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La La Land
You and I, we have been through a lot. Been down a lot of dark alleys and stuck in massive rainstorms. We have jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, and felt like we could conquer the world. We have traveled across the ocean on a whim. We have cried alone in the deepest of nights. We have felt powerful, beautiful, peaceful, lonely, sad, and lost. I know you are headstrong. I know you often miss the red flags, miss the warning signs, get caught up in the charge forward, only to realize you are storming the wrong gate. I know that sometimes you have to kiss the pavement to learn. Here are some gentle reminders for the path ahead. - If you are lost, quit walking and sit your ass down. Evaluate your surroundings. Evaluate the positives and negatives. Choose a path. Choose wisely. - Just keep swimming. Once the path is chosen, and the excitement of a new journey wears off, keep on keeping on. Life can't always be shiny. Sometimes it's dull work. Sometimes it sucks. Every day is a step
valentines day romantic yes--- current situation--friend will call her *betty* betties ex boyfriend keeps callin n callin she wants nothin to do with him right well.....then ok *betty* says meet her somewhere and they will talk and try to work it out right. well then i call her later on to see what was going on why her ex was callin n callin still he heard nothin..well then i said werent u supposed to go n meet him right to talk out ur problems(when i talked to her on the phone)..... she was omg i forgot all about it on valentines day c mon people be nicer than that at least let em u kinda cared thats just wrong unless of course they really deserve it....what would u do...and not to mention she was higher than hell here people but still i dont care NOT NICE i dont know work stinks they have been sending a lot of people home then what am i gonna do? this job was a long shot to begin with and now lay offs already and of course everyone knows it goes by seniority OmG i hate this i will ha
La Lettre
Singer : Renan Luce Song & Lyrics : Renan Luce I received a letter one month ago maybe Coming by error Factors awkwardness perfumes sprinkled Carmine lipstick I should this letter Dont open maybe But me Im a man Who likes this kind of stake I want well that she names me Alphonse or Fred, its as she wants Its as she wants Pretty daisies On the top of its I Handwritten curves As in the abbeys Some spelling errors A light dyslexia And as a paraph The small sexy blonde And me Im a man Who likes this kind of play I dont love the nuns And I fell in love In love She writes that Sunday She will go on cliff Where I took her by the hips And that on the assumption Where I would not have tact To assume my frolicking Shell choose the impact 0.02 miles lower And me I am a man Who likes this kind of stake I dont want that it is struck Because I fell in love In love Thanks to the postmark Of a city on M
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Lamar Hunt
Chiefs' founder Lamar Hunt dies Visionary owner changed face of professional football By RANDY COVITZ and KENT PULLIAM The Kansas City Star Lamar Hunt was a sportsman. A visionary. An entrepreneur. A gentleman. And a bit of a rebel. Hunt, founder of the Kansas City Chiefs and one of Americas most innovative and creative sports figures of the past half-century, died about 9:40 p.m. Wednesday at a Dallas hospital of complications from prostate cancer. He was 74. Hunts decision to relocate the Dallas Texans of the fledgling and struggling American Football League and rename them the Kansas City Chiefs in 1963 helped establish the region as a major-league community and ensured big-time sports would continue here for generations to come. His belief in Kansas City was rewarded by the clubs appearance in two of the first four Super Bowls, with the Chiefs winning the NFL championship in 1970. He changed our way of life, said civic booster Bill Grigsby, a member of the Ch
La Masia Di Coalizeone Del Monda Http://
If I don't get back to you right away............I', windpws crashjed and I'm on mom's pc. I love you
La Mafia Family
Lamborghin Website , I Created
Based on Javascript/CSS/Adobe Spry
Lambo Doors
I cant make up my mind. I have a great original low miles corvette C4 but i want to get it more "show" ready. Should I go with lambo doors and take away from the stock look?
This site is pretty lame! Aint got nothin on MySpace! If I can figure out how to delete my profile... I think I'm gone.
Lame Lines
Lame Fucks
I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this; Ever go out of your way to try to help someone or a group of people to get nothing but shit in return? I am about at the end of putting up with it. I used to enjoy IRC, and many other chat networks. Lately its nothing but idiots and kids on the major networks, and people you thought were friends on others. I am a helping person by nature but, I will think twice about it for many now. (you know who you are) I'm sure this will make its way back to where it was meant for. With that said, Game off. Quotes off. Me off. -sorry guys and gal. I just need a break from all the BS. c-ya when I c-ya.
Lame Attempts At A Subjective Art Known As Poetry.
Moisture on my cheeks I puzzle and swipe Pathetic and hopeless Pain in my leg Sleep evasive Memories and fantasies Bumble and fold Mingle and intertwine The ticking of a clock The playing of an old song The lump in my throat Tingling wrist Aching back Drowning in that nothingness I always seem to go on about Swelling with a something-ness I've yet to pinpoint and find Again that moisture squeezing Through my lids shut tight Shrinking and receding, Sliding down and disappearing; Back to the shallow depths Of my ever-elusive but always inclusive Empty yet all too heavy heart. Oh, sweet sign of summer, Oh, delicate door to the past, Oh, invisible melody outside my window, Endearing song; speeding up, slowing down. Oh, miniscule creature, Booming loud above the rest, Oh, nocturnal design, Natural mirth, Spirited primitiveness, Delicate instrument, Resounding immensity, Music divine. Heavy head and lids, Stretching weary limbs. Perpetually c
Lame Excuses
Lame Poetry.
Kicking kittens is probably the best thing to ever happen to me. Pull back. Release. And the rage is gone. Destroy the innocent. I fall to the ground and the grass stains my jeans. I think for a few moments about strippers and how Im never on time. I realize that I cant speak. There is no defense. And my mind is weak. Going home to pour myself a pot of coffee. And do my hair all up with a can of hairspray. It still doesnt look as good as yours. I smoke a pack and forget- that I seek to destroy. I dress myself in plaid, and fall down the staircase. Im up and Im a lush. Blinds cover my eyes, and Im really only hiding from myself. I draw pretty zombies in pencil. And ramble on the phone for hours. I just dont want to be alone. My art history book makes good fire. And I dont want to get out anyways. Im a bit of a pyro and I will die happy. Up. In. Flames. Wake up with an erection, and the need to piss Improve yourself, relieve the pressure Off to buy
Lame Ass Various Pic's
My Rateing system.99.9 % of the time if your a friend,Fan or Familly member u get a 10.Most of the Time I will write stuff in the comment Box.Other Times I'm Speechless,+ nothing good comes to mind.I'm not aloud to Assume or have an Oppinion at Home.So sometimes I Assume + Oppinionate here.Sometimes I'm Cynical with my Rateings.I guess those mostly happen around Full Moons.Sometimes I hurt feelings,I'm extremely Sorry I have hurt a few feelings.Shy brought me here from NF + I brought another to my friends from NF.Shy's constant Bothering of me to Vote atleast 50 x's on her various contests,makes me think of the Presidential elections in Florida,involveing our Horses Ass.An Nosterfurusexy women, my friend Angela from NF as well.Post some of the worst stuff I've ever seen.Honestly I can't rate hardly any of her Lame ass images or Pictures truthfully.Truthfully I got kinda Spoiled rateing the Naughty's of some.I don't visit any porn sites at all on the web.All supposeally naughty's come f
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Lame Night
so boreing to be alone and wake up alone :( let me cry booo hooo .
Lamentations, Machinations, Revelations, And Conundrums, Ad Nauseum.
(from the MySpace) It's been awhile ladies and gents. Too long? or not long enough? What's with the title? Well, a lot has happened in the life of ol' Nasty these past few months. I've known love, impending loss on a soul shattering scale, the intense sorrow of a friend (s), orgasmic joy, alcohol induced oblivion, and the 24 views of Mt. Hokusai (look it up you uneducated turds). The dichotomy and undeniable irony of my existence is that I am experiencing an incredible high and heart shattering low simultaneously. Hence, my obsession with black/white and camo if some of you haven't noticed. Some psychosomatic venting mechanism for what's going on inside. So...I drink, I fuck, I work, I rock, I love, I fight, I vomit, I hate, I lift, I death itself is chasing me (and it's chasing us all). Point is...I'm living. One of the simplest yet most complex things ever said was "smoke'em if you got'em". Wrap your brain around that one folks. Sit and think about it. Reall
Lame Bands In Indiana!
Ok so I am frustrated. everytime I go out with my wife she will not dance with me because the band sucks. So I have decided to start an original band to go out and just have fun with. I am an old school punk but do not feel the need to vent any political agenda. I just wanna jam and have fun. I have a small P.A. a decent guitar, a damn nice line six combo amp as well as a decent bass and amp. So if live near plymouth indiana and wanna jam let me know cause I am dying to come up with some better stuff than that which is being played in this area!
ah...blogs. i deleted my myspace.... kinda miss it. i uploaded like a milliondy pics. fun fun. im bored. i want to run away. beer is kinda gross... and im sick of sitting at home im going to run away again... because im good at it. i went bowling last night and i pretty much broke my hand.... okay it was just my nail but my hand kinda hurts. and i did laundry. i was looking at old pictures today... WEIRD!!!! okay thats enough pictures.... so i didn't go to work today.... my first day back and i called in. i lack motivation or something. i don't know. WIERDDDDDDDDDDDDD i get all excited about going back and then... i just call in. im so amazing. i guess ill sit here another day then work tomorrow? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im scared to go back. people are going to ask me wierd questions. like... where have you been? and then i wont know what to say.... i need a nap.
Breathe deep the gathering gloom, Watch lights fade from every room. Bedsitter people look back and lament, Another day's useless energy spent. Impassioned lovers wrestle as one, Lonely man cries for love and has none. New mother picks up and suckles her son, Senior citizens wish they were young. Cold hearted orb that rules the night, Removes the colours from our sight. Red is grey and yellow white, But we decide which is right. And which is an illusion??? By Graeme Edge of the Moody Blues From Nights in White Satin I stumbled across this story on Goog the other day and it echos my sentiments lately. I find myself listening to only classic rock stations and old recordings, remembering, reminiscing... Where Have All the Rock Stars Gone? By DAVID SHUMWAY From the Cronicle 6/22/07: James Brown's death last December was a much more pointed, and poignant, marker of the changing role of popular music in American culture than the current exhibition at the Whitney M
Lament Of A Woman
A woman so loved that from one lyre there came more Lament than from all lamenting woman; That a whole world of Lament arose in which all nature re-appeared: forest and valley, road and village, field and stream and animal; And that around this Lament-World, even as around the Other Earth, a Sun revolved and a silent, Star-filled heaven- A Lament-Heaven, With its own, disfigured stars, So greatly was she Loved. This is a poem that is written anonymously and I thought is greatly explains the emotions of a woman and to any who loves their woman. If you have any comments please let me know. Good and Bad I would love to hear them.
Lamentations On 9/11
Lame Ass People
Amanda_Hug_and_Kiss: please dont send me mass messages its really annoyin adam: hold on! ill delete ur lame ass in a minute! everybody else thinks its funny! adam: Why is it that doctors call what they do "practice"? Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons? Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker? Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour? Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food? When dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests it? Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes? Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections? You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff?? Why don't sheep shrink when it rains? Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together? Amanda_Hug_and_Kiss: dude it makes my comp lag adam: aaqight i found it! im
Lame Surveys
RULES: HAVE TO CHANGE THE ANSWER...CANNOT USE MY ANSWERS!! 1.How long do you spend in the shower? 9 minutes, 49 seconds, 38 milliseconds 2. Name something a football player wears under his uniform? Jock strap 3. Name something people hate to find on their windshield? Words written in cum. 4. Name something a man might buy before a date? Striped leotards 5. Whats another word for blemish? big fucking red spot on the face 6. Name a food often cooked in the microwave? Anything I make 7. Name a piece of furniture people need help moving.? Oprah 8. Name a reason a younger man might like an older woman.? Wants to test the "hot dog in a hallway" theory. 9. Name something a dog does that embarrasses its owner? Humps Oprah 10. Name a kind of test you cannot study for? Urine test. 11. Name something a boy scout gets a badge for? Masturbating in apple pie. safe sex ftw 12. Name a phrase with the word 'Home' in it? "Get your ass home, bitch, and make
I made plans with mulitple people tonight. Which is Friday. No one ever confirms. The couple people that want to hang out, AREN'T ALOUD TO COME OVER. What the hell. And theres no where else to go... The worst is when people don't answer my calls, or when they do they act like GOSH DARN why the heck this girl blowing me up. I don't mean to. I'm just not happy being alone. I don't like to fight with my boyfriend and have to sit at a Subway by myself all night because I have no one to talk to about it. I honestly think I don't have one person besides my boyfriend which doesn't even seem like he cares, that actually cares about me. I could jump off a cliff, and I bet at least 10 people would says, GOOD NOW SHE WONT WASTE ALL MY MINUTES. I have no friends. And I hope none of you consider me friends. Because. Everyone ARE bitches. No matter what, their cool for 6 years, they find out their not gettin' those panties off you. Bam! Where do they go. Not hanging out with you. F
Lame Joke
A man walks into a dentist's office and says, "Excuse me, can you help me? I think I'm a moth." The dentist says, "You don't need a dentist. You need a psychiatrist." "Yes, I know," says the man. "Then why did you come in here?" says the dentist. The man says, "Because the light was on." Two Santas from rival department stores walk into a bar and get into a fight. Fortunately, a comma and a period are in the same bar. They get together and separate the two Clauses
Wondering why they dont let you pay for vip and blast using paypal ... i need a credit card :( ...there are lots of sexy ppl out there that should be gettin rated 11's sorry to all you sexy ppl that icant rate 11 :( you deserve much more ... keep up with the sexyness ;)
Lame Mother Fuckers
Lame Lines Train
Whats YOUR lame line? Oh yeah, we have all heard them CHEESY lame pick-up lines! Come check out just a few of the lamest lines on the planet. If I put them all up, wed be here rating forever! This is a train with a few lame rules 1. FAN, RATE, ADD all the lame riders before you (but you know you all RAWK!) 2. If you already have them, RE-RATE them and comment Whats your lame line? (or something like that) 3. Rate all my lame pictures in the lame folder, comment the last one. 4. Leave me a lame message letting me know youre done being lame! The lameness starts here Your lame line Hostess: ~Dusty~ *{Shadow Leveler}*@ fubar Your lame line riders: ▲►Ĵdəd ņə◄▼ @ fubar In my dreams...or yours? ~*~Shadow Leveler
Lament Of Six
Lame Ass Obama
If Obama gets in the office he will change the white house into section (H) housing project for all the blacks. And he will make a change all right and I dont think the change is for the white ppl it will be for his own kind meaning he will make sure the white ppl will lose their jobs and the black ppl will get the jobs. And did you know that Obama does not beleive in God so i bet he will try to make the chance in ( In God we trust ) on the all our money. So the question is do you want a lame ass want to be for president. If he gets in it will be a sad day for our countrie.
summer deakins: i want to make a bully summer deakins: telling everyone what a lier she is summer deakins: and so much more summer deakins: but i dont know how to make them' What a lovely lounge owner over at baby dolls.... Sizzle AKA Summer Keep in mind i hear and see all!!!!!! DRAMA BASKET CASE no wonder I quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Drama and Games END HERE FREAK So i had this close friend id bling him and ive even vip'd him... he has returned the blinging back... But he lost his job cause booze was important to him anyways got to the point he had no food... So i sent $40 through western union to him... Then he didnt have the funds to make his computer payment so he said he would repay me so I made the computer payment for him $160... Anyways he has since got a job and new well i guess she isnt so new since the start of march but ive been watching as he is buying both of them auto11 and bombs and bling out the ass... He has given me $75 bac
Lame Ass!
Lame Fake Ass Boyfriends
Lame Ass People
Lame Attempt At A Poem
ICE CREAM CONES AND SKITTLESI saw him while walking the highway in spaceHad heard he came from the moonI wanted to glance at him without leaving a traceBut he caught me way too soonShouting at me from aboveThis was to be a great JuneSpeaking to me of poems and rhymesWords of hope and loveAnd all his adventures in timeHe had 747 reasons for being hereI had 111We talked of dreams and fearWe Discussed why the moon was so far awayI NEED HELP AT THIS PART......GRRRRRRRRR SOMEONE HELP MEI always want to give him ice cream conesThis man who made me taste skittles I saw him while walking the highways of Neptune, Id heard that he lived on the moonI tried just to glance without drawing attention, but he caught me faster than soon His whispers were louder than anyone’s yelling and somehow Id caught that mans eyeI fell in love with his laughter from here ever after Id always remember that June He taught lessons in riddles that taste just like skittles and his best friend was old father tim
Lame Ass Bitches
ok, im not trying to be an asshole, but if you have to take pictures of your hands and feet and head and have no actual pic of all of you...its probably because it wont all fit in one picture to begin with. at least not without your fat rolls hanging off the edges getting stuff all slimy on my moniter. wtf! no one gives a shit if you have cute feet and a humongous cottage cheese ass.
Lame Azz Men
The Lies Men Tell... 1. I Love You 2. I dont have a Girlfriend 3. I have a car, but its in the shop. 4. She kissed me 5. My Grandma died...I have to cancel 6. Da condom didnt break 7. I was at a friends house 8. I wont tell anyone 9. I dont have kids 10. I was working late 11. Your the only one im having sex with 12. I dont live with my parents. 13. Thats my cousin 14. It will only hurt for a minute 15. I will pull out...I promise 16. Its not my kid..It looks nothin like me 17. Baby...I'm Sterile 18. Ill only stick the head in. 19. I have a Job. 20. I was Drunk. 21. I was really High. 22. I thought we broke up. 23. I think I should see other people. 24. Its not you...Its me. 25. I have my own business. 26. My dad owns this club/bar. 27. I came from a wealthly family. 28. Were just "friends" 29. I had a great time tonight...Ill call you! 30. Wanna come over for some coffee? Coffee = Sex 31. Its just a rash. 32. I wont cum in your mouth. 33. I fell aslee
Lame Stuff... Maybe Some Gushy Stuff Too
why is it that I can't ever love those close to mee? I am absolutely in love, and will never be anywhere close enough to act upon it. wow. I am sooo lame for even lettin myself feel that way. It's on. Im sooooo never chattin with awesome peeps again.. lol so you better be a loser if you gonna come around chattin... lol Here is the fight between me and the friend of mine that my last mumm was about - Im sorry I didn't use the phrase kick rocks. She is the pink - I am the blue. This was a txt convo. Wanted 2 talk awwww.Whatever nevermindfineWell u dont seem intrest n listeninwhat could you say that wasn't a big "fuck you"? AlotahBut u don+ caredude... we've gone through this sooo much that no... I don't.Then fuck it have a great lifereally? ok I hafta wanna hash out shit to be a homie? Wouldn't you rather I just dropped it? fuck!or would you rather I cared and left a shit load of "fuck you" to let you know how I feel?lmao! ignore some more... LOL! ha ha haForge
Lame Pick Up Lines
i play basketball and jumped up and was hit very hard in the dick. so hard that it closed up quite a bit and im unable to get anything out. but anyways the doctor say the only way to six this is to somehow ejaculate and you are really sexy and i think u could help me with that
seriously if ur gonna whine bout what i rate u then just go away. if its a real pic ill rate 10 (11 if i can). if its any other kinda pic ill rate what i think of it. if its lame it wont score high! geeze this just a social network site no need to have ur panties bunched up over what ppl rate u. get over it and move on. opinions r like assholes, everyones got em so if u dont wanna b rated on a social site then get off it! ADD ME PLEASE
A Lame Ass Excuse
When I hear people making excuses for abusers, it seriously gets under my skin. I don't care about the statistics, or studies, to me it's all just a lame ass excuse. Something or someone else to pin the blame on for being just a horrible person in general. I was a victim, and I remember looking into those beautiful blue eyes and begging for my life, and the same eyes that were once beautiful to me, became emotionless and cold. No expression, no feeling at all, and my cries fell upon def ears. His mother told me that when he was a little boy, he used to witness his father beating her and hide in a closet and scream for him to stop. But, that is the part I don't understand. How could he do the same to another individual, after witnessing it happening to his own mother. A pattern they say? Well I don't buy it. I never had a mother or a father for that matter, but I am a damn good one, and I could easily use that as an excuse to be the type of mother to my daughter that mine was to me. Bu
The year is 1100. The date is August 1. The monks in the abbey at Gloucester are celebrating the holy-day of St. Peter in Chains. One of the monks wakes from a strange dream in which God promises to strike down the wicked King who has abused the Holy Church. His superior, Abbot Serlo, on hearing of the dreams sends a warning to the King, William the Red, who has oppressed all of England with taxes and disgusted many with his licentiousness and blasphemy. Red, as he is called, receives the message the following day while preparing to indulge in one of his favorite sports, hunting, in the New Forest. Although there are no longer any people dwelling in the New Forest they were all cleared out by Red's father, William the Conqueror there are rumors that it's a hotbed of pagan activity. And August 2 is an important pagan holy-day. The Saxons call it Lammas, the Loaf-Mass. William the Red laughs at the warning from the monks and goes out hunting. A short time later, he is dead, struck in
La Morte Journey
L'amour... What Else ?
