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Stupid Encounters *50
    Buzz:  100% sh*t faced! Level: Henchman (22) Gender: Male, 32 Location: Bishop, CA Status: BOMB ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     1:39am LostGiant: how would u b with a strapon on?? 1:41am iC51NerdGo...: Seriously? Uncomfortable 1:42am LostGiant: would u ever use it on a guy ? 1:43am iC51NerdGo...: ROFL dont know many gay guys 1:44am LostGiant: sorry but all guys ARE NOT GAY! 1:48am iC51NerdGo...: I know but any guy willing to take something up the ass has to atleast be Gay or a little bit on the bi side   LostGiant
See You Next Week
As i was leaving from work this afternoon i walked across the yard up onto the veranda and there was a little boy there who was going home with his mother and brother, he is one of the kids from my room, his mother and brother were washing hands in the tap and as i passed by i made it a point to say goodbye, this little boy has his birthday tomorrow and doesn't normally come on a Friday to day care so i lent down and said "goodbye have a great day tomorrow for your birthday" and he smiled at me and says "thanks shell i will see you tomorrow" he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek totally made my heart sing and that is why i love my job and wouldn't do any other job in the world
2nd Alarm Hottie's "code Of Conduct"
1. All 2nd Alarm hottie Prospect must have a verified salute and a minimun "10 new pics of yourself ,At LEAST 1 FULL BODY PIC. 2.All hotties must be female (no exceptions) 3.Must sign the COC (code of conduct)Agreement below as a comment I"agree"in order to be placed into voting procedure. 4.Shout Box and Fu_mail must be open to all officers for communications .(Profile can't be set to friends only for this purpose unless all officers are made friends) 5.2nd Alarm Hottie's homepage must be added to your family while being considered a Prospect and remain in your family after admittance.Fire Chief ( Founder)must be added to your famliy but doesn't have to be in top but as long as he's in your family so that he can contact you anytime when needed. 6.You must add 2nd Alarm Hottie prospect to your name while awaiting results of the Weekly Voting Done On weekends .All results sent by Monday Unless something comes up. Once Voting is done,a Chief Deputy will contact you to let you
*all The Pain
Late night,this fightSeems never endingI can't take this anymoreI'm done pretendingThe constant struggleThe endless battleHas finally gotten the best of meAll the painAll the tearsYou won't ever seeJust let me goJust let me beI can't keep hanging onWhen you take so much from meWhen will this endWhen will I breatheI can't keep hanging onWith you slowly killing meI can barely moveI can barely seeThe world fades to blackAs the darkness surrounds meI feel so weakI feel so usedHow do you expect me to go alongWhen I feel so abusedYou've got the best of meAll the pain and all tearsYou won't ever see Just let me go Just let me be I can't keep hanging on When you take so much from me When will this end When will I breathe I can't keep hanging on With you slowly killing me
The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono Luxury Watch
      One of the most unique Swiss made luxury watches from Omega is the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono watch_omega seamaster watches_replica omega watches. This is a watch that features a beautiful steel design with a great crystal and a good level of water resistance. These dials and the main dial all work with a strong type of motion process. This motion process works to help get the watch to move properly and to see that it is going to use the right standards. The bezel also turns in only one direction, thus ensuring that the dial cannot be moved in the wrong spot during some kind of job. This is especially made with divers in mind because of how this type of watch can work to ensure that a proper dive time can be recorded. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono watch_omega seamaster watches_replica omega watches also has a helium escape value. This is needed for those who wear this luxury watch for underwater work. Helium can be released when the watch is used in a pressure
Iwc Watch Portuguese Red Gold Chronograph And Iwc Portuguese Automatic
  IWC watches_replica IWC watches_IWC replica watches  is based on the introduction of two new variants of its famous Portuguese collection. While I like the colors of Red Gold Chronograph IWC, I prefer the sub-bullets horizontally aligned to the IWC Portuguese Automatic. In truth, however, I found myself with one of these watches on a daily basis. According to the IWC watches_replica IWC watches_IWC replica watches, the Portuguese sailors were not only interested in navigation. For them, the temporal precision is also a priority, it was important that the Portuguese line also had room for chronographs. The Portuguese Chrono ahead is both a great source of fascination to see the love of the size of 79 350 at the rate of 28,800 changes per hour. This ensures the legendary precision that you expect from a clock with an origin to travel in the sea. Needless to say, that the Portuguese Chronograph swallow with the typical characteristics of a Portuguese Clock: embossed Arabic numerals is
Script Idea, Please Give Feedback, Stupidity Will Be Deleted.
Scene 1: Burning the PastOpen on a large field a night.  We see a fire a distance away.Slowing zoom forward to fire, a figure begins to gain detail as come upon her.CUT to close up of girl crying.CUT TO: Box in girl's hand, filled with pictures and letter and other things a boyfriend and girlfriend would exchange.CUT TO: We watch as she slowly throws in pieces into the fire. (perhaps a quick time lapse of the box slowly emptying into the fire)We finally get to the bottom of the box.  CLOSE UP: of GIRL picking it up. It is a newspaper clipping. CUT back to fire of burning pictures and notes, some still visible to camera.CUT back to the GIRL.CUT to clipping, it is a obituary, "Local Teen Killed in Tragic Accident"(or something like that)CUT TO: Close up on girl's face, tears freely streamingWide shot of Girl as she slowly kneels and sets the clipping and the box in the fire.Medium shot: Girl, closes eyes and swallows hard. Wide shot: girl gets up and slowly turns and walks away.Slowly zo
Prince Of E-ville
Whatcha thinking wearing that skirt? Whatcha thinking being a flirt? Whatcha thinking wearing PVC? Whatcha thinking? Whatcha thinking? Whatcha thinking smelling like a dead hand? Whatcha thinking digging that band? Whatcha thinking doing your dance? Whatcha thinking? Whatcha thinking?   Are you the prince... of E-Ville?   Whatcha thinking smoking those cloves? Whatcha thinking wearing those gloves? Whatcha thinking using that cane? Whatcha thinking? Whatcha thinking? Whatcha thinking smelling like dirt? That poetry of pain and hurt. Whatcha thinking flashing your fangs? Whatcha thinking? Whatcha thinking?   "Could you be any more gothic pretentious?" "How dare you speak to the Prince of Evil that way you slut!?" "Prince of Evil? You work at fucking Dairy Queen!"   Whatcha thinking? Whatcha thinking? Are you the prince of... E-Ville?
Rest In Peace, Tony.
I've always wondered when it became alright to be selfish with your own life. Not too long ago someone very dear to my heart took their own life. As if it were okay and everyone was supposed to turn the other cheek and go on as life does. I'm sorry, but I can't. I am still very angered and hurt over it. Why is it okay for you to take yourself from us? Where is it written in the books that a belt and a ceiling fan is okay? I have yet to forgive you. And I don't know if I will ever learn how. You told Amber you were trying to escape the pain. Well congratulations, you succeeded, and fucked everyone else that ever cared about you in the making.  I don't care that you left me, I don't care that you left everyone else. I care that you left Hailey. Of everyone I know you truly cared about her. And how I know this, is I lived it first hand. She never asked to be brought into this world to a mother who was a junky and to a father who would eventually take himself from her.   Amber told me t
Carl Sagan's Party Dance
Hey everyone :D I'm making this blog to help out my friend Steven with his site, He wants to get noticed and hopefully eventually get paid for it. Here's the facebook link    Thanks in advance! Trying to help him out!
My Rant. :)
If another person {man} tells me I just leveled again because I have tits I may delete them.     For the record...   I don't have a VIP I didn't have a rang I didn't have a bomb I didn't have auto 11s I wasn't even in anyone's family who ran a famp I don't think I didn't have a blast I didn't even have a ticker   I DID polish enough bling in the past 24 hours to rack up 6 million points. I did have a few friends that help.  Old friends who have been on my list for a long time and 1 newer friend. Mostly females who don't care about my tits.   Yes, I had some pimpouts.  Anyone can be pimped.     To those of you who helped, thank you so much. *hugs*     That is all.
Read The Warning Label!
it still makes me laugh til I cry..... (the read is worth it) Pocket Tazer Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Tazer for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Julie. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized Tazer. The effects of the Tazer were supposed to be short lived, with no long term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety....?? WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home.. I loaded two AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button and pressed it against a metal surface at the same time, I'd get the blue arc of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs. AWESOM
agog\ uh-GOG \adjective;  1. Full of excitement or interest; in eager desire; eager, keen.
Never give advice in a crowd.  -  Pope Paul VI
-- ¢¾ -- Famous B00gie Texts -- ¢¾ --
--Lmao soooo am i!!!! Omg the longer i spend tasting you the better!! Mmmmmmmmm --And i would loooove to be covered in you!!! Ok i need to feel you baby. I want to see you like asap. Mmmmmm i love you --And after we have made love all night i want to cuddle and stay inside of you while we sleep --Mmmhmmmm better listen to daddy or i will bend you over my knee and spank dat ass --Mmmmm you know it!! Im really gonna own dat ass in 3 weeks!! Own it lick it eat It smack it...And then repeat!! --I love you too baby!! Omg my heart is racing like crazy!! Lol you get me all excited :D --Lol js! What you doin? Sneak texting daddy? Lol --Do i? Lol good!! I love that! Lets go, you need to be on my shoulders up against the wall!! --It depends. If i pull out and shoot a huge mess then no. But if i cum inside and its a strong one my head usually goes back, my eyes roll back in my head and i moan loud! I will prolly moan and yell your name when i cum in you --One of these days when i get to
Don't Be Fooled By Me
Don't Be Fooled By Me Author-Unkown  Don't be fooled by me.Don't be fooled by the face I wear, for I wear a thousand masks.Masks that I'm afraid to take off and none of them are me.Pretending is an art that's second nature with me, but don't be fooled.For God's sake don't be fooled.I give the impression that I'm secure.That all is sunny and unruffled with me, within as well as without.That confidence is my name and coolness my game;That the waters calm and I'm in command.And that I need no one.But don't believe me. PleaseMy surface may seem smooth, but my surface is my mask.Beneath this lies no complacence.Ben
Resolved! And Solved Again
“RESOLVED!  That the loss of one’s clothes does not worry me – to lose one’s self respect is the only serious loss.  Clothes are nothing, character counts; ‘tis everything – your happiness, your success, and your eternity.  I didn’t fool my aunt Emeline.  I fooled myself.  That’s what always happens.  DON’T TRY TO FOOL PEOPLE – TRY NOT TO FOOL ‘EM – that’s the way to win.  It is neither honest nor kind, and where is the pinhead who doesn’t know that honesty is the best policy.  People would know more than they do if the carpet were as worn in front of the book case as it is in front of the looking glass.  BUSTER BROWN.”   Until a few ago, all I knew of Buster Brown was it referred to a type of shoe.  I understand the rights to the name “Buster Brown” have been owned by the Brown Shoe Company since 1904, two years after the strip debuted in the New York Herald.  Other artists continue
What's too old for a 19 year old girl to date? I'm asking because a woman at work has a 19 year old daughter dating a 28 year old. The daughter thinks it's fine [of course] and the Mom is freaking out, lol.   I'm just being semi nosy, since I was asked my yeah.   Love you, friends
DaBLAST! did a contest last year called ShowUrTitsThursdays it did well. The contest brought us some notoriety along with some great friends(& great times) unfortunately the contest didnt move as fast as we wanted to so we shut it down. Now in 2010 it has been revamped & revived courtesy of F.L.O.Empire Going forward the new name is Tri state Edition of "ShowUsYaBoobs". Here are the rules of the game: You must be 21 & over. You must live in the tri state area(NYC/NJ/Connecticut) yes conn. is part of the tri stateYour pictures must be recent(no more than 2 weeks old) You must show your face(after all we looking at more than boobs here lol)You must be topless in the picture(wet t-shirts are allowed but we must see nipples) Only 3 pictures are allowed. Once the pictures are submitted my panel of judges(it's a gang lol) will select 4 finalists. The 4 finalists will recieve tickets to the Lights Camera Action show on October 14th presented by F.L.O.Empire. From there the crowd will look at
[somewhere Along The Lines, I Forgot How To Scramble Eggs]
Discount coffee. So one night I was watching Julia Child's omelette episode.And about died.No eggs in the house.Zero.But I got down the tech technique and hardware after I got my carI can't quite do a snappy ass flip yet with my busted ass shoulder and my 8lb skilletbut ... I did make one hell of a two-egg omeletteI once watched a guy make this ... perfect orb of omelettehe was a french trained japanese chef that worked in a world class chinese banquet... yeah that's confusing.It was a combination of techniques, and I do in fact idolize that omelette.He tapped, tilted and fried with perfect execution.But I'll walk first.With a trifold french omelette.One of the simplest things to cook... one of the easiest to fuck up.And I did it in my cast iron skillet on a larkI heard such things were impossible.butmy skillet heats evenlythoroughlyand you can't do high heat on a non-stick.They're serious about a few things folks.ButterEven coat, not brownedshould be hot enough to bubblethe eggs shoul
The Official I Hate Jen Club... 10000 Strong And Growing..
This blogs continues to grow... check it ofteni WANTED TO START THIS BLOG OFF WITH AN EARLIER POST FROM MY MYSPACE ACCOUNT - SO ALL YOU HATING ASS BITCHES KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THE WORLD!! Thursday, June 21, 2007   The Official I hate Jen Club...KISS MY ASS BITCHES!Current mood: pissed offCategory: Writing and PoetryI am so sick of the so-called inlaws and their bullshit! I had somewhere to go tonight with my Uncle, and so Mark stayed with the kids at the house, which is good since it was nearly dinner time for them. When I returned to my home, I wanted to use the phone and noticed that Mark's mother had called my home.. I said to him "oh, your mom called, what did she want"... thinking that she might have actually called to book the Pampered Chef party that she promised that she would and has been blowing off...but oh no....that would be too much like right.He tells me right away that he can not talk to me about it right then and that he doesn't want to discuss it in front of
32 Things To Do When Your Isp Is Down...
Every now and then out ISP seem to drop dead for no reason at all. This list is for things to do during those unimaginable times. Open the curtains to see if anything has changed over the past 2 years. Re-introduce yourself to your immediate family. You mean there's something else to do? Steal WiFi from your neighbor. Play single player mode. Get that kidney transplant you've been putting off. Slit your wrists with broken AOL trial disks. Start talking to your girlfriend again. Call friends to see if their ISP is working. Create your own IM bot to converse with. Plot out your revenge for the ISP. Run in circles, screaming hysterically about the end of the world. Open up the ol' pinging .bat file! Take a shower and scrape off mold/fern from body. Go through your web cache to see if you missed anything. Switch to TV. Twiddle your thumbs. Go to the bathroom (of course!). Hang yourself with network cables. Load up the zsnes emulator and play chrono trigger and earthbo
*bad Idea
She's talking about all her petsAnd how they're so crazyI'm checking out her assetsThinking just maybeShe's naming all her friendsThat she wants me to meetI'll probably never call her backWaiter where's my checkThis bitch is obviously crazyThis was a bad ideaI never wanted all thisIt's been fun but I'll see yaCan we skip the goodbyesMove on with our livesI know you saw potential babyI just think you're fucking crazyIt's 2 AMShe's leaving messages on my phoneShe must be a messBecause she can't be aloneI'm being watched at the mallShe traced all my callsAnd now she's saying she can't live without meAnd how she heard it from some psychic ladyIt was only just one dateI don't believe in fate This was a bad idea I never wanted all this It's been fun but I'll see ya Can we skip the goodbyes Move on with our lives I know you saw potential baby I just think you're fucking crazy
Busty ( @ )y( @ )s
I encoded and converted this in true 3d. Please note: The 3d red/blue 3d glasses require to see the full hologram illusion effect.* so if you have a spare pair grab em and pop em to see ( @ )Y( @ )s pop out the screen at you hehe Enjoy :) ***Video will be in comment section after post. first comment by me.
Just So You Know
Its that time of year again where my Christmas stock is streaming through the door and there are boxes to the ceiling .... This means my days are getting busier and my time to fuck around shorter. This means you might see me comment something one second and the next I am off cleaning, stocking ,helping customers, wrapping baskets ,or sitting in a corner rocking and humming. SO ... this also means that I am going to have some who think I am either in a bad mood, ignoring them or wishing them to jump in a lake. No ... I am busy  I am heading into my 3 months of having a snowballs chance in hell of making a profit for the year I am run off my feet and dog tired and its not going to stop until January   Every year at this time I have a certain percentage of friends who are convinced I suddenly went through a personality change and they have done something to piss me off. NOPE ... I am busy and I am fucking tired .     so now you know  
Over You
I'm so over you Why can't you be over me too? All you did was push me aside Now that you are the one on the side You can't handle it   If you can't take me at my worst and every day You sure don't deserve me now at my best I gave you all the support I could Patience when you were hurt Understanding when I wouldn't hear from you   Now you can't let me go You knew I was someone special That someone you didn't want to lose Now that I'm gone, you realize your errors Too late to fix your broken promises   Learn from losing someone Make yourself better for the next one Stop with the drama and head games Grow up and leave me alone I'm moving on Time for you to do the same  
You can't change what does not want to be changed. You either accept it or move on. But only you can make the decision. So follow your heart.                      
A Must Read
As i walk threw this life, alone, naked on the inside, i take a deep breath, look around and remember why im here. We come into this world not knowing where we are going or where we came from, but while we are here, if we are brave, god gives us the power to do as we want, in his name. So have shame, but also embrace hope, and that everyday is a day to better yourself, Eve ate the apple which to some changed Utopia, but in some aspects, without the diversity of this action there would be no induviduality, respect, or trust.... embrace our differences, thats what changes the world for the better!!!! by Amy Houston
Janey Godley Podcast “episode 11”
  (Pleases be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.  In the eleventh episode of Janey Godley’s Podcast the mother and daughter duo discuss rap music, Freak shows, the don’t ask don’t tell policy, Ashley tells the listeners all about her crazy dreams, Janey talks about her mothers Poldark obsession and a special guest podcast’s in from the USA… all this and with technical difficulties!     Please do comment on the Janey Godley Podcast At the following link:    
Going to see Papa Roach and Skillet next month got the vids from the sick puppies concert from a chick I actually met at a Five finger show in about a fucking tiny world eh put them in my stash..because fuck that really was a good show...and in hindsight..Shim DID smile and lean across the bar.. I said I wanted to meet Emma, he musta gotten butthurt..because that was when he flipped into asshole mode. Oh well fuck it Totally unrelated   I really dislike people who fucking lie and alter convos to stir shit because they just have to fucking have something to bitch about.. .so any of you not blocked my  that fucking whore Debby can let her know that sadly for her my friends are too smart to fall for her bullshit. Oh and tell her to get fucked for me.   Just hadda get all that out :D  
Hardened My Heart
Well, I have learned a lot since joining fubar. One there are some very nice people on here,theres great lounges and a great family atmosphere.I was gonna let one bad apple ruin the fubar experience for me but its best to ignore that person and have fun on here.....SO LETS GET THE FUCKING PARTY STARTED!!!!!!!
Poem I Wrote... I Love Those Around Me The Family And Friends I Have I Give What I Can, All That I Can And They Know It They Feel My Love Not Wantin
I love those around meThe family and friends I haveI give what I can, all that I canAnd they know itThey feel  my loveNot wanting to give all of myself I live with my heart frozen in timeI love those that are close to meBut they never get all of meNo one ever gets all of me…And by pure happenstance I start talking to my other halfThe other half of my soulAnd a connection is madeOne from so long agoBut my fear is thereLike so many times beforeAnd my Heart is still frozenAnd I can not give all that I wantAnd I want to give  ALL His words fuel the FireThe Fire burning in my soul Making it glow brighter and hotterHigher and strongerThen ever beforeTo free my HeartFrom all the IceI stepped into that FireHolding my HeartFeeling the Ice melt awayI stepped out of the FireWith a whole HeartA beating HeartA feeling HeartA loving Heart
This Is A Poem I Wrote...
A need for Friendship; that comes first for true friends can survive anything Communication comes in next for without it things go wrong Patience has a place here also time must be spent in quiet to learn about each other Openness follows close behind so we don’t keep things from each other and with that comes Understanding so we can agree to disagree not far behind comes Compromise so not one is just giving or taking and with that comes Acceptance of what that person is and wants to become which leads us to Encouragement so that we can grow together and not apart and the basic building block of this is Commonness which leads to Friendship
Best Of You
I've got another confession to make I'm your fool Everyone's got their chains to break Holdin' you Were you born to resist or be abused? Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you? Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you? Are you gone and onto someone new? I needed somewhere to hang my head Without your noose You gave me something that I didn't have But had no use I was too weak to give in Too strong to lose My heart is under arrest again But I break loose My head is giving me life or death But I can't choose I swear I'll never give in I refuse Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you? Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you? Has someone taken your faith? Its real, the pain you feel You trust, you must Confess Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?   Has someone taken your faith? Its real, the pain you feel The life, the love you'd die to heal The hope that st
Dj Unique And Guest Dj Decoy Tearing Up The Mixes In Exotic Dreams
The History On Dr Pepper
One of the oldest major brands of soft drinks in the country is Dr Pepper. It was created by Charles Alderton of Waco, Texas in 1885, in response to customers’ requests for a new syrup flavor. They were getting tired of the limited flavors that were offered, so Alderton mixed up a variety of fruit flavors to serve at the soda fountain at the Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store where he was employed as a pharmacist. He developed a flavor he liked, and it turned out, the customers liked it too. It became so popular in town that other pharmacy owners bought the syrup from Morrison and he soon found that he could no longer keep up with the demand for the new soft drink flavor. Morrison approached Robert S. Lazenby, the proprietor of the Circle “A” Ginger Ale Company, also in Waco, to see if he would agree to produce the syrup in his bottling plant. Lazenby had also taken a liking to the new flavor, and agreed to produce it. Although Alderton had created the drink, he
Prayer Of A Truck Driver's Wife
Prayer of a Truck Driver's Wife Dear Lord,Please bless my husband while he's out on the road. Please protect him from the wind and rain and cold. Help him to keep that big rig between the white lines so he can make it to his destination on time. May he find his back-haul quickly and make it home soon. Please light his night on the road with your stars and moon. Let him rest peacefully in his sleeper's bed, and please let there be a good meal and fresh coffee at the truck stop ahead. Help me to keep the home fires burning while he's out there movin' on. And give me the strength and wisdom to take care of things while he's gone. May the road he travels be clear and dry, and may not temptation catch his eye. Help him remember when he's all alone that his loving wife and best friend is waiting for him here at home.Amen
Moms And Love
My mother passed away this morning, she was eighty years old, I live far away but I tried to call once a month.  Don't leave a person without telling that you love them. She always did that after every phone call.  May the Lord bless everyone with happiness and peace. I am not asking for sympathy, just giving information.  If i wanted sympathy I would have written it in my status.
