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How Important Is A Profile?
How important is your profile on here? I'd like to think it was very important as its an insight into the person your asking to be your friend.... However, I have also observed that alot of people do not read my profile let alone your name and status, mine clearly states that I am no longer joining fu trains, yet today I have yet again denyed someone due to a train. Ok, so I was obviously still attached to the train in mention but after the 7th attempt I got a request saying " this is my 7th attempt are you gonna accept me? this is a condition of being on a train to accept etc ... I replied nicely that I assumed i was still on the list and then the guy accepted my reply but what niggled me was he obviously didnt pay any attention to my profile page or he would have known why i had refused again. So my question is, is there really any point putting anything in the profile page except a pretty profile skin ? .. there thats my monday moan over with enjoy the rest of you
How I Think
U guys asked for it here it is....... Name: Whats your birthday/age: Height: Hair color: Eye color: Piercings/Tats: If no, do you want any? Do you drink? Do you smoke? Do you do drugs? What would you say is your best quality? Whose your favorite band? What kind of music do you like? Do you like kids/want any of your own? How do you feel about marriage? Do you live at home/on your own? Do you prefer cats or dogs? What do you like to do in your free time? What do you think is my best quality? Are you Spontaneous? Are you afriad of commitment? Are you romantic and treat girls the way they deserve? Would you make me feel like im the only girl you want to be with? What would our first date consist of? Whats the sweetest thing you've done for a girl? What movies/TV shows do you like? Do you like your family/family oriented? Have you ever cheated? Why did your last relationship fail? Do you like to dance? What do you look for in a girl? Where do you see y
How I Am
This Song His how I am: I'm not suposed to be scared of anything, but I don't know where I am I wish that I could move but I'm exhausted and nobody understands (how I feel) I'm trying hard to breathe now but there's no air in my lungs There's no one here to talk to and the pain inside is making me numb I try to hold this Under control They can't help me 'Cause no one knows Now I'm going through changes, changes God, I feel so frustrated lately When I get suffocated, save me Now I'm going through changes, changes I'm feeling weak and weary walking through this world alone Everything you say, every word of it, cuts me to the bone I've got something to say, but now I've got no where to turn It feel like I've been buried underneath all the weight of the world I try to hold this Under control They can't help me 'Cause no one knows Now I'm going through changes, changes God, I feel so frustrated lately When I get suffocated, save me Now I'm going through cha
How I Get To Spend The Holidays!!
About a month n half ago, doctor said I had HPV virus and mild dysplasia. Well after biopsy pin pointed to one area, surgery went fine cut out the area of bad cells. Well the results came back on that, i went from Stage 1 to Stage 3 in that month n half. So now have a major surgery schedule, to remove the uterus. Ya at 27 i get to have it removed, thank god for my two kids. Dec 10th is surgery, just in time for me to take two weeks to relax. Hoping to be moving by Christmas. So Merry Christmas to all and hope u have good holidays. I will be around but at this rate i have Two weekends to get all shopping down and everything else. MUAH and miss ya'll. will be around when i can get on. Beth
How I Feel About Her...aka Putting Myself Out There
First things first here…please bear in mind that this has taken a few days to write, so it seems to jump around a bit, feel free to ignore it. Also bear in mind that there are probably a few things that will be repetitive, I didn’t proof read what I wrote, just posting and going from the heart here. That being said, this is going to be a deep thing here, so anyone that doesn’t feel like having a view into the inner workings of my mind and such, stop reading now. Now…if you’re still here and reading…prepare for the ride. Why am I scared? Why am I worried? The fear of rejection by a woman that I find incredibly attractive, and that I’ve found someone that I can honestly see myself with that accepts me for me and likes the same things I do is something that is bearing down on me. People always say that opposites attract and that those with so much in common will have so much less to talk about and run out of things to say or do, but, if that is true why do those with less in common ha
How I Feel Most Days
i am torn most days between alot of raw emotions anger,and hate and rage and lust.but also by other as well love,compassion,honesty,and the passion that burns very deeply in my soul and heart to become something more.its never easy being torn in so many different ways like this.few of you will ever understand the burning desire behind my eyes.for alas it is not meant for some.but for me it is what drives me everyday to get up and not take my own life.for i am a writer and alot of you know it already,for you have read my work,and those of you that have read it know the passion that burns and runs deep.and you all also know the burning desire behind my eyes.for you all that have gotten close to my heart have seen it first hand.but now i must let the rest of you all know i am going to be takeing the next month to a month and a half off from writeing my don't look for any new post for it anytime soon.i am takeing this time off from it because i need the break.a few of you understa
How I'm Feeling Inside Here!
You know, I've really started to wonder and question things like my "so called friendships" with people whether they're living in my area or what not. I mean as it stands right now, gas these days are down in my area from $1.60 a gallon for gas unlike what it was several months ago here, I know a lot of people are laid off and out of work because of the unstable economy but my god, it shouldn't flipping matter here if gas is $1.60 per gallon or almost $5.00 per gallon for gas here, I am a human being just like anyone else that is physically challenged that has a right to have friendships and they sure as hell don't have to be online friendships either, it's ridiculous, now these days and for years ever since the internet made it's appearance people like myself and yes I am guility of it too have just sat here on my butt along with other people and have talked to people and that, which is ok but it's not great, spending time with people that are my friends is something I want to do some
How I Want You
How I Feel
i sit here and wonder, why do i always do everything wrong, why am i still alive. my life isnt worth shit i just keep going through this pain. missing the only person i love more than ne thing. why cant i see the light. is it not my time it sure feels it. i need to get out of this wicked world. is there anyone who cares, is anyone listening,of course not. they dont feel how i am feeling relationships only push me away. seems every time i try i just cant keep going on like this so i just go to that empty room and cry over that special someone who means so much to me dearly. wish things could of been different,so i cut myself and hope i die. but its not my time why i am so confussed. plz help what do i do.i dont know. should i just lye here and hope i die..... i sit here in this empty room and say why is it so dark why cant i see the light my life feels like there is no way out this room thre is no door or window to get out my head is gettion so filled with thought of how i suppose to l
How I Am
What it do fu's? beening that its valentines day i felt the best gift to give to the ladies was the reason i am the way i, with that being said; here's my testimony...I, me, Dante lugene Bell, was raised to love all and thats wat i took in and lived everyday..but, wat i didnt know was the love wouldnt always be, i as i grew i began to have all kinda wierd feelings running through my system towards women.. all i knew was they made my body and my heart warm and tingly u know just "excited". and, when they came around me i just had to say sumtin, anything, as long as i got her attention..this behavior led me down a wild and crazy road. i ended up meeting one chick that i fell in, wat i thought was ,"love"..oh how i just lived,breathed,and ate u know wat happens next, she ended up breaking my heart by fucking anutha dude, and i was devastated. i didnt let that stop me from wanting fact it made the passion i had inside of me burn even brighte
How In The World
How I See It
Well this is my first day on Fubar...I guess I am an idiot cause it is taking me a while to learn all the stuff on here and what it does. It looks pretty cool. So would love to hear from all kinds of people maybe make some new friends. I love late night people like me so I have someone to fuck around with at 3-4am LOL. If any of you ladies like an old school east coast Italian stop by and say hello. I am a total wise ass and have a big mouth but seriously I am just a big teddy bear
How I Cope With Having Als>>>
I was DX with ALS in 1999, started having symptoms in 1995... This is what I do, and it works for me: First I trust in God, I give it up to him to sustain me, he gives me peace beyond understanding, I know everything will be alright, one day at a time... Second I choose to have a positive attitude, no matter what... Third, I cherish every day, i have left, by making every day count, concentrate on what I can do, not on what i can't... fourth, Cherish my family and friends, don''t hold grudges, forgive all...
How Is It
how is it that love can be so amazing yet with so much pain how is it this is all we say we want when all we do is suffer and want more each day how is it that each day all any1 can think about is the pleasure of themselves but today is always a new day but yesterday will always be tomorrow because nothing ever seems to change
How I Feel
Its not something you can buy its not something you can ask why its not a person place or thing its not something you bring or make its not even something you take you cant grasp it you cant even handle it its not something you can control but you know its out of this world your emotions are always in a bind and you cant even speak your mind heck in all out of rhymes but i will always make time for that special someone to shine on that special day when all the little problems go away the day when i say i do when two become one and not just for fun or because you said that i was just there but yet you know the who what and where so when you ask yourself what is love its not sent from above its the moments that you and i have the moments we share together. written 03/23/09 Hopelessly bound unfettered by the chains of love's grip - greatest gift, fate's cruelest curse. Wherefore do I weep at knowing the joy, the warmth, at feeling the peace, the fire. Wherefore do I weep un
How I Have Felt Or Wanted
Hello you goodbye me I need too get away from this feeling so you take over ill go away. Who would mind anyway. I don’t need to be all I want is to be set freeI’m entrapped in my own body. I fight but I lose maybe this is what I choose. It must be my fault all the bad things that have happenedAll the people who came and went. It has too be me I’m the one to blame I feel so much shame. Its like I disappeared went some where else during those times. I wanted to say no but I couldn’t get out. I felt weak in the knees and wanted to scream this isn’t me. But maybe just maybe I deserve this consist nagging in my mind. My heart has fall and broken so many times. All I want is to not care this I have tried. It seems I trust to much think maybe just maybe if I give them what want they will stay around. But hey not everyone stays mostly they all leave any way I cant keep you your not mine. Even if you were id chase you away after time. You don’t
How I Feel Today!!!!!!
How I Feel
How I Feel
How I Want It
the day goes on and i'm sitll here and i nener understand the things that happens but i keep going. i may never understnad but i will get over this things.i get up every day and i go to sleep every night thats what happens one day it will change hoping 1 day soon                  that sounds stupped but thats what i thought about  hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
How Im Feeling Right Now May,7,2009
Deep down my heart is breaking It gets worse every day I sit here alone shaking Remembering the good days I try not to cry I try to be stong But it doesnt last long My life has been nothing but a lie Deep down my heart is dying As I sit here crying Trying to believe in something But something always turns into nothing I try to remember what it feels like to be happy But I get lost in pain My life is full of shame Deep down my heart is screaming Just waiting to be free
How I Really Spend My Days
I hope tomorrow goes by fast.  I'm so ready for the weekend.  Today, I locked myself out of my truck on my lunch break.  Yesterday, I ran out of gas.  (both things are of course my fault.  doesn't make them any easier to deal with though.)  My boss has been in a horrible mood and I started walking and a new diet plan.  Tomorrow, I have to go to a high school graduation and it's going to be hot.  I'll probably have to go for my walk right after work or when it's pitch black outside.  (walking in the dark is probably not a good idea.)  I'm afraid that if I miss a day I won't want to go walking the next day either.  I need routine!  Tomorrow is going to be has to be. It really irritates me that my co-workers expect people to just give them things.  They are some of the greediest bitches I've ever met in my life.  (They aren't all bad..just some.) I had the "pleasure" of watching 4 normally fun people turn into my idea of a nightmare.  The evening started out well.  We played a
How I Am!!!
How I Feel
I'm not a tolerant personIn fact I get more intolerant by the dayI just find it more and more difficult to tolerate assholesAs my tolerance decreases, their numbers seem to increaseEvery day there's more and more of themAnd every day I have less and less patienceI'm not a mere bigotBut I certainly don't cut any slack to anyone on the merit of their status as an oppressed minorityYour people were enslaved? Tough luckThe white man stole your land? Too fuckin' badYour fair sex is plagued by date rape? Grin and bear itThese days everyone has a sob story, and frankly, I don't careIt's no excuse for being an assholeWe live in the age of the excuseWe live in the age of the assholeThey're everywhereThey come in all shapes, all sizes, all colorsThere are black assholes, white assholes, women assholes, men assholes, queer assholes, straight assholes, smart assholes, stupid assholes, suburban assholes, inner-city assholes, homeless assholes, upwardly-mobile assholes, lazy assholes, incompetent as
How I Think
"When your molecules are scattered around the room, it is while you wait for them to re-assemble that creativity is born, and you become the Unconceived Child". warmerthan 2007.Talking about oneself is more than difficult, because one can-not define themselves only others can. However I will take a shot to skirt the edges. Number one is creativity and missfits, I find each irresistible. I love the English language, because one can be as precise or as vague as one wants. I really enjoy creating short sentences that when heard sound perfectly logical, but if you really focus on the words you will realize it is completely nonsensacle. For example, "The expanded infinity of more perfect". If there is anyone out there that has an idea at what I am mocking in that sentence, and they get it right. I would humbly bow to their intelligence. I am a singer songwriter with 2 CD's, all parts played by me. I call my one man band, "Daddy'd Dead and the Yoo Woo's".I practice something I call addition.
How I Feel
“I hate the way you talk to me. And the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare I hate your big dumb combat boots. And the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick - it even makes me rhyme. I hate the way you're always right. I hate it when you lie. I hate it when you make me laugh - even worse when you make me cry. I hate it that you're not around. And the fact that you didnt call. But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you - not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.”
How I Feel At This Moment
I DID NOT WRITE THIS This years love had better last Heaven knows its high time Ive been waiting on my own...too long But when you hold me like you do it feels so right I start to forget how my heart gets torn when that hurt gets thrown Feeling like u cant go on Turning circles time again it cuts like a knife If you love me i got to know for sure cause it takes somthing more this time Then sweet sweet lies befour i open up my arms and fall losing all control every dream inside my soul When u kiss me on that midnight street sweep me off my feet singing aint this life so sweet? So whos to worry if our hearts get torn when that hurt gets thrown Dont you know this life goes on? Wont you kiss me on that midnight street sweep me off my feet singing aint this life so sweet? This years love had better last A world full of strangers wouldn't be so bad... because then, everyday could go according to how i felt that day, and no one would think it's strange that i'm not talking beca
Howies Apprentice - If you become my apprentice, one of two things will happen...You will either rise with me to the top, and be well on your road to ultimate financial freedom...or...You'll end up "firing yourself" because you didn't follow simple instructions and show up to play ball.What's it gonna be?First, I need to do some "housekeeping" to make sure we're clear on a few points...As I said before, If you are brand spanking new to internet marketing, this might not be for you. You need to at least have a decent understanding of the basics.Also, Howies Apprentice is not about some idiotic "get rich quick" program that too many people spend wasting their time on instead of creating a real, sustainable business.And once again, you must have the mindset to treat everything we do together as a business, not a Saturday afternoon hobby.That's how the real money is made. That's the difference between those who become wildly successful, and those who sit around investing in Lottery tickets
How I'm Doing
I am still in Afghanistan for now. I have a couple months left and then I'll be home. I'm on here to make friends and help with boredom that I sometimes feel here. I can't wait to get home and finish my service here and get back home to my friends and family. Ready to have an Ice Cold beer too.
How Im Feeling/songs For My Mood
NJ student secretly taped having sex kills himself // // Buzz up! 16 votes Share retweet EmailPrint By ERIN VANDERBERG and GEOFF MULVIHILL, Associated Press Writers Erin Vanderberg And Geoff Mulvihill, Associated Press Writers – 46 mins ago PISCATAWAY, N.J. – A college student jumped to his death off a bridge a day after authorities say two classmates surreptitiously recorded him having sex with a man in his dorm room and broadcast it over the Internet. Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi jumped from the George Washington Bridge last week, said his family's attorney, Paul Mainardi. Police recovered a man's body Wednesday afternoon in the Hudson River just north of the bridge, and authorities were trying to determine if it was Clementi's. ABC News and The Star-Ledger of Newark reported that Clementi left on his Facebook page on Sept. 22 a note that read: "Jumping off the gw bridge sorry." On Wednesday, his Facebook page was accessible only to friends. Two Rutg
..:: How I Feel ::..
Because I believe Bigger is betterComfortably cushionedNo bones showingFuck skinnyWaifsI prefer curves
How' I'm Feeling Right Now..sux.
"Snuff" - by slipknot.......*****I dunno I just am feeling every word in this song. Why isn't any1 real anymore? Fukin' blows. Tired of dating or talking to guys that just lead me on or just want 1 thing. where are all the "real" guys man. ****     Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence, and leave me with my sins The air around me still feels like a cage And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again... So if you love me, let me go. And run away before I know. My heart is just too dark to care. I can't destroy what isn't there. Deliver me into my Fate - If I'm alone I cannot hate I don't deserve to have you... My smile was taken long ago / If I can change I hope I never know I still press your letters to my lips And cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss I couldn't face a life without your light But all of that was ripped apart... when you refused to fight So save your breath, I will not hear. I think I made it very clear. You couldn't h
How I Feel
You've got a way with meSomehow you got me to believeIn everything that I could beI've gotta say you really got a wayYou've got a way it seemsYou gave me faith to find my dreamsYou'll never know just what that meansCan't you see you got a way with meIt's in the way you want meIt's in the way you hold meThe way you show me just what love's made ofIt's in the way we make loveYou've got a way with wordsYou get me smiling even when it hurtsThere's no way to measure what your love is worthI can't believe the way you get through to meIt's in the way you want meIt's in the way you hold meThe way you show me just what love's made ofIt's in the way we make loveOh, how I adore youLike no one before youI love you just the way you areIt's in the way you want meOh it's in the way you hold me
How I Feel
Bright LightTonight I was lonely,I had to come by,I wanted to be happy,In moments I would cry...Just to say this to you,I'll always be loving you...I forget about the tears,With your music in my ears,I am really into you,When I share with you,Moments of your day,What you have to say...The little things you do,Are those defining you.No solitude in the night,When I see your bright light,My heart gets so happy,I sense your serenity...I'll just say this to you,I'll be forever loving you... Falling in love with youI lived my life mostly in solitude,Not because I was a bad dude,Trust in people was not something to do,Years before I knew you... I walked through life going nowhere,I saw trees but paradise was not there,Birds flew around and I did not care too,Long before I met you... If sometimes I appear very sad,Do not think I am feeling bad,I care not for me but only about you,I only care about you... It was long for me to see some light,Telling myself that all will be alright,And you cam
How I Feel Today, August 17, 2010
The way I feel today August 17, 2010. The way I feel today, is I’m being punished and I am nothing but a piece of dirt on my family’s shoes for they ignore me. My fault I guess because I created another profile on Fubar (my ex has gotten my son to think Fubar is porn and the source of the Trojan virus that infected her laptop. If that was true then all the computers using their internet access, wouldn’t they? I am loosing weight from the lack of food and drinking a lot of water in these wicked hot days, The reason for the lack of food is because my Food Stamps have not yet arrived and I am out of food. I was rationing my food to one meal a day to make to it until my Food Stamps arrived, but I miss calculated. That is okay since I have been drinking lots of coffee to curve my appetite, so I won’t go to bed feeling hungry like I did when I was a young boy. I will not bother with that family that talked me into buying this mobile home since they do not really treat
How I Feel :(
"I'm sitting here, and I say *uck it! I'm tired of caring. I can't give myself no more. No matter, for what. I lose at the game it seems every time I open myself to it. Don't believe them sweet talking men, they just want to toy with ya for what ever reason. Who knows maybe someone hurt them real bad and they need to hurt someone else, or maybe their just real good con artist, not looking for your money (or maybe they r if u have but to watch your heart bleed, after they have crushed it. Who's to say only they would know. I just know that I will never open my heart to another man, lay my soul out, and then wait for the blow. I have played in the play ground of life for to long to go down that slide once more. I thought (naive of me) this is it. A real genuine man. That wants love like I, more then anything else. that really cared for me, even loved me. I should have known. I should have, really I should have, because no one has ever loved me. Yet he made me feel special, b
How I Feel About One Specail Woman
How Is It Fair?
So I wrote this blog like 4 months ago but someone magically had it deleted so ill try again and if that doesn't work then I guess I can go through blogger where I can even include specifics.    I spent a lot of time and money getting to level 45. It took a lot of friends to help me get there .. trust me when Isay my wallet complained day in and day out, and I even can say that this whole leveling thing took a toll on my personal life and that of a person who helped me from the first in the sense that i couldn't go places I wanted to go so that I could do it here,and that arguments ensued from bombing 6 times a day.. anyways one day I was going around fu comparing how good people are at leveling like for example i was like 900 something to 34  but I was like 74 to 45 thats pretty good .... and I just wanted to compare how fast the people on fu leveled who leveled first whose the most recent it.... it was my "I'm bored out of my mind nothing to do once you level" thing right ..  then
How I Feel
Some times in our lifes we dnt get to see the whole picture. but then somethings we get to peek at it. for me peeking is all i ever get to do  i dnt see why i get treated the way i do ., my heart is so big, im the nicest person that you could ever meetbut my feeling are getin hurt here latly. and i dnt understand anymore. the ppl that are round me love me for me but then there are a few that only see me as a prize to b won. but im not im a person that wants to b loved in life. that wats to b happy with her friends and fam i jus want to hav the one man in my life i cn turn to when i need him the most and hav him love me for me not for what he will reek off me when he gets with me.. i mean .. what is it that ppl see in me anyway.. all i ever hear is a hot chick.. but my beautiy goes so much deeper then skinn deep.. i am well loved and well hated at the same time. but more less equal in both. i love you all but someone can only take so much .. my heart is broken .. more shattered then any
How I Miss U
I found u deep in side crying trying to find your way out not knowing where to hide. the lies the power of it all trapped in side reaching out to take your hand but u slip away in to the darkness losing my mind tearing at my soul spinning out of control. I am all alone there is noting to find there is noting to save any more! i walk the line i sway back and forth from one side to side  i stand tall and make the best of it i dont cheat i dont steel and  itry not to lie i try to do my best in every thing i do i try to bettermy slef and make others happy i am your friend i will always be there walkingthat line trying to reach the top going fare and abovethe silver lining that hangs above my head trying to make u happy and full of life!!! if u cant do to your loved one as they do to u then why be with them! u cant run away from every thing u have to deal with it! u have to sit down and talk it out and some times do things u dont want to do i am still learning this and have a lot to learn t
How I Feel
How I'm Feeling...
