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Check Out These Great Friends
Come check out some of MY GREATEST FAMILY . Don't miss out on their awesome friendship for sure. Please F/A/R & you'll see. §rWhï+êKnïgh+ Blondie's r/l hubby ***Chuckiiboo*** ~$Badassbiatch$~ Year of the Dragon™ ☆Wonder_Woman™☆ Steve ♥~MZ.DREAMS~♥ The Baddest MILF®™ Ozzy Mikey
Don't Wanna Mumm This...
My estranged husband...ex or whatever I can call him...just calls to let me know he intends to come here within the next 2 weeks...and would like to stay for up to 2 weeks here in this house. PANIC!!!!!!! I have this overwhelming urge to vomit...and my heart is thudding in my head...not a great feeling...just trying to breathe actually. My dad already extended the open invitation to him and since this is his house...I don't get the final vote. It has been almost 3 years since I have seen him..and I am sure I can be a grown up and not be a total bitch to him, but I really don't know how I feel about this. Anyhow I must get myself ready for I thank you for the time you took to come here and read my post.
Cos Everyone Else Is
You take the top 10 most played songs on your iPod or similar device (or just pick 10 songs you listen to a really really lot). Post the first line of the lyrics to each in your blog. Sit back in smug satisfaction, knowing you have the best taste in music ever (this is a crucial step). Then your friends do their part: in the comments section, try to identify what songs the lyrics come from. Oh, and Googling is cheating! 1. Well the buckshot eyes and the purple heart... 2. Just want to do something special for all the ladies of the world... 3. In the moon light I was mistaken, young hearts were breaking... 4. There is a light in the forest, there's a face in the tree... 5. My name is Jorge Regula... 6. My heart is on my sleeve, my head is in the sand... 7. Your love is futuristic, let me taste your robot lipstick... 8. Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble..... 9. Never stood a chance, never saw it coming... 10. I like my town with a little drop of
Blah Blah Blah
In the next few days i'll start adding pictures. I'm still not a point whore, and don't expect anyone to rate them. I'm sure most of you a sick and tired of me deleting them. As some of you know, i go through mood swings. If you wanna be Cubby's friend, you have to take the good, with the bad right? I won't apologize for being me, but i will say sorry for those that miss me, and my comments when i'm gone. My back has been very bad the last few weeks, so i won't be great at leaving comments yet. But you know me. :P
Rdizzo Michigan
It started in a stupid mumm about women being more attracted to mean guys or nice guys. You know, the one that's been posted 3,879,879,726 times already. Anyway, this asshole starts getting in shoutboxes. He calls Helly retarded and Jenuphur a nigger lover and Prinny fat, and asks us all if we understood the question. Here's MY convo with him. You know how it goes ladies and gents. Start at the bottom. >RDizzo Mic...: So you get your ass outside because you POSTED a mumm... according to your logic. Besides, why would I need to meet someone? My boyfriend is sitting right here beside me. RDizzo Mic...: go out and meet someone RDizzo Mic...: because your reading fucking mumms ->RDizzo Mic...: Who are you to assume that I need to get out? RDizzo Mic...: get off the computer for a while and get out ->RDizzo Mic...: I work outside stupid ass. I have plenty of sun..lmmfao... besides, it's 2am here. RDizzo Mic...: go outside get some sun RDizzo Mic
Two Years Until Life Begins?
I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who sent me birthday messages, profile comments, gifts and bling! :D Gee, I must be popular or some shit because I sure got a lot of love. I'm too fuckin lazy to reply to every one individually so I'm hoping this blog covers it :P Makes me feel kinda guilty for never paying attention to the upcoming birthdays bit, but you all know I love you, right? :P Thanks again guys n girls, you fuckin ROCK!
When Life Doesn't Really Go The Way You Pictured!
I have been on this site since May 8, 2007. I have seen a lot. People coming and going. Drama started and flushed out. I have met some amazing people, that have actually found themselves in my r/l. I have gotten blast, Happy Hour's, fublings, and a VIP. I have fubombed, I have been entered in contest. I have participated in Auctions. I have created an amazing lounge! All with amazing people that have stuck by my side through everything. All this has been a blast. Its a good time to get out. Then when things seem to be going well. Something creeps up and grabs a hold of you that will in fact change your life all together. As some of you know, my life has been an open book on here. I have shared in my blogs my daughter, my relationship, me being silly and poetry no matter how bad it is. LOL! I have shared the end of one relationship to the beginning of another. I was in fact one of the lucky ones to find a man that loves me from this very site and we are together now. All this and i
Ok, I'm not really a beer drinker...I'm not even a big drinker per say but you have to try the stuff I'm drinking. It is called Raspberry Hefeweizen UFO made by Harpoon. The shit is fuckin awesome!
Stolen From Stacie
It's harder than it looks! *Use the 1st letter of your LAST name to answer each of the following...(*They have to be real places, names, things...nothing made up!) Use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. (WHICH BY THE WAY IS HARD IF YOU ALREADY READ THEIR ANSWERS) You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl. 1. What is your last name?............... Garrett 2. 4 letter word.............................. Gunk 3. Vehicle: ...................................Gallardo (sp?) 4. City / Neighborhood: ...............Graceland 5. Boy Name: ...............................Gabe 6. Girl Name: ................................. Grace 7. Occupation: ................................Groping the talent (fluffer) 8. Something you wear:..................G-string (don't judge me) 9. Food: ..................................... Grape 10. Found in a bathroom:...........Grime 11. Reason for Being Late...........Getting a BJ 12. Somethin
3 weeks ago some dumb ghetto diva left her luggage at the hotel I work at. So last night at around 1 30 the doors open, and in waltzes in another one,with a fat ass and attitude to boot. She tells me that she drove all the way from Indiana to pick up her sister's luggage, and this is the only time she's in Chicago, so she needs it NOW. I tell her that I will get it for her, and go look in a place where we keep the luggage for peoples. Its not there. Ok, so I go to a second probably case (where we USED to keep them)-not there. Then, after I proceed telling her that I can't find it, she puts in a useful bit of info: the Front desk manager told her that it is in the Housekeeping room (awesome that she told that to me AFTER I searched the place.) I go to the HK room, and its not there either. I tell her that I am sorry, but I have looked everywhere, and theres nothing I can do. Someone must've picked it up already. She is pissed and throws a tantrum. sayin she is not leaving wit
Stood Up
For the third time in a row by the third guy. How awful and unattractive must I be that three people; who don't know each other, would stand me up? Love won't even give me a chance. Maybe it is just time to call it quits? I feel like puking. Men can all go to hell. The End. Someone give me some damn cheesecake.
My Status For Those Who Wonder
Wtf Is This Sh*t?!!!
NEVER GAVE THE IMPRESSION TO GET THIS TYPE OF RESPONSE FROM PEOPLE AND IT'S GETTING OLD JUST NOT FEELIN IT...I'M VERY ANGRY AND FEEL VERY DIRESPECTED JUST DON'T KNOW CHECK IT OUT BY YOURS TRULY fubar subject: im going to be honest with you and straight up let me know and read all this received: 08/24/2008 09:44 am wassup wit cha im saying you no i like what i see and i aint comning at cha like some liar some chump cuz i aint even no one of those u talkin to a 31 year old single white guy no kids not married been throught all tha bullshytin realationships i wanna go through i am white with indian iltalian and irish lookin for that some one who i can chill wit kick it wit laugh hang out sex tha whole 9 i aint got time to be knowing some one for ever and then it aint nothing no way thats crazy im saying we can do all we can do as we going and learning if ya got a man oh well he can be put on ice while we do our thang im tired of meeting them ones
Just something that has meaning to me.. Maybe God wanted us to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Maybe when the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one, which has been opened for us. Maybe the best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had. Maybe it is true that we do not know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we do not know what we have been missing until it arrives. Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they will love you back. Do not expect love in return,just wait for it to grow in their heart,but if it does not, be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to li
Its Tuesday
i went to the notting hill carnival over the weekend and had a lot of laughs there. trying out caribbean food and listening to soca, reggae and house on some of the biggest sound systems there are. at good times the floor was shaking and you could feel your cheeks vibrate with the bass. got myself a bit of a stomach upset , was doing somersaults yesterday and still got the trots today. other than that a good time was had.
I swear there are some days it's a good thing that prison food does not appeal to my palette. Otherwise, some people would be finding themselves dead. I don't know where this attitude of "I have to be in front of you, but I don't want to go faster than you" comes from, but it annoys me to the point of violence. Is this a national phenomenon? Let me explain the symptoms: Someone flies like a bat out of hell to get in front of you, then lets off the gas and slows to 5 mph slower than you were going Someone gets in the left hand lane, and just sits there, barely doing the speed limit. At a street corner, someone walks up to the don't walk sign, stopping right in front of you, where you were going to cross in the other direction. What is with these people? Not only are they discourteous, but they are stupid, you are going to be rude to me, and then show me your back? You have given me motivation, and opportunity to smack the back of your head so hard your eyes pop out.
Blogs And Mumm's
Ok I guess some people are gonna hate me for this, but it seems that most people only post blogs and MUMM's through sheer bordom...... although there ae some very funny and very informative blogs some seem to be created with the aim of passing time when nothing much else is going on...and yes...this is one such time you could say as there is not much going on........ Just thought I would say it thats all.... Thank you for getting this far and please feel free to carry on passing through to the next Have a good day!!!
"Mudshovel" You take away I feel the same You take away I feel the same All the promises you made to me you made in vain I lost myself inside your tainted smile again Cause you can't feel my ANGER You can't feel my pain You can't feel my torment Driving me insane I can't fight these feelings they will bring you pain You can't take away Make me whole again I feel betrayed Stuck in your ways And you rip me apart With the brutal things you say I can't deal with **** anymore I just look away Cause you can't feel my ANGER You can't feel my pain You can't feel my torment Driving me insane I can't fight these feelings they bring only pain You can't take away Make me whole again Mudshovel You take away I feel the same All these promises You promised only pain If you take away And leave me with nothing again 'Cause you can't feel my ANGER You can't feel my pain You can't feel my torment Driving me insane I can't fight these feelings they wil
Commenting Banned
To all my friends and family. I have found that Fubar in their infinite wisdom has decided I have violated the TOS and I have been banned from commenting for a week. I apologize, but it looks like I'll be unable to send comments to everyone for a while, so I wil just leave one for you all here until I get removed from the banned list.
Who I Really Am..
Ok so here it goes no I dont care about spelling or grammer if your a perfectionist go clean your kitchen... Well anyways truth about me I am not a fucking whore, slut, or mattress have too much respect for myself I am a bitch I know it my real friends can tell you it if you dont like it oh well I wont be molded to what you like I am an individual and I like it that way I am not on this site to meet that one special person I dont need new friends got some great ones offline and some that I meet on here before who are in my family list which brings me to another thing you have to be someone special to me to be on my family list its not a just because he is hot thing no you have to be someone I can count on when I need a friend. my family list is a group of people that I am willing to do most anything for and can name what they do for a living or what they did in the past some I can even name who their children are. but I dont stand for Drama about them yes a co
Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose
Awesome song Artist - Soundgarden Song - Jesus Christ Pose Album - Badmotorfinger Album Cover Song Length - 5:52 Taken From Wikipedia: "Many people believe that this song is anti-Christian, to the extent that the band actually received death threats about it on a UK tour in the early 1990s. In reality, though, it is anything but anti-Christian. The song is actually a criticism of the way rock stars use the image of Jesus and the "Jesus Christ Pose" to try to identify themsleves with the idea of the Son of God. Cornell in particular wrote the lyrics as a parody of Jane's Addiction lead singer Perry Farrell, whose majestic on-stage demeanor Cornell found pretentious." Video: Lyrics: [Music - Cameron, Shepherd, Thayil, Cornell; Lyrics - Cornell] And you stare at me In your Jesus Christ pose Arms held out Like you've been carrying a load And you swear to me You don't want to be my slave But you're staring at me Like I need to be saved In y
Me Singing In Italian (old)
I doubt this is very pleasant but it goes with these blogs and I'm organizing. + you don't have to listen :P Comment | Copy This
To Let You All Know
This is to let my true friends that actually read my blogs know that I'm not going to be able to get online everyday...I will be on several days a week though...If you see my name come online it may not be me, I'm going to have a friend of mine get on the days I won't be able to make it on to keep my commitments to my Owner LarryB & to CinDragon I'm her BISH lol...In my absence which should only be 2 weeks, PLS SHOW LARRYB & CINDRAGON lots & lots of love to help me make up for not being here for them...I would really appreciate that so much, they are both awesome ppl and you really should rate, fan, & add them if they aren't already your friends, you'll be glad you did...I'm setting my comments to approval so I hopefully don't miss any of them...If you would rather wait till I'm back full time to leave comments, I totally understand that...If you wanna show my page love I'd love that, but pls send me a fumail and let me know you have so I'll know who to hit up first the evenings I'll b
Stupid Questions Deserve Stupid Answers.
The Dante's Inferno Test Has Banished You To The Seventh Level Of Hell!
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very LowLevel 2 (Lustful)Very HighLevel 3 (Gluttonous)HighLevel 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very HighLevel 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)ExtremeLevel 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Extreme
I Hope This Is Not Your Friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This girl ran a contest and refuses to pay the winner when asked she blocks u !! Dj Michelle C/O@The Players Club~N~/R/L N Fu wife/fiance To Dj rebel@ fubar
So, everyone is asking me about my status changes today. I have done the dreaded "let the fu get to me" thing in a couple of ways this weekend. Some say it's just the interwebs, but sometimes you can't help but let your feelings get involved. We are all human, therefore we are allowed to be idiots sometimes. I'll be ok. I'll live. Right now I am thinking it's a very good thing I will be gone all week.
Your True Color
Your True ColourBlackBlack is one of the most beautiful of colors and yet is the void of color too. It is the color of detail. In fact, you want everything done in detail. You would make quite an accountant. If a job needs finishing, you are the one to do it. You require leaders to tell you what needs to be done. Under guidance, you are able to get to the crux of the matter and solve very large problems. Finding others' mistakes makes you feel right at home. Blacks are people who hold things inside. One who wears black doesn't not want to be touched. Putting a barrier between yourself and others is the purpose of your color. You are also protective, using your barrier as the shield. You keep your strength inside so you can better protect your emotions. Don't try cutting yourself, as it is possible that you are emo. Perhaps it would be better for you to hang out with your friends or family more.How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Poem For My Beloved Brother Rip Chris 9/23/83 - 4/29/2006
I heard this thunder inside of me I heard this thunder a mile away from me I always remember such a thunder when im on the phone Its a roaring sound of my brother upon his wonderious throne. Now the day has passed I will not hear him roar up n down the street In his proud poession he drives Now I still believe i always hear this thunder upon me Coming from behind or in front of me How do I miss hearing it rip up and down the street. This loud thunder we hear thats coming from my brothers feet. I've spent hours wondering when he will come. Yet shall we ever see him or hear the roar of his car again. This is the thunder thats inside of me. It has me torn up inside, with alot of anger and pain When shall this thunder take me home. I count the days I will arrive into the heavens up above me. For now when shall this thunder rest inside of me. My brother you are loved your thunder will once be heard again. Yet no answer have came to us why this thunder silenced
Bullshit Overload
Well I have finally reached my breaking point.I'm tired of drama, tired of ranks, tired of points, tired of liars, and most of all tired of bullshit fake ass people that play head games. Theres a reason why you are different in real life than on fubar.Its called having no balls. Its easy to talk all badass and PRETEND behind a keyboard. I may not know what it is I want or am looking for but at least im upfront about it.Ive always been me. Take it or leave it. Love me as I am or dont love me AT ALL. While most choose the latter, that ok with me. Because at the end of the day no matter what life throws at me i have been TRUE to myself. What exactly is the point of fu-weddings? I mean sooo many people have REAL life boyfriends yet "marry" guys over and over. To me its all retarded.Thats whats wrong with people today they think MARRIAGE is a GAME> If its not working out, they just give up. No one understands the concept of VOWS.Do you not realize the stupid whore/prick will just be
What Color Redhead Should You Be
It's nailed it! Lmao! You Should be a Auburn Redhead Sophisticated and intense, this hue would really accent your face. What Kind of Redhead Should You Be?
Some Old Shit.
WHOO HOO FOR WHINEY AND DEPRESSING! hahahah, nothing like being emo:P i'm in love w/ this one thing, that i can't have, that i can't touch, that i can't see. it eludes each step i take. switches those arrows i drew in the forest. throws daylight into screaming paths of birch. touches me in my sleep, w/ hands, the body it contained long gone. presses my shoulder, holds my elbow. guides me to the next play in. i favor those i can't redeem. those whom fall. those that challenge me, when i try to challenge them. shining the polish on this heart. sqeeky clean comes down the river. flowing south, hands taken in mine, to drown in the waterfalls bustling mists.
Last night when i text messaged my hubby to tell him about being nominated for the 5star employee... I got a cool I want lunch message back from him... no grats no nothing.. that annoyed me but whatever.. then when i was leaving work.. i got a message telling me to do finish the laundry cause he has to disconnect the washer and dryer... Ok no big deal.. i am thinking that maybe he got it started and that i only needed to like finish the last load... NOPE.. he started the sheets... and i had 2 more loads... 3 if you count the blanket my dryer... SUCKS.. takes 2 hours to dry a load of laundry so... after waking up at 9am... and it being almost 2 when i got home... I am starting laundry... Needless to say.. i am ticked off then when i say something about it because i am aggrivated... he blew it off.. i was up almost 24 hours.. and didn't finish it.. he had to dry ONE load ONE FREAKING LOAD but whatever... I am still glowing from the other blog :D
Special Dod For Sunday Is Zorack
ZØRÁÇK SHADOW BOMBER , Crew Leader Of Rating Revolution@ fubar Show her love!
I Have The Bestest Friends...
I've been kicking myself for barely being able to keep a thought straight in my head. I feel like a stupid blonde airhead. Not working and solving problems has made it worse. But today, talking to my mom, I've realized something. In the span of 3 months, *my best friend died *I almost got divorced *I was diagnosed with severe depression *I lost my job *I was diagnosed with breast cancer Now I'm wondering why my head hasn't just up and exploded on me. I know I have some very supportive friends here, and having you around has helped me soooo much! Just being able to blog and rant about what's getting to me... has really made a difference. Thank you all &hearts
Sooo...about 15 minutes ago I hear a weird noise. I go into the bathroom, and ...surprise! The whole floor is fuckin covered with water, and the toilet is leaking like crazy. I try to fix it by pulling up on the lift rod, and the fucking thing breaks off! Sending a geiser of toilet water into my face. FUCK!! Then the flush valve got fucked up from pressure,m and just came off. So I figure out that the only way to stop the fuckin water from spouting like crazy is it pull up the stub that used to be the lift rod and tie it to the float ball. I tied it with a sock, and the water stopped. Then the maintenance guy came in and said that the water seeped to the FUCKIN BASEMENT! From my 3rd floor! We'll see if the old farts below me have any damages. I am so fuckin mad right now, I wish I had some dynamite so I could blow that damn toilet to pieces. And now I probably smell like the toilet.
History Of O'rly The Fubar Owl
This will be simple and probably the only recorded entry of the history of this silly owl, known around these parts as simply "Orly." It's pronounced "Oh - really" and a sarcastic parody of the infamous pestering internet meme , the O'rly owl. Originally the property of a well known Fubar member, this profile and owl were actually born in Naples, FL in the summer of 2006. Over the course of time, O'rly the Fubar owl has had many run ins with many cheaters, fakes, and well known drama n00bz over the past 2 + years. The most infamous cheaters to be called out was Kelly Young, aka One Click Vicky, aka SweetSuzy, and now known around these parts as Kiss My Grits or Wild Thang. It led to the deletion of this cheater as well as many humorous moments with Fubar family, friends and old timers as well. Many of you do not know O'rly and really should understand that this owl has traveled more and met many, many more people than ever will on this site, and he has the pictures to prove it
A Visit To The Office
I walk into your office late on a Friday afternoon. Just what you nee, another stupid customer right before I'm trying to get out of work so I can meet the girls for drinks. You knew you were going out after work today so you wore of your sexier work outfits, thinking that you might as well show off a little when you went to the bar. It's a black pinstripe suit with a sexy matching pencil skirt that comes to a little above the knees. You have a cute little lacy tank top under it showing off some nice cleavage as well. On your legs you have your favorite black patent leather pumps showing off your bare legs and what's left of your tan. You didn't mean to walk out of the house feeling like sex today but when you caught yourself in the mirror that's what you saw. It's been so long since you've had any action in the love department that the thought of a little across the bar flirting seems like a great idea. Unfortunately, you aren't going to be sneaking out early today, because I'm st
My "lost Ones"
Always go out with a bang.... ALWAYZ! Its the only way to be remembered... or else you'l be considered as 'juss another'.... well I'm far from juss another..... hell, apparently, I was "The One"... so how do you go from being "The One" to juss When you meet someone, you initially like them for them... and you alwayz say "I like you for you".... so why down the road do people try to change you? And then you try to change for them, and what do they say? "You changed! You're not the person I first met and fell in Love with...." Lol..... make ya mind up...... so My remedy? I don't change.... only thing that changes is my location and/or work schedule..... I have female friends still, love em to death (shout out to Charlie! Her son birthday is today ;o) also shout out all my homegirls thas still here even though you don't approve of my choice in girlfriends...) yep, love em.... I make music, been doin it for so long in fact that cats in the Army ask me "why aint you signed dog?"
Nsfw's Want To See Them?
All right... so you want to see my NSFW? Here's What you do... Buy me an Auto-11 Bling/Cherry Bomb for 35 Credits... or take the cheap way and get me a Bling Pack for $9.99 or higher! Bling pack and an Auto - 11 Bling! Or Just a Happy Hour... since I have never had one! Here's the link to buy credits at the Bling Shop: If you want to buy me a Bling or Bling pack... go to my profile and click on Bling me! at the top! If you are buying me a Happy Hour... click Buy a Gift Happy Hour... and send me one! Thank You! Disclaimer: this is what I have had to start doing sense no one reads profiles anymore! Sorry!
Petition To Overturn Prop8
If you have not done so already, please sign this online petition to re-open Prop. 8. If you voted Yes on 8, at least go and READ the petition. It may just open your eyes. To my fellow Californians and civil rights is just the beginning of the long road ahead. Yes we will. You do not have to be a Californian to sign this petition against hate!!
Never A Lol Moment
I am riding the train, and some dude is watching some comedy show on a portable DVD player. It was pretty early in the morning, and I am trying to catch a couple of Z's but this guy is so enraptured by his program he actually was laughing out loud. I was about to whack him on the head.
This Saturday!!!!
THIS SATURDAY... NOVEMBER 15 starting at 7 pm in SALEM, MA The Pub Crawl Schedule: Finz - 7 - 7:45 CAPTS (Pickering Wharf) - 8 - 8:45 Dodge Street Bar & Grill - 9 - 9:45 Lobster Shanty 9:45 - 10 (guzzle and go) O'Neill's - 10 - 11 Rockafella's - 11 - Close We hope to see you all there. Get the word out. Repost this to your friends that you would like to join the crawl! If you have questions, send me a PM. Maybe I'll see you out! Jeff
Juicy And Creamy
I'm eating Yogurt covered raisins, and they taste just awful. I did get a kick out of the packaging slogan though: "Plump, juicy raisins generously coated with sweet, creamy yogurt." Am I that perverted and sick? I dunno...
Leveling Help 102
Leveling Help 106
badassrock@ fubar 15k to level
Read This Whose The Liar Part 1
->~Tee~*FU-B...: i don't do mumms, barely leave comments anymore, i'm not defending her, i know we bombed togther 1 night thats all i can truthfully say ~Tee~*FU-B...: she's been in my bar tab commenting MUMMS a whole lot the past week or so ->~Tee~*FU-B...: don't know about mumms i know she has a severe hernia, and hasn't been on much at all ~Tee~*FU-B...: what really looks bad is East saying she's too hurt to bomb yet we all see her MUMMING hours and hours a day ->~Tee~*FU-B...: i'm on here real late the status were bad ->~Tee~*FU-B...: i seen them on that page tee ~Tee~*FU-B...: if they were pissed it was because they weren't doing anything to help much anyway ->~Tee~*FU-B...: just because of the message ->~Tee~*FU-B...: i'm telling u ppl are pissed because of that sb, they may well switch sides ~Tee~*FU-B...: lets postpone it..we need to stay on Willy anyway..they are leaving more comments per hour than we are even tho we are ahead --------------------------------
Let Me Make One Thing Perfectly Clear To All...
