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God Bless America
GET YOUR FLAGS READY!!!! On Saturday, September 11th, 2010, an American Flag should be displayed outside every home, apartment, office, and store in the United States. Every individual should make it their duty to display an American Flag on this Ninth Anniversary of one of our worst tragedies. We do this in honor of those who lost their lives on 9/11, their families, friends and loved ones who continue to endure the pain, and those who today are fighting at home and abroad to preserve our cherished freedoms. In the days, weeks and months following 9/11, our country was bathed in American FLAGS as citizens mourned the incredible losses and stood Shoulder-to-Shoulder against terrorism. Sadly, those flags have all but disappeared. Our patriotism pulled us through some tough times and i shouldn't take another attack to galvanize us in solidarity. Our American Flag is the fabric of our country and together we can prevail over terrorism of all kinds. ACTION PLAN:   So here's what WE need
I find it amazing how everything hangs in the balance,one way or the other.Its been three weeks ago today since I made the decision to save myself from a relationship that had me in a slow bleed mode to the point to where it started effecting my whole being.It seems that LOVE in the beginning were cupids arrows.Full of life and fun and the exspectations that come with the arrows.Now it feels like bullets.You are ducking and hiding to keep from being hit from the pain of what it turned out to be.I used to be the life of the party.Now I don't even want to go.This may seem stange to whoever reads this but as I said before this is my therapy until I can bring myself to center again.And I will in time.For time is the weapon of choice for everything if you think about it.I have always hated being here,even from early childhood.In this world I mean.It feels like a prison to me.Not that I feel I am better than anyone else.I have just never liked this system.Its never really worked for me.Maybe
Online Love Story
This story was my favorite true-to-life online love story and whenever i get to read this for countless of times, i can’t even stop my eyes from crying. I was deeply touched how love really works despite of unhealthy situations. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this and learn from it. ONLY LOVE It’s a cold February night. People are bustling through the streets, either pulling up their coat collars or wrapping scarves around their necks, trying to stay warm. It’s so cold today.I’m standing at my window, looking at the people moving like little dots. Standing in a heated room, I’m beginning to pity those people. Why don’t they go home? Do they plan on wandering until morning? “Almost time to go home! My boyfriend must be going crazy.” One of the nurses breathe a sign of relief. “Still needs to work overtime on Valentine’s Day. It’s so unfair!” “You are fortunate.” Another nurse says. “Some people don’t have anyone waiting for them.” “You mean Dr. Shu?” Like Sherlock Holmes
Great Day
well lets see it was a long day yesterday but well worth it. the morning started out with church, and we helped out a family friend into the elevator and sat behind her, we love the girl. then we went and visited everyone... well nearly everyone today mom and dad were first... hung out there and played with the dogs while i brushed their teeth. then we went home and changed... and went straight over to grams wich was a good thing we did... granddad isn't doing well he was giving gram one heck of a time.. so i sat and watched him with her while rob went out and mowed the grass.. we will be going there to night so he can finish it. well then we stayed for a bit longer and we left to go back to the church.... and he asked us some questions with the other out of the room and he said he never seen two people so mature and ready for a marriage... he has seen so many go in and think that planning one s nothing at our age. and rob told him you know him and i.. we had to grow up q
Banned German Sprite Commercial
i have noticed that a lot of people are into bdsm but some are done in different ways wether it is a smack on the ass or a pull of the hair there are many forms to bdsm i am wondering how many people exactly  think s/m means sexual magic
Rides Around The Kentucky Hills
Corbin to Barbourville on KY-6 Gable Straight near Heidrick,Ky ride on a Glide from Just west of Frakes,Ky on Ky-3483 turning onto Ky-1595 then on to Ky-190 from Ky-92 to Barbourville,Ky of Ky-11.. Frakes,Ky Downtown Barbourville,Ky
Cheap Ugg Boots Are Trendy
In recent trend people go long ways and experience much discomfort just to be counted among the “trendy” and “fashionable”, the cheap Ugg boots stands out as a Pillar against the cold. Originally Australian worn sheepherders to keep their feet warm, these boots are born since 2003, become quite popular in westerb. Those famous people such as Pamela Anderson and Kate Hudson have been known to wear them to keep their feet warm. Many people would regard these Ugg Boots as “uncool”or“unfashionable” because the boots look big and odd. Some have even called for a boycott on wearing these boots due to their distaste for its look. Despite all of this, the Ugg boots has been enormously successful and is probably here to stay. Now, you might ask the reasons for“why?” or “how?” The answer is just two simple reasons. First, some people want to stand out from the crowd and differ from the others. The Ugg boots will definitely
Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver Black Jewelry Watch
Lots of discount watches and lots of jewelry watches: There may be many popular tendencies who claim to be “the new black, but black will always be a special place in the heart of the designers. The Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver Black Surfing limited edition watch is the standard Maxi Marine Diver watch and adds lots of black. That’s it, but it is fun. The textured black dial with wave models easily reminds you of black volcanic sand beaches. There are two styles of shows, and they are all done in pink gold 18K 42.7mm case for wide. The difference between the two models, if ever so slight, is on the strap. The Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver uses a special belt strap hybrid design / which has two large metal links. On a version of the link is in 18 carat pink gold, and the other version of the link is black to match the rest of the black rubber strap. Ulysse Nardin is a telescope very attractive and the dial of the watch has large areas of Lum
20 Fascinating Facts About The Natural Healing Power Of Bananas (repost)
20 Fascinating Facts About the Natural Healing Power of Bananas Here is a story that even a monkey would go ape about. A professor at CCNY for a physiological psych class told his class about bananas. He said the expression 'going bananas' is from the effects of bananas on the brain. When compared to an apple, it has four times the protein, twice the carbohydrate, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A and iron, and twice the other vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in potassium and is one of the best value foods around. No wonder monkeys are so happy all the time! 1. Energy Boost: Bananas contain three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber. A banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. Research has proven that just two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. No wonder the banana is the number one fruit with the world's leading athletes. But energy isn't the only way a
Steven Maas 7/7/76 To 9/11/01 Rip Bro
Rest in peace Steven! !   Steven was my sweet cousin's husband.  He was such a special person.  The world is really missing out on a great and loving man.  My cousin Charlotte who's like a sister to me was just married months when her loving husband had to go on that fateful business trip.  I will never forget that day as it burns in my memory as I'm sure it does everyone's.  Steven was in the World Trade Center Sept 11 when the planes hit.  My cousin is like a sister to me and Steven was like my brother.  It wasn't supposed to happen this way but I know it never is our choice.  They were going to buy a home and start a family.  I was going to be the god mother and my husband the god father.  We had plans.  I was gonna go visit for a few months to help them out with the baby & visit family that I don't see often.  Now instead of visiting for birthday's etc.. I will be going back to help Charlotte try to finish grieving & meet her new boyfriend.  It's been extra hard on her also beca
Flight Of The Destroyer
Peace, prosperity, and help... Those things were the trump card in the D.I.P.s corperation. Those thoughts lead it's few people forward into an age of great success. When the corp was still fresh, I, Enna Elios, joined the ranks under the supervision of Ash and Ben Murder. Followed by my former pilot, Taksen Luminox, we saw potential and wanted a piece of it for ourselves. We made the long journey from Heimatar to the Forge and later settled down in the corp system known as Mitsolen. Armed with nothing but a Rifter Frigate and a couple of weapons, we made our living. Then word came back home... We were moving to a better sector. After looking at many star charts for countless nights, we found that there was only one way to our newfound home of Otalieto and it was through a pirate infested space, a small space known as Aunenen. Tiring of the backwater systems, I packed my things and waited anxiously for the gate to clear. Knowing it was going to be a dangerous jump, and that I migh
Collection Of Stories I've Written Over The Years
Bombardment "The world is inhabited by Man. Other races, monsters and such are mythology and legend. Your characters have been drawn together by a common attribute - the ability to see what others cannot. In your early teens, you could see things that others could not - things from legend and myth. These things have caused great embarrassment for your parents, and the local populace has labeled you all as crazy, some even calling you possessed. Your ability to control your sight has slowly grown. Now that you have reached maturity, your ability can be turned on/off at will. However, it is not always effective. You are hoping that with time and practice that you'll be able to make it a little more reliable. One thing that you can see 100% of the time is your true self and those of your friends. Some of you have even realized, through your recent enlightenment, the power to use magic. The town had always thought the group was strange, but the turning point was when you began to appe
Vermillion Pt 2
She seems dressed in all of me Stretched across my shame All the torment and the pain leak through and covered me I'd do anything to have her to myself Just to have her for myself Now I don't know what to do I don't know what to do When she makes me sad She is everything to me The unrequited dream A song that no one sings The unattainable Shes a myth that I have to believe in All I need to make it real is one more reason And I don't know what to do I don't know what to do When she makes me sad But I won't let this build up inside of me I won't let this build up inside of me (x 3) I catch in my throat Choke Torn into pieces I won't......No I don't want to be this But I won't let this build up inside of me (won't let this build up inside of me) I won't let this build up inside of me (won't let this build up inside of me) I won't let this build up inside of me (won't let this build up inside of me) I won't let this build up inside of me (won't let this build up inside of me......won
What They Say
They told me love rejoices and lasts forever basking in the light, But a vast I ask of you how can this be truly so if all love withers and ceases. there was love but now it burns in fires of the condemned through the night. To only resume it’s course as ashes in the wind strewn into grains and piece’s. Never to come to fruition again or stand trial through the tests of time, It is the new void that will fill the chasm of my heart through this journey. Some tell me it will all mull over yet I feel cold as I listen to the wind chimes, there gentle melody accelerating the loneliness, my heart begins to feel herniated . The lack there of what they say makes life worth struggling through in turmoil, There words seem utterly hollow and thus I shun them away constructing walls, still incinerating bridges so that the fires of love may never come bearing from the soil, forever stuck in a paradox of lost passion while turning it away if it pass me through a hall.
Geeks Make the Best Catch  Top Ten Reasons Why Geeks Make the Best Catch It’s not generally realized that geeks (male and female) are the best catches. Americans focus on the glamour of the good-looking, the male jock and the statuesque female, and tend to make fun of second banana characters like Urkel. Yet, geeks (a.k.a. nerds, etc.) provide the opportunity to have much longer, more stable, and happy relationships. Here are the top ten reasons: 1. Geeks don't cheat. Geeks know that the grass only seems greener on the other side. They instinctively stay devotedly loyal to their lovers through thick and thin. Their social skills are also not well developed enough to support an affair. 2. Geeks appreciate their mates. Since you are likely to be one of the first persons a geek has ever had a significant relationship with, you will be treated well. A geek knows that there aren’t a whole lot of other possibilities. Frankly, geeks aren't quite sure how they ended up with t
Pink Floyd
"So I open my arms to my enemy..And ask if we could wipe the slate clean..And they tell me to please go fuck myself..You know you just can't win"
Diagnostik Audi
Клуб ремонта ауди a3 audi форум audi a8 Как увеличить мышенцую массу
Hate Eternal - I Monarch
Hate Eternal - Powers That Be
Hate Eternal - Bringer Of Storms
Hate Eternal - The Victorious Reign
How Too Set-up Sams!
Elton John....don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me...........
I can't light no more of your darkness All my pictures seem to fade to black and white I'm growing tired and time stands still before me Frozen here on the ladder of my life It's much to late to save myself from falling I took a chance and changed your way of fife But you misread my meaning when i met you Closed the door and left me blinded by the light Don't let the sun go down on me Although i search myself, it's always someone else i see I'd just allow a fragment of your life to wander free But losing everything is like the sun going down on me I can't find oh, the right romantic line But see me once and see the way i feel Don't discard me just because you think i mean you harm But these cuts i have, oh they need love to help them heal Don't let the sun go down on me Although i search myself, it's always someone else i see I'd just allow a fragment of your life to wander free But losing everything is like the sun going down on me Don't let the sun go down on me Although i searc
Enrique Iglesias - I Have Always Loved You
Since the beginning of timeSince it started to rainSince I heard your laughSince I felt your painI was too young, you were much youngerWe were afraid of each other's [Incomprehensible]I have always loved youThere's never been anyone elseI knew you before I knew myself, oh my babyI have always loved youSince we kissed the first timeSince we slept on the beachYou were too close for comfortYou were too far out of reachYou walked away, I should have held youBut would you have stayed for me to tell you?I have always loved youThere's never been anyone elseI knew you before I knew myself, oh my babyI have always loved youThe years go by in a matter of daysAnd though we go our separate waysI never stop dreamin' of youI have always loved youWhen you call, it makes me cryWe never made time for you and IIf I could live it all againI'd never let it end, I'd still be with youOh God, I miss youI have always loved youI knew you before I knew myself, oh my babyI have always loved youThe years go by in
9 Years Ago
Before the world changed That night was dreamy-perfect... that it was but even more amazing is that  that night was real it isn't something we dreamed up something we fantasized about it actually happened I am more complete more alive for having lived that night
The Doors - Riders On The Storm
Riders on the storm, riders on the stormInto this house we're born, into this world we're thrownLike a dog without a bone, an actor out on loanRiders on the stormThere's a killer on the road, his brain is squirmin' like a toadTake a long holiday, let your children playIf ya give this man a ride, sweet family will dieKiller on the road, yeahGirl ya gotta love your man, girl ya gotta love your manTake him by the hand, make him understandThe world on you depends, our life will never endGotta love your man, yeahRiders on the storm, riders on the stormInto this house we're born, into this world we're thrownLike a dog without a bone, an actor out on loanRiders on the stormRiders on the storm, riders on the stormRiders on the storm, riders on the storm
The Doors - The End
This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end I'll never look into your eyes...again Can you picture what will be So limitless and free Desperately in need...of some...stranger's hand In a...desperate land Lost in a Roman...wilderness of pain And all the children are insane All the children are insane Waiting for the summer rain, yeah There's danger on the edge of town Ride the King's highway, baby Weird scenes inside the gold mine Ride the highway west, baby Ride the snake, ride the snake To the lake, the ancient lake, baby The snake is long, seven miles Ride the snake...he's old, and his skin is cold The west is the best The west is the best Get here, and we'll do the rest The blue bus is callin' us The blue bus is callin' us Driver, where you taken' us The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on He took a face from the ancient gallery And he walked on do
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE OR LEAVE A COMMENT ON HERE. DONT BE AFRAID. LET THE FUN BEGIN........ Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
Brand New Fubar Trading Cards & Fubar Licenses Now Being Made!
I'm A Shitty Friend.
Apparently. Sorry I have enough going on in my life that I can't revolve it around you, or that how often I "acknowledge" you is insufficient. My job is mind-numbing and I'm tired. If you asked anyone, or even bothered to listen to me when I told you that I'm not a champion of conversation lately - and even when I'm in one, I drift away - you would know just that. But you don't listen. You jump to conclusions and point fingers and you're a fucking asshole. My brother is dying, but let me worry about how I act makes you feel, right? Especially when you show up expecting me to be a part of your drama when the FIRST thing you knew about me is that I have no part in ANYONE's drama. Oh, I was upset about something else that happened that I didn't even get to TELL you about, but now I guess that doesn't matter. Shame on me, right? But I'm a shitty friend. Fuck you. Thanks for throwing what I thought was a good friendship away. I was so wrong. My mistake - I won't let it happen again.
Broken-shes far from perfecti'm far from purebut i dont like bein far from herwhen life gets anxious,she calms my nervesand in returni try to show her all shes worthi been beaten so muchits hard to gowanna appear unscathedwhen it scars your soulyour views they start to changeyou don't feel the samebut she canfeel my pain, in fact it feels the samebut still its,hard to trust, its hard to fall in lovebut still i see your real beauty behind all the rustits how she, lights up when the stars don't shinefindin someone on my levels been hard to findwe don't take no shit, so we argue at timesour relationships always been hard to defineeven though i never had a problem callin her mineshe knows i'll never have the time to give her all of my timeasked her "why me?" and she said     cuz you youtook a deep pull and inhaled my new'i took a long look and i think its truehad me shook but right then i think i knewfrom what i see, i can tell she, she got her guards upso i reassure her that pain, i aint
Single Mothers....
Done messing with women who have children. You wonder why you can't find a good man? Let me enlighten your minds.... You have torn us apart in the most painful and unspeakable way. Not only are we madly in love with you, but your children also and when you just happen to decide you want something else, you throw us to the curb and take away what we hold most dear....The family that we were apart of.   So now, I am single.  Never again will a woman with a child get their hands around my heart.
We Got Adopted By A Cat
     Back in April we were adopted by a cat. He had kinda been a neighborhood cat for the past year or so. He would pop by for visits, and of course we'd put out food for him. Durring the winter we wouldn't see him and I suspect somebody else took him in. We probably would've except we still had our previous cat(Gushy).      This spring his visits became more frequent and eventualy he just didn't go away at all. We'd go to bed at night with him sleeping on the hood of our car and wake up in the morning with him waiting at the door for food. So finaly I just held the door open for him to see what he'd do. He came in and never looked back. We had been planning to adopt a shelter cat after we lost Gushy, so we fgured we'd take him in if nobody was looking for him. We checked the lost animals section of the paper and placed a found add with no results. Buddy showed no desire to be back outside, so he became ours.      Now that he was our cat, we took him for a check up. Everything was fi
Cop Caught Looking For Sex
I was under the impression that prostitution was legal in Nevada. I did some checking and found that it is legal. What is not legal is unlicensed people who use social sites like Craigslist. What is funny is a cop got caught looking for a prostitute on Craigslist. He was promptly arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution. I guess come cops are human after all. For the story BlastFM can be caught playing great rock music anytime night or day. Now you can steam BlastFM from mobile platforms such as the iPhon, iPod touch, iPad, the Blackberry, Windows Mobile 5/6, the Nokia 560      
Honestly? How do people legitimately have the fucking balls to sit here and bitch and moan about not being able to find someone nice, sweet, honest, caring, etc. -- complain that they never feel good enough for someone or that they hate that they always attract assholes who could give a shit -- but when they find someone who has all those qualities they supposidly want, they end up being fucking assholes themselves and just hurting the person they find?? Re--fucking--absolutely--diculous   that is all...
A Poem I Wrote
                                    "The Past"                                  They say the past repeats itself, mere words or a saying to live by?      For if the past does repeat itself, Should I try to correct it all, or just die?      For if my past repeats itself, I'd rather lose myself than another family,       The past blurs my vision I'm trapped with indecision.        Clouded is my future alas' I'm sinking , drowning in my past.      Can you change it? Can i change it? Maybe not totally , but maybe rearrange it, or distort it, to feel less pain.        Maybe shift directions so there's no blame  There's no changing the past for sure, but maybe there's a way to change the future.
A Short Enlighting Rant...particall Random...
Oh i tell ya.. this life... is for the unexpected...there comes a time when all you begin to think about are the things you truly want in life.. the goals you want to achieve the people you want to surrond yourself with...and after just cant keep fighting it..and like fighting a current.. your eventually going to lose...there's alot of people who rely on others for there decision making... instead of just getting up and doing it themselves... there are people who crumble under the pressure of other peoples judgment..people who fail to acheive simply because others believe they will simply fail.... a few things that i have come to find a reason in and taken strongly to recently...Live for yourself.. not for what other people want or need you to..everyone is only concerned about succeeding for themselves  be friends with people who are positive and that will stand by you no matter what...we all make horrible decisions at times.. but if we accept our faults we c
This Sunday's Sermon: Atonement Through The Blood Of Jesus
Atonement Through the Blood of Jesus "For if the blood of bulls and of goats and the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth to the purifying of the flesh" - Paul argued in his letter to the Hebrews "how much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God." (Heb. 9:13-14) No more of this turtle-dove business, no more offering the blood of bullocks and heifers to cleanse from sin. The atoning blood of Jesus Christ - that is the thing about which all else centers. I believe that more logical, illogical, idiotic, religious and irreligious arguments have been fought over this than all others. Now and then when a man gets a new idea of it, he goes out and starts a new denomination. He has a perfect right to do this under the thirteenth amendment, but he doesn't stop here. He makes war on all of the other
So last night when we were walking around the streets of London trying to find this bloody club we saw a fire truck arrive and firemen running out to get to this emergency in this place somewhere.   I kinda squealed and went 'OMG THAT FIREMAN DRIVING THE FIRE ENGINE IS SOOO HOT!!!'. And then I requested to have a picture taken with him. (He obliged) And then my cousin told me off for distracting a fireman mid-emergency. Ooops. But he was so purdy. He actually lookedl like one of those pretend fireman in the calendars!
Life, Music, Concerts And Money
I have a story idea floating around in my head. It's not necessarily blog material...more something to research, travel for, and pitch to a publisher or magazine. if only i could get a gig writing freelance for spin or rolling stone and publish parts of the story in a series hunter s thompson style but with fewer drugs, i'd be set. (hallucinogenics are not my friend.)    in light of this story idea, i'd like some input for research purposes. tell me about your most definitive live music experiences. i don't care about the genre. tell me any story that set a show apart from the rest for you. it doesn't have to be a famous act; local bands are fine. if you're in a band or have a story about being in a band and being onstage, definitely share it.    you can also buy me things or take naked pictures for me. you know, for research purposes. thanks. 
Not Always Right| The Fourth Is Not Strong With This One
Hotel | Traverse City, MI, USA Me: “Thank you for calling the [hotel]. How may I direct your call?” Customer: *in a British accent* “I need a room for tonight.” Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we are booked.” Customer: “Why?” Me: “It’s the 4th of July. We’re always booked on the 4th.” Customer: “I know the date! Why are you booked?” Me: “Um, it’s July 4th.” Customer: “Listen, just give me a room!” Me: “I’m sorry sir, we are sold out. The entire town is sold out.” Customer: “The entire town? Why?” Me: “Sir, it’s the 4th of July. Independence day.” Customer: “Independence from what?” Me: “Um, England.” Customer: “Oh bloody h***!” *click*
Inspiration For The Those With No Hope Left..
I hope everybody at least watches this all the way through once, if it doesn't touch your inner being, you are beyond all hope. Please watch and listen closely. Inspiration  
Randy Cooper Of Texas Hippie Coalition Was Deleted From Face Book
Kingdom Of Lies
Alone in a world overflowing with loved people, I watch them live happily from my crumbling steeple, wondering what it is like to be truly known, to feel their warmth, instead of the cold unfeeling stone.   I sit amongst friends who assume but do not know, when the joyful guy they like is just for show, I'm good at pretending, there's nobody I can't fool, I've built a Kingdom of Lies, where the insane rule.   Who am I really? Am I happy and uncaring? A lonely soul without a future, yet always preparing? Or have I fooled even myself, feeling nothing at all? Have I already descended into madness, or have I yet to fall?   I can never tell what state my mind is in, I constantly change my mind and contradict myself, sometimes to prove I'm real I prick myself with a pin, but what does that prove?I could be as fake as the GI Joe on your shelf.   But if I feel nothing and I'm not real, why do I long? Long for her touch, to warm my desolate shell? To long for this to be a
Poughkeepsie, Ny
I met the Devil in Poughkeepsie, New York. He took a seat right beside me at the end of the bar. He said I looked familiar, had we met sometime before? Yeah, I drank with the Devil in Poughkeepsie, New York. And I confessed I hadn't prayed to God since nineteen-eighty-eight, he said, "oh kid, you should try again you know, before it's too late." I asked him where my soul would go if I just dropped dead today, he smiled and said "Oh, you've got some good friends waiting for you at the gates." Hallelujah! O', Hallelujah! He said, "Just say the word and I'll give you fame and fancy whores, or would you rather die a simple man, just honest and poor?" I said, "Well now I know who my real friends are and I can't ask for much more." I thanked the Devil for my drinks and made my way for the door. Hallelujah! O', Hallelujah  
Need Ideas
I need some place I can work on these lesson plans. I have no desk at home to spread all my stuff out on. The libraries are all closed on Sunday. It's too far to drive to work. Ugh! I don't know what to do.   Anybody have any ideas as to what I should do or where I should go? Thanks for the help! :)
Gzm Response & More▬●ΑΘΕΟΣ
Blogging Buffoon Activated   Here is her original message, nothing has been altered, and since at the end she said to post my own blog for my response You are attacking what is obviously an emotional (NOT RELIGIOUS OR BIGOTED) point of view for me. As for "politicizing" this issue, even those FOR it are doing so."Rejecting this has become like rejecting Islam itself," said Ahmad Moussalli, a professor of Islamic Studies at the American University of Beirut. "The United States has historically been distinguished by its tolerance, whereas Europe, France, Belgium and Holland have been among those who have rejected the symbolism of Islam. Embracing it will be positively viewed in the Islamic world."So a religious faction is asking us to publicly embrace their motion to build in what many consider sacred ground as a political motion to gain their positive regard? Excuse me if there seems to be a veiled threat behind Moussalli's words. "Not embracing it will be negatively viewed in the
Sunday Fun Fakes :d
Hey kids, it's been awhile, here's a refresher for all of those that miss the fake blogs and stuff. Been gettin ready with other stuff and of course the annual end of summer blog for Labor Day weekend... Check out these fails... It never gets old huh? lol...hope everyone is well, don't forget to follow using the blue link above so ya don't miss anything that comes down the road... These fakes may be a threat indeed to normalcy, but based on what I've been hearing and seeing, some of the biggest threats, fakes, liars and cons are the ones that aren't "fake." That's the scary part...just remember to get -all- sides of the story before jumping to any conclusions no matter how "hot" that dude or chick is in your Hope you all had a great weekend....and peace...
Anger Management
I've been watching "Say Yes to the Dress" for nearly an hour now.   I'm really starting to regret my impulse to destroy my remote control last night.   Can someone please please please come over and flip channels for me?  Please?
The durable and corrosion resistant units can be mounted on the optional recessed mailboxes or a base of your choice.
