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My VIP expires in 7 Days so if any of you needs 11's badly contact me and i will rate you....Hugs have a good FU - Time EveningStar
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Ok just so you know before I even get started. I don't have a problem with homosexuality. I have many friends that are oriented this way and I believe that they are people just like me...just different but here is my view on homosexuality. Homosexuality, as defined, is an attraction towards a person of the same sex. It is a sexual orientation. As such it is genetic...but let me ask you this, what purpose does it serve? The ultimate goal of all species is procreation...reproduction in other words. If there is no sexual interaction there is Asexual reproduction which you see in some species. Homosexuality naturally and scientifically serves no purpose other than to satisfy a base lust. Satisfy your sexual desires with the one you are attracted to. In nature it serves no purpose what-so-ever. Because what does homosexuality reap? The person in question can't become pregnant by such means. Therefore in terms of nature, homosexuality is useless. Homosexuality doesn't
My View On How A Woman Should Be Treated
Girls, I cannot stress this enough: if you aren't being treated right by a guy, don't wait for him to change. Ditch his sorry a$$ disgrace to the male population and find someone who will treat you with the ut-most respect. Someone, who will honor your morals, someone, who will make you smile when you're at your lowest, someone, who will care for you even when you make mistakes, someone, who will love you, no matter how bad you make them feel, someone, who will stop what they're doing just to look you in the eyes....and say "I love you" ..And actually mean it. Give us nice guys a chance.
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Check out and rate the videos in my stash. Some unreleased shit.
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U gotta checkout my video
My Virgin Blog.... Lol
Hmm what to say... I am a sexy red head with an attitude.... My friend G Smoke got me to join this...(LOL) I usually spend my time in pogo and in yahoo 360.. but this is getting to be interesting... I love silk and lace... I have more bras and pantys then Victoria Secret... I love to chat and have fun... But I hate Lies so if you are full of chit... don't waste my time... I have just recovered from being sick for over a year... And feeling more passionate then ever... LOL This was a song a dear friend sent me when I first got sick and it is all me.. Angel Kisses xoxox I look forward to Making new friends
My View On Women And Men.
Look this is my take on it all. Women like to drag things out and string guys along. It all seems like one big game to most of them. I cant speak for all guys but I can speak for myself. I have shown interest in a few people and they string it out and say they are interested. If you are interested it shouldnt take so long for something to happen, and if your not interested have the balls to say it and not drag it all out. Now I have heard many women complain about guys being dicks and mistreating them or using them as sex objects. Once again I can only speak for myself but do you think it is possable that we have been played with to the point where we just stop caring. Could it be that women cause a big part of the problem with guys. Now for the exceptions, yes I know not all women play games and I know some guys are just dicks and thats just life. But I'll tell you what I have found nothing but women who chose to play games and that covers almost any age group, trust me I have tried m
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My View Of The Election
i marking this nsfw because how i see things can be to radical for some. i sat up to watch the election like so many others around the country or the globe for that matter. even though the this country made history by electing Obama as president. i was also sadden to see how this country was divide. as the polls started to close and the 50 states turnt blue and red. if you have any sense of history you notice that every state under the mason dixon line with the execption of three states went red.sadden because the south is still the south. no matter how far this country has come it seems to be the same. since i live in the south i can talk about what i know.. i seen older white males go up to blacks and curse at them saying dont you vote for that nigger. is this really what the election was about. people made the election about race instead of who is the better politican for the job.McCain was a good choice and i kinda like the way he ran his party.He made a good strategic choice by ch
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My Videos"> Everybody check me out on youtube, when u get there just type in "cupidmonk" hit me up and leave comments, thanx people
My Views On Religion
My Tagged Profile denotes my religion as an athiest - thats a cop out because it is easier to say that than to really try an explain my perceptions, thoughts, ponderings and views on the subject of religion and all that the word is associated with. Is there a God, for lack of better word, and why ask me - I'm just as ignorant on the answer as any one of the billions on this planet. Sometimes a part of me also thinks - and so what if there is - does he live my life for me? Hell no! According to the bible and the Priests, Rabbi's, Pastors and what ever other name a religious man may have - God gave us free will so that we could come to Him of our own Belief in his love for us. I was raised as a Catholic - don't ask me what particular denomination of catholic, it was so long ago and i no longer care. I was an altar boy for a few years, went to a catholic school, did the religion classes - holy communion and holy confirmation and all that stuff. In my hitch - hiking years I explored a fe
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Pretty funny skit featuring two sexy babes, one has a sex tape the other does not have one yet, that we know of any way! Watch The Sexy Tila Tequila get all of the hosts attention and Jennifer Aniiston get jealous and angry! CLICK HERE TO WATCH FUNNY VIDEO NOW!
My Views On Love
Possessiveness is not love Jealousy is not love Lust is not love Fear is not love Keeping people all to yourself is not love Expecting something from someone is not love Real, true love is unconditional. All other “kinds” of love are not really love. Most parents and kids don’t love each other, most people in relationships don’t love each other, most people on the planet never experience unconditional love in their entire lives… or at least it sure looks that way. To love someone unconditionally means that you love the person exactly as they are, exactly as they were before, and exactly as they will be in the future – because people change all the time, so if you love the person, you will love them even if they become something you disagree with. How many parents can say that about their kids? How many people can say that about their “lover”? Love is not about you or your pleasure or your amusement. It&rsquo
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My Views On Religion
What it breaks down to is this in a nutshell, either you believe or you don't. Some that do believe do so with a unswerving loyalty that can at times border on hysteria, which is about the same feeling that those who don't believe feel about how they believe. The difference is people that don't believe by and large do not feel the need to beat you over the head with their beliefs, while people on the opposite side of the coin feel it is there mission in life to "save" you. I don't have a problem with anyone believing in their own beliefs, what I do have a problem with is people pushing their views on me. That seems to be the prime objective for most organized religions out there. They feel as though it is there one and only goal in life, this need to convert me to there way of thinking. We don't do that. When is the last time an atheist knocked on your door, peddling his viewpoint, trying to convert you? You say your rights are being trampled on by atheists wanting to t
My Views On Religion
What it breaks down to is this in a nutshell, either you believe or you don't. Some that do believe do so with a unswerving loyalty that can at times border on hysteria, which is about the same feeling that those who don't believe feel about how they believe. The difference is people that don't believe by and large do not feel the need to beat you over the head with their beliefs, while people on the opposite side of the coin feel it is there mission in life to "save" you. I don't have a problem with anyone believing in their own beliefs, what I do have a problem with is people pushing their views on me. That seems to be the prime objective for most organized religions out there. They feel as though it is there one and only goal in life, this need to convert me to there way of thinking. We don't do that. When is the last time an atheist knocked on your door, peddling his viewpoint, trying to convert you? You say your rights are being trampled on by atheists wanting to tak
My Vintage Point
I come here because for wat short time I log-in..the world around me doesn't exist anymore.....I am able to forget my surroundings...this place allows me to portray a side that I have had to keep hidden for so is a shame things have to be the way they are....I see so much hate...even here...I am surrounded by is sad....people would rather spread hate and cruelty to others than to just offer something positive and uplifting.....I will never be one of those people that has to hurt someone else or break them down to make myself feel better....I don't reach out..I don't cry on any-one's shoulder or lean on anyone....I am in my own prison cell behind the comforts of my own home....I have been caged my entire life...constantly trying to break free...maybe that's the problem...maybe I'm not supposed to be free..maybe being caged is the way I am meant to be....I have never given up..but sometimes enough is enough..I'm tired of fighting..of trying
My Views On Marijuana
Joan Bello, author os the marvellous book about pot--we are friends though only through email She is brilliant google her--I feel I must vote for Ron Paul bacause he wants to end the unedning war on drugs and the war in afghanistan--he is for TRUE LIBERTY..... we should be able to go to any convenience story and buy an ounce of choom any ole time---thx] to Obummers hypocrisy--his adminstration continues to steal medicine from people who needs it badly--I am in Iowa but will move to a city in Michigan where I can purchase choom--first smoked it in the summer before 9th grade--and I will never forget that experience--i smoked it throughout 9th grade then in 10th and 11th quit for a year--smoked it all throguh univeristy, and graduated with honours in English and German. Never believe that "Reefer Madness" garbage--its the same garbage (plus textile and other corporations) going on even today!!!! END THE MADNESS Mark
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I know not many ppl beleive in psychic's or the ablility to even have that for any man. I say unto you, that is fine to feel that way, I wont judge you for your beliefs. Each man has has beliefs. I have been doubted b4, and i have proven also to many. I fear of nothing, only cus i have seen things most could or couldn't only imagine. I know things that only ppl can say its a maybe or its not possible. I had a vision last night in a dream.. Sure it is a dream but i know how and can know what is a vision and dream. Got to be careful not to get them mixed up. ever had da javu? (if thats how you spell it) It's most likely a dream you have had in the past still locked away deep into your mind that you have forgotten about, then you ponder on the fact but it never comes to you. That is a vision you have had long time ago about the future, but with the mind being a dark and sinful place within yourself, you are too lost too see it, or know what it means, You cant separate that part
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why can't we live in a society that we ALL hold the same standards of living, no poor no middle class or no rich, we don't need people that think they deserve more and a better life just because they are born into a "higher class" and have money behind them demoralizing and medieval consumerism a massive problem fact! you need this you need that.. BULL!!!! here is pure consumerism that most people didn't even know about, SHAMPOO! supposed to keep your hair clean healthy? Actually it does but the chemicals that the big and small brands put in harmful chemicals make your scalp dry up and your hair go greasy quicker it either MAKES you buy the same product or you try another brand...... that is probably another franchise of the same company you got the first product... I could throw millions of things just like that or even worse at you but I won't bore you. GREED is a horrible thing main thing that causes it... people would think money first but nope it is the "hierarchy" people in p
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Send me a VoiceComment. It's FREE! Just call 1(641)985-7800 and enter *3642109. If you get one too, I'll reply.
My Vowels(vows)
I will...................... .(A)LWAYS! Dedicate and show my Devotion.(E)TERNALLY! We would be...................(I)NSEPARBLE! That meaning..................(O)URSELVES! Together Forever we would Bond(U)S To no one in paticular woman,just my vows to that special woman that i can treat like queen one day and have a fam! doesn't mean just marriage, applies to dating, that i'll do everything and anything!
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What American accent do you have? Your Result: North Central"North Central" is what professional linguists call the Minnesota accent. If you saw "Fargo" you probably didn't think the characters sounded very out of the ordinary. Outsiders probably mistake you for a Canadian a lot.The WestThe MidlandBostonThe Inland NorthThe SouthPhiladelphiaThe Northeast
My Voice Comment
sorry everyone i did not know i had it restricted to people on my family.if you want to see what i look like go look again. now friends can view and add comments ok finally add my picture to fubar. go take a look and let me know what you think. I used to travel in the shadows And I never found the nerve to try and walk up to you But now I am a man and I know that there's no time to waste There's too much to lose Girl you say anything at all, and you know that you can call And I'll be right there for you First love, heartbreak, tough luck, big mistake What else can you do CHORUS I'll say anything you want to hear I'll see everything through I'll do anything I have to do Just to win the love of a girl like you, a girl like you People talk and people stare, tell them I don't really care This is the place I should be And if they think it's really strange for a girl like you To be in love with someone like me I wanna tell them all to go to hell That we're doing very
My Vows
I JOE DOG promise to stand with you in all things... I promise to always protect you against all who oppose either of us... I love you and will always treasure the family we have made...separate people we are yet one in the common thread that can not and will not be broken... We hold each others dreams and hearts in each others hands and i swear never to take this lightly...I never thought to meet A/another with the love and the strength that we would so compliment E/each O/other... I was blessed mightily by the god and goddess the day the god and goddess brought U/us together... i Naughty Angel vow to stand next to thee in all... thankful to the god/godess daily for thee... You have stood beside me when i wanted most to give up... when scared i was Your arms held me... when S/someone did i need to talk with Your ear always there... never shutting me out... always there for me... this promise i make to thee.. my strength , loving caring ways to Thee do i give... my honor an
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I LOVE Snow, I LOVE CHRISTMAS, I LOVE IT ALL!! 30 Days until Christmas!!!! The Time is coming !!Ho Ho HO Let it snow! ~You have just been hit with an e-mail snow ball!~ It's the start of..... Snow Ball Fight 2007!! One rule to this game.... You can NOT hit someone who has already hit you! Now... go out there and get as many people as you can, before they get you! I got you first! and you can't get me back! Nanee - Nanee - Nanee! (hehe) We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. Never Be The First To Get Old!! !!!
My Void In Life.
Hi friends it has been a good long time sence I have made a good blog this 1 is about a empty void is my life about some 1 that I have been missing sence I left home in cali back in 95. This is about my younger brother the person that I have the skeleton tattoo on my left chest I miss him alot I have not seen or heard from him sence then I have tried to find him via the net and even tried to call diffrent places where he was living and I cant find him at all. I live here in tx now and I sleep very lil at nights he's always on my mind I worry at times that he mite not even be alive no more life was soo hard on me from my parents that I left home in 92 and realy never have look back sence I cant stand my parents for what they did to me and all the beatings. will I ever found Erick again no telling but til then im alone and have a big void in my heart and in my life because im not with him or he's not with me safe. I can only hope to God he's still alive somewhere and doing ok
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My Vows To Eden
eden I Love you from the first hello i knew our paths would cross many times you have been there for me thru the years i cant put in to word how i feel about you eden other then i love you with all my heart and soul I pledge to you my eternal love and promise to respect and appreciate our differences and i promise always to respect you and love you. With kindness unselfishness and trust as i always have i could never hide the feels i have for you or will i ever our love has growen over the years and from this day forward i promise to love and honor and respect and give you all the space you need took me 2 years to realize where my heart belonged thats with you i love you eden ....
My Vow Of Love
I've made a vow, to no one but you I pledge my love to forever be true I'll take care of you and treat you right I'll lay beside you all through the night I'll feed you and clothe you and keep you warm I'll hug you and kiss you and give shelter in the storm I'll help you and guide you and clear a path I'll protect you and shield you from an angry man's wrath I'll listen to your problems help you solve them too I'll make you a rainbow and let the sun shine through I'll take your side even if you're wrong Just to prove our love is strong I'll plant you flowers and make them grow They'll be a symbol of love that only we'll know I'll whisper your name when no one is near So low that only you can hear You'll feel my love even if we're apart You'll know that we are one in heart
My Voices
Am I a whisper Its Kind of funny that to put something in words I have to be pissed off never could understand that But sometimes it works out and I can come up with something good like this little one from the other day . It's not bad if you like let me know Do you see me? All of me Do you look beyond The physical imperfections And see what what I really am The true me? What do you see ? When you look at me Can you see into me Can you see my thoughts The ones that whisper to me Of thousand of prayers and dreams? What do you look At when you see me? Do you truly see beyond The physical imperfections And look for the real me? Do you want to really to touch my Heart and hear The whispers Do you see me Or am I just a whisper
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My Voice 1992 Toyota Camry 143k miles (new engine has only 18k miles on it) One Owner 4 brand new tires!
My Vows
even after a bad couple of days i will always stay on point and push through the negativity that this new age of technological wars and chaos I will not sit down and watch the world go by i will stand up and absorb only individuality, true free speech, and a world not ruled by greed. violence, conformists, half-assedgovernments,and closed-minded bible thumping facists these are my vows i have said mine when will you be awake enough to say yours.
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My Ways Of Keeping My Woman.
My Wall
Sweetheart Never Have I FallenYour lips speak soft sweetnessYour touch a cool caressI am lost in your magicMy heart beats within your chestI think of you each morningAnd dream of you each nightI think of y...our arms being around meAnd cannot express my delightNever have I fallenBut I am quickly on my wayYou hold a heart in your handsThat has never before been given away LIFE WITHOUT YOU ISNT WORTH LIVING WITHOUT YOU I WOULD RATHER DIE I FEEL THE EMPTYNESS ,I FEEL THE TEARS, I FEEL MY HEART BREAKING INTO A MILLION PIECES .WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO? WHERE DID THE TIME GO WHEN I WAS ALL YOURS?WHERE DID OUR HAPPINESS , OUR HOPES , AND OUR DREAMS GO?LIFE WITHOUT YOU ISNT WORTH LIVING WITHOUT YOU I WOULD RATHER DIE... CAN'T YOU SEE HOW MUCH YOUR LOVE MEANS TO ME YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING YOU ARE MY HEART AND SOUL AND WITHOUT YOU I WILL DIE.. U and I Every bit of our love Brings warmth to my heart Because you are someone special I knew it from the start You give a reason The joy of
My Way Of Thinking
"Why was my burden so heavy?" I slammed the bedroom door and leaned against it. Is there no rest from this life? I wondered. I stumbled to my bed and dropped onto it, pressing my pillow around my ears to shut out the noise of my existence. "Oh God," I cried, "let me sleep. Let me sleep forever and never wake up!" With a deep sob I tried to will myself into oblivion, then welcomed the blackness that came over me. Light surrounded me as I regained consciousness. I focused on its source: the figure of a man standing before a cross. "My child," the person asked, "why did you want to come to Me before I am ready to call you?" "Lord, I'm sorry. It's just that... I can't go on. You see how hard it is for me. Look at this awful burden on my back. I simply can't carry it anymore." "But haven't I told you to cast all of your burdens upon Me, because I care for you? My yoke is easy, and My burden is light." "I knew You would say that. But why does mine have to be so he
My Walgreen's Adventure
I just got back from my adventures at Walgreens. Know the coke aisle? Where they keep all the cold drinks and yadda? I get over there to get a coke and see that they're on the highest shelf and is as far back at the back as humanly possible. For those of you who do not know, I am 4'11. I furrowed my brow and craned my neck staring up at it. The shelf stared back, seemingly amused at my predicament. I stood there for a second more than a light came on in my head, leading me over to the next aisle to grab a backscratcher. Victorious grin on my face I walk back over to the coke aisle to see a couple leaving, each with cokes in their hands. My step faltered somewhat, yet I continued over to the cokes. I peer up at the shelf, the shelf peers back at me, greatly amused now. One coke the very back. Biting my lip I lift myself onto my tiptoes and use the backscratcher as an extra arm, it wobbles for a second but I can't quite get the backscratcher behind it. Sticking my ton
My Wait Is Over
Master I want you to know that I have waited a very long time for you. I have been waiting patiently to give these gifts locked away inside me. Now you are here, so much a part of me. You are here in front of me as I kneel in respect to you while you place your collar on me. At times it is unbelievable to me, Still a dream that we have found each other. But yet, I hear your voice, a voice my soul has always longed to hear and instantly recognized. I feel your touch, a touch my body has always ached to feel and instantly reacted to. I see your handsome face, a face my eyes have always searched for and immediately affirmed. I taste your kiss, a kiss my lips have always hungered to taste and instantly felt the fire and passion. I smell your hunger, a hunger whose scent I know all too well. I have waited for you and now I am yours body, soul, mind and heart. Take me. Take my hunger for dominance and nourish me. Take my thirst for control and quench me.
My Way
because he came from nothing. his only link to the music business was being used by siouxsie in 1976 and therefore by maclaren in 1977. his only purpose in the sex pistols was supporting rotten. he did it by overrunning him. and his only purpose after the band split was to prevent maclaren from continue the misuse of the movement. he did it by nailing dylan to the chelsea hotel. that should make anyone worthy a place in music heaven. is the song Friggin In The Riggin the inspiration for My Way? it might seem absurd and not a song to be remembered by, but I think this is the case. the pistols had split and they were trying to go on as a group, led by maclaren of course. Friggin can be their way of copying the stones career. like they went on without their main man brian jones and made pirates more fun than Long John Silver maclaren could find this to be the only solution to continue without rotten. but not even maclaren sank that low. the reason for this is therefore sid v
My Wall
why do i feel like this i cant breath i am never happy any more i don't what to do any thing i don't want to get out of bed i cry my self to sleep every night i miss the one that i love but dosen't love me anymore some days i just feel like dieing going to sleep one night and never awake but i can't i have a son that needs me and dosen't have any one to care of him why can't i keep the guy i love so much that i had a son with him and all he did is leave me with nothing i lost my job my home my life and the only one i realy loved with all my heart and he didn't care as long as he got away and find some one new to be with i hate feeling this way i just want to know why was i not good for him i gave him every thing and only asked for him to be true to me and he couldn't do that i was true to him and in a way i am still in love with him but i know he will never love me and he never did he just wanted something that i had but if i know that he dosent love me then why do i feel this way i wa
My Wandering Angel
This is my wandering Angel who looks out for me and my family, and my friends. I just thought I would share it with you. Have fun Ken xxx
My Way
I HATE LIARS, WITH A PASSION. the one guy that said he cared for me and was going to be there for me wasnt. he's a fucking coward. and the fact that he goes and tells everyone that we know together that i am a liar and that i was lying about being pregnant, you are seriously senile. and I had a misacrriage and this is how you treat me you say your sorry with a smug ass grin on your face. i hope he rotts in hell. i mean... I fucking hate him with a passion.. he gave me that sunday school answer, it's not worth it. guys when you say your gonna be there for a girl you never back down. NEVER. the one person i needed the most at a time in need let me down and im sick of it. i just wanted to make that really clear.. I WILL FUCK YOU UP IF YOU EVER THINK ABOUT TREATING ME THE WAY HE DID. I WILL. IM NOT JOKING. soo I'm newly single and i'm enjoying it so far... im hangning with my g/f's and it's good. :D if anyone wants to take that as an offer plz do :p hahaha 1.dont have your
My Wall
If I don't say goodbye it's not because I don't care If I don't say goodbye it's not because I won't miss you If I don't say goodbye it's not because I won't think of you If I don't say goodbye don't think it's unfair If I don't say goodbye it's because I can't for one reason or another If I don't say goodbye it's because it's too hard for me If I don't say goodbye don't take it personally If I don't say goodbye it's because I know you'll be back If I don't say goodbye the tears won't flow If I don't say goodbye I still hope you know I will think of you often and keep you in my prayers If I don't say goodbye you will still mean alot to me If I don't say goodbye I know we will meet one day again soon If I don't say goodbye please know I am still your friend and will be until the end but I can't say goodbye and not be sad So if I can't bring myself to say goodbye please try to understand I know it wont be long, but its my emotions I'm trying to keep in hand I have put up
My War!
