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***I originally wrote this blog in 2007 about missed referrals. It is still relevant today. This also applies to mercenaries. 

We do not credit for missed referrals. If you signed someone up and did not get credit, it could be one of the following: 

1. You cheated. 
2. The person signing up's browser did not track your referral ID. (This could be associated to anti spyware, virus ware or security settings)

We will not investigate, credit or debate missed referrals. 

Here are a few tips to making sure you do get credit. There are NO guarantees that this will work. 99.99% of the time missed referrals are due to user error or the person's computer OR something shady is going on. 

1. Use the "Link to this profile" code on your homepage or in fuMafia
2. Use the INVITE link on the upper left navigation panel.
3 If you are linking banners on another site, please use this referral code. 

TIP: If your brothers uncle was signing on from your laptop or house or your sister's brother's cousin from Facebook was on a business server on Long Island or Hawaii and his friend's uncle signed up from his computer.....uhm.....yea I think that's how that went..it probably will not work nor do we have the capacity to figure out why it didn't. Please play fairly and you should not have a problem.

5/22 Update:  I have noticed that people who use a lot of weird firefox addons or privacy software often have problems with referrals. So...if you mom, brother, grandma, random friend signs up and you do not get credit. It could be because of their security settings or some addon or browser extension that fouled up the process. WE WILL NOT CREDIT REFERRALS. 

If you are one of those people who show as the the referrer but you did not get credit. It means our system rejected the you getting credit because it did not appear to be legit. 

The most important take away is....WE DO NOT CREDIT REFERRALS!   




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