My Friendship Cannot Be Bought - For Any Price! It has been brought to my attention that I sell my friendship, actually to be more accurate, that someone else has bought my friendship. It is possible I misunderstood, we all know meanings are lost in translations. But I've been around long enough to know that it's probably fairly accurate. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I have not, do not, and will not, EVER sell my friendship to anyone for any cost. You earn it, period. My trust is not for sale either, you earn it. My respect is not for sale, you earn it. Anyone that even alludes to the possibility I may have sold my friendship, can just move along, bye bye, no questions, no discussions. I'm disturbed that any of my friends would hint at this, and frankly offended at the very thought of selling friendships. I certainly hope that's not what happened. That's NOT what I'm about and if you know anything about me at all, you know this to be fact. I have been on this site a very, ve
Penis & Vagina
i'm drunk & my cowboys are losing, but hey sexy Romo is back, i wanna do dirty things to that man...anyway, should i watch gay porn or midget porn? feel free to post your naughtiness
me in a porno (ok, not really, but Vince said she looks like me)
You Are 50% Skeptic You aren't exactly a skeptic, but you're no blind believer. You doubt what you hear, especially when you hear it for the first time. When it comes to doing your own research, you sometimes fall short. Question your beliefs a little more. You might be surprised what you find out! Are You a Skeptic?
Shoutbox Woes
I understand that this is a place for adults and that every "Social Networking Site" is going to have a lot of people who are here for cyber satisfaction. What I don't get is how they're so blunt about it. Do women actually respond to that sort of thing? For instance this morning I woke up to "hey, wanna watch me stroke my 9 ince cock on cam?" I am quite used to sexually explicit things in my shoutbox like "damn gurl those tits are huge" and "I'd like to shoot something all over those things" so I wasn't surprised so much as curious. The problem is when I ask the people who write those types of things, if it actually works on women I never get a response. Truthfully I'll never know since the only people that read my blogs or profile are people who would never write that kind of thing to me. At least to start out a conversation :)
Smoking Pledge?
Ok I can't believe I didn't notice this earlier, but I rarely read the bulletin board when I come in too work, usually just stupid corporate shit like "Don't forget to choose benefits this month online at". Apparently now they have a HUGE board that says "It's time to QUIT!" and has a list of stop smoking aids, clinics, programs, etc. Ok not pissed yet. Then I get down and see that says "adopt a smoker" and it's a pledge that you sign, to help a smoker quit, by offering encouragement, healthy snacks, and by HIDING CIGARETTES ASHTRAYS AND MATCHES. I feel discriminated and against and targeted. And now I am licking my chops HOPING someone comes to hide my cigarettes. I have not had a good confrontation up in here since Booker (my arch nemesis) put his tail between his legs and left the department. grrrrrrrrrrrrr
Text Whore
So I'm becoming quite the text whore... and I'm enjoying it.... but I need new people to text. I already have quite a few numbers, but I need MORE... (it's all about the numbers). GIMME!
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Clean My Genitals
Ok my sister, love her to death, but she is terrible at spelling and grammar. She reads a lot, every day, goes thru about 30-40 books a years, which you would think would improve her spelling and writing skills, but alas, NOPE. So she comes down my way for a visit (she lives 500 miles away, in PA). After her visit, she goes back home, does her laundry at the laundromat, and while she's there, gets on her laptop to send us a quick message letting us know she made it home safely. And her message says.. (actually hang on, I am gonna go find it and paste it) "IM JUST HANGING OUT AT THE LAUNDRYMAT DOING MY CLOTHES I DIDNT HAVE ENOUGH QUARTERS TO CLEAN MY GENITALS BUT THATS OK I WILL DO THEM WED" Haaahahahaah..
Plz Read And Comment
Dear Lord i come to you today on this 24th day of May I Don't come to you like i should But with a little guidance i know i could One great thing is i met this great gal Not only my soulmate,but lso my best pal I feel like everyone thinks i'm a bad guy I just feel like i should die My life is so messed up now But to you my Lordd i bow Lord i really need your need your help Right now all i ask for is a baby step Lord i know i'm not perfect,Lord i have sinned And looked down on me and grinned And said i forgive you Shane You are one of a never ending chain I know your a busy man up there And i know that you truley care Till the day it is my turn to leave Lord,I will always believe You are my Saviour,my God,my Lord To you i have always adored I'm going to leave now So to you my mighty Lord i bow
Why I Haven't Been Around!
Hey ya'll it's been a long gosh dang time! I met a great man that I moved in with in January and we've been doing great. Well, here's the bad new's in Aug I started having some crazy symptoms. I went to a doctor that diagnosed me with a UTI and put me on antibiotics. By Oct 30th things went bad and I ended up in the ER in Elko, NV. They gave me a cat scan and diagnosed me with a Tumor in my vaginal area and sent me to a oncologist in Utah. There I found out by biopsy I have squamous (sp) carcinoma cancer and need surgery/radiation/chemo. I have an appt in Idaho on Dec 3rd to go forward with the above treatment. I don't mean to put you all off, but of course my health comes first and foremost. All I ask for is prayers and love at this point. Thank you all for your love and friendship! Please add my bf my #1 guy on my friends list as he's my rock and needs more inspiration than I do...He's my strength and with your help I will get better .... Much love to you all, Jackie
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Sherrymh Has The Autos!!!
She has the awesome, and I am not just saying that cause she is my owner I love her, please rate her!!! SherryMH™ Owned By ~Fiesty~@ fubar
I Have A Illiness Only Afew I Have Told
MY HEADING SAYS WHAT I NEEDED TO SAY , DON'T PITY ME , DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR ME , LOVE ME FOR ME , JUST BE A FRIEND . I HAVE NON HOGESKINS LAPHOMIA , WHICH IS MY LYMPH NODES. SO , NOT ON MUCH ANY MORE , BUT , SHOW UP , WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT , TO SHOW SOME LOVE TO ONE'S THAT HAVE SHOWIN ME . TAKE CARE TO SOME OF MY FRIENDS . HUGS , Tequila and Salt This should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where one could read it every day. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true. 1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for. 2.. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. You a
What's Your Elf Name?
Your Elf Name Is... Buddy Sweet Cheeks What's Your Elf Name?
What's Your Spiritual Number?
Your Spiritual Number is Eight You bring inspiration and success into people's lives. You understand how the world works, and you have a knack for money. Right now, your life is all about goals and progress. This is nothing new though - you're always moving forward. You have a lot of perspective in life. You are able to remove your emotions and see the big picture. You usually bet right in life. You have are intuitive and win often. What's Your Spiritual Number?
Been On My Mind
I've thought about writing this blog for a long time now. About a month ago or so I wrote a blog that I regret writing. I wrote it when I was hurt and pissed off. So I ended up saying things I didn't really mean. Unfortunately too many people read it before I took another look at it and deleted it. Some people knew who it was about, some didn't. The fact is the person I wrote it about...I'm still glad I was friends with them and got to know them. Despite what might be happening, what might happen and so forth...they were there for me a lot and I do appreciate it. One thing in life I've tried to do more often is admit when I'm wrong. Even though I'm just now writing this blog I've told people involved that I was sorry, even the person it was about I've said sorry to. And I truly meant it. There's more to this entire situation then anyone knows but that's where it's staying. The other things involved people don't really need to know. If people changed how they saw me...t
So I am chatting in the good old shoutbox when I look up and see something bizarre... {«(v)åÇHÏÑ3»}: I am a Cuckold Hubby - I share my wife w/Hung Black Men - I watch and take pics/vids, have you ever heard of this lifestye? haha wtf? yea this is I give a fuck about some dude and his perversions..I dont know who it is...if its a joke..or if this person just thinks I need to know about it. anyhow the rest of my shoutbox rocks..just had to share this with you :) back to my stealth mode again ♥
Angel Or Demon??
WTF is this shit? IDK...I'm probably more demon than angel...oh and see the new bling!! I'm such a star wars geek. i'd soo have buttsecks with yoda
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If I could choose to be off this earth I would
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Almost A Year
Yes Bad Girls ...It's Been Almost A Year Since I Started Sarge's Bad Girls.... Started Out With 2 Original Bad Girls... Now Have Over 100... But I Have Noticed That There Are Some That Never Participate In Anyway With The Group...For Some That Means Not Even Returning To This Profile Once They Join... Early Next Year I Will Be Cleaning Out The Bad Girls List ...Those That Do Participate In One Way Or Another Will Stay.. Those That Want To Stay Will Have To Let Me Know Either By Commenting Here Or Sending A PM ... I Will Be Making A List With A Few New Rules .. If Anyone Has Any Ideas For Rules To Get Participation Up Let Me Know.. Thanks For Reading & Being A Part Of Sarge's Bad Girls The Sarge
So in the midst of the internal bleeding my doctors figured out that i have lumbar spinal defect and will need surgery and may not be able to walk in 5 years =( will you all still love me when im in a wheelchair?
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Oh Sweet Jesus!
my Mother in law and her husband are having a very bad time... when we were there for an HOUR.. she got a little gift talking about how wonderful she was.. was this little poem thing... and he said.. "you shouldn't need that i tell you that all the time.." she looks at him dead in the face and said "i don't know the last time you said ANYTHING like that so shut up" we were like OH SHIT TENSION! it was so tense you could taste it.. blah! but on the good note.. my big sister (my side. not hubbies) got engaged this morning when opening gifts with her boyfriend and daughter.. i am glad.. they are a great pair.. they dated YEARS ago.. but split up because neither were ready for a serious relationship... they ran into each other one day a few months back.. and have been attached at the hip since... he is a great guy.. i adore him.. always have... he was always family to me and now he really will be! :D
Spanx.... Whoa
If any woman says she is wearing spanx.... let it be known that.. they are easy access... If you catch my drift.. (for those that can't pick up on clues... they seem to be crotchless... haha) but they do their job in holdin ya in! make ya less lumpy lmao
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Fu Fakeness
i think that i might take a fu break. I used to come on here to have fun, talk to people and forget about work. lately this site has been gettin to me. I know it's just a website but to me the people sitting behind the screen are real. Ive met so many people on here and have made some really good friends,whom i adore and would prolly meet in real life to hang out. dont know whats been going on lately,some of whom i adore are starting to look fake to me. i'm the kind of person thats like an open book,i wear my heart on my real and have nothing to hide. alot of you are getting the wrong idea bout me and i'm always being misjudged by the way i look, and i certainly do not like it. i feel like all i am is eye candy anymore and it makes me feel sick. so many ppl on here have hurt me or tried to and sum succeeded. i feel like im in high school with all the cliques going on..lmao @ fu cliques....which i'll never be apart of because im no follower. so maybe if i take a break, it may
Happy Birthday Elvis
Here is the deal. Today of all days my computer is giving me hissy fits. I mean BAD. Thanks to Vixen for helping me. I have 25+ messages I have 25+ comments. If i'm slow to get back to you i'm very sorry. I thank you all for the birthday luv. My friends rock. :D Auto's on at 8am FU time Happy Hour @ 12pm FU time :D PS My Computer sucks Moose balls
So I went and met my ex-husband at Target after work to pick up the child support check. He had all these disgusting hickies all over his neck. I bit my tongue because my daughter was with. But when I got home I texted him..."You may want to invest in cover up for your neck. What are you? 14? And how do you expect to get a job looking like that." I have no willpower...I just couldn't help myself.
Where The Hell Do They Come From?
I'm sure everyone, specially the women, on FU get some pretty messed up conversations in their Shout Box. I get them a LOT. So I decided, Why should I not share these with my friends? They deserve a good laugh as well. So... Enjoy! (I've posted them as you would see them in the SB)
About Overview...courtesy
Ok some of the heading may not be spelled right, but seriously I dont care cause this is burning me... 1. If someone rates you rate them back ..give them the same respect they gave you if some one had 1500 and they rated my possible 300 back awesome. 2. If you place in your away message rate pics and I do, then give the same respect back if I do. 3. If you have an auto and want rated and I do. Please givack fubucks are great but rates help too mainly if I give two of my 5k rates. St help and just to take rates from others without givng some is laziness whetthe fubucks are given or not. Each rate to them can be 6 or 12 points andu get 1 or 2. So it is still a win-win and shows you truly care besides a push of fubucks. Some in the upper levels are taking adntage whether they buy their auto or were given it. I always pay back my auto even if it takes a week or two. Yes,for the most part I buy my auto's and HH's on my other account and those that wanna bring that up I don't beg
Inspired By Violets
Video off of my phone from about a year and a half ago. You can hear a cousin and me, and see one of my uncles.
Do You Have A Stalker?
The Stalker as Antisocial Bully Stalkers have narcissistic traits. Many of them suffer from personality disorders. The vindictive stalker is usually a psychopath (has Antisocial Personality Disorder). They all conform to the classic definition of a bully. Before we proceed to delineate coping strategies, it is helpful to review the characteristics of each of these mental health problems and dysfunctional behaviors. I. The Narcissistic Stalker The dramatic and erotomaniac stalker is likely to show one or more of these narcissistic traits: Feels grandiose and self-important (e.g., exaggerates accomplishments, talents, skills, contacts, and personality traits to the point of lying, demands to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements); Is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, unequaled brilliance (the cerebral narcissist), bodily beauty or sexual performance (the somatic narcissist), or ideal, everlasting, al
Llama Leveler Of The Day
GnbRebel Manager of Head Thumpers At Sweetwater's Slave To Carolvision63& Carrie Llama Leveler@ fubar All Llama Levelers will leave 100 rates each when done please a comment below that you have done so.
Dumb Ass
This is hiliarious!! EATING THE WORLD'S HOTTEST PEPPER Bet he'll love himself in the morning when he's sitting on the throne
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The Dating Game.
Dating life has its moments-good, bad, memorable, forgettable...nightmarish. Being a single mom dealing with school and work on top of domesticated life doesn't leave me with too much time to bother with dates, first meeting jitters, and awkwardly filled silences, but even I've had my share here lately.... (btw, if you happen to think you are being mentioned here in this blog, don't get your panties in a wad--no names are mentioned so only you and I will know. Just be flattered you made the list.) Bachelor #1: late 20s. never married. no kids. degree from FSU. owns internet startup company and designs websites. lives alone--a plus, but in a bad neighborhood but he's made the best of what he's got....eye for decorations. hm. plays guitar/former local band member, awesome voice, cute. online hookup. two dates. total dork. lives close. really enjoys being a bachelor. too aloof. Bachelor #2: mid twenties. divorced. ex-military. mechanic and going to school for that. lives a coupl
Le Sigh...
all i want is a cute guy who will cuddle up with me and watch TBBT and HIMYM every monday that too much to ask?
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Give Me Something To Smile About? -you-
January 21, 2009 Welcome I hope this finds YOU well, I must say YOU look wonderful ... A sight for sore eyes! As it goes looking ever as nice as I remember and better than I could have imagined - being I haven't seen YOU since, Well, since LAST YEAR! It's not that I didn't miss YOU ... It's more like I just tucked YOU away and knew that YOU were there and If needed ... I could hopefully find YOU I'm humbled by the warm reception I recieved last night from all of YOU! Truth being, this site is just plays havoc on my operating system. Unsure if my lack of computer strength or if its my windows 98 or the cold hard fact that dial up & fubar are not a happy combination ... It didn't take long for me to finally get logged on, to realize why I stopped coming by daily. I should note, I've attempted to log on a lot here as of late. IF (big -IF-) I did get connected, My screen would either freeze right after the long wait -or- worst yet: During a long
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Gawd, I've had my head up my ass this week. I was supposed to do a bulletin but r/l took priorities this week. Jenni is turning on Auto 11s tomorrow. She's raising fubucks for my spotlight. ♥ her for that. Please show her lots of love. **~~*Jenni*~~** .√iolets.'s ToY@ fubar Thanks from me and her and if anyone wants to take upon themselves for a bulletin we'd both be obliged. Edit: I made her bully - please repost:
Resistance Is Futile
Tied me down, smack me around, lock the door No this is not sexual I want ice cream D:! But I am trying to resist the urge. For the love of boobs and k0k someone stop me :[!
What's Your Hidden Talent?
Your Hidden Talent is Understanding People Your natural talent is interpersonal relations and dealing with people. You communicate well and are able to bring disparate groups together. Your calming presence helps everything go more smoothly. People crave your praise and complements. What's Your Hidden Talent?
You Get Back Here Junior
Whenever I see those commercials with Whopper and Whopper Jr all I can think is "That woman slept with that hamburger" For the people who haven't seen them And this one:
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I really hated going to his page and leaving a comment. =/ Now I need a happy, upbeat song. That is all.
Too Fast
This new error is just annoying and beyond frustrating. I don't get even the why it's come into place. Why worry about slowing down how fast people rate? Why not focus more on the people using script programs to cheat? It's just very annoying when you're trying to rate all of a friend's pics. Yes I understand you can just click through the "rating too fast, sorry ignored" error BUT then you have to click back to the pic that was ignored. Then you have to hope and pray you don't get that error AGAIN. There are times I've had to try and rate a pic FOUR times for it to not give me that error. I've sat there and let the entire page load, I've slowly moved the cursor to click and still get the error. I've tried all sorts of things. Clicking the next picture box instead of clicking the pic itself to go to the next pic. Still get the error a lot. There are brief times it will seem to work almost like it used to. I can rate 20-40 pics without that error. And then suddenly
List Of Entries
Ladies in Auction Pls let me know if anyone is missing! If you do not see ur name here then we do NOT have a tag made for you. We still have plenty of time to get you in. Do not message Anni or homepage the auction. Message me, Cllgegrl, and I will make sure to get you in. I will need a pic and a list of offers. If you have given it to me before, IM SORRY. It may be in my mailbox somewhere. Please get me your info by tonight, Friday Feb 6. Make sure that the title of ur private message is AUCTION so that I dont overlook it. Auction starts today! We have a good turn out so far ladies!! 1 Melly Mel 2 Steffy 3 Sailor 4 Soft 5 Make it Sting 6 Cruel 7 Lilmamma 8 Priceless 9 Anni 10 Sexy Barbie 11 Teaz 12 Taste like kandy DONE 13 Maranda 14 green Eyed Cutie DONE 15 Synful 16 Blue Eyed Goodie 17 Spirit of Eastbolt 18 Tonya 19 Nadia (update tag) 20 Jude 21 Tequila Rose 22 StarShine 23 Sexi_Latina_Dimplz DONE 24 Fallen Angel 25 Dj Karma 26 Bubbers
i downloaded the screen shot add on for FF.... how do i use this damn thing? i dont see any tutorial or instructions lol ive never donr one and am kina.... clueless help me out a little oh and anyone?
Just My Opinion
Just venting, I guess! fubar is NOT going to change. Never has never will! We have always adjusted to every new change that we hated and bitched about in the past! Mabey it is different for me than for others! Dont get me wrong,I LOVE points, but MY friends are way more important than fucking points!! I dont blame ANYONE for not spending anymore money!! I dont blame anyone who has dished out thousands of dollars to be extremely pissed off about the new rating system, but it is what it is. Think about LC/CT when there was no money dished out! We worked our ass off to level with help from FRIENDS!! That was the fun times!! Thats when we cared about our friends more than points! I am here to have fun and nothing more! Seeing some of these status' this morning have really upset me! I use other peoples Autos to help myself level! I will NOT stop doing that! Everyone knows, if you dont have autos, you DONT get rated! That was one of those changes that most of us hated in the b
This man was sweet enough to buy me in DaisyBlue's auction! Please show him luv everyone!!! ♥♥♥ Thanks G*R*E*G! †~ G*R*E*G ~†©@ fubar
Error: sorry, this member has chosen to only receive comments from those who have posted a salute, go make one! erm... I have 3....
I woke up thinking I had a kid. It was one of those so real it must be true dreams for at least a few second. Somehow in my dream I had been knocked up and had the kid so fast that I had not had a chance to tell anyone. My boyfriends mom had come over for an unannounced visit and I tried to hide the baby from her. Best part is that my Jamaican boyfriend and my little white self made a really pretty Asian baby girl.
Oh Good Grief!!!
->PukinDog14...: Wow.. how can you even compare rating on a fake site to our soldiers defending our country? You sir, are a douchbag. PukinDog14...: no actually it isnt but i think someone taking the time and consideration on you should honestly always be given as ive always done...just like the ones who serve our country they make every exception in the world to defend people in this country but would you take the same time for them...or does it become take and take...just my thinknig i guess ->PukinDog14...: lol is it really that big of a deal? PukinDog14...: thanks for at least rating 10% of what i gave This guy rated all my pics, and I only rated a few of his cause I've been busy all day. This is just too damn funny.
New Economic Stimulus Plan
The only thing that the IRS has not taxed yet is the male penis. This is due to the fact that 69% of the time it is hanging around unemployed, 10% of the time it is hard up, 20% of the time it is pissed off and 1% of the time it is in the hole. On top of that, it has two dependents and they are both nuts! HOWEVER, effective January 1st, 2009, the penis will now be taxed according to size: The brackets are as follows: 10" - 12" Luxury Tax $ 300.00 8" - 10" Pole Tax $ 250.00 5" - 8" Privilege Tax $ 150.00 3" - 5" Nuisance Tax $ 30.00 Males exceeding 12" must file capital gains. Anyone under 3" is eligible for a tax refund. ** PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR AN EXTENSION **
So I have to go to get a copy of my youngest kid's birth certificate. I really hate driving in Charleston, lol. It's annoying and I really do NOT want to go there....but I have to.
This morning my main computer at work was off. Even though I clearly left it on. I believe the elves that I have enslaved to do my work while I chat on Fubar and post blogs have finally risen up. This may be my last post, I can feel them plotting on me now. They may be small, but their tiny little spears made from paperclips can be deadly when wielded correctly. My computer actually growled at me when I finally got it to turn on. Pressing the power button resulted in no action, so I had to unplug it and plug it back in. I sense that even though it is only about a year and a half old, it will soon die. I can't complain, I've gotten roughly 12500 hours worth of use out of it. I am a computer slave driver. I'm slightly worried about my co-worker and his wife's labor. It's been a day and no word. I'm sure he's just caught up in the happiness of the moment, but sometimes things happen. I'll not mention that again for fear of bad luck. I'm going to need coffee, a trip to Starbucks w
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Well, I Got My Answer.....thank God!
So I had been pining and kinda waitin' around for THIS guy..... ~wicked klownz Juggalizo~~Jann'z Thuggish Teddybear~~@ fubar my ex Mike, to come around and talk to me about whether or not we could resolve any issues between us. I gave him two weeks just like a good friend of mine said to do, then I thought "You know what? Fuck this. I need some closure." I know I needed that extra shove over the edge of saying "I am DONE." and washing my hands of it. I got off work at 6am. I was gonna drive to Wal-Mart to grab some NyQuil cuz yes, I am sick AGAIN....this weather is fuckin me up....anyways, I got to the exit I was SUPPOSED to take and I got to thinkin all the "what-ifs" in my head and I just kept goin....I drove to his house because I had some weird feeling that TODAY I was finally gonna get my answer. I mean, I pretty much HAVE moved on, but there was STILL a small part of me that wondered "Just what IF?" so as I kept driving, I was crying thinking, "what if there was some b
Fuckin Asshole People
me and boss drive up to newport back bay, 1/2 hour drive and walk on to job site. fuckin dentist comes out of his office and says "you can`t set up ladders in my lobby, i have patients coming in. make arrangements with security to do this when office is closed" and walks away. so then we have another 1/2 hour drive home/ 1 wasted hour. fuckin ass wants us to come back after working hours? fuck him in his ass, i`ll go back but what was going to be a 2 hour job just turned into a 4 hour premium rate job and it was on his insistence that we showed up this morning i fuckin hate people ok i`m done venting, just had to get that out
A Story Of Faith...a Must Read!
A Dog Named Faith This is a story about a dog who was born on Christmas Eve in 2002. He was born with 3 legs - 2 healthy hind legs and 1 abnormal front leg which needed to be amputated. He of course could not walk when he was born. Even his mother did not want him. He was rejected and scorned. By curvaliciousbbw at 2009-02-16 His first owner also did not think that he could survive. Therefore, he was thinking of putting him to sleep.. At this time, his present owner Jude Stringfellow came into his life and wanted to take care of him. She was determined to teach and train this dog to walk by himself. She thought, all we need is a little faith. In the beginning, she put Faith on a surf board to let him feel the movements of the water. Later she used peanut butter on a spoon as a lure and to reward him for standing up and jumping around. Even the other dogs at home helped to encourage him to walk. Amazingly, after only 6 months, like a miracle, Faith learned to bala
Oh Yeah
soo...I was perusing craigslist in search of hookers, and... I found an ad that said that some dude would pay someone to watch him jerk off. Me: "holy cow! I get the moneys for watchin some dude pull his sausage?! sweet!" I email him, he emails me back. Turns out it was a prank, and he is an ass. I reply with something witty, he likes it and says I'm funny. We talk back and forth a bunch, and I turn the things around and tell him I would pay HIM to watch him. He totally buys it, and asks me if I'm serious. I say yes. To make the story short, I am thinking of posting his address and the same ad (changed up a lil, with an emphasis on gayness) on CL for gay dudes to come over and watch him. Touche!
Rellik Featuring Outerspace - Born Ready
Everyone is welcome to comments. Thanks.
