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Air Force Master Sgt. Evander E. Andrews
Died October 10, 2001 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom 36, of Solon, Maine; assigned to the 366th Civil Engineering Squad, Mountain Home AFB, Idaho; killed Oct. 10, 2001, in a heavy equipment accident in Qatar.
Testing 1 2 3
July 23, 2010 9:21am more To xX Murderf...: no, i'm sorry I can do that.   cancel Chat 9:21am more To BIGBEN1979: I'd rather not, but thank you for asking.   cancel Chat 9:23am reply xX Murderf...: I just thought you were testing yesterday, since the status was "testing" haha!   cancel Chat 9:23am
Test Date 1 2 3
test date 1 2 3
Lik Omg
i havnt been on here in a long ass time
Summer Heat- Update 217
Summer Heat It has been so hot here this summer. So I decided to stay inside with the air conditioner and a romance novel. I am crawled up on the couch in a pair of shorts and a sports bra. The book is so intense that my hands start to caress my soft luscious body. I got so horny I started to play with my glass toy through my sheer panties. Once they are filled with cum I take them off and played some more. I get off three times in this update. Sweet Kisses Exotic Flame-- Hugs and KissesExotic Flame
Music For Thought #1
well i was right about this one: Slipknot is still going to say together even with the passing of Paul Gray (RIP)....but my question is will they still be wearing those masks since the unmasked interview they had a few days after Paul passed away? and who (if they do) will be the sub bass player??
Solar Power For Home Use
Solar panels are becoming more and more affordable with more installers and manufacturers competing for residential customers. Click here to read more - home solar power system and photovoltaic systems There are also a wealth of incentives available to homeowners depending on the state that you live in. Federal tax rebates and incentives have opened up solar power systems to all audiences. In order to get started with solar power you need to take the following steps: 1. Obtain a Free Consultation: Some solar installation companies will even guide you through the rebates procedure. Be sure to ask a lot of questions at this stage about equipment, service contracts, or additional financing. The installers will go over your electric bills and usage patterns to give you an accurate estimate. The initial estimate will show you how much you can save with solar and what the expected payback period will be. 2. Proposal: This is where the company will prepare a written request for proposal o
When Im Gone
Hush my love, and go to sleep. No need to fear, no need to weep. When you wake again, my dearYou know that I'll always be here. Close your eyes, my love, and sleep.Let me lead you through the deep. Through seas below and stars above, Close your eyes and sleep, my love. Let my words bring you to peaceYou know your worries, they will keep.Just let my words encircle you, And take your soul beneath the blue. You'll find me with you in your dreams, Its as real as it can seemEven though my body's gone, You will never be alone. Its the way that time should turn, And everything in time will burn. Though I know you can't see me, My heart at last is truely free. 
For all the times,You weren't by my side,For all the times,You just watched me cry.Everything you put me through,Hurts me so bad now,And the pain wont fade away,So now I have to live with it every day.I cant believe you would do this,After you told me you loved me,And I thought it was true,But I guess you lied.Now I'm here alone,Without you by my side,No one for me to talk to,About what I'm going through. Online Store Hot Sales Top 5 In The First Half Of Year 2010
Most a half year had passed in 2010, in the past six months, our online store had conducted a comprehensive upgrade, especially in products field. ePathChina Limited added some new categories consumer electronic products, and renewed those products which haven’t characteristics for the global customers to buy the latest, most fashionable and the cheapest consumer electronics products. Summarized the past half year, ePathChina Limited official announced online store sales of the single product ranking among the top five. This data reflect the global customers’ purchase trend. We hope that this hot sales list can bring some help to businessmen, such as eBay sellers, distributors, store owners, retailers, drop shippers and small wholesalers. No.1  EPC_MP5_010 – 4.3 Inch PSP Style Screen JXD1000 MP5 PlayerJXD1000 MP5 Players has high definition 4.3 inch big screen, modeled Sony PSP2000 design, a variety of colors to choose from Pink, Blue, G
Requests For Tonic Lounge
For All Mankind
Nothing Special.
Sorry I been a slackin kiddos. Of course there's more shit than you can shake @ stick at. But until then. Enjoy ur point hoaring bc it's at a crazy level.. And it's famp time sat soo ya'll know how that goes.   lol Until next time...peace.
Holy Wall Of Text!
So, I got a friend request. It was not empty. I'll not waste words now as this is what it said...   Hello Dear How are you doing?Impressing is what i describe your captivating profile as a near perfect description of what i desire in a man and any woman would seek for in a man.But all that don't matter as all real love relationships begin on a basic foundation of friendship..My Name is regina.I would like you to write to me and tell me all about urself as i would do too if u so wish..well i am a mixed, african and American Born and Raised in the states.I lost my dad when i was 10 years old.My Mom later moved back to Africa where she is rigth now.I stay in jersey,Georiga but currently out of the states,currently in africa visiting my sick mum{hope you are not discouraged} but i will be back in the states as soon as she get better."" email address you can mail me through.And you can also Chat with me on "reginasmith1981" so Email me.Thanks for being patient eno
Mark This Blog Nsfw
Mark this blog NSFW you fucking assgarbs, and your prudish minions.
Hot Wet And Oily!
Ok... here comes BOnnie and i live right in the projected paths center... its a little storm but its possible that it will bring a shit load of oil with it in the storm surge... i live by the river and i hope we dont get flooded too bad :(       as you were
Want A Fake Butt?
Fake boobs are a favorite body enhancement for the babes. Other things are done to the face. Now a new phenomenon is happening with you babes. I’m told you babes are now buying panties that give you a more rounded butt. The flat look is no longer acceptable. Personally I like a nice round butt. The only problem I see for the butt panties is when a guy cops a feel. That will be awkward. Check it out for the naturally minded music lover. Hit us up 24/7
Zeitgeist: Addendum - Stuff Everybody Should Know
Woman Handmade Handicrafts Designer
My name Desak Amik, i was Born in Denpasar-Bali-Indonesia. I am Wholesalers, Suppliers and Manufacture of Handicrafts BaliCv. Batu Cantik .Our Website is Legal verified registered business handicrafts manufacturer by Government in Bali and also has been verified and registered through National Agency Export Development ( NAFED ) Ministry of Trade Indonesia, We start our business since 2000. Bali is the most popular of Art and Crafts Handmade with high quality Products, I love all Fashion Art and handicraft so i start to design in Handbags, Purses, Gift, Crafts, Handicraft, Jewelry, Accessories, Shoes, Sandals, Beach Wear, Sarong Batik pareo with very high quality Export and very low in price. For now, we have more than Thousand design in all of Body Jewelries Costumes such as Wooden Bangles, Shells Bracelet, Wood Necklaces, Shell Earrings, Pearls Jewelry, Finger Rings, Home Made Woman Belt,Hair Accessories and all design very interested Buyer from Europe ,United State, U
More Ranting
Ever been around a dog that's been mistreated?  The thing about dogs...they can't think. They can act, and they can react...but they can't rationalize a situation.  That doesn't matter if that dog is a 3 pound chihuahua, or a 120 pound German Shepherd.  They react, because they can't think.  I believe they can empathize, and they can sense emotions...but they can't rationally think.  A mistreated dog will always cower in a situation where it thinks it's done bad.  My brother's dog, for instance, is a dog I'm not allowed to correct.  If and when I do, this 120 pound German Shepherd pees on herself and her surroundings.  I've never mistreated this dog in my life...haven't been around her much, if you want to know the truth...but I'm not gonna' put up with her incessant barking, jumping on the fence (she knows how to get out), or jumping on other people.  That's not accepted.  But the problem being is that she knows I don't have a problem correcting her, and popping her on her snout if sh
Why Are People Drwan To You?
People Are Drawn To Your Passion You are intense about every thing you do, and this intensity inspires people around you. It's clear that you care deeply about the others. You make everyone feel like they're your best friend. You are always doing great and interesting things. You leap into action. And while you're busy, you take time to connect and re-connect with others. You are very thoughtful. Why Are People Drawn To You? Blogthings: We're Not Shrinks, But We Play Them On the Internet
The Ocean Test
You Are Reflective and Thoughtful You are most comfortable when you are challenging yourself and trying something new. You believe in transparency and honesty. The truth hurts, but you'd like to know it. You have no trouble finding contentment wherever you are in life. You are happy in the now. You believe that if you look closely enough at people, they all have their own unique beauty. The Ocean Test Blogthings: We're Not Shrinks, But We Play Them On the Internet
The Smoothie Test
You Are Zany You are energetic and very fascinating. You don't mean to be different - you just are one of a kind. You are curious and creative about the world. You're often trying out interesting combinations of things. You say "yes" to as many things as you can, and you feel sorry for those who turn down amazing opportunities. You believe that you can never know what you'll love. If you take a risk, you might surprise yourself. The Smoothie Test Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
What Childhood Game Are You?
You Are Rock-Paper-Scissors You are very smart and mentally inclined person. You like games that test your brainpower. You are good at noticing patterns and making predictions. You can size other people up well. It may not seem like there's a lot to what you do, but you have a strategy for everything. You tend to think through every decision you make carefully, but you're also sure not to over think anything. What Childhood Game Are You? Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
Written 7-21-2010
Never felt good enough for anyone but myself My confidence is hidden deep down I can't understand why i still feel this way The pain form the past still haunts me Jumping up when least expected I wish it would go away so i cant be happy once again But here is where it seems to stay Most days i feel like a hollow shell of what used to be What i wonder could set me free Even when i think i am happy This other thought is still there waiting To prove itsself known like a badge of shame I hide from the world And replace the hurt and pain with smiles and laughter Hoping to one day find a new cure To this torturous hell The past i know is dead and gone But the pain still lingers on This test of emotional strength Has been going on for longer than i can stand How much more of a tolerance will last Before i succumb just like all the rest?
Daily Top Winners In High Limit Slots: Svt95 • Anna Dice What You Can't Have, You Can't Resist!!!! Queen Milf...sacramento, Ca
Daily Top Winners in High Limit Slots: svt95 • anna What you can't have, you can't resist!!!!  Queen MILF...Sacramento, CA
S Did You Know: There's A 50% Point Bonus When Interacting With Newbies?
s Did you know: there's a 50% point bonus when interacting with newbies?
Do People Care Anymore ?????
What happened to people caring about each other ? I have been on fubar on and off for alomst 3 yrs now.I know this site is a game..its about points and leveling..But have we forgotton that we are all human beings too.I have seen so many of my friends getting hurt on here its like no one cares about anybody anymore.Why do people say things they dont mean..Is breaking someone's heart  part of the game too?If it is I dont want any part of it.What happened to being honest with someone...say what you mean and do what you say!!!   I know there are some good people on this site..dont get me wrong..Im not trying to say this site is all bad.There are people out there that really care.I know there are some that have met their someone special on here..And to them I want to wish them luck. Cause your gonna need it..this has become and cruel and crazy world.   I dont know how long I will be on this mind changes everyday.But to the few true friends I have on here..I want to say
Think About It
  There must be higher love, well according to Steve Winwood that’s true but to me I simply accept average height love, and after 30 years of marriage am well versed in being average. I have tried being extraordinary but I end up being mediocre.   My past attempts at being sultry and sexy have landed in flat-liner heaven, with me either having stomach pains on a floor trying to shift wind but dressed in Agent provocateur and red high heels, or husband and I having a big fight when we get to the secluded romantic cottage. We can’t seem to time or prepare our relationship for fun and love. It either happens or it doesn’t, it can’t be orchestrated at all.   Usually we end up deciding to get divorced as I sit on high count Egyptian cotton sheets, chomping on luxury chocolates and slugging chilled Champagne in a five star hotel beside a dramatic coastline. Then again, we have sat in a one berth cockroach infested caravanette and been stuck to each other’s
Wanna Make Me Happy?
Wanna make me happy?Rate/fan/add/crush/bling meAll luv will be returned.Sweet kisses
So Would Archaeologists Call It ‘timberhenge’?
So would archaeologists call it ‘Timberhenge’? Archaeologists Discover Stonehenge’s Timber Twin Stonehenge, that ancient and mysterious circle of giant obelisks on England’s Salisbury Plain, may once have had a nearby wooden “twin,” according to a pioneering new archaeological survey. “The idea of finding something as significant and dramatic as this monument, so close to Stonehenge, is just brilliant,” Henry Chapman, an archaeologist at the University of Birmingham and a member of the team that made the discovery, told AOL News. “It will completely change the way we think about Stonehenge and the surrounding landscape.” The discovery of the timber henge (a term used to describe any British circular ritual site dating from 3,000 to 2,000 B.C.) was made by a multinational team of archaeologists, who started surveying the land around Stonehenge two weeks ago with sensors that provide a high-definition 3-D view of w
Dreams Of Lilith
Dreams of Lilith 2003 This piece of work commemorates my showing at Echo Gallery in Chicago, IL starting on March 8, 2003. This piece also features the beautiful image of Playboy Model/Artist Muse Veronika, who is also the curator of Echo. According to the Jewish tradition, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, before Eve. They say she was Caine's mother, not Eve. Since Lilith was created from the same source of Adam, both having been formed from the ground, they were equal in all ways. When he tried to make her submit to his will, she rebelled and flew away (Lilith didn't want to lie under him during sexual relations, because she considered that position as "insulting"). She went near the Red Sea and coupled with the Djinns, giving birth to a lot of demonic children (called Lilim). God, in order to try and convince her to come back to Adam, sent three Angels to reason with her (Sanvi, Sansanvi and Semangelaf), but Lilith refused to return. The Angels punished her by ext
Tears In Ur Eyes Funny
ONLY A MAN WOULD ATTEMPT THIS: Pocket Tazer Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Tazer for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Julie. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse- sized tazer. The effects of the tazer were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety...WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded two AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button and pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I'd get the blue arc of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs. AWESOM
Laying Eggs-read This Shit Its Funny!
Ralph came home drunk one night, slid into bed beside his sleeping wife, and fell into a deep slumber. He awoke before the Pearly Gates, where St. Peter said, 'You died in your sleep, Ralph..' Ralph was stunned.. 'I'm dead? No, I can't be! I've got too much to live for. Send me back!' St. Peter said, 'I'm sorry, but there's only one way you can go back, and that is as a chicken.' Ralph was devastated, but begged St. Peter to send him to a farm near his home.. The next thing he knew, he was covered with feathers, clucking, and pecking the ground. A rooster strolled past. 'So, you're the new hen, huh? How's your first day here?' 'Not bad, replied Ralph the hen, but I have this strange feeling inside. Like I'm gonna explode!' 'You're ovulating,' explained the rooster. 'Don't tell me you've never laid an egg before? ' 'Never,' said Ralph. 'Well, just relax and let it happen,' says the rooster. 'It's no big deal.' Ralph did, and a few uncomfortable sec
How To Call The Police
George Phillips , an elderly man, from Meridian, Mississippi, was going up to bed, when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. George opened the back door to go turn off the light, but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things. He phoned the police, who asked "Is someone in your house?" He said "No," but some people are breaking into my garden shed and stealing from me. Then the police dispatcher said "All patrols are busy. You should lock your doors and an officer will be along when one is available." George said, "Okay." He hung up the phone and counted to 30. Then he phoned the police again. "Hello, I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people stealing things from my shed. Well, you don't have to worry about them now because I just shot them." and he hung up. Within five minutes, six Police Cars, a SWAT Team, a Helicopter, two Fire Trucks, a Pa
Going Tribal
In african tribes When the black male reaches a certain age, a string is tied around his penis and on the other end is a weight. Over a period of time, the weight stretches the penis to 24 inches. Later that evening as the husband was getting out of the shower, his wife looked at him and said, 'How about if we try the African string-and-weight procedure? The husband agreed and they tied a string and a weight to his penis. A few days later, the wife asked the husband, 'How is our little "tribal experiment" coming along?' 'Well, it looks like we're about halfway there,' he replied. 'Wow, you mean it's grown to 12 inches?' 'No, it's turning black though.'
Funny Jokes
My flight was being served by an obviously gay flight attendant, who seemed to put everyone in a good mood as he served us food and drinks. As the plane prepared to descend, he came swishing down the aisle and told us that 'Captain Marvey has asked me to announce that he'll be landing the big scary plane shortly, so lovely people, if you could just put your trays up, that would be super.' On his trip back up the aisle, he noticed this well-dressed and rather Arabic looking woman hadn't moved a muscle. 'Perhaps you didn't hear me over those big brute engines but I asked you to raise your trazy-poo, so the main man can pitty-pat us on the ground.' She calmly turned her head and said, 'In my country, I am called a Princess and I take orders from no one.' To which (I swear) the flight attendant replied, without missing a beat, 'Well, sweet-cheeks, in my country I'm called a Queen, so I outrank you. Tray-up, Bitch' MAKES ME LOUGH EVERY TIME ENJOY
International Council Of Man Laws
INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF MAN LAWS - Before allowing a drunken friend to cheat on his girl, you must attempt one intervention. If he is able to get on his feet, look you in the eye, and deliver a "FUCK OFF", you are absolved of your of responsibility. - Phrases that may NOT be uttered to another man while weight lifting: "Yeah, baby, push it!" "C'mon, give me one more!" "Harder!" - Thou shall not rent the movie "Chocolat". - Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. - Any man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his fellow partygoers. - When you are queried by a buddy's wife, girlfriend, mother, father, priest, shrink, dentist, accountant, or dog walker, you need not and should not provide any useful information whatsoever as to his whereabouts. You are permitted to deny his very existence. - Unless he murdered someone in your immediate family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hours. - It is acceptable f
Someone Special
sometimes you just seem to know that someones is special It hard to believe in soulmates ..  theres no words to explain it , you just feel it theres a depth to that person, a heart  so big and full of caring, a heart of gold when you lok into their  eyes and see them smile at you .. when you see those eyes you want to see no other .. you just know .. but i after meeting this person i believe its possible again.. the soul knows what it wants and sometimes the heart and mind have to catch up .. its hard to be vulerable .. but vulerability is all part of it but sometimes you have to trust .. and hope . and just enjoy life and living it to the fullest and maybe .. the two souls will find each other and become one .. theres always a journey to find ones soulmate.. but if you find you will truly be happy , you will compliment each other and be partners and not  just lovers.. not just ships passing in the night, but a combining of souls ive heard the stories from the
Point Hoaring...
It is nearing a point of hell freezing over... more and more of the anti point people have turned against this belief and gone with the masses on this site... you are all a bunch of fuckers... especially that one that keeps pimping me out... i used to point hoar back in the day...without the use of the blings... i then found the people that are still in my family now... they showed me the way to win FUBAR was not through the points... the way to win FUBAR is to claim you have won it without any basis... YEAH THAT RIGHT...I JUST WON FUBAR AGAIN...   i am rambling... needed to let my mind wander for a bit... work is extremely busy right now... my peen is still small... it still works unlike Gallo's... my balls do not go down to my you know who's...   things to be happy about... i am drinking a coke right now for the first time in 6 months... they still do not taste good... i will not have one again for a very long time... toy story 3 was funny as hell..
Passing Souls
  Passing Souls Late in life two souls meet. There soft voices offer comfort To each other. The more they talk comfort turns to friendship. As time passes friendship turns to love. As there love grows the souls gain faces. As there faces become clear, fear creeps in. Fear of lost love or fear of image. Two souls soon part to stop the pain, the pain they felt so many times. Now fear has passes the pain still strong. They search for that comfort they once shared and hope to meet again to test there fate. So hold on to friendship every day and don’t let fear get in the way. Bye Mike 
Read This
In my opinion this country needs to change.A change frome the outside in cause inside out is turning us upside down.You cannot trim a redwood from the roots if you do it will wilt.The branches are the key and we are the branches.But like the great redwood we have to stand strong.The people make this country the country does NOT make the people.The constitution was built upon equality,and every day we have our rights revoked.We have the right to free speech but we cant say this.We have the right to malitia and to protect ourselves but we cant do that.When all is said and done we or our family will be controlled,and that is a direct effect of violations of the constitution that made this country great.It was created from true grit,guts,and glory forming a bond with one another aginst tyrany against a one world order against the ways and actions of a facist government.The wool has been fabricated and firmly pulled over our eyes.This is a time for us to affirmativly raise up against tyrany
An Angel Went To Heaven Today
  An angel went to heaven today.   He told God, There is trouble on earth. God asked, What trouble?  There are sad People there. The angel said. They look for something  they can not find. God asked, What is it They look for? The angel said, They look for love, lord “LOVE” God replied. Love is not looked for. It is given. A Gift from soul to soul.   Love cant be seen, Unless it is in the eyes. Love cant be held, Unless it is in the body. Love cant be Heard, Unless it is in the mind. Love cant be Taested,  Unless it is on the lips You may not know when it is given to you. You may not even know when you give it.   So, Dont spend your time looking for love. Be the first to give love, And you will find it in the Eyes Body Mind And on the lips of the ones you have given it to. By Mike
Undevided Love
  Undivided Love Is Forever Loved No matter how far the distance may find two souls in life, That stands between them, There spirits are one. And there compassion is life. And there gift is each other is there heart beats, Shared by the warmth of two hearts that will still shine even when apart, Because they do believe there one soul and spirit is shared by one mind. Into each others endless love that can not be Divided by the distance or space between them Since there souls are so connected by love an the truth is unbound and blissful and endless love. By Mike
Plz Come In And Have Fun plz come in have fun bring ur friends
My Thoughts Of Today...
Well I know, I miss more than hit With a face that was launched to sink An' I seldom feel, the bright relief It's been the Worst Day Since Yesterday If there's one thing I have said Is that the dreams I once had, now lay in bed As the four winds blow, my wits through the door It's been the Worst Day Since Yesterday Fallin' down to you sweet ground Where the flowers they bloom It's there I'll be found Hurry back to me, my wild calling, It's been the Worst Day Since Yesterday Though these wounds have seen no wars Except for the scars I have ignored And this endless crutch, well it's never enough It's been the Worst Day Since Yesterday Hell says hello, well it's time to I should go To pastures green, that I've yet to see Hurry back to me, my wild calling, It's been the Worst Day Since Yesterday  
We Must Wake Up As A Nation
I do not have much time to explain but our constitutional right are being systematically stripped as we speak. Those of us is a representation for The site is dedicated to awareness about our society and the things that are going on to undermine the very papers that make our flag Holy to us. The preservation of our rights as humans  wrote out unto the CONSTITUTION. We must realize that right now their is a war on us as the populace to keep divided over things like religion, sex, race, sexual preference, "clicks" social groups as well. They use things like flouride in the water to control, and dumb you down knowing there are severe side effects. look it up do not take our word for it.They systematically reguard internet bullshit as the topics of discussion through the media. THEY DO NOT CONTROL THE WEB YET!!!  THEY ARE TRYING TO SHUT IT DOWN HOWEVER... THAIS IS OUR LAST STAND TO STAY TOGETHER. These youtube videos are done by ALEX JONES -  You tube: POLICE STATE 4,&, THE
Long Day 2.75
"Well, your parents sound very supportive.  Mine were alright. Mom taught me how not to feel sorry for myself. I made the mistake of telling her how no longer had the desire to live and mom grabbed me by the throat and pushed me up against the wall and said 'Look, you want to end your life? I'll do it right now. Do you want me to do it? I will. I'm your mom and I love you but I'll end your life if you want me to' you can see what my answer was. And dad? well, let me just say his best fatherly advice I can remember him giving me was 'Son, they are all pink on the inside' when it came to dating advice. They taught me in a round-about way. They were old school and I don't regret having them as parents. Hey...I'm low on my drink. Let's head back." Thinking I painted my parents in negative way, I decided to change the subject. "So, have you stayed in Anchorage the whole time you been here?" "Sadly, yes I have. Busy starting the business and such. Settling in apartment and such." "Well,
Ode To My Diety
At times i sit so still, to feel the wind just blowing by Carressing me deep within, awakening feelings so deep inside Opening my subtlest conscience to the pain Ihold so deeply And leaving me so exposed that my tears, they run so freely   At itmes I sit under the sun, eyes closed, mind unfocused Happily bound to the twitter and the chatter of life so joyous And I feel as if wings lift my soul and carry me away So I can escape the world and the dramas of yesterday   At times I stand in the rain and feel the drops landing on my skin And feel with each and every rivulet the washing away of my sin Leaving me so pure and refreshed from the screw-ups in my past That I no longer have mistakes to dwell on, no memories to be dashed   At times I stand before you and feel all my worries fade From here and now, to the future, disappearing from my face At times like these I feel neither alive nor am I dead Because I know my pleasures abound around you inside my head   So I stan
I Let You In.