Problem Solving Essay
I've had a little bit of writer's block, which is unusual for me.  The past week's distractions have prevented me from sitting down and picking a topic for this week's essay, Problem Solving Essay.  A penny for your thoughts....
Last Night
I spent a good portion of it reporting profiles using children with sick sexual intent. For some reason the twisted were out in force. The most disturbing was a repeat of an earlier attempt where some perverted bastard puts the pic up of a child claiming it is either their sister or them self and then invites men in graphic wording to tell her what they would do to her ( Im not repeating the exact wording in fact I cant with out wanting to hurl) ....   that one hit my shouts     me when i ...: not if its a photo of yourself idiot   cancel Chat 12:08am more To me when i ...: wanna bet you ass   cancel Chat 12:09am more To me when i ...: its a child and your asking men to comment on what they would do to a child sexually thats pedophilia and soon as the links reported are viewed your ass is gone   cancel
why do people throw theirselves at other people,i can understand if they are single and want somebody but damn for them to just throw themselves at women or men its just rediciulus,why not talk to them and get to know them then you can do whatever you want,i mean their a lot pretty women on here but its a crying shame they have to just throw themselves at somebody for that person to take them.
Time For A Poem
What do you do when the tears don't stop, Why do I feel them just drop. My heart aches, My mind not free. How in the hell could you do this to me.   You know how he treats me, He know of his lies. But thanks to him and you, All I do is cry.   I cant break free, this is haunting me. It's always another, She never looks better.   Always someone who will freely, Spread their legs. Now I know, High school is just based on, Real life.   I'll always be the one not easy, They'll always choose the whores. I cant do this anymore.   I'm too grown for this shit, I fucking hate it.
So I was shoutboxing w/ one of my favorite people....we came upon a revelation that dumb people are actually the smart ones. They get to move around in an ignorance filled bliss....just flowing freely in their jelly donut lives....not caring if they are actually stupid or what anyone cares about them....i'm going over to the dumb side...who's coming with me?!
One Step Away From Snapping
It's not bad enough my uncle is currently in surgery and I have to wait another 2 hours before I can call the hospital to see if he made it through, but I was late yet again to work. I'm really getting sick and tired of these bus/trains operators that seem to think it's okay just to sit at a stop for 15 minutes for no apparent reason and not say a damn thing. I mean seriously! I would like to get to work! Can we move?! But nooooo, I get to work and get slammed with emails over someone's incompetence. I got forwarded an email from a client yesterday, that was 2 weeks old mind you, for info she needed THAT day. Wow. So glad we're on top of things. I gathered all of the information I could and responded, noting there was 1 person I couldn't get info on because I had no record of them. ONE FREAKIN' PERSON! Well guess what? Nothing was done with that email and I get one this morning from the client requesting this information again. Now I get the internal email of "Oh, did you send me that
Girl In Front Boy In Back
bang me while i lick
Self Esteem....self Worth
So yeah, I know this isn't some HUGE observation or revelation but I'm saddened by the people of Fubar. Too many folks here weigh the value of their friendships based on little pixelated pictures. "No one loves me! I havent gotten any bling today!" generally followed by "Geez, I should delete. This place is bullshit!" and so on and so forth. Now, I'm sure plenty of these people are just playing on peoples emotions trying to get free stuff...but there are some people here who actually feel as though they have no worth because they haven't been given any "good" bling. It makes me sad that these people feel as though they have offered nothing to people because they weren't thanked in monetary gift. I'd SO much rather have someone asking me how I'm doing in my shoutbox when they know I've been going through a rough time. Why don't some people remember that its the little things like that that count? Doesn't always need to be some grand gesture. Fubar would be so much more pleasant if peopl
Black And Blue
Can't look in the mirror. can't stand what I see. the eyes staring back are not the true me. so lifeless and bleak. can't handle my reflection. or the volumes my soul speaks. hide it away. push it all down. dismiss what you say in the minds infinite space. how can I believe you with these black and blue tears streaking my face.  
My Shell My Own Hell
Peeking out of my shell my world my own hell Thinking about the time we shared and the time we first met how scared The first time we talked hand and hand we walked It seemed we walked so far always looking up at the stars As time went by I learned it was ok to cry To dry up those salty tears and face my deadliest fears From then on I know what I was ment to do Was to walk back to my shell my world my hell.
Movies I Saw In Melbourne August/september 2010
Ok Hey People i am Back  from my Holiday to Victoria Australia and When i  was in Ringwood (Melbourne) I saw 9 MOVIES   and they are  in order 1.The Expendables 2.Salt (saw This on my Birthday 27/8/2010 or 8/27/2010) 3.Scott Pilgrim VS The World 4.Avatar Special Edition with Extra scenes (3D) 5.Beauty And The Beast (3D) 6.Tomorrow When Then War Began (Australian Movie) 7.The Sorcerer's Apprentice 8.Tomorrow When The War Began (Australian Movie) 9.Easy A so  i Saw Tomorrow When The War Began Twice  from Bruce
Children On Fu
People wonder (sometimes quite hysterically) why I get so angry at children's pics on fubar. I'm not talking snapshots of your kids which you share with people you know - even though I have a bit of an issue there also - I'm talking about pics of children, with captions like "isn't my daughter sexy?" or "wouldn't you like to do this?" or worse (the infamous boob shot post in front of the baby crib is just an example of a bad parent, not what I'm talking about here).   And they get further upset with me because I get upset with the men of fubar that rate/fan/add these children's pictures/profiles. And are mortified that I would go to their pages and ask them whether they like children...   I wouldn't have thought it really required explanation myself, but yet again I'm in the fu-minority.   If you are using a child for attention for yourself, if you are objectifying a child and knowingly allowing that child's image to titillate people, if you are sexualising that're an
My Fu Life As It Stands Today..
So today I finished deleting 1200 people from my so called 'friend' list. Doing this has left me with around 150 friends. This decision was made in lieu of deleting my fu account. It wasn't an easy decision for me to make because I love FU but I'm not here for rates... I could really care less who rates me. In the last 9 months I have made some wonderful friends on here. I don't know what I would do without them in my life, even if it isn't in real life. My top family and friends are the reason I sign in every day. I love them for being my friend. I really have to say that I've had a great experience in the time that I've been here and I thank DOS for bringing me here.  I just wanted to let y'all know that I do really love my friends and family. Thank you all!
This is a spotlight type of profile, although I am the main holder of the profile, my photo will not always be in the default, I am not intending to deceive!
Prayer For You
i created a fictionthat thought me a realityabout a life that used for being emptyand now that sorry is the worst thing to say,I'm going to utter prayers all the way may all your hurting nowbe converted to blessingssorrows and downfallsmake you a better beingmy presence may be a curse for your sighti still hope that tomorrows for u will be alright this may caused you the darkest of midnightmay you find the treasures of wickedness insideand all your griefs be a halo of gracemultitude of wordsI'll offer for your praise...
[boba Fett]
I rarely have the opportunity to say"I'm looking for a bounty hunter"So a year down the road, when I'm looking to cut Houdini Sanchez's forehead I'll probably be some hardened psychotic murderer with a posse.This is gonna rock.Twice.I need a cool merc name thoughand летучая лисица doesn't always cut it.Call me Kreuz.I was on the phone all morning/afternoony thing.And then my aunt (who I'm buying a car from) took me to dinner and followed me back as I drove my new tagless V8 aurora. Zippy car is zippy.I only had... 3 distinct panic attacks getting home.Things loosened up though once I slammed on the gas on the highway.Heh... and I used to think a six cylinder was fun.I think the hip bumps astronomical mileage and ... massive frontal damage on the car are sexy.What can I say.I like experienced girls with baggage and hips.Someone that's been around the block, and not -too- prettyDMV Tomorrow. That shit is going
neglect not those strifesshadows you caused other's lifefor fate has its waysshe has ways...rejoice not while others weephappiness you thought they wont seekfor fate makes its wayfate make its handed its powerthat be used against youso watch out for your futureand yesterday too..for the lies you tell...for the secrets you keep...and for the scars so will all come backunexpectedlyfor fate has its wayfate has its way....
*jumping To Conclusions Takes A Leap Of Faith
Giving up sounds betterThan giving inSay goodbye in a letterBut where do I beginMaybe I should goAnd face the truthAnd things I don't knowAt times I feel like fightingBut I don't have anything left to giveWith every breath I'm dyingI don't want to liveI never meant to hurt youNever meant to be so scaredBut spend a day in my shoesAnd you'll that see no one caresAll the memories feel rejectedAll the pain so realI never wanted to be neglectedI only wanted to feel
The Warning
The dead makes rules and i will obey     I to will be dead someday Youth and maid has past my death    you have within your nostrils breath I pray for my own pain sake    BREAK THE RULES THAT I WILL MAKE
Emo Blogging Tips
A tumour (or tumor) is what you get from cancer. A tuber is a potato. I may care about the former, if I don't think you're full of shit because your apparent diagnosis and symptoms (reported and demonstrated, or not) are at odds with everything currently known about any form of cancer. I will definitely not care about the latter.   If you need attention, or solace, or comfort...don't use the pain of others to get it - be honest, you don't want me to keep your neighbour's hairdresser's aunt's dog Trixie who has arthritis of the left paw in my thoughts, you want me to tell you I (h) you. I probably won't, but you have a better chance.   Your 'poetry' (yes it gets inverted commas) is not the work of a tortured artist whose genius is just ahead of its time. It is more reminiscent of a 13yo who's suffered their first papercut. Yes, you are soooooooo alone. Deal with it. Yes, nobody understands you. Deal with it. Yes he treated you like JASSOTI, maybe that's because you are. Deal with th
I Am A Rotund, Less Than Average Looking Fellow
therefore, is ugly is as ugly does?
I always wonder why I will always sit in the dark when I cry It's because without you here  Without my daddy near  I'm not whole.   The years of painshave finally taken their toll On me, because life without you Has been horrible, all I ever wanted to do Was be in your arms as I cried, As my soul slowly died.   No child should have to know the pain I know fore it is too great and plain. No child should have to hide the hurt I've had to feel or to have to skirt The dark hole that has become love.   A child should be as free as a dove,  To care for their daddy For that is what I want you to see That is what I donr want to hide from you. I only want you to love me and say I love you too.   Joyous life can be Oh, how I wish you could see What was lost was found and was yet again  Lost, how I wish you could feel the pain You have created for me. For nothingcan be done t oset it right. You refused to stay and fight For a love you lost and a love you may Never
Journey - Loving Touching Squeezing
You make me weep and wanna die Just when you said wed try Lovin, touchin, squeezin each other When Im alone all by myself Youre out with someone else Lovin, touchin, squeezin each other Youre tearin me apart Every day, every day Youre tearin me apart Oh what can I say? Youre tearin me apart It wont be long, yes till youre alone When your lover, oh, he hasnt come home Cause hes lovin oo, hes touchin, Hes squeezin another Hes tearin you apart Every day, every day Hes tearin you apart Oh girl what can you say? Cause hes lovin, touchin another Now its your turn, girl to cry Na na na na na na Na na na na na Na na na na na na Na na na na na
9 Years Ago, 10 Days Ago
9 years ago, 10 days ago today. We'll call it d-day plus 9x365+10. So 9 years ago, 10 days ago today, I was fighting for my life - fighting Nazis - in Vietnam. None of you can really understand what I went through. You weren't there. You didn't have to do the things I did. You didn't have to see the things I saw. None of you can understand what it felt like to baste a turkey with only a 20 gauge syringe and a hand grenade. I don't need to explain it. But I'd better damned sure get your sympathy. I once held a dying car battery in my arms. It was my only power source for my Ipod. When it died... I cried. I cried and I cried like a little girl. I had nothing to do with that battery's death, but yet, I had to watch it die. And I could no longer listen to my Britney Spears. You wouldn't understand. These are just some of the things I've went through. These are just some of the things I've seen. If you could have been there, then you'd understand why we should not build a mosque at ground
I Like Asian Women
Is it strange that I have predilection for Asian women?
Brobdingnagian\ brob-ding-NAG-ee-uhn \adjective;  1. Of extraordinary size; gigantic; enormous.
I have no plans, and no plans to plan.  -  Mario Cuomo
This And That And What The Hell.
So I'm sitting at my desk this night, sitting on my butt and watching the time pass and I'm thinking "what the hell..." I just got home from work like an hour ago and I should be tired but I'm not, so what the hell is with that? Honestly I have no idea. And as I write this I ponder what the hell...and What The Hell really means or implies. One thing comes to mind is, what the hell is wrong with people these days? the news is full of morons who do stupid shit and think it's funny. A man runs a red light and plows into the back end of a car or truck, there's a mess all over the damn road....what the hell was he thinking? I'm guessing it's something like this "oh look a car/truck. won't it be funny if I ran into it?". Overall society is screwed in the head, and people wonder if sanity is just a word that implies nothing, which in most cases it does. Sanity is just a word that has no meaning, due to the fact man kind get's away with some pretty dumb stuff that may or may not be all that wi
What Is A Friend
A friend is there in good times and bad The one who knows when you r sad The one who knows the happy times The one who is there All the time
Brothers Love
A brothers love last forever even when they are gone. I miss my brother its has been so long.   I remember when we talkd at night when you came home from drinking and being out all night. Me asleep in my bed and you sitting next to my head.  Telling stories about the night, laughing, joking and the almost fight.  We shared so many special times besides being my brother you were a friend of mine... I Love and Miss You.....    
I Ain't Apologizing
for fuckin' nothin!
My Brother And Me
This is the month that we both shared  Its hard for me that your not here. Every year that passes by I think of you and always cry.  I will always remember the special times we blew out the candles one at a time.  First it was you and then it was me I remember how happy the times can be.  Now without you when the day comes I wait and listen to hear your song. Every year since you have passed I have heard the song and its hard to grasp. The love I have and always will for you my brother is quite clear. So on your day I will say a prayer and sing Happy Birthday like you are here. Happy Birthday  I love and Miss you.......
Good Vibes For My Uncle
My uncle goes in tomorrow morning at 6:30 EST to have surgery to remove a growth from his lung. He was recently diagnoised (by fluke) with Stage 1 Lung Cancer. Fortunately, the area is contained and has not spread to the lymph nodes. This is a HUGE plus, however, as we all know, anything can happen in surgery. So if ya'll could send some positive vibes his way, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Time is wickedwhen you want something it slows down when you want it to stand still it speeds upwhen you are young and on the run it is slowwhen you bet older it seems to fly by with no thought of what you are doingwhen you miss some one time seems to stand still with your broken heart when you want to stay in your loves arms time seems to rush faster then ever this is why time is wicked you never have enough or you have to much time
Who Am I
I am nothing I am the man in the shadowsI am the man you will forgetI am everything but still nothingI am the man you pity I am the man you see and walk away fromI am the man that when he dies no one with rememberI am a man that has love lost and love againI am the man that die alone forgotten to all that knew himThat is who i am
What Is Love
love is waken up think of that special some one love is waken up next to that special some one when there make up is messed up there hair is all over the place and thanking god you have this preson love is when that special some one is crying wrapping them in your arms and holding them tight telling them it will be better and you are therelove is caren for some one wanting to be with them no matter what happenslove is getting on your knees thanking god for the one you care for and cant live with out themlove is fire works expolden when you see your special some one walks in to the room
Ok ,well One Day I Was At Lake Shasta Sitting
OK ,Well one day I was at Lake Shasta sitting by the shore just check en it all out ya know,as I look all around I see a log half in the water and half on the shore,No biggie and it had a walnut sitting at the end in the water.what ever. Then all the sudden 2 squalls came out and where just running all around the place. I thought it was cool .they didn’t mind me I guess. Then they saw the log in the water and started to head over to it,then they must of seen the nut at end of that log I thought cool some food for them . so as I watch them run back and forth getting the nerve to go to the end and get that walnut . One of them must have got the ball’s to run out and get it and headed out to get it as he got to the end and was just trying to get his little hands on it he pick it up and turned to head back and all of the sudden
Cwc 2010 - Challenge 2 - It's All Junk
CWC 2010 - Challenge 2 - It's All JunkGenre - OpenLocation - JunkyardItem - Pinball Machine
Week 1, Day 1
So I started the Couch to 5K today.   I'm not a runner.  Never have been.  My boobs have always interfered.  (Laziness too.)   I finally said screw it.  I'm getting older and my body's feeling it.  I figured I'd better do something before I couldn't anymore.   It actually felt good.  I didn't run very fast, or very far, but I completed the program for today.  That's a lot for me.   I need some motivation though, so you fu-fucks need to make sure I get off my ass and do stuff, OK?
How To... Give Proper (therefore Great) Cunnilingus.
Cunnil-wha? Cunnilingus, silly! Oral sex, eating pussy, munching carpet, etc.; cunnilingus is the act of using the mouth to stimulate the female genitals. This can include sucking or licking the outer and inner areas of the vagina, and most often involves direct stimulation of the clitoris. Some women find cunnilingus to be the most satisfying sexual act. Indeed, a great number of women report that oral sex is the only way they can achieve orgasm.  The mouth can create a uniquely intense range of sensations which many find unrivaled. So, I just take my tongue and start licking her clit, right? Sure, you could do that, but that's like being satisfied with the appetizer and skipping the main course. To give really great oral sex, you need to learn about the whole vaginal area, including the clitoris. Though the clit is the central pleasure mechanism on a woman, the entire area is fertile ground for your tongue, fingers, and toys. Tell me more about this clitoris thing! The clitoris
Hey fupeeps... One of my leveling requirements is blinging 10 n00bs.  I got one taken care of, but need to find 9 more.  So if you know of anyone who *winks* starts fresh, or if you or someone you know needs profile comments or drinks from n00bs to level (so I can bribe them to do it with bling) let me know! If nobody says anything I'll be forced to bling the random nasty pics you people comment on...
Exotic Dj Request Line
Exotic Dreams Staff Rules
In Threes!..
Why does everything happen in threes, dammit...?   First off, about a month ago.. My truck went down... then the dryer quit.. and then the toilet... All in the same week... First off, the truck.. it's the lock cylinder and key.. so I replaced it.. but the old one did something to the battery.. replaced that, as well... Started the truck up and the clutch slammed to the floor.. Out of fluid and had to bleed the fucker..   The dryer.. stopped spinning but gave out heat..possible plugging, like last was plugged, but not spinning again... checked the belt and it was busted.. replaced it.. Still didn't spin.. Have to buy a new dryer..   Now, my favorite.. the shitter... First, the wax seal cuz the thing was leaking.. All the sudden the pump's not working properly.. Fixed the hosing.. and then the pump decides to quit and quirt water all over..Working on replacing the pump tomorrow..   THREE things, THREE problems apiece..   Somebody upstairs is fucking with me and i wish
A World For You And Me
A Special world for you and me A special bond one can not see It wraps us up in it's cocoon and holds us fiercely in it's womb It's fingers spread like fine spun gold Gently nestling us to hold like silken thread it holds us fast bonds like this are meant to last And though at times a thread may break A new one forms in it's wake to bind us closer and keeps us strong in A special world where we belong..
Twin Hh's
Justa and I are having HH's! Where: Fubar. duh. When: This Friday Justa @ 5pm Futime Mel @ 6pm Futime Make sure you're there with bells on! Wonder Twin Hoar Powers Activated! justa@ fubar MEL@ fubar   Please share this blog. Thank you.
Salute Contest: Classy Not Trashy
Let's take it from trashy and move to classy...shall we?   So I've seen my fair share of NSFW salute contests for bling around here. Well I don't want NSFW or trashy salutes. (I know, I know, shock gasp) I want classy salutes. (ZOMG is there such a thing!?) Ya dont have to be in your Sunday's best (although if you want to, go for it), but you do have to be covered for the most part. I'm not saying to not flaunt what your momma gave ya, because some of you truly are blessed, but there is a way to do that without having it all hang out. Each person who enters will post a salute (to me) and I'll upload it to a folder. Entries must be recieved no later than 12am (midnight) on the 10th of October. Voting will begin on the 11th of October and I will announce a winner on the 24th of October which happens to be my 22nd birthday. They can be birthday salutes to me, or they can be regular salutes, doesn't matter to me either way. Submit a link to the salute in a private message to me and I
Shomali11 From Okcupid
Shomali11 messaged me on okcupid and I always answer back. Shomali11:Hello there :)How are you ?I stumbled upon your profile and simply couldn't resist writing to you:) Words can not describe such angelic breath taking beauty ... I was wondering if you would like to chat and get to know each other ? Me:Hey, thanks dude :)I'm good! Getting ready to edit some videos and make some music :)How are you doing? (if I call you dude, it's a sign to stop flirting...) So I went to his profile to get a closer look at his face and see what he had to say. There was nothing that really caught my eye, so I  continued back to my profile to see if anything exciting was happening (sarcasm, but you get what I mean) Before I have time to think he im-ed me on okcupid's chat thing. shomali11:Checking me out? ;)rawrnerd:not in the way that you thinkrawrnerd:just wanted to get a closer look and see your prof after reading the messageshomali11:Are you loving what you are seeing? ;)rawrnerd:.... not rea
I look at you And my mind sails away. Will I ever hold you, waiting for that day. Deep within my mind, I can imagine your voice. Wanting to hear your sweet tones, But now thats not a choice. I envision your hands, Almost feeling thier touch. Wishing they we're holding me, Maybe For now to much. These are my wishes As crazy as they may seem. Until the day they come true, Of you all I can do is dream.
