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Meatloaf - Two Out Of 3 Ain't Bad (damn It's The Truth Isn't It? :( )
Baby we can talk all night But that ain't gettin us nowhere I told you everything I possibly can There's nothing left inside of here And maybe you can cry all night But that'll never change the way I feel The snow is really piling up outside I wish you wouldn't make me leave here I poured it on and I poured it out I tried to show you just how much I care I'm tired of words and I'm too hoarse to shout But you've been cold to me so long I'm crying icicles instead of tears And all I can do is keep on telling you I want you, I need you But there ain't no way I'm ever gonna love you Now don't be sad 'Cause two out of three ain't bad Now don't be sad 'Cause two out of three ain't bad You'll never find your gold on a sandy beach You'll never drill for oil on a city street I know you're looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks But there ain't no Coup de Ville hiding at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box I can't lie, I can't tell you that I'm something I'm not No matter how I try I'll never be a
A head in my lapan ache in my neckmy thoughts on dried blooddiminishing with each unchecked dayI'd like to say its getting better.Rubbing the vacant spot you leftall the pieces retrievedreattachedthe story absorbed in the pourous dirtthe stiff pain eased with another shotThe mighty beneath the heel of Godtwisted and pulverizedI'll escape one day.One day I will grasp minute promiseEureka, muse, blissYears of upward swimthe nailbeds raw from clawingand I will crumble these gifts in my palmI will spit from those lofty heights.My last breath a hoarse chuckle, wet and stalled.
degage\ dey-gah-ZHEY \adjective;  1. Unconstrained; easy, as in manner or style.  2. Without emotional involvement; detached.
Unseasonable kindness gets no thanks.  -  Thomas Fuller
Driving down a multi-lane highway today, in the center lane.  Vehicle in each lane beside me and slightly ahead decide it's time to be in the center lane.  No signal from either of them.... One of my passenders spilled their drink when I had to hit the brakes hard.... I don't know about you, but I like my car and don't drive like those 2 idiots.   just sayin'
Youth Today
Im just a bit peeved right now and all the relationships that people are in and have kids and suddenly decide that they no longer get along. Im not sure why it is that after the fact those thing are decided. I personally have not had kids yet for the simple fact of knowing when im mature enough to handle it and have my own kids and deal with that. I actually cant wait to be a father but nowadays, i run into so many couples that have little kids and now the've just decided its not gonna work and are moving on. Im my opinion, if you've made it that far you are in it for life. There is no turning back. You have to above anything else make sure the kid is taken care of properly. Ive had one story where the guy just decided, he didnt want to be married anymore and had 2 kids with her. Made her move out and turned it into a bacholer pad. Ihave many other examples but ill spare the details. It just does not make for an exciting future for both mankind and the kids themselves. Growing up in b
The End Of Summer 2010 ....
well, it's about that time again kids, the 4th Annual "End of Summer" blog. I usually post these on Labor Day weekend as it's pretty much the unofficial end and last "party weekend" of the season. I try to encapsulate most of the summer happenings around here as well as some of my own fun stuff and of course, what I see.... In many ways, this time of year represents change. Change in the way we act, things we do, times we sleep, people we interact with and the amount of time we spend interacting with them. You can see it not only around here but in people's real lives as well. Kids go back to school, people pick up different lines of work, if they are working at all in this economy. Priorities change, and in some cases, the priority we put on people and people put on us changes, for various reasons. That's the one constant about not only Fubar but life itself, is change. We can't stop it, we can only hope to contain it and make the best of whatev
so my blog this week is about crying and everyone crys but me which is soooo sad like i can make a few tears but not like a bunch of tears. i kinda wish i coud but im happy i cant at times i want to cry alot but i cant so all of u that is reading this blog u are very lucky that u can cry cuz i cant and i love everyone that is reading my blog or has been reading my blog so thanks love ya all
Bahahahaha Was Bored So I Thought I Would Do This... Lol... Hope All That Know Him Get A Good Laugh Too....
Army Man he’s Sexy Dan    (Trace Adkins Badonkadonk) Turn it up some Alright turf, this is his favorite song You know that right So, if we play it good and loud He might get up and fight again Ooh, he put his beer down Here he comes Here he comes Left left left right left Whoo Husslers shootin' hitlists Throwin' minis getting him pissed Feelin' damn near 10 ft. tall Here he comes, Lord help them all Ol Dans got that look again, that look of I don’t care We all stop attacking, it ain't our fault It's so hard not to stare At that Army Man hes Sexy Dan Keepin' perfect rhythm Make ya wanna fight along Got it goin' on Like Donkey Kong And whoo-wee Shut my mouth, slap your grandma There outta be a law Get FuSheriff on the phone Lord have mercy, how's he even get that killin on That Army Man he’s Sexy Dan (Aww son) Now Honey, you can't blame him For what his mama gave him It ain't right to hate him For workin' that killin whimTurfs shuts down at two But we're hangin' out
Things Change
in time things change, even if the light seems miles awayplease never wipe that smile off your facei seen the bottom, felt the cost of painsome say its just the cost of famei know at times i felt i lost my waybut my friends always been there to weather the storm,shit, i guess that what friends fori see the future lookin bright but i won't fast forwardcuz when i get, it means that much morei know you feel me and i been spillin my heart for yearsshowin ya'll the real me and this is all sincerei know folks that are livin just like, and plenty others that flat out despise mebut every mornin when i rise and shine,i shake them haters right off my mindknowin i'll be fine and understand things clearplus now i'm cool with the man in the mirrorthey saying that my subject matter is all similarsorry for so long,i remained, sinistercouldn't harness the hate or put faith in the ministerwhen things dont change pain remains in your literaturethats just all i'm sayinand if you ask how i'm doin i'll say
What To Buy My Wife...
I would like to surprise my wife with a gift just because. Any suggestions? Flowers are the obvious choice, but they seem so unoriginal. Any thoughts on gifts that impressed you would be greatly appreciated. She deserves something special for putting up with me for many years. :-) Thanks for your help and I'll let you know which idea I choose and how it turns out! Have a good one!
Ignorant People With Green Teeth N Hairy Chins
ya know what? some people can be real bitches, you try and give advise but they dont wanna hear it, even when your advise is right, especially with parenting skills, even when the significant other is a "run around sue" who sleeps with every tom, dick and hairy (harry) that cums their way, trust me, im not loosing sleep over this, i just had to get it off my chest and let other people know what im talking about, this person ignores her kids and makes hubby do everything, she just waits for his paycheck and doesnt do anything, in her roach infested house, its pretty bad when her kids dont even want to be around her.
If I Die Young By The Band Perry
If I die young, bury me in satinLay me down on a, bed of rosesSink me in the river, at dawnSend me away with the words of a love songLord make me a rainbow, I’ll shine down on my motherShe'll know I’m safe with you when she stands under my colors, oh andLife ain't always what you think it ought to be, noAin't even grey, but she buries her babyThe sharp knife of a short life, wellI’ve had, just enough timeIf I die young, bury me in satinLay me down on a, bed of rosesSink me in the river, at dawnSend me away with the words of a love songThe sharp knife of a short life, wellI’ve had, just enough timeAnd I’ll be wearing white, when I come into your kingdomI’m as green as the ring on my little, cold finger, I’veNever known the lovin' of a manBut it sure felt nice when he was holding my hand, there’s aBoy here in town says he’ll, love my foreverWho would have thought forever could be severed byThe sharp knife of a short life, wellI’
Another One For You From The Heart
Random Thought....
Random thought after seeing Dickory's status:   I wonder how many babies are born on Labor Day?   Love you all!!
Street Team Confusion
So I was messing around on here last night and came across the page for the Fubar Street Team. It sounds like a cool idea and something that would, in a way, be kind of fun.   However, I'm slightly confused about the wording and how a person would actually "join" this group/club. I'll copy/paste what is on their profile:  Commonly Asked Questions?What is it? The street team is hand picked team of volunteer users who have shown the ability and passion to help promote the site both online and off. There really is no glory in this. Most of you do it because you love it.How do I help? The street team is unofficial and is a volunteer position. The main goal is to promote fubar through all of your typical avenues. We do all types of promotions on the site. The street team is instrumental in helping to blog out and promote fubar.How do I get on the street team? Send a friend request to this profile and tell me why you think you should be on the team. The street team is not here to propel y
Car Of The Future - Nova
Words Of John M. Keynes
"We are being afflicted bye a new disease which of some readers may not have heard the name, but of which they will hear a great deal in the years to come --- Namely 'Technological Unemployment'. This means unemployment due to our discovery of means of economizing the use labor outrunning the pace at which we can find new uses of labor." John M. Keynes
Ramblin On
i woke up to the sound of wind today.  it was not an Oklahoma wind, but it was enough to draw me in to consciousness and think that maybe i should get up and close my window, and wonder if the trees outside the house are strong enough to survive it.  my roommate promises we are safe...after all we are his human pets and he wouldn't let anything bad happen to semi conscious state brought me back to before...almost like a flashback in a a time where i was almost in love enough to have my heart broken...(yanno,,,IF i had a heart)....we used to go rock hunting on the weekends, just outside of the basin of Cabazon (it means big headed, that's a little funny)...which is near Joshua Tree.....there was this spot where the wind was consistent....amazing...standing there, overlooking the desert...the wind kissing your skin, while at the same time letting you know it could drop you face first in the dirt if it chose to stop paying attention to you....
Relationship Status
You know, I've skimmed though a lot of women's asshats folders ands its become apparent that a lot of guys don't understand the concept of relationship status so I'm going to break it down for them.  Single - means I'm in a relationship  but I put single because when I leave it as in a relationship no one rates or blings me. Stupid men, they all want the same thing. It's complicated - same as above, just slightly more honest. Married/In a relationship - means I'm single but I put down I'm taken because I hope maybe fewer guys will send me pics of their peen. You know I'm not so sure its working. Widowed - I'm in a relationship but my boyfriend did something to piss me off, now he's dead to me.
Saturday Ramblings
At least I remembered to turn my alarm off this weekend.  It didn't help much, I was up a little after 7, though I had a bowl of cereal (Life if you are really curious) and tried to sleep for a bit longer.  Wrestled with my covers for about a half an hour and said, ok I am up.  I haven't really finished unpacking, most of my boxes were in the guest room with the bed stood up against the wall, so I figured I would best tackle that.  Thought it may be good to air out the place a bit while I was working on it so I opened up the windows too, not that this is an intergral part of the story, but I figured I'd add it for the ambiance.  Wow, I have a lot of crap.  I have a storage room in my place, that I was going to set up as an office for myself, already had my desk set up in there and everything,  but looking at the quanity of boxes of stuff that I am really not going to put out, I changed my mind.  As much as I like christmas, I dont think I need to keep the tree up year round.  Plus, I
This Is Dedicated To A Special Women In My Heart You Know Who You Are:p(l)
once upon a summers day on fubar she came my way i knew that she was too hot for me shes way out of my liege i have nuthing to say  i knew that shes is in the milletary she helps them and heal them all not with medicine but with one look while shes standing tall i didnt know about the worriors in afghanistan fighting and suferring brutal pain running in there vain my heart was so sore to hear but she helped me understand how it is our heros and her live there in no mans land                    yours truly BULLET3141
My Zombie Name
Your Zombie Name is The Stumbler Braiiiins! What's Your Zombie Name? Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
Some may or may not know that Jenni and I became r/l best friends a couple years ago. She only lives a couple hours away from me and often makes visits to come see me. She can be the steady boat in my stormy sea. One weekend with us just hanging out makes me relax a little. Though, she'll often tell me I'm wound up too tight. I kinda love that she sees that. Don't tell her that, though.   On to my point. She is trying to go to the darkside. I swear another one of my friends who wants to actually help out around here. I don't understand this concept. :p Don't they know this goes against my being? Benedicts! She's a little over 5 mil from leveling and she actually has to level in order to be considered. Would you toss her a rate, a bling, a something to help out? 5 mil, anymore, really isn't that much and with a bit of greased effort I know it can get knocked out all in one day. I vow to get her drunk, take embarassing pictures, and post them as a favor in kind. :D Link down below,
Being Naive
I have been on Fubar since ’06 and with me being in the Army I don’t get much time to be on. I have watched the site change and I have changed with it. I remember when you could go days without adding a new friend or being someone’s family was an honor. And people would chat with you just because. But there is one aspect of the site I cannot wrap my head around no matter how hard I try. Lately it has come to my attention that your success depends on who you have in your family. Which I understand fully, but not being successful because people do not like your family members is rather childish. I know I will probably get bashed for this if anyone would take the time to read this, but oh well such is fu life. Maybe it’s just me…scratch that, I isn’t me. I have witnessed it a few times in my shout box. I would love some feedback and don’t worry, seeing people on the worst day of their lives have given me a thick skin. Tell me what you think.  May
Woo Hoooo
Join me for my Saturday morning show at 8am est (5AM SLT).  Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid!  Did you know you could connect from our website?  Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
Just A Little Something
Those of you who know me, know me as Trent's manager. It's a job I take very seriously and work very hard at, and as much as I bust his chops about how hard he makes it on me to do my job, the truth is I'd do it for free. He's my best friend. He's been there since the day I came into the world, and through it all, remained my friend. Most know the man for what he does or has done, but most don't see the other side of him and I thought I would share my favorite one: Trent was in the hospital visiting Amy, one of his biggest fans. Amy is a 12 year old girl that T has known since Amy was 6. Amy is blind and slowly dying from a terminal illness. Trent brought her an acoustic guitar signed by his entire band. He also brought another guitar (Amy asked him what his favorite guitar was and he promised to show her), a spanish acoustic guitar dating back to the 1830's. This guitar for as old as it was was in pristine condition and beyond value; not just because of the guitar itself, but the sen
why oh why when ppl get drunk they want to fight the sober ppl who just to to help them? tonight I was at a b-day party after i got work so there for I was the only sober one there and somehow all the drunk ppl tried to pick a fight with me  not like would back down but I did hold back on what was on my mind I consider these ppl family but after tonight I am not sure I want to hang out with them anymore. Any advice on should I stay friend or let them go would be helpful
Happy For Once
who knew that after being beat down for so long by the one you love, then having to leave them becasue of some horrible things they said, going thru being depressed, hurt, pissed, and losing a ton of weight..........could be someone so great and lift you right back up on your feet and make you feel wanted, sexy, hot, needed, and loved!!!! I am happy about it and relieved that i am not what i was three months ago. thank you so much to this wonderful person who i have known forever, who has opened my eyes, my mind, and heart. you know who you are if you ever read this....and i just want to tell you thank you and kisses to you!!!! *Kiss me thru the phone* lol haha Your the best and thanks for coming into my life again when you did....i so needed it. this smile will be on my face for a long time. THANKS    
Screw Life
why do I alway hope for things that will never happen? I set myself up to be hurt and humiliated and lately its happened enough that i don't know why I even bother with life. Why do I let people take advantage of me and make me feel like I'm not good enough for them? I know I'm not perfict or even that great of a person, but I do have a heart. Lately though I wish I didn't because I fell like someone is crushing it. At times I fell like I could cry but thank god I don't have tear ducts so I would look more like a bitch than I already sound. 
Peeps Blocking Me
I had 2 selfish bitches block me tonight 1 from my aqaintence mum the other because she said i was cruel an mean.Ms Naughty,I don't have 1 ounce of selfishness in me.Most of my friends in real life I have had over 10 yrs.Most are fishing an hunting buddies most of my ex's are still friends with me as well.I Show Kindness daily I go out of my way helping the unfortunate in real life.Changing Tires for stranded motorists in blizzards,The list is long the good things I have done.I've taken strangers in off the street to feed them,let them shower donate clothes etc.I go out of my way to help others. I admit I am a bit bitter these days,but that stems from my current GF's inability to sexually satisfy me. I exspect to much from online friends,I show Kindness Daily with morphs for the Fortunate ones I concider a friend.Most on fubar are selfish inconciderate a holes.Not sure if u all are like this because u have money to waste foolishly,an I don't or what. Do what u must Block Me or whate
its been another long assed day, and this kinda made me laugh     Two IT guys were biking across the park when one said, "Where did you get such a great bike?"The second IT guy replied, "Well, I was walking along yesterday minding my own business when a beautiful woman rode up on this bike. She threw the bike to the ground, took off all her clothes and said, 'Take what you want.'The second IT guy nodded approvingly, "Good choice, The clothes probably wouldn't have fit."     that is all,   sarah
A Saturday Morning Screed Powered By Lack Of Sleep And Soda.
Not that anyone ever reads my blogs, and that’s fine, I find it a nice way to vent.  Let the venting commence.   I hate being lonely.  That being said let me tell you about dating experiences and little about myself.  I’m somewhat witty, very shy, the proverbial big shoulder to cry, and the “go to guy when things go wrong”. Anyways,   I’m not into the bar scene at all, so that cuts down place to meet someone. I like going to bookstores and perusing.  Maybe it’s me but I don’t want to tarnish my book viewing by trying to meet someone, weird I know. So what options are there? Let’s see…singles ad on craigslist. End result? Endless amounts of spam.  Moving right along to actual dating site. Place ad, and wait, and wait. Moving onto the next option *which I’m running out of*, “social networking sites*.  For example, this one. Now we get to the real juicy part, so sit back, relax, grab an adult beverage of your choice and
Recipes From The Heart....
MARINADE: 4 Tablespoons dry sherry 2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 1/2 teaspoon ginger 1/4 cup soy sauce 1 garlic clove, minced 1/8 teaspoon celery salt 12 small chicken breast halves, skinned and boned HAM STUFFING: 2 (6-3/4-ounce) cans devilled ham 1 cup cracker crumbs 1/2 cup grated onion 1 cup chopped pecans 1/2 cup milk Reserved marinade TO PREPARE:The day before serving, combine marinade ingredients and pour over chicken.  Cover and marinade overnight in refrigerator.  Drain chicken, reserving marinade.  Combine all stuffing ingredients and reserved marinade, blending well.  Place 1/2 cup stuffing between two breast halves.  Wrap in aluminum foil, sealing well.  Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 2 hours.SERVINGS:  6
Soul Fixin
Things have been pretty good for me this year. They have not always been so, as of recent years. Whenever I find myself riding high, my thoughts tend to drift towards to where I came or crawled out from. When I do that it doesnt take me long to think of a selfless person that helped me when I was in need. Back in 08, I got laid off, then had a number of substantial mechanical breakdowns, and then when I did land the next job, I broke my foot before I could start and they had to give the position away....countless other things, yadayada, the downward spiral. My long time musician friend Mikey(Chia) had recently remarried. His new bride, took it upon herself to help with my delimma by cooking me dinners, helping with my laundry, and him running me places or doing errands on my behalf, etc. They have never asked anything in return, or held it over my head, only celebrated my recovery. So its become sort of a mission of late to recognize that thru random acts of kindness. Ive been se
How To Make Magic Potion Bottles
Here's how to make some neat trinkets. Any ingredient costs about 3 dollars (US). The bottles come in pairs and the jump rings come in packs ranging from 70 to 240.
Watch your thoughts, they become words Watch your words, they become actions Watch your actions, they become habits Watch your habits, they become character Watch your character, it becomes your destiny Watch your destiny, and leave a legacy
The True Meaning Of Labor Day
The Gainesville SunMike Williams: The true meaning of Labor DayPublished: Friday, September 3, 2010 at 4:28 p.m.Last Modified: Friday, September 3, 2010 at 4:28 p.m.The true meaning and significance of Labor Day, much like many other national holidays and observances, has been largely forgotten by too many Americans. Labor Day is the culmination of years of struggle by the American labor movement to enshrine a day on the calendar when the nation pauses and takes stock of the achievements of the American worker and the incredible contributions to our society that have been made by workers who have chosen to organize, form unions and use their collective strength to build a stronger nation, one built on justice and economic opportunity for all.It is unfortunate that an over five decade long campaign to marginalize, demonize and erase the history of the American labor movement has brought us to this point, but I want to challenge everyone on this Labor Day to take a good look at the histo
Texas Chili Cookoff
INEXPERIENCED CHILI JUDGE Notes From An Inexperienced Chili Tester Named FRANK, who was visitingTexas from the East Coast: "Recently, I was honored to be selected as ajudge at a chili cook-off. The original person called in sick at the lastmoment and I happened to be standing there at the judge's table askingdirections to the beer wagon, when the call came.I was assured by the other two judges (Native Texans) that the chiliwouldn't be all that spicy, and besides, they told me I could have freebeer during the tasting. So I accepted."Here are the scorecards from the event:_________________________________________________________CHILI # 1 MIKE'S MANIAC MOBSTER MONSTER CHILIJUDGE ONE: A little too heavy on tomato. Amusing kick.JUDGE TWO: Nice, smooth tomato flavor. Very mild.FRANK: Holy shit, what the hell is this stuff? You could remove driedpaint from your driveway. Took me two beers to put the flames out. I hopethat's the worst one. These Texans are crazy.______________________________
Tazer For His Wife
A guy who purchased his wife a pocket Taser for their anniversary submitted this.    Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Julie. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized taser. The effects of the taser were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety....??    "WAY TOO COOL!” Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home.   "I loaded two triple-a batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I'd get the blue arch of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs.   "AWESOME!!!   Unfortunately, I have yet to explain to Julie what that burn spot is on the face of her microwave.   Okay,
Cherokee Trail Of Tears
In the early 1800's the basic policy of the United States government regarding native Americans was to remove the Indian population from areas, or potential areas, of white settlement. The most thoroughly documented instance of this policy and its consequences is the removal of the Cherokee Indians from their homelands in the southeastern states of Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia. President Thomas Jefferson suggested in 1803, shortly after the purchase of the Louisiana Territory, that treaty arrangements be reached with the Cherokee and the other tribes of the southeast that would provide for removal of the Indians to new lands west of the Mississippi. Unexplored and deemed unsuitable for white settlement, these lands seemed perfectly suited for ridding the new nation of its Indian problem. Two such treaties were eventually negotiated and approximately one-third of the Cherokee population made the migration west by 1820. However, during the administrations
Tardy Slip
Some of you noticed I have been on less the last few days.. been busy. kids in school, home work, dinner baths and now they want to join cub scouts with the other boys in theor, i was a boy scout. we thought we were cool and tried to use the playboy bunny as our troop symbol.. oh the 14 year old dumb idears... so whats been going on in fuland?  I think I landed a job, the owner of the company mentioned all I would have to do is pass a drug screen after the holiday weekend.. so keeps ya fingers crossed :)   as you were
Staff Expectations       For starters, we do not use a DJ system in Granny's Panties Lounge and we don't use cams. If those are the types of jobs you are looking for sorry we wasted your time. If you do not have a fubar approved salute please get one if you want to be lounge staff.  The EMOTES in the lounge are not intended to replace talking to people, if you are to lazy to type the words then maybe this is not the lounge for you. We don't mind them being used but not as a replacement language, please don't abuse or over use them.All staff and regular members of the lounge will get fubucks bonus each week for each new member who joins due to their invite, just don't over invite or we risk getting a bad reputation. If the lounge gets paid for being an active lounge that week those of you who are staff will get a portion of that as well. The lounge rules, shown as 'Guidelines' inside the lounge, apply to staff as well as visitors an
Above The Law
  Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government forimposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States toconvene a Constitutional Convention.    This will take less than thirty seconds to read. If you agree, please pass iton.  This is an idea that we should address.    For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Manycitizens had no idea that members of Congress could retire with the same payafter only one term, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of thelaws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution forsexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. Thelatest is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform that is beingconsidered... in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn't seem logical. We do nothave an elite that is above the law. I truly don't care if they are Democrat,Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.    If eac
Lori Finally Gives It Up
Ever since my first day, Lori has been difficult for me to turn.  I would try many times each day, I would shake, twitch, move, blow on her, whatever I could think of.  Sometimes, I would just have to give up and ask someone else for entry.  It was a little embarassing, but hey we all have our needs.  Well, I don't know what changed, but Lori loves me now,  It's almost easy, I can walk right up and enter anytime I want.  Oh she turns so easily, it's like my key was made for her, and really, it was.  Makes your day so much brighter when you start it with a quick easy turn.  Lori, I don't know why you held out on me so long, but I bet you almost anticipate my arrival now. Here's a picture of Lori for you:   You pervs...
20 Million....
fuBucks to the person that is willing to buy me a bomb. Yeah, I know....but I'm so close to leveling, it's not funny, lol.   Anyway, if you are willing to do it, DO NOT just send it. Send me a message first and wait for me to reply. I have to get my kiddos in the bath and in bed and I don't want people thinking I'm trying to rip them  off.   I WILL send the fuBucks to the person that sends me the bomb...but I just want to message them to know they are for sure going to do it. Hope that makes sense, lol.
