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i met my best friend about 7 yrs ago and she was telling me about losing her 6 yr old daughter i would cry with her and i thought i could understand how she felt and all that til Oct 27 2009 when i lost my 12 yr old daughter and it hit me hard that back then i had no clue what she was feeling til i have to go thru it.ashley was 12 so beautiful full of life blunt easy going til u made her mad and then she was only mad for a few n got over it...she had planned her life gonna go into the army and go to college and be someone and try and help all the fighting in the world cause she didnt like it...i grew up thinkin crying was a weakness and not to do it infront of ppl i am now learning that its ok to hurt to let ppl know u hurt and how u feel...i was and still am every now n then numb..some days i cant think others im mad as HELL and others i think i be ok...i have 4 other kids that help me get thru then i learned a few weeks ago that only i can get thru this only i can help myself...i fee
We all fear something it could be something small or something big. We choose to try and not let it hold us back from things, some of us try to pretend it doesn't exsist. The real problem is what do about it when we come face to face with? I mean we could try to beat it, but sometimes we just can't no matter how much we try. Me I accept it but I don't let it control me, I don't let it prevent from living. I live my fear everyday so I really don't have to worry about facing it in the future. So†I say face your fear cause win or lose it doesn't† matter†cause once you face it,it doesn't†hold power over you any more.
Fear Holds Me Back
One thing I don't understand with people..they say things like...wat would you do..or wat do you suggest....when it comes to a personal issue..especially someone you care about...why is someones opinion on an issue the two of you are struggling with so important....they don't know them like you do..and prob have no clue as to the depth of your relationship...watever that relationship maybe....there are DEF two sides to each story..but regardless of wat those two sides are...that really doesn't matter...the fact still remains..that the person's opinion you should be focused on is that other person....too many people go looking for the answers in all the wrong places...when the answer to the question you may be faced with lies within that other person....why is it so easy to pour your heart out to a total stranger..than it is to someone who means so much to you....I will never understand people....get your answers..ask your questions...just make sure you're using the right so
Fear In Itself
People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. People talk about how great love is, but that’s bullshit. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous. How can they deal with love if they’re afraid to feel? Pain is meant to wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they’re wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio. You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It’s all in how you carry it. That’s what matters. Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you. Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you’re letting society destroy your reality. You should stand up for your right to feel your pain.
Fear And Love
Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger. Some psychologists such as John B. Watson, Robert Plutchik, and Paul Ekman have suggested that fear is one of a small set of basic or innate emotions. This set also includes such emotions as joy, sadness, and anger. Fear should be distinguished from the related emotional state of anxiety, which typically occurs without any external threat. Additionally, fear is related to the specific behaviors of escape and avoidance, whereas anxiety is the result of threats which are perceived to be uncontrollable or unavoidable. Worth noting is that fear almost always relates to future events, such as worsening of a situation, or continuation of a situation that is unacceptable. Fear could also be an instant reaction to something presently happening. Fear is often preceded by astonishment, and is so far akin to it, tha
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BOTTOM is: SINA : VOLUME ADDICT, GUITARZAN & VOX KEVIN : LOW TONES CHRIS : BATTERY CHRIS CORONA : LIVE RIFFAGE Spawned from the fiery bottom of New York City's Lower East Side, more evil than Satan himself, the metal rock-outfit BOTTOM continues to raise Hell. Lead by mosh-head Sina, BOTTOM is volume drenched metal built on riffs and deep groove. BOTTOM escaped NYC in 1999. After years of touring, BOTTOM grew into its current carnivorous form. Bassist Kevin Harding and trap artist Chis Colebourn, originally from SF's durge rock outfit The Pale Horse, most recently joined BOTTOM after Sina and Kevin met while playing in a Bay Area deathmetal band called Angrboda. Heavily influenced by steak, black tooth and conspiracy theories, BOTTOMís current HQ is in San Francisco. BOTTOM's debut, Made in Voyage, was recorded in NYC, produced by Greg Gordon (engineer for Slayer, Helmet, and Public Enemy) and released in 1999 on the band's label Mudflap Records. After launching
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I saw this bulletin, and wanted to comment on it.... is there anyone out there in cherryland that thinks that when you block somebody on here that it means totally blocked like where they cant see your page at all or do you like it..the way it is now where when you block the persons you blocked can still see everything your doing..friends and all that....i think when you block someone it should be alltogether....i know when you block now they cant comment and rate..and all that but i would like to have it when you block there blocked alltogether like on myspace wich im sure many people in cherryland also have so if you have a myspace and have blocked people on it then you understand what im talking bout cherytap doing...just like myspace when u block they see nothing...not like now when you block they can still see your page and all that..if there is anybody out there...and i mean anybody who agrees or disagrees please sign your name to this so i cant take it t
Featured Playlist
Featured Playlist
Features Of A Dependable Web Hosting Services
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Feb. 11, 2007
...on 2/11/07 and I cannot get her out of My mind. was Magick in the true sense of the word. I...fell in love with her and we had a wonderful night/morning together. I came home in a daze...My mind and emotions were tweaked, as if on Meth. So many thoughts, so many "what ifs?" Complications arose, due to my ex-wife coming to Me with her claims of undying love and such, (yet a year earlier, she and I ended an attempt at reconciliation because she had told Me, "I love you, but I just can't live with you"...and "I just don't want to be in a "domestic" relationship"...etc So...after some time...I met "her" and hope re-entered My life. I felt love that I had long ago forgotten existed. I felt passion that had eluded Me for many years... the complications are still there, although I hope to change that for the better...very soon, I wish to tell "her" I still love you, (and am in love with you), I miss you and our long, seemingly endless conversati
Someone is always there to make you Feel better and put a smile on your face :D if you haven't met him....well what are you waiting for hes the BESTEST Click below to meet Him misterfeet@ fubar and click This pic to rate his contest pic and help him win a 30 day blast!!! LOVE YA MISTERFEET!!!! Many Smiles April ♥ So its been quite a day for FU-TARDS and dumbasses and all that so i thought i would share a few with you....You know its a Monday when You get this in your Friend Requests and then you get Jealous people shouting you!!! Holy Wow Many Smiles April ♥
18 Feb
Hi! Thank you to everyone who stopped by my page this weekend. ONly 2 million more points to go ... lol. Mona and I had a great weekend and visited my two oldest daughters. Sorry I did not get around to posting comments today ... bummer. But I will get them posted tomorrow ... no comments on Wednesday, however. I'll be in DC on business, again. I've got this really funny Hump Day pic I've been wanting to post for over a month, but seems like I'm in a business travel on every Wednesday rut. Cheers to all, Steve
Feb 22, 2009
Ive been having back spasm. Im on muscle relaxer they dont help much other than making me feel goofy. I wanted to thank everyone who sent well wishes, hugs and soup I really appreciate that. Ill be in and out its hard to set at a chair right now for more then 10 minutes or so. I miss you all take care and Ill be back soon in full force.
Feb 10-11 And Earlier
so on the spur of the moment i decided to start blogging when i go clubbing. I keep forgetting bits and peices of my nights and it sucks. I dont really remember much of the past month when i go out other than lots of dancing.. and attention from guys. Im gonna start with tonight. Saturday night..sunday morning. I get to dianas at 8.. and i notice there are stains on my shirt..suckass. So we go to uschis and i try on some of her stuff but its all too plan so i go home and change into a cleavagy shirt. woop woop. we end up drivin to the irish pub. Fucking empty.Lame. So we go to carracas to say hi to dianas coworkers and then head over to the goose.. Yay the goose!. Its empty for a while and i have a vodka red bull or 2 and then finally i start dancing.. Its kind of boring at first and then i start to have fun. Noah shows up..god hes so cute. IF i werent engaged id gobble that boy up... we hug.. and dance for a song and then he goes off and plays pool and i dance with diana for a whi
Feb. Birthdays !!!
Feb Contest
=== 'D-ROCK' spewed forth the following at '2008-02-15 05:50:31'.. > > > > I am in a contest stop by and leave me a rate and a few comments. Rates are worth five points so all rates are great.. It only takes a couple seconds to do. Click the picture below it will take ya where ya need to be.. muah > > > > > > > > (repost of original by 'Fre•a ♥ Evil's Pet ♥ Ser Promoter' on '2008-02-15 05:40:58') > > thanks to freya for all your help!!
Feb 10 2008 /loss In My Family
Make custom Glitter Graphics This morning my uncle Robert nick name Bob has passed away in the hospital due to he died in his sleep peacefully,The cause of death was his donor liver failed and his kidneys failed and he didn't want to prolong his life on a respirator he wanted pass on his own so now god rest his soul he is in heaven now,my family is sad now cause of the loss today and the funeral is either going to be this comming tuesday or wed well God Bless you Robert Adamo....Rest in Peace!
February 50% Off Gift Giveaway And 7 Day Blast Race!!!
February 14th
Here comes Valentine's Day once again as it does every year on February 14th and as it has been for every year except for 2002 and 2004, I don't have a valentine. If anybody wants to go out and grab a coffee, dessert and a movie, let me know! P.S. - sex is optional! lol
February 11-12, 2008 Winter Storm Blogs
Here we go one more time! Ice has moved back into NKY. Right now, the airport in Hebron, KY has 29 and freezing rain. Refreezing taking place...the freezing rain should change to all snow by the time we get to 11pm, and maybe another inch or so will accumulate. Tomorrow...some schools will delay, a few in NKY will close due to the re-freeze, but not as extensive as today was. This is pretty much going to be a wrap for my winter storm coverage...if you've been reading, thanks! Right now, we have some light snow here. Should catch a break until about 10pm and then the real fun begins. One school district has already closed for tomorrow...Carroll County, KY schools. We still have major ice problems east of downtown Cincinnati. We have 2013 Duke Energy customers with no power. That's primarily on the west side. Things could break up from the west later this morning...if we catch a break it'll be short-lived because we still have a long way to go before this is all over.
February 21 2008
Good morning, All! It's 4am, ugh, and I woke up about 45 minutes ago aching all over. My Advil was calling in a loud voice. LOL Joey and I walked around Super K last night for about an hour. I'm learning that's a bad thing to do. But what's a girl to do when she can't shop? Geez! :-P Seriously I try to do a little more each day, I'm finding that it's the little things like making my bed or emptying a waste basket that add up to more pain. It's extremely frustrating and not a little scary. I'm a Virgo, which means I'm a neat freak at heart. And just being in my bedroom/living area makes my skin crawl. It's not dirty, just extremely cluttered, and I can't keep up with it. This really hit home the other night when I was making dinner. Something simple like that should not cause pain, but I had to lay down curled up in a ball for an hour afterwords. I'm still going to the Chiro three times a week, and when I walk out of his office, I feel like I can take o
Febrile Seizures
My 16month old son was brought into ER at mary bridge for a Febrile seizure very high fever and had been having some diarrhea, they did nothing to find out why he was running such a high fever and sent me on my way i was confused and very scared for my sons life because i still had no answers. we took him to walmart to pick up more fever medicine and his fever came back again very strong, when i got home took a rectal temperature it read 104.9 and he was acting very listless and when i went to change his diaper he had a small seizure, so i called Mary bridge and talked to a nurse and told her what was going on. I was very shook and cry and telling her how concerned i was and she acting as though i was talking to her about my sons birthday party or something very heartless and cold and she told me that should take him to his doctor at wood creek before i bring him back in because they don't correspond with wood creek. I mean how horrible have people become to tell me not to bring my son
February 2009 Fu-owner
This is my sexy and hot new owner. Show him lots of luv. He is a great person to know. SixtyNineMunch FUOWNED BY TAT2BUNNYLUV@ fubar
2009 February
I know Ive been a bad girl didnt mean to attack you last night hadnt seen you in days and days wanted you right then and there sick of waiting for you getting impatient every night Just wanted you naked in our bed Running my hands all over your body Place my mouth over every inch of your skin Make you forget all your worries feel your stress melt away I know Ive been a very bad girl there i am looking for answers touring though fubar and i run across Poetic Suicide how ironic tat poetry should be ma downfall when i wrote before it was of saving now i write of da opposite that is ironic isnt it opposite of good it is bad or evil that i am evil evil evil i thought i was a fool for no one, but oooh baby im a fool for you thats status of Poetic Suicide n' i know i was a fool. merely coincidence? i know what i must do life is so full of inconsistency that is ironic too that i am deliberately stating the truth that i am and i should not be i
February 26th 2009
I am sure by the time I'm finished with this fucking blog it'll be the 26th. I thought I'd bitch some before I went to bed to get some stuff off my chest. Lots of about me in here which is always the case in most blogs. My heart grows very weary cause of a year without having anybody special in my life. Lots of fears going through me especially during these cold days and nights. Tired as hell of all this cold weather and dreading going out and about. 24/7 coverage of how depressing people are without jobs. How the country as a whole should pretty much declare bankruptcy because if they were a private business they wouldn't have lasted a year of this dread. In my own personal life its dead. I hope to revive my positivity once summer hits. Maybe being out and about on the beach will get some of this money problems out of our soulless hearts. How we focus on money 24/7 is so scary. Its just one thing and its just the cornerstone of everything capitalism. Any who! I can't ch
February Salute Contest
February Contest Help Me Please
February Salute Contest Needs Your Help
Feb. 13th, Rough Day
Today was a bad day for me. Today would have been my oldest daughter Sherri's Birthday. She would have been 17. If not for a drunk driver. I've been down all day. Cried a couple of times. Cursed the fuck that killed her and her mom Lisa. The basterd got 5 yrs for two lives. He gets out soon. He gets to go on with his life, she doesn't. She was my baby, and she always will be. I miss her so much. The day she died I went numb and then cold. The lost of a child is something you never get over. It never gets easier. To me its like everyday since has been the same. I still cry over her, I still miss her. Guess I always will.
Feb 4th Surgery
well the last 5 months i been in and out of surgery and got the best care from my doctors here is the link to one of my test those that have acid reflux should check into this
Feb 6th 2009
Enjoying a day like today where its around 60 and the sun is out is pretty easy. Even with my mild tastes of depression and being around negativity I felt pretty good. As bitchy as I can be sometimes, I think a ton of things make me happy. Today was an example. I went to Target and got a Marvel shirt, the nerd in me, which fit pretty good. I also got some food at the grocery store. The highlight for me was KFC.. they have this big box meal with tons of chicken. It was like heaven in food form. It definitely puts my problems to a quiet pause. Speaking of pause, I've been sex-less since March. Pretty wild to go almost a year without it cause these are suppose to be the "prime" of my sexual being. I definitely like it everyday but can't play solitaire with that. My sister and I were pretty tight before her man came back from cali. But now she treats me like shit again. She is way two faced like a lot of girls i've dated. Its unfortunate that people can't be true to thei
Febuary 4, 2008
Febuary 2003 Heros
Army Sgt. Michael C. Barry Died February 01, 2003 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom 29, of Overland Park, Kan.; assigned to the 205th Medical Battalion, Missouri National Guard, Kansas City, Mo.; killed in a vehicle accident on Feb. 1, 2003, in Qatar. serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom Army Spc. Rodrigo Gonzalez-Garza Died February 23, 2003 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom 26, of Texas; assigned to A Co, 5th Battalion, 158th Aviation, Giebelstadt, Germany; killed in a UH-60 Black Hawk crash on Feb. 23, 2003, in Kuwait. Army Spc. William J. Tracy Died February 25, 2003 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom 27, of New Hampshire; assigned to B Company, 5th Battalion, 158th Aviation, Aviano Air Base, Italy; killed Feb.25, 2003, in a UH-60 Black Hawk crash in Kuwait.
Feb Vip
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The Federation Oo Drums And Percussion Llc
 Federation of Drums llc presents Drum Solo Compilation CD We are now offering these compilation CDs to help get fellow drummers and percussionists recognized. Requirements are as follows: A decent audio recording of a drum solo between 1 to 3 minutes in duration. File format of the audio recording must be in an MP3 format. A $5.00, non-refundable, registration fee, payable in USD. Full contact information including name of band and website URL, (if applicable). One submission per CD. This is a continuous collection starting with Volume I. There will be 15 drummers per CD. These CDs are available for $15.00, payable in USD. Interested parties should contact by email at
Federal Consolidation Student
federal consolidation studentbad credit student loan consolidation
Fedral Government Economic Stimulis Rebate
The federal government is sending each and everyone of us a $600 rebate. If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, the money will go to China. If we spend it on gasoline it will go to the Arabs. If we purchase a computer it will go to India. If we purchase fruit and vegetables it will go to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. If we purchase a good car it will go to Japan. If we purchase useless crap it will go to Taiwan... and none of it will help the American economy. The only way to keep that money here at home is to buy prostitutes and beer, since these are the only products still produced in the US. Thank you for your help & please support the US.
Feds Tried To Obtain Customer Book Buying Records From
(NewsTarget) Newly unsealed court records have revealed that the U.S. government issued a subpoena to seeking to obtain the identities of customers purchasing books through the Amazon marketplace. The snooping attempt was blocked by U.S. Magistrate Judge Stephen Crocker who wrote in a recently-unsealed ruling, "Well-founded or not, rumors of an Orwellian federal criminal investigation into the reading habits of Amazon's customers could frighten countless potential customers into canceling planned online book purchases." Is the U.S. government trying to profile the psychology of its citizens by secretly data mining their book purchasing habits? Since 9/11 and the passage of the ill-designed Patriot Act (which, if anything, is traitorous, not patriotic), it seems that the U.S. government is aggressively expanding its powers to search records, tap phones and surveil electronic messages, all in an effort to conduct Gestapo-like profiling operations on its own citizens. It is
Fedsex 2
What do u do when u learn about someone who don't get none and is wit someone. Put it two u like this from what was explained 2 me, menopause is a mutha dressed up wit numbers. C i learned from experience when u not getting none ur mornings can be doom and your night resemble hell. So when my boy was complaining, not explaining, about being pussy-less, wit a live piece of meat on the butcher's table or a little boy laying next 2 priest. yeah it will drive u crazy. When women shut down don't go for the rape charge, because that is was is bound to happen. i myself am use 2 getting it in, so imagine how someone who is wit someone who is not even getting around 2 it. U feel "dethrone". Get some become like playing the lottery, if it is going 2 happen then it happen. But u will probably hit every now and then. Myself i would resort 2 different matters, like cheatin, but at this point that is 2 costly. I told homeboy might as well marry your hand if u can't afford a rental or fit 4 the
Fed Up!
I am so tired of men, and all the bull shit that comes along with them! Why can't I find a man who is truly what he says he is?
Fed Up!
So me getting fed up is getting worse. The "I love you" messages and the "I miss you" messages are to much! When it's now pretty much coming from two people, not just the one, it's time for me to react. It's to the point where I don't know who I can trust around me and the person I'm with. We had such a good week this week and I don't want things to start going down hill because people can't leave the past, well past. So I suggest people do, that's all. There is a lot of shit I can only stand so long...Well that shit is going to end now because I'm really fed up with it. When you are with someone and everyone knows, they should back off of that person. I'm happy with the one I'm with, but I guess other people can't be happy. He's with me now and they are going to have to deal with it. I hate hating people but it's about to get to that point. Heads up...I'm fed up... Everyone can take it how they want but whatever. Blogs have been posted already to give you a heads up and obviously it
Fed Up
Fed Up!
Now I am sitting back wondering just how much more I can take... my mind, my body, and my soul? How long will it take to get tired enough to say thats enough and leave and never look back. But I am tired, so tired that I dont even know how to try to get out. My life is turning into nothin... all the hard work seems like its for nothing. I have many friends who love me for who I am and that should be enough... but I feel so lonely! I feel like no one understands what I am going through or just doesnt care. I am so fuckin tired of explaining myself... giving reasons for the choices that I make and it shouldnt even matter. Where did I lose myself and become this other person? Was it when he hit me or was it when he beat my ass? I couldnt really say at this point but I do know that the woman you see today is not the woman I used to be. I am someone else and I want the old me back! I will be her again! The bitch who dont stand for shit! No man will ever do to me the things that have been do
Fed Up
I finally have the internet back! It still amazes me how much i love and hate the internet. But well here we are again!! Nice to see some new faces and sorry about the long break. hugs and kisses Why do I love you so? Why does my heart skip a beat when you are near? Your smile is what brightens my day. Yet it is never for me. You never see me as anything, yet to me you are everything. You seek others that will only hurt you where I will love you. I see what is good and right with you, but you never see that with me. So haw can I love you and you not love me? Where did I go wrong? What was mt crime? I know I'm not perfect, but who is? I would never try to change you only love you for who you are. Open your eyes to that which is right before you or you may lose it forever. This dedicted to all who have loved someone and had them realize to late what they lost. May it never happen to you again. Hugs and Kisses why is it human nature to ingore what is right under our noses?
Fed Up
ok done..done with boys.....DONE....(and for those gettin excited im not a lesbian either lol)...IM GOING TO BE A NUN! lol haha
Fed Up With Bs
i'm tired of lies and let downs & disappointment,i no longer feel for people who are shallow and fake people mistake my kindness for weakness i will no longer lay as the doormat for those who wish to wipe their deceit upon,no longer will i be torn down by those who feel the need to make themselves stronger by making others feel less than....... tired of bs thanks
Fed Up With Ignorant People...
Well as I sit writing, yet another lounge is hitting the ground bleeding out begging for life. I want to thank those that are fellow members and employees of the lounge and I wanna say Im happy to have met you. With a series of events that have transpired over the past several weeks I have come to realize that theres no such thing as a drama free lounge, granted all lounges owners and employees will have there occasional tiffs, but drama will always be the cause of a lounges implosion. Weve all been there when it happens weve all seen it happen time and time again but it dosent really effect you untill you are either A. Employed by the Lounge or B. A devout regular. This is lounge 3 for me and if this is the end for it this will be the end of my extensive time spent in them. I hate to see people hurt but what I hate more, is seeing people being vindictive and taking it out on everyone else... this is my last blog for awhile so read it and let it soak in. Peace, Nate I am so fed u
Fed Up!!!!!
