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Jasmine's blog: "Stuff!"

created on 03/12/2009  |  http://fubar.com/stuff/b284682  |  2 followers

I'm starting to panic a little bit now about doing a degree that doesn't seem to have much of a career prospect (European Studies and International relations) I mean cmoon it's not like I'm gonna go on to be a diplomat or anything (also because I HATE learning new languages and refuse to). I was looking at some internships and work experience/insight programmes and they all seem to be business/bank based. *Sigh* But those jobs have a lot of what I'm looking for...apart from the NUMERICAL skills bit! I mean I'm not bad at maths if I'm taught it, but I'm NOT being taught it which is the thing and I don't really plan on learning anymore maths either. 

So much for my dream/made-up job of travelling internationally to work for a big ol' corporate company or something.

I dunno why I thought I'd like that though, business sounds boring. I like history, politics and culture.  Whut the frick am I gonna dooooo? 

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