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Gifts The Keep Giving.
from: likalittlehottie Eagle Creek, OR subject: likalittlehottie sent you a Panty Dropper received: 11/3/2012 01:03 am replied: no   block this member "please just follow the " Drinks raise your buzz meter and help you earn bonus points for everything you do on fubar! For example, if your buzz meter is at 100%, you get a 10% point bonus for everything you do on fubar!!! (click here for more info)   Click here to return the favor! Click here to see this gift on your profile.     Not really sure how to take this..
Dva Bounty Hunter Hall Of Fame 20
{DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED ♥ Suck My Cøcki... and collected a bounty of $2,735,701,000, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Hattori H... just KILLED Jump In and collected a bounty of $67,318,356,342, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED hammy2 and collected a bounty of $84,926,994,808, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! DVA} Hattori H... just KILLED The Priest and collected a bounty of $31,165,194,673, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED mmlmac55 and collected a bounty of $3,362,615,480, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Hattori H... just KILLED Gabris and collected a bounty of $137,275,954,543, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Hattori H... just KILLED lil grouper and collected a bounty of $39,257,837,983, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Hattori H... just KILLED TeRRoR ZiM and collected a bounty of $142,162,236,108, with
  2,神圣战争 MV原文:In My Sword In Trust,演唱:Ensiferum 而且,这种情况的发生,以及继续,是2012年我为全国人大常委会委员长为标准,否者,全部自由落体到烂白菜价格。 当然, 其中一项人民币美元=1:1为标杆之一,更是一刻不能停止, 即: 人民币对英镑;欧元;港币;日元;澳门元;泰国铢;韩国&#
骚乱春天 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,诺亚方舟 1,骚乱革命 要英国骚乱? 还是要阿拉伯之春? 英国骚乱与阿拉伯之春,以及全球各国的政坛的大换血,等等等等,或者说全世界各个地方的各个国家的政权的更迭,等等等等, 是2008年全球金融危੒
New Song Out!
Hello everyone!We made a return back at the old drawing board and came up with a new tune for you all to listen. The song is titled "Dilemma?" and can be found on our profile. Go vote the hell out of it As a note on the side we'd like to remind you all to go to our Facebook page and hit "Like". We need all the support we can get and in return we will keep providing you with new tunes  Our FB can be found HERE.Pass this message on to your friends and tell them to do the same. Thank you all in advance!Keep rockin' and stay doomed! SDMF \,,/
Love Is The Power
Love is a power thats makes life go through all kinds of trip and at times traps  some  lives in all kind of tricky situation. it has always followed life .it will always follow life because life without love is no life at all......LIFE HAS REALIZED...
Christmas Party Dresses
Want to look hot and stylish? Log on to, Available are beautiful going out dresses, celebrity dresses, sequin party dresses and christmas party dresses for women etc.
I Want To Put Beautiful Disaster On My Page By Kelly Clarkson
I think about someone all the time, even though it don't seem right. I am with a person who don't treat me right. It may be wrong but I dream of another. Someone I can't have. I don't understand why I had the dream but it makes me think of this person all the time. I adore this person, who is inspirational to me. I keep this to myself, because if this gets out I can lose alot. In my dream I woke up with them awake staring at me in my bed. Though it seemed so natural, like it was meant to be. When the person im with hollars at me I think of this person, wishing the person I was with was like him sweet hearted, brilliant, georgous. Well anyways about the title this song makes me think of him.
Platinum Wedding Cake Appeared.
June is the season of June bride. But why is it called "June bride" in the first place?There are many theories.As an influential theory,the name of the month "June" is coming from Juneau goddess who is responsible for the marriage in Roman mythology,and you will be happy if you get married in the month of this goddess. In addition, there is also a theory or that people, from easy to gather the time to June the weather is the most stable and well settled farming in Europe. But in Japan, this time in reverse just rainy season. Hotel industry and bridal foot traffic is often absolutely Tonoki. There is also the origin of only a Japanese, I thought of trying to dispel the poor management by June to follow the customs of Europe "Then good luck June Bride" that. Similar in order to have eat the eel was not popular in the summer and would think up something "Midsummer Day of the Ox". Melia of customs concerning marriage that is recognized as a matter of course in modern Japan, There are ma
My Dad!!!!!!
My dad has a blockage behind his knee and the first time they went to check it he had 95% blockage in his groin area. So he had to have a major surgery to remove the plaque then. He has had a heart attack and a stint put in so I was scared because every time they do angioplasty something goes wrong. Today they made it to his knee but he has new arteries that go around the blockage so they cant do anything for the blockage and he has to deal with the pain until the new arteries make it down to his foot! Thank you for all of your prayers! Nothing bad happened today! I am so thankful!!!
My Lil' Cousin
I just heard some bad cuz has lost his home in Seaside, NJ.....please i need ideas to help him out....I feel terrible that he needs a place to live and i can do anything for him living so far away   thanks,   Supe.
Your Vote Is Important Plz Read
Four Years Without My Mom
Well nov 23 is coming up if you read the first blog u would see what im talking. It will be the 4th year without my best friend my mom. I no longer have the one person who can help me through certain things in life like the things she had to deal with. Yes theres other family members yes there are friends but its not the same. Isnt there one person you no longer have here on earth that you wish you had back i do & its my mom. This month sucks so does Christmas me & her use to make cookies & candy together i dont have that anymore. Now i have fear of when i see an accident a love one is in. I know have the road that it happened on is the road i take to see my dad. I have the flashes backs of it, I have the guilt that had I only drove the whole way to her house instead of meeting her half way that she would still be here. Please im begging u all tell your family u love them find a way to not hate members of your family family is all u have & they wont be here forever. I LOVE YOU MOM & MI
Teach You How To Care For A Child's Hair
  Now alopecia crowd more and more, not only adolescent severe hair loss, even children hair loss, so how to care the child's hair? Experts offer several child care hair method: 1 wash hair The child is still small, and now is in the fast growth period,ghd australia the new supersedes the old. Very strong, so their hair grease is secreted more, if the parents are usually very busy, very long time not to give the children wash hair, then the child scalp grease and sweat, and many other secretions and pollutants will stimulate the scalp, and it led scalp itching, blisters, or secondary infection, such as hair is falling down.Only as often as your baby shampoo, keep hair clean and sanitary, the scalp can be stimulated, can promote hair growth.When shampoo, should choose a special baby shampoo, can promote hair growth.When shampoo, should choose a special baby shampoo, wash gently massage the hair, do not forcibly knead hair, to prevent hair matted together.Then use a clean
Relationships ..marriage/divorces
Ok y'all I have a question to ask y'all. I've been racking my brain with for a week or so...This is something that I know who it happen to right now in relationship that a marriage is now going through a divorce. ok here is the question... Is it ok that when one half in the relationship cheats and the other half forgives the other half for cheating then years down the line the other half who forgave the other half for cheat but they are cheating because of other half is still cheating. but the other half who cheated first won't forgive like the other half did, and basically calling quits cause the other half is cheating. because of the fact they are tired of the other half. basically the other half been looking for a a long time cause for them to say quits after a 15 yrs of marriage the other half wants to keep the married but the other one doesn't....I want everybody to comment and tell me what you think. I who is in the wrong but I believe it takes two to make a marriage and takes (
Mind Is A Spiral Maze
It's like a movie reel in slow motionLoseing all emotionTrapt in a spiral mazeMind stuck in a dazeFuture and present is the sameSuch a disapointment that I cameThe things I want don't want meDisturbing thoughts that won't let me beTry holding onto a hopeNever learned how to copeNow all I do is walk around and mopeConstantly feeling crappyWill I ever understand being happy
Sad Times
1. The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.2. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.3. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.4. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.New International Version 1. The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.2. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,3. He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.4. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.*The Message*1. GOD, my shepherd! I don't need a thing.2. You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from.3. True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction.*4. Even when the
What A Ride ...
love this ride .........    bY Christine 
New York....we Love You....
New York had 911 now you have the floods how much more pain can you bear, I love New York the city of dreams of Arts city of love we all want to be a star. I love New York , I Iove New York , walk in the park , eat at the best places , have the best broad way shows , best night clubs , see a star, OMG best place to lay your head down in the subway train....   bY Christine  I do love New York  I do love New York hold on New York we all pray for you ...... 
The End
The End This is the end The end of this nightmare The end of you and me The end of this terrible life I grab this knife I look at it’s beautiful blade How welcoming it looks How wonderful the pain feels The blood flows down my wrist I think of all the great times we had All the things we shared It all fades away into the darkness The darkness of never more It was all a dream This is the end
Ghost Blood all around your body A smile crosses my face She sees me there She yells in my face I don’t notice She storms away I plan my revenge She soon will pay I hide your body Out the chimney stack She beats me down A smile still remains The night I can’t sleep She sleeps soundly next door My plan comes to an end Revenge now will come I sneak in her room Chop off her head Hide the body Under the bed Now she can’t yell My revenge now is over She tried to kill me But you can’t kill a ghost
Black Heart
Black Heart My heart is black My hands stained red Your body on the floor Creeping towards death The knife in my hand The gash in your throat I stare in your eyes Your life fades away They come running in Guns in hands They see a note For I am gone They see your body Knife in hand The note of suicide Written in blood They look for me I’m nowhere to be found They wonder where I am I am in your head
Poem I Wrote...
HATE Hate is a strong word It hurts so many inside Keep your comments to yourself If you have nothing good to say For once I can say I know how it feels To be hated for all the wrong reasons I am who I am and I can’t change The fact that everyone can see These scars from past reality I held back tears I’ve hid pain behind smiles For the fear that you would see The fact that life is not good to me I’m hated by many and loved by few They take my heart Smash it up Stick it back and forget I have feelings too you know So take back my heart Put it together and don’t forget I am human just like you I bleed crimson red And I cry for you I may not be like you But the fact that I need help Should get your attention I’m hated by many and loved by few Why can’t you see I’m human too?
What Is Love?
What is Love? Love is taking care of yourself. Taking care of your family. Giving.
Old Penis
Old Penis Poem My nookie days are overMy pilot light is outWhat used to be my sex appealIs now my water spout. Time was when, on its own accordFrom my trousers it would springBut now I've got a full-time jobTo find the blasted thing. It used to be embarrassingThe way it would behaveFor every single morningIt would stand and watch me shave. Now as old age approachesIt sure gives me the bluesTo see it hang its little headAnd watch me tie my shoes
Oral Sex
An Ode to Oral Sex Penis breath, a lover's dread Is what you get when you give head Unpleasant as it tends to be Be grateful that he doesn't pee It's times like this, you wonder why you bothered reaching for his fly But it's too late, can't be a tease Accept the facts, get on your knees You know you've got a job to do So open wide and shove it through Lick the tip then take it all Don't drag your teeth or he might bawl Slide up and down, use your tongue And feel the precum start to run Just, when you can't take anymore You hear your lover's mighty roar And when he hits that real high note You feel it oozing down your throat Salty, fishy, sticky, yuck!y stuff Okay, already that's enough Let's switch you say, before you gag And whats your revenge, your on the rag.  
All You Need Is Love
If I had the chance to get to know those of you that have spent even the smallest bit of time on my profile or chatting with me, I would appreciate you understanding that even if it doesn't seem like it I always am trying to better myself. I am hoping to reach a point in my life where I am satisfied with my life. Only then can I feel more needed or appreciated for all that I do. Which is more than I should have to do, in my eyes anyways. I'm not asking for money. I don't need anything except love. It is very true that all you need is love. The kind of love I am refering to isn't sex either. The problem is too many people don't know that. If they were the unloved maybe they would have a basic understanding. If they are poor and don't have the quality of not taking anything for granted, that could only complicate matters more.  I hope ya all don't think I think that I am all knowing, by any measure. Just sharing and caring in fiquration that there may be others out there that would li
Lodha Casa Bella Gold Dombivali Residential Apartments 09999684955
Lodha Casa Bella GoldLodha Group now bring you the city of dreams "Lodha Casa Bella Gold" the roomy, air-conditioned apartments offer astounding views of the grand central square or the sprawling golf course and the river beyond, for anyone those desire live luxury life in Mumbai, Located at Palava, Kalyan-Shil Road, Junction of Dombivali-Navi Mumbai. Lodha Casa Bella Gold is absolute with every facility, relieve and comfort you could possibly want, to enable you to live a perfect life. In addition, Lodha Developer offers you all the benefits of its prime location - easy connectivity, a walk to shopping mall, medical facility, multiplex, and a world-class ICSE school. And all this is at a price which really worth its weight in Gold. Established in 1980, Lodha Group is a premier real estate developer headquartered in Mumbai. The Group is currently developing in excess of 27 million sq. ft. of prime real estate over 30 projects in and around Mumbai, from Nepean Sea Road to
  三,破运转运 1,破运 西瓜太狼常年累月地,千方百计地,拼死拼活地,发疯发狂般地把自己施法性交后的女人:破瓜女人和后宫女人,操纵来和我性交后,从而通过它的这些与我性交的女性的传导把我的运气或者气运破坏掉。 2,转运 或者,因为西瓜太狼在把这些女性施法性交后,
倒屣相迎 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,无穷绕招。 权力老杂种迷惑欺骗全球流动性和我,为自己的私人的,自己的,纯正的血统的小私宝和自己永不退休,永霸职位的私欲拖时间十七招大解析。   1,亿万惨象, (1),小白 小白陷阱,绕招进化,再
How To Chase Fuponies 101
FUPONY POLISHING 101: If you want to be a top Pony Whisperer there are certain things you need: Paper/notebook, pen/pencil and a fast computer.  If you do not have a fast computer you will crash repeatedly and it is not recommended.  If you have a fast computer, you can have over 12 pages of bling, containing a pony or ponies, open at one time.  It takes weeks to build up a log of FUPONY times.  It takes somwhere between 12 to 18 hours to find 5 FUPONIES ready to polish the first day.  After about 2 weeks, you will have approxomately 25 to 35 FUPONIES to polish a day.   Given: Each person is allowed to polish up to 10 bling per bling page per day (mega polishing allows 5000 polishes per bling page).  A day is from reset, midnite California time, or fu-time, till the next reset.  All bling polishes once per 23 hour period minimum, 25 hours maximum (hypothetically), an average of once per 24 hours.  When you polish a bling, it resets to be polished again in 23 to 25 hours.  This is wh
Lodha Casa Bella|lodha Dombivali 09999684955 Lodha Mumbai
Lodha Casa Bella Dombivali MumbaiLodha Casa Bella is a Exclusive launched project present by Lodha Group located at Dombivali Mumbai. Lodha Casa Bella Offers 1/2/3 BHK Extraordinary apartments at affordable cost.  A largest living room and bedrooms, separate puja area as well as a separate store room. A lively grand central square, hub of social and entertaining activities. A medical facility managed by Hinduja Hospital takes care of any emergency. A grand clubhouse with 2 pools, gym, multipurpose courts and yoga pavilion, cricket pitch and cafe, puts lots of entertainment option at your disposal. Lodha Casa Bella offers you all the profit of its prime location - easy connectivity, a walk to shopping mall, multiplex, medical facility, and a world-class ICSE school.Established in 1980, Lodha Group is a premier real estate developer headquartered in Mumbai. The Group is currently developing in excess of 27 million sq. ft. of prime real estate over 30 projects in and around Mum
Why Businesses Hire A Professional Web Design Company
If your in need of a website for your business & not aware how and where to get start, simple you can just appoint an affordable Web designing companies for your website requirements. It is very important in this present world to develop and design a website which is attractive and eye-catching. The website created in a professional way can advice businesses get many visibility in search engines & also help gain more benefits. Here are few reasons why businesses need to appoint a web design company. Designed & Developed in a Professional way Websites represent the existence of your products, brand & services online. Whatever be the needs, the web pages are designed and created in a professional manner by the professional web designers. Adding Customizable Features and Options A trustable web development company can offer you with customizable features, custom designs & choices that can connect your website. Many customizable features such as blogs, image galleries, forums, and con
I Love Sax
i want nice and saxy friends for all time
Vps Hosting - A Guide To The Benefits Of Using Virtual Private Servers
A virtual private server (VPS) is an ideal hosting platform for small or medium sized businesses, as it delivers a reasonable amount of control at a very low price and VPS hosting is a great choice for the companies that want something more than shared hosting, but cannot afford to buy their own dedicated server platform. VPS server( involves partitioning a computer to simulate several servers and each of the simulated servers is just like a physical server, equipped with its own configurations and operating system (OS). VPS hosting is now becoming more and more mainstream which come a long way over the years and thanks to advancements in virtualization technology and here are some benefits of using virtual private servers as follows:  Cost efficiency: It is a lot cheaper than dedicated hosting and also much more secure than a shared server, therefore, a webmaster doesn't have to worry about security issues caused by other users.  Freedom: Users have the freedo
Best Friend Gets Tossed Under The Bus!
First off, I'm mumof4in2009 in this blog....the other person was suppose to be my bff for the past 10 years!   momof2kids02: hey momof2kids02: i was told to yim you mumof4in2009: what the hell Jen? momof2kids02: you need to talk to me mumof4in2009: i beg you're pardon? momof2kids02: you need to get over it fubar not real life mumof4in2009: gee jen fubar not real life yet you allow others to come between you and i momof2kids02: we were friends first way before i join fubar we have been friend for almost 10 years mumof4in2009: what the fuck!  that's not right mumof4in2009: and don't ever tell others that i need to grow up! momof2kids02: i had nothing to do with what happen momof2kids02: well u are act like a teenager momof2kids02: you and i need to work this out mumof4in2009: i act like a teenager? mumof4in2009: bull shit jen! momof2kids02: you did last night mumof4in2009: you act like other people are more important than me then you beg me to still be bff's with you
Second Circle.
"So what would you do man?"There's a cold butt rolling idly in my fingers. What was my answer the last four times? Something about bouncing the psycho bitch and getting the fuck out of purgatory."I just get out, fuck tomorrow, fuck fucking, just get out before it's over- crazier"But that's the problem with free advice, and crying wolf.They'll be back at it in twelve hours, and I'll be coming off a double, leading into another, leading into another.It's not like I can tell him any different, say any different, do any different.Shit's bad, crazy, and bad. He's gotta learn. I gotta teach.Wish I had your problems.She'll start resenting, knowing he gets all his best ideas from me.And before I know it, I won't be coming around so much, always a good reason for me to stay out of the loop.That's the spell, satiring choice.Good night sweet prince, see you next meltdown.
He put his hands up to his face in horror. Just like some D-list actress in some B movie would do. A million times he’s seen that reaction on screen and thought to himself “no one fucking does that”. Well apparently they do, and he’s one of those people. It wasn’t because what he was witnessing was so graphic that he was just shielding his face from blood and guts, nor was it so disturbing either. He’d watched a man be killed with a hammer on the internet and had barely that level of a reaction. When he was ten, he watched his youngest brother be born. He could remember his weeping fathers face, red and swollen from 14 hours of crying, as if someone had knocked his ice cream cone out of his hand on to the dirt, and then raped him on top of it. He could also remember his screaming mother clawing and slashing at the air. The lower end of her positioned toward the ceiling, and her legs affixed to medical equipment. The violent swaying of he
The nearest place, the farthest way for you. The simplest tunes, the toughest practice. Traveler knocks over every stranger's door, to find his house; People only drifted around, to get to the heart of the palace.                                                                    
The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon Cooper.   Why is it that I'm oddly enough, attracted to him. I've watched clips of the guy who plays him and NOT inot this guy. But Sheldon..I am.   Now let me get this straight. Jim Parsons is just like Sheldon, only slightly dumber. He has the same mannerisms and their "fashion" is about the same.  Am I attracted to his brains? I think so.....
Árbol De Navidad Ideas Decoración
La mejor parte acerca de la Navidad, para la mayoría, es la decoración del árbol de Navidad. Esta época del año es muy esperado por los niños y adultos por igual, para que puedan poner todas sus mentes creativas juntos y llegar a algunas decoraciones para árboles de Navidad deslumbrantes. Este año no es diferente. Pero si usted está preocupado acerca de no tener ideas de decoración únicas, aquí hay un artículo con eso. A continuación se presentan algunos consejos e ideas de decoración que será de interés para usted. Así que sigue leyendo y obtener decoración.-comprar luces de navidad Ideas para decorar tu árbol de Navidad Adornar el árbol es una de las experiencias más agradables que una familia puede tener. Todos ellos se reúnen para decidir qué adornos utilizar, qué tema usar, cómo poner las luces en un árbol de Navidad, cómo sacar el árbol a un aspecto distinto de todos y de cada año? Bueno, con suerte, las ideas a continuación va a resolver estas consultas. Léalos y
L'apice Del Guardaroba Di Un Uomo è Il Vestito
Lance Miller dice mentre spazza la mano sopra una fila di semilavorati giacche lungo la parete del suo negozio. Miller e Max Andreae, amici dai tempi Lincoln High School di più di dieci anni fa moda uomo , insieme conte proprio thread, un negozio della spedizione fuori Northwest 23rd Avenue a Portland che vende nulla, ma da uomo abiti firmati. La loro Northwest Portland negozio, uno dei pochi che si specializzano in abbigliamento d'epoca degli uomini, si rivolge a un particolare tipo di cliente, gli uomini che lo stile stima forte e si preoccupano in forma. "Non siamo in alcun modo hipsters," Lance Miller, 27 anni, ha detto. Hanno costruito la loro attività intorno a un recente ritorno in abbigliamento maschile di lusso e l'enfasi di salita sul made-in-USA di produzione, Andreae ha detto. Andreae ha una certa simpatia, anche, per ritorno sembra dai 1920, '30 e '40, che egli considera l'altezza della moda maschile su misura una. "E 'stato il momento di guardare bene," And
Positivo Lança Smartphones E Tablets Com Android No Brasil
A Positivo Informática anunciou nesta segunda-feira sua nova linha de smartphones e tablets, todos com a marca Ypy. A companhia coloca à venda a partir da segunda quinzena de novembro seus primeiros celulares inteligentes e lança ainda novos modelos de seus tablets, mais leves, com processadores mais rápidos, sistema operacional android 4.0 e conteúdo variado, totalmente em português. "Estamos entrando no mercado de celulares e smartphones com dispositivos altamente competitivos no mercado nacional, por contarem com o que há de mais novo em tecnologia, customizados para o consumidor brasileiro", afirmou o presidente da Positivo, Hélio Bruck Rotenberg. Os smartphones Positivo Ypy vêm com tela capacitiva e sensível ao toque, conexões 3G, Wi-Fi e Bluetooth 3.0, GPS e duplo SIM. A linha Positivo Ypy também ganhou reforços em tablets, com a Nova Geração, que chega ao mercado em dois modelos: o Positivo Ypy 7, de 7 polegadas, e o Positivo Ypy 10, com 9,7 polegadas. Além disso, a
Hattiesburg Gruppen Team Weihnachtsgeschenke Lesen
Der diesjährige Weihnachtsgeschenk, warum nicht das Kind, es zu lesen? Dies ist ein Gefühl, das von 迪安娜法夫尔 Universität Freunde der Bibliothek, der Heilsarmee, und sein Vater Tommy Conway geteilt. Vier haben sich zum Auftakt der zweiten Jahr ein neues Buch für das Kind (Donnerstag) Morgen in Cook Bibliothek Galerie an der University of Southern Mississippi verbunden. Die Gruppe sammelte neue gestifteten Bücher an die Heilsarmee wird sie an bedürftige Kinder vom Säugling bis zum 12-jährigen zu verteilen. Im vergangenen Jahr sammelte ein Buch zu den Kindern mehr als 3.000 Bücher. In diesem Jahr hofft die Gruppe, um den Rekord zu brechen. Vaters Begeisterung, Conway, sagte der Präsident, die Arbeit der Organisation, um die Kinder in Weihnachtskostüme kaufen pine Gürtel, darunter ein Buch in die Hände von Kindern zu verbessern. Er sagte: "Dieses Jahr haben wir ein Ziel gesetzt für 5000, aber ich denke, wir steigen, vielleicht haben wir 10.000 er
Weihnachten In Vergangenheit Und Gegenwart
In Verfolgung ihrer Aktien des £ 3 Mrd. schöne weihnachtsdekoration Spielzeug-Markt einige Hersteller gegangen retro. Sie erwarten Warehouse Lasten revisited 1980er und 1990er Jahren Favoriten wie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cabbage Patch Kids und Twister verkaufen. Die Furby, eine kleine runde pelzige Kreatur, wurde aktualisiert. Die Furby war eine Sensation, wenn seine Fin-de-last-siecle Mikrochip hatte es Englisch zu lernen. Es kommt jetzt mit einem iPod, die es spuckt hat Essen. Ehrlich gesagt, ist es an der Zeit das Spielzeug ging zurück fertigt den anständigen und unschuldigen Tage der 1950er und 1960er Jahre. Ein modernes Kind würde gerne ein Busleiter Outfit erhalten. Er oder sie wird einen Strich mit dem Hut, der Cash Schulranzen, und das Ticket Maschine geschnitten. Als Cartoonist Bud Neil beobachtet werden, auch in den 1950er Jahren junge Busleitungen sah aus am Weihnachtstag in einer Straße voller weans in Cowboy und Indianer Outfits. Ihre einzige Zuflucht während des
Profitez De Bonnes Couleurs Pour L'assaisonnement
Quand il s'agit de la conception est important de savoir qui va utiliser un espace dans le but de créer des concepts uniques. Ainsi, le «qui» dicte le modèle pour créer des propositions audacieuses, élégantes et contemporaines accessoires de robinet. C'est le cas de la zone de préparation des aliments que par divers détails comme la couleur, peut générer une identité et fournir tendance et de style à ces surfaces. Par les puits colorés concepteurs de cuisine font de cette région un espace de vie plein de personnalité. Toutefois, les matériaux classiques tels que l'acier, et les robinets fonctionnels fournissent également des nuances sophistiquées et modernes qui complètent cette maison point important. Une cuisine avec un concorde en bleu, vert ou jaune vous aider à créer des environnements originaux. Aujourd'hui plus que jamais, la cuisine est le cœur de la maison. Cela a été considéré comme Diana Schrage, le représentant de l'entreprise Kohler. Et, actuellement, il ya des
Do Some Women Have Bipolar Issues?
Not too long ago I met a girl online off this site called Tagged. I'm sure a few of you out there are familiar with this social networking site. We started talking online which eventually lead to her offering me her number. I was being just a nice guy online looking to chat with a cool female. She turned out alright and seemed like she was going through a tough time according to her status updates so I decided to be a friend and see how she was doing. Over time of me sending her messages checking on her to see how she was she began to have interest in me because I happened to be the only guy who she felt genuinely was being nice. I admit when she told me this I felt like she was obviously looking for attention in the wrong places because I still felt that of course other decent guys mustve approached her kindly but she begged to differ. So when she gave me her number I was prepared to call her and inquire further about her experiences with guys. When we started talking via phone I foun
Lg Spectre 2, Le Smartphone En Vente Par Verizon
Disponible à la vente sur le LG Spectrum accessoires téléphones mobiles intelligent 2 via l'opérateur Verizon Wireless. Verizon a fixé une fourchette de prix selon le contrat de service, à partir de 99 $ jusqu'à 499 $ pour la version gratuite. LG a décidé d'offrir son spectre téléphone intelligent 2 via l'opérateur Verizon Wireless, déjà une liste de prix que l'ensemble des services qui localisent l'utilisateur. Fourchettes de prix commencent à environ $ 99 à l'achat du smartphone, mais nécessite un séjour de deux ans a forcé la compagnie. Plus si vous êtes à la recherche d'un plan prépayé, alors vous pouvez acheter votre version gratuite pour 499 $. Le spectre LG 2 a un écran tactile de type IPS avec des dimensions de 4,7 pouces. Dans sa section de mémoire de 1 Go de RAM, et était équipé de 16 Go de stockage interne. A l'intérieur on trouve un processeur dual-core Snapdragon qui fonctionne à une vitesse de 1,5 GHz. Nous avons permis à des connexions WiFi de type 802 et de
Perm Makes The Hair Damaged Hair How To Care
  After perm the hair was injured again, the hair damage, poor elasticity, hot out of the effect is not good, and will further damage the hair, really is a "perfect" thing.But often we have to face a lot of such problems,ghd sale australia so we must be aware of perm on the hair damage, perm hair how to maintenance. Hair damaged reasons, can be divided into the following three kinds of circumstances: In 1, chemical damage: hair after chemical reaction caused by the hair damage, mainly for daily shampoo, conditioner, stereotypes products of the incorrect use of cause of injury; excessive perm, dyeing, bleaching and error operation on the hair damage; environmental pollution on the hair caused by injury; seawater and swimming pool water inside the hair caused by injury.This type of injury is mainly the hair cortex layer protein fiber tissue damage, make hair stiff, crisp, no light, dry. 2, physical impairment: refers to man-made or tool use caused by improper use of hair
So Stinkin Happy!
Today has been amazing! How you ask? Well let me tell you.... 1. When I got to work it as a great shift. The people there actually work, not just stand around. 2. I got a fellow employee mad at me ;) I'm just that good  3. I went to my chiropractor and got to pay for today's visit AND my next visit 4. Took my kiddos trick or treating 5. My aunt gave me the money to get the phone I want....well to put it on layaway. I'll have it before Christmas. 6. I got the bling I wanted since I saw it. =]   It's just been a great day!!!
Using To Connect To A Router works as a non-public Ip address. It really is one of the winning producers' selections, applied as a default Ip address, placed in the production line. Quite a few of the producers making use of this IP as a default are generally Belkin, SMC and others. (Then again, like a default is not going to make sure that it can't be changed - the user may easily change it as per his choice as well as the guidance of an experienced admin. Furthermore, if you're going to function any sort of custom made adjustments, hire pros mainly because a number of adjustments can influence a few other computers within the network system.In this case the phrase “private” shows that this IP is commonly used inside private (house or office) network and also outside of the World wide web (it doesn't signify that office or house networking systems may not be linked to the Net - that primarily shows that they're not its element.)The aim of this unique IP it's essentially identical to that o
    Elections, (specifically presidential elections) are all about money and power these days. However it was not always like that. They use to be about values, (more specifically unconditional love, 'wanting the best for everybody'). I cannot tell you who will win the presidential election. However, I can tell you whoever can best control the flow and distribution of information about their candidate, while at the same time limiting the amount of positive publicity their opponents receive, plus trying to highlight the mistakes and weaknesses will win the Election.   I definitely interested and curious to know you'll thoughts on this. Sicerely, Plimi      
Lost In My Mind
Lost In My Mind   Lost in my own world So hungry So thirsty Where are the animals? Where is the water? Where is the light? There isn’t one star to guide me The sky is full of faint lights To far away to help me find my way No hope of ever seeing the sun again It is a world of black My mind is making me do without Maybe it wants to kill me I do not know I do not care Let it bring starvation Let my tongue swell with thirst I will fight with my last breath Struggling against my mind I will not let it win I cannot let it win I am stronge
Still searching for someone that is emotionally  confident and that is excited about the possibilities for their life.  I think if you are settling for anything  less and you are unhappy about it,  then your life is being wasted.
