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I Feel Like I've Already Had This Conversation Somewhere
I thought I was rather nice, considering I knew with the little "cowboy" was up to.  Still blocked me in the end. I guess I made him fear for his everlasting soul. Yes, I'm that awesome.   In case you haven't checked out the source of this stupidity:
Questions 9-5-9
I know that someone has to be curious. Or bored. I know I'm bored. So let's entertain eachother. Ask me ANYTHING!! Any question, from the silly to the embarrassing, from the stupid to the profoundly intelligent. Ask a question and I'll give you an honest and factual answer...or bullshit it so well you'll never know the difference. Go ahead
End Of Summer 2009 "thoughts & Observations" Blog..
…so it’s Labor Day weekend, the end of Summer 2009. In what has become a yearly tradition now around here, posting the end of Summer rant is always special in these parts…. ..Summertime usually brings about a lot of changes, be it personal, or even on here for the most part, change (and not the Obama-socialistic-broadcast-propaganda-to-your-kids kind) is usually an enlightening thing…it tends to make us better people and what we can learn from it, well, we can use in the future…and yes, my red backgrounds give me that retro feel…it’s the little things right?…. ..on here? Well, let’s see, another transition for sure. We’ve had yet another Top Member Red Fuicide, people hitting over a billion points and all of this new bling, cash, levels, etc …people are just doin their thing and sliding into cliques I guess. Personally I believe there are p
In case you haven't read my Labor Day 2009 blog here is the just of the situation. My uncle was involved in a motorcycle accident Monday while doing a poker run. He received serious head trauma, a collapsed left lung, broken ribs, scraps, bruises, a broken nose, two black eyes, a ventilator to help him breathe and a severe brain bleed.  As of last night, the doctors have informed us there is nothing else they can physically do to help him. The swelling and bleeding in his brain is getting worse. Even if by some miracle the swelling were to go down, he would have permenant and severe brain damage that would require 24/7 nursing care. The ventilator is keeping him breathing, without it he wouldn't be able to do it himself. His left pupil is dilated and fixed which indicates the severity of the brain damage. The doctors are planning to re-examine him this morning and discuss options with his daughter and son who are 24 and 21. They have decided they will take him off the vent if no prog
Jim James
So there was a picture of Jim James off of My Morning Jacket in a magazine I was flicking through yesterday, and the likeness was so striking that my girlfriend shrieked, and when I showed it to a friend, she thought it just WAS me.  Now this photo isn't the one, cos I can't find the one I'm after online, but can you guess which one of these dudes it was?
NOMS! Breakfast: .5 banana, Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich Lunch: 1.5 cups whole wheat pasta, Chicken breast, 1 tbsp italian dressing Dinner: .75 cup blueberries, 2 eggo blueberry waffles, 1/4 cup sugar free syrup, 1 egg, 1 oz shredded mexican cheese (2%) Snacks: 2 gum, 10 oz apple juice, 1.5 oz hard pretzels, 1 banana oatmeal cookie, 1 oatmeal cookie at work (shame on me!), 1 cup cucumber, 10 baby carrots TOTALS: Calories: 1852 Carbs: 288 Fat: 47 Protein: 80 ____________________________________________________________________ holy cow i hit my calories *dances* I only got in two cups of water though.. opps... Dinner was AMAZING... basically i cooked the pasta... and on top of that i had some chicken maranated in italian dressing..  but i tossed the dressing in the pan with the chicken when i cooked it.. added water.. cooked it down some.. and then used that as sauce on the pasta... was insanely good. its SOOO going back on the menu :D So.. i was a naughty girl.. I de
Open Letter
To : The chick whose blast is doing the rounds at the moment that starts off "I get by with a little help from my friends, I get high with a little help from my friends" and then proceeds to explain that this a QUOTE from the band, THE BEATLES Subject : Your blast that starts off "I get by with a little help from my friends, I get high with a little help from my friends" and then proceeds to explain that this a QUOTE from the band, THE BEATLES Message : NO SHIT.  
Vizzini: I can't compete with you physically, and you're no match for my brains. Man in Black: You're that smart? Vizzini: Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Man in Black: Yes. Vizzini: Morons.   This is one of my favorite movie quotes of all time.  It is from The Princess Bride.  So much of what I read on here, in comments, more so in certain blogs, and especially in the mums reminds me of the hubris evident in this quote. For my taste, too many people are their own biggest fan on here and not at all shy about letting everyone know how great they are.  It is tiresome.    Yes I know that this exaggerated haughtiness is likely the result of deep rooted insecurities but I don’t really care. Just some thoughts I wanted to put into words.  I am not sure if I am any better off, happier, etc. for having done so. Hopefully remembering the quote makes some of you smile as it does to me.
A Blog Fit For A Whore
that's right, i am blogging for a whore Fruitcakes for Pietaster...teh whoreWinner gets 2 bottles of jack and 2 quarts of eggnog from the losers. (yes -He & his only two friends on earth) all love the fruitcake.Rules: 1)Fruitcakes can only be gifted. 2)international fruitcakes count for triple points. Should I:A) Rub this fruitcake on my ass before sending it to himorB) Ask the mummer crowd to send him a fruitcake (I have his mailing addy & will give it on request). A) Dingleberry AsscakeorB) Can you help?btw - my addy is po box 192, collins center, NY
Dear Always Naked Guy At The Gym
Dear Always Naked Guy at the Gym - We need to talk. You see, you've become something of a discomfort to the rest of us in the locker room. I understand that a locker room is a place to get dressed, undressed, shower, shave, etc ... and that nakedness will indeed happen. That's not the problem.The problem is that you are naked WAY too much.You insist on disrobing the within a millisecond of entering the locker room. Then you proceed to leisurely walk around with Mr Wigglyflops flouncing about like a fleshy garden hose.Nobody wants to see that. Trust me. So let me respectfully submit some guidelines that will make the locker room experience more pleasant for us all - First, bring a towel ... a towel long enough to wrap around your waist. Use it. Its OK to be naked in the shower or when changing your clothes. Just wrap up for extended periods in between.Second, "extended periods in between" includes when you are shaving in front of the sink. Did you ever wonder why NOBODY ever uses the s
Giving Shit Up For Lent
· No Biscuits· No Confectionary· No Chocolate· No Cakes· No Desserts· No Ice Cream· No Peanut Butter· No Crackers· No Purchasing of CDs· No Purchasing of DVDs· No Cigarettes· No Social Networking sitesThis was the list of stuff I gave up last year. I'm debating whether to add "going to the shop at work for food" to it.
Please Respond Asap
Hotties Family, I write this onn 2/22/10 3 years after I started this great group. We have had some great time and not so great but after the day ended it was good. But today after reaching 1,2 and 9 as the hottest I have to make a choice on if we keep it going as it is or change it......We my answer is change and this is how it will work. All Hotties no matter who you are need to reply on the blog as to wether your intentions are to be a caring family that rates each other other and care  when in need. If agree follow up on what is espected then follow it up with action Will supply your email to the home page so imporant info can be sent to  you See Not much is asked from each Hottie butyour love is required if your going to caring the 2nd Alarm Hotties in your name. There are many that will not even see this and those will be ask to leave and Never Return.   The ones that do will be a part of rebuilding the Hotties to the era of greatness. To all that care, as chief all
Tonights Fail Award Goes To...
Tonight's creepy stalker had this to say about himself:         That feeling you are overtaken by sometimes;.... your senses are tweeking erotically... you don't even know why? The curious Yeeaaaa-uummmmh... thing! Everything is like that for me... Just remember the last Awwwh-Damn!!!;..... he's in it.... That is; when you exhaled hot heavy air;... and he did'nt ruin it!! That's me... with your help!... I'm called Friend, Good Listner, and ... well; I'm just saying what I've heard now;.. Sexy! I don't know about sexy? Get to know me, I'm playful, and generous, flirtatious, and I do care too much.... Alot! Some take advantage of that quality in a Southern Man. I like playful banter, and mentally simulating EVERYTHING! Enough, shoot at me if you want, k'? I do Deliver!!! Hehe   Anyone care to tell me just what in the holy crap this guy is yammering about?
To Answer A Few Questions For All
Ok just here to answer a few question for some of the not so considerate people...i have not been on much for 2 reasons...(1) my heart is in A-Fib and they are trying to control it and i went in Thursday for a Cardioversion and it was NOT succesful and still working on that....(2) A ladder fell on me that my cousin was on and fell 15ft and i broke his fall but crashed my knee into the concrete and gouged n cut n bruised my back up really BAD.....i DONT want no sympathy but i have had a FEW so called FRIENDS wanting to know why im not returning the rates and love....Soooo i guess be mad if ya want or be patient and hopefully soon i will return back to as NORMAL as i Can Be.......   THANKS CAPPY
Upside Down!
Well last night my internet crashed.   Anyway, when I was trying to fix it this morning my task bar ended up down the side, so I had to tilt my head to see what I was doing. I managed to change it again, but it is now at the top ... I have no idea how, but it is better on the neck!   Still kinda driving me crazy though. Reminds me of that upside down skirt I blogged about, which I now wear as a boob tube.   Any ideas folks???
Determined Little Ham
Quick update:   I was in labor last night, enough contractions  to warrant my ass going to the hospital. The contractions slowed down when Little ham decided to perform. Her heart rate shot threw the roof and then spike real low. So much they thought she had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. I kept telling them she has adhd just like her dad and that she was just being active... Finally after the normal doctor listened to me and let me lay on my side did she finally go to sleep..   We got to leave the hospital at 6;30 this morning, Im exhausted from my daughter playing gymnast in my belly all night. she sure did get a crowd. Needless to say im here to update people that knew i was in labor last night and had to come to fu to find my baby's daddy "witchie"   Im going back to bed, just wanted you all to know HAM WILL BE A LEO love ya Wicked
The Three Brains Of Pete Pt. I
While everyone says your brain runs your actions and your thoughts, I don't believe this to be the case.  I think that I have three succinctly different "control centers" that are responsible for running the day to day "Pete." The first control center would naturally be my brain.  It handles all the important things, go to work, earn money so you can have food and a place to live.  My brain is Mr. Responsibility.  Sure when I was younger, my brain had such gems like “Take apart the TV, you can put it back together before your parents get home” without the benefit of “You may want to unplug it first” or “Wanna see what happens when you hold a lit firecracker in your hand?”  But now, I’m older and more worldly, my brain doesn’t lead me down those paths anymore (much.)  When I say that I am usually right, that is all on the brain, it can remember tons of crap that you wonder how did it even know that, and it adds new stuff at an alarming ra
Lets Get Some Facts St8 ...... Were All Human Right? Lil About Me ...
ok well look .... 1. i had a x i left cause it just wasnt working i been thru hell with him very abusive relationship and he cheated i dont ant anything with anyone and i make that clear to everyone i get close to ...  i do things on my own now   2. i do not block peole after i get blinged i always follow thru with salutes sometimes i make them that day sometimes later but i always do .... i have folders with like 60 or more salutes Proving that... (however, ne friend i talked to says he wanted infa and salute i was drunk i honestly dont rember i thought he just wanted salutes , i did not block him however im giving him all y onits tommrow to makeup for ponits lost ,noted i have blinged him and gave him my all my onits tons of times,so obviosly i wouldnt screw him nor anyone over ) ill ask him to commet for himself ....3. only time i block someone who blinged me is cause we got in huge fight over something else but ull notice i deltle all there bling frist i dont belive in keeing
The 12 Pack Of Trust
I have a confession to make;  I have a drinking problem. Now I am not saying I am an alcoholic or any of that mundane type drinking problem.  No my drinking problem goes back many many years to childhood.  I'm a coke addict.  I say coke, because where I grew up that's what all sodas were called, a typical exchange may have gone: Hey want a coke? Yeah! Get me a Mountain Dew! So I tend to consume basically a six pack a day of soda, it's coke zero, so don't worry that I am getting almost half a pound of calories, because I cut those out.  There is a vending machine at work that sells Coke Zero for seventy-five cents a can, but it cannot handle my appetites and has been sold out for at least a week, plus carrying around that much change can be difficult, so here is what I did.  I bought myself a twelve pack of coke zero and put it in the company fridge. This is an opportunity for co-workers to steal it, since its in the break room and I can't keep an eye on it.  I have no
Involuntary Logouts
from here on out when i log you out you are entitled to show me your titties..   ..i dont care what they look like, no complaining
Ha Well I'm Soooooooooooooooooorry...
That I've not had to suffer in life. Not going through hardships must make me a REALLY bad person. I understand that not everyone has a comfortable life and I'm in awe of what some people have gone through and come out the other end stronger and better than before. But just because I haven't doesn't make me a bad person, not everyone who lives has to have gone through one trauma or another to live a significant life.
Lipps N Boobies
subject: hi received: 09/28/2010 01:43 pm replied: no   block this member u are one very cute,sexy n atttractive lady...n u have some beautiful lipps n boobies mmm name is dj im 42 in beautiful clearwater beach,florida....u have yahoo or hotmail messenger hmm...or we could talk by phone too hee....P.S. Im from louisville n born n raised in kyPeace....DJ     Yeah, I'll get right on that.
Broom Rider
look up whats that in the sky is is a bird? is it a plane? no its a witch....   WHICH WITCH ARE YOU   BE THERE OR BE SQUARE   WITCHIE THEME DAY!!!
The Push!
OK, here is today's question.. yes, it has been awhile. But I think I am going to start doing this again. So, try to stop by often and check out the questions. And be sure to check out the other questions.   Ladies.... When you are with your man, how do you feel when he has his arm around you - you guys are watching TV for example. Not sexual at all and he just starts pushing you down to suck his dick? No foreplay, no words, no touching you... just straight to the push. You alllll know what I am talking about!   Fella... Why do you do this push? There are so many other ways to get stuff started.     If you cant be honest here, then dont even comment.     Please be sure to rate this blog - thank you!
Busy Busy Christmas Time :)
Merry Christmas Fu Folks!     So my Christmas plans are settled now.   Tomorrow I pick up lil Blake.  My mother, sister, and I are taking him to see Yogi Bear 3D then back here to open presents and spend a few hours with lil Khloe Grace!!!  My ex husband will pick Blake up Friday morning and then my mother, sister, and I are off to the other side of the state to visit my nephew and my sister's lil 7 month old grandson.  I am supposed to cook a small dinner for myself, my mother, sister, brother in law, brother, and sister in law on Saturday, BUT we have an 80% chance of a snow storm starting Friday night.  lol   We shall wait to see what happens.  :)     So what are your plans?
Sign Up For Club Paradise 3 Year Anniversary Events/contests
Ready for the party of the year??  Club Paradise will be throwing an all weekend party Friday, June 10th - Sunday, June 12th to celebrate its 3 year anniversary.  This party will be kicked off with the one and only DJ Sparky on air Friday from 8pm-12am.   There will be random giveaways all weekend long even to those that are parked. There will be a major giveaway on Sunday, June 12th at 9:15pm EST in which there will be prizes such as a happy hour, polisher, other bling, fubucks, pimpouts, points, and more.  The entry fee will be 100k to get a chance to win some of those prizes. This should be fupaled to me ASAP before the contest.  75 prizes will be given away during that drawing!  MUST BE A MEMBER OF CLUB PARADISE TO ENTER & MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! We will be hosting the following contests which will have bling as the prize for winning them: Dance Contest (Friday @ 8:30pm EST) - 1st place = boomy! All others will receive bling. Crossdressing Contest (Saturday @ 4pm EST) - 1st p
2nd Try
Just....things.... First game of the season is today. For the first time in 8 years of coaching this team I am nervous. Mostly because I really think THIS could be the year.  I got some BIG kids this year.  Good ones too!  First time ever that I have options for almost all positions and two pitchers that seem to be lights out.  Crossing my fingers! There is someone on here that reminds me soooo much of my ex-best-friend/running-coach/running-partner.  I have found myself hitting up her page every day.  At what point should I seek counseling?  Am I becoming a stalker?  Should I stop?  Do I Fuicide? Last month I deleted almost all my pics. Came THIS  >< close to fuicide (for reasons I will not list).  I reposted some yesterday and resubmitted my old Salute just for the hell of it. guessed it....they rejected it.  Go figure. It was my salute for probably 4 years, but now it wasnt good enough.  Seems I was missing the name Crisis.  As if my ugly face wasn't 
A Update On My Blog From Yesterday..n I Am Really Pissed Off :(
Gm Fu..This site is really gettin to be horrible with all the bullshit that folks r doing to me n others ..Just y I ask..I have helped so many of my friends n family n folks I dont even no.. I do ask for few credits or bling cause its only right n if u cant I totally understand..I found out from alot of folks yesterday in my shout box (n Please dont be afraid of the bullies ..leave ur message on my blog)..That I am chasing ponies for 65-1000 credits.. pretty sad I would say..If I gave u my link to my flippin page or go ask BJ he would tell u I pay for my shit..Get this just because I am friends with someone that isnt liked by that person I get blocked by her /him friends also ..This isnt funny at all..n I have my faults also with a few on here that I have liked n can say I am no ANGEL...I want to run from FUBAR but my good friends n family r here..Y cant folks respect each other n not listen to bullshit folks spread on this site ..Its a shame folks sit behind a computer..I wonder if I
Free Prize Giveaway!
Ok I had so much fun last friday giving away kegs for comments that I am going to keep it going. So here are the deals. Offer #1: You go to and leave me any comment on my page and I will buy you a "VIC Cherrytap beer keg" It's that simple! Offer #2: You go to and use a picture or graphic to bling out your profile then tell me about it and I will buy you a "VIC Cherrytap beer keg" and a "VIC Cherrytap Trophy"! Offer #3: You go to and use this Graphic Get more @ located at: in your profile then tell me about it and I will buy you a "VIC" gift! Bonus Offer: While you are at visit one of my sponsors (don't have to use their service just visit the link) and tell me about it ( I trust in honesty) I will also buy you a bonus VIC gift! SUPER EXTRA BONUS OFFER JUST ADDED: Just Mee has wrote the following: If you use one of my tagz on his or her
You Make My Heart Hurt
You make my heart hurt A talent I am sure you enjoy How could you not You’re so good at it Like it was your purpose in life A calling some might say How did you get so good at it? Were you born with it or did you seek it out? Do you keep a trophy of your past victims? Sift through them here and there for a laugh? Marvel at your abilities Chuckle at the stupidity of others? Your mind games are eminent How you pride yourself at looking innocent Fooling all that cross your path Make them believe you are pure and true Almost Getty because they are falling for it You think to yourself “Stupid girl, she has no idea I am going to make her prove her devotion to me Promise me that she will obey all I ask If she disagrees… well then I shall play the martyr And make her feel like utter shit for thinking for herself Silly girl, you must follow all my rules If they are questioned, that shows your lack of devotion to me But if you stutter at any time in your answer or you d
Fuking Bs
Ok so I spend easter weekend with my fam and come back to total chaos. I hear that our graphics designer HOPE freaked out on one of the girls for using the banner she made. Well 1st of all it was her idea for all the girls to put it on their pages, so why she freaked out and called some of the girls c*nts is beyond me. Then she went and made a fuking bully and a folder called dream girlz asshat, like wtf how mature is that. She removed me from her friends list and I wasn't even around, blah whatever I didn't want or need the drama in the group anyways. Girlz remove her fuking banner from your page I'm gonna get a new one made. Honestly she can stick her graphics up her god damn asssssssssssssssssssss as far as I'm concerned.
I Know Where The Rainforests Are Going
Here's the deal, the temp job I do is basically working for a company that organises ballots for the whole country. For the past 4 days all the temp staff have been stuffing envelopes, between 1000 and 1600 ballots each. Add on to that the envelopes, cover letters and returning envelope and that is a shit load of paper. It's quite crazy. And there's more to come, lol P.S. Have I spelt envelope right? lol
Lets Talkabout Sex...
Yesterdays blog and one of it's comments has got me thinking even more on the subject of sex! Maybe I am just a nympho going through withdrawls but none-the-less it weighing on my mind. So lets talk about sex! How much does it really matter in a relationship? Hell just how much does it don't need a relationship to need sex! We must all have different opinions on this but I would think they all boil down to the same answer. WE NEED IT The people who try to claim that it doesn't matter at all are the ones who can't get it. Thats the only way you can honestly not care about whether or not you get it is if you know you won't. Pity... Sex in general is a good thing...(safe sex of course std's are no good! been clean my whole life and I intend to stay that way!) gets rid of stress and all those pent up frustrations. It's brings you closer to your partner. For some reason don't we feel more secure and able to open up to our partner after we have done the
Post Midgets Here :)
Please feel free to post your Midgets in my blog i want to see as many as possible.. Please rate as well thanks.. :)
The Midget Menagerie -leave Ur Midget Here
It's My Own Fault
So I scheduled all my supidest people today. Now today has been a living hell. It's my own fault because I do the schedule but I would like everyone to feel sorry for me anyway. so everyone say something super naughty and entertain me. Thanks
Nsfw Pics!
I must have your attention, so if your looking here you must want access to my NSFW pics, well you need to either buy me a VIP, fubling pack, or blast to get into my family. How long your family status lasts will be discussed with me before you make your purchase! If you would like to have a lifetime of seeing my pics, as I will be adding more as I take them, buy me a Happy Hour... Please message me before you buy anything though, as I may have you give the gift to one of my many closest friends. Lemme tell ya... IM WORTH IT! xoxox Inked
I guess I was supposed to meet up with my friend from on here, but he never called. Flakiness is my peeve, and he better have an excuse for not calling. Oh, well, its the netz. Yesterday I have talked to my best friend in California. I hate the fact that she is all the way there, and not in Chicago. There are a few people that I totally click with, and she was one of them. Both of my best friends have moved away, so I am kinda stuck. I like meeting new people, but more often than not I end up in disappointment. I am just a picky asshole I sppose.
Check out available fupet adopties!! A few may need some serious training, they may hump everything that moves, puke on your carpet, tear up your slippers and they may even try to run away, but with a lil training and some serious TLC you could end up with a the most loyal and loving bestfupetfriend ever! ~J~ Kittah Kealiboi Kittah Twany-Punkinbutt Kittah AlienDogStar Puppy Licks Kittah Cubby Puppy Doug Puppy (aka in a van aka enigma) Fishinrod Puppy Ms.D Kittah Polskicherry Kittah Prinny Kittah
Attention All Shadow Levelers
Well today something happened.I have been told y many that we arent allowed too have more then one account.The Shadow Leveler Home Page has been deleted by Fubar. Im not sure the real reasoning. At this point in time we will use the Helpers page as the homepage. This is where we will go too post and find level ups. shadowlevelershelper~OWNED BY SCARLETT...@ fubar I need all of your help!!!! This is a mandatory thing.I need all levelers too send a private message too the home page so that we can do a up too date blog with the members. It doesnt have too be anything more then title member. Please if you see another leveler on your pge ask them if they checked this blog out.
What Are You Thankful For...
Well since I'm bored as shit, I may as well fire up a blog. I wanna know what everbody is thankful for . What makes you happy, what makes you horny,lol.Comment if you want to. then again fuck it, I dont really give a please people, keep it SFW..LOL
Eat Me
So, i'm kinda drunk right now how you doin'?
For those of you that know my hobby this video is PERFECT (i like to do the same thing as the geeks in the video..)
Thank You!
If it wasn't for Mel's point-whorin' teachings, I wouldn't be where I am today. *giggles* Thank you guys so much! Mel Per Sherry Tamz Bounty ADS MooMoo IB GG Kit TK Ms. Heather Allah ...and those that I forgot, cuz I haz self-diagnosed ADHD :P ♥
I was just talking to a friend in my shout box about friends and family on here. I was telling him that I can tell you the first name of everyone in my family and more than likely tell you what state they live in, if they live in the US. I try to make it a point to actually know my friends and family. I'm not sure if that's creepy or not, lol. Is it? Also I clicked to see the "hottest" pictures on here and I remember when I had a top rated salute. Actually I had a few of them. That was back before the ever so popular blue name, Happy Hours and Tickers. Wonder how hard it would be to get a top rated salute again...hrmmm. Maybe I should make it a mission since I know I won't ever get the spotlight, lol. I'm done rambling about crap that no one really cares about.
Too Sensitive?
Really, am I?
Up On My Soapbox
someone threw this up in the suicide mumm Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be. But before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. Bob Marley the quickest way to piss me off is to judge someone with a mental illness when you dont have a fucking clue what people go through, i was going to comment in the mumm but i would have been telling friends publicly to fuck off so i thought better of it. and im sure this is not the end of my rant and i would like to add "It's not given to people to judge what's right or wrong. People have eternally been mistaken and will be mistaken, and in nothing more than in what they consider right and wrong." — Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace) its really easy, if your going to judge them, then fucking judge me, and take me off your friends list, k thanks bye
Dead Girls Dont Wear Plaid
when someone fucks with your head, and had intentions on doing so from the first exchange of words and they succeed. when you gather all the information you need to know that everything was a lie, and you have the truth... what do you do with it. im still not satisfied with the knowledge that cuppycake didnt die of meningitis and is alive and well. i have an address and names... i know her real last name and know she is still playing games with another person, and i have passed the information to him thru a mutual friend. there was no closure and maybe thats the problem, what would you do in my shoes? for those of you that know what happened. or even those that dont, what would you do with the info that a person made you believe they were in love with you and never intended on ever meeting or having any type of real relationship with you, and make you believe they died in extreme circumstances? everything from their name and where they lived to how they made a living and their hist
Let Me Tell You Why You Are Wrong
Blah blah blah literary reference, blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah witty comment blah. Blah female anatomy reference blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... Blah blah blah blah tall tale, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Underhanded compliment, blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. And as you can clearly see, that is why you are wrong.
