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Kaptain Kut's blog: "My Book: 13-19"

created on 08/11/2008  |  http://fubar.com/my-book-13-19/b238220
Act 2 Scene II... Court * A small courtroom in atlanta. On one side of the courthouse a slender African American Lady, short... long hair.. Possibly half latin. On the other side of the courthouse sits Zeda and a child advocate, a Slender jewish lady with curly brown hair. Behind them, Teresa, Mrs. Sims, and an African American man who resembles Puff daddy (Mr.Quincy), and a tall white woman with Auburn Hair (Mrs.Roary)* Judge Harper: I understand that Prosecution and Defense have come to an agreement in regards to this case Child Advocate: Yes your honor, Mr.Quincy and Mrs.Roary of Crossroads have agreed to accept the return of Zeda on for a probationary period of 60 days during which time Zeda will be evaluated for possible placement in a more intensive psychiatric setting. Judge Harper: Prosecution any objections Prosecutor: In reviewing the records we feel that in the case of Mrs.Hester this probationary period is crucial in getting her the help that she needs. Prosecution has no objections to the stipulations of the contract as we do not feel that disciplinary actions will benefit neither Mrs.Hester or the State. Judge Harper: Well Mrs.Hester, I hope you appreciate the chance you have been given. I rule that the child be returned to crossroads for the recommended probationary period, however, psychological issues aside, If you repeat this malicious behavior and are returned to my courtroom I will not hesitate to send you to bootcamp. Understood Mrs. Hester? Zeda: Understood your honor. Act 2 scene III... Changes in the program {Scene opens, we find the kids sitting down to lunch. The level zero table has been removed and zeda is allowed to sit with the rest of the community. Surrounding Zeda are Faith, Marie, Sarah, and Amanda} Marie: I thought they shipped you to YDC or something Zeda: Nah they are just waiting for a reason to send me to Harborbrook or Peachtree or something Amanda: That shit was classic though. You shoulda seen Kelly's face. Faith: Yea your boot print was in it for a week (girls laugh) Amanda: you think it woulda taught her to keep her fuckin mouth shut. Marie: At least you arent her roomate.. Last week i walked in on her putting in a tampon (Girls in unison express disgust) Zeda: I didnt think they made tampons for beached whales. Faith: I cant believe she called you a nigger, you arent even black Zeda: What are you talkin about? Faith: Your not black your chocolate, and chocolate has milk in it and milks white So you're white. Amanda: Fuck did you guys here about Garrett? Zeda: what happened Amanda: he got caught with a fifi Sarah: Sick! Marie: Well its not like anyone is ever gonna really fuck him Faith: I know right Zeda: Whats a Fifi? (before that question can be answered, Mrs. Rorey and Mr.Harold enter into the cafateria followed by the therapist: Mr.Ray-short muscular white blond buzzcut--, Mrs. Sally--Long red haired hippi with freckles--, and Teresa) Mr.Harold: Ladies and gentlemen, i need all of your attention. We need to have a community group (Children Moan) Mrs. Rorey: There are going to be a few changes made here in the next few weeks. We will no longer be using the old group or level system. From now on, our community will function on a team basis. You will be divided into four teams; those teams will be headed by a therapist, and will include 2 Staff members an you all. Mr.Harold: Each team will function as a small community within our community and help support the advancement of each of your therapy. Our levels system will also change. Mr.Rorey: The new levels are Alpha and Omega passing through them will function in the exact same ways as the old system, you will still need to apply for level advancement. But now your team will decide your passage through these levels. Reed: This is bullshit. I am a level 3 I am not starting this shit over Mrs Rorey: Reed, following this group you will have a timeout for profanity. But to address your concern, each resident will be placed on a level equal to the ones they held before. Mr.Harold: there will also be no more level Zero and No level zero room. The Level Zero Room will be converted to a levels lounge where those who have obtained their Omega can relax watch tv play videogames etcetera. Mrs.Rorey: All of this will be explained tonight in group. Where you will be separated into your new group. But for now we all need to wash up and get ready for class. Zeda, Faith, Adam, Parker, Amanda, Marco(a tall slender white boy roughly sixteen), Mary, and Samuel, we need you guys to come with us to the computer room. [hard cut] * we are now in what used to be the computer lab only now it is completely empty.. * (the children enter looking around and confused) Mrs.Rorey: In this field you learn that not everyone responds to treatment in the same manner. You all have all been on level zero for at least two months and have shown no improvement in your treatment as well as created a chaotic environment for your peers. We are not saying that is due to any failure on your part. For the next 72 hours you will be monitored to see if you can truly benefit from this program. You will be monitored in this room. You will eat here, You will have classes here, and at night you will pull your mattresses in the hallway where you will sleep. This is not a punishment. There are no rules here. You all have shown that you will do whatever it is that you want regardless of any rules. And here is your opportunity. Your stay in this room is contingent on your behavior and your responsiveness to the program, after 72 hours of compliant behavior you will be returned to the community. If you express in any manner that Crossroads isnt the program for you, you will be removed from the program. This includes any and all violent behavior against staff members, other residents, general disrupters, or just asking to leave ... Are there any questions? No? Good. (the kids look at each other in awe as the Mrs.Rorey walks out and a Chubby cheeked White man with a goatee comes in, this is Mr.George, the english teacher..in spite of description he is really attractive) Mr.George: (Ladened with folders and books sits them down on the counter where the computers used to be) Okay guys here are your books. Each of you will get one pencil which i'll need back after class is over) Adam: Fuck that, There arent any rules here Faith: Ha ha, . Merry christmas.. (the kids all gather around talking ignoring the teachers request.. Zeda walks over to the table grabs a science book with her name on it walks over to the corner and starts reading) *Mr.George Smiles* {end scene}
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