How To Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn't Love You Back.
I came across this today and thought WOW this could really help some people..even myself. So I had to share it. Please feel free to link anyone to this blog if you feel it may help them. 9 steps to stop loving someone who doesn't love you back; 1. Focus on the negative. No, really. Being in love makes you so starry-eyed that you’ll overlook just about anything from tiny annoyances to huge character flaws. Though you don’t need to start a crusade to turn the person you care about into a monster, it’s time to start thinking of some bad things to balance out the good ones. Whether this person had a tendency to interrupt people, dress badly, be rude to wait staff, listen to horrible music, show up late all the time, disrespect your belief system, or have clammy hands, anything is fair game.Write it all down. Make the list as long as you can, then dredge up as many memories as you can for each one. Doing this will help kill your idealized vision of the person.    2. Ge
C'mom Wtf ?!?!?
Now I know I ain't the most hottest looking dood around... but when someone looks like the white hillbilly girl from don't a be menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood.... gets called sexy. And I get a fucking 1 rating ?!?! That shit pisses me off. I bet if I had a pussy and tits that would give me automatic 10. Fuck Haters !
Fresh On The Heels Of The Walt Disney Company Announcing The Acquisition Of Lucasfilm Ltd., Director Axel Braun And Vivid Entertainment Announced That
LOS ANGELES — Fresh on the heels of the Walt Disney Company announcing the acquisition of Lucasfilm Ltd., director Axel Braun and Vivid Entertainment announced that pre-production has been stepped-up for the sequels to their hit film ‘Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody."   The producers said "Episode VII" will be added to the two other sequels planned for the 2012 franchise that they claimed shattered all sales records for adult spoofs, and became the highest selling adult DVD ever.   “We expect adult movie fans will continue to have an interest in our adult ‘Star Wars’ parody movies, so we’ve decided to add a third parody film to the two we already have in pre-production,” Braun said. “This will make a total of four parodies that take place in the ‘Star Wars’ universe, with the next one to be released in September 2013.”   Braun’s tour de force starred Allie Haze as Princess Leia and Seth Gamble as Luke
Fubar Halloween Costume Contest 2012 Winners
We want to thank everyone for their participation. In fairness to all costume entries, the fubar staff chose the top 10 winners. We also added five honorable mentions. You guys exceeded our expectations, and we appreciate everyone's support! Meet the 2012 Winners!
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 120
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 120 of Janey Godley’s podcast Ashley is joined by Victoria Barnet, the two talk about Halloween and the things that scare them most, Vikie’s recent “short” relationship, the effects of hurricane Sandy on the world and the aftermath of Savile Gate.   Janey chimes in from Canada with tales of Niagara falls, her colourful thoughts on Donald Trump and her own experiences of Hurricane Sandy we then get treated to a scary story from our distant co-host.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.   Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 120   If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking
A Small Favor My Fu Peeps
I am starting a new medication for neuropathy , it may cause depression or change in behavior, if any of you guys notice that, please say something to me and I will stop taking it..   Thanks for your love, help and patience !!!   (h) Lorelei
Alcoholic Beverages
Lets See What People Say
ok you wrote down all of it on paper, all the frustration all your woes pain and heart shattering pain put the paper in the perfect place called everyone to say good bye polloished it up real good and shinny put your best clothes on and shaved to make youself look good 5.pull the triger and say good bye the pain only last a little while, now it is over and the life is gone the pain is gone
Is A Fantasy World So Bad?
Ok, so I have been pondering and twisting around some thoughts these past few days, and I would like to know who in Sams Hell has the answers to these things?  And, what type of fancy pants to I have to wear to taunt them enough to help me? Why do we care so much that someone is spreading lies about us?  Does it make a difference when the lies are to make them look better and us look like losers? Does it only make us angry and sad when we figure out that it is because someone somewhere that has been in our lives at one time or another is ashamed to admit that they were there? I will be the first to admit that I am an overly emotional person, and that I let way too many things bother me, that shouldnt.  I dont know why things hurt my feelings like they do.  I have always been somewhat of a social butterfly, and growing up without any siblings, I treasured the love and emotional support that I found in others.  I know that I do not need their support and or friendship to live my life
Year 2 Diabetic
In December, this will be the second full year with this lovely companion, Diabetes..   In this month Diabetes awareness, people are still not getting how important it is to take care of themselves, and very under educated in to the causes let alone how to live with it , not let it control you. Here are some terms most Diabetics use so people become more informed, you dont want this as a companion ! A1C: this is your 3 month average anything 8 or less is good, what this tells the doctor is over a three month eriod, your sugars are more or less in the same place , not too high/low. Neuropathy: this is part of human anatomy, you have small veins in your hands and feet. With diabetics , the blood sugar not constant causes them to have a bad accident of you well , gets damaged, causing a kind of aching, numbing pain that will drop anyone.  The best thing to do is keep track of your sugars and watch for any discoloring , or anything off. Pancreatitis : this means your pancreas, which
Something Else
I cannot seem to find myself no matter where I look Even that tiny place inside the tiny little nook I wish there were something there that made me feel as good As belief in God or the things I have and really never should All the gifts given unto me are mostly gone to waste Passing by this wretched life in an all to hurried haste Why does it hurt always?  Why am I always down? No matter how they try to save I choose to sit and drown I cannot accept their help since I am not like them I cannot sing along their fake in solace hymn I wish it were all true and he that sat above Kept a watch of all of us and really gave a shove I do not believe though, not really anymore I'm arriving now at a deeply darkened shore On an island of misery way beyond the brink Someplace I can sit and endlessly come to think That this is not all there is that somethings more to come Praying for something else though praying makes me dumb What do the cosmos bring tomorrow at the end of today
Empty by Kenneth Matlock on Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 3:44am  Always in the mirror I see the other me. It picks at everything I always want to be. It makes me wonder about everything I hold dear. It knows just how to drive home my each and every fear. I can't seem to find a way to simply feel alright. I don't know why I still sit up every night.   If things were better like it was in my mind Then there wouldn't be a need to keep up an endless grind I just want the core of it to fall away forever To stop all the acts and quit just acting clever If this was the last thing that I ever wrote I'd want it to end with an oddly epic quote. Unfortunately, nothing comes to mind.
B A Man
B A Man by Kenneth Matlock on Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 9:53pm  I roll it over in my mind as many ways as I can. What exactly does it mean to be a man? Take what you want give nothing back? Rule with an iron fist and give no slack?   Maybe it's just a simple theory Maybe the answer is much more dreary Maybe a man never cries Understands when a loved one dies   Maybe just maybe there's no real way To define just what a man should say Maybe just maybe it's nothing at all Maybe a man doesnt put up a wall   A wall inside to keep it all out To douse in the midst of an endless drought Maybe it's the answer is infront of me Maybe it's just something I cannot see   Maybe I'm right when I say you're wrong Maybe it's true when I sing my sad song Maybe again and another beyond Maybe it builds with each new bond   Maybe some more I think too much Maybe these thoughts are my own crutch Maybe it's time to just stop asking Maybe it's time to stop all the mask
Complete In Chaos When No One Else Is
Complete in Chaos, When No One Else Is by Kenneth Matlock on Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 11:41pm I feel a sigh of relief with what I think of me, and always worried of just what I was to be. Before it was that I always hated my own id. Then I realized I can't fight it; it's all in my bid. In every little way I fight what I am to be. I try to sculpt an image for everyone to see. Impressing everyone always comes with a fee. In the end it's futile and will leave you on a knee.   Though, it really doesn't matter how much I fight. Nothing else I do feels quite as right. To smile ever so sinister at the one I adore. When she scream I'm your dirty little whore, it fills me completely so that life is not a bore. It's only in this moment that I want nothing more.   I often sit in wonder is there another way? To not sit and think about her every single day. No I don't think there is and I'm okay with that, because she's my Cuteness and she'll always knock me flat
Don't Worry
Don't Worry by Kenneth Matlock on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 11:50am  Something you have told me Finally sunk in deep It has helped me to see Need a giant leap Maybe sometimes listen Instead of only always being loud Let my spirit glisten Knowing it's not broken only bowed
  五,判若云泥。 (一),硬憾西瓜 所以, 既然回不去了,破釜沉舟,我就和你,时时刻刻都对我指点迷津的人,即活神仙,也就是中国卡扎菲,也就是万山老仙,也就是中国土皇帝,也就是政治老泼妇,也就是操盘老嫖客,也就是西瓜太狼,我就和你硬憾到底。 所以, 即: 我把你&
云泥之别 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,天差地别 远的不说,就从2008年到现在为止, 大家一定可以看出掌控: 全球股市, 全球债市, 全球汇市, 全球期货, 全球产业, 全球现货, 全球运价, 等等等等的全球流动性; 或者掌控: 全球虚拟经济,全
hubby got back to work and found out that our insurance company took on themselves to cancel our policy...ATS was going to make the insurance payments until hubby got back to work...they are working on getting it straightened the meantime i have to cancel my dr appointment for nov 14 with my dr and my eye appointment on the 8th...hopefully i can find another insurance company to cover me so i can start getting treated for these gallstones....i feel so icky...not sleeping much due to the pain either which sucks too....still no real internet soon as we can get things under control here i will have internet again...                                                                                                                                          love you all,                                                                                                                                        vampy38
Bury all your secrets in my skin, come away with innocence and leave me with my sins, the air around me still feels like a cage, and love is just a camoflauge for what resembles rage again... so if you love me let me go, and run away before I know, my heart is just to dark to care, I can't destroy what isnt there. Deliver me into my fate- if I'm alone I cannot hate, I don't deserve to have you, oh my smile was taken long ago, if I can change I hope I never know. I still press your letters to my lips, and savor them in parts of me, that cherish every kiss, I couldn't face a life with out your light, but all of that was ripped apart, when you refused to fight. So save your breath I will not hear, I think I made if very clear, you couldn't hate enough to love, is that supposed to be enough? I wish you weren't my friend, then I can hurt you in the end. I never claimed to be a saint.. My own was bannished long ago, it took a death of hope to let you go. So br
I will wake up. I will walk down the street.I will get some money.I will be on a misson....
Regali Di Natale 2012: Cosa Si Spera Di Ottenere?
Dirigetevi verso la Promenade Bolingbrook o qualsiasi negozi nelle vicinanze e vedrete che è già cominciando a guardare un po 'come Natale 2012 in ed intorno a Bolingbrook. Tutti i tipi di idee regalo sono là fuori. Da attrezzi sportivi al Bass Pro Shop per l'elettronica di Best Buy auguri di natale , ci sono un sacco di negozi in Bolingbrook per trovare un grande dono. Walmart ha già annunciato che sta offrendo layaway anche quest'anno, con l'iPad e HP Ultrabook portatili basati sulla lista degli acquisti ammissibili. Il negozio ha cambiato la politica in materia di sua commissione di apertura, che è mantenuta se in ultima analisi, non è possibile pagare per la voce o rimborsati come una carta regalo Walmart quando la voce è completamente ripagato. Tale quota - o di credito - è stato aumentato da $ 5 a $ 15.
Le Coût Bas Smartphones Va Doubler En Quatre Ans
La crise économique et l'augmentation de l'offre aura un impact global sur la vente de Meilleures ventes à bas prix. En particulier, les ventes de ces appareils va doubler au cours des quatre prochaines années, en particulier en Asie et en Europe de l'Est. De nombreuses entreprises comme Nokia, ZTE et Xiomi prennent les devants dans la fabrication de smartphones à bas prix. Le plus grand marché pour les smartphones tels l'Asie, qui a eu plus de 50 millions d'expéditions de ces appareils cette année, suivie par l'Amérique latine, qui a environ 10 millions d'articles. Sont des données de l'étude de DisplaySearch plus tard sur les smartphones Android, avec moins de 116 euros. "Les livraisons de téléphones intelligents va doubler chaque année de 2010 à 2016, augmentant de 4,5 à 311,0 millions de dollars (240 millions d'euros)", indique l'étude. L'industrie des télécommunications gagne en importance en Asie, où le développement croissant de la vie se traduit par une augmentatio
Uptown Lexington 2012 Ornamento Di Natale Arriva
"Ogni anno qualcuno ci chiede sempre se si tiene l'albero di 'grande', che è stato sospeso su strade principali e il Centro", ha dichiarato Jo Ellen Edwards decori natalizi , direttore esecutivo di ULI. "Essendo nativo di Lexington, che è un vivido ricordo personale della mia infanzia. La conversazione di solito comprende quindi i ricordi delle decorazioni che erano anche le luci della strada. La donazione di un nuovo 26 piedi alto albero per la piazza di Lynda Smith Swann e Eddie Smith Jr. in memoria di Sarah Smith e Lanier Elsie Banche Smith e conversazioni sulla struttura della 'vecchia' ha portato alla visione del design per l'ornamento 2012 ". Usando vecchie fotografie ei suoi ricordi d'infanzia propri personali, un dipinto commissionato da ULI per artista Lexington Margaret Sink divenne teatro vacanza in ornamento. Il punto focale della pittura Sink è l'albero sospeso sul quadrato con decorazioni candela sulle luci della strada. Come se lì per accoglierli, Babbo Nata
10 Adresses Pour Frémir à Paris
Catherine de Médicis (1519-1589) a laissé dans l’histoire une empreinte qui sent le soufre. Reine de France, mère de trois souverains, on la disait venimeuse, jalouse de son pouvoir et capable de tous les crimes pour le conserver. La preuvevetement homme fashion . Parmi les sbires qui servaient ses noirs desseins, on trouvait un certain Jean l’Ecorcheur, qui devait son nom à son emploi dans les abattoirs situés non loin du palais des Tuileries. Mais l’homme en savait trop, au goût de la reine en tout cas. Elle chargea donc son âme damnée, Neuville, de s’en débarrasser. Plusieurs assassins furent chargés de cette basse besogne. Mais au moment de commettre leur crime, ces derniers se heurtèrent à une résistance forcenée. Alors qu'il rendait son dernier souffle, l’Ecorcheur eut encore la force de lancer une malédiction : « Je reviendrai ». Quelques jours plus tard, l’astrologue de la reine Cosme Ruggieri lui confiait avoir vu en songe un homme rouge,
Das Ipad Mini Cannabalize Ipad 3?
Ist ein gefährliches Geschäft für Apple iPad mini? Einige Experten glauben, so. Die Gefahr aus dem günstigeren Preis für den Mini. Einige Analysten glauben, dass die 10% und 20% der kleinen Umsatz cannibalizations, größere ipad Umsatz. Samir Singh, ein Schriftsteller von Wissenschaft und Technik denken, dass es wesentlich die Geschwindigkeit erhöhen. Er Anforderungen das halterung ipad mini Hälfte des Umsatzes wird cannibalizations sein. Diese erodierten, Apple gewinnt neue Nutzer, aber der Verlust von potentiellen Gewinne. Auf jeden Fall wird ein iPad Verbraucher kaufen zu einem großen Teil des Mini gehen, weil es billiger ist. Seine Forschungs-und rationale Analyse (enthält einige schöne Grafiken Hilfs-) aus mehreren Quellen, um die Anzahl der Pole zu erreichen. Die meisten seiner Daten aus der jüngsten Klage wegen Patentverletzung zwischen Samsung und Apple. Brothers, eine kleine 7,9-Zoll-iPad, iPad Mini letzte Woche veröffentlicht. Die Explosion in der Nachfrage hat Transportve
Some Kind Of Madnesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
She walks down the hall blood on the walls voices calling her name go to hell. She is crying out don't kill me save me someone help me it's dark in here. She must run out of here all the fear is over her and the darkness is near hell is coming over her to stay. There's a Red door she tries to open it and she falls deep in a hole of hell.... Happy happy Hallllllllllllwooooooooeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sheeee diiieeeeee Madnessssss  bY Christine love Ya
Sherlyn Chopra, One Of Bollywood's Most Outspoken And Controversial Young Stars, Is The First To Be Cast In Indian Director Rupesh Paul's "
  INDIA — Sherlyn Chopra, one of Bollywood's most outspoken and controversial young stars, is the first to be cast in Indian director Rupesh Paul's "Kamasutra 3D."   Chopra's role in the film is being kept under wraps, but is said to be central to the story and a major step in Chopra's career which continues to gain momentum since becoming the first Indian woman to pose nude for Playboy.   "I am glad to have Sherlyn on board," Paul said in a statement. "She has the earthiness and sensuality that her character requires. This will be a redefining film of her career."   Paul, who first announced Kamasutra 3D at this year's Cannes Film Festival, said finding actors to star in the project has been difficult due to its erotic themes, which some view as pornographic.   "India is known as a land of Kamasutra. The epic erotica is as significant as Gita or Ramayana," Paul said. "It is not just about sensuality and eroticism. It is a struggle of human mind to understand one
Tradiciones De Navidad: Besarse Bajo El Muérdago
Hay varias extrañas y curiosas costumbres de Navidad, muchos de los cuales se desarrolló a través de antiguos rituales paganos. Sin embargo, el más interesante es el "besarse bajo el muérdago. En la época victoriana, besarse bajo el muérdago se consideró como una declaración oficial de la participación de pronto-a-ser-anunciado. Se consideró desafortunado y lamentable que no se besaron, que quería decir, es probable que íbamos a perder el autobús a la mejor institución de la condición humana ... Matrimonio. Permítanme añadir, su vida útil es de un año o así, y no para toda la vida. (Disfrutaba de un suspiro de alivio? ... Good!)-venta de luces de navidad Es nuestra costumbre y la seguimos! Besos bajo el muérdago era una tradición navideña que hizo a los hombres va débil en las rodillas y doncellas rubor rosa! Era un tiempo en el calendario anual, cuando las familias estaban dispuestas a Footloose la pareja pronto-a-ser-matrimonial. De hecho, es una ocasión en que su muest
Ipad Mini Lager Schwindet, Lieferungen An Dicht Bleiben
Computerworld - Apple angekurbelt Vorbestellungen des ipad mini schutzfolie heute früh, und innerhalb weniger Stunden, das weiße Modell in allen drei Wi-Fi-Konfigurationen verkauft. Pre-Sales für das iPad Mini - auf 7,9-in, Apples erstes verkleinert tablet -. Begann kurz nach Mitternacht PT Freitag. Computerworld bestellt ein ohne Probleme in dieser Zeit. Aber innerhalb von wenigen Stunden wurde das weiße iPad Mini bereits Nachbestellte, mit Apples Online-Shop stellt fest Bestellungen würde in zwei Wochen. Der schwarze iPad Mini, blieb jedoch in allen Speichergrößen, ab mittags ET, war Apple noch vielversprechend, um die Tablette durch 2. November liefern. Das ist, wenn das iPad Mini ist zum Verkauf an Apple Retail Stores gehen und denen einiger ihrer Ziegel-und-Mörtel-Partnern wie Best Buy. Die einzige Version, die derzeit erhältlich ist die Wi-Fi iPad Mini, der zelluläre Modell, das sowohl 3G-und LTE unterstützt und wird in den Netzen von AT & T, Sprint und Verizon in den USA lau
Ipad Mini Lager Schwindet, Lieferungen An Dicht Bleiben
  Computerworld - Apple angekurbelt Vorbestellungen des ipad mini schutzfolie heute früh, und innerhalb weniger Stunden, das weiße Modell in allen drei Wi-Fi-Konfigurationen verkauft.Pre-Sales für das iPad Mini - auf 7,9-in, Apples erstes verkleinert tablet -. Begann kurz nach Mitternacht PT Freitag. Computerworld bestellt ein ohne Probleme in dieser Zeit.Aber innerhalb von wenigen Stunden wurde das weiße iPad Mini bereits Nachbestellte, mit Apples Online-Shop stellt fest Bestellungen würde in zwei Wochen. Der schwarze iPad Mini, blieb jedoch in allen Speichergrößen, ab mittags ET, war Apple noch vielversprechend, um die Tablette durch 2. November liefern.Das ist, wenn das iPad Mini ist zum Verkauf an Apple Retail Stores gehen und denen einiger ihrer Ziegel-und-Mörtel-Partnern wie Best Buy.Die einzige Version, die derzeit erhältlich ist die Wi-Fi iPad Mini, der zelluläre Modell, das sowohl 3G-und LTE unterstützt und wird in den Netzen von AT & T, Sprint und Verizon in den USA lauf
Ipad Mini Lager Schwindet, Lieferungen An Dicht Bleiben
Computerworld - Apple angekurbelt Vorbestellungen des ipad mini schutzfolie heute früh, und innerhalb weniger Stunden, das weiße Modell in allen drei Wi-Fi-Konfigurationen verkauft. Pre-Sales für das iPad Mini - auf 7,9-in, Apples erstes verkleinert tablet -. Begann kurz nach Mitternacht PT Freitag. Computerworld bestellt ein ohne Probleme in dieser Zeit. Aber innerhalb von wenigen Stunden wurde das weiße iPad Mini bereits Nachbestellte, mit Apples Online-Shop stellt fest Bestellungen würde in zwei Wochen. Der schwarze iPad Mini, blieb jedoch in allen Speichergrößen, ab mittags ET, war Apple noch vielversprechend, um die Tablette durch 2. November liefern. Das ist, wenn das iPad Mini ist zum Verkauf an Apple Retail Stores gehen und denen einiger ihrer Ziegel-und-Mörtel-Partnern wie Best Buy. Die einzige Version, die derzeit erhältlich ist die Wi-Fi iPad Mini, der zelluläre Modell, das sowohl 3G-und LTE unterstützt und wird in den Netzen von AT & T, Sprint und Verizon in den USA lau
Google Nexus 7 Vende Um Milhão De Unidades Por Mês
Notícias do Efox - Google Nexus 7 vende um milhão de unidades por mês. Apesar de sucesso, números de vendas de iPad mini da Apple ainda são muito superiores. O Google Nexus 7, popular tablet de 7 polegadas da Google que concorre agora com o Apple iPad mini e o Amazon Kindle Fire, parece ter encontrado por si próprio o sucesso. De acordo com as informações avançadas por David Chang, director financeiro da Asustek Computer (empresa que fabricou o dispositivo), o Google Nexus 7 tem vendido em média cerca de 1 milhão de unidades por mês desde o seu lançamento oficial, em Julho deste ano.     Os números, contudo, ainda estão longe de igualar os 14 milhões de tablets apple ipad mini que a fabricante da maçã já terá vendido. O Google Nexus 7 já se encontra disponível em Portugal com 32 GB de espaço de armazenamento, por 249 euros.
Life And Love Wtf
same shit different day you fall in love only to be tossed like the morning garbage life go's on hell i been through worse so why does it feel as if i cant breath how many times does one have to stumble to realize you were not meant to be loved i for one have learned my lesson from today on i will lift my finger to cupid and hope he takes his arrows elsewhere love sucks there is no greater pain and i will not hurt ever again for love ceases to exist for me no one can hurt my heart if it no longer exists:( 
So who has a ton of money to spend on me? Huh? I really only want two things.  A new laptop Samsung Galaxy S2 It's only 850 bucks for those =/     I'll just wait for my income taxes. =]
Please Help - Life Or Death
WILL YOU REPOST ? WILL SHARE ON EVERY SOCIAL SITE YOU ARE ON ?A good friends sister was brutally beat by her ex, she has been left in such severe condition she is on critical support. The ex is still at large he left her for dead and is on the run. Could be in Ohio or Kansas. Here is her story Man who did it Is John Whitfield, on the link above there is a link for information about him as well. Please read, repost, share , everywhere . Wishes and prayers also help as Arela's life is very critical and not so stable.
[surveys That I Steal While Listening To Super Lungs]
1. What time did you get up this morning? 10:00  2. How do you like your steak? Medium 3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?  Sweet Jesus... uuuh... The Avengers? 4. What is your favorite TV show? MASH or Good Eats. 5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Someplace with a bomb shelter and a great grocery store within 20 minutes. 6. What did you have for breakfast? Bologne and liverwerst sandwich, granola with coconut milk 7. What is your favorite cuisine? Yes. Probably Moroccan influenced Spanish. 8. What foods do you dislike? Reproductive and excritory organs. 9. Favorite Place to Eat? Chez Yasu. Tiny french joint. Pretty damned good, and I honestly can't cook better than the chef there. 10. Favorite dressing? Olive oil and balsalmic vinegar with sea salt and cracked pepper. 11.What kind of vehicle do you drive? Some beater. 12. What are your favorite clothes?  Blood spattered and shredded. 13. Where would you visit if you had t
These Webcams... Yikes
Okay so some of the webcams on here crack me up... I won't go into it because I don't broadcast (thank the gods)... But I just saw a naked guy who looks like he was in a fuckin concentration camp and look over at the next cam and the chick who is naked looks like she  ate the camp. WOW! I will perv elsewhere, but thanks to those who are eye candy! VENTED
The Sacred Tree
The Sacred Tree"For all the people of the earth, the Creator has planted a Sacred Tree under which they all may gather, and there find healing, power, wisdom and security. The roots of this tree spread deep into the body of Mother Earth. Its branches reach upward like hands praying to Father Sky. The fruits of this tree are the good things the Creator has given to the people: teachings that show the path to love, compassion, generosity, patience, wisdom, justice, courage, respect, humility and many other wonderful gifts.The ancient ones taught us that the life of the Tree is the life of the people. If the people wander far away from the protective shadow of the Tree, if they forget to seek the nourishment of its fruit, or if they should turn against the tree and attempt to destroy it, great sorrow will fall upon the people. Many will become sick at heart. The people will lose their power. They will cease to dream dreams and see visions. They w ill become unable to tell the truth and
I Once Heard
The way I remember hearing about celebrating today is that we should be trying to scare away the bad spirits. That is why the "scary" costumes are worn. Not to scare the children and not to sneak up on someone and murder them. With all the different streaming lies Halloween has been distorted into an evil day. Most movies don't help either. All Hallows Eve should be what it was created for. Just like Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is sad that in our time we can't even practice the truth. We should try to remember the reason this season was marked in time as a holiday. Holidays are meant to be grand and great, not evil and tainted. Any chance to hold someone on any day is a good day. With all the frightful masks and movies maybe this day is just so men can get lucky. But if they already have found someone that cares for them, then they shouldn't worry about getting lucky. Why worry about getting lucky when there are people out there that consider luck more than what you just take for gr
Not For One Goddamn Minute!!!
 Do you REALLY think,I can't let go?I've lost more in my lifetime,than most will ever know.I have fought every step,of the FUCKING way!!!And I am standing tall,VERY PROUD of who I am today!KNOWING that my parents,would rather WATCH ME FUCKING DIE.Than show me the love and affection,I yearned for inside.I was that SICK ASS families play toy,and each had a turn!Feeling the heat from the inside out,a fire that CONSTANTLY burned!Running for my life,thinking my cousin was dead.I ran for NOTHING!Choking on my very own bloodshed!! Hearing my own body,attacking itself!While starving to death,through all the pain that I felt!Having the only person I trusted,almost cost me my life!Staring back at my mother,through blood soaked eyes! Then watching as my grandmother,forgot a little at a time.Trying to hold on to what was left,of her mind.Not knowing the man I loved,most of all.Was sick,he was already gone when I got the call.Going to pay my respects,to the best man that ever lived!KNOWING he alw
My Music Vids
Make You Feel My Love
When the rain is blowing in your face And the whole world is on your case I would offer you a warm embrace To make you feel my love When the evening shadows and the stars appear And there is no one to dry your tears I could hold you for a million years To make you feel my love I know you haven't made your mind up yet But I would never do you wrong I've known it from the moment that we met No doubt in my mind where you belong I'd go hungry, I'd go blind for you I'd go crawling down the aisle for you There ain't nothing that I wouldn't do To make you feel my love The storms are raging on a rolling sea Down the highway of regret The winds of change are blowing wild and free But you ain't seen nothing like me yet There ain't nothing that I wouldn't do Go to the ends of the earth for you Make you happy, make your dreams come true To make you feel my love
I Just Need To Be Alone Now
I just need to belone now... 
The Importance Of The Quality Of The Ugg Snow Boots
Ugg snow boots quality problems is we are more concerned about the topic, but also the focus this time I want to say, I personally think that or else willing to price, ugg snow boots, if you want, then do not have to buy a good pair of, despite spend a few hundred dollars can not buy imitation goods, defective, after all, the good snow boots to wear comfortable and healthy, the total figure it is a good deal. Chinese medicine has always believed that people's feet are very important, and the feet of the people is not just enough yin through the starting point, or foot Sanyang by the termination point, the root of the six meridians of the body are in the feet, human feet points at 66, accounting for one-tenth of the whole body acupuncture points, the various organs of the body limbs Bai Hai has a corresponding reflex zones in foot, the body where there are problems, where there are patients, experts see feet see, the feet are so important, beauty love healthy people should be good to ta
Sometimes, I Think...
I think about how I wish I couldn't fall in love, and dedicate my life to other ventures. What can I say though, it just happens.
Meet New People At Mil Deseos
Feeling Lonely !  Meet New People online at Mil Deseos  make friend with them and much more at Meet New People
七,诡异标准 (一),鬼鬼祟祟 我妈今天,2011年12月26日,又开始鬼鬼祟祟窜来窜去了,把象是精神病院剪指甲的指甲刀放在我洗簌处,一切在暗示什么或者又没暗示什么,精神病人的想法。我父亲一副道貌岸然的样子,不停地吐,好人那?恐怖又开始了吗?又要威胁抓我了吗?都已经
四,礼义廉耻:  (一),淋尿虐待: (要人的时候就要人,不要人的时候屙尿淋,是他们那一群人,即天天在新闻联播里和各种各样主流媒体上讲礼义廉耻的各种各样的男男女女,老老少少的中国最高层的领导们和他们的马甲代表们,形象代表们,角色代表们,以及各种各样洋洋自得&#
狼狈为奸  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,姘头治国 (一),骗人外衣 1,太狼外衣 点评:重口味小白兔你会被姐姐们整死的! ---------------------------------------------《小清新男人怎么能谈重口味爱情?》新女报第472期,戈娅,重庆《新女报》情感版主编 有位小读者问我:姐姐
Happy Halloween~have Fun
Oct31 Wed Sunny hello,guys!hows ur day? any impressive thing happened in halloween?tell me about it :D oh,tomorrow is halloween for most of you guys.   Life is quite busy and ordinary for me today.there is no any halloween party nearby here,at least i dont know any in my hometown.pity... actually,halloween is not a traditional day for our interested in it tho.hope i could celebrate it oversea and enjoy it! today is my cousin sis'  12 yr old b-day!happy b-day,Sis!
