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Johnnydevil's blog: "Real Fu-Kin Life."

created on 02/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/real-fu-kin-life/b56627  |  354 followers
I'm going to clear the air here before people start whining and complaining. If you look at today's rank, you will see it is very off-kilter from the norm with myself included. This is called a rate glitch. This has happened at least three other times in the past couple of years. This is not a conspiracy there is no favoritism, these people did not cheat. After a quick review of the top 200 daily members today, it appears to have been on a widespread scale as some of the effected people haven't been here in quite some time. Just for the record, lol. So if someone is blowing a gasket or making false accusations of cheating, please review this blog. If you have any thoughts or comments, feel free to share with the class. Any questions? Have a good weekend.Update: The dailies have been restored to normal, just not the lifetimes.


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e v i l OnlinejustHAPPY ♥ #Hubby
xKunTry SuGaKaKeZ Tu... In love~❤️~TuFF♛EnuFF~❤️~
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Ragdoll NinjaCant sleep~ So maybe Ill just piddlefart here for a bit....
a n d i In love28 MORE LIKES TO GOOOOO... PLS GO LIKE HIM!! http://fuba...
Mrs SILVERCROSS In loveWatch out for the Big Bad Wolf!
CINN GoodYou're Number OnE
B k B EvilBOOBS. -That always wins the pervs over. lmfaooo
Candi FM2 Outlaw DSC Stepped awayHave a great day. Rate.Fan.Add please. Hugs and thank ...
Gamer Princess XxCMR... In loveHey VIP members I need fubar kegs please and thank you!
Foxy Biker Mom Grrr!Broken bone in my foot clever me , need someone to take ...
iC51NerdyBitchxOGAHO... Trying to workPerma Crush Please! I ♥ Bling! Making Gif Defaults/Skins...
Kat NinjaPeek a boo!
Kiwi NinjaThat moment when you realise there are heaps of people t...
Batgirl In loveDamn.. this feels good!
ThisInks4u RLGF2... Foxyguess not. boo
KaoTiC KiTTy FoB danny Passed outBling open and up for grabs.. I'm out! Night
flora ShyI'm one tired but happy mama :)
P Passed outMy first instinct when I see an animal is to say “hello”...&
x KntryBluEyez x OnlineOk Peeps I'm out for awhile..May U all have a wonderful ...
Jenalicious In loveMore rest and relaxation to kill this cold. have a great...
rAYndom acts of kiNd... Passed outI'm headed straight for the castle - They've got the kin...♥
WhiskeyGiant ExcitedI didn't do it, ya can't prove a thing!
VixMarie OnlineCome gimme a big hug...:)
JXC Trying to workGood night fu world
LotusFlower TMans Mo... NinjaThe Warrior Woman Who is Armed With Wit & Courage Will B...
TEXAS JENN HeartbrokenI think i lost my inspiration...
FAN ToXic SiN GoofyOut for the evening..
Tiger Toe GoofyHell yeah Lindsey Lou♥

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