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First Blog
First Blog
First Blog Ever
Hi all, I am trying this blog thing for the first time and thought I would see who here lives in North Texas. I am a transplant to Dallas and trying to find my way.
First Cherry Blog
This is my first blog in cherryTAP... be nice to me I'm not a good blogger. Oh and Happy Festivus and Merry Christmas.
First Day
i am so excited. it is my first day on cherry tap and i am already a cherry grunt. my daughter and my sister in law said it took them longer than that. i am enjoying the people i am meeting and the conversations.
First Time
Wow, this site in really amaizing... its way better than myspace. but yet, myspace isnt complicated lol. I cant believe christmas is like 3 days away. I still need to get my bf something. I hate doin late christmas shopping. Well, its 12:41 am, and im really tired. and i dont got to much to honestly say right now. so who ever reads this. hope u have a Merry Christmas.
First Blood
Adding my weightless comments to the ton of meaningless blathering already out 'here'. The holidays are here, we're completely broke (as usual) but at least I'm good with the judge, I have a psycho-bitch-from-hell ex-spouse with kids and child support who LOVES trying to put my ass in jail, try divorcing one yourself and you'll know where I'm comin from with that!! We've recently moved (to Phenix City, AL) and the house is still a mess - but at least I'm 2 1/2 hours closer to the kids (the psycho-BFH ex doesn't like that at all, but screw her - No you do her, I'm Thru!! :) for Lo, these 7 yrs now - and in those 7 years of blissful divorce, her sorry ass has drug me in front of the judge 10 F***g times! She got her the best in legal counsel, tho - cos the first 5 or 6 times were over menial bullshit, that she only got a few hundred dollars in legal fees for, but that was merely the SETUP for the jail time and big bucks to follow!! (watch your Ass, before having kids with thes
First Blog
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very LowLevel 2 (Lustful)ExtremeLevel 3 (Gluttonous)HighLevel 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very HighLevel 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very HighLevel 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Extreme
First Kiss Of 2007
Body: This is called the "CUTIE GAME" Repost this, see how many MESSAGES people give you... If you don't respost this, you will have bad luck for 18 years!! So repost, it's fun! [] I want your number [] Pretty/Cute [] Hottie [] Sexy [] Gorgeous [] Handsome [] I'd take you home in a second [] I'd make out with you right now [] No, I dont like you like that [] I love you [] Wanna hook up? Dear _________, I ____ you. You have a nice ______. You make me _______. You should _______. Someday I will ______. You + me = ________. If I saw you now I'd __________. I want to ________ you. I would build a _______ just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be _________. We could __________ under the stars. Love, _______________ (P.S. ______________.) Would you kiss me? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe [] already did Am I attractive? [] Heck no [] hot as Hell [] Fine [] Cute [] Okay I think ur pretty [] Sexy [] Ugly! Name one thing you would like to
First Time Losing My Cherry
Hay this is great. This is the first time I've been here, but it's fun. Hope to make lots of New Friends and meet with some old ones. Happy New Year to you all Les XXX
It has been the best thing I have done in years. Divorcing the ex. I'm have never felt so job in years. Fell like I'm 30 again.. lol. Back to having fun. The kids love it. No more screaming and yelling at them any more from that bitch. Meeting all kinds of friends on C.T ans myspace. Just wish I had more time to learn all the functions from both sites.. lol.. And wanted to say THANKS FOR BEING THERE FOR ME>> ALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY< FANS. Sorry If I riped some pics. Just learning how to do this stuff on pics. Love to chat and be funny as I can be. But have my off days to. Mainly on here to meet friends. But if it developes into some thing that's great. The dam camera went down so can't load my pics from it. Your would like them. Yes been all over the usa. Mainly missiori to calif. And from very south texas to canda border. Hey to all my friends... Wanted to say thanks alot. Been down and out. But you made me fill good about myself again. I have meet some good people her
First Blog! I Wasted It
Im bored of the current Top 10 (no offense to them) so im posting MY Top 10. All hot, all cool, all deserving of your love. So add them, comment them, rate them, etc etc. Do it for CT and do it for me. Repost it too, lets see how high we can get them. xo IN NO ORDER!!! 1. Rainbowfukinbright@ CherryTAP 2. *KIWISTARR * I saluted * (ALL MY FRIEND FAN ME TOO PLZ!!)@ CherryTAP 3. Omg_@ CherryTAP 4. Itswutucrave.[K.O.T]@ CherryTAP 5. Star.@ CherryTAP 6. HotMomma2000@ CherryTAP 7.
First Snow
So..first(and last)snow of the year..I like snow..but not when it ruins my new years plans and makes it so that I can't leave..damn snow..oh well I guess new years will be spend alone..
First One
I never knew what was there i never knew who was there I never knew the world was cruel I never knew the world was cold I never knew she was old I never knew what I was told I never knew it would be so I never knew it would snow I never knew she would go! Dedicated to my Grandmom Bare with me everyone (new and old friends) I'm trying to figure this new system out. I'm a former (well still have the account) myspace patron, was invited toCherrytap by a guy name TL. I love to blog but need to figure out this whole setup before I truly start! :)
First Blog
Well first off I join cause my friend asked me to. And now I find it addicting. I have a myspace and a xanga site so I might not be blogging here much. And thats it. Laterzzz!! ~M A T T H E W ~
First Blog..
who gave the memo to some of these 40+yo whyte chicks that said hair styles from the 80's are still in? talkin about lazy and not wanting to do ya hair since your 20s...sheesh grandmother passed tonight. i was cool until i got to the hospital..and i started to think about her and how she use to take care of us and shout at us when me and my bro where lil...broke down. im cool now..shes not suffering anymore rest n peace been tryin to diet yeah?...i slowly slipped back to late night eating =( why have i been loosin weight faster since i been eatin late? my bod is retarded babies..RETARDED!!!
First Time For Eveything...
I guess I got my first stalker today and well I don't feel any different. I enjoy the thought of being stalked, online or in real life. It is exciting knowing someone is looking after you because they find you beautiful or smart, etc etc. I can't believe the things people will do to get that attention but when it is given freely it means so much more. WHen you have to make people like you it is so fake, yet here we all are on this site for a whole smorgesboard of reasons but mainly to find people to like us. I was asked to join but I don't think I will last long. Not very much can keep my attention span so I will only say this, Have fun with me while you can because I don't know how long my cherry has to live... PEACE LOVE AND RESPECT!
First Timer
i am so sick of men who think your playin with them but there playin with you! they should all die and sgo to hell and us woman should protest and all become lezbiams!!!!! so to anymen who are thinkin about tryin to get with me back the fuck up unless youw anna deal witha hard core bitch! You scored as Biting. When it comes to being kinky, your biggest turn on is biting. You love the ectasy of teeth sinking into your flesh, and are probably willing to return the favor. Sex just isn't sex without using your teeth. Biting 100% Whips 83% Chains/Handcuffs 67% Bondage 67% Blind Folds 67% Blood 42%
First Blog
WTF Is up with that???? Word is that they are going to give all the illegal aliens amnesty, for entering our country. WHY!??! What the hell makes them so special? First of tall they are here illegally. Second, they are eating up our medical benefits because of their inability to pay and, driving our medical costs through the roof (as if they weren’t already). They are eligible for Medicaid and Medicare, helping to render those benefits useless for our own citizens. They are able to get S.S.I. And social security benefits also. I’m 43, in 22 years when I am supposed to be able to retire, I wont be able to because all these wet backs have illegally, but with this countries fucked up political system, have been allowed to do so. Why??? We are the most powerful nation in the world, are we afraid of pissing Mexico and all these other nations off?? So damn insane knows what it’s like to piss us off. Haws it hanging sadam?? THIS PISSES ME OFF!!! What housing benefits are out the
First Survey Of 2007
Body: 70 Questions to End the Year. 1. Are you in a relationship? no 2. Do you hate more then 3 ppl?maybe 3. How many houses have you lived in?a lot 4. What is your favorite candy ?turtles 5. What is your favorite food?italian 6. Have you ever tripped someone?yes 7. Favorite Summer trip this year?camping in the woods 9. Do you own a Britney Spears CD?no 10. Have you ever thrown up in public?yes 11. Name someone that's ALWAYS on your mind. depends 12. What is your favorite music genre? a lot of different stuff 13. What is your sign?Pisces 14. What time were you born? 11:45 pm 15. Do you like beer?yes 16. Have you ever made a prank call?yes 17. What is the most embarrassing CD you own?none 18. Are you sarcastic?who me 19. What is your favorite color?all colors 22. Spring or fall?spring 23. What is your favorite color to wear?black 24. Pepsi or Sprite?mountain dew 25. What color is your cell ph
First Entry
My damn laptop is acting like a bitch again! my whole damn desktop disappeared. another virus may be on it, so im not gonna be on so much until i get it back to good shape again. so if u need me call me on my cell or room phone (678)953-0772 & 229-903-6721. Just to let u all know, I will not be online a lot since I am back home in atlanta for the summer. I have a greaat idea for you all. I know most of you hate the fact that you cant talk to me now for a good minute. so here is the deal, I am going to give out my number for you all to reach me at. Feel free to call at anytime 770-997-8495 - where im located now 404-691-4232 - where i may be once in a while fell free to holla at me. dont forget to ask for me by my birth name Octavius, just in case I don;t always pick up. Much love to u all. Peace. ~ Stinger Nitro Hey im looking for someone to be my valentine this year. this is gonna be my first time celebrating it in years. So any females interested, feel free to leave a re
First Contest
More Fun Quizzes at
First Blog!
So, here's my first blog. Not very interesting, I know. But hey, there it is. Send flowers. Ciao my pretties!!!!!!!!
The First Time
A Girl's First Time (Assume you are a girl if you are a guy) It's your first time. As you lie back your muscles tighten. You put him off for a while searching for an excuse, but he refuses to be swayed as he approaches you. He asks if you're afraid and you shake your head bravely. He has had more experience, but it's the first time his finger has found the right place. He probes deeply and you shiver; your body tenses; but he's gentle like he promised he'd be. He looks deeply within your eyes and tells you to trust him - he's done this many times before. His cool smile relaxes you and you open wider to give him; more room for an easy entrance.You begin to plead and beg him to hurry, but he slowly takes his time, wanting to cause you as little pain as possible. As he presses closer, going deeper, you feel the tissue give way pain surges throughout your body and you feel the slight trickle of blood as he continues. He looks at you concerned and asks you if it's too painful.Your eye
First Blog
how smart are you flat out geniusOk, theres not much I can say here accept congratulations! There is noone smarter than you. Well, except the few others who made it here. I mean Im just gonna leave it at that. Im sure your much too above what I could say. Take this test
First Blog
What do you do when you go over too you're friend's house, an his mom invites you in wearing nothing but a G-string an small cut off shirt???? Do you A: Ask if you're friend is home. B: Run away. C: Ask if anyone else is home,then go in. D: Go in with a smile,and tend her need's. If the friend came home and caught with his mom. A: Ask him to wait. B: Tell him you're his new step-dad. C: Tell him she's better than his sister. D: Smile, as you take a punch to the head. Thank You for you're Time. First blog, Just started typing...LOL,LOL
Well I am new at this. And I just found out about how to do this whole blog thing. Well I ma Chris, and if anyone has any advice for me just let me know. Peace.
First Blog
Good morinng to all. Just thought I would write some thing new in here. I didnt do anything this weekend stayed at home with the kids plus Joey was out on a job site still. Im sitting here with the kids watch movies with them Flushed Awayed seen it 5 times in three days im about ready for a change. Well hope every one had a good weekend. TTYL Cyn Hello just thought I would write in here. Not much is going on in my world tonight. My soon to be husband works in the oilfeild so he is out babysitting a oil well and I'm at home with our dogs and farm animals. It sucks he's gone but I talk to him alot on the phone and I go out to the job site to see him often to. Well thats about all I can think of right know. Cyn Hey there every one just thought I would write afew things in here. Well im a country girl I enjoy dancing I love animals I have two rottweilers Tank and Vixen are there names. Other then that I'm just a all around nice person HeHe.
First One Down...a Lifetime To Go
I can feel you in my heart even though we drift apart with those words you spoke to me though I always disagree And I listen to the sound of your sweet voice cause you won't shut up. Now I'm finished let me call you a taxi. (woah o yeah, woah oh) I don't feel that I'm feeling your feelings, about these feelings that you feel (woah romance) And you know that I love you when were FUCKIN' Cause orgasm equals love. All my friends smile and they chuckle at pictures of your bear moose knuckle. Please don't feel like you're a slut when I'm peeing in your butt. And I love to donkey punch you after I poop on your sheets. And I do it cause you love me, and I love you (awwww) (woah oh yeah, woah some more) I don't feel that I'm feeling your feelings, about these feelings that you feel (woa hack weeze) And I love you when you show me your sweet boobies Cause orgasm equals love. (Take it joshy:) wo
First Time
First Blog
I have just learned that my beast friend who hasnt been trying to get pregnant is now pregnant ! I should be greatful but i am envious of her cause we have been tring to get pregnant for 4 monthes and absolutly nothing! grrr any advice guys? this would be my first blog um cherry tap is going to cause alot of fights between my husband and i cause he talks to alot of girls and doesnt menchin he is married and he doesnt atend to menchin it i doubt he will even add me has his friend so we will see what happens so ya blah!
First Blog...
What do you think of my layout now? I was bored so I decided to chill on cherrytap and change my page. I like pink so I think this is the page for me :) lol Let me know what you think! I'll update more later aii?? Huh. This is my first day on CherryTap and I think it's awesome. I love making new friends- it's basically the reason why I'm a member of this. I need to be with people more lol. But it still doesn't change who I am lol. Have you read my profile? You should- because I am serious. Word for word, every bit of it! But it doesn't make me a mean jerk. I can be- but I can also be lenient with you peepz lol. I like chillin' and shit. I have no real problems with people. So, if y'all wanna hang out with me and have fun.. believe me when I tell you- fun is my speciality. Oh yea- and keeping you busy.. that's for sure lol. *I don't mean in bed, since I'm happily taken* Anyways, I'm just chillin at the moment talking to a friend on AIM right now and waiting for my man to wak
First Time....take It Easy!
I went out last night for the first time in a long time... my girlfriends rawk!~ We went to this club in Columbus and I got so I danced with a guy who told me I was the hottest thing in the place... that was nice to hear.. My friends had to carry me to the car and in my house... then I puked... lol.. it was a good time.. yeah, and this site is confusing... I dont know how to do anything lol... but im going back to bed ttyl~ I am new around here and dont really know what I am doing... thanks to my friend Julie I have found this site and thought it would be a great place to start over...I hate drama... lol with that said, it might take me a while to get pics up and other cool things, so please be patient... hope to make lots of new friends! Kitay~
First Blog Ever
Why I deserve to keep my hair. Christopher Parrish Audience: My DNA It seems my genetics’ are smiting me. At 28 years old I am losing my hair. Not that it’s appropriate at any age for ones own body to defy them, but when it happens to some one as naturally immature as I am it set’s the stage for strange conflict’s with ones self. I deserve to keep what’s left of my hair as I do not yet represent an older man or even a mature one. Yes I’m aware that youth is fleeting. I’m closer to 30 than I like and many have said I should go back to working in an office. I made very good money working in Telecom where balding is still very fashionable. A mature man or a wise man might do just that. Let the ends justify the means, work hard at something unpleasant to save for the inevitable goal of home ownership, spouse and kids. Not this aging post teen. Since my return to this semi urban area I’ve taken a delivery job with no future, fun co workers and inte
First Contest
First Timer
I have no idea what I'm doing, but here I am! Having fun with it all. I'l get the hang of it soon enough, I'm sure!
First Cherrytap Blog
Well, this is my first CherryTap blog. I dont know what to do here, but I am getting the swing of it. I am sure in time I will get there. I just dont spend alot of time on here because I dont get online at home. Thanks to everyone that has made me feel welcome. Its great to get some new friends and hang with great people! Keep Rockin' ~B~
First Go At It...
Sitting in my ride watching all you angels go buy, I know I am safe for you are guiding me all the way, the days are long and the nights well there my days for I sleep most in the light and ride in the darkness, but I see my angels and they shine my light so I can see the way, for most I have not met but I know if needed they would not rest till I am safe. My angels are not hidden for you can see for yourself here on page the ones that speak the most are the ones guiding me day to day, they are the beautiful flowers that grow in your garden, they are the light that lights the day. You can see them by the smile on my face, for when I am down and out they bring me around change my frown to a smile, they warm my heart on the coldest nights, and cover the holes that I am aboout to fall into... To all my dearest ladies on my page I just want to thank you not for being my friend but becoming an Angel to me.... So now it was Valentines day, I had to work all day and most the
First Blog
So, I thought that I'd say, on top of my forty hrs+ work week, I'm taking twelve units this semester... that's two english courses, one of which is for my women's studies minor, and two anthropolgy courses. It's a bit overwhelming, but I've been writing like mad. It's hard to believe that the stress of school would force myself to write... like, there's this seriousness on one hand, so creativity blooms in the other to balance it. I'm taking the advice of a few authors... doing lots of freewrites, timed writings, journaling, doodling. :) It's good, oh and I haven't had a drink in a few days... I'm going to fix that tomorrow night, don't worry. This was a bit dull, but I've had a lot of coffee and I think the caffeine is coming out with each word, shaky and uneventful. hit me up, we can talk when i'm wasted and back in my element.
First Timer
First Of A Series
I have been encouraged by a friend, who shall remain nameless, to share with my fellow tappers some stories i have posted elsewheres on the net. for several years bnnow i have been experimenting in writing erotic fiction, so far so good, lol. here, therefore, is what should be the first in a series, please comment and let me know how you like it. if all goes well, i have several more ready to post, and even more tat are awaiting finwal editinig. Playing Dress Up It was starting to look like just another boring day at the office. At least until Shannon signed in the IM. She is easily the sexiest young thing I have met through various chat and dating sights. Over the past year or so we have developed quite the friendship, without ever actually meeting. We briefly talked about Christmas, the previous weekend, and when she mentioned that she had received a martini set and cash, I (half)jokingly suggested that I come over so we can break in the martini set and then go spend the
First Meeting
Because of my blindfold, I cannot see them; I do not even know who they are. I just can feel them rustling slowly around me. How many are they? How many men? Are there any women? They do not speak; I just can sense their presence when they hide from time to time as the faint light filters through my blindfold. I feel hot, so hot and offered to their lust, to their sexual desires, ready to surrender, ready to give them my whole body, ready to let them touch me, ready to… I know that soon their hands will strip me, will bare me naked, that I will be fully naked in front of them except my blindfold. I crave that moment; I crave their hands touching my skin, their mouths kissing my breasts, their tongues licking… I imagine their hands caressing my silky secret places, their mouths sucking on my aching nipples, their teeth biting me tenderly… I crave their hands, I crave their mouths and I crave their teeth. I know I am safe, I know that they will not do anything I do
First Blog
bear with me as i try to make my page cool I`m new here & not used to the menu`s yet ... I haven`t even finished my profile, what am i doing writing a blog?
First Blog
I hate it when you friend, rate, and comment people and they never give the love back to you. Just a little frustrating thats all. haha. It is okay. Come rate, comment, and friend, and fan me I will return the favor. (and I don't just say that I actully do)
First Blog...