I love you, Not only for what you are, But for what I am When I am with you. I love you, Not only for what You have made of yourself, But for what You are making of me. I love you For the part of me That you bring out; I love you For putting your hand Into my heaped-up heart And passing over All the foolish, weak things That you can't help Dimly seeing there, And for drawing out Into the light All the beautiful belongings That no one else had looked Quite far enough to find. I love you because you Are helping me to make Of the lumber of my life Not a tavern But a temple; Out of the works Of my every day Not a reproach But a song. I love you Because you have done More than any creed Could have done To make me good, And more than any fate Could have done To make me happy. You have done it Without a touch, Without a word, Without a sign, You have done it By being yourself. Perhaps that is what Being a friend means, After all. whe
Lamrons Blog
"Wasteland" Change my attempt good intentions Crouched over You were not there Living in fear But signs were not really that scarce Obvious tears But I will not Hide you through this I want you to help And please see The bleeding heart perched on my shirt Die, withdraw Hide in cold sweat Quivering lips Ignore remorse Naming a kid, living wasteland This time you've tried All that you can turning you red Change my attempt good intentions Should I, could I Here we are with your obsession Should I, could I Crowned hopeless The article read living wasteland This time you've tried All that you can turning you red but I will not Hide you through this I want you to help Change my attempt good intentions Should I, could I Here we are with your obsession Should I, could I Heave the silver hollow sliver Piercing through another victim Turn and tremble be judgmental Ignorant to all the symbols Blind the face with beauty paste Eventually you'll
Game iWin Game iwin Online l game tổng hợp cc tr chơi dn gian quen thuộc v gần gũi với người Việt Nam như : Tiến Ln, Phỏm, T Lả, Cờ Tướng, Ca R, Cờ Vua … chơi trực tuyến trn điện thoại di động. Với giao diện đẹp v lối chơi gần gũi khiến cho Game iwin trở thnh cơn sốt trong giới Tai game iwin. Chức năng chat gip mọi người vừa chơi vừa ni chuyện thoải mi. Lại thm tnh năng status tiện dụng khng thua km mạng x hội thng thường, người chơi tha hồ cập nhật mọi trạng thi cảm xc, bộc lộ những suy nghĩ c nhn. Tnh năng hộp thư cũng đng vai tr
Lanae Free Comment Codes Lanae A Baby for me to borrow A brief moment in time I got to hold and squeeze you Press your heart to mine The Love I feel for you Lanae is forever in my heart Two months we got to keep you Your twin brother by your side Living never knowing What life had in store for us Now I know that nothing could possibbly hurt more I woke to hear crying, hunger yes indeed I rose to feed your brother and found you couldn't breathe. For on that fateful day an angel God did need Early in the morning, you were called to leave To rise above to heaven to love us from afar Just knowing you are watching is comfort The loss of you Lanae has changed me from within I have a hurt to carry, inside my soul for life Missing, wishing, wanting to hold you yearning for the things, that just are not to be
La Nause
As humans we believe ourselves to be superior on the basis that we can reason. We believe that our lives are more fulfilling than lets say a blade of grass. This i do not agree with. Can they communicate with other blades of grass, do they feel pain when we pull one out (plants do respond to stimuli like moving towards sunlight). i personally believe that humans sense of entitlement is hogwash. the earth was here billions of years before us and will be here after our species has been extinct. The universe is another thing. we do not know if this is the first universe that has existed. The start of this universe was the big bang but there couldve been another universe before this that existed and collapsed upon itself causing this phenomena. this brings me to the concept that i want to talk about. The soul. What is the soul? In my opinion the soul and god are linked but not in the way the bible or qur'an look at things. The universe is governed by energy and this energy flows within all
Lancaster County Sucks!
Lancer's Blog
Lances' List Of Things To Bitch At. YAY! DP is blogging! Saddly it's nothing fun... none of my randomy bitching, nor did I go to Jail again recently so I have no updated stories... this blog is my asking for something....*GASP* eww, I know, ASKING for shit. disguesting... in short, My friend is in the running/finals to win this Tattoo modeling thingy. and since I NEVER ask you sexy poop stains for ANYTHING... Gimme like 45 seconds and click yes on here cotey button thingy... please, I'd love you. She's under the name "Miss Rad" Vote for my friend to win this tattoo modeling thingy. shes at the bottom right of the voting page I think under "Miss Rad" ( yes, cheesy name but we're not voting on name coolness)Go, vote( Miss Rad) make me happy. DO EEET! and i'll lub you forever and ever and ever. IN return? sexy picture of me blowing random things! YAY! Ya'know what I
The Land Of Paradise
Land 4 Sale In Arizona
I Have some land for sale in Arizona in prime locations. If you, or if you know anyone interseted, please contact me. 1. 5 acres on I-10 in quartzite. $400,000 can be zoned almost anything. 2. 79.8 acres off the I-10. $3.7 million. Willing to carry half. Zoned commercial. 3. 20 and 40 acres in Alfreida 20 for $160000. Will carry. 40 for $320000
Land Of The Free?
The Landlord
The Land
The Land torrid land of death and pain you know why i've come back again no one here can fathom why i'd leave them for the chance to die you know that i'm not here for death or seeking glory for myself but trying to find a part that's lost knowing too well at what the cost ones left behind will never know how much it hurts me that i go i can't find words to tell them why for if i could, you know i'd try if i could make them understand why i walk your hardened land perhaps they'd not feel so betrayed, know that i'll be back some day your dusts will choke me once again your cruelty will become my pain the things i'll never understand become my home in your hot land and wrongs that i'll see everyday i'll try to change but, there's no way and knowing that before i try won't stop my efforts, you know why i'll hold my memories close to me remembering love i feel not see i'll wake eachday and do my best right some wrongs and try the rest and i'll
The Land Of Confusion
♥Shell♥@ fubar Can we all go help her get there please? many thanks Dazzy :D Ive seen quite a few bulletin reposts lately such as this ashley marc jones crap. PLEASE dont repost without running the name through google 99.9% of these are all total bollox and a two minute search in google will confirm it without filling up bulletin boards with unnecessary panic. Take care all, regards Daz :D
Landing The Big Fish!
Landing In London
I woke up today in London As the plane was touching down And all I could think about was monday And maybe ill be back around If this keeps me away much longer I dont know what i will do Youve got to understand its a hard life That im going through And when the night falls in around me I dont think ill make it through Ill use your light to guide the way Cause all I think about is you Well L.A is getting kinda crazy And New york is getting kinda cold I keep my head from geting lazy I just cant wait to get back home And all these days i spend away Ill make up for this i swear I need your love to hold me up When its all too much to bear And when the night falls in around me I dont think ill make it through Ill use your light to guide the way Cause all I think about is you And all these days i spend away Ill make up for this i swear I need your love to hold me up When its all too much to bear When the night falls in around me I dont think ill make
Land Of Make Believe...
Wanna play with me?
Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave
I served in the Army for 4 years. I was deployed to Iraq. Ilost my best other there and had a RPG go over my head. For those of you that don't know what that is it is a rocket propelled grenade. I also had a mortar land 25 feet behind me. So if your over in Iraq now I hope and pray that you come home safe. But remember this KILL THEM ALL.
Land Of Confusion
Greetings everyone, I know quite a few of my friends here don't know me that well, but As most of you will learn Im a passionate writer and take great pride in what right and my views, this video speak louder then words and volumes, Im a passionate writer. This video and lyrics of this song is very powerful. The way this world is, is very messed up, we truely live in a land of confusion. In 26 years of life almost 27, the world has has gotton worse and worse each year, its my wonder whats going to be left the future generations.If it were not for our military I fully beleive I and many others would not have a tommorrow. But as it looks the world gets worse and worse each day. This is disturbed Land of confusion I have lyrics below along with the video. Everyone please comment I truely welcome it! I mustve dreamed a thousand dreams Been haunted by a million screams But I can hear the marching feet Theyre moving into the street Now did you read the news today T
Landlocked Blues
Did it all get real, I guess it's real enough They got refrigerators full of blood Another century spent pointing guns At anything that moves Sometimes I worry that I've lost the plot My twitching muscles tease my flippant thoughts I never really dreamed of heaven much Until we put him in the ground But it's all I'm doing now Listening for patterns in the sound Of an endless static sea But once the satellite's deceased It blows like garbage through the streets Of the night sky to infinity But don't you weep (don't you weep for them) Don't you weep (don't you weep) There is nothing as lucky Honey, don't you weep (don't you weep for them) Don't you weep (don't you weep) There is nothing as lucky, as easy, or free Don't be a criminal in this police state You better shop and eat and procreate You got vacation days then you might escape To a condo on the coast I set my watch to the atomic clock I hear the crowd count down til the bomb gets dropped I always
Land Of The Free?
Welcome to America, the Land Of The Free, at least that's the way it used to be in today's world and society. This issue has become a real sore spot pet peeve for me and I am fed up with it, which is why I am writing this even though generally I abhor political topics because I hate politics but this is a matter that i can't keep silent on any more!! Consider the following article: But if I go outside, I might offend the smokers St. Louis-area town considers proposal that would ban swearing in bars!! ST. CHARLES, Mo. - What the ...? A St. Louis-area town is considering a bill that would ban swearing in bars, along with table-dancing, drinking contests and profane music. City officials contend the bill is needed to keep rowdy crowds under control because the historic downtown area gets a little too lively on some nights. City Councilman Richard Veit said he was prompted to propose the bill after complaints about bad bar behavior. He says it will give police some rules to enforc
Land Of Greed, Home Of Sheep
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Landind Zone
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Land Or No?
"Please can I cum?" she begged, kissing the top of my shoe. She was on her hands and knees, her big ass in the air, whimpering at my feet."You are so adorable when you beg, pig," I chuckled, ruffling her hair with my free hand. I had a cigarette in the other hand, and the ash was getting long. "Open wide."She tilted her head up to look at me, and with a grimace opened her mouth. I tapped my ash off on her tongue. Her eyes got watery."Quit being such a baby. I didn't burn you, did I?"She shook her head. Her hair bounced off her cheeks."Do you want me to have to get up and go get an ashtray?"She shook her head again, eyes still tearing up. Now her red lipstick was smeared with gray ash."So what is your problem, crybaby?"Thank you for using me as your ashtray, Sir.""You don't seem really thankful," I said slowly. "Now what were you saying about cumming?""Well, Sir..." she stuttered. "Last night you told me you would make me cum if I... if I...""If you what, pig?" I sighed, acting ignorant
Langston Hughes
No use in my going Downtown to work today, It's eight, I'm late- And it's marked down that-a-way. Saturday and Sunday's Fun to sport around. But no use denying- Monday'll get you down. That old blue Monday Will surely get you down. LANGSTON HUGHES Well, son, I'll tell you: Life for me ain't been no crystal stair. It's had tacks in it, And splinters, And boards torn up, And places with no carpet on the floor- Bare. But all the time I'se been a-climbin' on, And reachin' landin's, And turnin' corners, And sometimes goin' in the dark Where there ain't been no light. So boy, don't you turn back. Don't you set down on the steps 'Cause you finds it's kinder hard. Don't you fall now- For I'se still goin', honey, I'se still climbin', And life for me ain't been no crystal stair. LANGSTON HUGHES I've been scared and battered. My hopes the wind done scattered. Snow has friz me, sun has baked me. Looks like between 'em They done tried to make me Stop
Langeri Contest
Sure I seem wrapped around and up and wanting more than I can get from you but here's a little secret: I am crawling into you and occupying places you never knew a man would find and the words I scrawl across you say I am, we will, oh shit, not this! As sure as gin goes with tonic, you are going to need me soon - and I intend to make you beg before I kiss you hard, throw you down, and make you cry out to me in languages you don't know. You want the words rough scratchy hard and here is one that is all of those: now. All rights reserved
Language Barrier No Longer...
I think I am getting the hang of this new kind of slang gangsta talkity speak I thought a brick was something bricklayers used to make buildings, and houses, and shit, turns out it means that it is coldas in Turn up the heat, its brick in here! I also thought biscuits were something you ateit now means your shoes are old and dirty, however not to be mistaken for kicks which are shiny new shoes. Bling is no longer a sound effect(not to be mistaken for affect) but rather shiny gold jewelrybut on the flip side of that we now wear ice which are diamonds instead of putting it in a glass of soda and such. I am going to jammake an exitnot, have jamon my toast. We use to cook on the grill now a grill is your teeth, with or without braces, some people even purchase new grills made out of bling and or icesweet! which actually used to mean something tasted as such but now means that is really cool not to be mistaken as cold because that would be brick and
Language Of Love
There is a special language That we all can understand There is no need to speak it Or to sign it with your hand Everyone upon this earth And regardless of their race Will recognise each letter And so put them in their place This language, it can speak a truth That is far beyond compare With no lies or double meaning Or any innuendos there It teaches us the ways of life From he cradle to the grave And gives us strength to face up to Lifes biggest tidal wave This language reaches deep inside Our heart and spirit too It gives a reason to believe For me, as well as you Come joyous times, with happy days Or when life, it hurts us so This language, it will see us through More than you will ever know You can speak it from within your heart So everyone can hear The message will be understood From far away and near You can hear it on the gentle breeze As it blows from high above A universal language Its the language of true love
Language Of True Love
There is a special language That we all can understand There is no need to speak it Or to sign it with your hand Everyone upon this earth And regardless of their race Will recognise each letter And so put them in their place This language, it can speak a truth That is far beyond compare With no lies or double meaning Or any innuendos there It teaches us the ways of life From he cradle to the grave And gives us strength to face up to Lifes biggest tidal wave This language reaches deep inside Our heart and spirit too It gives a reason to believe For me, as well as you Come joyous times, with happy days Or when life, it hurts us so This language, it will see us through More than you will ever know You can speak it from within your heart So everyone can hear The message will be understood From far away and near You can hear it on the gentle breeze As it blows from high above A universal language Its the language of true love
Language Translation Solutions
Vancouver Translation Services Russian Ukrainian to EnglishVancouver Translation Services English to Russian Ukrainian
Lanie's Ramblings
After months of soul searching and many lost illusions I have finally come upon the very simple reason I sit here alone. I let myself build illusions of romantic entanglements with men and well simplest thing to say about that is I am lonely and I do believe in fairy tales. I have to be very honest though because I have finally realized that I am still very devastated by the dissolution of my marriage. I loved him for better or worse and God only knows how that was. I have been what I would call moody, distant, remote, and yes even angry. No reason really except perhaps I wanted to replace what I felt I lost. I cannot. All of these romantic dealings have been at best implausible very long distance complicated scenarios. And to be honest, alot easier for me to deal with. For this very small but real reason, I am not ready for a real relationship. It isnt because I am still in love with him, I am not. I just dont think my heart can take another beating. So at the risk of alienating
Lanie's Poetic Attempts
What is that, I see there in your eyes? Passion and tenderness, no need for disguise. Searching for answers, to questions you seek. They're beneath the surface, no time to be meek. Open your heart to loves gentle caress. Completing this task, I make one request. Be careful my love, these feelings are new. Choose wisely when saying, "I Love You." a. boudreaux 2001 I can be gentle, and I can be kind those arent thoughts that now come to mind I am selfish and I can be rude some may not like my blunt attitude I am unique owning many a flaw and I am more than I hold in my bra though in defense they are quite a treat I cannot fault those finding them neat I have many things some old and some new not everything tho will i share with you I am myself I need approval not I sit here alone with nary a thought I am a woman that is not my defense it is simply my reason this makes sense a.boudreaux 2007 you're the only one for me..
Lanie's Closet (content Personal)
Yet again he comes to me with his questions. And what does he think it will accomplish? Does he need me to tell him the truth? He already knows the answers he is asking me, so why does he do it? I am not cruel. I loved him with all of me. I took those vows I said I do...and I meant it. He says he meant it, he says he loved me. He just couldnt show me, he didnt know how to love me. I could understand that I suppose, and I have forgiven him for walking out. I dont call him and tell him I blame him for any of my unhappiness. I dont know that its my job to ease his worries. I hope he can find peace within himself. We do have a beautiful son, and that is my only concern. I can't fix anyone but me. I will say my peace and refer every guy to this blog because this is what I want you all to know. I am a single mother of two..estranged from my husband and am hoping to soon get that nightmare behind me. I am not interested in being someones plaything...or being sexually exciting via some
Lan Parties
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Lao New Years!
