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Act 3 Scene II... Family therapy Scene opens in Teresa's office. Zeda's mom, Linda, and her boyfriend, Tony, are seated on the couch. Teresa is visibly shaken by the eerie similarities in appearance between her and Linda.. She is fiddling around with things on her desk. Teresa: I want to thank you Mrs. Hester for coming today. As i mentioned over the phone Zeda has been having a hard time here. She has shown some improvement over the last 2 days and we are considering placing her back into the community. We feel that more family involvement may help her move forward in a more positive manner with her treatment... (Linda stares contempt into Teresaís direction. Teresa clears her throat then picks up the phone and dials 258) Over the phone: Back desk Teresa: Can you send Zeda to my office (There is a moment of awkward silence. Linda, contrary to her previous depiction has dreadlocks and her nose pierced. Her and Tony are both rather muscular, Tony is tall and dark.. really dark.. handsome and stutters) (A bald male Muslim staff member (mr.ryan) opens the door for Zeda who walks in and pauses in shock) Mrs. Teresa: have a seat Zeda (Zeda takes a seat in a chair next to Teresaís desk. She sticks her hands in her pockets and slouches with her legs spread out.. Her shoes and socks are miss matched. She is wearing A pair of wide legged blue jeans and a bowlers shirt) Mrs. Teresa: So Iíd like to begin this secession by having everyone take a second to address what they feel we are here to address. Zeda (Zeda shrugs her shoulders) Mrs. Teresa: Mrs. Hester Linda: We are here cause my badass kid wont stop fuckin up Teresa: Now we dont believe Zeda is "Bad" and she isnt messing up.. she is just strugglin with her treatment Linda: Right Zeda: (Mumbles under her breath) Like you fuckin care Linda: What did u just say? Zeda: Nothing Teresa: Zeda, the focus of family therapy is to open communication between the resident and their family. By withholding your feelings, we cant express to progress.. Zeda: (Lethargically) I donít have any feelings. Teresa: I think we should tryÖ (Cut off) Linda: (looking to teresa): Look woman, I donít know what you were expecting to accomplish callin me up here. This is a waste of my fucking time. Come on Tony.. (tony and her gets up and the two head to the door) When they reach the door Lndas pauses and turns around) Linda: You know what Zedaís problem is... she is the same badass kid she has always been. She is going to keep fucking up until she gets her ass thrown in jail just like her faggot assed father... (Linda storms out and slams the door) (once the door closes, Zeda stands up and runs to the door punching it) Zeda: (Screaming) Fuck you.. You stupid bitch. FUCK YOU... I donít need you.. I DONT FUCKING NEED YOU... (Zeda starts crying) Mrs. Teresa: Zeda.. I.. Zeda Interrupting: Why the fuck did you bring her hereÖ you know what.. fuck itÖ(Zeda Storms out of the office) [Hard Cut] leads us back to the SR Zeda writing in her journal (Camera zooms in on zeda then On her hand then on the paper where there is a poem half written) (camera fades out, then fades back in. introducing a new scene) (Opens to a fight scene everything is silent, there is a narration.. The images of the scene mimic the poem) Narration: Leather or lace a constant disgrace (a little girl in an Easter dress running to her mother smiling, smile quickly becoming a frown) to bleed or succeed or to constantly face all the pain of the slain as the guilt gets rebuilt all the flames become tame as you shout out my name, (Woman screaming at the child in front of a lit fireplace.. camera drifts to the flames) in a blur it occurs, you differ i whither into an emotionally desolate escape. As i'm blamed for your fate all your hate and your rape (Woman strangling struggling child in front of fire) . I believe i'm diseased i believe i must leave to end all the fears that you constantly tear (two children Young zeda and the biracial child... her younger sister packing grocery bags with clothes. Pinning a note to the door that reads, Mommy i live you... I am sorry i ruined your life... then climbing out the window) And displace to replace what you once held within (Teenaged girl.. pregnant.. Linda actually crying) In a cringe in your binge i must end only ten (Zeda and her sister arriving back to the same house in a cop car. Linda standing out side... grimacing at their arrival) [close up on the eyes of petrified Zeda.. Her sister crying and holding onto her arm] {End Scene}