Golf-robin Williams
My New Life
married for few years now seems to be going well. I work for a new company called Five Guys Burgers and Fries. My oldest child is now a junior in High School and a freshman in college. Life has gotten better hope it keeps going that way. Want to buy house sometime very soon, want something of my own that i can proud of and say is mine and my husbands.
Want To Win A 1 Month Vip, 7 Day Blast Or 25 Credit Bling Pack
Its my birthday this weekend but somebody else will get the prize   Make me a birthday salute, and I will put it in a folder and the person with the most rates at the end will get their choice of  A) 1 month VIP B) 7 day Blast C) 25 credit Bling pack   I am looking to start this contest on Saturday 09-04-2010, will start it after I get 10 people to join I am planning on ending it on Sunday 09-12-2010   Let me know if you want in  
[slowly Walking Down The Hall]
Got my stitches out todaymy eye swelling is down so I look like LESS of a tard.There's some ambiguity as to whether or not the guy that hit me is even eligible for parolelrn2citizenand I asked the doc taking my sutures out for some post care scar advicegot some goopand it still hurts to swallow and talkother than that I'm in high spirits.Yesterday was no narcotics.Today is following that precedent.Shaving is gonna be weird with the new neck scar.Mirror is gonna be weird with the new head scar.My monetary eligibility for unemployment came in, I'm going to tell them I voluntarilly quit for concerns over my mental/physical healthI haven't used my inhaler since I quit... and the building was being inspected for black mold.Srsbsness.I got a jury summons... which I promptly threw in the trash.And all the paperwork for the moment is filed, mailed, pending.Talk me into doing something I previously loved?It might not take that much effort.
I'm Falling In Love With You
I sit here awake, i cannot sleep i think about this feeling in my heart that i keep i close my eyes and still i see a picture of tomorrow with u and me i don't know why i feel this way i try to come up with the words to say to express myself to show whats inside my thought of you i don't want to hide the magic i feel when I'm with you something that seems too good to be true I'm falling in love cant you see? i wonder if you will ever fall in love with me only time can tell if this is real the happiness you and i feel but i care about you, I'm falling in love is this a gift, or a test from above?
My Team
Ok so usually I dont get all goofy about sports (if I'm not playing them no need to get all goofy right?) but as of late my CINCINNATI REDS have been killing it.  Now I know people blog all kinda things & for the most part they are things most people can relate to.  I understand this, however, the thing is is that I'm STUPID XCITED!!! I mean a lot of you all have some favorite something or other that you are bound to go crazzy about no matter the circs so I can relate to that feeling & I wish to make a blog about it. 
Fringe Is Over
  Yes, am on my way home…four weeks of being tired, excited, scared and happy all in one month. Who knew that could happen? Late night drinks up the Loft Bar on the last Sunday was awesome, Phil Jupitus was the DJ and free champagne and canapés on the menu, but diet coke was a chargeable offense, its either free wine, beer or champers or pay for a soft drink!   I watched a very drunk comic try to relay a story into a famous comics face, it was a bitch about me, I stood there until it was done, drunken comic stared at me, stunned I had heard it all then reached over and hugged me, telling me I am just wonderful! That’s Edinburgh and that’s why I pay for diet coke, one day I will be that drunken person screaming a whisper about other people in front of them into a very annoyed famous mans ear.   Then watched a skinny underdressed bleached blonde with a slash of bright red lipstick, sashay about in a tight mini dress looking for famous male comics to ‘befrie
remember when i wanted spotlight, like ages ago?   well guess what, i ran away for a year, if ya didn't notice.   and now i want it as part of a diabolical plot i am planning.   so like, empty your pockets bitches.     GIMME YOUR MONIES!!!!!!!!!
It's All You
When you speak, that beautiful noise leaking from your lips soothe my aching heart. That fills the other half of my soul. It wraps around me like the beating sun on an August morning. When you touch me, those coarse but gentle hands up my arm and around my neck arouses me with aggressive passion. It powerfully conquers my mind and flesh. You pull me in faster than any great black hole in the universe can pull the smallest grain of sand. When you love me, those amazing words whispered softly into my ear and your warm embrace make me feel safe. Your love shelters me from any nefarious demons in my closet. It swallows my form taking all of me in. My every stunning flaw draws your affection for me, making me love myself and with all of that, love you.
The Jump
I've been standing on this ledge wondering how far the fall,Still not sure if you'll ever try to catch me at all.Yet pushing off with my feet and a nosedive straight in,Into a world of fulfillment,pain,pleasure, and sin.I'm taking a chance for you to be mine,To build a world with you so beautifully divine.Step by step and very second in a minute falling faster and faster,Hoping the end of my trip wont be a bloody disaster.Holding my arms out in front of me and my heart in hand,Everything is becoming clearer but there you stand.With your head held up high and your arms open wide,both thinking that where going to collide.Stopping abruptly with no blood and no mess,Hovering above you taking my heart and placing yours in my chest.Pulling me into reality this is our day,Finally both never again having to pray.With both feet firmly planted on the ground,You is all I see nothing else is around.Yet we both still hearing the ignorant bickering never,but we both know we'll be together forever.
Loving You
Your words sprinkled elegantly across the sheets that cover are bare skin. The whispers of our hearts telling untold secrets through our eyes. With lips just touching, breathing in each others souls. Beings merged into one fulfilling all our fantasies. Hearing groans filled with pleasurable shrieks of sensuality, caring and caressing our spirit. Love conquering both minds, healing our battered bodies from neglecter's of the past.
Perfectly Imperfect
I'm blinded by the sunlight reflecting off your soul. You pull me in like the dark navy blue sea underneath a summer lit moon. Zombified, with every word is my one step closer to your heart. I cherish every moment I spend with you. Craving your endless mind, deeper and deeper I want to be. You have me wishing are souls were fused as one. Together for eternity, just yours with mine. And when the air is filled with nothing but our hearts beating and our breath, we're only gazing into eachothers true selves. Every little piece of you is different but is still amazingly, perfectly imperfect. Your beautiful in your own way. With the Earth sprung on that very day I knew just how much I truly, madly, deeply am in love with you.
Metroid: Other M Review:
Metroid: Other M Review:  Achievements, Cheats, FAQs, Forums, Metroid: Other M, News, Nintendo Review Blog, PSP Review Blog, Review, Review Blog, Sales, Screenshots, Trophies, User Reviews, Videos, Walkthroughs, Xbox Review Blog Review: Metroid: Other M by Alex St-Amour  ‘M’ is for marvellous. The latest title in the venerable Metroid franchise is finally upon us, and with it comes the greatest amount of hype and excitem
Welcome To The New Gold Wing Street Team Family Members!
Please join me in welcoming our newest Family Members to the street team! They have earned their Gold Wings! In no particular order, we welcome: Gothlette @ fubar SinfullyRawr @ fubar Boss Daddy Tex Fu owned by PurpSlurp @ fubar Synful Syntra aka Mistress Mayhem Boss O... @ fubar Sexy Sinner Asst Chief 2nd Alarm Hottie @ fubar IIWII
The Boy Child
I have been thinking a lot about zachary today...i don't know why i am so riddled with him today...his birthday is not for another month, and really i am a pro at not thinking about him at all for the most part for that matter.  In fact, i am a pro at separating myself from anything that could cause pain...i hear myself talking about him every once in awhile, when it comes up, with such a detached tone, that i can only imagine how much of an ice queen other people must think i am.  Ironic, because, typically i talk about it because i figure there might be a person out there somewhere that needs to hear the that they can heal themselves.   Today, though...all i wonder is if he is ok...if he is better off, or if i should have ended his life the same way it started...under a knife.  Does he love the brother he the five year difference between them just enough, or too much?  is his mom patient with him, and does she think he is as beautiful as i think zoe is?  d
How Do I
How do you tell someone you still love them even though you know they don't feel the same about you :( this is just so confuseing.  It don't help he has a girlfriend but she's so awful to him it is unreal.  I wonder if i tell him if he mite still feel the same just hides it. I dont understand it :(
Bob Frensley Dodge Are Thieves!!!
Bob Frensley Dodge dealership are THIEVES!!!  I have just purchased a new car from Bob Frensley Dodge in Madison, Tn and have been robbed by them!!   This $46,000 car had no catalytic converters on it; so I told them it was illegal to sell me it as such.  They stated they would put the factory converters back on the car, so I signed the paper work and was told it would be ready in a few days.  Upon going to pick the car up, I was horrified to find the although the converters were put on; they had removed all of the resonators and mufflers.  The service manager tried to say the exhaust was on the car.  The sales manger tried to say that was the way it had come from the factory.  And the general manger tried to say that is what I had asked them to do.  ITS ALL LIES!!!   Now I have filed all the formal complaints and police reports, but nothing has yet to come from that.  One month later, I am out hundreds of dollars to have the exhaust temporarily fixed so as not to ruin the engine.  I w
Street Team Update
Many of you are asking how do I participate. How do I help promote. 1. Pay attention to what the Family team is doing and check out the bounty in the photo galleries.  2. Subscribe to the feeds and promote them. These are our lifeline.  3. If you have not added our twitter @fubartweets @scrapper101 @fubarstreetteam   please add them and watch the feeds and retweet. 4. Add our facebook group page and fan page.  5. Rally people to follow us and fan us on these pages. 6. Don't spam, but broadcast our $1000 dollar giveaway out to all your networks. 7. Be creative and consistent and keep pushing it.  8. If you see bulletins or any promo on the site, please feel free to promote it on or off the site. That is what the street team is here for. 
Pennies, Quarters, & Super Glue
FUBAR STREET TEAM MISSION #1 This one is funny and easy to do. I would like to see some video clips and photos of this.  Materials 1. Quarter and Penny or Nickel 2. Sharpie pen 3. Crazy Glue 4. Camera or video camera Directions 1. Write fubar on the quarter and .com on the nickel or penny. 2. Plan out where you can super glue these suckers down in a public place where people will try and pick them up. 3. Get video footage and photos  4. Leave your mark and come back from time to time and have a laugh.DISCLAIMER: Do this at your own risk. Get photos and video :)   
Templates Available For Producing Your Own Flyers!!
Hey Peeps
dont have much time right now...just wanted to say hi and im ok   y'all better keep writing dammit   address is in an earlier blog   i will bbl tho   ciao
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DID YOU KNOW FUBAR WAS ON FACEBOOK & TWITTER?? Well, now ya do! So come on over to Twit with us fu-maniacs and chat with us on Facebook! There are two Facebook pages: 1. fubar 2. Official User Group Don't forget Twitter: 1. @scrapper101 2. @fubarTweets 3. @fubarstreetteam   We have a lot of fun on both Facebook and Twitter. So, come join everyone!
Your Own Fubar Poster
I bet you've been sitting around wondering when oh when will the gods bestow upon you the privilege of your own fubar poster. Well friends, today is the day. If you can print and tape pieces of paper together then you are in good shape. Depending on how your printer is setup you MAY need to use scissors. All the usual disclaimers about being dumb and using scissors apply.  Download the printable PDF file >HERE
Have Questions Need Answers? New Fst Lounge
OFFICIAL FUBAR STREET TEAM SUPPORT LOUNGE NOW OPEN!   Got any street team questions? Come to the lounge, we are happy to help. Street Team Support:   This lounge is intended for Street Team support questions. Stop in to say HI, but please keep in mind it is a support lounge.   If you have any other Fubar support questions, please go to the Fubar Support Lounge. Fubar Support Lounge:  
Cheech And Chong Up In Smoke
7 Easy Ways To Promote
Seven Easy wasy to Promote fubarBy iC51NerdGoddessxFSTxFuMzYouTubexFUCT@ fubar Hello Fu's and Crew I have listed a few ways to promote you home of as you know I make videos on youtube to help promote the site and I also send out my mp3s to stations on and off which is one way to promote This site... Want some other ways? Read on: 1. Facebook - Of course but not your grandparents... your life long friends! has a Facebook page and if you have not yet joined this group plz do noe!  Group:!/group.php?gid=99622505954&ref=ts Page: 2. Twitter - Follow Us for all the latest News: Also Follow Scrapper: 3. All and Any Social Networking Site will do... where do your friends hang out? Why not bring them all together into one place? 4. Tagging fubar in awesome places and shooting a photo
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This is the code to put the silver wings on your page. Please copy and paste this code in your "About Me" section.    
No Room For Bountry Pics? Heres An Alternative
No room in your folders for bounty pictures? Here are some alternatives! Street Team Prospects - Add the silver wings to your "About me" This is a clever idea. Ways to promote. Seven Easy wasy to Promote fubar Fubar Street Team Bounty We now have an Official Fubar Street Team Support Lounge Your Own Fubar Poster! Fubar on Facebook & Twitter! TEMPLATES AVAILABLE FOR PRODUCING YOUR OWN FLYERS!! Quarters, Pennies, and Super Glue! How do I participate? How do I Promote? If you are looking For Someone else to help
I Declare It Zombie Friday
Your Zombie Name is Will Work for Brains Braiiiins! What's Your Zombie Name? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
I Bruise Easily
My skin is like a mapOf where my heart has beenAnd I cant hide the marksIts not a negative thingSo I let down my guardDrop my defenses down by my clothesI'm learning to fallWith no safety net to cushion the blowI bruise easilySo be gentle when you handle meThere’s a mark you leaveLike a love heart carved on a treeI bruise easilyCan't scratch the surfaceWithout moving me underneathI bruise easilyI bruise easilyI found your fingerprintsOn a glass of wineDo you know you're leaving themAll over this heart of mine tooBut if I never take this leap of faithI'll never knowSo im learning to fallWith no safety net to cushion the blowAnyone who can touch youCan hurt you or heal youAnyone who can reach youCan love you or leave youSo be gentle...I bruise easilyI bruise easily
Sb Comments
CuM Rawk with the Best! CwP, click the link... YO...CuM Rawk with the Best! CwP, click the link... HEY, cum rawk and chill with the BEST,, CwP, click the link... HeLLo, cum rawk and chill with the BEST,, CwP, click the link... Hi, cum rawk and chill with the BEST,, CwP, click the link...
I Promise You
I want a life that is carefree. To go and be where i choose to be. To love and play with any and all, who care to come, who care to call. To float along on waves of blue, for it to just to be me and you. With out the screams of others and mine. With out the tears of untold time. To feel the pain that is no more, to let it go and drain and roar, into someone else, who deserves it all, into a one, who inflictls the gore. You awful scum who kill my soul, who kill the others, who make them fall. The ones who suffer at your grimey hands, I pray one day, they see my lands. The one of beauty, the one of peace, I want to see them run free with ease. No scars will mar them, no broken bones. No torn flesh, no pain in their soul. We will all be together, in a world with no pain. We will run wild, we will see that day. It will come, where all suffering is gone, where all fear is lost, there will be no harm. I swear to you, we will all be free. I promise you, from my heart to thee. ~Nicki~
My Lyrics
These are my lyrcs that I made up, but the real songs are notI'll work on my original lyrics later but new drawings and song covers will come next
As my name is appearing on the door, why would a women like me ask for more, she do not because she is on a higher floor, she do not want to ruin her self esteem, instead she will rather to just get up and leave, this is not because she is scared, (she can bring it if someone challenged her), this declairs her leadership (she can bring it if someone challenged her), instead she will rather to just get up and leave, (she can bring it if someone challenged her), she wants to let you all have you alls fun, while she goes on to the next group, while she goes on to the next group, as her name appeared on the steal door, while she goes on to the next group, while she goes on to the next group, as her name appeared on the steal door, while she goes on to the next group while she goes on to the next group as her name appeared on the steal door, while she goes on to the next group, while she goes on to the next group, as her name appeared on the steal door, people I am going to leave this alone
Others, see her as nice looking, but she do not see it, what do they want her to do and say, she is trying to but can’t do what others want her to do, trying dreams, all over again (x3), in between the lines and then it will be all fine, miss me, I guess not yet, maybe I am crazy trying! Dreams all over again(x3), trying she is drained, overwhelmingly drained(x2), drained others(x2), trying she’s speaking out!(x4)
I don’t live anymore, don’t ignore me your mouth is filled with nothing but blood n gore, houses appear to be safe, in the end its just another case, i’m in it so now what, you want to stand out n glare but you don’t relate, glasses shattered onto the floor, PICK THEM UP N THROW THEM DOWN ONCE MORE, laugh out loud, force it in my chase, look at me now aren’t you proud, why bother to sneak a smile, you don’t matter to me now, houses appear to be safe, in the end its just another case, i’m in it so now what, you want to stand out n glare but you don’t relate, glasses shattered onto the floor, PICK THEM UP N THROW THEM DOWN ONCE MORE, or ever so now its my turn to sneak a smile, its stuffy n dusty here in this little house, this is her comfort zone its your choice, ignore it or adore it its your choice, voice your opinions but be aware, that i said adore it, houses appear to be safe, in the end its just another case, i’m in it so now w
….hi :), anyone should know the drill and not ask any questions, anyone should know the drill and not ask any questions, and not ask any questions, I’m not giving any updates I said it three times already you all should’ve been listening to me, ones who have…its was a ok try, but she do not let anyone follow her around, see it takes a lot to be with her, anyone should know the drill and not ask any questions, (anyone should know the drill), anyone should, anyone should know the drill and not ask any questions, not tired yet, ..still have a chance, to show her what all of who stands here have left that’s making their aching bones move, does anyone want to turn back into nowhere now…she’s standing right here watching to see how it is going to be done, she’s haven’t found it yet until, someone show her around their words to try to make life out of it, anyone should know the drill and not ask any questions, (anyone should know the dr
I am spinning towards you, I am not going to bore you, disabled artist in work, you better seek out, because i am not going to back down, stare then wait, weakness, is a factor for me, but what is it to you?, then let it go on, weakness, is a factor for me, but what is it to you?, then let it go on, then i wasn’t anything, now I am a little bit of something, you don’t get to seeheee, her as she am, picture frame in flames, what I do is to hot to touch, weakness, is a factor for me, but what is it to you?, then let it go on, weakness, is a factor for me, but what is it to you?, then let it go on, circles…..then wait, circles….then wait, ( do you have anything to say now)
I am spinning towards you, I am not going to bore you, disabled artist in work, you better seek out, because i am not going to back down, stare then wait, weakness, is a factor for me, but what is it to you?, then let it go on, weakness, is a factor for me, but what is it to you?, then let it go on, then i wasn’t anything, now I am a little bit of something, you don’t get to seeheee, her as she am, picture frame in flames, what I do is to hot to touch, weakness, is a factor for me, but what is it to you?, then let it go on, weakness, is a factor for me, but what is it to you?, then let it go on, circles…..then wait, circles….then wait, ( do you have anything to say now)
Birthday Massacre
in the past of me letting go of something i thought would last forever feelings waiste away try to be nice be betrayed once more tried it didn’t work out i gave a lot more than they did i let my real self show in a emo reflection i knew it but denied it take advantage (don’t care) give anyway (ignorance) later realize it (hurting badly) was in it all alone (again) emotionally damage believe that everyone deserves a second chance but no it to much to give that second chance tried it didn’t work out i gave a lot more than they did i let my real self show in a emo reflection i knew it but denied it take advantage (don’t care) give anyway (ignorance) later realize it (hurting badly) was in it all alone (again)
How blessed I am that you are in my lifeNot a day goes by when I do not think of youYou make everything alrightTo you I do not have to prove myselfFor you know meI love youHow blessed I am that you are in my lifeHow honoured I am to be a part of yoursMemories made and sharedWith you the one I loveMy friend, my lover, my queen'Til the end I LOVE YOU 
Just Listen...
Why do we struggle to find what's right in front of our eyes? Disguised by convenience. Masked by access. When only if we took the time to assess, the situation. We would then realize that in our hesitation, we threw that diamond to the side. Only to hold on to a pebble with a little shine. Patience is a virtue that we walk by blindly. Standing with it's hand out kindly, waiting for us to take it. Instead we're to busy following fate, to notice or listen to what our heart has told us. For our mind speaks just a little too loud. Loud enough to cloud, what the heart sees and block what it has opened. It's a shame that we neglect and don't listen to our heart, until our heart has been broken.
=== 'James Sands' wrote the following at '2010-09-02 23:14:26'..>> My dick is 13 inches when soft. Me...Well aren't you just special. I don't give a fuck
A Special Friday Blog..
Sometimes in the rat race that is commonly known as Fubar, some things get missed, or overlooked, yanno like the fact that there are actually real people behind those floating gifs you see all the time. People get so caught up in bling, drama, who's doing what and playing who that sometimes well, important things are missed. With that in mind I want you to show some love to a friend today, on her birthday, as she's having a lilll bit of a tough spell out there. So give a warm Happy Birthday and well wishes to: Irresistable Beauty xxFuCTxx @ fubar I just know she'll appreciate it... Two side notes: - A) I'm buying all of your unused tickers, sb or pm me with messages. - B) And a new normal blog this weekend. It's a hollllllllllliday weekend, let's hope for a bling sale, js...haha peace.
