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Ok me and Tat Man73 are both admitted Train Alchy's You have one we join it lol. Dont know what a train is? Well a train is usually posted in a bulletin or a blog and joining one can give you many rewards be it new friends, extra points and some trains even throw in a special tag made just for joining. So this list is made for all the Train Aholics like us and the Trains owners as well. Now it seems that were in so many that we lose track of whose running what and how to find the addys when we need them. So this blog will keep up with where everything is. And also to bring some of the older trains back to life once more. If you have one that I haven't added please private message me with the blogs addy and I'll add it to the list The trains are in no particular order some are old trains some are newer ones. I'm going to list the trains by where the blogs are located. *Note the blog that it's listed in may not always be the owner of the train* The owner is usually listed in the beginning of each train. Each one is linked to take you to each individual train. This blog is now being updated to also include the links for tags that come with the trains. Please when there read the host/hostess rules to join, each train is different. *Please note if you are hosting a train thats listed on here and no longer taking passengers please let me know and I can remove it from the list* Theres also some trains that have # in () those are ones with approximately that # of members already joined. *Note here owners you can help me here and keep me updated of how members you have if I don't have this listed by your train or if I have it wrong* Also please note this blog will only contain trains that are permanent trains (trains with a blog) and Trains that are NOT promoting a contest, a particular member ex. BDay Trains, Leveling Trains etc. By all means when joining have fun :)

1.Can You Stand The Rain(98) 2.Laughter Train(79) 3.Some Like It Hot(68) 4.Boots Train(79) 5.Tequila Train(100) 6.Flirting Train(93) 7.Tattoo Train(131) 8.Chocolate Unite(71) 9.DragonFly Train(57) 10.Rip Our Jeans But Not Our Hearts(65) 11.The Turtle Train(61) The Turtle Train Tags 12.Bettie Paige Train(145) Bettie Paige Train Tags 13.Goofy Party(50) Goofy Party Tags 14.Rafting Trip Party(77) Rafting Trip Party Tags 15.The Sock Hop(80) The Sock Hop Tags 16.Trip Down Memory Lane(55) Trip Down Memory Lane Tags 17.Red, White, And Blue Train(67) Red, White, And Blue Train Tags 18.Nascar Chase(76) Nascar Chase Tags 19.Titanic Train(74) Titanic Train Tags 20.Working For Peanuts(76) Working For Peanuts Tags 21.Kitty Cat Train(67) Kitty Cat Train Tags 22.Betty Boop Train(71) Betty Boop Train Tags 23.We're Off To See The Wizard(76) We're Off To See The Wizard Tags 24.Howling At The Moon(65) Howling At The Moon Tags 25.Scooby Doo And The Mystery Train(77) Scooby Doo And The Mystery Train Tags 26.The Pimp Train(26) The Pimp Train Tags 27.Are Ya Feelin Froggy(59) Are Ya Feelin Froggy Tags 28.Wild Dreamland(55) Wild Dreamland Tags 29.Fantasy Flyer(164) Fantasy Flyer Tags 30.Skinny Dipping(48) Skinny Dipping Tags 31.Redneck Train(32) Redneck Train Tags 32.Triple Dog Dare(48) Triple Dog Dare Tags 33.Serving In The Soup Kitchen(44) Serving In The Soup Kitchen Tags 34.Holiday Train(22) Holiday Train Tags 35.Are you cool enough to be pink?