Feminine Nature
We women are born detectives. In our eyes, all men are suspect and their adventures will end up being discovered – it's just a matter of time. Even if we are not in love with you, hearing "I love you” is a balm to our souls. And if you don't say it, we will notice and become sad. The same thing happens with "you are beautiful”. It takes less than two seconds to say these three magical words, which can change our nightmares into real fairy tales. If we ask what clothes we should wear, don't be annoyed if we put on exactly the opposite of what you chose – that's part of our nature. At a party we are capable of scanning the whole room in less than a minute to find out what interests us. Just watch. We think of sex with the same compulsion as men - or maybe even more so. The only difference is that we don't show it. If we don't accept immediately an invitation to dinner or a first date, don't worry – we just need a few days to lose the extra kil
Why We Love Men
We love men because they can't fake an orgasm, even if they wanted to. Because they will never understand us, yet even so they go on trying. Because they still manage to see our beauty, even when we ourselves no longer believe it. Because they understand equations, politics, maths and economics, but not the feminine heart. Because they are lovers who only rest when we have had (or pretend to have had) pleasure. Because they manage to raise sport to something bordering on religion. Because they are never afraid of the dark. Because they insist on fixing things that are beyond their capacity, and dedicate themselves to this with the same enthusiasm as an adolescent, and get frustrated when they don't succeed. Because they are like pomegranates: most of them is impossible to digest, but the seeds are delicious. Because they never comment on what the neighbors might think. Because we always know what they are thinking, and when they open their mouth they say exactly what we imagined they
I am only going to go through this once, and it is going to be crystal clear to everyone.   You are all adults here, SO ACT LIKE IT.   Everyone says things out of anger and hurt. Sometimes it's not the most pleasant shit. But you don't have to be that person to try to divide and alienate people just because someone got hurt.   When I came back here, it was with the express understanding that I am doing this with NO DRAMA. I don't want to hear it, I don't want to talk about it, I will not put my 2 cents in, I will not perpetuate it, and I most certainly will not tolerate it.   Do you people that thrive on this drama ever have to deal with REAL LIFE ISSUES? I'd bet not so much.   There's a whole world out there full of serious issues. And maybe it comes from the experience of surviving some of those things that I have learned not to sweat the small stuff. It really will eat you alive.   Please, all I ask of everyone in my list, keep me out of your drama. I have enough i
Angel Of Th Night
I followed my heart to see what I could find. I tasted your kisses so deep and full of passion. I felt heaven intertwined as as our bodies became one. I waited an eternity for this one night. Just to see if the galaxy would align. Something I denied for so long. I felt buring deep within. Giving into temptations, the heavens light show made me choose right. Moments later I was gasping for air . but I could not sleep. Body weakened by sheer delight. Now I know my Angel of the Night. - Written by me
Cubby Going Green Day
Misfit's Idea :P   Copied from JeniWren   You're are probably all aware that it is make CUBBY GREEN day. He is being a bigger HOAR than ever with the help of his friends.   We all want him to be a the first man to be GREEN!   Can you please hit the 'LIKE' button when you see him scrolling or one of his blasts. You can also access him through the active bling section on your profile page.   Your help is very much appreciated :)   Thanks
Green Cubby
You're are probably all aware that it is make CUBBY GREEN day. He is being a bigger HOAR than ever with the help of his friends.   We all want him to be a the first man to be GREEN!   Can you please hit the 'LIKE' button when you see him scrolling or one of his blasts. You can also access him through the active bling section on your profile page.   Your help is very much appreciated :)   Thanks   JEN X
Whininh Wendy(kids)
In a small town there lived a little girl, to look at her you would think she was cute and very cuddly but she wasn’t. When Wendy was born her parents were so pleased she was the apple of their eye. Wendy could do nothing wrong she was a quiet baby and worked hard at nursery, but things were soon to go wrong. Wendy started to whine about anything and everything, she would whine about her or breakfast, she would whine about her clothes or going to gran’s for tea. Wendy’s parents were forever holding their fingers in their ears, just to stop the constant whining that lingered in their ears. Today everyone was going to gran’s and Wendy was already kicking up a fuss, “I don’t want to go, I hate going to gran’s she’s got gummy teeth and her breathe really smells” “Wendy” said her mum and frowned at her, but Wendy just laughed. So Wendy talked a little more “Gran’s got really hairy armpits, and she smells rea
Spoilt Sophie(kids)
Most children have to fight to get what they want but not Sophie, Sophie could get anything she wanted just by asking her dad. “Daddy, can I have a new dolly” asks Sophie and dad just buys one. “Daddy, can I have a new coat” asks Sophie and dad just buys one. But there was one thing that Sophie wanted, and she would try anything to get it. And that was a tiger, a real tiger. One day Sophie and dad were going to the zoo, and Sophie wanted a tiger more than anything in the world. But Sophie didn’t want a teddy tiger she wanted a real tiger, and that was something that dad would not let her have. Time after time Sophie kept asking “I want a tiger daddy” But dad said “NO” Sophie wondered if playing ill would get her one so she tried it. “Daddy I’m not feeling very well I need something to cheer me up” but dad was not falling for that one Sophie wondered if having a bad would change dad’s mind, so she tri
Pretty Pink ;polly (kids)
Pink is not a colour that some like but you haven’t met pretty pink Polly. Pretty pink Polly is like any other girl, she likes dolls, and playing games but pink is her most favourite colour. Polly likes everything pink from frilly dresses to clothes for her dollies, even Polly’s room is pink which drives her mum mad. When Polly sits at the table to eat the plate Can not be red, blue or yellow it has to be pink because nothing else will do. When Polly has a drink her cup not be red, blue or yellow it has to be pink because nothing else will do. Today is a special day for Polly because she is ten years old and mum is going shopping to find s present which mum knows will have to be pink. Polly looks at mum and asks “Mum can I come, I want to come” but mum shook her head. “Why can’t I come, I want to find something for pink, because it is MY birthday” but mum still shook her head. Polly watches as mum leaves and waits wondering what pink thin
Evil Eve(kids)
Eve was a small girl who made life difficult for everyone, no matter who they were she always found a way to make you shout, scream or cry. Eve lived with her mother and bigger sister in a small house where everyone knew them and Eve. Most of the day mum did nothing but shout and was looking forward to when eve started school tomorrow, but eve had other ideas. Eve woke up and was already in trouble before they even got out the door, “Eve, did you put toothpaste down the toilet?” shouts mum “NO” shouts eve “Eve, did you fill the sink with toilet paper?” shouts mum again “NO” shouts eve Eve was not like most kids, her idea of a joke was putting mud in your tea or spiders under in your bed, but eve knew that she could be a lot worse. Holding her lunch box eve gets ready to go to school, walking to the car eve makes faces to the lady next door. “Eve stop that” says mum Mum and eve get into the car, mum puts the seatbelt o
Dangerous Dan (kids)
In a small town in a house on a small hill lives Dan, now Dan is not exactly careful. So far Dan has fallen down the stairs twice, got two pencils stuck up his nose and fallen over so any times that his mum has lost count. Today was like no other day, Dan was playing outside as normal until you hear Dan’s famous words. “Mum I’ve hurt myself, it’s bleeding really bad” so mum comes running out only to find a little graze. “Oh Dan please there’s nothing there” so mum walks back inside. Dan’s biggest dream was to be a superhero but Dan knew he could never be one of those. He always played outside with his tablecloth tied round his neck, and his goggles on for that added superhero look. “I am Dangerous Dan, and I will conquer evil” and he flies around the garden whooshing and swirling. Dan’s friend Barry was always the princess and he hated it,, “Oh Dan not again, I don’t like the dress” but as a
September 11 2001
Why all this hateing. Many People are hurting. Some People are dead because  of this terrible mess. America will become stronger. The Rescue Workers worked long hard hours to remove People from the Twin Towers in New York. We must go on with our lives. We will  learn from this to respect People more. The day of Horror is over. No More must I say. WROTE 9-11-2010
Castle On Transyvaina
The wind howls as the clouds glide across the night sky, he lurks within the thick forest, mad and horrible to see. All the evil that he may, he does. He goeth to and fro, about his solitary place, seeking man, in order to devour him. A tall, pale, night creature with two fangs, neither living or dead walks round a room with the light beaming to the outside world. He wonders into his own mind as to what this creature will bring or do to this world under the guidance of himself. He too is a shadow, a disembodied invisible spirit, a bag full of blood which rolls down the road, a boneless person with bloodshot eyes without a nose and with metal teeth. He’s also known to throttle his relatives in their sleep, rides the horses, and drinks the blood of the cattle. If the sunray touches him he turns into a bloody spot on the ground. He must be killed on the 40th day or else he will take on flesh and is able to live and reproduce just like any normal human being. But it was all a book n
The Creatures
The wind blows hard the night was a quiver, the water flowed down a silent river. The moon shone bright on this darkened night the evilness was about To take flight. They flew across this darn filled sky, their winds flapping; their eyes open wide, searching for something to fill their stomachs, fresh skin fresh meat sound so tantalizing. A lonely women walks down a lonely road, but doesn't realize what’s about to unfold, their shimmering cries fly around her head, her time comes now, to a bloody death. They swoop down to the bushes and trees, and hide in the grass so they can't be seen. The woman walks unaware of her fate, but the evilness lies, the evilness waits. The wind gets strong on this quivering night, the screams echo has the time draws by. Their eyes start to glow, their teeth shinning bright. Their stomachs getting their feast in sight. The woman walks till the end of the road; she quivers for she is not alone. A warm breathe shudders around her neck, a sharp feel
Dear Friend:
Friend Dear Friend,Take My hand in your hand. Lead Me away from my problems and fears. Dear Friend listen to what I have to say. Each day I face a new problem and fear. You are the only one I can be near to when I have a problem to talk about. Lets take a walk and talk about everything thats on are minds. We are Friends forever until we are gone forever. Then we are still friends.  Wrote for My Ex Best Friend Delanea This pome was writeing 6-29-1999
As I look at Myself I wonder Were am I going in life What will I be Doing Who Will I Marrie WROTE?
It's Time For Serene Sunday!!!!!
Join me for my Serene Sunday show at 8am est. Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid!
Otep-kisses And Kerosene Lyrics
(i fucking love this....) Kisses and Kerosene I wishI could have youHereIn my clutchesTo remove the excuses from your mindTo part that haze and slice your soul to piecesTo sing a lullaby  as I tied you to the slabTo shave your head with a dulling razorAs you watchIn the splattered mirror above youTo break your ribs individuallyWith a rock hammerTo shatter your shin bonesWith a shovelTo burn your fingers & toesTo a necrotic blackWith liquid nitrogenTo crack your teethWith a splintered clubTo pierce your limbsWith a nail gunTo silence your criesTo laugh in your eyesTo sharpen my favorite slicing deviceAnd take your arms ah the elbowsTo keep u aliveFor a few moments longerTo smell your fearTo cover your bodyWith kisses & keroseneTo watch u burnAs my human sacrificeTo hear youScream in agonyThe poppingOf your fleshCracklingAs it cooks0To feel your child smileThe one u betrayedThe one you tookFor nothingF
Random Ramblings Of A Crazy Person
I can't sleep and I have writers block. :( So I'm going to ramble about the things that are bothering me and maybe that will lift the block I hope.  My dad is sick. Like dying sick most who read this didn't know that.  I don't talk about it because no one wants to hear me cry like a bitch all the time.  I hate that he's sick.  I hate that I had to move here to help my mom with him.  I hate that by being here it reminds me that I'm not like the rest of my family.  I hate watching my dad come home from dialysis and not be able to walk up stairs or talk because he's too tired.  I hate that my kids will have no memories of him before he was sick.  Most of all I hate that I have to be the strong one through all of this because it's not fair  for my mom to have to be strong while she sits and watches the love of her life die.  I don't think I've cried over him being sick in front of her since we found out seven years ago.  Maybe all I need is a good cry but I can't do it because I'm afraid i
Rocky Horror Picture Show - Assorted Songs
Pray For Peace On Sept. 21 And Everyday!
Join many Human Beings on our Mother Earth on Sept. 21 to pray for peace one day. Celebrate Peace on just one day everywhere on Mother Earth ! Spread the positive love vibrations to all you see that day. Practice random acts of kindness . Go to and view the documentary of Jeremy Gilley and how he approached the United Nations and got them to declare Sept. 21to be a day that all peoples of the world stop all hostilities and pray for Peace!      Join me on that day and know that on the top of every hour I will stop wherever I am and take 3 minutes to pray for Peace. I will be announcing to all I pass and encounter that it is Peace Day . I will hand out fliers that give the Web address to the Documentry.     Please join me not only on this day but everyday. Spread positive energies to all you meet. !                                          Love and Big Bear Hugs to you all!
Join Me In The Bestest Place Ever
Call Me Hero
Words are to poets what death is to artbreak up sex to infadelsorange to grey.Ranaway with a burnout.Played with scissors and got cut.Timed and primed for the innevitablecrash.Fall.Emo eyepatches and dead dragons.crushlike Tokyo.Bump bump.Swirl in the smolder.Draw smiling faces with the ash.Tick the phone poles with glass topswish upon the red sand.I'll be here.Unseen snarky smirkuncounted miles of unclaimed.
I find myself walking in the woods where the cloud bank is thick & there are lush green trees all around me. Then i see him in the distance everything about him lures me to him as I approach him my eyes meet his pale blue eyes. The milky white skin of his hand reaches out to me instinctively and gently caresses my face. My eyes close from the softness and warmth of his touch upon me,I feel my heart beat with in me and my body quivers with anticapation of his next move the euphoric feeling that overwhelms me is almost to much for me to bear.Then he leaned into me and i can feel the warmth of his breath next to my lips. As my breathing intensifies I feel his lips softly touch mine,I can't move and give into him. As we taste each other the passion takes over and consumes us to the point that I no longer see anything around us now but becomng one with each other. His strenght is evident but he restraines himself,my body longs for him and desires his touch. I now have become apart his world
Think About It.
Whatever you give a women, she will make it greater. Give her sperm, she will give you a baby. Give her a house, she will give you a home. Give her groceries, she will give you a meal. Give her your a smile, and she will give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges everything she is givin.  Think about it :)  
Lounges And Why I Don't Bother.
· Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge! · Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge! · Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge! · Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge! · Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge! · Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge! · Wickedness y0 N... wants you to check out this lounge!     Seriously...
Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague
Creative Erotic Writings
I enjoy creative writings, looking forward to writing new stories, I write for a friends web page as well.  I ntresteed let me know...
How I Feel About Things
I have been through alot of things in my life. None of it has killed its only made me stronger in the long run. My latest problems no one thought I could fight it and stay free from it but I have proved everyone wrong (if you want more info about that message me privately and I will answer you) I feel like my stonger self has been pulled out from inside and I am able to show my best part of myself out so everyone can see what type of person I really am. That scared little girl that was out has went away. She grew up and decided to live her life and not be bossed by people no more. and whatever shes wants shes gonna get. So what ever my heart wants is what I go for if its getting back into school or a better place to live so be it cause I know that everything is within my reach all I have to do is keep trucking forward and not sliding back into the way I was living. Well anyway I am a very happy go lucky person easy to get along with if you take the time to get to know me. I dont pl
Kenny's Weird Dream
K been having alot of weird dreams latley and i figured i would share them with everyone so here we go......August 28th dream...It all started in a river, i was swimming in a weird looking place kinda reminded me of the nile river with some girl and i think we were in a war zone cause we were planting explosives together along the river haha alot of explosives then we came upon a beach were other ppl were swimming and as i was standing on the little beach all the water in the river started too rush away so i grabbed the girl i was with and picked her up out of the water too make her safe and when i got her out of the water i went too fix my boxers cause they were all bunched up and sticking too me but she pulled them down from being bunched up and fixed them for me and i noticed she peeked at what was inside as she fixed them lol so as the water was rushing away and i was telling her ive seen this happen before and that this happens when a tsunami is coming and the river was almost emp
Behemoth - At The Left Hand Ov God
Always The Piece Of Shit Never The Princess
well i hate it when u think ur someone just to find out u aint nothing but a piece of shit that the whole fucking world walks on. i mean come on when is it going to be the under dogs turn to ever shine in the fucked up world? who fucking knows maybe never! sometimes it just makes u want to say fuck life there aint no good god damn reason to go on!
I know your out there waiting I hear your voice away so far And the beauty of your words The distance cannot mar. Our bond it only strengthens And as the nights go by I feel your arms around me As I gaze up to the sky. The smile upon my lips It will surely never die As I�m waiting here for you Until you're by my side.
Aggravated Ranting
So it is 10 30 at night, I just went and picked up my airboat for work tomorrow, went to start it up and nothing. So I started working on it and found out a floater is sticking, which was bound to happen at some point. But still, it is late at night, and I gotta have it in point aux chene at 6 in the morning and I need a carberator. All because I wanted to be lazy today since I got the day off, I am in a bind. I should have gone ahead and grabbed it earlier that way it could be fixed. Goshdarn procrastination. I'm passing out now. Maybe a magic monkey will show up in the middle of the night with one and fix it for me.
Skinny Genes
I really don’t like your point of viewI know you’ll never changeStingin' me with your attitudeI've got the mind to walk awayI really don't like your arroganceOr your policiesYou're ninety-nine percent an embarrassmentWith just one quality[Chorus:]I don't mind it when you [whistles]Brings out the best in me when you [whistles]Show your expertiseWhen the night always ends with a fight I'm excited that you wind up next to meI like it when you [whistles]Can I have some please of that [whistles]Satisfy my needsSometimes I fake that I hate you and make upSo you wind up next to meI really don't like your skinny jeansSo take them off for meShow me what you've got underneathSo we can do this properlyI really don't like the way you smileWhen you think you're rightBut I will forgive you, the yolk is in the middleAnd I'm chewing through the white[Chorus]dreamt that you were on a trainyou were leaving, you were leavingYou made me think of what I'd missYou were leavin', you were leavin'I
One Word
YouCanOnlyTypeOneWord Answers.   Not as easy as you may think.     1. Where is your cell phone? boobs   2. Boyfriend/girlfriend? david   3. Your hair? down   4. Your mother? old   5. Your father? older   6. Your favorite thing? david   7. Your dream last night? awesome   8. Your favorite drink? monster  
So Small, But My Heart Is Yours
SO SMALL, BUT MY HEART IS YOURS   What a miracle you where When you came into our lives So small but we loved you From the moment we saw you   We actually loved you before While you were still growing And the day you were born Oh how my heart beat with joy And tears flowed down my face   You were so small and so frail I remember…as I look at your empty crib We never expected to be without you You were ours and we were yours Proud Mom and Dad, yes we were I am certain people got tired of the pictures   You were so beautiful to us Everything about you was amazing I can still smell you As I hold your crib blanked to my cheek   We weep for you sometimes… Sometimes so hard that we drop to our knees We pray to God to comfort us And to remind our hearts We will see you again   Time has passed now We still have your pictures They are in special places in our home (your home) Your brother comes home today We wrapped him in your blankets at the ho
Lost And Found (where Did You Go?)
LOST AND FOUND   I lost you! One day while on my way to…. I don’t remember now!? I was…I mean we were. And then you were…gone!   Gone, how can you be gone? I was just talking to you. I was talking to you and then. I turned, you said something. And then you were…gone!   I lost you! I did not ever want to lose you. Life without you is not real. How can you be gone? It doesn’t make sense!? Gone…you’re gone!   Maybe if I held on tighter? Maybe if I had? Had done…what? How could I have stopped it? How could I prevent such a tragic… Gone…you’re gone!   I went looking for you today. I did not want to accept it. I went everywhere to find you. I even stopped at the lost and found. You know the one at the library? Where you and I spent hours… I lost you!   I thought I saw you and ran. Tears streaming down my eyes. Ran until I could not run anymore. I fell in the grass. D
Just wondering why ppl actually pay for stuff on this sry i guess i just don't see the point....wat a waste:\
Falling Tears
these tears i shed will never go awaythe tears that fall, will remind me of that pain the pain of loss is what i speakthe pain that made me fall to my kneesthis pain is what i so despise but, what can i do but fall and cry i loss my way, to this never ending paini loss reasonto why i should go on the answers i come to will forever haunt my dreams this pain of loss is what truly makes me sceamthis yelling person who is mewill forever continue to cry and sceamthats why i hate to have these tears fall from my eyesthis nightmare of falling tears is what i really despise Tommie Cobb 
so this morning I commented on a pic of a half naked dude ( I was nice dammit all I said was meh )    and a few of us were commenting back and forth in there ...the pic poster even commenting back    suddenly out of the group of us in there I am the only one that gets blocked ...   not  Missy fits  not Jeni wren hell not even Dys and we all know how he is    non of us could really figure out what could possibly be the reason for me getting blocked as on this occasion I was not saying anything offense nasty or just over all mean ( adjusts halo)  curious and a lil amused I commented with my Helly name and said  " you blocked me ? and here I thought we had the start of something wonderful I am crushed and saddened "  then headed off to work  got home and I got an email from the half naked young man ....   I cant stop laughing now ...    Isaac United States subject: sorry received:
Words...The space between timeThe space between my next thought And my next lineWords...They fall from my mind to my handPen and paper,expressing the best I canWords...From my expectations to my actionsFrom having closure,to satisfactionWords...Between healing and forgettingBetween stand down,and livingWords...To never giving a fuckTo never being enoughTo push back when times get toughWords...To your reactionFrom my expressionsBetween guilt,and another lesson Words...
Been Awhile
Haven't made a blog in a while so here goes nothin'   Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.  Ralph and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital.  One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, Ralph suddenly jumped into the deep end. He sank to the bottom of the pool and stayed there. Edna promptly jumped in to save him.  She swam to the bottom and pulled him out.  When the Head Nurse Director became aware of Edna's heroic act she immediately ordered her to be discharged from the hospital, as she now considered her to be mentally stable. When she went to tell Edna the news she said, 'Edna, I have good news and bad news.  The good news is you're being discharged, since you were able to rationally respond to a crisis by jumping in and saving the life of the person you love...  I have concluded that your act displays sound mindedness. The bad news is, Ralph hung himself in th
The only distance between us, Is how far you'll keep me away. But I hope your letting me closer, With each passing day. Though the miles are between us, Along with a lot of unknown things. I would send you my heart, And all that it would bring. So for now,hold your hand against my chest, Hold me there till you feel free. And when it does finally fall, You'll begin to see the real me.
I Forgot!
I forgot to tell everyone why Sparkly hasn't been on since Monday. His Nan had a stroke, so he has travelled down to see her. He doesn't know when he will be back online, but I will text him tomorrow to see how things are with his Nan.   Can someone remind me if I forget as my head is all fucked up at present!!!
Happy Hour!!
Thursday, September 2nd at 10pm Pacific Time: BE HERE! I will be on top. :D Then stay tuned at 11pm Pacific time for THEFUChead's 1st HH. I will be bombing during his HH so I can actually enjoy mine (and so I can  change pics and annoy everyone. :D)  
Afghan Militants In Us Uniforms Storm 2 Nato Bases
Afghan militants in US uniforms storm 2 NATO bases KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - U.S. and Afghan troops repelled attackers wearing American uniforms and suicide vests in a pair of simultaneous assaults before dawn Saturday on NATO bases near the Pakistani border, including one where seven CIA employees died in a suicide attack last year.The raids appear part of an insurgent strategy to step up attacks in widely scattered parts of the country as the U.S. focuses its resources on the battle around the Taliban's southern birthplace of Kandahar.Also Saturday, three more American service members were killed - two in a bombing in the south and the third in fighting in eastern Afghanistan, the U.S. command said. That brought to 38 the number of U.S. troops killed this month - well below last month's figure of 66.The militant assault in the border province of Khost began about 4 a.m. when dozens of insurgents stormed Forward Operating Base Salerno and nearby Camp Chapman with mortars, rocket-prope
Totally Non Pc
In this age where we are so afraid to step on others toes or offend anyone. I say forget that. If it makes you feel better, go for it!!!     Let loose of a sneeze that knocks over the neighbors oak tree Cough until you puke up a lung Burp so that it waters someone's eye Fart so it clears a room Snore so loud the neighbors call the police   That is individual rights    
My Ultimate Poem
You are my haikuSublime, sweet and sensualMy ultimate poem You are my cinquainFive verses featuring youAnd all that you do You are my free verseMy spring of inspirationIn midst of chaos You are my sonnetEvery line is about youShakespeare would be proud You are my quatrainEach rhyme and rhythm uniqueOnly fit for you You are my balladYou have been since I met youIt is quite a tale You are my idyllThe verses are invitingYou to be with me You are my epicThe classical heroineWords cannot describe You are poetryEvery form I can think ofInspired by you 
Prof Carlos Santo Says Being A Mannas Boy Is Good
The field of psychiatry is filled with nonsensical evaluations and hustlers who call themselves therapists. Here’s an example. Carlos Santo, professor of “social and family dynamics (now that’s very impressive) at ASU, says mommas boys are emotionally better then us other guys. I find that curious he would say that. Since mommas boys tend to look for partners that remind them of their mother. I don’t have proof they do but let me speculate like old Carlos does. I think Carlos doesn’t like guys that are mentally tough. I guess he likes the touchy feely guys. The Alan Alda type. Give me the John Wayne type of personality any day dude. No wimpy guys need to hang with me. Then you may like wimpy guys. For more BlastFM is a great venue for the person who loves great music. No wimpy music hear here. Check it out
Plzzzz Read
Ok.. as everone who are friends with me know, i dont ask for much on here.. but this is something i would really like for yll to do.. right now there is a contest going on inmy lounge and i need to get as many people to join and say they was sent by me.. plzzz join and help me out.. here is the link for the lounge..thanks :)
wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where people cared alot about others  where it was more the norm then the extreme to live in a world where beauty wasn't the only means of being popular , and intelligence was a valued skill where people did not judge by your age but acept you as you were  where pll in small towns welcomed you to be one of them  .. instead of seeing you as an outsider or a tourist  where being an individual was valued where truly giving a damn a having a voice mattered .. like the 60s i suppose when people knew what was going on and had the balls to stand up for thier rights and fight against the government when it wronged them to change it  to make it wokr for the people as a whole and just the elite groups, or instituations with money .      and yet here we are again , our generation seems lost in what it seems is osassis of technology an escape from truly thinking or feeling , its wolrd of instant gratification  where noone seems to have the p
Life Sucks, Then You Give Up Smoking!