As everybody knows, every New Year some of us make a New Year's Resolution in an attempt to change our lives in some way, shape or form. Some of our resolution involves issues such as health, relationship, money, or personal goals. For the first couple of months, some of us will stick to our resolution or work as hard as hell to pretend like we are succeeding in our goals. However, half way through the year, the newness and excitement wears off and we start to forget what it is that we wanted Note: These are spoiler's. The headline is wrong} *Kane, Christian & Shelton Benjamin def. Mark Henry, CM Punk & Kofi Kingston *Big Show def. Jesse & Festus in a Handicap match *Carlito, Primo Colon & Brie Bella def. The Miz, John Morrison & Nikki Bella *Matt Hardy def. R-Truth *Michelle McCool def. Maryse by DQ after Gail Kim attacked McCool. Then Gail attacked Maryse *Rey Mysterio def. Chavo Guerrero. After the match JBL came out and laid Rey out with a big boot. *Shawn Michales comes out dress
Lao New Year History
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Laorali Blog
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La Pavilion Hotel
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Lap-by-lap: Atlanta
2:18 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG: Mark Martin and Kurt Busch get the Kobalt Tools 500 under way from Atlanta Motor Speedway Lap 1 -- Mark Martin pulls ahead to lead the opening lap. Kurt Busch falls in line for second. Lap 2 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Reed Sorenson smacks the wall in Turn 1. He tells his crew something broke. He heads to the garage. Lap 6 -- GREEN FLAG: Mark Martin gets the race back under way. 1. Mark Martin 2. Kurt Busch 3. Jamie McMurray 4. Greg Biffle 5. Juan Montoya Lap 7 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kurt Busch ducks below Mark Martin to snag the lead on the restart. Lap 12 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Bobby Labonte goes for a spin in Turn 3. He lost it going into the turn and tells his crew his machine is amazingly loose. No damage Lap 13 -- Cars head to pit road: Greg Biffle is "snappy" and over-rotating; chassis adjustment Kurt Busch gets some minor changes and four tires Denny Hamlin has a chassis adjustment and is tight Ryan Newman is out first with a fast s
Lap By Lap:bristol
2:16 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG: Mark Martin gets the Food City 500 under way from Bristol Motor Speedway. Lap 1 -- Mark Martin hangs on the lead the first lap. Lap 3 -- LEAD CHANGE: Ryan Newman moves around Mark Martin to take the lead early. Lap 9 -- Jamie McMurray is working the high line. Halfway back, Michael Waltrip touches Todd Bodine as they race for 20th. Lap 24 -- Ryan Newman puts Sterling Marlin a lap down and starts to catch more slower traffic. Lap 27 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: John Andretti spins in Turn 2 to bring out the caution. Lap 28 -- Leaders head to pit road except for Jimmie Johnson and six other cars near the back: Kyle Busch gets two tires and fuel Mark Martin gets right-side tires only Jeff Gordon gets right-side tires like everyone else Sterling Marlin gets the free pass Lap 33 -- GREEN FLAG: Jimmie Johnson leads the field to green with Mark Martin restarting eighth in the first car that pitted. 1. Jimmie Johnson 2. Dave Blaney 3. Marco
Lap By Lap:phoenix
8:45 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG: Mark Martin and Kyle Busch get the Subway Fresh Fit 500 under way from Phoenix International Raceway. Lap 1 -- Mark Martin pulls ahead to lead the first lap as Kyle and Kurt Busch fall in line. Lap 5 -- Several battles have broken out in two-wide racing, beginning with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Greg Biffle for 14th. Lap 10 -- David Reutimann has the fastest lap this time by. He runs in seventh. Lap 15 -- Mark Martin continues to lead and has the fastest car on the track this lap. Lap 17 -- Kurt Busch passes Kyle Busch for second place. Lap 20 -- Kyle Busch has fallen back to fifth position. Lap 23 -- David Reutimann moves around Kyle Busch for fifth position. Busch is complaining of a tight race car. Lap 26 -- Tony Stewart is on Jeff Gordon's tail in a developing battle for third place. Both drivers began the race with loose cars as part of their strategies. Lap 30 -- Regan Smith is hanging inside the top 10 in 10th after starting the race in nin
Lap-by-lap: Talladega
2:22 p.m.—GREEN FLAG: Juan Montoya, for the first time in his career, brings the field to the green and the Aaron's 499 is under way. Lap 1—Juan Montoya leads the first lap as the inside line takes control early. Lap 2—There is now three lanes as the middle groove takes shape. Lap 3—Juan Montoya continues to lead as the top five pulls away from the field. Lap 5—LEAD CHANGE: Dale Earnhardt Jr. grabs the lead with help from Denny Hamlin. Lap 6—LEAD CHANGE: Juan Montoya gets back out front but it's short lived. Lap 7—YELLOW FLAG NO. 1/LEAD CHANGE: The Big One comes early as Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon get together causing the No. 24 to go around collecting Casey Mears, Jamie McMurray, David Gilliland, Clint Bowyer, Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch, Elliott Sadler, Carl Edwards, David Gilliland, Scott Riggs, Brian Vickers, Mark Martin, A.J. Allmendinger and Kasey Kahne. David Ragan is the leader. Scott Speed gets the free pass. Lap
Lap By Lap: Richmond
7:54 p.m.—GREEN FLAG/YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Brian Vickers brings the field to the green as the Crown Royal 400 is under way. Lap 6—GREEN FLAG: Brian Vickers gets the field up to speed and we are under way at Richmond. 1. Brian Vickers 2. Jeff Gordon 3. Denny Hamlin 4. Martin Truex Jr. 5. Jeff Burton Lap 7—LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Gordon goes hard into Turn 3 and holds it to beat Brian Vickers to the line. Lap 8 —LEAD CHANGE: Brian Vickers drives away from Jeff Gordon to retake the lead. Lap 9—YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Dave Blaney gets loose and slams into the wall. No free pass is given. Lap 13—GREEN FLAG: Brian Vickers brings the field to the green. 1. Brian Vickers 2. Jeff Gordon 3. Denny Hamlin 4. Martin Truex Jr. 5. Mark Martin Lap 14—Kyle Busch has a great restart on the outside and jumps a few positions to 11th. Lap 16—Mark Martin passes Martin Truex Jr. for fourth Lap 18—Kyle Busch continues to make gains on the outside as he
Lap Dance Tuesday
Hey guys its too hot in the sun today so I thought I would play around on here with some of my pics. tell me what you think. Have a wonderful day. If you want to see some sexy pics check out all my photos. These are pics from my wildblondeflower site. You can also find more pics of me here (adults only though) also check out my yahoo group!!! I hope I am your crush today!!! hugs and kisses..Loriesc4 Get Code | Create Your Own! also check out my profile I addded some new things. see how many of you guys remember the 80's this was one of my favorites back then. I am looking for Lita ford. if anyone has any of her music I could use please let me know. Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics by
The Lap Dance
Lapdogs - Funnies
John was a salesman's delight when it came to any kind of unusual gimmick. His wife Marsha had long ago given up trying to get him to change. One day, John came home with another one of his unusual purchases. It was a robot that John claimed was actually a lie detector. It was just about 5:30 that afternoon when Tommy, their 11 year old son returned home from school. Tommy was over 2 hours late. "Where have you been? Why are you over 2 hours late getting home?", they asked. "Several of us went to the library to work on an extra credit project" said Tommy. The Robot then walked around the table and slapped Tommy, knocking him completely out of his chair. "Son, this robot is a lie detector, now tell us where you went after school." "We went to Bobby's house and watched a movie." "What did you watch?" asked Marsha. 'The Ten Commandments." answered Tommy. The Robot went around to Tommy and once again slapped him, knock
Lapelua_72 In Action Href
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Laptop Adapter
Laptop adapter
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Lara's Lair
Lar Di Dar
Some people exist in this world whose only pleasure is messing with other peoples feelings. We all know this, and hey the world ain't fair, it ain't built on right on wrong, it just is what it is. But it never good when people mess with others, especially, when it involves I guess that one thing many are looking for, that person to spend life with. From recent experience, I can only conclude one thing, 1- I either fell for this person because on the inside there is a good person screaming to get out, or B - they a very good liar. So realistically what do you do in these situations, I can't help but feel that you know, you takes your risks in life, and well, one doesn't work out you move on. And as for the other person, well if they a fuck about, there is one golden rule, "There is always a bigger fish". So hopefully, one day they will meet their match and get royally fucked over as they enjoy doing to other people. As for me, well I admit, it would be nice to be t
L.a. Requiem
I remember baby whores in pig-tails and school-girl skirts like a chorus line for assholes who couldn't score in High School - BMWs cruising by slowly - and gold-fillings flashing in the last bit of LA sun as it twinkled out (pretty as a picture) below the Hollywood Hills. Kids in loose-fitting clothes jockeyed to sell me yellow crack or dime bags of herb - I wasn't buying anymore - just another tourist cruising the real back end of the city of light. There was profit in being young and just a year or two away from the long arm of the law. Twenty, twenty-one year-old bosses hid in the shadows to see how baby brother or little sister was going to make out tonight on the street. I remember a kaleidoscope of brown and black and white-skinned humanity on Olveira Street - Cinco de Mayo - variegated paper pinatas held up on the end of a long pole, kids too poor to beg scrambling for hard candies when the broom handle connected and split the donkey's ass. A l
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Large Profiles
The same three DUDES, check out my profile everyday! What is going on?????? I really don't like large profiles that freeze my computer(s)! I have a brand new HP laptop at home and new dual core at work so I know its not my computer. What is the point of having a profile that freezes other peoples computers. Why? Do you really need six slide shows, three guestbooks and 18 videos?
ok I love you all it's been a blast the last couple days I'm only 5600 away from leveling again so please rate my blog! love ya! Sign my guestbook while your here! Daily Horoscope: Capricorn For November 25,2007 Today is perfect for clearing out old trash or letting go of things you know you'll never use again. You don't have to fill up the free space right away, either -- enjoy the simplicity for a while! Make sure you post yours in the comment space love to know what you all's days are like ! Send much love! I woke up to noticed you was gone! I can still smell you and feel you but your not here! A song plays and it's your voice singing it. I see your smile everywhere a memory around every turn. And it drives through me. It's almost like I've been dealt a losing hand at life's game. So take my hand and rearrange the cards so the odds aren't against me! Your the only one that can cause your the only one I truly love!
Large Mammary Glands
Dear Ladies with Large Mammary Glands, I feel the need to apologize to you for getting all excited when i see your boobies. I failed to realize at the time that they come with their own sets of problems... Witchie I'm sorry i masturbated and squirted to your boobies. Hellyion I'm sorry that I want to masturbate and squirt to yours. Witty in the wet t shirt...mmm Mrs Bad crumble oh my.. I did not know what i know now... I did not know what life was like with large mammary glands, I am sorry that when you take your bra off there are indents of the bra left behind, That your back aches for hours from carrying such a heavy load. I didn't realize how many idiots talk to your breasts. I was one of those people and I'm sorry. Even tonight when i was talking to the asshole ( my lovely husband who i cherish and adore) i realize men only care about themselves. He said and let me quote "i ain`t gotta lug them around" This is when it dawned on me. Men just want to lube them up and sli
Large Wedding Hall
Large Wedding Hall Northampton Country Club’s large wedding hall is perfect for a grand wedding ceremony and reception. If you want to exclude none of your family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues from your wedding guest list, then a large wedding hall is what you require. After all, a wedding is a very special occasion, not like a birthday bash, which you can throw every year and hence decide whether to go simple or all out with it. Your wedding day look will be for everyone to see, not just your immediate family. No matter what is said about a wedding being a union between two souls, what your guests will remember is the finery of the ceremony and reception and how special you have made them felt. You can select one from one of Northampton Country Club’s two large wedding halls – one with an elegant and royal touch with antique artefacts thrown in for an exclusive dcor effect and the other with a modern, urban and sleek look with smooth d
The one thing that you ask from somone is not to lie to you... Why do they still feel the need to do so????Why lie??? Is being honest with someone so hard??? I dont think it should be hard to be honest with someone even if it hurts.. Is it easy just to lie??? Why do all the mind games and all the lies?? doesnt that hurt more then telling the truth the lies and try to keep the lies all together isnt just easy just to tell the person whats going on ??? why do people make the choice to lie??? If you are just asking for one thing from that person and that one thing is not to lie why cant they just do it.. that one thing you want from them. You can accept them for who they are and all the mistake they made . Why cant they just respect the most important thing that you ask of them... And if im being honest with you why cant it be returned..thats the one thing i cant forgive is lies and being lied too .. i cant and will not take that likey .. Is it a power thing ???? to h
L.a. River Graf
Larne Colts Under 13s -07/08 Season Results
BARN UTD 5-4 LARNE COLTS (eaiyl) UNDER 13 The Colts, sponsored by The Olderfleet, travelled to Woodburn to play Barn United and found themselves a goal down straight from the opening kick-off. Then were two goals behind before Reece McGinley beat three defenders before firing home from a tight angle. The half ended with a two goal margin as Barn scored a third although there was more than a hint of offside. The start to the first half was repeated in the second as Barn grabbed a fourth. The Colts pulled a goal back when Darren Tennant made no mistake after a David Hunter pass. A rasping Thomas Spence free kick brought the score back to 4-3 before captain Robert Watson had a free kick cleared off the line. In a ding dong game, Barn scored their fifth prior to McGinley scoring his second of the game, again from a tight angle. Despite going forward until the end of the game, the Colts couldnt score the equaliser. The match ball sponsor was Laurence Shaw of Seacliff Road.N
i love to party an have fun
Larry The Cable Guy
Larry The Cable GuyAdd to My Profile | More Videos Get this video and more at
Larry The Cable Guy
Larry The Cable Guy
Larry X
The thing i despies the most in america is the silent majority. It has cost us lot of freedoms here in america. everytime the politician write a new bill that take our liberty and comfortabilty. There is way to much of a common bond between us in the majority. Im not talk about black white christian, islam, or neither democrat or republian. Cant belive we let these leader of evil convince us it a region rascial or its a polical party thing to gain their own interrest. I belive it time for us to start stick up for oursevles take america back in the direction our fore father intend. Take america back in direction of being a goverment for the people, by the people and new opptunities for non ciztens. The only way this is acheviing is speak up for what you belive. If something is weighting heavy on your heart let a politian know , the media or VOTE!!!!! Speak up stop siting back and take it. I started working night shift about two weeks ago. And now i'm starting rememb
Larry The Cable Guy
New Git-R-Done Beer Named for Comedian Jul 2, 10:19 AM EST The Associated Press PAWNEE CITY, Neb. -- A local microbrewery has launched a beer for one of America's most recognizable rednecks: Larry the Cable Guy. Git-R-Done beer, named for the comedian's famous catchphrase, was launched Saturday by SchillingBridge Winery & MicroBrewery, from the small town where the 44-year-old actor-comedian grew up. The owners of the small family winery say the light beer is made from high-quality ingredients with more "flavor and body" than popular corporate beers. Mike Schilling, who runs the winery with his wife, Sharon, is confident Git-R-Done beer will appeal to the comedian's fan base. "Rednecks love quality, too," he said. Larry the Cable Guy has become popular through films, cable television and a standup tour. His latest movie, "Delta Farce," was released in May. The Schillings proposed the new beer to the comedian, whose real name is Dan Whitney. Sharon Schillin
`larry The Cable Guy Xmas
Larrycable Guy
Larry The Cable
I wasnt the one who made the phone call. I wasnt the one who talked the early morning whispers of fantasy. I am the one with the new life and a restraining order. But hey...I tried. I tried to warn, to listen, then to step back and let him have the room to hang himself cause he wouldnt listen. And when something went wrong I reach out to comfort and show i care...and i get my hand bitten for my effort. I get cyber attention whores who think they know me talkin shit. I get betrayed for sharing a single feeling with someone i was trying to be a friend too. on his terms. Well no more. I dont have time for this bullshit. yes we had a son together. But LArry has never so much as supported his son with a dime and I guess I only fooled myself he would ever be there as a father for him. So Im done. I will not try to maintain any relationship so that one day larry can contact his son. I dont care about the bail money i spent to get larry out of jail. I dont care what happenes to him anymore. Im
Larry's Fubar Blog.
To put it as easily and quick as I can, let's just say that the person I thought I loved with all my heart, took it and dashed it. Because of these memories, I will be leaving Fubar for an indefinite amount of time. That means, I don't know if and when I will be returning. Most of you know Sailorpiro, of whom was my betrothed. We were originally doing great until some past arguments this month. In my way of saving what we had, I drove to Texas from Masscahusetts, and found her with her friends and new boyfriend. It's a long and complicated story, but to try and sum it up more, here is our very last conversation.. seen her on fubar.. in Shoutbox. So, read from the bottom up. Me: Stay diluted, it means nothing to me now. The weight of the worry I had for you lifted the day after when I had some sleep. As far as I'm concerned, I have a lot less to worry about now. No more concern for your well being. Arlette: you think your vindictive .. trust me i can be to hun and i litterally me
Larue County 1262
if theres any fire fighters out there cheak out my my space page
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Lasciate Ogni Speranza, Voi Ch'intrate.
I have been careful about the things I eat since I was admitted to Navy medical for malnutrition in 1995. I was told the amazing news that Man actually cannot live on bread alone, 'condiments' is not a food group, and vitamins are a waste of money, among other things. I have read literally hundreds of thousands of words concerning health and diet. While no expert, I feel I have come to certain conclusions that will be helpful for people to lose unwanted weight, keep it off, and attain a state of health that will be satisfactory, or at least non-debilitating. Read further for the exciting findings of the Flint Thinktank (Members: John Flint). The Flint Diet 1) Eat stuff 2) Try to eat plant stuff 3) Eat more plant stuff than meat stuff 4) Eat when you are hungry 5) Stop eating before you are full 6) Drink water often 7) Digest your food 8) Make turds. "Never look back" 9) Exercise 10) That means to move your body around 11) Playing video games or watching TV do not count
Lasik Eye Surgery
For those that want to know, I had Lasik Eye Surgery this past thursday. So my vision is still blurry and fuzzy, It axrually hurts to typ this. Leave Love, "See" ya'll in a few days. Just to let everyone know, I just had Lasik Eye Surgery this past Thirsday, I'll be back on when my vision clears up.
Lasso The Moon
"Lasso The Moon" Written by: Dorff/Brown I know you're out there somewhere 'Cause I've held you in my dreams And I'm waitin' for the day it all comes true So close and yet so far away You'll be more than just a dream some day I'll hold you in my arms but 'till I do Chorus: I'll get by I'll wait until the rivers run dry If it takes a million years girl I will know a million years can't come too soon Somehow, somewhere our eyes will meet and then and there The sparks will set a magic night on fire And I'll lasso you the moon I'll know there'll be a lot of little girl left in the lady While the woman in her will love me all night long I know one day she'll come to me Some things are just meant to be There'll be a place in time where we belong (Chorus)
The Last Walk
The Last Walk Hand in hand we walk alone Along the beach at night Waves gently breaking on the shore Stars twinkling in the sky There reflection glittering in the sea Hand in hand we slowly go Knowing this will be our last A gentle kiss we share Under the moon tonight The last we will ever share Words unspoken, hearts broken Loves young dreams Lies around us shattered Tomorrow you'll be gone A thousand miles away A new life A new start But your memories will remain Let me hold you One more time Let me dry your tears Let us make this moment special Make it a moment to remember Crazydave 2006 Dedicated to Lori, we never did get to say goodbye
Last One
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1. I hate bullies. 2. I have three dogs and a cat. 3. I write poetry. 4. I shouldn't even watch sports, I get too disgruntled. 5. I am a home nudist. 6. I'm a gun totin redneck. Tag your it just me classyladymay blossomrose theoneandonly totallyme check out my newbie bro payaso...payaso Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1. I
Last Minitue Details
since xmas is this bad am a voiding it i dont much care for it being that spend it a lone in any case so with out further a do am going to just pass and sleep right throught it my my xmas is here all most i neds some ideas so who would like to throw me some sugestion am well comed to give some good ones if they want yepo i got throught a lot the acuseing of my father beign a ass and still trying to keep it together and me looking like hammered shit like havent shaved that and me and dad are no longer talking to each other
Last Forever
Last Night
well today just sucked ass! i didndt get much sleep to start with! then we were going to the store today and a truck stopped in front of us and an elderly lady didnt even stop and slammed into the back of our car which pushed us into the truck infont of us then back into the van. everyone was pretty much alright my sisters car is totaled!! its bad i will post some pictures of it. but her airbag deployed but i had to brace myself because the air bag on my side did not! i have really bad whiplash i have to wear a neckbrace for a few days and my sister has a broken nose and really bad whiplash but nothing serious so far! so that was my fantastic day! i hope that you all had abetter day than i did! well last night i decided to go to a haunted house for the second time! it was great because i went with my sister and her sister and they were screaming their heads off! of course it probably didnt help that one of my really good friends went through and told everyone that we were coming! th
The Last Year
graduation is in less than two months!!!!!!!! one thing i ahve to be looking forward too, new appartment, new job yay! but in a way im scared for it to come and what comes after it................. uh oh dooms day :( is it bleeding it must be broken it hurts so much the pain in my heart i feel like you tore it apart what have i done to deserve this are you feeling it too the soreness the lonliness the temptations pick up the phone an call me tell me you love me you say the words but they dont have passion you hold me close yet i am still cold i yern for you to really mean it the words "I Love You" to be held and feel the warmth to be safe to be loved you let me cry now i feel shy you are my waekness my blind eye i havent told you what you mean to me that "i love you and you broke my heart" okay if you like someone and they say that they like you back wouldnt you expect the
Last Thing
Last Words By A Brave Warrior
Still of the Night New-fallen snow covers the ground the scent of winter fills the air children playing in the streets living life without a care A lonely snowman stands proudly in the square adults go rushing past without noticing he is there Candles flicker in the window like a guiding light casting a gentle shadow into the stillness of the night In the distance there are church bells that suddenly start to ring announcing the arrival of Christmas Remembering the birth of the King. Copyright 2006 MasterOfLove "As soon as she was gone, I told the maid I would go up and lie down on our lodger's bed, mine not being made, with a charge to her at the same time not to disturb me, as it was only rest I wanted. This injunction probably prov'd of eminent service to me. As soon as I was got into the bed- chamber, I unlaced my stays, and threw myself on the outside of the bed-cloaths, in all the loosest undress. H
The Last Letter
When I saw you I fell inside the earth.. Your purity of heart and your humanity of soul.. Every little single detail The presence you give off in a room. If I could I would .... I would live only for you.. For nothing in this world has any meaning to me if it doesn't mean loving you. . Just thinking about you gives my soul an elevated sense of urgency, a type of panic that soothes my soul alive . My dreams wouldn't be called dreams if they lost the idea of your existence. Why do I still dream?.... You are the epitome of perfection which condemns me helpless.. There was a time when I thought dreams were enough for the broken... My memories will never be enough to fill such a void.. . The stars in the sky all lost all their names and have fallen cold frozen.. I live everyday in a prison that has yet to exist and have a name. . With a single look you stole my freedom to breathe freely without the fear of
The Last Biker
Check out Sturgis Bike Week... Here is addy.... THE BIKER When you see us moving past you quickly: Don't take offense or think we're trying to "show off". Ninety five percent of the time, we're trying to get out of your blind spot or taking ourselves out of a potential dangerous situation that has evolved around us. Distancing ourselves from you does not mean we want to race, but that we're giving ourselves the edge we need at the moment. When you hear our horn: Don't take offense or think we're trying to aggravate you. All we're doing is letting you know where we are in relation to you on the road, and we're more than likely aware of your inattentiveness to us while you're talking on a cell phone, eating, reading or involved in some other distracting aspect to your driving. It's important to us, and you, that you know we're there. When you hear our loud pipes: Don't become angry and hostile toward us. Yes, some are quite loud, bu
Last Day Of 2006
Todays Happenings: Lost in the abyss of the CT. Time seems to have no revalence.I think I arrived here today about 7:30 am eastern time.Was rateing Pic's + Images all morning.Few Ciggerette runs in between. 3 stops to get stoned.Was around 2 pm I guess for the latest.Rateing pic's + Images at times lures u off track.I went to a web site off a pic.An my bowl partner says go to hornychicks. Took over a damn do the complete profile.Should have never listen'd to my friend.Now I got all types of pop up adds hitting me.Pain in my Ass.Happy New Year to u all Cherry's.