Ok people! This is it! I'm done trying to find a woman for myself and my son. I have been trying to talk to people but they don't talk back ( except for a very few)! Everyone that I get interested in is not interested in me or that they live too far away. Can't find anyone near me that is interested in me. So I'm done trying!!! So if anyone wants to talk to me, you can contact me on hotmail @ hornytoad1965, or on yahoo @ hornytoad1965, or on AIM at hhornyisme. Please don't let the names fool you. So now I will find out who my true friends are!!!! Sorry if this blog seems like I have an attitude right now, but it is because I'm depressed. OK, I'M F'ING FED UP WITH WOMEN. HAD A DATE LAST FRIDAY AND SHE CANCELLED AND DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER CALLING. SHE SAID HER MOM GOT SICK. THEN I TALKED TO HER BEST FRIEND AND SHE ACTED LIKE SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT. NOW I JUST FOUND OUT THAT THIS OTHER GIRL THAT WAS INTERESTED IN ME, NEVER TOLD ME AND SHE TELLS HER BEST FRIEND THAT WE HAD TALKED AND
Fed Up
Happy birthday to me! Yeah so is it asking to much to get a happy birthday from my fiancee on my birthday? I know he is deployed but he read the emails I sent him today..but couldn't even send me a simple.hey hun.. happy bday I'm busy so I'll write you later.. nadda.. and my son is being really clingy today and crying all the time.. I am just really really tired.. I am tempted not even to go out tonight because I just kinda do want to be around people. But I already made plans with my cousin and I always cancel on him when I am stressed out about my fiancee.. grrness. Just want to go home now. I really regret coming down here. My parents can't enjoy their trip to Mt. Pleasant now because I have to drain their bank account with my car problems, Jim is to pig headed to call his parents to help out even though they have plenty of money. I can't make my rent payment now.. all so I could bring him to see his son.. So why doesn't he help out financially? argh.. I seriously am de
Fed Up
what i like to know what is wrong with some of today's women some not all do know what they want in life the look for good men but don't look in the right place sometimes it be right in front of them and they still look else where ppl need to wake up it ain't always about what you look like or how old you are just open your damm eyes sometime ppl
Fed Up!!!!!!!!
i started this profile to meet new people,have fun have people checkout my music page on myspace. Now, its starting to become people bickering over bullshit. so with that said, at the end of the week i'll be deleting my fubar profile. for those of you who have been added to my profile on myspace u can keep in touch with me on there. i have WAY TO MUCH on my plate to deal with childish shit......I'M A GROWN ASS MAN, I HAVE MY KIDS TO PLAY WITH!!!!! Anyways, its been wonderful meeting all of u guys and hope to hear from yall soon. ~D~ "DADDY"
Fed Up!
well, i am faced with a dilemna of "to voice my opinion or not to!" thought a long time bout it and feel as tho i have no other choice but to say something, i am sick of how people swear they know something and snoop behind your back to try and get certain information...but come back with all the wrong information! making something outta nothin, causing drama and all that comes with it...when in the end they are the ones to blame for everything collapsing around them! but yet so quick to point the finger at you and NEVER take responsibility for their own actions. if i made a mistake i will 100% own up to it...but for those ppl who make em all the damn time and never own up to their idiocy, that will be their downfall as a human being! so, whenever you wanna make an accusation, make sure you come with the shit to back it up and can stand behind what you accuse someone of 100%, otherwise, you LOSE!!!!!
Fed Up!!
I am angry because they wont leave us alone I am angry because you wont tell them too. I am angry because they think they can have you I am angry because you wont tell them they can't. I am angry because they get more of your attention. I am angry because you give it to them. I am angry because they don't care we are together I am angry because you don't seem to either. I am angry because they will never love you like I do I am angry because you don't know just how much I do love you.
Fed Up Waiting
Fed Up
I know this isnt anyones business but my own but I decided to make a blog to vent out my fustrations. And of course the fustrator
Fed Up
Am I the only one who thinks its rude when you enter a lounge and the greeters refuse to acknowledge your presence? I understand the nature of the internet and that people are sometimes away from their keyboards but when you enter a lounge and say hello and the greeters are talking to everyone else and blatantly ignoring you its RUDE!!! I've not only had this done to me on a number of occasions at a lounge I'm considering unsubscribing to for that very reason but I've also been in other lounges and seen it happen to other people. All I can say is that if you're going to be a greeter in a lounge, don't destroy the lounge by not doing what you're there to do! You need to treat everyone the same, not pick and choose who you will or will not speak to! All that does is give the lounge a bad reputation!
Fed Up
ok so apparently me and my x fiancee were trying to work out our problems and trying to start a new relationship. you kno getting to kno eachother all over again. but he was saying stuff on his myspace that had nothin to do with me but about him and a differant girl and her x bf. i am so sick of men and their lies. so enless there is a guy that convince me that not all men are ass holes and complete liars and jerks i am completely over and done with men for good.cause right now bein a lesbian looks damn good to if you want to convince me that men are not complete ass holes get a hold of me
Fed Up
what to do when you r kid does not want to go see her mom
Fed Up
This has been a day from hell!!It started at 9:45 this morning, when I got into it with a complete and utter jerk sales rep. Who threatened my jb, if my deptarment didn't place his order. The issue is, he only gave us half the info. It's like buying tires and tellig them (I think they're back?). I mean WTF!!! Then I got into with a branch manager that lost $35,000 in inventory, due to him not receiveing a few truck loads of ice melt. his fault not mine, but her tried to play the teflon game. IE; nothing sticks to me... Only to have my 15 year old shot by a BB gun.... Like I said day from hell.. ARRGHH... *sigh* Tomorrow's another day...
Fed Up
why is it that when someone is doing something that pisses you off, and you ask them to stop they say alright, but wont leave you the fuck alone? i damn near strangled a few co-workers yesterday, all because i am having to run circles around them and im sick of it. im tired of working with little 14-16 year old kids!!!!! most of them need to take their ass home and babysit or something for money. children these days have no respect for adults. . . . im at work yesterday, and i hear this little 14 year old curse like a sailor. . . and her mother, the general manager of the store, is right next to her and SAYS NOTHING TO THE BITCH!!! then my boss and his little friends feel its okay to get drunk at work on the clock and on camera, and they dont get fired?! what the fuck! does "employee safety" mean anything anymore these days?!?!?!?! bullshit i tell you, total bullshit. im tired of being underpaid and overworked. i am not getting paid nowhere near enough to deal with this shit. i thought
Fed Up!!!!
Fed Up
ok here is the dealthere is a point in time where you just stop caring, at this point i dont care weather i live or die at least i know i would be alone as i was through my life im tired of having fake ass people in my life (this doesnt mean you krystal) tired of people thinking they know me and acting like they care about me, tired of feeling alone just all around tired, hate the stress im under, to those that know me i love you all and to those that done straight up fuck you all i dont care if you wanna get to know me or not dont care if you dont wanna know me but whatever it all boils down to im tired of my bullshit life with no 1 to walk with but myself
Fed Up With The Bullshit
i cant figure out why when a guy works his ass off to provide 4 the women he is with that she has to push him away and treat him like shit. i mean wtf im not perfect but damn it seems like the more u try to provide, the more u get the crap kicked out of your heart. wtf is up with that shit. And you say you can't find a decent man, but when you do you just take their heart and crush it!!
Fed Up With The Fakeass Fam Values
_Insane__Clown__Idiots_ in other words ici's (icky's-sounds like) I see them Thuggin' and causeing unneeded myschief. All that is doing is making it harder and more difficult for all the fam. And they piss me off when they don't see it. That is one thing no mutha facko wants.......Fam fightin gets pretty U G L Y!!!!!!! And that is a fact. I am waiting and prepairing for that 15 minutes when the WORLD says, "___________" and it takes a J U G G A L O to stand and start the CALL....... (across the world, mountain top over and above all other mountain tops. Skipping across Oceans, like GIANT flat rocks), "Follow me I know the WAY!!!!!" chop....chop....swing....swing..swing......CHOP!!!!! MCL, in ways you haven't even dreamed of.....yet, CC.
Fed Up And Confused!!
Fed Up With Everyday Stupid Stuff
Obama has decided that there will no longer be a "National Day of Prayer" held in May. He doesn't want to offend anybody. Where was his concern about offending Christians last January when he allowed the Muslims to hold a day of prayer on the capitol grounds. todays spotlight won with a bid of over 1 billion fubucks ?!?!?!? WTF that's just insane. When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 Beers.A professorstood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was. The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar, he shook the jar lightly.... The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was fu
Fed Up With Haters
Fed Up (tired Of It All)
I'm tired of being played. I'm tired of being treated like I'm in last place. I'm tired of being treated like I'm a no name. I'm tired of being lied to, why won't they just tell me the truth? Forget about my feelings, and let me know how you really feel. If you don't want anything to do with me or don't wanna be bothered by me, just tell me. Life goes on, friends come and go. I'm a misfit and an outcast anyway, so it doesn't make a difference. I'm tired of all the games and the fake people that pretend to be a friend. It makes me so sick and makes me wanna go off and go on a rage. It makes me wanna change into a person that's out of my character. † To put it plain and simple I'M FED UP AND TIRED OF IT ALL!!!
Fed Up
Sorry that I'm not thin Sorry that I'm not smart Sorry that I don't know about guns or cars Sorry that I don't make a lot of money Sorry that I am just whatever looking Sorry I can never seem to talk about any thing that you care about Sorry that I am not sun shine and rainbows Sorry I'm not a morning person Sorry that I seem to make you just want to sleep Sorry I'm not fun Sorry I am not some one that you want to go places with. Sorry for being me............................. You make my knees go weak and my head spin. I wake up each day wondering how soon till I see you? Feeling my heart beat faster †as I look from face to face wanting more then nothing for one of them to be you. Needing to hear you voice so that my heart will go on beating for the blood to flow with in my vains. Holding †you close is what I live for. Wanting to have you be the first thing when I wake up the last thing that I see be4 I close my eyes. I want to be the one that fills all of you dreams o
Fed Up
Fed Up
You might call this a bitch session call it what u want but i have had just about enough. Im tired of disrespectful people Im tired of fake friends, backstabbers, users so on. Im tired of people who dont appreciate things people do for them is it real hard to say ty? not by bling just say ty geez. Im no longer here to level†im here for my fu hubby im here to help †im here for†my true friends i dont care if im popular but i want to be appreciated. I have been here 6 yrs and its worse then its ever been.†
Fed Up With Fubar!!!
Im beginning to think the site name is very appropriate...
Fed Up With Fubar!!!
Feeble Attempts At Humor
There is an uproar about this NSFW photo displays so I've come to realize a few things here: Don't post bulletins , they just get ignored. Quite a few people on here don't want to chat with you , they just want you to give them points If they were going to say something about the adult pics , they've kinda closed the gates after all the cattle has left ( might have wanted to do this a bit sooner , admins) When you do reach the top level on points here , what do you win? Exactly. For all of you who take this site too seriously : RELAX! It's just a website and nothing more.Take the time to get to know the folks on your friends list , you may find some hidden treasures. Points really don't mean diddly! I was under the assumption this was all in fun. Better yet , buy an old car that needs restoring and get a hobby that is rewarding! I might tick some people off with this blog but the level of fanaticism can be ...well... just a bit frightening! Something smells here! I mean , you h
Feeding The Senses
Music Video Codes - MySpace Layouts silver grey shimmered in the sun the old man laughing as the warmth kisses his skin he remembers what it was to be young, again. his ears seem to hear every single sound out here yet back inside, he can never hear those pesky nurses; someone calls his name- it's her. she was the one back then. so beautiful. he remembers meeting down at smiths pond, behind the railroad tracks. that's where he received the best gift of his life; her kisses were like honeysuckle to his tongue. but she's gone now, passed away a few years ago, it was just her time. he never did get to say goodbye. laughter- who's that laughing? oh, it was just jane and michael. there was so much wonderment in watching his two children grow up- but reality is harsh when you haven't seen either of them in atleast five years. a sadness overcomes his mind. why is he here? stuck at this place where no one comes to see him but the blue birds on a warm sunday morning. h
Feedback And Suggestions
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The Feed.
††††† When will women stop trying to be controlling? I just recently got with a woman who took oxys and percs. I did everything possible to make her happy but when she was on her meds she changed. Then didn't remember what i did for her. She would give me hell for it. I couldn't take it any more so I had to le her go. Sometimes the best thing to do is let go. She tried to Alpha Male my life instead of sharing it she wanted to control it. Maybe one day she'll remember how nice I was to her. By then I think it will be too late. †††††† So now my next chapter of my life begins. Who will be in my life next remains to be seen. Till then I'm just taking some me time. Catching up on my school work and life in general. Every now and then one needs to regroup collect your thoughts and keep moving forward. So to all who have a similar problem just hang in there life does get better.† ††† When life throws you lemons make Vodka (wink, wink).............. ††††††††††††††††††† ThanksGiving is the
Feedback On Books
Feeding The Fires Of Your Desires
Fee Fi Fo Fuck...
Who says you can live happily ever after? I wish I knew, because I would hunt him down and pop him right in the mouth. Life is fucking hard, even during the calm moments. Bills to pay, work to slave over, the monotony of living. Day in, Day out. You get lucky occasionally- find that someone to share the grind with... girl/boyfriend, or husband/wife...but the time drags on, the wheels keep turning...and you have to balance like a lumberjack on a spinning log, or you will be pinned under the cogs of life's wheel. Fairy godmother doesn't exist. Hard work and perserverence does. Ten steps forward eight steps back. I didn't say life wasn't fun. I said life was hard (and I like hard), rock and roll, the moderate use of drugs...a little spanking here and there. But is it glass slippers and magic spells? Fuck no.
Feelings And Thoughts
I was on my way to pick up my kids today when I looked up and saw how bright the sky still was only a few Grey clouds dweled in the vast horizon...and then I saw the moon so bright even though the sun has yet to set to make way for night...I closed my eyes and thought how simple...Its funny how something so simple makes someone stop to think....when they allow somethings so complex to pass right by them...and when those things come back around it almost kills thier soul...I am no simple minded person enter my mind and you will get lost....I do all the time. heres the deal I am taging myself and after I tag you you have to tag 7 or more depending on what you wish.... you have to write the 7 most crazy screwed up things about your self in your blog then tag someone else lets see how far this goes send the tags through private messages or comments it really doest matter all my 7 were random thoughts some a friggin funny shit that really noone should think amusing but I
Those Born 1920-1979 READ TO THE BOTTOM FOR QUOTE OF THE MONTH BY JAY LENO. IF YOU DON'T READ ANYTHING ELSE---VERY WELL STATED TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking As infants &children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle.
the definition of a friend, to me anymore..well i just dont know.i got many of people who CLAIM to be a friend and CLAIM to worry when i am not on for a while.its like oh hey i miss you or hey where ya been or hey sure do miss talkin to you hurry and get on sometime.but when i finally DO get on and are trying to talk to these people who do this i get ignored. i mean it is obvious that i am not a person they want to talk to. i mean i know a person can be busy from time to time.god dont i know that,but when you try continuously to communicate with people that you have had a a friend forever and they dont seem to answer you or WANT to for that matter, well then hey maybe it is time to think..mmmmmm maybe i am just one of those friends that they want to talk to on THEIR time only when THEY want to.if anyone decided to read this and at this point in time i really dont care if anyone does cuz i am fed up ,then let me know what ya think. maybe i am just rambling cuz i was in a bad wreck toda
It's hard to feel when ya do open up ya have to close...It's hard to imagine a life being so cold... Somtimes all you look for is some warm of a gentle soul... But when you get shut down... Ya switch to the defensive and automaticly your a dick... Ohwell shit happens.. I'm a dick deal with it...
Feeling Hot ;)
I am naughty, extremely sexy youung woman with good sexual appetite:) Already started feeling that?? Come ... and make me feel hot!
3:50 am and I am listening to the rain fall outside my window..soul tears from the skies above reaching their way back from the heavens above. I sit here in almost total darkness with only the light of my monitor illuminating my keyboard. Thoughts racing through my mind like the wind rushes through the trees. Can't help but wonder what it would be like if I never saw things eyesight to the give something of myself to someone less fortunate than I... The gifts we're given should never be taken for granted by any of us... Blessed I feel at times given a gift of compassion a true gift that heals and that is my purpose in this to heal. I have never known until now...I can still give love to the people whom I am brought to love, but when it comes the actual physical aspect of having that one to love and to doesn't exist, I am only capable of loving one woman and it more than likely will never come to that...I have never felt this way abo
Feeling Horny????
Hi ladies anyone feeling horny today!!!!! Well i am and i'm on cam to prove it!!!!!!
Tonight I saw a beautiful sunset. As the sun was going down it cast a beautiful hue of red and pink across the clouds in the sky and it made me wonder what people thought about when they saw the sun rising. I've heard a lot of people say that when they see the sunrise that they believe it's a miracle that is proof that God truly exists. I, on the other hand see it as something different. When I see the sunrise in the morning casting a beautiful golden curtain across the sky it stirs something within me that is profound. It brings forth to me feelings of hope. The kind of hope they can only come from a sunrise letting you know that you have made it through the night and have yet another day to live and hopefully make the world a better place. Lately I've not been doing such a good job of making the world and better place and for that I'm sorry. With tomorrow's sunrise I will again hope to do better and strive harder to make the world a better place doing whatever I can to help a
Feeling Very Sick!!!
HAVE A GREAT BUT SAFE NEW YEARS!! Hope u all r having a great day.SorRy i havent been on that much ive been sick.Ive got to have surgery Monday Ill try to be on more as soon as i get back to my self thanks for the comment yall.BIG WARM HUG TO ALL MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!
A Feeling Of Family
The Notre Dame football team played 29 Palms last night. That team is known for taking dirty hits at the team they play. Last year, they broke our quarterback's leg and they took a cheap shot at me last night. One of their players hit me and dislocated my shoulder and it seemed like people that knew me from school where really worried. That's why I love my school. There is always a feeling of family with the student body, especially the football team. When I was on the ground in pain, I was surrounded by the ND water girls, and a trainer. When they took me to the sidelines and sat me on the bench, everyone wanted to make sure I was okay. Ever since I transfered from Hemet High, I've felt like I was part of a family at Notre Dame.
I am in a really bad mood today so if I dont get back to you right away its because of my mood and I dont want to say anything to offend anyone.....I will get back to you when I feel better...I promise......To all my friends and family....I love you all so please feel free to leave me messages i will get back to you soon!! Love LeAnn aka ~*~Twisted Illusions~*~ I am sittin here going out of my mind.....did something i really shouldnt have done today....but i did and i cant change it now......I am bored out of my mind.....need someone to talk to or something.....It has just been a horrible day all the way around. Has anyone ever just felt like nothing can go right for you? I just dont know what to do. LeAnn
Have you ever had one of those days where everything that can go wrong in the morning did go wrong. Like the idiot I am I set the alarm for pm not am, No hot water for the shower, defroster in the car didn't work, it snowed (yuck!), and the kicker...client report that I completed at 11pm was not formatted to their liking so now I have to redo the whole thing... Today sucks! Sorry I know I can now officially be called Debbie Downer! Anyone of you brave souls wanna take a stab at cheering my ass up :P Sorry I am sure I will be fine after the coffee does its magic on me. Kisses Jillie Drank 2 much and getting over a tummy flu.. I am right now feeling like saying all those things I did not want to say to the people who have peeved me lately. Just wanted to apologize in advance for my actions.. Oh and T.O. (you know who you are) I want to lick you from head to head... MUAHS!!! I was torn in two by what I thought was love lost in the not so distant past. (okay I know a
The Feel Of Chocolate Cover me in chocolate head to toe start at the top keep moving down go oh so slow... Begin with my lips spread it on lightly teasing me as you lick let it drip down..... My neck is the next spot make it hot by sucking slow let the chocolate guide you nothing drastic keep it simple... Revel in me as I grin with delight... Touch my nipples feel how hard they are touch them taste them... Make my skin ripple wiggle in pleasure watch as the chocolate trickles down my breast... See my chest? It's obsessed with your touch... The warm chocolate is just enough to almost send me into overdrive almost.. Trying to stay composed as you move down... I'm drowning in you... Your touch Your skill Your sensualness caress me from deep inside... You must decide if you want to continue moving down.. or if you want to stop and finish later... You answer by sp
As you already may know, our beloved Randy passed away on December 27th, 2006. Randy Truly loved his family, friends, and dear customers. He was a well respected Artist, Tattooist, Actor, and most of all, a friend. His kindness and compassion will be dearly missed. Randy Was One Of A Kind. There has been a memorial fund set up in Randy's Honor. The fund account has been temporarily set up in his sister's name until a 501, a donation establisment, can be put into place. A PayPal Account Will be set up for the donations to made to.There will be more information on this within the next 12-24 hours as the family is preparing to say goodbye. Look for more updates on here, Randy's Myspace, and The Olde School Tattoo Website for further updates on this. Randy's Visitation and Memorial Services will be held at: Mayes Ward Funeral Home 180 Church St. Marietta Ga, 30060 Visitation From : 9:30am - 11:00am Memorial Service Starts : 11:00am Thank You For All Of Your Love And S
I don't normally blog on Myspace. Too many people I know and I don't know I am not one to share true feelings. Since everyone here seems so nice and supportive I figure this is a great place to come. Last week my Husband (ryan) didn't feel well, I had bought some spare robs to BBQ but insted of saying I don't want those put them back in the freezer he just feel asleep early it was great I didn't have to cook but that was $12.00 of food that was wasted. so they are still in my fridge starting to get funky and I don't have the heart to throw them away. I will never cook them but now garbage dosen't come for another week so I don't want them to totally funk befor next friday. Then on monday I pulled pork chops out of the freezer and put them in microwave to defrost then we went out to eat, i forgot them till tuesday then remembered they were there. I called ryan he pulled them out and put them in the fridge why?? So they went bad too. Then 2 weeks ago it was my baby shower my best
Someone I want someone I can laugh with Someone I can cry to Someone to run on the beach with Who'll lift me up and swing me in circles Untill we both fall dizzy and laughing Like children In the warm, cream-colored sand I want someone to read my poetry to share a cocolate sundae with on a lazy summer day someone to splash in the tide with after the rain I want someone whose birthday I can memorize someone I can grow old with someone to help when he is sick someone to brush back the lock of hair that constantly falls in my eyes I want someone I can lie in the cool, green, grass with someone who can see the same colors I do when he looks at a susnet someone to notice the new shirt I am wearing someone to surprise me with a smile when mine is tired someone to nudge me awake when the commercial is over I want someone to feel all the things I'm feeling simply because I'm feeling them
Feeling The Need To Yap
Even though the baby is coming along fine, growing and moving like he should his amniotic fluids have dropped to 5% and his mother's liver isn't functioning properly anymore. It appears that she has started to get jaundice because her skin is getting that yellow tone to it. She is now 33wks and just had her DR app't today and will go back on Mon to get a biophysical done again and hopefully IF the baby is needed to be delivered early then the DR will do it instead of waiting until it's too late like he did with poor Dominik. Iam asking that people keep this baby in their thoughts and pray for his safe arrival even if he does come early. My family cannot suffer another loss like we just had with Dominik. Well just thought I'd stop in and let those who care know whats going on in my life these days since Ive "almost fully" left CT. Well....not awhole lot lol I did meet a really nice guy who wanted a relationship so after some thought, I agreed to it. That lasted 48hrs lmao
Ok so I go into a dealership to have my car looked at. I know whats wrong with it but again have to have it diagnosed by the yuppies. So im greeted by this girl who then asks me what I need. I simply state I need a driveabilty diagnostic test done on my car. She is all whats wrong so instead of stating it I show her. Slowly i begin to tell her whats wrong blah blah even point out the parts. All is grand...she writes down something COMPLETELY different on the paperwork. Im like whatever lady. So im sitting there staring at my car for 2 hours and she gets in it to drive it off....of course i freak out. Ok me as a chick driving my car is one thing...but all my friends know im kinda different. Aint no way in hell im letting some other chick drive my baby. So after having a panic attack lol and watching her drive off i settle down for another hour or so with her coming up to me repeatedly asking the same damn questions i answered before. I said maybe if you wrote down what i sai
Feelin Cherry
Hello Cherries. I am in need of some cherry friends. Rate me Love Me. Chat with Me Comment me. Whatever me, lol I want to be a twisted cherry. Can you help me out? xxoxoxoxo JoAnn
Feeling Poetic
Take a walk inside my mind you see mirrors. Reflections, your face. Time and place gone, and yet forever captured. Joy, pain, laughter, fear feelings held dear. Emotions run deep. Pools of thought drift to the past seep into present. Mirrors, I reflect Colors, a spectrum red, green, blue light, dark, misty gray reminding of another day gone by
Feelings Bout Everything...