New Lounge Staff Settings
Okay so we just put out a new lounge change that allows you much better access over what each one of your mods is able to do: This page can be found by navigating to your "edit lounge" page and then clicking "manage lounge staff": Please respond here with comments, feedback, bugs, and other issues regarding lounge mods. Note:  If you previously had lounge co-owners, you'll want to go into this settings page and set their 'staff' and/or  'settings' permissions to YES as for what you desire your co-owners to be able to do. thanks, -eric
Dear Coffee Cup Lid Designer Guy ...
As I look at the New Hampshire shaped coffee stain on my workshirt (one of only three I packed for my trip this week), I marvel at your engineering prowess. How can something produce so little liquid when I'm sucking harder than a pneumatic bank tube thingy, yet produce a tsunami of coffee if I just slightly jostle the cup the right way? Well played.
Do Me A Favor
I just finished the Twilight series, and before that I read the Harry Potter series. I need something new to read. Recommend please. And no it doesn't have to be some crazy fantasy or from the children's section. Before that I read Paint it Black, by the lady who wrote White Oleander (her name escapes me). So tell me, what are some of your favorite novels?
I'm in a foul mood today. I'm sick of my life and practically everything that comes with it. I need a serious getaway. I feel like I'm drowning and am not sure how much longer I can stay above the water. 
Dust Off Your Creativity Please
Music is my salvation, my comfort on a terrible day. It's my passion and my peace. A continuous double bass kick has the ability to free my spirit in a way not much else possibly can. Music is as necessary to life as water, food, air, and sex. So, it's time for a tattoo. Tattoos are like therapy, too, of course. Either way, I want to express my love in a way that exceeds the standard musical notes tattoo. That just isn't my style. Give me some ideas. Maybe someone will send me in the right direction.   It'll be on my right calf, btw. Unless whatever idea I get is best suited for somewhere like my ass...
The Problem
as you know i am no stranger to online romance and it has not exactly worked out well for me. but for some reason i am compelled to keep trying, but there is the biggest fear which is that the person the other end of the screen is having a good laugh at the sad person the other end.
A Book Through To Eyes
A friend of mine and I were talking about writin a book togther on the war in the middle east from two diffrent aspects, One through a Marines eyes and the other through the eyes of a Muslim, being that is what he is. I want your oppinion on this and if this would be something of intrest.
The Penis Chronicles Pt 4
  ->wide4: have a niceday ->wide4: ok then wide4: nooooooooooooo ->wide4: so come on ->wide4: bigones ->wide4: i look like a woman and I have tits ->wide4: well wide4: bye i'm not gy i love woman ->wide4: Well i can purr like a cat if ya want me to...but I would really like to hear you squeal like a pig wide4: i l
Have some of you missed me? I just don't feel the same here anymore at all. I am not leaving,will be dropping in and out.Plan on helping a friend get the spotlight next week. I go to court about getting new doctors etc on 9/29.I fell again today,so lots of pain and frustration.Kittens make me happy though!!! Momma cat and kittens are wonderful.I am still kunty kit.   I love pet society and mafia wars!!!!!   ok that is all......
Political Survey
My Political ViewsI am a center-left moderate social authoritarianLeft: 1.78, Authoritarian: 1.03Political Spectrum Quiz   My Foreign Policy ViewsScore: -1.6Political Spectrum Quiz   My Culture War StanceScore: -2.99Political Spectrum Quiz     as you were.... i was bored
Found Treasure!!
I was randomly flipping through a book I had gotten used and haven't gotten to yet, when I found TWO things inside: $5 and a postcard: "DRIVE-IN GIRL: She was Included in the Price of a Ticket"! (Ok tell me this wasn't meant for me, the lead character in the books name is even Stephanie!) I've found a lot of interesting things in books I've procured secondhand- photos, love notes, cards, a womens prison receipt in a copy of "Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers"... but never money! See people, books just give and give and give... UPDATE: This is the book I found them in. Anti-climatic, eh?
Kant’s Fundamental Principles Of The Metaphysic Of Morals.
The Good Will: Nothing can possibly be conceived in the world, … which can be called good, without qualification, except a good will. Intelligence, wit, judgment, and the other talents of the mind… or courage, resolution, perseverance, as qualities of temperament, are undoubtedly good and desirable in many respects; but these gifts of nature may also become extremely bad and mischievous if the will which is to make use of them, and which, therefore, constitutes what is called character, is not good. It is the same with the gifts of fortune. Power, riches, honor, even health, and the general well-being and contentment with one's condition which is called happiness, inspire pride, and often presumption, if there is not a good will to correct the influence of these on the mind, and with this also to rectify the whole principle of acting and adapt it to its end…  Other virtues and qualities of character are not intrinsically good, since they can be put to bad uses:  T
My Collared Dream
 I looked up a dream site( lol what a crock this is) to define what some of the symbol i saw in my dream...first ill explain some of the dream... i remember that an ex girlfriend was in it, seeming to be my dom... she was a insecure person who freaked out about me going somewhere socially with out her...but she must have kidnapped me , drugging me somehow, because in the dream i wake up and see her...noticing i had a silver metal collar locked with a pad lock around me had a chain connected to it... I was none to happy and thats the most intense part of the anger and frustration Captive To dream that you are held captive, suggests that you are feeling trapped in some aspect or circumstances of your waking life. You may feel trapped in your career, relationship or life in general. Alternatively, captivity dream indicates something you are refusing to acknowledge or something that you are in denial about.    Collar To see collars in your dream, signifies c
  I puked in my mouth a little.   Now I'd like to receive some kind of damages to my optic nerves due to this.   I'd also like to be hit in the head with a bat so I won't ever have to think of this again.   /End Rant
i iz collecting ghost fuowneds so next time one of you whiny cunts can't take it anymore let me know i'll buy you and even say a few words at your fu-logy  
Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!
So this article came up in Cammy's blog... mostly because I brought it up. But once again I would like your dating advice. i really only skimmed this. I think what caught my eye was their defintion of a nerd. 1. How to identify a nerdMaura: Let's get serious now — very serious ... What's your definition of a nerd?Matt: As the Boss of Nerd Nite, I've always maintained a very broad — and thus, very inclusive — definition of nerd. The word applies to anyone who is both passionate and knowledgeable about one particular thing. The title isn't exclusively reserved for scientists and Trekkies. For instance, take the world's sexiest rock-star drummer, like a Tommy Lee. If he's able to spend 45 minutes explaining the different ways to tune a snare drum, then he's a nerd, too, on top of being a rock star2. Nerds are just like the rest of us (or we're all like them)Matt: Truth be told, I think we're all nerds — nearly every single one of us. In some way. Somehow. We all
Thoughts From Out Of My Noggin
So I had some little stories on here that I had written - I say little stories, I mean they were LITTLE, just some garbage I tossed off without really thinking, but then some people said they were dumb, and I'm a sensitive flower, so because I got told they were unoriginal AS WELL as stupid, I deleted them.  Because being stupid is fine, recycling other people's stupid seems somewhat soul-destroying.  And I kind of oscillate between thinking I'm hi-larious, and absolutely hating every single thing that I ever say or do because it's rubbish and shit and I hate it.  Right now, I'm in a in-between thing.  I don't really know. But the thing is, I'm about three weeks away from my annual pre-Easter Fubar downtime - six glorious weeks of not hanging out here and trying to make people not hate me (because I can admit it, this site is like crack to me, even when I hate it, I can't put it down- feel free to chuckle at that all you like) - so I'm debating whether to take that energy I put into m
An Open Letter To Conservatives
I wish I wrote this but give credit where credit is due...   Written by Russell KingMarch 22, 2010, 3:16PMDear Conservative Americans,The years have not been kind to you. I grew up in a profoundly Republican home, so I can remember when you wore a very different face than the one we see now.  You've lost me and you've lost most of America.  Because I believe having responsible choices is important to democracy, I'd like to give you some advice and an invitation.First, the invitation:  Come back to us.Now the advice.  You're going to have to come up with a platform that isn't built on a foundation of cowardice: fear of people with colors, religions, cultures and sex lives that differ from your own; fear of reform in banking, health care, energy; fantasy fears of America being transformed into an Islamic nation, into social/commun/fasc-ism, into a disarmed populace put in internment camps; and more.  But you have work to do even before you take on that task.Your party -- the GOP -- and
Tagging Sfw Images
It REALLY, REALLY grinds my gears when people get something up their rears and go on a flagging spree. What you guys fail to realize, is that you're NOT getting "revenge". You're NOT "sticking it" to the member just because they ticked you off for one reason or another. What you're doing is making the job of a Bouncer DIFFICULT! Not only can you get into trouble for going on a flagging spree but it also shows serious immaturity on your part. We have to take time away from helping other people to go in and CLEAR EVERY SINGLE ONE of those images that you've tagged. The members who's photos you tagged, never even KNOWS that you've tagged them. So seriously people. Grow up and stop making things more difficult then they have to be for us Bouncers. That is all. Carry on.
A Thought............
No matter what you say, no matter what you do,it doesnt change me and it doesnt change you. Take it how you will
G-spot vibe....check dirty thoughts about him.....check orgasm??.... OH HELL YES!!!!!!!! Thank you
I'm Leaving, On A Jet Plane.. Well,not Really, It Would Crash With Me On Board..
Think I'm going to take a long break from this site. Maybe force myself to get back to my art. I don't know yet..    There's going to be hell raging here for God knows how long and I'm preparing for the worse.   For those who actually care, I will tell you what's up...   First off, I'm looking for a new place to live... Trying, anyway.    My son's bike was stolen.. on his birthday.. It's a reminder of what a piece of shit town this is...just a small one, for there's much more to this hellhole than that..   Also, I am quite tired of coming here, pretending to be normal, when it's clear, that I am not.. not by your people's' standards, anyway..Some of you know what I'm speaking of, the others, well, I just guess you weren't worthy enough to know..:-P(y) .. kidding.. but still..   Secondly.. CPS will probably be making my life hell for the next 3-6 months..So, means, until I move, I have to concentrate on the home.. Lots to do around here, seeing as this place is a shithole a
Friends List
I noticed that a lot of people on here keep certain people on their lists just for entertainment value. I mean they don't really "like" the person per say, but they are a drama queen and it's like watching a train wreck. Then there's the people with literally thousands of people on their list. How do you deal with all that fodder in the bar tab? I'd want to e-stab someone. Then there's the list snobs (such as myself) who keep their lists small and deny anyone they deem unfriendable.   It's funny how fu works sometimes and how wrapped up we get in such little things. How it draws you in to these things. Then there's reality. You click Logout and the lists don't even matter anymore. Maybe more people should do this.   The end.
More Fakes And A Funny Famplifier Thought...
Here are a few more fakes on Fubar As of Today. I'm letting everyone know because too many people are getting ripped off. Sometimes people fall for tricks from these fakes. Fall in love, wish to see them, and what not. If you don't care that you don't really know who you are talking to, then please ignore this. I on the other hand would like to know who I am talking to. Please just take this as a warning, Fubar will NOT remove these profiles unless they are Copyrighted, and the owner can send a DCMA. So good luck with that! I will update this post with more each time. All will stay on here until proven wrong. All of the blue linkage-type writing you see below each picture is a LINK to the PROOF! Go ahead and click, there might be some nice surprises in some :) Thanks for looking! And don't forget to add me to keep up with the updates! This all was given to me by: Stryker@ fubar And Now Our Fun Fakes! iNViSiBLE ( Damn Divina!)@ fubar Finally found her thanks to
Excuse me, for not buying into the donation thing. Maybe I've worked too many places where legally vague sayings and outlandish statements just doesn't cut it. To me, if fubar was donating to something, they would have no issues name dropping the NFP they were giving to. There's plenty of breast cancer research foundations in which to donate too. Susan G. Komen, BCRF, just to name a few. I also think, though breast cancer awareness is important, this has become an easy cause for people to go to, to make themselves feel better. Ovarian cancer is just as deadly, and has around a 70% return rate and is often misdiagnosed as kidney stones/infection. Though, you rarely see anyone waving a teal ribbon to support awareness and research for this. Bottom line: BabyJ/Scrapper, pick an NFP group and let us know where the donations are going to, unless of course, you're just hoarding the money and not actually donating.
Atheisocialism ▬●ΑΘΕΟΣ--☭--☆
WARNING: Lots of reading ahead... Blogging Buffoon Activated I am bored so figured I would do a blog... but then realized I had nothing to blog about... so why not the Tea Partys Newest starlet Christine O'Donnell Christine O’Donnell’s group wants abstinence taught in school, her organization or rather a member from the organization also wants sex education removed from schools… Since sex education has been shown to be in direct correlation between decrease in STD’s, pregnancies and high school drop our because of the aforementioned should I take O’Donnell’s people seriously? Then again since this is the same Christine O’Donnell that says condoms have been shown to have no affect on the lowering  or stopping the spread of Aids/HIV… should she even be taken seriously at all? Like my friend from my Atheistic Assessment blog from a few days ago, O’Donnell is another person that does not believe in evolution because, like
Just Once....
Can I just once say, without any repercussions or fall out.....FML?   We all have times we need to.  I'm having a moment.  Sue me.   I know everyone has problems, but damn walk in my shoes for 1 month.  Seems lots like to discuss their problems yet I generally put on a smile and try to stay focused and positive.   Having said this....carry on :)    
I finally made it to Hell goat - level 34 Demon. All I really got was a new level name and a new set of challenges to meet to level! :P But it was fun getting there! I wanted to acknowledge all the help I got in the last 2 weeks. You all has teh awesome! In no particular order - Reeka Kloverlynn Name Crisis Ms Desa Redrum Seabreeze Tchitowngirl Heretic RioIsLovely Sproet CantSleepClownsWillEatMe Dud Witchie Wicked Amazing Grace Pandora Jenni JeniWren Witty Screen Name
Faker Update 10/26/2010.
...Time for the fake report... And don't forget to add the person who researched this to keep up with the updates! Stryker@ fubar And Now Our Fellow Fakes! Johanna1996@ fubar The real person. Anahi Giovanna Puente Portilla. Google her name if you must. This is her on Wikipedia SexyBRUNETTE27@ fubar The real person. Taylor Ashley Parck. Google her name if you must. This is her own website Kelli@ fubar The real person. Kelli Durfey Leper. Google her name if you must. This is her myspace account BlueSapphireStar@ fubar The real person. Eliana Val. Google her name if you must. This is her myspace account FunkyDopeLove@ fubar Looks like this pic is on a few sites. Weird thing is, the pic was actually taken back on 12-27-2007 sweetstunning@ fubar The real person. Some porn star name Only Carla
Make Up My Mind Syndrome??
About the Author I'm Bobby Rio, one of the founders of TSB. I tend to write about what is on my mind so you'll find a mix of self development, social dynamics and dating articles/experiences. I've recently compiled a book with over 177 free PUA Openers...It took me awhile to put this collection together. Also, I just released another free report on small talk calledSmall Talk Tactics.   See All Posts by Bobby Rio  Women have something called “make up my mind syndrome” and once you realize that life becomes a lot easier. This goes for all phases of a courtship. Girls want to be led. This gives them an out of things go wrong. It resolves them of blame. This way in their mind they can say that it wasn’t their decision. For example; Instead of asking a girl if you can have her number, tell her to give it you. Hand her your phone and tell her to type it in. She’ll do it. When you ask a girl out, never say “What do you feel like doing?” or &ld
Extreme Confidence Or Complete Insecurity?
OK. so I might get some hating over this... so be it. Won't be the first time.   You have all seen the these people... men and women. They are of all shapes and sizes... from the obese to the twiggy. They post picture... to be nice, they arent very flattering. You all know the pix I'm talking about. From nudes to fully clothed. Extreme, fucking corn to looking like they are about to take the first place prize in a Halloween contest. We link these pix to our friends out of disbelief.They aren't posted for laughs, you can tell by the captions. They are serious!   So my questions are...   Do these people have extreme self confidence or are the lacking so much self worth and brain matter that they will post anything for attention? And do they have the right to be upset or offended when someone leaves an HONEST opinion about their pic/pix that they have posted for the world to see?         As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMM
An Update...
It's weird being away from this site for too long... There's alot I missed, alot I'm glad I missed, and alot I just plum forgot... That being said, I don't think I ever want to stop being a member here. I continue to meet cool new people under the radar, and even those that the general public would consider my "enemies"... For those that love the gossip, I didn't leave for any one reason... I mean, I did a few consecutive years on here through some drama and still stuck around. And I'm not one to blame what happens in my real life, but I have had to take care of some things lately. But after taking a hiatus from here, I kinda like the fact of just being a part-time mummer/point-hoar. For those that truly miss me, I'm active on FB alot thanks to my mobile app. Plus, if you didn't know, there's a "secret" MuMMers group on FB...ask any mummer how to join (y) Thanks for reading, and God bless...
Contest For Godmode And Other Prizes
The last one I saw of these a couple of years ago was a lot of fun so I thought I would have a crack at it. For the next four weeks I will be running a Scavenger Hunt Salute contest. You must have me listed as a friend to enter. Just send a request if you aren't already listed.  How it works: Each week for the next 4 weeks I will post clues to the 3 items of the week with the clues getting progressively harder each week(and more point value). One on Fridays and a second one on Mondays. When you figure out the item make a salute with that item in the shot and "SilverOak" handwritten somewhere in the shot. Be creative and have fun with it. Email the salute to with your screen name and the item name and number in the subject. (eg If the 1st item in week 1 was a pickle you would put "Your SN week 1 item 1 Pickle" You have until the following week's clues are given to submit your response. No penalty for wrong guesses so when in doubt feel free to send multiple guess
To all of you people that got removed from my friends list .. I have my reasons. No, I don't hate you, no you didn't do anything wrong and no I'm not ready to re-add you. Sorry. 
Ffs I'm Due For A Rant
Not that anyone will probably see this, or read it when they see the holy wall of words, but i need to vent.   Since only one or a few of you know my recent past: I had an implant placed after the mastectomy that started giving me major problems about a year ago.  It had extensive capsular contracture, and my plastic surgeon kept the "wait and see" attitude until July, when pockets of infection were bursting through my skin trying to get out.  I had a deep abscess and the implant was removed (Friday the 13th, kinda funny).  A month later I was still having issues so they removed the capsule (the body naturally surrounds any foreign body with scar and other tissues in order to "seal off" the invader from the rest of the body) in August.  I spent the next 6 weeks recovering while on disability from work, until my doc finally said I could go back at reduced lifting.  My job description calls for 50 pounds of lifting, but I'd never had to lift more than 20 in my 9 months there, and was gi
Paint Ball Fuck
I have always wanted to play paint ball. Hunting, being chased, hitting your target,,, total turn on! Suiting up in camo's and regulation army boots (don't laugh, its my fantasy). Of course I would get the top one size to small and tie it up around my waist…have to look hot, its to my advantage. Being on opposite ends of the playing field the hunt is on. Peeking around the corner of the wall to see where you are, Bam your first shot lands on the wall 12 inches from my head. Stunned I see you smile a wicked smile at me as you disappear behind the wall. This totally make me want to kick your ass and rip your clothes off at the same time. Hearing foot steps in the distance I get up and decide to dive for the next wall seeing your position. Getting on my belly I take the sniper position and wait for you to move again. Pop, pop, pop, your shots ring out landing in my general area. Shooting back I almost hit your foot as you slide it back behind the wall. Knowing your going to tr
Do Women Wear The Wrong Size Shoes???
I say what i mean and mean what i say or i dont bother to say iti am NOT gay! Do women wear the wrong size shoes??? BY: F. SEAN Hello, I am a straight male that was born in 1975. When I go out I tend to watch the people around me. I do like to watch females more then I like watching males. I guess that is natural. Over the years I have come to notice a few things about Women. As I watched these many females, I noticed a pattern of sorts. I wondered “Do women wear the wrong size shoes???” The only answer I could come up with was “Yes, many many women wear the wrong size shoes.” Now, you might be thinking to yourself… “Well, I wear the right size, don’t I?” Here is how to tell.... I am of the theory that most women buy the wrong size shoes, especially in open toe styles. So to know it fits right... your heels should never hang off the back, your toes should never hang off on the sides or be squished together, never ever should your toe
And For All Down Rated Mother Fuckers
What A Year
will this year is about to come to the end and it wasnt my year im glad its about over since its not been my best. heres how mine went. found out in Nov last year i had colon cancer and had emergerncy sugery to remove an 13" tumor but be4 it was caught (no thinks to military doctors) it spread to my rectum,liver and lungs. then i started chemo therpy in dec of last year was doing that for about four months then i came down very sick went back in the hospitqal for a infection on my rectum was in for about 13 day then 2 months later back in for the same reason was in another 11 days then 3 months later back in for the same problem ( the 3rd time) was in 14 days and almost died during this stay i had a fever of 104 for a couple of days heart rate went over 150 they had to put me in a straigh jacket cause i went crazy pulling iv's frommy body then about a month or so i went back in the hospital 2 hav surgery to clean my rectum out but they couldnt clean it so they remove it completely so
This is utterly stupid that people get upset at me for not rating their pictures back. I have to ask, do you know how many picture rates and profile rates I get in a day? Over 300 at least! How am I supposed to return them all?! I have a life to live! I'd have to sit at the computer all day to be able to return them all! I try my hardest to return rates, but sometimes there are just too many! I appericate everyone that rates me! I just get called so many rude names for not rating back. And I'm getting sick and tired of it. So if you don't understand why I can't always rate you back, then I don't know how to make you understand. But I'm sick and tired of the rude names that I get called on a day to day basis by some of you. Please, its only FUBAR. Where I love each and every one of my friends and fans, I WILL NOT tolerate being disrespected by ANY of you. NONE of you really know me. So PLEASE stop and think before you decide to send hatemail my way. Because I'm TIRED OF IT!!! Th
So, after a long absense, I am back. I came home Sunday. Exciting news, yes, I know. My time in Europe was good. I am jet lagged to holy hell. My body thinks it is around 2am. Not sure I like the small changes that have been made here. Who's business is it that I left a comment on someone's profile or resonded to a Mumm or whatever, other than the person who I posted the comment to or whatever? Change for the sake of change is never good. I'm tired.
Hospital Visit 3-12-2008
Ok.. To give the background of what sent me to the hospital today... During Mardi Gras week last year, I spent some time in the Lower 9th ward helping with the revitalization and renewal of an area totally decimated by floods and donating the proceeds of my last movie to the Common Ground Collective to support their continuing work in New Orleans. While I was there, I was exposed to black mold, and black mold spores. When I returned home, it was found the mold had done some damage to my lungs. It took over a month before I was able to completely breath clearly again. Now on to what happened today.... I have been working on the continuing rebuild of my house from damages sustained in a hurricane almost 4 years ago, and finally came to the point of sanding drywall in my bedroom... Note.. Drywall dust will mess with your breathing!... Well, after 2 days of sanding, my lungs closed back up as they had from the mold exposure. I woke up this morning, after numerous coughi
A Statement And A Little History Lesson..
..hrmm..that's what I have to say. I know what many of you are coming here to look for, some kind of reaction about like, what happend to my stuff. Apparently I wasn't alone in the purge, in all actuality, I consider myself lucky considering that I haven't been deleted or shut down in any way. See people, there's an unwritten, unspoken rule around Fubar that has been around since the Lost Cherry days: you can't publicly bash site admin here on the site. It is their site and they can do what they wish. That, more often than not, will result in you getting locked down, flagged, reset, deleted, etc. It doesn't matter if you agree with any changes, policies, features or not, it is how it is. How you react and adapt to the changes that take place around here usually determine your shelf life. Now, with that out of the way, speaking of adapting and reacting... like, based on what's happend, I'm taking a step back and determining what and how to approach things and what method to use
Sweet And Innocent!
This is always a point of controversy..I say I am sweet and innocent!! You all know I am! But you can't admit it!! So let's see, do you believe the hoochie is sweet and innocent??? Answer truthfully!!! *shout me if ya need bribes* lol *huggies to everyone* lol
This Week!
I am posting this because, as some of you already know, I will be leaving for Chicago this coming Thursday morning, along with 140 singers from my school. We will be involved in a competition on Saturday and will not be home until Monday night. I wanted to let you all know that our itinerary is packed with activities, shows, sight-seeing and yes, SHOPPING (that's for all of the, as well as the competition. Because of that, I do not know what sort of time I will have online, if any. But, I also want you to know that I'll be thinking of you. Finally, with the final rehearsals, final preparations for the trip and baseball, I really don't know how much I will be on starting Monday. I hope you can understand if I don't get to send you my goofy comments or can't do any rates, because I really want to, just don't know if I will be able to. Be safe, take care and I will talk with you all on Tuesday, the 29th!