My Way Of Dealing With Bullshit
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 21:12:04 -0700 From: Size: 6 KB To: Reply-To: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The full moon shines down. Striking the grass and exposing everything in moonlight as you look into his eyes."Amanda." He breathes your name, you breathe in the scent of him. The familiar aroma, the comforting presence. He wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer, pressing his lips to yours as he squeezes you tightly. His lips leave yours, brushing across your cheek as he whispers in your ear "I love you." He lays you down in the grass, on the opposing team sideline. The stadium is empty, the bleachers bathed in moonlight. He kisses your neck, lips sliding over your neck as he kisses lower. His hands slide off your shirt, lifting your back so he can unclasp your bra before pulling it over your head. He kisses his way down your chest, over your stomach, trailing his way down to yo
My Way To Love!
Look into my eyes, you will see, how much time I have been waiting here. Look into my eyes, you will find, the answer of those doubts that consumes your mind. Get involved in my mysteries, come and play to discover me, all that you want I can give you, all that I need is inside you. Look into my eyes, you will see, the love becoming real, just for make you feel. Look into my eyes, you will find, the one that since your nightmares comes to please your heart.
My Walking Soul,
WALKING too you in the bright misty sky. My toes are wet as I come your way. Tears fall from branches as the rain falls. Stars shine high as the snow starts to cover your warm heart beating soul. Embracing your arms as we feel the heat. The snow starts to melt, sickles drip in our windy kiss. Your feet brush the grass as i carry you though, the light of my SOUL.
My War
My head is throbbing, My heart is pounding, I can barely breath, It's like my heart and mind r at war with each other, My mind tells me one thing, My heart tells me another, My body is the battle field, Guns blazing, Armies screaming, My head hurts, My heart burns, My heart yells "u love her!!!", My mind screams "no u don't!!!", I'm so cold, So lonely, No arms just sheets to hold me, I'm ingulft with sorrow, Thoughts of suicide cloud my mind, My heart is breaking for yours, I long to hold you, My mind is telling me not to type this, But my heart is in control, For once in my life, I'm sorry, One last thing to say, I LOVE YOU!!!
My Wall
My Wall
I have a wall you cannot see Because it's deep inside of me It blocks my heart on every side And lets my emotions hide You cant reach in You cant reach out And you wonder what its all about This wall I have that you cant see Results from what was done to me Each time my heart was hurt The scars within grew worse and worse So brick by brick I built this wall I made it so thick it will not fall I know this process will be slow For its never easy to let things go For just by brick by brick I laid With every hurt and every pain It's really hard to let you In Thinking I might get hurt again So brick by brick this wall will break As love replaces every ache This wall has fallen and I am free But some of the debris is still Deep inside of me
My Wants & Needs
I don't need a man to save me, I am as saved as I am going to get.I don't need a man to complete me, I am complete as I am.I don't need a man to put me upon a pedestal, its too far to fall and has a very painful landing.I don't need a man to control me, I can do just fine on my own.I don't need a man to be happy, I am happy just the way I am. With all the I don't things said all that are on my mind now..what I do need is this..a man to understand me ..understand that sometimes I get sad and cry and cannot explain why at that exact moment, to understand that I am a goober, a silly spastic nerdy understand that sometimes my "sisters" will come before he does and to understand that bond between my "sisters" and I. To understand the drive and need I have to write constantly, to express my thoughts and dreams through my know when and when not to interrupt me when I am in the flow of words. A man that will love me as I am and not try to change my inside to what he
My Warped World
Last night I had like a flash back of an incident in my past. You would think serving in Iraq, doing over 125 convoy operations, 52 raids, 14 air insertions, 7 IED attacks, 5 Firefights and countless Rocket and mortar attacks, it would be something in that vein . Nope, it was my mediation session between the dragon and me, in order to settle the divorce before we went to court and give even more money to the lawyers. It was not that bad, I had the knowledge of some things that came to light months after the divorce and I was being my loveable defiant smart ass self with pointed comments toward the dragon and her supporters. Still, it was kind of weird but looking back at the Night at the gym and catching a short segment of Glen Beck on CNN it kind of explains the triggers that caused the flash back. The Triggers: It was Wednesday, Triceps and bicep work out, but as usually a short run to get the heart going before the abdominal workout then the weight tr
My Way Of Giving Thanks To Sexy2hot
My Walk
Wednesday, October 29, 2008 My Walk It's amazing how just a few simple words can change your life. Back about 3 years ago I started the church thang was quite a struggle. I think the main struggle was letting go of my old life and old habits basicly seeing my faults. Some of it was the Churches we went we didn't quite "FIT" in. A year and a half ago we found the church that we "FIT" in with. During the last year I learn that God didn't expect me to be perfect which is what I thought. I mean most church look perfect don't they? What I learn was to ask God to forgive me for my passed and present sins. and once that was done my sins were forgiven and forgotten. Pretty simple isn't it. I still struggle with some of my old ways I haven't always been "nice" to everyone and I still tend to judge which I know is very wrong. Back on July 11 my husband and I got Baptized their was 55 of us Baptized that evening. Not many have ever heard of that many at once. We were v
My Warped Mind
Can someone in all honesty fall in love with someone and know in there heart and in there mind that it will never happen. Can two souls be so alike.. being in total sincronicity with one another ..knowing that just a single kiss could ruin this. Why do complications of the heart always fog the better of ones judgment .. is it the lack or reason or thought .. can love have purpose other then just the common thread that we all see it as .. Why can loving someone have such larger meaning and devotion yet cant. What is love.. a thought or a concept of what happiness is. When does happiness become love, just the simple questions one never thinks yet alone asks ..
My Way Of Thinking
Well 2010 came in with a bang for me. The last couple of nights in Dawn's Haven has been a blast and I have really enjoyed myself. I would like to thank the staff members and my friends and lounge members that were there sharing this with me. You guys have showed me how much fun it could be on here and reminded me of an old lounge i owned on here called System Of A Dawn. We used to have a blast in there and I realize it can be the same as long as we all go in and just enjoy ourselves. I have never laughed so hard in my life. They had melaughing so hard i was crying and there were points where I couldn't type or catch my breathe thanks guys let's keep it up. hugs and kisses to you all and I am applauding you all!!!!! For those of you who really care and for the guys who say they love me and want to be with me... Here is how I see it... I have been hurt over and over again with promises made and promises broken repeatedly... Well right now my heart is not letting anyone in... If you
My Wants
I really have to find someone who wants to have children cause i really want more children!!!
My Way Of Life, And What I Believe In
A time comes in your life when you finally get it... when, in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out - ENOUGH! Enough fighting and crying or struggling to hold on. And, like a child quieting down after a blind tantrum, your sobs begin to subside, you shudder once or twice, you blink back your tears and begin to look at the world through new eyes. This is your awakening. You realize it's time to stop hoping and waiting for something to change... or for happiness, safety and security to come galloping over the next horizon. You come to terms with the fact that neither of you is Prince Charming or Cinderella and that in the real world there aren't always fairy tale endings (or beginnings for that matter) and that any guarantee of "happily ever after" must begin with you... and in the process a sense of serenity is born of acceptance. You awaken to the fact that you are not perfect and that not everyo
My Way
I am thinking of things that start with the letter F Fornacation forthright fucking for thr future of fatherhood. I am thinking of the girl from far away that has changed my life with her words and things she says I am wanting to finnally come face to face with her and see her in real not just pictures and words, and she just asked me if I believe in PDF. I did not know what she meant but when she expleaned the meaning I almost came in my pants. Ahe wated to know if I like Public Displays of affection. I told her ALL THE WAY I would fornacate fuck and father in her in the midle of the airport.
My Website Has The Most Dirty Filthy Blogs And Forums Ever Read Lol
My Weekend
This weekend I finally got to go boating. I've been wanting to do this for so long. We fished for hours. Had a blast. Then this beautiful manatee laid beside our boat for along time. It was just swimming around the boat for a long time. Then we seen five dolphins they were beautiful. The wind was light it wasnt too hot it was perfect. Perfect weather for a perfect weekend. I havent done one of these in a while so thought I should. So I guess a few things are new. I'm opening a body jewelry and clothing store at the end of the month. My kids have gotten older (but not me) LOL. This year started out kind of hectic but its beginning to mellow out. I have met alot of great cherries here lately( on top of the great ones I already knew). I am so glad I signed up on here things are great. How have you been Cherrytap?
My Websites
Please go check out my new website. Let me know what you think. Access Code is 4243211.
My Weird Day :)
I was awaken by a big bang this morning that really upset me because I was very tired. So I got out of bed and went to get dressed. As soon as I was dressed, I did the usual reach for my smokes. But when I opened the box, I seen that all my smokes were multiple colors of the rainbow. At this time I was completely confused by this. Either I'm still drunk from the night before, or somebody replaced my smokes with a box of fucking crayons. Anyway on with my morning routine, I grabbed one and smoked it. Being that I was extremely hungry, I began my journey to kitchen. On my way into the kitchen I see a chicken sitting at my table with a plate of scrambled eggs and some toast. So far that was the only thing normal about this morning. I went to my fridge to grab me a cold pepsi, but, when I opened the door I found a box of mountain dew instead. Being completely enraged that some how my pepsi was replaced with this disgusting liquid, I decided to pull the box out of the fridge and torche
My Weirdness
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My Weekend
Lets Get AcquaintedTAKE THIS SURVEY! Take this survey What is your full name?Jerry Wiley Where were you born?Houston, Tx Where do you live now?Houston,Tx Who do you live with?Nosey arent you Do you work and where? a hellhole Do you go to school and where?nope What is your fav color?red What is your fav flower?black roses What is your dream date?Vida Guerra anywhere What kind of car do you have?2007 mustang gt Do you currently have someone on your mind?Yeah What is your biggest regret?I have too many to name What room are you in?the main room at the hellhole Do you exercise regularly?yeah What is your fav food?seafood,mexican food If you could live anywhere where would you live?Los Angeles, Ca How many kids do you want?none Do you want to get married?no Have you ever been engaged?yes Could you ever be in the military?hell no Do you like to dance?no Do you believe in God?sometimes Do you pray?not really What was the last thing you wished for?a million d
My Weekend...
This weekend starting with friday night, was rather fun... i went to work as usuall but i got paid, a miserly sum of about 100 bucks... so i deposited 58 of it and kept about 50 bucks... after work i made about 30 in tips... this is cash that i have on me... around 11pm... yeah i hit the bar, it was fun, especially since i started getting bored with long island tea's and blue motherfuckers... (both very strong drinks) i told the bartender to make me something new, that no one else usually drinks, and to make it really potent, i didnt care if it costed 15 dollars to make i wanted it... hehe i got it, she called it a liquid marijuana.. it was sweet! as in sweet tasting a little too sweet if you ask me, anyways i killed that within a matter of 5 minutes "keep in mind these are drinks not shots" i was going to go for the liquid cocain that was stronger, but i wanted drinks. then i had a bean picker, another sweet drink, at this point i was really Fucked up... but hey i was havin fun!
My Web Link
HEY GUYS I JUST THOUGHT I WOULD LET YOU ALL KNOW THAT I HAVE A MYSPACE ACCOUNT IF YOU ALL WANT TO STOP BY. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE. SHERRY Yeah I have high speed again. I am back home for good I hope. No more dial-up for me that shit sucked. I am going like next week and buying my husband a wireless card for his laptop. But now i got to unpack talk to you all later love you guys Hey I am in a hospital with my little girl so i am using dial-up and it sucks. So bare with me and I promise I will keep in touch as soon as I get home. And thanks for all the comments guys your wonderful.
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ADD derrick Because he is so cool click picture to see profile Add me, because I'm just Amazing!! - No. 1 Pimp Site
My Weed Poem
I sit here looking at the sky I smile and wonder why people live and people die some just live to get high smoke weed here and there some smoke weed just anywhere purple haze and some dro to smoking weed is what I was born to do blood shot eyes and chincky as can be sipping on some hennesy one great buzz I must admit this purple haze is the shit
My Web Sites!
Ok people you asked for it and I'm giving it to ya! The new site for Fuck Fashions has arrived! Hit it up order a shirt and wear it proudly! Ok ladies! I created a web site that is and will always remain completely free. I know it sounds hard to believe and all but it really is free. See I am really sick and tired of going to these bi sites to meet women and have a cute girl contact me and low and behold I can't email her back bacuse I need to pay 20 bucks a month. BULLSHIT! You add up all the sites you are paying a small forture to talk to maybe one girl. And even then she might be fake! If you are feeling the same way I am then come join us at Now you have to tell your friends about it and be patient with us being its so new there are only a few members! I am working on a chat program where you can web cam or chat with the ladies on the site within the site completely free! Completely safe! NO MEN ARE ALLOWED ON THIS
My Weekend
my internet is down for the long weekend so i wont be around the next few days. some of you have my cell number if you want to catch up to me. if not i`ll be bad on line next week i hope. happy holidays all ok let me start off by saying my visit was good with my kids. now it`s time for me to deal with you drama people. i`m going to be very blunt and foward. it seems that a few of you have a problem with me sticking up for canada. i would just sit back when ppl talk shit about the country i love and live in. so if you got a problem with canada plez save us both the time and remove me from your friend list.i dont talk bad to no one or talk about what country they are no i wont let you dis my country. if this blog bothers you just remove me. i am canadian i`m not going to change cause ppl dont like me or my country. mike well i`m off to bed, i get my kids tomorrow. i`ll be back on sunday. take care and show me some luv. love to hear from my friends. have a great
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U know who u r and ur such a point whore!! Kisses!! Get your own countdown at I'm sssooooo bored!! Someone talk to me!
My Wedding Vows!
I promise to love you, to be your best friend, To respect and support you, forever till the end. I promise to be you're everything and more, I just can't wait to see what fate has in store. I take your hand and promise this now, As we stand on the alter, taking our vows. I'll try my best to be an amazing husband, I will honor and respect you for the rest of my life. We entered this life as two seperate souls, We took different paths, had different goals. All of life's decisions lead to you, lead us here, Your hand placed in mine makes everything clear. So many great memories flood my racing mind, But it all points to one thing, the girl I did find. You are such a blessing, a dream come true, I no longer stand alone; I have you to see me through. I am asked the question "do I take you Kat", I am asked if I will be there forever through it all. Asked if I will love you till death do us part, Through sickness and health, when ever apart. The answer is cle
My Web Cam World
Online I act pretty crazy, pretty sleazy, a freaky fun girl who never says no. Well I am a freaky girl, I loove sex, am very bi~sexual, and love threesomes... but I say no quite often and go without sex alot because of my self image and worrying about what others think. I am now in a situation where i am not sure what to do... I am talking to a guy online who lives about 10 minutes from me, he is a complete dom (he put on a web cam show for me with his slave)..I hve always found that kinda thing quite exciting and hot, but I am very nervoous about meeting this guy, and very excited at the same time... just some thoughts... ciao omg I forgot how delicious he was... he makes my pussy get wet immediately on sight... then when he starts bossing me around and demanding that i finger fuck myself... mmmmmmm... well I have to obey my pussymaster... i havent seen him nor heard from him in almost a year and a half... but everyday I look at my yahoo to see if that fucking yellow face is lit up...
My Weightloss Journey
Ever have a moment where it was BITTERSWEET? Well I have today and it sucks its more sadness than anything at this moment.. Pair of Jeans that are a size smaller.. i should be happy right.. ya i should but I am not.. i wont get into detail but there are some issues with my mid section.. thats all i will say.. its bittersweet.. i jus sat there and cried.. and i have been bumming since.. wish there was a easier way to end the bittersweet.. Bittersweet Symphony Ringtone - The Verve Music Video CodesCatsBootyStumbleUpon Bot So after a 2 week break from the gym.. i been sick and havent been able to go as i normally.. my eating has change and i hate to see what i gained back.. i am really scared to look at the numbers.. i know numbers not that big of a deal its how i look.. most of you think i look fine but i am hurting on the inside.. i not happy with it at all.. i am a strong person and i can not let this battle take over my life.. its time to get back to my state of mind.. i am just n
My Week
Hi all I just wanted to let you all know how my week went so far. It has been pretty busy trying to finish all the rearranging and all that fun stuff. Helped a couple people download some stuff and also help with any other questions they might have had about doing something for their computer. Went over to my mom's house to download some virus and spyware protection, and ran all the scans for that. Very interesting stuff came up, she had 2 viruses and 18 trojan horses in her back up files, so not good at all. She never updated her computer in like 6 years, so had to download the automatic updater for her computer, came up with 64 updates,and most were the windows xp ~ security, kinda scary that she hadn't updated that. If for any reason u need help with something on your computer, i am here to help, and if i don't know i got some ppl that do. It looks like we have a chance for serious weather. They have already had over 70 tornadoes tonight, kinda scary. I don't mind thunderstorms and
My Website
My site is now live go to and check it out. No more online shopping mall! YAY!!! **Note** The store is not completely finished. I do not have all of my products on it and am frustrated about the main page being so.... blank (trying to figure out how to fix that and am having a hard time doing so). I plan on adding and updating everyday until I get it exactly where I want it to be but couldnt wait any longer. So keep checking back it WILL get better lol!!
My Weekend Stranded In The Snow..
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Check it out. Visit
My Website's Newest Gallery
My newest gallery titled "School Girl-Part 1" was recently added to my site. It is all about balloon fun in my new school girl outfit. Someone had requested that one of us post a gallery of pics where we are blowing up, playing with and popping ballons. It was definately a good idea and fun to do too. The first part of this gallery contains 71 pictures. My next gallery will be part two of the "School Girl" gallery. It will contain approximately 40 pictures. I will continue off where part 1 left off. I will continue to play with the balloons at first topless. Then, I start to get hot so I need to take the skirt off. Wonder what is underneath, do you? (You will have to wait to find out) Then, it continues with some more playful balloon fun where I try popping them with my heels (They were being naughty). That was fun and alittle bit tricky too! And then stay tuned for the final part....part 3. Cum and check it out! Hope you like it, Gina Marie
My Weekend
For his birthday, little Joseph asked for a 10-speed bicycle. His father said, "Son, we'd give you one, but the mortgage on this house is $280,000 & your mother just lost her job. There's no way we can afford it." The next day the father saw little Joseph heading out the front door with a suitcase. So he asked, "Son, where are you going?" Little Joseph told him; "I was walking past your room last night and heard you telling mom you were pulling out. Then I heard her tell you to wait because she was coming too. And I'll be damned if I'm staying here by myself with a $280,000 mortgage & no bike. To my darling husband, Before you return from your business trip I just want to let you know about the small accident I had with the pick up truck when I turned into the driveway. Fortunately not too bad and I really didn't get hurt, so please don't worry too much about me. I was coming home from Wal-Mart, and when I turned into the driveway I accid
My Week In Dallas
I went to Dallas last week and it was great besides two things. The first thing is that I am as red as an apple and the second thing is that I blew-out my knee wakeboarding. the last time I did it was when I was 8 years old. Who woudl have thought that 20 years later my past would catch up you me. The first two times I couldn't get back into it. By the thrid time, I had it going and was doing some kick ass killer stunts and tricks. Until I desided to pull a trick that I have never whipped out on until Sunday. At 1pm Sunday afternoon I desided to pullout a backflip into a tailgrab (which I have done 100's of time before with no problem). My hand ends up slipping and I come slamming to the water and my knee hits the rocks. I ended up moving my knee totally out of place and tare 98% of the cartledge around my knee. So anyways, I went to the ER and it took them 2 hours and 13 mins to see me. The doctor told me the news and I told him "Well no shit doc I already knew what happened and w
My Week
My Weekend
I'm just a regular joe with a regular job, Im your average suburbinite slob, I like foot ball and pornos and books about war, I've got an average house with nice hard wood floors, A moment of dennis leary, to illustrate a point I am man hear me belch. I am not the super sensitive cassanova nor am I don juan, but I think the ammount I bring to the table is adaquate. Why oh why must you rant on so do you ask... I grow weary of the constant "boys v. girls" on blogs and smug flashes of what used to be insite about 40 years ago. Damn it I wanna see tits and ass in quantities, women I dont know what they want to see but maybe they can drop a line so I know the score. Yo Soy El Hombre Con El Plan Meistro y el plan es... if you acctually are screing you dont always talk about it, or transversly complain about hearing abou it. So everyone just get some or lots in twos or threes and lets all just enjoy our Fu-ness. Thats just my opinion... I could be wrong. Chris So here I sit
My Website
My dog Buddy He woke up one day in june of 2007 and lost all mobility of his hind legs,,I did some searching for an organization that would be able to help me out with this, well I was finaly able to get a pet credit card so that I was able to pay for some of the vet bills, after running up a nice bill with the vet I was told he needed surgery or he wouldn't be able to walk again on his own, or I could have him put down to sleep, well I've done this before with another dog and because of not being able to afford the big vet bill they told me it's best to put her down so I did and still got charged big time, well thinking of all this I started to dig even deeper to find some help as the surgery for Buddy would cost anywhere from 2500.00 to 5000.00 and with the very little fixed income I have wouldn't allow me to even make the smallest payments if I was allowed to do that but they wanted 2500.00 up front and then the rest if any was to be paid when the surgery was done. I search
My Wedding..