Listen now because i got a feeling was just a warm up, i can’t look up, left/right or either forward, you and me there’s no you and me its only me, i’m not lying so stop trying to point me out, i was going to be nice, nice, but see i have change my mind, mind, this is not just another warm up thing, thing, ones who think they can level up to this needs to calm down, got it past together, because i’m always there, i keep me right, keep things i like to be past loud, where did yall hear the silence i can’t hear what you hear, this is not just a big poke, most stupid asses don’t get what i'm saying they never know what they’re in, its alright, right, right, right, alright, right, right, right, i keep me right, keep things i like to be past loud, where did yall hear the silence i can’t hear what you hear, this is not just a big poke, most stupid asses don’t get what i'm saying they never know what they’re in, its alright, right, r
you and me are together, in this graveyard of use to be memories, holding my colorful flowers kneeling on my knees, looking at a tombstone with her name on it, with a black dress on and put the colorful flowers down, no ones are watching us, just some dead trees dead dirt and here, a use to be girly girl rip how stupid was she, how did she get, to this point of her life oh fuck! Its done, its not anything she can do about it, to be weird now is the greatest thing that happened because she found herself, no matter what others think and say, she blocks out all the mess won’t let it stress her out, because it won’t make anything better in any way, in her soul there’s gone away girly poems, she used to write before, she realize what she was apart of also wanted this life, so she can show how she really think, rip forever because she’s not coming in you, how did she get, to this point of her life oh fuck! Its done, its not anything she can do about it, to be weird no
you and me are together, in this graveyard of use to be memories, holding my colorful flowers kneeling on my knees, looking at a tombstone with her name on it, with a black dress on and put the colorful flowers down, no ones are watching us, just some dead trees dead dirt and here, a use to be girly girl rip how stupid was she, how did she get, to this point of her life oh fuck! Its done, its not anything she can do about it, to be weird now is the greatest thing that happened because she found herself, no matter what others think and say, she blocks out all the mess won’t let it stress her out, because it won’t make anything better in any way, in her soul there’s gone away girly poems, she used to write before, she realize what she was apart of also wanted this life, so she can show how she really think, rip forever because she’s not coming in you, how did she get, to this point of her life oh fuck! Its done, its not anything she can do about it, to be weird no
Stu stu stu stu stu stu stu pid, stu stu stu stu stu stu pid pid pid pid pid pid, stupid stupid stupid stu stu stu, the way stuff are in my life, it really could be a lot easier, the evil girl who converted herself to be nice, its her biggest wish, (blow), the candles are all out, how are stuff turning out today, people were staring at me, but it didn’t bother me, stu stu stu stu stu stu stu , but it didn’t bother me, stu stu stu stu stu stu stu, but it didn’t bother me, one nine teen, years old, maturer than them, this is not right, didn’t wish for this to happen, first candle was for poetry at least that been came true, second candle, was me, third candle to speak my words, the fourth one, say them well, maturer than them, they are not in my way, ok, that’s right, yeah, the fifth one is to keep doing what my talent saids to do-talent, the sixth one its all over for them now n then, the evil girl who converted herself to be nice, my friends tells me that
they will they will they will they will will will will will will, will will will will will will, find in me a bunch of things, a lot of things that need to be express and heard, shouldn’t i be able to tell it, ( will will will will will), well yes and it can be a song to you which way do you want it, dangerous women on the loose, setting me off is like setting off, my personality, buried, black and grey colors (x2), will will will will will will, is in to stay go ahead and laugh, she runs away and comes to me, black and grey colors, will will will will will will her attitude is me…like?, why do we go on like we don’t care, maybe because of our past, will will will will will, get a hint no one plays what ever is wanted, she in back of line for a reason to be in front instead of being known, she loves me deeply, deeply, it just another word that others say, black and grey colors wil will will will will will (x2), is in to stay go ahead and laugh, she runs away and come
Slide 1 Okokk Slide 2 I stepin into this place L, td, Slide 3 So yall don’t like me do ye Slide 4 I may be crippled Slide 5 But my sense is a lot better than yours to (does evil tongue) Slide 6 M-o-t-o-r Cycle checa look at me so what Slide 7 I’m in Slide 8 Get out get mad Slide 9 Your pouting Slide 10 Awww that’s so immature slide11 Who gives a f*** Slide 12 May be short and also thin Slide 13 don’t under estimate that you’ll be surprise Yeah sure you will be Slide 14 Blood and pain stuck on my heart Slide 15 Stitches and love just won’t do it’ll fall apart again, again, and again Slide 16 Write my suicidal notes with my name on them Slide 17 Try to keep my mind off of it Slide 18 Works then I know I’m worthless Slide 19 In world of doubt Slide 20 Yall don’t have to like it Slide 21 Talk to the hand Slide 22 Its in yalls face, so speak to it Slide 23 Sun glasses on Ride my motorcycle Cus I can (no way, no way, I wont stoot to you a
Look at me now, good intentions, she bothers you, that you are still here, I, get, why people, look at others so the truth then will finally be told, about her, why do she tells you lies, because no one look into her eyes, instead they all go also hides, people lies all the time, her turn to find the truth in people eyes, dip them up then leave them all behind, people lies all the time, her turn to find the truth in people eyes, dip them up then leave them all behind, before, they try also define her life, understand why she let out a big scream, maybe then you will know to leave her alone, people lies all the time, her turn to find the truth in people eyes, dip them up then leave them all behind, instead they all go also hides, people lies all the time, her turn to find the truth in people eyes, dip them up then leave them all behind, her turn to find the truth in people eyes, her turn then to find the truth in people eyes, her turn to find the truth in people eyes, her turn then to f
Poetry melts into a song, thoughtful words begins to dies as everybody saids their good-byes, pouring into her soul, then over boils, you sees different, then act out different, every one around you, one around you, one around you, tries to find you, tries to find you, but you do not let anyone in, as long as they do not trust you, your poetry stays safe, to over boils again, thoughtful words beings to dies, your anger builds insides of her, every one around you, one around you, one around you, tries to find you, tries to find you, maybe because you will not brake open someone skin,
Avril Lavigne
( light up, the candle, ( light up, light up, to a small town, thinking, how how how hooow, not much to open up, ( light up, light up, to a small town, thinking, how how how hooow, not much to open up, thinking how did her words turn into blood, so red not as it was forming, tired of all of these boring images, dancing around me ee, will you all try something fun in you alls town, while she puts on her gown, but you all couldn’t have guess that she would dress her best as the blood was running, down her broken veins, then into her heart where it did not first start, instead she’s done with dressing for fun, she have her gun to shoot out the sounds, that someone plays in her mouth to end all these broken begs, for her own good, but waait she knows what is wrong with her finding what is left, enough to grap her very first stabs, to a small town, she figure out how her words turn into blood that is so red, because she wanted to lead her actions without any attractions, but she
Heeeeeart shape eyes that had my feelings in way way deep, keep away from me do not hear it, othgirls, girls, girls, know it was already mentioned, (umbutum),want to make sure, it did not come out one ear then others, would not be right, you do not even realize, where it is that she is explaining from, this or they is, not for me at all liars just just, keep on going, with your ways, me worried, it will affect it, a lot now, as long as you all do not get to me but it will not work, find somebody else to mess with, othgirls, girls, girls, know that trust is everything, othgirls, girls, girls, she will not brake it waist ing ing ing, that precious time of yours, really really really, well she know for sure, othgirls, girls, girls, girls girls, she is the only one for me and it is true, sicky sick sick tired of you all, (beeen!), with darkness for a long time.., (so colors!), no like she said before heeeeeart shape eyes that had my feelings in way way deep, towards something more into som
Warm enough ready enough , lick lick lick about strong enough, bring both hands upwards then outwards then back down, dance moves helps us laugh before also after, my rave move, take right leg half up while you are spinning kick back and fouth while there are not any singing, she gives what she looses, lights busting, as she moves another direction, in her actions, my lessons sinking daily, so mainly keep creativity, to begin my interests of new stuff, along as it do not involve me getting rid of my old also new stuff, she only have one, fight, not forget what she started, not forget what she started, not forget what she started, Warm enough ready enough , lick lick lick about strong enough, bring both hands upwards then outwards then back down, dance moves helps us laugh before also after, each day is warm so make them, learn a new lesson colder, learn a new lesson colder, learn a new lesson colder, make new lesson colder, afternoon dances finishes single letters, h s m g j s, hot sex
Katy Perry
(veritably, shakes my shoulders, to the music until the singing starts), Am she getting carried away, she hope it will shows, because the rain, outside, is pouring down on her, it is alright because she do not mind, it is letting her go, to let her find out, she can do it, if she tries hard enough, her heart is beating out now, she is wet also moving around (plus she), having a good time, in your eyes what is it being seen, a girl in life, or a true women in sight, she likes it better when the rain is pouring on her, her hands also hips are going in circles, out in the rain, where it (plus she), nicely fits her, to get away, from acts of lights, her moving around, SHAKES, her hair in circles, (plus she), slow medium speed, IN, a way where she can not explain how, she doing but, anyway, she is wet also moving around (plus she), having a good time, in your eyes what is it being seen, a girl in life, or a true women in sight, she likes it better when the rain is pouring on her, (veritably
Katy Perry
Importance of me is to easy to believe that what it is that I like to think, and so so do eeverybodyy, but I can not even figure out how to breathe, to let her know what it is that she need to see, people are smart enough to realize it, only thing they that do not know, is to show how it is that they really feel, they are to quick to get up also leave, there is my answer although it is not close to choose but who do have a closer clue, so I can not blame myself for walking out of the wrong side of the other door, stay away from my heart, we can still be together, as long as she can not see inside it, as long as she can not see inside it, as long as she can not, stay away from my heart, we can still be together, as long as she can not see inside it, as long as she can not see inside it, as long as she can not, can not figure out how, she can show me that she still cares, but I will show her that I will still be there, I have trust issues, against the ones who have hurt me, but it is thi
Majority made my life, a living hell, everything was ok with life and me…wrong!, RIGHT, when I was little was in a world of color and lights, until I found out, how things were, the end of all the fake memories, of me beginning the real me, to live my kind of way, instead giving you what I was meant to do, I hate myself for letting others get to me, now I made a vowel, to follow my, words creativeness, all about art, my words of history, for the ones who listened not ignored any of it, the pain is a just a small bottle of it, I got it so it will be swallowed, instead of thrown away, to help it expand, so people can take a glance, that will be their dances, to figure out my poetry of mystery, then that will be their own history, because mine is complicated, it will over take them to leave me alone, E.G.A.A. (x4), emo girl alive anytime she will not let her will not to live, guide her by letting it, most can care less about this, but I do not care about them the same way, because
She went also hides, she went also hides, she went also hides, from the light outside wonder why, from the light outside wonder , she do not want it she avoid it, get rid of them their useless, her mind hurts from dirt, she eats it without water, tired, worried, inside mess, will not come around, do not look, ugly, beauty, is not the same, heartless girl, waist of your time, (time), working hard not giving up, on her she made a name for herself, she must keep her promise, laying alone without any feelings, working hard not giving up, on her she made a name for herself, dryness sinking in her, deep slowly more aggressively, pay attention to your lies about her crying also whining, pay attention to your lies about her crying also whining, under a blanket, still also still dying, can not help her out, it will not work, it is better, to let her be herself, she have own frame, tired, worried, inside mess, will not come around, do not look, , ugly, beauty, is not the same, heartless girl, wa
Arch Eemy
Talent shows are here, behind my demonic scenes, it have already been seen, in your face, all rights removed, first act juggling life, she coming out, shaking her demonic hair, as it flows in the wind, the whole shows are about to start to begin, underneath her table are no lights, under her cape, are zillions screams, of faces massive, creator of herself, first act juggling life, maximum demonic show, she hears nothing but what she created, , underneath her table are no lights, under her cape, are zillions screams, of faces massive, , underneath her table are no lights, under her cape, are zillions screams, of faces massive (x3),
Arch Eemy
 Red eyes is identical with Halloween, my favorite holiday, your worst nightmare, enter the list of hammers also chains, swinging around your neck, as I choked before, we all choked, but not like I did down to the core, delivery girl is my cd, affect their meaningless life’s with knifes meaningless life’s, will not loose my temper, I get involved by my tensions, what did you do with their life’s, it is all fine, because, their life’s tensions because, they made it to her list, of red eyes, to say sorry to their good-byes, make a way meaningless life’s,
Avril Lavigne
Woke up from a dream, did not like what I saw, a girl who goes to sleep, peacefully alone for a long while, conversation or no coversations, but it felt different the longer the girl stays, deciding, how can her mind wake her mind, will not be able, will not careful, down by this girl side sees blood, down by this girl side sees blood, where did it come from, it did not come from, looking by this girl side after all, it came from you, how did you knew, how did you knew, you told mind, looking by this girl side after all, the girl awakes, also find someone by her side, they start to talk, the girl saids I was not dead, I was just wondering are you alright, because you have blood on your side, yeah, am not through, will not be able, will not careful, looking by this girl side after all, down by this girl side sees blood, where did it come from, it did not come from, looking by this girl side after all, it came from you, how did you knew, how did you knew, you told mind, looking by this g
Playing by their insides they are torn apart, they all shouldn’t have singled her out, but that was their all accomplishments, give yourselves a hand, to stand to remember how the points were made when they did it, now it is her turn speech taker on a kill, a joyful time for her, they are not stopping her, minds all made up, her mind is all made up, try and find her gone, loose everything then choose, the next speech then cut down, the next speech then cut down, on lost words in return of rejections, for later compliments, scary model on a walk out, 80s dead cheerleader girl, to stand to remember how the points were made when they did it, now it is her turn speech taker on a kill, a joyful time for her, they are not stopping her, minds all made up, her mind is all made up, try and find her gone, loose everything then choose, the next speech then cut down, the next speech then cut down, on lost words in return of rejections, for later compliments, scary model on a walk out, 80s de
Guess that this is it, mi as well turn myself in, but today, is not the day being criminalize, so she will remain, of who she really is, until she know why she should change, but until then she will remain the same, insides of her, a rebel checa, inside of her for sure, so she do not let it out, insides of her, exploding inside checa, inside of her for sure, jumping around inside she will not show much, shamefully fun, also crazy, she fights for it is that she believes in, crashing through the stupid rules, breaking them as she did before, not the whole entire truth, meaningless fight broke out, fire came up sparkles of her broken poetry, insides of her, a rebel checa, inside of her for sure, so she do not let it out, insides of her, exploding inside checa, inside of her for sure, jumping around inside she will not show much, risk bringer in public speakings, ready listen provoke new openings, good causes lasts while they’re in jail, ( me asking questions about a better place ins
(no camera’s on, light shinning, majority of things are quiet, music on ok,
Arch Eemy
Night falls in them, on other side of their self’s, alone in my own home, if everybody had their own dangerous injections will not come upon each one, understand how she must have went, without looking back, at her reflections, all of you did that same thing, people think why are we heading backwards, Night falls in them, on other side of their self’s, because their mouths are shut my mouths is also shut, but our actions will speak, when our mouths are stuck besides our hearts, remember, without looking back, her reflections, all of you did that same thing, people think why are we heading backwards our hearts have went, out saying why do actions always figure out, understand how she must have went, out saying why do actions always figure out, (figure out x3), understand how she must have went, without looking back, at her reflections, of you did that same thing, Night falls in them, (okayy)
Arch Eemy
(afraaaaaaaaaid!!), something watching me, it is not leaving me alone, it is myself becoming more, than what she was suppose to, but it is getting closer to gain control, so it is to late it have already seen her, my words is in contact, way louder she refuse to hear it, she would rather look beyond than words, when she, explains it, others will gain knowledge, how her ways forms, behind solving her crimes, something watching me, it is not leaving me alone, she finds herself comparing, it to gates to her escapes, my words is in contact, way louder she refuse to hear it, ( it!), ( it!), ( it!), ( it!), she would rather look beyond than words, beyond than words, when she, explains it, others will gain knowledge, how her ways forms, others will gain knowledge, she would rather look beyond than words, before she can not keep awaaaaay!,
Soon coming out about her experiences of life also closing her heart, it have been damage far enough, but even though she needs her safeness of her experiences, she choose to search everywhere keeping open minded, ( birth was fake), ( while evening held onto her), ( awakening something), beeeeeeeeinnnginnnnnnngbeeeeeinnnnginnnng, kept once again filling misery up, (leeeeading), her to find a road to go to also explore, she walks in and find what it is that she have been looking for, and that is to show herself in her music artists songs, it is what came up to her she just ignored it for a while, but she decided to attach it to her soul, and not ignore it once more, enough to keep her well, video dances is apart of this to, connnntinnnueeeccconnnnntinnnuee), (want to glare at horror), as it is pouring into her then turning into water). beeeeeeeeinnnginnnnnnngbeeeeeinnnnginnnng, ( birth was fake), ( while evening held onto her), beeeeeeeeinnnginnnnnnngbeeeeeinnnnginnnng, ( beeeeeeeeinnng
Meaningless love felt, that is the title for this story, once she did love the thought of finding it, she was hesitant to open up, for her she finally did it, soon after the girl knew that it was right, she let it come into her blank lines of life, people might say that her true self was showing, how did they know, maybe from watching from how the girl was acting, deep into herself thought that it was alright, not really paying attention though found out where the meaning was heading, the girl was then thinking that she was in the way, of love that really did not love her back, suicidal depressed hearts was playing a song, how could, redness come onto her past, turn her around then hurt her in that way, after she let it come into her blank lines of life, it was very beautiful, pretty, and now it still is, she showed her how she meant in a way that she can relate from, now, how did they know, maybe from watching from how the girl was acting, deep into herself thought that it was alright
Jacob's Word
There's uh.. strange {*voices*}There's there's many many voices in my head many different voicesSome are like this {*repeat 7X*}I hear voices one voice in particularComes into my mind perpendicular rectangular it's a strangularHe's like some kind of mental fucking mangular I don't knowHe tells me to punch Esham and Shaggz so I punch em I even call Twiztid fagsThey get mad slap me and smear my make-upI've named this evil voice named him JacobJacob tells me "Climb the ladder and jump off head firston the street don't worry it's soft"So I jump thump I'm on a gurneyJacob laughs at me "Your so fucking nerdy"Fuck him I hate him I hate him I can't escape himI finally get alone he calls me on a telephone {*phone rings*}"Violent J there?" Here"Hey this is Jacob I want you to piss in your underwear ok bud?" SureI'm pissin now it fuckin ticklesJacob's dissin again I hear his gigglesAfter I cut all my fingers off for that motherfucker I finally had enoughGo see a doctorDoc, hello"Hi have a seat le
I'm currently looking for new friends. I don't care if you're not a Juggalo or Juggalette, but I do care if you fucking hate my family. Sorry, but I don't want haters on my friend's list.   NEED/LIKE: Juggalos (in a non-gay way, of course..) Juggalettes Friendly people Funny Nice   HATE/DISLIKE: Haters People wants to start trouble for no damn reason Spammers Hackers Glitchers       WHOOP WHOOP!
Birthday Massacre
Going without mondays, so easy and not hearing stuff, because it do not effect her like yesterday, done with childish games, with childish games, with childish games, growing towards something that is new, done with their childish games, outside endless comfort zones, performances will come my friends, until then I going straight with creating myself, also leaving most behind, most behind, leaving most behind, zones apart most behind, ( laa laa happens), ( inside there is a hole), performances will come my friends, ( made where a black guitar can go), ( laa laa happens), ( inside there is a hole), going straight most behind, ( made where a black guitar can go), going without mondays strings, sleeps until tuesday late evening, because it do not effect her like yesterday, done with childish games, with childish games, with childish games, growing towards something that is new, outside endless comfort zones, where there’s nothing worth looking at, changing each tone of others listen
Buy Me?
Buy me I am cheap, but not slutty, sorry.  Thanks, bye!
Birthday Massacre
( flew) (flew) ( flew) (flew) (flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew), Dead 80s cheerleaders girl, match up in her very own world, big hair big attitude, she notice how things are now and she don’t agree with them, why can’t people be more acceptive, because this is not the 80s giirl better get with the checking list, or else if you are curious to see how it have changed, here is the magnifying glass, ( flew) (flew) ( flew) (flew) (flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew), it’s their brand new color, ( flew) (flew) ( flew) light dark not her kind of world, more of the sounds had meaning, but now most are just screaming about bones also how that like to hurt each other, miss it a lot, ( flew) (flew) (flew) why do she feels like she knows also belong in there and not here, she was not even born around that pace, that why knowing where you belong to is not near to being wrong, apart of this checking list does deserve a respectf
Birthday Massacre
( flew) (flew) ( flew) (flew) (flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew), Dead 80s cheerleaders girl, match up in her very own world, big hair big attitude, she notice how things are now and she don’t agree with them, why can’t people be more acceptive, because this is not the 80s giirl better get with the checking list, or else if you are curious to see how it have changed, here is the magnifying glass, ( flew) (flew) ( flew) (flew) (flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew) ( flew), it’s their brand new color, ( flew) (flew) ( flew) light dark not her kind of world, more of the sounds had meaning, but now most are just screaming about bones also how that like to hurt each other, miss it a lot, ( flew) (flew) (flew) why do she feels like she knows also belong in there and not here, she was not even born around that pace, that why knowing where you belong to is not near to being wrong, apart of this checking list does deserve a respectf
Melissa Etheridge
December 13th is my other day to relax, also to forget have a good listen to my favorite song also to slowly shake my hips from side to side because she is just that silly stupid, she do not have a lot stress hanging on her back she wants to have something nice to herself, but no one can join me so go somewhere else with you all dum little flirts, there are twenty four more hours left in her party meditations, can not use what was used left on them, hurtful stabbings stab her in the back, so why should she let you all in my mystery’s of histories, there are twenty four more hours her throwing hits is done, so why should she let you all in my mystery’s of histories, besides she going to have some thoughts to herself, clocks is a tickin rewindin and fast forwin from my anger at my own game, it is fun to play where you know that you are the last player of the game, she going to wake up tomorrow bragging about this only escape, there are twenty four more hours left in her party
Too Cold-- To Alone
These things I once All shamed These things I Tried to hold stillI kept telling myself just on more pillI did it to relsease I did it to relaxall the while Making you feel alright anConvinceing you I was fine The only thing I wanted was for you to hold me tighhtI tired to show you the best I knew howOf the many things that troubled me now.Not knowing what is right, Not knowing If Ill make it untill dawn light.Sitting their cold as steel-- I plead with you just one more pill.My hands so shaky an so cold- All the things I never wanted to know.I just wanted to feel out of this hole.Shaky My hands graps so cold what is left of this razor I hold. All I know is I feel so alone.I just want you to know-- no matter what You will always have a hold. On my heart That is all to cold.To cold to hearTo cold to care
Taylor Swift
Shy lonely girl signed up with the website gonegothic, she had no friends she wanted some badly she decided to give it a try, first was candy-freak and also suski, they became close to her, then they stop talk to me, that goes to show how much they really cared, also while we were friends then came punkrocker_chic, now she a cool person my best wishes for her is to have a good life there is no way she can know me now, she went back to having no one around her, she re logged onto her old myspace page where she met core, she were there, for me where no one was, then she betrayed me so it was nearly heading towards square one, she did know it she nevered thought she would met hana, also have her as a close friend now she is in her heart and always will be, she like meeting new people and she met serena joining her circle of friends, a few more came then she said ok because she love them all, they are new but they are true to her, she loss count of how many she have, she can always turn an
I Love You.
Its been brought to my attention lately that I don't tell the people I love that I love them enough. And especially since I've been sort of awol from fubar a lot its gotten worse. But I really want the ones I do love to know that I adore you and everything you've done to be there for me the last 4 years I've been on THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart.... Pedro Witchie Sherry JenniferLove Captain Awesome McLovin Whoremaster Vixey Philemon Lewis (Jackhammer) Durham Supes Reeka Klover Boops Deacon Serenity Clowns Tink Peacey Homie Husky NotTellin Matty Jak Kit TJ Bliss and so many've always stuck by my side through it all....and I LOVE YOU ALL!
Dancin' Days: Soundtrack Revisited
Music, as far as I'm concerned, should be just as vital to the people I surround myself with as it is to myself. Which means it is as necessary as oxygen. When I ask someone what sort of music he or she might be into, the last thing I really want to hear is "oh I listen to a little of everything." No the fuck you don't. What kind of answer is this? You're really telling me you haven't taken the time to find something that really moves you. Chuck Klosterman totally validated my belief in his book Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs saying: Do you know people who insist they like 'all kinds of music'? That actually means they like no kinds of music. This is not to say that listening to a variety of music is a punishable-by-death-of-friendship offense. I listen to a varied list of bands and genres myself though most people would disagree with that statement. I'm a true music lover, though. I have taken the time. I know what I like while still keeping an open mind. My answer to the above q
Letting Go Of A Friendship Is Hard But It Have To Be Done When The Person Is A Jealous Snake
i had to stop being friends with my ex friend katie and she was my a amazing friend of mine . when my dad died she was right there and so today i hear some fucking mad talk about me . saying i'm jealous of my friends and that i'm a golddigger and some fucking crazy shit . so i'm fucking heated and i find out from my cousin who said it and it turns out its my so called fucking friend katie and i got in my car and drove over there and asked her why are you fucking talking about me and from the look she gave me i could tell she was jealous and i told her our friendship is fucking over and i could had said more but that bitch was not worth it because if you know about jealous bitches calling them out shuts there fucking mouth's lol and i change my voice mail to excuse me if your this jealous bitch named katie please dont call here unless you like being  humilated  lol but i learned a lession i have to be careful who i allow in my life two quotes i found about jealousy "Welcome to the w
Stupid Fucks
Wtf is wrong with some ppl on this site? When someone is depressed you don't try t o perve on them by making them go look at naked photos!!  Some ppl are just fucked in the head and need to stop. Seriously??!! Wtf?? Why do guys do that shit?? Are they just that flipping retarted or just that damn stupid?? I dont wanna look at ur naked ass when I'm deptressed. When someone is depressed sex is that last thing on there mind. When will everyone realize that. So stop doing that shit to me every single fcking time!!!!!!!! It's annoying and makes u look like bad if u realize it or not. So stop with the damn shit and BS and gt a fucking grip!!
nothing to say today
We Don't Die
We ain't underground by accidentThere's only a select few that can handle thisFreek shitApparition of a poltergeistBlessed with heartBut is cold as ice and broken twiceNow I walk with an axeDressed in all jet black with contactsStraight maniacWarlock, Samhain and Salem's LotSand through the hour glass ticking of the clockIf you don't know by now it's too lateWe the most serious thing on the market since date rapeWe the deadWe don't explain or feel pain, beserkoKeep it underground to maintainBitch you better checknutsI'm doing voodoo in 66 in 6 monthsRidin' in a digged out hearse with gold spokesPuffin' on 2 ton blunt with dead folks and it's like thatAxe Murderers, we don't dieSerial Killas, we don't dieFreeks of the Night, we don't dieWe get high, we don't dieComing up outta the groundFrom the underground tunnel of dirtKeep away from the mainstream loverJust want somebody to move and get hurtGot your hole dug deep in the dirtCan't hurt?What bitch muthafuckas makin' love to the press?W
Rising Quiet Storm
Tears slowly form, and run down my pain sighted eyesAshamed of what I've becomeAshamed of my lifeHurting something terribleclose to the edgemy only relief would be if i were deadstuck and confusednot knowing if the things you say are truei trusted you with my lifei trusted you with my heartand now you laugh as you slowly rip it apartFeeling the rip long after the teari look at my life, and realize it's not faira young black soulstanding alonelooking lost looking coldno arms to keep me warmrising up into a quiet storm
bilocation\ bahy-loh-KEY-shuhn \noun; 1. The state of being or the ability to be in two places at the same time.
I Need To Die..
Apparently I need to die because I said a person needed to grow up. Oh and karma is a bitch. =/, as my friends, are worthless too.     Just thought I'd share that with you all. I love you!!
A good laugh is sunshine in the house.  -  William Makepeace Thackeray
Are you gonna be a gambler and dealAre you gonna be a doctor and healOr go to heaven and touch God's faceAre you gonna be a dreamer who sleepsAre you gonna be a sinner who weepsOr an angel under graceI'll lay down on your bed of coalsOffer up my heart and soul. . . .But in return. . .I want you to burnBurn for meLike a candle in my nightLaugh for me, cry for mePray for me, fly for meLive for me, die for me Burn for me. . .
3x9 Forced Matrix!/aaachoosocial Network
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I Just
watched Remember Me.   And my heart fell out of my chest.     Damn you, cinema. You're good.
To Those Who Want To Know.....
I must apologize to all of you who had my email address, and got spammed from it. Apparently, I have been hacked for some time now, and never knew it. I'm truly sorry, friends.   Now, here's my new yahoo:   those of you who want it, go ahead and add me...   those that don't...... dont.