Fake Dj Bs And Out Of Cigs
Fuck the mother fuckers... the DJ mumm went poof before i could finish typing this out... so fuck! cunt!! yeah well im out of smokes and need to go get some and grrr im venting my shit in carry on show me bewbies for when i come back now I will sum it up in one question, other than radio stations that actually have a mix show, with a DJ spinning records, scratching and all that, do you EVER hear a radio show host call themselves a dj on your local stations???? NO they just use their name FFS. and here on fu, ever body who makes a playlist in a lounge and HOSTS the show calls themselves a dj... you are probably NOT a dj, but an ON LINE PERSONALITY! put that in your f*in name unless you SPIN RECORDS! ***If I Were YOU, I'd Hate Me Too!***
Dumbass Of The Day February 21 2009
Im usually pretty lucky with not having many dumbasses but this newbie chick takes the cake so far for 2009. She can't spell for shit and can't even spell her own name. She really pissed me off sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. What is it with people trying to tell others how to think or act? Her Fu-mail to me =============================================== === 'boobalious' wrote the following at '2009-02-21 05:35:28'.. > > why do you have to bag on everybodies mumms when their speakin the fuckin truth about what their mumms are about. for god sake this is supposed to be an adult site for adults not fuckin people who wanna act like their in high school My Reply =============================================== How about you mind your own fucking business you fucking nosey cunt. You are a newbie and have no fucking clue what you are talking about. You cant even spell Boobalicious and you wanna tell me how to reply to mumms?! Fuck off.
I am super aggravated this morning for some reason. I am tired of annoying people everywhere, including Fubar. People are either assholes, or stupids, or pretentious fucks on here (just like the RL!). Its getting harder and harder to meet someone new who is NOT full of shit. Perhaps I should just stop responding to annoying conversations...wait, I already have
You guys rule. I have mad love for my friends on here. You guys are the greatest. I finally made disciple after a year and all because my friends rule. i you guys! Thank you bunches! and Pete and Vixey... you know how i feel about you guys
I will do a Witchie like blog here.... I'm leaving Fubar... That is all..
Worried About The Baby...
As some of you know, my best friend of 22 years is pregnant and due in 2 weeks. Her and her husband went to Chicago today and had a 4D ultrasound to document the baby's first pictures. We have known for a while that he is a boy and they decided on the name Tristan Edward. While doing the ultrasound, they discovered a cyst on Tristan's bowel and have said that within 24 hours of delivery he will have to have surgery. This scares me to death. I just wanted to share my worries with my friends and let you know how things were progressing. Here is a picture of Tristan.
Things Arent Always What They Seem
So my last message may have seemed a lil harsh but the response I got from it was absolutely unbelievable. Most of you came to me admitting certain issues that you had been involved with...others expressed areas of concern or gave me suggestions for improving the fam...THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN WANTING FROM ALL OF YOU!!! *smiles* I just feel that it shouldn't take a bitch blog from me to get this reaction. As of this moment most of the drama has been resolved which makes me VERY happy. Now, if we can just work on getting the bond back within the family that would be great. I would like to share with you all a couple of situations I went through not too long ago. I met this man on here. He seemed so sweet just like they always do. But, he had this female always coming to his page with comments and all that fun stuff so of course I questioned him. He claimed it was nothing...said she just had a crush on him. Then I start hearing that she's talkin trash about me and I told him I was gonna
The Perfect Guy
The perfect guy He doesn't need to have all the money in the world A cool looking car And a pretty face He just need to brighten up my world With his not so funny jokes Decorate my heart With his sweet kisses Making me blush With his not so romantic attitude Making love to me in the night Till I can barely move The perfect guy He doesn't need a big house with huge garden A wallet full of greens And a huge thing In between his legs He just need to love me Of who I am deep inside Respect me In every way he can Supports me During my weakness moments And be with me Even if I have changed He would be the Perfect guy
After alot of thinking and trying to make sense of why the hell I have come back to this place 3 times already, I just want to kick myself in the ass. Therefore, I won't be taking a long break, I am leaving.. for good. Not coming back. I have realized that nothing is here for me, that I can't find on my own. Yes I have made some good friends, and I thank this place for that but anything else has just been heartache and pain, and I am done. To you all I wish you good luck in your future's and everything that comes to you in your life, and that you find what you are looking for to make you happy.. I pray that it's not on here though. xoxo love ya
Too Much Sexual Infor For You Pervs
(If you are reading this, you should repost it. I'm curious what others will say! ....At the very least, leave me a comment letting me know you saw it!) ================================================================================================== What is it that you absolutely need sexually? kissing and moaning What is something you have always wanted to try? making love in the rain What is something you have never done in bed before? several things What time of day do you like to have sex? whenever I'm in the mood What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on? the come hither look in their eyes How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? I love kissing, biggest turn on for me. I love running my hands in his hair and if he holds my face in his hands when he kisses me, I melt. If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you nervous or excited? Depends on who that person is Would it bother you if you
She Could Have Saved Our Friend And Didnt
THIS PERSON COULD HAVE SAVED OUR FRIEND AND BROTHER AND DIDNT. ALL THAT WAS NEEDED WOULD HAVE BEEN A CALL THAT OUR FRIEND WAS THINKING OF TAKEN HIS LIFE. BUT YOU MAKE THE DECISION WHEN YOU READ THIS MESSAGE... lucky: we need to talk dj city girl: What's up? lucky: what in the hell did you do to jesse dj city girl: Nothing........he attempted suicide and his brother told me over yim. The day he did that I told him until I got back from here which we are going back the 6th I wouldn't talk to him. He understood doing that is selfish and nothing I mean nothing should make you do that.....of course we've all thought about it no doubt and I understand that but NOTHING should make you do that. He understood we stayed as friends nothing more I heard until that............ dj city girl: Don't you dare be trying to blame this on me, because I did not do a damn thing. Suicide is a person's choice no one makes you do that shit. You choose to do it your damn self. lucky: do you realize tha
Sick Sex (down To Up)
Ah, I love my little Dutch friend ->Sandros: it s because I shaved them Sandros: this feels a little strange, Father ->Sandros: good boy, there we go Sandros: yes Father *squeezes ->Sandros: could you fondle my testicles while I insert this Michigan cucumber? Sandros: yes Father ->Sandros: ofcourse, you can call me Father; il ike it that way Sandros: you know whats best for me, priest ->Sandros: maybe we can first insert a cucumber in there to loosen it up? Sandros: oh oh, now what? ->Sandros: oops, it doesnt fit,hmm Sandros: *spreads cheeks ->Sandros: well, then , spread your cheeks! Sandros: yes priest i know. and i dont wanna go to hell, i wanna go to heaven! ->Sandros: if you tell, you know you will go to hell, right? Sandros: yes mister, yes, im a very big boy, i can keep secrets, i promise ->Sandros: no, sweety, it will be our little secret; you are a big boy, right? big boys keep secrets Sandros: do i have to tell mommy about this,
I Feel Like A 5 Year Old!
Wanna know what I'm having for dinner tonight? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich (my favorite), goldfish crackers, a pecan swirl, and watermelon jello! Yeah, I feel like a five year old. I didn't get home from the library until 9:30pm and I'll be darned if I'm going to stand in the kitchen and cook a meal! So I pulled a bunch of random things from the pantry/fridge. Now I'm going to sit here and enjoy my 5 year old dinner.
Ree's Threesomes
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1.Theresa 2. Ree 3 Reesus! Three Jobs I have had in my life 1. Retail 2. Office assistant 3. Nurses Assistant Three Places I have lived 1. Brooklyn NY 2. Xenia IL 3. Berrien Springs MI Three TV Shows that I watch 1. Hells kitchen 2. American idol.. 3. True tv Three places I have been 1. Seattle 2. Phoenix 3. Dallas Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. Ricky my bro 2. Holly 3. Dustin Three of my favorite foods 1. Lasagna 2. tacos 3. Pizza Three things I would like to do 1. Travel 2. See my mom 3. Find true happiness Three friends I think will respond 1. umm 2. umm 3. you perhaps? Things I am looking forward to 1. Moving 2. Spring 3.
Punnett Square
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1. Annabel 2. Tits 3. Annie Three Jobs I have had in my life 1. Field Worker 2. 3. Three Places I have lived 1. Cutler 2. Turlock 3. Three TV Shows that I watch 1. Grey's Anatomy 2. House 3. CSI: New York Three places I have been 1. San Francisco 2. San Diego 3. Tijuana yeah, exciting right? Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. Ebay 2. CSU Stanislaus 3. Spam Three of my favorite foods 1. Steak 2. Tacos 3. Enchiladas Three things I would like to do 1. Not fail any classes 2. Lose weight..a lot 3. Road trip Three friends I think will respond 1. nobody 2.cares 3. k? Things I am looking forward to 1. summer! (not for the heat but for
50 Things About Me
1. What is your best friends name? Lexi. 2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now? Multicolored. 3. What are you listening to right now? the tv, Psych is on. 4. Whats your favorite number? hmm, 15 was my favorite jersey number growing up 5. What was the last thing you ate? Burritos and chips and salsa. 6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? PINK! 7. How is the weather right now? Cold and a little snowy. 8. Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone? My mom. 9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Smile or butt, depending on what side I'm viewing. lol 10. Do you have a significant other? Nope. 11. Favorite TV show? Law and Order: SVU. 12. Siblings? None. 13. Height? 6 foot even. 14. Hair color? Blond. 15. Eye Color? Green. 16. Do you wear contacts? I sure do. 17. Favorite Holiday? Thanksgiving. mmm green bean casserole. 18. Month? You want my favorite? March. My birth month and National
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: Shannon uhmmm.. maybe... depends if i'm incognito or not. 2. A four letter word: Suck 3. A boy's name: Sebastian 4. A girl's name: Samantha 5. An occupation: Stripper 6. A colour: Sapphire 7. Something you wear: Shirts (((boring)) 8. A food: Sushi **gags*** 9. Something found in the bathroom: Soap 10. A place: San Diego 11. A reason for being late: Sex Sex.. more Sex 12. Something you shout: Some guys name (wishful thinking) 13. A movie title: S (gawd.. i can't think of this) 14. Something you drink:
Zomg Letter Meme
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: J-...something. 2. A four letter word: Jade. 3. A boy's name: Joseph. 4. A girl's name: Jane. 5. An occupation: Joker? 6. A colour: Jonquil. 7. Something you wear: Jockstrap. Well, it's something wearable, not something I wear... 8. A food: Jambalaya. 9. Something found in the bathroom: Jukebox. Maybe. 10. A place: Jericho. 11. A reason for being late: Jail. 12. Something you shout: Jacobite! 13. A movie title: Jabberwocky. 14. Something you drink: Juice. 15. A musical group: Jeniferever. 16. An animal: J
Cherry Bomb Up For Bid
Bid is starting at 4.5 mill auction will end 24 hours from now the highest bid gets the Cherry bomb
I Made It.
Current mood: happy Category: Life So, today is my birthday. The big 2-8. Numerically speaking, it has no real significance. It's not a traditionally hallowed birthday, like 18, 21, 30, or 40. But I'd still like to think at least for me, its something special. I was talking to a friend yesterday, saying I can't believe I am 28. Their response was, "You made it." Well, yes indeedy do. That's such a good way to look at it. Two years ago, life just went to the dogs, which is never a happy thing for a cat. My best friend from childhood passed away, my mom did too, not even four months later, and then Ken had to take a job that keeps him away from home for long periods of time. As if that wasn't enough, the bottom fell out of the real estate market, and so I made next to no money, which only added to my ridiculously high pile of emotional stress. It was sucky at the time, but you know what? Things are working out okay. I woke up this morning, the 10,227t
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Say My Name Say My Name
Say her Name [1] - Say her name, say her name When no one is around you, say Helly I love you If you ain't runnin' game Say her name, say her name She's actin' kinda shady, She ain't callin' me Helly Why the sudden change? Say her name, say her name If no one is around you, say Helly I love you If you ain't runnin' game Say her name, say her name She's actin' kinda shady, ain't callin' me baby Better say her name Remember the other day I would call, she would say "Baby, how's your day?" But today, it ain't the same Every other word is "Uh huh", "Yeah, okay" Could it be that you are at the crib with Not J Helly If you took it there First of all, let me say I am not the one to sit around and be played So prove yourself to me I'm the girl that you claim Why don't you say the things that you said to me yesterday [2] - I know Helly say that I am assuming things Somethings going down, that's the way it seems Shouldn't be no reason why Helly's acting str
10 Days And Counting
Today is March 8th, I cant believe that in 10 days it will be a year since I lost my dad. There are times I know I would have never gotten through all this with out the help of my amazing friends on here. People outside the internet world can understand how I can call people I never met and may never meet my friends. I remember the day my dad died I texted on of my friends here to tell him and by the time I got home from my moms I had so many messages and comments I was overwhelmed. I found out how many friends I really did have on here. Around the holidays I started that support group and met so many of you who have also lost parents and many of you told me the 1st year is the hardest but it will get easier and I hope you are right because I am living with the same heartache now I had a year ago as I watched my father die. I do know that this all has made me a stronger person I never really knew how strong til I stood next to my dads casket reading the eulogy that I wrote
It's 11am here. I just called home to check on things at the house because all of my kids are home sick. My fucking boyfriend is still fucking sleeping. We'd decided that with the economy like it is that he would stay home with the kids because I make more than enough to pay the bills, but if he can't fucking even get the fuck out of bed, this will certainly have to be revisited. His only fucking job is to take care of the kids and things around the house. Is that too fucking much to ask? I don't even think he knows that the older ones are home, which would mean that the little one was running around by herself with no supervision whatsoever...
I've been trying to be nicer in the mumms but that bitch in the "Fake Profile" mumm had it coming. I apologize for my slip.
Being Used
I hate being used in any which way. I never let myself get advantage taken of. So now at my job, the venomous cunts in the office (I work at a hotel, I am a FD/night auditor, they are in the sales) want me to fill out some stupid ass spreadsheet for them, with infos of some ppl. I got the email convos between them, stating "oh, we need to find someone to do this, blah blah blah" Ofcourse, whom do these cunts pick? Yours truly. The bitch emails me, askin to find all the ppl that stayed with us for 5+ days, and put them in a system for discount emails. FOr the past 3 months...yes, that would take approximately 87984 years to accomplish. I was really fuckin bothered that I am always the "go to" person in this fuckin place. So, after a long consideration, here was my reply back: "I will do this for 10+ nights. 5+ would take forever." Oh, yeah, baby, feels much better.
Master's Touch...chapter 3
Tamer.. My Master's touch.. After taking my shower i go to the bedroom with no instruction from Master Tamer, i know what i must do. i fix my face and dry my hair, cream His body then a last finishing, touch a spray of tea rose perfume.. i am almost done for my Master. Lighting a few candles and putting His favourite music on, i put on a pair white panties and go get my collar out of its special box that sits on the dresser.. Kissing the inside of my collar as i always do, i put it on, with a quick brush of my hair once again i am done.. i move to the centre of the room and sit on the floor with my hands on my thighs, legs open i wait for Master Tamer. A song goes by then i hear the door close. He walks in the room, the noise of His boots gives me tingles as He walks towards me. Standing over me and not saying a word i kneel before Him, face down with my hands out in front of me right to the floor. He walks around me and checks me out then says “ass up pet”
Linking Code
In this blog i will show you how to link both writing and images. *ALL LINKS IN THIS BLOG WILL LINK BACK TO THIS BLOG FOLDER SO ARE SAFE TO CLICK* First i will show you simply link words and towards the bottom i will show how to link pictures as well as give you the code... Linking Words Click me To get the simple writing link as above you simply use this code words to be used as a link Note that link above will make whom ever clicks go to the link within the same page... leaving the current page they are on... To fix this simply do this Click me the code for that is Click me Adding target="_blank" within the linking code will tell the code that once the link is clicked to open it up in a new tab of your current browser Linking Photos Linking photographs is the exact same as linking text but the simple difference is in the place of text you simply add the photo within the code Link within same window... The code for this would be
I'm Back-for How Long Is Up To You
Well for what it's worth, I'm back for now. First I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and the "miss you's". I wish I could say all is well now but unfortunately I cannot at this time. My time away did some good but some things haven't changed in my absence so I am compelled to be blunt in a blog. First, let me say I have and will always be grateful for all the "luv" shown on this site. As you all know, I always return it some form or another whether it be rates, bling, gifts, or sending people to assist you. This DOES NOT however, entitle you to anything from me or my friends. If you have a problem or an issue be adult enough to go the person directly; I am not going to tolerate the infantile tattling, etc. This is an adult site so act accordingly. Secondly I am absolutely not going to be stalked, watched, spied or monitored any longer. I do for people because I choose to and entitles you to nothing. If you have a problem with how I conduct my fu-business or ha
I Have Made A Decision
So I have decided that I shall start going to nursing school in the summer I'm going to take advantage of my newfound freedom and be a drain on society for a little while and try and better myself Wish me luck!
Amazing, You Have To Watch This!!!
Cause I Love Anna O'molly
7......things about me 1. what is the oldest thing in your fridge? Relish I make my own tartar sauce. 2. what is your favorite brand of deodorant? Degree shower fresh 3. name one thing about you that not many people know. My mother is in a nursing home with Demetia and I live everyday missing her. 4. what is your worst habit? I don't understand my worth so I put myself down alot. It seems to upset my friends. 5. who has saved you life in anyway in the past year? No offense to my friends here but my son saves my life everyday. Without him I would be so much less then who I am. He is my sun. 6. who is a major influence in the way you live your life? Me I did everything on my own. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I worked and did everythign I could to better my sons and my life. 7. what do you think your biggest weakness is? trusting too quickly. I want to always believe everyone is good and lovely and honest. That doesn't always happen.
Pimpification To The Fu-nation.
Ninja asked me to pimp her out as she's trying to raise fu-funds for a spotlight. I've linked to her site, if you're able to help her out please do so, if not - then don't :P Ɲίnjᾲ™@ fubar
Stole From Spicey Meowwwwww
Have you had a girlfriend or boyfriend? in my life? well yea I have had both Have you had your birthday? Nope in SEPT yay Been to church? every sunday Cried yet? To many times to count Had someone close to you pass away? No. KNOCK ON WOOD. Pulled an all nighter? No im to old for that shit. Drank starbucks? I'm a DD girl myself Gone shopping? Kinda Gone to the movies? I love going! So, yes. Been to the beach? Cant wait till boat weather Bought something for over 100 dollars? yep Met someone new? Every day on fubar... Been out of your home state? last june Gone snowboarding/sking? Nope In The Past Month... Kissed someone? just my kid lol Slept in a friend's bed? Nope. Snuck someone over? Nah I don't play that game. Snuck out of your own house? Not me Been in a bar? Ohh yes. Lied? Sure. I told my kid that the tooth fairy is real lol.. sticking with Spicey's answer Gotten a car? not yet Gone over your cell
Pasturize And Process Me To Death
We are living in a homogonized, pasteurized, antibacterial world, and we as a nation are fatter and sicker than ever. We pump our meat full of hormones and antibiotics, we process the vitamins right out of our foods and then add the vitamins back into them. How many chemicals do you think you consumed today between pesticides in your foods and all the additives that you couldn’t pronounce on the label? Do you remember hearing of salmonella and e-coli outbreaks 10 or 20 years ago, much less people dying from them? These days you can’t order a medium rare hamburger or an over easy egg because the restaurants are so afraid that you’ll get sick and sue them. We have made our houses airtight, we use antibacterial soaps but now we have killer staph and the threat of super bugs immune to antibiotics. Are you sick? Go ahead, bug your doctor for an antibiotic whether it’s viral or bacterial. Chances are they’ll give it to you just to shut you up. Have the flu? Take tylenol to kno
Too Long....
Tommorrow is gonna be the long day from hell... gotta be up at 7am EST, my plane leaves at 10:20, from here I fly to Toronto, then Calgary, then Seattle and then finally into Spokane, arriving at 230AM est.... yikes...... the trip was fun for the most part... April and Ernie rock! Wish me luck on not missing any flights, I won't be on at all tomorrow so see you all on Wednesday ♥ ya'll
Contrary To Popular Opinion
I am by nature a contrary person, often I find myself doing things just because I was told not to. This started for me at a very early age, while my parents had in mind a strict upbringing requiring the “Yes ma’am” and “Yes sir” this was changed by me to “Yeah sir” and “No Madam”, which was a minor stretch but still a rebellion in its own way. It also had its effects on my schooling. I would calculate what I needed to obtain a passing grade and evaluate each assignment and its effect on my desired outcome. I would then determine whether or not I needed to complete or ignore said assignment.  Though if I enjoyed the subject matter enough, I would usually do the homework.  This explains why I barely passed English Lit, but had straight A's in French III. In high school, I was a teachers aide, which came with a hall pass that allowed me free access to the school to perform my duties, but I spent so much time wandering the halls th
Auto 11 Auction Today
I am auctioning off an Auto 11 today, bid starts at 2 mil fubux. Auction ends at 12am est.
That's Oatally Delicious.
I recall being at my grandmother's house when I was a child and her offering me some oatmeal. I hadn't previously tried oatmeal, so I didn't know what to expect. I nodded yes, and my grandmother opened up a crock pot and scooped some globby substance into bowls, handed one to me. It didn't look so appetizing. I was raised to be a polite child (what went wrong?), so I gingerly took a bite. And then tried to stifle my gag reflex. (Foreshadowing of stories to come.) My grandmother had taken instant oatmeal, I believe, and put it in her crock pot for, oh, several hours. Perhaps half a day. Maybe a week. It had transformed not into a breakfast food, but paste. Had we been wallpapering that day, it would have been quite useful. I couldn't eat the oatmeal. I made some excuse about my stomach hurting, and I pushed it away, set a napkin on top of the bowl so I didn't have to see it. (I know. Rude. But! It was paste!) I was perhaps six years old when this happened, a
Vows 1
As most of you guys know that Craven and I plan to wed in August of this year. I would prefer to write my own vows. Please let me know what you think of this one.. At last the day has finally come when I can say my dreams have come true. After many nights of getting down on my knees, my prayers have brought me you. My search is finally over, and the journey of loving you I will now pursue. I can't think of any better way to say I love you, except to say...I Do. Though we walk to the alter separately, we leave together as one. To build a happy future around the miracle that He has done. I'm thankful for everything that you have given me, and together we'll make a brand new start. Staying together as long as we live, only in death we do part. As I stand here before you, and I say to you here and now. As God is my witness, I Do promise to keep every word of each vow. I wish this moment could last for ever, It's almost hard to believe It's true. And with this kiss, I'm in
Bling Bling Poop
My daughter wrote a story today.  This is how it goes.   Bling Bling Poop Bling Bling Poop ate a taco.  He had a babys.
Sunshine & Cyanide
  Why would you blow on this already rickety fence?     -REL
Time With The Family ...
Today is my birthday as most of you that know me know already ... spent time online with Harley which is never enuf ... i crave that man ... went to High Point NC to see some friends and pick matt my 14 year old up .. he had stayed the weekend with them .... we cooked out ... had cake and ice cream ... which was omg more than i eat in a week ... but meh .. a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right ... i took one for the team ... anywho... matt asked if we could go fishing ...... and i said ummmm hell yes ... he ended up catching two fish and was loving it ... i took becca to the playground there right on the water ....... was so beautiful ...... i sent Harley pics all day and texts  so he would be sorta there ya know ... we are working hard at being together even so far away ... soon that wont be an issue ... yay... I so want to show Harley and our son who is with him ... the south ... one of these days id love to take them and spend time showing them all the things that live in my
I have a serious addiction to sunglasses. I'm quite sure I'd spend my last few dollars on a hot pair of stunnas. Seriously, I wouldn't buy the brand named Q-Tips, nor will I ever splurge to buy name brand canned vegetables...but I have absolutely not problem throwing down money for glasses. I need help. 
holy crap... I just got a call to interview for a job that pays about 30k a year... (maybe a little more) i make about 15k right now... If i keep my job I will be getting a raise to where i will be making 23k a year the downside... it is full graveyard shifts... but OMG do i want it...  BADLY... I interview thursday for it... I am excited as all hell I KNOW how to do the job. I have the relationships with some of the customers... I WANT that job!!!
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Ohhh If I Had A Hot Dog!!!