I wasnt born on purpose,I was unpurposly born Im the reason of what happens when the condom is torn Iight well its been forever since ive been around..i got a man house job college damn my life is good..i will put new pics up of course cant wait..mwah see u all seen mwah mwah "Cover Girl" Hey, oh oh oh Hey, oh hey Oh yeah, oh yeah I wish I could be That girl in the magazine everybody sees She so pretty, I wish I could be When I close my eyes I see What you want me to be That girl [chorus] Wish I could be your Cover Girl Mascara, and lipstick I would be so pretty A little blush, not too much Maybe you'll notice That I could be your Cover Girl Or accept me for me Cover Girl Boy, when you're alone with me I'm takin' good care of you Givin' everything you need I don't know if it's good enough for you Cause you're always in the TV When you're right here next to me I know I'm not Halle Berry, girls from videos I just want to be someone you can hold I just w
Feeling Invisible
Feeling Invisible written by Susan DuFour January 5, 2006 I'm feeling kinda lonely feeling kinda blue I don't really know how or why Or even what to do I like to talk to people and today I want to play but all I feel is lonely Like I've been pushed away I want to be held all night through but I know others have things to do Today I need attention I know I got the blues but today I feel invisible and no one has a clue I'm reaching out to others Crying in a way I guess I cry myself to sleep and wait another day.
Feelin A Lil Shitty
Each day seems as if its an eternity. Nathan has been gone now for 6 months. Sometimes it seems like its been forever since I seen my angel and other times it seems as if it were yesterday. The pain and hurt only seem to get worse. Some days Im okay other days I just dont want to get out of bed I dont want to face this world without him. I look at Matt and realize I have to hold on he needs me. If it werent for him I wouldnt be here I couldnt make it through this. I feel so very alone.... Why is life so unfair?? Why do children get sick with these awful diseases and die? Why my child?? I look back over the last two years of my life when it got turned upside down. It hurts. My son was diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma in December of 2004. He went through a year of chemo treatments. He had a month of radiation treatments. In December of 2005 they found a new spot on his bladder. It took them three months to do a biopsy and find out what it was. He was then diagnosed in March 2006
Feeling Sexy
Looking at all these hot ladies is making me feel sexy and hot!!!! Stop by check out my sites Add me as a friend, or a fan!!! I was down with the flu a bit, however I am feeling pretty nice now, every now and then getting a lil sick feeling to my tummy, hopefully will all be over with soon. I did take some pics of our chicken stew we had, and I ate a lil started feeling sick again, but we have alot saved so tomorrow I eat chicken stew!! Kisses Alyse
Feelings And Despair
Well. All the pain i went through with my ex-fiance is pretty much gone, but it is still painful to think that the man lived with me for all that time, and had a whole other life. How do you have more than one fiance (3 that i know of) and they not know. guess it is easy when you pick one from another country, one who works days, and the other works nights. Well, i have learned not to trust people too easily, it takes time, because if the man that was living with me can get one over on me, then anyone can. So, i am more cautious, decided to just forget about men all together, but learned i can't do that, i love men way to much for that. He still thinks that i worry about what is going on in his life, well, i don't worry about him, but I do worry about the women that he is playing. being online and meeting women, making them think that they are his one and only, someone has to stop him from hurting so many women. One of these days he is gonna do it to the wrong one and she is not
Doesn't really sound right calling you that but that is what you wanted and I'm trying very hard to respect that. Yes, this is hard, not only for you but for me and the kids as well. I'm trying to figure out what I should be doing, what I need to be doing. You have the advantage over me. You have the job, you have the babysitter (me), you don't have to worry about that, but I do. All I really wanted was a chance to be prepared. So that THIS FEELING OF HOPELESSNESS WOULDN'T HAPPEN. But don't think that I don't understand what you have been trying tell me. But all I can hope for that what your telling me is finally the truth. I'm not placing the blame as one might think, I know I had my hand in this too. And some days are better than others. Today isn't one of them though. With the storm coming in I'm scared shitless because if the power goes out I don't have heat for the kids. If it snows, I can't go anywhere because I don't know how to drive in the snow. I feel isolated out h
Feelin' Right
i think i'm getting sick. damnit. Yea so, this week has been good. Gettin' to meet some new people on here, get to hook up some sweet ass LCD screens to four Playstation 2's at work (how many jobs let you do that :-) and New Brunswick was insane on Thursday night. Balance is nearly acheived . enjoy the rest of your weekend. peace :-)
You beat me so bad, Now you're the one crying You left me to die And now you lay dying You made my life hell But soon you'll be frying You plea for my help Will I come out of hiding? And go to you now, Personal care providing? Hold you at the end Final comfort supplying? I am torn apart So much trouble deciding Abandoned, forgotten, alone Silence my only friend Yet devoid of words to console This heart that cannot mend Discarded, rejected, disowned Coldness surrounds me now No warm embrace to soothe my soul Hopelessness pins me down Forsaken, deserted, forlorn Darkness my comfort be Let melancholy be no more Quietus come to me Despondency overwhelms me Despair consumes my soul Darkness moves in and surrounds me Fear will not let me go Wretchedness is a cruel master Ripping my heart to shreds Purging the joy and the laughter Crushing my happiness. Misery, what a companion Tormenting me all night I cry out in desperation Relea
Feelin Better About Shit
lately i have been really depressed, but finally i feel better. i believe i get depressed when i dont talk to someone . when i dont see him i get sad i cant go 10 minutes without thinking about him, he is the most sweetest man i have ever meet. when i see him my life lights up, i am the happiest person when i am with him. he makes me smile and laugh he has never mad me sad or mad that he could help anyways. this man means the world to me and i dont know what i would do with out him. if i ever lost him i am scared my life will fall apart. baby i love you with all of my heart and i am so scared to tell you..... hopefully one day soon you will realize how good we would be together........i would be the best women you could've ever dreamed of. i would treat you like the king you derseved to be treat like. i love you forever and always!!!
Feeling Freaky
Does anyone write or is there email just for the style points? anyway if you are a friend or just visit drop me a line just to say hi. Ciao Steven a New point of frustration. THE PROFILE FILLED WITH PHOTOS OF GORGEOUS WOMAN AND NOT ONE OF THEM IS THE PERSON WHOSE PROFILE IT IS. THEY GET RATED A 10 BUT THEY MAY ONLY BE A 5 OR LESS. tHIS IS MISSREPRESENTATION. iT IS ALSO LYING.YES I SAID LYING. EVEN WHEN WE HAVE FRIENDS WE EQUATE A FACE WITH THAT PERSON.NOW IMAGING IF YOU BEGIN TO BECOME CLOSE WITH THIS FRIENDAND IT BECOMES SOMETHING MORE. IT DOES HAPPEN. AND FIN OUT THAT YOUR BEAUTIFUL SENSUAL INTELLIGENT FRIEND IS NON OF WHAT SHE REPRESENTED HERSELF TO BE.EVEN YOU GIRLS HAVE ITGO THE OTHER WAY AND SEE HOW MUCH ANGER RISES. LET ME KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN Does it aggrevate anyone else, when people put up pictures that are not themselves for there profile photo? I mean its OK if you use art that represents an aspect of you personality; althought it still is not my fav
Feeling Used And Abused
Why are people so cruel? Is it fun to make others hurt? Is it a thrill to make someone else cry? The ones that say they are friends tend to be the worst. Iím so tired of people saying they are my friends Then they turn around and hurt me. If I say someone is my friend. Then that person is my friend. I would never do or say anything to hurt that person. Yet they do it to me all the time. I know that opening up to a person isnít easy. That there is going to be some pain involved. But I donít feel that I should have to take this from those calling themselves friends. If you say you are my friend and I call you a friend Then that is just what you are! Stop hurting me or we will not be friends much longer! I hate this cruel world All the mean things that happen I hate feeling used I hate feeling abused Always taken for granted Only good enough to be a friend Never good enough to be more Everyone taking Never giving I give everything and expect nothing Those that s
ďJust remember, the same as a spectacular Vogue magazine, remember that no matter how close you follow the jumps: Continued on page whatever. No matter how careful you are, there's going to be the sense you missed something, the collapsed feeling under your skin that you didn't experience it all. There's that fallen heart feeling that you rushed right through the moments where you should've been paying attention. Well, get used to that feeling. That's how your whole life will feel some day. This is all practice. None of this matters. We're just warming up.Ē
Feeling Blue
ok so this kinda sucks.....i just realized that where i really wanna be for this holiday season isnt where im gonna be...most of the money ive saved i had to spend cause i hadnt worked in 5 weeks and now that im back at work im only doing 4 hours a day at most 5 doctors orders it would have been so awesome to spend christmas and start the new year all the way across the country with some awesome company but things seem to just keep going wrong :( ok so he's mad at me and hasnt talked to me in two days and i should be mad at him but all i can do i miss him i dont know why and well even tho he refuses to let me know how he feels about me, even if it means us just being friends...he's still the one person i wanna be with this christmas and the one person id wanna be with to start the new just bites that i dont have the cash for a plane ticket but i still havent given up hope
Feeling Confused
Why is it that sometimes I feel like I did the wrong thing? That I shouldn't be where I am today, but I am here becuz of my decisions I have made. So many thoughts are running through my mind right now. There is just too much going on and changing in my life and it is all making me confused and wondering if I did the right thing. I have feelings that are still there for people who I shouldn't feel anything for anymore. And these two people have done horrible things to me but I love them, and I do not know for what reason. These feelings just overpower my others and it is ALL I think about. I feel terrible that I'm still feeling these emotions, but then that is where my confusion comes I with the right person? what if I'm not? I hate writing in these stupid blogs about what is going on in my head. I prefer to talk to my friends, but the only one I want to talk to is never around anymore and I miss her. I need her to talk to. She understands more then anyone.
as i cut deeper watch my blood flow like a river watch it grow larger as it runs down every where watch it until i run dry let it fill up your dream full of me let me rest in you mind forever all i ever wanted to do was show you unconditional love but its a crime now i just wanted to hold you close but that is a crime you say you care but you hide be hind lies you said you wanted to see me and be more then my freind but you slept with some one else why do i have to hurt like this because of wanting to love you is this gods way of forsakeing me why tho all i ever wanted was to be a good prson to love someone like you but that just goes to show life is a tease just like you its a false dream of hope and lies dead ends to and thanks to you i see the truth behind ever closed door thanks to you i suffer more thanks to i bleed thanks to you im cold to every one everything and most of all thanks cause i am cold now to but now i bleed for you for now for al
Feels Like Home
Chantal kreviazuk ~Feels Like Home~ Somethin' in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myself Makes me wanna lose myself, in your arms There's somethin' in your voice, makes my heart beat fast Hope this feeling lasts, the rest of my life If you knew how lonely my life has been And how long I've been so alone And if you knew how I wanted someone to come along And change my life the way you've done It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me It feels like I'm all the way back where I come from It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong A window breaks, down a long, dark street And a siren wails in the night But I'm alright, 'cause I have you here with me And I can almost see, through the dark there is light Well, if you knew how much this moment means to me And how long I've waited for your touch And if you knew how happy you are making me I never thought that I'd love any
A Feeling
Darkness inside me bound to consume my spirit, will you try to hear it, my desperation of a cry, or is our friendship but yet another lie, sometimes I ask myself why bother to try, finding myself on the brink of letting out a cry, but I think its starting to sear..... Eternal bliss of hope that seeds itself within me waiting to be set free, what is it that should be said to let you out into view, or does it matter to that of what I have hopes for or less there of, Thinking of what I should say if not mutter to myself , what is this beast within myself that spiked itself so deep within ones self that you can't seem to make it budge..... once more you ask yourself a I want this thorn to move itself from within, or do you enjoy the feeling as much..... I do ... I do enjoy this feeling..... But then once more its starting to sear....... I only can realize that this was no beast , but a brillent array of swirling feelings.... pain , happiness, fear , hate, lov
Feeling Blue!!
We all get grouchie! As amatter of fact im feelin it to...but despite it further im given away sum hugss and lots of love to you!!!Hope ur Holidays dont turn that blue!!for the Love i send!! is also for the world to!! and this be my pray to all of you!! Calvin!
Feeling Sick
These days I haven't been feeling up to par.Every waking hour I'm in tons of Pain.It started last week.Terrible Kidney Pain.Help with my NA's Narcathon Sunday + Monday,my pain was so bad I missed mondays meeting,overslept.All day Teusday I spent it in the Emergency rm at the Hospital.They refused to give me Narcotic's cause I seem to be very Constipated. So in the meantime,as I writh in Pain.I'm taking what I can to blow out this Dam of shit,which seems to be a Slow ass process.An I'm broke till Jan.3,07.I seem to be a bit of a Miserable bastard lately. I don't mind rateing Pictures,Images,Naughties,etc.When I'm feeling ok.Now the Rest of the Household seems to have the Damn flu,which could be hitting me as well.Just because the on tap display is on. It doesn't mean I'm even near the computer.I realize always some contest to Rate friends,fans,familly,.My point I'm trying to say is I feel Like Shit.I certainly don't feel like Rateing nothing Either.Hopefully I didn't hurt anyones feeli
Feeling Better
Well I had My Gall Bladder out on the 28th I am home and feeling much better although I do still have pain but it's not as bad as it was before. Thanx to all my friends!
Feeling A Bit Poetic Kinda
My Unspoken Love, I stare into the darkened doorway, Peering into the night The shadows stirring in the warm subtle wind, as I wait, Watching the same path you walked down, the same path you left me on. I stand there in that doorway, The doorway where we shared one anotherís warm embrace, That warm embrace that kindred souls feel when they meet for the very first time. That embrace that shines a radiant gold as a connection is made. The radiance that was once apparent, now slowly diminishes into the cold, dark ashes of the mournful shadows of the silenced night. Slowly fading, slowly was filling my unfaithful heart with emotions unknown. As the tears of deception roll down my scornful features of an existent illusion; I fell crying out your name in vain. Crying out your name in that same dark, sorrowful doorway that I pushed you out of with words. With this letter, the unspoken emotions can now speak. They speak the words that I couldnít s
Feeling Blue
I want to be happy but things feel very blue, I miss my friends and loved ones. I feel like every thing in my life is slipping away and the harder I grip the faster it goes. I start to cry alot and half the time I dont know why. I wish for nothing but to be happy. I am ok for a couple days but then something inside takes hold and knocks me over back in to sadnes with one swift blow. I just want to be happy again...
Feeling Sexy
im all dressed up and no one to play with any one care to play with me
Feeling Sad..
Today I woke up feeling great about myself. Feeling confident in how I looked, the way I acted, about everything about myself.. I put my heart, my soul, and my body "hehehe" into this site.I know I'm not the typical body type that people dream about, I do have a few extra pounds.. But working my ass off every night to fix that!! I'm not on CherryTap because I want people to tell me they want me, not for the points, for the freedom of my sexuality , I believe every person is beautiful in their own way.. weather they like to pole dance, which once you try it, you'll love it!! or do yoga, or work out at the gym, or just stay in and play on the computer.. But today a friend of mine places a mumm on his site about my video that i'm pole dancing in. Asking if everyone thought I was awesome like he thought.. TO his, and my surprise.. people can be VERY mean.. I understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea.. But why write something thats incredibly rude to the person who is in the vi
Don't be afraid to feel the butterflies!! No worries if someone kill them or if they just disappear for a while..... They will always come back!! So, I decided to let the butterflies come in and give me tickles and make me laugh & be happy. I will just enjoy the moment. I'm not afraid to die. Why should I be afraid to love??!! U know!! Just live!!! Live and make it happen.
When all about you is black with gloom, And all you feel is pending doom. When your bones are racked with grim despair - When every breath is a gasp for air. Keep on going, though you need to grope, For around the bend is a ray of hope. A ray of hope is perhaps all that's left, As your will to live has been bereft. You've lost it all, it's just no use! You can end it all, you need no excuse. But throw away that piece of rope, And give yourself a chance of hope. Just give yourself another day, Brushing aside what your thoughts may say. This is your life and you can make a new start, By ignoring the brain - just follow the heart. Taking baby steps in order to cope, And minute by minute you'll build on your hope. Build on your hope,. one day at a time, Though the road be steep and hard to climb. The hurts of the past - they should be dead. The fears of the future are all in your head. Just live in the present and refuse to mope Your life will sparkle for you'r
This is my first blog ever,so hopefully it's not lame,but it's just something I'm feeling and need to express. Lately I have been feeling some things,that are real hard to explain.I should start by saying I am married,and not happy at all,but there is someone on this site that means a lot to me,and I look forward to every time we get to talk to each other.Lately,our schedules haven't been the most consistant with each others,but I guess that comes with responsibility. I don't know whether to tell this person,that I think I am in love with them,because as I said I am married,and she is in a relationship as well.I have to say though that the things I am feeling are really unexplainable,as I have not met her in person,just heard her voice and talked to her on here every chance I get to.I don't know if the feelings I am having are mutual,but I certainly hope that they are.I just feel the need to be with her,and I don't know how to accomplish this,given both of our current status'.I gues
Feelin Dumb
Hey there ppl well i rarely do this blog things...cause i figure for what....well i do but i have another site where i vent and let out my ur wondering why im feeling dumb an idiot well just basically cause i fall for the stupidest things...u know u think you know a person and u think they are being honest 110% cause what do they got to lose right? well im starting to believe that NOONE is HONEST IN THIS DAM WORLD!!!! you know guys can tell a girl that they are the only one they are talking to or that their not dating and that well they basicall just care about you and only im stupid for believeing that over and over....u know when u get something from someone u think awwww he sent me this thinkin ur special and ur the only one who got it...coming to find out months later that its giving to not just you but other females....grrrrrr how could i possibly believe it was just for banging my head againist wall now...
Well this is my first blog ever on here........exciting huh? lol anyway Just checkin it out......i'll write more later!
Feelings And Such
Feelings and such... I have so much in my head right now I don't know what to do with it all....I wish I knew, I wish I could, I wish I did. I came to the point where I was actually happy about how my life was going, and the help I've gotten that has taken me this far. Almost a year ago I might as well have been dead. At least that's how I felt. I was loving living. Waking up everyday thinking, "Alright, a brand new day, let's make the best of it.", but not so much anymore. Something happened that made me think. Made me feel pathetic and like a loser. Broke me down completly. I have a cemical imbalance in my brain that makes it hard for me to be happy without help. And when I don't get that help, I do my best to keep my mood up and not to lose it. It's not easy for me, to feel like I do, like I wish I didn't. I usually say, "You're only as happy as you want to be.", but I get that thrown back in my face pretty much all the time. This might not make any sense to anyone reading it, but
Feeling Blah Tonight !!!!!!!!!!
I am really feeling blah tonight and i just really hate feeling like this and i have no idea why i feel the way i do and i just want it to stop now not later....home life is not what it used to be with hubby and family for some reason my hubby is the biggest jerk there is anymore and if he keeps it up i am out of here. I do love him very very much we have been together for almost 7 years and married for almost 4 and a half years. But i just don't know how much more i can take from him and family is just a different story!!! Me and my sister have been raising our brother's 2 wonderful children since june 29th,2006,because his wife up and left him and the kids with him and she doesn't want them and he can't take care of them right now living in a very small appartment but it is fine with me that the kids are with us because they are better off with us and being well taking care of and she can die for all i care anymore..She is a slut and more but i am not going to get into
Chris Benoit's father Michael appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" this morning and shed new light on his son's final days. Tests of Chris Benoit's brain tissue revealed that Chris had severe brain damage. The level of brain damage Chris had was equivalent to an 85-year-old Alzheimer's patient - and similar to three NFL players who committed suicide. There were abnormal protein deposits in the brain caused by trauma to Benoit's head. Chris' brain tissue was tested at the request of his father, Michael Benoit. Michael Benoit says that he agreed to have his son's brain tested because he found a recent diary his son wrote that indicated he was "extremely disturbed". Severe brain damage can lead to depression and irrational, violent behavior. I feel that we really never really know what really happend that weekend I don't think that anyone will ever really know. Maybe there may be something in the Dieary that Chris had or was given after the death of his friend and a fellow great w
Feeling Bad:(
Hey all.. Just wanted to say i am sorry for making anyone feel uncomfortable. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about.. don't worry about it. I'm gonna just chill on yahoo for awhile.. if ya need me hit me up there.. I am feeling very emotional and not really wanting to cry.. and well i am sensitive and it could Once again.. Sorry guys.
Feeling And Thought
Due unfortunate circumstances I wont be around / ol a lot... I only going to check message here n there. So, if you want to talk drop me message I'll get back when I can... (I'll leave this board on all time). Just because my tears have stopped falling That doesnt mean my sadness is healing I'm merely feeling the presence of The cowardly side of myself That's settled into my heart But I want to keep believing In the beginning of my little dream Little by little, my heart Is beginning to walk forward Dragging even the pain along with it Even if I lose sight of tomorrow in confusion My thoughts and feelings Will still search for the future I'll tire myself out crying Shedding so many tears it will form a rainbow And at the end of that rainbow I'll be standing there born anew born~Miwako Okuda Well I usually leave this on but cant anymore but if u leave message I still get back to you when I'm back on...