Yammer On And On
mer on and on
hello hello
blog entry, make me smile
Hello Check Me Out
A Test Post In The Test Blog
  A woman is a country that can be enjoyed in a week, but is best savored over a lifetime. - Shawn Priest 9/21/2010   Most of the guys who want a threesome aren’t enough for one woman.   If your junk is so big you flaunt it in your SN, why are you spending all night online instead of being out tearing things up?   Men who start a conversation “I wanna see you naked” make the rest of us men look bad.   Women who start a conversation “I’ll let you see me naked for bling” do the same for their sex.   Bisexual women: making it harder for us ugly guys to get some since Sappho.   Bisexual men: You’re still gay.   Any guy who thinks they are more important than a woman’s kids is thinking with the wrong head. Again.   An hour of begging is not foreplay.   If a person has ink over their whole body, 37 piercings, a Mohawk, black make-up, and believes in hard work, loyalty, truth and love, then that’s what ‘normal&rsqu
Mobster Building Tips:
Mobster Building Tips:1) When you get up to 5 mil or more cf going. Buy territory 10 at a time.2) full fortified m16s are great for def and good for atk for mobsters under level 100Level 50 + weapons: ( have one of each for every member in your usable mob)Attack Weapons-Gun- Fortified M-16s + Remote Controlled Sniper RiflesArmor- body armorVehicles- tactical vehicles + tanks + apachesDefense Weapons-Gun- fortified m16s + gatling gunsArmor- full body armor + sheltersVehicles- tactical vehicles + tanksLevel 100+ Weapons:Attack Weapons-Guns- M2 Browning Machine Guns + Fortified M-16sArmors- body armor + bomb suitsVehicles- subs + apaches + leopard tanks + nuc subsDefense Weapons - Gun- fortified m16s + gatling gunsArmor- bomb suits + reinforced blast sheltersVehicle- tactical vehicle + tanks + leopard tanks + stealth apaches + nuc subsLevel 200+Weapons:Attack Weapons-Guns- M2 Browning Machine Gun + AK-74 Grenade LauncherArmors- bomb suits + SAM SiteVehicles- subs + leopard tanks + apaches
Hollywood Squares
Subject: : Hollywood squares    It's good when you occasionally laugh out loud.    THOSE OF US WHO REMEMBER     Hollywood Squares:  These great questions and answers are from the days when '   Hollywood  Squares' game show responses were spontaneous, not scripted, as they are now. Peter Marshall was the host asking the questions, of course..  Q.. Paul, what is a good reason for pounding meat? A. Paul Lynde: Loneliness! (The audience laughe
Hello Everyone
there is sooo much going on on this site lololol
Exotic Dreams Job Application
Screwed Up Society.
So this week I found out a friend of mine was raped at a party, by moe than one scumbag. Dealt with a young girl at wok who was raped. And m an awsme lady on here who was raped. So how is it that we allw this crap in our country? In so called "Third World" nations Rape is a crime punishable by death. Here it's treated with a holiday at a so called prison. I don't get that at all. In a tribe in Africa, they behead you for it. We give you a slap on the wrist, three meals a day, and a place to sleep.....Tell me that ain't fucked up? First. Rape isn't about sex. It's a violent act and more about power. Usually carried out by very very poor excuses for men. You know limp dicks who can't get it up any other way. Second. I don't care what she was wearing, or if they had started something. When she says no, that's it. So here's my idea. Round em up, along with pedophilles and wife and child beaters.....put em on a old ship. Sail it out to sea. And torpedo the fucker. Let em drown.
Happily Ever After..
Once upon a time, a Prince asked a beautiful Princess "Will you marry me?"The Princess said, "NO!" And the Prince lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and went fishing and hunting and played golf and dated women half his age stayed out all night and had tons of money in the bank and left the toilet seat up.The End
Daily Happyhour Giveaway!
I want to try something new. How about a simple little contest where I give away a happyhour each day, for free? Sounds like a great idea to me! :D   To be entered in the contest, all you have to do is go to the photo in your fubar album that you'd like to submit, click the 'link to photo' link under the photo and copy the html embed code with the thumbnail and paste it into a comment in this blog post. the photo should contain YOU and any of the following:   * wearing a fubar t-shirt. * wearing fubar skivvies (the "i *heart* babyjesus" ones might get you extra brownie points!). * fubar written on your body somewhere (tattoo's count!).     Bonus points will be added for members of the armed forces who're currently deployed, strippers, and people who are generally supportive of the website. I'll give away a Happyhour each day, based on any comments from the previous day. You can submit the same comment/photo on different days if you like, but please don't post the same thing mu
This Profile
This profile will be mainly showcasing my friends and fans who I believe are very nice people
Some Times U Just Have To Throw Your Hands In The Air Say Fuck It
have u even been like me getting sick n tired of ppls bullshit and throw your hands up in the air and say fuck it people amuse me they really do they act so fuckin stupid some times its laughable do they do that shit on purpose or do they even know they r doing it idk could b both they act like idoits or have a moron attack type of ppl who should wear a helmet 24-7
Hate List 2010
Just in a mood to whine a little, you can read further or leave.....whatever ~I hate having a headache EVERYDAY ~I hate people who ride your ass when driving, speed up to pass you then fuckin turn 2 feet in front of you WITHOUT a blinker. ~I hate the way this site and the people have changed (and not for the good either) ~I hate the fact Grey's Anatomy makes me cry almost everyday ~I hate the fact I honesty care about some of you people ~I hate I'll have to take 2 pills for the rest of my life to keep myself from going to the mental hospital again ~I hate the fact after 19 years of marriage and 15 years of being a mother, I don't know who the fuck I am anymore. ~I hate all of you
Shoutbox Funnies
Anthony**: want a free famp and boomy?Raven: lemme guess boobs, ass or both?Anthony**: neitherAnthony**: but cam is requiredRaven: that i have, what is it you want?Anthony**: u have long hair and u need to wear a gag of some kindAnthony**: a role play basicallyRaven: uuhm I like that sorta thing really but I'm afraid I'm a good girlAnthony**: lol no gag or hair tied then?Raven: how the heck am I supposed to do that to myself? lolAnthony**: i can tell u..Anthony**its eaiser than what ur thinking prollyRaven: just that no boobs? or whatnotAnthony**: no boobs or assAnthony**: would u try plz?Raven: so if i get on cam are you gonna be someone totally different?Anthony**: im not gona be shown lolAnthony**: ur on camRaven: I have a cam yes, no I'm not on itAnthony**: do u have yahoo?Raven: sure do, just not sure I want to do this, I never have for something on fubar, I kinda like that reputationAnthony**: well its confidential liek just between us
Fairy Tales And Broken Dreams
No fairy tale endings, just broken dreams,At least thats the way it sometimes seems.When you cant find the way or find the means,No secret wishing star, or magical moonbeams.When the world you wish for just can not be,And you have to face the harshness of reality,That what you envision is not what is to be,And if you open your eyes, the truth you will see.No golden mountains, no slow moving streams.No ivory white castles, no Kings or Queens.No walks on the beach, no romantic scenes.No fairy tale endings, just broken dreams.
Delightful Insanity
The quiet whispers within my own head, The pictures in my mind stained crimson red, The unthinkable desires that must be fed, Rationality gone, I find chaos instead. The screams and echoes are a constant sound, My world crumbling, I lay curled on the ground. A shadow of my old self is all that is found, No help in sight, theres no one around. The final acceptance of what is to be, Welcoming the beast thats inside of me. No need to resist, my mind is now free, Welcome to my world, of delightful insanity.
Dear Children,
I know you did not ask to be brought into this world, but having you in my life is a blessing that is beyond any other.  You are a reason to laugh, to love, to live life.  You are my babies, my angels, my best friends, and always will be.  I know this is not a perfect world.  There are many things that are wrong.  There are also many things that are good.  You will scrape your knees, you will cry, and you will fall.  I will be there to kiss things better, wipe away your tears, and help you to stand again.  You will have hurt feelings, broken hearts, and days that you feel nothing is right.  I will be there to hold you, to hug you, and to let you know that there will be brighter days.  You will hate me, you will curse me, you will not speak to me.  I will love you always, no exceptions. I will yell, I will scold, and I will get upset.  I am not perfect.  I will make mistakes.  I will love you always, no exceptions.  I will teach you, I will learn from you.  Each day will be
Crimson Tears Of Joy
Looking out my window as I lay in bed..  thick fog clouds my vision as I awaken to another day. Stepping from my door into the gray abyss, I venture out across the dew covered lawn.  I can feel the moist droplets covering my feet and toes.. soothing.. cool.  I keep going, unable to see what lies ahead, but knowing where to go, having walked this path so many times before.  A few more paces, and I stop....I stand there, motionless, allowing the damp air to penetrate my clothes, moistening my skin.  I listen, and hear nothing but the rustling of leaves on the trees that I know sit in the distance.  I hear the wind whispering to me, and the leaves chattering among themselves.  "Be patient", She whispers.  I close my eyes, and open my soul so that I may hear the unspoken words that She shares.  I feel the air thicken as it begins to swirl around me.  The gentle caress of her breeze, circling my very being.  The movement intensifies, and suddenly even the morning fog is parted a
Into Oblivion..
Crossing over the threshold into the depths of oblivionI look back, staring at the world I once knewWith an uncertain future and an unknown pathAccepting the chaos of a life that is so new.The bright lights along the beaten path that lay behind meand the swirling clouds that reveal so little aheadThey delight and confuse every one of my sensesWhile my soul is permeated by fear and dread.I know not where I'm headed and scoff at where I've beenI laugh at the man I was, yet question who I've becomeI reconcile with myself over my own differencesChosing not to be my own innocent victim.The time and place has finally become so very clearTo reach this point my whole life I have strivenAll that was and all that is to be I must acceptAs I step forward crossing the threshold into oblivion.
Unspoken Secrets..
I sit here beside you but you don't say a word. I'm sure that most people would find it absurd.All of the unspoken secrets that you've kept through the years.  All the ones before me who shared their joy, laughter, and tears.I know your secrets you will share with me when the time is right. For now I will simply enjoy the company you give me tonight.Listening to the soft whispers that you share in the breeze.The peace and calm you offer brings me comfort you see.I wait.. listening.. wondering.. what is it you've seen?Stories of all that is, and all that has been.How many others have sat with you by your side?Did they know of the unspoken secrets you keep inside?I know that to hear you I must open my mind.It is there that I know your stories I will find.Those unspoken secrets, just waiting to be told.I sit here listening, in your shadow on this day so cold.I wish you would tell me, but all in good time.For now the secrets told are the ones that are mine.I will just sit here
Red Sky In The Morning..
The gathering clouds on the horizon are a sign of what is yet to come.  Staring.. the waves of the ocean driving against the hull.. I stand at the ready.  There is no turning back, and stopping will only prolong the inevitable.  I know that I will survive, but I am not the only one on board.  I have others to think about.  The cold salty air gnashes against my skin as the winds continue to rise in their fury.  I am about to turn around and face those who are looking to me for guidance.  Before I do, I cleanse any doubt or fear from my face.  As I slowly turn, I feel a hundred pairs of eyes glaring back.  I see their worry, their fears.. yet I can not show mine. I clear all hesitation from within, and with a wicked smile and a firmness in my voice I give my simple command. "It's going to be a rough ride, so grab some lashings and hang on tight!"  With that I turn the wheel to face the raging storm ahead.  I can feel the bow creaking beneath my feet, moaning it's displeasur
I Love My Job.....i Never Forget
Crabby Old Man What do you see nurses? .......What do you see? What are you thinking......when you're looking at me? A crabby old man, ....not very wise, Uncertain of habit ........with faraway eyes? Who dribbles his food.......and makes no reply. When you say in a loud voice....."I do wish you'd try!" Who seems not to notice ....the things that you do. And forever is losing .............. A sock or shoe? Who, resisting or not...........lets you do as you will, With bathing and feeding ...... The long day to fill? Is that what you're thinking? Is that what you see? Then open your eyes,'re not looking at me. I'll tell you who I am ....... As I sit here so still, As I do at your bidding, I eat at your will. I'm a small child of Ten......with a father and mother, Brothers and sisters ......who love one another A young boy of Sixteen ...........with wings on his feet Dreaming that soon now. .........a lover he'll meet. A groom soon at Twenty heart gives a
Being Sick
  I hate the flu, or whatever this virus is that I have been harbouring in my veins since last week. Everyone who isn’t a doctor has a theory “It’s a cold, everyone is getting it” is a favourite or “My mate had it last week and her legs went wobbly”   Ok, here is the scoop, I hate being sick and almost had to cancel a gig on Saturday at Highlights Edinburgh. Turns out despite vomiting, sweating and having blurred vision, I can still be funny! I did try to avoid contact with everyone in case I smitted them with my stinky virus.   Twitter has been hysterical this week, by the way everyone in the media moans about Twitter, they say stuff like “is that twatter?” but I love it and even news agencies use it as a major tool. I watched a politician being grilled on BBC and his tweets were used against him in the argument. Twitter is like your conscience talking whilst your mouth isn’t moving and journalists love that.   Anyway I hav
Today I woke up as I always do.However I don't feel right today.I am losing circulation in my left hand and have gotten lightheaded once.I thought I was dealing with things fine,but maybe not.Wear and tear on the heart and mind may be fatal on the body I guess.I am wondering if I waited to long.I am afraid to go to the doctor.I don't want hear what they might have to say.I have always had the ability to heal myself without medicines or doctors except when I broke my ankle.I had no choice but to get six screws and a plate to hold it together.That was three years ago.Even then I proved them wrong.They said I would have a limp and never run again.With internal thought and will I was able to heal faster than expected.Now I can walk and run like I always did before.All with no pain except when I was rehabbing it.I came up with my own system and it worked.I hope I haven't worn myself down to where I don't have the fight to heal myself physically and mentally.This is what happens when you put
Lucid Dream
For the past 15+ years I have been having the same exact dream over and over again. While there are nights that I do not dream this dream or at all, the nights I do have this dream are getting to be bothersome I guess.   My dream starts out with me waking up and walking down stairs to the dining room area. I am living in Union Beach, NJ(In this dream for some odd reason I am living in this town). My entire family is in the dining room crying and just trying to get things in order. My twin sister is crying especially hard and while I try to console her and the family I am ignored. I have this issue about touching people, not really my thing..but I digress, While I am being ignored I ask several times whats going on and each time I am still ignored. The scenery begins to shift and I am at a graveyard, watching limos and black cars roll up through the gates. I see them go past me and towards an open grave. As everyone begins to get out, a hearse appears in the distance and moves to the
Daddy Dearest
So the fairly hot cop next door has a new girlfriend....     A MUCH younger girlfriend whom he has already moved in, along with her extremely obnoxious 6 year old son.  *sigh*   What is it with you guys?  Trying to regain your youth?  Enjoy playing Daddy?  Women your own age are too old for you?  When women date younger guys we are stereotyped as cougars.  When men do it you pat one another on the back and ^5 each other.  I have even noticed it on here.  I see men on my list who are in their late 30s and 40s  mostly flirting with the 20somethings.   People are always asking me why I am single.  Here is one reason.  A lot of men my age only go for the young girls and I am NOT going to date someone my son's age.  That's just weird.     That is all for now.
Just A Start
Ok well if you couldn't tell by my pics, I work at one of the local seasonal haunted houses. This is my 18th year working in them. We have done so many odd things just to get a scare, but it is the scare that counts most.  The one i work at this year has 2 houses with over 1098 ft of walking path. It just keeps getting bigger. We have animematronics, live people, and just all around mess and gore in some scenes. Started working on the rebuild this year in April, so it does take along time just to get it where we want it to be.  We started doing photo shoots for the advertising in July. We always have a blast dressing up and getting crazy doing the shoots. Can't wait until November, so i can take a break until February when we start the rebuild next year.
The Tapestry Of Odette, Part I
Thanks to Mizz UK, i wouldn't have thought of doing this if she hadn't suggested it. The Tapestry of Odette is my first published novel, and it is the story of a teenage girl suffering from early-stage schizophrenia, and her relationships with her foster parents, her controlling best friend, her therapist, and with the various characters who populate her delusions. After she begins to suffer abuse at the hands of her foster father, she begins to sink deeper into the hallucinations, slowly beginning to prefer them over the harshness of reality. Another synopsis of the plot is available on Amazon. I plan on expanding the one provided here in further posts.
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Silly Boy
It rang so true it rang so right How can I stay when I know that it will only lead to a fight I loved you more then words that are unknown You threw them back like I was a stone Cast me a spell Cast it on tonight I wish on star with all my might That I can be the one your dreaming of That I can be the sun, the moon the stars up above I was your something now im somones everything How does it feel knowing you did me wrong How does it feel when you hear our song Does it bring you sad sorrow or smile to your face You should know dear that I am in a happy place Filled full of laughter and a warm embrace I will not be your play toy Because i have man and your just a boy Just a boy with no feelings No remourse Ill Tell you this now and tell you it so That I done and Its time to go Kiss what we had a finall goodbye Cause u will never once again No you will never once again Make me cry   I am better then that I know that I am Give me more credit then the fool that I
Sexygurlsammie... One Irritating Lil Hooker...
OMFG... ok, so we've all done the like/fan/rate thing... I've seen this silly whoever they are twice now.. you rate them, and they hit your SB... both times I was up late, bored, both times she/he/it asked if I have YIM... I'm not really all that shy about it (I know how to use the block button and the delete button) so I give it out, and damned if this girl (?) doesn't, after minimal small talk, IMMEDIATELY start trying to get me to cam, and dropping comments on me that were apparently aimed at firing up my rod'n'tackle so I'd simply forget that I'm in love, in a relationship, etc... I tell her I'm in a relationship, she asks if I'm naughty (after rather remorselessly telling me she dumped her man a few months back)... and commences to telling me she's 1)scantily clad, 2)very wet [apparently guys wearing basic clothing and professing their undying love to their woman turns her on :?] 3) completely clueless to the fact I'm NOT interested [I inferred this one from her lack of response w
Black as day black as night I ponder away At loves sight I know in my heart That things are yet to come But I can't see you I don't know where to run I hear your voice It haunts my soul Like a thousand deamons All trying to escape I can't speak I can only relate Ten thousand needles That poke at my side Daggers and Swords That cut at my heart Black as Day Black As Night I can't not move I have no sight I can not feel Without my words I have no fight I lay there still Not wanting to move Taking my last breathe Black as Day Black As Night The ending beats Of my hearts last fight
So Close To Home
in my heart i know he didnt mean to do it.. in my heart i know he didnt want to leave us.. but at the same time im angry and frustrated theres no gettin thru to drugs the users disappear and the drug remains its your family now its who speaks to you, eats with you, lives with you.. your loved one isnt there. every so often you get a glimpse of the unselfish being who use to reside in this body of theirs and you hold on to that. how to get out loved ones back before the drug takes them from us forever. this thing we live with now doesnt care about anyone and will hurt thoes who love it. my cousin died of "accidental overdose" it was an sccident that it happened just then that way but its not an accident the moment he chose to do it. another person very close to my heart is missing now having been taken over by drugs and is struggling this demon now for 2yrs but still young enuff to take back life. this demon convinces and snatches their self worth, confidence, and ambissions and now the
Slience That Stabs Like A Knife
I sit idly on the other side of the screen Wishing you would say something             Anything I don't know if I can take it I dont know if I can try I wonder what your thinking long after we say goodbye   I try not to blink I try not to care But something keeps me here something keeps me still I don't know what it is about you And what it is that you have done But the silence that I feel Shakes me to life But some how when I open my eyes The words that aren't spoken stab me deeper then a knife   I know that Its just a silly little game you like to play When you sit there Reading the words That have been said It makes me wanna scream It makes me wanna shout I can't take this solitude I can't take this instant black   Say something Anything Let me know your there   I crawl back into the corner I knew you never cared.
To be able to breathe out ones unhappiness to breathe out deeply so that one can breathe in again And perhaps being able to speak out ones unhappiness in words in real words which are connected together [coherent] and make sense and which oneself still can understand and which perhaps even somebody else understands or could understand And to be able to cry This again nearly would be happiness
Never Good Enough
I stare blankly at the ceiling counting little dots With each passing moment on the clock As it Tick Toks Tick Toks I can't help but think if there was something that I missed Something that I over looked   I can understand the outcome Because it was never meant to be I can understand that your an asshole Because that's all you will ever be   I can't say that I can forget but I somehow still forgave you They said I was stupid for thinking the way I think They said that I should never let you have the benefit of the doubt But someone how you got me back in the boat Why didn't i leave the first time   I feel worse then I did before How my walls have been built up Cracks are not present in the foundation that is standing strong But weakness in my character Are now my one big flaw I wasn't good enough then So whats make it different now   Can I hold my head above the water Or am I going to drown Please of Please will someone catch me before its to late Deep whi
When The One You Love Betrays You.
  So this is a great way to start a blog on Fubar (yes sarcasm is completely intended). I guess I need to just get this shit out of my head. I haven't told anyone I know including my family about this. I know that the would all be biased in one way or another so there is really no since in telling them because their feedback would be crap and someone would piss me off sooner or later. Honestly I just don't have anybody that I trust in my life enough to discuss personal shit with anyway and the only person I have ever trusted is the reason I'm writing this. So I'm fucked and the whole situation is fucked. Any way the question I can't seem to answer on my on or at least have been able to find peace of mind with is “what do you do when the only person that you have ever trusted and really loved betrays you?” I'm not talking about the kind of genuine but common love that you have for family and close friends or the kind that you bestow on your significant that you find a comfor
Trust---do Not Read If Easily Offended
  Its come to my attention that there are those in my life that are less than trustworthy. The who, how, when, what are simply details. Important ones, but details nonetheless. It brings up an interesting topic, the concept of trust. When you don’t know who to trust you’re left with merely two options at the core of the argument, trust everyone, or trust no one.  In the grand scheme of things we are always betrayed by those we least expect it from and often those who are closest to us as a matter of course. The difficulty comes in when does faith supplant common sense, those of you close to me remember that this is something I struggled with through my divorce.          The concept of outright betrayal is often easier to deal with than gossip. Gossip, often has no name, no face, and takes on a life of its own. Worse yet, when you are betrayed by those close to you, that’s a wound that takes time to heal. But there has to be closure in order for the healing process
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I woke at 2 am brushing the sleep from my eyes my feet hit the floor as I pulsed and took a deep sigh…. my heart revisited the rawest it has been in years, yet my brain was at its sharpest, and my eyes seemed a little clearer as I continued to rise. A thought came to mind: If you asked me yesterday, if I was bitter, I would have told you yes and felt guilty from having that feeling. Now however, I woke to a face that held a childhood I tried to ever so forget and push from my path. Yet, I couldn’t because that face held the beginning of 2 very important decisions that started the very existence of who I am today. So, I welcome this face and release the bitterness that comes from the greeting. For I am at another cross road in my life and realize bitterness will only weigh me down and is not who I am. I forgive you, but even more so, I forgive myself! Better yet, I will thank you from the bottom of my heart…Thank you. It took me years to understand who I am and even
The question is much deeper than that! The question is do you have any character at all. You can't obtain character without doing something you regret and discovering them regrets. To see the folly in something you have done and you wish to have it to do over but know you can't because it's too late. So you pick that thing up and carry it with you to remind you life goes on. The world will spin without you, you really don't matter in the end. Then you will obtain true character because HONESTY will reach out from the inside and tattoo it's self all across your face. Until that day however, you can not expect to go beyond a certain point.”“Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; oh never mind; you will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded. But trust me, when 20 years you look back at pictures of yourself, recall in a way you can't grasp now how many possibilities laid before you and how fabulous you really looked. You are not as fat as yo
Sf Rules
Lounge Rules   1. No Drama 2. Respect both STAFF & Members 3. No Caps unless STAFF Announcements 4. No Links, Advertising, or personal info. EX Yahoo, Email 5. Do NOT discuss other lounges 6. NO YIM ID. DROPPING IN LOUNGE 7. No controversial subjects 8. No directing Cams! **Any rules broken will result in a warning. Continued offenses will result in being ejected and/or banned**.