I swallow my fears and I let you in.  I lower these walls and let you in.  I break a promise to myself to never love again, and I let you in.  Your eyes speak to me as words can never do and I see the genuine emotion, and slowly I let you in.  I lift my hands to your face, I memorize every feature there, so when I close my eyes I still see you, and in my dreams I can find you.  I let go of some of the burning anger that encompasses my heart, and I let you in.  I open myself, vulnerable to your eyes, and I let you in.  Intrusion of my senses, as your arms engulf me whole.  I smell the fine fragrence of you, of musky, manly cologne.  I feel the warmth emenate from your skin, as I melt within your embrace.  I feel these bricks around my heart, tear down with each gentle breath against my cheek.  One by one, come tumbling down, as you make your way in.  You broke through my defenses and climbed over my wall.  You found yourself inside of my heart and I refuse to let you go.  And as you cl
Lifes Wrongs And Rights
Take a minute, close your eyes, clear your mind, plug on in To existence on our planet, not just yourself or your next of kin Forget every little lesson that mom and pops have shown to you Find a window in the madness, see the world and the truth   So you say, so you do, so you reap and so you get Little bees and little birds, all these lessons you can forget Open your eyes to all the things in this world you're quick to pass Hit the brakes for fortunes sake and see how long your mental lasts   See the poeple out here hurting, take the time to know their name Hear the wounds fall from their lips,are they really so insane? Rejected daily by society under the title of vagrant or bum Labelled by those most fortunate who are scared to give up some   And see the so called righteous as in high their pulpits stand Quoting love for all around us, earth, animal, plant, and man Leaving their places of prayer and sacrifice, shedding their glorious robes To pass the needy waiting
Five Months To The Largest Tax Increase In History
In just five months, the largest tax increase in the history of America will take effect. They will hit families and small businesses in three great waves on January 1, 2011: First Wave: Expiration of 2001 and 2003 Tax Relief In 2001 and 2003, the GOP Congress enacted several tax cuts for investors, small business owners, and families. These will all expire on January 1, 2011. Personal income tax rates will rise. The top income rate will rise from 35% to 39.6% ( this is also the rate at which two-thirds of small business profits are taxed). The lowest rate will rise from 10% to 15%. All the rates in between will also rise. Itemized deductions and personal exemptions will again phase out, which has the same mathematical effect as higher tax rates. So much for only soaking the rich!  The full list of marginal rate hikes is below: The 10% bracket rises to an expanded 15% The 25% bracket rises to 28% The 28% bracket rises to 31% The 33% bracket rises to 36% The 35% bracket rises to
Sex Survey
The Ultimate SEX Survey by game_gurl69 Do you like it rough or sensual?: A LIL OF BOTH Do you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?: OPPOSITE How often do you like to have sex?: DAILY Is sex a top priority for you?: YES Do you have sex face to face with your partner?: HELL YEAH How often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?: NEVER How do you feel about one night stands?: DONT LIKE THEM How many one night stands have you had?: 4 OR 5 What's your favorite position?: ALL OF THEM Where's your favorite place to have sex?: WHEREVER..HEHE Do you prefer to make love or f*uck?: FUCK Have you ever watched porn while having sex?: OH YEAH How long do you usually fore-play b4 doing the deed?: DEPENDS ON HOW NEEDY..LOL Do you get off first or do they?: ALL DEPENDS.. Do you like kissing during sex?: ABSOLUTELY Do you moan? If so, are you loud or quite?: YES I DO...PRETTY LOUD.. D
Soulmate "i Wonder And I Seek" Someday
I have loved and lost so many timesHave shed many tears countless nightsI have wished and prayed to find the oneMy own soulmate, of a special kind.Out of nowhere, out of the blueMy life took a spin and there was youThe sun shines so bright I can finally seeThe greatest gift of love from you to meI love you not  for the great looks you haveBut for the beauty you have deep insideI love you not from the sweetest voice I hearBut for the words you speak without a soundIts not just your smile that lights up my dayNor the warmth of your tight embraceIts not just the laughters that brings joy in my heartBut its also the soothing words you whisper night after nightYou are kind and gentle with a calming effectTo a life tested with agony, sadness and defeatYou are sweet and loving with a heart so givingWhich I cannot help but get so many refillsWe are so much alike and so much in tuneAlmost a perfect match to my definitionWe blend so well, we love beyond measureAnd still we res
Angels Lament
I have seen the beginning of time, and all it’s wondrous works.I have seen the beginning of life, and all of our Lords little perks.Humans enter this life from a heavenly realm, never remembering the gifts.They struggle through life and self-made strife, always looking for rifts.I say to you now I have seen this for eternity.You are blessed among people, and I will protect thee.I feel your feelings and I can’t reveal the why and how.They are the secrets entrusted in me, and I can’t reveal them right now.When you are resting from frustration I will not sleepMy job only begins with your spirit, which I protect and keepRest peaceful tonight my sweetness, and don’t forget my loveFor your soul was protected from the beginning, when I was sent from above.My loving arms are always there should you need support.Let no one tell you lies, which evil will contort.My protection is with God, and my soul belongs up highFor now though my darling, I will stand by
Crime Scene Fucking.666
Hypnotiq Seduction Tag 1
The Ocean Is Breaking My Heart
I've never been so sure of anything till I met you you make me feel as happy as a gol digger with a rich jew you make me feel as light as air you show that you really care but you're so far from me why does this ocean have to be so mean so unforgiving and cruel I don't think its cool this ocean is breaking my heart I love you but i'm not sure I can fulfill my part all because this ocean won't let me embark all I want is you someday it'll happen but probably not any time soon :(
Sex Sales!!
There is no greater proof of this than a high school cheerleader car wash.
Maynard Of Tool - My Cuntry Boner
This is classic. YOUTUBE LINK
The Moon Dancer.
PROLOGUEThe two warriors faced each other each holding a weapon of their own choice. Their faces were painted in the traditional symbols of their clans, and their attire was nothing more than a mere cloth which wrapped around their waist to flow downward, but even those were adorned with an array of colors. The two warriors were tall, lean, and muscular, with broad shoulders, one, taller than the other by mere inches. Kathus glowered at his opponent, his eyes studying his form, his mind predicting his first move. The warrior was the taller of the two, and colorfully adorned in the colors of his clan, his eyes were light gray, often shifting to a sharp silver color that flashed quickly then often left soon after. His firm muscles were covered in a beautiful coat of soft, gray and white fur, his paws were topped off by sharp, piercing nails that glowed fiercely beneath the glow of the planet that their own home world orbited around, and he had a beautiful white tail, which he wrapped sec
You never know how alone you are until you read what your friends without you on Facebook.
Walking into the black hole through the forest Makes his mind spin and swirl in a downward spiral For once in his pathetic life he feels fear. There is no where to run, no where to hide And he can see the eyes following him everywhere he turns The howling is getting closer every second Fumbling through the dark he falls, he begins to pour sweat Anticipating the attack as the fangs pierce through his flesh The fear has dissipated the dark fades to light. But most of all the pain he feels has subsided Feeling more alive then he's ever felt in his life His wounds begin to heal quickly nothing like he's ever seen His inner demons have been released No more anger, No more hatred, No more guilt But most of no more pain running through his veins A new start, A new life, A fresh beginning His senses have been heightened to the extreme Over hearing everyone for miles Seeing what human eyes can't Shivering as the wind whirls around him with deafening silence Suddenly there's a change in the a
Why Oh Why
I always ask myself why.  Why do I never trust? Why do I always ask to many questions? Why isn't anyone every good enough?  Why do I always go for the wrong person, knowing they are going to break my heart?  Why didn't I see what was going on?  Why did I still love him knowing what he did?  Why did he choose my heart to break?  Why wasn't I smart enough?  Why wasn't I pretty enough? Why wasn't I interesting enough?  Why wasn't I good enough? My dad says I have always asked why.  He said I wanted to know why the sky was blue?  Why I had to go to school?  Why was I the only sister with 3 brothers? Why are the flowers all different colors?  Why is chocolate brown when it should obviously be purple (when I was 4 and in my exact words)? Why is ice cream cold? He said at one point he and Mom thought about changing my middle name to why.  I could not even be told to clean my room without asking why it needed to be done when obviously it was just going to be messed up again.  Well now I sit he
A Little Bit About Me
OHMYGAWDWHATAREYOUWEARING?!?!Current mood:HATE  ihateall things fad.  ihatethe popular.  ihatetrends.  ihatewhen things i like become things other people like.   ihateyour shirt  ihateyour shoes  ihateyour service.  ihatethat youll say "me too"  ihatethat stupid look on your face when you "think" you like something  ihatethat you have to "think" about it  ihatesimilarities
Romeo Did Not Love Juliet...
These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, Which as they kiss consume: the sweetest honey Is loathsome in his own deliciousness And in the taste confounds the appetite: Therefore love moderately; long love doth so IN THEORY.... Romeo was in love with Rossaline just days before he met Juliet. He looked at Juliet and fell in love with her looks. Romeo and Juliet got married just shortly after meeting one another. They are acting on impulse by getting married so quickly. True love can spring from such a situation, but not until a few years have passed and even then it is not a guarantee. People are blinded by lust. If couples want a better chance of staying married, they should get married only when they no longer lust after each other. Juliet fell in love with Romeo's perceived love for her and possibly his good looks. People can fall in love with another person's loving actions or the idea of infatuation. Many people can becom
For The Big Man Himself Aawwwssss Not
Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda
READ THIS VERY SLOWLY... IT'S PRETTY PROFOUND.Too many people put off something that brings  them joy just because  they haven't thought  about it, don't have it  on their schedule, didn't  know it was coming or  are too rigid to depart  from their routine. I got to thinking one day  about all those people on  the Titanic who passed up  dessert at dinner that  fateful night in an effort  to cut back. From then on,  I've tried to be a little more flexible. How many women out there  will eat at home because their husband didn't suggest  going out to dinner until after something had been  thawed? Does the word 'refrigeration' mean nothing  to you?  How often have your kids  dropped in to talk and sat  in silence while you watched 'Jeopardy' on television? I cannot count the times I called my sister and said , 'How about going to lunch  in a half hour?' She would gas up and stammer, 'I can't.  I have clothes on the line.  My hair is dirty.
Thoughts On A Lonely Road
My wife is dying, and I am helpless to do anything about it other than to make these the best years of her life. I grieve for her, and for us.  We have been married more than half of my life, and I cannot imagine a life without her.  The emotions of sorrow and grief weigh so heavily upon me that the only respite I have is in the first few minutes after I wake up. As the disease progresses, one or more facets of who my wife was is now gone.  I have to say my silent goodbyes now.  
Lyricali Can't Find Your Face In A Thousand Masquerades You're Hidden In The Colors Of A Million Other Lost Charades
I can't find your face in athousand masqueradesYou're hidden in the colors of amillion other lost charaders
Michigan Says Enough To Fed: Takes Matters Into Own Hands As It Starts Using Own Currency...and Gold
Either in anticipation of QE2 which will cut the value of the dollar by another 50% once another $2 trillion in toxic crap becomes the "assets" backing the viability of the dollar, or just because they are sick of Fed policies, mid-Michigan has taken monetary matters into their own hands, and in one simple act, completely bypassed the destabilizing influence of the domestic currency printers. As ConnectMidMichigan reports, "New types of money are popping up across Mid-Michigan and supporters say, it's not counterfeit, but rather a competing currency. Right now, you can buy a meal or visit a chiropractor without using actual U.S. legal tender." The plan is so simple, it just may work - after all if one can't get away from the Fed's probing and pickpocketing long fingers, all one has to do is learn to live without its parasitic pieces of paper. And not just paper: "I sell three or four every single day and then I get one or two back a week," said Dave Gillie, owner of Gilli
Wednesday, July 21, 2010 Government Admits Health Care Bill Is A "tax" ... Oh, And The Bill Tracks And Taxes Physical Gold Transactions
Even the government is now admitting that the health care bill is a tax. As the New York Times pointed out on July 16th: When Congress required most Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty, Democrats denied that they were creating a new tax. But in court, the Obama administration and its allies now defend the requirement as an exercise of the government’s “power to lay and collect taxes.” And that power, they say, is even more sweeping than the federal power to regulate interstate commerce. Administration officials say the tax argument is a linchpin of their legal case in defense of the health care overhaul and its individual mandate, now being challenged in court by more than 20 states and several private organizations. Under the legislation signed by President Obama in March, most Americans will have to maintain “minimum essential coverage” starting in 2014. Many people will be eligible for federal subsidies to
The Man...
When a man's heart is filled with hate and burns in those flames and a dark shadow falls over his soul From the ashes of a once good man...has risen a curse...a wrong that must be righted against an army of shadows stands a lone dark warrior...look unto the sky's for vendicator for he is one that will strike fear into the black hearts of those that created him hear as he speaks with a voice of silence, and he fights with a mission of justice
Gulf Oil Disaster: Pensacola Beach (click To See All 22 Photos) (repost)
Deepwater Horizon exploded about 11 p.m. on April 20 and later sank. Visit our special report page for the latest reports on the gulf oil disaster. The tide came in Tuesday night, under a moon almost full, and when the sun came up and the water retreated there it was: a broken band of oil about 5 feet wide and 8 miles long. It looked like tobacco spit and smelled foreign, and it pooled in yesterday's footprints as far as you could see. State officials called it the worst show of crude on shore from the gusher 120 miles away. READ THE STORY: Oil blankets Pensacola Beach. Times photos by Edmund Fountain Kevin Reed, 36, of Pensacola breaks down and weeps upon seeing the oil-defiled shores of Pensacola Beach on June 23, 2010. Reed's father taught him to swim in these waters, and Reed just taught his five year old son to swim here. "This will never be the same," he says. "I'd like to take the CEO of BP and jam his face in that pile on the beach." Kenny Wood, 4
Complete Scam
I was asked by my husband to post this so more people would be aware of this scam CAR COVER Man on eBay - WARNING! A COMPLETE SCAM! Current mood:  angry Category: Automotive Hi everybody.  I know I haven't been on here much lately and I know I NEVER blog but I've got something that I just gotta share with as many people as I can.I just want to let everybody know that buying a car cover from Car Cover Man on eBay is a VERY BAD idea.  This company is currently working on eBay with at least two different accounts (carcoverman & worldoutletcenter) selling car covers and who knows what else. THEIR NEGATIVE FEEDBACK ON eBAY!  They may be great if you need an indoor dust cover but that's all you're going to get and it may or may not fit your car.They've got a fairly good eBay page (if you don't look to close) and they advert
I Just Wanted To Find Her
today was just another dreary day, my thoughts were rambling theu my head, i had checked everything i wanted to know about this gorgeous lady but i couldnt find her...i didnt know her  personally, or even intimately for that matter i just saw her one day on the bus....she had a smile that could not be beat, her eyes like blue diamonds glistening in the light, she glowed like  morn dawning, sunrising and hining in my face, i heard her speak, my heart sank for her voice were like chimes. i know shes here someplace i thought, my heart racing to find her but alas she thoughts were.....shes gone and now shes avoiding me like the head bowed down, my thoughts dashed to the strength  drained from th e search.... and all iwanted to do ws find her....
A Slave- As Sent To Me
A slave is a truly enraptured and enrapturing creature, capable of the greatest pain and the deepest passion. She is a temperamental creature, simultaneously fickle in her emotions, and fiercely, ferociously devoted in her affections. She is tumultuous and tempestuous, a mercurial maelstrom, and she knows no other way to be. If she could, she would not change, because, on some primeval level, she realizes that the death of her passion would be the death of her. In truth, a slave is not simply the finest of all creatures; she is the epitome of all creatures. She combines strength and weakness, boldness and a certain shy innocence, languor and desperation; she is both cosmopolitan and naïve. Her nature is an amalgam of all that is passionate in any sense of the word. She is nothing without an owner, but in his arms, she is all things. She is voracious and demanding, wanting nothing more, and certainly nothing less, than the absolute enslavement of the one she loves–the owner of her
Tonic Louge Cam Information
EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO GET ON CAM...    PLEASE DONT KICK SOMEONE ELSE OFF. WAIT FOR A FREE CAM..   cam 1  wildwest2 PW letsparty cam 2  digitalinsanity3 PW cam123 cam3 toniclounge PW tonis1234 cam 4 toniclounge PW tonic1234
It's Funny...
but it seems like that emptiness never goes away, but is only owned by someone else. i thought i had succeeded in forgetting, only to remember again. it's not always so bad, but at times like this, thinking about her just makes me want to die. ironic, since she never cared. would she come to my funeral? would any of them? why is it i find myself liking the girls who care for m the least? is it their disdain? am i just not good enough? and each day, i try to fill that void, somehow. seems as if i'm so empty that i can barely move, though. none of this even makes any sense. to all of them... kristen, jenni, lindsey, jasmine... i loved you all, lost you all, and i deserved no better than that. to the rest of you? i don't even know.
Free Dating
      I am so tired of the quote-unquote free dating sites.  You get conned into thinking that this is a 100 percent free site, that is what they say on the web 100 percent free!  You dign up all excited to get started looking for the love of your life.  You fill out the endless questions, write your bio.  And wow there are a lot of people near you just waiting to here from you.  You click on the send email link and BLAM "email is for paying customers"!  Paying customers on a 100 percent free site?!  What gives?      That is like pulling into a gas station that has 100 percent free gas and only being able to put the nozzle in the tank.  If you actually want gas you will have to pay for your "free" gas!  
Not Always Right | Who's The Dumbest Of Them All
Retail | Winnipeg, MB, Canada Customer: “Are these mirrors weird?” Me: “What do you mean?” Customer: “These mirrors, are they weird?” Me: “Not to my knowledge.” Customer: *looks in mirror* “But that’s not me!”
Not To La-boar The Point, Part 2
Retail | Swansea, MA Me: “Alright, is that everything, ma’am?” Customer: “I have a question.” (The customer holds up two packages of sliced ham.) Customer: “Does this have any pork in it?” Me: “Um, well, yes. Ham is a pork product.” Customer: “Both of them?” Me: “Yes.” Customer: “Okay, then I’m not getting them. I thought maybe you had the kind of ham that had turkey in it.”
Not Always Right | Not To La-boar The Point
Grocery Store | California, USA Me: “Hello, welcome to [store]. What would you like, sir?” Customer: “Actually, I have a question. What is ham made of?” Me: “It’s made of pigs.” Customer: “Pigs? What are pigs made of?” Me: “Pigs, the animal.” Customer: *confused look* Me: “Oink oink.” Customer: “Oh! Does that mean it’s not vegan?”
Not Always Right | Naturally Stupid Part Ii
Call Center | New York, NY, USA Caller: “I can’t access [cable channel]!” Me: “Okay, let me assess your problem. When was the last time you tried to access [channel]?” Caller: “It was last night.” Me: “Alright, was there any out-of-the-ordinary weather last night? Say, like a storm?” Caller: “Yeah, there was a thunderstorm. I had nothing to do, so I was trying to watch [channel name], but it wouldn’t let me! It was all fuzzy on the screen.” Me: “Sir, I think the thunderstorm interfered with your television power lines, which is why you couldn’t access your channel.” Caller: “But I thought your cable company was supposed to make me able to watch any channel in any weather! That’s the whole reason I switched!” Me: “I’m sorry sir, nothing can prevent Mother Nature. When she strikes, we cannot do anything to bring back channels that may have been lost moment
Not Always Right | Naturally Stupid
Hotel | Minnesota, USA Me: “Front desk, how can I help you?” Customer: “There’s a noise outside and it’s keeping me awake.” Me: “What does it sound like ma’am?” Customer: “Squeaky toys or something. Do you allow dogs here?” Me: “Yes, ma’am, we do, but they’re all on the first floor. Let me see if we anyone is out back and I’ll call you right back to let you know what I find out.” (I go and check out back and there isn’t anyone out there. However, the sound of the early spring frogs is deafening. I call her back.) Me: “Ma’am, those are frogs.” Customer: “Well, can you turn them off?” Me: “No ma’am, they’re frogs.” Customer: “Well, I didn’t come here for your nature sounds. I’m only staying here because I need a place to sleep. I refuse to pay for the sound of frogs.” Me: “Well, the na
Leaving friday to go up to VA, court on monday. Very sad and happy at the same time, sad because I have to leave my bebe; this will be the first time away from each other since we have been living together. Happy because I get to see my 2 baby girls, haven't seen them since May and it seems like a lifetime away. I'm gonna miss you my bebe, I know that I won't get much sleep because I won't get to kiss you or cuddle with you at night to fall asleep in your arms, so hopefully patches will make me a lil better since he will smell like you. Probably will cry alot too because I won't have you there to make me feel better. So my ex is being a complete asshole like usual, he is pushing the whole divorce issue on me now since he knows that I have a boyfriend, and he is going to make me pay for it! WTF honestly? He has had another woman living with him since before I left and has wanted to be with her since the beginning and to my knowledge got her pregnant. They both won't admit that they w
Okay, Okay, I'm Answering It.
If God had texted the 10 Commandments: 1. no1 b4 me. srsly. 2. no omg's 3. no wrk on w/end (sat 4 now; sun l8r) 4. pos ok - ur m&d r cool 5. dnt kill ppl 6. :-X only w/ m8 7. dnt steal 8. dnt lie re: bf 9. dnt ogle ur bf’s hse 10. dnt ogle ur bf's m8. or ox. or dnkey. myob.  I leave the translation of this up to you; I’ve figured out a good part of it if I say this out loud (though I didn’t know “pos” at the beginning of #4 was “parent over shoulder” until Pastor Janet told me this morning), and this was posted at the status on my church’s Facebook page yesterday afternoon when I “stole” it … others in turn have stolen it from me, so we’re all fellow lawbreakers of #7!  Still, carrying these wouldn’t have given Moses a bad back (as opposed to those stone tablets he did have) even though they would have glanced off the golden calf when he threw down his cell …   Hello?  Yeah, Detective Fine speaking.
Mental Me
An open mind is only so wide when the world learns to just be as one but will that ever happen?Are we turning into mindless zombies? Controled by Hollywood on what beauty is or what theman sees is lovely. Its sad to think that a teen must weigh 90 lbs to fit in or not be accepted. Its sad to know that the goverment controls the people that try so hard to livea normal life. Going to work every day and taking care of the children doesnt seem likeits enough anymore. Its sad to know that drugs are more important.  Sex is over rated whenlove is out of the question.No one can trust people anymore. Everyone is a out for the kill.Has the world really became a do or die or am I just seeing this now? The internet has becamea personal monster, we MUST be here!  We as people depend on Walmart, the root of all thatis core. No more mom and pop local shops. Fashion icons is my next topic. $800 for a pairof pants that were probably made by a sweat shop child for 15 cent, if that. Oh you can also blame
In Memory Of Lyndsey A.k.a. Diabolical Angel !
                                                      In Memory of Diabolical Angel  A.K.A. Lyndsey                                God Received an Angel,                              Just the other day,                              A terrible accident                              Took her away.                              With so much more to give                              in our hearts her memory                              will forever live.                                Though with us for just a short time,                              she really left her mark.                              she was a beaming light                              that rescued you from the dark.                                She was taken from us,                           &nb
Bryan Adams - Everything I Do...i Do For You
Look into my eyes - you will see What you mean to me Search your heart - search your soul And when you find me there you'll search no more Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for You know it's true Everything I do - I do it for you Look into my heart - you will find There's nothin' there to hide Take me as I am - take my life I would give it all I would sacrifice Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for I can't help it there's nothin' I want more Ya know it's true Everything I do - I do it for you There's no love - like your love And no other - could give more love There's nowhere - unless you're there All the time - all the wayDon't tell me it's not worth tryin' forI can't help it there's nothin' I want moreI would fight for you - I'd lie for youWalk the wire for you - Ya I'd die for you Ya know it's trueEverything I do - I do it for you
God Bless Resist Calm down Contact Reach us Go Wild I'll taste your name I'll tell off these spades Watch This Calm down Teach us The roads Your contact it keeps us from roads Remove your veil Every last one I'm on your team Lets go Face to face not scared My custom made nightmares Armed with teeth in fashion Now all we need is nice shot God bless Resist Come down Our contact reach us go wild Remove your veil every last one I'm on your team I'll be in it too Rockets take you all to-tonight Its time TAKE ME! I LIKED YOU ALL! TAKE ME!
This Place Is Death
You arrived in my dream Beside me every night You were me, we explode to the sea We try to drink the knife empty No one ever goes off in every way Like you do We got together We weaved our web Tangled in the waves We've expected to see red We both erupt in colors And carve our names You keep me aroused I know you feel the same You arrived in my dream Beside me every night Just you and me, we explode to the sea We try to drink the knife empty No one else has a hold over me Like you do You open up the covers You lure me in Tackle me anxious back into bed Where I hope to discover all of her ways This place is death I know you feel the same You arrived in my dream Beside me every night Just you and me We explode through the sea We try to drink the knife every way
Diamond Eyes
To the edge Til we all get off I will take you away with me Once and for all Time will see us realign Diamonds rain across the sky Shower me into the same realm Calculate I'll embrace Hold on, come with me now Run away outer space with me Once and for all Time will see us realign Diamonds rain across the sky Shower me into the same realm Time will see us realign Diamonds rain across the sky I will lead us to the same realm Get Set! When the coffin shakes And the needle breaks Come run away with me Come on you'll see Once and for all Time will see us realign Diamonds rain across the sky Shower me into the same realm Time will lead us to the same realm I will lead us to the same realm
The Four Lettered Lie
It is said that love exists In tyhe fabric of life and death That to be alone, with no one near Invites despair with nothing left It is said that to find someone special Is a gift both glorious and devine And that to lose this gift is only A factor found within the mind   Some say love leads to days of sunshine Which no cloud can temper That it brings the hottest touch Even in August or December It is said that in a persons eyes You can see love burning hot and red Could the theft be seen as easy If the persons eyes were cold and dead?   They say affection is a craving Like the favorites of a meal That it nurtures from within And helps all wounds to heal That it coats our deepest pains Like the best salves ever given..... And, if torn away, becomes a scab Buried deep and hidden   Some say love is surrounded By the truest form of passion That it can be shared forever Without guilt and without asking That it can lead you home When you are lost or far away
♥♥♥If ya can,t be good, be good at it!!!♥♥♥
Movin' On - Lyrics
Just had this song come on and I liked it. Movin' On Lyrics Well, I always remember, I never forget the memory of you and things I regretReplies that I wish that I could could retract, but it's times when I'm no help at allBut time is a matter of life and death, such a short span, a final breathWell I never liked witnessing anyone hurt, but it's just that I die to myselfWell you don't know what you think til you say it,well it could be brilliant or you could regret itBut the rest of the world most certainly moves oneven if you have done someone wrong, wrong, oh, the rest of the world moves onWell I've walked the line and I've come undone,and I've been a good friend to many or oneAnd kindness I intend to carry it on,but it was harder and I just wasn't as strongIt's so hard being here without you,I want to say things only to you,saying goodbye for now because I need to moveCause the rest of the world moves onWell you don't know what you think til you say it,well it could be brillia
At Least
I now know why I don't have a posting on Face Book or at least not authorized by me. Interesting day. I saw someone in a way I could not see before. A mothers love for her children is second to none. Also mother will lie for her children to their own down fall. Expected. I have nothing against a mother. I had a mother also. Not perfect but I protected and defeded her as required. As a son should. Glory to God N  
Say Hello To Heaven --temple Of The Dog
Please, mother mercy Take me from this place And the long winded curses I hear in my head Words never listen And teachers OH they never learn Now I'm warm from the candle But I feel too cold to burn He came from an island And he died from the street He hurt so bad like a soul breaking But he never said nothing to me So say hello to heaven New like a baby Lost like a prayer The sky was your playground ->But the cold earth is your bed ->Ooh, said poor Stargazer ->She's got no tears in her eyes ->But smooth like a whisper She knows that love heals all wounds with time Now it seems like too much love Is never enough, you better seek out Another road 'cause this one has Ended abrupt, say hello to heaven I never wanted To write these words down for you With the pages of phrases Of things we'll never do So I blow out the candle, and I put you to bed Since you can't say to me Now how the dogs broke your bone There's just one thing left to be said Say hello to heaven
Please Read And Laugh Because I Know I Did!
