as fast as there or everyone eles way, thus causing massive lag, or lagging this rarely happens in c
Here And There
I'm not going to be around as often over the next few weeks. My girl's having surgery next week, and I'm going to be taking some leave when she comes out of hospital. It's scheduled for next Tuesday, and I'll be off then, and probably then for a few days the following week (we're expecting her to be kept in for 3-4 days after). It's to try and realign her thigh bone which didn't heal properly the last time she broke it. I know how youse guys all rely on me to spice your days up, but you're gonna have to be big girls and boys and bear without me for a fu days. Oh, and I'm likely to be experiencing a modicum of stress over the next fu weeks as well, so you can imagine how fun THAT's going to be. :D
dalejr999: or 1 boob at a timdalejr999: > surprise me sexy liknips@aol.come ->dalejr999: why outside my house shuga?? dalejr999: then take your butt withmy name onit mmm dalejr999: outside your house ->dalejr999: ok honey...but my camera wont hold these boobs in one frame dalejr999: ok hope so dalejr999: can u take apic holdign anote saying hi dave dalejr999: mmof course whenareu showing them ->dalejr999: Want me to titty fuck you big boy?? dalejr999: how are u ->dalejr999: hey big boy dalejr999: hi there
My Inner Color...snagged From Emily Again :p
Your Inner Color is Purple Your Personality: You're a dreamer and visionary. You believe you were put on this earth to do something great. You in Love: You're very passionate but often too busy for love. You need a partner who sees your vision and adopts it as their own. Your Career: You need a job that helps you make a difference. You have a bright future as a guru, politician, teacher, or musician. What's Your Inner Color?
ya'all never cease to amaze me. we all joined together and look what points! woot!
Privacy Settings
To all my special Fubar friends, most of U know that I am in the middle of a divorce. Today I had to change my privacy settings because my soon to be ex has created a Fubar account & has decided to harass my friends. so my profile info and comments will be acessable to friends only and for the moment I may not be accepting any new friends just to keep them out of this.... I am really sorry if he actually ends up on ur page & decides to speak to U... I am hoping by blocking everyone from seeing my daily activities it will stop him from having access to any info he may gain from his friends about my activites or friends.... I truly hope this will protect U all from any harassment from him. & once again I am sorry for any inconvienience this may have caused anyone.. Love "Sunshine"
Uga Is At It Again!
GOD I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! Running back Knowshon Moreno was a hot topic of conversation during this week's teleconference with Georgia coach Mark Richt. Moreno's 18 carry, 168-yard, three-touchdown effort in Saturday's 56-17 win over Central Michigan obviously wowed the sellout crowd at Sanford Stadium, but it was his hurdle of Chippewa safety Vince Agnew to complete a 29-yard run that dropped jaws. It was a play that Georgia fans will no doubt be talking about for quite a while, but it was one that many in the country watching ESPN did not get to see except for a brief glance during a quick preview of the Bulldogs highlights to come following a commercial break. Knowshon Moreno's hop over Vince Agnew wasn't the highlight fans thought it should be.When the network did its Top 10 plays, Moreno's highlight was not included. Richt was asked about the omission. "I think they missed the boat or didn't do their homework or something," Richt said. "Normally they do a
Jade's Dirty Diamond Crew Members List ( Must Fan/add/rate/comment All To Join
EACH WEEK, I'LL DO A PIMPOUT, ONE MEMBER A WEEK, ALONG WITH COMMENTS,BLOG,GIFTS...this is for guys & girls!! DIAMOND. The mere mention of the word fills the mind with a multitude of concepts and images. Diamond is a mineral, a natural crystalline substance, the transparent form of pure carbon. Diamond is something superb, the peerless "king of gems" that glitters, dazzles, and symbolizes purity and strength. Diamond is for engagement and the 75th wedding anniversary, for a commitment to never-ending love. Diamond is indomitable, the hardest surface known. Diamond is exotic, formed in Earth's interior and shot to the surface by extraordinary volcanoes. A diamond is likely the oldest thing you will ever own, probably 3 billion years in age, fully two thirds the age of the Earth. JʁWR & DJ @WTWTR~FU-WIFE TO SMOKEY THE BEAR*@ fubar ♥ Be@uTiFuL DiS@StEr ♥@ fubar ♥Ironica**Death Angel♥Byte me!!!/Fu-Wifey Of M
True Love? Yeah Right!
They say that true love can conquer anything....well I have news for ya....true love just ends in pain. Soul destroying, heartbreaking pain....and I am sick of being in pain.....I just give up...
I'm in an auction..Come and get your Giggles
What Kind Of Pie Are You?
You Are Mud Pie You're the perfect combo of flavor and depth. You are overpowering and dominant - and that's what people like about you. You bring energy and a new direction to most interactions. People crave you in a serious way. You're that important to them. Those who like you give into their impulses. You don't represent reason. You represent pure temptation. People get addicted to you rather easily. You offer people a dark side that is very hard to resist. What Kind of Pie Are You?
My Days Are Numbered!!
Well it's back! Didn't take her long to come to my page and be her normal self. Apparently I am improtant enough to her to go off on once again. _Anne ~Mis...: your days on this iste are limited. they are seeing thru u _Anne ~Mis...: nice mumm comments cunt. you fat hogs stick together like the pack of wild dogs u r. im back & will NEVERbe gone. you act so fucking innocent. even fireman915 came to me a couple of months ago, apologized, asked me o forgive him for how he treated me & told me he had finally seen what a fake trouble making cunt u r
Songs We Luv To Drive Fast To!!
Ok so I need some input I'm gonna do a show Monday night 9/29/08--8-11 est @ dirty deeds radio lounge(you can also find us on the web is what I'm asking..What are the songs that while driving you just can't help but pick up speed, one minute your following the law and doing the limit then you look down and bammmmmm your quickly reaching them triple digits!!! leave me a comment and I'll put your song on my playlist, then of course show up and jam out with us, drinks are on me!!! ty rock on dani!
Corsets. :(
I don't pretend to know her any better than anyone else. Truth be told we really only started talking a few months ago. In that time i grew to like and respect her. I don't like sharing my feelings, and there are many blogs out there about her. I just want to explain my default. It's how i deal with things. I make pictures. Makes me feel better. So you can say i'm an attention whore, or whatever. It's my expression of how i feel. Whitney, i'll miss you. My prayers go out to your family. :(
Nebraska: A Great Place To Raise A Family
Nebraska has finally passed a safe haven law, one of the last states in the country to do so. What a safe haven law is basically, it allows for someone with a child to drop them off at a hospital, church, and in some cases a police station or fire house, without fear of legal charges. Ok, it sounds bad, but the rational behind this is, if someone fells like it isnt a good ideal for the kid to be in the house, then you dont want them afraid to break the law to get the kids somewhere safe. Anyway, back to Nebraska. They couldn't agree on what age to list as a "child" so they left it open. Since they have done it, children up to the age of 17 have been dropped off at hospitals and other locations across the state. The most extreme case, when an out-of-work widower left nine of his 10 children at an Omaha hospital (The 10th was 18 years old) Again, it sounds horrible, but the full story is the mother died in childbirth of the youngest, age one, the father was unemployed, a
Halloween Hayride
Welcome to the Halloween Hayride ~You Must R/F/A everyone on the hayride.~Due to the size this train has become I do NOT expect you to R/F/A all the same day~So we have created Stops updated every 24 hours randomly selecting people from the ride.Keep up with all the bullies to ensure you don't miss anyone~ ~Rate all the Halloween Hayride pics~ ~Message Rain or PIA when you are done~ EVERYONE WHO IS ON THE RIDE WILL BE ENTERED IN A DRAWING TO RECIEVE PRIZES DAILY UNTIL HALLOWEEN NIGHT! Halloween Hayride Pics Click Below To Start Rating Folder Hayride Chaperons: Rain~Kiel's RL GF & Fu Wifey ~Owner of WYKD@ fubar ~*~PIA~*~Co-owner of WYKD Lounge~*~owned by bigdan877~*~@ fubar Hayride Tag Maker: ♥Little Angel♥ , AKA Michelle, Member Of The Shadow Levelers, STAFF AT WYKD LOUNGE D@ fubar Hayride Driver: The BULLdaddy~Slave's Superman~@ fubar Hayride VIP - Randomly Ch
My Boobs
Pussy Play!
I Left My Panties At Your Place...
Auto-11's? Too bad there isn't: Auto-Class Auto-Brains Auto-Decency Auto-NonWhoring Auto-Proper Spelling Auto-Common Sense Auto-Good Parenting Skills Auto-PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON! -REL
The Beach Test
What the Beach Test Says About You You like people, but you're careful about who you get close to. Friendship is important to you... so important that you aren't just friends with anyone. You don't fall in love easily. It takes you a long time to get used to someone. Intimacy doesn't come easily for you. You are deeply passionate about several things in your life. You're not passionate about much... and the few passions you have are truly obsessions. Your sense of humor is intellectual and obscure. Only really well educated people get your jokes. The Beach Test
Your Bedroom Personality
Your Bedroom Personality: Healthy In the bedroom, you are open, honest, and giving. You are the ideal partner in many ways! Anyone is lucky to be with you. You see physical intimacy as an opportunity to grow and connect. You are up for experimentation, but you don't require it. What's Your Bedroom Personality?
3100 To Level
Waterboy919@ fubar
Using Men
I have to run to Michaels to get some supplies, but have no car. That means I have to go up to the 4th floor, and try to get my dad to drive me there. Cross my fingers that he is not doin it with his old whore wife. Grrr, sharing a car sucks. :(
What Classic Halloween Costume Should You Wear?
You Should Be a Werewolf You are seen as a bit tough and quite unpredictable. You follow your impulses. You see Halloween as a time you can go a little crazy. You love to scare people, and people are quite scared of you. You tend to be intimidating - and not just on Halloween! What Classic Halloween Costume Should You Wear?
Thank You To All That Helped Me Spotlight
I want to thank everyone who helped me spotlight. I made this video as a thank you for helping me. Much Love Morgan Photo and video editing at P.S. If I forgot anyone I am truly sorry :(
Fu Meet!!!!
Time to get out from behind the computer screens and show yourself!!!!!!! Come meet me,, The official Fu Meet Greeter,,, And all the other Fu Members that are not afraid to show themselves!!! OK here is the scoop.... DJ BARTAB (@ Excalibur) and I were thinking of planning a simple FUBAR REAL LIVE MEET & GREET Party/Gathering at the DAVE & BUSTERS on Deleware Ave, Philadelphia, PA on or 10/29/08 @ 7pm till whenever. This is a BYOM (Bring Your Own Money) Real drinks cost real money ... FUBUCKS don't work here...LOL. Ladies, I am sure that you will not have a problem having a drink bought for you, will be plenty of people willing to buy a round. We ask if you go, you bring your salute picture with you for fun and so the staff can direct you to our group. My salute picture will prolly be on the dart Should DJBARTAB and I waste out time Planning this? was the big question...MUMM Answer YES if we should continue trying to set thing up, AND you will attend or
Is it ironic that a person that looks like this called me a coke whore?
Kok Salutes
i need kok salutes or ball salute or maybe even mewb salute....come on guys you know you love me
Updated 11/14 Giveaways That Need Done Updated
WE STILL HAVE FAMILY MEMBERS IN GIVEAWAYS WE NEED TO GET WORKING ON.AS NEW ONES COME UP I WILL TRY TO GET IT ON HERE AND UPDATE THIS . THANKS ALL!!!We have a members friend that asked for our help. anyone have friends that need help you know to go to tj,Chaotic or Bratt and we all will check it out to make sure we are capable of doing it, we are here for family and their friends that need help, cause we are too small a group to help just anyone!!!!! LET'S SHOW EVERYONE WE ARE A FAMILY AND CARE ABOUT OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! **CHAOTIC PRINCESS**!! **SHADOW BOMBER**
Omg I Can't Decide
Pink or Red nails!? quickly!
What A Line.
You're so hot I think I burned myself looking at your pictures! your single, huh? Don't think I have heard this one before. :|
Dod For The Day Is Metal Sandy
~*MȆL *~[Real Life]partner of ~*KŋЮέ_p*~ Member of Rating Revolution@ fubar Congrats enjoy your day!
Does it matter what I think or how I feel? Why do I feel like I must wear the weight of the world on my shoulders along with all my weight? Don't people see this is gonna make me crash and fall? Just cuz I was strong once, doesn't mean I have the strength that I used to. I am ready to run, ready to hide. I can't tend to get a break in this life, and I am done taking it in stride. I can't do this, it's tearing me up 24/7. //end vent
Just when I begin to think that life its self is beginning to suck, I had someone do something that made my day. I had just got done grocery shopping and had my mom stop over at Dairy Queen so I could purchase an Artic Blast. I had just ordered it, was pulling out the $2.29 to pay for it, and this mentally challenged gentleman jumps up to the counter and said "Wait, I want to pay for it." I looked over in awe, and asked him if he was sure. He was like yes, and pulls out his debit card, and continued to pay for it. The gentleman must not have been any older then 25. I looked at him and said thank you so much as I was walking away. His reply to me was, "You're welcome, and God Bless." Today I will forget about my problems and what has been weighing my mind down so hard. Just remember one thing in life: Pay it forward. xoxox Tawnya
What Kind Of Muffin Are You?