(83) Are you cool enough to be pink?Tags 36.It's a Whimsical World(54) It's a Whimsical World Tags 37.All Jacked Up(46) All Jacked Up Tags 38.007 Adventure Ride(40) 007 Adventure Ride Tags 39.Coke vs Pepsi(31) Coke vs Pepsi Tags 40.Welcome To My Nighmare 2(40) Welcome To My Nighmare 2 Tags 41.I Believe In Angels(44) I Believe In Angels Tags 42.The Love Bug(22) The Love Bug Tags 43.Hair Metal Mania(32) Hair Metal Mania Tags 44.The Cartoon Express(36) The Cartoon Express Tags 45.The Sin Wagon(61) The Sin Wagon Tags 46.Autism Awareness Train(91) Autism Awareness Train Tags 47.Breast Cancer Awareness Train(55) Breast Cancer Awareness Train Tags 48.Pop Lock And Drop Train(27) Pop Lock And Drop Train Tags 49.Stand Up To Cancer Train(47) Stand Up To Cancer Train Tags 50.Disco Fever(45) Disco Fever Tags 51.Fubars Train Addiction Train(32) Fubars Train Addiction Train Tags 52.I Cant Drive 55 Train(48) I Cant Drive 55 Train Tags 53.It's Time To Do The Hustle Train(26) It's Time To Do The Hustle Train Tags 54.The Fu Asylum(38) The Fu Asylum Tags 55.Purple People Eater(43) Purple People Eater Tags 56.Bear Necessities(44) Bear Necessities Tags 57.Parachuting Thru Fubar(48) Parachuting Thru Fubar Tags 58.Black Or White(22) Black Or White Tag 59.Sarcasm Train(24) Sarcasm Train Tags 60.Rope n Ridin Rodeo(39) Rope n Ridin Rodeo Tags 61.Sesame Street Train(28) Sesame Street Train Tags 62.Fubar Addict(67) Fubar Addict Tags 63.Breast Cancer Awareness Train 2(21) Breast Cancer Awareness Train 2 Tags 64.Naughty Toychest Train(57) Naughty Toychest Train Tags 65.Sun, Moon, And Stars(36) Sun, Moon, And Stars Tags 66.Carebear Friends Train(32) Carebear Friends Train Tags 67.Riding The Wind(31) Riding The Wind Tags 68.Goddess' Fu-Luv Ride(18) Goddess' Fu-Luv Ride Tags 69.Kat Von Do Train(32) Kat Von Do Train Tags 70.Rockstar Fantasy Train(45) Rockstar Fantasy Train Tags 72.Ab Fab Train(29) Ab Fab Train Tags 73.Pon & Zi Train(27) Pon & Zi Train Tags 74.The Magic Bus The Magic Bus Tags 75.Flags Of The World Unite(28) Flags Of The World Unite Tags 76.Fubar The Musical(25) Fubar The Musical Tags 77.Route 66 Train(29) Route 66 Train Tags 78.The Love Train(3) The Love Train Tags 79.Sexy Pint Party(52) Sexy Pint Party Tags 80.The Locomotion(82) The Locomotion Tags 81.Homey Twist(33) Homey Twist Tags 82.Booze Cruise(103) Booze Cruise Tags 83.Move Your Body Like A Cyclone(23) Move Your Body Like A Cyclone Tags 84.We Love You Long Time(76) We Love You Long Time Tags 85.Tick Tick Train(30) Tick Tick Train Tags 86.Horoscope Signs Train(53) Horoscope Signs Train Tags 87.Cause A Ruckus(42) Cause A Ruckus Tags 88.The Libra Express Train(17) The Libra Express Train Tags 89.Spotted Train(47) Spotted Train Tags 90.The Fubar Cocktail Party(36) The Fubar Cocktail Party Tags 91.Dragon Slayer Train Dragon Slayer Train Tags 92.Mermaid Island(62) Mermaid Island Tags 93.Are You Snoopy?(45) Snoopy Tags 94.Pixie Dust Anyone?(49) Pixie Dust Tags 95.Yabba Dabba Doo!(49) Flintstones Tags 96.It's Alive!(44) Pennywise Tags 97.The Jetson's(44) The Jetson's Tags 98.Child's Play/Chucky(51) Child's Play/Chucky Tags 99.Elvira Mistress Of The Dark(44) Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Tags 100.Precious Moments Train(43) Precious Moments Train Tags


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