Facebook Fortune
  Not so long fact, it was just yesterday...I found this pic on my facebook homepage uploaded by Jay. The caption read "Can you be more specific?" This might seem innocent, but trust me when I say Jay is a little demanding. A little demanding is actually a little bit of an understatement. I commented anyway.  Me: Maybe it means you should try shooting heroin in your eye. I hear people love that.  Jay: I already have. Me: You have the marks. You do have the marks. Buck: Try being straight for once. I knew you were coming onto me when you gave me that cookie. Jay: That's how I meet gay dudes. took the bait.  Buck: Damn....well, would you at least ease it in like a gentleman? (I never get the guy I'm-going-to-fuck-you-in-the-ass jokes and I didn't think Buck's comment was even in the ballpark of funny, but I still felt this conversation could be saved.) Me: I heard it's much better to go in full ripping off a bandaid. Jay: You heard? Haaaaa!!!!!!
Why Dose Any One Want Two Take Kids From Family
why dose every one two take kids frome there loved ones for it s all mess up i thank they need two be shot
Arseholes ...
PhotoSinTh...: right, do my buzz and i am done to make level 20 5:22pm more To PhotoSinTh...: k 5:24pm reply PhotoSinTh...: it says 5 out of 5 requirements and i am still level 19 5:25pm more To PhotoSinTh...: did you press the level up button? 5:25pm reply PhotoSinTh...: level up button ? 5:26pm reply
Just Being Honest
My heart aches within from missing you,My lips long for the feel of kissing you,Right now all I need is to gently touch your skin,To look into your eyes and see deep within,Just one warm embrace, just to look upon your face,Just one little touch, from the one I love so much,If I could gaze upon your smile, for just a little while,To know that you miss me too, as I’m thinking of you,To hear the sound of you breathe, knowing you’ll never leave,To see you walk up to me, then embrace you tenderly,To just be with the one who’s sent my heart reeling,And brought about this downpour of emotion and feeling,I sit here alone in my office tonight,And pray that somehow this all turns out right,I’ve never been one to do more taking than giving,I’m not well off but I work hard for a living,I’ve told you many thoughts that weren’t borrowed or bought,And in lifetime, who would have thought,That I have found someone who was just meant for me,I can’t explai
C51 - Blame It On The Connection
Strip Searched!
So I've mentioned that my mom was a crack whore.... One day I was out with my mom and step dad. I had no idea what was going on but I knew we were meeting some of their friends.  We were driving into the spanish part of Boston. It was a major road, and there they were. 2 guys and a shifty white van. I was only 12 at the time and did not know any better. I followed my mom into the van and we went for a "ride".  Not 5 minutes down the road, sirens everywhere blue lights surrounding us. We got pulled over in the middle of the road.  Scared and nervous, I was pulled into one cop car. My mom in another. My step dad in a different one. Not sure what happened in their cars but I assume they were all strip searched. I was stripped down to my underpants and searched. Then I was forced to sit there sobbing for 30 min while waiting for my mom. Finally she was released and she took me home. My step dad on the other hand was held overnight, not sure why but my guess is drugs! I later found ou
So Fukked!!!
My foot is still broken. Apparently, I should never have been allowed to leave 3 weeks ago without support for my foot and advised that I could return to work a 60 hour week (of course I didn't, my GP signed me off sick at my request).   I am being fitted for a moonboot, have you seen those things??? Michael Jackson I ain't!   I also need a CT scan.   I will more than likely need surgery now.   I can't return to work and will probably have to spend another 10 weeks of hell literally pulling my hair out.    
Really?i Play Basketball And Jumped Up And Was Hit Very Hard In The Dick. So Hard That It Closed Up Quite A Bit And Im Unable To Get Anything Out. But
i play basketball and jumped up and was hit very hard in the dick. so hard that it closed up quite a bit and im unable to get anything out. but anyways the doctor say the only way to six this is to somehow ejaculate and you are really sexy and i think u could help me with that
United Grief
The world woke to grief today,worry filled its frame.And tomorrow will bring dismay,and for years the same.Out of sorts, a global disarray,no going the way it came.Now who supports the mindless fray,where we let blame.Humanity is where blame lay,wasteful is our name.
Words :-)
The lonely old king   sat alone on his throne.  No comany did he keep,  He just wrote many poems.  Now you see my poor king,  He was madly in love.  With the princess who shone  Like the stars up above.  And he wrote day and night  Just to keep his thoughts sane  Writing to himself that he'd ease all her pain.  And he'd treat her real well  And make her nice things.  And she'd laugh in delight,  At the flowers he'd bring  And he swore to leave throne  And kingdom aside  And give to her then  The world they abide  So he left on his quest  And did many great deeds  And his sword flashed the sky  And his blood stained the seeds  But he did what he sought  He conquered the earth  And give it to her then  With a smile of mirth  For the good king was dying  But he didn't seem sad  For a look at her face  one last time made him glad  And he kissed her with love  Overflowing his heart  And she lurched back then  As if struck by dart  It was then that she knew  That she did love him too  And sh
With carefully placed ink stained fingertips heflipped,page by page through his thoughts of her.some held flowers, kept to remind him of the beautyshe brought into his life.Others bearing napkins, register reciepts, anything hecould use to capture those moments, and there werealot of them.As the books end grew near the words turned dark,black ink smudged languidly with salty tears.He looked down, "for her" it said.The last two words of her book.A chapter in his, written in red.
I created a fubar only facebook account.!/DonkeyGod If you want to add me on this, put whatever name your using in the comments of this blog so I know who you are.
Before I go to work... My rant goes out to all the girls out on fu who are in their 30's who think its still cute to wear their hair like they are three. Such PIG TAILS. We all know who you are..girl in spot light today, gross disgusting. And if any of you think that a female that old is hot in pigtails, please go register as a sex offender (coz they look three) right now, and delete me from your friends list. Thanks.
The Game
You tear me apart Yet leave me intact Fuck you buddy don't want my heart back You've ripped it apart and stomped on it to Don't blame you one bit You did what you had to do Life's a cruel game With so many players in it Survive or get lost I understand your fears far more then you know I've thought so many times  of dealing you that final blow I know what would end us Yet can't bring myself to it The deed has been done And kept so silent Continuing on In this trivium so violent I hurt on the inside as well as out Knowing the real me consumes me with doubt I fear for your soul as you lie next to me I fear for your fate if we continue to let this be One day you will decide Saving me the pain One day you will walk away and end this cruel game
Try Distance Salvation Tools The Incoming Instance You Are Travelling Abroad
There is an metric conversion table phratry song that contains one of the quintessential locomote lines: "You can pore the whistle expiration a hundred miles." But if you active extracurricular of the tierce countries that solace utilise the Whiskers units of measurement(including the United States, Myanmar and Liberia), then the measure grouping is the measuring standard that is victimised, and the song does not variety as some signified. That is, unless you couple ratio salvation from the Royal mile to the quantity klick. You can perform the maths yourself, metric conversion table utilise a mileage rebirth reckoner or that takes the rile out of amount changeover when you are out travelling abroad.Distances can be defraud or yearn, and thusly it pays to be acquainted with status old in the quantity scheme so that you can realize how to perform metric shift from kilometers to miles. The foundational unit upon which measure lengths are based is the beat, which is a small over the inform
Use A Amount Redemption Fare Or Calculator For Effortless Calculations
Travelers from metric conversion table Conjugated States to nearly any separate region in the man gift be confronted with new cultures and traditions. Along with that, the number of the mankind relies on the amount scheme as their scheme of measure. Metric measurements are not all that baffling to fulfill as overnight as you recollect that the total system is a signifier ten grouping, and all supported on multiples of ten. But still so, if you greeting fastness and assured quality in your function conversions you testament poverty to conceive using a amount metric conversion table figurer or a function salvation tableland, both of which areA unit transmutation expert is usable via the Cyberspace or as a handheld electronic figurer. An electronic machine commonly has a amount rebirth answer collective in, and you can use it with you to use on your travels foreign. An online amount salvation estimator is also easily transportable finished your room sound or Blackberry or remaining PDA in
Mechanisms To Simplify Weight Redemption
Going measure metric conversion table eminent if you are motion from the Confederative States to virtually any another state in the world, with the exceptions of Burma and Liberia. All another countries crossways the orb use the unit grouping for technology weights, so it pays to acquire how to accomplish the controller to function so that you can realise unit changeover when you are motion.Amount transformation for weights is supported on the kilogram. A kilogram is equal to 2.2 pounds. A bacteriologist is quite elflike, and alter to one ordinal of a kilo. A milligram, ofttimes used when consideration medicines, metric conversion table commensurate in size to one-thousandth of a gramme. For vast weights, it is recyclable to hump that a measure ton is approximately 2,204 pounds. Since the metric method is based on the knowledge of 10, then it is quite orbicular to add, compute, multiply or figure by 10 the classify shift appraise.If you are not a science being, this all may seem a bit
A Measure Changeover Calculator Makes Translating Quantity Measurements Easier
If you are movement metric conversion table a region that uses the unit method, it can verify a time to get misused to intellection in received units of mensuration and then making the moral changeover to unit units. An easier way to attain this task is to use a quantity redemption reckoner. Easily obtainable anywhere there is Internet attain, you can discreetly variety your conversions online, and desist the intellectual maths. Size rebirth is heavy to translate metric conversion table you are traveling in a state that uses the measure scheme. The fundamental organisation of measuring that is parallel to the mile is titled the kilometer. A klick is level to a slight over 3/5 of a mile, and thus there are 1.6 kilometers in a mile. Interval changeover also relies on other measure unit, the time. The metre is a emotional bit longer than one grounds, and a kilometer is individual to one yard meters. Informed this can provide you image out how nonviolence metric conversion table velocity
The 3 Poetics You Moldiness Read Before You Do Your Close Pay Per Plosive
Quantity Answers metric conversion table to work galore commercialism dealing questions and profession remedy. By use of a metric system, it is doable to screw the criterion technological measurement. This method of measurement has been acknowledged internationally separate from Nonsegmental Denote and different few regions. The scheme that produces Amount Answers usually has elementary units equivalent a beat, kilogram and seconds. In producing Unit Answers only decimals multiples and sub multiples are utilised.The Metric Answers are widely conventional and therefore making spherical marketing more more easily. This has prefab packaging metric conversion table goods often easier for the producers. It has been prefab conceivable by the intro of varied organization of measure. This way group are fit to make a uncouth way of measuring. Goods that are sold are of aright abstraction as nominal by the customer.It has also enabled the medicine of medicines by doctors in antithetical faith be
Metric Length Shift Is Obtuse When You Use A Size Rebirth Table Or Computer
When movement metric conversion table from the Fused States, you leave conceive it composer to photo out a size changeover plateau, or utilize the velocity of a size transformation calculator. With only ternion exceptions, every state in the grouping uses the metric scheme, so in ordinary transactions that you faculty jazz piece motion, you give comprehend that it is helpful to eff a soft bit around measure changeover so that you can realize and use unit lengths metric conversion table a more cognizant way on your trigger foreign.A length conversion fare is a chart that you can mature online and indicant out. It faculty conduct the conversions from meters to feet, for ideal, and tilt from one to as galore fare pages you wish to create. It can be accessible to cook in your covering incurvature or purse, so you can mean to it whenever you recognise.Unit conversions can metric conversion table be performed on a length changeover figurer. These accessible devices are launch online or withi
Factors That Refer Fecundity Amount Determination
Fruitfulness metric conversion table are an influential section of determining a militia's fecundity plane. Poetics are the units that are to be plumbed, they are what kilograms are to consideration and miles are to mensuration length. Without an veracious sorting of the suitable Productivity Amount, it then follows that the relaxation of the fruitfulness reasoning are null and egest because it would break to outlet out the direct information required by a set. It may flatbottomed jumper a visitor into artificial supposition of their conclusion.The position reckon that greatly influences Productivity Amount Selection is ever the lot's personality. No weigh what write of amount scheme it is, it should ever be supported metric conversion table what the band stands for. And what modify way to get to bed a friendship's identity than deed acquainted with her goals and objectives. It is heavy to tell that one consort's goals are ever polar from the others no concern if they descend from a si
When Traveling Abroad, Use Interval Shift To Estimate How Far You Poverty To Go
Travelers metric conversion table every continent on the Concern gift gain it reclaimable to believe the function transition of distances.  Unless you are movement in the One States, Liberia or Myanmar, all of which employ the Purple units of measuring, you gift need to cognise indifference rebirth to the metric grouping.  You can do the science yourself, or you can choose to use a unite of accessible quantity salvation helpers to form the metric conversion table easier.Indifference rebirth becomes very significant if you are swing time on your blooper.  You faculty status to experience the distances between locations so that you can mean how monthlong it testament sicken to come at your new emplacement.  It is pretty naive to uprise to a angulate intimately as all quantity measurement units, are calculated in multiples of ten.  Here's the round line--a kilometre equals 0.62 miles.  What that capital is that if you fraction the mileage you salutation to guidance by 1.6, you will metric
Driving And Furnish Distance Conversion In Japan
Are you thought metric conversion table route while in Nihon? You'll definitely impoverishment to cognize something some mileage transmutation, because gasolene is not sold by the congius, and distances are not metric in miles. Having whatsoever noesis of gas distance changeover instrument support you to select the change vehicle for your needs and idea your hydrocarbon budget.Effort LicensedUnlike the USA, where it's evenhandedly elementary to get a clear to cross in most states, the appendage in Archipelago is very complicated and valuable. Notwithstanding, if you human held a US certify for at least six months, you metric conversion table usually get a Asian authorisation, though you'll have to see a road prove and a scrivened run in rule to suffice (or move through an ocean of paperwork if you necessity to refer for an freedom)Presumptuous You Win...Piece Nihon has fantabulous people transferral, presumptuous you soul enough money to engage a container, you should be knowledgeable
Temperature Conversion Allows You To Groom Comfortably When Motion Abroad
Perhaps you metric conversion table fortunate sufficiency to be travelling to a tepid and wonderful adulterant state in the artificial coming. Before you support on that skim or ocean liner, you leave necessary to acquire a immature bit about the measure group. Unless you are motion to the Federated States, Liberia or Burma, the function system is the measurement slave of deciding throughout the group, and thus decent common with the basics of temperature changeover present secure that you are comfy as you locomote. You can fulfill the maths yourself, or rely on the relaxation of use that comes from a temperature rebirth computer or a temperature redemption table. The unit organisation for temperature is degrees Stargazer, while the Regal organization is in degrees Physicist. To create the temperature shift by accumulation, you module necessary to undergo a duet of mathematical formulas. metric conversion table act the temperature conversion from the many old Physicist to Stargazer,
alright, so it has been decided that i am going to move from the graveyard shift to the swing shift when all the craziness at work takes place.  I'm ok with it, but the funnier part about it is that the entire community and the surrounding areas are known as having strange and paranormal activities.  sooooooooo, a few co-workers and i will be going from guarding stuck up rich people to recording our fun filled adventures in exploring these areas and even looking into the abandoned houses in the country side after our shifts are up.  we hear a lot of stories from the younger residents here saying that they see ghosts and weird lights and the like.  I myself have gotten countless calls at night from a an unknown number that doesn't seem to exist at all on property.  meaning this, whenever I have received a call from this so called residence the caller i.d comes up unknown, then a very soft voice tells me that they need police sent to her house asap because her husband is acting very stra
2nd Annual Kinky Karaoke
Are you going to be in the Tampa Bay area for the 10th Annual Fetishcon? If so, all of us at TwoBuks, Ballmer Entertainment, and our very own Jezebel Tempting would like to invite you all to join us for our 2nd Annual Kinky Karaoke.Take a trip across the Bay and join us in fun, friends, and karaoke. Dress code is casual but we do ask that all main body parts be covered.Wear a costume and get a pint of domestic draft beer free.TwoBuks Saloon boasts NO cover charge. 21 & up. ID is a must.Full bar that is open until 2am and the kitchen is open until midnight. 2 pool tables, video games--bowling and golf.They have serving up a good time for 8 years and is home of the Flying Pigs.Ballmer Entertainment has been providing entertainment to the Bay are for over 10 years and has over 80,000 songs to choose from.This is NOT a Fetishcon sanctioned event.Put on your latex, leather or costume and join our own Jezebel Tempting and the rest of us at the 2nd Annual Kinky Karaoke. Read more: http://
Tiger Woods Pga Tour 11 Review:
 Achievements, Call of Duty Black Ops, Cheats, FAQs, Nintendo Review Blog, PSP Review Blog, Review, Review Blog, Screenshots, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, User Reviews, Xbox Review Blog Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Review: by Julio Machuca  How does Tiger's latest stack up against last year's spectacular Wii effort? Last year’s Tiger Woods was nothing short of spectacular for golf aficionados and traditional gamers alike. Not only did the newly released MotionPlus peripheral breathe new life into gameplay, with the added depth and precision that came with it, but the game managed to offer enough content for just about anyone who had even a minor interest in golf. View entire article ►
Suck It In Dude
If you are married do you remember the things that turned you on about your spouse? Was it the physical? Maybe the brain. Or will you say, I don’t remember what turned me on about my spouse. As time takes its toll on our youth we have a tendency to let our bodies deteriorate. Most of the time the focus is on women. But, the guys are just as guilty as their wives. Well, Jasmine Leigh of has some suggestions for you dude. You better listen up.,2933,597023,00.htmlBlastFM takes care to bring you the best of the best in music. Hit us up 24/7 and it’s free to you
Diabolical Poem
Diabolical ..fenominal.. extremely comical..    the list goes on and on, put simply wonderful.. This earth.. is the only place u really left...   cuz in our hearts.. is where you'll always rest     and the tattoo on your chest.. describes you best.. Angel then, angel now, always and forever more..     none the less, it wasnt time for u to walk thru heavens door... I've never been broken never hurt like this..   never hurt so damn bad id like to slit my wrists.. No pride, no strive or pasion to go on..   but now ur a real angel, singin heavens eternal song.. So sing loud, sing proud, so i can hear ur voice..   its not fair..u were taken from us with no choice.. They say it heals, it gets better, as time goes by..   i still cry.. ill fuckin love you til the day i die... But we will meet again, to you, this i promise..   ull never be forgotten, you hold my heart hostage.. I've loved and been loved; or so id like to think..   ive cried so damn much, it fuckin hurts to bli
I Found Epic!
  'I may have to repost this as a comment...
Greatest Lust (inspired By Amyjohnson47274)
You and your boyfriend just got home from a gentle swim. Staring at each other in the pool left you both in the mood for something freaky. As you walk up the stairs you hear a gentle moan that seems to be coming from your room. Looking at your boyfriend puzzled, you finish going up the stairs and open the door to your room. If you thought you were horny before, you have no idea. As soon as that door was open, your pussy was dripping. There you saw Eric sitting with his head leaning back as he was moaning. As he practically laid there with one hand up for a little support; I was sucking him off gently and slowly shoving his 11 inch long, 3.5 in wide, shaft, as far into my mouth as possible. Going up and down slowly, I made my hand follow my lips at the same speed making sure he was truly moaning. At the same time I had my other hand wrapped around my back; I was finger fucking myself with two fingers making sure to go in as deep as possible. You stare at this amazing picture with your
To My Hero
You tried so many times To steer me in the right direction But I thought I knew it all Now I tell myself I was wrong I should have listened The many times you tried to tell me No Baby Girl thats not right for you.   All The years we were apart I know you never gave up on me I just want you to know That I can see how much I really do mean to you Just please don't loose faith That I can be the person I used to be.   When we finally found each other I was a daughter you could be proud of But I soon lost sight Of what was really important in my life And ended up with nothing but pain But I did finally wake up And see just where I went wrong.   So I am here to finally say Daddy thank you for teaching me Just who  I want to be A daughter to the most genuine man I have ever known A daughter you can finally be proud of A daughter to my Hero, My Father, Daddy I love you
True friends are hard to find, believe me i know, when i was in Highschool i lost my best friend she meant the world to me and then i got a phone calling telling me she got murdered, i was the first person to have found that out, but i stayed in my room and cried myself back to sleep, wishing that it was not true, and then in college my so called best friend she cheated  with my ex byfriend who was my frist love, my first everything which it was hard to trust anyone again, and then i did have a best friend and she killed it she tried to be with the man i loved so much and they are now married and it hurt so deep, i did not think i could find another best friend it seems every time i get a friend or something i always get hurt and i am never the same so i always put up that wall, and people wonder why i do not have a best friend i  used to but it seems when that person was needing a friend i was always there for her, but then when i needed a friend i am a no one it seems thats how it al
Is It
Is it in or im that goes ahead of perfection? I refuse to look it up. Spelling and me never got along. Perfect I am not and my failures are too many but I am content with myself. Glory to God N  
C51 - Scrollin' Dirty
Essay By Aaron Diaz ~ Transhumanism ~ Life As Game
It's haunting how much things like MMORPGs mirror contemporary society: roaming around performing tasks we care little about for rewards that are only slightly more interesting. And, possibly because we involve ourselves in such meaningless tasks so frequently, we often obsess over displaying our "achievements," to prove not so much our skills, but the fact that we have put the time in. Higher learning now mirrors running a high-end raid more than it does any classical notion of education. Once you get your "badge," you're allowed into a higher echelon, but it reflects so little of your person. And, most importantly, so often nothing is produced. We throw away time for the sake of pursuit; it's addictive, and we're defensive about examining that addiction. I feel like the post-industrial notion of consumption has penetrated deep into our philosophical core at this point. "Upgrade" is almost an entirely separate thought from "improvement" now, with the former being understood as an inhe
Chapter 3
Good news first ...   my kidney function has risen signifcantly and is expected to be back to normal by next lab work   I am feeling tons better less tired ..although my appetite is still wonky and I am kind of stuck on tomato soup and grilled cheese as what I like to eat other foods make me kind of think meh rather starve lol   so over all I am improved and this is positive   however I am frustrated and pissed   was a new Doc today ( my reg GP is on vacation ) HIS read is there never was an infection or stones however cant give a reasonable explanation for the intense pain ...vomitting and loss of kidney function terrific (y)   when I push and say I have had pain and discomfort on the left side lower back radiating to front and down leg at times before this incident ...and have it now ( he says I shouldnt again terrific but I do so how about figuring out why) he too attempts to dismiss it as not related. I dug my heels in and explained to him several times the const
A Basic Diet For Hepatitis
A Basic Diet for Hepatitisby Ramona L. Jones, C.N.C.From Nature's ResponseFoods to AVOID Animal products - Animal products should be avoided for several reasons. First of all when you consume animal products you consume what that particular animal has consumed. If it was fed with grains that have been chemically sprayed you also are eating those chemicals. Then there are the injections, growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids, etc. If the product is in the form of meat, then you have just added stress to the digestive process, stressing the liver, gall bladder, pancreas. Meat is one of the hardest foods to digest. It can sit in the stomach for 5-7 days and ferment, causing flu like symptoms, gas, bloating, and even more stress. Caffeine, including colas, chocolate, coffee, some teas, OTC meds. A good substitute for coffee is Raja's Cup, an antioxidant herbal tea. Caffeine of course is a stimulant. Stimulating the liver can cause stress to the liver. If you are in the habit of drinking c
I have to pause and say that sometimes I am grateful to God for what I have. Even in my inperfection I'm grateful. Glory to  God N  
Hep C And Smoking
Avoid Smoking and Drinking if You Have Hepatitis C By Jill Cadman2002 About four million people in the U.S. have the hepatitis C virus (HCV). HCV can cause an infection of the liver that is usually spread through blood contact with an infected person. Many HIV-positive people are also infected with HCV. If not treated, hepatitis can cause cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver. This can lead to severe sickness or even death. A new study has found that people with HCV should avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol because both habits can further damage their livers. The study used levels of the liver enzyme ALT to check for liver damage. (Higher ALT levels can be a warning sign of liver damage.) The researchers found that drinking alcohol and smoking more or less doubled the risk of having high ALT levels. People who smoked a pack or more of cigarettes each day and frequently drank alcohol had a risk of elevated ALT levels that was seven times higher than for those wh
Bad Things Made Better
recently my best friend passed away at age 62 a vietnam vet.a true biker.he died in the hospital  after i got back to texas,it tore me up knowing i couldnt afford to go back and say good-bye.not only did i lose the best friend a guy could ask for but cant pay tribute.well yesturday i got a call mike we took a collection and got you a bus ticket up to tell him good-bye i didnt think i had friends anymore let alone some that would do that.after the tears stopped i actually smiled a lil.feels good to know there are some good people left in this cold proud to call them friends....
Tomorrow is my bday!!!  woo hoo!!!!!!!!!
There Are Strange People On Fu
People can be so strange....this was in a friend request...I'm sure I'm not the only one but lordy...   hello... i have seen you while i was roaming arround the profiles. you have a sort of submissive appearance to me. and i would like to know if your submissive behaviour is as good as your outer appearance. have you ever thought about serving as submissive, to submit... to follow? you like the idea to be in contact with a strict dominant german, to be guided and lead at times and to show your true nature as submissive female? i am 27... single and as you can see in my profile, i live in germany. i would say that i am a very intriguing person. i like art, music a good wine. i am addicted to the bdsm lifestyle since 9 years. it started a long time ago and that passion never went away. during that time i have had several slavegirls and submissives. at times i choose an online slavegirl. that is mostly at the begin of a new year. due to my job i am a lot on meetings and not that much at
****inside Of Me****
Something deep inside of me  Unlocks my heart and sets me free it lets my sul wander far Not into light but into dark From the grave i come alive Out in the dark loathing night Pressure builds inside of me And sets me on a killing spree This hatred in me burns so bad To see me burns  so bad to see in this state is sad But my fate ungodly set The ''Darkeness'' and i have clearly met He grants  me power, and eternal life But for this,i pay a price Foolishly i did agree To be his Queen for eternity?