Feelings I Hide
These feeling inside I try to hide, but with you it's to no avail. My mind often drifts back to one special night, and childhood fairytales. You saved me with one touch of your hand, and in that moment I began to understand, the nature of the burning that ran so deep inside. The pleasure of the moment, when you first kissed me. Your aftershave still lingers, on my pillow at night. Memories keeping me warm, of when you held me tight. I have never known such passion, never known such bliss. I never knew I could feel the way I felt, with one perfect kiss. My heart beats for you, my mind dreams of you. The woman in me craves your touch, I was born for you as you were born for me. In the space of a heartbeat, I felt you in the deepest part of me. My heart beats faster,pulses leap with excitement, palms get sweaty,butterflys take flight. Your voice moves me in a way nothing ever has, Your touch is like fire on my skin branding me for all time. When you are ne
A Feeling
grrrrr im so fukkin pissed, dumb ass mutha fukka's workin for tha state dont know how to lick a fukkin envolope, now my fukkin license is floatin in tha mail,...ANOTHER 7-10 bizznezz days,...WTF??...these fukkin ppl cant take 3 seconds to like sum fukkin sticky shit on an envolope n seal that bitch,...i am beyond mad,...i have been waitin for this shit for months,..first it was a retard that sent it to my address in Massachusetts,..DUUUHHHHH mutha fukka y wud i transfer it from Massachusetts to Florida if i still lived in MA.???,...r these ppl fukkin stupid??...all i wanna do is go back to fukkin work i miss my shop soooo fukkin much n all i seem to b doin is runnin into problems with these fukktards at stateboard,,...y tha fukk does Florida have assmunchers workin for statboard??...i mean really,...u cant lick tha fukkin envolpoe? a slip of paper tha size of my palm isnt gunna fall outta an UNsealed envolope,...c'mon retard,...grrrr yes tha website proves i have my Cosmetol
Feeling Sassy?
in the last week in have moved on with my life, i took a stad and made changes. it's not easy startting over but i had no choice..the hardest part is how it affects my kids, but they seem to have ajusted better than i..for me the struggle to make it has just begun, in the months ahead it will show if i have what it takes to make it..we all take different paths in our lives that we are not sure of or even if we made the right decision, only time will far my decision to move on alone has proven to be the right one..i am far from my goel, but i know i'll get i get there i'll let you know all of my progress...for now, it's still just the beginning... imikimi - Customize Your World imikimi - Customize Your World
For lifting me up, when I was feeling down. For teaching me how to always do things right. For being a friend when I needed a shoulder to cry on. For all those little things I love you. For giving me life and love with no end. For knowing me even better than myself. For putting up with the pain that I might have caused. For all those little things, I love you. For watching me grow and become a man. For letting me make those mistakes that made me what I am. For opening the door when my time came to leave. For all those little things I love you. For making the darkness go away with a kiss. For drying my tears, and make the pain disappear. For being who you are, someone I'll never change. For all those little things I love you, and always will. My mother is my best friend and I can only hope that some day my son will be saying the same things about me..:-)
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Feelings Unrestrained
ive been talking too this older female but idk mabe i like her too fast but then again she keeps a good convo going on the fone and we have good laughs and i make her smile alot. wat do ya think a brotha should say or do?
Feels Good
damn it feels good to have my lovly wife back in my arms again to love and to hold forever and it also feels good to be away from the my living hell which is Norfolk VA away from all the assholes that live there and away from a blood sucking apt complex called The Gates Of West Bay no longer to be annoyed by dickhead neighbors and no longer have to worry about my wife being ok cause i can be there for her now and forever to the end of days PYRO damn it feels good to have my lovly wife back in my arms again to love and to hold forever and it also feels good to be away from the my living hell which is Norfolk VA away from all the assholes that live there and away from a blood sucking apt complex called The Gates Of West Bay no longer to be annoyed by dickhead neighbors and no longer have to worry about my wife being ok cause i can be there for her now and forever to the end of days PYRO
You entered my life in such a fast way that it was kinda scary..We fell for eachother in a way that is so amazing...Finally one day you were in my arms and I was able to look into your eyes and tell you how i feel...And just that fast you were gone again....leaving behind memories, happieness, sorrow, and security...I know its going to be a while before I have you in my arms again but the memories will be with me forever...I miss you! ......Danielle.......
The steeple of everything I need in life, Is right before my eyes. Every time I wonder why, I break, Not at first, not till I wait and cant any longer. Trash my self love, And succumb to feel above The dirt turns to mud only to be the remains Of the world I hate. Diluting in the tears of regret. The feelings never change, its always the same. But it feels so nice, for once in my life, To feel content, Running my hand down the edge of your knife. Forgive me god, if I fly too close to the sun. But even if I burn up, Ill never regret it. Because in your grasp you make me feel Something so surreal, Something I cannot contain. For once in my life I feel the eternal cycle in your vein. If everyday is a fight and every suffering vein. Makes me grow stronger. Why do I need you, To tell me I belong here. So I close my eyes, And forget the dismay. Because I am here to stay. Corrupt and contagious,
Feel Like A Freak In A God Damn Circus
Feel Sorry Time!
Feeling Horrid
I'm feeling so ill and weak. I've had no sleep because of what has happened and don't know what to do with myself. Maybe i'll just go lie down and watch the London Marathon on TV, just have a lazy day and do nowt. Yeah, think i'll just do that as i am so not in the mood to do anything today anyway. boo
Longing for the day your mine, I think true love is something I will never find, I always long for the day our eyes meet, That would be my hearts only defeat, I wish you were there to wipe my tears, Tell me everythings ok when I tell you my fears, Your touch I want to feel, Your the only one that can make my wounds heal!!! Why does life feel like this? Why do people say they care, and when your down they're no where around?Your voice I hear and its a soothing sound,Where did you go? You said you'd always be there but why am I here alone?What did I do so wrong to make you hate me?All I wanted to do is make you now Im left to pick up the pieces of my broken heart, and its a bitch get my life to a start...All I wanted was you, now Im left to find something new... Will I ever be loved again? Will I ever be happy? What do I do with this cold heart you left me? MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts
This was written by my mother. She passed away in June. I just wanted to share it with you all. I Am I am the Sun, I am the Moon. A Rose in May, an Orchid in June. As wild as the wind that blows through the trees, As gentle as a whisper that floats on the breeze, As refreshing as the rain that falls from above, In this world of hate, I am love. I am the Stars, I am the Sky. A night of hope, A day gone by. As haunting as the ghosts of your fear, As precious as the memories you hold dear, As gracious as the wings of a snow white dove, In this world of hate, I am love. I am the Ocean, I am the Land. A ripple of Waves, A grain of Sand. As pleasant as an evening stroll, As fragile as a crystal bowl, As comfortable as a close fitting glove, In this world of hate, I am love. ~Winnie Taylor~
Prejudice, wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it go. I wear tight clothing, high heeled shoes It doesn't mean that I'm a prostitute, no, no, no I like rap music, wear hip hop clothes That doesn't mean that I'm sellin' dope no, no, no Oh my forgive me for having straight hair, no It doesn't mean there's another blood in my heir, ya, ya I might date another race or color It doesn't mean I don't like my strong black brothers. oh la la, oh la la, oh la la, oh la la Why oh why must it be this way? oh la la, oh la la, oh la la, oh la la Before you can read me you got to learn how to see me, I said Free your mind and the rest will follow Be color blind, don't be so shallow. Free your mind and the rest will follow Be color blind, don't be so shallow So I'm a sistah Buy things with cash That really doesn't mean that all my credit's bad, oooh So why dispute me and waste my time Because you really feel the price is high, for me I can't look without being
At times it is still so difficult. I feel at one moment that I am healed of love and other times all I can do is think of you. Every time I see you my heart beats faster, my palms sweat, and my hands shake a little. All I can think about is the great times that we had together and the times I wish we could of shared more of. I already know I am a fool and was a hypocrite when it came to you. Realizing that even though we had so much in common and loved each other that maybe it never was meant to be and is better for us to be apart. It still doesn't make it any easier knowing that what I wanted wasn't what you needed or wanted either. Sometimes having what you need is not as good as having what you want. I try to use anger as a replacement for the feelings I still have, but in the end it always fails. The heart is a big thing, and you will always have a place in it.
ok, wow. words cannot express what I'm feeling at this moment. I'm devastated, but almost relieved. I want to be with him, but I can't be with someone that doesn't know what he wants or can't communicate to me anything. Thanks for all the good times Jas, I'll miss you. And I really did love you. I'm being a big fuckin baby cuz I have a sinus infection that is making me cough like no other. I hurt so bad and I just want to stop coughing. I've been drinking tea and cough syrup like it's going out of style, plus I'm on antibiotics. I just want to feel better!!! ok I think I'm done being a baby. I am now offically divorced!!! My ex has to pay me child support, all the bills, and my attorney fees! I'm lookin at getting a pretty penny!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! I have had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I'm so thankful that it's over with and I no longer have any ties to him. So, it's celebration time!!!!
Feeling Sorry For Myself
Have you ever been in a relationship with some one who doesn't love you back. Where you give 110%, but not only is it not returned; it would'nt even matter if you did anything at all. None of the things you do to show your love matter because they don't even care. they claim to "love you" but thier coldness silences thier words. How much longer can i keep pretending everything is ok, when anger keeps exploding like stab wound at the one i'm supposed to love.I don't mean to be needy. I don't mean to be untrusting. I just want to know where i stand. i feel like a caged animal at the pound. hoping for my master's love to save me. waiting with anticipation for any sign of affection, only to be rejected once again. i don't mind not being first, as long as i'm on the list.
Feelings & Stuff
Life is unscripted, there are no rule books. Stop judging me and giving me dirty looks. So I don't do things exactly like you would. I take the good with the bad and the bad with the good. I try to be myself, no matter the price. I do things my way, never think twice. I am a woman with a mind of her own. I'm proud of who I am and how I have grown. My actions might be wrong in the eyes of the likes of you. But at least I can say to my own self I was true. I don't try to please anyone other than myself. Climb off your pedestal, no one put you on a shelf. In all reality you are no different than me. I am who I am and that's all I will ever be. You left me here, without saying goodbye. Now every time I think of you, all I do is cry. So many plans and dreams went up in smoke. Yet everyone tells me, don't give up, there is always hope. What should I be hopeful for? My entire being is sorrowful, down to the core. I am still here and yet I often wonder why.
Ok, so I'm stumbling around the internet coming across story after story of different peoples moms. Reading everything from moms working hard to raise a family, on their own, while getting medical degrees... Mom's doing great things for their communities while at the same time raising great kids who want to do the same... Moms doing this and moms doing that... blah blah blah If I sound somewhat cynical it's because I am. My mom never did anything in her life but get married, have kids, bitch about them... and well.. that's about it. It particularly sticks out in my mind a particular event that took place where my mom told me to my face "I WISH I'D OF NEVER GOTTEN MARRIED AND HAD KIDS!"... (Mother of the year award goes to...) She's not as bad as she used to be.. the medication sort of helps. She blames alot of the way she is on her own mother... who she ironically turned out to be exactly like in many ways, causing her to not only hate her own mother even more but to hate herself
Feelings For My Baby.
denunciato Anche. la gente ha un grande rapporto con quello che allineare amano. Come potete fidarti di quella persona con il vostro cuore. Sapendo che forse l'un giorno sarŗ rotto. Il mio tema Ť. Y fa strappare a qualcuno il vostro cuore nei peaces quando vostro tring per conservare un rapporto ma non lasciato che la persona glie l'prende? Ho tante domande. Ma non abbastanza risposta per rispondere a quelle domande che la I, personaly vuole ha chiesto. Conoscere la mia persona che sono inlove con sta andando sempre amarlo ed essere lŗ ma che cosa circa le mie sensibilitŗ circa determinate situazioni. Che genere di persona Ť l'amore della persona i? Dose allineare lo ama? Queste domande sono qualcosa che prenda in considerazione. Il mio cuore Ť una bomba a orologeria e vuole la ferita di u esso. Lo danneggiate che e non sta andando essere riparato da voi o Ť esso che va essere sostituito con me che sono con voi. troverÚ qualcuno che resepct me n lo ami. Sapendo che tutto io lo ha giý
Feelings And Thoughts
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Luv.comFrom the first time our eyes met, I knew you were the one.The one I searched for,The one I longed for as a friendThe missing piece to my heart.Nothing could ever compareto this loving friendship that we share.I can't imagine my lifewithout you, and I hope I never have to.Have A Lovely Day, My Friend Music Codes at MySpace ToolBox a href="" target="_blank">
Life is a everlasting fight, if it gets hard u fight back until u get it in your control... Then a new obsticle will appear and u just have to fight more... The minute u let up is the point where u get hit the hardest and u have to start all over again... I found that if u stay ontop of your life and cntrol it and don't let anyone in and change it, it is easier to handle... Moral is keep your life in your hands and don't let anyone mess up your way of thinking or working... Your life is your own and no one elses... By the way if your goina hate on this blog knock yourself out, cause your hate means sh!t to me... Thanks to all my friends and family much luv for bein there Tired of this lonely feelin and the emptyness in my heart... Jus wish I could find someone to like me for who I am and not what I am or what I look like... Tired of the rejection and the feelin of bein ignored... Why does it feel like its al about looks and stature other than whats inside... Jus v
there are many forms of guilt but the one that continues to be a the killer is the one of never havein said goodbye. its been 2 years and ive never gotten over it and no matter how much i try to move on and forget that day it never seems to happen. and now i get to spend forever missin him and never gettin over the guilt that i wasnt there to be able to say goodbye and that i loved him one last time. if isnt was drives me to the grave i dunno what will but why does one person have to live with one simple mistake forever? and one does one not get over it? TEN YEARS AGO I FEEL IN TO THE DEEP STATE OF DEPRESSION. I WAS LIKE A FOG OR A HAZE THAT JUST WENT ON FOR DAY AT A TIME WITH NO END IN SITE. NOW TODAY THE FEELINGS THAT I THOUGHT I BARRIED SO LONG AGO HAVE RETURNED AND IM BACK IN THE SAME HAZE AND IN THE SAME PLACE. MY FAITH SAYS THAT EVERYTHING OF THE EARTH WILL COME BACK AS SOMETHIN MORE NATURAL AND MORE PURE, I DONT DOUBT THAT AT ALL. I BELIEVE MY GREAT GRANDMA OR MY NANA AS I CALLE
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Name: ______________ Age:__ Sex__ Phone__________ School____________ Occupation_________ Height__ Weight___ Waist___ Breast/Penis size__ Phat ass(Y/N)__ Married(Y/N)__ Single(Y/N)__ Other__Looking__ Do u like to be Fucked(Y/N)__ How often (check appropriate answer) Daily__ Weekly__ Monthly__ As much as possible__ How long can u last (check appropriate answer) 1min __ 15min__ 30min__ 1hr__ All nite__ Do u like giving oral sex(Y/N)__ Do u like receiving oral sex(Y/N)__ If I cum in ur mouth (check appropriate answer) Spit__ Swallow__ Depends__ OR Neither__ Which do u prefer (check appropriate box) One on one__ Doubles__ Group__ While having sex, what do u do (check all appropriate answers) Faint__ Cry__ Moan__ Wiggle__ Twist__ Jerk about__ Pant__ Sweat__ Scream__ Hum__ Whistle__ Scratch__ Just lie there__ Go to sleep__ Watch tv__ Read__ Think of someone else__ Or do u just hump like hell__ List three positions u like: 1._______________ 2
I've dreamed of loving you for many years, Loving you each day and night, each hour, Loving till you flow into my tears, And I into the garden where you flower. Of course I must be me, as you are you, But just as bushes planted side by side So intertwine one cannot tell they're two, We will through love and time be unified. So have I dreamed, though we have been apart So long that I of life with you despaired, Holding wounded hope within my heart That through these frozen years it might be spared. The world is a redaction of the dream. Our greatest pain deep longings shall redeem. I want to be your companion and walk hand in hand, your strength enveloping mine. Autumn leaves falling, scuffing feet and laughter, sharing nights, not finished by the dark. I want to be your confidant as you pen your deepest thoughts, as your heartaches bleed and finally break free. Your dreams, I keep as if my own. I want to smile as you smile and giggle with you at nothing
Feeling Very Unattractive
Ok so I have always had boyish looks, but now I am 30 and I feel like it is all kinda going away. I am a bit of an exhibitionist and I miss having my six pack abs and rock hard calves. I miss my hair as it is starting to run away and I miss the way that women used to look at me. I guess I am just on this thing for a self esteem booster to let me know that I am a decent looking guy..... Ok so I finally got around to getting my studio working, it is not perfect but at least I can get some stuff down. As soon as I get something decent laid down I will upload it here so all of you can enjoy my music....or utterly hate it your choice!
To the man I love I wanna tell you this My love for you will stay true For as long as I live The stars can stop shining The sky can fall down The world can stop spinning But my love will still go Ďround Unless the devil comes to stop us Our love will always stay true Unless some evil force takes us apart Iím gonna keep on loving you I never asked for love so soon But then you came my way It didnít matter how much I tried to deny it My love grew stronger every day As young as I may be You were there to catch my fall It's amazing how youíre always there for me Only you can understand it all I donít care whoís against us This is just between you and me I donít care who disapproves People should just let us be How could I live without you? How would I make it through? I think itíd be impossible How can I imagine a world without you? You can't help who you love Youíre just not supposed to Although I didnít think itíd
Feelings Hurt :(
i met this girl in Hutch, Kansas, i fell in love with her and she CRUSHED my feelings, she has a man the whole time (even tho she told me she loved me with her whole heart)..LIEING BITCH!!!!!!!
Feelings I Do Not Like
what is it that is causing me to feel this way.. it just hit me out of no where, BAM!!! a feeling i would compare to, well maybe something similar to getting hit by a 16 wheeler. not that i ever have, but thats the first thing that comes to mind in trying to compare. i'm probably gonna ramble on some, don't really expect you to read this,, if you make it all the way through,,thanks.. GGRRRRRR.. this is just so freaking annoying, i am usually so happy and content with all that happens in my life, and it's not even like anything has happened to bring about this completely overwhelming feeling in which i am fighting. struggling not to let myself drown in my own misery.... fuck it,,, i can't let this win,,i can't be beat down by my own mind!! i am strong,, i am willing i am thankful, i am blessed, i am loved, i am appreciated, i am enthusiastic, i am able, i am ok writing helps,,,just getting out whatever may come, no second thought about it, no proof reading, just
Ok so alot of has been going on in my life. I'm getting divorced. My soon to be ex husband has stolen my other account. He is trying to make me feel like I'm a low person. haha and he's already told me I'm too stupid to go to college. So a lot is going on with me. Just trying to get ready for college so I can study Criminal Justice and be a Police Officer. But I just wanted to thank everyone for adding me and you know being there for me through everything. I'm getting ready on the 4th of July to drive up to Illinois for my best friends wedding that I'm going to be in so I'm ready for that. but yeah ok well I'm done with this for now.
sent down from heaven a lettle peace of God an angel without wings fell in to our arms sweet little boy with a face of light brightoned up my heart when i say him smile all my life i tried to see how heaven could be so beautiful now i see it was the beauty in this boy that was sent down to me strang how life changes in just one moment sweet little angel sent up to heaven a little peace of me an agel with wings to my son Stone Born 9-16-03 and Passed 10-22-03 sweet smiles happy face remambered always as an amazing grace
One Wish Damn baby Just don't understand where we went wrong I gave you my heart I gave you my soul I gave you... As a matter of fact I was the one who said I love you first It was about eight years ago, don't act like you don't know We were sittin' at home in your mama's livin' room Cause, we couldn't be alone See your mama knew I was something else, she knew how I felt Back then we were in school; and that's your favourite excuse Growin' up I was a fool; and I can't lie I'm missing you Listen and don't trip I think I need a bottle with a genie in it Here's my wish list First one, I would create a heart changing love Second one, I'll take yours and fill it all the way up Third one, but I don't need a lot of wishes cause I'll be okay if I get one If I had one wish, we would be best friends Love would never end, it would just begin If I had one wish, you would be my boo Promise to love you, trust me I'll trust you If I had one wish, we would run away Ma
Feelings ..
Feelin Like Shit.....
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You came into my world And took me away The words you said to me You seem so true I actually began to believe it all to be true Amazingly enough You ripped the happiness right out from me under me I made you my everything Silly me.. I thought i was yours also I wanna scream I wanna cry I cant keep all this inside Anymore Its making me mad Crazy Just plain pissed off You hurt me bad And now i remember why I didnt wanna fall for you I trusted you And would have done anything To make you smile So why the hell Do u wanna make me cry Why do i even still care When You don't even notice me Anymore
Feeling Frisky
The way I feel is hard to explain. When my heart opens it pours like rain. To splash upon your face. This feeling so strong we must embrace. Like the rain drop running down your cheek. Like the rose pedals that are so sleek. This feeling I feel is so strong. As I feel it it's right where I belong. As the light shines through your eyes. This feeling for you I can't despise. Loving every minute i have with you. When I don't see you it splits my heart in two. This feeling I have for you comes from the heart. As I wait for our lives to start. Only you can put these feelings into place. As you see the expression run across my face. The feeling of falling is all so true. To loose you I won't know what to do. I would crawl up literately die inside. This feeling takes away my pride. To go on without you by my side. I love this feeling that is all so true. To actually have this feeling for you. I love these feelings I will not let them go. I'll embrace them and let them
Once there was a destiny that I wanted to fill in my heart, dreaming and a fantasy.. Life is very open and sometimes closed. You share your precious moments with someone you have trust and faith in them.. You bare your tears and a shoulder when you know that person is just a friend. You weep from memories, just to keep you going on the next day. When thinking about the great times you shared when they were always around. Pieces of life will always be there, you put them back in your heart. Beyond Life only gives you strength, No one is here to judge you, nor hate you. Life is away of living, dont take it away from me my love is unfound.
Feelings And Shit
all i dream about are his hands. touching me, feeling me, using me. i was a child for fucks sake! his hands would rip at my clothes and tear away the innocence inside me. his hands would hold my brother so caring and tenderly yet rip open my soul to leave shreds hanging on the outside. his hands would help my mother make dinner and slap the shit out of her for cooking the noodles too long. bits and pieces of these memories in my head all the time. the one thing that i know that bothers me the most is how blind he was able to make us all. my mom totally oblivious to the abuse he was raining on me when she would turn her head or was working the grave yard so she could go to school the next day. my brother unable to grasp the fact that hitting his mommy was in fact not ok and he shouldnt be seeing this go on. and then there is little me. oldest of the 2 kids, youngest of the whole family. oldest because i was simply born first, youngest because i was not allowed to grow past the ripe age
I would start at your neck. Kissing it and moaning in your ear alittle. Then kiss your shoulders nibble on them a bit. Work my way around to your lips kissing them slowly long and passionately as i run my hands up and down your chest and arms. Playing alittle with your nipples. then have you lay down on your stomach go down to where your spine ends and lick your spine all the way up to the bottom of your neck then blow hard all the way down where I licked .Ok we'll I turn you around and take off your pants throw them on the chair. Then I lean over you and run my hair all the way down your chest until I get so low I stop. I start to tease you rubbing on your inner thighs. Then rubbing around it without touching it . You want to see it slide in my mouth watching it go in and out feeling my mouth wrapped around it so bad. The warm sensation . Your body starts rocking up and down telling me you want it . I finally just slip the head in my mouth nice and slow looking at you.just teasing you
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Feelin Great...