I haven't been on much in the last week. I'm bored of the site ... had too much of it in a huge dose over the last three months.   I also have other things on my mind. I seen the consultant on Wednesday about my foot .... i'm not fucking happy! They don't want to perform surgery yet as the CT scan showed "slight healing" ....   Me: yeah I get that, but what are you going to do about the part of the bone that is sticking out???? Him: ... Well, we hope that will eventually be coverd by scar tissue Me: .... really?? Him: ....Well, yes, it isn't giving you any pain, so we think this is the most appropriate course of action. Me: How do you know it isn't giving me any pain, you haven't even asked me??? Him: Well you didn't wince when I pressed it. Me: And??? That doesn't prove it isn't giving me pain. Him: Well, we think it would be doing you a diservice to operate at present. So we want to wait another 4 weeks. Me: You are joking??? Do you realise how miserable my life is a
when the heart it makes no mistake  some connection are just there for a day , week , a season  and sometimes they dissapear as fast as they appear  but who am i to put conventions on love .. and its capabilites .. sometimes we are like the ships that pass in the night , waiting to go to the next port . always seeking an adventure but  truly not realizing the importance of that connection ..  but life is too short to wait , to short to decieve  one must be honest with ones self ..  its fair to think sometimes love is lust and lust is love ..  each serve thier own purpose in the greater scheme  of things .. but its ones we seem to lose in some way we seem to learn from thje most , and hopefully we take those lessons to heart  to help understand ourselves better and to understand human bahavior better .. what is ones trash is ones treasure ..  and this is so true  i love finding discarding treasures among the trash . life is too short to waste in just being content w
About A M0ni Blahblahblah You Annoy Me.
I'm really tired of people saying, thinking, assuming, judging, things about me. It's annoying. And makes me want to ring your neck and loop together a pretty noose just for you
Luna Vachon
Wrestling World Pays Tribute to Luna Vachon Posted by Melanie on August 28th, 2010 Categories: The News Desk It’s been nearly 24 hours since the heartbreaking news that former WWE star, Luna Vachon has passed away at the age of 48. In the last 24 hours, we’ve seen an outpouring of blogs and tweets from the wrestling world. Here’s just a selection: WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross, has written his own tribute to Luna on his blog. He writes: “Luna Vachon had a unique and often times challenging life but even with the issues that she battled she had many friends who, as will I, always look back upon the good days that we shared.” Read the rest here. Wrestling veteran, Missy Hyatt wrote: “People fail to forget what a great worker Luna could be at times. I remember Luna worked an indy show against Alicia towards the end of her career in 2007. Luna put on a brawl that was reminiscent of Bruiser Brody in the 1980s in which they tore the building
New Members?
I have to get new members that are green to send me drinks. It's actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. Offering fuBucks only works on a few of them. Oh well, I'll get it. Ugh.   The thing I'm wondering is why are some new members coming in at level 10 or 11 while others are coming in at level 0. One friend told me it was because they were referred, but isn't everyone referred now? It's an invite only site. If that's the case, wouldn't every new member be level 10 or 11? Just makes no sense to me. I'd ask Mike or Ryan, but neither of them are on. Any of you have ideas????   Love you all!
The Traveling Speed Of Light "c" Is Not A Constant
If the pressure of deep space is not a constant, and light speeds up or slows down according to pressure zones... then how can we confidently believe that the traveling speed of light doesn't vary in proportion to the surrounding pressure?  The vacuum of space is not a constant, therefore the speed of light is not a constant. There will always be more discoveries of deeper parts of space with even less pressure than ever recorded; As well as, more massive objects with exponentially more pressure beyond any scale we can measure.   What if "c" "the speed of light" more accurately describes the speed at the moment of impact when light slows down to bounce off matter? Not the speed at which light "travels" in between bounces.   That speed at which light bounces off matter will always be a constant 186,272 miles per second because light always slows down before it hits matter; In addition; the distance from the singularity to the outer reach of the total diameter of Any mass is the sa
Magnetic Over-unity Via Centripetal Spin
My Starship Coil and Rodin Coil. 12 points. One at every 20 degrees and wrapped every 150 degrees starting at Zero. (Reminds me of the Legend of Native American Dream Catchers... more on this at the end)             Newton's Law: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."   Newton's Law refined in the regard of Spin: "For every Centrifugal action there is an equal and opposite Centrifugal reaction. (Standard)   But simultaneously... "For every Centrifugal action there is also an exponentially higher opposite Centripetal reaction depending on the diameter and mass of the Centripetally spinning object in relation to the diameter of the Centrifugal frequency that initiated it. (Synergistic Over Unity)   "For every Centripetal action, there is an equal and opposite Centripetal reaction." (Standard)   And simultaneously... "For every Centripetal action, there is an exponentially lower Centrifugal reaction regardless of the diameter, ma
Proud American???▬●ΑΘΕΟΣ
Blogging Buffoon Activated   Someone on my list posted the original article from here LINK to which they entitled their blog "I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN"The words "HOW LONG ARE WE GOING TO LAY DOWN AND LET THEM WALK ON US? THIS IS THE ULTIMATE HORROR IN A LONG LINE OF ATROCITIES. IT'S TIME TO STAND AND FIGHT BACK." were added at the bottom I commented and figured I wanted to save my comment ..since I usually save all my long comments anyway. My Response to the blog.   So basically on June 6th you had a multi ethnic, multi racial coalition of people [saying Americans is rather idiotic and redundant since the people who are building the mosque are also Americans… or did we forget that part?] who rallied against the constitution. Who rallied against a peoples first and fifth amendment rights… Let us dissect this little eh, proud to be a typical ignorant American piece.“9/11 families were joined by immigrants”Really? Every 9/11 family were there? I find t
Wanna Join The Fubar Street Team?
The purpose of the Fubar Street Team is to promote! Get the word our in any way you can! We want some more cool peeps on fubar!   As a Street Team Prospect - Please go through the following as do it as your time allows. This is volunteer, dont stress urself on anything.- Add the Fubar Street Team page as a friend: Make Street Team folder in your pictures.- Please read all blogs to get caught up on what we have been doing.- View Street Team page photos to see how we have been promoting.- Before you do ANY promoting, please read this: Add the Silver Wings to your profile in your 'About Me' section: When you promote, please take photos. Upload them to your Street Team folder. You can then go to the Bounty Blog and post the image URLs into a comment. This way, everyone can see what you have done, and we can upload the pictures to the Street Team folders.
When things travel great distance,Fade like an evenings sun.But beauty still remains,Especially with this one.Hers could travel miles,Across to distant shores.And when she comes to me,She is beautiful all the more.Her beauty is a treasure,Across any land or sea.And I feel blessed from GodKarlie when you bring yours to me.
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Update Bitching
ok so like, i put seven fucking years into this relationship, seems to be for nothing, because as we were suposed to get married all the sudden he is confused and dont know what he wants, well should had thought of that years ago and not waisting my fucking time, and broke my sons heart, who just decided, since we were getting married he would want to call this fucker daddy, something he hasnt ever really done with anyone, so im here in florida, taking care of a close and dear friend that is dying from cancer, trying to put my life back together, and get back used to being alone, which i was for years before stupid head, because of spermdoner, to begin with. anyway, so i dont know anyone around here yet, even though i been here six months i havent really got the chance to even learn much of the area, being out here in the national forrest taking care of my friend, who has gone downhill so fast make your head spin, its a really tough situation, but looking at my life i have been through
Words From The Wise 1
Words from the wise: "pouring BBQ sauce into a waterjug trying to make a BarbeQoolAid will be a result of permanent idiotocracy and deserves a dropkick in the head"
Though her heart may never be mine,Her beauty I will always see.It shines like a midnight star,Its light so bright to see.Each night when I see her,Darkness is replaced with her Glow.When she is gone and her light fades,Sadness Is what I know.Now the day comes,Glorious sky blue,And the suns warmful light.But my thoughts remain on beautiful stars,And long for the middle of the night.
Love Is Like Oxygen By Sweet
Love is like oxygenYou get too much you get too highNot enough and you're gonna dieLove gets you highLove is like oxygen. . .Time on my sideI got it allI've heard that prideAlways comes before a fallThere's a rumour goin' round the townThat you don't want me aroundI can't shake off my city bluesEvery way I turn I loseLove is like oxygen. . .Love is like oxygen. . .Time is no healerIf you're not thereLonely feverSad words in the airSome things are better left unsaidI'm gonna spend my days in bedI'll walk the streets at nightTo be hidden by the city lightsCity lightsLove is like oxygen. . .Love is like oxygen. . .
Let's Get Nekkid!
Join me for my Saturday morning show at 8am est (5AM SLT).  Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid!  Did you know you could connect from our website?  Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
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I Love Emily Dickinson
THE BODY grows outside, The more convenient way, That if the spirit like to hide, Its temple stands alway, Ajar, secure, inviting,     It never did betray, The soul that asked its shelter, In timid honesty.     
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Chocolate Cake Recipe
In relation to baking, we all have another way of going over it. Some individuals follow a recipe exactly while others take a recipe and make it their own. As long as the end result turns out incredibly tasty, what does it matter? Experimenting and finding new ingredients and ways of baking is all part of people having their very own preferences and creativity. Plus, it is the way that new recipes are put into publication. There's one thing which is, in my opinion, incredibly hard to screw up - a chocolate cake recipe. There is not a chocolate cake recipe around the world that has not turned into something which I've considered to be terrible. Sure, many of them could use some enhancement, but chocolate is my weakness. So long as it turns out fluffy and moist, I'm in heaven.It doesn't matter what cookbook you read, you will find a chocolate cake recipe, or several, which will tempt you beyond belief. You will see different toppings, ingredients or icings that will be proposed. It is po
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What Can't Be Unwritten
How did it all end up in this state? The prologue to this play was beautiful Our kiss still lingers in my mind Before this corruption invaded and tainted all that was true Once without a shadow of a doubt I could believe you did love me Then again I don't believe in that much anymore To know love, is to inevitably know pain A wind of change of is blowing wild and free now Down the highway of regret we must forget Once I knew how to love unconditionally Now love seems to fade between dreams Caressing my fingertips with its tender kisses Burn my skin to the touch Even an old flame can be dangerous As it withers away in darkness The pages can't be rewritten There is no delete button in life I never really thought my heart could break with such grace Would love to say I can forget all that has been done Alas these tortured memories are stitched and stapled to my brain Times are forever changed Can't look back it hurts to much But the future is just a
Am I Invisible
Am I invisible    i see you there say hi you walk bye as i am not there       i just want talk and share  you act like you dont care   i am afraid to approach you afraid to act   you are beautiful and thats a fact   i am to afraid to say hi  afraid that you will say goodbye   afraid to share  afraid to care   i never tried  i feel tied   you will never know me   maybe it was meant to be   as years fade byeI am still to shy and just wave goodbye   afraid to love and to be loved   you are cool  and i am a fool   maybe shyness  is my weakness   years have gone byeand it is to late to say hi   it is too late and thats my fate   because i am invisible   written bye meTerry Terrell 
"babybit"at one time u were the bestnow your like the restjust a bad memoryanother bad dreamthat i wish i could forgeti lay awake at nightand wonder where it went wrongwhy did u lead me onfor so very long?all i ever here is our songis that your wayof making me payfor all of your sins?
Blog Site Name
Currently,my blog site is called Past Regrets In The Form Of Words. Feeling a change of title would help some,and I think I am going to start switching focus of my writing towards new directions. So,here are your choices. #1 Letters Form Words,Words Form My Life. #2 Good News Leads To Tragedy. #3 The Road Less Traveled Never Has An On Ramp. #4 Keep the name the same Or if you have an idea,let me know. Comment here,SB,or message me.   THANKS
My Sex Story Read With Caution
MIDNIGHT PASSIONYou don't know how or why you are here but you find yourself in a beautiful black dress with lace all over it. You blink trying to clear your vision and once you can see you look around the room. You notice that there are no windows and the only exit is opposite your bed. You get up and attempt to go to the door,but you fall flat on your face. Just as you get up you notice there is a man at the door, looking at you and chuckling a bit under his breath. "Who the hell are you and how did i get here"? As you ask your question you notice how incredibly gorgeous he is. He has eye length jet-black hair with a purple tint.He is staring at you through a few strands covering his piercing blue eyes.He seems to look straight through you into the depths of your soul.With a blink of an eye you are back on the bed and he is seated next to you."I'm William and you my dear are Angelic, or have you forgotten that as well"? You cant help but be a bit turned on by the seductiveness of
You Did This
I look at her everyday and I am reminded Of everything you have done It isn't her fault that you are who you are But yet for some reason you don't want her.   She is so beautiful why wouldn't you want her I tried to convince you that she is yours But now I am done trying so now I say no she isn't yours she is mine.   You don't deserve someone so pure and beautiful SO you have lost her forever and you have lost me I can't deal with the pain of knowing what you have done You lost the best thing you ever had and I don't mean me.   You have done so many things in your life And the only good thing you lost forever So know now that you did this to yourself And no there is no more chance of getting it back.                                                       I AM DONE AND I HAVE LEARNED JUST WHO YOU ARE.
Belly Button
BELLY BUTTON @ The room was quiet There was barely any sound Except for the forced breathing of the mother Kids waiting outside the door Waiting for a new sister or brother   The pain shown in her eyes Sweat streamed down her face Husband standing very close Look on his face of pure love And concern of what was taking place   He hated to see the pain on her face Pain put there by what was taking place This was a complete surprise After all these years together And all the troubles they did weather   She was the amazing mother of his children And keeper of his heart But a new baby, was not expected A new life about to start Of course they would get through this together   She screamed out loud in pain He watched as the blood in from her face drained He had completely forgotten Just how strong her grip could be Oh well, they replaced hands here too didn’t they?   The doctor said it’s time Husband breathing along with her Trying to act like e
Don't You See It?
DON'T YOU SEE IT? @ Please look deep into my eyes. See behind the me I show and look into my eyes. Please tell me what you see there. You will know how much I care. @ I can only answer what you ask. I can only tell you what you want to know. I will do all that I can to let it show. But I can only tell you what you want to know.   It has been a very long/short life. Constantly fighting for my life Dreams they come and dreams they go. Don't you see it, doesn't it show?   Please look into my eyes, my feelings I‘ll share. How deep my heart loves, how much I care. I want you to see...I want you to know. You have to look for it to show.   Don't you see it?   All the pain I’ve felt, the tears I've cried, All the days I wished I could have died. Looking for the soul who would join with me. The soul that could love I am, and because I am me.   When it happens, you will know. Far from beyond the years it willl begin to grow. Yes you will see m
I'm Not Sleeping
I'M NOT SLEEPINGI awoke with a start,Realized it was still dark,So I moved ever so slowly As not to disturb the womanWho holds my heart.I look at her sleeping like a babyso calm but so sexy so I think ‘hmmm…maybe’I want to wake you, to see your eyes smile, to hear you say morning sweet heart, with those shining eyes.I want to kiss you, to love you and hold you, But Yet I remain propped on one elbow lightly holding you.You are so amazing to me honey, the way you do all the things you do.The way you keep the house running smooth, and at work, well, they think you walk on water.Of course you’s expectedAnd your child, our child, is Just like you.But you work so hard every day and the years pass.But looking at you sleep, you look a young lass. As I lay watching you sleep.Lines hidden in the shadow, just smooth skin, do I see.I often feel so in adequate next to youWith all the amazing and wonderful things you do.I often feel like I do nothing but I know I do
15 Seconds Ago
15 SECONDS AGO 15 Seconds Ago…I was fine.Until I walked into your room and saw you lying,You lying so peacefully on your bed.And then I read the note.The note you had written and laid on the pillow by your head.15 Seconds Ago…I was fine.Until I saw your car.Saw your car on the side of the road.Then walking up and seeing your body.Seeing your body crumpled upon the snow.15 Seconds Ago…I was fine.Until I saw you.Saw you go into her room.Then I opened the door slowly.Slowly and saw what you do to her.                                                    15 Seconds Ago…I was fine.Fine, until I got your email.Your email which I thought would be about love.Then I read it and found out,Found out that nothing you said was real and I thought you were a gift from above.15 Seconds Ago…I was fine.Until I got the call.Got the call that you were there.The doctor told me the news.The news that you where shot and had died on the operating table.15 Seconds Ago&hellip
So Many Words…so Much Emotion
SO MANY WORDS…SO MUCH EMOTIONHow do I pull it all out of my head?So many words…. So many things to say.Emotions roll through me like shockwaves,Rippling through my body, leaving tears and holes as they go.How do I say all that I have and all that I am.A hundred thousand words ripple and roll like the sea.I start again and then stop again.Changing the direction and changing the rhyme.Day after day and time and time.How do I justify my existence?When the world has changed so much?How do pick myself up and move forward?When those that I love lose touch?Tired of changes and evolutions.Tired of remaking my world yet again.I know too much now.I have been beaten down too often.My heart has been destroyed again and again.And left me with just shattered pieces and a river of tears.So one more time I put it back together.The glue dries and the tape comes off.It almost seems like new huh…?Oh, if you only knew.If you only knew what it takes.To put on a new show.To stand up and
The Dream I Seek
THE DREAM I SEEK @ I seek a woman who can love me for me. Me who has more love and passion than any I know. I know that I do not seek another child, But I promise my love will be more than you could ever want or need.   I seek a woman who knows how to love totally. Totally so I will never not know how much I am loved. Know that she truly loves me forever. Forever and beyond the end of time.   You will never NOT be kissed enough! Enough so you know that I want and need you. You who has such amazing eyes and lips. Lips so soft & sweet they set my soul on fire.   You will always be cuddled, cherished and loved. Loved so deeply you will tremble inside. Inside my heart & soul protected & safe forever. Forever the only love I will ever want or need.   Romance is also what I offer. Offer flowers, notes and tender touches. Touches so to make you want for more. More so the hours pass by without notice. Notice my love so that you will always want more.   These things
When I Think Of You
WHEN I THINK OF YOU When I think of you, you make me dream Of times without lonelinessI remember times without love and happiness And dream of a love so pure, so true When I think of youWhen I think of you, you make me wishThat I could be wherever you areI could be in your arms looking into your amazing eyesWhen I think of youWhen I think of you, you make me wantTo kiss your sweet lips over and over againKiss your cheeks, your arms and all of youWhen I think of youWhen I think of you, you make my heartLong to be in love again, to feel loves warmthTo be truly wanted and desired againWhen I think of youWhen I think of you, you make me cryTo cry because I hope for no more painCry as I have in the past from my heart being brokenWhen I think of youWhen I think of you, you make me hopeThat one day I will find the woman who will truly love meOne day she will come to me and never let me goWhen I think of you! By Scott A. Scherer    
When You Touch Me!
WHEN YOU TOUCH ME! @ When you touch me Touch me so I can feel you Let me know the real you The you nobody else knows   When you touch me Touch me with meaning For the world to see That I belong to you alone   When you touch me Don’t let me think or feel That it is just to appease me I’d rather you touch to please me   When you touch me Caress me with meaning Let me feel the love in your hands Let me know it’s my heart that you hold   When you touch me Grab my hand with purpose Do not just touch me Feel me and let me feel your heart   When you touch me I will always touch you So you will know that it’s me And how much I adore you   I Love...When you touch me!   By Scott Scherer    
Well, I Can Dream…can’t I?
WELL, I CAN DREAM…CAN’T I? When I look at you…I start to dream…..You make me remember walking hand in handAlong the beach and bare footed in the sand.I dream of making a home againWith a woman who holds my heartTightly and tenderly in her handsI dream of love again.I dream of long evenings spent Cuddling together under a blanket Watching the fire burning in the fireplaceSeeing the light flicker off of her face.I dream of night time rituals Of brushing her hair before she sleepsAmazed at how much love I feel As I dream of this.I dream of a thousand kisses and hugsOf making love in every roomOf laying on a soft blanket Under the stars gazing at the moon.When I look at you…I start to dream…I see a face, it is blurred in my dreamTell me, do I dream of you??Well, I can dream can’t I?By Scott A. Scherer  
Scarlet Tears
SCARLET TEARSNot sure what day it is,Not sure that I even care.Lost all desire to move or be part of life.This hole is black, it has no way out.At least none that I can feel.Tears flow from me like blood.Leaving streaks of me where ever they fall..How long has it been now?Since you left me like this?To lie in my own pool of blood?Scarlet tears pouring freely from my eyes.I loved you from the first time our eyes met.Now your eyes look upon anotherAnd yet my eyes see only you and empty blackness.Oh, for the courage to jump,The courage to take a thousand pillsor to slice my willing wrists.But I know I will not.I'll just lie here, as scarlet tears flow like blood,Feeling the flood from my heart slowly dying.You have to come back to me!I can't move, I can hardly even breathe.I've not eaten for days.I remain lying here, wasting away.How Long has it been now?How many hours, how many days?Days that seem like endless years,Lying here in a puddle of my own scarlet tears.By Scott A. Scherer    
On Wings He Comes
ON WINGS HE COMES   Here He comes… Don’t you hear Him? Don’t you see Him? Can’t you feel Him? Your skin crawling like a thousand bugs come to life.   Did I not warn you? Did I not tell you? Did you not listen? What? You didn’t believe me? Ha, ha, ha…You foolish human…   Don’t you know what you do? Don’t you see what you have brought? I told you didn’t I? I warned you didn’t I? I warned you about the pleasures you sought.   How dare you think you could get away? You can’t outrun Him. So funny are your screams and tears. He lives off all…you see. All of your nightmares and fears.   Please run, it will be fun to watch. Please hide, and let me set my clock. I can feel you…What, you don’t think He can too. I can even smell your fears. Foolish human…such foolish tears….   Don’t you know what you do? Don’t you see what you have brought? I t
Lavender And Rain
LAVENDER AND RAIN This is how I imagine love should be! I reach out for you Your hand reaches out for mine I shiver when you touched me Not understanding quite why And felt tears fill my eyes   I pull you closer I can smell your perfume I can also smell you, all of you The smells that I will always remember The smells of your skin, your clothes and your hair You smell like lavender and rain Forever beautiful and refreshing to my soul I see hope and desire in your eyes And … Oh Your Eyes, so amazing to me I could look into your eyes forever And forever love the look your eyes have for me Our lips touch and I feel a soft lightning bolt Surge through my body and excite every part of me My skin seemed to tingle all over You make my heart ached for you Even as I kiss you passionately I know then I would never get enough of you No matter how many times I stared into your eyes And held you close to me Drinking the amazing taste of your kisses I would always
Dinner And A Movie
Tonight was dinner and a movie night.  Went out to this resturant called "Jack Astor's"  (say it outloud) which was a pretty decent place.  Sort of like a Friday's or Red Robin for ambiance, and decent food.  Now, I don't know exactly why, but the boths have paper on the table.  When the hostess took us over she took a crayon from the glass full of them on the table and drew a smiley face.   Sure it would have been nicer if she would have written her number, but I digress.  So me being me, I asked "Does this mean we can draw on the table too?"  She said that we could.   I had quite a little art project after that.  I drew a nice stick figure picture of myself, then I traced my knife and fork, I played two games of tick tac toe (1-1) and then I drew another stick figure guy that said "Help! Help! I'm being crushed" then I placed my soda over his bottom half.  Yes, I do amuse myself. After dinner it was time for a movie.   I saw "Scott Pilgrim vs The World"  quite an excellent flick.  T
How Deep Is The Water?
HOW DEEP IS THE WATER?                                       How deep is the water??? He wondered as he entered the water from the bank and started to swim. There she was in the boat ahead, ready to follow him everywhere he went. They were on their jet skis, such small bodies for such big machines, but they seemed to handle them well. They would ride along side of him talking to him and keeping his mind off the occasional pain in his muscles. How deep is the water??? He wondered as he entered into his 4th hour of swimming. They seem bigger now, at his side. But still, when he turns and looks in their faces, they are the same in his heart. They smile back and keep talking to him, helping him forget the hours that have passed. How deep is the water??? He wondered as he looked at his watch and realized he’d beenswimming for 8 hours now. He looked back and she was still there in the boat, where she always was, ready to throw him a line to bring him aboard if he grew
Another One Has Gone Home
Another One Has Gone HomeGod, I know you are listening,So please remember me. Please don’t forget about me, In this time of heartbreak and loss.Remember me and the man who made me.Remember the day you made him, Such a priceless piece of creation.You made him and knew that he would make me.God, remember how you crafted him.You made him with such an amazing heart,And unconditional love to match your own. Strong yet gentle arms to guide me.Please Lord, take care of him for me.Watch over him until I get there.There I will sit next to you,You and the man who also made me.That day I will rejoice again. There will be much rejoicing And celebrating in Heaven that day,On that glorious day when we meet once more. Sweet, precious God please remember,Remember him, now in your sight,In your heart so you can watch over him,Him, the man who I loved so much.God, please help me get through this.Through this deep pain that I have, Because he is now home with you. He is now one of your cho
You Make My Heart
YOU MAKE MY HEART....Written to the woman who is not in my life...Yet!Only you can make me smile with such joy.You are the only one who can make my heart sing. Everyday I awake with blissful happiness,Knowing the joy that only your love brings.Today I just wanted to let you knowThat you are my heart and I love you so.Without you and your love in my life.True love, I would have never known.The many years together have brought us closer.I love you more today than the first time my eyes saw you.Your smile always amazes me.My world is complete because of your love.So many times over the years I have looked at youAnd realized how someone must love me so,To give into my life a precious gift such as you. I am eternally grateful for the gift of your love.You are all I could ever dream of or wish for.To softly kiss your lips and hold you so close.My love just bursting from me within my heart.I am always amazed that you could even love me.I make a promise to you every day,That I will always lo
Something Is Coming....
SOMETHING IS COMING……     In all of my years I don’t remember a time when I was ever scared. I was always a bold child even against those much bigger than me. Why would I not be?  I knew I would be King some day.     But today as I stand at the top of my castle I am feeling fear for the first time.  No, not some silly, unfounded fear. But a fear that chills me to my very marrow.  A fear which ties my insides in knots and raises the hair on the back of my neck.  I had never expected to ever feel this way.  I thought as I grew, that even in death…I would face it like a man.     For the last 6 months, I have been hearing the screams.  Screams of my subjects dying and screams of the beast that is killing them.  Such horrific screams of pain and agony.  Screams so terrible they freeze the blood in my veins…I have sent my best solders to investigate and every time, no matter how hard they search, they find nothing.     I have my men on patrol 24 hours a
Bent Needle In The Haystack
BENT NEEDLE IN THE HAY STACK    Precious was not an only child, but she was not like the rest of our children. Not that she was a bad child, she was precious. When she was born, there was something wrong.  Actually there were many something’s wrong. We already had a name picked out for her and that name was Victoria. But when we looked at her, we realized that the name simply didn't fit her.    So for the first few days of her new life she had no name. Jack and I loved her as did her brothers and sisters. Everyone could tell that the baby was wrong. But all everyone ever said was "Well she is simply precious". And precious she was. She had the most amazing sparkle in her eyes. They shone with a light which seemed brighter than the North Star. One night Jack and I were sitting in the hospital nursery, as we could not take our new daughter home yet. Suddenly it hit us and we both looked at each other and said "PRECIOUS".    After all the tests were done, we took our Precious h
Love is not real without pain !!!
schlep\ SHLEP \verb;  1. To move slowly, awkwardly, or tediously. 2. To carry; lug.