Bad Day
Having a really hard day today... My daughter hasnt spoke to me since the day before I had knee surgery back in July.... At that time I found out she had done coke and we both had choice words for one another. I am dying inside not knowing how she is doing. (she will be 21 in feb) Today I drove past the place I last heard her to be staying and she wasnt outside so I was going down the block to turn around and I seen her on the porch of those where she did the dope. That killed me, I just kept driving. My heart is breaking, I want to pull her in and protect her yet there is not a damn thing I can do.   The other thing bothering me is I turn 40 this month. Now there havent been any other birthdays I have had issues with but this one makes me feel like my life is 1/2 over. I know tacky buy seriously.....   I am just havin a bad day all around :(
Broken Dreams
Drowning in a darknessOf deep despairBelieving the lies I hearAnd seeing truths not thereSee the rays of sunlightThey shine upon your scarsReaching for that broken smileAmong the hidden starsHearing the tear dropsFalling from your eyesBelieve my hidden secretsAnd tell my stolen liesBring me to the surfaceGive me air to breatheLet me see the sorrowUpon my broken dreams
Just A Con.
Lying in a darkened room,Beside you in my bed,Sweet whispers in my earFill my empty head.Hold me in your arms, I plead,For without you, I'd be dead.Kiss me softly on the mouth,Touch my naked skin.Feel my body against yours,Caress the heat within.Now that we are all alone,It's time for us to sin.With your hands in mine,And your weight on top of me,I writhe and I moan,My body like a sea.I wonder in the darkness,Are those stars that I see?Unwinding from my pleasured haze,I turn the lights back on.A stranger dozes next to me,
well how do you help your 16 year old daughter get threw the fact that her dad moved out of state? im so worried about how this is going to effect her but i think im the only one whos cares. how do i stop myself from letting him back in our life just cause he has noone else? why cant i just tell him no. i do not have the feelings for him as i did in the beginning and i was glad when he left. but what do i do when this dont work out with him and this other girl? do i let him come back till he gets on his feet or do i tell him hes all on his own. i get told hes just using me when he needs to and i think i know that but he has no one else and our daughter would be mad at me if i let him on the streets.she has not seen him that much but god does she love him.
What To Buy
Should I buy a harley davidson or a sport bike? I cant make up my mind they both are sweet.
Slavegirl Deb
I want to introduce my Slavegirl Deb, she is in training at the moment, like Leanna.   It is the best start when she can tell you something about herself on her own. written by Slavegirl Deb: I am slavegirl Deb, I am very strong willed, I am a control freak. I like things my way. I demand respect, I have a problem w/ time management, I have a problem w/ doing things my husband tells me to do and yes, I can be lazy. Call me selfish if you want, I don't care. My needs are minimal. I used to think I would feel complete w/ just a roof over my head and food in my belly. My husband provides everthing I need. But, there was always something missing. I wanted to feel owned. No one I spoke w/ ever understood what I ment. Then one day I met Master Alex. I knew from the moment he said he would send me a set of Rules, that he was the Real Deal, that he was a Real Master. Since, Masters training, I have something to look forward to when I wake up, I enjoy knowing that I will be pleasing my Ma
Canada Wants A Cigarette
I entered Canada for the first time.  I was a little nervous, there was a lot of build up, a lot of waiting for this moment.  I fully admit I made some mistakes; I went in a little fast at first, but with direction, I slowed down and did it again.  I felt the warm sun on my face, and while I was confused a little by the signals, I reached my destination in just the right amount of time. I had to make a quick dash over the border yesterday.  I broke no laws that you can prove or that I will admit to.  I was thinking what I would say to the customs people if they asked:  "Yeah, I am just coming over for lunch"  "Yeah, with a girl..."  "What's her name? Uh, Jessica"  "Her last name? Well it's an internet thing, I don't know it"  But they just asked did I hit the duty free, which I said honestly "No" and went on about my business.   I really didnt feel like I was in a different country, well except the road was the QE, and they said something about KM/H which kind of sucked, cause I am r
Swimming & Veggies
So  I swam  1/2 mile tonight & my back doesn't hurt a bit..   (knocks on wood)   working my way back up to that mile hopefully.... Figures the pool closes Monday.  :(  Gonna find me some cool club to join for the winter! One that has salt water for therapy perhaps!   oh & I so love those steamed veggies you cook in the bag,  in the microwave. ya only have to dirty a fork or spoon .. you cook & eat it right outta the bag!    okay that is all  peace baby 
I Just Couldn't Reach You
 Tracie M: not, what i hate and have rold you is how people mcome into my life, act like they care and rthen djisappear, and what to know why i get upset spartukus03: this is how I look at it Tracie. I approach you and talk to you, attempt to talk you at a later time and get the perception that you are busy or don't want to talk to me at the moment so I just let you be and sort of wait for you to contact me... months later when you haven't contacted me I try to say hello again...... but if you categorize me as one of those people who come in your life pretend to care and then disappear... that is too bad because that isn't me.... and since those people bother you and I am in that category I will be sure not to do it again Tracie M: reality is i dont leave my house and i dont talk to anyone anymore, so that is fine, you r better off that way forgetting you ever talked tome, i am not worth a poen ny spartukus03: that is certainly not the case Tracie... I don't
A Good Woman
A GOOD WOMAN A good woman is proud. She respects herself and others. She is aware of who she is. She neither seeks definition from the person she is with, nor does she expect them to read her mind. She is quite capable of articulating her needs. A good woman is hopeful. She is strong enough to make all her dreams come true. She knows love, therefore she gives love. She recognizes that her love has great value and must be reciprocated. If her love is taken for granted, it soon disappears. A good woman has a dash of inspiration and a dabble of endurance. She knows that she will at times have to inspire others to reach the potential God gave them. A good woman knows her past, understands her present and forces toward the future. A good woman knows God. She knows that with God the world is her playground, but without God she will just be played with. A good woman does not live in fear of the future because of her past. Instead, she understands that her life experiences are merely lessons
It's Been Awhile.....
Greetings Neighbors,      It's been a long while since I decided to place my ramblings in here, but, there is a slow fire burning in me and I just have to speak.  It may not be of any interest to many, yet, I will move forward anyway.  I came here a couple years ago looking just to kick back and relax.  My aim was just to spend my free time here and have a good time, lurking while working, dropping a few puns in a lounge hoping to make a few people smile and just make some friends in general.   As it is pointed out by many on this site, you will mainly run into two main things here; you'll make friends with real people or be pissed off by a few real foolish and foul idiots.  Fortunately, I have been able to side step quite a few of those mean folk who live for chaos and rudeness.  I merely treat them like dandruff on my shoulder and brush them away.  Then, there those who I somehow or someway made a positive connection and for them, I am truly greatly because, in real, I am true intro
2 Day Fast.
I'm going to fast tomorrow and Saturday. It'll be easy. Just don't eat. Period. Peace, Love & Bones
where the fuck did it go?
ljlkjlkj recent blog posts on fubar 16 secs ago 6:19pm reply DJ CC ROCK...:... by Mariana Gunnarsson  1 min ago babyjesus by Mariana Gunnarsson  2 mins ago here is a blog entry by Mariana Gunnarsson  5 mins ago Speechless. by Shay Kitten xMJBx Owned By...  16 mins ago misfitisms... by misfit  20 mins ago stop this day!!!!!!! by Poetic Suicide  33 mins ago Necronomicon-Book of the dead by Mr Punisher  53 mins ago Morrowind best ever game RP... by Mr Punisher  1 hr ago In a Auction! by xPlayerettex MJBxWCB  1 hr ago Peter Tosh by Mr Punisher
6:19pm Reply Dj Cc Rock...: Heya Would Love To Have Ya Rock Out With Us
6:19pm reply DJ CC ROCK...: heya would love to have ya rock out with us recent blog posts on fubar 33 secs ago babyjesus by Mariana Gunnarsson  1 min ago here is a blog entry by Mariana Gunnarsson  5 mins ago Speechless. by Shay Kitten xMJBx Owned By...  15 mins ago misfitisms... by misfit  19 mins ago stop this day!!!!!!! by Poetic Suicide  32 mins ago Necronomicon-Book of the dead by Mr Punisher  53 mins ago Morrowind best ever game RP... by Mr Punisher  1 hr ago In a Auction! by xPlayerettex MJBxWCB  1 hr ago Peter Tosh by Mr Punisher  1 hr ago WWE Issues Statement Addres... by The King of Kings 
babyjesus: Hey there! I'm Mike, the dude who runs this joint. The quickest place to learn more about fubar and have your questions answered is in the Help section. The Help link is right above this box in the navigation bar. Have fun and be can get addictive here! Don't forget to tip your bartenders!
Here Is A Blog Entry
Speechless. by Shay Kitten xMJBx Owned By...  13 mins ago misfitisms... by misfit  17 mins ago stop this day!!!!!!! by Poetic Suicide  30 mins ago Necronomicon-Book of the dead by Mr Punisher  51 mins ago Morrowind best ever game RP... by Mr Punisher  58 mins ago In a Auction! by xPlayerettex MJBxWCB  1 hr ago Peter Tosh by Mr Punisher  1 hr ago WWE Issues Statement Addres... by The King of Kings  2 hrs ago Melissa Etheridge - I'm... by Waiting  2 hrs ago The following blog is a tra... by Xx NAVY SWCC JESTER xX  2 hrs ago
Stop This Day!!!!!!!
so far the little girl i live with broke her arm my best friend is suffering a terrible loss i had a  ton of shit to get done, which i had to drop everything to help out here and to make sure everyone was safe and got home someone stole my shit and hacked my fb, also making a fake profile here.   *rips out hair*   just an update so people dont think im being a snob or ignoring anyone   i want everyone to be safe and happy.   and p.s. someone stold my kneesocks out of the dryer........who does that??   BBL
Necronomicon-book Of The Dead
Morrowind Best Ever Game Rpg Style
Dagoth Uthol is one of the Ash Vampires and brother to Dagoth Ur. Vivec suggests killing him in order to weaken Dagoth Ur. If you kill Dagoth Ur first, all the other Ash Vampires will die with him. Dagoth Uthol may be found in Kogoruhn, Charma's Breath. He carries the Belt of Heartfire artifact. Of the seven Ash Vampires, Uthol is unique in that he is the only one who will let you pass peacefully if you talk to him first. Just choose "come to submit" when he talks to you, and he'll let you go.
Peter Tosh
 As for the majority of Jamaicans, life was spent scrounging for a dollar, struggling to put food on their children's table, and a roof over their head; That was if you can find some brush or metal with which to build one. It was difficult to find employment, and many of those that were employed were done so temporarily. Peter had greater visions for the Island of Jamaica. He was upset with the treatment of his people, and he did nothing to hide his feelings. It is believed by many that this is the very character trait which led to Tosh's murder. The voice of the people was eliminated by three supposed robbers who stole not one material object. At the tender age of forty three, Peter Tosh was silenced, as were the hopes of many Jamaicans.  Peter Tosh was born into this world without a father or mother with the responsibility, or the time to raise young Peter. He was raised by his aunt, although Peter's personality would have you believe that he raised himself. An extremely self-reliant
Melissa Etheridge - I'm The Only One
Please baby can't you see My mind's a burnin' hell I got razors a rippin' and tearin' and strippin' My heart apart as well Tonight you told me That you ache for something new And some other woman is lookin' like something That might be good for you Go on and hold her till the screaming is gone Go on believe her when she tells you nothing's wrong But I'm the only one Who'll walk across the fire for you I'm the only one Who'll drown in my desire for you It's only fear that makes you run The demons that you're hiding from When all your promises are gone I'm the only one Please baby can't you see I'm trying to explain I've been here before and I'm locking the door And I'm not going back again Her eyes and arms and skin won't make it go away You'll wake up tomorrow and wrestle the sorrow That holds you down today Go on and hold her till the screaming is gone Go on believe her when she tells you nothing's wrong But I'm the only one Who'll walk across the fire for you I'm the only one Who
Love Me Or Hate Me
I think it's time to finally put one of my cats down to sleep soon. Been looking online for information to see if there was another way to help him but no luck. Since I found out he had those tumors a while ago, I couldn't really do too much since I couldn't afford the surgery. Now he's starting to lose body functions and showing a little more pain when I pick him up. Cats tend to hide their pain well. Sigh...I didn't want this day to come but I can't let him suffer. Found out mom needs surgery soon. Nice... I took her to make a doctors appointment will see what all will happen at her next doctors appointment.   Suckage...
Another Rig Explosion
I just heard on the radio that another oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. All crew members are in the water. They are reporting that one is injured and that there are no deaths.
Slavegirl Leanna
I want to introduce my Slavegirl leanna, she is currently in training and it is a big pleasure to take care of her behaviour, needs and interests. i know her since a long time and she realized lately about her real nature and why she is here. it is the best when leanna can say on her own why she is my slavegirl. Written by Slavegirl Leanna: I am a young, single mother. I work full time and have my own place. You could say I’m normal but, I’ve always had self esteem issues and trouble with self control. I had accepted that about myself. I assumed I would always be that way and I would never be happy with my body or who I am. That is how I felt until I met Sir Alex. When Sir first contacted me, I was very curious and also very drawn to him. I didn’t know much about being a slave girl but I knew that I was a submissive at heart. However, Sir helped me realize how subservient I really am. He is a strong and powerful man but also very intuitive to my emotions. He knows
My Favorite Fallout 3 Song.....hell, All Of The Fallout 3 Songs Are My Favorite.
How Stupied My Exis
ARG EXS ARE SO FUCKING STUPIED WITH MINE HE CANT STOP TALKING AFTER SAYING UR DONE TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING OR THINKING RANCH IS SALSA OR THINKING GRAB OTHER END OF THE SHELF MENT GO GET A HAMMER    yet the still try be in your personal life mine is all the time no matter how many times u tell them none there buesness they still try with mine hes trying every excuse in the book "just making convosation, we dated for over two years,) or after dating again Hey.i miss u i miss the times when we laughed and i made u blush ur soo cute.we had so much good times ill miss that.ill miss kissing those lips of urand making love to u .we had something strong but we both let it drop but y?idn but i belive that we are still strong but it hasnt found its way bak cause love like that always comes bak so if things go bad with both are relatilnships or even if we feel that its us that belong together i kno that in ur heart u still want me u may not think it but its in ur heart.if i was still down ther
Slavegirl Naomi
Slavegirl Joanne is also a very pleasing contact, but also someone who needs a strict hand. a very devoted and loyal slavegirl, that follows every command! but also a slavegirl that needs a lot of help with her behaviour and her exercies and tasks... she forgets easily and needs to be reminden by her whip "Joe" very often. Joanne is loyal and a good servant... she does know that she is born to serve. this is what she needs, desires and wants. she follows commands easily and can also offer an interesting conversation if needed. in the near future she will be allowed to write some lines on her own for the blog.
Young Slavegirl
Here i would like to present a good looking Slavegirl from the US she was new to the whole topic but she presented herself like a born slavegirl. she was sure about her intention and about her will to be presented and to please.     she is like the most females... a very high opinion about themselves... but when someone comes along who does show them their real nature and that they can be guided and lead properly they start to realize about their place, their needs and their hidden insterests... to serve, to be trained, to please and to show a behaviour that fits to their nature.   
Exotic Slavegirl
This is Slavegirl Nora, an exotic rican slavegirl. a free spirit that really needed a very strict and demanding dominant.   she has a nice appearance... but she had to shave her cunt badly!      she is very self confident and outspoken... but she also knows that she is in need of a very strict and demanding dominant. she needs to be lead and guided and she prefers it to be put into place and when she has some boundaries and rules in her life. it is better for her to follow and to please and at times she needs someone who tells her when it is better to shut up instead of raising her voice. the whip also helped her a lot of times with her behaviour... it was a pleasure for her to shave correctly after he ass tasted the whip.     it looks much better now... doesn't it?!
I Miss U. U Know Who U Are, I Dont Have To Say.
I always needed time on my ownI never thought I'd need you there when I cryAnd the days feel like years when I'm aloneAnd the bed where you lie is made up on your sideWhen you walk away I count the steps that you takeDo you see how much I need you right nowWhen you're goneThe pieces of my heart are missing youWhen you're goneThe face I came to know is missing tooWhen you're goneThe words I need to hear to always get me through the day and make it okI miss youI've never felt this way beforeEverything that I do reminds me of youAnd the clothes you left, they lie on the floorAnd they smell just like you, I love the things that you doWhen you walk away I count the steps that you takeDo you see how much I need you right nowWe were made for each otherOut here foreverI know we were, yeahAll I ever wanted was for you to knowEverything I'd do, I'd give my heart and soulI can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me, yeah
It Is All In The Moment.
There is nothing more gratifying then to do something for someone just because. The happiness in their eyes the smile upon their face and the speechlessness is priceless. I remember vaguely a time when it was always instilled to the children that “It is better to give then receive”. I never quiet understood that saying. It is possibly because I never viewed a gift to be a requirement, but merely a gesture of the heart. For year’s I have pondered this topic and as this world involves more into materialize greediness and lack of respect the saying does now appear to make sense. Which is truly sad, in it’s own right truth be told.   Those that know me know I have the biggest heart ever. I would do anything for my family and friends if it is possible for me to do so. Even for a stranger on the street I have gone out of my way to help someone I do not even know. What is sad about all this so far is that 9 times out of 10 one like myself often ends up being used and
Say What?!
This is by far the funniest/strangest random convo I've ever had on here.     vermonster: DAM GIRL U GOT ME HARD! 8:21am Suga Lips: What??? 8:22am vermonster: HARD U KNOW GOT ME UP RIDGID BONER WOW! 8:24am Suga Lips: Um...well at least you know it still works at your age 8:25am vermonster: AND BOY DOES IT! 8:26am vermonster: THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING SO... 8:26am Suga Lips: Well...yay or something 8:27am Suga Lips: There's pudding now?! 8:28am vermonster: WHERE YOU WANT IT GIRL HOWBOUT A DIPPED BANANNA? 8:28am Suga Lips: This is a joke right? 8:29am vermonster: TEN AND TRUE 8:29am Suga Lips: I'm not gonna ask what ten is... 8:30am vermonster: U CANT HANDEL THE TEN SO LATER
So I decided to MuMM a little bit this morning. I came across a  MuMM about people leaving comments when they rate. That's when I noticed that their status was "Vote and share on my leveling MuMM". My comment said, in a nutshell, that leaving comments are fine, but the "rated" comment was lame. I also said that there is more to fubar than points and leveling that that's why I wasn't going to vote on her MuMM. Her settings are for comment approval...she came to my shoutbox. Here is the convo.... MissBehayvn DPR ...: you took the time to read and comment my mumm but you say you wont vote on it..that makes no sense whatosever....all voting your opinion either yes or expressed your feeling but couldnt cast youre vote..makes no sense 7:06am Per: kind of like you took the time to read my comment and not approve it. I didn't agree with you, so it didn't get approved? 7:07am MissBehayvn DPR ...: i just havent released it yet....but you want your comment on "n
Interesting Slavegirls Next Sequel
still some things to get shown here...       this for example is a slavegirl i met... and it was a pleasure. not that thin but she had known her place.               sucks properly     nice round ass         and at times a true painslut.   this slavegirl from the us was new to the theme, but she had a big interest to serve and to please         you could say...  a perfect female ;)     soon more material here...
Iraq Is A Victory
Iraq is a victory but a Pyrrhic one; a few more victories like this, and America will be defeated. Though Obama has done a good a job as fortune and the times have allowed him to do, this is isn't Obama's victory. Iraq certainly is not Bush's victory either.If Iraq is anyone's victory, it's the victory of experienced, competent, non-ideological military and civilian leadership over arrogant, theoretical, ideological, brute-force and massive ignorance political leadership. Our military and civilian agencies of government snatched victory from the mouth of defeat in a war that the politicians started and nearly lost. It's Petraeus' victory, it's Gates' victory, it's the soldiers' victory; Iraq is the victory of the reality-based community over the faith-based community.And if anyone was defeated in America, it was the neocons, who discovered that reality is not constructed from one's dreams or theories; rather, reality is reality; reality exists whether one likes it or not; and ignoring
Interesting Slavegirls Sequel
and again... some nice slavegirls       this for example was a true painslut         it was very interesting to be in contact with her      and as you see... she liked pain a lot...         even harder.       this nice mature girl was more sort of a pleasure slavegirl. she was a really enjoyment!! per behaviour was perfect and i   can't say anthing bad about her!       just amazing!!           this slavegirl here was more sort of a humiliation lover. she enjoyed it and it was
What Is A Fupony?
I can't help but to think that Baby J is HILARIOUS! A FuPony?   So here is what I imagined happened when the FuPony made the cut.   FUBAR STAFF: We need to increase revenue so we can actually go on a vacation that is more than 25 miles away. PLUS: We are SO sick of the Dollar menus.   BABY J: Here's an idea: Let's think of the gheyest thing we can possibly come up with, and charge an exorbitant amount of money for it! Afterall, it IS a popularity contest and EVERYONE loves to be a FuGOD! It CANNOT FAIL! *insert menacing chuckle* BRAINSTORM PEOPLE!!!   They probably came up with some pretty ingenious shit, but at the end of the day, they put them to a vote and on the "GHEY-O-METER", the FuPony took the title by a solid 69% of the vote. The only thing gheyer than a FuPony is.....Perez Hilton.   BABY J....You Sir, are Genius!   Let's look at logistics: What IS a FuPony?   1) 2 pairs of True Religion jeans.   -or-   2) 3 pairs of Diesel Jeans   -or-   3) A month o
Interesting Slavegirls
here you can see some of the females i have been in contact with.   i am happy that i got known them and it was allways a great pleasure to be in contact with them.   there was this young female from belgium:     a girl that knows her place     a nice ass     and sweet little tits.     this was a slavegirl from the us... also a girl that saw her goal in pleasing her master           isn't that a nice ass?         yes it is!!     good tits...       and a nice body!     this was also a girl from the us... not that thin, but super sexy!!         i think she is hot, i like her appearance.         a nice clean pussy!  
New Blog
hello...   the old blog has gone. so it is the best to start over again.   at first i will introduce some older material that could still be seen here.   i am sure it is interesting for the most people. when you don't like it... just don't watch.  the blog is marked as nsfw.       i would like to show you what a former slavegirl from me wrote about her training.     Ex-Slavegirl S   I will never forget the day "Misterak" known to me now as Sir... my Master, my Owner came into my life. He changed my life for the greater. I had always fantasized about being a slavegirl, being owned. However I had never been in touch or talked with a dom that had an effect on me to completely surrender myself to him. Until Sir sent me an email simply asking me if I make a good slavegirl. I was fascinated by him form the start. His authority is ever present when he is near. Sir is not onlydom but he is charming, witty and extremely intelligent and well educated. Beeing in his presence is a
Guys Have Feelings Too!!!
 I am back to my matrix of white that will be turned to black after I complete this.Being out of the dating scene for so long I am finding that women have changed a lot.Not that I am looking at this point,cos I am not.I am still getting myself together from what I am dealing with now.Plus there is a big shy factor that I will have to overcome being that I have deeply fortified my heart now to fix the major damage done to it over the years.After being truly into this site for the past two months I have found most of the women to be disingenuous to say the least.I'm sorry I am old school.I was raised by my grandmother and she taught me honesty and respect for girls and women at a very young age.I miss her alot,especially now.We all have preferences and I understand that.I happen to be very attracted to women with long dark hair.When I was in high school way back when.I had a lot of girl friends.I had a big 1970 pontiac station wagon and could load it up full of girls and we would go out
So I'm I try for spotlight or not? I could probably get it fairly easy.....I just don't know. Help me decide!!!    
A Poem
The sands of time! Walking through the sands of time, thinking of something quite profound, a maiden then approached me, then knelt upon the ground.   She radiated innocence, greater than i had known, someone tell me who she is, out on the sands of time alone!
I Know You Get Me
Teenage Dream - Katy Perry   You think I'm pretty Without any makeup on You think I'm funny When I tell the punchline wrong I know you get me So I let my walls come down, down Before you met me I was a wreck but things Were kinda heavy You brought me to life Now every February You'll be my Valentine, Valentine Let's go all the way tonight No regrets, just love We can dance, until we die You and I, will be young forever [Chorus]You make me feel Like I'm livin' a Teenage dream The way you turn me on I can't sleep Let's run away and Don't ever look back, Don't ever look back My heart stops When you look at me Just one touch Now baby I believe This is real So take a chance and Don't ever look back, Don't ever look back We drove to Cali And got drunk on the beach Got a motel and Built a fort out of sheets I finally found you My missing puzzle piece I'm complete Let's go all the way tonight 
My Mom
Mom, without you, there would be no me. Your love, your attention, your guidance, have made me who I am. Without you, I would be lost, wandering aimlessly, without direction or purpose. You showed me the way to serve, to accomplish, to persevere. Without you, there would be an empty space I could never fill, no matter how I tried. Instead, because of you, I have joy, contentment, satisfaction and peace. Thank you, mom. I have always loved you and I always will.
