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Well, have to say that June has busted out all over!

Had to undergo some tests, as I was worried that the colon cancer had returned.  NOT!  Clear bill of health, aside from diverticulitis.... but that is expected at my age.  Especially since I cook and eat Southern!  So a little change in diet is in order.  Still at 163 lbs.... so ain't complainin'.

Business as usual, still manage the Security Agency, bringing in Clients, had a bit of trouble two weeks ago, some miscreant soul attacked one of my Officers in my presence.  Didn't fair well for the dirtbag...he wouldn't comply, so I tased him, end of conflict.

For the past year, have sort of put my PI Agency  to the side, to bring the Security Agency in line, and professional.  I am the Chief Administrator of the Agency, handle all matters of training, recruitment, discipline, and day to day operation, along with marketing.  So now, am able to turn some attention to MY Agency.

Major contract for Investigative Services now in place!  More to come, have assembled a staff of excellent Investigators to handle the incoming cases.  Management programs in place to electronically submit results.  New homicide cases as well, as a contractor for the State of Florida.  Once had 13 homicides on my desk, let's see if that record can be broken!

In September will be operating the school for both Private Security and Private Investigation, along with the "K" (firearms) instructor.  Turner Academy (of) Private Protective Services - aka TAPPS will be the premier educational program for Private Protective Services in Florida!

That ZOOM you see in the sky is ME!

Yes, I'm touting my own horn....but that is because I can!

I do because I can, I provide because I will, I succeed because it's available, and I will because it's necessary!  Provide training, jobs, and income to those that wish to be Professional.

Should you wish to be the best, contact me....Not all will be accepted.

Oh, by the way, I ain't no low life Furniture Salesman..... 


Well Boys and Girls, I ain't in the best of moods.

For the last month or so, I've experienced another bout of gastric trouble.  Similar to what happened two years ago, which I sort of detailed back in April.

I've scheduled another colonoscopy soon, ain't looking forward to it, but I better find out sooner than later.  I also have a recently discovered skin cancer that is different than the ones I already knew about.  This one is new, dark, and ugly.  Worrysome.

But that's not the real reason for this blog.  It's about my good friend Lisa.

I've known Lisa for about twenty years.  Her now ex-husband worked under me at the Police Department.  He and I became good friends back then, and we introduced our respective wives together, and they became the best of friends.

He worked for me at the PD, and I started helping him at his flooring business, running an out of town installation crew a couple of weekends a month.

While out of town, my wife would take the kids, and spend the weekend with Lisa.  They had a nice home on a lake, and her kids although a little younger than mine, enjoyed playing together.

Well, some time later, I discovered that my wife and Lisa's husband were having an affair.  It ruined both our marriages.

Lisa and I talked quite a bit during those final months before the divorce (mine) was final.

Then I didn't hear from her for several years.

She tracked my down in 2002, I was living in NC at the time, doing my business as usual.  I saw a familiar phone number on my caller ID, and it was Lisa.  She was crying.

She had attempted to repair her marriage, she and her ex living together, it was rocky, but they had two young sons.

BAM!  She had talked with her now adult teenage daughter, and discovered that her husband had been molesting her since she was about 14.  Devastation.

I did what I could to help her.  There was no prosecution as the timeline couldn't really be established, and the veracity of her daughter's statements had some question.  It happened, it just cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

So at the request by Lisa to help, I did.  I took care of the matter, caused her ex to lost his law enforcement certification.

So another absence for several years, until last April.

I had this overwhelming urge/thought that I should call Lisa.  A concern of trouble with something.

She no longer had the home I mentioned, lost it to foreclosure after the divorce.

She and her mother live in the same housing complex, both on a fixed income.  Lisa is unable to work due to health issues, but she needed some assistance in a couple of legal matters.  I told her I would help.

I started coming to her apartment in Melrose to review the BOXES of material she had, I helped her with a couple of motions before the Court, her SSI, helped her find a dentist that would accept medicaid, and helped her with numerous health issues including some physical work in her home that she could do.

We became close.

She and I can talk about anything, she discussed her life with her ex and we discussed the betrayal by my ex wife not only to her, but to me.

We became very close.

I took some nice photos of her for her FB account, and went as far as to have a couple taken of the two of us together.  We had those pics up for only about a week.  There was a reason, I knew that my ex would see them.  The purpose proved to be rewarding to both of us.  Just a little payback.

