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Naughty kisses you pervert rated me as a 1 and rated everything on my page and myself as a 1... nothing pisses me off more than someone who comes on here and low rates someone and then dosent have the courage toallow you to get in touch with thier page so that you can tell them to go fu themselves naughty kisses you pervert is nothing more than a cowardly fuck that dosent deserve to breathe the same air as I breath... I am a Veteran I fought for my country and was wounded in the process... I am proud of the fact that I served and sacrificed for the freedoms that we have in this country.... You naughty kisses you pervert are chicken shit and should be gang raped by a group of angry elephants and then spat upon for the ho bag skank byatch that you are.... if you had any courage about you you would have allowed me to comment back to your page... but no you want to talk shat and then hide and block out the people that you downrate you hillbilly ass frack you are scum the scum under the scum and you have no honor and you must feel so badly about what you look like that you dont even post a picture of your skanky self..... frick frack fruck you...
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