I Have A Drug Problem....
Editor’s note:   The following letter has appeared on the internet and was viewed by many readers. Many felt it would be appropriate for the readers of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana.   The other day someone at a store in our town read that a Methamphetamine lab had been found in an old farmhouse in the adjoining county and he asked me a rhetorical question, “Why didn’t we have a drug problem when you and I were growing up?”   I replied, “I had a drug problem when I was young.”  I was drug to church on Sunday morning.  I was drug to church for weddings and funerals.  I was drug to family reunions and community socials no matter the weather.   I was dry by my ears when I was disrespectful to adjust.  I was also drug to the woodshed when I disobeyed my parents, told a lie, brought home a bad report card, did not speak with respect, spoke ill of the teachers, or the preacher, or if I didn’t put forth my best effort in everything that was ask
my sister the other morning after the party asked her boyfriend "why was i handcuffed to the roof?" he laughed and said "it was easier then trying to explain to you why you couldn't fly."
Yet Another True Story
I was just walking down the hall and passed a very pregnant girl wearing a s
last night i learned why jack sparrow loved rum so f**king much..
Another True Story
today i was at the checkout line at the dollar store and there is a guy in front of me holding a pregnancy test, a chocolate bar, and fake roses. Champion.
I Do Love It
she thought Martin Luther king was a president at one time. I love knowing
True Story
There is a man on the balcony beside me who claims he is a triceratops. He r
Random Rant 1
re-evaluating my life, if you cant be by my side in bad times, dont call me when YOU need something, Im not a puppet,im not here for your justification or to make you feel whole, im not here to be the person that everyone that hurt you wasnt, just for once, love ME and accept ME for me or just let me alone and let me be my true self, fuck all the games and bs, i'm too good for you
I didn't realize we were having a competition in poor decision making skills...
Love Lost
                                                                           Lost -N- Tha World                                                                                   Another day has come and gone, You left us standing all alone. I feel so stupid and a shamed, That I fell for all you'r Bullshit and played out games! I was the one who was there for you when no one else was, Even when you bout died from all the drugs. I've watched you sleep and held you close, I was the one who loved you most! I was a good person so happy and free, Now you made me somthin I never wanted to be. Now that you'r gone im finding me, The person loving life living so care free. You have two kods that loves you good or bad, You wont even come see them and thats just sad! Dont you think they deserve a phone call from their so called #1 Dad? You never take blame, You fault everyone else. Take a look in the mirror you did it to yourself. Our kids are no longer screaming through the door "Daddy come back w
I know I hit you with my car but people express love in different ways. Ev
i think i will always be the girl that falls to easy...
me and my guitar.. that's all i need   
Ask A Silly Question
I have 2 dogs & I was buying a large bag of Pal at Big W and standing inline at the check out. A woman behind me asked if I had a dog. On impulse, I told her that no, I was starting The Pal Diet again although I probably shouldn't because I'd ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IV's in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way that it works is to load your pants pockets with Pal nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry & that the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. I have to mention here that practically everyone in the line was by now enthralled with my story, particularly a guy who was behind her. Horrified, she asked if I'd ended up in the hospital in that condition because I had been poisoned. I told her no; it was because I'd been sitting in the street licking
if you love something let it go; unless its chocolate. never release chocolate, ladies.
All The Time
  When a girl is quiet the are millions of thing going through her mind  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥    
Love is like handing someone a gun and letting them point it to your head, believing they won't pull the
                        Sorry hun, but, unlike you - i'm not the doorknob where everyone gets a turn...[♥][♥][♥]                              i'm more like a casino, where only the   lucky ones
  shes strong because she knows what its like to be weak. she keeps up her guard because she knows what its like to cry herself to sleep.
Please Do :)
fall for the guy who would do anything to put a smile on your face . . .       even if it meant letting someone                                 take his
Its True
Dear Boys,
Dear Boys,  stop sending us those mixed signals. you either like us or you don't. just tell us. love, girls.
  why does everyone want their love to be like a movie, when it only lasts 2 hours? ♥
Self Titled.. 'nuff Said
"TheBest"   here's a shot Amb caught of what he said in our lounge.. ~IHW~ there's more trust me.. just block him   xoxo  fyre
A Real Life Experience Of Mine
The story takes place during the summer of 1995.  At the time I was a firefighter/medic and crew officer for a local volunteer fire and rescue department.  One weekend, which I had off from fire duty, I was notified of a large structure fire within my area of operations.  Not having anything else to do, I went to the station to help with staffing.  When I got to the station, there was an immediate need for an ambulance.  A grabbed two other personnel to staff the unit.  While responding to the fire, dispatch redirected us to the interstate for a significant multi-car accident.  The dispatcher indicated there were 5 at least 5 cars involved with possible trapped victims.  There were other units dispatched but would be delayed because of the fire.   When we arrived on the scene, I knew this was going to be bad.  Half of four-door sedan had slid under a tractor-trailer.  An old station wagon was upside down and was partially in a ditch approximately 50 feet from the sedan.  There were f
The time I've been on Fubar has been really fun~! I've met alot of really cool people, some even as nerdy as I am! It makes me happy that I know I'm not alone in my sarcastic nerdy world :P lol.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
I'm so excited cuz tomorrow is my first day of teaching jiu jitsu. I've only been doin it for 7 months, but my teacher feels im ready to instruct the younger students. Man, how can i sleep tonight? Lol
I Am
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ I'm tired of reaching for your hand, when you don't even hold onto mine.
Nice In The Mumms
Are we supposed to act all goody two motherfucking shoes in the mumms?
So True
....................... 5 minutes don't seem to take a long time, unless it involves a microwave .......................
♥I FELT SPECIAL until I saw you talk to every girl like that
Bury Me Deep In Your Heart
Bury me deep inside your heartWithin the abyss of your loveSo when this world falls apartI'm who you'll be thinking of.For when the outer walls crumble,From the times she left you thereAnd your mind feels in a jumbleYou'll see it's me who cares.For with each rock falling downLike a chisel, it'll find a way throughAnd when you reach oncoming groundI'll be there to keep carrying youI want to be all that remainsThe core of your soul, every part.But in order to bear the painYou must bury me deep in your heart. 
Would You Like To Argue In My Blogs
Go right ahead, you stupid motherfuckers!
A Warrior's Fear
A Warrior's Fear A Warrior's Fear What is a warrior to do Warriors are trained to know what to do Even during down time there is something to do Cleaning, training, resting and training Our lives and missions become intertwined But there is always the next mission or objective.   A warrior's life is dictated by their mission Whether its a problem to solve or a life to save Their duty and honor guides their actions In a never ending and ever changing way Even through fear a warrior will do Warrior use that fear to keep them alive, however Whether in fear or not the mission stands The fate of others are in your hands.   But over the years, even the finest blade dulls True warriors turn to train the next generation To teach and learn new tools and toys of the trade Traditions of duty and honor we give to all For all give some but others give all.   For the last warrior standing who gave their all
Stuff I Really Shouldn't Have To Say And Schedule Info
Mass-- Ok you can chalk this up to my mood. or the day I've had or whatever reason you may want to ignore or dismiss this. But I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TAKE THE TIME.   1. if u want to DJ here that's fine. I appreciate your help. but if u have Committed , Asked to be placed on a steady schedule. do what u have committed. and no I'm not bitching about real life getting in the way I'm talking about .. the whiny ass "I don't wanna Dj to a lounge with only a few people in it" ..  .. Fubar is a social networking site... u should have friends that want to listen to u .. if u don't go fucking make some. I don't have the time to deal with that and I WILL NOT DEAL WITH THAT. 2. I don't ask any more of my DJs than I would do my self ...I have never said I am the best coder on fu nor will I, However, there are quite a few people who would say that. It didn't happen over nite. Nor did the ppls who tune in to the BoneYard where ever I do .. sometimes it take years of work to be an overnight succes
I usually leave comments in the statuses, am I wrong to do this. I mean If people do it to me I would reciprocate.  A.Wrong B. Comment
Touch You have touched a part of me that I didn't knew existed. The touch only a pure and loving soul can find. You constant touch makes want to believe how special I can be. The touch is very special because you ask nothing in return. You have touched my heart, my brain and you found the soul I thought was gone. The touch has inspired me to feel real emotions within that with I thought as lost. As you touch my soul, I am overwhelmed with the love and kindness you give. Do I dare try to touch your soul as you have mine? How can I touch you in the same way? Will my touch be enough? Will my touch be too much? Your touch gives me the confidence to try. I can only hope that I can touch you the same way.
The Thruth Behind The Smile
She’s crying, she’s breaking, she’s lying, she’s faking, she’s hated & taunted she’s wanted & flaunted she’s a puppet on a string, an angel without a wing, she’s every girl you want her to be but she only wants her self esteem The Flowers I gave you have died, been lost, and thrown away, just like me! Everything I’ve done, everything I’ve gained, all means nothing now, a mere breath gone to waist Why am I depressed? Why do I like being alone? Because of all the pain you put me through And If I die, Maybe then you would notice me I’m so tired of pretending everything is ok, my tears are starting to show, and my smile is fading away I wish I was as invisible as you make me feel Don’t say you love me, unless you really mean it, because i might do something crazy like go off and believe it Sometimes I cry so hard from pleading… Smiles are no more than empty love Feel my pain, hear my screams, And watch
[these Tomatoes Suck]
Hurts to swallowand talkbut I did make it outside todaydrove around, got a drink, got a few groceriesthese tomatoes are patheticlike... red styrofoam and hate.nohate has too much energyfailure.Yes.8 pills.I didn't quite make it through the whole day without one.It felt good, so did the hot bath.Why am I afraid that I'm not going to enjoy doing anything I used to enjoy?And seriouslycan we get the swelling off my eye? I look like a mongoloid, and it feels really weird to blink.On the upshot my neck is oozing lessand overall bodilly pain is down.Checks are written.Unemployment is filed. Awaiting a phone interview.One claims packet is in waiting for me to fill it out and mail it back.36 hours til I can get my stitches out.Now what?Cure cancer and punch out god?I'm on it.
New Scheduling And A Few Old I Thought Were Unwritten Rules But Appearntly Not
Mass-- Ok you can chalk this up to my mood. or the day I've had or whatever reason you may want to ignore or dismiss this. But I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TAKE THE TIME.   1. if u want to DJ here that's fine. I appreciate your help. but if u have Committed , Asked to be placed on a steady schedule. do what u have committed. and no I'm not bitching about real life getting in the way I'm talking about .. the whiny ass "I don't wanna Dj to a lounge with only a few people in it" ..  .. Fubar is a social networking site... u should have friends that want to listen to u .. if u don't go fucking make some. I don't have the time to deal with that and I WILL NOT DEAL WITH THAT. 2. I don't ask any more of my DJs than I would do my self ...I have never said I am the best coder on fu nor will I, However, there are quite a few people who would say that. It didn't happen over nite. Nor did the ppls who tune in to the BoneYard where ever I do .. sometimes it take years of work to be an overnight succes
After Thoughts
It's almost one in the morning and am about to head to bed and just had a bunch of thoughts rambling through my head and figured what the hell, may as well share a few. Ya know.. The only "relationship" I have been in in the last 20 yrs has been which had been this on again off again booty call that lasted for 2 and a half years and officially ended 8mos ago. The funny thing about it is that I hadn't realized I guess that I had fallen for the bastard untill we had ended things. Funny how shit happens. You get used to things being the way they are. I mean it was great.. We may not see each other for weeks or even talk to each other just as long, but ya know there was always that notion that that other person would always be there. I guess the thing it made me realize is that I had spent so much of my life making sure I didn't need anyone that it was too late pretty much to let him know I needed him because by that time he had started seeing someone else.. Now he is married. Even more
Why do i put up with peoples rudeness & bs i wish i dont with desire and hate but i do with lust.
anacoluthia\ an-uh-kuh-LOO-thee-uh \noun;  1. Lack of grammatical sequence or coherence, esp. in a sentence
We grow small trying to be great.  -  David Hockney
Equations And Logic (the Anti Pickup Artist)
Equations and Logic.... My math and ability to calculate and gauge is just as good as so and so's. For example:APPROACH=CONQUEST x (INSECURITY+EGO=NEG)*This formula dictates the intensity in which the NEG will be compounded based on the PUA's need for a good ego-strokage and his desire to be, well.....desired. Are you with me so far?I could literally sit here all day and teach you how to make a man stick his own dick in his mouth via NEG rebuttals and "wash-offs". First: Lets talk about the psychology of a Neg (Which is by definition, an ambiguous statement that is meant to sexually disarm you and engage your peers.) For example: He says "Ewwww! You just spit on me!" (said while you are talking, and he begins brushing off the front of his shirt).Here is what he is expecting: NEG+CounterNEG=Penetration through the "Bitch-Shield", meaning: he is EXPECTING you to NEG him back. For God's sake, don't give him the satisfaction. I know....I is in our nature to gain the
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Swiss Made Rolex Watches For You
As we all know, Swiss made Rolex, a watch brand that could not be more widely known, is the first choice of many celebrities, VIPs, sport finishes or other well to do persons. The people are looking for top-notch prefer clock always to own a Rolex. It’s just amazing to be able to these watches from an ordinary watch with gold and silver orders a clock with surprising design, type, colors and different accents just be developed. There is so much variety with Rolex watches you spoiled for choice. Have a clock for every profession and every fantasy. These watches come in wide range of colors such as pink, blue, green, gold, white gold, stainless steel, etc. No wonder these watches look on your wrist very elegant and stylish. You can learn more by going online and check out the whole range of Swiss made Rolex watches. While what Swiss Rolex watches out are formed, is its rates. These clocks don’t come cheap. One must have very large sums of money out to own a peel Rolex wat
Ugg 5803 Bailey Button Boots¡ªoriginal, Credibility And Super Luxurious Comfort
In Australia Ugg President says: “Ugg Australia is right choice. When you wear it, you won’t take off. It’s original, credibility and super luxurious comfort will make you crazy.” That’s why Australia UGG Classic slowly from a little surfing brand development has become a global famous sheep leather boots luxury brand. And product also began to be confined to the sheep, slowly increase the boots of high-quality goods, shoes, slippers and seasonal shoes. Just as the Classic Short, the Bailey Button 5803 is a calf-height boot made from genuine twin-face sheepskin. UGGS Classic Cardy, we’ve updated this traditional style with a wooden UGG logo button and elastic band closure. The Bailey Button can either be worn up or cuffed down adding a little variety depending on your style. A soft foam insole covered with genuine sheepskin is desinged to all boots in our Classic Collection and these boots have a molded EVA light and flexible outsole which is desig
9-01-2010 Today I made it to level 26.....let's see how long it takes to level again :P
CAREFUL I stared at your picture today One last time just for hate Before I lit it up and smiled While your face engulfed in flames Careful what you wish for You dreams just might come true But instead of fucking me Im gonna fuck around with you Im no one to be played with You fucked with the wrong girl Should have stuck to the pathetic simple ones That seemed to rock your world But you wanted more, you wanted me Dumb bitches made you sick But you should of know theyre what you deserve You lying fucking prick You cant handle a girl like me You cant treat me like you did them I wont sit there , cry and take it Just to keep you as my man
Japan - A Cultural Experience
video below
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First Day Of School
So my youngest started Kindergarten today.  And I have mixed feelings.   YAY! he's in School!  and OMG! he's in school with other children for the first time and wow did I really go to HIGH SCHOOL with his/her mother??   It's a small world out there and if you happen to live in the same city you went to high school at, it seems that much smaller.   I am actually not complaining this time about it, there is a comfort knowing that you are around people you know...even if it's almost 20 years removed.   Yep the first day of school.  Now let's see how my boy does on his first FULL day of school. (Did I mention he was only there 2 hours today??)
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For The Children! My Children!
Ok guys..I need your help!  Kohl's is giving away $500,000 to the top 20 schools with the highest votes..My children's school is #14 currently!  Please copy and paste in your browser this Facebook page and vote for Darby Elementary, Northridge CA ..Please cast 5 votes for Darby :)  I rarely ask for anything!  So just do it!   Thank you!
My Cherished One
I sit and think about that day The day you stepped into my life And I thank God for bringing Someone as wonderfull as you So I don't have to be so alone.   Only God knows where this path leads But I hope I don't ever loose Someone as special as you are to me And that many years down the road We can look back and say remember when.   I know everything happens for a reason So maybe you are why I was put here Because when I stop to think of you Everytime my face lights up with a smile Because I know that I have found Someone I can tell my every thought to.   Who knows what is to come But I do know that I will cherish Every moment we have together For now I am content to know That if I fall you will be the one To reach down and say let me help.   Promise me one little thing please All I ask is that if you fall Let me be the one to help you up Because I know how it feels To look around and not have anyone I don't ever want that to ever happen to you.   Ther
Death Of Her Soul
In silence, she sees and declines. The death of her soul, She watches it slip away. Never again to be whole.   She sits proud and still. Happy for the time spent, Stolen yet hidden from all. Losing it is such torment.   Another lesson learned. The death of her soul. Another crease on her face. Another piece, taking it's toll.   To her surprise... She remains, stronger now. Thinking all is lost... Not so, it will be what SHE allows.   She allows very little. Fearing the loss of her soul. Pushing you further away, Never giving you complete control!   Willing to walk away. Painful to say the least. Though able to stand the hurt. Tis the nature of the BEAST! 
A Song About The Number 13,by Xiii
Love...not Love The Word...
I dont understand people these days...they say they LOVE this or that but I dont think they understand the true meaning...LOVE is never you dont fall in love with someone and out the was never LOVE then...LOVE is the whole truth in the world and with out it we are nothing...I see people who have been married 20 years just throw it all away for something new...its sad too see that...LOVE has become just another word to throw out there with no more meaning then any other...TRUE LOVE is more then just words it actions..and until we see that the issues we have will never go away...God/World/Family/Other...lets LOVE as LOVE should be TRUE AND FOREVER... And thats my rant of the day...
Listen. I need you. Your my only hope. Listen. I know your there. Please talk. Listen. I am here. Waiting on you. Listen. Please. I need you!     By: Shalee Palm
She's A Lonely Gurl
She's a lonely Gurl. No one cares. No one feels anything for her. She's a lonely Gurl. She sits & listens to music all day. No one cares. She's a lonely Gurl. She lays in bed all day. No one cares. She's a lonely Gurl. She can fall off the earth. No one would care. She's a lonely Gurl. She's could kill herself. No one would care. She's a lonely Gurl     By: Shalee Palm       NOTICE NO ONE WAS HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS PEOM IT WAS JUST A DEPRESSING DAY AND I WROTE WHAT WAS IN MY HEAD IT WAS LIKE A FEW MONTHS AGO
Need You Here To Stay
The sky is blue. The night is grey. I need you here to stay. Life won't always go my way. It's the coldest night. The hotest day. I need you here to stay. It's the darkest hour. All i see is a shooting star. i need you here to stay. The sky is blue. The night is grey. I need you here forever & always.     By: Shalee Palm
Love To Give
Life as we know it. It's gone. Love is leaving. Leaving me behide. The wind is blowing. Blowing away my life & my love. The ones i love left me behide. Thinking it was best for me. I have love to give. Why won't they take it. They take my heart & throw it on the floor & step on it. Tell me to leave but i want to stay. Stay with you. But you won't let me. But i'm going because you want me gone. So Bye.   By: Shalee Palm  
An Outpouring Of Nonsense.... Or Is It?
So I've been doing alot of thinking and got hit with a shitload of self realizations. First of which is that I really don't need to be so damned paranoid anymore. I keep worrying about who to trust, and who's gonna stab me in the back and yadda freaking yadda, but it finally dawned on me that I don't really have to do that anymore. Granted, yes, some people are still on the fence because I don't believe in fully trusting someone until they survive trial by fire. That would be stupid and naive. Two things I'm not. Most of the time. (shut up all you with smart ass comments. I've survived this long right? I don't care if only barely.)But most of the people that could really truly hurt me, by spreading my secrets or betraying me some other way, never would. Can I say that with 100% certainty? Hell No. But I can't even say the same thing about myself. People will always hurt other people unintentionally. That's human nature. But would they do it on purpose? No. Not at all. Mistakes can be f
You left like a cold wind blowing my face. A cold hour of the day. You left like a father leaves there wife & kids. In this cold world people leave & never come back. You left me for another. I hope she loves you like i loved you. Like in a wondy day where a leaf blows away. You blew away never coming back. You left me because you didn't want me to wait. Even though i would not have waited for you. You left to go to another state to be with another. It's no longer colder & i no longer give a damn about you. You left me. Now it's hot & I am doing better with out. I now love another. Now all i got to say is Goodbye.   By: Shalee Palm
With A One Or Two Person Exception, I Still Feel This... Ones A Poem And Ones A Reposted Blog From Last Year. Not Like Youd Read It
Desolate Madness slowly seeps in,She says, " I have stories to tell, don't know where to begin"You walk your fine line with its zigzag turnsEvery mis step leads to your getting burnedCross yourself pretending that your god hearsIgnoring that your prayers fall on insensitive earsAnd when dawn breaks and you find you're still aloneRemember the light you could've been shownWe offered no false hope or faith to breakBut our hands to hold and our hearts to take.When you could've had brotherhood and unityYou chose contradictions and trickeryWe offered all our trust and loveYou chose instead fabrications from aboveYou're now far out of our reachAs long as you believe the lies they teachHopefully sometime soon you'll be able to seeThey teach values riddled with hypocrisy. And the rant Of course offense will be taken          Floating in the middle of the ocean, searching and reaching for a buoy or a lifesaver or something to help keep my head above water, all the while watching search bo
The War On Drugs: What A Joke! (must-see Video!!)
What a great video.
She's My Gurl
She's my Gurl No one esle I love her She's my Gurl I might of hurt her But i love her She's my Gurl No one esle She's all think about She's my Gurl I love her She's all i dream about She's my Gurl I want to be with her She's my Gurl     By: Shalee Palm
Battle Of Love
Battle of Love   The pain inside crowds my mind, Like a wave of confusion that blinds me all the time. A road I promised I wouldn't go down, Has been traveled without a doubt. I'm finding my self caught in a big battle. Over love for a man I know I'll never have. Why must I always go, Down a road without any hope? Just to watch me beg and plea, For just a little touch from thee. These thoughts crowd my mind. Leaving me no place to hide. Now all I wish to do is run away, and cry. I just wanted to be shown, The love that was given once. I look upon with sorrow, sadden eyes, And try so hard not to cry. But when you love someone, more than they will ever know. And you look into their eyes, without seeing the same inside. Just cuts you deeper than a knife, and makes you fight not to cry.
The Are Rediscovered Writings Of Mine From A Few Years Ago To Now... They Were Still Very Much Truth Until Recently.
Looking at the pages, of the book that holds my soul, I see my heart break in stages, My mind spiraling out of control. And I see the one thing, that could save me my pain, make my heart dance on strings and wash away my shame. My heart is constantly bleeding, from what I put me through. My eyes are always crying, because of what I don't say or do. And all I need is just one thing, To cure and heal my disease. So I stand here and silently sing, I'm begging I'm on my knees I tear out the proof, of all my past crimes, maybe even what I have for you. Trying to forget the good times, There really isn't a point, Why do I even try? Our hands can never again be joined, Which is why at night I cry. My heart is constantly bleeding, from what I put me through. My eyes are always crying because of what I don't say or do. And all I need is just one thing, to heal and cure my disease. I'm tired from yelling so I silently sing, I'm still waiting and praying, please Burn these pages of my heart, put
Listen To Me
No one wants to listen to me. The words that come out od my mouth. I can even scream but no one will still listen to me. My world is just  turning around and around no one will stop it. I am  living a lie most of the time. No one will listen to me. My world is changing. My life is changing. People think I am tough & don't cry. I cry more then anyone knows I do. I am not tough. I am scared of alot of things in this life. No one knows it. Because they won't listen to me!!   By: Shalee Palm
This One Is Mine. I Dont Have A Title For It Quite Yet...
Through my travels, I've seen a bunch of the same. A whole lot of joy a whole lot of pain. I've experienced places that prove there's something up above. I know for a fact that for all the hate there's also love. I have felt like the whole world is on my chest. There were also a few times that I've felt higher than the rest. With every change and every chapter I prepare for the worse. I try to learn, and relax and let life take it's course. Though alot of the things I know from the start won't last. And so much keeps happening that reminds me of my past. I keep hoping and praying that my luck will change And I'll start getting better before I hit deranged. I choose to take a much brighter path. To quit beating myself with an extinct mental wrath. Life is only as great as you can make it be. So I'll live and love life the way I'm starting to love me.
