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Husky Redneck's blog: "what?"

created on 11/17/2008  |  http://fubar.com/what/b260064


People have been bugging me lately about the fact I haven't been on much. Sorry, I want to have a real life (that's out there, trust me). Those that know me at all know I'm unemployed, broke and basically at my end. I care about two things, Cody and Tieba. I got Cody as a final request to my mother. I love him with all my heart. Tieba I got as a companion for my Cody Bear. I didn't even like her at first. Woulda got rid of her if she hadn't died and came back to life. She wormed her way into my heart. She's been sick for about a month now. Which is part of the reason I haven't been here. I thought she was getting better, I was wrong (I feeel like shit now). I'm taking her in tomorrow for what I'm sure is going to be an expensive day at the vets. I just hope it's an expensive for nothing day. I can't take anymore losses in my life right now. So if I seem cross or short tempored ect... Don't take it personally, ok. So I woke up this morning to find Tieba had just been laying there puking and shitting blood where she layed. Got her in to the vet and they kept her all day running tests. She apparently has a bacterial growth in her intestine that may have been left over from her colon infection she had 2 years ago. So now she's on antibiotics and a special diet. and I'm out $500. so far. She may need more work done if we didn't catch it in time.
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