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Lewis's blog: "Work Stories"

created on 05/18/2009  |  http://fubar.com/work-stories/b295822

So there's this guy at work now, replacing the usual teacher who went on maternity leave.

I hate this dude, with a serious passion. Now, I don't hate much, or easily, but this guy seriously irks me in every single way.

Same guy I mentioned in another blog that calls me "big Lew*.

Amongst the many other reasons I hate him are:

  • His greeting of "Yo".
  • The retarded nicknames he gives everyone
  • His irritating "I'll laugh at my joke because no one else will" laugh
  • His know it all attitude
  • The fact he's shit at teaching, and he's meant to be a teacher
  • His blatant disregard for how the department works, even though he's worked there before
  • He lets the kids get away with everything, today one class stole at least 4 batteries, the big D ones

I was doing some work on eBay today, he walked in to the room, saw my ring and asked if I was engaged. I politely said yes, he asks "really, or are you joking", I say yes, I am, my boss says, he is, he says, "no, you're joking right" I say no. He wants more information, I say no, turn away, and get on with my work.


Aint talking to that prick

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