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Although there was something else lingering around my mind, my goodness life is precious, enjoy the little moments, enjoy the good times and people you are surronded by, you never know when you will turn around and that part of your life will be gone.....I have a neighbor...wife and husband untill Monday eve, I had become rather close with both, esp her, they were like 2 peas in a pod, I have to say sometimes sitting from afar I wondered about them, so happy, so in love, it just made me smile.  She was always so funny to talk to and well if either one of us ever needed anything, it was just a walk across the road away.  They are the only neighbors I have close to me, there is a vacation home across the field, but they are not in much.  Her and I would just stand and talk for sometimes hours while out and about doing yard stuff on the weekends. I was logging off to fix dinner on Monday going about my routine, I had seen my neighbors mother pull up..  I heard the yell,, and as I was sta
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So I had a cute boyfriend for exactly one day. I don't understand why someone would just ask me to be their girlfriend after meeting me and one day. But unfortunatley, I'm the clingy type. I like to be called daily if not at least seen daily. He couldn't do either so I ditched him. Sorry but I'm not about thisbullshit don't waste my time. I want a serious relationship but it seems that either a.I appear as too much of a sex object or b. everyone i seem to meet who says they want a relationship, honestly dont and just like, much like nikolai, he's complete bogus. He dated me for about a month or so but all the wihle still trying to get back with his ex even tho she is with some abusive boyfriend. so after awhile i started to realize from him not calling me unless he wanted me to come over and go out, that i was being used, i was being a replacement, or almost a rebound. but whatev it is what it is. at least i have to of his video games i will sell or keep and never give back lol. anywa
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oh moon i worship theeyou make me feel like im freeoh moon your so brightyou light up my night skyoh moon but when you hidei feel torn apart insideoh moon come out to playso i can feel your praiseoh moon where did you go without you i am no moreoh moon please dont disapeari need you so we can be a pairoh moon your back againtogether again we can sinoh moon i worship theeyou make me feel like im freebyBrandon   LancasterAKA Moon Prologue When the war of the beasts brings about the world’s end The goddess descends from the sky Wings of light and dark spread afar She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting. Act I Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess We seek it thus, and take it to the sky Ripples form on the water’s surface The wandering soul knows no rest. Act II There is no hate, only joy For you are beloved by the goddess Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul Pride is lost Wings stripped away, the end is nigh.
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  ‎*A man was sitting on a blanket at the beach. He had no arms and no legs.**Three women, from England , Wales , and Ireland , were walking past and feltsorry for the poor man.The English woman said, 'Have you ever had a hug?' The man said, 'No !'So, she gave him a hug and walked on.The Welsh woman said, 'Have you ever had a kiss?' The man said, 'No !'So, she gave him a big wet kiss and walked on.The Irish woman came to him and said, 'Ave ya ever been fooked, laddie?'The man broke into a big smile and said, ' Why, no! 'She said, 'Aye, ya will be when the tide comes in. God Bless our Military! Support Our Troops! Thank you so very much for our freedom! Have you thanked and hugged a Soldier or a Veteran? November 11th is Veterans day.  Don't let anyone forget the reason we are FREE!!!   I knew a man called him Sandy Kane Few folks even knew his nameBut a hero was heLeft a boy, came back a manStill many just don't understandAbout the reasons we are freeI can't forget the look i
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Faktor apa saja yang menentukan suatu website/blog dikatakan cepat?  Ada jawabannya, antara lain : themes/template yang sederhana, tidak ada iklan, gambar yang sedikit, tidak ada java script, jumlah paragraph tidak terlalu panjang, dan lain sebagainya.  Dari semua jawaban di atas, faktor utama yang menentukan kecepatan website adalah minimnya jumlah permintaan file yang kita unduh (download) ke komputer, atau dikenal dengan HTTP Request.   HTTP Request HTTP Request adalah permintaan yang dilakukan oleh client (browser,spider, bot, dan lain sebagainya) kepada server suatu website untuk mengunduh (download) file-file yang akan ditampilkan menjadi sebuah halaman web.  Sementara HTTP respone adalah respon atau reaksi dari server suatu website terhadap permintaan yang dilakukan oleh client (browser, spider, bot, dan lain-lain). Kaitan dengan kecepatan loading Ketika browser akan membuka suatu halaman web, browser mengunduh setiap file yang dibutuhkan untuk membangun halaman tersebut. 
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**Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) is a type of cancer that causes the body to produce an increased number of the white blood cells that normally help fight infection (myelocytes). It sometimes is referred to as acute myeloid leukemia, acute myelocytic leukemia, myeloblastic leukemia, granulocytic leukemia, or acute nonlymphocytic leukemia. AML is more common in men than in women. The incidence of AML increases with age. AML is an acquired rather than inherited disease. Usually the cause of AML is unknown. But it may be caused by high doses of radiation, exposure to the chemical benzene, smoking and other tobacco use, and chemotherapy used to treat other types of cancer. It also is more common in children with Down syndrome or other genetic conditions. Symptoms of AML include weakness and fatigue, fever, poor appetite, easy bruising or bleeding, and weight loss. **Symptoms may depend on what type of leukemia you have, but common symptoms include: Fever and night sweats. Headaches. Br
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THIS BLOG WAS WRITTEN IN THE KIDS WISH NETWORK SITE..I WANT TO PERSONALLY THANK THE KIDS WISH NETWORK FOR THEIR HUGE DONATION AND HELPING US (AMERICAN'S ENDING HOMELESSNESS, INC) HELP SO MANY! I have been with Kids Wish  Network for almost two years now and have had the opportunity to experience so many different things. I feel so blessed to be part of something that not only gives back but brings hope and happiness for so many different children that walk so many different paths in life. For example, last year before the Holidays, we decided that we really needed to help children right out our back door. They economy has been so relentless and has caused many charities to be stretched beyond their limits. After working with many charities that serve the homeless and underprivileged children I started to become more and more aware of how bad things really are out there for these families and their children.   Two weeks ago, a charity called American Ending Homelessness stopped by af
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I took the road that went to the light,The other road was tempting But didn't feel right I felt this huge load go away And disappear down memory lane, There the price was only pain, With its emptiness And heartache, Things seem much better to surrender And find your peace within the world, Because the light is nice, And feels divine as you make your way Down the path of life.!Always be good to yourself! I'm standing at the fork in the road, and I Don't really know which way to go, it's like 17 years ago all over again, and I I'm a little girl lost alone, and yes I wanna know what lies ahead, and yeah my Feet are planted and I don't wanna take a step cause I won't make it any further with you on my back Carry a burden I can't do it this time, goodbye Then again, do I listen to my heart, do I cry for help I keep second guessing myself Why does it have to be so, hard to let you go Its almost sun down I gotta put my foot down and I know if I do It's gonna hurt me more than it hurts you
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what too say hmm have no clue hmm does everyone get many rude ppl  on here if so  what too do i will tell you i will not put up with rudness its just not right  respect  beacuse i will tell you off iam 37 a mom  and very single i put up with alot of shit from my exhubby i will not put up with that shit  ok some ppl can say  very mean things or smash ppl for what ever reason is  that they have no clue what ppl are like  or they just seem too have nothing better too do then says very rude things  too others  which is not very nice   too anyone  or just how they like too say hurtful things me i would never say things too ppl or rudeness iam just being myself  thats all you have too do  dont let anyone tell you different
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Well I guess Ill delete my nsfw pic's since nobody wants to get me a blingpack anymore. My easter was pretty boring god I need a vacation lol. anyways im getting bored here again
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ijustgotbackfromchurchitwas greatgoingback tonigtifanyone  want to go to ranlo freewill church  justemail me at we will love to have u .
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I thought I had been in love before,I thought my last love was the perfect match for me,But i had thought wrong cuz when I met you,Everything became so clear,that I been waiting all along for you.Never have I felt something like this.Its amazing what you can feel though only words.Imagine what it will be like when we finally meetThough people don't believe what you and I have.the most important thing is, I don't dout it.and I'm sure you don't either. ------------------------------------------------I wrote this poem especially for you,to show you what my feelings are going through.The moment I saw you my heart was sold,the two of us together will never be cold.Your are my baby day by day,I hope you will never ever go away.All of you is what I need,Please tell me where it can lead.-----------------------------------------------The touch of his hands upon my body send chills though my soul/His lips upon mine oh how bitter sweet/His arms that hold me oh so tight lets me know am safe/The wo
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Ok Im mad I have to start all over cuz I wouldnt fall for some guys lame game I can spot a player a mile away.. Anyways to get me up I need blingpacks so heres what im offering..   12 credit blingpack get you nsfw access 65 credit blingpack gets a nsfw salute and nsfw access 135 credit blingpack  gets a nsfw video salute anything you want! plus nsfw folder access 350 credit blingpack gets you the video and nsfw folder access plus my phone number & yahoo   Ok I gotta make a salute so I figure while im at it Ill make some Nsfw salutes to those who get me a blingpack anyone interested hmmm? ~giggles~
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For more Call us for Additional Discounts on Multiple Item Orders!! Free Shipping on all orders over $399! White glove delivery available. Reclilners For more Call us for Additional Discounts on Multiple Item Orders!! Free Shipping on all orders over $399! White glove delivery available. Reclilners
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I'm not a big re-poster but I do agree with this one.....Due to "lack of room", NYC Police Officers, Port Authority Police Officers and FDNY Firefighters are not "invited" to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero. Funny, they weren't invited on that day in 2001 either, they just "showed up" and became our heroes. Please click the like button & repost if you think they belong there more than the politicians. (I say they belong there INSTEAD of politicians). This is pathetic As the flowers rest on the decorated graves and the sunlight shines on the beautiful sailboats, Uncle Sam whispers in my ear about how we should care for the soldiers and remember the ones that have died. Swimming pools open, BBQs fry. Today is the day to think of what they have done for us. There are blurs of red, white and blue marching down the street and flags are lowered at half-mast. But we should always remember and never forget what set us free, from this very day on.
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So you want to know how I got that name!!?? ok here is the story I was living in a house with an ex bf and 4 other guys, my friend Liz stayed there from time to time, she needed to take a shower and there was no lock on the bathroom door, we didnt trust the guys to not open the door while either one of us showered so when she took a shower I sat in the bathroom against the door so that the guys couldn't come in, and I was yelling YES YES YES MMMMMM , joking around and my friend said "you put it in the wrong hole!!" She has always call me Kooter so after this had happened she said Kooter, you are such a dirty little bath mistress!! Hence where I got my nickname and it has stuck ever since. Kooter The Dirty Little Bath Mistress!!! I don't have a credit card otherwise I would buy these things myself: They aren't in order I just want them Happy Hour Boomerang Auto 11 Cherry Bomb FuPony
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i really really really hate men right now. their stupid and dumb; they think with ONE BRAIN! and its not the smart one. and we must always need them or be under their thumbs!! im sick of it!! im a big girl and i dont need their help!! im fucking DONE!!! haha. im such a book nerd its almost ridiculous. i read 2.25 of the divine comedy. i finished the Inferno and Purgatory; but only read a little of Paradise (too many biblical refrences and metephors i didnt/cant understand. in all; my impression is good. well written, romantic poetry, high language. my fav. is of course the Inferno; but if you know me makes sense. i even figured out that if i died today...and dante was right....i would be in limbo (circle 1) with Virgil and all the other unbabtised/"virtuous pagans". wicked sweet. I'm writing this because I don't know if I'll have the courage to say it to your face. When I move back I don't think I'll be capable of just coming over to say what I'm about to say. I just n
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I love this chic, she is so awesome on NCIS. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he may write something along the following lines.                 As the popular saying goes, “Once upon a time,” we, the founding fathers, created a document that would live through the ages. We fought amongst ourselves, trying to imagine every possible scenario that the future could bring. In the end, we felt that no matter our differences, no matter our political beliefs, the document we created would last through the ages.                 Because the document we created would be simple enough that all men, regardless of color, creed, or religion would be able to understand it.                 The document we created would limit a federal government. It would keep its powers so simple, that any man would understand that only he, or she, would be the sole one that could dictate its powers. A document that would put the power in the hands of the people, and made the government one that
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In the heart of a woman, There's secrets and doubts, There's fears and there's pain, But she tries not to show it. In the heart of a woman, There's love in all it's forms, There's kindness and good will. The heart of a woman is complicated to understand, One minute she could be sad the next she could be happy, The heart of a woman is beautiful and precious to have, She tries to make you happy, To feel you are the only one she ever wants. But in the heart of a woman can also be sadness and pain, She feels the sun will never shine, all it does is rain, When she doesn't get the proper love and treatment, The heart of a woman dies, It's like a flower, It needs the sun, the happiness that fills it, That puts the sparkle in her eyes. When the heart of a woman get's the attention it needs, She will hold nothing back and she does succeed, She's always happy and her eyes always sparkle, She does everything she can to help the one she loves, Because she knows he's the one she will
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     After posting my last journal entry I have been doing some thinking. I am having a really hard time when people say that I am a hero. I really don’t consider myself as a hero! I have done a lot of TV, Radio, and newspaper interviews because of Homes for our Troops who built our house. In every interview I have done at some point they call me a hero and I always get uneasy when that word comes. I always ask myself “Why are they calling me this?” All I was doing was my job and unfortunately I was injured. It wasn’t a brave thing that I did! I was just doing a night patrol and just happen to be sitting down at that time. I wasn’t brave….I was unlucky! And defiantly not a hero. Maybe it is just the way the American people view U.S. Soldiers now. Because of my injury I have meet a lot of Viet Nam Vets and I feel for them. They got treated like dog shit for doing the same things that we are doing now……but now we are heroes. If I was bor
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What It Really Means to Have Endometriosis In last week’s post (“What is endometriosis?”), I said that endometriosis by definition is a disease process where the inside lining of the uterus, the endometrium, flows back up inside of the body around the ovaries and bowel where it implants and begins to grow. Quite frankly a lot of this medical stuff can be quite dry and boring and does not convey what it is like for a woman to have this disease and how it truly impacts her life, her family, her career, her sex life, and her ability to live her life in very basic ways. In reality, this disease can be like having tens or hundreds of excruciatingly painful blisters covering the inside of the pelvis. Infertility and pelvic pain are the two most common symptoms of endometriosis. Patients with endometriosis can experience horrific pain – for the lucky ones it lasts just a couple of days during their period, and in the worst cases the pain is 24/7. The dic
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This is all NSFW stuff here.  Show me more baby.
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I'm Looking For My 16th Tattoo Idea Something Like Trible Angels Dragons Etc If Anyone Got Any Idears Please Comment Be Cool To See Your Views On These Tattoo Designs Do You Thing The Earth Will Ever End What do you think off the planet earth - what do you think that should be done even the matter the pollution ''WTF'' LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS AND TELL ME YOUR VIEWS
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Hey everyone, Your girl apple finally starting her blog! Though possibly not on the best of days but it's getting started. Everyday all of choose the paths we wish to take in our lives, as do I. But if its such a simple everyday task, then why is it most like myself always end up taking the wrong path? It just seems that no matter what we do it's always wrong. Sure we have everyday bumps along each path, but they don't drag us down and making us feel that nothing we do is ever right. Currently I struggle mainly against myself, I'm close to loosing a friendship with a dear friend because of my stupidity. I had thought there was something more between us but they found someone else, so now I just feel lost. Every time I'm around them now it seems like I continuously mess up what is remaining of our friendship. I've even tried distancing myself from them but, nothing seems to make it any easier, and only seems to make things worse...  