There is no substitute for hard work.  -  Thomas A. Edison
Poets Are Liars.
Lies My Mother Told Me
 Your face could get stuck like that. You’ll go blind. Most people who are ugly have great personalities. This will hurt me more than it will hurt you. Someday you’ll be glad I punished you for this. Old people are SUPPOSED to smell like moth balls. I’m doing this for your own good. The dog is just sleeping. When I was a kid, I knew better… It’s better to be quiet than to say something that might offend someone.   Feel free to add to the list  
God Listen To Me:
God look at Me. Tell Me what you see. I see Myself as a person with so many problems. Will they ever go away. Or will they stay with Me. Each day I face a diffrent problem. I try to clear my miend of them,but when I do they come back. Wrote 6-29-1999
Jesus Oh Jesus Listen to my plea. I have something to say. I fill like I am comeing apart each day. My fillings tell Me to look the other way. I try to look the other way but everything seems to get in my way. I have to face so many problems. Wrote 11-9-1998
Out Of My Sight:
I think about you each day and each night. I just want to hold you tight. I hate when you get out of my sight. I just sit there every night thinking you will come back when it gets light. But its already light you still havent came back to Me. Why not is it because we faught. I am sorry if I hurt you. But come back into My sight. Now your back in my sight. I can hold you tight as I want to in the night by the light. Wrote 10-10-97
This Pome I wrote in my Sophmore Reading class in High School from the flood by Annie Dillard we had to make up a pome related to the story we read. Death: You Cannot live. Its natures way. It's sure fier. I cannot belive my eyes. Everything imaginable is zipping by. It a fist. At repressed rage. I dont know.  
When We First Meet, This Is What I Hope Will Happen
WHEN I SEE YOU!!!! THE WAY I WILL LOVE YOU…   The moment I see your eyes and my lips touch yours, I know that the waiting has been worth it.  As my tongue parts your lips and I taste your tongue for the first time my cock is busting to get out of my jeans and pressed hard against you.  I find a free space on a wall and move you to it and press you hard against it.    I start stroking my fingers through your hair and grab it pull it with enough force so you tilt your head back so I can start to lick and suck your amazing neck.   My left hand already caressing your sweet breasts and my tongue is making its way down to meet my hand.  I lick and kiss all the skin I can get to and decide that your shirt and bra are in my way.  As I remove them I kiss and lick your shoulders down your arms and all skin that you offer me and I now love the taste of you, the smell of you and want so much more.   As my mouth covers your breast and my tongue makes your nipples scream for more my o
Dreaming Again
DREAMING AGAIN   I dreamed of touching you You and felt my body shiver Shiver like the first time Time I touched my first girl   I dreamed of kissing you You with your perfect lips Lips that ignite in me Me feeling such passion when we kissed   I dreamed of holding you You so close to me I can Can smell your sweet scent Scent more amazing than any other   I dreamed of looking into your eyes Eyes so beautiful to make my heart cry Cry as I see all of the love  Love you have for me reflected in your eyes   I dreamed of heaven Heaven on earth I dreamed Dreamed of our hands and souls entwined Entwined sharing every tomorrow together   I dreamed I was the happiest Happiest man in the world Our friendship like no other You and I together forever Yes the happiest man in the world                        Dreaming again...I am dreaming of you   By Scott A. Scherer  
Please, Punish Me Some More, Apparently I Never Learn
So when I finally think things are looking up... I need to find another health insurance company AGAIN, since this one decided to stop covering my doctors visits because of my "pre existing condition." Darn, I wish I knew it was only for healthy people, or I wouldn't have chosen to get sick! I can't take this anymore, and I don't know why they do this to people. I'm aware no one gives a shit but I needed to vent.
Choose Your Discount Ugg Boots
Cheap Ugg boots are Australia’s original heritage styles, women’s Classic Short UGG Black Boots, features genuine Twinface, a calf height boot sheepskin upper and lining in a pull-on boot style with round toe. Raised stitched seams add some texture. Heel overlay with ugg logo. 7 inch boots shaft height. Moisture-wicking lining keeps feet comfortable and dry. Flexible midsole, molded rubber traction patterned outsole. 1/2 inch heel. All Ugg boots in are featured a soft foam insole covered with genuine sheepskin come with molded EVA light and flexible outsole is designed for amazing comfort for every step. You are more than welcome to choose your Discount Ugg Boots from, we’re official UGG Primary Agent. All our UGG Boots Sale is original and authentic packaging, we are professional and reliable Ugg boots online store for UGG Sale, with our excellent service you’ll get the best Ugg boots. TagsFugg bootsCugg aaa Boots, Ug
Breitling For Bentley Bt-50
The timepieces that were given to the astronauts were intended on being worn for intra and extra vehicular activities, including the moonwalks on the various missions. Inside the pressurized environment the watch was simply burberry outlets worn conventionally. However, during the extra vehicular activities the astronauts wore the watches on the outside of their pressure suits. In order to adjust to the change, a long Velcro strap was designed to accommodate the extra width needed. There are countless achievements Breitling Bentley watches have experienced over its existence, but their association with NASA is perhaps the most significant. To have the honor of astronauts sporting your watch in space is something that Breitling has taken pride in. This is the kind of exposure that can and did assist Breitling in gaining success. It all started in 1957 when NASA supplied each of the Apollo astronauts with a standard Replica Watches Sale Professional manual-wind wristwatch. Despite ha
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5:50pmreplybill: ur hot u gopt yahoop  cancelChat.. 5:51pmmoreTo bill: thank you, but I don't give out my yahoo to strangers.  cancelChat.. 5:51pmreplybill: please  cancelChat.. 5:51pmmoreTo bill: sorry.  cancelChat.. 5:52pmreplybill: im hung  cancelChat.. 5:52pmmoreTo bill: how nice for you  cancelChat.. 5:53pmreplybill: ud like it
Hello, Most of you who read this know me enough that you are aware that I walk with a walker, Although that isn't what I'm writing about today. I have been recruited by my lifelong friend to take part in an Autism Speaks event, the event is being held on October 16, 2010 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Since being recruited, for this, I have been doing some thinking. I don't have Autism, I have Cerebral Palsy; and I'm not a special needs parent, but I was a speial needs child. I remember very clearly the numerous battles that my mother had to take up on my behalf. Moreover, I am now able to understand more clearly the many sacrifices that are required of a special needs parent, and in my case, a single one. My mother isn't perfect, but I know without a doubt that I am loved. Over the years, I watched my mother sacrifice much needed sleep, a social life, better paying jobs (for fear of losing my benefits), time, energy, her sanity, and a whole lot more. She did these things in order to make
Written For Nora. My True Love.
if i disappeared tomorrow, what would you think? that maybe i ran off with someone, or just left you and your life to completely sink. would you think that i was hurt or sick,maybe an accident, something that suddenly stopped my hearts beating tick. would think i stopped loving you,or wonder if i still cared? would you know my world had ended,without you simply being there. im always close as i can be, i try more every day. if could fix this world my way, id make all your wondering fade away. if you ever wonder where i may have gone, look inside you heart and see, my love for you is strong. i dont need my body, my soul is with you. and if i disappeared today,i know id always be with you.
The Contest Is Over!!
The contest is over!!! :D yay!! You all are incredibly amazing and I appreciate  everything you did.   I won the HH and the boomerang because of all  of you. xoxo   Taking time to thank people who kicked me in the ass and dragged me along when I didn't think I could win.   *Hellyion *The fuchead *Icon *Sherry *Witchie *Ninja *Misfit *Rev *Dud *MMMHmmmm *Comfortably Numb *Liverjuice *Rioislovely *Jasmine *Imy
A Real Man
A Real ManA real man is a woman's best friend. He willnever stand her up and never let her down.He will reassure her when she feels insecureand comfort her after a bad day.He will inspire her to do things she neverthought she could do; to live without fearand forget regret. He will enable her toexpress her deepest emotions and give in toher most intimate desires. He will make sureshe always feels as though she's the mostbeautiful woman in the room and will enableher to be the most confident, sexy,seductive, and invincible.No wait... sorry... I'm thinking of wine.SHIT!
Us Points To Oil As Key To Iraq's Postwar Future
WASHINGTON -- When the U.S. overthrew Saddam Hussein seven years ago, the Bush administration envisioned a liberated Iraq that was rich, stable, democratic and a shining example to the rest of the Arab world. Now, with the end of U.S.-led combat operations in Iraq, the Obama administration is predicting more or less the same thing. Both U.S. presidents pinned their hopes on Iraq's vast but underdeveloped oil resources, calculating that petroleum-fueled prosperity fed by a wave of foreign investment would give Iraqis the tools and motivation to build a modern, Western-oriented state. But that goal remains a speck on the horizon. Today, Iraq pumps less oil than it did under Saddam. Iraqis are stalemated in forming a new government nearly six months after national elections. And the country's political divisions, aggravated by the struggle for control of Iraq's oil potential, have led to fears that it could erupt in civil war, revert to a dictatorship or split along relig
Julio Iglesias Marries His Girlfriend Of 20 Years
Check this out. Julio Iglesias marries his girlfriend of 20 years. Now that is something to talk about. After all that time he decided to make it legal. Well, now is this a precursor to other couples living together for years like Goldie and Kurt to take the plunge? I doubt it. So here’s to Julio and his 20 year date, Dutch model Miranda Rijnsburger. Congratulations are in order. For more BlastFM hasn’t had a 20 year relationship with you but we are planning too. Hit us up for the best in rock music 24/7 and it’s free
Fu Street Team!
The purpose of the Fubar Street Team is to promote! Get the word our in any way you can! We want some more cool peeps on fubar!   As a Street Team Prospect - Please go through the following as do it as your time allows. This is volunteer, dont stress urself on anything.- Add the Fubar Street Team page as a friend: Make Street Team folder in your pictures.- Please read all blogs to get caught up on what we have been doing.- View Street Team page photos to see how we have been promoting.- Before you do ANY promoting, please read this: Add the Silver Wings to your profile in your 'About Me' section: When you promote, please take photos. Upload them to your Street Team folder. You can then go to the Bounty Blog and post the image URLs into a comment. This way, everyone can see what you have done, and we can upload the pictures to the Street Team folders.
Connor Told Me A Joke......
So my 7 year old told me a joke as he was getting out of the car. For some reason it cracked me up. I think it was because I wasn't expecting it from him. Anyway here it is......   How do you wake Lady Gaga up?       Poke her face     The end.
John Cougar Mellencamp - Jack & Diane
Little ditty about Jack and Diane Two American kids growin' up in the heartland Jackie gonna be a football star Diane debutante backseat of Jackie's car Suckin' on chili dogs outside the tastee freeze Diane's sittin' on Jackie's lap He's got his hand between her knees Jackie say, hey, Diane Let's run off behind a shady trees Dribble off those Bobby Brooks Let me do what I please Say a Oh yeah, life goes on Long after the thrill of livin' is gone Say a Oh yeah, life goes on Long after the thrill of livin' is gone They walk on Jackie sits back Reflects his thoughts for the moment Scratches his head And does his best James Dean Well you know, Diane We oughta run off to the city Diane says, baby You ain't missin' nuth-in Jackie, say-a Oh yeah, life goes on Long after the thrill of livin' is gone Oh yeah, I say, life goes on Long after the thrill of livin' is gone Gonna let it rock Let it roll Let the Bible Belt come And save my soul Hold on to sixteen as long as you can Changes come a
John Cougar Mellencamp - Hurts So Good
When I was a young boy Said put away those young boy ways Now that I'm gettin' older So much older I love all those young boy days With a girl like you With a girl like you Lord knows there are things we can do, baby Just me and you Come on and make it hurt Hurt so good Come on baby, make it hurt so good Sometimes love don't feel like it should You make it hurt so good Don't have to be so exiting Just tryin' to give myself A little bit of fun, yeah You always look so invitin' You ain't as green as you are young Hey baby, its you Come on, girl, now, its you Sink your teeth right through my bones, baby Let's see what we can do Come on and make it hurt Hurt so good Come on baby, make it hurt so good Sometimes love don't feel like it should You make it hurt so good I ain't talkin' no big deals I ain't made no plans myself I ain't talkin' no high heels Maybe we could walk around All day long Walk around All day long Hurt so good Come on baby, make it hurt so good Sometimes love don't f
John Cougar Mellencamp - Ain't Even Done With The Night
Well our hearts beat like thunder I don't know why they don't explode You got your hands in my back pockets And sam cooke's singin' on the radio You say that I'm the boy Who can make it all come true Well, I'm tellin' ya that I don't know If I know what to do You say that's all right, hold tight Well, I don't even know If I'm doin' this right Well, all right, hold tight We can stay out all day We can run around all night Well, all night, all night Well, it's time to go home And I ain't even done with the night Well I don't know No good come-ons And I don't know no cool lines I feel the heat of your frustration I know it's burnin' you up deep down inside You say that I'm the boy Who can make it all come true Well I'm tellin' ya that I don't know If I know what to do You say that's all right, hold tight Well, I don't even know If I'm doin' this right Well, all right, hold tight We can stay out all day We can run around all night Well, all night, all night Well, it's time to go home An
Lounge Donts
Do to some repeat questions, thought we would set the record straight as to what is NOT allowed in a lounge....1. NO Tip jars for the DJ or other staff members2. NO Soliciting or any logos for ANY other site (including server hosts)3. NOONE is allowed to use fubar for monetary gain...if anyone (server hosts for example) tries to talk money and pricing please link them to a bouncer to be turned in.4. NO bulletins or promos bashing other lounges or members, however you may link lounges as "sister lounges" as you please.5.  You may post rules, but those rules must not contain NSFW language unless you are an NSFW lounge.6. You CANNOT remove the fubar logo and HH sponsor at the top, or the TOS and other stuff at the bottom of ANY lounge for ANY reason7. If you choose to have cams, we recommend you make your lounge NSFW unless you are 100% sure that no one will do anything on cam that can be considered NSFW (strip teases and cleavage shots, simple flashing even)8. Videos may be posted provid
Dirty Office Visit - "delivery For You!"
I walk into your office... and look around to see if anyone is close by... I walk around your desk and stand behind you and lean over and put my hands on the back of your chair and let my fingers touch you on either side just under your arms... touching the edges of your bra. I lean closer and put my lips close to your right ear and you can feel the heat from my breath against your neck and I whisper into your ear... "I want to taste your pussy right now, make it nice and wet for me" and you let out a deep sigh."show it to me" I whisper in your ear as I watch your right hand move from your desk to your right knee. Sliding up your leg, you slowly lift your skirt as you look around to see if anyone is watching you and there is nobody around. You lean back slightly in your chair and begin to spread your legs as your hand gently raises your skirt up your thighs so I begin to see your pretty white lace panties. "mmmmm thats nice.... now rub it...I want to see those pretty pussy lips" I whis
New Day
So much on my mind not enough space to lay em got enough compassion to just not say em Don't know what's to come don't know where I'll be simply enough to know this girl isn't me Could lay down a rhyme or two or simply lock my lips baby you got nothin on me can't compromise my bliss. Knowing nothing of me and the words inside my head. You know nothing of the woman that sleeps in your own bed. Throw out some connotations  of how I am in your eyes Throw of out a few more,  make me subjective to your lies While you're at it take my pride  and shut it out from within. Baby this isn't what you think it is your blinders should be running thin. You know enough of me to bypass my every thought give me enough room to analyze my loss. What you will never realize  I see it all so clear Love the way you lie to me and attempt to ignite my  fear. Look back a few years, realize I'm fearless. Laugh in the face of adversity, I will take on the world. Conquering it all, Yo
[why Is Cnn On?]
and why the FUCK are we talking about Katrina again?Makes me think back to a couple jobs where all day news stations were the only permissable programming. Usually foxand my single act of defiance was flipping to is the "serves me right"too much caffeine. I'm pretty sure today is going to be on the same bent.TodayLedeux's mask. Maybe a matinee.Big emphasis.I should really call someone about COBRAand I should really ....ohI should really apply for unemploymentbut I was thinking about booty.SoHi Nu is $80Nu is $50HUGE Gundam is 80.Yeah... that's $210 for 3 kits.But ... they're really fucking bomb kits.We'll see what mental state I am after I finish my Zeta C+Anyone for some Gianna porn and more coffee?I think the main reason I'm not inclined to leave my house is ...uhohI'd need to shaveand probably get the stank off.That's a lot more work than moving 10 feet to my recliner and playing Fallout 3.
Uh-oh, Here We Go Again!
So after yesterday's MUMM, I thought I should give a shot at explaining what universal ethics actually is. This is the best I can do. (Yes, I came up with this allegory all by me onesies).   A man stares up at a building and asks, "How tall is this building?"                Another man replies, "It is exactly 80 feet tall."                Yet a third man claims, "You are wrong! It is 75 feet tall and I should know because I am an engineer!"                But a fourth man rebukes him. "I, too, am an engineer and you are both wrong! For I measured this building only yesterday and it is 65 feet tall!"                The claimants proceed to argue and fight over how tall the building is, so the first man takes off his shoes and begins measuring the building with them. When he is done, he says, "I have just measured the building and it is 70 feet tall."                Now all four begin to argue about who is right while crowds gather arbitrarily taking sides with the different men.
Got this from someone...It is so true.......Online friends are people we may never meet.... We see pictures, we see cams...It isn't the same.... We grow close...We care and love one another.... One day we may not hear from one another.... Our hearts will break... All we see is a name on messenger but the person we don't see anymore..... We pray....."Please come back".... All I ask is you remember me in the good times we had..... Keep me close to your heart....Friends forever
Atlantic City Deals
I have a wide knowledge on having atlantic city deals. I spend most of my weekends at the atlantic city casino hotel because of the atlantic city cheap hotels there.
The Best Dang Bosses Rule's
For starters, we do not use a DJ system in Granny's Panties and we don't use cams. If those are the types of jobs you are looking for sorry we wasted your time. The lounge rules, shown as 'Guidelines' inside the lounge, apply to staff as well as visitors and members and are as follows. These are subject to change so be sure to check them in the lounge at the start of each of your shifts. ~ Granny's Panties Guidelines - please take a second to read ~ ~ No profanity please ~ ~ Lurking is allowed 24/7 ~ We don't really care if you actually join the lounge as long you enjoy yourself while you are here ~ Hassle my staff and you will be banned ~ Problems or issues with other lounges don't belong here! ~ Please do not post links in here ~ Make yourself at home and Stay as long as you like ~ Our music plays non stop for your listening pleasure ~ Sorry, we do not accept song request ~ If you do not get a reply we had to step away ~ All of these things listed below ar
Anyone In Binghamton. Ny Or The Surrounding Areaa
I'm having a moving sale. Starts today at 12p ends at 6p. Tomorrow at the same time. We have stuff for kids, ladies and the entire family..Some you should definitely come outt and check stuff outt! Email me ( and let me know if you wanna stop by!!!!   See ya laterrrr   Mimi
Rubber Duckie Your The One And The Many Things People Like
Here I am its almost 7 am and I havnt gone to sleep yet. I just cant get someone off my mind. Its rather silly I know, since I hardly know her and we just barley started talking. She just seems so down to earth and cool. Granted most people start out like that but thats not the point Ive sat here the last few hours since she went to sleep just thinking about her.  Now granted I think shes way out o my league..Its been a while since Ive had a little crush on someone and it just  feels really nice. Heres to hoping she doesnt stop talking to me.                                                  
Part 5 I Am Not Evolved From A Monkey Cause I Can't Climb Trees Very Well
Up to this point, for those who have not been following this blog, in our search for clues about who and what we are and why we are floating around the universe on this hunk of rock through space, we know we are under certain laws of the universe like gravity that keeps us from floating off past the moon and beyond, we have to eat and seem to need some sleep every now.  If you are a man you spend most of your life trying to find a way to get that huge testosterone run that starts at about age 12 under control and if you are a woman, you spend most of your life trying to get men to understand that the testosterone run is not the most important thing in life.  So we can say with a fair amount of certainty that whoever created the big bang and then those laws that govern both the physical nature of the universe and our own needs and desires really screwed things up.  I am sorry I just would have done things a little differently had I been running this mess. I picture the Creator as a bein
How Will You Get Benefit From A Professional Carpet Cleaner
How will you get benefit from a professional carpet cleaner Carpets make your house look beautiful and act as a first line of defense in keeping your home clean. Since carpets act like a filter, they will attract and retain most airborne particles. Popular studies reveal wherever there is a lack of carpet cleaning; there are an increased percentage of allergies. And same studies reveal that an area which is carpeted attracts 300% more airborne particles when compared to wooden floor areas. Once these dirt particles and dust get into your carpets, it can be very hard to get them out and especially before they become a serious health problem for you and your family. This is where a professional carpet cleaning company comes in picture who can assure to complete the job to perfection, with there trained staff and sophisticated equipment. They use the best and latest cleaning methods and products available. These days almost every carpet cleaning company in Las Vegas NV is
Ensign: A Prayer For Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.            Isaiah 18:3   AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                                27 August 2010   I generally don’t mention current political figures here because no matter how much I protest I’m not endorsing or agreeing with someone, someone reads it as my doing so.  But it came to my mind last week, particularly with the current president of Iran so much in the news and at least many people I know ready in light of some current developments in that country to prophesy the end of the world (or at least a significant change in the world) is nigh, that it’s easy to forget who we are in a crisis.  Many say we learn who we really are in a crisis, but I would attest it shows more who we really are.   “And [Jesus] spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and to
Employee Self Service Portal
Employee Self Service Portal The Employee Self Service Portal is the basic building block of the EmployWise™ system. It enables employee self-service and provides access to a comprehensive employee database.The employee database acts a centralized repository of vital employee related information available to not HR, Employees and managers. Its inherent Employee Self-Service capabilities ensure that this data remains current without tedious data entry by HR. The Employee Self Service Portal is the base on which all other functional modules can be added in a "plug-and-play" to create a comprehensive employee self service based HR system. Empowering employees in their day-to-day functioning requires giving them anytime, anywhere access to basic employee facing processes as well access to information about the people in their teams. In absence of these, employees are left wondering and waste time chasing people and paper. At the same time supporting these mundane repetitive tasks
Kept In The Dark
Hot wax, flavoured oils and a ring of candles on the floor. A woman sat in the middle wearing a black satin nightie with a blindfold around her that’s a thought to have You light a candle and start to drip hot wax and watch her body flinch. Has the wax sizzles on the skin, you blow lightly to cool it down. You kneel behind her and breathe on her neck while it drips down her chest you begin to slide her straps down her arms and watch them glide down her arm... your hands run up that soft skin. You lean her head back into your arm and start to drip again, and then blow to cool her down. Your eyes widen has the firm breasts come into view. You move her head over to your lap, and then start to slide your hands down towards them...your eyes close as the skin ruffles through your fingertips. The candle still dripping has you slowly travelling down that body. You watch her move as you start to feel around her lean into her and drip the wax onto her stomach. Her
The Other Man
The room was crowded people stood everywhere, they all talked in little huddles laughing and chatting. The lights shone down on the dance floor where girls were shaking their booty and doing their thing. My eyes notice a girl her body sleek but curvy, she swayed her hips from side to side and moved like a storm that shed across the skies. Her eyes kept meeting mine and I had to look closer, walking to her I see her eyes glowing with blue and her lips red with heat. Her hands felt round her body, they travelled down her breasts and around her hips then she would stop. My heart was racing and I needed to see more, I move closer and start to dance, her body moves closer to mine, I feel the electricity flowing though our bodies as we rub against each other. She was a goddess of movement, a women of beauty and overwhelming power, she could hypnotize you with her eyes and sleekness, but it was too late for me I was captured.We continue to dance our bodies still feeling the heat that we give
Walk Through The Park
We walked through the park; the spring air was fresh but warm. The sun shone striking the ground through the newly grown leaves on the trees. Spring was definitely in the air. Our bodies exuded the passion and instinct. We knew that we were walking to a secluded spot where we could enjoy the cool air on our bodies while we fucked like rabbits.   We reached the spot and as we did, our hearts started to beat fast in anticipation of the natural act we were about to perform.   We held each others hands and faced each other; the passion was rising from the depths inside us both, we could see it as we gazed into each others eyes. The magnetism was getting unbearable, drawing us in face to face, our bodies touch together, my face moulds to hers as her lips moisten mine with a passionate kiss, the saliva passing back and forth, tongues entwine.   My hands grasp at her buttocks pulling her in to my groin, so she can feel me grown inside my trousers, my cock starts to fill with blood, expa
The Smell
Exquisite Smell   The smell was exquisite; she wore a perfume that stimulated every sense and fibre of my being. In my depths, desires were welling up like a volcano, that has been sleeping for a millennium, that was about to erupt.   I had to have her, I had to kiss her, touch her as she had never been touched before, caressing every millimeter of her soft supple skin. I moved in closely, feeling the warmth growing more intense, my senses are now working at a heightened level, the perfume surrounded me. The needs are taking over.   She leans in close to me, to feel my body next to hers. Her back shapes itself to my front; she should be able to feel my heart beating strongly inside my chest. Her hair brushes gently against my cheek as she rocks her head back over my shoulder, exposing her vulnerable neck, my breathe gently breezes over her flesh, raising goose bumps over her neck, back and arms. I move my head to her neck; I place a feather light kiss there, where I know she like
Excitement 3
We sit at the table facing one another, he’s wearing a suit with a white shirt, while I wear a black dress with no knickers underneath. My shoe comes off my foot and I slide it gently up and down his trouser leg and watch his face. Both of us sit there I lick the cream off my strawberry then swirl my tongue round it, I see him watching licking his lips with anticipation. The restaurant was full of people who were watching us, which made me rather excited, but I wanted to go somewhere more private. We finish our meal and he pays the bill, leaving the restaurant we walk back to the car. The night outside was cool, and the rain was beginning to fall, the wind blow a light gentle breeze which waved my hair around. Both of us get into the car and drive around for a while, I can’t help but notice the way his trousers sit across his legs and reach out to have feel. A silky sensation touches my hand as I stroke up and down, I could sense he had no boxers on, so I tease a little m
It ’ s a hard day at the office, I just wanted to sit down and relax. I loosen my tie and slouch back on the couch. My body feels tired and I find myself being taken away to somewhere completely unknown. The house smells of roast pork and hot potatoes, two tall glasses sit on the table with a bottle of fine red wine. I look up to find a woman dressed in a black dress, her hair was up in a clip wearing make up to hide her beautiful face. She walks over and hands me a glass, I watch her pour wine and then walk away. There ’ s a strong smell and I watch her place meat and potatoes on the table, walking over she pulls out the chair and I sit down. She watches every move I make, watching my body the way I eat, the way I smile, the way I watch her while she wraps her tongue round roast potatoes. I finished the last of my food and walked back over to my chair, I laid there relaxing with my eyes slightly closed. Hands glide across my shirt, they feel silky soft and wa
Hot Love
I can just imagine - we go to a restaurant for a deliciously romantic meal, I know she is not wearing knickers under the skirt she has on, her pussy is slightly moist from knowing that I know she has no underwear on. We finish the meal, get the bill and make our way back to the car.   We drive a round for a while. She has her hand on my leg, stroking gently up and down, teasing with a brushing touch on my balls which are covered by my jeans and only my jeans. My cock is getting stiff with anticipation. She moves her hand to my flies and button, they come undone very easily and she now has access to my totally erect member, she touches softly and teasingly again, knowing that I can't wait to be sucked and fucked by her dripping cunt, but before I get deep and wet, I want to bury my face in her crotch, lapping up those juices with my tongue, and nibbling at her lips and clit, but this was all to happen soon, first to find a good spot for our little after dinner excursion.   A little
Friday Night August 27
The other day, someone reminded me that it was my birthday. It was sweet and touching for someone to remember something I've been trying to forget. Then she tells me she wanted to throw a party for me. That, too, was sweet and touching for someone to try to celebrate something I've been trying to ignore. It reminded me that sometimes, people really do care about me... With that said... are invited to MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! Come celebrate with me and my friends TONIGHT!!! Bettie Nuggs is your hostess tonight with free prizes and up to 2,500,000 FUBUCKS UP TO GRABS!!! It all starts tonight 10pm Eastern 9pm Central 8pm Mountain 7pm Pacific
A Rapid Examination Of Alternative Treatments
Alternative treatments have definitely grown popular during recent years as a method towards a healthier lifestyle. In fact when you are aware that traditional medicines can have some negative effects we could very easily understand why people are now making the switch. The most frequent question then is whether or not these treatments are successful or not. You should keep looking over this article in order to get more information with this. You might be interested to have a look at yoga. This is a practice that has its roots in India and has taken the western world by storm. It is becoming well-known to make use of yoga as a treatment against stress. By a mix of postures, breathing and meditation yoga is thought to help the body repair itself and therefore bring restoration. There are a lot of centers where you can get yoga training and that may help you get rolling in no time. For those that have an interest to try on their own you will find numerous DVDs that exist and mig
The Heart And Mind
The acquire true happiness, you must look deep withen your heart. NOT your mind. your mind will trick and confuse you with lust and greed. Causing you fun in the process but pain in the long run. You heart on the other hand, will show you true happiness and desire. Your mind, is for problem solving. Your heart, is for showing you the true path to everything. Or this is what i like to think atleast. ^.^   Feed back is liked. tell me what you think? future blogs will be posted.