So I've had like 3 people block me in the last week or so - one of them I think because the other girl he was talking to found out. LOL I told you she would you crazy fool. Not that he and I had talked in weeks or anything but why send me a message to my inbox then block me so I can't even reply? I"m like NO I'm not his gf wth I' have someone I dig and he knows that   The other two IDK it's just weird. Not really a big deal but if there is a girl you're "dating" on fu or whatever just say it that's totally cool I'm just here for friends pretty much anyways. It just seems lame to me. Why block someone? With the few odditys I don't know that anyone really meets anyone from here...I mean I don't really care it's not that big of an issue just something I suppose I find interesting.    Anyways, I'm gonna shower and get back to life in Denver...To the Library, ok maybe just to the store but none the less to somewhere! I'm sitting here watching scrubs Episode: My 15 Minutes of Fame. First
How I Became Who I Am Today
How I Really Feel Iam
iam so sick of being alone not being good enough for anyone to keepi have alot of females who say h iam this cool guy who they like and i can make them laugh they enjoy my company iam a great fuck etc etc etc but when it boils down iam not good enough for anyone to keep much less for them to really try to make a effort i dont no why i keep thinking it will change it never will no matter if i try my best it still has the same ending results i begin to question why should i not just end my self i mean what do i have to really look foreword to more pain more loneliness i been alone for a very long time even tho i had someone alot of my so called gf in the past had tons of problems what is so wrong that people just dont want me i feel like i been cursed to have really bad luck like i pissed someone off really badly in my last life i never really belive in reincarnation but it does make sense more in more i think about iti keep saying iam done with woman altogether and i joke
How I Feel
This is to my family and friends who know whats going on.I'm glad that you are going to help me get thru this I love you all very much & I'm sorry I have been lying to protect people,I have been running for years and I'm just tired of it.It is time to stop running and face the music again I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH.I really wanna say thank you to Lenda cause her,her kids, and her husband have been so great towards us   Ok People on fubar...I feel better now that I have told the truth and God is helping me thru will u all grab fubar hands and we will pray 2gether "dear lord we I am praying to u for ur forgiveness and strength to help me to get thru this all right now and please watch over my family and friends for they have been here for me and now its time i return the favor and be there for them....AMENwe all know that i dnt pray a lot but its time to start praying for ourselves,friends,familys, and pray for people u dnt know Ok for those who know whats going on today is
How I'm Feeling Right Now
May 1st, 2011, today im feeling...heartbroken(not cuz youre leaving but because you gave up on us) unworthy(you chose an xbox over me and that hurt), exhausted(from a year of trying), lost(dont know how to feel...happy but sad and scared all at the same time.) a poem: Broken Promises. You told me you loved me I told you I loved you too You said together we'd always be I said I would be true You promised you would hold me You promised you'd be there I promised I'd cross the stormy sea To give you my loving care But you never kept your promise You aren't the way you used to be You just gave up on us And you just gave up on me You said let's take a break You said let's just be friends But please for my sake Just say the truth, cause it's the end You promised every day That you would be there You molded my heart like clay Into the shape of a broken chair You promised to me That we'd always have our love You said to me I was all you could think
How I Feel
the way i feel that im alone if your bf or gf dont talk to u and u feel ignored what do you do i mean is hard that you and your partner is states away but u dont know whats going on when you are not around and when you talk to them they dont talk back what do you do i feel empty when the woman i love ignores me or dont talk to me have you ever had that feeling why is your partner is ignoring you or dont want to talk to you i feel like there is somethin goin on but i dont know but all i know is you got to have faith and hope to be in a relationship cause without that the relationship wont last long and i want people to know about her im on fire for her longing for her need her with me to be whole again im lost without her i need her by my side to give me strength to give me confidence the passion the drive without her i am worthless and nothin basically whithout my and the person you are with we r nothin but a lonely empty shell needing and wanting your soul mate and the one i miss is m
How I See Myself As A Person
I must put aside my ego. No matter how special, extraordinary, and unique I’d like to think I am, who I am is really a reflection of many other things put together. Numerous parts of different jigsaw puzzles pieced together to form a new picture. Vital pieces of whose absences would have made another person, not the one I am. I always say I’m different. Never quite what people expect on a first impression. One friend said she thought I was a nerd before she knew me. Another one was surprised to find out that I listen to rock music while studying. And there were still some others who didn’t know I had a few loose screws in my head until they found themselves laughing at my jokes and then realizing that I was capable of conceiving out-of-this-world ideas. There’s so much more to me than meets the eye, and I don’t expect to run out of surprises very soon. I have assimilated from the different people who have influenced my life Each layer is not a mask, but a
How I Broke My Big Toe
I had gone down stair's an my step son's dog had pooped in the floor just at the bottom of the stair's. I called out to him an I told him to get down there an clean it up now. He said no an I started fussing. I had moved over an forgot an stepped down an when I did I slipped in it an I fell an my butt fell on my heel an crushed it into the floor an I heard it pop....... I also fell back onto the stair's an hurt my back an got a concussion. I started screaming and my daughter an step son came running. I was crying so bad. They said we need to call 911 an I said u better not I have dog shit all over me. It was up my back. They got to laughing an I started laughing an crying. My husband at the time was out of town on business.......... I got up an went an showered. Come to find out my last day at work was the next day. I went into work an showed my manager an she said why did u come to work an I said because today is my last day an I didn't want u all to think I was lieing. S
How I See You
Have you ever known anyone that was so amazing..that you just couldn't picture your life without them in it in one way or matter how small....just knowing they are you the courage and the strength to get through never woulda thought you were capable of....I have...I do...and if I was asked to describe them....this is wat I would say....they are the the realist form...screwed up....but sweet....hurting....but loving...the prettiest picture I have ever seen...painted perfectly....the contrast of colors....blended magically....portraying the brightest light...there are all kinds of people in this world....but when one person consists of all of is the most beautiful image you could ever see....the kindest voice you could ever hear...and eyes you can look right through...feel their emotions...just from a stare in more powerful then any words could be....a person so wonderful that they can make you strong whe
How It Should Be
Do you find yourself picking up your phone to see if thereis a message from me?? does your mind wonder when hear a certain song or a laugh and it reminds you of how the one you love laughs when they are happy?? does your heart sink when you think that today might be the last time you hear from them?? Does love really exist when you have to struggleto find it?? Do you find that you spend most of your day thinkingabout me as much as i think about you??you open your heart and you let love in...only to find out itwasn't really love...and in that start to wonder why didn't he understand what i was trying to say...or why did she take me for granted...feeling lost and confused because you can'tbelieve how wrong you were about the person you are with...theydon't see the real you...they don't know what i am about...theynever took the time to really get to know me...In a blink of an realize that real love is knowing youhave allowed another person to see the real you...tha
How I Feel!
"Damn Your Eyes"(originally by Etta James) I can do what I want,I'm in complete controlThat's what I tell myself!I got a mind of my own,I'll be alright aloneDon't need anybody else!I give myself a good talking toNo more being a fool for youI remember how you made wanna surrender![Chorus:]Damn your eyes!They're taking my breath awayFor making me wanna stayDamn your eyesFor getting my hopes up highMaking me fall in love again!Damn your eyes!Always the same,You say that you'll changeSomehow you never do!I believe all your liesThe look in your eyesYou make it all seem true!I guess I see what I wanna see,Or is my heart just deceiving meWith that look I know so well,I fall completely under your spell![Chorus:]Damn your eyes!They're taking my breath awayFor making me wanna stayDamn your eyesFor getting my hopes up highMaking fall in love again!Damn your eyes!Fall completely under your spellDamn your eyes!Taking my breath awayFor making me wanna stayDamn your eyes
How I Hurt.
I hurt in ways you may not understand. It hurts to see and know that you make fun of me when you are mad at me. Its not far to feel like Im not attractive enough for you. It hurts to know you hide what you say to other women and what they say to you or what you both might say about me when  you are made at me. I just want to trun in to my self and not care any more what think about me. I just feel like i need to be angry cause of the hurt I feel. Thats why I feel that wall going right back up. I just want to stop hurtting. I want to feel the love I feel for you. At this rate I dont think I will feel that. so where do i go from here? Not sure right now. I just feel numb, hurt, sad, angry. So please baby help me stop hurtting for you. cause i do hurt for you to care for me the way I do for you. Im still in love with you. *~Hurtting~* I have had a lot of hopes. Some are like more wishes and will never happen. Ones that wont happen is: I hoped that you would stop going to websights like
How I Became A Cuckold
                                                 How I was Cuckolded     This is a true story about how I was cuckolded without wanting to be cuckolded. I started out a dominant man wanting to be with women and over the last 12 years have become a bisexual male that wants to be dominated by a white woman or a black male. It all started in 2001. I was 26 at the time and very confident in myself and was dominant in nature. I had a much younger girlfriend who was 18 going on 19. Her name was Jessica and was not the kind of girl you take home to mamma. She had quit school and had moved to my city just a couple months ago. She had just ran away from a broken home. I met her through a friend of hers that my friend was fucking. She was so hot, curley long black hair, snow white soft skin, big dd tits with huge areolas, about 5"5 ,145 pounds and a big ghetto booty. We hit it off right away, I was fucking her the first night we met. She liked to drink and smoke pot and I was game as well. She
How Kinky R U? Enlighten Me... Hehehe
Ok, this is a test that you must answer honestly, reply to it to my inbox or here because no one needs to know what you wrote except you and me. If you answer I will reply back to you! Have fun girls :) 1~ Have you ever had a one night stand ? 2~ Who do you want to sleep with ? 3~ Do you masterbate ? 4~ How often ? 5~ What is your most deepest sexual desire ? 6~ If you could have your partner do one thing what would it be ? 7~ Do you own sex toys ? 8~ Ever made out with the same sex ? 9~ Ever had a threesome ? 10~ Do you spit or swallow, or neither ? 11~ What is the kinkiest thing you have done ? 12~ Rough or gentle ? 13~ How often do you crave sex ? 14~ Anal sex ? 15~ Would you let someone lick your ass ? 16~ Do you shave or trim ? 17~ Do you like or love oral sex ? 18~ Do you like to give oral sex ? 19~ What is your favorite position ? 20~ Do you like to be in control ? 21~ Are you aggressive in bed ? 22~ Will you fill
How Kinky Are U?
You scored as Very Kinky. You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky100%A Sicko60%Average40%A WUSS !!0%How sexual are youcreated with
How Kinki Am I.
You scored as Very Kinky. You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky90%A Sicko50%Average50%A WUSS !!20%How sexual are youcreated with
How Kinky Are You
You scored as Bondage. Your turn on is bondage... all out. You don't have a specific part of kinky sex that turns you on more than any other... everything working together turns you on. And why shouldn't it? Sex isn't sex without all the trimmings.Bondage75%Chains/Handcuffs67%Biting58%Whips50%Blind Folds42%Blood8%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
How Kinky Are You???
You scored as Chains/Handcuffs. Your turn on is handcuffs and chains. You like being cuffed/chained to the bed, or cuffing/chaining your partner down. You love the pure ectasy of being in complete control... or letting someone else have complete control over you. Sex isn't sex without control.Whips50%Chains/Handcuffs50%Bondage50%Blind Folds8%Biting8%Blood0%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with You scored as Soft, You are nice and soft, you love everyone and everyone loves you, while you are fiery or too exciting, you are always pleasant.Hot88% Soft88% Exciting
How Kinky Are You??
You scored as Biting. When it comes to being kinky, your biggest turn on is biting. You love the ectasy of teeth sinking into your flesh, and are probably willing to return the favor. Sex just isn't sex without using your teeth.Biting100%Bondage83%Blood83%Whips58%Chains/Handcuffs33%Blind Folds25%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
How Kink Are You...??
How Kinky Are You
How Kinky Am I?
You scored as Demon. Demon: Darkness is your sanctuary. Demons are many and are all different in appearence and rank. The most common are the ones that feed off of human souls. They love to make someone fall into their inner darkness. Blood, wrath, murder... You name it they love it. These beings don't care who you are, if they set their sights on you, let's just hope you know a good excorist. They kill any love within you and pull you toward their side. By any means possible. You wish for chaos and hate, you are the Demon.Demon92%Angel84%Faerie84%WereWolf75%Mermaid42%Dragon42%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with You scored as Bondage. Your turn on is bondage... all out. You don't have a specific part of kinky sex that turns you on more than any other... everything working together turns you on. And why shouldn't it? Sex isn't sex without all the trimmings.Biting
How Kinky R U Test
How Kinky Are You?
You are 86% kinky You are crazy kinky. Do you ever think of anything other than sex? Take this quiz at
How Kinky Hehe
My score on The Kinkyness Test: Pretty kinky!(Grats! You're 72% kinky!)You kinkscore is pretty high. Most likely you're up for trying anything at least once, which show open-mindedness. You're probably a great lay, so just keep doing that thing you do! Link: The Kinkyness Test (OkCupid Free Online Dating)
How Kinky Are U
br/>According to experts, I am : 96% KinkyTake the Kinky Quiz at
How Kinky Are You
You scored as Very Kinky, You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky100% A Sicko60% Average50% A WUSS !!20% How sexual are youcreated with
How Kinky
You scored as Very Kinky, You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky80% Average50% A Sicko10% A WUSS !!0% How sexual are youcreated with
How Kinky Am I
What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with QuizFarm.comYou scored as Chains/Handcuffs Your turn on is handcuffs and chains. You like being cuffed/chained to the bed, or cuffing/chaining your partner down. You love the pure ectasy of being in complete control... or letting someone else have complete control over you. Sex isn't sex without control.Chains/Handcuffs100% Bondage83% Biting83% Blind Folds67% Blood33% Whips33%
How Kinky Are You?
How sexual are youcreated with You scored as Very KinkyYou are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partner Very Kinky 60%A Sicko 30%Average 30%A WUSS !! 20%
How Kinky Am I???
You are 90% kinky You are crazy kinky. Do you ever think of anything other than sex? Take this quiz at
How Kinky Are You?
You Are 85% Kinky If you've heard of it, you've tried it. You're that kinky. You're open to any and all sexual experiences, as long as they're safe. You see the bedroom as the primary place for all your adventures. But that's not to say that the bedroom is the only place you get kinky! Are You Kinky?
How Kinky Are You Post Your Results. I Got Things Started. Your Result Super Freak! You are so kinky that you can make porn stars blush and Rick James would bow down to you! In fact, you probably keep a duffle bag with sex toys and a blow up doll in your car for "just in case" don't you? There is nothing you won't try and you live your sex life to the fullest!    
How Kinky Are You?
Howling Wolves_·´)›
I'm just not all that interested in online communities at this time. Full time job. My extended polyamory relationships various offlimne events and gatherings these all leave me with little time for Cherry, Myspace, Yahoo 360, etc. TW
How Lucky Are You?
Your Luck Quotient: 81% You have an extremely high luck quotient. Not only do you consider yourself lucky, probably everyone you know does too. But you're smart enough to know that you've mostly made your own luck. By being positive, open, and flexible, a lot of luck has come your way! How Lucky Are You?
How Lockpicking Works
How Love Can Be Fucked Up Sometimes
valentines day is going to suck i can already see that i am not going to be any ones valentine this year just like every other year except last year I sit here thinking how could this be all we do is fight are we really ment to be can this be true is my heart playing tricks on me or am i falling for the wrong person my mind has so much grief in it my heart has so much pain and hurt do you know i cry at night because i am afraid your not the one i thought you was i sit here thinking im lying to myself lying to my heart that you could be that perfect one you yelled i cried did you come to me no you played your game and left me all alone how could i have been dumb enough To fall in love with someone like you i didnt even know you and i told you i loved you i told you my life story and all you had to say was i love you and there i went right into your arms like a foul i was to have done that how could i have been a foul to let my guard d
How Life Is Changin So Fast ...
im gonna need all the friends and support i can cuz next week on the 7th my brother gets married to this great girl and then less then 2 or 3 weeks later he goes off to Iraq and i have to start been the rock of the family see my brother has been since my fathers accident in 99 cuz he has been in a coma since and now since my brother is leavein its gonna be hard on my mom even more and i will have to be her rock i just need people to talk to from time to time anyone care to be that person hit me back
How Lil-shaq Would Find A Soulmate!
Someone asked me via e-mail....Shaq, How would you find a soulmater? Then I seriously thought of tips on How I would look for a soulmate: Finding your Soulmate Love at first sight is a myth - your eyes only see the similarity to a favorite movie star or novel hero. It's the time you spend together, where you share your innermost secrets, that builds the bonds of soulmates. Be Available It´s no good complaining about not finding a soulmate if you only go out with the same group of friends all the time, or stay at home watching TV. Your soulmate can´t see through walls to find you! Make sure you´re out in places where your soulmate has a chance of finding you, and doing things your soulmate would realize are important to him/her. Comfortable and Trustable Sometimes people expect soulmates to hit them like lightning out of the blue. They go on looking, while the perfect partner is there with them every day, listening to them, being available, being fully trusting. A
How Lame
How lame con some poeple get. If your going to be a low class moron and rate someone low, at least have the balls to admit and be a man. I was hoping this place wouldnt have as many gomers as yahell, but it isnt looking like it lately.
How Life Is So Crazy Love Is In Front Of You And Your Blind
if a kiss was a raindrop, I'd send you showers. if hugs were a second, I'd send you hours. if smiles were water, I'd send you the sea. if friendship was a person, I'd send you me . this was to sum 1 important to me and im dieing inside with out them in my life anymore
How Long?
I am losing myself in the maze of her - giving giving giving; around each new corner - old corners; new turn - old turns. I am uncertain - oh, to find her in the middle at the end somewhere anywhere here. How long? My words are failing me in the brightness of her smile voice laughter - I am mere mortal now, not some artist god king - only a man in love and famished, starved for the touch of her. Am I disappearing in the shadow of this unseemly need? How long? © All rights reserved
How Long?
I am losing myself in the maze of her - giving giving giving; around each new corner - old corners; new turn - old turns. I am uncertain - oh, to find her in the middle at the end somewhere anywhere here. How long? My words are failing me in the brightness of her smile voice laughter - I am mere mortal now, not some artist god king - only a man in love and famished, starved for the touch of her. Am I disappearing in the shadow of this unseemly need? How long? © All rights reserved
How Life Should Be Led
How Long You Been Down With The Clown?
What were the execs thinking when she named herself winehouse as a last name? Didn't they get the clue number 1? Clue number 2, her song was no no no. lyrics are, they told me I need to go to rehab I said no no no. Clue number 3, her boyfriend was arrested for selling crack. This was before the big bust that came after. Ending result, Amy is arrested in the big bust along side her boyfriend. At least her cd came out first. It's another contest going I doubt if I did the code right, but if you would like to help. be friends with the host of the contest to get in and help comment. thanks Gas prices on the rise, watch out America!
How Long
Howling Wolves Of K.o.w. Platoon Listing + Contest Link
The Howling Wolves Platoon ~ Kow ~ Best Bomber Blast
Howling Wolves New Members
Howling Wolves Platoon - Contest To Bomb
Howling Wolves Are On The Prowl For You!
Howling Jwolves Contest To Bomb
Howling Wolves Platoon Members
Howling Wolves Platoon Winner For 1 Day Blast
Howling Wolf Sales
I got a sale going on until Dec. 10.
The Howls Love
Rolling, flowing smooth black road trailing endlessly under the moon, a pitched shreek sailing along waves of cloudes. A brisk night, crisp taste sends lips licking red swollen lips. Black hair swaying side to side just enough to tickle her waist as she sways her hips slowly and suductively, arms reaching towards luna moon. Her wispers fast and rasping with gasps every so often. Her tiny cat like nose twitching as pesky pixies are fluttering all around her, pinching, prodding and poking her as she tries to call out darkness. peckish perskinskey pixies plodding angerling at her, then suddening a thunderously loud roar pours out a howl deafing the world around about. She breathes slowly and moves towards to the beast, as the pixies split buzzing away into the forrest pissed off at her. As she bends down to the beast as it growls at her. backing slowly away the beast stares at her intensely into her dark green eyes, seemed to have felt forever only it was in within moments that
Howling At The Moon....
You know, most guys talk about wanting to "Score" or "Get Laid" - but, here I am, a year after my wife left me, divorced, and sex is really not on my mind. It's the LITTLE things I've come to miss about having someone.. -Snuggling under the sheets on a morning we both can sleep in -Playful banter while doing chores -Stealing a little kiss while passing in the hall -Cooking together -Someone laying across my lap while we watch a good movie -Someone to tell my cheezy jokes to -Someone to let me know if my socks don't match my tie -A hand to hold in church -Someone coming up behind me, rubbing my shoulders, leaning down and putting her head on my shoulder while I sit at my desk when I get those late night work calls That's just a short list. But, that's what I'm missing in my life. Who am I? My life has given me a lot of time and reason to ponder that question over the last 4 years. I can say, I still do not know the answer. But, here is what I do know:
A Howl In The Night
Ok,here goes Yes I've been away for quite awhile now,been busy on yahoo mostly,my comfort zone I guess you could say,I did starting out send a lot time on fubar,but some things about it was just a tad wonky to work with,add to the fact I kept getting every few minutes some kind of request to install some thingy to be able to see all content was begining to brown me off to no end,So I decided to settle back in Yahoo! As stated when I first arrived here,I'm new to this place,not sure how all things work around here and all,it's not that I'm web illiterate by any means,I'm just one of those old fashioned types who believes things shouldn't need plug ins or any thing else to make it work properly,besides that,I do most my blogging on Yahoo! 360 but from the sounds of whats going on with that system,I may very well be dusting off my original home page and return to it,as I have no plans of joining multiply or any other outfit just to post blogs,but I did feel I did owe any of those whom
How Love It
Howlin Hotties Auction
OOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! The Bad Wolfy presents "Howlin' Hotties" Auction Auction will begin 10:00 PM CST Monday June 30th and end @ Midnight CST on July 14th! > As an extra bonus the auction participant with the most rates will receive a 5 Credit Bling! Come get yer "Howl On" and Bid!