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Hello all, I thought I would take a little opportunity to expand on the "about me" & "interests" section of my main profile. I am a professional investigator, what's the difference you might ask?  That means I am not a public servant, at least in the literal sense.  I spent over 20 years of my life in law enforcement, all in Florida.  I started at a civilian employee in community relations while in high school.  I was deployed to the rooftop of the Police Department in Gainesville Florida, during the 1968 riots for both the MLK Assassination, and the Anti-Vietnam protests at the University.  The purpose?  To monitor the street, and to provide intelligence on movement. To say the least, I embarked on a most interesting career.  I served from the floor up, as a civilian, then after completing the Academy ( I didn't attend the ceremony, I was already on the Street) first served in Uniform and rose through the ranks from "Slick Sleeve Pinger" to Sergeant, Lieutenant, Division Commander,
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1) Never take a woman for granted or neglect her. The moment you do, she’ll start scanning the field and you won’t know it. 2) Do not cheat on her, or cheat her. A woman’s revenge could be emotionally lethal. 3)Do not boss her around, push her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, or force her to give you ANYTHING. 4) Do not expect her to wait on you hand and foot. She will take your foot and put it in your hand. 5) Be appreciative for all she does for you and show her appreciation for being in YOUR life. When you start acting like she should be happy she is in YOUR life, she will go out to prove you otherwise. 6) Never lay a hand on her, unless it is to caress her. 7) Never make her second to anything. This is the biggest mistake any man can do. Don’t ever disrespect her or her family, even if she complains about them. It is OK for her to do it, but never for you. Remember this. 9) Always GIVE more than you take from her to stay a man in
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52 Facts About You1.) Name: Skye 2.) Age: 29 3.) Birthday: 4.) Birthplace: 5.) Location: 6.) Sign: 7.) Have Kids: 8.) Relationship Status: 9.) Hair Color: 10.) Height:
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Dear Mom, If tears could build a stairway, and memories were a lane, I would walk right up to heaven to bring you home again. No farewell words were spoken no time to say goodbye you were gone before I knew it, and only God knows why. My heart still aches in sadness and secret tears still flow, what it meant to lose you, no one will ever know.When you lose someone you love, you gain an angel Nothing you love is lost. Not really. Things, people – they always go away sooner or later. You can’t hold them anymore than you can hold moonlight. But if they’ve touched you, if they’re inside you, then they’re still yours. The only things you can really have are the ones you hold inside your heart.Good-bye Mom I loved so dear,( I Hear her ) I am not dead babygirl but sleeping here. I was not yours, but Christ’s alone. He loved me, He took me home.I HAVE NO MORE PAIN OR WORRY AND ONE DAY WE WILL SOON BE TOGETHER AGAIN.Somebody should tell us, right at the star
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Don't be fooled by me.Don't be fooled by the face I wearfor I wear a mask, a thousand masks,masks that I'm afraid to take off,and none of them is me.Pretending is an art that's second nature with me,but don't be fooled,for God's sake don't be fooled.I give you the impression that I'm secure,that all is sunny and unruffled with me, within as wellas without,that confidence is my name and coolness my game,that the water's calm and I'm in commandand that I need no one,but don't believe me.My surface may seem smooth but my surface is my mask,ever-varying and ever-concealing.Beneath lies no complacence.Beneath lies confusion, and fear, and aloneness.But I hide this. I don't want anybody to know it.I panic at the thought of my weakness exposed.That's why I frantically create a mask to hide behind,a nonchalant sophisticated facade,to help me pretend,to shield me from the glance that knows.But such a glance is precisely my salvation, my only hope,and I know it.That is, if it's followed by accep
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Ummm ok so idk what I'm suppose to do on here since I never made one but um, hi xD  I guess I'll start with saying a little about myself: I'm bi, I can get quite shy in person. I'm really nice and caring as long as you don't talk to me about stuff that pisses me off. I'm not a sex freak so I'm not into much sex stuff or jokes. I love shopping, I have an obsession for Pandas. I've loved them ever since I was little. I looooveee the band Black Veil Brides, they're amazing. And if you don't like them please either don't say anything or don't even bother talking to me at all. Thanks~ I also like going to the beach when I'm in the mood for it, I like camping as long as I don't get eaten alive by bugs.  Things I Hate: Bugs, Needles, Heights, Berries, People who talk dirty, Parties (I'm not a party person and I can be quite shy), Alcohol and Drugs, Horror anything, Zombies.  Things I Like: Being alone (not like, single alone but like, being in my room with my own space kinda alone.) Wat
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so i thought id make this post since i have a few friends who has man/woman problems from my own experience i went thu how do you know if your partner is wasting your time being a player or not knowing what they want       1 if they say there busy at work but they got time to check there facebook,tag,yearbook,fubar,etc but cant take the time to send a message or a text even when there on the social site then that right there tells you there you was not worth a whole lot from the start       2 if they cant express the same feelings to you in public like that they behind close doors then that is another sign       3 if they feel the need to romance every single man/woman online and offline then they surely dont need you they have there hands full with everyone and there family       4 they say they want someone to treat them better and give them what they want and you happen to be the one but yet you dont hear from them for the next week
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I met two friends in high school. They asked me if I wanted to hang out, I figured that'd be really cool & that I should give their friendship a try because I was bullied for ten years because of my hearing loss and I was excited to finally get out with some friends...I struggled between making friends with hearing because they wouldnt understand how to deal with a deaf person, and then when i was in the deaf school they were the hereditary kind of deaf that the teachers and the students wouldnt' want a person with hearing aids to speak and sign they'd try to force me to just sign and not speak. Why would I do that when my hearings bad to the point that I'm supposed to be completely mute and I have the gift to speak clearly to a certain point, maybe a few letters I can't pronounce well so I have like a deaf brooklyn accent, I'm fine with that. But the friends were both brother and sister.I met their parents, the father was very nice,reminded me of my father very warm hearted and reall
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just another of being lonely
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like my page at 'LetsGet2It46' wrote the following at '2012-12-14 11:10:31'..>> Been a bit bored, how bout somethin fun?? Im Megsluv783 on hot m.a..i..l hit me there, i get it on my phone, let me know what you'd do to me if we had 15 mins alone together and I'll hit u back MeganI'd fuck the shit out of you. I'd give you all of my dick in your mouth, pussy and ass WHATS WORSE IS MY HUSBAND REPLIED TO IT! from:   Horny Angel         United Kingdom subject: RE: your private NSFW received: 01/3/2013 12:37 pm replied: 01/3/2013 12:39 pm block this member   Yes if you can help me out with some credits please === 'babylion ' wrote the following at '2013-01-03 07:38:45'.. > > hey girl do you think i can look at your private NSFW pic please?
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I love my wife christina! I'am trying to change I don't wanna lose her!. so please if any girls on here have my number please delete me and block me!I love only her!. I maybe leaving fubar as well. I don't any girls anymore I have the one I love! I'am a new and better man because of her!.
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If you are 30 or older you will think this is hilarious!!!!When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were. When they were growing up; what with walking Twenty-five miles to school every morning....Uphill... barefoot...BOTH waysYadda, yadda, yaddaAnd I remember promising myself that when I grew up, there was no way in hell I was going to lay a bunch of crap like that on my kids about how hard I had it and how easy they've got it!But now that... I'm over the ripe old age of thirty, I can't help but look around and notice the youth of today.You've got it so easy! I mean, compared to my childhood, you live in a damn Utopia!And I hate to say it, but you kids today, you don't know how good you've got it!I mean, when I was a kid we didn't have The Internet. If we wanted to know something, we had to go to the damn library and look it up ourselves, in the card catalogue!!There was no email!! We had to actually write somebody a
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One year, a husband decided to buy his mother-in-law a cemetery plot as a Christmas gift ... The next year, he didn't buy her a gift. When she asked him why, he replied, "Well, you still haven't used the gift I bought you last year! And that's how the fight started.....   I asked my wife, 'Where do you want to go for our anniversary? It warmed my heart to see her face melt in sweet appreciation. 'Somewhere I haven't been in a long time! ... She said ... So I suggested,  How about the kitchen? 'And that's when the fight started....   My wife and I are watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed.. I turned to her and said,  Do you want to have sex?  ''No,' she answered. I then said,  Is that your final answer?  She didn't even look at me this time, simply saying  Yes. So I said,  Then I'd like to phone a friend.  And that's when the fight started....   I tried to talk my wife into buying a case of Miller Light for $14.95.Instead, she bought a jar of cold cream for $
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my blog this ismy blog and it will be my blog and i will call it my blog enjoy my blog for this is it in my blog it is the blog that talks bout being a blog wow what a blog
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So i just wanna tell you some things about me. 1. im not like most people i got a mental illness that i sometimes cannot handle i also have depression including suicidal thoughts and i also have anxiety and frustration in my condition im not smart like you all are im not wise either im sorry to say this but im pretty stupid retarded but in a rare way if you know what i mean i have this thing not many knows about called "ring 21 chromosome" its like very rare i can still function just like you i can drive a car i can do anything its just the mind thats all fucked up but otherthan that im a really nice person i can get along with about anyone sometimes i can get out of hand and be a dick but mostly i dont mean to be an asshole to anyone its just the way my condition is i guess i also forgot i have a speech problem to some people they i sound british and if you tell me if im from great britian i would tell you no i just have the accent well ill put down more later.
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  MADE BY RYAN POSTED BY ME ANGEL DEMON Level Ability Level Ability Points 55   55   1,500,000,000 54   54   1,200,000,000 53   53   1,000,000,000
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Its Funny how he thinks I am breaking down in tears and shit hate to burst his bubble but I am not! If anything I am just as happy as I was and not cutting myself or anything because him being an evil jerk is something I am just use to. So hate to burst ur bubble Chris but u aren't hurting me anymore and I sure as hell ain't hurting myself over something not worth hurting myself over plus he is just a liar!      Peace, Love, and Happiness Forever 
Máy Bơm Hồ Bơi-thiết Bị Xông Hơi
80% nam và nữ có dấu hiệu thừa cân được khảo sát đều chọn phương pháp xông hơi để giảm cân vì liệu pháp này an toàn và có thêm hiệu quả đẹp da. Trong mùa dịch cúm, xông hơi còn giúp tăng cường sức đề kháng, phòng chống cảm cúm. Theo nghiên cứu,khi sử dụng máy xông hơi 20-30 phút tiêu hao nhiều năng lượng, tương đương đi bộ 45 phút, hoạt động mạnh 25 phút, thúc đẩy tiêu hao lượng mỡ dư thừa, giúp bạn giảm cân hiệu quả và ngăn chặn béo phì. Và xông hơi còn thải trừ độc tố ẩn chứa dưới da ra ngoài theo tuyến mồ hôi, tăng cường tái tạo tế bà
My Boring Comments And Ideas
yes i'm sitting here on sunday morning with a small hangover and being bored to death, so here i am once again annoying all those who have been unfortunate enough to read this.~~hugs~~ so anyways, just wanted to say this blog thingy is so stupid, yes i said that. more people use then to post bulletins than to actually blog and i'm just using it to solve my boredom issue. yes i think i have a problem and yes i probably need some sort of meeting but until i figure out what kind of meeting that would be. i guess anyone who reads this will have to be my support group. luv ya all chrissy ok now that i've said that i feel much better, NOT!! its not work that sucks its my co-workers, if you have this same problem give me a HELL YEAH!! ~hugs and kisses~ chrissy Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze and sleep for another 10 minutes. He stays up for days on end. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without ru
My Boyfriend!
this is my boyfriend so feel free to add him...i know you want to! he is sexxxy! Mikie@ LostCherry
My Body... My
You Should be a Ginger Redhead Natural, fresh, and deep - you can definitely pull of this saturated color. What Kind of Redhead Should You Be? Your Body Image is 60% Unhealthy, 40% Healthy You may think you have a normal body image, but you definitely don't. While you may not have a serious problem, you obsess over your looks way too much. How's Your Body Image? You Should Weigh 185 If you weigh less than this, you either have a fast metabolism or are about to gain weight. If you weigh more than this, you may be losing a few pounds soon! How Much Do You Weigh?
My Book
HOWHow were you ever able to love me?Was it all just a lie? How could you lie to me like that?Because you never cared?How could I tell you "loved me"You never showed a sign of loveHow could I cry over you?Because I actually loved youHow could I make you love meCHANGE EVERTHING ABOUT YOURSELFHow can I Live Life With Out You? I Died On the longest night I Died The First time you made me cry I Died When you told me you hate me I DiedWhen I couldn't Have You I Died After you told me I don't Deserve to live I Died When my Make Up wore offI Died When you removed me from my Box I Died When I Was Locked Away I Died And You Will Never Care How Can Someone you are best friends one day start to hate you So much they wish you were dead?Or would not care if you diedHow Can they hate you so much after you helped them out so much with there life?You have done everything in your power to help themAnd Got Nothing BackHow Can You Tell They Were You True Best Friend?You Never CanOr Can You?
My Boredom
Yeah i'm bored at work, working for the postal service can be somewhat of a good thing too, cuz it there's time to kill to think about other shit out there. we dont get very much customers here, but it's starting to get busy cuz it's Christmas is coming soon, so people are getting all their shit to their families. i dont make much but i can complain cuz my boss lets me use the computer. Other than that you guys have a good friday the 13th.
My Book
ok fam I need your help this is the book I am writing and I need to know that the beggining is catchy enough so far. So if you read this: Faces of 13 by Dead Whisper Voices In the Wind Chapter One "An old wiseman tale says that if you listen long enough you can hear the voices in the wind, and that which bows the trees head are of the dyings last breath." "The screams echoed down the hallway and into the corridor as I turned and looked at her. She dropped to her knees on the floor in a fitted scream. Shock stirred over me at the horrific sight that my eyes collected, as suddenly I became motionless and the picture, in which I was hanging, fell to the floor. Her innocense was no more as the screams bellowed even louder from her small mouth. The crimson substance covered her as if she had painted herself in it as some kind of monstorous halarity. I thought for a moment that it was a nightmarish dream in which I would soon wake up from, but my mind realized
My Boys
My Box Of Distubances!
My Boyfriend
I'm Happy! So for the past month (approx.) I've known that on Nov. 1 we had tickets for something. I had no idea what, until last week I didn't know where. Well he managed to keep it a secret pretty much until we got there. My bf (Sydistic for the uninformed) took me to see Carlos Mencia live at the Lyric in downtown Baltimore. OMG I've never been to a comedy show before, and I LOVE comedy. My love really surprised me and made my day. Again he made my day. FYI if you like to laugh check out Carlos Mencia. As for me, I'm beyond happy. I had a great night with the man of my dreams and I get to go to bed with him just to put the cherry on top of this wonderous evening. Syd, I love you.
My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me On My Birthday!
My Boy
My Boring Blog!
Making friends is important. You will have much more fun; you can go to parties, sleepovers, have pillow fights and eat candy. It's also important becuase won't be lonely, you will not play by your self, and you will not be sad. If you make a friend you can trust them. If you are sad you can tell your friend and they will help you feel better. So if you want to have fun and never be sad, make a friend. FAN ME B4 ADD ME!!!!!!!!! IS THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND? OR JUST PEOPLE BEING A DORK? :@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@ NOT INCLUDING THOSE NEW MEMBER ) Cancer, You'll move from slow to fast quictly, so you'll need to keep your head on straight. Managing your time and communicating clearly are the best ways of smoothing the path ahead. You'll be delighted one decision can be made easily, getting a good deal of confusion out of the way. You'll soon set your sights on either an upcoming trip or a rather ambitious project that's got your enthusiasm. Allow your imagination to soar.
My Body Is The Instrument You Play So Well
In the middle of a tease, his only slightly rough hands find her body. He traces his fingers up and down her curved sides as she lightly moans a response. She rests her hands around his neck, as he lovers her and himself down on the bed behind them. The picture of her boyfriend falls to the floor with a small shattering noise. He pulled away from her and backed off slightly, staring intently at the ground. She reached for him, taking him by the collar of his Bleeding Through t-shirt and pulled him back to her. The acceptance of what they had started clearly stated. He adjusts himself, placing his hips between her thighs. She could feel him becoming more erect. She blushed, knowing she's the reason. She kissed him, soft and sweet. A light tension flares between them again. As she moves, only slightly, to further comfort herself - her already swollen, moist outer lips created friction against her jeans which in turn rubbed against his erect member. They both moaned in ecstasy, as h
My Boring Life
WHY IS IT THAT MEN ARE SO FUCKIN SWEET WHEN THEY WANT TO BE AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN OVER THE MOST STUPID SHIT THEY TURN INTO AN ASSHOLE I THINK I AM GONNA GO GAY MAN GUYS JUST SUCK U ARE ALL THE SAME NO MATTER WHAT U SAY ITS TRUE UR ALL ASSHOLES ITS JUST A MATTER OF WEATHER OR NOT U LET IT OUT WELL JUST HAD TO BITCH THAT MY MAN IS THE BIGGEST MOST IMATURE ASSHOLE I KNOW FUCKIN DICKHEAD hey everyone its dec 12 and i am so happy my man got outa jail mmmmmm and i got laid over n over again wahhhooooooo.mmm i am sooooo fuckin happy hes back now i at least have something to do besides fuck around on the computer all day it was startin to hurt my neck.ooooowwwwwweeeeeee i need a massage..anyone wanna help me. well it is 12:00 my time and i am gonna go smoke a bowl wit my man maybe get laid and watch a movie fun fun bye all u sexy cherries hey good moring it is i just got my script for xanax last night and had the best sex and the best night sleep ever i am so happy to be home instead of be
My Body
Don't move, I'll get you a towel...hehe He has a mind of his own most of the time.... Oh, it feels so good to be so bad!!! TomTom
My Box In A Box!!!!
My Box in a Box- Spoof of 'Dick in a Box' | Send To Friends | Flash Cartoons at JibJab I HOPE YOU ALL GET A LAUGH OUT OF THIS TO!!!!!!!!!! COME BY AND CHECK OUT MY STASH IN MY VIDEOS TO IF YOU WOULD YOU WILL LIKE THEM TO!!!!MAUHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!PEACE !!!!!!!!
My Boring Crap
I have been accepted in to the LDC Family. So far everyone has been great. I can't believe how much support I have gotten already. Honestly, I've been here for a few years now and haven't ever had this much support and love shown to me. Kinda overwhelmed a bit. That's not to say that all of my friends and fans haven't been great. I've made some really great friends here. Hopefully this will be the begining of even more friendships. I look forward to getting to know all my new Family members and recomend that if you want a supportive group of friends that you consider coming over to the LDC. Talk to you soon. This has got to be one of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks. I came across it at a buddies house when he was throwing a cockail party. They were using it as a mixer but since I was driving I just had it straight. It's basically carbonated water and orange juice. It's supposed to be healthier than soda cuz it's juice but I don't even care about that. If you like orange
My Bone
Using your mind Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mind. Sex is mostly in your mind and to your partners delight you have mastered the arts of seduction and atmosphere. Take this quiz at
My Body
Big brown eyes, with a rim of green. Eyes that see, and show, the unseen. No twinkles, no sparkles, no glittery light Just two big eyes intense with unspoken delight. Plump red lips with a sweet cherry taste, Lips that won't let a drop go to waste. No pout, no smile, no innocence at all, Just plump red lips to answer your passionate call. Slender arms, enfolding you like wild fire, Arms that can clutch to you with desire No flailing, no waving, nothing to fight Just supple arms keeping you encircled all night. Smooth willowy legs, so lithe it's a sin, Legs to clasp around your body, pulling you in No running, no kicking, no shame at all, Just legs attached to gyrating hips, wanting it all! Proud soft breasts, nipples erect and pink, Breast to bring you to ecstasies brink, No perfection imposed, no expectation Just naked breast to stimulate in erotic anticipation. My body, willing and able to please, My body, I surrender to you with ease,
My Boring Saturday....
My Book Cc/2007
Melissa whirled on Death/Bob " how dare you chase someone from my house. this is not your place, and you cant tell people that they can or cant be here. You have no right! Besides he's kinda cute, might do me some good to get on his good side since you said most of us go to hell first anyway. By the way, what was that comment about you quitting? You quite your job? How can death quit? Does that mean that no one is going to die, and if they do who is going to your job. I mean wont there be even more lost souls wandering around?" "Melissa just what am I supposed to say? You know that I needed your help, but alot of things happened since the last time I saw you. I didn't quit, I threatened to after Himself told me I couldnt love you........" "What!!! What did you say? You loved me, you told that to Himself? To like the power dude. The one who controls all of this. And your not even supposed to talk to me in the first place. Great Pal, you just set my wheel back a couple
My Boring Life
Anyone wanna paint for free? I hate it and so does the old man. I'd rather not have to pain, but would like it all done for me. :)
My Boo
my booAdd to My Profile | More Videos
My Boo
This Is Why Im HotAdd to My Profile | More Videos yea you know this is real love DILEMMA - NELLY & KELLY ROLANDAdd to My Profile | More Videos
My Boy!!