Thanks to everyone for their support on my last blog and the hump I had to get over. You are so nice to me and I'm not sure why...lmao All is great here again. Just making through the days, one at a time. I am slowly learning to just ignore people when they decide to be jerks. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. lol Thursday I will have my house back. I can't wait either. Not that he is a bad person, it is just very uncomfortable with him here. I know he still wants me back, but it's just not going to happen. Well, i hope you all have a great day and lots of fun in the following week. I will keep you updated on what's going on. Sweet
Feeling Hopeless
Do you still love me? You say you do and I am the one and only, but I can't understand why I can't feel it anymore. I used to feel it in your arms, in your voice. There was no doubt in my mind. I could feel you love deep in my bones, no matter how far away you were. Now it feels like you just say it because it is expected or out of habit.I want you to know I DO still love you with every breath that I have and I hope & wish that one day I will know you do too.
im here.where r u?i dont understand.y does this alwayz happen 2 me?what r u waitin 4?im rite here.i think im gonna cry now :(
Feeling Poetic
I cried, I wept more than I needed to I cried, I wept with every thought of you I cried, I wept I bled inside I cried, I wept needing you like sand needs the tide I cried, I wept I felt like i did somthing horrid I cried, I wept it was all because of what you did I cried, I wept no more shall I... Ugly Girl When I saw you at the grocery store you were sharing a shopping cart with her and I couldn't turn and run away I didn't know what to say you introduced us for the first time and I had to look her in the eye but you could not imagine my surprise can't you see you're leaving me for an ugly girl does she talk about politics and all the stuff that used to make me sick does she smoke cigars and stay up late oh she's so great does she tell you what you want to hear and I bet that she can grow a beard I'd feel better thinking you were queer it's not fair I can't compare to an ugly girl ha ha ha the jokes on me I feel jealous and I feel mean is she
i dont no rather 2 b happy or so confuzin.theres couple guyz i have my eye on but how do i choose?i like both & they both very not tryin 2 git wit hard 2 trust ppl am i suppose 2 do that here?sumtimes it helps 2 git an outside perspective.i just dont wanna git not into games & i hate liars & cheaters.what 2 do?
Feeling It Comeing
we've had a short summer, here in montana. its not quite over, yet, but i can feel it. the nights are getting longer, colder, the days cooling off. and my heart waits, almost impatently, for the first gentle falling of snow. yearning for the muffled quiet and slow pace it will bring. a repreive from fathers demanding schedual. oh, goddess, bring it closer!
i always laugh when i hear a guy or group of guys talk about girls being teases. they bitch and moan that a girl will talk a good one but then doesn't follow through... a cock tease. so what do we females get to call it when guys do the same?? a pussy tease??? or are they just pussies? i swear that's the one thing that'll piss me off real quick. sex or anything sexual doesn't have to be this big meaningful gesture or whatever fantasy land crap that's been put in your head. it can be just as it is...something physical. IT'S NOT ALWAYS CONNECTED TO EMOTIONS. wtf?? and it sure as hell shouldn't be something to be ashamed of or completely hush hush or whatever crap. pissed? yeah...just a lil. not saying it has to be right here right now... but damn... yeah, there have been times where i've thought about doing things with someone and actually wanted to do something, but the timing may not be right. but i did have every intention of following through. it wasn't just a tease or
Feelin A Rose Die.
Your love is like a dying rose, how much pain, knowbody knows, as the leaves curl, your love goes onto a swirl, as the petals turn black, you feel the love you lack, as the water drains out, you realy want to shout, as the stem falls down, you have an unchangeable frown, the rose looks so very sad, the pain kicks in oh so bad, as the petals start to fall, you know thats the end of it all.
Feelin Creative
NO REST FOR THE WICKED No rest for the wicked My eyes are bloodshot The world lays down, But I am up - Doing things that must be done. Creating silent havoc, Running a mock. Insomnia is my curse, But I do not care, I have found the center of my fear. ďEvery bad has a good,Ē Society is blinded by rules. What I do is a must, Yet I am hunted by fools. What I dream, I cannot gain, For if I sleep, many will be slain. The world revolves on pain. OLD RUSTY BLADE I was bleeding profusely on the bathroom floor All this pain and anguish, I couldnít take it anymore. I tried to be good, and perfect But nothing was ever good enough. So what if I came back late, So what if I hate? So what if l do the things I like - Nothingís ever good enough. Curled in a corner, in a cold dark place The walls are closing in, Tears roll down my face. Then I remember, Iím in my room. A self-created prison Made of nothing but sin. I have to break away soon. Soon as
When your heart aches, What do you do? Do you try to find that person who made it hurt? Or just try to stop the pain? Do you see ho long it will last? Or wonder if it will ever get mended? I write this for my heart aches. And I can't seem to stop the pain, Are we meant to experience this kinda pain? Or have I just gone the wrong way?
I need the feeling of you - I promise my skin will remember, will forever carry the imprint of yours, will cherish your warm breath and the slight brush of your lips. I need to feel surrounded by your whisper as the walls of our room fall away and we become part of one unending night - stars splashed across the ceiling, moonglow coloring our skin. I need to be felt, falling into you, folded into the singleness of two in love. Have I told you that? Have I mentioned that this time so far away from you (yet somehow closer than I have ever been) has transformed this empty being? I am full with you. I am fulfilled. © All rights reserved
Feel Me
Can you feel me as i climb on top??? Can you feel me do you want me to stop??? Can you Feel me as i go up and down, can you feel me as i make that sound??? I know you want it i can see it in your eyes, you want to feel me taste me make me cry... Touch me hold me can you feel me???
Ok today is Sunday August 9, 2007 and I was sitting here with alot on my mind and I thought I would put some of what Im feeling and thinking in writing just so I could express myself. So here is the deal.....Theres a man in my life that I feel like I am getting closer to every day and I like it very much. This man makes me feel so good when he is around me and even when I talk to him on the phone or text each other. I feel like he really understands me and that he feels the same way I do on alot of things and I feel like I can talk to him about anything. This man is growing to be a very important part of my daily life and I think about him all the time and I miss being around him. I know that I probly shouldnt have the feelings for this person that I have but he makes it so easy to be crazy about him and I am. I know that this may sound crazy but I really am having true feelings for him and I miss him so much when I dont get to talk to him or see him but we both have lots of thin
Feeling Alone
This year marks my 15th year fighting thyroid cancer and I am tired of it. I don't want to fight anymore. I know that I need to, but it hurts when I go through the testing procedure. Every muscle in my body hurts, and I get extreme headaches. I am so very depressed and I can't function correctly. My body is shutting down and I am alive to feel it all over. Time goes so slow when you can not eat much of anything at all. I had to stop taking my medicine and go on a iodine and soy free diet. Gum has soy and I am addicted to gum. I am not able to eat anything that has salt added to it, because it may contain soy and or iodine. The list includes: Bread, all dairy, all oils, soda, most juices and bottled water, packaged meat (lunch meats, chicken, pork, turkey and all fish), canned and frozen veggies. It may be easier to tell you what I can have.... I can eat fresh meats, vegatables, fruit, noodles and rice that do not contain salt. I may have salt if it does not contain iodine. I
Right now I cant believe some of the thoughts that are running through my brain. YIKES, once again I am over thinking. For some reason I keep asking myself if this is the right thing, me being in Germany. During the week I have no actual real human action besides Fubar and Camfrog, oh yeah can't forget the calls to the states. Right now I am feeling extremely lonely with him being gone as well as feeling extremely helpless when it comes to doing much around here. I am just hoping my thoughts are because I am lonely and I need something more fulfilling to pass my time with. I love that man with all my heart and when I told him tonight that we dont say I love you as much as we did when I was in the states, it makes my mind tend to wonder off. He explained to me at that time that he has alot of thinkings going on and sometimes he forgets. God I hope and pray that is correct, cuz it would totally crush me if not. This is the first time in my life that I have totally let all my guards down
Take me up in to the sky fly me high in the night sky, make my skin tingle make the wind pass through my hair, let the light of the moon guide ourway through the night sky with all the stars, let me dream of a dream, let me touch ur face let me show u love that i have and can give, let me feel the love back,let me be the one that can love u, let me be the one u will hold forever let me be the one u can cry on ..............let me
Feeling Good
Feelin A Lil Sad :(
so i'm a lil sad this wknd. :( this wknd was a casual, family oriented 10yr. reunion picnic for my high school class. i wasn't able to make the trip up 2 chicago, due to lack of notice. i've been waiting 4 over a year to hear about the actual reunion...the people planning this are slackers! lol well, someone got the idea 2 plan a picnic where you could bring your family. would be a more economical choice too. sadly, as i said above, i wasn't able to make it. so i guess i will have 2 sit here & wait 2 c if these slackers ever get this planned. can't believe it's been 10yrs since high school...time flies when ur having fun!! :) i miss those care free days... miss those friends that swore 2 stay close-always... i could really use some cheering up! help...
So I feel pretty damn ignored right now and that I really hate. I mean, I text you, write you emails and even send you gifts but you don't seem to care. We are both here for the same thing: ATTENTION But I just get really annoyed when you don't pay me any attention. I guess I just need to get used to the fact that no one in here really means what they say....... Blah, whatever. NeVeRmInD
Feeling Invisible
Feeling Playfull
Feelings Feelings so raw and exposed, Feelings bare before the world, Feelings of fear and loss, Feelings that have no meaning, Feelings of isolation that eat at the soul, Feelings that last forever, Feelings of passion and love, Feelings never shared, Feelings of never being good enough, Feelings shared yet discounted, Feelings for you that will never fade, Mordechai
I have not wrote a blog since some recent heartache but now feel good enough to do so again. Keep in mind these are my inner thoughts and feelings being expressed in words. Recently I was asked by a friend here to be personal about my thoughts and feelings. I have always tried to be open and honest with everyone. The subject got around to relationships. Here is my take on them. ~ A man should always put the happiness of his woman first..always, as well as her pleasure. She has entrusted her heart to him, and in the case of marriage, has taken his name above all others. He should allow her the freedom to express herself and be her strength. He should show her all his attention when she is around with no wandering eyes for other women. He should romance her and flirt with her every day in a different way...from a sexy pat on her ass as she walks by to taking her in his arms as she steps out of the shower and using his body as her towel as he kisses her. He should be secure enough to all
Feeling Funny
OPk..Off tomorrow, and yes catching a buzz..dang I think I might be turning into an alcoholic..LOL Just kidding..:P No counseling please..:) Most everyone knows I like to take pics when I get buzzed..tee hee, but the dilemma is...what the heck do I wear? Please dont say nothing..LOL Seriously..running out of sexy clothes...I hate to bore everyone with the same old stuff...suggestions again?..LMAO. :) Hugs and Kisses! I am feeling a bit weird to night, what with the hangover and all...and I just want to laugh..what can I get into to do that?..Any suggestions..LOL Ok..I am smiling right now, but seriously...Fun is the word of the evening and I want some!..Oh by the way..not x rated fun either..LMAO Hugs and kisses
I just wanna touch what will never be there. What I can't feel in my arms. What I can't feel in my heart. What I can't feel that should be with me. Over and over I tell myself... Just one fucking day... But I know that all hope is gone. So...I'm having one of those days/nights where all of my thinking makes me turn into a psycho woman and I drive myself a little nuts. My whole life...I've been in "2nd place". With my family...I'm always the one who fucks shit up, or gets the blame. No one ever really respects or listens to me. With guys...I am 2nd rate. They will tell me how beautiful I am, how much they care about me and all of that shit...but when it comes down to it...I'm 2nd rate. I'm the chick they'll get with then when it comes down to it, they'll deny me. They won't tell their friends about me...hell half of their friends don't know my name, what I look like, or that I exist. I'll be sitting there with that person, someone will call them and they'll
I am here And you are there Our thoughts about each other Float through the air I think about you You think about me I think you are awesome I wonder what you think of me We are so far apart Yet we talk And we joke around We have each other in our heart In our minds We already know each other Its like we are just minutes apart We already know what is in each otherís heart We may flirt We may tease If we got together We might get on our knees It would be lots and lots of fun I promise you would enjoy As we would have our way I know I would never forget that day Kimberly
A Feeling
Your love is a lantern That lights my way, Uplifting my spirits, When skies are gray. Your love is a wave That lifts me higher, Into a sea Of tender desire. Your love is a flame, That can never die, For always and ever, It will be just you and I. Your love is a rose, Moistened with dew, Touching my soul, With the beauty of you
Feeling For My Man
I am prego. I am in between lost and found. Sometimes I wish I could never be found. Cause If I am never found I will never get hurt like I always do. Myabe people might worry about me then. And Relize that I am done becuase of the pain I been in or was put through. I dont wanna go through any more pain. I give up
Feel My Love
God sent me an angel from heaven above.An angel so beautiful,An angel for me to love. You are my angel and I want you to know...You mean everything to me,And I love you more than circumstances allow me to show. Sweet dreams my beautiful angel and dream of me tonight.For in your dreams I'll be,Holding you oh so tight. ~Michael~ Click the above image to rate / rip / comment! The day I cease to love you will be the day I draw my final breath ~Michael~ Click the above image to rate / rip / comment! You set my soul on fire, and my heart beats a never ending race. My mind is consumed by you, and my life hasn't been the same since I seen your face. Your name is etched onto my heart. I need you, I want you, I've longed for you from the start. You mean the world to me, this I hope you see. All I want now is to share our lives together, just you and me. You are my soul mate, sent from heaven above. For you I have nothing less, then ever lasting love. I need you in
Confusion Frustration Anger Hurt To name just a few Helplessness The need to scream You wonder why Enlightenment Frustration yet again Hope Hope taken away Tears Guilt You wonder why Unanswered questions Broken hearted
Crumbled papers Of poems about you Written with words That will never come true Written in ink That will never fade away The hopeful words I wish I could say Hands still shaking As I continue to write Scribbled letters Of black and white Eager to tell you How I feel Wishing I could prove My feelings are real
Just wanted to let everyone know why I haven't been on here today. We got a new puppy on Saturday. He was doing real good until yesterday. Then he wouldn't eat or drink anything. I tried anything and everything I could think of, but he wouldn't touch a thing. So, this morning I called the Vet and they said to come on in. When I went to the carrier to get him, he couldn't hardly stand up this morning. Went to the Vet they said they thought he had Parvo. So they did a test and sure enough, he did! I was heartbroken!! They gave me an estimate on the cost of care through Friday. I about fainted, almost $400!! The Vet said they had a blood test they could do to get a better idea of his odds. Well while they were running the blood test, he stopped moving and whinning. I called for the Vet and she came and took him away to check him. Came back and said his heart was about to give out. So, we decided with the Vet's help that the best thing to do would be to go ahead and put him to sleep. I di
A Dragon I know the passion and love Of a Dragon. I need the passion and love Of a Dragon. I want the passion and love Of a Dragon. I desire the passion and love Of a Dragon. I crave the passion and love Of a Dragon. I love the passion and love Of a Dragon. I Love My Dragon,and Will For All Of Eternity!!! My Feelings I'm in love with you,but: My Feelings are: No matter what you choose to do in life I just want you Happy. My Feelings are:Not as important as your Heart and Healing it. My Feelings are:If she makes you Happy then I fly away! My Feelings are:She better love The Dragon Too Or I will!!
Feeling Meloncholic
lately i've been really thinking of my future and when i think of the future i can't help but to dwell on the past....i remember when i used to have this master plan for my life...i knew how many kids i would have and by what age and how wealthy and successful i would be, etc... and as i'm sure you will all does not always end up as u plan...which leads me to my it even worth making plans for the future??? or shall i just live life day by day and trust that things will be ok?....i have always had this unbreakable faith and i have always been ok.... so as the year comes to an end i wonder...shall i make definite plans for next year or just put them out there and trust that the universe will just find a way to give me what i want??
I always believe there is a specail friend out there for you. Don't force them to do anything they don't wanna do. IF you do tht scares them off. I dont wanna play that way. I Think if you wanna keep a friend talk to he/she like she is normal and wanted not like a sexual toy and feels like there being used. If you read this then your a real friend and comment this so i know how you feel when yo uread this special blog feel free if you feel unconfortable commenting here leave it in my inbox and czu i wanna see how you feel. For all you out there that has put up with me thanks im always here if you need me. Don't be afraid to ask questions either im always gonna answer them if i don't like it ill be blunt about it.
You put the world on my shoulders and i take it all. You don't say thank you you just act like its nothing. I try to be strong try to hide my feelings for you. I make it so you don't see all the hurt I have inside. I wish you would help me, instead of me helping you. I can't let you down thats how you make me feel. So now I'm saying sorry for my own Feelings.
Feel My Heart Yet
The sun sets so boldly on heavy hearts. The light dissipates across the land, And as it seems our life as well. We have fallen apart, together, not separate. The trek of life, has thrown us from our horse Now we wander, aimlessly alone. Through what once was love, we were triumphant. Now our love is merely glue That holds our day to day routine in place. As the darkness consumes us and we battle the beast of burden, We find ourselves fighting as two, not one. We pray that our lives shall return to us. Like a recant memory, that has faded away. Though like a candle our love still burns. The flame has withered to a soldering emptiness. The wolf knocks at our door, asking for more, When we have no more. We have no more love, patience, time or self-worth. Like the sun it has set boldly with in us. The dogs in the village howl, as if they too can feel our pain. We held a rainbow once, and as the colors focused To our eyes, it was gone. As my son lie
Feeling Mushy
Feelings of despair, Feelings that u don't care Feelings of being broken, Feelings of words not spoken Feelings of you are always true, Feelings of being with you Feelings of being incomplete, Feelings that we will never meet
Feeling Worthless
Feeling Like A Jackass
Well I was rude to someone that I really like and I should have waited and found out why it was that I hadnt talked to him. I so hope that we can get pass this. I hope that I didnt mess up a good thing.
I know that its hard to walk away from something that you really want or from someone that you really want in your life. But when you try your best and never succeed, I guess the time comes to walk away! You want to continue trying and it never seems to work in your favor, so thats when you just have to walk away! You hold you head high and hope that no one can see through your hurt and confusion, but you know that there is nothing left to do but walk away. Turn around for one last glance, as the tears start to flow and your heart pounds so hard it feels like it is coming though your chest, you just close your eyes and walk away. Crawl into bed and hope that the dreams will not come, asking God for every ounce of courage possible and hope that only he will help you walk away! I can never stop loving you or caring about you more than my own life, but at this very moment in life, I know I must walk away! Get More Music Video Codes At Music Why do I fee
Feeling Good Again.
Well it has been about 2 weeks now that I got fired from my old job and now I have a new one. I knew I would get something soon and didn't worry about a thing unlike everyone around me. I have the confidence to do anything I need to do to get the job done. That is why I never worry about anything. I always see the good in everything. Well now that all is well I am going to celebrate.
A Feeling..
A feeling so deep,a feeling so pure A feeling of comfort,feeling secure Feeling special,a feeling of goodness A feeling of care,a feeling of trueness So close so near so much love we share A feeling of emptiness if you weren't here Do not ever want to let this feeling i feel go Let this be something i'll forever know What would i feel without you Like i'm in a dark place all lonely In a cold cold room, with no one to hold me But while i'm with you I feel like i'm in paradise Your everything i want I never want to leave this place I'm not goin even front You make me feel good with all that you do I feel LOVED when i'm with you.
Feel Like Typen
Feel Free
Feel My Pain, I Bet You'll End Up With Tears
Seduction Let me lay you down Touch you, caress you, rub you all over with hot oil Let me kiss you softly all over your body Be my toy let me be the child to play with you day and night Let me find your spot While Iím searching allow me to make you wet and hot My desire is to please you on a level that hasnít been discovered Soft music in the background as my plot is soon to be uncovered I feel you trembling and sighing begging for more As I undress you slowly there is much more to come And a night of ecstasy is in store I can see you panting slowly with breaths so deep As I move from your head slowly down to the souls of your feet Kissing your toes tasting all of them one by one Licking your legs baby donít beg because Iím no where near close to being done Moving up toward your inner thigh You grasp the back of my head with such passion you want to cry Touching you so tender as a tear falls from your eye Teasing just a little just to get you in the right
Pain consumes me like a fire in the forest i hate the distance i hate the fights i hate this every thing that is the bad side of me what can i do but sit here and take the pain and suffering i wonder around blind in this world i only feel for her and she knows it and sees it but it seems it is not enough i would cut the heart from my chest and send it to her if i thought it would help her know i worry and stress out about the things i do cause i am in love for the very first time in my life and i happens to be scary and i am new to it but yeah i am out i just hope you read this and you know who you are love ya bye
How can I tell you what I feel for you? When I think of you my feelings twist inside As if someone's fist reached in and grabbed a few, And turned and turned them tight and tangled. I've tried Somehow to say: You're the sun in my sky, The wind that takes me where I want to go, The sweet incense that makes me feel so high That loving you seems all I need to know. But it all sticks in my throat! It sounds too cute, Empty as a wrinkled paper bag. You won't believe it! Better I stay mute Than offer you cliches that make you gag. And yet I wish to tell you of my love, If only love its own locks would remove!
my new year resolution for the year of 2008 is a very complicated one. I decided that I was going to steer clear of any relationships including just plain fuck buddies. I was totally proud of myself for making this decision but here i am not even a week into the new year and i'm already doubting myself. I don't know what to do being single is something i'm used to but why is this so difficult? it should be easy if i'm so used to it right? well its not. if its this hard after not even a week what is the rest of the year going to be like? - Five Finger Death Punch Lyrics
Feeling Like Shit
ok so everyone i know is popping out babies. i mean its like all my friends and family r drinking something special and leving me out. If u know me real well u know i want kids. it's starting to piss me off that everyone else is having babies (some who don't deserve them) and i'm left in the dark.I'm sick of hearing about them having babies too. It's babies this and babies that. maybe i shouldn't be acting like this but i'm going mad already. question is do i have a right? ok peace gotta run listen to my sister in law complain about one kid well ,get this, shes pregnant with another!!! Y. for those of u who call urslef my friends, UR NOT. i trusted u with secrets and thought of u as my best friends. and now u pull shit like u did ( and who this blog is to u knw who u r) i WILL not talk to u again and forget me. because i have forgot u i have no reason to ever talk to u again, NONE i will not be in ur life nor will u b in mine. thanks for being my enemy. its true what
ever get the feeling that sometimes.. people are just to worried about leveling..or moving up the ladder? Sometimes.. you need to stop and think.. which is more important.. friends or points.