Check it out and send me a kiss or two We are getting marrien on here to night everyone is welcome to come and join in the fun.... the lounge where it will be held is We will be getting married at 10:30 central time.
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If you want to see my revealing videos and photos, I've uploaded a ton of videos to my FREE profile. Go Here ( www.Sexxtalk.Com ) For My Nude Videos And Photos. Sign up for FREE, then look up my handle Mistress-ST. Let me know once you sign up and I will send you the password to see my nasty videos.
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i run and own a small online web hosting comp and the work it takes omg iz sucks customer support time n time bla bla im so bored just wanted 2 post my hosting site hehe hard work sucks on web sites
My Wedding Date And My Thoughts
My Web Store
Greetings friends, I have a web store up, and I have quite a few product up, that you may find nice to buy for the coming holidays. Please stop by and at least browse. If any of you would pass along the site to others whom might be looking to shop some online. I would appreciate it, greatly. Just reposting the link to my web store. Good to get some shopping done, without the hassle of the stores.
My Wedding Is Pissing Ppl Off
in my last blog i was wanting to know if i could buy the love from my fiance. well i didn't need to he loves me and i was just to blind to c it. our wedding is July 13, 2008 in vagas and i can't wait. i still can't believe he wants to marrie me and that this isn't a joke. i'm one of the luckest females alive right now. i finally get my princess fairy tale come true. would it be possable to keep the man i love from leaving if i bought his love. i mean i know i would be happy cuz he would still be with me. anybody reading this give me ur opion on this i would love to get some feed back cuz it just might save my relationship. idk y but my sister is getting married in april of 2009 and i'm getting married july 13 2008 and she is mad at me for it. now she was going to get married in june but then she moved her wedding date so now she is pissed off at me that i'm getting married b-4 her and that i wont change my wedding date. also i odn't have the tradtional white wedding dress but i'm getti
My Weekend In A Nutshell...
My Wedding
Our WeddingYou are invited toKing Riddles&Jade'sFubar WeddingFriday, the 14th of December6:60pm est@ theLionsden LoungeCeremony to be preformed by:Fubar Pastor Bubba(ceremony time may change and if so you will be notified)ღJУღ۞Kǧ W쇣B۞L ЯLღ@ fubar
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need comments on how to make site better so check it out and hit me up at
My Wedding
My Week In The Truck
Out here on the road, tryin to make a livin; haulin another load. Gettin paid nothing at all. Last time I was home, I cant seem to recall. This wheel is all Ive got to hold, feelin like Im doing time, too young to be feelin old. Feeling Im stuck in gear; I can still see home in my rear view mirror. Listening to country and rock n roll, gets me through another mile, and to the next toll. Chasing the hours one by one; mile after mile, into the late day sun. Just got another ticket, keep breakin the law, cant drive the speed limit. Is it the sun or the moon, driving into forever, just want to get there soon. Thinking of this and that, lookin for the next exit, wondering where its at. Heavy eyes I try to fight, blinded by another headlight. This tiredness I try to shake, trying not to pass out, gettin harder to stay awake. Im out here all alone. My best friend is the radio and cell phone. Sometimes I dont know; is
My Wedding 12/21
Hey everyboy.I just got married. Walking down the aisle was the most nerve wracking thing I've ever done in my life. While I walking, I kept having to remind myself to breathe. When we were saying our vows I was shaking so badly, I'm surprised the pictures aren't blurry. Above all else though, it was the happiest moment of my life this far. I still can't believe I just got married. I'm so excited and amazed. My husband is so wonderful. He once drove all the way from Longview to Texarkana just to surprise me and bring me tacos from Jack in the box because he knows I love them.
My Wedding
My Web Links 4 You
I have been selected as one of 100 finalists for the summer job of a LIFETIME with the Chevy Riders! What I have to do to prove I am the best of the best? I am asking my friends, relatives, classmates, even people you meet on the street, to text YOUR unique keyword MichaelL to the number: 28546. thats all just one text. please vote for me Voting begins on 9 AM 4/23/2008 and ends on 5 PM 4/28/2008 I dont know alot of people but this might reach a few. If I win Ill post the pictures on this site this is a web link to youtube. with safety in mind. dont ask me how i find weard links but they seem to find me.
My Webcam
Click here to get your own Microsmotion
My Weary Soul
Though I try I cannot speak For in your presence I am weak I search for words I cannot find It seems as though Ive lost my mind I feel the shame I cannot bear As I am trapped beneath your stare Your eyes see deep within my heart I feel you rip my soul apart The darkness surges through my veins As I still wear your hellish reigns You act as if Im just a toy Convincing me I must destroy My life pours out like desert sands While I am gripped inside your hands Theres nothing I can say or do Ill never get away from you Yet still I try and still I fight Ever searching for the light Id dare to say that I am blessed If I could simply find some rest
My Weekend
sometimes wish...that I would have never made an account on here...I just don't know anymore...There's been so much going on the past like 2 weeks, i'm even starting to question who my "real" friends are...I'm starting to have trust issues, even when it comes to my friends...I cried all night last night...and pretty much all morning today...and I just don't know what to do anymore...I just want to lock myself in a room and not come out... and that is all that needs to be said...becuz it's to long of a story! banning myself from fubar for awhile...those of you who really wanna get a hold of me know how to do so...otherwise try myspace...
My Webcam
VIDEO 1 Video Part 2
My Weekend
I'm sooooo sick of people and their freakin childish games on here, C'mon now people! Learn how to grow up and act your damn age seriously now! I just don't even know what to do anymore... Meh' whatever, I guess it just proves I'm more mature then they will ever be! Anywho...I'm outta here, Just had to get that out lol. Peace, Winnise♥ Well...So far, i've had a pretty good weekend. This was my long weekend. Started thursday. Thursday was an AWESOME day! Me, Charise, and Erica met up with Kristin..WOOT WOOT SNOGGETS!! haha. Anywho. We met up with our home gurl. Got bonded for life! haha. We all got the chinese symbol for Friendship on the inside of our left wrist. It's pretty freakin sweet! I got some pics posted if you wanna check them out. It was a great day. We laughed so much we were all in pain by the time we left her house...Omg it was just great! Freakin Treepin Stuck Nugget Snot Slingin Booger Poopin Lip Donger! LMAO don't ask! Anyway. We went to karaoke
My Website
come and sign up at and IM, video chat, 3d chat, games, friends invite with yahoo mail button, vote for who is hot or not, video gallery, e-mail, blogs, you can place classified ads, schedule events, add forums, send winks, send customized postcards, have your own photos gallery photo, music, you can even form groups or clubs, etc., and there is 3D city that you can walk around in and chat(IM) like you are in a real bar, when you walk up to a person you can see a bubble pop up with there picture, age, name, and where they are from. there are two bars as of right now, there will be more eventually, one is a disco bar and the other is a city bar kinda like a downtown bar very nice, both of them. it will take a few minutes to download the 3D city, but after that, it shouldn't be too bad, and if you have trouble with it, just close it out and and start over. it should work fine. Thanks so much. I know that you will love it. It is cool. Not as cool as Fubar but plea
My Wedding
My Weekend
i am in a 400k giveaway and i need all the help i can get so plz help me out i went to my first NASCAR race on june 1 2008 and i tell ya what i had a good time there it was the best thing i ever did. even if u dont like nascar go to one race and see how it is it was the best time i had
My Wedding
It won't be long before Bertil & I get married at City Hall , it will either be in July or August . This will be his first & my second . I just hope the weather will be nice .
My Weekend
we had party that made me crazy running here and there.. before even it begun i'm already drowning w/bubbly water.. i made the dinner for 15 people including 5 kids Salmon & i made it the way Timmy tips.. [so Timmy everyone luvs that thanx to ya] i made Aubergine Parmigiana a Greek salad vegetables quiche i made cheese and macaroni casserole & tofu dogs for kids while im cooking i drank lots of red & white wine as soon it started im not myself anymore hahahahaha somehow i inhibit other people body:D and i still manages to swam for half ah hour before i pass out so thats my Saturday all right.. so yesterday.. i went to church ya i know somehow i need some face to face talk to him coz somehow i have some thing to ask him.. but the minute were out everyone is so swearing so i add some swear to that too hahahahahaha i took my sister out for breakfast watch movie.. we watched MUMMY 3 nice though Rachel Weiz is no longer there.. then i went shopping coz i felt horrible ag
My Weekend Getaway...
so you want to hear about my vacation: friday night we went back and forth as to where to go, she kept saying, she trusted my judgement but I was getting annoyed by the minute. I mean think about, she's been nagging me that she wanted to get out of town , now that we were both on vacation from work...she couldnt put her finger on a specific place to go??? I mean come on! So, friday night passed and I went to sleep, saturday came and i was eager and ready to hit the road, somewhere. So, I suggested Minneapolis, then cabins in minnesota, chicago, a concert (bbd, troop, and mint condition) but there was so much i wanted to do in chicago that $$$$$ became an issue and i didnt want to drive there, just for a concern if i couldnt do several different things. I figured, the total trip would cost about 1000.00 if I decided to go do chicago and do a bunch of things to make weekend a fun getaway. So that went out the window....then... the thought of going to omaha zo
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Read my blogs on my website.
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My Wedding Poem To The Love Of My Life
With you in my heart, my life is complete; youre the air that I breathe and the food that I eat. You are my soul mate, the beat in my heart; it feels like a year each second were apart. With you in my heart Im walking on air, I can imagine your cologne and you touching my hair. Your handsome eyes, so kind so true, the loveliest sight I have ever seen. With you in my heart, I am brim full of pride, its as though I can achieve anything with you by my side. Youre my rock, youre my angel, my one true love, youre my present from heaven, my gift from above, my answered prayer. With you in my heart, I love you so much, how caring you are, my soul you do touch. You are a Handsome Prince Charming, a pleasure to know, my love for you just continues to grow. With you in my heart, Im the happiest woman on earth, I feel God planned this since the day of my birth. I could never love anyone the way I love you, I hope and I pray that you feel the same way too. With you in my
My Weekend Horoscope
Feel the Fire This Weekend Racing full speed ahead in romantic matters is a definite possibility this weekend. The Moon enters fiery, passionate and impatient Aries on Friday morning to turn up the heat through Sunday afternoon. The need for new experiences sends a strong signal to break with routine. The usual places and faces may seem boring, so avoid taking a stroll down memory lane. A tendency to leap without looking makes things exciting, which is really the point. Playing it safe is not an option. Fortunately, jovial Jupiter is in a protective relationship with the Moon on Friday night, catching us when we're about to do something foolish. The desire for adventure can shake up an existing relationship with challenges to make it new again. If you're single and looking, however, this is an excellent time to take some chances by being more direct in expressing your desires. The Aries Moon rewards actions even if they look like mistakes. Keep trying to connect since persistence pay
My Weakness
Weakness comes over me when I see the darkness in your face. I want to reach out, hold you and take away the shadows in your life. But I see her there waiting for you, closer than I , to catch you as you're falling, to be the warmth and the light when your world leaves you in the cold and dark. So I step back in my own shadows and wait now for my own glimmer of light.
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My Week As A Dj
WOW!!! What an exciting ride this has turned out to be!! Ya'll have been so great!!! I am having a blast meeting new peeps and hearing what tunes ya'll want to listen to.. I can't wait till my next week begins!! so ya'll come and join me in The Cowboys and Cowgirls from Hell lounge weds thru sat. 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm est...Or just pop on in anytime as we have the best DJs' around and we play music 24/7....Take care!! DJ Monkey!!! OMG!!! I cannot believe what a whirl wind of fun and excitement this past week has been!! I have truly enjoyed everything I have discovered about Fubar already.. The awesome peeps, The awesome lounge that I am a DJ for, the wonderful peeps that own and run the lounge..I truly feel at home and very warmly welcomed...I can't wait till I get everything explored and learned on here!! I am very much looking forward to each and everyday I get to spend on here with great new friends and family!!! I look forward to blogging to ya'll more and more!!! I hope ya'll are ha
My Website
I am working on a website. It will have things about what I believe and other stuff. Plan on doing a gothbabe of the month. Check it out and become a member. It is free to join. MY WEBSITE
My Wedding Vows To Jon
Jon~ I promise to give you the best of myself and to ask of you no more than you can give. I promise to respect you as your own person and to realize that your interests, desires and needs are no less important than my own. I promise to share with you my time and my attention and to bring joy, strength and adventure to our relationship. I promise to keep myself open to you, to let you see thru the window of my world into my innermost fears and feelings, secrets and dreams. I promise to grow along with you, to be willing to face changes in order to keep our relationship alive and exciting. I promise to love you in good times and bad, with allI have to give and all I feel inside in the only way I know how. Completely and forever. These are my vows to you Jon. I love you now and forever! Love always~ME
My Wedding Day!!
I am writing this to give you all a good laugh and to show sometimes when there are signs you should see them and run..... These are sure signs that you should not get married: 1. You buy your own rings.... 2. Your bridesmaids are both lactating 3. your corset you pre ordered months before is 3 cups sizes to bug. 4. the flowers you picked for your bouquet come and your father looks down and says those are the same flowers we throw on the coffin in Greece... 5. as soon as you walk out the house all ready a rain storm appears lasting the whole day 6. your wedding shots are outside in the said rain storm 7. you arrive at the church and your son is ill (scarlet fever) 8. you look down the isle and realize that there's no exit doors close enough to make a mad dash for it 9. Your dad says be strong as you walk down the isle 10. your dress wont hold up because you just spent the last 3 hours in the rain smiling pretty for the camera, so your aunt uses a large pin to hold it up. Peo
My Webpage
I have just completed my first website and I wanted to celebrate with you all by having a Grand "viewing" and invite you all to my page! Come check it out at PLEASE leave me a comment!
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my webpage
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u can go to thank u
My Weekends Off
so im sitting here on a friday morning with nothing to do. im somewhat new to the mid-hudson region of new york and want to go out and meet some people but the only problem is, is im not the kind of person that can just walk up to a random stranger and say "hey, wanna go hang out?" lol so ive been on fubar trying to make some local friends but theres a problem with that as well, most local ppl on here are either inactive or only come online once in a while. i wouldnt mind meeting some women from close to where i live too from fubar but when it comes to women, i get kinda shy. now dont get me wrong, im not looking for a relationship, just friends is all i need right now so if your local and wanna hang out, hit up my shoutbox. dont worry, noone ever hits it up so its kinda empty so i wont miss your shout lmao
My Website
Guys check out my new website. This is my site. Anything you buy will help me pay my bills! :) via Jump to - select $250 Ikea Gift Card American Greetings - Photo Works Atomic Blogging 3.0- New 2010 Update! Bigelow Chemists Blog Success-The $9000 A Month Blogging System Dude I Hate My Job Blogging Course Dugi's World of Warcraft Leveling/ Dungeon/ Dailies…
My Weakness
i want try to explain better my passion for women smokers.....i have this passion from age of 14 years old......the fact to see a woman in action with her cigarette...make me crazy....there are gestures i found wonderful in art of smoking......for example to see a woman while hold the cigarette dangling from mouth is a motive of great to see exhale the smoke from mouth and from the nose.....or to see like a woman drag the cig and after exhale the smoke.....wonderful is also the moment of the light up the of cigarette.....all these type of gestures make me horny and also why i band all with deeper dream is make love with a woman while she's smoking and does all these things during the hot action.....but i can be turned on also only watchin a woman smoke......without i will be happy to trade some gifts of fubar with some personal smoking pics---or clips...if you're interested contact me with a personal message........i will explain better my littll
My Website (for My Son)
My Wedding Story
I have been in many places, but I've never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can't go alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone. I've also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there. I have, however, been in Sane. They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips there, thanks to my friends, family and work. I live close so it's a short drive. I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump, and I'm not too much on physical activity anymore. I have also been in Doubt. That is a sad place to go, and I try not to visit there too often. I've been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm. Sometimes I'm in Capable, and I go there more often as I'm getting older. One of my favorite places to be is in Suspense! It really gets the adrenalin flowing and pumps up the old heart! At my age I need all the stimuli I can get! And, sometimes I think I'm in Vincible but life shows me
My Weekend Of Bondage
I received an e-mail from a couple lesbian friends of mine. Angi and Jenny asking me, if I wanted to go in with them and rent a cabin at Government Camp for the weekend. For my friends who don't know where Government Camp is located, it's a small high mountain community East of Portland, Oregon at the base of Mt. Hood. It gets lots of snow there over 6 feet during the Winter. We lucked out, it hasn't started to snow yet while we was there. Anyways, the Ladies asked me to meet them there about 5:00 pm Friday at the cabin they reserved for us. When I arrived at the cabin they was already there waiting for me with ropes in their hands. As soon as I walked in to the cabin with one of my bags, they told me to take my clothes off and put on my black nylon g-string. So, I went in the bedroom and took off my clothes and put on my g-string as told. When I came back in to the living room they immediately grabbed my arms and Angi tied my hands behind my back. Then Jenny stuffed a big 2 1/2" yell
My Weekend With Todd
My White Knight
Forrest is in a sexist mens contest by badassbitch74.......go by and rate his him some love and attention.. Sorry could not find the link, but there is a bullentin with his pic that will lead straight to the page..... Look for my or sissy's pic....Thanks all and I will return the favor, (those who know me, know I will) hehe.. love to all M."Lady Tina Please click on the link below to vote for My white knight in a contest.....Come on Girls, lets show him some love..... Thanks His M"Lady Tina You Are Diet Coke You are energy in its purest form. No need to complicate things with sweetness. And while people may hate your aftertaste, you are seen as a necessary evil. Your best soda match: 7 Up Stay away from: Coke What Kind of Soda Are You?
My Whole World
A lot of times I worry about things. Bills, my car, work, family, friends....general life concerns. And at times, I really worry about things. There is only one thing in this world that makes me calm and at ease, and that's her love. When I'm in her arms, nothing else matters. I don't worry or think about anything else but her. My baby is everything in the world to me, and I'm dying for the day to come when I can show up at her place and finally say that I'm here to stay. That will be one of the best days of my life.
My Where-abouts!
My Whores!!
If you have not already added either A Soldier's Sweetheart or Threat Level Orange, you better do it now! Friend them Fan them Rate them, just love them!
My Whirly Ball Team
tonight is the first game of my whirly ball team me and my buddies teams called the monster hunters its gonna be a freakin slaughter house tonight
My Whatever...
You have a sexual IQ of 142 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
My Whatever
Actually Mississippi my lover was from Louisiana Somebody from California apparently wrote the top part, but somebody from Louisiana came back and put them on their asses at the bottom. And whoever that was, GOD BLESS YOU! IN CALIFORNIA: I can wear sandals all year long I go to the Beach - not "down to the shore" Our chicks are WAYYYY hotter than yours. Well...Miami can hang. I say "like" and "for sure" and "right on" and "dude" and "totally" and "peace out" and "chill" and "tight" and "bro" and I say them often I know what real cheese & avocados taste like Everyone smokes weed and its no big deal We'll roll up 40 deep when something goes down. I live next door to Mexicans, but we call them American's! All the porn you watch is made here, cause we're better and thats how it is I don't get snowdays off because theres only snow in Mammoth, Tahoe, Shasta, and Big Bear I know 65 mph really means 100 When someone cuts me off, they get the horn and t
My Wheel Of Fortune
p align="center">The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
My Whole Existence ( Viata Mea Toata )
My whole existence: Leaves carried on by the wind In dawn of autumn. *** Viata mea toat: Frunze purtate de vnt n prag de toamn.
My Wha Wha List Lol
Okay so im brand new on here and dont have a gazillion fu bucks and im not godfather or a freak'en fu wizard 40th level or whatever, I still have standards lol, low as they are. Anyway Im loooking to have actual conversations on here with people so If I take the time to write you a msg or send you a gift with a msg(and I always will you just dont hand somthing to someone and not say anything) then the least I expect, yes I said expect is a bloody thank you and if not then you didnt really want me as a friend you just wanted another knotch in your fu belt and that aint me! and you will be gone. Having said this,those of you who do take the time to return the courtesy or even initate the conversation Thank you and you will always have fu friend in me. insert motivational line here. Ghostbear
My Whole World
I just re-read an old email from an ex bf. A man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. One I thought really actually loved me. I was proven wrong when he emailed me accusing me of alot of junk. Maybe he wasnt so wrong. Not totally anyways. I would never lie or use him like he thought. But, maybe he is right that I belong alone. There is a man right now thats very dear to my heart. But maybe its best for the guy if I let him go. Ill probably just mess up his life to. It seems to be what I do when I find a wonderful man. I always find some way to mess it all up and hurt the man I care the most about. So, taking the advice of a man that seems to know me better then I first thought. Maybe it is time I let go of men once and for all. Maybe I should just stay single the rest of my life. Its better then messing up another wonderful mans life. I met this amazing man and started to fall in love with him. Well once again ive been proven im unloveable. It looks like im losing h
My Whiskey Lullaby
I am tired everyday of seeing my children torn apartwhen I drop my daughter off at daycare my youngest is begging me to take him away,I am tired everyday to see all of my children begging to stay with me,but they must go with their motherI am tired everyday of losing more and more of what I am,and becoming more and more of what I left behind so many years ago.I am tired of losing everything, my family, my life, my belongings, my self.I am tired of waking up every day knowing what the day brings, shame, sorrow, and pain - for things I have lost, the things I have done, and the things I should have done.The whiskey barely works anymore, so I drink more and more.The more I drink, the better it gets, and the less I remember.Every night, the whiskey gets lighter, so I drink more and more, waiting for the day that never comes, the eternal slumber, the final drink.This is my Whiskey Lullaby...goodnight.