Date With Me?
So I have men telling me things like "what I wouldn't do to date you" and it got me to thinking....What would you do to get a date with me?   I haven't been on a real date in a long long time because most guys I have been with were friends already for yrs and we just kinda took it to the next level. I am wanting to be wooed/chased instead of me planning things and going after the guy so I was curious as to who would want to take me out & what you would plan. And please don't give me a fairytale unless you can make it real--- I'm a simple girl but I also love the glamorous/gourmet lifestyle too. Who knows, if you live close to me and I like your plans I might ask you to make a date ;)
Im A Chopper Baby
    i'm chopper wired baby ..........i'm a fifties model babyi got class and i got stylei got chrome and i got rubbercome ride on me a whileain't no fancy wire harnessas runs this slick machinei'm chopper wired babykick me over make me screamthrow yer leg across me babywhere do ya feel my thunderi'm low and lean and meani'm a bobtailed lightning wonderi been stretched and i been loweredi been dropped and i been rodeit's been fifty years of highway babybut i ain't feelin oldi'm a fifties model babydrop yer ass down on my seatsquint yer eyes and hang on tighterfeel my howling blue chrome heati'm a hardtail model babyfor your hard riding predelictionyou crave the way i tear you uphigh octane fueled addictionride me til yer shakin babyride me til we're dryi'm an old school little badass bitchso come give me a try RIDERS KEEP THE SHINY SIDE UP AND THE RUBBER TO THE GROUND.....RIDE FREE !!!!!!
I'm Stupid
Okay, when I was a newb, I posted dumb mumms and got butthurt. Dammit, it's the truth. I quickly learned how to deal with it, though.   You all might remember the recent gem of some guy who had some girl but got some girl pregnant but the girl didn't like him because he had some kid by some girl? That's about as detailed as it gets. Apparently, it was a psych experiment at our expense.        To Sgt Nibble...: btw though i respect your predicament, your status is lame - you're asking people to buy you an image on a website - very lame Sgt Nibble...: its being a smart ass for all the fu whores out there that put it as theres. like i care for flashing jpeg lol To Sgt Nibble...: fair enough - i didn't catch the cynicism - seriously though, don't take the net so seriously - see previous non-previous comment - it's just a bunch of people with nothing better to do Sgt Nibble...: oh i read it and thank you. it just cracks me up how people are, that t
Be Me Allday
what up all fubar fans n friends i am coolest girl to chat with n rate me areday n love take pics n rate arebody
Help For Help ?
hey all lets make a deal i help you out you help me we help are friends outs lets have a great fun time no drama would do you say ?...
How Can I Know So Surely That I'll Love You
How can I know so surely that I'll love you No matter what the future has in store? Time is like a cave in which our torches Show only the circumference of our minds. But love is will far more than it is passion, Though passion may at first sustain the will. One chooses love the way one chooses faith Because that is the way that heaven lies. My love for you is vaster than the ocean, More rich in loveliness than coral seas. I could no more relinquish it than let go Willingly the precious gift of life.
I Am Afraid To Love, And Yet I Love You
I am afraid to love, and yet I love you. My fear is like a wall I walk right through. The wall is there, and yet it doesn't stop me. I need it still, and yet I still need you. I know someday we will be in a field Surrounded by the blessing of the sky. I'll dance with all the freedom of pure joy, Needing you without a reason why. But now I'm still afraid that I might lose you, That you might not accept my desperate need. You make me laugh and cry and be completely. You are the flower, I the slender reed.
Why do some people put the word sexy in their user names?  Especially when they are so big , Goodyear should be written on their sides or so skinny they need food shoveled in them?  A. They actually believe it  B.  To fool the feeple
I've Dreamed Of Loving You For Many Years
I've dreamed of loving you for many years, Loving you each day and night, each hour, Loving till you flow into my tears, And I into the garden where you flower. Of course I must be me, as you are you, But just as bushes planted side by side So intertwine one cannot tell they're two, We will through love and time be unified. So have I dreamed, though we have been apart So long that I of life with you despaired, Holding wounded hope within my heart That through these frozen years it might be spared. The world is a redaction of the dream. Our greatest pain deep longings shall redeem.
I Write To Let You Know I Think About You
I write to let you know I think about you, Lest you not decipher how I feel. Our friendship gives me courage to reveal Vain hopes I've long since harbored silent for you. Even though right now we are just friends, Your closeness to me makes me want much more, Opening a barricaded door, Unraveling the veil that hides my ends.
I'm Far Too Shy To Tell You That I Love You
I'm far too shy to tell you that I love you. You're a star far from my plain earth. I gaze and see no woman who's above you: To me you are the cynosure of worth. Yet with all your beauty you're a person Like me in need of sympathy and love. Your thoughts of me would not, I dare hope, worsen If I in some way tried your heart to move. There's pleasure, surely, drawn from the reflection That someone, somewhere, worships your sweet face, Thinks you are the summit of perfection, Wants nothing more of life than your embrace. The danger is you'll think it couldn't be; So I suggest you see yourself through me.
Funny Quotes.. Got More You Want Added Mail Me..
SO feel free to flood my inbox if u have a funny you want added to this list.. I found this as someones status on facebook and crackd up..   Whoever came up with the ad, "Have a happy period!" needs to be force-fed Midol, taken outside, & shot with tampons!!!"  
The Pain Inside Me
I write poetry to soothe my pain Because all the world just seems the same This twisting, burning, breaking All because of one little game What you said to me. How you hurt me so. The cut is just too deep. Deepness scereing into my heart. I want to know why... This pain inside me, Just will not stop. The burning, breaking pain. The cut you left is hard to heal And i cant seem to stop the bleeding. I hope you are happy now. With the pain you made me feel.
Love You Sis
If anything this is the one thing I post mostly about it, I think its because I'm a private person and out of all things I do discuss a lot about this cause it is important to me. Another years and another birthday of my sister is here and going soon, never to see a year older, to be foreever 33.I miss my sister, lover her dearly every day, I smile with the thoguht of her enjoying being 41 this year.I think she would have had a lot of fun, she would have enjoyed turning 41 and just being in her 40s.Sad day for me, but I will get around it. Just a sad day.
Random Laughs Around Fubar
So i thought to myself why not post the random fun stuff i find on Fubar here.. Ill keep you updated when i find new stuff that amuses me, which for me is alot..     Status: I was told to ask for a Buzzkill. I need to get down to 50%. so... for every minute that I'm above 50% buzz, I'm going to beat a kitten to death with a baby. I love that status.. Its funny, in a funny sense of humor. Now for those out there Im not saying that beating kittens or babies is funny , i would never do that and im sure that this person who posted that wouldn't either. So before u leave a comment like that DONT BOTHER,,
Des Tin E
    Death is everywhere There are flies on the windscreen, for a start Reminding us We could be torn apart, tonight Death is everywhere There are lambs for the slaughter, waiting to die And I can sense The hours slipping by, tonight Come here, kiss me now Come here, kiss me now Death is everywhere The more I look, the more I see The more I feel A sense of urgency, tonight Come here, kiss me now Come here, kiss me now   There are flies on the windscreen There are lambs for the slaughter There are flies on the windscreen   Come here, kiss me now Come here, kiss me now Touch me, touch me Touch me, touch me Touch me, touch me Touch me, touch me Come here, kiss me now Come here, kiss me now
Highest Bidder
I saw that someone had come to my page. Their status says.."For sale to the highest bidder". That got me thinking, aren't we all for sale to the highest bidder?   On here it's what's the LEAST you would accept to post nudes, show more cleavage, whatever the case may be. It's also the FuOwned thing..and unless we change the settings, we literally are for sale to the highest bidder.   In real life you have to look at job opprotunities. What place of employment is going to offer you the most money for your trade. You are selling what you do to the highest bidder.   I'm done. I'm tired and if this makes no was perfect in my head.   Love you all.
Why Dont You Just Stay
I've been sitting here staring at the clock on the wallAnd I've been laying here praying, praying she won't callIt's just another call from homeAnd you'll get it and be goneAnd I'll be cryingAnd I'll be begging you, babyBeg you not to leaveBut I'll be left here waitingWith my Heart on my sleeveOh, for the next time we'll be hereSeems like a million yearsAnd I think I'm dyingWhat do I have to do to make you seeShe can't love you like me?Why don't you stayI'm down on my kneesI'm so tired of being lonelyDon't I give you what you needWhen she calls you to goThere is one thing you should knowWe don't have to live this wayBaby, why don't you stayYou keep telling me, baby
orthoepy\ awr-THOH-uh-pee \noun;  1. The study of correct pronunciation.  2. The study of the relationship between the pronunciation of words and their orthography.
It is right to give every man his due.  -  Plato
Cabin Fever
   The stench of gun powder and burnt flesh permeates the air all around him, as shots ring out from the rookie. The Sergent realizes that his squad is pinned, they are stuck in this cabin with undead hordes surrounding them. One of the creatures bursts through the door and he opens up with his mk 48 shredding it. It was a soldier so he searches it for more ammo, and finds a couple clips to keep them going that much longer, but he hears them in the basement. Then the lights go out, and he knows, they are coming. then CRASH a large blue one wearing tattered remains of an admirals uniform. Without hesitation he opens up with a lead storm and shouts "BIG BLUE BASEMENT DOOR!!!" and as one his squad turns and unload. The monster explodes in a purple cloud and chokes him, he feels strange Dropping his gun, he shambles forward and grabs the rookie, and bites down, slowly slipping as the virus takes over his body. His last conscious thought is but I was going home this week, I was going to see
Meshuggah - Bleed
*smiles Insanely*
FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Faces Of The Fallen
Ugg 5825 Classic Short Boots 5825-asphalt Grey
The UGG 5825 Women's Classic Short Boots with raised seams at shaft and ankle. Shearling lining and rubber sole. The feature of wool has good air permeability and warmth. Genuine fleece sock liner means ultra snuggly comfort and warmth. Fashionable Ugg boots Classic Short on sale, you can have a try!Matrial: Real sheepskin from Australia, hair cortex evenly thick thick. Length consistent (1.6cm), warmth breathable, moistureproof sex and health four advantages.Impression: The upper smooth, soft feel, vehicle lines per Inch 9-pin margin uniform, fine.Sole: UGG Brand-specific sole, rubber tendon foam rubber bottom, lightweight, Abrasion, folding, non-slip.Tube high boots: Height of the ugg boots with the bottom 23cm (deviation of 0.5cm).Midsole: each mat is sewn shoes with 'UGG' trademark, and is fixed. matrial with the inner material and mid sole are composite triple made. Behind shoes: with the UGG boots logo.Size: US (5-10) UK (3.5-8.8) EUR (36-41)Color: Chestnut/Black/Chocolate/Sand/
Replica Corum Golden Bridge Skeleton Automatic Wristwatch, Re-interpret Creativity
Mainly because the exact establishment, Corum certainly not disappoints its consumers by manufacturing a variety of kinds of high-end cheap replica watch in premium quality, outstanding style and outstanding performance. These types of designer watches are so smashing that everyone is expecting to very own one. However, not all can meet their dreams since the exact hefty price of each Corum Golden Bridge view might possibly be only reached by a couple of men and women. In such a background, replica Corum wristwatches appear to cater on the possible demands. Most men and women take into account that replica is equivalent to fake. However, it truly is not fully true. The particular excellent replica view is obtainable in chic style and practical use. It appears identical on the original design exterior and has the exact equivalent functions as the exact real piece. What exactly is far more, premium quality replica Corum de witt wrist watches replicas are proud for the exact blend of exc
The Most Serious Mother Fucking Toothpaste On The Planet
I have been using this Crest 3D White toothpaste, and I have to say it works very well.  My teeth are pretty damn white, especially since I am a smoker and all.  Yesterday, I took a look at the back of it, and saw the warning label: Warnings  Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age.  If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center right away. Yeap, that's why Crest 3D White is The Most Serious Mother Fucking Toothpaste On The Planet!
darkrider: hru 6:55pm Kloverlynn: pretty good 6:58pm darkrider: thats good 6:59pm darkrider: do u have a cell phone??? 7:00pm Kloverlynn: no 7:02pm darkrider: cam?? 7:03pm Kloverlynn: no, I am a quaker and at a friends house, if my family knew I was online they would banish or beead me 7:03pm Kloverlynn: behead* 7:11pm darkrider: Seriouslly?? 7:13pm Kloverlynn: yes 7:13pm darkrider: they will seriously beheadu?? 7:14pm Kloverlynn: most likely just banishment and shunning..but yes a beatine would come 7:24pm darkrider: where do u live 7:25pm Kloverlynn: colorado 7:26pm darkrider: ic
What Is It About Boobies?
theyre just so damn good
Why Does Everyone Want My Bacon
Why does everyone want my Bacon it belongs to who ?
Tomorrow Night
Tomorrow night I'll be hosting a Birthday Party for Anti-Lounge @ 10pm.   We'll be having 2 games of trivia, each worth  $2 million fubucks.   As well as random fubuck giveaways to the party-goers.   Come stop in and have some fun with us, there will be plenty of cash and drinks to go around.
Some Q And A
1. What is your best friends name? dont have a best friend anymore passed away 2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now? dark blue 3. What are you listening to right now? eminem mosh 4. Whats your favorite number? 31 5. What was the last thing you ate? chocolate honey bun 6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? blue 7. How is the weather right now? chilly 8. Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone? a telemarketer 9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? eyes 10. Do you have a significant other? yes 11. Favorite TV show? royal pains/gene simmons family jewels 12. Siblings? 2 brothers 13. Height? 6'7'' 14. Hair color? black 15. Eye Color? hazel green 16. Do you wear contacts? no 17. Favorite Holiday? Halloween 18. Month? october 19. Have you ever cried for no reason? no 20. What was the last movie you watched? paul blart mall cop 21.
1. What is your best friends name? Mekka2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now? erm3. What are you listening to right now? The Universe4. Whats your favorite number? 35. What was the last thing you ate? Fish and Chips 6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? Pink
A Letter To My Lover
Hello my love, I don't know why, but I've always been better at expressing myself on paper, than I ever was verbally. I keep reviewing your email from Friday, especially in my head. The words haunt me. I cried myself to sleep Friday, and it was all I could do to get through the weekend without tears falling, several times I failed. My heart was lacerated by your words. I can understand the guilt you might feel over your family. I'm sure that if the roles were reversed I would too. I know you don't want to hurt me, but unfortunately, it's too late for me not to be hurt. I'm not saying this to pass along more guilt or any blame, it's just a statement of fact. My heart is too involved at this point for what you said not to have hurt, even though you did assure me that it wasn't that you didn't want to see my any more, but you just needed to step back and gain some perspective. Please don't think that I don't understand where you're coming from, I do. I can understand the need to step ba
Unethical? Unconstitutional?
Im sure everyone has heard about the mosque going up in NYC what are your thoughts about it?  The way I see it is it's unconstitutional to oppose it because it's freedom of religion.  Other people think it's wrong because it's Islamic.  Some people say it's a kick in the face to the American people. So what are you're thoughts? Feel free to share and fight among yourselves.    I really want to know everyone's opinion.
My Lifes Lesson
We started out with everything Then slowly moved to nothing Before to long all we had was us You still have me, do I still have you?   Please help me see what I am to do My heart breaks for I know Your heart possibly belongs to someone new So now I feel I am way down low All because I thought I knew it all But I soon learned how to pick myself up After I had one hell of a fall.   Now here we sit without The one good thing we actually made She is so beautiful I am glad she got out Because this life is way to overplayed.   You tell me your finally done But I can't quite tell if thats true Just know that if not you will miss all the fun Because if you lied know I am really through.   Because my love this life to be honest Well, it's really no life at all And she is to small to protest And I won't let her take this fall.   She is all I have now But she is here now and I AM done I refuse to let this be my life When I have so much to live for Thankfully I can
Appropriate Hoar Default
Pretty much, this is just a joke for girls who understand the joke at hand. Finny and CHARMiiEPANTS wanted to see my makeup. I found a way to make it into a video tutorial. No, it's not for real. I'm just a jerk. PS. The makeup I use pops up randomly. I gave up on timing.
What Origami Animal Are You?
You Are a Frog You are flexible and open to the world. You're the type of person who is always changing. Your life has been a life of transformation. You still feel a bit unsettled. You are highly intuitive. You are very in touch with your own feelings and the feelings of those around you. You are good at helping others heal. You always know what sort of compassion someone else is craving. What Origami Animal Are You? Work is Hard. Time for Blogthings!
What's Your Brain Like?
Your Brain is Organized You like a lot of structure in your life, and you're good at getting things in order. You have a good eye for details, and you are excellent at following difficult directions. You are a natural planner, and you always feel a bit lost if you don't have a plan drawn up. You like to have a routine and stick to it. Chaos stresses you out. What's Your Brain Like? Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!
What Flavor Pudding Are You?
You Are Chocolate Pudding You are both mature and playful. You have two sides to your personality that are constantly dueling it out. Part of you likes all of the finer things in life while part of you is just like a big kid. No matter what side you choose, you are always adventurous and dramatic. You take life by the horns. You are up for fun of all kinds, and it's hard for you to say no. You tend to go until you drop. What Flavor Pudding Are You? Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
Yes. Yes. Yes
Yes I can make them. Yes I can make both moving and non moving gifs. They're not amazingly lelaborate. but they work. 2, 3 and 8 bling credits respectively. The reason skins are more is because I have to pay money (shocking I know) to host the images. Dont like it? Find someone else :)
Making Skins.
Yes I can make them. I just started making them, so they're not elaborate..they're simple. I make edits, both moving and single simple ones. Default pictures will be 2 Bling credits, moving ones will be 4 credits. Skins, will be 8 credits. 
I Just Made My Own Online Business
Ok, so I just made my own online business, it's basically picture cookies. They are cookies you order from me but you can put your own picture on them, and or text. Say if your daughter was having a baby, you could put a picture of a teddy bear on the cookie and write its a girl or its a boy on it, they are 100% edible, beautiful designs, some are already on the site that you can choose from, and they are very yummy. reasonable prices as well. I'm not tryin to break anybody. I'm tryin to get my business up and running, so if you or someone you know is interested, please feel free to hand out this link   thanks!
Try Not To Laugh Or Crack A Smile- I Dare You Lol
Afghanistan War Zone Declared Unsafe After American Soldiers Killed
AFGHANISTAN WAR ZONE DECLARED UNSAFE AFTER AMERICAN SOLDIERS KILLED Octopber 27 2009 Kabul, Afghanistan – There is, perhaps, no place in the world that has seen more conflict than Afghanistan. Dating from at least the sixth century B.C.E. conquerors have attempted to hold onto the wild lands that make up the country and all have ultimately failed. Even great military leaders such as Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan found themselves challenged by Afghan geography and people. In the modern era, the country has seen invasions by two of the most powerful nations to ever exist, helping to damn one into history and tying the other one up for almost a decade. Because of the nature of the country and its long history of thwarting invaders Afghanistan is often viewed as a wild land, barren in the modern sensibility, and a appearance of unmitigated hostility, the country has long been one the least desirable of vacation spots. Now with the report of
Too Legitimate To Quitimate
I've been doing things like writing and reading sans arithmetic. I've also been in the processes of designing a type of social site for writers with a friend of mine who is an author of a few books which don't particularly suck. The basic idea is to give people a chance to promote their work or get it reviewed and pick up tips from writers who are already published. Neither this author friend of mine--we shall call him The Olive--nor I want this to be a place where people post their diary whinings, their jesus poems, or their erotica. This also means erotic musings about jesus in prose or poem will likely get you laughed off the site unless you know the meanings of words like satire. It'll be free in the hopes he and i can sell out to google for something really special. like a new typewriter or maybe a lost reel of 'my so-called life' episodes. It will also be selective unlike sites like fubar, facebook, and myspace. We're looking for people who are actually serious about writing and
Secondlife...kinda Cool
this is a relly cool game its like sims but withought all the restaints there is all kinda of place you can go and thing you can do ...and its free to boot..just something fun to check out if you like sims or Vr worlds..
Rocker Nadja Benaissa Infects Guys With Hiv
Nadja Benaissa, who is a singer for the German all girls band No Angels, was given a 2 year suspended sentence for knowingly infecting a man with the HIV virus. Nadja, 28, was diagnosed with the HIV virus when she was 17 years-old. The court was leniency because she expressed remorse. I can’t imagine if the tables were turned and it was a man the knowingly infected a woman with AIDS. One can only speculate but I think the sentence would have been harsh. Well, the good part is now Nadja must tell guys about her infection before having sex. At least I think she should. For more BlastFM is infectious when you listen. You won’t believe all the great music you’ve never heard of on other stations. You’ll love it!
Mind In Motion
sometimes when i walk i wish i could find a way to come back and relay the world in some sort of profound way...the crunching of the leaves under our feet as we make our way out of the wooded area...but, its JUST crunching leaves under our feet...there is no profundity here....trees are trees, flowers flowers..although we do see an occasional dog that strikes my attention and causes me to change route due to the possibility that we might get to pet it....   i wonder if anyone besides me manages to be happy in this world, while, at the same time is exhausted and exasperated because they have NO clue as to what the rules of engagement are.  how did we get here?  where the hell is here, and how do we get to there, because there is where its at.  does one need to be a card carrying member of there?  or do is it like a rave where, if you can just find the original starting point where you pick up the egg with the adress to the next place on it...and if you are willing to put the footwork
Okay, so I don't ask for things, but this girl has promised not to ever do this again! Plus, if you let yourself enjoy it, you can have fun. Help her please?  
Urban Dictionary
Wank: predominantely British term for masturbation Buffing the Banana Holding Your Sausage Hostage Jackin' the Beanstalk Rounding up the Tadpoles Slap Boxing the One-Eyed Champ Spank the Frank Applying the hand brake Attacking the one-eyed purple-headed warrior Auditioning the finger puppets Beef-stroke-it-off Boxing the bald champ Charming the snake Checking for testicular cancer Choking Kojak Squeezing the cream from the flesh Twinkie Straddle your paddle Taking matters into your own hands Teasing the weasel Thumping the pump Tickling the pickle         I uploaded that because well anytime I'm sad and want a cheap laugh I look up Wank and read this to myself.
The Kickstand Drops Here !!