I would come about once a month, cook a fine meal, would take her to her Dr's appointments etc....

Her health was of big concern to me.  After a couple of months, she just became tired of the let downs by physicians etc.  I encouraged her to make appointments and that I would take her.  She delayed.

She has PTSD from her marriage, and a variety of health issues.  She would withdraw, and simply not even answer the phone.  I couldn't reach her, so I gave her space.  All the space she needed.

About once a month I would get her on the phone.  I helped her financially a couple of times, never asking anything in return.

Recently I had not heard from her for some time.  When I did, she told me that aside from gallbladder problems, that her Dr. told her that she has thyroid cancer.  Removal was considered, and she was waiting on the appointment and scheduling for surgery.  I did my best to comfort her and told her I would be there.

Today, via her daughter, I am told that Hospice has been called in.  The surgery is to be scheduled, provided she is healthy enough to undergo it.  I have not seen her, and cannot reach her by phone.

So right now, my concerns for my own health are shut into the closet in my head.

I'm now worried about someone I consider a very close friend, nearly more than that.

I'll say it in my closing.

I love you Lisa.....you deserve so much, and have been denied way too much.

Praying for you.

Tomorrow, Tuesday April 10. 

It will be a day full of mixed emotion, both some good, and some bad. 

2 years ago, I wasn't feeling all that well, things had been rough on both a personal level and an emotional one as well.  I was seperated (by my choice) from my wife at the time, she suffers from Bi Polar Disorder II with rapid cycling, and I just could not endure the atmospere any longer.  Besides, she had disappeared, and I had no idea where she was.

Some gastric troubles increased, and I started bleeding with more frequency than before.  I thought perhaps it was an ulcer or colitis, and promised to go to the Doctor/ER if it worsened. 

That Sunday, April 10 2 years ago, changed my life.

I went to the ER, the Dr. examined me, and told me I was to be admitted.  Not sure for what, he really wouldn't say, other than I would need some tests conducted.  An mri was done, while I was still in the ER.  No results made available to me.

Now, my close friends know how I am, when something worrysome is going on, I rely on my wit, charm, and will be overt and try to laugh despite what is going on.  That day was no different.

The Nurse in the ER, attending me, was doing her chores, taking blood etc.  All the while sort of getting on my case about my wallet being in my pants (I was already in one of those high fashion gowns) as I wouldn't send my personal property with my buddy that had come by to bring me some necessary items.

I noticed her, she was a very attractive woman, that I estimated was around 50, long dark full head of hair, and a noticable NY accent.  Yes, I flirted with her.  She smiled and responded well to my jokes, and teases.  It put me at ease.

That evening I was finally taken up to the floor, and into my room.  The Dr assigned to me came in, and told me I was NPO after midnight, but that I would have to drink a gallon of "Go-Litely" before then.  Well boys and girls, that is the nastiest crap ever made.  And GO LITELY I did NOT!

The next day I was scoped.  Fun.

That afternoon, the Dr came in and coldly informed me that I had stage two colon cancer and was being scheduled for surgery.  WHAM!

Here I was, all alone, no family, just a couple of friends that stopped by, and NO ONE sitting there with me, keeping me cheerful or calm.

Then, an Angel arrived.  The Nurse from the ER came into my room.  I was surprised to see her, I only knew her first name.  She talked to me for a bit, did her best to calm me down, it worked, and then she did something that totally took me by surprise.  She said "I normally don't do this, but I'm going to write down my phone number".  With that, she said she had to go, but would stop by the next day.

Sure enough, she came in the next morning, could only stay a few minutes, but reassured me she would come back that afternoon, after her shift was over.  I was scheduled for surgery at 11AM.

I was a bit groggy when she returned, the cancer now taken from my body, along with about 17 inches of colon.  I was stapled, but not really feeling anything bad.  She talked for a few minutes and then had to head for home.  But she called my room that evening, to cheer me up.

I was released the following Sunday, violated rules and drove myself home, there.... I am now alone again.

Around 7 that night, I pulled the paper from my bag, and made a thoughtful call to thank her for her kindness.  She responded well, and we talked for a few minutes until I felt the need to get some sleep.

The next afternoon, she called me, and offered to stop by my apartment to "Check on me".  The visit wasn't too long, and she did the same the next day as well.