My Wierd Life
I hope to have a website up and running really soon it will be Called Cooper's Treasure House and it will be a site for purchasing collectibles, Home Decor and Electronics. If any is interested in the web address once I get it up and running let me know.
My Wish For You =)
May you find serenity and tranquility in a world you may not always understand. May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with courage and optimism. Always know that there are those whose love and understanding will always be there, even when you feel most alone. May you discover enough goodness in others to believe in a world of peace. May a kind word, a reassuring touch, and a warm smile be yours every day of your life, and may you give these gifts as well as receive them. Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending. Unknown
My Wish
I hope that days come easy and moments pass slow, And each road leads you where you want to go, And if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose, I hope you choose the one that means the most to you. And if one door opens to another door closed, I hope you keep on walkin' till you find the window, If it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile, More then anything, more then anything, My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it, To your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small, You never need to carry more then you can hold, And while you're out there getting where you're getting to, I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too, Yeah, this, is my wish. I hope you never look back, but ya never forget, All the ones who love you, in the place you left, I hope you always forgive, and you never regret, And you help somebody every chance you get, Oh, you find God's grace, in every mistake, And you alw
My Wish To You
I wish everyone a great year an pray what ever higher power you believe in watches over you and yours. I wish for all heath and happiness, love and laughter.. and as the words to Rascal Flatts I hope that the days come easy and the moments pass slow, And each road leads you where you want to go, And if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose, I hope you choose the one that means the most to you. And if one door opens to another door closed, I hope you keep on walkin' till you find the window, If it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile, But more than anything, more than anything, My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to, Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small, You never need to carry more than you can hold, And while you're out there getting where you're getting to, I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too, Yeah, this, is my wish. I hope you never look back, but ya nev
My Wife And I Please Read
My Wife & I Have Had Alot Of Ppl We Had Visited, Rated, Added & Fanned, To Show Some Of Our CT Love & To Meet Some Cool New Friends. What Did We Get In Return Some ppl Came Over Did A Visit Then Left, Some Stopped By To Rate Just Our Profiles, Some Also Rated Some Pics, Or Stash, Some Added Us As A Friend And A Few Added Us As A Fan. If You Want To Be A Point Whore Then Just Say So, We Waste Alot Of Our Time On Some ppl That Don't Even Plan On Doing Anything On Our Site Yet If We Don't Come Over & Rate You, You Want To Jump Up, Change Our Rating To A 1 Then Block Us, That Shit Is Lame, Immature, & Very F@CKIN' Stupid, So Why Don't You Grow The Fuck Up & Return The Favor We Helped You Out, Now Do Us A Favor & Return The Love We Shared, Or Just Remove Us From Your List Please, We Have Not Any Intent To Do Any Bad, Other Then Just Have More Time To Help Out Our Friends That Return The Favors & Love. We Have Started To Remove Some Of Them Asses That Have Not Done Anything But Wasted Our Ti
My Wiccan Flipbook
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My Wild Side
hi everyone how do you all like my cats... are they too much? any suggestions?
My Wildest Dreams
I told him I loved him, Now he's got me no matter what, anything I do But I couldn't have found a better guy, he'll love me till the day i die, never makes me cry Things went wrong, and you know what they say about bad habbits dying hard Tried to do right, all my life, tried not to lie But I guess love isn't always enough I either fell too hard, for a man who doesn't feel for me, please don't let that be Baby, if you only knew, just how much i miss you, how much I wish I was with you, I wish we had it to do again, to start over and take away the pain In my wildest dreams, you come back home, don't know what you got till it's gone, what I did was wrong, Please now just come back home Please be okay I'm just wasting away I need you to know I care and I MISS YOU I've been with my boyfriend on and off for 6 years. We've gone through some of the worst times in my life. However, every best time in my life has been with him. A few days ago I found out I am pregnant and we wi
My Wildest Dreams
I told him I loved him, never should have cause it was a lie Now he's got me no matter what, anything I do Doesn't make a difference cause it's a lie Hope and pray that your love is returned, or that he won't hurt you this time cause i lied Never coulda found a better guy, i thought that was true but i lied Went back to the usual drugs, and you know what they say about bad habbits dying hard Tried to do right, all my life, tried not to lie Still can't find just the right guy cause all i do is lie You either fall too hard, for a man who's not a man cause you lie and decieve him Or you don't fall hard enough and still end up hurting, missing him cause you lied and he believed it Baby, if you only knew, just how much i miss you, how much I wish I was with you, ha ha i'm lying again I wish we had it to do again, to start over and take away the pain and now i'm lying again In my wildest dreams, you come back home, don't know what you got till it's gone, what
My Wicked Random Thoughts
check out the blog that I use on a regular basis
My Who Enter
My Wife
My Wifey
this is for my wifey Morgan....thanks so much for makin me smile today even though im as sick as i am you bring so much sunshine in my life...thanks for being my ya babes show her some love.......
My Wife
My Wish
Thanks so much to all of my friends who helped me become a Cherry Rock star a week early! You all are awesome thank you
My Wireless Connection Sux
My Wiccan Life
Well I have a job interview tomorrow at K-Mart. I pray I get this job. Man, today sucks.I am heartbroken cause I couldn't go be with my wonderful man. I love him. He's my life, my heart and my soul. I will do anything for him. He's my knight in shining armor. Babe, if you're reading this. I love you and miss you terribly. I've never missed someone like this in my life.
My Wish
My Wish
Current mood:sad I dont understand how God works! But i know that he works for the best and whats best for me! And all i know is that the California girl i have found is the best thing that has ever happend to me! Oh sure,we havent been dating long, but there is something inside me telling me that going to Cali, away from her as hard as it may be, will make us grow closer. i trust God and i know that this was all a part of his wonderful plan, and i thank him everday for bringing her into my life!!! i know that the next 5 months are going to be a stuggle, but we will draw closer together and our relationship will grow stronger! God doesnt let us off easy, He puts us through trials so that we relay on Him to get us through and therefore making our relationship with him stronger! The same goes for my relationship... the more i trust her and the more itrust in God to help methrough the hard times while i am away,my relationship will grow stronger!! All i need no
My Wife
baby (DJ PINK FROST) i want to world to know this bout so i wrote u something My heart is urs for taking I cant give it back U stole it the day i met (jan 05) I never looked back Thought i was tripping When i felt these strong emotions For that first yr was hard to open em Now its like Walmart open 24/7 365 days a yr It scares me at times To know that u have the key to my heart and soul Being with u makes me feel completely whole I love u more than u will ever know And i want the whole world see and show That i have a rare woman that walks this earth That i would die for without a hesitation I love her like i love jesus himself I put her before me and no one else She is my queen and everything To lose her is like losing a child at birth She change my way of thinking and my life Because of that im in debt for life She is my first love i have experienced She is my first,only, & last i promise that I wanna grow old with her to my dying breath And have 2 m
My Wife
mrsstrick@ fubar
My Wife
Seriously I want to know what it takes to get people to talk to you on here. I've said it time and time again that my wife is NOT jealous and doesnt mind people talking to me, or commenting on my stuff. She actually prefers it because she likes to know that other people like me. Any ways people don't be afraid to comment me or rate me. My wife entered a contest here on fubar its to see who gets the most votes and comments and yes comment bombing is allowed so please go vote on her I dont get it why does no one vote / comment / rate married men ? To clarify this , my wife is not the jealous type. She created this account for me, and added many of you for me when I didnt know what to do. So dont be afraid to talk to me or add me or rate me. She would probably thank you for it .lol. She is also on my page add her if you want she loves fans and friends. So drop me a line or two people. By the way to proove she i
My Wifes Story
My Wish For You
Where there is pain....I wish you peace & mercy Where there is self doubting, I wish you a renewed confidence in your ability to work through it. Where there is tiredness or exhaustion, I wish you understanding, patience and renewed strength. Where there is fear, I wish you love & courage.
My Wish
i loved you from afar with all my heart and soul wishing i could be with you as once long ago i was there i long to be sitting next to you as i know thats where i belong by your side and in your heart is where i wish to be forever time i long to hold you through out the night as silently i hear your sad and lonely cries wishing that i could kiss away your tears and hold you close to my heart for all time i wish to feel your soft lips touching mine as we would kiss like never before as our skin finally touches one anothers and i fall into a heavenly place within your arms held tightly within your warm arms my hands will go roaming along your feather soft skin as i know this is where i want to be where i know i belong and am loved i wish i could give you the stars in my soft butterfly kisses as my lips caress your silken skin through out the darkened night if mere words could explain to you the depth of my feelings for you id sing from the mountain t
My Wife
This is m wife and she is the greatest I just wanted everyone to check her out so I can help her get her points up ..she is always helping me... lilmamma1@ fubar
My Wife
please help comment bomb my wife if u have time. thanks a bunch!!!!
My Wife...
My Wish
My Wish
My Wish
the only wish i have is to be a good father to all of my girls now it used to be a good husband and father i know that isn't possible so a good father and dad i only want to be in all my children's life i want to be there and hold them all "Here Without You" A hundred days have made me older Since the last time that I saw your pretty face A thousand lies have made me colder And I don't think I can look at this the same But all the miles that separate Disappear now when I'm dreaming of your face I'm here without you baby But you're still on my lonely mind I think about you baby And I dream about you all the time I'm here without you baby But you're still with me in my dreams And tonight it's only you and me The miles just keep rollin' As the people leave their way to say hello I've heard this life is overrated But I hope that it gets better as we go I'm here without you baby But you're still on my lonely mind I think about you baby And I dream about you
My Wish For You
I wish you happiness in all you do. Where ever life takes you whatever you do. Keep the smile on your face shining bright and true. And know in your heart I'm smiling too. There will be ups there will be downs. Just so you know I will always be around. To love , support and pick you up if you fall down. Our friendship is real, honest and true. It will last FOREVER don't you know.
My Wife
It's been alil over 1 week and I think that we will make it to the death.. I love jamie so much and I will kill you if you try to take her from me again(you all know who you are) so dont even think of trying!! We are so close its unreal..... I mean I thought we were close the last time but it's alot different this time around we actually agree on shit and not argue... We have only sorta argued ounce and it feels kinda good knowing that we aren't afraid to express our feelings with out anger!!! well My name is Matt and I want all the males to know that Jamie Marie Hoffman is MINE so back the fuck off or I will find you and then....... well you get it dont you??? Jamie Marie Osborne is my other half and I Love it. She always makes me laugh and smile everytime I look at her. Ever since we got back together the first time I must admit I wasnt the man I knew I could be to her and It killed us both. We argued and fighted constantly and it was pushing us apart!! Eventually it got to much fo
My Wife
I Love my wife forever and always anyone that tries to get in the way of that is FUCKED!!!!!!!!!
My Wiccan/pagan Things
This spell uses the element of fire to protect you and create a visual image which you carry with you throughout your daily life. It requires a clear space outside of about 20 feet in diameter initially and you must be careful not to set any vegetation alight through the heat of your fires. You can also perform this spell on a beach. YOU WILL NEED: Enough fallen wood to feed your fires Dry brushwood or paper to start the fires Matches Water to douse the fire. METHOD: *You should make sure that you only gather fallen or driftwood. *Make sure you have enough to keep each of the fires burning for about half an hour. *Taking up one of the sticks of wood, draw a rough circle about eleven feet in diameter. *Determine the four directions North, East, South and West (use a compass, the sun, moon or stars.) *Lay a small pile at each point just inside the circle but do not light them. *Reverse and spare wood safetly beside each pile to keep the fires burning for at least half an
My Wife My Hero Part 2
My Wifey Nic
My Wife
xxbear@ fubar
My Wife
My Wishlist
I so need al of this stuff. feel free to check it out. And if you want feel free to show some love.
My Wife
My Wish- A Poem I Wrote For The Man Who Owns My Heart
My Wife Is A Bitch
My Wish
I was walking in the woods behind my house this morning and came upon an elderly lady who looked lost. I stopped and asked her if she needed help. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said that her grand daughter had run off and was lost. I told her I would help her look for the child. After looking for about three hours we found the little girl playing at the edge of the woods. The elderly woman thanked me and asked if she owed me anything for helping her. I told her no, and walked her and her grand daughter out of the woods. As I turned to go my own way, a blinding light appeared before me. In that light was two Angels. One of a Woman and one of a child. The older Angel spoke in a voice so pure it broke my heart. She said, "Because of your kindness in helping me find a child that was lost and now is found I shall grant you four wishes." I thought about it for a few minutes and asked. For my first wish, let it be Kindness, the kind
My Wish For You
"My Wish" I hope that the days come easy and the moments pass slow, And each road leads you where you want to go, And if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose, I hope you choose the one that means the most to you. And if one door opens to another door closed, I hope you keep on walkin' till you find the window, If it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile, But more than anything, more than anything, My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to, Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small, You never need to carry more than you can hold, And while you're out there getting where you're getting to, I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too, Yeah, this, is my wish. I hope you never look back, but ya never forget, All the ones who love you, in the place you left, I hope you always forgive, and you never regret, And you help somebody every
My Wife Has Auto 11 Plz Help Her Level
Sara has auto 11 on the ZODIAKS are asking all family & friends to go show her lots of love,You know she is always hittin up people,Now we can return the favour ♥~R~ ♥ *$$'$ W -N- Princess*~♥ ~Zodiak Levelers~@ fubar ~please repost bulletin often~ ~this bulletin proudly bought to you by~ ~ZODIAK LEVELERS~@ fubar
My Wish
My Winter Get Away
As a few of you know..I am in Florida on vacation until the middle of march. Unfortunately the pc connection in campgrounds is awful (for real) I bought an air card hoping it would be the better way to go but never buying one before or doing any research on them proved fatal. If you do not see me on much this is the reason why. took me only 3 days reach the 5gb limit (and $200) So if I am not on thats the reason. I will make up the love when I get home. Italian Princess sister needs help in contest If you`ve read this then you know how much she means to me...please help her thank you when I can much love, Debbie
My Wife Is Having Surgery Today Plz Show Her Luv
come and check out this sexy and beautiful woman to own!!oawwowco come by and show me some luv and bid on a sweetie pie to own for a month. click on the pic below to bid luvs (repost of original by '~Sinfully DelicIous~Blondie~Dangerous Curves ♥IC♥DSC♥RR♥' on '2009-04-02 21:31:48')(repost of original by '~~$Badassbiatch$~1~DSC~dangerous curves' on '2009-04-03 00:41:21') ***Your Prayers Are Truly Needed*** This is my Friend Deb! She is one of the most Amazing, Caring,Loving , Woman i know on Fubar! I am Honored to have been able to meet her on here! She has a heart of gold and is always looking out for me and helping me and many others out in many ways! & This woman NEVER ask for anything in return! Deb has gone through so Much In Life! And has been through many of lifes hardships and has pulled through them amazingly! She is a very Strong Woman!At the young age of 32 She was
My Wife
I am writing this to anyone that reads this,tifanie my wife is an amazing woman she is not only beautiful but if ya take the time to get to know her you will notice that shes a funny,outgoing and a sweetheart.she has a great sense of humor a woman who is just a down to earth and is an amazing wife that through all our hard times has stayed by my side she truly is the breath i take and the beat that keeps my heart going,she has shown true love that if you can have that in ur life hold on to it dont let it go cause these days its rare and tifanie has given me that and much more, so this is just a lil somthing to tell just a tiny part of an extrardinary woman and wife i love you tif and all i want for you is good things and i hope you know just how much i love you sweetheart like i always have said you are my 365days of beautiful we have a love that you see or read about but this is tifanie everyone a real person so go say hi see what shes about she is my #1 on my friends:)
My Witty!
It was a dark and stormy night.......... I was sad and depressed, I got on fubar and i stumbled across the most gorgues woman I have ever met.... I kept seeing her sneak into my bogs all the time I knew she was the one for me......I bought her.... then Mr A thoguth it was funny the fing bastard to make me have a biding war... It was on the bastard would never take my Witty away.. The other night I received a phone call from Mop... he said hold on and clicked the other line.... I heard this girl voice and I realized it was my beloved Witty... the first time i ever heard her voice, I knew we had a connection..... We GIRL SCREAMED...... mop cried... I love my Witty she makes me laugh and smile.. I hate it when she goes to look for jobs cause i cant love her all day... shes my one my only WITTY......I LOVE YOU Wicked
My Wicked Intentions
just wanna give a big whoop whoop u know,i just can't stand people who try 2 judge other people b-4 they get 2 know's a waste of their own time and energy and they don't even realize it!!!(dumbasses) For a VIPfor 1 month I will; GIVE 300 11'S A WEEK WILL MONITER YOUR DRINKS & KEEP YOU SHITFACED WILL POST SOMETHING EACH DAY IN MY STATUS MESSAGE ABOUT YOU THESE TERMS CAN BE NEGOTIATED... MESSAGE ME!!!!!
My Wish
NOT CRAZY ABOUT THE NEW FUBAR HOMEPAGE LOOK!!THE OLD ONE WAS SO MUCH BETTER, WE GOT TO SEE PICS OF OTHER SINGLES, RATE THEIR PAGES EASIER, AND CHAT MORE BETTER.IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE NEW LOOK PLEASE LET FUBAR KNOW AND HOPEFULLY OR MAYBE THEY WILL CHANGE BACK SO THAT WE CAN SEE MORE BEAUTIFUL SINGLES THAT WE CAN GET TO KNOW OR ADD AS FRIENDS BETTER....THE OLD HOME PAGES ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE CURRANT CHANGES...WE LOVE YOU FUBAR ~ BUT PLEASE CHANGE BACK TO YOUR OLD WAYS SO THAT WE COULDSEE MORE PICS, AND MORE SINGLES... my wish is to meet someone, who would like to be with me and surprise me or spoil me just because he wants torather than because he feels that he has to. And make me fall in love with him, and him fall in love with me. Make love to me because he wants to and be slow and passionate, treat me like I was a princess in his world and love me for who I am. Someone who surprises me with flowers at work, or just because, has a nice house. And is spontaneous,
My Wish...
I sit here quietly and watch the sun setThinking of someone that I've never metI wonder does he think of me tooNeedless to say I am thinking of you Wanting to hold you, to see your faceTo take you away to a better placeYou feel so right, too good to be trueI just can't stop thinking of you My friends say that I might regretLosing my heart to a guy I've not metI say there is nothing I can doI cannot help thinking of you I believe you were made special for meBut wonder if that could possibly beI'm tired of being so alone and blueBut I always smile when thinking of you
My Wishes
lots of blingscherry bombsblastsfriendsratesvip statusand a really kind owner.
My Wife
Well we have been through it all chemo bloodclots intense pain and many hospitals but she is back in now with yet another bloodclot in her legs starts again.
My Wishes...
I was walking in the woods behind my house this morning and came upon an elderly lady who looked lost. I stopped and asked her if she needed help. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said that her grand daughter had run off and was lost. I told her I would help her look for the child. After looking for about three hours we found the little girl playing at the edge of the woods. The elderly woman thanked me and asked if she owed me anything for helping her. I told her no, and walked her and her grand daughter out of the woods . As I turned to go my own way, a blinding light appeared before me. In that light was two Angels. One of a Woman and one of a child. The older Angel spoke in a voice so pure it broke my heart. She said, "Because of your kindness in helping me find a child that was lost and now is found I shall grant you four wishes." I thought about it for a few minutes and asked. For my first wish, let it be Kindness, the kind that only one of pure
My Wishes
I want a life that is carefree. To go and be where i choose to be. To love and play with any and all, who care to come, who care to call. To float along on waves of blue, for it to just to be me and you. With out the screams of others and mine. With out the tears of untold time. To feel the pain that is no more, to let it go and drain and roar, into someone else, who deserves it all, into a one, who inflictls the gore. You awful scum who kill my soul, who kill the others, who make them fall. The ones who suffer at your grimey hands, I pray one day, they see my lands. The one of beauty, the one of peace,I want to see them run free with ease. No scars will mar them, no broken bones. No torn flesh, no pain in their soul. We will all be together, in a world with no pain. We will run wild, we will see that day. It will come, where all suffering is gone, where all fear is lost, there will be no harm. I swear to you, we will all be free. I promise you, from my heart to thee. ~Nicki~
My Wish For You...
My wish for you: Comfort on difficult days Smiles when sadness intrudes Rainbows to follow the clouds Sunsets to warm your heart Laughter to kiss your lips Friendship to brighten you being Beauty for your eyes to see Faith so that you can believe Confidence for when you doubt Patience to accept the truth Courage to know yourself Love to complete your lifee
My Wish
I wonder at times if you dont see me standing in the shadows awaiting you to finally turn see me there You seem so blinded to that fact ive been here all this time in my quiet corner At times I see you slightly turn only to watch you pause my silent pleas fill the room but you yet again deny i exist with a turn of shoulder im gone again awaiting again for you to make that move find me there you tell the world you want a special love a woman to love ive been here all along im lost to you it seems
My Wife Monica
Do you ever feel like half a person when you are Away from the one that makes you whole? Even if it is for eight hours a day, you still find yourself constantly thinking about your better half. This person exists in my life and I don't know what I would do without her! I wrote thisway back in 2006 during my deployment to Iraq. Shortly after I recieved the wonderful news that we were going to have a child together! "I Love Monica,I love being with her, I love that we will get to share the responsabilities of a child together. She is my best friend and she holds my heart. I love her more than I knew I ever could love someone. When I come home to her, I will hold her twice over than I ever have before. i miss her so."