Act 3 (Friends and frienamies) Act 3 Scene I... nobody saw nuttin The remaining kids in the stabilization room are Zeda, Adam, Marco, and Amanda. Mr.erik, Adam and Zeda are sitting on top of the bench connected to the wall.. Zeda and adam are playing ...spades... Mr. Erik is reading the newspaper; you can see his warrior band across his right bicep. (during the course of this convo, Adam and Zeda are continuously laying down cards, alternating who picks them back up to make their "book" adam is winning. Adam: I canít believe Mary Got out... Zeda: I can, bitch is retarded. Mr. Erik: (not looking up from the paper) Language Adan: Mr. Erik.. U got any other tattoos? Mr. Erik: Non that i can tell you about Zeda: Why not Adam: cause its a naked chick Mr. Erik: I do not have a tattoo of a naked chick Zeda; Then what is it Mr. Erik: I am not discussing it Adam: (whispers) its probably on his cock Mr. Erik: Language... Zeda: Anyone ever tell you, that you look like uncle jesse from full house (they have finished the hand and zeda is shuffling) Adam: No, like that guy from Grease Zeda: Nah not enough gel in his hair Adam: says the chick with the pubic hair head Zeda: says the guy with the one inch wonder, need a fuckin magnifier glass and tweezers to masterbate Mr. Erik: Language! Zeda: (Starts singin) Go grease lightnin your really got to go full mile Adam: Grease Lightning go grease lightnin Zeda: Go grease lightning you really gotto go full mole Mr:Erik: Its you're burnin up a quart a mile.... and i do not have a tattoo on my cock Adam: Then where is it Zeda: What is it... Show it Mr. Erik: if i showed it to you i'd get fired Adam: its on his ass Mr.Erik: Its not on my ass adam... look i'll tell you what it is when you guys graduate, deal? Adam: take me to get one and you got a deal Zeda: Show it to me and you got a deal Mr. Erik: (Laughs) the way Zeda, Adam can see your hand *Zeda pulls up her cards from her lap* Zeda: You fuckin cheater, i want three of your books Adam: Fuck no, gimme three of yours for settin the deck (The two start arguing over the game.. improv) (Zeda, noticing movement at the under the other side of the bench. puts her index finger over her lips and looks under... Amanda is on her knees and her head is doing a bobbing motion over Marco's midsection.. she looks up quickly and signals to Adam to look under the bench...she makes the motion with her hand and mouth indicating filatio, he does, and immediately looks up) (Zeda taps Mr. Erik on the shoulder who doesnít look up from the comic strip of the newspaper *its calvin and hobbs*.) Zeda: (giggling whisper) Mr. Erik Mr Erik: Amanda get that out of your mouth (Zeda and Adam start laughing hysterically) *Seconds later Amanda jumps up from under the table* Amanda; I wasnt doing anything!!! Adam: Rhiiight whatever you say Amanda (Makes hand gesture) Amanda: (whining) Stop fucking lying on me.. I didnít do anything Zeda: oh please Amanda: (walking over to the sole chair in the room) Fuck you Zeda, you're just mad cause nobody wants to touch your ugly ass.. Zeda: You're so right amanda, i am so jealous i am not givin head shots in the SR Amanda: (Sitting in the chair. this is said in a ďstone voiceĒ) No body is ever gonna fuck you, your fat, your ugly, your hair looks like pubes.... Sam was only your friend because he felt sorry for you. Shit you cant even get Reed to like you and he wets the fuckin bed... You're pathetic.. no one fucking cares about you here, youíre just a dumb oaf that does whatever people want just so they wont make fun of you. you should just fuckin kill yourself. {As Amanda finishes her sentence Zeda jumps off of the bench and rushes Amanda pushing her backwards in the chair and onto the floor. She then steps on amandaís neck holding her foot between Amandaís chest and chin, pressing down slightly. There is a look of terror on amandaís face Zeda: Or maybe i should just kill you Amanda: Mr.ERIK! Zeda: (pressing down harder on her neck) Go ahead Amanda, say something.. Give me a fucking reason...(Screaming) Come on Do it... DO IT!!! {Mr. Erik pulls Zeda off of Amanda who jumps up and runs over to Marco) Amanda: Why didnít you help me? Marco: (Stares blankly) Amanda (Screaming): I'm pressing charges! I'm pressing charges...Your going to jail Bitch.. Mr. Erik I need an incident report Mr. Erik: (Holding Zeda with her arms behind her back ) what are you talkin about, I didnt see anything Adam: yea stop lying Amanda Amanda: What??? Marco, You saw her fucking attack me Marco: (Walkin over to Adam and sitting next to adam) Amanda, you should really stop attention seeking.. {{End Scene}}
Act 1 scene X.... sleep to dream {scene opens with a .... * A dream sequence...* doo ddodle do do doodle do* (a ten year old child laying on a couch in pink flowered pajamas. camera zooms out and appears to fly across the room entering into the dining room where a two black women sitting next to each other smoking a joint.. passing it back and forth. One is light skinned one is a medium complexion. The medium complexion one has long braids, she looks a lot like Mrs. Teresa (the therapist introduced earlier).. the woman is Zeda's mother Linda) Linda: I know i am high, but i hate that bitch... all she does is fuck everything in my life up. Linda's Friend: So what are you gonna do {Another seres of hard cuts, ** denoting different scenes, each scene in a different house} * Linda throws a telephone at Zeda hitting her on the leg* *Zeda sitting next to a window next to a greyhound bus* *An middle aged heavyset African American woman beating zeda (naked aged 11) Clothed, shirtless, this cut is technically is as accumulation of three* * Zeda Standing Before a cafeteria full