Evanescence- Anywhere
Dear my love,Haven't you wanted to be with meAnd dear my love,Haven't you longed to be freeI can't keep pretending that I don't even know youAnd at sweet night, you are my ownTake my hand[Chorous]We're leaving here tonightThere's no need to tell anyoneThey'd only hold us downSo by the morning lightWe'll be half way to anywhereWhere love is more than just your nameI have dreamt of a place for you and INo one knows who we are thereAll I want is to give my life only to youI've dreamt so long I cannot dream anymoreLet's run away, I'll take you there[Chorus]We're leaving here tonightThere's no need to tell anyoneThey'd only hold us downSo by the morning lightWe'll be half way to anywhereWhere love is more than just your nameForget this lifeCome with meDon't look back you're safe nowUnlock your heartDrop your guardNo one's left to stop youForget this lifeCome with meDon't look back you're safe nowUnlock your heartDrop your guardNo one's left to stop you now[Chorus]We're leaving here tonightT
Katalina- Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered
He's a fool and don't I know it But a fool can have his charms I'm in love and don't I show it Like a babe in arms I'm wild but not impatient Men were not a new sensation Couldn't sleep, and wouldn't sleep When love told me I shouldn't sleep Loving and hugging you know it I'm in love and don't I show it Like a babe in arms [Chorus:] I'm wild again, beguiled again A simpering, whimpering child again Bewitched, bothered and, bewildered am I My heart was lost, I paid the cost Cold from the start he played the part I must agree the laughs on me But he and I we were meant to be Anticipating, loving, hating, waiting What am I to do Bewildered and bewitched 'Cause I'm so bothered over you [Chorus] Just the same old sad sensation That's the way love feels And this half-pint imitation Has my head over my heels Wishin' and missin' you kissin' What am I to think Bothered and bewildered I can't sleep a wink [Chorus] My heart was lost I paid the cost Cold from the start I've seen a lot, I me
The Test Of A Man Is Not In His Arm Its Beating Himself Mentally Because 90 % Of Battles Are Mental. The Other 10% Is Physical
as much as i would like to be a world famous body builder and have the perfect body i find that the real test of a man is one that can use his mind to get things done. but a strong handsome body goes well with it too. So the phrase the real test of a man is not in his arm its in his head. beat the mind then you can acheive greatness from the physical to mental.
Ha Well I'm Soooooooooooooooooorry...
That I've not had to suffer in life. Not going through hardships must make me a REALLY bad person. I understand that not everyone has a comfortable life and I'm in awe of what some people have gone through and come out the other end stronger and better than before. But just because I haven't doesn't make me a bad person, not everyone who lives has to have gone through one trauma or another to live a significant life.
Thanks Fubar friends and family for giving me a place to go to unwind from the stresses of life! Have a great night!
Rose Mcgowan Has The Igonrance Virus
How can I say this without being so brash. I can’t. So I will say it another time. People in entertainment should not open their mouth and talk politics. When they do they show their ignorance. Rose McGowan is the latest actor to register in the minus area of knowledge. With Obama’s rating below 40% approval, she wants him to get tougher with Republicans. Rose how much tougher do you want him to get? He ignores them and shuts them out of every policy decision he makes. I think you should watch or read some Fox News to get up to speed. Other wise just act and take home your big pay days. For more story   BlastFM is a great venue for the music you love. You can listen 24/7 and it doesn’t cost you anything except for the internet and a computer
One Hell Of A Ride
Well I quit SER today....had to be the hardest thing I have done in a long time. I was with that lounge from the beginning, when the only concern was fun and anarchy, when torturing listeners, booting emo ppl and telling it like it was reigned supreme. IT WAS A FUKKIN RIOT lmao. Times change though and ultimately ppl do, your listeners change, your lounge members change, staff changes, and ultimately so does your shows, and ultimately fun is replaced with boredom and loathing.....I love Djing, I love making ppl laugh and smile, and I lost that love somewhere along the time to hang up the mic and headphones for a while....time to leave SER while I still have the good memories....SER is my family, always will be....but just cant be part of it anymore
Bill Maher Exposes Mormon Religion
I'm aware of what our manuals say, but my friends and family members still accept Jesus as their savior, they just don't agree with LDS church anymore. They didn't leave because of sins. But I am sure some do leave due to sin
About Me
The Punisher is Frank Castle.He originally studied to become a Roman Catholic priest, but changed his mind because he was unable to forgive those who did evil. Eventually, Castle would enlist in the United States Marine Corps becoming a U.S. Marine Captain. He married his wife Maria, who was already pregnant with their first child prior to his enlistment.
The Blinders Of Society
Ok so those of you who come here to pose and fake ur way through a semi real life have nothing and nobody to blame but yourselves for how badly your life is going. Those of you who are secure in yourselves enough to show the real you out of the box and get dissed and slapped down by the narrow minded people i aplaud you and hope you keep on with your freedom and continue to express yourselves and how you truly feel.Keep on being an individual and not a clone.
True Love
Everywhere I go your smile is there When I think of you the stars overhead are bright My love for you kindles even in the darkness of night. When I dream the moon beams down your name And when you're not around my heart aches for you. You enchant me with your eyes The sound of your voice makes all my dreams come true. You are my heart's delight; it burns ever so bright Every time I try to resist you I just realize my love for you is true.
Highland Love. He Adores This One Best, Because It Speaks Of Our Past Life & Our Present One Too ;)
Once I believe long ago, we were together in a different time & different place, Visions of us come to me, of you softly caressing my face..Hills of green, flowers all around, as I wear them in my long hair, Thoughts of stone stairways, climbing up them, as I turn and see you there..Feeling the soft wind blow over our bodies, upon our bed you have taken me, Hear the storm in the air, as it rumbles over the sea..Feel the warmth of your body against me, holding on to you ever so tight, Running my nails over your back, As lightning illuminates the night..Kissing you deeply, feeling your sweat as it drips from you onto me, Our passion is as strong as the storm that rages, and as deep as that blue green sea..My Irish love, we have that bond, that has lasted into this life, As I once was long ago, I will again be your Scottish wife..
My Fighter
Winds blowing the colors of my favour, tied around your arm so tight, I watch you with much pride and passion, as your armor shines against the bright sunlight.. Upon the lush green hills, I watch as you take your flight, Ready to run and charge swiftly, all of your foes in your sight.. What sounds like shouts and thunder, rolls across the wide battlefield, Your sword held high to the blue sky, other hand holding your strongest shield..Hundreds of men cry their battle shouts, as they charge clashing hard against one another, I feel the battlefield ground begin to shake with much sound, as allies and foes meet up with each other..Tho I cannot see you now, for many men fight under the sun, I know you'll soon come back to me, when this battle is finally done..And when I see you walking over to me, weary across the land, My heart is full of passion as I look in your eyes, slowly I reach out for your hand..As the sun starts to set, burning fires being started against the coming night, We jo
Thru The Ages
Tonyte as the moon shines across the sky, lighting up the black velvet night, I long to be with my soulmate and lover, I long to hold him so tight.. Long ago, ages past, I remember the battles side by side, always protecting one another, on our horses we would swiftly ride.. I can still smell the outdoors on every piece of his armor, when he'd reach out to me with his arm, I can still hear his words as he pulled me against him, vowing to keep me from harm..As the wind blows across my body, It reminds me of his hands, always they would caress me ever so passionately, as we lived our life throughout the lands..I can still feel his lips over my body as he rained his kisses upon me, I can still remember the look in his eyes, so passionate like the stormy sea..I can still feel all of his strength and hear his amorous words that he always said, I can remember all the fierce desire, as he'd take me upon our bed..A bond thru the ages we've always had, our eternal love has lasted this long, For
As the moon shines upon us, bathing us in glowing light, I ride with my lover against the black starry night..Glancing at my love, his sword at his side, Our eyes lock with one another, on this moonlit ride.. Blood upon our armor, crimson shine against the light, earlier battle fought, we head homeward for the night..Riding thru the field, no words we need to speak, For passion is in our eyes, and the love that we seek..With the night that envelops us, from our horses we climb down, my loves comes to me, as a warm wind blows around..Sliding off our helms, in the glowing moonlight, He kisses me deeply, while pulling me in tight..Taking off one gauntlet, he caresses my face, Looking into his eyes, my heart it does race..Hot kisses upon my neck, teeth nibbling my ear, He whispers his desires, knows what I want to hear..Slowly we kneel, before each other in the field, Nothing I fear, For our love is our shield..Taking off our armor, each other we face, Desire flows through us, out in this
Field Of Flowers
Fields full of wildflowers, shades of red, yellow and blue, We sit amongst their beauty, as I lean back into you..The sky is set ablaze in amber, as the sun goes slowly down, I feel your warm breath against my neck, in this beauty all around..As I whisper to you, how much I adore m'lord's embrace, You reach up with one hand, pulling the braids away from my face..I feel you leaning over, reaching out, picking a flower of blue, You then place it in my hair, whispering, m'lady how I love you..Feeling your arms tight around me, being in your warm embrace, My love flows for you, through my heart and soul, within the beauty of this place..Feeling your hand gently caress my face, I slowly turn my love, to you, I lift my eyes to gaze into your own, and tell you m'lord, how I love you too..Others see upon the fields, how fierce you protect the land, Yet only I have seen, within this place, the gentleness of m'lord's hand..On my knees facing you, your hands fall to my hips, you draw me in so clo
Live Police Complaint
I go to a site called the live police complaint or police Kamau runs the web site as i mentioned Kamau is a qualified both federal and state court when it comes to police misconduct. Kamau has alot of intresting videos on his web site keep up the good works Kamau thankyou.
Shaken, Not Stirred. Does It Really Matter?!
Okay, so not long ago I was out and about.  I decided to have a drink and the guy next to me was ordering a martini (Vesper Martini to be precise) and ha asked for it "Shaken, not stirred".  I couldn't help but laugh my ass off.   There isn't any reason to get a martini shaken and not stirred.  It does not matter if you stir it instead.  The guy basically did it just because he thought it sounded cool since James Bond always said that.     If anyone thinks there is a difference between the mixing methods, try this little experiment.  Take 2 measuring cups (or beakers if you have them) and fill each with 8 ounces of water at the same temperature.   Take a drink shaker at room temperature and put in the water from measuring cup number 1 and 2 cubes of ice.  Shake is vigorously for 10 seconds.  Now pour it back into the measuring cup and observe how much the ice cubes melted and take the temperature of the water.    Now do the same thing with measuring cup number 2 but this time STIR i
Upcoming Show! October 30th 2010. Woonsocket, Ri.
"Satisfy Your Nic Fit" at the upcoming NWW show in Woonsocket, RI on October 30th 2010. I will be autographing photos after the show for $3! For details check out my "upcoming shows" album! I wanna see some Nicolette Signs out there! Facebook me, Nicolette Vincelli!/profile.php?id=100000018184898  
You Know Youre Old Skool Fu.....
You Know Youre Old Skool Fu..... If you can remember only being able to rate a profile ONCE in a lifetime Making it to the rank of Godfather was a big deal If you remember leveling groups If you competed in contests with the prize being a Big Pimpin Gift If you use to win spotlight every couple weeks with a bid of 32,000 fubucks. If you remember Sporks You remember big nasty dimple ass pics being OK to run as default If you said to yourself... "Yeah RIGHT!" when 1 credit blings came out If you ever comment bombed If you can remember JD being a chick ;) If you couldnt use a credit card on here if you wanted to. If you remember only being able to rate a pic once in a lifetime VIP? WTF is that? If you actually spent most of your time on here rating pix You paid attention to Bulletins If shouts were shitty... Oh no, that hasnt changed. Sorry If you use to trade stash rates If you can remember WTF a stash is When Happy Hours wer
I'm tired and worn out, I didn't sleep again at all last night! The whole situation with regards to my foot is having an impact on my mental and general health. I have been to the Dr's today after totally loosing it on the phone with my program manager at university this morning. He thought it would be a good idea to see my G.P about my foot and ask for a second opinion. He re-iterated again today that I couldn't return until the fracture had completely healed, he understands my frustrations and finds it a totally ludicrous situation.   My doctor thinks I look 'bloody horrendous' (thanks), my skin is sallow, my eyes black and I have a huge coldsore that appeared yesterday, due to the stress and anxiety of the last week. I confirmed that I felt as bad as I looked. I can't remember the last time I looked like this. She told me to up my intake of amitriptyline to whatever level I needed and told me to take 3 co-dydramols (now you're only supposed to take two due to the paracetamol). Bl
You may knock me down Pull my wings off and rip my heart out Burn me to the ground But I will rise again Like my brother the Phoenix...
King Of The World
My pain filled drama queen is always screaming at your bed Getting ready to buy you out 'Cause we all know What goes around comes around You should've known what I was all about Do not test me 'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world Get on your knees I'm the fucking king of the world Do as I please So get up and get out and I'll show you What it means for me to control you 'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world Keep your head down Untill I tell you to speak You're not giving me the run around When you fall back Unto my coffin No you should've stayed out of my way Do not test me 'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world Get on you knees I'm the fucking king of the world Do as I place So get up and get out and I'll show you What it means for me to control you 'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world Bow to me Bow to me at my feet you'll bow to me Bow to me Bow to me at my feet you'll bow to me Bow to me Bow to me at my feet you'll bow to me Bow to me Bow to me at my feet you'll bow to
U.s. Moves Into Fianl Military Phase In Iraq
US moves into final military phase in Iraq Sep 1, 11:00 AM (ET) BAGHDAD (AP) - The U.S. on Wednesday moved into the final phase of its military involvement in Iraq, with administration officials saying the war was ending even as the new commander of the remaining 50,000 troops warned of the ongoing threat from "hostile elements."The transfer of authority came a day after President Barack Obama announced the shift from combat operations to preparing Iraqi forces to assume responsibility for their own security. Obama made clear in Tuesday's speech that this was no victory celebration.A six-month stalemate over forming a new Iraqi government has raised concerns about the country's stability and questions over whether the leadership can cope with a diminished but still dangerous insurgency.Newly promoted Army Gen. Lloyd Austin also maintained a somber tone as he took the reins of the some 50,000 American troops who remain in Iraq, with a deadline for a full withdrawal by the end of next ye
Download English Songs English Songs Used Cars Laptop Computers
Download English Songs English Songs Laptop computers Used cars
New Fubar Sticker And Tattooo Packs! Available Now! Get Them Before They Are Gone!
We got cleaned out of the last stickers in three days. In order to keep this machine moving. I am asking for a small donation. If you want more stickers, just send me an email. We just want to keep making more stickers and keep the good vibes and messages flowing. fubar can make a difference! I would love to see this sticker on every trash can in america. I think the message is right on!  I hate fucking litter bugs. SEND THE DONATION TO PAYPAL TO   - don't forget to put your name address and user ID. Let's keep the cool underground swag rolling. All money goes toward making more stickers and keeping the prices low!
My Past Caught Up With Me...
First off, let me begin by apologizing for any typos, grammatical errors or spelling mistakes i may make ahead of time. I have never "blogged", so i beg urindulgence. however ,something pretty neat happened to me a few weeks ago and i feel the need to share the story. If no one reads it, oh well.... Many years ago,(i wont say exactly how m olany), i was working as a server at a popular waterfront restaurant on the beach. It was one of my first jobs and the restaurant still exists! One day i came to work and discovered we had hired a new dishwasher. I had always been one to make people feel  welcome ad i soon discovered that this young man was painfully shy and quiet. for good reason, as his knowledge of English was limited. For some reason i cant fathom, all of my co-workers had difficulty with his name.He was from Morrocco and before you knew it, he had been nickamed "Vic" a shortened version of his name....      Vic was . a hard worker and reliable and despite the language barrier w
Later That Day...
After the delivery man leaves, you stand up and readjust your skirt and straighten your blouse and take a deep breath trying to clear your head.You leave your office and look around thinking that someone must have seen something.You walk through the office down to the ladies room to splash some water on your face to calm yourself down, saying "Hi" to your co-workers as you pass them by.As you push the door open to the ladies room, you are grabbed by the wrist and pulled into the room which confuses you.Your hand is held behind your back as you are pushed with your face against the back of the door and you see a man's hand reach for the lock on the door and he turns the deadbolt.With your right hand still pinned behind your back, you can feel his deep breathing in your ear and the heat of his breath on your neck and face. You start to panic a little because you don't know who this person is, and you're beginning to get nervous because he hasn't said anything and you can't move. You feel
Long Distance Relationship I’m an internet guru…IT geek…so I end up finding some of the most eligible men…online. So in that, I met someone named Jeremy…lived in South Carolina…and he burned me really bad. There’s some pertinent things I learned from this relationship thing we had that I think needs to be thrown out there. Overall LDR are HARD. It takes a lot of trust, communication and commitment from both sides. Here’s something I’ve designed for myself and others to follow…guidelines. 1. Both interested in each other. Being in a LDR where only one person is interested and the other isn’t WONT work. I think this one is pretty obvious and doesn’t need explanation. Although once a guy starts dropping back on communication…I assume he isn’t interested anymore and move on> I suggest you do the same if he does it to you. 2. Reassurance. I AM a person who needs A LOT of reassurance…sorry&h
Body Jello Shots
It's cute when people who have you blocked get mad at you for not returning the "like"s and rates. Just Sayin'
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Oh Baby Baby!!!!
So,me and my gf of 4 years (kali sue rhodes) found out last night that she is pregnant!!! i'm really happy yet extremely nervous at the same time!!!! Anyone have any ways we can tell her parents??? hoping they won't be mad????
Repeat By Jreal Music
I'm tha Real Mr. Sweet i'll knock you off your feet Girl your hot cause I can feel tha heat when you're ball'n like an athlete Now I can see tha reason why I compete for a woman that makes me complete I would never cheat I wouldn't even trade you in if I had the receipt Now let's slide off in dem sheets & keep this song on repeat  
Every Kind Of People...makes The World Go 'round!!
As most of you know I have been talking about our place in the universe and how we can decipher some meaning for our lives from the clues given us by that unseen force that created this mess.  I have taken issue with a few aspects of the game plan as presented by that Creator as being not very well thought out and have been getting messages from some very well meaning people who want me to see the error of my thinking before I go straight to hell.  The problem is, as I readily inform them, I am already in hell so their warning does not ring true for me.  I am living on a planet that has been decimated on more than one occasion by other rocks flying at random and that have run into us basically wiping out life as we know it and if you watch the Discovery Channel we are told that is going to happen again....oh great!!! Have a nice day???   We have mountains spewing fire, tidal waves, the ground moves under our feet without warning, strange and very mean people who want to kill us for a v
September 1st 2010 Early morning, I sit here... my mind racing. Thinking of all to come. Realizing that dreams are possible... the ability to love again is a reality. My entire being floating on the excitement of yesterdays memories... My heart anticipating todays unknown... Longing for what tomorrow holds... what is yet to come... Ready to take that chance... the chance that a certain someone has made a reality... a reality my heart has realized is a dream come true...
C51 Ft. Dj Buddha - Hold Your Head.wmv
My Theories On Old Cartoons
Snorks: Well, snorks, are underwater space smurfs with ingrown dildos on their heads. Not really much to be said about that. Smurfs: That whole colony was communist. Papa Smurf is the leader, thats why he wore red. Theres two possiblities with Lady Smurf: one: that was Papa Smurf's sex slave two: Papa Smurf ordered the others to run a train on Lady Smurf, while he was off jerkin his smurf gerkin, probably in some sick, smurf bukkake sorta way Scooby Doo: Obviously, a drug addict's haven. Especially, because Shaggy, a stoner, and his obviously acid addict talking dog, Scooby, were high 99.99999% of the time. Thus, the constant consumption of stockpile munchies. Fred and Daphne, obviously, a hush couple, always made Thelma, Shaggy and Scooby go thier own way, so they could go off and he could hide his griddy ax in her ham wallet the entire episode. Next thing you see, Thelma's actually off by herself, twiddling her twat with whatever "artifacts" she found while wandering around fu
Tripple By Pass
Tuesday i go in for tripplr bypass i wanna say thank you to all my friends please keep me in your prayers. Ill be in fayetville at hospital if anyone wants to check on my status thank you all for thoughts an prayers
Little Man
       Today you would have been ten. It sure is a long road to heaven, to see you once again... xo      
More Attacks On The Constitution
My apologies to my readers for my unforeseen hiatus. You may or may not be pleased to read that I am working on a book, perhaps even two books if the two topics I am attempting to write about prove too divergent or if the volume of material dictates separating it into two tomes. Anyone interested in more information can contact me here in the comments section. Anyway, enough about me.It's been an interesting week, more accurately a frightening week for those of us watching the current administration continue to consolidate power and marginalize the Constitution.I began to take notice back in January of this year, when, during President Obama's State of the Union Address, he berated the Supreme Court over a ruling while the Democratic lawmakers present stood and applauded. This sort of browbeating is banana-republic stuff. It's also a clear violation of the separation of powers as laid out in Articles I-III of the Constitution. The purpose of having three branches of government is that
Hurtn..when I Met U I Didnt Knw Wht 2 Do. I Didnt Think Things Would Have Happened Lyk Dis. All Dis Is Driven Me Crazy. Da 1st Kiss Dot Me. Idk, But I
When i met u i didnt knw wht 2 do. I didnt think things would have happened lyk dis. All dis is driven me crazy. Da 1st kiss dot me. Idk, but i almost melted in ur arms. Im not sure now 2 explain it. It felt so right. The way u look at me makes me feel good. Every time sum1 text me n b4 i look 2 c who it is, i would b hopen its u. N every time it is u my heart race 2 a different beat thn b4. Every time i c or talk 2 u i get butterflies in stomach. I lyk da way i feel abt u. But this is driven me crazy. Im not sure wht 2 do. Waitn is sumthin i cant do. I have never felt dis way abt any1 in my whole life. I really didnt think i would.I dont think there anything 4 me 2 do. U already knw how i feel abt u.N im not sure how u feel abt me.   -Miss Pretty
Do only boring people get bored?
I'm At A Loss
come on and save me i'm loosing my touch day after day cause i miss her so much come on and save me i'm loosing my mind waiting and waiting for her to be mine come on and save me from the endless night tossing and turning the nightmares i cry i don't know what to do i'm at alost wanting u to be mine i'm always up and around it tears me up in side that ur soo close but feel miles apart working and working haveing no time for fun i'm up all night just wanting you to be here with me i sit here alone hardly spending time with u hurts it the smile i once knew has long faded from her face, her happiness is all i want come one and save me i'm lossing my mind waiting and waitng for u to be mine
First Nut Hahaha
Josh Geter@ fubar
1 Thing....
1 Honest thing...     I sometimes feel completely vulnerable and lonely.       Your turn........................
Just My Thoughts
In our  world of stress and insecurity.  We need to think about our future and what it will bring out for us.  In times of despair we never think about the end till it's too late. Only call on him at our final moments. I don't know what I'm writing getting too tired.
Ugg Boots--a New Fashion
It seems an undoubtedly fact that mankind always marvel at their creative ability, and thirst for new and amazing creations. As long as there is demand, there will be created, and thus ugg boots are born." New things came out; people will soon be sought after. Not long before, people are starting to know of the existence of ugg boots, and then started a fanatical pursuit. Ugg boots are soon becoming a hot fashion item in the US and Canada, and for good reasons. ugg boots are wonderful Australian footwear that is making their presence felt in the worldwide fashion footwear arena. Anybody, from the very young to the very old, can enjoy a pair. It is quite possible to buy baby Uggs and they are ideal for the elderly who may suffer from poor circulation and cold feet. So, uggs are not just uggs, they are gifts, they are warmth, they are health, they are concern and love. Purchase ugg boots, and gives it to his relatives or friends; you will receive unexpected results, and do not doubt t
Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Savarona Watch¡ªnew Limited Edition
Continued his impressive power and riches, Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine has consistently shown that in the world of shows, the challenges are not only a good chance to break the known limits of design and technology to the ultimate test of mind, free thinking and originality to create. This is more of a century gone, and a half, new innovative designs that are mixed, and not only the technological concepts of the pioneers, but also unique blend of passion, innovation and craftsmanship. Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine, at the height of this definition, a watchmaker in the world who has won more than once he has against the traditional Swiss watch current£¬true to his philosophy, recently introduced a new Limited Edition watches Men of C, developed the Maxi Marine Chronometer Savarona, a sophisticated line specifically and exclusively for the Turkish market. The black dial features watches in gold or stainless steel Roman numeral hour markers, hour and with a touch of white, also has a second i
My Teenage Dark Years One Movie That Got Me Out Of That :)
i remember i used to date back in high school and he was like sid from sex pistols and he also loved his drugs and did alot of them to a point where he would be like a zombie and i was at that time drinking .now drinking  i know my limits but back when i was a 16 year old  teenager i would drink too a point where i would blackout and i'm soo greatful for my bff jenna who would make up lies to my parents so i could sleep it off and she is my best friend because of that and the boyfriend who i thought was the love of my life loved drugs more then me and i thought he loved me because i was so stupid at that age and i was doing things that could have cost me my life and my mom kind of knew what i was doing and my dad always knew  but i was liveing a darklife and was hurting people close to me that still to this day i dont know why there are still my talking to me so one night .i was going to go out on a drinking binge but i did not feel like it so i stayed home and i happen to turn it to h
beek\ BEEK \verb;  1. To bask or warm in the sunshine or before a fire.  2. (Of wood) to season by exposure to heat.