My Wish
My Wish
My Wisdom
A little bird flew very far to a very distant land. When it got there it found it was a cold, freezing land and the bird froze to death. A cow passed by and took a dump right on top of him. The warm shit that fell on him melted the ice, and he was resurrected. Alive again, but still buried, he started chirping. A cat passed by and heard his cries, and dug him out of the shit. And then the cat ate the bird. Moral of the story: The person who takes a dump on you isn't always your enemy, and the person who takes you out of the shit isn't always your friend. \,,/ Moderation is the mantra of a man that wants to live forever. Sometimes to do it right you have to go hard..If you don't go hard you will reach a point where you look back on your life with regret! Life is a big whore so fuck it. Don't be its friend, don't think its fair, don't believe in the fairytales the movies tell you. Life is harsh, cruel, and unfair. All we have is the will to strive and move forward, adversi
My Wmr Schedule And Events
My Work Is Getting In The Way...
All right I think I may need professional help... (Don't say a word DDD!!!!) I am starting to grow so addicted to talking to people on LC throughout the day that I am actually getting pissed when clients interrupt my online fun... Sick and sad truth. But I will say this it has helped my multitasking skills... I can successfully shout at multiple people, read a message and leave comments all at one :) I need to figure out a way to add my work into my play... any ideas anyone
My Words
Lonely, No connection, Shattered soul, Hopeless No one will ever know or Feel the unending pain tormenting me No one will ever understand me. I live in wretched darkness The days get darker The hours grow longer I believe it is time to accept my fate And learn how to live In the darkness forever.
My Words, My Life
The yawning chasm Of my bleeding heart Is filled with a flood of raging emotion The pain vanishes in that flood And I breathe a sigh of relief I experience sweet release As I fall into the abyss I lose myself in that depthless void And I let the tidal wave of sensation Wash over me As I drift along I let go of the pain and anger I draw peace and joy into myself And I feel them deep in my core As I emerge from the trackless depths I feel my heart begin to heal And I leave the pain and anger behind ~Phoenixx (written Jan.21, 2007) Cold I feel trapped I've put my dreams on hold The fire is gone My world grows cold I think of you, My fantasies take wing But still, Reality takes hold And I stay firmly planted on this earth No escape No reprieve This same cold existance Greets me when I rise Dreams of immortal life Haunt my mind each night Dreams of warmth and passion Dreams of you Dreams that will never be Dreams gone cold This song is silenced No
My World
well lets just start with this i have a whole alot of poeple living with mw at this time. and it gets kinda of noisy but i try to find peaceful places to go to and spend some quiet time with my sweetheart.I have been seperated from my husband for at least six months and i am know with a wonderful man that i love very much. well i guess that is all i have to say know will say more later.
My World
or a cherry blast for worth it hey guys i have a new profile please add fan and rate me i love you guys to death love cassie and heres my new profile ♥Dj♥Cassie♥DSC♥Club♥Inferno♥RATE♥FAN♥ADD♥ME GOOD BYE CT IT WAS FUN I LOVE YA GUYS AND WILL MISS YA LOVE CASSIE
~my World And My Life~
this is just something light hearted and fun. be respectful and keep it clean LOL Put "yes" "maybe" "no" or ur own answer and answer me back Kiss me: Hug me: Date me: Get tipsy with me: Kill me Love me: Hate me: Hold me: Lie to me: Hurt me: Sing with me Dance with me: Grind with me: Let me touch you: Touch me: Stare at me: Cuddle with me: Let me make a move on you: Let me make you scream: Have sex with me: Make a move on me: Play with me: Watch a movie with me: Get me a B-day gift?: Let me borrow your car: Let me see you naked: Wanna see me naked: Do you think im hot: Could i turn you on: Could i make you scream: Would you be there for me: Buy me a drink: Take a shower with me: Bring me around your friends: Give me a massage: Take me to the club: Ask me out: like me: Drink kool-aid with me: Take advantage of me: Let me take advantage of u: Hangout with me: Take care of me if I wasn't feeling good:
My World
epiphany-epiphany1. a Christian festival, observed on January 6, commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles in the persons of the Magi; 2. a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience....3. A swift sudden kick in the psychological daddy-bags... Its come to my attention that there are those in my life that are less than trustworthy. The who, how, when, what are simply details. Important ones, but details nonetheless. It brings up an interesting topic, the concept of trust. When you don’t know who to trust you’re left with merely two options at the core of the argument, trust everyone, or trust no one. In the grand scheme of things we are always betrayed by those we least expect it from and often those who are closest to us as a matter of course. The difficulty comes in when does faith supplant common sense, those of
My Words
My World!
Well Christmas is almost here. I can't believe how fast this year has gone. It's almost over! Christmas is less than a week away. My kids are ready but I'm not. LOL! They are ready to open the gifts. Speaking of, Bucky's last present came in the mail today. I didn't think it was going to come. The place said that I needed to pay first, but I guess they changed their minds. Good for me though. I was really upset that I couldn't get him what I wanted to. Now it's over! I got it! Under the tree and he has NO IDEA that it's there. :D He thinks that I just got my brother something else. Which I did, but he doesn't know that he got something too! I can't wait until everyone opens their gifts Monday morning. I think that everyone will be very happy with what they have. Well, I'm outta here. Time to go and play with the kiddos. Have a great day to you all. Lots of love and peace. Merry Christmas from Ria!!! See what happens when you leave somewhere for a while? Things
My World Is Spinning Out Of Control
Anytime you send me one, I will respond with this: I hate these voting messages. If you have to beg for a vote, chances are you don't qualify. Think I'm a bitch? Great, I'll shed a tear for you. lol (this isn't to anyone in general, just all the people that have sent me one, because it's fucking annoying) I mean, I have a job, but it isn't great. I really like being a server. It's relatively easy, and it's good money most nights. A bad night, I make an average of $10/hr. But, I know if I worked at a better restaurant, I could have the potential to make so much more. I applied to donate my eggs. Depending on how attractive I am, and how healthy I am physically and mentally, I could make a lot of money. My mom said "you can't sell my grandbabies!". Okay, I'm 22yo, with two kids. I don't plan on having anymore. Maybe 15 years from now when I've accomplished something with my life, and am in the position to have more children, it will be appropriate. But as of now,
My World As I Know It
"One day at a time--this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering." Anonymous
My Work
It is time to move on As I have a life ahead of me I don't love you anymore I am glad the heart can see I am sorry for I told you You are the person I adore, I love you forever but you couldn't read my heart in five years I don't think you will ever I never lied as I still love you But now our paths are separate. I loved you every second of my life, Yet in your heart there was just hate. I can not find a day, In which you were nice to me. My every heart beat was in your name, Yet you would say "there is no we" Painful, but I let you go Washing my heart by the tears I will break the chain of your love And flyaway after five years Goodbye again and again, Yet I pray for your happiness. You can just ignore me like you did, since I don't need your kindness.
My World
My Words Written
The young man was at the end of his rope. Seeing no way out, he dropped to his knees in prayer. "Lord, I can't go on," he said. "I have too heavy a cross to bear." The Lord replied, "My son, if you can't bear its weight, just place your cross inside this room. Then, open that other door and pick out any cross you wish. The man was filled with relief. "Thank you Lord," he sighed, and he did as he was told. Upon entering the other door, he saw many crosses, some so large the tops were not visible. Then he spotted a tiny cross leaning against a far wall. "I'd like that one, Lord." he whispered. And the Lord replied, "My son, that is the cross you just brought in." When life's problems seem overwhelming, it helps to look around and see what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself far more fortunate than you imagined. Whatever your cross, whatever your pain, there will always be sunshine after the rain. Perhaps you may stumble, perhaps even fall, but
My World
(A tiskit a taskit The scarecrows out his casket Turn out the lites and lock the doors Prayin that he passes) A vision of the dead and the inbread of the backwoods Muthafucka born inside a tool shed Momma never loved me never paid me no attention Daddy was a rapist 30 years upstate in Fulton County Prison And I was raised by my own will Survivin offa scraps and bones Bear traps and road kill Spendin my days and my nites all alone N my mind is gone there sumthin wrong wit my dome They shoulda put me in that tomb I didnt ask for this life When they cut me out the womb with a dull pocket knife Now i walk with a scythe And a murderous ability A corn-fed muthafucka filled with hostility Cracked out and im gone off the moonshine A hundred eighty proof wine made from that muska dyin Out in these corn fields learnin all these wicked skills Swingin slicin choppin dicin Country boy born to kill (Chorus x2) A demon spawn child of a bastard son seven born at seven and
My Words
A falling star on a lonely nights dream Fell from heaven and whispered your name It happened during a conversation with an angel And if the angel could touch me I know I'd never be the same. A wish was made on the star that fell The wish caught me whispering your name Heaven's angel eyes captured my soul and stole my heart And if the angel could touch me I know I'd never be the same. Copyright 2006 There will never be another yesterday What will we make of tomorrow? Happiness seems to be only an angels dream Reality is bathed in humanities sorrows. Love was a book written long ago Sitting on a shelf collecting dust Rage is the destination of a child's hopes Dreams buried in a river turning to rust. Copyright 2006 Faded Blue The rain fell yesterday And it was a faded blue No rainbow came out To play with the sunbeams The trees stood in sorrows anguish The sky lost it's color And nothing was as it seemed Then the precious love blossomed and b
My Woman
My World
My World Is Crashing Down
Well it finally happened after weeks of sitting around waiting and expecting world came crashing down around me. The man I love is back with his love....I knew sooner or later it was going to happen, but yet you can never be ready for it no matter how much you prepare yourself. Im down and out REALLY bad, so if I seem distant from my friends Im sorry. This has hit me really hard and I feel like Im spiraling out of control. Just wondering how do I stop this from going too far and losing myself forever?
My World
ءѹѹժԵ;觹͵ЩѹժԵԴִѺҹԵ繢ͧѨغѹѹ ͵ǩѹͧ today, I don't live for the sake of tomorrow, I don't live for the sorrow of yesterday anymore. .Today, L live my life as it should be living for today. I live today for myself. ͹ѺѺ ҵҧѹѹ㴡ѹ˹ ͧ͹ آѹ˹ ءͧþԧҧѡҪԵҫ觤纻ǴǴ йѹҵͧ͹ѺѺҨеͧԴ͡ҨѺͧҢͧԵҨͧ纻ǴѡسҢͧҧԧ ҷä˹Թҧ仡ѺҨ㨢ͧѹСѹǺŻҹ. Welcome... We know one day that we will get sickand old. The sorrow of maintaining a life is hurtful. When we face death we have to be ready in order not to get hurt and in order t
My World --- Enter In
For lack of something better to do, here are all the words I can make using the letters in the phrase "interracial dating game".Yes, I am that bored on a Sunday evening.Interracial Dating GameIn, it, at, gin, ledge, ram, car, tar, tad, rat, tin, ten, mad, made,dig, drag,lag, liar, retire, meat, team, tag, lag, aid, aide, great,net, nit, mar, gal, mace, race, real, reel, deal, date, dating, interracial, game, lace, ace, ate, eat, tea,lead, leer, teal, eel, meal,lame, tame, dame, let, lad, late, mate, interim, inter, retain, train, tear, rear, cried, tried, trial, trail, tread, tad, attain, meeting,rating, mating, trim, girl, arid, drain, grid, grain, rain, air, dial, redial, cat, retire, intern, tire, mire, edge, gate, rate, rite, mite,read, red, reed, greed, ice, iced, dice, rice, mice, mint, tint, glint, relent, tent, dent, dine, mine, tine, clad, glad, din, digit, racial,trace, dirt, rail, amid, lice, grace, art, dart, cling, ring, grim, lair, later, greater, retina, attend, meander,
My World!
I met this guy a while back and thought he was SO cute. I never thought much of him, because he didn't "look" like my type...but there was something about him. I couldn't bring myself to go talk to him. He is really good friends with one of my best friends. I just spent the better part of a week hanging out with the guy. He is awesome! Sweet,funny, cute, and we have a lot of similar interests. He is VERY interesting. Very different from most of the guys I know. He isn't ashamed of who he is. Lots of fun. At first, I wanted to get in his pants...LOL! But the more I talked to him, the more I actually liked him. I love talking to him. But there is a catch...I recently met a few more of their friends, one of which is infatuated with him. She is an awesome person, but he and I talked about her and he doesn't like her in that way. He only wants to be her friend. She and I became pretty good friends, but I think it may be due to the fact that she didn't like how much he and I talked and s
My Wonderful Friends
hello cherries. i just want 2 say my dear friend is thinking about leaving Cherry Tap becaue of the haters and i dont want her 2 leave and neither any of her other friends so if all r friends of mine please go by and show her some love. i will be so grateful. let her know that we dont want her 2 go. i will return the favor and i know she will. thanks a bunch. and please repost. boobookitty07 ****{Angel Family}****Stop By and Sign My Guestbooks TY@ CherryTAP so everyone knows me as blue eyed country girl but i was thinking about shortening my name but i dont know what to. so i was wanting feedback on if i should and if i did what would b some ideas. please comment on this. i will appreciate it. JUST WANTED 2 SAY GOOD EVENING EVERYONE. I ENJOYED MY DAY ON HERE BUT I GOTTA GO. BUT I WILL B BACK 2MORROW. GOOD AND READY. SO I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GOOD NIGHT. AND I WANT 2 SAY A SPECIAL GOOD NIGHT TO ALL MY L.R.L.FAMILY ALSO. I HOPE 2 TALK 2 YALL 2MORROW.
My Worst Nightmare
I cant close my eyes I cant think straight I cant eat I cant breath right Because of My worst nightmare I tremble when I see you I sweat when I hear your voice I bit my lips so I cant scream I cry when you turn to look at me You are my worst nightmare My heart beats fast when you smile at me I hold my air when you slowly walk my way I try to run, but you are faster I try to fight you, but you are stronger Then I wake up to find my pillows across the room And my sheets wrap around my legs As sweats pours down my face, mix with my tears too Then I realize that it was all a bad nightmare, Or was it You my worst nightmare You once was mine angel, but now you are my worst nightmare Your beautiful face will haunt me the rest of my life Your voice will rip my heart out Your eyes will kill me slowly You have become my worst nightmare Delete Reply
My World...
I have been working my ass off trying to get Spotlight! Click on the pic above to help me out and donate some fu bucks. I will do whatever it takes to make the Spotlight before my birthday and before I can't anymore. Please Re-Post! !~*Shawty Ur Next Wet Dream, PLAYMATE @ FORBIDDEN INC*~! ALEX [*OWNER OF THE LOVE SHACK*]@ fubar I have been around for almost 2 years and I think I deserve a lil somethin.. wut you think? I will do whatever it takes to make people happy, and i'm always rating my ass off everyday, but get nothing in return. I was wondering if it was possible to make me a Disciple by then? please click on my pic below and I will return all the love given to me, I promise.. Please Re-Post! !~*Shawty Ur Next Wet Dream, PLAYMATE @ FORBIDDEN INC*~! ALEX [*OWNER OF THE LOVE SHACK*]@ fubar Faith is one
My World
There are thing out there that seem boring. Now I can be a boring guy but I look for excitment were ever I can find it. Now I seem to find sex my form of excitement now I admit (thing that how you spell that) that I'm a sex addicted. I have studied the Kamma Sutria and read countless books. I have an exwife and a girlfriend but I feel disconnected. I do care for my girlfriend it not like I don't care and I don't care. What the fuck is wrong with me?
My World...enter At Your Own Risk
Hi all...I haven't been on here lately, My step dad died and I have a new job. I hope all my cherry buddies havent forgot about me. Does anyone know of a good poll or survey that I can post? I have a question for everyone....If you were a food what would you be and why? Here I will start with me.....I would be a cherry....because something that tiny has a punch...and although I am by no means tiny....I have a punch. SO there you go...let's see if any one every reads these things.....Im begining to wonder...anyway you all stop by, rate me, add me, or hell just check me out...Peace and High five I am new on here. I just recently moved back here from Kentucky. I will say that Dayton has changed so much it is not even funny. I have lost al contact with my friends since i have been gone :( So i am on here looking for you all please give a girl some love on here...myspace graphics Well another year has come and gone...I dont know about any of you, but I am sure glad that
My World
Ok here's what I think happened, I got the day off but I am sick as hell so I am not enjoying it as much as I wish I could, but I'll be ok, hopefully soon, cause work starts up again and I don't wanna be a weak link, I'll just go to th doctor... And out of pure boredom I went on this page cause someone told me about it... I'll just see what good it can do for me... LAter... L*** Shadow...
My World.
i hate this town. everyone here is a piece of shit. ppl promise you stuff then dont give it. and then they fuck they best friends gf. o yeah. my best guy friend (who i hope dies now) is fucking his best freinds(my ex) girlfriend. and he fucked me over agian with some stuff. i hate this place. only a year and 6 months till my ass is out of here. and i cant wait! fuck this town and everyone in it! sorry for being all emo! lol ok so dumb cunts need to learn not to run there mouth cuz i will find out. and i will beat their ass. to bad we are still talking. NO WE ARE NOT DATING. but we are still good friend. or w/e you wanna call us. im sorry but he's not urs. My Song to her. Bodybag By Hit the Lights. You're gonna need a bodybag, I'll break bones you didn't know you had. When I'm done there will be nothing left of you for your friends to hold on to when they find you cold and blue tonight, face down in a parking lot. Next time around, think about w
My Words..(kinda Corny Lol)
A sad song......... Where do I go from today? go back; I don't know the way. When did it become so small, I was supposed to be big and have it all. Leg shaking, winds blowing, eyes closing, heart slowing. How do I make the next move? Do I really have anything left to prove? What is the reason for all this doubt? A little girl screams to get out. Remembering the soft touch of yesterday, wishing all the pain would go away. Calling to the nameless in the night, Lost in the darkness, lost without light. Leg shaking, winds blowing, eyes closing, heart slowing. Sleep. Fast in love, slow in life, from doer to done, lover to wife. At the end of the game and what have you won? Anothers dreams, anothers name. Ante up, feed the pot, play your hand, my advice; bluff, a lot! Stay true to your soul but play to win stand firm in your goal, don't give in! II A tapestry of branches woven in the sky. Like a sad song,
My World
My Words Of Wisdom Ha Ha !!!
well how do i start guys are like animals if u cant train them throw them out!!!
My World!
check me out on reverbnation i need all of the fan \support i can get! and also buy stuff i got new pix on . even the full body shot everyone asked for! lol. check em out! does anyone read blogs anymore? show me some love people! lol
My World Of Blogs
I remember years ago Someone told me I should take Caution when it comes to love I did, I did And you were strong and I was not My illusion, my mistake I was careless, I forgot I did And now when all is done There is nothing to say You have gone and so effortlessly You have won You can go ahead tell them Tell them all I know now Shout it from the roof tops Write it on the sky line All we had is gone now Tell them I was happy And my heart is broken All my scars are open Tell them what I hoped would be Impossible, impossible Impossible, impossible Falling out of love is hard Falling for betrayal is worst Broken trust and broken hearts I know, I know Thinking all you need is there Building faith on love and words Empty promises will wear I know, I know And now when all is gone There is nothing to say And if you're done with embarrassing me On your own you can go ahead tell them Tell them all I know now Shout it from the roof tops Write it on the sky line All we had is gone now Tell them I
My Words
My Words
The truth Truth be told I want you to hold, To shower you with kisses, that reaches to your soul. If my lips could taste you no flavor will ever compare. For you my darling is sweeter than a thick chocolate coated Sundae. If you were near me with each breath that I take I would inhale you. I would drink you into me. And steal away your essence. For you are my forbidden love. In The Everlasting Night I lay in bed at night, wishing you were here with me, but you are not I long for the touch of your arms around me and your lips against mine but I know that I shall have to wait I think of you and our love with every second that goes by and tell myself that you are always there with me, yet I still miss u I don't know how I lived my life without you in it and I don't know how I would if you ever left but I know one thing for sure That thing, the one thing that keeps me going is that I love you and that will never change I will cross the ocean for you
My Words...or Yours....
How very simple life would be If only there were two of me A Restless Me to drift and roam A Quiet Me to stay at home. A Searching One to find his fill Of varied skies and newfound thrill While sane and homely things are done By the domestic Other One. And that's just where the trouble lies; There is a Restless Me that cries For chancy risks and changing scene, For arctic blue and tropic green, For deserts with their mystic spell, For lusty fun and raising Hell But shackled to that Restless Me My Other Self rebelliously Resists the frantic urge to move. It seeks the old familiar groove With hearth and home dear prisonment That habits make. It finds content, With candlelight and well loved books And treasured loot in dusty nooks, With puttering and garden things And dreaming while a cricket sings And all the while the Restless One Insists on more exciting fun It wants to go with every tide, No matter where just for the ride. Like yowling cats t
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My Words (2)
My Words (3)
A Special Word A special world for you and me A special bond one cannot see It wraps us up in its cocoon And holds us fiercely in its womb. Its fingers spread like fine spun gold Gently nestling us to the fold Like silken thread it holds us fast Bonds like this are meant to last. And though at times a thread may break A new one forms in its wake To bind us closer and keep us strong In a special world, where we belong. ------------------------------------------------- I will never let you I will never let you fall. I'll stand up with you forever. I'll be there for you through it all. Even if saving you sends me to heaven. ------------------------------------------------- Missing You It was almost Too wonderful for Something as little as Words to explain Ears pressed to your chest As each beat explains you're okay You're here now, holding my hand tight The way it's supposed to be. I remember the way I couldn'
My Words My Notion My Feelings My Emotions
Please hear me How does it make you feel To be so close but yet so far Looking into the love of your life eyes seeing your shooting star Days are dreaded with emptiness as each day passes It winds up being another unanswered wish So determined to love reaching out into the dark and cold world The cold touch of loneliness chills the soul Losing control of all emotions Tears begin to race down the sore cheeks that have been stricken For so long from holding back the rains of sadness Why does such sadness plague the inner most, tenderness of my being? Inside Im screaming Do you hear me? Am I heard? For Im unable to speak with elegant but soft verbal words Only those heard from my broken heart A connection from another world where mind, body, and souls Connect has me in disarray Happiness is all I try to achieve and accomplish Not just for myself but for the both of us Please hear what Im saying I know that sometimes my words are a bit slurred but w
My Wonderful Children
My World!!!!!!!!!!