of people dressed as Puck from a midsummerís nights dream, hands to her side scanning the audience crying and running off stage* * Zeda walking in to a large apartment dressed in the same attire, her mother laying on the couch asleep* * Zeda sitting next to a window on an airplane* *the middle-aged heavy set woman sitting next to a five year old reading a story on a waterbed zeda standing in the doorway* (Break in music) 5 year old:(whines) GET OUT ZEEDA Zeda: She's my grandmother too, Old lady: I didnt see any blood tests {Music comes back}. *Linda pointing and screaming at zeda* *Linda standing over zeda screaming* X 5 *zeda sitting in a corner rocking back and forth with her head in her arms* (Music pauses) *Linda throwing a pair of shoes at Zeda, Zeda Ducking , shoes miss, Linda rushes zeda pushing her against the door Linda: I Shoulda aborted your ass Zeda: I wish you did.. I never asked you to get knocked up Linda: Get the fuck out of my house (grabs Zeda away from the door, opens it, and pushes her out, and slams it Zeda:(kicking and banging against the door) I hate you, I hate you {Zeda is screaming I hate you in her sleep, she fell asleep at the desk the night before. Her arm has begun to scab over; it is bright red and stretched out in front of her. The female staff member comes into the room and shakes her shoulder it is now morning} Zeda: (Screams) Donít touch me! (knocks the staffs hand away) Female staff: Are you okay (Zeda just stares at the woman as if she is about to kill her breathing heavily) Female staff: Mrs. Rorey is here from your group home, she's here to take you back. [hard cut] {Zeda and Rorey getting into Rorey's Siver lexus} Rorey: Seatbelts Zeda.: Yes mam, (Buckles seatbelt, and looks down at her arm) (rorey starts the car) Zeda: I, I thought i wasnít going to be able to come back Rorey: Mr.Erik made it perfectly clear that you didnít have a part in the Riot, as did the police report. (Zeda Nods) Rorey: Look Zeda,. Your caseworker wants to send you to Harborbrook. Do you know what thats like. Zeda: No mam Rorey: Its intensive care Zeda, Five point restraints, thorazine, restraint jackets. You dont need all that Zeda: maybe i do Rorey: Or maybe you just need to try to prove you dont. Which means doing no more of this (lifts up Zeda's arm) {The car pulls out of the driveway, there is a dual sided opening with one arrow pointing in on the opposite side. There is a sign that says Fulton county Childrenís shelter posted in the center of a small "island" separating the two signs, There is no gate end at either side of the entrance to the driveway) Zeda: (whispering) Thereís no gate.. they set us upÖ Mrs.Rorey: what was that Zeda Zeda: Nothing *Zedaís notices this and her eyes get intense, she looks behind her at the shelter* [hard cut] ~~~~~ Back in her head~~~~~ The shelter is on fire, kids are running around it in flames screaming in pain, [hard cut] ~~~~~~ Reality~~~~~~~ The shelter is fine and the car drives out
Act 2 Scene IX.... searching for a home {scene opens with Zeda sitting in a blue chair in a hallway barren of any decorations. The walls are a dirty yellow white. Zeda has a busted lip and a swollen eye} [ Camera initially is focused on A 2 foot radius around zeda then pans out giving the feel of complete isolation] { from down the hall A beautiful female comes down *think gabrielle union* her heals make loud clopping sounds as she neers zeda} Female staff: You wanted to see me? Zeda: I want to call my case worker. Female Staff: Okay, Follow me ( the two begin to walk down and stop at a door on the left with a picture of martin Luther king hanging over a banner that reads "I believe i can fly") The female staff opens the door, turns on the light, and waves Zeda in Female Staff: Just come out when you are done. (the staff member closes the door) *Zeda sits down at the sole table in the room and picks up the reciever on the manila phone. Zeda dials seven numbers. The phone rings once... and voice messaging instantaneously picks up.* Mrs.sims (Over the phone): You have reached Mrs. Sims with childrenís services, please leave a (Zeda hangs up) * zeda dials 411* Operator: 411 can i get the city and state please Zeda: Stone Mountain georgia Operator: Name Zeda: Hester, Lydia hester Operator: The number is area code 404-555-0162. For an additional charge of 99 cents this call can be placed for you Zeda: Yes please, thank you {{{Ringing}}} Lydia: Hello Zeda: Aunt Lydia, its Zeda Lydia: (impatiently) What? Zeda: Is there any way i can come stay with you, Lydia: I havenít spoken to you in 6 years and you call asking me for a favor? Zeda: I didnít have your number, Aunt lydia please,i am in a dcs shelter, everyone hates me here (Crying) I have no where to go Lydia: then you need to be callin your mother Zeda: Mom doesnít want me, she is why i am here Lydia: Donít give me that bullshit zeda, I know all about ya bad ass, actin up in school beatin up teachers, you think i'm gonna help you Zeda: I never beat up anyone!! I have a 4.0... moms lying to you, she told the DCS people she was an only child and her parents were dead...please Lydia: Well then, if your own mother doesnít want you in this family what makes you think anyone else will? {hangs up} [Music: instrumental version of the last minute of NIN hurt] [this scene is supposed to be an expression of the chaos in zeda's head coming pay particular attention to the usage of shadows and eye close-ups, arm close-ups, then panning out to show the action] *Zeda looks down on the desk and notices a stapler she opens it, takes out the row of staplers and breaks off a small portion and bends it straighten both ends. She then uses the staples to carve the word ALONE into her left forearm She stares at her "artwork" and smiles As the blood starts seeping out of the wound she turns her arm over and starts scraping across her wrist.