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To live within my imagination, Gives me so much gratification. In my imagination there is no war, There is no rich nor is there poor. We humans are all alike, There is no black nor is there white. Our world is one peaceful place, It is beautiful and full of grace. The grass is green, the flowers bloom, There is never a day of gloom. The sky is blue never gray, It is always a sunny day. No harsh words are ever spoken, No hearts are ever broken. No child is ever left unfed, Nor are they left without a bed. There is no tears, there are no cries, There is no death and no sad goodbyes. We all get along as should be, My world is happy and free. How I pray for this to come true. So our world can be a better place for me and you.
Memories reflecting upon my soul A soul of never relenting anger Love isn't what it used to be To my aching mind a wandering Haunting images cloud the days Days fun, laughter, tears & fears Those were the best days Memories that could wash away Hurt & despair no longer burden me.... A old willowing tree Embarking upon the countryside Chasing away the images Swallowing up all my pride Where should I go from here Thousands of answers Yet the choice isn't always so clear Nuture your soul, take the toll and embrace this life By, De Anna Brandon January 27, 2003
Imagination And Pretty Girls .
Hello! 4 tHe sTimulaTiOns ImAgInaTiOn tOur 4ur Mind n Body wAtch Out 4 Late Nite Fantasy as the BrAinTeaZr of the net. Sex is like air; it's not important unless you aren't getting any. oh I'm sorry, I'm not in right now. Please leave your message after the beep and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you and have a very wonderful day! hugs LateiteFantasy BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP Beware the Phantom...Femme Fatale by LateNiteFantasy© As dark clouds surround The victim emerges Listening for the nearest sound His breathing, it alerts her She begins to sniff the ground Beware the Phantom The scent of a married man She moves in for the view To begin the process if she can Preparing a victim anew The takedown of the man Beware the Phantom This is a game She knows too well For her this brings no shame The desires so strong she needs to quell It does not matter his name Beware the Phantom Luring him in with pleasant chat Giving him a
My mom told me there is a very good reason why God only blessed her with one daughter: she told me a sister/sister relationship serves as an exemplum of the most competitive relationship within the family. Blunty speaking, she says I was all the daughters she needed. She also mentioned that sisters, once they are grown, share the strongest of bonds. This symbolizes my friendship with Niya.B. Before I delve further, I must pay tribute to some of my most cherished friends, all of whom are pivotal in my life. These include Yvonne, Judy, Charles, Natalie and Liz and Jerome for the most part, and most recently Shai. I am sure I am forgetting some essential individuals, but blame it on a temporary memory lapse. AOP summer, Natalie was the best roommate ever, always smiling and respectful of my privacy. This came in handy when my grandmother died. She did not pressure me to express my feelings on the subject, nor did she ignore my pain. Moreover, Natalie is the one who first introduced me
Image Theft
post edit... thanks for the those that have been posting it!! I owe you one :) -kristoffmy friends pics are being shown on this account: and I had contacted the user and also posted this commentTHIS PHOTO WAS RIPPED FROM a myspace profile and it is not this persons account...but i was then deleted and blocked from this account... I emailed tech support so if I hear from them it will be a few days... but will a few of you post this in that users comment box? :p THIS PHOTO WAS RIPPED FROM a myspace profile and it is not this persons account...
Imagined Scene From Downtown Santa Cruz
Humphrey scratched his crotch slowly and sloppily. After he was done, he took out a zip lock bag filled with marijuana and began sifting through the heftier portions to get to the shake at the bottom. "Hey man, you got any papers?" He asked the young, bearded man next to him. "Naw, but I got a few coins from this morning, I could go get some." The young man, outfitted in a tye-die t-shirt with a small tear down the middle and jeans held up by a thin chain belt, stood up to stretch. "But don't you think we better move somewhere a bit less conspicuous?" "Shit man, the cops don't care a lick about us smoking this stuff out here. It's good for the tourism." The young man looked offended. "Don't tell me you've crossed over? Chasing after money from them outsiders is tantamount to Mammon-worship." "I ain't chasin' after shit." Hump (as all his friends called him) said dismissively. "I'm just giving you the low-down on local politics." "Well, I'll get your papers, but remember not
Imagine That
An Image Of You
An Image Of You I whisper I love you as I lie in my bed Wishing you were here next to me instead Pretending you're here to keep me safe Into my dreams I gladly escape An image of you soon becomes clear The warmth of your body, as I feel you near Into your eyes I gaze Slipping into a dreamlike haze Soon I feel my heartbeat race Imagining your gentle and sweet embrace I hear you whisper your love for me Feeling your kisses both soft and deep Into your arms I begin to melt Each trace of your fingers upon me is felt Lovingly your hands roam along my thighs Drowning in pleasure I gasp and sigh The room is spinning and starts to sway Lost in the moment, I'm swept away Passionate kisses getting much stronger Willing this dream to continue on longer My skin feels hot, my breath gets quicker Chest rising and falling, as my body quivers Sensations go through me as I feel your touch Wanting this moment to be real so much I awaken and tur
The Images I Post
Just uploaded a few shots from the Alice Cooper concert last night. Before anyone asked, I thought I'd answer the questions usually asked, and some not. The camera is a HP M307 Photosmart camera. The SD card was a 1.0 gig Sandisk. The batteries were new Energizer Lithiums. The camera settings were for 200 ISO. I was shooting from the second row, and the flash was turned off. Any other questions, feel free to ask. I look at other people's profiles, and they have a ton of images up. I look at mine, and I see a scant handful. It's not that I don't have enough to put up - hell, there's something like 3500 up on my website! I only have a few up so as to not bore everyone. I have a few up on here that aren't even up on my website. I dunno, maybe I'm just picky.
The Imagination Is Powerful
Mmmmm, that was quite the visual. Watching you on my computer stroking your dick for me. Seeing your hand pump slowly up and down. Knowing you are doing for me made my nipples hard. I'm cold and lonely waiting on a chair for you to cum and take me... one hand is rubbing my nipple and the other hand is... slowly and ever so lightly making circles around my clit, feeling it get hard thinking of you baby... I slide my finger into the wetness... slowly pushing it in and pulling it out, my head is thrown back, lost in the ecstasy of the touching. My nipples are so hard baby I'm pulling and pinching them, my clit is hard and I'm so wet I slide another finger into myself, thinking of you wishing you were here. I hear a noise and look to find you standing there, I can see by the bulge in your pants you have been watching for awhile. I stand up and my robe falls off my shoulders to the floor and I walk towards you, my eyes never leaving yours, I'm barely breathing knowing what you a
Imagine This
Profile Tools Are You the One? How do people stay together blissfully? Is there a protocol that I can follow to achieve such? In the real world where lies and deception are rampant, is it possible to stay faithful to just one person? The geniuses do not have the answer I suppose. They say two people end up together because of fate. So it means even if I don’t lift a finger the cosmic thing will arrange everything for me and tadah!!! perfect someone is standing right in front of my face. How about prayers? I asked God for someone and somehow this person came into my life expectedly..Well, yes, expectedly because I asked for him, right? Until this very moment I think he’s the one-God sent. But, does it stop there?? Nah! Life goes on. Each day, new trials. Each and everyday I still ask God- Is he the one? Not because he’s God sent makes him perfect. Imperfections manifest every single day. All his shortcomings are recorded in my mind. For how long will
I'm A Granny!!
Get this.... My dad's 13th grandchild had his 13th great grandchild on Friday the 13th!! Cool huh?! I'm a granny! as of 12:44 MST . Its a Boy.. Adrian is 6 pounds 9 ounces and 19 and a quarter inches long!!
I'm A Grandpa!!!!!!
Images For Lord Wolf
Imagination's Imagination Creative Erotica
Something new I thought I would add. I cannot recall when I wrote it, I think a few years ago. Anyways, enjoy, and please I love feedback, could care less about the points or the rates on my blog but I love your feed back. Oh and be fore warned this gets a bit sexually graphic, so if you are easily offended please consider not reading further. *************************************************** He was lying in a room, high ceilings, and a thick carpet. Circumstances unknown to him at the time had brought him here, and his friend was most kind to give him a place to crash for the night. They had been friends for some time after all, and he had spent many a night there in the past. This night was different however. He could hear her moans in the next room. Her boyfriend had been out of town for the weekend, and she was surely alone. He shifted to the other shoulder, apparently she had forgotten hospitality, and failed to provide him with a pillow. The moans of self pleasure
Im A Genius
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Images In My Mind
Etched ~ Engraved Your image burned in my head An urgent yearning Of an intense passionate urging ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your touch soft upon my skin Leaves my heart pounding from within. My kisses sweetly placed upon your lips With your hands held firm upon my hips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My flower is blooming and unfolding Moistened with your stem slowly stroking Embedded deeply Entangled sweetly ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Legs intertwined Reeling thoughts in my mind Explosive ending Crescendo's screaming ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Drawn permanent and defined Images in my mind
Ima Gemini
I imagine now a feathery touch across my chest and down down down until you hold me stroke me lead me into your sweet center and my breath catches feeling now the warmth moist suction of you and I am deeper throbbing pounding kissing you hard and tasting your sweat your moans into my ear hands pressing me closer to you soft skin against me stiffened breasts beneath me faster into you and now exploding heat and sticky drops of me all of me into you and ending with a feathery touch as I collapse into your arms. © All rights reserved
Images And Words
There i stand looking out to sea listening to the waves crash below waiting for the voice that calms me ,where is it today? I look to the heavens and scream yet nothing where is she the one that calms me? the wind picks up and blows through my wings lifting me up but still no voice ..then out of the night sky i hear the words ... Are you there i need you ,please answer me the voice ive been waiting for but its not the same voice as before it's one of many that call my name so i begins again the help that i give to the ones that call ... Maybe one day ill have a name to call as even angels fall sometimes all they need is someone to pick them up Would you help an ANGEL?
Just imagine... If the indians had shot a cat instead of a turkey, we would all be eating pussy for Thanksgiving!!
I'm A Great Aunt!!!
Kyra Nevay Devers arrived on @ 9:31 pm EST November 16th, 2007. She weighed 9lbs 14oz and was 21.5 inches long. I will have pictures soon!
Dare to imagine In your mind you can go anywhere. And where your mind consistently goes, the rest of your life will follow. There is no limit to what you can imagine. And what you imagine, you have already begun to create. Allow your thoughts to travel often to beautiful and magnificent places. In your mind, construct all the rich details of the life you wish to live. In order to reach for a dream, you must know what it looks like, how it feels, and where it is. Long before you actually get there, your mind can enable you to experience all these things. Every success is first a success of the imagination. What wonderful pathways will you dare to imagine? Set your imagination free, and it will show you who you are. Let imagination guide your efforts, and your dreams will be fulfilled.
"imagine Me & You" , The Movie...
makes my cry every time i watch it. it seems like one of the few attempts by the mass media to address a topic that's very real and pertinent in life today. does anyone whom has viewed the movie care to share their opinion?
Imagine Me
Imagine ME..... Imagine me Loving what I see when the mirror looks at me cause I, I imagine me In a place of no insecurities And I'm finally happy cause I imagine me Letting go of all of the ones who hurt me Cause they never did deserve me Can you imagine me? Saying no to thoughts that try to control me Remembering all you told me can you imagine me? And healed from what my daddy did And I wanna live and not read that page again Imagine me, being free, trusting you totally finally I can... Imagine me I admit it was hard to see You being in love with someone like me But finally I can... Imagine me Being strong And not letting people break me down You won't get that joy this time around Can you imagine me? In a world where nobody has to live afraid Because of your love fears gone away Can you imagine me? Letting go of my past And glad I have another chance And my heart will dance 'Cause I don't have to read that page again
I'm A Gimp!
So, yesterday my boys and I decided to tackle the spring cleaning in the winter job and switch rooms so they would have more space. We took apart their beds, my bed, washed all the sheets and blankets, cleaned out everything and everywhere and made a bunch of bags for donations. By this time I was tired! So, while trying to put their beds back together I managed to trip over the frame I was screwing into the headboard and did this 180 swirly, turn, lutz into the frame itself landing my big ol booty on my arm. BACKWARDS! I thought for sure it was broken immediately. OMG, IT HURT and I was wailing like a BANSHEE! I sat there are tangled in this mess for a few minutes bawling my eyes out and realized it hurt more when I shook and that I had to get up. So I got to the couch and figured we better head for the hospital. I had shooting pains up and down my arm and it hurt so bad it was making me want to vomit. So we drive all the way there, and 3 ambulances are unloading
Imagery Of An Illusionary State
I cant believe my ex, had the nerve to even speak to me. even on civil terms i have a short temper with this girl, she was my first female lover, and possibly the last. im drunk as hell, pissed off, and i have no right to be. she just needed to talk to me. and she wanted to talk...about her fiance....who fucked shit up for nice is that? i mean....sure i am NOT perfect, but when i love one of the few people who will try to change anything i can about myself to make things work. and that wasnt enough for her. fortunately who i am right now is honorable, selfless and somewhat manic =. im trying to balance my life out, and its pretty hard to do when your past jumps out to test you every step of the fucking way. but life is full of options,and in the end ill be free of this crap. But im not giving up because of some girl, who cant get her shit strait, whom even after we brok up, still wants me to go down with her. but now even when im ranting....i cant hep
Imagine That Person
Imagine that person that took you for granted and most importantly remember they can be replaced. Everyone men and women can related to this song.. "since I am not your everything how about I be nothing" Beyonce irreplacable..
Images For St.patricks
St Patrick's Day Comments St. Patrick's Day Comments St Patrick's Day Comments St Patrick's Day Comments St Patrick's Day Comments St Patrick's Day @ St Patrick's Day Comments St Patrick's Day Comments St Patrick's Day Comments St Patrick's Day Comments St. Patrick's Day Comments
The flickering of thy brain Is but a wonder Flying through oblivion Thy everbeating soul Races to the path Of sublime Crimson lips of they face Curl into happy wickedness I am passed the point Of insanity And stepping Into and eternal bliss Locking away thoughts Into a darkened heart Don't call me crazy For I am genius The wiseness of my mind Is questioned But never Forgotten The petal that falls Upon thy awakened heart Is not a reality But a thought wasting away Into infinity.
Hey everyone make sure you stop by and show Imagine~ some luv she is the greastest Fu owner and will return the luv when she gets a chance. Imagine ~ Owned by Kindofapisser~Owner of MrDiamond~Owner of Kindofapisser~Storm of the JLM@ fubar
Im A Godfather.. (humm Or Mother)
♥A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who helped make this very special lady Godmother. Not only is she one of the sweetest on the FU, but she is a great friend to have and one all should know. She is always helping someone else so its a very special thing to see her reach her goal of Godmother. Thank you for EVERYONE who rated, blinged and showed her lots and lots of love! She is ovewhelmed with appreciation and would like to thank everyone from the bottom of her heart♥ Mrs.S.@ fubar Bulletin coded and brought to you by.... The Baddest MILF®~ Wifey to Fornicates™@ fubar With LOTS of leveling luv from... ~*~Çðñ£ïÐêñ¢ê ï§ whå† måkê§ mê §êx¥~*~@ fubar
I'm A Godmother! Woohoo
I Want To Thank All My Friends For Helping Me Get To GodMother .. Check Out Some Of The Great Freinds I Have .. Show Them Some Love Too... SouthernOutLaw the man who gave me all the I wuv ya Tim OneSexyAssBiotch Gary Myztrey GoldDawn Manly My Homie Rock ON !!! And there are many more that i didnt get on the bulleting but i want to thank you all
I'm a good mommy!!!!!!!
Yesterday while talking with my 13 year old son I discovered while spending the night with one of his little friends from school, he was offered to try pot. I was blown away. I never imagined he would be  offered drugs at 13. Thankfully, he did the right thing and said no. I am sooooooooooooooooooooo proud of him. He thinks it's silly I was so happy he said no. He said "See, I do listen when you talk". I iz a good mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Across the room I can feel it I can look out and see it I can almost feel it touching me Yet you are Across the room My body trembles My knees weaken My desire burns within You ignite that eternal flame It burns with heated passion Yet you are across the room My mind drifts I can read your thoughts I can feel your heartbeat with mine I can feel each breathe Released from your soft lips Meld with my own My knees weaken From this feeling within I shiver I quiver I gasp for a breath Just imagine If you were next to me How I’d feel.
