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DAVE's blog: "Random Thoughts"

created on 10/06/2006  |  http://fubar.com/random-thoughts/b10765
So yeah these last couple days been pretty interesting to say the least. I havent posted a blog in awhile so i really thought this would give me the chance to get things out on the table. I fucked up giving info to someone i thought i could trust and that got showed to another person. So basically it boils down to this you learn from your mistakes and you really gotta watch what you say to people. I dont care really because reguardless its not going to get me to think diffrently about the whole situation, i am a hard headed son of a bitch i admit that and i am totally stuck on my ways someone crosses me i dont forgive or forget i just stay away....So gratz anyways. I must thank you though because threw all this i met an amazing girl and would do it all over again if i had to :) So all in all i am outtie!!!!
Lately life sucks honestly lol And i seriously cant place a finger on what makes it that way. I am just sick of the same old bullshit day in and day out, think its time to change secenry again...I have like no direction in life and basically that aggravates me. I have let years pass and really havent accomplished shit and i mean well but basically once i finally take a step forward its like some shit comes up and knocks me back 2 steps. I like a really great girl but the story of my life she lives like 483048204809234 million miles away lol so yeah the chances of that ever really becoming anything are slim to none. I want to move back down south to FL to be by my friends that i miss dearly but i am not really sure that is a good move or not, i have alot of fond memories from there but honestly that place is the reason i am in the place i am now i made alot of mistakes fucked off for years and basically just lived day to day and i guess i am paying for that now. Well i dont know why i am writing this because it really does no good but i just wanted to write something lol
Well i know its been quite awhile since i last wrote a blog and boy has shit changed for me. Those of you that have known me for quite sometime maybe mad at me for being so distant but honestly i was going through some rough shit and its just now starting to unravel enough for me to actually breathe and be able to see some light in all the darkness. I wont go into details about what was up or anything i dont want to bore yall, or better yet i dont wanna bring yall into the drama lol I do miss a few people that used to be my bestest friends on this site Kati (u know i love ya to death :D) Amber (even though you TOTALLY used to annoy me with your bickering about me taking to long to respond lol) Crystal (well what can i say ummm basically i miss your company above all i guess) Valerie (we havent talked in awhile i miss the exchanging of poems and stuff :P) There is a few more that i didnt name but yall know who ya are. Jessica i love ya to death even if ya broke my heart in about 100 pieces like 10 or 11 years ago lol I have met a few really cool people in the last month on here Tara, Alex, Tonya, yall are great :D Okay enough about this or that i will let yall go take care lol
Why does it seem when things are going right, life has to throw you a curve ball that u totally swing and miss on? Why does love have to be so hard to understand and so hard to achieve? Why does love always pick the ones u cant actually be with? Why does life have to be so cruel? Why does it seem when you try harder things just get rougher? Why do i travel down the same road everyday and know the outcome but still do it? Why is it that i cant be happy no matter how much i just want that? Why do i even bother to try when it ends up leaving nothing but a taste of bitterness in my mouth? Why cant i just close my eyes and take the pain away? Why cant i just wish myself cured from this misery? Why do things always backfire when i thought i had them all planned out? Why cant someone just tell me the secret to life so i can avoid all these twists and turns that leave me sick beyond words?
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