Who I Am
  I am human. I am frail & weak. I have my faults. I am not perfect. I wear many different emotional masks. Sometimes I am happy. Sometimes I am full of despair. Sometimes I am enraged. Sometimes I am terrified.       Now that we got that out of the way, let us begin.   Hi, my name is Dave & I'm an @$$hole. I know, I know .... old news. So maybe I should give you a glimpse into why I am. Where should we begin ? Hmmmmm. How about we start with my parents ? Don't get me wrong, it's not entirely their fault.  But they have played a part. Let's begin with my dad. I'm his namesake, so he expected me to be his perfect little clone. He was the All American boy growing up. Born to parents who were little better than destitute. He started school in a 1 room schoolhouse. Upon entering High School he became a jock, Mr Popularity. All the girls wanted him, all the guys wanted to be him. He was even scouted to play professional Baseball. After High School he went into the military, wher
Blue Sparkle Ugg Boots Blue Mini Uggs
can . On how on the incline black stack might be more, virtually every fourty as well as 60 mirielle for a ,a new road to the leading of your give ,the particular as much as 15 darker heap Girls To the north Facial area Shoes or boots Affordable,it would appear that aged evil is actually on the significant instant . However right now, this cave became a Uggs On Clearance insane UGG it bulging "steamed stuffed bun" modelling, but this lovely and funny "steamed stuffed bun", make a big are the change their design line, in succession to emulate it out of all kinds of snow boots, with a high, with rivet, using the leopard grain, with large area is used fur, so maybe the classical model UGG, you might as well also in winter to pick their own double more fashionable snow boots, let you in the warm and at the same time can also beautiful. Fat UGG is the ancestor of fashion snow boots, if you are a fashionable girl, that every year from the early autumn in October also is to wear in coming spr
Blue Sparkly Leopord Boots
also has Anna sui launched a Bohemian style of snow boots, Bob, the copper loose launch of the punk money... How to look, snow boots have become fashionable and halfback. The sheep leather boots began in 1910 of shearing became popular, cutting the wool from the sheep,UGG boots should never be stretched and should be stuffed with paper towels or newspaper. They will continue to offer the comfort with a little easy care.You will enjoy the comfort,Uggs Clearance durability, and luxury feeling. As a unisex style of sheepskin boots , they often with a synthetic sole. So"ugg" is a generic term and thus ineligible for trademark protection. the UGG trademark appeared in more than 100 countries worldwide. Take UGG snow boots as your friends. Believe UGG boots are commonly boots. UGGs Outlet snow boots is a wonderful gift for Christmas. And the ugg boots will last its leading fashion trend in the future. take off a small piece of skin, after pruning, used to cover their feet, they say this k
Blue Uggs Mini Blue Ugg Classic Tall
shoes inside has been in a dry state, more warm. Skin one feel is gentle, generally speaking than the similar leather is soft. If repeated reflection without any fold mark, generally known as a sheep fur. Secondly through burn skin to determine whether to true sheep fur one. True wool can be reduced to ashes and can smell fur peculiar smell, nylon chemical materials, such as the volume for a group. In addition, can poke wool see bottom, really sheep fur one of Ugg Sparkle the bottom should be wool direct growth in the skin, if appear grid, explain is joint or stuck on the skin. This is the most sheep + wool, and is not a sheep fur. Special skin care brush also equipped with leather special wipe soft glue a piece, brush gently brush away the dust on the surface of the, can to, sequential is wiped, don't wear the cortex, for special dirty place back and forth is wiped, use next sheepskin special wipe soft glue scrub. Genuine snow boots actual no matter from cortex or sole are very be abl
Bright Blue Bailey Button Uggs Cheap
the faster, the better, the process of slowly whisk fall shoes of dust and clod. Don't use hand or cloth wipe up, slowly whisk. Wait until thoroughly all dry again, and then use clean rough towel over again, and then begin to use rubber bit by bit to wipe. In every part of the cusp shoe surface, wipe flat is in a block, hard to light, and want to feel the leather grain, single direction to wipe. Wipe the flat rubber finally used to Ugg Outlet wipe sole side and bottom The little wear UGG good-looking? Will appear more small? This show is not shown short legs? This problem has been short the questions and concerns of the sister, watching others MM wear out very bright, but have no confidence to wear out now small make up can be bold to tell you, UGG5803 snow boots short MM you can also wear out. And wear out more fashion taste more charm. How to wear method? Small make up a little suggestion: it is best in barrel or low barrel, because you feet small, reelection tall canister will feel
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its combination enhances your individual. Welcome to our moncler outlet to verify the series designs and colors. Large low cost are waiting for you on-line ,act quickly to choose up your favorite items!! Mens Black MonclerDown Jacket is ideal for in the autumn and winter appeared, and now "its course is completely open" garments straight connector Moncler Sale outer wear on it, while everything fashion andfull of all kinds of garments, create a unique personality. If mix with jeans and boots! Hurry up to try your match ideas and bright up. This worth-buying colleciton is verydurable and classical.Not too much complicated design, Monclerautumn/winter 2012 series displayed in minimalist style of the female side of the most exquisite and elegant.Pan -metallic vamp with the ultimate modern temperament .In addition, several solid platform shoes provide a lafeng and comfortable choice for everyday shopping.Imagine the way youdressed up has a very star.Riding high, the trend was first.Then yo
Men's Moncler Ski Down Jacket Gray Black Online Sale
the world brand, raising national ambition for the purpose of MONCLER Inc, after 30 years of difficult to maintain what has been achieved by one ' s forefathers or predecessors, sales volume is King in the world. Now we strongly suggest this new arrival Womens Moncler Montargis Long Hooded Down Jackets Black with snap and hidden zip closure and a black elastic belt with logo buckle. Each and every women are crazy for Moncler womens jackets with Moncler Outlet a removable hood, keep warm and classy with each other on the fashion line! And it is worth making an investment within the Moncler 2012 to be more charming and elegant in these chill days..Moncler Nantesfur Long down coat due to the down jacket is bright enough in itself, so collocation wear sweaters ort-shirts to make selection simple style, pure color LOGO is the best choice.If you select the material glossy down jacket or vest, so beware of the matching pants as dark aspossible, avoiding duplication of material, no one wants t
My Best Friend Is A Man ....
Best friend with a man find her self thinking this can not be true trust a man to be your best friend. At first she was not sure of much in her life things move so fast in the past she was trying to keep up as always. On the go no rest thinking how to take care of everything hold her family together. But she listen to her new friend how he is so happy all the time and free and kind a deep love in his heart he cares really cares about you makes you see tells you like it is that is a true friend I am happy to say that I love this man I am happy to say he is my best friend.  bY Christine .... 
A Parte L'aspetto
Che è vicino al Galaxy Tab 2 huawei honor scheda tecnica , il D2 Huawei Ascend è dotato di un potente processore quad-core che è con clock a 1,5 GHz, ma non è sicuro se il System On Chip (SoC) utilizzato nel dispositivo è prodotto da Huawei se stessi perché non hanno ancora rivelato che, anche se è molto probabile che stanno usando il proprio hardware come sono nel business della produzione di hardware. Tuttavia, le specifiche sono interessanti. Il dispositivo è dotato di una fotocamera da 13 megapixel sul retro, mentre un fronte di fronte fotocamera da 1.3 megapixel farà un buon lavoro a conversazioni video. Sul fronte della batteria, una batteria 3000 mAh fornirà la potenza per un utilizzo giornata. Essendo un portatile di fascia alta, il dispositivo sarà disponibile con Android 4,1 Jelly Bean, fuori dalla scatola. Il D2 Huawei Ascend è previsto per il lancio in Cina, a un certo momento nel 2013, ma non c'è nessuna parola che si tratti sarà lanciato sui mercati esteri o
Birth Of Stella Mccartney × Alice Costume Jewelry
From "Stella McCartney",the limited edition costume jewelry to commemorate the "Alice in Wonderland" movie(directed by Tim Burton) is released in a STELLA McCARTNEY shop in Aoyama. "Alice in Wonderland" movie starring (Johnny Depp) is a work that based on the "Alice in the country of the mirror," "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll novelist, depicting the new adventures of Alice Johnny Depp Directed by Tim Burton . Etc. The exhibition will also be held, it has become a hot topic in Japan before it can be published. Costume jewelry findings that appeared from Stella McCartney to celebrate its publication, necklaces and bracelets that dropped the iconic images from "Alice in Wonderland" lineup. Hand-made ??in Italy, using a chain made ??of the same gold aluminum mullite edinburgh bestseller "Farah Bella Bag" Stella McCartney. Chain is decorated rabbit in the story, the charm hat hatter, spade, club, heart, and diamond, Swarovski, color pearl color palette of brown pink thin Stella
Vacaciones De Navidad Trivia
Navidad es una época maravillosa para recordar cómo nuestro Señor Jesús, vino a este mundo en forma humana, para salvar a toda la humanidad del pecado. Es un momento para celebrar la vida eterna que tenemos en Cristo. El calor de la temporada de Navidad y las fiestas involucrado con él, sin duda nos deja emocionado y eufórico. Por otra parte, invitamos a nuestros familiares y amigos a compartir nuestra alegría de la Navidad. Diversión cenas, fiestas, etc se llevan a cabo para celebrar. Para mejorar el estado de ánimo en tal encuentro, acoge a menudo se organizan juegos de mesa que incluyen curiosidades y concursos. Esto aumenta los niveles de energía en el partido y mantiene a todos ocupados. Aquí está una lista de cuarenta preguntas vacaciones de Navidad para ti:-adornos arbol de navidad 1. ¿Dónde está la mayor árbol de Navidad? 2. ¿Quién fue la estrella de la película de Navidad Jingle All The Way? 3. ¿Cuál es el primer nombre de Scrooge? 4. ¿Cuántos trineo de renos de Sa
Let's Slowly Enjoy Life's Wine
Please don't go away, I need you to stay. I feel I have to say, I need you everyday. When I think of you, I know why I pursue. When I feel what your words do, I know we can live ultimately true. I have cried tears of joy, because with you I won't be a toy. You are a man who can't annoy, you hold the heart of a man & the drive of a boy.   With you I would cross the line, you will remain free... you aren't mine. Unless you want to and that is very fine, the perfection of our dream it is a sign. Lets slowly enjoy life's wine, while we sit together and lovingly dine.    In freedom from harm we can last as we sleep with no worry in our past. I love you more everyday I cast, gentle words carefully and never fast.
Escultura De Gelo Para As Bebidas Do Casamento
Tanto noivos como cerimonialistas sabem a importância de uma decoração de casamento criteriosa, baseada em elementos atrativos enriquecendo o cenário da festa. Isso, sem dúvida, agrada aos convidados, que guardarão em sua lembrança afetiva as imagens mais bonitas do evento. Para tanto, é preciso ousar, dando à festa elementos diferentes que a caracterizem. De olho nessa tendência, empresas especializadas vêm oferecendo atrativos pra lá de diferentes… Quando se trata do tema buffet de casamento em temáticas exóticas, o ideal é que os anfitriões e organizadores da festa decorem o local com arranjos lembrando o contexto da cerimônia. Esculturas de gelo para as bebidas, por exemplo, são atrações perfeitas para uma celebração que cause verdadeiro frisson nos presentes! Trata-se de uma tendência muito em alta hoje. Esses lindos elementos decorativos transparentes e brilhantes – com todo o seu encantamento – costumam ter a duração de até oito horas num buffet
I'm Ready....but Not Yet
I'm ready for just about each and everything. Things have been kinda good. I know it can get alot worse. So its not so bad right now. It is not only in my dreams that it gets better. It just seems to happen in my dreams more often. I don't always remember my dreams. But when I do remember my dreams, I regret every waking up.  One of these days, hopefully not to long from now, I will live my dreams. I have got a sneaking impression that will be heaven. I hope I get to feel the dream like state here on earth before I die. Certain people have said they know that feeling. Does it happen only if you have enough money?? Does it happen for only the ones that have a load of friends??  If my life ends has I am struggling to live, can I live after I die?? I have family in Heaven. I won't be wandering, lost and friendless. I have heard that you forget the people you knew on earth when you go to Heaven. Doesn't seem right or fair but I do plan on finding out. I have belief that your dreams do te
A Pic
A pic that I took from someone else was misconstrued as I taking it from the first person, blocked, am i mad?  Not really, it happens
Grundlegende Armbanduhr Abrufen Von Informationen Für Männer
Wenn Sie ein Produzent neue Herrenuhr kaufen müssen, haben Sie vielen Armbanduhren zu entscheiden, ab. Aber in dem Sie anfangen sollen? Mit jedem der Armani-Swap, antike taschenuhren Replik Schweizer Fossil Armbanduhren und Citizen Uhren für die Industrie kann es vielleicht schwierig sein zu wissen, in welchem ​​man anfangen soll. hier erkannt wird immer eine schnelle Information über die wichtigsten Faktoren, die man einfach sollte wirklich in der bis kommenden Zeit erstellen Sie eine Entscheidung, eine Herren-Uhr kaufen zu suchen. Stil Das ist vielleicht wohl das wichtigste Element, um bei der Bestimmung über ein Produzent neue Herrenuhr suchen. Jungs in der Regel auf weniger Schmuck als Frauen zu entsprechen, sowie eine Armbanduhr ist in der Regel das einzige Produkt 'Schmuck', dass zahlreiche Jungs tragen. Du solltest wirklich bedenken, dass Armbanduhren wie Seksy Armbanduhren und ein Uhren sind nicht nur, um die Zeit zu informieren sowie eine Armbanduhr wird ein Din
Presto également Obtenu La Certification Aenor N Dans Les Douches Alpas
Presto, une référence internationale sur le marché des robinets communaux et les économies d'eau, lancé en 2009 un processus de certification complet avec AENOR, Association espagnole de normalisation et de certification, de renforcer son engagement auprès de ses clients en leur offrant des performances optimales et des technologies de sécurité et de garantir la certification de qualité N dans ses ouvrages et installations assurant le respect de la norme UNE-EN 816:1997, "fermeture Automatique Prises PN10". Au début de 2010, les premiers certificats ont été atteints, y compris le robinet célèbre Presto 605, ou d'une série 12A, et dans les deux dernières années ont été l'obtention des certificats d'autres gammes de robinets et robinets de lavabo sont la nouvelle série de robinets Art et Art urinaire robinets - U. Maintenant il est temps pour les accessoires de montage pour douche Presto Alpa vue. Cette gamme de robinets temporisés et mixer connus pour être installé dans les gymnases e
My Own Little Hell
I am no poet, this is not for your entertainment, this is me getting some stuff off my chest, if you don't like it, don't read it.   This place in my mind is creepy, I hate it. I close my eyes and I am standing in an old shut down amusement park,  this once bright lit area filled with laughter has constant reminders of how things used to be...the popcorn on the ground remains like miniature corpses of memories.  I sweep them up, try to make things neat again but no matter how much I sweep up, more remains and the wind blows the bits all over again.  I have tried to leave this place behind, but the gates are locked, I can't get out, worse yet, nobody can get in, my own little prison fantasy land.  A figure in the mind playing tricks...maybe...but the figure draws closer...looks like her but, no, put it out of your head.  I go back to sweeping up the bits, I try to ignore the figure...the fear, ....closer, as the figure draws near, I can actually smell her....has she come to
Snap Frames
snap frames Businesses looking for low-cost advertising tools, often decide on a selection of snap frames for poster display. When you use printed posters to highlight special offers or promote a particular service or product, they need to be changed regularly but displayed safely and kept clean for the duration of the promotion. This is where snap frames are so useful. Snap frames are a way of displaying posters that protects them from damage and graffiti with a perspex covering. Often the frames have a hinged door that is lockable. This means that it is easy to change the poster when you are rotating your product advertising or special offers adverts. They also come in a range of sizes from A4 all the way up to A1 and even A0. Snap frames have an advantage over light boxes and illuminated displays in that they are simple to install, not needing any electrical wiring or installation. If you are a sales agent or run a small business, one of the biggest puzzles is about the marketing
Life Sucks
i want to be able to fix things in my life but i cant do it, there is no respect in my life, i have no support, and all i want is to feel good, why cant i make thigs right so i can feel good
Wählen Sie Weise Zu Beachten, Dass Der Fonds Uhren
Für die Design-Entscheidungen in Damen Uhr , wurden mehrere Vorschläge für den Verbraucher hergestellt und ist nur für die Uhren zu kaufen. Der neue 19 mm Nylon-Klettband 19 mm Gurt Amazon Produkten Armband aus schwarzem Nylon Sport militärischen Seil. Dies ist ein neues schwarzes Nylon mit einem Klettverschluss. Alle Uhren. In dieser Tabelle ohne Metall. Seine Größe ist 19 mm breit und etwa 11 1/2 "19 mm neue Uhr militärischen Seil mit einem schwarzen Nylon-Sport so viel wie möglich, um wasserdichte Uhren Uhr kaufen ist nicht wasserdicht oder schlechte Kartonverschluss, macht es einfach, um Bewegungen zu brechen, zum Beispiel zu sehen: Wasser oder Feuchtigkeit in die Uhrwerke, Rost Stahlteile, Quarzuhren Koinzidenzschaltung Versagen, schwere Teile auch beschädigt werden und sogar einige kleine Staub, Fasern können auch heimlich beobachten Bewegungen, um die Tabelle zu stoppen oder Glück nicht erlaubt. im Gegenteil, gute wasserdichte Uhr kann langfristige Garantie der Reisezeit die Gen
Advanced Micro Technologie Prend Smartphones Aux Serveurs
Advanced Micro Devices prévoit d'utiliser la technologie de ARM Holdings de la Grande-Bretagne de faire processeurs performants,tablette android 4.0 , une entreprise de plus en plus que fabricant de puces estime qu'il permettra de compenser la faiblesse de l'industrie du PC.    AMD va étendre son incursion dans le marché des serveurs micro, mais quelque chose de nouveau. Combinez l'architecture ARM généralement utilisée dans les téléphones intelligents, avec l'architecture x86 qui est courant dans les PC et serveurs, a déclaré le PDG Rory Read a déclaré lundi.    La DMLA est la société informatique que sur la planète qui est l'introduction de cette architecture x86 couvrant ambidextre et l'écosystème ARM, at-il déclaré lors d'un événement.    L'un des plus anciens fabricants de puce Silicon Valley, AMD perd de l'argent et du mal à se redéfinir, tandis que les consommateurs sont positionnés en faveur de comprimés.    La société occupe le deuxième rang, loin d'être les premi
Il Numero Di Scarpe è Appetito Influenza
  Alta temperatura farà la gente scarso appetito, l'umore poveri anche può fare appetite.But persona la maggior parte della gente pensa, vestita di malato-montaggio scarpe, può anche portare alla perdita di appetite.If a trovare il vostro appetito non è molto buono, il migliore controllare il loro piedi con le scarpe è giusto? Right.Recently, giapponese relazione mondo medico,outlet hogan la salute dei bambini e scarpe proposta on.Expert, non lasciare che i bambini indossano scarpe troppo strette, altrimenti evitare che il bambino tutta la circolazione del sangue del corpo e il nuovo sostituisce il vecchio., Che colpisce l'appetito di un bambino, fare il suo apparire anoressia o cibo, che compromette la salute e lo sviluppo. Appetite avrà preoccupazione molto grande con foot.Foot è composto di ossa multiple, vasi sanguigni, muscoli, tendini e nervi e altri componenti, piedi uniti con 6 canali di 66 punti, e ci sono molti organi e viscerale. Il response.When neurale le sca
Every 42 Seconds In U.s. There's A Marijuana Arrest
A new report released by the FBI shows someone is arrested for marijuana every 42 seconds in the United States. A large percentage of the arrests are for possession alone. It's just a week away from voters in Colorado, Washington and Oregon making a decision on legalizing and regulating marijuana for all purposes. With elections coming so soon, it's interesting that the FBI released a report that doesn't seem to favor their four decade long "War on Drugs". The report shows that every 42 seconds a civilian is arrested for marijuana, and approximately 87% of those arrests are only for possession. Just like the failed prohibition of alcohol, one can clearly argue that the war on drugs is doing more harm then good, Americans want marijuana. The report also shows that there were more then 750,000 marijuana arrests in 2011, which increases crime and creates harder criminals. According to, the organization known as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), which is a group o
Note To The Northeast From Nola
Dear Northeast, Wow, is your week about to suck. Potentially it will continue to suck for many months. But ultimately you'll come out of it okay. People find a way. You will become very resourceful, you'll bond with your friends and neighbors in ways you never expected, and you'll have a lot of love and help from the rest of us from far away, too. All that said, I hope you're ready for a fight. There might be some who tell you that whatever happens was punishment from God, that you're an idiot for living where you live, that your home should be abandoned. There will be people who tell you that it's your own damn fault. They'll say that you should have known, that you deserved this misery, that the rest of us shouldn't be responsible for taking care of you, that you are not worth saving. So stop your whining already. Well, to hell with them. Be safe. And if you need to, call us when you get to the other side. You can stay with us as long as you need to. Because when the shit flies
Halloween Costume Contest~
okay,  after having to take down  my whole haunted trail...  that took forever to put up. getting my sewer snaked after the drain backed water all over my basement,  during Hurricane Sandy, and surviving  the wrath  of Hurricane Sandy , with 2 kids & my dad here......    I had a minute to whip this together for the contest,  so if you could vote or comment that would be way cool !!  :)     thanks & I hope all affected by Sandy are doing okay!!  God Bless Happy Halloween  and as always  peace baby
As Hallowwen aprocjes tommrow night and the kids go bout trick or treat pls lets rember those kids who will not be able to have a Holloween becuase they weer effect by Hurricane/ superstorm Sandy. Nearly 9 million people are without power becuase of this horrid storm. Our thoughts and pryers are with you all
Vote For Me=)
 vote for me=)
October 31st Hallow Scream Contest
Hello Everyone,   Its about that  time Halloween is tomorrow so what better to do then to get dressed up and win bling in the process!! We are going to have Orgy After Hours first ever Hallowscream Costume contest. To make things fun for those that like to get dressed up and have fun.   Basically the way it works is there will be a male, and a female category.  You must be on cam in your halloween costumes, the lounge gets to vote on there favorite costumes. Winners of each category gets a boomerang.  So 1 boomerang for male best costume, and 1 boomerang for the best female costume.  On top of that there will be other random things gave away that night.  Should be a fun time.   Again dont forget to sign up in advance if you want to enter, there may be some time of prize for those that sign up in advance you just never know what to expect at Orgy After Hours!! Contest starts tomorrow night at 10pm
Just A Touching Story I Wanted To Share
MARRIED OR NOT, YOU SHOULD READ THIS ...“When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I’ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes.Suddenly I didn’t know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the topic calmly. She didn’t seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why?I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn’t talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn’t love her anymore. I just pitied her!With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company. She glanced at it and then t
Gross Weather
It's freezing, overcast, and windy in my neck of the woods. Good day for some gaming and browsing in my jammies :) On the topic of gaming, what's your favorite?  Mine would be BioShock. I have tattoos from the first game :) Can't get enough of the underwater world known as Rapture, kicking Splicer ass and rocking a Big Daddy suit. Yep, it's my crack.  Don't get me wrong though. BioShock might be favorite but there are very many close seconds. Like Skyrim, which I am now off to play. NinjaKitties ftw
All I Have
I don't have a lot of money,Or material things to give to you.But the one thing I have to give is me.I would be there through the ups an downs,if you will open up and let me in.I can love you through the good and bad times you face,If only you would stop being scared,To let love touch your heart again.With me all I can offer you is happiness,That's all I have to give..
Domestic Violence And The Blame
When I met him he was so beautiful. He was sitting there on my front porch as if a gift from God. He was married but going through a devorce. He didn't wamt anything to do with me. He wanted to be free. At first we were just friends. I flirted with him a lot. Eventually I madr hi realized that he loved me. He was a young man age 27. I was 22. I was in nursing school and had a daughter out of wedlock. He had a drug problem but i believed in him.       He moved into my small appartement right away. There I was supporting myself, my daughter and him while goning to nursing school. It didn"t take long and I was pregnant. Only months into the relationship. He took great joy in making me jelouse. He flirted with women right in front of me. I weighed 279 lbs. I was a biggin! I was very insecure. I kicked him out ojne night after he went to a bar! I insisted I would not be disrespected like that. Little did I know I would be. When he came home he began to kick the door. I didn't know what to
I'm Shrinking
Its arms curl around me, once more. Dark arms, that I cannot ignore. I'm shrinking. Black tentacles, pull my body in. All at once, I hear the word THIN. But its never thin enough, on the outside I show a smiling face. But inside I am tormented, in this dark and dangerous place. Never good enough, as everyone else takes a piece of cake. Starving, while knowing eating it, would be a mistake. I know that those 500 calories, are not for me. That's what my entire day's intake, is supposed to be. I sit and watch, as life passes me by. To protect this image, I must lie. I'm shrinking. My days are measured, one by one. How many calories will I eat, before the day is done? What is my limit, for the day? Let's hope I'm under, that way. The weight falls off, so easily. Every pound that falls off, so does a little more of me. The hole I'm digging myself, is just too deep. The climb out of here, will be steep. Still shrinking, but trying to grow. I ate mo
Are You Tired Of Being A Lonely, Loser? I Can Help Fix That
imagine a child with all the talent in the world. and one day he decides to play baseball. he throws the bat, runs past 2nd and third, and never tags the runner. i bet you would never want a guy like this on your team. it's not that this kid sucks, its simply that he doesnt know how to play. that is exactly how thw dating world is. if you dont know how to play you are going to fail over and over and be miserable do i have ur attention now? good let's begin. 1.take care of yourself women want their men groomed, dressed nice, and physically fit. look yourself in the mirror. are you wearing a huge t-sirt with ur footaball team on it? are your clothes too baggy and dont fit well. are your shoes dirty? are your finger nails dirty? are you wearing thick glassess. are you balding and still holding on to whatever hair u want? all of these things automatically disqualify and you will have a hard time. 2.get off your fucking computer YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MEET YOUR NEXT BEAUTY QUEEN OFF T
Gotta Go With Combat Soldier.
So guys.  WE're going out to a bar or lounge for Halloween.  It's costume night and we know there will b e a lot of ladies there.  What costume would you wear to make you stand out from the other guys?  For me, it combat soldier.  Boots.  Camo Trousers.  Shreadded camo shirt.  Sleeveless.  Short hair cut.
Is It Sexy?
It's Halloween season and costumes are being designed and purchased.  So ladies, if you could only wear one costume that would make you stand out and get your guys or a bunch of guys attention, what would it be.  Consider that you must be able to wear it in a lounge in the general public or a private club.  Not just bedroom wear.  Please post your idea and if needed a discription or link if yours is unusual or special in any way.  
Exhaustion Kicks In
Exhaustion kicks in, too tired to sleep. I no longer have the strength, or the energy to weep. YOU said to think of a color, inside my head. Focus on it, and I see blood red. The color of the tears, I can no longer cry. And all because of, a pack of lies. The one's I tell myself, all the damn time. The one's painfully etched, inside my mind. While deep down inside, I always know better. I am lying right now, writing this love letter. I write these words, telling myself something else. About the way he feels, the emotions he felt. He feels the same way, I KNOW he does. But really it's like, feeling texture through a thick pair of gloves. I cry myself to sleep, while lying alone in my bed. Desperately clinging, to every word that he said. I am 100% his, and there is nothing I can do. Now matter how pathetic it sounds, it's true. I think of my life before, how helpless I felt. Then he pops up, and I melt. I can be angry, torn down and broken. One
Abadoned By My First Love
Ripped  ,torn .. inside of me burns already scarred ..  tried again to give you a second chance..  Love is harsh sometimes , love is cruel   Love made me your fool ..  I built u up , and you tore me down ..  its hard to trust , hard to feel ..  hard to love when love is real ..    true love ...  getting over you again .. closing the the open wounds  sucking the posion out my heart    trying not to be bitter ..  trying not to hurt ...  your words seem so worthless now ..  your tongue seems so cruel ..    I was loves fool for far too long ..  was it love young love , young delight..  the love truned to poison i down know when .. and i haven't been the same again    taking the journey ... growing more thorns ..  learning to see what real love is ..    Adaboned by the one i loved  now i finally know ...  hes not my soulmate  and its time for me to grow..  time to get real ..       
Outside Himself
A young musician, living the dream. Writing and playing, the words that he sings. He seen and done things, most can't comprehend. Like the house he shared, with a few of his friends. They split the rent, in this new home. Little did they know, they weren't in there alone. Something else, was inside that house. It didn't like them being there, it wanted them out! One of his friends had two small children, their room was down stairs. And that's where it would go, to visit them there. The children could see it, while everyone else could not. Just kids making up stories, is all that they thought. Until one day, the young musician came home. He went upstairs to his room, and the truth was shown. As he lyed across his bed, and attempted to rest. He felt something powerful, upon his chest. Pressure so intense, he could barely breathe. He was being held down by a force, that he couldn't even see. He began to panic, not being able to move. Then he broke fre
Sealed Fate
Incredibly strong yet so silent,   he quietly appears.   Drinking in his surroundings,   listening with hidden tears.   The weight on his shoulders,   a love lost or two.   Such an intelligent thinker,   attentive and true.   Yet, he retreats from within,   time slowly ticks by.   Missed opportunities to share,   he dwells on the 'WHY?"   Life will go on without him,   it's true.   Maybe he can love her again,   her heart bleeds blue.   For someone so smart,   happiness lies outside his door.   Will he turn the knob? Unlock the love?   She's been so desperately yearning for?   Incredibly strong yet so silent,   he deliberately waits.   The door's knob never turned,   love's gone, sealed fate
What Makes A Great Poet?
I was asked to write several articles by a client of mine based on my objective..what it takes to make a great poet....and this is just one of the articles I came up with..   What makes a great poet? Although, that is a very intriguing question, there realistically isn’t an answer. That would be like asking an artist, what enabled them with this magnificent talent. For, that is what poetry is, a form of artistry. Poetry is a visual beauty, without the picture. Successful poets have the ability to portray that beauty through simply their words alone. Great poets see the world through a different set of eyes. For example, when an ordinary person looks at the sunset, all they may see is the sunset. However, when a truly versatile poet looks at that very same sunset. They do not see the sunset at all. What they see is more radiant than any sunset can portray. A great poet's life comes in channels, just like your television set. Imagine yourself sitting in front of the television
The Bank Job
      Hello. My name is Alan. I have spent the last three years in the Waupun Wisconsin Correctional facility. I will most likely never see the outside of this compound again. I have accepted that fact, and if I had everything to do over again I wouldn't change a thing. I broke the law and am now willingly accepting my punishment. This is the story of the day that caused me to be incarcerated. This story is not meant to be an apology, I am only writing this because remembering that day still puts a smile on my face. For seven long years I was a loyal but under appreciated employee of The First National Trust Bank in Racine Wisconsin. I was a hard worker, but could never seem to buy an even break. I would constantly watch as employees would be hired after me and quickly rise through the company above me and into positions of power above me simply because I refused to play the game. It all started with Wendy. The day Wendy was hired was a day that I thought would make my job a
Fubar's Time And Irony.
