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So, for the last month or so, I'v been walking around barefoot as much as possible.... There is something deeply spiritual about walking the earth with just your own 2 feet and nothing else.... my bottoms of my feet have became rougher and rougher, and now I am able to walk just about anywhere outside, including roads. I think my favorite part about walking barefoot has got to be when I feel the cool grass on my feet after walking a section of road or asphalt. When walking on the grass, I feel a deep connection with the earth and it is a great feeling! Please, share your thoughts of walking barefoot, and hopefully some of you out there share the same passion as I do...
Why I Came Back
Well, I am back. The reason? Missed talking with Shay. But, I am still open to reconnecting with my old friends. But, you have to prove you care that I left. Come find me. Tell me you enjoyed having me as a friend. That's why I came here originally. For friends.
Shoe Laces.
Do you notice, they always tell you that you have to tie your shoe laces before you run, or you'll trip?Fuck that, I'm goin barefoot.Don't always do things the way they want you to. Do them your own way, do them better, and you may get further than where they wanted you to be. And further than where you ever expected to wind up.-Poe--7/16/10-
I want to go outside and open my arms and spin around in a circle until the world becomes a blur of colors and shapes.  I'd laugh as the wind slithered through my hair in soft wispy carresses and the grass beneath my feet trembled as my feet moved across them into the dirt below.  I'd smile and watch as you copied my every move and giggle with each circle we made, and when you got too dizzy I'd catch you before you fell.  I dream sometimes that we'd sit together on a pile of blankets reading together, and you'd ask me questions and look onward diligently as the story was weaved by my words.  I imagine how much you've grown, how much your eyes sparkle with the light, and how much you've changed.  We would race to the kitchen and make breakfast in the mornings, and i'd teach you how to flip pancakes and watch your eyes light up in awe.  You'd try to take a peek and talk my ear off about how much you liked food.  I imagine two faces smiling at me, and sometimes I can even hear their l
This Is Beyond Lol
I know the stuff about Gem Girl has been going around the past couple of days that she scammed ppl out of stuff on here and then blocked them after wards.  As well she came out and said she is married.  As u will see in this SS of her page.   Then u go to his page and it's a little different from hers. It says that he is actually engaged in his martial status on here as shown in the screen shot below.   Now here comes something else on the matter.  In those 2 screen shots above.  Take a look at the crushes.  Do u see what is odd in those 2 screen shot above? This is where it actually gets very interesting on the whole matter of them being so called married to each other.  Take a look at this screen shot and what the caption says and what actual album it is in too!     So what i'm thinking right now.  If they're actually married and then that is her uncle.  Then he is pulling a Jerry Lee Lewis act lol! As well there is NO actual pics of them together except for the ones t
Its All The Same
[that Russian Word For "mushroom Crazy"]
What was that word again?Oh...wait... doesn't matter- I did something awesome tonight.First offlet me just say that as a person that averages eating a bowl of rice once per day (seriously)I sure do get tired of American long grain*shrugs*anything more need be stated?Didn't think so.So I picked up a big bag of basmati rice and put in a batch for dinner.~ orgasmically different.Sure I'll occasionally switch to short grain or brown rice but there's something... rich and crispyabout basmati, more fragrant tooAnd since I went to Sam's last night to pick up a brick of food for a hunger drive we were sponsoring at work, I decided to grab a bushel of mushroomscuzlet's face itSam's is bulk ogtfoSo I had to make sure I could use whatever I picked up, no matter how much storage room I hadI don't have the means to dry all these mushrooms so I came up with a pretty awesome idea >>This is a mushroom... curry... gravy... sauce...thingI took about one cup of thai red curry (that goopy stuf that usuall
So I actually bothered responding to a random in my SB today.   priormilitary: so babe, how bout you add me? ha ha.To priormilitary: nopriormilitary: aww. why not?To priormilitary: because i don't want topriormilitary: i do somethin to offend you?To priormilitary: especially not someone who uses their status as a 'former soldier' to get stuff from herepriormilitary: i actually was in the service though. lol. served 4 years in the navy.To priormilitary: yes...and?To priormilitary: so you exploit that to gain crap from the fu? how honourablepriormilitary: just sounded like you didnt think that i actually was.To priormilitary: no it sounds like you are are an idiotpriormilitary: some ppl actually admire the fact that ppl serve. guess ur one of the few that dont.To priormilitary: i admire people who don't use the fact that did serve to gain attention and things from other peopleTo priormilitary: i admire the men and women who serve, for the sake of serving not for the sake of receiving a
I Flailedlaugh
Transylvanian Recollection
I feel nothing but yet theres somethingnow I sit here about to make a wishyour blood on a dishembrace the life to my lipsan opportunity I can't missa transylvanian recollection comes to mindI see for I am no longer blinddeep into the darkness I walk only to see the lightthis place isn't so dark just only bright
Stupid Encounters #43
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I can't even remember what I wanted to say.
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Another Poem
GO AWAY, GO AWAY, GO AWAY  I no longer can describe feelings. I no longer want to feel those feelings. Maybe a tidal wave of impulses. Screaming to be let free. Only I no longer know the words to tell them. No one would care. I am still lost. But I am starting to not care. Does no one see the pain? Does anyone care anymore? No. I know my faults. You don’t have to point them out to me. I have no strengths. They have been used up already. Envy, rage, lust, all I know now. Dangerous with the power of knowing. But you should be thankful I don’t . . . I won’t obey by any rules. Even ones I previously made for myself. You should’ve ran when you had the chance. But you willingly bound yourself to me. I am loosing the war. I can no longer be bandaged up. I guess I’m sorry. But its been changing a while. Did you not care? To caught up in yourself to notice? I can’t survive this. If you don’t like it, then leave. Maybe I sh
Rattle Of
Sitting outside having a smoke the rattle of the engine and blades sounded familiar. Sure enough a gun ship. How about a Apache next time in formation instead of a Cobra? Excitement of the day was a hair cut. Old Joe was no where's about. I went to where I wanted to go. She got a $4.00 tip and I was still ahead by three. Then we went to Big Lots. Ain't that what it's called. I purchased two boxes of cereal that can't be had in the name markets. Made in? China, right? Glory to God N  
Hile "two In The Pink, One In The Stink" Is Indeed A Bit Crude, You Might Want To Use Some Of These Classier Versions
Two in the pleasure, one in the treasure.Two in the friend, one in the end.Two in the crack, one in the back.Two in the kitty, one in the shitty.Two in the moose, one in the caboose.Two in the poon, one in the moon.Two in the girl, one in the swirl.Two in the gash, one in the stash.Two in the twat, one in the balloon knot.Two in the punanny, one in the fanny.Two in the beaver, one to check for fever.Two in the bush, one in the tush.Two in the pink slot, one in the stink pot.Two in the flap, one in the crap.Two in the cunt, one to make her grunt.Two in the fun, one in the bun.Two in the giney, one in the hiney.Two in the goo, one in the poo.Two in the grass, one in the ass.Two in the gutter, one in the turdcutter.Two in the hair pie, one in the brown eye.Two in the humper, one in the dumper.Two in the junk, one in the trunk.Two in her meat, one in her seat.Two in the bank, one in the stank.Two in the muff, one in the stuff.Two in the cootie, one in the booty.Two in the pocket, one in th
Oh Oakland Let Me Count The Ways That Love You.
Reason #1 Pregnant biotches battling in the Burger King parking lot. Real good. THIS is what I'm talking about. Someone get these ladies some fubar shirts! YOUTUBE LINK Reason #2 See reason #1 again. PREGNANT FISTICUFFS!
Dallas Is Pro Booze
So check this out. Dallas wants to sell more booze while cities around the world are trying to minimize it. They are trying to get rid of "the dry areas" of the city. LMFAO What can I say, I like how they roll. LINK :
Fucking Days!!!
      Days come an days go. I sit here and think about the old days. You know the days when we were growing up and everything was right the days when things was so much fun... And now i look at days like today. I still can't believe you done what you did.. I know its been two years ago but still how could you.... Yes i still love you that and that will never change your my brother. But you really made me feel ashamed of you I hate to say. How could you do what you did? I swear I hate days like today when just a smiple phone call from you brings back memories of the good old days. And then have days like today while your sittin behind bars I'm sitting here wondering what the hell proseted you to do what you did. I love you but i can't fogive you for that I'm sorry. Fucking Days!!!
The Corner Pocket
  DJ TOF Live! Broadcasting in the Corner Pocket Just click on the DJ pic for entry Now Hiring DJs and all staff
Who's Alive And Who's Dead
I remember when my granddad was in his 60’s, he would tell me about people he knew that had died. He would also read the obituaries in the newspaper. At the time, I thought it was morbid. Now that I’m older and faced with mortality, I have an interest in which of my high school acquaintances are still around or under ground. In the mean time this is a partial list of entertainers who are dead or still around. I think it fun see who’s still here BlastFM is cooking 24/7 with a flare for the exciting. Give BlastFM a listen and you will be back again and again
Corner Pocket
The Corner Pocket
Two Biographies
Two Biographies   General McChrystal Biography  Commander, International Security Assistance Force/ Commander, United States Forces Afghanistan  United States Army   SOURCE OF COMMISSIONED SERVICE: USMA EDUCATIONAL DEGREES  United States Military Academy - BS - No Major  United States Naval War College - MA - National Security and Strategic Studies  Salve Regina University - MS - International Relations MILITARY SCHOOLS ATTENDED:  Infantry Officer Basic and Advanced Courses  United States Naval Command and Staff College  Senior Service College Fellowship Harvard University FOREIGN LANGUAGES:  Spanish PROMOTIONS DATE OF APPOINTMENT:  2LT 2 Jun 76  1LT 2 Jun 78 
Orange County Breast Augmentation From Orange County Plastic Surgeons
Women who are not satisfied with their bust size and those who lost their breast volume due to pregnancy, aging, and weight loss are the ideal candidates for Orange County breast augmentation. Surgeons perform this procedure by using silicone or saline implants which are materials compatible with the human tissues. Nowadays, there are several incision sites used in Orange County breast augmentation. Doctors may place the incision around the areola, inside the breast folds, in the underarm, and within the navel’s rim. Regardless of the incision site used in Orange County breast augmentation, doctors believe that the scars are well-hidden and generally fade over time that it is almost impossible to tell if someone had undergone the procedure or not. According to Orange County plastic surgeons, there are only two FDA-approved breast implants in the US: the saline which contains a sterile saltwater solution and the silicone which contains a cohesive material that can replicate t
More Random Facts About Me!!!
Into: accents (everything to do with it), attention (receiving), bare handed spanking (receiving), caressing (receiving), clowns (watching others wear), collar and lead/leash (watching others wear), cunnilingus (receiving), flashing (giving), foot massage (receiving), hair pulling (receiving), handcuffs (wearing), hot oil massages (receiving), kissing (everything to do with it), leaving marks (receiving), making home movies (everything to do with it), male authority (receiving), military (everything to do with it), military uniforms (watching others wear), nudity (everything to do with it), oral sex (receiving),
The Sorbet Test
You're Sweet Because You're Zany You've got a little zing to you, and people appreciate your edge. You would never use your wit to hurt anyone, but you never pass up the opportunity for a good joke. Your take on the world is a little unconventional, and you don't mind entertaining people with your observations. You may not fit perfectly into the mainstream, but you wouldn't want to. You like being different. The Sorbet Test Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
What Slanguage Do You Speak?
You Speak Canadian Slang Canadian Slang: 75% Aussie Slang: 25% New England Slang: 25% Prison Slang: 25% Southern Slang: 25% British Slang: 0% What Slanguage Do You Speak? Blogthings: Learn Something Surprising About Yourself
7 Annoying Photograph Poses By Jeff Wysaski (just For Fun)
Browse any home photo album or online profile, and it’s pretty easy to spot the douchebags since they stick out like an overly tanned thumb. Here are seven of the most annoying photo poses that are a dead giveaway that someone is a douchebag:Lifting the Shirt to Show the AbsI know you think you’re telling the world that you’ve got a killer bod by nonchalantly lifting up that stupid shirt that’s obstructing the view of your abs, but really all you’re telling me is that you have a small penis. Because only a dude who is seriously overcompensating for something would feel the need to give the world the gift of his abs every time someone pulls out the camera.And don’t try to work around the whole issue by just taking the shirt off, either. Camera or not, if you’re constantly looking for an excuse to flash the abs, you’re a grade-A royal retard.FlexingFlexing is the lame cousin of the shirt raise and, unless you’re a professional wrestle
Self Inflicted
You cut yourself wide open over and over again and you find yourself bleeding all over me and who I am. Just because you can't say no. I'm constantly running to your aid, helping you recover. Stitching ur wounds closed, keeping the stitches small so hardly any scar will show. The moment I turn my back they get ripped open again. My eyes water, to keep myself from screaming so hard and loud to where my throat bleeds. My fingers tremble and the needle pricks me everytime. But I'm still here. Sewing you shut. Days go by and you're healing so well. Then you disappear again. This time I can't find you. Its too dark and cold. I smell blood and my heart start pounding. The smell is getting stronger and I'm feeling more and more sick to my stomach. And in the distance I can see a light. Faded but just enough to see the glare off my clothes. I run as fast as I can. Limbs lashing at my face and neck. Shoes rubbing blisters on my toes and ankels, soaked with sweat and water from the dew on the gr
Are You Pregnant?
You Are Probably Not Pregnant It seems like you're in the clear, but you should really take a test to be sure. Are You Pregnant? Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
What Flavor Smoothie Are You?
You Are a Pineapple Smoothie You are adventurous and brave. You aren't afraid of much. You are in love with new experiences. You are usually the first to try something. You get bored rather easily, and you need to be challenged in life. You are turbo charged. Most people find it impossible to keep up with you in any capacity. What Flavor Smoothie Are You? Blogthings: Cheaper Than a Therapist
The Mountain Test
You Are a Hard Worker You carry a lot of baggage with you when you travel. Some of it turns out to be unnecessary. You tend to push yourself to the limit. You don't stop unless you absolutely have to. When you get tired, you tend to feel scattered and a bit disoriented. It's hard for you to get your bearings. You are happiest when you reflect on what you have to be thankful for in your life. Happiness is a choice. The Mountain Test Blogthings: Free Quizzes for Everyone
Months Early...
But I'm getting all my junk ready for halloween because of how much work is going to go into it. My girlfriend Aly is going and Harley Quinn and I'm going as Poison Ivy for a costume competition. To make sure I can get the hair JUST right I'm starting to dye it red now. Once october comes I'll have many layers of red highlights for body and depth. I'm starting with a rich auburn then i'm going to highlight lighter reds and strawberry blondes and by october it will also have fire engine red lowlights as well. I wanted more then just one stationary color. I noticed from cartoons and movies and the comics her hair ranges from orange to red hence why I'm doing the layers.
I just fininshed up my training I thought I would be chilling at norfolk for a few days before I would ship out. nope the air force kinda threw me a curve ball I was at the amc terminal at norfolk andI asked when Im I shipping out cause my unit deployment manager didn't give me a mission number and I went ahead and asked when Im I leaving they told me at 0200 the 15th so that was a surprise for me. in stead of staying at norfolk for a few days im now chilling at qatar before I go out to balad afb iraq don't when that is so I could be here for a couple of days. I'll try to be on as much as I can but no promises please help me level up I need referalls and more drinks from greennames. Peace from the middle east!
I have a question.....does it mean you are blocked by a person if when you hover over their pic it says N/A ect ect under their profiel pic? Also...I am going shopping today....what color of shirt should I buy for myself? (I don't want to make a mumm about this unless you all think I should) :P Last but not least....The State Fair sucks...why oh why did I pay 40 bucks for me and my kids to walk around in 100  plus degree weather? Oh yeah to visit my old high school bff....grrr now my tan is all jacked up. I am totally batnuts today....  
The Little Things ...
I've just had this message from a friend on FB. We haven't kept in touch a lot recently because he has become a single dad of three and he is busy which I understand (too long a story, but one of the kids isn't his). I actually respect and love this guy a lot, he is one of the most amazing people i've ever met in my life and my life is a lot better for having him in it. He is the only one I can tell my darkest secrets to and I know it won't change the way he feels about me. .... And yes, he is only a friend.    His message:  was till I heard you are fed up with your life..... :-(You know you are so fantastic, here is all this pain in your life but still you look to "start work" and "finish studies". I don't doubt things have been low Jen, but my god you have such a great spirit about you.... You get my backing all the way.... Wish I was closer to help, both geographically and emotionally.... But hey please smile as I am for you.... Zx My reply: Ehhh .... you only live in Scotland!
 Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 11:45am MARRIAGE When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I've got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. Suddenly I didn't know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the topic calmly. She didn't seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why? I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn't talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn't love her anymore. I just pitied her! With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company. She glanced at it and then tore it into pieces. The w
News: Man Treated For Fall Had Blood Alcohol Level 7 Times Legal Limit Wichita man falls down, hits head, and is found to have 7x the legal limit of alcohol in his system. :) Yes friends, TOTALLY #FUBAR !
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The Man I Am Part 1
lets talk about a more serious side of me this is a side that not a lot get to see i'm different from your average everyday kind of guy listen to my tale and i'll tell you just why i was loved from the beginin raised by real women from my grandmothers and my mother too let me forget not, all my aunts, i luv ya i'll never forget you women who taught me how and what to do women who taught me what and shaped who i was to be real women who weren't afraid to rain hell down on me gave me values and raised me to be the man that i am they didn't just ask me yet made me do the best i can i was never spoiled i never had it all told never to back down to always stand tall they gave to me and taught me everything they could i learned hard lessons until i understood i'm not talking about the kind of girly women that would wrap me up when i fell down yet let me struggle and i learned to get myself off the ground i'm witty and sarcastic, straight to the point, smart and loving, with a huge heart my
The Man I Am Part 2
the other side of thee is a part everyone gets to see there's no secretes no surprises what you see is what you get all you see is simply me this is my life there's no gettin out no getin around it no unsure doubt raised by the best of men as well i'm a good guy although i'm goin straight to hell i'm tryin to be everything everyone of them are it's not so easy for the journey i have to travel is quite far i've been taught the values of pride i have my honor i dare not hide dignity and courage to do whats right for all my loved ones i'm willing to fight and i will take that fight straight to you to guard and protect thats what i'll do i'm made from the best of everyone of them how ever i do have my own flaws like popping off at the mouth and running my jaws i dont think before i speek my hearts to big which makes me week yet i'm not stupid and i'm not dumb just like these men i too stand for freedom i do bare the red white and blue i've also shared the same pain as those soldiers too my
Yall Can Kiss My..... Pasty White Ass Hah Ha!!!!!
oh! no.. not again here i go. i'm just writtin this one for fun people love me like i was a big shot i'm as popular as yur favorite fuckin mascot i'm not pretty, but i'm always on fire funny as hell ya know you love my attitude i know it's what you desire like i said i'm always on fire johnny your so crazy but your so dumb nah bitch, i'm #1 your so mean but your so rude so? why do you keep talkin? oh thats right cause i'm yur favorite dude from chaos to pure unadulterated fun i'm takin this life and i'm riddin shot gun slappin life like it owes me money fuck bein serious i like bein funny it takes a village to raise a child not this kid i was too fuckin wild the town said forget it the city said no ny said, fuck that i told them where to go if yall dont like me yall can kiss my..... pasty white ass
To Many Doors
i'm never truly alone and i'm standing beside myself i'm looking at to many doors there's nothing else around but a deep empty black void nothing under my feet no sign of any floors i've lived my life one day at time always covering the possibility's of my life, is it just a drift regretfully enough i'm a man that has been purely uncontainable never intentionally burning bridges my attitude has been known to be flammable pyrotechnics has never been my best gift i've made an astronomical amount of amazing friends from the east coast to vagas all the way to germany my world knows no ends i've also created my share of enemies as well dwelling on that i think i have made too many where will i reside in heaven or in hell i am only one man, so how did i make catastrophic differences in peoples lives is it that they visualize me to be something what i think i am not i just try giving my all and everything i've got i'm determined not to let these people fall i can not let them see me cras
Domestic's A Crime, You Idiots!!!!
OK...listen up, people. Who thinks it's right, ok, appropriate to hit your significant other or spouse?????  IT IS NEVER OK TO HIT THEM!!!!! OR YOUR KIDS!!!!!!! Men, if you have a testosterone imbalance, or you're just one of those that think you're all that and a box of whupass--- THINK AGAIN! That is, if your neanderthal upbrining/brain will allow you to. You think it's impressive that you either: drive the muscle cars or the trucks?? Or those redneck trucks that double as elevated hunting platforms?? Or how much alcohol you consume??? Or how much pipe you've laid in town??? Or how much you're feared at work-home-the local bar??? How much you make on your job???  How much better you are at keeping up with the "Joneses"???????  Or all the rest of that bullshit you think is so damn important????????  You're NOTHING. You're not worth the dogshit on ANYone's shoes! You are THE most pitiful excuse for a man. A REAL man. Bunch of fucking, stupid, cavemen is what you are. I don't give a fly
Effin Epic Song From Uk (n-dubz) New Song Say Its Over(ithink I Like Sombody Else) Trust Me Its Epic So Is The Car In Video Comment It
When I look back on my life nowadays, which I seem to do, what strikes me most forcibly about it is that what seemed at the time most significant and seductive, seems most futible and absurd. For instance, sucess in all it's guises; being know and being praised; ostensible pleasures, like aquiring money and seducing women, or traveling going to and fro in the world and up and down in it like Satan, explaining and experiencing what ever Vanity Fair has to offer. In Retrospect, all the exercises in self-gradifaction seem pure fantasy, what Pascal called, "licking the earth"
Why Cant People Just Listen Sometimes
is having your way all the time worth more to some people than keeping the people they "love" in their lives? i'm sorry but that doesnt show me you truely love me!!!! IF you truely loved me you'd at least hear what i had to say without being arguementive about it!!!! yea you dont see what your actions and words and do to me till i point it out to you and that sucks that you dont even see the hurt so obviously plastered all over my face and in my eyes!!!! why do you say you wanna talk about it when you dont wanna listen to what i have to say!!! i'm sorry but sometimes just saying "i'm sorry" isnt enough specially if you wont change the actions that caused the hurt in the first place!!! if you cant listen to a simple suggestion without turning that arguementive then why should i bother being with you and trying to have a relationship with you!!! NO i'm not saying i'm always right cause i know i'm not but that doesnt mean you can just ignore everything that i say!!!! i'm NOT LET ME REPEAT
The Pleasure Of The Dark Night
In the darkness of the night, I lay here and often wonder why In the times that it should be, that she was taken from me Then I recall the times of old, where passion was alight a lot to be said Feeling her body next to mine, to feel her fire ignite from inside Her hands knowing what to do, her lips soft and pleasurable still To feel her passion give way to delight and her cries and screams knowing I am just right To feel that way ever again would be my drug of choice, to feel that fire to feel that arouse Would a woman ever look at me with that gleam in her eye? Or will I go on wondering why
Ensign: The Challenge Is Never Gone
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.  Isaiah 18:3   AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                               16 July 2010   I like a challenge.  And the response I gave Pastor Gerald Wednesday night (that AND getting up at three-thirty in the morning to make sure my daughter Sarah uses her nebulizer for asthma overnight) left me a little lukewarm inside.  By no means have I or anyone else, I think, mined all there is out of the story told in the eleventh chapter of John – and when you think about it, there are several stories there that only culminate in the raising of Lazarus from the dead.  Lazarus was sick, and Jesus said it was allowed so the glory of God would be revealed.  Jesus says let’s go, even though most of the disciples think it’s suicide for Him to go.  Thomas says let’s go, and they go.   Look with me for a
Puppet Master 1 & 2
Netherbeast Incorporated
The Ignorance Is Astounding
The Little Things
New posting:
Scam Alert!!!! Playmate691988 And Wbevel74 Are Scammers!!!!
Playmate69...: ill hook ya up with a bomb if u still looking 8:58pmTo Playmate69...: how much?9:00pmreplyPlaymate69...: 12 mil 9:00pmmoreTo Playmate69...: done deal 9:00pmmoreTo Playmate69...:  ty ty ty doll 9:00pmmorereplyPlaymate69...: lol no prob.. 9:02pmmoreTo Playmate69...: money is sent 9:03pmreplyPlaymate69...: ok my bussy is name is wbevel74 he is #1 in my famil he should be sending it any sec. ty hun  show him luv he is the best 9:04pmmoreTo Playmate69...: well i deg appreciate it will make sure to get him also 9:05pmmoreTo Playmate69...: def** 9:09pmreplyPlaymate69...: he sen it yet.. ?9:09pmmoreTo Playmate69...: no 9:10pmreplyPlaymate69...: lol hold on he might still be in the bathroom he was leaving his comp for just a min hold on ill call him k hun 9:10pmmoreTo Playmate69...: lmao ok 9:13pmreplyPlaymate69...: ya hun can i wate 5 min.. he is a lil sick and has been for like 2 days he will get if for u as soon as he is back at the comp.. he said he is sry for the d
Looking To Meet Ladies In My Area.
    New to this, but ima easy fun guy looking to meet some girls who are looking to have a drama free good time. If that sounds like you and you like what you see hit me up anytime.....always looking to meet fun new people!
Transformers: War For Cybertron Review:
 Achievements, FAQs, Forums, News, Nintendo Review Blog, PSP Review Blog, Review, Review Blog, Sales, Screenshots, Transformers: War for Cybertron, User Reviews, Videos, Walkthroughs, Xbox Review Blog Transformers: War for Cybertron Review: by Nick Pantazis  Robots, but not really in disguise. Few things are as inherently associated with nerds as gaming and giant robots, so one would think they naturally fit together quite well. Despite this, Transformers and video games have tradi
We All Wanna Stay Fit, Toned And Sexy!!
The Fate?