You Are a Corn Muffin Even though you've been accused of being otherwise, you're a simple, uncomplicated person. You just want the same things everyone else wants. You're just happier with what you already have. You are confident and strong minded. You are proud of who you are. You enjoy being recognized for your accomplishments, and you like to be the center of attention. Sometimes your ego can get the best of you. You do tend to outshine people. It's hard for you not to have a big head - very few people have it as good as you do. What Kind of Muffin Are You?
Well Damn, No Visit From Santa
You Were A Little Devil This Year You Were 95% Naughty, 5% Nice Not only are you on Santa's naughty list... You kind of scare him - and all the reindeer. So you won't have a full stocking. You couldn't care less! Were You a Naughty Girl or Nice Girl this Year?
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Read This If Yer On My Friends List
EHHHHH fubar.............. suppose to be a place to meet folks from all over the country right? nope now folks only worry bout rates it seems. its like high school sorta... a populartity contest. folks dont just drop by to say hi n how yer doing. or if u say hi to them they wont rarely respond. well i got some good friends, who are a comfort n help to me, n i hope i am to them. the rest well if what u wanted was rates to level up u got all yer getting from me. just go head n delete me. otherwise i look forward to hofully making new friends. n if anyone thinks i might be like some of these other guys, ask anyone of my friends. ive always watched my manner with em, never asked to see thier nekid pics, or cams or any such bullshit. a man dont ask n damn sure dont begg. as my granpa taught me, manner make the man.
Leveling Help #108
♡♡♡onetruelovepjl&dal♡♡♡~~r/l wifey to peter~uscoastguard~cwo3~~@ fubar 196k to level lets do our best shes 1 of us
Leveling Help 110
justm41~~ Team Leader of the Omega Bomber~~ Fuangels ~~@ fubar 24k I think
Alison's Giveaway
Since Alison and i move in different circles on Fubar i thought i'd tell my friends about a contest she is having. Everyone complains they can't get auto 11's... Here's your chance... I am going to be giving away 3 Auto 11 Blings! I am looking for 10 people to compete for the most rates to win an Auto 11 Bling. First 3 people to get a combination of 100 rates and 10,000 comments will win an Auto 11 Bling. If you are interested, please leave the link to the picture you wish to use in this contest. As soon as I have 10 contestants, the contest will begin. The Auto 11 Blings will be awarded during a Happy Hour for double the points! This contest is only open to those who have a verified salute! Here's her blog link... And her page link in case you wanna be friends ◊{£♥}◊@ fubar Good luck everyone
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Fewer Misgivings About Thanksgivings
Six years ago, I "ruined" my family's Thanksgiving by getting divorced. The holiday was saved only by "Wound up," who was incredibly kind to me. Two years ago, I nearly invited a naked homeless man to my house for thanksgiving. (I wrote a story about this, too, but fubar seems to have deleted it. Perhaps this is for the best.) Then, instead of spending thanksgiving with the naked homeless dude, I ended up spending it with my friend who is sick. We were naked, but not homeless. A year ago, I posted all of these stories in anticipation of a perfectly nice holiday spent by myself, enjoying a bit of music, a bit of silence, more than a bit of wine and literature. My plans were dashed, though, by a dashing young woman, a former classmate who called me on thanksgiving and asked what I was doing. "Masturbating." "Hmm. I could help. Want to get together?" She was joking. Or, at least, I thought she was joking. I certainly wasn't. She came to visit, we had a few drinks
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iornlung03@ fubar 6k to level valid salute easy rate 99 pics
What Gemstone Are You?
Your Gemstone is Amber Creative, happy, and logical. You shine in any intellectual endeavor What Gemstone Are You?
Cerri Has Autos!!!
She is wonderful, she never asks for anything except for me to bath every once in awhile (not going to happen). PLEASE RATE HER TO DISTRACT HER FROM MY SMELL!!! she has the Autos!!!! ~CERRI~ ..guarded by my underwear
Secretly Buy Me?
So I'm thinking of putting my ass up for auction in Radio's secret auction dealie. But my ass has never been auction before, so I dunno what to offer. Any thoughts or suggestions?
What Flavor Gum Are You?
You Are Peppermint Flavored Gum You have a sharp mind that is always churning. You are mentally hyper. You're always thinking of something. And while your mind is always on, you're not the most physically active person around. Some people make mistake you for being lazy, but the truth is: you never relax. You tend to get so deeply into your projects that you ignore everything around you. You are creative and cutting edge. You love telling people about your newest ideas and discoveries. What Flavor Gum Are You?
For All My True Friends
I know this is a long one, but please watch all of it and read the little messages in it as well.. This is for all my friends even the ones not pictured here.. Make photo slide shows at
Ask me a question, any question. I'll answer it truthfully and ask you a can get quite amusing. Thoughtful questions, humorous questions, technical questions..anything. Something you have always wondered about me, something you want a true answer to but never thought I would answer honestly, something that has nothing to do with me that you have always been curious about...anything. Shoot away. Thanks Van & Tony... Not really thanks, but you know...
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vfangfetishv *Your Blood and Mine*@ fubar 7,700 to level
I'm curious as to how people name their kids. I only wonder 'cause of this one guy at work. No word of a lie, this guy's name is Godknows Seriously
Tis The Season
So, it seems to be that time of the year were the wind blows and all the nipples get hard. And now everyones getting together to dance and sing with joy and glee. /gags give me sex or money and i'm good. ;)
To Get Access To My Nsfw
Hello sweets. Well to avoid all the questions here we are. If you want access to my NSFW i ask for a bling pack or Blast. If there is a question why, well i do take time out of my day do this for fubar. I try to keep my fans happy and well i like doing it so. there you go the How To's ok luv all my fans. Take care. Pierced...
One of my favorite movies, although not on my list, is Office Space. It tends to be quoted and re-quoted where I work pretty often (I have the privilege of working with people who actually have a sense of humor, makes the days fly by). Anyway, one of the lines from the movie is "Looks like someone's got a case of the Monday's." I say all that, to say this: I have a case of the Monday's...I SOOOOO wanted to sleep in today. I woke up late because of it, and have yet to get my coffee...I wish Starbucks delivered.
Immature? Lol
Hehe.. this whole thing just makes me giggle. Most of you that know me know I am a huge goofball, love to laugh and joke around, total kid at heart. Someone told me that because of my status..I am immature *snickers* I am very mature for my ripe old age of 30, but I still like to have fun. Yes so my fave tv show is Family Guy, and I still cry at disney movies..but does that really make me immature? Not that I really care, just wondering I guess. I always thought of myself as more happy go lucky, not stuck in 12 year old la la land..heeh Okay so anyway, Im at work bored off my ass..therefore you must hear me ramble :p Post em if you got em
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Sheila, Emanon, Mow (mistress Of Wolves)
Animal you feel represents you or feel connected to? cats...I like them, they like me. They just know what they are and all their limitations What weather do you feel you are? agrees with me Choose one living & one deceased person you would like to spend 24 hours with, can be anyone. living...right now, Amy. gone....hitler If you could go anywhere in the world expenses a non issue where would you go? (choose more than one if you like) All state tour of the USA Who do you admire most? no one in particular What is something(s) that bring you peace? reading, listening to music Favorite tree & or flower? Dandelion What is a gift you have always remembered getting that meant a great deal? (doesn't matter how long ago) nothing comes to mind A song lyric that holds meaning to you or song? (more than one is fine) "My heart is yours, I sacrifice for you" Share a 'guilty' pleasure. genesis, lmao Name something you like about yourself. (saying no
This is Princess..and she is my most favoritist Blonde in the world!! She is perfectly awesome and one hell of a friend! I met her via the canadian boys...and I can't tell you how very happy I am I clicked her! She has always been there when I need her most..and I really can't put into words how very special she is to me. ♥ AlluringAlana♥'sPerfectlyPrettyPrinny!! Princess@ fubar ♥
Hey y'all. Just wanted to let ya know if you didn't already that I graduate college tomorrow. I'm also moving sometime next week and will not have internet for a while.....
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wsu raider maniac@ fubar 11k to level
Here Is The Link
Okay, I'm fed up with his lies. For you people who want to keep backing his lies and his lounge I'm ashamed of you! I can't believe your going to sit in that lounge and watch him boast all those lies. Here is a link to a site that you can search the bulls names he has listed, and search his name, the bulls, some are real, some aren't, as far as Night Fever, the bull does exist, but Allen Godfrey has never been recorded as a rider on him! And if you search in this site which is a directory for all professional bull riders he can't be found! He is not listed on the PBR Discovery Tour as a rider for the coming year as he claimed in his blog! When will you people wake up and smell the coffee. Obviously if he is capable of making these false claims, all other claims he has made are also false! This is the following link, look for yourselves! Read it and weep Allen, your a pathological liar, about everything! Here are a few real Professional cowboys names to run in that site, Travis Brisc
My Girls Kick Major Ass!!
My girlfriends decided they are coming over tonight with leftovers from Saturday night!! *dances* They say we need to have more "non-alcoholic" abs night/parties anyway :D I call my friend...tell her the truth..she understands. *truly blessed*'s friggin cold cold cold..didn't even get past the teens today! -13 when I got up this am.... and Majik is sweating.. pfft.
Absolute Fubar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Freedom Of Speech Gone On The Fu
Ok all of you that know me know that I'm am really outspoken and tend to say whats on my mind. Since yesterday afternoon I've really been biting my lip and trying to keep my mouth shut. And this might get me kicked off of fubar but......Whats right is right and the shit going on with the changes on Fubar and not right at all. I love this site here I found my soul mate, love of my life Tat and I'll forever be grateful to this site for that. I also have made many great friends here as well. Me and Tat are far from well to do money wise as are a lot of other people that use this site. We didn't even have enough this year to have a Christmas dinner, With the way the economy is were lucky to pay the rent, gas etc and scrape by every week. We are both hard working people, we don't live on welfare but the way things have been for everyone even our jobs have cut hours. But we have each other and we know that there are others even worse off then ourselves so even if there's no gifts under t
My mother in law hasn't been happy in her marriage for a while but is pretty quiet about it... most of the time.. well tonight her and her husband were fighting... he went to bed.. she got really drunk and started calling her daughter and my husband saying how much she hates him and how she is going to get a lawyer monday.. jesus christ btw..go buy me
Life And Death
Last night I was driving to work at 11pm, and I was going a little too fast for the road conditions and the speed limit. As I started turning left from a turning lane, my car made an awesome 180 degree spin, stopping in the far right lane, facing the right turn. I just went straight, then made a U-turn. It was amazing that there weren't any cars at the moment, since it is a very busy street. If there were any cars on that side, I guess I wouldn't be typing this right now. I am truly being saved over and over, not sure what for. But its the moments like this that make you realize how fragile we were, and how our lives can be cut short at any given moment.
My Goofball Friends
I was on the phone with a couple of my friends earlier. I don't disclose my friends identities on here so we'll call them Batman and Robin. Robin isn't quite as ghey as his comic book counterpart. He's actually pretty witty. The two of them discussed saving Gothan City for a few moments while I listened in, then we played some music. Alice in Chains' Nutshell was the song of choice today. It's pretty sad. "we chase misprinted lies" "no one to cry to" basically, a better off dead theme to the song. Robin likes it though and we made fun of him for being such a wuss. He's girlfriendless. Both of them are, really. After the first round of jokes, Batman told Robin, "dude, you need someone to love." "me? love?" Batman and I replied "yeah" simultaneously. After a moment of quiet, Robin simply stated, "Nah, I need someone to f*ck." oh, Robin, so do i. then, the conversation turned to horse facials. i don't know how. Also, i have a thing for seth rogen. the only state
So, first day of my week off. Last night I turn off the alarm clock, stay up a little late, and am prepared to sleep in. This morning, I'm kicking along in a dream, enjoying myself when everything stops, I snap straight up in bed and am wide awake early in the morning. I woke up at five two days ago, six the day before, but I was sleeping a couch, that stuff happens. Today though, I'm up and ready for work, which I'm not going to. What the hell?!
Contest Help Me Plzzzz
just one rate plz merry christmas muahhhhh > >
Mi Kids.
Porch Online (Evil) Nitro, WV December 22, 2008 @ 4:20 pm lmao you have kids? I hope they get molested by HIV infested hood rats now this just happened.. misfit went and told porch about a comment i left HER..and thats what he had to say.. now i understand im new here.i understand how very important poor misfit is to all of you, i get that porch is some great guy to some people out there.. but what i dont how if i myself call someone out for what they are, you see im not like you people, i dont give two fucks..if ur a whore ur a whore and im gunna call it like i see it.. i dont care about rates,bling,vips,or anything else that matters to 90% of you dickholes. i come here to have a quick chat with whom ever will, to kill a few minutes here and there between taking care of mi kids..ohh and dont go on into how im a bad mom cuz im on not here 24/7, i take two seconds here n there for myself while mi oldest plays indepently and mi youngest naps.. oh
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Merry Xmas To My Friends
I started out to leave everyone comments but my piece of shit puter gets locked up on peoples pages so I opted for here. Doesn't mean I love you any less.. Hope you all have a Happy and safe Holiday.. XXXXXOOOOOOOxxoooXooXXoofor nacho libre fans P.S. I hope I was good enough girl for Santa to bring me new laptop..