That's not that far away. You may be wondering what I care about that date for. Well, I am marrying ARCADIAN on that day. I can't wait but at the same time nothing is We will get it all figured out. I'm so excited! We are all doing good. The kids went to the bay to go swimming and I kinda wish I would have went with them. It's about 100 degrees in my apt. It lasts all summer this way and is very hard to sleep in the heat. School is starting again soon for me and I'm excited about that too. I can't wait to get a job and stop living on SSI. Trying to make some big changes in my life right now. Well, that's all for now....if you want to know more just send me a message and I will respond. Sweet That's right folks, it is over. I asked him to leave cuz I just wasn't ready and now he being a jerk...I guess he has that right, but in my house? What to do now? Anyway, I only have less than 6 wks of school before I get my full-time job and I am very exci
The First...
wow I haven't even posted a blog yet... simply amazing! I've been getting to know lots of people on here and can't wait to meet as many as I can!!! For some reason the men tend not to read my about me section where it plainly says that I'm not looking for male fun but only female... However....this does not mean I don't want male friends....but seriously there's no point to asking me to hook up unless your female. Just wanted to get that out there. :) I'm an open book so anything you want to know about me just ask away.............
First Blog ;>
So its been an interesting year so far. I have no complains, got away from bad "friends" and into a better situation. I love my boyfriend with all my heart. We'll hopefully be tying the knot sometime next year. :] well more to post later. ttyl!
First & Foremost
Look at me Lust for me Long to be with me..... Imagine you in me Try to deny me Stop hiding from me..... Open yourself to me Be with only me Now please me..... Touch me Lick me Squeeze me..... Pinch me Scratch me Feel every bit of me..... Bite me Nibble me Grab me..... Hold me Never let go of me Come close to me..... Feel my lust Feel my determination Feel my love..... Love me always Keep me always Or walk away for aways..... By Diva K. Dayum, I listen to all the pain that thang called love has caused.... Dayum, I try ta understand why Love is burning sooo many good ass people... Dayum, why the hell are relationships going down when there was Love... Dayum, Love huh??? So if it's what we all want then why, huh why????? Love is about happiness...Seein that smile and that glimmer in ur eyes.... Love is about strength...Holding you down when the world shoots at you... Love is about loyalty...Being there when you push a
First Blog
Hi everyone I am in the sexy MILF contest and I need your votes lol please go an vote for me the rpofile is janelle and its in the milf competition pictures please please please hugs as usual, and snogs Caby xxxx LISTEN do you want me to post more pics. well I cant as I have used my limit up, so until my points increase I am limited to these only I have loads more, so come along and find me a wa of earningpoints and i can get my pics up hugs Caby ok guys thanks. I got the highest score in the sexiest milf contest.not sure if I won but.... a big thank-you to everyone who voted so I promised that if i won i would half the price of my website membership, so i have done it. as from today for a month its now half price. hope you all enjoy guys and girls see you in there hugs caby xxx
First Sleep Walking, Now This???
What is sexsomnia? Falling asleep after sex is common, but falling, sleeping and staying asleep during sex is another matter. The condition is called sexsomnia. Sexsomnia occurs when a person is asleep and yet proceeds to initiate sexual activity with their bedmate. Sexsomnia is also known as "somnambulistic sexual behaviour". The first use of "sexsomnia" for this condition was by Dr C M Shapiro and two colleagues from the Sleep Alertness Clinic of the University of Toronto and the Toronto Western Hospital in a June 2003 article in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Sexsomnia is described as a mix of sleepwalking and adolescent wet dreams. According to the researchers, amazingly, not all partners of sexsomniacs are distressed or irritated by the novel experience of having an unconscious person make love to them. In fact, some seem to prefer it. The researchers describe sexsomnia as a "distinct variation" of sleepwalking. The researchers discovered it by interviewing pa
First Ammendment
Most people are so narrow minded that they think christianity is the only correct religion.I feel sorry for these people because they haven't been told the truth.Judas was the one betrayed,why do you think the catholic church has hidden judas' chapter in the bible. On the other side of things we have the people of MY religion who have been persecuted and murdered over so many years by these overbearing savages in the name of a religion that is based on a LIE. I am wiccan and have learned to tolerate all who express the opinion which is theirs to express.You never hear of a wiccan priest being charged with molesting kids,or stealing from their own church and people. I have a question for all who read this.What religion did Willie Crane claim?How about John Couey?Scott Peterson?Now the question is why do all these other countries want to fight the U.S?I'll tell you,it's because we constantly elect people from a religion whose purpose is to kill every one and every thin
First Blog
First Blog Ever
First Blog On Cherry Tap
Hello to all that may read this! I'm still real new to cherry tap so I'm not quite sure how to do alot of things yet. My friend from work talk me into getting on here and said it is pretty cool. I do like the setup it will just take some time getting used to it! Well thanks for taking time to read. Hopefully more blogs to come later!
First Blog For Me On Ct!
This is my first blog on ct I just wanted to say hello to all my friends if you are reading this things are kinda crazy in my own little world making the best out of life and hanging in there its rough some times but shit happens and I guess u always got to forget and forgive but always remeber you keep forgiving its gonna keep happening if u want to know what im talking about just hit me up with a message subject line what are you talking about i'll tell ya well anyway I guess i'll keep this short take care ...Amanda
First Time For Everything...
I have to stop these late nights. They are killing me!!!!
First Blog
It has accured to me I have a blog everywhere. Except here. LiveJournal and MySpace, but not CherryTap. Probably because I don't visit here often. ANYWHO! I'd like to take this time to advertise my artwork! Please visit and leave me some feedback here or where ever! Thanks! Take care everyone!
First One
Not sure if this is where I can put this but here goes. I'm to get my rating up at least to the next level, I've been blocked from rating anyone because it says I have reached my limit for this level. So anything anyone can do would be most appreciated. Thanks Again. P.S. and I will return the favor Well I'm sitting here rating pictures and this thing comes up that says I have reached my limit for the day. What's up with that? How can you go to the next level without points? And I post comments but would anyone really like a comment without getting a 10 with it? Hmmmm
First One
Hey just wanted to post myirst blog because I just got to Level 3. Thanks to LC Man for having those conferences!
The First Time I Ever Saw Her Eyes
Our first kiss, it was a beautiful nite with a beautiful lady. With us looking out over the water, towards the lite city. The stars shining almost as bright as the sparkle in her eyes. I wanted so badly to feel her lips against mine, but did not want to move to fast and scare her away. She gently lend her head back to stretch an I saw my opening to move in. I started by gently kissing her on her neck, it was a smooth as silk. She moan softly, letting me know that she liked it and that I was safe to move forward with my desires. I wanted to feel her wet soft lips against mine. When our lips met, I was so excited that I could hardly control myself. As we continue to kiss, they became more passionate than I have ever experienced before, deeper, more sensual and erotic than any other kiss I have ever experienced in my life. They were more wanting than anything, we made love with our tongues through our kisses as they became deeper and harder. We both became so excited that
First Another Blog
subject: random sunrise thinking post date: 2007-02-18 10:06:43 views: 2 comments: 0 ratings: 0 Well it`s time for a new one of these… Blogs that is.. I should give a lil more info ...ya know where I`m tryin to go. I like the night… it just feels a`ight I wake up… the sun goes down… Or is it… the other way around Anyway that`s `bout time I come around. I`m not just nocturnal ... I`m a bit tropical as well this snow is killing me…. & it killed my car as well .. It`s half my fault & I juss` made me make it worse … it`s not that bad, it`s not like I`m in ..(L0L).. ,,, the back of a hearse! It`s like sometimes $H!T goes bad…let`s choose when we get cursed If my ride don`t wanna run… then isn`t runnin` it worse? Leave it parked there … with the snow on the hood I`ll still, i`ll still get to work… so whut if I gotta.. I`ll kick it on hoof Peeps be lookin at me like I`m some kinda goof Anyway that`s me, I`m me.. I`m a fool Ask anyone! I never claim that I`
A First For Her
Tonight Is The Night "What do you want from me?!" she whispered hoarsely, her voice quavering. "You KNOW what I want!" he answered, his body pressed up against her, his warm breath made the hair on the nape of her neck flutter. "I can't do that, and you know it ...." she was almost begging now - begging him to back down. But he was not going to be denied - not this time. He knew she was ready, she was just afraid, and a little fear in this instance was a good thing. Makes the heart beat a little harder, the skin flush. He had been working her up to this point of submission for a long time - mostly by making her read erotic writings, watch videos, look through magazines. He had talked her through what he wanted. She knew the drill - - they had played lots of Dom/sub bedroom games - - but she had always managed to melt his heart just at the critical moment of pushing the envelope. He took her shoulders into his strong hands, nuzzling at the juncture of her neck and s
First Time On Tap!
I am currently in Germany in the army. I am getting out of the army in less then 3 months and am looking forward to starting my life outside of the army. I have alot of pictures on my blog of germany so feel free to take a look. Germany is a nice place to visit and go see the sites, but as for living there isn't much to do other then going to bars and clubs. It's not all that fun when you aren't out there site seeing. Well I'm out of here.
First And Last
First Tooth
yay jess has just got her first tooth the other day although i am excited she keeps biting everyone so im dreadding it when she gets more of her teeth through
First One
First Time
I had to make at least one blog. Random writing about nothing. What the hell ever.. HTxDATA___
First Blog
What is this 99.9% stuff??? I have been trying to level for hours.... Does it never change?? Just wanted to make my first Blog and see how this works!!! Hope it works!!!
Im not sure
First Blog...drunk As A
First Day
Well hello all. Thank to all those lovely peopla that helped me get started here. Well it been nice so far dont have a pain in the butt people every where u turn to make trouble. I was hoping this Server would help me a little also. yes im a looking for that special lady that can put and keep a smile on my face. Well that need to go both ways. I share. Stop in say hello. If u got a hint or something to in prove here tell me. let make this friend ship last for a life time and more. well first blogs arnt tha good ones but i will let it out all the felling that i hide form others on the other pages. Well talk to you all later kool bye Well those nice lady that stoped by to help me get started here to day thank u. Love the legs.(kidding) well stop by sy hello tell me who where u are ok
The First Time
"Break Me" I will meet you In some place Where the light lends itself To soft repose I will let you undress me But I warn you I have thorns Like any rose And you could hurt me With your bare hands You could hurt me With with the sharp end Of what you say But I'm lost to you now And there's no Amount of reason That could save me So break me Take me Just let me Feel your arms again Break me I'll let you make me Just let me Feel your love again Feels like being underwater Now that I've let go And lost control Water kisses fill my mouth Water fills my soul So break me Take me Just let me Feel your arms again Break me Make me Just let me Feel your love again Kiss me once Well, maybe twice Oh, it never felt so nice So break me Take me Let me Feel your arms again Break me Make me Just let me Feel your arms again Just let me Feel your love again Can you hear it in my voice Was it something I let slip Does the whole world know I
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Firs Here It Goes!!!
this is my first blog and i really have no idea what to put in it so i'm just gonna ramble on and on. ha, but who dosent? well i'll just tell a little about myself i guess....i am 5' tall, natural brown hair but i dye it dark red i just did the other i have hazel eyes, and i like all types of music. yeah can you tell i'm really bored here??? oh well...hit me up to chat. Laters
First Blog Here On Cherrytap
After what happened this morning I am once again without a Relief Person. My relief person started out with having petty mal seizures, for what seemed like hours. While I was signing for meds, I hear "Mom, get up here now". My relief person was having a Grand Mal Seizure. Needless to say it FREAKED out my poor son. She was transported to the local EmergencyRoom to be checked out, due to the fact that she is 3 months pregnant. I hope that the baby will be ok. Needless to say I had to notify my employer about this. And I must agree with her. What if she DID have a seizure while I was gone, the residents would not know what to do?..So I have to let my relief person know when she gets out of the hospital that she can no longer work here. DAMN THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a rightful order found Beyond the things that seem to be, Something beneath the surface seen Hidden behind prevalent schemes. I know this fact through feelings felt in such relief that come to mi
First One
Why is that the older you get, time seems to speed up? I'm not quite sure what happened to my 20's, but they are almost a thing of my past. There is really not much for me to blog life is full of correlation coefficients, standard deviations and price elasticity at the moment. The things one will do to get away from managing a bunch of 18-21 year olds!!!
First In Many(i Hope)
Ok, so the world is warming up. I could enjoy that if it just means warmer weather when you get tired of the cold. But does the weather really have to choose now to start acting so wierd? I mean, it's not even spring yet. This all hit me the other day when I was driving my bike peacefully on a back country road, enjoying the cold crisp air, and just thinking that it was nice to be able to do that in February, when all of a sudden I saw a horrible, devastating, vision before me. BUGS! That's right. The bugs have hatched and are comitting suicide on the windows of cars, trucks, and teeth of motorcycle drivers. So what?you would ask? you who are sitting serenly(spelling?) on your computer chair, stareing into the monitor and maybe watching the snow pile up outside. And your right of course. So what. Well when summer comes around and you go out to stretch yourselves on the lawn chair with your lynchburg lemonade. Just remember that the bugs started to propagate a lot earlier this
First One
Well kinda new to the site. its alot of fun. Thnx to everyone for rating me, faning me, and adding me. getting up there on the cherry wagon is difficult on ur own.
First Timer
Lawton, OK finally got a Buffalo Wild Wings and I am a bartender and server there and it is a great place. 6 big screen tvs and around 60 flatscreen plasmas you should check one out if you get the chance. If you are in the lawton area come by and see me I make a kick ass martini and long island iced tea. Well hello all CT members I am new to this so fan me, rate me and add me. I will do the same. Shawn
First Contest MY FIRST CONTEST PLEASE COMMENT IT ALOT.....please help all my friends and family ill do the same 4 ya'll if u get in an contest help him out he's in sexiest ever contest he's only got too comments plz help help him out he's in sexiest ever contest he's only got too comments plz help
First Time
hello ths is my first time on her so i just wanna say im a young mom and wife ... here to make some kicking friends and find old one so have fun looking at my profle jenn kiss and hugs to all
First Blog
Well I must say I am a bit overwhelmed. I followed someone/somelink down the rabbit trail and ended up in wonderland. Wow, I am naive! This Story is true!!! For all of you who occasionally have a really bad day when you just need to take it out on someone: Don't take that bad day out on someone you know, take it out on someone you *don't* know! Now get this. I was sitting at my desk, when I remembered a phone call I had to make. I found the number and dialed it. A man answered nicely saying, ''Hello?' ' I politely said, ''This is Patrick Hanifin and could I please speak to Robin Carter?'' Suddenly the phone was slammed down on me! I couldn't believe that anyone could be that rude. I tracked down Robin's correct number and called her. She had transposed the last two digits incorrectly. After I hung up with Robin, I spotted the wrong number still lying there on my desk. I decided to call it again. When the same person once more answered, I yelled, ''You're a jackass!'' an
First Blog
You scored as Hot. You are Hot, you scream and are wild, people love doing anything sexual with you.Hot81%Soft75%Exciting69%Violent69%Sweet63%Wet44%Shy31%Awkward0%What is your sexual style?created with Well, woke up this morning to yet another cold day. I can't wait for Spring to finally get here so I can get out for my walks without wearing my sweats. :( I love my shorts too much! LoL! Anyways, I'll start writing more on here in the future. Have never kept a blog before so will be interesting to see how this goes. Chat at you all again soon!
First Week In Cherrytap...
First Blog...
Need to get to the next level to upload new me out!!! Fan me, friend me, rate me! Girl, slut, cunt, whore He desires these qualities and wants no more Than to use these humans for His twisted ways Then toss them aside; cast them astray There’s One that won’t go; stays by His side She is His loyal and longing Bride All she desires to be is the One that He needs She must be chosen by Him, for her to succeed But His yearning for others clouds what He sees He misses completely her down on her knees As He seeks His fix to His destructive addiction He’s losing her heart with His lack of conviction To stay true to His word and not break His vow The needle is in; she’s crying now The rush is intense; the feeling of power is near He tells her to stop; don’t shed more tears They mean nothing to Him; it’s control he seeks Yet it’s control He lacks and makes him weak Yet she loves Him still and will continue to try To be all that He needs and not
First Blog
Yay look at me go with my first blog. Have nothing cool to put right now, just wanted to leave a mark! ~Jess
so im new to this ya thats bout it
First Time
hey this is my first blog i dont have much to say but add me so i can get more friends lol
A First!
To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down. To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. .... To every guy that she cried in front of... To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes..... To every guy that would give his seat up... To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what. To every guy who told his
First Blog
So this is my first blog, I dont have much to say at the moment but im sure things will happen in the next few days that will be worth mentioning.
First Time....
so when ur in college and u have 2 jobs on top of a full course load it can be really hard. i mean i am a freshman in college and 18. i am fresh out of high school and i feel like i should be in a nursing. thats how i am made to feel. all i do is work and school. i dont go out anymore and it sucks. i miss being a teenager and i miss being able to have fun. and then having to be single for the past year has hurt me to. i am tired of being lonely. i also wish i had my family back and that i wasnt doin this alone. ive been doin this alone since i was 16. soo here i am and i am writing this much on my mind. i mean alot. i have a crush on someone but i kinda cant tell them cuz that would just be wrong in the simple fact that i am close with them. i am kinda not in the place where i want to be. i mean i want to go home with my family....but yea...ife goes on
First Time
Well all this is the first time I posted a blog here. Hope everyone out in cherry land is doing good. You guys are so awesome. This is way better than MySpace. Keep on rocking guys.
First One
Hey, whats up i guess this is my first blog so i was just testing it out an i really dont know what else to do on here besides meet all you awsome people out there in cyber world. i would love to meet you just stop on by and tell me what more you can do on here on cherry tap and another thing i know that this is so much more better then myspace anyday b/c this is more cooler and so are the people pe@ce out yo ~*Mike
First Blog...
Ok, so I am new to Cherry Tap...I have been on for about a week now, and I am still trying to learn the ropes on here. Go figure. Cherry Tap seems pretty cool, but what is some of the edicate on here? For example, I ripped a pic from one person, and they got really upset. Other people don't mind at all. Now, there was nothing that I saw on this folder saying please don't rip, so is it safe to assume it is ok to rip as long as it does not say not too? What is up with all the private folders? I see a lot of them that say 'don't ask', so I am assuming people ask to see private folders. Isn't that kinda rude, since if they wanted you to see it they would give you the permision? Is it expected for people to ask to see these folders? I just don't know! How do you add things to you page? So many things to learn yet so little party time.. Anyway, to all that read this, I will assume you are on my friends list, and I look forward to talking to and getting to know you soon!
First Timer
Well i just wanted to say that i am new an i enjoy this website, now its a lil difficult for someone like me who isn't the greatest with computers but i am trying i will slowly get it i hope. I hope everyone had a good time every time they come one. Love always kiko -xoxoxoxoxoxox-
First Blog
First Time Sex
A girl asks her boyfriend to come over Friday night to meet, and have dinner with her parents. Since this is such a big event, the girl announces to her boyfriend that after dinner, she would like to go out and make love for the first time. The boy is ecstatic, but he has never had sex before, so he takes a trip to the pharmacist to get some condoms. He tells the pharmacist it's his first time and the pharmacist helps the boy for about an hour. He tells the boy everything there is to know about condoms and sex. At the register, the pharmacist asks the boy how many condoms he'd like to buy, a 3-pack, 10-pack, or family pack. The boy insists on the family pack because he thinks he will be rather busy, it being his first time and all. That night, the boy shows up at the girl's parents house and meets his girlfriend at the door. "Oh, I'm so excited for you to meet my parents, come on in!" where the girl's parents are seated. The boy quickly offers to say grace and
First Blog
Just wanted to say thanks to all that have showed me love so far and left comments or rated me. I have been returning the favors as I get to them. If you are reading this, you should be rating me right now so I'll quit typing so you can go.
