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things i have noticed as of lately......

ok not really lately but getting worse i guess....

REAL comments are wanted here from men and women.....

seems to me that smaller younger women seem to get away with alot of shit on here.....

I can have the same pic as a size 4 chic and my shit gets marked.... men seem to be thinking that because im a larger woman that i am easy to take advantage of and screw with.

Just FYI I wont buy anyones friendship or companionship and that includes the men-- NO ONE

If you dont fucking like me for me then you know how to hit delete, block or what the fuck ever else you want to do.

I am NOT easy, to manipluate, or treat like shit

I will NOT be talked down to or made to feel stupid by any female or ,male on this site..

I am NOT a social experiment for you dont play like you like bigger women just to see if it is better for you or to see if i will take care of you-- NOT FUCKING HAPPENING!!!!

I am a human being with feelings not a fucking toy for you to play with when you want and put up when its not convienant for you-- FUCK THAT SHIT!!!

I dont have to post pussy pics on here to prove to you that im better than the next chic skinny or larger -- FUCK THAT TOO!!!

The BS about i love bigger women cause they are better in bed gets you NO WHERE with me --- WE can suck at fucking just like the skinny chicks so WTF ever!!!

I also DO NOT have to prove my self to any female on this site-- I dont have to buy you bling or anything else to show you  I am a real friend if you cant see it in how i treat you - then FUCKING BOUNCE!! I DONT CARE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Feel free to leave ALL your comments good and bad I DONT CARE!!


also-- this is NOT a hate on smaller women blog I have MANY smaller women as friends-- im just pissed cause i love you guys/women all the same no matter your size or color-- if your my friend then thats it-- not becuse you buy me shit or i think i can take advantage of you

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