So I Found Him....
So I found out that someone very near and dear to me has been hiding fubar from me for a while now..... just gonna see how much i can piss him off just by being around to fuck everything up for him.  Spineless dickface
*patience Is A Virtue,but Vandelism Is A Hobby
Where were youAll those nightsI sat aloneAnd wondered whyWhat I did to deserve thisThis burdenTo deserve such bad luckEveryone once caredLatelyNo one gives a fuckAll those daysI walked home aloneBeaten and brusiedNo love was shownI tried to tell you what was wrongSucksYou never listened to my songAll these years wastedA memory laid to dustA life full of hatredOf love,and distrustI thought you understood meSeems like no one ever wouldFairytales,my ass.Happy endings only happen in Hollywood
Semi-political V.2
Welfare. The idea of welfare is a great thing. It helps people out. However way too many people are taking advatage of it.   Before I got my car. I was told that I could get help getting one through them. So I schedule a day off to down there. I had to have the whole day off because there are so many people there waiting to get help, you have to wait for hours. When I get up to the window to tell them what I'm there for, the woman asks me if I "get a check". I had to have her repeat herself and I told her no. I couldn't get help getting a car because I don't get a welfare check. Now that check is NOT the same as a disability check. My Mom gets one of those and it's not issued by the state. Anyway, I couldn't get help. I work my ass off, making shit for pay, but since I don't get paid to set on my ass, I can't get a FREE car. It's not them HELPING people, they GIVE them a car. In a nutshell, I work and pay my taxes so some people can get free food, a place to live, and a free car.
I Spot You
I spot you in the crowed room among the sea of a million people I can't help but notice how you pull me to you How my heart flutters just when I catch you eye My feet start to move towards you in a motion I feel like im floating how can this be Suddenly im in the midst of your embrace Waves of chills float from head to toe I'm at the mercy of your desire I will do whatever you want I can feel my walls breaking with each passing moment You undress me with you eyes with each deep glance Burning deeper into my soul I start to lose all myself control I give into the temptation letting you have all of me Each passing movement of your finger tips on my skin Sends a billion tiny goosebumps that never end Laying me down on the cold floor You gaze into my eyes Laying upon me I can feel each breath you take Hearing my heart beat faster and faster Taking your lips you press them to mine Grasping your hands around my wrist Holding me down in a perfect place I taste you kiss
I'm Glad Amy Winehouse Didn't Go To Rehab
Favorite object in your bedroom?My bed when I wake up dry humping the shit out of it.Have you ever smoked heroin?I prefer freebasing Nickelback. What flavor do you add to your drink at sonic?Jack.Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?How old are you when they want to stick their finger in your ass.. Because I am 22 and I think it might be close so I'm just not gonna go anymore. What do you think of hot dogs?I saw a girl stick 6 of them in her vajayjay in Tijuana.Favorite song?Van Halen guitar solos give me uncontrollable erections.What do you prefer to drink in the morning?Tylenol PM.Can you do push ups?I can only do one cock push up.What's your Favorite Restaurant?The Y.. Get it, get it.Do you like blue cheese?If you know anything about me I say fuck blue cheese.Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment?- Chuck Norris is overrated but his beard is not.- John Elway can probably throw a football over two states.- Christian Slater shouldn't have made that movie Cuffs.Name 3 drinks y
Counting 123
Grabbing earth head on for the moment I relize what I have done I stop and look before grasping my loaded gun The words circle beyond me in a sequence that i sounds all to fimiluar One Two Three I hear it over and over again One Two Three when will it end One Two Three It drives me insane One Two Three I would end it if I could One Two Three Its like im not me One Two Three How can I make it stop This is the imprisonment of tortue that I face Walking closer to the edge taking strides in my pace I hear them start again Grasping the triger tighter in my cold hand I feel my heart race I think this is the end My mind starts to wonder and in circles it goes again One Two Three I suffer in slience One Two Three Over and Over again One Two Three I hear it often then not One Two Three I scream STOP!!!!! Grabbing my head in the palm of my hand fingers grasping at my insides feeling the pain as it starts to stream down my face Cold wetness of salty tears i can taste onvmy
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Why was the question i always asked and never got an answer for. It was funny how one simple word could throw you into a tail spin. How I could just look at you deep in your eyes in the middle of a conversation smile and just say WHY? I was always the one who laughed at the silly things you said The one who was so quick to stand by you no matter what you did. I was the one who could just smile and make things better While you were the one who lied to my face Cheated behind my back Stole the one thing that Till this day still has a hole in it. Sadness grows quickly in the midst of anger that swells deep in the depths of my soul But one word one word alone could change the conversation Why?   I'd ask it a million times and a million times more I would expect and easy answer but words would spew from you mouth in the form of poisonous venom I often think back and see the error in your ways. I often think back and see the hurt that you caused   Why?     Why can't i for
Sit In Wonder
You sit and wonder in a cold dark room. Do you often think to yourself this is what it felt like with every lie you ever told With every promise you broke With every Kiss you kissed and told me it was the best And with every I love you that you said. Does that room hold promise in something that you have done Can you feel the hurt that you have caused Does it burn   I lay awake on the bed that was once shared Staring up at the ceiling counting the ways that I will never be the same Hearing the voices in my head that only said that It was my fault my fault that I allowed for this to go on Why do i blame myself for the hurt that you only caused Why do i suffer in misery why your allowed to be free   He cries sometimes in the middle of the night I often think is it because he felt what my heart felt when he was inside me Does he feel the pain that I felt for the 9 months that I was breaking inside everyday Does he know   I see him laugh and giggle so much I know that
You Scored as Whips Your turn on is the "good ol'" whip. You either like to feel in charge during sex, or you like to feel pain. Sex isn't sex unless it's rough. Whips   100% Blind Folds   83% Chains/Handcuffs   67% Biting   67% Bondage   50% Blood   17%
Your voice makes me trembleYour hand on my waist stirs my heartYour eyes staring into mine light a fire in my sexYour kiss unites our body and soulYour tongue invades my mouth; I suck as if it were your sexYour hand cups my breast, I cannot resistYour fingers pinch my nipple causing pain and pleasureYour command to undress is immediately followedYour smile widens as my nakedness becomes yours.Your grin brightens as my breath becomes rapid and deepYours, yes I am yours.
I'm not sure what is sparking my latest political thoughts, but I'm having them. I'm also not sure why I'm sharing how I feel about things. It's not like me at all. I've always said that I'd never talk about politics, and I'm doing it. Oh goes. I don't understand the governments thoughts on the latest round of stimulus checks. I think the idea is decent, but they should have went about it so different. Seems to me that if the only people who got them are the people that received clothing vouchers for their children, they should be used for the children. I'm not saying that every person is using the money for "non-child related purchases", but I have a feeling that most are. I know of one woman that got $500, not even a week ago, and it's already gone.  I just think that if the money is suppose to be "for the children", why not give them a voucher for food to a grocery store, with restrictions for food only. Or how about something to an office supply store to get school
Kick In The Teeth
We live in a cold dark world with venom in it's fangs. You can spit it in my face but I know I'll be ok It's on the attack. It's a war, It's a game. A ball and chain chew my arm off to get away Don't fight, or it deny it, invite it cause when it .. Feels like a kick in the teeth, I can take it. Throw your stones and you won't see me break it. Say what you want, take your shots. You're setting me free with one more kick in the teeth (Na na na na na) Kick in the Teeth (na na na na na na) I gotta say thanks cause you kick me when im down I'm bleeding out the mouth. I hope you know I'm stronger now. I'm taking the hate, I'm turning it all around. I wont go down 'til I'm six feet underground. Dont fight, or it deny it, invite it, cause when it ... Feels like a kick in the teeth, I can take it. Throw your stones and you won't see me break it. Say what you want, take your shots. You're setting me free with one more kick in the teeth (na na na na na) Kick in the teeth (na na na na na) Wha
Soaked, Moist, and Glistening.I am so wet.Tightening, Contracting, Widening.I am so ready.Wanting, Needing, Urging.For you.Trembling, Quivering, Shaking.For You.I want to feel the length of you burrowing its head deep inside my heat. I need your touch.I need your kiss.I need your feel.Urging to please you.Urging to be pleased by you.I can not help this feeling,I can not help this sensation.Radiating between my legs,Hardening my nipples.Lost in a trance so deep.No longer in touch with reality but instead,Dwelling in our fantasy.
Take the subway to the future,ride beneath the winds of time.A suitcase full of wishes,three dollars and a dime.The hours are lost in dreaming,of a place so hard to find,that I hide the darkest secretsin the tunnels of my mind.I search for station signs,but time passes by too soon.Each spark and then bright flashis a flicker of the moon.Let me soar free to the surface,let me know what lies within.Free me now from my own secrets,see the world that I live in.Time and wind move slowlywhen you have no place to go.Past and future blendwhen the present travels slow.I've caught this very moment,but it fades away, gray-blue.And I'm lost in fond remembranceof a time I never knew.
Turning Points
What is the point where a positive attitudeturns into wishful thinking?When sipping becomesdrinking?When lust changes to love?When busts become bosoms?Where do blossoms turn to flowers which last a few brief hours?Then hours turn into daysand time becomes a maze?When does maize become corn?And corn turn into porn?Does porn become art when we go back to the start,and see it's all just wishful thinkingintertwined with heavy drinking? 
*second Chances Are As Useful As Subtitles On A Silent Film
Bright lightsClose my eyesThis sinking feelingThe weight of the worldThis tug of warNever thought I'd get this far Turning back I see all your facesPointless staresHopeless glancesWe all mess upBut with youI don't believe in second chancesYou burned every bridge with meYou gave up so easilyNow I'm the one who is laughingYou can't stab my backTell me what I lackFrom this moment onYou mean nothing
Thoughts, But Not All Because I May Upset Some
Hmm where do i start? I have been a member of this site for a while, I had a good run there for a while. Had my own lounge used to have a lot of friends on here, used to be somebody. I had to take a break for a while because the shit got thick I guess you could say. I liked how it used to be, key work USED to be. People were real, more or less. This site wasnt about bling, boomerrangs, 11's, and any other superficial or popularity VAMPIRES!!!! ALL women on this site have become whores that I have noticed, won't pay any attention to you unless you spend $$$$.. A woman can post her ass, her panties, you name it and the men crawl on them like worms. If you do this then you can see this. Or i'll just let you see it so you will make me popular and give me attention.. Maybe I'm jealous, so what. Maybe if I sucked up and gave meaninless shit then i'd get some attention to.. Who the fuck cares? I get likes from women that I would not even look twice at mostly.. Nobody ever looks or rates my
My Thoughts
i wonder why the ones u love the most are the hardest to love. wonder why the ones that mean the most are always so far away. wonder why ppl who say they are honest are the ones whos lies hurt the most. wonder why my heart feels so heavy. wonder why i lay here thinkin of her but cant touch her. i wonder why i have so much love and no one to share it with!
Silver Glimmer
embraced by the shadows she walks along the lonely street the sound of her heels pressing to the pavement echo out into the still nights air, if she had a heart im sure it would beat, the moon light drapes its self over the landscape stretching to touch every last inch, shrouding the bulidings in its glimmering sliver grasp
happiness. The night falls, with a whisper, like every night before, but through it she feels. Something that reminds her of, blurred edges, a burnt paper smell, and something like a kiss. It bring with it a light, a fire in the dark. A blinding chaos, she welcomes with fear, before it consumes her.
Some Days It Hurts.
A day without rain.The wet clouds hover like humpbacks.Their songs muted.Their enormous grins subdued.The alchohol haze fadingas the radio loopsgraveyard to morning chatresurrection story.How long has this tea been steeping?Like cool motor oil and bitters.The world revivesLeaves stretch to dawn's light.Through my prison bars, dry paint on the sillthe kind that saps the moisture out of your fingertipsscreaches against your nails.chips in all the wrong places into the soft spots.A profound hopelessness peeks over the rooftops.Held down by the nefarious blue and grey.I found myself rooting for tyranny behind a sip of shimmering slick oolong.The sun will only bring dry, day, and light.
Why?? becuase you hurt me. no matter what i did it wasnt good enough. I was an afterthought. never first. unhappy. lonely. i tried so hard, and you didnt even notice. i let this go on to long. thats why. goodbye.
Twin. You entered my life, like a star burst, Bright and beautiful but guaranteed to burn out. You lit up my night with a sun-heat tragedy That brought me to my knees. The other half of myself. Even in darkness, made for me, my own personal poetic suicide.
Just. I met him on a night of light and joy. Beautiful boy. Beautiful eyes. Beautiful words. I gave him my heart, and begged him to take care with it. Trusted boy. Trusted eyes. Trusted words. He took my heart, and left me twisted and broken. Empty boy. Empty words. Empty eyes. Empty.
2 A.m.
I watched my world burn to the ground to the beating of a broken heart. I watched the flames take down all i loved, or would ever love, and leave nothing but ashes. I looked down and seen the matches in my own hands. what have I done?
I tried to paint you once In shades of summer, bright blues, and frosted orange. But it always turned to shadow ridden decay. I tried to paint you in sun shades of yellow, illuminated whites, bright pure splashes. but the color would run from the brush, and putrefy. Not wanting to admit defeat, I painted you in the ridiculous. green, pink, purple haze, mocking myself with color. But even in these, the humor of it failed. I tried to paint you once, and it made me SEE you. In shadows of black and blue, In colors of decomposition, sweet rotten fruit. I will paint you no more.
aww how my heart aches at the thought of your hands on my body touching , carassing me , till im your slave for eternity , i need your love , i need your kisses , to feel your lips on my body , your hands roaming , making me beg for you to stay , love me honey , for eternity i will beg for you to stay , dont make me fight to have your touch . i will kill for you , to keep you as my love to keep you holding me , i can not stop wanting you to be only mine to feel you complete me , in all ways . i love you till heel and heaven unite , or split , but im always yours my heart , my love,  my angel of darkness , the dragon of my soul , i cant live without you touching me in some way . how am i suppose to keep breathing without you , i just wnat to curl up and die love , i miss how you touch me with such passion , how you touch and tasted me , made me beg for you how i am to go on without all you gave me or showed me in the name of love . i can not be alone with out you anymore , i can
I have recently found out that I have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.My cancer has spread to my lymph nodes and to my esophagus. At first I was like please just take me out now please,but then came back to real life and was like hell no this is not going to stop me,there is way to much fight left in me to go away this easily.I have been going to the doctors almost everyday since then and have been having lots an lots of test I have become a guinee pig but its all good as long as it helps me and anyone else that is suffering threw the same thing. I have had thyroid disease since 1992 I had a thing known as graves disease.I had a gioder that was treated with radiation and a few years ago the tumor returned and came back.Well there is alil bit for now. I dont want anything from anyone other then prayers for those fighting for cancer in an shape or form. I love you all.   
2 Sides To Every Story, But Its Life!!
There's always 2 side to every story told no matter what kind of story it is. Lately I have been feeling betrayed, stabbed in the back, lied too & many other feelings to go along with it.  I had a very good friend of the family pass away & was buried on 9/11/2010.. I went to reach out for the 1 person that was always suppose to be by my side to help me get through the rough times. But nope he couldn't even get online or fkin call me cuz he was to damn busy playing cards with his buddies. I'm sorry I maybe wrong but if u love someone & wanted to marry her, you'd drop anything to comfort her when she's hurting deeply. I have always been there for ppl and it just seems like the one time I needed someone he turned his back on me which hurt me even more then I was already hurting. Let alone I was reliving the whole 9/11 cuz I was there, I saw the hurt children, adults, etc & doing everything I could to help out that day. But for some reason all that didn't matter to him. Back in july of 201
quit being so damn stingy with your pimpouts and buzzkills! you don't have to pay anything for them! seriously! ugh!
Please Help If You Can
I am hoping that you could help my dear friend Azu Gabu out in his time of need.  His brother has just recently passed away and is in need of some funds to take care of the arrangements.  He is a great friend of mine and I am helping him out the best I can and am looking for others to help as well. He creates jewelry that is really fantastic and is selling them to help raise money.  If you can help in anyway, that would be the greatest!  His site is: I hope that you can help in any way possible.  Also, please pray for him and his family in this time of need.Thank you for your time and support,                                                     Jared A.K.A. Shiloh Wolfe
Do You Take It?
Kloverlynn pointed out earlier that she and I don't seem to share musical tastes. Well, I just wanted to demonstrate that my musical appreciation includes a broad and eclectic mix of styles and songs. So... Do you take it?Written and Performed by the Wet Spots Well my father says your niftyAnd you've heard of BaudelaireAnd we both agree that human rights abuses are unfairYou understand your feelingsAnd you're not afraid to shareAnd I think I could do something with your hair.You smell nice and you're groovyAnd we both like foreign moviesMy mother says you have that touch of classWell I can see a shining futureWhere we'll dialog and nurtureBut there's one last thing I feel I need to ask...Do you take it in the ass?Do you take it in the ass?'Cause you're beautiful and curvyBut, unless you're kind of pervy,there's no way you and me are gonna last.Do you take it in the ass?
Further Unnecessary Proof
You'd have to be pretty awesome to submit a resume on a Tuesday, get enough interest by Wednesday that they consider you for a position they haven't even listed, then get booked for an interview at the next possible time (Monday.)  Then in less time than the three hours your interviewed you were made an offer, and you are on the way to sign the paperwork for a new job.   PS - The recruiter was hot too, too bad she had a big ol' rock on, I suppose not everything can go Pedro's way, just most things.
A Salute Made For My Natal Day
             a salute for my birthday.... thank you so much Tim Biocourt
Attract Women
Attract Women
Year #4 Is Beginning!
So, it's quite an interesting day today.  Today marks my 4th full year on this site.  When I first joined, it was called Ohhhhh the changes i've seen.  It would probably take all freaking day to list all of the huge and small differences between then and now and I know you guys and gals don't have all damn day to read this so i'll just keep it short and sweet.  I met the love of my life on this site.  On this very day, 4 years ago.  No matter what we may go through, I wouldn't change a thing.  I love him to death and I hope he knows that. I've met quite a few interesting people on this site as well.  Some good, some not so good.  What can I say, you live and you learn.  You learn through certain experiences who you can and can't trust.  You learn who you can and can't say certain things to.  You learn who will be there for you in times of utter chaos and who doesn't really give a damn. lol  Short and sweet, I owe a lot to this site.  It's given me the love of my
Zeb Little For Alabama State Senate
I have this pic in my default album (crosses fingers that it shows up in the blog) its a campaign sign by my house ... one sign is on one side of the street and the other side is across from it pointing at the other sign! So this douchenozzle was at the very small, hole in the wall restaurant I was at for lunch today. I do not know him personally, but I know of him. He's pretty famous in Cullman. When I worked last year at the bowling alley I was told a story about how he dated the owner's wife at one time and blah blah, who cares.  So, the guy comes to my table and introduces himself and is trying SO hard to get my vote of course. Keith introduces himself to him and shook his hand, I however did not tell him my name. I mean really? Whats the point of that? So in five minutes he can't remember it? I have never been impressed with this jerk and today I am even LESS impressed. I hadn't even noticed I'm strictly going by Keith's words on this, but when I got up to go pay the check he
A Soldier Died Today
 Poem Worth Reading He was getting old and paunchyand his hair was falling fast,and he sat around the Legion,telling stories of the past. Of a war that he once fought inand the deeds that he had done,In his exploits with his buddies;they were heroes, every one.And 'tho sometimes to his neighborshis tales became a joke,all his buddies listened quietlyfor they knew where of he spoke.But we'll hear his tales no longer,for ol' Bob has passed away,and the world's a little poorerfor a Soldier died today.He won't be mourned by many,just his children and his wife.for he lived an ordinary,very quiet sort of life. He held a job and raised a family,going quietly on his way;and the world won't note his passing,'tho a Soldier died today. When politicians leave this earth,their bodies lie in state,while thousands note their passing,and proclaim that they were great. Papers tell of their life storiesfrom the time that they were young,but the passing of a Soldiergoes unnoticed, and unsung. Is th
[by The Looks Of Things]
It would seem I've been disqualified for unemployment.I haven't received the official"you're fucked" letter, but the information on the website for my weekly claims reflects that I'm DQ'ed.My initial reaction was"oh well, I'll just apply for some jobs and go to intervie... oh rightI don't have a car".Someone had better have good news, or at least a consolation prize.Alsopretty much out of chuggin booze.Next person to say "fuck my life" over a pothole, try my abyss.I'm gonna put a cigar out on your arm.
What You Should Find Out About Acid Reflux Disease?