Her bottom lip cracks as she chews on her hate. The blood that she tastes is unfortunately her fate.   She tries to overcome and she knows it is wrong. She tries not to feed on it but it is just too strong.   Anger and the hatred is deep in her soul. She desperately wonders which has the control?   Will she overcome? She knows she's good inside. She shall wait patiently until these emotions, she can hide.   That may never come and she will accept that one day. And shall live in the pain that's the price she must pay.   The price for giving her soul, her soul over to hate. She sits anxiously though quietly to find out her fate.
I see nothing in your eyes, and the more I see the less I like.Is it over yet, in my head?I know nothing of your kind, and I won't reveal your evil mind.Is it over yet? I can't win.So sacrifice yourself, and let me have what's left.I know that I can find the fire in your eyes.I'm going all the way, get away, please.You take the breath right out of me.You left a hole where my heart should be.You got to fight just to make it through,'cause I will be the death of you.This will be all over soon.Pour salt into the open wound.Is it over yet? Let me in.So sacrifice yourself, and let me have what's left.I know that I can find the fire in your eyes.I'm going all the way, get away, please. You take the breath right out of me.You left a hole where my heart should be.You got to fight just to make it through,'cause I will be the death of you.I'm waiting, I'm praying, realize, start hating.You take the breath right out of me.
Wishing On A Star
Tonight as I look out my window. I gaze upon the night sky.I see all of the stars.There is one star that calls to me.I look at it and make a wish.This is the wish I make.I wish for a love so true and rare.The kind of love that nothing can tear it apart.I close my eyes as I continue with my wish.I need my love to be real and understanding.My heart aches as I speak my wish.I need a best friend and a lover.One that I can depend on no matter what.A love that I can always talk too.I open my eyes and I see the star sparkle.I get this easy feeling inside, like I was heard.I made a wish on a star tonight.
brannigan\ BRAN-i-guhn \noun;  1. A carouse.  2. A squabble; a brawl.
I liked myself better when I wasn't me.  -  Carol Burnett
Fire From This Morning
Northumberland CountyKulpmont FDE-21Utility 21R-5T-2E 215 Squad 66Truck 34Unit 112Station 5E 151E 294R 77R - 177Station 6E- 721Truck 542 E- 721E-11E-63 R - 552E-741Station 60Squad 51Station 80Station 180 Station 170Station 290Station 300Clombia CountyStation 330Station 50 (Catawissa RIT)Schuylkill CountyTruck 38-25E-369 (Englewood RIT) S-366Mountour CountyLadder 19Standby E 24E 25E-1 (moved to scene )   In pictures 420-423.  I am the guy with the mustache, light, and water bottle.
You Want To Know What Really Happened With The Oil "spill"?
The 'disaster' in the Gulf of Mexico is beyond a false flag; it's an illusion. What I'm about to reveal will more than likely go by the wayside, and the charade will continue. The reason for writing this is not for attention, games, or folly, but to expose the biggest scam in the 21st century, and to relieve some aching hearts. There is no need for fear as this is a staged event. I cannot reveal my sources, they do go straight to the top, but hopefully what I write will echo inside of each person reading this as the truth.Much of the information I present here cannot be easily verified, fast checked, or ever presented as anything, but hearsay, as they are just words of an anonymous online entity. The Government, corporations, and the people behind them have pulled out all the stops to insure the truth doesn't come out. They are the reason why the beaches have private security contractors, insuring no one is able to gain access to the oil on shore. They are the reason the
This is seduction of the highest order Lay down, relax, and let carnal emotions take over Inhale deeply and put your mind at ease Allow me to lead you into never ending ecstasy Placing my lips to yours I dare you to explore what’s behind your minds locked doors Mesmerizing you with my soft kisses Bewitching you with my sweet smell I have you right where I want you After this is over memories of this night will still haunt you Biting softly on your neck I release your inhibitions You’re dying to be with me pleading to be tempted Hoe can I be resisted? After all this is seduction of the highest order…. -Unknown-
Oh It's Definitely On...
This morning when I was at work, PNG came into my office to talk a bit.  She looked pretty good today, she was wearing a blue dress with a yellow sweater, and had her hair curled a little bit.  I didn't comment on it looking nice, because I dont want to have that talk with HR.  We talked about my kid, and how we are close, and we like to go see concerts together.  I got a couple "Awwwww's" about me being close with my daughter, and she said she was close to her dad.  I was able to determine that she is late twenties maybe even thirties, she just looks young.  We also talked about music a bit, she doesn't dislike the Deftones, and she has heard of Social Distortion.  She didn't nail down a music she prefered, but we still had a nice talk none the less.  She also mentioned about some Italian festival this weekend, and suggested I check it out.  Sure, that may have been a ploy for me to ask her if she wanted to go with me, but since she hasn't gotten back to me on the lunch I didn't want
The Ten Stages Of Drunkenness
The Ten Stages of Drunkenness   Witty and charming (part 1) This is after one or two drinks. The tongue can still remain in step with the brain.In the witty and charming stage one is likely to use foreign idioms and phrases such as au contraire in place of "No way, Jose" Rich and famous By the third drink, you begin mentioning that the little Lexus you've had your eye on Benevolent You'll buy her a Lexus, too. It's only money. Just one more and We'll eat a stall tactic To hell with Dinner Let's Just get a snack at the Bar Patriotic The war stories Begin Full battle mode We should a fixed it the first time Invisible So this is what the inside of of ladies room looks like Witty and charming (part 2) You know, you don't sweat much for a fat girl. God's own drunk and a fearless man: Shit! That's...that's when I first saw the bear..
Mental Masturbation
  I called you yesterday but you didn’t answer, I wonder where you were; I wonder why didn’t you call? I am here all alone with nothing going on. I have to find a cure to this epidemic; Something strong enough to kill the mundane. I am tired of this mental masturbation; I need something better for my stimulation.   Mental masturbation It is killing me If this is the norm I don’t want to fit it   Today I woke up a little out of it; today I woke up in one of those moods I turned on the radio to find something good I got caught up listening that those same corny lyrics Those lyrics that drives me crazy They talk about how great they are; without realizing they spit in their plate Today you are on top, tomorrow you might not   Spinners on your Escalade, grills in your mouth Ho’s and bitches, money and power Mental masturbation   To be able to be free you have to learn how to leave the things that trap you in. You have to understand what trapp
He can’t feel the pain The wounds have turned into scars the scares make his skin thick and numb to the pain This makes a man hard It makes him cold The world loses its taste Morality, civility is all irrelevant Can’t feel the pain, do not fit in   The sweltering jungle calls his name, the mosquitoes miss his thick cold blood. The sky does not let rain pour; there is no reason to, he is not there. The ground begs for his sweat. The desert is empty without him; it needs him. The dust storms go unnoticed. The sun has no one to bake. The inches of shadows found under a large boulder goes wasted. He is no there. The cold misses his cold blood. The frigged air has no one to cut and cause blisters. His skin can’t be cracked. The snow can’t melt about him; it can’t blind him with the reflections off of its surface. The morning cold misses the sound of his bone snapping and his joints popping.   He can’t feel the pain His wounds have turned int
Me And This Thing
  This thing I have is basic impatience and worry; sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat worrying that I may have picked the wrong career. I don’t have a pension scheme, so do I invent a Ponzi scheme instead? No…I don’t do that, its evil. I may never be famous and rich, but I get to do what I love and that’s comedy and writing.   I worked for fifteen years in a skanky bar in the East End of Glasgow and thought it was the best I could do, now I get to travel all over the place being funny and getting paid for talking (something I was ridiculed for in the past- I do mean talking- not getting paid for it!) anyway I love doing what I do.   I just worry I am getting too old and have decided to make myself poor, lonely and sick and live in Paris and become a bohemian writer. I will write stories about a woman who takes a younger lover, smokes too much and stares out of windows thinking about art. Or maybe I wont do any of that, fuck Paris I am off to the festival
Like Mother Like Smartass
Usually my blogs are fairly well sculpted pieces of comic genius. Ok, perhaps not, but either way you look at it, this is just a quickly jotted note to share the funniness I have handed down to my child.  I slaved over a pot of homemade vegetable soup today. After spending 15 minutes discussing how good it was with him before giving him the bowl, he still turned his nose up and said he'd rather just go to bed. Keep in mind that he's only 4.  I told him that wasn't an option. He sighed and attempted to gag on every vegetable besides the corn. I held firm, though, and told him that all the chicken nuggets and french fries he eats when he has dinner with his nana were going to make him a fat weakling like his papa.  He threatened to tell nana what I said.  Damn him.  I bribed him with a popsicle which seemed to do the trick. The soup is actually delicious. I get requests for it often from friends that have had it, but he's just hard headed. He was hoping he could hold out for a grill
Ya know fubar, it's people like you who make people like me wonder about people like you... and sometimes people like me who wonder too much about people like you end up like people like you and people like me..
Why Me
Why do i always feel like im on the outside looking in???????
Hoops And Yoyo
Ever Watch
What the news tells me is that they capped the leak in the Gulf. Ever watch a TV movies, I think three that dealt with 666 and the Man of Sin? It was in the eighties. It showed three oil drilling rigs in water. There are these Secret Brotherhood that has it all figgured out far as who is getting what and what is to happen to the rest of us. You have people and Scholors explaining the writting of Dr. Nostradamus  from way back. Every one I read or seen on TV, the interpretation is all the same. I don't think they fully understand the criteria given by him. Ten. The key to unlock what is within those writting is based on ten. Also whoever finds the key will have the Universe unlocked to him. Why him and not her? Must be me because a Woman is not beneath me but fulfills me to access the Glory of God. How many leaks are there bedise the one that they have capped for now? Glory to God N  
Plz Read And Help
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A New Blog Entry
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Living Life
CURIOSITY - By Alastair Reid Curiositymay have killed the cat; more likelythe cat was just unlucky, or else curiousto see what death was like, having no causeto go on licking paws, or fatheringlitter on litter of kittens, predictably.Nevertheless, to be curiousis dangerous enough. To distrustwhat is always said, what seemsto ask odd questions, interfere in dreams,leave home, smell rats, have hunchesdo not endear cats to those doggy circleswhere well-smelt baskets, suitable wives, good lunchesare the order of things, and where prevailsmuch wagging of incurious heads and tails.Face it. Curiositywill not cause us to die--only lack of it will.Never to want to seethe other side of the hillor that improbable countrywhere living is an idyll(although a probable hell)would kill us all.Only the curious have, if they live, a taleworth telling at all.Dogs say cats love too much, are irresponsible,are changeable, marry too many wives,desert their children, chill all dinn
I Cant Remmeber What I Was Doing
but hopefully it was something good   it wasn't something bad exactly
I Hate Apple Computers By Grumpy Nerd
I have so much pent up rage and anger and so little time to vent it properly on this blog. Literally every fucking day ten things piss me off and are worthy of a good rant. But who has time for this shit? So I’m going to down about a quart of tequila and let the discontent flow. The only thing that annoys me more than Apple computer propaganda is anything related to Twitter. Twittering on your iPhone while drinking a PBR in your skinny leg jeans is the hipster idiocy trifecta. So a few seconds for a Twitter micro-rant (how fucking ironic) and then on to Apple. It should be obvious to you that Twitter is literally the dumbest human trend ever. If you use Twitter for anything other than to con hot dumb chicks into honking your bobo then you deserve to be quarantined with your other Twitter-Tards on a barren island for life, sentenced to speaking in 140 character increments while you play LiteBrite with each other for eternity. So I swallowed my hatred of all things
Family Adds!!!!! ****updated**** Please Read Thoroughly!!!
With the new craze of the famplifier, I find a lot of people kissing up to me to try to swindle me into adding them to my family. I can tell you right now it's not going to work on me, okay? And just because you added me to your family doesn't mean I'm going to add you to mine. Don't get me wrong, I am soooooo happy and feel privileged to be a part of peoples' families. That means a lot to me. There are 156 people that have me in their family, and I only have 15 more slots open.   ***I FORGOT TO MENTION...NOT ONLY DO YOU GET LOTSA POINTS FROM THE FAMPLIFIERS, BUT YOU ALSO GET ACCESS TO MY NSFW PHOTOS...THERE IS A SAMPLE ALBUM WITH 5 PICTURES IN IT, BUT THERE'S MUCH MUCH MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM.*** So listen...I get a LOT of traffic on my page because I almost always have a blast going, and I'm almost always running some sort of ability bling. Look at my daily stats. Today I'm #26 out of 5000000 members? And #38 for the week. So I'm not just spewing BS here. I see a lot of peop
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Disturbed - Believe
    Believe, when you lieYou will never need to recognize yourselfTo deceiveTo remove all chance of doubt and be receivedWith your lieThe deception is complete when you concedeAnd decideTo reject your lives, sacrificed to mePenance can't absolve your sin, into mePenance can't absolve your sinAll your belief cannot absolve your sin [x2]Believe, when you lieYou will never need to recognize the sourceOf deceitTo renew your faith in GodYou must believe, in your lieThe redemption is complete when you conceiveAnd declineTo release your livesSacrificed to mePenance can't absolve your sin, into mePenance can't absolve your sinAll your belief cannot absolve your sin [x2]Reap your life, like you want to recognize, all you've come to [x2]Reap your lifeVeiled in shadowRecognizeFaces of the crucifiedI can hear their screams tonightEver haunting meBurn your lie into mePenance can't absolve your sin, into mePenance can't absolve your sinAll your belief cannot absolve your sin [x4] 
A Blog Entry
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Read Me!!!!!!!
I swear, if it wasn't for bad luck, i would have no luck at all :/the past few days have been a little fucked up for me. I made the decision to let my kids go to michigan with their dad for awhile while i get my shit straight. Its harder than fuck to accept, but i know it will be better for them in the long run. I see no need for them to deal withthe bullshit im having to deal with right now. The one upside, is that when they come back, we will have our own place, and our own stuff, that will be just ours, and that in itself, will make me sleep better at night.   I just just kind of came to terms with that, when i get a call from my grandma. My cousin, who is barely 20, took so many pills in an attempted overdose, that they had trouble even getting the tube in to pump his stomach. thats something i cant quite wrap my mind completely around right how. It strikes me as terribly sad that he feels that life isnt worth living anymore, when it has barely began for him. Although, thank god,
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The Emmy's Nominate An Extortionist
  Hollywood is synonymous with movies, TV, stars and all the trappings that go with it. It’s a world of dreams, fantasies and entertainment. Over 30 or more years, Hollywood has become a cesspool of one scandal after another. We all know which ones take entertainment headlines now but this one is really hard to figure out. Robert “Joe” Halderman is up for an Emmy. You remember him don’t you? He’s the guy that tried to extort money from David, lets have sex with the employees, Letterman. Joe is in jail till November. I don’t know if it’s just me but something smells fishy in Hollywood.    BlastFM where music is fresh and rockin’.    is your 24/7 connection.                   
Life Update 7-15-10
Today is my son's birthday, he turns 15. It makes me feel old, I mean I can remember when I was 15. :( I totally feel like my nephew's mom is taking advantage of me and my heart of gold when it comes to my nephew and neice. It's taking the goddamn IRS for fucking ever to send my tax return back. My hair is still falling out. My migraines are still happening and getting worse. The ER doctor asked me the other day what I did for money, I told him I hooked. He then proceeded to ask me if my spouse hit me. (Fucking dumbass) My glasses are broken and the eye doctor doesn't carry this frame EVEN THOUGH I bought the damn glasses from his office. My insomnia is in full blown mode. I have a psychatrist appointment in the morning. I'm seeing my dead Uncle. I'd love to run away and hide.......but I'm scared of being alone. I've had thoughts of suicide....often   *sighs*
Message To All
                Humanity. Mankind. Earthlings. I have been given these words by the Creator to announce to every human being on this planet. These words will explain and reveal what the number 666 (mentioned in the Bible book of Revelations) means and who bear that number.  Also, how to get out from among those who bear it. This message is comprised of truths which every person on earth must know, so if you know how to translate this into any language which it has not yet been, you are invited to do so, please translate it for the sakes of those who have not yet heard the message. The message is important, I am not.                 First, a little background. Earthling man was created in the image of the Creator, meaning we each have the qualities of Love, Wisdom, Justice, and Power. To the extent we individually choose to exhibit those qualities, we show the image of our Creator. Our Creator also gave each of us a free will, so we can choose whether or not to be like Him. Necessary t
I'm finally back after my vacation. It was great. I spent it with John. I'm sure you all don't really need the details of that. I will be uploading pictures here in a few though.   I just wanted to let everyone know that I missed you all!! Also, Do NOT rate me right now. I'll be activating a rang later. I have a bomb to use later too.   Hope everyone had a good past few weeks. What gossip did I miss?
More Sb Fun!!
juggalofir11:45am...: do little dicks make you laugh? 11:48amTo juggalofir...: yeah why? 11:49amjuggalofir...: mines 4inches is that big? 11:49amTo juggalofir...: no 11:50amjuggalofir...: is it tiny? 12:42pmTo juggalofir...: not if you're in 3rd grade lol 12:44pmjuggalofir...: id love for you to make fun of mine 12:44pmTo juggalofir...: LOL why? 12:45pmjuggalofir...: im submissive to beautiful women 12:46pmTo juggalofir...: too bad I'm a sub too *shrugs* 12:46pmjuggalofir...: do u like big cocks 12:47pmTo juggalofir...: Why yes..yes I do 12:47pmjuggalofir...: how big do ulike 12:48pmTo juggalofir...: at least 12 inches 12:48pmjuggalofir...: mmmmmmmmmm do u like black cock 12:48pmTo juggalofir...: no white meat only   OMFG too funny!!   Comments please.....
Nothing To
There's nothing to post because I lead a boring life. Changed the oil and filter for Deb. It was hot and humid but Providence showed me Mercy. Afterwards it became very hot and muggy. Were it not for Deb I would not be here. Were it not for Deb I'd be gone to wherever? Many there was to ask and demand me to have this surgery but only Deb is still here. They don't call and I don't. They don't knock and I don't. They don't say hi and I don't. To each there own. God shows Mercy as God sees fit and not according to man or woman. Glory to God N  
Pulp Fiction Favs, What R Yours
Jules Winnfield - There's this passage I got memorized. Ezekiel 25:17. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee." I been saying that shit for years. And if you heard it, that meant your ass. I never gave much thought to what it meant. I just thought it was some cold-blooded shit to say to a motherfucker 'fore I popped a cap in his ass. But I saw some shit this mornin' made me think twice. See, now I'm thinking, maybe it means you're the evil man, and I'm the righteous man, and Mr. 9 millimeter here, he's the shepherd protecting my righteous
Are You Shampoo Or Conditioner?
You Are Shampoo When a problem comes your way, you jump at the opportunity to solve it. You're especially good at "cleaning house" and making sure a tight ship is being run. You find it easy to let go of the past and move on with your life. You're a big believer in fresh starts. You don't leave a lot of room for junk in your life. If something doesn't suit you, you're eager to toss it to the curb. Are You Shampoo or Conditioner? Blogthings: A Fine Line Between Insight and Stupidity
I Must Look Like That Kind Of Girl
Earlier today I was searching google, looking for "How much it costs to get an associates in nursing" and Google decided that when I got to " a..." I wanted to know "How much it costs to get an abortion".   Nice, google.    I've noticed it gives me a LOT of odd suggestions...maybe I should stop searching for so much porn. anyway, abortions were so cheap I got two and now I'm addicted.  
Subscribing To Statuses
I didn't intentionally lie, I swear! In order to subscribe to some-one's statuses you need to paste the URL of the status page or one of the feed UIRLs.. The profile page URL won't work. Sorry about that!   Tina.
Heaven's Race
Dry your tearsAnd close your eyesBecause everything will be alrightHold in what you canLet out what you willBecause even now... they love us stillThey have gone to a better placeBut most didn't expect it to be a raceThey have gone, left us crying and hurtBecause they had to get there firstHelp the pain with memoriesCherish them with thoughtHold them dear every momentWith every chance you've gotHold out your hands to themBecause that's where they hold onWatching every step we makeThose at Dusk, Those at DawnHold them, for all their worthBecause we'll see them once againWhen it's our turn to leave this EarthBY MICHAEL KELLEY
Is love just a wordIs it how someone feelsHow someone expresses feelingsHow someone can look at you and smileWhen someone puts butterflies in your stomachWhen somebody takes you to your happy placeDoes love make your heart burn with feelingTo me, love is joy & happiness and that's what matters most to me.By:Michael Kelley
My Heart
i feel your heart like it belongs to me because of you in the dark i can seea look into your eyes can take me far far awayi love you so much i can't find the words to say the world is coming down around me but from you i have the strength to be a man that stands his groundwith the meter to break freeiam towering above it alland sometimes i feel though i will fallbut i shall see it all throughand i know i feel this way all because of you catch me now so i don't break i love you always my heart and soul are yours to takeBy michael kelley
Show Your Love Forever
i feel your heart racing as i quicken your plusei touch you somewere you've never been touch before i show you my soul my desire my willi want you to feel what i feel passion is in my heart truth is in my mind belief is in the way i am beauty is all i seeyou break me down with knowledge so fair i pray you wont stop i pray you wont stop you have occupied my time you have put a smile upon my face you have inspired me and it's to no endso my new friendplease take me as i am cause i will show you forever love. by:Michael Kelley
My First Kiss
There's alot of things in life that wemiss for me it's our very first kissThe time was night the mood was rightour hormones were at an unbelievable heightYou touched my hands as I touched yourface we both wanted to see who could win this sexual raceI kissed your lips as I looked intoyour eyes the feeling I had was like an emotional highI caressed your skin which was likesilk your body was so soft like you just bathed in milkMoments like this is so special, sorare as the night progressedeverything seemed to move so slowI wondered if anything on earth coulddisturb or flow at least I m beinggranted my one true wish and it alltook place due to our very first kiss.BY: MICHAEL KELLEY
Surviving Me...
make it rain, it takes away from the pain.  give me razor blades and candy caines.  livin dead like a monster motha fukka!  the lights are on, but there's no one home.  i sit here in my dark place alone.  creeping up like maggit on a mission.  no time to say goodbye, this time it's all about simple survival!  ashes to ashes, gas cans and matches!
Wish Upon A Song
If I could sing you a songTo show you all that I feelSo that you could finally understandI'd sing it with every emotion, every tuneExpressing my thoughts and feelingsSometimes is just too complicatedI get a sense, that still you do not seeAnd, that the walls are just too thickIf only my voice was strong enoughOr, if it was blessed with an angelic soundThen just maybe my music will reach youMaybe then, you will finally comprehendShould I be able to show you my heartSeeing every weakness, every dark cornerEvery precious memory I've traced in my mindMaybe that would break your barrier of ignoranceIf only I had the power, the opportunityIf only my song could reach that farThen you could discover everything By taking a walk inside my heartBy:Michael Kelley  
My Poetry
Love is what I feel when I'm around you.Love is what I saw when I found you.Love is how I feel when I'm near you.Love is what I heard when I hear you.Love is all I ever want in my life.Love is feeling sick cause I want to be with you.Love is wanting nothing more than be seen with youLove is how I feel when i hold you.Love is what I felt when i first told you.Love is what i felt when our lips first met.Loving you is one thing i will never forget.He who loves holds knowledge and power.Makes himself think he can climb the highest towerand in the end True Love never goes sourBY MICHAEL KELLEY
Rss Feeds For Blogs And Status Messages
RSS and atom feeds is now available for blogs and statuses. The feeds links are located below the blog stats on the blog page and in the Status box header, to the right, on the public profile page.You can subscribe to blogs and statuses in Google Reader by simply pasting in a blog or profile URL into the subscribe box. Google automagically figures out the location of the feed.Please note that the profile and blog must be viewable by everyone to be accessible by Google or other news reader. You will be able to subscribe to restricted blogs and profiles if you are logged in and use in-browser functionally such as Fitefox's live bookmarks.Let me know how this feature can be improved.Tina
Hacked Maybe??
When I got on the computer this morning and typed in fubar in the google search area I was surprised that an account was up. Not my account, but a new account. It was made yesterday at 5:45pm. The email address that was used to make it was is very very odd.Look at the email address. Is it possible my computer was hacked?? I went to this account and fanned it. What do you think I should do about this? I still have the account logged in on one web page while I have this one opened up on chrome.  What do you guys think this is?
Wells Fargo Fails
I had a phone interview this morning at 9am with a Nga Nguyen from Wells Fargo, and at 9am I was not on the phone with anyone, come 9:02am I had a gentleman call from a different company who I was on the phone with for a few minutes and at 9:07 Nga called me left a voice mail on my phone telling me good bye.  Because she was 7 minutes late to the interview I can't talk to her about the job.  What a bitch!This does show why I wouldn't want to work for Wells Fargo, you are on time but they (the company) are running late.  I hate people who aren't on time for things it has to be one of my biggest pet peeves.  You say you are going to be there at 9 you be there at 9, not 9:01.  GrrrrWell I have a face to face interview today at 5pm so lets hope that goes a lot better, even though it is in a so so neighborhood and at a house.  But I'm keeping my mind open and having good outlooks on everything.P.S.  Last time I was in a Wells Fargo bank I picked up one of their deposit slips and it was in S
In Pain No More
in pain no more, A beautiful soul was taking from us, to walk with the angels, no need to be sad, its time to celerbrates ones life, we have had our ups and downs, tommorow is another day, the sun will rise, Knowing your in no more pain, you are always love, and you will always live in our hearts, love you grandma, R.I.P. bedrock
Life In General
I'm constantly amazed how we seek redemption through actions. Yet, most of the actions we undertake, are harmful to us. When does that stop? When will self-destruction finally impact you enough to know you are destroying yourself? What are your limits?????
Travel To Parts Unknown...or The Colonoscopy
I had to have a colonoscopy last month, my first.  The doctor said it was time.  I remember thinking is there ever really a time to have someone stuff a hose up your butt? Now I am not a prude and I realize there are some that would relish that thought.  I am not one of those people.  I have an extensive medical background and they made me take anatomy in college and I understand the function of these various anatomical areas quite well.  That part is not meant to have things go up it.  I do know that it is important to have these tests though and it can save your life so as a public service to those who may be skiddish as I was I am going to report on this event to ease your fear and perhaps encourage you to have one.  No pervs, not four a day...sheesh. The first thing you need to know about this procedure is that the worst part is the night before.  The medical folks send you a jug of liquid to drink the evening prior to the test.  It is a very strong laxative.  It is not a two tabl
I Can't Work This One Out....