Imagine ~ 2nd Alarm Hottie~
Keep a cool tool and don't let your meat loaf
Imaginary ~ Evanescence
Swallow it up for the sound of my screaming cannot cease for the fear of silent night Oh how I long for the deep sleep dreaming the goddess of imaginary light In my field of paper flowers and candied clouds of multiply I lye inside myself for hours and watch my purple sky fly over me I linger in the doorway our alarm clock screaming monsters calling widening let me stay where the wind will whisper to me where the raindrops as there falling tell there story If you need to leave the world you live in lay your head down and stay awake though you may not remember dreaming something waits for you to breath again In my field of paper flowers and candied clouds of multiply I lye inside myself for hours and watch my purple sky fly over me
Im A Gramma...
As of 4:29 pm this evening, (11-11-2008) I am now officially a Grandma...My Grand daughter, Tatum Rayne was born weighing in at 9 lbs 11 ozs and 20 inches long...Just posted her pics...Please check her out...She is BEAUTIFUL... Notice the weight and take note of her birthdate... 9/11 on Veterans Day...Pretty neat huh...Must mean she is an Angel...
As our imaginations blend my imagination I can use it will take me anywhere you are invited anytime there's so much to share we can sail on cloud nine while imaginations soar embrace in the serenity on the white sandy shore share in romantic sequels where dreams never end find endless possibilities as our imaginations blend bright rays of hope shine as waves flow endlessly attune to those feelings using an imagination key Poetry Blender Poetry Blender
Imagine Me There
Imagine me there as you close your eyes I’m gliding my hand between your thighs I unzip your pants, and take off your shirt You unsnap my bra, and take off my skirt Kissing you soft down to your tip In and out, “May I have a sip?” A precious swallow of your dripping lust In and out, can I make you bust? To feel your pleasure down my throat In and out, make me choke! Teasing my tongue across your love Passed my lips, again I shove Pushing your trust out and in Coat my throat once again! My sweet cream fills, as you gush Between my legs I’ve turned to mush You push me down and beg to lead I lie on my back and act naive You grip my sides and hold them tight Resist your appetite with all your might Feel the heat between my hips Slide your tongue between my lips Massage my clit and make me drip Glide your finger and let it slip Between my legs, but back a bit Soft and slow so it will fit “Oh shit, Daddy…” you’re ‘bout to taste My seductive pleasure down your face
Imagine Me There...(this Is Nasty)
Imagine me there as you close your eyes I’m gliding my hand between your thighs I unzip your pants, and take off your shirt You unsnap my bra, and take off my skirt Kissing you soft down to your tip In and out, “May I have a sip?” A precious swallow of your dripping lust In and out, can I make you bust? To feel your pleasure down my throat In and out, make me choke! Teasing my tongue across your love Passed my lips, again I shove Pushing your trust out and in Coat my throat once again! My sweet cream fills, as you gush Between my legs I’ve turned to mush You push me down and beg to lead I lie on my back and act naive You grip my sides and hold them tight Resist your appetite with all your might Feel the heat between my hips Slide your tongue between my lips Massage my clit and make me drip Glide your finger and let it slip Between my legs, but back a bit Soft and slow so it will fit “Oh shit, Daddy…” you’re ‘bout to taste My seductive pleasure down your face
AIR FORCE SONG Off we go into the wild blue yonder, Climbing high into the sun; Here they come zooming to meet our thunder, At 'em boys, Give 'er the gun! (Give 'er the gun now!) Down we dive, spouting our flame from under, Off with one helluva roar! We live in fame or go down in flame. Hey! Nothing'll stop the U.S. Air Force! Additional verses: Minds of men fashioned a crate of thunder, Sent it high into the blue; Hands of men blasted the world asunder; How they lived God only knew! (God only knew   US Navy Anthem (Anchors Away) Words And Music: Capt. Alfred H. Miles U.S.N. and Charles A. Zimmerman (1907) Anchors Aweigh, my boys, Anchors Aweigh. Farewell to college joys, we sail at break of day-ay-ay-ay. Through our last night on shore, drink to the foam, Until we meet once more: Here's wishing you a happy voyage home.   Stand, Navy, out to sea, Fight our battle cry; We'll never change our course, So vicious
Imagine Being Named Echo
Imagine living for over a quarter century and answering the same question every single day. Kind of like the movie Groundhog Day, minus the suicide attempts and Bill Murray. It's not a question whose answer greatly impacts anyone or anything. It's just a simple question asked by curious people. But it's never-ending. Welcome to my life. Every day, almost without fail, I am asked about my name. What is your name? Is it your real name? What's your middle name? How did you get that name? Are your parents hippies? Were they on crack cocaine when they named you? Did they yell into a canyon before they named you? All of these questions and more on a regular basis. Quite honestly, it gets a bit tiring having to answer the same questions all the time. And I understand that people are curious - I'm probably one of the more nosey people you've ever met. But it's just getting old now, after almost 31 years. So let's set the record straight and get it all out once and for all. My name - yes,
Imagine That!!!!!
I received an email one day from a man named Ollie Brian. He stated he was looking for a nanny. He requested more info...resume, references...I questioned him he said he was in Wales. Anyhow, so I sent him my resume, back ground check, references...something we all do while applying for a job. He sent me back a letter almost instantly telling me that I'd gotten the job. I thought what? sounded kinda fishy. He said he couldn't interview because he was coming from Wales, in London England and didn't have time for an interview but might meet with me the Friday he lands..Aug 7th. So he said...but he canceled that. I showed this to my husband and he said ..well it seems alright. So I kept in touch with him and then he tells me he is sending me a check for $2850. and when it gets there to please follow the instructions he gives me. I called my husband over to my computer and I said you gotta read this. I doubted this all along because who would hire someone without first meeting them?? Not m
Images And Words...
Images and words..they are not just that with either of these things...words have a way of creating images..and crushing them at the same time....I see different images all the time....the crushing factor comes into play when I do....the people I held the highest..that were supposed to love me the most...were the first ones to distort those images I had....I don't know ho to get past every vision...every image...all the broken parts of myself...I cannot deal anymore....I am good at tossing it aside..I play it off very well...but that is all it is..a front...believe me when I say that I can and will handle it..wat other choice do I have..I have handled worse...and I'm still here...altho my existence seems to be another question to me.....I look at my little girl and I know why I am here...I am here for her..and I live each second for her...I don't give up for's not for me at all...I am one of them broken souls I talk about...when talking about things of that nature
Im A Hard Habbit 2 Break Baby
I'm A Jerk
I'm A Juggalo
Im A Judge Want Me To Rate You?
I Make Money So Easy
How I Turned Just $40.00 Little Dollars Into $12,000.00 Per Month Every Month DATE: September 6th 2007 From the Desk of: Ray T. Occupation: Internet Entrepreneur/Ebay Store Owner/Ebook Writer Etc. Years In Business: 11 years (making a living online since Feb. 1996) Reason For Ad: To Make Money While Helping YOU make money. Hello Fellow Internet Opportunity Seeker, Let me start off by explaining that if you want to make money online, you must spend money. I'm a man of honesty and if you are anything like me, your tired of seeing all of these new video and audio presentations trying to take you off of the real question at hand. You simply want to know these three things: 1. How much does it cost to get started? Answer ($40.00) 2. How much additional money do I need to make money Today/Tonight? (Nothing at all! Just go blog and simply explain that you have really found the quickest and cheapest way to make money with no website of your own and w
I Make It Rain....
I Make You Mine
Passions exploited Desires sedated Never thought Such pleasures awaited Romance forgotten Desires, just greed No need for your kisses Just sweet, aching, need Lingering glances Shimmering skin Forever we wallow Together in sin Slow trail of kisses Soft backs of knees Aching and yearning Eager to please. Fingertips running Down neck and spine Grasping your wrists I make you mine.
I Make Water Effect Picture
i make water effect picture if you want one let me know i can do what ever the picture is (:
I Make Pics
I MAKE PICS OF YOU FOR FOR 5K TO 10K IF INTERESTED PM ME. HERE R SOME THAT I HAVE MADE SHOW THEM SUM LOVE I'm his diamond and the queen of his heart!!! ♥**1-800-u-wish ♥~BRATT~♥
I Make Bank Let Me Show You How
I Make Morphs
Hey i will make morphs for credits if u would like hit me up witha message let me know.
I Make No Apologies
Im Alive
68 weeks since the last time.... i made it to 64 weeks 38 weeks..2 to go to 40 then 12 more to 52 weeks
I'm A Lost Cherry!
You Passed 8th Grade Math Congratulations, you got 7/10 correct!Could You Pass 8th Grade Math? Ok so for a while I was addicted to myspace. Then my ... friend... told me about this place. I'm more addicted to this place then I ever was to myspace. Show me some love! : o ) As if having a damned concussion isn't bad enough... I was in a freaking car accident. I don't think it is my fault.. but I'll explain it all. I'm also blogging this so when I call my insurance company, I'll have it written down in the correct order to insure that nothing is left out. Ok.. so I just picked up my class schedule for the two classes I'm taking online. Went to my mother in laws to mail something for her, and was pulling into the gas station to obviously gas up. Traffic was backed up, and I needed to make the left hand turn. A man in a black Ford Explorer, looked over his right shoulder before waving me through. I proceeded, and had my front tires in the parking lot when *CRASHF
I'm Alone - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?24-26 2. What is your sexual orientation?Straight 3. Have you ever given somone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?5-10 6. What is your pubic hair style?Shaved bald, nice and clean 7. What is your choice of underwear style?Regular Panties 8. Have you ever had anal sex?Yes I have 9. What is your favorite position?Doggie style 10. How often do you masturbate?About once a week 11. Have you ever kissed a girl?Yes, for sure 12. Have you ever had sex with a girl?No, I'm straight as can be 13. Have you ever taken, or been in naked photos?Never done either 14. Have you ever had multiple partners at once?Yes, a threesome 15. Have you watched porn?Yes, of course. Who hasn't? 16. Have you ever been to a nude beach or nudist area?Nope, I am modest 17. Have you ever watched others, or been watched having sex?Both watched others an
I'm A Little Thoughts...
...when someone that doesn't even have big tits and doesn't even look like a girl puts herself out there and stoners leave her comments saying, "You're so hot!", "I wish I were in the shower with you..", "Quit teasing me and just take the towel off..". This girl has size negative boobs, is a twig, uni-brow, and looks like a male. You know how she makes up for her loss of boobs?... her boyfriend. He has bigger boobs than me! They both know they're not MY friends and Alex is barely even talking to them, showing that he is not interested in them what-so-ever, even though the girl keeps telling me how "in love" she is with him, more than I ever could! Even though we don't get along AT ALL, she still comes to check my profile and sends Alex gifts and nice comments saying she misses him. -_- When the opportunity arrises, I WILL beat the shit out of her and her big titted boy toy for all their stupid shit. Oh! Almost forgot to throw in this little detail... Her boy toy, not even
Im A Loving Pussycat That Likes To Get Rough Sometimes Do U Want To Come Out And Play
Im Already Behind!!!
Hey everybody!!! I am in the Sexiest Eyes Contest and I am already behind, crazzeee hehe....I need your help! So if you can swing by and leave as many comments as you possibly can that would be fantastic, any lil bit helps!! Thank you, and hope to see u there sooonnn!!! Ill help you too if i can!! Click on da pic and Comment, ites EASY! The SEXIEST EYES CONTEST just started and im already wayyy behind, what have u guyz been sleeping or jk. So if everybody can just CUM by and leave me some comments that would be fantastic, Every lil bit helps, so if you can just leave 1 then thats cool too! I would really really appreciate ittt!!! Thanks a lot and LUV YA GUYZ!!! Click on da pic and leave as many comments as possible!! Click and Comment, Its simple!!!
I'm Almost There...
Went to the doctor this am for a one month check and my BP is back to normal so I don't have to go on BP meds..woohoo... I've lost 13 pounds...only 28 more to reach my goal...woohoo... I sill miss my oreos but not as much as I used Cutting out the junk food and cutting back on my portions has helped a lot. I won't say it's been easy but I'm not giving up now.. I feel a lot better and after getting on the scale today I feel a lot better about myself.. Woohoo I'm so happy I could cry... It's a beautiful day....
I'm All Country
I said that the 27th was my b-day!! OOPS!! I meant the 28th!! To all of my family, fans, ans friends..... I'm back!! Sorry I've been gone so long!! Missed all of you!! Hope to get back in contact with you soon!! Today is my birthday, and I have to work!! Show me some love!!
I'm Alright In Bed, But I'm Better With A Pen.
Warm Mississippi afternoons are what six-year-olds live for. I sat on the front porch swing, staring off into space, and an ant crawled across my bare toe. “Momma says you have to pick up your stuff,” my sister spoke up and I bit back a growl. I just ignored her, and set the swing to movement, the dirty bottoms of my feet slipping against the wooden boards of the porch with a soft swish like an old straw broom. “What’re you looking at?” I shot her a dirty look. She didn’t take hints very well. “That radio tower.” I nodded my head in the direction of it, across the way, in the middle of a corn field. “That’s stupid,” she scoffed, tossing her thick blonde hair behind her and eyeing me with distaste. “Why are you looking at a dumb ole radio tower?” I took a deep breath and swirled my tongue around the inside of my mouth, tasting the slight taste of peppermint from the stick of gum my daddy had
I'm Almost There!!!!
I am only just over 1,800 points away from leveling up. I could sure use your help, though. Please help me by commenting and rating pics, adding me as a friend, etc. Whoever puts me over the top will receive a nice gift. Thanks for your support!
Im A Lebra What Are You
LIBRA * -- Very pretty. -- Very romantic. -- Nice to everyone They meet. -- Their Love is one of a kind. -- Silly, fun and sweet. -- Horny -- Loud -- Great in bed and i mean great -- Have own unique sexiness. -- Most caring person you will ever meet -- the most irresistible SAGGITTARIUS * -- Spontaneous. -- Horny. -- Freak in Bed. -- High sex appeal. -- Rare to find. -- Great when found. -- Loves being in long relationships. -- The one -- So much love to give -- Not one to mess wit -- Very pretty. -- Very romantic. -- Nice to everyone They meet. -- Their Love is one of a kind. -- Silly, fun and sweet. -- Have own unique sexiness. -- Most caring person you will ever meet! -- Amazing n Bed..!!! -- Did I say Amazing in Bed? LEO * -- Great talker. -- Sexy and passionate. -- Laid back. -- Knows how to have fun. -- Is really good at sex! and i mean REALLY GOOD! more like great -- Great kisser. -- Unpredictable. fo r
Im Alive
I'm Aloud To Bitch :)
Im Almost Henchman
Please go show my Lil Sis some Fu Luv ! Lets Level Her!!! Shes ONLY 107k From HENCHMAN! Bling Her! Rate Her! Add Her! Comment Her! Do It ALL!!! **WIKID LETTE **FU-OWNERS OF HOT&FLUFFY AND PIMPSUGARBEAR**AUCTIONS OVER**@ fubar
Im A Lesbian
jus wanted to b honest w u all and let u know im a lesbian mwah
I'm A Lucky B*tch
I was having trouble with my car today. the thingy (technical term if you didn't know) that triggers the break lights when you hit the brakes was stuck in the on position. This drained my battery. I was 2 hours late to work and I had no idea when I was going to get it fixed. I ran into one of the the maintenance guys and asked them if he could just disconnect the battery so it would die again. I gave him my key and went to help the poor girl left at the desk alone all morning. 5 hours later, one of the guys ( didn't even know his name, it's Jaun) came in gave me keys and said Your car is fixed. He wouldn't take money and barely even let me say thank you before he ran out of the lobby. All I can say is... Awesome!
Im Already Gone
Dont wheep for me, know i am already gone My spirit is flying high above the pain my body is in, Know I love you and will always watch over you, When you look opon me now see through the tremors and the dark vacant eyes, See that my soul is free and with all those i have loved that have gone before me. They guild me towards a brighter light, A land of gardens and trees. Know that they are waiting to celebrate my life just as i hope in my passing you celebrate my freedom. If you must cry, please let it be tears of joy, knowing that i am now feel of the pain and terrible weakness. When stupid things happen look to the sky and know I am laughing, When bad things happen and you ask why I will try to answer. Whether good or bad know I am always with you held deep within your heart.