Acid reflux disease is a problem that affects 1 / 3 of the population of the USA. With a total cost of $10 billion each year, it is one of the most expensive diseases to treat. Do you know the solutions then? Although there are numerous methods that exist to manage acid reflux the most effective one will be related to lifestyle change. You should continue reading this article if you want to find out more about this topic. Among the various remedies for acid reflux that exist, one of those will be to control your weight. Indeed having some excess pounds will place pressure on the stomach thus pushing back acid up the esophagus. It may therefore be recommended that you get rid of the excess fat. Modifying your diet and increasing the quantity of physical exercises that you get can definitely be helpful. You could also try herbal remedies in order to treat acid reflux. For instance chamomile is considered to be beneficial for acid reflux disease. However be cautious about
Why Do We Keep Doing Things That Make Us Sad
3 Ways To Manage Acid Reflux
Acid reflux is an extremely common problem that has an effect on people in the US. Not only common it's also a really expensive disease as evidenced by its $10 billion cumulative cost. How to tackle it then? Although you may find different types of treatments which exist, for me the most effective ones are the ones that demand a life-style change. You should continue reading this article if you want to find out more on this topic. Probably the most effective acid reflux remedies will be for you to control your weight. Obesity will place pressure on your stomach thus causing acid to flow back in the esophagus. If you see that you have some excess pounds I'll advise you to work towards a much healthier weight. Ingesting fresh fruits and vegetables and decreasing your consumption of meat should really allow you to lose these excess pounds. You could also try herbal remedies so as to deal with acid reflux. Lavender and anise are often reported as being useful remedies for acid
Light & Lust
Yummy 2 All Curvy,chubby,big Boned Women
curvy,chubby,big boned women R damn hott,sexy in my eye's alwayz have been YUMMY
From across the seas,I can feel her eyes.Her beauty ever so intoxicating,My will to resist her dies.To her I could never say no,Or ever try to walk away.Her beauty would forever encapture me,For all the rest of my days.To this beauty acrossthe sea,Your beauty is deep in my soul.And the day it isnt there,That day I never want to know.
Part 5a In The Girl Friday Series...players: The Boss, Girl Friday And ?
Whats in the box?   From Part 4…"The horses." she answered, her face flushing. "Yes, Girl Friday, the horses. I've always had a love of horses, and I have quite a few. Horses are so strong, sleek and powerful, and yet they submit to their master, giving him control over their strength, just as the mare was submitting to her stallion."He turned the box toward her, and opened the lid, exposing the contents...----------------------------------------Girl Friday looked into the box, but only saw what looked like black leather covering the rest of the contents.The Boss turned the box away from her, and then reached in and pulled something out.  As he held it up, she could see that it *was* made of black leather, it looked like a body suit of some kind, with ruffs of dark fur or hair at the wrists and ankles.The Boss said "I had this made just for you, I hope that it fits.""Just for me?  Boss, what exactly is it?He replied "It's a body suit made of a special material, like
I just found out Friday that I got another job.   I will now be working 3 jobs plus going to school. So that pretty much means I won't be on here a whole lot for a while, but I will still be around. I promise I won't totally disappear like last time :) Thats all I got...have a great day everyone :)
Just Another Type Of Rant...
Cold seething hate reaching up from the bowls of nothing to grip onto the neck and tightens its hold slowly... I remember when all was good, calm and peaceful… sometimes I wonder what happened to bring on the nightmares? Why do they grow bigger and more rotten each day? Withdrawn souls gripping onto their withered frames hoping that an end will come to their pathetic life so they may find happiness and contentment...But they waste what little time they have in this pursuit of faithless self indulgence.  This hate and rage seethes inside growing stronger everyday yet I see no end in its growth, only more fuel for its growth. So tell me why should I want it to stop growing when it feels so good to have its hundreds of snakes writhing inside the soul with their dark sticky ink coating all other feelings inside until everything feels numb and cold!I can feel the heat rising inside me now, burning its way through my core and filtering throughout my being adding to the hell I feel gro
Alright here is the low down about me.......I am not here to make friends.......I am not here to yap yap yap my ass off to randomn people........i am here for my own reasons........mainly just to pass the time..........I dont see the point of someone asking so many questions to a total random person........well not more than two questions anyway......1.  How are you?   of course right...if a question should arise....and 2.                       ............well thats stays blank cuz i will stop talking to u after Like i said i am not trying to be a ass or a richard..  but i got all I need or want here at home........ I have one girl in my life and that is all i am going to little six year old daughter Lexi..   So see i have reasons for the things that i do...or say.....I dont have time for games and if i do .........well i play them with my little girl. I tried living for others before myself.......uh uh that shit dont work either but ........
Falling Down
When I am walking down the street and see a fat person fall down I laugh. But then I think, hey what if I were an ant underneath them? Then it woudn't be so funny.
Polysorbate 80 In Swine Flu Vaccines = Infertility In Humans (repost)
Polysorbate 80 In Swine Flu Vaccines = Infertility In Humans Would you feel comfortable being injected with a vaccine that contains a substance that has been strongly linked to infertility?  Well, if you take the Fluarix swine flu vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline or any of the other swine flu vaccines that contain Polysorbate 80 that is exactly what you will be doing.  If you are considering getting the swine flu vaccine, or any other vaccine for that matter, perhaps you should educate yourself about EXACTLY what is in these vaccines before you allow them to be injected into your body. Perhaps you think that linking the swine flu vaccine with infertility is quite a stretch.  Well, let's take this one step at a time. #1) Polysorbate 80 is in the Fluarix swine flu vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline according to the CDC.  This is confirmed by the CDC in the document below.....
I was going to type a buncha stuff here, but some stupid invalid HTML specified error came up.  This site is about as helpful as a kick to the nuts on stuff like this, so here are the main ones.   1) STOP BEHING WHORES.  Those of us who decide to get VIPs buy them ourselves.  Quit fucking begging in your statuses for VIPs, Bling, etc etc etc because it's really fucking annoying.  I repeat, STOP BEING WHORES.  Goes for girls AND guys.  If someone wants to buy you that shit they will out of their own free will. 2) I hate people who say brb and come back hours later, say brb and don't come back at ALL.  Also, those who leave a conversation in the middle of it are fucking rude.  That's all there is to it.  Try to dispute it, you can't. 3)  Fubat hates tits, that is all.
Ulysse Nardin Unveils The Monaco 2010 Marine Diver Limited Edition At The 2010 Monaco Yacht Show
    The Ulysse Nardin Monaco 2010 Marine Diver_Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches_replica ulysse nardin is limited to 100 pieces and are individually numbered. Ulysse Nardin conquers the oceans once again as an official sponsor of the 2010 Monaco Yacht Show – the World’s Luxury Yacht Showplace – and celebrates the superyacht exhibition’s 20th anniversary with the new, limited-edition Ulysse Nardin Monaco 2010 Marine Diver, to be unveiled at the opening. Created exclusively for the monumental event occurring September 22-25 at Port Hercules, Principality of Monaco, the timepiece is ideally suited for those passionate about yachting and has been designed with the show’s most influential industry leaders and private clientele in mind. As well, it pays tribute to this historic city on the Mediterranean Sea, while honoring Ulysse Nardin’s nautical legacy in high horology. Since 1846, Ulysse Nardin has been expertly steering captains and their crews with fa
Corum Is Re-issuing Three "vintage" Watches To Celebrate Its 55th Birthday This Year
    When René Bannwart created Corum in 1955, he was determined to place it in the vanguard of the watch industry. This choice gave rise to some amazing models that have become watchmaking classics, such as the Corum Romvlvs and the Corum Admiral’s Cup, and even full-fledged icons, like the Corum Golden Bridge_replica Corum Golden Bridge watches_Corum watches. Corum has not however chosen to express its creativity exclusively through masculine models, but has also made its creative mark by introducing feminine watches. 2010 provides an opportunity to rediscover three of them, since they are to be re-issued in limited series.  Timelessness and elegance are the keynotes of the Round Corum Golden Bridge_replica Corum Golden Bridge watches_Corum watchesThe third model re-issued by Corum is the Round Golden Bridge, the most resolutely “horological” of the three, since it beats to the cadence of the legendary C0113 baguette movement. This micromechanical masterpiece
Auto Mechanic Jobs, Diesel Automotive Mechanic Jobs, Diesel Auto Mechanical Careers
Just for Mechanics Auto Mechanics Job is the premier job-search firm for mechanics nationwide. We specialize in the recruiting and placement of mechanics for Auto, Trucks/Diesel, and Motorcycle/ATV, Industrial Maintenance, A/C Heating, Heavy Equipment, Farm Equipment or Boat/Marine mechanics.
Baby On Way
well i am a dad to be  the mom amy my g/f is 20 weeks along and the baby has a strong heart beat  love u amy and baby cant wait to hold u and mommy in my arms
Boyfriend Application... Lol.. Just For Kicks
Name:Age:Location:Height:Hair (color and style):Eyes:Piercings/tattoos:OTHER:1. Where would we go on dates?2. Who are three of your favorite bands/artists?3. Do you drink/smoke??4. Do you like the beach?5. If so...would you go with me late at night?6. Do you like movies?7. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night?8. If you were to take me out to a movie would we watch the movie?9. If not what would we be doing?10. Do you play an instrument?11. If so...what?12. Would you call me right after we saw eachother to make sure i made it home alright?13. How would you rate your hugs from 1-10?14. Favorite body part on a gurl?15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself?16. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, player, slut)?17. Would you give me kisses just because?What Would You do if...I cried:I said I liked you:I kissed you:I wanted to have sex with you:I touched your ass:I was hospitalized:I ran away from home:I got in a fight and you were there:I got dumped:I p
Pissed Off
What did I ever do to you? I was there to talk too you. To calm you down. To help you realize you are a better person. What do I get? I get a screw you and leave me alone. Well guess what??? I'm not yourmachine to to stick a damn quarter in everytime you don't get your way. Find another bitch to listen. This bitch is done. I refuse to sit back and let you walk all over me like I'm trash. I'm the best thing you couldve ever had and you decided I wasn't worth it. SCREW YOU!!!! I can do better!
Stolen Idea
Ask me any random questions, and  I shall answer them to the best of my ability.
[your Parade]
I'm still trying to sort this all out.Alrightbad shit keeps happeningoutside of my controlI have two solutionsrise aboveorbecome a chemically dependant murdering lunatic.I'm not a bad person.I've never even had a parking ticket.I'm just a lonely, fucked up kid with big ideas, and big sky dreams.And it just feels likemy whole life I've been worked on.Why am I so ready to give up now?Because this isn't how I imagined 25?Now it just seems like every day is a taunt.An open handed strike.I dunno.I'm trying to figure out how to come back from this.The anger.The job.The pills.The scars.The injustice.I honestly feel like no matter what I doI'm going to get hurt.And 99/100 times it won't be my fault.That's a real good place to be when you're looking for work, a woman, and a happy place.Right now my happy place involves blunt force traumaand red spray.Dad says get the anger out.Mom says get back in the mental health system.But where's the closure?Why am I picking up the bill?Why is ANYONE pickin
If someone tried to harm you, and the other person didn't have a gun, what kind of weapon would you use,  A. Something you can play baseball with  B. A big hulking knife?
Which Is A Better Brad Pitt Movie
Interview with a Vampire, or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
What Does It Mean
What does to fuck someone's brains out mean, who wants to fuck an imbecile?
Why is Fubar changing so much?   First I notice the tickers are gone. Then I realize that they've just moved down and now are ain a place that I never look. [yes, I actually looked at the tickers] Now I think my laptop is messing up and that the online bar thingy isn't loading. Nope, they changed that too. I'm told it has something to do with seizures.   My plan for this:   1. Put the fucking tickers back. It's a waste of money/fuBucks where is't at now. Didn't you all try this before and you moved it back? If it didn't work the first time, it's not going to work now...just sayin.   2. The  non scrollling bar thing..seizures, really? Why not ban fast morphing pictures and the flashy shit? A scrolling bar has NOTHING to do with seizures. Okay, maybe it does, but I'm sure fast morphing pictures and flashy ones are far worse.   That is all. Love you, friends!!
I Answer Random Questions :d Enjoyyy
Is the person you have feelings for at least a bit cute? VERY!   When's the last time you deliberately skipped a class? This semester, ALREADY.   Anything you're avoiding? Doing my readings for uni.   Last time you were truly upset? last week, when I was sick :(   Does everyone deserve a second chance? Depends   Have you ever lost someone who meant a great deal to you? Yes   Are you close to your father? Kind of   Are you thinking about a certain person right now? Well now I am   Honestly, do you hate the last boy you were talking to? No wayy!   What do you wish about at 11:11? nothing, it's dumb.   Are you emotionally strong? Nooo.   Do you act differently around the person you like? I'd say so   Are you one of those people who hate crying in front of others? I can't do it, It's like my biggest fear   How would your parents react if you got a tattoo? My mom hates them, my dad would think I'm crazy as well. My family is very posh.   You see the
jactation\ jak-TEY-shuhn \noun; 1. A restless tossing of the body. 2. Boasting; bragging.
Sweet mercy is nobility's true badge.  -  William Shakespeare
My 24 Hours As Crazy Lips
So, yesterday, Crazy Lips proposed an experiment. Be her for 24 hours. I uploaded some of her pics, put mine in a private folder (except for the salutes, of course), ripped her custom skin and changed my name. Well, I didn't get the VIP and bling that I wanted, but I did get a ton of friend requests, dudes in my SB asking for their e-kok to be stroked, and I had to turn off the secret admirer notifications because they got so annoying. It may have been more effective if I'd been more responsive to guys wanting to get in my pants.  Not that Crazy Lips is, but not knowing me from her, it may have gotten me further.  I just couldn't do it.  The annoyance factor set in much too soon to keep anything like that going for any length of time. So, my 24 hours as Crazy Lips was fun, but it was also exhausing. While you read this blog, I am morphing back into me. If anyone of you reading this blog is pissed off because you thought that you were friending a hot chick with a gun, delete me n
I Am A Very Sexual Person
I enjoy sex. I enjoy watching it, reading it, talking about it, doing it. I love to talk dirty, I love describing fantasies, and I even enjoy getting off on dirty talk. It’s fun. And it should be fun. I’m not ashamed of my sexual mind, and I don’t believe I should be made to feel so. No one should be made to feel ashamed for liking/enjoying/participating in consenting sex. I don’t do slut- or whore-shaming. I’m not going to force myself on you, nor ask you to participate in anything you are uncomfortable with. But I am a sexual person. This is who I am.
This Just Really Upset Me....
Ok, here it is....   If anybody on here wants to post pictures of their kids, more power to them. I choose not to because its an adult site, and you just don't know about some of the people on here.   Why in the hell would someone make their default picture a picture of two little boys in their underwear???? What kind of sick fuckin person is this??? I reported it as soon as I saw it, but it makes me sick to my stomach to think that someone would post that. Sorry, I had to rant on this because I am just totally disgusted by it.
I feel like giving up. I don't have the energy to try anymore. Im drained. Everything going on inside of me is sucking me dry. I want to be able to do good in someone else's eyes, not just mine.  I need purpose to live. I have none. Maybe someday that will come, but what if it never does?! Its a waste...
The Dark Poet
He sits in silence, The darkness is his friend, He writes words on a page, How he feels at that time, How the world has betrayed him, Stabbed him in the back, He is left to his own devices, He is left with the only thing, That has ever brought him joy, His darkened mind, He is the dark poet, He only has his silence, His darkness, To keep him sane, the silence is my solitude, and the darkness shelters me as my demons keep me company\,,/
Stupid Encounters *49
YAY more stupid People! So I got this in my Chat box! Yay... Can you like I don't know get a job you mindless drome?   Bosslady: hey hun i am sorry to bug you but i am trying to lvl and i am looking friends and fans and trying to get rates and i nedd pimpouts plez also a rang bling. if you can plez help that be great   Here's her link... have fun with that one!  Bosslady@ fubar
Found And Lost
Steam raises from the scorched asphalt, metal twists and groans as it cools, in the center there is a man. Curled into the fetal position. tears rolling down his cheeks, she approaches him, shoes sticking to the ground, but she doesn't notice, or even care. She moved closer and layer her hand on his shoulder, he looks at her with rich deep hazel eyes, full of sadness and says, "Where am I?" to which she replies "Earth? Where are you from?". His eyes go out of focus, "I don't know. Do you know who I am?". This melts her heart, she says "No, but come on, I will help you find yourself" They walk out of the heated mess, she wraps a blanket around him, and start a journey that will bring them answers, and bring them together, for fate has set them upon this course. Even at the expense of forever changing the world. Fate has brought together true love that has yet to blossom... 
Our God Is A Awesome God.
"A Very Special Meal Mirabai Chrin Once there was a very poor and devoted woman who always prayed to the Glory of God, asking very little, if anything for herself. But one thought, one desire continued to recur and finally she asked: petitioning the Lord, that if it were possible she would love to prepare a special meal and have God share at her table. And God, in His Love for this goodly woman, said He would indeed come the next day and share a meal.Filled with ecstasy, the woman went out the following morning with her meager purse and purchased such delicacies that she felt would please the Lord.Returning home, she prepared a banquet and waited patiently for her most honored guest. Soon there was a knock on the door, and when she opened it, there stood an old beggar asking for something to eat. Being a woman of God, she could not turn the beggar away, so she invited him in to partake of her table. The beggar felt as if he was in a dream - such a feast set before him. He finished
Spent some time at the hospital with Mom today.Not much change.They do have some other people that go to the same Dialysis center with the SAME infection.Makes me furious!!!! The ICU nurses were total bitches and I had to show my cunty side.My mother enjoyed it lol She is kinda twisted....... lol Gotta love her. I truly appreciate all the thoughts,positive vibes and prayers.They do mean a lot to me.   huge hugs and lots of love Kit
When The Trumpet Sounds
The skies will turn bright and the clouds will part for himWhen that trumpet sounds his children know he is here for themGod will descend from the heaven to take his children backwhen that trumpet sounds his children will go, no need to packIf you have taken him into your heart, you've been forgiven of your sinWith God in your life your saved and we will all meet againI will stand at the gate waiting for you to come see meI hope to see your face at the gate someday, so pry with meIf you don't know him, you'd better sit and think againcause with out the BLOOD your lost,no man is without sin.So please get on your knees and ask for forgivenessGod in your life is the one and only key to happinessSo for you I will prat I pray we will meet at that gate some day.3-27-09
No Longer
Hands trembling,Knees are so week.Eyes unfocused, only seeing one object.The razor.So shiny,So sharp.Ready to inflict pain,Starving for skin to tear.My flesh fights conviction,Straining to block out what my Savior has to say."No, don’t. I’m here. No need to feel pain."Voice cracking,Tears choking me.I can taste the salty gems that flow freely.My heart pounds like a bass,My lungs struggle to breathe.My stomach flips,Sweat pours down.And I can’t help but imagine the blood,Formed in a straight line,Dripping inch by inch down my arm.And I feel I’ll be free.But the beating of my heart gets faster,Harder.And I fall to the floor,Still holding onto what destroys me most.I scream,"No, it makes me stronger!"But I know who is truly stronger than the pain.I feel myself wanting to giving up,As I gasp from cries of anguish.But I let Him hold me as I drop the razor.I put my cheek against the cold floor,And let my tears form a puddle beside me.I pull up my sleeve and whisper,"I
Stupid Encounters *48
Ok so I was hit in my Chat box a few mins ago by this chick... I just got to laugh... I mean sure I'll send you fubucks np but only if you talk to me on a regular and you don't pose as someone else... be real! So I figured I'd put her on blast!   SWEET 14u FE Dj Scoob...: hun is there any way you can help me get some fubux together im using them for a bling pack   So anywho here the default:     Here's the Salute:     Not to mention she went a step ahead of all this and made a flashy pic!    Need I say more??? Stop being fake and be yourself!  SWEET 14u FE Dj Scoobydooxundrbssplayboy@ fubar
Updated How To Get A Morph
How to get a Professional Quality morph? Rate 250,11's during Happy Hour or 500,10's.Cherry Bomb a high capacity folder.Doing this usually will get 1-3 morphs. Cherry Bomb or Boomy Bling 5-10.Family add where Boomy's are unleashed atleast 3 x's a week.1-3 weekly.Last Option 1 million Fubucks,an there non refundable,if I choose to refuse doing the morph the fubucks are mine to keep just for lack of cooperation or disrespect.
Learn To Respect Women & Talk With Your Mind...not Ur Dick
I'm writing this in big letters so you men can see it!  I have been online for several years. I have been on many social networking sites and it still amazes me as to the number of asshats who have no respect for women by coming into our SBs or private chats and saying "hey sexy" or "you're hot!"  This is not a way to introduce yourself. This just tells us women that you're an idiot looking to get his dick off. Which is a BIG turn-off when we are definitely not looking for that sort of thing. It also annoys the hell out of us! So, here is a little tip from me to you...DON'T DO IT!! You want to talk to us women then be respectful and considerate. Take the time to read our profiles before you open your fucking mouth. You might actually learn something. Realize that not all women are 1-900 operators *plus not all those "women" are me!* Plus don't come onto our profiles and berated, cuss at, or belittle us because we aren't in the mood for your bullshit or don't want to pl
How To Make A Chain Mail Dice Bag In Two Easy Steps!
Okay, picture blog time! 1) Make a sheet of chain mail.       2) Turn it into a dice bag!  
This Is All Written By Me And Is Explicit So Enter At Your Own Risk
It was 7 PM on a late summer night.  She drove to Siesta Key to a small bar and restaurant called the Daiquiri Deck as she had an arrangement to meet Steve for dinner.  She had never met Steve in person so she was a little apprehensive about meeting him.  But then she had her protector in her purse which was a nickel plated colt 45 with hollow point slugs….just in case.   She recalled his instructions of what she was to wear for dinner which was some high heels and a very short skirt and here she was sitting in a very short skirt …angry at herself for agreeing to follow his request but satisfied since she did not wear the heels as he had requested.  Then she sat back and smelled the salt water breeze blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico as the bar was just near the ocean.  Who gives a shit she thought .. I’ll just enjoy the evening.  Besides the first drink was starting to kick in and she let this rush over her like a large wave crashing in from the ocean and washing
The Chronicles Of Kindness
I think all will agree that Fu has become sort of a realm of negativity and purging in late years. Folks are more often posting blogs highlighting some interaction of someone that offended them or someone they just want to ridicule for sport. I thought I'd break it up a bit and start a thread to kind of catalog good things that happen, that often go unnoticed. A recognition of humanity. Now Im not talking about someone buying a fu-gift and flaunting it as some symbol of unity, whether they even talk or not. I mean real, random, selfless acts of compassion, acceptance, acknowledgement or even just the endangered ideal of politeness. I'll start off with the other day.... The Sentry Mart around the corner, my often stop for this and that. As you would guess owned by an indian fellow and his family. While back they added a lil deli section, and I encouraged them to add some carolina bbq to thier menu, as they werent familiar with local quisine interests. They found a good source and
A Girl Sometimes Feels These Things!!!!
