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So my daughter, who is about to have her 10th birthday, comes to me last night and asks me how to get to sleep. She tells me that she can't stop thinking about stuff and just lays there starring at the ceiling. She is so excited about her birthday coming in Oct and the costume slumber party she is planning, that and she has her first ever crush on a boy in her class.

I can remember my 4th grade and i had similar problems sleeping, my mind would race thinking of things from, will Erica talk to me today (my first crush), will brandon beat me up at school or after, and will i actually get Castle Grayskull for Christmas.

I could make this a mumm because i really would like to know what you tell a 9 year old when they ask, 'how do you stop thinking?'

I did refrain from telling her i masterbate when i can't sleep, but siriusly that is the only answer i could come up with in my head.


So I am sitting here at work, bored outta my skull. Things are really slow, scary slow. So Thought i would blog and while brainstorming i remembered an old list of know first concert, first car, first kiss...etc. It reminded me of the day of my first kiss. Thought i would share the story, I have only ever told this story to one other person, too bad she isn't here it would be nice to read her comments.

Anyway 3rd grade, my older brother is in 5th grade. I always hung out with older kids cuz of my brother. Well we both had a little crush on the same girl, a girl from his class, Trisha. Oh Trisha auburn hair, so pretty and a smile that just made you stop in your tracks.

Anyway my brother and i would compete for her attention. We all three always walked home together, she only lived a few houses down from us. I was a cocky little thing then, brimming with confidence.   Well my cockyness seemed to be working cuz she would give me so much attention and laughed at my smartass jokes. Well one day after school Trisha and I left without waiting for Brian (my brother). He was crushed, fumming mad, telling everyone how he was gonna kick my ass. Trisha not impressed with his jealousy or as i liked to think severly impressed with my charm, continued the practice of walking home with just me. It escalated to holding hands by the end of the week and I started hinting at a possible kiss in the future.

So a few days later after me bringing up kissing several times she says to me 'how much do you like me' oh, i so liked her, the butterflies made me wanna puke sometimes. I told her that i'd do anything to kiss her...well 'anything?' she replied. then she told me that since her dad was fertilizing their lawn would I stand in a wheelbarrel of fresh Horse shit to kiss her...No question I would, enthusiastically i agreed. Well we get back to her place after school and I stand in the wheel barrel full of horse shit (oh it stunk)...she leans over and gives me a nice big kiss. So i showed her haha. Anyway i arrive home so excited about the kiss go to my room and see that my closet door was cracked open, i go to check it out, my brother is laying on the floor of my closet asleep, waiting to ambush me. He was wakened by a barrage of horse shit covered shoes kickin the hell outta him...the day ended with my mom consoling my brother but telling him that what he gets for trying to ambush me and I slept well getting to kiss the girl and gettin the best of my brother :D

Unfortunately Trisha couldn't be seen with the 3rd grader that stood in shit for a kiss anymore so our budding relationship was ended far too soon...and Brian let things go...for a while anyway...he got his revenge i assure you.

Anyway long blog hope you enjoy :D

Well as most of you know I fuck around a lot at work mostly on here...flirtin, being a smartass...etc. Well got into work this morning and received an email from the owner that stated that work computers are to be used for company business only and not chat sites or other inappropriate sites...I can only imagine what someone saw walking by my desk one day LOL. Anyway since most of my time on this site is spent here from work(I know I am a terrible employee), I will not be around as much anymore :( I know this makes all of you so sad-sarcasm intended) but those of you that have my yahoo, I will still be using it because we do use IM for work too and it is easy to hide...shhhhhhhhh I will make a better effort to log on in the evenings when i am not helping with homework, creating things with the kids and such. Hopefully I will not be put on the uncool list because i can't be around as much, but if so, then so be it. Of Course i will sneak on from time to time...shhhhh Anyway everyone have a wonderful new year.
Yesterday I was in a great mood, feeling really good about myself and happy. I had an appointment with a trainer at the gym at 4pm so i decided I'd get there early and do some cardio. I go to the locker room and change, got my ipod. Start walkin up to the treadmills and a cute girl walks by me looks me up and down and gives me a grin. A few minutes later, into my run a bit, another girl looks at me and I really must be lookin as good as i feel i think. Get off the treadmill to meet the trainer takin off my ipod I go to slip it in my pocket...huh no pocket...I was sure these shorts had pockets...I look down and it looks like i am ready to smuggle somethin up front, and at that point I realize that the shorts were snug on my ass too....I reach back and feel the draw string...FUCK I have my shorts on backwards. So my day ended on a humbling note...

I have been Bebe's adoptive pet for 2 weeks now :D I could not have asked for better owner she treated me so well, keeping me fed and played with me as much as I wanted :D she is terrific at scratchin a belly and playin tug-a-war (always making it challenging but letting me win in the end). Never yelled at me for being on the furniture and let me sleep at the foot of her bed. Kept my water dish filled with evian and fed me healthy foods and treated me with the occasional people food ;) I thank you Bebe so much for making me feel like a such a special pup, I couldn't have asked for a better owner and as much I think I will never do another adoption, it was nice to know that someone valued me so much :D ♥ Please go by and show her some love :D Adopted by this wonderful Beauty ★ ♥Bebe ♥


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Adoption Auction begins 11/4/08 @ 8am and will conclude 11/5/08 @ 3pm (PST) You will be the owner of an Adorable Alien Dog for 2weeks after the end of the auction. Click here to Adopt me :D Auction Host Princess

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Trying not to make this overly emo and hopefully as I get more comfortable with bloggin I can make them more fun, but this one is on a sirius note. Also have to say that i am semi-copy-cating Vixey and Melís blogs by posting lyrics (but those of you that know me, know how much music means to me) :p This week has been a difficult one; friends of mine lost their very young daughter. So reflecting on that and thinking about those in my life that mean so much to me this song came to mind. I am not a poetic scholar nor do I pretend to know exactly what the artist meant by every line, but to me the message is clear, that loved ones are worth so much more than anything we can possess. Whether it is a death, or a break up or a friendship that drifts apart, we all have people that are really close to us that if they were not part of our lives it would be very painful, so my blog is dedicated to those in my life that I adore. JAMBI-by Tool Here from the king's mountain view; Here from the wild dream come true - Feast like a sultan, I do, On treasures and flesh, never few. But I, I would wish it all away If I, thought I'd, lose you Just one day The devil and his had me down, In love with the dark side I'd found. Dabbling all the way down. Up to my neck; Soon to drown But you, Changed that all for me, Lifted me up, turned me 'round. So I I I I I would I would I would Wish this all away Prayed like a martyr dusk til dawn Begged like a hooker all night long Tempted the devil with my song And got what I wanted all along But I And I would If I could, Then, I would Wish it away Wish it away Wish it all away Wanna wish it all away No cross could hold, sway, Or justify kneeling away my center So if I could I'd wish it all away, If I thought tomorrow Would take you away. You're my peace of mind, my home, my center. I'm just trying to hold on One more day Dim my eyes Dim my eyes Dim my eyes, if they should Compromise our fulcrum; Want and need - if I need it I might as well be gone Shine on forever Shine on benevolent son Shine down upon the broken Shine until the two become one Shine on forever Shine on benevolent son Shine down upon the severed Shine until the two become one Divided I'm withering away Divided I'm withering away Shine down upon the many Light our way Benevolent son Breathe in union Breathe in union Breathe in union Breathe in union Breathe in union So, as one, survive Another day in season. Silence legion, save your poison, Silence legion stay out of my way! *and of course if you'd like to post your boobs here so my blog gets more traffic, that would be fine with me :P*
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