How Long Should I Wait
As you enter you say I cannot touch. Naked with your hands and mouth all over me. Wanting to touch you has never been this much. I am in ectasy from what I feel and see. Our passion consumes us making it hard to restrain. My head is filling with fantasies for us to do. I am overwhelmed and my resistance is pain. Our lips now meet as I expose you too. I worship your body and cannot get enough. We come closer with a connection thats true. I realize why you did this even though it was tough. You made me want you more than I have ever wanted you I close my eyes to imagine The touch of your hand I want you so badly Cant you understand I feel my fingers slide They caresse my naked skin My thoughts are with you And they are filled with sin Thinking of the distance When will you be here Dream of you closer And of you beeing near Still with my eyes closed I kindly bite my lips Wish that this was your hands Caressing the skin on my hips If you where on top of
How Long Will You Stand Aside?
How long will you stand aside? I have stood aside and watched while the once greatest, most civilized, and most humane nation in history was being converted into a jungle. I have stood aside and watched white the greatest good will the world has ever seen between multiple white nationalities within one nation, was being deliberately changed into suspicion, dissension and hatred. I have stood aside and watched while this “land of the free and the home of the brave” was being conditioned by traitors to seek peace at any price-even at the price of independence and freedom. I have stood aside and watched while our courts encouraged and our press glorified the perpetrators of crime who have spread riots, vandalism, robbery, and murder across our land. I have stood aside and watched while our colleges have been taken over by misguided children without the slightest understanding of the civilization they have inherited, or of the evil forces by which they have been duped by.
How Long Should Sex Or Foreplay Last?
..When it comes to how long sex and foreplay should last every individual has their own personal preference right? I mean for some folks, especially women in particular, during foreplay the average man either doesn't give enough oral love or he doesn't stay down between her legs long enough. Now as far as the men are concerned, at least the ones that I know, their chief complaints were that some women either don't give head long enough or not at all? So moving along to the sex act itself, many women say that they hated men that put in an hour long foreplay session from the ones I know, but only put in 10 or 15-minutes of sex. However quite a lot of women also told me that they hated men that put in long foreplay sessions but coupled with FOREVER AND A DAY sex sessions. So as you can tell blogland everyone is feeling something different when it comes to foreplay and sex, so different that I decided to write this blog and find out where all my other friends on this site think ab
How Life Changes...
My life has had some Amazing events. I am an only child, who only met her biol. father a few times, and the last time was to make peace w/ him and to say goodbye. He passed a few yrs ago.... but I'm glad I had the time I got to spend w/ him and to know him. :) I am like him in some ways, but not going to be like him w/my family. I have had a LOT of friends in and out of my life. I am grateful for ALL of them, no matter they age, how close or far they are to me... they are ALL VERY special to me!! I like to be there for them, and they are for me. I have had some experiences working and being a patient, but i LIKED working better!! I have been through some TRYING times and REALLY good times, but haven't given up. Have wanted to give up a couple times, but .... I think that the saying that which doesn't kill u makes u stronger is VERY TRUE!! I have to say THANK YOU to god, and my fam and friends for being there for me!!! Love to all!!!
How Long?
How Likely Is It?!
grrrrrr :(- Darkness is a gift i enjoy cause it brings the best out in people then i can see the terror in there eyes when thay see me aproch them for the thirst of BLOOD!!!    >:) the ultament test of life is courge
Howlyone@ Fubar
howlyone">@ fubar
How Low Can Low-cost Wireless Carriers Go?
At a time when major wireless carriers are beginning to require expensive data plans for many of their users, low-cost mobile companies keep making their prepaid calling plans broader and cheaper. Cricket, the low-cost, pay-as-you-go wireless carrier operated by Leap Wireless (LEAP), said Tuesday that it would begin offering the nation's first $30-per-month unlimited nationwide talk and text plan. Coverage will be available in 125 U.S. cities across all 50 states. That's $10 a month cheaper than any other prepaid nationwide unlimited plan available in the United States. Low-cost rival MetroPCS (PCS) offers a $40-a-month plan and competitor TracFone Wireless' Straight Talk has a $45-per-month plan. As for the major carriers, Sprint's (S, Fortune 500) Boost Mobile has a comparable prepaid plan for $50 a month, and T-Mobile and AT&T (T, Fortune 500) both offer similar prepaid plans for $60 a month. Verizon (VZ, Fortune 500) does not offer a comparable prepaid unlimited talk and text pl
A Howling Thought ( 1 )
How Long For B12 To Take Effect
Vitamin B12 is known as a water-soluble vitamin that is seen in various meats, fish and also dairy foods and also adds tremendously on the production of red blood cells when supporting to help maintain a proper neurological system. In addition to that, this supports the improving the energy. Additionally, it has a significant task in the using any and all of the intake of folate. Some other B12 Vitamin health benefits would be the maintenance with regards to myelin (the actual material which provides coverage for the neural system as well as allows them to broadcast impulses amongst the neural cellular material through the body system) and also the amelioration of the fat reducing power (metabolic process) within your body which assists in getting rid of fats.Vitamin B12 InsufficiencyInsufficient B12 Vitamin could get possibly from the insufficient eating consumption as a result of an unbalanced nutritious strategy or even due to intrinsic factor deficit, which can cause pernicious ane
How Much U Know About 80s Music
You Scored 55% Correct You are a solid child of the 80s You'd never confuse Tiffany from Debbie And while you may not know Prince's first #1 hit You know every word to Little Red Corvette How Much Do You Know About 80s Music?
How Much My Life Has Changed In 10 Yrs. . .
You've Changed 60% in 10 Years You've done a good job changing with the times, but deep down, you're still the same person. You're clothes, job, and friends may have changed some - but it hasn't changed you. How Much Have You Changed in 10 Years?
How Many Me's Are In The U.s.?
HowManyOfMe.comThere are:938people with my namein the U.S.A.How many have your name?
How Many Ppl Have Ur Name?
How Many People Have My Name?
How Many Years Clean And Sober ????
Ok, here goes. I am a recovering alchoholic. Yes little old me !!!!! I have been clean and sober for 32+ years.
How My Brain Works.....or Doesn't
1. Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull? No - But have fed one. 2. Do you ever intentionally vomit after eating? Depends who I am having dinner with. 3. If you were working on a pirate ship, what would you most likely be? A Pirate or Semen 4. Have you ever called anyone a slut? Myself, looking in the mirror wearing female clothes. 5. How many people do you think would come to your funeral? One - A priest with a box of matches. 6. How many of them would come just to make sure you're dead? One - He is getting paid. 7. Do you have more enemies or more friends? Morefiends 8. Have you ever sent an anonymous letter? Yes to myself on Valentines Day. 9. Have you ever turned someone down for a date? No - Never been asked on one. 10. Are you smarter than your friends? What friends? My imaginary friends lie to me. 11. Have you ever had anything stolen by your friends? Yes - My heart. 12. Do you use your teeth when "doing it?" No - I take them out fi
How Much Blood Do I Need To Lose Before Someone Will Notice?
Let me give you a crash coarse about what is wrong with my mother... In Febuary she was diagnosed with terminal 3rd stage lung cancer and about October, she found out that it has spread into her liver. She is back on Chemo... Shr has had a feeding tube in her stomach since Febuary... She celebrated her 51st birthday in March. I celebrated my 21st birthday in January... so there u go... I am open about everything, so u gotta question- feel free to ask. I am about 20-45mins to finishing the "L Word Season 3"... This season has hit home for me closer than any other. I watched as Dana went to the doctor, then started on Chemo, then she started to recover- go out to places, then she started going down hill so quickly. (FYI to plp that have no clue what show I am talking about... it is a Lesbian show based in LA, Dana is a famous Tennis player and she is 34ish gets diagnosed with breast cancer) I am VERY frightened and scared that its gonna happen the same way with my mom. She starts to
How Many Of Ya'll Share Our Veiws?
How many of you share our views? I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the UnitedCaucasianCollege Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens...Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door. Guns do not make you a killer. I think killing makes you a killer. You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game. I believe they are called the Boy Scouts for a reason, that is why there are no girls allowed. Girls belong in the Girl Scouts! ARE YOU LISTENING MARTHA BURKE? I have the right "NOT" to be tolerant of others because they are different, weird, or tick me off. When 70% of the people who get arrested are bla
How Much Im Worth
If you were to buy me, it would cost you $21,343.41! What are you worth? Find Out Here
How Many Times
How Many People Can You Name
HowManyOfMe.comThere are:51people with my namein the U.S.A.How many have your name? HowManyOfMe.comThere are:51people with my namein the U.S.A.How many have your name?
How Much Lust Do You Have?
Your Lust Quotient: 55% You are definitely a lustful person, but you do a good job of hiding it. Your friends would be surprised to know that your secretly very wild! How Much Lust Do You Have?
How Memories Are Made…
I'm sure you all had memories like these. They can be good and bad memories, we all seem to think of the bad memories first. Well I would like to try making you think of the really good memories. Carol and I have two girls and a boy who are now successful adults. Paula became a teacher, Brenda and Philip both C.P.A's. When all three of my kids were between one and two years of age, I was at my heaviest weight, I would lay on the floor in front of the TV. Paula was our first born, she was about two, and she love to try and get up top of my belly. With a little help from me she did, she would put her little head on my belly and fall asleep. And that's when Daddy discovered nap time. (Smile) All three use to do the something, they learned from one another. We have a fireplace in the den, Carol and I sometimes like to start a fire when the family was in there. The three kids were 4, 6 and 8 years of age they loved going up to the fireplace and sit on the ed
How Much Do You Love Cars?
MECHANIC Chris Donald loves his work — he has sex with CARS. And he admitted last night: “Some men like boobs and bums, but I much prefer curvy bodywork.” Chris, 38, has a recognised psychological condition that makes him physically attracted to motors. He has had sex with more than 30 different models in 20 years — plus two motorboats and a pal’s JETSKI. Chris, who DOES have a girlfriend, confessed: “A nice car for me is a feast for the senses. It’s about smells, feelings and tastes. If I see a gorgeous Mercedes I know I’d love to jump into bed with it.” His weird obsession mirrors that of electrician Karl Watkins, who The Sun revealed was jailed for having sex with pavements in Redditch, Worcs, in 1993. Chris has his own website devoted to his bizarre fetish — and claims there are 500 other cranks like him, including women. But unlike doggers who have sex with strangers in chilly car parks, the motor engineer uses a heated and carpeted double garage at his home f
How Much
How Much Lust Are U
You Are 85% Sexy Your Sex Appeal Is: Off the Charts! Let's face it... you're one of the sexiest people around. And you don't let anyone forget it. You're crazy hot, and you deliver on what you promise. You are definitely one wild ride. How Much Sex Appeal Do You Have? Your Lust Quotient: 42% You are definitely a lustful person, but you do a good job of hiding it. Your friends would be surprised to know that your secretly very wild! How Much Lust Do You Have?
How Much Sex Appeal Are You
Ok so I finally hit that elusive 100 pound mark and it feels GREAT to be able to say ... I have lost 100 pounds! But that is only half of the good part of my life. I have been spending lots of time on CT and meeting some new people. Nice and fun people. Life is Good. :) HA!! Not that 9 months later but 9 months after my Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery, I have lost 98 pounds. 98 POUNDS! I am so freakin psyched. Down from a size 26/28 to a 14/16 and even a few 12/14s. It is so exciting to feel healthy and look so different. I'm glad everyone seems to like my new photos. I'll try to get some new ones of my figure soon too. I still have a little ways to go but I'm willing to work for it and be patient.
How Many People In The Usa Have Your Name
How Many Answers Can I Get?
How Many People Have Your Name?
How Many Piercings Do You Have?
How Men Choose A Wife Lol
Chosing a wife A man wanted to get married. He was having trouble choosing among three likely candidates. He gave each woman a present of $5,000 and watched to see what they did with the money. The first did a total make-over. She went to a fancy beauty salon, got her hair done, new mak e up and bought several new outfits to dress up very nicely for the man. She told him that she had done this to be more attractive for him because she loves him so much. The man was impressed. The second went shopping to buy the man gifts. She got him a new set of golf clubs, some new gizmos for his computer, and some expensive clothes. As she presented these gifts, she told him that she had spent all the money on him because she loves him so much. Again, the man was impressed. The third invested the money in the stock market. She earned several times the $5,000. She gave him back his $5000 and reinvested the remainder in a joint account. She told him that she wanted to sav
How Mean Are You?
I am 13% Mean!!More Fun Quizzes at
How Many Idiots Are There!?!?!
WTF!?!?! ok.. is there some "FUBARS BIGGEST DUMBASS" contest goin on that i HAVEN'T heard about?? between the "hey baby wanna see my webcam" {almost az sad az "whats your sign" then dumb dix like "islamicjihaadist" who thinx hez "just that damn kewl" but really JUST THAT damn sad.. az well az all the other jerry springer beebop highschool bubble gum BULLSHIT on here.. i wake up to sum premature ejaculating fucktard who STARTS THE 1ST CONVO w/me EVER w/ the following "silent_scream: lick my dick" NOW IF THAT dont getta girl.. {or a guy who knowz} WHAT will.. but when hez told "ummm no n go away" WHAT DOES THIS all time dumbass do?? "silent_scream: add me" silent_scream@ fubar i gotta tell yal.. im jus too excited to know WHAT to do.. OMG WHAT a turn on.. WHAT a man.. WHAT A MORON!!! we really need ONE SECTION that ALL THE IDIOTS, ASSHOLEZ&FUCKTARDZ of Fubar.. hell of the world HAVE to go & CANT get out.. good thing i waz married yearz ago.. my ex
How Many People??????
HowManyOfMe.comThere are 11 people with my name in the U.S.A.How many have your name?
How Many U Done??
10 layers of me [[..THESE ARE THE 10 LAYERS OF ME..]] LAYER ONE: ON THE OUTSIDE Name: kristen Birth date: august 6, 1987 Birth place: new bedford Current Location: gulfport Eye Color: hazel Hair Color: brunette Righty or Lefty: Righty Zodiac Sign: Leo LAYER TWO: ON THE INSIDE Your heritage: french and english Wut Shoes Did You Wear Today: Flip flops Your weakness: eating what im suppose to Your fears: spiders, and ne kind of bugs Your perfect pizza: chesse Goal you'd like to achieve: get a degree in early childhood LAYER THREE: YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW: Your most overused phrase: ur funny Your thoughts first waking up: what time is it?? Your best physical feature: ive been told my eyes and smile Your bedtime: when i can fall asleep Your most missed memory: my friends and family in mass LAYER FOUR: YOUR PICK: Pepsi or Coke: diet coke McDonald's or Burger King: neither cant eat there ne more Single or group dates: both
How 2 Morph
How Mean Can Some People Be
I can not see how people can get away with hacking in to people's acct's and they get away with it and furbar let them do it and it is not fair yes i did talk to some one about it and i feel some thing should be done about it i feel the one that did this to me and any one that has done it to othere's should be banned for life and (angelbaby~KARMA'S BITCH)I HOPE YOU AND YOUR BOYFRIEND ARE HAPPY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME i cought you both doing it and angelbaby you have done it to two or three people already and you keep getting away with it i hope furbar will banned her and everyone thathas hacked in to people acct's on here stay away from this girl this is her link she is drama and a user and she use's men she is trouble her name is CINDY
How Many Blogs Have You Post So Far
are you happy ????????????? how many blogs have you post so far
How My Mind Works.
How 2 Mend A Friends Broken Heart?
My bf that is close to me has been chatin w this other person online. This person 4 some reason has made all of his days brighter, until 2day. Now all of the sudden he is down and sad and sayin that she requested to jus b friends. I think he reallythought that something was going to come of this pc affair! lol. I jus dont no how to tell him with out hurtin his feelings that this was jus a pc thing and he needs to move on or jus b friends! I dont understand how hecan really grow so close to someone he hasnt even eattin a meal with. I guess i need help......... plz tell me what to say as a good friend.
How My Life Is Going!!!
So I had my second daughter September 10th. She is so beautiful. We named her Haley Marie. My other daughter which is 4 1/2 loves her so much. She can't wait til she can play and all. Im actually excited having two girls. Don't have to buy new toys or clothes..LOL Im done having kids though. I had to have another c section so very painful again so im done. My first one was worse bec I was in labor for 14 hours then had to have a c section. Im enjoying life though now and happy with the way everything is going. Im still not talking to my oldest sister and I have tried but she doesn't care. Thats fine with me. She wants to be like this then I don't have to help her clean her apt anymore or hear all the problems she has. I guess she is talking about divorce again which doesn't surprise me but im not believing it until she actually does it. Now that I don't really talk to her anymore my life has been less stressful. All I can say is Im happy to be a proud mommy to two beautiful girl
How Much Have U Changed?
How Myspace Fails
How Many Ways To Say "i Love You"
Apache = Sheth she~n zho~n Cheyenne = Ne mohotatse Chickasaw = Chiholloli Hopi = Nu' umi unangw'ta Mohawk = Konoronhkwa Navajo = Ayor anosh'ni Sioux = Techihhila Zuni = Tom ho' ichem Arabic = Ana Behibek (male to female) Ana Ahebak (formal) Ana Bahibak (female to male) Armenian = yes kez shat em siroom Assyr = Az tha hijthmekem Bahasa Malayu (Malaysia) = Saya cinta mu Bangladeschi = Ami tomake valobashi Basque = Nere maitea Bavarian = I mog di Bengali = Aami tomaake bhaalo baashi Bisaya = Nahigugma ko nimo Bolivian = Quechua Qanta munani Bosnian = Ja te volim (formal) volim-te (informal) Brazilian = (Portuguese) Eu te amo Bulgarian = Obicham te Burmese = Chit pa te Cantonese = Ngo Oi Nei Chinese = gnoy oy na Goi Oi Lei (Hongkong) Wa Ai Li (Taiwanese) Danish = Jeg elsker dig Dutch = Ik hou van jou English = I love you Esperanto = Mi amas vim Estonian = Mina armastan s
How Many Women.......
How many women do you really love in one live? If you really fall in love will this love last for ever or if love don't last will it mean that it not was a real love? If you really love someone, will you be able to forget her?
How Many People Remember
How Much Do You Owe?
This is fun to do. Just read the "offense" and if you've done it, you owe that fine. Keep going until you've read each "offense" and added up your total fine. When you are done, send it back to the person that sent it to you and your other friends. Title your email "My fine is $........" You don't have to confess your answers, just the amount of your fine. Smoked pot -- $10 Did acid -- $5 Ever had sex at church -- $25 Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you -- $40 Had sex with someone on MySpace -- $25 Had sex for money -- $100 Ever had sex with the a Puerto Rican -- $20 Vandalized something -- $20 Had sex on your parents' bed -- $10 Beat up someone -- $20 Been jumped -- $10 Crossed dressed -- $10 Given money to stripper -- $25 Been in love with a stripper -- $20 Kissed some one who's name you didn't know -- $0.10 Hit on some one of the same sex while at work -- $15 Ever drive drunk -- $20 Ever g
How Much Of A Freak Are You?the Biggest Freak Possiblecongratulations! You Rank Right Up There With The Likes Of Lil Kim & The Freakiest Of Them All.
How Much Has Changed
how much u changed in 10 years Body: How much I changed over the years -----------------10 YRZ AGO------------------- 1.) How old were you?: 17 2.) Where did you go to school?: Topeka West 3) Where did you work?: Best Buy and tuns of other places 4) Where did you live?: topeka kansas go figure went far hu 5.) Where did you hang out?: any where and everywhere 6.) Did you wear glasses?: nope 7.) Who was your best friend?: not going to say her name turned out she wasnt a very good friend 8.) How many tattoos did you have?: one 9.) How many piercings did you have? just ears 10) What car did you drive?:78 Ford Fairmont 11.) Had you been to a real party?: yes and way before i was 17 12.) Had You had your heart broken?: yes 13.) Were you Single/Taken/Married/Divorce?: Taken -----------5 years ago----------- 1.) How old were you?: 22 2.) Where did you go to school? no where 3.) Where did you work?: stay home mom 4.) Where did you live? Topeka, KS 5.) Where did you
How Much Are You Worth A Night?
See How Much You're Really Worth! NO CHEATING!! Natural Hair Color: [x] Brown - $100 [] Blonde - $50 [] Black - $15 [] Bald - $5 [] Other-$75 Total: $100 Eye Color: [] Brown - $50 [x] Green - $75 [] Blue $50 [] Hazel $100 [] Other - $50 Total so far: $175 Height: [] Over 7' - $200 [] 6'8" to 7' - $175 [x] 6'0" to 6'7" - $150 [] 5'5" to 5'11" - $75 [] 4'9" to 5'4" - $45 [] Under 4'9 - $45 Total so far: $325 Age: [] 31 to 40 - $100 [] 26 to 30 - $75 [x] 21 to 25 - $50 [] 19 to 20 - $25 [] 0 to 18 - $100 Total so far: $375 Birth Order: [] Twins or more than twins - $300 [x] First Born - $300 [] Only Child - $250 [] second born - $150 [] Middle child - $100 [] Last Born - $100 [] third born - $100 [] fourth born - $100 [] fifth born - $546 [] sixth born - $600 Total so far: $675 Drink? [] I did like twice - $400 [] Only Holidays - $250 [] Sometimes - $215 [] YES - $200 [] only weekends - $300 [] Every other day - $50 [
How Many Tats You Got?
At the moment I have either 14 or 16 depends on how you count. And yes I have plans for at least a few more, but never say never. That could bite you. peace, people
How Many Animals
How Many Animals Can You Fit Into A Pair Of Pantie Hos? Ten Pigs Two Calves One Beaver And Ass And A Fish Nobody Can Find
How Much Love Means To Me
How Much You Kno Me?....
My name: Who is the love of my life: Where did we meet: Take a stab at my middle name: How long have you known me: When is the last time that we saw each other: Do I smoke: Do I drink: When is my birthday: What was your first impression of upon meeting me: Do I have any siblings: What's one of my favorite things to do: Am I funny: What's my favorite type of music: What is the best feature about me: Am I shy or outgoing: Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules: Do I have any special talents: Would you consider me a friend/good friend: Would you call me preppy, average, sporty, punk, hippie, glam, nerdy, snobby, or something else (what): What is a memory we have once had: Have you ever hugged me: Do you miss you think i miss you: What is my favorite food: Have you ever had a crush on me: If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be: What's your favorite memory of me: Who do I like right now:
How Many Feet
There are 7 girls on a bus >>> >>> Each girl has 7 backpacks >>> In each backpack, there are 7 big cats. >>> For every big cat there are 7 little cats. >>> >>> Question: How many legs are there in the bus?