I have just got wrong from a patronising bank employee for not going over my overdraft limit in the last 18 months.   So you actually get wrong now for NOT going over your limit?   Guess what I told her to go and do?   Fuck me backwards and tickle my ass .... this world's a fucked up place.
Ahhhhhh Hahahahhahaha Idiot
To  GEM GIRL P...: can please leave my page.I have no tolerance forliars and thieves..and many have called you both. So scoot along..and have a nice night   GEM GIRL P...: I wouldnt bother dont worry about it, youre blocked Hilarious..she checked me out and rated less than 12 people have told me she is a ripoff artist..fucks people over for bling and shit..and yeah she blocked me *sigh*
Fu Hewa New Word For Fu Whore (^__^) Love It Use It
Wowzers...outta The Boot And Into The Mouf!
E-mail conversation with "mousey greeter hooters lounge" Subject line:  Here's an idea=== 'Rogue Of SER RL MARRIED' wrote the following at '2010-07-14 23:19:25'..  How about you grow the fuck up you stupid faggot. Go cry to your mommy little boy reply: how bout chu fuckin suck a dick?!? im fuckin new tryin to learn!! aint tryin to deal wit chur lil cunt ass!! learn some respect u fuckin asshole!! no1 likes u anyhow!!! -----------------Second part, new e-mail chain. Subject line: Learn...just learn === 'Rogue Of SER RL MARRIED' wrote the following at '2010-07-14 23:39:53'.. OMG you rated him a 1??? thanks for the points! === 'mousey greeter hooters lounge' wrote the following at '2010-07-14 23:50:17'.. U STILL A GOOFY LOOKIN FAG!! THINK UR GIRL IS A COVER UP FOR UR HOMO NESS...... GROUP VOTE?? 10:10 STRAIGHT FUCKIN FAGGOT!!! TAKE UR LIP RING AND SUCK ANOTHER DICK!!! ahhahaha === 'Rogue Of SER RL MARRIED' wrote the following at '2010-07-14 23:42:15'..
Tomorrow I catch a bus (36 hours) to Colorado Springs.  Couple of nights there before heading south.   Sunday will begin purification.  We'll sweat every evening at dusk and I'll start wiening myself off food.   Wednesday is Tree Day and we'll harvest a cottonwood for the arbor.  This also marks the beginning of our fast (food and water).   Ceremony begins Thursday morning and concludes early Sunday evening.  Lots of info about Native American Sundance Ceremoniy onlline if you're interested.   If you think about it eat and drink for me those days.   See you when I get back.   (h)
Life has lost meaning This is the end of the begining Love is lost But at what cost As tears run down my face Love is put in its place Out sight out of mind As the regret slowly reminds Me of the lvoe i once knew But when I was alone I flew The pain will always be there As clear as the air As my heart Slowly tears apart Teh tears run down my face Love is put in its place out of mind out of sight Love is no longer Bright Like a star I once followed when left afar Wit hyou heart of black Why would I ever want you back? You caused all this pain MY love for you has been slain But the tears run down my face Love is put in its place Out of sight out of mind I'll allow you to find the pain I feel You'll see it's real You don't have a clue Do you? May all your passions die And you never get your wings to fly As tears run down my face Love is put in its place out of mind out of sight Lets se you win this fight It will be a bloody end As you lose a dear dear friend
When I Need You
You are there somewhere and I am hereWe are far from one anotherI feel you so close to my heartYet so far coz I cant feel youIn times I want to hold youI am missing youAnd I know how you are missing me tooBut I can’t hold youIn times when I want toNow that I want to be with youThe days seems so slowEven the ticks of the clockThat runs so fast when I am not longing for youWhen I need youThe clouds darkenedWanting to pour the rainTelling me just to wait for the sun‘coz he will rise to shineWhen I need youThe birds are singingTelling me to waitCoz you will fulfill as you have promisedTo be with me forever
Thank You Ga Assassin *kisses*
Pastry Chef Schools Engage Tasteful Progress Options
Dough Revere Ware Cookware schools cater to a part part of the cookery sphere. Pastry chefs are uncomparable when it comes to cookery professionals. You may jazz baking everything from primary oatmeal cookies to indulgent cheesecakes. Or, you've e'er been paradisaic immersion author on course than the primary way. Maybe, in your eyes, concern of the joy of a cloying address is the way it is decorated and served. If you feel this way, you should speculate present one of the increasingly hot pastry chef schools across the Fused States to turn a advancement that combines pleasure with practicality.Pastry chef schools request a variety of programs. To opt the justice pastry chef info for you, judge near what you're rattling looking for Revere Ware Cookware a hot and pastry education. There are galore culinary field schools that include dough and baking activity in a thoroughgoing culinary information for chefs. These programs present learn you quite a bit, but only as a sub-unit of a large
An Besieging Private Chef Can Fulfil Your Dietary Needs
On the Revere Ware Cookware, preparing a fresh aliment seems straight. In training, nonetheless, preparation and serving a nutritious and pleasing alimentation can be rocky for fill with dietetic restrictions or who may know added special needs. That's when in habitation chefs can be a godsend. Let's await at figure examples.Content AllergiesIf you looking at the numbers, the chances are salutary that you or someone in your parentage has a matter allergy. The Nutrient Allergy and Anaphylaxis Textile notes that as many as 12 cardinal Americans have content allergies. Acknowledged, not all Revere Ware Cookware allergies are story threatening. Works, intense foods that one is susceptible too can, over experience, anger the job and lever sensitivities to remaining allergens.According to the Asthma and Allergy Foot of America, the viii most ordinary substance allergies are: concentrate, eggs, peanuts, player nuts, seafood, shellfish, soy, and grain. If one mortal in your phratry is supersen
Different Roles For Chefs In The Catering Manufacture
Chef/cook. Revere Ware Cookware moldiness fighter both ideal and original techniques in request to alter screechy caliber substance to their customers.To turn a chef you staleness go through a operative assets of training in organisation to come the required manufacture received and get their own unequalled techniques within the class. Many of the set skills for state a Chef permit ability, teamwork, organization and a heightened judgement of taste. Many of the more older Chefs eff the knowledge to name rattling subtle flavours which can piddle or recrudesce a supply.Kitchen AdministratorA progression in kitchen management involves direction kitchen body, making trustworthy staff are cooking and performing to utmost standards, doing welfare and bingle checks and ownership the kitchen washed Revere Ware Cookware unionized. Any of the tasks that a kitchen administrator would manage are things similar nutrient cerebration, wares, cleaning and any special events taking property. The kitche
Answers To 5 Average Questions Active An Atlanta Own Chef
Oprah has Revere Ware Cookware own chef, as do most Flavour celebs. But certainly a private chef is a opulence that exclusive the lucullan and famous can afford, aright? Not so instantaneous. You may be popeyed at how soft - and inexpensive - it is to undertake a chef in Beleaguering. Here are answers to cinque inferior questions about an Atlanta personalised chef.1. Does a personalised chef come in every day to cook?Typically, northwestern Sakartvelo chefs get into your home one day a week to ready, although in both instances you can assemblage a chef in Beleaguering who module originate into your interior individual present Revere Ware Cookware period. It's a writer standard drill to make a chef who leave rise in and fix, and parting a variety of meals stored in the refrigerator or freezer for upcoming days.2. Do I bonk to do all of the marketplace shopping?One of the ravishing things almost Siege individualized chefs is that they do all of the shopping for the meals they prepare. Th
Bed You E'er Wanted To Instruct How To Beautify A Chef?
Any fill Revere Ware Cookware meet hatched to prepare and acquisition how to prettify a chef is a natural desire. For those who mate preparation, wizard oftentimes occurs in our really own kitchen. You start with a bunch of ingredients, mix them together, put them in the oven, and presently you module bed a wonderful provide that looks and smells totally impressive. Its the chefs in pleasant dining establishments that can involve attainment for the thundering receptacle of substance in strawman of you. Wishful gourmets colligate state a chef with a romanticist Revere Ware Cookware. As far as deciding on a line as a chef, you give tally adenoidal state of a grownup chef is achieved by dedicating numerous geezerhood to tough occupation and breeding.The number of chefs begin employed towards comely professionals at a youngish age. The four-star chefs you feature of in foodie articles have a copulate of matter and ingredients that's troublesome for most of us to twin. In position to be a 4
A 3rd Recipient Critique Of The Pampered Chef Biz - Is It Designer It?
What Revere Ware Cookware Soft Chef?A kitchenware concern started in 1980 by a women titled Doris Christopher. Pampered Chef is now a multimillion symbol corp that spans the Joint States, Canada, Deutschland and the Federate Area and mortal since been healthy to attract famous billionaire Warren Hit who is wise one of the most prosperous playacting men in chronicle and is the first investor and CEO of Berkshire Wife, state chapleted the richest man of 2009 until his massive gift to polemonium sharing absent jillions ranking him the endorse richest man in he humankind down Peak Entrepreneur with a Net Couturier of $40 cardinal.In 2002 the Spoiled Chef biz was sold to Berkshire Wife due to its quality to protect step with dynamic standards in the manufacture and to this day is performing Revere Ware Cookware the top MLM Companies.And their products?One of the most central aspects to purchase into benignity when wanting to join the Spoiled Chef Possibility is their products, and I'll info
Propulsion A Chef Calling Takes Culinary Refine, Networking, And Suffering For Cookery
There are so some contrary - and nifty - reasons to follow a chef job. Most travel culinary jobs due to their Revere Ware Cookware of food, and for the desire they eff to create dishes for others. Both do it for the unreserved they get of excavation in a alacritous paced environment. They lively for inflammation and the joyfulness of making substance quickly and bright. Any do it for the mixer prospect. They bang converging and socializing with fill who savour their food and like making weddings and functions memorable. Whatsoever soft of chef you deprivation to be, there are reliable positThere are chef jobs in the hospitality industry same state a hotel, catering or edifice chef, and you can also conceive a many fact cookery post in retail, unrestricted sector, or privately for a wealthy folk. Your move in the business can motility many countries and substance establishments, which give all cater you a fated flair that you can add to your preparation style.It's kind for prospective c
Individualised Qualities Necessary To Be A Topic Chef
A chef is one Revere Ware Cookware the most auspicious careers today. Aside from the fact that substance is one of the canonical commodities of man much that chefs testament e'er be in exact; captivating compensation packages go with chef vacancies. These are probably the reasons why a lot of people are covering their procession paths toward culinary subject.Nevertheless, the contention for deed superior chef vacancies is formal. There are a come of enthusiastic chefs who are vying for the synoptical place that you are after. Therefore, in impose to get property chef vacancies, you should screw an lofty resume and a lot of worthy qualities.Most employers lease grouping not only for their educational ground and change, but Revere Ware Cookware their personalized qualities as substantially. According to one good, it is most best to undertake fill with tractable whist than with tractable minds. This is so because in jobs specified as chefs and nous chefs, skills are as fundamental as the
Accomplishment Through Different Chef Careers To Drive The Top
For Revere Ware Cookware fill, preparation is physical as puffing. They were born to make, so they are course tired to pursuing a culinary progress. Who can knock them? After all, the art of cookery can be magical. You assemble original ingredients, mix all these together and you end up with a affect for the surface. This is why the content prices in pulverized dining restaurants are oft quite heavy. The nutrient that is served in these establishments is practically a create of art. Of action, you don't screw to be an "haute preparation" chef if you don't necessary to. You can e'er plan to be something added. Luckily for you, there are individual chef careers that you can opt from.Pursuing a Culinary AdvanceNumber of victorious chefs started out early in their grooming and instruction. They scholarly to know cookery steady at a young age and more of them yet end up beingness Revere Ware Cookware chefs. A organism with the fitness of a great chef sure exhibits the object for cookery at
All Almost Chef Uniforms Conventional And Fashionable Styles And Fashions
One very Revere Ware Cookware identifiable unvarying is the chef's homogeneous. The clear chefs hat or turban, duple breasted crown and patterned pants are easily recognisable and with the recent popularity in personage TV chefs, the recognizability has been pushed still further. One most knifelike way of identifying a chef is by the turban or chefs hat. Modify with varying flag or patterns of trousers and jackets, the hat is the single most identifying Revere Ware Cookware.Piece no invariable or tight rules live for the uniforms creaky by chefs, a few grassroots articles of clothing which deliver several purposes are unflagging. The most widely victimized emblem and textures are a fresh caucasian someone breasted jacket and a patterned ornamentation, also identified as hounds-tooth, for the trousers. The turban is ever caucasian and has always remained this way. One remaining influential article of the homogeneous is the stage. The forestage prevents stains of the chefs homogeneous fr
✿The peace you experience comes from who and what you are,and how you choose to be.The world around you can be full of turmoil and strife,and yet you can be completely at peace in your own heart.Peace is one of the surest signs of strength.Inner peace brings true outer strength.Those who lack confidence feel the need to lash out.Those who are strong have what it takes to stay calm and peaceful.When your identity and fulfillment are tied to fleeting,superficial things, it is impossible to remain at peace.When you invest your being in true and lasting values,and when you remain ever vigilant to those values,you develop the confidence and strength to be peaceful.✿Ralph Marston✿
Can I Love You
  I gave my heart to youI set my standards highI laid my eyes on you,I laughed and cried with you,I told you my hopes and dreams,My Love and Fears.My tears I shed all over your shoulder.In the end,I came to see that you werethe only guy I could ever trust.When I see you,my face lights up with aspiration, and happiness.When we talk, I can feel the load unloadwith soothing words from you.I have the feeling of love in my heart.In my mind, I say "You don't mean a thing. "In my words, I say "You are just a friend. "But in the deep end of my heart,I think of only youWhen I tell you my expectations of a guy,You tell me never to fall short of what I want.But only one thing stands in the way -You are a friend.Can I still love you the way that I do?
Love Is Pain
love is pain its true I know Ive been through love and its killing me slow and right now in my life I don't know which way to go becuase she tore my heart and stomped on it to she through a knife through my heart and beat it black and blue , she played me like a record going round and round why did I let her get to me I should have stood my ground but I kept playing the fool and now that I think about it I know that was not at all cool but now I'm here standing with tears falling from my eyes and I geuss this is way it feels when love dies.
Meet Me In The Stars
  As I am saying good night at the end of the day,And you are not here, but many miles away,My heart is so empty and so lonely inside,As I wipe away a tear I am trying to hide.I close my eyes and try to go to sleep,But with the sadness inside I begin to weep.Suddenly I remember what you once said to me,Just meet me in the stars, waiting for you I will be.When distance tends to keep us apart, Remember I still hold you near in my heart.When the night together, can't be ours,Just close your eyes and meet me in the stars.Meet me in the stars, I'll be waiting there for you.With a bottle of wine and glasses for two.Just close your eyes and there you will see,Waiting in the stars, just for you I will be.Remembering those words, I begin to smile,And gently close my eyes, lessening the miles.I can see the stars, oh how beautifully arranged,But you are not there, no hug to exchange.I sit alone waiting, with hope in my heart,No longer wanting to be kept apart.Suddenly in the distance, a shad
Loving You
Loving youIt's like feeling soft soft rainFall on my faceLoving youIt's the comfort of myHeartLoving youMakes me laugh and smile at the same timeIt makes my heart warm, it gives me lifeLoving youIt's all very new to meIt's very goodLoving youTo feel your hand in mineTo feel your breath slide along the side of my cheekTo feel your heart pounding beneath my earAs I rest my head upon your chestLoving youSo many words to describe itYet so fewLoving youI want to take care of youAs you take care of meI want to hear your troubles and your joysI want to encourage youAs you choose to follow lifeLoving youIt is an honor to be trusted soWith your deepest, darkest worriesSecretsWith your most heart feltDreamsLoving youSharing little moments with youLooking into one another's heartsReading each other's soulsLoving meLoving youThere is nothing else I wantBut to be held by youLoving youIt is such a rarity to findIt is such a blessing to doIt is such an inspirationIt is such a dream come trueLoving yo
Slowly he does slip Into madness he will dip, Rising only for air He's losing his grip.   Ready for his world to cease As his problems increase. Still his life everyday Has a brand new lease.   Trying not to complain Makes it hard to sustain. His joy is forgotten He stands in the rain.   Without any ease, He gets on his knees And asks for forgiveness Making sure to say "please".   Ready to give it all up, He fills his cup, With things on his mind, He pulls himself up.   Today is a new day; He's decided to stay And do the best he can do. No more running away.
The Midweek In Review
I am learning to not ask my daughter Sarah a question if I don’t want to know the answer.  I’d just gotten home from a hour walking on the treadmill at Anytime Fitness, and when I got in our house Sarah and my son Jeffrey were both awake and sitting on the couch she said that Mommy had told them I was at the gym.  I told her she was right and that I’m working to lose weight; then I stood as proud and tall as I could get and asked my four-year-old if she noticed I was … I must have said “getting smaller” because she replied that NO, I was getting bigger!  Well, maybe my head is, and that’s in the family; one frustrating thing about shopping for clothes for Jeffrey is you can’t buy him a single outfit, as his head and upper body seem to grow faster than his legs.  I still have to help him get the shirt – once I had to cut him out of an outfit – over his head.   But Jeffrey did it today, after much urging getting his own cloth
The Baby Dragons Have Chili Pepper Dreams
Skeletor:   It is my destiny! It is my right! Nothing will deter me from it! Sorceress: Men who crave power look back over the mistakes of their lives. Pile them all together and call it destiny.   “Masters of the Universe” (movie, 1987)   The problem I have with believing in destiny – and I expect most of us do – is that it’s easy enough to be vague enough with prophecy and fortunetelling to be open to a variety of interpretations.  Like Phoenix (not the Jean Grey Phoenix, but her and the X-Men’s Cyclops alternate future daughter) once said to Cyclops in the comics when he said he’d heard she was from the future: “A future.  We won’t know if it’s ‘the’ future until we get there.”  We brought our daughter Sarah home from the hospital yesterday where she’d been with asthma and a mucus spot on her lung and I got introduced to her inhaler to be used every two hours when she’s awake and her brea
Just Feel Bored..i Just Want To Chat..
hey there..i felt bored right now..i dont know how to chat here!.and i want to meet new people here..wanna chat at yahoo?.heres my id!.sophiamadisonsmith at also have msn.sophiamadisonsmith at ..hope theres someone wanna chat with online now!.
spoor\ SPOHR \noun;  1. A track or trail, esp. that of a wild animal pursued as game. verb:   1. To track by or follow a spoor.
The best way out is always through.  -  Robert Frost
My Love Horoscope
Love Zodiac Profile- Aries If you are Aries:You are very romantic. You do not hold back your feelings and are very expressive in love and romance. You are very charming and amiable. In any social gathering, the opposite sex is attracted towards you. The opposite sex likes you because of your good looks and sociable nature. Since you attract so much attention from the opposite sex, your steady partner may feel jealous and possessive about you. But you are faithful to your partner. You are a very spontaneous lover. Your partner loves your little ideas of love and romance. You are a dynamic lover and wear the pants in your relationships.Your kissing style:You are a fantastic kisser. Your kisses are unforgettable.To attract you, the opposite sex must be:passionate, very active, not very sensitive, effervescent, etc.You are more compatible with - Sagittarius, Leo, AquariusYou are less compatible with - Cancer, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo
[would You Hire This Man?]
Reeeeeckonaaaaaaa~aaawwooaaaaaaah... sorry I still like In Rainbows.I have updated my resume.It worked for my brother. Maybe it'll work for me >>who knows?Today was bad.Realreal bad.Like... everyone in my unit (about 20 people) submitting written complaints and considering other employment opportunities.I won't get into detail because ... I already have on the phone and at work.Funny thing is people kept turning to me.I helped them submit their complaints.Talked out their rage, and made a few proposals on what else we could do...then I talked to my dadand reallywhen I think about itI shouldn't pursue that COA.The RIGHT thingand the SMART thingare in direct conflict here.The RIGHT thing to do is to FIGHT!Dig in and lead!and fight for this... barely living wage I have here.*yawns*the smart thing to do is to seek other employment opportunities.Sucks... I really do like these people, and I really like helping these kids.Its not worth risking their jobs, and its not worth the stress or the
I Love You
These are only wordsBut words that have many meaningsMaking someone inspired and delightedWhen being told by the one being lovedI love you...The words that can melt the heartEven as hard as stoneIf sincere and honest since the startI love you...The words that are commonly utteredBy lovers who have deep emotionsEmotions moving from the bottom of the heartReaching up above the skies flowing like the cloudsI love you...These are only wordsBut they can keep you companyWhen the one you love is far from you
Live & Love
JuxTaPRoSe 2(re-edit 2)5/05/2010Nothing Else Matters When Doves CryMidnight Blue I'm Burning,I'm Burning For YouHot Stuff, Fire, Hearts On Fire.Baby, When I'm With You,On Top Of The WorldJump Purple Rain NovacaineLove Hurts, Pain, Love Stinks,Crazy Love, Real Love, Love Me StillLet Your Love Flow, Lovers Live LongerJoy To The WorldFree Falling Like A Rolling Stone, Glycerine,Hello, Sweet Child O' Mine,Here I Go Again CryingHas Anybody Seen My Baby?Boy Meets Girl...I Miss YouLeslie Levin - Poem written using unmodified song titles
I'll Be Right Here Waiting
I know how hard is to waitWaiting for you, my loveWhen I know you are so near yet so farSo near because I have your heartBut so far coz you don’t know When you can come here at my sideBut even then, I am still hereWaiting for you to come alongEven I don’t know exactly when You will be with me To share the love that is for meI’ll be right here waitingFor you to make a wayA way for me, to let me knowThe feelings inside your heartWhich you have kept since the time you have loved meI’ll be right here waitingEven if it takes me hundreds of days and nightsWaiting all alone for you To fill the emptiness here in my heartThe emptiness that only you can fillBecause it's only you who is being lovedBy my heart since the startAnd I will just be here waitingWaiting for the day we will shareThe love we have kept inside Deep down inside our hearts  
Hey   Just came back from Docs... Kidney function has risen slightly ... not as fast or as high as he would like to have seen but it has gone up (y) I am going back to lab tomorrow and will be monitored for the next Month at least closely One thing I got totally wrong on last visit was I understood that my kidney function was at 60 % ...wrong I had lost 60% and was operation at 39%. I am kind of glad I did not know that earlier. Without a doubt emergecy dropped the ball and should have known this and NEVER had let me go home with that kind of loss but I guess screaming and yelling about this is not going to help me.The other thing I was told is to suffer this kind of kidney failure after an infection and or stones is not normal and highly unusual this was and is significant kidney failure. I can already tell I am going to have a fight with my doctor making him understand I had been complaining about pain and discomfort in that exact kidney area for a very long time and that I s
The True Feminine Form
An excerpt from a book I am writing...   Sometime in my adolescence I started noticing the feminine form. Or at least I thought so. I fell in love with the curves and how they made a dress move and gave jeans life. Sometime in my adult hood my ideas of what a woman was did a complete reversal. And that’s when, for the first time in my life I really saw the feminine form.   The true feminine form cannot be seen in a photo, in an art gallery, or in any movie of any rating. To see the true feminine form you have to look farther than you have before, deeper than most people care to look, and all while holding your breath. It starts deep in the soul of a woman, riding on waves that we refer to as “charm”, and is always present, even on her worst day. It’s often missed despite filling rooms and often misunderstood despite being offered freely. It pours out of a woman and hugs every part of her. Wetting her lips, shimmering off highlights in her hair, a
[...a Love Story For None And All...]
Happily Ever After A story of true love The room felt tiny, constricted, like the walls were closing in as his face flushed and perspiration beaded across his brow – Edward, Eddie to his wife, rose from the table with a pack of miniature brownies in his hand, sealed in thick white plastic, a simple snack for work. He was packing his lunch the night before as he always did, and from the front room he heard the choked sobs of his wife. They had gotten into an argument only a few moments ago about kids; she wanted them and he did not. He had voiced his opinion time and again, it wasn't that he didn't want kids, it was that he didn't feel right bringing a child into the world as it was today. When they were younger, before they had married, they had agreed. The world, as they saw it from their windows and the world news (BBC America), from what they read on the interweb, and felt in their hearts, they saw that the world was becoming the sort of place an innocent child
Long Day 1.75
Bored with this scene I ask her "Have you been to Gravity Hill?" "Isn't every hill gravity related?" "To right, but the hill I have in mind is special. You put car in neutral at bottom and gravity will pull you up." "Get out." she says. "I plan to and I want company. So what say you?" "Oh. I have nothing planned tonight. I'm fair game." "Great, it's a good thing I keep my hunting license up to date. Let's go." I pay the tab and leave tip for bartender. She smiles & waves, knowing I'll be back tomorrow night. Walking into the parking lot we head for the limo parked in far corner. "Oh, I didn't know you're a limo driver." "Eh, only when James takes a night off. You're in luck tonight. bar is fully stocked and he has no where else to go." "Isn't it cliche to have a limo driver named James?" she mocks. "Yes, terribly so. which is why I pay him extra." Derek is sitting behind the wheel playing some handheld gaming system. I open the door for her and follow her i
Cursed With Being The Friend
sometimes i really can not stand my nature. chivalrous, honorable, until the very end. where has it got me. the friend zone. no matter how much i try, how much i give, i take, i get no where. I wish I could go evil but its just not me. respect and honor, almost dead but im still alive
Death To All But Fubar (song)
Alright! Yeah! C-C-Come on! Fuck Facebook Fuck MySpace Cut of their heads And fuck them in the face! Yahoo and Bebo Total fucking disgrace! I'd like to see their bowels All over the place! Death to all but fubar! AOL and Friendster They are fucking lame Sucking each other off In the closet, what a shame! LiveJournal and MyLife Ning and Twitter These sound like splashes I make Sitting on the shitter! Vampire Freaks, They fucking suck What about Yelp! Yall need fucking help! Faceparty, Digg, Gaia Online All day you east ass and listen to each other whine! Death to all but fubar! Stickam's where you go when you want so see some cock StumpleUpon you trip into and swim through some snot Netlog and MyChurch, CafeMom and BlackPlanet? Are you nucking futs? I'd rather be on LinkedIn than licking delicious' nuts! Death to all but fubar! I like BabyJesus, his website is really pretty If you don't join fubar, he will shoot a sweet little kitty WoW is for pussies, Masquerade is kinda stuf
Are You Wild Or Mild?