It is starting to get a little hazy for me, but I will try to recall the night *dum dum dummmmm* of the HOT DOG!!!!!     My best friend Sandi and I have gone to the same little hole in the wall bar for 10 years... ohhhhh the memories we have...anddddd the stories!! It started out as a regular night, Friday night out with friends.  The bar owner was in an ornery mood and decided that we needed to fork our friend Bobs' yard.  Well of course we were game for that!  What meeture 46 year old woman wouldn't? I mean really?????  So 7 of us piled in two cars and trolled on over to Bob's place, mind you we have toilet papered his yard several other times, but the lil bastard got smart and cut the damn tree down, so we had no choice but to Fork him.  We had plastic forks, spoons and knives in hand, ready for some fun.  Here we all are out in Bob's yard in the dark plunging plastic utensils into the patchy muddy grass.  *gasp*  the motion light goes off... shit we have no where to hide.. the d
ugh...   men in thongs = the anti-horny
What I Want
I was sitting here thinking about what I want. It's not something unusual of me to do. Just seems like I'm doing it a lot more lately. I'm not sure why, and honestly...the feeling sucks. I feel alone a lot of the time. It's quite possibly the worst feeling in the world. It's like no matter what I do, the feeling of "mattering" isn't there. The more I dwell on it, the more I realize that I try my hardest to make other people happy. I'd like to think that that is what makes ME happy. But I'm not so sure about that. To me it sounds a little too "easy". I think deep down I just want someone to be "with" me. Someone that really does understand me. Understands that I'm fuckin moody as hell. Someone that understands that I'll probably have a bad day at work and without thinking, say something pretty hurtful to them. But give me a few minutes and I'll probably come to them crying telling them how sorry I am. Someone who understands my sense of humor and thinks it's funny too. Someone who wi
So, i just got home from a concert down at a Tallahassee bar I love to go to called Floyd's Music Store. I haven't been out in a while, so I thought it might be nice if I did something besides work for a change. Four bands were playing for a $12 cover charge which really isn't all that bad. I missed the first band completely but that's okay. I've seen them before and they pretty much suck. Broken Trust was setting up when I walked down the stairs--the bar is underground. Low and behold...Kevin Johnson. I used to go see his band, Pivotal, play like 7 years ago. This new band has a long way to go, but it wasn't bad. Chaos in Man was next and they rocked. I think they'll make something of themselves. The singer had a killer scream. And, the main event...Egypt Central. These guys are from Tennessee. I've seen them 2 or 3 times already, but it's a good show. i like their sound period. They lost the hottest band member though...I had nothing to stare at while drooling like the last cou
Cam Whore?
random fun, guess I'm a cunt richieinfl...: welcum cunt, now fuck off and good riddens loser->richieinfl...: thank you!richieinfl...: wow youre a cunt lol see ya good luck to ya, youre gonna need it thats for sure lmao->richieinfl...: ok...why are you telling me this?richieinfl...: do you have yahoo? my name there is dreamzmadeforeverrichieinfl...: was only asking, calm down lolrichieinfl...: i didnt mean now silly lol->richieinfl...: does it matter? I'm not turning it on for yourichieinfl...: oh on yahoo or msn?->richieinfl...: yesrichieinfl...: do you have a cam sweety?      
Not meaning to rant, but fuck I am going to. Ok, maybe not a rant but more of just a question. Why do words hurt more than actual physical contact?
Wow Some Ppl On Here I Swear
· devilnurbed2008... re-rated your photo a '10' from a '9'! 13 mins ago · devilnurbed2008... rated your photo a '9'! 13 mins ago ·  new friend request from 'devilnurbed2008...' received! 17 mins ago · devilnurbed2008... became your fan! 19 mins ago · devilnurbed2008... rated you a '10'! 19 mins ago · devilnurbed2008... just checked you out! 23 mins ago devilnurbe...: i see you have a man toodevilnurbe...: cool->devilnurbe...: some times i have hazel eyes they change from blue to greendevilnurbe...: green eyes?->devilnurbe...: shes a doll i loveher to deathdevilnurbe...: ya why->devilnurbe...: ur kittys bf?devilnurbe...: ok->devilnurbe...: i was gonna rate u but it said i already had so b4 i could even reply back to him with a yes i am taken and love him he blocks me wth since when is being with someone a fucking crime i dont hide i am taken i make it veryclear i am taken and who i am taken by and that i wont no one else but him
Do you have feelings of inadeqacy? Do you suffer from shyness? Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive? If you answered yes to any of these questions ask your Doctor or pharmacist about Jenatalia...."> Jenatalia is the safe natural way to feel better and more confident about yourself and your actions. Jenatalia can help ease you out of your shyness and will let you tell the world that you are ready and willing to do just about anything! You will notice the benefits of Jenatalia almost immediatly and with a regiment of regular dosage you can overcome almost any obstacle that keeps your from living the life you want to live. Shyness and awkwarness will be a thing of the past, and you will discover many talents you never knew you had . Stop hiding and start living with Jenatalia Jenatalia may not be for everyone Women who are pregnant or nursing should not try Jenatalia. Howev
It's Cold
Winter's coming .. I feel like sneaking under the covers and goin to sleep. It's too cold.
The Perfect Song...
the words to this song are perfect.... sappy but perfect  
The Weekend. V2
I'm sure some people are wondering about my weekend. did things go with her dad the second time? Well things were okay. We didn't get much of a visit, but that's fine. I'd had other things planned anyway. Did those happen? Not so much. I just kind of feel like instead of spending all the money that I did spend, I could have went shopping here and got him something and then mailed it to him. If I really wanted to get out of the house, I could have left like I did Friday morning and seen him Friday evening and then just came home Saturday morning. It was really a waste of my money. I'm really let down. Not that I seen my Dad, just that the other things I had planned didn't really happen. I was really looking forward to it too. Guess girls shouldn't get their hopes up.....
I'm Speechless
My son Jacob is 12 years old.  He looks sixteen and acts like he's five.  Typical boy that loves the ladies.  His current flavor of the week is older.  She's almost fourteen.  She called him last night crying because she had to break up with him.  When he asked her why she said she thinks she's PREGNANT!!!  I'm flabbergasted.  He was spending the night with my mother so I don't have the whole story yet.  Like if he has any reason to suspect he might be the father.  They're just babies. 
2 Rates Por Favor?
Sp@nk Her!!
Allow me to introduce to you all My latest Fu-Owner. Gypsy The beautiful, funny, sexy and most loyal fiend I have on here. So please go show her the love and respect she deserves.
When You Start To Wonder About Life
A few hours ago, i got a phone call, telling me that my uncle, had taken his own life. This was a man , who all my life, was the only level headed one, of a huge family. Always the strong one, always there to help the others, always smiling, happy. But recently his business went bad, and he felt he had nothing left, but to take  his own life. Leaving behind, a wife.. 2 kids, 2 grand kids.. and i can't seem to get my head around it all. How can the one we all knew as the strongest man, be so weak??? Does life really feel that bad for some people??? I know all this sounds cold, and uncaring, but suicide REALLY gets to me, so many people take that way out now, and i know that some just can't see a way out... but do they realize the destruction they leave behind? It's like I'm hurting, yet disapointed at the same time, that one of my own , would take this way out. Please don't get me wrong, i love him dearly, thats why this is hurting so much... I just wish he had of talked to us.
Probably Nothing By Red Wanting Blue
It's not a relationship; it's an arrangement It's not what you say, and it's how you said it shame on me, shame on me for opening up with my eyes shut   here i go again, another lesson... my means to an end have been exhausted shame on you, it's my fault too for never addressing this question and i know this is not what you wanna hear yeah, i know that you want what you fear but i'm saying it now, saying it now what i've never said before and bring my knees to the floor but i'm saying it now, saying it now what you never hear out of my mouth, i'm saying it   i find myself reading horoscopes, looking for some kind of hope so i don't wanna hear why you wanna stay here and i'll never regret making this statement 'cause i know this is not what you wanna hear yeah i know that you want what you fear to say but i'm saying it now, saying it now what i've never said before and bring my knees to the floor but i'm saying it now, saying it now what you never hear out of my m
Pain In The Face Part Two!
So i went to the dentist today to fix my tooth.. and now my face is hurting worse... I was at the dentist 3 hours... and had the maximum amount of novacaine... that means i had over 20 shots in my mouth.... and now the novacaine is wearing off (almost 4 hours later and i am still numb and swollen....) and i can feel every shot spot....   I am hurting again.. and I have to go to work soon... can i cry now?
For Jan
I Poke Her Face
Okay...since I can't seem to get things embedded in the blogs now. I'll post the song in the comments.   But listen to the words..I laughed so hard. Maybe it's me..I dunno.   [Edit: Adding lyrics for Van] (Kid Cudi) I Make Her Say (Lady GaGa) Oh Ah Oh Oh Oh Ah Oh Oh (When I) Pa-Pa-Pa Poker Her Face Pa-Pa Poker Her Face (I Make Her Say) Oh Ah Oh Oh Ah Ah Ah Oh Oh(What Up) Pa-Pa-Pa Poker Her Face (Me First) Pa-Pa Poker Her Face (Kid Cudi) She Wanna Have Whatever She Like She Can If She Bring Her Friend And We Can Have One Hell Of A Night Threw The Day Ay I Mean Stand Like A Grouper Cuz You Gotta Beeper I Mean Prime Might Be Sayin You Ain't Joggin Either But Man Ol' Girl Gotta Phat Ol' Ass Yeah The Type To Make You Tell A Bitch Just Dance And Fuck Them Otha Niggas Cuz You Down For Her Bitches And Fuck Them Otha Niggas Cuz She Down For The Stickin And Fuck Them Otha Niggas Cuz Hope Down For Sum Lickin And Fuck Them Otha Bitches Cuz She Down For The Trickin I'm Hoping She A Rider Wh
Fu-owned Auction 7 Preview
Corrective Lenses And Happiness
i know when i blog sometimes it comes out all fucked up. the things i type out don't always coincide with the reality of the situations. please know that when you read them, i'm writing them through the eyes of someone that is very upset because she doesn't have a hold on her emotions, not because someone has done something to upset her to that extent. i'm going to be going away this weekend, if all goes well... please all cross your fingers for me, and will be out of state for two weeks... again, cross your fingers, and toes and anything else... i'm happy. this is what i wanted all along. just to know i'd see him. to know he loves me. and when i'm calm, i know all of that. when i'm happy, i know all of that... when i'm upset, i'm not sure of anything. he really is wonderful, and a sweetheart, and he is there for me when i need him. he's going through the stress of moving, i know i mentioned the not calling thing, but when you're moving, you don't have time to txt and call someone 100
For The Love Of A Good Friend
I love my friends from fu, I have to say. They make me smile everyday.... When I got on to play.... Seamus just ruined my day....   I will seek revenge on him slowly and painfully.. he will not know when, he will not know how but i will be asking for your help... It will be a blog like no other... I hear by declare Seamus is dead to me... he is no longer my friend, I will no longer dream of him with tiki torches out his ass.. dead i tell you dead... I thought we had something special, a certain love connection. He ruined it!! If you want to ban together and help me teach him he cant go around spreading lies and your feeling evil. Call me! 1-800-beabitch Wicked (not wiked pffft) the love has gone......  
Why We Should All Be Ashamed
Something I often hear about is why it is anti-liberal to be pro-Iraq War. Somehow, people twist the reasoning given for the war in Iraq to be something it is not, and never was: the gaining of another source of oil. Oil is not, was not, and never truly has been the reason we went to war in Iraq - or, at least, the gain thereof was never the reason. There are more obvious reasons. There are even more moral reasons, if one cares to look. What the reasons the US and UK governments gave - those of our own fear and risk to ourselves - are not shameful because they were lies.They are shameful because they were necessary to convince us that we should care.Granted, I am the first to admit that the real reason our governments gave a damn in the first place is because Saudi Arabia wanted US troops off of it's soil, and this, indeed, is about oil. The US has long feared Saudi Arabia's ability to cripple the world markets with an indolent flick of it's finger, and this is why Saudi Arabia is the
Dealing With Fam
Today I have to go *fix* my sister's boyfriends pc. Fun... My daughter called and was like will you call Ron and walk him through getting this popup off. Its a pop up for WinPC Antivirus. Well myself, I swear by spybot, I did have him download it and run it over the phone, but apparently that didn't work so I am going over there today. I am cringing though sadly, these people talk total smack about me, and here I am being the fixer. My daughter told me when my sister had a pipe burst, the boxes I have still stored her basement, he was like we should take them to the dump. These are pictures and important things to me I saved from over the years because I gave everything else away when I went to Germany. I really hope that I am able to fix it, I know he offered to drive out and get me, and I was like, ummm, I can drive myself. I guess he said he would give me a few bucks for gas. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. And please definitely remember those who have fallen, those tr
Auto/bomb Auction!!!!
bomb auto auction either single or any combination of the two now until 11 p.m. tomorrow. bidding starts at 8 mil let the games begin
Fvck You!
For all you idiots out there listen to me really fucking good okay? Im pissed right now. I just got offered 500 dollars to have sex with someone here. He was dead serious.You motherfucker your lucky Im not posting your name.That is utter disrespect towards a woman. Your lucky I dont get you arrested for propositioning me.I dont think its funny.I dont think its cute.I think you just spit on my moral character.I will say this once more.If ANYONE else disrespects me or my relationship again you will be blocked and deleted.I dont care if I had my pussy pics shining to the world that doesnt give anyone the right to put me down and degrade me.I am a LADY. I am in a loving relationship.I never want to be with any of you.I never want to fuck any of you.I never want to meet any of you.I have friends here and that is it.If you can't get that well I suggest you pay a 2 dollar whore.I will not be treated like a slut by anyone.I know who I am and I know how I am.Dont fuck with me.You might think Im
The Invitation©
I found this in Julz' blog. It hit me like a brick to the side of the face. I did not write this, but it's power made me want to post it in my blog. I chose not to put it in my poetry, because all of those are written by me. Yes, I know I should be laying down with a 104 fever. No, I couldn't fall asleep. I'm actually going to go lay back down after I post this, so don't get upset if I don't respond to you. I'm not ignoring you, I'm just not here. This poem left me yearning someone, somewhere, somehow, who could actually think these things of me, and express feelings like this. I ache for that. Really. *sighs* It's feelings like this that stop me from becoming the pestilent prick I've been tempted to become.     The Invitation©It doesn't interest me what you do for a living.I want to know what you ache forand if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing.It doesn't interest me how old you are.I want to know if you will risk looking like a foolfor lovefor your dreamfor the
Paint Or Penis??
Monica and I are arguing over if this chick has a penis or if it is body paint... I say body paint she says she has a penis LMFAO.. ( i know it's been awhile for her but sheesh) sorry pic is below cause i can't finger out how to put in pic fucking fubar changing shit that aint broke grrrrrrrrrrrrr      
Drama And Shit.
Where to start. This is just fucking pointless really. But I feel like I need to clear some things up. I shouldn't have to do this, BUT I do. This basically goes to one person, which I know will read this.   1. I didn't say he was bald, fat, toothless, or gross. 2. I never said I believed any of the stuff that was going around about you. 3. I didn't say YOU were an annoyance, just that you aren't my friend, yet you are still showing up in my bar tab. 4. You got mad because of things I didn't do. Well, too bad you didn't even give me a chance to tell you that I didn't have my phone with me. Too bad you didn't let me tell you that I never got the alert you signed on or I would have asked you how you were feeling. Too bad you assume way too much shit about me. 5. You make your status about me, and about how horrible I am..but you send me text messages the next day saying you don't want to lose me. This isn't the first time you've done something like this. I forgave you swo
Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!
Mofosunuvagunbishingphuckingarse... My poor truck is finally pissing me off.... I've replaced every thing for the starting system... Bought a new computer for it.. for an 1987 Ranger... the original was a 1990 computer in it, apparently, but the engine's an 1987... so.. I buy an 1987 computer, hook it in, and the same bull... no spark from the coil areas... BUT now my wipers never shut off either.. makes me think, for some reasin, it's the wrong computer... and oh, how I'd like to slap the 1990 computer back in.. but I had to give it to the part store for the core-charge for the 1987 computer..The core-charge was almost 100 bucks... either give them the computer or pay the extra money... which would've brought the costs to over 200 bucks for the 1987 computer..and they won't take it back due to it being an electrical part AND installed once.. I can use it for another core-charge... WTF? Thinking of ripping out the whole distributer system, having it checked at a shop, even tho
Unconditional Love
I love my parents with every ounce of my being. No matter how rough things get I know they will have my back. My dad and I have our negative past, but I think the future looks bright. "Don't worry. We'll get it figured out." Easier said than done, but I trust him. We will figure everything out and everything will be okay. *deep breath* I need to find some peace and solace to get me through these next few months. I know things are looking up, but it's just a matter of getting through the rough times.   If anything ever happens to me and I didn't get the chance to say it enough, I love you Mom and Dad from the bottom of my heart. Even if I'm gone, these words will forever reign true.
[my Crispy Bits]
Bitches don't know shit about my carbonara...yo. Well... I had the oppurtunity to try someone else's carbonara, to kinda gauge how I did, and I was in the mood for some bacony goodness. >>It was fettucini alfredo with bacon.*scratches his head* no go. So here's my take (don't forget- God is in the radio)You will require 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar3 cloves of grated garlic (you could get away with less garlic)linguine or fusilli (the corkscrew pasta)[I think this particular sauce and small bit meatses adheres better to fusilli]2-4 egg yolks (depending on how big assed your eggs are)SaltPepperBACON!!! Cut into lardons. (about 2/3 cup)And...lamb/ham/cured sausage ~ 1/3 cup (accent meat) Boil your pasta boy!While that's going render fat from your bacon in a skillet, and get it crispy, toss in the additional flavorant meat and salt KEEP THE ACCENT MEAT TINY! It's carbonara so you want bits of well done toasty crunch.JUST BEFORE the pasta is done, toss in the garlic and distributecombin
At One Time There Was A Me Who Gave A Shit. Where Did That Guy Go?
This is all random bits of my brain, culled off random scraps of paper I've collected over the past 20 years.   Sometimes I have imaginary conversations with people, in situations I'll never see.   It seems that nothing means anything anymore, anyway.   On Larry Flynt's b-day I wrote - Doo Dah for the Poobah of Hoo Ha.   We're all deceivers, We're all believers in each other's lies. Committing crimes, No matter how small, There's no reason at all. They say that man... Man he is basically evil, I say the devil is teaching us well. A little bit of all of us belongs in Hell.   Sometimes, when I wake up, or when I see something on the news, I feel like we're living in a Philip K. Dick novel. It's like he found some way to affect the world on a quantum level after he died. Or perhaps he saw the world in a way that's only become more evident now?   What you say and what you do this is your world a reflection of you   If John Holmes and Sherlock Holmes were brothers,
Swimming And Balls
I went "swimming" today. Not really though, unless you count sitting in a kiddie pool that was about a foot and a half deep. It was nice though, just deep enough to sit in and cool off. Now for my words of advice: 1. Do NOT put sunscreen on and then get right in water. You'll get your face wet and wipe it off. At that point you will not think about it and rub your eyes...causing burning from hell. It sucks. 2. Do NOT get in a pool with jean shorts on and a white cami. The shorts hurt when you take them off and well, the cami gets really tight and you can see through it. Thank God it was in our backyard and we have a fence. As for the "balls"'s really only one ball, but the plural version of the word sounded much better. I got my bowling ball today. Maybe I can go practice some this weekend and get really high scores now. =]
Hombre Lobo
Absolutely delighted to pick up  the new Eels album yesterday, 'Hombre Lobo'.  Hence today's screenname, default and status.  Early listens are indicating another worthy addition to the canon.  After the very seperate and distinctive feel of early albums (the ideas-crammed 'Beautiful Freak', the loss-filled 'Electro-Shock Blues', the gentle almost pastoral 'Daisies Of The Galaxy', the sinister and hard 'Souljacker' and the rocky punchy 'Shootenanny'), and the almost clearing-the-emotional-decks of 'Blinking Lights...' and the 'Things The Grandchildren Should Know' book, not to mention the more literal clearing-the-decks exercise of the best of 'Meet The Eels' and the odds-and-sods collection 'Useless Trinkets', 'HL' feels like a fresh start.  The sound of E sitting down, all his shit out of the way, and just making the music he wants to make, a vision backed up by the feel of 'Tremendous Dynamite : The making of Hombre Lobo', a 30 min documentary included on the deluxe version of the c
Old Men Find Me Sexy....
Okay since fu’s amazing new change [actually quite idiotic but what ever] where when you scroll over people it no longer says their GENDER and AGE, instead it tells some inconsequential bit of information such as how many friends the person has… If any one scrolls over some one looking for friends, I doubt actually knowing the number of friends they have will stop them from going to their page… Well before when I got men in my shout calling me “sexy” I could just say im not gay…. And they would usually counter with oh im sorry I thought you were a woman, then I could usually say it says right there in my scroll box MALE and my age, now it just says how many friends I have… Damn yesterday alone 5 guys shouted me calling me… sexy.. one even asked my tit size.. hm I do not know my man boobs size hm damn it When speaking to my therapist about this, she said constant perving by older men is stressing me out and is upping my meds, so i
Ahhhh... The Holy Land
Last month I was in Jerusalem with my wife. We were there about a half a week when she became ill. Two days after she got sick, she passed away. The embassy there was a great help to me, they were supportive and gave me a choice as to what my options were with her body. They told me I could either fly it back to the states for $7,000 and be able to bury her at close to home, or for $500 keep her there in the Holy Land. My wife was a devout catholic, and I knew if given the choice, she most likely would have pick to be buried there. But I also knew I would miss out on being able to visit her grave regularly. I asked the embassy to give me a day to think it over. The next day I returned to the embassy and they asked if I decided on what to do. I said "I did a lil research, and about 2,000 yrs ago a man lived here, died here, was buried here, and 3days later he came back from the dead... I cant risk that with her"
Just Want To Make Sure My Friends Are(please Read On)
i had to change my privacy setting in (PROFILE VIEWABLE TO EVERYONE OR FRIENDS OR SALUTES REQUIRED)...U KNOW THAT BUTTON...sorry don't mean to yell at u..but i wanted to make sure u knew what i was talking about...=) i changed my setttings friends only can see my profile and i want to make sure that u are still seeing my profile and pics....i met to do that while going to try this for awhile and wants to know from other people using this setting ,do u like it? thanks   have a nice day
How It Went
The interview for the most part felt like a conversation.  I feel the DM has a lot of the same management style philosophies that I hold. She also conceded things she has to watch out for in herself that I know I have to watch for personally.  For a couple of my answers she asked to pause for her to write it down becasue she really liked the idea and it had never occurred to her before. She did give great continuations along the same lines as I was iterating on other questions.  I honestly got the impression that I was better informed of the company at the corporate level than she was.  She started off the interview by answering one of my planned returned questions about her own history with the company. When it came time to ask my return questions I did tell her I had planned to ask that but it was already covered and then moved on to the key elements she looked for in her managers. I finished by asking her what concerns she had at this point about my skill set, qualifications,
I'm in a bad mood. I woke up in a great one, but my ex showed up and started bitching to me about a dog. Ugh. Anyway, I'm bitching in the MuMMs and will probably be blocked by someone....   Yay?
Texting A Stranger And Freezing Again.
Normally I don't text strangers. But I do get the random texts from people I don't know. I usually just ask them who they are, then tell them they have the wrong number. Now, I'm just sitting here minding my own business...freezing  half to death, when I get a text. The only thing it says is "congrats on ur pens". So I ask who it is. I get back.."Ouch cuz. It's oubie". I still have no clue who it is and up until that point I thought it could be a cousin of mine playing some joke on me. Come find out that their cousins name is Michael Ryan. That's when I tell them they  have the wrong number. What they said back to me had me laughing.   "Oh shit. I'm sorry. My bad"   Anyway, I ended up texting this person for a few minutes. Longer than I text pretty much anyone..even if I do know them.
Well Hell
So I am thinking I must smell bad! Not that anyone could verify this :P I am being ignored! I know it is a tragedy!!! So what? Should I beg? I think I would for you ;) maybe if you stop ignoring me I can :P   *those who have no clue what this is regarding ignore itLOL*
Human Sexuality???
I am taking human sexuality this session in school. Originally I thought this would be a pretty fun and interesting class...There are just 2 problems with this theory that makes me not really care for this class:   1. I am discussing sex with a bunch of strangers and have been asked to use material from personal experience.   2. I'm not getting any right now.   I think if I was actually getting some right now, it would make a BIG difference. It would be a lot easier to talk about sex at any rate......   Dammit!! DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!!!!!!!!
I Love Live Shows.
So I went to a show at a local bar and saw this band, Ten Year Vamp. They were pretty amazing. The singer is really that hot, and she's a lesbian. Bonus. The bass player is beyond incredible. I found a pick on the floor between sets. Like a total geek I grabbed it. That's really all I have to offer, other than seeing a chick rock that much makes my dream of being in a band even more desirable. Maybe that'll be the next goal I shoot for. :D
Anyone feel like following me around all day and smacking me every time I try to stuff my fat face? Seriously....I was more than happy to sit in the pool w/ the kids today because I'd be weightless for a little while and my kids already call me fat mom so I wasn't afraid of them seeing me in my suit. I was almost in tears this morning because my eating has gotten out of hand...Yet, I still stocked up on crappy ass foods at the store earlier....I think my metabolism is defective...
I Heart The Dollar Store!