I'm A Lil Bit Country [train]
I'm A Lil Bit Country! As with every other train out there - drama will NOT be tolerated! 1. Fan each person below. 2. Rate their profile. (If you have rated their profile recently - rate one of their pictures) 3. Leave them a comment telling them you are riding this train. **You DO NOT need to add each person as a friend** When you have rated everyone message aGEM4life to be added to the list and for your tag to be made. Rate this folder of pics to receive your personal tag. Start with this one (and continue until the end of folder)... Your Host: Willie - Proud Owner of aGEM4life Maker of the Tags: ♊aGEM4life♊ [SinnersFamily-SBG-SpankersClub] ProudlyOwnedByWillie ~Wife of Ike~ The Riders: 1. Ladydy 2. HersheyK
I'm 4 $ale
i only like gurls no guys
I'm A Lil Secrect...shhhhhhhh!@ Fubar
Jo     Just so you know how much you mean too me   ................................... You are such a special person and I am so glad I met you, you have the kindest heart and such a lovely way about you, and for me to know you, makes me so lucky, I am so glad that you finely are sorting your life out and I truly believe that you are going to be so happy and have such a nice life down in Cornwall. For the past 3 years that I have known you it’s been a really tough time but I really hope that in some small way I have been there for you and helped, I know there have been times that I have annoyed you, but I hope that you can just remember the good times and the laughing we did, as I will always remember the fun we had, you will always be very dear to me and will always be my very best friend (Just don’t ask me too look after your car keys again or ask me where they are :)) I know you were always going to leave but I never thought it would be as hard for me when the time c
I'm Always There
I'm always there when you close your eyes, No matter how far away heaven seems to be. I'm always there when you reach for me. In the night no matter how empty your bed seems to be. Im always there when the tears blurr your site, No matter how hard it is to see. You say  my eyes are like the clear blue waters of the seas. But when you look in to them do you see the choppy waves and dark clouds of, The storm that is brewing inside of me. You help to open up the storm gates hidden deep with in, I release the deep pain and it floods like rain once again. I am always there when the clouds are heavy and dark, No matter how dim. You are there to help them part. You see a delicate heart so full of life, But can you feel how hollow i truly feel. Lost in a world to walk alone so shallow I feel so all alone. No matter how grim or how hollow i truly am I am always there even if it is just to reach out my hand. They all say they see a strong gentle me, But is this what they all
I'm A Mommy!!
I have a baby growing in me and that is a gift. The man I still love is still part of me just in a bigger way then he thinks. He has to suffer right now because of the life growing in me. I had to give him up to save the gift he helped to give me...I was getting closer to lossing it with ever bit of stress I gained so I lost all the things putting my heart so close to stoping. So if you read this My King know that by doing what you did you saved the life of you baby and mine I am just sorry it was at the price of your love .... Love you I am going to be a mommy and i can't wait!!! This is the best day of my life. Baby Doll
Im A Milf
Fully Clothed Females with Nude Men Well this is very interesting, I went to the wrong strip clubs & parties when I was younger apparently. In the USA these private parties are setup for women, with strippers and lots of booze. I went to a few strip clubs and while you weren’t really allowed to touch their cocks, the strippers were allowed to tempt you, hell they even stired my drink with their cock. Of course I never drank it after that, who knows where that thing had been LOL. I do remember going to a bachelorette party when I was 19, was a good friend of mine, so I figured I would bring my mom along since she didn’t get out much..Oh hell that was not a good idea, my mother doesn’t drink, she had 2 drinks that night and it was all over ..when the strippers came out and started to do the lap dance to my mom, she grabbed his bare ass with both of her hands and wouldn’t let go..LOL ok its funny now but at the time, I was so embarassed I wanted to hide. I remember scolding my mother(yep
Im A Mean Bitch
to all our friends we r putting our computer in the pawn shop to day wont get uot for a few weeks so bear with us we will be back love you all mary and darrell well i got some good news and some bad, first of all i got promoted to fulltime as soon as we move...... the bad news is, i was at work tonight, and i went and asked the girl in charged if i could take my lil break, because im still under the docs. care right. well she said yeah, so i went back and asked the other girl if she was gonna get on register one because someone has to be on that one all the time....she said why i said because im taking my break, she said what time did you get here, so instead of saying who in the fuck are you to be asking me when i got here i told her im under docs. care and explai
Im American!
I'm American VideoI'm American lyrics - Queensryche lyricsQueensryche Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
I'm Am Now A Cherry Grunt
Who doesn't need to get laid right? Maybe I can find someone. lol THANK YOU.... Grunts like Tim Allen!! grunt grunt grunt!!!
I'm A Married Woman That Enjoys Great "sex" With My Husband!~
I'm Am A Soldier...
I'm A Memory
I'm a game that you used to play And I'm a plan that you didn't lay so well And I'm a fire that burns in your mind So close your eyes I'm just a memory I'm a love that you bought for a song And I'm a voice on a red telephone And I'm a day that lasted so long So close your eyes I'm just a memory I'm a dream that comes with the night And I'm a face that fades with the light And I'm a tear that falls out of sight So close your eyes I'm just a memory I'm a love that you bought for a song And I'm a voice on a red telephone And I'm a day that lasted so long So close your eyes I'm just another memory
I’m Am In An Auction And In Desperate Need Of Some Bidders… Will You Please Help And Show Some Love??? Crazy Juggalette Bitch Is Offering… Rate An
Im Am Jason
hey if would like to get to know me hit me up at so we can chat
I'm An Angel!!!
You scored as Angel. Angel: Angels are the guardians of all things, from the smallest ant to the tallest tree. They give inspiration, love, hope, and positive emotion. They live among humans without being seen. They are the good in all things, and if you feel alone, don't fear. They are always watching. Often times they merely stand by, whispering into the ears of those who feel lost. They would love nothing more then to reveal themselves, but in today's society, this would bring havoc and many unneeded questions. Give thanks to all things beautiful, for you are an Angel.Angel83%Mermaid75%Faerie67%WereWolf50%Demon34%Dragon33%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
Im An Ass
So my sister and I went to McDonalds again...cant beat the dollar double cheese burgers. I have been trying to get into treatment for over a month now and they called me today while me and my sister were at mcdonalds. Im so upset because I had drank and blew it. I would like to know why treatment centers require that you have so many days dober before you can e excepted there. isnt that the whole point as to why you are going there? I dont get it.
I'm An Angel
You scored as Angel. Angel: Angels are the guardians of all things, from the smallest ant to the tallest tree. They give inspiration, love, hope, and positive emotion. They live among humans without being seen. They are the good in all things, and if you feel alone, don't fear. They are always watching. Often times they merely stand by, whispering into the ears of those who feel lost. They would love nothing more then to reveal themselves, but in today's society, this would bring havoc and many unneeded questions. Give thanks to all things beautiful, for you are an Angel.Angel92%Faerie84%Mermaid83%Dragon67%WereWolf42%Demon25%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
I'm A Newbie!
hey guys! i'm a newbie around here, so u'll have to cut me a bit of slack on how boring and dodgy my LC looks! i'll work on it, i promise! anyway, leave a comment and we might have a chat love SOPH xox
I'm A Newbie
I'm A Noob
I have no idea what i'm doing but leave me insanely cool comments. cuz i'm awesome. Much love! Manda
I'm A Newbie
Just wanted to thank my friend Jeff for introducing me to Cherry Tap. So far it seems like a lot of fun. So please forgive me if I am a little slow while I am still learning how all of this works! Hugs & Kisses Juicy
Im An Extraordinary Machine
revenge is a dish best served cold. and oh it shall be . If there was a better way to go then it would find me..i don't know what happen the road just roas up behind me', be kind to me or treat me mean i'll make the most of it im an extraordinary machine'. To all you unextraordinary people'. I bid thee a good day!!
Im A New Cherry
SexyCurvyScorpio@ CherryTAP Hey peoples dont be shy, check out my profile, give me some tens and I'll do the same for you. I love gifts too;) IF you wanna make me popular buy me a blast, you wont regret it. Love you all Sara After 3 Years I have managed to find my way back, show me some love people....I deserve it.  I am hoping to add more photos down the road.   Rate me a 10 and I will be sure to return the favor.  I love gifts too, what girl doesnt?   I live in central Canada and love it. Although the last week and a half has been nothing but cloudy sky and rain at least it is not snowing.  Mother Nature can not make up her mind.  It is hot and sunny one day then nipply cold the next. The heat in my building has been turned off but it should be on. My nipples are so hard I think they might fall off...did I mention I am wearing a sweater.  HAha.  Ok it's not that cold but close enough. In one month I am going to Vegas.  Cannot wait for the heat, bring it on baby.  Hopefully it'll
Im An Angel
I'm A Newbie
Aloha Everyone! Just wanted to say hello to all my new friends and soon-to-be friends. I really appreciate all your new user comments as well as the photo comments. Please keep 'em coming and I will return the favor... I hope to chat with you all soon! Aloha, Kilana
I'm A Newbie But Oldie...
I'm An Asshole
Im A Newbie But Im Learnin'
Wow, what a fun place!! I love all the cherry lovin... So many hot men and women...Thank you to all who have stopped by to comment and thanks for the adds!! Im gonna love it here once I get the hang of things. I used to live on Cherry St when I was a I wonder if that wasnt a sign. LMAO! MMuuuuaaaahhh!!!
Im A New Cherry Introducing Herself
Hello, New Cherry Here. Just Introducing myself. Here looking for an amazingly good time and to find friends from everywhere. Yall got some hot ass people on this site I might actuallly stay. My name is Chelsea. I live in Illinois. I love Jerry Springer! lol. Hmmm. I smoke. Mostly Reds or Newports. I drink occasionally.
I'm An "r" What Are You?
According to studies, the first letter of your first name reveals your sexual identity ... What do you think? Repost this with the letter of your first name. -A- You are not particularly romantic, but you are interested inaction. You mean business. With you, what you see is what you get. You have no patience for flirting and can't be bothered with someone who is trying to be coy, cute, demure,and subtly enticing. You are an up front person. When it comes to sex, its action that counts not obscure hints.Your mate's physical attractiveness is important to you. You find the chase and challenge of the "hunt" invigorating. You are passionate and sexual as well as being much more adventurous than you appear; however, you do not go around advertising these qualities. Your physical needs are your primary concern. -B- You give off vibes of lazy sensuality. You enjoy being romanced, wined, and dined. You are very ha ppy to receive gifts as an ___expression of the affection of your lo
I'm A Newbie
I would just like to tell everyone that I do Passion Parties. I live in Ohio and I need some more business so if you are in for a night of fun let me know.
I'm Angry Tonight
I feel like except for money and a vibrator women don't need men for squat. I love women. I love all the women I've had an opportunity to chat with on here. So let's start there. I love my wife dearly, and she and I have an incredible relationship, but tonight she let me down big time. And it's not about sex. I went to my psychology class tonight, and the [female] professor decided to talk about abuse, in a class of 8 women, and 2 men, one of which is me. I have been on the receiving end of abuse. Not so much physical, but in the classic sense of being beaten, but in the sense of being demeaned, told I'm not good enough, and sabotage of finances. I won't get into the details unless someone asks, but it took me nineteen years and the demand "that if you want me to stop you'll have to hit me." Of course I didn't, knowing she was using it as a power trap. Anyway. In class the ladies are talking about how bad their past men have been to them, and they were crying, which is e
I'm A Naked Truck Driver That Drives All Through Out The States, If Anyone Would Like To Get To Know Me More, Just Ask
I'm An Airhead!!!
I accidentally erased my guest book!! SO....can everyone please sign it again?
I'm A Naughty Girl!
~you never know until you ask~ Highway run Into the midnight sun Wheels go round and round Youre on my mind Restless hearts Sleep alone tonight Sendin all my love Along the wire They say that the road Aint no place to start a family Right down the line Its been you and me And lovin a music man Aint always what its supposed to be Oh girl you stand by me Im forever yours...faithfully Circus life Under the big top world We all need the clowns To make us smile Through space and time Always another show Wondering where I am Lost without you And being apart aint easy On this love affair Two strangers learn to fall in love again I get the joy Of rediscovering you Oh girl, you stand by me Im forever yours...faithfully Oh, oh, oh, oh Faithfully, Im still yours Im forever yours Ever yours...faithfully ***If we did as much with love as we do with hate, judging, stereotyping...this world would be a better place...*** "Be the change you wish to see in
Ima Newbie :)
Just so yall know I may be slow at gettin back at ya. I am new to this site. Bare wit me aight!
Im A Newbie
please get ya friends friends to call they friends to message they friends to slap their friends and apologize and tell them to grab their friends an come to my page and add me as a friend!!!! oh yeah.........PLZ
I'm A Nasty Litttle Whore
My friend Bill hooked me up this weekend… He had asked me if I wanted to help out at a party he was throwing…I agreed to help in any way he needed me to. I started out serving drinks to a group of guys…Bill was hosting a bachelor party for one of his friends borthers or something…They were watching the Chicago game and porn as a “pre-party” before heading out to the bars and strip clubs. Drinks were flowing and everyone was getting anxious for the “entertainment” to show….Geoff the groom was a pretty good looking guy (very fuckable) was talking with me every time I brought more drinks out. He asked if I was a Bears fan and I said that I was…As the game was going down hill I bet him that the bears would come back from behind for the win….I jokingly said that if the Bears lost I would suck his dick…My mistake…Word of the bet spread through out the group… The whole scene changed as the game was winding down….then the kick was good…DAMN! I was a little tipsy and really horny so I figured w
I'm A 2nd Alarm Hottie Fan!!
Look at all the Hotties in one place, how much better can it get! Check em out, show them some love, rate them, fan them, crush them. The Love will be returned. Get Your Own Graffiti Wall At Our Fearless leaders, We Love you guys. *Firechief*/*Chief* 2nd Alarm Hotties/ CEO Demon House !!@ fubar The Great Bluedemon*Ellie's Fu-Hubby*(1st Deputy Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties)@ fubar The 2nd Alarm Hotties: HOTTIEOFSOUTHAVEN 2nd Alarm Hotties Member@ fubar sexypirate13....@ fubar kristinb70 -- 2nd Alarm Hotties Member@ fubar ~Beach Bunny~Lt. 2nd Alarm Hotties@ fubar Raen~ Asst Chief - 2nd Alarm Hotties~@ fubar RaZnCoX/2
Im A Newbie
So i am like new here and have no idea what to do. can anyone help me?
I'm A Newbie
well my friend has one of these things so i asked her if she will help me make one. so here i am. don't know how to do all this stuff yet but i'll learn.
Im An October Hottie!
♥ JANUARY = SHYNESS Fun to be with. Loves to try new things. Boy/girls LOVE you. You are very hott. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people's feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. spazzy at times.Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover. Repost this in the next 5 mins and you
Im A Newbie!
Ok so a friend of mine has turned me on to this site (he is good at turning me on). Its like myspace for adults. haha God help me this is just another site Im sure I will waste away my days with. I guess thats what happends when your marriage is rocky and you're 600+ miles from family and friends. Welcome to my life!
I'm An American An Proud Of My Brother Truckers
The Budweiser Story (not a joke) This is TRUE! How Budweiser handled those who laughed at those who died on the 11th of September, 2001... Thought you might like to know what happened in a little town north of Bakersfield , California . After you finish reading this, please forward this story on to others so that our nation and people around the world will know about those who laughed when they found out about the tragic events in New York , Pennsylvania , and the Pentagon. On September 11th, A Budweiser employee was making a delivery to a convenience store in a California town named McFarland. He knew of the tragedy that had occurred in New York when he entered the business to find the two Arabs, who owned the business, whooping and hollering to show their approval and support of this treacherous attack. The Budweiser employee went to his truck, called his boss and told him of the very upsetting event! He didn't
I'm A Newbie
Im A Naughty Lil Slut
I really need to get anyway I can. If you are interested please call me at 5054101662.
I'm Angry And Hurt
Im 18 And Newcomer..
hey wuts up guys?!! well im doing pretty chill just enjoying my weekend and kickin it trying to figure how the hell to use this site that my mother and rooomies introduced me to. if u guys have any tips or pointers, whatever can help me abit it would be totally raid if u can pass what u know down to me, it will help alot.   take care guys and thanks for the love so fast and soon..i love it!   peace&love   alexis
I'm A Needle In A Haystack
Would you please read this and my profile, and let me know what sort of impression I make?I learned about something in my social psychology class today.Most people almost always make assumptions based on first impressions. Me, I'm kinda odd. I just sit there and watch. I gather evidence, and then make judgments based on all of what I've learned so far.Things like skin tone, gender, women's chest sizes etc DO NOT REFLECT ON WHO I BELIEVE THEY ARE!That's supposedly logical behavior, yet I've learned it isn't COMMON behavior, especially in the USA.I dunno if anyone is going to read this bulletin. I mean, who really does? Most of the people on fubar don't even read profiles, but I always do.In other words, I don't make negative assumptions anywhere NEAR as often as other people seem to think that I should.If you do read this, could you please respond? I'm really curious as to how I'm coming across. I'm tempted to place this bulletin in my profile, but I'm not sure what the reaction will be
I'm A Nerd!!!!
Im A Princess
i dont like fake folks so if u fake u might wanna leave. I like real folks not fake
Im A Pisces
I'm A Psyco
How violent are you.. Your Result: Ice Cold Killer You don't give a #$@% about ANYTHING. You'd walk over a dying man any day. If someones givin' you trouble the fights over before it started. Your enemies better look over their shoulder all day..Antisocial Edgy Chilled out Risque How violent are you..
