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Pedro El Awesomeo's blog: "Encephalon"

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As I was walking into the office this morning, I found myself behind an attractive woman wearing a black skirt.  She had what the French would call "une ane formidable" so of course I was staring for a few blocks.  Let me disperse any illusions, when it comes to leering at women, I do fall on this side of creepy letch, of course the other side of that spectrum is "homosexual" and while I am not on that side, I'd dare say that even they look too.  Anyway, I am getting off topic, this woman with the great rear view had a stain on her appearance.  Quite literally a stain, perhaps she sat in something on the subway, or someone had splashed a little coffee on her, but there it was, something to mar the most scenic view.  My question to you the reader is;  "What is the etiquette in this situation?"  Do I mention that there is a mark on her backside, breaking our secret compact of non-threatening stalker and stalkee, or do I not mention it at all hoping that someone else that she is closer to can give her a heads up?

Either way, I do know now that trying to remove it myself was quite possibly not a good idea. 

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