I've always been an advocate for expensive razors. The cheap ass Bic ones always made me feel like I was shaving with tree bark, so for a while now I've only used the Venus ones which are rather expensive. Now that I'm on a rather tight budget I had to downgrade to cheaper ones...well the other day at the Dollar Tree I found some shavers that had the 4 blade on them so I decided to give them a try. I LOVE THEM!!! They felt exactly the same as the Venus razors! And they were only 3 for a dollar! Yay!      Okay, life has come to this...don't hate :P
Hate / Love
1. comment what you like/ love most about me 2. comment what you hate/ dislike about me
Even When You Know...
it's still difficult to hear the truth... Moms death certificate came today....cause of death: Complications from chronic alcoholism. Yes, I had a good idea that was the cause...yes I quit drinking over five years ago because I knew it ran in our blood...yes, my grandmother died from the same disease around the same age as mom (59) YES YES YES... but, I was hoping, even praying...that it was something different... No, I wouldn't have went out and drank....No no no NO....I was just....well....*sigh* I feel sad and satisfied at the same time...strangest feeling ever. ♥ PoStaL
Holy Shit
350 million to win the spotlight?!   seriously, I'll NEVER get it now =/
This point whoring stuff is hard. I may need a nap soon. Thanks to everyone who has helped...and to the rest of you....meh, I probably never helped you either :p
Paging Tech Support
In my short time here at Fubar, I've sent 4 messages to the friendly people at the help line.  Number of responses I've received = 0. I can't complain too hard.  Its not like I pay for this service.  I feel kind of lame bitching about something that's free.  Nevertheless, its somewhat comforting to at least know your emails aren't lost in the ether somewhere. So now I need to turn to you, my friends ... Can someone please tell me how to post pictures into blogs?? I assume you need to upload the pics to some sort of image host ... like a Photobucket, Imageshack, Snapfish, etc.  Then I assume you need to paste some sort of html code into your blog.  But this is where I screw it up. I paste the code ... I can even see a picture pop up ... but when I go to hit "post blog entry", I get an "Invalid HTML" error. Somebody help!  I'm old and technology deficient.  I'm also in a wheelchair and require boob pics to get me through the day.
Wookie puss.
Come On, Man...
sooooo, i have this profile on a singles site. it's been there a while and ever so often i go check it just to see what's there. to say that occasionally i find a rare gem would be an outright lie. here are some examples of the usual responses and what i think as i read them.... notice the lack of anything intelligent or creative. What the fuck? absolutely no effort at all whatsoever and you want me to go out with you? fuck you? right... if your message is a good example of your efforts elsewhere, my own fingers can get the job done just as well or better. i'd take masturbation/phone sex over mediocre sex any day. -dam girl you sound relly interesting let me get to know you i you would like send me back something- ffs, did you even read this before you hit send? if not, you can't possibly give a shit about how you presents yourself. if so, then i hope you're sterile. -hey how are you sexy...and wow your hott....i would love to get to know better....- i would rather stab
You Give Love A Bad Name
  Shot through the heart and you're to blame Darlin' you give love, a bad name Fuck you An angel's smile is what you sell Promise me heaven, then put me through hell Chains of love, got a hold on me Passion's a prison, you can't break free Whoa! You're a loaded gun Yeah, whoa... There's nowhere to run No one can save me My damage is done Shot through the heart And you're to blame You give love a bad name I play my part and you play your games You give love a bad name You give love a bad name You paint that smile on your lips Blood red nails on your fingertips A school boy's dream, you act so shy Your very first kiss was your first kiss goodbye Whoa! You're a loaded gun Whoa... There's nowhere to run No one can save me The damage is done Shot through the heart And you're to blame You give love a bad name I play my part and you play your games You give love a bad name You give love... Shot through the heart And you're to blame You give love a bad name I play my part and you play your ga
Family Crisis
Much love & appreciation to my dear friends that haven't forgotten me while I have been unable to be here...I miss you & have you close to my heart.  We have a family crisis right brother in law has been in a terrible accident.  It was life threatening but as of now he is in critical but stable condition.  Each day is one of new hope.  Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers.  I'll check in when I can... Hugs from my heart to yours ~ Loey
my best friend was asleep in her bed... the next thing she knows she is fighting a pillow that is over her face while some guy rapes her. i have been with her for over 24 hours.. have gotten about 3 hours of sleep... about to try to get a few hours in before work...after i eat something so my stomach doesn't eat my spine   blarg
Fits Today, For Some Reason
first fuckin comment
Hubby is at work, so no car for me.   Should I   a) call my mom and go out with her at the expense of potentially gettin into yet another confrontation because she drives me insane?   b) lay on the dusty floor and pretend to be dead   Goin out with friends is not an option, since I dont have any friends    
well i plan on winning the lottery here very soon (lol big wish)   and chatting with a very nice friend got me thinking,   if i was to get myself states side who would want a visit from me?
10 More
I'm doing 10 MORE Random Useless Facts, because Jenn did it twice and blamed me, so I owe her.But I'm not "tagging" anyone this time so don't feel any pressure. :)1. I'm addicted to cough drops. I carry at least 2 packs of Halls in my car, and if I ride in your car, I'll open the console and root around saying "What the hell.. No cough drops?"2. I love the smell of new tires. Anytime I'm at Pep Boys I go use the bathroom so I can walk down between the storage racks full of tires, & just go "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh".3. I left home when I was 16 & lived in an old school bus in my neighbors backyard. There ain't much rednecker than that, but "ahhhhhhhhh" the sweet life of freedom!4. I listen to music that don't match. My playlist on "random" (tonight I jotted them down) went: Merle Haggard, Disturbed, Righteous Brothers, Prince, U2, Creed, Night Ranger, Blackfoot, Blues Traveler, Etta James, David Bowie, Marshal Tucker Band, Iron Maiden, Brooks & Dunn, Train, Lynyrd Skynyrd.5. I'm a spiteful hardh
Today I am euthanizing one of my cats. Poor feller is about 15 years old or so and..barely a bag of fur and bones. He's old and feeble and it's his time, tired of him suffering...he can't even hop up on the couch anymore, doesn't eat, etc.   So forgive any blah moods
Things That Annoy Me
1. people that add signatures to their responses in mumms/blogs   2. people who constantly try and whore themselves in their status...we all do at one time or another but not like others constantly do   3. people who take this site WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too serious   4. people who are/were in the military who demand you respect them because of it..fuck you earn it like everyone else   5. people that start a convo when u are apparently busy i.e. reading, working, masturbating etc etc   6. the American Family Association as well as other "i have gods dick up my ass" religious groups   7. people who get all pissed off when u remind them of something when they forget   8. people who take offense to mothers that breast feed...   9. welfare people that do nothing to get off of it   10. people that bitch about smoking   i have dealt with all of this today...its been a focked day
Dildos, Psychics, And Clay Aiken
So my crazy neighbor is here visiting. I've been home from work for 2 hours. From what I've heard, she'd been here for 2  hours before I was home. This woman is NOT right in the head. She says she's married to Clay Aiken, "in her head". That he's really not gay, that his look alike is the one that is. She then said that she took an online quiz, and she's psychic because it said she was. She said the website, I went to go look at it, but the site is closed. Wanna know why? Because the site got sued, lol. I guess too many people took the quizes and thought it was real, hahaha. Next thing you know she's talking about how her and some guy that she knows went to some sex shop and seen a "dildo" that was as tall as her waist. Then she's talking about this new "sex toy" that she ordered off of I now know that she will be getting a dildo that is light blue, kind of clear.   I hate the stupid shit that I hear from people.
So I went to play some football today, it turned to not be a good idea.   Stuck my left hand in front of a shot someone took, the result being torn ligaments in my thumb.   Not the most pain I've ever felt, but is a close run thing.
I Know Better Than To Mumm This...
I started taking sleep meds, which is something I REALLY didnt wanna do, but Ive started to. At first they werent working and I even started taking them while at work in the hopes they would kick in once I got home. Ive been taking them like prescribed and nothing... Well since Thursday theyve kicked in. Ive been having problems waking up (I missed class on thursday and friday) and when I do wake up it feels like Ive been kicked in the head for the first 2and a half hours... and I dont like it Should I cut the pill in half and see if that works better? I know if i would have mummed about it all I would have heard was "Ask your dr?" but I dont feel like dishing out $150 for a 3hr wait in a waiting room and 2mins in the office just to hear "cut it in half"
I get flooded with al those sweet, dumb comments about me all the time, and now its time for a real thing. Tell me what you REALLY think of me! I would love to see all the comments about the truth, not the fake "friends" BS that FU is known for. Be as specific and accurate, plz, or else I dont stand a chance to win.   I am sure there is enough dirt on me based on my blogs, mumms, comments, etc, to base a valid opinion on. I ASSURE you my feelings wont get hurt, so please go to town :)
Only Me Can Do Things Like That !
Ok, here I go. I woke up this morning and everything was normal like every day. Had my shower, got dressed for work. Logged on Fubar to leave my daily profile comments. It's 6:15 am. time to go to work. I normaly have my first cigarette with a cup of coffee when I reach work. Got in my van and started head to work, traffic was not the normal every day traffic, it was so bad cause of an accident. After a while I needed a cigarette, looking for a lighter to light it. It's then when I noticed. OMG. I forgot to put my shorts on. LMAO I called work to tell them that I was going to be late, my boss wanted to know why as we had a busy day ahead of us. I had to tell him what happened, it's then when all I could hear is him laughing his ass off. Good job they like me at work and good job I was driving a van so people couldn't see me in it looking down at me in the traffic LOL Only me can do things like that. One thing I want you all to know, I was not on any kind of drugs. LMAO Lucky
I am bored!   the end
Bomblist Details Inside Make Sure U Read This
the bomblist is full this is how this list is going to work since there are somany bombs i will run a few meaning 2 or 3 a day depending on my free time. i will chose 1 day where i will run as many as i can in one day once again depending on my free time for all those wanting to run auto's. if u don't read this and run auto's on a day i am only going to run a few then don't be shout boxin me complaining cause it will be your fault. only take a few min. to read this. thanks to every1 who has joined in and i will edit this blog when i figure out what day i can run alot all in one day so keep tabs on this blog or u may miss out on the major bombing day.  the day i chose will also have to have alot of happy hours so u all get the extra points.  no bombs will be ran unless there is a happy hour.  if fubar deletes a hh like they have done to me b4 i am not responsible for loss points.  for those of u who do not know yet this is my final bomblist it's just become to much work to keep filling
I find it funny that people you haven't spoken to in almost a year track you down through your friends.  I was supposed to meet this guy named Bryan...he stood me up...I wrote him off.  Now he's telling my R/L friends that we met and hung out several times.  Just wanted you guys to laugh with me.    CrazyWildA...: Okay->CrazyWildA...: Allen isn't that smart...bryan isCrazyWildA...: Okay, you would know best, better than it bein' Allen or war be breakin' out, lol->CrazyWildA...: I bet you money it's Bryan...all of his former haunts are on his profileCrazyWildA...: Okay->CrazyWildA...: That's why he sought you outCrazyWildA...: He had to know I would talk to you!CrazyWildA...: *hugz*CrazyWildA...: Okay->CrazyWildA...: pretty much...Just text me if he pops in thereCrazyWildA...: Okay, if he actually does, lol->CrazyWildA...: Let me know when...I will go in and listenCrazyWildA...: No, he said tomorrow->CrazyWildA...: No...he's a liar but he is he DJing right now?CrazyWild
Lol! Some People...
Read from bottom to top! I would have ignored what this pathetic excuse of a man said to me had he simply apologized or at least made a lame excuse. Not so much as even a "hello". *sigh* Oh well, I'm a "CUNT". At least I admit it. Enjoy! I did! LOL!     ->backupjack: Now shut the fuck up, you pathetic shitbag! ->backupjack: If you read my profile, it clearly states how I feel and some simple rules! Can't handle it, move along! It's simple! Really! ->backupjack: What fucking part of you calling me a cunt do you think offends me??? I KNOW I'm a cunt! What's your fucking point??? ->backupjack: hahhahahah Is CUNT the MOST CREATIVE word you can come up with?? backupjack: ok, whatever you say now I will ignore, type all you want, because you are a big fucking CUNT ->backupjack: I don't appreciate rude pricks talking to me like that. And you know what? They deserve NO respect from me when that's the FIRST thing they say to me. So FUCK OFF! ->backupjack: what's your point? MAKE me s
My Night
so.. i was driving down the road.. and at a red light some guy pulled up next to me and kept stareing at me he shot forward and got ahead of me... he then pulled over and got out of his car.. i switch lanes right.. and as i drove past him he decided to pull his pants down!! i hauled ass away from him he got back in his truck and started driving again.. i ran a red light to get away from him heh... Also.. I made whole wheat cranberry pancakes.... they are good :D
Rice Krispie Treatin Me...
Hello friends im at the toll road and figured it was time to throw out the coins. So many people have asked me why im not on much anymore and there are a couple reasons. #1 im working like crazy and im usually just done when i get home and then the main reason #2 I have a very old laptop that was givin to me and many things on this site lag's me like crazy and im just to impatient to deal with it after work. Since i do have an awesome job and my last couple checks went to my girls on school clothes and supplys and the fact all my bills are caught up, i decided it was time to treat myself and so did my mommy :D. She has a dell account and told me to build the laptop i wanted and she'd pay for half of it and allow me to make the payments on the rest or just pay it off, whatever i decided. I think its the new meds the doc put her on because she ordered herself one too and she has no clue about computers LOL. Anyway im hoping it arrive's tomorrow so ill have the weekend after work to pla
*fake Scammer Alert*
I found this on the boards so I'd figured I'd share with the class... This bulletin is posted on behalf of ❤REYNA ❤DE❤CORAZONEZ❤ Reyna's Fu-Hubby is a guy with a lot of fake profiles and probably has more to boot that are not known of. He plays as both a man and a woman to gain attention, play with emotions and create a whole lot of drama. He uses the names JT, Crazy Nucci, Evil Bitch, Jenna, and many more. His friends are are usually the same on every page and usually connected to him in some way. Be very careful. He uses people and plays many games. He seems to thrive on the drama. Link 1 is Crazy Nucci, Reyna's Fu-Hubby Link 2 is his supposedly cancer ridden brother but is really him too. Link 3 is his old page which is named Dominick ANother one of his newest creations...notice that they are all connected in one way or another http://fubar.
This person is a pic stealer. :) It's okay to use celebrity pics as your default, I think cuz we know its not you, but this is just a normal person. How do I know that's not him? The pic he is using is a pic of someone I've talked to online for 4+ years. I have actually busted him on this like 2 years ago & he admitted it wasn't him.   If you all know Kisses Papercut, ask her, cuz she knows the REAL person. I've been giving him hell in the shoutbox. :)   $safe_uid_dname@ fubar
So one of my sisters recent started dating someone, no biggie in and of itself. However, they've been dating for a little over a month now and already her kids are suffering because of it. Staying out til all hours of the night, staying at his place, having him come sleep at my dad's house(lives there with her 3 kids) are all things she's taken to doing each week. I don't mind her happiness in fact I'm glad she finally isn't such a lonely crabby bitch. What's bothering me though is that both of her daughters now at separate times have asked me to adopt them because they don't think their mother loves them anymore now that she has a man. I started crying today when my niece (she's 6) asked me that because I don't think a child should ever doubt their mother's love. I guess maybe things were different for me growing up because my parents were married and always put me and my sisters first. I hate this feeling I have in the pit of my stomach about the whole situation. I hate knowing that
Damn Facebook.
Left Brain Dominant: 20 Left-Brain Responses / 10 Right Responses Of 30 questions, 20 of your responses indicate you are left brained dominant. 10 of your responses are indications of right brain dominance. These results indicate you are predominantly left-brain dominant. People who are left-brain dominant thrive on careful analysis of all pertinent factors before making any decisions. Their style is naturally systematic and detail-oriented, characterized by the pursuit of logic, predictability and discipline. They tend to stick to the rules and stay within the confines of their orderly world. You tend to take things more seriously and tend to stick more to rules and guidelines. You have an innate ability to stay on task when doing a job. You tend to have a lot of book knowledge, and may have an interest in science or history. People could benefit from your knowledge. Jobs: Engineer, Accountant, Banker, Counseler, Clerk, HR, Financial Advisor, Librarian
Post Cards From The Edge
Okay concerning my shoutbox and PMs ,  It is really simple. I am not ignoring you! 90% of the time I am on fubar is when I am at work. So If I dont get back to you in a nano second it may just be that I am actually working. If i rated all your pictures that does not indicate that I lust after your body as awesome sexy as it is.  A lot of times I just start clicking on stuff when I am interviewing people and Im bored out of my mind because I know they are going to spend the next two hours lying to me. Do I have a crush on you in real life? I dont know you in real life now do I ? Okay maybe I lust after Misfit a tiny bit but DAMN look at her ! :-P My fubar crush is on porch only because it keeps him at the top of my screen and he needs supervision. Just because you are on my friends list does not mean we are the best friends ever, Coot is a product of my imagination and sense of humor. I dont give out my phone number because.......what would we talk about??? I am one of the most b
Come Down To Me
Saving Jane - Come Down To Me   Words fall out of my mouthAnd I can’t seem to chase what I’m sayingEverybody wants your timeI’m just dreaming out loud,I can’t have you for mine and I know itI just wanna watch you shine.Tripping up on my tongue,It’s all over my face and I’m racingGotta get away from youBurning all the way home,Try to put it to bed but it chasesEvery little thing I doWhen the light falls on your face,Don’t let it change youWhen the stars get in your eyes,Don’t let them blind you.You’re beautifulJust the way you areAnd I love it allEvery line, and every scarAnd I wish that I could make you seeThis is where you ought to be,Come down to me.Spell it out in a song,Bet you never catch on to my weaknessI’m singing every word for you.Here I’m thinking I’m slyThen you’re catching my eye, and just maybe You’re thinking what I’m thinking tooWhen you see it on my face, Don’t let it shak
Sb Chronicles -4 Wtf Today
InsaneDaWayne: ok iam gonna killyour self centered pride now InsaneDaWayne: lol InsaneDaWayne: fuckin or do you mean fucking ->InsaneDaWayne: I know how to fuckin spell you moron ->InsaneDaWayne: blah blah just go away InsaneDaWayne: lol how would that be a theat maybee u one need get dictionary InsaneDaWayne: lol arent you origninal ->InsaneDaWayne: did you just threaten me? LMAO piss off ->InsaneDaWayne: I dont wanna be in your SB..Read a fuckin dictionary and leave me alone...PS dctionary is the big book with words in it InsaneDaWayne: so shut the fuck up get a muzzle if you have to InsaneDaWayne: hey narsistic bitch your not only one in myshout box ->InsaneDaWayne: and I have asked your illiterate ass to exit my SB many times InsaneDaWayne: u replayed back to me only reason i
Blah..9/11 Thoughts...
This was made NSFW since I seen fu delete that 9-11 mumm, which I saw no real reason to delete it, no cursing, nothing downing any group of people, but what ever that is why I marked it so they would have no reason to be show any type of asinine behavior and mark it.Okay so since today is September 11th, I am expecting a shit load of mumm, blogs, pictures and statuses about the terrorist attack.Well in the first 9-11 mumm I saw I said … “to be honest I am all for never forgetting but after eight years it is time to move on, people died, peoples always die, as a people Americans are typically sentimental about such matters, the first year anniversary was understandable, after that it was a waste of time”For this I was called Un-American, Un-American why, because I feel after nearly a decade it is long over due to move on, yes I understand that bleeding hearts are very sentimental about death and when it happens, they believe that not celebrating it is the same as forg
Turning Point
So, I'm not particuarly happy that I had to stop what I was doing to write this blog because my mind really couldn't begin to focus until I got this out of my system. Let me start out by saying I hate stupid people. Completely ignorant, stupid, lack of common sense people. HATE it. If I was stupid myself, I would attempt to rid the world of stupid people, but that's like getting world peace to happen. And, not to mention, shows such as America's Funniest Home Videos wouldn't exist, and it's one of my all time favorite shows and I grew up with that and Bob Saget. So I suppose not ALL stupid people are bad. But anyways..... I hate people that think they know everything, or they assume they know what you're talking about, and they attack you for it. For the first 30 seconds I just stare blankly because I cannot wrap my head around some people's obvious stupidity. Then my anger kicks in from people assuming shit. I normally don't give a shit what people think about me, but I've really f
The Four Horsemen Of The Apolocypse
Started as a status reply and I liked the idea andwanted to build from it. In retrospect should I have had the concept when I started it would of been alot different but I like the free flow. Maybe I'll build on it at a later time.Or just be lazy and say fuck it... I guess time will tell... WHITE Unleashed sabertooth tiger strong, Wild beast on the loose for violation, Not a leash- but a noose, try it on, Lost Child who speaks, the truth of Zion, Half dead, but a thoroughbred son, On a path of blood shed, infrared vision He hears your heart beat, in his head, (bom-bom bom-bom, bom-bom-bom) Metronome in the dome, he's in a zone, Micraphone cyclone, Mind blown, To a different time zone, to find Solomon's chosen ones, I'm gone, flying on, the scion of thine kingdom come, Singing songs, in ancient Assyrian tongue, in a serious tone, of origins unknown, Messiah with a cold heart, Siberian Corazón, White as if the color was gone,  pale face, and a dead stare, Stale mate when y
Hey Timmy! Where Ya Been?
Yup...i've been gone. Not much has changed although they did rearrange a few things on my home page and i did notice i lost somewhere in the vicinity of 30 "friends". My never know if they were deleted or grew weary of my not being on so they did away with me. No tears for me please...i-i-i-i'll manage. :( Not sure how much i'll be on, but i am pretty certain i will no longer live in the mumms when i am now. It just seems a limitless string of whining, bitching and overall assholeness that i can do least for now. Who knows, i might want some assholeness in my life again some day.   I know there were rumors as to where i disappeared to, so let me clear up the false ones. I was NOT captured by a female sasquatch and forced to pleasure her! Yes that would have been fun with all the searching for her cooch through the hair, but it's just not true. I was NOT named as the second gunman in the JFK assassination. I was NOT abducted by aliens and then subsequently included into
Just a few words and the person I am talking about will know who he is. If you wanna play like you are my friend...after all f the talks we have had...yet go behind my back to another of your friends and run your fucking mouth,,,,linkt them to my shit to keep drama going....well fuck you I am sure you have no problem removing yourself from my list...take this chance to be a man and fucking do it so I dont have to
Here's The Deal...
Because I'm sick of going over and over's the rundown...   Yes, I'm single again.   A lot of hurtful things were said today and I'm about 98% sure I will remain single.    There is no one thing that cause the break up.    I am miserable and don't plan on being my normal for some time.
You May Be A Moron
I am disturbed. I am perturbed. I am frustrated. I am exhausted. I am angry. I am fed up. I am definitely a FRAYED NOT!   If your first contact with me on this site is to ask me for nude photos, you will be blocked. If you ask me repeatedly for more nude photos then I have posted, you will be blocked. If you tell me I am the only woman you talk to like that and I see a similar comment to another woman like those you leave me, you will be blocked. If you piss me off for any reason, you will be blocked. If you are masturbating or looking to be masturbating and don't know what my sexual preferences are, I will copy and paste your text in your comment section and then you will be blocked. If you know nothing about me, you won't be blocked. But  I may ignore you completely. If you tell me you want my yahoo, and I am receiving mass messages from your yahoo account saying you are cleaning out your lists, you deserve to be blocked because you are stupid.   *Because I control th
Okay... Fawk It...
Seriously... im not so much into the points or fuwhoring thing anymore... but I am going to start posting ppl that do things for me or that are really friends... and today... this guy right here has been really good to me on my return to fubar... so please... stop and give him a page rate for me :) ~Outlaw~Dirty South Crew~@ fubar
What Intrigues You Most About This Profile Owner?
Ways To Tell You Spend To Much Time On Fubar.
1. Instead of actually "laughing out loud" you say LOL 2. You see an attractive guy/girl you think "I wonder if they have and NSFW's. 3. You have told someone you were rating them a one and blocking them. 4. You've ever told your s/o "I'll show you my NSFW if you buy me a VIP/bling pack." 5. If you have ever faked a horrible illness to gain attention, make people like you more or buy you things. 6. If you have ever faked your death to get away from someone.
Sho Said No...
Please Read And Comment
FIRST OFF I WANNA LET EVERYONE KNOW THIS IS FROM MY VFW POST COMMANDER. I SERVED 4 YRS IN THE ARMY TO BE TOLD I AM A SECOND RATE CITIZEN. I SAY FUCK THAT BULLSHIT!!!VFW's are closing around the country, why? Because the powers that be have decided that veteran services are not that important to the common good. The VFW is a place where vets can go to be around other vets and help each other. One of the greatest things that the VFW does is to have a liaison to the VA to help with the paperwork needed to cut through the red tape. This is how I got my disability. A vet helped me and I have helped other vets. But now they are closing all around the country. "Budget cuts" are the culprit, and do you know where those funds come from? The same budget that gives to schools and to prisons. They are giving more to inmates and taking away from vets! I say fuck that! After someone goes off to fight for their country the US should bend over backward to make sure they have everything the vet needs t
Is there anybody out there??????