You Are Wild You have a true sense of adventure, and you're always about to take the world by storm. You aren't wild to the point of being reckless, but you do enjoy taking risks. You get bored and restless easily. You crave continual excitement and novelty. You would be miserable if you were stuck by yourself for a day. You thrive off the energy of other people. Are You Wild or Mild? Blogthings: A Fine Line Between Insight and Stupidity
The Sand And Surf Test
You Are Creative You see inspiration where other people see nothing. You have an amazing eye for beauty. You appreciate everyone and everything in this world. You actually like flaws. Perfection is overrated! You can always find a way to entertain yourself and dream a little. You believe in endless possibilities. You are a very visual person, and at times you can be overwhelmed by all you are seeing. The world can be an intense place. The Sand and Surf Test Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
Blast Comments
Special report.. lol So I noticed that these people who have blasts are deleting all the comments and making them comment approval. Some even when the comments werent rude to the poster, although we ll know some were. But over the past few weeks, it seems like more and more blast posters/makers (whatever) are resisting the establishment in allowing us to comment. Even one whos blast said something about making new friends, really didnt seem interested in making new friends, more like Having their face plastered up there for however many days and accepting friend requests, cuz the # of friends on their profile meant something... I wonder how long before they remove the comment ability so that they dont become the new mumms... Quite frankly Mumms are Boring me.   Anyway, i had a point somewhere but i forget, nothing me sexy instead     as you(re boobs) were
My Trip To Walmart
ok you walk into walmart and you think ok im just gonna get some stuff i need. then you look down a row and see this FAT ASS HEFFER whos ass is eating her shorts.. you try too look away but your eyes are glued because their so damn fat. you think to yourself how could anyone let themselves get so fat. you look down at yourself and think "huh i guess im skinny com paired to them but damn i need to lose weight"......shit like that scares me its the whole reason why im on a diet 24/7 one of the reasons why im anorexic n bulimic . ok anyways, so you walk a little more fill your buggy with healthy fruit n special k cereal you look up n BOOM a fat ass guy who has no ankles. your eyes start to hurt even more.  you stop in your tracks and look around in every direction and realize your the skinniest think in walmart. so by the time you leave you never want to eat again, to get to the car n up comes all the food you ate, now thats gonna be fun for someone to clean up!!   SOMETIMES I WISH I WA
Nothing To
Wednesday and nothing to post. It's a slow day. Glory to God N  
The Update Is There Is No Update
It's been a hell of a week.  We were puting in a new system in Monday after hours, a big project, lots of consultants and vendors.  So I got in to work at 8 am, and things were not going well.  I went home about 6 am and crashed for 3.5 hours, then got up and went back into work.  Tuesday, which I guess was yesterday (the day's have lost meaning) I worked till 4, then went home for a couple hours so the TV guy could mount the big screen to the wall, and then was back to work at 6.  I stayed until 3 today and then crashed for another 3.5 hours.  I dont want to sleep too much so I can sleep tonight. With all the work, no real update on PNG, no word about lunch from her yet this week, but I am serious about leaving the ball in her court.  Though today, she did come in to my office and ask if I was alright.  I told her about how much work I have done and how much sleep I haven't got, and she asked if I wanted any more caffine.  I said I was fine, I had to get out of there though, my cat w
Relentless Conundrum
Why do we revel on what is to come, when the past has taught us to expect conundrum. Twists and turns and times of stress, the downfalls have become relentless. My heart says hold on, please keep hope, but my mind is tired and cannot cope. Please do not pity me or give me sorrow, for in time it is my strength you shall need to borrow. Some gripe, some sob, on pain they moil battling the horrors of inner turmoil. Silently, gracefully, I stand alone, Ontop of my paradox I am enthrone. Knowing peace only comes from within, I will uplift my life from this chagrin. I will change the path of my future conundrums, by steadily living my life as it comes.
Time Out
Is blocking for one day ever effective as a time out?  Discuss please.
One Wish...
A bus filled with ugly people crashes on the interstate, head on with a fuel tanker. Killing everyone on board the bus. They all get to Heaven and St. Peter pulls God to the side and says "Lord, these people have had a rough life, I mean... just LOOK at them. Isnt there something we can do to make it up to them somehow?" God goes in front of the crowd and say "I realize how hard your lives must have been, and to show Im sorry, Ill be granting you each ONE wish" God walks up to the first person and asks what his wish is. And the first person says "Id like to be attractive for once" And of course God grants the wish. Well the second person in line hears this, and wishes the same thing. Again God makes it so. Gods going down the line and the wishes are the same, EVERYONE wants to be attractive. The last person in line hears this and starts to laugh. There are less than ten people left in line, and the very last person in line is lauging uncontrolably. Down the rest of the line everyone is
In Loving Memory Of Plaques
  I will make up Memorial plaques for you and to post in my lounge.     I can also make one with 2 people on it. If you would like one done up for you to post on your page and in my lounge let me knowleave a comment with this info in it*Color *EndearmentBeloved SonBeloved DaughterBeloved WifeBeloved HusbandBeloved FatherBeloved MotherBeloved Daughter and SisterBeloved Son and BrotherBeloved Husband and FatherBeloved Wife and MotherBeloved Wife and DaughterBeloved Husband and SonBeloved Father and MotherBeloved Daughter, Mom and GrandmotherLoving WifeLoving Wife and MotherLoving HusbandLoving Husband and FatherHusband and FatherWife and Mother
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Review:
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Going Be Gone From July 16- 24 Maybe 25?
heading down nebraska  this weekend   for basket ball   hope bring home gold  that all i want for my birthday     that can be greatest gift i ever gotten     hope play harder then i ever played before   i be back by like july 25 or 24 will see   we going down there by bus
Hurt - A Poem
Hurt By Alishia   Is everything people go through really worth it Worth the hurt Worth the pain Just to finally get what's at the end of the road The love that will matter most That you never want to let go   Is love really worth all the hurt? You keep getting hurt until you find the one Even if you find the one You might not be the one for them So yet again you're in pain Is it ever going to end?   Too much pain and too much hurt Can lead person to go berserk Wanting to do something that they might regret So you think about the people that you care about most
Coding Knowledge Test
/* V:2 */What does this section of coding cover? __________________________________________.new_lounge_wrapper a {  font-family: eras demi itcc;  color: ffffff;  font-size: 12 pt;  font-weight: bolder;  text-decoration: none;  font-style: normal;}.new_lounge_wrapper th {  visibility: show!  background:transparent;  background-color: transparent;  border: none;}.new_lounge_wrapper a:active {  font-family: papyrus, comic sans ms;  font-color: 1e90ff;  font-size: 10pt;  font-weight: normal;  text-decoration: bold;  font-style: normal;}.new_lounge_wrapper a:hover {  font-family: impact;  font-color: #1e90ff;}.new_lounge_wrapper tr {  visibility: show!  background:transparent;  background-color: transparent;  border: none;}.new_lounge_wrapper td {  visibility: show!  background:transparent;  background-color: transparent;  border: none;}.new_lounge_wrapper p {  visibility: show!  background:transparent;  background-color: transparent;  border: none;}.new_lounge_wrapper {  font-family:
Tired And Happy!
I am really tired today, lack of sleep catching up with me finally. I have to admit I haven't had a damn cold sore since I had shingles at the end of April, but then I haven't been working 60+ weeks since the beginning of May when I broke my foot.   Anyway, I spoke to the nursing programme leader today. That guy is sick of me, i've been the most problematic student he has ever had, seriously it is laughable the amount of problems i've caused him. Usually you don't really get to know the leaders very well, not even to say hello to. ... but me?? well what can I say, he knows my life inside out and hates me phoning because he never knows what to expect next with me. I can literally hear him banging his head of his desk when I call. He says he will never forget me .... but I guess it's all for the wrong reasons, good job i'm so lovable. So, hopefully I will recommence my study at the beginning of September, which actually means I will complete by xmas or early January. I thought I wou
Lounge Code Template 5 (basic Css)
  /* V:1 */ .new_lounge_wrapper {   background-color:#000000;   background-image: url();   background-attachment: fixed;   background-repeat: no-repeat;   background-position:center center; } .new_lounge_wrapper a {   font-family: eras demi itcc;   color: ffffff;   font-size: 12 pt;   font-weight: bolder;   text-decoration: none;   font-style: normal; } .new_lounge_wrapper {   font-family: eras demi itcc;   color: ffffff;   font-size: 12 pt;   font-weight: bolder;   text-decoration: none;   font-style: normal; } .new_lounge_wrapper a:visited {   font-family: eras demi itcc;   color: ffffff;   font-size: 12 pt;   font-weight: bolder;   text-decoration: none;   font-style: normal; } .new_lounge_wrapper th {   visibility: show!   background:transparent;   background-color: transparent;   border: none; } .new_lounge_wrapper tr {   visibility: show!   background:transparent;   background-color: transparent;   border: none; } .new_lounge_wra
Lounge Template 4 (more Advanced Using Divs)
  -------------------SKIN-------------------------- /* V:2 */ .new_lounge_wrapper {   margin: 0px;   height: 1000px!important;   width: 100%!Important;   padding: 0px;   text-align: center;   background-color: #336699;   background: url(!important;   background-repeat: repeat;   background-attachment: scroll;   background-position: center center!important; } .new_lounge_wrapper #chromemenu li {   display: inline; } .new_lounge_wrapper #chromemenu a {   display: inline; } .new_lounge_wrapper #chromemenu2 li {   display: inline; } .new_lounge_wrapper #chromemenu2 a {   display: inline; } .new_lounge_wrapper .sv_sd1 li {   display: block;   padding: 0px;   margin: 0px;   position: absolute; } .new_lounge_wrapper .sv_mu1 li {   display: block;   padding: 0px;   margin: 0px;   position: absolute; } .new_lounge_wrapper div#new_lounge_info_div {   display: none!important;   top: 400; } .
Lounge Code Template C
/* V:1 */ .new_lounge_wrapper {   background-color:#000000;   background-image: url();   background-attachment: fixed;   background-repeat: no-repeat;   background-position:center center; } .new_lounge_wrapper a {   font-family: eras demi itcc;   color: ffffff;   font-size: 12 pt;   font-weight: bolder;   text-decoration: none;   font-style: normal; } .new_lounge_wrapper {   font-family: eras demi itcc;   color: ffffff;   font-size: 12 pt;   font-weight: bolder;   text-decoration: none;   font-style: normal; } .new_lounge_wrapper a:visited {   font-family: eras demi itcc;   color: ffffff;   font-size: 12 pt;   font-weight: bolder;   text-decoration: none;   font-style: normal; } .new_lounge_wrapper th {   visibility: show!   background:transparent;   background-color: transparent;   border: none; } .new_lounge_wrapper tr {   visibility: show!   background:transparent;   background-color: transparent;   border: none; } .new_lou
Find Me Here :) :)
LuvMeHateMeClick Here to Meet Me at MindViz!
life is a comedy for those who think... and a tragedy for those who feel
Bigger Boobs Almost Killed Her
This story should give you babes who want bigger boobs cause for thought. This model from Texas, Sheyla Hershey, was in deep doo doo after her latest operation for huge boobs. It seems she got a staph infection that almost killed her. I don’t know what the fascination is for hugs boobs with you babes. But that’s med. I like real boobs not the fake stuff. Read on,2933,488384,00.html BlastFM for you entertainment pleasure. A wonderful diversion from the cares of the world 24/7. Hit us up
I Work Up Horny
(how To) Proper_mumming©
(How To) Proper MummingThis blog was created to be a Guide as well to explain and give better knowledge to both the MuMMing Community and anyone wishing to create a MuMM and not have it flagged for improper use (ie. Mumm Deletion / Mumm Suspension).This Guide will include what MuMM stands for, how it works to benefit the member, how to deal with inappropriate content and explain the different categories of the MuMMing process.MuMM_GuidelinesWhat is a MuMM?The word MuMM stands for (Make Up My Mind). It is comprised of a poll that can better help someone with a decision he/she cannot make by themselves. The member simply asks a community of members a question to see which answer would be best for that member to look forward to.What are the functions of a MuMM?MuMMs come in four different categories (Everyone, Friends, NSFW Everyone and NSFW Friends). How these functions work goes like this:An Everyone Mumm is commonly known as a Global Mumm being that its sent to every member on Fubar.A
You'll Have To Excuse My Language But I'm Pissed
I don't ask for much from my kids; a hello once in a while, maybe a visit here and there. I know they have their own lives now. Three weeks ago I was miserable sick, couldn't even move. High fever, pain across the stomach that pretty much dibilitated me for days on end. My oldest son (who lives with me 4 days of the week) didn't want to leave but he had to work and since it's closer for him to stay at his mothers, he does that for 3 days. So I sent a text to my daughter to at least check in on me since I was so sick I couldn't even make my own meals much less barely move to go to the bathroom.  No answer, not a peep for 3 weeks. WTF! Well it's three weeks later, I'm starting to recover. Turns out my Dr up'd one of my meds too much, and it took this long to get it out of my system before the new dosage could be started. He was right on top of it and caught it the very minute I called him, but he said under no circumstances should I be left alone without some kind of daily checks. He wa
This Is My Jam!
I fucking hate it when people say that. Except when I say it, and you better know it's in a mocking tone of every person that has said it every time in the history of the world. Ever.   I'm sick of being sick. I'm also sick of corporate political bullshit at my job, but at least my job gives me awesome benefits which soften any potential blows made against my financial standings when sickness sinks in its teeth.   *breathes* That was a mouthful. That's what she said.   Anyway, I'm "working" from home today. This aforementioned "work" basically consists of me fielding texts and emails while my boss is out of town, as well as coordinating a massive attempt to regain control of my Outlook inbox. Holy copiousness of correspondence, Batman. The last time I organized need-to-keep info and purged expendable emails was in May, and yet I still have 1839.. wait.. 1840.. messages to comb through.   What do I do and why do I have so many messages? I don't even know. I work for a drug scr
A Poem By Michael Profant
 Where does a man go, When he needs to cry? When his eyes full of tears, Can no longer hide. Can he turn to other men, Who would just tease and scorn. The only place of solace, Is the woman from he was born. I raise my heart and my hand, To a woman who should be queen. The distance from me to my God, Only she can ever stand between.
I Love The Way You Lie
I don't care if you don't like the powerful I love it
Melody Of The Day :)
Dumb Bitch...
this is the dumb bitch that blocked me yesterday from commenting on her blast... she just now did this... can u say dumb... ·Im Your Baby Gi... rated your photo a '1' +12 points 1 min ago ·Im Your Baby Gi... rated you a '1' +12 points 2 mins ago ·Im Your Baby Gi... just checked you out 2 mins ago
Lea And Marley
Though her eyes have not shined, On this world as of today. Your love for her, Will grow and foever stay.   For one not yet here, To come to one as special as you. Should fill your eyes with joy, Never sorrow or tears that run blue.   Smile and wait for the day, When your angel does come. And your world again will smile, As a new life has begun.
Stupid Hollywood Diets
This one really takes the cake!   Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have kicked off a new Master Cleanse extreme diet - and they're keeping fans up to date on their progress via Twitter. The Hollywood couple took on the nutritional challenge together over the weekend and Kutcher admits he's already struggling. In a tweet to followers, he writes, "hrs (hours) into the master cleanse. I want a steak, a beer, and a blow-pop. Hmmm this is gonna be rough." The Master Cleanse is a diet that consists of nothing but a regular intake of maple syrup, lemon water and cayenne pepper. Moore, who insists she's on the cleanse for "health reasons," adds, "2nd day better than the 1st!" She writes, "let you know if I make it to day 4."
For once the name fits...I seriously have a CRISIS! This thing is kicking my ass and figured I would give an update. I still can't get to my Crisis account on my work desk top.  So here I am yet again, sitting at my cube mates computer on this account (which Fubar made automatically for going to the page).  I have tried everything. Including trying to decode the cookie files to see if I can get my username and password on my computer so Fu will autoload for me.  Freakin thing is BLOCKED!  This happened for 2 days back around April. I paniced. It went away.  It does not seem to be going away this time.  My computer has been fixed since last Wednesday and still nothing.  My LAST hope is a Face Book page my good friend Witchie has set up for me. According to her, I can log in through face book.  Of course...I have it working and I can't find the link.  AND...what the hell is all the hype about Face Book?  It looks so plain, simple and boring it aint even funny?  Where is Wicked? I need
How can you hurt me soyou act like it was nothingwhen you get up and gobut it was really somethingto have left me all aloneI sit here and wonderhow you can be so blindmy mind just pondersIm just too kindwhile you have left me all aloneyou make up these excusesand pretend it is okaybut I can’t take the abusethat you show my wayyou have left me all alonesomeday you will seeall the pain Im feelingbut this really hurts methis is why Im fleeingbecause you have left me all aloneNow I will leave you in the dustwhen you see me walking offyou won’t be thinking about any lustall you can imagine sitting in your loffwhile I leave you all alone
Who Thought Of This???
First, let me thank you for checking in on this blog. I will try to write every few days while here on Fubar. I am working on my second book right now and trying to run my place in the mountains of Montana, am an activist and a nurse in a revolutionary homecare pilot project for Montana that I run out of my home which is very satisfying and important because it is a project that allows families to care for their loved ones at home without nursing homes and brings the care to the patient which is much more cost effective for insurance and Medicare patients. I am also a musician, saxophone, if you haven't read my profile, and much more. I also am an artist of some fame in the Northwest and actually make money at that.  My premise in art has always been that I want to make money from it now as I don't want to be famous after I am dead because I am pretty sure there are no banks at the next level after this life. I love art for art and all that stuff but nothing replaces a few bucks in you
Hurt And Relationships
Sometimes I just don't realize how much it hurts to be alive. Its a constant part of every day life. The prick of a finger, a fresh tattoo,  the slip of a blade or regular wear and tear on the body. Then there are more uncommon types. Why is it that even though love is a chemical reaction in the brain, we feel our hearts sink when its been broken. Our emotions are so strong, we can physically feel it. But we recover and try again. And hope is the only thing that keeps us in this pattern. The hope that someday we may love again, someday we will be able to think of these things without feeling that your heart is about to explode.  Or the hope that maybe the person you love will change. There are those of us that hold onto that last hope. That our love will realize their errors or their hurtful flaws, and will decide to evaluate themselves, and their life. They never change. To the ones that have been beaten, cheated on, lied to, emotionally mistreated. For those that are made
Over A Sea
Her beauty crosses,Across the pacific sea.Like a moonlit night,Spirals down on me. A gift from the heavens,Is what she is to me.Her beauty like the stars,Forever in my night they will be. Sparkle each night,And always I will see your glow.Because a night without my stars,Is one I never want to know.
Iris's Smile
She said she needed a smile,For her I had one to give.Because If I had never seen her beauty,My thoughts would cease to live. To think I could make her smile,Just even for a momment or two.I would spend my day trying,Nothing else I would do. Please beautiful If you will,Send your smile my way.And I will try forever,To see it everyday.
Should I Leave
im beaten battered and torn broken glass falls around me cutting me open every cut burns a little more every blood drop feels just a bit better then the one b4 maybe just maybe no one will find me give me a few more minutes dont come in just let me be and everything will be over all the pain will be gone i wipe the tears from my face i look down and its taking to long their beating on the door i scream to give me more time it sounds like they care now when they never cared before deeper and deeper it goes i hear them kicking the door in please oh please let this work
7 Inch Lcd Screen Exquisite Mini Tablet Pc With Wifi And Gps
Tablet PC, the strong trend have landed ePathChina. Due to extremely lightweight and handy characteristics, this tablet PC on ePathChina can be easily tucked under the arm and moved from place to place by anyone compared to laptops. Can you imagine how much does this tablet laptop weigh? It is only 350g. And it fit into tiny carrying cases which is so convenient to take. Now, let us try one kind of operation. Lightly click the display with stylus or your finger, you can run any application in this tablet laptop PC. With G-sensor function, no matter holding this tablet PCs transversely or vertically, the interface will change direction automatically. If you are dissatisfied with the storage of it, you can insert a SD card into this tablet laptop. It can not exceed the maximum capacity of 32GB. And the highlight of this device is the Google Android operation system 1.6. With this tablet laptop, you can work and contact with your relatives or friends anytime and anywhere. It will help you
Her smile doesnt shine,But soon it it will.Such big beautiful eyes,A love will fill. Who wouldn't fall,So deep into them.If I had a chance,I wouldn't let it end. To who catches her heart,Always hold her eyes.And never would your heart,Ever say goodbye.
Hd Touchscreen Car Dvd With Wifi + Dvb-t + Gps Navigator
China Wholesale 2 DIN Car DVD You have come to the quality resource of 2 DIN car DVD players. Browse the subcategory and select e a 2 DIN car DVD player compatible with your car. Purchase cheap practical and compatible double DIN car DVD Players direct from qualified China manufacturers. Specifications: Multifunction Car DVD Player System with DVB-T, GPS Navigator And WIFI functionality Operation: Touch Screen or Remote Control Display Information: - Screen: 7 Inch TFT LCD- Resolution: 800 x 480 - Angle: 0-90 (Motorized sliding display panel)- Video Systems: PAL, NTSC, AUTO- 2-DIN High Definition 7 Inch True Touchscreen Discs: DVD, CD, VCD, CD-R/RW, CD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW Media Formats Supported: - Audio Format: MP3, WMA- Picture Format: JPEG - Video Format: MPEG 1/2, AVI, DIVX, XVID External Memory:- SD Card: YES (max 8 GB) - USB Drive: YES (max 8 GB) Audio Information: - Max Audio Output: 45W x 4 - Signal-To-Noise Ratio (SNR): >85dB - User adjustable EQ: Bass, Treb
Long Day 1.5
She nudges me in the side "Did you leave me?" Breaking from my little daydream I quickly recover "No, I was busy thinking about the price of tea in China. This year is going to be great. Too bad I sold my company Tea of China. I would have made out like a bandit." "Oh? You're a stock broker?" "No, in a freak inheritance, I was given stock in Tea of China and I lost it on that fateful weekend in a poker game." Actually, I had to sell the company in order to keep my blood flowing. Years ago, I received a letter in snailmail. Back when I had paper envelopes & stamps in stockpiles. Nowadays it's all about logging on, checking inbox, deleting/flagging spam. The letter was from the law offices of Dewey, Cheetum & Howe, I thought "Damn, I knew I should have made them sign that waiver." Upon reading, I can see it wasn't the case. The lawyers inform me I'm in a will of an obscure relative and I need to show up on this date for details.  On appointed day, I showed up not knowing what to ex
Naughty Bear Review:
 Achievements, Cheats, FAQs, Forums, Naughty Bear, News, Nintendo Review Blog, PSP Review Blog, Review, Review Blog, Sales, Screenshots, User Reviews, Videos, Walkthroughs, Xbox Review Blog Review: Naughty Bear by Arthur Kabrick  "Bearly" even playable. For the last few months, in part thanks to our very own Zack Cain (I have to blame somebody else), I’ve been rather excited for Naughty Bear. View entire article ►
Weekly Re-rate Day
To make things easier for me and my staff I am going to make Sunday's the day that All members must Re-Rate the Rollcall..This will insure that all members have each other R/F/A to each other...Mendi has been Rating everyone each day and has very few that rates her back..Just FYI she is the BOSS of this family and is the one that has the final say as to how things are done here..if you are not being active she will know and when she says remove then I WILL REMOVE you from the CTL...So you might want to make sure when she rates you that you return the gesture! As for the TOD..All members must rate the TOD folder of the person drawn that day EVERYDAY this means if you dont rate the TOD and DONT give me a reason why then you will be Removed for non-compliance to the rules! Level ups...We post all level ups in the video section of our stash..when you see the status say Leveling see stash...All members that are online at the time will be expected to participate in the level up!
Rules & Guildlines
What we expect from all members that want to join this Family... 1. You must help with all level ups that are posted when you are on line. 2. You must rate the TOD every day at least 100 pictures..All members need to have A TOD folder made and titled CTL folder...If you can not do this you must contact Dee75 and explain the reason why! If you don't want to put 100 folders you will NOT be picked TOD! 3. You will have to R/F/A all members of this family..No one can have another member Blocked! 4. You must comment on all Blogs and Stash stating you have read and understand...This is so we know you are in compliance. 5. You are expected to be kind and curteous to all members and staff..We dont want members to state negative things in their status..this family is all about showing Love not drama! 6. You must have a Salute. If you DONT have a salute you can Join BUT if you don't have a salute you will have 30 days to get 1 or you will be  removed from CTL 7. All add requests need to h
To All The Crewleaders!
I wanted to remind all crew leaders about all your requirments I will like to see all crew leaders to step up and do alot more for the page. Crew leaders requirements: 1. Go on the hp at least once a day and look around check emails and if there is a important email for Mendi or wizard leave it but send Wizard or Mendi a email telling them that they have a email so they can read it. Delete the other emails like the ppl who shitface the page and others. Before you do send a drink and thank them for what they give. DO NOT TOUCH THE FRIEND REQUEST THATS WIZARD JOB. 2. Check and see if any members has any negative messages in their status if they do let me know. 3. Find Level ups make sure they fit the requirements if you not sure read the hp Wizard put it in the "About Me" section you can ask these questions to yourself and if its all positive then its a good level up :) 1.What time is it ? (If its likr 4:40pm look if there is theres a hh if not then explain we will do the l
To All The Recruiterer!