Can't Blame White People by Bill Cosby Bill & Camille Cosby They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English. I can't even talk the way these people talk: Why you ain't, Where you is, What he drive, Where he stay, Where he work, Who you be... And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father talk Everybody knows it's important to speak English... except these knuckleheads. Mushmouth is what they speak!? You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth. In fact you will never get any kind of job making a decent living. People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an education, and now we've got these knuckleheads throwing that all away.? The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal. These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids. $500 sneakers for what? And they won't spend $200 for Hooked on Phonics. I am talking about thes
My Boring Day
You scored as Angel, Angel: Angels are the guardians of all things, from the smallest ant to the tallest tree. They give inspiration, love, hope, and positive emotion. They live among humans without being seen. They are the good in all things, and if you feel alone, don't fear. They are always watching. Often times they merely stand by, whispering into the ears of those who feel lost. They would love nothing more then to reveal themselves, but in today's society, this would bring havoc and many unneeded questions. Give thanks to all things beautiful, for you are an Angel.Angel92% Faerie75% Mermaid75% WereWolf58% Dragon42% Demon17% What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with You scored as Paladin, The paladin is a divine warrior, relying on his god and his might sword, he is ready to crush evil and to help others.Paladin75% Bard
My Boyfriend And I
Okay today October 1,2007 is just a quick update... Chris and I are still together trying to work things out but we are no longer engaged. Our kids are doing great Jacob started Kindergarten and the girls are starting to crawl Allison is pulling herself up and doing well...Alana has 2 teeth and is just now starting to get onto her knees. Hope all is well with everyone else! HUGS! Okay, many of you know that I have a boyfriend I don't much talk about. Well it's time to let the cat out of the bag for those of you who did NOT know. I am taken and we are trying to work things out...He's asked me to marry him. I haven't told him a direct answer yet and I told him I didn't want to rush into things...So, yes, we're engaged for the time being with no infinate date set because who knows which way things could go. If this is bothersome to you sorry. If this upsets you, sorry. This is my life, my kids life, and all 5 of our lives.
My Book/video Game
hey everybody this is what i have been doing and thinking of please leave comments a man with a dark past, a man who has in many great battles, a man on a quest to release himself from his past. He is haunted by the people he has slain as a curse and result of his past he cannot love. He meets a band of runaways on the run from a corrupt government as the team journeys to far away lands and lavish citys. And explore each others secrets the team must work together to help one man get over his past. One man has to over come his inner demons. And open his heart and look to one woman who holds the secrets to his questions. please again leave comments 6/21/2007
My Boys Vidio
My Bombing Comment..
My Boss...
My bOsS Why on earth did I have to go and open my big mouth and tell the boss I would be the best man for the job, was the only thing I could think of while walking down the hall to her office for what was promising to be a very long, and exhausting night at work. As I walked into her office I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Sitting on her desk with one leg up was my boss. Don't just stand there come in and close the door. I did as she said and still couldn't comprehend what was going on. When I turned back around I noticed what my shocked mind didn't at first register, the fact that my boss had on no panties on. I could smell pussy in the air. I asked her if she still wanted me to work on that project for her. She said that since I interrupted her that my first task was now to make her cum. Seeing as how my boss is one of the hottest babes I've ever seen in my life, I dropped everything and fell to my knees in front of her and that sweet smelling pu
My Bogs
I feel the remorse,I feel the pain i love my animals on god please help me. The nightmares the'll I will die in my mercy cause my brain is tainted my love is a disease that people cannot bear my soul is red but I'm bleeding blk for all the sorrow that I feel.I feel helpless and left to fend on my own .the music makes me feel whole almost complete so to speak . I hear the crow chrip in side my head as I open my eyes he dissappears .the love is not lost until you've lost the love .I'm the dirty angel you love to hate my mind is cluttered with uneless shit .I am weird because I am different I call it special I see red and gold mix isn't it lovely , my brain is tainted my soul is wounded my heart is beating my brain is tainted. I feel the poision running threw my veins I will die in my mercy can't you see? I'm broken and can't be fixed so don't try.I'll poision your mind next time .i am dyeing inside and there no cure .karma is the key my brain is tainted who is to blame? You give what y
My Bog
high people! i havent been keeping this up as i said i would but il try to update it as often as i can lol im going to visit my famly this weekend im happy bout that! i dont really have any news so il go for now ttyl today is the 6th of august this weekend sucked ass like most of them do. got alot of work to do this week my office is changing buildings and i have to re install all the computers and such equipment. i bought an iphone last week and i love it :) i also got promoted recently im happy bout that. i am new to the fubar scene but it looks cool i only had it one day and already passed up my friend who invited me to join! LOL hmm wha else to say? il be posting here once a day hopefully maybe someone will read it maybe i can help someone with some problem in their life. need someone to talk to i always been told that im a good listener so hit me up :) night fubar
My Boyz Are Off To A Good Start !
Post Game Recap: Cowboys 23 - Colts 10 New Cowboys Head Coach, Wade Phillips had plenty to smile about tonight as the Cowboys overpowered the defending Super Bowl Champions, Indianapolis Colts 23-10. The Cowboys drew first blood when Tony Romo commanded an opening drive that led to a field goal to put the Boys' up 3-0. Romo also had another long scoring drive end in a field goal in his second and final series of the game for him. On the night, Romo completed 10 of 11 passes for 93 yards, but he missed a couple of huge opportunities by failing to see a wide-open Jason Witten and Anthony Fasano. During the game Pam Oliver asked both Jerry Jones and Tony Romo about his contract status, but both sides were very noncommittal. The Cowboys first string defense did a fantastic job of keeping Peyton Manning at bay. The only touchdown the Colts scored came late in the game, long after the first and second string players were off the field. The defense also scored the C
My Boring Life
OK  BORING!!! Hey WildFire here (aka Lisa)Just a question....Does anyone ever really write in these blogs??? I know I don't I don't have anything to write about my life is so boring. Maybe I can find something to post about once in awhile but everyday??? H*ll no m life isn't that exciting lol I just sit in front of this box shape thing that gets mad at me once in awhile and just shuts off ( maybe because I scream at it to much) but I wouldn't have to scream at it if it didn't misbehave. Then this little box wants to be fed with pictures, music, programs, software and such and if you don't keep it happy it starts throwing a tantrum and starts screaming back with little popup windows and if that isn't enough it keeps asking you update it with even newer stuff and sometime the new stuff it asks for makes it sick and you have to buy even more new stuff to make it better. I swear this thing is gonna be the death of me someday but I just can't help staring at into all day to see what else
My Boy Chuck
hey all my best friend chuck is having his birthday today please show him some love ty all xoxo annie
My Boys Birthday
Is it wrong 2 have a picture of your tattoo on here,cause some dumb ass turned in my primary photo picture I had up and said it was nsfw.You people need 2 grow up you don't like my pictures or profile don't look at it.I could care less at least I have clothes on I am not showing my boobs,ass or pussy and I have no nekkid pictures on profile like more then half these people do so get a life and stop fuckin with people that are trying 2 enjoy fubar.ty Hey all it is my best friends birthday today and he just joined fubar so can we show him some love tyvm His name is chuck and he is under 'hardride' he only has 1 picture with me in it lol ty all xoxo annie
My Boyz Did It Again ;-)
Game Preview: Denver at Dallas Broncos (1-0) vs. Cowboys (1-0), August 18, 7:00PM CT, CBS 11 Pre-Season Week 2 Preview: The Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos, both 1-0 on the preseason, will both play their 2nd preseason game of the year when the two teams clash at Texas Stadium this Saturday. It will be the Cowboys final home game until the regular season opener September 9 against the New York Giants. The Broncos will return home to Invesco Field for their final two pre-season games after Saturday night's game against Dallas before opening up their season on the road against the Buffalo Bills September 9. Denver came from behind to beat the San Francisco 49ers 17-13 at Bill Walsh Field at Monster Park. This was the 1st game there since the passing of Hall of Fame and legendary 49ers Head Coach Bill Walsh due to leukemia at the age of 75. The Cowboys stomped on the Indianapolis Colts early and never let up in route to a 23-10 victory at Texas Stadium. On Wednesday and T
My Boyfriend.
My Boys Do It Again
MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds VS MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds Final 1 2 3 4 F DAL Cowboys (1-0) 3 7 10 17 37 MIA Dolphins (0-1) 3 3 7 7 20 Passing: T. Green, (Mia) 23-40, 287, 2TDS Rushing: M. Barber, (Dal) 14-89, 2TDS Receiving: C. Chambers, (Mia) 9-109, 0TDS MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds
My Boyfriend Should
My Book Pages On Myspace
For those of you who still have and use a MySpace account, stop by my book page next time you log on and check them out.
My Boys
My Boring Life
right now i'm just sitting home doing nothing really interesting, pretty boring right now.
My Bolg
My Book
It’s a peaceful scene, a bright summers morning, early. An elderly mans out walking his dog in the woodland. A lively golden Labrador, it bounds about up ahead of the man. It runs off close to the river side, and starts barking loudly out of the sight of the owner. ‘OK boy what you got’ says the old man cheerily He begins to walk over to where the dog is, still barking away. He reaches down and strokes the dogs head as he reaches it, then looks over the edge into the river. He reels back in horror as he says the naked body slumped face down next to the river bank, half submerged in the water…. The noise of the phone ringing wakes Steve, a puzzled look on his faces and he half asleep tries to work out what's going on. He reaches over trying to switch of the alarm before he realises that it wasn't the alarm making the noise, and he's not actually in his bedroom. Fallen asleep on the sofa again, living room littered with empty cans, a half eaten kebab still sits on the floor next to
My Books And Short Stories
Colorblind....using my creativty to my advantage Hey boys and girls.....So my Doc thought i would be a good idea for me to find an outlet for everything thats been goin on in my what do I do I start writing like a mad man and what was born from all these random rants and phrases I had written down in a book....Why something i never thought could happen.....A screenplay This afternoon as I was sitting is Chef Burger Downtown eating my lunch reading over everything I had put down it hit me almost like someone slapping me in the back of my head and screaming THATS IT!!!!!!!!! So allow me to tell you about "ColorBlind" This is a film set here in Kansas City and it tales the tell of 2 young people who yes are from diffrent Races, Backgrounds.....well not so much backgrounds both familys are very very well off...but get the point.....anyways These 2 (Brandon and Rebeca..the working names) find themselvs meeting each other and bla bla bla you know how mos
My Book
"as they stare from their stone houses their gazes peirce his soul and send it into a darkness none can measure in words" i think this is a pretty good line now if only i could get the rest of my book to look like this and finish it but i don't think i would be able to by myself.
My Book
We touch our children’s lives and personalities in ways we can never truly know and understand. From the manner in which we speak to them as infants, to the way we react to them when they fall down or act up. The tone of our voice around our kids drastically influences the type of person they will be when they get older; outgoing and boisterous or quiet and mild. They truly are like little sponges that soak up everything we say and do even when we don’t know they are watching and listening. And sometimes, the things we say and do will come back to bite us in our proverbial butts when we hear ourselves repeated (usually in very public places) by our children, in front of others. Be careful not to speak ill of others in earshot of your children, because surely as you do it will be brought back up- by your children- in front of the person you spoke ill of. Such as little Tommy telling Aunt Betty how big mommy thinks her butt is, or how the neighbor ‘just never shuts up’. None of us
My Boo
My Boys
My boys are my life, my world My boys make me laugh, they make me proud My boys is smart, they are kind My boys make me worry, they make me glad Im a single mother tying to raise my boys right I would not traid them for anything in the world I never regret having them in my life My boys is my life, my breath , my reason to keep my head up when I want to lay it down. I might not know how to teach my boys to fight like a man but I have taught them never take the first swing if sum one wants to fight let them hit 1st then u can kick their ass
My Boy
Well, my baby boy is turning 21 tomorrow. I look back and have no idea where the time has gone. It seems like only a few years ago he was the lil boy with the missing front teeth and the worn out lil stuffed puppy.
My Book: Birth To 13
I never quite figured out how, but at some point the teachers noticed the missing kindergartener. Once i began taking trips to my secret hideaway, being in first grade didn't matter as much, so in the mornings i walked to the kindergarten hall and sat with my class. Until one friday morning, after i stood silently with my hands behind my back, as the other students recited the pledge, i was told by my teacher to report to the principals office. I refused to go because i hadn't done anything wrong. I went to the right hall, i sat quietly, and I even stood up for the pledge, rather than remaining seated as instructed by my grandmother. She was a Jehovah's witness, and her faith stood strongly on the story of Daniel who wouldn't bow to the shrine of the king and as followers of god, we were expected to do the same. As the teacher continued to demand i go to the office,I stood my ground. Eventually she called to an aid from the hallway to come and watch the class as she escorted me. Wh
My Book: 13-19
Act 3 Scene II... Family therapy Scene opens in Teresa's office. Zeda's mom, Linda, and her boyfriend, Tony, are seated on the couch. Teresa is visibly shaken by the eerie similarities in appearance between her and Linda.. She is fiddling around with things on her desk. Teresa: I want to thank you Mrs. Hester for coming today. As i mentioned over the phone Zeda has been having a hard time here. She has shown some improvement over the last 2 days and we are considering placing her back into the community. We feel that more family involvement may help her move forward in a more positive manner with her treatment... (Linda stares contempt into Teresa’s direction. Teresa clears her throat then picks up the phone and dials 258) Over the phone: Back desk Teresa: Can you send Zeda to my office (There is a moment of awkward silence. Linda, contrary to her previous depiction has dreadlocks and her nose pierced. Her and Tony are both rather muscular, Tony is tall and dark.. rea
My Book 19-23
My Boo
My Book
Hello My book is now available at and Barnes and Noble Insights of the mind by Roger Carleton Please forward the link and tell everyone you know about it :-) Please feel free to rate and leave a review on either Amazon. com or or both. :-) Right now save $1.36 on my book at Thank you, Roger
My Body
This morning I had some knee surgery done How did it get that far? In August I fell with my bicycle and hurt my left knee and my right elbow. The pain in the elbow had gone after two weeks, th eknee kept hurting. Finally I went to see the guy who had already done surgery 7 years ago on my right knee, and after the scan it showed that I had the same problem: one cracked meniscus. Solution: take it out, lol. Surgery went well (well, at least up until now, lol). Entered the operating room at 9:45am, woke up in the wake-up unit at 10:45, where they kept me in observation for another half hour, then I was taken to my room, where I slept for another hour. In the afternoon I got something to eat (I was about starving, lol), and around 3pm the orthopedic surgeon came to see how I was doing. The head nurse gave me a first shot against clogging of the blood (I have 9 to go, will have a nurse coming over at home to do that every day). I am home now, walking with crutches for the first couple
My Book Of Shadows
who i paula jessica nelson is an transgender gaymale who wants to be a woman and one day i would have the body of a woman because if you don't like what you see on the outside change it to match who you are in the inside i live by this every day 24/7 i believe that i am an wiccen female a good witch and charmed is my fav tv show i watch it faithfully all the time i would like to have the body of one of those women on that show like page the whitelighter half witch anyway every day i feel like a woman instead of being an transgender gaymale that wants to be a woman who i am because i was born in the wrong body...............end of log 1
My Boyfriend Wants Anal Sex
"iam wondering" My BF keep on asking me to try the anal sex but I refuse it. I’m worried what will happen once we do that.. "MY FRIENDS SAYS" What will happen once you do that depends on you as much as it does on him. Happily, your bf seems the type who asks first (as all men and women should do) rather than barreling along and just doing whatever it is he wants and presuming you want the same (which is stupid); or not caring if you do or not (which is heartless). However, if you are worried that agreeing to anal sex might give your bf the misimpression that you are up for anything (and not just anal sex) because you have agreed to something beyond the traditional penile-vaginal sex, then talk to him about it. Set some ground rules if that makes you feel safer and thus better. Your sex is within a relationship, not a one night stand. Take advantage of what that gives you: the space to communicate exactly how you feel about things, One of the nices
My Books,
I dont know if any of my friends know, or lol mabey some dont care but I am a writer. I have had alot of friends on here ask me where I have been for a while. Well I just have had my second book published, I am rather excited about it! My Second book , True Love Returns, Can be found at The ISBN is 1-60703-601-0. My first book, Second Chance At Love, Can be found at The ISBN is 978-0-8059-8594-8 Any Questions, please feel free to email me! Thank you and God Bless! Plus I am also in a writing contest for my poems that I write,Please check out my new poem and tell me what you think! I am in a contest and I am trying to win here is the link to vote thank you! Here is a pic of my first book, A pic of my second book,
My Boys
My Boyfriend
well to start off i met my boyfriend at work the first day we talk as friends then the 2nd day we decide to be together and its been great every since we are gonna get married soon i hope really soon cause i really love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him and show him that i will be good to him....
My Book
My Boys
"my Book"
My Boy Jb
i thinkin bout u everyday! i miss u so bad! i wish where u at. i am so piss off at brent bc he told the cops. he is not guily of u muder. thats bullshit! bc cops found ur blood in his car. i hate u brent england forever! why u wont tell them where is jb at? please tell them now!!!!!! i miss u jb and love u very much u r in my heart everyday
My Boring Weekend
I am sitting here this fine Monday afternoon in my plaid men's pj bottoms, by wife beater and of course my purple slippers. Those of you who truly know me have come to except that this is my outfit most Mondays...they also know that my hair is never brushed, so to combat the endless knots and backcombing( i just looked like i had sex for 15 hours straight hair) I've decided to do the next best thing with my hair....... princess Leah buns!! Now to enlighten all of you as to my weekend..... I being lonely and horny as all hell Friday decided to rent a porno.. I pulled out all my toys... (you never do know what one might need) and looked at the long list of movies.. Ofcourse squirters immediately pops out and I hit yes..... The movie comes on and the title flashes up "Anal Gaping Squirters" I freeze holly shit what have i done.. can i get my money back... no ... I will not tell you what happened after this because I know some of my friends are trying very hard not to be corrupted  by
My Boss So Sux The Donkey...