I don’t want to be that girl  The one who sits at home and cries The one who thinks of him and always sighs  The one who gets used The one who’s abused The one who’s seriously confused  I don’t want to be her  Her pain is great The guy she loves is late He has yet to figure out she’s the one The one thats beauty far surpasses her looks The girl you hear about in books The one who holds him as her world The girl who knows she doesn’t stand a chance The one who risks it all at a dance I want to be the one he loves The one he cares for with all his being The one he’s there for when she’s hurt The one he would never treat like dirt The one he know
She shines more than gold,Her eyes sparkle more than the stars.When it comes to beauty,She has set the bar.Her smile so hypnotizing,Sends my thoughts in a craze.A kiss from those lips,I would be lost,my own heart stunned,dazed.Her beauty holds me spellbound, Desiring her more each look.I cannot resist her beauty,And her smile was all it took.
That Girl.....
It's hard to find someone like you girl. Your personality and qualities are true girl.I can't forget about that body too girl. It's always about you girl, the little things you do girl.You got me singing "Oooooh Girl". I wanna give the world to you girl.Make you my wife 'cause you're so much more than my boo girl.I don't know what to do girl.To make you see these words are true girl.No one compares to you girl. Let's just make it me and you girl. I'm stuck to you like glue girl. There's nothing I won't do girl. To make your dreams come true girl...
Clay Balls
Clay balls CLAY BALLSA man was exploring caves by the seashore. In one of the caves he found acanvas bag with a bunch of hardened clay balls. It was like someone hadrolled clay balls and left them out in the sun to bake. They didn't looklike much, but they intrigued the man, so he took the bag out of the cavewith him.As he strolled along the beach, he would throw the clay balls one at atime out into the ocean as far as he could. He thought little about it,until he dropped one of the clay balls and it cracked open on a rock .Inside was a beautiful, precious stone! Excited, the man started breakingopen the remaining clay balls. Each contained a similar treasure. He foundthousands of dollars worth of jewels in the 20 or so clay balls he hadleft.Then it struck him. He had been on the beach a long time. He
Friendship..... A  friend, a pal, someone whom you share you're  thoughts with. I though that I had found that and it turned out to be fake. So, for all of you out there whom actually take the time to read these things... THANKS! For the rest of you... KISS OFF!I am so sick and tired of thinking that I have a friend who would just be straight with me. You aren't straight with me, hell you can't even do that with yourself. I don't care if you have been hurt before.. shut the hell up, listen to you what you are hearing and do something about it. Don't ask me for advise if you really don't wanna hear it or you aren't gonna take it. I'm not a machine you can stick a damn quarter into and it dole out information on your "feelings" or "relationships". I am sick and damn tired of wondering what the hell is coming next with you. Suck it up and deal with it. The good, the bad or the ugly... hell we all have it.If this pisses you off in any way whine to a different machine than this
Where Do You Live?
Optimists live in the future. Realists live in the present. Pessimists live in the past.
I'm A Simple Man
I'm a simple man, I find humor in simple things.  When there is a store named "BJ's" and it is right next to a store called "Dick's"  I am going to find that funny.  Every time I see it, it will make me chuckle a little inside.
Men Without Hats - Safety Dance
We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance Well they're no friends of mine I say, we can go where we want to, A place where they will neverfind And we can act like we come from out of this world Leave the real one far behind, and we can dance We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance Well they're are no friends of mine I say, we can go where we want to a place where they will neverfind And we can act like we come from out of this world Leave the real one far behind And we can dance Français! We can go when we want to the night is young and so am I And we can dress real neat from our hats to our feet and surprise 'em with the victory cry I Say we can act if want to if we don't nobody will And you can act real rude and totally removed And i can act like an imbecile I say we can dance, we can dance everything under control We can dance, we
Waiting Game.
2..3..4..Here I sit, mind running fast.Hoping from love, days do last.Every day has it's own little twist,but when it's over it won't be missed.8..9..10..Seconds pass slow,as do hours,and days,but I miss you always.12..13..14..Stomach in knots,heart skipping beats,holding my breath,my mind retreats.16..17..18..Swift it returns,with every pulse beat.Before reality hitsto keep on my feet.20..
Newbie: Some Thing About Me And A Fetish....
Webcam SOCIALs  Follow blog About me: THEY CALL me 'webcam guru' Hello for the past several years have made a small, meager living blogging. It really becomes a passion for writing and dispensing useful information to the masses of readers. (okay, masses is my wish and imagination at work.!) when it combines with a fetish. SO hope to remain a valued member of this community by sharing some of my online creations, website and webcam application reviews plus more too. YOU will get good information from me but will not be solicited of cash or contact otherwise and any promoting of a link to my 'webcam socials' online or twitter etc. is strictly because you read the post and are interested in community. See links in my blog or profile for such things. Also google = "djchoppercat" or "dj choppercat" for podcasts and blogging with mp3s, Virtual DJ Pro and video remixes too. San Francisco's DJ Choppercat. google = "tikitoon" or "tiki toon" for illustrate
The 5 Answers We Have All Been Waiting For!
 THE   5   ANSWERS   WE   HAVE   ALL  BEEN WAITING   FOR! > > > Q:  WHAT  ARE THE SMALL BUMPS AROUND A WOMAN'S NIPPLES FOR? > A:  It's  Braille for 'suck here'.  > > > Q:  WHAT   IS AN AUSTRALIAN KISS?  > A:  It's  the same as a French kiss, but 'down under.'   > > > > Q:  WHAT  DO YOU DO WITH 365 USED CONDOMS?   > A:  Melt them down, make a tire, and call it a Goodyear.  > > > > Q:  WHY  WERE HURRICANES NORMALLY NAMED AFTER WOMEN?  > A:  Because when they come, they're wild and  wet.  But  when they go,>    they  take your house and car with them.  >  > > Q:   WHY DO GIRLS RUB THEIR EYES WHEN THEY GET UP IN THE MORNING  ?  > A:   Because they don't have any balls to scratch... 
Stealing & Gifts
Thieves take because they they think they are given the right Victims take because they think are given the right So who gives? Who actually gives anything to anyone? I am not here to judge...I only give to my son
It's Serene Sunday On Nekkid Radio
Join me for Serene Sunday at 8am est .  Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid!  Did you know you could connect from our website?  Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
Thank You
Just a small note 2 thank the ppl who stuck beside me (even though your all nutters n weirdos) lmao jj uve been 4 me when ive needed you, made me laugh when ive been down,been there 4 me when ive cried, through the tough times as ppl who know me will know why i dont like october but have helped me though it, have added me to ya familys without me havin 2 bribe ya or pay ya (Are you off ya head?)lol,who have rated my pics (or perved)lol,what can i say ya the best (ok dont get a big head)even though ya will llf,anyhow enough of me gettin soppy im gettin a feeling of sheer horror lol as i dont do soppy urgh..............again thank you xx
How can I reach her heart, When she keeps it so well hid. Nothing seems to get me close, Not anything I did. Still I keep trying, Reaching for her golden ring. If she would only open up, To her happiness is all I bring. Till I'm your first thought of the day, And the last you have at night. I will keep banging these walls, Never giving up this fight.
Sixteen Things That It Took Me 25 Years To Learn
You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe day-light-savings time.       You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests you think she’s pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment.       The most powerful force in the universe is gossip.       The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside we ALL believe that we are above-average drivers.     There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday. That time is age 111.       There is a very fine line between “hobby” and “mental illness.”       People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.       If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not
As she sits in the darkness waiting for the light to come Reflection comes so easy creeping in like a thief of the night...   Not wanting to dwell on the past but unable to escape it the walls close in she must get out of site...   Days seem so short the nights never end If only the two were reversed she could find happiness again...
Oh Lordy, What Have I Become? And The Lord Answered, My Son, You've Become Nothing, Not Damn Thing.
    Here's a tale of a guy who's litterally at his wit's end.   I have nothing.   Sure, I have the trappings of a average white male in the suburbs. The video game system, the lcd tv, the array of dvd's and the obligatory cool phone.   What I don't have are friends. Sure , I have fubar friends. Loads of them. Nice little popup boxes that occasionally ask me how I am. I can lie with the best so I give the safe for public consumption answer“ I'm good and how are you”? I'm not good. I haven't been good in quite awhile and it's truly gnawing at me like a dangling eyelash that you can't just brush away.   At my age , most if not all people are married, way into their careers, have a home. Essentially they've grown up. I'm a kidult, I'm a peter pan, I'm lost.   Save me from myself.   I feel so empty yet I'm filled with anger,rage,disapointment and lastly despair. I was told, why not seek some medical help? It can only help. And your right, it would
"everyone should enjoy some time outside today. Get grounded. Thank mother earth for her amazing presence and love. Find a way to raise your vibration. try to embrace feelings of gratitude and project them into the core of the earth. Forget about the darkness, and embrace the light."-- (hed) p.e.
Though her eyes have not yet shined, On this world as of today. Your love for her, Will grow and forever stay.   For one not here, To come to one as special as you. Should fill your eyes with joy, Never sorrow or tears that run blue.   Smile and wait for the day, An angel named marley comes. And your world will again shine, As a new life has begun.  
[as I Contemplate]
... the pain in my backthe rough cartlidgey clicks in my throatevery time I swallowthe firm pink flesh on my foreheadthe rawitchingnub in my neckwith a shard of glass in itI'm reassured by two facts.I am the great destroyer, first there was me.Then there was not.Think Taxi Driver.Only no prosand no schizophrenia.The difference between the psychopath and the sociopath.I'm going to be self aware enough to enjoy this.
U Know What Time It Is!
A Candle....
"Tis strange, that though a candle,     And oh, so small it be; The flickering flame it gives,     In darkness, helps to see... Its light dispels the darkness;     The frightening shadows flee; And all the fewars of midnight,     Are gone, when one can see... The shadows crowd around one,     And thunder roars above; The fearful soul is drowning:     He cannot see God's love... My friend, you are a candle,     And in God's plan, the light That shines to those around you,     To give the blind soul sight... 'Tis nice to be a lighthouse,     To guide the ships at night,
Old things are more beautiful  than many things brand new Because they bring fond mem'ries  of things we used to do... Old photographs in albums,  love letters tied with lace, Recapture those old feelins  that new ones can't replace. Baby shoes, a teddy bear,  a ring that grandma wore, Are treasures waiting there behind  a door marked, "Nevermore." Old things are more beautiful ,  more precious day by day, Because they are the flowers  we planted yesterday...                          Clay Harrison
Helloween Battle Sign Up Page
 Helloween sign up is below please comment  and post entrance fee, the entrance fee is 1 mil fubux previous winners have already had their entrance fee prepaid by HPR 1st prize= $20 bling pack 2nd place= Blast 3rd place =3cred bling    Rules have not changed from last year. there will be up to 3 rounds on the 29th depending on amount of dj's who enter 1 winner from each round moves to final battle october 30th DJ's Have your play list turned into Nosferotix 3 days before battle at the latest sets are 45 min the contest is halloween themed and point based judged.        
When my mind goes blank, my eyez go blank, my thought's go black, and for once im free. Free to be me, without judgements without hate or love. without thought of loss and pain. or happiness and smiles, without anything at all. For once Im free without anything hold me down or lifting me up, I float in bliss. But im only free in my mind.
Delta Drama
Soo, to append my previous blog, I had bought tickets for zztop for the same day I was flying from cali. I gave my friends my ticket just in case sumn happenned and I couldnt make it. Usually when flying out of socal, I will go ahead and get to LA and bunk in by the airport. This time I drove in from outta town, worked once before, thought it might again. Left like 2am to catch a 615. Should have put me there like 4. Road's all mine right?...wrong. 4 bouts of night construction, with CHP zigzagging across 8 lanes in front of the pack 5 miles before the construction just to slow everyone down. So this repeated scenario puts me in the morning LA crawl. Im still 15 miles out, and its 430am. I still have to turn in the rental, catch shuttle, offload, checkin bags, by 515. Im not seeing it. So i figure its 730 back east, call the HR girl see if can catch the next. She didnt get in til nearbout 9. Turns out theres a 0915, and its now 0645. Gonna be tight, but lets try it. Turns out
Where The Sun Has Never Shone
Round, like a circle in a spiralLike a wheel within a wheelNever ending or beginningOn an ever spinning feelLike a snowball down a mountainOr a carnival balloonLike a carousel that's turningRunning rings around the moon Like a clock whose hands are sweepingPast the minutes on it's faceThe world is like an appleWhirling silently in spaceLike the circles that you findIn the windmills of your mind Like a tunnel that you followTo a tunnel of it's ownDown a hollow to a cavernWhere the sun has never shoneLike a door that keeps revolvingIn a half forgotten dreamOr the ripples from a pebbleSomeone tosses in a stream Keys that jingle in your pocketWords that jangle your headWhy did summer go so quicklyWas it something that I saidLovers walking along the shoreLeave their footprints in the sandWas the sound of distant drummingJust the fingers of your hand Pictures hanging in a hallwayA fragment of these wordsHalf remembered names and facesBut to whom do they belongWhen you knew that it was ov
Should I
Should I recycle some of my smumms as blogs?
Loose Ends
looks like I need to do a blog...start with the light shit, Went to see Resident Evil...was pretty good...I was able to sweet talk my way out of having to work the beer tent again tonight as well...which leaves me the time to do the blog.As many of you know last week Joanna and I had a fight...which should have stayed at that but Debby came in for the kill showing me convos that she said were Jo stabbing me in the back..and yes, at the time that is exactly what they appeared to be. She said she would follow with screenshots from her and John proving it further. Those never came thru, I finally broke and spoke with Jo the other day, she sent me the REST of the convos associated with what Debbys had shown yes they were her word....just put together to suit Debbys needs. Now Debby..welll where to begin . Few weeks ago I received a Bday gift in the mail from John. I finally said soething about it and of course was called a liar, a psycho..all kinds of shit. Then I produced the invoi
All Time Biggest Turn Offs
  Girls do all kinds of things that piss guys off. Usually they don't realize what they're doing. Then we never call them again and they think we're assholes and then we get their mother pregnant. But it was their fault all along. Here are the biggest worst turn offs available that I can think of. 1. Driving safelyYou can always tell how boring a girl is by how safely she drives. 2. Flushing the toiletIf she wastes water, I wonder what else she wastes? Most likely her life and existence. 3. Wearing a baseball hatSex and baseball are not heterosexually corrolated. Nobody gets aroused by mental imagery of girls playout center field. Girls playing sports is not hot, especially baseball. The only time girls should be permitted to wear mits is when they're taking food out of the oven.  5. Baby talkNot cute. And even if it were cute, cuteness sucks. Cuteness is for teddy bears. Unless you're looking for the type of guy who fucks teddy bears, stay clear of anything cute. 6. Being AsianA
10 Reasons Why I Want A Girlfriend
  #10. So I have someone to share intimate thoughts and secrets with. #9. So I have someone honest and forgiving in my life. #8. So I can split a one-room apartment for $300/mo because spending $600 each month to sleep and cook canned soup is bullshit. #7. So I have someone to hang out with who doesn't try to show me his dick every ten seconds. #7. So I have something to do when while waiting for the latest video game to come out. #6. So I have something "real" to blame my problems on.   #4. So my dipshits friends don't feel justified complaining about their girlfriends on the grounds that I don't "understand" because I don't have one, and then refusing to take my brilliantly crafted advice because somehow it's not relevant because I'm single and no single person could ever possibly have any understanding of relationships or the human condition. What's with people who ask for advice, and then don't take it? It's insulting. It's not even relationship advice. You'll go to a restaur
Emo Is Marvelous, So Shut Up.
Emo is marvelous, so shut up. I consider myself to be very emo, and I'm proud of it. I'm tired of people hating us for no reason. Bastard haters try to bring us down and destroy our way of life. They try to turn the "emo" into "demolish," but they're ignorant. I think it's about time someone from our culture stood up and defended our totally hip and awesome lifestyle. Emo people, like myself, have totally cool hair. People think it's strictly a fashion statement, but that's simply not true. There are many practical reasons for wearing our hair the way we do. Let's say I'm outside walking in broad daylight and all of a sudden I turn into a vampire for no reason. My hair will shield me from the sunlight and I won't prune to death. Emo people benefit society in a lot of ways. For example, killing ourselves offers many jobs to illegal Mexicans who's only skill is using a shovel. Or Italians who failed to succeed at construction and can only hammer 6 boards together into a rectangle. Ou
wend\ WEND \ verb;  1. To pursue or direct (one's way).  2. To proceed or go.
Old age is no place for sissies.  -  Bette Davis
The Dance
I shall take you to a place I know, On an old dirt road where few people go, That ends by a field where horses graze And the woods tend to fill with blue haze.   I’ll park the car and open your door And watch your eyes as they would explore This quiet scene in the sunset’s glow, On the old dirt road where few people go.   I take your hand softly into mine, Pull you towards me as you divine That what brought us out here was not chance, It’s a moment stolen for a dance.   So close together, we move as one, Still spinning slowly when the song’s done. A melody within us continues to play, Lingering, haunting, as night steals day.   I will draw you into my embrace, Look so lovingly into your face, And kiss you softly while fireflies’ glow On the old dirt road where few people go.       Shawn Priest, 9/13/2010   Dedicated to my muse, mi corazon.
  Bill and I had been in the same unit at Fort Carson, Colorado, and we’d spend a lot of nights out drinking together or in the barracks playing videogames, so when he looked me up in Germany I was glad to see him. He was a good guy, but he’d always drink too much and pass out, and I’d end up carrying him to his room and dump him in his rack to sleep it off. Two years later he hadn’t changed much, except now he had married a girl he’d been dating back then, a sweet young thing named Alicia. I had worries that she’d resent a third wheel hanging out with them, but she was always glad to see me come in with my usual bottle of asti when I stopped by. We’d have a glass and go out to the NCO club or just hang out, watch movies or just talk a lot of shit. Bigger than anything, if we went out, I’d end up driving them home and carrying Bill into the house.             An hour into our drinking one night Bill passed out at the table, snoring lou
Just When I Thought I Was Happy
Just when I thought I found the right guy. I got turned around and told he wasn't interested in me and it really hurt. But I just feel feel frustrated at the fact he had to lie to me about it. I could have been told the truth but NO. If I would have gotten told then truth I would have been just fine with it. I'm just so freakin mad about it. I wish I wasn't lied too.
What Some Women Go Through To Get Rid Of Their Men
atlanta craigslist > atlanta > community > pets please flag with care: miscategorized prohibited spam/overpost best of craigslist HUSBAND (aka DOG) NEEDS LOVING HOME (anywhere-I WILL DELIVER!) Date: 2010-09-15, 6:46PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]   40 yr old husband looking for loving, TOLERANT home. Don't let his age fool you. He acts like he is in his 20's. I must warn you, this husband is not loyal, does not give sweet sloppy kisses and does not lay in your bed at night. He is not very good with kids or other males but GREAT with women! Looking for a "multiple women" household that will be patient with this behavior. He comes with his own wardrobe and food. There IS a rehoming fee but it works like this: I will pay YOU to take him AND I will deliver. I'm not sure about his "health" as I have no records but you might wanna get him checked as soon as you get him home. I have not had him neutered
My Everything
Goodbye Was the last thing you said to me No why A million reasons without a word   You walked out and never looked back I tried so hard just to hate you In tears is how you left me Ripped my heart out after all we've been through   You can't see What you mean to me I'm so broken Not another that completes me   Why did it have to be this way Why did you just walk away How could this be You were my everything   Long gone I've tried so hard just to move on It hurts When I think back to the memories   Every time I see you now The tears stream down my face My mind starts to race again And think about what I did wrong   I miss you so much Just want to feel your touch The taste of your kiss So many things i miss   Why did it have to be this way Why did you just walk away How could this be You were my everything   I won't go on My fingers runs across the trigger It won't be long I'll soon end this anger   Then a hand reaches out There's a voice in
Fubucks For Blasts
Baby J asked in his status about fubucks for blasts. I think it's a good idea. Blasts are a great way to get profile rates. Blasts are also a great gift idea for friends. Rawk on mofos!
If You Don't Mind :) Keep My Mom In Your Thoughts
My mother has been in the hospital all week.She was moved to ICU this evening. She has several health issues and is septic .Gotta say thanks to the losers doing her dialysis for not using sterile technique. Sorry,I am upset and tired of her having to go through this. Please send positive vibes her way :)   hugs Kit
Who Does That?
  At Highlights comedy club in Edinburgh a stag party proudly announced to me as they walked in the door “We hired a dwarf” and pointed at a little person dressed neatly in a police uniform. Everyone guffawed and the little person or as he liked to call himself ‘Dwarf for hire’ pinched my bottom and wiggled his bum.   The small policeman sat at their table, pinched a few cheeks and left after an hour as he is only hired by the hour and they had only paid for an hour. He was grumpy as well and I don’t mean Dopey, Happy and Bashful weren’t available I mean the small person was actually grumpy, what’s the point in hiring someone who is banking on their ability to be laughed at, being grumpy when laughed at?   Folk are weird eh? I didn’t know you could hire small people in various costumes. At least they have stopped hiring strippers and moved onto people with other talents.   Yesterday I went out to get milk and slipped on a dead pige
Fupal By Bill
fuPal is a fubar feature that allows users to transfer their fuBucks or bling credits to other users. You may do this because one of your friends is broke and needs to pay their lounge fee, or because you want to help them bid for spotlight! Why you transfer them is up to you. Keep in mind however, that you will be charged a transaction fee of 20% of the amount you transfer. For example, if you transfer 100 fuBucks to someone, your account will be charged a total of 120 fuBucks. Keep this in mind when transferring large amounts. If you do not have a salute, the transaction fee is 50% fuPal also allows you to send bling credits to a friend. You will be charged a transaction fee of 35% of the transfer amount. For example, if you transfer 100 credits to someone, your account will be charged a total of 135 credits. You can access fuPal by going into the fubar Gift Shop and selecting the fuPal option at the top or buy going to the page of the user you want to give funds to and clicking on
Thank You All!
Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left birthday wishes/gifts!  I have been down in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas and in La Paz, on business and I'm just now getting some time to catch up with all of my family and friends here on Fubar.  I'll stop by over the weekend and return the love, thanks again for everything.  It's almost like I get to celebrate my birthday twice!!! lol!! 
How To Add Cams To Your Lounge By Bill
Check out Redstaartv!!!
His Name Is ....