Last Day!!
today is the last day to vote for me in the Christmas please don't forget to stop by and show your love and support everyone!! thanx a ton! 5th row from the top, 2nd girl in from the left... melissalove thanx! xoxoxo melissalove Hosted by Sparkle Tags
The Last Biker
The old ones stand out now, their numbers dwindling down. They're a sad loss to the American scene, these individualists with the worn down clothes and faces. You can still see them sometimes, the real ones, some in packs, not as large as a while ago, sometimes alone. The alone one is the best. One who's been there a long time, staying in the life he loves, never giving into a system that sucks you up like a vortex if you slip just one foot into it. He's got his connections - a few like him that care for and protect each other. Hanging onto the only unique lifestyle left, like old dinosaurs, their faces are leathered and rough by forty, but their eyes still sharp and knowing. Some are gray in the beards and braids, some are limp in the step and some pain in the kidneys. Still they know that no other life is life, but merely a dreary journey into everyone else's monotony. He looks at the new ones, then turns away, knowing they will never know of life on the road and of the women
Last Ride
Last Night!!!!!!
until the day arrived i never knew deep in though i live another day bring me into the light save me burning desires are scared on my face disappointment once again i loft through the air high as a kite show me your love lead me to peace peace forever longing loving aging another day lastly i say goodbye thank you
Last Beautiful Girl
Saturday was a special day for me! It has been over six years since I last went to the beach and today, I decided to go for it! We headed to Hollywood Beach and to the Broadwalk. My mom and I left the house around 2pm and started on our drive. The night before, Lisa and I had made a list of topics mom and I could discuss in the car. The whole way there, my heart was completely in my throat! I wasn't nervous at all, but I was anxious so I did my best to keep talking. As we got closer, I asked how far we were and mom mentioned we were only 10 minutes from there so I kept on talking. When we got to be about five minutes from the beach, I took a couple of pictures. Our first stop was to the Marriott hotel that my mom and grandmother stayed at for a few days over the summer. It was really pretty! We just drove up to it and parked in a temporary spot near by so I could head to the beach (just a few feet away). I had brought a container with me to snag some sand so I could always remember
'last Serenade At Razor's Edge"
The last serenade at razors edge My mind takes fight As I wonder whats to become of me Ive watched my past go by And I think of how things use to be Tears flood my eyes Because I am finally giving up Im saying my last good-byes Ill go fast with some luck Im alone inside Even thought there are people all around Im going to take my life But I wont make a sound Time passes by Every second ticks My live will soon be over Though right now its only nicks Soon to be slashes of my former self As these bloodstained sheets Now hold with-in my final breath I cant control this feeling Of which Ive finally found But I dont want to see any tears When you find my body on the ground I know you wont understand So just think of it a dream But dont blame yourself I just need to be free My pain will not be long now The blackness is closeting in Im watching scenes from my life The people Ive met & the places Ive been I laugh to spite the fear I
The Last Warrior
High on bleak, stony rag, Unmoving, he sits astride His ragged coated pony. Only telltale frozen breaths, Separate them from The still, winter black boles Of ancient leafless trees. The pony, blown and lame, Stands with lowered head, Ears flattened to the sound Of a distant wolf pack. The man on his back, All weapons lost, Ignores the trickling blood From savage wounds, Mingling his war paint. Eyes burning fiercely He strains to find The sign he seeks: Behind, the sound of enemy Draws ever closer. At last, faith rewarded, He sees far below In the deep valley, Arriving at the edge Of the fast flowing river, The great she bear With two gamboling cubs: To fish the racing salmon, Drawn relentlessly toward Their age-old spawning ground. Silently, the wounded brave Offers his final prayer To the eternal clan bear; Totem and guardian Of his battle slain tribe. The enemy, exultant, Are almost upon him, Yet he looks not behind: He sees only the Great Spiri
Last Rose
O, what is the song this late, late rose is singing? where will its petals fall, pale orange-yellow rose? when shall the breeze and the rose cease laughing, dancing, when will the raindrops bring time, and loss, and tears? who wrote the song that the rose is singing, singing, who painted petals on this fleeting rose? when did the breeze discover dancing, dancing, with roses that fade and fall in loss and time and tears? after the rosefall, a colder breeze is blowing, rose petals lie in drifts upon the ground; but the breeze remembers, wintering red rose-hips, sowing the roses spring and singing; remembering roses sound
The Last Few Weeks
Last Night
wow... it was friggin tight work... i did everything i wanted to .. i went to dance and i did, got in free got 2-4-1 drinks and a freebie.... danced with the people i picked out lol and then i actually jumped into the breakin cipher for the first time... it was hard tho cuz i guess the ppl there were really junglist and not b-boys so they kinda didnt want me there... i dont even think i classify as a beginer b-boy (at least to my standards) but wutever i finally got in and i tore it up real quick in 2 rounds and got the loudest crowd cheer and dipped lol it was mad fun!! who's coming with me next week???!?!?!
Last Day
Today at work we had a meeting to tell us that we were all losing our jobs due to the restaurant closing down. that was about 25 people. most of which who really need this job. I felt bad for my manager cause u had to look everyone in the face for weeks and could tell us. i guess its always hard. i hope i never have to feel that feeling.
Last Night last night Brent and I went to the hot springs in Ouray colo. it was funwe saw our friends too
Last Entry
I tried to be strong when you broke my heart... I did not cry, yet now I do; for we're far apart. You told me you loved me - so sweet and sincere... You made me so happy, I had nothing to fear. As time went by, what we had flourished and spread... All was unspoken, no words needed to be said. And then came a day, when something went wrong... All I knew I could do was hold on and be strong. It was so sudden; you gave no reason of why... I felt so numb and empty inside; I just wanted to die. Sadness consumed me, yet I fought to stay whole... I took so much for granted, and this was my toll. Blinded by confusion, I felt so lost and helpless... And then there was you, someone so kind and so selfless. My one true friend - I give you thanks for all you have done. You mean the world to me; you're my moon, my stars, and my sun. I do love you always and forever..... Have you ever felt alone in life, Felt no one cared for you? Or been out with a group of friends, And f
Last Goodbye
You haunt me in my thoughts and in my dreams...Youre Unspecific ..Im in denial youre unattainable it seems With an extended hand and bleeding heart I will reach As you walk away leaving me breathless and without capabitiy of speech So random are my thoughts So loud are the voices I had to do this to you I was left without any choices Darkness encumbers the epitome of my soul I fade to black losing all control Sweat beads ..pulse races ..this is how it will all begin I clench my shirt and silently scream from within I gather myself.., wipe my head.., and refuse to cry I deny any further emotion for this is our last goodbye
Last Few Weeks
Been busy as fuck...met up with my boys who do porn at an event and well it was wild. My friend Ricky The Hammer Sinz came in from chicago and it was great times with the guys...looking fwd to the next HoleAndAHeartbeat event..I went to Daytona for bike week again awesome times I had riding on the bike with my boy Brian who I see alot and go riding among other things yes I have been quite busy. Heading off to a few shows withmy boys TypeONegative been awhile but looking fwd to seeing sexy ass Peter Steele as well as the rest if the Brooklyn dicks lol....hope all has been well as for me I am exhausted and run friend from Scranton was in town this weekend and well again great fucking times no pun intended hahaha...see ya guys soon
The Last "moving Day"
Yep you heard it here first!!! I'm moving and this is definately the last I'm moving into my dream townhouse and so far all is well so if you wanna lend a hand (hehe) the packing is done but could use help unpacking...any takers?? have a great day CherryTappers!!! Jynx xox
Last Face
Entwined limbs we wrestle as one Me inside you our act begun Deep kisses of passion a tongue tease You on top doing as you please Riding and grinding to your own beat Bucking and slide in and out we meet Holding me tight within you so deep Feel me swell as I am yours to keep Juices that flow and a sweet musky scent We grind and buck faster till passions spent Climax comes hard and moans fill the air The feeling for us both is beyond compare My souls mate, My dreams I share in the night I do this and more as I hold you close and tight Sweet kisses that carry me to the brink of day Always our passions come and go in this way And then I awake alone in my bed Visions of what we did still fill my head And I long to be there in our dream shared only my dream with you is beyond all compared By R. Thomas Dinsmore PHYSICAL LOVE Resistance is futile when lost in the rush passions entwined rapture, breathless and hushed lost in the mixing of your sent with m
I close my eyes... Grasping... My pillow tiiiiiiiiiight... Tonite... Dreaming of you... Aching to be... Warm and fuzzy... Once agaaaaiiiin... Our time apart... Only plucks on the... Heart strings... Toooniiiiiiiiite... It's playing... Ohhhhh.... Sooo... Slow... Staring at your pic... Dreaming... Of you in... Pink.....or.... Whiiiiiiighte... Dancing... Ohhh... sooo... Sloooooow... Faces... Melting into the... Crowd... Time standing still... Two hearts... Beaing as... One... Staring into your eyes... As I try to... Kiss your lips... It all fades away... As the sun rises... On... Another daayyyy... Every second of every minute... Of every hour... To the start of this day... I'll be thinkin... Of you... Kissess... For ever... loving you... My wife to B...BBE... So I sit back... And close my eyes... Thinkin of you... For ever loving... You... I smile... Kisssssssessssssssss... (c)BBE...Ehhh 2006 All rights reserved A fiction
The Last Sleep
Next year will mark 10 years since I have been out of high school. I never graduated, that was my choice. I chose to drop out. I would never say it was forced upon me. Because for the most part, we always have a choice. If I am to be honest for a long time I blamed my peers for "forcing" me to make that choice. Which is a load of bullshit. Because no one should have that much power over you. But still I went on believing that I was "forced" This is how it went down. At that time in my life I felt like my fellow peers were out to get me. It is true that I was ostracized. And my offence was nothing I could change no matter whether I dieted or what clothes I wore. A wheelchair is a wheelchair, you can't wash it away. But by no means was there a school wide conspiracy against me. Although that is how I felt. I thought that everyone that stared at me were thinking about how "awful" I was. That I didn't deserve to breathe the same air they did. Although I could never read someo
i hate it when ppl put me last it really pisses me off every 1 puts me last in line they do where every they want 2 do frist talk 2 ppl do other stuff them they see me or we them they want 2 have some thing 2 do with me
Last And Final Flight Home
Summary of the eRumor: A first-hand narrative of being on an airline flight carrying the body of a fallen Marine home to Southern California . The Truth: The narrative is true. It was written by Stuart Witte, a former Navy pilot who is the manager of the Mojave airport in Mojave, California . He titled it Final Flight. He was in Maryland on February 16 to attend a Navy ceremony. He happened to end up on a flight from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles that was carrying the body of 1st Lt. Jared Landaker, a Marine helicopter pilot from Big Bear, California . Witte also attended a memorial service for Lt. Landaker that was held at Camp Pendleton in California in March. Diary Of A Last and Final Flight Home February 17, 2007, 0350 I was at curbside at 24th and M, Washington DC . 16 Degrees with a light breeze. Going home after my second week of freezing temps to my warm home in SoCal. Take a walk on the beach, ride a horse, climb a mo
Last April 29 the site above is a memorial for my father the reason i am posting this is because my father was one of the greatest people i know it's been a year and a half since he passed away and there is not a day that goes by that i dont think of him. i guess what im trying to say is cherish what you have with your parents because you never know when they can go. it was something i didnt expect but i just keep on living because thats what he would want.
Last April 29th
for you that know me and those that dont i lost the most important person in my life last year my father. i dont know what to do right now my mind says to end it all but my heart tells me to stay and continue like my father wants me to. i wish to god that he was here with me and i was not so damn upset. i miss him with all my heart. i would like to invite everyone to my fu-wedding it will be in green door september 2nd Well there are alot of you that are on here that don't know me very well. well just to let everyone know last year on april 29th the girl i was going to ask to marry me past away and ever since then i haven't been the same. i wish everything would just go back to the way it was me being happy and not so stress out about things,me not pour heart and soul out to my closest friends and actually crying because i just don't want to deal with being alone with that said thank you to all of my friends and family that have been there for me in the last year and to who ever el
Last Night
You came in thru my window last night.... Like an angel of the darkness... You touched me in ways the mind can't even begin to imagine and not a one of them was physical... You wandered a path thru my mind and soul fulfilling every desire within me... Sensations flowing over my body only it was my own finger tips that caressed my skin not yours... I could feel you hovered over me the smell of your skin the heat from your body... For an instant our hearts beat as one... Mmmmmm and that kiss that is what woke me... But what did I wake to find??? Only a dark empty room filled with the sounds of the pouring rain outside my window the wind blowing my curtain in the moon light as it was sneaking thru the clouds... With my skin soaked in sweat my heart pounding and my breathes heavy I turned to look out my open window and whispered... "Where'd you go???? Come back to me... My love."
Last Day For Sexiest On Ct
B.G.D.'s Yummy - LAST DAY OF CONTEST PLEASE HELP! ~Cursed Rebel of L.D.C.F.~ Club F.A.R. Member Please Show my Family Member Theresa much Love an Support.This is the last day of the sexiest Contest.I have been Voting like a Maniac Wolf this past 10 days or so.My Stress is up my Nerves are Shot.u don't have t like me but B.G.D's needs Votes.She's a great Women.If you got to know her you'd think so to.She's Honest,Caring,Respectful,Admirable Gal.She has lots of Heart an Tons of Warmth.Please Help her.Thanks B.G.D.'s Yummy - LAST DAY OF CONTEST PLEASE HELP! ~Cursed Rebel of L.D.C.F.~ Club F.A.R. Member
The Last Glimpse
Thursday, October 21, 2004 How was I to know it would be the very last time I ever saw him. I caught my last glimpse as I peered into the rear view mirror, fighting back the encroaching tears as I drove away heading back home. Home, to California, which hadn't felt much like home ever since he left! Home, where the past two years of my life have been spent waiting, wanting, hoping and preparing for his return. Home, which now imprisons me for if I leave I may miss his call. Home, where he, "couldn't wait to come back to", and yet seems so easily forgotten for him. Home, which mocks me with all the reminders and momentos of what was, and what is never to be again. Saying our, "until we meet again" farewells had become an expected and recurring event after each and every visit I made. Almost two years ago he had taken my advice to go back to his homeland in Canada to straighten his affairs and then return to California. My need for him to be an honorable man who was here in the Sta
The Last Time I Truly Felt Passion
Last Night Of Being Single
I just want to let everyone know that tonight is my last night as a single woman. Tomorrow I will be married and no longer on the market which means I will probably be shutting down my CT page. Thanks to everyone that I have met on here you all are great.
Last Night
I picked up an older woman at the Washington Potomac Yacht Club last night. She was a real looker for being 60. We drank a bit, had a bit of a conversation & she asked if I'd ever had the sportsman's double?. I said I'm not sure what that was. She said a mother and daughter with one guy. We drank a bit more, then she says that tonight was my lucky night. I said that sounds great, let's go! We went back to her place. She put the hall light on & and shouted upstairs: "Mom, you still awake ?"
Last Day
the most important people to you, 'excluding you kids',lover, friend ,spouse, slave,sibling, anyone close to you . who ever it is. is leaveing forever and you will never see them or here from them again. you have a moment left with them what do you say or do.think quickly. before the moments gone. the moments gone.they are gone. who all did u think of. you never know when this moment will come. should u now tell these people what u thought of for each of them and what you wanted to say or do.
Last Night
I had fun last night. Me and a friend went and seen "28 weeks later" Good movie you guys need to go see it. Even though the poor guy almost got lost getting to my house cuz I live in the boonies, but he made it.
Last Night, I Dreamt
So, last night I dreamt I was stuck with some annoyingly prissy fucks. I can't remember who, or where they came from. I just remember that one person was so annoying, I gave them my booger. It wasn't any ol' booger. It was more of a dallop of mucas and crusty boog. The size of a scoop of whipped cream, sitting in the prissy person's hand. That's all I remember.
Last Year
first i want to tell ya something bout on baby girl she has a learnin disbility and a very bad speech problem that you get the picture ill go on . last year while i was at work my 15 yr old daughter got raped bythis guy that was suppost to been her friend .himand his girl friend took my baby swimmin that day and she was at thier house changin her clothes .she was gonna take a nap and next thing she new he was rapin her ..while my daughter was gettin raped she was yellin for this guy girlfriend and sh eyelled for her bout 12 times ...the last time my daughetr yelled that damn bitch finally came into the room and made him stop.they brought her to my work my daughetr in tears ..she wouldnt talk to me .i was just bout ready to clock out so i told my daughter to go home ill be there in a few.all she can say to me was mom i didnt do it....well when i got home my oldest daughter told me what my youngest one had told her...o took my baby to the hosptal on the way there i called t
Last Beautiful Girl..
"Won't be the first..heart that you break, won't be the last, beautiful girl...the one that you wrecked, won't take you back..if you were the last, beautiful girl in the world..."---Now, why the hell is this song all of a sudden stuck in my head???
Last One For The Night Owl's!! Club F.a.r Love!!!
Check out Boricua God Daddys Fathers Day Club F.A.R Pimpout!! They are a great bunch of people so plz fan, rate and add them all!! Much love to all, Luscious♥Mami
Last Words
It was 9'oclock as I slowly entered your room As I see you there sleeping upon your bed As I have a face full of wonder on why you called As you raised with a face of interest To find that you wish me on your bed Without a second notice I find you on lap Slowly kissing my neck Watching you undress was agreat honor As this will be your first time I said I would take it slow Then when I layed you on your bed With your pants to the floor You hurry me to make love to you As I went in you gave me a scream of delight With pleasure on your face I slowly proceeded Sticking it further each time on your command As seconds turns to minutes And minutes turn to hours We lyed there on your bed in deep appreciation Seeing you stareing into my eyes Tells me that you enjoyed it As I was leavin you asked if I loved you With my reply I slowly gave you one final kiss And said yes I keep running back and running back This
Last Night 6.28.07
so last night, me and rik were together.. so you already know what happened. lol. but omg. last night... last night last night last night.. lol. we was gettin it in.. just got out from showering with each other... starts with me top on kissing on him, and he slides inside me... i start riding him not hardcore just enough to get things hott..and he says no.. i lie down on my back, hes over me, kissing me, rubbing me, grabbing me.. then, lips and tongue slowly down my stomach... then his tongue finds his way to my clit.. and geez.. whenever he goes down he does his damn thing.. but last night, he had me OPEN. and i dont mean just enjoying it, but my eyes were rolled to the back of my head steady.. i felt high like crazyyyyy high. he found my lil spot and just s l o w l y cirlced his tongue around it. and i mean slow but it was soooooo amazing.. and just every lil circular motion he made, i felt it. it was SOOOO intense.. it felt incredible.. omg. just thought id put that out there.. cuz
*last Appearance*
Last Song
"The Last Song I'm Wasting On You" Sparkling grey, Through my own veins. Any more than a whisper, Any sudden movement of my heart. And I know, I know I'll have to watch them pass away Just get through this day Give up your way, you could be anything, Give up my way, and lose myself, not today That's too much guilt to pay Sickened in the sun You dare tell me you love me But you held me down and screamed you wanted me to die Honey you know, you know I'd never hurt you that way You're just so pretty in your pain Give up my way, and I could be anything I'll make my own way Without your senseless hate... hate... hate... hate. So run, run, run And hate me, if it feels good. I can't hear your screams anymore You lied to me But I'm older now And I'm not buying baby Demanding my response Don't bother breaking the door down I found my way out And you'll never hurt me again.
Last Hug
The Last One Is Coming...
Last Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the last time I am postin this before I permanantly leave the site for REAL this time...... And just for the record.. NO I dont have any money.... No I did not pay for my VIC status on here... A wonderful girl of mine surprised the shit out of me and suprised me and bought me a 1 month VIC..... And I am NOT saying her name.. WHY?? Because I dont need fuckin people gettin on her now about her not buying them a VIC 1 month package.... But all that matters is she knows who she is and she knows I love her to death... I am in last place now in my contest.. ppl who I helped in their contests right away .. Never came to help me in mine . Not even am email back or shout back when I asked them if they could please come help me out in my contest.... They ignored me... Sooo well now I no how that goes now.... :( So I was hopeing that was gonna buy me a renewal of me another 1 month VIC... If I was in 1st or 2nd or 3rd place. and 1 a 1 month blast or 1 month VIC either or...