Oh yeah and something totally off the subject my friend called and they left for Iraq today. I dont understand it. I know people wanna defend the country and I am 100 percent behind them just hurts when a very very good friend leaves. I really hope that he comes home in one piece. Man I mis him alllllready!!!! I have much love for anyone that is there or has loved ones. I really hope that they come home safe. I think something is wrong with me. As long as I can remember I have been hard and not gave a shit about who or what thought about me. I mean I would do stuff just to make you ask... is she ok. I could have given shit less about a man much less if he was there at night or not. So what is wrong with me? I cant explain it. I have blown so many off and havent looked for anyone cause I dont want hurt and yet I catch myself crying because I am not where I want to be. I have very few friends that know the real me or even try and get to know me. I am starting to car
Feelin' Dirty!
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Feeling Unwanted
If you have feelings for somebody and you think their strong but afraid to tell them.But You never saw them in person is it possably to love somebody you never met?I mean I feel like it is.I cant stop thinking about this person and drives me up the wall no matter what i do or where Im at the person is in my head.Or should I just let it go cause its never going to happen in the real world:( .... Earlier today I wrote a blog about how I felt about internet relationship and if it was possably and mean time everything in the comment was good until my ex decided to say I neg... him.Before we stopped talking a week ago.My words to him was I think we need to work on things and I wasn't fu marrying him.I mean shit we was rl/gf&bf.He told me that he cared and loved me and wanted to be with me.After a week we talk.And I feel like My heart got handed to my in a brown paper bag.I turn off my shout box and when I decided to turn it back on somebody called me a cold hearted bitch cause of my finall
Feelin' Kinda...hmmm...
i was made for you, so special, perfect you shared your secrets with me, ev'rything and nothing much, all the things that mattered my heart was new; ready for you, waiting to spend all the time in the world with you i shared your joy and absorbed all your tears you'd run to me when life became too hard to bear and you would hold me tight and cry or rush with all your happiness and pour it out to me, but as the years went by time took it's toll on me, and i began to bear the signs of your undying love - stains and rips and patches to strengthen all the places where you had hugged me too tight but never a word of complaint from me for i was there for you, and you alone i became worn and tired, too weak to hold my head up as i'd once so proudly done no longer could i comfort you the same nor handle all the tears and fears and smiles and so you learned you had to let me go so then you laid me down, put me away to forget, move on and grow without me but you took a pie
Feeln Guilty going to the institution that i do; i often get to meet people that most people dont...some famous, but mostly high power military, and business men. i had a lunch, with a business man who will remain nameless, the other day and after talking to him for a long time he offered me a job after i finish my program here. this isnt the first time this has happened...but for the first time ever i have actually been thinking about it...and i feel really guilty right now. i suppose its because im so close to the end now that im just finding things to distract myself from the goal...i know my committment is still strong, and that i have the constitution to do what is right...just wanted to share...should i feel guilty? is that my mind's attempt to run away from my future? feel free to offer advice if you like...
Feel Like My Heart Is Breaking
Feelings New To Me...
You know when you find things out, after the fact, that piss you off or hurt your feelings, because someone lied, or hid things from you? How it bothers you or upsets you, even though there's nothing you can do about it? I've realized that there's nothing you can do after the fact, and no one else gives a shit, so what's the point of getting upset? There is no point... "All you can do is smile and say, hehe I guess I'll go with my gut next time" and just be happy where you are with the people you're with. Anyway, it's 5:30 am and I haven't been to bed yet, and I still have more letters to write so I can send them out tomorrow for my buddies :) Drop a comment if you feel the need, or message me... I'll be around for a few more hours.
Feelings are a very powerful tool we have to be happier. Many times we come to the break-up of a relationship we are unable to understand why we did not anticipate that. Go back and look at your feelings during your relationship. Did your feelings not tell you about this? Let us find out more. Sometimes we get confused in a relationship. We seek advice from friends and family and discuss and think about what may be going wrong. We do not pay attention to what our feelings tell us. I have seen instances when couples break- up though their feelings tell them differently. This couple never forgets the ex. Partner because the break-up can never be complete. Had they listened to their feelings instead of focusing on small arguments, they would have realized that they cared for each other and were not ready for break-up. Have you observed your feelings with your friends? Some of them you like instantly while you never like some of them despite any arguments having taken place. Our su
i want to let you in on a secret im not who you think i am in fact my disguise is so thin im surprised you havent seen right through me im the guy of your dreams masquerading as your friend sometimes i want to rip off this facade like i did when we were together but i cant because you'll run away again so i decided that its better to live with the lie than to expose my true feelings my parents told me there are two types of men the ones you grow out of and the ones you grow into i really hope im the latter i may not be the one you love to day but i will let you go for now hoping that one day you'll fly back to me because i think your worth the wait
i don't know how i feel about them... are they a threat to my current relationship? do they still have power over him? i am afraid that one of the many that he's had could just bat their lashes at him and he'll go... he's not so happy with me right now... i know that i have issues... lots and lots of issues... and i try not to let it get to me... i work so much and try and get all these hours at work so i can keep my mind of what i don't know. i was just doing the usual thing at work... its another basketball game... i don't know. it was an easy smooth day so far... and i had filled up on food someone cared enough to get me. So i had a satisfied feeling... i had another hunger i needed to satisfy. and at work there are so many men that would make you drool... behind the stands, waiting in line, or just there for the game and beers with buddies... you have a lot to choose from... oh and one man in particular... (baby i've been drooling over him for years
Feelin Low
Ay yo, brotha feelin mighty low ova here an shit,what I thought was helpin out my fam,call helpin out my man an lookin out when i saw sumthin I aint think wuz right,only end up messin stuff up an end up wit him losin the woman what made him happy. Like I came on here ta holla at sum chicks an meet new friends an shit an end up ruinin sumthin for sumbody that be like in my heart yo ya heard? Like that dude aint done nuttin but look out for my ass an shit since I was a kid ya heard? I mean he taught me a lot about stuff ya feel me? An like I just can't eva make up to him for what I did an shit. But it's like my mans always told me every man got to own up to his actions. They aint even my words ya heard? They his words but I do feel them for reals. So Imma own up ta this one,everybody mad at me an shit,Big T,Kano,my bol,my old man,an I don't know how ta fix it I just fuck shit up an know its too late ta fix anything an I feel like muthafuckin shit.
Will the feelings of sadness ever leave my heart and soul, Do these horrific thoughts of doom forever linger on, When the up's and down's of this lifes adventures end, shall I drown in a bloody puddle of mindless muck As I pass onward to the end of my journey, will happiness only be but a dream I take this heart and crush it so I never give the power to another As the blood spills out I can only see, a past of endless torment and sorrow The sea in which my mind has been tossed to and frow, kills me daily very slow I shall pray to the God above that your happiness not be so far away, and you find that one true love
Feelings From The Heart
Desperate Just to catch one glimpse of you Desperate Just to catch your bright smile Desperate Just to remember the curves of your face I can feel it then I can feel it now I hope to feel it forever It's the same love I've had Day after day Night after Night Where every dream meets At the same inflection point And as each day passes I have my period of reflection I can feel your heart Like it's the drum my soul marches to And keeps me in tune If I could just catch Just one glimpse of you I'd plow gods fields For the rest of the eternity Just on the vision of you When I remember your face I know then what I love I know then what I care for If I could feel you now I would tell you exactly how much I love you Just as black ink doesn't fade, My love for you will never If there was a word to describe How I feel about you, I'd search a thousand languages, A thousand stories, and a thousand Dictionaries, only to realize That I just know and words can
Dark dreams silent screams Cold sweats many regrets Freezing rain a heart in pain Battles fought lessons taught Mind in a daze stuck in a maze Confused and scared all emotions bared Frozen in place a hidden face Evil surrounds you hear no sounds Fear you can taste no time to waste Win or lose it's time to chose Which way to go you just don't know Either way looks fine but your life is on the line You make a choice but your inner voice Tells you good try but you chose to die Take a deep breath on your path to death It's ok to cry as you say your final goodbye Thinking of you is all I can do I sit here and frown because you let me down I sit and think back my whole world is black I am never the one who will see the shining sun I want someone to care but life is so unfair All I do is get hurt and treated like dirt I open my heart and it gets torn apart Will it ever be able to heal maybe if I find a love that is
Feel Unappreciated
Feel Unappreciated
I know I do at times!
Tonight im having an auction in silent screams radio at 10pm est come and bid for the right to own me ~~CLICK TO JOIN THE LOUNGE~~ SILENT SCREAMS ROCKIN THE AIRWAVES LIVE DJS TAKING REQUEST PLAYING WHAT YOU LIKE TO HEAR IFU LIKE ROCK, METAL THIS IS WHERE U NEED TO BE!!!!!!! NOW HIRING DJS, GREETERS, ENFORCERS, DANCERS, BARTENDERS Love Is ... Love is the greatest feeling, Love is like a play, Love is what I feel for you, Each and every day, Love is like a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion, That keeps us going strong, I love you with my heart, My body and my soul, I love the way I keep loving, Like a love I can't control, So remember when your eyes meet mine, I love you with all my heart, And I have poured my entire soul into you, Right from the very start.
I lie here in my bed and rememebr the way you made me feel the first time we where together. And then I remember how you made me feel like my world was so strong that nothing could hurt me and then in one phrase you shattered my world and I don;t knwo why but everytime I start to put the peices back together with out you, you come back and tell me there is hope and then shatter my world again. Why do I let you hurt me? I know it is becasue I Love you and I know that you do but you just can't lov e me the way that I love you which is what hurts the most and I guess I must decide at some point to deal with being hurt or to just move on but i know tha right now I can't move on because you have my heart in your hands and that scares me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
are all girls wondering about teh water moccassin?i am black guys arent thqt endowed r they? if it feels good do it
I hate the way I am feeling, I feel empty inside my body I feel like I am just a hollow shell just left here on this earth to make other people. Well when is it my turn to be happy. I miss my happiness, my world. I want it back.
As I look down upon the cold still body That once belonged to me. I see all My imperfections That no longer will be. For life became so hard And My mind had gotten so bad I could no longer control what I felt And it was slowly driving me mad I watched My sanity slowly slip away Drawing me deeper in to a pit >From which there was no escape Other than this life to quit So as I drew up my plans A happiness over came And I knew then and there That finally I would be sane It did not so bad A flash, a bang, a sting But no real hurt I felt Nothing, not a thing So now as I Watch the ambulance crew And suddenly feel so free For now no one else, Can tell me how to be me.
WHO WILL CRY? If tonight I die, Who will cry? Strangers with their feigned interest, While those I love have turned away. And if my best isn't good enough, What more can I give? Go ahead--walk away. Just leave me here alone. And if tonight I die, Who will cry? All my strength is drained, With nothing left to give. Drowning in the depths of sorrow, No tears left to cry. A silent voice and distant eyes That no one hears or sees. And if tonight I die, Who will cry?
Dreaming comes so easily ícause itís all that iíve known True love is a fairy tale Iím damaged, so how would i know Iím scared and iím alone Iím ashamed And i need for you to know I didnít say all the things that i wanted to say And you canít take back what youíve taken away ícause i feel you, i feel you near me I didnít say all the things that i wanted to say And you canít take back what youíve taken away ícause i feel you, i feel you near me Healing comes so painfully And it chills to the bone Will anyone get close to me? Iím damaged, as iím sure you know Thereís mending for my soul An ending to this fear Forgiveness for a man who was stronger I was just a little girl, but i canít go back Iím not a stranger No, I am yours With crippled anger And tears that still drip sore A fragile frame aged With misery And when our eyes meet I know youíll see I do not want to be afraid I do not want to die inside just to breathe in Iím tir
Why is it that when you are having such a good day some people aim to ruin it. Well this happens to me all to often & now it's gone beyond a joke where i honestly don't give acrap about what people think about me. No one has never even given a shit, no one even asks whats wrong no more & it's all because i'm a good for nothing person that no one has or will ever care about ever! I seem to take everyone for who they are but no one ever returns it. I'm going to stop caring for people now & what they want or think about absolutely everything & see how they feel or think about it, then & only then will they truly understand what i go through but until then no one will ever know. If you have any interesting comments i'd like to hear them & maybe take them into consideration too!
What do you do when you give your heart to one?You know no matter what happens he will always have it and you never want it back.You try to move on and its just not there to do.How do you move on or can you?Love hurts but it also stinks.No one ever said Love would be easy.But God why does it have to be so hard? But deep down I don't regret giving my heart to this person.He made me take a good look at myself and let me know I'm a beatuiful person on the inside and out.I didn't have to wild and crazy to prove it.I just had to be me and only me.I guess it is true there is someone out there for everyone.But when you find then let them know how you feel and don't be afraid to be yourself and not someone your not.If it is true to your heart and feels then it worth being true back to.When you do hold it and never let it go no matter what you need to do and always be honest and true to that person no matter what.Always talk and work things out.But don't be afriad to ever Love and don't judge
Loving you Missing you Seeing you inside my head And I become calm again The music is playing softly As my heart is pounding You kiss me You love me And somehow I know you do These feelings are growing It's something I can't deny. You some how understand me When nobody else will Take a second glance. Some how you move me And sooth me And speak straight to my heart.
Feeling Fruity
Hey you See me? Pictures crazy All the world I've seen before me passing by I've got nothing to gain, to lose All the world I've seen before me passing by You don't care about how I feel I don't feel it any more Anymore Hey you, are me Not so pretty All the world I've seen before me passing by Silent my voice I've got no choice All the world I've seen before me passing by You don't care about how I feel I don't feel it anymore I don't see Anymore I don't hear Anymore I don't speak Anymore I don't feel Hey you See me? Pictures crazy All the world I've seen before me passing by I've got nothing to gain to lose All the world I've seen before me passing by You don't care about how I feel I don't feel it anymore I don't sleep Anymore I don't eat Anymore I don't live Anymore I don't feel
posted by Delia Quigley Mar 3, 2010 A major side effect of America’s economic downturn is that when people don’t have money, they cannot afford to feed their animals, much less themselves. This seems to leave them no recourse but to drop said pets at a local rescue shelter or worst still just to abandon them, often times to die of dehydration and starvation, in the very houses they just foreclosed on. This presents a challenge to the shelters because they now have to feed and care for these frightened animals on budgets that were not meant to handle the overwhelming numbers of healthy, tame, house-trained pets. How it is oftentimes handled, regrettably, is with a quiet death by euthanasia. My brother has a good friend who lives on a small patch of land in rural Missouri. Not much happens out there except when he comes upon a dog whose owner has driven his pet out into the countryside and left it along the side of the road to find its way. One time there was a beautiful
Feelings.. Just Me Rambling
I have recently been decieved by someone that I called a friend. I hate liars, there is no place in my life for someone that only sits out to decieve and destroy others feelings. I am hurt deeply by these lies. Most of them were not to me directly but to someone that I care for and consider a best friend. I am too caring I guess and I wear my heart on my sleeve. Maybe I should say fuck it and just be a heartless bitch? But then I am denying who I really am but think that at times it would keep me from getting hurt. In my opinion the worse thing you can do is lie to me. Why must people decieve others? I am not talking white lies I am talking monsterous lies about one dying from cancer. How can someone lie about something so horrible just to recieve attention from others? I deal with this as karma is a bitch and you will get back what you deserve. But to play with others emotions in such away is horrible. Like I said in the intro this is just me rambling..
Feel Empty Inside
do you ever feel empty or dead inside wishing to run wanting to hide to just let go of the pain you feel to just fake it and fuck all the real wondering why or how you got here thinking and crying living in fear not knowing where you should be knowing inside you need to be free wondering how the dark side can be hoping and praying the light you will see wishing just for once you would win the race and lift yourself up out of this place closing your eyes dreaming for you thinking of noone just being true to be free and run away fast not worried inside or living the past to take that one final step and just know you are done standing still refusing to run looking ahead and just see the light just finding peace if for only one night done by christine . may 8th 2008
Feelin Freaky
sexy chocolate loli pop turn me over and hop on top puch inside until you reach the spot and poke it until my cherry pops sexy carmel sugar sweet body banging..knocked me off my feet tap my ass.. lets have some fun and show me where it weighs a ton freak me until my body goes numb pick up speed until you finally cum kiss my nipples and run my fingers through my hair then turn me over cuz we now yet there
Feels So Good...
Kate Voegele - Might Have Been LYRICS: I break away from every situation like this one most times baby But since you been round here I've given in, my dear, to your captivation daily I'm not the type who gets voted most likely to be victimized by those old butterflies but You're the exception your love is infectious, and the fever is climbing high (chorus)Well I hope you don't mind if I fall asleep on your shoulder Now turn out the lights and let the night begin And I hope it's alright if you're still mine when we're older Cause I wont spend another day wondering what might have been I was so cynical just inconvincible, nobody seemed worth trusting But sure enough just when id near given up you appeared there among the destruction Now it's official I've lost my initial suspicions and skepticism You got me caving in; feeding the craving, I see now what I've been missing [Chorus] Got my permission to Break the tradition No limited editions This is a pers
Feel Better Moving On
Please get the fuck out of here. I fucking hate you. your such a liar. you have no idea I guess I'm ok with moving on with everything I am glad that I'm doing bad with out you BTW your dick is too little for me lmao. 7 inches give me a break!!!!! I get a 9.5 cock when I want. you can't handle this BIOTCH. You are going to slow don't want the Beep-Beep up yo' ass. fucking a ugly ass bitch. Cuz you ain't a real man you gotta to sleep with a bitch uglier than the shit you take every nite. lmao. and I'm getting a reward for it too. FUCK U tell your big gum whore to stop leaving me messages on yahoo in shit. they will lock your ass up and throw away the key. GOD your girlfriend is disgusting. and you call yourself the man...with what? looks like she got gonorehha in her mouth...and you too.fucking hicks. skulls and bones crossing together worms in your sockets are giving me the worst headache sickening you are crawling inside of my soul you laugh as the flesh rot and falls into
Feeling Emotional Today
I got a text today from someone I didn't want to hear from. The kind of text that makes you feel sick to your stomach, sad, angry and frustrated. All it said was "Do you miss me" but that simple fucking text brought so many emotions to the table. Emotions I have pushed back because I'm not strong enough to deal with them alone. I wanted to scream at my phone No, I don't miss you. I fucking miss my sanity. I miss feeling like I was someone worthwhile and important to someone. I missed the fact that you were an abuser. Nothing hurts more then knowing you gave someone your heart, only for them to crush it. No one knows how much I sarificed to be with that man or how I loved him unconditionally just for him to use all my inner most private deep dark secrets againist me. Or how much it hurt to hear the voicemails he left me telling me that I'm worthless, that I'll always be worthless, that I'm about shit, how I was never shit to anyone and how I meant shit to him. Hell, ther
I keep looking for comfort from you i sit and wonder if your love is true you see me crying inside you have to know I'm dying don't you see these tears don't you see the hurt from so many years the little girl that was hurt so bad is now 29 years old and utterly sad no one to listen or even to talk to recalling memories that hurt me through and through the things you ask of me it triggers a memory memories I'd rather forget memories embedded in my mind, completely set the hurt, the pain and anger won't go away I wonder who "loves me" and will turn their back today I can't explain how I feel inside Feelings of abandonment rush in like the tide Ghosts haunt me no matter where I go I do love you still, that you should know I wish you could understand I would be there holding your hand I would take away all your pain So in the end, you'd have a life to gain but for me, darkness is all I see No happiness for this little girl is to be The adult lives her life takin
i don't always think rationally when i'm sad and may say or do things that i don't mean. i have made lots of great friends on here and some have become very special to me and cloce to my heart. i tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, which makes it easy to be broken. i have to learn to use my head more and my heart less
Feel Good
There was a man named Fleming, and he was a poor Scottish farmer. One day, while trying to make a living for his family, he heard a cry for help coming> from a nearby bog. He dropped his tools and ran to the bog. There, mired to his waist in black muck, was a terrified boy, screaming and struggling to free himself. Farmer Fleming saved the lad from what could have been a slow and terrifying death. The next day, a fancy carriage pulled up to the Scotsman's sparse surroundings An elegantly dressed nobleman stepped out and introduced himself as the father of the boy Farmer Fleming had saved.'I want to repay you,' said the nobleman. 'You saved my son's life.' 'No, I can't accept payment for what I did,' the Scottish farmer replied waving off the offer. At that moment, the farmer's own son came to the door of the family hovel. 'Is that your son?' the nobleman asked. 'Yes,' the farmer replied proudly. 'I'll make you a deal. Let me provide him with the level of education my> own son wil
Feeling Good
Its been 2 yrs since I started all over...left everything I had(canopy bed,dressers,dinette, ent. center,tv,curio, bakers rack, dishes,the whole kit and kaboodle) aside from a car load when I relocated to this state,in the year I have been here I have fully furnished my place and gave everything I left behind to my daughter...replaced the dinette,the living room furniture,a 48 inch projection tv, ent center, 2 bedroom/ 2 bath fully furnished. Today I paid the last of the furnishings off and set up my patio with a chaise lounger,grill,chair,plant stand and bird feeder. Feels good even if Im strapped for 2 weeks ITS ALL PAID OFF!! Time to toast with a glass of wine ;) All I need now is a hot tub and someone to join me in it!
Feeling .
It is impossible to fall out of love. Love is such a powerful emotion, that once it envelops you it does not depart. True love is eternal. If you think that you were once in love, but fell out of it, then it wasn't love you were in. There are no 'exit' signs in love, there is only an 'on' ramp
Feeling .
I am not sure how to start this, and I know ahead of time that many will blow it off as unimportant. This is after all only the internet. What I wanted to say is to please think hard before you get involved with someone. For some this is just entertainment, but for many of us we form real bonds here. I recently met that one special person that I was meant to be with. I am convinced of that, and at first she felt the same way. But as often happens, someone else caught her eye and I lost her. It hurt that something we were once so sure of dissappeared that quickly. I welcome all that come as friends, but nothing more than that. She has my heart and always will. There is nothing I can do to get her back and I don't think I would even try. The pain I feel now is just too great and I can't put myself in that position again. So please, realize that you are dealing with real people. Be sure of how you feel before you take their heart. For some of us it is life altering. Thanks for reading
Feeling Down
Been feeling down on myself lately..and did some serious thinking last night. Part reason I feel like couple of my closest friends have left me. Even though they said they still care..I have taken it personally. Anyways,, I am done feeling that way. If they leave..or don't care no more..guess they never really did. Another reason been feeling I have gained a bunch of weight this past year. Didn't actually know how much til I weighed myself lastnight. was enough to get me motivated. Today is a new day..I start my dieting. UGH. I am also getting a new bike. I will get myself motivated..if it kills me. Anyways, I am sure I been moody with a few of my friends on here..and just letting you all know..why. Todays beginning of a new me. Well I am off to work right now.. have a great Tuesday!
Feeling So Much Hurt And Pain Inside
I keep wondering when the pain will go away. Will the hurt ever begin to lessen. I wonder how many tears, I will cry before I have no more left inside. People say it will get easier or better with time. I just dont see how, right now. Everyday it seems to get harder and more tears just keep flowing. Maybe if I had answers or reasons why, it would get easier with time. But with no explanations, and not even a word of why you have just disappeared, I dont think it will. Especially when the last words I had from you were that you would always be there no matter what. And how much you cared for me. And then the next day you just disappeared without a trace. Not a single word, a goodbye or anything. I just can't understand why.