* [this imagery should be similar to the blinking light effects of the jeramy video. Zeda should appear more insane than hurt in her facial expression. Depict pleasure from carving] {The door opens, the doorknob starts to turn Zeda drops the staples grabs the phone and puts her arm under the desk as the staff woman peeks in} Female Staff: You okay in there? (Peaking her head in) Zeda: (looks up) Yes mam (pretending to still be on the phone) I know Mrs. Sims.. i am sorry but.... {Female staff closes the door} * Zeda Dials another 7 digits* {{{ Ringing}}} Mr:Erik: Crossroads back desk Zeda: Mr. Erik? (trying to suppress sounding like she is crying) Mr.Erik: This is he Zeda: Its Zeda Mr.Erik: Hey Z, Hows it hangin Zeda: I'm okay, You have a second?... Mr.Erik: Of course. Zeda: I wanted to say thank you, for tryin to keep me out of trouble.. and i am sorry for being such a fuck up Mr.Erik: You arent a fuck up... I am proud you tried to stay out of it.. and sorry you got sucked in... I told lisa you didnt have any thing to do with what happened Zeda: Thanks.... (Long pause) Mr.Erik... (crying).. Mr.Erik: Yea Zeda: Nothing, I goto go... Mr.Erik: Okay... keep me posted on how your doin okay. Zeda: Okay (Mr erik hangs up) * Zeda doesnít hang up the telephone. she keeps it to her ear as the sound from the other end Goes from the "if you would like to make another call announcement to busy signal then she hangs up. Zeda reaches into the desk and grabs a piece of paper and a pen and writes the words "what do you do when you want to go home... but you donít have a home to go to" [Fade out] {scene ends}
Act 2 scene VII... breakfast at delaney house Scene opens with Zeda and Faith sitting at a lunch table. There is a stark contrast in environment, whereas before Zeda had been the sole black female surrounded by a group of white kids, every other kid in this scene is black. There is loud ruckis as everyone is speaking loudly at once. When the boys enter into the cafeteria the girls get silent. The boys are dressed in baggy atire typical of african american youth in the 90's Samuel is in the middle of the line. He is more bruised than when he left Crossroads, his lip is busted. Zeda(whispers to Faith): shit what happened to Sam? Faith (whispering back): I guess its from last night Zeda: I hope Bubba is gettin a new asshole drilled into him Faith: Nah, he'd probably like it Zeda: (giggles) Girl 1: Ay white girl, that ya man? Faith: Yea Girl 1: I heard he was poppin off at da mouth last night Faith: and? Girl 1: Aaaand, tonight da niggas are are planning a little surprise for him. Faith: Sam can handle da niggas Girl 2: *sitting across from Faith, jumps up* What you say bitch? Zeda: She didnt say anythin Girl 1: I didnít ask you shit, so you better shut ya mouth before i shut it for you. We tryin to help ya'll asses Girl 3: Look, there is a fence behind the gym, Its got a hole in it. If i were you, I'd make use of it.. Tonight.. Otherwise ya might not make it back to Mayberry Zeda: Point taken, Now can you leave us alone Girl 1: (Mocking Zeda speaking in a bad British accent) Point taken.. Zeda: Wow that was witty.. Girl 1: (Again mocking) Wow that was witty Faith: Dont you have anything better to do.. like eat some chicken or something Zeda: FAITH! Girl 3: (Lookin to Zeda) If i were you, I'd teach my massa to keep her fuckin mouth shut be for we teach ha ass how REAL niggas really roll (Picks up pint of milk and poors it on Zeda's tray) [camera focuses on zeda's clenched fist pans out to show her gritting her teeth] Girl 2: Oh shit, looks like big girl wanna get buck (girl 1 starts drummin on the table) Girl 1: I bet you wont get buck, i bet you wont get buck. (Other girls join in) I bet you wont i bet you wont i bet you wonít get buck! *Zeda Jumps out of her chair, Faith grabs her arm Zeda looks over to faith the same evil look and storms out of the cafeteria outside to an open field, Faith chases after her... Samuel Seeing the commotion Jumps up and follows them out* Outside we find Zeda pacing around Faith: (standing next to a pole) Zeda, donít even worry about them bitches Z.. Zeda: (faces Faith) THEM? Them? Faith.... You know you are so fucking UGHHhHH * Punches the pole and doesnít even flinch* Samuel: BABY GIRL! * Zeda turns around, her whole demeanor changes* Zeda: (Almost frantic)We gotto get out of here Sam! Tonight! {scene