First Times
Well, a lot of things have been put into motion recently. Some good, some bad, others ambiguous. Depends on who's viewing the things and in what context. So here goes: I am divorced finally. In ways it is a great thing, in some it is sad. I figure for me, it is a new beginning in my life. I am hoping that it doesn't cause resentment from my children or my family later on down the line. I also feel that if people know me well enough, they know this was something that I had to do. I feel it was best for myself and for Chad. I know it is presumptuous to be saying I know what is best for someone else, but I feel that we are both happier people without each other. The only sadness coming from this is the separation of my children from their father. They love him dearly and I hope they always will. I feel sad that they miss him, but I hope eventually they will be happy that we are not together and happier apart than if we were together and wound up hating each other. For the Relocati
First Blog, Along With A Poem
alrighty, here it is. I have been hearing of cherry tap for a while, and now i have finally gone and done something about it, and got me one of them account thingies. alright. that is all i had to say, so now it is time for a poem! if you ever if you ever learned what i have learned, would you know what i know? If you had gone through the same experiences as me... would you act the same way? If you have loved who i love... would our hearts be in sync? No... for i am me and you are you. No one is like me, and niether like you. So live today the way it fits for you. Don't pander to anyone else and put your life on the shelf Live your life and love completely, show the world how you aren't afraid, to be yourself. james
First Time
First One
Well this is my first blog not sure what a blog is lol but hey i just wanna say what i am thinking.  still trying to figure things out and where my life is headed just trying to enjoy things as they come.  I do enjoy making friends on here and have made lots of great friends and i wanna that all of you very much.  and looking forward to makeing more friends as i go.I am on yahoo im    wizardsway1964Email is  wizardsway1964@yahoo.comMyspace, I am new to blog's but i thought what a great way to let my friends know i put new pic's up today, check them out.
First Blog 20070402
Upstate NY is dead in the water with jobs, anyone know where in the country there are jobs? IT / computer/ testing are the jobs I'm looking for.
First Blog
Taurus You are very stubborn, and your withdrawn nature makes you irresistible to hotties. You like sex to be romantic and passionate, and you know just how to make it that way. Your partners cannot resist your spontaneous and gentle nature. Sex matches: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn Take this quiz at sign You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
First Blog
      WhiteDove dj cryme time Awww I Think This Is So Awesommmmmmmmmmmme Our Very Own WhiteDove & dj cryme time Are getting Fu Married WooooHoooooooo!
First One
I'm now an official supervisor at the porn store..YES! lol i know it sounds weird but it's cool. I go get more shading done on my tat on thursday super excited about that.. I know that i dont know many chicks with full back pieces so i think i'm pretty hardcore lol jk.. I guess it's the whole go big or go home thing. I got my trampstamp and it was my first tattoo that doesnt really mean all that much but i was 18 so i got it done.. anyways.. i need to get the ball rolling as far as school goes. but i feel like an idiot and have no idea what to do at this point. GCC was like an extension of high school. It is relatively small and easy to figure out how to get all your classes situated but now that i have to go to a university... yikes..scary. I know that taking a semester off has made me a little lazy so i can't even imagine how those people feel who decide to wait a year or more til they go back to school. I just want to get my degree done
First And Foremost
So I'm just trying to work my way around here, everything is very new and I figured the best way to figure things out is to try it out. I'm having a serious problem exploring everything in here, mainly because everything is OVER simplified. I'm so used to havign to write my own HTML codes and such that this is confusing not having to do that. Well, heres to tackling blogs and a couple of pictures and one friend add... *CHEERS*
First Time
Well here goes my blog virginity. Spending Easter just hanging around the house and taking naps here and there. Pretty boring things. I think I need to spice up my CT page. Let me hear your suggestions and I will incorporate as many as I can. I would especially love to here from you ladies.
I'm going through a very sad time. I was out taking a walk, got back with a message on my answering machine from the brother of a friend of mine. This friend moved out to California to live near his brother since they were close. Well I called the brother back and he told me my friend died on Wednesday. He was only 46. I asked what happened, the brother said he went to go see him, his tv was on and he wasn't around, but his bay window was broken. He called the police, they investigaed and found him 30 yards from the bay window. He lived in a gated community so noone really could see him from the outside. Noone knows what happened, but it almost looks like he was murdered!! The investigation continues. I am so sad, was crying a lot today after hearing the news!!! I played baseball with this guy and his brother said i was his best friend. Whats worse is he wanted to come back to Pennsylvania but at the time didn't have the money.. I feel numb right now, just keep the family in your
First Blog
Well, I'm frustrated about a few things. I want to get a new pickup, a new place to live...I have the money, but dammit I had to buy $1800 worth of inventory for my business. It's not that much, that's for sure considering I spent 3 times that last month. Oh well such is life.
First One
Thought I would try this blog thing out. I love Cherrytap. It's my new addiction. I have met some awesome people on here, and I hope to be their friend for a long time to come! so I got my random drug test today at work. I thought everything was dandy, the only drug I've had in quite awhile is hydrocodone. but that didn't show up on the test. Instead, I tested positive for PCP. YEAH PCFUCKINP. So now I'm sitting on my ass waiting for the fucking lab to call so I can prove to them that my anti depressant is what came up as PCP. FUCK. I'm missing out on prob a weeks worth of pay and there's nothing I can do about it. My boss actually thought I was using PCP. I'm not a drug user. Never tried PCP. Don't even know how to use the damn shit. So, here I am, online, bored out of my fucking mind, wondering when I can go back to work..... Somebody please help keep me occupied!!!!
First Time In A While
so its been a while since ive drank and some people say your not sopossed to do it alone but o well, i am and im enjoying it!!! whoo!! thats bout it, o and i cant feel my toungue ring lol
First Day Of Work
First Time On Here
Well I have been harped on about getting onto this site so,"HERE I AM FUCKER!!!" LOL. Just letting myself be known and thanks to all that has already tried to contact me. Good to know that there is a community out there that takes intrest. When I start learning more about this site I will recipicate the comments and ratings. For now Hello all :D
First Blog
Right on. Im hella new to this y'all so take your time with me and i'll get some photos up. Anyone know how? lmao i'll find a way yo! Peace
First Time
First Blog
Today was Monday, but I woke with the thought - I was going to be happy not matter what! After a full day at work - I was, even knowing what tomorrow brings. I was happy I talked with Holley on the phone and well that always makes me happy, chatted with Shawna and that Smartass Texas B**** here on fubar their great peopl,fun friends - then I posted a status on yahoo messenger that read "Sex on TV can't hurt- unless you fall off" all in the fun of things being I was happy feeling fun.- then I got a message about my status and how I have kids and I was participating in pornography?? for a humorus status?? ok Well the emotions that I was tring to hind now hit me like a brick wall! Happy was gone! reality was here! January 29 was comming like or not!! for years it's been just my dads birthday good times for many years - fishing trips, strip joints many good times, but now my father is sick and this will more than likey be his last birthday - but even with this - at 76 his life has be
First Date..
You think you've met your soul mate online. You've warmed up to each other through chatting and now it's time to meet face to face. What will your partner look like? What do you wear? Will you make a good impression or will you be nervous? Don't worry. Here's how to make it work. CALL FIRST BEFORE MEETING Don't jump from chatting to dining straight away. Set up at least one or two phone conversations. Use these talks as a way to know the person better and to judge whether you want to take the relationship to the next step. Treat your first phone contact as an actual date, a way to get to know the person better. PLAY IT SAFE ON YOUR FIRST DATE Always set up your first date at a public place and at a reasonable time of day - late afternoon or early evening. A familiar restaurant or coffee shop is fine, but not at midnight. Never meet at one of your homes. Avoid bike rides or drives in remote areas for the first few dates. Make sure you end the date while there are still other
First Installament
Life sucks. I went to a couple of concerts last week, music was great, Flesh Factor rules. Lacuna Coil lead singer rocks my clock. Then, it happened again, for the second time in my life. A young lady, at the Big Fish Pub, asked me if I was a Vietnam Veteran, and I fell for it again. She must have seen my tiger. When I got off the plane in San Francisco, thirty-two years ago, I had an old gray haired lady, that looked like my Grandmother, walked up to me, and spit on me, because I worn my uniform back to the states. It made me feel so low, to think what we had went through meant so little. Last Friday night this young lady, younger than my kids, asked me if I was a Vietnam Veteran, I told her yes. She must have seen my tiger. The next comment out of her mouth, set me back thirty-two, she said, "Your are a killer, then." I just turned and walked away. We that defend this country are not allowed to fight back. We must just turn and walk away; the rules of engagement are not the same, as
First Blog Of Dood
First Blog Of Doom
well first blog on this place. last friday night i had a great time at Hathors Garden. i spent the evening with a great young lady who is wicked cool. Rock Angel on this site. it was fun. im hopeing that Kayleigh and i get the chance to hang out agen. at club or otherwise. I think she is realy cool and stuff. but then agen theres that little part of me who thinks she wont want to hang out agen. it allways seems to happen. i dont want to end up fucking things up with this girl. hopefully we can be good friends and injoy time with each other. who knows what could happen after that but hay. well all i ask is that if theres a problome let me know. so later everyone. hopefully everyone has a good day :) peace monty
First Time, Be Gentle!
I think I have gotten it together finally, Thank you to all that have been patient with this process!! Hi everyone! I was invited to this site by a GREAT guy! But I have alot to figure out!! Please be patient while I soak it all in! LOL
First Of May
COOL MySpace Comments
10 First Date Faux Pas
Women are harsh critics, and being critical is exactly what we do on a first date. We’re analyzing your clothing, your table manners, what you say, and what you don’t say. If you want to pass the test (and advance to date number two), be sure not to commit any of these top 10 first date crimes. Number 1 Being a knight in shining armor You pick up your date and hand her a dozen red roses. “Your chariot awaits,” you say as you race ahead to get the car door for her… the first of many doors. In your world, chivalry is not dead -- it’s very much alive and requires you to open every single door for her. Well, I hate to shatter your Prince Charming dreams, but women don’t expect you to be a doorman. In fact, this can be downright annoying. Of course, we don’t want a heathen who shovels food into his mouth, talks with his mouth full and keeps his elbows on the table either. That’s just plain rude (and a major turnoff). What we do want is something in between: not a knight in shining ar
The First Strawberries
The First Time Insanity.
Click this banner to be taken directly to our website. I highly recommend all of you who read this do this. We here at Subversion Radio want you to join our movement. If you ever have felt that the world is fucked up, the system is trying to control you, or you have been screwed by "The Man" then this radio station is you place to be to listen to our LIVE! DJs 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a YEAR! For our listeners that use WMP to tune into the Internet radio, please read our main page before tuning in as you will need to obtain a plug-in that isnt stanrad for WMP. How ever I welcome you to Subversion Radio as not just a DJ, but as your friend still. Please join our Forums and Chat and most important listen to our sounds OF REVOLUTION! DJ Majin (Galvin Knight) Subversion Radio - UNDERMINE THE SYSTEM This is a Rant, and it is my own personal feelings on the matter. I can give a rats ass who feels differently then I do, and I can give a rats ass what you thin
First Fight
I ahd my first fight tonight :) I won in the 2nd round 1 minute 45 seconds in the 2nd round by k.o. I'm so happy, drinking right now to celbrate, wish me luck on the next 1 :):)
So my friend totally told me about this site... and said its much better then that lame ol' myspace everyone is obsessed over, although I can't speak so much myself because I know that I was there for a while... can you blame me? This internet gets more faster, but more boring haha. So, I'm glad I found this place although it is really... fast. I got overwhelmed with all this cherry bombs and photo ratings. Its crazy, but I love it.
First Time
today is may 24 2007. this is my first time on Cherry tap. it is not a bad place. Better then i thought. Well i got asked to tell a little more about my self. I'm a soon to be married woman. I have a great guy in my life, I could not ask for more. I have a great little boy. Not real little he is 9 almost 10. My life he is. I work as a CNA and have for the last 10 years. About to start working working with mental ill people. Which i like to do a lot. There is a little biut more about me. All ya gotta do is send me a link and bomb away...For every comment you leave, I'll give you 8 fubucks....adds up fast...Use as often as you like...Contest never ends. You may withdraw accumulated fubucks at anytime. You can also rate all pics in my album and get 2000 fubucks and in addition to that, for every person who comes and rates my profile/fans and sends a request that you sent them..I will give you 100 FuBucks..3 Easy ways to cash in..Hit me up in pm today!!..DADDY P
First Attempt
One of the great things about the Military is that On all Federal Holidays we get a 4 Day weekend. For Memorial Day we're getting Sat-Tue off so I'm in an awsome mood. I'm Also happy because all weekend it's going to be a fucking beutiful day which means I get to ride my Bike all weekend long. Also I should be able to add more pictures aswell. Yes i know my album is lacking heh. Alright this is my first attempt at a blog whatsoever. I'm sorry ahead of time if it seem's like I dodge around some subject matter that might seem interesting but since I'm in the military and a recruiter I have to be carefull on what i put in here so I don't compromise any of my recruits personall life. And let me tell you, us recruiters hear some stories. Boy do i have some stories to tell. But for now you dont geta hear any of them. Buahahaha
First Time
NAUGHTY APPLiCATiON" ***Best one will get a reply*** 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? Email your answers..... SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THiS BACK T
First New Lover
First Blog Ever
NAUGHTY APPLiCATiON" ***Best one will get a reply*** 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? fill out and reply Well as the caption says first blog so i
First Time
Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Thought that it would be cool to meet and talk to new people. I don't get online much because I work so hard and am in college still...guess the major...hehehehehe Have a great day and hope life is good to you.
First Mum
I think it is pretty damn good.
First Time
If anyone catches my blast could you capture it and send it to me? I just would like to see it. Thanks I have had the honor of someone purchasing a blast for me my very first one so be on the look out kids I'm moving up! lol xoxoxox
Right, I'm in desperate need of some help!! I have to do a dissertation as part of my final year grade and I have to have my topic and ideas in order by next week :/ Alas, I am currently idealess. I mean normally I lack imagination and ideas but not usually to this extent! I'm studying social care so any one with any ideas...let me know!! Mwah x I guess it'a about time I got around to doing more on the site so a blog is a good enough start I feel! It's my first saturday without a job and having worked weekends for the last four years, it feels pretty good! Soon enough I'm gonna go around to my best friends house, have breakfast and read the's her saturday morning ritual and I'm stealing it till I find my own!! Ha, that's a good one, finding my own. I'm not too good at that, but I'm trying! Not having a job at the moment leaves me with a lot of time to think and although it's great to clear your head and what not, it also leaves time for the demons to attack.
First Contest ... Back Tattoo Contest
First Time
Alright, this is my first big pimp out everyone! All the people below rock and are very close friends of mine! Now the first one on the list is my other half so make sure and show my baby some love! Then go down the list and rate, fan, and add the rest of my most rocking friends! Some are very close to leveling up so lets help them get there and show them what FUBAR is all about! lover4fun4u~co-owner/head enforcer of Witches Brew/RL B/F to Dj Lil Devil Angel~@ fubar Cappy@ fubar Teeter ...rate/fan plz b4 add@ fubar COBRA7168~FU-B/F TO BROWNEYEBABY~@ fubar ^^Dj d ®ågºñ^^@ fubar † ~Dark_Princess~OWNER~of~Dark Pleasure's Radio&Lounge~@ fubar DJ VINYL aka "Mikey" - Owner Of Dark Pleasure's Radio & Witchie's Brew /ONE-LOVE!!@ fubar ♥}:{ ghettobaby }:{♥@ fubar Pimpout brought to you buy ♥ DJ Lil_Devil_Angel~Owner of Dark Pleasures Radio and Witches Brew/RL G/F to Lover4fun4u~ ♥ ♥ DJ Lil_Devil_Angel~Owner o
First One
Well hello new sis on here so i thought id take alook around.But as I see Know one around my area interesting..........ahhhhhhhhhhhh such is life !!!Well Look forward to new friends
First Blog!!!!
ive never posted one of these.. but for yall ill describe myself and some of the stuff i do.. i love to go target shootin. fourwheeling, Radio Djing ( IM a down to earth dude.. unique in my own ways. lol
I'm on cherry tap thanks to my best friend, TJ, he made me get one. So far, a lot of old people hit on me, and it's pretty much a bar online. So I'm not completely sure if I like it or not.
First Blog
Thanks Everyone for Welcoming me to CT.. Aslo for the comments, pic comments, etc. Smooches from me! thanks chryssie
First Time For Everything
So I am oin CT a lot so I thought maybe I should do something on the site , so thus here I am. I have talked to a few people and they seem very awesome. I wish I could talk to everyone on my friends list , and by all means I am always open to messages and comments , I love them. As far as my Life goes , as the title of this blog would suggest , its very rocky. would love to find that one girl who will look at me and go "yeah life has beaten him to hell , but hes still amazing and I want him." Yeah I know its good to dream. My wife , whom I have been seperated from for over 6 mons absolutly hates me. very sad acually. And my son , my world. I never get to see him , because until we go to court , his mother my wife , is being uber nazi about me seeing him. in the last 6 mons I have seen him maybe 4 times , about 3 hrs per visit. now tell me what type of mother would keep a son away from his father? really I wanna know if anyone has an answer to that please. I have bee
The First Time
The First Time Lol (poor Boy)
A girl asks her boyfriend to come over Friday night to meet,and have dinner with her parents. Since this is such a big event, the girl announces to her boyfriend that after dinner, she would like to go out and make love for the first time... The boy is ecstatic, but he has never had sex before, so he takes a trip to the pharmacist to get some condoms. He tells the pharmacist it's his first time and the pharmacist helps the boy for about an hour. He tells the boy everything there is to know about condoms and sex. At the register, the pharmacist asks the boy how many condoms he'd like to buy, a 3-pack, 10-pack, or family pack. The boy insists on the family pack because he thinks he will be rather busy, it being his first time and all. That night, the boy shows up at the girl's parents house and meets his girlfriend at the door. "Oh, I'm so excited for you to meet my parents, come on in!" The boy goes inside and is taken to the dinner table where the girl's parents are seated
20 First
20 Firsts SurveyTAKE THIS SURVEY!20 firsts1. Who was your first love?Aubree2. Who was your first kiss and when?Jessica and I was 103. Who was your first prom date?None4. Who was your first room mate?None5. What was your first job?Gun range in millington6. What was your first car?A geo storm7.When did you go to your first funeral?I was 99. How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown?1410. Who was your first grade teacher?Mrs duberry11. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?None13. Where did you go for your first date and who was it with?Aubree to the inner harbor14. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with?Shelly15. Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them?Danny and yes16. Who was the first person to send you flowers?None17. Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parents house?Still live here18. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?Janelle19. Who's wedding were you i
First Time!!