Old Friends, New Friends, And Friends To Come
FUBAR FRIENDS!!! MY FRIENDS!!! Sexy woman, beautiful ladies, hotties of fubar. There are so many woman here that just blow peoples minds. They are perfect looking. Some guys you are so scared.. Scared to say hi. Scared of rejection. Ya some women on here like out there in real life can be so mean.. Men can be just as mean but unless you try and speak to someone you really don't know who they are on the inside. A woman just like a man can look so perfect on the outside that one just assumes their life is perfect. so many times I get people saying I wish I was you. You must have the perfect life. Little do they know. Its quite opposite.. My hearts been torn out its been broken and I am the only one to blame for that.. I saw what little good there was in a person and overlooking all the bad that everyone else saw.. I didn't judge him for his looks. (quite ugly he is in fact) I didn't judge him for his money, (very broke penniless I might add), I didn't judge him for his past, (ex f
Thank You To Every One!!!
Thanks to all of my sisters friends who helped me out. She keeps tellin me how awesome you guys are. So, I just wanted to say thanks for the love!!! Chris
This Was Sent To Me....
She actually thinks I'd wear this shit..... NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Talk about delusional......
Being A Girl Is The Pits Sometimes.
That is all.
Top 10
You take the top 10 most played songs on your iPod or similar device (or just pick 10 songs you listen to a really really lot). Post the first line of the lyrics to each in your blog. Sit back in smug satisfaction, knowing you have the best taste in music ever (this is a crucial step). Then your friends do their part: in the comments section, try to identify what songs the lyrics come from. Oh, and Googling is cheating! I made sure and used songs I thought everyone would know, since my favorite artist is a group that a lot of you have never heard of! Good Luck! So here's my top 10: #1: "I'm not the type to get my heart broken, I'm not the type to get upset and cry..." #2: "Hey dad look at me, Think back and talk to me..." #3: "I got a lot to say to you, Yeah, I got a lot to say..." #4: "She married when she was 20, She thought she was ready..." #5: "Lay beside me, tell me what they've done..." #6: "My hair's a wreck, Mascara runs..." #7: "Take all of your
This is dedicated to all the beautiful women both on here and whom I know....Love you all Below are just a few, go say Hi and show them fu-LOVE!!! She (Tous Les Visages de L'Amour) Elvis Costello Written by Charles Aznavour and Herbert Kretzmer She may be the face I can't forget The trace of pleasure or regret Maybe my treasure or the price I have to pay She may be the song that summer sings May be the chill that autumn brings May be a hundred different things Within the measure of a day She may be the beauty or the beast May be the famine or the feast May turn each day into a Heaven or a Hell She may be the mirror of my dreams A smile reflected in a stream She may not be what she may seem Inside her shell.... She, who always seems so happy in a crowd Whose eyes can be so private and so proud No one's allowed to see them when they cry She maybe the love that cannot hope to last May come to me from shadows in the past
Aug. 15, 2008
To all my dear friends! I haven't been able to leave any sort of comment (profile, stash, photo, etc) since last night! I don't know whether it's another Fubar fluke, someone reported a comment I left or if it's a competitor in the contest I am in, but I am totally frustrated at this point. Leaving you comments is very important to me as part of my almost daily routine. I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. Hopefully, whatever it is, will be rectified soon, but in the interim, just think of what the comment might be and try to have a laugh or two! ***UPDATE*** Since I can't leave a comment on my own blog, I just wanted to say thank you for understanding...grrrrrrrrrrr....I miss my "daily fix" of leaving them too....really love when people smile!
Spray On, Wax Off?
Spray on condoms! Finally, science has given us something worthwhile. Or uh, yeah..something like that... .....Hence his idea for a spray-on condom. The prototype, which began testing last year, consists of a hard plastic tube with nozzles that spray liquid latex from all directions, much like the water jets in the tunnel of a car wash. According to Krause, there are numerous advantages to his spray-on condom. "The condom fits 100% perfectly, so the safety is much higher than a standard condom's, and it feels more natural." But there are some stumbling blocks. The men who tested the spray-on condom had a few hesitations, Krause says. Some were "a little bit afraid to use the tube" and would only try it on their fingers. Others worried that the mechanism, which hisses as it sprays, might ruin the mood. But the most serious problem with the design — which is what has kept the product off the market thus far — is that the latex takes too long to dry. Liquid latex currently take
Standings For Weeks 3 And 4
Hey ya go. In 1st place: It's just me and Kelly with 39-60 2nd place: Red Alert and Papi with 36-60 3rd place: Drill and I with 35-60 4th: Carrie and JP with 34-60 5th: Vix, Texi and Superman with 33-60 6th: Spanky with 32-60 7th: Manny with 31-60 The rest of the players scored 30 wins or lower. Good luck next week guys. Alchy 30 Buff 28 DFresh 27 RadioX 25 Porch and McLovin 23 Bonz 22 Will 21 late starter Rich 15 late starter
Sarah & Her Bewbs
she wants an Obama bling & promised to let you see her bewbs.....oh & i still want your monies & you still should check out my auction, i'm a hooker & i'm selling my ass thank you & good night
Costume Dilemma
So I have sorta decided to go as a Russian spy for Halloween. I Am Russian And I do have an accent when I am not forcing myself to speak with an American accent. And I have a striped mini dress that looks semi decent on me, cept for the no cleavage part And a toy gun But have no idea what else to do to make it look like a RUssian Spy. (and no, I hate fur hats ;p)
Yeah, I was pretty bored earlier and decided to see how many superheroes I could name. I know, this confirms many a suspicion that I am a dork :P the Atom Aquaman Apache Chief Angel Batman Birdman Birdboy the Batgirl Big Barda Black Canary Black Vulcan Booster Gold the Beast Colossus Captain America Cyborg Cyclops Dove Dare Devil Doctor Fate Elongated Man El Dorado the Flash Firestar the Flame Firestorm Green Lantern Green Arrow Gambit Hawkgirl Hawkman Huntress Hawk Iceman Icemaiden the Invisible Woman Jayna Jubilee Jean Grey J'onn (the Martian) Kilowog (the Green Lantern Corps) Katma (the Green Lantern Corps) Kitty Pryde Metamorpho Miss Marvel Night Wing (Terry McGinnis) Night crawler Orion Professor Charles Xavier the Question R
To Everyone Whom Showed Interest..
Thanks Moms Friends, Whom Showed Her That Yur Thoughts Were With Me!!.. It Means Tons To Know That Even People Ive Just Met, And From A Website As Such Truly Took Care In My Health..Im Currently Doing Weell[The Percocet Are Helping..LoL] There Are Four Entrance Spots,It Was Lapriscopic..,They Are Looking Good, And Itch[Meaning HEALING!! YAYYYY] The Pain Isnt So Bad[Or Not Compared To That Damned ChestPain Atleast!!] Anyway..Just Shout If Questons.. Much Love,Chas:D
Inspire by a conversation yesterday :P I don't like mashed taters or biscuits and gravy. I don't like cheese on my meats. I don't like cheese on my eggs. I don't like most Mexican foods or roast beef sandwiches that are soggy. I don't like soups of any kind, except tomato and I only eat that by dipping crackers in it and then eating the said cracker. I eat potato chips on my hamburgers and dip my fries in mayo n ketchup. I eat everything (exclusing dessert o-o) from McDonald's with sweet n sour sauce. I despise ranch dressing. Or any dressing other than Catalina or French. I don't like stuffing either. Ok that is all I can think of 8-P.
New Name Needed...
Ok, Christmas is over so I need a new name. Of course you all know that ass has to be in the title of it in some form or another. I dunno why, I just like it. Here are some options which I really don't like Tawny Old Lang Tush Tawny New Year Tush Tawny Asshead (lol) Help!
Oh Wow.
I just found out..... I'm gonna be a Nana again........ Whoa. That is all.
Am I Mean?
Okay so I haven't been online all weekend, and I was really busy at work today so couldn't be on much during the day. Some guy that friend requested me on Friday just called me a stuck-up bitch cause I didn't rate him back and friend him. I have 120 friend requests and I don't feel like going to all of those pros and rating and adding.. I am lazy lol Do you think I am being mean by not answering or do you not really care you just want me to shut up :p
So I was at the gym at lunch (snickering is acceptable). I worked out my triceps the hardest I ever have. I felt very weak but went on with my work day..... I had to run computer cable under a clients desk. Obviously I was on all fours when I felt my arms trembling. SPLAT. Luckily I stopped my fall with my elbows before smashing my grill on the dirty carpet. I don't think I'll be doing that again at lunch.
Witchie Woman
Flaming hair and honey lips words fly from her finger tips a regular voice on fu at night her endless wit puts fools to flight woooo hooo Witchie woman see how her words fly wooo hooo Witchie woman she makes fu men sigh she holds them spell bound in the night dancing fingers , always right crazy laughter in the mummers room she drives the madness and dumb posters to doom wooo hooo Witchie woman she makes fubar fly wooo hooo Witchie woman shes got the moon in her eye well I know you all love her but let me tell you brother its like sleeping in the devils bed and there's some rumors going round that boobs are whats bound to rock her in the nite booby skin turns Red wooo hooo Witchie woman see how her words fly wooo hooo Witchie woman shes got you in her eye
Another C*cklicking Mongrel That Takes The Fu-owning Shit Seriously
from: cellmedic (Surfing Fubar-- rating friends. Happy Fat Tuesday!) Augusta, GA subject: cellmedic sent you an Inflatable Pet received: 02/24/2009 12:20 am replied: 02/24/2009 08:16 pm block this member Flag as spam "Hey there. You may bankrupt me , but I will keep buying her back... just letting you know. Ohh BTW enjoy the Lamb.. " Click here to return the favor! Click here to see this gift on your profile. Not even 5 minutes after I bought my female friend, this poor little slapnut sends me this message. It still amazes me how seriously people take this fu-owned stuff.''lol. I mean seriously, what is this guy trying to prove? In all aspects, it's guys like him that makes me feel better about myself each day. I love this
So I'm sitting here and I get this add request on yahoo from a person I don't know who it is .. making a lewd comment in the request.. so I just deny it right.. then the add request comes again and the guy says "wow sounds like someone is racist, guess you wanna stick with the vienna sausages" blah blah blah.. now THAT pissed me off.. I never even replied anything when I denied it, so how can someone determine you are racist just because you deny a request and hell its not like I could see what the person looked like GRRRRRRRRRRr so then I told him hmmmm first I never even SAID anything.. 2nd I don't even know what you look like.. but now I wouldn't add you just because you are somneone that would MAKE a comment like that! Dammit I'm steamin :/
I loaded a few pics earlier and finally got around to all the added comments I've never seen before.... There were quite a few... Most of you seem to be blind but THIS one took the cake... and the pie... and the peanut butter & walnut cookies... "Holy Crap! wow - you are romance novel cover art material all the way ... I need to do a photoshoot with you ... well seriously, I've done so pics for guys and it's taken them from 2 crushes to 16 ... I think that 'bout says it all (thats a smug smile) hehe" Knock it off!
The Daily Show Vs Cnbc
Recently on the Daily Show there has been a feud going on. This has been cracking me up, so if you haven't seen it, let me walk you through it. First, a Correspondant from CNBC backed out of an appearence: The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10c CNBC Gives Financial Advice Daily Show Full EpisodesImportant Things w/ Demetri Martin Political HumorJim Cramer So he gets bashed. Then Jim Cramer responds, to which Jon Stewart has to come back and comment:
I'm emo today. I'm thinking about cutting. I don't even know why. I should be in a good mood. The sun is shining for the first day in a week. It's Friday and I'm home alone now until Sunday. All I really feel like doing is popping some pain killers and passing out. *sigh* Anyone have any funny jokes to snap me out of this weird funk? oh yeah, check it...back to Woo
Fu Name
Been toying with the idea of changing it. To be honest, I think over two years should = some sort of change, right? Being me though, I have no imagination for these things, so might just change it to my name.   Any better thoughts?
Looking For Some Advice
i have been busting my ass lately  and a couple of the jobs paid yesterday. my lil princess graduated college last year, the economy in upstate ny is not that great. she is working but the pay isn`t that great and she is struggling with student loans and such.she is, and always was, one of the most strong willed, determined and self sufficient people i ever met (proud dad) i want to give her some money to help her out but if i do she will want to pay it back and not take it as a gift.and she will get mad at me if i insist it`s a gift any ideas from the daughters out there?
Hurry Up And Wait....
Almost two weeks later I deliver the sample arrrangements to the Hotel... The assistant general manager likes them :).  Hopefully the General Manager and 4 Salespeople like them. *crosses fingers* What do you fuckers and lovelies think? ♥ PoStaL close up of small arrangement at front entry (flowers inspired by Nicole, please rate her she is close to Godfather :D) from afar Elevators on marble table...this sucker is about 6' tall :D vase
Birthday Bombing
It,s my bithday May 22nd and since I can't be here that day I want to celebrate with fu on Thursday May 21 Looking 4 friends to give me 6 credit bling gifts so I can get enough to bomb 4 or 5 times If I get 30 friends giving me a 6 bling credt I will pick  one name out of  a hat and give 1  friend an auto 11 If you know me you know I'll be honest with the draw  I will show no bias so please don't ask If this turns out well I'll repeat it  so please no drama This is a chance to get an auto 11 for a 6 bling credit  If I get 50  ; 2 autos will be picked 60; 3  and another draw for every 10 extra after that So if 100 people enter 7 people will recieve an auto 11etc. I will draw the name or names Wed may 20 at 6 pm Pacific time so the draw will end at 5pm and i'll give the autos to whoever wins on wed between 6 & 7 pm pacific timeI will try to bomb everyone that sends a 6 cr bling gift at least twice If there are 100 x 6 cr bling gifts given there will also be an auto given to the person wh
Alright, so some people know my son takes medication for ADHD. It has done amazing things for an already very bright little boy. Anyways, I digress....this weekend he is going up to the lake with my parents Thurs-Monday after noon. Im debating on whether or not to let him off the meds for a couple days. He'll have so many kids to play with, and so much to do...the medication can kinda slow him down...He wants the days off, but I like to keep him at a therapeutic levels, even though it is a medication that does not have to be taken every day. Any insight anyone? Its not a life or death decision, but ya know...when it affects your kids its nice to have input from impartial parties.
The Inner Workings
Don't particularly know why, but I felt the need to explain this. Is about how I use my brain and why I may say some of things I say on here, when you all may think I am being detrimental to myself. Basically, I have as few thoughts running around up there as possible. A clear mind, for me, allows me to use it to it's full extent when I actually have a reason to think. For example, you ask me a question, I can answer without other things interfering with the thought process. I am by no means a forward thinker, I think on the spot. To some, that is a bad thing, to me, I don't think so. If I don't know something, I don't trouble myself with useless thoughts, I either look it up, or ask someone who will know. Basically, anything you ask of me is a specifically thought out answer, I have no premeditated something for everyone answer, if that makes sense. Weirdly enough considering all I've written, I am a thinker in general. Emotions, feelings, rarely enter in to the equation
Failed Spotlight Again
Tch.  I suck at clicking things. Apparantly, a good trick is to get your friends to all log into your account at the same time so they can all bid.  At least, according to today's spotlight...  
Last Day Of Auction
wicked has the high bid on me in radio x`s auction   i know she`s gonna make me do a poo video for her, someone please save me from having to do this     please     i`m seriously begging here
The Almighty "pimp Hand"...
By now, we're all aware of this latest bling. I find it unfairly biased since it IS aimed directly at MuMMers. It doesn't say "can't blog" or "can't lounge". It's all against the MuMMers. No biggie though, I'm doing my own thing. I've decided to block ANYONE using this lame bling. After all, a TRUE pimp slap in the MuMMs are with clever words...  
Is That Your Final Answer?
Last night I was reminded of one of Bruno and my favorite games to play together. Most of our games have defined separate roles. For example in fetch I throw things and he either looks at me in disdain or runs excitedly to go retrieve them depending on his mood. And in tug of war he tries to dislocate my shoulder and I try to hang on and get my brand new dress shoe back from him.   This game is different. We both have the same objective. The game is called “What are you eating?” He is much better at it than I am. Although he often stumbles on the names. He knows the difference between edamame and tofu but he is as likely to guess one as the other.   It really is an unfair game. His sense of smell is much better than mine. Furthermore there is a good chance that I am eating something that would be considered food. Bruno does not thus limit himself.   Bruno's guesses often go like this – I guess you are eating rice pilaf with chicken. Furthermore, I gue
Woo hoo! My brother and sister in law are trying to get pregnant! I could be an auntie!!!! yayayayayayayay!
Serious Business!
There are very few people that take life experiences and work hard to make a positive influence. This very wonderful person,not only served our Country,but is a positivie influence for others. He is an artist,please take a moment to check his work out. site is $safe_uid_dname@ fubar
Singing Crackers
This started once in a mumm, when Mac&Cheeze informed me she had no idea what I was talking about when I had mentioned an old 80's Hall & Oates song, so I called her snapvine and sang one verse of it. And last week, a similar thing happened with Beautifully Broken, I called her and sang a verse of a Blues Traveler song she'd never heard. It kind of made me wonder, does anybody else want me to call their snapvine and sing something? I know you're asking yourself "Wow does John have a wonderful singing voice?". The answer is NO. But I'll do it anyway. ;)
Hello Hello Hello Is There Anybody Out There!
Kitty updates!New album up and I will update it when their eyes open and as they mature and start playing etc. Can't believe my poor cat had SIX kittens! I am kinda here and there today,got company coming over to give my son prizes for helping me until 12am with momma cat.So dusting etc. With my back totally screwed my house isn't perfect anymore and I am like blah to it and know I am gonna pay for this cleaning later. who cares BECAUSE I HAVE KITTIES!!!!!!!   hugs and stuffs, she is being such a good mommy too for her 1st & LAST time :D
What A Guy!!!
i asked about his online girl and how he is nursing his broken heart... and he wants to hook me up with his only daughter... he has a heart of gold doesn't he? from the bottom up as usual :D ->Bludgeon: you want me to meet her when she is grieving at your funeral? god that is perfect!!!! Bludgeon: *flips out again, breaks through the sliding glass door again, falls into the koi pond again and gets devoured by hungry fishes again ->Bludgeon: is that soon? Bludgeon: NEVER!!! ->Bludgeon: gonna bring me over for supper... i like chicken or steak... ->Bludgeon: lol so when are you gonna introduce us? Bludgeon: stay way from her mister! Bludgeon: 18 ->Bludgeon: how old is your daughter? Bludgeon: yes Im in cali and my daughter goes to clollege and sometimes I drop her off and check out the hotties there ->Bludgeon: granted most are fake or fixed but i wouldn't complain ->Bludgeon: heh bludge you are in cali you have got to have much better to look at there than i have here ->Bl
Bed Time For Bonzos
so, the kids and i have been enjoying the last few weeks of the summer together.   actually, we've done quite a few things.. all considering that this summer, in buffalo has been mostly all rain and gloom.   a visit to the beach, and going to free concerts on the canal have been a few of the best. we've gone to visit with family, and i'm still trying to find the right day for the pool...   we've got 2 weeks left, and i'm sooo freaking glad that school starts back up soon. but, i would love any suggestions from you guys, things that the kids and i could do for fun, these last few weeks?
Thought For The Day
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY...   Women are like phones:   They like to be held, talked to, and touched often.   But push the wrong button and your ass is disconnected.
Why Do
men leave comment pictures of half naked, slightly effeminite men as comments?   Are you supposed to be confused into thinking that is a picture of the guy that left the pic? Or is the picture someone that he finds attractive? What?   Really, I'm confused. Halp!   Also, that's like 3 blogs today, I think I've spent too much time around Witchie and Peacey - I may have contracted blogwhoreitis - is there a cure?
Money For Nothing...
Some of you already know this, but for those who don't: I partly support myself financially from rental income. Yeah, I'm a landlord. This is NOT a job, it's money for nothing (well, if you discount the mortgages I'm still paying off on some of my properties it is). It is, however, a pain in the arse sometimes. For example, I employ a handyman to look after my properties. If he can't fix something he has the authority to call an expert from a list of plumbers, electricians, joiners, etc, that I provide him with. My tenants are told that if anything goes wrong with the fabric of their place, or the fixtures and fittings, etc, that they should call him. They're also told that they should only contact me with regards to their ability to pay rent. Yet, I still get calls about fucked up plumbing, electrics, etc, when all I can really do about it is to call my handyman dude and get him to call the tenant. But, let's be realistic. That isn't work. Far from it. Anyway, to get to the reason f
Tac Rules Of Engagement
  TAC RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Every TAC member is subject to these rules whether you’ve read them or not, so I suggest you read them. Membership is open but we reserve the right to refuse any person as we see fit. We also reserve the right to revoke membership at any time for any reason. MEMBERSHIP/PROMOTIONS: Once your membership is approved, please put TAC in your name to help identify you to other turf members. This is not required but don't cry if you get attacked by one of your own or a friendly. Also please add all turf member to avoid accidental attacks. Please do not be upset if someone rejects your mob request. Some people are maxed. If you are in a paid position in TAC I expect you to kick a non TAC person to add a TAC member.To request a promotion to the rank of soldier please send a private message to the boss. If you are not an active turf member, don't bother. By active I mean not only talking but backing up your fellow turf members. Being promoted again will depen
When It Rains It Pours But For Me It Thunders
People ask  "how are you doing" and i always say good, they ask "whats new with you" and i always say same o same o, they ask "havent seen you around much" and i always respond with just busy with work and life. I avoid the truth, i always try to sound happy and i carry around a fake smile with the hope my outgoing personality and silliness cover the pain and fear in my heart. Fact is a person can only be so strong, can only carry so much before it becomes too overwhelming and all you want is to be told everything is going to be ok, all you want no all you need is to be hugged and hear in someone's voice understanding and compassion without the undertones of pity. People face extreme obstacles everyday, yes we have friends but why burden others when they have their own life to deal with, how can one allow themselves to lean on another without coming off as needy or attention craved. I always try to be a good friend, ive said many times i have a hero complex to the point i neglect my ow
Pic For Spinoza
Spinoza texted Me this pic and asked Me to make it larger so that he could upload it... I already had the large pic in My photobucketbut uploading on here would of made it a lot smaller so decided to blog it Yes I am sure several of you will save it for your collection as well Here ya go man
Slightly Used Speculum
Slightly Used Speculum (Aliquippa) Date: 2010-02-01, 1:29AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have a slightly used medical vaginal Speculum Iam taking offers on, it has been sterilized and will be again before sent out, if you want more pics of it I can send you more, just let me know! on it it reads. 3c 07 jarit 500-100 Germany Stainless 55 Iam mostly looking for offers of well anything, cash, items, computer parts, and well more medical instruments. Location: Aliquippa Slightly used Speculum    
Have Fun Reading.......
In the vanilla world men are lucky to ever get their cock in the mouth of their female. I have heard friends talking about how they beg and plead or batter with their female in hopes of getting some oral sex. Not only is this a degrading position for a man to put himself in, but it is a complete dereliction of the females duty to her man’s cock. It is not a coincidence that a submissive slave’s natural position is on her knees with her face at the right height to access the cock. If a female wants regular good sex, or if she is properly submissive, she must understand how to take care of her man’s cock. It is simple, he place is at his knees with her lover, and master cock.What females don’t understand, and many males have not sorted out in their mind is that there are different types of oral sex (hereinafter cock-care). Oral sex should involve the entire body but cock-care in particular should involve the entire area between the anus and the belly button. Femal
So Tuesday evening I took a new energy Supplement, Rhodiloa 110, that my wife received free at her half marathon...thanks to this new Supplement, I had plenty of energy and got 2 hours of shitty sleep... I will not be taking that again unless I plan an all night bender... Wednesday...get up at 3:45 central to ABQ...16 hour work day...too tired to go out to eat so bought a frozen pizza for dinner and 2 Harps (it was St. Pattys day after all)...had a great conversation with haiku who kept me up way too late...:) went to bed 11pm mountain time and slept like crap (starting to get sick) up at 7am and worked for 10 hours...feeling shittier as the day progressed... went out to eat to Red Robin and they lost my food order...2nd time I have been there and 2nd time they have completely fucked up my order...good news they comp'ed my meal but made me pay for my one was probably not a good idea but fuck it i was sick... Went to bed and 10:30 and slept like shi
Posting Picture Comments Class 100
Tim Horton Hears A Who
I saw this and had to take a picture   So many thoughts flooded my mind, that I couldnt caption this picture, help me out, pick one of these or wrte your own... Why have one thing that is bad for you when you can have two! Canadians:  They are trying to effin' kill us! The road to hell is paved with candy.  