Hi Kids. Hope you all had a wonderful October and eat lots of candy. This place is funny. Really, it is. Time and irony here are two things that never fall out of favor and while one is mostly forgotten, the latter never ceases to amaze. Ironically, in the Halloween contest, is something I really noticed. For a site that has members that push sexuality , sometimes to the max and overdone, those costumes are pretty Party-City-Conventional looking to me. Not taking anything away from those that actually tried, but it's just not what I was expecting. Makes you wonder though, what's behind that? You would think that with all of the NSFW and this and that and NSFW selling that someone would slap something together a little more well, you know, I mean, this year, you could see that in Wal Mart ffs. Unusual at best, but more ironic than most. There's alot of reasons why I think that's the case, but lord knows I wouldn't want to start drama. It's funny I had people that would clearly wipe o
  五,实无一策 1,残酷泄愤 所以,中国卡扎菲你都操纵家奴,即凶奴:中国国家安全机构在我人脑里一而再再而三地残酷找呀找都找了接近一年的时间了后,我的一切你都明明白白、清清楚楚、一目了然。 也就是说, 至少在2010年09月30日我走出重庆市渝北区中医院精神科以后,为了你永&
寡廉鲜耻 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,任重道远 1,女人工程 新闻联播以及主流媒体的下意识的最爱与偏好的,几个女人的运用工程,即老调重弹之女人屄,肛,口,乳的运用工程: 操盘老嫖客、小私奶宝操盘小嫖客或者小私奶宝操盘小嫖客、操İ
How To Shrink Your App
How to Shrink Your Mobile App With the recent release of the new iPad, app resources (images, videos, etc.) will be significantly larger. Apple has raised the 3G app download to 50mb to compensate for the larger images, but it may still be a tight squeeze. This is especially true for universal mobile apps that have to support low and high resolutions of iPhones, iPods, and now the iPads. Often during the construction of an app we will go through many revisions to the UI, moving new assets in and out of the app. In this confusion, there’s a chance that the ipad application developer might forget to remove the image as a resource from the project when it is no longer used. We have written a script to automate the process of finding unused resources: It’s simple to use, just clone the repo and invoke the script providing a relative path to the project’s working directory. For example: ? 1 ./i
Apple Udid Deprecation
Last August, the iOS developer community discovered a small change with potentially large implications that came with the introduction of iOS 5.0: the deprecation of the UDID. The UDID is a highly used unique identifier for each iOS device; somewhat like a social security number for your phone or tablet. UDIDs are widely used in the context of creating and distributing ad-hoc, beta builds. However, there have been a number of security and privacy concerns raised once it was found that this identifier was being used for many other purposes. To address these concerns Apple has given a new alternative, the UUID, and as of late has been urging more and more developers to expedite the replacement of the UDID in their apps. Some reports indicate that Apple is starting to actually reject apps that reference UDIDs. From the iOS 5.0 release notes: Deprecated in iOS 5.0 uniqueIdentifier An alphanumeric string unique to each device based on various hardware details. (read-only) (Depr
A Week At Xtreme Labs: An Engineer’s Perspective
A Week at Xtreme Labs: An Engineer’s Perspective The intensity of downtown Toronto’s rush-hour pedestrian traffic pales in comparison to the electric work environment of Xtreme Labs. After some time, most XL employees will get up to speed with our fast-paced work environment, but I clearly remember being overwhelmed on my first day as an Agile Engineer at our downtown Toronto office. Mobile isn’t the next big thing. It is the big thing right now, and it is only getting bigger. And mobile technologies are moving fast. And so, we’re constantly iterating on creating a work culture that allows our engineers to move fast while maintaining quality. A typical engineer’s week at XL is fun, intense, and goes by really fast. To lure our engineers into the office on time, breakfast is served every day at 9 AM. We start off each day with a five-minute company standup during which the entire company gathers and shares interesting, relevant, and even irr
Why I’m Not A Smartphone User (i’m An Ipod User)
Why I’m not a Smartphone User (I’m an iPod user) I have a confession.  I don’t own a smartphone. I’ve been a mobile developer for 7 years having started on feature phones, prior to the release of the first iPhone, to the current day smartphone.  Yet I never made the leap to own one.  As a mobile developer on smartphones, how do I justify not owning one? Ultimately, I have come to realize that it just doesn’t appeal to me enough and looking around I realize I’m not alone. A recent article on TechCrunch summarized the market share of feature phones vs. smartphones. Smartphones global market share is only 27%, North America at 63%, and Europe is 51%. Other regions are in the teens. Why hasn’t the rest of the world joined in? I can’t speak for others but I can tell you why haven’t I joined. A big factor to this remains to be the cost of most smartphones and necessary data plans. Carriers and manufacturers play a big par
How To Get The Best Graphic Design?
There has been a tremendous increase in the use of online sites and with the presence of the right graphic design on it, that site will become more appealing to the users over the internet. When a company makes use of a website, it reaches many more customers which helps in the growth of the business. Number of companies makes an investment in these sites which help to make an increase in their business capabilities. Design of the site is made after considering number of factors which include all the requirements of the company for which it is made. When designing a site, make sure that you ensure that it follows the right kind of guidelines and at the same time it is useful for the customers vesting the site. All information on the page should be such that it is easily visible and any individual can easily see it. A site will not be useful if it does not get enough traffic. To increase the traffic level number of methods is launched and among them the Link Building Services are one of
Parsing Json Data Efficiently On Android: Jsonreader
Parsing JSON Data Efficiently on Android: JsonReader WE recently worked on an Android app that parsed large amounts of JSON-formatted data. We would routinely allocate 20 or 30 kilobytes of heap space for Strings of JSON-formatted text retrieved from a server.  We’d pass the strings to the Android framework’s JSONObject class in order to construct our data models.  After downloading many objects in a short amount of time we discovered that we were frequently running out of memory and decided that we needed a different strategy to parse the content we downloaded from our server:  all those Strings and JSONObjects on the heap were killing us. When parsing XML-formatted text, it’s well known that there are two general strategies: DOM and SAX.  DOM (“Document Object Model”) loads the entire content into memory and permits the developer to query the data as they wish.  SAX (“Simple API for XML”) presents the data as a stream: the devel
Ios Libraries For Productive Programming
iOS Libraries for Productive Programming To build working iOS apps quickly and painlessly I have often leveraged open source libraries. It’s important to avoid reinventing the wheel every time your app needs to hit the network, use common UI, socially share content, etc. People have listed libraries before (here, here, and here), I wanted to highlight some that lean more towards dev tools than front facing user features. Cedar Cedar, I believe, is the first library to bring BDD-style testing to iOS. Cedar uses blocks to achieve tests that appear similar to natural language requirements, for example: ? 1 2 3 4 5 describe(@"NSString helper functions", ^{   it(@"should decode a short string", ^{     expect( [@"TEST" lowercaseString] ).to(equal(@"test"));   }); }); I find this more readable and descriptive than the awkward “testStringConvertsTestToLowercaseTest” methods the SenTestingKit framework corners me into. Cedar has a cool U
How To Get The Best Graphic Design?
There has been a tremendous increase in the use of online sites and with the presence of the right graphic design on it, that site will become more appealing to the users over the internet. When a company makes use of a website, it reaches many more customers which helps in the growth of the business. Number of companies makes an investment in these sites which help to make an increase in their business capabilities. Design of the site is made after considering number of factors which include all the requirements of the company for which it is made. When designing a site, make sure that you ensure that it follows the right kind of guidelines and at the same time it is useful for the customers vesting the site. All information on the page should be such that it is easily visible and any individual can easily see it. A site will not be useful if it does not get enough traffic. To increase the traffic level number of methods is launched and among them the Link Building Services are one of
Iag Engages Xtreme Labs To Commercialize The Sofit Platform
IAG Engages Xtreme Labs to Commercialize the SoFit Platform TORONTO, Oct 19, 2012:  InterAmerican Gaming Inc. (OTCBB:IAGM) (“IAG” or “the Company”), a company developing “SoFit” – a new social gaming platform that empowers individuals to improve their health and fitness, has partnered with Xtreme Labs to commercialize the SoFit platform. Xtreme Labs is an award winning mobile strategy and mobile application development agency, and will deal with the commercializaiton of the SoFit platform. IAG management will work closely with Xtreme Lab’s engineers, designers, and product leaders while continuing to develop SoFit’s mobile products in preparation for launch in the coming months. Xtreme Labs works with the world’s leading companies to plan and execute their mobile strategy. As experts in agile mobile development and custom mobile application development, Xtreme Labs produces elite, end-to-end solutions across all ma
Xtreme Labs Leverages Industry Expert For Growth And Innovation In Mobile
Xtreme Labs Leverages Industry Expert for Growth and Innovation in Mobile TORONTO, Oct 10, 2012 : Xtreme Labs today announces that Chamath Palihapitiya, former VP of Growth, Mobile, and International for Facebook and Founder of The Social+Capital Partnership, has personally invested in the company to become a significant shareholder. Chamath Palihapitiya will join the Board and will serve as an advisor to the Executive team as the company moves through its next phase of growth in mobile application development. “Since our inception Xtreme Labs has been a leader in mobile innovation, and with this announcement, we are now better equipped to move forward with greater velocity to become one of the world’s largest, most successful mobile companies,” said Amar Varma, CEO of Xtreme Labs. Chamath Palihapitiya brings extensive experience and knowledge of both start-ups and the tech industry. In addition to his work in growth and mobile with Facebook, Mr. Palihap
Patel Colossus Luxurious Apartments At Kalyan West Mumbai
Patel Colossus Kalyan West Mumbai Patel Group Launched its new luxurious apartments Patel Colossus at Kalyan West Mumbai. Patel Group is one of leading developer in Mumbai Patel Colossus Kalyan offers 2, 3, 4 BHK and Duplex Apartment and located just opposite to Birla Colleges of Arts Science and Commerce, Kalyan West.Colossus. Experience a new level of luxurious lifestyle with unmatched interiors and world class ultra modern amenities. Life at Patel Colossus is a many-splendoured experience. Equipped with every conceivable facility. There is clubhouse, refreshing swimming pool, mesmerizing landscaping, vastu compliance design, ample car parking and also grandeur it bestows.Established in 2009, PATEL GROUPS is one of Mumbai's leading real estate developers from Residential Apartments to Commercial Premises, we are successfully running several prestigious projects around Mumbai city and its Suburbs. Co-founded by Mr. HASMUKH PATEL. PATEL GROUP considers the world its oyster. Ut
Carpe Diem
life is short so life is valuable,let's seize every day of our life! i am a little chinese girl who have a big heart and  many dreams! hope i can get to know many fun friends here. tomorrow is my lovely cousin sis' b-day :P gtg best wishes  y'all~    
Let Go... No More...
its all right there comes a time peace of mind take it slow no more highs ... every day something hits me... no more hate no more love. its all OK.. had a bad day... had the blues no more pills no more Dr.s no more words come out of my lips... its fine walk down the line I want sunshine are you my friend ... if I change will you love me any way. its all right there comes a time to let go of the pain for get let go move on know I am loved. its all OK I'll change with out pills or Dr.s I may be mad, or up all night I'll write my life away to all of my thoughts to move you find my way out of this madness.    bY Christine love always to my viewers 
I Am Coming I Am Coming I Am Coming
I am coming to dinner to meet your parents                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    bY Christine  
Stay Off My Page .....
you don't look to happy what the hell is over you... stop telling me that you love me it's over .... you don't look to happy what the hell is over you... stop telling me that you love me it's over... take a ride I keep telling you I do not love you, You know I can't lie so run away , so run away .... you put things on my blog tell lies about me.. you will not bring me down I will never go down... I may be in love with another or not if so stop calling me names... you know who you are.. none stop none stop but your going  down , your going down.....down it's not all about you..... every thing not all about you... it's all about me so stay the hell off my page...  bY Christine 
lonely lonely lonely one who are you tell me tell me who are you. I'll hold you dear to my heart deep feelings over me lost in thoughts of coming off the moon. Sexy man you are my heart is full to night walking with my eyes close heart boxes falling down from the sky. My heart led me to a path of love. Now my love you see me for who I am make love to me all night long be my baby love me tell dawn. I lay next to you forever trust me I won't let you down I die for you I lie for you.           bY Christine   
I Can't Fight Any More...
all my life is a fight you drink to much.. I turn my head make believe it's not there all my life is a fight you drink to much ... I turn my head don't leave me alone.. hold on to me.. hold on to me... hold on to me... I can't fight any more I'll walk away to let you die in your blood walls falling down around you I can't fight any more all my life is a fight you drink to much... love and hate is hand and hand as I become a women I see a sad ending and I turn my head make believe it not there but I loved you to much....      bY Christine...  
Review On Google Play Feature Of Allowing Developers To Answer User Queries
Review On Google Play Feature Of Allowing Developers To Answer User Queries Google Play, the primary Marketplace for everything Android, is about to change the way we review apps. This is a welcome change for all android application developers as now their apps can get a boost of user reviews that can give a boost to the overall android application development process. Google announced last week that developers (or app publishers) will now have the ability to respond to reviews posted about their apps. The concept is simple – a user reviews an app and as the developer, you can post a response to the review. The user is notified of the response via email and the full conversation is available for the public to see. Android Applications Type One Reviewer: A user who likes to voice frustration with our clients’ business models or they just plain hate the world, (sometimes its hard to tell the difference). We’ve all seen these; the one-star ratings with no re
Power Over Me....
run, run as fast as you can life is ending as you see it before you, you see it on T.V. on the News everyday... with hate, race, gas prices, oil spills, k.k.k, politics, wars.. children shootings, mothers killing there, run as fast as you can life is ending as you see it before you. Everybody is coming to get me I here voices in my head killing me the air in our world is ending the plant is dieing our rain forest is gone. Our money is gone, banks closing , houses foreclosing. Gangs are killing each other, twin towers are down New York is not the same... People mindless games will not end. Fear is a chill down to the bone. This is true everyone is looking for something and a calling for a change will it come will it come.... to save our world... do we have faith or is life to fast to think to slow down and make it right... bY Christine   nothing to say nothing to give nothing to do... I feel I am to close to this world that I love so I must be on my way...
Engaging Mobile Customers For Better Ratings And Reviews On Mobile Apps
Engaging Mobile Customers for Better Ratings and Reviews on Mobile Apps Mobile Application developers want great ratings in the app store because they are interpreted as an indicator of quality. Data from a report titled Examining the Relationship between Reviews and Sales by researchers form NYU and the Georgia Institute of Technology suggests that this is of particular value for things that are difficult for mobile consumers to evaluate prior to purchase, such as books, movies, and apps. The higher the rating of a mobile application, the more likely you are to pique the interest of potential customers. It is natural then to ask, “How can we get better ratings for our custom mobile application?” and, “How do we get better reviews?” But those are the wrong questions. Instead, the questions you should ask are: 1.    How do we create a great experience so people will love our iphone mobile app? 2.    How can we engage with our customers, so the ones who l
Die Wahl Eines Richtigen Armbanduhr For Yourself
Armbanduhren nicht nur uns die Zeit, aber sie machen auch eine wichtige Aussage über die Person, die sie trägt ist. Die Auswahl des richtigen solar armbanduhr für den richtigen Anlass ist wirklich wichtig in der heutigen Welt. Eine Armbanduhr kann sagen viel über die Person, die ihn trägt und auch eine große Aussage über den Charakter, Erwerbsstatus, Mode Wissen und sportlichen Aktivitäten der Person die ihn trägt. Eine Frau entscheidet sich für eine Armbanduhr, die ihr Aussehen als auch als Persönlichkeit verbessert. Eine berufstätige Frau werden es vorziehen, Leder, schlicht, gold oder bunt Armbanduhr mit einem einfachen Gesicht tragen. Dies zeigt eine Frau mit ihrer Arbeit gewidmet und haben gute Kenntnisse über den Stil. Für eine Abendveranstaltung, bevorzugen die meisten Frauen ein stilvolles Diamanten oder Schmuck Embedded Gold oder Silber Armbanduhr tragen. Es gibt auch Rolex-Uhren für diejenigen, die gern von Markenprodukten Armbanduhren sind aber nicht leisten können ihre ho
Cómo Obtener Ayuda Para Navidad Familias De Bajos Ingresos
La Navidad es ese momento mágico cuando los enemigos se convierten en amigos y todo está bien con el mundo. Es ese momento en que incluso el más frío de las noches convertirse en días cálidos y soleados, debido a que un aspecto mágico que ha viajado de generación en generación - el espíritu de la Navidad.-venta de luces de navidad El espíritu de la Navidad es algo que enciende los fuegos de los que están solos durante las frías noches de invierno, que es lo que divide un pastel solo lo suficiente para diez personas hambrientas, y es ese aspecto de la vida que se asegura de que nadie duerme con hambre en la Navidad noche. Sin embargo, el Espíritu de Navidad requiere un poco de ayuda en el mundo actual. Hay ciertas personas y familias que caen bajo la categoría de ingresos bajos. Estas familias no pueden permitirse un lujoso Navidad como la mayoría de nosotros lo hacemos. Afortunadamente, existen varias instituciones que garantizan la Navidad no es una noche fría y amarga
15 On The Fu...not For Long.
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Zum Meer Und Oyster Perpetual Abreise Einstellungen Zu Sehen
New York TOURNEAU genießen eine Konferenz organisiert, um den 50. Jahrestag der marine Rolex-LED Armbanduhren Beginn erinnern. Das Meer Uhr String Zertifizierte Taucher können auch eine Suche erstes zu sehen konzipiert U-Boote noch langen Weg ins Wasser gehen, wenn der Taucher etwa 7 sprang heraus. Darüber hinaus gibt es viele Gelegenheiten, bei der Rolex Explorer angezeigt. Von ewiger Rolex ein Marine-Version der beliebtesten marine erlesenen Stil zu Ehren des Jubiläums zahlreiche Uhren. Die Anmeldung für diese Veranstaltung ist auch ein individual.Vertisements. Dunkelblau Chef Don Walsh vom Fischfang in der Vergangenheit, die zu tun. Er hat sogar ein eigenes Boot, tauchen in 35.180 Meter tief Position. A Brand New Rolex Oyster zeitlosen Look, ein Innovator im Sport geworden, wie ein Markt zu tun, die Rolex ein sicherlich eine riesige bekannt für seine ausgezeichnete Uhr ausgezeichnete Effizienz und Genauigkeit bekannt. Das Schnorcheln verschiedenen Uhren und Forscher verschiedener Uh
Sandra Bullock Est Nu Sous La Douche Dans Une émission De Télévision
L'agent secret de la plus séduisante sur le grand écran vient de partir avec leurs bouches ouvertes aux téléspectateurs américains ce lundi, ont assisté comme Sandra Bullock s'est nue sous la douche, dans son discours lors d'une émission de télévision populaire américaine douchette fixe pas cher . L'interprète, qui, quelques mois auparavant, elle était liée à la nouvelle épouse l'acteur canadien Ryan Reynolds, est venu cette semaine, le premier programme de la fin de cette saison talk-show nocturne animé par la comédienne et humoriste américaine Chelsea Handler. Au cours de 'Chelsea Lately ", diffusée sur US Entertainment Television depuis 2007, a diffusé un sketch dans lequel, à la surprise générale, à la fois en tant que présentateur auto Bullock, est apparu dans la douche et complètement nu. Les spectateurs pouvaient regarder les seins non censurés de deux femmes qui, d'ailleurs, peuvent se vanter d'un grand front. Pendant le sketch, actrices américaines référence, ironiquement,
Rencontre Avec La Tablette Qui Vous Apporte Et Saga Trome
Cet appareil mobile dispose du WiFi, OS 4.0, 8 Go de mémoire interne et peut étendre jusqu'à 32 Go supplémentaires. Les tablette tactile android 4.1 sont gadgets offrant des fonctionnalités habituellement disponibles dans un smatphone ou PC, mais ont l'avantage d'être l'un des plus petits appareils, légers et portables sur le marché. Par conséquent Saga Falabella Trome et vous apporter une promotion que vous pouvez obtenir sur les dernières technologies. L'idée d'une tablette, c'est que tout le monde a un appareil mobile à laquelle nous avons accès, lorsque nous en avons besoin, nos photos, vidéos, et nous pouvons partager avec nos amis et la famille, a déclaré Gino Capurro, l'achat area manager Saga Falabella informatique. CARACTÉRISTIQUES TECHNIQUES Les appareils de la marque, Prolink, ont WIFI navigation Internet, la vérification des emails, jouer à des jeux, regarder des vidéos, etc. et vous permettra de profiter du meilleur des outils de l'Internet et des applications
O Vestido De Noiva Cor De Rosa De Jessica Biel
O último casal famoso a juntar as escovas de dente e trocar alianças foi o cantor Justin Timberlake e a atriz Jessica Biel. Os pombinhos subiram ao altar em uma cerimônia muito chique, mas quase particular, no sul da Itália na semana passada. Ambos estão na capa da revista People. E felizes da vida. “É ótimo estarmos casados, a cerimônia foi linda-vestidos de cerimónia, e foi especial demais estarmos cercados por nossos parentes e amigos”, disse o casal em declaração exclusiva. Justin, de 31 anos, e Jessica, de 30, estavam juntos há cinco anos. Chegaram a ficar separados por alguns meses em 2011, mas reataram o namoro e oficializaram o noivado em dezembro. Antes da agora esposa, o ex-integrante da boy band N’Sync havia namorado outras celebridades, como a cantora Britney Spears. Por sinal, a loirinha aparece na mesma capa da People. Deslize ou proposital? O casal vendeu as fotos para a People, que divulgou algumas e deve publicar ainda mais em outras ediçõ
What Does It Take To Be A Guard To The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier?
TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER (Interesting Facts) Posted on Wed Apr 28 2004 19:20:41 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) by SandRat TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER Interesting facts about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Sentinels of the Third United States Infantry Regiment "Old Guard" Q: How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknowns and why? A: 21 steps. It alludes to the twenty-one gun salute, which is the highest honor given any military or foreign dignitary. Q: How long does he hesitate after his about face to begin his return walk and why? A: 21 seconds, for the same reason as answer number 1. Q: Why are his gloves wet? A: His gloves are moistened to prevent his losing his grip on the rifle. Q: Does he carry his rifle on the same shoulder all the time, and if not, why not? A: No, he carries the rifle on the shoulder away from the tomb. After his march across the path, he executes an about face and moves the rifle to the outside should
Bob Ross Painter
Bob Ross Robert Norman "Bob" Ross was an American painter, art instructor, and television host. He is best known as the creator and host of The Joy of Painting, a television program that ran for more than a decade on PBS in the United States and Canada. Wikipedia Born: October 29, 1942, Daytona Beach Died: July 4, 1995, 
Affiliate Search Engine No Holds Barred Approach To Making Money Online
As you might have guessed, affiliate search engine marketing has become one of the quickest ways to make a fast buck online. In fact, many business owners have jumped on the affiliate marketing bandwagon as a way to promote their companies.  On the other hand, affiliate search engine marketing is a surefire way for anyone to begin a home-based business.  You see affiliate marketing is the best of both worlds.  Don?t worry; if this is the first time you?ve heard of this unique type of marketing you are not alone. But more on that later. You may not know this but search engine marketing has taken the world by storm.  Listen to me carefully now. Many people are using this technique successfully. But many others treat affiliate marketing like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Bear with me as tell you how to get started.Here goes?For starters, you?ll be glad to know that affiliate search engine marketing is easy to understand. Quite simply, as an affiliate marketer you will be promoting
Vote For Me In The Halloween Costume Contest Please
Went to the bar for a halloween contest this past weekend! Won a trip for 2 to Cancun Mexico!!! Yes having real Domme atire in my closet pays off in more ways than one!! :D Happy Halloween to all!! Lizzy
Well Mama...   Janice my therapist said I am doing good not hitting people ...I hope you are proud of me not hurting those who hurt me... She did say she is surprised how good I am doing right now.   Mom I have my fubar friends back, this is my family now.  I wish you were here to help me get back on my feet and make them leave me alone.  Dan is an evil little boy and well I hope he suffers but not like what he did to me. Jess called me yesterday crying about how Rodney that dodo head husband of hers was putting her down... she quit crying when she got money from pops...and she calls me the bumb...yeah right... Little Jerry is doing great about helping me with dad.... Last night dad was playing songs that reminded him of you...I cried like a baby cause I do miss you soooooo much.. well I love you mom...Dia de los Muertos is coming quick see ya then ya....te quiero mucho mama   Siempre su hija
Not Much
So I went to the chiropractor today.  Nothing really big happening. The only thing he said is that he wants me to continue doing my exercises. He also told me he's ordering me a TENS unit. I can NOT wait for that. It feels amazing!!   Also, I didn't take my first pill for pain until it was about 7pm. I'm excited. I was walking really stupid though, lol.
Why Do We Need Love ?
Why do we need love in this world? all it is afeeling that can bring pain and tears. I don't think love is all people said it is great . Love can die .
An Outsider's View
From a barstool I watched, the dreams of men die. As they realized that, freedom of reality was nothing but a lie. I've seen tears of sorrow, and happiness too. I watched the years go by, from an outsider's view. I've tasted good food, and drank with the best. I've witnessed the hope, among those that failed the test. I saw the stars of the past, lose their shine, I have witnessed others thrown away, from the daily grind. Of my own fate, and why I'm at this place. I'll never know, since I don't recognize my face. The years have placed me, here at this stop. After my failure, to reach the top. I don't even remember, my own damn name. Since I became a pawn, in a malicious game. All I know, is that my true home is here. Among so many others, with the same sorrow and fear. Perhaps one day, I'll try to stop playing the fool. But until that day comes, I'll be here on my barstool.
The Best Seat In The House
I have the best seat in the house, a perfect view of the human race. I see smiles, tears, both humility and disgrace. Looking around, I can see perfectly. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Firsthand I hear, the bartender’s advice. Some is uplifting, while most isn’t so wise. I see painful disappointment, etched on faces. I hear war stories of survival, people and places. Of failed times, and broken expectations. I take a seat somewhere else, avoiding the miscommunications. There’s a couple intertwined, on the dance floor. The alcoholic begging for drinks, because he is poor. Then a fight erupts, while two play pool. Thrown out by the bouncer, like a couple of fools. Trying to settle stupidity, with violence and misrules. I watch a humiliating man’s, mating call. With a pretty woman, trying to stall. I wonder if I intervened, if his plan would stonewall. Across the room, a woman stares and sways. Up to some poor guy, who has
True Sportsmanship
TRUE SPORTSMANSHIP      Starting in September, whether its a Friday night for high school, Sats for college or Sunday and Monday nights for NFL, people flock to watch Americas no 1 sport.  Each team and each level has tradtions that make football a unique and a good sport. One traditon in particular is when a player is down, both teams will kneel down in support of that player. But on 1 Saturday in Oct something special happen.   Normally in college football as in times in high school you will see rivalries like no other, and some results in tempers flaring up. On Oct 27 during the 1st half of the South Carolina vs U of Tennesse was something you probally never see again.  During a run, Gamecock Jr TB Marcus Lattimore was severly injured after being tackled by a Volunteer player. What was the amazing part was during the time  the well respected back was being attended to, both players and coaches from each team gathered around the fallen player with tears in thier eyes. Once word got
A Million More
The moon had a distinct aura that night. The sea made a whistling noise she wasn’t trying to fight. With lazy naked feet, she walked through the wet sand. Wishing to be deep within the water, surrounded by no land. Deeply, she went into the sea. Still wondering if it was this life, she wanted to flee. Then as a saving grace, he arrived with the tide. A majestic cologne, having its joy ride. The sea turned to gold, with a single touch. Then he smiled, and her heart began to clutch. The sea itself was mesmerized, by this beautiful man in gleams. Leaving her wondering, if she was still in her dreams. Surrounded by the sea there he was, moon light shining upon his golden hair. With such a beautiful face, tranquility so rare. Who are you? Gathering the courage she finally asked. He smiled in his beauty, the nature basked. He said I was sent to serve you. What do you wish of me? I shall grant you one wish, and then I go free. With his single wish, he
Everyone has a fetish. Some are extreme, some are not so extreme, but everyone has them. The problem is that not all fetishes are accepted by society. With that comes shame and judgment. Everyone has been judged on their fetishes. I'm saying let go of that shame and fear. Embrace your fetish! Love your fetish!!! THIS IS A SHAME FREE ZONE AND A JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE. NO ONE WILL JUDGE YOU HERE.
Where To Find My Books At
Beauty Around the World by: Michael (Miki) Profant Price: $16.95 Product Details ISBN: 1-60703-426-3 # Pages: 87 pages Dimensions: 6 x 9 Format: Softcover Latest News: Less than 30 pct of all books are bought in real bookstores. Product Description If you ask where my inspiration to write poetry comes from, I would have to say from everywhere. From gray misty mornings to a beautiful smile, I try to see beauty in everything. I once told a friend beauty wasn’t just about her face. It could be a smile, a sparkle in the eyes, a soft touch, or words that warm my heart—qualities that all women have. So if you feel the urge, write me and maybe I’ll write one for you. I hope you will enjoy this book. Beauty Around the World Book 2 by: Michael (Miki) Profant Price: $19.95 Product Details ISBN: 9781448986293 # Pages: 122 pages Dimensions: 6x9 Format: Softcover Latest News: Product Description "This is a follow up of sorts to my first book. I see be
A Little Too Far
    That night, was one of my worst. It was like a horror flick, rehearsed. The script was short, but the memories are lifelong. Like a ballad of the, most depressing song. You were so full of rage, and things got intense. Our life became a novel, of survival and suspense. I cry myself to sleep, every single night. Remembering the war, the fight. The way you controlled, then killed that little girl. And gave birth to the new me, in this cruel and pathetic world. You stole my youth, and tainted my life. You were never a man, just someone with a knife. I remember it all, while looking up at the stars. Wishing you had never taken things, just a little too far.
Hehehehehe Bored
mmm comes to my attention that woman n hurricanes r the same,  they come quickly,noisey n leave all wett, n in the end the we lose r house cars n anything else of value mmmm funny in away.  sad part is that spongebob better becareful  sandy bein a bitch
"Changes"(feat. Ozzy Osbourne) [Kelly:]I feel unhappy I am so sad I lost the best friend That I've ever had [Ozzy:]She is my baby I love her so But it's too late now I've let her go [Both:]We're going through changes (ohh - [chorus]) We're going through changes (ahh - [chorus]) [Kelly:]We've shared the years We've shared each day I love you daddy But I found my way [Ozzy:]You know the world Is an evil place My baby is grown now She's found her way [Both:](ohh ahh - [Chorus]) We're going through changes (ohh - [chorus]) We're going through changes (ohh - [chorus]) (ahh - [Chorus]) [Kelly:]It took so long To realize I can still hear His last goodbyes [Ozzy:]Now all my days I'm filled in fears Wish I could go back And change the years [Both:]We're going through changes We're going through changes (changes - [Chorus]) We're going through... Changes [Both:]Changes Changes Changes...