So hes from out of town. I had the day off and thought live for the moment so i asked if he watned to spend the afternoon getting to know each other. It worked out.  WE met at the waterfront. Initial eye contact great. Attraction level plus 1. Hug bonus 10 points. "Hi, how are you? " he says " Hey wow so nice to meet you" i replied. " Lets go get a tea. Time Lapse: 2 hours later after chatting and laughing and bee swatting and a great lunch. We ended up back at waterfront we watched a waterplane land and in that moment he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me from behind as we watched the plane land directly in front of us. I turned around and looked him in the eyes to even see if this would have been the moment to tell wether or not there would be a second date. I felt something. Sitting on a bench now he leans in and just steals my breath away by planting a kiss on me. I gasped for air and instantly felt tingly from head to toe. This kiss lasted for more than 5 min. We get up
I Cum
I Can Cum Standing Up, I Can Cum Sitting Down   I love to flirt and cum once I bump a man with my beast and my pussy get wet   In the shower or tub I always finger myself to see the texture, and call a lover over so he can fuck me into a rapture.   Once I stood by a copy machine, pussy juice ran down to my shoes and it was cold as hell Inside that room.   I showed a temp worker
Breath Stops, Hearts Race
The warmth of your body Perfectly pressed against mine Our heights perfect, bodies intertwined Breath stops, hearts race I ache for you suddenly As naturally as flowers ache for rain And as necessary as air Wanton, if I look up, lips slightly parting And you lean in, I  know The instant we are lip to lip And hip to hip Tongues delving deep, like making love That the floodgates of my desire Will break open and I will fall
Stupid Encounters *47
  12:38pm Bad Boy Go...: you are gorgeous 12:39pm iC51NerdGo...: Thanks 12:41pm Bad Boy Go...: sorry i know you probably hear it a lot 12:44pm iC51NerdGo...: I do but its always good to have a 1 up 12:47pm Bad Boy Go...: you deserve way more then just a 1 up 12:49pm iC51NerdGo...: Aweeeeeee 12:49pm Bad Boy Go...: i am sorry you are hot hahaha no aweeee it isn't my fault 12:51pm iC51NerdGo...: Its Gods fault 12:52pm Bad Boy Go...: nah your parents 12:53pm Bad Boy Go...: i refuse to give god credit for you hehehhe 12:53pm iC51NerdGo...: lol my parents were just the portal of life God made the goods on the inside 12:57pm Bad Boy Go...: your dad put the goods on the inside hahahah awwww i am sorry 1:02pm Bad Boy Go...: sorry Bad Boy Gone CleanAOD
Stupid Encounters *46
  12:27pm wills gros...: hi 12:30pm wills gros...: talk to me 12:30pm iC51NerdGo...: Sup 12:31pm wills gros...: do you wear a bikini 12:31pm iC51NerdGo...: when i swim yeah 12:32pm wills gros...: what color 12:32pm iC51NerdGo...: depends on how i feel 12:33pm wills gros...: when you pull up your bikini botoom between your legs is it tite 12:36pm wills gros...: is it tite between your legs 12:39pm iC51NerdGo...: Seriously dude go like hold you baby and tell it you love it or something... I dont take kindly to mindless dromes 12:39pm wills gros...: do wear a thong 12:44pm iC51NerdGo...: Go fuck yourself 12:44pm wills gros...: do you 12:45pm iC51NerdGo...: do you cause i think you should you know go buy your wife one
You Sexy
Even the way you sneeze Is sexy The way you tilt your head The way you smile like A Cheshire cat Is sexy The way you look at me like You’ll never understand me The way your lips part slightly Is Oh, so sexy The warmth of your skin The heat of your touch The musky male scent of you Is sexy All of you makes me quiver With insatiable desire for you
The Growing
  Touch the soft white velvet of my skin   Softly as if I might break into  A thousand pieces if not handled  Like a delicately thin piece of crystal  The ever so slight pressure of your hands  Skimming slowly over every curve  That I may feel our skins connect  Tenderness showing that the erotic 
My Mixcd!! Get A Free Copy At Type Redstaar In The Search Engine!!
My MixCD!! Get a FREE copy at   Type REDSTAAR in the search engine!   Also catch up with my perfromances at Peace
Missing My Love
    i miss my love the way my unchained heart would rise up as if it could escape my ribs with lightness i yearn for the way i could hold you velvet skin to velvet skin, our legs intertwined as if we were meant to be one body how your liquid bedroom eyes were pools to drown the sorrows of yesterday in how the sincerity of your sweet nothings led me closer to forgetting that i’d let in love before acceptance untying all the shoulds your unbearably light feather fingertips erasing bruises that ran to the bone it was safe to love you, to love this until ther
wow!!  its was very very slow for awhile, now things kicked back into high gear..The OC is in full bloom with people that like to bragg about how much money they have, and then turn around to complain that theyre about to loose their douces.   ok, seriously now, a new property manager took over everything and is in the proccess of negotiating with the H.O.A  about spending an obscenely large amount of money they don't have on the enterences to the community.  aparently its going to cost over 600,000 dollars to make this lovely mountain the best looking gated community in the's the problem, they do that and not only my payrate, but my co-workers and good friends payrates will suffer...   If they do decide to redo the community and give it a whole new makeover, my boys and i wont be getting our monthly bonuses and any pay raises owed to us by this lovely community.  talk about getting forced to pull down your pants, bend over, and take it in the ass aye?   anywho
Here's What I Got To Say To All You Point Whores & Bling Beggars
I don't hand out fucking bling or bling paks to anyone that asks. I am sick and tired of being hit up for it and then berated because I buy it for myself and not you. So, here is my answer to those of you that think I'm just an evil and selfish person...GO FUCK YOURSELF! I think you should earn it and I hold contests or raffles to share in my wealth of bling at times, but don't come on my page or in my SB asking for it just cuz you want it. I say, EARN IT! Don't be a lazy fuck and expect everything handed to you cuz I'm not your momma and it won't happen. I am on a limited income as it is and I know most of you are too with today's economy, but I don't beg for shit nor do I come on your pages or in your SBs and make a stink about it. I will say that I do try to return favors that have been bestowed upon me from some of the more nicer FUs that I have met on here but I will not just hand out shit cuz you just HAVE to have it! I have removed some people from my friends list because I f
Location And What Fupal Is
fuPal is a fubar feature that allows users to transfer their fuBucks or bling credits to other users. You may do this because one of your friends is broke and needs to pay their lounge fee, or because you want to help them bid for spotlight! Why you transfer them is up to you. Keep in mind however, that you will be charged a transaction fee of 20% of the amount you transfer. For example, if you transfer 100 fuBucks to someone, your account will be charged a total of 120 fuBucks. Keep this in mind when transferring large amounts. If you do not have a salute, the transaction fee is 50% fuPal also allows you to send bling credits to a friend. You will be charged a transaction fee of 35% of the transfer amount. For example, if you transfer 100 credits to someone, your account will be charged a total of 135 credits. You can access fuPal by going into the fubar Gift Shop and selecting the fuPal option at the top or buy going to the page of the user you want to give funds to and clicking on
Pleaz Help Out
The One You Love To Hate@ fubar
I Need Pimpouts And Buzzkillz For Him Pleaz
The One You Love To Hate
A white woman, about 51 years old, was seated next to a black man on an airplane. Obviously disturbed by this, she called the air hostess. "Madam, what is the matter?" the hostess asked. "You obviously do not see it," she responded. "You placed me next to a black man. I do not agree to sit next to someone from such a repugnant group. Give me an alternative seat." "Be calm, please," the hostess replied. "Almost all the seats on this flight are taken. I will go to see if another seat is available." The Hostess went away and then came back a few minutes later. "Madam, just as I thought, there are no other available seats in the economy class. I spoke to the captain and he informed me that there is also no seat in the business class. All the same, we still have one seat in the first class." Before the woman could say anything, the hostess continued, "It is not usual for our company to permit someone from the economy class to sit in the first class. However, given the circums
A Different View
Dating Service
Dating Service
Thinking Of You
Ever since you left, I can't stop thinking of you. I wish you were here to hold me and love me. I can't sleep at night when I don't talk to you and tell you that I love you. I want to hear you say that you love me too. I wish you were here with me. I feel so alone when you're not here. I can't stop thinking of you. You're all that's on my mind. I wish there was some way that we could be together. I miss you so much.   This is a poem for a certain person I'm just not saying who.
Quote Of The Day 9/17/2010
Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may lookback and realize they were the big things - Antonio Smith
Anniversary Of My Dear Sister's Murderthe Anniversary Of My Sister's Murder Is Creeping Up On Me. The Person Who Said Time Heals A Broken Hear
The anniversary of my sister's murder is creeping up on me. The asshole who said time heals a broken heart is a damn liar. She will be gone for 6 years on the 25th and it still feels like i was just robbed of my sister/ my best friend. I hope the money hungry bastards that murdered her are enjoying their blood money and got everything they ever wanted. Lets see if what that does for them when they stand before God and he ask why did they take such a precious life? Why did you kill one who love fullheartedly, one who would help anyone anyway she could. I would love to hear their answers for that. Just for money thats all just money is why my sister lost her life, why she was robbed of the chance to meet her nieces and nephew and her brother in law. This pain is so overwhleming i never knew i could ever feel a pain such as this. I love and miss my sister more with each passing day. There isn't a day that goes by that i dont think of her. Hilda i love you and i know one day i will see you
Muscle Cars From 1965 To 1975
Tell me what's your favourite Muscle Car from that era... I love 1965 to 1968 Mustangs Coupè 1967 Mercury Cougar and 1972 Dodge Charger most of all..
hi this is my blog.
No sun in the sky,Just the night full of stars.But even then i saw this beauty,From a land distant and far. Through the darkness she came,And shone her beauty For me to see.And a true beauty she is,This woman named Sonali. I hope tonight is the first of many,That you shine your beauty my way.And each night I will smile thinking of you,Till the end of each of my days
Well that was interesting. I accidentally downrated someone and now they hate me, go fig. Hopefully I can give the intended rating, it's gonna bug me a bit knowing I did that.
Goodbye Dear Love
I sit here with tears of sadness running down my face as I say GOODBYE dear love. I try to remain numb as I feel the pain stabs thru my heart like hot pokers thru my skin. GOODBYE dear love I will always remember your smile and your laugh. GOODBYE dear love ill remember the way I feel for you. But dear love my time is at an end and now I must leave. Dont cry dear love Ill be with you every day now. Im sorry dear love that I couldnt make it to longer than I did. Please dont be upset dear love. Ill always be there for you even if you dont know that I am there.  Its getting cold dear love I think im fading fast. I can hear people screaming hold on but i cant hold on. Dear love I cant remember what happened I cant remember why i felt pain but the pain is gone now. I see my grandfather dear love he is waiting for me here. I dont hurt anymore and its nice here Im warm now dear love. I will wait for you here dear love until your time is here and we an be here together. GOODBYE dear love pl
Iwc Unveils Portuguese Tourbillon Mystere Retrograde At Sihh 2010
  It no doubt has something to do with its voluptuous proportions, the way it oozes class and the unconventional interpretation of the tourbillon escapement – in this case a seemingly “living 12”, against a deep black back- drop. The Portuguese Tourbillon Mystere has now metamorphosed into the IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Mystere Retrograde_ IWC Portuguese_TWC watches and features a date display that reverts to its original position at the end of the month: not only a technically interesting adjunct but also a feature that increases its every- day practicality. The pleasure of beholding an IWC Watch Reference 5044 on a daily basis, unfortunately, will be a rare one, limited to the lucky owners of 500 watches in red gold with a silver-plated dial and of 250 in platinum with a ruthenium black dial. This, simply because the manufacture and assembly of a tourbillon – a rotating cage encapsulating the entire escapement – is one of the most demanding watch making
Breguet Célèbre Le Centenaire De L'aéronavale
  L’Aéronautique navale française, appelée communément Aéronavale, fête son centième anniversaire en 2010, et a souhaité pour l’occasion, s’associer à un partenaire prestigieux et à un fournisseur historique. C’est donc tout naturellement qu’elle a contacté la maison Breguet Classique Grande_Breguet watches_replica Breguet watches . En effet, celle-ci, depuis la nomination d’A.-L. Breguet comme Horloger de la Marine Royale en 1815 a toujours entretenu des liens étroits avec la Marine, lui procurant au cours de ces deux derniers siècles toutes sortes de garde-temps de haute précision. Breguet célèbre cet anniversaire cette année à travers un mécénat mais également en lançant un nouveau chronographe Type XX en série limitée à 1000 exemplaires.  L’Aéronavale au Musée de la MarineNicolas G. Hayek répondit avec enthousiasme aux sollicitations de la Marine et choisit d’inscrire son soutien dans la durée à travers une action pérenne. Par un méc
In Continuation
Something else I wanted to mention but forgot because I ride like that. My poem *Words. I need people to help me with this. I need everyone's help. You,your friends,you family,their friends,etc. Find my poem *Words,print it off,write it down,what have you. I want you to record yourself READING it. Can be normal reading,or angry. All I want,is reading. Record yourself,or your friends and family. Have EVERYONE you know,read this blog. I want this to be awesome. I will then publish that song onto my site. What I am going to do is,from start to finish,have different voices reading the poem,so on and so forth. Think you can help? Good. Get going. Send all submissions
A Penny For Your Thought
So,since I started seriously getting into my writing in 2007,I have wanted to publish my poems. Whether it be online,or a book,or a combo of both. I know of a book site that I could publish a book through,and I'd pay next to nothing. Only problem with that is,I need to learn how to format it into the type of document they want it in. AND,would anyone really buy my book? It would only be available online,but good thing about that is,it's made by order. And,word of mouth,I could really sell a lot. Which,is not my goal,but if I want to make this something to do,and serious,it would certainly help. Also,I have had a few people recently tell me I need to be more aggressive in my writing. Change it up. I'm always open to new suggestions,and I admit,my writing tends to take the same road many times. But my writing is never about ONE person more than once. Each poem is a different story of MY life. I don't write to appeal,I don't spit out poems left and right to please people. It's my therapy.
Lost In You- 3 Days Grace
I always knew that you would come back to get meAnd you always knew that it wouldn't be easyTo go back to the start to see where it all beganOr end up at the bottom to watch how it all endsYou tried to lie and say I was everythingI remember when I said I'm nothing without youI'm nothing without youSomehow I found a way to get lost in youLet me inside, let me get close to youChange your mind I'll get lost if you want me toSomehow I found a way to get lost in youYou always thought that I left myself openBut you didn't know I was already brokenI told myself that it wouldn't be so badBut pulling away you took everything I hadYou tried to lie and say I was everythingI remember when I said I'm nothing without youI'm nothing without youSomehow I found a way to get lost in youLet me inside, let me get close to youChange your mind I'll get lost if you want me toSomehow I found a way to get lost in you, in youThe pain of it all, the rise and the fallI see it all in youNow every day I find myself
Life Love And Pursuit Of Happiness
one rule life sux love is hard and happiness can be found at the darkest moments.
What Every Girl Wants
I Hate You
I hate how you made me fall for youI hate how I fell so hardI hate how you are my everythingI hate how you don't understandI hate how I care about youI hate how you don't want me I hate how you stole my heartI hate how you played with my mindI hate how you flirted with other people I hate how I cant get over you I hate how I only want youI hate how nothing can stop me from loving youI hate how you stay on my mindI hate how I acted when I was with youI hate how you can made me laugh like no one elseI hate how beautiful you areI hate how I compare all my guys to youI hate how that's the reason I'm single nowI hate how I am just a friendI hate how you wont give me a chanceI hate how I wanna spend the rest of my life with youBut what I really hate is how you can hurt me and I still Love You!!
I wear these scars with prideAnother defeat I cannot hideAnother tale of gloryOf love and hateMy short storyExpectations never metPromises never keptRiver of tears silently fallPainful inhaleSick of it allAnother markAnother brandCan you handle this?I don't think I canThis constant weightIncreasing pressureI don't want to listenYour bullshit lectureScattered thoughtsBlurred vision It's never enoughBut you don't listenAnother book you'll never finishA scarA markA blemish
The Champion Lionesses World Cup Of Hockey 2010
World Rosary 2010: The champion Lionesses, the girls of the lids After the title obtained before Holland last Saturday, for the Glass of the World of hockey on feminine lawn, The Lionesses were carried of all the Argentine newspapers. Next, and like historical file, we leave to them the lids of the principal national newspapers, in his respective editions of Sunday, the 12th of September of 2010.  
Ensign: Lord, Have Mercy And That's It?
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.            Isaiah 18:3         AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                                17 September 2010         “The world is made up of a number of people and they rarely think alike.  In the long run, this seems a very wise provision.  A government of and by and for one single part of the entire community cannot possibly survive.  The Puritans had been a great force for good when they tried to correct the abuses of the royal power.  As the absolute Rulers of England they became intolerable.”         This passage from Hendrik Willem van Loon’s “The Story of Mankind” (published in 1926 and the first book to win a Newbery Medal the year after) can really be applied to any reform movement.  Labor unions in our day, the Nazis and Communists (surprised?  Yes, they started out w
Anyone Got A Twitter Account Here Is My Link Bitches
hey i love getting in touch with sexy fu's so if you have a twitter account here is my link :) now if you dont like shareing your twitter page then thats cool :)    peace & love nicole
Ridglea Theater
Official Statement from Ridglea Theater As you may have heard, the previous owner of the Ridglea Theater complex lost the building to FixFunding, LLC, a funding company based in Dallas. The complex has been up for sale and may have already been sold to a bank. Richard has shown the Ridglea to their "team" of architects more than once. However, the City of Fort Worth has requested that IF FOLKS DO NOT LIKE THE PROPOSED ZONING CHANGE, THEY SHOULD LET CITY COUNCILMAN W.B. "ZIM" ZIMMERMAN AND THE FORT WORTH CITY COUNCIL KNOW IMMEDIATELY! Richard and I would love to get this stopped - not because of what we do here (after all, we need to retire sometime) but simply because this is the last of the grand old buildings in Fort Worth. It would be a shame to lose part of the heritage of Fort Worth, and it should be preserved! The paintings are original! The mosaic floor could never be replaced, and the structure itself inside is beautiful. Of course the present owners are probably not
Stroke, From What I Can Remember That Day
I wrote this Wednesday night when I first woke up.   Something happened this morning.   I remember waking up with a earth splitting headache and the back of my eyes burned.  I can remember getting in the shower hoping it would just get rid of the headache.  When  I got out, it was still there, and it started to get worse.  I thought then that I was dehydraded.  So I went down stairs and got a tall glass of water.  I slowly began to drink it when it hit me like a ton of bricks.   I was laying on the couch and my vision got blurry and my nose started to bleed.  I ran upstairs to the bathroom and vomited.  I couldn’t see so I shut the lights off, I started to hyperventilate and I yelled for Nuke.  He ran upstairs and I told him to get me the phone.  About 5 minutes later he brought it in and I called Josh.  Then I called Mom.  I remember josh giving me something to drink. And then two pills, and that’s it.   The right side of my head throbs and I cannot fe
Nazi Tea Party▬●ΑΘΕΟΣ--☭--☆
Blogging Buffoon Activated Okay I am bored and figured I would do a blog. This is a partially satire piece. Just some of the similarities between the two groups. I find it funny at times when I hear the tea party say “WE ARE NOTHING LIKE THE NAZI’s”As I just said, this is satire, if you are going to take this to heart and start the whining in the comments, spare us both and just go do your own pic comparing liberals to communist… or atheist to eh whatever. Great quotes I enjoyed:Quote about fear mongering tactic.. which both the Nazis and tea party people are good at.“Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the peop
I Hate You All
I walk down the long, dark winding tunnel. Darkness consumes my soul with every step…. yet still I walk and walk and walk. Searching, searching for something elusive, something essential that will make my life complete yet not knowing what it is. Despair claws at my core, heartache consumes my being, indifference is what I strive for, always trying to lessen the ache of being alone. Friends are there yet not around, they try to understand, but how can they understand when I can’t fathom what’s erroneous. Smiling faces all around, laughing, full of glee… poison in my soul and wounds, slowly consuming, ever consuming until all is gone. Humanity, compassion, kindness all fades to nothingness in the face of sadness and freezing cold hatred for all things light and pure…the world is inky black and devoid of hope, how much longer until all feel as I do and weep for their salvation?
Fu - Love
its hard to hold on to something that you know would never be yours in any way you think of, you just have to learn to let go and face the fact that while good things never last….some don’t even start
Karokee At The Pit Stop
hey denver singers and drinkers i have a show at the PIT STOP TAVERN 5110 Colfax ave. in denver. my karaoke show is about to be cancled please come sing at my show this next week. if no one comes and i cant bring revenue im done. my name is soni, also known as the nono. wendsday wendsday wendsday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP ME i have no life and this is what i do to get my rocks off!!!!!!!!!! DONT LET IT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Point Whore Friends.......
I mean really..... should i delete the lot of you for a reality check? you don't need those boomerangs, 11's etc to be someone in a world that is non existent. shame!....
Day 4 Is It? Really Dude, Come On Now.
11:40am Richard: Bitch your problem is between your legs learn who to use what you have. 12:08pm Richard: What happened? Did you fall asleep playing with yourself? 12:12pm Ninja: no, it's called work. Some of us haven't started collecting social security yet. That's resesrved for those in their more ancient years, such as yourself. 1:31pm Richard: I happen to work at home in case your wondering. 1:53pm Richard: What time are you off work sex bunny? 7:50pm Richard: Say your no such a bad lady your good at being a badass.But you might have something more under that exterior.Richard 8:01pm Richard: I want to chat with you more i know i didn t start off on your good side but i have an interest in wanting to know you more. Please don t shut me out,Richard 8:05pm Ninja: I am not interested in being friends. I am not interested in getting to know you. Not interested in seeing your nasty comments in my shoutbo
In Autction
    Not sure why I am sharing this. I guess you had to be there because it struck me funny. If you don't know the rapper T.I., read no further.   I was in the car today, and while driving, I was listening to the radio as usual. Well this commercial came on and I can't remember what it was for. This is what the announcer said...   "What if T.I. surfed the internet often? T.I. would give TMI...and you'd be all like "OMG"...and he'd be like "LOL Mutha fucka!!"     For some reason that struck me funny and thought I'd share. It is pointless info so get over it.     Love, Peace, and Nappiness!      
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Hi, & Thanks
Say hi to everybody and thanks for all the drinks, I was actully fubar at friends house the other day from hard liquer.