It wasn't long before she was getting off work, coming by my apartment and leaving the next morning for work..... Soon I began alternating weekends from my home to hers.  Things were moving rather quickly, which I addressed with my brother.  His comment was "If it ain't hurtin' ya, don't knock it"....

About six weeks later, she asked me to move in with her.  I did.  I was totally falling in love with this "Angel".  While I recovered from the surgery, and trying to re-establish my business, I took care of her home, animals, did the cooking, and enjoyed spending time with a wonderful Gal.

The cancer gone, my faith in relationships strong.... it didn't last.

The miscreant soul, scumbag, liar that I have discussed in my previous blogs interfered.  She referred to him as her "Best Friend" almost like a brother.  Too much overqualification.  She had followed this man or rather chased him for 13 years, although she was married and so was he.

I don't fault people for getting involved with others, sometimes is just happens regardless of how much one may try to keep it from happening.

But I do find fault when two "single" people begin a relationship, and someone that is married, living a pack of lies, begins to create a distance between the other two.  I don't know exactly what the trigger was.

She was wanting to move to Alabama, at first I thought not no, but hell no.  For one thing that is where the sorry B-tard lives.  We had our first disagreement over that, and then love overcame reason, and I was about to consent.  We had a two day rift over it, I gave in, we made up, and on Monday Morning, we actually proposed to each other.

She went to work, told her friends and co-workers, who all began to vie for the planning of a wedding.

Tuesday morning it was over.  I suspect that she texted her "Best Friend" of our plans.  Someone put the line item veto power to it.

And then she was gone.

I'm still in contact with two of her adult children, we have actually become quite close.  I don't hear from her at all.  I tried several times to put things back together, but failed. 

There are constant reminders of her around me, not to mention that one of her daughters is a younger version of her.

I am cancer free, so far.  The scar on my abdomen is a daily reminder of those days, the hospital where she works and still does today, and then the memory of meeting her.

Time heals wounds, some faster than others.  The largest and most jagged scar is the one on my chest, where someone literally ripped my heart out.  It will heal, but I sometimes wonder will my heart totally heal.

April 10, 2012


This will be my first "blog" that does not involve the scumbag of my previous detailings.

Those that know me well, usually consult with me on matters of criminal defense and other legal issues.  This comes from my over 20 year career in Law Enforcement, and now nearly 18 years as a criminal defense investigator.

I am a paralegal, investigator, consultant, and expert witness in criminal investigation in both Florida and North Carolina.

So here goes.

Understand at this juncture, I am remaining neutral on this issue, other than being an advocate in support of Florida's "Stand your Ground" law, and one's right to defend themself.

FS 776.013 (3) was included in the Chapter to repeal the "retreat first" defense, when a citizen is faced with danger or threat of severe bodily harm or death of one's self or another.  Typically, the law as it was required an attempt of retreat or flight in order to preserve one's safety.

Florida modified the statute as detailed herein, in that the so called "Castle Doctrine" was changed to no longer require retreat, and opened the ability to protect one's self or another anywhere one lawfully happens to be.  This lawful presence is now anywhere in the State of Florida, not within one's residence, or motor vehicle.  I applaud the legislature for that modification.

Therein lies the issue.

Treyvon Martin was walking through a gated community, after dark and was observed by Neighborhood Watch Captain, George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman began to follow the unidentified subject to observe his actions.  Alarmed by what he saw (whether justified or not) he did as he was supposed to do, he dialed 911 from his cell phone.

He advised 911 of the circumstance, described the subject, and was asked by 911, "are you following him"?  He replied, "yes".  The 911 Operator told him "We don't need you to do that".  This is not a command, it is a recommendation.  The 911 Operator is a civilian, and if he was an LEO, neither could command Zimmerman to cease and desist.  He is a quasi property owner, in that he is a resident of the GATED community, and his presence as a Neighborhood Watch member is to observe and report suspicious activity.

Many times in my career, a citizen would report a suspicious person, a description given by a non-professional, and the reporting party would simply hang up, and stop observing.  The end result?  "Gone Upon Arrival", and the LEO was only on scene for about 30 seconds and cleared the call.  Zimmerman may have been overzealous, but he observed and followed.  Apparently as the media has not released the 911 call in it's entirety, or has edited the recording for media purpose, as AAPCO policy is while a subject/suspect is in view, the Operator should remain in contact with the reporting party until LEO arrival.  After all, the reporting party SEES the subject, and can offer location information.

