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Lewis's blog: "Dreams"

created on 06/01/2008  |  http://fubar.com/dreams/b220339

I had an odd dream last night and for the the first time I actually remember the gist of it, though no one near completely. I think I was just reminded from seeing someone's profile I hadn't for a while, seeing as how it involved her.


It involved me, seeing my life in a complete different universe, or maybe what somehow could of been if life had taken a different direction at all, who knows.


But basically I had the same name, looked the same, but had the opposite personality, lived in australia it seemed. I was a trucker or something of the sort, and married to the woman who reminded me of all of this, with kids.



Maybe this is what happens after 36 hours of no sleep and watching an ass load of odd films in that time.

So last night I was getting shot at by a teacher at work. Don't remember why, just that he was chasing me down and shooting me.

I remember getting hit most of the time and I woke up to the image of me walking around with all these holes in me with bloody bandages over them.


Lovely 'ey.

Ok, I don't really remember this one that much, but what I do remember is still disturbing nonetheless.


I was back at my secondary school, killing anyone I could lay my hands on who defied me. Apparently I was laying claim to it as my territory.

I recall being able to fly, and hunting down people trying to get away through the back entrance.

Along with all that there was some sort stained glass window dedicated to me....

Don't remember this one perfectly, but I remember waking up and saying what the f*ck was that...out loud.


First up I remember I was walking around a high street, in my usual attire of shorts and t-shirt. This guy stops me, points out we're wearing the same style shorts and how nice they are.


Next thing I remember is being in a shop looking for another pair of these shorts, but end up mesmerized by this $200 pair of jeans (yes, I remember it being dollars). I'm trying to work out why the hell they cost that much.


Next on the agenda, I'm strolling around either in a park or by a river, a car pulls up, someone I know gets out (don't remember now who), and claims that loads of people are looking for me, thinking I'm suicidal and that I've taken drugs and been boozing, whilst I deny everything.


Last, but by far least, I'm in a house full of people, a roaring fire and we're all preparing a feast of...


wait for it



Snake and crocodile.


Now you know why I said what I did after waking up...

One of my oddest yet I think, but no killing at least....


K, so I was at the park with some mates. We were trying to hit this target we'd set up with fireworks.

No one had any luck so far, when this one firework goes haywire and flies all over the place. We all try and run out of the way, but it hits me, explodes and blows a hole in the seat of my shorts.

So I think to hell with this and start walking home.

On my way I see this huge bag of oranges and decide to buy the whole thing.

So I'm walking home, bag of oranges over my shoulder, hole in my shorts, funny looks from everyone I walk past (of course), and from somewhere I can here Queensryche's Silent Lucidity playing....

Long and weird so bear with me. I still remember most of this from a few days ago it was that wrong. Starts with me getting on either a train to go on a trip to somewhere. During the journey I keep noticing that the train isn't even on train tracks, and that it keeps running over people and other vehicles. For some reason I want to phone someone but don't have my phone, so I look out of the windows hoping to find them. So, the journey finally ends and I get off and immediately look for an internet cafe, but no such luck, so I end up walking aimlessly around. End up bumping in to some people I know who are kicking a football around in the street. Now, the weirdest part. We decide to go find somewhere for some eats, and come across this cafe I go to, that shouldn't even be there. So we go in, and for some reason the place has changing rooms. I can't remember what I changed in to, but they were part of the dream. Next thing I know, I walk in to the cafe, and suddenly I'm Frasier (?????). Everyone in there starts laughing and making jokes so I (frasier) runs back out to the changing room. While I'm still in there, this guy barges in with a knife, laughing at me. So I took his knife and stabbed him 'till he died. Everyone in the cafe saw and rushed out at me, so I stabbed them all. All as frasier. Then I woke up...
Ok, I was nodding off at the computer last night, so went to bed early. Ended up having this properly freakish nightmare and ended up not sleeping for ages; I dreamt that there where loads of pidgeons in the house and they'd just eaten our cat. I mean, wtf? Had another dream after that but the more I try to remember it, the more I can't. So anyways, read in to that what you will, lol.
This one's from last night... well this morning. And it's long, just to warn you. I was walking home from somewhere and suddenly I just couldn't. I somefind that the only way I can move is to push the air in front of me which makes me go backwards. That's just part 1. Part 2. I wake up sprawled out in the middle of the street, no idea why. Get up and can still only do the backwards thing. Come across two guys and for some reason kick them both and run off (sort of) Part 3. I go to hide at a friends house (who happens to be my old best friend who I haven't seen for years) and the two I kicked drive up and park outside. They were going to meet him so we had to leave, and the saw me and didn't care. It was raining and all the sudden I could walk properly again, so I went and waited for a bus to go home. The End
Dunno if anyone's seen a film called Cellular, but I watched it recently. Problem was that night, almost every hour on the hour I'd dream about people being shot and killed. I'm talking serious clockwork here, it was damn freaky, as well as damn annoying. It's weird to 'cause that's only the second film after Congo to give me nightmares. And I watched Congo many many years ago....
Had this one a week or two ago but it was so vivid I still remember it now. I'll try not to make it too long. Started off with me at university studying music (god knows why). I hated where I was studying so moved to another university that turned out to be ten times betterl. Here's where it got weird. We were given an assignment to do a music video (in the dream it was to a QotSA song). As the class got one with this, people involved started dying off one by one. Most of us were oblivious 'cause we were having so much fun, except for this one girl who wanted to leave and go to the university I thought was shit. Everyone tried to stop her but she left and we carried on. She kept calling me to go join her but I wouldn't listen. After relentless calls I caved in and joined her, after which I realised what was going on and that I was next to be killed off. That's when I woke up.
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