Truth In The Pages
In a desperate attempt to find something to do tonight I decided to go for a ride on my roommate's mountain bike. I see students on campus all the time riding their bikes around, and we have some good sidewalks and hills so I figured I'd give it a try. That was a mistake! Holy crap I forgot how difficult it was to ride a regular bike. I haven't done it in, uh, fifteen years? I gave up self propelled transportation at an early age thanks to my facination with motorcycles. I *should* have taken my motorcycle for a ride, but hindsight is twenty-twenty. Not wanting to just quit and go home, I rode for a couple of miles, returned exhausted, sore, and in pain (who the hell designs the seats for these things?). Next, I decided I hadn't read in a while and maybe needed to take it up again. I found a book I bought for one of my English classes years ago that I hadn't read (but I did write a book report on it, and got an A, even though I didn't know anything about it, go American education).
Looking Ahead To 2009....
....well, 2008 is almost over. What a year it's been. Personally, i've started the year in Texas and will finish the year there as well. It takes some getting used to, but from a people point of view, it's a lot better than Florida was. Looking to buy a brandy new house as well, which is a definite plus. Spending quality time with those who I was unable to for (what seems like forever) is also a positive I'm ok..Fubar & the rest of the world, well, who knows.. ..we've seen many Top Ten members delete this year, for their own reasons of course This place can definitley take it's toll on you... I'm glad I took a break, it feels good. You can look at this place a little bit more objectively once you aren't on here 24/7 anymore. I see the same people are up to the same things over and over again, That never changes....People delete, come back, delete, come back...this place is rather addicting... There are people out there doing the same things, just sometimes the faces ch
Holy crap a fake Kelli Young profile! mandy@ fubar Nice work n00bz.Get original with your fake defaults lol...she claims it's really Kelli Young from, let's seeeeeeee.....stay tuned.
What Year Should You Have Been Born Under?
You Should Have Been Born Under: Resourceful and practical, you are a quick thinker. You are very observant - and it's hard to get anything past you! A total perfectionist, you are especially picky about looking your best. You're a big dreamer - such a big dreamer that reality can disappoint you. You are most compatible with an Ox or Snake. What Year Should You Have Been Born Under?
Thank You Part 2
As most of my friends on here already know my Mom passed away on 12/30/08. For the months that she was in Hospice while they were hard, I am so grateful I had that extra time with her. I again cannot express how grateful and thankful I am to my friends here on the FU that have stuck by me thru all of this. I can say without any doubt I have the most caring and luving friends here and without you all there with your love and support I don't know how I would have managed to have gotten thru it all. I love you all and will never forget how you all pulled me through.
We got hit again with yet another round of friggin snow..... Just went out back to smoke (and yes I am living at my mom's) and their metal shed roof collapsed... I am sooooooooooooooo ready for warm weather there is to much damn snow.
Salute You?
there's this guy always coming onto yahoo begging me for a 'private' salute. he seemed nice enough when i gave him my yahoo id. now, he's just annoying. he'll trade, he says. somehow i dont think it will be a fair trade at all. he really gets on my nerves. i decline everytime. he never gets the hint. today, he asked what i am interviewing for. i said a pillowfluffer. he says, i'll take the job but i'm a handful. (was i offering said job? no.) handful, how? i ask i am an active person and i need lots of blowjobs, he says. ( i sense an opening here...) um, you don't need lots of blowjobs. you want them. and if i hire you it's my game. i'm the boss. you're not going to get a real guy if that's what you want. i just like to get head and fuck you til you can't move. so, that means you won't lick your own cum off my feet? cuz that's part of the job requirement. woot! he has left the building. hopefully never to return.
Cabin Fever
I seriously can't wait till everyone gets back. I'm about to go nuts bouncing off the walls. I didn't realize how much time I spent at my friends houses until I had to fill that time. I should consider a hobby. Curling anyone? A little xkcd for everyone. Anyone who appreciates nerd humor should visit this site: www.xkcd.oom and just start hitting random. I've read them all, and they are all funny (warning, degree in math or similar focus may be required to understand some jokes). Sadly enouogh, the above has happened to me before.
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Say What?!
How the hell did THIS happen and what exactly does it mean???? Today's Rank: #37
Lost Is Back
Welcome back sweetie!
I'm here to have fun enjoy myself and make friends. I will continue to do my thing. I'm not helpin people whore nor helpin those that do! I pay attention and everyone that has been there I've always at least done my best to help you as well and I will continue too. Thank you all :).
I Don't Wanna Go Back To Ga
Looks like I gotta go back. I'm going to try driving at night tonight. I used to drive at night all the time in undergrad, but it was only an hour away. Making an 8 hour drive at night may not be a good idea. I'm a night owl, as many of you know. I think I'll be okay driving at night. As long as I have the tunes cranked up and don't turn the heat up, I think I'll make it. There's less traffic too. Going through Atlanta anytime from 4pm to about 7pm is HELL. And the same goes for Charlotte. So if I don't even leave here until about 7pm I hope I'll miss all the traffic. It will just be me and the 18 wheelers. My mom doesn't even get off work until 5:40pm so I have to wait until she gets home. The good thing is, everyone will be here when I leave so I can get them to help me carry my stuff downstairs. I have quite a few bags of stuff that I have accumulated. Just for the hell of it, here is the emails between my boss and me. From me to her: "Would it be possible, if I speak w
A Desire!
Once upon a dream of desire my heart tis yearning it longs for the fire my mind is aflame at the thought of your touch it longs to feel it, it wants it so much The feathering of your tongue wisp o'er my breast to bring a new hardness upon their sweet crest to feel that sweet whisper, makes my thoughts come alive my desires for you, insane does me drive To feel your magic flow as your fingers explore pure ecstacy, pure pleasure, a touch I'd adore To fix with you that hypnotic gaze explore all the treasures of the bodily maze to tread the unimaginable garden of pleasure my dreams don't come quite up to measure To feed on the burning desires within to feast on the lust, to caress the sweet sin to feel the crack of your whip of desire it burns inside, I long for your fire The tangling of limbs, the touching of lips, the longing for us to be joined at the hips wanting to live that tempestuous storm all these desires in me...have been born...
How Dating Is Like The Superbowl
Hehhe.. I saw this article and thought I would share, it's pretty funny :) Think the Super Bowl's only important to couch-potato quarterbacks and people who like to party? Not so! You can use football to assess the (e)Xs and O(oh)s of your dating life, too! Let us reveal how: Who's the starter? Need help deciding who's the best person to spend Super Sunday (or any big event) with? Choose "the best of the best," says Tim Wrightman, a member of the Super Bowl XX Champion Chicago Bears and owner/operator of the Lazy Bear Ranch hunting lodge in Idaho. "This top roster spot has to be earned by playing hard through the entire season. I usually go with the usual, sure-bet, experienced datethe one who has won her division. However, I have also had a lot of fun with a date who has peaked at the end of the season and makes it to Super Sunday as the wildcard." If you've got a great starter, do all you can to keep him or her happy, says Skip Peterson, a diehard Seahawks fan and Fantas
Unexpected Smile
So...a random chick pops up into my SB...and at first I'm offended, thinking I'm gonna have to verbally bitchslap someone. It actually...well, just read. ISIS...: b nicer... ->ISIS...: scuse me? ISIS...: u know honestly? u are about the most perfect man on fu... u just need to b a lil bit nicer.... Made me smile big-time. Turns out she's an old old mummer friend I haven't talked to in months. But, to have somoene just pop up and say that..brought me a smile. Just goes to show that not EVERY random shoutbox convo sucks.
The Five Word Survey (you can only answer using 5 words or less) How are you feeling at this very moment?: Bored as per usual How old are you?: twe nty on e Give one good reason why your life is worth living?: Have whole life ahead If you knew that you only had one day left to live how would you spend it?: treat my family What are your parents like?: Dad Dead, Mum the greatest Who is your best friend?: Shaun/Richard Who do you love?: Everyone (almost) What is your favorite ride at a carnival?: Dodgems. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?: Future holds many surprises What is your favorite swear word?: Fuck. Obviously. Or blasphemes actually Do you believe in life after death?: Don't wanna think of that Where would you like to go on vacation?: Good ole USA Define Love.: Different for us all Define hate.: Unnecessary but often felt Define beauty.: Again, different for us all
Fu - Bullies?!! Ffs
Sadly it has be brought to my attention that there are people who are buying people unsolicited gifts then telling the recipient that they need to crush them or add "property of" to their name. Are you fuckin kiddin me? If someone buys you something you did not ask for or make an agreement about then if you want to put something in your name, put "Property of Thanks For The Free Shit". You owe no one ANYTHING!!!!! I am LIVID that people are running around here thinking they can buy people at random for VIP's and Blings. If you are one of the people buying random VIP's and blings and expecting that people owe you shit, know this, all you are owed is a thank you and to know that your spent money is appreciated. Also if you are one of the people doing this, I'd consider asking people first if they will agree to your "proposals". I know who's doing it and will gladly put their ass on blast if ONE of my friends comes to me again with this kinda wanna be top somet
123 Survvey
If you had to name your child after a car, what would you name them? Corvette Is it annoying when people say "like" too much in conversations? It's like, sofaking annoying. Did you see Saw 5 in theaters? Did you say "see saw" in your question? Do you sleep with any stuffed animals? No just a big pillow Would you date someone 8 years older than you? I'm not supposed to have dates anymore. Have you questioned any people that are in your life lately? I questioned one person in my life about whether or not they left a chicken bone in the sink. Are you easily scared by horror movies? No Do your lips get chapped often? Not reallym unless doing yard work when it's cold and windy. Any plans for tonight? Work work work. What was the last concert you attended? Collective Soul / Live / Blues Traveler What is one thing you wish people didn't do? Lie Your ex shows up randomly at your house, you say? "What have you been up to for the last 20 years?"
#1 Futard Goes To...azriel The Annoying!!
Everybody give a round of applause for Azriel The Annoying! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Let me tell you about my experience with this futard. On my old fubar account Azriel The Annoying contacted me asking me to be one of Azriels Angels. I was in a rather nice mood so I talked to him. BIG MISTAKE! I admit I was stupid enough to give him my yahoo screen name. Dont get me wrong he was nice and sweet. However he started getting annoying when he kept sending me ims constantly (as if his emo nobody loves me attitude wasnt enough!). If I didnt respond he would buzz me. You would think if I didnt get back to you that I obviously dont want to talk to you. I ended up blocking him on yim and fubar. During this time I started hearing a lot of bad things about Azriel. How he was buying girls blasts and happy hours then demanding them to send him things in return. Since I came back to fubar Azriel has been randomly popping up on my page. Hell drop me a rate and a friend request. I deny i
Boom, Head Shot!
Please shut up. I hate your voices. No, not the ones in my head. The ones all around. You irriate my very existence. For God's sake, just disappear. Oh to have a moment of peace. Quit your bitching. I'm not listening. Tuning you out. LA LA LA LAAAA! Ugh. Where's my gun? Naw, it's not that bad. I hope it never gets that bad. I need a vacation. And this time, it'll be with someone I like. *AHEM* *GIGGLE* Don't ask. I feel ill. I need a Dr. A medical Dr. A head Dr. A Dr. of the soul. I need a Soul Man. I need a soul, man. FFS. Ramble much? Bang Bang, my baby shot me down. What is the reply to that song? Stab Stab, I got up and stabbed you, bitch? Oh, love. How epic and tragic a love story I have lived. Psh, who am I kidding. Nothing epic about choosing the wrong men. Or do they pick me? What if we're all just picking the same people... reincarnated, over and over? what a fucked up joke. Don't you have better shit to do, God.. Allah, Budd
Motivation For Weight Loss
Ok all i need your help with some motivation. I am trying to lose between 40 and 60 pounds b4 my baby is here in July or August. Right know I am a 32 year old 6'1 325 pounds and I want to be around to see my baby grow up and if it is girl i want to walk her down the isle when she gets married. So what i am asking for is your motivation to keep me going and plus i am helping out a really good friend with it too and with your help to keep me going i can do the same thing. I am going to post pics and updates on how it is going so that way all my friends and family can see and give me the motivation that I need to keep going. I want to thank you all for your help. Weight loss buddy with hihoney24 and rain and simply go show her some motivation too plz and ty
Dance Of Seduction!