I'm A Poet In Case You Didn't Know It
hi all. I have a poem that I wrote called heaven sent. The national library of poetry keeps awarding me numerous editers choice awards for it, but I'm a bit greedy and want more. Please vote for my poem. Copy and paste this link Apparently you can't click on this link And it will take you to my poem. Thanks everyone vote mor my poem called heavensent please.
Im A Phonesex Operator!
Im a phone sex operator, and Im ready to furfill your every fantasy. Just tell me what it is that turns you on and ill furfill your every desire. Email me at bcbcindy@yahoo and on messenger with the same id. And I also have aim messenger and my username for aim is I look forward to chatting with you. Remember im a professional phone sex operator I dont cyber for free. So if thats what your looking for dont waste your time!
I'm A Poet Or I Try To Be
Keep flapping those loose jaws No one listens It only makes you weaker to those who see it Cruel bully Ignorant fool You, the Fanged Beast Attacking me at the jugular Ripping me to shreds Go away I hope a hunter catches you, mutilates you Run and hide, little creature That's all you can do now One word And you'll be a wretched, Hairy carcass You've violated me, you've won Cease to exist, Pathetic fool Even as I lie here Bound, I know you, My Captor, I know your scarlet skin Better than my own blue: Every scar, blemish, flaw You may have my body Simple flesh, canvas, nothing more Your desire not within your reach Consumed, my heart, in shell, Protected, withdrawn, isolated, fragile My mind, the toy Your child inside cannot play with So you desire the blood Bursting veins Take your fill I will annihilate you once these chains are broken I will never beg I will never stop fighting arms raised to the sky fingers grazing the stars magic
I'm A Poet
I believe the blood on my neck will soon be real I believe things have come to a stop I believe the moon is full my friends so fake why do I put myself at stake I have no true meaning and no real friends just people who stab me in the back and steal my affections! my faith in people is folding and I'm going it alone people suck and thats the truest thing I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm A Pig
Hi I'm a pig. My wife just found my third account on here and at adult friend I have only been married a little over a year and have a 2 1/2 month old baby girl. I chased my wife for 15 years before she would be with me and become my wife. Now I'm breaking her her heart and riping our marriage apart. Over what? A sneak peak at ghetto ass. I clam to love my wife very much and I would never leave her. I also tell her she is everything to me. And I don't want anyone else. I think I'm in deep shit and I may be getting a divorce and she may be moving back to her home state(VA)365 mile away and taking our little girl with her and I won't see her because my wife is taking screen shots of all my account to use in court. cheating bastard
Im A Pervert
i am a pervert trying to straitin up my act for kids i love them very much and i dont want my kids to be like me i want them to be gentalmen when they get older like me but without the pervertedness
Im A Pervert
Ima Put It Down Like This
I seen shit this week that wouold floor any damn one i didnt even know what these things were until i read ALOT of them and ima put it down like this know your fubar friends read into what is being put down. Help them love them advice them. I been in one hell of a pickle the last few days i aint aright with it. Do unto others as they would do to you. If you gonna play or player be wise to the noticon its goin to fuck some one up. I aint hatin I am just statin that all my last 3 days of my life coulda surely been avoided. Dana she is one hell of a fuckin' person i done been through hell and back it seems over the last few months and ida never even thought. I pity the fool that pities the fool. peace love and happiness mm
I'm Around Once In A While
OK so I've been gone 4ever but I promise (pinkie swear) I'm back around now. Sorry to all my chums (nobody uses that word anymore, what happened to chums?) I've been gone completely for like 4 months. I moved to Minnesota and love it. Got a house, finally got computer shipped up and I'm all set. Miss ya'll (still a Southern gentleman right?) ALL...PLEEEASE write and let me know what you've been up to and if you're still around on this here fubar :) xoxox Enjoy the Silence
You know... it really sucks that CT won't even let one GUESS who has a crush on them. Sheesh... OK - MY crush knows who he is. I told him flat out (he would have figured it out anyway). I'm NOT saying that my crusher absolutely has to come clean, it would just satisfy my curiosity. Open note to my crusher: If you want to keep your identity a secret. That's OK, I don't mind. Just know that you have my warm thanks for crushing one me. ~I I’ve been into the sweet chocolates my whole life. Milk… White… Cookies n crème… Dark chocolate was always too bitter for my pallet and I didn’t like the aftertaste. Then I was grabbing some Hershey’s Miniatures one day (just a small handful, less than five) and when I got back to my desk I realized that I’d accidentally grabbed a Hershey’s Special Dark. I decided to eat it anyway… chocolate is still chocolate. But… I liked it. I mean… really really liked it! A few days later I decided to test the theory. O
I'm A Re Re
As I've said before I'm an asshole.... I don't always think before I do things, in this case I was just stupid. I never thought what happened would happen, but it did and there isn't anything I can do about it except for what I have already done. I should never have put them up in the first place, but I took them all down so now nothing can ever happen again cause they don't exsist. I'm sorry I hurt you that was never my intention, I love you more than anything and I hate knowing you are mad at me but I understand why you are, I would probably feel the sameway. I dunno... I'm just a dumbass and a jerk so maybe I really am better off alone....
I'm A Sexual Genius
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
I'm A Sell Out
On Average, You Would Sell Out For $790,244 At What Price Would You Sell Out?
I'm A Seoul Man: Part 1
I'm a Seoul man Part 1 INTRODUCTORY NOTES 1. Yes, this first email is quite long...however you c@#ts best not complain. When I was in Australia you complained that I didn't write enough....the M'F'N grass is always greener. 2. Mom, apologies for any foul language...however, feel some solice in the fact that you are getting the unedited version and thus get complete honesty from me as to how much of a clown I am. 3. Dad, we can't call them Koala's in this country(although at this point I have not been to the zoo). What are we calling them this year???? 4. Kyle, by the time you read this email I'm sure I will be back in Canada 5. Cecchin ... in answer to your last email...that gift came straight from my heart 6. Rips...I'll let you know in another month or so...but I think coming to visit me here may actually be a really fun trip for you 7. Berrafati...apologies for not meeting up while I was in Canada...hopefully by the time I get home Jen and you have a lit
Im A Semple Person Nothing More And Nothing Lless
Im A Sucka
im a sucka for a guy to call me baby im a sucka for a guy to say i love yu im a sucka for a guy to give me a rose im a sucka for a guy to say yur my everything im a sucka for a guy to say ill do nething for yu im a sucka for a guy to be cute im a sucka for a guy to want me im a sucka for a guy not just want to get in my pants im a sucka for a guy not a boy im a sucka for a guy to call me pretty im a sucka for a guy to drive miles to see me im a sucka for a guy to make me feel betta when im sick im a sucks for a guy to be a MAN PRETTY MUCH IM A SUCKA FOR YU!!!
I'm A Survivor
I'm A Survivor ...through and through I'm A Survivor... you can walk all over me you can spit in my face you can do whatever u want to me but this is the day i make my stand and i show that I'm A Survivor. I have done nothing but fight all my life for things and have people either take them or rip them away from me and im here to say no fucking more because I'm A Survivor....I love i hurt i ache im human just as the next person sitting next to you, the next person your talking to, No matter what it is really im human jut as the next person... I love my kids and no matter what it takes i will work whatever when ever to make sure they have all that they want and then some....I love one person that has made my life totaly differnt since the first time i met him and i seen that there is trueth there is happyness there is love out there for me....through and through I'm A Survivor.....I will make my name stand i will let it be known that im here i can take it and you...him.... her.... wh
Im Asking Again
to get to henchman would love to be there by the end of the day ive got lots of stuff to rate and lots stash items too got 129,941 to go ive been rating everything i can on everyones pages ty ,evoone
I'm A Sucker For Animals
I'm A Surivior!!!!
Zingerbug on imikimi - Customize Your World
I'm A Superhero!!! Lol
Take the Superhero Quiz at!Make Your Own Quiz
Im A Show Girl.web Cam Gurl
hello im ana from philippines a cam model..hope..u will like for a man who interested to me..are..u interetsed to me? me please.can afford or cant just only 3.90. euro.or..4.99$ credit card for 24 hours..only baby,,dont worry..about the credit deatails..becuase..nobody will share..about that..our very secured... ..i can assure u that..if..u like..i will send my link to u where u can register,,and i will help u fill up and so on i will guide u to heaven....add me to discuss..ok is my contact no,,+639198592216
I'm A Super Hero?
Superhero Quiz by Fun Quizzes! Fun Quizes | Love Quiz | MySpace Quizzes I'm am the Punisher! I'm a vigilante who considers murder, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, threats of violence, and torture to be acceptable crime fighting tactics. LMFAOROTG
Ima Sh0ve It R1te Her3... Mmmm
I'm A Stalker Roflmao Ok
If any one has used ( Bored?) its under fun & games link. So if you have used bored you will notice you rate a picture it moves to the next one in Fubar using a random order or something. And if you have rated a picture before they still come up with that said. I've been get a lot of paranoid people thinking I'm stalking them because I cross their page and not rate or any thing, lol, I guess I could down rate there picture let them know I'm not just staling then rate it up the next time ROFLMAO. And for the ones that have me blocked for this lol your loss all I was doing is what most beg for on here rating. So are they A. Paranoid or B. I'm a Stalker
Im A Soldier Now!
If I ever go to war Mom, Please don’t be afraid. There are some things I must do, To keep the promise that I made. I’m sure there will be some heartache, And I know that you’ll cry tears, But your son is a Soldier now, Mom, There is nothing you should fear. If I ever go to war Dad, I know that you’ll be strong. But you won’t have to worry, Cause you taught me right from wrong. You kept me firmly on the ground, yet still taught me how to fly. Your son is a Soldier now Dad, I love you Hooah, Even if I die. If I ever go to war Bro, There are some things I want to say. You’ve always had my back, and I know it’s my time to repay. You’ll always be my daybreak, through all of life’s dark clouds, Your brother is a Soldier now, Bro, I promise I’ll make you proud. If I ever go to war Sis, don’t you worry bout me, I always looked out for you, but I can't do that anymore, Cause I'm a big bro to all in America. I love you so much and you know that, Your broth
I'm A Sap Lol Ty Chiina
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED !!! HERE ARE THE RESULTS and WINNERS of Over 6.5 MILLION FUBUX!!! RACE, RACE, RACE! CHECKERED FLAG BLING Winners are… . cantsleepclownswilleatme Sexi Sandi Berry, Berry Quite Contrary The Grand Prize for Over 5 Mil Fubux was a smashing success. And the Winners are ….. 3 million fubux Lovvrr 1.5 mil Fubux ChelleBelle 750k Fubux Jeffrey The BlingBux Folder was again another great success. With over 50 Entries, I decided to increase the number of winners from 6 to 10. The 10 Winners of 150k Bux Random Drawing are:
I'm As Twisted As I Look
Ima Smack A Bitch
so i was just watching the news about this 8 year old girl that got gang raped in a shed by 4 kids ages 9-14, the girls mother blames her for getting raped when the kids just grabbed her and raped her...granted they were all friends but still what the fuck this bitch thinks that her 8 year old daughter deserved to get raped, man i wanna punch her... i dont care what she might of done or what but noone deserves to get raped. tell me how would anyone else feel if i t was their daughter in that situation(god forbid), u would be pissed and want justice i know i would..not blame her for getting raped...shes 8 YEARS OLD FOR GODS SAKE COME ON...she prob doesnt even know what the word rape means
I'm A Sheep...baaahhh
Instructions......   Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.   I smoke BUT only when I drink. My "best friend" is more than twice my age. I have a brother, and I always say "He is chronologically three and a half years older." When my great-grandmother and my grandmother passed away, I asked for only their cookie jars, now that seems to be the only thing people buy me as gifts. I hate Facebook, for this simple fact, I didn't like or talk to the people I went to school with when I saw them everyday, why should I interact with them 12 yrs later too? Despite my hatred for what Facebook is all about, I seem to be kinda addicted to Farmville. I like to make out with guys when I drink,
Im At Work
I had to work today so im not at home and im fooling around on the computer lol yeah i know im a bad girl playing on the computer at work lol my baby knows how naughty i can be lol so yea have fun today ppl and have a great weekend *hugs*
Im A Truck Driver In Need Of A Good Man
I'm A Twin
~Cind3r3lla~@ CherryTAP
I'm A Transgenderist
Sex, Gender, & Bipolarity In order to understand the difference between someone who is gay, lesbian, or bisexual, and someone who is transgender, you need to know the difference between sex and gender. Simply put, sex is polarity of anatomy, gender is polarity of appearance and behavior. As one gains familiarity with transgenderism, these definitions quickly break down, but they serve as a good starting point. Most people think there are just two sexes, male and female. Such is not the case. People who are intersexed and people who are transsexual constitute sexes which are neither exactly male nor exactly female. Likewise, gender is not a simple case of "either/or." Gender is exhibited by countless signals, from articles of clothing to cosmetics, hairstyles, conversational styles, body language and much more. Notice, however, that our gender "norms" are not symmetric. Women have won for themselves the right to a wide range of gender expression. Men have not made a correspond
I'm A Thug 0,o
Pick your birthday month and read it, then repost with whatever you are. JANUARY = SLUT Fun to be with. Loves to try new things. Boy/girls LOVE you. You are very hott. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people's feings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. spazzy at times.Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt
Im A Troop
im a troop, doing what i have to do to keep what i treasure free from the so-called bad men. those who wish to trash me for being what i am then i have two letters for u.......F AND U......Update on 17 May 2009....News Flash...Im still a troop but now I carry handcuffs and a gun but not the one between my legs, lol. I am still doing the do for my uncle sam and the good ol USA. So if u still wish to trash me , do so but at ur own friggin risk!!!!!! I am now armed with the knowledge and the skills to KNOCK ....YOU....OUT!!!!!
I'm A Total Jerk
i just can't do anythinghere i tried macking pics and can't load them right i'm no good in lounges i guess it's just rate pics cause i'm no good at comments. somedays i feel like i'm no good here
Im At A Loss On The Whole Dating Thing
i have just started dating again after a horrible marriage to a class a a**hole..but i just hate having to start over it seems like im not meeting any new ppl and the ones that i do meet im just not intrested in, i dont know if im a lil gunshy after getting my heart handed back to me or if i have just set my standards too high...its not that i think that im too good or anything like that its just that im not meeting anyone who shares my ideals or goals in life...i have an ex who would chew off his arm to be back with me and i dont like the thought of going backwards either...i know that its going to take some time to find the one..if there really is the one out i guess ill just keep doing what i have been and maybe start going to some new place's meeting new ppl in the process...i dont want to go back i just want to go forward and progress with my life..and i still believe in love so maybe just maybe ill find it again someday...and maybe this time it will actually
Imature People Online
A lot has happened since I was last on fubar. The guy I thought I was in love with turned out to be a total asshole. I found out he cheated on me and got the girl pregnant. I stayed to work things out with him. He broke up with me last weekend becuase someone lied on me and told him that I had sex with someone else more than once. Which never happened. I'm a stay at home mom dont leave the house unless i'm with my family, dr apt for me or the girls or i go to the store. Now I have to raise my girls by myself. Wow, since i've been on fubar, i've met some very interesting people. So of which I think are imature. I hate imature people. If your not interested in that person dating wise, and you start "dating" someone else online and the person that you werent interested in finds out about it they get upset and imature and stop talking to you. I absolutely HATE THAT!! I hate people like that I hate when people say i'm not jelous but really are. I can name at least 2 or 3 people that are im
I'm At It Again!
Im A Tease:):):):)
Imaturity Of Others
I read some jerks lame ass mum about why after over 10 years of marridge he called it quits. And WOW,  like no surprize here, he decided like a imature idiot to call his x all sorts of names and made accusations about her. Blehhhh,  Funny how most
I'm Auctiong My Own Butt Off
I'm A Virgin!!
OK really I'm new to lost cherry so I figure whoever sends me my first message then they will have popped my so-called cherry!! LOL Just want to say hi and you'll love to meet me so hope to hear from you soon.
