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Lewis's blog: "Miscellaneous"

created on 11/20/2008  |  http://fubar.com/miscellaneous/b260759

I know I'm never here, and highly doubt that anyone will see this.


Plus I know I became a stranger to all of you I cared about.


But I do miss you all. I look back on here from time to time and I remember the friends and the fun I used to have and how much some of you helped me be a better person.


For that I will be eternally grateful.


So I got one hell of a surprise this morning and have come in to a little money.


The majority of it I want to save in some way or another, but what I'm wondering about most is, should I pay off the one debt I owe?


I owe the bank I used to use over a grand from when I first moved to yankee land and didn't have ny money.


I don't know whether to pay them off now that I can, or just to ride it out until they give up on chasing me for it, like I've been told that they might.



If you're grossed out by feet, I suggest not reading any further.




Now, if you've braved it this far, I have a question for you.


What's the best way to get blisters off of the bottom of your feet? I peeled most of a huge one off yesterday but it's kinda stuck on healthy skin and I don't want to just rip it off.

Apparently I'm white trash.




 rock s...: if u dont give a shyt why u voting then dont make no since
To  rock s...: I didn't vote
 rock s...: u cooment on it
To  rock s...: exactly, not a vote
 rock s...: like i give a shyt what u think
To  rock s...: You do know shit is spelled with an I right? And you posted a global mumm, so I don't give a shit whether you care or not.
 rock s...: dont give a shyt how you spell it you still a piss of whyte trash any way
I find myself in a bit of a jam and needing some help. If you would be so obliged in at least reading this I would be thankful. I am trying to get work as a security guard, but they require a comprehensive 5 year history for background check purposes. Here's where my problem arises. Due to my prolonged stay in the good ole US of A there is a big gap in my history that they will not check for me. As such, I need to somehow provide this for them. I emailed the US embassy and they gave me two options: Either go through some rigmarole with the FBI involving fingerprints, money and a great deal of waiting or Contact the local police where I last resided and get a criminal check done by them and get a document of their findings. So either way, I have problems. The FBI is pretty much a no go, and being back in the UK I won't be phoning Bradenton police any time soon. Wherein lies my need for advice and any help you kind people that put up with me may be able to give.

As posted by Witchie


Luckily for me these don't really get read :D


remember when people read these and had a good time?

interacted and then did them on their own?



so ask me a question

any question and I will answer

within reason

and then post a blog asking your friends the same

Lovely area I live in, full of all those little kids who wish they were from the ghetto. Was out playing football today, absolutely baking hot. About 10 of these aforementioned kids roaming about throwing water at each other. At some point they take it upon themselves to throw water in the general direction of some parents/children in the youngsters play area. Fairly enough, said parents get a bit annoyed and ask them to stop, with which a torrent of abuse is thrown their way. During this "disagreement" our football happens to land nearby, and here's where things get a bit fuzzy. For reasons unknown to us, one of the guys that was playing football decides to attack one of the dads with a log, and somehow ends up with a split lip. So he's going around trying to beat this guy up until all of us put a stop to it. I hate kids...

I want you.


I want you in my arms.


I want you to see me staring in to your eyes.


I want you to see the love I have for you flowing out of me.


I want you to put your head on my chest again like it's the safest place in the world.


I want you more than anything else in this world.


I want you.


I love the way your skin feels under the deft touch of my fingers, Smooth as the most expensive silk. I love the way your hair feels as I brush it out, The delicate strands glimmering in the light. I love the way you look at me with those deep brown eyes, The love burning there like fire. I love the way we walk in perfect harmony, Like we are one and the same entity. I love the way you squeeze my hand, Like you're scared I'll run away. I love the way your smile can light up my whole day, Like the sun coming out from behind a cloud. I love the way you make me so confident in my own skin, Which no one else could ever do. I love the way you said yes, When I knelt down in the cafe and asked you to marry me. But most of all... I Love YOU!!!
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