How Much Can The Human Spirit Endure?
How Many "love Me !!"
How Men Think
How Men think........... A woman was in a coma for months. Nurses were in her room giving her a blanket bath One of them was washing her private area and noticed that there was a slight response on the monitor when she touched her. They tried it again and sure enough there was sizable movement. They went to her husband and explained what happened, telling him, 'As crazy as this sounds, maybe a little oral sex will do the trick and bring her out of the coma.' The husband was sceptical, but they assured him that they'd close the curtains for privacy. The husband finally agreed and went into his wife's room. After a few minutes the woman's monitor flat lined, no pulse, no heart rate. The nurses run back into the room. 'What happened!?' they cried. The husband said,.................... 'I'm not sure; maybe she choked'.
How Much Can One Person Take
have u ever heard anyone say that sooner or later a person will believe what he is told if a man is beaten down enough then sooner or later he will believe that he amounts to nothing i have been physically, mentally and emotionally abused all my life by my step father and others and now this late in my life i have come to accept the fate that life has dealt me in believing that my life is in consequential to that of the one that i love so i am wondering whether or not i should change who i am an lose another piece of myself or should i bend and comprimise simply cuz i love the woman and give her her way i have always been the person to make the other happy at all cost no matter how miserable i was but now i am content in the fact of living my life to make myself happy instead of making others happy but i am still concerned about making others happy so i know deep down that i should jsut comprimise an all but i jsut dont want to change but hey i guess i should jsut go with
How Many
who has the most rates againtst their profile picture right now??
How Many ?!?!!!!!
Contest has Begun! Rate/Comment at will. Click the pic of me bellow to vote on me - Aussie73. Still getting to know people here after being away for a year or so, so I need all the help I can get!!! Happy New Year!! RULES :: No Time Limit, First 10 People to reach 17K comments win This is a comment bombing contest, comments count as 1 point and rates count as 3 points Self bombing is allowed and encouraged Absolutely NO DRAMA Anyone caught cheating using blasters or scripts will be immediately disqualified
How Much Does Love Cost????
How much would it take to hear "I love you"? How much is the price of what was lost? How much is the fee of joy? How much does love cost? Does it take a broken heart? Or maybe just the tears? Does it cost your happiness? Or maybe just the fears? Is a commitment too much to ask? Or maybe not enough? Is loving you worthless? When life seems so tough? So does love have a price? Even though you cannot buy it? How much does love cost? Is it the fact you cannot deny it? There's nothing I wouldn't do, To retreive what was lost, Just tell me one thing, How Much Does Love Cost? done by christine
How Many Women Truly Want This?
How many women out there truly want this sort of thing? I mean I find it kinda hard to believe that this is exactly what women really want. I only say this because in my past experiences this is not what they wanted. I was actually told once that i was "to accommodating". ( whatever that means ) So I found this and read it and just had to post it in hope to see what I get from everyone. when she walks away from you mad follow her *when she stare's at your mouth kiss her *when she pushes you or hit's you grab her and dont let her go *when she starts cursing at you kiss her and tell her you love her *when shes quiet ask her whats wrong *when she ignore's you give her your attention *when she pulls away pull her back *when you see her at her worst tell her she's beautiful *when you see her start to cry just hold her and dont say a word *when you see her walking sneak up and hug her waist from behind *when shes scared protec
How Make Bulletins With Backgrounds
How Many People Have The Same Name?
HowManyOfMe.comThere is 1 person with my name in the U.S.A.How many have your name?
How Many People
02:16 AM CST on Wednesday, February 13, 2008 staff report Click on video for an update from 11 News reporter Shern-Min Chow The mother of a baby boy, whose body was found dumped near the Galveston Seawall last month, has been arrested by federal agents in New York. Brazoria County District Attorney Jeri Yenne confirmed to 11 News that Caren Kohberger was arrested by FBI agents Tuesday afternoon. A FBI spokeswoman said Kohberger was arrested after she was released from Bellevue Hospital’s mental ward Tuesday afternoon. She is being held in a New York City jail awaiting extradition back to Texas. Kohberger was wanted on charges that she handed her 3-month-old son over to the man who is accused of stomping the boy to death. Yenne filed endangerment charges against Kohberger last week. 11 NEWS Travis Mullis is charged with capital murder in the beating death of his baby son. The probable cause affidavit for the arrest warrant alleges that Kohberger han
How Much Do You Really Want To Know?
Why did you leave? How bad could i have been? I was 6 months old Why did you carry me that long? Why didn't you kill me when you had the chance? you could have aborted.... could have ended it all before it started. You chose not to. Instead I'm left living with this . Wondering,eager,doubting my own self worth. Was that your plan? Did you want to hurt me that bad? Why? What did i do? Even if it wasn't my fault.... why have i not heard from you? the only time you heard me talk was when i asked you to come see me And all you said was... "I don't drive" If you're on here I hope you find me And I hope you read this. I hope you see what I've become. I hope you regret what you've done. I hope it eats at you Like a cancer uncureable terminal I hope you're happy with the new life you have With the kids you were kind enough to keep. I will always resent you And all that you are I hope you're happy W
How Much Do You Cost A Nite?
Natural hair color: []Brown..$100 [] Blonde-$50 []Black-$15 [] Bald-$5 [x] Others-$75 Eye Color: []Brown-$50 []Green-$75 [x]Blue-$150 []Hazel-$100 []Other-$5 Height []Over 7..$200 []6'8"to7--$175 []6'to6'7"--$150 []5'4'to5"11'--$85 [x]Under 5"4-$95 Age [x]50 to 56-$175 []46 to 50-$150 []41 to 45-$125 []31 to 40-$100 []26 to 30 -$75 []21 to 25- $50 []19 to 20-$25 []0 to 18-$100 Birth Order [] Twins or more then twins-$750 [] First born-$320 []Only child-$250 []Second born-$150 []Middle child-$100 [x]Last born-$100 []Third born-$550 []Forth born-$300 []Fifth born-$400 []Sixth born-$215 Drink? []I did like once-$400 []Only Holidays-$250 [x]Sometimes-$215 []Yes-$200 []Only weekends-$300 []Everyother day-$50 []Once a day-$15 []I live from the bottle-$Bankrupt$ [Back to Zero] []No-$600 Shoe Size []13+-$300 []12.5 to 13-$250 []11 to 12- $400 [x]7 to 10-$500 Under 7-$450 Favorite Colors(two) []Green-$750 [x]Red-$600 []Black
How Much Are You Worth??
FUCK YALL I'M FROM TEXAS!!(MIDLAND TEXAS...BITCHES)This is too good not to repost!!!Somebody from California apparently wrote the top part, but somebody from Texas came back and put them on their asses at the bottom. And whoever that was, GOD BLESS YOU!CALIFORNIA:- I can wear sandals all year long- I go to the Beach - not "down to the shore"-Our chicks are WAYYYY hotter than yours. Well...Miami can hang.- I say "like" and "for sure" and "right on" and "dude" and "totally" and "peace out" and "chill" and "tight" and "bro" and I say them often- I know what real cheese & avocados taste like-Everyone smokes weed and its no big deal-We'll roll up 40 deep when something goes down.-I live next door to Mexicans, but we call them American's!-All the porn you watch is made here, cause we're better and thats how it is- I don't get snowdays off because theres only snow in Mammoth, Tahoe, Shasta, and Big Bear- I know 65 mph really means 100- When someone cuts me off, they get the horn and the finge
How Much Work Does It Take To Be Ajerk
SS BUT I AM GOING TO VENT VERY BADLY!! HOW FUKIN SICK CAN A SO CALLED HUMAN BEING BE!!! THIS IS NOT EVEN HUMAN IN FACT A FUKING ANIMAL CANT EVEN BE THIS SICK.I WAS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED WHEN I SAW THISWHOEVER THE MENTAL CASES ARE THAT ARE INVOLVED IN THIS SHOULD BE DE:NUTTED AND THEN SHOT TORTURED SOMTHING.... Lessons on Life There was an Indian Chief who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly. So he sent them each on a quest, in turn, to go and look at a pear tree that was a great distance away.. The first son went in the Winter, the second in the Spring, the third in Summer, and the youngest son in the Fall. When they had all gone and come back, he called them together to describe what they had seen. The first son said that the tree was ugly, bent, and twisted. The second son said 'no' it was covered with green buds and full of promise. The third son disagreed; he said it was laden with blossoms that smelled so sweet and l
How Much Can One Person Take
How My Contests Work
For all the ppl who didn't read my blog about my 2 contests here is how i run stuff!!!! YES..... rates and comments count YES..... my contests run for a few of days meaning 2 days or a week YES..... after it is closed i look at the RATES & "THEN" COMMENTS to determine the winner, it is my money and my fu-bucks that are being use i don't want DOWN RATING to help ur friend out since rates are counted! if i see it.... well lets just say i better not!!!!!!!!!!! IF U DON'T LIKE I HONESTLY DON'T CARE U CAN RUN UR CONTESTS HOW U WANT AND I CAN RUN THEM HOW I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How Much Is Too Much
How high will gas go up this year?
How Many Agree
Every Global Mumm I have ever Posted in almost 3 yrs has been Removed. How many Agree with me That the Hatred they Display Towards uncalled for? How many agree with me if a mumm is removed they should refund your fubucks? How many agree with me that fubar is becoming very Anal? How many agree with me that the Rulers of fubar should mind there god damn business? For an Adult site we are mostly treated like Children. How many agree with me we should be allowed atleast 2 mb morphs? How many of you all like this Picture I had Custom Made. Do u like this 1 with the Evil Eye? An u all know What?I nolonger Give a Damn either. The Owners of this Site took a great place away when they changed the Name from Lost Cherry then to CherryTap.But the Name Fubar Sucks Ass.Ty Blessed be Nice Vent now it's Jim Beam Time (
How Many Of These Do Ya' Remember?
Candy cigarettes Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water inside Soda pop machines that dispensed glass bottles Coffee shops with tableside jukeboxes Blackjack, Clove and Teaberry chewing gum Home milk delivery in glass bottles with cardboard stoppers Newsreels before the movie P.F. Fliers Telephone numbers with a word prefix...(Raymond 4-601). Party lines Peashooters Howdy Dowdy Hi-Fi's 45 RPM records 78 RPM records! Green Stamps Metal ice cubes trays with levers Mimeograph paper Beanie and Cecil Roller-skate keys Cork pop guns Drive ins Studebakers Washtub wringers The Fuller Brush Man Reel-To-Reel tape recorders Tinkertoys Erector Sets The Fort Apache Play Set Lincoln Logs 15 cent McDonald hamburgers 5 cent packs of baseball cards - with that awful pink slab of bubblegum Penny candy 25 cent a gallon gasoline Jiffy Pop popcorn Do you remember a time when... Decisions were
How Many Time Can U Take Your Heart Being Broken
How Much I Love You Tc
How Mush Do You Know About Usmc
Marine Corps History On November 10, 1775, the Continental Congress passed a resolution stating that "two battalions of Marines be raised" for service as landing forces with the fleet. This established the Continental Marines and marked the birth of the United States Marine Corps. Serving on land and at sea, early Marines distinguished themselves in a number of important operations, including their first amphibious raid on foreign soil in the Bahamas in March 1776, under the command of the Corps’ first commandant, Capt. Samuel Nicholas. The 1783 Treaty of Paris ended the Revolutionary War and as the last of the Navy’s ships were sold, the Continental Navy and Marines disbanded. Following the formal re-establishment of the Marine Corps on July 11, 1798, Marines fought in conflicts with France, landed in Santo Domingo and conducted operations against the Barbary pirates along the "Shores of Tripoli." Marines participated in numerous operations during the War of 1812, including
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How Much Is That Fluffy Man In The Window?!
I lol'd at this. I read my awesomeo friend Amykins who I
How Many Do You Know?
How many of these did YOU know about? A sealed envelope - Put in the freezer for a few hours, then slide a knife under the flap. The envelope can then be resealed. ( hmmmmmm...) ============================================ Use empty toilet paper roll to store appliance cords. It keeps them neat and you can write on the roll what appliance it belongs to. ============================================ For icy door steps in freezing temperatures: Get warm water and put Dawn dish washing liquid in it. Pour it all over the steps. They won't refreeze. ========================================! ==== To remove old wax from a glass candle holder - Put it in the freezer for a few hours. Then take the candle holder out and turn it upside down. The wax will fall out. ============================================ Crayon marks on walls? This works wonderfully! Use a damp rag, dipped in baking soda. Comes off with little effort (elbow grease, that is!). ===============================
How 2 Make Love!!!
how to make love: ingredients: 4 laughing eyes 4 well shaped legs 4 loving arms 2 firm milk jugs 2 nuts 1 fur-lined mixing bowl 1 firm banana directions: 1. look into laughing eyes. 2.spread well shaped legs with loving arms. 3.squeeze and massage milk jugs gently. 4.gently add firm banana to mixing bowl,working in and out until well creamed for best results countinue to massage milk jugs. heat rises, plunge banana deep into mixing bowl and cover with nuts, leave to soak. 6.the cake is done when banana is soft.if banana does not soften repeat steps 3-5 or change mixing bowls. notes: 1. if you are in a unfamiliar kitchen,wash utensils carefully before and after use. not lick mixing bowl after use. 3.if cake rises leave town
How Much Is Enough?
Okay so I've been dating this girl for about a month now. We have had a few bumps such as... It's okay for her to flirt with other guys but if I even so much as talk to another girl or get a txt from a friend I'm a player! I am constantly having to defend my past and the things I have done, but her past is the past and it's no big deal. we work together and no one can know about us for some reason! I have been on my best behavior treated her very well, but no matter what I do it's not the right thing! In the past I would have said fuck off a longtime ago, but for some reason I really like this girl there is just something about her that makes me.... well anyway the other night she really pissed me off! At this point I don't know what to do keep trying or tell her to go jump off a cliff?
How Much I Love You
you are you my mind every day and you are in my dream very night I love you so much more then words can tell You are women of my dreams I have been looking for all my life every time I talk with you. You make feel so wonderful like am am teen ager again you make so happy found you before I meet you I was so down now am so happy I found you I love you with all my soul you are my heart and soul I know you don't have be lonely anymore thank you for loving me like you do
How Much Can You Really Take?
how much heartache can one person truely take you put you heart and soul into the relationship and everything you have they tell you they you they love you but yet they still hurt yet here in lys the question how much heart ache can one person turley takke befor you have ruely had enough ??????? i thonk that i have come tho this point in life not because of what i have done but because of what you have done and what you have turned me for now my lover until we meet agian in another life good bye
How Many Remember??
Ok, so I'm laying in bed last night and began thinking of my childhood and of all the fun things back then. I finally fell asleep after going through TONS of different things (ahhh arent the "mind spins" great when you're tired? ) - Let's see how many of you remember the things that you did when growing up! Feel free to add to the list! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Licking the bowl and beaters of batter w/out dreading "raw eggs" Eating raw hotdogs 13 Channel TV's and NO remote or cable Rabbit ears (tin foil was optional) Actually only having ONE TV in your house and having to take turns to watch your favorite show! School House Rock Afterschool specials Little House on the Prarie Grizzly Adams HEE HAW Saturday morning cartoons 8 Track tapes 33 and 45 LP's (you were lost when you lost the little disc to play a 45!) Reel to Reel Drive In Movies Your first scary movie (mine was Jaws) Mud Pies Playing outside til the street light came on (dinner
How Marriage Works
A newlywed couple had only been married for two weeks. The husband, although very much in love, couldn't wait to go out on the town and party with his old buddies. So, he said to his new wife, 'Honey, I'll be right back.' 'Where are you going, coochy cooh?' asked the wife. 'I'm going to the bar, pretty face. I' m going to have a beer.' The wife said, 'You want a beer, my love?' She opened the door to the refrigerator and showed him 25 different kinds of beer brands from 12 different countries: Germany , Holl and , Japan, India , etc. The husband didn't know what to do, and the only thing that he could think of saying was, 'Yes, lollipop ....but at the know...they have frozen glasses....' He didn't get to finish the sentence, because the wife interrupted him by saying, 'You want a frozen glass, puppy face?' She took a huge beer mug out of the freezer, so frozen that she was getting chills just holding it. The husband, looking a bit pa
How Much Am I Worth?
So here's the deal. I have a pre-paid phone. This is currently my only steady means of communication with the outside world. I didn't miss having a phone while I still had internet at home. Now that its gone, I'm burning through minutes like wild fire. I'm hoping to find a way to get some minutes and possibly provide a service (wink wink) at the same time. Here's my thought: Either from Walmart directly or from the cell company's website, re-load increments can be purchased. You text me when you buy them. All you need is my cell number to add minutes. When I get the text that I've been loaded up, I call you and we'll get to talk about whatever you want. Just a thought. PM me if you're interested.
How Much C*ck Is Too Much?
Ok ladies, I am curious! How do you feel about big dicks? Gotta have it? Scares me? Sometimes? Give me some input and check my NSFW's! How much is too much? Is there a limit to what you want, or is bigger ALWAYS better? Tell me- I wann know!
How Many Scumbags?
How many scumbags do you have to associate with to be president of the UNITED STATES of AMREICA? OBAMA is still counting and looking for more.
How Much You Mean To Me ..
From The Moment I Saw You... From The Moment I Looked Into Your Eyes... There Was Something About You... I Had Found A Once In A Lifetime... And A Treasure Thats Is Impossible To Find...When I'm With You, I'm Complete... To Hear Your Laugh... To See Your Smile... To Listen To Your Beautiful Voice... To Stare Into Your Eyes... Makes Me Complete... All I Want From You Is To... Hug You... Kiss You... Hold Your Hand... Hold You In My Arms... Why... Because You Are Everything To Me... To Me, Your My Friend, My World, My Heart, My Soul... I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With You... You'd Never Know How Far I Would Go For You... I Would Give My Life In the Place Of Yours... I Want You To Know... I Will Always Be There For You... When You... Need Someone To Talk To... Need Someone To Cry With... Need Someone Who Will Listen... Need Someone To Be Mad At... Need Someone To Lean On... Anytime You Need Me... Day Or Night... Know That... I Will Always
How Many Can You Find ?
How Much I Love My Fiance!!
How Many Can
How Many
How Many F's
There are no Tricks to the test. Read this sentence: FINISHED FILES ARE THE RE- SULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTIF- IC STUDY COMBINED WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF YEARS. Now count aloud the F's in that sentence. Important, count them ONLY ONCE: do not go back and count them again..   Answer Below No PEEKING !!         keep going                   and going                     a little more                       almost there                   Finally                   Answer is given now !! One of average intelligence finds three of them. If you spotted four, you're above average. If you got five, you can turn your nose at most anybody. If you caught six, you are a genius. There is no catch. Many people forget the "OF"'s. The human brain tends to see them as V's and not F's.
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How Much Can One Person Take
ok so my name is rebeca and i live in nashville tn i have 3 wonderful kids that i adore, and a man that doesnt appreciate ne thing, but his self i go to volunteer state community colllege in gallatin tn and i work as a cna (certified nursing assitant) just in case you didnt know what it stood for. im not perfect even though sometimes i try to be i love my life as long as i have my kids and mom and brothers and sisters. i have made some mistakes in my life i dont regret them because i probably done every thing for a good reason, i have came to grips with dealing with that you only get oen life so why would you regret ne thing back to my kids mackenzie is fixing ot turn 6 september 09 she is my every thing her real father has nothing to do with her  but is remarried and takes care of his wifes kids then there is mikey hell be our this yr mikey well lets see his a boy explanatory enough for you he is mine and michaels first child together and then thers is lil ole lucie grl my other heart
How Many Are Fakes On Here?
Ok so just how many people on here are fakes? I am sure a bunch of you now know about the fake nc cher/dok thing but recently we have come to the realization that it was more than just those two profiles and the one person doing them. I just have to say I sat and cried all day on Thursday when I found out about one of whom I thought at the time was a very good friend to me dying. And then come to find out it was all a joke and made up, and the person isn't even REAL!!! I mean wow I helped with his Happy Hour to remember him, and all the blings and stuff that he received and bombs and autos I just sent to him because I felt bad for him. I am just sitting here in awe and it's already been two days, but every time I get on I hear more and more and it disgusts me that someone can treat so many the way he did. I do strongly believe in Karma and I hope it gets you very good!!! Also if you want to even read more about it read this blog.
How Many Can I Get? In Email:))
    Name:_______________ Number:_______________ text messaging (yes or no): ______ picture messaging (yes or no) _________
How Many Licks?
My status yesterday was the famous "How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?" In the spirit of the above phrase I set out to see if I could answer the question that many said couldn’t be done. So I set up my station at work and as luck would have it I was assigned Timer Test calls. What does that mean to you? Well unless you have an alarm system, it means nothing. However, to me it was the opportunity to seek out the answer. Because it was going to be yet another boring night making senseless calls to those that pay for a service however get pissed when you call to let them know there could be a problem.  Back to the task at hand, shall we?   So as I took my first signal, I opened my Blue Tootsie Pop. To make sure I wouldn’t loose track I pulled out paper and pen to make tick marks in groups of 5. This making the counting process easier at the end of the search of how many licks does it take? Especially, since I am not a mathematici
How Much I Love You
How much I love you   You've changed my life from a blink of the eyeThe feeling in this heart of mine I cannot denyYou've made each day one I'll never forgetEverything we go through I will never regretYou are the gold I will treasure till the endYou are my soul mate and my best friendYou've done so much for me which I'm thankful forYou will always mean the world to me and so much moreYou are my guardian angel sent from HeavenThe best thing in my life - my sexy number elevenYou are the meaning to the word loveMy heart agrees and so would any doveYou have chased away every single fearYou are my tissue that'll wipe away any tearYou've given me life that I could live worthwhileThank you for the laughs and every smileMy days are a dream that has come trueEvery day is beautiful all thanks to youNow I have found what I've been looking forIt's you heart and soul and nothing moreYou've showed me the world in such short timeBut we've got the rest of our lives - a whole lifetimeIll end
How My Past Hunts Me
You was not known by to many. But you was loved by alot. It is not fair that you didnt get a chance to live life and experiance the joys of life. You had brought joy to alot of people with out even knowing. I am proud to say I am your uncle. I will hold the memories of you close to my heart for the I sit here looking back at how much you meant to me. I could not tell you or show you what was in my heart for fear of your reaction. You where the first to show me love and to hold me when I was down in the dumps. I feel your loving touch even to this day wishing it was not just my mind playing tricks on me. I now know you were the best thing that ever happened to me. But now it is to late for me to know what happiness truly is now that I have lost you my love. I will now just wonder in the darkness deep in the woods watching and protecting my land. howling out for your return. I miss your soft touch of your lips on mine and the feeling of warmth of your hugs as I lay down for sleep at
How Much Is Washington Willing To Tax America?
