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Kaptain Kut's blog: "My Book: 13-19"

created on 08/11/2008  |  http://fubar.com/my-book-13-19/b238220
Act 2 scene VI Mr. Erik Starts a riot *The kids are sprawled out randomly on the floor. Faith and Sammuel are playing spades, Amanda and Marco are coloring, Adam is sitting on the bench trying to put his hair in his mouth, Mary is not in the room, Zeda is writing in her journel* Mr.Erik: Whats wrong with you kids? You finally have the opportunity to do whatever you want and your all just sitting here. When i was your age i woulda killed for this. Run around cut the lights on and off...Sing do something. *mr. Erik stands up and starts runnin around. The kids put down what they were doing and follow him..* Mr.Erik: Come on get some energy out The kids are all laughing and goofing around... Close up to the window of the staff room shows a short african american man peering in his name is Mr.Edwards and he looks alot like martin lawrence Marco (To Adam) Hey adam, I bet you cant tear that wall down *Adam Jumps onto the bench and pulls the on the wall, to his amazement it comes down. Adam stands there shocked* Mr.Erik: Okay enough games, Adam to the BCR Adam Climbs down Zeda: Why'd you tell him to do that you know You broke that shit yesterday Marco: Shut the fuck up you fat bitch Sammuel: Dont talk to her like that Marco: And what are you gonna do to stop me? Adam: Oh shut up Marco, you arent going to do shit, your just a fuckin poser *Marco lunges at adam, Sammuel intervenes grabbing adam in a bear hug the two stumble to the ground. Mr.Erik Runs to the door and opens it Mr.Erik: I need help in here *Mr.Erik Runs over to break up the fight and pulls Samuel off of Marco. Marco gets up and tries to attack Samuel, Mr.Erik grabs Marco and pulls him out of the room as 3 large black male staff and Mr.edwards enter the room... in the background you can hear Marco screaming profanities Marco: Imma kill that mother fucker, Imma kill his ass Samuel is standing there catching his breath with his fist balled. Zeda is holding his arm and patting his shoulder Mr.Edwards: Bounderies Ms.Hester Adam: Shes just tryin to calm him down Mr.Edward: I said boundaries! *Mr.Edwards Grabs Zeda away from Samuel Samuel: Get your hands off her {Music starts, twisted sisters "We're not gonna take it"} [This sequence is filmed in a series of hard cuts] *Samuel lunges at Mr. Edwards the 3 male staff grab him in mid air, the other kids seeing the chance to escape run past the staff. Mr.Erik Gets to the door as the kids are exiting Mr.Erik (To Zeda): Donít get in this, you have been doing so good Zeda Stops and looks at Mr. Erik as he grabs Amanda who is attempting to run from faith Amanda: Let me go! Let me Go! *Mr.Erik Carries her off to the BCR* *The female staff have arrived on the scene They apprehend Faith who is destroying the staff desk* *Faith is taken down face first, Out of the Stabilization room comes the male staff carrying Samuel he is fighting them. He gets lose and falls to the floor. His back is red and bleeding from rugburns* Adam in the meantime has stripped and run down the female hall The girls scream and laugh. He attempts to kick the door down at the end of the female hallway. Mr.Erik comes up behind him and grabs him in a full nelson and pulls him back down the hall Meanwhile the rest of the male and female staff are still restraining Samuel and Faith. Faith breaks away and runs to Samuel and sees Mr. Edwards Punch him Faith: You Fuckin Asshole *Faith jumps on top of Mr.Edwards and starts hitting him in the head, female staff pull her off of him and tackle her to the floor. At this point the cops have arrived. Mr.Erik Opens the door for the police and they step in, break up the restraints, {music stops} Samuel and Faith are sitting against the wall in handcuffs...zeda is being interviewed by the police Zeda: And then Mr.Edwards punched Samuel and Faith jumped on him to pull him off and then she got restrained again and.... (from the background you can here A police officer yelling... NO RESTRAINT SHOULD RESULT IN A CHILD BLEEDING LIKE THIS!) Zeda Continues: Is Sam going to jail now? Officer: No, We are going to take Sam and faith to a shelter while we investigate this matter. You have to come too to make sure that there isnt any backlash on you.. Zeda: Yessir Zeda walks with the officer who instructs Sam and Faith to get up and they leave the building. on their way out they see Mr. Edwards sitting in the back of a police car. {end scene
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