    THE KICKSTAND DROPS HEREBy: Phil McAmmond, Alberta, Canadac/o Gary babcock     THE KICKSTAND DROPS HERE All bikers sense that far too soon our rides on earth will cease,The urgency to see some sights continues to increase.Thus, year by year, we make our plans to journey here and there,And build some happy memories, which with others we can share. We're not concerned about the risks that many seem to fear,But truthfully, we all agree, we age a year each year!This thought can help to make us reach for meaning in our days,And as it does it helps us change in some important ways. The scenes we see, the folks we meet, are treasured more and more,And sharing is more pleasant now, than adding up the score.But what of folks like us who love to ride from here to there?We cannot reach our goal each day by failing to prepare. We check our fuel, our maps, our tires, to make our trips worthwhile,And then we head out, wind in face, to cover happy miles.We'd think it si
[everything Just Popped]
and it felt ~good~Doggy's got a new flea treatmentrobot forum ... somehow had a dead abducted girl post on it and I explained why I'm such an unfeeling unresponsive person about these things ( realnumbers are BAD.75% of abducted children are dead within 3 hours.I remember when point whores used to fake amber alerts for points in bulletins on this site...God I'm glad that's not happening any more.But seriouslypretty fucked up.what else is goin on...Not much. Playin Fallout 3, I'm about ... level 18 out of my power armor training and I've started my rare item collection. I haven't even filled out an application in a week...probably because I was waiting for some UT jobs to get back.Or... the iquits.*shrugs*I have very little motivation to work at this exact moment.and I'm fillin my face fuzz out, this is about as long as my mustache has ever neck itches though.what else can I let you loverly folks knowa few games I
The Big Flood ( Hahah )
It had been raining for days and days, and a terrible flood had come over the land. The waters rose so high that one man was forced to climb onto the roof of his house.As the waters rose higher and higher, a man in a rowboat appeared, and told him to get in. "No," replied the man on the roof. "I have faith in the Lord; the Lord will save me." So the man in the rowboat went away. The man on the roof prayed for God to save him.The waters rose higher and higher, and suddenly a speedboat appeared. "Climb in!" shouted a man in the boat. "No," replied the man on the roof. "I have faith in the Lord; the Lord will save me." So the man in the speedboat went away. The man on the roof prayed for God to save him.The waters continued to rise. A helicopter appeared and over the loudspeaker, the pilot announced he would lower a rope to the man on the roof. "No," replied the man on the roof. "I have faith in the Lord; the Lord will save me." So the helicopter went away. The man on the roof prayed for
I Don't Turn You On. Now Eff Off.
Xentarios: Hello gorgeous. 9:34am Suga Lips: hi 9:35am Xentarios: Love your pics. You are so sexy. How is your day going? 9:38am Suga Lips: Thanks. Good and yours? 9:39am Xentarios: Great though now im all turned on and you arent here to help me with that. 9:39am Suga Lips: Right. They have porn and you have hands, you know 9:41am Xentarios: Yea that is true though i dont look at porn much unless it is someone i know lol. Cant get excited about anyone i dont talk to lol 9:41am Suga Lips: Well then there really shouldn't be an issue with me, should there? 9:42am Xentarios: Well i can talk to you . But its not really a bad thing so i will be ok. 9:43am Suga Lips: Look dude, I'm not here for your dick 9:45am Xentarios: Never said you were. Id be afraid of catching something from some random person online. That would be scary. 9:46am Suga Lips: Good. Wonderful.
My Big Sister
I watch as you go day to day And I see the struggles you go through But yet your always there To offer whenever we need someone.   People say that change is good But the only thing I want to change Is the struggles you have to endure Just know that I love you.   I hope you know that without you This part of my life would be unbearable YOu help me see that I can do this You are not taken for granted.   I want you to know that I am proud To be able to say, Thats my Big Sister And to know that no matter what I will always look up to you For showing me the right path.                                                               I Love You!!!!!!
Sorry Am Late But I Have An Excuse!
  Am STILL at the Edinburgh Fringe…its seems like ten weeks instead of four let me tell you. I have bonded with the white Scottie Dog called Hector who lives in our cobbled stoned mews area, he has a floppy ear and wee black button eyes and chases squirrels and loves cuddles. I am addicted to the dishwasher in the three floored mews we are staying in and I adore the juicer.   The shows have been awesome, I have bitched and whined about the McEwan Hall which seats over 1,000 folk sucking in all the punters but the basic truth is, people just want to go see people they have seen on the telly…I am not on the telly, so ergo people have no real interest in me, except the people who are fans of my comedy.   Though the numbers have been fabulous, I am aware that the glut of footfall has been avoiding the small shows, the interesting theatre and the fantastic musical shows. It kind of rings like a death knell for the fringe if the punters just want to go see people off the t
Liberalism Is Failing
On Tuesday, the National Association of Realtors reported that July sales of existing homes fell by 27% from June of this year and by 25.5% compared to July 2009. This annual sales rate of 3.83 million homes was the lowest since NAR began keeping track of sales in 1999. Then yesterday, the Commerce Department reported that July sales of new homes fell 12.4% from June and by 32.4% compared to July 2009. This annual rate of 276,000 new units sold is the lowest since 1963, when government records were first kept. The source of the plunge is no secret: July's numbers reflect the first month when existing home sales received no boost from the home buyer tax credit.Americans have seen this movie before. Last fall after the Obama administration's Cash for Clunkers program dried up, new automobile sales plummeted. General Motors' sales plunged 36 percent in September 2009 compared with August. Ford plummeted 37 percent. Chrysler dove 33 percent. And Americans are still feeling the hangover fro
I Am An Exhibitionist And Enjoy Public Sex
I am nude in public often and caress my clit and go up to studs and unzip their pants and stroke and suck their prick and ask them if they want to fuck me.  I love to suck pricks while guys fuck me.  I carry a basket and give guys photos of my clit and tits.
Big Brother, Big Sister
be careful what you say and doand we'll be still be coming for yoube silent or tell a liewe change the question on a revolving paradigmvideos and laws1st amendment amended for our causethe cause may change next weekpay attention to what you thinkor we will blog or postyou out-of-date mindsetcausing you embarrassment and regretfacebook watches overreport your friendsfor misnomersturn in friends of friendsfor shameand they will do the sameyour mind, impurescientists working on curerant:i can't identify with any raceor place my genderi say how wonderful life isto join the mass pretendersi can't dissent or i'll lose my jobor suffer berating by the hip mobi can't use my understandingor educationto utter a word if it clasheswith popular innovationwhether i have the factsand proof i'm evilbecause the majority suckles from the teat of wikipediaamerica has become a landof pop culturewith no culturalismif you declare to be differentits called an -ism-isms are untoleratedby the so-called land of
Another One
He was wondering how to make his girlfriend feel sorry for him
Quiet Town Severely Shaken
A month or more ago I recieved a call that my quiet town had a hostage situation.  Well it turned out it wasn't, but that a close friend of my brothers and my best friends older brother was in a stand off with police after shooting his wife and the man he caught her sleeping with.  Not a smart move when you know your husband is bipolar and you've convinced him to stop taking his medication.  Everyone survived but the blow to the town was devastating.  This sleepy little town where the most excitement one saw in a year was the state demolition derby held every labor day.   This weekend a 14 year old girl who was a sister in law of one of my classmates went missing when her mother let her leave the house at 9pm to go to a party with a 19yr old boy. Now a body has been found raped and burned and we're waiting for identification.   What is coming to america if a small town in kansas is suddenly wracked with this kind of violence?  How can anyone justify this kind of thing?  It almost mak
Funny Gifs
KILL DAD I Have Something for you As you wish Fido loved to play jokes Hey!! Check me out!!! GET OUT OF MY FACE!!!
Hi my blank space of white.Its been a few days.Right now you are my closest friend.Here I can get it out.I don't have to listen to anyone but myself.Yesterday was my first counselling session with my soon to be x.I really didn't like it too much .Not that I'm to good to be counseled.Its just that the pain that filled the room was very intense.I heard a radio talk show host say once that the way a relationship starts is the way it ends and while I was sitting there in the church building we got married in the thought rang true.Why do people hurt each other out of love?That is my thought of the day.As I am here sitting at this pc writing some of my thoughts out I am wondering if I will heal to the point to want to try again with someone new at a later time.One thing I do know is that when you are damaged,emotionally physically and mentally you feel cornered.At least that's the way I feel right now.I am really kind of withdrawn now.I throw in a fake laugh here and there just to keep peopl
I Love The Nhs!
I love Scotland's National Health Service, I really do. For the past few weeks I've had problems with my right eye - some swelling and an itchy irritation. It wasn't giving me too much cause for concern as I have hayfever, and it just felt like a bad dose of that. I'd tried hayfever eye-drops, but to no avail. This isn't unusual because, despite what it says on the commercial, these things don't always work for everyone. My anti-histamines had no real effect either, but again this isn't unusual for me. Normally when I get a bad dose of hayfever I just have to grin and bear it.   Anyhoo - I woke up at around 4:30am this morning with a burning pain in my eye. When I tried to open it, I found I couldn't. I went to the bathroom to check it out in the mirror and discovered that it had swollen to the size of a golf ball. When I forced my eyelids opened with my fingers (which was fuckin agony) I discovered my eye was almost totally red and so swollen that it looked like it was sticking out
Possible Fu-icide.
Yeah alot of people know I diss on those who commit it. Well I think  i finally understand why they do it. no joke. NO one on this site respects anyone. Its either  A, You show nudes .. n infact i REFUSE to do that. or B, You must PAY out the ass.    I have helped/leveled/blinged. an Ass-ton of people RARELY asked for anything.. You NEVER see me beg, You may Seem some OFF the wall Status's  but never begging,    So since no one on here has respect Im going to walk away shut down my pro where no one can see it and decide where to go from there   My close Friends Have My yahoo If you wish to stay in contact. PLZ sb me before i turn my page INVISY Thanks, JESSA 
New Maybe Song, Not Sure
  You left me Went to her One day she will see She got what she deserves   (chorus) What’s she going to do When she gets to the bottom of the box And there she finds you Will it be a shock?   She expected to get a price, a top ranked show Instead she got a washed up old man Trying to be a boy, a toy , an man ho Still living with mama just cause he can   (chorus)   He plays video games all day Stays up half the night Bitches when he don’t get his way And tries to start a fight   (chorus)   Talks to one, two, three or four Girls at one time Tells each they are his only whore Laughing at them the whole time   (chorus)  
This is really weird. I never looked at it this way.  Did you know that the words "race car" spelled backwards still spells "race car"?  That "eat" is the only word that, if you take the 1st letter and move it to the last, spells its past tense, "ate"?  If you rearrange the letters in "illegal immigrants," and add just a few more letters, it spells: "Go home you free-loading, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, baby-making, violent, non-English-speaking assholes, and take those other hairy-faced, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-loving, raggedy-ass bastards with you?  How weird is that?
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Goin Home With A Fat Girl
Put Your Clothes Back On
Do We Need A License For Parenting ???
"Why is it that we need a license to own a dog, to drive a car, and catch a fish, but any brainless moron with no concept of responsibility can be a parent?" - Anonymous    I seen this and wanted to share it , because It's a good point and I have too much time on my hands. We expect parents to be prime examples for how children grow and mature, and to be held responsible ( re · spon · si · ble ) for their actions until the age of which legal consent is obtained by our children.     Responsible  by definition :           1. Having an obligation to do something as part of a job or role.     2. Being the primary cause of something and so able to be blamed or credited for  it.
A Lil Info On Easter
Easter is the oldest and most important Christian festival, marking the end of the fasting season of Lent and the death, on Good (derived from God's) Friday and resurrection of Jesus Christ, on Easter Sunday. It has deeper and more complex associations than Christmas, particularly in the Orthodox Christian world. There are many customs and...traditions associated with Easter which, like most other holiday and feast days, are derived from a combination of both Jewish lore and pre-Christian and pagan practices. It is named after Eostre, the goddess of fertility and birth, worshipped by first-century pagans at the vernal equinox, who believed she would bless both their families and their crops. Christian missionaries saw this celebration took place around the time of the resurrection of Christ, so they adopted Easter as a Christian holiday to increase conversion.This is not an opinion this is fact!!!! another way to increase revenue and pull membership. Anglo-Saxon mythology says Eostara
2nd Amendment And The Right To Over Power Oppression Of Our Liberties As Americans Read More: Http://
  The bill of rights are a limit to, not a strengthening of government. They all apply as limits to our own national government. The 2nd amendment is not designed to strengthen the security of the national government from any type of foreign or domestic invasion. It is designed as a check on the power of government here, in the US. the 'security of a free state' means simply that to make certain we remain 'free' (have liberty), the citizens must be guaranteed the right to possess weapons. The 'arms' are our guarantee that we possess the ability to 'secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.' the amendment is basically a guarantee to us that the government will not be able to take our rights away, because we will have the ability to force the government, at the point of a sword if necessary, to protect John Locke's natural rights of life, liberty, and property (or in our case, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.) We threw off the british yoke of despoti
Show Them To Me
I Need A Smoke
I won't lie it feels good to think for a minute that I could be the only... I want so much to think each touch was made just for me each breath was somehow because of me that your now  is scarred by my now and there will be no turning back no other doors to open   seconds between thoughts I can only whisper my name in hopes that you may hear my world begging you to come in I cant hide any of my thoughts and the shadows dancing on my skin doesnt make it any easier don't ever wonder my intentions are clear to have to be and to enjoy every second of the instant I am  the only one in the morning the coffee tastes like hell so does the empty words that fall from my lips.... I won't lie it feels good to think for a minute that I could be the only...
Reposting For Axis!! Please Read/rate/comment!
So, today as I was doing my usual point hoaring, I came across something that really stopped me dead in my tracks, and reduced me to tears and the more and more I reflected on it, the more and more angry I got. It made me think about not only the event, but things that I would love doing, but "can't" September 11th, 2001 Rating like always, trying to help someone get points and rates and getting points myself and I came to an album with graphic pictures. Normally, I have iron emotions, and things don't bother me (unless its a snake) but these pictures hit hard and fast. I was in the 5th or 6th grade, so would have been around what, 11 or 12 years old? At any rate..I remember the day, and the pictures I saw, MADE me remember it. I remember the assistant principal getting on the PA system and telling us all to report to our homrooms. I remember walking the halls, seeing some of the staff of my school crying and on their cell phones and thinking, riighhhhtttt they get to do it, but I ge
My Book
                          Chapter One Some  times I   miss being the   teenaged dirt back  hanging out with  you  homies   fucking  them   half the  time   smoking  weed  and popping pills Having fun  damn   too   bad Sex sells!Some time in may 2010 Here’s   the  scoop  my  name  is  Bell  I’m  Nineteen years  old big deal right  I  know this  much  sex sells!  Lol I  knew that  at  eighteen  I’m   pretty  flat I’m short only five foot  two  inches tall  heheh  I  look up  even  if I’m  on my  knees  I  have  a  boys hair cut(boo to older brothers)  I’m not  a girly girl by any means   I say  bring on the  camping , drinking, pot smoking , and cliff diving  , 4x4ing , and mud Here I come I love to have sex and  just chill out getting  paid  and having a good  time  Never drink  on the job  number one  rule besides wearing a condom  never for get that either Some times the calls  are shitty  but it some time worth it.  My loving  Shadow is the best ma
I Envy And Admire Those Of You Who Have And Can..freely...
So, today as I was doing my usual point hoaring, I came across something that really stopped me dead in my tracks, and reduced me to tears and the more and more I reflected on it, the more and more angry I got. It made me think about not only the event, but things that I would love doing, but "can't" September 11th, 2001 Rating like always, trying to help someone get points and rates and getting points myself and I came to an album with graphic pictures. Normally, I have iron emotions, and things don't bother me (unless its a snake) but these pictures hit hard and fast. I was in the 5th or 6th grade, so would have been around what, 11 or 12 years old? At any rate..I remember the day, and the pictures I saw, MADE me remember it. I remember the assistant principal getting on the PA system and telling us all to report to our homrooms. I remember walking the halls, seeing some of the staff of my school crying and on their cell phones and thinking, riighhhhtttt they get to do it, but I ge
Christian Drug Rehab
Christian Drug Rehab If the problems you or a loved one suffers stem from problem drug abuse, you must accept that these problems are not primarily mental or free will issues. Addictions are not about will power.  The problems facing addicts, alcoholics, and their families are miserable, disgusting, and infuriating.  They are often hopelessly discouraging.  But to imagine that an addict "could change if he wanted to" is a serious misunderstanding of the long term dynamic of addictive disorder. The fact is precisely that an addict cannot change in the long run even if he wants to! That is the definition of addiction: "the loss of control over the use of a substance."  A visit to a Christian drug rehab program will prove that recovery is indeed achievable when spiritual principles are carefully applied. The problem an alcoholic or drug addict faces is one of power.  He must come to the place where he admits that he is powerless of his substance abuse and that his life has
Criteria For A Good Drug Rehab Center
Criteria for a Good Drug Rehab Center Addiction to drugs is already spread like a vicious disease and is still spreading. Many people of different age are falling victim to it specially people of the first world countries. There are the lives of millions of teenagers involved where they drug for the ‘feel good’ purpose and get into inseparable habit of drugging. This drug addiction comes in various forms, sometimes accidentally addicting to drugs and sometimes it is done intentionally. The effect of drugging is only harmful. Drug addiction is not a habit that can be stopped easily. It can be done at a Rehab center most effectively. There are all sorts of treatments at a good rehab center which puts you out of the habit slowly but surely. A good rehab center like ours is the best way out of the addiction and habit. Today drug addiction treatment is no more a problem. There are drug rehab centers like ours where a person is made to realize he is getting physic
Girl Kill's Herself Because Of Online Bullying
Megan Meier was in great spirits after she began corresponding with a 16-year-old named Josh Evans. They exchanged messages for six weeks before he abruptly ended the friendship, telling her he had heard she was cruel. The next day, Megan, who suffered from depression and attention deficit disorder, committed suicide. Her parents later discovered that Josh had never existed but was a fictitious persona created by a woman neighbour whose daughter had been friends with Megan until they fell out. The woman, who attended the funeral before being exposed, reportedly told police she invented the profile because she wanted to gain Megan's confidence and find out what the girl was saying about her own child online. She also told police that she, her daughter and another girl had all been involved in the ruse, helping to write messages from "Josh" to Megan. Following a lengthy investigation, no charges have been brought in the case, enraging Megan's parents who are determined to see those r
Our Portable Restroom Service
OUR PORTABLE RESTROOM SERVICE Great for Special Events or Construction Sites. Portable Restrooms come in a variety of styles to fit your needs. Whether you need a Portable Restroom with hand washing station or a basic unit for a construction site, we can provide the service. Portable Restrooms for weekend events are dropped off on Friday and picked up on Monday. Portable Restrooms for construction sites are serviced weekly and billed on a monthly basis. If you are ordering Portable Restroom Service for your construction site be sure the check out our Roll Off Containers. Roll-Off Containers vary in size from 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards. Roll-Off containers can be used for jobs as small as a garage clean-out or as large as a complete home remodel. When you place an order for a roll-off dumpster a hauler will deliver it, you fill it up, and he would come and take it away, simple as that. If you are having trouble selecting which size would best fit your needs
you're  the first thing that i think of when i raise my weary head when i go to sleep at night, i dream you in my bed i wanna wrap my legs around you and hold on to your hands and show you what a woman does, when a woman loves a man   i wanna kiss your lips and lay you down and burn this night in to the ground tell you that i love you and you'll always be my man and show you what a woman does when a woman loves a man   i dunno where you come from dunno where you've been dunno where we're going or how it all will end all i really know is when i look in to your eyes i see the me i wanna be inside   i wanna wrap my legs around you and hold on to your hands and show you what a woman does, when a woman loves a man   i wanna kiss your lips and lay you down and burn this night in to the ground tell you that i love you and you'll always be my man and show you what a woman does when a woman loves a man     lawless....
Do You Know About Attorney Malpractice
Do you know about Attorney Malpractice Attorney Malpractice occurs when a lawyer fails to render competent professional services to a client and as a result the client suffers losses. The three major theories of liability are negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract. To prove malpractice, i.e., to establish your attorney’s liability, you must prove that your lawyer owed you a duty to represent you competently and that he or she made a mistake and that your lawyer's mistake harmed you causing you damages. Additionally, you must file your lawsuit within the statutory time period or "statute of limitations" established by state law for Attorney Malpractice claims.   Since the founding of the law firm of Liever, Hyman and Potter in 1959, we have won thousands of awards and settlements for victims and their families – more than any other firm located in the Berks and Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania area. Most of our clients were referred to us
Situational Awareness
If you're behind the wheel, FOCUS.     Situational awareness isn't overrated.
Words On A Page...written 2/27/2007
  i must have been going thru something...but i found it so here it is       lies you say you despise, but your faces erase what you say is true. darkness. through Fear i cut my hand, and if i can  find you i understand life as i know it will kneel before you. im tired of being pushed to the back of the class cuz your a matt in front of a door. i can not purge Rage for he is a wild beast with strength more than mine. reach for my hand i understand that if you find it life as you know it, will kneel before me broken. weary. humble. drowning.  
I Just Came Across This
this is from the day zoe turned 1.  she will be 5 in much has changed.....she is still amazing tho     In one year: you have grown a half a foot gained 12 lbs (which one day you will dread, but for now you go girl)you grew 6 teeth you have been walking for  4 months now you know sign language to say "Milk" "Bites" "all gone" and "more" You can say mama, milk, daisy, heather, Joshua, thank you, and this...(or at least thats what i have decided you are saying LOL) Your feet have grown four sizes You can eat as much as a full grown adult...I would say what your favorite foods are, but pretty much the answer seems to be "yes"....You don't seem to like refried beans,...thats all i have found so will eat fruits, veggies, cereal, sweets, surprises me every day But most of all you are this beautiful little thing that has captured my heart.  You amaze me every day,,,Sometimes you are serious and just sit there and take everyth
Fuck Answering Machines
I climb trees. That's not why I'm writing this.   I'm writing this becase when I'm climbing, if anyone calls, I answer.   I always say the same thing.  "I'm in a tree right now.  I just think my customers like to speak to a real person so I always pick up.  Can you call right back and I'll let it ring through to the answering machine?"   It's not really why I answer.     It's more like I'm an idiot 7 year old boy who thinks that talking on the phone at 90 feet is totally AWESOME!!!  
Wind..written 10/19/2007
We flit and we float on Ramman's strong wings the whisp of his coat the bend of his strings Some days he kisses and holds us as babes only to flick us with fists of his rage He fills us with pride from a gust, riding by Only to fling us kicking dirt in our eye He is gentle as wool in his love i dare say making and breaking how we render each day. Lawless Imagination
Nothingness..rather Emo, Id Suggest You Not Read It
nothingness..rather emo, id suggest you not read it he had asked her just in passing how she was, and she said mostly ok, but she could not shake the emptiness....she never could seem to shake the emptiness for as long as she could remember.  He chuckled and she looked at him the way a puppy looks at a bug when it is trying to figure it all out.  'SHE told me that.'  he said 'She told me I had to learn to love myself.  She said I have to learn to forgive myself, that it was like i had a hole inside of me that no one could fill up.  I think she hated me because of it....I know empty.' She knew he knew empty, thats why she liked him, because he understood her and didnt expect her to love him or feel anything except empty.  He hoped for her, she knew that about him.  He loved her enough for the both of them.  She told him that she loved herself as much as she could love anything, and that she still could never forgive herself...not ever....He said she had to.  She said
Dr.nolove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb
So where to begin or rather, where to end? The end is now. I have totally given up, in every aspect of my so called life. I don't care anymore about the pursuit of love,work, relationships, friends, pretty much anything. It's all pointless, fleeting things. Word are words. Actions speak louder than words, as it was written before...words are trivial, meaningless. At my age I've seen and pretty much done it all. And I'm tired...tired of trying. Trying leads to failure, the only lesson learned from it is...don't try it again. And I won't. Lesson learned comrade commisar. I figured I'd use Fubar in the quest to find someone. I did, but that didn't pan out too well. I'm sorry that I failed you. But then again you know what you were getting into when you met me, read about me, etc.  I suppose there should have been a away while you still can. My heart still aches, when I look at pictures of you. When I see you online. When I think of just anything you did...your laugh,
Large Wedding Hall
  Large Wedding Hall   Northampton Country Club’s large wedding hall is perfect for a grand wedding ceremony and reception. If you want to exclude none of your family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues from your wedding guest list, then a large wedding hall is what you require. After all, a wedding is a very special occasion, not like a birthday bash, which you can throw every year and hence decide whether to go simple or all out with it. Your wedding day look will be for everyone to see, not just your immediate family. No matter what is said about a wedding being a union between two souls, what your guests will remember is the finery of the ceremony and reception and how special you have made them felt. You can select one from one of Northampton Country Club’s two large wedding halls – one with an elegant and royal touch with antique artefacts thrown in for an exclusive décor effect and the other with a modern, urban and sleek look with smooth dé
It May Seem Like A Good Idea
never get two of your best girl friends together,  Trust me, somehow you'll end up some weird tranny that calls himself Caroline on weekends.    Just sayin....
Clash Of The Titans Review:
Achievements, Cheats, Clash of the Titans, FAQs, Forums, News, PSP Review Blog, Review, Review Blog, Sales, Screenshots, User Reviews, Videos, Walkthroughs, Xbox Review Blog Clash of the Titans Review: by Benjamin Shihadeh  Kratos does it better. Let's admit it, if you know anything about predicting the quality of videogames by now, it's that movie-based games are most likely not very good. Unlike other movie games, Clash of the Titans: The Videogame was delayed until a few months after the movie release, so perhaps some effort was actually put into this title, right? While I admit that the introduction of Hades as the sour villain in the re-released film adaption, Clash of the Titans, was potentially a change for th
galore\ guh-LOHR \adjective;  1. In abundance; in plentiful amounts.
No one is happy all his life long.  -  Euripides
Hahahaha Parody
I'm sure you've all heard the song "love the way you lie" by Eminem. Well some guy and a girl made a parody of it, and it's cracking me up. Watch! [video in comments]
What I Am Looking For
WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR:A great girl with a wonderful personality, one who doesn't care if I talk to my friends weather its a girl or boy, one who will trust me no matter what, one who is cute and will treat me right and who loves me for me and not what they want me to be. If this is you than email me on here..
My Swiiming Pool On Video Check It Out
Who Cheats?