Good morning everyone,and OMG I'm so glad it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't have any planes for the weekend so far,but who knows?I might find something good to get into,mmmmmmmmmm never can tell, mmmmmmmmmmmm got some hot pics from someone today,but I'm not telling!and one would make your blood bubble hot!It does mine,aahhhhhhhhhhh!Thanx babe and you know who u are!!!!!I hope everyone is having a great hot wet afternoon,Catch ya later,I hope! I hope everyone has a great weekend,and if u see me on tap just shout at me or if your on my yahoo IM just pop in and say hello,you know I'd love to hear from you.If u want my IM on yahoo or msn just leave me a private message and I'll see about adding you,bye 4 now! Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi
My World
So much I wanted to share my life, I gave so much of me, to have you here in my world, but you don't seem to want to be, how I wish I knew you, what is the life you need, I would gladly give you my world, there is so much you just can't see, from there where your standing, on the outside looking in, if you could only open your heart, you would find that love again, there is a better life for us it's here waiteing for you, in my world right where it's always been. 3 Doors Down - My WorldMusic Code provided by Song2Play.Com
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There is many people that say they only have one best friend but thats not so true because differnt friends stick out in differnt myself i have Dennis he hold his own spot as being my best friend and with the fellowing there is Chrissy...Misty...Zakk.. my school friend Becky...Jay and Mark...then there is Kelly I have alot more friends that are close to me but these are the ones that mean alot to me but to many to list... But they all know i love them the same and for each of my friends these few poems listed are for u all ......Each person is differnt with differnt minds of there own and specail to me in there own ways ------------------------------------------------- Friends A real friend is hard to find difficult to leave and impossible to forget ------------------------------------------------- True Friends True friends will make you smile Make it all worth while They'll let you stand up tall And catch you if you fall They'll always be
My Worst Landing
My World!
My birthday is coming up! It's on April 21st. Woohoo! I'll be 20! lol What're you going to buy me for my birthday?? :) :) :) Is anyone else having problems with Facebook? It's telling me to enable Javascript or simply to get it. I can't do anything on my facebook, except log-on. I can't get rid of application requests or click on anything. I have Javascript.. in fact, I even downloaded the latest available minutes ago to ensure that I had it. Any and all help is appreciated! Eating really sucks right now. My throat hurts so much; swallowing food/liquid is painful. Also, I burned the tip of my tongue last week and so that's all sore. Blah. What to doooooo!
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Each Moment Each moment that passes and day tha goes by no matter what ever happen we manage to stay strong and keep it going..though the ups and down and the the people who cant understand you and I we push each other though with the love we carrie for one an other Love of my life I sat here thinking of ways to tell you And ways to make you see That you're the love of my life And that you always will be No words can ever express The way you make me feel I wonder sometimes if it's a dream Or if your wonderful love is real I can always feel you with me Even when you're not here Knowing soon we'll be together Of that I have no fear Together we've created life So beautiful and true There is no limit To things our love can do I know things are hard But we'll make it somehow And I couldn't love you anymore Than how much I love you right now. ================================================= My love Falling i
My World
Just a quick note about why I've been gone... A few of you might know this, but one of my cousins has been battling to come back from an addiction and subsequent overdose of prescription painkillers and anti-depressants. It's been hard on our entire family, but unfortunately, that's not been the low point. Now she's been in hiding for the last two weeks, and her drug selling "friends" have been helping to keep her away from her family. Tuesday, two of my brothers and I went and forced a confrontation at one of the homes she's been hiding in; it did turn ugly, but we managed to physically take her from the house and enforce the commitment order, hopeful that she can get some help from these drugs. I guess I've been very naive about the extent of the problem in today's society. Since I don't take meds of any kind (unless I'm almost dying), I've never been one to try, experiment or sample the 'pill du jour', so it's been hard to understand... I've just loved and sympathized, enough if
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My World
After long consideration and many talks with my kids and family I have made the choice to go for it and get my CDL. My kids understand why and have decided it sounds cool getting post cards and gifts from all the places I will go. They said they will be excited to show thier friends all the stuff they will get and tell them of all the places I will be going. I explained to them many times it means I will be gone a lot and they said that was ok we can talk on the phone every night before bed and get on web cam so we can see each other. Then they asked if on holidays they can ride with me so they can travel too *laughs* So now its time to start studying to get my permit. I know this is a chance to turn my life around and get ahead finally and support my family like I need to do. Cant depend on anyone but ME to make my life better and get back on track. Went through hard times and life went down hill so time to go back up the hill and make a life for my kids and myself.
My Words
Sometimes you love something so much that it hurts to leave it. Sometimes it hurts too much to hold on to that thing you love. And sometimes you let go of what you love because it hurts, but then just sometimes... everything actually happen and it's back and living happily ever after. * * * * * * * * * Why do people have to lose things to find out what they really mean? * * * * * * * * * When you are in love and you get hurt, it's like a cut... it will heal, but there will always be a scar. * * * * * * * * * You can close your eyes to things you don't want to see, but you can't close your heart to things you don't want to feel. Cause sadness due to love is breathing.... You'll have to breath at some point... * * * * * * * * * When I see you smile and know that it is not for me, that is when I will miss you the most. * * * * * * * * * When you said forever, you meant a few months. When I said forever, I meant every day until I died. When you said always,
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My World
i have kitties :-)
My World... My Rules!
My so called friend I have loved you to pieces Fed you with caring and nurturing Accept you in my life like you have always been a part of it I have fought for you Take you with my two hands beyond reasonable doubt Loved you to a fault I introduced you to my family Treat your family of my own Breathed the air you breath Eat what you are, gave you what I eat And what did I get? I am accused of being untrue I am accused of being a user Ive been judged without fair trial That all the favor I did was a way to buy friends My family had undergone malicious judgement And I thought I found a friend I was condemned, I was discouraged, I was stepped until Im broken I have been taken for granted and been silent For talking means nothing for me but a useless way of reasoning for unreasonable consequences. But you never stopped, after years you still judged me. You still think that all I did was a scheme to destroy and use you. While you are the one who is trying until
My World
So This year hasnt started out the way i hoped it would, just as all the others have, something ends up going wrong in some way or another, but this year was a real eye opener. Of course being that my birthday is on Jan. 1st i usually bring in the year with a bang. and this year wasnt gonna be any different. Granted i didnt drink and do as much as i have in the past but i was gonna make sure it was one to remember. Well needless to say i did enough to land myself in ICU for 3 days. i just came home the other day and i still feel like shit. i cant eat i cant sleep i cant really move that much right now but im still alive, and dependin on who u ask, some say its a good thing. Ive gotten sick before but this one has really gotten to me, seeing my lil girl cryin cause i was in so much pain and hurtin really made me think that its not really worth it anymore, It time to open my eyes and not wait around anymore. ive got all i need right in front of me and i need to start living for that
My Words And Thoughts With Fellings Say Whats On My Mind
ONLY A BLACK WOMAN Can work full time while finishing school, raising respectful and intelligent children, be active in the PTA, be the pastor's secretary, and the choir president and a make it all seem effortless ONLY A BLACK WOMAN Can make a $1.00 out of 15 Cents ONLY A BLACK WOMAN Can go from the boardroom to the 'hood and "keep it real" in both places. ONLY A BLACK WOMAN Can slap the taste out of your mouth. ONLY A BLACK WOMAN Can put a Black man and his non-Black date on pins and needles just by walking into the room. ONLY A BLACK WOMAN Can live below poverty level and yet set fashion trends. ONLY A BLACK WOMAN Can fight two struggles everyday and make it look easy. ONLY A BLACK WOMAN Can make a child happy on Christmas Day even if he didn't get a darn thing. ONLY A BLACK WOMAN Can be admired and fantasized about by men of other races and know that when she does cross over it's done out of sincerity, not a political move. ONL
My Work :d
Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing - Share Photos This is the fixture I wrote a program to make, and the part that will be cut in it. Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing - Share Photos This is the CNC machine that runs the program and cuts the parts. Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing - Share Photos This is the part after I run the first program on it so it can go into the fixture! Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing - Share Photos This is the completed part :D
My Words Are Lost
sometimes horoscopes come at the right time and the right moment..LOL Daily Horoscope: Scorpio For June 13,2007 Chemistry is funny. Sometimes it can strike twice, and other times you can have one great meeting and then -- nothing. Just remind yourself that if it can happen a few times, it can happen a lot more. Keep on trucking! I have fallen into the whole that was created in my heart. So deep am i that the sludge of Pain, tears, and confusion bury me with each attempt to fight. where do i go from here? Where is my love that I thought would rescue me? Where is the man I once called my lover, my companion, my friend? So here am i, fighting the sludge and bricks of stress wondering if he will come back. And lost am i and dying as i fight. I close my eyes and say your name perfectly and as the rising pain submerges me I love you and forgive you rolls across my lips.
My Words
How many way can you say "it" With true blue feelings you can say "it" When I think of "it" you are in my thoughts " it" is not an easy thing , some times "it" is hard But to live "it" I mean really live "it" I have to have you along so "it" can be The fight I have had with "it", I was stupid Because without "it", would we even be ? with "it" the others will see That "it" is what everyone needs Only one good way to say "it" I LOVE YOU AND THAT IS "IT" through the eyes of a babe, the world is new the time it seems, always grew older and older, we all must get til we are over the hill, and older yet it seems unlikely that, time will stop guess that happens, when we droop so be wild and live, only for the day cause we never know, when it will go away don't worry bout things,
I've been buried alive in the sand. Trying hard to not panic as I hold on to my last breaths. Hoping to see a hand, reaching to save me. The one person I wait for, is busy enjoying the scenery, the view, and the atmosphere to even wonder where I am. We got so close to paradise, and just like that, the end. .Day 5 - Passerby. You think you know Keep on walking Don't stop Just pass by And all your talking Save it You have no idea Just say goodbye .Day 10 - Tired. Tired of the pressure Exhausted of being What you want me to be Expecting answers Or actions Ones that you agree Tired of being sorry For things I haven't done Crying my tears Begging for forgiveness And yet I get none .Day 15 - Accepted?. I do I try Its not good enough What do you expect? You always leave You never stay I don't belong to you I'm not a part of Or accepted I'm the one you threw .Day 20 - Questions. Can it be possible? For dreams to come true? In my life? Did someo
My Words
So cold, I am or so I say I wanna be. Why does this heart of mine still beat and yet not for me. So alone, I am or so I say thats they way it has to be. Leave me alone to my mesiry that is the only place for me. So tired, I am or so I say that is the only feeling left to me. Does this have no end?...... ***Ok be nice. I am stuck after this last line so I know it is imcomplete but I am working on it.***
My Works
I've decided to delete my account. Nothing against anyone on here, in fact I've met alot of wonderful people on here. I'm just bored with the site and find no entertainment from it anymore. If anyone on here wants to reach me I still have: yahoo IM: thanks and hope to hear from, if not all, then some of you
My World
My World
My Woman Of My Dreams
the girl and woman of my dreams is someone who is into comics and cartoons, someone i can talk to about them and is into them as much as i am, cause they are who makes me who i am, to me it don't matter about looks or what they do just into comics is all so untill i meet one im single for as long as i live.
My Work Outs
let's see, Tuesday I did a light workout of pull ups, push ups, squats, and ab work. Nothing major just a recovery day after my major run on Monday. Today was a day off completely. I needed the rest. So I'm throwing this out here to see if anyone actually read's it. I post a workout blog on my daily workouts and thought id put in here as well. Today's workout was a 12 mile run. Officially according to, it was 11.73 miles, but I'm calling it twelve dammit!!! I finished in 2 hours. It was a good day for a long run! Tonights workout was a 90 mins jujitsu workout with a couple of good friends of mine. We did the usual warm up followed by 30 mins of drills and then we rolled until we were all spent and tired. It was a good training night with me getting tooled as both of these guys are better than i am. But they are good guys and very good friends, so if I'm gonna get tooled it might as well be by guys i have a lot of respect for. The injury report for this evening is
My Words
Guess it was never too important These feelings couldn't represent This is how I feel inside Like I need to run and hide Feeling buried by all this pain Your words as clear as cellophane Blinded by an intense glare Can't get out of this nightmare Again cut off by my mood Retreat once more to solitude Left alone Left behind Left confused Left desolate Left emotionless Left fragile Left gashed Left helpless Left incomplete Left jealous Left kecking Left listless Left mediocre Left numb Left only Left pierced Left questioning Left razed Left stupid Left torn Left uncertain Left vanquished Left wishing Left xystered Left yours Left zealous Feeling like nothing Why? I am invisible No one even cares
My Wonderful Son!
My Words, My Soul, And A Lot Of Good Dirty...
I walk up to the door retrieving my key from beneath my left breast. My fingertips like ice from the December air cut a chilling path along my skin. Nothing in this world ever feels as solid as this particular key. I break out in goose flesh as I place the key in the lock. My breath catches as I set my bag down in the snow. It is the same every time. Key in the door, but do not turn the lock, place the bag on the ground next to me. Take down my hair and place the clips in the bag, then my jewelry. Watch first, wedding ring, bracelet, ear rings, and necklace, always in this order. Next comes my jacket, my blouse, my skirt, and I'm left in my underclothes standing in heels in the snow, on the front stoop of his house. My master's rainbow has four colors, today's color is pink. Pink is the color of innocence. My bra is chaste, cotton of this hue with a delicate lace trim, as are the partnering cotton briefs and thigh high stockings. I am to change my shoes, heels aren't allowed toda
My Words (6) Of Love
Forever in love Following the signs of true love On the ways of my life Raising the love on those ways Every part of my heart sings song Voices of those songs are so sweet to hear Embracing you and holding your hands Rainbow of my love is shown in your eyes Yours eyes attract me to live with you Openness of your heart makes me romantic Under the blanket of blue sky Real love looks like a red rose Staying with you, I am forever yours..... I LOVE U Every time i touch your face i feel like dreaming... every time i hug you i feel so secure... every time i kiss you i feel so complete... that's why every beats of my hearts saying I LOVE YOU.. A Special World A special world for you and me A special bond one cannot see It wraps us up in its cocoon And holds us fiercely in its womb. It's fingers spread like fine spun gold Gently nestling us to the fold Like silken thread it holds us fast Bonds like this were meant to l
My World
i am a mother of three beautiful daughters i work alot lately haven't had much of a social life lately. don't get along with most of my family but make it well for myself. i have a great boyfriend who can be hard headed at times and keep me in his back pocket but hey it keeps me outta trouble i am hear to meet new people kinda got bored with myspace but so far i am liking it here and thanks to people who rate and leave love on my page
My Words
Claim '420' entered drug parlance as a term signifying the time to light up a joint. Status: True. Origins: Odd terms sneak into our language every now and then, and this is one of the oddest. Everyone who considers himself in the know about the drug subculture has heard that '420' has something to do with illegal drug use, but when you press them, they never seem to know why, or even what the term supposedly signifies. It's both more and less than people make it out to be. '420' began its sub-rosa linguistic career in 1971 as a bit of slang casually used by a group of high school kids at San Rafael High School in California. '420' (always pronounced "four-twenty," never "four hundred and twenty") came to be an accepted part of the argot within that group of about a dozen pot smokers, beginning as a reminder of the time they planned to meet to light up, 4:20 p.m. Keep in mind this wasn't a general call to all dope smokers everywhere to toke up at twenty past four every day;
My Works
I close my eyes And everyone disappears There's only me, There's only you. You're all I hear, You're all I feel. You're all around me And in that moment I'm free. I doodled your name on my desk today. You take me by the hand And lead me into the dark Somewhere under the pale moonlight I feel the breeze against my face I feel the waves at my feet I feel the touch of your embrace You're all I sense You're all I taste. I cut your name into my wrist today. The world around me is spinning Round and round like a carousel ride You're consuming me Invading my mind. You're all I feel You're all I see You're all I want You're all I need I carved your name in my heart today And I'm one number shy of sixteen if you'd turn around you'd see.. I cried for you today And I didn't wanna tell you So I cut your name deep inside my veins. I craved your voice deep in my mind and memorizes your touch on my skin. When I breathe in, you suffocate me. I'd stay with you fo
My Works And Such
Cell phone numbers going public tomorrow...................... REMINDER....all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies tomorrow and you will start to receive sale calls. .....YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222 or It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number. HELP OTHERS BY PASSING THIS ON TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS. It take about 20 seconds. Looking at the world. Through misanthropic eyes. Till not a shred of humanity is left. She is defending Michael Vick, saying that dog fights were common where he grew's still illegal you stupid fucking cunt, I hope a dog bites her fucking face off, and I hope Vick
My Word
My Wife must have these qualifications. First off I need you to understand something in my world, when it comes to the person I'm going to spend my life I'm really critical. In my mind a true relationship needs a cover of friendship, a frame of trust, and a base of true love. True love needs to be the base because if all the other things come crumbling down, true love is the only thing that it could be built back up from. If you lost friendship, and trust, there would be no reason to stay with your spouse. Unless you were truly, madly in love with them. True love can not be defined but it can be explained. In my idea of true love, it has to be much more than just a feeling. It has to be the giving of your entire self to someone. No hesitation, a combination of words and actions. When you love someone you know that you would never do anything to hurt that person. You would have to because if you don't trust yourself to not hurt them, how can you trust them not to hurt you? Love is a
My Workout Routine
Saturday = Abs/lats/lower back seated crunches 95 side bends on cables full stack, 150 hanging leg lifts use 15 lb (dumbbell) between the feet side bends on the v stand with 25 lb plate Crunches on the bench with 15lb dumbbell (I come up in a full crunch while balancing the weight between my feet incline situps, full incline with 25 plate on my chest cable crunches 130lbs 1 arm cable rows 40 lb (seated) 1 arm cable rows (to the side) bending 50 1 arm pull down 40 t bar pull down 90 pull ups 8 in between sets, sometimes 6, depends how tired my arms are. Lat machine 80 or 85, I forgot. Lower back, roman chair, single leg for 2 sets, then 2 sets of both legs holding 25lb plate. Sunday = Legs extensions 140 curls 110 kickbacks on cables 70 squats(smith) 125 hack squat (machine) 200+ leg press 180+ Adductor 150 Abductor full stack V hack 180+ Romanian dead lift 80lbs Monday = Back/Biceps Pull ups 3 sets of 5 (unassisted) Lat Pull Downs 3 sets of 8-10
My Words (7)
Life Life is nothing but a dream drifting far from reality a dream so far away from truth a vision so blurred we can barely see ================================================================ SIMPLY LIFE We take the chances get bruises fall... hurt others... and are foolishly denying the pain some of us are on the other side of the tracks in this world really things are all black and white watching our future fade is an option some of us accept in this cruel world you only have yourself so many lies and deceit in peoples eyes... loving people to your best ability no one said this life would be easy but we all play the part of disguising the hurt but why??? isn\'t it OK to cry??? but there are so many unanswered questions in this world... i have not been called a genius or even a know-it all BUT ITS SIMPLY LIFE =============================================================== Who can i ( my life) So much is happening at once in my
My Words
life is what we give and put into it they say in the end all the pieces to the puzzle will fit what if a piece of the puzzle gets lost in the game so many people want the puzzle to be completed with fame that could be the piece of the puzzle that gets lost maybe you decided to give up and that was the piece you tossed in life you cant loose faith or let it become to low you must live life day by day and go with the flow dont give up on your dreams and in the end the puzzle will fit like i said, life is what we give and put into it EVERY LITTLE GIRLS DREAM what is the meaning of life? every little girls dream is to grow up and be the perfect wife. what if thats not the way they want to live, but they have undivided love that they will give? every little girls dream is to grow up and have a family of their own, but what if their mind changes when they are grown? every little girls dream is to grow up and have a baby, but what happens when the doctor tells t
My World
this isnt a hook up or anything or asking for anything this is just me being me so here it goes...i got this heart of mine i want to show ..i would like to have someone i can hang with chill with and just be myself with .. not worring about if they are gonna use me telling me things i want to hear someone that is true someone that holds you close just because they missed ya soo much.. someone to give you such a meaningful kiss to where you feel it alll over and even when they leave they are the only person your thinking about from day in and day out does such a person exsist who knows all you can do is go on with what you have your heart and all the pieaces left behind and hope one day it will happen omg this weekend was something .. i went out to karoke got a guys phone number then all weekend i had things thrown my way like a taken man hitting on me when his lady wasnt around not to mention pregant woman .. wanted a pieace of ass which he didnt get cau
My Worries
I'm sure alot of ppl mighta seen today that I'm not in the greatest moods. Time has caught up to me. I go to court tomorrow, with a big chance of goin to jail for some time. I'm not the kinda person who belongs there along with alot of other people. I always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. On top of that I feel like I have eyes on me, just waiting for me to slip.. Why you ask I may worry, this is my 4th public Intox, note I was set up on two. Ask and I'll explain. I go to court tomorrow at 3:30 not knowing what to expect. I expect the worst and I know I shouldn't, I guess it's so I know it can't get worse, but then again it may be better than I expect.. It's just paining me not knowing and I fear that I'll be jailed, although I might get to walk away with a hard sentence but no jail time. just hope for me I don't go.. thnx I can't think of anything else to say.
