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Hello friends im at the toll road and figured it was time to throw out the coins. So many people have asked me why im not on much anymore and there are a couple reasons. #1 im working like crazy and im usually just done when i get home and then the main reason #2 I have a very old laptop that was givin to me and many things on this site lag's me like crazy and im just to impatient to deal with it after work. Since i do have an awesome job and my last couple checks went to my girls on school clothes and supplys and the fact all my bills are caught up, i decided it was time to treat myself and so did my mommy :D. She has a dell account and told me to build the laptop i wanted and she'd pay for half of it and allow me to make the payments on the rest or just pay it off, whatever i decided. I think its the new meds the doc put her on because she ordered herself one too and she has no clue about computers LOL.

Anyway im hoping it arrive's tomorrow so ill have the weekend after work to play on it. Some of you know im in the process of writing a book and its been incredibly hard on the old laptop so im excited to get everything moved and started on the new one. It also has the built in webcam so i can play in my free-time without getting pissed off about the lag and just saying ferk it.

So is anyone else now wanting a rice crispy treat due to the title? I know i am....

Thanks 4 Reading

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