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Johnnydevil's blog: "Real Fu-Kin Life."

created on 02/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/real-fu-kin-life/b56627  |  352 followers
So it's been bought to my attention that people are having trouble with the two new achievements, the "Look at Me" and "Cherry Bombdigity." After further review, best be advised to NOT run any other ability bling with them when you are going for these achievements, as it will more than likely make it not count toward your goal of actually getting the achievement. Just a FYI to the levelers and runners. TGIF! Peace.
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SKY FAN ME Please GoodSpank me,,If you havent fanned me yet plz do:)
T a n Y a ShyA Fan Since Day One.. ♥
pandora Goodyou've got me chained to your touch...like a slave to yo...♥
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Flawed Ninjawelp this was fun. :\
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FREYJA devoted rl en... OnlineTy Nitro..for our beautiful life
xaLLi3BaBiixEDxO... Online♥LOVE ON ME♥
Mz Iowa ExcitedFreezing rain tonight into tomorrow morning. Just how I ...
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A Y N Evilon the other hand... some of you are very attractive ;)...
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