My Bomb List
I am always searching for people to Altruize (give my points to for 12 hours). There are only 2 requirement 1. i ask for is to be within 250K of leveling. 2. u must help urself as much as possible by rating my page and sending ur friends to rate,bomb,or bling as well. I always do my stuff and a lil extra while altruizing others. Only exception is if you want to give me a bomb or auto to run while u are being altruized, u can be at any amount from leveling. but still must do #2 of the requirements. I average 250K per altruization without autos or a bomb. Had a high of 780(him n his friends helped alot)! With a bomb i average 2.5mill. With an auto I average 4-6 Mill.So if u are interested private message me and let me know. Lucky@ fubarShaunna@ fubarChelleBelle@ fubarKally@ fubarBigSexy@ fubarmost evil@ fubarL1wolf
My Body Is Your Playground
My body is your playgroundCome out and play with meExplore me with your fingers You can skip on my lips with your tongueMy body is your playground I am open for youWith my nipples you can playhide and seek let me find youMy body is your playgroundCome out and play with meCome swing by my thighsand you can slide down my clit for a bitMy body is your playgroundCome out and play with meI can be your jungle gym Climb right on top of meMy body is your playgroundCome out and play with meI can be your clubhouse come inside of meGo around and around I am your merry-go-roundMy body is your playgroundCome out and play with meI am here for your joyCome have fun with meMy body is your playgroundCome out and play with meI am open all day and nightCome run, jump, skip and walk on meMy body is your playgroundCome out and play with me
My Boyfriends Profile Link
My Boss
A friend of my boss who isa businessman met me, & agreed to spend the night,With me, for $500. We did their thing, and, before he left,He told me that he did not have any cash with him, But he'd have his secretary write a check & mail it to me,Calling the payment 'RENT for APARTMENT.' On the way to the office, he regretted what he had done,Realizing that the whole event hadn't been worth the price. So he had his secretary send a check for $250, And enclose the following typed note: 'Dear Veronica :- Enclosed find a check for $250 ..For rent of your apartment.I am not sending The amount agreed upon, because when I rented the place,I was under the impression that: #1 - it had never been occupied; #2 - there was plenty of heat; & #3 - it was small enough to make me feel at home. However, I found out that: #1 - it had been previously occupied, #2 - there wasn't any heat, and #3 - it was entirely too large.' Upon receipt of the note ..I immediately returned the check for $250, With th
My Bombing
I wanted to explain how I have been bombing. I have tried to help as much as I can anybody that wants to be bombed. I always bomb my family first. I am going to start bombing people who have a auto or bomb going and those who rate my pictures.  Those of you who think all you need to do is just ask can forget it. Its not fair to others who deserve it. If you cant find time to rate dont expect me to take the time to bomb you. Feel fortunate if your not running autos or a bomb that you even get bombed at all. When that startrf noway in hellI ever got a free ride.   Thats all folks    91vette  (Michael)
My Book... Titled "the Inner Me"
So tell me this what makes one better than another? What makes the human mind become so fucking clouded that it has beliefs that everyone else is just so fucking beneath them that anything that anyone else does goes unnoticed?  I have to know this for that I grow tired of this type of human... just because they cannot realize the truth.. Everyone is equal. Show me a man that is flawless within everyway and I'll reveal that he's a mere figment of an imagination. I know my flaws. I wear them on my sleeve. And yet even still I have those thinking that they are better than me why? Its all because of popularaty. How so? Thats just the way of life. Until that very day that I'll snap and reveal to them what I've held back for oh so long then well lets just say I'll keep smiling. I have some people telling me that I shouldn't smile that I should commit acts of volience. That is something that I feel right down to my very bone everyday. And yet the reason that I smile is because with a smile th
My Book.
It was a brisk morning and pilots briefing had just completed. The Talons were as usual at the top of the briefing with accolades of their last mission, and the news that they will not have any time off to relax after another Rebel faction started terrorizing the sector once again. The low grumbles filled the room after the disheartening news came to the squadrons of the 31st space fighter wing.   For three years The Talons have been instrumental in keeping the peace in the Seti Sector of the Galaxy. This Sector is the farthest from the “civilized” Central Core of the galaxy and is prone to terrorism and acts of extreme rebellious activities, but the largest problem growing is a growing militia with outside the galaxy influence. For this reason alone, the 8th fleet has been permanently based in this sector. Morale has been low for every squadron and wing due to the heightened activity within the sector. Six months of either being on high alert or engaging insurgent factio
My Book I Am Writing
welcome to my first blog of many for the book i am writing this first blog is just to give u a little about the book to see that people think and if they have any ideas to give there imput  its  a fantasy book a good vs evil storry i know its been dont smore times than there are numbers but i love fantasy books robert jouran and terry goodkind are a few of my favorate authors i been getting into brandon sanderson ever since he picked up the wheel of time series after robert jordan passed away this blog i dont want to get into the story much but the next fre i will be posting the book an a simple short storry form  when i write i do it alot different than mpst people who write so i start off with just a simple outsline og the places and what happened there ususly just a few lines for each place after i get all that done i go back to the begining and take my outline and start doing a simple story of everything verry little detail just a basic story that what i will be posting for the nex
My Book Love Blondie
happy new year to all my friends i hope you all had a good one love blondie  hello and thank you to my friends for your birthday cards as well ok my new book is now out part 3 to get my book go to google and tipe in blondie all that i am sharon dixon click on it it will take you stright to my book blondie  i want to say to my friends my book is now ready for my friends to read im sending a link for you to get my book to read all about me once you have read it im here for your comment thank you love blondie
My Body Is Not My Temple
My petite little body, Is my downfall. There is so much more to me, Than something that small. My long golden hair, And ivory complexion. Is just the surface. You’re looking in, The wrong direction. Go past the outside, And see your way in. There is more to me dwelling within. If you’re taken by the outside, Then that’s all you will ever see. You’re missing out, On the most beautiful part of me. For, my body is not my temple, It is my curse. But if that’s all you want, Then it will never be yours.
My Book
My Boy
My boy I almost had youto hold in my armsto make me complete.I was happythe void would be filledand emptyness taken away.I was scaredhow was i to raise youbeing on my own since the first morning of sickness.I'm angrythat you were taken awayI guess I wasn't suppose to have you.People deniy that you exsicedI know the truth, you were thereand don't need to prove it to anyone.I feel more empty nowand more uncompletebut I know the day will come when I see you again.For that day I cannot waitbut I will for I have to complete my lifethen I will hold you.My boy I almost had youto hold in my armsto make me complete. Mayus LeNore
My Bordem Writings
My Boobs Vote For Wickedghost
My Boo
As alot of you know that I and my fu-hubby have been together for awhile now. Yes we have had our ups and downs and many obstacles we have had to conquer. You know what, we did it. Without going into detail of our obstacles we will finally be together. I have been from confused, pissed and even heart broken over the past year with him, but to finally know that it was all worth it in the end is such a blessing. We are looking for a house in late Jan beginning of Feb, all my stuff here will be under control as well as his stuff he needed to get taken care of. We have met and when we can't be togther we use other means, he has truly become my Santa Baby. He is coming down in Dec and I can't wait to hold him again. I have missed his touch so much. I will be moving there next year so that we can start our life together finally after this long year. This will be a very Merry Christmas for I and my son, he has grown to love this man as much as I love him. He has become my life in so many
My Booboo
I met you awhile back on a crazy game site. Never in a million years would I think this goofy, outspoken, beautiful & full of life woman would become my best friend. I never connected with females on that level for reasons of my own. Then I met you, a crazy woman that had it all...the husband, the kids..a family...or so I thought. Then I got to know you over the weeks & months and formed this very unique friendship bond and thats when I seen you were just like everyone had been through the hard times & struggles also...we had so much in common. A year has passed by and you are still my Best Friend/My Sister. I don't think anyone else really knows me like you do. There is noone else who has stood by me when I have made some stupid ass decisions. You never judged me, you never turned your back on me even when there were times you could have. Instead you stayed by my side through everything, always kicking my ass for even making the dumb's cause of you that
My Brain Pattern
Your Brain's Pattern You have a dreamy mind, full of fancy and fantasy. You have the ability to stay forever entertained with your thoughts. People may say you're hard to read, but that's because you're so internally focused. But when you do share what you're thinking, people are impressed with your imagination. What Pattern Is Your Brain?
My Bro Needs Help
my broter needs help i dont know what to do he is 29 and has 2 kids with a psycho and needs to find a sweet lady who can treat him right but it sucks he always goes for the wrong girl and gets hurt nad i hate to see him misrable and i dont know what to do he is misrable and just is like blah my wife hates it i spend all my time over his house casue he hates just bing by himslef and someone please help i need advice
My Brush With Ministry
Okay, seriously, first of all, I call dibs on the lush with the chin braids. That's freakin' hot. No, scratch that, it's hawt. Secondly, find the spelling error: "synical attitude" Thirdly: You live a charmed life, Miss Cupcake. You and your Ministry and me and my Famke Janssen should go have a pants party, sometime in the near future. Endthought: I'm thinking you should've totally made out with the chin bearded guy, and then you should've sent him to New York to make out with me, and then we could've fought over him, like scorned lovers, and then maybe we could've thrown a milkshake in his face. I originally was thinking a cocktail, since that'd obviously be the drink of choice over a lover's quarrel fight, but milkshakes are much stickier, so if need be, we can just take a little pit stop at the In and Out and grab the necessities beforehand. Deal? Fantastic., Second Endthought: Fantastic is really a fantastic word. You should make a point to use it more often, bec
My Brother
My Bro Rocks!
So my brother in law went to bartending school and he kicked ass at it! He now has a diploma and can work anywhere he wants! I just wanted to send out mad probs to him because I am very proud of him! Oh and he makes BAD ASS drinks!
My Brother
Fellow CherryTappers, I am in the mood to blog. I was looking at a picture of my oldest brother, Adam. I felt as if I were about to cry. He isn't the same any more. He is a young 36-year-old man who took for granted his health. Adam had a stroke back in March of '06. He left Hemet, CA to Sacramento, CA on Valentine's Day and we trusted that he'd be fine. He never took good enough care of his diabetes and hypertension/high blood pressure, just shrugging it off, you know? And, now, he's paying the price for his carelessness. Its like looking at an empty room; there's nothing there. He used to wisecrack all the time, with his New York accent...oh, how he sounded slick with the streak of city life in him. And now, he can barely talk. He's like...mentally impaired. Mentally retarded....and it kills me so much. Its just life if he died. My brother isn't my brother any more. We can't talk like we used to. I miss him so much. I am so sad because I look at him while he's barely trying to unders
My Broken Heart Of Glass
My Broken Heart Of Glass
My Broken Heart of Glass" A broken heart is like a shattered glass No matter in how many pieces that glass may sever, There’s always a piece that can’t be found And is lost forever. Eventually, the hurt heals And the pieces of glass are glued, Even though the cracks are still visible Once again, that shattered glass can be reused. Some pieces can’t be replaced And have left a scar behind, But the glass is still able to hold water . . . In given time. Frustrated from picking up all the pieces And waiting for the scars to fully mend, Afraid the water would loosen the glue Breaking the pieces apart again. So fear built a shield To protect my glass from hurt & undue discomfort But the shield wasn’t strong enough To stop it from penetrating my heart. Now I’m trying to start over And forget my dreadful past, So, I broke through this shield Protecting my heart of glass. Even though it protected me From ever loving another, Ironically, it prevented me
My Bros Dad
this goes out to the farther and my mates dad ken griffiths who passed away at 4.AM this morning (gmt) we have known each other for over 18 years we all shed some tears im sorry to see you go me and your son have got into bother together aswell you know, we will miss you man as long as our tears flow but hopefully the carnival will pick you up as they go, ken you were my next door neighbour my friends farther and a savior hopefully we will meet again all the best and god speed to you my friend To ken a 46 year old that past too soon my friends dad a good mate and a great farther we all miss you man god speed to you and heavens best good night mate. 15/02/07 4am
My Brother
my brothers name was james lawrence king jr. , he wasnt actually related to me but he was like the father i never had i never told any one this and i dont no y im tellin u people but its better i say this than keep it bottled up , i met (jimbo) at my brother dennis dads funeral he was my brothers dads wifes son ( confusing aint it) we clicked instantly he knew me and my brother lost something and there was a hole left anad he filled that hole. he would come get me and my bro dennis take us out to his house for weeks even months at a time , he lived far away than he moved close so we would be at his house like every day . he had a son named steven , and a son named bo bo , and a wife name krista they all mean the world to me . but it seems like since he died things havent been the same between us or any of his family for that matter , i miss him the fishing , swimming, bridge jumping, the list goes on , the reason i really wrote this was to say that my brother jimbo saved my life
My Broken Heart
I had the worst birthday, worst valentine's day, and come to think of it I had the worst Christmas, and New Year's, too. So that means I'm probably going to have a very disappointing year!!!
My Brother....
My British Friends
Add my son Luke (Sky) to your friends. He is feeling really down, because he has recently split with his girlfriend of 8 months or more, He lived with her. He is still besotted with her and loves her very much, but dont like the way he's been treated by her. Please can you offer him words of encouragement. Thankyou my friends, you'll find his link in my special friends ;)
My Brother And My Camino
hey all.... i know we all have pretty hectic schedules, but i need to ask you all a favor... my cousin Laura is in her first year at Virginia Tech. although she escaped this morning's massacre unscathed, she's pretty shaken up... that heartless bastard took the lives of 32 people today, and i'm just asking you all to aim a quick prayer to whatever deity you choose, for the souls of the fallen, and the survivors who have to somehow come to terms with this awful tragedy. please guys, all thoughts and prayers will help, ok? thank you ~Rio heyyy all... this is just a 'pep talk' ... there are a lot of people on here that have thought they found 'the one'. sometimes it doesn't work out, but i just kind of want to let you all know that sometimes it DOES happen. back in March of 07, i met my soon to be RL husband on here in a lounge. we just started chatting... then we moved onto Yahoo, and Yahoo talk and webcam. we really just started knowing one another, and well, we fell
My Brother
My brother is new to Cherry tap so anyone reading this please add him...H4v1k is his name on here....and show him some love or if your a guy impress me by adding him hahaha... His name is Jeremy and he like to stick his butt in Fish tanks to see how many bubbles he can make. He likes to eat bearded clams and me him and my best friend like to drink to be drunk. His he real good at DDR even though Im better and we are close so no one mess with him... Jeremy is easy to get along with and I am 100% sure he will tell you stuff you never heard in your damn life that will make you laugh. He is also a ninja with a toothbrush so watchout xoxoxoBethxoxox
My Brother Mmc(sw/aw) Jeff Hiser
MMC(SW/AW) Jeff Hiser, left, and MMCM(SW) Allan Lowe show off the gifts they received one day after saving the life of a Northrop Grumman Newport News shipyard worker. Photo by MCC Aaron Strickland PCU Bush senior enlisted rescue shipyard worker By MCC Aaron Strickland NEWPORT NEWS — A master chief petty officer and chief petty officer assigned to the reactor department of Pre-Commissioning Unit George H. W. Bush saved the life of a Northrop Grumman Newport News shipyard worker, April 23, by performing cardio pulmonary resuscitation. MMCM(SW) Allan Lowe and MMC(SW/AW) Jeff Hiser saw the worker a moment after he collapsed at the brow of PCU Bush at 7:20 a.m. “He was already down,” Lowe said. “I looked at Chief Hiser and asked him if he could perform CPR?” Hiser reported on board PCU Bush in January after three years duty teaching firefighting for the Navy, which includes knowing how to perform CPR. “(Lowe) and I were trying to get his attention,” Hiser said. “
My Broken Heart
My heart is broken Because of words spoken My heart is broken The tears have woken They're here to stay Because of words spoken They won't go away I'm caught in this curse They're here to stay A heartbroken verse Pours from my soul I'm caught in this curse I'm no longer whole Everything I knew Pours from my soul I thought it was true Everything I knew My heart is broken My heart is broken how screwed up n painfull life can be,just yesterday i drove down to conneticut to celebrate our mothers 60 birthday today,with an awesome n enjoyable party,the smile,laughter n tears of joy n happiness in my mothers eyes,made it all worth while,only to come home today(Sunday)and get a call by one of my uncles,to tell me that my uncle tony has passed the smiles are gone,the laughter has turn to tears,happiness to pain,and all in a matter of hours.uncle tony,we love you,and you will always be in our have no idea how much i miss you right now,i wqill always mis
My Brown Eyed Girl
In my eyes I see black hair Brown eyes, as my heart bleeds I feel the pain as my heart bleeds She wipes my tears as my heart bleeds I am laying here sick she holds me as I feel Her breath over me will I continue to bleed Is she here with me I feel the need In my eyes I see a beautiful brown eyed girl Will she be part of me? I see her in picture, I hear her voice As she is a part of me will she be My brown eyed girl Or continue to bleed
My Broken Heart
My Brothers Lil Girl
this is bradleys sister again.. i just want everyone to please pray for my brother even tho its been 9 yrs july 1st that he lost his lil girl.. she was still born on july 1st of 1998... she only weighed 15 ounces and his ex was only 7 months pregnant... so if u would plz send a lil prayer or pray for my brother.. hes going thru a hard enuff time with cara... plz just show my brother some love and hell see it when he can get online or i can let him know.... this is still so very hard on him... he wants a lil girl so bad... he had 2 beautiful girls he was so attached to when him and cara was together..but plz show brad some love plz... thanks alot.. bri
My Bros Girlfriends Family.
So, yesterday,my parents and I went to see Colleens family,and we all get along really good! The only person that doesn't fit in is Bret's gf,''Colleens brother'',cause shes a control freak and is snooty.But we don't need her,lol! Amber,their sister,and her husband Ron,have the cutest baby too.So give my brother John and Colleen the best of luck! later.
My Brother Boogie
My Brother At Work
This is a videao of my step brother Robert WWalker.....he is a Columbus artist. You can see more of his work in my pics. ot check out his website
My Brith Day
is comeing up really soon i want to do something really fun and hang out with someone so hit me up if you want my cell number just ask me for it i will give it to you hugs for all oh yeah my brith day is on 10/8/2007
My Bros B'day Show Him Love !
halloween is lil hotties b'day if you have time please click the link and help her please . lil_hottie1031~Mr. Niceguy's Babydoll~@ fubar hey this is my real life brother and he is one of the coolest dudes on fubar so show him some birthday love and he will show it back when he gets off work ! Mr. Niceguy's™@ fubar
My Broken Heart
My Broken Heart I can write the saddest lines tonight. Write for example: ‘The night is fractured and they shiver, blue, those stars, in the distance’ The night wind turns in the sky and sings. I can write the saddest lines tonight. I loved him, sometimes he loved me too. On nights like these I held him in my arms. I kissed him greatly under the infinite sky. He loved me, I loved him too. How could I not have loved his huge, still eyes. I can write the saddest lines tonight. To think I don’t have him, to feel I have lost him. Hear the vast night, vaster without him. Lines fall on the soul like dew on the grass. What does it matter that I couldn’t keep him. The night is fractured and he is not with me. That is all. Someone sings far off. Far off, my soul is not content to have lost him. As though to reach him, my sight looked for him. My heart looked for him: he is not with me The same night whitens, in the same branches. We, from that time,
My Broken Heart
My Brothers Fu Wife
My Braces Are Coming Off! Wooo!!!