The Obama administration risks overseeing the largest tax increase inhistory if it allows the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts to expire at the endof the year. Low-income families will see their income tax rate jump fivepercentage points, while everyone else will see increases of three to4.6 percentage points. Capital gains and dividends tax rates -currently 15 percent for most investors - will leap to 20percent and 39.6 percent, respectively. The death tax, which isfinally gone, will be re-imposed at a 55 percent rate.Not only would these increases hurt families during stable times, butthey will further devastate our already-wobbling economy. Instead ofraising taxes to previous high levels, which will dolittle to control the rising deficit, lawmakers should tighten theirbelts and rein in spending. Tax hikes only encourage morespending and higher deficits.
How Many Like's Doe's It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop?
How Many?
How many of you have other pictures on here that you use as your profile picture other than yourself ? I know I have seen alot. Rather it be quotes, flashy pictures or whatever. Just curious?
How Many Calories Should I Be Eating
The number of calories you need each and every day differ from one individual to another and to work these details you'll want to know many parts of specifics about your self that can help make your own calculations. Beneath within our what number of calories should you have a day to burn fat calculator segment we will give you a straightforward description as to ways to have your particular calculations to find out what number of calories you need to have a day. Simply by giving answers to the question 'the number of calories can I require a day?' then you're just discovering the sheer number of calories that the system necessitates to function normally, for almost all the operations that happen in the body daily to happen correctly. The quantity that you receive from that calculation can see you retain the very same body weight for those who take that specific number of calories every day, in case you eat much more you can expect to gain pounds and in case you consume lower than that
How Much Should I Weigh Calculator
The most typical uncertainties obtained in your email messages is actually - exactly how much do i need to weigh with regard to the height? Outlined in this article, we are going to clarify the most typical ways this may be measured. To figure out just how much you ought to weigh numerous components might be of interest, which include years of age, muscle-fat percentage, height, sexual category, and also bone mineral density. A lot of people advise that determining your Bmi is actually the the easy way determine if one's body weight is perfect. Other folks claim that Body mass index can be incorrect since it doesn't consider muscles and the hip-waist rate is best. A particular persons perfect bodyweight could possibly be totally different from another's. In the event you do a comparison of yourself to relatives and buddies a person risk both looking way too high if you're encompassed by overweight as well as fat people, or even far too low when every person near you does the job like t
How Not To Be Strangled
I hear self-proclaimed 'nice guys' bitching all the time about how women never want to date them, and they always finish last. I have a few things to say about that. Nice guys DON'T finish last, pussies do. You can still be nice and maintain a backbone. It's when you're morbidly acquiescent and a pathological whiner that women do not want a mother fucking thing to do with you. Don't give me that 'woman pussy wet for bad boy only' shit. GIRLS want bad boys, women want MEN. Quit chasing the shetards who are just going through a damn phase. And for the guys who swear they are 'too nice' and are actually pussies-Part of what attracts women to 'bad boys' is sexuality. Sexuality is VERY important, yet 'nice guys' don't exhibit themselves as sexual because they are afraid of the way the female will react to it. Cutting off your penis to spite your love life is not appealing in any potential lay. The other part that attracts women is confidence (not to be confuse
How Naughty Are U ?
1. Your Name:? 2. Age:? 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Have sex on the first date? 15. Would you kiss me during sex? 16. Do you think I would be good in bed? 17. Three sum? 18. How many times would you like to cum? 19. Would you use me as a booty call? 20. Do you like fore play? 21. What is fore play to you? 22. Can we take pictures of the act?
How Naughty R U ?
Are you Naughty or nice Your Result: your Naughty! wild thing! You were born to be bad. Naughty by nature, you've tried everything at least once and aren't afraid to get your hands - or the rest of you - dirty when opportunity knocks. Whether that means plotting for advancement at work or toying with somebody's affections, you're willing to break the rules. As long as you're having a laugh and getting ahead, anything goes. And it is fun to defy convention every once in a while, but you're walking a bit of a tightrope. Every so often, try listening to that little angel on your shoulder who keeps saying "no!" - it's okay to be nice sometimes. In the meantime, keep being bad and enjoy yourself. Just don't throw caution entirely to the wind. Your Nice! all sugar, no spice! Are you Naughty or nice
How Not To Rob A Bank
Here are some lessons learned from the experiences of a number of would-be bank robbers. Pick The Right Bank: You don't want to make the same mistake as the fellow in Anaheim, CA, who tried to hold up a bank that was no longer in business and had no money. Study Your History: Don't try to stick up the First National Bank of Northfield, Minnesota. Jesse James tried it 111 years ago, and the townsfolk took just seven minutes to kill two and capture three of his gang. Nobody tried again until 1984, and the customers chased the guy down. They're tight with their dollar, those Minnesotans. Speak To The Right Teller: One robber in Upland, CA, presented his note to the teller, and her father, who was in the next line, got all bent out of shape about it. He wrestled the guy to the ground and sat on him until authorities arrived. Don't Sign Your Demand Note: Demand notes have been written on the back of a subpoena issued in the name of a bank robb
How Not To Start A Conversation...
Ok I was at Burger King this morning having breakfast and watching FOX news, or as I like to call it the GWBN (the George W. Bush Network). They were talking about how lucky we are to have monkey Boy as a president and we should be thankful he lied to us about Iraq when this guy at the table next to me tells me "Y'know, I was in the first Gulf War." "Well sir," I said to him. "I'm not really a fan of our current president but I do support our troops and I want to thank you for your sacrifices you made in that war." I think more people should thank out troops and vets. That's when he told me, very loudly "Yeah! My testicles were blown off when I stepped onto a land mind! My penis was mangled but the doctors were able to reconstruct it!" Now I like to think I can have just about any kind of conversation with anyone but this kind of threw me for a loop. I felt bad for the guy but he could've gave warning he was going to start out with this tidbit of information. Maybe waited
How Not To Make A Website
Ok so you decided you want to make a website. Step 1 Do not buy a turn key site these are normally a waste of time with limited control over your server and emails. A lot of these turn key site scripts are blocked on search engines Step 2 Find a host provider. (server) Try and get a server that offers unlimited bandwidth per month this is used for visits to your site veiwing photos, vids and so on. Most providers offer over 400gigs of space but you will never need it. Try not to get a free servers or quick build server. Most sites now are runing with css and combined html. (later I will put some good links on here for help) So make sure you get php and cpanel with your server. £5 a month for server is very good that is what im paying for my server. if you want the link I.M me Step 3 Find your self a good programe for uploading files to your server. A great free programe is filezilla, google for it. You will also need some decent photo editing and web site cre
How Not To Dispose Of A Christmas Tree
BERLIN (Reuters) - A German man threw himself out of an apartment window along with a Christmas tree during a late-night attempt to dispose of his festive decorations. The man fell 22 feet after he lost his balance throwing the tree onto the street Saturday, police in the western city of Moenchengladbach said. The tree did not break the victim's fall. "There's a TV advert showing people having fun throwing their old Christmas trees out the window," said police spokesman Willy Thevessen Monday. "But you're not supposed to jump with them." The man was taken to hospital in critical condition with severe head injuries after witnesses saw him fall. (Reporting by Erik Kirschbaum; Editing by Giles Elgood) © Reuters 2008 All rights reserved
How Nice Guys Become Assholes
Entry for April 27, 2008 How Nice Guys Become Assholes Category: Life This is that fastest way to make a nice guy become an asshole. Sit there and play mind games with him. Tell him that you have feelings for him. flirt with him and then turn around and go running back to your ex when it is aparent to start dating him. Most women ask me where are all the nice guys at. Well right here is one. But I need to warn you of a few things first. One don't play your mind games with me. First reason for this is that i am tired to the BULLSHIT that comes with it. If you like me tell me. don't go beeting around the bush until you get what you wanted from me . Second thing I hate is when people start off doing things and don't finish. women you do not know how much it hurts men when you don't finish what you start.I have a high tolerance for pain but damn, that really hurts. if you start finish third thing I hate is when my friends get stuck as the middle man. If there is so
How Not To Give A Hand Job
How Old Am I
Comments made in the year 1955! That's only 52 years ago! 'I'll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way they are, it's going to be impossible to buy a week's groceries for $20.00.' 'Have you seen the new cars coming out next year? It won't be long before $2, 000.00 will only buy a used one.' 'If cigarettes keep going up in price, I'm going to quit. A quarter a pack is ridiculous. 'Did you hear the post office is thinking about charging a dime just to mail a letter?' 'If they raise the minimum wage to $1.00, nobody will be able to hire outside help at the store.' 'When I first started driving, who would have thought gas would someday cost 29 cents a gallon. Guess we'd be better off leaving the car in the garage.' 'Kids today are impossible. Those duck tail hair cuts make it impossible to stay groomed. Next thing you know, boys will be wearing their hair as long as the girls.' 'I'm afraid to send my kids to the movies any more. Ever since they let
How Offten Do You Want Sex
How Often Do You
Just wondering how often some of you check back in here to my page... once a day? more? less? when you see things added/changed? while i'm on that topic... should i try to get things together to get more up at once ... or should i just do what i do now and just post things randomly? i don't know i'm in a curious mood :p ~~Sin
How Old Were You The First Time You?
How Old Were You 1. When you first fell in love – 17 2. Got a myspace account - 37 3. Got drunk - - 16 4. Smoked weed - 15 5. Got french kissed - 17 6. Went to the hospital for surgery - 23 7. Got your heart broken badly - last year 8. Lost a pet -7 that I can remember 9. Got arrested - never 10. Smoked a Cigarette - 15 11. Broken a bone - 14 12. Went to a concert - 19 13. Got your own cell phone - 36 14. Got a speeding ticket - Never 15. Ran away -never 16. Snuck out of the house -never 17. Pierced other than your ears - None. 18. Got a tattoo - last year 19. Bought porn - Never 22. Totaled a car - I never did it, I was 28 23. Moved out of your parents house -18 25. How old are you now? - 39 26. Had a kid - 18 27. Lost your virginity - 17
How Old Is Grandpa
> > How old is Grandpa??? > > > > > > Something to ponder, as we head towards the future > > > > > > > > How old is Grandpa??? > > > > Stay with this -- the answer is at the end. It will blow you away. > > > > One evening a grandson was talking to his grandfather about current > > events. > > The grandson asked his grandfather what he thought about the shootings at > > schools, the computer age, and just things in general. > > > > The Grandfather replied, 'Well, let me think a minute, I was born before: > > > > ' television > > > > ' penicillin > > > > ' polio shots > > > > ' frozen foods > > > > ' Xerox > > > > ' contact lenses > > > > ' Frisbees and > > > > ' the pill > > > > There w ere no: > > > > ' credit cards > > > > ' laser beams or > > > > ' ball-point pens > > > > Man had not invented: > > > > ' pantyhose > > > > ' air conditioners > > > > ' dishwashers > > > > ' clothes dryers > > > > ' and the clothes were hung out to dry
How Old Should A Kid Be For A Cell Phone?
How Old Is Grandpa??
How Obama Is Making Gas Prices Higher
Yesterday, for the first time since September 2008, the price of a barrel of crude oil topped $100 on the New York Mercantile Exchange. But while the recent unrest in the Middle East has had some marginal effect on rising prices, the most significant factor has been increased oil demand worldwide. That is why, long before the recent protests even began, analysts were predicting $4 a gallon by this summer and $5 a gallon by 2012. Anyone could have predicted that the recovering world economy, coupled with the continued growth of India and China, was going to push oil prices higher. So if an Administration wanted to keep gas prices down, they could have mitigated increased oil demand by increasing domestic oil production. But that is not what the Obama Administration has done. Instead of increasing domestic oil supplies, the Obama Administration has cut them at every opportunity, and Americans are now suffering because of those choices.Back in February, when the protests in Egypt were fir
How Pure Is Your Kiss!
LEAVE YOUR RESULTS HERE! Your Kissing Purity Score: 57% Pure For you, kissing isn't a casual thing Lip to lip action makes your heart sing Kissing Purity Test
How People See Me
People Envy Your Compassion You have a kind heart and an unusual empathy for all living creatures. You tend to absorb others' happiness and pain. People envy your compassion, and more importantly, the connections it helps you build. And compassionate as you are, you feel for them. What Do People Envy About You?
How Pure R U??
You Are 20% Pure You've either done it, thought about it, or at least heard about it. Luckily, there's a few things left for you to try! How Pure Are You?
How Pure Am I
You Are 16% Pure You've been a very bad girl or boy... And you probably enjoyed every minute of it. How Pure Are You?
How Pure Are You
You Are 16% Pure You've been a very bad girl or boy... And you probably enjoyed every minute of it. How Pure Are You?
How Pure
Congratulations, according to our experts, you are : 32% PureTake the Purity Test at
How People See Me
Tony sees me as a beautiful Angel Jack sees me as a sexy Princess Bear sees me as a survivor Paul sees me as natural beauty Everyone else sees me as a heart with something sweet inside I love each and every one of you!
How 2 Piss Off A Cop!!!
1) When you get pulled over, say "What's wrong, officer, there's no blood in my alcohol?" 2) When he asks why you were speeding, tell him you wanted to race. 3) When he talks to you, pretend you are deaf. 4) If he asks if you knew how fast you were going, say no, my speedometer doesn't go that high. 5) Touch him. 6) When he asks why you were speeding, tell him you had to buy a hat. 7) Ask him where he bought his cool hat. 8) Refer to him by his first name. 9) Pretend you are gay and ask him out. 10) When he says no, cry. 11) If he says yes, accuse him of sexual harassment. 12) If the cop is a woman, tell her how ugly she is, but in a nice way. 13) If he asks you to step out of the car, automatically throw yourself on the hood. 14) When he asks you to spread them, tell him you don't go that way. 15) When he puts handcuffs on, say "Usually my dates buy me dinner first" 16) Ask to be fingerprinted with candy, cause you don't like
How Pure Are You
You Are 41% Pure You're not so innocent... in fact, you're quite unpure. You have seen and experienced a lot. And you're no worse for the wear!The 100 Question Purity Test
How People Treat Others
well i am back this time i think i am goin to lay everything left on the line frankly dont care if it hurts any ones feelings.i have been coming to fubar after being invited by a real friend. well i have been hit on n told this n that bout from every one i know. i dont care how people feel at this time, but when you come up and try to play games with me like this one girl. i try to be a friend n tell her what to expect from fubar n how people specially guys are. bascialyl tells me to go fuck off but later she coming back saying im so sorry you was right. well make me giggle i tell u this you want attention one these days u goint o get more than u bargin for. when some one tries to be a true friend what u do basically say oh i know this bout this guy or know that bout him but when that guy hurts you. ive ALWAYS truied to be here n you always saying oh your a good person n friend but still you keep thinking im blind and shit u act like im not around. when i am around most the so called f
How Pot Became Demonized
A history of the battle between politics and science over the use of marijuana as a medicine. The following is an excerpt from "Dying to Get High" by Wendy Chapkis and Richard J. Webb (NYU Press, 2008). (c) 2008 NYU Press. For many modern critics, the concept of "medical marijuana" is a contradiction in terms. Medicine is standardized, synthetic, and pure; marijuana involves the unrefined and promiscuous coupling of more than four hundred components rooted in the dirt. Medicine -- in its most powerful and privileged forms -- rests in the hands of men, while the most potent form of marijuana is found in the female flowering plant. Medicine engages in heroic battles against death. Marijuana claims only to enhance the quality of life. Medicine presents itself as an objective science safeguarded by the ritual of the double-blind, randomized clinical trial. The therapeutic value of marijuana relies largely on the "soft science" of subjective experience and anecdotal evidence. From
"how Quickly Life Is Passing Us By"
My Brothers Best friend Stacey was killed 2 nights ago. She was only 21 years of age. A beautiful girl who i only met a few times, but each time i would see her, it was like a breath of fresh as she would walk in the room... see below for pictures and a report in the news. From this point on, i will think twice before complaining about the " pathetic little dramas" that happen in my life and all of the stuff that i shouldn't take for granted and appreciate alot more than i do. I will put my every effort into making my Boyfriend Nate from Fubar - My real life boyfriend and so much more than that. Appreciate the good times, love, laugh and be happy... because we dont know when our time is up or the loved ones around us. Seek and strive for what you want out of life, so there is no time wasted. Nate - we will be together soon :) I love you so much..... :) Fun-loving Stacey's last party: STACEY WRIGHT was finishing her shift at the Unity Hall Hotel in Balma
How Rubbish Am I
You are 45% fuckable! Take this quiz at
How Risque Is Too Risque
Answers? well? Well, how far is going too far?
How Romantic R U?
HOW ROMANTIC ARE YOU? GET A PIECE OF PAPER AND NUMBER IT 1-11 (NO CHEATING) SEE YOUR RESULTS AT THE END OF THE TEST. WHEN YOU SEND IT ON PUT YOUR SCORE IN THE SUBJECT BAR. 1. WHAT SHADE OF HAIR DO YOU HAVE? a) Dark. b) Light 2. OUT ON A DATE WOULD YOU WANT TO: a) Go to a party?. b) Go out to eat? 3. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR OUT OF: a) Baby-Pink b) Yellow c) Baby-Blue. d) Turquoise 4. PICK YOUR FAVOURITE HOBBY OUT OF: a) Surfing b) Skate-Boarding. c) Skiing 5. IF YOU COULD PICK A STORE OUT OF THE FOLLOWING, WHICH WOULD IT BE? a) Louis Vuitton b) coach. c) against all odds 6. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE OUT OF THE FOLLOWING? a) Hawaii. b) London c) FLorida 7. IN THE SUMMER WOULD YOU RATHER GO TO: a) The Beach?. b) Somewhere Cooler? 8. WHAT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH? a) January b) February c) March. d) April e) May f) June g) July h) August i) September j) October k) November l) December 9. WOULD YOU RATHER: a) Chil
How Random Can I Get ?
As I stand my knees go weak as you kiss me until my nerve endings are on fire, I want to drown in the way you surround me as you take my clothes off me kissing as you go, you then lay me down on the bed. Your hands run unchecked all over my body, learning every curve and hollow. You start kissing my neck and work slowly down my chest , going to each side to leave kisses on each of my breasts. Your tounge darting to each peak, teasing me until I can't stand it. I arch my back trying to get closer to you, but you keep moving further away. Your breath is hot on my skin, goosebumps cover my bare skin as you get closer to it. Your hands slide down my sides, working down to my knees as you slide to the inside of my thighs. They move closer to my center, but not quite touching yet. You start kissing down my stomach, working closer to where your hands are, my back arches high and my knees part hoping to feel you touch me. You move to place your body between my legs and run
How Real Are You?
You Are 73% Real You know who you are, and you're pretty darn comfortable with yourself. Like everyone, you struggle with the parts of yourself that aren't so great... But you're good at accepting who you are and not dwelling on your faults. As a result, you're confident, optimistic, and very real. How Real Are You?
How Ridiculous And "over-the-top" Has Society Become?
Rules for the phone. How ALL business phones SHOULD be answered! GOOD MORNING, WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . Press "1" for English. Press "2" to disconnect until you learn to speak English And remember only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom. SCHOOL -1957 vs. 2007 Scenario: Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack. 1957 - Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack's shotgun, goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack. 2007 - School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers. Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school. 1957 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up buddies. 2007 - Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Joh
How Romantic Are You? My Results
Quiz Result Yes, you are a hopeless romantic. You need a lot of of emotions and warmth. Daydreams and fantasies intrigue you and mesmerize you. You focus on your fantasies as they provide a way out of the ordinary. You are a dreamy person who is very prone to infatuation.
How R U Doing Today
How R U
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphicsseeing how you are doing Sexy Comments & Profile Graphicsthanks a lot I will return the favor:) When the Bud of the crop begins to Bloom it makes the Bud Weiser.....
How Retarded Are You.
How Rude People Are
I met a guy last night we hit it off and he tells me last night that he wants to talk to me today. I try to talk to him all day and when I finally do he is fuckin rude and blocks me. He tells me that its 300am and people are trying to sleep. Well if he was why be online? He blames me or not contacting him earlier when I did try to do that. Love the names he came up for me, hmm lets see asshole. Try to get a new word you fucktard! Here is the conversation that happend a bit ago. Names have been deleted to protect me! umm hello (8/23/2008 12:24:29 AM): excuse me it is after 3am here eastern and some are asleep (8/23/2008 12:24:45 AM): sorry talk to you later then (8/23/2008 12:26:35 AM): love the mood change from last night oh well (8/23/2008 12:26:45 AM): excuse your as (8/23/2008 12:26:47 AM): ass (8/23/2008 12:26:54 AM): it is fucking what time again (8/23/2008 12:27:12 AM): almost 0330 (8/23/2008 12:27:16 AM): um wow you turned out to be rude (8/23/2008 12:27:30
How Rare It Is To Find Someone Like You?
How many times in life do you find someone that is just like you in life?Have you ever let someone go that is just like you? I ask myself this all the time.It is very rare to find someone like you ,dont everyone want another half thats just like themselves? I know i do i rather have someone that has the same interests that i have in life or even in my dreams.But i do believe in sometimes things arent meant to be . I hear what could of happend if we stayed together what would the future bring us ?It aint bring us nothin in the past nor the future you keep on coming in and out of my life for 8 years its getting old all i can do is move forward and keep you in my past i cant do this anymore theres a reason why we keep on loseing touch ..i wanna keep it that way .I know we have so much in common we both are in love with hip hop we think alike but can can never get along anymore and you always put the blame on me when it isnt me but its all good tho ...all i can do now is move forward ill
Like horses? come join me in Howrse where you can raise and breed your own horses.