Like Everything In Life Funny
Lmao stole this from a friends page!!! Like everything in life, farts have a time and place. However, I never realized that in the wrong time and place, flatulence had enough power to alter my course in history. Well, it can if it's the third date with the man of your dreams. And, if it makes his eyes burn. If God destined us to be together, I was one SBD away from foiling His plans (that's "Silent But Deadly" for you prudes). It was about five years ago. I was trying to lose a few pounds so I was staying away from carbs. That's when I met my husband, Rob. On our first date, he booked the next two. He liked me. I liked him. Things were looking real good. He picked me up in a Cobra, Mustang and his pathetic attempt to win me over with a car totally worked. I'm not shallow, but since I spent most of my twenties picking men up because I didn't want my hair to frizz in their non-air conditioned jalopies on 3 wheels and a 15 year old spare, I welcomed his fancy sports car with open arms. We
I Need Some!!!
I am looking and waiting for you!!!
A Woman's Wet Dream
You and your best friend are hanging out, watching the most beautiful woman either of you have ever seen walk across the bar toward you. She perches on the barstool beside you and whispers in your ear, "How would you and your friend like to get out of here and go have some fun?" You look at your friend, a question in your eyes and he slowly nods his head. The three of you stand, you throw a few bills onto the bar for a tip and head out the door. "We can go to my place," she says. "Just follow me there." You and your friend climb into your truck and as you start the engine he asks, "What did she whisper to you?" "I thought you heard?" "No but just looking at her made me want to agree to anything she asked." "She asked if you and I wanted to go have some fun." "Damn, I hope she doesn't think you and I are going to be making out while she watches. And I'm not going to let you stick your dick up my ass." "Eeeeeewwwwww, that's sick. Look at it this way, she has more than one hole fo
hope everyone has as good a day as im gonna have!!!
Cats Suffered A Significant
Team Canadas first playoff hurdle in their quest for a gold medal at the World Hockey Championship is a quarterfinal matchup with Slovakia on Thursday. Joe Flacco Jersey . You can see the game live on TSN and TSN Mobile TV at 5:45am et/2:45am pt. The game can also be heard on TSN Radio 1050 Toronto. Team Canada finished atop the Helsinki group with a record of six wins and one overtime loss, that being to the United States. Defenceman Duncan Keith leads the team in scoring with one goal and 10 assists for 11 points in seven games. Fellow blueliner Marc Methot will miss Thursdays game after he was handed a one-game suspension for a hit from behind against Belarus on Tuesday. Ryan Murray will take Methots place in the lineup. With a record of five wins and two losses, Slovakia finished fourth in the Helsinki group. Branko Radivojevic and Andrej Sekera lead the team in scoring with seven points each in seven games. Canada skated to a 3-2 win over Slovakia in the opening game of the tourna
Another Club. The
NEW ORLEANS -- Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints still must close a significant gap in guaranteed money if they are to agree on a five-year contract worth about $100 million by Mondays looming deadline for a long-term deal, said a person familiar with the negotiations. Brian Dawkins Jersey . The sides were more than $10 million apart in the guaranteed portion of the contract on Wednesday, the person told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because talks are ongoing. The stakes are high for both sides and the negotiations have lasted for months, including long gaps in communication between the two camps. Brees, who is 33 and entering his 12th season, has never before had the chance to negotiate a contract on par with the elite quarterbacks of the game. The Saints, meanwhile, risk alienating the best quarterback in franchise history, not to mention their fan base, by failing to make an offer to his satisfaction by Monday -- the deadline for players with the franchise tag t
Standings Going Into
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers jumped out to a big lead before Rick Porcello even threw a pitch. Dwight Freeney Jersey . "We came out swinging, put some runs on the board early," manager Jim Leyland said. "That let Rick relax a little bit, and he was very good against a tremendous offensive club." Given a quick five-run lead, Porcello pitched into the seventh before allowing his only run and the Tigers beat the Texas Rangers 8-2 on Monday night in a rematch of last years AL championship series. After their first 12 batters, the Tigers had already roughed up Rangers rookie right-hander Justin Grimm (1-1) for six runs and eight hits in the 100-degree heat. They had only five runs and 15 hits while losing two of three in Pittsburgh over the weekend. Cabrera drove in three runs with a pair of doubles. His two-run double started the scoring, and his RBI double in the sixth made it 8-0. "Something Im trying to get better at every time is to control my emotions. For
Buster Posey, Who
CLEVELAND -- Anytime Justin Verlander is on the mound with a lead in the seventh inning, the Detroit Tigers can usually count on a victory. That pattern changed in stunning fashion Thursday night. Cleveland scored four times on six hits in the seventh inning against the reigning AL MVP and Cy Young winner to beat the Tigers 5-3 and knock them out of first place in the AL Central. Detroit dropped a half-game behind first-place Chicago. The Indians, who took two of three from the Tigers, are 3 1/2 games out. Verlander (11-6) took a 4-2 lead and a three-hitter into the seventh. Considering he came in with a 6-1 record in seven outings since June 14, there was every reason to believe the game was in good hands. Only this time it didnt happen and Verlander placed the blame directly on himself. "Horrible execution of pitches," he said. "Im extremely disappointed in myself for not going out there with a two-run lead in the seventh to shut the door and give us that W." Carlos Santana and Travi
Biggest Supporters
The Tampa Bay Lightning and Boston Bruins hooked up for the first trade on the second day of the 2012 NHL Draft. Dwayne Bowe Jersey . Tampa Bay acquired the rights to Benoit Pouliot for Michel Ouellet and the No. 131 pick in the 2012 Draft. Pouliot had 16 goals and 32 points for the Bruins last season, and will be an unrestricted free agent July 1 if the Lightning do not sign him. Ouellet had 16 goals and 31 points in 55 games for the Norfolk Admirals in the American Hockey League, helping them win the Calder Cup. Pouliot was the No, 4 pick in the 2005 NHL Draft. He has 53 goals and 104 in 257 career games with Minnesota, Montreal and Boston. Jamaal Charles Womens Jersey . Louis, MO (Sports Network) - Ryan Ludwick finished 3-for-4 with two runs batted in, as St. Jamaal Charles Youth Jersey . The president of LFC Toronto, Liverpools biggest supporters group in North America, cheers for Canadas first Major League Soccer team, but his heart still rests in Merseyside. http://www.shopthechi
The Paint. But Golden
PHILADELPHIA -- A lost year has reinvigorated Joe Blanton. Von Miller Jersey . The Phillies right-hander pitched seven-plus strong innings and Placido Polanco homered for his 2,000th career hit to lead Philadelphia to a 5-1 win over the Houston Astros on Monday night. Blanton (4-3) allowed six hits and one run, struck out seven and walked one while pitching in a steady light rain throughout. He continued his solid recent stretch, improving to 3-0 with a 2.10 ERA in his last four starts. "He got there pretty easy," Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said of Blanton reaching the eighth. "Hes pitching real good." Its been quite a turnaround for Blanton, who missed most of last season with an elbow injury that limited him to 41 1/3 innings and eight starts. But the time away proved beneficial -- both physically and mentally. "Physically, I feel better than I have in a couple years and mechanically, too," he said. "Im having fun with the game again. You feel like a kid again after missing so m
Final Was Not As Close
New York, NY (Sports Network) - Miamis James Jones will defend his All-Star three-point title at this years festivities, while Orlandos Dwight Howard and Oklahoma Citys Kevin Durant will be coaches for the celebrity game. Jamaal Charles Womens Jersey . Joining Jones in this years three-point contest, which will be held on February 25 at Amway Center in Orlando, will be Heat teammate Mario Chalmers, Atlantas Joe Johnson, Minnesotas Kevin Love, New Jerseys Anthony Morrow and hometown sharpshooter Ryan Anderson of the Magic. The celebrity game will take place on February 24 and will include former NBA stars Mitch Richmond, Penny Hardaway and Nick Anderson, as well as 2011 WNBA MVP Tamika Catchings and former college star and ESPN host Doug Gottlieb. Celebrities from music, television and film will include "Jersey Shore" house member Vinny Guadagnino, Grammy award winner Ne-Yo and Greys Anatomy star Jesse Williams. Dwayne Bowe Jersey . - Andy Roddick sprinted forward to scoop up a ball nea
Returning To The Lineup
BETHESDA, Md. Coby Fleener Jersey . -- Tiger Woods insists he is close to contending on a weekly basis, even if recent results suggest otherwise. "I think Im headed in the right direction," Woods said at Congressional Country Club, where he was promoting the AT&T National which takes place June 28 to July 1. "Im going to try and continue to improve in incremental steps in every facet of my game and try to make every facet of my game more efficient." Woods has one PGA Tour victory this year, but his game has hit a slump recently with a missed cut in Charlotte as well as 40th-place finishes at The Masters and Players Championship. "Ive just played three events -- I won a tournament (four) tournaments ago," Woods said. "If I get more efficient at what Im doing, then Im going to win golf tournaments." Woods won at Congressional in 2009 before the event moved to suburban Philadelphia to make way for last years U.S. Open. Injury prevented Woods from participating in Rory McIlroys big win. "U
Home (to Toronto
Salt Lake City, UT (Sports Network) - The Utah Jazz named Dennis Lindsey general manager on Tuesday. Tim Tebow Jersey . The club also announced that Kevin OConnor will remain the executive vice president of basketball operations. Lindsey joins the Jazz after spending the past five seasons as San Antonios vice president and assistant GM. "The addition of Dennis improves the Jazz not only for the upcoming season, but for many years to come," said Jazz CEO Greg Miller. "Dennis is an outstanding fit for the Jazz family as well as our community." Directing all the teams player personnel matters, managing the teams salary cap and leading all draft-related efforts were among Lindseys responsibilities with the Spurs. "Dennis is a proven talent evaluator whose experience will be a real asset to the Jazz organization," OConnor said. "He is a high-character individual who is well respected around the league and I look forward to working with him on a daily basis." Lindsey also had an 11-year stin
Plus Standard
Salt Lake City, UT (Sports Network) - The Utah Jazz named Dennis Lindsey general manager on Tuesday. Tim Tebow Jersey . The club also announced that Kevin OConnor will remain the executive vice president of basketball operations. Lindsey joins the Jazz after spending the past five seasons as San Antonios vice president and assistant GM. "The addition of Dennis improves the Jazz not only for the upcoming season, but for many years to come," said Jazz CEO Greg Miller. "Dennis is an outstanding fit for the Jazz family as well as our community." Directing all the teams player personnel matters, managing the teams salary cap and leading all draft-related efforts were among Lindseys responsibilities with the Spurs. "Dennis is a proven talent evaluator whose experience will be a real asset to the Jazz organization," OConnor said. "He is a high-character individual who is well respected around the league and I look forward to working with him on a daily basis." Lindsey also had an 11-year stin
  三,极度失望 我现在想,失望的不仅仅是中国卡扎菲和他操纵的家奴,即凶奴:中国警察和中国国家安全机构的人员,最失望的还是你这两个想吊大鱼的中国国家安全机构的编外人员。 你俩个女人,进,可以吊到你们想象中的大鱼; 你俩个女人,退,可以帮助中国卡扎菲除掉至少十
冷酷算计 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,冷酷算计 1,其心可诛 我之所以把王小丫恨之入骨,同时还有栗坤, 她俩, 即使,就是回绝, 即使,就是敷衍了事, 即使,就是自私的模棱两可, 即使,就是为了自己今后万一的机会, 即使,就是那怕几面
Gazing At The Moon And Cherishing Thoughts Of A Distant Friend
Above the sea, The bright moon is born; From the candle it lights up the whole lenght of heaven. Passionately, I mourned your absence through out the night. All night long, my love thoughts arise; I put up the candles for a compassion to the light of the moon, I put out my cloak, because the dew is heavy. As I am sorry, I cannot fill my hands with moonlight and give it to you. To back in bed, and dream of meeting you again.     ***I don't know what's with me, but it's always in my head. It's a Tang Dynasty poem written by Chang Chu Ling. When I was nine, I've read it over on the back of a magazine cover (Reader's Digest to be exact) of China Air Lines and since then it stucked up in my head.            
Remain Protected With Extremely Suggested Locksmith Options
Leveraging on the conventional security systems, men and women have started losing faith on authenticity for the safety of their properties. options has bring forth the top and most dependable services and goods that keeps the goods safe and safe from any form of theft. Together with the fast increase in theft and burglaries, men and women have grown to be more conscious towards the security of their dwelling and office and call for more authentic and dependable security systems. The locksmith options accessible within the market serve these difficulties of security in an efficient manner for popular men and women also as for the elite class from the men and women. The burglars are always on a search from the location with low theft security or for the absolutely unprotected house or office, in order that they may perhaps not face any difficulty in their work. The poorly protected places are the foremost places to be the center of attraction of burglars and so they call
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Thanks to the internet, consumers are now able to make smart buying choices. The two most important things that the consumers look for are cost effectiveness and quality of the products that they purchase. Let us take clothing for example. People are able to visit the e-commerce websites or online retailer outlets, and choose from a wide range of selections available. You could also visit the websites that sell wholesale clothing, and save more money on your purchases. Usually, retailers buy wholesale clothes and sell them by adding their markups. Now that the wholesalers are available online, even the consumers will be able to reach out to them directly. The normal perception is that the wholesalers deal only in bulk quantities. However, the fierce competition in the market has made them more flexible. They are more than willing to cater to the needs of individual customers as well. Almost all of us are aware of the benefits of shopping over the net. For those who are not aware,
I Been Cold
Your going to be sorry baby keep coming back you leave me on the sidewalk I wash away look at the mess I am in take away I can't take any more pain. When I am gone you'll miss this piece of ass lost of words my heart is in bleeding. Change Change you'll be sorry now you lost me I'll walk away I'll walk away fuck me like a animal you can't have my inside you make me a bad girl do you like me like this... I walk on the wild side. Run by my side before you loss me baby...  bY Christine 
Shame feels so right  hide in the dark. gets the best of me I ran and hide dance in the night go home be a mom and no one knows my life. Shame feels so right hide in the dark. Dress in my heels  for the night I have the floor and move with the music. I don't know where to belong all around me is moving so fast letting go of my soul. To much on my mind where is the ground keeping up with the world to make them all happy. Shame feels so right hide in the dark. I make believe I am crying. Blood of tears  walking in the valley of death every night. Walk into that space I tried to get out I lost my way I been right I been left I been bet I been wrong I been left behind I made mistakes lost in where do I go from here free myself free my soul...  bY Christine 1:09 AM
Lodha Splendora Thane, Lodha New Project Thane, Lodha Thane
Lodha Splendora Thane Mumbai Lodha Group Mumbai set up a fresh project Lodha Splendora Thane This majestic development is located at the centre of Ghodbunder Road connecting the Eastern and Western Express Highways. This landmark project promises to redefine New Thane as transcending all expectations; it offers you what most can only dream of a grand life. Life, as you live it in Lodha Splendora, is a state of luxurious well-being, cocooned in beauty, comfort and privilege. You live in a residence that exudes world-class style and splendor, commanding spectacular views of the Yeoor hills or the Ulhas river. This development is a rare confluence of the best that nature can provide. Be a part of the privileged few to enjoy panoramic views of breaking dawns and receding sunsets from your sundecks. Established in 1980, Lodha Group is a premier real estate developer headquartered in Mumbai. Lodha Builders Mumbai is currently developing in excess of 27 million sq. ft. of prime
Personaliza Tu Navidad Con Adornos De Barro Secado Al Aire
Air arcilla seca es una manera simple y creativa para diseñar y crear adornos de Navidad que se convertirán en reliquias preciadas de la familia, porque han sido diseñados personalmente con manos amorosas. Se trata de un proyecto perfecto de vacaciones para los niños y las familias a trabajar juntos. Antes de comenzar su proyecto, asegúrese de que tiene todo lo que necesita - el barro secado al aire, un alfiler de arte rodante, un cuchillo afilado, una superficie de trabajo limpia, sellos de goma y la pintura o tintas para colorear el barro.-comprar luces de navidad En primer lugar, elegir una superficie de trabajo con un montón de espacio y una superficie plana, como una mesa o mostrador. Proteja la superficie de trabajo con una alfombra artesanal o periódicos limpios. Si usted no tiene un pasador adecuado balanceo o herramientas para elaborar el barro una vez que se cortan, no te preocupes - con un poco de imaginación e ingenio, se puede trabajar con una amplia variedad
Tim Cook: O Ipad Mini Não é Um Tablet Como Os Outros De Sete Polegadas
Notícias do Efox - Hoje, durante a conferência com os acionistas da Apple, o CEO da empresa comentou onde é que seu tablet pequenino, que não tem bem 7 polegadas, se encaixa. De acordo com o diretor executivo da empresa da maçã, o iPad Mini não é mais um tablet de sete polegadas, como são seus concorrentes.     Mesmo com este argumento, de que o mini ipad, teoricamente, não encontra concorrentes, a Apple não pensou duas vezes em colocar o Google Nexus 7 no telão, comparando recursos entre ambos os aparelhos - enquanto puxa a sardinha pro lado da Apple, claro. O iPad Mini é um tablet da Apple que conta com tela de 7,9 polegadas - quase 8 - e resolução de 1024 x 768, que faz com que o display conte com a proporção de 4:3, a mesma de todos os iPads. O gadget foi anunciado no dia 23, durante uma coletiva de imprensa que também revelou uma nova geração do tablet de dez polegadas, e outros produtos.
Just A Thought
Deep in thought all alone, You drift into my dreams. Wishing I could see you, By gentle flowing streams. Miles between so far away, Locked within my heart. I feel your passion inside, Where we’re never apart. But to gaze into your eyes, Would fill me with desire. Into blue depths your soul, Stokes my passionate fire. Though it cannot soon be, Our desired unity of lust. I give to you these words, For which you may entrust. I think of you all the time, Whether it’s morn’ or night. I feel your words of need, As one our souls take flight. Imagine a perfect union, At a mountainous retreat. Under enchanted forests, Our passions find defeat. On the shores of Big Bear, Along water’s steep ledge. Naked to the moonlight, Body and soul we pledge. The fantasies we dream, Find life in written word. Upon a warm soft breeze, Our whispers surely heard. Deep in thought all alone, We drift into our fantasy. Where fiery desires dwell, And wait for you and me.
Oh Shucky Darns
I had a long day today. A new friend came over. She gave me a ride to the library. Went back to my house after i picked up some chicken wraps. We watched Bag of Bones. It was interesting, what I seen anyways. I needed to get some more dishes done first. I needed to take a nap today and I don't need to everyday. The more different sights I see it tires me out faster. I noticed something about her today and I was surprised I didn't notice before. She is like a clone of my best friend in high school. Both of them speak and act louder then me. The way I see it, just incase your wondering, the way you act louder is by not caring what others think of you. I am not comfortable with acting like I don't care what others think because I do. I don't believe, in any kind of way, that I please the majority of the people that see me. There are certain things about me that I couldn't change even if I wanted to. I want to let anybody, that bothers reading my daily journal, know that I hope you are no
Durchgesickert: Google Bevorstehende Nexus Phone Spezifikationen
Für Details, heute einer der kommenden Google Nexus NEOBOX. Die Paul O'Brief die MoDaCo fanden die LG Nexus Smartphone, und es sollte im November gestartet werden. LG Nexus hat einige beeindruckende Spezifikationen, einschließlich einer Quad-Core-Snapdragon S4 Prozessor, 2 GB RAM, 1280x768 Auflösung True HD IPS-Display und eine 8-Megapixel-Kamera. O'Brien auch offenbart, dass die die der LG Nexus Telefon ein drahtloses Aufladung ähnlich dem Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone Ladesystem verfügen. LG Nexus Handy wird gemunkelt, ein nicht-austauschbare Batterie, keine microSD-Slot, nur 8 GB oder 16 GB Flash-Speicher Bewegung sein. Die weit verbreitete Spekulation, veröffentlicht Google einige andere Nexus-Geräte, was im Herbst dieses Jahres Festivals. Bisher wird Sony, Samsung und HTC Nexus phone treten der LG. Das Nexus Linie ist einzigartig, weil eine saubere Version von Android läuft auf dem Handy, was bedeutet, daß aus der Fabrik gibt es keine Software-Änderungen.
Female Peacock?
whats a female peacock called? peacunt
La Volvo S60 Polestar Douche, L'audi Rs4 Et Bmw M3
Pendant des années, Volvo a mis l'accent sur ​​la performance de leurs véhicules. La dernière Volvo a vraiment fait pour lutter contre leurs rivaux allemands était le S60R, et sortit de la production il ya quelques années. La nouvelle S60 et V60 T6 avec des versions 306 ch, mais en réalité ne sont que des voitures puissantes sans conduite dynamique fait jouir comme il peut être une BMW M3. Mais tout a changé avec le Polestar Volvo S60, une machine faite dans le seul but à l'esprit pour écraser leurs rivaux allemands mitigeur thermostatique douche . Auto, Motor und Sport Sverige (l'édition suédoise du célèbre magazine allemand) a été en mesure de tester le circuit de Göteborg, un circuit urbain utilisé dans le TTA, le championnat suédois de voiture de tourisme. Non seulement ils ont été en mesure de le prouver, mais j'ai fait face à la BMW M3 et l'Audi RS4, ses rivaux à battre. Parmi les informations d'identification Polestar Volvo S60, transmission intégrale permanente Hal
My Dear Mama
  Mom,   Dad finally broke down tonight and cried for you..he was playing songs that reminded him of you.  Oh mama we all miss you.  I went to see beno and he misses you and daddy terribly.  I cry for you every single day mama. How amYm why did she cause me so much pain knowing how much pain I was in from losing you.  Dan said he was not going to help your cruel is he...that meant what you said that he did not care about you, his mother, was true.  I love you sooooooo much mama...Te quiero mucho mama.  yo quiero contigo mama...well good nite and sleep tight with the angels mama... Love YOUR BABY GIRL
You Can Get James Bond Phone 2. November
Okay, so Sony ist nicht, einen neuen Nexus display schutzfolie, aber es macht ein Telefon, das ziemlich süß aussieht, wenn Sie rund um das Töten bösen Jungs und verführen russischen Modelle laufen lassen. Die kommende Xperia TL wird 007 das Telefon der Wahl in den kommenden Film Skyfall sein. Es sieht aus wie ein solides Stück Kit. Die heruntergekommenen: Es hat einen 4,6-Zoll-Bravia HD Reality Display (1280 x 720), ein beeindruckendes 13mp Kamera, NFC und LTE. Es wird mit Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) mit benutzerdefinierten UI Sony auf der Oberseite zu starten. Es ist ziemlich ähnlich dem Xperia Ion, das war ein gutes Handy haben könnte, aber es war einfach so verdammt langsam. Gute Nachrichten an dieser Front: das Xperia TL wird Qualcomm neueren und wesentlich schneller Dual-Core-Snapdragon S4-Prozessor (das Ion hatte die S3), die hoffentlich nehmen sollte Pflege der Langsamkeit Problem haben, aber es ist nicht so schnell wie der Quad -Core-S4 Pro, die im LG superschnellen Optim
In 3 Cm High Heels Can Protect The Stomach
  In order to beauty and fashion, a lot of Ms Amy prefers high-heeled shoes, however, wear high-heeled shoes to walk on the foot impact force on soles caused many adverse effects, from the health point of view, a shoe is the best choice,Scarpe hogan 2012 especially some gastrointestinal function is not good person, wear a shoe also can protect the stomach effect of.Around 3 cm shoe shape is consistent with the normal arch, so when walking more comfortable and secure. In 3 cm high heels can protect the stomach In 3 cm high heels can protect the stomach For some the stomach not good women, the high heels can be appropriately foot massage.This is because there are a lot of acupoint in plantar forefoot, and medial is stomach massage reflection region, a heel at about 3 cm, it makes the force control in the forefoot medial foot forward of the center of gravity of the soles of the feet, tilt, foot force is similar to that of the role of massage, so often wear a shoe, can to a
Make-in The Money!!!
SO far things are actually going really good I have two jobs and I'm Kickin ass makin that money and saving to get the hell outta here and be on my own with My Man!... But even though I would really enjoy being on my own as of right now i know that its not the right thing cause moms needing some help so Ill be the good kid I am and help her out till shes stable enough and so am I to leave for good and start my life... Some times certain situations fuck things up in life but I think its the goddess throwing us a curve ball. Eh oh well.. I am just Happy! Happy that My man keeps me satisfied and Happy that my family is as close as ever. Things are looking pretty good. Hope they get even better.
La Taille Importe Ici
Ils sont trop gros pour rivaliser avec un 'accessoire mobile ' et très peu à faire avec l'iPad. " Tel était le verdict de Steve Jobs en Septembre 2010 quand il a pris la tablette Samsung prêt à rivaliser avec l'appareil brillante que l'usine de Cupertino avait présenté plus tôt cette année. Le défunt fondateur d'Apple a fait valoir, entre autres choses, que l'engagement de sept pouces de son rival sud-coréen n'était pas optimale pour créer des applications pour exploiter les vertus de cet appareil. Rant génie de Palo Alto a conclu que remplir un formulaire précisant qu'il était "mort-né" et que les fabricants 'apprendre les douloureuses leçons "écrans qui étaient trop petits pour être lancé par plus d'options généreuses, près de 9, 85 pouces iPad. Ses prophéties ont été respectés en dépit souvent osé défier les règles de la dynamique de guilde technologiques. Toutefois, douze mois après sa mort, Apple révise phrase dictée des emplois particuliers. Il ne dévoile cette sema
Venting About Being A Noob On Fubar Lol
I just want to make this blog real quick pretty much to vent a little...yes..Im pretty much a noob on fubar, but I hate being one because Im soooo used to not being a noob at other things I do. I play two inworld games where the first I have been playing for 5 yrs and won the best looking Female Avi out of 10,000 contestants 2 years ago (still have the same avi look ;) and I play another inworld game where I am what they call Legendary which means I pretty much have "won" the game and surpassed I play for fun and to hang with my peeps...anywhooo I sooo hate being a Noob here but I guess we all have to work our way up huh lol ok thats it, catch ya on the flip side ;)
2012 Autumn Most Eye-catching Korean Fashion New Styles
    In September new styles of autumn Korean fashion have been listed on shelves! What are you waiting for? Just put these beautiful clothes into your own wardrobe. Below wholesale women cheap clothing online shop Korean Japan Clothing for everyone brings the 2012 Autumn Most Eye-Catching Korean Fashion New Styles. Here you can have a preview of Korean style autumn matching!   Occasionally show sexy appearance, feminine temperament is UP and UP. The small printing style suit coat, slim models is very of significant temperament, mature and charming appearance. Inside with a low cut vest, amazingly fashionable! For pants choose slim jeans will be nice!   Tooling vest is a popular single product from the U.S. and Europe. With this girl, funny wizard, did not immediately hold live How about you  line cap T-shirt dress, hot pink rabbit ears outside the ride dark gray frock vest, neutral playful wind, there is no.   Wherever to play, have to go in the end of the fashion line. The mot
High Class Korean Summer Party Dresses For Weekend
    Highlight the personality and charm, Korean style party printing dress, enjoy carnival weekend. Let bottom flying elegantly over the summer. Cool and comfortable, generous and fashionable, more charming temperament. Here you can see the fashion charm, also enjoy the feeling that around by beautiful flowers. Now Korean Japan Clothing for you recommends several super temperament Korean summer party dresses.   This Korean fashion flounced printed dress, black with red colors, and the combination of classic and fashion, pretty strapless style, sexy and fresh taste, slim waist design highlights the seductive waistline, essential fashion clothes for weekend party.   The small flower printed dress, fresh and lovely dress, simple atmosphere, absolutely dazzling partygoers into focus, big skirt design style, flapping in the wind, swaying.   This print dress, white collar spinning design, not through the thin, very comfortable Oh, waist design, Slim was thin, the entire flew tall man
Saved By The Grace Of Southern Charm
Well I've been saved by the grace of southern charmI got a mouth like a sailor and yours is more like a hallmark cardIf you wanna pick a fight well I'm gonna have to say good nightI don't have to be hateful, I can just say bless your heart And even though I don't belong with your high life friendsDoesn't mean we don't get together and try to make amensIt's easier can you see lets agree to just disagreeWe don't have to like each other but its sure fun to pretendSo lets shake hands and reach across those party linesYou got your friends just like I got mineWe might think a little differentlyBut we got a lot in common you will seeWe're just like you, only prettierHellllll YYYYEeeahhhh..  
Halloween 2012!!!! Salutes Salutes Salutes!!
Hello everyone!!!!   Today has been an amazing day! :) I hope you've had a good one..if not....piss on it and start fresh tomorrow!   I'm entered in the fubar Halloween 2012 contest now and I would totally appreciate your comments and votes!! Here is the link;   They are still taking entries....sooooo ENTER ENTER ENTER!! and rate/comment me..hehe *evil grin*   I'm relaxing for a few and then I will "turn my open sign on" and begin taking "fufortune" salutes! Should be a fun night to end a fun day!!! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!! Half of the salutes I made last evening turned out stinky (you can't read them) So, I will be taking salutes agan on Halloween (Wed)  don't get your panties may already have a  fu fortune salute in the works...js.   xxoo ~Summer I'm glad this costume is comfy...js...  
Milena Velba
this is for the non Milena Beleivers! "I was born on july 19, 1970 in the north western part of the czech republic, in a small town called Usti Nad Labem. Usti s not really a beautiful place. It is mainly dominated by industrial buildings and most of Usti's people make their low income in the chemical industry. Don't know how much my father was involved in the architectural tristesse of Usti's ugly factory buildings, but as Building-engineer he somehow must have been responsible, sorry dad. The strong physical appearance of my Mother gave me the impression that sooner or later I would have to deal with 2 big balls on my chest. Mother's breasts were so huge. The tits came sooner than neccessary. As a young kid I was always playing with boys. I had more cars than dolls and my favourite playground was a big tank nearby our house. Things changed when my bodyshape became more and more female. Boys made jokes about my fast growing tits and on this schoolphoto you don't have to search long
Taking Hot
taking hot bath thinking of you   bY christine *)
I Can't...
I can't take much more.... no gun in my hand, they Wanta get mine just matter of time they will still it, no gun in my hand, I can't take much more.... I like to fly out of here losing my soul. I can't take much more I braking out losing control, I want it now braking out.....never coming down new black just leaving for today I can't take much more, talking to myself pictures in my head trying to save myself but myself keeps slipping away.... I need to move on I can't really say I have to be true to myself so I"ll be on my way. I feel like I am falling in Love                   bY Christine 10/28/2012      1:03 PM 
Believe In Me....