I'm so happy happy happy! I'm finally getting these infernal contraptions removed! I've worn them for 18 months and before then, had to wear a splint for 9 months. Once these braces are removed, I will need to wear an appliance on my upper teeth for a year 24/7 that I can remove if I decide to eat or sing or play my flute. Its; hardly noticeable to the viewer - all they will see is a see-thru band across the front of my teeth. They will also glue in a wire with little round beads behind my front upper and lower teeth to keep them straight and I will wear those from 5 - 10 years. After that, I won't need anything at all! Wow..I never realized that fixing my teeth would take such a long time. Despite the costs, I'm very pleased with the results. I don't have the same type of 'bite'on my back teeth that I had before, but I can eat very well and my front teeth are beautifully straight! (It was crowded and crooked before.) Now I can smile broadly for photos!! WOOO!!! So happy!
My Brother
Thank you to all my friends for your thoughts and prayers for the loss of my brother, Mike. This is the toughest thing I personally have had to deal with in my life and knowing there are those who truly care, helps more than you know. Thank you all! Vince GillGo Rest High On That MountainMusic Video Codes By Music The call came about 5:00 a.m. this morning, 11/19/07. My brother Mike has passed on to a better world. He has suffered long enough and is now at peace. Please say your prayers for my mother and my family. God Bless you Brother, Mike and may you rest in peace! I love you!
My Breakdown & Classification Of How I Rate Pics
My Brother
Hey everyone please pray for my brother, he got into a motercycle accident on new years eve. He has a broke leg, a fractured arm and a cracked skull and he has blood on his brain so hes pretty out of it! So please just prey for my brother! TY!!
My Brother
Tomorrow will mark 4 years since my brother passed away from cancer. I miss him it seems like more and more everyday. Everything i think about what he is missing from mine and his two children's lifes. What'd i would give to have you back on this earth with us!! i miss you and love you aug 11, 1973-jan 7, 2004
My Brain Is Bleeding
Another blog site, another assault on the senses only on this one you get to virtually drink and rate people... I feel like im in an online wet tshirt contest
My Brother
My Brother
Those of you who know me know that I have an older brother. The problem is that he is never around. He lives around the corner from me, but my daughter and I only see him once a month. My parents only see him once every 2 months at the most and he never really calls them. On his days off from work he always goes to his ex-roomate's house to "hang out" and after work, if you go to the bar around the corner, you will see him, without fail he is always there. I see my parents four days a week, weather I am at their house or they are at mine. I go to school and have a husband and a child, but I still find this time for my family. Reciently our father has been in the hospital and now Roger wants to stand up and be a contributing factor to our father's recovery, but not before he tells all of his buddies what is going on. Other family members have been there to see my father and my brother acts as though he has been there all along and has seen my dad daily. He is trying to tell my you
My Brother Died Ronnie Burgess
My Brain Is Leaking Again
Confusion and heartache are things I have become accustomed to. Life is full of loss and when you choose to care for someone or something, pain is often a part of that choice, love opens the door to hurt. So I make the safe choices to avoid the hurt. If something is obvious from the beginning, there is no chance for it to become what it cannot be, then it is really no risk, what cannot be, cannot hurt. Right? Life can never be easy, even when you play it safe. You go along, enjoying your delusions, telling yourself it's nothing at all, its perfectly fine and safe. Then one day, when its time to let it go. the truth slaps you upside the face. You never have a choice in the matter. You have no control over your heart. Even when you tell yourself that it wont matter because you wont get involved. Your heart makes those choices whether you try to stop it or not. I have never looked to feel more, The feelings just develop when you don't expect them. But somehow, I wi
My Brother Kerry
Deputy Kerry Snaples By Nick J. Donofrio, Austin, Texas Deputy Snaples was 22 years old at the time of his death and had just finished his shift as a Corrections Officer when he was killed by an intoxicated driver who was already under suspension for prior DUI's. A tragic end for one so young and willing to serve. ON April 24th was two months since my brother died. I miss him so much! I wish he was here with me during my hard times but i wouldn't want him to be back and everyone on his ass the way they used to be. He went out with a bang the way he wanted to.It's still hard to think about him and not cry, but i'm stronger. I can now look at a croch rocket and not break down crying. He loved those motorcycles. The St. Tammany Sheriff's Office on Monday released the name of a deputy killed in a Sunday-morning motorcycle accident. Deputy Kerry Snaples, 22, of Ponchatoula died Sunday about 4:20 a.m. when his motorcycle hit a pickup that was stopped in the westbound lane of U.S. 190
My Bro Is An Ass
My Brother From Another Mother
You my brother from another mother u know that i will always be here for u just like kaliko u know i got ur back and i know u got mine and u know if u need me and u know i will need u so i love u too always and for life big bro and if i would ever leave this earth just know that i love yall to the heart. To You My Big Bro MP I will always look up to You too You may down and out like the walls are falling down but know that u have a lil bro that will stick and always roll. He will always be there for u and he know that u will be there for him.Hw will pick u up when u down he will be there to make sure u are always ok so when u think u r alone just know that u have a lil bro thats looking out for u and know that he will always love u. To u Big Bro Kaliko Always here for u
My Brother
My Brother-n-law
Today I got a call that I didnt want to get . My brother-n-law is with the 4th id in IRAQ . This was his third tour and he was worried about going back this time . He lost his life to a roadside bomb and will be missed .
My Broken Heart
My Brother Erick.
Hi friends first off I want to say im sorry for not being around lately to chat and hang out with you all I miss all of you of course alot has chaged alot of lately for me. A good friend of mine I have know sence 92 when I came here back in 92 from California her name is Marci she gave me a call a couple of weeks ago now outta the blue right after lunch at arby's she was on the fun with the best news I have heard in a long time she found my little brother Erick. the last time I seen him was back in 95 when I was home for a visit things was still real rough between my parents and me so I left home again back to T.X. I have not seen or heard from him sence then she has been on the hunt for him sence she got back in touch with me a good few months or so back I owe her soo much and thank her with all my heart for bringing Erick back into my life again. I have to admit I have been under alot of stress of late with Erick and my job and also tryin to go into body building some I
My Brownie
My boyfriend just moved in with me today. My parents, my brother, and I helped him get all his stuff today. I'm happy about all this. He's pretty much the most perfect man I've ever met. I love him beyond believe, and I can't wait till I hopefully get to leave with him next summer. I want to marry this man and he knows. He's my everything. He's the cutest thing ever, especially when he's sleeping, he looks like a little kid laying there at night. He's the first guy both my parents like. My brother adores him. I would be so proud if my little brother grows up to be like him. We got together about 5 or 6 weeks ago. I've met my angel and his name is Javi.
My Brother, My Best Friend
My older brother Dusty was in a car wreck that left him brain damaged 4 years ago. He was not only my brother, but my best friend. He would call me on his lunch break jus to tell me hi. It's crazy how once something is gone, how much you really charished that moment. Either you like him or you hated him, there was no in between. People may wonder why I'm still having a hard time dealing with this is because he was the type of person that pain never fased him. Once he about cut off his finger, and he didnt even flinch when it happened. Its just hard to think that he's not bouncing back. We were told he was going to be a vegetable, but he proved them wrong on that. He can't walk or talk, but he sure brings a smile to my face. I miss everything about him; his smile, his cocky ass mouth, him calling me a bitch lol, and most of all, his stupid laugh. It's his b-day, so this is why im writing it....every year on the date of his wreck, tha pain is brought back like it was the day we were tol
My Broken Heart
My Brothers Who Didn't Make It Home
1st Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment “Raiders” 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team “Dragons” 1st Infantry Division Fort Riley, Kansas Deployed to South Baghdad (Dora & East Rashid), Iraq February 2007 - May 2008 Pfc. Steven J. Walberg 18 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division Paradise, California Died of wounds sustained from enemy small-arms fire in Baghdad, Iraq, on April 15, 2007 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Pfc. Aaron M. Genevie 22 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Died of wounds sustained when his vehicle struck a roadside bomb in Baghdad, Iraq, on April 16, 2007 ------------------------------------------------- Pfc. Christopher M. North 21 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division Sarasota, Flor
My Brother 01/28/1970-04/14/2008
Kevin Tice Vicary passed in El Cajon, Calif., on April 14, 2008, at the age of 38. A semi careened out of control after being hit by a van at the intersection where he and his family lived. Kevin was working on his fence just where the semi broke through. He was a wonderful man. He spent many hours with his children, his wife and extended family. They all enjoyed many outings and many cookouts. Kevin went out of his way to make sure his family was well cared for and gave them many opportunities to have fun and learn new things. Kevin graduated from Montezuma-Cortez High School in 1988. After attending college in California, he went to Florida to become a dive instructor. He came back to Cortez, where he met his wife, Isabelle. They married and ran Oak Furniture sales before moving to Albuquerque, N.M., so Kevin could get back into the casino business. He ended up in El Cajon to continue his career as manager of slot operations at Sycuan Casino and Resort. He was always busy do
My Brother And Husband
2 My Bros An Best Boyz
My Breath
Breath... With my every breath I want you close. Until my very last moment, you will always be my last breath. With my every breath I want to feel your love. With my every breath I want to feel your deep passions. Breathe me in life, in love, in passion. With my every breath I want to breathe with you. With my every breath I can't live without your closeness. Breathe with me forever. River… The river of so many memories. To watch the swiftness of the current, but feel the calm on the shore. See the colors of the sunset & embraces the warmth of the aura. Feed the fire, want the closeness of touch. So many memories to come, so many desires.
My Brother Kodiak
Hit my brother Kodiak up by using the image link above.
My Broken Marrige
My Brother
Grief is an awful thing. It eats at your very soul. Death of a family member is never easy to bear. But life itself is not fair. Grief can causes one to not believe in the existence of God, but this universe is too ordered not to have a creator. Be he good or bad; is not for us to question, even with the death of a love one. I have no one to blame but myself for not having been as close to my brother as I should have been, he was only 45 with a son of 9 years old which I will not get to know, because I am also dead to the family, not only separated by 2700 miles, but by facts of life. They wouldn't even let me talk to my brother on the phone, and the funeral is in three days, and I don't have and can't get the money or make arrangements to fly to the funeral. So, they will be at me for not going, because they thought I wouldn't go. They wouldn't even give me time to get there. But I have neven been part of my family since going over seas for my country, just like my first Christmas bei
My Brother Gorilla
My Brother Terry
To all my friends on here wondering what is going on with my brother Terry. Currently he has been in the hospital for a month. He is hooked up to a respirator and numerous tubes and wires. To give you a little on his history with medical problems... Terry has had both his pancreas and kidney replaced with donor organs. This was due to his diabetes destroying his body. After he recovered from that and lost his Dad last year he came down with Lymphoma Cancer. Terry has beaten that also.On May 14th he went to the hospital with a fever he couldn't break. Now mind you the anti-rejection drugs he takes are immune suppressants so that his body will keep the organs. The doctors have been unable to help him, he has pneumonia. Terry is a fighter, but every prayer will help. It is difficult to see him the way he is now, they have him knocked out. Today they have been having problems keeping the feeding tube down him. Tomorrow they are going to do surgery to replace the respirator tube with a trac
My Broken Dildo
My Broken Heart          Way Too LongHere I am again  just me inside my mindKnowing it necessary to go back in time  not as complicated as I would have it seemBlood paved roads leading to lost dreams  never thought I would have what it takesYet all that time, I never would break  what dont kill you only makes you strongerWell it seems to me it just takes longer  pieces of me are born while other pieces dieRest in peace, and whatever you do, dont cry  fighting, always trying to find my groove Always on the edge, not daring to move  a matter of time before I would fallExquisite pain, meaning nothing at all  thunder and lightning, beatiful blood red skiesCalm before the storm brewing in my eyes  lies dressed up pretty, all home grownSmoke and broken mirrors, all to call my own  my fun house constructed and built of bloodMaking me doubt myself and all I love  new dreams now having me hypnotizedLooking into my mind, I sit mesmorize
My Brother Rip
My Brookie!
If tears could build a stairway and thoughts a memory lane I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again No Farewell words were spoken No time to say good-bye You were gone before I knew it And only God knows why. My heart's still active in sadness And secret tears still flow What it meant to lose you No one can ever know. But now I know you want us To mourn for you no more To remember all the happy times Life still has much in store. Since you'll never be forgotten I pledge to you today A hallowed place within my heart Is where you'll always stay. God knows why, with chilling touch, Death gathers those we love so much, And what now seems so strange and dim, Will all be clear, when we meet Him. I Knew you for a Moment When tomorrow starts without me, and I'm not there to see, If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me, I wish so much you wouldn't cry the way you did today, While thinking of the many things, we didn't get to say
My Broken Heart
My Brother
A brothers love last forever even when they are gone. I miss my brother its has been so long.   I remember when we talkd at night when you came home from drinking and being out all night. Me asleep in my bed and you sitting next to my head.  Telling stories about the night, laughing, joking and the almost fight.  We shared so many special times besides being my brother you were a friend of mine... I Love and Miss You.....    
My Broadcasts
I broadcast my friend and I having fun watching tv and smoking. She will not flash and I do not flash with her in the room. Dont be rude. Say please. We will zone out and I may forget about the cam and laptop althogether. I am sorry but this is just what happens lol.
My Broken Rantings.
First off id like to say hi to many fu-friends who care about me(the real me) and who have shown me loves while ive been gone. Im sorry ive been gone for so long. *hugs to ya'll*. Well as im sure you are all mostly aware, im a work-a-holic. Ive been working basically seven days aweek,12 hour shifts for months now. Thus my lack of free time to do anything except think. Im really in a love/hate time of mylife right now, thats been causing me some sadness. I feel blessed to be working like i do, so i can accomplish goals that ive set for myself, and so i can have a lil piece of mind knowing im a lil secure. But i hate the rest of my life...The lonliness is unbareable at times. (And before i go any further...these are my personal thoughts and feelings, me thinking outloud. Im not looking for sympathy or anything. Infact i would prefer not to recieve sympathetic types of comments.) I have been attempting to put myself out there and get out and try and meet new people, in hopes that i will
My B.s
Dormant desires propel a catlike curiosity. Wicked thoughts sprout behind angel eyes. Shy glances, timid touches belie the maelstrom Of turbulent passion that waits within your soul. Come to me. Crawl out your window. Climb the walls that hold you inside. Bring me your prim and proper sophistication, Allow me to corrupt your smoldering naivete. Sin with me. Let us experiment and explore The inner recesses where you dared not go. Permit me to tie you, to cuff you, to restrain you, To give you the freedom to fly above the clouds. It is waiting for you. Will you take it? Which chains will you choose? The soul of a Master has awakened within me, freed from the repression that imprisoned the fullness of my passion. This passion is a power so intense it would destroy the unenlightened, or frighten them away. But no longer must I keep my fire at bay, for I have discovered the mate of my soul. She is peacefully dwelling in the delicate body of the true submissive a
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My B*tching Blog :)
My B*tch For The Day
no this is not about me about someone else...its pretty fn sad when ppl help out others lots and think they have atleast become friends with someone...and when they need help...pooffffff where is their so called friends??..i have many wonderful friends that help me out and i have a lot of fun on here but dam help out others on here...if we all made one comment one rate for others that would even help...yeah there im done this blog... ,,!,, oh look i flipped u the bird go help her out i have helped many on here now im asking u to help her out one rate one comment aint so hard is it..
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Your Bumper Sticker Should Be Squirrel - it's what's for supper What Bumper Sticker Should Be On Your Car?
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CAR CLUB REGISTERATION INFORMATION Starting a car club for all of you who have a wild ride!!!If intersted just stop by our shop @ 65 Mt. Vernon St., Temple PA (need direction goto our web site or call 610-921-2558 ask for Jill or Josh) or send a message to my in box with your name, number, and a picture with u and your ride. You will be contacted with in a couple of days to set-up an appointment for registeration and stickers (yes this is all free). We are also taking out of state registration(We will just do everything by phone and mail).
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COME ON PEOPLE ALL THIS AN NO SEX TOO! STOP BY AND FUCK ME! I MEAN READ ME! i;m here looking for great sex! til i find my life partner! are you here?
My Business
One day, in line at the company cafeteria, Jack says to Mike behind him, "My elbow hurts like hell. I guess I better see a doctor." "Listen, you don't have to spend that kind of money," Mike replies. "There's a diagnostic computer at the drugstore at the corner. Just give it a urine sample and the computer'll tell you what's wrong and what to do about it. It takes ten seconds and costs ten dollars...a hell of a lot cheaper than a doctor." So Jack deposits a urine sample in a small jar and takes it to the drugstore. He deposits ten dollars, and the computer lights up and asks for the urine sample. He pours the sample into the slot and waits. Ten seconds later, the computer ejects a printout: You have tennis elbow. Soak your arm in warm water and avoid heavy activity. It will improve in two weeks. That evening while thinking how amazing this new technology was, Jack began wondering if the computer could be fooled. He mixed some tap water, a stool sample from his dog, urine samp
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My Bullentins
OMG!! its like being in grade school, "if you don't repost i wont be your friend" OMG, Im almost 50 yrs old. If that is all it takes to lose your friendship then its not really a friendship is it. So dont waste my time being a fake friend just for points. GO ahead Delete me NOW. I will only repost things that are worth reposting In my eyes. That is why I have the choice. And the other issue. How many Points someone leaves you. If they rate you a "1" be GLAD cause they may of not rated you at all. 1 is better then zero. The site gives us choice 1 thru 10 and if your a VIC you can give 11's. Choice, we all have it. Im thankful for 1 as I am for a 10. Rate what is in your heart. Its fine with me. Just thank you for taking time to come by and share my pics, the small part of my life I share. Ok, (stepping down off my Have a WONDERFUL CHERRY TAP Journey. Have fun , smile and enjoy the people out there that are REAL and Genuine and forgive t
My Bulletin
Heather Wood will have you ROCKing HARD!!! (repost of original by 'SilverOak™ DJ of Fear and Dreams' on '2007-04-04 21:09:40') (repost of original by 'N8IV69ER_Yours is bigger than mine ? NOT !!' on '2007-04-04 21:15:52')
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I recently got out of a marriage and also failed in a relation ship. I just want to say to the guys out there looking to meet women online. Just because you met her online doesn't mean she has to be a liar. Online dating is just a form of meeting people.But i'm moving on now and all i had to do is just go on a trip and just got home on june 12th at 7:00 am. I tried to visit the woman i met online by going to her town but i messed up by not excepting that she "is" real just because i met her here on cherry tap. Then i move to the next one. Lesson learned. And i learned that one the HARD way Peace out. Learn from your mistakes ladies and gents Just tell me if i'm wrong or not. What's up with these bitches who really look bad and are way passed being overweight and only show their face on Cherry tap talking about "i'm sexy" C'mon give me a brake. If a man tell you about yourself and another woman call you name..Don't come back with this dumb ass line "love me
My Buddy- Baby Smoothe-
This is a good friend of mine and hes been trying for so long to get his 30 day blast, heres the comment he left on my page and he dont beg much less ask for anything unless he really needs it. this time i know he needs it..... ----------------------------------------------- comment: dam hun im not going to make it i need it by the 31st plz plz plz get all your ppls to help me again i well add them and fan them plz plz i well gift them to lol i well do almost anything ------------------------------------------------ HERES HIS LINK- AND PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HELP HIM OUT- HES RIGHT NOW AT 13500 AND NEEDS TO GET 25000- SO PLEASE COME HELP ME BOMB HIM. AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP FOR THOSE WHO HELP OUT-- HE IS A GREAT PERSON. Music Video Codes By Music
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My Butterfly Affect
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I am looking for inmates that do artwork or hobbies.. have a website started and currently working with Montana Inmates.. If you would like to write and inmate in the Montana DOC . let me know.. some of these people are down for a long time and could use some company..