Upon your eyes I fix my gaze and lure you in, your heart is crazed Closer closer.. you do come the dance of lovers has almost begun The music rhythmic, the lights down low I gyrate my hips...I do it slow There is a pulse upon the air not felt by others, just us do share And then at last our bodies meet we both do part our dancing feet. I straddle your leg, you hold me firm and at your touch, my body squirms. One hand you place it atop my thigh, my body quivers, I feel so high.. your other hand is fixed firmly in my hair, we come as close to making love as we could dare. Our bodies snaking, it feels so good I make sure im not to be misunderstood. I want you My Prince I want your fire To make love with you, is what I desire. Its hard to part the fiery gaze I feel the hardness, that I crave The space between our lips now smaller I get on my toes, am now much taller. We are in a crowd, but there are no others theres only us now.... just us two lovers for those around us they vanished the n
Rules & Regulations
So after listening to my fellow FH's bitch and moan about not having rules set, I've decided to bullshit up some rules, that's what this is, if it makes no sense to you, you should probably just stop reading now, because it won't get any better! Rules 1. DON'T ASK TO JOIN!! If you don't know what FHSG stands for, don't ask to join, we're an elite group, that do absolutely nothing for each other but give each other a hard time and laugh at asshats on fu, we're not here to bomb you, level you or stroke your ego amongst other things. 2. ASHLEY'S ALWAYS RIGHT Under no circumstances is Ashley ever wrong, it's a hard concept to grasp at first, but soon, everyone gets used to it. ***REVISED*** Ashley can only be wrong under one circumstance, and that's when she proves herself wrong. Thank you very much smartass mofo's :P There's your update! 3. NO FECKIN EMO'S! Face it emo's aren't cool and i don't want them in my group. Sorry kids :) 4. I have no other rules, a
So I have another four hours til my next class, and it is not worth it for me to leave campus so it is now your job to entertain me in some way. I was going to go workout But since there is a freakin blizzard outside I decided against that hahaha. Seriously it took me almost two hours to get to class this morning. blah blah blah someone send me a freakin fruit to snack on! oh and GIVE AMY YOUR FU-MONIES! That is all. ♥
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Valentines Day
For along time now Halloween has been my favorite holiday before that when the kids were growing up it was Christmas. This year it will be Valentines Day. Most girls are brought up with this dream, fantasy of one day meeting the perfect someone where everything just fits like it was always supposed to be. Their soul mate, their best friend above and beyond all friends, their other half, mind, body and soul. I to had that dream at one time but life took it's twists and turns and I found myself married for 13 years in a marriage that was just convenient and not really love at all. I raised the kids, cooked the meals, cleaned the house, worked full time and did it all with a smile on my face like it was all great. I was everyone's clown and I played the part well but inside I was alone. With the kids grown and gone there was nothing left to hold on to about 6 years ago on my bday it ended. I thought this was the worst birthday anyone could have and I wouldn't ever celebrate it like most p
Llama Leveler Of The Day
Miracle Monkey Chief of N.A.P, Founder of Llama Levelers, Club F.A.R Team Capt. Team Love@ fubar Its JoAnna picking the Llama Leveler of The Day today- and I chose Dave one of Our Fearless Leaders-so drop by his page and Congratulate him and please rate at least 100 pics and leave a comment on this blog saying you done so plz!! Also on Homepage I uploaded a tag for everyone-if I missed ya let me know plz!leave a comment on the pic so I know u got Yours! Thanks-JoAnna" Co-Founder"
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We lost Mom at around 2pm today.....she felt no pain and went pretty quietly. She is now in a better place watching over all of us.
Uh Oh
TOOL has posted a blog with a link to a pic I will never forget. I can't find his blog now :( I wanna see it again!
Well, my alter ego got deleted. If you are the loser that posted it, contact me again. I know you are a coward, and wouldn't confess to who you are. But maybe you have another fake profile you could use.
The Horror
Been back at an old job this week, hopefully will be staying for a little while this time to. Now, the thing is, the job is at an all girls school, ages 11 to 16. I don't think I'll ever get used to the noise they make, holy christ it is horrendous. Especially one teacher's classes, poor guy, no matter how hard he tries hardly any of them listen. It's painful to hear in more ways than one.
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Spokane Pbr All Lies
Okay folks, here are the screen shots from the PBR site of the results of the Spokane Enterprise tour. His name is nowhere to be found on any of it and still not found in the rider search. Here is the link below to go look for yourselves and see just what a liar and con artist he really is!He never rode in that event as he claimed!
Into 2009 For Me..
Well.... those of you reading this... do care... but.... I havent been on here posting as I did daily for the last year..... 2009 IS a year of change for me...there is never enough time in the day...I would get up at 5 and read my comments...messages..etc..from 5am til 6:30.. I dont have a lot of time at night..that is for the kids....once in a while I will get on at 2009...I also is time for me to get back in shape...lose the weight I have gained since 2006 after getting hit by a car and going through 2 back surgeries.. and steriod injections in my spine.. physical therapy...chiropractic care....I am ready to stop excuses...and the picts I have in my album marked...Old days...2003-2005.... I WILL get back there.... So instead of 5-6:30 am Fubar is GYM time....better and more healthy for me.... in 2 weeks...dropped 10 lbs.... 75 more to go. this is a year long IF you are my will hang around an
Right Now....
Here I sit trying to get stuff straight, but it seems that its not happening. I have been waiting to get my BAH (housing allowance) from the Army for over 3 months now, and I talked to them today, the fucking paperwork hasnt been turned in yet, they say I have to change a few things, which they couldnt tell me sooner?! WTF I'm dealing w/ that, my ex wife's b.s., work going in early, and staying a lil late from time to time is wearing me down. I'm exhausted, emotionally, physically, and mentally I am almost to a breaking point because I have a few other personal issues i'm dealing w/ as well so that isnt helping AT all....But i'm doing the best I can, and You have to understand if i'm "moody" or if i "snap" at you or have an "attitude" or "dont make time" for you this is why. I go to shows to get my mind off all of this, it helps for a lil bit, but its still there, i'm doing the best I can, so I'm asking you as friends, and family, bare with me and in due time and process everythin
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No Shit Sherlock
He posted a mumm that was comment approval & I asked if he was a guy because of his name. ~~JEN~~420: oh i have been calld plenty of me... u learn n time ->~~JEN~~420: uhh ok ~~JEN~~420: i dont judge people for the way they look or what has happend to them in the past....i would look at them from the inside cause that is where the soul n heart are ->~~JEN~~420: you're a why would someone call you that? ~~JEN~~420: Jen is great to use here.... it s better than being calld a biotch on here like some are calld ~~JEN~~420: thx for understanding.... ->~~JEN~~420: yeah..that makes sense..:| ~~JEN~~420: i got pissd off at a male here who used the name JEN so i used it too with a 420 behind it...lov to get stoned ->~~JEN~~420: well no fucking shit Sherlock...most guys wouldn't use a WOMAN's name as a screenname ~~JEN~~420: duh..duh... screenname ->~~JEN~~420: your name doesn't say Jen 420?? ~~JEN~~420: no my name is not Jen...i have a male name -
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This Is How I Pay For My Bling Packs
I just wanted to let all of you know how I'm able to buy bling packs while low on cash. The site below is incredibly easy to earn cash. They send out checks every month on the 15th. All you have to do is earn a minimum of $20.00 before the end of the previous month. So If I earn at least $20.00 during any month, the following month on the 15th my check is sent. I've spent nothing out of pocket/no credit card needed/no sign up fee's of any kind. I earned over $50.00 in the first hour I was on the site. I'll use the check I get this month to buy bling packs :) I have a few other sites I've been using to buy my bling but this one is by far the easiest and pays on a regular basis. There is so much I didn't mention, I have to get to bed, lol. I'll write more about this later. Feel free to ask me any questions, I'm always happy to help :) Please, take a second to check out the site, let me know what you think of it. I'm interested in all feedback both good & bad.
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To Let You Know
I haven't been on here much lately and for a reason I realized that Fubar wasn't for making friends and meeting real people but simply a popularity contest. I know I may not win the contest but I can rank up there with the best of them if I am willing to go to that extent. To do what it takes to be "win". The fact is that I am not that type person. I have some great friends on here that I do not wish to ever lose. YOu all mean the world to me. I am sure those know who they are. However I am not going to be on fubar as much as I once was. I got caught up in trying to win this contest and doing whatever it took to accomplish that to the point it was affecting me. The people that care enough to actually get in contact with me and miss me my yahoo is betty_boop232002. I love my true friends on here. You guys have touched my soul and did so much as far as making me a better person and loving me for the right reasons....PLEASE stay in touch. As far as fubar I may be back on here and I may n
What's Your 80s Karaoke Song?
Your 80s Song is "Walk Like an Egyptian" If you were transported back to the 80s, your life would be all about having fun. You love the wackiness that the 80s represented. Everything back then seemed a lot more colorful! You'd peg your jeans, get a "totally tubular" hair cut, and even wear one sequined glove. You would skateboard, play Pac-Man, and hang out at the mall. And of course, you would walk like an egyptian. What's Your 80s Karaoke Song?
As some know, I work at a hotel as a night auditor. My friend has recently told me that a hotel next to us is looking for a full time night auditor, which is what I do. That hotel is the same star gradation as ours, but I personally like it more. And the pay is a lil more, plus it gets higher with experience, which I have plenty of. One thing that is holding me down, however, is benefits. Working for Hilton corp, I stay at almost any Hilton chain hotel for 29-49 bux a night, which is pretty sweet. Also, my medical benefits are really nice too. The boss is kissin my ass now ever since I bitched at him for having to make breakfast and being totally unappreciated for it. So now I dont have to make breakfast cause he is afraid that I am going to quit. Rightfull so.. Rewind back: I was a sales coordinator for about 4 months, and all of a sudden our full time NA quit. So, the GM called me up to his office, and said I wasn't doin a good job and he was gonna let me go.
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Am I An Asshole?
So, I had a convo with my mom, in which she jokingly called me a vulture. The thing is, my gramp's brother (her uncle) has a really nice place in Moscow, near Red Square. Since Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world, it costs an arm and a leg nowadays. He is 75, no kids, no wife. My mom has a sister, and every time gramps and his brother come to visit us in the US, she doesn't want to have anythin to do with him. Soo... me: "You know, there is no way Maria will get a part of that place. She treats him like shit" Mom: "what are you plannin there? He is alive and doin well" me: "I'm not wishin him to die, just lookin into the future" mom: "I'm sure he will do whatever he wants with it" me: " actually, I am plannin to rent it out to tourists; I hope he doesn't sell it" mom: "you are like a vulture, look at you!" me: "no, I'm being practical. Just don't want him to make stupid decisions (like gettin married, or fathering a child)" mom: "*sigh*
The Raccoon Incident
Last night I was lying in my hotel room, naked. I heard a noise that sounded very much like a raccoon near the foot of my bed. I couldn't decide if it was actually a raccoon or my stomach making noises (it does that). It is the strangest feeling in the world trying to decide how to fend off an angry raccoon naked. I surveyed the area and determined that in the event of a surprise raccoon attack my availible weapons were: The Blanket: Could potentially function as a net, but then what? I'm still naked and holding down a now very pissed off raccoon. The Pillow: Has potential depending on the size of the animal in question, it may just piss him or her off. My Tripod: Just out of reach but with a tuck and roll style maneuver it could be the most effective, but I'm not exactly in the best position to pull this off. So I execute the tuck and roll to the best of my ability, It was a little sloppy but I didn't get any parts chomped off. Holding the tripod in the direction
What The Fvck Ever....
See this guy? He needs profile rates. That's it, just one measly rate...any rate as long as its a profile rate....Drop by and give him a rate already....Click on the damn picture already.... ~Cubby~@ fubar
Holy Hell...
I'm so glad that I got my income tax money back. The same day I got the money credited into my account I get a post card from my eye doctor letting me know it was time for my check up. Today was the big day, lol. I get there right on time and have to rush through all the paper work, since it'd been 2 years since I'd have my eyes looked at. Thank God they didn't have to give me the dilating eye drops because I had to drive myself there. Anyway, I talked to her about this "twitch" thing I have with my eye and she said my eye was normal, lol. BUT if I ever had pain, redness, or any other part of my face went numb to call her and she'd look at me. Good to know. Time for the grand total of my visit. Ready? [gives you time to brace yourself] My glasses, alone, were $148.00, then I had to pay another $90 for some damn coating on each lens. I don't remember everything else I was charged for, and I'm not going to go get my receipt. But my grand total today was near $400.00.Her
Cam Porn
im giving it to shawty on yahooooooooooooooo
Porch's Penile Salute Auction!
I'm 14k from leveling. If you help me level, Porch will give you a penis salute. Thank you for your time.
Zombie Zombie
Just found this amazing vid, would love to hear what y'all think.
Friday, 13th
I am excited beyond belief. I didn't think this could happen, but it coworker agreed to switch days with me for this week... soo.. I am going to the Friday The 13th Paranormal Meetup at the Haunted Parlor of the Sheridan Hotel in Chicago Its a meetup group that I'm in (you meet ppl in your area with similar interests, etc), and because of working nights, I have never been able to attend any of the meetings. Well, I just couldn't pass up this event. Description: "What a perfect evening for a paranormal meetup! Tonight we will try to contact the spirits that are lingering in Haunted Parlor and Sheridan Hotel. Please bring any type of psychic paraphernalia to commune with the spirits. We will conduct a seance, ouija board session, meditation session, or any other ritual used for spirit communication. Also, don't forget your tape recorder or other ghost hunting equipment. Anything is possible so this is something not to be missed. Not for the spiritually weak."
Fvck Me?