You Are My Precious Angel
I'm sitting here staring at the stars And all I can think about is your precious face Your so perfect in every way how did I get so lucky To be able to say yeah she is mine I hope you know my Baby Girl just how much I love you.   I may not be around everyday but not by choice IF it were up to me I would never let you go You are all I have ever wanted, my love will never end Your MY Baby Girl and nothing will change that I will be the one you can count on.   I know I made promises before and broke them But know I am doing everything I can to make it up One day I will bring you home with me And all of this will seem like a bad dream So My Precious Angel please be patient with me.
Bitch Asses
Johnny And June - Jackson
We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout,We've been talkin' 'bout Jackson, ever since the fire went out.I'm goin' to Jackson, I'm gonna mess around,Yeah, I'm goin' to Jackson,Look out Jackson town.Well, go on down to Jackson; go ahead and wreck your health.Go play your hand you big-talkin' man, make a big fool of yourself,You're goin' to Jackson; go comb your hair!Honey, I'm gonna snowball Jackson.See if I care.When I breeze into that city, people gonna stoop and bow. (Hah!)All them women gonna make me, teach 'em what they don't know how,I'm goin' to Jackson, you turn-a loose-a my coat.'Cos I'm goin' to Jackson."Goodbye," that's all she wrote.But they'll laugh at you in Jackson, and I'll be dancin' on a Pony Keg.They'll lead you 'round town like a scalded hound,With your tail tucked between your legs,You're goin' to Jackson, you big-talkin' man.And I'll be waitin' in Jackson, behind my Jaypan Fan,Well now, we got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper Spr
Decision ...
I have decided not to be around this site as much as I have been over the last 8 weeks. It is seriously driving me crazy and I can't afford to get any crazier at present. Each day I come on here and it depresses me a little more, I need a change of scenery and a good kick up the arse. I am also back up the hospital tomorrow, so hopefully I will have news that might actually cheer me up. I need space and time to sort things out not only in my head but in my life. I am not deleting, i'm not even saying that I won't be here on a daily basis, just not so many damn hours.  I just want to let you know that i'm not ignoring you all. I just need a little time and space to chill.  I feel like i've lost the funnies :(   Most of you have me on FB .... not that I go on their a lot either at present due to the fact that everyone is getting nursing jobs and it should have been me too, so yeah, it depresses me even more. Some of you have me on yahoo ... errrr, knock, knock, I am there I j
Scrapper Explains Blocked Accounts And Numbers For Screen Names
It seems there are some users who are not playing straight with you about the facts. fubar is for fun but there is also a business side. We do not like to delete or ban good users. Our good users will attest to it. If you are a person who is not playing straight or who has spent over 400 bucks and isn't willing to verify they are who they are, then don't be butthurt or make excuses about this. You are the problem. Clear up your account and quit whining to your friends. If you are a rincarnate, you will be deleted. The following are the reasons you will see people in numbers or banned. 1. They have chargebacks, disputes or are contesting services they have received and used. (They stole from us)  Often times these people hustle people to log in and spend money on them and then whatever friendship they have goes south. The person who spent the money charges back and the account holder who hustled the money plays dumb and tells fubar we are the big bad assholes. Please don't
Time Of Love
Time slips by, living for a sec, a minute was tossed,for lack of a minute, an hour was lost, for for the loss of the hour a whole lifetime of love is washed away in the sands of time. To be scattered on the winds never to be brought together again. When the hourglass empties, will your sand be in it with mine? Will we remember the time that we let slip by, or will we dream of what might have been. Love is lost easier then it is found, like a grain of sand in the desert, love is a special and rare thing. Those lucky enough to find it normally don't know what they have until it is gone. to late they realize they let what could have been the happiest time in their life drift away...
I went to see my psychologist who I have not seen for over eight weeks. By-Pass tend to throw ones life in a spin. She wanted to see my scars and I pulled my shirt up for her to see and also told her of two more. No, I didn't drop my pants, however, I did use her toilet to tuck my shirt in. We talked about many things and it was heavy on this surgery, Stint and my desire not to have it, and Deb. All in all, someone wanted a life with me that I was not willing to give. Very unfortunate in that it places me and another into a position of opposition. May God Richly Bless you. Yes, no matter what, I always belonged to God and I will never forget God. Glory to God N  
Kiss Hard Luck Hooker
Oh You Will Love This One....from Fu's #1 Douche!!!
Scums That Exploit Deaths
I wont mention any names for respect to those that have crossed over and to their families. This is for the fucking retards who uses their deaths and the families grief for personal gain I hate to break to you fucking retards when people lose loved ones  ASKING FOR BLINGS AND HH DONT FUCKING HELP. If you knew the recently departed, show some fucking respect to the families. Those who passed were someones mother, father, brother sister. What if it was your fucking mother? would a goddamn Bling make feel all better? Seriously, If I ever die anytime soon and someone tries to get personal gain or attention from it I will come from the grave to personally kick your fucking ass, and I would be dead so I got a llllllllllloooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg time to hand you your ass whoopin. You want to know how to so condolences or even how to help? Do a REAL memorial do something to honor the dead. Not use their fucking pictures just to get attention you dumb fuck! I am sure i have offended so
hey everyone! i know, i know....haven't been on in a long ass time! but computer crashed and it took awhile to get a new one. alot has happened. I'm a grandma two times over now! i adore my lil men! grant and his wife have 2 sons, shawn and alex. shawn is 16 mo. and alex is 4 days old! Shareena graduated high school, and is getting ready to go to college. dahlia made the cheerleading squad for her 8th grade year. they are keeping me busy as hell! hope to hear from you all soon. much love and bright blessings
Sick Puppies---your Going Down
Define your meaning of war To me it's what we do when we're bored I feel the heat coming out off of the blacktop And it makes me want it more Because I'm hyped up, outta control If it's a fight I'm ready to go I wouldn't put my money on the other guy If you know what I know that I know It's been a long time coming And the tables' turned around Cause one of us is going One of us is going down I'm not running, it's a little different now Cause one of us is going One of is is going down Define your meaning of fun To me it's when we're getting done I feel the heat coming out off of the blacktop So get ready for another one Let's take a trip down memory lane The words circulate in my brain You can treat this like another all the same But don't cry like a bitch when you feel the pain It's been a long time coming And the tables' turned around Cause one of us is going One of us is going down I'm not running, it's a little different now Cause one of us is going One
He cheats and then begs for me back, even asked me to marry him, the nerve thinking a ring will make it all better, well a ring doesn't cover the hole if you know what I mean!!!
I Hate People
Okay. Patrons of a place known as Taco Bell: Please stop being retarded. I know how much things cost and we dont have the same item at 2 different prices. Pay attention when you order. Have a pretty good idea of what the f*ck you want before you get there. Dont throw your trash outside of the drive thru window because you feel like being a lazy twat. You are not the only customer so dont excpect to be treated special. Please keep in mind that if you feel the need to be a douche bag towards me when you order, i am the one who gets to decide how much your food is spit in. If you have a large order, go inside. Don't order a diet anything if you get extra sauce on EVERYTHING. I don't care about you, so don't expect me to. Thanks for reading, Taco bell drive thru girl
I am so bloody bored i've come to the end of my tether .................. I actually feel as if i'm suffering from delirium . I've spent all searching the web and landed on a site called Lush. Not quite sure what to make of it yet ...   Question: where was the craziest place u had sex ?   Answer: Pittsburgh. (is that anywhere near Ohio?)
Paramore - The Only Exception
I saw this video this morning as I was flipping through the channels and I was impressed. The lyrics are below.   Enjoy!!!       When I was younger, I saw my daddy cryAnd curse at the windHe broke his own heart and I watchedAs he tried to reassemble itAnd my momma swore thatShe would never let herself forgetAnd that was the day that I promisedI'd never sing of love if it does not existBut darling, you are the only exceptionYou are the only exceptionYou are the only exceptionYou are the only exceptionMaybe I know, somewhere deep in my soulThat love never lastsAnd we've got to find other ways to make it aloneOr keep a straight faceAnd I've always lived like thisKeeping a comfortable distanceAnd up until now I had sworn to myself that I'm content with lonelinessBecause none of it was ever worth the riskBut you are the only exceptionYou are the only exceptionYou are the only exceptionYou are the only exceptionI've got a tight grip on realityBut I can't let go of what's in front of
Something To Think About ...
The next time you hear a politician use the Word 'billion' in a casual manner, think about Whether you want the 'politicians' spending YOUR tax money.A billion is a difficult number to comprehend,But one advertising agency did a good job of Putting that figure into some perspective inOne of it's releases. A.A billion seconds ago it was 1959. B.A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive. C.A billion hours ago our ancestors were Living in the Stone Age. D.A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet. E. A billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, At the rate our governmentIs spending it. While this thought is still fresh in our brain...let's take a look at New Orleans  ...It's amazing what you can learn with some simple division.Louisiana Senator,Mary Landrieu (D) Is presently asking Congress for 250 BILLION DOLLARSTo rebuild New Orleans .  Interesting number... What does it mean? A.Well .. If you are one of the 484,674 residents of New Orleans    (every
Calling All Wicked Clowns
So I'll be going to the Gathering Of The Juggalos this year!!!!!! whoop whooop!!!!!! So me and bunch of my crew here in town we're caravaning it up to Cave-In-Rock, Illinois from Arlington, Texas!!!!!!! So if your down with the clown and you are going... let a ninjette know so I can keep an eye out for you!!!! Also some of the Wicked Dollz will be there as well... I do know for a fact that myself, Pyro Doll, ToXiK Poison Doll are going for sure for sure!!! We already gots our tickets!!!!!! So keep an eye out for us sexy wicked bitches!!!!!!!!!! Last year Mary Jane Doll enetered the baby oil wrestling... who knows what we will be getting into this year!!!!   MMFWCL
Fork In The Road
I walk along the path life has given me... I wish for it to be smooth and straight.... Yet, by design, it twists and writhes as a serpent   Each of every fork in this path, I have turned the wrong way. The dead ends, the termination, lash scars upon my heart And penetrate my flesh,until blood flows as water   My mind is assaulted with behaviors, images, that speak only the slow death of decay Sheer evil seeks to rend flesh from my bones, and twist me into gross rictus The depravity washes over me like a tidal wave, and I can only stand there and scream as it does   Once I have returned to my path, I continue onwards I am alive, but bleeding with every part of me in anguish I continue on, for I cannot stop until death greets me in another fork in the road
Determined Little Ham
Quick update:   I was in labor last night, enough contractions  to warrant my ass going to the hospital. The contractions slowed down when Little ham decided to perform. Her heart rate shot threw the roof and then spike real low. So much they thought she had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. I kept telling them she has adhd just like her dad and that she was just being active... Finally after the normal doctor listened to me and let me lay on my side did she finally go to sleep..   We got to leave the hospital at 6;30 this morning, Im exhausted from my daughter playing gymnast in my belly all night. she sure did get a crowd. Needless to say im here to update people that knew i was in labor last night and had to come to fu to find my baby's daddy "witchie"   Im going back to bed, just wanted you all to know HAM WILL BE A LEO love ya Wicked
Every Avenue - Happy The Hard Way
tell me it's over tell me we finally made it through the comfort and silence turns to panic once again we're caught in a landslide we're dirty we're broken black and blue the feeling is lost in every signal that we send how could I love her this bad? how could we lose all that we had? why do we follow through what keeps us hanging on? we live like a storm and let it ride for all of the times we felt alive but sometimes love just can't make you stay when you're happy the hard way they say what you can't say they say it's the end, say anything then someday we're finding all the places that you fear we're lost in a moment when it's only me and you there is no other place I'd rather be but here and those are the only times that make the world disappear how could I love her this bad? how could we lose all that we had? why do we follow through what keeps us hanging on? we live like a storm and let it ride for all of the times we felt alive but sometimes love just can't make you stay when
The Heart Of Ages.
A heart beats within a troubled breast. Made from glass, once pure and clear. Now blackened by knowledge of evil. The beats slow, slow, slow... Then beats no more.
Hold On Tightly To What Is Truly Important In Life ..
My Friends...Hold on to faith; it is the source of believing that all things are possible. It is the fiber and strength of a confident soul. Hold on to hope; it banishes doubt and Enables attitudes to be positive and cheerful. Hold on to trust; it is at the core of fruitful relationships that are secure and content. Hold on to love; it is life's greatest gift of all, for it shares, cares and gives meaning to life. Hold on to family and friends; they are the most important people in your life, and they make the world a better place. They are your roots and the beginnings that you grew from; they are the vine that has grown through time to nourish you, help you on your way, and always remain close by. Hold on to all that you are and all that you have learned, for these things are what make you unique. Don't ignore what you feel and what you believe is right and important; your heart has a way of speaking louder than your mind. Hold on to your dreams; achieve them diligently and honestly.
Random Poetry
I love you dearly and with all of me,more than the eye can ever seemore than words can ever saygrowing more with every day...I love your smiles and sweet caressall the things you do, I confessmore than sunshine, or fields of snowmore than the moonlights gentle glowi love you without words, none can compareI love you so deeply, with every memory we sharemore than diamonds, pearls and goldmore than the stars the skies can holdEvery day, much more than the lastyou are my present, my future and pasta lifetime and more I'll love only youthis love is so perfect, so beautiful and true ---------------------------------------------- I love you, can you feel it?In each rush of wind, can you hear it?In the twinkle of starlight, can you see it?The destiny of my life in you......Be mine always,Be mine forever,Be mine eternallyAnd always until the end of time. ----------------------------------------------  I'll hold you in my heart, safely tucked awayand wrap you in my arms, each and every daya
A Better Relationship Through Communication Skills ......
Use the power of communication for you! Ask a couple what's the one thing they'd like to improve in their relationship and more often than not their answer will be communication. It seems the thing we take most for granted, our speech, is the one thing that has the power to build or destroy a relationship. If you find communication is an area you'd like to improve in your relationship, take a few moments and read over the following tips and ideas for a better relationship through communication. 1. Communication is a power - don't abuse it.As with any condition of power, the quickest way to ruin is by abusing it. Remember that your words have long lasting effects, even more so than you may realize. In the future, the reason why you were arguing or having difficulties may not be remembered, but the feelings and words you conveyed will be. If you feel yourself about to say something demeaning or unneccesary, stop yourself and don't say anything at all. Try other tactics like going out f
I am nuts...I decided to go blonde..REALLY blonde...and now I am freaking out over here. I have not had blonde hair in nearly 15 yrs....and I am not so sure I should be blonde. I will take pics later today, but first, I have to fix the imperfections in my hair. You see, if you go from dark brown to blonde you sometimes end up with orange hair...and well the ends of my hair are kind of I am not happy. I had to wait to fix it till today because the friggin bleach burned my scalp and my head is killing me..hence why I am grumpy. BUT I am saving 100 bucks by doing it myself. Thank goodness I grew up in beauty salons cuz my step mom was a hair dresser and when I was 18 I was a manicurist. (I worked as a manicurist to pay for collage) I will never touch a pair of ugly ass feet again...anyway back to my hair...So when I am done..I might put some purple streaks in it or 15 yr old is trying to convince me to do that..but am I too old for that kind of hair?? No I will not mu
No One Is Ever Gone ...... Souls Never Die
Loss paves the road in shifting perceptions ... when we lose a loved one, a beloved pet, a lover, friend or family member, it is the physical absence we feel. The imprint of that person still lingers yet their spirit still hovers most of the time. It is then and only then that we reallize one is ever gone, no one ever leaves. They continue to intertwine with us but in spirit. We learn that by "attaching" ourselves to any one person is to tie our self to limitation. When we detach, let go, the heartache becomes the lesson. To cling to anything including another is to honor their path and release them to soar is to cherish and find peace in the knowing they are in still very much alive albeit in a different form. Loss is the hardest of lessons as it leaves a void yet the void thus opens you up to a new beginning. For where there is a void the universe can begin to fill it with your hearts desires. The void is not "empty" the void is rebirth, renewal, a place where your h
In The Minds Of The Stupid
We have this copier at work that has all the bells and whistles one could EVER need in a copier. Problem is it doesn't work half of the time. We have had so many service calls for jamming it's not even funny. The repair folks come out and give some BS about it's the driver on your computer. Um, no dumbass it's not. If it was a driver issue it wouldn't be printing to the copier at all. It does but it freaking jams, in the same spot I might add. Not a user error but a product error. If it was me, for what we're paying for this thing, it'd be gone. But alas, no one listens to me. Wellllll, just got an email this morning that the copier people are coming out to hold a training session. Okay, hello! We've had the damn thing for a year. I don't need to be trained on it. Besides, it's not rocket science. Sure, we can do scanning and faxing from it but again...NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! The only cool thing is we're getting lunch out of the deal. So I guess I'll get my free food and make sure I'm bus
I dont seem to be religious and often appear anti God, but I am the opposite of that. I'm not into going to church to worship and I will not leave or give up the Roman Catholic church. I found that among the religious, there are those who proudly raise their head to be counted as a "believer", but out in the shadows are the True Believers. They dare not speak let alone look up. Shame is on their face and doubt fills their Heart. They are not proud of themselves nor arrogant because they know themselves. Their life, to think, who would want them. God want's True Believers and not those, so proudly let all know of their religioud fervor. God will walk amongst us again. Glory to God N  
for my "nsfw" pics just ask me to fam ya!
  Whisper in my ear and tell me everything's alright Hold me close and help me make it through this lonely night Promise me the sweet things that all lovers always do And for tonight I promise I'll believe the words are true Make me think that everything's exactly what it seems I'll close my eyes and put aside so many shattered dreams I need to wipe away the dust of things that went before So hold me close and tell me this will last forevermore Here in the darkness, next to you, I'll give you all my trust Though I know words turn into ashes, diamonds turn to dust Just say the words you've said and heard, we all know what to say I need to hear them all tonight, to chase this pain away Tell me that I am the one that you've been waiting for And I'll believe each word until you walk out of the door A whisper is the sweetest thing, makes all the words sound right I promise I won't hold you to them in the morning light The world is such a lonely place and life can be so cold Tonight I
Hell Spawn
Dear lil Hell Spawn.. I know we havent met yet.. but I already love U with all my heart... I hope U and I will get by on our own and that U wount miss Ur dad too much.. I wish thing were different.. but I know we can make it on our own.. I can´t wait til U get here!!
This Is What Im Talking About
9:12pm sean dolata: hi katie my name is sean i need to talke to you   cancel Chat 9:13pm sean dolata: hello   cancel Chat 9:16pm sean dolata: hi katie   cancel Chat 9:22pm sean dolata: hey kaatie its sean i need to talke to you right now   cancel Chat
Change Of Pace my luck has changed for the better finally.  i have my old job back.  I have a vehicle, and just got a new promotion at work.  Things are going great and hopefully getting better.  I have decided to start a new type of blog, think of it as a diary.  I'm going to call it  WTF?    Reason being is that I am a post commander at a very wealthy gated community in orange county, and I get to deal with the dumbest and craziest crap that i have ever had the disspleasure of being around.  soooooooooo, check it out when i start.  It'll be interesting to read i assure you.
Empty Spaces
I often find myself disscussing the possibilities of existance with a few friends.Some of us have startling different veiws on the subject.One in particular always makes me feel as though there is little hope for us as a species.Let's just call him "M."He seriously thinks that all of life is utterly pointless.Nothing really exists and no one is ever truely alive. He refuses to search for answers to anything, as understanding is a futile endeavor.Nothing is made to make sense, according to M, and that everytime you find any answer, it's complicated with a thousand more questions.He sees no beauty in life, only chaos. He seems to feel no love for much of anything, just contempt and loathing.Bored almost to tears when no one is around, he is constantly searching for companionship. He is overly competitive, which then drives people away.His negativity is heart-breaking.  So many times have he and I sat and conversed about these things. I wish I could get through to him.The walls around him
The Silk Paper Wrapping
  A friend of mine opened his wife's underwear drawer and picked up a silk paper wrapped package:"This, - he said - isn't any ordinary package."He unwrapped the box and stared at both the silk paper and the box."She got this the first time we went to  New York, 8 or 9 years ago. She has never put it on, was saving it for a special occasion. Well, I guess this is it." He got near the bed and placed the gift box next to the other clothing he was taking to the funeral house. His wife had just died. He turned to me and said:"Never save something for a special occasion. Every day in your life is a special occasion"..I still think those words changed my life.Now I read more and clean less.I sit on the porch without worrying about anything.I spend more time with my family, and less at work.I understood that life should be a source of experience to be lived up to, not survived through. I no longer keep anything. I use crystal glasses every day... I'll wear new clothes to go to the supermarke
Just Getting This Out Of The Way...
Welcome to the head of one who has no head.I love my city. The insane drivers, the constantly growing crime rate.My neighborhood has recently accounted for 90% of all the break-ins in Columbus!I feel as though that should be an accomplishment...I love my car. My '95 Civic with one Chevy headlight that points at the trees and the one regular light whose dim setting no longer works, so i have to drive with my brights on.(people love me for that!) It's wobbly wheel and it's shot suspension.Hell, my car recently became another victim of our rising break-ins, even though all they got was my MP3 player.(that made me laugh hysterically.)I love my job.   ...oh wait, I don't have one of those. My bad.I've been to numerous staffing and temp agencies, not hearing back from any of them for days, and they only seem to call when I'm sleeping.(where the hell are all the third shift jobs anymore?)I love people. Backstabbing, conniving, scheming, selfish people.Now I know full well that not everyone is
Eminent Is A Unit Inform To The Marketing Of A Set
Any executive metric conversion table friendship supervisor who has been healthy to score a redeeming sensing on the idea of marketing can definitely hold with this fact. Measure function inform for marketing is an copernican task. This is because the facts confiscated from the estimation will amend his organization or concern to grow. Piece this is adjust, there are console a limit of marketing executives who are not conscious of this standing. The marketers that are largely concerned with adenoidal of knowing and using these metrics is flush elaborated by sight statistics which country organizations portion 10% of their tot annual budget for this department.Towards any byplay administration, metric conversion table the marketing trends for the key show poetics is relatively new. These yardsticks are purposely being formulated so that the interval between fluid marketing strategies and the results of the strategy can be measured. When identifying the poetics required to express market
The Phylogenesis Of Explore Engine Improvement Poetics
When it comes metric conversion table article marketing, the importance of operation engine improvement is something that can never be overemphasized. After all, optimizing investigate engine results is the appoint of the gallinacean, and if you necessary to be made in article marketing, then your efforts engaged towards examine engine improvement should be doubled, yet tripled. To do this, it becomes a essential to oblige look engine optimization poetics. And if you are operative an endeavor that specializes in the production of web content, then it becomes all the much beta to apply search engine improvement or SEO poetics.You bonk to translate that a abstract that is not sounded rightful cannot be managed. There are so many SEO marketers out there who go nigh their look campaigns without a exclusive twine metric conversion table to how they can get to judge their marketing campaign's success. This is where SEO poetics participate the picture. SEO poetics are finally required so that
How To Measure Website Effectiveness Using New Success Metrics
Traditionally metric conversion table and curve traffic screw been the assess of website success. Withal, these sr. poetics are becoming inferior meaning in the actual web surround.Commerce group are now exacting statesman than rightful interchange and rankings, marketing professionals know gotten solon web-savvy and are using analytics tools supplied for withdraw by Google to read their websites and its strengths and weaknesses. Here are 7 website success poetics to look in addition to Google PageRank and interchange:1. Leads. Websites are oft set up to be "joint brochures" not just to sell products. If your website is a folder you do poverty to down and you do need consumers to representative you supported upon what they may possess scholarly at your website. For this present it is serious metric conversion table express leads. A SEO drive that brought 100 leads is meliorate than one which brought a meg author views but no new possible clients.2. Conversions. Perhaps you do not delud
Maximizing Online Marketing Turn On Finance Finished Key Metrics
There's metric conversion table uncouth disposition that marketers are either yeasty, or analytical beings. Very rarely are they both. In traditional forms of advertising, executing a run on a yeasty supposition can be honorable as impelling as an analytical execution. Notwithstanding, in the new future digital arenas of online marketing, a productive near to crusade execution can negatively modify denote on finance.This var. of publicizing is one of the most accountable and measurable forms of publicizing. It offers virtually real-time safari execution pursuit, which gives professionals the ability to oppose rapidly to a flattening interview.The answerableness and quality of the campaigns metric conversion table also offer a substantial possibility for determining how untold of the overall budget is devoted to online efforts. Measurements can also be victimized to ascertain the placement of dollars spent on the mortal services, for peak reappear on assets.Nonindustrial Key Action Metr
How Eminent Is A Unit Inform To The Marketing Of A Set
Any executive metric conversion table friendship supervisor who has been healthy to score a redeeming sensing on the idea of marketing can definitely hold with this fact. Measure function inform for marketing is an copernican task. This is because the facts confiscated from the estimation will amend his organization or concern to grow. Piece this is adjust, there are console a limit of marketing executives who are not conscious of this standing. The marketers that are largely concerned with adenoidal of knowing and using these metrics is flush elaborated by sight statistics which country organizations portion 10% of their tot annual budget for this department.Towards any byplay administration, measure metric conversion table marketing trends for the key show poetics is relatively new. These yardsticks are purposely being formulated so that the interval between fluid marketing strategies and the results of the strategy can be measured. When identifying the poetics required to express ma
Are You Using These Keyword Action Guidelines To Improve Website Changeover Rates?