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My Business...
My Bully For Dj
My Butterfly
You started as a catapillar eager to blossom Not afraid to eat or show who you are No care in the world or thoughts of pain You go into a slumber and then a deep sleep Saving your energy to make a change You awaken, a burst out of your shell A cleaning, a stretch and then the spread of your wings You take your first flight and come to me with all of the freedom and choices to make you chose to use those wings to fly into my heart A beautiful, delicate, and precious butterfly that is so amazing Why me, I'm just a nobody when you can have whomever you want I know deep in my heart without a doubt I love my butterfly from here to eternity Thank-you my dearest butterfly you have given me hope and life.
My Buzz!
come on...I love it when you guys are buying me gifts and drinks, keep 'em coming! Thank you to those of you who have given me gifts and those of you who have added me, rated me, fanned me, crushed me! Kisses to you all! OK...Buy me some drinks...don't let my buzz go away...I like being 100% shit faced! Thanks to you all!
My Burning Retinas
amy winehouse looks like a crackwhore... yeah that's all i have to say about that. jesus h christ i'm glad i don't pay attention to celebrities and all that shit too often. please have her sterilized and get her off the blow
My Buddies!!!
this is for my buddies angel and jenny. You know we have all had fun times. Like with me and angel at the fair when i got hit in the face and you was there to help me b/c of that dumb bitch. andriding down 81 next to matt and kenny in our bra's and seeing there faces was priceless. And going to club zero wit robert. WOW! Fuckin marshall. damn!! and me and kenny and you and matt all "together" and all the shit that happened than, and playing 3 man with me for the first time and calling kenny, jeff when he came into lay next to me when i was passed out. Or you me and jen drivin down the rd after my christmas party. Hell and me and jenny driving around pissin off byron and jeff and there new gurls OMG so much fuckin fun. Or jenny me and you and r drunk party that was funny. I love both you all your my gurls b/c THATS HOW WE ROLL!!! We all got it like dat.
My Buddy
hi plz add r4ate fan this guy hes my best friends for 23 yrs and hes shy as hell thx
My Bucket List
1)Kids-1 boy (Colton Andrew Kenji Unrath or Roary Elijah Unrath) 1 girl (Aurora Alison Michelle Unrath) 2)Find true love (i might be able to cross this one off) 3)Find employment in something I truly enjoy 4)Help out someone truly in need 5)Quit chewing 6)Make at least one person truly happy-check 7)Set up a savings account 8)Travel to australia, Brazil, Germany, Cananda, Mexico, Spain, Japan, Ireland 9)Go hunting 10)Go to at least 3 more concerts-Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Blink 182, Something Corporate, 30 seconds to Mars, Eminem, Colbie Caillat, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley 11)Go to college AND graduate with at least a associates degree (law or criminology) 12)Visit the playboy mansion 13)Meet Celebs-Megan Fox, Bam Margera, Orlando Bloom, Jonny Depp, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat (at least 5) 14)Get all the tats i want-Shamrock ribs, bear claw left shoulder, snakes forearms, ohana neck, words, heartagram under the belly button 15
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Good day mates Dj Squeak here from the land down under inviting you to come and join me in HOPPIN HUMPIN ROO CLUB! Where the women are hot and crikey the men are crazy! Click the pic below to enter!!WE MAY HAVE PPLS ON CAM AS WELL HEHE Mention ur having a good time to me and i'll buy u a drink mabye even more if you subscribe DJ SQUEAK IS RAWKING IN THE HOUSE click the link picture below ! and join me in G.O.H. ! in the GUARDIANS OF HELL ! (repost of original by 'SuNNy K.O.P.E.'S PhEoNiX' on '2007-12-31 08:07:26') Good day mates Dj here from the land down under inviting you to come and join me in Erotic Desires! Where the women are hot and crikey the men are crazy! Click the pic below to enter!!
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My Bubba
My Business
HEY EVERYONE.I AM UPGRADING MY WEBSITE IN ABOUT 3 WEEKS.RIGHT NOW IT HAS 150 ITEMS IN IT AND ALL ARE UNDER 20$.WHEN ITS UPGRADED IT WILL HAVE 3000 ITEMS IN IT.MY WEBSITE IS WWW.GIFTSANDGOODIES.US SO CHECK IT OUT.LOTS OF STUFF FOR MOM,DAD,BIRTHDAYS,ANIVERSERIES AND HOLLIDAYS. my website is up and has over 2800 products in it.alot are under 20$.the website is check it out. finally my new website is up and has over 2800 items in it and a lot are under 20$ the site is
My Business
What I do for a living and my private life is no ones Business on the internet. What I do for a living and who I see I will not give out to anyone so to safe the Trouble on me telling you NONE OF YA don't even bother to ask. I am a very private person and don't feel I should tell perfect strangers about my real life. I do have a life outside of the Internet and do not get on much so deal with it.
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HELP!!!! it used to be up all the way
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> > > > > > > > > > > > > PLEASE TAKE THE TIME OUT TO CHECK OUT SOME OF MY FRIENDS! > THESE PEOPLE MAKE FUBAR WORTH COMIN TO FOR ME! > so please F/A/R them for me! > > Mz. Chaos > Mz Chaos♥R/L Wifey 2 TinMan22/@ fubar > Kaliko > lc@ fubar > > LaLa > ♥LåLå®♥OF THE PU$$YCATPLAYMATES®@ fubar > DMAN > DMAN1973 proud FU owner of Thickness85 and Carlie and my Confidence@ fubar > > Miss Trouble > Miss Trouble™ Club F.A.R Team Capt - Col. Dream Girlz - Suave's Fu Wifey@ fubar >
My Bully/booom Boom Room
DJ BIG SEXY @ THE BOOM BOOM ROOM !!!!!!^CLICK THE SEXY TO ENTER^MAKING PANTIES DROP EVERYWHERE!MEMBER OF THE BBR WOLFPACK! DJ Gothic GoddessCOME CHECK OUT THE SEXIEST DJ IN THE FU-WORLD! Little Johnny's Letter to Santa You must be surprised that I'm writing you today, the 26th of December. Well, I would very much like to clear up certain things that have occurred since the beginning of the month! While filled with illusion I wrote you a letter and I asked for a bicycle, an electric train set, a pair of rollerblades, and a football uniform. I destroyed my brain studying the whole year! Not only was I the first in my class, but I had the best grades in the whole school. I'm not going to lie to you, Santa, there was no one in my entire neighborhood that behaved better than me. With my parents, my brothers, my friends and with my neighbors, I would go on er
My Bullshit.
BID ON ME! Click the pic. Check it out. This auction ends May 7th. This auction just started check it out... This auction ends May 12. Hey everyone my net is back up and I will be back in full swing tomorrow. I'm currently attending Anatomy 142. Love yalls! JA invites you to SocialVibe
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My Buddy Pete Is Gone!
My Buddy Pete passed away yesterday. He was 41. We have been friends for many years. I stood with him when he got married. We used to race together. We worked at the speedway together. Pete suffered for a long time. Many ailments. He even recieved a kidney transplant a few years ago. And he never, ever complained. I did. I hated to see the the things he had to go thru. But he would tell me to shut up, he would deal with it! But now it's over. God decided to call Pete home. Pete will never be in pain again. But right now we are. But we /I will deal with the pain, because that's what Pete did, and would want us to do. I'll be gone for a few days, back on Sunday night. I've got to help his wife make arrangements and other things. Then I'm going to get drunk. Howie
My Bully
My Bully
a href="" target=_blank> [ photo: 570866899 ]
My Bullentin By My Friends
PIMPOUT FOR MY NEW OWNER, Gbeaver: Show him some love!!! Gbeaver, pls F/A/R ~R/L hubby 2 SexyBBW and proud member of the Horny Toad club@ fubar Here is who he chose to have pimped out with him, Sexybbw, RL wife of Gbeaver owned by Big Daddy T@ fubar And § BIG Daddy T § ~ fu-owned by ~N~Power~@ fubar This Pimpout brought to you by: jade&jaksonsmom,25 To Life,Club Mystic,Owned by DeeDeeMB,Owner of aGem4life, Silverpixi, BBW Goddess@ fubar (repost of original by 'jade&jaksonsmom,25 To Life,Club Mystic,Owned by DeeDeeMB,Owner of aGem4life, Silverpixi, BBW Goddess' on '2009-01-10 18:18:01') (repost of original by '♦CinDragon♦Founder of ClubMystic♦PegasusProject♦FuAngel♦I.B.I.C♦' on '2009-01-10 19:02:52') (repost of original by 'jade&jaksonsmom,25 To Life,Club
My Bullshit
I've taken a few huge hits in my life since I got back from my mission. It's been hard to deal with since I'm so far away from home, and the end of this seems so far away. I've pretty much lost everything back home that I hold dear, and I have nothing to look forward to now, except for being alone. This is very new to me cause I've always had someone, no matter what. I'm taking this as God telling me that I need to be alone and get my life straight. So I'm going to do just that. I won't be logging in here anymore, or to my messenger. I'm going to use my remaining time here to figure out my life. When I get home, I'm going to get my divorce finalized, find a place to live, and figure out where I'm going. I wish you all the best and I will pray for you everyday. Thank you for all the friendship you have given me. I love you all. Jason
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Designing of a new website, Redesign or revamping of an existing website, Maintenance & management of an existing website. Our professional methodology ensures prompt, timely services within your budget.We emphasize on scalable web application development; which can accommodate rapid business changes with ease in future applications. Web Designing,Web Development,E-Commerce,SEO,Graphic Designing,CRM,CMS,Online Marketing Custom playing cards and branded playing cards manufactured by the most reliable and customer-centric producer in the world custom playing cards, custom, playing, cards ,disney, disney playing cards, branded ,personalized, brands, cards, quality, great, contact, world, mothers, fathers Problems related to Health, Wealth, Relationships Education and Career; addressed with suitable solutions as per Feng Shui Advice ( An Ancient Art of Placement) Fengshui consultations, Space Clearing, Problems, Health, Wealth, Caree
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Never tell a guy you like girl, because no matter how much they say they're aren't like every other guy it's a lie. I'm really alone in this world. Guys want girls who do things with other girls so they can have threesomes. I just wish I could fine a girl who knows how I feel and wants to be with me for me. I'm done with Guys, excluding::: Will Smith and Se7en.
My Bulletin Check It Out
She's got Auto 11's on! COME GET UR POINTS!! AUTOS ON N BOMBS! IM UR'S 4EVER! 2ND ALARM HOTTIES!!!!!!!@ fubar I LOVE MY GORGEOUS WIFE CHRISSY@ fubar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥~Tina~♥Asiån Persuåsiañ~CAMCANDY@RELENTLESS RADIO♥!Owned By ♥Imurs4everb@ fubar (repost of original by '♥~Tina~♥Asiån Persuåsiañ~CAMCANDY@RELENTLESS RADIO♥!Owned By ♥Imurs4everb' on '2009-03-02 22:55:01')
My Buddies With Auto 11s On
My Bull Shit!
For most of you who know me you know that my son is my everything my pride, my joy, my breathe, my blood, my soul. it's easter. I work 70 hours a week. I give everything i have into my son. he DOES NOT go without. out of a 700 dollar paycheck he gets 450 of it. my son will not go alone or unloved. I'm his father he is my everything I don't get to see him often. with all the hours i work i'm lucky to get him 3 or 4 days every two weeks. my grandfather is ill. extremely ill. his wish today was for my son to be there. when it came down to it i picked the phone up and called for him. i got the next two days off and i wanted it with him anyway. it's easter he should be with me. His mother has been meeting men off the internet for the past 9 months.. 37 new men to be total. I'm looking at it as a bad environment for my son. she is not taking care of him. well today out of all the wishes for my grandfather, when i went to get him she told me that i couldn't have him. she wanted to take him to
My Bullies Please Dont Steal Unless Ur Staff For One Of My Lounges
  The time has come ..  quest and angel  will take their vows WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 20TH, 2010 7pmEST  join them as they join their hearts  STEVENS will officiate the ceremonyCome for the cake if nothing else     COMMENT BOX PROMO FOR TROUBLED SANCTUM. 1. COME ON IN AND CHECK OUT THE INSANITY AT TROUBLED SANCTUM .   2. welcome to fubar if ur lookin for rawkin tunes, hawt cam peeps and awsome convorsations come on into TROUBLED SANCTUM.   3. come check us out at TROUBLED SANCTUM are peeps are hawt and our dj's take all requests.     sb promo for TROUBLED SANCTUM welcome to fubar come check us out! our cam ladies are hot, our tunes rawk and our dj's take all request come on in and check us out. into TROUBLED SANCTUM! Have a drink, request a tune, join in the convo. Party
My Budz Band-brokencyde
I Am Putting their Song On Top Today....But if You have Never Heard of BrokeNcyde then You May be Living a Boring Life hahaah...jk..But Yes I have Been Friends witht them past 2 years,and Believe it or Not Most of their Fame has Came from Youtube...And they have a New Cd Out....But its Gonna be a Style You Love or Totally Hate But anyways Song On My Player called 40 oz...And Also Look them Up on Youtube Video 40 oz and You will Catch First Hand How Whack they Are...But anyways I Truly Cant Wait til I Put My Songs On here...And I Can then Share them With You...Is Blessed and I Have My Own Syle as Well You def will be able to tell I Like all Styles...Thanks for Stopping By Erbody have a Great Weekend Yo!!!!!!!! And Remember That Dayum Bobby lmao This is so not Funny-So right Off dont even Laugh.......                              But here I Am Playing Pool at My House and I had Just bought a New thing of Pools Chaulk,And My Budz and I had been Playing and Drinking a Few,and P
My Bullshit! :)
BOTTOM LINE : THE BEST WAY TO GET OVER ON SOMEONE, IS TO GET UNDER SOMEONE ELSE.?!                                                                                                                                                   REVENGE                       C:\Users\User\Videos\2011-01-27\1282431018615.JPG                   Do u ever just wanna.....have you ever wished you could run away from your problems?not with alcohol or with drugs but away from everything?kids squabbling, your mates small mindedness, The mate that makes an issue out of the smallest insignificate things? Have you ever wished you could run away from the job that you do because you have to, because you cant afford not to have that job? do you wish you could run away from having to sacrafice about everything you think or do? We all know that we can escape in the internet, music, a book or watching a movie. but you just cant run away. because the same issues always find you or you find them every time you turn aroun
My Business
well its that that time again where the season changes and the good holidays come into play. if you have someone in mind you want to get something special and one of a kind or just want to have something different to accessorize to your seasonal outfit then come check out Lion's Pride Jewelry and come share the uniqueness with all your friends and family. For all of you may know i have my own business making and selling handmade jewelry well i finally have a facebook business page for my business i am asking all who have a facebook page to come check out my biz and like it and help spread the word of it it would be greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart the link is again it would be greatly appreciated  ty all who have come checked this out and is willing to help show support
My Cancer Updates
Well My Fellow Cherries!!! I am home now. I went in at 4am this morning and had my ovary removed, the Doc said everything went GREAT and they were able to harvest right at 200 good eggs, so that's good news. I feel good, just a little fuzzy The Doc's also said that they got it all and they are still going to do the low dose radiation treatments twice a week for 2 weeks, starting in a few weeks. LMAOOOOO they also said that I can't have sex for a while....oh well, guess I'll make up for that later. Just want to let everyone know that my spirit has not been broke by this. I have so many great people around me, thanks ya'll. Well imma go take a nap and sleep the fuzzies off hehehe. MUCH LOVE and PEACE -MissL8tyBird- Sorry I have not been around to much in the past week, A week ago Saturday I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and have been opting on what I am going to do. My doctors do tell me that it is treatable/operable. I will find out now tomorrow. So plea
My Car Accident!
9 Weeks + later... and NO CAR! UGH! So in November I bought my very 1st new car. I have loved that car like no other! Today it got wrecked. I paid it off YESTERDAY with a refinance on my mortgage. So here is the real kicker. The guy that caused this FIVE car accident. Was an illegal alien, No drivers license, no insurance but for some fucking reason our country allowed him to PURCHASE a car here to drive on our roads. He was taken to the hospital for treatment on our tax dollars. So what is going to happen to this guy? Well, they gave him a couple of traffic tickets, slapped him on the wrist and are going to send him back home to Mexico. I guess so he can come back over here tomorrow and do the same thing again. I on the other hand will suffer higher insurance rates in a state that already has ridiculously high insurance costs. I will have to pay for my own deductible, cover the cost of a car rental, MY insurance company is going to have to cover the cost of repairing my car and the me
My Cam
Broadcast Yourself LIVE
My Cam
My Cat
had to take my cat to the vet today since i had him i only had to leave him twice over night the house is so quiet i can not immagine how i will be when i will have to put him down lucky i get to pick him up tommorow
My Card
***Your Birthdate: October 5*** You have many talents, and you are great at sharing those talents with others. Most people would be jealous of your clever intellect, but you're just too likeable to elicit jealousy. Progressive and original, you're usually thinking up cutting edge ideas. Quick witted and fast thinking, you have difficulty finding new challenges. Your strength: Your superhuman brainpower Your weakness: Your susceptibility to boredom Your power color: Tangerine Your power symbol: Ace Your power month: May What Does Your Birth Date Mean? You are The Chariot Triumph, Victory, Overcoming Obstacles. The chariot is one of the most complex cards to define. On its most basic level, it implies war, a struggle, and an eventual, hard-won victory. Either over enemies, obstacles, nature, the beasts inside you, or to just get what you want. But there is a great deal more to it. The charioteer wea
My Cam
My Cam
Express Yourself LIVE
My Candy Heart Says...