*** Last Night ***
I lie awake waiting for you. As I lie on my bed, thinking about you, I feel the strong urge to grab you and squeeze you, because I can't forget last night. You came to me unexpectedly during the balmy and calm night, and what happened in my bed still leaves a tingling sensation in me. You appeared from nowhere and shamelessly, without any reservations, You lay on my naked body.... You sensed my indifference, so you applied your hungry mouth to me without any guilt or humiliation, and you nearly drove me crazy while you drained me. Finally I went to sleep. Today when I woke up, you were gone. I searched for you but to no avail, only the sheets bore witness to last night's events. My body still bears faint marks of your enthusiastic ravishing, making it harder to forget you. Tonight I will remain awake waiting for you....... "You fucking mosquito!!" he he he...Tc n peace..Boo
Last Night 7.27.07
Last Goodbye
The life you lived was long lasting now that it is time to say goodbye we will morn, sorrow, even cry. Most of all we will all miss you. Each time we cried out in time of need you were always there to our rescue in our best or our worst of times always right there by our sides Each day you never gave up on the fight some might call you a warrior other might say a soldier and other a trooper to me you a strong willed person that never wanted to give up on life's battle. When god's light shined down upon you that sunday you new it was you time to go to us it was unfair unjustice to take someone we cared and loved for so much away you knew you would see us again someday All the pain you endured and suffered now is gone at peace is your soul the call that no one wanted it came and the next second you were in heaven. Last i say take your last journey to heaven walk the streets of gold keep watch over all your children our hearts will be sorro
Last Couple Of Days
Then its done..woo her pic though and comment...LOL
Last Call!
HEY YA'LL!! Tomorrow I plan on deleting all the crap off my page and hope that them people behind Fubar delete this thing within the next two weeks. I will not be here as of Saturday!! So, if ANY of you reading this want to keep in touch and haven't done so already, EMAIL ME at If I don't hear from you, I guess you really don't care whether or not we keep in touch. I do NOT plan on returning to Fubar, EVER, so this is your last chance. I won't have my feelings hurt if you choose not to KIT either...just sayin'...don't let this opportunity pass you by! Nice knowing most of you, and Thank you to all those who have ever posted comments on my page, pics, left rates, and gifts, or just said hi in private message once in a while. Nothing has gone by me unappreciated. I know I didn't always say so, but those of you who left constant notes really made my day. THANK YOU and BIG HUGS to those who did. Take care, hope to hear from you, and God Bless! T
Last Night 9.5
Last Goodbye
Last Day
Ok everyone today is the last day of my contest. Now I know most of u have stopped by and shown me sum luv and I appreciate it but why not stop by again every comment counts at this point!!! Im ask please everyone take at least 10 hopefully more and bombs away!! Thanks for ur support!! Jess Just click the pic and it will take u right there thanks a bunch!
Last Nite
Last Serenade
This revelation is the death of ignorance Tangled in a state of suffocation Slave to self righteousness Damnation is on your lips From sorrow to serenity, the truth is absolution, From sorrow to serenity, its on your head This is my last serenade I feel you as you fall away This is my last serenade From yourself you can't run away It's your choice, point the finger But it's on your head Your destination is a choice within yourself Will you rise or become a slave To self righteousness Open up your heart and gaze within
Last Freakin Straw
This is it guys... last fuckin warning you get. if i continue to see people ONLY rating/commenting on NSFW's ALLLLLL of them will be moved to family until i decide you've fucking grown up enough to see them. keep comments like nice pussy out of my fucking shout box. rate things that help me or i see no fucking reason to help you jerk off. later sin
The Last Leaf To Fall
The Last Leaf to Fall The wind it howled all through the night, So she hung on with all her might, While others fell unseen by light, When morning came she saw their plight. The town then woke and what they found, Their trees were bare for miles around, Crimson and gold had covered the ground, Alone she cried without a sound. From high above the earth she hung, The mournful wind its song it sung, No one was left to be among, To their end theyd all been flung. Her senses were sharp, her vision keen, How could winter be so mean, Her skin had turned deep aubergine, Blackened veins where once was green, As she succumbed to winters nip, Her life lived; she lost her grip, And in the wind her shape did flip, Over the ground her frame did skip. She came to rest upon the grass, The man had watched it all from class, Where he awaited with frame of brass, And gently placed her behind the glass. Her tree of life for those months few, Stood bare outside drap
Last Night
Last Call Bout 2 Delete This
Last Hr Of Contest Really Need Help
The Last Goodbye
"El Ultimo Adios" Las calles son mas grandes desde que tu te has ido Hay que reconocer Que nada me hace bien porque no puedo verte Mis dias sin tus noches, sin horas ni minutos Son un frio pual que hieren y atraviesan este corazon Por las buenas soy buena, por las malas lo dudo Puedo perder el alma por tu desamor, pero no la razon Yo soy toda de ley y te ame, te lo juro Pero valga decirte que son mis palabras el ultimo adios (el ultimo adios) Aunque vengas de rodillas y me implores y me pidas Aunque vengas y me llores que te asuelva y te perdone Aunque a mi me cuases pena he tirado tus cadenas Y te dedico esta ranchera por ser el ultimo adios Aunque vengas a implorarme, a pedirme, a suplicarme Aunque vengas y me llores que te asuelva y te perdone Aunque a mi me cuases pena hoy yo tiro tus cadenas Y te dedico esta ranchera por ser el ultimo adios Por las buenas soy buena, por las malas lo dudo Puedo perder el alma por tu desamor, pero
Last Fu Standing
Ok my brain is stepping a day ahead today for some reason. I've posted that elimination is tonight at 6:30...let me correct that. It's Tommorow. Slap me silly...i'm going to bed. cya So we're all on the same page here i'm going to post what the Last Fu standing will get. *)A spot on the Top board of Fu-Friends *)A last fu standing award *)$10,000.00 fubucks If anyone wants to sign up for a spot for the next game Contact me and i will put you on the list. Just wanna give ya'll an update on Last Fu standing. Here they are as follows: ---------------------------------------------------- Sultry @ 39.7% ThePurestOfAngels @ 38.2% Sweet Babygirl @ 20.6% Spicy Angel @ 8.8% Jamal @ 5.9% BabyDoll @ 2.9% Female Vudoo @ 0.0 % First Elimination is this sunday at 6:30pm MTN It's gonna be real tight between Saultry and ThePurestOfAngels. Copy , paste and send this link to all your friends
Last Dragon
Last Dragon Beaten torn and tattered, Thrown against the wall. Everyone is waiting, For my last and final fall. A lone candle struggles, As its light flickers out. My hope is soon squandered, By the darkness thats about. Eyes were never friendly, Always hate filled, always cruel. But now it seems theyre laughing, Like my sadness is their fuel. Is this hatred neverending? Will I ever be free? Or am I to live in hopelessness, Having nothing to believe. Though I cannot give up easily, I will not cry in here. I refuse to breakdown in this place, They will never see a tear. Though years of pain and punishment, For being what I am. Has brought me to dread each day, And dream about my damn. For if I could change, What I am I would because. I am the last of my species, None is left for me to love. Im the last and the only, We soon shall be extinct. For the reign of dragons has ended, Just as the setting sun doth sink.
Last Breath
golden hearts are meant to change and black ones are the same the grand puzzle shifts, we say "fuck the pieces!" and burst out of our cubicles, into the apocalypse rain. "There is nothing left." they said. And we left anyways. Together, blue hair and pink nails, brave hearts and rock & roll, nobody else understands. To get somewhere you gotta walk through the cold fire you gotta kiss the stars goodbye and the last glitter of hope.... is in your eyes, if there was one last breath in the world... I'd let you have it.
A Lasting Impression
It's supposed to be easier than this. Your memory is supposed to fade, Like a photograph. My God it's been a year! Since I first saw you, Since I first touched you, Since I first spoke your name. And after all this time, I still remember. And there he he was. Jealous of our intimacy, Wanting to crack our code. Knowing that with every smile, Every wink, Every touch, Meant something that he couldn't fathom. And then you were gone. . . Quicksilver is not to be held, Save for a moment. No one understands Mercury better than I. But I still feel empty at your passing. It's been a year. That feeling should fade. It's supposed to be easier than this. August
The Last Time..
The first time I fell in love was long ago. I didn't know how to give my love at all. The next time I settled for what felt so close. But without romance, you're never gonna fall. After everything I've learned; Now it's finally my turn. This is the last time I'll fall... in love. The first time we walked under that starry sky, there was a moment when everything was clear. I didn't need to ask or even wonder why, because each question is answered when your near. and I'm wise enough to know when a miracle unfolds, this is the last time i'll fall in love. Now don't hold back, just let me know. Could i be moving much too fast or way too slow. 'Cause all of my life, I've waited for this day. To find that once in a lifetime, this is it, I'll never be the same. You'll never know what it's taken me to say these words. And now that I've said them, they could never be enough. As far as I can see, there's only you and only me. This is the last time I'll fall in love. Last tim
The Last Entry...
Ok. This is going out to all my listed friends and fans... of which most of you probably will have no real idea who I am. But that is ok. I am leaving fubar as this site... isn't any kind of fun. A person cannot fan, add, rate, or comment anymore just for the simple fact they like the profile. When I do it... and doing it slowly so not to overload anyones system... I still get hit with 2-4 bouncer checks. The real funny part is when I get bouncer checks on the bouncer checks... that just makes me laugh... especially when the ID i typed in WAS CORRECT in the first place. What is the freaking point of being here. Well.. some might say to make friends and hang out in the lounges, listen to good music... read bulletins... help each other out and make lasting friendships above all. Lasting friendships... well lets see... i have made some lasting friendships.. and they have expanded outside of fubar... so why do i need to stay when i can talk to the few that truly wanted to be my friend b
The Last Blog
Last Stop This Town
Band : Eels Song & Lyrics : Eels You're dead but the world keeps spinning Take a spin through the world you left It's getting dark a little too early Are you missing the dearly bereft? Taking flight and you could be Here tomorrow Taking flight, well, you could get Here tonight I'm gonna fly on down for the Last stop to this town What? I'm gonna fly on down then fly away Well, alright Get down Taking a spin through the neighborhood The neighbors scream Whatchya talkin' bout? 'cause they don't know how to Let you in And i can't let you out What if i was not your only friend In this world Can you take me where you're going If you're never coming back I'm gonna fly on down for the Last stop to this town I'm gonna fly on down Then fly away on my way Get down Why don't we take a ride Away up high Through the neighborhood Up over the billboards and the factories And smoke I'm gonna fly on down for the Last stop to this town Yeah I'm g
Last Request
Singer : Paolo Nutini Song & Lyrics : Paolo Nutini Slow down, lie down Remember it's just you and me Don't sell out, bow out Remember how this used to be I just want you to know something, is that alright? Baby let's get closer, tonight [chorus] Grant my last request and just let me hold you, don't shrug your shoulders Lay down beside me Sure I can accept that we're going nowhere But one last time let's go there Lay down beside me, ohhh I've found that I'm bound to wander down that long way road, ohhh And I realise all about your lies, But I'm no wiser than the fool that I was before. I just want you to know something, is that alright? Baby let's get closer, tonight. [chorus] Grant my last request and just let me hold you, don't shrug your shoulders Lay down beside me Sure I can accept that we're going nowhere But one last time let's go there Lay down beside me, ohhh Baby, baby, baby Tell me how can, how can this be wrong? [chorus] Grant my last
The Last Moment
Walk with me, Hold my hands, Let us walk through the woods, The place that we used to walk Hand in hand With smiles in our faces Walk with me, Hold me close, Let us walk to the old coffee place, Where we used to have our morning coffee Gazing into each other's eyes With happiness in them Walk with me, Cherish my love for you This might be the last moment I will be walking with you My time have arrived, And its time to go I know you will miss me, But the Lord needs me now. I will be up there watching you, Waiting for you When the time comes, When The lord reaches out his hands for you, We will be reunited again. Trust me, my love, Forever inside, I wont' forget you.
Last Call For Denise.
Make one sexy Princess, Fubar's next Godmother. Just 4,000 to go. Git 'er dun! cAUSE iM tHE fCKiNG pRiNCESS..dUHH =] ♥@ fubar
The Last Talking Point Of The Left
The vet-as-victim. by Dean Barnett 11/26/2007, Volume 013, Issue 11 To celebrate Veterans Day, the Los Angeles Times ran a two-part story on James Blake Miller, the battle-exhausted soldier in the iconic picture of the Battle of Falluja in November 2004. The photograph caught the 20-year-old Blake caked with blood and soot as a cigarette dangled from his mouth. He looked young, but also prematurely old. To many, the picture represents the modern American fighting man--resolute, determined, and much older than his years. Today, Miller is home from Iraq and suffering from a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. His is a heartbreaking saga, and the Times's lengthy story detailed the efforts of Luis Sinco (the Times staff photographer who took the photo) to help him. Near the end of the story, Sinco quotes Miller's 21-year-old brother saying to him, "I'm glad I didn't join the Marines. I got a nice house, a wife and twin baby daughters, and I drive a Durango that's
The Last Star Message
Stars apparently no longer have any substance. They shine, they twinkle, they push their pinpoints of liquid luster against my window, but theyre just stars now. And, it brings to mind the poem I learned as a child, but with a different ending. Starlight, star bright, First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might But now I see only the cold blue light. Its truly sad how quickly this star faded. It was my doing, I made the twinkle fade. And someday, Ill learn to not wish upon a star. What will I learn? A star is sometimes too far away to reach. I cant hold out my hand and cup one between my warm palms. So, I fear there will be no further star messages. The light that used to warm me now hurts me, and thats not what stars are about. Stars are about love, about infinity; its best I leave them that way.
The Last Week Or So
So some things in my life have been changing. Some, I think are for the better and others I'm not so sure about. I'm glad to see some of my kick ass friends come back to Fubar. At the same time, we have found that CT Daddy is a pedo/soapafile and as many of us knew, Kristan Smith was a fake. A sick, lying, manipulative fake. Since I blocked them both, I've had a steady stream of green profiles low rating me. Boo hoo, points are points idiots. I don't care about that stuff anyway. I also deleted about 500 people last night. I'd bet of the last 1000 adds I've had, maybe 10 would be worthy of the term 'friend' so I've decided to start letting people go. I never cared about top 10 or being red, so the loss is all on those being deleted. I'm probably going to start uploading a lot more pictures here in the next few weeks. I think I will freshen up the place a bit. I hope this message finds you all doing well. HUGZ B
Last Night
Last night as I lay sleeping, A vision came to me. It was of you and I, A wonderous sight to see. And in the dream I had, I reached and touched your face, I clasped your hand in mine, And felt your warm embrace. I pressed my lips to yours, To taste your kiss so sweet You held me for a minute, In this moment that did fleet. I wakened from the dream, With a thought of you that stayed, With me throughout the day, And never once did fade.
For everything there must come a last. A last minute, a last hour, a last month, day, or year. A last drink, a last coke, a last tequila, scotch, or beer. A last love, a last heart, a last kiss, hug, or rage... Or even the last words written on a page. But the worst last thing is your last breath because what is to follow will surely be your death.
Last Night
I have written over a situation that has been going on with my friend.It all started with a comment war game we played one evening.The entry was called A little game played yesterday. I know it is New Years Eve and I have already posted one entry this morning. Last night these games or drama some call it came to a head.Peoples feelings got hurt.I don't believe it is to any fault of mine.I have said this to many times since it all started that we were just friends.I have not hidden that I think he is very attractive and that I am attracted to older men. Since this person could not verbally attack me on my site because of the settings I have on my profile,she chose to do it on his.Out of haste I responded back and then tried my best to smooth all of this over. I have never in my life seen such hatred and disrespect as I see it here on Fubar. This bares to be repeated once again. If you are not married to him or have a off line relationship with this person it isn't a relationsh
Last Day Of 2007
The last day of 2007 I woke up this morning going over the past year. I was thinking about things I have done good and bad. Things I could have done better, should have done better and then I stopped. These are things of the past and tomorrow is a new beginning. If we live in the past we don't live in the now. We don't experience the "miracle of the moment". We never know what the future is going to bring so don't dwell on that. The past is over and done so don't dwell on that either. Just love the ones who are close to you and let them know everyday how much they mean. and as a friend of mine has told me.... Today is the last day of 2007 and I just wanted to wish u a Happy New Years! I hope that u have a happy and successful year. Tomorrow is the begining, so no matter what you have planned or end up doing tonight just know that everything is possible and u can make it no matter the odds. Just believe in yourself and trust in the ones who luv u!
Last Year
What a year 2007 was for me. A year full of ups and downs. A few tattoos re worked and one new one specially commissioned for me by Courtney Davis which looks absolutely fantastic. The year started of with me still looking for work ,and working temp for BRS recruitment. Had several job interviews but no offers of employment. then in march i was offered the job of assistant manager/ groundskeeper of greens cafe in padstow which was ideal, a job i could sink my teeth in to. Worked hard all summer in the cafe and on the course, redesign the interior seating area so customers had somewhere to sit whilst it rained( needed it this year)built my shed and did a lot of other work at home for them i.e. designed posters , menus , did a health and safety report . Then in Oct something special happened Kiz and I got in to a relationship. I travelled up to Andover 170 miles from Bodmin to stay a couple of days then she returned to Cornwall with me. I showed her around parts of Cornwall and even took
For everything there must come a last. A last minute, a last hour, a last month, day, or year. A last drink, a last coke, a last tequila, scotch, or beer. A last love, a last heart, a last kiss, hug, or rage... Or even the last words written on a page. But the worst last thing is your last breath because what is to follow will surely be your death.
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Last Day
Help her out click down below and vote Thanks We are going for 1 Year VIPs 75K Each All Help appreciated Click either pic and bomb away Thanks Almost done; 4,500 comments left for Auto 11 bling ALL HELP APPRECIATED AND PAID BACK THANKS
The Last Football Game Of This Season
Last Chance...
FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! YOU COULD OWN PIMP DADDY C!!! Auction Rules Check out what the Pimp has to offer, then click the pic link and bid!!! Don't miss out on this opportunity to own Pimp Daddy C!! A sweeter guy and a more loyal slave you won't find anywhere on fubar!! (repost of original by 'MX☆Owned by Pimp Daddy C☆Asst. to the Chief Deputy 2nd Alarm Hotties☆' on '2008-02-26 08:05:19')
Last Few Days!!!
Well... its almost here.. the last day i will be online with my computer for a while... im gonna pack it up an store it... an not likely.. that ill be online any time soon.. UNLESS.. i get my laptop repaired BEFORE i leave... yall keep ya fingers crossed.... talk more soon...
Last Night I Said I Had The Best Friends On Fubar And Got Ran Through The Ringer For It,somone Reported Me For Being Offensive/or Nsfw Because I Said
Last Lecture
Please check out this video
Last Chance
The Last Biker!!!!
The Last Biker The old ones stand out now. Their numbers dwindling, they're a sad loss to the American scene, these individuals with the worn down clothes and faces. Some in packs, not as large as a while ago, sometimes alone, (the alone one is the best). One who's been there a long time, staying in the life he loves, never giving in to a system that sucks you up like a vortex if you slip one foot into it. He's got his connections; a few like him that care for and protect each other, hanging on to the only unique lifestyle left, like old cowboys. Their faces are leathered and rough by forty, but their eyes still sharp and knowing. Some are grey in beard and braids, some are limp in step or pain in the kidneys, still they know no other life. He looks at the new ones and turns away; knowing they will never know of life on the road and of the women who can take it: Wild, loving women who will hang in with them because they love it too. A woman with a wild heart and a loyal
**last Goodbye**
**last Goodbye**
Last Tribe Member Directory
Our Family General and Founder Rebel_128 Rebel_128~Last Tribe~General~R/L fiancee to Rebel'sAngel Colonel and Co-Founder Rebel'sAngel Rebel'sAngel-R/L fiance to Rebel_128~Colonel for Last Tribe~ Major of Campaign Affairs wolfspirit8993 wolfspirit8993 Last Tribe Bombing Captain 6'1playground 6'1 Playground ~Last Tribe~ First Lieutenant to the Bombing Captain Dukie Dukie ~Last Tribe~ Members PEBBLES PEBBLES last tribe azhippie azhippie ~ Last Tribe Misti_1 Misti_1 ~Last Tribe~ luvslilblackwolves luvslilblackwolves State Of Shock state of shock Sassy sassy ~Last Tribe~ Java (her give a damn is Java ~ Last Tribe! My "Give a Damn" is Busted!!! Immortalfirewolf
Last Chance!