Im A Very Naughty Girl
You scored as Gunshot. Your death will be by gunshot, probably because you are some important person or whatever. Possibly a sniper, nice, quick, clean shot to the head. Just beautiful.Gunshot87%Suicide80%Posion73%Bomb60%Eaten53%Accident53%Stabbed53%Cut Throat33%Disappear33%Disease20%Suffocated20%Natural Causes
I'm A Virgin
Your eyes so soft,skin so white. Beauty fell upon me that cold october night. The wall that keeps me from my love The chains he is shackled to,not only did he free himself. He freed me from "the blues" I still walk alone but alone my heart does not feel. This is why I know God exists For I have never seen beauty so real. Dreams may not come true Dreams may end in a flash For I can always hope for one thing This dream will forever last. Hey I am a Virgin on here. Just want to say Thanxs to everyone for the ratings, etc. Happy Holidays!!! XOXO's When a girl bumps into your arm while walking she wants you to hold her hand When she wants a hug she will just stand there When u break a girls heart, she still feels it when u run into each other 3 years later When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind. When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply. When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions,
I'm A Virgin To This Place! Yay!
well heres my first one on here, im still tryen to figure this site out but more are sure to come. i like to write about steamy love scenerios and can't do it on my other one. so i am gonna try it out here. so if ur interested keep a watch out and shoot at me if you have an idea!
I'm A Virgin!
I'm Available .. For A Price !
  Click Picture below to Own Me !!!My FIRST Auction ... Please be Gentle !!!Brought to you EXCLUSIVELY by :~PebblesinAZ~Co-Owned by Tappinit & Emanon! xoxo Co founder of THE FREAK SHOW! Woot! XOXO Read my Bl@ fubar
Im A Very Straight Person
im in love with a gorgeous woman i am very straight so please stop asking me i guess if this contous i will only start adding woman
Im Away
hey im gonna be away for awhile and wont be able to get on here but ill b on myspace still...if u dont have me added on there then add me just search my or add me on yahoo...sorry that i havent been on much just been real busy and i missu people who r my real friends on here...mucho love to u guys!!!
I'm A Winner!!!
What do you think? Alrite, tell me... does this not look like that Subway guy Jarrad drinkin piss straight out of a monkey... tell me if I'm wrong... If anyone wants to check it out, my myspace URL is It's trippy...
Im A Wife Of A Us Soldier
I am the Wife of a United States soldier. I am a supporter of the United States Air Force- an encouragement for the greatest protectors of the greatest Nation on earth. Because I am proud of my husband, and the uniform that he wears, I will always act in ways creditable to him, the military service and the Nation he is sworn to guard. I am proud of my husband. I will do all that I can to protect and provide for my family in his absence. I will be loyal to my husband and to the vows that we made as we entered the covenant of marriage. I will do my full part to carry on the values and goals we have set apart for our family and I will continue to instruct our children in the same manner. As a soldier's wife, I realize that I play a vital role in my husband's decision to become a member of a time honored profession- that I am doing my share to keep alive the principles of freedom for which my country stands. No matter what situation I am in, I will never do anything for pleasure, profi
I'm A Wiskey Girl!!
Anyone want to buy me a drink? ;-)
I'm A Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GLO WINNING NOTIFICATIONS AND FINAL NOTICE GLOBAL COM PROMOTIONAL DRAW 2007 Government Accredited Lisenced!! Registered Under The Data Protection Act Of ( Reg : Z7022769CD245002 ) 11th Of August 2007 ATTENTION: WINNER The GLOBAL COM COMMUNICATION COMPANY has just concluded its final draws of it's periodical promotional program. An exclusive list of email addresses of thousands of individual and corporate bodies were picked by automated random computer search from the internet with serial number 5772-54 drew the lucky numbers 3-4-17-28-35-44 and consequently won in the First Category. No tickets were sold. Your email address emerged as one of seven winners in the silver stakes category"A" as email addresses were soughted, from a total number of 1,000,000 addresses drawn from all over the globe. After an automated computer ballot of our International Promotions Program, only Seven winners emerged in this category and therefore each are to receive payouts
I'm A Writer, Not A Biter!
I'm A Writer! : P
Stephanie Graber Mrs. Moe Writing 121 13 December 2004 Desert Vegetation and a Sun Dried Tomato I was trying to describe you to someone a few days ago. You’re not like any guy I’ve ever known. I couldn’t say: “He’s just like Clay Aiken except he can’t sing, that is, Clay can’t actually sing either; he’s much girlier, if possible; and much uglier, if possible.” I couldn’t say that because you don’t look like Clay Aiken at all. Though, I must say, you and he both have questionable gay tendencies. I finally ended up describing you as the desert. Beside the fact that you are dry, boring, and if someone is around you for too long they feel like they just want to shrivel up and die, I used the common cactus. Imagine for a moment that you are walking through the desert. Your eyes are frying out of the sockets, your flesh is melting from your bones, and your limbs begin to slowly detach from your dry, stump some would call a body. But what is that in the distance? A cactus: t
I'm A Walking Suicide
I'm a walking suicide but you'd never know cause' I hide I got too much pride to show my depression I think about dying everyday but never say anything cause' people will stop me rob me from succeeding in my goal. I fold my letter up saying how sorry I am for being a disappointment to my family and you'll be better without me. You'd never think little baby girl would try something so bold didn't know that the mold you made her in turned it's grin and that hell really existed in her eyes and she cries for god to please just let me die and be free from the reality she's facing!! I'm a walking suicide
I May
The porno of nettie jones's life will be called ... "Cannibal love action - live!" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at nettie jones is most likely to get laid in Kazakhstan, at a club. Take this quiz at nettie -- [adjective]:Insatiable to the point of crazy 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
I May Be Leaving....
As some of you may know, I had drill this weekend...also as some of you know, my unit was tasked for Iraq and are mobilizing very soon...not being able to go, gave me many mixed emotions that's hard to explain, unless you're a soldier. Sunday, our CO told us that, with nothing in writing as of yet, the rest of our unit was tasked out for a second mission to I have some stuff to do...have to be seen by some doctors, to medically clear me. I thought I escaped the microscope of the medical review board...well, long story short, my senior NCOs and I were trying to pull a trick, so my medical shit would disappear after my enlistment ended this Nov....but, I guess it didn't work out with this new mission in hand :( Well, I'll keep you guys posted here and thank you for all the luv and kindness you all have shown me...I'll try to stop by everyone's page to show some luv, but things are about to get pretty hectic for I hope you all understand. Love, hugs and kis
I May Be Looking For A New Job
PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN Think about this: If you don't want to forward this for fear of offending someone-----YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM !!!! Will we still be the Country of choice and still be America if we continue to make the changes forced on us by the people from other countries that came to live in America because it is the Country of Choice?????? Think about it! All we have to say is, when will they do something about MY RIGHTS? I celebrate Christmas...........but because it isn't celebrated by everyone.............we can no longer say Merry Christmas. Now it has to be Season's Greetings. It's not Christmas vacation, it's Winter Break. Isn't it amazing how this winter break ALWAYS occurs over the Christmas holiday? We've gone so far the other way, bent over backwards to not offend anyone, that I am now being offended. But it seems that no one has a problem with that. This says it all! This is an editorial written by an American citizen, published in a Tamp
I May Be Deleted
Well friends, this may be the last time you hear from me. Not sure? Seems the good folks here at CT are GOD and they decided that if I put up one more NSFW photo without tagging it, I will be deleted without warning! Let's see, I have done numerous blasts $$$, 2 happy hours $$$ and pay for a VIC $$$ which is all money in the A'holes pocket! Oops! Is that nsfw? I better watch out! What the F***? You are allowed to put up pictures of yourself naked but if you don't tag them, it is wrong. See the double standard here anyone? I could really give a F*** about the points anymore anyway! Ooh, what do levels and cherry dollars get you anyway? NOTHING! Can't get past level 25 anyway. So tell me, what is the point of this whole point system? Stupid! Maybe I should ask for approval from God, I mean Baby J, if a picture is inappropriate before I put it up? Let's see, if I show cleavage, am I going to get deleted? I am not really sure what they consider inappropriate b
I May Be Gone
I May Have Been Drunk When I Wrote These,
The Girl Inside [A Perfect Lie] A perfect face Was said to be An imaged mirror That wasn’t me A perfect smile Not quite the same As the one I feel To hide the shame Of something they expect But I will never be Nevermore who I once was Trapped, I am not free A perfect world A perfect lie Trapped inside I awake to die For no one knows How hard I’ve tried.. No one knows The girl inside. She Died Alone Alone, inside this world; she ran A little girl: afraid Scared to live [to breathe this air!] Stumbling to where her demons laid. Captive in her dreams She cried and hid away Waking in her screams She searched for.. Another way A mist her fearful nights An angel called her name Promised her the world [promised to ease her pain] Awaken in her dream [she runs] To find a world Full of demons and guns She beckoned her demons leave Pleading death; she cried In love with her angel; she sighed Afraid to live; She died. The Edge Two steps from the Edge
I May Never
I May Be A Dumb Dumb, But You're A Pee Pee Head
Treatise to Women on the Use of Cute cute[kyoot]adjective attractive, esp. in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty: a cute child; a cute little apartment. One of the stories of my early childhood repeated often to friends by my mother was the time I cut my eyelashes off. When asked why I would do such a thing she said that I was very upset about women constantly cooing at how long my eyelashes were and repeating over and over the word cute. Of course girls had cooties then and most of my experience with the word cute came from older women and was always coupled with pinching cheeks and smeared red lipstick on the forhead. I am lucky I stopped with cutting off my eyelashes--I just might have lopped my whole head off. When I started to notice that girls really didn't have cooties (even if they did I think I would have risked infection to be close enough to catch a wiff of their dime store perfume), the word cute took on a whole new meaning. But really... at that age a girl could cal
I May Be A Midget
k not really.. just a lil over the tallest midget size..lmao neways.. i didn't know what the hell these were. saw them in bully's.. and didn't even know they were on here.. well neways.. here's what it is.. What's a midget? A fubar midget is a mini version of your profile. You can embed it anywhere... your blog, myspace, etc. It's updated in real time, so whoever see's it can find your current fubar status, level, fans, photos, etc,. One of the best things about the midget is that you also receive points everytime someone looks at it! where u can find yours: go than click midget
I May Not Know You...
I may not know you, but that doesn't matter. You may be different to me, You may live a thousand miles away, a different life. Or you could be closer, but still worlds apart. None of it matters. Sometimes, everyone gets down, Everyone feels sad, Everyone hurts. You are not alone. Your experiences may be different, But inside, we are all the same, Looking to make a connection, Just to know that we are alive. I may not know you, And you may not know me, But this is for all of us, Who have been broken... Just know that we can mend.
Im A 27 Y.o. Server
its funny how internet chat rooms work...people that dont really have anything to do flirting with each other...everyone has to look and sound the collest...does this im really say what i want it to say...the im says hi...what they meant to say was please send me naked pix of your ugly body so i can feel better about myself. people r drinking at their computers wondering which emote is the best..what will make her show me boobs and tell me im all for it being an alcoholic but i wish we didnt have to play these games...if i type just the right way....she might cyber me the details of this overweight chick blowing me in ims.....for all those who r going to hate me cuz of this i need more haters to fulfill how awesome i am im shrooming tonight...pretty good so a pro...but i just experienced something so completely awesome....a whole body explosion...everymuscle tense yet free.....a feeling like flying...the pain is such a help to running a mile for a charity
I May Leave Fubar
I am thinking of leaving FuBar at the start of 2009. I have met a lot of friends but I don't know how many of them appreciate me. I have bought rather expensive drinks, for a non vip, and I get cheap drinks in return. This may be the last blog post from me EVER !!
Im A 27yr Old Men,and Im Looking For Agirlfriend.
I May Have Lost My Mind.
Stab me in the face so I forget how badly my thighs and shoulders hurt...please and ty! A high school friend passed away today.. I am way too young for this shit. It reinforces my desire to become healthier...which causes me to be happier (who the fuck knew??) I went to sit with his widow for a bit...she seems numb :( Then when she had to go to the funeral home, I went to my kick boxing class. I really worked hard... hard enough to need my inhaler ( I almost like when I have to use it...I know I am working hard) It is cathartic to work out, I just realized that...... Every bit of pent up emotion went into my punches and kicks, I mean sure I am still sad...but I am at peace with it. I work hard to better myself, and my instructors (who I am thrilled to also call friends) push me. Just when I think I can't do it, they come gimme a shove I love those sadistic bastards. Tomorrow I am going to push myself even harder. There is NOTHING I cannot do if I work hard and keep pushing mysel
I'm Back
I'm back from my weekend in Austin. The concert was great i had really fun time there. Once i get pictures from the concert i'll post them I arrived almost 2:00 in the morning (Central Time) it was a long day but I managed to get here. I had fun over there i just got back well early in the morning and it was great we went to the riverwalk which was pretty cool
I'm Back!!!
yeah so im fucking done, done with stupid bitches, done with retards, done with everyone. Im going away for awhile. Hopefully stupid whores WONT be stabbing me in the back when i get back.... if i ever come back. Peace.. and love to all my friends I am so sick of fake people. Fake people, fake friends, and fake truths. I'm trapped inside myself right now with no way of getting out, but screaming in my own mind. I'm sick of trusting people and getting stabbed in the back. I'm sick of being called a bad person because i don't wanna "follow the crowd." I will not change for anyone, I will not change for anything. I am me, and if you dont like it fucking take a hike. I'm done with "best friends" stabbing me in the heart. I'm done wallowing in self pitty wondering what the fuck ive done wrong when its truly not me. I've already moved once, how much more do I really have to take before I just get in my car and stay wherever I run out of gas. leaving everything and everyone behind. I sick of
Im Back
hello to all my friends im back was i missed if so show me some love and say hi
Im Back
Well to all the wonderful peeps on here , It's great to know and feel that ur missed.... Well i hope that you all had a wonderful christmas, and are looking forward to a better new year. I am greatful for your kind wishes, and thoughts. I love you all ......... ALL THE BEST FOR 2007 ! MAY IT BE A GOOD YEAR FOR U ALL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Well my wonderful dear friends i was right with last nights blog i didnt go to sleep . I was up all night ... And believe me i am shattered beyond reason ... But thanks to u all it was a wonderful night xxxxx To all that know me , and to all those that ilove.My dear friends im so sorry that i hav'nt been on the computer for so long .But i have been making so many changes in my life. I have also been in hospital . But now im back . FITTER STRONGER and ready to face the world , and what it can chuck at me . xxx
I'm Back
Im Back...
ive been very irritated lately... everytime i turn around there are idiots,, im not even talking about the internet either.. that moron who waits till the last second and cuts you off in traffic... the mom who has the four yeard old following her around the store then gets upset when the kid takes off and hides under the clothes rack... ME ?? im kind of a airhead sometimes i have trouble pumping gas... forgot to push the button lost the remote control... look in the fridge drive my vehicle around for two months with no inspection....never even realized it UNTIL... i stopped for a road block and the officer asked me "what's up with your inspection???" ...they looked at me like i was crazy when i said "sorry, i'm blonde." NOW... i've come to the conclusion that life was much easier when i WAS blonde... not just because "Blondes have more fun." but people expect less of you when they see the blonde you can g
I'm Back!!!
Alright... I know I haven't been on here in like forever... but... I had a lot of shit go down in the last couple of months... First of all... BuffaloHNTR and I are calling it quits on our marriage... we haven't been truly happy in the last couple of years... and have come to terms with it. We are remaining friends... and nothing more... However... I also would like to say that I have moved on... I have reconnected with someone from my past who shares the same feelings as I do. We are trying to make it work though it's difficult... we live in two different cities... I have never had a long distance relationship before and let me tell ya... it sucks. However if our feelings for each other have lasted over 15 years... then we can survive the distance for a little bit longer... though I can't wait to see him again... I was just there a few short weeks ago... but I long to see him again... which will be in another few short weeks... YAY!!! So... now you all know what is going o
I'm Backkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!
Hey everyone i'm sorry that i've have'nt been on here for a while i've been working on my new video "Long way 2 go" I want to thank all my fans for supporting me. P.S. Some people might think I just a FAKE well news flash i'm not this is the real Cassie and the people that do believe me just send me a friend requst and for those who think i'm FAKE i don' care about you all i'm gonna continue being me and persuing my dream to become a star. I LOVE you all but i have to go. BYE Cassie
I'm Back!!!
Hope 2007 makes 2006 look like a bad memory for us all. Im looking forward to a better year. And wish the same for you all...KISSES I have been gone awhile, and thought of all of you that i chat with often. I needed some "me" time, and feel refreshed!! I missed the friends I have made on here, and hope to hear from you soon. I am trying to catch up on new pics and ratings, please give me a little time, you have not been forgotten!! LOVE and KISSES to all of those I actualy talk to!! And to those I don't, have a great day, and maybe we can talk soon!! Temper
I'm Back
Hey Everyone I'm back.. got new broser to surf with so .. Hit me up.. I missed u all very much..
I'm Back!!