I wrote a blog about the before, but I guess I'm still not 'getting it'. People are STILL going apeshit over the 'order a round' feature. I guess I'm dense or something because I don't understand WHY. I just replied to a MuMM about it and I basically said that it's a fucking fake drink on a website you come to to have fun. People are complaining they are missing 'real' gifts from people. REALLY??! I scan over my gifts, if I see a non-drink gift, I do this really radical thing. I OPEN it! :o I know, shocking right? Then I go back mark all as read and then delete. It's not fucking rocket science. People are also complaining that it's too generic and impersonal. It's FAKE, it doesn't mean squat. No one spent their real money on that, you know. If people are thinking that everyone they talk to, add and fan are genuine friends, they need to log off. Does this sound harsh? Maybe, but I've seen a lot of people on my friends list show their true colors, and IRL I wouldn't give them a second g
1st Entry
You should never make suggestions I do something, because this is what happens. :P You have Sasquatch, Dud, ASB and Wicked to thank for the creation of this blog. I will be your 'Dear Abby' of Fubar--ask me anything, there is no problem too big or too small! *Disclaimer: Please do not base your life decisions solely on my opinion please.*
Is something I value in people.  
My Dating No No List.
I'm typing up my own dating No No list. I will update it from time to time. Here it goes.. 1. If you use a bicycle as your sole means of transportation, I'm not gonna date you. 2. If you allow your pants to sag below your cheeks, I'm not gonna date you. 3. If in your default pic you are holding a alcoholic beverage, I'm not gonna date you. 4. If you have a dozen or so pics with you in the "myspace pose", I'm not gonna date you. 5. If you don't make friends with soap on a regular basis, I'm not gonna date you. 6.If you have a pink shirt in your wardrobe, I'm not gonna date you. 7. If you think cRap music is cool, I'm not gonna date you. 8. If the term Woop Woop is in your daily vocabulary, I'm not gonna date you. 9. If you ask me what kind of tattoo I think you should get, I'm not gonna date you. 10. If you drink more than once a week, I'm not gonna date you. 11. If you don't have steady employment, or are not self sufficient, I'm not gonna date you. 12. If you got a
Fu Marriage, Bah
I generally don't like the idea of fu marriage, but if you could be married to more than one person would you?
The "mummies"...
Earlier this year, LilBoops and I agreed Fubar should have some kind of MuMMs award show or something. It was too early in the year to talk about it, so I suggested August for nominations and creation of categories. It is now August... I think. Just like all the other award shows, we need categories. You know, like "Rookie of the year" and "funniest MuMM poster of the year".... This is where you folks can help, you don't even need to be a "mummer" to contribute ideas. Give some category ideas and even nominations if you want. If there's enough feedback, we may just run with it... ...consider this the BETA TEST. What say YOU?!?
Im Grounded.
things people may or may not know about me lol cause apparently, i keep dirty cheerleading secrets from rok.     I was the head cheerleader at my high school. I play the flute I went to band camp I loved ROTC and wanted to be in the military I have a secret love for Elton John that is epic and um.... Truth or Dare.   sarah your favorite blog Whore!!!!!!!!!   no this was not supposed to make sense.
Make A Difference........
Like me, most of you don’t really know the people we add to our friends list.  Unless we take the time to really get to know someone.  But on a site like this, it proves to be hard.  We all see little things that upset us, and we sit back and wonder… this how that person is in real life?  I have seen status’s that make me cringe, and a few that have about made me throw up in my mouth, and some that can be touching.  But on a site like this lately it seems to be more about the “like button”.  Personally, I don’t care what color your name is.  This isn’t high school anymore.  Because if it were, let me tell you some people would have more self respect and be respectful of others.  And that seems to get lost on here in the greed of being Green, or number 1, or what level you can reach.  So on that note, I would like to make a point, and maybe see if I can make you guys sit back and think, and see if I can just get one person to not be so self
Homeowner's Association
So, I just got back from running some errands, and my neighbor was getting ready to pull out of her driveway.  Her and I have had very few conversations, but the topic usually involves our HOA.  She was gone the past few weeks, helping her daughter move in to a new place in Indianapolis, and left her van parked in her driveway.  Well, the van ended up having a tire go flat, while she was away.  Low and behold, the HOA struck again, and called the local authorities to cite her a ticket for having a "broke down vehicle in her driveway". Damn, these fuckers are getting on my nerves.
My Number One Friend
He's a pretty awesome guy He comes across as a royal jackass, but if you have a thick skin and are persistant... He is genuinely a great person I'm proud to call him a friend, and I love him to death (h)
Ok So I Might Be An Asshole...
DJ PEACHYG...: drill: Please do not send me your invites to your crappy lounge....thanks DJ PEACHYG...: ok u dont have to be mean about it drill: If I was mean about it I would have called you an intruding cunt who was violating my personal space by posting this fucking garbage in my shoutbox and I would have told you if I wanted to go to your piece of shit lounge I would already be a fucking member...but notice I didn't say that. I held back. Kept it polite. Hell I even said the word "Please". Next time do not attempt to give others a lesson in manners when you invaded my space in the first place. Have a good day and a very merry xmas. DJ PEACHYG...: im sorry DJ PEACHYG...: i dint mean anything bye it and im truly sorry drill: No problem...have a good one I really liked how she was apologizing there at the end....I found that to be funny and I had to share....
Well I dunno where to start but lets just say we pretty much did everything there was to do in Amsterdam (in the Red light District) apart from magic mushrooms and whores. Gawd I really need to poop.   Anyways our HOSTEL (I lost my hostel virginity) was SHOCKING. I mean it was so dark in there, everything was painted black! And it just felt icky. Not to mention we were on the 4th floor with no bloody elevators!!! (Had to drag my suitcase all the way up there, stupid hostels don't have bell boys). AND because we had changed rooms, I went to go see the room we eventually stayed in to see what it was like but when I went to see it hadn't been cleaned yet, and you can DEFINITELY tell that 4 boys had stayed in there previously. Gross. I mean I thought our room was bad but on the last day when we had checked out, I went to use the toilets and I realised that those toilets were for the use of people staying in the dormitories there. At least we had a private room and ensuite but those othe
Catching Up
First things first: I'm wasted.   That being said...I miss many of the people online I used to talk to. Life is hectic, life is erratic, and life is cruel. It has it's ups and downs etc etc etc...but to lose contact with those who make you I miss many of you, but have no time or opportunity to catch up. opportunity right here on this post, for anyone who wants to take advantage of it. What's new?
Going Home
I will be going home to NYC for a week starting Monday the 11th and will be gone for 5 days to attent my great aunts funeral.....text me if you have it...i will be off and on frequently after the funeral on Wednesday, so if you want to hit me up that would be nice...i know alll you non-talkers might text but if you dont thats cool too.....
She's Back In The Hospital
Since the last gall bladder scare she's been on the patch trying to quit smoking. Eating healthier and generally taking better care of herself. Today, She went to see a surgeon about her options and they thought they would go with a scope-type operation to remove her gall bladder. Possibly early next week. They were happy with her non smoking and diet keeping. The doc did tell her that it isn't always a fatty or fried food that can bring on an episode. It can be as simple as a piece of lettuce... So tonight while nibbling on a salad, One comes on! Took her in and they give her some morph, do some tests, and she'll be getting the surgery tomorrow morning. Teh munchkin is in bed. Second day of school tomorrow. I'll get her in and go hit the hospital.  Hopefully she can come home tomorrow... Keep my Suzles in your thoughts. Thanks.   Dud I'll be crawling in shortly. So don't get pissy if I stop answering stuffs.
For Sexy Women Smokers Only
i want try to explain better my passion for women smokers.....i have this passion from age of 14 years old......the fact to see a woman in action with her cigarette...make me crazy....there are gestures i found wonderful in art of smoking......for example to see a woman while hold the cigarette dangling from mouth is a motive of great to see exhale the smoke from mouth and from the nose.....or to see like a woman drag the cig and after exhale the smoke.....wonderful is also the moment of the light up the of cigarette.....all these type of gestures make me horny and also why i band all with deeper dream is make love with a woman while she's smoking and does all these things during the hot action.....but i can be turned on also only watchin a woman smoke......without i will be happy to trade some gifts of fubar with some personal smoking pics---or clips...if you're interested contact me with a personal message........i will explain better my littll
Where Do You Fu?
This chick is into some really weird sexual stuff!!     Prinny: btw, im pooping while i chat with you 8:38am Prinny: my tummy feels so much better! 8:38am Suga Lips: Uhhh ROFL omg 8:38am Suga Lips: I think I might blog that. /ded 8:40am Prinny: i always take my lappy with me to potty, you all just never know it! 8:40am Prinny: sometimes i get really distracted and before i know it ive been on the pot for half hour... n get ring butt 8:41am Prinny: hang on, gotta wipe 8:41am Suga Lips: lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Your secret is out, Prinny! :P
Witchie's Fault
Witchie threatened to stop our scissoring sessions if I didn't post this blog, so here it is.   Ask me one question and I will try to answer it to the best of my ability. (Within reason.) You should post a blog too, so I can ask you a question. :P
Player, Con And Well You Have To Click To See The Rest..
This is what alot have been waiting for - A Player, con, scammer and a Gem Girl reincarnation? the link below to read the story.. Click here & then link in stash!... Gotta be careful out there kids... ....peace.
Fubar's Time And Irony.
Hi Kids. Hope you all had a wonderful October and eat lots of candy. This place is funny. Really, it is. Time and irony here are two things that never fall out of favor and while one is mostly forgotten, the latter never ceases to amaze. Ironically, in the Halloween contest, is something I really noticed. For a site that has members that push sexuality , sometimes to the max and overdone, those costumes are pretty Party-City-Conventional looking to me. Not taking anything away from those that actually tried, but it's just not what I was expecting. Makes you wonder though, what's behind that? You would think that with all of the NSFW and this and that and NSFW selling that someone would slap something together a little more well, you know, I mean, this year, you could see that in Wal Mart ffs. Unusual at best, but more ironic than most. There's alot of reasons why I think that's the case, but lord knows I wouldn't want to start drama. It's funny I had people that would clearly wipe o
Comment Errors
Many of you are complaining about getting errors after you leave comments. We were getting a lot of spammers on the site, so we changed up our comment settings to NOT allow the same message to left over and over and over and over. I don't know about you, but I am tired of robots and copy and paste comments that have no personality. If you get the error message, please change up your comment message a bit and try again. Thanks for the support! PS...It's cool to voice your opinion, but please do it in a tasteful manner. I will delete the comment and block anyone who leaves a threatening or abusive comment.
Comment Bombers Needed
Ok Need Advice Asap..please Im So Stressed At Moment And Im Sorry
Broken Hearts!!!!
Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go. When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up high and gaze into heaven for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal. Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. Love is like a puzzle. When you're in love, all the pieces fit but when your heart gets broken, it takes a while to get everything back together. It's so curious: one can resist tears and 'behave' very well in the hardest hours of grief. But then someone makes you a friendly sign behind a window, or one notices that a flower that was in bud only yesterday has suddenly blossomed, or a letter slips from a drawer... and everything collapses. Sometimes I wish I were a little kid again, skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts. What is the opposite of two? A lonely me, a
I Thought I Knew You...
Since we've split up, you've really surprised me. I really thought that you cared, but I think I had it all wrong. Three days after we split up, while telling me that you loved me and wanted to talk about getting back together, you were talking about hooking up with some chick that very same night. I know that at that point you had no designs on me, but you were certainly not exactly working too hard at getting back together. I've always felt like you were hiding something, gotten that vibe from you, but I attributed it to you being reserved and me not being used to it. However, since we've split up, I've had several people come to me and tell me that they thought that you were "shady", but never said anything, because they thought that we were happy. I'm not naming names here, but know that there was more than one, more than three even, who told me this. Don't ask who they are, because I'm not telling you. I've also found out that you outright lied to someone who cons
Not Feeling It!!
I'm in a crappy mood. Don't even know why... grrrr.. oh well :(
From Ash.weee & Smokey Bear
Have A Good Tuesday Everyone!.. x0x0x0x -AsH.WeeE & Smokey Bear PS..If you put your finger to far up there you will get a nose bleed.
We Support You Parade (updated List 7/29/08)
Calling all service members and supporters!!! Welcome to the “We Support You” Parade. Please line up and let us show our support for the men and women of our Armed Forces past and present. They deserve our love and support 24/7, so now we are not stopping just because a day has past, we are marching on. Do not let this parade stop!! Here are the rules: ****If for any reason you have a problem with Fan/Rating/Adding everyone on the list, but would like to join the Parade, please contact me (the host). This is to show support and give strength to those who have sacrificed so much for us.**** There will be 3 sections to this parade, you must start at the bottom of the page and work toward top. Fan/rate/and add everyone. In your requests or even in gifts, please specify if you are a Vet, Currently Serving, or a Supporter. If you have already added them, please leave them a comment letting them know you are joining the “We Support You” Parade. Present Service M
Long But Worth It...
he just wouldn't shut up... i love whiny people... you know the process.. start from the bottom.. JASON - FRIENDS, PLEASE READ MY BLOGJASON - FR...: buh bye whiny butt JASON - FR...: this site is for people who want to be're being a me if you want...I'm done with you...if I wanted to deal with a bitch, I'd go over to my ex's house...just promise that you'll learn the difference between begging and requesting ->JASON - FR...: if i want something like a VIP.. i don't go fanning people for it.. ->JASON - FR...: i don't CARE if you are giving out a VIP lmao... thats another reason i don't fan people or rate all their pics... JASON - FR...: still being a bitch JASON - FR...: just* JASON - FR...: hust know that I posted a blog and at the end of it, I mentioned something about a random girl on my friends list receiving a special gift once I hit 1000 friends and only those friends who have fanned me are eligible...the prize is going to be a vip.
Guess What?!?!
I have a date tonight!! And I have no idea what to wear. We're going to a neighborhood place we both like. It's .25 cent wing night. And I'm introducing him to fried pickles. UGH!! I have no idea what to wear. I want to look cute, but not be too dressy. It's just a bar with good wings. So now I'm going to dig through my closet for hours and change my mind about 20 times. Oh and I have to wash my hair and make it all pretty too. It's been way too long since I've been on a date. :( I'm such a loser. lol
bclubdave: wanna c me tie up my balls and wack them with a wrench on cam? i have yahoo and msn Why in the hell would anyone want to see that? Seriously!
Stand Up
A few people have asked about my status. Cancer has taken a heavy toll of my family over the years. I know a few people on the site that are battling it. It is a charity i support fully through out the year. "Stand up to Cancer" is a new approach to get people to notice, and help. Stand Up To Cancer is a groundbreaking movement backed by an innovative approach to cancer research aimed at ending cancer’s reign as a leading cause of death. We have the best and brightest minds on board, and are on the verge of unlocking the door in prevention, detection, treatment and even reversal of this national epidemic. Probably the most important commercial on TV right now in my opinion. There is a TV special tonight that i'll be watching. “Stand Up 2 Cancer” special. Over 50 of the most renowned personalities in TV, film, sports and music will come together to make history in an unprecedented television event! This 1 hour of commercial-free prime time event will raise fu
I Want Advice
Markets and investments are reacting in Canada to everything going on in the America and the rest of the world. I know my Mother has investments that she needs and counts to live off of (shes 80 for the record). However when I speak to her about it and ask her to call her adviser and check on if she can be in serious trouble she swears she is not invested in anything she can lose on. I however am fairly certain this is NOT true and would like to make sure her monies are secure. If she continues to insist she has nothing to worry about and wont even call to make sure do I consider hauling out the power of attorney papers I have and do it myself? Im not to sure how happy she will be if I do it she might take it as me saying she is not of sound mind.
Maybe It Is This Time....
It has come to my attention that I have had this name 'lilhoochiefromdownunda' for a while now and it is time for a change! So please leave suggestions for a new name :) I may have to mumm the two favourite names and then it will be the end of an era! A new hoochie hahaha Leave me names!!!!
Zapprudder Films
Attension To All Fuangels, And Potential Fuangels And Lost Boy'z
First of all I want to apologize to all the FuAngels for not being around while I was trying to GODFATHER that have been loyal to being a FuAngel. Thank you for doing so!!! There will be alot of changes for the FuAngels that some of you might not enjoy in which you will end up leaving the FuAngels. If you will become one of those people I thank you for your time and you will be removed. Just let me know OK! These will be the changes that will be happening very shortly. 1. You will have to be more active in being a FuAngel. If not you will be removed from the list! I am so tired of some of the Angels just sitting there doing nothing, but when they need help it's a different story... 2. The FuAngels will now have men that also join. They are not FuAngels, but are called the lost boyz. They will have the same rule as all FuAngels do and the same consiquences if they do not follow them. 3. I know that there are other Angel groups suddenly popping up since the F
what the hell is a snozberry?
Your Top 5
One more week of hell and then I am free!!! Yay my summer break is almost here! I hate exams and the plethora of assignments at the end of the school year! Anyways, since all that will be over, I am putting my nerd hat back on and wanna have a week of a movie marathon:) Yep I am a dork like that!!! Any suggestions? I love movies and I own quite a few, old and new! But wanna see something that I haven't seen before. So, gimme your list of all time top 5 movies :) Weeeeeeeeeee to the dorks I love!
Christmas Party
Thursday is the annual work Christmas party. This is my first year attending unmarried. At first on Friday, I was counted as two invitations because everyone 'forgot' I'm no longer married. How nice! I just assumed they were counting me as two just in case I wanted to bring a date. But, no. A few hours later, my boss came back later and said, "oh, wait...I should only count you for one seat, right?" Well, what the fuck? I think I could get a date for the damn thing if I so chose.
Secret Wedding Photo's Released
Let me be the first to introdue the happy newlyweds. Vixen and Delerius. OK I know it's been a week. In an effort to be Fubar's power couple they got hitched over the weekend. Everyone looked so nice. The bridesmaids dresses were a little long for my taste, but as the night went on, and the booze flowed, you know they hiked them up for us. Speaking of booze, you know Vixen was the first to crack the Keg. As the night wore on, Vixen became very friendly and flirty with all. I'm not sure if the groom was happy about this picture... She had puppy breath for hours after that. :O But that didn't stop Delerius from trying to get a piece of action out back.
Newton's Gravity Voided
The Christmas party wasn't so bad. It wasn't fun, but it could have been worse, I'm sure. I wasn't looking forward to getting back to housework and homework, so it gave me a bit of a break. I was home by about 10:30 p.m...... At that time, it's past Evan's standard bed time, but he asks to rock out when we walk in the door. I oblige. I'm always up for that. We heart music. I tell him, "Just one song, baby, ok?" "k, momma. just one" I choose. I usually stick to the broad genre of rock, but I like all sorts of sounds under that label. He's a bit pickier than I am...I went with Sublime's cover of Bob Marley's No Woman, No Cry--I like it. I kinda dig covers. He likes it, too. Sort of. He does pick up his SB acoustic and "plays" along. We dance and laugh. It's moments like this that I am the luckiest person alive. He's a cool kid. We can rock out, play around, joke about each other. My dancing makes him giggle and his giggles make me giggle. The day to day can sometimes wear me
What A Day.
So to start it, I leave to go get my mom a gift certificate at this place she likes right? Yeah I get about 7 miles down the Interstate and BAM car decides to stop working. So I have to sit on the side of the interstate for about an hour and a half waiting for someone who can come pick me up. Then I take my sister's car home for her because she is afraid to drive in the snow with it, and I stop to put some gas in it and realize she has a flat tire! Finally, I get home. Only, once I step inside, what do I find out? Now our stove isn't working. That means no Christmas cookies. God someone shoot me.
Luca Brasi Sleeps With The Fishes...
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Just under 2 million points to Godfather! Should only take another 2 years to get there. I want to be special too, dammit.
Its The Whores Day ....
Cubby is a friend Yeah, I know he's been a good friend of mine but lately something changed it aint hard to define Cubby's got himself some points and I wanna make them mine and Im watching him whore on line and hes lovin all the fu-money I just know it and hes whoring in fubar late late at night Ya know I wish that I had Cubby's points I wish that I had Cubby's points where can I learn to whore like that? Its a long endless parade he doesnt seem to see a reason to change you know he plays dirty and he thinks he so cute I wanna yell and mutter till Mike gives him the boot and Im watching him whore on line and hes lovin all the fu-money I just know it and he whoring fubar late late at night Ya know I wish that I had Cubby's points I wish that I had Cubby's points where can I learn to whore like that? like Cubby does I wish that I had Cubby's points why cant I learn to whore... why cant I learn to whore like that? And Im looking at his
Singles Ad?
sohotbabe2000: matt fighter pilot Navy single kids 32 ->sohotbabe2000: thank you but i dont give out my yahoo sohotbabe2000: awwwwwwww ur so hot hugs sohotbabe2000: u got yahoo ld sweetie my sohotbabe2000 at yahoo ->sohotbabe2000: thank you again sohotbabe2000: ur sweetness i love ur eyes ->sohotbabe2000: hello matt sohotbabe2000: matt pilot nice 2 meet u ->sohotbabe2000: thank you sohotbabe2000: hugs wowwwwwww u got hot eyes i like it Seriously? I like complements but just because you tell me I have pretty eyes doesn't mean I want your single's ad.
Nemesis Wanted!
An actual Craigslist posting. I think everyone should have one! Henchmen/Henchwoman Needed 6 Month Contract (GTA) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply to: [?] Date: 2009-01-21, 12:49PM EST I've been trying to think of ways to spice up my life. I'm 35 years old, happily married with two kids and I have a good job in insurance. But somethings missing. I feel like I'm old before my time. I need to inject some excitement into my daily routine through my arm before its too late. I need a challenge, something to get the adrenaline pumping again. An addiction would be nice, but, in short, I need a nemesis. I'm willing to pay $350 up front and $350 after six months for you services as an arch enemy. Nothing crazy. Steal my parking space, knock my coffee over, trip me when Im running to catch the Go train and occasionaly whisper in my ear, "Ahha, we meet again". That kind of thing. Just keep me on m
lmao, this WILL come down in 10 min... ok, people, thats it ;p
Jonizzle The Green Water
YOUR REAL NAME Carianne Jones WITNE​SS PROTE​CTION​ NAME:​(​mothe​r and fathe​rs middl​e names​) Marie Lester NASCA​R NAME:​(​first​ name of your mothe​r'​s dad, fathe​r'​s dad) Richard Lester STAR WARS NAME:​(​the first​ 3 lette​rs of your last name,​ first​ 2 lette​rs of your first​ name)​ Jonca DETEC​TIVE NAME:​(​favor​ite color​,​ favor​ite anima​l)​ Orange Moose SOAP OPERA​ NAME:​(​middl​e name,​ town where​ you were born)​ Nicole Munster SUPER​HERO NAME:​ (2nd fav color​,​ fav drink​,​ add "​THE"​ to the begin​ning The Green Water (uhm... ew? XD) FLY NAME:​(​first​ 2 lette​rs of 1st name,​ last 2 lette​rs of your las
Just A Bunch Of Stuff
What does it take to get bombed? Seriously, I have 6 folders that can be bombed, went and rated and fanned tons of people with the bling and NOTHING. Maybe I'm not posting enough boobs or something. For the few that say I'm "popular", this proves that I'm not. I tried to tell you. The hotel I stayed at last night was great. I'm trying to remember why I didn't stay there last week. I'm thinking they didn't have any rooms open or that they didn't have that they had room service on their website. At any rate, they had it. It was so much cheaper than the CRAP I had last week. Let's compare the two hotels. Holiday Inn was $119 a night. Comfort Inn was $90. I know it's only about $20 dollars, but that does make a difference, lol. I'm not going to tell how bad Holiday Inn was for me, if you want to know, go read the blog about it. I will tell you how this one was. Comfort Inn didn't have a toilet that made a noise every time you flushed it, the food that I got was wonderful and it was
Who Said Im Kinky?
Stole this from Katie bwahahahah Twenty Questions on Kink (Well, some are related, so not really 20, but stfu) 1. Let's start fairly basic. Have you ever fantasised about complete loss of control during sex, IE, objectification or total power exchange? absolutely 2. If you were a slippery fucker in the last question and didn't specify which, which one? And have you actually done it? I can very dominant in the bedroom, i have no shame in telling a man what i like and how i like it BUT i can also be very submissive and get completely turned on when a man takes control 3. "Dirty fucking bastard" / "Filthy little fucking whore". Do you fantasise about talking REALLY filthy during sex? I dont fantasize about it...i DO it! im very verbal 4. Ever actually do it? (Insert amusing story here if you have one.) I love to tease a man until he yells for my dirty filthy whore ass to please him and demands to know who's pussy is this...etc.. 5. Ever been to hospital as
Retro Tv Shows
Turns out my son enjoys the cartoons I used to watch when I was little, even more than the modern ones. Go figure. He likes Dick Tracy, Hong Kong Phooey, Mr. Magoo, Hercules, Tom & Jerry, Josey and the Pussycats, Scooby Doo, etc. I was browsing videos recently, and dug up some of the old TV shows that I loved as a kid. How many of these do you remember? Gigantor: Felix The Cat: Hercules: Underdog: Peabody and Sherman: Marine Boy: Kimba The White Lion: Sea Hunt: The Green Hornet: Batman: Voyage To the Bottom Of The Sea: Lost In Space:
Dying Too Young...