"how Sucky Was Your Day?"
My day has been pretty sucky! I had to take the Bus today cause my other mode was not working. I also got hit by some fool getting in to the parking lot. He just kept saying. How can I hit you. You were 20 feet away!. No he was so much closer! He was such a Git! Errr! Gerrrr! The Bus was late.. Man, I hate the city Bus! Out here in Arizona. It cost 1.25 to get on and then get a transfer that lasts 1 hour. So, by the end of the day. You pay up to 3 Bucks! So, You can br late and sticky hot! So, Anyone else out there have a bad day? Post: Put your gripe here->
How Sexy Do I Feel
Mmmm Today i have woken after a wonderful nights sleep..And wonderful dreams, The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day . Ive woken with such a new out look on life .. Ive decided that im not that bad a looking woman , a bit curvy in places . But all the better to hold.. And i enjoy life to the full..So instead of looking for love , im going to wait for it to find me .. And enjoy what i have at the moment... x everytime i come on here , it always makes me horny, im not sure why , But i always do . think cos ive made some hot friends on here ... I love you all thankyou very much for making me feel welcome. I have been working realy hard at the moment.. To get the look i want. And eventually im getting there.. I have a perfect 38 c bust .And i size fourteen waist. with a tight bum.. Watch my photos .. I will be posting new ones eventually xx
Hows It Goin??
On halloween night I got into a really bad car wreck. We flipped the car 1 1/2 times. We had to go to the hospital and get some x-rays done. We both are ok, but we are really really sore right now. My neck and my knee are killing me. They gave me some pain killers for it but it seems like their not doing anything at all for me. The insurance company called. The girl I was riding with has full coverage so all my bills are taking care of and I also will be getting up to $1000.00 for pain and suffering. That is fucking awesome. But I'm going to wrap this on up. TTYGL Sarah How is everyone doin??? I am new to lost cherry... Yes I am still addicted to myspace... I think you should know alittle bit about me... My name is sarah and i have a 2yr old little girl... I am also in the middle of a divorce... I like to party in my free time and hang out with my friends and just get down and crazy... I love to listen to Rock music nothing else I absoultly HATE hip hop and rap and all that s
How Sexual Are You (haha This Is Funny..and I Dunno If It Is True :p)
You scored as A Sicko. You are a SICK FUCK!! You would do almost anything to get off. You know how to be wild, try new stuff and let loose and be crazy. You are at the top of the Horny/Sexual ladder, a very coveted paosition by many. People call you Sick, but those are the ones that think it but don't have the balls to do it. You will be an exploding sex partner, if they can handle it.... Rock On.A Sicko80%Very Kinky60%Average60%A WUSS !!50%How sexual are youcreated with
How Sexy Am I?
I find it humorous how many men and women think they the chit but when it comes to other things like cooking, cleaning, having a real job, car or real friends they ain't got shyt. I love to meet new people and enjoy being a flirt, but if you say i'm this or that, positive or negitive, that is your perception of me but it don't make me a better or worst person. I seen the trap of online groups and peers that people thrive off of ratins, compliments and acceptance of their peers. If they didn't get it they would feel rejcted. I enjoy the internet and i pay 60 bux a month for entertainment. If you get stress for trying to be in the 'in' crowd, do yaself a favor and keep you 60 bux a month and delete ya internet account. It's not worth it. What you think? When It Comes To the Act Of Fellatio/Cunnilingus; 1. Do you enjoy giving it to your partner? 2. Why? 3. I’m sure we all enjoy receiving it, but what specifically about it makes it so good? 4. Have yo
How's Your Karma?
You Have Good Karma In general, you like to do the right thing when it comes to others. Your caring personality really shines through. Sure, you have your moments of weakness - and occasionally act out. But, all in all, you're karma is good... even with those few dark spots. How's Your Karma?
How Sexual Are You, Do The Test
You scored as Very Kinky. You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky70%A Sicko40%Average30%A WUSS !!0%How sexual are youcreated with
How 2 Shower
> > HOW TO SHOWER LIKE A WOMAN : > > Take off clothing and place it in sectioned laundry hamper according to > lights and darks. > Walk to bathroom wearing long dressing gown. If you see husband along the > way, cover up any exposed areas. > Look at your womanly physique in the mirror -- make mental note to do more > sit-ups/leg-lifts, etc > Get in the shower. Use face cloth, arm cloth, leg cloth, long loofah, wide > loofah and pumice stone > Wash your hair once with cucumber and sage shampoo with 43 added vitamins. > Wash your hair again to make sure it's clean. > Condition your hair with grapefruit mint conditioner enhanced. > Wash your face with crushed apricot facial scrub for 10 minutes until red. > Wash entire rest of body with ginger nut and jaffa cake body wash. Rinse > conditioner off hair. > Shave armpits and legs. > Turn off shower. > Squeegee off all wet surfaces in shower. > Spray mold spots with Tilex. > Get out of shower. > Dry
How's Everyone Doing?
hope everyone is doing good tonight
How Sexy Is Ur Name?
How Selfish Am I
How Sexy Are You?
You are sexy. You instantly attract. You find it extremely easy to seduce someone as all it takes is a look in their direction. 'What is your seduction style?' at THESE ARE FUN!! BUT I'M LMAO ON THIS ONE!! Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at MMMMMMMMMMM.......
How Sad
How Sad is it when a boyfriend comes along and warns you off about leaving comments on his girlfriends space, then comes back and deletes the comment so nobody else can see it. Makes you wonder if its all worth it
How Smart Am I? How Smart Are You?
Ok now come on, you can see what your's is! Go ahead, I dare you! LOL! Comments?
How Sex Starts
Gwen Stefani Wind It Up This is pretty funny! ...a smile leads to a laugh ...a laugh leads to a high 5 ...a high 5 leads to a hug ...a hug leads to a kiss ...a kiss leads 2 makeout ...a makeout leads 2 finger ...a finger leads to a hand ...a hand leads to a lick ...a lick leads to a suck ...a suck leads 2 a fuck. ...So tell me how many people are you gonna smile at after you heard this cuz sex is like math. ...u add the bed ...subtract the clothes ...divide the legs ...leave your solution ...and pray you dont multiply! post this right after u read it, something good will happen at 2:25 tomorrow. Get ready for the biggest shock in your life!! Whoever breaks this chain will be cursed w/ relationship problems 4-10 years. If you post this in 15 mins, your safe. Something good will happen tonight at 1:11a.m. REPOST THIS WITH THE TITLE AS "How
How Smart R U
How's Your Attitude?
Your Attitude is Better than 35% of the Population You have an average attitude. You take the good and bad in life as they come. Though sometimes you could use a little more good.How's Your Attitude?
How Sexual Are You
How's It Gonna Be?
It started with an invitation, will you be my friend? the more we talked, the more the walls caved , I somehow let you in, We talked away the hours, we laughed,we joked, we cryed, we shared our heart felt feelings, I told you things that no one knew, with every word we spoke, my love grew for you, now we have our problems, we argue more then we should, I wish things could be diffrent, I would change this if I could, Do use both one favor, before you just walk away, and search your heart, ask your self, HOWS IT GONNA BE? How's It Going To Be ( Third Eye Blind ) by
How's Your Karma?
You Have Fantastic Karma You are a kind, sensitive, and giving person. And all your good deeds will pay off - if they haven't already. But you're not so concerned with what you get in return anyway. You have an innate caring nature - and nothing can change that! How's Your Karma?
How Smart Are You Really
Okay test yor might,here is a riddle,don't bother trying to look it up because it's an original."I move about continually,yet no legs I posess.I have no means nor will to go,but I travel nonetheless.In medium I am finite,yet conceptually without end.Possessing power to make war,or peaceful word to send.In my head I hold no thought,yet my council men do seek.By my gift I blind the wisest eye and tie the tounge of speech".
Hows It Going Everyone
Hows it going, fans of the show Family Guy might get a kick out of this picture. Take it easy everyone. Hows it going everyone, I have just joined cherrytap and so I am new and checking things out here. It certainly does look different, and looks like it has some cool features. Anyways a bit about me, I am in the Toronto Canada area with long brown hair and eyes and stand at 5'10 with a slim build. I have been told that I have a good sense of humour and I like to watch a good movie and I mostly listen to classic rock and some metal. I'm just out here to chat and make a few friends along the way. I have posted some good blogs on Yahoo 360 (thats what I have been told anyways lol) and I will be posting some of them here. If you have a good sense of humour, then you will like some of them. So welcome to my page,a nd if you want to chat sometime, drop me a line. Take it easy.
How Sex Starts
How sex starts.... a smile leads to a laugh ...a laugh leads to a high 5 ...a high 5 leads to a hug ...a hug leads to a kiss ...a kiss leads 2 a makeout ...makeout leads to a feel up ...a feel up leads 2 a finger ...a finger leads to a hand ...a hand leads to a lick ...a lick leads to a suck ...a suck leads 2 a fuck. ...So tell me how many people are you gonna smile at after you heard this cuz sex is like math. ...u add the bed ..subtract the clothes ...divide the legs ...leave your solution ...and pray you dont multiply
How Sexy Are You??
a new contest i entered just opened today go comment and rate my pic!!! just click the pic and go nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > > > > Take this survey and find out. I had what I did amusing last night, I was walking down the street minding my own business then all of a sudden some dumbass came up to me (obviously drunk or on something) and said "I'm mad, gimme money" I told him no, so he repeats himself ordering me to give him money. (i hardly carry cash on my so i didn't have any money on me) Standing my ground I told him no again, then he holds his cigarette lighter up at me and told me if i din't then he was going to brun my hair, again I told him no...then he just shouts "GET OUT OF HERE!!!" and telling me to leave town (WTF??? lol). At the same time he was yelling at me, he flung his arm in the air pointing in a direction, I flinched because at that second I thought he was going to try and take a swing at me, so I just got
How Stupid Can People Be
How Sexy Are You
You Are 98% Sexy Your Sex Appeal Is: Off the Charts! Let's face it... you're one of the sexiest people around. And you don't let anyone forget it. You're crazy hot, and you deliver on what you promise. You are definitely one wild ride. How Much Sex Appeal Do You Have?
How Sweet
6 signs you're falling 4 someone: 1 - as soon as you get online-who's name do you look at first 2 - when you hear your phone ringing-who do u hope is calling 3 - when a love song comes on the radio-whos face comes to your mind 4 - whos name makes your heart skip a beat every time u hear it 5 - who is it that you always find yourself thinking about-wondering if they're thinking about you 6 - the whole time you were reading this bulletin, there was only one person on your mind.....
How Sad
My hubby wrote the top part please read HOW SAD We tryed to make up and get the family back togeather but some asshole had to get involved again and open his shit hole and start again so were done with My SISTER and her peace of crap HUSBAND for good there loss once again.........this is what MY SISTERS husband wrote after trying to work things out and we thought all was forgiven on both sides but i guess hes got issues with his man hood HOW SAD all we what is peace!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is what we had till he wrote this...Now we will let it go and them go and we will have peace once again.....moving on as always... This is from his brother in law Alan which is posted on yahoo 360. Entry for June 27, 2007 I really have had it. i have always been pretty quiet about all the bullshit but those days are long gone.I am tired of reading about how certain members of my wife's family's problems are3 because of everyone else.You reap what you sow, if your life is shitty or has been
How Sexual Are You?
You scored as Very Kinky, You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky90% A Sicko60% A WUSS !!10% Average10% How sexual are youcreated with
How's This?
Well, first of all, howdy to all, and thanks for reading the first in what I'm sure will end of being a series of blogs and rants here. Of course, I'm kinda new to this whole CherryTap thing, but I'm getting used to it. All the drama and hype of MySpace, but with the added messages and groups from AOL. Charming..... So, my first one here is, of course, about the drama we find here. Namely, the insecure fuckers that make life hell on the rest of us. I'll give you an example: One of my FORMER friends was a very nice young lady. Good looking, good head on her shoulders, common sense, grounded, but playful. A very cool lady to talk with. But she had one problem....her boyfriend. He became VERY insecure and possessive. It wasn't long before all pictures of her by herself were deleted, only to be replaced by photos of the two of them kissing, cuddling, etc etc. Gone were her messages of love and friendship to her other friends. Instead, we ALL got bombarded with messages of
How Stupid People Can Be!
Hungman101: i love the perfect quality in ur pics wow lol ->Hungman101: thanks! Hungman101: u have to be a model wow... Hungman101: oh gah ur soo hot obviously none of the pictures ive posted have been me. dee dee dee!
How Sexy Are You?
You're OK-----teddy bear You're CUTE----red rose I'd Do Ya!!----any spicy gift You're SEXY----dozen roses Let's Be Friends----kitten We can party----any liquid refreshment Wanna get Married??---any big pimpin' gift
How Should They Be Punished!
How Sex Starts
...a smile leads to a laugh ...a laugh leads to a high 5 ...a high 5 leads to a hug ...a hug leads to a kiss ...a kiss leads 2 a makeout ...makeout leads to a feel up ...a feel up leads 2 a finger ...a finger leads to a hand ...a hand leads to a lick ...a lick leads to a suck ...a suck leads 2 a fuck. ...So tell me how many people are you gonna smile at after you heard this cuz sex is like math. ...u add the bed ..subtract the clothes ...divide the legs ...leave your solution ...and pray you dont multiply post this right after u read it, something good will happen at 2:25 tomorrow. Get ready for the biggest shock in your life!! Whoever breaks this chain will be cursed with relationship problems 4-10 years. If you post this in 15 mins, your safe. Something good will happen tonight at 11:11
How Sex Startes
How sex start this is funny and the math is soo right... ..a smile leads to a laugh ...a laugh leads to a high 5 ...a high 5 leads to a hug ...a hug leads to a kiss ...a kiss leads 2 a makeout ...makeout leads to a feel up ...a feel up leads 2 a finger ...a finger leads to a hand ...a hand leads to a lick ...a lick leads to a suck ...a suck leads 2 a *uck. ...So tell me how many people are you gonna smile at after you heard this cuz sex is like math. ...u add the bed ..subtract the clothes ...divide the legs ...leave your solution ...and pray you dont multiply
How Simple Words Can Change Someone's Life!
This is a lil bit long but its what us military service member go through in the daily military world. Friday Sept 19, 2008 I forgot to turn in a key for a (Conex) after it was locked up. I wasn't the person that got the keys from a key box nor I was the person that locked the Conex. But while I was on a smoke break out of the work area a co-worker gave me the keys to hold it for a second, I had totally forgot that I had put the keys into my right cargo pocket(the pocket that i never use). Next thing you know I recived a phone call from work on the next morning at 8:01am or should I say in military time 0801hours. I had stopped drinking at 4am, so basicly I was still drunk. A co-workers had asked about the keys so I told him that I was still drunk but I'll check my uniform. Next thing you know with my eyes crossed a said, Holly Snaps, I do have the keys! Few mins later someone knocked on my door to get the keys. After that, back to bed. Today I had to wake up early, (yeah on a
How So You Set Up A Background
can anyone give me some help on how to level up. ive been a nu-fu for about five months now and i dont kow what else to do. help the title says it all how does that happen
How Should I Know
So, cheese. We all eat it. Unless we're lactose intolerant or can't eat dairy products, or just don't like it. But those of us who eat it tend to eat it, if you see what I'm saying. Yes, there is a point, and I'll get to it eventually. When you buy cheese, it is, of course, cheese. It looks like cheese. It tastes like cheese. It has nothing but cheese in it, in effect, because it is... yes. Cheese. So why in the name of King Eric* is it that when we buy meat, it's not necessarily all meat? I went to the delicatessen earlier at the supermarket. I bought two hundred grams of turkey. Now, buying two hundred grams of turkey, one may naturally assume that one is getting what? Yes. Turkey. However, upon inspection of the label, I notice something: "98% turkey" Ninety-eight percent? What the hell is the other two percent? Why doesn't it tell me? Should I eat it without knowing? As it happened, I was too hungry to actually care at the time, so I cut up my crusty roll
How Stupid Are You?????????
How Sex Starts
...a smile leads to a laugh --X. ...a laugh leads to a high 5 ...a high 5 leads to a hug ...a hug leads to a kiss ...a kiss leads 2 makeout ...a makeout leads 2 finger ...a finger leads to a hand ...a hand leads to a lick ...a lick leads to a suck ...a suck leads 2 a fuck. ...So tell me how many people are you gonna smile at after you heard this cuz sex is like math. ...u add the bed ..subtract the clothes ...divide the legs ...leave your solution ...and pray you dont multiply Get ready for the biggest shock in your life!!
How Sexy Are You? Try It, Its Fun
How Slutty Are You
I thought this was fun. I look forward to getting your responses. If all of the desserts listed below were sitting in front of you, which would you choose. (you can only pick one!) Trust me...this is reputed to be very accurate. Pick your dessert, then look to see what psychiatrists think about you. After taking this dessert personality test, Leave a Comment as to what you are, and then post this in you blog or stash.. It will be great seeing how other people are. Here are your choices: 1. Angel Food Cake 2. Brownies 3. Lemon Meringue 4. Vanilla cake with Chocolate Icing 5. Strawberry Short Cake 6. Chocolate on Chocolate 7. Ice Cream 8. Carrot Cake No, you can't change your mind once you scroll down, so think carefully what your choice will be .... OK - Now that you've made your choice this is what research says about you... 1. ANGEL FOOD CAKE -- Sweet, loving, cuddly. You love all warm and fuzzy items. A little nutty at times.
How Slutty Are You?
I am 89% Slutty!!More Fun Quizzes at
How Smart Is Your Right Foot?
A Friend.... (A)ccepts you as you are (B)elieves in "you" (C)alls you just to say "HI" (D)oesn't give up on you (E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts) (F)orgives your mistakes (G)ives unconditionally (H)elps you (I)nvites you over (J)ust "be" with you (K)eeps you close at heart (L)oves you for who you are (M)akes a difference in your life (N)ever Judges (O)ffers support (P)icks you up (Q)uiets your fears (R)aises your spirits (S)ays nice things about you (T)ells you the truth when you need to hear it (U)nderstands you (V)alues you (W)alks beside you (X)-plain things you don't understand (Y)ells when you won't listen and (Z)aps you back to reality Compatibility of Leo the sign of the Zodiac Leo are born between July 23rd and August 23rd Leo and Scorpio love compatibility There will be an instant mutual sexual attraction, equal in force between them. But Leo finds it hard to cope with Scorpio's jealousy and possessiveness. Intense, s
How Shjould I Say...
I love you with a permanence That endures the passing years. I love you with a joyfulness That subdues all doubts and fears. I love you with an honesty That was born within my heart. I love you with the calm belief That we will never part. I love you with a confidence No earthly force can sever. I love you with the certainty That I’ll cherish you forever. I love you with the humbleness Of one who has been blessed. I love you with the reverence Of all that word suggests. I love you with a fervor That time cannot reverse. I love you with the truest love That I have put to verse.
How Sexy Is Your Name?
Your Name Is Too Too Sexy! :) Your name scored 316 in the "How Sexy Is Your Name Test" How Sexy Is Your Name?
How Slutty R U
Just wanted you all to know if you dont see me around much its not that I dont want to be.....I am getting ready to start a new job at the end of the month.....trying to get ready for training will be 12 hour day shifts....and once that is over I will be working 12 hour night shifts....and my part time job will be starting at the same time so on my days off from the new job i will be working my part time job.....leave me messages and lots of love....i will be checking every few days.....i will get back to you.....MUAH
How Sweet
Your Heart is your Love, Your love is your Family , Your family is your Future , Your future is your Destiny , Your destiny is your Ambition, Your ambition is your Aspiration , Your aspiration is your Motivation , Your motivation is your Belief , Your belief is your Peace , Your peace is your Target , Your target is Heaven, Heaven is no fun without FRIENDS It's ' World Best Friends Week' THE FIREMAN In Phoenix, Arizona, a 26-year-old mother stared Down at her 6 year old son, who was dying of Terminal leukemia. Although her heart was filled With sadness, she also had a strong feeling of Determination. Like any parent, she wanted her Son to grow up and fulfill all his dreams. Now That was no longer possible.. The leukemia would see to that. But she still Wanted her son's dreams to come true. She took Her son's hand and asked, "Billy, did you ever Think about what you wanted to be once you grew Up? Did
How Sexy Are You?
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How Sexy Am I?
Take the Superhero Quiz at!Make Your Own Quiz You are Wolverine! You possess animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, and a healing factor that allows you to recover from virtually any wound. You are also a master of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts. Take the Sexy Quiz at!Make Your Own Quiz Raunchy Sexy You are full on sexy! If you were a dinosaur, you'd be a sexasaurus. Men can find it hard to compete with your one-track raunchiness. Just remember, you don't need to be a rip-roaring sex goddess 24/7 to be a turn-on. Sometimes, there's nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable just being herself.
How Sex Starts
HOW SEX STARTS Read it all no CHEATING! ...a smile leads to a laugh ...a laugh leads to a high 5 ...a high 5 leads to a hug ...a hug leads to a kiss ...a kiss leads 2 a makeout ...makeout leads to a feel up ...a feel up leads 2 a finger ...a finger leads to a hand ...a hand leads to a lick ...a lick leads to a suck ...a suck leads 2 a f*ck. ...So tell me how many people are you gonna smile at after you heard this cuz sex is like math. ...u add the bed ...subtract the clothes ...divide the legs ...leave your solution ...and pray you dont multiply
How Should I Tell Her
Do u remember that time I came to your house for the very first time And although we weren’t alone Our eyes couldn’t help but glance And take a chance both turn away, blushing Hoping no one saw that shine in our eyes revealing a secret we shouldn’t hide now I hardly see you only a moment at a time but we can say a lot in 15 minutes and the world seems to stop when we’re together hearts intertwined I’m in you like your in me and like a rose in the desert or a dove in a storm I can’t last very long If I cant see your smile For 15 minutes more… I want to be in your life something more than an instant more than a shadow or a whisper in the breeze. I want to be an unforgettable mark, a constant reminder and only a truth. You blink away the tears fearing that you will be abandonded, I want to be the cause of your heartskip when you say my name in your prayers. A desire of a kiss and a full embrace but not the heat of lust and sexuality. I want to be in y
How Stupid Are People
How's That Working Out For You?