I created my first mumm 2 days ago. It went well. I then made another one. I didn't see it as derogatory. Although, someone did because CT removed it as NSFW. Well, now I am not able to create a mumm. I hope this will not last long. This was my first offense and I am grateful they did not delete my account. I have alot of fun on this site and would like to continue using it. I see now what ev1 complains about with CT. Please, if you know whether I will be able to create another mumm again, leave a comment. Also, this is my first blog...let me know how I did. TYVM....:)
First Contest
First Contest
First Contest
First Link Hopefully I Figured This Out Lol
(¯`·. ♥ (¯`· a href="" target=_blank>ღ_§PANK§_ღ RATE MY PROFILE PLZ! ***MUAHZ***@ CherryTAP
First Blog
i got up. i bbqed. i drank. i went to bed.
The First Chapter
Chapter One “I remember now. I remember how it started. I can’t remember yesterday. I just remember doing what they told me….told me…” Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime John sits in a lawn chair leaning back and exhaling slowly. The smoke from his cigarette drifts up in slow moving clouds. “How do things get so screwed up?” He thinks as he inhales deeply. A few months ago his life seemed perfect. He was a successful contractor and enjoyed all the trappings of a middle class life. A large home in a nice subdivision, the SUV in the driveway, all the platitudes associated with success was his. Best of all, was his wife Dora. She was pretty in an honest way. Hers was a natural beauty. Dora never wore a lot of makeup. She never tried to be beautiful. Dora was thin, without diets or exercise. Her hair was auburn with a n
First Blog....naughty Survey!!
Got this from my friend "LickSuckLick" (Love the name....LOL) 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think i'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Three sum? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Do you like fore play? 23. What is fore play to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you
First Blog
Hi Just thought I would introduce myself,my name is lucie of course lol I am orginally from Idaho but moved to uk with parents when i was small, so can't remember much about living in Idaho. I am married to steve and we have two children Ryan 10 and Lucie 5, I like clubbing,music,tv,reading,dolphins and pogo.
First Of The Month
First Blog
First Blog
Hello my name is Charles, I love meeting new people on the web to chat and be friends, kinda like a penpal. I'm a retired Plumber been married for 24 wonderful years to my wife Becky, I have a hobbie of building Models cars and trucks,here you can see what I'm talking about I welcome all new friends. I'm in North Carolina, where you at?
First One!!
Ok here is my first blog and I don't know what anyone would like to hear from me. I could probably ramble on all day and all night with just plain crap, but it would bore the shit out of you. So if anyone reads this, ask me 2 questions about absolutely anything and I will give you the most honest and truthful answers that I can give. Or ask my opinion on a specific subject and I will answer that. Come on write to me!!
First Time
There are many first times in life lol some great timesso not so great ..Anyways this is my first time being a cherry :) so if you would all be patcient i would greatly apreciate it ..any advice or info i will take in apreciate all tho i may not follow to well lol i have blond moments but you will find im pretty relaxed and just am me i dont try to impress noone if ya dont like me fuk off its simple lol..but anywho thanks to those who rated me already i tried to return that favor and hope you all had a great 4th
First Dance...
The leaves are fallin down The air is cool and clear It's a seasonal change And the night we've waited for is here And we've exchanged the rings And we've taken the vows The ceremony's over baby And the honeymoon is starting now This is the first dance But it won't be the last Timeless moments like this They won't ever be a thing of the past We'll spark a candle tonight An eternal flame of romance When the honeymoon is over baby I'll still move you like the first dance I've been scared as hell Cause I've heard how the story goes You get married and you settle down And the passion withers like a rose But I refuse to lose This thing we have together And I'll keep the fire burning baby Burning both ends of forever This is the first dance But it won't be the last Timeless moments like this They won't ever be a thing of the past We'll spark a candle tonight An eternal flame of romance When the honeymoon is over baby I'll st
(first Blog) Ok...
First Timee
Well, i have been on CT for less than a week. I still dont know how to do everything. If someone would give me some pointers that would be great
The First Hit Is Free...they Get Ya On Tha Comeback!
Giggity, giggity... This is how it all begins...spur of the moment impulse I've been hangin round these parts for several months...never put much thought into any of it... Boss at work mentions somethin about back to the impulse buy...picked up a webcam for 15 bucks...kind of into technology, the whole concept is awesome...but that's for another blog. So, thanks to this impulse buy, I have finally been able to get a salute and increase my ranking past that 99.99% so many are stuck on. Cool, cool So, now, it's 1:30 Monday afternoon and I'm writing this, joining others who for whatever reasons are here too! So, I say High to everyone, Me
First Kiss
Original Poetry by Me...Do not rip First Kiss Oh what am I to do? I have fallen so in love with you. Not just miles but oceans apart… But each day Love still grows in my Heart. Needing you like I have needed no other, As a friend, companion and Lover. Moments slowly tick by when you are not there, And I think of your eyes, your smile, your hair. And then an ache deep in my heart does grow. Needing every inch of you, from Head to Toe. Twisted they are, the Greek Goddesses of Fate… You search all your life for your one soul mate… Finding her, finally, after many a year… And she happens to be nowhere near… Going to bed each night with a sob and a cry… Asking yourself, “why O why”… “are the Goddesses of Fate so cruel to me”… And then…out of nowhere…epiphany… Distance is a matter of perspective, and not true length… She is not as far away as one might think… Our day will come, I know this… And on that day will be our first kiss…. - Brian 2007
First Contest
can i count on some of yall out there with my first contest.....i would greatly appreciate me some love and i will return the love....just click on the pic above
First Touch
The time you were away flew by quickly. We were both anticipating when you would return to the states, when we could finally get to see each other. I know that you have seen pictures of me but I want to make sure that you are pleased when we meet. I pick out something pretty basic to wear but it's comfortable and looks good. I have put on my jean skirt, it goes right to the knees. My shirt is a simple button up blouse, green, have on a necklace that falls across my collar bone with a pendant in the middle. Since I have on the skirt, I've decided to wear my boots that go half way up my calf. My hair is down, dried it straight like in the pictures that I have sent you. Made sure not to forget to freshen my body spray, want you to think of me anytime you smell that scent. It's still kind of cool out so I have on my long dark grey coat. Watching the clock, I know that you will be arriving soon so I head to the airport. Anxiously waiting for your flight to arrive, I find myself p
First One
Ok, this is my first blog for this place. I will do more but I am beat like a bad horse right now and need sleep! Read on later because I do like to write and it can get pretty interesting!
First Blog
First Blog
First Blog On Ct...and Not Too Happy Of One...
so lately i've been feeling rather off. i've been getting extremely dizzy and my vision seems worse then usual, (and considering i wear glasses, thats not too thrilling) and more and more often when i wake up, my right arm has been numb and has the pins and needles feeling, like when a limb 'falls asleep' however, it wont wake up until hours later. i didn't think much of it the first time it happened, but now that its happening almost everyday i'm starting to get worried. i went on just out of curiousity, not thinking it could be anything serious. when i put in the symptoms, something i didn't expect to come up, did. multiple sclerosis. i read the entire artical and everything that i read has been what has been happening to me to a t. i'm terrified and i dont want it to be true. i'm going to go into the doctors next week and i hope i come out with good news. this is a subject that always brings me to tears, its a very emotional subject for me. i'm not sure how many of you
First One
Please come and sign my guestbook, nice to see people from the world leave me a message. Thanks Iain
First Time Licked
First Time Licked Beth was sound asleep on the bed. She looked so beautiful, Cory thought. She had shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, thin build, and a C cup. She was his perfect woman, and he wanted to satisfy her in any way he could. He slowly and carefully slid off her panties and handcuffed each wrist to the headboard, and tied her ankles to the rails at the foot of the bed. Amazingly, she didn't wake up. Cory walked into the living room and told Mary that he was ready for one of the greatest experiences of his life. He was going to have a 3-some with two very sexy women. Mary had long blonde hair, blue eyes, a nice body, and a B cup. This was going to be great. "CORY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Beth yelled from the bedroom. "I'll be right there sweetie!" he yelled back to her. "She woke up.. Oh well. Are we still doing this?" Mary asked. "Of course we are. Beths securely tied in place so there's nothing she can do to fight back. You'll eat her pussy and make her
First Time~
Hey if you were on my yahoo list... jennifer_lynn1978 then you might want to send me a message so i can re-add you. I accidentally deleted my list haha yeah i suck. Hey all, just wanted to update and let everyone know who I am and what I'm about. i'm 29 bi and looking for friends. Hubby and i are looking to add more to the house....and hopefully it'll be the right one.... :P Just wanting to meet new people... And have a good time!!!
First Timer
Ok so im new at this. and i cannot find out what salute means could anyone help me? and im trying to navigate the site. it seem pretty cool tho!
First Grade
> A first-grade teacher, Ms. Brooks, was having trouble with one > of her students. The teacher asked, "Harry, what's your problem?" > Harry answered, "I'm too smart for the 1st grade. My sister is in > the 3rd grade and I'm smarter than she is! I think I should be in the > 3rd grade too!" > Ms. Brooks had had enough. She took Harry to the principal's office. > While Harry waited in the outer office, the teacher explained to the > principal what the situation was. The principal told Ms. Brooks he > would give the boy a test. If he failed to answer any of his questions > he was to go back to the 1st grade and behave. She agreed. > Harry was brought in and the conditions were explained to him > and he agreed to take the test. > Principal: "What is 3 x 3?" > Harry: "9." > Principal: "What is 6 x 6?" > Harry: "36." > And so it went with every question the principal thought a 3rd > grader should know. The principal looks at Ms. Brooks and tells her, "I t
First Birthday
First Day Of School
Why do kids need all that shit for school I would understand if they were going into like middle school or HS but mines going into first grade and she needed some crazy stuff like post its...highlighter? its crazy stuff!
First Day
wow this is my first day on here and i think my necks' crooked due the amout of time i've spent hunched over the laptop. great sight you all are very awesome, i just wanna know how u can find woman from the UK, not saying the USA girls are inferiour, there just so far away lol
First Blog: Hello~
Hello to everyone who visits here. Well, I'm very new to this site and getting use to everything here. It's quite confusing, at least at first, though I hope to get a hang of it and stick around. Anyhow, a little bit about me. My name is Megyn, but most call me Sune, or a few good friends call me Sunage. Don't know where it came from but oh well. I'm 19, and I live in Illinois. I love to have fun, draw, catch things on fire and all that. I'm also a Furry. For those who don't know what that is, it's someone with a deep connection with a certain animal or animals, in my case a snow leapord, and have a habit of acting like, or even dressing up, as said animal. You can see an example with my yarn ball pic. I am also working at becoming a Suicide Girl. I'm signed up and all that, and just need to figure out some ideas for my first set. So if you have any Ideas, shout 'em out at me. And... I think this is all I have to say for now. Take care everyone!
First Fubar Blog..
Thats my daughters temp this morning. I am taking her to her DR office at 2:45 this afternoon. They can only get her in with a physicians assistant. I hope shes ok. After I gave her some tylenol this morning she was holding the medicine spoon and her hand was all skakey. Im worried... Not sure what to write, Im pretty much just still figuring out this site.. just thought I'd write my frist blog. Today is boring.. I have the day off and have pretty much done alot of nothing. I cut my sisters hair... put maddie down for a nap. Made myself a Mocha and am about to clean my apartment.. boring huh? Went to hoops with some friends and got super drunk. Kim picked me up so I didnt have to drive. We drank many pitchers.. a few shots and a couple bottles of beer.. I danced the night away once I was drunk. I had a lot of fun. I dont go out much so it seems when I do, I get totally drunk. Kim got drunk and a bartender from another bar that she goes to took her keys and gave them to Fred the bartend
First Blog: Confusion - What To Do And Think?
this past month has been a doosey. its been harder beyond anything i have deal with. working 4 jobs. going to a technical institute studying advanced computer networking systems. haveing family problems. money problems. problems just pertaining to being an 18 ear old sophmore in college. but the most that bothers me is the one girl designated to me as being the love of my life. like any relationship, we have ups and downs. but lately, our downs have been below the surface. in some dark place under the crust of our lives. we've had issues of trust, love, communication, loyalty, truth, and much more. we both talk out our problems with our friends. but in the end we only listen to each other. my main point is. if there is no trust. if you cant so much as leave your fone around, or remain logged in to fubar, or myspace, or facebook, or anything; should that relationship continue? should you continue giving chances to the one you know you love in your heart and you know that they truly love
First Time
those that i have met, thank you for letiing me to even somewhat know you...won't be on for awhile beause if someone that reported me..that person needs to grow up...til my bans and blocks go you all...see around hopefully someone has reported my 80's battle of the bands as ot NSFW...I can't even continue the battle...cause my mumms have been censored for some me that is low-life person that can't handle responses...if they are man, be a man deal with it yourself.....if your are woman...send me a message first and figure out only if you see necessarily....people that report as NSFW and don't know the kill shit like this...I respond on my own accordance and say what I want to say....if you can't respond back and do the NSFW way are the pussy DREAMS OF WICKEDNESS Dreamin the dreams of a wicked man Forever lost in an unknown, desolate land The cold, black clouds move overhead The red moon rising, sign of the d
First Blog
I love tattoos I have one of my boston terrier on my arm and I am going to get some more. I can't believe How addicting they are. I was told that I would regret getting one but I have had this one for 13 years and never regretted getting it I just hate that I have waited so long to get more.I have got to decide what the next one is gonna be. If you have any suggestions please let me know. If you don't have anything positive to say, go play somewhere else. Thanks.
First Time I Got In Big Trouble
I was about 5 or 6 years old and I got up one morning with my little sister and for some reason we put on our Sunday school clothes. My parents had just installed new carpet and were redecorating the house a little. My mom always has been a heavy sleeper and my dad was a truck driver that drove to Kansas City and back every night. As the story goes my mom finally wakes up and walks out of her room to find green paint on my door just about as high as a little kid could reach. She opened my door to see paint in the carpet and that I had painted my dresser. She opened the door to my sister’s room and there we were. Covered in green paint. My suit and my sister’s dress were ruined along with the new carpet in both of our rooms. I had painted my dresser and the paint leaked inside the drawers and ruined most of my clothes. My mom just said who would have thought a 5 or 6 year old could get a screw driver and open up a paint can. My dad was 6'4 and weighed about 300lbs. He later t
First Orgasm
i laied there staring back at him as i screamed louder and tried to move up on the table from the pain. but he just kept on pushing his dick into me deeper and harder. i could see the sweat starting to drip down from his face down his rippled hard six-pack. the more i tried to move away the harder he pushed it inside with more power. i feel my body starting to shake and get weak. this is something that i have never experienced before. what was this feeling what was happening to me i tried to figure out. but let me explain this from the beginning. i was out taking my daugther out to the park to play on the sunny day. and he was just jogging along the bike trail. i spotted him running cause he didnt have no shirt on and his sweat dripping down his body made him look so sexy in the sun light. and we started talking. we began seeing each other. i have been away on a business trip for the past three weeks. so i decided that i'd call my man and see what he's been up to. the phone
First Blog
Im new to all this, its my first blog ever anywhere ! Im bored fun-less and have no work to do, but i suppose id be just as p****d if i was run off my feet . lol Anyway, im off to the casino later for a friends birthday, so wish me luck, bye :-D White skin and a shaven head does not mean i believe the same shite as you do you sick numpty ! i dont care how white you are , or what your granmam did to survive the war! if you give me any more of that dross, i will pay for you to have your teeth fixed, just so i can make you bite your own fingers off ! do you not realise that there are people in the world who need the oxygen more than you do ? do us all a favour and just stop breathing !
First Thoughts
theres alot to be said about a great many things...mine has to do with love...but before we start this is not the love as in lets get married or bang kind of love...this is a love for another person genuinely because they make you feel better knowing that at the end of the day those smiles of love will be there. but is it fair to have to sacrifice other desires so that you can in fact love? or should the responsibilities be shared between both individuals whoever they may be..idk my whole concept of love and friendship is totally blown i guess...sometimes you feel u have a purpose and other time u just dont feel...its simple really...simply complicated...i put alot of effot into loving someone and they are angry when u desire thier company..but claim to be one of ur greatest comsumes me i was surfing the site and a saw a bulliten that caught my eye, which is what bullitens are supposed to do....but then i read it....and i will post it here just so you get the
First Day Of My Life .. Lyrics
This is the first day of my life I swear I was born right in the doorway I went out in the rain suddenly everything changed They're spreading blankets on the beach Yours is the first face that I saw I think I was blind before I met you Now I don’t know where I am I don’t know where I’ve been But I know where I want to go And so I thought I’d let you know That these things take forever I especially am slow But I realize that I need you And I wondered if I could come home Remember the time you drove all night Just to meet me in the morning And I thought it was strange you said everything changed You felt as if you'd just woke up And you said “this is the first day of my life I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you But now I don’t care I could go anywhere with you And I’d probably be happy” So if you want to be with me With these things there’s no telling We just have to wait and see But I’d rather be working for a paycheck Than waiting to win the lott
First One
I am scrambling around trying to get kids ready to start school in a week.I need to get my truck ready for inspection by sept. 1st and for some added fun I entered a contest on the FU. It is my first one and will probably be my last. The contest runs till Aug. 27th and I am way behind. I would love to give my friends 11's. If ya bored check it out Make sure you give Cappy sum luv too! *HUGS*
The First Time We Met
The First Time We Met The first time we met I didn't really know How we would turn out Or the way things would go We talked a few weeks Went out a few nights I didn't know how But something felt right That night in my car Looking into your eyes You kissed me the first time And caught me by surprise My head just soared I was in a different world Because I couldn't believe I was with this beautiful girl I kissed you in return Holding you in my arms Making promises to you To keep you safe and warm Robin LaRue Capps Copyright ©2007 Robin LaRue Capps
First Rain........
Finally getting rain! I have never heard Thunder rip through Any mountains but have now & it is a Awsome sound to hear....... That is for sure! :)
First Day Of School
First Week
The first week of school has gone pretty smoothly. The kids are glad that it has started back up. Joey took up band this year, he's playing the Alto Sax. He's not to bad, just needs more practice at it. If he really puts in the effort we're thinking of buying him his own sax. He's excited about that one. Devon is excited as well. This is her first year in middle school. I hope she does as well there as she did in elementary school. I think she'll be fine and do well. She has all the help she could want here at home. Having someone to help at home and show some encouragement goes along ways. Alex is doing well so far this year also. This is his last year at the elementary school. He goes out to the middle school next year. Where does the time go too? Now, this is Reese's first year at school. He's in kindergarden and he's just loving it. That little man is just picking things up so fast its amazing. His attention level at school is much better than here at home. I wish he would do that
First Blog
Hi to all Fubar members. Today is my second day at Fubar and I already was welcomed by some nice people which I would like to meet in a later stage. The upcoming weeks I would like to use to explore Fubar and meet some nice people who are not fake and respect others like I do. So if your one of them please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meet you and exchange thoughts about our living environiment. I'm a 52 year young Dutch male living in the South of the Netherlands. For those who have a problem with geografy, it's that little country in the North West of Europe.
First Time For Everything...