I really dont know where to begin with this but the last four days have been an emotional tidal wave. Most of you know i lost my brother almost a year and a half ago which was the hardest thing i ever had to deal with and honestly it almost broke me. My brother was my best friend, my protector and im still adjusting to being an only child, i mean ive been a sister my entire life and some days it still hits pretty hard that im all alone now. Its very sad when anyone dies but my brother was so young with his entire life ahead of him, passing 1 week after his 30th birthday. A year before my brother died my uncle passed away of a heart attack at the age of 40 which was incredibly odd because my grandfather whom ive never met also died at 40 with a heart attack. Well we recieved the call Wed that my other uncle had passed out in his home after a bbq and was in the icu on life support. That evening his girlfriend called to let us know it was due to a stroke and after some tests the doctor sa
He's The Bomb!
This is my awesome Fu Owner. He has Auto 11s. If you haven't checked him out, please do! I couldn't ask for a better Fu Owner. :D Thank you! ♥♥♥ Chiina_Whiite@ fubar
Because I Can
So, we have a new leash law in Decatur County. This means that I have to register my animal with the county. For a fee, of course...the 'man' gets to profit from my owning an animal. No surprise there. This also means that even though I live in the middle of nowhere, I have to either have the dog on a leash at all times, pay to put up a fence, or have him basically chained to a metal stake in the ground. Let me mention now that I am not happy about all of this. I didn't move to the middle of nowhere to have a code enforcement officer tell me, "Miss, he's awful big, ain't he?" "I know! I just woke up one morning and my little chihuahua had hit quite a growth spurt. Amazing, isn't it?" He didn't get it nor did I expect he would. I'm not sure why people assume that big=vicious. Great danes are often affectionately called Gentle Giants. For a reason. Stupid people don't reason though, so that's my dilemma. The even bigger dilemma is that I don't have the extra money around for
So, just out of curiosity... ever talked to someone in the shoutbox here when you could have just talked to them on yahoo/msn/aim?
Stating My Opinion
I'm just going to state my opinion on a matter that so many people like to complain about on here. There's a huge difference between begging for things on here and simply stating you like something. Hell, let's take bling for example. Simple saying "I like ____ bling" is NOT begging for it. It is stating your opinion. I can't tell you how many times I've been trying to decide which bling to send to a friend and then I see the status "Ohhh I reallyyyy like ___ bling". So guess what? Then I know exactly which one I want to get them. I give bling for a reason, the message always ties it to something between that friend and I. And I'm sick and tired of all you self righteous people judging others based on the stupidest things. Not to mention deleting and blocking friends over childish and immature things. Get a life, seriously! In closing, f**k you! Thank you and have a great evening.
7up Is Busted! Drink Sprite!
A lot of people have asked me to find out if a certain fubar member is real or not. So without furthur adieu! Meet Carli! She's an 18 year old senior at Freehold twp high school ( in Freehold, NJ. She's also a member of the Freehold twp high school cheerleading squad. her myspace link is: here's a list of some other fake profiles using carli's photos:
Oh Noes!!
I'm going to a movie with Husky tomorrow...I'm skeered!!!!
She Said What?
This singleness I am experiencing is still so very newfangled. I know I am the same person I was before I was single, but I feel like I am acting different, and doing different things than I would have before. Yesterday, I had planned to meet up with the guy I had ice cream with a week or so ago. As it turns out, he's also a professional masseuse. He offered to come by my place and give me one...for free. :) Yay for me, except that I don't really feel like having some guy over to the house I share with my ex and his best friend is such a good idea. Mr. Masseuse asked about meeting me at an hourly motel. I don't think he meant it to make feel like a classless hussy, or make me think he was a perv who was also cheap...but these things kind of went through my mind. I want the massage, but I felt uncomfortable with the idea still, so I needed an out, in a nice way. As it turns out, my ex (who is a trucker) had a load of tomatoes he was delivering near home, so he would be coming home t
My Boring Weekend!!
I am sitting here this fine Monday afternoon in my plaid men's pj bottoms, by wife beater and of course my purple slippers. Those of you who truly know me have come to except that this is my outfit most Mondays...they also know that my hair is never brushed, so to combat the endless knots and backcombing( i just looked like i had sex for 15 hours straight hair) I've decided to do the next best thing with my hair....... princess Leah buns!! Now to enlighten all of you as to my weekend..... I being lonely and horny as all hell Friday decided to rent a porno.. I pulled out all my toys... (you never do know what one might need) and looked at the long list of movies.. Ofcourse squirters immediately pops out and I hit yes..... The movie comes on and the title flashes up "Anal Gaping Squirters" I freeze holly shit what have i done.. can i get my money back... no ... I will not tell you what happened after this because I know some of my friends are trying very hard not to be corrupted  by
My First Auction (possibly)
I am thinking to join up in an auction I will offer the following....   1.One Poo Salute 2.One Belch on your snapvine 3. Two weeks of me rating 35 of your pictures a 1 4. One smelly sock sent to you via mail 5. One last spot to be in my family for a week 6. I will call you my pet for a week in my name..   Do you think this is a good idea.....?   Wicked  
Hiding Out
I've missed all you fuckers, things have been crazy lately - but mostly in a good way.   Work has been busy as hell lately, which is a good thing, especially when people are lucky to be working these days.  M oldest graduated - woohooo!  She just barely missed graduating with honors (3.98 GPA for 4 years).  I got to  see the lovely Miss Katie Mae while I was in SC weekend before last :) and I'm moving this week!  So, hopefully soon things will be normal, well, as normal as things get around me, and I'll be on line.  I should have internet in the new place on Friday
The Canadians Are Invading
Random thoughts of the day Twelve Tim Horton's just opened up in NYC.  I blame Wicked. I can never visit Europe in the Summer, if I see more than two guys dressed up in colored jeans and white shirts I will not be able to contain my laughter. Who is a harder worker; someone who takes 5 hours to do something and works two hours of overtime to get 2 things done a day or someone who does things in half the time and gets 3 things done while only taking a half hour lunch?
Vote For Woo's Boobs!!
Go vote on Woo's mumm now!!   http:/ Woo™ said:if we get this to 1000 votes i will load my breasts on here in an open for everyone folder..   Do it now!!!!!!!!!!!        
Can Someone Explain This?
So my 8 year old has been saying she wnts to learn about I called a couple of local churches to see how I could get her enrolled in Sunday school. I was told I had to be a parishoner..I explained to the woman that I am an atheist but I think it should be my daughters decision as to what religion she follows..and that she cannot do that without learning first. She said sorry cant do it unless you are a parishoner...ok welll after a lengthy debate..I wasnna know WHY!? They turn my 8 year old away(these good Christian people) because I would not go to church? I explained that I feel I am not the right one to teach her as even subconsciously my feelings may come out and influence her.   So wtf is the deal here? assholes do not judge..haha fuckin funny *end rant* PS any of ya have any ideas for me?
Pigskin Payoff Game!
This game now closed. Thank you for playing :) If you've not yet rated my blog, would you please do so? Thank you!           Game F.A.Q.Who can I order for?You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more tokens. Can I order more than one at a time?Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of how many tokens are meant for each person. For example, if you send 5000 fubucks (enough for 10 tokens) you would say "5 to Dawn, User # 975528 and 5 to Cali4nialovin01, User # 884702." If you  have traded rates for tokens, you can say somethi
Yet again I am going to attempt the weight loss crap..   I am doing it a different way though. I am not going to jump in and kill myself with workouts and eating less like i used to.. This time, I am starting out by changing my diet... no gym time.. just diet changes.. I am going to try to keep a journal and keep this blog up to date... I am planning menus for each day and trying to keep my calories, fat, carbs, and proteins in a specific range. The ranges are: Calories:1840-2190 Carb:207-356 Fat:41-85 Protein:60-192   seems pretty doable (btw i got these numbers from I have a set menu for a week at a time and am trying to eat just that.. i am going to TRY to drink only water (or juice when it is noted) but i am a coca cola addict... and coffee... I will be weighing in on Tuesday mornings at 5:30 am NAKED haha....   Starting weight.... (holy crap i don't wanna post this...) 277.8   i r cow
Stereotypes & Hypocrisy
I am not sure how to properly title this, but I think the wording above best describes the point I am trying to get across in this blog. This website has oodles of them, to the person with the flashy default is craving attention, to the "DJ's" Owning or running a "Lounge", and then is where I rest my head, the mumms. Now the running consensus of the mumms is just cut and dry, no frills opinions which dislikes the stereotypes of this website. I have been hanging in the community for a while, but then again, by this behavior by insulting other fubar stereotypes and claiming not to be a sheep, I feel like the forum has succeeded in creating a stereotype of it's own.  Here is where the hypocrisy part comes in. I feel like yet again, the mumm community has become another huge popularity contest. I notice this in mumm comments that I have left. They go unresponded, but I notice a few posts up, someone else says the same exact thing or makes the same exact point I did 5 minutes ago, and tha
I am bored, hungry, and being hated by some people. blah!
R.i.p Ash
sorry to tell everyone this but ash has passed away this morning u all know she was in the hostipal for a long time well she doing good so she was moved into a hospice to finish healing well she got the flu real bad n she couldnt fight it off but if u have any questions ask n i will try to answer them as i can this is sammie so lets please have a moment for her
C51 - Fubar Makes Me Hope You Love It! (jk I Do Love Fubar) :p
Ecs Member Of The Month/top Ecs Male And Female Of The Week
Have you done your part to be considered as ECS member of the month?Every month, FIVE ECS members will be nominated as our "MEMBER OF THE MONTH".  ECS members will leave a comment under the person they feel should be declared as our MEMBER OF THE MONTH. The decision will be based on your interaction with your family, your activity and your involvement within the group. We will look at all these aspects and ultimately we will decide.As our MEMBER OF THE MONTH, each top ECS member will be givien random gifts, pimpouts and shitfaces will also be given by our top ECS members. The MEMBER OF THE MONTH will also have our #1 friend spot and be featured on the ECS homepage. The ECS MEMBER OF THE MONTH will commence THIS December, so do your part and do what it takes to become ECS MEMBER OF THE MONTH! Want to become ECS's top male and female MEMBER OF THE WEEK?Commencing Monday, November 23rd, the TOP ECS MALE and TOP ECS FEMALE OF THE WEEK will be open all willing and active members. be base
Let's Stop Reporting Mumm Attempts.
Look, I know I'm just another mummer and aren't mr. mumm authority but I've been doing it long enough to have a valid opinion so here goes...   I've been thinking about how the mumms have slowed to a crawl lately. I remember the days when they flowed like wine. I miss those days. I thought about toning down my mean spirited comments and leading by example but that isn't any damn fun.   Here's the plan...   Let's stop reporting people and just enjoy the thing. A lot of people that get their globals taken away, never come back. Please stop reporting them so they keep coming back for more.   It's getting to the point that we have to post mumms ourselves just to keep from falling asleep.   Please try this. Please.   Sincerely, James
it was fine when i wasn't having sex because i wasn't interested... but suddenly.. because i said "no sex till i lose 100 pounds" i really REALLY wanna get laid... its bad enough that random things get me worked up!   ie... i leaned back and my hair caught on something and it pulled... i turned into super horny chick instantly
Fubar Book Club! World War Z By Max Brooks! Join Here!
What: An attempt at a book club, here, on Fubar. Some say it's a foolish mission. They're correct, but we're awesome, we read and we love talking to each other on blogs, so up theirs. Who: Hopefully you. ANYBODY can join. A handful of you have promised me you'll join and don't think I'm not gonna hound you. All you need to do is read the book, and participate in discussions whenever you want. When: Starting now (or before now) until March 1. Yes, you have that much time to read this 350 book. You can join and read it at anytime until then. Where: I want this to be very open and fun. Comment here to let us know you're gonna do it, and I will set up blogs for discussions every week or so. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE YOUR OWN BOOK CLUB BLOG ENTRIES! You can do your own entries on the book/your reading and have discussions there, just please send me the link so I can link them here and try to check into the "main" blog here once in a while, especially if your blogs are set to friends o
The Next Book Club Book?
I have a great one in mind, but please leave your nominations here. Thank you!
So I had been feeling pretty down and such. Someone gave me a Xanax last night to chill out as I did need to chill out a bit. I think I must have been visited by the xanax fairy last night  (not the person on here with that handle) because wow I feel a lot better today. I feel more like myself. I have been very lonely due to not knowing anyone in this area and had given up actually on meeting anyone. I had given up on trying. There is dry karoake tonight that I was also told I should go to by the person that gave me the Xanax. I had saw no point in even going as I was going to just sit there by myself and be bored waiting for my chance to sing. I think I will go and take my knitting and knit while waiting between songs. That way I shall be entertained if no one talks to me. I do not considermyself anti social but I guess am not the best at just saying hi to new people sometimes. I am also very used to having people walk up to me and say hi. I was always doing Tarot for 20 people or
PLEASE READ THE FIRST COLUMN STRAIGHT DOWN FIRST, THEN RETURNTO THE TOP AN READ BOTHCOLUMNS TOETHER TO FULLY UNDER STAND THE MEANING OF THIS POEM THANK YOU......                              L.O.V.E. Lies                       THE DECIEVER OF MEN Overbearing                HIS NATURE TO CONTROL Valued                     FEELINGS HE SELLS ALLEmotions                   INSIDE HE'S BOTTLED UP Locking                    TOGETHER OUR EYES SEEKOut                        EACH OTHER WE'RE SEARCHINGVirtually                  UNSEEN AND HIDDEN FROMEveryone                   REACHING UNABLE TO GRASP Letting                    GO OF DOUBTS AND FEARSOur                        FAITH GROWS ASVisions                    INSTILLED IN HEARTSEntwine                    MIND BODY AND SOUL Lifting                    PRAYERS IN OFFERINGOaths                      BIND WORDS SPOKEN       Verifying                  INTENTIONS RELEASED DEEPExposition                 BURIED LONG FORGOTTEN Learning          
I saw that i was still being jibed today and it just pissed me off so I said what the HELL, lets find the proof that i was scammed... so I wrote support and folks here's the response... from: fubar Support United States subject: RE: past bling packs received: 05/5/2010 01:39 pm replied: no   block this member 2009-12-13 22:32:45 1230477 gift blingpack for 3619108 62009-12-10 20:33:16 1230477 regular credit purchase 102009-06-08 21:01:01 1230477 regular credit purchase 252009-03-30 12:19:38 1230477 regular credit purchase 252008-10-14 12:51:17 1230477 regular credit purchase 252008-10-01 21:43:48 1230477 regular credit purchase 25=== 'deathpoet' wrote the following at '2010-05-05 09:52:18'..>> Hello, > I was wondering if there is anyway to get information on bling packs purchased in the past by debit card. Specificly, who bling packs were purchased for?> > Thankyou,> Deathpoet...
Wtf Is Going On With Him...
So some people may remember me mentioning my friend Shannon in previous blogs.. if not i will do a quick rundown.. right after me and hubby split.. i became friends with this guy shannon. he was just splitting up with his girlfriend Kristi. since then we have gone out as friends many many times... pretty much at least once a week we hang out..  I had/have a crush on him.. he knows it.. but we discussed it and decided that it would be best to stay just friends... fine with me! issue is when he gets a bit drunk.. he starts getting touchy feely and a bit jealous of other guys... at one point he straight out told a guy that was hitting on me that if i was going home with anyone it was him.. i was like.. WWHHHAAATTT??   anyway.. last night we went out as usual. he was drinking, so was i.. I was texting my exboyfriend Beau. We became friends again just recently. Shannon (before he got too drunk) was asking me who i was texting.. so i told him. (remember.. JUST FRIENDS) also told him that
This Has To Stop
  Why? Just why do girls do this?
Dear Mummers And Point Hoars...
If you know me, you know I don't have a problem with either groups.   If I see a MuMMer being a jackass, I'll say something.   If I see a Point Hoar or RED-NAME being a dumbass, I'll say something.   I really want to build a bridge, a bridge of communication between these two groups of Fubar.   But every now and then, I get the Benedict Arnold kind of treatment...   And since I already got THAT treatment ONCE this week with someone named LeBron, I'm kinda upset.   For you RED-NAMES and higher-ups, please realize something...   You NEED to have publicity for your MuMM to level.   So, to the RED-NAME that blocked me AFTER I defended you and AFTER I shared your MuMM, THANKS for proving the stereotype about your kind RIGHT.   There are quite a few MuMMers that try to give ya'll a benefit of a doubt, but you just turned the page back.   Personally, I WON'T hold other RED-NAMES and such responsible for your actions but no telling WHAT others will do...   So, in closing,
Ahhhhhh Hahahahhahaha Idiot
To  GEM GIRL P...: can please leave my page.I have no tolerance forliars and thieves..and many have called you both. So scoot along..and have a nice night   GEM GIRL P...: I wouldnt bother dont worry about it, youre blocked Hilarious..she checked me out and rated less than 12 people have told me she is a ripoff artist..fucks people over for bling and shit..and yeah she blocked me *sigh*
The Not-so-fake-fake & The Number 1,061....
Hey everyone and welcome to yet another fun filled action packed blog about the exciting things that happen around here. Ahh yes. But first, about that number 1,061.... See I'm good with dates and after some research last night very, very late, I found the date that there was a last male red Top 10 lifetime member, which was 1,061 days ago, guess who? lol. But congrats to Fu Daddy on finally making it there. Needless to say it's a rare accomplishment indeed... Now on to what ya'll probably came here for in the first place. It's been well versed in these blogs about the fake and stuff that goes on around here. It's a whole entity of issues all in and of itself there, but what happens when the person isn't "fake" persay, but actually real, but well, really isn't. Maybe? Such is the case here... See this pretty 19 yr old girl's salute?... It's not fake! It might actually be the real chick. But see there's a catch here. Well, other than the creepy fact it looks lik
I created a fubar only facebook account.!/DonkeyGod If you want to add me on this, put whatever name your using in the comments of this blog so I know who you are.
*Start of Rant*   Went and got my new shoe fitted today .... fucking lovely it is, here have a look .....     After I had that thing fitted and having to put up with all the people staring on the bus ... I can just imagine all the old biddies whispering to each other ....' poor soul, bless her she has a club foot'. Club foot my arse, you'll have a club head in the minute if you don't stop whispering about me. Paranoia setting in??? ... Fuck yes, it would happen to you if you had to lug that damn thing around with you. And Jesus H Christ it makes you feet sweat.   Then I went to the dentist to have the rest of my root canal filling done, the anaesthetic is now wearing off and it bloody well hurts.    Then, about 30 mins ago (as if my day wasn't fucked up enough) I received a call from the hospital ...   Caller: Hello Miss Fraser, i'm calling about your appointment for a CT scan, how does the 30th August sound? Me: *stunned* .. did you say the 30th August? Caller: Yes! M
The Mid October Madness Blog...
Ok ok ok...I know it's been awhile. Shoot me ok?.... Well kids welcome to this mid-October (shudders) installment of insanity. Gawd it really feels like forever since I've written anything huh?.. there's just a -lot- going on and it just feels sometimes like things "change" so quickly here that by the time it's actually looked into an postable it's actually old news!! I mean for months everyone was yiping about Gem Girl and now it's like it feels like forever ago. People usually get what they deserve if they keep doing the same shitty things and treating people like shit over and over again. It's the fast track way to get yourself in a world of trouble on here fast. It brings you drama you don't really need. Do you really need to leave that picture comment or that status comment? -THINK- before you act people and you'll pr
Fu Turkeys +
Hi kids. Before we start just want to wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving week, I'm sure everyone (well, most everyone) is excited about the coming holiday. And all of the nomz and all of that good stuff. You all know about that so I'm not gonna spare you the details here...just stuff it huh?... So as the yearly theme goes here we have some good ol Fu Turkeys for ya this year, always amusing these are. People that do stupid things sometimes need a good reality check, especially around the that in mind I bring you the following..... Now check this out ok, this one...with no salute of course..
Lies, Rumors, And "friends"
"True friends stab you in the front" ~Oscar Wilde I am opening this blog with that quote, which is one of my favorites for a reason. Those we call friends can sometimes disappoint more than those we once considered enemies. The ones that we didn't get along with for one reason or another suddenly become closer than those who always appeared to be nice, sweet friends who "like to help others." I am blessed to call some women on here friends now that were once on the opposite side of that line. They were never quiet about their feelings about me, nor was I about them. The catalyst always came down to a guy (go figure). It was always out in the open though. Never was a word said that the other wasn't aware of. That is the reason that these women are so much respected by me. It's the ones who smile in your face as they stab you in the back that bother me. Fubar is like a small town, and everyone knows everyone else's business, or at least pretends to know, and states is as fact with
I Have A Small Problem
I think I have an addiction.. I got scrubs for christmas... 6 printed tops and 3 solid pants.. Just tonight I bought myself a solid top, a printed top, and 4 pair of solid pants :/     someone STOP me lol
When I Die
I'm going to have to keep a list of passwords so when I die, someone I trust will have access to everything. Just thinking out loud.
This blog is not a shit starting blog, this is an informative blog. I know not everyone likes everyone-I'm not by liked by a lot and that's fine. I definitely don't like everyone. I don't expect everyone on my friends list to get along. What I do expect from the people on my list is to be respectful to me and my page. If I post a status/pic/blog etc. about someone you don't like-you don't need to comment. I really don't care if you don't like them-I like them for a reason. You can check my top friends/family to see who I am friends with, so it's not that hard to figure out I like them. I don't need snide remarks made about people so you can feel like a big shot or whatever it is you're trying to prove. I try to be respectful to your page and I would appreciate it if you showed me the same courtesy.   Remember: someone on my list might not like YOU and I would tell them the same thing.
Letting Things Out
I am a passionate person. I am emotional. I am impulsive. Act first, think later. It gets me in trouble a lot. I am not proud of how I acted regarding a certain incident that has surfaced and blown up the past few days. Torches have been lit and pitchforks have been grabbed and I haven't liked being a party to it. I don't like logging in now and seeing the crap I see being spewed all over. I don't come here for that. Had I known this would be the result, I would have sat in my corner. I am not condemning nor condoning anyone; this blog is for me. To get out how I feel, so I don't feel so disgusted with myself.   On another subject matter: I am sick of biting my tongue. I am sick of sweeping things under the rug because I don't want to hurt friends feelings or step on any toes. So...I'm not going to anymore. If everyone deletes me because of it, that's okay. At least I know I was honest and true to my character.
How Many Have You Read ?
1 Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen2 The Lord of the Rings - JRR Tolkien3 Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte4 Harry Potter series - JK Rowling5 To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee6 The Bible7 Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte8 Nineteen Eighty Four - George Orwell9 His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman10 Great Expectations - Charles Dickens11 Little Women - Louisa M Alcott12 Tess of the D’Urbervilles - Thomas Hardy13 Catch 22 - Joseph Heller14 Complete Works of Shakespeare - read some, but not others...15 Rebecca - Daphne Du Maurier16 The Hobbit - JRR Tolkien17 Birdsong - Sebastian Faulk18 Catcher in the Rye - JD Salinger19 The Time Traveller’s Wife - Audrey Niffenegger20 Middlemarch - George Eliot21 Gone With The Wind - Margaret Mitchell22 The Great Gatsby - F Scott Fitzgerald23 Bleak House - Charles Dickens24 War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy25 The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams26 Brideshead Revisited - Evelyn Waugh27 Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoyevsky 28 G
Teeny Weenie /ded
ya lookin Buzz:   toasted Level: Twisted Fu (6) Gender: Male, ? Location: Lebanon, TN   10:43pm ya lookin: wat does teeny weeny mean 10:47pm ya lookin: helllooooopoo 10:49pm FvckingCan...: small penis.. 10:49pm ya lookin: not that small thats my manhood ur talking about 10:51pm ya lookin: its average right 10:51pm FvckingCan...: Ok..and you are posting it for all to critique. Most guys with less than average penis "manhood" are great 10:52pm
Worst Birthday Ever..
I am writing this so that on future birthdays I can look back at this and say, "At least this one isn't as bad as my 37th birthday".. Not looking for sympathy..   It's insanely cold here as with everywhere else.. My car doesn't seem to he handling it well at all.. On my way to work this morning my car diecided to break down. I had to take the bus the rest of the way.. I was 30 minutes late. Jen bought me a new coffee mug. I love it.. I had to walk part of the way to work and the lid came off it while i was walking and i lost it.. FUCK! Was a normal day at work. Nothing great.. around 10:30 the only good thing happened. Jen sent me an edible bouquet and a balloon.. It embarrassed me a ton but made me smile.. I love it.. My dad picked me up from work and drove me to my car.. It ran like shit the whole way home but i got home.. Thank god for dad picking me up.. i love him.. The car is driving like shit because the water pump is freezing because i am burning up collant.. I tried to a
My Daughter Savannah Hanging Out With Daddy...