I think it would be awesome if the Fubar gods got together and made a FUBAR LOTTO. C'mon doesnt that sound fun? same as the regular lotto cept with fu-bucks and other various prizes. No? Lemme know what u think. Repost this if ya like the idea, perhaps we can get it rolling. Ok, peeps, I'm officially out of jail, after spending about 6 months over a bunch of B.S. ranging from Drinkin' in Public to Assaulting an Officer (amongst a couple other things they let me out w/ 1 yr. probation, but its all good! It feels so fuckin' good to be outta that hell hole, it fucking sux, but neways, hows every1 on C.T. doing, better than me I hope, gotta go, maybe we can catch-up on old shit another time, peace!
Im Back
I'm Back
Sorry I haven't been around lately, had my internet shut off for a few weeks, because I chose to buy my kids xmas presents and not pay the bill...LOL. Their happiness was far more impoartant then my own. Hope nobody missed me too much. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
Im Back!
I'm Back
...So i have been gone for a few months....i saw shooting a spain...but i am back in the us now...i had fun in was really hot and the beach was fucking great...and my babies really loved the sand and the was my daughter's first time on a plane and in water and was funny watching her react to the sand and the waves comign at her...but we all had best friend Molly and my sister came with me to watch the babies when i was shooting...but they were happy to come...even if they had to watch the kids!!!! but the trip was a blast and i got really close to my a relationship way...i am not sure if i am bi or i just like having someone there that doesnt treat me like most guys do...but whatever...i am living my life the way i wanna and living day by today i am with a girl...but i could be with a guy tomorrow...who nows...but whatever...later hugs & kisses Tiff
I'm Back!!!
Hey everyone i am back. I am staying on cherry tap and if anyones has a problem with it, they can get the **#%%%*** over it. It's good to be back on. hello everybody. Mindy
Im Back
Been away for awhile.. but I am back.. lookin forward to chatting with you all again.. drop by..and let's nibble..hehee laters... Jackie
Im Back
ok, friday night i saw the best live show ever. i dont know if any of you have ever heard of suspension but its cool. now mind you its not for everyone but it is quite unique. and i would hope you would check it out befor you judge. for those of you who dont know what it is ill tell you. they take lardge hooks and put them through the skin. from there they are connected to cables that run up to the cealing. the cables are then drawn up raising the person off the ground. and you have suspension. the show i saw was at the sunshine in albuquerque N.M. and stared many great preformers. form ascension suspension, D.O.M., swingshift sideshow, and from finland circus mundus absurdus. to learn more check out the links below. OK!Just to let every one know i havent been being rude by not responding! I moved in to a new place and had to get my net transfered! That
I'm Back
I'm Back
Have not been on here for awhile, I look forward to get back to my great CherryTap Friends!! comment the hell out of me thanks!!
I'm Back Online!
Hey all I'm back online! I finally got my internet turned back on so I'm always gonna be on once again...YAY!
Im Backk!!
HEY EVERYBODY, Im back from was freakin awesome, if anybody cares hehe..... I honestly didnt have one thought of CT while i was gone, to be truthful hehe but im glad to be back, but im very tired hope to talk to u alll sooooon!!! Luvz ya... Cindy
Im Back
Hello my friends. I just wanted to say... IM BACK. I missed all of you.. New pics are being added daily. Kiss Kiss
Im Back
Im Back!!
STAIND LYRICS "Outside" And you Can bring me to my knees Again All the times That I could beg you please In vain All the times That I felt insecure For you And I leave My burdens at the door But I'm on the outside I'm looking in I can see through you See your true colors 'Cause inside you're ugly You're ugly like me I can see through you See to the real you All the times That I felt like this won't end It's for you And I taste What I could never have It was from you All the times That I've cried My intentions Full of pride But I waste More time than anyone But I'm on the outside And I'm looking in I can see through you See your true colors 'Cause inside you're ugly You're ugly like me I can see through you See to the real you All the times That I've cried All this wasted It's all inside And I feel All this pain Stuffed it down It's back again And I lie Here in bed All alone I can't mend But I feel Tomorrow will be OK
Imbadassmexican@ Cherrytap
Im Back
i am back on cherry tap. I was leaving but decided to stay because i would miss talking to all my friends. Some things are different now. I will not put up some of my nsfw pics. Dont ask to see them either because i deleted them all off my computer.
I'm Back !!!
I've been home for just over a week and I must say...Damn it's good to be home. I'll try to get on more often now and just want all of you to know how much I have missed you. Thank you so much for all of your love, thoughts, and friendship. They mean more to me than you could ever know... Love ya all.... Kimmer
I'm Baaaaaaack :)
well i'm sitting here contemplating what i should wear to work, shorts, capri's or jeans. oh well guess it doesn't matter gonna be hot as hell in there no matter what i wear lol anyways it has been a long time since i've been online so i figured what the heck might as well blog something I'm a single mom, work my ass off, and play on the computer what else is there to do in a small town in missouri, not much unless you drink or do drugs which i really don't drink and don't do drugs. yep boring life i guess lol well gotta run time to go to work :(
I'm Back
I'm Back
I am back online at home..finally! So to all that have added me as a friend and i have not rated you yet i will get there i am sorry it has taken this long. If i haven't rated you please let me know and i will do so. Much cherry love to you all and thanks for adding me! Lucy
I'm Back !
I'm Back..........
Aloha Everyone!! As many of you know I took off to Maui on a mini vacation.... but believe me! I made the MOST of it!! I went parasailing (4 times!), went on a sunset cruise, went to Lanai in a boat. Saw a big school of about 200 dolphins some of which were close enough to touch! I did so many things I still cannot believe I was only there 5 days!! I did NOT want to come home...! But now it's back to work and the same ol' routine! I've uploaded some pics of my trip. Please stop in and rate them. Also, if you haven't signed my guest book, please stop in and do so! Mahalo and have a beautiful weekend!! Aloha, Makahalei
Im Back, If Anyone Notices
Well if anyone thought id been ignoreing anyone then they would be wrong lol after 13days im back after being in Hospital. Im not doing to bad just had abit of an accident at work causing me to brake my arm, and fracture the other elbow and to top it off, bust up my splean, BUT as i said im on the mend and if anyone had wondered where i was, their you go =) Hope to chat soon X
I'm Back On Deck!!
On cherry tap and in my home town
Im Back
sorry i've been gone for awhile but im back now and im looking forward on getting back in touch with you and i miss you all alot so stop by some time and i will try to write back. i hope you all have a great day. i will talk to every one later. got to go now. love always: Josh Batterman
I'm Back!
I'm Back :-d
Im Back Im Back
I"m Back
Im Back!
I havent been on hyre in almost a year. But im back! hell yeaa! Not much has changed about me, i dont think anyway. All my pics are old so ill hafta add new ones and then delete the old. My hair is still black. I had it blond-ish orange for a while but went back black.. great choice if i do say so myself! I hope no one has forgotten me and ill be on more than i was before i quit! i hope to talk to all my old people. ive missed yall! so bye! Katherine..
I'm Back
Hi i'm back everybody. I was not on for awhile and then when i went to try to get into cherrytap i couldn't get the page. I would love to catch up with all my old friends on here. Speak to you all soon
I'm Back...
I pretty much don't know why I came around in the first place to be honest with you... This place is a waste... Truth be told, who the fuck is anyone to judge anyone? I'm not pissed nor did anything happen... In all honesty, I think I just grew up a little... Seeing some of the shit that people say and do to each other blows me away. Soon I as I can find a way to delete my account, it's done for real... Take care friends, don't take this place to seriously... L~ I'm back I guess... I'm still writing of course, but I can do that pretty much whenever... As far as my search for Miss Right, well let's just say it's been a total failure. I don't see it as a big deal... It's not much different than anything I've learned from before... I guess when you lose it's best not to lose the lesson... I guess what I'm trying to say here is, follow through with something you start people... It's not enough to earn what you want then take it for granted... I'm still celibate, I didn't
Im Back! Sort Of.
Ok, well, I’ll start today by saying thank you to everyone that’s checked on me. Some of you didn’t know I was sick, so no worries. But last count on the gravel quarry total was about 5 I think. My kidney is still sore, which may be just the teaser for a second volley of precious glass like stones, or it could really be sore from all the activity, lol. But I’m hoping it at least waits for the weekend to start up again. Missing 2 days of work has piled up my desk higher than i'd like. And I am just in general moving kind of slow. But alas, I think I’m on the road to a full recovery. Just thought I would fill everyone in on what’s going on. If I happen to miss everyone before the weekend, hope everybody stays out of trouble. Ok, well, you can get into a little, lol. Toodles You don’t have to go home, but you cant stay here.
Come hang out w/ Me...Jade in the hottest fubar loungeRawkin it live from $-6 am estjust click one of the pictures to come hang out
Im Back !!!!!
well here it is san antonio! im back i have now at present got the things going to open another shop! we will be doing body piercing, tattooing, permanet cosmetics, laser free tattoo removal, branding and scarring. uv blacklite tattoos. the shop will be running disposable and the tubes you see at other shops are stainless steel not at ours they will be the lexan disposible kind so never a tube reused as at other shops around san antonio the shop will be the most steril and clean shop in the nation the shop will be gassed out for sterility and the whole shop will be set up then gassed. who is at this level of professionalism no one is! we will be! so sure enough you know when it comes to your needs you can be rest assured your health is the # 1 thing in store for you along with some state of the art work being performed! will be soon to open in the next 30 to 60 days stay tuned for more as things progress! adam long
I'm Back Up!
It didn't dump everything this time, whoo hoo! Just had some start up errors.
Im Back
hey everyone, sorry ive been gone so long but things have been very busy for me. Now all things are going good so lets all party hard.
Im Back!
i am back! so everyone hit me up to yak, god i missed ya, i have borrowed internet, so connect could go squirrly, but at least i can actually get some internet work done now, and start getting the home front right, by catching up on bills and stuff, i am still working at 7-11, and have alot of managerial duties as usual, damn why do i get those things? oh yeah i forgot, because i know how to run a buisness, lol,but anyway, i am going to try to build this family again, little by litte, so spreade some love and the word ok? have a kick ass night and hit me up on my home page, i need to do some stuff there, ok guys, i love you and missed you all!
I'm Bat-mitzvahing My Daughter Rebek'ah-myself
she's 13 tomorrow--i really didn't want to donate thousands to some synagogue to teach her some rituals--many i don't believe in and are just plain against G-d's Word. i bat-mitzvah'ed her myself in the car ride from work during lunch--it was beautiful. the basic precepts were serve G-d, mankind and the animal kingdom fervently--backed up by the rituals of continual prayer, atonement, kindness, charity, and devoted study--then you got what it means to bind yourself to the Coventant that G-d made with our fathers. got home -recited a few prayers from the authorized prayer book-recited Deuteronomy 6:4 and let her know that G-d gives us free will to serve Him fully--or not--it's up to you to make the right choice--and i know you will. such was the 'shot-gun' albeit beautiful bat-mitzvah of Rebek'ah Sar'ah Lieberman on 2 Etan'im 3458--9/14/2007 when she became double digit age-the question briefly passed in my mind--shall i pay some synagogue thousands of dollars to teach my daug
Im Back!!!!!!!!!
Im back and im here for good! Holla at ya boy.....
I'm Back!
Well, it's been over a month since AT&T bought out BellSouth and problems arose to 28% of it's customers. I'm in that 28% as well as my work place (makes ya think if 28% is less than it was). I missed over half of my VIP month. I appologize for not catching up and rating everyone like I intended.
Im Back
What a fools hanging around here! Reporting a picture of my hand as NSFW?! LMAO Dear new friends Im normally very kind and love to chat, but I cant chat at the moment. I had a surgery on my right hand for 2 weeks ago and Im right handed... The pain is killing me at the moment. Now Im going to take some rest and I love to talk to you asap. (Took me 1/2 hour to write this blog) Im so nervous, I think my spider is going to molt. She walked trough different stages and I think she's in the final one now. She is making a web now on the floor of her living area, she didnt eat for weeks and she doesnt have the beautiful glow anymore... I cant wait to see her molt, because she must grown bigger then she is already... Im going out shopping... cant stand the heat. Not my spider in the movie, but its interesting to see a molting.
Im Back
I just wanted everyone to know im back and have new pics of myself and ill try not to leave again missed you all very much sexygalblue IMIN A NEW GROUP WHICH IS FREE ITS CALLED there is were my pics will be and my pics of pictures if anyone needs graphics and other things to creat a page is but come join this group its free you can do as you please no rules just be adults and yes cams are coming soon but its still going to be free why i say that is i own part of it raven join the fun
I'm Baaaack!!!
Im Back!!!!
Young Couple A young couple got married, and in their family, it was tradition that the best man dance with the bride for the first song. Well, this happened...but then they danced for the second song too. And the third. By the time the fourth song came on, the groom ran up and kicked the bride between the legs. A riot broke out, and all the invited guests were hauled off to jail. In court the next week, the judge asked the best man what happened. ''Your honor, we were just dancing, and the groom ran up and kicked the bride between the legs.'' ''That must have hurt,'' said the judge. ''No kidding,'' said the best man. ''I broke three of my fingers.''
I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack
I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack
I'm Back
I'm Back!!!!
hey everybody i'm back!....use to be "evil666"....account was deleted!!!! me get back "in rank".....thanks!
Im Back
I'm Back!!!
Ok i got burnt out on this site a few months ago and made the mistake of being gone too long... So I wanted to say SORRY to all my friends who stayed with me anyway! I hope we can all play catch- up!!! love ya'll xoxoxoxo
Im Back Not
check it on on you tube videos under entertainment ok been on vacation now back to work hope all are well me and my wound is a ok laters ok im in jville fla be home by friday maybe lol cant wait get to unpack in the new place and will have 5 days to relax befor i head out again woot woot
Im Baaaad Boy Lol
I'm Back
Vinton is in a auction and wants YOU!! Come blow this hottie outta the water with some hard hitting bids... Show her you got what it takes! Show her the love.. But most of all SHOW HER THE MONEY!!! (repost of original by '☠Trâçý Mngr of Pîtbúll Mãfïå ☠/ Pròùd BBW of Fubar!' on '2008-02-01 17:18:35') I made this music player at
I'm Back
Im Back
well i had to break down and get a new computer,couldnt stand not havin i get to stick around and bug you guys somemore!!!
Im Back.....lets Get Down To Bizness
hello fubar peeps after countless rates and comments and adds and finally a fubar i know to most its not a big deal...but to me it is....i dont havea vip....or thousans of freinds fans or a just a regular dude passin time...and made met some cool ppl pn i know must ppl save these kinds of blog for godfather and up....but i doubt i get that blessed fora short time to have awesome freinds that help me....even though some of my freinds didnt help like i wanted them too..they still offer congrats and i know they would have try to help...the reason im writin this blog b/c for ahwile i wasnt online...and fell behind....most ppl know im not eally into all that stuff...i enter one contest....and finish thid (thx shell) and won a ticker....a friend of mine whono longer on fubar,,brought me a a regular joe...but anyway...the point is im mostly her for chatiin and meetin new ppl.....bu
I'm Back
Im Back
i just got back i have been out for 2 weeks and im sorry to my friends and family that i havent been able to help yall out:( but my son had head surgery and he needs alot of attention so i'll help when i can thanks for understanding!!
Im Back
What to do on a day off??...Lets see Workout !...Just relaxing soaking up the sun and going to boxing later on tonight. Glad the sun is out had a good storm last night. Thunder Boomed n lighting shot everywhere.Was cool and Mojo wasnt a chicken shit either sat on my lap out on the patio the whole time. Anywho im kinda bored can ya tell so im going to workout catch up to you all later Cheers for now Me nMr MoJo Risen oxox Hey all ..  Had a few hicupps along the way. Back this time! Still boxing n workout daily. Not much of a summer this year but making the best of it. Hope all is well Cheers For now sorry i havent had anytime to get on here i work to much these days 12 hour shifts are killer. when im not working im out on the canoe. Hope all is well cheers xoox
I'm Back
I've been in the process of moving, so I haven't been returning rates, messages, comments, etc.. Will anyone who has sent me anything within the past week and a half please leave me a comment on this blog so I can play catch up. Thanks again for all of your support and kindness. And to all of you {{{KISSES}}} Love Ya Niki
I'm Back...
So a Friend of mine the other day said something to Me about My fubar account to which I replied I am NOT on fubar...she said YES You are You just don't get on it. So I went looking and sure enough I created this thing a LONG ASS time ago and well because I have so many other webpages I forgot HA HA! Anyhow I am back and I will try My hardest to stay on TOP of it this time! Since the last time I was on here I lived in Newark, OH and currently I am in Chesapeake, VA living life and loving the fact of being back HOME! Life is great and all that. If there is ANYTHING ya wanna know just ask....