First Profile Song Dedicated To My Final Goodbye To My Ex .. Enjoy Your Heartlessness :p
the title says it all... this is way past due.. to get over my EX WIFE and NOW i have a lady that i LOVE.. Anna she has stuck by me while i have taken time to get over the heartache of losing soomeone i had once loved.. and a daughter that i will never beable to see. ( which that in itself is enough to CRUSH a man. that is if you ARE a man that wants to see his child ) TO MY EX WIFE.. HAVE FUN IN YOUR LIFE ENJOY THE SONG CAUSE IT IS VERY FITTING. ( even though my ex does not use this site that i know of ) ( just a way for me to express myself ) TO ANNA ... I LOVE YOU. you have been waiting for me to tell you this and now the time is right. i give you my heart and hope that you will caress my heart forever as i will you.
First Blog Goes Out To Papi
If you don't him you should he is one of the nicest guys on this site. He is in a contest and needs all the help he can get. please take a few minutes and help him out all you got to do is click on this picture underneath and it will take you directly to his contest leave as many comments as you can. Help him out, he wants to do it for his kids, he has not seen in 13 months. Love you Brown Eyed Papi He need everyones help to get the lead in his contest. To win a 1 Month Blast, Please help me help him do it. This is the photo just click it and drop him as many comments as you can. LUV YOU ALL!!!
First Names And How Confusing They Can Be...
First Time
As you lie back your muscles tighten. You put him off for a while searching for an excuse, but he refuses to be swayed as he approaches you. He asks if you're afraid and you shake your head bravely. He has had more experience, but it's the first time his finger has found the right place. He probes deeply and you shiver; your body tenses; but he's gentle like he promised he'd be. He looks deeply within your eyes and tells you to trust him-he's done this many times before. His cool smile relaxes you and you open wider to give him more room for an ease entrance. You begin to plead and beg him to hurry, but he slowly takes his time, wanting to cause you as little pain as possible. As he presses closer, going deeper, you feel the tissue give way; pain surges throughout your body and you feel the slight trickle of blood as he continues. He looks at you concerned and asks you if it's too painful. Your eyes are filled with tears but you shake your head and nod for him to go on. He
First Gay Experience
First gay experience Well my first gay experience happened like this: I was about 50 yards or so up this path when I noticed a man standing off the side of the path apparently staring into the woods. As I got closer I realized his pants were down around his ankles and I could see his ass. Now, I'm straight but I have to say that it was a really nicely shaped ass for a man and I took notice. I figured maybe he was drunk and just peeing in the bushes, so I started to walk quieter so I wouldn't disturb him. But as I got closer I started hearing strange grunts and sucking sounds. I realized there was another man blowing him. Now, I'm not gay but I slowed my pace down to watch. I slowed and approached the standing man from behind. His friend didn't take any notice as his eyes were tightly closed. I came right up behind the man standing so that I could have reached out and touched him. That's when I brought the cinder block down on his head, hard. He collapsed on top of his faggot f
The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life
First Blog
Your Adult Film Star Name Is... Captain Winky What's Your Adult Film Star Name? I'm just getting started on here and wanted to put something down. Although I am an avid blogger on other sites, I just want to check out how thinks work here first. Take care!
First One...important
Keep this Going! If I get this 100 times, I will continue to forward it to others in the hopes that they will do the same. We must never forget who gets the credit for the freedoms we have, of which we should be eternally grateful. KEEP THIS GOING PLEASE I watched the flag pass by one day, It fluttered in the breeze. A young Marine saluted it, And then he stood at ease.. I looked at him in uniform So young, so tall, so proud, With hair cut square and eyes alert He'd stand out in any crowd. I thought how many men like him Had fallen through the years. How many died on foreign soil How many mothers' tears? How many pilots' planes shot down? How many died at sea How many foxholes were soldiers' graves? No, freedom isn't free. I heard the sound of Taps one night, When everything was still, I listened to the bugler play And felt a sudden chill. I wondered just how many times That Taps had meant "Amen," When a flag! had draped a coffin. O
First Fubar Experience
Wow, boy that's all I can really say about my first FuBar experience lol. I wasn't on but 5 to 10 minuets and already I was a chillfu. I think that's good right?? lol. Well anyways, my friends are the ones that wanted me to get this thing so I did and when I found them I also found someone else. He knows who he is lol. He is the cutest person I have ever seen!! I like him a lot but just like he said I want to get to know him first... But already I can say that we would make a really cute couple lol. He's so sweet and shy and my friend that introduced us has told me nothing but great and wonderful things about him. He just seems so... perfect for me. lol. But I don't know how he thinks of me, and I'm pretty sure after reading my first blog he might think I'm weird or something lol. But hopefully it'll just make him like me more. I really want a chance with this guy, I want the chance to show him... how a perfect relationship works, how passion and maybe love can really feel lol. Alr
First Blood Drawn
I normally don't write as I am getting ready too do.. I have it on my profile NO FUCKING DRAMA!!! Now I have this friend and we have been talking on and off for a couple months. He is a good guy and we live in the same town.Apparently with things that have been going on in my life he didnot wish to burden me with some things.I wished he had of now but the case still remains he didn't. This has caused a lot of friction. Now this all started because I left a comment on his page in a joking manner of who has all these crushes on you and that I will admit I do as well..(something like that)anyway..Since all of this a lady came to my shoutbox and I talked to this lady and she informed me that he was her man..I was like what..I just shined it on and said basically okay.. Well shit is hitting the fan now..They are leaving comments on my page but I fixed that only friends can now and leaving hate mail to him..Normally I could care less,I think they wanted me to end this friends
First Fubar Blog
This weekend was pretty tough, emotionally. Monday I found out that my ex boyfriend knocked up the woman that we had the 3 way experience with. I gave that to him, and a week later he breaks up with me, and now he tells me that he got her pregnant. He had been ignoring my texts, and so finally I ask him if he was dead, or if he was with someone now, that's when he came back with I was not sure how to tell you, but...I honestly did not think he could hurt me anymore than he has, but he did. Then, today the guy that I've been waiting on, I finally told to basically go f*ck himself. I ask him a simple question, because it's been a month since we've been together, and over a week since I've seen him, he can't answer straight. I ask him if he's missed me at all, straight yes or no answer right? He says he does not know what he is feeling, or thinking. He is using his problems as an excuse now. I told him that he does know what he feels, but he chooses to ignore them, and chooses
First Night Out....
Enjoying an evening of online fun, Jaeger shots and a movie on East German Stasi
First Blog...just A Few Thoughts....
The First Time
The First TIme The first time I saw you I couldn't take my eyes off you The first time I was close to you I wanted to be closer The first time your lips touched mine The world stopped spinning The first time you hands caressed my skin They left a burning trail The first time you took what I offered The world not only stopped spinning ,it exploded and left me wanting a second time
First Contest
Hey yall.. Could you help me out with this contest? It's my first! Mahalo!!!
First Day
First of all, thank you Jenn for sending the invite. I was wrapped up in boredom and despite my new interest in the Sims 2 and reading like a crazed Einstein, I needed a serious break with something unique. THIS satisfied my thirst - for now. With this and my Adonis' help in getting another hobby for me, I should be preoccupied and satisfied for a while and have stopped digging myself a hole and getting deeper. I am still in a rut but doing better. Thanks to all for the comments and being sweet. I'm new to this so give me some time to figure out the ropes and reigns - and Jenn, I'll be bugging you to find out answers - sorry ahead of time. lol It is 2:21 AM in Hawaii and my drowsy self is going to go read the end of this book and then hopefully drift off to dream world. That's one of the great pleasures of sleep and if you know how to do it right, you can dream about what you want. The trick is to try and remember when you wake up. Aloha all and again thank you.
The First Step
Our War Has Started Here. The Hell Below Will Scatter Us Our Seperate Ways. In This Chaos, Each One Of Us Has A Choice To Make The Church Bell Tower The Roof Top Of The Palace Or The Middle Of An Enemy Encampment We Decide Our Own Fate But We Must Take The First Step
The First
well, i have never writen in a blog befor so there we go...i will simply write what ever i want. from my crapy poems or horible vilent blogs are just jurnals you let others read...well im out of here.see ya.
First Time
im having trouble deciding what i want. im happy but then again im not. for now im just going to play it by ear but damn. i hate this shit my bro sean was in a horrible car accident. someone ran a red light and t boned him on his side. sean wouldve been killed had he not turned to cover the baby that was beside him. he is in grant hospital on the seventh floor. he can have visitors till 9pm. he just got out of surgery for his hip which he broke. he also cracked the ball part of his femur that goes into his socket as well as the socket itself. he had to get a plate for his leg a bolt for his the ball joint and a bar for his hip. he will be there most likely till fri at the latest. if you want to know anything else youll have to go there and ask him yourself. a friend of mine killed himself yesterday. tragic. i feel especially bad for my buddy who found him when he got off work. i may not be religious but please god watch over duston and his family as they deal with this tragic loss of
First From Me On Fubar
A few things and I'll try to even keep it short. I am not the best with grammer or punctuation so those who teach please turn a blind eye. I don't want to go into great detail really who care about my life story? All of my close friends already know the drama of my life. Now is a time of great change as almost every aspect of my life and how I have been living it in the last 9yrs has changed completely. Love , Career , Family ..... Nothing is as it was before. I can hope it will be better in the end. For whatever reason cosmic design , spiritual creator , or utter chaos ... tomorow is a new day. Having just come from a job I am reminded of one of the two biggest falshoods in porn video. I have been working for a plumbing company for almost a year now and am happy to say the stories are untrue. Add to this my previous job .. the US Navy and boy .. very very not true. Today i had just finishe up and was writing up the bill/invoice when someones daughter walked up to me and asked if I w
First Try, Be Gentle.
WOW, about time I wrote something. I have been on this site for awhile now and I just have something to say. At one time I was not as confident as I am now (still not overly so). I was more of a follower verses the leader. Then I had the opportunity to join a reading club. The following are 3 of my favorite quotes from 2 incredible individuals, John Maxwell and Helen Keller. I think on these things daily. Once our minds are 'tattooed' with negative thinking, our chances for long-term success diminish” John Maxwell A good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit. John Maxwell Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. Helen Keller (1880-1968) I think we all want to become more than what we currently are, and to achieve success in all areas of our life. (Be it at work or
First Time
hey just thought i'd write something here because i never have before. i'm pretty bored! i'm still fucking bored! i'm bored! nothing to do today.
First 10 Ppl That Comes In To The Hall
the first 10 ppl that come in the hall and subscribe i will buy them a gift right out of the fubar gift shop!! come see me!!
First Blog!
I am about to die of thirst here. Could someone please but a poor man a drink?
First Day.....
Today was the first day of Chemo for me and I am already feeling the side effects every time I sneeze my nose bleeds and that is never a good sign. well its getting late and I have another doctors appoinment tomorrow so wish me luck. Chris
First Peoples!!
When I was a boy, the Sioux owned the world. The sun rose and set in their land; they sent ten thousand men into battle. Where are the warriors today? Who slew them? Where are our lands? Who owns them? What white man can say I ever stole his land or a penny of his money? Yet they say I am a thief. What white women, however lonely, was ever captive or insulted by me? Yet they say I am a bad Indian. What white man has ever seen me drunk? Who has ever come to me hungry and left me unfed? Who has ever seen me beat my wives or abuse my children? What law have I broken? Is it wrong of me to love my own? Is it wicked for me because my skin is red? Because I am Sioux? Because I was born where my father lived? Because I would die for my people and my country? Sitting Bull - Teton Sioux " As I walk the trail of life in the fear of the wind and rain, Grant O'Great Spirit that I may always walk like a man." To bring back the natural harmony that humans once enjoyed. To sav
First Time At Fubar
There are some people who can't seen whats happening in front their eyes. They have eyes but not the view to see. I had someone "special", she was like that. And still will crazy & I dont know how to explain..."stubborn" should be the appropriate word for her. Funny thing is, we broke up and she put me on "ignore" & she doesnt even know that I can not see what she wrote about/in reply. Whatever, Its very hard for me also. I loved her & will always love her. But, she doesnt need to know that. Its life, many a things happen to it and you got to live with it. I have chosen to live with the good memories I had with her. Sounds sad, but I will live. Since I first logged in to Fubar, never looked at its horoscope. But it just caught my eyes!!! Says: "You're feeling a bit out of sorts, but you need to be careful not to unleash your mood on your friends or family. It may be tempting, but you'll find that people get pretty snippy pretty quickly." So, I am planning to keep my mou
The First Time I Talked To Her
well today me and my son had a blast we went to the park out to eat and rented movies we had so much fun when his mom came here to get him he cried and told her to get out i stay at papas house you know that warmed my heart so much i cad tears froming in my eyes it hurt me to see him go so i did cry a little but i told him to be strong there will be more days ahead of fun he smiled at me and told his mom ok ready to go now he started to leave then ran back gave me a big hug ant told me he loved me sad well it was late at night and we been texting for a while and then she slowed way down in her texting then i had to think do i call her or do i wait!!! well i didnt want to wait so i called her!!!! when she was like hello my heart melted and i cant stop texting or talking to her i just go crazy if i did smiles!!!!!!!! she knows i love her and i know she loves me and i thank god that night for her typing slow or i dont think i would have ever got to call her to everyone outhere i want to
First Road Trip By Myself
So i just have to say I made my very first road trip by myself...yay. See my ex husband and i have been together for 12 years and he always drove everywhere, i never had to. Furthest i have driven is like an hour from my house. I am really bad with directions and i hate to get lost cuz i have anxiety and i will panic. So my friend came up from eugene on friday and we hung out, so last night I drove down to Eugene. it is about 2 1/2 hours away down I5. Once i got onto I5 i was okay till I hit thick fog and that sucked. I grabbed a huge rockstar on the way out of town to keep me awake. So i got there and hung out. I also got sick yesterday with a really really bad cough. so i was up all night long from coughing, and plus the huge rockstar um kept me awake. So i left and i did pretty good with driving. PPL are f**king crazy drivers here, didnt realize that before. but wow. so when i got back into porland i was suppose to take the 405 exit. I followed the signs but ppl were be
First Time
So this whole "fubar" thing is new for me. I'm just here to have a good time and what not, so gimme some shout outs. I don't know how to do a whole lot on here, but gimme a while, I'll figure it out. Leave me some love
The First Baby Boomer Applyed For Ss
I have worked all my life, and for the past 3 years, I was disabled. I could not go back to work. I had no money in the bank, and no retirement or 401 K plan. I worked 19 years as a truck driver. Yes I was good at what I did. In 19 years of driving tractor trailer I got into 2 accidents that did not involve any other vehicles. And in the last 4 years I ran off the road and no one was hurt or involved except me on the last one. Both times I had passed out behind the wheel while driving. Talk about something that made me think? The first time was in 2001, I was driving thru Nebraska on I-80 near Sidney. It started with coughing and it was fast and I could not stop. The coughing that is. Well I didn't get any signs that I was in trouble, so I kept on driving. I remember passing an overpass. The next thing I remember was my hands were on the steering wheel, and I was driving in the grass. Yes I was still moving. I looking up on to the interstate and it seemed about 500 feet away. I don't k
First Tymer
Kidb311 D.G.A.F.@ fubar Hey! I'm lovin this Fubar stuff! Anyone reading this needs to let me know what's up and how to really make good use of this site.
First Time..part 2
First time, part 2 You lay me down on my bed and slowly pull down my jeans. Then stand there looking at me with hunger in your eyes. You start by kissing my ankles, up my calves, to my thighs, my hips, stomach then stopping at my breast, putting your lips around my nipples, sucking gently and teasing with your tung. Moving from one breast to the other. Making my body shiver. You tenderly kiss my lips before working your way back down kissing my stomach. Looking up at me while running your hands softly up and down the inside of my thighs. You put your hand to my pussy and stick a finger in me, Feeling how incredibly wet you make me. Then bring your fingers to your mouth and taste how sweet I am. My body melts the minute you put your tung to my clit, licking it up and down softly with your fingers inside of me, fucking my pussy, making me wetter and wetter. Letting soft moans escape my lips. Then sucking on my clit getting it to swell in your mouth. Every time i feel im getti
First Timer
First Time Ever
It was my first time ever And I'll never forget I'd do it again Without a single regret. The sky was dark The moon was high We were all alone Just she and I. Her hair was soft Her eyes were blue I knew just what She wanted to do. Her skin so soft Her legs so fine I ran my fingers Down her spine. I didn't know how But I tried my best I started by placing My hands on her breast. I remember my fear My fast beating heart But slowly she spread Her legs apart. And when I did it I felt no shame All at once The white stuff came. At last it's finished It's all over now My first time ever.. At milking a cow...
First Day
First Christmas
this will be the first Christmas i will be alone on...for 26 years of my life i had my mother my father and my sisters and brothers and my kids.. now it just me i got my two cousins but they have there own family to spend Christmas with.. i will be a lone to on thank giving to... i don't know what i'm going to do i'm going think thankgiving and Christmas is just another day..
First Lick
I have always been the person who wasn't willing to try anything. But one day that changed. It was an experience I wouldn't soon forget. First off, let me describe myself. I am 5'7", 110 lbs, I have black hair, green eyes, tanned-skin, A-cup breasts, tight buns, and I have NEVER had any problems getting a man. One day, one of my male friends, Adam, said that it would be interesting and sexy to see me experiment with another woman. I just laughed it off and said, "Yeah right, not in this lifetime." He said, "Yeah, one day it'll happen." Well, that day happened three weeks later. See, I had this friend that I met in college, Kate. She was one of those fun-loving girls, always willing to try anything. She loved to party, and she was a best friend to the bottle. Anyhow, she asked me to go out to a party with her on a Friday night. I didn't know the people we were partying with, but I seemed to fit in quite well. In fact, I hit it off with many guys. I had been drinking pretty h
First Ever Reunion
Latina and Latinos, It is with great joy that I bring the following news!!! On the 3rd of Nov at 7:00 pm EST, we will be having our first ever reunion. It will be held in "The NEW Latina Mafia Lounge". You can get there through my page. If you have trouble finding it, I will link it to you. This will be your opportunity to meet the other members, and voice any concerns or suggestions to the Founders and our Advisers. This reunion is meant to be a fun experience and open to both member and Non-members. So make sure you mark your calenders! This will be something you don't want to miss. Please spread the word. Either post this in a Bulletin or or blog. Tell all the member that you know. I need to have maximum participation. Hope to see ya'll there!!!!!!! payneja01 aka "The GodFather"
First Blog
Well, with the trips to the doctor and fighting about my disability this has been a pretty stressful week. Hopefully things will settle down for a while. I'll try and get some pictures up when I get the time. Thanks to everybody who welcomed me.
First Impressions
And she made me think of poetry. And yes, And she made me want to dance. And yes, And the music didn't matter. . . Wasn't there. Didn't care. And yes! At that moment I wanted to do. . . Everything. Make a statement, Rule the world, Seize the day, And yes! It was all possible. The cacophony of emotion, The plethora of noise, The wonder of all that is new. And yes. She made me want to grow, And yes. She made me want to try, And yes, She made me think of poetry. August
First Blog
So this is all new to me this fubar. Have fucked around on 360 for a while and got invited to the drunk fest that is fubar. Still playing with all the bells and whistles so bear with me if you see my turn signal on and Im not turning youll know why! *fumbling with the radio controls* how the hell do you turn up this thing?