My daughter Savannah, who is five loves to hang out with her daddy and play in my home office while I work. I thought I would snap a few photos and put them up here so you could see one of the many reasons I am always so happy.
Here Is All The Info About The Real Stewie.
I have over 3200 Friends now, yet no one has asked anything about me.. Here it is.. All you may want or not wanna know about me.. 1. Full name: Chris 2. Nicknames: StewieGriffin 3. Eye Colour: Green 4. Height: 5" 8 5. Hair: A Little in Selected Places 6. Siblings: 1 Sister I don't talk to much 7. Do u like to sing in the shower? Not So Much 8. Do u like to sing on the toilet? It's my favorite thing to do in the bathroom 9. Birthday: I have one. I think it's in my profile 10. Sign: Gemini 11. Address: UnDisclosed. 12. Sex: I have had it in the past 13. Righty or lefty: Its depends on what I am doing.. For the most part a righty 14. What do you want in a relationship most? Communication, Respect, Love 15. Have you ever cheated? Yes when I was young and stupid 16. Marital status: Hitched 17. Do you have a car? Yes.. A Kia, ugh... 18. What kinda car do you have/want? Acura.. 19. Movie: Gone In 60 Seconds 20. Song: To Many To List 21. Band/singer: Mariah Carrie.
Referral Issues
  ***I originally wrote this blog in 2007 about missed referrals. It is still relevant today. This also applies to mercenaries.  We do not credit for missed referrals. If you signed someone up and did not get credit, it could be one of the following: 1. You cheated. 2. The person signing up's browser did not track your referral ID. (This could be associated to anti spyware, virus ware or security settings) We will not investigate, credit or debate missed referrals.  Here are a few tips to making sure you do get credit. There are NO guarantees that this will work. 99.99% of the time missed referrals are due to user error or the person's computer OR something shady is going on. 1. Use the "Link to this profile" code on your homepage or in fuMafia2. Use the INVITE link on the upper left navigation panel.3 If you are linking banners on another site, please use this referral code.  TIP: If your brothers uncle was signing on from your laptop or house or your sister's brother's cousin fr
The Attacks Never Cease...
Well, as many of you, my faithful readers know, I've been under a constant attack from the users "NASA FAN" and "Firemyst" lately. Even though I completely owned Nasa in my last blog entry, he still insists on pushing things forward... this time, with the help of "To Protect and Serve", who is a newbie with a vendetta. I owned him last night in this mumm: Today, he posted another mum here: whining about his block. When I posted a link to the old mumm, he deleted most of his comments from the old mumm, but apparently didn't know about the "show all comments" link. Hit that, and you'll see the bulk of his transgressions. This twit has sided with Firemyst, who posted a mumm today (which has been since deleted) along with a new blog entry, which can be found here: The thing I find funny about all of this, is that the "To Protect and Serve" moron was posting
New Photo Management And Sharing!
hey everyone, we've been hard at work trying to improve some of the older/jankier portions of fubar. this afternoon i'll be replacing the old photo management page with a new version which lets you update captions/flags/delete/etc for all of your photos at once, instead of doing them one at a time. included in this change will be the ability to share your albums with friends who aren't members. they'll be able to browse your albums and photos without having to login or join the site (this only applies to your public albums/photos). you'll be able to find these changes on your photos page once i've turned it on. cheers! -mike
New Adds And Rating
Guys, I know you all wanna see the NSFW's... I get that, really, I do. But enough is enough. If I add you, and watch you rate ONLY NSFW's ... you will be removed from friends and blocked. I don't ask much for anything. I don't even ask you to talk to me and take me to dinner before you see me naked. I DO ask that you take a sec and look at me with clothes on and rate me. If i'm not worth that much to you, then you shouldn't want to see me naked. in that case, you can remove yourself from my friends and leave my albums alone altogether. And stop freakin asking me to unlock or get into my family pics, there's a vid that explains that in my damn stash. Much Love to those that pay attention Sin Edited to add: if you got a link to this and DON'T do this kinda shit, DON'T take it personally. EVERYONE got it. Out of 4000, did you want me to pull out the 50 somehow that do pay attention??? Also, as i've been sitting here, more guys did exactly what this says not to. so
Spankers Club Information & Requests
Alot of new members have been asking the Spankers what is expected of them. What do they have to do? How can they be of the most help? What are the rules? I soon realized we don't have a profile section or blog devoted to answering those questions. So I decided to make a list of helpful information. We do hope all of you will read this, do your best to respect it and help out as much as you can. If everyone contributes some time to our family, we will continue to be one of the best bombing groups on fubar! That's why we're all here, right? So please look over this list and do your very best to stick to them. Thank you. ~ INFO & REQUESTS ~ 1. The Owner & Founder- CottonBlossom Our Leaders are Starry Johnny Spanker Sec - SugarCookie Spanker Manager - MammaT They try to keep this family running smoothly and fair to all members. 2. A Daily Update blog is updated each day (mostly) to inform all Spankers on where we need your help the mos
I Will Miss You!!!
I will be leaving Fubar sometime this week after I am done giving away all my fubucks. I already know where they are going so please don't ask me for them. I have two reasons for leaving. The main reason is that the new rules go against my principles of fairness and free speech. They have chosen to you the tool of removing privileges to limit speech on this site. THeir limitation of speech is subjective and provide no recourse for the often innocent victim of someone else's fun. The second reason is that I could use the time freed up. I will miss you all!! Wait a minute...most of you. Good luck!! MUAH!!!! Linda. PS If you wish to keep in touch my yahoo is thegsdlady you can use it for both email and IM.
Time For Fun
oh well...i'm on sale..lmao.don't get too's just on fubar lol i've joined my friend's let the fun begin 8-p
Friends And Family
There is alot of drama going around about who did what and who should be charged with what. There is also alot of finger pointing and accusing going on as well. Then there are those who just wish everyone would just drop the whole thing and are posting blogs and bulletins about personal experiences explaining why they feel the way they do. I have read story after story, and felt grief for each and every person that has some thing terrible happen to them. In theory we have all encountered some sort of loss in our life, either loss by death or loss due to other reasons. Being a Veteran of the Iraqi war I have seen many of my closest friends lose their lives right in front of me, the most painful part of this is thinking to your self what could I have done to prevent this. I have lost some of my brothers in arms and I will never forget them, I will never stop thinking of them or praying for their families. That is what we all need to do, take this time to say a little prayer for the famil
Mc Hammertoe.
The source video for this gif wasn't the best, so a lot of the layering this doesn't look that good. That's also why everyone has such big heads.... and plus, that's more fun :) Starring (in order by appearance) AngelicThor™, DDawg, Fat Sonny, Tattooed Marine, FatBoy, Process this!, Tom, The Secret Mousey, Vixen260, Misfit, Princess, OMFG It's Andrea, J-Roxxx, Twisted Firestarter, Tastyflutterby, and of course, The Footie Monster as MC Hammertoe. Special thanks to Charlotte, the idea for this was her's :) Special thanks to Sonny for the background code!
Mr 7000000 Has A Stick In His Keester!!!
Today, Mr 7000000 was called a point whore...twice. (I'm using the third person, because I find that funny when people do it) I don't disagree, I AM a point whore. This I do not deny. I love points, and I love Fubucks, and the more, the merrier. But I didn't like the tone I was called it in. This has bugged me all morning, and so as with everything that bugs Mr 7000000, it eventually festers into a blog. Not to mention, there have been a few things lately I've noticed, and I'm ready to rant. First and foremost, before you call someone a point whore, maybe you should do a little digging, and see what they're doing with them. Just how are they spending their fubucks. I guarantee most the finger pointers, and hording their bucks, buying little gifts for their "friends", bidding on auctions, and other self serving tasks. Myself...well the people who know me know what I do with them. And once I build up again...I'll probably do the same thing. I work hard for my Fubucks, and do
I Fucking Hate
JOHNNY DEPP!! That is all.Thank you..
Fubar World Cruise Passengers, Page 4
♫♪♫ ♫♪♫ Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking .. Welcome to the Fubar World Cruise, where you can get more friends, fans, page rates and fugifts. Please rate this blog, its #31 so far in the top blogs woohooo well done everyone ;o) You need to rate (profile only), fan and add all crew members as well as all of the passengers to be added. If any members come up as invalid in these blogs, please message me to let me know so I can remove them, thank you. You can see the Crew List and rules here. You MUST rate (profile only), fan and add all crew members as well as all of the passengers to be added. IF ANY PASSENGERS HAVE THEIR PROFILE PAGES SET TO "FRIENDS ONLY", SEND THEM A PRIVATE MESSAGE INFORMING THEM THAT YOU ARE JOINING THE FUBAR WORLD CRUISE AND TO RATE FAN AND ADD YOU, AND THAT YOU WILL RATE AND FAN THEM ONCE YOU'RE ADDED TO THEIR FRIENDS LIST, THANKS! Our Passengers (301-400) ...
The Ball - Less Blog Thief...
..just when you think that there aren't any new lows to find on here other than fakes, cheaters, haters, drama kings & queens , scripters, fake account makers and more...we have found a new creation...the Myspace blog thief....the fake blogger was Bauer and alot of people that read my stuff had a tendency to read his. Problem being, they just weren't his.. ..posted alot of blogs like this... ...first of all, this is pretty rude. A little
I Will Follow You Into The Dark
There are actually a couple of people that I feel this strongly of them hates Death Cab. Love of mine some day you will die But I'll be close behind I'll follow you into the dark No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white Just our hands clasped so tight Waiting for the hint of a spark If Heaven and Hell decide That they both are satisfied Illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs If there's no one beside you When your soul embarks Then I'll follow you into the dark In Catholic school as vicious as Roman rule I got my knuckles bruised by a lady in black And I held my tongue as she told me "Son fear is the heart of love" So I never went back If Heaven and Hell decide That they both are satisfied Illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs If there's no one beside you When your soul embarks Then I'll follow you into the dark You and me have seen everything to see From Bangkok to Calgary And the soles of your shoes are all worn down
Caption It | Vol.2 | 005
RFB’s Bi-Weekly Photo Blog Caption It Start sending in pictures you would like to see featured in a round of "Caption It"!!! Make sure to put "Caption It Image" or "Caption It Photo" as the subject of the email & send them to I will be doing these bi-weekly now so keep an eye out! The name of the game is “Caption It” and the rules are simple. 1. Check out this blog twice a week for a new photo and hysterical captions. 2. Comment with a caption of your own! You could caption the photo in general or “quote” the person/people in it. (rude, funny, gross, sarcastic, political etc… ANYTHING GOES!) I will be making this blog NSFW so post whatever you like. 3. Have fun!!! If I can get enough people into it I will start awarding gifts for the best caption every week as voted on by the blog participants.
yeah right. I own everyone.
Birth Control=abortion?!
Family planning groups object to abortion plan By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor Tue Jul 15, 6:16 PM ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Family planning groups and at least one member of Congress objected on Tuesday to a Bush administration memo that defines several widely used contraception methods as abortion and protects the right of medical providers to refuse to offer them. The proposal would cut off federal funds to hospitals and states that attempt to compel medical providers to offer legal abortion and contraception services to women. The proposal circulated to media defines abortion broadly to include many types of contraception, including birth control pills and intrauterine devices. Health and Human Services officials declined to confirm the proposal, but noted their responsibility to protect against discrimination of doctors and pharmacists who object to abortion or birth control on religious or moral grounds. "This proposed rule will put women's acce
I often get asked what is the cause of my severely sick and disgusting sense of humor. Emotional trauma? Mental disturbance? The answer is...yes, ok. But thats really not the official reason. The reason is...Chernushki (transl: black rhymes). To be exact, short sadistic poems that had a Godly status in post-Apocalyptic Russia and were told by kids and adults alike. My father was a sucker for those, and he would always tell me his favorites. It is really hard to translate the brilliance of Chernushki, since the rhyming is lost during the translation. Here are some that my dad used to tell me before I went to sleep as a lil kid: A little boy climbed in a fridge Someone in the basement turned on the generator The boogers froze in his nose really fast Now he will never try to eat salami An old man found a pineapple He had no idea that it was a handgranade He took a pocket knife out and started to peel it His ass found found 10 miles away A little boy turned on a meat
No More Mrs. Nice Girl
So I have been thinking, I am pretty much nice to alot of people on here, but lately I find myself so irritated with the people on here and tired of being nice.. so from now on.. Im no longer nice. Unless you're nice to me.
Call Me
I know I get all the cool guys shouting at me, but this one really stands out above the rest! Read it and weep. I'm such a lucky girl! It's bottom to top. patrickbush12: OK UR NOT ANY FUN ANYMORE Y R U BEING LIKE THIS HUH patrickbush12: Y DO U FEEL BAD U SAD AT ONE POINT THAT U WERE GOING TO V=CALL ME SO ->patrickbush12: i almost feel bad. look, i'm not going to call you. you may as well move on to the next trucker and try your luck there patrickbush12: IM TRYING NOT TO I JUST WANT TO GET TO KNOW U AND MAYBE TALK TO U ON THE PHONE EVER ONCE IN AWILE ->patrickbush12: i'm impressed you haven't given up already. however, persistance in this case, is not going to pay off patrickbush12: hahaha ur funny will u please call me allready ->patrickbush12: you can't really be serious. now you're asking about my sister? well, she's a bit younger than me...65 yrs old patrickbush12: how old is she what am i not cute enoguh for you or wha is the problem patrickbush12: IT WAS A ???? About
Attack Of Conscience
There's this woman I met on here quite a while back. She's 49, married and lives in the states. Problem is this, we used to talk on yahoo and myspace every now and then. For some reason she got it in her mind that I wanted to go over to the states and "hook up" with her. In no way did I encourage this. I haven't talked to her for ages, 'cause to be honest she started creeping me out a little. I even put my yahoo to only show me as offline to her always. She's started to leave offline messages recently, as far as leaving me her mobile number today, hence this blog. I dunno whether to actually tell her she's creeping me out, because I don't wanna be horrible to her over a misunderstanding, of sorts. UPDATE This is the message I received back from her: yes i do undertsnad , i wasnt going to have u as a boyfriend any ways .
I just got home from my mother's appointment. He said without the surgery Mother wouldn't live much longer at all. He is not sure if he can find an aortic vein to graph from, but he is going to try. So the surgery has to happen in the next couple of weeks. She goes to the cardiologist tomorrow afternoon to insure her heart is strong enough, then surgery will be scheduled. He did tell us that this surgery is VERY complicated and he is not sure if she will make it through, BUT with surgery there is a chance she will live. He can't offer any more assurance than that, but we will take it! It's something. We could have walked in there to be told he wouldn't try surgery and she doesn't have much time. We will take the risk. She is with my sister right now and will be coming here tomorrow to stay a few days.
The Spotlight And Her Friends Are Worthless Downrating Hypocrites.... like today's spotlight featured here: ...who had a clearly "altered" salute, which in and of itself is a TOS violation, real or not in case anyone didn't know that.... ...was put in a bulletin by my 23 year old girlfriend yesterday and her and her friends preceded to get off on attacking people that weren't even on most of the day to respond. Oh well whatever it happens....but get this, this winner and her crew deserve this happy blog because in their anger, they proved just how lame they really are. Check this snippet from one of the attacks that was posted on this bulletin earlier: ..yup, they have nothing better to do all day right? Funny, because the spotlight winner herself and her little pack of who-cares-about-us Fubar people are downraters themselves as shown in this alert box screenshot shown below: ..then to top it all off, Mr Philemon joins the attack frey. That's nice. He didn't have all of those nasty hateful things to say when he pe
Gonna Be Gone For A Few Days.
Just letting everyone know that I won't be here from tomorrow morning until probably Saturday night. My mother's place sold in the middle of everything else going on with her. My sister and I are going up in the morning to pack up everything for her and get it to storage on Saturday. She will be coming home with me to stay the last week until surgery on Oct. 7, then will be in the hospital for at least a week after surgery. She will then be coming back home with me to recover. Later on, my sister and I will help her find her own apartment. Soooooo. Will you miss me? :P
November 5th
Last night I was in Times Square while the election results were coming in. There was energy in the air, usually what you see at New Years, or when a local team wins the championship, but this was for something different, and apologies to sports fans, for something that mattered. The streets were packed, I jokingly mentioned "When does the ball drop?" because there were that many people there. When McCain made his speech, it was almost like the winning touchdown was scored, the crowd erupted, people were standing on roofs, hanging out of cars holding up posters and T-Shirts, honking their horns. I even got some Obama hugs. I wanted to start some chants of "Can We See Your Boobs? Yes we can!" but I figured it was probably not the time. All the screaming and cheering was quite a site. I saw Rudy Giuliani, walking through, looking none to happy. I saw Tracy Morgan, he seemed happier, and maybe a little drunk. Young People, old people, and even foreign tourists were all in on the
What Felony Are You?
You Are Blackmail You are a good detective. You have dirt on everyone you know. And instead of gossiping, you sit on information that may be useful to you someday. You love power games. Especially if (and pretty much only if) you have the upper hand. You are brilliant and calculating. No one knows what you have in store! What Felony Are You?
This Is Really Sad.
I hate when I see people I like going at it. Sometimes things get out of hand and we say things we regret or shouldn't say in the heat of the moment. I want to say something about buying friendships. My friendship isn't for sale. I appreciate any act of kindness and try to return it when possible, as long as it has no hidden agenda behind it. I am a non confrontational person who is friendly with EVERYONE until they give me reason not to be. I don't take sides and I try to get along with everyone. I seriously hope no one thinks my friendship can be bought. If they do, they don't really know me. I really don't want to get caught in a crossfire, in which I am made to look as if I was "bought".
This dork needs rates and comments. Please click. He really can't help being a dork.
An Actual Compliment
"You are one cool girl. We'll never meet but wanted to pass along my good wishes to you. i would think that you could meet several great guys." got this message yesterday. i kinda like it. it came from a 48 year old bisexual male who considers himself a sub--according to his profile. I don't think those characteristics reflect any on the compliment, though.
Auction For Either 1 Week Blast, 1 Month Vip Or $20.00 Bling Pack
I will be holding an auction for a 1 week blast, 1 month VIP, or $20.00 bling pack. The winner of this auction will have the option to choose which one they would like!!This auction will start Saturday January 03, 2008, and will end January 23, 2008 at 12:00pm est time. The winner of this bling will have placed the highest bid in fubucks, and will be notified VIA email. The person that holds the highest bid has 24 Hours to reply, or this offer will go to the person with the next highest bid. The minimum starting bid will be 250K in fubucks. So let the bidding begin, and good luck and have fun :D. All bids must be placed in this blog in order to be legit!! Let the bidding begin...
Rant And Ravin
Ok, sorry i need to rant for a bit. My daughter is 8 years old and in 3rd grade. She loves to draw and write. Today at recess, she trips and hurts her wrist. The school doesnt call me. BTW this is at 130pm. They give her an ice pack and send her back to class after about 30mins, while her wrist is swelling. She gets home, Jason is here to met her. He calls me up and tells me that Sammy fell at school and her wrist is swollen. BTW this is at 330pm. I call the doc and make her an appoimtment. I rush home from work. Take her to the doc, and call the school and bitch them out for not calling me. Turns out my daughter now cant use her right hand because, she has a broken wrist. They cast it. But I am still very pissed that the school didnt call me and let me know.. GRRRR Sorry I will now get off my soap box
InsaneDaWayne: ever since birth iwas ryming with verbale violence i murder with violins//i hurl when y ou was winnin and dinning//wheres parental guidiance, i just burn the world with curling iron Um. What the hell?
Mummer Photo Albums Cont.
thought it was only fair If I did my own personal photo album blog too dont say I never share what ... I didnt do it just a sample of me being an activist worst date EVER !! he had promised me to keep them private when I gave them to him well fine then Im gonna show his ...and trust me there was nothing SUPER about it
Answer To My Problems
I think I have discovered a solution to keep cubecampers away from my desk! This is a genious idea. It will illiminate those times when I go silent on Fu and those moments when I miss the good blogs of mumms! It might not get babes in my shoutbox {cue the sound of crickets here}, but it might cut down on my lumens exposure from the lights. What do you think????
My View Of The Fu - As It Stands Today
Ok…so here we are, Day 7 of the Tragedy that has been the Rate Slowdown. Oh noes, everybody panic, let’s stage a sit in because this is a violation of our Fu civil rights. Let’s boycott Friday – ie No HHs, No Auto 11s, No rating, no more money for Fu. Let’s get the message out there. Let’s lean on everyone of value – ie the people in the higher ranks that are somehow Fu deified - on the site and compel them to join the fray in supporting our god given right to rate faster. Let’s teach Mike and Scrapper that we can force them to do what we want by threatening to withhold our dues as paying members. Not only is this a right we have as paying customers, but this site Admin needs to realize that the customer is always right. The Admin has altered things to such a degree that the site is completely unbearable now. If you don’t see the irony in what I just said, then you can just stop reading now. If you’re subscribing to this Bullshit – and that’s exactly what it is – then I suggest you
I have made the decision to not MuMM for a bit. I'll still be around in blogs and generally sitting on my That is all. Oh.. BOOBS or GTFO.
A Dangerous Campaign
I heard a commercial on the radio this morning for an Ad Council campaign called That's Not Cool. At the website you can get clever little graphics such as: Is this the type of behavior we should be supporting with our tax dollars? Inducing bulimia just to avoid showing boobies? I tell you it must be stopped. Though I was thinking of giving this graphic to the boss:
Input Plz
I was gonna do a HH tomorrow, but, the cable dude will be here doing some rewiring, so I wrote that one off. Should I do one on Thursday at 2 or 3 Fu-time or on Friday same time? After been on this site 2 1/2 yrs its time to level and chill the fook out...
Threesomes Stolen From Aliendogstar
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1. Morgan 2. Pie 3. Morg Three Jobs I have had in my life 1. Concert Venue 2. Laser Quest 3. Pizza delivery driver/AGM Three Places I have lived 1. North Pole 2. Igloo 3. Santa's Bed Three TV Shows that I watch 1. NCIS 2. Criminal Minds 3. Supernatural Three places I have been 1. Myrtle Beach 2. Gettysburg 3. Atlantic City Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. Barb 2. Mom 3. School Three of my favorite foods 1. Chicken Parmigiana 2. Cajun Chicken Alfredo 3. Taco salad Three things I would like to do 1. Get my Masters in Criminal Justice 2. Get my degree in Mortuary Science 3. Go to Lucedio Abbey in Italy Three friends I think will respond
I have about 2 pages of salute requests I'm trying to sort through and get done. The problem I am having is trying to sift through my friends to let them know that their salute has been done and posted for them to take. So, if you had requested one, please go pick it up. If it's not there yet please keep checking. I hope to have them all done today (along with the new requests). BTW. If you have a request for one, please leave your request here and I will get it done ASAP.
One By One They Collect The Dead...
I have joined FUBAR a year ago, in order to make friends that I barely have in RL.  I suck at socializing, and barely have any friends so online is where I feel the most comfortable.  The most invincible to antics of others.  I thought I succeeded in making some friends, even met a coupla people in person, and...nothing.    Why not say "Sorry, we are just not compatible as friends", or "you know, we should never hang out cause you suck".  They just disappear...into thin air...and make up stupid ass excuses.  I dont give a shit if you want or don't want to ever see me...Just say it in the fuckin open. I wasn't always this bitter and angry and anti-social.  There was a time when I tried to fit in.  And I couldn't.  So I gave up.   So I made some friends on here, just so they could spread their BS, just like in RL.  I am tired of people trying to befriend me just so they can analyze me, like a scientific experiment.  I am tired of people that befriend me just so they could have someth
I Am Alone
  Twisted, alone, I search for meaning. To be found, I think not. As a Gypsy, I roam. Searching for love lost. I once had in the grasp of my palm. I let it go. Mistakes made. No reason to continue. On this souless journey. Without you by my side. I am alone.   Reaching, grabbing, I can't find. The meaning of life. A soul to match my own. Once was close. But now is far away. Distance from my heart. I had one close. But no more. She is gone from my life. I am alone.   Beauty, love, are no more. In this time of wandering. I must start anew. A journey of lives. A journey of love. Love lost. Life no more. I am alone.   Why should I go on? Without you I am nothing. Sadness consumes my being. I once had a soul full of hope. But that is no more. I held the key for but a brief moment. Not long enough to matter. Try as I might to get close again. You push me away. Cold as ice towards me. No hope for warmth. The love of your heart. Is out of my reach.
Penis Envy
Last night I had a dream, I was writing a blog about how i have penis envy, and i started to think about all the things men can do with their penises. Some of these things fascinate me for example, writing your name in the snow with your own urine... if I tempted to do that it would come out in a big spot. Also consider never having to hoover over a public toilet again, thus never having to wipe the toilet of the previous piss. Shaking and not wiping... damn you with your non removable penises. But then when i woke this morning and i thought about having my penis tucked into a box where i know it will not harm another person. It only has eyes for me and i make sure its always cleanly, I came to the conclusion that I can live with hovering over toilet seats and I can always find a way to write my name in the snow... Just my weird thoughts
Hooker Flowers
Well, I liked the new "pro flowers" gift till I realized they got rid of the seasonal gift section. The VIP gift, flashing hearts, is in there. :( My VIP expires in 2 days and I like that gift and now I can't buy it for anyone.   That's my rant. Kind of lame, yes, but still a rant. As you were.