  Just a reminder to ALL Recruiters Please read   I would like all the recruiters to try to find  people who would like to join a leveling group ! 1. Make sure the person who is interested has a salute. 2. Make sure they are at least level 10. 3. Explain to the person who wants to join what Cherrytap levelers is all about. 4. Send them the stash Wizard wrote for the people that is interested in joining 5. If they are still interested send them the members stash so they can add/fan and rate the members. If you have any questions please don't hestitate  and ask a crew leader or wizard -Diane
Chinese Proverb #367
There's a fly hovering about 12inches above a pond, and a fish is watching it, thinking to itself "you know, if that fly drops 6inches, I can jump up and have me a nice lil snack" There's an eagle watching the fish watching the fly, and the eagle is thinking to itself "If that fly drops 6inches, the fish can jump up at the fly and I can swoop in while the fish is distracted and eat the fish and have a nice lil snack" Now there's a bear watching the eagle watching the fish watching the fly and its thinking to itself "If that fly drops 6inches the fish can jump up to eat the fly, the eagle should swoop in to eat the fish and I can grab the eagle and have me a snack" Now there's a hunter watching the bear watching the eagle watching the fish watching the fly and the hunter is thinking "If that fly drops 6inches the fish will leap for the fly, the eagle will swoop down for the fish, the bear will grab at the eagle and while the bear is distracted, I can shoot it and have
New Fu-mafia Turf! Hell Comes To Fu-town! Join Us!
  Openings are one denied! Thank you for you attention!!! Have fun!!!
Let Them Fuck Stones
Is "Let them fuck stones.", a good insult or not?
"my Happy Ending"
Level 25 Help!!
Ok, I am now working on leveling to 25. As I figured, the further up you move, the harder it is to move up. I'm not whining, or crying about it by all means. I love rating pics, voting on mumms, hanging out in lounges, voting on stash, etc. I do all of this daily. I even help people that are willing to pay for rates, and don't even care if they pay me or not just because I know they need the help. So, seeing as I'm not a Fubar "hotty" and I'm not a VIP, I'm sure leveling is going to be pretty hard for me, but I'm up for the challenge! All I am asking is for a little help from my Friends/Family/Fans.  I return all the luv I receive in one way or another.  So, below is a list of what I need to achieve Level 25!     Thanks to everyone that helps me with this! Maybe one day I can get myself a VIP and some bling packs and return the favors to all who have helped :)    
Have Fun
This blog is called feeple's blog, feeple is my short hand for fu people, have fun with it!
[the Purple Berries Part 4]
I get tired of making up new titles.Well my Gouf Version 1 1/100 is out of box and assembled.Not too many nibs. Not too shabby.Actually I really liked the way he came out.Had to lace about 100 beads the size of a pencil tip but...I dunno that's a point in itself.I started my 1/100 Gyan tonight too. job sucks.Jobs.My brother got the QA job at EA. He starts the 21st.I am stoked.He's staying in SLC but... *shrugs* that's not entirely a bad thing. I think I'm going to start poking at social worker jobs.Been doing it for a year. Could actually be doing itanywherefor more money.Clover's in heat again.And she's being a horny tard when she goes out so... of course I have to watch herAnd of course... its 100 out.Then what happened ohI had a sex dream about a coworker last night.That was fairly awesome.I was skateboarding... y'knowthe way skateboarders do awesome crazy shit in the video gamesand I was talking to the christian about how god damned awesome I am, and ...she wandered off to
vestigial\ ve-STIJ-ee-uhl \adjective;  1. Relating to a body part that has become small and lost its use because of evolutionary change.  2. Pertaining to, or of the nature of anything that is no longer present or in existence.
A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else.  -  George Savile
George Steinbrenner
NEW YORK (AP) - George Steinbrenner, whose big wallet and win-at-all-cost attitude whipped the New York Yankees into a billion-dollar sports empire, died Tuesday morning. He had just celebrated his 80th birthday on July 4th. Steinbrenner had a heart attack, was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa, Fla., and died at about 6:30 a.m, a person close to the owner told The Associated Press. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the team had not disclosed those details. "George was 'The Boss,' make no mistake," Hall of Famer Yogi Berra said. "He built the Yankees into champions, and that's something nobody can ever deny. He was a very generous, caring, passionate man. George and I had our differences, but who didn't? We became great friends over the last decade and I will miss him very much." In 37-plus seasons as owner, Steinbrenner led the Yankees to seven World Series championships, 11 American League pennants and 16 AL East titles.< /P> "He was and always will be as much
Not Funny, But Ironically Comical
My co-worker had to serve jury duty today. We've all been there. Generally boring but rather uneventful. Unfortunately, that was not the case for her. She went to go to lunch when they asked if anyone owned a blah, blah, blah, license plate number. She was like, yeah, that's my car. We need you to go to the security office. At first she was thinking this wasn't good but thought maybe she just parked in a spot she shouldn't have. Not so. They told her that her car had been vandalized. Naturally upset, she asked them WTF? Don't you people have cameras?! They told her they did and that she could file a police report if she wanted. Oh no! WHY would I want to do that?! They smashed her window, ripped off the glove compartment door. They tore off her panel to take the CD player/radio out (which they did get along with all of her CDs and her new iPass that she just bought). She said they used such force that even her stick shift is all fucked up. But the kicker of it all? They left her a pr
Real loves is not something that you can take for granted real love is a feeling that comes between two people and can not be broken by man or woman or anyone for that matter.Real love is the feeling that you are wanted you are loved and respected and cherished through thick and thin and it never changes day to day minute to minute.The best part about being loveds is knowing that the person that u love is always right there by your side till the end of time. So is what you have True and Real love?
Ladies Do You Want To Be Hot?
Of course you do   Follow this advice   You are welcome..... Don't ever say that I didn't do anything nice for you
Something & Someone Positive...for A Change..
Well, this is something different and positive for a change. I mean, we can't -always- focus on the negative around here. There are positive people that do good with that being said I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, and far and away the best skin maker I know on here. He's made mine, the fu wifey's and a slew of the other ones as well. You know em when ya see 'em that's for sure..want somethin different? Hit em up with youre ideas and requests and no, he won't steal your with that I bring you.... eightiez junkie x NL@ fubar Go show some love on one of the good people an tell em JD sent you are all are having a good week, and as always, keep one eye open cuz ya just never know... Peace.
What's Your Personality Type?
You Are An INTJ The Scientist You have a head for ideas - and you are good at improving systems. Logical and strategic, you prefer for everything in your life to be organized. You tend to be a bit skeptical. You're both critical of yourself and of others. Independent and stubborn, you tend to only befriend those who are a lot like you. In love, you are always striving to improve your relationship. You have strong ideas of what love should be like. At work, you excel in figuring out difficult tasks. People think of you as "the brain." You would make an excellent scientist, engineer, or programmer. How you see yourself: Reasonable, knowledgeable, and competent When other people don't get you, they see you as: Aloof, controlling, and insensitive What's Your Personality Type? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
Tomorrow I Will Be Divorced!!!
Oh happy day!!!! Went to the court house today to turn in payment for the divorce. Tomorrow morning, I go to the court house again and get papers signed by the judge and I will be offically divorced!! YAY!!!!!!!
Evil.... Is An Abstract (may Need To Turn Up Volume)
Art Of Music
Ernest Boshey B. Eastman English Comp 1 09/17/08   Art of Music               Music the sweet sounds that sooth the savage beast, or in some cases an ear shattering  ruckus that awakens the beast to action.  I have always been interested in music, as I grew up  my mother's influence was Hank Williams SR as I helped wash the dishes as she cleaned the rest  of the house.  His lonesome songs played on an acoustic guitar haunted my soul, even to this  day.  The song “I saw the Light“ is a family favorite one my mother grew up on, as my  grandfather loved that song being a lay reader in the church, and he passed the love for that song  down to her as she passed it down to me.  Others include Patsy Kline, Janis Joplin, and Loretta  Lynn, all had their turn when chores had to be done.  When things where done then the tempo  changed and on would come Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops, Diana Ross, and Stevie Wonder they  would unwind and relax the rest of the day and night
X, Y, Z
A friend of mine suggested watching the movie, "Diary of a Tired Black Man". This has nothing to do with color, let's make that apparent now. This has to do with the relationships we carry on now. What has the generations before us done to the generations now? Why are we still trying to make-up for the mistakes of the ones before us? We are supposed to be about independence. Then why do we listen to those around us? Insecurities and fear have gripped us tight. It has left many divorced, single and alone. We forget that relationships are about compromise. They are not about control. They are not about what we can get out of them. Stop being a byproduct of the environment you grew up in. Human beings need to leave the past in the past. The relationship previous, is not the relationship you are in now. How your father treated your mother (or vice versa) is not how every man/woman will treat you. Furthermore, you are carrying these traits on to your kids. Your kids are direct reflection o
We Shouldn't Let Jasmine Play With Scissors
So today I was trying to cut something open, and I held the scissors in some retarded position with the blades pointing down and cutting towards myself. I kinda slipped and basically stabbed myself in the tummy and tore my Hellokitty jammies.   But it's ok...I have 2 other sets! :)
Hardcore Music (probably For Metal Heads Only)
Im trying to find the ultimate hardcore song.  Im not talking about because of how the band acts, or the lyrics...just overall. And I mean when a song is pretty much from beginning to end hardcore. No pause, no soft spots....just brutal. I have a song in my play list. Song number 16, by Skinless. That is an example of what I mean. Does not have to be death metal, just brutal. Just message me what you think would work and I will find the song. 
The Drakness
The Darkness       The cloud surrounds us purple and black; It swirls and envelopes us causing us unhappiness.   Its is the past that is the darkness causing it to swirl; Guilt and remorse from long things past.   If only the guided light would come to take it away; To free us from the darkness.   If only our aura’s where pure; Then only the will the bright light appear.   To cast a spell of holiness to break the spell; To stop the loneliness, heartache and find true happiness.   
Testing Rss Feed...
Yup, tresting away.
Love Hurts
Have you ever done ,said, or acted in a way that you wish you could take back? That it hurt sumone you loved and cared for,even if you never ment to,.but you did anyways, Weather its becuz you were jealous ,mad or whatever it just happened? Well I did today,and it wasnt the 1st time ither. I said and acted in a very foolish way towards the woman I love. I was hurt ,jealous,depressed and whatever,..but thats not a excuse. The worse part was that she thought I did it on purpose to drive her away,..OMG I would never,..but you can see what our (my) actions can cause. I have a woman I love and care for deeply,her name is XXXXXX and OMG she is the woman Of MY Dreamz. I think about her constantly,I even fuckin dream of her ( in my sleep and day dreamz)  anyways, that I have hurt her,I dont know if I cxan ever win her back   My own foolishness, defeated me today. How could I ever do anything to hurt her feelings or to make her think such things,when all I want to do is Marry Her,....make
Something To Say To A Woman That Is Opinionated!
If I wanted your opinion, I would have taken my tool out of your mouth and beaten you with it!
My Life Story Pt2
so yar my dad gets another job offer in Conroe,Tx. i was sad that i would never see my friends from school again. there is one i managed to find on facebook but he doesn't remember me :P so i went to a new school and finished up 1st grade. the house we lived on was like a really small ranch in another forested area. we had a pasture for horses but never had any. after 1st grade we had to move again because our house kept having problems and the landlord wouldn't help fix them. a few months later my dad took him to court and we ended up winning i think. i know i went to the court when it happened but i cannot recall at all what happened.  to this point i had had a relatively normal life. but one event changed my life forever. me and my sister used to play games in our oldest brother's room. he had some old fashioned puppets we used to play with and we'd make up dances to songs. it was fun. but one night i guess my brother was feeling.. experimental. he started askin to touch is and for
College And Verbal Abuse
you walk threw the door with what you thought was good news, you start talking about taking out a loan for college. and all he has to say is that you cant do it you shouldnt go to college, tears start to run down your face as his voice gets louder and louder. giving you a million reasons that you cant n shouldnt go to college. try to tell him other wise and you get called stupid and that hes not signing anything. then he starts to yell and make you feel even more like shit, sayn i should nver sign for a loan because i will never be able to pay it back, i will never amount to anything.   ALL THIS FROM MY FATHER, hes also the reason why i'm text book diagnosed with ANOREXIA and BULIMIA!!   you want to leave but have nowhere to go, you give n attitude back n he throws stuff at you and calls you names!! WHAT THE HELL IS LEFT FOR A PERSON TO DO??
Why Does It Take A Tyrant To Bring Out The Best Of Mankind?
When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to th
My Life Story Pt1
i've been inspired by my friend bigdaddydow to write a blog of my life story. well here it goes. i was born in november 1985. first girl with two older brothers. a year or so later my baby sister was born last of the litter hehe. we lived in a large victorian style house in Navasota, Tx. we only lived there until i was 3. i remember a few things about that house. it had a big spiral staircase that we used to ride our sleepingbags down. on one occasion i remember bumping my head on the checkered tile floor and i cried. my brother's loved ninja turtles and had just about EVERY action figure and even the turtle blimp lol. i loved that thing. Navasota was a relatively small town back then. our family doctor lived a block away from us. my dad is a nurse so they were good friends. my mom was just a house wife at the time. we also had pet rabbits. i loved those rabbits so much. i used to climb up in their cages (which were mounted about 3 ft away from the ground.. god knows how i always got
Bad Things Happen When I'm Bored
1:19pm Guy: hi 1:19pm Suga Lips: Hi 1:20pm Guy: how are you??? 1:21pm Suga Lips: Good and you? 1:21pm Guy: i am good too thanks...whats your name? 1:22pm Suga Lips: Esmerelda 1:22pm Guy: where you from? 1:24pm Suga Lips: France 1:24pm Guy: ah okie i am from india 1:26pm Guy: what do you do Esmerelda? 1:27pm Suga Lips: I'm hoping to marry my 76 year old boyfriend and live off his money. He is incredibly wealthy 1:28pm Guy: wow thats nice....godbless you 1:29pm Guy: dun mind i wanna say got really nice Figure... 1:30pm Suga Lips: Thank you. I sometimes will put on a show in the middle of my village and charge people to see
Scenes From The Coffeehouse #8
The passersby become more and more intriguing I follow the bum with eyes only. the pretty boy with the black eye and tattooed forearm relinquishes a smoke to him, refusing his quarter. it's not uncommon these days, around here, to find some semblance of compassion. it flows on the sidewalks of Maryland Avenue. drink your fiji water, watch drunken fish fill up tonight from the safety of another misspent evening at cartel. this is where we gather to partake in the wifi soak ourselves in a bathing of espresso, sneak our sideways glances at the attractive businessmen in the corner, the bums in thin, ratty clothing, the sights and sounds of women in summer skin gleaming with tan even in the night my soft whisper of ink and pad lets the deafening bustle of this place reach my ears in stereo, and i scratch the paper in fervor. another st louie summer, myself and a sketchbook, the assorted city life inspires my pen to dance while the air conditioning struggles to maint
Pakistan No 1 In Internet Sex Searches
I don’t consider myself a prude but I certainly don’t condone sex with animals. Google has published a report that ranks Pakistan as the world’s No. 1 country for searches of pornographic terms. Most of what the people there search for is sex with animals. That in its self is nutty but what is ironic is Pakistan is a Muslim country. And you how strict those people are when it comes to Western Culture. I understand this is not new in the world but it’s still unnerving. I’m comforted that America is no the leader in this category. Here is the details BlastFM is a musical diversion from the cares of the day. 24/7 hear some of the great music, past and present. Dig it baby!
How To Be A Perfect Jerk At The Grocery Store
  1.) Go dazedly amidst the noise and haste- and remember to make sure that you leave your grocery cart right at the narrowest spot in the aisle so that it blocks the way for everyone else. Also, if there is a cart parked on one side of the aisle, park yours on the other side, thwarting anyone who wants to pass, or turn it so it's perpendicular to the aisle, completely blocking the way. 2.) Other people? Who are they? That's not your concern. If you want to stop and have a long, animated conversation with a friend, it's not your problem if people can't get past you. Oh, and by all means, blab on your cell phone while navigating your cart. Not only are you not paying attention to where you're going, you're also forcing the rest of us to hear your inane conversations. Why bother to wait until you get home to make that phone call? And if someone is attempting to reach an object, that's the time to stand right in front of it while you blab away. Hey, this is IMPORTANT! 3.) If you have k
New Untitled Story
Mark Callous was a well respected man in the small community of Edgewood. It was a very quiet hole-in-the-wall type of town. Everyone knew each other and for the most part got along or at the very lease respected one another. Mark was a Funeral Director at Dominions Rest Funeral Home on the west side of town. He was a well respected man, whom gives what he can to the community that he lived in for most of his life.  He lives as well as works at the funeral home with his wife Meredith with 2 little daughters Eileen and Jennifer; ages 5 and 7.  Life was going as well as it can for this little loving family. But this is not a deal of happiness, but of one’s demise of sanity and hope.   “Do you know if they ever found Shrug?” Meredith asked her husband. “Not that I have heard. Last thing I heard about Shrug was that there was evidence that suggested he murder an 18 year old girl down by the old mill factory.” Her husband of 15 years told her.  Gary Shrug ha
Relieved And Sad...
Relieved. Just got word that we have a place to live. Almost new, 3 bedroom apartment. (I'll post pics, I'm sure!) It's got more room than this place, but it's run by a Nazi. (I'm pretty sure she's not a Nazi, but...) No painting. No holes in the walls. (IE: No hanging pictures with nails, no thumbtacks, etc..)And no pets!   Which brings me to the sad part. We have 2 cats that need good homes. Gato - 18 year old male Fixed and de-clawed (Front only) Alice - 1 year old female Has not been spayed   If you know of anyone willing to travel to southern NJ to pick them up, please put them in touch with me. We have to be out of this house by July 28th.
Seize The Day
A wise man once said... Though there are many fish in the sea, we are all just looking for one. The problem is that you have to be willing to take it off the hook before you can take it home. Keeping that in mind. I've been here on and off for 3 1/2 years now. I've watched people fall in and out of lust and even love. I've even seen some people from here to the ends of their lives. Unfortunately, the one thing I haven't seen much of is people being honest, both with who they are or how they feel. The fu world has become a place more suited to daytime television than a social networking site for adults. The point is this... If you meet somebody on here and develop feelings for them, TELL THEM! You never know when it will be too late. If they don't feel the same way then move on. Weather you want to believe it or not it does take two to make a relationship work and hanging around causing drama does NOT help. Take the chance and tell your special someone how you really feel. You never kn
My Mrs Jones. Part 1
The woman of my dreams.... When I was 16 I had a friend named Rebeca, we never were more than that. Sure she was a stunning brunette with long tanned legs, hazel green eyes, and a heavenly firm round ass. Any man would want to have her, but from young we were just too close. We did everything together, everything guys would do we played marbles together, computer games.Growing up we also played “doctor,”, and as we got older we did experiment further by masturbating together. We would very regularly just play with one another to orgasm after orgasm. We would also watch porn movies together, read erotica together, and practice every known position on one another. There was however no romantic connection and nobody till this day knew about us, that is the way we wanted it. We were Friends with really good benefits. Those are stories for another day though.I would regularly sleep over at her place, and she at mine. Never in the same room though, we didn't want t
The Short Of It..
It's strange that I've even came on here @ all nor even adtempting to do a sorta blog on here as well, but things are as they are.. strange. I've been trying to deside what sort of stories that I should even post on this blog @ all, but I guess that it's just has to be @least a good tale to tell if I do post anything up @ all. The most interesting tale that I've srawld are of those that aren't the most liked @ all, but my more erotic & sometimes pornographic tale's are the most loved or @least most read. Soooo I guess that is how it is in the world. The book that you place out on your coffee table or bookshelf isn't the most read @ all but it's that dirty lil books & magazines that are hidden away in the dark corner of the closet or dresser w/ the sextoy's is the thing you truely enjoy reading over & over again. The next post will be a short tale that may take up afew post's to come but I'll even be posting other tales.
Dear Mummers And Point Hoars...
If you know me, you know I don't have a problem with either groups.   If I see a MuMMer being a jackass, I'll say something.   If I see a Point Hoar or RED-NAME being a dumbass, I'll say something.   I really want to build a bridge, a bridge of communication between these two groups of Fubar.   But every now and then, I get the Benedict Arnold kind of treatment...   And since I already got THAT treatment ONCE this week with someone named LeBron, I'm kinda upset.   For you RED-NAMES and higher-ups, please realize something...   You NEED to have publicity for your MuMM to level.   So, to the RED-NAME that blocked me AFTER I defended you and AFTER I shared your MuMM, THANKS for proving the stereotype about your kind RIGHT.   There are quite a few MuMMers that try to give ya'll a benefit of a doubt, but you just turned the page back.   Personally, I WON'T hold other RED-NAMES and such responsible for your actions but no telling WHAT others will do...   So, in closing,
I dunno why I get blocked all the time....  beings I am so sweet to just about everyone ... hahaha that made me chuckle alittle. *adjusts halo*  I really don't care.. or maybe I do.... but I sooo hate not being able to get the last word or even defend myself .   so fuck you.... if ya blocked me, block me or will block me    you are the belittled idiot one......... not me    *runs along back to work now*  peace baby  
Politics, Obama
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wheres your political savior now? Wheres the Democrat Jesus to make your country better? Wheres that fresh faced senator with no experience that is going to kiss everything Bush did and make it better? Wheres the manufacturer of hope and change? Wheres the guy who was gonna close Guantanamo? Wheres the guy that would BRING OUR TROOPS HOME ON DAY ONE??? Wheres the guy who's gonna balance the budget? Wheres the answer to all our problems? It certainly isnt with Obama. I think its HILARIOUS that all these people that were rallying and supporting Obama, the ones out in your streets with huge gatherings, the ones wearing a politician on a tshirt (that is a new one, treating politicians like rock stars) have learned quicker than we learned about Bush that he isnt shit and cant do shit about anything. Oh how the mighty have fallen!!! But its too late now because hes in office extending and progressing all the things we hated Bush for. We get pissed at Bush for
Today is an Almond Joy day, I think... Rock on!Shawn
Saving Picture Comments Class 101
From My Window
After the rain :) more Get your code powered by GR
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Fun With Words
Did you know that the words "race car" spelled backwards  still spells "race car"? Did you know that "eat" is the only word that, if you take the 1st letter andmove it to the last, spells its past tense, "ate"? And if you rearrange the letters in "so-called tea partyRepublicans," and add just a few more letters, it spells: "Shut the fuck upyou freeloading, progress-blocking, benefit-grabbing,resource-sucking, violent, hypocritical assholes, and face the factthat you nearly wrecked the country under Bush." Wow! How weird is that?
Another Taste
Yup, another poem.  Most of my poems are dark and depressing.   NOT LIKE THIS  Glowing red ankh. Sign of danger. Signaling to my protector of the warning. He stands ready. Waiting. The battle would soon arrive. Not like this, pierced my ears. Spinning around. Only the air I caught, but the laugh I heard. Protector stands close. Blade ready. The ankh's red fading. Not like this. Not like this.
*love* This Song
  For those that don't want to watch the vid or want the lyrics all at once: Well this is how it startsTwo lovers in the darkOn the run from the one they call sheriff sparkSix guns by their sideAnd bullets round their waistTwo shots to the sky signals signs for the chaseThe safe was nearly empty and they were nearly freeBut were seen by the good eyeOf the mean billy greenAnd he screamed at the top of his lungs"they're on the run!"It's the two wild sidersGrab your holsters and your gunsI said I wish that we could stay hereBut I fear our time has comeWe can ride out in the darknessChasing the rising sunWe gotta pack our bags this
Rip George!
NEW YORK – George Steinbrenner, who rebuilt the New York Yankees into a sports empire with a mix of bluster and big bucks that polarized fans all across America, died Tuesday. He had just celebrated his 80th birthday July 4. Steinbrenner had a heart attack, was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa, Fla., and died at about 6:30 a.m, a person close to the owner told The Associated Press. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the team had not disclosed those details. His death was the second in three days to rock the Yankees. Bob Sheppard, the team's revered public address announcer from 1951-07, died Sunday at 99. For more than 30 years, Steinbrenner lived up to his billing as "the Boss," a nickname he earned and clearly enjoyed as he ruled with an iron fist. While he lived in Tampa he was a staple on the front pages of New York newspapers. "He was an incredible and charitable man," his family said in a statement. "He was a visionary and a giant in the world of
Dont Know What To Call It Yet Art At Work
snap back to reality the fact is my mortality  is grabbin me through my days im experienced in brutality livin a life on da streets and havin everyone snap on me  the worlds gone to smoke and took a crap on me its like getting slapped on the cheek by some chick off da street all i said was  hey baby now this has got to change im tired of things discracin my name this is my last chance to make things straight with god and my family i gota stand up and say hey this is my time to change life is leavin on bus 8 pick up your stuff or skate  i know your scared but i am 2 but i dont let it consume my fate u shouldnt do that 2 its bad for you now i feel sad for you because i got that heart that can hold enough love for 2 like morning bird bring the new day u gota understand that i do not play things u say leavin me with a disgust for another day
Lost Loved Ones
Today is a day, remembered so sad, For the loss of 4 special people, I once had. There lives were taken, within the blink of an eye, My family was and is left heartbroken, with each year that passes by. It has now been 8 years, since we could hold them tight, This is the day, a drunk driver, tragically killed them in the night. Their memories live on, even though we live with the pain, But we know they are in a better place, where we will all meet again. This is in memory of, Nicole 22, Richard 17, Jeremiah 14 and last but not least, 8 year old Shane. I love and miss you all and cannot wait for the days, When again I see your smiling faces, knowing never again shall we part ways! 
Ser Let's Dance!!!!!!!!