I Hope You Understand
First off, I need to thank everyone who has been here for me the past few days, you have no idea what it has meant to me. My real friends have really come through for me. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to you all.  I love you all with all my heart. I need to take a break away from here for a little while. I have found myself sitting here the past few days waiting for a man who doesn't exsist. I need to get some things in mind straightened out. I know some of you may not understand and that is ok. But I truly loved David and am having a really hard time right now understanding why all this happened. Many of you have my number and yahoo, please feel free to contact me through that if you want to talk to me. I will log on here to check my messages from time to time..if you see me don't hesitate to speak, I will talk back. I just can't sit here for hours right now. Please remember I love you all and appreciate everything you have done for me. Especially you Rich, you
so, I found some chick on craigslist, that is lookin for someone to go to Mammoth Caves in Ky with her, cause her bf flaked out. Its an overnight hiking trip, and she seems to be legit.   So now I have to decide whether or not I wanna go. I have no idea who she is, bit its a free fuckin trip to the caves. blah. I wanna go
Can You?
So my day started off well,then was icky,followed by blah and im bet'n will end with a %*#!!!!! I noticed a lot of people were feeling the same way,walking around like mindless zombies dwelling on how shitty ones day was goin. Well Im not gonna take it any more! I think I am gonna start a blog theme,neh a blog 1up if you will. Starting today I would love for people too post in here 5 positive things that happend to them on said day,Imean the day runs for 24 hours..ATLEAST 5 things being as simple as your fave jam/jelly being on sale at the grocer..or your pup goin a WHOLE day without being on your floor. hopefully this will turn out rather well, and if not for others... I know it will make me smile atleast.   So here we go!!! was sunny today! hardly ever happens in the land on the freezing,wet,foggy world that is mine. pup started giving my kiddos kisses as the went on too school. I think its cute. 3.finally got around too sporting some sparkly pink nail polish (y)
Stole This From My Pet (miab)
What color eyes do you have?green           How tall are you?4'11"           Right handed or left?Right           Your Heritage:1/2 italian, 1/2 irish... hot tempers all around!           Your job:fulltime student and mommy           Do you like your job?  i love my school and the fact that i'll be done in a little more than 4 months.           Any tattoos/​piercings?​too many tattoos to list. ears are pierced 3 times, upper cartiledge, madonna piercing on my upper lip, and my nose.           What underwear are you
So, I decide to log into my page (for some reason I was logged out), just to not be able to. I was fuckin stupid, and instead of resetting my password (DOH!), decided to check if I was somehow deleted. Since it has happened SO OFTEN in the past, I was quite sure. WHen I made a new page with a same email, I did the search, and it showed me my old page. Sittin there, enjoyin itself, not deleted and functioning. I was like WTF??!   So now I am trapped with this noob page, and cannot log into that one since email search only produces this one.
Letter To Myself
I just saw a book review in 'Heat' magazine (don't ask) that lead with the question... If you could write an open letter to your sixteen year old self, what would you say?  Worth thinking about, eh?   Dear Sixteen-Year-Old kins, You're a C.U.N.T. love, me xx
Causing Trouble
I won't, til I make a fake profile.
And Who Are You To Judge?
One philosophy we Fubar Bouncers try to follow is the refusal to get involved in member drama. We often point at TOS #7 when someone complains they are getting harassed. Recently, my attention was drawn to this little gem of a status message: hey fat girls... just b.c you have big boobs doesn't mean you should feature your face in your tit pics. PUT THAT UGLY MUG AWAY! and btw, how on earth are some of you fat and have like a B cup? god im so blessed. This self-serving statement came from the profile of a 20-year-old female. While the rules prevented me from killing the rude status message from the very obviously self-obsessed female, after some thought, I decided that it would be a better idea to enlighten and educate those of us on Fubar who feel that they are better than others just because their bodies meet the description of something closer to what's considered the "norm." I started to browse her pictures and noticed something else: she, herself, was no waif, and definite
Brick By Boring Brick - Paramore
Well she lives in the fairy taleSomewhere too far for us to findForgotten the taste and smellOf a world that she's left behindIt's all about the exposure the lens I told herThe angles are all wrong nowShe's ripping wings off of butterfliesKeep your feet on the groundWhen your head's in the cloudsWell go get your shovelAnd we'll dig a deep holeTo bury the castle, bury the castleGo get your shovelAnd we'll dig a deep holeTo bury the castle, bury the castleBa da ba ba da ba ba daSo one day he found her cryingCoiled up on the dirty groundHer prince finally came to save herAnd the rest you can figure outBut it was a trickAnd the clock struck 12Well make sure to build your home brick by boring brickor the wolf's gonna blow it downKeep your feet on the groundWhen your head's in the cloudsWell go get your shovelAnd we'll dig a deep holeTo bury the castle, bury the castleGo get your shovelAnd we'll dig a deep holeWe'll bury the castle, bury the castleWoah, woah.Well you built up a world of magi
10 Pet Peeves
I stole this from Boo. :D   10 pet peeves in no particular order:     1) People who can't take a joke.   2) People who make nothing but jokes and don't know when to be serious.   3) Men (I guess women do it as well, just in a different form) who call other men gay, simply because their SO says they're attractive. I guess women would call another woman a whore or a slut for the same reason.   4) People who think when I say a woman is a stupid cunt it's because I'm jealous. No...she's really stupid, I swear.   5) People who get too wrapped up in the "making" of the holiday and forget the meaning behind it.   6) Anyone who drives that isn't me.   7) My mother in law (way too many reasons to list.)   8) Leaving lights on when you're not in the room. (I've turned into my dad.)   9)  When I tell someone how I'm feeling or an opinion and they say "Well that's stupid." Well..fuck you! You look stupid!   10) People who think you're flirting when you're just being nice.  
Primary Photo / Avatar Policy Update. #1
*****FROM THE BLOGS OF SCRAPPER AND BABYJESUS*****   We are making some changes to our avatar policy. Please read this blog which was posted on Babyj's blog. Starting on Thursday, we will begin enforcing a new policy for primary photos / avatars and it will apply to everyone. This does not effect non-primary photos (i.e.: random stuff in your photo albums), only the photo that you select to be next to your name everywhere on the site. The policy will be: * no bare chests. (men, or women... duh) * no lingerie, bras, or underwarez. * nothing deemed sexually suggestive, at our discretion. Any primary photos which we find in violation of the policy will be marked as NSFW (even if they wouldn't normally have been marked NSFW had they NOT been a primary photo). Repeated offenses will result in suspension and/or removal of your account (the same as if you break other rules on the site, repeatedly).We want as many people to have fun and e
The Light
Why am i attracted to poison? Last night i confided in someone that i am attracted to them like a moth to a light, but that the light is useless... What is a bare bulb outdoors to a Moth that it brings them to dance and flit?  The bulb is useless and unheeding... the bulb gives light and nothing more... It provides no nourishment.  And exposes the moth to predators... The light will never need or want the Moth... It's a trap, the Light is DEATH... And yet the moth must come and dance... Why?  forever am i bound to seek that which will trap my soul and pain me...
Email To Babyjesus
BabyJesus;I have been having the same issue for months now and I can't seem to find anyone to help me get this straightened out.  I have emailed a couple time to Fu-Support, I have emailed Scrapper, I have gone to the Support Lounge numerous times to get the same answer and no one can is the issue.  My Status and My Icons do not work.  I can't post a status message nor can I put up any type of Icon.  I have done everything known to do.  Dumped cache, upgraded everything, Adobe, Quicktime, Java, FF (which is the browser I am using).  I have even gone so far as to create a new profile to have it not be able to load a status message.  This is driving me crazy.  I would like to be able to enjoy and have fun with the other on here ...If it's because I don't spend money on this site, that is completely incorrect.  I have I just got done buying bling ... TWICE ... I have in the past bought blasts, VIP, tickers, bling, I even went through 2 HH ... All I am requesting is some help in
Its Done
i started the blog. i've got a new post up tonight and i'm adding some of the ones you've already seen here on fu just for content. if you think you want to join in, send me a pm. there'll be several of us posting hopefully in the next few weeks and also some interesting images as well.   i expect participation. thank you.   j
Loss Of A Friend..
Guess this is the time to write this. A good friend removed me from alot of pages that we were friends on.. because i refused to answer a letter that she had typed to me early this morning.. it was more of a rant than anything else.. but i guess the saying is true.. alot of friends come and go in your life.. but the true friends are there for you no matter what...With this particular friend it was either her way or no way at all. I did try and be a good friend.. hell i even claimed her son as my own to make sure he did have a good christmas like my kids did.. but oh well.. ill have to say.. guess some of the past lives are holding true.. our friendship didnt last back then either.. nor did it in this life.. Que Sara Sara.. guess this song rings true. When I was just a little girl I asked my mother, what will I be Will I be pretty, will I be rich Here's what she said to me. Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours, to see Que Sera, Sera What will be, will be. W
Fubar Hang Overs
stupid blog, but you are bored so stfu.... I saw a status about a headache...and a few people im sure are gonna be and/or are hungover from partying last where is the asprins and hangover potions? i recall there being asprin and soup and shit like that on the gifts in the seasonal part...   maybe i just didnt look well enough. my mom used to tell me to "open your eyes when you look" all the time as a kiddo...   maybe i am a lousy looker
Lmao, Spinoza uploaded this pic and it made Me laugh so I blogged it! Hm, are humans angry because they created a god, to have a sense of being divine and now are angry that they have placed their thoughts above themselves, and thus making themselves inferior to themselves hm ...really needs to stop thinking :P
Agility Fail
Had to blog this 'cause it cracked me up. Random photo on here of woman sitting on the toilet. Comment from random bloke, and I quote - "very agile"   Since when did taking a dump or whatever be considered agile?
The Hills Have Eyes...
Damn A Mumm
I'm sure those of you that are my friends see me commenting on a MuMM. It's about celebrities and politicians not helping our own country and helping other countries. No matter what people tell him, he's just not getting it. That is why I'm making this blog. Maybe when I'm finished, I can link him to this thing. As I said I can see, to some point, what he is saying. That at one time or another, I agreed with him. The last thing I said was that I was sure that celebrities and politicians help our own country, but they just don't make it known. That maybe they just do it because it's the right thing to do. That the reason what happened in Haiti is "thrown in our face" is because it's still new. Now I'm sounding like a bitch in there. I made a comment about how some of the homeless are that way because they choose to be. Then got a reply saying that, for some, it's not their fault and we should help them. My reply was that I knew some people are homeless because of other things and
Cupid Quiz Purity
Your result for The 100 Point Sexual Purity Test... 29% pure: Decidedly Perverted You are just 29% sexually pure! Take The 100 Point Sexual Purity Test at OkCupid
How Much Wood Can A Woodketch Chuck?
It finally happened to me – every man’s fear.  A couple of months ago, I was in the throes of passion when I suddenly had an “equipment failure”.   ** waits for you to stop gasping **   Yes, there I was, all prepared to mambo when Mr Wigglyflops decided to take the day off.  Needless to say, I was quite distraught over the incident.  In my defense, I had imbibed in more than a few alcoholic beverages that night.  That DOES tend to desensitize one’s naughty bits just a tad.  But I had never before succomb to a full on case of “drunk dick”.   Fortunately, I took matters into my own hands a couple of days later ( sober ) and managed to put my mind at ease.  Whew!  Everything worked.  Hopefully, it was just an isolated incident.  But it got me thinking and reflecting a bit on my recent erectile abilities.  When I was but a young, fancy lad, I would pop a woody without the slightest provocation.  It might just have been the sight of a pretty g
Just Venting
The fucktards sure are out and busy today! Really, they're just annoyances that the lovely ignore feature was designed for. So instead of me bitching out each of these losers, I'm just gonna vent here instead. 1. I'm sick of the "you're beautiful, I'd love to see more" comments. I don't really care what you would like to see. I have plenty of pics available for your viewing pleasure. If they aren't what you're looking for, move on and find someone who has what you are looking for. That comment isn't gonna make me tell you "OMG really??? Then please, look at these nudes of me right now!" 2. I don't "trade pics" asshole. I can easily see a naked man in REAL LIFE that looks SO much better than you do. I'm not even gonna entertain this offer. You're the only one benefiting from it and I think you should keep your dick pics to yourself. 3. Don't ask me to comment and rate a bunch of your pics. If I want to, I will. But don't demand it. I know you would like me to - everyone enjoys getti
so i spin around on the high limit slots today cuz im just rad like that...i decided not to shave today and i have nothing of importance to say so yeah...   p.s. am i reading that right that the spotlight winner spent over 1 billion fubucks?   who has that kind of cash?!?! she must have golden vagina pictures
Atm Procedures...
not ass to mouth! ATM with drawls you perverts! I thought this was funny because i can see it happening! MALE PROCEDURE 1. Drive up to the cash machine.2. Put down your car window.3. Insert card into machine and enter PIN.4. Enter amount of cash required and withdraw.5. Retrieve card, cash and receipt.6. Put window up. 7. Drive off. FEMALE PROCEDURE 1. Drive up to cash machine.2. Reverse and back up the required amount to align car window with the machine.3. Set parking brake, put the window down.4. Find handbag, remove all contents on to passenger seat to locate card.5. Tell person on cell phone you will call them back and hang up.6. Attempt to insert card into machine.7. Open car door to allow easier access to machine due to its excessive distance from the car.8. Insert card.9. Re-insert card the right way.
Bogus Staff/support Message!!!
Some asstard is sending the following PM  to users posing as a fubar admin or staff. Please NEVER give out your account password to anyone.1. Yellow highlighted names are fubar family. Only a select few of us work on the site and NONE of us would send an email like that.2, Orange highlighted names are volunteer bouncers. They are here to answer your support questions.3. Send anyone posing as a fubar staff member or support bouncer to me or a bouncer. Again, DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD INFO TO ANYONE! _______________________________________________  We have tracked you down with making fake accounts giving others fake referral and saving the crushes for your self and buying yourself tickers, you have violated the fubar agreement and your account it's at risk of being deleted, however before we proceed with our derision we want to give you a fair chance to explain your self for your action. First off, if we do proceed and remove your account you will be posted up in our walk of sham
Salty Tears
Please And Thanks. Got The Idea From Per.
Go to the website below and ask me a question.  Ask anythng you like and I will answer.  I have no idea who is asking the question before I answer it so you can feel free to be as disgusting as you like.   I look forward to answering anything you want to know.
Never Ever Again
Note to self: Never attempt to cook breakfast again. I set of the smoke alarm and then cut myself when I smashed a glass and tried to pick up the broken pieces.
I spend a lot of time on Fubar, probably more than I ever should, time that should be spent being a mom and fiance.  I've met a lot of great people and made some lasting friendships.  So, I have no regrets about anything.  I'm a sucker, I've sent people millions of fu bucks for auto 11's and blasts that never panned out, I was ripped off.  Still, I'm happy to be here.  I make salutes for salutes that I never get back. I see obviously fake profiles getting showered with bling, blast and happy hours..I laugh them off and know in my heart that I'm real and am happy with who I am and don't need to be fake to be appreciated.   Up until today, The best thing about Fubar, was my opportunity to meet up with a couple of old friends that I haven't seen in years.  I renewed old friendships and have a great time.  One of my friends is quite popular on here and is constantly seen floating across our screens.  I had lunch with the her this week and found out about what her life is really like.  Sh
Jibjab By Usmcmarc, Great For A Laugh!!!
I dunno where he comes up with this stuff... LOL Link for those only seeing a white box grrrr Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!
Late Night Suprise.
She walks into the room and sees him lying there; he doesn't know she was going to show up, He thought she was out of town. He was sleeping, it was about 2 am and she was quiet. She could see that he was naked under the sheets there and knew that she needed what he had. She drops her purse on the chair by the door and kicks off her shoes, she slowly and quietly strips as she heads to the bed on the other side of the room, as she gets to the bed she slides off her panties and pulls off the sheet covering his naked body. She runs a finger down his cheek, he doesn't move, then her palm down his chest and down to his limp cock. Slowly and starts to play with him, rubbing her hand over him, starting to stroke his cock. He starts to harden in her hand. She leans over and licks the tip of his cock and then around the head. He lets out a sigh but doesn't awaken. She positions herself at the side of the bed were she can easily play with him and suck on his cock while at the same time playing
How I Love Big Titty Thursdays (part 2)
isthisronald: i mean slow until it all goes in isthisronald: call me now...4696856292 Suga Booba...: do you want it slow? it would be hard for me to do..I want to tear your ass up isthisronald: will u go slow Suga Booba...: if you'd let's really thick it might hurt you isthisronald: would u if i was closer Suga Booba...: well you're too far boo isthisronald: oh ya baby....whose ass you thinking? Suga Booba...: I think I'm gonna stick my dick in someone's ass..I'm horny isthisronald: or do you even want to talk anymore? isthisronald: would u want to call me?     Where's Anon?! He's begging me to call lmao!
"red Neck Love"
When Henry was a youngster,he went to the drug store and asked the Pharmacist,"Sir,can you tell me where the ribbed condoms are?" The Pharmacist replied,"So,do you know what condoms are for?" "Sure do,They keep you from getting Venereal Diseases." The Pharmacist was impressed..."That's right,son. "Do you know what the ribs are for?" Henry paused and then answered,"Well,not really, but they sure do make the hair on my sheep's back stand up!!"
What This Is About.
I'm sitting here, about to go to bed. I have a lot of things going on in my head and I'm thinking about how it's almost Summer. That means warm weather. Warm weather means shorts and tshirts. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't think I'm obese, I just know that I'm overweight. I also know that, no matter how much I try, I will never be like I was before I had children. I just want to lose some weight. So, since tomorrow will be Monday, I will start the diet part of it then. I'll have to find some type of exercise to do at home. I'm sure just doing simple exercises will work, but after a while, it will get boring. I'll want something that I can do that either has music or changes every so often. My goal: Lose 30 pounds. Tone up my upper arms, stomach, and thighs.     At any rate, I'll be starting tomorrow and I will give updates when I can. Wish me luck!  
Fcuk You Fu Rank Fu Skank (poem/rant) I Worte
FUCK yOU FU SKANK FU RANK FCUK YOU step offFUCK YOU bounce off Step off my page jump da fuck backYour a selfish lil cunt and str8 up wack So you wanna be fu famous you wanna be adoredall it cost u was ur self respect now ur a mother fcukin fu whoreill hand u the throphy hand u a bling your all red nowyet everyone watching is green with envy your so cool Or a you just a nother mo fucking fool ur profiles just right but be careful falling from such a height ur ego trip ur about to slip You step on toes became a hoeu caused some pain cause ur to mother fucking vain vainty is a sin and ur giutly the drama here will never set u free  the sin is what u feind  the greed is what u need stardoom is what u claim taking pics in the mirror , whos the one to blame you cant see beauty cause ur so fucking blind rating pics  only cause ur points behindride off in the sunseton ur fupony i hope that fills ur void cause in reality ur just so lonely lower then dirt soon ur gonna be the one to hurt  
The Tease! Nsfw
Her texts had been teasing all day. Knowing I was stuck in meetings she knew all my weakness's. She started before I could even get through the drive thru for coffee. Thats when I got the first picture... her tongue licking the froth off her cappuccino.  Then just as I enter my office a picture of her ass in a tight skirt with stockings and heels as she bends over her desk in her home office. You could also tell that shes clenching the corners of the desk with her hands.   That was only the beginning. It continued all throughout the day... tossed salad covering her naked body.... dirty texts saying what she needed and wanted! So many details. She was a horny nymph today and knew that there was nothing I could do she was home all day and I was stuck in the office. Thank god phones have a silent mode. I might have been fired otherwise. Especially when I got the call! Yes..... Her with Bob about to cum in my ear on voicemail. I couldnt take it anymore. But I had no choice! She was
Tired Of Druggies
does ANYONE really know where the money they spend on drugs is goin? its goin to be used to kill or hurt Border patrol agents, DEA and or FBI in other countries that are there tryin to help ease the flow of drugs. They are going to terrorist to kill US troops too. In Afghanistan they farm pot and opium. guess who the number one demander of those drugs is? THE US. so if your truely patriotic or have family serving, think about this really hard. you may have bought the bullet, the rpg, the greneade, the ied that killed a US soldier in iraq or Afghanistan. SO IF YOU REALLY "SUPPORT" THE TROOPS FREAKIN STOP DOING DRUGS!!!!!!!!!
Still Lookin
still looking for work... sort of   still waiting for the unemployment money. the system is failing me   im doing alright for now... if it werent for favors ive granted in the past, id be screwed. you know how they say, as long as i owe you, youll never be broke? lol yep[   and im sitting here at mcd's on the wifi..i should have brought my plug for the laptop, but i forgot it...i only has half hour of battery left...gotta go soon. so i may be on a few mornings here and there while i send out my resume online during my job search... and i check in with my phone off my sons schools wifi so if you have me on facebook you can send me msgs there or on my email... so send me some love there and ill get it..    so wish me luck and ill be around soon. im probably gonna be on in the next few days... but i kinda miss you guys... much love...l8tr
Maybe forgivenbadboy and Emanon are the same person?
Monday, May 3rd 2010
6:42am - woke up 6:56am - finished getting dressed, checking email. 6:56am - rolling out yogi and franks fubar check-ins from the night. don't these guys ever sleep? 6:58am - looking at yogis videchat ratings bug fix 7:01am - reading and approving comments on my fubar page. sometimes i want to stab people in the face with a 3 pronged fork dipped in tobasco. 7:05am - reading fubar gift, bling, and inbox messages from the night. 7:10am - going to the office. 7:17am - picked up coffee at the donut shop. 7:25am - at the office. 7:25am - playing some ziggy marley and reviewing performance/usage graphs from the weekend. revenue looks kinda soft, that's what i get for slacking off over the weekend. 7:27am - checking spammer queue and reports on fubar. 7:30am - reading and approving comments and PM's on my fubar page. 7:35am - purged videochat ratings table since the data was bad due to a bug. reset memcache keys, commited and rolling out to fubar. 7:35am - starting on videochat
Today's Nipple Report
Before I start the story of my nipples today, I must first provide you with some background. Most of my wardrobe consists of black shirts, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Button Down Shirts, all in black.  It’s not that I am gothic or anything, it just goes back to some friends I had in my “formative” years.  My friend Tony from Chicago who taught me the importance of having good quality shirts, at least one of them black, and my friend & roommate Dean from Brooklyn who basically had everything in black.  Another one of my fashion peccadilloes is that I will not wear a button down shirt without an undershirt, ever!  I don’t know if this is because the Army uniform requires it and it is ingrained unto my soul.  I know the Army was years ago, but I can still recite my basic training company motto verbatim and that was eight weeks a score ago. So let’s jump into the now, and make this all relevant and bring it around to my nipples.  Typically, I would wear a white T
Is It
Is it being  female genitalia to block on fubar or just being careful?
Skippy The Asian Tranny
Someone called me an Asian tranny, obviously he is blind, but do you think I should leave my salute up and call myself this appelation for one day? That is, Skippy the Asian Tranny?
so I finally get my unemployment benefits, yay for this! And all I need to do is transfer funs from the electronic transfer with the bank that UI sends my money to. Does this not sound simple in out electronic age of internet and telephone systems? I figure this would be something so common that a majority of people recieving benefits would have been doing...right?   then why can I not get this to work? the online services is unavailable at this time...just great. the telephone number for the bank say i need to call a different #..its not the same # on the back of the card so i call...but its the same automated system with the same options that dont include, transfer funds or speak to a csr...   so, apparently i will just have to go to an atm, withdraw however much cash im allowed to in a 24 hour period on this card and go deposit the cash in my checking account.   so this got me thinking, am i spoiled or lazy that this is bothering me, that i have to get off my ass and go to th
The Video
So I'm finally making the video. I've stolen pictures from friends and all that. Now I'm getting the song.   I'm sure I've left out some people, but by the time my connection worked itself out, I was over it, lol. Mind you, I've taken DAYS to do this and every time I work on getting pictures, I get a shitty connection. Oh well.   While I'm putting it together, why not keep me company?   Oh and I'll have a Dell tech here for my laptop again in 2 or 3 days. They are fixing my touch pad and replacing a screw. =/
The Fixture
Wow...I just went and had my last buffet at the hotel social hour, and as it should be, it was taco night! hahaha. As Im departing sometime tomorrow, I hung around and had a chat with the matre d Alfredo who've Ive become pretty good chums with over the past 2 months. Whilst Im talkin to him, Angelina from catering comes up and bids ado, and then the staff comes out givin me hugs and handshakes, citing they'll miss my stories and my horseplay (Im always heckling everyone, even strangers). I had no idea I had become that familiar, now Im huggified and full of draft beer, and I think I might even be bit verklempt! lol *fans face* It was nice tho, and  have to admit, I am gonna miss this place a bit, good stuff, good times.  