I am essentially a loner.  -  Lauren Bacall
Come To Me
When you’re away from meI long for my thoughts,in the center of my soul.I yearn to seethe affection in your depths of love for me.I crave the safe warmthof your arms around cave of comfort, ease and peace.My body aches with hunger for you...the exquisite tortureof delayed ecstasy,coming soon, coming soon.I long for you, I yearn for you,I ache for you...Please, bring all that I cravein your incomparable self.Come to me. Come to me.
Photobucket By Narls
[10 Pills]
Well... I have nothing I want to do, and at least 3 days to do it in.Not much has changed in the last 24 hours.I get high.I go to bed.Some asshole calls me.I get up for a bit.I get high.I go to bed.Some asshole calls me.I get up for a bit.stitches come out at the earliest friday.unemployment system was down today.I'm going to try tomorrow without any narcotics.Last round was around 5 and I still probably have too much in my system to responsibly drive.My new car is in the works, its a piece that was in a minor accident, has an assload of miles on it, has a V-8 is going to run approximately $1000.I can live with that.Reportedly has AC and everything else a growing boy needs, just a fuel pump battery and headlight away from being driveable.Still in claims and police report limbo.Dad wants to get this guy, so do I. We realistically don't anticipate that we'll be able to.Houdini Sanchezis Houdini Sanchez.Plastic surgery keeps getting brought up.For some reason a trip to Vegas keeps being b
Pete Meets The Middle Aged Spice Girls
Along with spending time at the gym, I have also been spending time at the pool.  Recently I met a group I'd like to dub "The Middle Aged Spice Girls"  These fine ladies are often at the pool as of late, with their sling back heels and bikinis.  Though they are close to my age, and probably older, unless they have really been feeling the effects of the sun. There's Posh, the leader of the group, with her fake boobs raising her to a leadership post.  Yeah hun, we can all tell they are fake, they don't stay up that high when they are that big and you are pushing 45. There's Scary, with her so not symmetrical tattoo'ing.  Yeah I am sure your kids think mom is cool with all the ink, but really everyone at the concert knows you are there with your kids. There's Sporty, the out of work divorced personal trainer.  I know a little more about sporty because we talked a bit at the gym.  She's tough as leather, or at least her skin is. I'll call the last one Baby, not because she is the youn
What's New With Me...
So my week thus far has been rather shitty.  I went for my yearly exam and that did not go so well.  I get to have a mammogram, an ultra sound on my pelvis and get vampired for tons of blood tests.  Lucky me.  And then to just complete my shitty week John and I are having issues.   So somebody please give me some good news.   ___________________________________________________________ 9/23/10 Update on my tests.  My pap smear was good, the ultrasound on my pelvis is good.  The mammogram not so good. I am still waiting on the bloodwork results.  I go for an ultra sound for my breasts and lymph nodes October 7.  Turns out my lymph nodes are swollen on both sides.  I will update everyone as I get more news. __________________________________________________________
Omg I Cant Believe I Used To Own This Cassette Lmao
Time To Party!!!!!!
Finely I have a date set to forget about all the bad stuff that is going on in my life and have some fun. I wish I could invite everyone but it is going to be a girls only party, but hey if you are a girl and would like to join in the drinking, learning, and fun please let me know.   So yeah not much going on today but sleeping and getting told about the party on the 11th of September. Now that I type the date out, I will have to check with the people, because that was a bad day 9 years ago. Mmmm. . .   Well going to clean up and get ready to go out to dinner, go call your mother and/or grandmother and kiss the babies. Have a great night!!!
Not Always Right| Voodoo Or Do Not, There Is No Jedi
Resort | Orlando, FL, USA (I’m the resort coordinator and often deal with claims from guests who have had an incident.) Me: “Thank you for calling [resort]. How may I help you today?” Guest: *already irate* “You can help me by filing a claim for me! I slipped and fell on your property during my vacation and I deserve compensation.” Me: “I’m so very sorry that happened to you. Can you please provide me with your name and the dates of your stay so I can pull the incident report?” (She gives me the information.) Me: “It seems that your stay with us occurred in 2007, almost three years ago. The report says you didn’t want to file a claim at the time. May I ask why you’re just now contacting us?” Guest: “You should know! You’re the one that hired that voodoo man!” Me: “I’m sorry?” Guest: “The security guard! The security guard who helped me up! He wiped my memory
Best Oosik To What You Know
Retail | Anchorage, AK, USA Customer: “Excuse me, what is this?” Me: “That’s an ‘oosik’.” Customer: “What’s it made of?” Me: “It’s umm.. the lower anatomy of a walrus.” Customer: “What?” Me: “It’s a part of a male walrus.” Customer: “What part?” Me: “It’s a petrified walrus penis.” (The customer laughs and runs over to his wife. They talk in their language for a bit then he drags her over by the arm, still giggling.) Customer: “Tell her what it is!”
Not Always Right| When Grave Concerns Are Warranted
Electronic Store | Canada (After talking to an elderly customer about a computer and all its benefits, I try to talk to him about our in-store warranty.) Me: “So are you interested in purchasing this computer and having it protected for three years through us?” Customer: “I would be dead by then.” Me: “Then it would be a lifetime warranty.” Customer: *laughs*
Read It And Weep Bitch
Im me. Im never gonna be anyone else, Im never gonna have anyone else's life so i have built a life for myself on my own, and Im very protective and proud of my life. RECENTLY ive went through some shit that I will never go through again....and it has left me COLD as the cold wind blows...when it snows n its 20 below..ask me y man i just dont know...but i do all comes down to a person. Ima call "it" my CATALYST....for IT set in motion the path that my life has collided with...Friendship is not needed nor wanted...Cus when it ends its like a breakup, and sometimes u come to terms with the breakup n move on.....or it changes your life forever, and you promise yourself that you will NEVER ever ever put yourself in that situation again. I used to trust, accept, acknowledge, help; people. Not anymore. This so called BEST FRIEND used me and abused everything I had to offer, and acts like i am to blame for its life. FOR IT: before i begin let me tell you....i dont care who you are..
Safety Info For All Drivers Read And Be Wary
information recieved from a friend this sounds a bit dramatic but just incase its true you were informed while driving on a rural end of the roadway on thursday morning i saw an infant car seat on the side of the road with a blanket draped over it for whatever reason i did not stop even though i had all kinds of thoughts running through my head but when i got to my destination i called the police and tey were going to check it out but this is what the police advised even before they went out there to check there are several things to be aware of gangs and thieves are now plotting different ways to get a person (mostly women) to stop their vehicle and get out of the car there is a gang initiation reported by the local police department where gangs are placing a car seat by the road with a fake baby in it waiting for a woman of course to stop and check out the abandoned baby note that the location of this car seat is usually beside a wooded or grassy (field) area and the person
Coming Out - Gay Pride
Hi thanks for reading this blog this is to let people know how you came out as gay bi les or transgender? Well coming out of the closet is the hardest thing when coming to terms with your sexuality. Worried about peoples reactions who to tell first and how they will take it? Well Lisa came out to her sis when her feelings towards me became more than friendship and her sis was ok with it and still is she always backs us up to her parents . Well then Lisa told the kids and they was ok with it we didnt know what they reaction would be but we was surprised they are still okish but have there moments. Lisa then told a few others ie more family and friends and then her parents found out and they hit the roof and disowned her but are still not happy with the fact that we are married . Lisa's mates are fine with it and kind of guessed that we were more than just friends. Im happy that everyone close to her is ok with her and she hasnt lost anyone because of it some people she was close t
Running Scared
The radical left (otherwise known as progressives/socialists/marxists/communists) won a big victory in 2006 when they took control of Congress. They won total victory in 2008 but now their agenda is exposed and they look like they are heading for defeat in 2010 and then total defeat in 2012. Is right the right way? No! The Republicans are just as guilty about the mess our country is in and set up the leftist rise in America   Both sides, but mostly the left, has resorted to lies, smears, attacks and violence to hold onto their power. They have truly become haters and no one trusts our government anymore.     Give us a government that respects all Americans individual rights. Politicians that believe in God, country and the constitution above their individual agendas and powers. They are out representatives. We are not their slaves
Not Apologizing
I am mot apologizing for blocking, or writing mumms or blogs about anyone.  If you have a problem, contact me, obviously you don't believe me, so (fu)!
Speedy Gonzales
Lately I have been stuck on old cartoons (Loony Tunes, Merry Melodes, etc.) and someone reminded me of a song Pat Boone did in 1962 which made it all the way to the top 10 on the charts.  Speedy Gonzales Written by  Buddy Kaye, Ethel Lee and David HessPerformed by Pat Boone (spoken)It was a moonlit night in Old Mexico.I walked alone between some old adobe haciendas.Suddenly, I heard the plaintive cry of a young Mexican girl...(in obnoxious soprano)Laaaaaaaa!La-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaaaaaaaa!La-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaaaaaaaa!La-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaaaaaaaa!You better come home Speedy GonzalesAway from tannery rowStop all of your drinkingWith that floosie named Flo!Come on home to your adobeAnd slap some mud on the wall!The roof is leaking like a strainerThere's loads of roaches in the hall.(La la la la)Chorus:
Lindsey Lohan Comes Out Swinging
Lindsay Lohan has come out swing. In an interview she did with Vanity Fair, Lindsay says she done with clubbing. What’s going to take the place of the clubs? Her career and work in movies she touts. Most of her troubles she said are from trying to emulate other celebs like Britney Spears. This is quite a change for my favorite girl I’d love to have sex with. She tells Vanity Fair “…I’m a damn good actress.” She sure is. Go get them girl. I’ve always stuck by you Lindsey. For more    BlastFM is a damn good internet radio station if I do say so myself. Hit us up 24/7 for great music       
Hey this is me. Hahahah. If you wanna know more about me just ask. :) I'm not as shallow as this blog sounds heheehhe. I'm just not feeling very creative right now lol.
Shark Trivia
Why do Sharks swim around you before attacking? Two Great White sharks, were swimming around in the ocean and they spied the survivors of a sunken ship in the water.  "Follow me, son" the father shark said to the son shark and they swam to the mass of people. "First we swim around them a few times with just the tip of our fins showing."  And they did. "Well done, son!  Now we swim around them a few times with all of our fins showing."  And they
Changes. They Have To Happen.
SPEAK UP!! DONT TAKE SHIT!! things i always say to people, yet i take it everyday, so here goes.   SO. it seems to be the week of rant blogs, but this was not triggered by them, this was triggered by things that happened this past weekend in my personal life. I was stuck in a very bad situation, that had the potential to get me hurt, or worse, but thats about all the detail i want to go into on here. Lets just say that watching peoples sanity crumble before my eyes, has put my brain into overdrive.   I realize that i let alot of things go, that i shouldn't. im passive with people in my life to the point that im a fucking doormat.  Saturday morning was the first time in my life that i called out a close friends bullshit. because that is what it was, pure bullshit. Shit did not have to go down the way it did. But everyone makes their own choices, and usually they dont stop to think how it affects the people around them.   In relationships im the same way, i always have been. If som
Sadly, this will not bring a smile to my face. I've been so lost for the past two days. Last weekend 8/21- I spent it with my family. We went out on the boat, they had a few drinks, (mtn dew is my drink of choice)...We all sang and told crazy stories of back when, had many group hugs just because it had been a long time since we've all been together. I couldn't tell you the last time everyone had such a good time together. It was an amazing weekend. I was excited to see the family I've been missing for a long time. Everyone seemed to just move out in different area's. When you get us together, watch out. Were def. crazy. But, were fun. The week has passed by and everyone talked about how much fun they've had spending it on the river at my Mom's.... Sunday comes and some of my family come back down to have a repeat of the weekend before. I'm at my grandmothers during this time. I'm on the computer just messing around on fb or what have you... I notice I had 2 missed calls and a voicemai
Simply Me...u Either Love Me Or Hate Me, U Decide;)
Im in the mood to blog so here goes nothing......I wanted to share whats been on my mind lately, could be a good thing or bad, just depending really lol...anyways..Im forever getting asked "are u single" , well yes I am...Im actually single by choice, just havent found what Im looking for YET. Im not one to jump into any kind of relationship, Im too afraid of getting hurt, so I take my time lol its the same for friendships too. It takes alot for me to trust ya..I will in time and then I'll be hard to get rid of lol. OMG, the next ?? is "what do I look for in a man" really?? god, this one gets on my nerves...I dont have a certain list that I go by, it just happens. But I do like a VERY STRONG MINDED man,  big big plus...if not I WILL and HAVE walked all over them, I loss all respect for them. I want him to tell me NO sometimes and mean it;)..I dont wanna be spoiled all the time, what fun is that.  I like a sense of humor, ROMANTIC (showing up with wild flowers and a pop, I;ll melt). A h
A Letter To All My Grandparents
A letter to my grandparents hi guys , hows heaven  we miss you here , the world seems so different without you , i hope your keeping each other company , is there tea or coffee up there  otherwise i think my mum would start a riot ..  i miss you guys most when i need advice .. advice that comes from living a along life filled with the wisedom  you all learnt along the way ..  if only there was a phone line to heaven , if only there was a way to ask you things to share things ..  but it seems once your gone your gone forever .. and my heart still aches . i love you all so much , please take care of each other .. look out for your great granddaughter too...   she cries for you sometimes .. it hurts to watch feeling so powerless , cause i cant bring you back    not even for a moment .. one precious moments , beut i enocuragement her to dream , and we talk bout u all still , and youll always be in our hearts ...
Living In Mosiac World
I look out my window now and i see so many things . ive never knew what it was to live here in this part of twon until now .. there are things which you wouldnt believe to be true until you see it with your own eyes .. i guess i lived in a sheltered enviroment moslty and my eyes have been opened to a different world , but i still think  its not the place thats bad , its a few people who do , with thier own choices .. i think i could sense the fear  the of doing something to upset the ones in power .. the the unspoken leaders , i don't know who they are and don't want to find out . as i walk down the street the cars drive by slowly and i try not to watch the things which go on , i try to pretend im somewhere else , maybe even back home sometimes ..  and then i remember my fathers world his cruel but honest words " it was your cohice to come here .... "  as if all my problems and challenges fade away with only those words .. but they don't my heart has been split in two , i gave half o
Just because im becuase people say im sexy doesnt mean im conceited .. just because im vain doesn't mean im a bitch .. just because im not from here doesnt mean i cant know anything about this place just because im a foreigner doesnt mean i want to be quizzed on my homeland i wish  some pll would think before they ask me such stupid questions , after living here so long , i wish i could just be one of them ..  i dont want to be anyones celebrity friend but sometimes thats all they want .. just becuase im foreigner doesnt mean im a foreign whore .. one drink wont buy you a night with me .   i guess this is for guysand girls in general i wish girls wouldn't act so paranoid bout me taking thier men.. if i want my own i get him .. so much hate .. its amazing the walls havent turned red with blood , and hate i see in thier eyes .. if looks could kill . id be killed for wearing sexy clothes .. esp those sexy red shorts i have lol . girls have a sense of humor ya all..
Today's The Day..... was the youngest was off to full-day kindegarten and yes, im not afraid to admit, i did shed some tears.  Jake, on the other hand, didn't seemed to phased by the enormity behind this day.  Today he started school where he will spend the next 12 to 20 years of his life...learning, making friends and molding himself...i am excited for him, yet sad...i can only hope I have done my job to prepare him for all that lies ahead as he enters his schooling years...i know my job is far far from done, but now there will be other people in his life influencing him, teaching him, disciplining him, caring for him...i guess its time for me to share the joys my boys bring me with his teachers and classmates:P  They both seem to like their teachers, and jake will warm up to his classmates as he does with ....i made a promise to my boys today that I will be there today when that bell rings today at 3:15 so I must be off...let you know how it went:)
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Idk
As i sit here waiting for my gran to get me before the ride to Reno. all that consumes my mind is the nature of love/ the affections we hold to the living forces around our own selves. Dogs, Cats, creatures of all kind, let alone fellow Humans. What is the best of our love? whats the true unselfish goodness of our Loves? when we give of our hearts and sacrifice effort for the well being of another soulpiece... to save the bug n set it free outside, or even on a plant near by.. is that not selfless love??? or would swallowing your agony, so that one you carefor can be better off, to feel that sweet ache of utter devotion... for some one else. and not you. is that selfless? to wrap the very core of your innermostSelf... Hide it way and try the hardest of your ability to remain untouched.... is an insult to such love... isnt it?... i once thought to know within my heart, the true nature of what it means to LOVE, to have that cruel benediction upon my brow.....i had thought myself wise
Very Punny
1. The fattest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference. Heacquired his size from too much pi.2. I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out tobe an optical Aleutian.3. She was only a whiskey maker, but he loved her still.4. A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class, because it was aweapon of math disruption.5. No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationery.6. A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.7. A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in LinoleumBlownapart.8. Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.9. A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are lookinginto it.10. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.11. Atheism is a non-prophet organization.12. Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat said to theother: 'You stay here; I'll go on a head.'13. I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hi
Loving A Marine
The days may seem long, but that's okay Because they come and fade away. Loving a Marine is a beautiful task, It takes many things that one may lack. It takes courage, love, and faithfulness too, Also communication that is shared between the two. Loving a Marine can be hard as well, It can leave you longing for more and not feel so swell. Yes, the time does feel slow, But that shouldn't keep you feeling so low. Loving a Marine is found in many ways, You can find it anywhere every day. From mothers, brothers, sisters, and fathers, To friends, cousins, enemies, and lovers. Loving a Marine is something I would never trade, Thinking of him keeps me strong in every way. The pictures, letters, and Marine items I hold onto, Keep me smiling and hopeful in everything I do. Loving a Marine should fill you with pride, To know they are protecting you from every side. They fight a battle that is hard to win, But will claim victory in the end. Loving a Marine is something special I feel, It's someth
Marine Mom Tears!!
I remember the first time I held you in my arms, proof that God does answer prayers, I cried! I remember your first day of kindergarten, I cried more than you! I remember graduation day how proud I was, hearing your name and watching you receive your diploma, I cried! I remember the day you told us you were joining the United States Marine Corps, my heart skipped a beat or two and oh yeah, I cried! I remember that early morning I drove you to the bus for boot camp, oh yeah I cried! I remember listening to those songs on the radio and news on television, I cried! I remember your deployment day, wiping tears on that long ride, hoping we would never get there. I cried so hard giving you that last hug for awhile knowing my heart and soul was being torn apart knowing you would be so far away and even this time the good ole cell phone would fail me, oh yeah, I cried. My Marine, as you can see moms have endless tears because of love and respect for the Marine you have become but
Fubar Street Team Photoz
For My Son, My Marine!i Remember The Day You Were Born; I Can't Believe It's Been Eighteen Years, You Started Out As My Little Boy; And Grew I
I remember the day you were born; I can't believe it's been eighteen years, You started out as my little boy; and grew into such a good man, You have always been so independent; You have accomplished every goal that you have had for yourself; You have exceeded every expectation throughout your life; I am so proud to say; You are my Son, You are One of the few; The Proud; You are a Marine. Love your Mom
A Statement To The General Public
This isn't high school and this isn't my diary . This blog Isn't about anyone in particular. Don't be so vain . I'll keep it simple. If i have problems with some one, I wont sugar coat it . I also wont make it public . If we cant come to a solution , no need to make a scene about. i'll move on. its fucking fubar. I expect the same . I get the feeling the word "Drama" gets thrown around alot on here. If youre blogging about it, youre fueling the "drama". If you dont like me , that's fine . Just keep your mouth shut about me . I promise i'll do the same . I have the whole time . It's almost like speaking your mind is a fucking crime on here. Unless you buy them bling . I cant stress this enough , I'm not here to hold grudges , fight or be Keyboard hero . Outside this place and outside of work , there's a whole different world . Civilization.You should get out there and experience it. Anything you've heard about me , is most likely bull shit . If I've never had c
My Marine
My Marine My little baby boy, Blond with eyes of blue. Held close within my arms, My son, I love you. So many memories Throughout the years, Years filled with happy times And sometimes filled with tears. Dandelions in chubby hands, Filled a water glass. Then he’s in a fishing boat Trying to get that big bass. How quickly those years passed, More quickly then we knew. Soon the little boy was grown, Now a man with eyes of blue. Graduation and college bound, Too big for Mama’s knee. So many times I’ve wished That little boy, again he’d be. He is a man of pride, A father of a little girl. Standing straight and tall, A man of strength and honor. I look with pride upon the man My son has grown into. Now he wears a uniform And the colors of "dress blue." The colors that he wears Tell the story well. He fights for our freedom As he gives the Marine Corps yell. The fierceness of a "Devil Dog," And the courage of a bear. Don’t raise a hand against
Business Would Like You To Accept That And Act Like Good Little Consumers
What kills me about some people defending this tracking is that if the federal government was doing it they would be marching on Washington. I suspect a bit of astroturfing. As if business interests were more trustworthy. Sorry folks. I've worked in database driven marketing and it goes way beyond that pair of shoes following you around. Scott McNealy noted back in 2000, "Privacy is dead. Get over it." Business would like you to accept that and act like good little consumers. You can do a few things to throw a wrench in their machinations. The simplest is probably switching to Firefox and installing the Adblock Plus, NoScript and BetterPrivacy (deletes Flash cookies) pluggins. Use FF's built-in cookie management to allow cookies for session only (deletes HTML cookies on quitting). Restart your browser, don't leave it running for days. FF will restart in less time than it takes a webpage to load on most modern computers. IE (not an option for me, as I'm on a Mac), Safari and Chrome are
I'm Much Better
The sky has turned dark like my dying spark. Not from the rain but from the pain I felt so long ago. I wanna say that's over and I want you to know. I'm much better now that my heart's begun to heal. I'm much better now that the hate I no longer feel. I'm much better cuz a smile's resurfaced on my face. I'm much better cuz I can return to that loving place. My world was turned upside down and my smile to a frown. Not because you never talked but that  you walked impulsively out on me. I no longer care and I want you to see. I'm much better now that my heart's begun to heal. I'm much better now that the hate I no longer feel. I'm much better cuz a smile's resurfaced on my face. I'm much better I can return to that loving place. 
A Friend
A True Friend is someone who rates your pics. If you have ever asked me for help I was there. I might not be able to get to every one. I might not be able to give every one a profile rate. A ture friend don't listen to someone to block them. Now here is the time for me to step up. I am tried of people listening to someone cause they told them to block me. You are not an honest fun famliy at. You want to listen to block for all the wrong reasons by means go for it. Maybe you should really think of the person who was hurt by that person. At least I do know who aare my true friends and they where there for me when I really need them. Thanks to my True Friends  you are the best when I need you.
To Quote A Lion...
Courage isn't the absence of fear, because really, if you aren't afraid, then how are you being brave?  Courage is the ability to overcome those fears and do what you intend to do. Am I afraid?  Certainly, I don't let that stop me though.  There is a difference between a coward and a hero, both of them were scared, one of them decided to act. 
Life Of Mine
Hi everyone.I hope all has been good since I haven't been on much lately.I doubt I was missed that much.Since I have been here,I have only made one request for myself and with that request comes the rest of it.I requested that no one expect a relationship with me at all on here.It has went un-heard several times as if I don't exist.In two more weeks my treatments will come to an end and I will learn where I am at in my life.Through the most of it in many ways I have felt bad thinking maybe I did something wrong or that I have hurt someone in some ways and then they are gone(meaning I took them off my list).I have been honest and straight forward over this situation from the beginning,so why do I feel bad?Who I choose to be with is my business if I choose at all.I have become so aggravated over all of this that when I am done with treatment I am seriosuly thinking about not coming back to fubar.I have had to watch what I say,what I do or what I put in my status and or blogs.I have state
Truckers Aint Robots
Truckers get the blame when anything on the highway does not go right.  We work a 70 hr week and we get no extra pay for our work.  We travel up to 3500-6000 miles a week and get paid  on only 90% of our actual miles.  We haul just about everything we get in the stores or the things we buy online.  Truckers move this country in return we are treated like children.  Yes, some drivers are not the greatest people in the world, but we are Human.  Truckers miss family activities and we miss our lives.  Some drivers experience a life alone.  They get depressed, stressed, and their weight and attitude show it.  Company employees such as dispatches and brokers think we are robots.  Sit in the docks for 2-15 hrs. cant sleep because you have to be awake to hear your truck to be called to load on the cb raido.  After you are loaded the broker wants you to be there ASAP, they know you been up all day and expect you to now drive how ever many miles to get it there in the morning so u have to truck
Yumpin' Yimminiy!