ends} Act 1 Scene VIII... Escape from Toyland (scene opens to Zeda climbing out of a window jumping down where Faith is there waiting. It is Roughly 10 pm) Faith: I'm sorry about earlier Zeda: No worries... Now come on, Sam's waiting at the gym * The two of them turn around and start running, they reach Samuel who has stood by the front of the gym waiting... as they reach him Flashlights come in from the background* Girl 1: They they are!!! Samuel: RUN!!! *The three run behind the fence, the fence is at least 7 foot high. The three of them begin frantically hunting for the hole* {there is screaming and yelling heard from the background, its the other kids. At first it is faint. the sound intensifies to show them getting closer...doppar effect Faith: Fuckin A Zeda: Shit Samuel: We are going to have to climb Zeda: I cant, my leg * Faith starts to climb up the fence* Samuel: Look baby girl, I'm gonna climb up.. when i get to the other side I am goin to help you down. But you gotto get up Okay baby girl. Nothin is going to happen to your leg... okay Zeda: Alright Pony boy *Sam climbs up and waits at the top. Zeda follows suit. She is almost at the top Faith: Zeda Look out! *Zeda is pulled off the fence from behind and thrown to the ground. The other kids topple her holding her down as she struggles. A male staff member grabs Samuels leg he kicks to get free as he pulls himself over, he falls and the top wire of the fence slices his leg open as he falls* *faith is helping Sam up Start run/walk/limping away) [hard Cut] *The other males Jump onto the fence and start to climb* Male staff: GET Down! *The boys look back in confusion* Male Staff: I said Get down. let them go *From Under the dog pile Zeda is still struggling then from [camera focusing from her point of view. under the kids and through the fence..] *As Faith and Samuel reach the street, three police cars pull up and stop. the police get out and grab Faith and Samuel who struggle until they are taken down to the ground, handcuffed, and thrown into two of the cars* *Zeda has stopped struggling. tears are developing in her eyes. Her eyes close..* [As Zeda closes her eyes, everything goes black] {End scene}
Act 2 scene VI Mr. Erik Starts a riot *The kids are sprawled out randomly on the floor. Faith and Sammuel are playing spades, Amanda and Marco are coloring, Adam is sitting on the bench trying to put his hair in his mouth, Mary is not in the room, Zeda is writing in her journel* Mr.Erik: Whats wrong with you kids? You finally have the opportunity to do whatever you want and your all just sitting here. When i was your age i woulda killed for this. Run around cut the lights on and off...Sing do something. *mr. Erik stands up and starts runnin around. The kids put down what they were doing and follow him..* Mr.Erik: Come on get some energy out The kids are all laughing and goofing around... Close up to the window of the staff room shows a short african american man peering in his name is Mr.Edwards and he looks alot like martin lawrence Marco (To Adam) Hey adam, I bet you cant tear that wall down *Adam Jumps onto the bench and pulls the on the wall, to his amazement it comes down. Adam stands there shocked* Mr.Erik: Okay enough games, Adam to the BCR Adam Climbs down Zeda: Why'd you tell him to do that you know You broke that shit yesterday Marco: Shut the fuck up you fat bitch Sammuel: Dont talk to her like that Marco: And what are you gonna do to stop me? Adam: Oh shut up Marco, you arent going to do shit, your just a fuckin poser *Marco lunges at adam, Sammuel intervenes grabbing adam in a bear hug the two stumble to the ground. Mr.Erik Runs to the door and opens it Mr.Erik: I need help in here *Mr.Erik Runs over to break up the fight and pulls Samuel off of Marco. Marco gets up and tries to attack Samuel, Mr.Erik grabs Marco and pulls him out of the room as 3 large black male staff and Mr.edwards enter the room... in the background you can hear Marco screaming profanities Marco: Imma kill that mother fucker, Imma kill his ass Samuel is standing there catching his breath with his fist balled. Zeda is holding his arm and patting his shoulder Mr.Edwards: Bounderies Ms.Hester Adam: Shes just tryin to calm him down Mr.Edward: I said boundaries! *Mr.Edwards Grabs Zeda away from Samuel Samuel: Get your hands off her {Music starts, twisted sisters "We're not gonna take it"} [This sequence is filmed in a series of hard cuts] *Samuel lunges at Mr. Edwards the 3 male staff grab him in mid air, the other kids seeing the chance to escape run past the staff. Mr.Erik Gets to the door as the kids are exiting Mr.Erik (To Zeda): Donít get in this, you have been doing so good Zeda Stops and looks at Mr. Erik as he grabs Amanda who is attempting to run from faith Amanda: Let me go! Let me Go! *Mr.Erik Carries her off to the BCR* *The female staff have arrived on the scene They apprehend Faith who is destroying the staff desk* *Faith is taken down face first, Out of the Stabilization room comes the male staff carrying Samuel he is fighting them. He gets lose and falls to the floor. His back is red and bleeding from rugburns* Adam