I'm home alone this weekend...completely alone...not even any dogs to yell at.  I've had about 18 diet cokes today. I think I may die of a caffeine overdose and I'm sure I won't sleep til Sunday now.     Can anyone get the spell checker on the blogs to work?   Does anyone actually have anything worthwhile to talk about?   Anybody want any Starburst jellybeans before I eat them all?
Omg, I Want!!!!!
I am so tired of reading this daily in status messages or bulletins. Seems like everyone wants cherry bombs, auto 11's, Happy Hours, blasts, VIP's, and blings. Crazier still is people ACTUALLY give them this stuff.  Blah my head hurts and I wanted to bitch
Public Apology
Ive come to realize that I'm a bit of a pervert. I think it might be inbred into me with my Greek heritage. Also the fact I was named after the Greek god of wine and debauchery.... I believe I owe you all an apology ....especially my girl friends.. So to you I say i am truly sorry.... I'm a pervert.. I will try to behave it will be hard, but i will try... *molest a few girls before i go* Also I will apologize to Seamus in advance to anything I might possibly do to hurt his feelings... I apologize for being confusing and sometimes and outright mess (most of you have seen this) Also last but not least I apologize to the male friend I have for being that cute but slightly dorkish girl that loves to stalk....(please refrain from locking windows it makes my job a little more difficult)   Wicked the nun PS.... thank you Jai for the spelling correction if its grammatically wrong blame him.(they never read small print)
I've seen the same ticker, well ticker wording since the damn things started.   "Real woman with real curves."   Can't people be original anymore?   [i have the hiccups now]
Okay, so I'm going through this young ladies pics tonight....reading the comments on them...okay, keep in mind this lady weighs nearly 4 bills and is "I'd hit it with my truck ugly"....all the comments are "mmm baby i wanna hump you" and "id like to open you wide." Wtf!? Why don't you people leave me pervy comments huh? huh? HUH?     Then I remembered...I have a better class of friends who only molest me in my shoutbox :p
It's Official!!!
I just booked my flight to Missouri. I'm scared to death of flying. So anyone have any tips for me? It's not going to be a long flight, so sleeping pills are OUT of the question, lol.   Total time in air about 3 hours. Total time, including layovers, about 4 hours.
Hi Im High
im doped up on vicodine and am bored and wanna do something   any ideas?
Sarcastic? Oh Yes..a Bit
HOLY HELLThis one is fucking spot ON wow LMFAO Abnormally Sarcastic. People can't tell if you're angry, happy, or constipated. You probably make jokes that no one understands and you think it's because they're stupid and not because sarcasm isn't always funny. You might be joking all the time but since it's in your nature to test different levels of sarcasm in people you probably don't laugh much. Everyone thinks you're smart but also kind of an ass too.  
4 Female Personality Disorders Encouraged By Children's Books
I feel that in my 34 years of being a female and friend to other females I am highly qualified to release my scientific research regarding the several different Female disorders that are encourage by children stories. What makes my research scientific? The fact that I fucking say so. Just shut your face and read the damn blog. THE EAT THIS, DRINK THAT SYNDROME The book: Alice in Wonderland. The symptoms: Thinking that taking a pill, or drink, or tying your stomach in a knot, or eating cabbage soup will help you fart your way to thin. We all know the only true way to stay at a healthy weight is to eat a healthy diet and excericise. It takes a lot of work and mindfullness for anybody. Except for that cunt Alice who only had to eat a mushroom or take pill to change her dress size and hardly any of the side effects were reported. Noted case studies: Several of my friends during high school who thought the good people of X-lax had the answer. Dana, age 15, lost control of her bowels while
Rob Zombie Needs To Stop Making Movies...
And stick to making crappy music. What the hell was he thinking? I mean, sure, on one hand the gore and violence was BRUTAL, but the story line was PURE CRAP! (yes, I know I shouldnt be expecting much of a story line from a slasher flick, but I sure as hell wasnt expecting this lame attempt at turning a horror movie into an art film) and while I understood what he was trying to do, I just sorry, I KNOW the general movie going public is too goddamn stupid to follow the concept. If I ever meet Rob Zombie... Im asking for my $15 back
Question For 09.10.09
What is one thing you have regretted telling a boyfriend/girlfriend?     Why?             DON'T FORGET THE RATE THIS BLOG! THANKS SO MUCH!
That Kari Fake We Busted Has The Audacity To Return..with A New Page... Same Tricks.
Yes I am taking a break and I will post a blog why by the weekend, however this just goes to show that some things never change. That fake we blew up in the last post, came back on a green profile, same tricks, even used the same girl. Really. That stupid. ♥KaRi♥@ fubar On a more personal note, things just aren't right here. Don't believe what people may say because no one has any idea. Really. Later kids.
Take Me
okay, so i'm going to see my favorite band in savannah this saturday. Savannah is a 3-4 hour drive for me. I'm going to a bar I really, really like. Kylesa is playing too.... they're also in my list of favorites. It's going to be a good night. I don't really want to go alone. A night of this proportion is best spent with good company to enjoy it with, so... one of you needs to take me.   thanks.   j
Today's spotlight : 20 mil and change My fund : 15 mil and change At the moment I'm perservering with this hideous default picture*, but I'm not quite sure how long it will be before shame over-takes hilarity, and I put my tits away.  So I guess the sooner I get a spotlight fund, the more likely it is I'll be stupid enough to do the whole thing with my shirt off... Thanks to Tom, Suga, Badcrumble, Crisis, Witchie, MooMoo, Skeeter, Peace, Alix, Shoshonni, MailBroad, TopKnotch, Rev, Moet, Reeka, Sherry, Papercut Kisses   * which, incidentally, always makes me think of this bit of Gummo
Today's Mystery Of The Day: Why Did She Block Me?...
So I haven't done anything but rerate and be nice to this chick, so when she has this Happy Hour, I find myself blocked...does anyone know why? I'd love to know ...any help in solving this mystery would be appreciated...some have and... So then my good friend Ellie asks her why nicely.. And… …then I’m still blocked. All I want to know is why. I have nothing against this chick that I know of...Lol…ty everyone..stay tuned for more good stuff this week . Update…sort of..why though I still wonder but at least its’ resolved… ..this isn’t the first time this has happened. Has this every happened to you? Thank you to all of those who took the time to asketh the questions…. Only a few days left till the holiday! ….Peace..
Damn That Dit For Makin Me Do This
2009 IS ALMOST OVER, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?Stayed single almost the whole year? i wishWere involved in something you'll never forget?yep sex with a partner and it was incredible...felt nothing like a sock and some mayonaisseTripped over a coffee table?nope dont own anyDyed your hair?holy shit i have hairCame close to losing your life?every time i roll over and look at herSaw one of your favorite bands/artists live?no...but i did watch midget porn2009: Friends and EnemiesDid you make any close friends this year?i sure did alot of my FU's are cool as hellDid you hate anyone?i hate no one...Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?again...rolls over and looks at whats layin in bed with me2009: Your BIRTHDAY!Did you have a cake?no they forgot againDid you get any presents?and still i was forgotten2009: All about YOUDid you change at all this year?yep had that penis reduction and now im 6'11" tall..damn that thing was weighing me downDid you change your style?i shavedWere you
And I Thought Pa Was Wierd...
So yeah, I used to live in Beaver PA, which is right down from - you guessed it, Big Beaver, where they run the ad in the paper every sunday "exotic dancers wanted, all shapes and sizes accepted, apply at Big Beaver Plaza"   The airport is in moon, everyone knows about Blue Balls and Intercourse and I've even been through Eighty-four, Mars and Slippery Rock... but WTF there's a Ware, Mass.  Where do you live?  Ware. Ummm, that's what I asked, where? Yes, Ware. The place where you live? What's it called? Ware *shoots self* Enjoy...   Alabama Aimwell Bobo Burnt Corn Eclectic Intercourse Muck City Alaska Chicken Deadhorse Eek Lefthand Bay Nightmute Unalaska Arizona Bagdad Boneyard Bootlegger Crossing Bumble Bee Carefree Chloride Floss Goobertown Goodyear Many Farms Nothing Show Low Strong Surprise Three Forks Tuba City Two Guns Why Winkleman Arkansas Bald Knob Beaver Biggers Blue Eye Experiment Fannie Fifty-Six Flippin Gassville Greasy Corner Grubbs Hasty Hooker M
I Haz A Stalker
I got weird phone calls last night and apparently they're from DC in the US! Weirdness.
Morning Giggles
I just logged on here and not only did I realize that I posted a blog last night in the wrong place, but I seen a ticker that made me giggle. I actually think it was more so the girl's name. Since I'm not suppose to use names, we'll just say it was pretty accurate for once. I just have a few questions about it and I'm kind of afraid of I'll post them here. 1. If you make yourself a name on here, wouldn't you want all parts of it spelled right? 2. Wouldn't you want a picture that made you look at the very least somewhat attractive? 3. Why on earth didn't she choose a better name for herself? Her name has 2 meanings and well, by looking at her picture, you know what part I'm talking about.   The only good thing about her is she didn't  have any lame acronym in front of it and she didn't call herself some overused adjective.     I'm gonna go make coffee. I'll be back in a few to read the comments and reply. Good morning friends =]
Worm Infested Anal
What a perfect sight to see Decomposed dead bitch I spread her buttocks wide and what I love to see Anus covered with worms I masterbate as I fingerfuck Slimy rectum ,full of rot and shit Maggots crawling ,,insects feasting I squirt my load all over her ass .  
New Fake Dude & Some Points To Ponder....
(no song tonight) Hello and welcome to this special Monday evening post. Rare they are theses days but hey when time permits I can always squeeze in another good one. *Snickers* So with that in mind I bring you yet another fake, a dude this time, as shown here below… Giovanni@ fubar Yeaaa hot dude, I know all the chicks wanna jump that. Maybe he will even find a blingin sugar mama. But oh so sad the story goes…as yet another non-saluted profile is once again busted as a sham…the pics claiming to be Mr. Giovanni as shown below… Are actually stolen from here as well as other various websites as actually, this isn’t even he same dude in all of the pics… People are amazing what they do, aren’t they?…and speaking of, that brings me to the talking point issue of the day… I do not do personal drama. I do a lot of things on here. I know a lot of things about a lot of people. There are quite a few that I could literall
Im Bored
Entertain me.   carry on.
Fake Of The Day, July 5, 2010...
Hello kids and welcome to another fun fake blow please don't forget to follow the blog by clicking the blue link above and as shown in the pic below so you don't miss any of the fun stuff coming down the pipe as well... This user...with no verified salute.. Stacey@ fubar With these pics claiming to be "her" as shown below...and set to friends only (gee wonder .. Are actually taken from this website below... Why do people still do this ? I have no idea. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend , and oh yeah, don't worry we have a nice big fat lying scamming con on the way this week..I know you all will just love peace.
The Little Things ...
I've just had this message from a friend on FB. We haven't kept in touch a lot recently because he has become a single dad of three and he is busy which I understand (too long a story, but one of the kids isn't his). I actually respect and love this guy a lot, he is one of the most amazing people i've ever met in my life and my life is a lot better for having him in it. He is the only one I can tell my darkest secrets to and I know it won't change the way he feels about me. .... And yes, he is only a friend.    His message:  was till I heard you are fed up with your life..... :-(You know you are so fantastic, here is all this pain in your life but still you look to "start work" and "finish studies". I don't doubt things have been low Jen, but my god you have such a great spirit about you.... You get my backing all the way.... Wish I was closer to help, both geographically and emotionally.... But hey please smile as I am for you.... Zx My reply: Ehhh .... you only live in Scotland!
I have a question.....does it mean you are blocked by a person if when you hover over their pic it says N/A ect ect under their profiel pic? Also...I am going shopping today....what color of shirt should I buy for myself? (I don't want to make a mumm about this unless you all think I should) :P Last but not least....The State Fair sucks...why oh why did I pay 40 bucks for me and my kids to walk around in 100  plus degree weather? Oh yeah to visit my old high school bff....grrr now my tan is all jacked up. I am totally batnuts today....  
I Declare It Zombie Friday
Your Zombie Name is Will Work for Brains Braiiiins! What's Your Zombie Name? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
Beethoven, Bitches.
Yes, this will be in the comments as well. I am far too lazy to care about the proper way to input embed codes so non-IE users can see this in the body of the blog. So there!
Whiny Dumb People....'im Just Trying To Help Friends
 EasyOnTheEyz Js W...: STOP polishing my bling!!!! 10:30am more To  EasyOnTheEyz Js W...: no 10:31am reply  EasyOnTheEyz Js W...: i asked nicely in my status to not have it polished 10:31am more To  EasyOnTheEyz Js W...: no, your status said id be blocked, i wouldnt call that nice 10:32am reply  EasyOnTheEyz Js W...: i said please do not bomb or polish or you will be blocked ty 10:33am more To  EasyOnTheEyz Js W...: yup, i find that to be pretty dumb, blocking people for such a pathetic reason 10:34am reply  EasyOnTheEyz Js W...: yes but i asked nicely i am only running this bling so that i can level 10:36am more To 
What Peanuts Character Are You?
You Are Lucy You are smart as a whip... maybe a little too smart for your own good! Other people tend to annoy you. You tell it like it is, and you're not about to spare anyone's feelings. You're very blunt. You are assertive to the point of being aggressive. You know what you want, and you're going to make sure you get it. Deep down, you're trying to be helpful. You give good advice, even if people don't want to hear it. You always shoot from the hip. What Peanuts Character Are You? Work is Hard. Time for Blogthings!
All I Want For Christmas...
Pete's Macaroni & Cheese
1 Box of Elbow Macaroni 1 Stick of Butter 1/3 Cup Flour 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp dry mustard 1/4 tsp Pepper (optional) 2 (12 oz) Cans of Evaporated Milk 2 Cups Mild Chedder Cheese   Boil the pasta, drain and set aside In the same pan, melt the butter and mix in the flour pour in one can of the Evaporated milk add the salt, mustard, and pepper add other can of milk and stir until flour is dissolved Slowly add the cheese till it's all melted pour the pasta back in and stir   Grab a utensil and enjoy the awesome...
How Many Of You Will Rread This
i posted this to see how many people will read this.....
Did You?
Did you masturbate today?????
I've wanted to write a blog for a week or more, but didn't know what to write about. I could write a rant blog about how I'm sick (again) or stuck at home on a beautiful day because hubby has to work overtime and has the truck. But what's the point in that? It could be worse. A lot worse. So this blog is dedicated to you, my friends.   Probably everyone that will comment on this knows who Superman aka Thundercock is and probably read his newest blog. I was overwhelmed and touched at how many people offered their thoughts and prayers, help and even Witchie :P to him in his time of need. On a site where you see a lot of selfishness and begging and greediness, you all came to a person in need and offered what you could. That made me proud to call you friends and I know I picked the right people to associate with.   I also learned yesterday that when you find a good and true friend on here, a fight doesn't matter-you will get through it. It doesn't matter who said what or who was right
Bull Crap
I really need to work on my bull shit meter. I always want to see the best in people, and the good in every situation. Sometimes, there isn't good, and I need to accept that.     Anyway, kinda pissed off that I didn't lose any weight this week...I worked my ass off.     I really want to smoke.     Feel like stabbing someone.     Hi, how are you?  
I have a HH on Sunday at 7am fu-time. If you're awake at this ungodly hour you will see my face on top for an hour. Weeee! I'm trying for 20mil points in 24 hours, so bomb me or something.         *I would like to thank MASokYst for helping me and listening to me ramble. :D
HARD TIMES Buzz:   tipsy Level: Grasshopper (3) Gender: ?, ? Location: 98701 Status: NOT DECENT.   10:37pm HARD TIMES: I bet your cunt stinks like old tuna fish thats been sitting out in the sun for too long 10:38pm FvckingCan...: is pretty clean, i keep tidy down there. 10:38pm HARD TIMES: yeah right 10:39pm HARD TIMES: i bet you don't shower or have AIDS 10:39pm FvckingCan...: disease free too  imagine that.. 10:39pm HARD TIMES: so you're insecure about yours and
Caption It | Vol.1 | 002
RFB’s Weekly Photo Blog Caption It Question: Should I post these bi-weekly? (Sorry I was a little late with this one. I have been a busy girl this week!) The name of the game is “Caption It” and the rules are simple. 1. Check out this blog each week for a new photo. 2. Comment with a caption. You could caption the photo in general or “quote” the person/people in it. (rude, funny, gross, sarcastic, political etc… ANYTHING GOES!) I will be making this blog NSFW so post whatever you like. If I can get enough people into it I will start awarding gifts for the best caption every week as voted on by the blog participants.
Can New England Pull It Off??***shrugs**
Everyone knows that the New England Patriots are going for the perfect record but yet they got caught cheating in the regular season who believes that just because in preseason they had the perfect record that they will win the superbowl? the way i see it is they are cheaters and yes i do want New York Giants to win, granted they are the underdogs but its happened before in the superbowl GO GIANTS
You Can Now Set The Order Of Photos In Your Albums....
go to your my photos page, at the bottom of each album page you'll find a 'change order of photos' link. click that, and drag and drop the photos where you want them. once you're finished, click the save button at the bottom of the page. let me know if you find any problems. werd. -mike
Contest: Please Read
Proposal for a contest that I am going to have _ read at the bottom for an update. Update is also posted in a new blog Winner will get* 1,000,000 Fubucks 1 month VIP 1 Bling pack Official certificate of kicking ass that I will make People eligible* On Fubar Has a salute No one I live with or have lived with None of my exs None of my future exs Must have alot of free time Overview* The contest will be similar to reality TV shows, where I will select a number of willing participants and add them into my family. (Sorry current peeps, you have to go for a short time) These entered in the contest will get a weekly "Challenge". Ill post the new challenges on Monday nights. You will get 48 hours to complete these tasks. So, as of Wednesday night, you need to ready. I will then post the items in a family only folder for you to vote on each other. Each of you will get 2 postive votes on what you think is the best completed task. (Because people will always
An Extra Night
So Sam was supposed to head back to Jersey tonight. She was sad, Van was sad, and I got a text stating that there being an empty seat on the way home from the airport was worse than sitting in traffic. Buuut... thanks to bad weather in San Francisco, she's there for another night. She gets another night with Van, even though she has to be up and at the airport by 6:30 am tomorrow. There's still that last, extra night. They're taking comfort in the fact that she'll be back soon, although they're both fighting back tears.
Follow Up At The Doctor's
I had my follow up appointment today. Apparently all the hormones are stable, no genetic mutations, I don't have Diabetes, and I'm not going to turn into a guy and grow a dick anytime soon. The fantastical news? I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It's a girl problem that affects hormone production, fertility, and eventually can lead to Diabetes. Because eventually, everything leads to diabetes. The plan: I go on BC (yeah shut it, you 3) called Yaz, it supposedly treats the cysts and clears up acne (the yay part). I also need to lose some weight. Because I'm getting chunky. I'm not happy. At all. Way to ruin my friggin' Friday. *****************UPADTE********************** It's been a week since the evil doctor told me I'm a cow and need to lose 40 lbs. 40!?! I have gone down 4 and a quarter lbs. Been to the gym 5 times, including Yoga and a run at that beach. And then I horked down 4 slices of pizza tonight. Way to ruin the good streak, yeah?
List # 3 Of Current Club F.a.r. Members
There Will Probabaly Be One Or Two Who Wonder Where Im At
Some may already Others may never know but, i thought it would be considerate of me to give a lil heads up as to where i am and how long ill probably be gone.... My 8 months of wearing this colostomy bag have come and gone,im rescheduled to be reconnected May 23,i was unable to sit up much for several weeks after the last surgery and this one is a very similar proceedure so i expect it to be about the same as far as recovery goes...Im leaving on vacation monday may 5th and will return the day before my surgery,so i will not be on the computer starting may 4th evening, til aprox,mid june or so...It is possible it may be a little longer , depending on how everything goes,odds are though,i will be back...Thank you to all my wonderful friends for all the love youve shown thoughout mu Fubar career,lol Many of you i will miss alot...I wish you all a wonderful life and may God bless and keep you...Higs and kisses to all my beautiful friends...
Improved Photo Navigation..
Last night, I enabled some new photo navigation when browsing full-size photos in albums. It should look pretty much the same as it did before, but it should be a lot faster and much easier to use. Feel free to post here if you're having any troubles with the new navigation. Cheers! -mike
I Need An Owner!!!!!!
Someone own me...& i'll be your dream come true ;] Bid on me..This will last for 1 week startin on the 1st bid!! I CHANGED MY MIND..THE BID ENDS TONITE AT 8PM!!!
Water, Water Everywhere...
Well, not really... Water is one of our most precious resources. Those that love in the west are starting to know this and we will all find out in the next 20 years. My garden appreciates fresh rainwater all summer long thanks to my rain barrel.... another interesting fact... In 2 minutes in the shower you use as much water as the average African does in a day.
Wanna Play?
WANNA PLAY A GAME??? I can only fill this out if I know enough about you! Heres how it goes: Type your name in my blog comments. Once you do that, this is what I'll do for you... 1. I'll respond with something random about you. 2. I'll tell you which song or movie you remind me of. 3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle you in. 4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me. (if possible. if not, I'll say something that only makes sense to me.) 5. I'll tell you my first memory of you. 6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of. 7. I'll tell you if you have a chance of sleeping with me.
Friday, 06/06 & 06/20 (footsteps)
Friday, June 06, 2008 umm, -And- 06-20-08 Welcome, I hope this finds you well. I've missed YOU and am happy to see YOU still are interested enough to stop by & read my blog today ... (well, the blog from 6/6 anyway) I'd like to give some exciting story as to my whereabouts or disappearance from the last couple of weeks -but- I've always tried to keep it real here. Nothing but Internet & computer problems. Although I'm unsure of where my
Baby On The Way! :)
You read right - I'm pregnant again! :) We never thought it'd happen so soon! It took 12 years to conceive our new baby girl (we adopted our older daughter at birth). My doctor advised us to quit using protection this summer and see what happens. We figured it would take years, if it even ever happened at all. Well, the ONE and ONLY time we tried, I got pregnant! Hahahaha! I'm still in shock, I just can't believe that after so many years of infertility, I got pregnant twice in a little over a year! You guys have a job now, you have to think BOY! LOL! My poor husband is terribly outnumbered already with us three girls - I'm really hoping he gets his boy this time! :) I'm due around April 1st and have my pregnancy confirmation and first ultrasound on August 14th! (It's early to be sharing the news, but I have two postitive home tests). Now I know why I was having trouble losing weight lately! :) I'm vowing to keep my weight down and not gain any - I lost 100 lbs with my
Helly In The News link to local paper that did a story on the brew ha ha around my store
Updated Ldc Positions And Guidelines...comment After U've Read
****IN COMING MEMBERS****** In order to earn the ldc letters you MUST first fan, rate and add all exsisting members, and include " ldc family" in your friends request, Only then will one be issued the LDC letters ****ALL MEMBERS****** 1. MUST HAVE LDC IN THEIR NAMES 2. F.A.R ALL MEMBERS 3. REPOST BULLETINS 4. CONTACT A CREATOR OR OWNER SHOULD THEY DECIDE TO LEAVE. 5. In order to maintain an active family and to insure that everyone is included...It is MANDATORY that each member MUST sign every blog as they read them as proof that they have read them. Also, this way there wont be any new members who feel excluded and ignored.. 6. MUST repost each bulletin posted by the LDC Family 7. There will be 3 members picked each week and posted in a blog. You will have to show them family love by either commenting their pages, giving a drink, rating a pic, or something plus you will have to comment the blog each week stating you have d
Goin Home
Short, sweet and to the point. I'm going home today. :D Sadly of course its right in the middle of Jenni's Happy hour. She has worked hard at being a godmother. Even if you don't know her, do me a favor and drop her some rates. **~~*Jenni*~~**@ fubar PS Happy Birthday Devilgirl. See you all from home. FINALLY
Word Of The Day...
The word of the day today is Slunt....Heard a dude on the radio use it today to describe Britney Spears' mom...I like it...I think everyone should use it...The End.
Click For Boobs.
Okay, maybe not, but you should buy me anyway.
Attack Prinny
This Rubar fabulous girl has Auto 11's today. Princess@ fubar Go rate her all day please. And while you are there, join her and Alien's FU Adoption. (It's in her last blog) Should be the best auction Everrrrrrrrrrrr PS. After your done rating Princess. Go show the Spotlight girl Miss Licks mad luv too. If i have to tell you where to find the Spotlight girl you don't deserve to be on my friends list.. Peace out bishes....
For A Change...
· Happy just checked you out!
It Has It's Advantages.