'bye Bob"
  "Bye Bob, my friend, you haven't left me yet - but you will. Too soon you'll be going on the final journey without me. I know the tears are for me because I will niss you so much.   No more night time cuddles, no more pats on the arm to encourage more stroking of your head and back. No more watching your funny attempts to catch imaginary creatures only you could see. No more so many things.   Though we never spoke the same language we understood each other. Amazing really. You made friends with the neighbours. You were (are) such a character. You are the best.   So 'bye Bob,
My First Mumming Idiot In Years
so, yesterday I plunged head first back into the mumms after a couple years. I have commented a few, and posted a couple since early 2007, BUT yesterday was my first real treck back into them. I commented a few, and I actually posted 2. It was a good feeling when i woke up this morning and saw in my feed that someone commented on my mumm then checked me out. I read his first comment then knew he had blocked me before I even checked. After checking and seein he already blocked me, I replied to his comment, which led to a short conversation. Good times, I missed the idiots mumming brought to me....     Ur Next Sugar Daddy said: All I have to say is your screen name suits you well [image] theFUChead said: How very original. I have NEVER heard that before. Maybe someday i can be as whitty as you. Ever think that MAYBE I chose this name for a reason dipshit? Ur Next Sugar Daddy said: No....I think you've summed it up nicely.I was not trying to be original. I was trying
It Really Sucks Sometimes Not Having Other
Otherkin to talk with on a regular basis.   ESPECIALLY other vampires. It’s difficult, and sometimes draining, to have to try to explain to people who don’t quite understand (or who WON’T understand). ESPECIALLY trying to accurately explain what it’s like to be a vamp without a donor; to be a vamp without a donor for two years. When you’re a vampire, and you have willing donor you can feed from on a regular basis (once every 1-2 weeks, usually), things are usually fine, where they should be: senses are heightened, like they normally are for a vamp immune system functioning better than ‘average” (getting sick less, and having sickness last for lesser time frames) healing quicker being more connected on a level most people don’t quite get “gut feelings” more accurate mind working/thinking up to speed less lethargy, less tiredness Etc., etc., etc. But, when you’re a vamp, and you CAN’T feed
What I Was Told Today
I walked into the neurologist office and waited in a room. The doctor walked in a shook my hand and introduced himself clarifying who I was. He asked me a bunch of questions regarding how I was feeling and my pain level. I sat there in my mind thinking get rid of this headache! He did tests on my neuro function and tested my balance. Then I sat down and he proceeded to shut the lights off and look in my eyes. He looked at my left eye for what seemed like forever. The pain was so intense I wanted to pass out and nausea was over whelming for me. He looked at the other eye quickly and said "I will be right back".   A few minutes latter, him and another doctor came back in. They asked me to move into another room where it was darker and they could see my eyes better. The other doctor looked into my eyes again. He flipped the light on and I was seeing black spots to the point I could not see for a few. He announced I needed a spinal tap to relive the pressure in my hea
Homegrownkush Website And Free Mixtape True
Dear Mr. President: During my shift in the Emergency Room last night, I had the pleasure of evaluating a patient whose smile revealed an expensive shiny gold tooth, whose body was adorned with a wide assortment of elaborate and costly tattoos, who wore a very expensive brand of tennis shoes and who chatted on a new cellular telephone equipped with a popular R&B ringtone. While glancing over her patient chart, I happened to notice that her payer status was listed as "Medicaid"! During my examination of her, the patient informed me that she smokes more than one pack of cigarettes every day, eats only at fast-food take-outs, and somehow still has money to buy pretzels and beer. And, you and our Congress expect me to pay for this woman's health care? I contend that our nation's "health care crisis" is not the result of a shortage of quality hospitals, doctors or nurses. Rather, it is the result of a "crisis of culture" a culture in which it is perfectly acceptable to spend money on luxuri
Fubar Is Not Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!
good to be back the idiots who reported me in the mumms lost as i was not guilty of being racist' i explained to scrapper that this idiot from the uk had it in for me' so if you read this im laughing now ;o]
Fubar Tidbits 2
If you want to get your feelings hurt this can be a place where it can happen. In my 19 months on here I have tried to make friends with folks but I guess it's not meant to be. I don't feel that much at home on here. People are here to hustle for the points. Because I haven't been close to anybody their is less drama and conflict and that's a good thing. Some have been really nice but not many. My job here is to give out gifts to people and hope I make their day. Because of this it in a strange way it makes me a better person.
Not Sure What To Do
So one of my ex-girlfriends is in town and wants to see me.  I told her my only available day to hang out is Saturday.  Which of course isn't true, but the other two days she offered she wanted to hang out with this guy we went to high school with who I don't care for.  The guy broke his babies arms and legs and just got out of prison for it.  Why would ANYONE want to hang out with someone like that?  Not to mention that he's a career criminal.  whatever. I don't really want to see her all that much.  We're on good terms after a decade of not speaking to each other,  but I really don't see the point.  What on Earth would we talk about?  We have nothing in common.  We were together back in the day only because we both smoked lots of weed and were physically attracted to each other.  Nowadays, I don't smoke pot, and I'm not attracted to her.  She's still says and believes most of the ignorant shit she thought back then and hasn't really grown at all as a person.  So anyway, this woman
Elderly Love
It took a cup of coffee.... huh?ohright.So here I am poised over my phonewaiting for the unemployment office to call me.They have... 1:30 left to do it on their time tableand you guessed itmy trip to Independence fucked me.Turns out I had to have this paperwork in on or before the phone interview.My plan is to say "yeah its in the mail, why haven't you got it yet?"I shall now proceed to pop every bone in my body.And brew some very strong tea.Who'd guess sleep aids at 2:00 and alarms at 8:00 would make you this stiff and exhausted.And it just so happens I'm listening to Garbage this morning.*shrugs* seemed like the thing to do.My lawn is overgrown, my house is a shitbomb, and I'm barely motivated to have a pulse today.God what a toxic existence.
Tarot Card
One Dies So Two Can Live
Brian Wood spent his life thrilling millions of faceless gamers, but his last moment was spent saving the lives of those he loved most. Wood, a 33 year-old lead designer at popular game developer Relic Entertainment, was on his way back to his Washington home when his wagon was struck by an oncoming Chevy Blazer being driven by a 21 year-old woman believed to be driving under the influence. With his pregnant wife Erin in the passenger seat, Wood swerved his car to put himself directly in the path of the oncoming SUV -- a decision that ultimately cost him his life, but protected his wife and unborn child from harm. Two other passengers riding in the backseat of the Blazer were also killed. "All the policeman say that if we had hit the car head-on all of us would be dead," Erin Wood told The Province. "At the very last second (Brian) braked really hard and turned right so that he would be put in the path of the SUV and not me and the baby, and that is the only thing that saved us both.
You Spoil Me
Beautiful   My thoughts of you are like raindrops on flowers...Beautiful.My thoughts of you are like a rainbow at a splashing waterfall...Beautiful.My thoughts of you are like a full moonshining through a cloudy night sky...Beautiful.No matter what wonders my eyes have seen,Nothing compares to the beauty I seewhen I look at you.My love for you is beautiful.   I love you Michelle, You are the most beautiful person I've ever known. love, Rob Baby thank you for this...made my day. I love you Rob
Anyone know anyone selling bling for fubucks? I have a boomerang and would like to run it with a famp so my lovely friends can benefit too =) Just send them my way!
Nowhere Kids
In the land of dirt and plaster lies an army of a thousand nowhere kids losing ground and falling faster into a life that no one should have to live We are the people that you hate We are the bastards that you created (the fucking bastards that you created)A generation with no placeA generation of all your sons and daughters Behind the fake family image Behind the smile of a thousand moms and dads Inside the cage that we've been givenI see an image of the future that we don't have  and what did you expect ... a perfect child raised by tv sets ... abandoned every mile we never get respect ... never a fair trial no one gives a shit ... as long as we smile  
Inked Magazine Interview With Cory Miller
  Credit: Jason Odell (photographer), Rocky Rakovic (writer) Six Feet Under 116 N. 2nd Ave., Upland, CA 909-949-0157 INKED: How would you describe your journey? COREY MILLER: Very well-rounded. I started with a homemade tattoo machine, then when I was 16 I began hanging out at a real tattoo parlor, and at 20 I was lucky enough to get my first real job tattooing at Fat George’s Tattoo Gallery in La Puente. George had apprenticed under Rick Walters, who tattooed at the Pike in Long Beach. That instilled a great love and respect for the history of tattooing in me. Working at Fat George’s was a true street shop experience, and George was a true old-school mean bastard. But I say that with the greatest love and respect. Then it was Goodtime Charlie’s Tattooland? Yeah, after George’s I was fortunate enough to work with Jack Rudy at Goodtime Charlie’s, which was where the best black-and-gray artists were working or
The River
Today I am in one of my low moods.Actually it is the only time I write.It came on last night,out of the blue.I wish I could stop these swings.I don't like them.With all of the events that have happened during this summer I am trying my hardest not to revert to what I was in my earlier life.The best analogy I can give here is the movie Unforgiven.So right now I am listening to Evanesence.Amy's voice brings me peace to my unsettled spirit.It's all about vibration I guess.Last night when I felt this mood coming on I went to the river.The York River.I would always go there whenever I start questioning my life.It is beautiful especially at night when the moon is over top or setting.The best part about that is where I am living now all I have to do is is walk outside and I am there.I have a bench that sits about five feet from about a twenty-five foot straight drop down to the beach.I stood at the very edge looking at the waves twinkling in the moonlight along with a very strong southeast wi
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The Office Radio
Not going to debate the appropriateness of a radio station that plays "Fat Bottom Girls" by Queen at the office.   I can tell you this much, it's never appropriate to sing along.   "FAT BOTTOM GIRLS YOU MAKE THE ROCKIN' WORLD GO ROUND!"
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6 Poems
Once all the smoke has cleared, Things will never be the same.  Where once hearts were true, Now to others they cast blame.    May this never become of us,  A friend like you,I would never let go. True friends in this world,  Mean more than most will ever know.    So if we can we should be true, And value each other to the end.  This is my message to you all tonight,  Those who are my friends.   #2 You see me in different shades, In all different points or degrees.  But when you read my words, Then you get the inner me.  You may believe I'm something I'm not,  my looks can be very decieving.  If you take the time to read my words, Then hopefully your heart can start believing.  When I look at you,I see your beauty,  I feel your eyes,your smile,words that ring true.  Now you know all of me,  But do I know all of you. No 3 With the beauty,  you all surround me with.  You all mean so much to me,  Trust and believe,my words are no myth.   Each passing da
leave comment posted on 08/07/2010 @ 07:08 pm Mindy  (edit | delete) Those eyes so deep,As an ocean is blue.Mindy I can only hope,To ever know the true you.To touch deep in your eyes,Like you have touched mine.I can only hope,At someday,sometime.My heart is true,Just like those eyes.And from our friendship, Only happy tears you'll cry.
Two days had passed,Still my heart held strong.Shes so deep inside me,She would never ever be gone. Today she brought smiles,And filled my heart again.Now to her heart,I must forever tend. To make her days forever happy,And bring a smile to her face.Because forever deep in my heart,Will always be her place.
I said I had the world,And my hand was empty.It took a friends to help,And show my eyes what my heart could see. My world had left my hand,And flew right into my heart.It's where you have always belonged,Right at the start.   Forever now I will keep you there,And make you smile everyday.As I should have been doing all along,For you in everyway.   I am now humble before you,And hopefully deep in your heart.Never again does mine want to see,Our ever again apart.
Sept 16, 2010 We Learned Bob Has Cancer And Only A Few Weeks To Live
Despite our love hate relationship...Im gonna miss the lil fukker...I pray that he doesnt come back to haunt me lol
Never again a day will come,When that smile you do not wear.My only goal in life now,Is to show you how much I care. Misguided love has found its way,Now never will it leave your side.And I will prove it everyday,Till I'm no longer alive. Even long after I'm gone,You'll still feel me in your soul.I promise to love you more each day till then,My loves end you will never know.
Another One :)
Dazed and Confused   Where is this place? What am I doing here? I'm dazed and confused. What just happened? How far did I fall? I hit the ground hard. How could this happen? Why did this happen? I'm slowly slipping away. Why did you? How could you? Bleed me dry. Because that's all that's left.     Please don't rip this. This is my work. Don't steal it.
Input Appreciated
Asylum   Stumbling around. Grasping at air. Soaked in sin. Forsaken again. Intimate with my demise. Barely conscious. Vision blurred. My heart is numb. I've succumbed to my asylum. Suspend me in chains. Pain is comfort. I'll cherish it always.     Please don't rip this. This is my work. Don't steal it.
Here Goes Nothin...
Well here's my first blog. I've thought on it for a while and thanks to a little inspiration from a friend I've finally decided to put some of my work up on here. I always like to hear people's thoughts on my poetry so any input good or bad would be appreciated. But keep the hate to a minimum ok? lol Alright well here goes...
Against My Will
I saw this beauty so far from me,She spoke of feeling Ill.I could not walk away,It goes against my will. To make her smile and warm her heart,From now on this I will do.And I hope that she in return,Has a smile for me to. To add more happiness,A little more light in her day.To always have the sun,Spread warmth her way. There are friends around you,Your smile they have yet to see.Take my hand,a friend in my heart,Forever one you will be.
Only Wish
Hearts come in many ways, Some tattered beaten and torn. Especially when on your sleeve, You choose for yours to be worn. To guard one heart,protected, It never seeing the light of a new day. Constanly keeping it sheltered, This truely cannot be the way. My heart has seen regrets, Itself many blames on it lie. There is one thing it cant though, And thats ever tell you goodbye. You are forever its beat, Its life without you does not exsist. It longs to be with you forever, That is its only wish.
dont now what to do  am on uninployment am going to lose my house my car my family i look at my baby she is 10 months old and i whant to cry she looks up at me with an inesent smiel and i whant to cry even worst  if i lose my house i will lose her can anybodie help me please if i come up with 800 dallers this month it will be ok if you can help my # is 541-591-7262 help please
The Hard Way
***This is by Fort Minor,NOT me. It's just how I feel*** Come with me Let me walk you through the world that I currently stay inYou can take a look around and tell me if I’m mistakenYou can meet and talk to everybody that I live withMaybe you could tell me why everybody’s so distant Is it me or maybe, when I look around dailyI don’t even know the people I can put my trust in latelyPeople that I used to hang with now their actin’ so differentI’m still the same person why doesn’t anybody listenCan somebody please just explain to meWhat happened to the way that we always said we’d beRight now I don't know why I push through the pain that I got throughAnd I’m losin’ hopeDeafening voicesThat frequency inside my head that saysI’m going at it the hard way, I focus Get everything inside out of my brain that claimsI’m going at it the hard wayCome with meLet me walk in through the world that I currently live inNot a thing is forg
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Are Bloggers...
Are bloggers all dorks or only some of them?   Hey I am bored, and mumm banned, give me a fuckig break!
What Comes To Mind Is What I Put...
What lies benieth this fleshy coat is but bone and tissue, and nothing more.. and nothing less. I hold what is me inside a black box that hold the key. Of what this fleshy skin and bone may be ...some day with knowledge I can too make something of myself. All I need is this black box of dreams and this key, for it is what keeps me alive
On Eagles Wings
On Eagles Wings Written by Michael Joncas Isaiah 40:31 "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint."         Refrain And He will raise you up on eagle's wings, Bear you on the breath of dawn, Make you to shine like the sun, And hold you in the palm of His Hand. Refrain And He will raise you up on eagle's wings, Bear you on the breath of dawn, Make you to shine like the sun, And hold you in the palm of His Hand. Refrain And He will raise you up on eagle's wings, Bear you on the breath of dawn
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Im In An Auction
I Understand
I understand there are some places on the fu where the f word needs to be disguised.  But how in the hell is fvck pronounced, see it is with a v A. This way B. That way
Keep Dancin' Bitch
What does keep dancin' bitch even MEAN, I ain't no motherfuckin' marionette!  A, This B. That
Uh Oh
What DOES fuck that shit mean?   I mean who would want to fuck shit? A. B.
Facebook a good alternative to fubar, or a supplement?
The Best!
I just wanted to say that I have the most amazing friends here.   I was gone forever, and decided to come back.  I was re-welcomed with open arms.   It feels good to be remembered.   Granted, I kept up with many via FB, but not all.   I just wanted to share my warm fuzzies.
Hey Every One
Here is the info. for all friends in utah  It will be at my place  on Oct 15th. Kiessa and I will be arriving around 6ish, but  contact me if you would like to come  over earlier. We will be having a BBQ/Potluck for dinner. Please Bring anything you would like to share. We will be having hamburgers so if any one has a grill we can use please bring it. Hope to see you there!!! invite all ur friends every one is welcome
Im Grounded.
things people may or may not know about me lol cause apparently, i keep dirty cheerleading secrets from rok.     I was the head cheerleader at my high school. I play the flute I went to band camp I loved ROTC and wanted to be in the military I have a secret love for Elton John that is epic and um.... Truth or Dare.   sarah your favorite blog Whore!!!!!!!!!   no this was not supposed to make sense.
25k 100 Rates
25k 100 rates..
quaggy\ KWAG-ee \adjective;  1. Marshy; boggy. 2. Soft or flabby.
You don't get older, you get better.  -  Shirley Bassey
Some Advice, For The Guys Anyways...
Make up my feeble mind?  Are only boring people infected with boredom?
So ... What if everything you knew was wrong ... what if everything you now right now about your life - everything you think - what if if it's all a lie ... what if someone came to you right now and revealed all the answers to the questions in your life ...   ... you know on the inside that something is missing - that there is a missing piece to the puzzle ... and what if I could tell you what that missing thing is? Now, I can't tell you some fantastic story about a near death experience and how my head was split open in a construction site accident, and then the doctors fixed me and then I gained some special insight after 18 months in the hospital. Never happened that way. It would be curious and interesting if it did. Maybe you'd feel sorry for me, especially if say, while in the hospital I became severely addicted to pain killers and alcohol, and then I hit rock bottom, saw jesus in a haze of really good pain killers, pot smoke and alcohol, but it never happened. But I can tell
U Know What Love Is???
Love is me & my kids... how bout dat chit? LOL!
Im So Sick Of Everything..
Putting an end to the madness created by MAD people....I want nothing more anymore ...My nerves had it..Its time to bury this shit ...Sum parts of my past I wish they would STOP PLAGUING ME .IF ALL THEY CAN DO IS JUSTIFY HURTING ME.Im going to take care of this situation..Once ,FOR ALL , FOREVER,,,Let the word GOOD-BYE RING SO TRUE.. I SWEAR BEFORE THIS KILLS ME .ITS WHAT I GOT TO DO .. MY CHOICE  MY RIGHT  BUT THEY ALWAYS COME BACK , EVERY TIME I LET GO THEY WANT TO HOLD ON      2 years 2 long and right at this point Im fed up of getting fucked with...     Time to Bury sumthin DEAD IN THE WATER...Because my feelings are only of ,REGRET , ,REGRET REGRET REGRET REGRET REGRET..  AND IM NOT ABOUT TO TAKE THE SHIT OF  HOLDING ME DOWN OR BACK ANY LONGER!!! FREEING ME ...THATS ALL I WANT THATS ALL I SEE!! ALL I HOPE FOR... SUMONE TAKE THIS WEIGHT OFF MY SHOULDERS .PLEASE!!!!! Read more:
Lies & Goodbyes & All Hope Dies.
  Should have went with instinct ,From the start one big lie.   Oh no fuck this! Fuck you! goodbye!   Lost everything ! Myself my family  and friends .   Threw your final stab,and thats where it ends.   You with your Far fetched ,just cant stay true.   Dont give a damn bout anyone but you.   walk away ,,can't face the truth!!   Fuck you !I lost my youth!!    Over time my ripped up mind and health,    Hope it was worth it to gain your wealth,,    Then kept pledging the whole time along   You'd be the  one .When everyone was gone.    caught again in a lie ,final one i could take.    upset all day..sick shock to take.    Pulled your ass out of a gutter, Vow i'll put you back in    my patience right now gone paper thin.    Prevent you and keep you from causing self grief     Crawling on belly,, you fall beneath!!!    Showing me what you are ,What you've always been,   Angry,,from  seeing pain that you put others in.   Life aint a game and none of us toys..     self cen
Her eyes had my heart,Before her lips said hello.So deeply caught in a trance,It had nowhere to go.Shes held mine from the start,Now to bring her heart to me.And through all my words,Her mind will begin to see.To be her first thought of the day,And at night as she sleeps her last.To be the greatest of loves to her,Never to repeat ones of the past.She glows like the sun in my eyes,I hope in hers to I will shine.As I long for the day you tell me,Beautiful,the day you tell me your mine.
Handsmpanthr@ Fubar
My First blog ever LMAO :-)
Im so confused and dont know wut to do I love him with all my heart but he fills my heart with lies I just wish that it could be real and not pretend thats all I want is for this to be real "hurt" "anger" "love" is wuts in my leg carved it there so i'll never forget the hurt anger and love I feel I thought I found something finally to make me whole again after loosing my girls but it feels like im fixen to loose again its like a never ending battle that im always going to loose at no matter what I do I can give u my heart and my soul but it seems its never good enough for u.. all I want to know is why all the lies... I have came clean and told u about my life I told u things no one else knows but its seems all I get back in return are lies I cry and cry cause do u realize how worthless and sad I feel inside like I can never truely be loved like I want to be loved maybe Im expecting to much when everyone else tells me I've always expected to little I changed my life I changed everything
Bummed Out ...
I need some serious distraction. Laughing out loud, anything but crying ... My "date" still has not texted me back letting me know if he's going to show up for our "talk" I told him I had a fire he needed to put out with his magnificent hose! :p ;) If he doesn't show in the next hour or so I guess I will take it as a hint, huh? Which is too bad .. he was a very good "talker"   Talk to me. pwease?
Pity Fuck
out of time out of luck out of money i’m left stuck- with the repulsiveness of self during a "pity fuck", a job my right hand won’t even do when did i regress into this human mess a constant state of sorrow every day, the same as tommorrow- full of regrets, hopes, and yets...
Just let me say one thingI've had enoughYou're selfish and sorryYou'll never learn how to loveAs your world disassemblesBetter keep your head upYour name, your faceIs all you have left nowBetrayed, disgracedYou've been erasedSo long, so long I have erased youSo long, so long I've wanted to waste youSo long, so long I have erased youI have escaped the bitter taste of youJust let me clear my headI think I've had too muchYou're so disappointing
Destination Desolation
will i ever be whole? i have come so close, i have climbed so far from where i’ve been.   the path was dangerous, full of pitfalls and dead ends. i have been injured, near death, my body and soul scarred beyond recognition of my former self.   now i am ugly, hideously deformed yet trapped in this body, destined for desolation.

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