This dude said he would fuck me. Given the current state of my appearance, should I actually be GRATEFUL that this dude said he'd do me? BEAR fuhubby to NAOMI@ fubar
I Wonder..
how people that have DVD players installed in their vehicles can even pay attention to driving. There I was, on my way to get dinner and I'm following a Tahoe-type vehicle.. and and anddd all I want to do is watch Spongebob. I dunno. Mmmm, pizza!
To every one that wished me Happy Valentines i doo apreciate it and they were lovely thoughts and wishes i wasnt on and there r far too many to return love n Pls take this as my personel ty . Unfort i don believe in Valentines cos i don believe in Love cos i always get hurt and i dont brlieve in love no more . I dont mean any disrespect to any one either cheers sue
I feel like I need to re-write what I'd just written. Being "played" wasn't exactly the word I should have used. I feel like I'm being used by a friend. I'm always there for her and when I 'need' her...she's never around. I'm feeling like crap and just wanted to talk...and when she sent me an IM she asked me how I was doing. I said I was sick......she all the sudden had to go. I said one thing to her and she was gone. Blah
Shit Like Wow
they were all over the place.
Inside Our Minds...
Bottom to top dear friends. ->Anonymous: If I have to live forever never getting off, then I guess I'd rather be buried in a ditch somewhere. Anonymous: only if you wanna be buried there...wait, THATS what ditches and random spots in the woods are for... ->Anonymous: That's what cemetaries and work breaks are for Anonymous: oh, fuck if you DONT, woman. Might not be able to get you off...but i CAN make your pleasure happen...or not ->Anonymous: Last I checked, I didn't need your permission to fuck other guys. Anonymous: thats what im sayin. You better appreciate what im doin for you! ->Anonymous: Well, then I guess I'd better make that ONE guy count. At least I'll get off for the first time in a year... Anonymous: you WISH. I get 10 other chicks for every guy YOU do. Ill even be nice and keep it at half that. You one guy, me...5 chicks ->Anonymous: For every five guys I fuck, you get one guy? Anonymous: you know my ratio rule ->Anonymous: FUCK YES! U
It's Extreme!
Strolling down the street in Caye Caulker, Belize, J and I saw a sign for "EXTREME snorkeling!" How, pray tell, does one make snorkeling extreme? J suggested, "Well, they could pour cupfuls of blood onto the snorkelers." For the last several weeks, J has been sewing. What we call "extreme" sewing, as he is stitching leather by hand. He just finished his two pre-trip projects: a camera bag for his Nikon D-90 and a small messenger bag. Both are sewn from a wonderful, soft, thick black leather. Neither project resulted in much spilled blood. Today we went to the leather store (in the leather district) to purchase accoutrements for one of the bags. While there, I was checking out the sale-priced leather. I found an earthy green hide that I couldn't resist. Granted, I have no idea how to sew leather, but J has promised to teach me. I'm now the proud owner of an entire cow hide. Over 49 square feet of soft buttery fleshiness. I could clothe a small family in green leather
Taggy Taggy
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. i have a social anxiety problem. 2. I have a skin condition that makes it so I can not use most detergents, lotions, and soaps. 3. Because of that skin condition i can only use soap on my skin once every other day (which really sucks...) 4. I have body dismorphic disorder apparently (got diagnosed long ago..) but i don't agree 5. i love camping 6. I love animals more than people 7. I love shoes but don't like wearing them 8. I hate shopping 9. I love the weather channel 10. I have more male friends than female. I tag... whoever hasn't done it
I have gotten about 2093840938 questions about my status message so far So here's a translation of a said mysterious message (from Russian) "ask me what this means, and die"
Tagged By Strummer..grrr
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I cannot sleep in a stagnant room..the air has to be moving or have a window open. 2.I am a closet science geek. 3. I am actually a romantic at heart..just with a hard crunchy shell 4.I have a BSN and am starting school in March to finish up my BA in forensic criminology 5. I have Lupus..with LOTS of complications..hmm..sometimes it really IS Lupus 6. I am a bookworm. I HAVE to read at night to fall asleep 7. I still like what my dad used to make me as a kid.scrambled eggs with cheese and bologna 8.I was stabbed clean thru my left hand by a crazy ex. 9. I moved to Vegas at 17 to get away from home
Oh Noes I Be Tagged
okay I almost made it through the day with no tag on my ass.... PoStAL you're lucky I like ya! hahahaha Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I say "peace baby" too much... but I like it!!! 2. I love love love MUDSLIDES... as if ya didn't already know! 3. I sometimes scratch the sheet cause the sound soothes me to sleep. 4. My house is clutterfucked right now, cause I can not throw good stuff away. 5. I pray everynight.... hell sometimes all day long. 6. I buy the giant box of swedish fish & hide it from my kids. 7. I would love to live where the person who tagged me lives! 8. I dance around & sing into
My Niece
So lately tons of my family have gotten hooked on Facebook. I admit I like it cause I've reconnected with a lot of friends. On there I've also got my one brother and his wife as well as 4 of my nieces. Plus there's 3 of my cousins on there and an uncle. It's kind of funny to send the gifts around and stuff. Tonight I went to comment to my one niece and something caught my eye. I saw a comment she had left for my other niece. Alyssa had gone to a school dance weeks ago and had pictures posted from it. Samantha left a comment about how beautiful she looked and how much she loved her hair and wished her hair was like Alyssa's. From there is where things took a turn a bit. Alyssa commented back about how she wished she was as skinny as Samantha and her sister Briana (Bri is Alyssa's sister and my youngest niece). Now mind you Alyssa isn't a fat girl. She's barely what I would call thick but she's a very beautiful young lady and no I'm not just saying that cause she's my niece
Crochet Chain "necklace"
So I don't really know how to crochet, but I saw this project and it just consists of a single crochet chain...that I can I did. doubled close-up and tripled
For The Record...
As most of you know, I'm one of those slacker idiots who Fu's at work. Our work's net filters don't block Fubar per se, but they do prevent any page loading that has too many swear words in it, so please, by all means, if I get on your tits and you want to make sure I can't use Fubar at all, swear lots in my shoutbox so I can't see anything on the site, cheers.
White Trash
There is a reason why I dislike white trash so much, and constantly make fun of it. Turns out that my whitest trashiest coworker told my boss that I am trying to get him in trouble for sexual harassment, or some shit like that. Which is complete BS, and while it annoyed me that he was too huggy with me and stuff, I always told him upfront that it irritated me. So now today I confronted him about being weird aroune me lately, and he told me. I was like WTF??! We sorted things out, and I dont think I will be talking to the bitch again. She is the epitome of white trash-with 3 kids, abusive no job bf that leeches off her, a tongue piercing and nipple piercings at 40, and last week she got all her top teeth pulled ughhh...
The Weirdest Shit
It seems like the weirdest shit always happens to me. Today I was driving on the highway behind a semi. I see this "thing" in the road, and realize that it's a hammer. It was moving in the road, and I turned to drive over it so I wouldn't hit it. Then, I realized that the hammer was bouncing, and watched as it went up... and up... and up... and SMACKED into my windshield. I SWEAR the head of the hammer hit. All there is a black streak on my windshield, but then I saw it coming and looked away as impact hit. I swear I was supposed to die today.
The Knob
A woman visited a plastic surgeon who told her about a new procedure called 'The Knob' where a small knob is placed at the top of the woman's head and could be turned to tighten up her skin and produce the effect of a brand new face-lift. Of course, the woman wanted 'The Knob'. Over the course of the years, the woman tightened the knob, and the effects were wonderful, the woman remained young looking and vibrant. After fifteen years, the woman returned to the surgeon with two problems... 'All these years, everything has been working just fine. I've had to turn the knob many times and I've always loved the results, but now I've developed two annoying problems: First, I have these terrible bags under my eyes and the knob won't get rid of them.' The doctor looked at her closely and said, 'Those aren't bags, those are your breasts.' The woman looked at him and said, 'Well, I guess there's no point in asking about the goatee.'
3's Company
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1. Tracy 2. Mom 3. Slick Three Jobs I have had in my life 1. Sales rep for Exide 2. Cabinet Design 3. Newspaper Three Places I have lived 1. Louisiana 2. Florida 3. Georgia Three TV Shows that I watch 1. Survivor 2. Intervention 3. Forensics Channel Three places I have been 1. Palm Springs 2. Key West 3. Mardi Gras Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. DeeDee 2. Sarah 3. Jon Three of my favorite foods 1. Crab Legs 2. Mashed taters 3. Sushi Three things I would like to do 1. Sky Dive 2. Surf 3. Buy Some land Three friends I think will respond 1. not 2. a 3. clue Things I am looking forward to 1. My 30's 2. My Girl's Lives 3. Publica
Band Name And Album Cover
CREATE YOUR BAND NAME & ALBUM COVER: To Do This 1 - Go to Wikipedia. Hit random or click The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. 2 - Go to Quotations Page and select "random quotations" or click The last four or five words of the very last quote on the page is the title of your first album. 3 - Go to Flickr and click on explore the last seven days or click Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. 4 - Use Photoshop or similar to put it all together. 5 - Post your Album Cover Below and then create your own Blog for your friends to make their own!
What Do You Call...
Malibu Rum, orange juice, and pineapple juice? *goes back to drinking*
This Is Just Sick!!!
I saw this news article scrolling in the ticker this morning and this just blew my mind!!! MY daughter is 9 years old and I would murder someone if this ever happened to her!!! " World Breaking News search News News Girl, 9, to abort twins From correspondents in Sao Paulo Agence France-Presse March 01, 2009 04:00am A NINE-year-old girl pregnant after years of alleged sexual abuse by her stepfather is likely to abort twins she is carrying in a case that has shocked Brazil, reports in Sao Paulo said. The Brazilian girl, who was not identified because she is a minor, was found to be four months pregnant after being taken to hospital suffering stomach pains, the news websites G1, pe360graus and the Diario de Pernambuco reported. She was being cared for by a medical and psychological team in the Maternal-Child Institude in the northern city of Recife, close to her hometown of Alagoinha in Pernambuco state, they said. "We don't know if she will de
When Chihuahua's Attack
I was at work today happily playing photographer having a fairly good day when I was the recipient of an unprovoked attack from a vicious chihuahua. I mean this thing was angry, it tried to rip my face off then when it couldn't it settled on my pant leg. I learned some things about chihuahuas today I'd like to share: - They are enraged by flashing lights - You should not name one nugget - If you own a chihuahua named nugget you are an idiot - Once one attaches itself you you its like a mini vice grip - They are fucking ugly - I hate them - They have the tenacity of Rocky Balboa So this thing is gnawing away on my pant leg like he is Jesus at the last supper and the useless owner is sitting there yelling at it, not doing anything. The yelling seemed to egg it on because every time he yelled "NUGGET STOP THAT!" it attacked with renewed vigor. Now I need new khakis. Finally I release my pant leg from its jaws of vengeance and pushed it away. I can't really blame the
Black Metal Showdown!!!
This week we have Cradle Of Filth's Godspeed On The Devils Thunder album up against Dimmu Borgir's In Sorti Diaboli. Voting starts tonight and ends Sunday March 8th at 8 p.m. eastern time. Cast your votes now!!!
1. What is your best friends name? Eric, Monica & Tawnya 2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now? has to green 3. What are you listening to right now? TV 4. Whats your favorite number? 4 5. What was the last thing you ate? pizza huts new tuscani pasta YUM 6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? blue 7. How is the weather right now? has to look..cloudy with some rain 8. Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone? my momma 9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? man hands OMG love the hands *wink eyes and smile too 10. Do you have a significant other? nope 11. Favorite TV show? Biggest Loser I cry like a bitch 12. Siblings? 1 sis 13. Height? 5'7" 14. Hair color? blondish 15. Eye Color? come and fuck me blue 16. Do you wear contacts? no 17. Favorite Holiday? Christmas santa is good to me 18. Month? June 19. Have you ever cried for no reason? there's always a reason 20.
Code Of Conduct
CODE OF CONDUCT 1. All Candy Shop members/prospects must have a minimum of 10 "current" pictures. 2. All Candy Shop Members must show loyalty and be supportive of each other. We have many giveaways, contest and prizes for all supporting members. 3. Shout box and Fu-mail must be open to staff for communications (Profile may not be set to friends only for this purpose). 4. Feeze and Candy Shop homepage must be added to your Family while considered a prospect and remain in family after admittance. Only The Candy Shop Homepage is required to be visible. 5. You must add The Candy Shop to your name once you become a member. 6. All current Candy Shop staff must be added to your friends list. Fanning and rating is preferred but not required. If they do not accept add please let a staff member know. 7.It is the responsibility of all Candy Shop members to repost any group related bulletins. If you need help with this ask staff for help. 8. No member will disrespect, abuse, harass, or vi
God I'm A Nerd =/
I seen the link to this article scrolling with the tickers. To me, it's the most wonderful thing. [sigh]REDWOOD CITY, Calif. Dust off the slide rules and recharge the calculators. Square Root Day is upon us. The math-buffs' holiday, which only occurs nine times each century, falls on Tuesday 3/3/09 (for the mathematically challenged, three is the square root of nine). "These days are like calendar comets, you wait and wait and wait for them, then they brighten up your day and poof they're gone," said Ron Gordon, a Redwood City teacher who started a contest meant to get people excited about the event. The winner gets, of course, $339 for having the biggest Square Root Day event. Gordon's daughter even set up a Facebook page one of a half-dozen or so dedicated to the holiday and hundreds of people had signed up with plans to celebrate in some way. Celebrations are as varied: Some cut root vegetables into squares, others make food in the shape of a square root symb
Why The Banking Industry Is In So Much Trouble
From the American Express website: Replacement Card: a replacement card has been sent, if you haven't received your card, please call the number on the back of your card. Ok, so I am supposed to call the number on the card I don't have to report that I don't have it?