Last Call
The Games Will Begin @6:pm CST Today April 1st Accepting Entries Untill Game Time PRESS PLAY! Do you think you have what it takes? Only the strong will survive,it's a game of wits and stratagey. If your feeling's are easily hurt this game isnt for you! OBJECT OF THE GAME. This Contest will be won just like any other,with photo comments and photo rates, "BUT" it has a twist! To win you must have the most photo rates,Now for the twist you need the least photo comments! So while you are having your pic rated you need to be bombing your opponents. At the end of each 24 hour peroid I will close the contest folder and tally all comments and rates and take screenshots. The contestent with the least photo rates and the most photo comments will be eliminated and the folder will be reopened. RULES 1.Most rates and least comments wins. 2.Good Sportsmanship is a "MUST". 3.Anyone can rate your pic. 4.You must be on my friends list and a saluted level 5 to co
Last Straw!
Last One..hehehe
The Last In Line
We're a ship without a storm The cold without the warm Light inside the darkness that it needs, yeah We're a laugh without a tear The hope without the fear We are coming - home We're off to the witch We may never never never come home But the magic that we'll feel Is worth a lifetime We're all born upon the cross The throw before the toss You can release yourself But the only way is down We don't come alone We are fire we are stone We're the hand that writes Then quickly moves away We'll know for the first time If we're evil or divine We're the last in line We're the last in line Two eyes from the east It's the angel or the beast And the answer lies between The good and bad We search for the truth We could die upon the tooth But the thrill of just the chase Is worth the pain We're off to the witch We may never never never come home But the magic that we'll feel Is worth a lifetime We're all born upon the cross The throw before the to
The Last Few Weeks
The last to weeks, needless to say, have been the worst of my life. For those of you who have not heard, my dad died on March 22nd of complications from diabetes. I found out mid-flight from Phoenix to Philadelphia. There is almost a feeling of guilt. I keep saying to myself "I should have been there", but there was nothing I could do. On the list of worst days of my life, on a scale of one to 10, this was easily a 20. Its a sad fact to think of now that Dad passing is what brought the family back together, Aunts and Uncles which i havent seen in 10 to 15 years I was able to see again, and my sister, who I have not seen since 1999, I was able to see again. This was the first time that my brother, me, and my sister have been in the same house at the same time since 1995. Dad was buried under a 75 year old oak tree and Whitemarsh Memorial Park on March 29th, 2008. He had fought for years against the ravages of diabetes and the effects of a quadruple bypass heart surgery
Last Tribe Rocks You
Last Caress
Last One For Baby Baby
Je suis fini, je peux ne faire pas plus. J'ai vous ai aim en tant que je t'aime toujours. Toujours Et Pour toujours. Mouche! Vous serez toujours mon bb de bb.
Last Night
For those who are my real friends and have took the time to care will understand this more! I went out with my friend and her two sisters last night to a bar and had the best time i have had in 2 years! I danced what little ass i have off!!!! LOL For those of you who have helped me through the last month or so, thanks for all the encouragement and shoulders to cry on! You have made me smile for the first time in months and i love you all!!!! You know who you are!!!!!
~ Last Lecture ~
~ Close to Home ~ Hi everyone. I have come across a video of an Extraordinary man who is dying. I hope you take the time to view this in it's entire presentation as I feel it will enrich everyone with the patience to watch it. I pay it forward because it strikes close to home with me. You see, I too have a battle that I am fighting minute by minute. I blew out two discs working as a medic and when an MRI was done, a tumor was found growing on my spine at L-1, shocked me beyond words and left me numb. The discs blown were L-5 and S-1. I am going thru treatment and accept injections in my back four at at time....I have to tip my hat to ladies that get epidurals. Not a pleasant experience. I tell you my journery because of the bravery of the man in the lecture. This too is why I chose to place blogs mostly about Love. I do not wish pity on me. Just smile and Know 'new day, new opportunity'....please my friends, watch this....I learned some things as I did...I learned: 1. 'W
Last Day Of The Auction!! Come Own Me!!
Tomorrow at noon the auctions over ...Come get last min bids in!!!Here's the link
Last Night
Damn last night game was so upsetting, now they have to goto pittsburg and win the stanley cup. 3 overtimes great game would have been better if the REDWINGS would have won.
Last Chance Too Own Mee The Very Last Chance
Last No More
Last Entry
If you want to keep in touch with me... Other than that, Have a wonderful time. Just watch out for the backstabbers :) I know another person who is leaving because of that person also. Two words: Grow up. Love you all, Cassandra **Update** Don't get upset. I just feel it is best for me to leave. All of what this site has become is one big field of drama llamas. There are a few people who I confided in, thought they were my friends... only in the end to call me a cunt right when I had a couple people die on me. Cold hearted bitch. Instead of a sympathy, I got called a cunt, and was told I was a "Drama whore emo cunt." Riiiiiiiight. Whatev. Someone dies, and you get called horrible names. Nice. So fucking heartless. So, all in all, I have met some wonderful people on here. Some of them who were like a mentor to me. Thank you to all who have actually put in the time to listen and like me for who I am. I will miss you guys. *
Last Letter.
She sent me this video. attached to a letter i wrote her on the 1st of june. Assemblage 23 - Maps of Reality (Lyrics) This is the response i sent back to her. that was funny. the only thing i am guilty of is loving you. i had always taken the blame for you. if you think you won. yes you did. you defeated me. you broke me. even now i still stand up for you. i just want to start my life over again. the blame has always been on me. because i did what i could to try to save our marriage. I shouldn't have ever listened to Lydia and my dad. but you see where they are now. please don't ever contact me again. yes i do still have feelings for you and your daughters. but i want to live. i will keep my promise to them. that at least shows them i still love them. good bye Sabrina king. have a wonderful life. and that said, i know she is probably someone on my friends list. but i stand by who i am. but right now i want to start my life over again. i lived as a slave just to make her h
Last Guffaws
and named it THE REAL DEAL... the true life actions behind INTRINSIC KNOWLEDGE which was a glorified version of my life. INTRINSIC KNOWLEDGE introduced a portion of my life near the close of my official duty as mother of my two children... alternately LATIFAH and HASAN... children from my first marriage to Francisco Jesse Jesus Garcia when I was 16 years old. I got a divorce from him by age 18... after the birth of my son, and after he had reached 3 months of age. I took the children and left after a fight over my having answered our home telephone to find his girlfriend... Maurita Flores.. he called her "ChiChi"... another teenager who attended the highschool Chicago Vocational School, near his mother's home on 79th and Kenwood in Chicago. At the close of that arguement which turned into a fight, he was determined he woud kill the three of us like some guy who had just killed his two sons and pushed them and his car into a lake. The later book... THE REAL DEAL... depicts life from
Last Night...
Last night or I should say early this morning @ bout 2:30 AM I got a call... from The Police...telling me...the Police..."are at your front door"..(?)(is it me?) matter...;)... I answered the door wrapped in a damn blanket cuz they scared the shit outta me on the phone saying that my son was "wanted" 17 yr old son...(no angel...hey...but whose is?)...yeah ...6 squad cars...12 cops all with maglights blinding me in my damn blanket!!!...looking for one 17 yr kid??? This is what happened in short: My kid and his friends went to pick up a friend from a party...waited in the car for the kid to come out but instead...2 kids came to the with a BB-gun and a crowbar the other with a baseball bat. A-hole #1 shot them(my son & 1 friend) 4 times with a bb gun, spit in my son's gf's face and called her a f'n whore... but that...was after he hit her in her 16 yr old shin...with a crowbar. A-hole #1 is a 20 yr old guy. Another A-hole who is 19 yrs old had a baseball
Last Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last Day! Please Help!
We are down to the nitty-gritty & keep juggling between 2nd & 3rd place in contest! Please drop a few comments & re-rate pic! Contest closes at 5pm CST (6pm EST) today 7-8-08!!! Click on pic below to get there! Thanks to all who help!!!
Last Day Of Vacation
So, here it is, my last day of my vacation. Its nice and balmy outside. Lawn needs mowed and pup is yappin in the yard. Think I will weed the flower beds, finish my laundry from the campin trip and maybe even take a nap!!! Didn't sleep much last nite, too much on my mind. Not lookin forward to goin back to work, but gotta bring home the bacon cuz ain't no one else gonna do it. Thinkin about the letter I gotta write someone too. Toxic relationship and now we are friends but I need to lay down the law and let him know what he did to me. Anyway, life goes on and then you die!!
Last Kiss
The last time I was kissed. He was so sweet so soft Berries and bubble gum Sexy and innocent Oh to be kissed like that again Perfectly fit moving as one From tongue to tongue I knew he was pleased Sensually pressing against him Our mouths moved in sync With out missing a clue I was his and he knew Suckling his tongue I began to tease Showing my interest Emotion to motion Oh I want to be kissed Like once before With the desire Passions hot on fire Touch me please Kiss me again As it was once before Just once once more.
Lastest Doc Appt Update
WELL I GOT GOOD NEWS FROM THE DOC TODAY AND MY RESULTS ARE ALL NORMAL SO THAT IS A HUGE RELEL OFF MY SHOULDERS!! I WANT TO THANK ALL OF MY FRIENDS FOR BEING THERE FOR ME WHEN I WAS GOING THREW THIS U ARE THE BEST!!!!!!! IT TIME TO PARTY!!!!!!! well to start off i guess i had a stroke 6 year ago after having my son and i didn't know about it at all til i got to the neurologest office and he DROPPED that on me i had got very sick after having my son i had a spial headack after giving birth to my son so i had a blood patch 2 days after giving birththen went home i had a seizure 2 days after beening home i got to the hostital and i had 4 more seizure they sent me to a hostital in boston now that i had shoulder surgery{ in janof 08} and i was healing good and then my arm started to bother me.the neurolgest i saw yeaterday this i may have some blockage in my my arm i am having a blood work to check my plattlet count a CT to rule out some cost of artenal acclusive decease
Last Day!!
Last Night
A friend led me to a new site last night, an adult cam site. pretty nice i liked it. in the main room a cam is required to have on at all times. she was nakie most of the time and was breakin out the toys. got me real excited and poof left, how cruel huh,lol. not a bad night though just got me thinkin. did she run off with someone else? hmmmmm
Last Contest For The Year!
Just wanted to let everyone know that my father came home from the hospital today!!!!! He is able to walk pretty well on his own and although gets tired rather quickly, he is on the road back. Thank you sooooooo much for all of your thoughts and prayers throughout the past almost 2 months...they helped enormously!!!! As I had mentioned in the past, he IS a tough "old codger" and at 80, any additional time we have with him is indeed a blessing!! I DO have the best friends ANYONE could ask for on Fubar! I love you ALL!!!!
Last Few Weeks Of My Pregnancy
MyHotComments Well, I have alil less then 3 weeks to go before my baby girl Nevaeh is here...And I am sooo scared about givin' birth...Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I have been feelin real sick, So, I won't be on here too much. But I will be on here as much as I can to let all my people know whats goin on with me. Thanx! Love you all, Lil Mama
The Last Real Man
Last Call!
There was this one time when I was drinking with my friends. I remember I wasn't as drunk as my friends were. I ended up holding up my guy friend Adam just so he could take a piss, I was laughing so hard when I went to move and he almost feel. I also had to carry, well actually drag, his ass inside the house. He was laying down and looking at the celling fan rotate. He threw up as soon as I grabed a trash can. I'll never forget my drinking buddies!!!!!
Last Chance???ya Never Know
~*~Want a Chance to own me? Check me out in Twaunes Fu-owned Auction 2 Party Like a Rockstar!!!~*~Make sure you show mad love to the smexi host!~*~ ~*~This Could be your final Chance to ever own me~*~ ****JUST CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW AND GET YOUR BIDS IN!!!!ALSO PLZ TAKE A MIN TO RATE MY PIC!!!THERE IS PRIZES FOR THE MOST RATES**** ****A HUGE TY IN ADVANCE FROM ME TO EVERYONE THAT MAKES A BID OR EVEN JUST SHOWS LOVE WITH A RATE:) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO'S THIS PIMPOUT WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE ONE AND ONLY SMEXI................. ☆ wh mk m x W ߥ xv☆@ fubar
Lastday On Fubar
Last Time
Last Chance For Spotlight
Almost 2 years has passed by since I joined Fubar and now that I am getting close to leveling past Godfather, I have decided to go for the Spotlight. For those of you who aren't aware, you can not be the Spotlight once you pass the Godfather level. It would be very easy for me to just let it go and do my regular Fu thing but I would never want to say, "I wonder...". So, with that being said, I am going to need a little help. It takes a lot of Fubucks, if you have ever paid attention to the Spotlight. I'm guessing, on any given day, a minimum of 10Mil and on a regular day, as much a 17Mil fubucks. With the help of a very good friend of mine, both on and off Fubar, I now have over 5. If anyone would like to contribute, please know that you will be paid back and as soon as I possibly can. I probably won't be able to return all of your fubucks back immediately (I'm sure it will take a while to rebuild them) BUT I can pimp you out & rate you myself. That, in itself can be rewarding! I
Last Chance
The Last In Iraq
So today my small team of Marines and I went out on a mission, you know like any other day, not expecting really anything to happen. Oh well nothing did happen, but we stopped at a tribal leaders house to gather some intel about some 'stuff'. And of course this Iraqi man being in the position that he is, loves the Marines and the things we do for them. so he offered us some food and we gladly accepted. I was quite amazed at the quanity and quality of food he brought us. It was an out of this world experience... well of course for being in Iraq. The point that i am getting at in this is that this man gave us all this food without any hesitation had it preparred and to us we ate. It was amazing!! I guess Iraq this time around wasnt a bad choice.....
Last For Everything On This Site!!!!
Last Day On Earth!
Last Days....
Last Goodbye
I give back to you your heart, with sadness from within. In the years to come, I know your pain will dim. You may think I am walking away, but with love in my heart, I know your happiness can't begin unless we part. Please don't judge me for what I know I must do. It is out of great love I must say goodbye to you. Our memories I shall cherish an to them always remain true.
The Last Prayer
Last Blog~
Last Night
Last night was pretty cool.I had sworn off video conferencing after I felt men wanted only one thing and for the most part it was true.So last night I opened up my world to say goodbye to some very good friends on here.I was told by some of them or ask why I felt I needed to leave.Its simple like I told them I have so much on my plate right now,but there reply is yes they understood that but I didn't have to leave,to use this place as a release instead of letting people stress me out and fueling fire to my already screwed up life.That made sense to me.I probably will not be on that much anymore but I have decided to check in once and in awhile,leave comments,rate and things like that.I just will not let anyone stress me anymore.If I lose friends well I lose them.I give a 100 percent and if you can't or want give it back fine I don't need you as a friend. I thought last night was going to be a total loss I couldn't get yahoo going with the new web cam but I could on msn,so I scrambled
Last Chance!
Last Night I Had A Dream..
I Walked into the room and he was lying on the bed - he had his arms behind his head - and there was just hair everywhere - he was really really fat - and he had a large erection - i remember he was so proud of his large erection - and I uh - I asked him where my money was - and he pointed to the dresser - and then I asked him what he wanted - and he said lay down - Im On Top! and he started pounding me really hard - I remember I had to bite my tounge to keep from crying. And He did that for a while - and I started to get up - and he pushed me back down - and he held my hair - and he wss pulling it - Hard - Too Hard - Then he stuck his penis in my mouth. I tried to get up again - and he said - "Stay there Baby I'm going to cum on your face!" So I did - and he rubbed his seman all over my face and in my hair - And Uh - Then he Kicked me off the Bed - and he Told me to Leave. I literally ran into him after running away from hairy man.... and he picked me up - smiled at me and took m
Lastest New On What Happiening On My Lounge Call Ride The Lighting
Last Day To Own A Queen
CAN YOU HELP ME I WELL WORTH IT SO PLEASE COME BID ON ME CLICK THE LIL PICK BELOW SEE WHAT ALL YOU GET IF YOU OWN ME COME BID ON ME SEE IF YOU CAN TAME ME IF YOU THINK YOUR UP FOR IT SO COME BUY ME FOR TIME YOU WILL NEVER FORGET (repost of original by 'J TRMFR~OWNER OF FROZEN~PARIDICE~CO~Owner~Head~DJ ~@BabyDolls' on '2009-01-06 08:13:24') (repost of original by '*Capricorn*Princess*JustASexyMilitaryWoman' on '2009-01-06 14:10:55') (repost of original by 'Mz Ch@os R☼xx♥R/L Wifey 2 TinMan22*Dylons's Diva Mafia*Fu-Own'd by ImSmut' on '2009-01-06 15:25:41') (repost of original by '*Capricorn*Princess*JustASexyMilitaryWoman' on '2009-01-07 16:00:29') (repost of original by 'meechie28' on '2009-01-07 17:04:36')
Last Night
Had a good time hanging out with my best friend last night. we are planning a trip to Las Vegas. Hopefully will work out so we can go. I just need to get away and I know she needs toas well. This isn't really about anything in particular, just a few random thoughts. really enjoying my single life hanging out with friends but would love to find someone special to do all those things with!! anyway, take care!! Later I just want to say that I have met some very interesting people on this site. Some are really nice and then there are some that are really mean. But I guess you will have that. This isn't really about anything in particular. Just wanted to say thanks to my true friends on here.You know who you are!!
Last Tears I Cry
Is there such thing as fate? Can this be changed? Or are we going to be nothing? Remember when we used to stay Together everyday, it wasnt enough But now look at us It feels so wrong to look at you again This is the last time I give up my heart We fell apart so tragic and sudden But nothing can be done to help us anymore I must move on For I know Ill never see you Again Please just think of me sometimes Last tears Ill cry for you Was this something that meant to be? You, away from me I cant help my tears Tell me why I cant live without Your warm embrace and a kiss Did I mean nothing to you? Was I just another ghost You spent your day with? This is the last time I give up my heart We fell apart so tragic and sudden But nothing can be done to help us anymore I must move on For I know Ill never see you Again Please just think of me sometimes Last tears Ill cry for you Come on just smile at me Tell me its okay Like how you used to in the
Last Call For True Friends
Last Night
I rolled over and pulled your frail little form Closer to my body. I whispered in your ear "I Love You". You rolled over to face me and before another word was spoken we embraced in a passionate kiss that only true deep love can have. We spend most of the night in passionate embrace lilke never before could be compared. Heaven came down and touched us as we loved one another. It was as if we were created just for that night. Whimpering were the two of us, not for sadness, but for happiness from knowing that we were meant to be together. That is what god created us for. That was the very last night I spent with my lover, my friend, my wife. For God did come down and touch us, but he did let go of my sweet Angela. I Love You Angela and I will forever love you. I will never say "Good Bye". My heart just awaits the time that we are with each other again, for all eternity
Last Week Of June
So now that we are all agreed on the last week of June for our get together .... Let's start thinking of what we would like to happen during that time Things like.... Menu Drinks Entertainment Events We have a lot of time to think on this but it wont hurt to toss a few ideas around early so decisions can be made as well as proper planning So yall think on this and as ideas come to you please post them here so we can all discuss what we would like to do during this time... Let's make this an awesome event to remember I look forward to meeting all of you and stuffing yer tummies too Let's get this planned Love ya all *hugz*
Last Night In Utica. Disturbed
Had a great time, they rocked would see them again in a heart beat. played some new and old tunes. drummer had a sweet solo. Sevendust was good too. first time seeing them. didn't get to hear my song "Bitch". maybe next time.
