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"Hecate is the goddess that removes the impressions that prevent us
from merging into the divine. Hecate is the mother of the night and we
could not spiritually progress without her... Hecate is the embodiment
of sorrow, she is the wisdom of death, she is the bliss of
...why the force of darkness is of such grave importance: Darkness
means what you cannot see. If you neglect to look at or resist
darkness, you have already fallen to it. Fear is the reason a person
cannot look at themselves. Fear is the real darkness! Every aspect of
the subconscious has to become conscious for the soul's
realization." (from jade sol luna's seminars)

this quote is essentially about achieving enlightenment through a
focus on darkness, which is the total opposite of what most
"spiritual" people or seekers would expect.  i also like that freud
and other writers has this basic message when describing how
psychoanalysis functions.

darkness is... well, dark. according to this, it has a useful function
in one's life, and its functions can't be realized if you are always
running and, turning away from, from the painful things in life

strange message. but, definitely fascinating.

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