in the meantime has stripped and run down the female hall The girls scream and laugh. He attempts to kick the door down at the end of the female hallway. Mr.Erik comes up behind him and grabs him in a full nelson and pulls him back down the hall Meanwhile the rest of the male and female staff are still restraining Samuel and Faith. Faith breaks away and runs to Samuel and sees Mr. Edwards Punch him Faith: You Fuckin Asshole *Faith jumps on top of Mr.Edwards and starts hitting him in the head, female staff pull her off of him and tackle her to the floor. At this point the cops have arrived. Mr.Erik Opens the door for the police and they step in, break up the restraints, {music stops} Samuel and Faith are sitting against the wall in handcuffs...zeda is being interviewed by the police Zeda: And then Mr.Edwards punched Samuel and Faith jumped on him to pull him off and then she got restrained again and.... (from the background you can here A police officer yelling... NO RESTRAINT SHOULD RESULT IN A CHILD BLEEDING LIKE THIS!) Zeda Continues: Is Sam going to jail now? Officer: No, We are going to take Sam and faith to a shelter while we investigate this matter. You have to come too to make sure that there isnt any backlash on you.. Zeda: Yessir Zeda walks with the officer who instructs Sam and Faith to get up and they leave the building. on their way out they see Mr. Edwards sitting in the back of a police car. {end scene
Act 2 scene V...ball it up and throw it at me *The children in the stabilization room are sitting around. bored...Mary is laying on a table shuffling a deck of cards Faith and Amanda are drawing hearts on the back wall in marker. One hear reads Faith Loves Samuel, The other A+ M 2 lovers 2 geather 4 ever, Zeda is writing in her journal. Samuel and Marco are seeing who can jump up and grab the top of a lose board. Marco Jumps up grabs the top of the board and the entire piece of the wall comes down. Mrs. Susan is too busy reading a magazine to notice and marco (kids giggling). Samuel pushes the wall back up and runs over to the opposite side of the room where Zeda is sitting.... Zeda: Whats up pony boy? Samuel: Not much baby girl... what you writing. Zeda; Just shit (hands him the book) Samuel: (Laughing) Looks just like her [it is a picture of kelly, drawn to scale with smell marks coming out of it] Samuel: She still fuckin with you? Zeda: Every Chance she gets. Samuel: Mind if i read some more Zeda: Go ahead. Samuel: (flipping through the pages) Any more songs Zeda: Nah, just random shit from every day. i have to write it out so i dont think all the time Samuel: Thinking isnt all that bad ya know Zeda: it is when you cant stop Samuel: So i see you have a thing for Reed Zeda: Not really Samuel: Well maybe you should. Zeda: Nah he is all hung up on faith, I dont know why he likes her.. I dont know Why you like her.. Samuel: Me neither. Just somethin to do i guess Zeda: maybe you should find something better to do Samuel: Like you? Zeda: No not like me (Blushes) *Samuel wraps his arm around faith* Samuel: You are so cute sometimes baby girl, you know that? Mrs. Susan *sitting in the only chair*: (Announces Loudly) Boundries Sammuel *Faith looks back from the wall and grimices. Then puts on a big smile. She grabs Amanda and they walk over to Zeda and Sammuel. Faith lays down on the floor beside them. Amanda sits next to faith and Marco follows Faith: I'm Bored, lets tell Jokes Zeda: I dont know any Marco: I got one. This guy is drivin down the road in a rainstorm, His car breaks down and so he walks up to this Farm. The farmer says the guy can sleep in his barn as long as he promises not to stick his dick in these three holes. So later that night the guy gets horney. He sticks his dick in the first hole and he is like man this feels good, he gets curious and sticks his dick in the second.. Oh my god this feels even better, I goto try the third. So he sticks his dick in the third hole and He is like OH MAN THIS IS AMAZING. the next morning the farmer finds the guy hunched over on the floor. The farmer was like You stuck your dick in the holes didnt you. The guy was like yea what were they. And the farmers like "Well the first one, that was my cow, the second, that was my daughter, and the third well that was my milk machine (the group laughs) Faith(to Samuel): You tell one.. Samuel: Well um.. There were three moles, a mama mole a papa mole and a baby mole. They lived next to this house. One day the moles woke up to this heavenly smell, the daddy mole stuck his head out the hole and was like Mmm i smell bacon, the momma mole sticks her head out the hole and is like MMM i smell pancakes and the baby tries to stick his head out the hole but he is too short and goes I smell Mole-asses *only Zeda laughs* Zeda: Get it Mole-asses molasses.. Pancake syrup Faith.. Okay i got one... Okay, so when god first made Black White Chinese and they were all bald. And they spent all day fucking Marco: Sick man Faith: not each other, women. well one day god decided to give them hair. He called down from heaven to the Chinese guy and was like what kind of hair do you want? and