The Last Leaf To Fall
The Last Leaf to Fall The wind it howled all through the night, So she hung on with all her might, While others fell unseen by light, When morning came she saw their plight. The town then woke and what they found, Their trees were bare for miles around, Crimson and gold had covered the ground, Alone she cried without a sound. From high above the earth she hung, The mournful wind its song it sung, No one was left to be among, To their end theyd all been flung. Her senses were sharp, her vision keen, How could winter be so mean, Her skin had turned deep aubergine, Blackened veins where once was green, As she succumbed to winters nip, Her life lived; she lost her grip, And in the wind her shape did flip, Over the ground her frame did skip. She came to rest upon the grass, The man had watched it all from class, Where he awaited with frame of brass, And gently placed her behind the glass. Her tree of life for those months few, Stood bare outside drap
Last Weekend
last weekend i went to death valley
Last Tear
A man lies in the street crying Cause he can’t stop his self from dying He was stabbed in no helped He was left to die by his self All the people passed him by and all he could is ask the why I would help me if I was you if you were lying here bleeding to as shed final tear he tried to face death with no fear but just then help did come but I guess they could not save this one
Last Halloween Bondage Party
I went to a Halloween Bondage party at an old deserted house here in Bend, Oregon. There was 6 Dommes at the party and was suppose to be other subs at the party. But, it ended up that I was the only sub to show up for the party. I was told to be ready and wearing only my black nylon g-string by 7:00 pm. That a couple of Ladies would be there at my place to bring me to where the party would be held.At 7:00 pm I was sitting in my living room watching a scary movie of course waiting for them to show up. About 10 minutes after 7 I heard a knock on my door. I figured it was either the Ladies here to pick me up or it was tricker treaters. So, I put my bathrobe on before I opened the front door to see who it was. Lucky for me, it was 3 Ladies instead of 2 to take me to the party. As soon as I opened the door, they grabbed me and pinned my arms behind my back. One of the Ladies closed the door and then shoved a big red ballgag in my mouth and buckled it as tight as she could. The strap of t
The Last Time
i dont know ive been cold for far to long ive seen you through the bottom of a hole i know everything will be ok the suns gonna shine down on me some day youre my storm lightning dancing in the sky so keep on smiling, keep on laughing, till the rain goes away. i dont know ive been so cold those days are gonna come when the rain goes away and your laughing for the last keep on smiling the sun will shine some day the sun will shine some day
Last Auction For A While
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Last Minute Dragon
Last Thurday, I had a busy day. I had to take care of last minute bills and banking issues, pack my bags to go and be done by 4:00 pm so I could make it to see my youngest son's baseball game by 5:15. at 8:00 am in the morning I got a text from the dragon (my ex), about some bullshit issue several text later I think I answered the question. at 10.00 am , I get another text message concerning child support. I was in the process of setting up my bill pay on the situation so Informed her of some of the changes and made adjustments let her know. Several texts later and a phone call got that issue clear around 11am to 1:00 pm issue concerning my oldest around 2:00pm she texted me asking me if my brother was going to the graduation, I said I suppose. She texted back, I need to know. after 15 texts that day I had enough. I texted back, I am packing to go to war. she texted back saying she understood. Finished the primary packing in time, headed to the game. Te
10 Last Seconds
10 last seconds to change my mind 9 failed attempts to press rewind 8 little reasons to let go of it all 7 more seconds to make one last fall 6 drops of blood a crimson shade 5 fingers grip the blade 4 tears drip from my eye 3 reasons to tell one last lie 2 final seconds to say i love you 1 last thought...if only he knew
The Last Night By Skillet
Last Day On Fu...
Last Time
Last Night
So last night while lying in bed waiting on my sleep meds to take effect, listening to the heavy breathing of the S/O in the beginning stages of sleep I mentioned to him how if I had enough pills I would take them and just fall alseep forever. He wasn't to happy with those thoughts. Like I am? :-s It terrifies me to feel like this.
Last Night...
A girl phoned me the other day and said ... Come on over, there's nobody home. I went over. Nobody was home. I lay in bed looking at the stars and thought to myself, where in the heck is the ceiling.
Lastest Scheme
Last Day
well its finally happenin we are leavin havin all kind of feelin im fellin happy excited nervous sad ...i was born and raise in cailpornia and im finally leavin wooot... im happy to be leavin bc i hate this state its to high to live here and the laws are just dumb.. im sad bc im leave the one person who is my bestfriend and good friend and like my mom to me... im excited and nervous bc im meetin my boyfriend..he is such a awesome guy he is a sweetheart and he is full of love and im so happy inlove with him he is such a wouderful person and i cant wait to see him.. so i guess my feelin are normal.. this is goin to be a freash start and new life and new state and i couldnt be happyer to start..i know im a dork and im not try to be love slappy here just my feelin and to let yall know im leavein lol thanks for readin peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smooooochesssssss
Last Thoughts
A woman whom I never met, Lived in a land I never knew. How could I know what love is? Yet, I do, I do, I do! The woman I never met, Was real and proud and strong; Her eyes were deeply set, And she could sing a song. And she could make a joke, And laugh when in the mood; But long before she spoke, I guessed her solitude. The woman I never met, A shadow in my mind; I saw her silhouette, But will I ever find, That shadows can come alive, Making my dream complete? But then will she arrive, The woman I've yet to meet? All my days alone, And all my nights it seems; I have known a woman unknown, Who shares my secret dreams. But still my dream one seems to hide, When really she should be at my side. The woman I never met Is half a world away; She may not find me, yet I'm waiting for the day. The day I go out to meet The woman I've never met.
The Last Goodbye
I had to come back here just one more time And try to trace the steps I left, left behind A fool's desire for just one final glance A fantasy that blinded me to the trap Suddenly something deep inside me longs to stay behind The only way I can keep from being torn apart Is if I can get you out of heart and out of mind Such a lonely place to be (yeah yeah) Locked inside of all my memories Which once upon a time I held so dear (so dear) But now I see the truth becoming clear The boy that used to live here has gone away And now this man is standing in his place I think it's time for me to face this last goodbye You're out of heart and out of mind I know it won't be easy Just one step at a time And with gods help I can move On with life The Last Goodbye by Jonny Lang
Last Chance Ducky Race
The race is Saturday, just two days away. Sponsorship is just $5.00 a duck with some GREAT give-backs made possible by some very generous folks. Refresh your memory for the give-backs at this web page: Debbullan Rubber Ducky Vital Info ( or go directly to Pay Pal through this link: Next stop OLIVER CREEK, in Drop Texas! Are you talking about Hep C? You really should be. Help stop the silence. Debbullan Inc.
The Last Blood Drop
Last Stand
Last Light
It is dark in this placeOnce filled with hopes and dreamsIt is now only hatred and painI am on my own sideEveryone else stays in the lightThey are filled with happiness While I am filled with anything but thatNo one is with meNo one will ever beThey are happy, I am notThey will never understand meNor will they ever wish toI can not blame themI would also want to remain happyBut I have forgotten howI don't know how to go back to the sunshineI only know rain and night nowI watch the moonIt is my only friendIt understands and listens Though it never talks to meIt helps me throughout my lifeIt is my last lightMy last light of hope, dream, and my one loveAnd that shall never die out
The Last Time You Will Break My Heart
The Last Time You Will Break My Heart I'm done with her, i'm done with the head games... i'm tired of watching the kids get hurt because she's a lie'n little bitch. and i'm tired of loving her and not having her. So this is what i'm going to do. i'm not going around her. i'm done talking to her, i'm done waiting around for her. and as much as it will hurt me, and our son. and her daughters who have become attached to me. someday the pain may subside. I'm done with her. i can't take the pain she puts me thru or the kids thru. Elizabeth you lead me on with your kiss's and words.. then blow off our son to go to the bar. it's complete bullshit. and i'm not having it anymore. as far as i'm conserned your dead to alex and I. enjoy your life and forget we even exsist. oh wait you already have unless it benifets you.. I love you and always will but i would rather rip my heart out by walking away from you than seeing and feeling what you keep doing to me and the kids. If i haven't found a job
The Last Straw
I am not close with any of my family. My mother do not speak to each other, I have tried but she uses me for what I can give her and when things don't work out her way she stops talking to me. My sister tries to RULE me when I speak to her. " Do this and do that" and If I don't I am a traitor and she doesn't let up. My brother is a follower of "GOD" thats fine, I have no issues with that, I do have an issue with his preachings to me. I grew up the good girl, never into drinking, not once did I do any drugs, stayed out of trouble, wasn't having sex ~ and STILL NOT( he was out doing all those things)Thinks he has the right to preach his word to me. I don't follow his religion. I have always been a kind, compassionate, loving soul. I give until I can't give anymore. I don't feel he has the right to preach to me when I am already following my own spiritual beliefs. My older brother has sad issues like my mother( alcoholic and mean spirited individual) I just cant associate with these peop
"last Night"
Last Words
i lay here ,night after night and i look up thru my sunlight to the stars above .i watch as they glisten in the midnite sky and i feel the dampness as my eye begin to cry.i toss and i turn searching for something to hold,but all i find ,is a bed so cold. i go to town ,and i watch as people stroll by,never do they notice the tear in my eye.i see couples as they walk and hold hands .i see the couples as they share a life so grand.i go back to my house and down the road i ride,its th e lonliness in my heart i try to hide. i go to my spot so tranquil and cool,i stand there for hours skipping rocks across the pool.then its back to that place that i call home,where once again alone i do roam, ive traveled the world and many a place,but there is only that one longing face.the one that can make my heart warm.and release the happyness and let it swarm,.but such a life for me was not to the loner,i must be free. as the Years pass my life does not change,and t most it must seam so strange.b
The Last Ride
He rides his trusty steed made of steel chrome and rubber,cruising the blacktop highways in the spring and all summer.Its the ride not the destination that matters the most,sometimes he takes the lead,sometimes he won't.He rides all day he rides all night,the moon and the stars are so pretty and bright.He lives to ride,He rides to live,he ride for charity,its important to give.When people ask where is his home,He says there it is,His trusty steed made of steel,painted black and lots of chrome.When he gets to old the bikers will say,remember that guy...he was ok.He was to tired to ride that sunny day,so he pulled to the side and died in his own way.He went as he lived with the sun in his face,He died next to his trusty steed with dignity and grace.Lee aka EZ RIDER.
While most contents that you will read about how to last longer in bed generally will try and help you to better understand how to last longer, many won’t describe some common pitfalls that you should try to avoid when combating premature ejaculation in the bedroom. The truth told, however, there are some very simple mistakes that one can make which can play detriment to their ability to enjoy sexual longevity, stamina and endurance. Use these tidbits of advice to know what to veer away from when trying to tackle premature ejaculation. Don’t Masturbate Before Sex A lot of people say that by masturbating before sex you can successfully defeat common problems that are directly associated with how to last longer in bed trick. However, whenever you masturbate, you release a large amount of semen and hormones. These hormones take time to build back up in the testicles again. In essence, by masturbating prior to sex, you could very well be taking yourself entirely out of the g
The Last Time I Was On Here
It's good to be back and I can tell a lot has changed since I'v been gone and the change is great from whatI can tell
The Last Leaf To Fall
The Last Leaf to Fall The wind it howled all through the night, So she hung on with all her might, While others fell unseen by light, When morning came she saw their plight. The town then woke and what they found, Their trees were bare for miles around, Crimson and gold had covered the ground, Alone she cried without a sound. From high above the earth she hung, The mournful wind its song it sung, No one was left to be among, To their end they’d all been flung. Her senses were sharp, her vision keen, How could winter be so mean, Her skin had turned deep aubergine, Blackened veins where once was green, As she succumbed to winters nip, Her life lived; she lost her grip, And in the wind her shape did flip, Over the ground her frame did skip. She came to rest upon the grass, The man had watched it all from class, Where he awaited with frame of brass, And gently placed her behind the glass. Her tree of life for those months few, Stood bare
The Last Two Years...
Okay, some of you have been wondering where I've been the last two years and what I have been up to. I began attending the state university in the fall of 2009. I attended class (mostly seated) full-time for a degree in Management. My first semester went well. It went much better than I expected. I joined Phi Beta Lambda that semester as well. The second semester was rough because I spent a month out of class because I was hospitalized. I somehow managed to get caught up and I even earned a 4.0 that semester. I was asked to join Phi Theta Kappa and I was inducted that spring. The third semester went very well as did my summer classes. My last semester was a very busy one. I took six classes, completed an internship, and worked part-time. I graduated Cum Laude on May 09, 2011. I was just a hair away from graduating Magna Cum Laude. You see, Algebra and I did not see eye to eye. Glad that is over with. I am considering returning next year to complete a degree in IT. I loved school a
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The Last Trump
The warning trumps have started. Hear yesterday 3/5/2012 from Europe to Canada. The last trump is near Watch this youtube video
Last Goodbye
The Last One Standing
Me against the world, that's how it's always been. Although I've been hurt, I always win. Because I can still live, laugh and love, despite all the shit. I was designed strong enough, to handle it. Throw something at me, and I'll catch it every time. There is nothing I can't do or overcome, in this world of mine. Size doesn't mean a thing, I'm still standing tall. With a mile long grin, ready to take on them all. All the bad guys, that wanna cause me pain. You'll have to earn the right, to speak my name. I have shed my tears, made my blood trails. Paid my dues, it's my time to prevail. Try me if you must, but I don't recommend it. I'll be the one in your face screaming, is that all you got bitch? I do not surrender, no white flag is raised. I'll be the last one standing, at the end of the day.
Last Night
So I was sitting in the bar last night. A friend and his wife invited me to go. They like going on kerioka night. I had a tqeuila on the rocks in my hand and wasn't paying much attention to anything cause I really didn't want to be their. From over my shoulder a sweet voice asked the bartender for a tequila on the rocks. I turned starting at the floor and working my way up. The first thing I noticed were the boots. Dirty and worn, the bottom of the jeans stained with flecks of dirt. At the knee I noticed that they were worn. As in from someone that realy worked not some pants you buy in the store that are worn or ripped. I countinued up until I got to the waist. The rope belt was tied in a knot that I havent seen since my days at the fire department. The flanel shirt hung out over the waist, unbuttened. The white tank top tucked in showing a slender waist. I contiuned up until I saw her breasts. a small D to large C cup with no bra holding them up. Her shoulder showed the edge of a tat
The Last Brown Beret Movie
Actor/Writer/Director/Producer, Del Zamora, is producing and directing a movie, THE LAST BROWN BERET. An indie movie, starring Daniel E. Mora, Randy Vasquez, Vance Valencia, Elpidia Carrillo, Del Zamora and Ingrid Oliu. Based on the very successful play, "The Last Angry Brown Hat", which toured the USA, playing at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., Yale, Notre Dame, Northwestern, UCLA, USC, UC Berkeley, UNLV, amongst many others. It played to 282 standing ovations, at over 187 universities and colleges, as well as large venues, Paramount Theater in Denver, Colorado; Orpheum Theater in Phoenix, Arizona; Wool Warehouse in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio, Texas; Actor's Alley in North Hollywood, California; Plaza de la Raza in East Los Angeles, California; ARCO Plaza in Los Angeles, California; and a very special show, at the East Los Angeles Juvenile Detention Center, in East Los Angeles, California. Del has appeared, in over 95 movie
Last Summer Braggin
July 2012 Concept piece only I’m showing compentency , at one with the universe Only 1 long black hearse Only 4 horses Only 2 choices With us Against us Witness Participents Ruckus Chaos Construction Uniformity Collectivity Conjunction My transition’s smooth as fabric softener from on to offers Hit the switch power up-Zupperz? Guess who’s back, guess who never left, Guess Who Guess What Guess where I serve next, Guess why I do this? Let the genie out the bottle, Pandora out the box, let the demons escape my head. So all U pigs can Be- DE-monically possessed. Start the de*programming – U never start U never finish Where the fuck’s the finish line? When do we see the light? When do we see zion? All in due time. When do we see $ Dollar signs? After completion of tasks, checks in boxes, we never exit the grind it’s a continuous process. Continuity, concurrent 2 it’s congruency Good work is rewarded with more work-No Retiring
The Last Of Us
Last Good Bye
Maybe one day I'll be strong enough for this world or maybe ill paint the hole world grey couse all of the red has been drained gave all i had to give ,hope has all most be come exstiined couse all i wanted in this world is to be love and even love my self but you know just as well as I its j all just a fairy tail with out the happy ending so i got to cut my ties and say my last good byes
Last Good Bye
Last Goodbyes
Las Vegas 2007 With Sunshyne & Angel Eyes
The Father Goes to Vegas With Sunshyne & Angel Eyes and possibly loses what little bit of his mind that is left! On July 1st We will be embarking on a 2000 mile road trip to Vegas, The Land of Sin Sand and Sun... Did I say Sin? This trip should be real interesting. There is no telling what happens when The Crew goes on a trip. In total we will be gone for about 12 days. I plan on updating this blog as much as possible and taking lots of pictures to share with you. As soon as we have some pic they will be posted in a directory in my photo gallery called Vegas Trip 2007 or something along those lines. With these 2 ladies there should be some pretty interesting pics coming along. Of course it will be interesting to see what kind of view these ladies offer to our nations truckers. Of course the truckers have no chance with Sunshyne & Angel Eyes. But we shall see.... If you are in the Vegas area let us know and who knows we may be able to get together or something. There is a t
Las Vegas Confidential
A flurry of gossip and rumors hit Las Vegas last week when two completely unrelated news stories emanated out of the The Rock in back-to-back days, leaving some to question their coincidences. First, and more importantly, longtime promoter-turned-DJ, Jack LaFleur has resigned from his promoters post to focus on moving forward with his career on the turntables, Im loving DJing, LaFleur said late last week, I really want to see how far I can go with it. He will still be a fixture at Body English, at least for the next bit, serving DJ residencies at their popular Sunday School promotion, as well as their newly launched Wednesdays. The other rumor, with more sinister implications, was the news that a major Hard Rock Hotel investigation had found several employees producing and selling counterfeit Rehab wristbands. One source tells us that the property believes as much as 7-figures in potential revenue had been re-routed into the employees pockets. Rehab is a revenue beast and th
Las Vegas Churches
Las Vegas Again!?!?
They are going to tear my computer out of my bloody hands to take it to the computer doc. and then i have to go to Vegas again! No way to talk to my friend the ones who still talk to me! yes u guessed it i dont have a life! I will be gone from Fri 21st to Sun 23rd. My niece is getting married in Vegas. I probably wont be online till Sunday late. Have a great weekend everybody!!
Las Vegas Clinic Sparks Hiv, Hepatitis Scare For 40,000 Patients
From correspondents in Los Angeles February 29, 2008 06:15am Article from: Agence France-Presse US officials say 40,000 people may have been infected with HIV and hepatitis in a major health scare after a Las Vegas clinic was found to have re-used syringes and medicine vials. Authorities in southern Nevada today said they were notifying some 40,000 patients who received anesthesia injections at the clinic's endoscopy centre between March 2004 and January 11, 2008 about potential exposure to hepatitis and HIV. They recommended patients "contact their primary care physicians or health care providers to get tested for hepatitis C as well as hepatitis B and HIV". The move comes after several acute cases of hepatitis C showed up in the area. Six people have been diagnosed with the disease since January, which is three times higher than the yearly average for the Las Vegas region. The three first cases came to light in January, and three other patients were subsequently
Las Vegas Trip
Hey, i just got back from my Las Vegas trip. It was really fun but was HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!I got there friday and stayed till today. On friday, i got there at 5pm and it was 116 degrees outside with about 20mph wind! and at 2am it was still 96! It was crazy but at least they got a lot of hotels to stay in :D I went to see Phantom of the Opera and it was definately worth it. The theater was really cool also. Last night was pretty interesting....ate at the cafe in paris and my fam was playing keno and then the keno machine stopped and wouldnt refund the money :(, then we got gas and some scary homeless guy was trying to get money from us and said he would follow us to our bank to get him money dont wonder too far off the strip :P
Las Vegas Itinerary
He asked what I wanna do....any other suggestions besides listed?: (Keep in mind we are young, and not rich) *Bingo (we love bingo) *Casino (first time gambling in a casino) *Bellegio fountains (cuz I hear they're cool!) *Gondola ride (cuz we gotta do something romantic) *Strip Club (never been to one before) *Circus del sul (or however it's spelled and this is a maybe.)
Las Vegas Hotel Deals
lasvegashoteldeals lasvegasroomdeals
Las Vegas Real Estate
Michelle Sterling can help you find the perfect place for you to live, she has experience all over the Las Vegas Valley. Las Vegas homes Looking for foreclosures in Las Vegas? Then look no farther because Michelle Sterling can help with all of your needs. Las Vegas foreclosures
Latenight Boredom
Which Deadly Sin Is Yours? Gluttony For you, it's all about the excess. It may be food or something else but the more the better. Find out your Deadly Sin at ok who else is bored ? i`m almost asleep here haha someone wake me up
Latest Graphics From Customizelife
to grab anyone of the skins, visit this page or go directly to my profile, scroll down to the bottom and click on view members' skins I've been on a hiatus to handle some personal issues. I also took down Pookies Playland and walked away from the graphics resource site for several months. But I really missed running it so I decided to create a new site called I was able to rescue more than half of the content that was originally located at Pookie's. Once I've uploaded everything, I'll be updating the site more regularly. If you have any suggestions on what you want to see, hit me up. And thanks so much to everyone who sent me gifts and sweet comments on my birthday. You guys rock! Get your codes here. There are many colors to choose from
Latest News
Late Night Story
Bill worked his way thru the crowd very slowly. He was trying to make it to his seat before the opening ceremonies. His heart raced as the anticipation built. This was his first trip outside the USA. He had always dreamed about seeing the Olympic games. Now he was having the vacation of a life time in Australia. At last he could see his seat, he stopped when he saw a gorgeous woman in his spot. The woman in the next seat was obviously her identical twin. They had long blonde hair, blue eyes, full lips, perfect breasts and long tan legs. Bill felt his cock twitching as lustful thoughts filled his mind. They looked up at him, then gave each other a knowing glance and started giggling. Bill said, "Excuse me, I think your in my seat." One of the twins answered, with a Swedish accent, "I am Svetlana and this is my sister Katja. We came here from Sweden to compete in the 500 meter race." "Really?" Bill asked. Both twins nodded their heads and said, "Ya, ya, we are Olympic competitors.