Now the fog sets in.

Prior to LEO arrival, there is apparent contact between Zimmerman and Martin.  Issue escalates, there may or may not have been a struggle.  Now accounts surface (again only by the media) that a confrontation ensues.  STOP- This is where the "Stand your Ground" statute may apply.

Neither Zimmerman nor Martin have a duty to retreat, the question which if either of the two are covered under the Statute?

The Girlfriend of Martin claims she was on the phone with Martin during this incident, up until just prior to the actual escalation of events.  I have been asked by several friends as to that testimony/information with several thinkinig it is a smoking gun of sorts that implicates Zimmerman of Murder.

I doubt her testimony will stand cross examination, in that she is biased, and will probably deviate to some extent on her testimony.  Also will be cell records to indicate the duration of the call, compared to the duration and termination of Zimmerman's call to 911, and the calls of others reporting the shot/s fired.  Remember, there is no recording of the call between Martin and the GF, only cell records will detail time and duration.

The fog is that when the confrontation occurred, only two people were witness, and now there is only one.  The Prosecution, should there be one, will be hard pressed to provide tangible evidence to implicate Zimmerman, and to diminish his right to "Stand his Ground".

Recent information has indicated that Martin and Zimmerman experienced a confrontation, now it is claimed that Martin "decked" Zimmerman with one punch, knocking him to the ground, and then began to beat him and strike his head on the sidewalk/pavement/hard surface.  STOP-

Regardless of the rights of both to Stand their Ground, once Martin had Zimmerman down, under the old doctrine, he would have been required to run away.  But when does that ability to stand one's ground diminish and common sense set in.  If Zimmerman, obviously a large man is on the ground, Martin, a young athletic football player, could easily outrun Zimmerman.  Assuming that the weapon was not known, that would be a natural consideration for most.  Avoid danger, when armed with only skittles and tea, and RUN!

But if this new information is correct, Martin lowered himself and began to attack Zimmerman. STOP-

Transition of right to defend?

If this new revelation is correct, Martin had demonstrated sufficient ability to harm Zimmerman by the initial punch, which knocked Zimmerman down, and considering that Martin did not choose to flee, but continued his assault (or perhaps an illadvised defense) by continuing combat. STOP- continuing combat?  Does that transfer the aggressor from Zimmerman to Martin?

If Zimmerman can now articulate that he was being attacked, by an overpowering force, and his head repeated being struck on the surface below my his attacker, does the statute swing in his favor?  Perhaps so, and according to the statute, he has the right to use the force necessary to protect himself.

Zimmerman in these few brief moments, made a decision, he may have chosen poorly, and regretfully, and I am in no way saying he was totally right, only he can deal with his decision.  Once fired, one cannot recall the bullet.

What do I predict?  A mess.  A media Circus.  A lot of table pounding over the right to defend one's self.  28 States have a "Stand your Ground" law.  I too support it.

In this case, the application may have swung both ways, unfortunately if recent information concerning the alleged attack on Zimmerman, who's interest was protecting his community (despite perhaps maybe a "wanna be"- my readers know I speak a LOT about such a wanna be that DOES carry a gun, and flaunts it on his hip inside his Furniture Store yea, a real combat zone) maybe he was a bit overzealous, but he was within his right to observe and report.  Martin, a non resident, but was visiting a resident, had left the gated community, went to a nearby store, purchased skittles and a drink, returned to the gated community, walking through in the rain, reportedly with no urgency to seek shelter, and the Neighborhood Watch Member, did what he was "supposed" to do....watch and report.  He followed, what occured just prior to the shooting we may never know for cetain.  Ballistics can determine the distance between the shooter and the deceased, if that distance is any other than close quarter, then Zimmerman has a problem, and the Statute will vacate. 

Should ballistics be able to determine that Zimmerman was on the ground, and Martin directly above, the Statute may affirm.

The Statute is/should not be on trial.  However some are already demanding it's repeal.  If the facts of this case determine (slim chance either way) that Zimmerman was protecting himself and was lawfully posessing a firearm, and acted in self defense, I don't care if he was in the diaper isle of Wal-Mart, anyone has a right to self defense even PRIOR to the Stand your Ground enactment.  It would be hard for Zimmerman to retreat, if he was under attack and on the ground.