Me Update
Mon. Feb 23 People have been bugging me lately about the fact I haven't been on much. Sorry, I want to have a real life (that's out there, trust me). Those that know me at all know I'm unemployed, broke and basically at my end. I care about two things, Cody and Tieba. I got Cody as a final request to my mother. I love him with all my heart. Tieba I got as a companion for my Cody Bear. I didn't even like her at first. Woulda got rid of her if she hadn't died and came back to life. She wormed her way into my heart. She's been sick for about a month now. Which is part of the reason I haven't been here. I thought she was getting better, I was wrong (I feeel like shit now). I'm taking her in tomorrow for what I'm sure is going to be an expensive day at the vets. I just hope it's an expensive for nothing day. I can't take anymore losses in my life right now. So if I seem cross or short tempered ect... Don't take it personally, ok. Tues. Feb 24 So I woke up this morning to find Tieba
Going On My Adventure...
I'm taking out of this state for what I hope to be greener pastures soon. My travels will carry me south to the mountains of Carolina. My quest? Riches possibly, not really sure, I just know this is what I must do. I don't wish to reflect when I'm 70 and say "I wish I sould have done that". Instead I'd rather smile and say "Damn, that was a f*kin blast"!!! I wonder....will you think of me? I've come to know some wonderful people here. Some true hearts, that I will miss talking to. You know who you are...I probably nibbled on you sometime in the last couple days!I won't be on fubar for....oh, could be awhile. Not gonna have access to internet at the campground. So, think of me my beautiful friends. I'll try to update when I can at a library or VA facility when I venture out of the mntns on occasion. Ya got till April 10th to luv on me so why wait? Stop by and nibble on me before I disappear! MWAH!!!!
Dork, Dweeb, Geek, Nerd
postedon03/05/2009 Someone had gotten to talking to me in regards to my "About Me" section, specifically about the part that mentions "Geek" and "Dork." I began to explain my definitions for various terms and thought it would make a good blog entry. Geek: A geek is someone that possess a very high level of knowledge on a particular field. The more esoteric the bigger the geek. Geeks come in all shapes and sizes, I have personally met computer geeks, star trek geeks, fantasy football geeks, shakespeare geeks, and HVAC geeks. Geeks can be annoying at times, especially when their passion is in an area that you have no interest in whatsoever. Most Nerds are Geeks, but not all Geeks are Nerds. Nerd: A Nerd is an introverted person that lacks social skills. They usually only feel comfortable in the company of other people who are also introverted. Nerds typically lack a sense of fashion, or are aware of current trends. It's sometimes assumed that Nerds aren't interested
Friendship V Points
I'm actually pondering whether there is any point in me even doing this blog, so before you yell at the screen why are you then? its something I've always done when sommit is on my mind. I have as some of you know already, slashed loads of my pics down, I have also noticed since my last blog about my vip that I wont be renewing it, I admit I got the date it ran out wrong and its actually the 4th April but now the pics are gone I cant to be honest be bothered with re-adding them. This may not sound like me, but I can honestly say I have never felt so down about anything in a long time, this site has just gone down hill, for me the thrill of finding pics to upload has just gone ( so why do I stay? because of the few friends I do have and value and love as if they were my real family) that aside there is no other thrill for me on here. When I first came to Fubar or when it was Cherry Tap there was excitement to get on here, viewing pictures catching up it was fun! now there is
Somethings About Me...the Pre-sequel
1 - I own my own hard cover book libary (360 books so far), i like to read non-fictions, biographies and horror/thrillers (Koontz n Laymon) 2 - I've never had a one niter, my last one as with the others... turned into relationships (but i do 2 niters and over) 3 - I give great oil massages...have even made women orgasm with my touch. 4 - Foreplay with me goes for more then an hour. 5 - I'm very giving....almost submissive to the right woman. 6 - I've almost been killed in 2 seperate car accidents...with me the passenger. 7 - I love the country side, camping rocks my socks. 8 - I'm a big football fan, have neen known to put my team playing before having sex. 9 - My hobbie on here is to make Americans laugh at themselves and not at other people. 10 - My retirement plan is to buy a big luxury mobile home and spend my remaining 15 yrs driving around Australia
I'll Miss You Til I Get Back
hello fu-friends i have been feeling ill for about a week now so i went to the er yesterday afternoon and they admitted me after some tests. kept me overnight for more tests and seems a valve in my heart is leaking and may require an operation. have to go for more tests to see how bad it is. oh and i do have pneumonia too
Llama Leveler Of The Day
Honeypots/LEAD Manager of DD Bombers /Llama Levelers!!@ fubar all Llama Levelers will kindly leave 100 rates each when done please leave a comment below that you have done so...Thanks
So I lost my job today... already feeling rather worthless. I need more prozac.
~worded Ranting~
I've noticed that lately I am seeing alot of people post blogs saying they are deleting their accounts. Now to me I don't see the point in this at all, if you want to delete your account why not just say bye to those you're close to, give them your contact details or something and do it instead of announcing it like it's some sort of achievement? So my question here is what's the point? Anyhow just slightly annoyed me that I continually see this... So I had a mini rant about it.
My Fist, Your Face, They Should Meet.
DRAMA. Just a word. Seems to be a bad word. A bad word I want no part of. I stay out of it, if I see it circling me, I surgically remove myself from the situation. I'll take a scalpel to that shit and it's done. People, places, things...done. Some people seem to thrive off it though. They can't go a day without causing some sort of dramatic situation. It's really annoying and borders on pathetic. Being stuck in the 8th grade mentally must really suck. Some people just take longer to grow up. To them I say FUCK YOU And stay away :D Starting drama with me is like pissin in the wind. OR getting a fist in the face. Which would you prefer? Can't wash my fist off XD -REL
Cubbyyyyyyy-slave Princes Won Hands Down
I R Haunted?
Well i told misterfeet about this so i suppose ill let the rest of you in on so last night i couldnt get abby to calm down, i would lay her in the crib and she would scream bloody murder by the time i got to the bottom of the stairs, so after repeatedly going up there i pulled her out and when and sat in the chair with her wrapped up so, im holding her trying to calm her down and im asking whats wrong and she keeps staring at the doors and she starts saying the eyes are scaring her.i look to see if there are lights reflecting or anything in the hall i see nothing she starts to calm down and then she looks up and lets out the most awful cry i have ever heard and said the eyes were in there now, i turned on lights the tv the radio, and nothing she was still screaming about the eyes, and i got freaked out it may sound nuts but finally i just hollared leave her the fuck alone, and in about 10 mins she finally fell asleep, though i didnt sleep well have i finlly lost it, and taken
I drew SOME friends and uploaded my drawings in a folder I'm NOT done yet. so don't worry i might get you! i'm not a great drawer, hell i'm not even decent. but it was something i wanted to do. so if you see me in my page and i rate nothing i might be drawing you i've attempted to draw some people but either the angle is wierd or too far away i can't do it i'm not that great so an up close and personal pic would suffice for my low 'skills' thanks
So Called "milfs" Yeah Right
ok, so whats up with all these females runnin around calling themselves MILFs on their profiles and in their profile names? first of all , who deemed you a MILF or did you just think it was something "cute to say" now true enough some of them ARE indeed MILFs...but heres the thing. do you even know wtf a MILF is? that shit stands for Mother I'd Like to Fuck. now of course the person reading this says "duh" everybody knows that....well apparently NOT. if that where true you wouldnt have a woman calling herself that.... UNLESS SHES SAYING SHE WANTS TO GO FUCK HERSELF!!! THEN it would make sense. you basically have some female runnin around saying " hey i'm a mother i would like to fuck" well then good for you, go fuck yourself.
Llama Leveler Of The Day
:::"JEWELS"::: * Club F.A.R. - Love Team * Team Leader of the Llama Levelers ~ Th@ fubar all Llama Levelers will kindly leave 100 rates each when done please leave a comment below that you have done so...Thanks
Because When My Mind Broke I Got Funnier, Lol?
The gist of it is, I'm bumming a page from Kevin Nash;pay me to be here or sod off.Everyone thinks I'm "cool"?Well, it comes with a fee now.Simple as that.Don't like it?Insert various sharp objects into yer orifices.Have a nice day?Moo.Waffles.
Phone Phun
Another banner day for my Dad calling. These phone calls shouldn't put me in such a bad mood, but they really do. I won't go into detail, but the highlights were: Him: We are visiting next week, Thursday-Saturday. Me: I have to work, I can't make it. Him: Oh. Him: Your brother thinks you are avoiding him, you never call. Me: He never calls me either. Him: Look at it from his point of view. Me: That doesn't address the statement I just made. Him: He said he tried to call. Me: He didn't. Him: He said he did. Etc, etc, ad nausem. Him: Got any dates? Me: No. Him: Why not? Me: I can't find anybody to ruffie. Him: You need to find somebody. Me: Oh, that's what I'm doing wrong, I thought they were assigned by the government. Him: You aren't gay, are you? Me: Do you think I am gay? Him: Well, you aren't dating anyone. Me: Yeah, definitely not going to be able to make it this weekend. Sorry. I would be willing to donate the entire contents of my bank account to
These are the categories for the Inagural Hellcast Golden Gobbler Awards: Drunkest Listener- (self explanatory) Drunkest Host- (self explanatory) Best Heckler- (the person who gives the hosts the most shit) Worst Heckler- Funniest Listener- Best Segment- Worst Segment- Co-host of the year- Best Contributor to the show- (other than Redlar, who has done the best job to the show, cohost, segment maker or listener) Quote of the year- (any word, phrase, or line that has been the best over the past year) ====================================== for the host and cohost categories, the nominees will be given. But for the other categories, I will accept 4 or 5 nominees each. Post your nominee, and then for it to be accepted, someone else must post that they 2nd it.
Won't Be Here Much
I am only here writing this now, because some people here are my best friends in the world. My nephew Andrew was killed tragically earlier this evening and I will not be around much in the next few days. Timmy
T$$ Is Not Funny
Pimping me when I have a Trash-Gasm pic up as primary picture is not LOL-worthy. What part of MALE 34 don't people understand. Glad I'm a guy.
Nin In Pittsburgh
I just got my Nine Inch Nails tickets in the mail. Woo Hoooo!!!!
Italian Spiderman.
Calling All Point Whores
I'm wanting more people to bomb me. I figured I could pay them to do it. How many FuBucks is a good deal?
The Original Ponyboy1966
->~THE ORIGI...: don't call me hun you fucking homo ->~THE ORIGI...: force what on who? ~THE ORIGI...: AWWWW THANK YOU HUN ~THE ORIGI...: NOT UNLESS YA FORCE THAT ON THEM ->~THE ORIGI...: you are corky, that is a common name given to retarded children ->~THE ORIGI...: sorry bro. I can get laid at the drop of a hat ~THE ORIGI...: WHOS CORKY ~THE ORIGI...: OR A RAPEST ->~THE ORIGI...: why is that Corky? ~THE ORIGI...: RUN NOW YA MUST BE A CHILD MOLESTOR->~THE ORIGI...: I have no clue what in the fuck you are talking about ~THE ORIGI...: IM VERY STUDY IN ALL SON~THE ORIGI...: U BE THE WOW NO COMMENT ->~THE ORIGI...: I guess you would know that ->~THE ORIGI...: What? slow down there sonny Jim, you are going to bust a vessel ~THE ORIGI...: WUT THEY WANT TO BE ~THE ORIGI...: MOLESTERS CAN AND WILL BE ->~THE ORIGI...: I used that one in 3rd grade ~THE ORIGI...: I AM WUT I EAT ->~THE ORIGI...: How am I wrong? ->~THE ORIGI...: You pussy! ~THE ORIGI...: AND YA WRONG ~THE ORIGI
What Remote Button Are You?
You Are Stop Compared to most people, you are very selective. If something isn't going your way, you're ready to put the brakes on it. You have a lot of options in life, and life is too short to do stuff you hate. You don't allow yourself to suffer or be bored. You just move on to the next thing. What Remote Button Are You?
You Have No Idea .....
I have never been a truely stupid person ... at times I challenged the line between stupid and mildly intellegent.( i actually have a genius level IQ nearbouts loll ) With men in my life it was always frustrating and always an epic fail in one way or another ... Still being the eternal optimist i would continue to wait ... test the waters ... That being said ... I love a man so much it hurts ... i am patient with him.... he was battered by someone who used him and played with his heart... some days all i want to do is take his pain (or severly kick her ass all too hell )....... he says no ... he learns from it........... i will stay with this man thru whatever comes along ... i am committed in a way i have never committed before...... Have i finally found the man that makes me shiver with a whisper .... yes i wear his collar....and it calms me ....i feel total trust and have no doubts he loves me and would protect me as i would him... He is the Man- the Father-the Lover- the
I get to make charts and graphs all day. Figured I'd do one for here. This one is self explanatory. Enjoy.