Latest News
Late Night Snacking...
I seriously need to stop my late night snacking. I dont eat mucu during the day or at dinner, so I end up eating right before I go to bed...thats a bad idea.
Late Late Show With Me ;0)
Most of you know I love Bill Maher. I too share his views of our fuckwad of a president. Here is something he had said in a closing statement on one of his shows that I liked and felt like posting. Bill Maher's closing--presented as an open message to George Bush in deep tones of mock-serious. Here it is: "Mr. President, this job can't be fun for you any more. There's no more money to spend--you used up all of that. You can't start another war because you used up the army. And now, darn the luck, the rest of your term has become the Bush family nightmare: helping poor people. Listen to your Mom. The cupboard's bare, the credit cards maxed out. No one's speaking to you. Mission accomplished. Now it's time to do what you've always done best: lose interest and walk away. Like you did with your military service and the oil company and the baseball team. It's time. Time to move on and try the next fantasy job. How about cowboy or space man? Now I know what you'r
Latest Info!
ITS FRIDAY! WOO HOO! I have been here watching all this drama on CT today and we all know who the players are...its hard for me to envision that these people are actually full grown adults. Perhaps we should have a subdivision for those that have not matured past the kindergarden age and call it.... kindergardentap....cuz some of these peeps sure need to grow up! Thats my thought for the day....still at the library...wishing i had a pc but for now this is fine...Hope you all have a stupendous weekend... Love you much! Good afternoon ya'll. Its been awhile since i blogged anything to do with my life and situation here healthwise or otherwise. I been trying very hard to keep positive and move forward to a better place. The pc got repo'ed today and so i guess that means you will have to do without me a lil more than your used to and me without you. You dont know how completely lost i feel without it its like an extension of my arm and heart and mind that has been there
Late Model Jesus /trials Of A Rock Band
This seems Interesting well Brief Info Section About Us, We are Late Model Jesus we formed Back In the Late 80's By Joe Caravella Guitar/Vocals/Songwriter & Lenny Kibanoff/Drums We were called a different Name them But we were this band essentually, Our Names were Inasense(1987-88) The Reign (1988-1995) Ground (1995-1997) Just Jake (1997-2001) & since Then we are Late Model Jesus, rounding out The Line Up is Konstantine Laskaris/Bass/Vocals & Marc Fox/Guitar/Vocals/SonGwriter, Marc Has had afew different stints with us He was a member of the Reign 94-95 Ground & Just Jake But He just rejoined as a member of late Model Jesus reciently after Our last lead guitarist Left To Join Dave Shaw's band this Year we are currently Finishing up an album (we started with Rob & finishing with marc We are being Co-produced by Joe caravella & Chip Z'Nuff Of The Band Enuff Z'Nuff, we Have Lable intrest & look foward to the summer release of the disc & subsequent shows in support of it so I will ke
Heading out to Michigan for a Girl's Weekend away! If you hear a loud roar coming from that direction -- that's probably us! I apologize ahead of time (NOT!);-) Have a safe weekend, don't do anything I wouldn't do, and I'll talk to y'all on Monday! ~Rose
Latest News!!!!!
if any of you are in the toledo area, come out to CLUB SODA tonight for a huge mardi gras party!!! can you say beads BEADS BEADS???? hope to see you there!! -Dave well its been a long time...i have made a huge carreer change. i am now a regional manager for an event phot company. we are contracted by the pga,lpga,senoir tour as well as many other events. my new job has lots of travel, and i work with many celebrities!!! it blew me away when alice cooper actually knew me by name!!!! many other stories to tell and share but for now, i will post as many pictures as i can to tell the story!!! please drop by and say hi!! and watch out, i will be near you soon, so lets get together!!! next travel will be july 6-12 at the john deere PGA event..if your near there, WRITE ME NOW!!!!
Laters People I Am Taking A Break From Ct
Late Nights
I crossed another line out of my comfort zone last weekend. I signed up to be rope bound at a club. So the fact that I was in public was the first turn on. The second was the man roping me and the third was 2 specific men watching. The man roping me was just learning from a master, so it took longer than expected, but I was thoroughly enjoying the anticipation. By the time he finished the process, I was nearly hyperventilating and weakened by an uncontrollable exiliration. I was led around by my binder, which made me more playful and "awake", but when he was untying me, I started feeling weak and faint again. He was behind me and one of the other men was in front playing with me. He had to hold me up and help me to my car...well, ok, his car. The night continues into morning, but my story doesn' least not for now. Let's just say that as much as long fingernails on men have been a turn off for me, there are definite advantages. "If we're all going to die anyway, why d
I'm SO purchasing this.... I haven't been on here for a few days, but I'll be back, I'm on here for just a few minutes right now, but I'll continue with my Fubar obsession soon, so don't get your hopes up :P I'm actually getting things done for a change. I've been spending way too much time on here, a lot of you already know that I have really low energy as it is, because of my health problems, so it's hard to get things done when I'm on here all the time. I'm not closing my account, but I'm going to delete most of my pictures, so my points will go way down, and I won't feel the need to be on here all day rating and fanning people. I get addicted to things easily (just video game type stuff), so I need to do something about it now. So, there you have it :P
lately1. Are you sarcastic: yes2. Is there anything you can't wait for this summer: no3. Socks and sandals: socks4. Who was the last person to go to the movies with: brian5. What one thing you really hope to do this spring: fix our camero6. Do you like to go Mini-Golfing: yes7. Are you moving this spring: no8. Are you going to be starting a job this spring: no9. Have you ever slapped someone: yes10. Did you get poison ivy: no11. Do you plan on going camping next summer: yes12. Favorite pizza toppng: pepperoni13. Pants or shorts: pants14. Do you use Chapsticks: yes15. Are you currently fighting with anyone: no MySpace Quizzes from Get this and more quizzes at!!
Late Night Thoughts
Would You Like to Dance? Kristina R. Manuel April 15, 2007 The music is soft and slow- Through the smoky air Appears a heavenly glow As I wonder, "What could be there?" Gravity pulls me Towards the most beautiful vision I have ever seen- My heart races into another division- "Could this be a dream?"- You spot me from across the room- Thunder and lightening Fill my veins and chest with a sudden boom- Our eyes connect- Every time you smile I'm smiling right back- I take your hand As I ask you to dance- Without a second glance You follow me in a lovestruck trance- You have touched me with your gentle hand And broke my nerves of steel- Sparks fly as we collide Our bodies burn as we smoothly glide Dancing on the edge Through a passion of burning desire- With every touch the flames grow higher- The world around us disappears As I pull your body close to mine- Tender kisses, so sincere... As you whisper gently in my ear, "Would you like to dance?" I cannot
Thanks for all the welcomes. Hope I don't get addicted!
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Ill always be here for you Shakespeare Sisters Videos | Music Video | Nashville Homes For Sale I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy your families and your loved once, especially when it gets trying cos of the little spats with grumpy uncle George or aunt Lizas dog who humps everything in its way. And send a thanks to the men and women who cant be home with their families this year cos of orders. Me, Im also still a far away from home and spending this season alone, but I have my children with me and thats all that matters. Although we are missplaced still, we are together, and that I am thankfull for. I am also thankfull for all of my wonderful friends here on fubar that make my time here abroad seem so much shorter and helps keep my spirits up. Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving Love you all I have a little angel that flys around with a hammer and hits every one I love, I hope it beats the shit out of you!!! Send this to everyone you care about, even me if
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I uploaded new pictures last night - they are in the folder 5/7/2007. Enjoy!
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Myspace Graphics I have a couple of funny videos let me know what you think! Leave a comment, a voice comment! Click Here!
I gotta go.. it's late, I'm confused and I need to go to bed before things get really really bad. Is there really only one real person on this site?
Lateral Thinking
This puzzle is called Lateral Thinking . . . Scroll down slowly and be honest to yourself. Think like a wizard . . .
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Late Night Shopping - A True Confession (nsfw)
Late Night Shopping - A True Confession Wendy took full advantage of the supermarket boy's package. I'd been using the same supermarket for months, always shopping at night when it was quiet. Grocery shopping was a chore, but a big compensation was the fit young men hired to help shoppers pack their groceries and carry them o their cars. Students mostly, making a bit of money on the side. One in particular had taken a fancy to me - a tall, really built guy, with a cheeky smile and a twinkle in his eye. One night I had an extra heavy shop. Id just split up with my boyfriend, and I was comfort buying. Wine, chocolate, cakesAll substitutes for sex. My special bag boy was on duty, and the way he looked at me told me hed sussed out my frustrationand was happy to help me with more than just my shopping. As we approached my car, I couldnt really see his big sexy body very well in the darkness, but I was aware of him, and my own body was responding to his presence. When the s
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Basicly I'll Be Doing Artsy Stuff For The Unique Chicks That Rock Goth /Punk /Randomness Interested In Joining See Bluedemon *KING* BLUEDEMON (ELLIE FUBAR HUSBAND)Back On The Fu@ fubar
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There I was just walking along the streets of my home town with my best friend. We were talking and laughing just havin a good time when we decide to go to a park and see if anyone we knew was there. So we go the park and as we get further into the park I noticed a couple of people standing aroung and reconized one or two of them, they were the ones I had problems with at a club just a couple weeks before. I ignore them and continue walking with my friend when all of a sudden see people running and turn to look why that would be. It seems one of the people that i had noticed had pulled a gun out. I froze couldn't move do to shock. My friend pushes me back, I feel something hitting my shoulder as i fell backwards with my friend infront of me. Seemed like i was falling forever everything slowed down to slow motion. As i hit the ground I noticed that the person holding the gun was running along with those that were around him. I was hit in the shoulder just barly and as i tried to get my
Late Night Attack
Well last night at 3:30 in the morning I was awoken to pounding on my door. I get up to answer it and there are these two drunk guys asking for my roommate. He wanted his food from my roommate who is nicknamed "Easy". Easy said he didn't have it and the drunk guy got pissy with me and so I told him to quit pounding on my door. Well I shut and locked it and he got really upset at this point and when my roommate got up and answered the door. He repeatedly tried to attack me as I lay in my bed. I was hungover and half-awake....hell I didn't know what was going on hardly. Eventually he got through to me and hit me in my jaw.....lucky bastard got pulled away as I missed his throat with my knife. I guess the moral of the story is...don't deprive drunk people of food. I hate angry drunks......
Late Night Rambling
Please join Kim and Geoff in celebration of their FU Wedding in the Wedding Lounge, Sunday October 14 2007, 10 p.m. EST ~Two heart will join to become one~ ♥EYECANDY♥@ fubar Subh3rbanSmok3r@ fubar
Late Night
has insomnia. When i cant sleep at night i get bored. When i get bored i want someone to talk to about anything. I guess boredom is a good things sometimes but not when you have insomnia. Sorry to whom i have bored with this observation.
Late Mothers Funeral(poem)
The angel's in heaven are lucky today. since the good lord has taken the pain all away. now you can join them and spread your wings wide. your free up in heaven. shed not a tear and grieve not a day, for the angels have taken the pain away. We last saw your smile so bright and so grand while waiting for jesus to give you his hand. your body was weak but your spirit was strong the angels were with you to help you along. now your in heaven so happy and free. oh what a sight we would all love to see. you'll always be with us in spirit and mind. you were loving and gentle and so very kind. your life has been full and very complete. you had 5 lovely children, your one greatest treat we'll cherish the moments forever we had, you made us so happy when things made us sad. we always will love you, it's never goodbye only so long till we meet by and by. on the wings of an angel your spirit will soar youll always be missed till we meet again but never forgotten not now not then.
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Very kewl news! Hooters has come on board the New Years Eve party and will be supplying food and beverages to our partygoers. Welcome to this awesome sponsor!
Thinking about you, what else can I do? Dreaming a sweet dream that's only with you. My minds all over you, night and day, I hope this feeling will forever stay. Thinking about you 24/7, What can I say, I'm practally in heaven. Our love is perfect, forever, and long, And in my heart it's still growing strong. Thinking about you, because you shine, To me your love is a great bright sign. Following the path, in which you light, You guide me safely, all through the night. Thinking about you until I'm graved, I hope by that time our love will be saved. If I had one day, special and true, There'd only be one person to spend it with and that person is you...
The Late Great Drow1
there is no right or wrong to expression, there is but right and wrong when we are unjust in heaven, diamonds of wisdom falling from the sky, refreshing like rain. together we shall embrace the light of redemption for history has been twisted into mean streets and cold stares. fear not the unity of collective love, it shall heal and soothe the scars, broken hearts and weeping eyes we shall once more walk in the glow, swim in the delight unbind the chains and yell freedom with belief and passion till it echoes the universe from dawn till night ----dronutts---mystic music---- sometimes we arnt able to achieve what we set out to, sometimes we dont set out to do anything. whichever the case the end result is the same. how do we change what we havnt set out to achieve? yet accomplished? the complexity of our beings based on those we surround ourselves with?are the results of our actions directly related to our intentions? is this chaos? or is this order within
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How I feel about health care reform... I am a Republican and I support everything our President has proposed regarding health care reform. I am also embarrassed and appalled by the behavior of most of my fellow Republicans that were present. I do not agree with their stand and wants about health care reform. Feel free to sharethis letter with anyone you desire to share it. I know where what your stand is on health care reform and what follows is only an accusation to those that do not want substantial reform and strive to maintain the status quo. I also support the “Public Option” as presented by President Obama. I also believe that the source of the false accusations are from my own party and the insurance companies and I think our President should be making those accusations and why they are being made however, that probably would not be “good politics”. Some of the current laws for the health care system is in place came to exist for one and only r
Latest Scam Doing The Rounds
i just got this from a friend its happening in the uk for sure but dont know about the usa. Latest scam This one is pretty slick since they provide Y O U with all the information, except the one piece they want. Note, the callers do not ask for your card number; they already have it. This information is worth reading. By understanding how the VISA & MasterCard Telephone Credit Card Scam works, you'll be better prepared to protect yourself. One of our employees was called on Wednesday from "VISA", and I was called on Thursday from "MasterCard". The scam works like this: Person calling says, "This is (name), and I'm calling from the Security and Fraud Department at VISA. My badge number is 12460. Your card has been flagged for an unusual purchase pattern, and I'm calling to verify. This would be on your VISA card which was issued by (name of bank) did you purchase an Anti-Telemarketing Device for 497.99 from a Marketing company based in London?" When you say "No", the cal
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Well as of lately i have been busy working and taking care of my grandmother it has been hectic tomorrow is my mothers birthday so we are all going out to celebrate Ive gotten to hang out with megan i dyed her hair pink and she dyed my hair pink I decided to do it cause i wanted a change i figure i might as well be who i am and not who my husband or anyone else wants me to be i am doing what i want and just having fun and living life I hope to start the new year off with me being the old laura and not the person i became since my husband brought who he did into our lifes well anyways that is the past my future consist of me getting what i want doing what i want and not giving a damn what other people think well now im going to get off here and just be me loves ya all LP
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I am deleating my acount if anyone wants me let me know I will give u away to get intouch later
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WHOA AMAZING HOW SOMEONE CAN JUS WRITE LYRIC'S TO UR LIFE AN THEY FIT SO WELL!! WRITTEN BY MY SISTER SHANNON-(SHE HAS THE TALENT NOT I) DEDICATED TO DJ IRISH PRINCE 7-20-09 TIME MEANS NOTHING You told me it would never happen again, you said our love was to strong, but here I am crying again. Was it worth it was it worth the cost to see my heart lying on the floor. You said she didnt matter, youve said it all before you said it was a mistake, but mistakes just dont happen and now my heart lies before you on floor. The words you spoke sounded so sincere, but talk is cheap. I should have known I should have listened to my heart when it said it would be broken again, was she worth all the fights was she worth all of my tears, and all the hurt I feel inside, was she even half of me, did she do for you what I can do for you. You spun me around and I hit the ground, lie after lie, I believed the words you put in my head. Time means nothing it doesnt ease the pain, Time
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Something really crazy here. O.o ------------------------------------------------- Seeing past everything, Invisioning exponential amounts of scenarios, Mind racing at warp speeds. Waiting anxiously, Impatiently. What for? Who knows. Even not to himself. Constantly Waiting. Watching. Learning. Invisioning millions of scenarios yet to come. Constantly worried, Constantly Anxious. Waiting for something That has yet to come. Laughing at the millions of ignorant. They can't see it. They don't connect with the world around them. The spirits are angered. They can't see it. Ignorant human beings. Mindlessly consuming, Taking, Wasting, Destroying, Self destructive. Driven by nothing but the atavism embedded into their genetic map. Fighting, Hating, Mating, Feeding, Discriminant. Self-righteous. Ignorant human beings. They fail to see what our world has become. What imminent dangers lie ahead. Yet he sees it. Yet just like the ancient times, He is criticized, laughed a
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The Latest....
I have the BEST owner ever!!! Come check him out! He's got AUTOS ON!!!! He only needs 14 Mil to Oracle!!!!! He likes it rough! So go love his page hard! This &nbs
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Well this is my first fu-blog and I cant think of anything better to be the first than what follows this. Recently there have been some very pronounced changes in my relationship status. And it goes back to a few years back while i was in the Marines. During that time I made friends with another Marine in my squadron, and things progressed into one of the best friendships I have, to the point that we grew to know just about everything about each other. Now given the way the Marine Corps is, after awhile there was alot of distance between Vanessa and I due to choice of duty stations, needs of the Corps and her marital status. But all the while, we remained best of friends. We spoke constantly of current events, be it good or bad. And we were always there for each other, no matter what. And we are still this way to this day. Now for along time I saw what she had with her relationship and her 2 sons, and I wished that I had that level of happiness. Even though f
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Mother extradited from New York By Nathaniel Lukefahr The Facts Published March 9, 2008 It took 24 days to bring Caren Kohberger back to Brazoria County to be charged with child endangerment. It took 17 minutes for her to post bond and leave the Brazoria County jail. Kohberger, 27, the mother of a 3-month-old boy whose body was found Jan. 29 in Galveston County, flew Friday morning to Houston accompanied by two Brazoria County Sheriffs deputies, Sheriff Charles Wagner said. She was booked into the Brazoria County Detention Center at 9:20 p.m. Friday and released 17 minutes later after posting $20,000 bond, according to the sheriffs office Web site. She appeared in front of a New York court yesterday and chose to waive extradition, Brazoria County District Attorney Jeri Yenne said. The state did not oppose a bond reduction, and she was booked into the Brazoria County Detention Center. Angleton lawyer Jimmy Phillips Jr., who is representing Kohberger, could not
Late Nights
Well here it is and I can not get to sleep. I have taken all my medicine's amd still no help. So I set up amd watch whatever I can find on Demand, which usually ain't shit! Then I meet beautiful women on here, add them, fan them and rate them, and then I ask if they can email me more pictures of them, or allow me to see the private pictures! Why do woman tease us men sooo much? Then when you try to be honest because that is what they want, it still comes back to kick you in the ass. I just want the impossible I guess, A woman that will respect me and my dreams, and when asked to do somethimg not ask why, or debate the issue....there is always a true reasoning behimd what I ask of from a woman! Okay I think that is enough Bitching for today!
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Later Start Means New Faces At Arts And Crafts Show
One side effect of a later start for this year's Cherry Blossom Festival is that several merchants and artists who traditionally attend the Mulberry Street Festival won't be on hand this year. But Lisa Howard, president of the Middle Georgia Arts Association, said it may actually have a long-term benefit for visitors to the arts and crafts show because new artists and merchants have signed on to replace them. "(Some vendors) have a festival in South Carolina that came at the same dates," she said. "So we have quite a few different vendors. I think that's a good thing. There's lots more variety. A lot of the vendors have been here before, and there are a few favorites, but we're going to have lots more new people." For example, of the 21 jewelry vendors, 10 are new this year, Howard said. Wright Tilley, president and CEO of the Cherry Blossom Festival, said the festival will have about as many vendors as previous years. "We lost some vendors, but we were able to replace them with ot
Late At Night
Late At Night I Search My Soul Which can be one black hole For the meaning I seek Will take more than just this week Its Time I do not have Its so sad to be like this More brighter days I do miss All but gone by now As I watch the sunrise Its without surprise That one more night Will be in sight As I continue my quest In all this mess That I call my life

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