First Blog
I have completed week one of my 12 week excrise and diet program. I feel better today because last night I had a great prime rib steak, baked potateo and half slice of cheese cake and it was AWESOME! When at week four I will post a progress picture. I do believe I can stick with this, I feel some much better than I did this time last year. I will give more info when I post another update. Mark Hello everybody, I think I met someone special. Hello all, Thanks to the extra money I have getting from video production and while being on vacation, I have set a written goal that I going back to the gym and getting back into serious shape. Mainly for health reasons. I have noticed that most of the men on here who have great bodies seem to get alot of attention. So by June I will have my six pac abs back. I have not had s flat, cut stomach since I was powerlifting and strongman contest. I will be adding pics showing my progress, so please rate. At that time, there w
First Poem I Ever Wrote
a poem I wrote an had published in 1993 for someone special YOU know who you are Somehow I knew I'd see you here today. here at the mall.. now I'm in the mercy of old memories I heard you got someone new. you may wonder.... why? I keep coming around with this heart so broken in two.. I'm not the one who found someone new... you can go on thinking were through.. but.. I'll never give up.. I sit at home thinking of you and I start to cry,what elce can I do? when I here your falling in love with her.. you can't here or see me falling apart.. but.. I won't hide my face in a strangers embrace .. when we run from each other.. don't be suprised if theres tears in my eyes.. because you hurt me so bad.. but.. I know I still love you with all of my heart..
First Time
Dont you hate when you cant sleep but then there is nothing to do to keep you occupied or pass time by and hope you get sleepy. THats how feel right now its 0200 in the morning here in kuwait all my battles are sleeping no one is around i tried playstation it didnt work i tried movie it didnt work if you have any ideas on how to fix the prob let me know hey fubarians im home finally back in the states what a relief ill be back ni GA on sunday and oh yeah can wait to be there party at my place be there or be square holla at ya boy leave me sum luv IF U HAD ME AL0NE... L0CKED UP IN Y0UR R00M F0R TWENTY-F0UR H0URS & WE COULD DO WHATEVER YOU WANTED! WHAT W0ULD Y0U D0 WITH ME? TELL ME IN MY INBOX... CUZ ITS A SECRET... THEN REPOST THIS IN YOUR BULLETIN... YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED WITH THE RESPONSES YOU GET. THEY COULD MAKE YOU LAUGH OR EVEN SMILE .. LOL. IF YOU DONT REPOST THIS YOU ARE A COWARD. REPOST IT SAYING... IF U HAD ME AL0NE
First Of The Year
Ok new years is just around the corner and i decided what im doin. Alot of the negativity that has surrounded me has made me think of a great idea. I will go to a remote rain forest and start a missonary with pygmies and smoke rare poisonous plants and see visions.
First Day
as for the first day being on here--i'm meeting lots of ppl... which is good for me. introduce urself and i'm all for talkin.
good bye fubar i will be leaving the site... so if anyone wants presents, fubucks just let me no im gonna clean house so today i went to work and i came back from break the two girls i work with saved me some pound cake from snack and they offered it to me knowing that i will eat anything so of course i eat it and they start laughing at me and i get paranoid and five minutes later they told me they put sea monkeys all over the bread i even said it tasted good but when they told me i wanted to vomit.... it was nasty anyone have a good way to get them back who wants to be my friend add me please
First Time Here
First Encounters
So I met a random person today that I have never met before.What happened between us was amazing as she knows how to make you feel good.The END!
Once upon a DreamYou took my hand in yours.Once upon a DreamYou looked into my eyes.Once upon a DreamYou held me close.Once upon a Dream You kissed me softly.Once upon a DreamYou were mine.I cannot see when it happened.I cannot see why.All I see is pain in your eyes.All I see...Once upon a DreamWe said "Forever."Once upon a DreamWe meant together.Once upon a DreamI saw blue skies.Once upon a DreamYou heard my cries.Once upon a Dream...The Dream seems over.My world grows colder.The Love I knew fades away.Once upon a Dream...As I sit here watching you sleep, I can't help but cry. Your so cold anymore...and I don't know how to warm you anymore. Once upon a Dream, you smiled when you saw me. Now all you seem to do is look away. I don't know when or where we went wrong, but it's not to late to fix this. Tell me how to relight your fire. Tell me how to bring you back to Life. Tell me that you still Love me. I LOVE YOU BABY!!!! A horrid screamA crowded roomThey all lookBut no one seesThe pain
First Blog On Fubar
First Blog
First Week On Fu
Ok, so.. if there is a lounge out there, which actually respects their members and doesnt play freakin rap, hip-hop and r&b 24 fuckin 7, then please, let me know, i'll be more than glad to join! Ok, im not even a big blogger, but this certainly is worth blogging. Well.. the week was as it was, but at some poit i joined this one lounge, i wont name the name, coz that would be so not nice of me, and... i got myself banned from there in a week. For what? Lemme tell you for what. I had spent time in the lounge for a week or so, being active. SO then finally, yesterday, some freakin dude, whos calling himself Grew, well he obviously grew up a screw up, just called me a dork. for what? for me not having internet at home. i was like WTF, and made it very clear that i do not like such attitude, the more that he was in staff of the lounge. well.. he obviously kept on calling me a dork, so i said that if he calls me dork again, im gonna rip his balls off and feed to my roommate. Guess wha
First Blog
First Blog
Well fu-friends this is my first blog. Not much to say just gettin it out of the way. There WILL BE MORE TO COME!!!!! Please be patient. And thank you for your support.
First Snow
friends are forever as long as thier true. they share every moment both happy or blue. a friend is to lean on when lfe treats you bad. a friend makes you smile when your feeling so sad. friends stick together right to the end. there is nothing more loyal than a true honest friend. a friend can be comfort when pain meets your fate. they are always there for you never making you wait. so cherrish your friendship and treat it with care. and the ones you are friends with will always be there. virgin snow so fluffy and white. has covered the ground from a wintery night. rooftops all covered with blankets of snow. the winter has brought us a beautifull show. children are playing and running about. tracking through snow as they scream and they shout. snow flakes are falling and touchng the ground. so light and so gentle not making a sound. soon will be christmas its that time of year. egg-nog and presents with joy and much cheer.
First Blog
Well this is my first blog so I will make it a short and sweet one. I am 30 and a loving father of 2 beautiful boys. I live in Indiana ( which is not much of a state ) lol. well if you want to know more just let me know.
First Of Many...
Well ever since I joined Fubar I have wondered what to put here - and I always came up with a blank but then I decided to just write down what was going on at the time I was writing so here goes... I have been off work for almost 5 days due to pulling a muscle in my back. Other than that things have pretty much gone slow. Yeah I know this is a small blog but they will get bigger in time. Thanks for your time
First Day
Just messing around here checking things out. I got invited and now I am seeing what's going on. This is a busy place. Well I am off to check things out..
First Grade
A 1st grade school teacher had twenty-six students in her class. She presented each child in her classroom the 1st half of a well-known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. It's hard to believe these were actually done by first graders. Their insight may surprise you. 1. Don't change horses until they stop running. 2. Strike while the bug is close. 3. It's always darkest before Daylight Saving Time. 4. Never underestimate the power of termites. 5. You can lead a horse to water but How? 6. Don't bite the hand that looks dirty. 7. No news is impossible 8. A miss is as good as a Mr. 9. You can't teach an old dog new Math 10. If you lie down with dogs, you'll stink in the morning. 11. Love all, trust Me. 12. The pen is mightier than the pigs. 13. An idle mind is the best way to relax. 14. Where there's smoke there's pollution. 15. Happy the bride who gets all the presents. 16. A
First Blog.
Tears and pain are a part of life. I can't be the strong person I want to be all the time so tonight, I'm letting the tears flow. Uncle Al is in a coma with no brain activity. He's dying. I keep telling myself all things happen for a reason and that whatever happens, everything will be ok. At least he'll be with Papa and Gramma. He'll be happy there. There are nights I just want to be held by someone I care for but my heart and mind aren't clear on that subject either. Who is it that my heart wants and would they even want me? I've seen so much pain and loss this year, but I've gotten stronger from it. It took me a while, but I realize that tears and pain are a part of life and that self mutilation isn't. So tonight, I'm taking away the smile and releasing my pain. I just hope one day, my real smile will be worn on my face more than the fake one. A little more serious and a hell of a lot more painful. . . Yesterday was December 15th. I didn't notice that until
The First Of Many
What has power over you? The answer, Nothing really. I mean Realy think about it. For some thing to have power over you, you must first give it power. Example. Take any religion. For the God or Gods you must beleve in them and then submit your self to the rules of that religion. another example, fear. Thay say theres nothing to fear but fear it self. that is true. To fear something you have to give it power over you. Any comments please sare! I get sick and tierd of working for or around stupid people. The ones who stand over your sholder and look at every thing your doing, as if you have no idea what you are doing. They try to giued you in there obscure way, and when you tell them i got it, they say the same thing over and over agin. I wish i could tell them to shut the F@#K UP, I'm not a dumb A$$, Dumb A$$. Sorry i thought I would just go ahead and get that one out of the way ;-)
First Blog...a Little About Me....the Day....
I did 2 surveys for fubucks and ended up not getting any?!? DancingQueen there's a jager with your name on to find the
First Holiday
well. its my first holiday with my wife, and well...i'm excited b/c after the first of the year i'm getting her her gift. and it's gonna be a real surprise. i'll keep yall informed. :)
First Poem
MOON BRITE The moon is out and brite The moon lights up the dark sky The moon is brite it makes a brite grey light The moon is full and when the moon is full and brite it makes for a cold night The brite moon light makes everything look like a black and white photograph The moon is out ever so brite The moon light is brite enough to walk,sit,talk,and see by The moon is out full and ever so brite ~ Scorpio 2007 ~ SOME FRIENDS ARE FOREVER Sometimes in life, you find a special friend,someone who changes your life by being a part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you cant stop;someone who makes you belieave that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it. When you're down, and the world seems dark and empty,your friend lifts you up in spirit and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full. Your forever friend gets you through the hard times,the sad times,and the
First Graders
A 1st grade school teacher had twenty-six students in her class. She presented each child in her classroom the 1st half of a well-known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. It's hard to believe these were actually done by first graders. Their insight may surprise you. 1. Don't change horses until they stop running. 2. Strike while the bug is close. 3. It's always darkest before Daylight Saving Time. 4. Never underestimate the power of termites. 5. You can lead a horse to water but How? 6. Don't bite the hand that looks dirty. 7. No news is impossible 8. A miss is as good as a Mr. 9. You can't teach an old dog new Math 10. If you lie down with dogs, you'll stink in the morning. 11. Love all, trust Me. 12. The pen is mightier than the pigs. 13. An idle mind is the best way to relax. 14. Where there's smoke there's pollution. 15. Happy the bride who gets all the presents. 16. A penny saved is not much. 17. Two's company,
First Contest On This Name
need lots lots and lots of bombs on here... please some spank it hard .... thanks alot,hugs Evonne and Tismom05
First Time At This Bar
The First Ever Blog
Well, now I know how to post a blog. Next step figuring out how to post video blogs. Hopefully, soon I will get that figured out and start posting some of my own video blogs. How many would be interested in that? Just curious on whether or not I should post something or not.
The First Of Many
Ok, new year, new start, new blog... ...another cheesy start, gets em everytime! So here we are in 2008, one step closer to death and another birthday. So far, in the first week of 2008, I have done things I'd never done before (no further details are available at the moment...or "Its none of your business what i did")and I've quit smoking. Yes, i've quit smoking...and it's hell! Everything has been good untill yesterday when I tuned into the background noise generated by an unwatched tv, and caught the beginning of an went "Giving up smoking isnt easy...". Now usually, I would have dismissed it, but at that precise moment, I immediatly thought of cigarettes and wanted one. I'd gone all day without thinking about or wanting one. Suddenly, the cravings were back, the fingers wouldnt sit still and I went from a calm state, to one of quiet frenzy. Even as I write this, I'm gagging for a smoke, but im determined to beat it. Its been 2 days now and I get aggita
First Fu Bar Blog
There are Whispers . There are whispers, they do not know! Friends, colleagues trying not to show Hidden glances, they are sure, they were told Rumours spread fast never slow . Love hurts, love comes and goes You take what it gives, with its gentle throw As subtle as a bulldozer removing the hedgerow So they comment, pass the odd remark, you know! . Under scrutiny you never match up There was always some one better, tut tut! Her friends can’t see what she sees in you Heard a lot of things and they are all true . There was nothing nice of course He’s a real charlatan, everything’s false Love for them is not a joining of two souls It is two teams aiming at different goals . Behind closed doors love is love Hearts, souls, minds became one hub Together romping in the same goal Making love in the secret moment s they stole . Holding hands they see the reflections In the shop windows amongst the trendy collections Of friends sideways glances, whispers and th
First Blog
im on vacation right now from work and ive been hanging with a cousin of mine. now i dont know but i think im getting to the point where im just burnt out from drinking, not getting drunk every night, but just staying out late every night. who knows .. maybe im getting older.
First Contest
First Time Meeting
I was finally going to do it. I got online and found me a ticket for 35 dollars..round trip. I was so happy. My first time ever flying and I was going to meet my boyfriend from online for the first time. It was 11am.. and I boarded the airplane. I had butterflys in my stomach thinking of our first meeting..and of what it was going to be like flying. As it turned out.. the ride went smoothly.. was only a hour flight. As I got off the airline.. you was waiting for me with a huge smile on your face. My stomach did a flip flop. You looked so handsome standing there.. I ran the rest of the way to you. You grabbed me up in a huge bear hug..and gave me the most wonderful kiss I ever had in my life. We went to a private restauraunt.. just to get use to seeing each other in person. I was so shy.. I didn't know what to do. you reached for my hand.. and lifted it to your lips and kissed you stared into my eyes. Damn, you have the most beautiful eyes. I was like in a trance..just
First Aid For The Soul
:DHere's a simple, easy way to make an immediate and profound improvement in the quality of your life. Stop worrying.The next time you catch yourself wrapping your mind around a worry, choose to let that worry fall completely away. Notice how much more positive and effective you suddenly are.Worry poisons your thoughts and keeps life's best opportunities hidden from you. Worry actually increases the power and influence of those undesirable things you worry about.Certainly it's important to look clearly and realistically at life's dangers, problems and challenges. Yet there is nothing to be gained by worrying about them.Choose to replace each negative worry with positive action. Instead of looking down, pick yourself up and move forward.Every moment is filled with countless opportunities to create lasting value. Stop worrying, and start living with richness, purpose and real joy.Written by Ralph Marston
First Zaykoblog Ok, why not..... I´m new here, i think a this rigth? Comments welcome....
First One.
“Reign in Hell” You won’t see it coming; you won’t feel the fury as I strike you down for the last time. You think that that you can run away and hide but sadly you are mistaken, as I take your life away and watch you die. I’m going to cry unto the heavens for the blood that I have spilt this night. Brutality will be the word of the night and the sun won’t rise for you no more. It’s over my enemy, my love, my friend it’s over. As the last breath flows out of your useless body I will fall onto my knees and feel my work complete. The beast within has been let out and its hunger for blood has become unquenchable, this is the beginning blood will flow and rise into the heavens itself. In one single moment your life ends at the power of my hands. A life so unworthy, so wasted, as yours deserves to be taken away and my mission is clear to rid the world of your kind you selfish mother fuckers. In my mind this is all a simple plan being carrier out full force. Your loved ones
First Blog
I guess my first blog should be about fubar. I'll start with the fubar site. I enjoy being here. The layout is cool. I do tho question the "My Bar Tab". Is it necessary to know when your friens has commented on someones profile or mum? Other than that, I am having a great time chatting and stuff. Which brings me to my next subject. The ppl here are the greatest. I have never had a single problem since being here, other than trying to keep my connection strong enough to dj. I love the fact that the ladies here are so inviting and sharing of themselves. The pics of my friends are the best. I must add that I love curves, dang. I suggest if you don't know the ppl in my friends list, you should try to get to know them. Anyway, thats all I got to say for now. ciao, and always, peace and love....Dee
The First... And Last.
First Love
First Love The day we met I was so young and shy; You walked up to me ; I felt my heart begin to fry. You had that glowing stare ; that set my soul a flair. You asked me my name ; I felt nervously inflamed, Butterflies took over as I tried to stutter. My name finally slipped out in a mutter. It was love at first sight; neither of us could deny, You asked me if I might; give you a try. We left hand and hand that day; love or bust come what may. Circumstances happened ,we drifted apart. Twenty years later your still in my heart, Waiting for destiny to come knocking at my door; for you to be standing there once more, I Love you forever until I die; I promise you I will never again say good bye. As Always , Aka Valarie A Laboy Copy Write 2006
First And Last
For any of yall that give a flyin fuck just lettin yall know that on 1Feb2008 at 1300 Im goin to delete this fuckin account. THere is too much bull shit on here for my likein. If yall want to keep in touch look me up on myspace I might answer you
First Blog
Well some good news is, is that yesterday at 5pm I was married to Thomas A. Templeton. I am so happy about that. I was just sitting here not feeling all that great, I guess I just over did everything the other day. So I was just relaxing. I was just sitting here thinking about something on my mind. My husband was telling me that I could have a girlfriend. I am actually excited about that. I love Tom to death, but my mind wonders when it comes to the bedroom. I am a very loyal woman, but just try to keep my mind interested when it comes to having sex. I get bored easily. It isn't that he is bad or anything, just usual. So he tries to find ways to keep me feeling good about myself. I was just thinking about a good friend with benefits, so that I would love my husband fully, and not have to worry about sex anymore. (smiles) I bet I am going to get some interesting comments on this one. Well that is my thought on my first blog. So well, I plan on writing more. I can just get re
First Time For Everything (lucky You!)
I'm very new to this site and it makes me feel retarded :) I don't even know why I decided to make a blog entry actually... Boredom?! It's really fucken early (or really fucken late depending on your situation) and I'm fucking tired. I guess I'll go catch some sleep before it's too late. Thanks y'all for befriending and befanning me. Werd. You guys all fucken rock, I can tell already. Keep shit cool and I'll holla later.
First Time
First Reaction Quiz
Okay this is called “FIRST REACTIONS QUIZ”. I have reacted to being sent this by actually filling this out. You have to type the 1ST thing that comes to mind whenever you hear these 35 things. You can’t think and go back and change your answers. Here we go: 1. Beer: Bud light 2. Anorexic: something im not 3. Relationships: are awesome 4. Purple: justice 5. Power Rangers: yellow 6. Weed: use to 7. Steroids:not good 8. Cartoons: saturday 9. The President: sucks ass 10. Tupperware: ha ha um no 11. Best vacation: vegas baby 12. Santa Claus: not real 13. Halloween: witches 14. Bon Jovi: hot 15. Grammar: mine sucks 16. Facebook: for family 17. Worst fear: dying painfully 18. Marriage: been there done that it sucks 19. Paris Hilton: Whore 21. Redhead: they r hot 22. Blonde: even hotter 23. Pass the time: reading 24. One night stands: meaningless 25. Donald Trump: bastard 26. Neverland: michael jackson ha ha 27. Pixie Sticks: sugar 28. Vanilla ice cream: blah
First 24 Hours On Fubar
First Time
First Time Sex-joke!
