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Johnnydevil's blog: "Real Fu-Kin Life."

created on 02/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/real-fu-kin-life/b56627  |  352 followers
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JayCee FanMePlz Heartbroken10 famps/boomies run starting 9/27. 25 credits for all 1...
Christopher EvilThe depth of darkness to which you can descend and still...
Synful Syntra aka Mi... NinjaBusy In Real Life Creating New Mini Hats, Hair Clips, An...
AL RL Husband to Tin... Stepped away♥♥♥♥I Love My Wife♥♥♥♥
X CarolLeigh x Sweet... Stepped awayLook Out...Ur Best Friend Could Be Ur Worst Enemy!!
Mr Paul Stepped awayObserving
Ellie Good♥ FAN and FRIEND me please. ♥ Put a smile on someones fa...♥
Kingvamp OnlineIf jen selter has the best butt on Instagram who has th...
Drac Passed outI'm back from vacation. Anyone miss me?
Enchantress of Asgard GoodFashionably Late to the PARTEEEE~ WOOT! Let's DO this, F...
e v i l HeartbrokenStalking is all fun and games until you accidentally hit...
HarleyChickCali BummedIf you don’t like where your at in Life. Get off your as...
5150Jane EvilWho put me in charge of myself, and what were they think...
RagdollFmTravler9 Stepped awayIm all About Orgasmic Caresses Of The Soul~ Go Have and ...
PiSsEd oFF PrInCeSs ... Grrr!I want your 11s!!!
pandora FM2 ELEMENT ... ExcitedI don't need to flirt...I'll seduce you with my awkwardn...♥
Dash NinjaThank you all for the comments!! Doing photo edits for ...
Brittany Winchester ExcitedIf money didn't matter, I'd buy a brand new chevrolet, a...
CHELLEY ExcitedI don't care what you think about me, cause it cant be h...
StarDevilValentino I... Ninjaholy balls.. officially five years on this site...
Candi FM2 Outlaw DSC Stepped awayHave a fantastic friday. Off and on mobile. Hugs and t...
Blondie NO Blank Req... Sickhmm things have changed maybe I can level now
MiaMixTwisTsWiFeYx1Nx GoodPfffft !!! Bitch Please !!! lmao
Peter Goezinya Heartbrokenfinal famp! rerate! still need bald kitty!
Jewels RLGF 2 Hollyw... In loveHave a great day everyone. ♥♥Hollywoodrifter♥♥
iC51NerdyBitchxOGAHO... Trying to workCrushs & Fans me Please! Come on by Orgy After Hours! ht...
Jules FanMePlz OnlineOften we don't appreciate the true value of a moment unt...♥
Mz Iowa BummedCome bang my boomy for my fam! Unlimited 11s, bonus poin...
Yusamada Fahkah Ninja2610 Photo Rates to go!! Thanks to everyone who has help...
Batgirl NaughtyYay! I got a tiny ass! *giggles*
No one GoofySugar ღ Spice
Tampa2sAss HeartbrokenYou're wrong...
ThisInks4U FoxyAwesome the tattoo gun is back!! Help me collect them?
Slingerland ExcitedIf at first you don't succeed, you'll get a lot of free ...
Sinnerella bestie to... Passed outplay that funky music white boy
Phil Passed outThe phrase, “Don’t take this the wrong way” has a zero p...
PLZ FAN LuckyFKNBitch HeartbrokenI'd love the Cherry Queen bling for achievement. :)
Jesse fbf2 Lu FoxyDo you come to fubar and act all uppity and egotistical ...
Buzz Killington NinjaNow, who here likes a good story about a bridge?
Jenalicious In loveMy weekend starts...now! :D
BlueCountryGrace NaughtyGood Morning :)
A Y N Passed outNap time for me. Working at midnight tonight. See you ...
Lowcountry Chameleon BummedI hate the work part of working for a living :(
WhiskeyGiant Grrr!Gym parking lot was overflowing, 4 people in freeweight ...
S U R F Good"It doesnt matter to me.." said NO ONE...EVER.. about th...
LotusFlower TMans Mo... NinjaDaryl!!!! I Need My Daryl Dixon Fix... Oh yeah, And Effi...
Hkytngrl 466 FANS Pl... In loveMornin Fu-bians...let's get this Friday started! FAN ME ...❤
birthdayLOVE Sat Sep... Goodbirthday Saturday ... my #3 my bday~twin JLynn celebrati...❤️
Air Force Gu... OnlineBoomy and auto 11 are still running!!
TIGERTOE GoodWoot woot
FanB4AddplzCamoPrinc... Bummedsorry not been here nets out...on data through my phone

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