Her Arrival
I arrive at Your hotel room door hoping I am on time. I stand outside the door trying to compose myself and slow my heart beat down. It has been racing since I got Your call that You were in town. I touch my hair to make sure it is in place, check my makeup in my compact mirror and straighten my dress, checking that my stockings are in line and straight. Taking a deep breath I knock on the door. My heart is racing, I feel my juices starting to flow with the throbbing in my pussy. The door opens and You are stood in front of me. Lowering my eyes to the floor I stand waiting to be invited in, you motion for me to enter. As soon as I get in the door You motion me to remove my jacket. Hearing the door close behind me my heart starts to race again. I feel You behind me smelling my hair, feeling Your hands on my shoulders running slowly across the nape of my neck, Your fingers gently caressing my neck and shoulders. Your touch sends a shiver down my spine making my body tingle and my nipples
1% Are In The 7%
***My wish for 2010 is that people will understand that children with disabilities do not have a disease; children with disabilities are not looking for a cure but ACCEPTANCE........93% of people won't copy and paste this, WILL YOU be one of the 7% that does?***
I'm the darkness in your day The moonless sky above you I'm the thirst you can not quench In the desert of pure sorrow I'm the voice of unreason In a world so surreal I'm the addiction you like the best The drug you can never kick I'm the last one you should ever call In the darkness of the night I'm the one you should be afraid of I'm the one that knows you best I'm the one that sees I'm the one that knows better Then all the lies you try to feed I'm the one judging you As you step up to the gates I'm the one who knows better I'm the one every one loves to hate I'm the one who runs away Bolts for the door I'm the one that feels your sadness I'm the one that absorbs it all I'm the scariest thing you'll find The darkest shadow on your wall I'm the conscious you never listen to I'm the last one before you now As it's alwayz been I'm the one that has never truly left I'm the one who has been here throughout it all I'm inside of you I've been with you from th
I am doing a survey and need your help. Please just answer the questions in a private message to me. If not all, just whatever you want to answer.    1. What angers you or upsets you while at in public? 2. What angers you or upsets you while at work? 3. What angers you or upsets you while in a car? 4. What angers you or upsets you while in yours or someones house? 5. What else just angers you?
Wedding Invitations For The Budget Bride
Weddings are wedding invitation wording samples of the most memorable moments in one's beingness. There are umteen group who can't afford a rich ritual. But there are methods where grouping can wee the ceremonial await as if it were real overgenerous, without actually spending much money. This includes the rite invitations for the budget bride. Tacky soprano and groovy wellborn is the prescribe of the day. So there has been a climb in the numerate of brides using cost effective rite invitations.Inexpensive invitations puddle lot of wedding invitation wording samples. Invitations are no long utilised after the ceremonial is over. So it is not sage to pay a lot on these invitations. It is serious to affirm the property when you are reaction the toll. You can't assay bringing the propertied strike. You may telephone it a constricting budget, but the truth is that it is an impressive budget for most of the grouping. By excerpt downwards here you can spend in writer areas where assets is ne
Top 5 Construction To Create Your Ceremonial Invitations
The prototypal thing wedding invitation wording samples should do when you eff set a stamp for your ceremony and decided upon a scene is to transfer out your invitations. If you are on a budget equivalent most people are time, one way of protection money is to eliminate them and pen them yourself. This can be a aching for both people but if you get aweigh samples of party invitations you can easily make your own using the guidelines that are supposition.1. With the samples that you can get for withdraw online, there module be wedding invitation wording samples antithetic styles and distance of writing the invites with examples from the bride's parents or from the twosome. Resolve no. who the invitations should be from.2. The close attribute you should do is to put all the related information in same where the ceremonial is, what dimension, the day and RSVP details. If you need it to be unique you can let this into a taradiddle wedding invitation wording samples the following: "Please l
How To Buy Nuptials Invitations Online In 5 Cushy Steps
Are wedding invitation wording samples uneasy most purchase rite invitations online? That's understandable, they are a rattling key tune of your nuptials preparation and they are pretty pricy. In the gone, everyone would go to the anaesthetic ceremony invitation work and await through books of invitations until they pioneer one they likeable. Now, statesman and solon group are purchase their ritual invitations online. Purchase observance invitations online offers up a overmuch wider selection for you to prefer from and you can compare prices in the reclusiveness of your residence.You can conceptualise a brimful grasp wedding invitation wording samples calibre from print-at-home to very dear letterpress ritual invitations. You can typically justified customise the verbiage in varied fonts. If you're similar most grouping, you give poorness to actually manipulate the invitation to see the grade of the stuff and to variety certain it looks as secure as it does on the computer. Most esteem
All You Need To Experience Around Wedding Invitations - Tips On Choosing The Top Organization
Don't underestimate wedding invitation wording samples standing of nuptials invitations. They are many than righteous medium - they are a symbolisation of your upcoming identicalness. Your stemma and friends leave necessity to enter them as souvenirs, so elasticity them something that they testament e'er name! Translate on to see how to opt the perfect ritual invitations, no thing the thought.Ceremonial invitations music a real beta portrayal in a nuptials. They are more than virtuous codified notices of an upcoming event - they wedding invitation wording samples souvenirs of the most main instant of a deuce's existence together. They poorness to be private and lingering. Thus, you requirement to put a lot of clip and cerebration into the arrangement and formulation.There are literally tens of thousands of hymeneals invitations open. Whatsoever already boast designs and others have people for personalization. It can be plosive to select from all the options, so here are a few arch thin
Hawaiian Nuptials Invitations, Few Methods To Affirm It Wrong A Dinky Budget
Low outlay party ceremony invites shouldn't require they materialize similar low expenditure ceremonial affair invitations. wedding invitation wording samples see for a bargain worth is the verifiable when hunt for low outlay hymeneals invitations. You'll be competent to operation closeout or interrupted invitations, usually securing a lovely yet low-cost rite observance invitation in the transmute.It is very burning letter samples of any low outlay wedlock ceremony invitations you're intellection of purchase. If you recognise the simulate and the ink is colorless, the report is tenuous, and the emblem or designs are smudged, it's thing dealings on. This is when low-cost Hawaiian party invitations development into low-high character disasters. If the band you're looking at gained wedding invitation wording samples a sample and has lowercase or no customer backing choices, the worth is either too worthy to be adjust firms on the web that provide a difference of designs for invites that
This Is What Gets Me Thru The Hard Times
Another day has almost come and goneCan't imagine what else could go wrongSometimes I'd like to hide away somewhere and lock the doorA single battle lost but not the war'Cause, tomorrow's another dayAnd I'm thirsty anywaySo bring on the rainIt's almost like the hard times circle 'roundA couple drops and they all start coming downYeah, I might feel defeated and I might hang my headI might be barely breathing but I'm not dead, no'Cause, tomorrow's another dayAnd I'm thirsty anywaySo bring on the rain, oohI'm not gonna let it get me downI'm not gonna cryAnd I'm not gonna lose any sleep tonight'Cause, tomorrow's another dayAnd I'm thirsty anywaySo bring on the rain'Cause, tomorrow's another dayAnd I'm thirsty anywaySo bring on the rain, oohBring on, bring on the rainNo I'm not gonna let it get me downI'm not gonna crySo bring on the rain, oohBring on, bring on the rainBring on the rainBring on the rain, ooh
How To Phrase Rite Invitations For Non-traditional Families
It is oft wedding invitation wording samples disagreeable to adjudicate on the compensate expression for a tralatitious hymeneals invitation, since etiquette rules are constantly evolving to stay up with the present. If you fuck a non-traditional kin, for instance, it can be tough to take phrasing that leave delight all parties embroiled. Etiquette has managed to ache up to changing societal norms, nonetheless, and beneath are phrasing samples for different types of non-traditional families.Divorced Parent Hosting SoloIf you bonk a one or divorced parent who testament concourse your ceremonial solitary, then the people monition can be used to word your invitations. You only requirement to use the bride's measure canvass if it differs from the parent hosting the observance.Mr. William F. Solonrequests the righteousness of your presenceat the matrimony of his girlCarol Annto Physiologist Apostle MichaelsonWeekday, wedding invitation wording samples ordinal of Junetwo grand and octonaryat
Do You Jazz The Diverse Styles Of Invitation Diction For Your Nuptials?
For the bride-to-be, wedding invitation wording samples thinking is perhaps one of the most crucial and time-consuming parts of the matrimony. There are lots of things to conceive, from the wedding position to accessories, rings, ceremonial frock and shoes, flowers, the bar, the beginning, receipt locus and a intact lot solon. In any matrimony mentation, an crucial semiconductor is the observance invitation arrangement.Ceremony invitation ideas and designs differ according to ceremony themes. Additionally, invitation wording also has distinct versions, depending on how nominal the circumstance is deed to be.With so some types of families to instruction in a hymeneals invitation, creating one with the prissy wedding invitation wording samples could be complicated. The apotheosis way to correspond a wedding invitation is to cell it in a ceremonial initialize. When composing, the archetypical target to moot is the multitude of the circumstance.The really initial names your observance gues
How To Ordination And Statement Your Hymeneals Invitations
As with anything wedding invitation wording samples the cyberspace, you'll condition to do many research? Forward you soul not chosen an invitation/company already, you'll essential to do several in-person search at your localised stationery stores.Lie at the heroic invitation reserves books, and be pettifogging of everything: do you similar the countenance of the printing? How effortful is the medium have? How durable does it see to judge an organisation, and then how lifelong before you lengthened between acceptance of the impression and delivery of the exam invitations? Eventually - how often gift it value for the invitation friendship to do everything you'd like? Can you opt which enclosures to let? Or is it a normal set?Formerly you person a advantageous tune of what you same, wedding invitation wording samples can either search for a moneyman online for the proper invitation you same. When you grow one, wait for their insurance writer -- what are their policies for timing, bringi
Puritanical Etiquette And Tips For Your Ceremony Invitations
Many couples are opting for wedding invitation wording samples traditional engraved invitation, as deeply rooted a pattern as travel the faith to the penalization of Music and leaving to Mendelsson. Despite the numerous added party traditions that soul varied, this call of invitation has prevailed since the belatedly 1800's, according to prima manufacturers and suppliers of hymeneals invitations.The top merchandising rite invitations of today don't perception much different than they did 100 eld ago. With the omission of the 1970s, when couples sought spacey invitations with glittery emblem and ingenious wordings, the conventional etched invitation has been the most hot action.The engraving walk embosses letters into the article, creating a raised wait wedding invitation wording samples conceive to the cover. The writing, usually etched on elite or educator cotton-content medium is most oftentimes stag or classical playscript. The system is oblanceolate and the phrasing canonic, accord
How To Get The Hymeneals Invitation Of Your Dreams Without Breaking The Slope
I would suchlike wedding invitation wording samples improve occupy whatsoever of the pronounce of decision-making off of you by content many hints and tips that gift improve you in choosing your nuptials invitations.1. Proofs:Effort out if there is a entrust for proofs. If there is a confide, pay it! It is surmount to pay a smallish fee for proofs than to tally to pay to separate all of your invitations because of an happening on your relation. E-proof, online evidence or printed control? A printed determination is human.But if you hold already purchased a take in wedding invitation wording samples aforementioned colours and official that you are slaked with the emblem, a substantiation sent via netmail module do.Symmetric when you are offered an online see after you individualize your invitation online, it is works good to get a proof e-mailed, faxed or mailed to you. Both companies exclusive engage a dim and caucasian faxed insure, which does not afford you to urinate reliable you ar
Cupid's Wrath
Cupid's Wrath by Derrick Robert Watson Love is good when you get it.Love is great when you get it back.Love is good in the kitchen.Love is great in the sack.Love is good with a milkshake.Love is great when you add fries and a Big Mac.Love is good when its funny.Love is great with a laugh.Love is good in the rain.Love is great in the bath.So listen up, if you spoil love, you will feel Cupid's Wrath.
All That Truly Matters
All That Truly Matters by Derrick Robert Watson All that truly matters, is that I love myself.All that truly matters, is that I forgive myself.All that truly matters, is that I believe in myself.All that truly matters, is that I do what I can myself.All that truly matters, is that I always be myself.
She Makes Me...
She makes me laugh, She makes me cry, She makes me smile, She makes me frown, She makes me sweat, She makes me shiver, She makes me... Well, she makes me, hers.
Morning :)
Long Day
It was a long day and glad quitting time has arrived. The sun was creating great painting on the clouds. High ceiling clouds catching the setting sun. I drive to local watering hole for nightcap before going home. Aptly name "The Hideaway Club" is small, out of the way bar. My kind of bar, pool tables, several dart boards and L-shaped bar. Bellying up to the bar, my drink is already there as the bartender knows my poison. Slowing unwinding and half heartedly watching the television. Some drivel about a guy and a girl and how they both want a relationship together but they live in different worlds. yea, reality at its best. Not wanting to spend any money in jukebox, I'm hoping the next person walking in will. Lighting up a cancer stick, slowly advancing to my own horrific death, I figure what the hell. No one has control over their destiny and if mine involves tubes and a bed. Hell, at least I don't have to change my own diapers. And I get to stay in bed watch television all day l
I Kissed A Girl, And I Liked Day Today
Snippet of a conversation with a friend...since I don't feel like explaining again I'm gonna copy/paste. Here's my day.   Was up until 8am...finally passed out from exhaustion...woke up at 3:40 to my mom banging on my door saying she doesn't like being locked out when she knows damn well I always lock my door when I'm home alone for my own safety. So I wrap myself in a blanket and go to the door, and told her I had went to bed at 8 and she goes "why?" I'm like "I dunno" so she goes "Well I'm gonna go get something to eat then" and just storms off and goes to get food. I just snapped at that point, I got up, threw on clothes and went to Mike's because Tawnua wasn't available until 6. So I talked to Mike's mom for a while, spent some time with Gwinevere, then went to Tawnua's. We watched true blood and we shared a can of soup for dinner. I kissed her too just to see if I'll enjoy it when the time comes   By when the time comes I mean I've been invited to participate in a 3-way with
Secret Love...
Every day he go's there. To see her. she doesn't notice him though, just another face in a faceless crowd. She smiles and greets him, but he knows it is all forced. Her job requires it. But he imagines what it would be like, to hold her hand, walk down the streets while talking about nothing. He even goes so far as to write her a note. But he doesn't give it to her, instead he orders coffee and leaves. For weeks it goes on. Then one day he goes to get his coffee, and she is not there. Disappointed he leaves without it. He goes back the next day thinking maybe she just had a day off. But she is still gone. Then he asks about her. They tell him she got married. So she quit her job here to move away. Now he is alone, with a cold cup of joe, and regrets of a life he will never have. So he walks out of the coffe shop and into the rain thinking of the girl whom he will never have a chance to love...To love someone secretly can sometimes be as painful as loving someone whom does not love you
Stuff My Son Taught Me...since We "moved"...into..."the Struggle"...and Now...i Understand...oh How I Understand...
We've been in this city now for 2 years this son and I...& we haven't lived together since we were separated...he was 17 at the on the streets with his 16 yr old gf...for close ta 6 months...I didnt get to see him on his 18th birthday...we had no cell phones ..I had to take "temporay"  shelter in this city...& he landed in the projects downtown...I am at the other end...My kid learned a whole lotta "stuff"...ya gotta survive here...and he taught me...k???...And we both agreed the other day when I saw him...It's HARD WORK...being poor...& amongst other things...We are all in this hell here together & nobody"wants"to be here...& once your here...It's real hard to get out. One of the most important things we that we are ALL just people.Human beings.You Give Respect.You Get Respect.Pretty much the law of the land here. There are a few more which I really can't write here,but, some of these songs tell it all. It truly is "An Every Day Struggl
Attention Please Read
I have an 18 year old daughter, still in school, she will be a Sr this year and says she is in love & wants to get married. Well we let her go see her boyfriend under the impression she was coming back home on Sunday. Well on Wednesday I get an email saying she is going to stay in SC with her boyfriend & his mom(now keep in mind she has only met his mom once before). So from what I get from the two kids is they want to get married and she is going to finish high school there ( now keep in mind again she has 3 years at her currant school and is in band and can get a letter of recommendation for a scholarship from her band teacher to go to college and he is fixing to leave to go to the marines and they can not get married until after he is done with boot camp and is going to be leaving her at his moms house while he is gone). So I get on the phone with his mother and ask her why she let this happen she proceeds to tell me she didnt let it happen they were planning on doing it & I can't d
Poetry In Motion
One of my poems.  Enjoy.   TO ENTER THE MIND AGAIN  Through the vast ocean, I do breathe Through the valley of hills, I do slumber Through the pits of volcanoes, I do remember Riding the bumpy rollercoaster of time Touching the dark and light Seeing but not knowing which way in between Sliding faster into the unknown depths of space As if falling through the sky I embrace Clutching the air as I fall Being caught by the strong arms of a parent Being let go, just to repeat the process To enter the mind again.
The Future Of Food
Who's Out Of Line?
This is what happened during a pimp out...A sb lounge hello, no nothing. grrrr Demon Kitty GM HPPfuengaged to DjCr... Buzz:  100% sh*t faced! Level: Disciple (26) Gender: Female, 31 Location: Camden On Gauley, WV Status: cum play wif this kitty   8:01pm Demon Kitt...: 8:06pm Deacon:  for getting in my sb with your lounge So she sends her BF to tell me something LMAO... I dont think i was eccessively rude, I didnt name call or anything!!! just simply used fubar emotes..if they are so rude, why are they available for our use? hmmmm?
Sarah's Home! What A Great Seventh Anniversary Present!
As I had to leave for work this morning, Sarah was in Trinity Hospital with me, Jeffrey, Martha, Sharon (Martha’s mom) and me being educated on how to use and how often to use her inhaler over the next two weeks.  Speaking for the guys, I will be so glad to have Martha – who also went back to work today – and Sarah back home tonight!  When we’ve been home the last few days, Jeffrey’s mood has ranged from heart-strung (“Where is my Sarah?  Where is my Sarah”) to ambivalent (Dr. Cadwalader her pediatrician: “Are you ready for Sarah to come home?”  Jeffrey: “No.”), but I will give him credit – he picked out the flowers this morning we gave the girls.  It was our second bouquet as the one of dandelions we’d picked at home flew apart as they moved … the nitroglycerin of flowers, go figure.   For something a little less explosive, yesterday at church – where we had originally not planned to go due to
Cant Forget Asses
nothin like a nice ass
Oh, And....
i also love vaginas. just sayin. 
Spent Time In The Hospital And Now Work Is Fucking Me Over
So I am not amused.Went to the ER for a follow up. I have a cyst on my right ovary as those who read my shit know. And it hurts like hell. So I had a list of "return ASAP if this happens" 3 out of the 6 happened. I called 911. They have more important people to take in and then posted on FB for a ride. Called Shuana who lives down the street. Well Her and Tae both showed up at the same time.... Keep in mind Tae lives father away and they left at the same time... you speed daemon you!So I go in. They thought it was my appendix. Took a CT scan. Appendix is great. Kidneys good. Bladder fine. Cyst still there... Oh crap pneumonic mass in my left lung. Stuck me over night. I'm showing no signs of pneumonia but they told me I could have walking pneumonia and that it may not show any signs. I have an infection in my bladder. Commonly known as a UTI bladder infection. On meds for it. I was vomiting alot. Got a med for that. My cyst pain went from 8/10 which I can ignore to 10/10 which I starte
Fu-amp Clarification For The Ones Who Asked
****FROM SCRAPPER'S BLOG****     I have heard multiple people saying that fu-amplification is broken blah blah blah. The fact is you are confused. That is the thing about fubar that drives users crazy. We do not give you an instruction book on how to game the system and maximize your point intake. That is retarded and would make this place into a bunch of robots putting money in the machine. This place is about skill. You have to know what's up and you have to use the site. The more you use the site, the more you learn. You may get confused and hate me and blame babyj, but the reality is. You keep coming back, so it must be fun or at least challenging. With that said the fu-amplification is no different than any other bling. However, it reacts with different bling depending on what you are running and whoever you are interacting with. While you would love for it to just spin you points exponentially, it does not work that way. I am not going to tell you how it works, b
Its Been A While...
still love boobies.  that is all.
What should my life be?A trade? A family? An adventure?Lukewarm vignettes?Dry faces in the washbin.Timid. Tepid.Possitively average. I'm just a passerby.A reflection on a busy street.Upstream footsteps in a stairwell.No thing to be concerned with.If you wish real hardI was never there.Just close your earsas the glass explodes.As the earth tumbles.Just one moment after.I can never take back what you saw.And I am not thought I'd try.You thought I could've.But why?
It's Mean To Laugh...
....but HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This picture cracks me up. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time Lindsay baby! Lindsay Lohan is scared of jail -- not because of the other inmates ... not because the food is crappy .... but because she cannot stand being alone and thinks jail will push her over the edge. Sources close to Lindsay tell us Lindsay is climbing the walls because of the prospect of jail.  We're told she can't stand being confined to small spaces, and she can never be alone.It's so bad that when Lindsay flew back from France in May, she asked a friend to fly from L.A. to Paris, just so she would have someone to fly home with her.As we first reported, if Lindsay is locked up at Lynwood -- Paris' ol' stomping ground -- she'll be placed in a cell by herself ... and she doesn't think she can take it.
I Don't Understand Something About Women
Yes, I know that sounds a bit odd coming from a woman but it's true. I was in the store earlier this evening and there happened to be a pregnant woman. All of the sudden you hear squeals from other woman Ooooohhhhhing and Ahhhhhhhhing and rubbing this pregnant woman's stomach. Seriously, what the fuck? Do you even know this person? She's big as a freakin' house and probably hotter then hell. Like she really wants you groping and fondling her stomach! I just don't understand it. If someone could explain it I would really appreciate. Because truthfully, if I was the woman, I would have cold cocked their asses.
If My Lips Claimed Yours
If my lips claimed yours,would you kiss me back?If I laid my checkupon your chest,would you wrap yourarms around me?If I told you thatI need you,would you hear my words?If I told you thatI love you,would you sayyou love me too?If I asked youif you want me,would you whispersomething touching,something urgent,something hotand passionate?Or would youanswer me with a kiss?If my lips claimed yours,would you kiss me back?  
  Have you ever just wanted to throw your hands up over the ignorance and stupidity of games that are played. I only come to fubar to help me maintain my sanity,because at times life is to stressful.I don't need your games,those are for kids.I have a 2 year that acts more mature than some of you. So listen up all those that act as such. I don't care if you get mad because I buy someone that you own,It is a game and gives that person more fubucks,if that person doesn't want to be bought then he needs to block it,otherwise close your mouth and stop acting inmature.Seriously do you really think you are at a real life bar meeting them.If you have grown to like them then fine,I am happy for you,but if you are not secure in what you have,tell him about it and stop whining.   I also don't care if you have more bling than I do,now that was a real winner.Are you for real.Come on. Now the same one I always fuss about.What does it matter where you are at on a family or friends list,now how
Monday's Fake Of The Day..
Well hello friends and welcome to this special Monday evening edition. I know it just breaks some hearts to see me here early and stuff, but rest assured I'm still employed. lol. Sarcasm aside, I just felt like making someone's day extra special today since well, I just do... So without further suspense...I bring you today's fake..Taylor.. No salute, asking for bling, plenty of nsfw, the usual tale. Oh and look no salute...anyways, a little digging and uncreativity in the form of a name yields the fact that "its" shown below.. Is straight stolen from this pic below... This pic, and the rest of "its'" pictures I'm sure, can be found on: Here's the profile... Taylor@ fubar And of course it's getting blinged like crazy by the usual fools. I just don't get it.... So today's lesson is this: I don't like signing in to stupid like this and other things. And when I do, well I get cranky. Don't think I
Me And The Last Few Days For My Friends
Hey   I hate laying personal shit and medical woes out on this site   however seeing as there are a number of you that asked to be updated on whats going on with me and what the lastest doc out come was I am blogging it ... my family wanting a blow by blow every 4 min is enough for me to want to cover you all in one swoop   first I had been complaining (mildly) to my doctor about discomfort constant in my lower left back sometimes radiating down my leg and around to my front. This was tied in with gastorial issues I had been having and attributed to that.   Last week sat the symptoms were worse but manageable   tuesday that all changed and was dropped to the floor in pain went to emerg .... was diagnosed with kidney infection Sat I felt the pain was not much improved and was vomiting ... returned to emerg to be told I did not have a kidney infection they ordered a cat scan ... said it was normal ... took some blood work and sent me home with a flippant they have determined
Social Media Marketing
Tasting The Internet, One Byte at a Time is a menu of Internet Marketing and social media marketing offered by Certified Social Media Trainer and Consultant Terri Brooks of A Tasting The Internet. We provide Internet Marketing and Social Media tools and support for marketing your business on the Internet and establish an online brand using social media.
Approaching Life
  Ashley has decided that I need more exercise, so much so, she makes me do sit ups on a machine thing that I found in a skip.   Ok, you want to know about me in a skip don’t you? Here’s what happened – I often pass a skip and see things in it I can use. Its my old hand me down working class roots coming to the fore, anyway I saw an exercise machine FULLY BOXED and untouched and needing assembled so I took it. Ashley was mortified because she is middle class and can speak French and has been on a pony. I have walked in plastic sandals to school in winter so my attitude is different. I take stuff off the street and out of skips.   Once I saw a cracking standing lamp on the Great Western Road and started dragging with me until a man chased me screaming “what the hell are you doing lady?” I didn’t know he was moving house and not throwing out stuff from a student flat did I?   I am known for my skip hunting technique, I once found a baby in skip,
Fucking On The Beach
We walked naked, hand in hand, close to the ocean, still in the sand.  We kissed, and hugged, you got wet and I got hard. you grabbed my cock and started to suck first, then you stood up and stuffed me inside you, and we fucked standing up. we groped, and it was all we could hope. Was there someone watching? Nope!  you laid on the sand I entered you again and your pussy muscles clinched. you bucked as I pumped, we both came with a start.  We went into the water to start again.
Did I Really Love Him? Why so many people are interested in an i-nterracial relations-hip. black woman want to date white man and black guys want to have relationship with white women. There are many sites focusing on this kind of relationships such as ********* (BlackwhiteRomance)* .*{C00M}********* i like this , and it is really amazing !I love black men. I have dated only black men for many years. I love the energy and a nice tight bod. white men just aren't the same, different mentality. I seem to have more in common with black guys. They're actually more fun and are usually more interested in me. I'm flattered. I meet black men on this website: DATE singles NEAR BY ~  i find many people here   but i do not know  whether i love them or not
Men Friends And Fu Skanks ....