Believe in me moonlight...                                 bY Christine 10/28/1012                   12:28 PM  
People Showing Their Bodies On Broadcast
PEOPLE SHOWING THEIR BODIES ON BROADCAST IS IT REALLY A PROBLEM? In some peoples opinion yes they see it as no self respect and no self confidence, i see many take the piss out of random people who show. Not only do they pick on the women for it they also pick on the men at the same time. In my opinion i do not see it as a problem I see it as they do have confidence or they would not be able to show them selves the way they do, someone with low self confidence and respect wouldn't even be able to go on cam in the first place. Now i will admit some of the thins you see happening on cam are just revolting but that is mainly the men. Now i really don't want to see guys jacking them selves off but some women do. so it's not far to say yes to one but no to the other. The way i see it you don't want to see people do this stuff on cam there is an easy solution DON'T FUCKING LOOK. If you dont' look you don't see, if you don't see you don't have to bitch and complain about it and screenshot p
Done ?
I think I'm past the point of caring. It's not like I matter to anyone. Honestly would anybody REALLY care if I was no longer here ? My life is meaningless. My existence is pointless. I can't help but feel my life has no more use than a rain drop in the ocean. Does anybody understand how utter loneliness can totally overwhelm you ? Can they comprehend what it feels like when nobody wants you ? Why bother fighting for a life that's really no life at all ? When you don't matter, is there really any reason to continue ? When you're nothing at all maybe you should just quit. Maybe after everything is said & done .... maybe I'm done.
Hurricane Tips
  7,暗控一切  所谓暗操就是暗中操控。控制其思想,控制其灵魂,操控讲话,操控动作,操控神态,控制一切。  比如: 象军委委员和政治局委员及其常委以及前委员长和前前委员长,对外发号施令必须有且只有通过秘书们才能得行。为他们的个人一切行为服务或者控制的秘书分为生
莫名其妙  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。  1,穷困潦倒 大学毕业后,我为了有口饭吃, 四处奔波,幸苦劳作; 所得菲薄,穷困潦倒; 到处求职,次次碰壁; 入不敷出,走投无路。 不大看电视,也没得怎么时间看电视,根本就不大知道你,我是经济最底ì
An Unspoken Love
An Unspoken Love   A quiet darkness Music plays so far off in the distance The couple looks into each other’s eyes There is an unspoken love between them They hold each other as tight as they can The music moves their bodies Rhythmic tones match their beating hearts Cool air warms around them as their feelings grow The low sounds of the saxophone A beat held by a deep mahogany bass Sweet music from the ivory of an antique piano All meet and create music that none may ignore The two people who hide their feelings Become enveloped in the magic A dance in the light of only distance stars A few whispered words And a gentle kiss opens the world They look in each other’s eyes and together they say three words “I love you” fills the air between them and they become one And…at last they are happy Know
Millions of mother fucking people living today as yesterday's sequel. All lives are not created equal. So how can you compare feelings felt so deep making our insides ripple. It's my brain they aim to cripple. For give me as I whimper to the things I must do. I for now on curse you, poison you with this voodoo. My evil enters your heart and consumes you. Hoping its death that lays next to you. Hoping it's GOD that no longer have purpose for you. Another example of the old infusing fear into the youth. I'm not becoming the spaceship for all to escape the shit that exist floating around, felt not seen like a mist. What be this? A typed form of bloody fists pounding the concrete. Its on this cold hard surface I lay and sleep. Dream of my wings no halo but a serpents tongue, tail, and the eyes of a lion that roars intimidation to all foes. You know, if ever these fingers could find a trigger so soft to stroke a projectile with Satan's hope suffocating life from my throat. I'll be in a peac
Uncertain in my life.   Don't know where to do Don't know who I should have as friends Should I just retreat back inside myself Should I just repair the wall I had around my heart.   Uncertain about my life Hate being weak. Hate crying for the broken hearts I endure Should I just retreat back inside myself
    JADE                                               REMIX-Party Tonight by JADE
What Is New Today!
Sooooo....some of you I see on here a bit, some not so much.  I have not blogged in over a year, so I think it is time for an update!   My life right now is crazy.  I am busy with work and school.  I had to reduce the amount of time I spend in school, so I can make an income.  They say, hey get an education!  But let me tell ya, it is so damn expensive to do so! I have been single for some time now.  I keep saying to myself, I should date, and get out more.  However, my life is drama free.  Why do I want to fuck that up now? (Especially with being in school.) I met a guy at work, not that type of situation, LOL!  We do hike, and go out and enjoy life together.  He is 14 years my senior, and single.  I think he is a bit infatuated with my mum, but who knows?  LOL!  I just laugh anymore, what more can I do? I did get a scholarship to my school, but it means that I must stay enrolled for 3 consecutive terms. Ugh.  I will not see a break anytime soon.  Which is fine.  The sooner I get
Work In Progress
im under medicated over educated and still dedicated to the streets where i grew up always screwwin up watchin bitches get shot up now i run the streets with the syrup in my cup steady tilted n the green keeps me lifted got my eyes shifted WORK IN PROGRESS
(how To) Gain Points-fubucks
(How To) Gain More Points™IntroductionIt has been said by many members that it isn't possible to gain more points without paying for something or without having a V.I.P.. This blog will be designed to show that it is possible to gain more points without either paying for it or that a VIP is just another means to show oneself off.Gaining fupoints does not require that it should be paid for via cash money or by some other monitary gain. The only thing it requires is that the person be dedicated to gaining more points and not focus on anything outside of that which is already free. The VIP program is just another program designed to give people the Ultimate Benefit in gaining points, but it also comes with most of the things that come free to you the member. To gain more points all one has to do is Rate, Comment and Like galore. There are different limits depending on ones level but that shouldn't stop one from having fun.In this blog I will try and explain about the following areas
So Now I Am 50
Making it to 50 My goalpost every decade that has passed Just make it to 50 A voice in my head Get to where sex is no longer a dire priority No one will want you when you are 50 And when you are 50 you will FINALLY Be considered old Not prey I don't LOOK 50 but I am So when youngsters hit on me It is funny to watch their face when I say I am 50 Once you are 50 you are no longer even a MILF My self imposed celibacy has given me many gifts Foremost being a gleeful embrace of age Instead of a desperate clinging to my youth Which some have....but I don't get Maybe because my goal as a youth Was to make it to 50
Cut Over
1 cut for your arrogance  2 cuts for your pride 3 cuts for you cunningness 4 cuts for your lies   5 cuts for your dominance 6 cuts for distrust 7 cuts for your unfaithfulness 8 cuts for your lust   9 cuts for you're sins 10 cuts for an end   A cut for each time you hurt me So you'll never be the same Now your 50 shades of fucked up And have only yourself to blame
This Time Of The Year!!
This time of year is difficult, the Seasonal Affective Disorder comes out to play, also known as winter depression. I hate the dark nights and the freezing cold weather.However i do love my Christmas's in Winter, i love the traditional style, with snow outside falling and listening to the old 80's and 90's Christmas hits, so once Christmas is over with, we next look forward to the Spring clocks forward in March/April ;-)What helps you through these dark and lonely and cold days/nights at this time of year?xxx
Crazy Train
"Crazy Train" [Daisley - Osbourne - Rhoads]All aboard! HahahaCrazy, but that's how it goesMillions of people living as foesMaybe. it's not too lateTo learn how to love, and forget how to hateMental wounds not healingLife's a bitter shameI'm goin' off the rails on a crazy trainI'm goin' off the rails on a crazy trainI've listened to preachers,I've listened to foolsI've watched all the dropoutsWho make their own rulesOne person conditioned to rule and controlThe media sells it and you live the roleMental wounds still screamingDriving me insaneI'm goin' off the rails on a crazy trainI'm goin' off the rails on a crazy trainI know that things are going wrong for meYou gotta listen to my words, yeah, yeahHeirs of a cold war,that's what we've becomeInheriting troubles,I'm mentally numbCrazy, I just cannot bearI'm living with something that just isn't fairMental wounds not healingWho and what's to blameI'm goin' off the rails on a crazy trainI'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train
Threshold By Slayer
"Threshold" I don't want to see, I don't want to hearI don't want to feel anything Can't you understandEverything I do doesn't stem from youIt doesn't have a fucking thing to do with youI just want to die Throw it all awayNever have to feel again the way you make meLose my fuckin' mind all the fuckin' timeCan't control the violence that's spewing from meTake ItI can't control the rage that flows from meI can't shut it down it overwhelms meI can't stop the rage that flows from meCan't Stop TheViolence I love itNo one's immune to hate that flows from itInfectious I feed on itEvery fucking endless dayYou're either on my side or else You're In my wayNo one stands a chance when I'm lashing outRandom hate there is no other wayIt's my discipline it's my way of lifeNever wanted bliss never wanted youNever needed anyone I've pollutedEverything you feel everything you areEverything you'll ever be you repulse meIt's always about you always come at meWith shit I can't identify you know it makes m
Mandatory Suicide By Slayer
"Mandatory Suicide" [Lyrics: Araya; Music: Hanneman, King]Murder at your every foot step.A child's toy sudden death.Sniper blazes you thru your kneesFalling down can you feel the heat,Burn!Ambushed by the spray of leadCount the bullet holes in your head.Offspring sent out to cry,Living mandatory suicide.Suicide. [x4][LEAD: HANNEMAN]Holes burn deep in your chest,Raked by machine gun fire.Screaming soul sent out to die,Living mandatory suicide.Suicide. [x 4][LEAD: HANNEMAN][Spoken:]Lying, dying, screaming in pain.Begging, pleading, bullets drop like rain.Mines explode, pain sheers through your brain,Radical amputation, this is insane.Fly swatter stakes drive through your chest.Spikes impale you as you're forced off the crest.Soldier of misfortuneHunting with bated breath.A vile smell, like tasting death.Dead bodies, dying and woundedLitter the city streetsShattered glass, bits of clothing and human deceit.Dying [in] terror,Blood's cheap, it's everywhere.Mandatory suicide, massacre on th
Nothing Else Matters
"Nothing Else Matters" So close no matter how farCouldn't be much more from the heartForever trusting who we areAnd nothing else mattersNever opened myself this wayLife is ours, we live it our wayAll these words I don't just sayAnd nothing else mattersTrust I seek and I find in youEvery day for us something newOpen mind for a different viewAnd nothing else mattersNever cared for what they doNever cared for what they knowBut I knowSo close no matter how farCouldn't be much more from the heartForever trusting who we areAnd nothing else mattersNever cared for what they doNever cared for what they knowBut I knowNever opened myself this wayLife is ours, we live it our wayAll these words I don't just sayAnd nothing else mattersTrust I seek and I find in youEvery day for us something newOpen mind for a different viewAnd nothing else mattersNever cared for what they sayNever cared for games they playNever cared for what they doNever cared for what they knowAnd I knowSo close no matter how far
The Unforgiven
"The Unforgiven" New blood joins this earthAnd quikly he's subduedThrough constant pained disgraceThe young boy learns their rulesWith time the child draws inThis whipping boy done wrongDeprived of all his thoughtsThe young man struggles on and on he's knownA vow unto his ownThat never from this dayHis will they'll take awayWhat I've feltWhat I've knownNever shined through in what I've shownNever beNever seeWon't see what might have beenWhat I've feltWhat I've knownNever shined through in what I've shownNever freeNever meSo I dub thee unforgivenThey dedicate their livesTo running all of hisHe tries to please them allThis bitter man he isThroughout his life the sameHe's battled constantlyThis fight he cannot winA tired man they see no longer caresThe old man then preparesTo die regretfullyThat old man here is meWhat I've feltWhat I've knownNever shined through in what I've shownNever beNever seeWon't see what might have beenWhat I've feltWhat I've knownNever shined through in what I've
For Whom The Bell Tolls
"For Whom The Bell Tolls" Make his fight on the hill in the early dayConstant chill deep insideShouting gun, on they run through the endless greyOn they fight, for the right, yes but who's to say?For a hill men would kill why? They do not knowStiffened wounds test their prideMen of five, still alive through the raging glowGone insane from this pain that they surely knowFor whom the bell tollsTime marches onFor whom the bell tollsTake a look to the sky just before you dieIt is the last time you willBlackened roar massive roar fills the crumbling skyShattered goal fills his soul with a ruthless cryStranger now, are his eyes, to this mysteryHe hears the silence so loudCrack of dawn, all is gone except the will to beNow they will see what will be, blinded eyes to seeFor whom the bell tollsTime marches onFor whom the bell tolls
In This River
"In This River" I've been around this worldYet I see no endAll shall fade to black again and againThis storm that's broken meMy only friend[Chorus:]In this river all shall fade to blackIn this river ain't no coming backIn this river all shall fade to blackAin't no coming backWithdrawn I step awayJust to find myselfThe door is closed againThe only one leftThis storm that's broken meMy only friend
Another Brick In Te Wall
"Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)" We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey teacher leave them kids alone All in all it's just another brick in the wall All in all you're just another brick in the wall [chorus at end by pupils from the Fourth Form Music Class Islington Green School, London]We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey teacher leave us kids alone All in all you're just another brick in the wall All in all you're just another brick in the wall
She Will Be Loved
Maroon 5   "She Will Be Loved"Beauty queen of only eighteenShe had some trouble with herselfHe was always there to help herShe always belonged to someone elseI drove for miles and milesAnd wound up at your doorI've had you so many times but somehowI want moreI don't mind spending everydayOut on your corner in the pouring rainLook for the girl with the broken smileAsk her if she wants to stay awhileAnd she will be lovedShe will be lovedTap on my window knock on my doorI want to make you feel beautifulI know I tend to get so insecureIt doesn't matter anymoreIt's not always rainbows and butterfliesIt's compromise that moves us along, yeahMy heart is full and my door's always openYou can come anytime you wantI don't mind spending everydayOut on your corner in the pouring rainLook for the girl with the broken smileAsk her if she wants to stay awhileAnd she will be lovedAnd she will be lovedAnd she will be lovedAnd she will be lovedI know where you hideAlone in your carKnow all of the thin
Sometimes Its Just For Fun
Some of the time, I must say, its just for fun. I do think some of you could just agree and say yeah maybe, but not me.... right?? Hey, guess what?? That just means your human. Sometimes, not all the time but sometimes, its the same even for married people. This I know because I have been with a few married men. While some of them let me be supposedly their last before they married. Reguardless what anyone else thinks, I seem to feel it is a priviledge to be anyone's last to roam free with. I have a thought that I know some on here may be married when they say they are not. Some may not have what they say they do and yada, yada..... but I thought that was not the correct way to maybe starting any kind of relationship. I was taught was to come forward presenting yourself with the truth. That would most likely tell you whether you would want to proceed. The others reaction to the truth is more revealing than knowing their sign or favorite sexual position. I know this is just a game and
True Love
True love is a sacred flameThat burns eternally,And none can dim its special glowOr change its destiny.True love speaks in tender tonesAnd hears with gentle ear,True love gives with open heartAnd true love conquers fear.True love makes no harsh demandsIt neither rules nor binds,And true love holds with gentle handsThe hearts that it entwines.
My Heart My Soul
For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. 
Migraine & Other Stuff
  I boke down yesterday and call the Docter to make an appoinment.  Last week I haven't been sleeping & got migraine.   Yesterday, I felt like  throw -up while driving, lucky I didn't.  I been trying over the counter meds, but the seem to do the opp. effect on me.  My head feel like it's going to threw up.  I think it this has something to do with my new job.  At my last job,  I didn't have trouble falling sleep or have migraine ( that last for days).  I want to have a long sleep.  Somedays, I wish I could go sleep ,rather then going to work,  but  I know I have reponablity.  I wish I could take a pill that would help me sleep,stop  the painful mtgraines and have a new job!     Today, I got E-mail from Cythia Henrie Thearpist, in Los Angeles area.  I wrote an rewive on Yelp about the bad experince I had with one of her co-workers, last year.  Stating that her Co- worker only saw me once.  She fogot to tell me that she was leaving the practice,when she took me in as a client. Another C
A Special World
A special world for you and meA special bond one cannot seeIt wraps us up in its cocoonAnd holds us fiercely in its womb.Its fingers spread like fine spun goldGently nestling us to the foldLike silken thread it holds us fastBonds like this are meant to last.And though at times a thread may breakA new one forms in its wakeTo bind us closer and keep us strongIn a special world, where we belong.
Real Deal
We are always searching in life For that special thingThat thing that makes us fly without wingsWhen I close my eyes, every single nightAll I see is that beautiful sightThat thing I want to touch and holdThat thing better than silver and goldThis thing shares my hopes and dreamsAnd helps me understand how love should beIt will stand by my sideAnd will dry my tears when I cryIt will be my best friendWho will be there till the endThere's nothing in this world I'd rather feel Than to be in love with the real deal
I Could Imagine Forever
You are not perfectBut I think you areTo tell you what I feelWords can only go so farIf I could only share one ounceOf the love I feel todayAnd to know, just for one secondThat you might feel the same wayI’d hold you for as longAs I could imagine foreverAlthough we say it couldn’t lastI don’t want to say neverThe way we can talkTo understand, to just knowIs something so specialI never want to let it goThe time our paths did crossAnd the lives that we liveLeave us, it seems, so littleTo share and to give.But to give, even a littleIs so much better than noneTo be someone for each otherIn life, in love, in fun.
Love is a precious thing It is a feeling that makes your heart sing. Whether you are far or near it is like whispering in my ear. When you find true love it is something you keep within your heart.
The Way I Feel
The way I feel,when I'm with you,I forget my troubles,like there's just us two.You make my heart,beat fast and strong,and you make me feel,that I truly belong.You fill the gaps,inside my heart,like I've finally found,my missing part.I sink in your eyes,I'm warmed by your smile,and the world is perfect,just for a while.You make life better,than it used to be.You are the sugar,in my cup of tea.Whenever you need me,I'll always be there.I'll be there to talk to,I'll be there to care.
You are forever lovedthough this life fades awayand all mortal bodies decay.You will forever be my beloved,my imortal betrothed,my enduring flame,my guiding light,my compass rose.
Love Like No Other
I never felt a love Like this before It's a love like no other Something I have always hoped for A love with friendship Humour and heart A bond so strong It would never part A love that makes you smile From ear to ear A love that is joyful Without any fear A love that is beautiful From the inside out A love with no tears, Pain, or doubt A love with soul So tender and true A love that I have found Only in you...
A Bluish Violet Flower
A Bluish Violet Flower   A bluish violet flower watches from the shore of an ancient riverbed A river born of fire when the Earth was new Sulfuric air, ground ripped apart from Earth’s upheaval Chemicals mixed with lightening to create life Single celled animals and ancient reptiles And a single plant on the burnt earth A single plant with a single bluish violet flower It lived its life with cooling water Cattails lined the shore A million flowers bloomed every spring Fish and turtles swam in its currents Children played on its shore Laughing and jumping into the refreshing waters The waters caressed the bluish violet flower Giving it life saving moisture Still the bluish violet flower watched the fish, the turtles and the children The river long ago died The riverbed that, from the beginning held life, is still now Rocks of sandstones and granite create a natural blanket The only fish are fossils of life millions of years old That bluish violet flower The
Am I the only one who has ever gone through life making one bad decision after another, with no regard to the consequences? To those on the outside, it may seem that I have my life together, but I am a mess, and have been for a long time, longer than i care to admit. I was not ready to take on the responsibilities that come with adulthood, marriage, parenthood...I had some twisted, overly-optimistic vision in my head of how everything would work out~people get married, have kids, buy houses,every's what adults do, right? The problem is that I didn't take into account my husbands' feelings about anything. I took advantage of his generosity, his willingness to make me happy, and in turn completely ruined him as a person. I took someone who was fun-loving, exciting, laid-back, full of life and turned them into someone who hates his wife, his family, his life. I can't believe i have become that person. What gave me the right to do that? It's devestating to know that someone who
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Vampires What Happened?
VAMPIRES WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?   HAS TWILIGHT MADE VAMPIRES MORE ROMANTIC?  No if you look at old vampire movies vampires were basically  sex idols and romance idols anyway, twilight has made the vampire scene look more gay and stupid it has bassically taken the legend and ruined it. We all know vampires drink blood, sleep in coffins, hunt during the night, can't be near garlic, burn in the sun and acording to interview with the vampire can only be changed after they are fully grown up. Now i have seen two of the twilights if i didn't watch them my ex would of bitched at me since i watched them with her when we were together. I could not beleive hwo bad the Legend was ruined they were vegitarians, vampires are not vegitarians they drink the blood of the living that is how it goes. to turn someone into a vampireyou drain them of their blood to the last drop, then you drink the vampires blood and prepare to change, you don't just turn into one by being bitten or a vampire would be s
Saved Her And Killed Her All In The Same Night!
He put his hands on her, in-front of the wrong man. Someone finally, took a stand. When the man threw her abuser, out that night. She knew she was in, for one Hell of a fight. Although the man, said she could stay. She just couldn't allow things, to start out this way. She was used to fighting, her battles alone. And after she thanked him, she picked up the phone. She was shaking and afraid, as she held the phone close. Then called the one person, she trusted the most. Little did she know, she was being betrayed. And she was about to lose the game, the two of them played. Her abuser and her best friend, were on the same team. As she asked for her help, confessed everything. You see without a soul to turn to, and no one to help. She had been planning her escape, all by herself. She told her best friend, where her money was stashed. Then pleaded for her help, that's all she asked. And had ever asked, of her before. Not too long after, her friend sho
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A Little Too Long
Pushing forward, then pulling back. Actually losing, this constant attack. Too much will power, can cost you so much. Always at war, fearing their touch. To give in you feel, as if you lose control. But to surrender would be gaining, more than you'll ever know. Because you just assume, that tomorrow is sure to come. But it's a gift, a promise to no one. You put it off, them off as well. While fighting a battle within yourself, both going through Hell. Who wins? Is the question I ask. You are both suffering, this impossible task. She reaches out, all the damn time. You do for a moment, then change your mind. Confess your love, then take it away. Knowing she's right there, the very next day. But what if she's not, one day she's gone. All because you held back, a little too long.
四,意识形态 1,自觉 思想文化是一种自觉,思想为隐自觉,文化为显自觉。 即所有文化人,在各种不同的层次,从各自不同的角度,用每个人自己的不同的方法,自觉塑造在全球引以为傲的意识形态:世界观,价值观。以及:荣辱观,道德观,忠誠观,等等。 柯林伍德:人类思想的
(3)解构群交  中国古代盛行野合,与此关系密切的还有群交。 ----------------------------------《学者:孔子是“野合”产物 中国古代盛行群交》2012年09月22日 10:48来源:人民网 说这些话的人,肯定没学过高中的历史和生物,在古代人们都是以血缘为纽带的,群交行为,就是高级动物都不做。为什么,从宏观上来&
文化苦旅  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 评“十七届六中全会今日起召开 聚焦文化体制改革” 一,庸俗功利 1,品行 (1)卖淫 脱了裤子放屁,为什么? 中华民族的思想文化的禁锢和窒息的开始了。文化开始进入了艰苦的,艰难的,欲断气似断气的的境地
Okay heres the deal. I am about to move to Ohio and I am very nervous about it. There has been many things that's bothered me in the past but I think this is getting me the most. What am I supposed to do in the situation here. I lived in mobile for two years and had a wonderful job. My grandmother passed away back in June and I was sorta stuck here in Virginia. I thought everything was going good once I got here then it went straight to hell. I ended up stuck here in Roanoke in a forsaken homeless shelter and got fucked over by my father after sending money that was supposed to get ke to where he is. I've lost all trust in everything. I will have no friends when I get up to Ohio and will be stuck at my brothers place. Can someone help me with ideas or something. Maybe make friends with me in that area. I know I'll be in Rittman Ohio which is the extent of my knowledge of where I'm going and what's going on
Coach Mini Handbags Golden
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Aropack’s Promotional Packaging Design
The No. 3 industry in the United States, promotional packaging is pegged at $110 billion per year. About 350 billion packages ranging from the smallest to super sacks are made for several industries. At Aropack, we too realize the need for smart and durable promotional packaging for our products, such as: * It makes our brand stand out amid its competition in terms of design, shape and color.* It speaks to our customer and exhibits its image and product. * It is a silent promotional advertisement for our products and is the last item prospective customers see before deciding to buy our products. Over the years, we at Aropack, have gleaned a number of things about the dynamic promotional packaging industry that has sent our bottom line soaring phenomenally. For instance, whether we design promotional packaging for a pharmaceutical company, or a cosmetic or electronics manufacturer, to have a well-designed and packaged product is what makes heads turn in its direction at the poi
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Words Of Ruin.
The subtle drip down the needle.The eternal dregs at the bottom.That dry snort, catching and seizing all gasps.Books burning on the shelves.Clear, warm, and green. Wet grass on my cheap shoes.My voice wouldn't carry.The glass wouldn't break.The moment wouldn't stop.She wouldn't turn.A purgatory of accidental brushes,anecdotes and closed doors,whispers smirksglossy lips, and caramel skin.Hard to miss youif you never go away.
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More rapid as opposed to you can actually blink an eye, your panel definitely will enter into with the help of articles at articles from shortcuts you can actually then click to set up a seek a personal set of two such classy hiking footwear. Should you desire cut price UGG Ascot Black Boots hiking footwear see the savings in this case. By a retailer's angle, it will not get fantastic budgetary experience towards cut price the money necessary for a solution which may be comfortably not to mention steadily merchandising by extensive sell charge. Aided by the fall season summer outright groove and then the holiday season best suited inevitable, this style of boot in all probability definitely will remain her quick merchandising price getting promotions complex to search out. With the help of quite a lot of good results to choose from over the internet, uncovering few of UGG slippers is definitely a near impossible chore as opposed to you may need believed. There can be some things to con
Halloween Salutes 2012
HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EVERYONE! :) As some of you know, I will be entering the fu 2012 halloween contest this year *dances*  75% of the costume is made by ME!!!  I will totally be begging for comments and rates n stuff as soon as I get my picture into the contest page and it is accepted. I figured since I'm already dressing up I might as well do a few salutes for friends n stuffs...if you want one, please let me know in this blog.    If I missed giving you FREE bling for liking my artpage, please let me know.  Several people liked me, but never sent a message....I really have no clue what your real name (FB) vs your fubar name, unless you tell me.   ERM... I think that is all for now...I really should try and get some sleep... Until next time.. xxoo ~Summer  
Sehen Sie Misst Konzept Der Zeit
Für manche Menschen, das Gefühl des Tages wie sechs Stunden Flugzeit, fühlte sich wie eine lange Zeit in den Morgen im Büro den ganzen Tag, nur für ein Wochenende Urlaub am Strand scheint wie eine Stunde, so die Maxime: Zeit-Datei Sie haben Spaß. Um herauszufinden, was Zeit, um verschiedene Menschen bedeutet, erstellen Cornell University Student Brian Schiffer und Sima Mitra ein Gerät zu Zeit zu erzählen und eine Person, die Aussicht zu beurteilen. TicTocTrac ein Armband, eine Person kann das Gefühl der Zeit, Aufgabe von Tracking-Intervall zu bestimmen. Um einen Wahrnehmungs-Messung zu starten, zeigen die Benutzer Armaturen Uhren eine zufällige Bereich von 5 bis 55 Minuten Zeit zu Angesicht. Der Benutzer kann wählen, was sie, um die Menge der Zeit zu messen und dann weiter in den Tag wünschen. Sobald sie glauben an die angegebene Zeit abgelaufen ist, klickt der Benutzer auf dem Zifferblatt. Siehe die Zeitdauer geschätzten und tatsächlichen Ausfall des Benutzers und die Ergebnisse au
Huawei Honor 2, Le Prix Et Les Caractéristiques Du Smartphone
Aujourd'hui nous présentons le Meilleures ventes intelligent Huawei Honor 2, qui dispose d'une technologie de type bas-milieu de gamme. La société chinoise Huawei a placé le nom de leurs modèles, principalement en raison de ses prix abordables. Parmi les entreprises chinoises qui ont réussi à mettre en évidence la richesse de modèles sur le grand marché, la marque est clair que Huawei est l'un des rares reconnue. Ils ont mis l'accent sur le développement des smartphones dotés d'excellentes qualités techniques, en supposant que dans la plupart des cas, leurs plus bas prix que ceux offerts par la concurrence. Huawei Honor 2 Modèle souligner son écran IPS de 4,5 pouces HD qui fonctionnent avec une résolution de 1280 x 720 pixels. A l'intérieur sont Hass Huawei K3V2 processeur quad core, qui ont 2 Go de RAM. Le dispositif est soutenu par une batterie 1900 mAh et un appareil photo qui capture réalisée avec 8-mégapixels de qualité. La Honor Huawei 2 a été activée pour supporter
Frauen Herrenmode Uhren
Sie werden feststellen, dass viele Entwickler auf der ganzen Welt, die morgens und abends, die Second-Hand-bunte armbanduhren erwachsene Männer, Frauen und Jugendliche schaffen. Bleiben Sie weg von diesen Arten von Frauen arm sehen viele exiquite, und die. Dies sind die grundlegenden motorischen und schöne Uhren am meisten. In bester Gesellschaft Herrenmode Uhren weltweit, wie später Giorando Rodeo Jojo Rio de Janeiro Baywatch, Schweiz Juwel, Kirsche, Taishan, Timex, Radar, Rolex Stück, RR, Athen, TAG-Heuer TAG Heuer, Chopin Marke Breitling, Armani, HMT und Movado die Tuo im Uhrenmarkt, machen den tatsächlichen Produkt. Diese schmerzhafte, um die einzelnen wenig von Uhren. Für eine lange Zeit, wenn die Anforderungen von Indien in Richtung der Modernisierung, insbesondere Uhren, zur Förderung der Laden hat eine kleine Größe, verwendet werden, um den Herren Mode-Uhren Boot Regal mit kleinen dunklen Lichter in der Nacht wählen, um die Uhrenindustrie zu gewinnen. Offensichtlich besteht f
Saddest Day In Recent Memory
Recently, I went through a difficult time with my daughter. We were supposed to move in together and share expenses of a 3 bedroom apartment since it would benefit both of us. It resulted in me moving back, having to spend money I didn't have to get my apartment back and put other things on hold until I got caught up again.  A short time ago, I sent an email to see if she was ok and the baby was ok, and didn't get any answer. Today I saw her on YIM so I thought I"d ask her again. Almost immediately she logged off (or went invisible to me). That just put a dagger in me. I dovorced her mother when she was just a baby and the courts saw fit to give a drug-addicted, partying slut physical custody and my ex kept me away from her for 20 years. I finally got to know my daughter again a few years ago, and we had been getting along so great. Now she won't even talk to me. You may be asking why? All because I bought two bags of halloween candy. Yep, that's it. I guess I should be apologizing b
For Those Who Have Wronged Me
I have been training in the art of witchcraft, along with my son.  Unless these wrongs have been undone, you will get yours before Halloween is over.  Hmmmmm toad for life?  Maybe a limp dick forever?  We shall see Hmmmmm it seems to be on now....I have been wronged quite badly and now need to find a good hex.  