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My World
Come Join Us In The Poison Sapphire! We are a brand new lounge and we are seeking new members. We are in the process of securing a server spot so we can broadcast our own music. So we will be needing DJ's. We will host fuWeddings and our presiding pastor is Wild Horse. Owner Sully McKeehan Co-Owner and Peace Keeper Poison Presiding Pastor Wild Horse Thanx to those of you who have added are all real sweethearts. hope to get to know each and every one of you alot better. well dont know what else to say...... Smacks and Giggles, Honey_Child now i lay me down to sleep with a empty bottle of vodka at my feet if i should die before i wake hell at least i drake it straight.... enough said.
My World
Since I have no info posted on the front page of my profile, I figured I'd do a small blog and reveal some shit about myself. - I am 26 almost 27 single mother of a 6 y/o son - I am currently attending school with a major in criminal justice ( I wanna be a corrections officer) - I am a HOMEBODY - Love the hell outta video games - I am deathly afraid of clowns - I carry a bottle of hotsauce in my purse:) - I have over 200 pairs of shoes and just about 50 pairs of houseshoes - I can't stand for my hands to be dirty - I am very sarcastic... better be able to throw the shit back - My favorite color is blu - I am 5'7" - Recently stopped smokin (cigerettes) - I love all types of music, but Iam a "old soul" at heart Fill this out of what you think of me * YES or NO 1. ugly? 2. kind? 3. quiet? 4. loud? 5. shy? 6. weird? 7. selfish? 8. ghetto? 9. crazy? 10. hot? 11. cute? 12. pretty? 13. funny? 14. nice? 15. mean? 16. immature? 17. rude? 18
My Worst Day
My Work!
felt so used so let down sooo pissed off just so confused and angery at someone? but still you keep trying? why do i even care it seems to me every time i do try i just get hurt so why do i try? im sick of everything im sick of the drama the lies the bs all of it! if you dont F***ING like me then dont make it out like you do its just that easy so please save me the heart ach and walk the F*** away thanks have a nice day and when you think of me i hope it eats you up inside!!!! mwah love ya i shut the door to all the others just incase u wanted to come back u left me down on me knees begging you baby please i never thought it would hurt this bad i say i dont care and i try to act like im all big and bad but darlyn when other people talk about her its like my heart just sinks in my chest i just want to curel up in a ball and just die i dont know why im waisting my time when i know
My Words!!
The sweetest SiN.......... It is the way I feel when I wake up and when I goto sleep. The way I long for your touch a hug or just to hold hands. Feeling like you are part of me like my heart or my lungs. I can't breathe without you and my heart aches when you do. You are my love and my best friend. I feel as though we are one and yet we have never met. I will hold you close until the day when I am no more. SiN DeReLla you are my sweetest SiN!!! my best friend!! I just wanted to give big hugs and smooches to all my friends here on fubar!! You all mean a lot to me. Sometimes we forget to give out the hugs and smooches cuz we are so involved in everything that goes on in our fubar lives and real lives. I have met some outstanding people here and I am thankful for that everyday!! I share my tears and my smiles with all of you and you have shown such support for all my efforts in school and every other aspect of my life. We are all busy people but if we
My Words
In the hart of a thug there is alot of love but in the face of a thug he shows no weakness The things he do to keep his family close and safe is a glimps of how he cares The things he do for his homeboys show that there is still love deep inside of him When he mean mugs you can't begine to notice his softness but it is there When he kisses his woman or plays with his child In the way he daps his friends The way he rolls for his hood In the way he fights for his falling In every thing he do there are glimpse of the love he has In the hart of a thug there is alot of love Music Videos - Lil LOVE (feat Mariah Carey and Bow Wow)
My Words!
My Words For How I Feel
The way I feel right now I don't think that I can be the person that you need. Maybe you were right where you need to be. You need to be with someone that can love you for who you are and give you the love that you need. You don't need someone like me to drag you down. I wish that things work out for the best. I don't think the love we had wasn't good enough for you. You deserve better than me. I know that's not what you wanted to hear from me, but it's true. I don't blame you for anything. It's all my fault. You can say sorry all you want and that's fine, but you didn't do anything wrong. But just remember that if you ever need anything, that I'm here for you. I'll always be your friend even thoughthat is something that you think won't work out. I'm sure that it can and will. I'll do everything that I can to make sure that this friendship works out the way it should. I do have a spot in my heart for you and I always will. I'm sure that we'll think about each other every once in a whi
My World Of Pain
All the pain The pain in my life you can't see it but i can Its horrible and discusing I wish the pain wasn't in my life But it is and its killing me The pain is causing me to lose my friends, family and people who i care about The pain is always there, in the car and at school and at home pain follows me everywere I can also see if another persons in pain or upset Pain is everywere in this world its even following you and me right now But the best thing to do is fight the pain I am and its helping a little bit the pain that you feel, but cant touch. a pain you know of, but cant explain a pain so feirce you go insane the unknown pain that clutches your heart and burns in your soul the pain in your life to strong to carry on the unknown pain that clouds your mind and devours your every thought the pain of broken promises broken dreams the pain thats unheard of the pain that's not seen I gave you my all but wasnt good enough I'm not perfect b
My World
I never meant to hurt you the way I know I have. Your love means more to me than anything and I'll do whatever it takes to prove that to you. Since the day I met you and your love touched my heart I knew that my life would never be the same. Please forgive me for the pain I've caused. I'll make it up to you every chance I get. You have my heart and my love forever. If I had a thousand pages, I could never name them all, The reasons that I love you, For the list would be too tall. I love you for the melody, I hear within your voice. The way your blue eyes hold me, A captive, but by choice. I love you for your gentle hands, That melt away my pain. I love you for your loving heart, That made mine beat again. I love you for your loving smile, With which my old heart soars. These are some of the reasons, Every second beat is yours. Your love surrounds me like the air that I breathe. Your kiss touches me as gentle as a breeze. Your touch is as tender
My Words
I awoke to the sound of rain. My preternatural senses told me it was night, but they also told me I wasn't alone. As soon as I realized this, the lid was opened! Before my killer instinct could react, she was on top of me. I had no idea who she was, but she was the most beautiful Child of the Night I have ever seen! Her skin was so pale, if I didn't have these powers, I would still have been able to see her. Dark eyes, like two almonds set in a sea of snow. Dark brown hair, just cut above her shoulders enough to make it form and move with her actions. Not quite full lips parted to reveal that killer smile. Her enlarged canine teeth bit down on her bottom lip as she smiled and strattled me. She drew her own blood as she reached down and ripped my shirt open. Then she kissed me. Having not fed in a while, and tasting her blood, I then went into a frenzy! While she was kissing me I forced us up and tore her shirt open, revealing a healthy bust. We nibbled and kissed as we proceed
My World
Tomorrow HR 333 will be brought to the House floor. This is a measure to impeach Richard Cheney for lying to Congress and to the American public in the months leading up to our attack and occupation of Iraq. I understand that many here will disagree with this bill. Before making a judgement, please read - you may find it interesting. If you are concerned about our situation in Iraq and particularly, if you are concerned with the escalating threats of an attack against Iran, please contact your representative in Congress today. Contact information can be easily found at: Thank you for your consideration. So today Pakistani "president" (actually dictator) Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency, suspended his constitution and put his country under marshal law. I wouldn't usually write about something like this, except that I was watching CNN today
My Wondering Mind
Its been a while since a man has hurt me, and the one that hurt me last night I never thought would. But then again I guess that's always how I feel. I tend to trust everyone, even when I know I shouldn't. I've always felt that everyone is good deep down, and that you should look to the future and not the past, but is there a point when you should take into consideration how they were in the past? I guess I did see him slipping back into his old ways slowly, I just hope that his being drunk and treating me the way he did last night isn't going to be how he's going to be from now on. I do care for him and have been proud of all that he's accomplished while he's been here, but if he's going to continue to drink I don't think I can be his friend anymore. I don't drop friends, I've never just stopped being friends with someone. So when do you say that something that happened was bad enough to end a friendship you've always held close to you? Right now I'm hurt and mad, and can't beli
My World
Flying trees And walking mountains Rivers and lakes wonder at their passing The sun has set Beneith a painted sky The moon looks down on a watery grave The sand between my toes Is a worls in itself Seashells make love to the rocks The fish are talking The birds are swimming Tigersharks play with balls of yarn Sea Lions and dolphins Argue with the polar bears Waterfalls cascade through the desert My house is in the sky My world is underground The ocean is in my kitchen I have a forest of jellybeans in my yard
My World
this is for all dolphins friends and family. dolphin has been without a computer since sun, but dolphin is back and on a better computer. sorry to all who worried. as a few on here know i have been trying to get my youngest son back.(for a year now). he was put in foster care because of something his dad did.(his dad had custody of him). well today my world came crashing down, i was informed that the state of washington was not going to approve the icpc and that my son remain in long term foster care until he turns 18. there was also talk of both my ex and myself signing over our rights to him, (the ex did). monday in court it was stated that it would hurt and cause damage to my son if i had to, so really that is the only good thing at least i can still see my son, but i have to wait a year in a half before he can come home. this is why i am dyeing inside. that you all for taking the time to read this. adirah i just wanted to my friends & family know that i am sorry for not being
My Work
My Work
As i sit alone in the dark wondering when this did first start, life as i know it wasnt always this way I use to frolic and welcome the days, Now i sleep my time away afarid to wake and walk in the day. I roam the nights alone in the dark wondering how to make a fresh start. To shake off the shackles and start again,knowing the night was never my friend. My dreams have been broken my life ripped apart, but it seems that Im cursed to walk alone in the dark. The crime here is simple the pain very clear, my life was stolen without a thought or a tear. My dreams and my passions are lost to me now, My heart has grown cold my soul has gone foul. To love and to live for me to be true, to once again walk in the morning dew is a fate im not destined its a thought pushed aside, its a dream not allowed of one such as i!! Upon the coming of the night you feel her breath so s
My World
What Is Love Love is a feeling that will leave you happy and cheerful one minute,and cold and alone the next. Love is almost like a roller coaster ride, you start off scared not knowing what is going to happen or whaere its going to end up and and you dont know what to do. But then you start to like this feeling and you know the best thing to do is just to hold on tight and enjoy the ride.You kinda feel like you dont have a care in the world and this just feels right,as the ride gets faster and faster you really start to enjoy your self. You go higher and higher you realy like this feeling untill you reach the peak of the top. You take one final look at your surroundings and take it all in, think to yourself i'm going to remember this for the rest of my life. You start to go down, downhill from here your world is crashing, you dont want this feeling to end, this feeling you have never had before. You start to slowdown and wish it would just pick back up, but it don't and you stop. I'
My Work
How I hate my job.......well not the job its self, but the retards that I have to put up with. I work in a union plant, I am a non-union worker that works there storeroom. We are here cause if they had their union running things nothing would get done. I use to love my job, but with recent events, its change the way I view this place. These people drove a wedge between me and my girl who works here as a guard, worse decision of her life was to take that job. They made it hard for us to see each other, cause we worked different shifts the only time we could see each other was at work. They went to there human resorce person, and whined that I was up there, so she in turn gave my boss hell and hers so we werent able to see each other but maybe for a couple of hours. Course they can go there and sit all day say preveted things to her and nothing gets said, which is wrong, she all the time conplaned to me about them but did nothing. these people seem to think that you should kiss there bac
My World Unmasked
My Wonderful Life!!
So here it is the first couple of days of 2008 and I have already worked my ass off to the point where my whole body hurts. I need a massage, any offers?? LOL So all and all this year is going pretty good, no big fights with the parents, looking for a place to move so I can get the fuck out of this house before I do kill one of my parents. Because it is only a matter of time before them or I flip out on each other. So I am hoping to move by March at latest giving that nothing comes up between now and then. Which knowing my luck it will. My relationship is still going steady and strong given where my old man is. LMAO. I still have a temptation to be with another man but I don't know if I can bring myself to do it, but hey in the heat of the moment you never know. Right? Right! So yeah, that is it for now. PEACE, LOVE AND TRAMP STAMPS!! So here it is getting closer to a new year. I am kind of excited because that means I don't have much longer until the love of my life comes
My World....
You know as it comes down to almost being Christmas and soon New Years and another year rolls on by, for some reason lately ive thought about where i have been and how far i have come. Maybe the fact that i finally realize that i am lucky to be at the moment i am now, but more so because the road that i have come down has been very unstable and not always straight. Since i moved out on my own back in North Carolina in 2001 and now being here in Vegas as of the end of 2007 soon to be 2008, i realize that i have lived a life that has been good and bad. Practically because of my own doing and the things that i did wrong, or should i say, people that i have wronged many times. There are so many things that i wish i could go back and change, there are so many people i wish i would have treated differently, but i really do hope, the people that were once in my life are now happy and healthy. I know there are people that could never be forgiven and people that wont forget, but as long as t
My World
lets see im 23 got a wonderful girl she's about to have my daughter any day know my little girl dont know it yet but she is already everything in my world i hold dear to me i cant wait to see her face i got a great job doing what i like to do Construction so whats there to complain about?
My Words To You
on't know what's going on Don't know what went wrong Feels like a hundred years I Still can't believe you're gone So I'll stay up all night With these bloodshot eyes While these walls surround me with the story of our life I feel so much better Now that you're gone forever I tell myself that I don't miss you at all I'm not lying, denying that I feel so much better now That you're gone forever Now things are coming clear And I don't need you here And in this world around me I'm glad you disappeared So I'll stay out all night Get drunk and fuck and fight Until the morning comes I'll Forget about our life I feel so much better Now that you're gone forever I tell myself that I don't miss you at all I'm not lying, denying that I feel so much better now That you're gone forever First time you screamed at me I should have made you leave I should have known it could be so much better I hope you're missing me I hope I've made you see That I'm gone forever
My World
I am in Achilles' giveaway and I need to get 10,000 comments and I'll get a VIP, so anyone who can help please do! Courtney I'm moving to Texas today so it might be awhile before I'm on here again. A TRUE DIVA: Diva's are women who are past their mothering stage and have some serious life experience behind them. Diva's do not suffer fools and are never hesitant to forge ahead when no others would.. Diva's are secure in who they are and know what they have to offer in this life. Diva's are unable to see the world as mundane. Diva's see magic in every thought, move, process and every moment. They could not look at life differently if they tried. They are able to find hidden truths in all things. Also, do not get in her way. Diva's love children and friends greatly and are capable of glorious romances and loving relationships with spouses or partners. Their friendships are deep and abiding, usually with one or two particularly tight bonds and several additional pals in their
My World...
My life is chaos I never denied it Walls crumble Others are fortified You can say what you want You can even tear me apart But my will is done Hate me Deny me Go ahead Sacrifice me I open up myself Reliving old wounds Painful reminders Of what I believed true Say what you want Tear me apart What's done is done Rape me Kill me Can't you see You only fulfill me MAN We have little say in who we love, The heart and fates dictate, Circumstances dissipate our chances, Its up to cruel destiny to mandate. WOMAN Take my hand ease my mind. I try to make penance cant confess to the priest. Its been so hard I chastise myself. How do I live without you? MAN Were both young cant predict to what this will lead, Never asking for more than what you can give. Settling for looks and stolen caresses, Wondering how much longer before we give in. WOMAN I hear your voice deep within me, It calls out to me beckoning. My entire life Ive
My Worst Day Of This Year- 2008
My Words
Hopes and dreams are empty promises you make yourself Only reality can set your soul at ease when it's gone Pushing forward going backwards in the eyes of confusion Instinctively letting go of your own thoughts and cares Never gets you anywhere except falling alone and empty Gathering all the truth behind all the darkest lies of humanity Together with your emptiness in a world which dont care However unspoken words can paint a much bigger picture Everyday you wake brings you closer to the ultimate endding Each moment of clarity brings you to the breaking point Not even a single care of one's own life will begin to help Doesn't matter what you do you'll never gain true serenity Watching time go by in an inferno of disgust and animosity Inches you closer to the true meaning of internal hatred Loathing your exsistance believing that it can't be real Living in a dream of someone else's own rotten mind Consequence deadly savagely beaten into
My Wonderful Dark Day
So here I am walking into fubar for the first time and I must say the welcome I have recieved is more then I expected. I hope this is a good sign of things to come and look forward to meeting and drinking with everyone.
My Work
Thought I would share what I do for a living. As always, I welcome any thoughts. Charles
My Works
TIME TO GO Do not ask for my love I have none to give Do not ask for my life There's nothing left to live I gave you my heart You threw it away I begged not to leave Now you want me to stay It's no longer about us That part of life is done You told me to go It's time to move on I have family; I have friends I'm sure I'll be fine I feel sorry for your type of life It's not as rich as mine I have my God; I have my children I have their love as well So take your tears and your words May you all rot in hell I've had enough, I want no more I've swallowed too many of your lies Take a long and hard look, baby It's the last time you see these eyes They've cried for you too many times They've watched you walk away They've seen all they want to see They're closed, and closed they'll stay I've found someone else Who will love me for me That person is myself From you, I'm finally free. I Knew You In Another Life I knew you in another life, a lif
My Words!
check it out, I'm a newbie soo where do I start?! Let me know!
My World...
wow what a week i hav enot been able to go to school all week because our car just decided to die. i dont get why cars are so fuckn touchy. i would like to make a car that never dies. i would like a car that does not need to have repairs or anything like that. would that not be nice?? i think it would be fantastic... let me know what you think. oh wanna know what the problem was the battary died and the trans is all fucked up like we didnt know that the trans was going... lol so 110 dollars was spent to get a new battary and to be told that the trans was bad.. hummm money hogs anyone??? tink All i have to say is that i love this site. myfriend emailed me a link i singed me and my boyfriend up and i just cant seem to get off the computer now.. i love this place. i am still tryn to figure a few things out like how to make points and stuff like that but i think i am getting the hang of things. A little bit about me. i am 22 and my birthday is on january 1 1986. i have no kids
My World
how is it that someone can sit and say how much they love you an just play with your heart over and over and then choose a best friend over love and still keep insisting they love you just to keep breaking your heart until you think of nothing else but dying and wishing your time on earth ends? our souls and hearts are not tools to be played with but to love and cherish ..and when you find that special one that you know is true , loyal and most of all treats you like someone that really cares for that person why do you break ther hearts and make them out to be fools? they are the ones that truly can make you happy for the rset of your lives...not your best friend they come and go in life just like everyone else but true love only somes once in your life you should hold on to it with all your heart and soul...
My Words
My damn roomate that actually owned a computer disided to move out of the house so I guess I wont be on fubar near as much as i once was well Ill be writeing those that matter most as offten as I can get to a computer just dont forget about me Matt
My Words
Unfortunately I'm not the "THICK" girl that everyone wants to fuck. Unfortunately, I'm not good enough to meet in person. Unfortunately, phone convo is as good of a time I get. Unfortunately, men don't talk to me in person. Unfortunately, I give my heart and fall in love too easily and then get hurt. Unfortunately, I'll be alone the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I'm just not that girl. I am a writer. The thoughts flow from my mind to my fingers. My heart aches and I put it on paper. Unfortunately, no one cares. Unfortunately, I'm not the one to listen to. Unfortunately, I'm not the person you think I am...I'm not popular like you...I'm not one that people flock to and want to be with...I'm not that person. My words are all I have.
My World -my Life
I sit back just to realize everything is better now. Yeah i dont really have much, but i do have a very select group of friends. They keep me on the right track. I've quit smoking an have been completely sober for a while now. With this new sobriety, ive opened my eyes to more than just drugs an alcohol. I am able to see what life really is. The world around me so sublime an comforting. Yet i know that you still need to be aware that in beauty there is pain. I see people wiwth there families it makes me happy but sad. My mother an father arent around an i sometimes wander what its like. I see little kids running around laughing an playing, no care in the world but yet i feel a slight emptiness. Reason being i never had a child hood i grew up way too fast. But all in all i know that no matter what, i am happy to be alive. The beauty of the world around me makes me realize in bad there is good,and good there is bad. All depends on how you look at it. to you the world
My Work My Poetry My Life....
as they lie in each others arms....she is left thinking what is it that she has done to this beautiful creature for him to think she is amazing?? does he not see the hurt pain and pure hatered for life in her eyes?? she feels she should run far away from this beautiful creature she has found but yet has a slight sense of curiosity within her to stay.... but what is it that is drawing her attention?? is it his alluring charm or is it her need to have him see deep inside her beautiful destruction?? does he not realize everything she touches turns to stone?? does he not realize she is imcapable of feeling?? does he even care?? does he realize just how strong her destruction path will be if he makes it to the core?? does he know how she longs to be held and never let go?? does he know her deepest darkest desires?? this is all she is wondering does he know can he see..... only time will tell just how big the path of beautiful destruction will be caused and who will be left standin
My Wonderful Owner!
My World
I'm not comin' back I'm not gonna react I'm not doin' shit for you. I'm not sittin' around while you are tearin' it down around us. I'm not livin' a lie while you swim in denial 'Cause you're already dead and gone You leave me out on the curb just like everyone else before you. Welcome to my world Where everyone I ever need always ends up leaving me alone Another lesson burned And I'm drowning in the ashes Kicking Screaming Welcome to my world I don't care what you think I'm not seeing a shrink. I'm not doing this again. I'm not another student or a mother to take your shit out on So let's see what you got, let's see what you're not And what ever else you pretend You defended my intention long ago Welcome to my world Where everyone I ever need always ends up leaving me alone. Another lesson burned And I'm drowning in the ashes Kicking Screaming Welcome to my world So here I am again. In the middle of the end. And the choice I wish I'd made I always
My Wonderful Owner
My World......
My World
Make a new friend everyday and you will never be lonely.