I just paid my bills online. As some know, for the past year I have had one or another family member staying on and off with me. My nephew, my son, then my mother. Wellllll.... First bills without anyone else using my electric, water, cable, etc..... Over $75.00 less!!!! I ♥ being single! Especially when I am the one paying the bills. :P
Read Me!!!
Ok its Ass day :) I want to see your Ass!!! So let me know if you have an ass photo posted so I may see it :P thanks for participating and making my world a most maximus day!!!! ♥
So my father called yesterday...3 times before I picked up the phone. Ofcourse he said he knew that I heard him call, and that I shouldn't be an asshole and pick it up. insert *eye roll* here I've told him that Doug and I are gonna sell our place and go travel for a work program to Europe ,Asia, and Middle East for a year to 2 years (until we run out of moneys). He knows that we are pretty stocked about it that and we never miss the opportunity to travel in general. We are staying for free in several places, including Moscow, where we are gonna spend a coupla months, so money is not much of an issue. After me telling my plan, he flipped, saying Russia is really unsafe to go to, and that the whole decision is highly immature and smells like failure. I told him to mind his own business, and that I didnt ask for his advice. He said that I am always making poor decisions. I said that they are not as bad as marrying two gold digging whores in a row. blah blah blah. Thats why
Um we haven't had snow in years... i think in the past 10 years we have had like 3 nights where we had little flurries.. but nothing other than that since like 1988... but.. it looks like we are gonna get snow tonight! OMG see all that blue... thats SNOW!!!!! and its coming my way! (see lake charles on the map? thats me!)
One Of Those People
Here my friends is one of those people that you just gotta love. She'll help you out even when you tell her not to, multiple times :P I realize pretty much everyone I talk already knows her, but on the off chance you don't, rectify it, now. She possesses the awesome basically. Ms. D@ fubar
They suck. I suck. You suck. :'(
What To Wear
Today I'm supposed to go get my picture (re)taken for my work's website. We all look individual pictures this summer, but the regular photographer was out. The guy who took the pics did a horrible job and pretty much all of us hate our photos. So today I get to have a redo. The problem, I can't decide what to wear. I had on short sleeves in the original, but I don't think you can tell. Anyone have any suggestions? Color, type of top, etc. It's basically a headshot. You can only see a small part of the shirt. Should I keep my "diamond" jewelry on or change it to match the outfit? I normally wouldn't care so much, but this is going on the hospital's website for all to see. When I write my research articles they put this picture next to my byline too. Ugh! Help me!!
Thank you!!! I want to thank very very much to my fu-family who helped me a LOT, wanna thank all the friends and friends of friends lol(i know, it sounds like i just got an Oscar lol).I'm speechless.This pic here says it all. Smooches for everybody!!! ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar
I was talking to my friend, and he told me that I shouldn't be posting any NSFW pics in blogs, since that will bring on more stalkers and make guys "talk between each other", which will cause an "information spill". To clarify: I really could not care less what the crowd thinks about me, who talks about me, and what impression I give out. I am not in high school anymore, although I really didn't give a shit back then either. Some might think I'm a whore, and I am perfectly fine with that. I am not running for a President, nor plan to run for Miss America, so I can gladly announce that people's opinions do not matter to me at all. I have met a small amount of people that appreciate me for who I am, which is a person they know. Others appreciate my art and writings, and make their opinions about me based on those. Those are people I talk to, and who matter to me. Otherwise, you are nothing but a pic with a screen name, and no amount of talk between the SBs would possibly a
Leaving Fubar Updated
Hello everyone Well I had planned on deleting when my vip was up , many of you read the last blog on why well I have decided after reading a lot of mail and comments that I will not let him push me off this site so I blocked him and set my profile to salutes only to avoid any fake account to harass me ... I have met a lot of wonderful people here and really do not want to loose contact with any of you .. So with this said come love on me im back lol love you all Robin the one and only " TSISQUO'GA "
Random Bits
My boss can be such a woman sometimes: "I want you to do exactly what I want, but I don't want to tell you what it is I want you to do" I have a quarter, a nickle, and two pennies in my pocket and I don't know how they got there. Pretty women are out in force today, everywhere I have been so far there has been one there. I capitulate! You win, I have no power against you. I need to pick up a copy of the Watchmen before the movie comes out. I found out yesterday that VIP's can find out who has them in their family. At the time, I was like who cares, but now curiosity has been eating at me. Its been a while since I have made graphics on a large scale, I should design something up. You can say "Wa" outloud, and while people will look, they really wont say anything. The same goes for saying "China." If you say them both at the same time, you get many odd looks.
Tagged Afriggingain.....
SO I got Tagged by: Serenity AKA Not That Girl, That Girl and Kloverlynn.. so far..If you plan on tagging me don't bother cuz i'm only doin this once. Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I eat a lot of cheese 2. My boobs hang like gorilla knuckles 3. I love cotton underwear 4. I don't like fish 5. Regardless of what ppl think.. I am NOT bi or a lesbian. 6. I am a spoiler when I have a man 7. I have 5 O'clock shadow at 8 O' clock in the morning.. down there.... 8. I swallow 9. reading is my hobby 10. I'm addicted to midget porn and Ninja parades I refuse to tag anyone.. this vicious cycle has to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I have to start getting ready for work in about 40 minutes and I'm bored out of my mind. Keep me company?
Ok so this is old but i still like to do it every once in a while... the one i just got is supper funny. Do You Eat The Pixie Last? follow the link and post what yours was. Ok so i deiced I'd use the Slogans as part of my salutes i need to make ... so find one you like and ill make you one.
Attn Bomb Beggers Fuck Off!!
all you bomb chasers that see me activate my bomb FUCK RIGHT OFF.. most of you DO NOT return it so in future stay the fuck off my page.. and no I'm not on my period!! Eat my ass and have a crappy day!
Love Bunnies ~easter Game
This game is now CLOSED. Congratulations to Cutterbum, DJ BornNRaised, and Rebbie! Thanks to everyone that played - it was a blast :) Our next game will be posted soon!   Game F.A.Q. 1. Who can I order for? You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more tokens!   2. Can I order more than one at a time? Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of how many tokens are meant for each person. For example, if you send 5000 fubucks (enough for 10 tokens) you would say "5 to Dawn, User # 975528 and 5 to Cali4nialovin01, User
The Long Version
Updated and Edited on March 22, 2010 1. Relationship Status: It's complicated. And that's that truth! I am single but my life is complicated and any relationship that I "might" get involved with would be doubly complicated. It would take a very special man to deal with the life I live, which revolves around 5 kids, 4 of which still live with me...A grand daughter and one on the way, plus their dads who live here with my daughters. Plus I have an ex that floats in and out of the house although he's not doing much in the way of supporting his children either financially or emotinally...And thanks to him and a few that I have met online, I am done trying to believe in love, faith, hope, lasting relationships, esp with someone you meet anywhere on line no matter how close they live and how much likelihood there is that you may be able to meet to see if there is reason to go further...Love exists in the heart not in reality...It is an emotion that cannot be turned off the minute the other
Stripper? Say What?
So... My friend has been working at a strip club.... She has been telling us she was a waitress... no biggy... but her man seemed to have a major issue with it and is only letting her do it till she gets enough money put up for a semester or 2 of college.. (she doesn't have long till she graduates) Well.. i have been wondering if she really was a waitress... so i sent her a text asking if she was working up at the club that night.... she said yeah.. so i said.. ok.. see ya in a couple hours.. she was like yeah right... when i walked in.. her face was pure shock.. she comes up and goes omg you were serious... i said yeah.. and she goes... damn.. come to find out... my suspicion was right! she is stripping... i stayed for a while.. she got 40 bucks out of me haha... then i left I drove 1.5 hours each way.. just to prove to myself something i knew... I love strippers LMAO (seriously... she was shocked i was so cool about it)
I am sitting outside. My step-dad is blasting Elvis, and attempting to sing. It's so loud that I can't even hear the music on my laptop, when I have it turned up all the way. This sucks. I can't escape!!!!     SAVE ME!!!
Just a quickie to say that Vanilla Half & Half in coffee is good =)   Usually I get Coffeemate Creamer's and as of lately I had bought a regular Half and Half and was using Splenda....this vanilla is yummy and I don't need any extra sweetner ;)   Have an awesome Tuesday!!!
Dell Sucks!
So, many of you know I've had problems with my laptop since I've gotten it. It's now to the point of no return. For those of you who don't know, new friends and blog stalkers, I'll give you a run down of everything that's went wrong with this thing since I've gotten it. Keep in mind that I've had it 13 months. 1. Within 2 days of having it the DVD/CD drive popped open on its own. 2. The keys on my laptop would stick, so I was sent a new keyboard that I had to replace. 3. My webcam is messed up. It looks like I'm in a room full of smoke. The lense and cover have been cleaned and it's still doing it. 4. The laptop stopped reading my memory card. They sent a tech here and they replaced my mother board. 5. While the tech was here, he noticed that the DVD/CD drive was bent in the back. 6. He asked me if it was refurbished. Said I had a screw missing and others were lose. He replaced the missing screw and tightened the others. [ive never had it apart until then]
You know when you want to blog something, but you're an air headed zombie like me? Okay, maybe not. But because that's what I am, I'm gonna blog about stuff that happens at work that makes me laugh. So explanation done, on to the story. Place - Inside Stairwell Time - Lunch People involved - 1 x generally hated (amongst students) female teacher, many x students. Background info - Every lunchtime the kids sit on the stairs and in the hallway and get in everyone's way basically. The event - Said teacher walking up stairs, student pushes another student into teacher, nearly making her fall down the stairs. Teacher goes ballistic, kids plead innocent, was a joke they say. Teacher promises to have them banned from being there at lunch. Much mirth for me
So last year, I bought my son a hamster, Tippy. Tippy lasted a measly 4 day's in the Woo household. We woke up one morning and one of the cats had knocked the cage over and Tippy was gone. We figured the damn thing had become cat chow. Well, tonight...I had the crazy burst of energy so I was doing chores that really needed to get done. I was picking up some of my dirty clothes off the bottom of my closet and there lies a carcass. A nasty, grey, furry eyeless body. It hadn't been dead that long because my laundry had been all removed recently, so that mean I have had a little rodent living free and wild in my house for nearly a year. I'm thinking my cats need to go back to mouse trap school. They are constantly leaving me little presents on my back step...dead mice, moles, bird, and even a baby squirrel once, but the mangy(sp?) little brats couldn't catch a hamster inside my house. 
Too Old To Do Stupid Shit
when at work yesterday we were moving a companies telecommunication and data equipment from one office park to another. we already had everything pre cabled and tested earlier in the week. was supposed to be a nice short 3 hour friday. first verizon doesn`t show up until 11:30, the tech looks around and says he`s going to lunch and will be back. then he has problems at the feed box down the street so we are sitting around doing nothing for 4 hours. customer decides at last minute theyneed 2 more fax lines in a room so they have to be wired. to get to that location  wires have to span a 60 foot section of hard ceiling, no drop ceiling tiles to pop up and work in the area. so i get ladder out and crawl the studs in ceiling , hanging the wires off roof struts the whole way. it`s late in the day and i just wanted to get out of there so instead of crawling all the way back i decide to just jump out of ceiling to floor 8 foot below.well that wasn`t the smartest thing to do. i just got back f
How In The World....?
Why is it that us decent-looking, kind, intelligent, pure-hearted folk always seem to be perpetually single..meanwhile the people who shouldn't procreate always seem to find someone? Seems the best of us are always single, always looking, you think we'd stumble upon each other..but that never seems to work. Somehow the decent people always manage to find the ones who will hurt us, abuse us, take advantage of us, and discard us like trash before moving on to someone who isn't half as good as we are. So while we sit around, pained and broken, jaded with the world, we see others in relationships and become bitter with love. Meanwhile we take a look at those happy couples around us, and we wonder: "What the fuck? HE/SHE can get someone, but I can't?" Hideous ugly troll women with 8 chins, sparse facial hair,  gargantuan ass, cankles bigger than most men's thighs, a high-pitched screeching voice, and a lingering smell of sweltering pork faintly clouded over by febreeze walking hand-in-han
Moonlight Levelup Requirements
REQUIREMENTS FOR A LEVELUP!!!!1.They must be online so they can return rates.As they return rates it makes them go down faster,making it easier to get them leveled.2.All we ask is that the person being leveled rates and fans the people helping them level.3.Must have at least 100 rateable items... pictures must be not ripped and NSFW pictures because you get no points for ripped pictures or for NSFW pictures.4. If they have 20k. Must have 100 sfw pics/stash 5. If they have 30k. Must have 300 sfw pics/stash 6. If they have 50k. Must have 500 sfw pics/stash7. If they have 100k. Must have 1000 sfw pics/stash 8. If they have 200k and autos must have 500 sfw pics/stash 9.Family Member's have priority,please send a message to the Homepage if you need to be leveled.
Give Me Songs!!!
I'm getting songs for my phone....     .....tell me some songs!!
· Friend Lipstick Daddy... Updated Status: Meh, Bored!
  are we just going to stand by and do nothing??
Goal #1: Achieved
I'll be moving into an apartment in Watertown on the 1st. Just me and my son. I've never lived alone like that before. Without a parent, or a boyfriend, or a roommate. Just him and I. Two against the world. I'm so excited right now. I'll be going back to my old job, seeing my old friends. I'll be closer my best friend! He'll be able to see his father every day again, which, even though I hate the man sometimes, I think is soooo important. I fieel like this is step one to getting my life back. Fuck, I never truly had a life. I feel like this is step one to achieving real happiness. I'm so terrified to live on my own. This will be so scary. I can't wait.
Parking Wars!!!
My Parking Dilemma all started when I moved to my current location # years ago. My house is in one of the “cool” neighborhoods and my street at the time allowed for 2 hour parking. This was a problem because anyone who lived on the street could not find parking and would be forced to carry their belonging half way up the block.   I being of leadership material phoned the city and asked what could be done to make it a zoned street where only the residents would be allowed to park. I was told to get a petition from all of the residents on both sides of the street. And it required that 80% of the people agreed. So every night for a week I stalked the neighbors. Most at first thought I was selling things and would hide from my ringing of their door bell. The word spread like hot fire “there was a lady trying to get resident only parking” the doors started opening and I was surprised I wasn’t being paraded around the street. I was there Hero…   Not
Six Weeks
someone asked me for an update, and even tho everyone is in bed, i guess i'll throw one out there. Monday was six weeks since surgery, which i believe is the halfway point to full recovery.  i'm still tired all the time, tho getting around a lot better than before.  11 mile bike ride on Sunday, a trip to a zoo yesterday (got some cool pix to upload) so all in all i'm getting around pretty good.  the physician's assistant really was impressed with the way i jumped out of the chair to check out my x-ray today at my first follow up exam.  (the doctor i have is pretty awesome..... he's like that old Groucho Marx joke "hey doctor, it hurts when i do this".... "well don't do that!"...... i have zero limitations on what i am "allowed" to do, which just astounds the physical therapy people, but its this doctor's philosophy.  and in this litigious society that we live in, i think that is a true testimonial to his faith in his work) on a side note, evidently there was a foot fetishist as a con
Today, me and my boyfriend came back to my house after a night on the town. Thinking the house was empty, we proceeded to have sex. Just as it was getting good my phone rings. It was a text from my mom, "Quiet down. Even your father can tell your faking." FML
Who The Fuck Are You People
types of mummers fun people, there for entertainment and friends. angry people looking to blow off steam without really hurting anyone angry people looking to hurt people lonely hearts looking to score some romance serial killers looking for victims cross dressers looking for fashion tips religious zealots looking to show us all the light toothbrush salesmen looking to spread the joy of dental hygiene space cadets looking to.................. nasty fucking tramps looking to take advantage of member of the opposite sex who are in a vulnerable position. ash, in a category of her own bored lonely housewives looking for some virtual cock action mormons fudge packers midgets people who have crossed several species barriers in their genetic makeup obsessive castration ladies serial nymphomaniacs. large breasted smiley faced women people with delusions of grandeur of being faux royalty. canadians butter eating canericans a
My Talents Are For Sale.
5,000 fubucks, naming your puppy/kitten 7,000 fubucks, naming your any other pets excluding reptiles 10,000 fubucks naming your reptile 15,000 send me a colour swatch and i'll tell you what colour it is 20,000 i'll secretly laugh at you 100,000 ill promise something non-sexual 1,250,000 ill abstain from abusing americans for the entire period it takes me to get enough funds to achieve spotlight 5,000,000 ill say i love america in every mumm in a 1 hour period (hour to be chosen at my convenience) 10,000,000 ill buy a stars and stripes pair of underpants and send pics to donator. (please allow time for me to find said article, underpants not anything else, i know where THAT is)
Inside Edition was just on and it showed a clip of a wedding where the party made their entrance dancing. I figured it would be tacky, but it ended up being pretty sweet and made me ALMOST want to cry. What can I say, I'm a girl. Anyway, I'm thinking that IF I were to ever get married again, I would want something like this. Not the traditional wedding march. Something fun that people would remember. I mean, when you get married, you're happy, right?   At any rate, here is the clip. If it doesn't work...I'll post it in the comments.  
Ya'all Know....
Everyone knows I don't do this stuff much but an amazing friend of mine is only about 5 million away from oracle...So anyone willing to trade her an Auto for some fubucks? Or maybe a couple of people send her 10$ bling packs? Any interest?  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar   p.s. its Serenity
Could You....
Could you forgive your enemies if it was your last day? forgiveness is a tool we use to help us move on.  it is not about making the other person or persons feel better.  with that being said I am not the type of person to forgive.  I see no point to it.  I just move on.....   that does not mean I do not believe in giving second chances.   just really depends on the situation.  however you have to earn my trust all over again.  and hurt me again and I am just done with you.   So could I forgive my enemies if it was my last day?  I could, but I wouldn't.  Then again I have no enemies that I know of either.
Blah Blah Blah
Ever have one of those days where you just want human touch?  Nothing sexual but just someone to cuddle with.  I feel that way today. Which is rather odd for me.  Maybe I have been single to long, I don't know.
Wtf is wrong with me? I literally just watched 20 mins of nasty zits and cysts being popped on youtube....I couldn't turn away!  
Maybe It's Not Over?
Well since my last update, I had almost given up. So I thought. I would still write offline messages in attempt to reach him. I eventually gave up on that too... so I thought. I don't know why, but the other day I decided to try and write him again. To my shock, He wrote back last night and I missed it. I was pissed! But I finally got a hold of him on the phone today, and was trying to fight back the tears of joy i had just to hear his voice again. I just now got off of the messenger with him. i told him about the blog and sent him the links. He was tearing, up he said. I'm a complete mess right now.. I'm still sopping up tears.  So, he told me that he had cracked, and got scared. After some time went by, he was scared to write me in fear that I had a boyfriend. He did't think I'd want to talk to him again. We had this discussion before.  I don't care what I have going on in my life, I will always want to hear from him. Even if I DID have a boyfriend... If he showed up at my door..
Ass Kicking
Have you ever done something so horrible you kicked yourself in the ass so hard that you could feel your toes tickle your bum hole? Yeah. Me too.
Yep I Am
I am happy. That is all.
7-up...the 58,000 Profile Rate Fake Exposed....again....
So quite awhile ago I asked if anyone had any blog with some substance or some information that they felt worthy of sharing with everyone and well, I felt this almost 60,000+ profile rate fake needed some revisiting…because apparently people either just don‘t get it, or even worse just don‘t care…and with that we bring you… (¯`·.?.·7üP is Höpé`s gírl·.?.·´¯)@ fubar These pics from her profile that she claims to be her below a 20 year old girl from Rochester, MN …notice no salutes or even an attempt at one.. These same pictures from the real girl who is actually 18 years old from Freehold Twp, NJ…can be located in Candace’s Blog below… Click to see it busted ! And then here’s the real girl’s site as well, where she has posted video blogs… Click to see the real girl ! I just don’t know. I think she’s another “cancer liar fake” or something on her page. I’ve bee
Staring out the window I am blinded by a blanket of  white stretched out over everything. The snow is falling so hard that I  can barley make out the house on the next street. The sky is no longer blue, the grass no longer green. Only the tallest trees peek above as gray streaks breaking the canvas.As picturesque as I find the view from my french doors, I can't help but to curse like a sailor under my breath knowing I am stuck in the house for the next few days. My dog, my Mastiff, is terrified of snow. She won't go "potty", instead she is laying at my feet wondering why I have done her this injustice. I tried picking her up and throwing her out in it earlier, she made such a valliant effort to get back in that I thought she would shatter the glass door.My dog is not the only nuisance in this winter wonderland. Snow shoveling is on the docket for tomorrow. And my lovely friends, you may or may not be aware, but I am no fan of manual labor. Shoveling snow is nothing I am interested in d
My Peanut!
I am 9 weeks and 6 days My baby's heart rate is 165 beats per minute I didn't get a picture cause it looks like a little bean. but you could see its legs a kicking.... I said its twitching. Jeff says it has A.D.D. which of course it does coming from him... (swear to god) I believe in Ritalin. I cant stop smiling cause my baby was twitching... Next time Jan 23 be there for pics.... Wicked and Fetus.   PS its not nice to drink a litre of water then have a lady ram a thingy against your stomach and bladder... i suffered in silence!
I Hate Mel...
You Are Wacky and Eccentric You can't help but be a little weird. You've never really felt normal. You end up having unusual opinions, hobbies, and interests. You just seem to see the world through a different lens. You are quite expressive and creative. You have a true inner artist... and a very avant-garde one at that! Your whole life is like a quirky indie movie, and you can never predict what's going to happen next. The Orchid Test Blogthings: Free Quizzes for Everyone You Are Fabulously Flirty You don't have loose morals or anything, you just think it's fun to flirt. You love to make other people smile, laugh, and even blush. You have a twinkle in your eye. Your flirting may occasionally get you in trouble, but it's totally not your fault. You only have innocent intentions. If someone can't handle your charm, it's not your fault! What Makes You Fabulous? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
So here's what you do. Go to and do a lookup of your name. Then blog the definition! Tori: someone of great nature, beauty, ettiquette, and intellegent. often reffered to in the sense of a godlike being "Dude, Prince William is so awesome. Almost as awesome as Tori... but not quite, because no one is that aweswome" tori (n): pretty much the most awesome person you will ever hope to meet. many people try to be as balla as tori but in many cases do not suceed. toris are pretty awesome and pretty much the greatest thing since...EVER! many people hope to be tori but never are because shes a ballaholic! woah look at tori, shes more ballin then that kid in detroit son. Tori is
Heart, Inc.
Couple of weeks ago, I removed her pic as the wallpaper on my iPod touch... Last night, I removed her pic as my cellphone's wallpaper... *sigh* I've been told by friends in RL as well as on here I should open up more, so welcome to my emo-blog. I've had folks on here reply to my status with sad faces and concern, even though I'm making a joke of the situation. It's almost become the norm with me.... Girl gets to know me and is quick to say the "L" word. We have a great romantic friendship for awhile... And then, *POOF* ...she's gone... No explanation. It's come to the point that this is how I expect all my romances to end with, and I have no other way to deal with it but shrug and joke about it :p On a side note, I'd like to thank you folks that I joke around with on here. I know I don't open up, but just mindless banter with ya'll really helps ;)  
My New Ride.
Doctrine Of Unintended Consequences, A Case Study
I try not to blog about the inanity that is my work. Really, I do try. But occasionally they do something that's so mind-bogglingly idiotic that I have to write about it, just to check to be sure that I'm not the only one who thinks it's crazy. So. I'm a technical writer/editor, contracting for the FAA. You knew that, right? What I do is mostly editing and publishing (online) the documents that they write. There's an ISO-certified process that we have to follow in order to do this. If you don't know what that means, don't worry. Neither does most of the government, apparently. Part of this process involves coordinating documents with other divisions within the FAA, some located here in Washington, others located across the country. Basically, we send it to them, they get a month or so to read it and send back any comments. There's a form they have to sign and send back to us, which says that they've read it and have no comments, or else they have comments and they send those along to
Got A Mac! Woot!
PEEEEEEOOOOOPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEEE.... THIS IS STRANGE! Everything is a bit but different... Anyway, just wanted to let people know that; I didn't kill the fiance, even though I still kinna want to. and I'm rearranging my friends list to people that are on here and I talked to other're still TOPS OF MY just go "other places" and when you're'll find me *grin* I hope..*quick look of wonder and sadness* yup.. ♥
Imma Paddle Witchie...
Ten random facts folks you read do it1.  I'm potty-trained.2.  my fave food is pasta - with My sauce, preferably 3.  I love sci-fi and fantasy books/movies4.  I love blue5.  I like music - almost any kind 6.  Weird Al is my hero! 7.  I'm a hopeless romantic (well, I thought so until the shot...)8.  I'm more of a smart ass in real life9.  I love to cuddle - ALMOST as much as sex10.  my guilty pleasure is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. And other FAMILY (I.E. not CHILDREN'S) movies PS - I WILL get you, Witchie woman! Rock on!Shawn

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