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Amykins's blog: "Amy's ramblings"

created on 12/30/2007  |  http://fubar.com/amy-s-ramblings/b173264


I'm trying to quit drinking soda and DAMN it is hard. I think I'm actually craving soda. I don't drink caffeinated sodas anyway, but geez. I guess I just like the flavor and the carbonation. I've had water, gatorade, and V8 Splash today. Yes, I was working out so the Gatorade wasn't as bad for me. I'm trying to think of other things to drink. I need to buy some crystal light packets or something. I'm going to limit my sweet tea, but I'm not gonna stop drinking it. Sweet tea is my crack! So, any encouragement or words of wisdom would be great. Thanks!! ♥Amy
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