he was all (doing a horrible Chinese impression) I want my hair to be black and silky and strait. So then he asked the white man, and he was like i want my hair to be strait and silky and blonde.. so god gave him that. So then god asked the black guy but he was to busy fuckin, god called him and called him and the black guy got irritated and yelled "just ball it up and throw it at me.... (everyone but zeda and samuel laugh) Samuel: That was wrong Faith Zeda: well at least its better than her blind rabbit and pig joke, you know the one where the pig has a big nose and a big butt and bristlie hair and he starts crying cause he's a nigger Faith: ease up Zeda, it doesnt matter, remember you arent black you're chocolate Zeda: Yea.. Chocolate.... Samuel: Come on baby girl, lets go play spades (The two get up, and walk over to Mary who was shuffling the deck) (Faith shrugs her shoulders and laughs) {end scene}
Act 2 Scene IV.... The missing curling iron (Shower time is ending, we see the girls from the SR Pulling their beds into the hallway.. Zeda and Faith are laying down and talking to Mrs. Madeline as Mr.Erik walks down into the hallway) Mr.Erik: Male on the hall Faith: Hiiiii Mr.Erik (in a whiney flirty manner) Mr.Erik: (imitating Faith) Hiiii Faith (he then hands Mrs. Madeline a clipboard) Mrs.Madeline: Thanks for bringin my charts Mr.Erik: No Problem, how you feeling Mrs.Madeline: My back hurts from sittin on my ass all day Mr.Erik: Thats cause you got no cushioning down there (They and the girls laugh) Ms.Madeline: You goin on break Mr.Erik: Yea Mrs. Madeline: those things will kill you Mr.Erik: I'm gonna die anyway, may as well do it having fun Zeda just stares at Mr.Erik, smiling, as he walks down the hall from in one of the bedrooms comes a shriek, its Amanda Amanda: You nasty BITCH (Amanda storms out of the bedroom holding a curling iron by the chord) Amanda: I found the missing curling Iron, Parker has been using it as a dildo Parker: I was NOT, Shut Up AMANDA (the girls are all on the hall at this point listening to the commotion) Amanda: Sick, it smells like FISH and Piss (throws it in the middle of the hall) (The girls respond by screaming and giggling) Parker: (Screams) I hate this place!!!! (parker runs down the hall and smashes everything off the staff's desk) Madeline: Into your rooms... Faith: I am not allowed in my room at night Madeline: Into your rooms now! (the girls scurry into their rooms but stick their head out of the doorways) (madeline runs down the hallway and aids Erik and Mrs. Susan (an overweight african american woman..with a bad weave and false teath.. she is the head evening staff ) and another male staff member in the restraint... as they try to hold her down a loud yell come out Mrs.Madeline: AHhhh She bit me. * the staff lift Parker and carry her to the Behavior Control room. Susan walks out clutching her arm* Mr.Erik: I'll get the first aid kit Mrs.Susan: And while your back there call the cops. Mr.Erik: What? Mrs.Madeline: Come on Susan she was just upset Mrs.Susan: They're always just upset. But this kind of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated anymore. *the next phase of this scene is Parker being escorted out of the building in handcuffs by two police officers. Parker Looks back to the girlís hall, the girls are still looking on in shock* Amanda (runs into the hallway and grabs the curling iron again by the chord and throws it down the hall): (Screams) You forgot something!!! Mrs.Madeline: Amanda back into your room ! *Parker turns her head and weaps... Zeda stares at Amanda and shakes her head with a grimice* {end scene}
Act 2 Scene II... Court * A small courtroom in atlanta. On one side of the courthouse a slender African American Lady, short... long hair.. Possibly half latin. On the other side of the courthouse sits Zeda and a child advocate, a Slender jewish lady with curly brown hair. Behind them, Teresa, Mrs. Sims, and an African American man who resembles Puff daddy (Mr.Quincy), and a tall white woman with Auburn Hair (Mrs.Roary)* Judge Harper: I understand that Prosecution and Defense have come to an agreement in regards to this case Child Advocate: Yes your honor, Mr.Quincy and Mrs.Roary of Crossroads have agreed to accept the return of Zeda on for a probationary period of 60 days during which time Zeda will be evaluated for possible placement in a more intensive psychiatric setting. Judge Harper: Prosecution any objections Prosecutor: In reviewing the records we feel that in the case of Mrs.Hester this probationary period is crucial in getting her the help that she needs. Prosecution has no objections to the stipulations of the contract as we do not feel that disciplinary actions will benefit neither Mrs.Hester or the State. Judge Harper: Well Mrs.Hester, I hope you appreciate the chance you have been given. I rule that the child be returned to crossroads for the recommended probationary period, however, psychological issues aside, If you repeat this malicious behavior and are returned to my courtroom I will not hesitate to send you to bootcamp. Understood Mrs. Hester? Zeda: Understood your