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Miss Stang's blog: "Life According To ~Stang"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/life-according-to-stang/b945  |  2 followers
It's been a rough week here at the FU, however, it never fails that some assclown shows up and gives me a huge belly laugh on pure accident.... Now the other day, my status message read "Say No 2 Jackassery"......a few of you wanted to know what that was........THIS is jackassery (I have edited some text to protect the stupid) "On 11/13/2007, _______@fubar.com wrote: Hi I'm jeff I'm starting my owen mag. This month. Searching for the most wild and sexy female's online. If you like to be in this mag. of mine. Just e-mail 10 to 15 nude pic's. of yourself. Pluse some sexy out fits as well. Anything to help get this mag. started. e-mail is. jeff_blahblahblah@hotmail.com Pluse I need to know some things. But before I get into that with you. You'll have to send them pics. Thanks for your time. Jeff " My turn: Dear Jeff, Thank you for your offer. I am flattered that you are choosing the sexiest women online and all you need is 10-15 nude pics. Had you read my profile, you'd have known that it's a no can do. I give you mad props for being a creative perv but let me help you out a little bit...... The word is "PLUS", I originally thought that your "Pluse" was a typo until you used it twice and omg, let me get on sending you "THEM" pics.....*ROLLIN*. I was beginning to have a really shitty week until you showed up and made me laugh so hard, I almost peed someone else's pants....ha ha ha ha ...I would suggest.......you not do this again. Good luck with your mag.....lmmfao!!!!! And THAT.....is jackassery, folks...ha ha ha
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