Who Cheats?Today's topic covers an issue very close to many of us. most people have experienced a cheating partner, or have cheated, themselves. Most of us haven't really thought about the reasons for this with any level of objectivity, though. Usually, the experience is far too painful for any amount of emotional distancing.I realize that what I'm about to say is rather controversial, and I'm certain I'll get plenty of angry messages, but I firmly believe that EVERYONE has the capacity to cheat. No one believes that they are the "type", yet so many find themselves doing just that. It's far more productive to examine WHY people cheat, rather than WHICH people cheat.Many of you have now deduced that, because I can say such things, I MUST have cheated on someone. The reality is, I've been cheated on in nearly every relationship I've been involved in. has a saying that reads, "DYSFUNCTION: The only consistent feature in all of your dissatisfying relationships is you." While th
Sleepless.....not As Creative As My Bomb Ass #1 Tonite, But This Do Be Me...make Grafix Silk, Lol
I got the will to drive myself sleepless.So much time is cashed.So much smoke is wasted.Sudden disappearanceIn the air is thick and cool.I can't approach myselfSkidding over this perditionAnd now I'm out on the verandahWhen I should have gone to school.Well I call for sleep,But sleep it won't come to me.Shuffling in the hallway,I can hear him on the stairs.I hear his lighter flicking.I hear the soft sigh of his inhale.And the whole width of my intentionsHe exhales into the air.I got the will to drive myself sleepless.Skeedunt, stunt the runt,Smoking buddha blunt.I got the will to drive myself sleepless.
Starsf Collocation Of The Ugg 5825 Classic Short Boots
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Swiss Made Rolex Watches Are The First Choice
Swiss Made Rolex watches are the first choice of many celebrities, VIPs, sports personalities and others. People looking for premium quality luxury watches will always prefer to own a Rolex watch. It is just amazing to know how these watches evolved from being just an ordinary wristwatch with gold and silver trims to a watch with amazing designs, style, colors and different accents.  There is so much variety with Rolex watches that one is spoilt for choice. You have a watch for every profession and for every fantasy. These watches come in wide range of colors like pink, blue, green, gold, white gold, stainless steel, etc. No wonder, these watches look very elegant and stylish on your wrist. You can learn more by going online and checking out the whole range of Swiss Made Rolex watches. What makes Swiss Made Rolex watches stand out is its premium rates. These watches do not come cheap. One needs to shell out huge sums to own a Rolex watch. Some of the top end watches can cost in exces
Fubar Street Team Update
I ordered stickers and tattoos. Stickers are gone! poof. I do want to see some placements. Tattoos are out too. Let's see some photos. Coming down the pike Two New Sticker Designs New material to help you promote offline   We need the Street Team's Help Get on the repost of my bulletins. Tag it with your name and wings and say reposted by the street team. Send me scrapper the link.  I will sticky. New graphics are coming down. New Street Team Tshirts coming down.   Shipping I do not mind sending this shout all day long. However,  I need to show that it is going to good use. The only way to see that is bounty.I am going to set up a small little paypal ID.  It will cost 1-3 bucks and you will get a promo back. I will credit you with bling credits. Come on folks...lets let the Fubar Steet Team Represent!
it's true what they say...LIFE'S JUST NOT FAIR!!! i've spent the last year and 3 months paying off all my bad debt. i'm down to my last payment, and my credit still looks bad. it sux. and the worst part about it is i really need a car now and im tryin to get approved for a loan and its takin forever to hear back. schools really need to have finance and credit classes as a requirment for graduation in high school. these kids don't have a clue what they're gonna get themselves into and the credit card companies look at them as easy prey. they rack up the bills and can't pay it back. more money for the big companies. it just sux. so here i am at the mercy of my damn credit score waiting to hear if i'm approved or not. i have no money for a downpayment, which i hear isn't all that bad, but worst part is if i get denied i have NO one to co-sign. ugh this is just unreal. im praying that i get approved but if i don't hear anything by tomorrow i'm gonna think i was denied. so here goes nothi
Thank You!!!
Everyone. I am asking and demanding that you all go over and smack Suga Lips best smile photo with a greta rate! Let's help her win this biatchhh!!!   The link;s in my statuss. Let me know and I'll pay you back!!! Love you!!!   xoxo   Mimi!!!!!!!!!!
My Beloved Monster & Me By Eels
My beloved monster and me We go everywhere together Wearing a raincoat that has four sleeves Gets us through all kinds of weather She will always be the only thing That comes between me and the awful sting That comes from living in a world that's so damn mean My beloved monster is tough If she wants she will disrobe you But if you lay her down for a kiss Her little heart it could explode She will always be the only thing That comes between me and the awful sting That comes from living in a world that's so damn mean La la la la la la la la La la la la la la
I Don't Get It.
I don't understand why on the news we're always hearing about stuff all over the world, crisis and things but I've found that we rarely hear about China unless it's about economic and political stuff.I'm not sure how may of you know this but on the 23/08/10 there was a tour bus held siege in Manila, mainly Hong Kong tourists...with the tourist company Hong Thai. (I've been on their tours before (52)).It's pretty horrible actually and the way the Phillipine government handled it was just absolutely ridiculous.Basically an ex Phillipino policeman went crazy and held a whole tourbus hostage whilst demanding the government give him his job back (he got fired).Obviously he was a wackjob to be demanding that when he's taking a whole bunch of people hostage, I don't see why the Phillipino government couldn't just lie and tell him yes he could and then just arrest him later, what's worse is that the police themselves caused near enough more harm than help.They had plenty of chances to shoot th
For Friends
The world spins in one direction, But my heart can go many ways. Sometimes my words remain dark, Sometimes they lighten with the day. If my words never changed, I think I would grow nomore. Just like the sun not always shining, Sometimes the rain must pour. So please grow with me,And share all that I have to show. More of myself will open up, The whole true me then you will know
jonny: hi want to watch baby? 4:33pm  Kloverlynn: watch? 4:34pm jonny: on cam .... 4:35pm jonny: i'm fun, it's BIG lol 4:35pm  Kloverlynn: LOL You have no pics..why would I wanna see a faceless man on cam? 4:35pm jonny: u can peek if ur ...naughty lol 4:35pm  Kloverlynn: big...hmmm...can I still remove it with hedge clippers? 4:35pm  Kloverlynn: naughty huh 4:35pm jonny: aaaargh evil girl 4:36pm jonny: cmon n cam w me 4:37pm jonny: cmon n cam w me babe 4:37pm jonny: get naughty 4:37pm jonny: im urs to toy with lol
Scullys Poem
You my beautiful,Are now tears formed in my eyes,To see so much pain,Should make any man cry. If my arms could hold,And slowly set you at ease.Help cast away this darkness,All this misery you see. To bring your heart back out,Of all the dark its in.And let that smile shine,Shine so beautifully again. My dreams and wishes for you,Are from nothing but my heart.When I see that smile come from you,Then once again a love will start.
Rate The Famp..
Please go show this sweetheart some lovin' famp is on now...thanks muahhhhhh Nadie@ fubar
Yahoo Im Or Msn Im
What The Fuck Is Up Around Here?
I'm seriously getting tired of getting screwed over around here. First I get myself a Happy Hour. Yeah, two months later still haven't gotten the achievement points for that. Then I got the 5 million points for in the 24 hour period. That's poofed. Go to the lounge to figure out what the hell is going on and I'm asked to change my status. Sick of Fubar Fucking Me Over. Well, sorry, but it's the truth. Try to get answers and you get a whole lot of nothing.   And as an update, Fu decided to get rid of my status. Obviously you're not entitled to voice your opinions now!
Life On The Net
So I was crusing the other night online, mostly playing in the fumafai when all the sudden 4 video chat request had popped up onto my screen. Its amazing how romantic some guys can be, lol, Hey baby wanna watch me jack it while you talk dirty to me on chat. WTF does that really work in any sense at all. Did your mother not hug you enough as a child, why do you insist on starting a converstaion wanna see my huge thick cock?  Ok, my response to that question, Sure baby I wanna see your huge cock, whip it out. Now at this point one or two things happen they stop talking to you, or they go into pervy mode and start talking alot dirtier to you. At this point you have a few tricks up ur sleeve with being a woman and having guys come onto you on a daily basis. I wount say what those tricks are... But honestly men do yourself a favor read a profiel before leaving a comment, Hey baby wanna see my cock. And also don't lie about cause we know when you are...     Peace out Texas
Carter Lands In N K
Carter lands in North Korea to bring home American  SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - North Koreans welcomed Jimmy Carter back to Pyongyang with smiles, salutes and hearty handshakes Wednesday as the former American president arrived on a mission to bring home a Boston man jailed in the communist country since January.U.S. officials have billed Carter's trip as a private humanitarian visit to try to negotiate the release of Aijalon Gomes, sentenced to eight years of hard labor in a North Korean prison for entering the country illegally from China.However, visits like Carter's - and the journey ex-President Bill Clinton made a year ago to secure the release of two American journalists - serve as more than just rescue missions. They also offer an opportunity for unofficial diplomacy between the U.S. and North Korea, analysts say.Communist North Korea and the capitalist U.S. fought on opposite sides of the Korean War. Three years of warfare ended in 1953 with a cease-fire but not a peace treaty,
As you all know by now, im a jobless bum lol collecting unemployment, just cuz im too lazy to find a job...anyways (eye roll) I am requesting your halp. Since im not loaded with cash right now. I want to gets fumarried and I am a little short...well a lottle short. 70 credits is what i need to get fumarried so since its double points day, send me some bling credits please. anything, 5, 10, or a bling pack if you feel generous.  THANK YOU     AS YOU WERE and thanx to IcON for the boomerang ans also, KT is running a famp and boomerang so hit em.. and thanx To Slave Princess for altruizing me.. I am hopefully gonna level today, started with 14.5 million to go and now its something like 12.. so rate stuff and do me good :)   ps... i have the greatest friends on fu??? :P
Who: The former Texas glam rockers who became one of the heaviest metal bands on Earth, Pantera. Album: Cowboys From Hell (listen here while reading) Released: July 24, 1990 Why it’s important to you: “Pantera’s music still inspires me and I’m sure millions of other folks around the globe” —from the band’s MySpace profile, written by J from Birmingham, England Their story: Few bands in history have undergone such a profound musical shift midway through their career as Pantera did on Cowboys From Hell. Released in 1990, with a deluxe reissue planned to hit shelves next month through Rhino, it was technically the Arlington, Texas band’s fifth album. Teenage brothers “Diamond” Darrell Abbott (guitar) and Vinnie Paul Abbott (drums) started Pantera in 1981 and self-released their first four discs while slogging through the trenches of a Southern club circuit that included Texas, Oklahoma,
Help Please?
soooooooooo............. i havent leveled in forever, cause i fail at whoring........... a little help?   i only have like 2,257,344 to go   pretty please with a cherry on top?
Tears Or Blood
Do I cry now or do I cry later? Does it even matter if I really cry? Tears are worthless pieces of shit made of water and salt. Tears feel like grains of salt just entwined with water skimming across your skin.  Reaching up to wipe it away your skin begins to prey away from your flesh and bone.  Instead of tears there is blood now were the tears have once been feeling more natural.  Now if only they were just bloody tears and not salt water you would understand what is truly meant to be.  Look at me now should I just fall apart and just be one big bloody ass mess or should I just pull myself out of this whole and fuck all. You tell me which is better or shall I just show you myself because it may not ever be pretty again.
The Sound Of Her Master's Voice: Chapter 2 Part 2
Heather felt a twinge deep within as she listened. She knew that something, some hint of what the BDSM “lifestyle” was about to come. And knowing that it was coming for some reason made her begin to get excited again. “We talked of the mundane in those first few weeks,” Kitty went on. “How are you? What about the weather? Would you like your usual? “Then things progressed after a while. He asked questions about me and my life, how I had ended up working at the lunch counter. I, in turn, began to ask about him. Found out how old he was, where he had grown up, where he went to school and college, and learned that he ran a small shipping business.” “Once the basics were out of the way our discussions began to revolve around service, or more to the point my need to serve.” She paused and sighed once more. “I knew that I wanted something more than what I had. I wanted something that felt greater than what I was doing, and he kne
The Sound Of Her Master's Voice: Chapter 2
hursday had seemed to come a lot faster than Heather had thought it would. And when the day arrived she busied herself as soon as her feet hit the floor, in an effort to hide the slight, yet building, sense of excitement within her. Even though she had tried not to think of it her thoughts over the past couple of days had continued to go back to the dream she had on the Forth of July. She found that the more she though of it the more she wanted to say something to Kitty about the dream, in the hope that the other woman could maybe explain what it meant, or better still, what she had felt. She had been up before the break of dawn, as was her usual routine, though her eyes had been open long before Bill’s alarm had went off. As he got out of bed and showered she had went to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee, then washed dishes before preparing his breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham and toast. They had breakfast as usual, silently eating, Heather looking across the table at her
2 More Poems
I love to write please dont steal my writting!!!! NO MATTER No matter the distance, No matter the time, No matter the long sleepness nights, You wake up to find, No matter what happens, Or how Life reacts, We always have each other as our bestfriend, No Matter what Journeys our life takes us on, We always have each other til 1:30 or dawn, No matter the source, No matter the dreams, No matter what happens, We always have our dreams, We have each other no questions asked, We have everything we could ask for, That will always last!!! How I feel I cant wait to see you, And Wrap you in my arms and hold you tight, I cant wait to hold you all thru the night, I cant wait to gaze at the stars by yourside, While we lay and talk quietly thru the night, I cant wait to hear you wisper, Those words I've longed to hear, I love you more then the breaths, It takes to live one year, You are my soul and my everything, Your all I need and keep you near, You have my heart
Fubar-sad Story
I've been here now for over 7 years, changed my name I don't know how many times an left once or twice do to all the drama this place brought an yet I still come back thinking maybe things have changed but they haven't. It's really a damn shame that after all this time people who you thought was your friend really wasn't but that's o.k. it's just that when you rate/add/fan someone, you'd think they would do the same however that's not the case there has only been a few in which returns the favor & to be honest that's sad as hell... There's one person on here who's really shown the love an that's BigBlueRider an I wanna thank him for everything he has done for me, so THANK YOU GREG for being a sweet friend to me.
Making A Sex Tape Can Make You A Star
What do Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Kendra Wilkinson have in common? They are have released a home made sex tape of themselves. Hollie McKay writes that these tapes may come back and bite them in the rear. Already Pam Anderson is dreading the day she has to explain her sex tape with ex Tommy Lee to her kids. These sex tapes do spring these no talents into the limelight. How else do you explain the celebrity of these women who have done nothing except video taping their sex acts. I must have missed something special because I still haven’t seen any of their tapes. Where do you get these tapes? If I have to pay for them count me out. For more of the story BlastFM is free to listen 24/7. Here the best music every recorded and now you can listen on these mobile units; iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod, the Blackberry, Windows Mobile 5/6 and Nokia 560.
No Ordinary Thing By Opshop
Was this to show you I would not fail you?Was that the reason you were looking back?So I’m trusting in existenceI’m thrusting on momentum.I don’t want to see these threads of love collide not ever againNo, not ever again…no.I know it’s not working.Knowledge will capture comfort one day,and our worlds will be worth more than living once in this lifetime.If we could liberate today, we could alleviate tomorrow,But no one can reach the light switch they say‘No’, that’s what they say…No my love, this is no ordinary thingMy love, my love, my loveThis is no ordinary thingNo, this is no ordinary thingI’m naked, I’m naked in this afterlifeI was falling, I was falling from the greatest highsIf everything, if everything should come to passTell me, when are you coming home to stay?When are you coming home to stay again?To stay again.‘Cause my loveThis is no ordinary thing my loveMy love, my loveThis is no ordinary thingNo, n
Today Sunday August 22, 2010.
Today Sunday August 22, 2010. Well it looks like all my family brought me here to Chatsworth, GA for is so they can slam and persecute me online, with me not having anyway to defend myself. My ex has my son convinced that I was on porn sites and that I am into younger women than my daughter. This is not true, I am into women not girls, I have also visited military websites as well as the sites I belong to. He doesn’t even take the time to get to know where I go online before accusing of such. The adult sites I go to are, Adultspace, and Watchersweb. They do not allow kids in those sites. Besides when did it change where children can tell parents what sites they can or cannot visit inline? I have not violated any online rules. Well here it is 2:20pm the 23rd and still no food stamps and no food in my house, so another day without food. I am starting to run low on coffee and sweetener to boot!! Well at 7:45pm on the 23rd I broke down and offered pay for a can of Ravioli from my dau
Do-it-yourself Home Wind Turbines
When contemplating a Do-It-Yourself home wind turbine, points to consider include expense. Neither difficult to function, nor is the cost of wind energy high, wind turbines can be constructed with a few hundred pounds and basic workshop tools. If there is a local recycling centre, then even better. In modern turbines there are only a few moving parts and they are really light-weight, so while it is necessary for a bit of space and for government guidelines to be followed, there is no need for a high tower to support the generator and blades. If there is access on the roof then a stable and secure frame will be an ideal base for a wind turbine. Other necessities include a kit for mounting the blade and gearing on the frame, these are widely available on the internet or from local renewable energy suppliers. One word of advice is to try to see these operating before purchase, and always buy from a well referenced supplier. Finally advice which is frequently ignored but often invaluabl
i a 23 m hisp with black hair hazel eyes i have 2 kids i am with someone but im looking for a booty buddy down in southeast houston tx im your down just for a fukc hit me up no relation ship what so ever
Her beauty beyond my words,Her heart I cannot grasp.If only across this ocean,My heart I could cast.Would hers come in return,Or mine broken back to me.I look across this ocean,Wishing for her eyes to see.Her beauty,mind and words,I would cherish along with her heart.But until she can see my words are true,Here will I stand,from her an ocean apart.
Boobs 4 Bling Please vote! P.S. please dont 4 get 2 FAR the host:
have you ever been grounded,but feel like your flying,mylyfs like that everyday,aways flyin...
Life Is Hard
What is it like. to care for some one that you barley know an barley  know anything about it sucks to know that you can't have them cuz of other things that are going on in thier life but you still want  to be able to talk to them an ask how thier day was an if everything is  salright you care enough to ask how work went you care enough to ask if everything is ok in thier life but you but you still feel like you have something but you really don't
I Fail
So i tried to create my own Joke text.. with pics.. I got one the other day with a short message with some pics that coordinated with the text it was funny.. so i put some pics together on my laptop..and transfered it to the phone... well, the pic file wont send with the text for some reason...EPIC FAIL with out the pics. maybe its the wrong file type or too large..grrrrr  so.. back to the drawing board i go..    as you were
Banquet Hall
BANQUET HALL At Village Catering, you can leave your banquet worries to us. We are equipped with multi-purpose Banquet Halls, which can be customized for a wedding ceremony or reception, family dinner, corporate event, mitzvah, birthday or anniversary celebrations or funerals. Our banquet halls present a picture of comfort and elegance. Village Catering makes arrangements for both decoration as well as catering services. Years of experience has taught us that in times of celebrations the best possible gift for you is to get all services under one roof. Integrating various modes of entertainment into our banquet set-up is our special area of expertise. We provide customized services for all sorts of budgets and themes. Before starting off with a given plan it’s important for us to know the number of people that are estimated to turn up for the event. The banquet hall should not be either too large or small for the purpose. A packed hall with people moving around
Business Law
Business Law Business law needs to be followed when someone starts a small or med-sized business. Even the start-up entrepreneurs and executives of an organization should be aware of business law. It is better to know the law than to apply wrong laws. A start-up firm should always consult attorneys for the business. One firm, which can help start-up entrepreneurs, is Kozloff Stoudt, which has an experience of 15 years in business law and gives the best advice to the start-up organizations.   At Kozloff Stoudt, the business attorneys are always considered to be an asset to our clients as they help in the formation of founder arrangement, which is required for a start-up organization. A start-up organization has to deal with equity incentives and have limited stock grants too and an attorney helps the organization in handling the equity incentives as well as securities compliance law. The intellectual property issues advice can be attained by a lawyer. Business lawyers at
.... let me be clear, i hate how the system works, i lost custody of my then 1 1/2 year old daughter to my soon to be ex-husband. he is jobless, dirty, abusive and a thief with no license, but when it comes to c&y looking into how he lives, works, or anything... he comes out smelling like a rose. granted i dont drive, but at least i have a steady job, pay bills and have my own phone that i can be reached at. but that matter, F*** NO! i used to live with my mom and didnt have a job, got a job in november, my mom moved out a few months later, still doesnt matter. had to take parenting classes- passed them, in therapy, they say im doing fine...does that matter? apparently not. to make arrangements to see my daughter, i have to call his sister's house phone because he's too damn poor to even afford to buy a prepaid or track phone. it clearly stated that we both needed a phone that we can be reached at and the last time i checked, he doesnt live with his sister. he lives with his gf and gra Shots I Took, Summer 2010
Just sharing some photos I took of myself recently, using my webcam.I'm supposed to shoot with a photographer tomorrow. I think it's been over a year since I've shot with anyone. I've missed it, and now that I've dropped most of my weight that I gained after moving back to Houston in December, I'm ready to start doing shoots again. MISTRESS GENEVIEVEhttp://msgenevieve.com Click to join mistressgenevievesslaves
I Dare You Too Dare And All Your Friends !
I have compiled a list of funny things to do when drunk, these fun and silly things are all free things you can do any where when you are bored. I hearby dare you and in turn you have to dare your friends to do one thing off my list for one day. If you can take photo's and videos of your antics.   CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST   I DARE YOU ALL ;)    PS ADD ME UP IF YOU LAUGH
Another Day!!!!!
Just sitting here wondering when is the first day of the rest of my life going to start????? The house is quiet minus the tv and the air conditioner running. Everyone is asleep but me and thats because I can't sleep.....but oh I stay up and check all of my stuff. WHAT STUFF???? Actually I just spend alot of time doing research for when I can go back to school even if that means going back to school online. I am also going to vent frustration...but right now the only frustration I have is not having any cigarettes to smoke or alcohol to drink. LOVE ME!
Selecting The Best Air Conditioning Repair Services In Pennsylvania
Selecting the Best Air Conditioning Repair Services in Pennsylvania Imagine trying to get through a hot summer day with no air conditioning because every air conditioning service that you have called has not bothered to respond to your complaints. Fear not, if you live in Pennsylvania and are experiencing problems with your air conditioner rest assured that there are several exceedingly efficient air conditioning repair companies in the vicinity who will instantly respond to your queries. For homeowners it is imperative to find an efficient air conditioning repair company in order to tackle the problems pertaining to their air conditioners. Buying an air conditioner is one thing but understanding how it works is another. Today, many homeowners who possess air conditioners are not aware of the finer aspects of the products that they invest their money in purchasing. A good air conditioning repair company will try to smoothen out these steps for you and therefore make it easier for you
If never was a word beauty,Because of her it would have came.Since I had first saw her,My eyes dont see her the same.Her beauty expands more,Each time her I see.I wonder how much more beautiful,She will appear next time to me.Naddie a true wonderment you are,As each time I see your beauty grow.And if there is a time it ends,That day I hope I never know
It's Time To Let Go
It's Time To Let Go     This will hurt, I know, but it's time to let go You no longer consume my every thought You no longer have control I love you, but it's time to let go I must let go of the pain, the empty promisethat was you You don't rule me anymore, it's time to let go I no longer need you to breathe and slowly,I will no longer bleed It's time to let go I will burn for you no more, you were never there I know now what you have done to me I know now who I am and who I must be It's time to let go I am truly sorry we could never be I thank you for all you have shown meand it's time to be free
MaybeFor the first time in agesTo calligraphy and literature I turnLike forgotten art, I feel fadedI'd sooner wish to burnAnimosity, Anxiety.. VirulencyInto one, everything rushes togetherThough it seems like the first time in foreverI've found something I just couldn't weatherTortured, tormented by this obsticale, distraught.Nothing left but a broken shield, and a shattered sword,If I go, will people remember me?My greatest odds are: Probably notLove and pain, are the only reasons it seems I writeEverything lost, nothing left to gainThere's nothing left for me in which to fightAm I at the end of my rope?It feels like I've lost all hopeFor what, you may be curious to knowMaybe one day, someone will ache for meMaybe someday, someone will remember meBut I know that wanted day will never show
Mfkn Is Back
This is THE SLUT! I got the homepage back up and running and HERE IS THE DEAL! We have been gone for a while because MFKN became a joke to most members who called themselves MFKN and lost control of the homepage and it was SAD to say the least. WELL Lately MFKN members have been being rude full of drama and that is UNACCEPTABLE! We are MFKN ...MFKN for LIFE means MFKN FOR MFKN LIFE! So... We are going to start this whole thing from scratch. You want to remain MFKN SB Me. Many were saying "The founder gave me MFKN" 1st off It was not one person's to give 5 founders created MFKN NOT ONE! Have you all forgotten about MFKN Family? not the 10 of you who are close ALL MFKN ALL ALL ALL!!!!!! You have an issue bring it to the Founders (the people in the top family) Lets do this right.
I'm Tired
I'm tired of the liesI'm tired of all the knivesEnough of your gamesIt's time to grow upLearn to live real lives Don't cover up the bullshitDon't tell me you don't despiseKeep telling yourself it's trueWear it all down andMaybe one day you'll realize I'm tired of all the HellI'm tired of emotional wearMaybe you'll pull your head from your assDoubtful I am, but hopefulTo you I was only a fare No more misleadingNo more disguiseIt's time to turn the lights onWake up before you seeIt's nothing but a bunch of lies I'm tired of the hateI'm tired of the angerSo until the one I knewAwakens and returnsI bid a fond adieu
Just When You Think You've Seen It All
this lil boy started chatting me, an i was chattin back, well this is the specialness i get to deal w/ lmao so yes, i am taking time to post the convo, cuz i can =) oh, an now i'm blocked *shock shock* re-rated you a '1' from a '10'! 12:14 northwestr...: would love to make you cum over and over 12:16 to northwestr...: okay, what brought that up 12:16 northwestr...: i think u look hot hun 12:16 to northwestr...: well thank you just a lil surprised is all  12:17 northwestr...: oops sorry hun  12:17 to northwestr...: no worries, just curious  12:17 northwestr...: i like to please a pretty sexy girl 12:18 to northwestr...: i bet you get to do that often 12:19 northwestr...: why do you say that 12:19 to northwestr...: nothing bad, honest 12:21 northwestr...: i have pleased many women but im not a slut...i turned down sex 4 times in last 5 weeks 12:21 northwestr...: i love to eat pussy and make a woman cum hard 12:22 to northw
Homes By Leander
A Guide to Find the Right Real Estate Agent   For anyone interested in real estate or with a functional knowledge of real estate would know what crucial role the real estate agent plays. Operating in the real estate arena without consulting a real estate agent can be quite dangerous or foolhardy, especially if you are a first-timer or are new to the neighborhood. But considering there are as many gems and big fish in this field as there are quacks, impostors and pseudo-agents, it only makes sense to hire the right one for all your property dealings. Remember, a good broker is not necessarily someone who works with a big brokerage or is known in the circuit to be making maximum money on most deals. The right real estate agent for you is someone who will listen to your special and specific requirements, will give you a patient hearing to clear your doubts or apprehensions and will counsel you to choose the best deal. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide and on how to find the right
Love Denied...