Have you ever, really, truly seriously watched paint dry? I'm doing it right now. It is very, horrifically, mind numbingly boring. Also, I am watching caulk dry. I can't paint the other wall until the caulk is dry. So now I'm watching caulk dry, so I can paint, to then watch the paint dry. It's funny to ask for caulk at the store. I think the dude made me repeat it on purpose. He thought he was being clever. Tsk, tsk that guy. So I said it again, very loudly. "I'm looking for CAULK. DO you guys have CAULK? I need some CAULK real bad." (side note: it's funnier if you start out with a British accent, but funny nonetheless) I thought it was pretty damn funny at that point, and he was getting a little red in the face, so I decided to throw one more thing in the funny pot by yelling, "RODS!! I also need LONG RODS?? Tension RODS!?! STRONG, LONG RODS!?!?!???!?!?" All this while gesturing large measures of space with my arms. He just said "Aisle 4 and 5" and scu
How Shadow Levelers Operate
To keep everyone on the same page Im adding this blog so everyone knows how we operate. We don't have many rules so thats how it keeps things simple. 1.The biggest rule...NO DRAMA..If you have a problem with something or someone come too me and let me know. 2. Help on Level ups when you are available. We all have real lives off of Fubar and can't be here for everything. But if you are here and can help please do so. 3. And our last rule.. But out of respect to all levelers..That each are Fanned, Rated and added. No blocks on levelers. If there is a reason you have a leveler blocked please advise me as too why. 4. All Shadow Levelers are required too have it in there name on there profile. Its not required in the profile link and if you need help on that please let me know and ill help you. This is due too some decide they no longer want too be a leveler but forget too tell us. 5. We have found that it is easier too do a level up when someone is online so unless they
How Smart Are You?????
Hey guys, how smart are we? What it took to get an 8th grade education in 1895... Remember when grandparents and great-grandparents stated that they only had an 8th grade education? Well, check this out. Could any of us have passed the 8th grade in 1895? This is the eighth-grade final exam from 1895 in Salina , Kansas , USA It was taken from the original document on file at the Smokey Valley Genealogical Society and Library in Salina , and reprinted by the Salina Journal. 8th Grade Final Exam: Salina, KS - 1895 Grammar (Time, one hour) 1. Give nine rules for the use of capital letters. 2. Name the parts of speech and define those that have no modifications. 3. Define verse, stanza and paragraph 4. What are the principal parts of a verb? Give principal parts of 'lie,''play,' and 'run.' 5. Define case; illustrate each case. 6 What is punctuation? Give rules for principal marks of punctuation. 7 - 10. Write a composition of a
How Sex Is Started Lol!
How Sex Starts This is funny .. . smile leads to a laugh ...a laugh leads to a high 5 ...a high 5 leads to a hug ...a hug leads to a kiss ...a kiss leads 2 a makeout ...makeout leads to a feel up ...a feel up leads 2 a finger ...a finger leads to a hand ...a hand leads to a lick ...a lick leads to a suck 8==D ...a suck leads to a fuck ...So tell me how many people are you gonna smile at after you heard this cuz sex is like math. ...u add the bed ..subtract the clothes ...divide the legs ...leave your solution ...and pray you dont multiply
How Should I Feel???
Okay, you say you care about me, yet right under my nose, you are asking other women if you can see their chest, if they will strip for you, if they will "play" games on cam... I want more than just to be some toy for you to play with, then toss to the side when a new one comes along.. I'm good enough when nobody else is around, or to do things with that you don't feel comfortable doing with anyone else... You only consider me a friend, while I thought of you as so much more. Why am I worth so little to you? What have I done so wrong? I've always been there for you to talk to. Always been someone you could count on, tried to show you my love. Only to have it thrown back in my face again and again. You hide what you do, sneaking around in front of my face. You treat me like crap, and expect me to be thankful for what little you give to me... No, I won't settle for that. I won't be played with. I want something more, and if you can't give it, then I will look e
How Should I Feel?
A blog I posted April 26th 2008: How should I feel? Category: Life I got the best compliment of my life yesterday.. I was talking to my lil boy about our Disney trip a few years ago, I told him that I had been looking thru the photo album of the trip and I noticed that he had never once smiled in any of the pictures (and at Disney of all places.. it's suppose to be the best place on earth for a kid.. but this was around the time when me and his father had split up) and I said to him that I wanna see him smiling more.. and I don't want to look back at his pictures and think that he had a miserable childhood... and without a moments pause he looked at me and said. "Mom my childhood is miserable without you!" .. I wanted to cry.. it made me so happy to hear him say that but yet so sad.. I don't know how to feel! I love feeling that I impact his heart so much that he doesn't like being away from me.. but I hate that I can't control the fact that he isn't with me. I wish that the cou
How Stupid Some Some Guys Be
read from bottom to top....he even blocked me now after all stupid Da Sox: ok drama cunt ->Da Sox: not goin to give it out first thing being asked on here ->Da Sox: sorry if ya dont like that Da Sox: whatever dude ->Da Sox: its just my thing i do i talk to whoever on here a bit then if i think they are cool then i goto messenger Da Sox: and i am not here for auditions, games, etc... ->Da Sox: i dont give it out right away Da Sox: wt your yahoo messenger name is ->Da Sox: find out what Da Sox: can u find out? Da Sox: not sure ->Da Sox: y they do that Da Sox: what's your yahoo/msn? Da Sox: people have stolen them...I have them on yahoo/msn messenger ->Da Sox: how come no pics on here Da Sox: to chat better...what' syour yahoo? ->Da Sox: ya y Da Sox: u got yahoo or msn messenger? Da Sox: sexy eyes? ->Da Sox: what Da Sox: someone tell u there? Da Sox: question for u ok?
How Sex Starts
How Sexy Is Your Name? Very Sexy!(from 301-599 Points) Your Name Is Very Sexy! Fun Quizzes, Surveys & Blog Quizzes By
How Sexy Is Your Name? Very Sexy!(from 301-599 Points) Your Name Is Very Sexy! Fun Quizzes, Surveys & Blog Quizzes By
How Sexy Is Your Name? Very Sexy!(from 301-599 Points) Your Name Is Very Sexy! Fun Quizzes, Surveys & Blog Quizzes By
How's The Weather ?
As some of you may know I live in the Greater Grand Strand Area (Myrtle Beach SC). I don't have this on my profile because the thought of searching people out by zip code kind of freaks me out. You may also know we are expecting tropical storm Hanna to make landfall close by late tomorrow. I am not particularly worried, but I want to get some thoughts out of my head. Home Our home is a few miles away from the beach, and not very vunerable to high winds, but we woln't take foolish chances. So today after work I went about preparing the ouside. I tied off the swing set, put the kids yard toys in the shed and brought lawn furniture inside (if the winds get high enough, that stuff goes flying). I have plenty of drinking water, batteries and food. I will pick up ice (to pack in my freezer) and fill both bathtubs with water (for flushing toilets and cleaning while the water is turned off) tomorrow after work. Evacuation Our governor has called a voluntery evacuation for the strand.
How Sexxy R U?
Im one dirty sob.. how bout u?
How Selfritightous Are People
I have been on this site since June the 24th of 2008, and I have tried to friend 2,078 fubarians of those only 1,596 have accepted. I have fanned every person who's page I have been on, of those 2,078 people only 636 have returned the favor of fanning me back. Before I decided to delete any one that was not my fan from my friends list I only had 560 that had fanned me back. How self-righteous are these people that they are to good to return the favor of being my fan? I put it in my online status that I was going to delete anyone that was not a fan of mine on 11/25 and I had a few people come into my shout-box and tell me to go ahead and delete them which I gladly obliged by removing my fan of them and then unfriending them as well. Who the hell do these people think they are, they want me to be their fan and be their friend so they can have the points and don't want to return the favor, what is the big deal? Are people so self centered that they actually feel they are to good to be som
How Shadow Levelers Operate
To keep everyone on the same page Im adding this blog so everyone knows how we operate. We don't have many rules so thats how it keeps things simple. 1.The biggest rule...NO DRAMA..If you have a problem with something or someone come too me and let me know. 2. Help on Level ups when you are available. We all have real lives off of Fubar and can't be here for everything. But if you are here and can help please do so. 3. And our last rule.. But out of respect to all levelers..That each are Fanned, Rated and added. No blocks on levelers. If there is a reason you have a leveler blocked please advise me as too why. 4. All Shadow Levelers are required too have it in there name on there profile. Its not required in the profile link and if you need help on that please let me know and ill help you. This is due too some decide they no longer want too be a leveler but forget too tell us. 5. We have found that it is easier too do a level up when someone is online so unless they
How Stupid Are Some People?
I have 3 dogs & I was buying a large bag of Winalot in Tesco and was standing in the queue at the till. A woman behind me asked if I had a dog.On impulse, I told her that no, I was starting The Winalot Diet again, although I probably shouldn't because I'd ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and the way that it works is to load your trouser pockets with Winalot nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry & that the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. I have to mention here that practically everyone in the queue was by now enthralled with my story, particularly a guy who was behind her. Horrified, she asked if I'd ended up in the hospital in that condition because I had been poisoned. I told her no, it was because I'd been sitting in
How Stupid Can Folks Be
How Sweet Is This ??
well ,all of us mummers (well a lot of us ) saw the mumm about why all of us hate dj's (i don't hate all of them, just the ones who post mumms trying to start drama ),well my comments to DJLuscious sparked this shoutbox convo between us which i find absolutely hilarious since she thinks she's so tough and all ♥Dj Lucious♥ @ PURGATORY DANCE P... Buzz Meter: 100% - sh*t faced! Level: Disciple (26) Gender: Female, 34 Location: Fond Du Lac, WI Status: Online (MY AUTOS ARE ON till 12 PM FUTIME) ♥Dj Luciou...: and yet you still think you know me huh FUCK OFF FAG ->♥Dj Luciou...: darlin ,you are just words on a screen lol ♥Dj Luciou...: FAG U ARE BLOCKED ♥Dj Luciou...: I dont care and fuck you ->♥Dj Luciou...: i bet you can't even get your damn leg that high lmfao ->♥Dj Luciou...: bring it big girl ,,!,, i see the pussy deleted his mumm ♥Dj Luciou...: FUCK YOU ILL STOMP YOUR FACE IN WITH MY STEEL TOED BOOT BITCH she
How S Everybody
Hows It Workin Out 4 U All That Hope And Change
How's Your Sex Life
How's Your Sex Life
How Soon Can U Tell Love From Lust!?
Well i just wanted to start a lill blog and i figured i would do a mind teaseing queation that always finds it way into my head. How far, or how long, can to people be together, and relise its not love..... but lust?!
How To Eat Pussy
95% females can't cum from sex UNLESS, they're on top..and they're on top why? so they can stimulate their doin' their lil snake charm grindin' grab on our pelvic bones..which..really does nothin' for the key pussy first..make her cum a few times...numb her up..then hammer away or soft and slow with alot of vaginal teasing with your magic stick to build it all up in the end, however u like...... now once ur in between her legs..don't just fuckin' dive in there like a bum at a thanksgiving charity dinner...take your fuckin'time I know pussy is nearly irresistable...but don't act like it is.. lick her inner thighs, kiss them..kiss around her pussy lips..kiss the lips etc. etc..finally once u've got your tongue on her clit..this is what u do..(u can use ur hands to spread her lips here if u want..that's all's easier to make em cum w/their lips u have easier access to their clit) now...roll the tip and somewhat flat part of your tongue aro
How Things Change
Sorry, this is not a sex story. More of a rant. I have come to the conclusion that with all of the technology provided to us we have become less personal. Sometimes it seems that the normal courtesy of even saying bye is lost in the world of instant messaging and email. If you were on the phone or talking to someone in person, would you just walk off and leave? Would you not say bye? If someone walks up to you would you just ignore them like you aren’t there? How did we become so impersonal? No wonder our kids today don’t have any verbal communication skills or an idea how to act in a group of people. They are sitting behind a computer or a phone text messaging. Personally I miss the days of a proper conversation. It is sad to see such a wonderful trait lost in this technology world.
How To Finish Life As A Orgasm
I think the life cycle is all backwards You should start out dead and get it out of the way. Then, you wake up in an old age home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy; go collect your pension, then when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day.You work 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement.You drink alcohol, you party, you're generally promiscuous and you get ready for High School.You go to primary school, you become a kid , you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a baby, and then... You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, in spa-like conditions; central heating, room service on tap, larger quarters everyday, and then, you finish off as an orgasm. I rest my case
How To Sponsor Tgamm Fm Radio
Dear Friends of Radio: As you listen to TGAMM FM, you begin to understand that we are commercial free. This was a directive from our global pro-active audience when they sent in their requests for music. " Please, just play music and not a bunch of silly commercials that insult my intelligence." " Here's my request. Could you just play the tunes and not a lot of car commercials " " I really like your station. Just don't jam me up with a lot of ( curse word deleted ) commercials. I already have one of those that I pay big buck for." " Awesome. You want to know what I like ? Well, I like more music and less commercials. You do that dude and I'm as loyal as a puppy dog." After we read those and others email, we decided to create conservative yet effective shopping Malls where affiliates and clients could be promoted in lieu of airing actual spot announcments ( commercials ). If I may continue. Today we were presented with a wonderful opportunity. It came in the
"how To" On Lost Cherry
Per "Mr. Edit", at the LostCherry Lounge: goto: Define what it is, per the titles in "Stash" In the case of "hosted pics" or Videos, Type in the URL for a picture (has to be hosted online already). then type in a title (name it whatever you want). then you'll see 'add to my stash' at the bottom of page. This may not make perfect sense, 'cause I've already modified what MR. EDIT wrote, but I will work on it, as I use it more.
How To's
This Picture enhanced Tutorial will take you step by step through what is needed to change your status on fubar.Step 1In the upper left of your fubar page hold your mouse pointer over MY then choose the PROFILE link in the dropdown menu.Step 2On the right side of this page find the 16th dropdown, Change this dropdown to either Original or Power User.Step 3Go to the bottom of this page, enter your password and hit the submit button.Once this page has finished reloading, click the HOME link up by the My link we worked with in step 1.Step 4Under your name at the top of the center of your page you will see this:Click the link on the right of this that says Create Your Own Status!Step 5Now replace ONLINE with what you want your status to beFinally, click the SET button.Congrats, You have now set your online status. skins..< you need two windows open for this> rip a skin from me that i created and use this as a starter, go into your skins scroll until you see "my skin" to the right it s
How To Impress A Woman/man
How To Make My Stuff Better
How To Get A Woman To Have Sex With You
Games suck. Everyone agrees but we all play them. Face it, if you were one hundred percent honest from the very beginning, you'd scare someone off. Picture it. You're on your first date, all is going well, and you ask what she wants out of life. She says something like this: "Well, actually, I'm planning to be married within a year and pregnant within four months after that. I'd like two kids, a dog, and a house in the suburbs, preferrably on the west side of town. Do you have a minivan?" I've been out with men who didn't play games. They call themselves "direct." I met a guy one night who really impressed me at first. He asked for my phone number and called an hour or so later, drunk, saying he just wanted to come see me. "Not to have sex or anything," he clarified. Just to see me. That classy move cost him -- the next time he called, I didn't answer. Then there are the men who start dropping the sexual innuendos right away, pushing to see just how far they can get you to go o
How To Be Romantic With Food
Have a plate engraved with a message for the one you love without them knowing about it. When you take them out to dinner, ask the waiter to serve their meal on that plate. Wrap up a small gift for your sweetheart and put it in his/her favorite box of cereal. Call a restaurant where your love lives and have them deliver a nice meal to him/her. Surprise your sweetheart one day when he/she expects you to be at work with a picnic lunch at a local park. Make your love breakfast in bed and serve it with a rose, a love poem and a sweet kiss. You can make it extra special by feeding it to him/her. Cook dinner in your fireplace. Eat and enjoy the evening in front of it with no distractions other than a sweet romantic music playing in the background. Make some heart shaped sugar cookies and decorate them. Then leave them on your sweethart’s passenger seat in their car, so they go to work knowing how much they are loved. Go to the beach and bring a blanket and a rad
How To Say No
How To Say No We say "yes" to others because we want to please them. But when eventually we can't continue, we let them down and we feel guilty. Both parties suffer. Recognize that a desire to please often prevents us from saying no. Stick to your plan. If you have a written set of goals and strategies, this gives you a reason to stick to your course. ("Thanks, but I already have an investment plan, so you don't need to send me a newsletter about stocks.") When someone persists, repeat your position, perhaps in a slightly different way. ("As I already said, our policy is to donate to charities that help children only.") Make sure you understand exactly what is being asked of you before you respond. Perhaps the task is more time consuming than you thought. On the other hand, it may not take much effort at all. Excel at just a few things, rather than being just average at many. Don't try to do everything. You have a right to say no. Remember that others may take you for
How To Speak Sothren
How To Speak Southern Hah Tu Spek Suthun) BARD - verb. Past tense of the infinitive "to borrow." Usage: "My brother bard my pickup truck." JAWJUH - noun. A highly flammable state just north of Florida. Usage: "My brother from Jawjah bard my pickup truck." MUNTS - noun. A calendar division. Usage: "My brother from Jawjuh bard my pickup truck, and I aint herd from him in munts." IGNERT - adjective. Not smart. See "Auburn Alumni." Usage: "Them N-C-TWO-A boys sure are ignert!" RANCH - noun. A tool. Usage: "I think I left my ranch in the back of that pickup truck my brother from Jawjuh bard a few munts ago." ALL - noun. A petroleum-based lubricant. Usage: "I sure hope my brother from Jawjuh puts all in my pickup truck." FAR - noun. A conflagration. Usage: "If my brother from Jawjuh doesn't change the all in my pickup truck, that things gonna catch far." BAWSE - noun. A supervisor. Usage: "If you don't stop reading these Southern words and git back
How To Spend Cherry Bucks?
Ok, i have £7,000 odd to spend, what do you want and why do you deserve it?:)
How They Stole The Mid-term Election By Greg Palast
THE FOLLOWING I COPIED AND PASTED FROM THE GREG PALAST NEWSLETTER. IF YOU WISH T0 SUBSCRIBE, THE LINK IS BELOW. HOW THEY STOLE THE MID-TERM ELECTION COPYRIGHT GREG PALAST for The Guardian (UK), Comment Monday November 6, 2006 Here's how the 2006 mid-term election was stolen. Note the past tense. And I'm not kidding. And shoot me for saying this, but it won't be stolen by jerking with the touch-screen machines (though they'll do their nasty part). While progressives panic over the viral spread of suspect computer black boxes, the Karl Rove-bots have been tunneling into the vote vaults through entirely different means. For six years now, our investigations team, at first on assignment for BBC TV and the Guardian, has been digging into the nitty-gritty of the gaming of US elections. We've found that November 7, 2006 is a day that will live in infamy. Four and a half million votes have been shoplifted. Here's how they'll do it, in three easy steps: Theft #1: Registra
How To Clean The House
How To Make A Salute For Ct
Directions for making a “SALUTE” A “Salute” is a voluntary procedure for members who would like to verify they are a real person. We do respect any member’s freedom to be anonymous. Salutes are submitted to be verified by CT staff to ensure authenticity. Members can “salute” in the following ways 1. Please make a HANDWRITTEN sign that clearly states: CHERRYTAP.COM and your SCREEN NAME and your MEMBER ID along with a clear picture of YOU in the photo. The CT staff should be able to clearly read your sign and see you in the photo. Please use a dark ink/ marker to make your sign. (Example, ID #22) 2. “Photo shopped” and typed salutes will NOT be accepted. If it looks misleading, it will be rejected. 3. The following items WILL be allowed in your photo as part of your verification if you wish. Please add your member URL and ID as mentioned above under number one to the photo: a) Your LostCherry T shirt. b) You sitting next to your PC, with the Cherr
How To Let Go...
My mom is in the final weeks of her life though to be perfectly honest and even though it brakes my heart to say this I think her last week. She's refusing food, chokes on drops of water and has let her body switch to dead weight when trying to lift her. She's talking to people that are not in the room, have passed on or you just don't even know what she is talking about. I am up right now be she is restless, in no pain but restless. She has thrown me out of the room because I won't get her out of bed to use the restroom. I tried explaining to her that she has a cathiter and it is okay to just go pee. She yells at me to get her out of bed. I tried and her legs gave out on me before she could at least stand and now she starts to slip from your arms. Damn it brakes my heart to see her this way. In her sleep I tell her that even though we will be sad, if she's ready to let go and join my grandfather in a better place to go ahead. She deserves her rest and to have her heart at peace. In t
How To Cybersex
Cybersex, computer sex or net sex is a virtual sex encounter in which two or more persons connected remotely via a computer network send one another sexually explicit messages describing a sexual experience. It is a form of role-playing in which the participants pretend they are having actual sexual relations, by describing their actions and responding to their chat partners in a mostly written form designed to stimulate their own sexual feelings and fantasies. It sometimes includes real life masturbation. The quality of a cybersex encounter typically depends upon the participants' abilities to evoke a vivid, visceral mental picture in the minds of their partners. Imagination and suspension of disbelief are also critically important. Cybersex can occur either within the context of existing or intimate relationships, e.g. among lovers who are geographically separated, or among individuals who have no prior knowledge of one another and meet in virtual spaces or cyberspaces and may even r
How To Make Scrolling Text!
ok pay attention now! to make colored scrolling text you have to put this all together < f o n t c o l o r = " any color you want "> < m a r q u e e > T e x t < / m a r q u e e > when done it should look like this Hey stop by sometime!