A girl asks her boyfriend to come over Friday night to meet, and have dinner with her parents. Since this is such a big event, the girl announces to her boyfriend that after dinner, she would like to go out and make love for the first time . The boy is ecstatic, but he has never had sex before, so he takes a trip to the pharmacist to get some condoms. He tells the pharmacist it's his first time and the pharmacist helps the boy for about an hour. He tells the boy everything there is to know about condoms and sex. At the register, the pharmacist asks the boy how many condoms he'd like to buy, a 3-pack, 10-pack, or family pack. The boy insists on the family pack because he thinks he will be rather busy, it being his first time and all. That night, the boy shows up at the girl's parents house and meets his girlfriend at the door. "Oh, I'm so excited for you to meet my parents, come on in! " The boy goes inside and is taken to the dinner table where the girl's parents are seated. The boy qu
First Impressoins
First Blog
So there I was, laying on the bed with my shirt off. When a Penguin swooped down and jizzed IcyHot all over my back. then with its flippers it started to rub the Icyhot onto my back. Of course it felt good at first. My back was hurting. But then I soon realized that the skin on my back was very very dry. As I screamed a quiet scream and tears flowed from my eyes. I then realized that IcyHot and dry skin don't mix. As I ran for the shower, the penguin yelled Sorry, but it was a little late. I still love you Penguin.
First Contest
First Time To Blog City On Here
Howdy I am new to this site & would like to meet new friends. So you all stop on in & maybe we will hit it off.
First Timer...not What You
Hey y'all...sorry I have't wrote for awhile...I just got hired on at a new job, I start today...orientations from noon to 4pm. I have been wanting this job for awhile and I finally got it...YES! Everything else in my life is going great too, we just got a new on and so forth...What more could I ask for in life than what I already have...Oh and my party is next Saturday...hope everyone can make it...ZTime to raise some HELL!! Hope y'all are doin good! Talk to yas laters! Luvs Yas! I haven't been on fubar for awhile...obviously...I mostly stick to myspace. Newayz...a lot of things have changed...for one, me and my fiance Larry just introduced our first child together into the world on February 28th, 2009. We named him Lane Jordyn Taylor...he is the most precious baby. I uploaded some pictures and will do more soon...I am also on myspace as I mentioned and have a ton of pictures on that site. It is hard to believe that he will be a month old this month He is healthy and happy..
First Blog
well this is my first blog on any real blog site.. so im just gonna vent when i need to and post random stuff i care about but no one else does
First Of Many
First Ever Owned
My first owned. She is a sweetheart, I just love her to death. I hope to keep her in my life forever. Stop by and leave her some love. Lacey™ ۞ owned by Jak ۞@ fubar
First Time
A girls first time As you lie back your muscles tighten. You put him off for a while searching for an excuse, but he refuses to be swayed as he approaches you. He asks if you're afraid and you shake your head bravely. He has had more experience, but it's the first time his finger has found the right place. He probes deeply and you shiver; your body tenses; but he's gentle like he promised he'd be. He looks deeply within your eyes and tells you to trust him-he's done this many times before. His cool smile relaxes you and you open wider to give him more room for an ease entrance. You begin to plead and beg him to hurry, but he slowly takes his time, wanting to cause you as little pain as possible. As he presses closer, going deeper, you feel the tissue give way; pain surges throughout your body and you feel the slight trickle of blood as he continues. He looks at you concerned and asks you if it's too painful. Your eyes are filled with tears but you shake your head and nod f
The First...
ok so the first mumm i posted didn't get good results...which is fine by me... I think I made my mind up all by myself!
The First Time
First Time On Here
well i just recently joined this website and i must say it moves at a fast pace thats for sure which is a good thing because myspace gets kind of boring lol well anyways i want to say thank you to my friend boo for showing me this website and to the people that have already made me a friend thanks to all
First Pretty Blog I Hope Lol
First Dates
So I am not quite sure why I am writing about this but then again I am not sure why I am even on this site! Maybe it's just a way of meeting new people or maybe it's a way to pass the time. I have a date tonight... my stomach hurts, and I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst. We have been talking for 4 months and I have so much fun on the phone and through texts with him that if it doesn't work out tonight I am gonna be upset because people are so shallow and although I may take a good picture I am not 100 pounds wet! I hate rejection and I hate being lonely. I hope all goes well! HAVE A GREAT DAY and THANKS FOR READING THIS!
First Ever Contest!!
First Entry
Well, this is my first entry here, as can be noted by the subject matter of the post. Would like to issue a greeting to anybody whom stops by and a good day to all. First and foremost, I'm not the most social of people; somewhat reserved, at times even taciturn, in public situations. However, whithin this forum of internet socializing it can become easier for one to reach out and communicate with others. So, from time to time as interesting occurances strike, I shall denote them here in case there is anyone who may find them of merit or worth reading. Take care.
First Elimination Game
Well my boy played his first game lastnight. They do eliminations in the beginning. Of course we played one of the best teams we lost. The boys did not do good. I have to be thankful in a way..that my boy is not the only one this year. He even got to play the whole game. Of course not sure he will rest of year..but I was happy. More he plays more he learns. He striked out each time he batted though..which was twice. He wasn't the only boy striking out. I did get frustrated though that he striked out because he didn't swing. Most of the boys who did make it to a base.was because of balls. Think only got 2 hits in the whole game. Rest of them got strikes. The coach was so pissed though. LOL. He told them they were having practice friday and he had a surprise for them. I am sure hes gonna make them run. He has them running when they screw up. It does seem to help them though.. at paying more attn. I heard him at one point grumble.. you think they never played
First Blog
Hey you guys, please be gentle, I'm still learning fubar, and whew, is there a lot to learn. L8r
First Time On Fubar
I am here since like 5 min. newly logged in and i dont know what the heck i am doing. lol. so just be patient with me. i need to check this whole page out. i dont know how to write you back, whoever keeps on writing me, just write me but i dont know how to get back to you. so hopefully you all read my blog. lol. i am sorry. i hope i figure it out soon. i keep on getting blog posts, what do i do with them, can i answer them or do i just leave them like that. help!!!!!!!!! Big time help! there are noises , sorry, i dont know what to do. lol
First Action I Entered
come on and bid on these two ladies.... come and see what they are offing... there great friends to have so give them some love.. She did it!!! ¡¦We did it !! Noexquz Has Won the bling contest !! Thanks so much for all the help!! Once again the call went out for some help and you all came thru!! Thank you all!
First Day.
Today will be a smoke free day.I am so tempted to call the bank and transfer money onto my other bank card so I can go buy cigarettes right now but I really want to stop.I have waisted enough money on cigarettes. I have been a lil stressed lately . life can be stressful At times,And its one of those times for me a stressful time. But That should be no reason for me to light up again. Is it true that when you quit,You gain some weight? Im actaully thinking about getting Into A support group for smokers,who want to quit,Im so damn sick and tired of smoking packs and packs everyday its starting to get out of control ,Its draining my bank account,I like smoke 2 packs a day. I used to smoke because I thought It made me look cool, But In all reality It dosent make me look cool at all. Its goona be rough not smoking but I guess i will stay away from smokers for right now a nd just keep myself occupied so i wont think about smoking,I guess Im going to have to learn How to deal with stress be
First Date
First One
I HAVE NO CLUE IN WHAT I AM DOING DO YOU GOT ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR ME? hay would you like something free something we can't live without? it don't cost to join theres never a charge for it its so simple anyone can do it I will send it to you and tell you more about it . I would tell you here but its not letting me post this I don't know why its nothing bad its same as here except you get paid for it. FREE MONEY IF you can make a profile If you can share pictures IF you can get friends to join you If you can post comments IF you can view others profile THAN MY FRIEND YOU CAN DO THIS TOO. COME HERE TO REQUEST MORE INFO JUST LET ME KNOW YOU ARE FROM FUBAR OK. email me :
First Auction
First Arrest
First some background information. I am a 42 yr. Old, divorced father of 2; a son, 17 and a daughter, 2. I've lived at the same address for 10 yrs. My police record consists of a possession of less than an once of marijuana which was dismissed. I have no misdemeanor or felony convictions. I recently opened a smoke shop, "Freebird's Tobacco Etc." in Sweet Home, Oregon, in a building that had been a smoke shop for the previous few years. When the previous business closed due to it's owner's death I was fortunate enough to have financial assistance from family to re-open as a new business. I spent most of my here. I open at 8 am and close at 8 pm. And being an avid PC gamer whose gaming PC is now doubling as a POS/inventory computer it isn't unusual to see me here late into the night. With a small parking lot and owning a large truck it's easy to tell when I'm here. Shortly after opening, being concerned with security I phoned the Sweet Home PD identified myself and inquired to
First Time
First Bombing Contest
IT's my First Bombing Contest .... I've been there for you .... Now show me some love !! I'm not too worried about winning ... I just want my good friend (AND the person who invited me to Fubar !!) to get some major points !!! She's the reason I'm here .... Blame her !! Hit that Eye pic above till your fingers are blistered and your eyes are crossed ! Thanks bunches. XOXO Thru_a_diff_i ..oO*Shadow Leveler*Oo.. My "Eye" contest is open thru May 12th @7:30am EST!@ fubar Thru_a_diff_I .... Truly a Gem of a Lady!
First Time Returning
well just want to say happy mother's day to all the mom's out there. this is my first time back on this site in years, when i first started a page, it was origialy cherry tap had to set up a new one. so if my page seems kinda bare, give me some time, i'll be working on it from time to time.
First Kiss
I love all my friends, and keep them in my heart. And hope the friendship, will never part. But do you ever find, that special one? That makes you smile, and come undone? I just wonder sometimes, if it's for real. Or just another guy after, my heart to steal. I think that someday, that I may find this out. Then all the passion and want, will not be a doubt. When I look into your eyes, I see hope, It loosens my mind, to help me cope. It would take only just one small thing, if this is true. To either be happy forever, or always be blue. To live a life with someone, would be a real bliss. Just to be granted, that very first kiss.
First Vip
First Poem Posted
Time can always be, and always helps to see. If patience is present, then times a friend to me. To wait, or rush can decide so much. It can help to succeed, or place you in your crutch. A memory made by a lover or friend, can sometimes have the power to mend. Even the most devastating pain can be followed by joy... just a matter of time, and willingness to heal. Overcome all that stains you innermind. Never letting someone take you down, stay above the drama. The drama that everyone so easily gives into. Its so sad to see all the people that are taken under by the simple little aggrevations of everyday life. Just say " I dont care." Sometimes its ok not to care. Its just a matter of knowing when not to. I wake up everyday wondering whatys next, not worrying about who is talking about me. Talk is what it is, and nothing more. A word or sentence in the matter of opinion. So, dont let it tie you down. To love, and to lose... almost one in the same. Ju
First Auction
The First 8
First Alarm Hotties
Attn All. This Hottie is starting to be smart, and as much as I love you girls and guys Im not going to allow everyone access to my PVT pics unless earned. So unless I add you to my family, you must take care of me by way of , Blast, VIP and ect..250K will grant you access for 7days. I will update my pics weekly.Hugs and Kiss's Sam
First Contest
So i'm in my first contset. The person who gets first 40000 comments, gets a Vip for 3 month's. Please help me, because, 40000 is a lot..... See And look there for my picture of course. I really need your help Love Tica
First Party Of The Summer 05/31/08
My husband and I had our first summertime down on the farm party...yee-haa and everyone had a blast. I made homemade potatoe salad & for the first time I made some colelaw and it was pretty damn good if I say so myself. I always make to much food when I have these BBQ's but this time I had no leftovers, which was a good thing. I made five pounds of hot wings and five pounds of grilled bratwurst that I soaked overnight in beer & honey mustard sauce that I made. I cooked 10 pounds of hamburgers and two packs of hot dogs for the little kids that came. The famous shrimp on the barbie was a hit too. Everyone brought some beer and we were running low on ice so one of our friends went and bought a keg which was easier to keep cold after we got the barrel to put it in. We still have beer We rented a funhouse for the kids to play in and we bought a trampoline for the adults to jump on. Now picture this...drunk adults jumping on a the fun Im so glad
First Blog....
I started changing the way I eat some time ago but since I need to pass a PT test to get back in the Army I have to loose about 40 pounds give or take. I also have to be able to run 2 miles in about 16 and a half minutes then do sit ups and push ups. I have the sit ups and push ups down but the run is what worrys me. I started an exercise program almost two weeks ago after I put out a mumm on whether I should start slow and walk then run or just start running. I weigh a little over 250 so I started walking a mile every night, after several days of that it was getting too easy so I moved it up to a mile and a half. I have been doing two miles the last couple days. I will finish out the week with two miles and then on Monday I will run a lap and walk a lap. The running is complimented by lunges, pushups, situps....and LOTS and LOTS of stretching. I am also taking pictures once a week and keeping a food journal. I hope that it's enough. Well this is my first blog. I've seen other bl
First Aucton
First Week
I'll keep this short. Love me or hate me I am who I am. I have no tats or such but admire those who do. I like all music Sans... Gangster Rap. I do not Judge, that I think will come @ the end of days. I don't care for looks, but they help. I think it is more attitude then anything. If you talk to me, I will talk w/ you. I'm just me. Simple... I am not looking, just like to look around. I have seen the world and would trade not trade the US for any other. I would like to go back to Rome, awesome place. If you rate me a 1 it's okay w/ me. If you think I'm a 10, thank you. If you want to be my freind or fan, that would be awesome. Just be yourself around me. Mild or wild... love them all. To my friends, much love. Be safe out there, I will be here if you need me... TTFN Johnny It is hard to say good bye sometimes. Okay, being the Navy, it comes with the job. I hear my brothers in the Army wanking about going over there and back to back tours. I am willing to go, but they have kept us
First Auction I Am In
First And Only
Im putting myself up for auction to help a good friend. This will be my first and only auction! So dont be greedy .. lol link :
First Glance
There is a moment when you first meet, The eyes connect on that two way street, Straight into the soul the look does lance, That special moment of Love First Glance. Your eyes meet from across the room, A single light in all the gloom, And you feel there deep in your heart, That this is the place where life will start. You have this feeling, not knowing her name, You pray to the heavens she feels the same, In that Glance your heart skips a beat, Thanking the Fates that let you two meet. Through the crowd you both draw near, To speak the words she longs to hear, You try to speak but your words do stumble, For in her presence you now are humble. The Glance now becomes a stare, Time stands still for you to share, The windows of your souls are now open, Finding you one, you both have hope in, With a blink the moment is past, The spark that's started now will last, Growing strong now into the flame, That nothing on earth ever will tame. DQA
The First 5 People (i Will Anounce When I Get The First 5)
First 2 People
First Auction
I am going to hold my first auction. I am going to try to get at least 10 people to start. I will be starting this on July 6th. I will need 25,000 fubucks and a link to the pic you would like to use and also a list of offers. send me a private message if your interested.
First Blog
First Contest
This is the first contest I am in!!
First Contest Come Check It Out!!!
First Auction Bully
I AM HOSTING MY 1ST WILDLY PURRRFECT JUNGLE AUCTION And With Frozen Mystical Dreamzzzz Help, We Worked Long And Hard To Make Sure This Untamable Auction Is Alot Of Roaring Fun! THE FOLLOWING RUL
First Blog
Cyberloving & Being Dumped via Text Message Category: Romance and Relationships It has broadened our horizon, it has dramatically effected the way we conduct business, it has opened our social network on a global scale, and it has significantly eroded our ability to communicate face-to-face. While technology undoubtedly has produced a vast array of advantages in efficiency, communication around the globe, and worldly knowledge, it has also given rise to a world of impersonal communication. It is turning interaction into a heartless machine where we utilize machines to relay our conversations. Today, we interact more through emails, the Internet, self-serve kiosks and text messaging than with actual people, this especially holding true for people in their 20s. Lee Miller, in his article ’Technology vs. Relationships,’ states that "people in their 20’s not only have a great understanding and comfort with technology, they depend on it. Relationships almost don’t matter with the
First Real Blog
Well I think that I finally found the love of my life but a really good friends told me basicly not to count my chickens before they hatch, So I am going to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Once again I was going to put everything into this relationship but a friend also told me that I should be careful I am very thankful that I have a friend that cares enough to give me that advice..... I really want to thank him....So everybody wish me luck. I truely care about this man so I know everything will work out for the best. I just really hope and pray that we end up together forever and always. But thats part of life you never know what is going to happen from one minute to the next. Well earlier this week My b/f and I got into a fight and the neighbors called the law and he went to jail for domestic violence so I am by myself again and I am so lonely...Feel free to email me I look forward to having something to keep me busy
First Blog..
Ok, SO I read a magazine that does a monthly article on an unfortunate incident in the UK where a "goth" couple were beaten and the girl killed by hate mongers claiming it was all done because of their appearance and demeanor. Well...while I agree the incident was horrible and I do feel some sympathy for the families involved..I have to say the fall out response is somewhat comical in nature. As I, myself, am heavily tattooed and pierced with bod mods, the whole emo goth thing has gotten way outta control. These people act, dress, and present themselves in a way that illicit a response from the general public, and then bitch and cry when its not the response they want. I have never been attacked for my looks or behavior. When people see names like hornedsavior or satansfairy, or anything similar to such, how can you not expect some kinda of backlash? you choose a name to garner a response then scream when its not about how awesome or great you are or look. wrap yourself in
so fubar is addictive and i need to clean the house.....i'm a dork too Is also known as Stein-Leventhal Syndrome or Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD). Affects an estimated 6-10% of all women and most don't even know they have it. Is treatable, but not curable, by medications, changes in diet and exercise. Is one of the leading causes of infertility in women. Has been identified for 75 years and they still aren't sure what causes it. Affects far more than just reproduction. IT IS NOT just a cosmetic problem. Can include the following symptoms: Irregular or absent menses Numerous cysts on the ovaries in many, but not all, cases High blood pressure Acne Elevated insulin levels, Insulin Resistance, or Diabetes Infertility Excess hair on the face and body Thinning of the scalp hair (alopecia) Weight Problems or obesity that is centered around your mid section What a Polycystic Ovary looks like: The many cysts in a polycystic ovary are follicles that have matu
First Blog
Hello everyone, this is my first blog on here and I wanted to get everyones perspective on this. Guys why do you pay 50-100 dollars for auto 11s or Happy Hours for girls just to look at their tits and girls why do you charge for it? If you wanna post NSFW photos thats fine I enjoy looking at them but never will I pay to see ta-tas that will never ever be rubbed in my face. Guys we have to try to put a stop to this. Just because you bought her a Happy Hour and she lets you see her pics doesnt mean you will ever get a chance to touch them. I am a firm believer in expressing sexuality and for those that are exhibitionists good on you the more the better but can we please cut this having to pay for them. (Remember guys most porn site are only $30 a month.) Feel free to leave comments and let me know your way of seeing things. Also I understand if they are your friend you wanna help them out and try to get them to level but lets be real you probably will never see them in real life and if y
First Blog
First Fu-blog, On Deployment
First Happy Hour
Save Your 11's And Bling! On Wednesday, September 3rd at 7:00pm pst, Jason Is Having A Happy Hour! That's Right I Said It!! He Has Won A Happy Hour With Special Thanks To Stephanie Lynn! So Here's What You Do! Go To Jason's Page, Fan/Add/Rate/Bling Him! He Is So Close To Leveling I Know We Can Get Him There And Then Some! In Return, You Will Get A Little Surprise In Return! What Surprise You Ask? Well Depending On How Hard You Spank His Page Will Depend On What You Get In Return! Jason DJ @The Playground Fu Married To Whiskey Girl@ fubar So Go On! Give Him All Your Loving And Tell Him Whiskey Girl Sent Ya!! He Has Helped So Many Level!! It's His Turn To Get All The Love In Return! I Mean After All, The Man Does Know How To Move!!!
got new pictures!! SO YA I GOT SHIT FACED TODAY YAY
First Amendment Is Disappearing!