Become A Personal Trainer In 6 Simple Steps
Become a Personal Trainer in 6 Simple Steps Are you a fitness junkie? Do you like to be in the best of shape and devour the fitness tips provided in the regular health columns of your favourite magazine? Do you also see yourself taking a lot of interest in busting the fitness myths abounding in the social circle you mix in and a genuine interest in helping others increase their levels of fitness? If the answer to the questions posed above is yes, why don’t you try teaching how to be fit to others and take up the job of a personal trainer? A majority of health-conscious people are in the constant lookout for a personal trainer as it is impossible to adopt and stick to healthy lifestyle choices and the right exercise regime without the able guidance of a personal trainer. Here are few simple steps that can help you become a successful personal trainer.  Step 1  Gauge your capabilities  Besides having a passion for fitness, it is essential that you have several other skills as
   Car Dealers Use Commercial Dumpsters To Promote Clunkers Program In what has to be one of the few examples of businesses using commercial dumpsters as a marketing ploy, car dealerships across the country advertised the cash for clunkers trade-in program by hoisting worn-out vehicles into dumpsters for a compelling visual. Car dealers, hurt by the recession and drastic reductions in car sales over the past year, jumped at the government rebate program as a way to increase new car sales. The clunkers program, which provided $3 billion in rebates for consumers who traded in old gas-guzzling vehicles for new, more efficient models, was by most accounts wildly successful. Koons Ford outside Baltimore advertised the clunkers program by depositing a large SUV in a commercial dumpster to draw attention. Sutliff Chevrolet in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania crammed multiple cars into a dumpster near the roadway.   The success of the clunkers program in the U.S. has led to a similar program
The Luxury Ugg 5803 Bailey Button Boots Cheap Sale
The women’s UGG 5803 boots is a calf-height boot made from genuine twin-face Ugg sheepskin boots.The upper cuff on this traditional style has a natural curl, making each pair slightly different and uniquely yours.The Bailey Button is updated with a wooden ugg classic tall logo button and elastic band closure and as with all boots in our Classic collection, this boot features a soft foam insole covered with genuine sheepskin and has a light and flexible outsole designed for refreshing comfort with every step. UGGS Classic Cardy Approximate boot shaft height: 7″ (5″ folded).Approximate boot circumference at opening: 13″.Twin-faced Grade A sheepskin with suede heel guards. Australian Ugg sheepskin boots are loved by so many people in any age and vocation. Till now, lots of styles have been released from that house. Looks created by these shoes are all simple, yet rather sophisticated. Artists insist on a classy taste. But hardly have they applied sparkling decorat
New Corum Golden Bridge; Corum Ti-bridge
Ti-Bridge Titanium Material/ CO 007 Manual Winding movement/ Hour, Minute display/ Sapphire Crystal Face, transparent back/ water resistant 50m/ Diameter 42.5*41.5mm/ limitation 750 pieces Lateral Corum Golden Bridge Version As the one of the top four series of Corum watches, this lateral Golden Bridge version represents a genius originality and a more professional exploration on watch-making. Titanium movement intensifying the stability The new all titanium-made CO 007 manual winding movement and 1 “V” s holder structure not only enhance the stability of mechanism, but also impress the customers with a strong feeling of technology. All titanium material is also the main reason of change the name from Corum Golden Bridge to Ti-Bridge. NIRVANA and REVIVAL of Lateral movement Bucket-like watchcase provides and overall view of the whole watch. Slight bend radian for wrist; bright and burnishing side frame; noctilucent hour and minute display; all of these endow the cl
Making A Proper Salute For Fubar
Because if you don't have one, it's freaking EASY. If someone you know needs to learn how to do this, maybe just send them here. YouTube ate my original audio, so yes, I would change it to something from their library like Red Tape by Agent Provocateur.
Wanting U....
I sit and wonder if u truly notice me.....we chat back and forth, but thats as far as it goes. U say u like me but how can I be sure. My heart has been shattered and Im terrified to love again?? Im always the girl waiting in the wings instead of center stage....U can say its my fault thou,  Im way to scared of rejection when it comes to matters of the heart. Maybe Im wanting u to chase me, to really CHASE ME!! Demand my attention,  break down the walls that I have put up, fight for my heart......for now, I will admire u from afar(h) till next time my prince.....kisses     Sounds kind of stalkish, huh? lmaooo     Well Im not a stalker just have a crush on someone that Im too shy to tell them....    
Greetings, Greetings, Fellow Star Gazers!
“Lord, look upon David’s mom with eyes of mercy, may your healing hand rest upon her, may your life giving powers flow into every cell of her body and into the depths of her soul, cleansing, purifying, restoring her to wholeness and strength for service in your Kingdom.  Amen.”   I just learned logging on this morning that Jack Horkheimer, the executive director of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium and host of “Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer” that you can see on PBS since 1976, died last Friday.  I remember the title as “Star Hustler”, but such is life … anyway, it caught my attention because I remember watching the five-minute installment on late nights in Florida and Jack Horkheimer came across as your stereotypical nerd, walking feet out in almost a waddle, high-pitched voice, and he made astronomy fun to watch!  He comes across NOW as a man who rose above himself – this from a comic book, no less: “We are all stereotypes
*you're A Whore For Lack Of A Better Word
*unfinished* Just take this knife and sew the woundBest friends,enemies,it's all the sameAnother face,another crowded roomI won't buy in,be a part of your gameYou think you had me goingThe hardest part was letting goYou think you have me hurtingI should have said noYou should have a warning labelFor all that you hid under the tableI can't believe I didn't seeWhat you had up your sleeve
*fuck You
I'm waiting for this momentSeems like it's taking so longJust one last breath till you seeWhat life will be like when I'm goneYou had your chancesAll you did was push me awayYou had your chancesAll you did was push me Everytime I try to breatheYou're always thereSecond guessing meEverytime I try to seeThe only one who needs to go IS ME. I thought I got rid of youI cut of all of my tiesWhat else am I supposed to doWhen I'm drowning in all of your liesYou had your chancesAll you did was push me awayYou had your chancesAll you did was PUSH ME Everytime I try to breathe You're always there Second guessing me Everytime I try to see The only one who needs to go IS ME.
The Mystery Of Penis Size...finally Uncovered.
I recently had a male friend of mine ask me, "Would you rather have sex with a guy who had a thick 9" penis, a guy with an average 6" penis, or a smaller 4" one and why?" To this, I replied that there wasn't enough information presented to formulate a real opinion. After an exasperated sigh on his end (which I seem to get regularly, due to my constant need for more information), I explained the entire mystery regarding what women think of penis size, and it's that knowledge I share today with you fine folks.First, size DOES matter, but only in terms of confidence, really. What a girl generally finds is that, those packing the "big guns" tend to be rather self aware, and their ego often allows them to overlook performance. Similarly, those with smaller than average packages fail to have much in the area of confidence, and this too may be related in the bedroom. Here's the reality:Big Boys: The Pros - In a way, penis size is a bit like breast size. While some like the appearance of somet
Contest Update
Over the past 2 weeks of doing this contest, I've realized some things. #1 I don't ever want to do a contest again--too time consuming. #2 You find out quickly how many douchebag assholes you have your "friends" list. I've been deleted over this contest, called a point whore (which I'm still not understanding since I haven't won anything yet), been "called out" in MuMMs for asking for help, my friends have been blocked and yelled at for helping me. Over a contest. A stupid, supposed to be FUN contest. I didn't beg or whine for anyone to help me; anyone who has spent time pimping me, whoring me and sharing the link did so because, for a reason I can't think of, LIKE me and want me to win. Whether it's really wanting me to win or wanting someone else to lose, I don't care. It's appreciated.   I've grown tired of the high and mightiness people have shown because of this: "You're a MuMMer and you're whoring?! GASP!" No. I am me. I MuMM, yes. I am not abiding by any code where you're prac
Emergency Services: Death Of An American Citizen
Emergency Services Death of An American Citizen If an American citizen passes away while in Afghanistan, the Embassy can provide crucial assistance to the employer and family members during this difficult time.  For estate, insurance and other purposes, surviving family members need to receive a Report of Death Abroad for relatives who have passed away while outside the United States.  In order to issue a Report of Death, the Consular Section will need the following documents: Original death certificate issued by the local authorities; Doctor’s report with the cause of death listed; and U.S. passport of the deceased. Upon receipt of these documents, a consular officer will issue the Report of Death Abroad and cancel the U.S. passport.  If your American friend or relative has died while you are traveling in Afghanistan, please contact the U.S. Embassy at ÷(0)700-10-8001/8002 or ÷(0)700-20-1908.  The Embassy regrets that it does not have funds a
Feelin Bad About Feelin Bad
SHAMEMakes us feel bad"I AM A FAILURE"Is only our guilt talkingAS ITFILLS OUR HEAD WITH LIESbecause of this guilt..SHAMECAN TRIGGERFEAR OF LOSSWe lie to others..ONELIESPINSUS ANOTHERSOON WE BELIEVE OURSELVESLIESCONSISTENT PATTERNLIESsoon one cant keep them straightIn the mind deceptionTo make us overcome the outcomeFIGHTING A LOSING BATTLEWITHLOSING WORDSLIES
Wtf Do You Want From Me!?!?
Fuck ur falsified friendshipn fuck all the liesGo on and just keep thinking uwon the greatest prizeSuffer for your actsSuffer for your sineveryone else has to helpme because of this mess u put me inCan tell u how bad things areU never fuckin carewell On ur day of demiseGuess who won't be thereTired of the pathetic bullshitjust finally said fuck it!!!!!sick of hearing how u help sumoneYou only ever put me downKeep destroying livesUr just a fucking clown...Keeping u at a distanceKeep u far awayfinally fuckin sick of uIts all i got to Say
CLOSURESeek the truthmake me saneDig beneathWhat remainsFeel the angstFought the painCut the guiltHope for gainCut the tieIs a mustAll i leaveis a trustLife goes onAll must changeUncut tiesbecome estrangedPeople dieRelationships endClosure is neededOr nobody will mend
New Day
Form follows function.  -  Louis Henri Sullivan
Yess Or Nooo???
You can ONLY answer Yes or No.2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explainANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks. And believeme, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming, asnothing is exactly as it seems. Copy and paste this into your notes,delete my answers, type in your answers, and tag asmany of yourfriends as you'd like to. Kissed any one of your Facebook friends? --- yess Been arrested? --- nooo Kissed someone you didn't like? --- yess Slept in until 5 PM? --- nooo Fallen asleep at work/school? --- yess Held a snake? --- yess Ran a red light? --- nooo Been suspended from school? --- nooo Experienced love at first sight? --- yess Totaled your car in an accident? --- nooo Been fired from a job? --- nooo Fired somebody? --- nooo Sang karaoke? --- yess Pointed a gun at someone? --- yess Done something you told yourself you wouldn't --- yess
lupine\ LOO-pahyn \adjective;  1. Savage; ravenous; predatory.  2. Pertaining to or resembling the wolf. noun:   1. Any of numerous plants belonging to the genus Lupinus, of the legume family.
Cdc Alert
The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a newvirulent strain of this old disease. The disease is called GonorrheaLectim. It's pronounced "Gonna re-elect 'em," and it is a terribleObamanation.The disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behaviorinvolving putting your cranium up your rectum. Many victims contractedit in 2008...but now most people, after having been infected for thepast1-2 years, are starting to realize how destructive this sickness is.It's sad because Gonorrhea Lectim is easily cured with a new drug justcoming on the market called Votemout. You take the first dose in 2010and the second dose in 2012 and simply don't engage in such behavioragain; otherwise, it could become permanent and eventually wipe out alllife as we know it.Several states are already on top of this, like Virginia and New Jerseyandapparently now Massachusetts , with many more seeing the writing on thewall.Please pass this important message on to all those bright folk youre
I've Been Thinkin..
Of starting my own lounge...but I haven't quite decided yet..I mean there's alot of work I know..but that's okay I got nothing but time. If anyone could give me their opinions it would totally rock and be SOO appreictaed. And if you'd wanna work for me...let me know..and give me areason why!?!? Love you guys. You all are totally F**k'n awesomee!   xoxo   Mimi!
What To Think
how do we as pl know what to think and how to take what others say as to be truth, lies, something we want to hear or need to hear, i am beginning to believe ppl say what we in a round about way tell them we need, and want to hear which may not always be the truth....i for one just want the truth no matter if i want to hear it or not, i could get over bein hurt quickly rather than being strung along.
Been A While.....
Did you all here about the BS law this POS president passed? if you work more than 32 hrs a week you have to buy insurance! WTF? so its a catch 22 if you work more than 32 hours you have to pay like $100 a month in insurance or if you decide to just work 31 hrs you get shit pay!!!!! know what i say we fucked up by putting this POS in office
Guys let me ask, why can't women just be honest? why do they have to say ya i care for you or i love you, then you find out it's all BS. When guys tell women how we feel or what we really want they say we're insenative or creeps or whatever. HONESTY women you should learn it, it would make the world a better place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Conception
Let me introduce to you Jon. Jon is a grey squirrel from the city. He was born somewhere near that big oak you see every day, during your 5-minute walk through the park, as part of your eco-friendly commute to work. His parents provided for him, giving what what he needed, but rarely the unnecessary things that he wanted. So, they never did buy him that cue stick or "Billards: Advanced Technique" book that he always wanted. They would tell him that his hands were too small to play pool. They would tell him that he would never be able to play pool as well as his neighbours - the Cats. Okay, so they didn't actually TELL him that - no decent parent is that heartless - but Ricky Cat was always teasing Jon about his small hands, and Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel didn't want Jon suffering from a lack of self esteem. However, the Squirrels instead taught little Jon how to sew. They taught him how to plant growing things. One year, they even taught their beloved son how to make baskets! All of his fr
Answer me this can a man and woman be just friends or does it always come down to sex  
The Date~ Part 1
She'd had it all explained to her. She wasn't really involved in the lifestyle, but was curious enough that she thought she'd give it a go. Besides, she really liked my Master. i think she would have fucked Him in front of a live television audience if that was what He had asked for. But He hadn't. Instead, He had invited her to spend an evening at His home in the country. The home He also shares with me.One thing i was never denied as my Master's slave grrl was adorable outfits. i make so few demands. Fuck ANYONE you want, just please please please let me watch and get me a cute outfit so i am presentable. So i pick her up in my driving outfit, which is of course a black skirt and jacket with a white shirt. Corset, of course. Ball gag so i don't interrupt them. And we can't forget the collar. On this trip, Master had been kind enough to let me wear my vibrating underwear. He held the remote for it in His pocket and would occasionally change the setting to remind me that He is always i
Newest Song..................made 8-23-2010
Hold me now 'cause I am floating away Hold me now 'cause I can't take this So full of hate and anguish Destroying all the faith we had left   Can't escape this wicked fate Can't get away from all this pain It's new and lingering And tearing me apart at the seams   Hold me now 'cause I am drifting away Hold me now 'cause I am barely breathing Torn apart at my core I can't take this anymore   Never thought this would ever end Never thought I would ever apprehend Breaking, pushing, prodding This nightmarish fairytale   Hold me now'cause I am floating away Hold me now 'cause I can't take this So full of pain and torture Destroying what little faith I had left   Why can't i escape this hell we've made Never thought it would come down to this   Hold me now 'cause I am floating away Hold me now 'cause I am barely breathing Just hold me
South And The God Damn Bible
What is it with the South and the fucking Bible??? you believe in a book and live your life after it, you don't curse, you don't drink. But.... you being an Asshole, at work, in life, then you going to church and pray, and all will b forgiven you fuckers are out of your minds,    ahhhh im saved....fuck you are   just be a good person in general that's what he want's you to be!!! so fuck of you fucking no good Babtist Mofos
Want To Join The Fubar Street Team?
The purpose of the Fubar Street Team is to promote! Get the word our in any way you can! We want some more cool peeps on fubar!   As a Street Team Prospect - Please go through the following as do it as your time allows. This is volunteer, dont stress urself on anything. - You must have an approved salute - Add the Fubar Street Team page as a friend: Make Street Team folder in your pictures.   Once you are accepted as a friend, you will be able to continue on and view the blogs. - PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 24 HOURS FOR YOUR FRIEND REQUEST TO BE ACCEPTED - Please read all blogs to get caught up on what we have been doing.- View Street Team page photos to see how we have been promoting.- Before you do ANY promoting, please read this: - Add the Silver Wings to your profile in your 'About Me' section:
Just A Few Bars.
Ever had the feeling, you're trapped inside your head, no place to go nothing to do just skankin the nights away, proper clownin keepin bullshit away,wrapped up in your mind, pretendin nothin is wrongthen you look up. To the sky, nothin's there, jus the past fallin down on you.
Eat A Peach
Eat a peach   Soft fuzz Tickles the nose   Delicate crease Tongue caress   Juice sweetest After passion spent   Eat a peach Her wound divine   Desire Fruit of mine     poet  Eat a peach   Soft fuzz Tickles the nose   Delicate crease Tongue caress   Juice sweetest After passion spent   Eat a peach Her wound divine
See Jimi Hendrix Live In London
Jimi Hendrix, an icon of the psychedelic era when music was in its most creative phase. Jimi along with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and countless other music artists transformed music to a whole new level. Music was not just to dance to but it was a listening experience that immersed its listeners into a nirvana. A place where the cares of the world seemed remote. Now you can tour the apartment in which Jimi Hendrix lived while in London. Relive that that glorious musical past. Just click the link BlastFM plays music from the past and present. Now you can listen on your mobile unit. Here’s a list of mobile units that play Live 365: The iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod, the Blackberry, Windows Mobile 5/6 and Nokia 560. Click it baby  
C51 - Everyday Normal Girl
females with boobs? friends with balls? fondle wet breasts? feel wiggle bend? Any thoughts..I mean suggestions? :)
New First
hey ppl well this is my first blog N just wanted to say look me up talk with me whatev
Challenge: Unclean College Salute
I love higher education, or at least I love students of higher education. So I was thinking of something fun to do for our fans on facebook who want to earn some prizes.   So here's the deal..... 1) Make a Salute Sign like normal. ---Must say clearly ---Must have your username clearly   2) Go to your local college campus ---During the day ---While there are lots of people there (no sneaking around at night!)   3) Stand in front of the college sign "University of Fubar - Redwood City" for example 4) Make sure there are some strangers in the photo with you. 5) Have someone snap your photo. 6) Post your photo on Fubar and then POST A LINK TO YOUR PHOTO HERE :   That last part is important. I'll personally send you a reward for your efforts, and when I get bored with it I'll send something extra to a winner of my choosing.   Pretty simple. Any questions?
Hi Everybody
im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkk.....Missed me???? glad to know some of you did......
Life, Love, And Whatever Else I Feel Like Blogging About Today
Do you ever feel like you have no idea what to do with you life?  I just turned 37 and I have no idea.  I am in a relationship that probably will not end in a happily ever after.  Not probably, I know it won’t. I cannot see myself marrying him because of his temper.  Even though I was in a 15 year relationship, I do not think I have ever had a total relationship.  We are either great friends/partners and we aren’t good lovers together or we fight like cats and dogs and the sex life is fantastic or neither. Maybe that is elusive to most people, I don’t know, it seems like others have found it.  Most days I feel that whole romantic illusion of not the perfect person but the perfect one for me is not there so I stay with the Devil I know, instead of chancing a worse Devil to come because I danced that dance once and it was not pleasant at all. Most people only see glimpses of who I really am on here because I don’t want to show the world me.  I am sensitive and ca
Douche Bag Of The Day Award11:38am Reply Isthisronald: Hey Sexy Cancel Chat 11:39am More To Isthisronald: What? Cancel Chat 11:39am Reply Isthisro
11:38amreplyisthisronald: hey sexy cancelChat11:39ammoreTo isthisronald: what? cancelChat11:39amreplyisthisronald: how are you cancelChat11:40ammoreTo isthisronald: ??? cancelChat11:40ammoreTo isthisronald: what the fuck do you want? cancelChat11:40amreplyisthisronald: i got a toy today was just wanting to try it cancelChat11:40ammoreTo isthisronald: i dont fucking care you stupid cungt get out of my sb cancelChat11:41amreplyisthisronald: u cant handle this big cock? cancelChat11:41amreplyisthisronald: can you just give me a good position to slide it in me cancelChat11:41ammoreTo isthisronald: i dont want your cock your fucking lame trying to pick up chicks cancelChat11:42ammoreTo isthisronald: online so ghey cancelChat11:42amreplyisthisronald: im not trying to pick up anyone...i am just trying to cum on my new dildo cancelChat11:42ammoreTo isthisronald: why dont you try the gay bar dow the road from you cancelChat11:42ammoreTo isthisronald: go cum some where else you cock sucker cance
How 2 Make Her Smile
When she walks away from you mad [ Follow her ] When she stare's at your mouth [ Kiss her ] When she pushes you away [ Grab her and dont let go ] When she start's shouting at you [ Kiss her and tell her you love her ] When she's quiet [ Ask her whats wrong ] When she ignore'...s you [ Give her your attention ] When she pull's away [ Pull her back ] When you see her at her worst [ Tell her she's beautiful ] When you see her start crying [Just hold her and dont say a word ] When you see her walking [ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ] When she's scared [ Protect her ] When she lay's her head on your shoulder [ Tilt her head up and kiss her ] When she steal's your favorite hat [ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night] When she tease's you [ Tease her back and make her laugh ] When she doesnt answer for a long time [ reassure her that everything is okay ] When she look's at you with doubt [ Back yourself up always tell the truth no matter what] When she say's that she like's y
Kiss My Country Ass
Tearin' down a dirt road, Rebel flag flyin' Coondog in the back. Truckbed loaded down with beer, and a cold one in my lap. Earnhardt sticker behind my head, and my woman by my side. Tailpipes poppin', the radio's rockin', "Country Boy Can Survive." Well if you got a problem with that, You can kiss my country ass! Well I love turkey calls, over-alls, wrangler jeans, and smoke nothing Marlboro Reds. Tattoos up and down my arms, and deer heads over my bed. My grandaddy fought in World War II, and my daddy went to Vietnam. And I ain't scared to grab my gun, and fight for my home land. Well if you don't love the American Flag, You can kiss my country ass! If you're a down home, backwoods redneck, Come on stand up and raise your glass. But if you ain't down with my outlaw crowd, Well you can kiss my country ass! Well there's a whole lot a high class people out there, that's a lookin' down on me. Cuz the country club where I belong, Is the honkey tonk til three in the mornin' I don't where no
love sayings If I Love The World, I Love It Because You're in it! Always choose the 1 u love over the 1 u like, 'cause the 1 u like will choose the 1 they love You For Me.. Me For You.. Together Forever Is Where We'll Be. A weak sense of trust, Weak feet on the ground, It seems that true love, Is no where to be found Everything You Are... Means Everything To Me (L) If you love someone, you just don't care for them, you are afraid to lose them. I want a trip inside your head to hear the things you haven't said Love is like the wind, u feel it, but u cant see it Love is when you find someone you would give all for, including your own life. Love is the power to live. You're the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep (L) Love is a crime that requires an accomplice. It doesnt matter what all those people think of you, u have to be true 2 yourself, no matter what happens, I will always love you My days are long, my nights are longer, but every moment with you is never long en
Long Haired Country Boy By Charlie Daniels Band
People say I'm no-good, And crazy as a loon. I get stoned in the morning, I get drunk in the afternoon. Kinda like my old blue tick hound, I like to lay around in the shade, An', I ain't got no money, But I damn sure got it made. 'Cos I ain't askin' nobody for nothin', If I can't get it on my own. If you don't like the way I'm livin', You just leave this long-haired country boy alone. Preacher man talkin' on the TV, He's a-puttin' down the rock 'n' roll. He wants me to send a donation,'Cos he's worried about my soul. He said: "Jesus walked on the water,"And I know that is true, But sometimes I think that preacher man, Would like to do a little walkin', too. But I ain't askin' nobody for nothin', If I can't get it on my own.
An Explanatory Memorandum, On The General Strategic Goal For The Muslim Brotherhood In North America
By Geoffrey Grider • August 23, 2010------------------------------------------------------------------------------An Explanatory Memorandum, On the General Strategic Goal for the Muslim Brotherhood In North America The smoking gun. Sooner or later I figured the proof would surface of the true Muslim intent behind the mosque at Ground Zero. Today I report on an article from the Northeast Intelligence Network and the amazing information which they have uncovered. We will also present to you "Exhibit 003-0085" by the US Federal Government documenting the real plan of the Muslim Brotherhood and how it relates to the mosque at Ground Zero."Racists, Xenophobes and bigots. Those are just a few terms used to describe the opponents of the Islamic center planned near Ground Zero. These characterizations could possibly be avoided, however, by more fact-based protest. To date, defenders of the center seemed undeterred, despite all that is know about the project front man. Look just a bit deep
Fuck Off. Ppl Form Usa Are Pricks Bags. Thier Are Rude. Come To Canada The Poeple Will Help You So Fuck Off Ur Fat Ass Prick
Grasp Me(who I Am)
I'm cocky yet shy yet confindent the best guy in a sense Was in a car acident at 6, and been on fire evry since ask why i b so hot...few mins you'll think da same few days jus for you lames and it varies wit all you dames a lova neva a fighter, but fight for those who's light dividin all da fake from real wit jus my mind i'm devine in all i do keep God above it all seeded up wit 2 kids whom i love and would kill all....for five, six again da best at dis shit analyzin everything and everyone trust i kno wat is and wat isn't All those whom i weary because i kno your intentions your methods and devious - ness.. only go how far i allow them to go so watch ya self thinkin Tee is so oblivious jus cuz i try to think dis life is precious dat God has givin us I'm livin jus for da city, committee, the whole world in fact i hate dis individualness we all should move in packs but dats jus my opinion i dont expect you to agree But thats why your not and im hot infinity degrees Lets g

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