Your Candy Heart Says "First Kiss" You're a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship. You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love. Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you Your flirting style: friendly and sweet What turns you off: cynics who don't believe in romance Why you're hot: you always keep the romance alive What Does Your Candy Heart Say?
My Card...
Amber Orgasm master 'What will your sex business card say?' at
My Cartoons Lol
Dbz Episode 254 Meet VegitoAdd to My Profile | More Videos Dbz - 214 Vegeta's PrideAdd to My Profile | More Videos The Long Awaited FightAdd to My Profile | More Videos
My Cam
My Cam Updates
My Card
You are The Empress Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation. The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents, beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful. The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her. What Tarot Card are You?Take the
My Canon Rebel Xt
So, I have been learning all about my new Canon Rebel XT 350. Its very complicated but worth it. I feel like the kids in this commercial, I wanna take pictures of everything. I'm so glad I'm going to a great school to learn plus I have some Master Photographers as tutors
My Camera Phone Pics
My Cam
My Car
i just picked up a 93 chevy cavalier z24 and i am concentrating most my time into this car because i have been trying get the inside of it done before i go to oregon in the next few weeks,i have droped a system and dvd players in it so fare but soon it will get lighting effects and when i return from oregon . i am ordering a body kit for the car, but till then.
My Camping Trip
well i`m home after camping with my 2 sons for the long weekend if you missed me lets hear it lots of me to go around :)
My Cat Haven My cat is in a cutest pet contest go to this link and rate a 10.Thanks.
My Cairo, Egypt Adventure
This is pulled from my Yahoo 360 page, 28Sept07 I wanted to wait ‘til my emotions were more stable and my brain less chaotic before posting my impressions. After 5 days and still processing it all and still feeling so raw, I realize more stable/less chaotic just ain’t likely to happen! Talk about a whole new awareness? I wouldn’t trade it for anything. For those I may offend with my open-heartedness, open-mindedness and acceptance of ‘other’ cultures and beliefs (i.e. Egypt, Muslim, Islam) My apologies up front in addition to my fave saying ~ "Please, Seek Life Elsewhere" For my host country and its people, as well as the many wonderful folks I met en route ~ Thank you from the depths of my heart… for your kindness, acceptance, assistance and respect. You will remain with me for all time. I departed Denver International on the 11th of September. Unlike previous years, I did not formally contribute to the anniversary; instead, I chose that
My Car.
A couple months ago I installed headers through exhaust on my 2004 Mustang Mach1. Here's a short crappy video of what it sounds like. I bought a new video camera, I just haven't taken any good videos with it yet.
My Cam
My Cat's Gay!
My Cat's gay an Never say Never are two really awsome tunes by a band called Slunts!...You go girls,you totally fuggin RAWK!!!....Peace out,much love,muahs!
My Causes
Believe Believe in yourself, Standing for what you believe in regardless of the odds against you and the pressure that tears at your resistance Means courage, Keep a smile on your face when inside you feel like dying for the sake of supporting others, means strength, Stopping at nothing and doing what's in your heart you know is right, means determination, Doing more then is expected to make anothers life a little more bearable without uttering a single complaint, means compassion, Helping a friend in need, no matter the time or effort to the best of your ability, means loyalty Giving more then you have and expecting nothing but gratitude in return, means selflessness, Holding your head high, And being the best that you know you can be, when life seems to fall apart at your feet and facing each difficulty with the confidence that time will bring you a better tomorrow. And never giving up means Believing in yourself... Multiple Sclerosis "The young woman listened politely. T
My 2008 Calendar
Check out my 2008 calendar at Order one if you want! Thanks!!!!! Tams
My Castle
I have a castle I have a castle on a mountain the walls are thick and strong skillfully carved from themountain itself no army has broken through no storm has blown it down there is only one gate in the wall strong and made of steel A king and queen once lived there a scorceress she was she sent many storms at the castle to try and break it down but now the castle appears dark and empty some say the King is still there they say he lives alone she is gone now and the storms to have faded in my castle is a room just a small room really lined with shelves this room once was bright and warm but now it lies dark and cold like the castle that it is in the shelves are not full of books but of bottles dusty and dark sealed up tight the bottles were once full filled with dreams and hopes but now they contain nothing except emptiness and pain dust from many years covers the floors a little trail of footprints are on the floor small footprints really
My Car And I
I took this picture of my new car and I. Which It is a chrysler 300M wanna go for a cruise? hehehe =P
My Career Ended
below is a video of when i played college hockey.I loved playing so much but after this injury i was told i could never skate again.This was a very traumatic injury that i still have to take pain medication for.
My Cat
well my cat that i got when i was five years old died last night around 9 pm. it royally sucked my dad built him a box and we buried him by 10 anyway i'm deppresed later
My Cats
I got the pleasure of going and seeing the first viewing of Wall-E. It is an awesome movie for the whole family. It's a cute animated movie. It has a romantic and a heroic plot to it. Wall-e is a robot left on earth after we destroy the earth to clean it up. The humans are all on a vacation that they think is only five years and ends up to be much longer. The ship the humans are on sends this pod down to search for signs of vegitation on the eart. This pod and Wall-e end up falling in love. And saving everyone. You must watch the movie to find out how they save everyone. It was an awesome movie. My cat, Princess, had kittens last night. She had a total of four, but only three lived. The ones that lived were white, light grey and dark grey. They are so beautiful. I am keeping the white one. I named it snowball. As soon as I can get the mommy to let me near the babies I will take pictures and upload the pictures. I never knew that true love could exsist. I al
My Car Accident
My Cat
My Cats
Niki's story - in short It's March of '92 I move to Orlando. There are no security doors. Every apartment has its own private entrance. The spring time is beautiful. It's not hot. So the doors and windows are open. Next thing I know, I have this pregnant little feline checking out my place. I don't mind. There's no one here but me anyway. She's gotta belong to someone - right? Wrong. For the next year, when the nights are cold, or wet she's camping at my place. Disappearing for only enough time to give birth and wean the young - two times. At the end of the contract with the complex she watches as I move everything out of my place. Never getting in the way, but staying within sight. The whole time she has this somber, eager tone about her. The way she's sitting, walking, watching. She knows what's up. By now I know that she's been abandoned. I couldn't help it. I couldn't turn my back on her. She picked me. She was pregnant again, but I had to take her with me.
My Cali Move
Well I have 3 more days til I load up the Uhaul and head to Northern California. I am so excited but a little nervous. The point of this blog is to give anyone a chance to get my might be a few weeks before I get my bearings out there and get back online. But I will be mobile on Yahoo til then. So if ya wanna hit me up....just ask and i will dish it out. Talk to ya all soon....Muahzzzzzzz
My Candle Burns At Both Ends
Keep remember close to me something for the waiting orbits never ending waiting denies nutrition bleeding at the heart I take a sip to mend seeping lonliness from my breast a fall from grace protectors keep the time O Profound, Silent tree, by restraining valour With patience,you revealed creative power in its peaceful form. Thus we come To your shade to learn the art of peace, To hear the word of silence; weighed down With anxiety, we come to rest In your tranquil blue-green shade, to take Into our souls life rich, life ever Juvenescent, life true to earth, life Omni-victorious, I am certain My thoughts have borne me to your essence- Where the same fire as the sun's ritual Fire of creation quietly assumes In you cool green form. O sun'drinker, The fire with which-by milking hundereds of centuries of days of sunlight- You have filled your core, man has recieved As your gift, making him world-mighty, Greatly honored, rival to the Gods: His shining strength, ki
My Cause
When I was in combat, because of my specialty, the airmen that that were like me, carried in their pocket their last bullet. This bullet was not for the enemy, if you know what I mean. Capture is not an option, when national security is at question. Although the government will deny the policy, we knew what was expected. I carried a 45 round in my pocket for 17 months for the cause, but after that it was a good luck item for all of us that made it out. The service found out that I carried a live round in my pocket for good luck and they decided that that wasn't a good idea. So, I was given an Air Force coin to replace the 45 bullet. Wasn't the same, so I started the Eisenhower dollar transfer program, (EDTP) for those know get a coin. These coins have successfully been passed on for every campaign, since it conception, in 1976. The last I passed on, went with the HMM-163 (REIN) group to IRAQ, everyone in the group made it back. They called themselves the RidgeRunners. If you except thi
My Cartoon Look
           Create your own     
My Case
ok so i went to court and found out that they still don't no whats going to go onstill no word of the suppose victim so my next court date is oct 6 but i don't have to go only my lawyer however i do have to go on the 16 my lawyer said this if they don't have any word from the victim then they are going to dismiss the case and i wont have a felony on my record  and if they do not dismiss it then my lawyer is going to try and see about getting a class 6 witch is misconduct witch means ill get probation  if not ill be doing 5 years of prison time so not looking forward to that looks like my past finally catch up to meso today i got a hold of my lawyer turns out she called me yesterday but i did not have any notice and i hardly check my voice mail i really need to start doing that more oftenanywaysas i said i use to be a very violent person when i was younger i did alot of things i was not to pround of starting with animal crueltyarsonistrobberybeating the shit out of a lot of people famil
My Castle
WE ALL HAVE BEEN HURT BEFORE..... MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE WITH A SMILE....FORGET ABOUT IT........YOU CAN ALWAYS BUILD ANOTHER CASTLE  AND  START  A NEW  KINGDOM STAND  UP  STRONG  AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS.  JUST REMEMBER THE KNOWLEDGEAND WHAT YOU LEARNED FROM IT.  LIFE WILL ONLY GET BETTER.....!!! CHEERS...!!!        DRINKS  ARE ON ME,  JUST ASK ME FOR  ONE....!!!  The12 days of FB...... 12 blank screens .....11 locked up links ....10 games not working.......9 days of screaming ....8 posts not posting....7 emails complaining ...6 cigs a smoking ...5 salty tears ......4 thousand gone... 3 broken mice...  2 therapists ....and .........a...programmer......hanging from a treeeeee !!!!!
My Car Accident
My Cd's
~ The Best of Alice Cooper - Mascara & Monsters ~ Blackhawk - Blackhawk ~ Black Sabbath - Greatest Hits 1970-1978 ~ Breaking Benjamin - Saturate ~ Breaking Benjamin - We Are Not Alone ~ Clay Aiken - Measure Of A Man ~ Ultimate Dirty Dancing Soundtrack ~ Disturbed - The Sickness ~ Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists ~ Pantera - Reinventing The Steel ~ 8 Mile Soundtrack ~ Frankie J - The One ~ Tim Rushlow - Tim Rushlow ~ Godsmack - Awake ~ Godsmack - Faceless ~ Godsmack - The Other Side ~ Godsmack - IV ~ Jeff Bates - Rainbow Man ~ Rammstein - Rosenrot ~ The Very Best of Kiss ~ Korn - Follow The Leader ~ Pantera - Cowboys From Hell ~ Billy Currington - Doin' Somethin' Right ~ Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction ~ My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge ~ Scorpions - Big City Nights ~ System Of A Down - Toxicity ~ Thrice - Vheissu ~ Thrice - The Artist In The Ambulance ~ Trace Adkins - Greatest Hits Vol. 1 ~ Trace Adkins - Chrome ~ Trace Adkins - Comin
My Cd
Dear Friends, I am excited to inform you that my album Eternity will be released on May 20th 2008 (it will be available world wide)!! (*^-^*) Eternity is dedicated to my friends and fans. My latest production 'mind eraser' with Zelma Davis and 'My Angel' (HG remix) by Blessing Odiase will be featured on this album. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it~* You will be able to pre-order your copy of Eternity on best buy Thank you very much for your continued love and support!! ~* Dedicated ♥ HG
My 2 Cents Worth
The problem with having Monday and Tuesday as your weekend is that everyone else is working and all you can do is get up, take a shower, throw in a couple loads of laundry and watch soaps all afternoon. Isolation is shitty some times. I am bored and it is sad when I just HAVE to know what is going on in the lives of fictional characters. When you live vicariously through their lives because you don't have one of your own at the moment. I haven't had a date in months and well man I would love to get out there and party but Monday and Tuesday are not really exciting party nights now are they. Can ANYONE spice up my life today?? so I thought I would jump onto the band wagon too to see what all the fuss is about lol - will anyone even read this?
My Celeb Look-alikes
My Celebrity Look A Likes!!
My Celebrity Look-a-like's More Look-A-Likes
My Celebrity Look-alikes!
My Celebrity Look A Like
well, i was going to post my pic and pics of what celebs I look like, but I screwed up and lost it, looks like I will have to do it all over again. Oh well. crap happens. i am wondering how the hell I look like donald rumsfeld and a couple female celebs. See ya soon.
My Celebrity Look Alikes
My Celebrity Look Alikes
My Celebrity Look Alikes
My 2 Cents: The Media Whore
Ok. So Paris got ticketed again because that dumb blonde decided to drive around without a license, and her publicist says that she wasn’t aware that her license was suspended? How can this idiot not know that her license was suspended and yet she was caught speeding while being intoxicated? Even better question: Does the judicial system of California have at least one ounce intelligence when it comes to a celebrity committing crimes and getting away with it or is a figment of my imagination? My @ cents: Everyone knows that this media whore here is willing to do anything to be in the limelight and upstage anybody for popularity. Ok. So what is going with Britney Spears lately? What the hell is wrong with this one? Ok. I understand that she is one of the biggest media whores next to Paris Hilton, but this dumb bitch is definitely taking the cake. First she goes running around in Vegas, marrying some dope and divorcing him 24 ours later, then she and K-Fed get married and has a really re
My Celebrity Look A Likes
My Celeb Look Alikes, Lol
My Celebrity Look Alikes
My Celebrity Look Alikes
My 2 Cents
THis is a question I've often asked myself. I guess, to start off with.. I want a place to call my own. Sure, I have an apartment, but I have to deal with nosy, annoying neighbors... I want to build a house somewhere on a hill near a river..maybe in Scottland somewhere.. I want a car...but I think it's ridiculous to have to pay more money for something I already own (Namely the car insurance.) I want to own my own business. I'm an artist. Most Artists aspire to this.. I'm just...I'm a floater. I get by on a commission or two here and there... But I'm probably gonna be a floater for some time...I don't have the motivation required to get what I want. Sure, money to get the things I want should be the motivation...but I hate money...but I have to have it to survive..and that sucks. I'm an idealist, I guess..believing that everyone should have what they need in life without having to struggle to achieve it. BUt, then again, there are those who say that life is
My Celebrity Look-alikes
My Celebirty Look A Likes
My 2 Cents On Chris
My Celeb Faces
My Celebrity Baby Name
Your Celebrity Baby Name Is... Calico Bamboo What's Your Celebrity Baby Name?
My Celebrity Look Alikes
My Celebrity Look Alike
My 2 Cents....
Come one, come all! You no longer have to hide amonst the shadows! Whether you're a vampire, or just pigmentally challenged.....Come rock out in a lounge that matters!! We can't wait to see what you taste like. We've been waiting for you!!
My Cell Walls
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. I was tagged so I guess I have to do this now! 10. I have an oral ficsation(sp), hence the reason I have my tounge pierced. 9. I am afraid of needles in the scence of having something injected into my viens but I am addicted to piercings and tattoos. 8. I am naturally a blonde. What do you think looks better; black hair or blonde? 7. I am a black and white photo junkie. I have shoe boxes of old photographs of people I have never met. 6. I can walk around down town Seattle amlisly for hours with nothing but by camera, sketchbook and pencil, water and crackers and never get board. 5. I have horrible trust issues. 4. I may act tou
My Cellphone
I've recently had a problem the last couple weeks regarding my cellphone, my Tmobile MDA phone, the screen on it turned white, and I cannot view anything, so I had to spend $177 to buy a new phone. So if I do not respond to anything via my phone for the next few days, I am sorry, it's not that I don't want to, but I can't. If you need to reach me, use messengers. I can SMS to your phone if you have Yahoo and give me your number, I only have a few numbers plugged in. I might still be able to receive incoming calls, because Windows Mobile still works fine on the phone. However, I have to put the phone on speakerphone in order to hear you talking. And obviously I won't know who's calling, so if you try to call the cellphone, please tell me who you are if I don't recognize your voice.
My Celebrity Lookalike
My Cell Phone
My Celebrity Morphs/look A Likes
MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph - Family tree research - Free genealogy MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph - Free family history - Vintage pics
My Celebrity Look Alike {according To} MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph - Roots -
My Cell Phone!
My Celebrity Morphs /look-alikes
MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph - Blank family tree - Genealogy sites
My Celebrity Look-alikes!
My 2 Cents
My Cherry Life!
I'm so excited, I finally get to see Colin and Laura today if muh kiddos ever wake up lol. I can't believe my lil guy is 2 already...all these kids are growin up so fast, it's sad..and to think in 9 weeks muh Laura has another lil Boy comin..with the name still yet to be announced..She has a few that I love picked out but I don't think we got a final one yet lol...Some of this weekend didn't turn out like I planned but wha the hell I had a good weekend anyways....with a definite lots of laughs..tomorrow is monday...god help us all...lmao...Welp now that I'm pretty upset with someone that doesn't even seem to give a fuck, I think ima go terrorize the neighbors and wash muh's kinda dirty lol...maybe by the time I'm done the kids will be up...I'll take some better pics of the new hair color later n post them! Much love to those that matter!!! =) I haven't written ina while so here goes a lil update. Everythings been pretty had a lil bit of a cold but it's goin awa
My Charity Events!!!
Today was a great day. The girls were out of school and we decided to head out and try to raise money for the foundation. The girls each had lines to say and practiced all last night. The response was great!! People were so surprised that they knew so much about the foundation, and the way they spoke about it was far beyond their years!!! I am so proud of them...just had to make a note of it...Take care and thanks for reading!! Echo Hey this is for mainly my friends from the Tri-State area...Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Most know that I do charity work for a local non profit organization out of Cinci. Next month, on the 10th of November, the 6th anual Dance for the Heart of It, dinner and dance is being held at The Syndicate. This is a great time to get dressed up and have a wonderful time!!! The money goes for a great cause and includes dinner, drinks, live entertainment by Soul Pocket, and auctions!!! For more information please check out the web site at,
My Children
My Children Etc...