Theres So many haters in our World today,We can't even say or talk about certain things wherever we are at.I post a freakin mumm & i be dam if "F_Shop" doesn;t delete it.Haters,People i tell ya, I'mma keep my white ass shining Any ways ,If Every one of the amendments Disappear it'd be were we'd all have to ask the goverment before we took a shitt,wtf? This ain't cool_ we need to stand strong against these ScheiBkerls people! Where is the Spirit here of our country? Even the President isn't worth killin nowadays.. I tell ya folks ,America is already fukked!
First Time
Well this is the first writting Ive done in this place, but i have found that i need to let the friends on the pages that i sometimes come to know whats going on in my life, even if its sounds dumb or crazy/ as of the 15th of june i started seeing my doctor for back pain, went to my chiropractor for two weeks did not help as it had before,so he wanted a MRI and the doctor askked the ins CO for one, it was found that i have degerentive disk dez and a blown out disk at L3/4 I have been a good boy and tried to work thru the pain and drugs but it got too bad to even drive to work and so i went on temp disability till the doctors have ruled out and used all none surg.treatments, so i'm stuck at home 24/7 borred to death, does any one want to come by and just share a cup of coffee?
First Blog 09/10/2008
holy shit, my very first Blog. hmmm, what to talk about??? well, the economy fucking sucks, politics are still filled with more criminal than my grandmother's pies are with cherrys, and the cost of gas can suck my balls until my dick becomes inverted. when did it become that the less you make the more you have to fucking pay??? hmm, lets see, and why is it that you can walk into the department of family's and children services, and if you make too little they can turn you away from helping, but any friggin bumb aff the street can walk in and have three jobs, by himself no kids, and get all the help he wants. i absolutely love what America has turned into. (sarcasm) i am up to my eye balls with petriotism but for some damn reason, a military man can get out and because of all the political B.S. that is going on and the economy, he can't find a better job than working at fucking Wal-Mart, and making barely enough to keep food on the table. my Patriotism is not for this damn country but t
First Contest
this is my first contest and I have never had a VIP before. I'm a Shadow leveler and u know those 11's will come in handy !! So PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE comment bomb me. here is the link to the photo !! muahhhhhhhhhh kimjo
First Contest
I am in a picture rate/comment contest please help me win or at the very least place LOL...
First Test epic story, not for young readers The clock strikes midnight. As you stand there you look aboutthe room not know what this day holds for you,you hear the door lock behind you, The chimes ring off the hours. You know with the sound of the click of the locked door, you can not trun back now. You look around the room. You noticed a large bed on the far wall, the light coming in the large bay window from the moon lights it up, making it look almost holy. in the center of the room you see a fur, you think in might be bear, but it's huge. smell of cherry wood hits you and you look over to me, and see me starting a fire. You din't think it was cold in the room, but a fire might be nice. I walk to you carring a glass of red wine. As you take it, I move behind you and place my face in the back of your neck you can hear me breathing deep your sent. You feel my hand move around you as I unbutton your blouse. I whisper
First Time On Auction
GREETINGS AND WELCOME TO THE FIRST EVER DARKE-HEAVEN HAPPY NAWTY NEW YEAR AUCTION PRESENTATION. And here he is... Gbeaver being up for auction pleasure.... Rememeber that that opening bid is 100K and the sky's the Limit... So get here and place your bids on a great guy and start off this New year off with a BANG! DON'T HESITATE... DANCE YOUR WAY TO SEXY LIL HELLCAT'S PAGE TO FIND YOUR NEXT FU We are accepting more auctionees until Jan 9th.. so hurry up get your offers together and beat a path to Damien's door so that we can get you added to the New Year's Fun ~*~ Sexy Lil Hell Cat ~*~ Owned By The Greatest Whiteboy Alive@ fubar THE HOSTESS FOR THIS EXTRAVAGANT EVENT...
First Blog-thoughts On What I Will Do With This Page
Hey to anyone reading this. Right now I have been very buisy and unable to add pics. Trying to figure out what I should do so feel free to drop ideas.
First Pimpout Bully
YES IM DOING A PIMP OUT MILITARY SUPPORTER IS A GOOD FRIEND PLEASE GO SHOW HER SOME LOVE *RATE* *FAN* *ADD* DONT FORGET THE PICS & STASH Military Supporter~OwnsFreedomIsNotFreeLounge~MP General@TheZone~Lost&ShadowLeveler~RatingRevolution@ fubar ~LETS GET HER TO PROPHET~ THIS BULLETIN BROUGHT TO YOU BY: **Devil Witch**@ fubar FYI:Will send 100k fubucks to first who sticky's this.
First Timmer!!
I am doing nothing with my Friday night so I might as well meet some sexy people on here and have some fun!! So dont be shy and comment me and say whats up! I am new to this so give me a minnute and I will respond!! And buy me a drink damn it!! Ha ha ha!! Love your girl
The First Poem I Wrote For My Daughter
Its been a year, my how you've grown You are walking, and just about talking and have the urge to do everything on your own. You almost have a mouthful of teeth This is exciting for all the new foods, but a disgust when its time to change a diaper and try to breathe Your love for music makes you dance I enjoy watching you move up and down and jump with a prance The smiles, laughter, and squeals of joy you reveal every day Leaves everyone you meet wrapped in a glow in every way We both enjoy it when we play The love for you builds stronger and will never stray I look into your eyes with so much admiration As you look back I know we share the same adoration You have an amazing personality You shine with all your individuality I am so excited to experience everything with you Letting you laugh, play, and explore even more I look forward to all the days to come And wait with anticipation for life's music that you will strum For you have touched my heart,
First Blog Friend Requests
Hi all. I am getting ready around 715pm est to take new photos and try out my new camera. please if you are one of my fans or knwo me give me some feedback on some phtoos you like to see or of what outfits you liked in the past .. IF i like your suggestions you might just see a pic of it i up later today Thanks Samantha Hi to anyone that actually reads this. I am in a week leaving fubar. I have had a great time but I am being told on the other side what I am doign isnt right and slutty so I have to stop and think about the reasons I am on here. If you would like to stay in touch with me please feel free to drop me a private message with an email. I may not delete it after the week but I am not going to log in anymore after the week has gone by. I hope you all have a great turkey day and eat too much and watch football or whatever other tv marathon you may watch or just be able to sit down and enjoy a day with family remembering what good things you have
First Auction Ever!
Just click on the pic below and it will take you to the place where you need to place your bid for me! I am worth a lot I hope lol!
First Impressions
“It is only at the first encounter that a face makes its full impression on us.” So tell me, what was your first impression on seeing me? What did you like? What did you dislike?
First Blog Entry Of My Newly Single Life
Ok so I'm a little slow on what sites I should be a member I just signed up to this and I'm not sure what to expect or if it's what I'm looking for but we'll see? Basically I jsut got out of a few year relationship and I'm NOT looking for another at the moment..kinda just looking for some fun ;) A good night without the akwardness in the morning, do you get what I mean? Anyways..a little about me..I can drink ANY girl under the table. Don't believe me? Try me. Umm..I work a lot and I'm a hard worker but I party even harder. I'm honest..sometimes too honest. I'm horny..and yes I have naked pics but not sure if I can put them on here? Anyways you can always stalk me on flirt2meet .com and see them if you're feeling dirty ;) Get at me if you want to know more...I'm bored.
First French Prophet ?
hi to all I will activate auto 11 bling today 11/23 at 9:00 am futime, ty to all who will come help me, i am trying to be the first french prophet on fubar. sum random blings will be given !!! i wish yu all a blessed day hugzzzz !!!!
First Cut Is The Deepest
First Ever Auction
First Survey Here.."adult";)
1) Would you get mad if someone caught you masturbating and posted it on youtube? LoL..Probably! 2) Have you ever watched shit porn, even if it was by accident? Um..NEVERRRRRRR.. 3) Have you ever wiped your ass after taking a shit and looked at the toilet paper? lmao..Oh Dude. 4) If your grandma gave you a kiss and slipped her tongue in your mouth, what would you do? BITCH SLAP THT HOE! 5) Have you ever fantasied about doing an animal? If so, which animal ? i fuck llamasa all the time..dontcha know!? 6) Have you ever been on meat spin? If so did you get horny? okae..what now? 7) Have you ever thrown your underwear at the wall and did it stick to it ? oh fuck man.. never..shoot me please if tht happens! 8) Have you ever bought new underwear and found out later that they had a brown spot in the back? oh never.. but tht would be pretti messed up!..lmaolmao.. 9) Have you ever taken a shit in school? never.. mi bathroom ONLYYYYYYYYY 10) If yo
First Day
Wow! What a bold new world here... There ia a familar face: Wild Mustang...and there is the guitar playing Elmo, a woman after my own heart...and Miss Dixie Belle, who stole my heart...LOL! Just joke... All in all...This is a cool place to be:)) Very Truely Yours, Rick
First Happy Hour
First Auction Ever!
Come and bid on this HOTTNESS! You won't regret it! Oh, & did I mention that SexyGoddessRkkennedy84 is going to make a sexy salute for you too?
First Blog
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? desk 2. Your significant other? what 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? sleeping 5. Your father? dead 6. Your favorite thing? SEX 7. Your dream last night? nightmare 8. Your favorite drink? stoli 9. Your dream/goal? success 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? rock 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? love 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? SKINNY 16. Muffins? yummy 17. One of your wish list items? money 18. Where you grew up? RI 19. The last thing you did? type 20. What are you wearing? clothes 21. TV? on 22. Your pets? dead 23. Your computer? awesome 24. Your life? mess 25. Your mood? hopeful 26. Missing so
First Blog...
Hey, i don't really write alot in blogs so, not sure where this one is gonna go...
First this so much about $$'s? I am new and perhaps naive, but it sems like we have to pay for any fun on here!! But then again, what do I know?
First Times~
For the first time you looked at me, was the first time I stared back eagerly. The first time I fell in love with you, was the first time my heart broke in two. The first time I heard your lullaby, was the first time I listened and replied. The first time I laughed and happy inside, was the first time I felt very satisfied. But the first time you shed tears, was the first time I show you my fears. The first time I saw your pride, was the first time I collide. The first time your love truly defines, was the first time I learned to read between your lines. And the first time you said goodbye, was the first time I died. I love you, Dee Big Dawg ~2008~
to cry a tormented heart cannot lie amongst the heartz, do not i die? endeavor to ride along a desert plain my own tear to wet my face i rise to what? that of which i dare a lobo i wail to no avail the desert is all i know my path is hard, my path is my own the life of a lobo i all alone know
First Blog
Ok I don't think a women should have to get all dolled up to go to the grocery store, or run around doing odds and ends. You shouldn't have to put your make up on, curl your hair, wear those really nice tight fittin' jeans and cute top. BUT--come on ladies--pj bottoms, nasty tshirts and slippers????? If you aren't getting out of your car, fine, but if you are going into the store, put on some damn clothes, shoes and brush your hair. I have worn my pj's to drop the kids off at school, but i don't get out of the car until i am home. Most of these women are usually married and seem to think who the hell do i have to impress, well here is my thought on that. You don't have to be trying to impress everyone or anyone, but it makes people think you have no class, feel unsatisfied with yourself, and honestly your husband would probably love to be in public with a women that takes a little pride in herself. I use to be very heavy and I had no self esteem--still don't--but I always did my
The First Day Of My Life
My son turned me on to this....I love it.
First Blog =d
soo this blog is about me my name is john [if u didnt kno] i play guitar keyboard and bass im in the process of getting out of high school [if you had to kno i failed a grade] im planning on going to a community college than a university i love to go to shows i have a cat named peanut and a dog named boots i like cold weather music makes me smile =D im a flirt i love it when people leave me stuff shouts, commets, pic commets i hate advertisements grrrrrrrrrr!!!!! i wanna be a graphic designer i love to photoshop things i mainly do comp.s and pic altering if you would like to cam with me ask =D thats me love ya bbys =D
First (and Not Last) Funny Thoughts On The Sundry!!
So I have been on Fubar actively for a couple weeks although I have been popping in for a drink for months without having any understanding of points, leveling up, fubar bucks or "giving luv". What I do understand is that I have been grabbed, as if by some huge tractor beam from Star Trek, into this maze by the site of beautiful women, sultry looks and cleavage that was made for day long hikes! Now I don't care how nice a guy you might be, that is just too much for the normal male and of course we start drooling uncontrollably and worse, as soon as we notice the "Blast" on our page where these beauties are paraded past us in 5 second intervals, we immediately fall into some high school locker room frenzy that is a disgrace and not meant for public consumption. I do not act like this in my everyday life. This got me to thinking , which is always a dangerous thing, and I came to some important realizations I would like to share with all who might be interested. Women do not understan
First Time For Everything!!!
Anyone need a good friend?
First One
Faced with what is right,to leave it undone shows lack of courage I did this just to see if anyone would look I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.
The First Day
The First day Lyrics: Remember the first day when I saw your face remember the first day you smiled at me you stepped to me and then you said to me I was the women you dreamed about remember the first day when you called my house remember the first day when you took me out we had butterflies although we tried to hide it and we both had a beatiful night the way we held each others hands the way we talked the way we laughed it felt so good to find true love I knew right then and there you were the one ohhh I know that he loves me cause he told me so I know that he loves me cause his feelings show when he stares at me you see he cares for me you see how he's so deep in love I know that he loves me cause it's obvious I know that he loves me cause it's me he trusts and he's missin me if he's not kissin me and when he looks at me his brown eyes tell his soul remember the first day, the first day we kissed remember the first day we had an arguement we apologized a
First Day Back
I didn't mean to title this entire blog that...but whatevs. First day back to fubar. hoping nothing goes wrong this time. I deleted it before cuz people were puttin me down and I decided not to deal with it. But glad to be back. Missed everyone. Goin to bed now :)
First,last...and Only
For all those that have seen...yes I am leaving Fubar. Since it seems that most of my friends don't see it because of their bar tabs...I am making this blog. I am leaving at roughly 12 noon CST today...barring internet issues or a really good excuse to stay. If you wish to stay in contact with me...either message me or sb me a messenger name or email. Please, no spam or flaming on this...MMFWCL and have a good day. So as you could tell, I just lost my father.  I will be gone from Monday until Thursday for the funeral and general R&R.  If you need me, you know how to get a hold of me.  If you don't and would like to, leave me a sb.  Take care and have a shot or two for me.
First Auction Ever!!!
^^^^^^^^^^^^click^^^^^^^^^ Starting an AUTO 11 auction tomorrow - Valentine's Day at noon Fu Time and end it on Friday - 2/20/09 at Noon Fu Time. =)So come place your bids and good luck all, just remember,CLICK THE CHERRIES AND NO DRAMA PLEASE!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^click^^^^^^^^^^^ Your Host (PurelySinful) PurelySinful ¢¾ Dangerous Curves Member ¢¾@ fubar (repost of original by '¢¾~BRATT~¢¾Fu Married to *TJATTHEROCK*&FuOwned by*BIGDADDY4LIFE*&FuOwned by~BigDaddySpa' on '2009-02-13 20:38:04')
First 56 Sec's Slipknot/gvl/2009
First Blog Ever
I will be reaching Disciple in the next few days. To all family and friends that helped my out thank you so much and much love. I have been thinking about this and i think its time to clean fu house. There are those on my list that never return the fulove and because i like to go all out for those that help me out. I believe now is a good time to get rid of those that never return the love. So i can concentrate on my real friends and family. Thanks again to those that helped me out and return the love. Much love to all. KIE Just to let Family and Friends know i will soon have my own on line music hour. My nephew Dkun81 is starting hes own online radio station and hes giving hes favorite auntie her own hour. So ill be looking for music to fill up that hour going to try to have as much of a variety of music on my hour as i can. If you have any suggestions please leave them in a private message to me so i can take a listen and try to get them added to my hour. Were still working the
First Time Auction
Aces_Eights83 Is in a St Patrick's day Auction What he is offering is: If Fu-bucks bid given: * 1 SFW salute * Your name in mine for 1 month * Link to your profile in mine for 1 month * Top friend # 2 for one month * 1 Personal morph * Rate all photos * Daily gifts for a month If cash bid given: * Your name in mine for 2 months * Top friend #2 for 2 months (permanent spot in top friends if cash bid exceeds $50) * If cash bid exceeds $50 I will also make a morph for 2 friends of your choice * Added to top family for 2 months (if cash bid exceeds $50 permanent spot in top family will be given * Permanent link to your profile in mine if cash bid exceeds $50 * If VIP given will rate 100 pictures 11’s (3 month VIP or higher will receive 100- 11’s 3 times a month for as long as the VIP lasts)
First One
hey everyone here it is my first blog come rate me fan me add me buy me a drink i can repay all help a guy level up and make a name for himself in here the best site ever FUBAR.COM n come check out my gurls djing skills at wicked desires
First Time For Everything!
First Song Recorded On Video
now you gotta title it, "2 reasons Kervin comes off as a douche" lol. ~!TP!~Mr.P...: hahahahahaha captain al...: you just had to go there didn't you? ~!TP!~Mr.P...: thats fine.. i dont mind havin a cock meat sammich in guantonamo bay captain al...: yeah go ahead, its only 2 years in jail I think, not like I got plans right? lmao captain al...: you're an ass, if I go down, I'm taking you down with me, lol. ~!TP!~Mr.P...: you really want me to post it? ~!TP!~Mr.P...: exactly!!! captain al...: you can title it "why Kervin always comes off as a douche". lmao ~!TP!~Mr.P...: hold on ~!TP!~Mr.P...: ok captain al...: why don't you just post this whole conversation up why don't ya?
First Time Mom
I am battling with post pardumn depression. I need to know what to do for help. Write me i will get it sooner or later.
First Time Fubar
Hey Fubar this BiWoaman, just get on here with my man GEMINIBOY2010. Looking to have fun and get drank with the best of them. Anything interestinh to blog let me know. If you are a twitter fun what is the must blogus thing you ever saw wrote on it? Hit me Bac.
The First Of Many Poisonous Entries
Well its that time of year again!!! Im at my Aunt Sandys and Uncle Parrs place...and so far Im having a great time I miss tommie immensely however, and sometimes he dances around in my head and distracts me...but thats alright....I know Im coming back to him....and that is a comfort. The drive to North Dakota starts on monday....and wednesday is my 20th birthday....Holy fucking shit Im not going to be a teenager weird!!! Anyway, just wanted to write a stat...signing off!! If I have my whole life ahead of me the why can't I live it? I alwasy disappoint someone. Im so confused and caught in the tight grip of control. Will someone please free me? Im ready for something els
First Auction
First Auction
First Blog
ok I don't know what to write?.... I am a bisexual women, who just loves the phyfical form! men as well as women! I just love to touch the softness of skin on my skin, in my mouth! Ok I think I'll stop her and go play with my toy(I'm wet just thinking of it) bye bye for now!

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