Use metric conversion table straight lingo.Someone you e'er been in a room where fill are talking but you don't see a happening around the content or flatbottomed translate the faculty? Affirm it from one who knows, it can be quite preventive. Living in Finland and vocalization exclusive a less Suomi capital that every day I'm subjected to conversations where I change very immature line virtually what is being said. State a overcurious (many would say nosey) soul, this infuriates me! Especially if I'm on a bus and see old grannies snap up with utterance at a esoteric jocularity I'm too nescient to be inon.It's siamese online. You change to sign communicating on your Website using the metric conversion table that your visitors use.If you use the hand terminology and phrases, not only do they pronounce you, but to use my analogy, you also let them in on the jocularity! If you're using the reprehensible terminology then you're leaving your visitor abit stupefied, a bit hazy and belief a b
Cozen Products Easily With The Poetics Affiliate Sales Opportunities
Connexion metric conversion table affiliate information is one of the most general things that people do at the nowadays period. This is because they are able to form money easily without having to go to an duty or a workplace. Message from that, they have a lot of element moment and thusly, they are able to expend their vacant periods with their families and adored ones. Also, it does not expect a lot of activity. You just someone to make trustworthy that the visitors metric conversion table your computer transmute to customers. The tip of the benefits of affiliate marketing seems eternal but of bed, it also has whatever risks and challenges entangled here. Still, you should headache are oft referred to as the affiliate action poetics. This is an consequential puppet that can real aid both the merchants and the affiliates of a info. The job here is that most of them miss the core of this slave and easily stomach this one for acknowledged. This has been ordinary to beginners and the ru
Measuring And Monitoring Telecommunicate Campaign And Itemize Maturation Poetics
The use of telecommunicate metric conversion table sales and marketing efforts is now a specified. It's get to most marketers that the issue of netmail is increasing--despite the also maximizing problem of deliverability. What isn't unencumbered, nonetheless, is what that outcome actually is to your lower contrast. Measuring and monitoring email effort payoff on promotion (ROI) and leaning growth poetics is noneffervescent an ad hoc someone your netmail campaigns producing for you heavily relies on lettered and inclination your netmail poetics. Tweaks can be prefab speedily when you understand what apiece unit is metric conversion table what it indicates active your email initialise, subscription process, email assemblage, cardinal, action industrialist system, and inclination size and segmentation.Whether your email goal is lead multiplication or receipts generation, here are the 6 metrics that you should be tracking (and what they convey):    * Position Filler: BENCHMA
Memories Of The Unit Grouping In Continent And Way Too More Chorizo
When I was metric conversion table intervening refine in the first 1970s we had to acquire the quantity system. We were told that shortly everything in the Amalgamate States was exploit to go function. Our pedagogue was most emphasized that if we didn't want to be leftish down in the overcloud of our Continent cousins (and no one did) we had improve fasten physician and be intelligent for any class of pop quizzes handling with Celsius, grams and centimeters.Yesterday, line 2010, I filled up my car in gallons low sunny skies time enjoying a graceful 72° day. So, as it turns out the amount takeover here in U.s.a. metric conversion table virtually as overmuch rubbing as the Yugo and legwarmers over jeans.Of action if you see Europe today you leave works be fit to put your knowledge of poetics to favourable use. In the mid 1980s I knew that Assemblage victimized the metric system. I had, after all, been experience in Madrid for nearly two months and was a practicing regular contestant. Aft
Seven Shipway To Be Much Good Using Poetics
Umteen organizations use execution metrics as a method for staying on strategy and mensuration their locomote. metric conversion table more, however, it's fractious to affirm whether the exertion put into assemblage and news the measurements is designer the results. For those process their measures finished examine of a standard wash itemise, any action terminate is poor at unsurpassable. Reviewing the paw measurements, nevertheless, can change your methodicalness and significantly improve your action. If you don't change time to weaken on mediocre measurements --and who does-- here are heptad tips for selecting measurements that present aid everyone be more good. 1. Make the Paw EnvironmentThe mean metric conversion table execution mensuration is to process power, not to offer a de facto period performance critique or correction scheme. After all, it's not the measure so overmuch as the conversation it inspires. As Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan recite us in Action: The Penalis
The Last Breath
There's a rose on the bedA letter that I wrote what you mean to meWords I wished I'd said,Were still in my head, now I pray you'd seeI don't know how to tell you that I miss you, babyI struggle with the words sometimesBut in my heart, I know you'll findChorus:I know, you know Our souls will be together till the end of timeYou know, I knowYour love is gonna meet me on the other sideAs sure as the angels come down and take my breath awayI love you'd be the last thing I'd ever sayI'd ever say....You walked beside me, you stood by me and got me through my darkest timesAnd now I close my eyesand visualize your face for the last timeI didn't know how to tell you that I loved you babyI struggle with the words sometimesBut in my heart, I know you'll findChorus:I know, you know Our souls will be together till the end of timeYou know, I knowYour love is gonna meet me on the other sideAs sure as the angels come down and take my breath awayI love you'd be the last thing I'd ever sayI never fell in
Make A Salute Against Drunk Riding That Say Drink Ride N Die With X Over It For Lyndsey:diabolical Angel Rip Folder She Got Thrown Of Back Bike Cause
New Site Check It Out [pittsburgh Area]
Hey everybody if u live in the Pittsburgh area, please join this new site. Meet ppl from the area, and an awesome chatroom. So please join and invite your friends, please! double you dot  the burgh dot ning dot come     THank you!!! 
Im Found
I always wondered what was missing from my life. What else is out there? Is it more or less better or worse? I didn't know what but something was keeping me from feeling whole. When do I get to be complete? You go through life making choices that you hope lead you to be solid and have your thoughts and dreams come true. I didn't know what to wish for. I wasn't paying attention and you slipped into my life and made a bang. You put the spark in my eye while i wasn't looking. Things became different. Food was tasting better the sun was shinning bright I had something. The smile on my face was a real one for the first time and it was unstoppable. Rules were broken the hours on the clock stood still. I was laughing and truly happy.Wow. I look up at tonight's moon glowing bright white and notice that a star in the sky only sparkled for me. The sound of your arrival and voice is a complete intoxicating rush that never goes away. I am open and no longer missing anything. I AM FOUND 
The Fancy Cupcake Test
You Crave Friendship You are a kind hearted and compassionate person. Nothing matters more to you than human connection. You are as generous as you can be. You enjoy giving to others, and you don't expect anything in return. You consider yourself lucky to have the friends that you have, and you're always looking to strengthen those bonds. You stay engaged and interested in other people's lives. You are one of the few out there who truly cares. The Fancy Cupcake Test Blogthings: Take a Quiz. Annoy Your Friends.
Things That Make Me Lol...
People who act smarter than everyone else but cant read a simple map. Women who refer to themselves as milfs (dont they know the term is moms i'd like to fuck?... I'D like) Turnips... just because Watching people react angrily to things that happen to them, yet laugh about doing the SAME thing to others Season 12 of South Park (y) Hypocrites (True, I can admit Im a hypocrite myself, but if you cant laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?) Mitch Hedberg Those "Hitler reacts" videos on YouTube Sweatin' to the Oldies vol. 2,3 and 5 Watching when my dad tried to play Halo...he hasnt mastered "Pong" on Atari, but he thought he could handle an Xbox   People who walk up to a locked door, try to open it, step back, look around, then try to open it again before leaving.   I know its not much of a list, but I was trying to go for something thats a lil more than a "Blow off some steam and rant" type blog, or a "Whoa is me" blog that seems to be the norm lately. What makes so
The Heart That Bleeds
The Heart That bleeds     Why I let you toy with the my heart that beat pure I guess inside i'm still holding on to something untrue I let you talk me into talking to you knowing i shouldn't and all you do is take needles and prick my heart so it bleeds slowly slowly it bleeds the life out of the my heart I really think it would be better to rip it from my chest In one quick blow break the ribs Pull the lung for the air I breath is hard and heavy  the pain is near its end for I will never love again Make my heart cold and black  so I can never love again Love in the true pain that is unseen  But felt true and deep.  Rip it Rip it I say take what was pure and true  and Bleed it dry Cause it will never beat for the heat of you.       By Warlock
Sly@ Fubar
There goes my baby.
Lyndsey:diabolical Angel(inked Goddess)singing Goodnight Never Goodbye ...(rip)
Lyndsey:Diabolical Angel(inked goddess)Singing goodnight never goodbye ...(rip)
[i've Managed To Create An Extra Step]
......... and my douchey forum cohort hasn't sent me the confirmation yet.I swear to god if I get screwed again on this JR custom...ohrightanywayI'm assembling my second Zaku IWhy my second?.........because it was $15 instead of $35 and I have nothing else to do?I could be attempting to unlock more items in MGPW but... some other night.Truth be told this was a bit of an odd kitIts the Zaku I Ramba Ral customand it is loaded with extra parts.Enough parts to really consider alt builds and mods.The RR custom comes with 3 chest plates, 3 torso plates, and 3 cod piecesIt also comes with alternate shoulder designs and 2 dome shields for the shoulderstypically the Zaku 1 only features a dome shield on the left shoulder.So I'm building this one closer to a standard version.One shoulder shield- no fanciful chest plate, I haven't decided on actually using the face and leg tubes included with the kit.Another perk to this kit is that it comes with 2 machine guns and a bazooka so... I literally hav
Reader Participation Encouraged!...
so...I was just sitting here listening to one of my favorite bands...because tomorrow their last CD ever is going to be released...sad day! :( so I thought I'd post some of my favorite lines from their songs...and you should reply with some lyrics from your favorite songs! :) it'll be fun! "I can't stay over you. It seems we drive forever but can never get away from here, just one more try. I'm guessing you are over me, I guess it's bravery." "I'm tasting nothing but 4 words, "please don't leave me"." "Well they're just thoughts so go ahead and speak. So pick out what you like and call me when you're on the way. You can spend the night and hope to sleep all day. For me its just another week, twenty eight was once how I dreamed. And with your scent on my face I can leave and have you for days." "I still can't see you. The summer came and we got lost, all of us. You are nothing with out her. I still wont remember your face, the features mix too well with this alcohol. So w
The Skinnydippin' Game
THIS GAME IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!               ****** Addition Note for the Trade List - I was asked if bling credit transfers count the same as bling packs, and yes, they do. I offer more for packs and credits because people don't receive fu-points for doing something extra nice, so they are valued higher for my games than usual bling******   GAME F.A.Q.     Who can I order for?You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more tokens. Can I order more than one at a time?Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of ho
Everytime I see your pictureThe tears they fall again.Through the broken memoriesThe shattered world will never end.You left me here broken downA soul lost without its heart.Why did you have to take your life?Was I not more than enough?Did I fail to make your world aglow?Was I not worth every word?The words you said to me everyday.I love youI need youI care Read more:  
Png Today
Not really a full blog, as nothing blog worthy really happened.  threw some smart ass comments her way.  She said something, I can't really remember what, and I told her "You're gulliable, I like that."  She had some computer problems so she came and talked to me, so I told her if she wanted to talk to me, she could just come in and say hello, she doesn't need to jam a paper clip in her computer to get me to see her.  She replied that she used a binder clip.  Yeah, not much happening in that arena. 
Audio Clip
 how to make a audio clip if u have a mic. Goto the Start Menu -} All programs -} Accessories - } Sound Recorder (or something similar) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- record your voice. press the record button when finished click stop then replay it if your not satisfied redo it to start a new one.... close it and reopen it
In The Woods...
I was at a community campout this weekend..I was asked to join one of the many camp fires in the area. I sat down and introduced myself. The person next to me was bald with a goatie. I couldn't help but notice his beauty. His eyes sparkled in blues and greens. They weren't quite either color. They held both. He began to tickle me. I hate having my feet tickled and he began to grab at my feet. I pulled him down out of his camp chair and he landed on top of me. He tickled me some more until we were both out of breath. He stopped for a while and then asked if I would like a back rub. He worked my back muscles loosening me up. He kept playing with my ears and my neck. I couldn't even focus on the conversation around the fire, it felt so good. It was getting late...I said my farewells..and went to my tent. The next day, I was walking around the site and he saw me. He beelined straight for me and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. We found a trail that led into the woods. We walked th
Come Join The Mafia.
Looking For a mafia home? Come where you can be yourself, chill with friends and show off your unique talent.  Click the picture below to join The Lustful Dragon Mafia or copy, paste and enter into your browser to come to us.
On Air Bully For The Queen Of The Lustful Dragon
Link to Mafia may not work. You may copy and paste this into your browser to visit us:   Here ye, Here ye. Come one, come all. Come hither ye to the kingdom of The Lustful Dragon. Our lords and ladies are some of the best in the land and our court musicians play any and all requests. So come to our court and rest a spell, request some tunage and have a drink of ale.  
Ever wonder Why? life throws us cruve balls and never tells us why or how to straighten them out Ever wonder why? when you go down a path that you don't pay attention till you have to walk that path for the second time Ever wonder why? once you walk the path the second time that you see things a little different than you did the first time Ever wonder why? once you finally sit and think of things that its not so bad as the person sitting next to you Ever wonder why?  your life is sometimes turned upside down and inside out and not knowing how to get out from under it Ever wonder why? once you figure out how to get out from underneath that rock you barried yourself under that life isnt all that bad and you can work things out some how Ever wonder why? when you finally find your soul mate why you can't breathe, eat , sleep without thinking of them Ever wonder why? you can't breathe, sleep, or eat without thinking of them every second of every day Ever wonder why?&in
Blah Blah
I went into an animal shelter today.  To see if I want to get another cat since mine died not to long ago.  I saw lots of adorable cats, just none that struck my fancy.  There was this one kitten that loved my daughter.  It would follow her around like crazy.  And although that was cute, I wanted to pick out a cat for me.  Not my kids.  My son is more into dogs it seems.  And wanted to be around them more.  So once the yard is fixed, it seems we are going to have a lot of animals.  Lol.  But it was also painful to see those cats.  It's another reminder that I lost my beloved cat. Ok, I've said enough for now.  Laters.
Happy Times
Hey guys! Just wanted to update my friends. I will be graduating in 7 more days! It's been such a tough year, with its share of trials and tribulations. But i stuck it out, and here's my pay off. About a month ago, i applied for a stylist position at my favorite salon. (this is a huge reach, because most recent graduates have to work as an assistant for the first year or so) They called me in last weekend for an interview and practical assesment, and immediately offered me a chair!!!!   So, I graduate next tuesday, and begin my new job the following monday. I feel so grateful to all of my family and friends for supporting me and pushing me through.. now i can do what i love to do, in a place that i love.. and get paid for it!  
Half Of
What do you think of a girl friend with who I fight against half of the time? Does not have any problem taking a separate vacation and as a mother I would want her to have her perspective correct. She does not need a boy friend who has a mind but a puppet she can manipulate in any way she chooses. Email Deb. Glory to God N  
Bug Spray
A salesman was traveling through the country side, flogging insect repellent. He came to a farmhouse and tried his pitch on the farmer."Sir, my bug spray is so good you will never be bitten again. I guarantee it."The farmer was dubious."Young man, I'll make you a proposition. I'll tie you out in my cornfield buck naked, covered with that bug spray. If there is not a single bite on you come morning, I'll buy a whole case from you. And get everyone in the county to buy a case......we will make you rich.The salesman was delighted.They went to the field and he stripped. The farmer sprayed him thoroughly with the bug spray and tied him to a stake. Back to the house went the farmer. The next morning, the farmer and his family trooped out to the cornfield. Sure enough, the salesman was there, hanging in his bonds, not a single bite on him. Yet he was a total wreck!Pale, ghastly, haggard, and drawn, but not one bite on him. The farmer was perplexed. "Son," he said, "Now, you don't have a bite
I would love to have a strong woman just throw me to the ground and pin me there.  To have her look down upon me with amusement and confidence as I put up a useless struggle knowing that no matter how hard i try i am at her mercy. Her verbal humiliation of me serves as reassurance  of my inferiority and further drives me to mental as well as physical defeat.  I continue to struggle but the more i do she just laughs because she knows that I could never possess the strength to overpower her.  She begins to taunt me...calling me a weak pussy boy and by this point i was broken...mentally and physically.  She senses my destruction.   She tells me that I never stood a chance against her........she was right.  She told me that Men are so weak.  She whispers to me..."Im gonna finish you off....lights out pussy boy.." All i could do is lay there...looking up at her magnificent body....waiting for my ultimate end.  She stood up...slowly turned around...positioned her incredible ass right over my
Best Cleavage Contest Win A Auto 11 First Place
having my first contest for the best clevage first prize is a auto 11 or cherry bomb 2nd prize is a boom 3rd prize is a 5 credit bling pack, , the one with the most rates wins, love Bill. Hot Stuff2@ fubar
Once You Love Somebody
I should go out tonightGet on with my lifeBreak these chains of solitudeWith a little luck and a little helpI might even find myselfIn the arms of someone newOnce you've loved somebodyIt ain't that easy to doOnce you've loved somebodyLike I loved youLook what you've gone and doneYou've ruined everything for anyoneWho tries to steal this heart awayI can't get you off of my mindI've tried to tell myself a million timesA little time is all it takesI gave you everything that I had to giveI don't know if I can go that far again
My Brain Goes Mad!
  Spent two nights in Leeds and did nothing more than sleep, and get up for the comedy gigs.   If you know me you will know how much I despise Cliff Richard, and the first thing I saw in the hotel room in Leeds was a photo of him next to my bed, I reckon that’s why I slept for hours after my eyes took in the horror. It wasn’t a magazine, someone just left a glossy photo of Cliff on the bedside table, the chambermaid hadn’t removed it, maybe she was in on the Cliff subliminal movement, I don’t know.   I stared at it, with my suitcase in my hand and I considered moving rooms in case Cliff had haunted it even though he is alive, he can still haunt us, don’t let that small detail fool you. I put the photo in the bin that was after I had shredded it with tiny miniscule movements, almost robotic behaviour, I wasn’t happy till he was tiny shredded squares in the metal bin. I knew when I slept the little squares would pixelate, join together and Cliff
Loving Arms
If you could see me now The one who said that she's rather roam The one who said she'd rather be alone If you could only see me now If I could hold you nowJust for a moment, if I could really make you mineJust for a while, turn back the hands of timeIf I could only hold you nowI've been too long in the windToo long in the rainTaking any comfort that I canLooking back and longing forThe freedom of my chainsAnd lying in your loving arms againIf you could hear me nowSinging somewhere through the lonely nightsDreaming of the arms that held me tightIf you could only hear me now
Fubar Support
Trauma Team Review:
 Achievements, Cheats, FAQs, Forums, News, Nintendo Review Blog, PSP Review Blog, Review, Review Blog, Sales, Screenshots, Trauma Team, User Reviews, Videos, Xbox Review Blog Trauma Team Review: by Chris M. Arnone  The criminal, the superhero, and six different game modes completely reinvent the franchise.   Trauma Center: Second Opinion for the Wii was a sequel that felt more like a port of the successful Nintendo DS game. Trauma Center: New Blood allowed you to bring a friend into the operating theater and also supported widescreen and online leaderboards; a true Wii title. Atlus doesn't rest on their laurels wi
I Dont Care!
I try to make it through my life, in my way, there's you I try to make it through these lies, and that's all I do Just don't deny it, Don't try to fight this ,and deal with it and that's just part of it, If you were dead or still alive I don't care, I don't care Just go and leave this all behind Cause i swear,i don't care I try to make you see my side Always trying to stay in line But your eyes see right through That's all they do I'm getting buried in this place I got no room your in my face don't say anything just go away If you were dead or still alive I don't care, I don't care Just go and leave this all behind Cause i swear i don't care If you were dead or still alive I don't care, I don't care Just and and leave this all behind
Douchebag Diaries
Well I haven't posted in this in awhile so I thought it was time to add one to it!!! The person I am going to add most of you probably know and are maybe even friends with, but I honestly don't care. I DO NOT tolerate people that lie and play people like their emotions don't matter. This person for several days told me how much he loved me and wanted to be with me and how wonderful I am and then turned around and said the same exact things to another girl. Well when I confronted him on it and called him out on all his bullshit lies he decided to block me...LIKE I CARE....I just want the rest of the fu-world especially the girls to be aware of this, so here ya go here's his link   Just thought you all would get a kick out of this like me...sit back and enjoy!! **7/18/2010-Some wackado dickhead that wouldn't leave a friend alone THIS IS WHAT I WROTE HIM o: ANTICHRIST 666 Riverside, CA subject: Back off received: 07/18/2010 0
What You Should Know About Your State.
A Fun Fact for Each State ALABAMA.................. Was the first place to have 9-1-1, started in 1968. ALASKA..................... One out of every 64 people has a pilot's license. ARIZONA................... Is the only state in the continental U.S. that doesn't follow Daylight Savings Time. ARKANSAS................ Has the only active diamond mine in the U.S. CALIFORNIA.............. Its economy is so large that if it were a country, it would rank seventh in the entire world. COLORADO................ In 1976 it became the only state to turn down the Olympics. CONNECTICUT........... The Frisbee was invented here at Yale University. DELAWARE............... Has more scientists and engineers than any other state. FLORIDA................... At 759 square miles, Jacksonville is the U.S. 's largest city. GEORGIA................... It was here, in 1886, that pharmacist John Pemberton made the first vat of Coca-Cola. HAWAII..................... Hawaiians live, on average, five years longer th
What You Should Know About Your State
True Love
the paths we choose in life  are so very different  from each others . i met someone on here  maybe a year ago  or more  we became friend a and eventually  we professed our love to one another . we had  a nice ride  for awhile  and then do to circumstnces  beyond our control  he had to let each other go .  so there we are or should i say  i am with no purpose . i try to survive  and i do  but not with heart ache and pain by others .  being used  and being  in the background  and always getting hurt .  so i decided to contact  the one i new i loved  i hopes that she will talk to me .  not knowing what will happen and  not knowing the path we  would take .  the old saying goes in you love someone  let them go if you find your way back to each other it is true love .  so i waited  and then the moment came  that she answered me .  we talked  about life  and about each other . now i have my molly back in my life  and will never let her go again  under any circumstances.  we found each other
A Nice Bunch
It turns out us fubarers are a nice and pleasant bunch. Of all the votes cast on users in the Online Bar (the people scrolling by at the top of your page) and on the New Hotness homepage only 0.002% are "nexts." Congrats on being the most awesome crew ever! If you want to see the New Hotness homepage your can change your homepage in on the settings page.
Long Day 2.5
We walk towards the look out. I point out the various points of interest "Do you see that string of street lights? That's Dimond, if you follow it far enough, you'll see The Hideaway Club." Years ago when parents first moved here, we stayed at grandmother's in her basement. My parents were drinkers and she wasn't for grandmother was a "saved-again-christian" who watched the PTL Club faithfully. She has plants galore and sleepy air. When sitting in her living room, it made you very relaxed and you ended up sleeping no matter what. Since no alcohol was allowed in her house, they went looking for the nearest bar, which was the Hideaway Club. They walked in and made friends with the bartender/owner. Come closing time they asked my parents if they wanted to stay. The answer was yes, so the owner locked the door and stopped charging and they got politely drunk. That was over 30 years ago and now parents are both gone and so was the original owners. When I got my freak inheritance, I bough
So I was homeschooled. From 5th grade till th end of highschool.So maybe thats why I never got into the whole drama and backstabbing thing?People need to grow up. Ok? lets work on that. OR      So on the other. You're great. I think imma keep you.Under my bed, in my pocket, and with my lady parts. Rawr.   Today was laundry day. So its been a busy day. and shitfuck man, we got tons of rain. which cooled things down a bit, but the humidity is still nasty. and thats all i have to say.     This concludes our broadcast day. Click. 
Linkin Park--numb
I'm tired of being what you want me to beFeeling so faithless, lost under the surfaceI don't know what you're expecting of mePut under the pressure of walking in your shoes(Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow)Every step that I take is another mistake to you(Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow)I've become so numb I can't feel you thereBecome so tired so much more awareI'm becoming this all I want to doIs be more like me and be less like youCan't you see that you're smothering me?Holding too tightly, afraid to lose control?Cause everything that you thought I would beHas fallen apart right in front of you(Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow)Every step that I take is another mistake to you(Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow)And every second I waste is more than I can takeI've become so numb I can't feel you thereBecome so tired so much more awareI'm becoming this all I want to doIs be more like me and be less like youAnd I know I
Wouldn't It Be Nice.....
  WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT TO TURN ON THE TV AND HEAR ANY    U.S. PRESIDENT, DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN, GIVE THE FOLLOWING SPEECH?   ' My Fellow Americans : As you all know, the defeat of the Iraq regime has been completed. Since Congress does not want to spend any more money on this war, our mission in Iraq is complete. This morning I gave the order for a complete removal of all American forces from Iraq . This action will be complete within 30 days. It is now time to begin the reckoning.  Before me, I have two lists. One list contains the names of countries which have stood by our side during the Iraq conflict This list is short . The United Kingdom , Spain ,Bulgaria , Australia , and Poland are some of the countries listed there. The other list contains every one not on the first list. Most of the world's nations are on that list. My press secretary will be distributing copies of both lists later this evening. Let me start by saying that effe
Give Me A Sign
Dead star shine, light up the skyI'm all out of breath, my walls are closing inDays go by, give me a signCome back to the end, the shepherd of the damnedI can feel you falling awayNo longer the lost, no longer the sameAnd I can see you starting to breakI'll keep you alive if you show me the wayForever and ever the scars will remainI'm falling apart, leave me here forever in the darkDaylight dies, blackout the skyDoes anyone care? Is anybody there?Take this life, empty insideI'm already dead, I'll rise to fall againI can feel you falling awayNo longer the lost, no longer the sameAnd I can see you starting to breakI'll keep you alive if you show me the wayForever and ever the scars will remainI'm falling apart, leave me here forever in the darkGod, help me, I've come undoneOut of the light of the sunGod, help me, I've come undoneOut of the light of the sunI can feel you falling awayNo longer the lost, no longer the sameAnd I can see you starting to breakI'll keep you alive if you show me
I Will Not Bow
FallNow the dark begins to riseSave your breath, it's far from overLeave the lost and dead behindNow's your chance to run for coverI don't want to change the worldI just want to leave it colderLight the fuse and burn it upTake the path that leads to nowhereAll is lost againBut I'm not giving inI will not bow, I will not breakI will shove the world awayI will not fall, I will not fadeI will take your breath awayFallWatch the end from dying eyesNow the dark is taking overShow me where forever diesTake the fall and run to heavenAll is lost againBut I'm not giving inI will not bow, I will not breakI will shove the world awayI will not fall, I will not fadeI will take your breath awayAnd I'll survive paranoidI have lost the will to changeAnd I am not proud, cold blooded, fakeI will shove the world awayI will not bow, I will not breakI will shove the world awayI will not fall, I will not fadeI will take your breath awayAnd I'll survive, paranoidI have lost the will to changeAnd I am not prou
So Cold
Crowded streets are cleared away one by oneHollow heroes separate as they runYou're so cold, keep your hand in mineWise men wonder while strong men dieShow me how it ends, it's all rightShow me how defenseless you really areSatisfied and empty insideWell that's alright, let's give this another tryIf you find your family don't you cryIn this land of make believe, dead and dryYou're so cold but you feel aliveLay your hand on me one last timeShow me how it ends, it's all rightShow me how defenseless you really areSatisfied and empty insideWell that's alright, let's give this another tryShow me how it ends, it's all rightShow me how defenseless you really areSatisfied and empty insideWell that's alright, let's give this another tryIt's alright
The Most Disgusting Person I Have Ever Met, Right Here On Fubar. Read This, It's Pathetic!!
hello...i have seen you while i was roaming arround the profiles. you have a sort of submissive appearance to me. and i would like to know if your submissive behaviour is as good as your outer appearance.have you ever thought about serving as submissive, to submit... to follow?you like the idea to be in contact with a strict dominant german, to be guided and lead at times and to show your true nature as submissive female?i am 27... single and as you can see in my profile, i live in germany. i would say that i am a very intriguing person. i like art, music a good wine. i am addicted to the bdsm lifestyle since 9 years. it started a long time ago and that passion never went away. during that time i have had several slavegirls and times i choose an online slavegirl. that is mostly at the begin of a new year. due to my job i am a lot on meetings and not that much at home for the first months of each year. then i am mostly on my own at late daytime or night in germany. during
Monday July 19th
GOAL: 185 BY MY BIRTHDAY OCT 9TH, QUIT SMOKING AND DRINKING COFFEE ON REGULAR BASIS...   WEIGHT: 225 gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks.... :( i'm bloated though so not too discouraged...   LAST SMOKE: right now... but instead of a pack a day i'm a pack every 2-3 days.... slowly but surely lol   LAST COFFEE: 2 weeks ago wo0t finaly someting good in this blog hahaha   my friends say i shouldn't try to diet AND quit ciggerettes and caffiene at the same time but i need a serious life change so i'm taking the challenge..... wish me luck.... apparently i need it! hah!
Fat Bastards Have Shot At Nirvana
The M hotel in Las Vegas is giving away LIFETIME BUFFET.
18 Year Old Gets Botox Before Tv Debut
Look enhancement procedures I thought were for older people who wanted to look younger. But, what is happening is that those who want to look “better” are getting younger and younger. Take this babe Filipino teen singer Charice Pempengco. She’s 18 years-old and his having Botox injections and an anit-aging treatment so she can look better for her TV debut. How much better can you look at 18 years-old? I see lots of young adults at the malls and they don’t look old to me. Maybe I’m missing something because Charice is having treatments to look better. For more   BlastFM gets a musical make over on a daily basis to sound fresh each day. Hit us up 24/7 for your listening pleasure 
Dear God
   Dear God can you tell me,    where did my sissy go,    we were riding our bikes one day    when a car hit her,   the cops said they blew a .20      I miss her so much,    she was my best friend,    my mom and dad keep fighting,   I heard them say their marriage   is gonna end.      I don't know what's going on,    and I don't know why,   sometimes when I'm in my bed   I hear my mommy cry.     I'm really mad right now,   and I'm really sore,   the judge told us today  the driver did this twice before.     When will people learn,   not to drink and drive,   if this person didn't do this   my sissy would still be alive.
Welcome To All
Not sure what to say, so I will tell you a story, well the first part of a story I am writing...let me know if you want to read more???   A Simple Tale   Written By   Rebeca Reagan     Chapter 1. Arrival     Deep green grass and fallen leaves tickled his white fur covered paws, as the long eared creature silently moved amongst the living trees of the ancient forest. His foresters highly honed intuition peeked by the sour scent assailing his delicate nostrils,  eliminating from a pair of unusual young humans making an unexpected arrival in his woods.    However, instead of using any normal form of conveyance, that of horse, wing, or fin. The strangely dressed female, accompanied by her male servant had arrived by way of a most unfamiliar mode of transportation.    The females male servant had rode into his world through a tunnel of swirling rainbow of colored light, born on the back of a snorting metal beast that breathed flame and smoke from its twin nostrils. The two y
*puts on Kevlar vest* Question:   If MEL were a stripper, what kind of bills would you throw on the runway?   ..COME ON!  This is SERIOUS!  
La Times Gets It Right With The Gov. if you dont want to read it all, here are the highlights   The problem is California's unique and unworkable system of governing, an awkward contraption of conflicting parts created mostly by the electorate.  In November, we'll elect another governor who's destined for more frustration and failure without significant systemic change in Sacramento. Change such as allowing state lawmakers to pass a state budget on a simple majority vote, overhauling a broken tax system, controlling runaway special interest initiatives with their ballot box budgeting, requiring a rainy-day budget reserve, easing up on legislative term limits and making local governments and schools less financially dependent on Sacramento Voters already have approved changes aimed at electing more centrist, pragmatic lawmakers willing to compromise. The changes -- snatching legislative redistricting from self-serving lawmakers and creating an open prima
Wut The Fuck!
 i hated when dumb ass people dont appericate everything u have sacrficed for them or be the shoulder to cry on or that support and love that u have given them told em "dont worry bro ill be here when u need me or hey hun i got u everythings gonna be alright i love you" then the fucking cocksuckers turn around and say u havent been there for them well 2 words 4 ya FUCK YOU!!!!!!!
Bad Thing By Jace Everett
Normally, I hate country, but this song mixes a classic rock feel quite nicely with harder country.    "Bad Things" I wanna do bad things with you.When you came in the air went out.And every shadow filled up with doubt.I don't know who you think you are,But before the night is through,I wanna do bad things with you.I'm the kind to sit up in his room.Heart sick an' eyes filled up with blue.I don't know what you've done to me,But I know this much is true:I wanna do bad things with you.When you came in the air went out.And all those shadows there filled up with doubt.I don't know who you think you are,
7 Sex Toys That Are Already In Your Bedroom!!
7     Sex Toys That Are Already In Your Bedroom!!!   1. Cell Phone This gadget is like the Swiss Army knife of undercover sex toys. Put it on vibrate, and it’ll give you and your guy’s hot spots a body-quivering buzz. Or use the video function to record a naughty flick—even though you’ll (wisely) hit delete as soon as the deed is over, just knowing you’re being filmed is a ridiculous turn-on. And if you’ve got an iPhone, use Cosmo’s Sex Position of the Day app for naughty inspiration.   2. Bobby Pins These seemingly innocent hair tools can give some serious pleasure to his ultra-sensitive nipples (and they work on you, too). First, use the pointy end to lightly draw circles around, but not quite touching, his headlights. As the circles get closer and closer to his nips, his anticipation will build, causing them to get really erect. Then take his tingly sensations up a notch and use the bobby pins as mini-nipple clamps—since the area
I like thrillers or crime dramas. I want to veg out tonight as this site just does my head in come 9PM. The mumms are dead and so are the majority of the people., so ......   Give me some ideas on what films to download.   I watched Nine Dead last night and it was more like a comedy, I laughed all the way through and was sad to see the old gay pervert being killed second as he was hilarious.
Wacky Things You Did Not Know About Vibrators!!
1.)  A doctor inventedvibes...for "crazy" women. Yep, the first electrical vibrator(a 40-pound contraption that required two people to operate — not exactly apocket rocket) was used by a British M.D. treating "female hysteria."He used the tool to bring nervous or stressed women to orgasm. Luckily, a fewyears later, take-home versions were created. Source: The Technology of Orgasm:"Hysteria," the Vibrator, and Women's Sexual Satisfaction   2.)  The infamous Rabbit is shaped likean animal for legal reasons. The Rabbit (which Charlotte gotaddicted to on Sex and the City) originated in Japan, where it wasagainst the law to create a sex toy that resembled a penis. Why it's acceptableto make one that looks like a cute animal, we'll never understand. But we'rejust glad the manufacturers didn't let the government hold them back fromcreating this beloved buzzy toy. Source: The Many Joys of SexToys: The Ultimate How-To Handbook for Couples and Singles   3.)  The
Gotta love Clayton for reminding me via USPS about the pet I do not own. I wrote back to thank them and to politely inform them of my status. They'll get it tomorrow. I had to stop and laugh at that one. Considering there are plenty of animal on the loose they should worry about. Who's, I do not know? Not my business to worry unless they are hurt or I know to whom it belongs. Nothing else to to post but the above. Quiet morning and I went out and decided to fix the coat hangers in the back of my car just hanging and laughing at me. This is the third time. Glory to God N  
Coffee, Tea Or Me?
Summer's heating up & what better way to stay cool than to get indoors, crank the AC up and stroke that big hard cock of yours to all my naughty pics & videos.  This weekend you can save $5 and have full access to my site by simply clicking the banner below.  Members that sign up this weekend will also be entered in a draw to win a pair of my panties.  What are ya waiting for?  Sign up before this offer expires on Monday July 19th at Midnight.  
Great Image And Video Hosting Site
Just a quick note about a cool image and video hosting site. It's free and you can make money through google adsense just by uploading your pictures and embedding videos from youtube. I am a member so check out my page and sign up if you want. The more of us that join up and help each other out, the more money we can all make.   CLICK HERE to see my page   Hope to see you all there! =)
Amis Slave Good Idea?
Should a slave have to go out dressed up like a slut with a gay guy as a punishment?
By Myself
  By Myself   I spend my time alone in the dark I long for your touch but not one single spark I lay beside you in our bed By gone times go through my head You're there beside me but I'm still alone You're desire's for me have long since gone The problem with me I wish you'd say Atleast then I could find my way You used to want me, need me too That's no longer enough for you Love me, leave me or tell me to go Either way I need to know There once was a time I was your world Now I feel like a lost little girl Unanswered questions run through my head I'm lying here alone, with you in our bed Just give me the answers I'm looking for That's all I want, nothing more I'll walk away and not look back Leave this place with my pride in tact Walk out the door and be long gone
   You   I think about you all the time It seem's you're all that's on my mind You're always there both night and day We're making love in every way Your kisses, taste, warmth and touch These are the things I want so much On me, beneath me, inside me too I want so bad to make love to you So much desire what can I say? I can only hope you feel the same way Tell me you want me show me you care Wrap me in your arms and take me there Give me the passion you know I need This fire inside only you can feed Unlock these chains you have the key Bring out that woman you want me to be             Wanda A. Jones
  Goodbye   I thought you were different than all the rest You tore my heart right out of my chest With a promise of love and sweet ecstasy You changed your mind about us, about me The time that's slipped by will never return All I can do about it is ache and yearn Our time together was supposed to last Now it seem's it's becoming the past You'll find a day where you miss me so Then suddenly realize why I had to go You once loved me I know it's true You've slowly destroyed mine for you I never wanted it to turn out this way Please understand I just couldn't stay I gave it my all, I really have tried I just can't go on living this lie I've lived my life through numbness and pain I played by your rules but lost just the same There's always a struggle, I slip and I fall Everyday in this world is
Them   Have you ever looked at the stars in the sky? Thought about someone and didn't know why? You catch yourself smiling up into space Thinking of them and their sweet gentle face You shake your head to try and clear your mind It's never that easy as you will find You wonder why you keep thinking of them All the while hoping you're not just a whim You've been down this road, you know where it leads It's not just their wants, it's not just their needs Take a step back and think for a minute This is your world, do you want them in it? I've made my mistakes as we all have done I've taken the path's traveled by none If I bare you my soul and let down my guard
Letting Go
 Letting Go   It's so easy for people to say "just let it go" The hurt that you go through they could never know It's like a part of you is left there back in the past You try to go on and forget but it doesn't last It's like living a nightmare day after day You try to talk about it, no one hears what you say They'll never understand the pain that you feel You carry around the anger and hate inside you still You ask yourself why this had to happen to me The answer to that you could never quite see You hope the day comes you're not tormented so Then it'll finally be true, you are "Letting Go"               Wanda A. Jones   8/96
Special Friends
 Special Friends   I've tried so hard to be the friend you need I can't imagine what it is you want from me You think that I can look inside and find the answers there You keep your heart so tightly locked you're too afraid to care I dream of days with you and I walking hand in hand Taking strolls along the beach barefoot in the sand I look at you so very deep and I can feel your pain Just let me in, I promise you it won't remain Take a chance and open up let me come inside There'll be no fears, no sorrow or grief nothing left to hide So if you're lonely, sad or blue and need someone to hear I'll always be the friend you need to last throughout the years        Wanda A. Jones
Lost Innocence
 Lost Innocence   She's just a kid no more than three, Playing and laughing happy as can be. It all started out with him calling it love, One innocent touch "that's all it was"! He did that for years without any shame, She went through hell taking the blame. For so long he made her life hard, She felt all alone and hid all the scars. She told nobody of her torment and pain, What would it solve, what would it gain? She carries the burden deep in her heart, One little word could tear her apart. She's always whispered "what did I do"? She cries in silence wishing she knew. She has a bad dream and wakes up in tears, He can't hurt her now he's no longer here. Maybe one day she can learn how to live, They'll only take what she's willing to give...                         Wanda A Jones
The Real Facts Of Life
There are a couple basic truths in the universe, for example, jumping out of an airplane without a parachute is hazardous to your health except if you do it while the plane is on the ground.  The sun seems to rise every morning and set every evening.  Most importantly, men are born with a constant run of testosterone and women are born to have total control of the testosterone spigot!  This is a fact of life like gravity.  There is nothing any of us can do about it and it means that the ladies are in charge of the universe.  At least our corner of it here on this planet.  Guys, I am sorry.  We have spent most of the course of human history trying to show how dominant we are.  Yet that soft and beautiful lady over there need only expose a little cleavage and we are reduced to complete blithering idiots within seconds.  Many people do not know that men are given an orientation on these universal truths just before birth.  I am not sure what celestial university does this presentation b
Sigh I Mean A Deep Sigh
What do you do when all you can do is nothing? The feelings that you have are there and not so easy to change. I wish I could change how I feel and make life easier for you because in the end my life would also be just a little easier and my heart wouldn't hutn nearly as bad. I have to put on this brave face everytime I think about you and the fact that I can't really have you. I should be extremely happy with what I have an in the end I guess I am... But why do I keep looking? Is it because at one point I had nothing to look forward to and even though now I do I don't want to be in that situation again. I was alone for so long and it sucked... I mean I have really great friends but that love isn't the same... Ugh.... My intention was never to hurt anyone, so why is it that I do? I mean really... Sigh. Deep sigh
The Charge Of Eris
"I have come to tell you that you are free. Many ages ago, My consciousness left humanity, that they might develop themselves. I return to find this development approaching completion, but hindered by fear and by misunderstanding. You have built for yourselves psychic suits of armor, and clad in them, your vision is restricted, your movements are clumsy and painful, your skin is bruised, and your spirit is broiled in the sun. I am chaos. I am the substance from which your artists and scientists build rhythms. I am the spirit with which your children and clowns laugh in happy anarchy. I am chaos. I am alive, and I tell you that you are free."
Men Are No Longer Gentlemen
Nope, they're not.. However, I am the exception.
Aside from the bitchin and moanin, down to business. Deb is telling me I can't smoke, hates the odor on me and in my house and car. I'm waitin for or else. Other than that it's mid morning and I couldn't tell you exactly what I did for almost four hours. Beautiful day of uncertainty. Glory to God N  
I love you Tim you are my soul mate and best friend for life. I cant wait till we get fu married and someday marrried in real life. I know that Friday is going to be really special for us cause i am going to get tears of joy cause we belong together. You make me smile big and i am not going to loose you cause we belong together. You are the joy that makes me smile the happiness that i look forward to cause when i have a bad day you are ther to cheer me up
&& She Breaks Down
Goin' through the motions And holdin' on to nothin' She's running out of reasons To fight away the breakdown And she breaks down Crying over somethings  And nothing's helping stop the pain She breaks down All alone, the silence kills It echoes.. And she breaks down "You've got yourself," she tells herself "It's not enough," she whispers back And breaks down She smiles into their faces And plays along throughout each day But nights come, bringing breakdowns The tears are stronger than she is And no one's there to fight them back She breaks down She's goin' through the motions And holding on to nothing.. She breaks down  
My Special ListI have a list of folks I know...all written in a book,And every now and then..I go and take a look.That is when I realizethese names... they are a part,not of the book they're written in...but taken from the heart.For each Name stands for someone...who has crossed my path sometime,and in that meeting they have become...the reason and the rhyme.Although it sounds fantastic...for me to make this claim,I really am composed...of each remembered name.Although you're not aware...of any special link,just knowing you, has shaped my life...more than you could think.So please don't think my just a mere routine,your name was not...forgotten in between.For when I send a greeting...that is addressed to you,it is because you're on the list...of folks I'm indebted to.So whether I have known you...for many days or few,in some ways you have a shaping things I do.I am but a total...of many folks I've met,you are a friend I would prefer...never to forget.
My Mom #1
Its been a 1 1/2 years since my mom died infront of me.  I am still not over her death. today when i was in walmart I had to go to the bathroom and when i was washing my hands I swear i saw her behind me in the mirror.  If it was her why didnt she stay there when I turned around. All I want is to be able to tell her that I love her one more time and to get a hug from her. I dont think it is much to ask for but i know it will never happen. I do feel her presents with me alot. I think she is very happy for me in finding my husband since she passed on. I wish she would have meet him. Her ashes sit on my entertainment center and her baby pics are all over my living room. Yet i cant put pics of her as i remember her yet. my mom kept our family together and since she has passed I dont talk to anyone on my moms side of the family. i know some of them blame me for her death. It doesnt bother me most of the time beacuse of all the drama. but to think my grandma has only called me twice since my
~for Friends***guido Zen`
***For my True Friends in this FuNation....thanks for being Real....hope this helps your heart as it has touched mine with experience along the journey.....peace **No Man or Woman is worth your tears, But Once You find One that Is, He or She won't make you Cry... **What a friend is for...when you are lost in Darkness and Searching for the Help you through those Lonely Nights...when everything around you Fails....Just hold our Your Hand...and I will come Running....that is what a Friend is for.... **Be still when You have Nothing to Say....and when Genuine Passion move You...Say what you have to say and Say it HOT **Do Not Ask a Person to be what He or She is Not....Do not ask of a Person what they can not give...Accept who they are, what they give and what you can offer them....expecting only good in return... **People will always talk, games will be played, loves gained and loves lost, hearts broken....but there are no friends or enemies...Only how WE choose to Live
Some Ettiquete
i only bomb on double points days, and my list is generally about 30 minutes long, so you have a good 25+ minutes at the end of my bombing to get some love from me if you just follow these few simple guidelines!   1. HAVE A FOLDER WITH 250 PICS IN IT. it cant be NSFW, since we're not allowed to bomb those. a bomb is basically instant 11s on up to 250 pics, BUT if you have less than 250 you get less points (and so do it). so all you need to do is throw some random junk together and load it in a folder.   1a. oh yeah, when mass uploading, only do about 20 pics at a time, or it fails.   2. MARK YOUR BOMB FOLDER. links in the SB are nice, but sometimes they're broken or i get a message that the pics are currently unavailable for some damn reason. SO, mark a folder with lots of text stuff to be eye catching, such as BOMBBOMBBOMB or >>>>>>BOMB
Uconditional Love
Unconditional  love is  loving & excepting someone for  who  they  are & not  wanting  to  change  them. If  you  wan't  someone  to  change  something  about  there self  then  you   don't  truely  love  them.  Go  find  someone  you don't  want  to  change  anything  about  them  &  someone  that  does  not  want  to  change anything  about  you!!!
Just Time Out And A Lil Disgust..
Yea, it's time out time. Look, there's alot about me that people either just don't know or don't remember. There was a time when believe it or not, I chased rates! So to see myself red again kinda was cool and everyone has been great and it made my Happy Hour so much more fun last night but.. but you see it's already starting to wear on me. I'm -not- the person that spends all kinds of money on here, simply because I can't. Sure it's fun once in a while but real life things are more important. And my close friends and people that have crossed over to real life are as well and I hope they know that. Mind you I even buy my bling on sale ffs when I do! lol. I'm already getting bitched or sniped at for "this person in your family, that person this and that." So three days in I'm officially disgusted. So on the first day of famplifiers I was #9 for the day and didn't even know what the hell it was! How'd that happen you say? Gee, maybe because the people that were running them I was actual
Dont Trust This Person is a scam there not there to help this is the person that scams you
Prince Of E-ville.
(a dead hand?  Where are these people at?)   What ya thinking wearing that skirt?What ya thinking being a flirt?What ya thinking wearing PVC?What ya thinking?What ya thinking?What ya thinking smelling like a dead hand?What ya thinking digging that band?What ya thinking doing your dance?What ya thinking?What ya thinking smokin those cloves?What ya thinking wearin those gloves?What ya thinking using that cane?What ya thinking?What ya thinking?What ya thinking smelling like dirt, bad poetry of pain and hurt?What ya thinking flashing your fangs?What ya thinking?What ya thinking?"Could you be any more Gothic pretentious!""How dare you speak to the Prince of E-ville that way you slllllllut!""Prince if E-ville! You work at fucking Dairy Queen!"What ya thinking?
[the Mails]
I'm planning to spend about ...200 on models.Yeah... from the same bag of fuck that I bought from last time, but ... he does have competitive prices and great bulk discounts.included is the Jonny Ridden Zaku. Which is a PAIN in the ass to get I see this thing appear and disappear on Amazon all the god damn time.     Another version 1 Gouf (which I already own, but this gives me a chance to customize and practice more, for pretty cheap too)   I'm queued for another Kampfer (because ... hey, who can't use 2 bazookas, 2 shotguns, and an all around decent kit?)   The char gelgoog ver 2 for about ... $20 off the normal price     Also, I finished the Gouf version 1 this weekend and finished my Gyan ... this weekend. Oh... ... and I got the last layer of black down on my 1/144 Gouf. He's... ... well... there's definitely limits to what can be done with masking tape. I learned some stuff. he's not done, but he's nearly done. For right now I'm going to use my enhaler, crack
My Owl.
my first random free hand project. an owl, of course.
Kids off to bed and time for me to relax. Was a good weekend. My 5 year old loves swimming lessons, my daughter stayed at her grandparents house all weekend. The baby not feeling to good though. Weather been good and that helps. For me I got class tomorrow and wednesday. Also giving a lecture at work on Wednesday. Going to be tired that day. Many will find this boring and sorry for that. I have been a parent for 10 years and it does become a large part of who you are.
What does it make you do?                   
Sack Lunch
I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat. It was going to be a long flight. 'I'm glad I have a good book to read. Perhaps I will get a short nap,' I thought.Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came down the aisle andfilled all the vacant seats, totally surrounding me. I decided tostart a conversation.'Where are you headed?' I asked the soldier seated nearest to me.'Petawawa. We'll be there for two weeks for special training, and thenwe're being deployed to Afghanistan ..'After flying for about an hour, an announcement was made that sacklunches were available for five dollars. It would be several hoursbefore we reached the east, and I quickly decided a lunch would helppass the time...As I reached for my wallet, I overheard a soldier ask his buddy if heplanned to buy lunch. 'No, that seems like a lot of money for just asack lunch. Probably wouldn't be worth five bucks.. I'll wait till weget to base.'His friend agreed.I
I Am
There's an overpowering bewildering and wholly addicting quality about you.. thoughts of the sedation of your kiss.. the gravity in your smile and the way your wiles intoxicate and permeate me from distances and raise me to heights that make even the very heavens enviousI linger in the sway  of your tone... it resounds with bountiful echos through the hallows of my heart and floods it with a splash of comfort and knowing... and I amfalling with and yet somehow without, you are amazing indeed a treasure and I am blessed in every instance that I am graced with your silk-spun sweetly seductive eloquently romantic prose and like the dew that kisses sweetly the petals in a rose garden in the earliest hour of dawn, my eye glitters and gleams with a purity and contentment of a newborn child.. and I amcomforted at the thought of walking the world with you arm in arm amidst my dreams... in scenes and scenarios that I will retrace with curvy smirks as I stir my morning coffee and sigh that I am.
Why We’re Fond Of Uggs
As is known to all, ugg boots is a style of Australian boot made with sheepskin. Whenever winter comes, many boys and girls are considering buying a pair of warm and comfortable ugg boots. But which one to choose has become a headache thing for them for there are so many styles and brands to choose from. Let’s talk about their advantages and maybe it can help you decide which one to choose. Selecting a pair of boots in fact is not that difficult if you know clearly what you want to get from it and what clothes you want to match. For many of us, maybe nobody wants to give up the warmth or beauty of uggs. As long as you get a pair of genuine ugg boots, you don’t need to worry about the comfy of them because they are made of high quality genuine sheepskin. They are fit for wearing all year round. It’s worth mentioning that no matter what kind of purpose you have, uggs can be a perfect choice among all kinds of boots for fashionable young people.  B2C | B2B2C
So it is true.All good things must come to an end.Not because we want them too.But just because it is fate.It was fate for me to love youAnd never let it show.From the very beginningAs tears streamed down my face,I promised to never love,But did you not see my smile?That smile was realization of an endAn end that could be seen from the very beginning.So this is my apology,For dragging this on for much too long.I knew you could never love me,But yet I was so naive.All I did was hope for fate to change,And that hope will be justified tonight.I am going to ask one last question,A question that displays my heart on a silver platter.Could it be that you will ever love me?If yes, then god has been listening.The path of fate will be turned,And I will take one last breath,To hold on for one last fight.If no, then it is time for me to go.The path of fate has been true,And I will slowly drift away,To a place with the happiness I have been looking for.
