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Ok so I guess this could be considered a rant or whatever just some shit on my mind and yeah time to get it off. So I got questions for everyone please feel free to answer with your comments and whatever else you feel like saying. Why do people feel they gotta speak on things that they have no fucking idea about?? Why do people gotta be jealous and destructive against things that they envy? Why can't people just happy for one another instead they gotta try and be sneaky and try to put doubts in motherfuckers heads like we just blind and don't see what they are attempting. Anyone that knows me knows I am really not a big internet person. I spent most of my life doing shit that people said I shouldn't and I have usually always handled my issues in my life with a suitable amount of force. I have turned over a new leaf as of late due to my wonderful woman she has helped to change to the man that will be more diplomatic then to just be an aggressor. But things like what I am talking about really make me want to come find certain people kick their doors in and show them exactly what most that are really my friends are already aware of. I can pretty much handle anything that someone has to say about me cause yeah its a persons opinion and I know that not everyone is going to agree with what I say and I am not a hypocrite to say what is on my mind and then get upset with others for saying what is on their's. Fucking with my family.. my wellbeing or trying to fuck with my lady who is my life now that gets me into a not so nice person. Let me give a brief example and statement. You fuck with what I consider to be mine... I WILL DESTROY everything that you consider yours.. I will burn your fucking house to the ground.. I will hunt you to the earths end there is no where you will hide from me. When I finally find you.. I will smash anyone that wants to stand between you and I and when I finally get my hands on you.. I will gladly show you why you made the worst mistake in your life and yeah I can't make it more clear then that. So on that I will end this with this statement, I am a generally easy guy to get along with. You just leave me and mine alone and yeah we will be good. You want to fuck with mine I swear to GOD ALMIGHTY that I will not stop until I make you pay for what you do.. I am not a fake ass bitch like certain motherfuckers I have come to see.. so you really wanna go rounds with me bitch just let me know it don't matter when or where you just let me know ... And with that I am finished and if your lucky you might see this after some people that know me actually see it and might make comments of what they know if not.. speak your mind regardless and we can get this on don't be skurred if you think I am talking about you speak up and I will gladly confirm or deny your thoughts...anyway I am out and yeah for the persons that this little rant of mine pertains to.. Fuck you little bitch ass simple minded fucking peons .. see me anytime you little fucking maggot and we can get these hands up bro I will gladly knock your fucking teeth out.. so yeah I am done Rock
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