If ballistics shows that Martin and Zimmerman were verticle, standing or walking and Zimmerman merely shot Martin, the the Special Grand Jury should return a True Bill.

Should Zimmerman prevail in this event, there will be reprocussions, welcome back my friends to the late 1960's...

It ain't over.... and I don't know if Justice will be proud of what is to come.

In my humble opinion,


Well, Boys and Girls, I had an unexpected email exchange today.

The deuchebag, miscreant soul that I have blogged about for some time, might be in some SERIOUS marital discomfort!

I received an email early this morning, even before my coffee... from his current wife.  Now understand that I have been in touch with his prior wife, who shed some insight into this bar rag breath.

The current wife, wanted details as to what I had.  So guess what!  I obliged, tore up the internet and sent her what I have of his blogs, pics, girlfriends, etc.... I may have been responsible for any slowdown involving internet access this afternoon....

Now the ball is in her Court.  She admitted that she knows he is a habitual liar.  WAS NEVER A COP!!!! DUHHHHH

That most of what he says is a lie....that he is a scumbag miscreant deuchbag scrote (my words, not hers) but that she stays with this scrotebag because they have a daughter.... (how many here have heard that before, and what the end result is).... he's a freakin' slime...

She was in a state of denial, in that she had no paperwork to refer to..... yea, ya'll know....I sent file after file.  I got enough crap on this sorry ass, that would make a democrat up for re-election shudder....  Those that really know me, know NEVER to underestimate me, nor PISS ME OFF!

More to come I"m sure....should you look to the Southeastern Sky tonight.... that might NOT be a rocket being launched, it may just be fireworks in ALABAMA....

Knowledge is Power.... cost?  Priceless...  Don't Tread on ME!


I had a long conversation with my Son in Law the other day.  He is a Marine Corp Staff Sergent.

We discussed certain things that I already knew of, and he confirmed my suspicions and beliefs.

I explained to him that a particular miscreant soul was claiming to be a retired Marine Corp Captain, and that he was only 51 years old.

My Son in Law's response, was " I doubt that"....sounds like he's a fake wanna be.

He confirmed that in order to be a Commissioned Officer, one has to be a college graduate, and to meet the level to reach Captain, one has to attend Warrant Officer Candidate School, and then War College.  I mentioned and supplied the identity of this miscreant puke, to which he called me back the next day, and quote "he's a FAKE"!  This deuchebag has NEVER been a Marine, to mention that I had already confirmed that he was never a COP!.. He's a freakin' FURNITURE SALESMAN!

So now duechbag, prove me wrong!  I know you read my blogs, I know you convince Lady's here to send you money, and now you have such low self esteem that you claim to be ten years younger?

I'm 58 years old, I'm proud of it, and I've banged more quiff, had more women in my life, and can run freakin' circles around your fat ass!  I'll challenge you on any court, be it the ring, the range, or even a game of chess.  YOU ARE A MORON!  A disgrace.

My Son in Law is going after your mangy sorry ass for violation of the Stolen Valor Act!  A FEDERAL OFFENSE!

You slime.

You disgrace ALL that gave what they had, and those that gave ALL they had.  No matter the service, certain MEN gave all they could to allow you to lie, cheat, steal, and deceive the women that believe your crap, and send you money.  As for my Son in Law and I, I hope to get exactly what you deserve.  JAIL!


I juat checked in the aforementioned SCUMBAG'S prolfile that he recently made private, and NOW IT DELETED!  I wonder why?

The lowlife, piecee of SH*T scumbag has to hide behind the delete key?  My offer of monerary supplement must have worked, in that I propsed 2K to his mangy ass to prove what he's been saying to women all along.  Several I have friends of on FUBAR that initially believed his tripe, but later discovered his lies....that's why his friends/family list dwindles, not to mention his facebook friends.... it all diminishes.

I detest cheats and liars!


He hasn't deleted his profile, merely changed it to another name.  He ought to just adopt the name "Chester the Molester"!

Didn't think this self centered B-Tard could do without his hero worship from unsuspecting women.

So be careful out there!

I reckon that once a pedophile always a pedophile, and his mangy ass will hide until exposed!  If you live in ALABAMA be carefull about where you place your children in for Martial Arts training!  PM me for details!  Scumbag!  I know about you and like a Bulldog, won't let GO!

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