3 Different Brains
I have learned there is 3 different brains floating around this world. The Primate, Mammalian, and Reptilian. They go in this particular order for the reason I'm about to tell you.   PRIMATE: Give peace a chance.   MAMMALIAN: Give peace a chance, but first, let's kill this motherfucker.   REPTILIAN: Let's just kill this motherfucker and go to the peace rally and get laid.
Cloud Atlas
Just saw Cloud Atlas this evening. It in my opinion was a was a film with seven lives in seven or eight different life times criss crossing back and forth between each life and each time line and it was so confusing as heck. It reminds me of the Chris Nolan movie Inception....too many subplots with too many lives over lapping each other in different events. Also it was about three hours long.
Cheap Dr Dre Dr Dre Headphones Dr Dre Sale Monster Beats
Beats sortie pour accessible dispositif significative diamtre 44mm propritaire du vhicule pour reproduire l'air basses et hautes magntique gnrer unit, dlivrant un son puissant de lecture vocale, et peut supporter jusqu' 1300 mW entre durabilit, ainsi que d'une rponse de frquence large , Monster Beats Pour oreilles abordables dr dre headphones souvent tre utilis pour la demande de changement, parce que le besoin d'avoir obtenu pour une coute unilatrale, d'obtenir un fil de forme de croisire polyvalent,Beats By Dre idal pour l'utilisation besoins DJ, avec fiche plaque or de transformation audio stro, trs simple utiliser. ami prpar dans des dernire: dr dre headphones Casque Beats au type de fonctionnement au sein du champ qualifie, mais pour le joueur commun, devrait pour vous devrez peut-tre l'cole est vraiment l'auditeur sent vraiment le cot est d'environ 500 dollars le choix beaucoup plus idale. indpendamment du fait que la route est la rsidence de Monster dr dre headphones Beats escom
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I Just Wonder
I just wonder at times if people like me shall ever truly be happy in this life. There are so many times when all I want to do is simply give up and leave all this pain and misery far behind me. I see all these friends of mine being so happy and in love in life, and I ask myself if I'll ever find that peace myself. It's bad when a lot of people give all of us men the same catorgoration and it makes me just want to say damn life. There are still some ike me who actuay have a heart and feelings,yet we are ALL put into the catagory of self serving assholes by everyone. Maybe just one day the world will open it's eyes and see not all of us men are the same. Or just maybe I should find a cave on a far away desolate island and simply leave civilization and people behind and live my life as a hermit so as to not be a bother nor burden anymore to everyone!!!!                           P.J.    10/26/2012  5:01pm
Fuck The Goth Scene Part 2
FUCK THE GOTH SCENE PART 2   This blog is part 2 of the original fuck the goth scene blog posted a few days ago. Not too  sure how many more parts it will have but i'm sure it wont have many more. I have posted this as NSFW due to swearing you might be able to get away with swearing on SFW but i don't really want to take the risk of that.Also with is blog i am aiming to answer a few questions that were answered by some people but the answer was incorect.   IS HALLOWEEN A GOTH HOLIDAY? No, not really able to find when halloween was first started but to what i did find it was around the 16th centuary, now i know goth is a new thing made in the last 20 years now unless the creators could tell a couple of hundred years into the future it is not a goth holiday and never will be. If you ask me i see it as goths use halloween as an excuse to wear their so called face paint because they are too afraid to wear it other wise.  Too actually stereo-type your self you must really not like who
Jibber Jabba
i dont fear death.. runnin the streets till my final breath.. brushing up on ya girlfriends breasts.. i aint afraid of a fight.. have u waking up in the hospital starrin at the lights.. many sleepless nights.. twisted corrupted n down rite not given a fuck.. so your guns buck.. better hope i die.. cause im coming back blazing n thats no lie.. you will regret the day you crossed me.. im coming back eventually.. hoses in my chest. ive seen i.c.u. eating through an i.v. tube.. what can you do to me thats not already been done son.. pain is a friend to me.. by my side and in my head constantly.. so come n do your worst.. your momma be following your body in the hurst.. my lifes been cursed since birth.. so think twice .. take ya friends advice.. sit down n STFU.. before you get busted up.. go ahead n call the PoPo.. aint scurred to go.. they gonna have to taze me.. cause pepper spray wont stop me.. i dont need to see.. just to kick a lifeless body.. i just wanna say remember this.. realize
420 Should It Be Legal
Hi everyone my name is Joe I am trying to get some additional information about the leagalization of marijuana in Washington State.  I am a leagal card holder and I want to know how this changes things for the people that are not card holders and maybe some feed back from people that are against it.  So give me some feed back.  Thanks
Forced-sex Roleplay Fantasies
I won't call them "rape fantasies" but these kinds of fantasies started for me a long time ago. At first, I thought it was just me and that I sounded crazy or psychotic, but then I discovered this kind of thing is pretty common. Experts say these taboo fantasies let us explore dominant/submissive desires without feeling guilt or responsibility. No apologies. It works for me. In my case, my fantasies have no limits. Nothing is going too far. In fact, my biggest problem is finding guys who are comfortable with going "dark" enough for me. But I also discovered, with a partner I trust and pre-set limits and boundaries with safe words, I could even take these fantasies beyond the playground of my mind and into real roleplay experiences. In some ways, I still like pure written erotica best because it allows me to to explore more extreme taboos that I would never try to simulate in real life, but also because arranging real-life scenarios has its limits and challenges (and dangers). So inb
The Hot Clube
Do you have fu-mobile?  Do you use it often?  Fubar needs your help. Take this survey. It takes like a minute out of your life.  You're probably just staring at your screen doing nothing anyway.  Be productive.  GO!  Thanks n stuff. 
The Raven (a Lyric For Edgar Allen Poe)
“For whom is that taping at my chamber door? Is it you my beloved Lenore?”   Times hasn’t been kind to me, Ever thing that once held light has now fared to black, I’m lelt in the darkness missing your radiant light, Being haunted by your memory and these feelings I can’t fight   I stare at your picture above my fire place, The fire of my love for still burns for you, But the fire inside my soul has burnt out long ago, And your ghost torments me why can’t I hold you again?   Oh Lenore take away my pain,  And leave me in the darkness now and forever more, And stay with me forever this I ask and nothing more, Give one last kiss this I plead I won’t beg you anymore   Lay me on a funeral pyre, Take my soul to thee far away, To my beloved Lenore, I swore I am yours from now and forever more   “Thus I quote the raven never more”
Vips And Unlimited Bonus's And Bonus Resets
Just a lil FYI.... This is for those of you that have VIP status.... on days that we have UNLIMITED 11's you will be using YOUR 11's after midnight. The bonus actually changes at midnight (as per the support lounge) but we do not see the change until early afternoon the following day here on Fu. So in all actuallity we have less than 12 hours on the unlimited 11 bonus. You will be able to rate 11's until the reset but you are taking the chance of winding up will 0 11's after the reset.
Temple Terrace, Fl
Has bicycle cops I just fund out... Time to move on down the road...
The Old Me Vs. The New Me
Use to be, I liked very much to go to a drinking party. At this party I would listen to music and drink, mess around and drink, talk with many men and drink. That is sort of a faded memory now. I miss the friends I thought that I had. Maybe that was just a warm up, trial and error time to my life. I would just like to be a pebble in the party scene again. Use to be, one guy would leave me and another would just appear. Kinda like he was just waiting. Thems were the good ole days. i may not venture too far from home now. I am not that gung-ho about getting into society anymore because it is my belief not too many people will even give me a second to explain why I limp or why I have a short memory sometimes.  How it is now, I have heard and understand it a little bit, I am now sure I can see it as somewhat of a blessing. It is why not many of the human species can reach me. I am a princess in a tower......... not guarded by an evil queen or a fire breathing dragon. But by a difference t
Neptune Bhandup 09999684955 Exclusive Launch Apartments
Neptune 100 Above Bhandup Mumbai Neptune 100 Above Bhandup fresh apartments introduce by Neptune Group located at Bhandup Mumbai. Neptune 100 Above Mumbai is the place where you can experience the ultimate lifetime of leisure. Neptune 100 Above Bhandup is starting at a lofty 100 feet above sea level with five towers rise into the sky above the Eastern Suburbs of Mumbai topping out at an impressive 50 storey’s. The towers are arranged in two wings- two towers in the Eastern wing and three towers in the Western wing providing 2, 2.5 and 3 BHK flats. The apartment starts at the Level of 11,150 feet into the sky. At 100 Above even lower apartment are higher than upper levels at the shoreline property. Neptune 100 Above has a double height entrance with modern amenities like Sky Club House for residents with service elevator.Neptune group is established by the like minded persons Nayan Bheda, Sachin Desmukh, Nayan Shah, Mahesh Shetty, Chatan Bheda, Animesh Dharamsi and NMS
Sum Up!
I have had major issues with my hip/pelvis for about 2 months now. I went to the hospital and after four questions, the doctor said it was my Sciatic Nerve. I waited a few weeks and after there was NO change I went to another place. Again, they said it was my Sciatic Nerve. At that point, I was given a few sheets with exercises to do (which I couldn't because it hurt too bad) and some pain meds. Those didn't really help. They made me sleepy, but I still couldn't walk because the pain was so bad. FINALLY I take my stubborn ass to a Chiropractor. He's a little upset that neither place took an xray. He said they should have to at least rule out a bone issue since I was having such a hard time walking. He took about 6 xrays and did a few exercises to pin point where I was having my real issue. I'm not sure how many he did that day, but the last two he did nearly made me cry. When he did those he said, "That just ruled out your Sciatic Nerve. Those last two exercises were for your hip." I
Jaw Surgery For Over And Under Crossbite Update..
        Hello :) I went to see my oral Surgeon Yesterday and he said I was an awesome canidate for double jaw Surgery for my Over and undercross bite.. I had braces when I was 13 till I was 15.. Braces alone could not fix this issue, Now I have to get them put back on soon for the surgery to be possible.. He said sence I am in jaw popping pain he was going to try to get the ball rolling on this surgery as soon has he can.. While I was there We took several Xrays of my Head.. And he talked to me about what surgery will be like afterwards and that I wont be able to eat anything solid for 6 weeks.. He said most of my face will be numb for several weeks.. He will give me lots of good pain meds.. I dont have to be wired shut ! Just have to wear rubber bands with the braces for the 6 week healing period.. I'm very excited about haveing a normal bite and being able to eat properly.. Very hard to keep my mouth closed while eating with the bite that I have.. But somehow I have managed t
风雨如晦  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,阴阳怪气 1,虎视眈眈 姘头, 野姘头, 又见野姘头 在三次差点被杀死的情况之下, 在四次被押送去精神病院整得死去活来的情况下, 在警笛声的警告之下,在精神病院救护车不停地来回穿梭警告之下, 现在&#
The Mirror
The Mirror   Gaze in the mirror and what did I see, Inside the anger was staring at me. I felt I was tortured and stuck in a hole, With hatred and pain that took over my soul.   You never loved me, and you did not care, So I gazed in the mirror and tried not to stare, That tortured life that you made me live, The things you have done I'll never forgive.   You claimed to love me, but inside I knew, I could see through you, your words were not true. I've swallowed the lies that you fed to me, And unchained my heart to set myself free.   She's back in my life now and there she will stay, Together forever I hope and I pray. The hatred and anger replaced by her love, I know I've been blessed by the Lord up above. Gaze in the mirror and what did I see, Peace and salvation staring at me. Now that I'm healing, I want you to know, I love you Cheryl, with my heart and soul.   "The Mirror" by Kevin "G"                        
Website Hosting Company India
Here in this article we are going to discuss about what are the main best web hosting features? How we can choose the website hosting company India? Every one claims to provide best hosting to the clients. The question arises that don’t you get confused on selecting the best hosting service for you? Here are some of the features to search for best host in India. Customer Service: The customer service is one of the most important features of best web hosting service India. Every web designer has been seduced by the lure of free or extremely cheap web hosting. For the first time something goes wrong, they discover why choosing a web hosting provider solely on price is not a good idea. Some basic features of top web hosting companies in India: Lots of support options (chat, phone, email, etc.) Online documentation Customer forums - with responses from hosting staff Customer Service Disk Space: The disk space is the amount of space that you are allocat
Dongguan People Buy Designer Handbags Do Not Have To Go To
Henceforth will not have traveled to Hong Kong in Dongguan can buy authentic designer tory burch handbags, the price is just 8.5% of the domestic counter. Yesterday, the sinks a city mall two opened where you can buy international brands such as GUCCI, PRADA, BURBERRRY, ARMANI clothing and leather goods, to fill the blank apparel sales of luxury goods in Dongguan. Previously, the local shopping malls also have to upgrade, targeting high-income people. Insiders said that optimistic about the purchasing power of the local luxury consumer groups. The price is 8.5% of domestic counter Department of One City Shopping Centre Phase II the introduction HUGOBOSS, FOLLIFOLLI many international brands. Reporters at the mall, a boutique shop called For Me see shelves stocked with brand new handbags tory burch outlet MIUMIU, BOTTEGAVENETA a wandering child, a BV wallet sells for about 6,600 yuan, while the display outside the shop set of dolce & gabbana men's suits cost around $ 1 million. The ow
To get your life back on trackYou'll have to go through these many trialsThe verdict may be in your favourWe may know soon or much too late This second onset of miseryIt may last you for many yearsThough wouldn't you rather complacently vegetateThan be sober and consumed by tears? If your preference is recovery while asleepI've got just the thingIt's the capsule lucid dreams are made ofWord on the street is, it's better than being awake Whether the choice you've madeIs wrong or rightIt's the pursuit that mattersIn your quest for a better quality of life
Lodha Venezia Parel, Lodha New Project Mumbai, Lodha Parel
Lodha Venezia Parel Mumbai Lodha Venezia Parel Mumbai is a Resfreshing Apartments present by Lodha Mumbai located at Parel Mumbai. its offers 2, 3 and 4 BHK exclusive apartments with full of modern amenities. Lodha Venezia Project also enjoy features like wide sundecks to enjoy the beautiful views, separate store rooms, puja rooms, designer fitted kitchens and specially designed wardrobe spaces in the bedrooms. The fittings and finishes in Lodha Venezia flats take each residence to a new level of luxury that becomes a part of the living experience.The Lodha Group of Companies is one of India's premier real estate developers with bigger and more challenging projects added each year. Today, the Group provides stylish and comfortable living to over 12,000 families across Mumbai from South Mumbai to the suburbs. The Lodha Group is developing residences, malls, IT parks and weekend retreats spanning a total development of over 72 lakh sq. ft. across prime locations such as Nap
Lodha New Cuffe Parade Wadala Mmrda Fresh Apartments 09999684166
Lodha New Cuffe Parade MMRDA Wadala Mumbai Lodha Mumbai Has recently launched a fresh project Lodha New Cuffe Parade located at Wadala MMRDA Mumbai its present 2 to 3 bhk apartments at reasonable cost.It is said to be part of the 284 acre MMRDA project of which part development was assertively bid and won by Lodha. The entire 284 acre development is likely to redraw the Wadala profile. Wadala in Mumbai is quite prominent for its residential areas in the city because of good infrastructural development and public acceptance fulfilling all the needs of being one of the best residential locations with gardens, parks for young and old citizens.The Lodha Group of Companies is one of India's premier real estate developers with bigger and more challenging projects added each year. Today, the Group provides stylish and comfortable living to over 12,000 families across Mumbai from South Mumbai to the suburbs. The Lodha Group is developing residences, malls, IT parks and weekend retr
Please Rate This Pic
                ATTENTION ALL FAMILY, FRIENDS, FANS, AND ALL WHO ENTER       I have a friend who is currently in an auction, at end of auction the person with the most rates will win a boomy from the host!   I KNOW that we can help her win this all we have to  do is rate the pic once DAILY until Oct. 31st.  So what do ya say? 1 CLICK A DAY TO  HELP A FRIEND                                                                        CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW AND RATE, A COMMENT IS NOT NECESSARY BUT TAKE A LOOK! YOU MIGHT JUST DECIDE TO PLACE A BID ON HER!                                                               JUST 1 MORE THING... while you are here would you please rate this blog? TOP LEFT UNDER MY PIC and you may want to click on *follow blog*  right straight on top      then you will always know what the latest is with me.  
Arabic Characters Are Flowing On Bracelet
"Seiko flagship model M"of Seiko Watches was released in August.It's a bracelet-shaped watch.It displays the time in electronic ink instead of traditional dial and second hand. There is no 360 degree joint, new product, the surface was Tsururito barcelet charms looks like a stylish look. Cutting edge technology for the latest on the metal part "electronic ink display" has been run throughout, but it's a mechanism animation of Arabic numerals with a sense of three-dimensional displays with a feeling of floating on its surface. Color changes to a four-step white, light gray, gray, and black. Arabic text display, you can also switch to a fixed digital display. Used properly to fit the mood and lifestyle different display modes. Consideration of the fit, the material base of the part touching the skin is bright lightweight titanium has been used. The price of this model is generally limited to ¥ 577 500 1000. Model with diamonds of 6.09 million yen limit two.
Chapter 2
Then the lights out right then! Nicholas quickly cut the ropes off her glistening body, and held her close, listening to her breathe. The kisses were sweet and delicious, and neither wanted the end of them. But in the dark, it was manual all the way, so, instead of the ropes and ties, they simply lie together, kissing and tunging everything that felt good. Sheri had his cock in her mouth, and her rolled to her so it could slide further inside, making her gag a little. Nicholas's tung was deep in her pussy in no time, and the two lapped and fingered thier way to multiple Orgasms. After a long time, the lights came back on, and both wanted a hot shower. The hot water woke them up a little, and Nicholas pushed her down onto her knees for more cock in her mouth. He loved a good blowjob, and Sheri was very good at it. Soon he was erect again, but this time it was Nicholas' turn to kneel, and his hot toungue suckled and softly bit her clitoris, and her lips. Sheri washed his face in her Juic
This One Time....
Pnut: things could always be worse Pickle: be a nympho lookin for dick in a gay camp
Eine Armbanduhr Hat Viele Design-entwicklungen über Die Zeit Gesehen
Ein Accessoire, das geht nie aus der Mode für Männer ist eine herrenuhren günstig. Eine Armbanduhr hat viele Design-Entwicklungen über die Zeit und derzeit die Trends für 2012 im Fokus gesehen. Was wird in der Mode im nächsten Jahr kann mehr oder weniger bestimmt von dem, was die Promis tragen. Also hier sind die erwarteten Trends für Sie auf einen Blick - 1.Digital Uhren sind in - In der Tat diese Uhren sind die neuen Chronographen. Retro Digitaluhren sind alle auf ein Comeback. Wir können auch sehen, GMT und Alarm Uhren zu.  2.Smaller Gehäusegrößen gewinnen an Bedeutung. An der Basal World 2011 Konferenz der Trend festgestellt wurde. Im Jahr 2012 kleinere Bauformen wird in Cool Uhren-Design verwendet werden. Die Ausdünnung Prozess wird voraussichtlich zu strecken, um Bänder zu beobachten, wie sie durch ein paar Millimeter reduziert werden. 3.Stainless Uhren bleiben gut. Ja, Ihr Edelstahluhr noch in 2012 in Mode, aber mehr Farben, es zu haben. Designer haben die Verwendung von Farb
Adornos De Navidad Hechos En Casa Para Amasar
Adornos de Navidad de masa es una forma divertida de decorar el árbol de Navidad y para hacer increíbles decoraciones de Navidad también. Este bajo costo, fáciles de hacer usted ideas del arte permite a toda la familia para reunirse y crear adornos de Navidad desde cero. Además, estos adornos de Navidad hechos en casa masa ven muy bien cuando se rocía con pintura y puede durar por años. Todo lo que necesitas para estas simples adornos de Navidad hechos en casa es una masa de harina, la sal y el agua y ya está listo para cortar y hornear tus propios adornos navideños personalizados de masa sin tener que gastar una fortuna.-venta de luces de navidad Adornos de Navidad Recetas de pasta Adornos de Navidad Sal Masa Ingredientes 2 tazas de harina 1 taza de sal 1 taza de agua Cómo hacer Para hacer los adornos de Navidad de masa de sal, mezcle la sal, la harina y el agua y amasar la masa hasta que se vuelve lisa. Usando un rodillo, extienda la masa a un cuarto del espesor. Utili
Me,myself And I
hi there im Laura if you wanna know me more add me up on FACEBOOK: Laura Mason Lewis or YAHOO: and E-MAIL me at:   talk to you  (everyone) soon keep safe :D
Lg Lança Celular Optimus 4x Hd No Brasil Por R$ 1.699
A LG deu início nesta quinta (25) à venda do seu smartphone topo de linha, o Optimus 4X HD, com tela de 4,7 polegadas e android 4.0 no Brasil por um preço sugerido de R$ 1.699. A resolução da tela do celular é de 1.280 x 720 pixels (densidade de 312 pixels por polegada, abaixo dos 329 ppp do iPhone 4S e acima dos 306 ppp do Galaxy S 3). O aparelho, grandalhão, tem processador Nvidia Tegra 3 de núcleo quádruplo e 1,5 GHz, câmera de 8 Mpixels e bateria de 2.150 mAh de capacidade. Seus concorrentes diretos são o Samsung Galaxy S 3 (R$ 1.999), Motorola Razr i (R$ 1.399), Motorola Razr HD (R$ 1.899) e Apple iPhone 4S (R$ 1.999). Entre suas outras características, o aparelho tem memória interna de 16 Gbytes, entrada para cartão microSD e 1 Gbyte de RAM. Além de conectividade 3G (não há 4G), o celular é compatível com a tecnologia DLNA para transmissão de áudio e de vídeo para outros aparelhos, como televisores. "É importante que um smartphone como o Optimus 4X HD chegue em um
73% Des Utilisateurs De Smartphones Sont Prêts à Effectuer Des Transactions Sur Votre Téléphone
Une nouvelle étude ConsumerLab Ericsson sur le marché chilien indique que le haut débit mobile gagne rapidement en force à travers les meilleure offre mobile . Le rapport réaffirme que le Chili est un pays très avancé dans les nouvelles technologies et la mobilité par rapport à d'autres marchés émergents et même développés. "Les utilisateurs qui rencontrent le haut débit mobile, vous voulez augmenter les avantages de ce à d'autres appareils et gadgets qui sont" inutiles "déconnecté", a déclaré Hector de Tommaso, directeur du marketing chez Ericsson en Amérique latine. Les téléphones intelligents sont devenus l'un des dispositifs clés pour être connectés et quand l'utilisation est lourd toute la journée et à chaque instant. Par exemple, 34% des utilisateurs de smartphones utilisent leur appareil mobile pour se connecter à Internet dans les temps de déplacement, tandis qu'un autre 23% préfèrent mettre à jour leurs réseaux sociaux dans la même période. D'autre part, 33% uti
Une Coque Trompe-l'œil Pour Votre Iphone
Généralement, on choisit la coque de son iPhone en fonction de ses préférences. Cette fois, ce choix sera dicté par l’apparence de votre visage, et plus particulièrement par celle de votre oreille. Cette coque d’un nouveau genre donnera l’impression que vous ne tenez pas de téléphone coque iphone pas cher . 5 modèles sont proposés. Ce sera à vous de choisir le vôtre en fonction de la couleur de votre peau, de votre pilosité, ou de la façon dont vous souhaitez décorer votre oreille avec piercings et boucles d’oreille. Cela s’adresse aussi bien au jeune rebelle mal rasé qu‘à l’homme ou à la femme plus classique. Une fois que votre coque et votre iPhone ne font plus qu’un, vous n’aurez plus qu‘à tenir l’ensemble comme d’habitude lors de vos appels. Comme vous pouvez l’apercevoir sur les images qui suivent, l’inclinaison du dessin qui s’affiche sur la coque fera parfaitement illusion. Malheureuseme
Allure Of The Watch, Warum Sie Benötigen, Um Ein Zu Tragen
Es wird allgemein angenommen, dass das Tragen der taschenuhren kaufen Interview Kommunikation, Zeit potenziellen Arbeitgebern und kann sogar helfen, landen Sie arbeiten. Allerdings erweisen sich die Tatsachen, dass das Büro nicht der einzige Ort, um eine Uhr tragen wird für das Wohl aller Zeiten zu kämpfen. Cadence Watch Company hat kürzlich eine Umfrage unter ihren Kunden, um herauszufinden, "wie man es nicht, um die Uhr zu tragen, um eine Frau attraktiver ist?" Obwohl einige der Reaktion ist nur interessant ("Ist das die einzige Sache, , sie trägt es? "), andere bieten wertvolle Einblicke in die Ansichten der Interessen potenzieller romantische Frauen schauen Trägers. Analyse von Trends und Mustern in Cadence Antwort Daten ergab, dass fast ein Drittel der Befragten glaubten, dass Frauen Uhren tragen nicht nur Zeit, sondern haben auch eine tiefer gehende Charakter. Einer der Befragten sagte: "der Ort, von einer Frau das Tragen einer Uhr ihre Mission, und das ist sexy." Darüber hinaus
This what I have found out in myself I am strong I am emotional I am passionate I am beautiful I am bull headed and I am a female.   If you cannot accept me on my worst days, you do not deserve me on my good days.  If you cannot handle a strong female in your life, then I suggest for you to step aside.  I am not going to change my life to satify your desires.  I have done that way too many times in my life.  Where did that lead me?  No where.  So, now I am going to stand up for myself.  I am going to become a strong person that GOD always wanted me to be.  I am going to be one of those people who will push you over if you get in their ways.    
Original Poetry Written By Me
My sweet friend I urge you tonightTo go to your window tonightLift your eyes and you will see my starShining down on youListen to your heart and you will find An extra heartbeat along with yoursThat is mine beating with yoursFeel the warmth within youThat is my angel love within youIf you feel my arms around youIt is my angel hug and arms around youIf you hear a soft voice or whisperSaying I love youIt is mine whispering in your earIf as  you take life’s journey You feel someone beside youIt is I right there beside youStep by stepHeartbeat by Heart beatIt is each one of us facing Life together as oneUnited and standing togetherWritten on October 25th, 2012By Robert E DurbinAKA Heart of an Angel
Original Poetry Written By Me
My Sweet Lord, Co-Pilot and SaviorIf Heaven and Hell would  collide tonightThere is no doubt I am here by your sideMy sword is drawn and my armor is onLife would lose all meaning without youThe sun, moon and stars would  not be the sameWithout youThe flowers, meadows and mountain streamsWould lose their beauty Without youThe hearts of us  all  would lose their heartbeatWithout youTheir would be no  special connections and linksTo our precious friends and loved onesWithout youI can only hope that the ones I have inspired Follow suit with me and stand by my sideWith youLove you, cherish and treasure your love for meWritten on October20th, 2012By Robert E DurbinAKA Heart of an Angel
Thanks For Coming To Save The Tatas
I wanted to thank everyone that showed  up last night to save the tatas it was extremely successful, we got up to 102 people in Orgy After Hours so I donated 102$ to breast cancer awareness fund, plus handed out 6 save the tatas blings so we doonated in total 108 dollars to a very worthy cause.  We could  have not done it without all your  help and support so I wanted to post this blog  just to say thanks, and it meant alot!!  Keep an eye out for future big events coming from Orgy After Hours and again thank you all of you and  much love (h) .   Tsmooth
Dear Mr President
Dear Mr. President: When you signed the health care reform bill two years ago, your vice president told you "This is a big fucking deal." My son  was 4 years old and heard it. I explained to him that Mr. Biden did not know the microphone was on and that I was sure he was sorry. Today on the news, my son hears you, the President of our United States, refer to Mitt Romney as a "bullshitter." For that, I cannot make excuses. You should be ashamed. Because of your language, my son  thinks much less of your office, an office he dreams of holding some day. This undecided voter just made his decision. And if you ever happen to come to my home and use that type of language around my child, you'll find out how Mothers  deal with that kind of trash.
Bootis Dirty Night Club
Not Like Crazy....
"Not Like Crazy" When we first metI was surprised to getThat feeling, That feelingThe kind that don't wash away with soapSo sweet to me,OohhThe kind of feeling I needTo get me through the darkest daysFor you I prayed[Chorus]What you do is crazy babeNot like you belong in an asylumCrazy babe, Like the sun in the morningAnd the moon at nightLike the rain falling from the skyLike the trees growing from the groundI'm astounded babeBy your love for meAnd your touching meAnd your trust in meLike you do whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whooEven now I still feel that feelingAlthough we've grownWe're still on the same side Of the proverbial roadHeading in the same directionI'm so glad to knowWith you I spend my time
Cheap Dr Dre Dr Dre Headphones Dr Dre Sale Monster Beats
This cheap dr dre means that no player can or wants to brave the map of the last player. The cards are made of C Tea and a new series is called by the last player to play the one card into life. Be the singles, pairs, trips or 5 cards. Often it is dr dre sale h Flich to a subscriber to warn the other hand, if he / she is a special card to win. beats by dr dre monster I Beat The game continues until only one participant has more cards. He is the winner, and won the game. The notation g Ngigste version monster beats of the notation, is there after an individual match each participant with the cards remaining scores -1 point for each card as such if it is 10 or more, still have it in for every single brand -2. If they do not have to wear all the cards on us monster beats all in, G They stand -3 for everyone. For example, if a derived, and B, C and D each have 3, 11, and 8 cards left, B would score -3, -22 C would score, w Re mark D to -8, and north w Re Mark 33rd The finish of the monster
When Potassium Needs To Be Given Intravenously
Potassium is certainly a natural and organic mineral which helps all of us truly feel and also be healthy each day. Though virtually all of the potassium in the body is inside the cells, smaller amount, around 2 - 3 % of the entire potassium material inside the human body, of this mineral is located outside of the cells. Potassium is needed by our own body to get smooth muscle as well as cell running, heart operation, muscles contraction, nervous transmission, for the purpose of the conversion process of glucose right into glycogen and even muscle mass building, and many more.It is recognized as 'natural diuretic' because it is quickly assimilated by our system and practically more than 85 % of it is passed from the bowels as well as filtering system. Merely because of the alkaline properties, it can be a really important mineral which will help our own bodies system retain ph levels as well as to sustain adequate amount of water in the body system. The most essential characteristics o
Police Needlessly Kill 3 Dogs In Marijuana Bust
One dog lover in Detroit is upset after a marijuana bust turns into the murdering spree of his dogs. The dogs were shot from behind as they fled and one was even safely secured. Detroit resident James Woods plead with police to not hurt his dogs, but they had a different agenda, murder, according to the Motor City Muckraker. All three of Woods' dogs where shot and killed during the raid for an alleged marijuana operation. According to the publication a witness described seeing Detroit police shoot the first young pitbull in the face with a 12-gauge shotgun blast. The dog was confined to a locked fence outside and posed no threat to anyone. Witnesses also report police were chasing and firing on the other two dogs as they tried to flea from the armed officers. The female dog "Janey" continued to crawl to safety after being fatally wounded. “They shot her four times as she was trying to get away,” Woods said. After the massacre on his beloved dogs, Woods was taken to jai
Decisions, Decisions.