A time comes in your life when you finally get it... when, in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out...ENOUGH! Enough fighting and crying and blaming and struggling to hold on. Then, like a child quieting down after a tantrum, you blink back your tears and begin to look at the world through new eyes. This is your awakening. You realize it's time to stop hoping and waiting for something to change, or for happiness, safety and security to magically appear over the next horizon. You realize that in the real world there aren't always fairy tale endings, and that any guarantee of "happily ever after" must begin with you... and in the process a sense of serenity is born of acceptance. You awaken to the fact that you are not perfect and that not everyone will always love, appreciate or approve of who or what you are... and that's OK. They are entitled to their own views and opinions. You le
Feelin It
THIS IS SHORT-I JUST THOUGHT WAS A COOL SUBJECT LINE I am not exactly sure why, but I went from being eligible to post up to 2500 photos, to now 175. watch that first step, its a doozy i had to remove so many pictures that many other fubar members seemed to enjoy. i know i found them worthy of posting. thats ok. who wants to see more than 175 pics of me or me and my dog? i would never browse 2500 pictures and cant imagine anyone has, unless it was over time. A 175 photo limit only means i need to keep it fresh but really, wtf 2500 cut to what? not 1500 or even 500? Buddy, no one wants to see that many pictures of you ok? 175 is our limit for those found to be unnatractive under "reasonable standards of attraction" or we cut you your max. you said u wanted it strait. what did i just write and what was i saying-i was bitching i know...oh well im gonna copy n paste to all the sites i have a presence on. leave a digital trail-i could see that paying off fo
So I basically ended a relationship with an immature, stupid, unintelligent, chicken-fryer Mexican who kept controlling me. I feel like a ton has been lifted off of my chest. He is an ugly person inside AND out. I can't believe that I had sex with the ugly, fat bastard that he is. He is a sad little person, and he is a constant lier and ALWAYS made me cry all the time when I did nothing.< First, he said that I couldn't even talk or text my best friend Tim, simply because Tim is in-love with me. That is a sign he didn't trust me or my best friend. Second, he forced me to take down all my pictures I had with Tim, and if I didn't, he would get mad and make me cry until I did. Oh, and when I said bye to him the first time, he was like "No, you did not say that. Forget what u just said." And he crawled right after me. And two Wednesday's ago, he threatened to call the police on me because HE wouldn't allow me to go into his apartment and get my things that I had left there. And he
He gives me a strength Courage unbridled as I soar Far beyond where Iíve ever gone To a place Iíve only dreamed of before He offers his heart, and I my love We walk hand-in-hand towards forever At journeyís endÖwill he truly know He was my greatest discovery, my sweetest endeavor.
Feelings Of The Heart
Ivorie is a beautiful color that adds some extreme delight,The Ivorie that I have love for,is filled with joy and lots of life.Somtimes known to mature with age in the right time of the season,will blossom into a beautiful creature wich people will love for any reason,Ivorie will vary in size and looks come the right times of change,No one should ever hold her back or put it in a cage,One who has a bad temper would very much relate,Thee who shall upset Ivorie must suffer in its quake,I`m starting to see a resemblance in this wonderful gift of gods nature,Never go head to head with this wrath or you shall feel its anger,cant help but fall in love with this beastly mass of gods creation,Perhaps it will grow big and strong and one day rule the nation,I built this template to go on through her wonderful years of reign,To ever see her crumble would bring me to great pain,I have much love for this creatur,this wonder of natures extreme delight,for she is the one,the only,the daughter,MY DAUG
FEELINGS Feelings suppressed to the depths of my soul Wanting your love to make me feel whole Longing to tell you just how I believe Yet afraid you'll remove your presence from me Wanting to give you all that I am To give you the world if only I can But there are limitations placed on the boundaries of love Awaiting the guidance and help from above Sometimes I grow weary for my wings to soar Awaiting the day I become faithfully yours Many a night I lie aware in my bed With visions of you; flooding thoughts in my head Memories of moments I spent in your arms The security I felt; being safe from all harm Yearning to have that feeling again Wishing these moments never would end My visions of love are a moment in time Where the world melts awayÖÖ..and for an instant you're mine But these wishes of mine are just fantasy Having no real meaning; remaining a dream So I'll stay lost in this dream world of undying love Till my Fa
It was not so long ago when I thought I'd never meet someone like you. Wrong was I, thinking I'm in control Believing I'd never fall. All my life I thought no one would melt a heart like mine, a heart so cold, a heart hardened by the past, protected by shields so vast. Slowly I was falling without even knowing. Only to find out too late I have no choice but to accept my fate. I could dream, I suppose forever, I could hope there will never be any 'us', that's our destiny so I wake up to reality. I lied when I said I didn't love you, that my feelings for you are through. I lied not because I wanted to but because I love you and I still do. I wouldn't do a thing to hurt you but I just have to let go. I can't hold on much longer 'coz for us there's no forever. I sit and ponder all alone, Will I ever find a love of my own? A love I can trust, A love that's a must? A love without the pain, Such a love--Will I gain? W
The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for blood plasma. Once a bull has impregnated a cow, it will never impregnate that same cow again. So once a bull has had his way with your herd, he is useless. Carnivorous animals will not eat another animal that has been hit by a lightning strike. Mountain goats can walk almost straight up a cliff due to a supple pad on each cloven hoof. These pads have extremely soft centers. When the animal puts its foot down, each pad works like a powerful suction cup, enabling the wild goat to appear to defy gravity. The average person falls asleep in seven minutes. A group of geese on the ground is a gaggle, a group of geese in the air is a skein. The underside of a horse's hoof is called a frog. The frog peels off several times a year with new growth. The shape of plant collenchyma cells and the shape of the bubbles in beer foam are the same - they are orthotetrachidecahedrons. Emus and kangaroos cannot walk backwards,
Feeling Sorry For Myself
I feel shitty today, Im depressed and dont have any motivation at all! I have been sitting at home for days not doing anything but staring at a computer. I dont have many friends anymore because I cut myself off from people that just used me and got me into trouble. So the friends that I still have are too busy with their lives to talk to me or even just see how Im doing. I havent worked in 3 months... I have always worked! I cant stand it. I moved to a shitty town where no one can find work. Im just tired of not having a life. Im tired of feeling like a bum, tired of not having any motivation, tired of stupid people, Im just tired of me and my life right now. I get like this every so often and I hate it, its really hard to get myself going again. I just feel like sleeping. I want to do something with my life but it seems like whenever I try to do that something gets in the way and stops me.... whatever fuck it!
Feeling Shitty
Feeling Crappy
Feeling Out Of It
so..... yeah as per the above subject.... im really out of it right now, im at work and i HAD a bad headache, i took some strong pain killers which have left me feeling drowsy and very much out of it, kinda funny actually.... just thought i'd share that with the rest of you also trying to pass time at work, i finish at 4pm, which is less than 3 hrs away..... if anyone is bored or just wanting to say hello, feel free = )
Feeling Dark Today
Entering in spite of Rowes and Wades No hose and sink, unwanted yet chosen No lessons learned, but spiritually alert I think, I wonder, somewhere it was understood. See, Love is supposed to work Unconditional love, the love of a child How the hell, did we get so old, jaded and so cold? It's not designed to be this way I think deep down, we know. This world, our lives, so much to grasp Who played this false, stacked the deck? When was it stolen away in the night? Leaving a bloodless corpse in its stead. Crowds in life, and in our homes, so many It's hard to find ones self alone, isolated By familiar faces, once warm arms, hands, lips It is by this visage that one becomes abandoned Hearth, heart and home now become the other. I think the old toast, so old now, was prophecy For in it hearth has turned to 'Lofty timbers, the halls around are bare, echoing to our laughter, as though the dead were there'. I believe it was not to be this way Is it? Th
A feeling like this, words can not explain. To love someone so much, that it drives me insane. With you in my life my heart feels so complete. I've never been so in love. You sweep me off my feet. I've never felt this way. The way I do with you. To love some one so much, that no one eles will do. You feel me with such happiness, I can not help but smile. Just to wake up next to you, it makes my day worth while. Too far to exchange a tender touch, though with the click of a button and receipt of a flower. Too far to share the warmth of a kiss, though with the click of a button and receipt of a smile, my lips burned for a kiss from you. Too far to hold each other tight my eyes wept tears for you.Now many years have passed and the button clicks no more, though my heart still aches and longs for you. I love you more than all the stars in the sky as each monet that passes by. With every breath i take i love you more with each promise i make. I nee
Feelin Groovy?
59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin Groovy) (Remastered Version) - Harpers Bizarre Are You Feelin' Groovy? Join the Hippie Train! It's easy! Just fan, rate, and add everyone who has joined before you... or leave a comment on their profile if they are already your friend. In the friend request, or comment, put "Joining the Hippie Train" or "Feelin' Groovy" or a phrase from the 70's (let's see just how good your memory is!) When you are done with everyone on the list, send me a private message so I will know to add you. We are all here to have fun, so no drama please! In my dreams...or yours? ~~Leader of the CONVOY ~*~ Pilot of Fantasy Flight ~*~ Shadow Leveler ~*~@ fubar ~TexasAngel~Rating Revolution Crew Member~@ fubar ~sensual-breeze~
Ok I wrote this earlier this week but haven't had a chance to post it until now........Thoughts circling around I need to get away and free my mind. Why do I miss someone who never took a breath? Is it because they were a part of my heart and soul or just my longing for a child of my own. Why would this one hit me harder than the others. It's made me feel that I am not meant to be a mom, I believe god puts on you what you can stand and that going through things makes you stronger, but I don't think I can take much more. I have a big heart and think I am a decent person. When I try to talk about this I am told it just wasn't meant the time and so I keep it all bottled up. I have also been thinking alot of my daddy I have never set down and cried about him, I miss him so much I remember his smile and laugh. The way he would switch words around and all his little nick names he had for people, but most of all I remember him sitting on the couch playing guitar, or watching the race or the c
Well it is one of those days that I am feeling that I might be losing my best friend and she dont even know it. I know it hard but it is how I am feeling she may not see it but I do. I not sure what i want to do but I know I want to run and hide but I cannot. I want her to know I do love her as my sissy and always will. Well I have to go now but maybe she will write me back sometime.
Feeling Like This Song
Well this town has closed down, way too early And there's nothing to do So I'm driving around in circles And I'm thinking about you Today I heard you got a new last name I sure didn't know it was gonna hit me this way And the radio just keeps on playing all these Songs About Rain... Now there's all kinds of songs about babies and love that goes right, But for some unknown reason Nobody wants to play them tonight, Hey, I hope it's sunny wherever you are That's sure not the picture, tonight in my car And it sure ain't easin' my pain All these songs like... "Rainy Night In Georgia" and "Kentucky Rain" "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again", "Blue Eyes Cryin" in the "Early Morning Rain" They go on and on, and there's no two the same Oh it would be easy to blame all these Songs About Rain Well, I thought I was over you But I guess maybe I'm not 'Cause when I let you go Looks like lonely is all that I got I guess I'll never know what could have been it su
Feel The Rush - Adrenaline Train
Feeling Lost
Have you ever felt like you were losing yourself in the process of finding yourself? Well, that is exactly how I feel. Just when I thought I was finally getting my life together, life gives me a punch to the gut. I feel like a lost little girl, scared and confused. A million thoughts are racing thru my head... why am I here? What is my purpose? Does anyone really know their purpose in life? I always seem to have answers for all of my friends but what about me? I have no answers for myself. I feel too much, and it scares me. What is one capable of doing to hide these feelings? I am tired of being a clown, smiling thru my sadness. Is this feeling called depression? I'm tired of asking everyone what is wrong... why the hell can't anyone just ask what is wrong with me? I am ready to vent; ready to cry. My chest hurts. My head hurts. My heart hurts. I don't even know what happiness is. I feel it sometimes, at least I think I do. But then once I reach the point where I
Feel Some Boobies Auction
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I don't know why I do it but somehow I seem to push those close to me away by giving them advice when thy ask fort it and when I am done they distance themselves from me. I am sorry I can't seem to mind my own business and tell those that ask for advice I have none for them , but from now on I will maybe I will just try going to sleep and never wake up maybe that will keep me out of trouble. I know it sounds like I am just trying to run away once more but I can't take being pushed away from those I love and care for.
People can change IF they want to. Everybody makes mistakes, it just depends on if you learn from them or not. The ones who do, SHOULD be given a second chance. The ones who don't, really don't deserve it. Life is too SHORT not to forgive..... You might be missing out on TRUE HAPPINESS......
Feeling Lonely
I think I've been feeling lonely and didn't realise because I'm surrounded by friends and colleagues from work . My boyfriend lives in Japan and the last time I saw him was in April which is six months ago . We were talking about marriage two years ago but I don't think that's ever going to happen if we don't see enough of each other . I work for most of the day , I get a salary wage so I don't get paid for overtime , I have lunch in a cafe with my work friends but when I'm at my apartment I'm all on my own . A lot of things I don't get time for and before I know it months have passed by . My work contract finishes on December 15th then I restart work in February (I think) , but I'm tempted to quit and go back home but I haven't decided yet , but I'll keep working until December 15th before I decide . I've been a bit doolally recently and been trying to fix things .
A Feeling I Can't Explain
It's just a feeling I can't explain, Am I going insane Just to hear you say my name. Am I walking through sunshine and rain. OH! That lovely feeling I can't explain. OH! That feeling when you look at me. Forever I hope you and I will be. To be with you I'll swim through the sea. Am I walking through sunshine or rain. OH! That wonderful feeling I can"t explain. OH! That feeling I can't explain. Am I going insane. Just to hear you say my name. I know I'm walking through sunshine not rain. OH! That lovely, wonderful feeling I can't explain. Loving you... OH! That's the thang, That's the feeling i couldn't explain.
..:: Feeling ::..
I have to say I feel stupid for the people who walk out on the kids and married ... YOU call yourself real but in my book , i call you nothin but 100% coward ... see i am feelin this way cause i have friend , who got pregnant , and the guy walked out on her and the baby and when she told me this , i was hurt and piss but also sad , i mean come on , man walk out on daughter , i know i would not do that ... it will hurt me now to see she is not goin to have father in her life , but i do hope i can be there for her where i know i am not the dad ... If i did or do get female pregnant , I will be the man and stand up and take care of both and everything where I was raise to be real man and stand up to take it like real man should do BUT if the baby was not mine i will still be there no matter what and raise her as mine ... what i am sayin is no matter what , if i got female pregnant , i still be there no matter what
How do you deal with death when it is someone very close to you? This blog is about someone that meant the world to me! My father passed away July 24th 2008. This is the man that always was able to make people laugh no matter how bad they felt. For the past 9 years my father and i lived together after him and my mother seperated. For the past 9 years we was so close to each other where he was more than a father he was my best friend. Every day we would go for coffee 3 to 4 times a day. Where i would go he would go and where he went i went. We spent every hour of the day together. He was always there for his grand children too. Any time i ever had a problem he was right there to help me out. Sence the passing of my father i have had alot of emotions going through my head. November 1st 2008 i just bought my new house. Sense moveing in to this house my feelings have real been overwhelming. All i can think about is all the memories that we had together in our old house. I f
Feeling Used
What does one do when they're feeling used? How does one go about getting it resolved? I am told one thing yet shown another. Over and Over. I am in the midst of the end of a long relationship and altho I knew I ought not begin another I did. A very different one mind you but one none the less. In a short time I have begun to feel like a vessel for someone elses needs and only when it's convenient. When do my needs become important? When do I get to feel secure? DO I have to leave, end it to find out what is real and what is imagined? Or do I just become the doormat once again, forget what I want and serve another? I am nearing the deletion of many sites I use in maybe an effort to be taken seriously. What I thought to be real is becoming a nightmare. I just wish I still had nightmares. I am real. I am a good person. Why can't I be happy? What have I done so wrong? Ever close your eyes ever stop and listen ever feel alive and you've nothing missing you don't need a reaso
i realized today that the pain i went through with my boys when they passed hasnt gone away. i mean i knew the pain would never go away but i guess i didnt think i could feel this way again. it felt like i was losing them all over again. i got a call today from the woman (from the funeral home) that helped me after i lost my boys. she works at the funeral home and i never thought i would be someone she would call for help. i went there today and found out there was another young couple that had just lost a baby. she wanted to know if it was ok if i met them since ive been through it. i met the couple and i knew how much pain they were going through. its the worst pain a person and definitely a mother can go through. i hugged them and told them i was so sorry. i just wish i could make it easier for them. having to go through this is something i wish noone would have to go through. but im glad i went there today because if there is anyway i can help someone i would love to and do anythin
I don't think I should ever feel sorry for being myself, a passionate and intense person, although there are a whole lot of pros and cons surrounding it or me. More importantly, I shouldn't even have to apologize for expressing myself or being totally upfront about what I think and how I feel. I prefer things to be point-blank, no guessing games. I don't like wasting my time trying hard to figure out a person or something when all I need is just a bit of honesty from the other person. Things are simpler that way and no playing merry-go-round. There are parts of my life that I said on front page that I did not wish to disclose here that this was place for me to have fun.Lets answer some questions now.Yes I appear in videos,yes I have a website that is a pay site to view.I will not go any further on that.This page is for me now leave that at the door.If I feel good about telling you I will.I will not be pressured.I told upfront I did these things and now people would like to know where.
I Miss you ... I don't seem to know how to pull you close, I don't know how to pull you back...All I know is how to push you away. I don't mean to hurt you but yet I do ...over and over again. I cry everyday. I don't know why I do the things I do. I push and I push. One day I will wake up and you will be gone and I will be alone. I don't want that....but, I don't seem to know how to pull you close, I don't know how to pull you back. ....Can you please meet me half way... I am willing to try. That is promise I make to you. .....I LOVE YOU
Feeling It
if you are on my friends list and are a racist, please delete yourself i have no problem with an ethnic or racial joke but that was bullshit in the mumm i posted last night .yotd asked me to delete it last night when the shit started so i did oh and i slit the bite spot and it drained and looks fine today thanks again dio My Shoutbox ->Jersey girl 1: in that case just fuckin block me Jersey girl 1: hum I cant rate u since there is not a 0 ->Jersey girl 1: thank you, rate me a one and block me please Jersey girl 1: becasue u are a jerk ->Jersey girl 1: i don`n really fuckin care Jersey girl 1: after u make the money for the drugs use them an OD I hate ur mumm comments ->Jersey girl 1: WHAT? Jersey girl 1: overdose on then while u are at it on for 5 minutes and i get this shit cunt won`t rate me a 1 and block me i have a cabling job today in a seventh day adventist church and school if anyone reading this has any religious tendencies, put in a word for me so the
There is ONE who has found and stolen my very heart the one and only thing that makes a difference in this world to me... she is the most wonderfully sweet sexy and a bit of a smartass as well (which i love). Above everything else everyone that has come into my life she has found a way to capture my heart easily and holds it within her hands and for the first time in my life i am actually trusting someone with it.... which honestly scares the living shit out of me but she has my heart and my trust what can i say.... what do you do when someone has captured your very core? all i can do now is trust in the keeper of the stars to make the decision... i love you Erica when i give my heart to someone i do it fully and with out question. at times this scares me because everytime i turn around it seems that the one who i have given my heart to either turns on me, cheats on me, or just plain never cared to begin with. some days i think it might just be better to dissapear and just not BE at
I am a huge fan of the band Dope and Here is another song that I believe is fitting of me. If you know me, do you agree/disagree? If you don't know me Or if you do, isn't this a cool/good/great song? Sometimes you don't understand Sometimes I am what I am Sometimes I just can't be Everything you hoped I'd be And sometimes I wish that you could see I'm not like you I'm not like them I won't pretend Cause I am what I am Sometimes I wish that we Could agree to disagree Sometimes I wish that you could see what I see This is who I am I've always been And I don't think you'll ever understand Fuck you I am what I am You don't understand I am what I am And I don't think you'll ever understand Fuck you I am what I am Enclosed are the video and lyrics to the song "Imperium" by the band Machine Head. The more I hear this song the more I love it and the more the lyrics seem fitting of me. If you know me, do you agree/disagree? If you don't know me Or
Feel Soo Used
Feeling Of Despair
I watch the sun rise through the trees through the window by my bed, the dull yellows, greens, and blues slowly growing brighter. I sit and contemplate my life here, wondering if it's all worth it, pondering if I should stay. I sigh, resting my chin in my hands, staring at the sky as it lightens, welcoming the new day. I see animals scurry in the snow dusted yard, busy with their own existance, no time for them to comtemplate what their lives are about. Absentmindedly I pet my faithful companion, who looks at me with thoughtful blue eyes, wondering why I haven't yet moved from the bed to go for our walk. Another sigh...why is life so hard sometimes? Why can't it just be easy for a change? There's a stirring beside me on the bed. I lean over and kiss the forehead of the man that has kept me going, kept me breathing. I stare at him lovingly, gently pushing his dark hair from his face. As I stare into his peaceful, sleeping face I realize that life is worth living, that m
I hate feeling like everything i do isn't good enough. Like things should b better than they were b4. Sometimes the slightest things will set me off like a ticking time bomb n i'm going 2 explode. I just wanna scream out at the top of my lungs "FUCK U"!!! Bury myself under a huge pile of blankets n never come out. I wish there was a way that i could make all pain vanish, but we all know thats impossible. I know i'm not perfect, n in fact, nobody is...we all make mistakes n sometimes we learn from them....I try not 2 fail at the things that r important, but i trip n fall right over them alot, i just pick myself up n try again. Eventually i will stop tripping. Everyday i wake up i think 2 myself, "is something wrong"? i dunno, its just a feeling n usually my feelings r right. I just never find out until l8r on. I hate these feelings. Life is what u make of it so make it right.
