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Johnnydevil's blog: "Real Fu-Kin Life."

created on 02/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/real-fu-kin-life/b56627  |  349 followers
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JayCee FanMePlz HeartbrokenLOVE the cuffs and ice cream cone... Spots still availab...
Mr Paul 4BDN Trying to workIt's so clear, I'm sorry to say But if you wanna win yo...
J E S S A Onlineg'night fu!
Kingvamp OnlineIf jen selter has the best butt on Instagram who has th...
Enchantress of Asgard Passed out~ Enchanted Slumber~
5th Wheel Excited"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, invo...
Damn Deluxe EvilI thoroughly enjoy minding my own damn business.
HarleyChickCali OnlineDo not tell me that crying is a sign of weakness..If I c...
birdie QUEEN of the ... GoofyPEEK-A-BOO..I SEE YOU
5150Jane FM2 dramabo... EvilSticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chick...
AkAsHaScHiLd Stepped awayLast 12 hr shift of the week and late night one! Been a...
Insane RLM2 Tas Ninja♡ Tas Baby!!! XoXoX ♡
Jen FAN Me Please GoodFan me please ♥
pandora EvilStill bruised and sore but much better. Hugs and kisses ...♥
Mistress Panttherlad... Trying to workLesson learned: Never take a day off from the gym during...
Vixen WC x KgB Grrr!Drinks please?
StarDevil Iz FuCT Ninjathanks lovies :)
Candi FM2 Outlaw DSC Stepped awayPlease like Rebel3, katdaddy, Wisconsin, and Cindyrella,...
Gamer Princess FM2 S... SickI hate the new meds they make me so tired. Please keep l...
Blondie NO Blank Req... SickTrying to play catch up, now, Still need LE bling for ac...
MiaMixTwisTsWiFe... Bummed☆★ Time To Pickup The Pieces ★ 1Nation Famz ☆ I Love You...★★☆
KaRMa Passed outo well...goodnight ♥
iC51NerdyBitchxOGAHO... Trying to workMy #1 is going for 1k likes hit him! Crush Me/Fan Me Com...
Jules FAN ME Please On FubarHaven't been around these last couple of days..lost a cl...♥♥
Xx DeViLiSh BeAuTy xX In loveI only need 9 more LE bling to level! Can anyone help me...♥
Chriztyfu Shysweet dreams xoxo
Kat FE2 Cheeky B In loveMe? Bad? Never! I'd like to think of it as mischievously...
Yusamada Fahkah NinjaI NEED A FUPONY!!!!! hahaha.. ummm rate some of my pics....
Kiwi NinjaOhhh I'd love a sandcastle bling! x
Batgirl NaughtyIt's Friday!!! *shakes butt*
aLphameL Stepped away~★~ if they say 'why?'... 'why?'...~★~ [goodnight. ♥]
Boolicious Passed outThere might be a lot of fish in the sea; but while you'r...
BitchaliciousSass Ninja*Tosses on muh Capt-Save-A-Ho cape* .... Got this covere...
ThisInks4U RLGF2... BummedSo happy the weekend is finally here!
AmethystWyne Heartbrokensorry to all that I usually buy drinks for, I won't be d...
x REBELLE x Fan Rate... NinjaHave a great weekend everyone :)
Sinnerella bestie to... Foxyyou got any of them taquitos?
FAN B4 ADD Lucky... HeartbrokenPlease go LIKE Nutty ALL DAY!! She's going for 5K! Link ...
Jesse FoxyIt's all fun and games until the children block you. Nex...♥
Anenome NinjaThis place needs more oversexed tatted up alcoholic 420 ...
C H E V Y ECS CC... Grrr!night fubabes
A Y N Passed outbatten down the hatches babe and leave your heart out on...♥
Lowcountry Chameleon Passed outOne month of no smoking and my birthday both fall on Sun...
BellaTrix Ninjame:: NSFW pics travel, yanno? Him: they travel huh lol?...
VixMarie OnlineOk so since there seems to be an interest (It is beyond ...
SpankChanceOfALifetime OnlineI would Like to Thank my amazing family for all their Lo...♥
xNawtyBellax Fu Marr... Stepped awayLOVE LOVE LOVE THE HANDCUFFS .... THE ONLY WAY YOUR GOIN...
S U R F Good*Sleeps*/rest well Fu-folk
LotusFlower TMans Mo... NinjaSummer Storms Are The Best...
Like Rebel3 10K Today In love#justdeflated ... love on the women on my page as they g...❤️
JuSmik In loveGood Night
ToXic SiN GoofyStay Cee going for her 10k LIKES all day today.. Banner ...♥♥
TigerToe RLM2 ReddHOTT GoodLater fu...♡
FanCamoPrincess Grrr!http://fubar.com/5425990 needs 100 likes in 2 mins hel...

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