U knooooooooooooooooooooooooo , its really messed up you can be friends with a guy mad long and help them with all there problems  emotionally and shit , and the second some fu skank talks dirty to them or send the porn "they like" to share haha -nice onee...ur replaced like bam!  regurdess of what they look like sexual attention is nice right? hahaha  i didnt know skanks came before anything in life  .... they should make the jack card a new skank card .... skank card is wild it beats all ! hows that for strip poker baby !hahaim sorry  but i would never treat my friends like that .....  js...rant rant rant .....     LISTEN TO SONG AND COMMENT ... "use to think the world of you ,I have just lost respect for you .........."  
Boo Boo
30 minutes into my first job today and I brake the tip of the index finger on my pitching hand.  Knocked out another 6 hours on topof that.  In hindsight, maybe I shoulda stopped to ice it.    Thanks everyone for the big assist in fulfilling my level 25 requirements.  RoK, Chelan, Raven, Pedro el Loco, and Ms D etc totally awesome.   Hups Holland.  I know they lost.  After the game I gave one of the lady Espana fans the traditional, "Good game." and took off my shirt for trade but no joy.   My youngest returns from Hawai'i first thing tomorrow morning.  She gets two weeks with her mom every summer.  I miss her.  Not in the contestant on Survivor crying when they see their loved ones kinda overkill miss but I do miss her.   I leave for vacation Thursday morning even though I've finished my last jobs  for the week today.  This is the first time I've gone on vacation without my youngest ever.  I plan on missing her in the Survivor contestant way by the time it's all said and don
Winxp News Letter, E-mail (exerpt)
The Consumerization of ITLast week, I wrote about one of the topics that was debated at TechRepublic's annual conference in Louisville at the end of June (software evangelism and the long-time operating system wars). This week, I'm going to be talking about another topic that came up there - this one the subject of a formal presentation by TR editor Bill Detwiler. This has been a hot topic in the IT industry recently: how the corporate network is becoming more and more "consumerized." Bill did a great job of summing it up in a short thirty minutes. Here's a quick summary of the main points he made: words "consumerization" and "consumerized" aren't in Microsoft Word's dictionary; they're marked as misspellings with no suggested corrections as I type this. The folks at Microsoft, however, are well aware of what the terms mean and they have been discussing the implications of the trend for a while:
I purchased my home, car, and everything else. Nothing was ever given to me. Glory to God N  
Love Is An Illusion
Love is an illusionA lie wrapped in dreamsA heart shattered like glassNothing is leftWhy wont it lastDesperation filling our mindsCrying out uknowing what we will findNolonger caringSitting staringDreams become nightmaresSleep becomes lostWhy do we bother
Anger Survey
I am doing a survey and need your help. Please just answer the questions in a private message to me. If not all, just whatever you want to answer.    1. What angers you or upsets you while at in public? 2. What angers you or upsets you while at work? 3. What angers you or upsets you while in a car? 4. What angers you or upsets you while in yours or someones house? 5. What else just angers you?
"already Gone" By Kelly Clarkson
This song is rather appropriate regarding a recent relationship.  Though, he'd be saying it to me...Oddly, I liked the song before I truly listened to the I have mixed feelings depending on what mood I'm in.   Remember all the things we wantedNow all our memories, they're hauntedWe were always meant to say goodbyeEven without fists held high, yeahNever would have worked out right, yeahWe were never meant for do or dieI didn't want us to burn outI didn't come here to hurt you nowI can't stopI want you to knowThat it doesn't matterWhere we take this roadSomeone's gotta goAnd I want you to knowYou couldn't have loved me betterBut I want you to move onSo I'm already goneLooking at you makes it harderBut I know that you'll find anotherThat doesn't always make you wanna cryStarted with a perfect kissThen we could feel the poison set inPerfect couldn't keep this love aliveYou know that I love you soI love you enough to let you goI want you to knowThat it doesn't matterWhere we
We are going to let the clock run out on me. TEMPLER ONWARD
This Time It Is About Me And Only
Hello my Friends,   I am posting this Blog to let you know what happened in my life recently and what I am dealing with right NOW. I was not feeling well for a while, first thought perhaps my spine surgery had something to do with it but one day was so bad that I ended in a hospital. Tests, tests, and more tests until  doctor came to me and told me : You have a pancreas cancer and have 2 months to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my wildest imagination I would never thought of that. How do you react? How do you take it? I think even till now I did not get a full message. This message was like a bomb to my Family (except MOM, she does not know anything about it yet)) and my best friends who immediately started helping, searching for some answers and studying everything about my cancer.  This tremendous amount of positive energy and prayers from all over the World...and here is my special THANK YOU  all for yours as well...made me cry many times, except they were happy tears. I was and still
Moon Lady , - For Dj Totallyhappy!
Alone he sits , In a Silver cradled Moon , Hoping he see's her soon , If only a fleeting glimpse , Join me on a Comet , Heading for the stars , Through the Darkness & Into the light , Bathed in a warm surreal Glare , You'll travel safe, Never leave my arm's , My sweet Lady Moon , We'll be Together once again one hope's, Lost in eternal Bliss , With a flicker off the wrist, No need for light's in this far away distance , Away from the Street Light's , No oragne luminace, Will scar that pretty face or have to lead us home , Fly on wing's off the prettiest Unicorn , Shining the way, Beauty shining through , a trail off warm Magical dust, To sit watching down on on the world & society!        
changes in phases indistinguishable from the way this ebbs and flows the undreamble turns face up and shows the grace pf placement through strategic and invasive tactics unbased in the math of it but aware of a path in it I laugh and its a strange muse. hereafter is when to make moves on the constant shake the roots and beyond that wake to truth, an ever expanding dialation its unraveling evolving and baffling, its revolving but not in the sense of violation it grabs a sweet tooth and satisfies satiating you, but this is me this tree an unnamed breed seeded from undepleted love and now seated with heated mind, as my buzzing fingertips find the way through the keys attempting to sieze the diem the dream unfolding a renovation with hell to heaven scaffolding remolding fire and water emboldening soul with cynergy recoding the whole thing with energy Im holding a thinner string but the cabling wont budge the strength and pull is just too much can you touch this Im feeling realxed in my gri
Past Pain
Can you hold this please? Dont fold it, it needs to be straight to hold the breeze. The moments pass and days dont last. Not long enough for me to get a grasp on all the thoughts and feelings that have my head hashed. Im bracing for the impact, And hoping I'll stay intact, but I know that once its done we cant take it back, so I write my personal to keep it on track. But the roads been covered now how am I to find my way? Today Im lost hung over and frayed. It's the edges of my soul. Please tell me you know how to braid. See I need help this waters too deep to wade. Can you tie me back together and make me feel okay? Would you fly me through the weather and make this jack ass and ace? Could you give me 90 days notice and hold this heart securely as a deposit? Please dont fold it.  I'll pay you when I pick up the pieces and get emboldened. Can you hold this please? Dont fold it, it needs to be straight to hold the breeze. This is to the son
Crackdown 2 Review:
 Achievements, Cheats, Crackdown 2, FAQs, Forums, News, Nintendo Review Blog, PSP Review Blog, Review, Review Blog, Sales, Screenshots, User Reviews, Videos, Walkthroughs, Xbox Review Blog Crackdown 2 Review by Daniel Share-Strom  For the more discerning orb hunter.    Sometimes, it’s hard to straddle the line between being a game critic and being a gamer. You want to go off the beaten path and see every little thing, and yet you must also get through the core of the game in a timely fashion. Case in point: Crackdown 2. The gamer in me wants to scavenge every agility orb, get a Gold on every rooftop race, and climb to the top of the leaderboards online, while the rev
Are Emticons Intrusive
Are emoticons intrusive?  (fu) =D
Geesh! Lol
No one wants to help a gurl out??!! I'm not like some people you find on here that are liars. When I make a promise, I keep it at all costs! I'm just saying...LOL.....Muah!
July 12, 2010 At 9pm Est - Join Ratt & Capt. Steve For The Mayhem Show
Ratt and Steve will be doing a special show tonight. They will be playing all bands that will be in Mayhem Fest.  Join us at 9pm EST on Xtreme Annihilation Radio!   
Here Is The News
This is for all my friends on here.   I am leaving fubar.   But only for the next 3 days. As my wifey(deana_1977 on here) and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. Feel free to leave both of us love while we are gone.   I will also be gone for a week in August and another week in September for work.   Thank you, Your neighbornood Stalker
Not Always Right - Of Half-baked Requests And Baked-in Clothes
Of Half-Baked Requests And Baked-In Clothes Retail | Calgary, AB, Canada (I work in a custom ceramics shop were we offer a touch-up/repainting service. A woman in a formal dress comes in with an armful of garden gnomes.) Customer: “I need these gnomes to match this dress.” Me: “Okay, we can do that. Do you mind if we take a picture for reference?” Customer: “It’s for a wedding.” Me: “That’s nice.” Customer: “It’s this afternoon.” Me: “This afternoon?” Customer: “Yes, at three. What, did you think I just walked around dressed like this all the time?” Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but we can’t help you. It would take the better part of a day just to paint all these little guys, and it takes at least three hours for the glaze to dry completely.” Customer: “You don’t need to paint them! Just get them to change their little clothes!&rdq
Get Body Painted
It’s time for another sex article from Jenny Block boys and girls. Jenny is such a prolific sex write that I’ve become a fan. Who isn’t a fan of sex? This time Jenny jotted down some thought about her experience getting body painted. If you haven’t been body painted you might want to read what it felt like to her. After I did, I thought it would be fun to body paint Jenny. Jenny ring me up honey. Check it out,2933,596483,00.html BlastFM paints wonderful musical pictures. Give a listen 24/7 for the entertainment of a life time!
Metal Head For Life!!!!
MAYHEM willful and permanentdeprivation of a bodily member resulting in the impairment of a person'sfighting ability b : willful andpermanent crippling, mutilation, or disfigurement of any part of thebody needless or willful damage or violence FESTIVALis a celebratory event, usually centered on a theme.   10 MORE DAYS SO CANT WAIT.  I'm  a metal head yes but i dont warship Satan or go killing ppl over metal. Just a way of life. When I'm down or pissed I rock out and after about an hour or two of headbanging and moshing in my computer chair back to myslef again. LMAO   Metalhead or Metal Listener? By EvilG There is a clear difference between being a metalhead and a metal listener. Being a metalhead does not mean you are a better person then a metal listener. This is NOT what this is about at all. If you happen to be a metal listener then at least we have something in common!! If you are a metalhead, then we just will happen to have even more
To Him
You're the first thing I think of Each morning when I rise You're the last thing I think of When I close my eyes You're in each thought I have And every breath I take My feelings are growing stronger With every move you make You're an angel from above who takes away my pain My love for you is so strong It's always just the same You're the miracle in my life Who can always make me smile Just knowing that you care Makes my life worth-while You've touched my heart and soul Which you have from the start Your warm soft words Will never leave my heart
When Passionate takes in sweet surrenders which hold tightly she embrac him closeKiss him goodnight Embrace soul of lover’s touches tenders surrenders Deceiving soul of lovers reunited once so tenderly embrace last foreverOne faithful love to him she shown her feelings strong she can’t hide no moreOne truly madly deeply passion he taken in which was there and now it wastedHer soul collide letting him go giving up on love she can’t bury it inside of herShe let him go giveing up on him tearing her apart deaying whitin herSoul of deceitful torment between the lie he break his wish to be herOne faithful love to him she shown her feelings she can’t hide which are strongerOne truly madly deeply passion he that was taken in which was there and now it wastedDeceitful his love to her torment in between they’re eyes when loves seems to fading awayPlaying his games of passion she gives her heart to him and so does heTimes passing on he realized how muc
The Perfect Drug (for All The Couples Out There)
I got my head but my head is unravellingCant keep control, cant keep track of where it's travellingI got my heart, but my heart's no goodAnd youre the only one, that's understoodI come along but I dont know where youre taking meI shouldnt go, but youre reaching dragging shaking meTurn off the sun, pull the stars from the skyThe more I give to you, the more I dieAnd I want youAnd I want youAnd I want youAND I WANT YOUYou are the perfect drug, the perfect drug, the perfect drugYou are the perfect drug, the perfect drug, the perfect drugYou make me hard when I'm all soft insideyou show me truth, when I'm all stupid-eyedYou go straight to my heartwithout you everything just falls apartMy blood wants to stay held on to youMy feelings want to get inside of youMy soul is so afraid to realizeHow very little there is left of meAnd I want youand I want youAnd I want youAND I WANT YOU You are the perfect drug, the perfect drug, the perfect drugYou are the perfect drug, the perfect drug, the perf
Penny Gets Punished
I am standing alone in this damp dark and very cold cellar. It’s creepy. There are cobwebs and all sorts of things I can’t identify. I am frightened – yet at the same time I am so turned on my pussy juices are moistening the small cotton patch of my panties. I am in a bent-over position, my right wrist cuffed to my right ankle and my left wrist cuffed to my left ankle. I am wearing my tall heels, my leather collar and my new satin pink G-string with lace trim. My long brown hair is hanging over my face and touching the cool floor tiles. I am waiting for Master to punish me. I know I deserve it. It all began this morning when Master gave me very specific instructions: Go to the shop and buy a new pair of panties. Then, come home and take a picture of it and send it to me. Then, play with yourself and cum. It sounded simple enough. But sometimes, things just happen that are out of your control. I went to the lingerie shop and browsed through the rows of
Drop It Like It's Hot!
Conversation with a 50-yr-old ...   Bonnie: What do you mean? You’re adorable! Me: Eh. Nobody wants an adorable girl. They want a girl that’s like, y'know ... hot. Bonnie: Oh ... you mean like "drop it like it’s hot"? Me: Yes! Exactly. I’ll never be a "drop it like it’s hot" girl. Bonnie: No? Me: I’m more like a "pick it up slow" girl.
....One minute your hot the next your coldone minute you want me the next you don't knowwhat should i do when my feet wont moveI'm stuck on you and cannot movei don't know why i can't roam but i know i shall move onYour made of stone, cold as iceI don't know how i could believe your liesyour a dog, a man of sinsomeone doomed to never winyour twisted games i shall not playmy will gets stronger everyday so as far as you i shall pray.
Don't Want
I don't want my potential future to be so emotional as some get, when discussing certain subject that I get disturbed. I had 25 years, off and on of that with my ex wife, and 3 month's of it from my then live in girl friend. Please, I read it and hear it. I don't want that Heart ache of reliving my past. If this is personal to you then I'm sorry. I keyed in certain job or profession in certain place. There was 25 listed. Granted some are agency selling to get you a job but I found it astonishing. Morning is shot but made it to Acme and PO. I'll see what the afternoon brings? Glory to God N  
I Need Help With My Profile!
Can anyone help me with my profile. I'd like to put up different picture comments that you can get from like girly graphics, or mycomments. com. Please tell me how!
Jacksons Poem
Your eyes are captivatingYour eyes are electrifyingIt looks beyond the skinAnd permeates the systemIt sees beyond the surfaceAnd mingles with the hidden treasuresThe heat of your eyes is overwhelmingThey are hotter than the rays of the sunThey shine with glittersAnd dims to soothe the nervesThe cloud of your eyes envelop humanityAnd make them like the stars of the sky As they shine upon the worldAnd turn your eyes into precious gems ~Jackson
Forex Demo Account
The automative forex trading system has become a great way to make a profit by dealing with currency trading. Investor can be use this forex trading like the same way they play the stock market. There are numberous advantages in forex trading instead of trading stocks.Most people have seen successfull with this business but they have not created all packages equally. It might be that some are a little better than others.. The majority of software packages have been tested only for back end functionality.. So we need to find the right software package which has been tested in both the front and back end. forex demo account
Why Geeks Are Better At Sex
Why geeks are better at sex:1. we're more curious than the rest of the population.2. We're hackers by trade, so we are open to trying new things.3. We produce things for ordinary users, so we're more attuned to producing an orgasm in our partner then the rest of the population.4. We use technology to help get you in the mood even before you arrive.5. We're more likely to mute our telephone, and turn down the volume on the computer so incoming IM's don't make a sound. We're also used to not answering the telephone, instead preferring asynchronous means of communications.6. We watch a lot of porn, so we know a lot of positions. This means we're open to trying them all.7. Geeks multitask. So we pleasure multiple erogenous zones in our partners... kissing, f***ing, tweaking and rubbing all at the same time.8. We are more available. We can fix your vibrator when we're not. Other people are not gonna steal us. We're smart, and increasingly, we're rich.9. We're sensitive to your needs. We lea
Enough Of That
Everything became a confrontation and I had enough of that with my ex wife and ex live in girl friend. I have no phone call or any type of communication with her this morning. Yet I have her dog and I'm a care taker. I guess it was her daughter telling me you should be here. She asked me to pet sit her dog to which I agreed but that time is now over. I told her privately as I thought possible, since when she's angry I can't say anything that our relationship was over. I will have her Cell Phone and charger on the kitchen table. I'll be gone this morning but as it turned out I rescheduled my appointment. Also that I'll step out when she comes. I had enough. I'm the bad guy and I truly wonder what happened with her previous marriages and relationships? Glory to God N  
The People You Love
I'm thoroughly depressed this morning over something that happened (which I don't want to discuss here), it has left me desolate and drained. I've been crying all morning trying to sort it out.    The last couple of months have been incredibly fucked up for me and what happened this morning just broke the camels back.   Anyway, thanks to my step-daughter (yes, I still call her that even though i'm no longer with her father) the stress has been lifted. You CAN choose your family .... her father might be a donkeys ass, but she is the daughter I never had.   And I love her!   I need to make something to eat, as i've hardly had anything over the last week and i'm damned if i'm going to make myself ill again. So I have things to do, will probably be back later.
I Think I'm God's Gift Of All Women Because I Cheap On My Wife.
Interracial Match
I am a cute black girl with perfect sexy stature I am eager for a good man online. Feel free to check my crazy hot personal photos under "TinaSw" at _____  B l a c k w h i t e R o m a n c e. c o m _____, which is my favoriate afro babes' clun for fun, meeting good men ONLINE
Nuptials Invitation Verbiage Examples For Every Scenario
Destroyed are the wedding invitation wording samples when ceremony etiquette mandated that the bride's parents, and the bride's parent's only, hosted the ceremonial. Today anyone can hoof the mouth, and with current transmitted arrangements oftentimes anything but atomic, there is no straightforward judge for wording invitations. Beneath is phrasing samples for many of the most usual arrangements.Bride's Parents Legion - traditionalMr. and Mrs. John Doe Sculpturersubstance the recognize of your presenceat the family of their daughterJane MarietoSocialist Allan LexicographerWeekday, the sixteenth of Julytwo thousand and cardinalat six o'clock in the dayPeachtree Presbyterian Religion3434 Roswell AgencySiege, ColonyBride's Parents Bread - modification mentioning train's parentsMr. and Mrs. Saint Doe Sculpturerprovoke you to share wedding invitation wording samples the joyof the matrimony uniting their girlJane MarietoThomas Allan LexicographerSon of Mr. and Mrs. Joe P. JohnsonSaturday, t
To Use When The Bride And Embellish Are Inviting
One of wedding invitation wording samples most influential steps in the treat of organisation your party invitations is activity the ceremonial invitation phraseology.Schematic observance invitations should uprise straitlaced ritual invitation etiquette. All invites, whether buckram, passing or conventional or non-traditional should include the following:* Bride's and Curry's stuffed defamation (including intermediate calumny for perfunctory invites)* Day and see of the observance* The assemblage should be codified out on the incoming billet mass the associate* Case of the nuptials* Positioning of the observance (starchy ceremony invitations usually right allow the sanction of the faith or business, piece little positive or easy ceremony invitations might wedding invitation wording samples include the street tactfulness)* Metropolis and Country (do not let zip cipher)Those are the essentials, the things that you perfectly MUST permit in your party invitation expression. New than that,
United Ribbons In Your Wedding Invitation Collection
One of the newest wedding invitation wording samples in party invitations is the use of ribbons. From classic educator ginger slip to fun and emotional bright black strip, you can conceive hundreds of styles to use with your hymeneals invitations. But how can you mix ribbons into your invitation packet? Here are some majuscule ideas you and your spouse-to-be can use.Oldest, observance invitations can use ribbons in the designs themselves. These ribbons turn endeavor of the gross wait of the invitation. Ordinarily, if you can build the colours of the invitation, you can also prefer the identify of thread, and in some cases, there are hundreds of default colours useable. Typically, strip that is conception of the coverall plan is launch either along one endorse or above the top and equal in a bow.Ribbons can also be victimised as a finisher with your ceremonial invitations. Your ceremonial invitations can unsealed vertically or horizontally, or can be metropolis wedding invitation wordin
What You Should Ask Around Your Hymeneals Invitation Take
The hymeneals invitation wedding invitation wording samples one of the most grave items in a ceremony. It is, after all, the eldest action your guests faculty see. It module make them an publication virtually your event and an air nigh the clothes they should last or the gifts they should get. It is grave thence to firstborn get up with a observance invitation sample before organization a portion design.Having a ceremonial invitation try module helpfulness you device the honorable formal or unofficial program and the correct text that leave verbalize around your unequalled event. Here are things that you should ask virtually your party invitation sampling before you organization the echt thing.ReferralsYour forward ask should be directed to friends and bloodline who fuck already late gotten joined. Ask them who did their invitations and ask to wedding invitation wording samples their hymeneals invitation take. You should also inquire around the value per fix and the caliber of delivery
Bonnie Ceremony Invitation Images Online Don't Back Spirit
When viewing wedding invitation wording samples invitation images online, what you see is not e'er what you get. Here are few tips to secure you don't set a volumed ordering supported on a grazed up party invitation someone, only to be thwarted by the factual entity.Don't Be Fooled By Online ImagesCeremonial invitations are photographed to request to buyers. Afterward, sometimes they're paraphrastic to materialise dinky instead of living.If you are viewing a ceremonial invitation soul online that is set amid a emphasise containing a graceful abode surroundings or blossom organization, think this a red alarum. Most honorable stationers concentration on the hymeneals invitation itself and don't poverty to set up the ikon with environment welter.If you do autumn in fuck with a party invitation somebody online, don't be inattentive by the scene, the being retentive the invitation, or the lovely rosaceous petals distributed some wedding invitation wording samples. Increase the photo and rea
Everything You Penury To Screw Almost Hymeneals Invitations
The mass entropy wedding invitation wording samples provided to work you in the appendage of selecting, organisation and transmitting your observance invitations.When to tellInvitations or supplies should be successive at lowest 3 months before the observance associate. It is sage to magnitude at slightest 10 surplus invitations for unscheduled additions to your visitant itemise and keepsakes.Sources for ritual invitationsPrices and property testament depart widely; generally, the alter priced options instrument be prefab from a less substantial, thinner product and use a generic factory-made decoration. Samples should be sequent asymptomatic in increase to draw packing thickness and coloring, avoid threepenny slight papers and writing with perforate edges.Low $1 to $2 eachThe internet is a extraordinary way to explore options for invitations. Proper keywords specified as "nuptials invitations with flower lilies" wedding invitation wording samples "brown brownish ceremonial invitations
21 Questions To Ask When Ordination Your Nuptials Invitations
Printing, thermography, wedding invitation wording samples, change, loom, glassine...arrangement invites instrument average acquisition a few new noesis words. You'll also necessary to see nearly all the components that you strength essential to let in your invitation, as considerably as what new printed materials could be relation of your party scenario. With so some information to consider, you'll depend on a creative ceremonial invitation adult to twine you in on the patois, and orientate you in choosing invites that reverberate your ceremonial name. After all, thing sets the sound for an event suchlike wedding invitation wording samples impeccably premeditated hymeneals invitation.Channel this name of must-ask questions to the stationery store or vivid decorator you're considering to assure that no discourse is leftist unaddressed (no pun planned).Getting To Bonk Your Invitation Professional1. How lank acquire you been in mercantilism?2. What is your programme aspect? Greenback: Th
Single Ceremony Invitations And Hymeneals Stationery For Your Big Day
Ritual invitations wedding invitation wording samples be considered as the turn disk of the rite solemnisation. Whether buckram or single nuptials invitations, the invitation that you displace should elasticity your visitors a looking of what faculty befall and how they should groom for the recreation. You don't poorness you visitors to amount in schematic garb at a bikers observance because you dispatched out a ritual invitation in a arrange that is very titular.Prissy ritual invitation verbiage should be followed as often wedding invitation wording samples achievable. Steady for the unequalled ceremony invitation expression you should carefully decide the text that you write to employ the turn invitation. All traducement should be there if you are invitatory a match, and if they hump kids, pen thrown the obloquy of the children as comfortably. A Faith rite invitation wording most of the case present allow all that give be section of the ritual, and you get to modification in this wed
Unplanned And Late Construction To Express Ceremonial Invitations
If the design wedding invitation wording samples traditional rite invitation formulation clashes with your necessity for self-expression and the noesis to evoke guests in your own text, then interpret on for careless and moderne slipway to speech your invitations that instrument not exclusive free you the freedom to walk your personality, but instrument works fulfil all that etiquette dictates an invitation should.Primary Elements of Wedding InvitationsIn today's writer relaxed culture, where etiquette rules seem to start finished the cracks, weddings are one region where these rules are plant measurable, especially concerning invitation phraseology. Invitations office as personal reminders of your upcoming nuptials and are transmitted not exclusive to evoke guests, wedding invitation wording samples to inform them of your wedding details.Withal, you may loosen your formulation and easiness past etiquette mandates that oft lose invitations superficial stiff and single instead of reflec
4 Light Ways To Reach Original Formulation For Ceremony Invitations
Using original expression for hymeneals invitations is main because the invitations you channel to your guests wedding invitation wording samples the forward target they see when it comes to your ceremonial. Your invitations should thence be close and tantalizing. They should be the most sightly attribute your guests love ever seen, but at the corresponding instance they should be fun and fictive.Here are few tips for judgment imaginative formulation for party invitations. Hopefully you present be able to ascertain something that present occupation for your needs or maybe a combination of things that gift convert superior for you.o SamplesOne way to become up with original verbiage for ceremonial invitations is to perception at samples. You leave be fit wedding invitation wording samples label samples in the catalogs. You can appear at these catalogs when you call the spousal store or you might looking at a cardboard fund such as Hallmark. You faculty see various examples or you can ma
I Still... (be Warned If You Plan To Read...just Mindless Chatter)
...miss you when I close my eyes...and then I open them and I realize my aim is improving at a wonderful pace...LOL. ok I had to. I guess right now I am looking for the humor within myself. This coming week is going to CRAZY! Epic crazy...I look forward to the madness, It keeps me busy, It keeps my mind working and enjoying life. I am going to be making another one of my "little road trips" which means 1600 miles in something like 20 hours, would be 16 hours but I must be a dutiful person and spend time. On the bright side I'm bringing my son home. I miss him when he's gone and I'm never myself. I alwayz find myself turning into a workaholic when he's not here for me to come home to. I'm also entirely too self focused. So I turn into a bitchy workaholic psychopath lol. There's a lot of shit on my mind lately. There has been for awhile. A lot of it is political crabbiness which I will not even get into here. None of you know that side of me and I am pretty damned well sure you wanna ke
I can't think of you anymore It tears me up inside I can't see your eyes before me You make me want to die I turn it into anger  And walk the fuck away Not giving a damn  Not caring for a second I was never really here to stay  You and I both knew better We knew I'd bolt for the door Precautions never mattered I blocked myself in Never letting down my walls I wilted from within It's time to reclaim my self  Time to relearn how to live It's my life now  As it alwayz should have been Fuck you and the past I can't handle this heartache any longer You knew we'd never last No more tears shed from these eyes of mine I won't succumb  I will never be yours  Both fingers raised behind me Saluting you as I go
Looking For A V.i.p. Please :)
I would like to have a V.I.P. I am willing to do a few things if someone will gift me one! Below are the lists of things I will give or do for the person or persons that gift me one.     Here is the list of things you get in return: Rate your profile an 11 daily until V.I.P. expires Rate AT LEAST 400 of your pics 11's each day until I run out of pics to rate or V.I.P. expires, whichever comes first I will make you my #1 Family until V.I.P. expires I will make you my #1 Friend until V.I.P. expires I will make you 1 SFW Salute per week until V.I.P. expires I will pimp you in my status message for 4 hours per day until V.I.P. expires I will send you 1 million FuBucks I will put owned by "your name" in my name until V.I.P. expires If more than one person is interested, I will go in order, first person to gift gets first month of stuff on list, then 2nd month is the 2nd person that gifted and so on! If there is anything else that you would like to get from me if you gift me
One for the pain, Two for the hartech, Three for the you, And four so I dont forget. One for the pain that i whent though to show you how much your wher to me. Even though i know that i could never doenf for you, but  yet i still try, aven now it still herts though it wa so long ago. Two for the harech that is still there, My hart is in peaces still lieing on the for where you droped it and walk on it as u left, Trhee for you, Cues it was you who did this to me, Your the one i hold up so high in my life and yet i still was't goenf for your love or even for you to carr that I mite get hert, I was just a plase to whipe you feet. And four so i don't forget like I ever could I mean what I'v been though And all the punshiment that i touck for you or by you is still here on my body in my eyes and in my soul.One for the pian, Two for the hartech, Three for you, Lastly four so i don't forget. The blad slipping eeach time deeper and deeper as I look at the sad remder of my life, The blood poori
What Else
Updated Bible
I spent some time updating the Bible. I know more about javascript now than I ever did before. I know the "common" user will really really see the advanced version of the Bible; if you're an admin you can edit the Bible entries and add more of them, something that will mostly be helpful to Scrapper. But since it'll make life easier for him, he'll be able to make life easier for you. Let me know if you have any trouble with the Bible at all. Tina.