Im Back
I'm Back
I'm Back
Thats right I am back sorry I have been gone so long I hope you all didn't miss me to much I know I sure missed all of you .
I'm Back!!!
Im Bacccccckkkkkkk Again!!
Ok all didn't know I would be able to get set up this quick an be back online. Im now moved to another state going to be going to work soon, just waiting on the call!! Glad to be back online an talk to my good friends again!!!!
Im Back On The Coast
Hey everyone just to let you know im back on the coast for a little bit haha well anyways call the cell if you need me loves ya all LP
I'm Back!
hi everyone!! i just got my interent back if you wanna chat let me know. huh? thankx for the comments. i missed all of you hope that everything is all good. ttys
I'm Back Every One
i'm just depressed its nothing new when i'm along in my room this shit just happens o well if any one wants to talk just send me a messege well guys like the title of my blog sayes i'm back online and it suck but i'm also back in the little shit hole of a town where i grew up but hopefully not for long.
Im Back!!
Hey Everyone!! I'm Back Online!! I Won't Be On As Much As I Used To Be! Sorry For Not Telling A Lot Of You That I Wasn't Going To Be On Here!! Thanks To All Of You That Left Me Love:D:D If You Rated, Fanned, Or Tried Adding Me, Come Back And Let Me Know! For Some Reason, When I Got On At The Library It Told Me I Had 100+. But I Couldn't Add Anyone Because My Time Was Up. But When I Got Back Online On My Computer, They Were All Gone. I Only Had Like 50. So If You Tried Adding Me And It Never Got Accepted.. I'm Sorry!! Just Come Back To My Page And Let Me Know And That Will All Be Taking Care Of!! Gosh I Miss A Lot Of You Guys!! Well I'm Finally Back:D Love, ~JoJo~
I'm Back
I'm Back
Hey sorry ya'll! I was in Vegas for 10 days ~ so I really wasn't just ignoring everybody! But, I am back and I am here ~ so I will try to get back to ya'll!!! Hugs, T
Im Back
I'm Back!
I'm just happy to be able to be online again! Not sure who I am more pissed at microsoft, norton or hp.
Im Back
So I deleated my old account a long time ago. Now I have a new one and Im back.. I Was a lever 13 before back when this was lost cherry... anyway.. I just wanted to say I love everyone and all the awesome old pics and some more scandelous new ones will be posted shortly.. along with everything elise That was here before. YAY Stay tuned...
I'm Back !!!
Hello everyone... I just wanted you to know I have missed you & I am back. The only reason i was gone was because I had a stroke January 20th so I had to move to stay with my brother that's where I am right now. Sorry I didn't have the chance to inform you before I just went POOF. Hugs & Kisses Denise
I'm Back Online
OK everyone has been asking HOW the move went welllllllllllll where do I start lol. First of all we had planned to leave Wed. afternoon it was FINALLY Thurs. morning at 12:15 am before we finally were loaded and left. We stopped at 4:30 am to the surprise that the tarp over the bed of the truck was totally shredded. Once we got up stopped and bought another tarp. THOUGHT we had it tied down perfectly BUT guess what within just a few miles it was totally shredded too. Stopped and bought duct tape but that didn't work either. Eventually bought 2 tie downs and yes once again ANOTHER tarp. FINALLY we had everything tarped and tied down properly and were actually able to drive on the expressway and shock AT the speed limit. What a birthday present :(. It took us as long as whole trip should have been JUST to get out of the state of IL :(. Our total driving time was about 23 hours :(. Have to go back to IL still have enough stuff to fill a 16 foot truck and get it down here. Between th
Im Back
I'm Back
What's up people I'm finally back on the site so give me a little time to get it together but in the meantime show some luv and i will do the same in return.................. The Faceless Man
I'm Back
I'm back I am sorry for some of my friends who I did not inform I was leaving but I did it because of some of my past problem with my ex-wife and some people did not understand what was going on and tried to pressure some of me in reveilling some stuff that did not need to be said so I left for awhile I do apologize. thanks George
Im Back
i finally got my internet back and yes i just moved again im now staying in a lil ass town called northfield oh, its lame theres nothing to do except get drunk an hang out well if you are reading this an know what im goin thru plz leave me sum love WE$
I'm Back - Lol
A Slight sigh... a gasp for air... the thought of her body close to mine... a deep kiss with a passionate embrace... heaven to my eyes, body and my mind... touch as seductive... her touch, sweet and sensual, delightful... with every embrace, hot fire coming to my senses... so hot and bothered just with the thought of her body... and my pride inside of her making me feel so inpatient... that intoxicating feeling of sweet love making... A constant fantasy of her and I... between crisp sheets and rose petals... a seductive kiss with just a bit of tongue... makes my heart beat run... lust, love and passion all in one... makes a hell of a passionate love making that includes so much fun... make love to me with your eyes... make love to me with your lips... make love to me with your finger tips... but most of all make love to me with your pride... that special part of you that makes my erotic passion rise...
Im Back
I'm Back
Wanted to say hi to everyone and say thanks for not forgetting me . I have been off line for a while now . I have alot of things that have changed since I was last on. I have moved and am now living in Texas. I have moved out here to start a new life .We all need a new start every now and than and this is it for me . I hope everything is well for all of you . Thank you again for not forgetting about me .Have a great day . Tom
I'm Back!!
"> Oh WOW!!! It has been a while. I am so sorry it took me so long to get back online, but I am back, and will be on more often. So much has gone on in the past few months that I was on "vacation" or work from Fubar... I have moved, I am now a stay at home mom, working for myself. My house is absolutely AWESOME and will post pictures of it soon. I have missed my friends and all that this site has to offer. It feels good to be back. Much Luv!!! * A N G L *
Im Back Hey All
I'm Back..woot
so all of a sudden Tuesday morning.. woke up to everything turning off.. light, air, anything that was plugged in. had electricity problems and the company said that it could be up to 2 to 3 business days for them to come out here to fix it. umm took exactly 4 days. we had to stay at my mom's. and it was so freaken boring. i don't live online. but it gives me something to do when those boring times come along. and my parents with comps..pfft whatever. lmao so i'm back..woot.. and i'm guessing no one even noticed i was gone for most of the week huh..lmao..pfft dorks:P ~dina
Im Back
First of all let me apologise for my non presence on here since getting out of Luton and Dunstable Hospital on Thursday, but guess what, I had a blonde moment yesterday and as my son puts it, I thought I was Superman, and tried to be a smart a$$ and walk without crutches and literally hop to the kitchen, now I can laugh but you cant :D I lost my balance and fell on my broken leg and landed back at the hospital - every cloud has a silver lining and I did benefit from some heavy duty pain killers which zonked me out for the entire day and half of today as well. I wont say that I aint been on here today I have briefly but fell asleep and went back to bed!!! Now just taken some more pain relief and will endeavour to try and commment all my friends that aint forgotten their one legged friend!!!!!!!!! Gawd, I could do with a coca cola, must send my son down to the shop again to get more soft drink!!!!!!! For those of you that dont know what happened, I went out about two weeks ago and g
I'm Back Giggles
Hey all.... Sorry I've been away for a bit. Some of you know I lost my net for a bit. And someof you also know I had Emg. Surgery it's been 12 days since the sugery and I'm doing good. I'm glad to be back online. Hope to talk more later on tonight. Enchantress
Im Back
I'm Back Peeps!
Peeps, after a 2 week layoff with the move and unpacking, i'm back up and running. thanks to those who showed luv and stopped by my page while i was gone. and always remember... I am XX The Genetic Freak XX! I am your Fubar hookup! Holla if ya hear me!
I'm Back!!!
"Been off Cherry Tap/Fubar for a while now....decided to come back because I have some free time now that the wedding is over. Got married May 30th '08! And now we are just waiting for the baby (IT'S A BOY - Jacob) to get here. I'm due Dec 22nd. Gonna be a crazy X-mas. So we'll see how things go.... xoxox - Shana" as of 9/15/2008   Ok well its now 10/13/2010 I'm divorced, my baby boy is growing up so fast.....bigger by the day. My life got out of hand, but things are slowly getting back on track. Me & my EX get along great, my baby is taken care of, I'm trying to get back into school, & I've even met a pretty nice fella who makes me smile & laugh every time I talk to him....trying to decide on the next step...
I'm Back!!
Im Back
to all my friends and fans i'm back online and just wanted to say hi
Im Backkk Again
hello for all those who didnt know i was goine since lat aug.....hurricane gustav hit where i live hard...knockin down tree and powelines....a tree hit the main house..and hit my pad (addon)..we had roof and water and floor damages....tree almost hit me....but i was blessed it didnt.....we had to stay with fam..and now n a trailor...while i stay n my pad til housebe fixed..we lookin at around thinks giving time....we all are safe...and thanks to all who prey for me and my fam...i did send out info thu friends to update ppl..i want to thank all who sent me well wishes thru comments and gifts...the pc got damaged so i didnt get all the comments or add requests...we out of power for month....but we survived...and movin forward...i want to thanked all (u know who u are)for keep my page up..watchin over and workin on my giveaway...words cant i feel..i know on fu ppl move on...and ppl be forgotten..but yall keep me alive..and i ty yall..i i dunno who all h
I"m Baaaaaaaaaack
Well it's been more then a year but im back. too much shit has happen that there isnt enough time nor space, so if you still have me as a friend write back and to all the ladies that r in my favorite\family can u allow me to see the private pictures..pleaseeee?
I'm Backkkkkk!!!!
I'm Baaaaccckkk
I'm Back!!!! I Think?
Well, folks. It's been quite a while since I've been on here. To the ones that actually know me, yes. I know it's been too long. I've missed you guys too. To those that don't actually know me, I've missed ya'll too. lol I'm still havin' to do stuff on a friend's comp right now til mine gets fixed (again), but at least I'm able to get on every once in a while. I'll talk to you all soon. May the Goddess guide you in light & in love!
I'm Back Again
Im Back
I'm Back
I'm back on line now.So let's party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm Back.... Congrats??
Ok well ya'll win I'm doing the Fu again, didn't last long eh? hehe I had no intention of ever coming back here, I made an exception during Christmas to wish a Merry Christmas to those I haven't heard from elsewhere. While I was here I decided that it doesn't matter if i like it here or not if this is the easiest way for some people I care about to keep in touch and those people enjoy my presence here (I haven't a clue how or why) then what harm is there in coming here to check/leave messages. And ya never know when new friends might be made, (ie. tatgurly whom helped me decide to stick around after Christmas -=hugs=-) we can all use more of those :D In short I am still Fu-bored with this site but I care for ya'll and this is what most of ya want so here I am I guess. You're welcome :p
Im Back
check me out
Im Back
im back ya'll.. i was once gone and now im back in action so give me some love and holla back atcha gurl
I'm Back
So I use to be on fubar,but I deleted my profile. But before I had a boyfriend of 6 years and we have two kids. But now I'm back and single. I plan on staying fubar for a long time. I'll add more pics also as soon as I get more made. But I'm back and ready to make new friends..
I'm Back
Well I left for a few hrs lol and came back. I did some not so nice things to a very Sweet person and couldn't just let that be I had to come back in hopes of repairing the relationship ,and to my friend that listened to me whine all day Thank You!!!! I know your disappointed but you should also know I can't leave things wrong,Also you know the reason for my leaving was my fault not anyone Else's so plz understand that. This time thing's will be different ,I neglected things that I love and People that i care deeply about that won't happen
I'm Back
OK, well I have been reading some blogs and think I some what understand how this works, my views on whatever is on my mind for the day, week, month or year. This is what is up so far(if anyone is remotely interested) I am 43 years old and disabled, I did not ask to be, have a family, that I wanted, why is so hard to get help from our Gov. I busted my but for 26 years, some years I worked three jobs to support my family. My children got the state min. benifits and if my wife was not attending school, working part time, she would not have any benny's at all. As for me, medicare sucks, if I want supplemental coverage it could cost as much as $400 or as little as $150 a month, forget about dental or vision. I was however allowed to return to work part time,Don't know how I got a job so fast with the economy the way it is, with the the money they pay me a month and what I am allowed to earn just pays the rent and my wife only works part time till she is done with school. Someone pleas
I'm Back
Well for what it's worth, I'm back for now. First I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and the "miss you's". I wish I could say all is well now but unfortunately I cannot at this time. My time away did some good but some things haven't changed in my absence so I am compelled to be blunt in a blog. First, let me say I have and will always be grateful for all the "luv" shown on this site. As you all know, I always return it some form or another whether it be rates, bling, gifts, or sending people to assist you. This DOES NOT however, entitle you to anything from me or my friends. If you have a problem or an issue be adult enough to go the person directly; I am not going to tolerate the infantile tattling, etc. This is an adult site so act accordingly. Secondly I am absolutely not going to be stalked, watched, spied or monitored any longer. I do for people because I choose to and entitles you to nothing. If you have a problem with how I conduct my fu-business or ha
I'm Back!
I left Fubar about the middle of last summer I think it was. I'd gotten fed up of the drama here at home and some with a few friends I had on here. Now I've changed quite a bit, not a hell of a lot bothers me anymore. I can cope and handle things in a much better manner and besides I have two jobs so it isn't going to be a boring home life for me like it was. I've grown to be the type of person who really doesn't care what anyone things of me, just so long as I know I'm at ease and comfortable. I live in a 3 bedroom house around the Denton TX area in the boonies and I love it. Country life is excellent. I have 2 ankle biting dogs and one large Shepherd/Blk Wolf mix. I love them like they were my kids. However, they behave in such a manner at times. My life has changed for the better since I been gone. I now have a life. I come from a rural city in Northern Ontario, yep Farm girl, been through the military for 9 yrs of my life and then worked for the government of C
Im Baaaaaack!!!!!
hey back but not for just checking in to let every1 know im still alive...things are going back in vermont but im working on getting my permit and getting back to work..i miss everyone..thank u to everyone for the love and support and i will be back on in time..
I´m Back!!
I am just heading back from a 3 month party in Costa Rica! Did ya miss me?
I'm Back!
Sorry I was gone for over 3 weeks but some morons screwed up the internet here and I've been going nutz w/o it. While I was gone 2 bad things happened too. 12 days ago the enemy hit us with some rockets. Nobody got hurt fortunately, but its still unnerving when they hit. Right before that I found out that my older brother, Gregory, died at age 62. I had not seen or spoken to him in over 10 years (his fault, not mine) and he was cremated by the time I was told he was dead. He was a nere-do-well, but I loved him anyway and I'll miss him always. I'm gonna get a tattoo for him when I go on leave in July. I don't have any and now getting one seems like a good thing to do. i hope someone here reads this and shows me they are happy I'm here again!
Im Baaaaack
Im Back
A lot of people asked me "Where the fuck I've been in the past few days?" or "Why did I deleted my page?"  Shit, I don't know.  But what I do know: I'm back now. HeHe
Im Back =] Welcome To My World =]
Yes you are mine :D And i have a blast to prove it. What your looking for has been here the whole time. If you could see that im the one that understands you. Been here all along so why cant you see you belong with me. =] Oh wait you did. [[Iloveyou]]  Anywho! The last few days have been NUTS. I encountered a stalker. OMG and let me tell you. It was NOT fun. Been working on "things" and im starting to feel okay with situations. BTW please dont ask me for CB. Autos. Or Bling Credits. If ive 1 never talked to you. 2. You NEVER rtf. or 3. just wanta use me :D cause Hunnie IM NOT beat =] I get where ive gotten on my own. Alot of you should try it =] Now mind you ive meet some awesome people so far and they are awesome :D check out my family :p They rawks! Oh icon of the day: Anywho Happy fathers day guys =] ♥ && HELLO && ♥Its 5pm and its ALREADY been the day from hell. I didnt get to sleep till like 6am. Then woken up at 10 to bullshit and its been drama drama dra
I'm Back
Hi my friends sorry I haven't been around but things happen. Spent 2 days in the hospital. I'm doing better but it was a very scary time. I think I scared milkyyyway out of her skin or at least her shoes. I'm not going to go into it here if you want to know just send me a message. I hope to be on here more in the coming weeks.
Im Back
Hey guys its been awhile.....just wanted to say Hey and let yall know im hit me up somtime
I'm Back
Well, I came back and thanks to all my friends and lovers I am back to where I was + some.  I had a little help through a generous HH and went on a Cherrybomb fest this morning.  I will have to think of a real good NSFW story for yall later.  IF anyone has any input, just tell me :)
I'm Back !!!!
 i have been offline for awhile but i am back to stay
Im Back!