My World
Good relationships never stop growing. Like fine wine, they get better with age. No marriage is perfect. As you continue in this union, you already know that it will continue to take a lot of love and work to keep your relationship an ongoing success. Many couples tend to think of marriage as a 50/50 proposition. Actually, the best relationships are 90/10. If you both will give 90% and take only 10%, you will have a formula likely to continue to bring both of you happiness for a lifetime. As you continue on your journey together, I ask you to remember this advice: Let your love be stronger than your anger. Learn the wisdom of compromise, for it is better to bend than to break. Believe the best of your beloved rather than the worst. Confide in your partner and ask for help when you need it. Remember that true friendship is the basis for any lasting relationship. Give your spouse the same courtesies and kindnesses you bestow on your friends.
My World
My World And Welcome To It!
OMG! I just found out how to get to my own blog page. Hmmm. I think the banner across the top is distracting, maybe I'm ADD. Ya never know. I also found out today that I have been labeled a male. I am not. I am female, always have been. I guess that's enough for now. Maybe I'll even start visiting here more than once a month. Hahaha Any hints and tips are most appreciated. Roxanne, I found some of your poems online. They are pretty amazing.
My Wonderful Friends !!
This is my first time doing anything like this so bare with me ppl.. I have meet some wonderful friends on here that has made me feel like someone and means so very much to me. Show them love and if they ain't ur friends u best better F/R/A them , they will return the love I guarantee that :) CINDRAGON~FounderofClubMystic~IBIC~FuAngel~Owned by / Owner of HisSweetObsession... ( SHES A WONDERFUL FRIEND TO HAVE, WILL HELP U ANYTIME ) PRECIOUSMOMENTS (SHE AMAZING AND WILL BE THERE WHEN U NEED HER, THANKS GIRL) SOUTHERNBABY (SHES ALSO AMAZING AND WILL MAKE U LAUGH, THANKS FOR ALL THE GOOD TIMES AND MORE TO COME) PURPLEDOLPHIN (A WONDERFUL PERSON) DANGER (AN AWESOME FRIEND THAT DOESNT CARE TO HELP WHEN NEEDED) jADEANDJAKSONMOM (AN AWESOME PERSON
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My Word
As I boarded the plane in my own thoughts and on the lips of the others around me there was one unified thought. It's not done. Why can't we finish the job. Sigh, we'll be back. Well before the thoughts of 9-11 there were many of us that already knew it was not a matter of if but when we would be returning to Iraq. Now as the troops reductions have begun the slow deliberate draw down as things stabilize it all threatens to come tumbling down as one of the candidates says get out, get out now. Will these soldiers to forever have to choke down that angry lump in their throat, feel somehow to blame for something that they could have finished but instead they have grown old and useless for the fight. Now having to watch as others again are kept from finishing a job you should have finished. Getting on a plane will they have the same thoughts, will the same words come from their lips..... It's not done. Why can't we finish the job. Sigh, we'll be back.
My Words (your Bible)
The sound of rain pouring down from the skies filled the six ears of those who were about to do battle with each other as the human gunmen reached out for their pistols the vampire was already morphing his vile body into a creature of the unknown the battle began when one of the human gunmen fired a shot towards the vile body that appeared after the shroud of mist was lifted by the wind the vampire dodged the bullet that was flying towards him with a swift step to the left and jumped towards one of the gunmen opening his arms extending his claws as if he wanted to slash at his chest the gunman who was a female dressed in light armor extended her arms on atop the other pistols held sideways and shot 4 times at the vile thing flying at her the shots ricocheted of their target the unaffected vampire did not change his trajectory was flying towards the female gunman when he almost reached her there was a loud bang and what seemed like a gunshot from a very big gun and the vampire was s
"my Words"
My words come form the heart.. Sometimes lost, Not knowing were to start. Speaking a language that is broken.. Only through my eyes my true words are spoken..
My Wonderful Boyfriend!!
My Wonderful Byfriend
My Workout Diary
when I first started my workout program I weighed and measured myself.. this was the starting out weights and measurements: 115 pounds 20% body fat 60.5% water weight 36 chest 30 waist 34 hip now its 2 weeks later and my measurements are: 109 pounds 15% body fat 56.5% water weight 30 chest 29 waist 30 hips I am not out to lose weight as I am out to gain muscle weight, how long before it shows?? I feel so much better now that I have started working out and I am really enjoying it...
My Work
you know when I go to work I always think... How can I make a difference in the little world I patrol? It is hard sometimes to make everyone happy and to give everyone every little bit of what and who I am. Most of the time I do not get a "thank you" or a "you really helped me out" All I get is "I didn't do it" "why are you harassing me", and "why don't you go out and arrest real criminals". It is a thankless job, but I do it because I believe in freedom and everyone's right to express it.
My Work Adventures
DJ Elephantcock and I, Boy 13, did another wedding this weekend. It was for his cousin, and generally speaking, when you're doing something for family, it is usually no good. And pretty much from an entertainer's point of view, we were correct. Our day started early, because we did the music for the actual ceremony. While he was doing that, I set up for the reception. I ran for our suits. I did the busy work that he pays me to do basically. But there were a few things there that are worth mentioning, and then there was a BIG finish! First thing I noticed, that I hadn't seen before at a wedding, was the blind guy with his seeing eye greyhound. At the end of the ceremony, they got up, and the blind guy accidentally stepped on the greyhound's foot, because people were in the way, and the dog stopped, but the guy didn't. It just struck me as funny, this huge yelp in the middle of them meeting and greeting. Next was the average of the crowd. DJ Elephantcock's family is o
My Work
Like a soldier freshly striken with war I leap in the night for fear. Replaying horrific memories that rebreak my heart as they waltz in and stumble through my mind. Every feeling just as intense as if it was all was happening once more. Living then reliving never losing its horrid betrayal or unseeming form in my mind or heart. I fall asleep tragicly and waken tradgicly to a never-ending circle. The cycle repeats then rewinds and repeats again if not in my memories thenin my dreams, never leaving me at rest. The sweetest pleasures haunting my dreams that never once occupied my memories have become a night-long nightmare, the unpleasantries that never occurred but are possible if I return. An agonizing search within myself that seems to never end. The hopelessness, the loss felt so deeply, like a war-torn soldier I fight without ammonition against the tragedies of love..... It is funny how we go through our whole lives searchin for some sort of dream (ie. the american dream,
My Wonderful Owner Naughty By Nature
Just wanting to send out a Pimp out Blog for my wonderful owner Naughty by Nature Come and show her some mad fubar love. Naughty by Nature~Fu-Owner of ☠Craven Moorehead ~&~ MUSS@ fubar
My Work.
I hear the trumpet sound But no one's arriving I hear the cries for a savior But its not Christ they're yearning What of a world that seeks love no longer? What of a world that finds pride in anger? All I know is I cannot pray while you cry so selfishly When you know it's the fire that will make you stronger Justify As the child raises his hand against his mother Criticize While we silently betray each other Walking with legs that yearn a different direction I cry to you for a different version of this disaster For the evil that has raised us towards separation No longer has the power Yet I lie here naked with no shadow And the fire I have lit seems to grow so dim So tell me again where is this serenity you speak of? Lead me away from sin. Drawn out once again To be measured by a scale that is beyond my comprehension You call me out yet I do not listen But I certainly feel the tension.. Of the solace that is apathy A madness which caresses my spine Fo
My Wondeful Owner She's So Beautiful & Sexy
Hey Everyone I Want To Tell Ya A Story. The past weekend started pretty shitty for me but thanks to a few friends Kasie, MS Carolina, Angelic Vampire, and especially my Owner Lilly aka "Sweet Enough" it got SO much better. Well they talked to me and got me out of my funk by being great friends. Well I was lucky enough to get OWNED by Lilly so let me tell you a lil about her. She's Smart (in school for fashion design), BEAUTIFUL, OMG Sexy, and One Of The Sweetest People You'll Ever Meet. She brings a smile to my face every time I think about her. I couldn't ask for a better owner. She's an Angel and A Princess. I thank her so much for being there in my time of need. Your The BEST Baby PLEASE show her MAD Love, She Def Deserves It This Is Her Aren't I One Lucky Fucker Click The Pic Below ~SWEET ENOUGH~@ fubar
My Works
I Face The Eternal Winter Flying silent on winter wings Flowing emotions from my bleeding soul Tears that flow burn my skin I'm drifting away on the cold wave of desolation I'm touching the wind as it sadly sings Carried to the disant unknown Eternity awaits me... My heart is so cold Emotions reached their freezing point ...Only pure hate Lost all that I was living for Crying without sound Thy sky has frozen to ice As the last drops of blood leave my body I hear the winter breath I'm the face of the night I'm all alone The fullmoon is glowing Snow falls from the sky I feel the eternal winter Holocaust winds are rising Like a dark northern breeze My cryptic journey has just begun. DGTFB 1975 Blood Beauty As I stroll along the walk a soothing breeze brushes my face I smile. This night is refreshing as the diamonds high above shine down their sparkling song of whisper... the sweet chimes reaching my ears turn my thoughts from light to d
My World
Are you... 1. A bitch? try not to be. sometimes i have to be cruel when i dont wanna be at all. 2. A daydreamer? not quite as much as i used to be when i was younger, but i still find myself lost in world that is not my reality LOL 3. Shy? only around new people 4. Talkative? i come from a long line of talkers in my family LOL i could talk for hours as long as its an interesting subject and i am enjoying the person i am talking to. 5. Energic? dont i wish 6. Happy? gettin there 7. Depressed? sometimes, even when im not sure why. 8. Funny? i can be very animated at times lol, especially when i drink 9. Slutty? there is a little "slut" in all of us ;-) LOL 10. Boring? nah.... i try to keep it interesting. 11. Mean? unintentionally 12. Nice? i would say so 13. Caring? VERY! sometimes just a little to caring, and those that know i love them should know that. 14. Trustworthy? very much so 15. Confident
My Work Read If You Want
A Lost Love I thought it was over, I thought I could move on, I wish this would've never happened, I tried to move on with my life, I even moved out of state, Still my heart breaks and my life feels fake, Ever sense the day our relationship came to an end, I had to make a new beginning, Somewhere or someway, I put my sorrows at the bottom of those empty bottles many times, I tried leaving thinking this would be for the best, Well; Here I stand, There was many flings with relationships in between now and then, But, My feelings still stand, Something has held on this long, It's something between me and you; "Was the past really that bad?"; I will always find myself loving you! By: Jess L. Burris Jr. A New Angel My love will go on as the next day passes, Cherishing the memory is everlasting, This angel was born of yesterday, But, Thy angel will be loved and held forever! By: Jess L. Burris Jr. This following poem is to all the people who have lost
My Work
Life is beautiful. Not sure which hip hop song i got this from, but i know it was atmosphere that said that "life isn't a bitch.. she's beautiful" explaining how just cuz we never get what our simple minds desire and complain how miserable the circumstance is.. but thats all it is.. CIRCUMSTANCE.. a small episode in your life to remind you that you're not perfect and NEED someone in your life to smack you or even better.. love you when no one else is giving you the love that your heart truly needs.. cuz thats what provides our lives with energy.. LOVE.. now dont' confuse me with some hippie tree huggin pot smoking tard.. im talking about REAL LOVE.. the love that smacks you in the head when you're being retarded.. the love that kicks you in the nuts when you're being disrespectful.. the love that shows you that you need to wake the fuck up cuz your family or friends need you.. THAT is what makes life worth living for.. but if you cant see the message im trying to give you.. its abou
My World Is Clouded By Darkness
i have officially decided that im gonna be single for the rest of my life. the man i loved more then anything broke my heart into a million pieces yet wanted to remain friends which i thought i could do then i find out he's in a new relationship. I did alot of thinking last night and i dont think i can handle being his friend knowing he's with someone else. So i have decided to go back to my old habit and shut him out but the problem is i still have some stuff of his here and he my spare car seat so i know im gonna have to see him again. I sent him a message this morning telling him how i feel. I have a feeling he's gonna fight me on it cause when he dumped me he said he would kill me (figurativly speaking he wouldnt ACTUALLY KILL kill me) if i decided to shut him out but at this point i feel i dont have any choice. My daughter asks for him all the time and im having one hell of a time picking up the pieces. when he calls me i act like im fine cause i dont want to start an argument or
My World
This is my world of sorrow to which no one may enter I cast a blame apon myself and deal with the guilt alone This is my world of pain to which no one is allowed I endure this pain everyday and seldom let it out This is my world of regret to which no one may intrude I relive my life day after day and wonder what I could change Welcome to my life to which no one knows anything about
My Works Of Art
She had the foot that fit the Glass slipper! :) My new works! I Love my baby sooo much
My World Today!
Well I am all on the mend from the accident. One broken toe may have to be operatedon, depressed about not being able to run, I do get to the gym now but not the same as a nice jog. My oldest son is once again trying to drive me crazy so he can control my bank account! My daughter is going to her Dad's every other week and it is really hurting her spending the week with him and his girlfriend in which she hates. I just miss her...... Well everything on me has finally healed! I have been back to the gym twice after an 8 week boring rest! The only thing left is my broken toe...I should have taken the anger management courses sooner! Tonite I went to my oldest son's Graduation from HS, there were 1400 students in his class! It went on forever. except for that one moment, they said his name, he took his diploma and looked for me in the massive crowd!!!! Yes, I've complained about the money he has cost me, but that 15 seconds was worth it! I am the MOM! Well, went to the gym on Saturday! F
My Words For Lounge
My Work
Back in the day, I used to post all my writings to my MSN Spaces page. Once I started at UNO last year, however, I kind of let it slip away. Anyway, I feel like starting it up again. I don't know how consistent I'll be. And I assure you it will be quite boring and, in most cases, pretty damn long. I'm just warning you. There's no obligation to read any of it. I do this for my own pleasure. Anyway, this first piece was for my Magazine Article Writing class. My professor said I should attempt to get it publish in the school's student newspaper. And I would, if the student editors would ever return my calls about writing for them. It's entitled "No Girls Allowed." No Girls Allowed No Girls AllowedExcept Hannah Montana. These are the words that adorn the bedroom door of my 5-year-old nephew, Patrick Jr. Let there be no doubt as to the immense popularity and influence of Hannah Montana. She is an economic and pop culture juggernaut. She has done what few other femal
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My World Famous Work In My Portfolio.
Create Your Glitter Text SOME OF MY BEST ARTWORK FROM MY 909 PIECE PORTFOLIO THAT CAN BE SEEN IN IT'S ENTIRETY IN MY "PICS" LINK ON MySpac PAGE IN THE PORTFOLIO PHOTO ALBUM. Create Your Glitter Text Create Your Glitter Text This is called a NAME PLATE. All Portfolio displays are required to have one. I did this freehand of my favorite font, Old English. Then I digitally enhanced it to give it a marble look. BLACKLIGHT GRAFFITI NAME PLATE
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This is my WONDERFUL owner Princess Beakers, please go show her lots and lots of love. She totally deserves it!
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her wetness Its 4am as i awake from a dream, i sit straight up, sweat dripping from my brow.I look to my left and i look to my right ,for a woman i dreamt about.Such a dream was too realistic not to be true. I look at the clock & it's 5am. No need in going back to sleep.gotta get ready work at six, so i go get in the shower to help wake myself up. After my shower i get my clothes ready for work. Since i have time i decided to get on facebook. After i log in ,i check my messages and realize i have a message from a long time friend that i havent spoken to in over 8 years. Not having time to reply in full, i leave her my cel phone numner and inform her to text or call me. I log out of my messages and go play play a game or two on facebook. Time flies as i have to sign off to get ready work. I go to the dressing room and get dressed, i search for my cell but i can't find it! I'm running late so i leave it alone and go to the care. as i start the car i go to turn on the stereo and noti
My Words
Ditched all but the local folks, which even those I don't talk to. Dropping it down more later. Drop a line if you care to stay on.
My Work
The curve of my hip and the dip in my walk... I am a BIG GYRL and you will talk... The hills of my breast and the length of my leg... I am a BIG GYRL you don't have to beg... See I got skills only my kind know about... I am a BIG GYRL and that I will shout... I look in the mirror and wonder, are they better than me... I am a BIG GYRL only real ones can see... I am beautiful and all the men know it... I am a BIG GYRL and I always show it... You don't have to like me, but I demand respect... I am a BIG GYRL what else would you expect... My hills and valleys are sexy as hell...
My Works
My Work
to all my friends i have decided to move all my blogs and my creations to my own website to protect them as they are copyrighted if you enjoyed my work copy and paste the link and come visite my site to enjoy my work again hope to see you all soon, have a great day.
My World
Such a wonderful hour sometimes. Your asleep finally having that dream, finally resting, feeling nice and cozy, but at work u dont let your self get to comfortable so u dont sleep deep. Then BAM the alarm goes off so loud it makes your heart jump and your toes curl at first, then your adrenaline pumps. You have exactly 1 min to wake up 2 mins to be moving by the 3rd you better be on the road...... Fuckin just love 3am.... So today was a good day didnt see much to remind me of the bad things that i see on a daily basis.... Kinda nice, the air was fresh with smog of course, the smell of rain but of course no rain. Tonight spent some quality time with my boys at a video arcade something about being able to blow shit up and shoot random things kinda makes u feel better.... Well for few days now i have been able to sleep with out being woken by the screams of others in my mind. Is a strange feeling waking up to screaming that u think u hear, sounds so real.... But then u look around it
My Work
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My Wounds
I love you through my anger, In between my fits of rage. I want us to be happy, But I just can't turn the page. I see in you the answer To every time I've prayed. Then I get mad; you leave the room; I wish that you had stayed. My love just wants to hold your hand, But my anger doesn't care. I feel the weight you carry. It really isn't fair. I gave our country everything The day I went to war. I thought the cost would be my life, But it turned out to be much more. I look into my child's eyes, And I see a child burned By Napalm lying on the ground, Without a lesson learned. So now they send the young folks To act like war is fun, Without a thought of how they'll feel When their killing job is done. When folks go fill their gas tanks I think they all should know, A veteran's future happiness Is drowning in the flow. I struggle wiuth this everyday. Wish I had more ppl to lean on. MEDALS Don't envy a man his medalsAll those ribbons on his chestHe did not try to get themT
My Words
What you cannot anticipate, you cannot dread. How true is that? I was sitting in my car when I thought of that. I was almost hit by a woman who was dropping her kid off at school. When she pulled out infront of me. Who could have anticipated that?
My World Is Spinning And Not In A Good Way
I have been taking Cymbalta 160mg since September 16 for my depression. My psychiatrist was giving me samples because I don't have insurance and this medication costs out the ass without it. Well about a week ago, I ran out of samples and called to get more samples and my regular quack doctor wasn't there and the one on call refused to give me any samples. Now you are not supposed to just stop depression medications because of the increased risk of suicide attempts, seizures, and a crap load of other bad shit, you are supposed to be weaned off them. Since mine have been abruptly stopped I have had increased crying episodes, SEVERE vertigo and dizziness and my lips and feet will tingle and go numb when I have the dizzy spells. It feels like when you were a kid and laid down on a merry go round, closed your eyes and someone spun you around several times. I feel like crap :(
My Work
My Workz...*poems*
I'll cut my own chest open, take my heart out and hand it to you. That's how much love I got for you. It's made of stone, and I doubt it can be broken. When it loves it loves hard. When it's cold it's cold for long. Angel, I know you're here because you've fallen.I'll help you mend you wings, and from this hell you'll be free. But for you... i stand up. My eyes i shut. Darkness is around me. I can feel that their is someone in front of me. I can feel their breath on me. I’m afraid to open my eyes. I can feel their eyes looking in to my soul I’m afraid of what they will see. My darkness, my hope, my dreams, my fear, every thing that makes me me. I open my eyes and I’m looking in the mirror. I’m afraid of myself. Is life worth living if you are your own enemy. I fight with my self every day and I always lose. But for you i stand upand gets me you'll greet me with open arms. Till then I'll just have to hope. I could salt Popcorn With these Dried-up tears. C
My Words
A bird is still a bird... No matter how many feathers it sheds... Time will take it's place and make it right again... A bird is not sad... Knowing the outcome... It waits... With patience... It is not a healing process... It is a rebirth... The bird will be stronger then before... The bird will fly again... by J.E.Bischoff As I whisper I love you in your ear.....the wind blows gently through your hair...The smell of roses sets the mood...while a spanish cuarteto plays in the backround in a courtyard that can be seen from the mountain range....This moment shall live and be painted on our hearts of J.E.Bischoff I don't own you..for you are not a object.... I will not tell you what to do...unless you ask... I will be there if you need me..... I am strong at heart and I will share it with you.... I love you for who you are....Not what I want you to be... by J.E.Bischoff
My Wolves
White Wolf, Black Wolf, Black Wolf, White I wish I may, I wish I might choose the right Wolf to feed tonight One Wolf, Two Wolf Wolves I see both are hungry both are ME Black Wolf, White Wolf, White Wolf , Black let it be hands not stumps I draw back White Wolf, Black Wolf Black Wolf, White one is DARK and one is LIGHT Black Wolf, White Wolf White Wolf, GREY !? feed the right Wolf turn not away White Wolf, Black Wolf Black Wolf, White which to feed he Dark or The Light? One Wolf, Two Wolf Wolves I see both are hungry both are ME
My Word's
I live in a world full of Horrors and Paradises a place where life may or may not go on. I'm unique, and I am free spirited. I see your days here in this world as a story. one that we write till we die,but even after death, there is a new story to be told. I see life as a precious hour glass,.. I'm a sinner in some eyes, and a saint in others. I've made mistakes,but do not want a second chance to go back and fix them. They have made me who I am. I have been hurt because of trusting the wrong people, Now I have learned that I have to lean more, before I tell my life's story. We have to make the best of yourself's, and this world even with the harsh words of this generation. Just show your Sinner smile.

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