Bustin Loose
And... Dance!
from: Cpeder69 United States subject:   received: 06/15/2010 01:41 pm replied: no   block this member Hey whats up gorge
Soo last night in a mumm..this guy was talkin trash to me and Zombish...yeah so of course we returned the favor in a literate manner that seemed to confuse him. I log on today to this message   ~~ countryboy1002 Walters, OK subject: mumm received: 06/15/2010 10:15 pm replied: no block this member you know what i dont give a shit about some mumm i like youre fiestiness its very attractive and ive never been turned on by an argument before , you dont stand down and that turns me on ,LOL, im not a country fuck like you think ive been to state college for 3 1/2 years and i got a bad ass job , if you want to talk to me then ill tell you what that is , i think youre cool ,weither you do or not , i do thats all i got to say .     ~Slightly>
Is This...
I just saw a video of a police officer punching a girl in the face. Supposedly the girl, and her friend, are being arrested for jaywalking. I'm a little undecided on if he did the right thing or not. I just have a few questions about it.   [video in comments]
Sometimes....When you're going through things, you weed out who you can talk to from who you can't. Who will take it seriously and who doesn't seem to want to be bothered with your "real life" problems. Ah hell. Where is Witchie and Mel?
Point Hoar Day
I want to exchange 10 million Fubucks for a Boomerang...        Dont make me have to get all NSFW and shit!     as you were...        
This Must Be The Third
They say bad things come in three.  If you've read any of my other blogs you would know that I already had two so this must be number three.   I was babysitting my nieces last night and while they were playing one of them ran right through the charger cord for my Blackberry and shot it across the room and in to the wood stove door.  It has died a painful death. Lucky for me I am not a gambling man and I bought the insurance so I will have a new phone in hand Monday afternoon.  The problem is I lost all my contacts.  If you were on the list please resend me your info.  If you would like to be on the list, send me your info too.  If you've been texting me I haven't been ignoring you.
Feet Crazy = Assclown
 So, lastnight Robert pimped me out. Usually i get a few freaks that try to chat me up. But this time i get a guy trolling through my pics and asking me for a foot salute. Not that i'd be opposed to doing it for a friend, but i don't know this kid. So, i ignored him. he comes back this evening, and tries to talk to me again. This is what happened: Feet Crazy: sooooo.....   cancel Chat To Feet Crazy: um no   cancel Chat Feet Crazy: typical   cancel Chat To Feet Crazy: y
Upset People
I am sorry I may have pissed off some people on my take of Christianity and Atheism.  I am sorry for the words, but not for the sentiment!
I Think...
Im going to start be a lil more social on here outside of the mumms, I mean this IS a social site, right? SO prepare to start getting tired of me, and to those that already are tired of me, prepare to start getting MORE tired of me.      
How Honest Is Too Honest?
I got this sheet of paper in my pigeon hole yesterday, turns out to be a leaving questionnaire, so they know wwhat I thought of my time there (not that they'll care). It says be as honest as you want.  But how honest is too honest? For example, the last question is roughly along the lines of "What could we do to improve the working experience".   As soon as I saw that my immediate though was "Sack those two sorry excuses for teachers and humans in science, namely so and and that one". Is that too honest considering they aint seeing me for dust?
Fffff Me Off Bigtime!!!!
I am literally fucking steaming here, fucking furious, fucking mad AS HELL!!!!!!!!   My IP address became corrupted last night and I was not able to get online. This was not a biggie, I watched a film and fell asleep and I got 11 hours kip.   What has really pissed me off yet again is fucking admin.   I come online to find 4 of my pics flagged NSFW, 1 I admit I had thought i'd actually flagged my self,  1 of the others, ok ... looking at it yeah!   But fucking Gearmans legs in a salute to me??? FUCK OFF!!!   AHHHHHHHH but what really has me steaming is the fact that the last pic, well maybe or maybe not considered NSFW depending on how much of a prude you fucking are. ...... NOT ONLY THAT (YEAH, I'M SHOUTING THIS ... LIVE WITH IT!), BUT IT ALSO HAD A BOUNCER COMMENT ON IT, SAYING IT WAS FUNNY AND I ACTUALLY REPLIED TO THE COMMENT SAYING ... 'I THOUGHT I MIGHT GET WRONG!! ... SO I HAD EVEN CONSIDERED IT WAS NSFW, CONSIDERED IT AND RULED IT OUT! ... BECAUSE IT FUCKING WASN'T!
  Have you ever just wanted to throw your hands up over the ignorance and stupidity of games that are played. I only come to fubar to help me maintain my sanity,because at times life is to stressful.I don't need your games,those are for kids.I have a 2 year that acts more mature than some of you. So listen up all those that act as such. I don't care if you get mad because I buy someone that you own,It is a game and gives that person more fubucks,if that person doesn't want to be bought then he needs to block it,otherwise close your mouth and stop acting inmature.Seriously do you really think you are at a real life bar meeting them.If you have grown to like them then fine,I am happy for you,but if you are not secure in what you have,tell him about it and stop whining.   I also don't care if you have more bling than I do,now that was a real winner.Are you for real.Come on. Now the same one I always fuss about.What does it matter where you are at on a family or friends list,now how
Are You Pregnant?
You Are Probably Not Pregnant It seems like you're in the clear, but you should really take a test to be sure. Are You Pregnant? Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
I Guess ...
..... i'm officially a FU_Whore!!!   My fingertips are numb from polishing and I think I may have carpal tunnel syndrome :(
Fail. Lots Of It.
So I'm a grouchy bastard. Shoot me. People and their stupid are irritating sometimes. So with that in mind I'd figure to share with you this lil happy video. Something to break this terrible tension I just sense..hope you all enjoy and have a good rest of the week!
so since im tired of pretty much screwing shit up in my life i have found a place in pittsburgh that has a 1 yr program..the short story is i cant leave the place for the first 30 days or work for the first 6 months BUT they will pay for my schooling no matter what i want to do and they find a place for you to live after you graduate the program so i am going to be doing that starting in a few days   i figure this is my last chance to make something of myself and actually be happy with myself and what i do so if i disappear for a while again thats why
its hot and its muggy plus its raining but hey im heading to the pirates/reds game in an hour or so   nothing like watching a crappy team get blown out by someone way better right?   so where the hell is everyone and why arent you naked?
About Me N Some Of My Life
here it is .. in a few weeks ill be 2 years since my x r/l wife left me for someone from this site ..that was 10 years of my life 8 of them spent married to her still hurts on how could someone do something like this im a little mody latly im sorry .. but when you have a kid n wake up looking for him n remember he doesnt live with you any more its hard to go back to bed .. so many night i cry .. not cause of not haven her but cause i dont have my son with me all the time any more .. its a very hard and pain ful thing ... wel i needed to vent some .. thank you all who read this .. im sure most ya wont give a rats a$$ but i thought i would share on how i feel .. most the time
One of the greatest videos ever!!!!
[in Case You Missed It (part 2)]
now that the arm restraints were off I could look at my arms-they kept telling me not to move. I was hooked to vitals monitoring devices, and transferred from the care of first responders to second (?) responders. Overtaxed nurses PAs and DocsAnd damn that neck brace was uncomfortablekinda choked methreatened paralysis if I moved it- so I behavedwe found out later that I had lacerations on my neck toothey were slow bleeders and were getting kinda crusty on the brace.Right before I was taken into X-ray I was greeted by my aunt and her new husband, and we talked about the weather...nowe talked about the accident.I got in and got out, had my little lead lap thing for my swimmers... not that I thought I'd be impregnatinganyoneeverespecially with this massive disfiguring scar on my head.But hey- why take that risk?Lectures about seatbelts.More lectures about seatbeltsand heyyou guessed itmore lectures about seatbelts.I talked to my aunt, my uncle knows some attorneys so he got in touch with
Not Apologizing
I am mot apologizing for blocking, or writing mumms or blogs about anyone.  If you have a problem, contact me, obviously you don't believe me, so (fu)!
New Fubar Sticker And Tattooo Packs! Available Now! Get Them Before They Are Gone!
We got cleaned out of the last stickers in three days. In order to keep this machine moving. I am asking for a small donation. If you want more stickers, just send me an email. We just want to keep making more stickers and keep the good vibes and messages flowing. fubar can make a difference! I would love to see this sticker on every trash can in america. I think the message is right on!  I hate fucking litter bugs. SEND THE DONATION TO PAYPAL TO   - don't forget to put your name address and user ID. Let's keep the cool underground swag rolling. All money goes toward making more stickers and keeping the prices low!
Bill Maher Exposes Mormon Religion
I'm aware of what our manuals say, but my friends and family members still accept Jesus as their savior, they just don't agree with LDS church anymore. They didn't leave because of sins. But I am sure some do leave due to sin
Exotic Dreams Staff Rules
So I was shoutboxing w/ one of my favorite people....we came upon a revelation that dumb people are actually the smart ones. They get to move around in an ignorance filled bliss....just flowing freely in their jelly donut lives....not caring if they are actually stupid or what anyone cares about them....i'm going over to the dumb side...who's coming with me?!
Last Night
I spent a good portion of it reporting profiles using children with sick sexual intent. For some reason the twisted were out in force. The most disturbing was a repeat of an earlier attempt where some perverted bastard puts the pic up of a child claiming it is either their sister or them self and then invites men in graphic wording to tell her what they would do to her ( Im not repeating the exact wording in fact I cant with out wanting to hurl) ....   that one hit my shouts     me when i ...: not if its a photo of yourself idiot   cancel Chat 12:08am more To me when i ...: wanna bet you ass   cancel Chat 12:09am more To me when i ...: its a child and your asking men to comment on what they would do to a child sexually thats pedophilia and soon as the links reported are viewed your ass is gone   cancel
Dirty Old Perv
sidney398 mins That is such awesome cleavage and when added to your beauty, it is a mind blower. Need some NSFW pics. LOL       He's freakin 70 years old :o   Talk about a dirty old man.  Gawd.
Fst Looking For State Reps!
FST is looking for US State Reps!   If you love Fu, are dedicated to promote this site and are interested in being a rep for ur state.. Let us know! Lets spread the Fu Gospel! If you havent joined already, please join the FST first: Click Here To Join FST   Please PM the following to Beckee420: 1. Fu Name 2. State You will be notified if chosen I do not have any details of what each rep will be doing as of yet Fubar is gonna take this country over!! As of right now.. we are doing USA only. Im sure other countries will soon follow  
My cousin just rang me at 2.52am saying she had wone 450 pounds at the casino!!! And I was like 'biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!'. Lulz. I NEVER ever win when I go so I just stopped playing.:@ Well I guess I'm happy she won cos now she can use that to pay for the holiday to Venice we're all going on in November! (yay). Although I am just slightly miffed, she is the only person I know who for a FACT has won more than she's lost at the casino. *Kicks rocks* I tend to lose...ALL the bloody time. I'm just real unlucky.   Well she's cooking me din dins tomorrow anyway so I guess it's ok.:)
Well, Maybe I Do Have A Heart.
I'm reading a book that should be required reading for everyone. Unfortunately, it really can only be read when you're able to accept it, so maybe everyone should be given it when they're born, and they will decide when it's time. I lost some people that meant the world to me, recently, and so I've been hit with the reality that it's time to pick this up.    In any case, I learned something tonight. I tend to leave relationships. I always do, actually. I just get so bored, and annoyed, and end up disregarding/rejecting them. I mean, is it my fault? Am I flawed? Are they? Are we just not a good match?    "The basic need to fuse with another person so as to transcend the prison of one's separateness is closely realted to another specifically human desire, that to know the "secret of man"."   I've always fancied myself a puzzle master. I want to know the depths of man. I want to really know you, your secrets, your being. I know that man is unfathomably deep, the further I dig, the
And The Winner Is....
Sooooo yeah, congrats to this slappy one for winning me in my auction! And she even paid show some love to truly one of my faves... L0v3rfAc3@ fubar And oh yeah, there's more just know it. Peace.
Word Definition
Hire:   –verb (used with object) 1. to engage the services of (a person or persons) for wages or other payment: to hire a clerk. 2. to engage the temporary use of at a set price; rent: to hire a limousine. –noun 3. the act of hiring. 4. the state or condition of being hired. 5. the price or
Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain.
Admiration and disappointment seem to go hand in hand. We all look up to others in our lives.. whether it’s to a role model, work superior, or family member.. because we feel honored to be beside a great mind, display of ethic, or big heart. What we need to be prepared for is that, no matter how much we admire them, there’s always a chance we’ll be disappointed. We can only perceive others to be mighty wizards for so long before we realize they’re just as human as the rest of us. It’s a risk we’ve all taken. It’s probably a risk in progress. It’s a risk most of us will continue to take. Be careful who you allow to be put up on a pedestal, and be just as cautious if someone puts you on one. In the end, we’re all standing behind curtains, and the ride back to Kansas is a lonely one.     [I actually posted this in my other blog this morning 'cause I can get to that one from my phone. Sometimes when things are on your mind, you hav
Rhyme Sesh (me, Tyler Durden, Killcraft, Each1) ''it's Not Love''
Tyler DurdenI'm trapped by her pearl - and her legs are wrapped around me, music caressing our ears and it sounds like a stream. But, that's okay, 'cause that's his girl, and she don't give a crap about me. But, I'll make her toes curl, and that's actually. She liked my smile, so she gave me a whirl and that's factually. Not exactly what she found me to be - I beat her mound like a beast. And, that's life when you're a mammal. My friends call me 'Danny'... but you can call me 'Daniel.' Hungry like presa canario - I treat her like a cocker-spaniel, rippin' shit up on the animal channel, after I poured us glasses of pinot grigio and lit the candles. We danced naked, fingertips caressin' love handles - no need for lingerie or sandals. I'm takin' her birthday suit like a vandal. Thank you for your tithe. I'm glad that God gave you life, but you could never be my wife. You can play the butter. And, and I'll be the hot butter knife. It's gonna be a long night. I'll make you speak in tongues
Lounge Spotlight
Spotlight Will Run From Sunday To Sunday at whatever time Staff Can Switch It Over. Bids Are to Be Sent To RedRum420 To Be Used As Lounge Promotion Funds ONLY! Bids END @ 11:59pm On Saturday Night! You Must Have A Link To The Photo You Want Used Placed With Your Bid. NON NSFW PER MY STANDARDS! NOT FUBARS! Tho Fubars Will Be Used As A Generic Back Bone. MY CALL IS FINAL Invalid Links Will Be Disregarded & Next Highest Bidder Will Win If I Cannot Get In Contact With You B4 It Is Changed. BIDS ARE FUBUCK CURRANCY ONLY!   I Reserve The Right To Refuse Any Bid With Reasonable Cause. Place Bids Here As A  Comment!
Facts About Me =)
Fact:  I'm a hateful bitch. I'm not denying this. I hate females... I hate everything about catty ass females who try to start shit by doing this "He said, She said" Bullshit.  Fact: When you run and tell someone something on Fubar, that you THINK you know, Make sure it doesnt get back to that person you're talking shit about... There are 5,739,310 fubar members. 75% of them are fake bots. 25% of them, mind their own god damned business. & The other 10% are gonna hear something from someone you told, and they're gonna know someone that that person has on their "top" and their gonna run and tell THAT person. & Then it's gonna get back to the person you we talking shit about. It's a small world after all. Now whether or not you want this person to find out, is on you. BUT make sure you're not acting all "buddy/buddy" with that person, because you're gonna look like a FUCKING RETARDED ASS BITCH. Fact: I don't play into this game. I know who you are, I know what you said. Am I gonna say
The Gay Before Xmas (pdp)
  The Gay Before Christmas PDP By Zodiac   'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through PDP Not a chatter was chatting, not no one just me; The cams were empty and the guestlist was bare, I'd hopes that some boobies soon would be there; The staff were all nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of buttsecks danced in their heads; And mamma in her 'good bra, and I in my cap, Had just settled down for a long phonebone fap, When out on my 'puter there arose such a clatter, I hung up the phone to see what was the matter. The lounge started to flicker I thought it would crash, I refreshed the window and upgraded my Flash. The moon it reflected on the new-refreshed screen Gave the lustre and glow I had not before seen, When, what to my pedo-stare eyes should appear, But a miniature sleigh, and crowd of gay queers, With a little gay driver, with a thick stench of ass,
You Have To Read This......
SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: isnt a black russian kahlua and vodka? mb the tard said: yup SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: then why would you use chocolate milk for a WHITE russian??? isnt white after you use CHOCOLATE milk......... mb the tard said: A white russian is just a black russian with cream. SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: lol...but not chocolate milk! Chifan fulover of Chaotic Princess said: a debate is more fun when both parties are wrong [image] SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: how am i wrong?? Chifan fulover of Chaotic Princess said: White Russian recipe2 oz vodka1 oz coffee liqueurlight creamfor a black or white russian you NEED coffee liqueur(kahlua)without kahlua its just vodka and cream or milk SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: so where does this recipe say ANYTHING about chocolate milk?? Chifan fulover of Chaotic Princess said: Nowhere
Why Dont They Understand?
So there are times when Im talking with my girlfriends about guys - and it is like... "Why the hell can't they just understand?" No matter how much we TRY to explain, guys just dont get something about females. Even though it seems like the simplest thing in the world sometimes. And Im sure it goes the other way too. So today's question is.....   If you could magically enlighten the opposite sex about something - what would it be? And why do you think it is so hard for them to understand?       As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog & Follow It
Happy new year!! I am fairly sure that anyone bothering to read this is someone who has touched my life in a good way Thank you for that Now.... did you have fun last night?
Yeah, I Did It.
The new year seemed as good a time as any to start fresh on my friends list. No, it wasn't personal.  I even deleted Durham. I know I've been emo the last couple years with all the crap I've gone through.  Part of the reason I did this was to take the onus off of those that don't really care to have me on their list, but were afraid to delete me cuz they didn't wanna hurt my feelings.  People are deleting me left and right, and while we hadn't talked recently, I'd THOUGHT we were still friends.  I have enough outside stress without having to worry about who wants me around and who doesn't.  So... it's done. Add me back if you want to, I'll happily accept anyone I know back onto my list.  I apologize if I've hurt anyone's feelings in doing this; again, it was NOT personal.
I'll Just Hold My Breath
Today I got an email from a person that felt very wronged by my actions towards them. The thing is...I didn't act in any way toward the situation between the two of us. I was passive and just let our friendship slip out of my hands. So my inaction was actually a huuuuge action. I don't know if that makes sense. I was told that I was caddy backstabbing bitch. I agree. It was not my intent nor in any way something that I even really realized I was doing. I will be the first to admit when I'm wrong. I want to thank this person for pointing out the fucked up shit that I was doing and I want to apologize. I am sorry. It actually isn't just this one person...there are actually 2 people. They know who they are. I am really really really sorry. Over the past 5 weeks I have been witness to some crazy bullshit on this site. I have watched best friends turn on eachother at the drop of a hat. Without remorse. Totally indifferent to how their actions were going to effect the people they clai
Which Of The Four Divine States Are You?
You Are Equanimity You seek and maintain balance in your life. You believe too much of anything is not a good thing. You try not to be too attached to particular outcomes, events, things, or people. A little indifference goes a long way for you. You don't let your passions consume you. You know how to connect to the world without being too wrapped up in it. You get it just right. Which of the Four Divine States Are You? Blogthings: If Quizzes Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Take Quizzes Note: hit back before posting your outcome, blogthings has a glitch and it screws with your answers.
[this Is Not A Mumm]
Welp. The football season is over.*crickets*For me anyway.And I'm... for some reason still in Independence.I'm thinking one more call to potential employer then depending on results, I'm out. There's several parts of the application process that I don't believe in.One of which is the fuckingPLEADING over the phone.I call, I call, I call, I calland then you fucking DANE me with a fucking call back, or a form letter, or what is secretly a mock interview with your junior trainee manager. And why would you put Zeitgeist videos in a Smashing Pumpkin mix? Better question is- if you've released on a solo project and have no original members except singer/songwriterwhy the fuck would you call it the Smashing Pumpkins and not just continue to release under the solo projectespecially if it in no way resembles the original band, and is shit like your solo shit? ... fucking Billy Corgan.Fucking Chiefs.Fucking life. Anyway, its arguably too cold to paint.Recommended temps are > 40, and we're l
Abstract Poetry From My Heart
pleasing You is what i posess giving all to You with no recess my heart is full of unbounding ties my body cries from deep inside to please You Sir is what i crave for all my life was such sharades cause no one wanted my parades paridise is what i seek or am i being so very meek Soulmate i have not found but then again You weren't around to find each other would be profound when all we would do is turn around bound by others we are now but true love will prevail i pray that my search will soon be over like finding a four leaf clover bowing down at Your feet just now wondering when why and how i have lived my life thus far knowing You and i have been apart makes my passion even stronger don't make me wait any longer i long for You to be pleased by me to open You up to be made complete .
Lance Hates Stuff! #10
Ya'know what I hate? The new Nickelodeon shows... I know I am too old to really care about what they show on Nickelodeon but I can't help but be irked when I'm flipping through the channels and there is no "Rugrats" or "Doug." I mean I learned life lessons from "Clarrisa explains it all." And scared myself shitless when I watched "Are you afraid of the dark?" It's so sad to see such a fuck up of a human being have her very own show (Jamie Lynn Spears in "Zoey 101") being broadcast to young america!They even have an anime show on there now, what happened to leaving the Dragon Ball Z type shows to the Cartoon Network??? And no wonder kids are so fat, there isn't any physical competition shows anymore like "Double-Dare" and "Guts". I have no faith in the generation behind us to lead when we're all invalids with the kind of televsion they are shown. Tisk tisk Nickelodeon, tisk tisk.  
Sooo Ummm Yeah..
Have you ever wanted to grb someone by the shoukders and just hsake the stupid out of them?
Visit With Postal
I haven't been around much the past 7 days...  Did ya's miss me? I know most of you know I am out visiting PoSTaL in Denver Co. and I am having the time of my life... for really  "COLORADO...  A way of life"  is an understatement to say the least!   You peeps that keep saying meeting people from here is bad ,very very bad... well yer all kinna wrong. About 2 1/2 years ago ,PoSTaL & I became very good friends, after we starting chatting in the MuMMs, we talked almost everyday about funny stuffs that happens here & also about Real life Situations.  She was always around when I needed to vent & bitch, about crazy shit that always seems to happen in my life.   She always told me "don't worry it'll all work out" & usually it did.  She always cheers me up when I  sad about not having a man or that my kids were driving me to the funny farm..   Always leaving me with positivity & a smile on my face...   A true friend in deed.. We talked alot about getting together & meeting & so,  what th
The "l" Word
Ok. So I have recently discovered the blogs. I must say, I'm a fan! I'm still new to all of this so please bear with me. Hopefully they will get better as I go along.    I have noticed that so many people like to use the "L" word on here a lot! That's right, i'm talking about L - O -V -E Who "loves" me enough to buy me a VIP? Who "loves" me enough to buy me the (insert random bling name here) bling? Who "loves" me enough to spend the next 2 hours rating all of my pics? Who "loves" me enough to gimme, gimme, gimme AAHHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!    Come on people! If we have to use an "L" word, let's use the right on.                         Who LUSTS me enough to spend their hard earned money on me?!?!?!?!?! I'm not at all saying that it isn't possible to form long lasting, genuine relationships on here. I can guarantee that all 6,786 of your "friends" DO NOT love you. If you have given or received things on here it is for a few reasons. 45% of the time it's because they want to see
My Love
tonight let me live in your love     tonight let me hear your heart beat tonight forget me in your arms and let my sun shine from your eyes whats the meaning of this life ... ??? dreams with endless hours well whats left of my life i give it to you and every second is calling for you my love ...........................  you are me , you are my spirit  you are the one who lives inside me  no , no please dont come distant from me  you know i only sing for you  how i miss you my love say a word , a whisper tell me about your world oh this aching heart what can i tell you more  well i never have a place in your heart and my tears will inform you  that you are my soul ... i love you p.s : to a dear friend of mine ..................................... lots of love     
My total lost is now 12.2 so yay me :D
Can This Really Happen
What would it take for me to get 200 likes in a 24 hr period???....I know its nearly impossible because i dont have tits, but i figured id try to attempt the impossible....   Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated......
Shooter's Sandwich
I was bouncing around on the net earlier, and found this delicious-looking sandwich made from mushrooms, shallots, and two rather large ribeye steaks stuffed inside a loaf of bread. Looks like enough to be shared, but I'm not sure if I'd want to!