honor. Act 2 scene III... Changes in the program {Scene opens, we find the kids sitting down to lunch. The level zero table has been removed and zeda is allowed to sit with the rest of the community. Surrounding Zeda are Faith, Marie, Sarah, and Amanda} Marie: I thought they shipped you to YDC or something Zeda: Nah they are just waiting for a reason to send me to Harborbrook or Peachtree or something Amanda: That shit was classic though. You shoulda seen Kelly's face. Faith: Yea your boot print was in it for a week (girls laugh) Amanda: you think it woulda taught her to keep her fuckin mouth shut. Marie: At least you arent her roomate.. Last week i walked in on her putting in a tampon (Girls in unison express disgust) Zeda: I didnt think they made tampons for beached whales. Faith: I cant believe she called you a nigger, you arent even black Zeda: What are you talkin about? Faith: Your not black your chocolate, and chocolate has milk in it and milks white So you're white. Amanda: Fuck did you guys here about Garrett? Zeda: what happened Amanda: he got caught with a fifi Sarah: Sick! Marie: Well its not like anyone is ever gonna really fuck him Faith: I know right Zeda: Whats a Fifi? (before that question can be answered, Mrs. Rorey and Mr.Harold enter into the cafateria followed by the therapist: Mr.Ray-short muscular white blond buzzcut--, Mrs. Sally--Long red haired hippi with freckles--, and Teresa) Mr.Harold: Ladies and gentlemen, i need all of your attention. We need to have a community group (Children Moan) Mrs. Rorey: There are going to be a few changes made here in the next few weeks. We will no longer be using the old group or level system. From now on, our community will function on a team basis. You will be divided into four teams; those teams will be headed by a therapist, and will include 2 Staff members an you all. Mr.Harold: Each team will function as a small community within our community and help support the advancement of each of your therapy. Our levels system will also change. Mr.Rorey: The new levels are Alpha and Omega passing through them will function in the exact same ways as the old system, you will still need to apply for level advancement. But now your team will decide your passage through these levels. Reed: This is bullshit. I am a level 3 I am not starting this shit over Mrs Rorey: Reed, following this group you will have a timeout for profanity. But to address your concern, each resident will be placed on a level equal to the ones they held before. Mr.Harold: there will also be no more level Zero and No level zero room. The Level Zero Room will be converted to a levels lounge where those who have obtained their Omega can relax watch tv play videogames etcetera. Mrs.Rorey: All of this will be explained tonight in group. Where you will be separated into your new group. But for now we all need to wash up and get ready for class. Zeda, Faith, Adam, Parker, Amanda, Marco(a tall slender white boy roughly sixteen), Mary, and Samuel, we need you guys to come with us to the computer room. [hard cut] * we are now in what used to be the computer lab only now it is completely empty.. * (the children enter looking around and confused) Mrs.Rorey: In this field you learn that not everyone responds to treatment in the same manner. You all have all been on level zero for at least two months and have shown no improvement in your treatment as well as created a chaotic environment for your peers. We are not saying that is due to any failure on your part. For the next 72 hours you will be monitored to see if you can truly benefit from this program. You will be monitored in this room. You will eat here, You will have classes here, and at night you will pull your mattresses in the hallway where you will sleep. This is not a punishment. There are no rules here. You all have shown that you will do whatever it is that you want regardless of any rules. And here is your opportunity. Your stay in this room is contingent on your behavior and your responsiveness to the program, after 72 hours of compliant behavior you will be returned to the community. If you express in any manner that Crossroads isnt the program for you, you will be removed from the program. This includes any and all violent behavior against staff members, other residents, general disrupters, or just asking to leave ... Are there any questions? No? Good. (the kids look at each other in awe as the Mrs.Rorey walks out and a Chubby cheeked White man with a goatee comes in, this is Mr.George, the english spite of description he is really attractive) Mr.George: (Ladened with folders and books sits them down on the counter where the computers used to be) Okay guys here are your books. Each of you will get one pencil which i'll need back after class is over) Adam: Fuck that, There arent any rules here Faith: Ha ha, . Merry christmas.. (the kids all gather around talking ignoring the teachers request.. Zeda walks over to the table grabs a science book with her name on it walks over to the corner and starts reading) *Mr.George Smiles* {end scene}
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