Well for starters my 5 yr old just started kindergarten so she just hit a huge milestone it's sad but yet joyful all at the same time plus with her sisters in head start 4 days a week now i have more time to myself although she's doing really good she has had all smiles for august thru sept just 4 more to go then a perfect moth ... she's so dang cute ... she luvs school everything from homework on up and she has learned with my help how to read we knew she was a very bright kid but didn't know the extent of it either way my children are my life as you can see from my pics their my heart and soul Tiff
My Cherry Thoughts
I find that it is not the circumstances in which we are placed, but the spirit in which we face them, that constitutes our comfort. The things that people in love do to each other they remember, and if they stay together it's not because they forget, it's because they forgive." To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of leave the world a better know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.
My Chest Tattoo
Recently I got a Tribal/Celtic cross on my sternum. You can read about it here:
My Cherry Stash
ok people i have added alot of videos and stuff to my cherry stash on my page please go and look at them and comment them andpleas rate them so i know yall like them well thanks hey just added more videos to my cherry stash on my page please go by watch them and leave me comments on them ok rate them to i would like to know what yall think of them and if you rate them it would show me how much yall like them so please do so and thanks to whom ever does much love to ya
My Cherry Tap Marriage!
It is now ~Cherryficial~ i now have a cherry tap wife show me some love!
My Christmas List
OK CHERRY TAPPERS HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO ASK SANTA TO BRING YOU SOMETHING FROM ME. SO CUT AND PASTE AND MARK YOUR WISHES. IF YOU ARE REAL GOOD, MAYBE SANTA WILL BRING ME TO YOU AND ALL YOUR WISHES! MUAH!!! [ ]Hug [ ]Kiss on cheek [ ]Kiss on lips [ ]Hold hands [ ]Cuddle [ ]Make out [ ]Boom in my bedroom [ ]Sit on your lap [ ]Go on a date with you [ ]Just be friends [ ]Be more than friends [ ]Love me [ ]Like me [ ]Kiss under the Mistletoe [ ]Get to know me more [ ]be with me [ ]or just hangout with me [ ]fuck me [ ]rape me [ ]Love me for ever till the day you die [ ]Be mine?
My Christmas Tree Kicks Ass! :d
My Christmas Tree
i just thought i would post this blog for all 2 c on cherry tap . i have put a chritmas tree on my profile 2 c how many gifts i would receive . don't worry if u do give me a gift i won't open it til christmas day. i'm glad that i have so many friends on here . i love cherry tap . i'm really enjoying this crazy site. i'm hoping 2 have many more friends on here. well that's all for this blog but don't worry cause there r more 2 come
My Cherry Stash!!
A way to see my private pics...and one free just for considering it. :) send me mail Ok So this guy asked me if I were married or looking, I told him neither just making friends...then he asked if I liked younger guys, I said no...I like men my age...and then he said...well I am close to you but if thats what you want...I was rating your photos 10's but I will I told him to go ahead and stop heres the clincher...lmao...he started re~rating my photos as 1' that is going to hurt my feelings??? Just thought I would share this little part of my day with y'all! I have been put in a contest...never been in one before, but if y'all would go and vote for all the girls in the contest that would be pretty nice of you. Leave a vote for me too maybe? I think this is the
My Cherries!!
My Cherry Prize Pic
My Christmas And Holidays
Mom and I did our annual movie night tonight. Our pick for this year was the movie Eragon. And I have to say that I quite enjoyed our pick for movie to see this year for Christmas to each other. Mom and I started the movie tradition for Christmas the year the Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring came out. We usually eat out for dinner too, but didn't this year because of the fact that we went to see the late show. But, anyhow, I quite enjoyed Eragon. I thought the acting was good. Everyone played their characters well. I thought the special effects were very well done. And the scenery was beautiful, quite breath taking. And mom and I like Fantasy/action/adventure movies to begin with. I thought that the dragon:Saphira, voice done by Rachel Weisz, was well done. I liked her, she rocked!! LOL!! Plot Outline: In his homeland of Alagaesia, a farm boy happens upon a dragon's egg -- a discovery that leads him on a predestined journey where he realized he's the one person who can def
My Chemical Romance
My Children
every once in a while life throws many things that we cannot see in our paths. We may struggle with the obstacles, but those obstacles are so worth climbing over or conquering. My children, are my life, they mean everything to me, they give me joy when life seems so dark and you think there is no light shinning to show you your way. I am not sure why people use kids as a tool in their lives to hurt either their partners, or other family members. I am so fortunate that my children understand that no matter what life throws at us, we will always have each other, even if it is miles apart. They are my best friends as well as my children. Soon very soon, we will all be as one again. I miss them with my soul. I cry rivers of tears with the agony of not being able to hold them, to watch them laugh or come to me and say mum i busted myself again and I am bleeding. To be able to put a band aid on it and kiss the boo boo better, to say hey your tough its just a scratch, to hear t
My Cherry
Figured I'd finally sit down and rant for a minute about nonsense just to get a few more cherry points. God I can't believe I got suckered into another website. I've got enough blogs as it is what with myspace, friendster, adult friend finder... When does it stop. Ah, it is what it is. Be back soon
My Cherry Blog
Hey everyone I am done with my finals and I need a break. But i only have until April 2nd. I will not be on regularly til then. so everyone have a great couple of weeks and God bless. hugs to all!! Missy Your Kissing Technique Is: Passionate but Aggressive Hey, slow it down a little! Yes, you've got some killer kissing moves... But that doesn't mean you need to show off ten minutes worth of technique in ten seconds. Take your time. A little passion goes a long way.Are You a Good Kisser? Are You a Good Kisser? I liked the old paths, when Moms were at home. Dads were at work. Brothers went into the army, and sisters got married. Crime did not pay, hard work did and people knew the difference. Moms could cook, Dads would work, children would behave. Husbands were loving, Wives were supportive and children were polite. Women wore the jewelry, and Men wore the pants. Women looked like ladies, Men looked like gentlemen
My Cherry
Ok, so, I'm new at this, I'm getting brain overload trying to keep up with everyone. I'll get to everyone in due time, so patience my pretty's, I'm not ignoring you.
My Childhood Friend And Most Dear Cousin...r.i.p Jason Stifler!
Well, I woke up..getting ready to have a good day with my nephews and to go finish my pre-GED test on math when I was woken up with that devastating phone call 10 seconds after I had awaken... FATHER:"Honey, sorry but your cousin was found hanging off the shower rod held by a rope." ME:"**cries** you have got to be joking! This is not funny!" FATHER:"Why would I joke about Jason?!" Me: Silent..... I couldn't help but to cry..but I had to be strong for my family..especially my young nephews! So today I have cried..but alone and numb; not knowing what to say or who to talk to! He is currently in California and on Life support. The left side of his brain is dead, the right one is half way working..barely. He is in ICU. He isn't even aware of what is going on. It hurts..My brother cried..that's soooo uncommon! My father, brother, sister AND Brother-In-Law are down there for now to support my uncle Lester because Jason was the only thing he had he has nothing but a broke
My Christmas In Heaven
My Chemical Romance Let Me Down For The Last Time
Well, I know things happen but I guess i was just not meant to see MCR in concert. This was my third attempt. First attempt in Allentown, Bob had a staff infection after I drove 350 miles. Second attempt in Philly, I couldn't go after being hospitlized myself. Still have the tix. Third and final attempt in Reading, band has food poisoning . I am giving up....I am not buying another ticket to one of thier concerts unless Gerard calls me personally to invite me. It's a shame cause my whole family (kids) are into them. My 4 year old and six year old know all the words to thier songs and ask constantly to listen to TBP CD. Sadly, Kelly :(
My Chaotic Life
My Cherry Tap Account
ok ive been on this site for three days now look how far i got as of tommorrow i will delete this because this site is shit shit shit shit any of you cool people wanna get a hold of me hit me up ill give my messenger name if i dont know you already
My Cherry Tap Husband
My Cherrytap Experience
My Child
My Children's Well Beings
Alot of things have me pondering anymore about true love and diffrent kinds of love. Can anyone seriouslly say that there is true love out there for someone. I mean yes everyone is happily married and would considered it true love but what about those few cases that prove that theory wrong actually. THen ofcourse you got the two kinds of love spoken in the bible unconditional love and a friendship love. I alway's am willing to share either love with anyone. For some reason it is hard to agree with the theory of unconditional love that is out there. Love they neighbor or thy friend as you want to be loved. Well you know what, How many of you can sit out there and say you do that on a daily basis? I don't and I am the first to truly admit it actually. I can't do it there is just times when a person rubs you wrong and you can't do it at all.. I know that I should be a better person about some things in life in general but sometiems thinking of all the forms of love and tieing them to frie
My Child Who Never Got A Chance To Live
u know i use to write short stories and poems all the time when i was younger.. even after i had my first child i still did.. here is my lat poem i have wrote.. i made it for my child who neve got a chance to live cause of my ex.. i was 4-5 weeks pregnant when i lost him.. my ex punched my child out of me over me allowing my mother to keep my daughter over night o i could have a night where i could try to relax.. when i was with my ex i was the one who worked, cooked, cleaned, took care of my child..i dont it all.. my ex didnt do anything except for drink, do drugs, cheat and beat on me.. i remember that night as if it was yesterday.. we got into an argument and then the next thing i knew he got me with a low blow to my stomach and then thhrew me into the edge of our bed and then raped me.. all i could do was cry and hold my stomach and force myself to not scream out with all the pain.. i knew if i did he woul have hit me again.. he always did when i screamed for help.. when i did nobo
My Childs Eyes
My Childs Eyes Early in the morning The sun rises above the trees The leaves fluttering down And dancing in the breeze. The little squirrels scutter about Hunting for nuts to store Birds securing their nests Fall begins once more. Orange pumpkins grace the porch Indian corn hangs from the door Gourds and squashes line the steps Oh this season I do adore! The leaves blanket the ground And keep the grass roots nice and warm Bulbs are planted for the spring And to my home they’ll add their charm. Yes, this time of year is splendid Candy corn and pumpkin pies Autumn décor goes up And delight fills my child’s eyes! Copyright 2006 Shari Dallas Arboretum, Fall 07
My Choice
Hey Fu Friends! Please rate my blog! :) My Choice… Today I have a choice As I walk down life’s road To cast my burdens aside And lighten up my load. I will not allow life’s challenges To affect me in a negative way This I ask of you also To be a positive force today. Make the choice with me For the days they go so swiftly And pass the spark of hope Because opportunity passes quickly. Copyright07BEG
My Christmas Tree
Come on by and leave me a gift when you stop by and check out my profile or leaving me a comment. Who wants to be the first person to leave me one. Thanks all.
My Children Have A Loser For A Father
My Christmas Tree!
i have a christmas tree on my profile feel free to come check out the holiday spirit or drop me a special present under it! happy holidays too everyone!
My Christmas Tree
My Christmas Tree...
*I HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE* Its cool... so Come by and drop me off a gift. Its free! You can even choose the color of paper and bow.. LOL! Love always! Huggs & Kisses Mandy scsweetie
My Christmas Tree
My Christmas Tree
merry There is at least one person on your friends list that wants to f*ck the hell out of you!! So lets play the Sex or Pass! game. The rules are simple... if you want to f*ck the person who posts this, send them a MSG saying "yep, I'd hit it." SCARED? lol This is funny. YOU HAVE TO RE-POST THIS and see who replies
My Christmas Tree.
My Christmas Tree
My Christmas Tree
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My Christmas Gifts :d
My Christmas Tree
My Christmas Angel
Little christmas angel there atop the tree Another year gone by Again its you and me Dear little angel I have a wish this year One of compassion To stop lonely tears I don't need presents under my tree Nor do I need money Just believe in me My little angel Carry this wish high So maybe I'll find companionship This lonely christmas night It doesn't have to be love That grows in time Just someone to hold and share my mind A kindred spirit to look into my soul And say they believe in me And make me feel whole So little angel I trust you with this dream Bring another angel Who might care for me
My Christmas Tree
My Christmas Tree
My Christmas Gift To You
This is somewhat embarrassing to admit, but since I’m only working part-time, Christmas will be tight this year. In light of that, I will be making bedroom slippers for you all as gifts so please let me know your sizes. You'll most likely agree that it's a splendid idea, and should you wish to do the same, I've included the instructions below: How to make bedroom slippers out of maxi pads: You need four maxi pads to make a pair. Two of them get laid out flat, for the foot part. The other two wrap around the toe area to form the top. Tape or glue each side of the top pieces to the bottom of the foot part. Decorate the tops with whatever you desire, silk flowers (this is most aesthetically appealing), etc. These slippers are: * Soft and Hygienic * Non-slip grip strips on the soles * Built in deodorant feature keeps feet smelling fresh * No more bending over to mop up sp
My Christmas Tree
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My Christmas Tree
My Christmas Card To You
My Christians
My Chatterbox
Well everyone my free time will be soon vanishing... Ill be on the orad as of feb 1st. My first stop will be Maryland to see my Dad and Brother, then New Jearsy to see an old friend, then New York city to see my sister then off to Belle Plaine Minnesota to see an old friend then down to Poplur bluff Missouri to visit family then my last stop in Orlando florida wooot geez what a bunch of driving!!! Then hoem to Richmond va to be in class by may!!!
My Chatter...
My Chaos Within
I feel such loneliness in everything I do. No one to hug when I need it the most. No one to hold me, when I feel such sadness. If only to be in your arms. I feel as if my already darkened world is falling around me. Everything I touch, turns to ash. Yet when I think of you, I feel so good, so warm. If you only knew these feelings I have for you. I want to tell you, but I don't want to scare you away. Or make you think I'm crazy for being this way. I am drowning in these tears that fall, and all I want is to be held. Well I got approved for the state medical. Finally. Every day is a struggle to do anything. All I wanna do is just stay in bed and do nothin. When I wake up in the morning, all I can think is ’why get outa bed’ there is nothing for me. I have no life, no friends to hang out with. There is just nothing for me. Every relationship, every friendship I have had, I have ruined. I hurt people and push them away before they can hurt me. I "love" everyone I am with. At the ti
My Chaos
Well, lately I've been in a whirlwind. I go to trial on Monday for my divorce and I'm hoping it will be finalized. I found out recently that my ex was more of a monster than I ever imagined. He is a very sick twisted individual. Sadly, he's trying to come after me for money and stupid stuff. Not going to happen. Anyhow, I've been staying at Jess's for the most part. It's quite and peaceful, plus the whole fact that I'm with Jess. I love it. He treats me better than anyone in my life ever has. I feel really short next to him though. I have to stand on my tip-toes to kiss him. LOL!!!! But, yeah, I never imagined that I would ever find this level of happiness, and I'm loving every moment of it. I've been still dealing with back stabbers and their bullshit. But, like my Grandma always says, you find out who your true friends are really quick when push comes to shove. I'm still leaving for this government position and I'm stressing trying to get everything done tha
My Chaotic Thoughts
Everything happens for a reason this is something I firmly believe in! Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there... to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be but you lock eyes with them, you know that very moment that they will affect your life in some profound way. And sometimes things happenthat are just horrible, painful and unfair, but in reflection you realize that without overcoming those obstacles you would never realize your potential, strength, will power or heart. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of luck. Illness, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test limits of your soul. Without these small tests, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere safe and comfortable but dull and utterly pointless. The people you meet, affect you
My Choice 4 President Lol
My candidate for President in 2008 For those of you who would like another choice for President, I have the best solution: It is probably time we have a woman as President. My choice, and I hope yours as well, is a very special lady who has all the answers to our problems. PLEASE give it a thought when you have a moment... MAXINE FOR PRESIDENT!!! Very eloquently put..........don't you think? Maxine on 'Driver Safety' 'I can't use the cell phone in the car. I have to keep my hands free for making gestures.'....... Maxine on 'Housework' 'I do my housework in the nude. It gives me an incentive to clean the mirrors as quickly as possible.' Maxine on 'Lawn Care' 'The key to a nice-looking lawn is a good mower. I recommend one who is muscular and shirtless.' Maxine on 'The Perfect Man' 'All I'm looking for is a guy who'll do what I want, when I want, for as long as I want, and then go away. Or wait nearby, like a Dust Buster, cha
My Children
I let my daughter dye her hair from time to time.This weekend she did the red high lights to her black hair.It looks good. My daughters hair is short so there is always some dye left over. In a need of not wanting to be wasteful her friend who spent the night calls her dad and asked if it is ok if she gets high lights in her hair. He says "sure thing".He failed to ask what color.This girl has beautiful long blonde hair.She is now grounded for a week.Never as a parent go with the "sure thing" if you don't know more details. Guess she will be looking at those high lights alone for awhile. Sometimes,I am utterly amazed at what my boys find awesome. I was thinking I would get to go to sleep early,it's been a long day. I send my sons to bed.Next thing I know my 10yr old is flying down the stairs telling me the 6 yr old is all jacked up. Alex never panics unless his ass is the one in trouble.There in the bathroom sitting on the counter is Max,blood running down his neck and freaking out! Ye
My Character On Fiesta
My Chronicle Of Sordid Little Confessions
My Christmas Wish
MY CHRISTMAS WISH LIST! I have been collecting the TY BEANIE BABY'S (DOGS) for some years now. Withe a tight budget the past few years (and now even tighter since my accident)I have been unable to continue buying them as I was in the past.Some of course have been unavailable to me as they are Exclusives in other contries, some I believe were also only available to those in THE BEANIE BABY CLUB "THE BEANIE OF THE MONTH". If by chance any of my friends would like to help with my wish "Which is to add to my collection" and would like shipping info if they should be lucky to still see one when they are out and about. Please PM me for the shipping address info. WITH THE HOLIDAYS JUST AROUND THE CORNER I WANT TO WISH EVERYONE A VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON AND A SAFE ONE ALSO. I AM ALSO PRAYING FOR WORLD PEACE I KNOW THIS IS GONNA BE A HARD ONE BUT PERHAPS ONE OF THESE DAYS IT WILL HAPPEN. NOT TO MENTION A BETTER ECONOMY FOR ALL WITH JOBS FOR EVERYONE WHO NEEDS ONE CAUSE LET'S FAC

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