So i know its been a long time...but ive finally come back to fubar.   I went trough some rough times...but they seem to be finally passing.  Me and my wife have decided that after 14 years of being together that we are finally comfortable enough to have an open relationship.   She has a close friend of ours that she is seeing....i had a close friend of mine that i was seeing until she got a bf.  So im hoping to find a new local friend on here that would like to become friends...and hopefully if things go well we can take it further.   I work nights....m-t 3pm till 2am   so im usually free during the day.   Im not looking for any specific "type"....just someone who is fun to hang with and likes to enjoy life.   Hopefully this will work.
I'm Back
Guess what? My comp is finally acting right. I know thats a new one. Anyway whom ever wants to talk feel free to contact me. I have missed everyone alot and would love to hang out and chill. Yeah I know I was gone again for awhile, but shit happens that you can't control. I guess no-one wants to talk anymore bc of it..Well, if you are mad at me just let me know please don't give me the cold Sorry to all my friends and family for being gone for so long without telling anyone the reason why...I've had alot going on here and I just now got my comp back up and running...I've missed everyone and feel free to write me back and bust my butt because I know you want to..
I'm Baaaack!
      She's back so own her ass!! ♪ Unbreakable
I'm Back
OK so New Years is almost here and I don't have a date, anyone wanna go out with me?? Sorry for being away for so long but now I'm back and I looked at all my old pics and thought what the hell. I was fat and goofy looking, now I'm hot and curvy with big boobs (no really, see for yourself). So how has my fubar family been?
Im Back
AFTER BEING REMOVED FROM THE SITE FOR A MONTH AND LOSING FRIENDS PICS ETC I AM BACK FOR THOSE I HAD ON MY OTHER ACCOUNT IF YOU WANT TO READD ME YOU CAN IF NOT IT WAS NICE KNOWING YOU   January  Took new scarf back to store because it was too tight.  February  Fired from pharmacy job for failing to print labels.....Helllloooo!!!.......bottles  won't fit in printer!!!MarchGot really excited.....finished jigsaw puzzle in 6 months.....Box said ' 2-4 years!'  April  Trapped on escalator for hours ...  Power went out!!!MayTried to  make Kool Aid.....wrong instructions....8 cups of  water won't fit into those little packets!!!  JuneTried to  go water skiing.......Couldn't find a lake with a  slope.   JulyLost breast stroke swim
I'm Back!
Hello friends, rather than keep repeating myself, I thought I'd try my 1st Blog. I am quite severely disabled with 2 forms of arthritis plus I have an injury from a pothole accident. my lower front pelvis is caving inwards. I cant be fixed because of crumbling spine. Right amongst other drugs I have to take I have to give myself weekly injections, to stop further bone damage. But these injections mean I have no immune system. It started with a toothache, overnight an apsis formed. The next day my right side of face swelled up, by evening was double the size, hence had to go to accident and emergency at hospital where they pumped me full of anti biotics via a drip. I was being poisened as my white blood cell count was sky high, I had got seriously ill as poison seeped through stomach lining. Sowas in hospital 2 days, I refused to stay any longer wanted to recuperate at home. So am on the mend...Thank God! Do you know I had more pricks in 5yrs than I had in those to days...flippin arms a
I'm Back!
---UPDATE--- 6/14/2012 -- 5:43amI know I've been gone for a long while, but I can officially say I've never been better! Rumors are indeed true, that things really do get worse before they get better. I'm here to say now, NEVER let go of your dreams and true friends. Your dreams and friends will go wherever you go. Through the worst of places to insure support. My dreams have landed me with 4 business licenses. Tattoo's, Bikes, Paints and Graphics. Took me less than a year I might add! I've only been gone around 9 - 10 months. Still a long time, could have been done sooner. Which it kinda was... Like 6 months. I guess I've been wrapped up. But 9 - 10 months... Figured I would update you peeps like I said I would. So there it is and I'll do my best to keep all my friends updated! I'll post project pics and everything up as soon as I can!
Im Backkkk
I'm Back!
Feeling good again.  Got a new job to which I enjoy going.  I have my plate full as usual with friends who need my ear and my healing energy.  I'm learning Spanish again--spoke it as a kid!  I'm hoping to go back to work writing my book.  I am planning to build my "moon room" onto the end of my house sometime this summer if I can get enough money saved.  And life goes on....
Im B??ching
what r your friends 4 anyways i've got 2387 of them and only a hand full will help me .. i'm in a giveaway 4 a happy hour only got 15 days left i've done maxed myself everyday of the giveaway .. i see other people on here who get 100's of there friends help them out in contest after contest .. why is it that i seem like a person nopne cares about in real life and on here and every where else i have few friends that have a problem with host or will not add her ...i dont know what to i dont like begging people to help me ...not that anyone going to read this .. if you thanks , much love, Evonne
I'm Being Pimped Out!!!
**~Jaded Stang~**@ CherryTAP Don't forget to drop your pimpette a 10 on her profile ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dragons’ bitch is hot and half naked…LOL. Drop in show her some luv, add her and she’ll make you feel welcome Dragons Bitch@ CherryTAP Down With The Sickness Video - Disturbed lyricsDisturbed Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureMyspace Layouts
I'm Being Pimped Out By A Pimpette Lol!!!!
Metal Baby's Closest Friends Pimp out: Fan them, rate them, add them,help them level, maybe help them in contest. Show them love; my sweet closest friends!! (Cool guy-he's new) Big Mike:BigMike@ fubar (a very good friend) Evil Hottie:Evil~Hottie Is Taken By~Gary~ Guitardude71@ fubar (my best friend) Ancient1:~Ancient1~@ fubar (my best friend) Slygirl:~slygirl~ ^kittygirl^@ fubar (cool guy) Morbius:morbius(one twisted sick psycho patch owner of morbius lounge) *wpf*@ fubar (very cool) Smiknguns:smokingunz@ fubar (best buddy) Papi Rh:Papi RH (Sexy Swimsuit Contest-Now Open)@ fubar (cool guy) Metal Ron:Metal Ron@ fubar (sweetie) Mona Doll:Mona Doll@ fubar (cool guy) Steve:Steve ~*~Club F.A.R.~*~@ fubar (cool guy) Archangel:" Archangel "#2 S*U*P/ F-A-R/nWo confederete
Im Better Than Your Kid
Jon, age 8 Ding Ding! Here comes the shit-mobile. I've never seen a fire truck that needed to be shaved. I would rather be burned to death than be saved by this hairy piece of shit. F Megan, age 4 First of all, I don't even know what this is. If it's supposed to be a dog, then it's the shittiest dog I've ever seen. F Kyle, age 8 You spelled America wrong asshole. Also, I could have sworn America's colors were red, white and blue. There's no yellow anywhere, traitor.F
I'm Being Charged For Hitting A Guy Who Hit My Sister....too Funny
I'm Being Auctioned!
Im Being Sweet
I'm Beautiful! Is It Neutralization Or What?
Is it Neutralization or what? I am not a Muslim. I am a Christain!!! My mind isn't going to go bad just because somebody name calls me ugly. Cause I know that this isn't true. 0 Comments | 0 PropsGive Props
I'm Beautiful But I Am Going To Be Quiet!
I am going to soon be quiet and I am not going to say a word about anything sooner or later. Soon. I am going to be quiet. Because of Proverbs 9. You can't correct the wicked.
Im Being Stalked
get this, theres a guy on here called the bronx bulll. hes stalking me, he keeps shouting me and then blocks me before i can respond. so I posted his phone number in my name. if you call it expecting me im sorry, but say hi to him for me. his real name is louis o narsici, he lives on 207 wimbledon in bloomindale... like i said, block this bitch face!! -dawn
I'm Being Auctioned! Own Me?* ;]
I'm Being Auctioned!
I'm Being Auctioned. Come Bid On Me With Fubuck Blasts, Blingy Packs, Etc...
Im Bein Ransomed Off
I'm Being Pimped!
I have some Blings I'm not sure what to do with. I'd like to level today. Should I give to the one that levels me?
Im Being Greedy But Hey Ho
Ok as you can see by my status message on today right this very instant, I so need to level (hint hint!) but instead of thanking each and every one of you oh no thats so not me darling hehe (titters under table!) Imma gonna reward myself with something that I deserve. Dont worry - every one that helps me level will receive a small present, depends on who they are of course but I am the greatest and I deserve the best reward so Imma gonna do just that when I level. ANYONE THAT HELPS ME LEVEL - YOU SHOULD BE GREATFUL THAT I AM YOUR FRIEND COS TOGETHER WE MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE AND YOU KNOW I LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS, SOME A LOT MORE THAN OTHERS AND SOME NOT AT ALL. (friends and family only) I would like to thank you all in advance for your impeding help this evening with helping me to level up (clenches fists and grits teeth!) I WILL DO IT TONIGHT - my outstanding gratitude goes to the following (real names only screen names are too long to list!) Barbara Rebekah D
Im Bein Auctioned Come Bid On M
I'm Beautifully Ugly
Beautifully ugly my painted life The vision of my broken strife Scared heart cuts like a knife Welcome my love, This is my life Beautifully Ugly, I've unmasked me I have tried to let you see The soul of my aphrodite But the moment died in me Beautifully Ugly, I've let you care My shakespearean tragedy left there In your empty heart, my dear No love, no love, i fear Beautifully Ugly I'm hidden within My blood writes our sin No love hidden in my metal tin Painted life, shattered dreams, ~I'm Beauifully Ugly alone again.
I'm Being A Ass
i'm sorry if i was acting like a slut or offend someone. i cannot have fun on here with out acting like a ass so i'm sorry everyone.
I'm Being Auctioned!!!
I am being auctioned. Check out this site and bid on won't regret it!!!
Im Bipolar :(
Im Bisexual
i havent found her yet, could you be it? mehehehe
Im Big Down South
I'm Biopolar
Being bipolar and have depression By Eric Brown AKA Dark Passion March 28, 2008 Dealing with mental heath issues have been a long and hard road, I have depression and I am bipolar. Leaning to live with the fact that I have ups and downs is very hard sometimes I want to just lie down and give up but My Lord and Savor Jesus Christ keeps me going and pushing. That hard thing is the way that people treat you when they found out you are bipolar they treat you like you are a nut or a loser. Please don’t treat me like I am broken, I am not broken I have heart I have passion I have love, I would never try to hurt anyone I just feel sad and lonely at times. If you give a chance I could show you how good a person I really am I just need a friend someone to talk to. Will you take me hand will you talk to me?
I'm Bitchin
so how does it make sense that i bust my balls for someone for ages and she shits on me all of a sudden because i'm having a tough time cleaning up my act? my girl took off on me today because i didn't want to talk about an argument while she was still pissed off. all i wanted her to do was calm down and talk to me. and now i'm single. and it sucks. i really loved that girl.
I'm Bi And If I Want Man I Have It ...
look , i'm bi , i love woman more then men , the only guy who can get in these pants is joel , aka GIMME , he's the only guy.. he's the only man that i'll share my girlfriend with , so all of you horn doggs out there in fubar land read this shit and read it well ... to all my ladie's out there , let's keep these little dick's in there places shall we ????
Im Bi Is There Any Guys Or Girls Whoo Are Allso Bi
im bi and looking for a guys or girl with a hot body to get to know hit me up yo 
I'm Blogging......
Over the past few weeks, I have talked to many people who are about to get into a relationship or just ended one. I believe four things need to happen in order for a relationship to work. By talking to them and them listening to me, we all agree that these are needed. Acceptance - Accept the person for who they are. Don't try to change them. It will not happen. That person needs to want to change. Don't force it on them. Let them do it willingly. If you don't like something about them, then either deal with it or move on. Everyone has something that someone else does not like about them. There is no such thing as the perfect person. Look at them. Does the annoying things they do outweigh the good in them? Does the bad asshole, dick, bitch side outshadow the good? If that is the case, move on. Or does the good shine so bright that the bad annoying side is just a dark smudge next to the good? Are you able to accept them as a whole? Bad hand in hand with the good? The
I'm Blue
Im Bored
why am i soo bored...wut the fucc...i hate this theres nothing to do...i wanna go out lol...errrr...well byez.
Im Bored !!!!
I'm Bored So I'm Gonna Go To Sleep.
Hopefully after this carefully timed cigarette.
Im Bored
theres nothin to do and im really bored im just watchin the scream awards on spike if your bored too messenge me
Im Bored!!!
Im Bored
um people i m fukin bored !! anyone got yahoo? i do twistedobsession2002 my old yahoo name has been hacked from a downward spiral hacker one of friends got hacked which led to my me getting hacked which led to the hacker using my name to try and getinto thers yahoo's delete my twistedobsession2002 name,,, i made a new one and it is safe add me if u want but if anyone contacts you from my name ignore it and let me know!!!!!! thanx
Im Bored
The above named items are by far the most pleasurable things in life(to me anyway) I am looking for people in indy to enjoy them with me. I love to party so if your intrested in having some fun away from the comp. then hit me up and ill hapily give ya my number. Thanks to all that welcomed me to CT. Im always up for new friends (the more the marrier) so add me to your friends list or send me a message. Peace out peeps Chase
Im Bored
me and my b/f broke up last night so i am totally hey whats up everybody send me a message and rate my bored
I'm Bored
So yeah...i'm trying to study for finals and I can't stand this shit... General Ed courses are useless and i feel like i've wasted two years of my life! I have astack of papers i gotta write and turn in... and about 150 pages of reading for a test i have to take tonight... yay me! well that's enough bitchin' from me ... nice talkin to y'all haha later
I'm Bored Cherries!!!!
Please check out my friend (hatchet rizer) Bobby... he is new to CherryTap, and a very cool guy, so show him some love. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey everyone out there!!!!!!!!! I'm kinda new to this and getting bored FAST! Help a girl out!
I'm Bored And No Ones Helping Me Out Here
bored bored bored so when i get back some one should have wanted to talk to me by then. Anything?
I'm Bored
This is what I am preparing to do for my local groups workshop presentation for Imbolc. Priapus, the Roman patron god of gardens, viniculture, sailors and fishermen, was a god of fertility, and was always depicted with an erect phallus. In some traditions, a Priapic wand -- phallus-like in appearance -- is made, and used in ritual to bring forth the new growth of spring. Originally, Priapus was a fertility god from Asia Minor, especially in Lampsacus on the Hellespont, and was the most important god of the local pantheon. He is a son of Dionysus and Aphrodite, and a strong phallic fertility deity. Carved images of Priapus, were placed in the fields and gardens to ensure fruitfulness and protection. He was imported into Rome from Lampascus where Pausanias reported he was supreme among all gods. The Roman Priapus was far more popular than his Greek version. He was introduced in Greece around 400 BCE but not very popular. Let us all share in the splendid glory of Moth
Imbolc Incense and Oil Recipes IMBOLC INCENSE 1 part white willow 1 part rowan berries 2 parts benzoin 1/2 part lily of the valley 1/2 part periwinkle Rhiannon's Blend 3 parts Frankincense 3 parts Dragon's Blood 1 part Red Sandalwood 1 part Cinnamon 1/2 part Myrrh Imbolc Oil 10 parts clove oil 20 parts dragon's blood oil 2 drops rose oil 2 drops chamomile oil 1/8 oz. base oil Imbolc Oil 6 drops frankincense oil 3 drops sandalwood oil 3 drops lavender oil 2 drops cinnamon oil 1/8 oz. base oil Imbolc Oil 1/4 oz. almond oil 10 drops orange oil 9 drops Siberian Fir oil 5 drops frankincense oil 5 drops carnation oil 5 drops primrose oil 5 drops ginger oil 5 drops lavender oil 4 drops nutmeg oil dried orange flowers garnet, ruby added to bottle 1/8 oz. base oil Imbolc Oil 10 parts clove oil 5 parts wisteria oil 5 parts lotus oil 5 parts musk oil 20 parts dragons blood oil 1/8 oz. base oil Imbolc Oil 2 drops jasmine oil
Im Bored
Come on, although ya try to discredit Ya still never edit The needle, I'll thread it Radically poetic Standin' with the fury that they had in '66 And like E-Double I'm mad Still knee-deep in the system's shit Hoover, he was a body remover I'll give ya a dose But it'll never come close To the rage built up inside of me Fist in the air, in the land of hypocrisy Movements come and movements go Leaders speak, movements cease When their heads are flown 'Cause all these punks Got bullets in their heads Departments of police, the judges, the feds Networks at work, keepin' people calm You know they went after King When he spoke out on Vietnam He turned the power to the have-nots And then came the shot Yeah! Yeah, back in this... Wit' poetry, my mind I flex Flip like Wilson, vocals never lackin' dat finesse Whadda I got to, whadda I got to do to wake ya up To shake ya up, to break the structure up 'Cause blood still flows in the gutter I'm like takin' photos M
Happy Imbolic to all my Wiccan and Pagan friends,Blessed Be.
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