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Lewis's blog: "Work Stories"

created on 05/18/2009  |  http://fubar.com/work-stories/b295822

Working in a school is a treacherous job, especially when you're not a teacher or senior staff. Not too bad for me as I'm not there much longer, but I'm getting to see how it all "works".


For one, I never knew how much authority the head teacher had, she basically just implements stuff with no discussion and no consideration to the people affected. Is very much hated by the people not up her ass.


Second, the people. Even when they know they are being wronged, they'll say one thing in one situation, but then turn around and do something completely different when faced by other people. Which pisses everyone else off, because it's difficult to stand up for yourselves as a group when certain people are too chicken.


Makes for a rather stressful environment, people quitting left right and centre. Glad I wont be staying.

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