How To Spif Up My Profile
Ok guys I am new on here and not sure where to get stuff for my background and profile things. Could you help me out a little, is this like myspace, yahoo 360. I would like anyone who is willing to help a lady in distress. Thank you. Kristi
How To Keep From Getting Sick
How to Keep from Getting Sick Miss Beatrice, the church organist, was in her eighties. She was admired for her sweetness and kindness to all. One afternoon the pastor came to call on her and she showed him into her quaint sitting room. She invited him to have a seat while she prepared tea. As he sat facing her old Hammond organ, the young minister noticed a cut-glass bowl sitting on top of it. The bowl was filled with water, and in the water floated, of all things, a condom! When she returned with tea and scones, they began to chat. The pastor tried to stifle his curiosity about the bowl of water and its strange floater, but soon it got the better of him and He could no longer resist. "Miss Beatrice", he said, "I wonder if you would tell me about this?" pointing to the bowl. "Oh, yes," she replied, "Isn't it wonderful? I was walking through the Park a few months ago and I found this little package on the ground. The directions s
How To Get A Ton Of Referrals
I have had numerous requests from people asking how I (and how they) can get so many referrals. The first couple of people I told them I would give them details after the end of my first contest. When people kept asking, it became clear that I cannot give out the "secret" to everyone who asks. It seems only fair that if I can't give it to everyone, then I should give it to no one. Therefore, instead of giving everyone the exact details of how I (and you) can get 300 referrals in a day, I will give you a few hints in the form of questions for you to ponder. If you really want the referrals, then you should be able to put two and two together and figure it out based upon what I write here. I will tell you that what I do is able to give me 150 referrals with 20 minutes of effort. If I were to spend 40 to 60 minutes in a day, I could get somewhere around 300 in a day. I assure you I do not cheat. Mike and the CT gang can check their server logs to find out where my referrals co
How The Hell?
Do you find people on this site that live close to you? Its like hit or miss lol. Anyway Howdy all I LIVE IN UPSTATE NY anyone else?
How To Get To Know Me
How To Measure
- Done Boogie Nights (1997) Jack Horner: We're about to make film history, right here on videotape. I got a feeling that behind those jeans is something wonderful just waiting to get out. Dirk Diggler: [Rollergirl] Aren't you gonna take your skates off? Rollergirl: I never take my skates off. Colonel James: So, Jack tells me you've got a great big cock. Amber Waves: Let me just check on something. [Takes off Dirk's pants.] That is a giant cock. ======================================== Do you have a big cock? Four Steps for Proper Big Cock Measurement 1. Get a flexible tape measure; 2. Make sure you are fully erect, take an extra Viagra if necessary (every centimeter counts as these measurements can have a severe impact on many areas of your life!!!!!); 3. Brush way any pubes; 4. Take a proper measurement : Place measuring device at the point where your big cock meets your pelvic area (below the belly button); Stretch measuring device to t
How To Own Your Own Franchise Online
i have a franchise online and it generates money for me if anyone is interested in buying from it or becoming a distributer let me know its very cheap not to mention if anyone buys from bestbuy target or walmart from your website you make money thanks gaylon
How To Shower
HOW TO SHOWER LIKE A WOMAN: Take off clothing and place it in sectioned laundry hamper according to lights and darks. Walk to bathroom wearing long dressing gown If you see Husband along the way, cover up any exposed areas. Look at your womanly physique in the mirror -- make mental note to do more sit-ups/leg-lifts, etc. Get in the shower. Use face cloth, arm cloth, leg cloth, long loofah, wide loofah and pumice stone. Wash your hair once with cucumber and sage shampoo with 43 added vitamins. Wash your hair again to make sure it's clean. Condition your hair with grapefruit mint-conditioner. Wash your face with crushed apricot facial scrub for 10 minutes Until red. Wash entire rest of body with ginger nut and jaffa cake body. Rinse conditioner off hair. Shave armpits and legs. Turn off shower. Squeegee off all wet surfaces in shower. Spray mold spots with Tilex. Get out of shower. Dry with a towel the size of a small country. Wrap hair in super
How The Avian Flu Is Spread
The disease is spread by the saliva, nasal secretions, and feces of infected animals, which other animals or humans then come in contact with. The only way to stop its spread is to kill the infected birds. There are several strains circulating among birds, but the H5N1 strain is also infecting people who have been in close contact with chickens. Symptoms Symptoms of avian influenza in humans have ranged from typical influenza-like symptoms, such as fever, cough, sore throat, and muscle aches, to eye infections, pneumonia, acute respiratory distress, viral pneumonia, and other severe and life-threatening complications. The symptoms may depend upon the infection. Prevention The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires the quarantine of any birds, fowl (e.g., chickens and ducks), exotic birds, and pets, before they enter the U.S. It is safe to eat chicken as long as it is thoroughly cooked because cooking kills the virus. Travelers to countries in
How To Fix
How To Order Hot T-shirts For Plus Sized Godesses
Go To: Order yours today.....Contact Phil at or call our retail store: 203-348-9891
How To Say I Love You In 25 Diffrent Places!
>> > > Subject: How to Say I love you in 25 languages >> > > >> > > >> > > How to say 'I love you' in 25 languages..... >> > > >> > > English >> > > I Love You >> > > >> > > Spanish >> > > Te Amo >> > > >> > > French >> > > Je T'adore >> > > >> > > German >> > > lch Liebe Dich >> > > >> > > Japanese >> > > Ai Shite Imasu >> > > >> > > Thai >> > > Phom rak khun >> > > >> > > Italian >> > > Ti amo >> > > >> > > Chinese >> > > Wo Ai Ni >> > > >> > > Swedish >> > > Jag Akar >> > > >> > > Alabama >> > > Arkansas >> > > Texas >> > > North Carolina >> > > South Carolina >> > > Georgia >> > > Oklahoma >> > > Tennessee >> > > Missouri >> > > Mississippi >> > > Montana >> > > Virginia >> > > West Virginia >> > > Kentucky >> > > parts of Florida >> > > >> > > Nice Ass , Get in the truck
How To Fit In
How To Sell Mens Underware
How to sell men's underware | Send To Friends | Funny Pictures at JibJab
How To Tell If He's Into You
HOW TO TELL IF HE'S INTO YOU Gauging a guy's interest level can be Tough early on. Keep reading to learn The subtle clues that will give you a Sneak peek into his heart...... HE'S ANIMATED: One way to assess if he's digging you: Look at his face. "If he raises his Eyebrows and smiles while talking To you, it's a sign you've piqued His interest," explains nonverbal Communication, when his body Is equally as amped (for instance, He uses his hands when telling a story), It indicates that he's in the early stages of enthrallment... HE MAKES HIMSELF AVAILABLE: Pay attention he breaks out his Blackberry or palm to check his schedule. "If he volunteers that he's going to be Free on specific days, he's hinting that He wants to see you then," If he goes On about how packed his calendar is, He maybe making excuses for why He won't have time to see you again...... HE TEASES YOU: "If a guy jokes with you by, say, Chasing you around a tree or p
How To Eat A Lollipop
How To: Female Ejaculation
Most women, if not all, have the ability to experience female ejaculation – or squirting. Female Ejaculation should not be confused with urinate although it may feel very similar when highly aroused. How many of you have been so turned on during sex that you found the sudden, inexplicable urge to urinate? Thinking that you are about to pee, you have restrained yourself and held back the sensation – thus depriving yourself of an ejaculate of fluid that goes along with an intense orgasm. Female ejaculation, to me, is extremely erotic and is a pleasure both for the person ejaculating as well as the person in your company while you ejaculate. It can be related to the thrill of having a man squirt all over you (for those that are into that sort of thing), or sucking or jerking a man off and watching the results of your ministrations explode into his cum spraying out of his cock. As mentioned earlier, the first step to achieving female ejaculation is the realisation that you can achiev
How To Morph Pictures
How True
WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. AND THIS WEEKEND IT CAME AROUND BACK AT ME. I FEEL BAD FOR WHAT HAPPENED BUT EVEN WORSE FOR WHAT DIDNT HAPPEN. THATS PRETTY MUCH ALL IM GONNA SAY ABOUT IT. LIVE AND LEARN SCORPIO October 24 - November 22 Ruling Planet: PLUTO, The Roman God of the dead, beginnings and endings. This basically means that Scorpios add novel differences to any relationship. Scorpios are very possessive. They will tense up if you even LOOK at another hottie across the room. But they can be relied on to always be there for you if you need them. You may never really know what your Scorpio is thinking though, because to them, Knowledge is power and they are very good at putting on a straight face to cover up any emotion they are feeling. Scorpios love sex. The dirtier, the better. Get them excited by revealing your filthiest fantasy and offering to act it out. FAVE POSITION: Anything, as long as it involves dominating your ass. SCORPIO MALE IN BED His sexuali
How To Read People: What Are Their Intentions?
You're at a party. You notice it's not your typical social gathering as soon as you walk in. In the front room, men and women are laughing, flirting, some dancing, a few making out, squeezing a nipple here, a tush there, like any other hot party, except a bit more sexually blatant. Well, maybe a lot more. Most of the partiers are semi-clothed, in lingerie or wearing nothing but a damp towel. On the coffee table is a bowl of dip, a bowl of chips, a bowl of condoms, a bowl of lube packets. Off to one side is a big jacuzzi where people are soaking, drinks in hand, smiles on faces, erections between legs -- for the men, of course. As for the ladies, well, it's never easy to tell just by looking whether or not a woman is truly aroused, but these gals seem unusually open and free, proud of their sexuality and downright lusty toward the men and other ladies. You wander down the hall, past a couple of closed doors marked "Private." You stop and cup your ear to the wall, eavesdropping on th
How To Get Live Advice From Dr.khart
wwwfreewebscom/liveadvicefromdrkhart/ Okay the only way I could get the link in here so you didnt have to send me a private message or a shout to get the link LOL was to remove the . LOL so all yah gotta do when you copy and past the link into your browser there is add a . after www and freewebs. It will direct you to my chatroom where you will recieve the live advice from DR.KHART. You can also read about recent advice DR.KHART has given. If you send me a Private Message and have the subject be... " I would like to recieve live advice with Dr.KHART please " Along with answering these following questions. 1. What you need advice on ? ( just name a catorgory for example if its on " love " say "Its related to love". dont tell me about the situation just say what its realated to if you not sure what its realated to just say " im not sure what its realated to " thats fine. ) 2. Do you need the advice at this very second or would you like to schedule a time a
How Tos And How Don'ts
- She holds her head high with pride. - No one needs to tell her she looks beautiful because she believes in herself. - She is intelligent. - She speaks only when she really has something to say. - She knows when and where adult activities are appropriate. - She keeps an open mind to please her partner in and out of the bedroom. - She walks with style and grace. - She feels no shame in expressing her inner most self.
How To Roll A Blunt!
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) FIN.
How To Become A Member
If you are having a problem with a family member, please bring it to My Attention or Maria's Attention. If someone is having a problem with a user outside the family, please try to resolve it between you and whoever else you're having the problem with. Please note that the only ones that are in charge of accepting members into the family is me and maria. If you are unsure if someone is a member of the family, look for the following: the (Angel Family) name in their nick name Their photo in the lounge under lounge members. Now because anyone can use the (Angel Family) name in their nick name, (which we do not aproove of without our consent) all members photos are uploaded into the Angel Family photo album. If you wish to become a member of the Angel Family, follow the steps below. Send a friend request to the Angel Family Founder Contact me or maria through private message or the shoutbox on one of our pages Contact Me OR Maria Once you have contacted Maria or Me and
How To Simulate Life In The Navy
> 1. Hugs from behind. > 2. Grab her hand when you walk next to each other(don't make her grab yours). > 3. When standing, wrap your arms around her. > 4. Cuddle with her. > 5. DON'T FORCE HER TO DO ANYTHING. > 6. Write little notes. > 7. Compliment her Honestly. > 8. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible. > 9. Be super sweet to her. > 10. Call her at night to wish her sweet dreams. > 11. Comfort her when she cries. > 12.Wipe away her tears > 13. Love her with all your heart. > 14. Pick her up and flirt with her (she'll scream and say put me down but really she loves it). > 15. Be a gentleman (hold the door for her). > 16. Don't let your friends talk trash about her, it'll get back 2 her! > & DONT ever act diff in front of ur friends than u r when its just u and her!!!! > 17. Take her for a long walk at night! > 18. Always bring a blanket where ever you go outside when its cold to comfort her and hold her close > 19. NEVER LIE TO HER!!!!!! becau
How To Give A Sensual Massage
If your special lady has had a rough day or you just want to do something nice for her, treat her to a sensual massage. Set the mood by dimming the room's lights and lighting a few candles, scented if you have them. Don't overdo it. You only need a few. Turn on soft soothing music. Instrumental is usually best because it has no words for your partner to focus on and comes in a variety of calming renditions. Make sure the room is warm since your lover will be naked and uncovered during the massage. You'll need oil of some type because your hands will glide across her skin much easier with lubrication. Any kind of massage oil, or even baby oil will work. Before you get started, keep in mind that you are doing this as something special for your lover. Though there will be genital stimulation included, don't take that to mean that sex is a given once the massage ends. This is all for her pleasure. Begin by having your lover lie on her stomach on the surface you have chosen, which wil
How Time Slips
its funny how slips away Category: Life just want to share with my friends who may interested in a experience i had today .....this i had to go to lax to pick some family friends .......while waiting i seen a army guy sitting by himself ..........with thoses bifg duffle bags you always a vet my self from many years ago..........i knew what its like ........he was 31 years of age been in the army for 11 years ..just on his way home from afgan..........[3rd tour ] so i walk over and said how are you doing .......he told me great .so i asked what he thought about whats going on in america and he said .............that he and most of the others he knew serving now, were very upset [mad] with the press state side for not telling about all the good stuff that happens daily ........i asked him about what he thought about the presdents new rules of engagement ...........he believes it will let us when .......i shared with him .that i came home afte
How To Ass Off The Day At Work
Hey tell everyone how you waste your day away at work. Do you play games talk on the phone mess with co workers etc
How To Tell Your Viagra Is Working
At work, they call you a spiritualist because when you sit down at a meeting, the table floats Your face is very pale due to lack of blood When you walk into a sauna, everyone stands and applauds People begin to call you "the tripod." You begin to think your mother in law is pretty Birds perch on it when you stand outside nude You look like a sundial when sunbathing nude Compared to you, Pinocchio doesn't look like such a liar. You always lose limbo contests. You can make drawings in the sand without having to find a stick You like to sleep on your back, so you had to remove the ceiling fan.
How To Spot A Dirty Whore!
Irish Prin...: a*****************@yahoo ->Irish Prin...: yea i do... Irish Prin...: do u have yahoo im? ->Irish Prin...: she tells my shes just alone and that she wants to be my girl Irish Prin...: she says she has been tryin to get rid of you for a while but u wont leave her alone ->Irish Prin...: well you have fun with her Irish Prin...: im talkin to her on here now ->Irish Prin...: no..not yet... but i will be soon when im done making a few calls... Irish Prin...: good. u talkin to her now? ->Irish Prin...: k sounds good Irish Prin...: oh ima do that first bro. then ill let u have her. ->Irish Prin...: dont worry ill get her fucking good a make her feel like the whore she is Irish Prin...: lol u can have her but ur a fool, she played u 1ce u think she not doing it with other guys too? ->Irish Prin...: yea ill take her Irish Prin...: fuck yeah, so do you want her? if so ill back off n just ignore her for you bro. ->Irish Prin...: shes just a ly
How To Show Somone You Love Them
Since Valentines Day is right around the corner, I'm reposting a blog that I posted a while back. Enjoy! __________________________________________________________________ I love you: Three of the most illogical, selfless, and wonderful words in the English language. Yet, we could also say these same words are among the most potent, anxious and ill-used too. Ideally, “I Love You” should not be used as a saving grace, an apology, or a last resort. But in reality, the words are beginning to mean less and less and be used more and more, and because of this we should consider that actions really do speak louder than words. My point is this: In today’s society, the best way to let someone know you love them is to show them you do. As people say, talk is cheap. I can lean over and tell the person next to me on the bus that I love them. But I cannot surprise them with a bunch of their favorite flowers on the day of their big job interview, or squeeze their hand when I sense t
How To Make Her Smile...
1 . Tell her she is beautiful (not fine, or sexy) 2 . Hold her hand at any moment . . . even if its just for a second. 3 . Kiss her on the forehead. 4 . Leave her voice messages to wake up to. 5 . When she is upset, hold her tight and tell her how much she means to you. 6 . Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the most. 7 . Pick her over all the other girls you hang out with. 8 . Write her notes. (she loves them) 9 . Introduce her to family and friends . . . as your girlfriend. 10 . Play with her hair. 11 . Pick her up, tickle her, and play-wrestle with her. 12 . Sit in the park and just talk to her. 13 . Tell her funny jokes, tell her stupid jokes, or just tell her jokes. 14 . Let her fall asleep in your arms. 15 . If she's mad at you, kiss her. 16 . Give her piggyback rides. 17 . Bring her flowers 18 . Treat her the same around your friends as you do when your alone. 19 . Look her in the eyes and smile. 20 . Let h
How To Stay Married
How To Save A Life
How To Say I Love You In 100 Languages
English - I love you Afrikaans - Ek het jou lief Albanian - Te dua Arabic - Ana behibak (to male) Arabic - Ana behibek (to female) Armenian - Yes kez sirumen Bambara - M\'bi fe Bengali - Ami tomake bhalobashi (pronounced: Amee toe-ma-kee bhalo-bashee) Belarusian - Ya tabe kahayu Bisaya - Nahigugma ako kanimo Bulgarian - Obicham te Cambodian - Soro lahn nhee ah Cantonese Chinese - Ngo oiy ney a Catalan - T\'estimo Cherokee - Tsi ge yu i (Thanks Nancy!) Cheyenne - Ne mohotatse Chichewa - Ndimakukonda Corsican - Ti tengu caru (to male) Creol - Mi aime jou Croatian - Volim te Czech - Miluji te Danish - Jeg Elsker Dig Dutch - Ik hou van jou Elvish - Amin mela lle (from The Lord of The Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien) Esperanto - Mi amas vin Estonian - Ma armastan sind Ethiopian - Afgreki\' Faroese - Eg elski teg Farsi - Doset daram Filipino - Mahal kita Finnish - Mina rakastan sinua French - Je t\'aime, Je t\'adore Frisian - Ik h�ld fan dy Gaelic - Ta gra a
How To Get Men To Stop Drinking
How To Touch A Girl
How To Touch A Girl
How To Make A Baby
How To Be A True Friend
I miss you being here to talk with everyday. To "make it all better" when troubles cloud my way. I miss the way you always knew without a single word, that something was bothering me or somehow I was hurt. I know your'e always with me no matter where I go, I feel your presence near me,my heart lets me know. I miss you so much Daddy,not a minute passes by, without thoughts of you racing through my mind. I know your'e in a better place, pain you never see, living your life with Jesus now,and this comforts me. Someday my journey will end,my work on Earth through, I want to come up there, so I can be with you. I know you'll be there with others who've gone before. Just remember, wait for me,on Heaven's Beautiful Shore! ALTHOUGH IT TAKES SOME EFFORT IT IS EASY TO BE A FRIEND TO GIVE SOME OF YOURSELF IS WELL WORTH IT IN THE END LEAVING A MEMORY WITH SOMEONE WHEN YOU ARE THEIR FRIEND WILL BE A LIFETIME TREASURE ON THAT YOU CAN DEPEND SOME PEOPLE LAST FOREVER OTHERS COME
How The Fuck?
We dragged clinton through hell over a blowjob,how come bush has yet to be tried for treason? Television has given us all the evidence needed to convict,sentance & execute him for his involvement in 9/11,plus the illegal occupation of Iraq. How did we end up in Iraq? Aint bin laden in pakistan? How do we the people hold accountable a person who defies congress? I say we all go to K-mart,buy some whiffle bats,go to your local government office,and whoop the holy dogshit out of anyone wearing a tie,tell them as an employee of the people,their incompetent ass' are fired,~N kick em in the nuts! Eventually we'll end up with a responsible government.Rather than the disfunctional,fraudulent piece of shit we got defiling our country now.
How To Eat A Gina
Sex 101: How To Eat a gina! Hey, I have a lot of respect for all you guys who like to eat pussy because there are too few of you out there. And I'm not the only woman who says this. Furthermore, some of you guys who are giving it the old college try are not doing too well, so maybe this little lesson will help you out. When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she's found a treasure she's not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare customer and she knows it. She won't even tell her girlfriends about it or that guy will become the most popular man in town. So, remember, most guys can fuck, and those who can usually do it satisfactorily, but the guy who gives good head, he's got it made. Most women are shy about their bodies. Even if you've got the world's most gorgeous woman in bed with you, she's going to worry about how you like her body. Tell her it's beautiful, tell her which parts you like best, tell her anything, but get her to trust you enough to let you down b
How To......
How To Deal
Hello all, I shall introduce myself, i am gerrit (garret) and i am living in the netherlands. I am 37 years old and i have an bit off an disease (bipolar disorder). I became depressed after an takeover by another company, they tryed to sack me first. Two days before christmas two years ago i had to defend my work. I won because the attorney of the old company backed off because they had some imperfections in their case. I recieved an log from an friend where my old boss told him that he wanted to blow of the 300 million euro deal because he had to pay 100.000 euro for me and another one. He said that he wanted to blow off the deal because he thinked i was less worth than an dime. I got to work in an new work enviroment and their they start to harrass me because i was not wanted, i became even more depressed. The next year was an bit better, but something went again wrong. Because my depression my wife could not longer cope with the situation and wanted an divorce, i agreed but not w
How To Make Love!!!!
Ingredients: 4 Laughing eyes 4 Well-shaped legs 4 Loving arms 2 Firm milk containers 2 Nuts 1 Fur-lined mixing bowl 1 Firm banana Directions: 1. Look into laughing eyes. 2. Spread well-shaped legs with loving arms. 3. Squeeze and massage milk containers very gently. 4 Gently add firm banana to mixing bowl, working in And out until well creamed. For best results. Continue To knead milk containers. 5. As heat rises, plunge banana deep into mixing bowl And cover with nuts, leave to soak (preferably NOT Overnight). 6. The cake is done when banana is soft. If banana Does not soften, repeat 4 steps 3-5 or change mixing Bowls. Notes: 1. If you are in an unfamiliar kitchen, wash utensils Carefully before and after use. 2. Do not lick mixing bowl after use. 3. If cake rises, leave town.

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