My life has just fallen even more apart. That is all I am saying. So if I seem even more distant and fvcking emo then you kind of understand why.
Anyone Know?
What is a great photo editing tool to download, for free? And preferably not one of those trial ones either. I already have picasa3 which is pretty good but I need something that can use to compose photos...layer or in other words, take the background out and move the subject onto a new background. The program I was using won't install onto my new laptop.. Any ideas are muchly appreciated!
Conquering Irresolute
The sun sets in my soulThe fiery red drains it dryWith parched lips and blazing skiesI could wither away and dieYou should know I'm in love with youAnd I waste all these opportunitiesTo just say aloud; I must concedeWhat we both know is trueStrong as I feelYet I never can command the wordsIt’s funny how I always trip over myselfAnd pray to God that you don’t noticeEven thou you think I am so great with wordsConversation; my thoughts wanderI can tell your do the sameOver cups ofcoffee, eyes lingeringThese moments come so suddenlyMy heart races with myConfessions of love to youYou who stands before meNot quite so surprisedSo if this was meant to beWhy do I always wonder how you feelI think we were meant to beBut I long for your phyical touch, deep passion with in yourselfAnd all these words I sayGive testimony from my heartSo much you mean to me, I can’t lose this chanceOr let you slip awaySo tell me your thoughts todayI suspect you feel the sameI can tell by your eyes
Wrong To Be Ticked?
Apparently i have no right to be ticked off right now. my father in law is in the bath.. with the door open... my husband knew i was going to get the laundry.. meaning i have to walk right past that door.. but did he warn me to go the other way? no.. not at all... and when i say something to him.. he is like so what?! its not like you saw anything! am i really wrong to be ticked about that? ffs.. i have seen his balls when he was sitting in shorts and it got blown off as me "over reacting" UGH.. not happy.. Am i really over reacting?
Spotlight Update
I just wanted to update everyone on my progress and thank everyone for donating; I very much appreciate it. As of right now I have 15,008,543 fubucks. I'm about halfway there (give or take.) Anything you can spare is helpful. Thank you again!
God how I hate this walking on eggshells feeling. They are off and home for the weekend, and now I am feeling the tension tenfold. I made more calls today, but yet there is nothing I can do about a place to stay or my medical records for the medical shit. The one clinic told me they should hear something Monday, which would be okay as long as I can go get them picked up and turned into dshs for my medical to be approved. This stress here is eating me alive! I swear since she told me I had two weeks, I don't believe they have spoken more then 3 or maybe 4 sentences to me, and that was almost a week and a half ago. I refuse to be on the phone inside when they are here, I am trying my best not to piss them off in any way what so ever. I am barely keeping it together, I swear I have bawled more the past few weeks then I have in a long frigging time. If one of these shelters would just say they have an opening coming up, it would take a huge load off my chest. I feel like
I'm trying to upload my iPod with some new music for my vacation but I can't think of what I want...any ideas? I will be traveling with a 7 year old so porn music is out sickos!
Tighten the tornique Let your soul slip away paradise is a state of mind... Weakness seeps in Emotions run thick Come to me sell me your soul and I will heal your pain Pay me your dues Let your concious subdue Slip into eternal bliss Tighten the tornique Watch your soul fade away I'll bring you to your knees Fade unto black as black twists unto light Fall to me ill be your extacy Strength you regain When you come to me again From wence the pit of torment begins So.. Fall to me Tighten the tornique Your soul is mine Drift unto the night When you wake you'll still be mine I OWN YOU WHILE YOUR EMOTIONS SLEEP
Lol Thats Y They Call Me Evil Lmao
so um my friend had met a native american that shared the same language as i do. she asked me how to say to him your a beautiful person well of course what i told u was no where near that and she said that to him and he said um do u know what u just said to me she said all proudly yes i do and he said ok so where shall we do this she was like what he said u just said to me wanna f**k haha omg lolol she was so embarrassed and of course he and i still laff at that ... wahooooooooooo lmao
Mumm In A Blog
I lost my globals due to some uncontrollable foul mouth swearing in a non- NSFW MuMM ...So I am testing if I have them back. And I didn't have themIt's a nice day ...Should I start my morning with housework like a good girl or ...Should I go for a run, down a street where road workers are working their little butts off. (Maybe stumble and fall and see which gallant gentleman helps a lil lady to her feet) ...Help me make up my pathetic mind.
I Want My Wings
I have decided to make a run for Angel this weekend. I am planning on activating my Auto on Friday at 9PM EST so if you happen to be free and can spare some rates I would love to be an Angel by the end of the weekend. I always say I have the best friends on Fubar and from the time I started the upper levels Godfather and up so many of my friends have been there every time. I am proud that I have the ones that still believe in friendship and are always there when you need them. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and thand you now for helping cause if you cared enough to read my blog I know you will be there to help me get my wings. Much love to all of you Kathleen
Auto11/cherry Bomb Raffle
Ok...I am going to raffle off an AUTO11/Cherrybomb. Entry to the raffle will require you buy a FuOwned from me. To show that it is an Auction Entry you will buy then for an amount ending in 422. For example 1,000,422 Fubux... Or 20,422 FuBux. There is no bottom limit to the FuOwns price to Qualify. The Lowest possible bid accepted for an entry will be 20,422 FuBux. In other words if the Min bid is only 12,000 have to change the bid to 20,422 fubux. I will pick the winner by using a random name generator called Mad Hatter. I will attempt to video the draw. If you don't trust me..don't participate. Each FuOwned Purchased will be considered an entry as long as the purchase price ends in 422 so you can have multiple entries. Consider each FuOwned you buy as a ticket Raffle Entries Start NOW..and continue until May 3rd 12:00 PM PST. Raffle is open to anyone that I don't have blocked or that has me blocked. NEW RULES! I will draw for 2 blings now instead of just one.
Getting Down And Dirty!
I am SOOOO freaking sick of guys shouting me asking me to talk dirty to them. So here it is- DO NOT ask me to talk dirty to you. DO NOT ask me for dirty pics or to see my NSFW pics. If I think you are worthy I will make that choice. If you ask for my messenger I will give it to you if I want to. Do not ask me repeatedly. IT WILL GET YOU NOWHERE! If I do give you my messenger the same rules apply. I will not talk dirty to there or send you pics. If I do give you my messenger do not expect me to be able to talk to me ALL the time. If you harass me I will not talk to you ever again. I DO have a life outside of fubar! Oh and I don't want to see your cock pics either!!! Remember this- I am a woman and I will not tolerate being treated with out respect. Be on your best behavior and you may get somewhere with me! Thanks for reading!
Sanguine Expectations
Wow. Just wow. What an experience! Body limp and head dizzy, I opened my eyes and tried to focus. Soon, she came into my view and I gazed at her gorgeous face as she looked down upon me. Her body was stretched out across mine and she held one hand behind my head while the other one gently touched my cheek. Her partner, equally as gorgeous, sat next to us while she gently held my wrist – fingers caressing. She looked busy in thought and appeared to be counting the memories we just shared. I tried to sit up, but they both just pushed me back into the comfort of the couch. “There now”, the first woman said. “Just relax, let us take care of you.” “I’m going to pour you a drink”, the second woman affirmed. My feet were still tingling and my forehead beading with sweat. My head was still swimming as I was trying to come to grips with my fortune. How was it that I had known them for only a short time, yet here I was bei
Bored? You should go rate this guy. Not for any particular reason, just because. ♥ I'm not what you're looking for@ fubar
Ahem, Just Read It :-)
I am going to be deleting my photos from the knotty album. For those of you that frequent them...and i know who you are haha...take whatever ones you want to keep for your personal whatever. I need to make room for more important things to me. *hugs*
Stupid Cunts And The Internet
Hey all :P As of late I have been enjoying the Mumms alot *LOL* It never suprizes me that some people just take that shit way too fucking serious.HELL-O its the fucking internet. Sense of humor needed ya know.Hell if you can't laugh at yourself youhave a serious problem. But the level of asshurt individuals is really getting deep...we're talk hip wader deep. Some are going as far as taking things out on individuals and making it personal. Well when you do that I get a bit pissy and tend to do something about it. Regular Mummers have seen this cunt Mouthy one I tell ya LOL For a person who claims to not care she sure blows alot of steam. Honey that bus ticket offer is still open..I'll buy it, you come get some. Can't promise I'll leave much though. They'll be able to use a mop to clean your pathetic ass up. And this moron Had the nerve to say shit to people then get OMG hurt feelings that made her go on and on well into the next day.. She called me ugly L
Getting Wet Vs Lube
My Sunday Night
"Pioneering Australian ensemble Circa has redefined circus, embracing the innovative use of music, multimedia, interaction and artistic collaborations. The Space Between is no exception. Set to a blend of Jacques Brel songs, and contemporary sounds by DJ Shadow, the show has dazzled audiences and wowed critics the world over. Three performers explore love, loss and desire on a journey of explosive acrobatic encounters, lyrical duets and supple physical contortions. Prepare to be entranced." These three people did a thing in a tent, where they jumped about and balanced on each other and fell over and that, and it was good and we all clapped lots. I liked the bit where the man and the lady stood on the other man's shoulders and he walked about.
Clean My Toilet...
Ugh, they've been doing sewer repairs in my neighborhood. Well today the water was semi shut off between 7 and 5. We weren't to flush the toilets, shower, or any of that crap. Well my daughter decided to take a dump in my toilet down here...Weeeeelllllll, the work they are doing caused some sort of backlash and like blew up everything that was in the bowl. I went to go flush the toilet and there was ickies everywhere. I can't stomach it. I think I may just bribe my son with a 10 spot to clean it up...
Phuckin Members
Twisted Phuckers!! A select group of off the hook, totally rad, extremely sexy, super fly, wicked crazy, bad ass individuals aka US Welcome and Congratulations on being a Twisted Phucker We are gathered here today to acknowledge all the douchebags fucktards and dip shits of the world.... If you to are a dipshit this may not be the group for you. We can not be held liable for hurt feelings or unexpected and random acts of assholish behavior. If at anytime you feel your civil or personal rights have been violated please feel free to email us with your concerns. We would love to have you be the next douchebag of the day. With that said we take all requests seriously and only after a thorough investigation into your worthiness to be named twisted phucker will you be allowed to join. If we feel you fall under the category of any of the above said dipshits, don’t be surprised if we kick you out after said complaint and tell you to piss off!!! Your Twisted Phuckers....This Is Your Famil
I Don't Get It!!!
Rr Role Call Do Over
RATING REVOLUTION ROLL CALL! In order to become a member of our family, you must R/F/A all family members... In your friends request it must state joining RR by Mz. Liz, Lady St Claire, Queen Ice Cold, Dee75 or Tech N9ne. These are the only people who can put you through role call, so you must include your recruiters name in the request. If you are already friends with a member
Happy Witty...sorry Hugh
For those of you who didn't get to see it in Witty's album...which you can check out here: witty screen name@ fubar This is the birthday card I made her...and forgot to sign Hugh's name :: face palm :: "Just a side note on the cake. It was dark chocolate. So dark it was black. 3 layers of moist deliciousness. The frosting wasn't butter cream, it was as if butter cream had made sweet love to a cloud and then that cloud gave birth to a fluffy dark chocolate baby and then that baby was spread by Zeus himself on the layers of yummy cake. Waitress did me right on the whipped cream too."This card is based loosely on that...and the phrase that some of you may be familiar with, "The cake is a lie."inside: :]
Do Cat Burglars Burgle Cats?
I awoke at eight this morning, donned my fluffy white robe, and flip-flopped into the garage to check on the peeps. They cheeped good morning and I set about giving them a sprinkling of food (suitable for “show chickens,” which is good, as I intend to show them off a lot), and taking their water dish outside to wash it. I turned off the faucet and headed back to the door. Turned the knob. Nothing. I looked up, saw rain clouds in the west, and panicked for a moment. The nearest neighbors live about half a mile north. I don’t know them, though, and I didn’t really want to show up at their door in my robe. The next-nearest neighbors live three-quarters of a mile south. I know them, and I don’t think they would mind if I showed up on their porch in my robe and flip-flops. However, I was fairly certain that anyone who drove by as I was walking might think I was insane. I eyed the house, thought of my peeping cheeps, wondered how long they could s
I have a job interview lined up for next Weds! Yay! Its doing appt scheduling at the east metro's largest orthodpaedics firm. Their starting pay is even above what I was making before :D
This Weeks Flowers Inspired By & Dedicated To....
Her arrangement... Close up of her arrangement... ♥ PoStaL
I am auctioning myself off..does anyone want me? 200 11s a week you in my family salute your link on my page rate your stash gifts weekly comments when I can :X just put bid in box/comment if interested.. I am sure I wont go very high!