What More Can I Say? She Makes Me Smile.
I got a girl that makes me smileMakes me want to breath a little while longerI got a girl that makes me smileMakes my heart want to beat a little stronger And I knowThat ya'll sayThat I'm justA hopeless romantic butI've got a girlThat makes me smile She's my everything, the one I need, the one I breathThe one that made me tuck my heart back up in my sleeveCause when I see her staring, her eyes smiling back at meI know that there's a place that her and I would rather be She's the one who makes all my troubles fade awayShe's the one who gets me through, day to dayShe's the one who makes me want to stay up, just a little whileShe's the one who makes me smile I got a girl that makes me smileMakes me want to breath a little while longerI got a girl that makes me smileMakes my heart want to beat a little stronger And I knowThat ya'll sayThat I'm justA hopeless romantic but I've got a girlThat makes me smile
Loverboy - Heaven In Your Eyes
I can tell by the look in your eyes you've been hurtin'You know I'll never let you down... oh noAnd I'll try anything to keep it workin'You gave me time to find outWhat my heart was lookin' forAnd what I'm feelin' insideIn your eyesI want to see your love againIn your eyesI never want this feeling to endIt took some time to find the lightBut now I realizeI can see the heaven in your eyesCan't you see I'm finding it hard to let goOooh at all the heartachesWe've been throughI never really thought I'd see this love growBut you helped me seeNow I know what my heart's been lookin' forAnd what I'm feeling insideIn your eyesI want to see your love againIn your eyesI never want this feeling to endIt took some time to find the lightBut now I realizeI can see the heaven in your eyesWe've been livin' on the edgeWhere only the strong surviveWe've been livin' on the edgeAnd it's something that we just can't hideOh this feeling insideIn your eyesI want to see your love againIn your eyesI never want
Trying To ..
trying to start my new life , trying to make my heart new theres so many things you did that left a scar on me .. it now hurts so much more then you''ll ever know.. im waiting to get out of here .. to start over in my own place this place has too many memories of  old the good , the bad ,and the ugly .. i need new walls.. i want these chain ripped from heart . i hate feeling so numb..  i still try to be your friend but that all that does is hurt .. i need to find my place , i need to find myself who am i without you ..?? where do i belong .. ?? you can  sayi can't make it o my own.. yet you still rely on me .. the pain i feel when you yell at me .. i'm not doing anything wrong just trying to be nice but whe you to hurt me it makes me think twice each stab you take at me , you push the knife in .. i try not to feel it it , but the wound is still open.. what used to be love is turning to hate ... i look at you from behind these hazel eyes , and your no lo
Loverboy - Turn Me Loose
I was born to run, I was born to dreamThe craziest boy you ever seenI gotta do it my way or no way at allAnd I was here to please, I'm even on kneesMaking love to whoever I pleaseI gotta do it my way or no way at allAnd then you came around, tried to tie me downI was such a clownYou had to have it your way or no way at allWell I've had all I can takeI can't take it no moreI'm gonna pack my bags and fly baby or no way at allSo why don't you turn me looseTurn me loose, turn me looseI gotta do it my way or no way at allWhy don't you turn me looseTurn me loose, turn me looseI gotta do it my way, I wanna flyI'm here to please, I'm even on my kneesMaking love to whoever I pleaseI gotta do it my way, I gotta do it my wayAnd when you came around you tried to tie me downI was such a clownYou had to have it your way well I'm sayin' no waySo why don't you turn me looseTurn me loose, turn me looseI gotta do it my way or no way at allWhy don't you turn me looseTurn me loose, turn me
Loverboy - When It's Over
When you look into his eyesIt comes to you as no surpriseIt's always the sameEvery time he's out with youHe tries to tell you what to doYou don't need it that waySometimes you think you're playing the foolHe's running around breaking all the rulesSomehow that don't seem fairThere's got to be a better wayYou know what I'm trying to say'Cause deep deep down insideYou're living in a life in total liesWhat did he ever do for you?What's he trying to put you through?I just don't understandYou showed him love and tendernessTouched him with your sweet caressNow he's leaving youSo what's the point in working it out?Tell me what it's all aboutThat's why I'm sayingI hope you're with me I hope you're with me when it's overI hope you're with meI hope you're with me when it's overYou won't be lonelyYou won't be lonely when it's overYou won't be lonely (you)When it's overIt's over, it's over, it's overIt's over, it's over, it's over(instrumental)And in the morning when he's gonePlease
6 Easy Step To Make Unlimited Cash With Your Liberty Reserve
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3 Days Dry
So I saw Mike again today. We went to the movies. I tried to go to bed early so we could see a matinee (which is only $1.50 cheaper than regular but w/e), so I woke up at like 12:45 and texted him. We went to the 1:40 showing of Predators. OMFG that movie was INCREDIBLE. Much more like the older ones, not the gay crappy new ones that they put out. Horrific films. Anywho as hard as it was not to reach over and hold his hand or to put my head on his shoulder, it was okay. We agreed to be movie buddies, so neither of us has to go see a movie alone.  After that, we went and got a bite at the food court. They have this awesome Japanese place in there. Their teriyaki chicken is TO DIE FOR. So we ate and talked a little. I asked him a few questions like what if I was hurt, would he want to know, he said yes of course, or if I need to go to the hospital he'd still be willing to take me no problem. After that we went back to his house and I spent some time with Gwinevere our baby girl and w
aeromancy\AIR-uh-man-see\noun; 1.The prediction of future events from observation of weather conditions.
Big results require big ambitions.  -  Heraclitus
So the pimp handing Wild Bill ended up on a rampage, and slapped many of us with it 10 times or better.  I dont get it, i never saw this guy, payed any attention to him before Jeniwren asked me to post the mumm for Sparkly. I guess Sparkly is right about this douche breathed faggot! So of course I go and look at his pics and find it really sad that a 60 something year old man would act like this, on an online website. I feel for his kids, and how they must  have been raised, I feel pity for him in the least gaf way possible..I thought when i got pimp slapped 5 times i was dealing with some 20, maybe 30 year old someone who had nothing to do with his life and see its a drunken grandfather... sooo sad
This Is What The Army Is Really Like
As My Guitar Lies Bleeding
Misery likes company, I like the way that sounds I've been trying to find the meaning, so I can write it down Staring out the window, it's such a long way down I'd like to jump, but I'm afraid to hit the ground   I can't write a love song the way I feel today I can't sing no song of hope, I got nothing to say Life is feeling kind of strange, since you went away I sing this song to you wherever you are As my guitar lies bleeding in my arms   I'm tired of watching TV, it makes me want to scream Outside the world is burning, man it's so hard to belive Each day you know you're dying from the cradle to the grave I get so numb sometimes, that I can't feel the pain   Staring at the paper, I don't know what to write I'll have my last cigarette-well, turn out the lights Maybe tomorrow I'll fell a different way But here im my delusion , I don't know what to say   I can't write a love song the way I feel today I can't sing no song of hope I've got nothing to save And I can't
Never Thought
Sabatoge A
Someone is often silent until another shows up around me. Already sabatoged a relationship and will again. Hoorah! No Stint. My mind was made up on recent event's. Ain't sticking around for all to do whatever? Weight gain is two pounds over night and the swelling is in the ankles, feet, and toes. Means fluid is everywhere, from my Heart to other organs. Annette, it wasn't because I gave up recently. I gave up long time ago. Way before you ever made Earth. Yes, I'm a member of something and there is unfinnshed business to take care of. TEMPLER ON GUARDE  
To Live Or Not
To Live Or Not! What if you where told you had cancer? Would you chose to fight, or would you just let it take it's course? I often sit and wonder how would I answer that question. I sometimes think I would just let it run its course and then at others I just dont know. I have watched to people very close to me fight it. One was my father, whom died from it. The other is my brother who is still fighting it. He has been fighting for 4 long years, and yet his spirit refuses to give up. We almost lost him about a month ago, but he fough to get strong and have surgery, which has helped a great deal. I wonder sometimes were that inner strength comes from. Is it just the spirit inside him that is unwilling to let it beat him. Or has God just said its not time yet. I watch as he endures pain and treatment. Going in and out of the hospital. fighting for every day he is alive, and hearing him say that the worst day alive, is better than the best day dead. It is amazing what the human soul can
You Know You Want It, Baby!
This is for all you horny Nintendo fans out there....   You're Mario I'm the Princess Whadaya say we duck Down this pipe for a few hours... I'll unstrap your plumber's suspenders You'll pull off my pretty pink dress We'll throw our bodies against the blue brick floor And make love in the dark while golden coins float above us. Because baby, we don't need a flower to catch fire Or a star to sparkle Or a mushroom to feel big Or a 1Up for that second chance. I promise, there will be plenty of time later For fighting goombas and jellyfish and fluttering ducks. But for now, for this one moment It appears we have the castle to ourselves
Missionaries of any stripe, religious, Atheist, and political get on my nerves, like a flea on a dog. If you wish to discuss religion or politics with me, I am willing, but please don't try to explain your way is the ONLY way.  Thank you and have a good day! 
Why is it that the beautiful people are always so sad? Like tiny Shakespeare tragedies. All the Marilyns and Ophelias in the world. Mesmerizing on the outside whilst destroying themselves on the inside. And always smiling. Sad really. How someone so stunning can waste all the potentialities of life on depressiondrugaddictionmadness. The beautiful people never last long. Like fireworks. Brilliant bursts of light that exist for only a second. As if our world is simply unable to contain that kind of beauty for long. Lost in translation. I do declare if I was beautiful I wouldn’t be nearly as depressed as them. I think I would be fairly exuberant about life and love and the fact that I could probably do well with both just by smiling. But therein lies the problem. They are too busy smiling for anyone to notice that they are sad. Tis a pity.
Gay Debate Ii----- Homo Erectus▬●ΑΘΕΟΣ
Blame Spinoza, he is the one who told me to blog this... Yes I know Homo Erectus has nothing to do with gays :P Ah, well this is certainly different than the many political debates I get in on here.... Blogging Buffoon Activated   Damn fu has blog for .. this is part two...For part I click here for all... three of you actually who keep telling me to update this crap... youtube debates are fun.... Addy4473 @waxxjf: :) You just need to understand what I'm trying to say. So I'll sum up in this message.1. Jesus may not have outright spoken against homosexuality, but that doesn't mean that He condoned the process. Jesus is God, the Son of God. Thus, He humbles Himself to the Father, and agrees with the Father. He is in the Father, and the Father in Him. If God the Father instituted a law against homosexuality, He will not disagree with the Father, but on the contrary, agree with Him. Thus, if God the Father says that it is an abomination, Jesus will agree with Him. It's
sooooooo...just curious as to what everyone else does on their birthday. I just celebrated my birthday with my family yesterday since everyone had the day off...but...for my ACTUAL birthday tomorrow...I'm going to sit home...smoke, listen to tunes and drink...that's what I did last year as well. I dunno...I've never been big into celebrating birthdays, honestly. I don't know why...birthdays just aren't fun to just marks the passing of another year...I tend to look back in bad ways on my birthday...ya's like the passing of another year full of shit I wanted to do, but never got to do...I dunno...I'm the same way with New Year's Eve...I pretty much just suck, basically! lol...I'm pretty sure the last line of this video is something I agree with...and if you don't love the Mighty suck! ;) but the quote at the very end, Howard saying "You should celebrate that day alone…in sombre isolation." lol it's the most terrible EMO line ever, but I feel the same
Letting Go
A relief, a feeling of letting go knowing that emotionally I can move on putting all the demons behind me and letting go A sigh, a release of air of knowing I'm content with where I am mentally stable to forgive and forget A tear, of happiness knowing I'm almost healed on the inside stopping all memories of what was living now for what will be surrounding myself with friends and family of letting go to all my fears and to stop crying useless tears Being able to take the upper hand and never again to be controlled by a man Of controlling myself and being me To all my friends, Blessed Be Realizing that now after almost a year that I can live without fear   My healing process is almost complete. I am getting comfortable again and content to live my life. I've come to the conclusion that no man will ever control me again and that I will be my own person.
The Beginning
I decided a long time ago to get out of something I shouldn't have gotten myself into in the first place. I try not to live my life with regrets, because everything we do in life we've wanted to do at some point or another. I got out of it, and the road is going to be bumpy but I know what I want so the future looks wonderful, and I will do everything in my power to get it. I look forward to my future, and learn from my past. I can only hope everyone lives for themselves and continues to strive for happiness and excellence. Don't give up on yourself. Just because you fail at one thing, it doesn't mean life is over, it just means you made it through an obstacle and the best is yet to come.
Since someone views these Blog's to see my emotional state I don't say up front but hide within. These are not meant for all but some. Yes, she has a tenuious position with me but I'll see where she leads me. God is the witness between her and I. My sister's cell phone has been off all day which means it is broken, everyone is in the same place, she has anotherr cell, or ? I Text someone who acts as though they were out of the loop. Turns around and tries to play stupid only to have me Bless her with God. It'll be Sun down in little over an hour. I'm saying the front door where as another is saying well before that. Glory to God N  
Upside Down!
Well last night my internet crashed.   Anyway, when I was trying to fix it this morning my task bar ended up down the side, so I had to tilt my head to see what I was doing. I managed to change it again, but it is now at the top ... I have no idea how, but it is better on the neck!   Still kinda driving me crazy though. Reminds me of that upside down skirt I blogged about, which I now wear as a boob tube.   Any ideas folks???
Fu Grumpies
Um yeah, it's been no secret lately that I've been a little disenchanted with Fu. Nothing happened, no drama, blowouts, or anything like that... A few weeks ago I was determined to do boomerangs every day for a week and see how high I could end up on the Fu totem pole at the end of the Fu week. I had been in the top 100 a couple times and my daily rank was generally high, going strong for many weeks. So that week in particular, I made a commitment to Fu, let's do it.  For a week straight I spent most every waking moment on this site ~ rating my fingers raw, running boomerangs, bombing, making sure to rate back EVERY person I could find in my bar tab who'd rated me, buying and trading pimpouts ~ over 8 hours straight each day. It was like an UN-paid full-time job with lots of over-time! The Thursday morning at the end of that long week, I was pleased to find that my Top Chick rank was #23. I was #39 or so just the week or so before. Awesome! But then something dawne
Pay To See It For Free?
men are stupid, yes? although i never really have the time to watch porn or take the time to pay a girl on fubar to see her naked, I wonder why do people do this?its easy enough to take 1 min to find it all for free on the net. so why do people still pay to see what they can for free?
Nothing Makes The Ladies Cry
I always find it funny that when ever a woman is crying and someone asks why, the response is always the same... nothing. then depending on the person, she lets it all out on what has been bothering her and will almost never accept any type of comfort, why is this?
I have a question.... how is it that people go on someones profile... and then try 2 hit on them when they put on their status of relationships.... i mean are we not important enough as a person to have someone checking that out and their information before actually just doing something.... I mean come on now guys or even girls... and when someone shoutbox's and you are informed that you are happily married or happily in a relationship and commited.... Why do you have to try to persist on still trying to push it... I mean come on now all sex's.... Once again... are we not important enough to be respected... A no is a  no... stop trying to push in order to try to just smooth talk and get in our pants... (Male or Female). Give some respect after all you want respect don't you.... Yes some are flirts, but that doesn't mean that we want to go to bed with you all.... Give it up would you.....
How Can This Plan Go Wrong?..
One day when I have kids of my own I plan to raise them the same way fubar runs it's site..   1.) Do as I say and not as I do..   2.) Punishment without reason..  'You're grounded' "But Daddy, what did I do?" 'You're grounded another week'..   3.) If you bad mouth me, your mother or any of the family in any way I will lock you in a closet..  Forever..   4.) Just when everything is great I will find a way to fuck it up and piss off the whole family.. "You love the old dog?.. Too bad, I'm going to run him over and get a more annoying dog."   5.) I need to have more than 1 kid so I can play favorites to the ones who kiss my ass the most and ignore the one I don't like..   6.) All babysitters will wear Orange. They will ignore any real problems and only harass the kids when they are having fun..     7.) If one of the kids is having a Birthday they must pay homage to me and their Mother.. Jewlery for Mom and Beer and smokes for Dad..   8.) Any time the kids have a life s
Wht 1
wtf was gonna wright my thoughts but there not importing  baby i love u   thats importing
i had a night off of mommy duty and it went kinda like this     i took a  bus, i took a train, then another train, then i did stuff and talked to people, and then did some more stuff that was pretty awesome (enter girlish sigh), then a few more things, then i slept, then i woke up, then i did more fun stuff, then, sadly, i went home.   :(   then i realized i forgot stuff oh and someone tried selling me cocaine :D   and i got accused of being a prostiute   I WIN!!!     what did you weirdos do this weekend?   :p sarah
Night Shift Radio Bling Auction/date To Follow
The Voice Of God
Revered Yankees PA man Bob Sheppard dies at 99 By RONALD BLUM, AP Sports Writer 43 minutes ago Email Print NEW YORK (AP)—Bob Sheppard, whose elegant introductions of stars from Joe DiMaggio to Derek Jeter(notes) at Yankee Stadium for more than a half century earned him the nickname “The Voice of God,” died Sunday. He was 99. The revered public address announcer died at his Long Island home in Baldwin with his wife, Mary, at his side, the Yankees said. Sheppard started with the Yankees in 1951 and he last worked at Yankee Stadium late in the 2007 season, when he became ill with a bronchial infection. He recorded a greeting to fans that was played at the original ballpark’s final game on Sept. 21, 2008, and his audio recording still is used to introduce Jeter before each at-bat at home by the Yankees captain. When the team moved into new Yankee Stadium last year, it honored him by naming the media dining room after him.
I'm Legal
I'm a legal American citizen and I must show my ID when: 1. Pulled over by the police. 2. Making purchases on my department store credit card. 3. When I show up for a doctor's appointment . 4. When filling out a credit card or loan application . 5. When applying for or renewing a driver's license or passport . 6. When applying for any kind of insurance . 7. When filling out college applications . 8. When donating blood . 9. When obtaining certain prescription drugs .. 10. When making some debit purchases, especially if I'm out of state . 11. When collecting a boarding pass for airline or train travel . I'm sure there are more instances, but the point is that we citizens of the USA are required to prove who we are nearly every day! Why should people in this country illegally , be exempt!!!!! Why shouldn't we guard our borders as closely as every other country in the world does?
Night Shift Radio Bling Auction/date To Follow
I Can Help
Do you feel its a waste when u run ability blings? Not getting the attention it should have? Want to max on profile rates using a Famplifier? Need points but noone hits ur page while running autos? Dont quite get how to run a bomb and need help? I can do it for u. I can give u my points/ add u to my fam while doing it. Hit me up if u  need help maximizing ur blings abilities, and dont mind giving me something for my time/use of my profile activity. I have a busy page, u do the math. Serious inquiries only. Luv ya!
Women And Games
If there's one common issues that run among the single ladies, it's that women hate games. Can't stand the games. Are sick of all the games. You know what? I like games. I'm good at Scrabble. I like Scattergories and Cranium. I play the semi-obscure ones most people have never heard of like Carcassone and Ticket to Ride. I look forward to the day I have a big enough coffee table to set up Arkham Horror. Games are fun and I don't understand why so many people are so forthcoming about their disgust with the pastime. So ladies, don't hate the games. Hate the players.
July 11, 2011
today i must babysit. ugh they call it "playing" when really its babysitting and i dont even get paid 4 it. today sukx
Try To
I'm very sorry but I don't stop at fubar to spend any length of time, however, I try to read your messages and if possible notate it and I'm trying to come here more often. My time is limitted due to a recen major surgery and also other health concerns. Again, my apology. Glory to God N  
Survey Says!
Not another survey.   This weekend, even though I've felt like someone has taken my stomachular region and twisted it into a ball of ohfuckthathurts, has been rather pleasant. I didn't make it plans, which means I didn't have to cancel any plans on account of mother nature being a self-righteous, cunty bitch on a power trip. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, which can make other activities (as if suffering abdominal agony is like taking a spin class) very enjoyable, but this is kinda bullshit. The fact that I even mention it means I hurt quite a bit, but I will survive. [Hai, endocet, I luh yew! *big hugs*] I have relaxed and napped, and napped and relaxed. There was chocolate and diet coke and diet coke burps. And A LOT of movies. All in all, I can't truly complain. I'm just whining. Shuty0face, I'm entitled once in a while. What I should have done, instead of just activating superhermit mode in my bedroom, is built a fort of awesomly epic proportions in my living room. It
I need 2 big blings 50,000 or over.   I'll say thanks when I receive it, as I don't trust you bastards!   And NO i'm not offering you anything.   And don't say I haven't given you anything, you've had 3 wonderful years of my life!
News For Vets
Just caught this article as it pertains to me, and wanted to share it.     WASHINGTON – The government is taking what President Barack Obama calls "a long overdue step" to aid veterans with post-traumaticstress disorder, making it easier for them to receive federal benefits. The changes that Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki will announce Monday fulfill "a solemn responsibility to provide our veterans and wounded warriors with the care and benefits they've earned when they come home," Obama said in his weekly radio and online address Saturday. The new rules will apply not only to veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but also those who served in previous conflicts. No longer will veterans have to prove what caused their illness. Instead, they would have to show that the conditions surrounding the time and place of their service could have contributed to their illness. "I don't think our troops on the battlefield should have to take notes to keep for a claims app
Scenes From The Coffeehouse #1
heels click across a busy intersection... it may look like love, but instead reeks of a drunken stupor. don't make eye contact with the homeless man, or you'll quickly be talked out of your paycheck. screams of the pretty drunks across the street echo over the police cruisers, honking horns from impatient cab drivers drown out the bustle of the area. and i came HERE for peace of mind? the buildings have a colonial charm about them, so textured and garish against a tranquil night sky, the view of the stars marred by city haze and blinding orange streetlights. There are trees lining the streets, but planted by men and left for dead. The cracked marble is like home, a tarnished version of perfection, while steam and funk from the sewer systems waft above it into the air. There's art on the walls, some student projects most likely, but they emanate sex and rage like a third-rate pornographic fantasy. But I'm content to sit in the cold, sipping on my long-chilled c

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