I held a crystal in my hand,So perfect and sparklingly clear... With a sweep of a handBroken, shattered into pieces...I held a diamond in my hand,A perfect cut,So beautiful...In an instant, snatched away...I held a rose in my hand,With petals so delicate and fragrance so sweet...Days passed, its petals turned brownOne by one, they fell to the ground...Life is consistently inconsistent, Nothing definite... With a snap of a finger, everything stopsIn a blink of an eye, everything's gone.
Making More Salutes
I am going to be making Salutes for whoever wants them. It will be first come, first serve. Let me know if you want one and what is your favorite color. Leave a comment below with what you want on it. I will try to make them tonight or tomorrow.
Where Are You
You all wanted me to have this By-Pass didn't you? Where are you all, who had so much interest? What did you think, I will continue on this path? It's a dead end! You all got this surgery from me and nothing further will be given to you, but what your Lord has given to you. Read your Bible from cover to cover, otherwise, I'll leave you in the dust. No, I'm not afraid to live, die, surgery, or God. Can't forget good ol Lucifer, can we? Please, all of you, give glory to your god. Glory to God N  
   I have just stated to work on a portait of my grandfather and his siblings. Some of witch were gone befor I was born.. Only ones left are my two uncles out of 7.. plan to give them prints when I finish...I was very closse to my grandfather and am close to his brothers .. I've done many porteaits befor but this one is personal and I feel intimidated by it.. But I havr faith in my abilitys and hope I can pull my head out of my ass to finish this '
Need A Woman
I was wondering if there is any woman out there willing to date me? If yes could you please let me know. I would love to find someone that loves to go on walks.
Growing Up
Growing up...... your best friend becomes your worst enemy.... lollipops turn into cigarettes...the innocent ones turn into sluts... homework goes in the trash... Detention becomes suspension. soda becomes vodka... undies turn into g-strings... kisses turn into sex...remember when gettin high ment swinging on the playground? when protection ment wearin a helment?  when the worst things u could get from boys was cooties?  your worst enemies were ur siblings. race issues were about who ran faster... war was only a card game. the only drug u knew was cough medicine. wearing a skirt didnt make u a slut..the only things that hurt were skinned knees. and good byes only ment til tomm> and to think we all couldnt wait to grow up....
Smash Boobs
You know who's awesome? (Besides YOU of course. ;)) That mandaSMASH lady. She's super fantastically amazingly awesome. :D You should rate her. She might show you some boobs if you do. (I can't guarantee they'll be hers, but still--they're boobs.) So, yeah...rate her HOARS!!  
Biggest Turn-on
What is your biggest turn-on?
Nsfw And Comment Approval On Mumms?
Overkill, dammit!
Tony Bennet Or Frank Sinatra?
Who is the better singer?
Ohio Really Is Dumb
  Back to Google News Ohio to test Chia Pet-like sound wall on highway (AP) – 6 hours ago CLEVELAND — Ohio plans to build a sound barrier made out of soil and plants in the state's first eco-friendly attempt at muffling highway noise. A spokesman for the state transportation department says the 12-foot high wall will be like a Chia Pet: Workers will water bags filled with soil and seeds and watch it grow. The transportation department says the noise wall will be built this fall. It will span 400 feet along a westbound stretch of Interstate 70 near Columbus. Wisconsin tried a similar idea. It built a sound wall made out of plastic forms filled with soil and plants, but removed it in 1996 after part of the barrier collapsed and weeds spread. Information from: The Plain Dealer, Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Related articles Ohio to test Chia Pet-like sound wall on highway The Associated Pre
I Feel Like I'm In Hell!!!!!!
It's soooo freakin' hott here in southern air conditioning is on the fritz... ughhhh..can't waiit till big brother tonite..yay...who is Rachel gonna put on the block????hmmm
V For Vendetta Good evening, London. Allow me first to apologize for this interruption. I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of every day routine- the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition. I enjoy them as much as any bloke. But in the spirit of commemoration, thereby those important events of the past usually associated with someone's death or the end of some awful bloody struggle, a celebration of a nice holiday, I thought we could mark this November the 5th, a day that is sadly no longer remembered, by taking some time out of our daily lives to sit down and have a little chat. There are of course those who do not want us to speak. I suspect even now, orders are being shouted into telephones, and men with guns will soon be on their way. Why? Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of
Fight Club
tyler durden - Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club! Third rule of Fight Club: if someone yells "stop!", goes limp, or taps out, the fight is over. Fourth rule: only two guys to a fight. Fifth rule: one fight at a time, fellas. Sixth rule: the fights are bare knuckle. No shirt, no shoes, no weapons. Seventh rule: fights will go on as long as they have to. And the eighth and final rule: if this is your first time at Fight Club, you have to fight Tyler Durden: [pointing at an emergency instruction manual on a plane] You know why they put oxygen masks on planes? Narrator: So you can breathe. Tyler Durden: Oxygen gets you high. In a catastrophic emergency, you're taking giant panicked breaths. Suddenly you become euphoric, docile. You accept your fate. It's all right here. Emergency water landing - 600 miles an hour. Blank faces, calm as Hindu cows. Narrator: That's, um
I do not want any misunderstanding. I do love animals, but swore, I will never be a keeper of them, due to the action of some concerning my ex wife. You do not have to know what the new pics are or the NEC but it speaks of volumes. From the full diclousure form to this property, some made serious mistakes in judgement. There has been nothing but mistakes in judgement, no matter how well intentioned. Can't forget or forgive Crimes. Nature of these crimes are very serious as to the character of these people. Don't be shy. Speak up and lets dig up the past. All of our past. I have nothing to hide and am willing to have full disclousure, aren't we all? Glory be to God N  
Sex And Oral
MADE YOU LOOK! I was bored and started rating and liking boomerangs, so now im bored stupid! its Sunday...and it feels like a Sunday Its raining and gloomy I need to get laid   as you were  
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Please vote for me daily for a chance to win $ 1 million dollars. Easy to vote on!! ends 9-15 Thanks Cindy
Last Minute Shit
after just hanging around today I went back to my bunk to lay down and wait until 2000 hrs for my next debref I get there and the'r s nobody there!. si I'm thinking okay maybe there late the people who was suppose to pass down information to airman or soliders or marin es who are only at qatar for a few days. the troop commanders only go they pass down the information to there troops. well Im sitting in the place we had to be and nobodys their. like I said previously I thought they were late but nope they wheren't. I was lie okay ohh crap what do I do now? I getting ready to leave and somebody comes and he says " are you her for the troop commander stuff" I said yeah he say " there isn't any today cause the people we have in the transient ents are civilians" im like shit but he says you have a floight leaving at 0600 for balad" I said "how come nobody came to notify me?" then he says lodging was suppose to. you see for military personnel who are just here for R&R or going home or going
Vnv Nation-illusion
Cel To Cel
God plays God to people who evoke his name but we have all in us the answers we blame him for mistakes, sickness, poverty, all that is wrong yet never give him credit for all the life around us If I were God I would rightly be pissed off look at the world, the diversity, the wind the rain the sun we arent thankful for these we figure they are just there as they have been for 6 billion years but God never gets mad he listens to every one of us he always answers but his answer may be no don't be a fool the choices of others inflict our pain and just the fact we are flesh and blood you have to expect the rest God has alot of planning to do he has a whole universe to contend with and if you ever pay attention to anything educational on the internet its proven there are a many universes, many dimensions infinities he deals with so tonight whe
Wrote July 16 2010
High Noon   There is a place called lonliness Where all my snakes dare to treadHidden under floorboards of my youthAnd beneath me in the world of deadBut wherever it is I seem to go Follow aimlessly leashed and bound And hide it well for the sake of othersAnd reveal it when they're not aroundIt takes me to a place called nothingWhere dark is always thick and blackAnd night wont work, the blind can seetress if you pass, no going backThen another place called suicidea land of plenty called in mortem estWhere tickets are given free of chargeFor a train who's tracks I know the bestBut this moment is different than ever beforeThe ice cold shakes my memoryOf promises left and tasks undoneOf scenes long played by you and meMy doubt reveals a mysterious road
Something I Wrote July10-17th
Sandcastle I stand upon a moonlit beachWith the Atlantic ending at my feetNorth east wind whips at my backFor penance and grace I sorely lackI stand with sadness across my facePlaced on Earth this lonely placeThe tide calls deep as it pulls the sandFrom under my feet where I standI'm in its trance but I won't goBut stand my ground with all I knowWhat life throws me I won't denyMakes me flicker wane laugh and cryBut one day soon my sands of timeWill drag me out with evening tideTill all I am is a memoryAn epitath that stands for all to readBut my heart has caught every grain that fallsThru my hourglass yes, I will catch them allAnd transform this life to infinity  With a place, a castle for you and me
I'm Sorry I Can't Tell You What
I'm sorry I can't tell you what I'm sure you'd rather hear,But there's a burden in my heartI can no longer bear. There's an anger I must crossBefore I come to youAnd make my peace with who you are,And try your soul anew. I know I wasn't what you wantedWhen you wanted me,A healthy, happy baby girlYou could raise easily. I was born impaired, and youHave never understoodThat what I am is whole and fairAnd beautiful and good. You were sorry, first for meAnd then for you, and wept,But I would not be me withoutThe fact that I am deaf. I am a gift to celebrateAnd not a cause to grieve.As a child this was whatI needed to believe. I needed but a different roadTo reach the common goal,But you decided there were thingsI couldn't do at all. And rather than accept what lifeHad given in its grace,You looked at what life had withheldAnd turned from its embrace. Ah, Mother! How you injured meBy what you would not own!To love myself I had to leaveAnd make my way alone, And have
Have Not Feeling Well
i'm sorry i have not been on very much just find out my blood purser is high and trying get low it . if u need help or pimpout i can do my best that all i can give u . so please pray for me ty muah big hug fallingangel
Hijack This Blog, Please?
Hijack this blog please?  Feeple is short for fu people!
I'm In An Auction Ends July 23
Bald Pussy Or Hairy Pussy
Well i prefer Bald Pussy cuz i think Hairy Pussy might tend to smell like piss
What The Hell Pt 2
Try These Things To Stay Healthy
As a senior citizen, I do my best to eat well, exercise and take vitamins to keep a healthy lifestyle. With our culture so obsessed with youth, many people do other things to maintain a youthful energetic look. Go through a health food store and you will see lots of things that are good for you. Then there are the so called non traditional stuff you might consider. Check this stuff out BlastFM will keep the energy flowing through your whole body. Click it and enjoy 24/7
Fairy Tales
I guess maybe I was raised up on too many Disney movies. I believe in happily ever after, maybe it's use to believe; I'm not sure at this point in my life. All I've ever wanted was a simple truth; I want the dream, forever with the woman I love and a meger stable life. There are alot of people that think I have more to offer, but what I feel I was ment to offer is already here. My children are what I feel I was put here to create or do, so it's kind of simple for me. At this point all I need to worry about is being happy and creating a stable life for them. But, no matter how hard I try neither of them seem to be achievable for me. I have to wonder, is my search for stability and happiness actually counter productive to creating stability for them. Women come and go, and all that has done has created the womanizer imagine in my childrens minds. My oldest doesn't view anyone I see as anything more than a passing thing. Due to me being poor she doesn't seem to be able to bring herself to
Germans Know How To Party
Germans throw biggest outdoor party ever. " Germany (Reuters) - About three million people turned a busy motorway into one of the biggest open-air festivals in Germany's history on Sunday." Article Link
Not Good Enough
What is it with women that act like you're not good enough but claim there isn't a good man left? Think that may be why? Who knows... Just kinda wondering if ppl constantly search for the impossible, cause a great catch just doesn't seem to cut it. Now me personally, I think I 'm a great catch but not to the female species I guess. But it can go both ways (such as men lookin for a prettier woman or something) but I'm not into dudes, period. I just hate that you look for someone, tell you they're not looking or interested in anyone then a week later plastering every where they love this person they had no interest in all of a sudden. Coincedence? Not likely. Claiming to look for a good person but yet you throw us good people in the crowds of bad people and think we're the same cause we're the same gender. Not cool, and nothing gets solved that way. Couldn't hurt to get to know someone before you start slappin labels on people. I notice how some women say "I want someone that loves
Sunnyday Returns
a sunnyday is a time to playplay without regreta sunny day inst about tommarowdont regretplaying favorites is part of the showits all that we wishits all that we knowits not about tommarowyou think its leavingishbut yes its tommarowtommarow turns sunnydays time to play without frettoday tommarowa sunnday is fo. sho.
Sunnyday Returns
a sunnyday is a time to playplay without regreta sunny day inst about tommarowdont regretplaying favorites is part of the showits all that we wishits all that we knowits not about tommarowyou think its leavingishbut yes its tommarowtommarow turnssunnydays time to play without frettoday tommarowa sunnday is fo. sho.
Good Day, Good Sir
i just like this and wanted to share it     [Switching on and off between Andre "3000" and "Bentley Farnsworth"][Andre]Ahhh, such sweet soundThe Fiddler on the Fuckin' RoofIs that Mr. Bentley Fonzworth?[Bentley Farnsworth]Indeed it is SirGood day, good sirHow do you do? Look fine[Bentley Farnsworth]Fantastically well I am certainly not fine by farBut you could say I'm close to spectacular[Andre]Close to spectacular? How so?[Bentley Farnsworth]Open your eyesSpectacular's right in front of you[Andre]Whatever you say... your spectacular[Bentley Farnsworth]No I'm fantastically well[Andre]Come on man make up your mindA minute ago you said you were fine[Bentley Farnsworth]No I said I'm close to spectacularBut I'm meeting fine in a minute[Andre]Close to spectacular?You said you were fantastically well[Bentley Farnsworth]Exaxtly[Andre]Exactly?? Which one are you?Close to spectacular or Fantastically well?[Bentley Farnsworth]
Expectations ( Part 1)
So I have now been back on Fubar for about a week and am being reminded of the perils of playing on the internet. So far this weekend I have rated I would guess about 3,000 pics 11 and have received 10 pic ratings, one bling and a few drinks in return, one TYVM XXXOOO  and that is about it. I appreciated my first bling very much and I was not expecting that cause I have not been on Fubar long enough to know what to expect half the time. Now I really hate to be critical but it is apparent I need to regroup and calm my expectations here a bit. I am not a noob online and have been on many sites, met some very nice people and some real jerks.  I am certain many have had the same experience as it comes with cyber territory.  I am not the type that is very pushy.  My premise has always been that if your talking or interacting with a lady online you need to remember that you are not in their presence physically and usually someone else is so never take any of it very seriously until you make
Let's Get Nekkid!
Join me for my Serene Sunday show at 8am est .  Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid!  Did you know you could connect from our website?  Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
Angel Of Grace
My AngelAre you There? My Beloved... Where are Thee?Angel... I need you... I have fallenAnd my wings have broken...Are you watching down on me?My Love... My soul is dead without you.These eyes will not stop weeping...I need you... to hold... My darlingAngel of Grace
Females Need Self Respect!
Females should have more respect for themselves. Just because you get on cam naked for a guy does not mean that they like you, or even think that you are sexy! they are thinking that you are the whore that you really are! there is other ways that you can get the positive kind of attention and you can start with having some class.
Up since 6 AM. Morning has arrived for me and waking up. Good Morning! Glory to God N  
Long Day 2.25
"Since we're taking the scenic route. Tell me your life story, Siren." I ask. "Well, it started many moons ago, before telephones had answering machines and mom was having her first child. Dad got drunk the night before and still half lit when she informed him "It's time." Dad replied "Of course it's time. I'm dry woman, where's my beer?" "No, you drunken idiot. My water broke." "Well, let me get Bubba on the phone, he'll come by and fix it." he slurs. My mom smacked him upside the head "No, your baby is on the way and we need to get to the hospital.""Oh Shit!" And he was running around the trailer like a chicken without a head! He couldn't find his shoes and then forgot mom when he took off in the car. Came back sheepishly. They barely made it and I was almost dropped in ER." Enthralled in the story, I ask if that was true. She replies. "No, not really. I was given up for adoption and I don't know who my parents are. But my adopted parents were always loving and supportive of me.
A Photo Blog
So because I can, Im gonna right a little about myself. Just some random things.Things from the past.Read if you like. There will be pictures. Firstly, I miss being close to my younger sister Rachel. We were tighter then you can imagine.But things happen, and people change,and you grow apart.But one of the greatest nights of my life is when Rach and I were pretending to snort pixie sticks, pretending to be Gangster, and listening to BSB.     Fuck we were fabulous. Still are. You wish you could be that gangster.Rachel and I used to get all dressed up just to take pictures together with the webcam.It always was a night of glam, and laughs.And random weird videos that no one would understand but her and I.When we were younger, rach and I would play Barbies all night. till like 3am.She always ended up playing with most of the barbies cause she had the better imagination.Pics of us when we were youngins:     yeah. i looked like an old was for a christmas thing for school,he
LMAO! Some girl (NatalieSparks) asked me for my messenger, and I told her she could have it as long as she wasn't going to ask me to sign up for a cam website - and she blocked me. Oversensitive webcam girl? Yep.   Listen, I have nothing against camgirls, and I would be more than happy to be friends with you (and may even seriously consider dating), but I'm not going to sign up for (and give my CC info to) a webcam site to see you strip - even if you claim it's free with your "access code" - and no amount of begging, pleading, rationalizing, or pouting will make me change my mind. I *might* consider signing up for your site if we're actually dating (or even just good friends) and have been for quite some time (days won't cut it - weeks might.) So please, if you happen to be a camgirl, don't be repelled by all this. I'm here to meet new friends, online or off, and who knows, maybe meet a potential GF, and camgirls are no different than any other girl. Just, please, seriously. Do
$#!tty Bitch
you left me for a fat toothless old man that mat's embarrassed to call dad.but now i'm blowin up and your missin what you could have bad bitch it's over respect, no love and your cryin as I take a bow.yu mad your bed with the fat old saggy balls now lay in it.and every time I bang a different girl I hope you feel like $#!t. you got a diabetic I gotta line of honeys.I got girls buyin tickets just to give me left me so what but the kids miss you.And my toungs bleedin from biting on it not to dis you.Quintins to young to understand but maryjane is can see it in her eyes she has a broken heart.but the kids are strong and she trys not to show it.I dont knowwhat to tell her and It makes m feel like $#!t.go head and snort the pills with yor giant nose.what comes around goes around thats just the way it goes.It's a smal world I know we'll see you soon.I just hope she dont catch you with a burnt spoon.white powder in your mustache is gonna get you caguht.yuor
Moses Old.
Have you ever been invited out by your friends and when you get there.  Random Girl.  Your friends have decided to ninja fix you up.  Now, I don't drink, I don't have an issue with it, it doesn't bother me.  I actually like seeing the changes in people between drinks.  It's amusing.  But this girl is drunk.  I don't mean healthy buzz, talkative drunk.  I mean can't string four coherent sentences together drunk.  She can't NOT talk about herself for more than a few slurred words.  As  a side question..... Why is it, every girl under a certain age at the bar is snapping a hundred pictures of themselves, screaming like they're on vacation?  These girls aren't visiting from another country.  They probably live in the neighborhood and sit in there 6 nights a week.  Calm the fuck down and gain some perspective.  So I'm sitting here with this self centered narcissistic, black hole of a human being when the band starts.  Of course, depressing indie college rock bullshit.  Lovely.  Out of polit
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Thought Of Night
                                Night What is it about the night that makes us mad? The stars shine, black velvet is the sky, and the moon glows bright. There are creatures that roam, and others that hunt in the dark, prey and predators. Yet we hold our loves hand, and look into their eyes, and feel love. We tell ghost stories and say endearments to one another, all actions done at night. As for me, my thoughts are of you and when will we able to hold each other again, and walk by moonbeam filled autumn pools, to see your hair shine and eyes sparkle. At night when other sleep, I think of you and DREAM.
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Sophie's New Blog..
hey bored and alone!.im here in Canada right now for some me at yahoo or msn if u love online there right now and im sure u will love to chat with me there..i will just leave my id and if anyone are interested u can try to add me and try to drop me a message ok?.  sophiamadisonsmith at yahoo dot com and i have also msn..sophiamadisonsmith at hotmail dot com ..lets get to know each other ok?.by the way im sophia but u can call me sophie..take care..hugs and kisses to all of you.. -_-
I Am Indeed The True Anti-christ: Introducing The Chronicles Of Satans Son
Breaking Inside
I caught a chill and it's still frozen on my skin I think about why I'm alone, by myself No one else to explain how far do I go? No one knows If the end is so much better, why don't we just live forever? Don't tell me I'm the last one in line Don't tell me I'm too late this time I don't want to live To waste another day Underneath the shadow of mistakes I made Cause I feel like I'm breaking inside I don't want to fall and say I lost it all 'Cause baby there's a part of me to hit the wall Leaving pieces of me behind And I feel like I'm breaking inside Out here, nothings clear Except the moment I decided to move on and I ignited Disappear into the fear You know there ain't no comin' back When you're still carrying the past You can't erase, separate Cigarette in my hand, Hope you all understand I won't be the last one in line I finally figured out what's mine I don't want to live To waste another day Underneath the shadow of mistakes I made 'Cause I feel
Whisper in the yard and turn the trees all into toys Lay there on the ground, and turn the dirt into your joy From what I see and what I know, it's all been boring lately So I suggest we trade a question mark in for a maybe Time your riddles right, and make a point that has no sense Make sure that you're smiling, and the money's been well spent Innocence and ignorance, it all goes hand in hand I'm not sure that I'm right, but I hope you'll understand I hope that you're still searching for the start that has no end And all the plastic people have now become your friends Before you start to drift and your soul begins to scream I just wanted to tell you that you're listening to a dream
Let go of the misery And retrace all the steps where youve been And forget all the history and start over again For as you can see it's all on me I can't erase it because it's with me every day The strangest feeling that never goes away Now I have to face it because I can't walk away And every I go until I break Let go of all confusion And forget the hate in their eyes And convince yourself it's illusion Find a reason to survive For as you can see it's all on me I cant erase it because it's with me every day The strangest feeling that never goes away Now I have to face it because I cant walk away And every I go until I break So maybe I cant be you But I choose not to be And maybe I dont need you to show me how to see But what if the sky fell and time slipped away If there are my last words then heres what I say! I cant erase it because its with me every day The strangest feeling that never goes away I cant erase it because its with me every day The strangest feeling th
No More Love
It's cold outside I'm sensing fear My self control has disappeared I'm spinning out at each end Could you be kind and let me in Despite the writing on the wall My future's bleak and rather small That's all you could ever take from me I've got nothing to lose so let me be Well I sized you up your not that strong You're weak inside I knew all along This made up army you fight in your head Destroyed your worth and pronounced you dead There's no more love There's no more love There' no more love for me and you No more love There's no more love There' no more love for me and you The cruelest joke that has played on me Is all planned out so I can't leave Now quietly I will walk away There is no bad blood but I can't stay There is no more love because there is no more love
For Those Of You
For those of you not on my facebook, check out my new kitteh!! His name is Colada! :)    
My Very Own "pursuit Of Happiness"
Well, I finally got around to seeing Will Smith's movie "The Pursuit of Happiness" tonight. If you haven't checked it out, it's excellent... although somewhat anti-climatic after seeing the real life Chris Gardner on multiple talk shows talking at length about his rather amazing story.It also occured to me how being unemployed can completely mess with your brain. During the course of the movie, I kept bouncing back and forth between "inspired" and "freaked the fuck out". During the scene where he and his son are sleeping in a homeless shelter, I started thinking "Wow... what if I never had a job??" What would I do if I had to live this guy's life?? What if one day, I had zero income, I depleted my savings account... and had to sleep in a subway bathroom with my five year old black son with an afro??"Then of course I realized that I don't have a five year old black son... at least not one that I know about. Then I started thinking "But What if one day I was on the Maurey Povich show...
What The Hell!?!?!?!?!?