Flashy Picture Thing
hey friends... so whats the going rate for making a gif thing with a few of my pics... what ever they are called... when they flash thru several photos...any ways i will pay bling or bling credits for it...i would like it asap since i did a blast today for myself and would use it as my default during... and i didnt think to solicit this before hand. talk to me as you were
Farm Porn
Because not all farmers are early to rise, I was still in bed when the mailman slowed to a crunchy stop on the gravel. I heard the electronic whir of his car window, listened as the box opened, scraped shut. And Jeff drove off. “I’ve got mail!” Clad in flip-flops and pajamas, I wandered out to the mailbox and rifled through the pile of mail. Jeff had delivered Ag Pride (“Nebraska Cowboy finds niche as custom hat maker”), the Menards flyer, and The Farmer & Rancher Exchange. The Exchange sounded promising. Does it cater to people wishing to purchase or exchange farmers and ranchers? Sadly, it does not; the publication is geared toward livestock auctions and sales of trucks and farm equipment. And semen. $18-25, depending on volume. The fine print below the bull’s sagging testicles reads, “See the video on our website.” Ok, so maybe it was a good mail day after all.
Venting Again...
dont you love it when someone thinks they know whats going on when the dont even have a clue? They assume because a lounge is or has NSFW in the title that the lounge is showing nudes or that there are cams in them.. I mean come on do people really care what goes on in lounges.. most ppl go in them to socialize nothing more... there are some that get bent out of shape over the simple things.. or nothing at you know someone like this.. that can go on for days about BS on the internet.. that in real life means nothing...sorry had to vent
The Deletein Of My Account Need 10 Good Reasons Why I Shouldn't
yea it has come to this! sorry to all my good and close family and friends but i am tired of the lies, the empty promises,the drama, ppl runnin their mouths when i didn't say what they say i said or done. i come to fubar to make friends and possibley find the right guy. i have found many friends and afew that i would consider the right guy but only one ( and he knows who he is. i do still love you babe! and always here.) that i have been there threw everythin and he has stuck by me as well. yes he has made some promises but i ain't too sure that they r totally empty promises and i understand he is confused right now and i was willin to try and move on so i meet another guy (ahottie-sweet,carein, we went to the lounges hung out and even joined a lounge together. i ain't sure if i want to be a dj (Dj Goth Angel1) or if i want to be a greeter but i am willin to try djin. workin on gettin that all set up. lol til the other day afew things were said by him bout a female and well as most
I'm feeling really weak right now and I don't know why. I had to go make up a bunkbed. Let me tell you, NOT the thing to do when you feel like this. I had the hardest time tucking the sheets in. I ended up hitting my toe on the frame on the way down. It sucks. I bid on someone in an auction that I don't even know. Got outbid and then I bid again....trying to decide when enough is enough, lol. Oh well. I guess I'll keep bidding until I can't bid anymore, lol.
I'm not going to be on long. I just wanted to let you all know, I went really stupid today. It was Connor's field day and I forgot to put sunscreen on. The back of my neck and my arms are burnt. I'm burning up so bad. I think I'm gonna go strip down and go to bed, lol. I'm very tired. Time to sleep with a fan blowing on me.
My Dad
My dad (the guy on the left, with my brother Steve) is seventy today. I've known him all my life, during which time he has remained married to my mum (not pictured). For a lot of his life, he worked in insurance, but has also worked for the Church, and remains active since his retirement a few years back. On the day this photo was taken, it was my brother Steve's birthday, and my dad made him these concrete mushrooms. He then proceeded to drink too much red wine, and fell asleep in the shed. A lot of my sense of humour comes from my Dad, and also my love for country music. He makes me laugh, lends me money, and gives me advice about cars and houses and shit. I love that old man. LET'S HEAR IT FOR MY DAD!!
He's Baaaaack!
Strummer's Ghost@ fubar he just can't stay away...any help to get him leveled so he can mumm?
Perry Bible Fellowship
My local comic book store has two copies of this on the shelves, for 20. I don't have 20. Does anyone want to buy it for me and send it to my house? Cheers.
Jenniy Is A Robot!!!!
I'm sorry I'm not emotionless like you. I can't just look the other way like nothing is going on. I worry and I hurt. I can't help that I'm not like you. Ouch, Mom. Please go on. Let's share some more feelings. Good times. Good times... At 7 a.m., I was on I-10 headed to Livingston. The day had kept its promise...sunlight was peering tentatively through the gray. I had just left behind the morning traffic chaos of Baton Rouge and begun my journey across Basin Bridge--20 miles of bridge over low swampy snake and alligator infested waters (or so I assume from the look). I've been driving for over 7 hours now, but I feel good. Free. Hopeful for a positive day. Then the phone rings. Mom. I was hoping this would be one of those checking on me kind of calls. No... "Have you heard from your brother?" Considering I've been driving all night and tried getting a few hours sleep before I left, this seems to be a ridiculous question, but I just tell her no and ask why. Apparently, there
June 8 Update
My mom had a really ruff night last night, as some of you know my granny has some health issues so my mom is really worried about her, although my granny has moved in the room at the hospital with my mom. My mom suffered with a lot of anixety last night with caused palpatations and caused her blood pressure to get really high. She is complainging of some loss of feeling in the right side of her face it's mild but none the less it's there. I want to thank all of you that are keeping my mom and our family in your prayers and all of you who have reached out to us and offered your help. My oldest brother (Kyle) arrived last night so he is taking care of things. Me and my brothers really appreciate all the love and support ya'll are showing my mom. A big part of me knows this will help her make a fast recovery. I'm making notes of all the comments and messages and showing her daily to help her know she is loved by many. Again I want to thank all of you for your support.
The Sweetness Inside Of Me...
As the say progresses on and I see no end to the bet that Seamus and I have, I have seen how nice it is to treat people with kindness ... I know some of you are feeling a little lousy today so I give you this blog to swear and cuss and hate everything you need.. please feel free to kick rocks Also it would help me greatly if you would throw in a few choice words for me.... allowing me to live vicariously threw you.... I have to agree with Seamus its not the nice that's painful its the non perverted responses. I love you all Wicked "the good girl"
Long Survey
All About You Name: Stacie Knicknames: I don't really have any Birthdate: June 14 Place Of Birth: Charleston, WV Zodiac Sign: Gemini Status: single Siblings: 2 older brothers and 3 older sisters Animals: None Hair Color? Natural?: Brown/ Favorites Color: green T.V. Show: I don't really watch much television Movie: Boondock Saints, hands down Animal: Puppies Book: I really like the whole Anita Blake series. Haven't read them all though Magazine: None of them Band: I have no clue Singer: Again, no clue Type Of Music: Rock State: North Carolina Place You Have Been: To see my Dad Store: Here lately it's been American Eagle Food: Christmas Dinner Candy: Dark chocolate M&Ms Fruit Candy Flavor: Strawberry Pizza Topping: Pepperoni Shoe Brand: Whatever is comfortable Make-Up Brand: Cover Girl Scent or Smell: just "clean" Sound: the ocean Soup: Homemade beef stew..wait, that's not really a soup is it? Non-Alchoholic Drink: Coke Alchoholic Drink: Mudslides Candle Scent: Something
Eye Just Had To Look!
I was on duty last Saturday and had to answer phones and attend to walk-in clients because there is no reception cover on weekends. Fifteen minutes before closing time a family group walked in and asked about the remaining balance on their accounts. No worries - I checked the computer records and gave them the info they needed. The only problem was that the guy is without a doubt the most boss-eyed person I have seen in years. Seriously, this guy's left eye was looking straight at me (Northwards) but his right eye was looking North-Eastwards and up towards the ceiling somewhere! I'm sure he must have had a 270-degree field of vision with his goat-like occular arrangement. The biggest problem occurred when I looked up from the computer screen and accidently looked him in the wrong eye! So I started having a conversation with his wonky eye and I found myself strangely fascinated by his wayward orb instead of actually listening to what he was saying. After I asked him to repeat
A few weeks ago I won tickets to a concert from our local tv station. Going to take my daughter to it tonight.... Anyone ever heard of Carbon Leaf?
I Am Lost
I am lost when I am with you I am lost with out you My heart is full of pain Your love has left a stain I can't shake this feelin I can't start the healin Through the pain and the anger You have become a stranger I can't take this pain another day I wish the world would just go away Take me out of this life Stab me with your knife Let my life bleed out So there is never a singel doubt Bring my pain to an end My ever faithful friend.
Leveling Blog #466
Jęń CWP PromoTions Team - Owned By Tach@ fubar about 20,000 to level
Just Don't Understand...
Ok, for those of you who were real enough to get to know me, should be the only ones who really give their unput on this, because they took the time to get to know me...unlike most people I know on here. OK, now, for those of who you wrote who actually got to know me, will know how I am. I am ther guy that will tell you something no matter how much it may anger you, depress you, or make you cry. I SIMPLY, CLEARLY DONT GIVE A SHIT. What I do care about though is being real with you, no matter what. I am hard on people because thats the way I was never raised. I was always told what I wanted to hear, and in the long run, It hurt. So, my problem is..a friend of mine, does some things, just know what, I am not sure ecatly why. This friedn is an amazing, sweet, beautiful, loving, and caring person. They are always there to talk to you....but, this person degrades themselves with some actions in which are none of your business. I felt the need to express how I felt about it, and
I went grocery shopping today, and one of the things on a discount board was Scott Peterson salami I guess the wife killer is gettin his fame from salami now
The One I Can't Help
I watch her come on almost daily, and I see her struggle to look happy. But I can see right thru the facade and it hurts me to see her so down. If only I could do something more than offer words of friendship or advice....but alas, it isn't to be. She lives elsewhere and I'm stuck here. I have known her for a while and have become great friends with her. I ewould love nothing more than to have her be happier in her life. I'm actualy afraid that I may even be falling for her. And I can't let that happen cuz I can't be with her. Life sux.........
Why Are People So Mean?
I got in a massive fight with a FORMER friend of mine last weekend. I have known her for 16 years. She has always been fun, but as of late she started being mean when I went out anywhere with her. I had had enough, when last weekend she called me a whore for talking to a guy instead of paying attention to her. She has done this every occation while we are out and when I start talking to a man that strikes up a conversation. In fact she kicked me out of the house we shared because she disapproved of my last boyfriend. She says she has every right because my ex husband was very abusive and I have no dignity (her words) and act like a whore. So I get back from work today, I am exhausted, and she had written this long ass letter telling me once again, I am a whore, I am toxic, that she was not getting anything out of the relationship and she was glad it was over. We had shared words via text last Sunday, so i finally told her to leave me the hell alone (after she threatened to sue
Now before you get all worried, I'm not leaving Fubar. I'm just getting in the shower and then going to bed. I have to be up at 4:30 so I can get ready to leave in the morning. I'm still very nervous and probably won't get much sleep. But oh well. It's just going to be weird not having someone to talk to while I'm in the air. I'll be able to have my laptop on on the plane though so if any of you are up a little after 7am[eastern time] I should be here. Talk to you all when I'm in Missouri!!!!!!!
The Diplomat
We don't have specifically named titles at work. I'm not technically a manager, but I tell people what to do sometimes. One of my coworkers isn't technically called a two faced, back stabbing, old hag, but she takes on that duty quite well... For the most part, we each do a little of everything. Sometimes, however, certain tasks get left to just one person. I have a load of them but perhaps the one I hate most is being the diplomat of sorts. When something tragic happens, I am the only one to make plans on sending flowers, cards, making donations, attending funerals/viewings...I'm the one that has to get everyone else moving on it at the very least. Today, it fell on my shoulders again. I'm too fucking empathetic for this shit.... I walked into the hospital with a chocolate cake in one hand and the other making nervous taps on the back of my leg. It calms me. The cool of the lobby was a sweet relief as I headed for the gift shop. Balloons. Why do we even give adults cheerful ball
Twisted Comment Contest
TwIsted Comment Contest Running From 6/28 - 7/11 Each Co Founder will select their favorite comment and the 3 top comments will be awarded 1 Mil fubucks each. WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR ! The mostsick,twisted, fucked up or ROTFLMFAO profile comments.. Leave as many as you want all week ! Have fun and lets get twIsted ! Thanks, Rick, Dan & Nik
Please Read Me.
I know I know, another whore blog. But eff it. Everyone deserves one day now and then to be a point whore, and on friday I'm moving so I don't know how often I'll be on for a few days or so. So I won a sweet ass bling pack in a scavenger hunt recently. Therefore I will be running some autos very soon. I'm thinking I'll run the autos around 11am tomorrow. And in case you want to stop by and perve the stud who ran the contest and who knows, may just do another one, please go rate him. :) DavePinFlorida @ fubar Now that I've written this...I feel so dirty... Pee ess. I plan to send out some bling too but I'm going to wait til I activate the autos for maximum point whoring. lolz
Break In
some dumbass broke into my store last night. Stole one of my scooters and some leatherapparel. about 2500 dollars worth of stuff. What the fuck is with people these days? You work your ass off to try to make it in this world and be happy and some stupid mother fucker has to come and take it away from you. hang the mother fuckers by their dicks.. please -Highway Song
Tarot Reading..
I'm not too sure about this one. I just answered truthfully. The Lovers Your Tarot reading drew The Lovers card. This card is of good fortune, and show's the beginning of a romance, or the rebirth and growing love of a current relationship. The Romance, harmony, trust, and respect, in this relationship will grow stronger and burn brighter in this unity. Take time to recall this joyous event to streangthen your love in year's to come.
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