Steamed Is An Understatement
Alright, this a vent blog, as I need to get something off my chest.   I have been in 'longer than a year' waiting period for my medical review board with the miltary.  I got an e-mail today with an update of where things are...keep in mind, during Fall, I was told they were just overloaded with cases, so it was just moving slow.  Here is part of the e-mail I got from the liason of my Guard medical clinic, as she is just the messanger in this.   "When I contacted the case manager she was under the impression that your case had already been to the board.  Please understand that she is a one person shop and has to review all cases for our region.  Your case had not been to the board yet and when she asked the board where it was in the process, they could not locate the record.  Apparently it was in a file waiting for determination and they passed it over.  Long story short, it has not met the board and now the information is out of date.  Patty sent me what information we need so we c
Show & Tell
                                                            Show & Tell        Billy & Samantha were nervous,      today was show & Tell,      Mrs. Murphy said it would begin,      at the beginning of the bell.        Mary was first,     " My Daddy is a Doctor,       he helps the sick get better."        Alex was next,      " My Mommy is a Postal Carrier,        she makes sure you get all of        your letters."        Susie came up next,     " My Daddy is a Musician,       he makes all kinds of songs,       some short, and some long."        Bobby was next,      My Daddy is a comedian,      he makes you laugh      'cause he likes to joke and gag.        Billy & Samantha went up together,     " Our Daddy's in Heaven now,         and can't be here today,       he was a soldier in the Army,       he loved his country & fought for this."       and together Billy & Samantha unfolded        The American Flag.     
Lmao - Gooooooo Marines!
Augusta, GAOrville Smith, a store manager for Best Buy in Augusta , Georgia , told police he observed a male customer, later identified as Tyrone Jackson of Augusta , on surveillance cameras putting a laptop computer under his jacket... When confronted the man became irate, knocked down an employee, drew a knife and ran for the door.Outside on the sidewalk were four Marines collecting toys for the "Toys for Tots" program. Smith said the Marines stopped the man, but he stabbed one of the Marines, Cpl. Phillip Duggan, in the back, the injury did not appear to be severe.After Police and an ambulance arrived at the scene Cpl. Duggan was transported for treatment. The subject was also transported to the local hospital with two broken arms, a broken ankle, a broken leg, several missing teeth, possible broken ribs, multiple contusions, assorted lacerations, a broken nose and a broken jaw...injuries he sustained when he slipped and fell off of the curb
Oh No He Didn't!
Dear Ninja, SO- I was talking to this boy here on fubar. We met. We dated. We lived 6 hours away from each other. This was a year ago. We dated a few months and i found out he was not only playing me but several others.So, I was naive and tried to have faith in him a second and third-ish time. I've since been talking to another girl which he has played before as well. He happens to have quite the harem as he's QUITE charming....My question is....... Should We Get A Baseball Bat to Beat The Karma into him OR should we just wait for it to come around on its own? ~The Other Other Other Girl   Dear Other Other Other Girl, Part of me will tell you to duct tape him to a tree, put honey on his genitals and down his leg, and lead an angry mound of fire ants to him. The fubar equivalent of that would be screen shots of his messages, gifts, bling to you, etc, that you can use to show the other girls what he is. Another part of me will smack you on the forehead and tell your dumb
How Do You Think?
You Think Concretely Your brain works best when you are able to see or visualize what you're thinking about. You have an both an eye for detail and for the big picture. You study things carefully. You are in tune with all of your senses, and you think better with a clean workspace. You are open to all sorts of input. You are a free thinker who lives in the now. How Do You Think? The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings
The Heart Tattoo Test
Your Love is Unpredictable Your love is hard for others to understand or anticipate. There's no telling who or what you'll love next. You find love and friendship in the most unlikely places. For you, it's all about chemistry and connection. You don't pay attention to friends, family, or society when deciding who to love. You always go with your intuition. It's rarely led you astray when it comes to matters of the heart. The Heart Tattoo Test Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!
The Rumors Are False
Contrary to popular belief, I am not dead... Been busy doing stuff I'm not gonna bore you with details, but let's say I am happy, not as healthy as I'd like, and busy as hell
Mayday Bling Contest!!!
Here it is, guys, the chance to win something badass and shiny! Rules:1. Only one entry per user2. Entries must be in the form of a comment on this blog to be considered3. Entries must be received by midnight Fu-time (PST...that's 3am EST) on Friday, May 13th to be considered4. Don't be gay, Sparky (y) Contest:All you have to do is post a comment with the word you think sounds hilariously dirty out of context, but isn't. Like "moist"...IDK about you, but that just plain sounds filthy and wrong. But that's an example; you get nothing if you use it cause I already did! SO NYAH, bitches!Three (3) 3rd Place winners will be given a 1 or 2 credit Bling of their choice; two (2) 2nd Place winners will be given a 3 or 4 credit Bling of their choice; and finally, one (1) Grand Prize winner will be given the Bling of their choice (under 15 credits) and a special salute! Payout happens sometime around 8am EST (5am Fu-time/PST), so get cracking bitches!
This Weekend
Today I went to dinner, a movie and bowling with my whole family Fish tacos for dinner...sooooo good Hangover 2...funny, but not quite as funny as the first one, though it did have some super funny scenes Bowling...2 games i had an 87 then a 123. I haven't touched my ball in 6 years, so I was pretty pleased.   Tomorrow I have to get up early to go to the fruit market, I am making the fruit salad for the family picnic. Then I am taking a kick boxing class ( pray for me to whatever diety you believe in) Then off to the family picnic (after I shower) I plan on riding with my sister, because the plan is to drink a lot! Somewhere in there I have to go clean the lady I clean for's house and help Lisa cook.... SOOOO I think I deserve a LOT of Mike's light :D  
How Rude,
scdaddyoftwo: and now you and every one of your faggy lil click are BLOCKED 9:34pmscdaddyoftwo: hagd 9:34pmNot Tellin...: What did *I* do? 9:35pmscdaddyoftwo: ya ya ya 9:35pmscdaddyoftwo: play stupid 9:35pmscdaddyoftwo: just like all your lil click do 9:35pmNot Tellin...: I called MYSELF a cunt 9:35pmNot Tellin...: I was NEVER rude to you personally 9:35pmscdaddyoftwo: have fun with your quest to allienate yourself from everyone but each other on fubar 9:36pmscdaddyoftwo: you never said anything "direct" 9:36pmscdaddyoftwo: but 9:36pmNot Tellin...: Oh hon, you have me mistaken with someone who can't make friends 9:36pmscdaddyoftwo: your responses to to comments indicates your intentions 9:36pmscdaddyoftwo: give Sparkly Balls my regrads 9:37pmscdaddyoftwo: and let him know, his fucking looser ass isn't going to drive me off of fubar 9:37pmNot Tellin...: I don't speak to sparkly balls 9:37pmscdaddyoftwo: i'll just keep blocking all you loosers 9:37pmscdaddyoftwo: oh reall
Mystery Lady
                                                                    Mystery Lady                 Sittin' there all alone             smokin a cigarette             such a sad sad sight,             trying to remember             while trying to forget             what brought her there             that night .               Dressed in black            and feeling blue             I was wondering             what I could do             so I walked over             and offered her a drink or two.               I asked her what brought her here,             in her eye's I saw a tear,             she said "I'd tell you but my story's a little long.               I said, " It's alright, I don't care,               if it takes all night tell me,              what brought you here."              That was 10:00 o'clock            now it's 2:00, and there was nothing            I could do, I was captivated by           
I Think I Figured Out Why No One Can Find The Real Higgs Boson
I'll be there, too.
Fubar Baddest Chicks Coc (please Read)
1. All Fubar Baddest Chicks  must have a verified salute & a minimum " 10 new pics " of yourself,  2. All  Fubar Baddest Chicks Must be female (no exceptions) 3. Must sign the COC ( code of conduct ) agreement below as a comment of "I AGREE " in order to be In the Fubar Baddest chicks Family.4. Shout Box & Fu Mail must be open to all Officers for communications. (Profile can't be set to friends only for this purpose unless all officers are made friends).5. Fubar Baddest Chicks Homepage & Mr. Thunder must be added to friends list as long as all the  FBC & FBD officers (who can be found in family).6.  You must add " Fubar Baddest Chicks or FBC Prospect " to your name and come to the first meeting on the Friday of the week you were accepted (For Example you were voted in on Monday July 11 so you would come to the meeting on July 15 @ 8PM FU time) We require this so you can be aware of whats going on in the group and inform you on anything you may need to know. If you cannot make it BE SUR
A Very Special Delivery
                                                                    A Very Special Delivery               I saw a bottle in the ocean,           with a message it carried inside,           there was a teardrop on it           from the author who must've cried.             The message was sent long ago           the receiver yet to be,  I knew           it had to be delivered, and so it           was up to me.             So I took the letter           home, which for me           was something new ,           but something about it           was special, it was something           I just had to do.            So began my journey          a journey of thousands of miles,          I never thought when I got there          all I'd see were smiles.           When I got to my destination,          I was asked what brought me there,          I said, " I've traveled thousands of miles          to bring you this message and I handled it          with care."      
Have You Forgotten
                                                                     HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN              Where were you            10 yrs. ago today?            when the world seemed             to be in such disarray?               Innocence would be lost,             Liberty would seem to fade             but in the face of disaster             heroes would be made.               We came together             that fateful day             while some of us wept             some of us prayed.               were you angry?             were you sad?             do you remember             the feelings you had?               We came together              in a time of great sorrow              to show the world              we will be even stronger tomorrow.                Hearts were shattered              Lives were lost              America came together              but at what cost?                10 yrs. later       &n
It Ain't Easy Being Me.
i think i have just come to the realization that i am at an awkward stage in my life. the trouble with finding and reinventing yourself in your 40s is that "the good years" are in the past and all you have left are a few years at your "peak".      i am having a "moment" today. i am not feeling so good about myself.  i am feeling lonely and sad and i am not sure why. i do contribute part of it to men. they have no clue what they do, but always unconciously make us feel useless, unwanted, not good enough, etc. etc.   i need a change. i need something.   (my stupid settings are not working right, hence no capitalization...grrr)
Venting, No Need To Comment
so it is safe to say that i do not hide the fact that i am transitioning from male to female. it is safe to say that oi make jokes at my own expense to show that i am not weird or a freak. i try to be friendly and respectful to everyone and there personal choices. yet every day i have the same 4/5 people and occasionally new people hell bent on making life hell for me.   why do people feel that my choice of genitals has so much to do with there lives? and they can broadcast there hate and anger and the yellow and orange names ignore it. or better yet tell me to ignore it.   i applaud fubar stance on racism but explain to me how gender identity / sexual oriantation are well within attack right on the fu.   cant block idiots in the mumms, all you can do is sit there and take it and hope someone says enough is enough. sad thing is i now some of those yellows are lgbt and they wont even help there own kind..   uncle tom much
My Rant (10-12-11)
  What the fuck?  Why can't people hold a conversation?  Now, I dont get much shoutbox action (and why should I?  I have a penis) but the action I do get seems to follow along the lines of the example that follows.  This is a real shoutbox from a random stranger last night/this morning. The name has not been changed to protect the innocent:     12:22am GatorGurl352: heyy 12:48am No One: hello 12:50am GatorGurl352: hi there No One: hi GatorGurl352: how are you No One: i am well how are you? GatorGurl352: No One: long day? GatorGurl352: yeah ive had 2 hrs of sleep if that No One: well not to be obvious but you should get some sleep GatorGurl352: yeah i will soon No One: good GatorGurl352: No One: do you have insomnia? or is there another reason you cant sleep GatorGurl352: no just streesed out No One: yes stress will keep you up
Today's Fake Of The Day 11/2/11
Today's fake of the day: This is the real girl, and she discusses her "fake" accounts here in this video: And here's the real girl's facebook... And the salute it has uploaded is photoshopped. Here's your proof. Truth be told she (the real) was messaged via facebook not too long ago by myself and many others and it's probably what led to this video being made by the real girl. Hope nobody sent it any credits, because if you did well, that sucks. Peace.
Something A Little Different
i figure i'd go and give a few good examples of things i do... to well balance things out as everyone usually knows all the bad shit i do for starters at work they are doing the united way drive again... for most of the last 5 years i've donated usually about 300 a year to united way... i donate money to 'feed the children' via pizza hut or whatever when i'm there and donate during can food drives also give unwanted shit to goodwill and being the consumer whore i am i've got a lot of stuff to give i hold the door open for people... even though the old ladies look at me funny when i do.... my friend korey joked that they know i plan to rape their dead corpse or something... i say please and thank you to my waitresses and bartenders(unless they are cunts)  i am a great uncle... i bought my neice a really cute rocking chair and made her homemade cookies(even though she hates me and cries everytime i come over) and i take my nephews out and do whatever they want(okay i was the one who w
3rd Annual Sciencey Fair Rules And Junk
Can you believe it's year 3? Well it's time for the Sciencey fair. Actually it's a little late this year but whatever. I've made some bad choices and life and it's a little hard to keep it together. Some days you can have your shit together and be on top of the world getting done and living the dream. Other days you forget to buy tampons on the third consecutive trip to the grocery store and you spend three hours looking through old purses and suitcases just so you don't have to put a bra on and leave the house.  But I digress.... The 3rd annual Sciencey fair is open to all fubar members. (haha you said members) You don't have to be my friend to participate and honestly I prefer it that way because I will probably have trouble looking you in the eye after this.  Sciencey entries must be hand drawn and can be on any sciencey topic of your choosing. Feel free to look through other entries for inspiration etc. Don't copy though because we both know you can do better than that. Sience
The Origin Of The Mistletoe Custom
The Legend Chapter 1How It Began During the occupation of Britain the Romans used many great military leaders as governors of the British provinces. After the Romans were called out of Britain to help defend Rome from its own invaders, Britain was left with very little in the way of a governing body. There were many small Kingdoms, all fighting amongst each other. With the Romans gone the Danes found Britain easy to defeat, one small kingdom at a time. A young prince was soon to prove himself in battle. His grandfather was a Roman General and his grandmother was a British Princess. He learned military strategy from his grandfather at a very young age and put this knowledge to good use, when at the age of seventeen he was pronounce King after his father was poisoned by neighbouring King who was after his land. This neighbouring King figured that it would be an easy matter to take the land now that the father was dead. He figured wrong. Three Days after he was pronounced King, the youn
Be Still My Beating Heart
Robert Kel...: hello there sexy wanna chat 9:50am  Klover...: nope 9:50am Robert Kel...: i,d love to sex chat with you 9:51am  Klover...: fucking seriously? 9:52am Robert Kel...: why not 9:53am  Klover...: many reasons...not the least of which your pic alone causes my vag to dry up like the Sahara 9:54am Robert Kel...: how many children you have 9:54am  Klover...: why 9:55am Robert Kel...: i,m just asking 9:55am  Klover...: none of your business 9:56am Robert Kel...: because i can make your pussy wet then fuck the hell out of you 9:57am
Excited Excited
I am so excited. I have been ask to be in a calendar for SAVE THE TA'S TA'S foundation. I am not sure what month I will be, it will be topless, but we will have something over our boobs. These will be for the 2013 calendars and we start shooting in late Jan. I will probably be the only latina in the whole fucking calendar. Anyway wanted to share my good news. They will be selling them for either 10 or 15 dollars for the calendars/it is being done local here but hey who knows maybe you guys will want one. No I am not putting this up as a selling gimmick either. lol Update: P.S-Okay someone ask me why am I so excited, maybe I should have put this in there. I am excited because the money that is raised will help people fight against this disease, even if it helps only one person I feel totally honored. I am not excited because I will be in it, well maybe just a little bit, but the thought of helping someone that can not afford the treatments that are needed or for anything else this
Diverted Air Travel...
I know...I know...I said i would post this before Xmas but i got busy doing nothing...   So let us take a trip all the way back to December 19, 2011... My plan was into Albuquerque (ABQ) for the day for busy and be home that night by 7:30pm... flight leaves at 8am central and am supposed to land at 8:50am mountain... We try to land in ABQ at the correct time but snow, fog and all other things keep us from landing... We climb back out of the shit...they initially decide to divert us to El Paso...I am thinking cool...I can easily get a different flight home from they have really good mexican food (even at the airport)... 5 minutes later they decide to divert us to Farmington, NM...I will wait while you go look up where the fuck that is...we good now??? well we head there to get fuel and try again to get into ABQ...well as you saw by the is fucking small...we land (hardest landing i have ever had)...and barely stop before the end of the runway...
Easier Than Writing It A Thousand Times... sympathy...I am not like that...but imma need a few moments to collect myself and gather my thoughts. Lost one of my closest rl friends...a great man..whom did everything he could for anyone....
Heart Issues
I just want 2 get this out there so everyone knows what is going on with me! I have had a few health problems 4 a while now but don't really talk about them! I think now it is time 2!  I have really high blood heart attack stage! They have changed my meds a bunch of times & nothing is really working! I go 1/24/2012 to have an ultrasound done of my heart & lungs! They r also putting a Holter Monitor on my heart for 24 hours! On 1/25/2012 I am going 2 have the monitor taken off & have a chest x-ray done! I went 2 the doctor on 1/16/2012 & they did an EKG cause my blood pressure was 215/120! My EKG came back abnormal! That is y they r running all these tests on me! They r trying 2 figure out what is wrong with my heart! I really hope it is nothing 2 bad & something that can be fixed easy! I will update as I know more & can!   Thanks, Chris =)   1-24-2012 I went 2 the hospital 2day & had my ultrasound done on my heart & had my Holter Monitor put on! I go back 2 the h
Awesome Fuckin News!
So I went to see the exercise physiologist today He was thrilled to say that I have lost 32.8 pounds since dec 12th, also knocked 4 points off my BMI... He kept high fiving me, givin me knucks..super thrilled that I am working so hard and loving it. He wants me to start biking, and stretching more He (who works for the bariatric clinic) actually said that he would suggest that I think about not getting the surgery since I am doing so well, at least postponing it   I had the best fuckin day
Oh Man Did I Piss Off My Buddahist Tree Hugging Righteous Neighbors Last Night
Yes it is true..I am the same retard moron in RL as in here......     Sooooooooooooo driving home last night I come upon my buddy, whom is jogging in my neighborhood. I see him but does not know I am driving behind him, I turn off then quickly on my truck to get it to backfire LOUDLY.   He was jogging in a hoodie, and I just so happened to have a bag of skittles in my truck.    After the loud bang of the backfire via exhaust, he spins around and I throw my skittles at him. He then yells out "FUCK YOU Zimmerman"...I yell back "FUCK YOU Trevon"....yes I know a bit too soon and pathetic of me and my humor.    Well low and behold the damn neighbors are out and jaws dropped in shear horror of my vocals and his.   Keep in neighbors have a "dont forget Trevon sign in their WV yard"...ya know..West Virginia known for a huge African American population...Ok fine...I am the only ethnic one...but regardless.....   Now I know making a jest is not right...but damn ol my....they
I have an idea to break some of the monotony around here.  At least among friends. I made a pic folder titled "Pic of the Day".  In this folder I will upload some sort of unusual pic. will draw some comments to stimulate some conversation.  I just figured this beats the humdrum of rating, liking and waiting on a "good" mumm.  Something for you to check during another exciting day of your life. For those that might like too can do the same thing!!   *pushes you off the cliff* you think it could work?  Yes?  No?  I don't really care if you rate it....I'm done with the "game" anyway....I just thought it could be fun.  
[two Girls, One Dinner]
So... after 3 hours of stacking boxes, I came home, cleaned house a bit, and started prep for my five course dinner.Plans changed a bit, but it wasn't anything I couldn't/hadn't dealt with in living in an area with scarce produce.I spent about 2.5 hours cutting vegetables, baking/prebaking, stacking up, precooking noodles and cleaning.No big deal right?At one point my neck/beck went out but ...let's take you on this little trip.1. For my appetizer course (and this made my Brother crack up, because I said "and that was one course" very casually when explaining it)Antipasto ala Ick: Thin sliced italian bread with alternating pestos arranged around 3 stuffed tomatoes with mozeralla balls between bruschetta....That's pretty self explanatory right?I made my pistachio-arugala-spinach-oliveoil-basil-salt/pepper pesto (extra chunky version).Punched up classic.And my artichoke-walnut-oliveoil-greens(mainly basil and parsley) pesto.Smooth/mellow.around plum tomatoes stuffed withbreadcrumbs, oliv
My Gift
I will Honor and Love with all that I am I will Find many reasons everyday to make him smile and be happy that I am in his life I want him to appreciate the need and desire to Have a woman and not just any woman... But THIS woman... Everyday I will Look Up to him and Be Thankful He is there To Be my strength when I need it His Protection..Always His hold within mine and Become One I will share my dreams with him and he with me and in Life's Compromises make the best of them both come true He will have my faithfulness My honesty and my trust and He will give to me the same Knowing these given freely and totally will be what Bonds Us Completely  and assures the solid
I normally don't brag, but last week was so awesome I just have to spill my guts....even if nobody reads it! I have coached a school baseball team for the past 8 years.  Every year we either fall one or two games short or finish around 500. This year things were really looking up. Great group of kids and some big ones to fill positions I thought I was going to be weak in.  Heck, I went beyond my normal superstitions and even predicted being champions at a pep rally in the gym! (of course I knocked on the wood podium...I'm not THAT stupid!) Well....after hours and hours of hard work and long practices.....EVERYTHING fell right in place and worked perfectly last Thursday evening. It was amazing how even the little things worked out well.  The team we played was undefeated and our one loss was to a team from their division which they crushed. So they showed up to the game with swagger thinking we were going to be a pushover.  I had already scouted them and had pitching sequences for eve
Well I'll Be...
Was reading the news of Andy Griffith passing, and kinda reflecting for a moment at another figure from childhood passing on, reminding of how much time has as well. He was often spotted about the outer banks (coastal carolina islands), and I would see him here n there as a kid. He was pretty much a resident  and actually got his start right down there in the continual running play The Lost Colony, depicting the disappearance of the settlement in Manteo if anyone remembers that from history class. Sidebar..My uncle was VP of one of the iconic boutique shopping meccas there called the Galleon Esplanade, which was booming plaza centered around an actual spanish galleon, so whenever I was with my stepgram down there it was routine to stop in and see him. Alston was very.. I guess what folks call metrosexual now, he was the spitting image of Tony Orlando lmao. He had a killer pad with all the latest of technology, Bang & Olfson audio, nice toys etc, and was involved with beauty pageants
July 7,2012
Lix & I had a big day at Magic Springs Amusement Park & Crystal Falls Water Park in Hot Springs, AR planned, ending with their concert series featuring Gretchen Wilson. We even planned to stop at IHOP in the Benton area for breakfast on the way home. We were concerned with a chance of rain in the forecast.. yeah, right... Arrived early.. before 11 a.m. and got a pretty good parking place not the LAST row where we had to park the last time we were there. The line to enter the park wasn't too long either! We got a locker to stow our stuff in and decided not to change into of our swimming suits yet.. to go ride the rides while we had the required attire. We found a ride we had not ridden on our other trips, Twist & Shout! a roller-coaster. There was a line with not a long wait, and we enjoyed the thrill ride. Coming off the ride, we walked toward the park's "street" side by side, chatting about what we liked and comparing the ride to others. When I stepped off the platform, I didn't
What I Learned Being On Fubar
Here are a few things I've learned being on fubar;   there is a lot of ugly dick in the world. related, a lot of ugly vaginas and titties   we have one of the following social malformations(but not limited to)……inferiority complex social retardation, borderline personality disorder, "I'm a big deal on fubar, but fail at life" disorder, voyeurs, "i just show my face cuz i have a whole bunch of mess happening full body" disorder, narcissism    people LITERALLY have secret lives.     Women will do some funky shit for money to buy little pictures.   Everyone can be a "DJ"   If someone warns you about someone, 9 times out of 10 there's correct info to back it up.   sometimes you meet great people. Sometimes you think you've met someone great and you actually meet and you're like……….. "no bitch. morph back into who you were pretending to be, cuz you aint working for me reality sized."   Apprarently men in their late 60s still like the
How To Fix Cams To Work On All Browsers
Alot of people have been having issues with the opentok cams in their lounges, and after bumping my head on the wall a couple 100 times trying to figure it out... I finally asked for help. DON'T GO TO OPENTOK Forums... it will make your head hurt. So I hit up Annonymus... and he's Annonymus because he hates stupid people and dumb questions when we have the best tool of all GOOGLE. Ok so on with it....    First You Want to Go to this link: Or Copy and Paste Link:   Then you want to scroll down the list and find: and hit Always Allow.  and.... and hit Always Allow.  Easier said then done... (Would be much easier to have those in Alphabetical Order... but its Adobe!)   Then depending on what browser you are on... I'm hoping it is either Chrome or Komodo Drago
To My Friends
Please Look In Here & Rate Pic Thank You!!
                ATTENTION ALL FAMILY, FRIENDS, FANS, AND ALL WHO ENTER       I have a friend who is currently in an auction, at end of auction the person with the most rates will win a boomy from the host!   I KNOW that we can help her win this all we have to  do is rate the pic once DAILY until Oct. 31st.  So what do ya say? 1 CLICK A DAY TO  HELP A FRIEND                                                                        CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW AND RATE, A COMMENT IS NOT NECESSARY BUT TAKE A LOOK! YOU MIGHT JUST DECIDE TO PLACE A BID ON HER!                                                               JUST 1 MORE THING... while you are here would you please rate this blog? TOP LEFT UNDER MY PIC and you may want to click on *follow blog*  right straight on top      then you will always know what the latest is with me.  

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