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Johnnydevil's blog: "Real Fu-Kin Life."

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I'm going to clear the air here before people start whining and complaining. If you look at today's rank, you will see it is very off-kilter from the norm with myself included. This is called a rate glitch. This has happened at least three other times in the past couple of years. This is not a conspiracy there is no favoritism, these people did not cheat. After a quick review of the top 200 daily members today, it appears to have been on a widespread scale as some of the effected people haven't been here in quite some time. Just for the record, lol. So if someone is blowing a gasket or making false accusations of cheating, please review this blog. If you have any thoughts or comments, feel free to share with the class. Any questions? Have a good weekend.Update: The dailies have been restored to normal, just not the lifetimes.


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Dea del Sesso xX FMF... HeartbrokenHappy Easter and May You All Have A Blessed One!
JayCee FanMePlz Heartbrokenlike me so hard!
AL RL Husband to Tin... In love♥♥♥♥I Love My Wife♥♥♥♥
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Mr Paul 4BDN Trying to workHappy Easter
xX Krayzee Bri Xx NinjaThis song is on repeat.
Enchantress of Asgard Stepped awayIs Human Again. Wishing all a wonderful Easter :)
Wickie Otter ShyBORED now...
Pain Heartbroken✰ Happy Easter Fubar ✰
Undiscovered Soul Heartbrokenno pants are the best kind of pants....
HarleyChickCali OnlineFamily N Friend..We will not have this day to celebrate ...
birdie QUEEN of the ... Good For God so loved the world that he gave his one and onl...
duh NinjaA wise man speaks when he has something to say. A fool w...
Southern Otter ExcitedI think the Easter Bunny stopped off to get high, little...
sO FrESH diAMond dAv... EvilDaily Rank: Be within top 500 daily ranking at time of l...
AkAsHaScHiLd In love♥ ♥ ♥ I am Lucky to have you ♥ ♥ ♥
Jen Evil
SKY Online☆ Feeling Frisky ☆
pandora Goodkisses and love and lots of smiles ♥ happy princess ♥
Comfortably Numb GoodBunny ears? Check. Little cotton tail pinned above my hi...
Vixen WC x KgB Grrr!Hoppy Easter! (See even Jews can be festive)
BUTTSECKS Grrr!Happy Easter everyone!! Hope its a great one! ♥
StarDevil Iz FuCT Ninjai lost my grandmother....... i don't have words........ ...
Candi FM2 Outlaw DSC Stepped awayHave a Happy Easter! Hugs. Xoxoxox
Gamer Princess FM2 S... NinjaHappy Easter all!! Come show me some love!
Blondie NO Blank Req... SickTrying to play catch up, now, Still need LE bling for ac...
MiaMixTwisTsWiFe... Online★☆ 3PEAT ★ GO HEAT ★ I Love You HubAy ★ 1Nation Famz ☆★
KaRMa Passed outgnite ♥
Ninja Ninjadead tired.
Teufelshunden FuBouncer OnlineHear the whistle...see the smoke...you've just broke ur ...
TACO MAN NaughtyI Was asked if I was interested in being friends with be...
Zombies Darth Diabeetus Stepped awayAnd they all died at the end
iC51NerdyBitchxOGAHO... Trying to workI want the 420 Buddy Bling Plz! Live 420/Easter Auction...
CHRISTINA BummedHappy Easter!
Xx DeViLiSh BeAuTy xX HeartbrokenRelationships are like algebra...Have you ever looked at...
Heather Is Just Heather FoxyWhy do the crazies get all the attention???
Phoenix HCH Ninja♥ Somewhere ♥
Kiwi fe2 Phorce Ninjaℒℴѵℯ ♫♥ My Favourites! ♥♫
egg oMELet Online"i won't eat anything green." -- Kurt Cobain
PoeticChaos THE Ganj... ExcitedHappy 420! May your cotton mouth be quenchable and your ...
EviL Kitten RLGF2 Ma... OnlineHappy Zombie Jeebus Day
ThisInks4U FoxyI suppose I should take a shower...
flora ShyWould love some 420 bling
AmethystWyne HeartbrokenI'm completely mobile atm, no net at all for anyone on m...
x REBELLE x Fan Rate... GoodGO AVS!!! Can you help me meet my goal of 20,000 FANS???...
Sinnerella bestie to... Goofyit's just a jump to the left...
PHIL Passed outIf history repeats itself then I am SO getting a dinosau...
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Jesse OnlineHappy Easter! It's all that's important today.
C H E V Y fe 2Ti... EvilHappy Easter fupeeps
Jenalicious In loveOut of here for the weekend. Have a happy and safe Easte...
BlueCountryGrace... Stepped awayHappy Easter!
Aynnie Bunny Out There Onlinemade Pad Thai for my son, and we watched "The Lorax", wh...
Wildcat Angel Ninja♥ HAPPY ♥ EASTER ♥
Sublime D r e a m s BummedThank u for the kind thoughts
BellaLushIs NinjaGirl vs. Ambien. [Let's see what happens] x [lurking ab...
redeye GoodAccomplished Nothing at break kneck speeds today! No Mos...
VixMarie OnlineHappy Easter Everyone!! Hope you all have a great day a...
nursenicenes OnlineNight time Easter egg hunts are the coolest!! Pics to fo...
SpankChanceOfALifetime OnlineHaooy Easter Everone, Have A Great Day&hearts:

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