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So I went to the docs today and she went to check my blood pressure.

It was so HIGH that she thought it was a mistaken reading so she did it again...still high.

My blood pressure in the past has just been under average...and now it\'s ABOVE normal. :

She told to stop taking the pill immediately. (No I haven\'t been doing the hanky panky before the lecture starts)

Then she put me on some other new med, not really sure what she was talking about but it\'s meant to help.

The blood pressure was pretty high though, even though most women on the pill do have a little higher than what they normally would but it had just spiked up so much...

The doc thinks it prolly stress, explains the funny moods and blood pressure.


Oddly enough I lost weight too, which is weird because I sure have been eating a lot of ice-cream and cakes.:s

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