Feelings 4 Ya
Sometimes wen i look n2 ur eyes its like starrin n2 an unknown gallexy I get lost in ur arms feels like heaven n between them Ur body feels so warm against mines I love it wen u put ur arms around me as were walking in the park The way u take ur hands n brush ma hair away from ma face n kiss ma forhead Holdin ma hand walkin thru da park jus enjoyin each oda Love it wen u lick dem lips baby it drives me crazy I know u nside out We got dat strong connection, like our souls r ment 2 be I feel like im n another world wen im wit u my problems r gone Cant breathe wen ur gone, need ur oxygen n ma system U got me head ova heals fo ya boy!! Da only thing i ask is dat u love me foeva n neva break ma heart!!
so i have not the faintest clue where to begin, i'm hurting so bad right now that i'm pushing away the one person who i love with all my heart.† i've waited for this man for 2 years and then i had him, and because of something that happened while we were dating, another man took from me what belonged to my love, i lost myself.† i never told the man i loved til just recently.† i didn't know what to think, i didn't know what to feel.† i was ashamed and i couldn't look my love in the eyes.† i felt dirty and i was permanently tainted.† i no longer belonged solely to him, some other man took that away.† he's hurt because i didn't tell him.† he says i should have told him, he says that's not something u keep from the man u love.† how do u look at the man u love and tell him your body is no longer solely his?† how do u look at the man u love and tell him what another man took from u?† not to mention that i was scared.† i was told by the guy who did this to me that he would hurt him if i told
I am emotionally a wreck because my dad just died last month and his birthday was jan 4 he would of been 60.he died from cancer i am a wreck cause i dont know how to deal with the loss and the pain i feel i get into these moods where i cry and cry and cant stop...does anyone know how i can cope with this?please give me advice thx
Feeling Good
Woke up today feeling good, looking forward to a good day!!!
Feelin' It....its All About You Baby
Feeling Down Today
well i have been feeling down alot these past few days y well because..... been feeling out of place and unwanted by ppl that love or say they do..... i know for most ppl feeling wanted or loved is being cuddled or making love will for me its both and more and well one of those i got denide (sorry cant spell all that will will crying) just cause nature gave me something does not me to stop i know some of you would not understand what i mean but what i mean is hurtting me so much i see that ppl i love see me differently today right now i feel like i should be died or dieing to have these ppl seee hurtting and im really showing how much and no one can see it i status, me not wanting to be held, or touched but nope they just play it off. all i want is to be happy, loved, cared for, and wanted i really dont know if any of those i have from anyone i feel im being lied to every day and every word that comes i dont know if its just cause i keep los
Feeling Of Being In Love.
(Exactly my thought's and feelings, so get over it if it's not written pretty :P) Let's see i'm fighting sleep again, I just dunno I get really depressed and anxious when I start getting sleepy. And lately, just hasn't been the best part of my life. Between work, school, and managing self time, and my own problems I feel so out of control. Most people would say i'm crazy but i'm not cause I can't help how I feel. Anywho today been a real bitch and right now I feel just like an emotional overload. I'm one I hate talking about my feeling's I keep them bottled up, because I don't like to bother other people with my small shit. I'm a complicated bitch, I love to joke and laugh, but most people don't understand the real me. I don't trust people easy, if I even trust one person at all. You may think I like you, but I am strict to the saying "keep ur friends close, but ur enemy's closer" Hell I cry when I'm pissed, when i'm sad, but never in happy occasion. I've had so much shit ha
Feeling Good
I know I haven't been on as much lately. I will try to start..but been busy working..and exercising..and just bunch of running around. Today I did my first week weight in at weight watchers. I lost 6.8lbs. I know I can do it on my own..I have in the past..but I need a little incentive..or inspiration I guess. This way,, I know I am spending 12 a week.. I will want to do it LOL. I did 3 1/2 hrs of exercise on my wii this week. I am starting to really enjoy it. With all been going on this time at night..I am usually extremely tired. On another note.. just to let you know..I will be having a HH tomorrow. Stop by and show some love please. Hugs...
Feeling Brave Today
Feelings Of Loss
He walks a path Covered in shadows Risen fog blurring No turning from the way Careful steps upon ice Blackness looming outward Unsure of each step Fallen angels plummet Rising demon laughter Blood drips from eyes Along his alabaster features To fall ever further Into the spiral of his mind Sinking into this oblivion He soars to his end Pushed from the edge
Feeling Today
My pain is his happiness, I am alone, and depressed He is happy, and content I am sad, and in tears He smiles, and laughs I feel worthless, and unwanted He feels confident, and needed My body longs for his touch He is pressed against her My ears beg to hear his voice He canít stand the sound of mine My arms are dying to be around him again He holds her tightly to him My heart is still in his hands His belongs to someone else My tears fall freely He could care less My life has fallen apart His has begun anew. There once was a maiden, who was so deeply blue, She thought that her dreams would never come true, She searched and she searched for her one true love, She felt like the Gods sat and laughed at her from above. There once was a knight so noble and true, His heart was in pieces from what heíd gone through, He felt as though his heart would never be whole, He felt as though he was missing part of his immortal soul. Then one evening the stars align
Feeling Lonlt
Feeling Lonely
†† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †"The Past" † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †† † They say the past repeats itself, mere words or a saying to live by? †† † For if the past does repeat itself, Should I try to correct it all, or just die? †† † For if my past repeats itself, I'd rather lose myself than another family,† †† † The past blurs my vision I'm trapped with indecision. † †† † Clouded is my future alas' I'm sinking , drowning in my past. †† † Can you change it? Can i change it? Maybe not totally , but maybe rearrange it, or distort it, to feel less pain. † †† † Maybe shift directions so there's no blame †There's no changing the past for sure, but maybe there's a way to change the future.
Feeling Alive Inside
I didn't think these feelings for you would ever come back. For I thought I'd never see you again I'm feeling alive inside again because of you And i hope this feeling of being alive will never end Believe me for every word I speak is so very true It's something that lifts me up from first sight Cause in my heart it's where it's been all because of you I never threw those feelings for you away i kept them inside and locked away To only be released back into my world when you came back to me that day For i've always thought of you and never left you behind Feeling alive inside again is what you have helped me find You where always the one i wanted and nothing more No other one has made me feel alive inside and thats for sure.
I am someone I walked past a dead face even though the person was alive I saw my eyes in the mirror and cried at the sight I looked at a person I didnĻt know and I met a friend I got heads to turn when I walked past I learned a lot about myself when I lost a new friend I cried every tear in my body when I thought about love I got hit bad then got back in the ring I climbed a mountain of rocks and saw an eagle fly over- head I heard terrible things about myself when no one thought I was listening I realized I was strong when I didnĻt cry when it hurt I found out who I was when I was with someone else I thought I was lost forever when a friend found me I held a life in my hand and it was my own I was a pawn in someone else's game so I surrendered to a brook I walked the fine line between surviving and not wanting to survive I still am I am someone
Well, Friday night was definitely interesting! We went to go see my favorite local band, Plan B, that I hadn't seen since late last year. Well, some old friends of ours came into the bar, which was a bit uncomfortable for me, as I hadn't seen either Michelle or Ann in quite a while. Being bi, I've been intimate with both of them, and Ann was my first girlfriend...the first woman I was ever in love with. She seemed very surprised to see me. She ended up dancing with me several times all night, we got down & dirty on the dance floor, and she & I talked while dancing. She told me how much she had missed me, that she couldn't go on with things the way they were, and she would like us to end our separation. Later, she said that she really wanted to have sex with me. I told her that I'm not a shy bi anymore, and that I have changed a lot since she knew me last. At the end of the night, right before the band finished their gig, she said to everyone at our table, "She is so beautiful! So gorge
Feelin ...i Dont Know
I went to my parents friday night to go mushroom hunting. I didn't find any but had a nice times with my parents.† I am not sure how to feel though about something.† My dad was sitting in his chair..just kinda.. I dont know. Like something was bothering him.† I worried it was my kids..but they were fairly behaving for them. He is not one to deal with little kids and how they are though.† Anyways.. he got up..and said "Nicole..comeback here with me. I was like..omg..whats this about.† Anyone who knows me..knows I have always had a fear of my dad..and have always tried my best to please him. I still do. I do not know why..I am grown up now..and shouldn't worry so much about what he thinks at times but I do. My dad is a pessimist..and always looks at the bad side of things.† That is why I am partly the way I am..although I try not to be so much like him.† Well we went back to his spare bedroom..and he shuts the door.† He said "Nicole if something should ever happen to me or your mom.. I w
Feelings Of Love
Feelin Like An Ass
Ok, most of you guys know how my ex was to me.. † NOT A NICE MAN.. † I am happily invold with Craven... and have been for almost 15 months. My ex has gone from chick to chick. And thats not a problem for me. I do want to see him happy. His lastest fiancee, i was told hated me and my kids, you know the typical ex shit. † Some of you guys have even seen the emails back and forth between her and I,.. Turns out she didnt have a problem with me, she was being fed a bunch of bull shit by my ex. But over the last few weeks my ex has been talking more and more to me about him and his current fiancee. And I mean everything ( I had told him more than once I didnt want to hear bout it at all). He was looking at finding him a "buddy" because his fiance wasnt giving him none.. blah blah blah.. † her and i get to talking and all... and she had heard from a few other people that he was talking to them or some shit like that.. she asks what do i knwo about all of this shit. I told her that
Feeling Under The Blue Lately
Sorry not been much of† a friend lately.. just not been feeling up to being on here much lately. Just want to say thank you to the very few who actually show me love on here lately.† I appreciate everything you do..and for who you are. I have thought of deleiting ..but I know I will regret it once I have. Anyways..just wanted to say thank you again..for being there. xoxo
Feeling In A Broken Heart
Today is my birthday and for the first time in my life I'm sad. I have a cloud over me, I try to get away but it follows me. Its raining down on me,Keeping the sunhine from my face, I feel soaked, weighted down,heavy if you will. Happiness is around me I can see it but the cloud won't let me near it. I'm tired of feeling anger, sadness and loss. PLEASE COVER ME!!!! Hand me an umbrella, aNYTHING I'll try ANYTHING to rid myself of this cloud...... PLEASE COVER ME.... If I sleep forever, I won't have to hurt anymore. I won't have to be alone, I won't have to act. I won't have to waste the sunlight or fight the moon..... I can just sleep forever
I have had alot of free time on my hands here lately, and have had alot of time to think.† Which for me has not always been a good thing :) I think of my life prior military, and miss the perks of homelife. But would not change† my decision for anything in the world. I am doing what I want to do, and what I believe in. If I had one thing I miss more than anything besides my family, would be the ocean. It was always my happy place, the place I found comfort and understanding. I have walked many nights on the beach, with the sounds of the waves in the distance as I gazed at the moon above me. Right there on that beach only a few steps from my house, I have experienced life, love and understanding. All experiences were not so great, yet they all played a part in who I am today. Some have their safe places, well that was and will be mine. Just a small bit into my life. Rather ironic I am here with plenty of sand but no water! lol I†find myself sitting here in my chu, not even eight
ok i need help lvling i have asked for help over and over and i have been helping yall lvl why in the hell cant yall help me??? when i get a cherry bomb dont ask for me to bomb you cause im not going to just because yall arent helping me and if you dont like this...then deleate me from your friends bye now.... I know this has came up time after time again but don you think after so many lvls you should have a salute?? well its true becasue some people are just to ugly to take a pic of themselfs and out it on here wtf come on now and the ugly ones think theres hot stuff and there to pretty to put one one hot no ones pretty everyone is the same SO LET PEOPLE SEE THE REAL YOU GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!! i know im fat and hell i know im ugly but i let people see the real me in and out hey this is my one and only blog on here prolly but here in the last few days i have had alot on my mind about this guy i have been talking to on and off for about 3 years and i figured out im in love
Feelings And Who Knows What Else....yeah Poems..i'm A Geek Lol
So soft. So warm. So wet. Warmth floods me in places I dare not say! The images in my head run rampant. I focus on one. In this instant it's all I need. All i need for my release. Explosion happening uncontrollable. Now if just only for the real thing! One day a guy with premature ejaculation problems went to a doctor. The doctor said, "Whenever you feel the urge to ejaculate, startle yourself." So he went out and bought a starter pistol.Luckily, when he got home his wife was already naked in bed, ready for him, so they got in the 69 position and started in. Soon he felt the urge to shoot his load, so he fired the pistol.The next day he went to the doctor. The doctor asked him how it went. He said, "Not too good. My wife bit off three inches of my dick, shit in my face, and my neighbor came out of the closet naked with his hands up." Last night when i got home and saw bullshit in my sb again from moronic assclowns i kinda took it out on all men like i usually do. Don't really wanna use
Feel Like A Piece Of Meat
I know all you guys think I want to know that you think my boobs are hot, my ass is hot and you think I want to know that you want to cum on my tits.† Well I have been told a million times how great my tits are and such and after oh about 800 thousand times it gets rather old.† I had to make my nsfw private because I got sick of the perverted and disrespectful comment.† And believe me I dont want your fuckin cum on my tits so spare me the visual.† I am not a lesbo i do like men very much but I am no whore.† I prefer sex within a relationship.† I pick my partners for not just physical reasons but other reasons as well.† I like personality, intelligence, and I love a gentlmen.† Oh and holding a conversation is a MUST.† Telling me your cock is HUGE does NOTHING but turn me off COMPLETELY.† Talk to me about other things besides sex.†† DO NOT DISCUSS SEX WITH ME AT ALL† you will pretty much turn me off and ruin any chances you have with me if you are interested. I am so sick of the shallow
I lose myself in the pain of art not to feel happy and accepted but to realize I am alive…†That is the latest status that cant begin to describe the overwhelming feeling of confusion and loneliness that plagues my mind. I find myself back and forth between numerous hopes of futures that are only baring down present goals.†I try to use this pressure as fuel to help my struggling soul dive through a valley of darkness and pain, but the sorrow is so unbearable I see no way out. I circle around viewing my options, hoping for a break, some kind of gap for me to slip through and lift this burden off my shoulders. I see this small glimmer of light, maybe it’s my way out, venture toward the distant beam. Wrapped in solitude it seems so appealing, but like the valley it’s only a mask for its true ugliness. The feeling of being alone had chipped a small crack into my shell of hopelessness. Being alone pushed me over the already small edge my weathered fingers clenched tightly
Feelings Beware!!!
Birthplace: Rehoboth,Delaware Current Location: Sanford,Fl Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Red Height: 5-11 Weight: 225 lbs Piercings: not yet Tatoos: not yet Overused Phraze: Fagbag!! FAVORITES Food: Chinese,Italian Candy: War Heads,and any Number: 69 Color: red Animal: Dragons and wolves Drink: pepsi Alcohol Drink: baileys irish cream Bagel: onion Letter: f Body Part on Opposite sex: eyes they are the window to the soul Pepsi or Coke: pepsi McDonalds or BurgerKing: both when i feel like it Strawberry or Watermelon: both Hot tea or Ice tea: both Chocolate or Vanilla CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!! Hot Chocolate or Coffee: both Kiss or Hug: both but love to kiss Dog or Cat: bothRap or Punk: a lil of both Summer or Winter: winter Scary Movies or Funny Movies: bothLove or Money: love Bedtime: when i pass out Best phyiscal feature: eyes and hair Best Friends: Rebecca,Sky,Kristen,Marcus,Heidi,brianWeakness: Love Fears: being alone never finding love Heritage: Irish Ever Drank: yes Ever Smoked: yes Pot: yes
Feel Something
Feel Something :I know you feel like there's no way out sometimesEverything just isn't fair and it's tearing you apart insideSo what are we suppose to doWith everything we're going threwIt's all on me and youGet it overJust overThink it overThink it over[Chorus]Cause people got different ways of dealingAnd we all got different ways of healingEven tho you may not like what you're feelingAt least you feel something (something)Sometimes you know you feel like things don't go your wayAnd sometimes you just can't deal You want to throw it all awaySo think about what we've been threwAnd everything we thought we knewIt's all on me and youGet it overJust overThink it overThink it over[Chorus]We've all been suffocated (suffocated)And separated (separated)SometimesSometimes SometimesSometimesJust like this overratedIt gets complicatedSometimesSometimesSometimesSometimesOhhhhYeah yeah yeahGet it over Just over Think it overThink it overGet it over Just overThink it overThink it overPeople got dif
Who Am I I am kindness, tenderness and understanding. When you are sad, I will cry with you but I'll also hold you in my arms and kiss away the tears. I am funny, charming and witty at times, and inquisitive I look for the humor and the excitement in life and appreciate all the the fullness that life brings. I enjoy finding new things to experience. I am serious, a thinker, responsible I value friends and family. I try to keep my promises. I will stand by you in times of crisis. I am affable, social and friendly My friends are important, they know I will be there for them if I can, I trust them and want to see them happy as I trust that they want to see me happy in my life too I am old and I am young. Much I have experienced in life and much more that I want to experience. I am faithfullness and devotion to the one I'm with Even when we are apart, you are always in my heart and on my mind. I am artistic, creative and imaginative I paint, I photograph, I see the world at times t
The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had. Always put yourself in others' shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts the other person, too
in life we are ruled by feeling..i wonder why. At times and think about it late at night and come up with nothing... and no matter how hard i try i keep getting the same old feeling for some one i care for and i feel as i mean nothing to i ask what should i do ?
i do not understand how people can think that just because fubar is only a website, that the people on it do not have feelings.† i do understand that this place is not real life----on here u can be whomever u choose to be. for some that is a fake person whom they have always wanted to be. for some that is a person who they wish they were a copy of. for people like me----my page is only an extention of myself. my page----although not completely filled out is 100 percent true of who i am as a person. this can leave me vulnerable to those who choose to take advantage of you for wearing your heart on your sleeve.† wether i am in real life or fu-life, i do have feelings and am supceptable to getting those feelings hurt. sometimes it is life that hurts us. sometimes it is just the way that it is and cant be helped. sometimes it can be intentional.† the intentional kind is the kind that should not exist in real life or fu-life. it is the kind that can be avoided.† what would possess people to
why does it always to have end up with someone getting hurt? at the begining i asked please dont hurt me ive been through a lot an my heart cant take it getting hurt anymore an they reply dont worry i wont ever hurt you an they end up not wanting to talk an is already talking to there new "fav" friend.† why do they say they really like you an get jealous over you hanging out with friends an then the next thing you know they dont want to talk to you anymore? WTF!!!!! seriously why does this always happen to me i am always getting my fucking heart broken by fucking people. does anyone really care? i mean if you have someone care so much about you that they help you with financial things to help get you out of the hole an to actually have a cell phone heat for you an your kids an have money to put food on the table. but yeah i guess the nice ones always get fucked at the end, but why is that? its like the assholes always get everything an the nice ones always get fucked over.
Feelings Hurt
i feel like my daughter hates me. for the past 2 years, I have moved from place to place every 4-6 months. For the the first 2 years of her life, I had an apartment of my own, then i couldnt afford the rent and had to move. she ended up having to live with her dad. (my daughter is 4 years old.) just recently she has been getting meaner and meaner towards me. especially after i explained (3 months ago)†to her that i am moving out of state in a month, to find her older brother, (that she has never met, nor have i seen in 9 years, he is 10.) I only get to see her 10 hours a week, 3x a week. and it is hard on the both of us. Recently, when her father has been dropping her off to me for my visitaions, less that 5 minutes into her†visit with me, she starts crying for her daddy, it hurts my feelings, and makes me cry, because my daughter means the world to me. I try everything in my power to make her happy when she is with me. I have begun to think that the reason she has become mean towards
Feeling That Should Be Shown
Feelin Like All The Good Women Are Takin, Is There Any Left?
Hello, can u see me? im right here, look at me plz no i mean really look at me † can u see me hurtin? can u see me smilin? † look me in the eyes, they say eyes is the way to†someones soul look into my soul what do u see? † im tryin to smile when all i wanna do is cry, can u see that? ur supose to know when my smile is fake or true † god i cant breath, i really cant breath dont know wuts goin on my mind is gone † i need u to see me look at me plz into my soul † why cant u see me?† am i that good actor? it dosent matter if i am u should see me look at me plz
If I were to give you my all. Would you give me your all to.? If I were to tell you that you mean everything to me. Would you tell me the same.? If I were to say to you that nothing in the world makes me happier then seeing you smile. and to hear you laugh. Would you even care? If I were to hold you close, and never let you go away from me. Would you hold me closer.? If we were to be together forever and ever. Would you promise to never leave. And love me unconditionally.? If I gave you everything. Would you just let me stand beside you? If I told you i love you. Would you tell me "I love you to" The things we say. The things we do. Does this appeal to you? I try to say the things I feel.. If I were to promise you the world. Would you promise me forever? If I were to speak of you in godly tones. Would you speak of me into heavens ear? If I kissed your lips. And never stopped. Would you Let my kiss go and walk away from me.? The way I feel. The kiss I long for. The things I want to touc
time to go into the darkness and let it flow into me let it embrace me and become one with the cold uncaring void let it flow freely from me and become the darkness and take in its power and make it my own and watch all the beautiful destruction that is left in my wake it is time for me to have fun †i am going to let the darkness be my home and reside there and learn its dark ways and use them to destroy the ones who have brought me pain and misery and see how they like the new me and how they enjoy their own destruction that they have brought†upon themselves by pissing off the one who is not scared of the darkness and everything that dwells within it lets see if they like the monster that they have unleashed.
my heart my heart is broken and its all because of you my heart cant be put back together with some gluemy heart is full of pain and u dont even care my heart really needs you but your not even theremy heart now as an empty spacemy heart needs u to fill that placemy heart feels the friendship will never be replacedmy heart wants you to still keep me safemy heart knew this friendship would grow into something moremy heart knew you were going to shut that doormy heart told me to let you know how i really feelmy heart told me if he lets go then its not actually realmy heart never told me if i told you i would loose a friendmy heart never told me my world would come to an endmy heart thought you wouldn, t walk out for goodmy heart thought u would of understoodmy heart now misses all fun we have had togethermy heart now wishes we should of stayed friends forevermy heart just had to give in and put up with the fact that you are gonemy heart has let you win and made me realise that i was wron
Feeling... Nothing But Feeling
’ve been home alone all day cleaning up and making everything look nice. I’m in the kitchen finishing up the dishes,† and I hop in the shower, hoping to be done before you get home.† I’m just finishing up my shower when the curtain opens and I see Michelle there, naked too, she just walks into the shower and starts kissing me, roughly grabbing my boob pushing me against the wall pressing her body to mine.† Hot water streaming down on both of us while she sucks on my tongue and lips† one of her legs between mine rubbing into my pussy.†† Then she takes her mouth from mine, trailing down my neck to my nipples, already hard she takes them into her mouth sucking and biting them teasing them till I’m hotter than the water.† Then she just drops lower, on her knees in the shower she starts to lick my clit, easing her way down inside me a little and back to my clit until I can’t stand anymore.† My knees are weak and so she takes my hand and leads me out of the show
When I fell in love with you I knew I was taking a chance. When we were together I fell more in love with you everyday! I wish I would have realized then what I realize now. I wish I would have seen that I was smothering you and pushing you away. I understand that now ....... and I am sorry!!!! I am glad that we were able to remain friends. Months went by with no face to face contact and a little bit of chatting online once in awhile. After over eight months of not being with you I was able to go out on a date. You see I thought that I was finally getting over you. Then one saturday night when I was out to dinner you sent me a text asking if I wanted to go out to see a favorite local band. My heart skipped a million beats!! I knew then that I was still in love with you. I just buried my feelings. So.... I figured I would send you a yim with a flirty question. Didnt think you would respond. But you did. Next thing I know we are making plans to meet up and get together. I was both nerv

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