The Crow And The Butterfly
I painted your room at Midnight, so I'd know Yesterday was over I put all your books On the top shelf, Even the one with The four leaf clover Man, I'm getting older I took all your pictures Off the wall and wrapped Them in a news paper blanket I haven't slept in what seems Like a century, and now I can Barely breath Just like a crow chasing the butterfly dandelions lost in the summer sky When you and I were getting High as outter space, I never Thought you'd slip away I guess I was just a little too late You're words still serenade me, You're lullibies won't let me sleep I've never heard such a haunting Melody. Oh, it's killing me You know I can barely breathe Just like a crow chasing the butterfly dandelions lost in the summer sky When you and I were getting High as outter space, I never Thought you'd slip away I guess I was just a little too late Just like a crow chasing the butterfly dandelions lost in the summer sky When you and I were getting High as outter space, I never Th
Undo It
I should have known by the way you passed my by There was something in your eyes and it wasn't right I should have walked, but I never had the chance Everything got out of hand, and I let it slide Now I only have myself to blame For falling for your stupid games I wish my life could be the way it was before I saw your face You stole my happy You made my cry Took the lonely and took me for a ride And I wanna undo it You had my heart, now I want it back I'm starting to see everything you lack Boy, you blew it You put me through it I wanna undo it Now your photos don't have a picture frame And I never say your name, and I never will And all your things, well I threw 'em in the trash And I'm not even sad Now you only have yourself to blame For playing all those stupid games You're always gonna be the same Oh no, you'll never change You stole my happy
Glad That No One Reads This :)
This call for solidarity with people who may have been locked out for blasted good reason (who knows? You're not telling us their story or anyone else's!) is giving me a headache. And I'm prone to headaches anyway. I usually like solidarity and favor it. But somehow I don't see this bringing the site crashing to a halt (taking on similar numbers, or dropping your own name and taking on your number, in solidarity with Miss Pink, or whatever - it's all a very confused, disorganized effort- which doesn't help either) - as making it all more confusing for newcomers, and all, all very self-absorbed. Labor organizers of an earlier day would have called it all very bourgeouis, I think, and I can see why ;) I just think it's foolish.  We also work enough during the week without wanting to put in extra work figuring out who's who, just to support some people we do not know in the name of a principle (solidarity) which only some of us support anymore, and without even taking the time to put fo
14 Rules Of Life
1) Don’t worry about what people think; they don’t do it very often.2) Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car.3) If you must choose between 2 evils, pick the 1 you’ve never tried before.4) A conscience is what hurts when all of your other parts feel so good.5) Men are from earth and women are from earth. Deal with it!6) No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes.7) There is always 1 more imbecile than you counted on.8) Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.9) Someone who thinks logically provides nice contrast to the real world.10) It ain’t the jeans that make your butt look fat.11) There is a very fine line between being on MySpace and mental illness.12) People who want to share their religious views with you, almost never want you to share yours with them.13) You should not confuse your career with your life.14) The 1 thing
Need To Rant
Okay, I need to rant..I was just watching the news, and I caught part of a report on MichaelJackson .  As we all know, Jackson died the other day.  He was anentertainer who performed for decades.  He made millions, he spentmillions, and he did a lot of things that make him a villian to manypeople.  I understand that his death would affect a lot of people, andI respect those people who mourn his death, but that isn't the pointof my rant.Why is it that when ONE man dies, the whole of America loses theirminds with grief.  When a man dies whose only contribution to thecountry was to ENTERTAIN people, the Amercian people find the need toflock to a memorial in Hollywood , and even Congress sees the need tohold a "moment of silence" for his passing?Am I missing something here?  ONE man dies, and all of a sudden he's afreaking martyr because he entertained us for a few decades?  Whatabout all those SOLDIERS who have died to give us freedom?  All thoseSoldiers who, knowing that th
Ever Wonder What Hurts The Most
Have you ever wondered which hurts the most?Saying something and wishing you hadn't? or Saying nothing and wishing you had?I guess the most important things are the hardest things to say. Don'tbe afraid to tell someone you love them.If you do, they might break your heart...if you don't, you might breaktheirs.Your heart decides whom it likes and whom it doesn't.You can't tell your heart what to do. It does it on its own........whenyou least suspect it, or even when you don't want it to.Have you ever wanted to love someone with everything you had, but thatother person was too afraid to let you?Too many of us stay walled up because we are too afraid to care toomuch...for fear that the other person does not care as much, or even atall.Have you ever denied your feelings for someone because your fear ofrejection was too hard to handle?We tell lies when we are afraid... afraid of what wedon't know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will befound out about us.But e
What Is A Hero
Never did I ever think of the definition of a hero.Is a hero someone who defends the innocent who can't defend themselves?Does a hero need's to be arcane? Is a hero someone who thinks of others first?Is a hero someone who faces dangers in times of peril despite all the odds? Is a hero someone who goes that little extra mile against all odds to make the world a better place?Are heroes seen as heroes because they are intellectual, strong, fast, braves' danger or because they are arcane? No, a hero is someone who is hopeful in times when seen as all hope is gone, although hope may be frail it's hard to kill.A hero is someone who is compassionate to others needs and difficulties, someone who is loyal in what they are doing but with wisdom.Show me a person with the attributes of being merciful, compassionate, loyal, sincere and wise and I will not only show you a hero but a Legend.A hero thinks of others before they think of themselvesA hero will die to protectA hero can be of
Life Moves On
Life moves on i know...relashionships change...there are breakups, there are feelings broke and yet we still live...god gave us feelings and emotions and yet some of those cant hurt worse than something pounding on you phisically...some breakups might make you think you will never find anyone like them...but i am here to tell you that if a a guy wants to break up with or mis treats you than they dont know what they have...and you can find someone that treats you like you need to you are there one and only..this is from a guy..might think that is wierd..but there are guys out there that actually care for someones feelings and would love to cherish every mommet that they are with the girl taht they care most about...some ppl think a girl is just someone to be with and treat them that same way... they give ppl like me a bad name... but there are ppl that will love and care for you....
Often Plays A
I look at the world and sometimes I loose all faith and belief in anything. My perception is distorted because emotions often plays a role. My emotions can be based on half truth or no truth when I should just sit back and consider, my mouth is flying open. Truly, as The Lord said it. It is not what goes into us that defiles us but it is what comes out of our Heart through our mouth. How many times I opened my mouth and said things only to regret what I said. Time and Space cannot be rolled back for any of us to correct our mistakes but only to realize it and try our best to live with what has come about. These did not come about by choice just as we did not say or do so much by choice but coerced or boxed into make that decision. Glory to God N  
My summer has been full of changes. None was a surprise to me. I hope your summer is better than mine. I hope all that has been and will be affected by the sib in the Gulf of Mexico makes out all right. To go beyond out Great Nation I cannot but hope God be with out Troops whereever they maybe. Countries torn by war, nature, inhumanity of us may God have Mercy! Mercy Lord Glory to God N  
Hey it's been one of those weeks were no matter how hard yoou try you just can't seem to break ahead. I have been trying to find steady work for eight months but nothinig is out thier. Trying to make a living as a free lance artist sucks.. No ine thinks about the time and effort put into making their piece, and like just anyone can do this.. I'd love to see some one pick up a brush and see what comes out.. just sick and tiered of main stream america thinking any one can be an artist.. it's not easy takes years of practice and finding out your own style and you will never stop learning no matter how good you get.. Sorry for the random rant but hell I feel a little better
Bbw *ugh* (re-post)
Over the years I have heard all the names and been left out of all sorts of things due to the size of my clothes, but lately I have really been thinking about a term use on the internet that I believe is overly used. BBW, big beautiful woman.There are many different people in this world of all different shapes, sizes, and colors, and just because you are of one of them does not mean you are more beautiful then the person you stand next to. So why is it that because you are a big, plus size, woman you are automatically beautiful? This I do not understand, but I am sure someone out there in the world is someone who does understand it, because the term has came to be and very popular at that.I, personally really dis like the term. I don't think people should drawl attention to themselves by putting labels on themselves and/or others. Yes I am a bigger woman, yes I shop at plus size stores, but I don't want to be called BBW. If a man (or woman) tells me at the get go th
Dream 1
It started the same way any other Friday night would, I thought, as I walked into the same club I had been to what seemed like a thousand times before.  I made my way to the bar, zigzagging through clouds of smoke and waves of endless chatter.  I arrive at my usual spot and take my seat as the bartender nods his normal greeting.  Issuing back nothing more than a nod, he starts mixing my drink.  What seems like hours go by before I notice her staring at me from across the bar.  She's with two guys, but it's obvious that their attempts at seducing her are falling on deaf ears.  Her gaze is focused on just one thing and the two would be suitors realize they are vying for the attention of someone that don't realize they exist.  She is wearing a short black dress that isn't old fashioned yet still leaves a little to the imagination.  Her legs were long, and her thigh high boots barely made a sound as she seemed to glide on air walking to me.  I pretended not to notice her standing beside me
Team Fuct
TEAM F.u.c.T. It's A thick blanket of nothingness. Nowhere to go and nowhere to turn! It's us versus the world! Fighting for what we've earned! Spin that chamber, live it up to the fullest. Insert the gun into your mouth, inhale every last bullet! All of Fu's little trills.. all of Fu's little gaines. Let down by disappointment, ignited by the pains. Our relationships are pill form. Our poison of choice is apathy Our lifestyles our anything but the norm. Fuck it! We're fresh out of sympathy. Affection please? Just a little for the pains? Guess not, suppose we're all just out of luck! Our minds grow darker, we're going insane! the rest of you are all just Fuct! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls step right up and let me embrace you with an amazing tale! In a distant online paradise there awaiting an amazing browsing grounds known only as Fubar. This land has seen many changes in its time, but only continued to grow! People of all genders, ages and races flocked this evergrowing websit
Why Did Lorena Cut Off His Penis?
Lorena Bobbitt who, when questioned by police as to why she cut off her husband’s penis, responded, “He always has an orgasm and doesn’t wait for me. It’s unfair.” Let be a lesson to you dude. Make sure you help your honey get an orgasm. Ian Kerner, sex and relationships counselor, has some suggestion about how to please your babe sexually. And guess what? It’s all about that “little man in a boat” as I’ve heard it called. The clitoris is the key to a sexually happy woman. Want to know how you can get more and more from your honey dude? Then read what Ian says,2933,596775,00.html BlastFm is the fun place you are looking for and just now found it. Hit us up 24/7 @
Read Up
In the beginning, which was close to the start, there wasn't anything except God, darkness and some gas. The Bible says, "The Lord, thy God, is one," but I think He has to be much older than that. Anyway, God made the world and then He said, "Give me some light," and somebody gave it to Him. He split an atom and made Eve. Adam and Eve didn't wear any clothes, but they weren't embarrassed because God hadn't invented mirrors, yet. Adam and Eve sinned by eating one bad apple and they were driven out of the Garden of Eden. I'm not sure what God drove them in because He hadn't invented cars, either. Adam and Eve's son, Cain, hated his brother as long as he was Abel. After a while, all of the first people died, except Methuselah, who lived to be, like, a million years old.
The Not-so-fake-fake & The Number 1,061....
Hey everyone and welcome to yet another fun filled action packed blog about the exciting things that happen around here. Ahh yes. But first, about that number 1,061.... See I'm good with dates and after some research last night very, very late, I found the date that there was a last male red Top 10 lifetime member, which was 1,061 days ago, guess who? lol. But congrats to Fu Daddy on finally making it there. Needless to say it's a rare accomplishment indeed... Now on to what ya'll probably came here for in the first place. It's been well versed in these blogs about the fake and stuff that goes on around here. It's a whole entity of issues all in and of itself there, but what happens when the person isn't "fake" persay, but actually real, but well, really isn't. Maybe? Such is the case here... See this pretty 19 yr old girl's salute?... It's not fake! It might actually be the real chick. But see there's a catch here. Well, other than the creepy fact it looks lik
It trickled down with sadness. Tear stained forgoteness. All that was left was emptiness. Screaming please ! Please! Don't forget me! Then you came.... Crept up like fire under my skin. Peeling back my bitterness. Burning up my soul like acid eating paper. I loved it. I craved it. GIVE ME MORE! I would kill to be in your arms... I would die to have your lips on mine... The blinding salvation of deaths' sweet call, only if will have me first. Take me completely. Forever yours...  
I Can't Be Daddy
Mommy, I wanna go home.. This is our home now, Baby Mommy, where's Daddy?? He's in Colorado, Baby. With Grams.. Mommy, I wanna go with Grams We can't right now, Baby.. It's too far away Mommy?? Yes, Baby?? Can we go soon?? Yes, Baby, we can go soon Mommy?? Yes, Baby?? When is Daddy coming?? He's not, Baby. Daddy's staying with Grams.  He is?? Yes, Baby.. But he loves you very much Daddy loves me?? Yes, Baby. Daddy loves you with all his heart. He loves you so much.. I love Daddy I know, Baby Mommy?? Yes, Baby?? I want Daddy.. I know Baby, I'm right here ok?? Mommy?? Yes, Baby?? I don't want you.. I want Daddy   I can't be Daddy.. && the worst part is... Neither could you   I watch my son's heart break && you aren't there to mend it. I see my son cry && you aren't there to wipe his tears. I feel my son, afraid && you aren't there to tell him, "It's ok." I watch my son grow && you aren't there to appreciate it. I see my son missing his daddy, && you are
Lost Soul
chorus these tears i cry are for a lost soul.... one that everyone sees but know body knows.... he feels so empty feels so cold... he just wants to be found and to be exposed....the razor meets the skin... blood begins to pour... a secret of life... and how it is no more.... with all the things on earth.... the tears still seem to fall... its a never ending cycle... he just wants to be warm.....chorus. these tears i cry are for a lost soul.... one that everyone sees but knowone knows....he feels so empty he feels so cold... he just wants to be found and to be exposed....all these thoughts running throu his head.... how woiuld it be if i was dead... BANG BANG... and now he knows... no body hears it... no body knows.... his cry for help is now long gone... chorus. these tears i cry are for a lost soul.... one that everyone sees but knowone knows....he feels so empty he feels so cold... he just wants to be found and to be David Scott Fentress
Ill Be There
I'll be there as your friend Holding you until the end I'll be there until the end By your side I will always stand Holding out that helping hand When you think your alone I'll be there to direct you home At 2 A.M. when your tears fall Ill be there to get your call Whatever the road your life goes on I'll be there to help you along I'll be there to wipe your tears I'll be there to fight away all your fears I'll be there through thick and thin I'll be there when you don't win I'll be there for years on in I'll be there for my favorite friend
Let Go
sometimes it seems like i can never make it then i realize im a young man and i gotta take it but understand that things wont happend like they use to cause sunny days and stormy nights bring something new and even though i get mad and fed up and though i cry alot of tears and let out sighs i got people who count on me and now i realize im taking life to the face and need to let of the throttle plus my babys really needs me so imma live happily the rest of my days and will make it to heaven well i can only pray
Street lights on the walls, Cold seeping through the cracks in this house, They say joy comes with those you love and hold close, Then why does my world seem to be filled with so much pain, No distance seems to take me far enough, Away to a world where memories fade....~Darkness is my best friend, hiding my falling tears, pills making me numb to the physical world, smoking to see the brightness and its affects curling, no way for others to see my fears, all this in hopes to see a sooner end... The trains heard on a distant track, Some oldies song playing down the block, Trying to find hidden meaning in all my bad luck, Wondering why i remain silent when screams lay on my tongue, When the want to disappear is strong....~Darkness is my best friend, hiding my falling tears, pills making me numb to the physical world, smoking to see the brightness and its affects curling, no way for others to see my fears, all this in hopes to see a sooner end...Listen to the lies of daily life say things
1 Rate & Raffle
RATE 1 CONTEST PIC AND BE ENTERED INTO A RAFFLE THE FOLLOWING IS FROM KAYLA'S BLOG LATEST NEWS:I am in a contest, "Summertime Bikini Contest."   The one with the most rates wins.  Please click on the photo below and rate it for me please?  If you rate the pic, leave a comment on it, and PM me that you rated it, Please title the message as "RATED CONTEST PIC 4 RAFFLE ENTRY", I will be raffling off your choice of a 2 day family add OR 1 Pimpout and  will be drawing from those that rated the pic for me. (You must have a Fubar approved Salute to be added to my family.)  Be sure to send the Private Message/email if you want to be entered in the raffle, as I will be going from my PM's only.If you refer other people to rate my contest pic, and comment on the Contest Photo that you referred them- Person who sends the most referrals will be added to my family for 5 days OR win an altruize (my points for 12 hours while I am running a Boomy). (You still must have a Fubar approved Salute to b
hey my name is megan im 19 years old and im a lesbian i like the butches and fems
MARRIAGEWhen I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I've got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes.Suddenly I didn't know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the topic calmly.She didn't seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why?I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn't talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn't love her anymore. I just pitied her!With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company.She glanced at it and then tore it into pieces. The woman who had spent ten years of her life with
What Am I Doing !
I have no idea what im doing on here, anyone care to help me out and tell me what im supposed to do :P
Facts Of Life
Women are most attracted to the men who are most likely to knock them up and walk away. Size matters because women make it matter. Women are just as much dogs as men are.    There, I've said it.
I tried to sleep earlier but couldn't ... I think i'm too tired and hungover.   Anyway, when I got up I noticed that my foot is a really weird shape. It is actually nearly 1/2 inch wider than the other. It isn't so much swollen but spread out further. The space inbetween my last two toes is wider than the other foot. And it is a different colour, I initially put this down to fact that it had been in a cast for several weeks ... but it actually looks like lack of circulation. It looks like it belongs on a platypus ...       Roll on Wednesday!!!
What You Need To Make You Happy
You don't always need someone else to make you happy, sometimes just not having someone that makes you miserable is enough.
Web Solutions
NEVGI offers affordable Web Solutions for your small business.  A website is a very important business tool that serves a purpose for you and your clients.NEVGI works with each client to create a website geared for you and attract clients.  Our goal is to see your business grow!
Have U Ever Felt Like This?
lol i know sorry im a nerd i still love olds skool brit haha
At 6
I was up at 6 and now I'm a little tired. Nothing much to post here except that I lead a boring life. I did have a By-Pass but as I see it I will go no further. Glory to God N  
Get Nekkid Today!
Join me for my Saturday morning show at 8am est.  Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid!    Did you know you could connect from our website?  Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
Ice Cream
Summer Time Auction
I Guess ...
..... i'm officially a FU_Whore!!!   My fingertips are numb from polishing and I think I may have carpal tunnel syndrome :(
I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve
I wear my heart on my sleeve , and you can see in my eyes, i'm not a pretender or faker . I'm real .. My hearts been broken just like yours , the scars are stil there to see some of you might think you know me , but that takes a while .. im a lil bit complicated .. after all im woman, and a scorpio ..   There are some good people on here , and there are some bad .. but i don't waste my time getting upset about it .. its like that anywhere you go , its just fun to meet people from all walks of life and cultures..   I love people .. im kind most of time , until im disrespected and then i cut you off .. when i give  a couple of chances.. but after that its the door . Lifes to short to waste time .. ive done eough of that already .. I'm not from here .. but  i live here now .. and i try to make the best of it . I have a daughter but you won't see her pics up here, theres too may sickos out there . she smart and kind like me and i taught her to read before she went
While going in for a normal check up with my chemo docotor they had found something which was located in the same area as my cancer was the last time, they sent me in to have an MRI done and I won't know nothing till the 22nd to see if it's a reacurrence of my cancer. I'm not ready for this however know what needs to be done, although it's hard trying to keep myself together because the last time I lost my damn mind. Hopefully everything comes back o.k. and I will not have to go through this again.
Creating Photo Album
From the menu click on My than click on PhotosIf you look to the left you will see a Default folder.When you add photos they will go into the Default folder.If you want to create albums and store your photos in there, from the Photos page look to the left and you will see a Create New Album section.In the text box type in the name of your new photo album than click on Create Album. After you create your new album you will be redirected to your new Album page and from there you can add photos.Anytime you want to add photos to a particular album just click on the Album.
Responding To Chats In My Chat
When someone sends you a chat in your My Chat box it will appear at the top of your page.This chat box allows you to communicate instantly between users and allows multi user chatting.To respond to a chat click the reply icon/link beside the message As soon as you click the reply icon/link you will see a text box which is where you will type in your message to respond to that user.
They Aren't Meant To Come True Definitely Not For People Like Me And You They Will Usually Just Pass Us By Making Us Wish, Hope, And Wonder why We Keep On Thinking Every Single day That Something, Someone Special Will Come Our Way We Sometimes Don't Even See The Sign When It's Finally Our Space And Time Those Dreams That We have Always Thought Of Are Waiting For us, Not far Away, But.....   In the Eyes, Heart, And Soul of Another Dreamer
Long Day 2.0
"Just starting?  Did you have an official ceremony with Oompa Loompas cutting the ribbon? Or did they just turn the "Open" sign on?""Actually, I had a small ceremony. I got a Johnny Depp crush so naturally I designed the opening sequence complete with dolls, fireworks & theme song. It was smashing, I got standing ovation." she said excitingly. "Oh, complete with dolls set on fire and melting? I'm duly impressed." which wasn't a lie. "Eh. it was 2nd hand store dolls & it was the soundtrack from the movie and I use propane torch to melt the dolls & used the fire extinguisher. The set was in my office and I was the only audience, quite anti-climatic. But I still got that standing ovation. My palms were sore for half the day." she beamed. Is there no end to this woman? "So, this crush on Johnny, is he the reason why you got into chocolate? I mean, don't tell me you're going to try to drown a boy in chocolate syrup trying to boost sales.""Oh, nothing of the sort. I do have a liquid chocolat
Do You Feel This Way ???
do you ever feel like nobody wants you around ? just want someone to love you the way you are ? i do everyday...
I Woke Up Naked!
I woke up naked!   My mouth is as dry as a nun's fanny! (I can only presume this)   I can't find my lighter so i've had to light my fag using the stove and I singed my bloody fringe.   I feel like ... well, nothing. I think the Jager has anaesthetised my whole body.   I blame Weirick for all of this!!!
Chapeter One Of "on Talons Of Silver"
It was a brisk morning and pilots briefing had just completed. The Talons were as usual at the top of the briefing with accolades of their last mission, and the news that they will not have any time off to relax after another Rebel faction started terrorizing the sector once again. The low grumbles filled the room after the disheartening news came to the squadrons of the 31st space fighter wing.   For three years The Talons have been instrumental in keeping the peace in the Seti Sector of the Galaxy. This Sector is the farthest from the “civilized” Central Core of the galaxy and is prone to terrorism and acts of extreme rebellious activities, but the largest problem growing is a growing militia with outside the galaxy influence. For this reason alone, the 8th fleet has been permanently based in this sector. Morale has been low for every squadron and wing due to the heightened activity within the sector. Six months of either being on high alert or engaging insurgent factio
Expat's Link
Expat Spanish News Marbella Malaga Almeria  
Old Spice Guy Ads Grab The Top 5 Spots On You Tube!
internet meme in the making here. anyone smell like my grandpa? does old spice still get the ladies? YOULUBE LINK HERE
Skinz 4 Your Albums
Today i started to work on a couple skins for my albums and thought i would share them.They're nothing too fancy or anything but they're there to RIP anyways.Here's a sample of what one looks like, they're all the same just different color scheme.The other colors are Blue Pink Check Them Out P.S Yes this is marked NSFW cause my pic with me dishing the bird  
Girls Blowin Up Dudes And Some Kind Of Gem In The Rough...
Well it sure has been an interesting week to say the least around here hasn't it? But anyways, I know I'm behind and I know there's alot goin on so with that in mind I'll just skip right to it... Sometimes when people get lit up or hurt, they act out, say things to people, etc..alot of it can be dismissed as simple he said she said stuff. But like I always say to people in these situations, please provide some kind of proof. It can be done a variety of ways. Personally, I prefer the on-fu-site screenshot as best. Copy and paste conversations from the message box really don't constitute a whole lot since they can be totally altered. Screenshotting or forwarding is the best method for integrity purposes of your "proof." Well, with that in mind let's take a look at this young ladie's method of proof, different but well, effective nonetheless...some of you might actually know the dude in question as well. Don't know about all that, what I'm hearing I don't like personally, but you all
Want To Own Me?
Do you want to own me? If so click the pic below and place your bid. Show me the love!!   LIL MISS SOUTHERNBELLE
ok so my life has sucked pretty hardcore for the past 23 years that was untill i found something. something so specular something i thought could never be found. the kind of thing that could last a lifetime. the greatest thing in the world. i hope you all find it someday. everyone deserves to be as happy as i am now, and forever will be. thanx to you my very special someone this is for you.
undercast\ UHN-der-kast \ noun;  1. Something viewed from above through another medium, as of clouds viewed from an airplane.  2. Mining.  A crossing of two passages, as airways, dug at the same level so that one descends to pass beneath the other without any opening into it.
Always do what you are afraid to do.  -  Ralph Waldo Emerson
How To Put Youtubes In Your Tracks So Their On Autoplay
Ok of corse you want to go up to "my" then to "trackz" theres an embeded box at the bottom on the page theres where you enter the embedded code from So here we go...... then go to type in the song you want and click it take the Embeded code from it like this: Then take that code and put it in the box on fubar for my trackz: Then DELETE Half the code Starting at < object >  end it @ < embeded... like this: Now your code should look like this:   Then take that and Put &rel=1&autoplay=1 after the first set of quotes but before the last quote:     Hit Submit...     Then wait for the page to load back to tracks and find the song you just uploaded in your tracks in the list and hit autoplay on profile   After that it should come up randomly on your profile every time someone visits your page... you can upload multiple youtube videos and hit autoplay on all of them and they will be picked at random every time you refresh your homepage or some
I Think Around 4 Am It Will Bloom Check out this link its a rare blooming flower and its going to bloom very soon!
Special Thanx
i just wanted to say thanx to the people who helped me get where i am and for the bling that i have received and that as soon as i can afford to i will return the favors again thank you and see you then
Funny Email Fw:
omg, this is one of the funniest thing iv read in awhile enjoy   From: Jane GillesDate: Wednesday 8 Oct 2008 12.19pmTo: David ThorneSubject: Overdue accountDear David, Our records indicate that your account is overdue by the amount of $233.95. If you have already made this payment please contact us within the next 7 days to confirm payment has been applied to your account and is no longer outstanding. Yours sincerely, Jane GillesFrom: David ThorneDate: Wednesday 8 Oct 2008 12.37pmTo: Jane GillesSubject: Re: Overdue accountDear Jane, I do not have any money so am sending you this drawing I did of a spider instead. I value the drawing at $233.95 so trust that this settles the matter. Regards, David.From: Jane GillesDate: Thursday 9 Oct 2008 10.07amTo: David ThorneSubject: Overdue accountDear David, Thankyou for contacting us. Unfortunately we are unable to accept drawings as payment and your account remains in arrears of $233.95. Please contact us within the next 7 days to confir
Nice To
Setting on the back stoop with my Deb and Soph and won't you know it a gun ship flies over. Making it up? No, the rattle told me military but this one is a Cobra. Who knows maybe Apache's in formation? The cap is holding and why do I get the feeling of a lie? I'm tired and I would like to get out. Is that even possible? Anything is possible but highly unlikely. To get out has never happened but I still seek it. One lie and I can no longer trust any. I fought and now am at odd with any that lack luster. Andy, this state of NJ has no Alimony and yet I pay Alimony every month through the NJ Child Support. Care to explain? I have no children. Didn't you like the brevity of the Federal Investigation? I washed your hands as well as others very high up. God forbid? I want the stranger from 5/13/09. Without this stranger there is no Stint on my part. Lucifer does you all one better in that sticks to the same lie. Manipulate. Lucifer, Satan, and Devil are far ahead of you all. Glory to G

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