The company I currently work for is contstantly changing. For instance for one month approximately I have been doing billing/collections from patients that visit our practice and been glad to receive a lot of praise for the job I have been doing. But there will eventually be another position in the pre-certification/insurance department and love that side of it too. I was asked by my boss and her boss today if I would really want to change. My thoughts are do I stay and keep the collections side up and running or move to a position that could also be good.    Although I do enjoy my own little cubby but feel like a caged animal because there are window's that surround my little office (for safety reasons I'm sure) but would like to be back with a team again. I only receive a review once a year so this won't lose or gain me anymore funds until after I get my review in January.   
One Of These Days!
When two hearts connect, it's gives off the most beautiful light. One that can be seen, in the darkest of night. Too powerful to disguise, there's no drowning it out. It takes you by surprise, leaving no room for doubt. The broken roads traveled, made a path for you to follow. Leading further away from the yesterday's, and looking forward to tomorrow's. When you can speak to someone, directly from your soul. That's when it's pure, when you have no control. KNOWING they love you, without them having to say a word. That's the kinda love I have, and it's more than I ever hoped for. My path is right in front of me, I shall not stray. Because it will lead me to YOU, one of these days!
Leaving .....
Leaving don't know when I will be back again.... bY Christine .
My Rabbit Blue Doesn't Like Mice!!
Well I was sitting here last night just before bed and blue when into bunny 500 mode (or so I thought). He got over by the front door and was thumping, and binking high into the air ( nothing uncommon so far). he ran up to me and sat by my foot at the recliner, so I thought he was saying he wanted to have the recliner (cause he is getting to big for us to share now) and I told him no I was sitting there. well he started thumping. I finally said what and I stood up to let him up. Well instead of him jumping up into the recliner like normal, he ran to the corner and did 3 or 4o binkies strait into the air, ran back to me and repeated the process. Now I understand humans are not as smart as rabbits so it took me a min for me to realized he wanted me to go over there. I walked over to see him binking over a dead mouse!!! he  had thumped it and binkied on it to death!!! As soon as I got over there he ran to my recliner hopped up and flopped in it like normal, as to say my work
RavenOften mistaken with crows, ravens are much larger and their croak is more raucous. Ravens are intelligent masters of mimicking the calls of other animals and have also been known to mimic some human words. They are good at finding food and communicating with other ravens where food is located.The raven is symbolic of mind, thought and wisdom – Intelligent Ravens are humanitarians in Native American symbolic legends too. In fact, the raven was a hero to many tribes.Other Native North American tribes saw the raven as the bringer of light. In fact, southwestern tribes (Hopi, Navajo, Zuni) felt the raven was flew out from the dark womb of the cosmos, and with it brought the light of the sun (dawning of understanding)….a bird of creation.Ravens are also known as the "keeper of secrets" in several native tribes, and are the teachers of mysticism.Raven flies to us with heightened awareness and greater understanding of our consciousness. It is with this new perception that w
New Life With Friends On Here
Halloween Contest...bling Packs..and Stuff..
I've thought about doing this many times over the years but in all honesty I got lazy (what else is new.) However, Fubar itself has decided to do it. And based on the entries so far, if you put some effort into it you really could win a 135 credit bling pack along with other levels of bling packs and prizes. If you have some creativity, a camera, and can make yourself into something for Halloween, check this page out below.. fubar Halloween 2012@ fubar And if I like your costume I might give you something too. But shh. Check it out! Not too many are there yet so your chances are good!!...Yes, it's legit... tell them I sent ya. Peace.
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 119
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 119 of Janey Godley’s Podcast, Ashley is joined by Ste Callaghan yet again. The pair discuss, Jimmy Savile, 30 rock, women in comedy and dating.   Janey joins with a piece from Toronto, talking about her experience in the Canadian London, Donald Trump’s “Obama” announcement and her wariness of black squirrels.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.   Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 119   If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto Our Donate Page and donate via PayPal.   Check out some fashion tips from Fetuccini Spencer   Check out The saga of Tim and Freya
Getting Mines (hood Leaving)
If its good. If its all good in the hood. In the neighborhood. If its all good in the hood, then...why are we trying hard to leave? Cuz there's evil in the hood, no good. Lerking in the woods. Darkness in the neighborhood-ood...if i could I would be gone for good. Hood, lea-ving. If i could I'll be gone for good. Hood, lea-ving. Sometimes it's not greenier grass on the other side of that fence, but even dying shrubs is better than what exist. Frustrated daily, dont know how to feel other than being pissed. Just want comfort, not looking to getting rich. Mad at the world, why was I place on this earth just to struggle. Money grab ideas. To get dreams, better hustle. Bricks and baggies, do a little dirt wont hurt. Temptation to be worse, wont love just flirt. Steady nine to five, pockets with legal money. Sixty percent taxed, government trying to hurt me. Bills barely paid. Each of them late, behind a few months. Little food on my plate. But i'm great. Good health and with these two feet
Coming Early
Winter is peaking and this leads me to believe that it just may leave early. I love each of the seasons but fall is my favorite. The start of school was better to me than the last day. The crispness of the air and the need for a snuggle buddy at night is maybe just a plus.  I have been told I look like an angel in my sleep. Even before I was told that I like when the beaty of the earth is half asleep. Sounds seem more pronouced in the fall. Usually because its so quite. You can even hear someone trying to sneak, with the help of the leaves. Towards the end of fall your breath may become visable. It is the best time to take walks with someone special. My time maybe limited here on earth. I do value everyday but it gets lonely. When my dreams come true, I will be with the one I love. Until then I am not accepting and applications in the hunger department. No sex, no feeling up, no pre-acting lust, no nothing. I am his and only his. Have the best day you have had all week and mine migh
Prophetic Signs That We Are In The End Times
Prophetic Signs that we are in the End Times The Bible gives many examples of signs that should warn us of the coming end of the age.  Six such signs are given by Jesus, two characteristics are given by Paul, and eleven other occurrences are given by the prophets to occur prior to or soon after the end of the age.  While we are also told we will not know the time of the End, God obviously wanted us to know when that time was getting closer.  As the Christian church is increasingly drawn into the interfaith movement, and as more and more churches go into isolation, preparing to sleep through the growing attacks on their faith, perhaps God knew it would take a few signs to wake us up and remind us that we have work to do.  Unfortunately, many Christians take the verses that tell us we won't know the time of His coming to mean they should ignore any and all scripture that might warn us of this time of tribulation.  Others have fallen into the trap of fearing being labeled a "conspirac
You know, Life will hand you the best set of cards and then one thing happens and will rip them away like they never even happen. I had a great set of cards best thing ever in my life. I guess it was just there to show me, That I could love again that I have it in me to let someone in to the fullest again.....But then it broke me and I am yet again scared to let someone in. Maybe I am looking at all the wrong people? Maybe my eyes are just half open...I have no idea, but I would love my life to actually start and these lemons to stop being tossed my way. I am in a good place right now, dealing with what i need to deal with and letting things be how they are. I miss things that have no right but to be the past to me and I miss the people I thought that they were, However, I know i need to move on and keep going and dealing with what is handed to me. Life is excatly what it is, You get handed what you get handed because you are the only one who can deal with it....Maybe it would have rea
50 Shades Of Bullies
Where to start this blog? I really have no idea. I know what I want to write about, but fitting it all together will be somewhat of a task. If it's too jumbled, fuck it. I have smart friends, you can figure it out.  I was on facebook and one of my friends "liked" a page about a girl who had been bullied so bad she killed herself. Do I believe bullying can be THAT bad? Yes. The things that piss me off are why didn't the parents see a change in their child? (I'm sure it's easy for me to say that because my children aren't getting bullied.) But I'd think I'd see my child really depressed and not wanting to go to school....SOMETHING.  The other thing that pisses me off is on this page it talked about how she was bullied by almost everyone at the school. The person that made the page said "everyone is wearing purple and (some other color that I can't remember) in honor of ________". Here's the deal....why the fuck honor  her now? Shouldn't they have just "dealt with her" while she was aliv
  (2)转为暗职 只不过到了经过文化大革命的折腾, 在全党,全国人民痛定思痛后的强大压力之下; 在实事求是,解放思想,改革开放的强大压力之下; 在中国经济和社会发展一遍死寂的现实情况的压力之下; 在继位者叶剑英,没得超越同位者,邓小平的能力,资格和政绩来得实施&#
  (六),我猜测,血腥警告: 比如因为万山老仙对中央电视台解说且转播英国伦敦奥运会的开幕式和闭幕式和对体育总局的表现以及对整个体育界的血淋淋警告而杀人威胁: 济南市公安局工作人员告诉记者,接到报警后120急救人员赶到现场,检查确认陶伟已经死亡。经刑警技术民警ࡴ
  三,嗜杀成性, (一)我猜测:无尽屠杀 一直以来,他运用科学技术的杀人机器是在远距离不动神色地轻而易举地想杀那个就杀那个,想整那个就整那个,想对那个灭口就对那个灭口。真可谓无尽屠杀。 如果是名人和官员当然是在他严格控制的宣传机器上掩人耳目地报道是心脏病什
惨绝人寰 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,医院昏死 1,求医治伤 2011年10月12日,我在我厂里医院死去活来之昏迷原因分析、揣测。 我喝了酒,我母亲不停的说是水,我不停地喝。酒有问题?或者是酒喝多了?然后,切菜,手指不协调,把右食指指甲切了2/3&#
Cheap Website Server Hosting
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Happy Face
hi everyone hope your night is going good mine sure is lets have some fun and be friends
“I've been thinking of something your father said - that the true measure of love is what one is willing to give up for it. He was talking about freedom - fighting for liberty. But I believe 'tis the same for love as war.”
Party your ass off.... I say so    bY Christine                   
Tell Me ....
I want to know It's my faith, I want to know it's my faith, night time is a tease , is a tease, sure I ready for a change, I am ready to see the stars with you, we been here so soon, summer went so fast winter will go. I'll show you mine , you show me yours first. Tell me your scars, I'll tell you mine.                      bY Christine  step step to the move of love   
Wounder Land ....
Princes to frightened of her beauty,  Princes is very passionate she falling crazy all with some kind of madness. Carefully she struggle against her tears. Wounder Land man whispered to Princes , she felt the ultimate pleasure , she bowed her head to Wounder Land man... he takes her hand Princess whispered what a beauty and gently kind man. "he whispered to her "Now shut up  I had my way with you I stand by you.. tell you I am your friend. I tell you to let go of what is still trembling you my Princes. She gave into Wounder Land man.   bY Christine      
What Is A Submissive.
I get that question a lot. I have found some great articles on this topic and will add more as I find them. If you have any you would like to see make this list please leave them in comments or contact me via inbox or sb and I will look them over and add them.   What Is Submission? The Gift Of Submission Different Types of Submission in BDSM: Submissive, Slave and Pet
Stilvolle Armbanduhr Web Design Manager Watch Out Für Die Frauen
Ich glaube, dass Rolex Stück wird nicht berappen viel Bewusstsein für ihre Damen-Clients. Dann wieder, wenn ich die Rolex Stück Web Design Manager Damen Uhr für Mädchen entdeckte ich ein bisschen etwas mehr besänftigt. Obama Armbanduhren sind in der Tat gefeiert, nachdem für Frauen und Männer mit dominierten Ländern geschaffen und beschädigt den Planeten als eine Replik Rolex Datejust. Um noch Nachahmung Amazon rolex Ihrer Web-Design-Manager-Serie besitzen, ist tatsächlich eine Befriedigung, die ich nicht hätte träumen lassen, kurz vor haben. Es ist eine einzigartige Rolex Stück Web Design Manager Uhr für die Damen, die aus den achtziger Jahren wieder hagelt. Die Armbanduhr kommt auch in der Blume seltenes Metall und es gibt kein Stück der Ort, wo der Stahl Stiftung enthüllt. Beide gut getönten Blumen seltenes Metall ganzen Körper Ihres beobachten ist ideal für und sogar resultiert in eine alternative seltenes Metall Akzent in die Hände der Frauen. Obama Produkt auf dem Datejust Serie
Vestido Curto Para Casar?
Dica para as noivas alternativas que querem passar longe do tradicional - usem vestidos de noiva curtos. Eles são lindos, luxuosos e graciosos, inclusive nos detalhes. O look "short dress" combina com casamentos fora da igreja e elementos mais descontraídos, tanto nos looks quanto nos acessórios. Eles têm tantos laços, rendas e enfeites quanto os vestidos tradicionais. Quem sabe ainda não vemos vestidos de noiva para vender nas fast fashions daqui do Brasil?     Se você quiser ser criativa pode usar um vestido branco de tecido leve com uma faixa colorida e sapatos coloridos, que tal? Antes de escolher temos algumas opções para você começar a pensar no seu.
Cartier Id Two : Montre Ultime
Pourquoi ID ? Car ID comme Innovation & Développement. ID comme Idées… Il s’agit en effet de pièces uniques destinées à exprimer une vision, à indiquer une direction. Celle que pourrait emprunter, selon la marque, une horlogerie qui depuis deux siècles ne fait souvent que réinterpréter des réponses anciennes aux défis que représente l’ultra-précision montre mode 2012 . Nul ne sait avec précision quand l’Homme, pour la première fois, prit conscience du temps et chercha à le mesurer au moyen de sabliers ou de cadrans solaires. Mais c’est incontestablement l’expression « nuit des temps » qui, depuis toujours, exprima l’idée d’une extrême ancienneté ! Si l’on fixe au tout début du 16ème siècle l’apparition de la première montre, une grosse pièce sommaire en métal, le mathématicien et philosophe D’Alembert se félicitait dès 1751 des performances horlogères de son époque : « Il a fallu une assez longue suite de siècles pou
El Iphone 5 Ya Tiene Versión De Dropbox Adaptada A Su Pantalla
La aplicación de Dropbox, disponible en la App Store de Apple, se actualiza hasta la versión 1.5.6. Aunque la compañía ha aprovechado para corregir algunos errores detectados anteriormente, la principal novedad de esta nueva versión es la adaptación de la propia aplicación a la resolución de pantalla Retina del iPhone 5.-iphone 5 vodafone precio Apple escogía un tamaño de cuatro pulgadas para la pantalla Retina del iPhone 5 no por capricho, sino por razones puramente técnicas y estratégicas. El formato panorámico está implícitamente relacionado con la resolución que son capaces de soportar las aplicaciones de la App Store. Aún así, empresas de servicios como Dropbox se han visto obligadas a lanzar actualizaciones para adaptarse al nuevo smartphone de la firma. Varias mejoras importantes Los actuales propietarios del iPhone 5 y asiduos al servicio de almacenamiento en la nube de Dropbox veían cómo la aplicación disponible para la plataforma iOS 6 no había sido optimizad
Mido Baroncelli Serie Armbanduhr
Die Schaffung Philosophie der MIDO ist ewige Design und utilitaristischen Funktion als nach dem Trend. MIDO wird auf eine Utility-Damenuhr, die qualitative, präzise und mit Wasserdichtigkeit ist gerichtet. Da die die MIDO Armbanduhr im Jahr 1918 geboren wurde, mit seiner exquisiten Tabellierung und High-End-Design-Idee, hat sie kontrollieren den sich ändernden Pulsation die ganze Zeit. Hergestellt mit klassischen, eleganten und schlichten Design. Die tabellarische Meister der Swiss erstellt hervorragende Qualität Armbanduhr mit Eleganz Oberfläche. Zufriedene viele Menschen, die es lieben, wie ihre Vision zum Leben. Wegen seiner ewigen klassischen Erscheinungsbild, die lakonischen Linie des Design, die hochwertige Tabellierung Handwerk, hat es sich ein Stück helle Perle von vielen Schweizer Marke. Baroncelli elegante Design des wriggle eleganten Kurve der Violine geboren. Welche Show Verachtung für eilige Trend. Das Cover wurde von sanften Bogen-Linie, die off setzen Sie die slippy Uh
I have been writing about the areas in my life that I have learned the hardest.  One of those areas is dating and getting married.  I have been married two different times.  The second marriage will be ending within the next year or so.   The only thing I have learned from dating and being married is that there are no good guys out there any more.  Men only want a couple of things out of me.  One of those things is sex.  They will pretend to like me so they can get into my pants.  Some of them do stay around after the sex, but others will take off and pretend that they do not know who the hell I am. The second thing that men what out of me is support.  I have support two to four guys in my life.  Two of those guys where my ex-husband and my current husband.  I have supported them with money, food, and my emotional support.  My support can go for a certain period of time.  I cannot keep on supporting someone when they do not return the support back. I am thinking about staying single
Samsung Galaxy Note Ii: Plus Qu'un Simple Téléphone Intelligent
L'engagement fabricant coréen phablets catégorie, à mi-chemin entre les tablettes et les accessoire mobile, avec le Galaxy Note de deuxième génération. Samsung est convaincu qu'il ya une lacune dans le marché pour un roi mobile. O comprimés sensibles. Ces appareils, à mi-chemin entre les smartphones et les tablettes, a été nommé phablets. Le nouveau Samsung Galaxy Note II élargit l'affichage de son prédécesseur jusqu'à 5,5 pouces. Il est un terminal qui peut être trop grande pour certains utilisateurs, ceux qui pensent que le téléphone doit être utilisé avec une seule main. En retour, offre haut de gamme, avec une grande image dans votre écran AMOLED super, une excellente performance avec son processeur quad-core cadencé à 1,6 GHz et le meilleur d'Android en version 4.1 inclut les dernières . Le constructeur coréen a également amélioré le stylet. À une époque où les consommateurs se sont habitués à manipuler les écrans tactiles des doigts, peut être un accessoire superflu
Scarpe Di Esportazione Delle Imprese Dovrebbe Aumentare La Preoccupazione Nuovo Standard In Europa E In America
  Secondo gli Stati Uniti Consumer Product Safety Commission e il rapido sistema comunitario di allerta per i prodotti alimentari pubblicate dal sito ufficiale delle statistiche di dati,hogan sito ufficiale il primo trimestre di quest'anno l'esportazione in Cina di prodotti del settore sono l'Europa e gli Stati Uniti hanno annunciato un totale di 31 lotti di richiamo, rispetto al corrispondente periodo dello scorso anno è salito 40.91%. A tal fine, Shenzhen ispezione e la quarantena per ricordare le imprese Shenzhen, prestare molta attenzione alle leggi dei paesi importatori e dei regolamenti, attribuisce grande importanza al design e qualità dei prodotti. Secondo l'ispezione e gli esperti di Shenzhen Bureau quarantena, sostanze chimiche pericolose sono calzature è stato segnalato per ricordare il motivo principale, rappresenta per tutti il ??rapporto notifica di richiamo del 82,48%, mentre la maggior parte di essi superi standard a due fumarato metile, valutate con il p
Counting My Chickens Before They're Hatched
This bike right here, is the thing I've been obsessed with for the past two years, and I'm finally getting one with my xmas bonus this December... A Surly Pugsley. Yes, those are 3.8" wide tires. I'm going to ride it in the snow. On beaches. Through rivers. Mud. Up and down flights of stairs. Every fucking where.   *faps*
Cheap Dr Dre Dr Dre Headphones Dr Dre Sale Monster Beats
 The subsequent day time coming, i experienced been so delighted thinking about which i have adequate prepare. My individual computer is complete of energy. And now I hold out cheap dr dre some individual computer games. until I get tired. I start listen to audio tracks so that you just can acquire relax. And I place on my favored headphoneshe dre beats headphones.on sale beats pro detox And available the audio tracks cheap dr dre and relax myself. Summer is regarded like a time period for us to relax.In other people words,it is time for us to sleep.When summer time coming, we are tired and lost our enthusiasm to everything. And like a student, cheap dr dre using the summer time holidays are so long. We regularly commit most our time in sleeping. We relaxation extremely previous due through the morning, and we nevertheless possess a lunch sleep. And hold out extremely previous due at night. and dr dre sale also this gets a habit of us. and also to me,I also stick to probably the the ma
Their kisses become a little more probing, and less shy. His hands now moving over her shoulders and pushing the thin straps of her tank top aside. Moaning she lets her head fall back as he starts trailing kisses down her neck and across her shoulders. Her body reacting to every kiss and caress. Their breathing becoming a little more rapid. She enjoys the feeling of his hand as he covers her breast, and gently massages it. She wants him to just pull her top off so she can feel his hands on her skin, his lips kissing her. Intuitively he feels her need and slowly his hands drift under her black shirt. First stroking over her stomach and then reaching her breasts. The pleasure of that first touch is indescribable. The aching for that touch has been running through her mind since the moment he started kissing her. Her nipples are taut, aching to be teased and tasted. Slowly, he pushes her shirt up over her breasts and nuzzles into them. The sensuous feeling of his tongue swirling around
Hello all! I'm pondering the idea of a fumarriage between myself and a lady. Why you ask, it's simple...I don't want drama, want to enjoy my time on fubar with a friend whom I can trade bling with.   I have a boyfriend but not sure he is into fubar as much as I am..oh well.  So, here's my deal. Get fu-married, trade bling, no drama, and still enjoy what fubar has to offer.   Sound good? personal message me. 
So I Guess The Only Interesting Thing I've Been Up To...
I spent a good portion of my weekends from Spring through this past, riding my bicycle on some of the nice trails we have here in the Cleveland area. I made sure to do at least 26 miles every weekend. Sometimes I did more. In all, I'm pretty sure I put over 500 miles on my bike. I lost about 15 pounds and can now fit into some size-too-small pants I bought off a clearance rack at TJ Maxx for $6 bucks many months ago. Been flying and driving tons of places for work. Reading a lot. Writing a little. Been pretty OKay.   I hope all of you have been well, n stuff.
First Day!
Hi! I'm Llillboss, welcome to my Fubar page
Mobile Fubar
We have three types of fubar mobile experiences.  1. Mobile Browser - accessing through your browser on your phone. 2. Iphone App - downloading from iTUnes 3. Droid App - downloading from Google.    I am looking for people to test and use the apps and browser experience and give feedback. Please send me a message if you are interested. This is your chance to help us help you!  I am looking for  Can you please take this survye   Please answer these questions and message back to me. The more detailed the better. It doesnt need to be a book.  Which phone are you on? Droid or iPhone or Mobile Browser Experience  1. What do you like 2. What do you not like 3. Did you experience any bugs 4. What would you like to see added 5. What would make you use the app more. 6. Any other thoughts or feedback.    If you can test in the browser as well the app and give me feedback on each that would be great.
DJSUGAR@ fubar
The Risen Christ
THE RISEN CHRIST   All throughout His earthly ministry He talked about how the religious leaders would reject Him  They hated Him because he exposed their false teachings and hypocrisy and revealed their sin He was betrayed by one of His own and falsely accused and was finally put to death on a cross But what they didn’t realize was that this was all part of God’s plan to bring salvation to the lost.   He also talked about how on the third day He would rise from the dead to prove He was God’s Son Victorious over death and hell and the grave He conquered the final enemy the battle had been won He showed Himself to over five hundred for forty days with many miracles that made them believe After this He was taken up and ascended to heaven and all authority as the risen Christ he did receive.   He was seen in His risen glory, one like a son of man, standing in the midst seven golden lampstands Clothed in a long robe, girded with a sash of gold on His chest, H
Open Wide!!
What do you do, when you can't release the pain? When you can't find the words, to keep you sain. When I have no escape, and everything gets stuck. My emotions are in charge, leaving me mind fucked!! The only thing I can do when I can't find the words, or lose my will. I open wide, and swallow another goddamn pill!!
Draggin His Ass To Hell!!
Is it possible, for people to change? To get rid of the rage inside, to rearrange. The way they are wired, become someone else. Truly, not faked, but felt. If I had the opportunity, to stare into my demons eyes again. Would it stop my pain, put it to an end? In one way or another, finally put it to rest. Finally get some sleep, get rid of the stress. Has he changed? Does he truly regret? Would I be able to forgive, something I could never forget? The scars are there, edged in my skin. The wounds go much deeper, they dwell within. My mind, my memory, haunting me with my eyes wide shut. Someone dear to me said, just listen to your gut. My gut has let me down, so many times before. The only way to find out, is to walk through the door. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I've heard. Should I really be listening, to his words? Are they empty? Does he really wanna make it right? If it's a trap, he's in for one Hell of a fight. Because I don't ba
Want to win a boomy?     Rules:   1. Make me a salute with you in it 2. Incorporate a skull into the salute 3. Be creative 4. Must not be NSFW!   Have fun with it! I will have a third party judge the pictures, that way it'll be totally fair! The winner will be picked and announced Nov. 03, 2012! I can't wait to see what you all will come up with,have fun and good luck!!!   1st place = Rock Star 2cd place = Autos 3rd place = Boomy
So today I got the call I have been dreading for couple months now.  Boss told me the floors are now permanently combined. We have been combined on and off the past 3 months anyways.  I was hoping by some miracle we would pick up..and they would  keep both floors going.   Anyways,  everyone keeps there job..but with all the extra people.. we will not get all our hours we usually get. I have been getting on call every least 8 to 16hrs .   Luckily the other secretary from my floor is going to another unit so that will be one less person to share hours with.   With the floors combined..we have alot of patients up on my floor.   So more stress.  Well anyways I guess i can be thankful that i still have a job. I guess now that the news isout i can stop dreading it so much..and just learn to live with it.
Oct 24th !st Entry
Hello peeps... my 1st entry is just to tell ya all a bit out me!! Im 39yrs old (ugh dnt like that #) Divorced for 6&1/2yrs now, and been single for about a year.. I went thru a hell of a wild ride with my ex gf.. yes as in a Female.. was with her for almost 5yrs... It ws a crazy time.. she is bipolar and self medicated w/ street drugs... so WOW..I dnt regret the time with her, I turned a bit wild then grew up a lot...Im enjoying single life now!! Ive been out with a couple guys and a whole handful of women, but jus No spark there for me, so after a few dates I call it off and keep looking.. its kewl though cuz somewhere out there is my other half and someday we will meet and KNOW we found what we want!! I have 3 AWESOME boys!!! 14, 12, 10! They keep me busy with their Basketball & Baseball seasons, Spelling bees, geography bowls working at the Haunted House in town..and running them to hang w friends... I used to manage a Bar & bartend, but gave up the 3p-3a shiz to spend time w my k
Best Divorce Ever!!!
Dear Wife,  I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever. I’ve been a good man to you for 7 years & I have nothing to show for it. These last 2 weeks have been hell. ... Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that was the last straw. Last week, you came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me anymore; you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me anymore; whatever the case, I’m gone. Your EX-Husband P.S. don’t try to find me. Your SISTER & I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life! Dear Ex-Husband, Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It’s true you
Idiot Of The Day 10/24/12
. I don't have to say anything: Go get em ladies! ROFL. Idiot of the Day.
You'll Be Watching
So the day has arrived,The day we’ve dreaded so much,Even though it’s been a year now,We still miss your loving touch. Everything was always better,With just a hug from you,But after the last year,Even the slightest touch will do. At night I lay here,Thinking about you,How much I love you,And how much I miss you too. You gave me courage,You made me strong,When I didn’t think I could make it,You knew I could all along. You were my grammy,But that’s not all,You were also my pillow,Whenever I would fall. This last year has been so hard,Not just for one, but for all,
What Is A Dominant.
I get this question a lot, I also get people who think because I am a Dominant I will start to Dominate them. First thing first, I am Dominant by nature but just because I am Dominant doesn't mean I demand respect, I believe the respect is to be earned. Second just because I am a Dom doesn't make me mean, some of the most caring people I know are Dominants, we have feelings just like everyone else. I could sit here all day trying to give a definition of a Dominant but I found some great web pages that explain it better than I might be able to.   I hope those help.
Am I A Hostage?
I ask you to imagine this..... I came to be with a man that i thought would love and be my friend for the rest of my life. Moved five states away from all that i know to take a chance that has proven to be a diaster that has now lead me to depend on practialy local date chat stranges for help to sustain my needs day to day and my sanity.I have endured great hurt time and time again since March from a man whom takes pleasure in my pain. Not seeking pitty just understanding. This is just a handful of things that i have allowed myself to be exposed to in my current life. you know he's a dick when he spends your money you were saving to move where he know he's a dick when you have to unload a moving truck by yourself except for one glass top and he doesn't insist on know he's a dick when after you arrive the second time he sends a message to another woman (same day he ask you to come back btw) proclaiming you're not a keeper like know he's a dick when his frien
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The People Like Me
I am more, than you could ever be. The things you did, can never break me. I am the wind the sun, the earth. The air that you breathe, memorize my worth. Take a deep breath, I’m that sweet smell. The fog appearing from the dirt, rising from Hell. Take a look around, absorb what you see. We’re coming for all of you, the people like me. The one’s that live on, long after death. Searching for corruption, through all that we’ve wept. We swim through a burning, river of tears. Until we are face to face, with our worst fears. For me that is you, and I am finally here. I have reached my destination, Can you feel me near? Don’t try to run, you cannot escape. I have come too far, you must pay for your mistakes. Weep if you must, for I once did as well. See what I saw, feel what I felt. As I reach inside, tear you apart. Do as you did, break your heart. Crush your dreams, rip out your soul. Then drag you down with me, in th
Convince Yourself!!
Think back little girl, to a happier time. Remember his face, the voice in your mind. The words he said, never sounded so sweet. Your time together, the place you’d meet. That was a time, no one can take away. Allow his love, to guide your way. Something this pure, real and strong. Couldn’t possibly be a bad thing, you did nothing wrong. Remind yourself of this, each time a tear drop falls. When you’re broken inside, when your back’s against the wall. Tell yourself he loves you, that he didn’t use you back then. That you meant more than just one thing, to him. Try not to dwell on the fact, that he strung you along. That he left you weak, when you were once strong. That you can’t cope, after you gave him so much. Knowing all he ever wanted, was your soft tender touch. The feel of your body, clinging to his. In a hot sweaty mess, passion’s kiss. As long as the two of you, were skin upon skin. Then he wanted y
Piercing Through Me
He had to go to jail. to escape the prison he created. He didn’t go to make friends, nor to be hated. He needed to find self-respect, that was the main situation. Being questioned for his actions, caused frustrating complications. He was lost among the ruins, founded by thieves. If you were looking for his downfall, just pull up his sleeves. He was his own worst enemy, with his combat gear in tow. I listened to his story, unsure of which way to go. The scars he carried were deeper, than the flesh and bone you see. It was painful to witness, I felt his pain also piercing through me.

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