Wow - Some people run hot 'n' cold, at the drop of a hat! I was chatting with a cute little thing, young enough to be my great-granddaughter, she was friendly, I was friendly - and because I didn't create a yahoo msngr. acct. fast enough for her liking (I'm left to assume), she got miffed, unplugged the chat - and banned me from so much as breathing near her acct.. I'm guessing she hates men in general (she didn't have time to get to hate me for any reason I could think of - aside from me being like eight times older than her, but I didn't realise her age 'til about halfway through our "chat" - I mentioned it, she dismissed it..) but my question is, is this nameless (Ms. Henderson) "member" as rude to people in her daily, in-person life, or might it be a phenomena where virtual strangers don't count or deserve to be treated like a human being? - Hmmnn.. 
Anyone Who Is Tired Of Not Verified Members Running Around Like Kings Read On And Rate
Anyone else tired of seeing these fake profiles having people rate you that have a bare profile i mean its nice 2 get ratings from people but it is also nice 2 talk 2 real people just being them selfs not people pretending some wholesome person they aint. Be what u are or were at birth like me as im not gonna respond 2 something fake. Also when ur pictures look like they came out a modeling studio and u cant even rub 2 nickles 2gether not 2 mention when ur way 2 ugly to look like that yourself jump off a bridge save us the grief with your insecure self. You know who u are cmon u cant be that terriable looking hahaha. I gotz my haterade  anyways have fun
Plain And Simple(the Only Thing Nsfw Is The Language (p.s I Just Warned You)
Once you catch on to a liars motives never believe a word they say.. once a liar always a liar.. and the one huge fact Ive learned from past experiences is that a liar never changes his stripes... the difference between boys and men is that boys are really bad at it and men just have a lil more way or another somebody is going to find out the game ....and then tell others that  its being played... I'm not saying this to put anyone in the light.. and i know that women play this dumb ass bullshit games to.. but that's not the point of this rant..... the point is.. that when someone tells you that something is going one way and then you come to find out that its actually going another.. wouldn't it just be best to give the dumb game up and  be honest... then it saves everybody conflict in the end...hasnt   anybody learned by now that you cant have your cake and eat it to????     Id like to thank all the bad guys for makeing the good guys seem un-trustable....for making
Cruel Things Women Do To Men
No.1 - They flirt to inspire jealousy Maybe she’s feeling underappreciated, maybe you’ve just had a big fight or maybe she just enjoys the tortured look on your face. For whatever reason, girls who flirt obviously with other guys in front of their boyfriends are immature and manipulative.No.2 - They test their men You’re all ready to go for a night out with your friends, when your girlfriend calls and asks you to change your plans to be with her instead. She doesn’t have any particular reason; she just wants to see you. She knows that you had plans to meet up with the guys, but if you really loved her, you’d come over to her place instead. If her request comes with an “if you really loved me,” then it’s a test. If you choose anything other than immediately rushing to her side, you’re going to fail. This kind of testing in a relationship is indeed cruel and petty.No.3 - They withhold sex This is a time-tested, and frequently used, cr
This Cant Be Right
 I am having a hard time understanding why a young vibrant 25 year old like me is having such a hard time finding a respectable sexy lady? Its starting to bother me. Any ladies fitting the above description, and seeking someone of my caliber, drop me a message freely.... CHOW! 
Forever waves churning foam. We'll kiss the sandy shores. And every wake the world once more .   With every sunset darkness falls. Across the countryside , As a new moon , cresent , silver spree. Mathes changing ocean tides.   The love that fills my heart for you , And the earth and sky are gone, This love that grow from day to day . Will still go on and on.  
Hey Y'all
how is everyone? I hope great! Listen, I'm new to fubar so please be patient with me as I am a busy mom and professional. But I love social networking sites so I think I'm going to love fubar. Who is sick of myspace? I think we all are!!! I don't do myspace anymore.... I do facebook a lot and I am in the works of getting my own social network set up - that's the way to do it! So check out my website at and sign up! Thanks for reading my blog! Shanni
                                                               A foggy, drizzly , April Day, Shores wet with the morning dew This soggy path reminds me of you The walks I took with you .   A love of fragrant popcorn with A glass of frosty brew. Those endless , noise football games , Makes me remember you.   @ A faded , snoopy T-shirt Topping jeans of navy blue . The hot-dog vender on the street Reminds me , dear for you .   The shady spot where we held hands Beneath the apple tree I still remember you, my love Do you remember me ?
Head Problemz
O.K. Let me start with being crushed by 2000lbs. of concrete. Mostly lower extremities, a little Brain surgery nothin to serious! Now I am still me, maybe not the same me you knew before. Some dayz are better than others. Slight memory problems, constint PAIN!!! I know my friends and family get sick of hearing about it. But when they get sick of it they can Leave! I CAN'T!!! After 3 yrs. of CRYING my tears dried up!
TRUTHS (or at least my personal truths):1. No one is, or ever will be EXACTLY perfect for you. There will always be at least something that will annoy the living f*ck out of you. Pick your battles. Decide what you can live with. 2. Just because you see something quite clearly, do not expect your significant other to always comprehend things in the same way. Patience is key is compromise.3. There will be rough times. This is the reason for a solid foundation. However, if there are rough spots in the beginning, chances are, this relationship will not weather the bigger storms to come. Pay attention to early warning signs.4. When you're having trouble in your relationship, do not go to a "friend" of the opposite sex to confide in. This can be problematic on many levels...probably more than you could ever guess. You HAVE to talk to your partner about your issues, even if its hard. You two are the ONLY people who can resolve your relationship problems.5. Sometimes the hottest fire
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You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours
Those of you who have ever talked to me know that I am currently in college going for a double major in Communications and Journalism, hoping to land a career in the entertainment industry. I just got assigned a project which I suspect is to test how hungry we are for this degree. The assignment: we must try to get one of our favorite entertainers to agree to as candid of an interview as possible. Funny thing is, after some looking, I found that my favorite singer in the entire world is a member on here. I have approached him for an interview, and as nice of a guy as he is, his management will not allow it for several reasons. My favor? If there is anyone who reads this that can convince him to give me the interview, I will travel to meet with that person for an intimate weekend - the more indepth or intimate the interview he agrees to give, the more you get. I will tell you, this isn't the easiest of tasks - he is a very genuine and nice guy, but he and his management are leary of be
Bulletin Tutorial By Bill
shenanigan\ shuh-NAN-i-guhn \noun;  1. Mischief; prankishness.  2. Remarks intended to deceive; deceit. Often used in the plural.
An unused life is an early death.  -  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Lounge Rules By Narly
Bulletin Templet
Cubby 1st "most Liked" Green Dude On Fubar
We made history today. I say "we", because it's my name and picture upo there. (#11 baby). But i certainly didn't do this alone. I truly have the best FU Friends around.    I know that i have to thank hundreds of you, and sadly i can't name them all. But if you pimped me, Made me your status, Shared me, or just "Liked Me". I thank you. You all made an old fart happy. :D Can you believe a 40 year old, chubby, Canadian was the first ever Nuclear Green Guy?  As i said, hundreds helped with various things, but i'd like to thank these people for their gifts that made me visible to all of Fubar. I hope they dont get mad i told. :p Diana             - Bully & Ticker YOTD            - Bully Miss Vanima  - Ticker Deacon          - Ticker Alison            - Ticker Guidomedic    - Ticker MsD               - Ticker Rev                -Ticker Postal Goober -Ticker McLovin          -Ticker Chef Jay         - Ticker Mrs. Crumb      - Ticker V1rus         
[in Case You Missed It (part 2)]
now that the arm restraints were off I could look at my arms-they kept telling me not to move. I was hooked to vitals monitoring devices, and transferred from the care of first responders to second (?) responders. Overtaxed nurses PAs and DocsAnd damn that neck brace was uncomfortablekinda choked methreatened paralysis if I moved it- so I behavedwe found out later that I had lacerations on my neck toothey were slow bleeders and were getting kinda crusty on the brace.Right before I was taken into X-ray I was greeted by my aunt and her new husband, and we talked about the weather...nowe talked about the accident.I got in and got out, had my little lead lap thing for my swimmers... not that I thought I'd be impregnatinganyoneeverespecially with this massive disfiguring scar on my head.But hey- why take that risk?Lectures about seatbelts.More lectures about seatbeltsand heyyou guessed itmore lectures about seatbelts.I talked to my aunt, my uncle knows some attorneys so he got in touch with
Can I Get An Answer?
Can someone tell me how this salute was approved?   yeah...I didn't think so.
Miracles Icp
Ugg Description Snow Boots Worn
Ugg Ultra Tall Boots, so winter is not cold! Fashion - warmth correct, let snow boots to care for your feet! Both warm and comfortable, you deserve! Therefore, the soft winter fashion snow boots become the first choice up to the people out and a single product. If your fashion wardrobe no such single items purchased will happen quickly Oh. Winter snow boots become the favorite, it is simple and warm style, "Ugg Sundanoe II boots" always be able to usurp the people's eyes, excellent warmth and comfort of many women choose to become the primary conditions, with a variety of suitable sweet dress snow boots, not only can you build Jiaoqiao image, but also definitely the best dress up your weekend getaway. Let snow boots to care for your feet! You deserve! @ On winter days, a variety of boots shuttle on the streets. The cute pair of round-round snow boots, as the brain which can always grab a crowd's attention to do. Thick snow boots gives people a sense of simple-minded, both warm a
Chanel J12 Diamonds Tourbillon Black Ceramic Wristwatch
Chanel is one of the most famous luxury houses on this planet. It was originally established by Coco Chanel, an insightful and audacious woman, at the beginning of the 20th century. Currently, it has become the haute couture and widely notable as a trendsetter. Its business scope is within watches, handbags, apparel, perfume and other luxury accessories. In a word, Chanel is a brand world famous for celebrating beauty, uniqueness and elegance. It began to manufacture luxury watches in the late 1980s and entered the elite world of the Haute Horology. Chanel J12 Diamonds wristwatches are renowned for the unmistakable style and elegance. Chanel J12 Diamonds line is one of its quick sellers. In 2005, this collection was enriched with the first ceramic tourbillon wristwatch. In 2008, another exquisite tourbillon model combined the seductive diamonds with mechanical sophistications are majestically created. It features a style round case measured 38mm in diameter, crafted from stainless ste
Tracing My Two Steps: A Tale Of Las Vegas
The first day was long and full driving with passing scenery of stone and wave. Tremendous walls rose of mountain drawing the eye towards them as they reached for the sky. Birds flew over head as road signs and green vastness flew by. Many hours rode the wind and soon we arrived in the Sin City. It was a towering monolith to mans' gluttony and over indulgence in all things. Buildings of all shapes and sizes stormed from the ground, crowded together but each unique with something special to offer to anyone willing to part with time and money. Today would be the day of rest.   After sleep we made a point to get in some gambling action while wandering vast corridors in search not only of shops and excitement but of any sight that might be seen. We experienced a show of unrivaled proportions with tremendously skilled impersonators that left my heart souring. The very show itself had my soul and my spirits wound. After surveying many shops and purchasing various wares from m
*the Inevitable
Oh How it hurts When the end draws near And Oh When the darkness comes What lurks within our fears You can run and hide But you're only delaying... The inevitable It consumes all of you whole Tearing everything apart Right down to your soul I tried to warn you But you never listen Now you can't handle what you've become The demon within Oh Try to close your eyes Blocking out the memories Of the previous night Oh the blood now boils Deep within your veins I can save you But you'll never be the same You can't delay... The inevitable It consumes all of you whole Tearing everything apart Right down to your soul I tried to warn you But you never listen Now you can't handle what you've become The demon within
Soo I made my first Fubar blog! lol I'll get back to this later..
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What's The Worst Date You Ever Been On
for me the worst date i ever been on was this guy name chris he was very sexy and he had it going on so as we was going to dinner he was talking about his mom and how great she was and how much he loved her and how she did not look her age on and on and on about his mom so as he was talking about his mom the music theme to psycho got in my head so thats when i made up being sick so he could take me home and he called back once but i had to tell him its not going to work and he never called back what a loser     so what was your worst date ?     peace and love nicole
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New Ways To Do Dinner
If You Guess Right To All Of These Riddles, I'll Make You A Salute. (send Me The Answers In A Private Message, Don't Ruin It For Everyone :p)
1.) I'm a container with the inside golden than can't be opened unless I'm broken! What am I?   2.) She was not the youngest and not the oldest. Her parents loved her best. Who is she?   3.) A baby is just born from a black mother and a white father. What is the color of the baby's teeth?   4.) When is a yellow dog most likely to enter a house?   5.) There are 2 fathers and 2 sons going on a fishing trip. Every person catches one fish. In total, there were only 3 fish. How is that so?   6.) You can find me in the sea but not in the ocean. You can't find me in a lake but you can find me in ponds. You can't see me at night but you can see me in the morning sun.   7.) If there is a cat in each corner of a square room and in front of each cat there are three other cats, how many cats are there in total?   8.) Two coins make 30¢ and one of them is not a nickel. What are the coins?   9.) If there are three cups of sugar and you take one away, how many do you have?   10.) Be
*random Clutter
My thoughts race I can't think straight All this hate has to release Quickly for me to make peace The yelling has ceased And I've gotten a piece Of's over I try and relax But these knives in my back Keep getting deeper This hill that I climb Gets steeper and steeper Too much pressure and stress Push on my chest And this test that I fail I try to exhale But the air is too stale This home becomes my jail So hammer the last nail And watch me be hung higher As the air in me expires Enraged by fire Engulfed by the flame You're screaming my name When I can't win this game And I am too lame To get off of my ass And support my family I must be insane Or crazy..just maybe Too bad I can't see All these fucking losers in front of me I can't grasp what I want When all you do is talk But you've got nothing to say YOU'RE WASTING AWAY I sit and moan As I'm left alone I've got to find home My cause is unknown I sit and I cry I later asked why Why I had to die Why my soul is still ost Wh
*saving Grace
I do actually write about happy things. This is one of them.I was scared To open my eyes,and see what was in front of me I was blind Open my heart and I'd let you in Afraid my heart would break again This time,I'm not afraid No I'm not afraid I was scared,I felt so alone Rest assured,you're the only face I've ever known You're my saving grace You're my saving grace I'm saved by the touch of your face You're my saving grace And I get lost in your eyes It's where my shelter lies Now I've found I'm so much better when you're around And I can't let go I love you more than you'll know This is how I feel I know you're real I was scared,I felt so alone Rest assured,you're the only face I've ever known You're my saving grace You're my saving grace I'm saved by the touch of your face You're my saving grace Counting down the days til I see you Counting down the seconds til I'm with you You're my only friend Forever is now and this is where we begin I was scared,I felt so alone Rest assured,
*you're Just Another Pretty Face But That's Won't Win You A Personality Contest
I've heard this all before The sky gets dark,as the rain begins to pour Another memory of you You fade away,your face begins to blur How many times should I bring you up Another blade,another cut You think you've got to the best of me I'm just getting started Just wait and see You're just another pretty face Behind all the makeup you're a fake I've had as much as I can take Just watch as you become erased And I can see through your disguise With every promise,and every line What you create,you cannot hide I won't fall for another lie You think you've got the best of me It's a battle of words Just wait and see You're just another pretty face Behind all the makeup you're a fake I've had as much as I can take Just watch as you become erased
I Love This Guy
    I love this guy -- but fubar wouldnt let me upload these photos. so..meh I'll settle for the blog
A Cowboys Love Song
A COWBOY'S LOVE SONG Cowboy's are just good ole boys wearin' cowboy hats longing for a beautiful girl to love. Cowgirls know what it takes to make a cowboy's heart turn soft as a well-worn saddle; Love on the range is a kinda special love and stronger than my feelin' for my horse or pick-up truck; Only a real cowboy knows how to love on the range and keep the feelings warm during cold winter nights and lonely ole times. Now this ain't no country song, and the poetry here don't really rhyme, but the feelin's are as real as the sky. Country stars are poets longing for a song to sing and cowboys are way too shy to express emotions so openly We'd much rather sing a song that recite poetry. And no song would be complete without something about your eyes and
The Perfect Whore
  her scent was of jasmine and rose potent enough to arouse my desire when i kissed the back of her hand such a soft, delicate, feminine hand inspiring the need to caress expanses of silky skin of her calves and thighs long lashes fluttered flirtatiously as seductive eyes bejeweled with glitter flashed a secret fire that openly belied all the discreet words formed between plush rose petals of her full pink lips lips that left me breathless with lust to taste deeply, possessing completely spiced flavor of her mouth and tongue round crest of luscious breasts beckoned
Everything's Different Today..
The pain..It comes in waves..Each one is as if my insides were being torn and twisted around.My eyes well up with tears.  I become blind.I try to scream, but I realize I'm not breathing.There is this cold shroud over me.There's nothing but blackness on my mind.Is it seething hate? Is it anger?Do I succumb to the will that is not mine?I'm dying inside.There's a pit in my soul that's nearly all but eaten me away.The hand of Fate cannot be forced this time.I'm broken.I'm beaten.I've run out of will to live.
Random Sh*t That Annoys Me...version 1.1
The city doing road construction on all THREE bridges between town, I mean really who thought this shit through in the planning phases? These boys that wear their pants around their knees. Why wear pants? Take em the fuck off. But if I really wanted to see mens underwear I would just straight up say so. It should be voluntary not mandatory to see that shit. Getting accosted by the same lesbian in 3 different gas stations. Not that I have anything against lesbians but I can't punch a girl like a punch a guy when she grabs my shit. It doesn't feel right. The blatant lack of respect in the world. Goes along with out everyone perceives themselves. Hun, You aren't any better then me and I'm no better then you so how about you show some respect to get some respect. Jack asses up in my SB being well jackasses. I'm ready to shut it down. The important ones for the most part know how to get a hold of me and if not, there's alwayz pm.  Humidity...I mean really...I look like a damned poodle
In my dreams you caress me like an angel. Our bodies move together in a symphony of motion. Every touch sends tingles through my body like a tidal wave of electricity. Your gaze mesmerizes me and intoxicates me.
Other WorldThey are so rare. So strange. We know so little about them. The faces, the faces. They have a dangerous quality, as if attached to a pagan soul, a sprite who can talk to trees, and the trees talk back. The redhead's skin is beyond milky pale. It is so translucent you can often see blue veins. Freckles are a constant, from a smattering across a pert nose to a full-body speckle made up of reds and brown. Comforting mothers call them "angel kisses." Even with high-SPF sunblock, tanning is an issue. The eyes are often a smoky brown. Or the color of the ocean, from slate to marble, depending on the light and mood. The blue-eyed white-skinned redheads are like walking flags. The green-eyed redheads shake you to your soul; you are helpless in their grip. No wonder they have so often been seen as gods or demons. Or aliens, mutants, wizards or threats. Redheads are definitely genetic outliers. Less than 1 percent of the human race may be redheads -- at most, 2. Between 2 and 6 p
The Heart Of A Woman
                                                               The Heart Of A Woman    The Heart of A Woman  is a mystery,  often with a story to tell,  A story of mystery & suspense  Honor and betrayal.    When will a man ever see,  what's staring him in the face? A love so special and true, just searching for the right place.    The Heart of A Woman  is often misunderstood.  As big as it is often screams in silence, though it never should.    A woman doesn't want a man,  because of how many women  he's had, she wants a man  who loves her for who she is ,  and for that she'll be eternally glad.     The Heart of a woman   is a strong one,   no matter how battered or   abused, the Heart of a Woman   beats on , for there's plenty of love left   for her to use.    So don't pity a crying woman,  because her broken heart still  beats strong, and she knows  deep down inside,  he'll pay for the day  that he did her wrong.
Chocolate Cake Recipe : The Perfect Taste
When it comes to baking, we all have a different way of going over it. Some people stick to a recipe exactly while some take a recipe and make it their own. As long as the outcome works out incredibly tasty, what does it matter? Experimenting and finding new ingredients and ways of baking is all part of people having their own preferences and creativity. Plus, it's the method in which new recipes are placed into publication. There's one thing that is, for me, incredibly tough to mess up - a chocolate cake recipe. There is not a chocolate cake recipe in existence that hasn't become something which I've thought to be terrible. Sure, some of them can use some improvement, but chocolate is my weakness. So long as it turns out light and moist, I'm in heaven.It doesn't matter what cookbook you go through, you will find a chocolate cake recipe, or several, that will tempt you beyond belief. There will be various toppings, ingredients or icings that'll be proposed. It is possible to select the
No Descrimination
Fubar In The Days Before Famplifiers And Boomerangs...
Yearning for some Fubar history? Well this blog tells a little bit about it, and then some. For the days before boomerangs and famplifiers, this one, will bring you click the link below... Click here for some fun fu history.. Thanks for stoppin by and reading as always ...week's off to a good start huh? lol
My Favorite Things
Botox and nose drops and needles for knitting, Walkers and  handrails and new dental fittings, Bundles of magazines tied up in string,   These are a few of my favorite things. Cadillacs and cataracts, hearing aids and glasses, Polident and Fixodent and false teeth in glasses, Pacemakers, golf carts and porches with swings,   These are a few of my favorite things. When the pipes leak, When the bones creak,  When the knees go bad, I simply remember my favorite things,      And then I don't feel so bad. Hot tea and crumpets and corn pads for bunions, No spicy hot food or food cooked with onions, Bathrobes and heating pads and hot meals they bring,     These are a few of my favorite things. Back pain, confused brains and no need for sinnin', Thin bones and fractures and hair that is thinnin',   And we won't mention our short shrunken frames,   When we remember our favorite things. When the joints ache, When the hips break,      When the eyes grow dim,  Then I remember the great life I've h
i dont have many. lots of aquaintences. not many friends. especially ones like my pal last night. i went to see iggy and stooges with my pal and his old lady. they drove. i forgot my wallet. they drove all the way back home. then back to the city. after the show we went to this bar/eatery which was expensive (for this guy who is broke and sucks at life and such) and my pal paid the tab. period. entree. like 4 fucking appetizers. drinks. 'no man, its your belated birthday.' jesus christ. and i got another pal who also has been extremely nice to me lately as well. not too mention my 4 old roommates who i went to see for my birthday, who TRIED to take care of everything, but im a sneaky bastard. or my one super-pal on here who is always 'i miss you' 'where the fuck are you?' 'hang out more' 'hey red queer where the fuck have you been?!' all the time. anygays. its weird. im not a good person. im not a good friend. i try. but i fail miserably. im absent minded. its nothing personal, honest.
[in Case You Missed It]
Yesterday I was hit by a drunk driver.An undocumented uninsureddrunkdriverYesterday my biggest concern was a chicago style deep dish wheat tutte carne pizza and a lemonade.Yesterday I had a car.Yesterday I could honestly say I had never been in an injury car accident.Yesterday I honestly thought my life would be fine.3:00 Sunday afternoonI was struck by a black car that sped through a stop sign coming out of a residential area at about 40 miles per hourthere was no stop/yield or pauseI had the indisputable right of way.And honestlyI saw him about a split second before he collidedthinking to myselfhe is going WAY too fastthat's a stop signthere was no way I could have seen this or prevented it.He was going that fastat that exact point and was in the perfect position to take my ass out.We hitI started screamingangrilly reallybecause I thoughtthis is enoughthis is enough to kill me.If I hit something the wrong way or if I hit that telephone pole-I'm dead.The impact and acceleration (accel
This Is For My Nop :d
I can't tell you the deepness of my heart, I can't tell you how you make me shine. What I can tell you is that I love you, marvellous friend, shiny white cloud in a clear sky. You're a part of my heart, And I'm so proud to have a friend like you! I know we'll eventually hug, dunno when, how or where. I just know we will. Wish I could make this now, yet I know we will. Love ya!   Andrew
Please Read - Fu-break
Hey, everybody!   First of all, no this isn't a drama deal. I want to thank all my friends on here for being totally awesome! You guys rock! Thank you for chatting with me, reading and commenting on my stuff, and just being good people and not throwing drama around my page. Every single person on my friends list and quite a few that aren't who will probably read this has contributed something to my life and I thank you. I'm glad to have known each and every one of you, even if I acted like an ass at times - sometimes I take a joke too far.   Unfortunately, I need to do something - anything - else with my time. Fubar is just taking up too much of my daily activities that I could be spending on something else. I'm taking a full load of courses this semester and I need to get prioritized and focus on what's most immediately important in my life. Plus, I've been going on Fu pretty hard for a while. It's time I took a break or cut back. Just in case anyone is wondering (I don't know wh

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