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Motorola Ex117 Motokey, Nouveau Triple-sim
Motorola EX117 Motokey a lancé une nouvelle low-cost boutique téléphone portable qui intègre triple SIM fonctionnalité, c'est à dire qu'il peut utiliser jusqu'à trois opérateurs de téléphonie différents de cartes SIM en même temps. L'ajout EX117 Motokey à sa caractéristique principale, dispose également d'un clavier QWERTY physique, soutien aux réseaux quadri-bande GSM / EDGE, un bouton dédié sur Facebook que le modèle précédent et un écran Motokey un petit quelque chose: à peine deux pouces, avec une résolution de 220 x 176 pixels. Les autres caractéristiques de ce téléphone comprennent la radio FM, Bluetooth et la connectivité WLAN, prise audio 3,5 mm, appareil photo de 2 mégapixels qui enregistre la vidéo, et fente pour carte microSD jusqu'à 32 Go, 2 Go de carte pré-installé. Qu'est-ce n'est apparemment pas en charge la connectivité 3G.   Le EX117 Motokey dispose également d'une batterie de 750mAh, 64 Mo de RAM et aucun système d'exploitation. Le Motokey EX117 jusqu'à
(how To) Link-unlink Facebook
(How To) Link/Unlink Facebook™Everyone knows what Facebook is and most know how to use it (unless Facebook changes its settings again). Linking Fubar to Facebook is as easy as changing a dirty babies diaper and can be done by anyone that is allowed on either Facebook (13+) or Fubar (18+). Below the two lines below will be a way to both Link & Unlink Facebook from your Fubar account.Linking FacebookThe steps below will show you (How To) Link Facebook:Open Your Desired BrowserDirect Your Browser To & Locate The Login AreaIf you use the fsB Homepage locate Account then click on Settings
Spoken Word Poetry: 1
Hard to breath, Nervous, feel the fluttering of butterfly's.   Am i murdering uncontrollably?   I look a pone you and can't see.   For your beauty is brighter then the sun.   Behind that pretty smile and pretty  eye's   I am hoping there is a warm heart waiting for mine.   How can this one person make me daydream with out my mind?   Seeing thing's i never could with my eye's.   My heart carries the beauty watch is pain to the brain driving me insane frying my brain like cocaine.   I am feeling a love like ultra violent ray's and x ray's warming my insides   causing a meltdown shutting down my mouth where i cant ask you out.   As the angles moan a song  for this man that can't speak.   If i let her go with out saying a word.   I'll never fall a sleep in my own sheets.   I jump to my feet to kiss the kiss that was on its way to me that i almost never discovered for all i heard was my butterfly's and uncontrollable mudders.   Awakened by a kiss that felt l
Hi Everyone
My day is gone very well and cant wait till tonight so i can go get drunk and party
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 107
  (Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 107 of Janey Godley’s podcast the mother and daughter comedy duo debate the recent Twitter furore of diver Tom Daley and the fall out that occurred.   Ashley reads from her teenage diary again- making Janey hysterical. Janey talks too much about the Olympic opening ceremony and babbles on about recent news – Ashley gives us the podcast questions and Janey gives us her Edinburgh fringe news about #Timandfreya the play.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.   Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 107   Check out The saga of Tim and Freya   Check out Janey Godley’s Comic Strip   You can check out all
People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. People talk about how great love is, but that's bullshit. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous. How can they deal with love if they're afraid to feel? Pain is meant to wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they're wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio. You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It's all in how you carry it. That's what matters. Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you. Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you're letting society destroy your reality. You should stand up for your right to feel your pain.
I Crave A Normal Place.
I crave a normal place to hang out. I dont like being hit on by some random loser. Am I the only one who hates this. Has everything turned into that. I just want friends. I party but not that hard
The things I have seen and heard people say over the last 48 hours alone has been enough to make me cry... really cry, real tears. I'm losing my faith in humanity, which is all I've ever had faith in. Human kindness and compassion, that was my something to believe in, and I don't think I even believe in that anymore. How someone can hate so deeply, that they honestly don't view it as hate is beyond me, and I weep for these people, I weep for those they hurt and I weep for their children, who may one day be the very people they are attacking. All the LGBT community is asking for is to be seen as equals, to be allowed to love, to be loved, and for their love to recognized as just as valid as the love of everyone else... and the "godly" ones are calling for their deaths, saying they want them shipped out of the country or locked away... what is wrong with you people? How have your hearts become so cold, so numb, that you can't feel the pain of those around you? Other human beings with wh
Fuck That Shit By Maxpike
I'm sorry I can't be any orther way So I'm fucked up every day Mom told me go straight to hell But hell is a bell Knock knock can't you hear the ring from the fucked up bill What's that for real,who gives a shit go real my tail No friends no dreams no rules no time lies no shit Waitng for the night so we quit This not about dick and pussy This is not about what they say Behind the bar you're the real stars It's not a story from runaways How many cigarettes burning between your fingers how many times you call it off the streets What kinda toy been playing so long Who gives a shit about right and wrong It's not a song for you to play along It will never bring you down Fuck that shit and you be it      
Healthy Food
Recipe for Bitter Melon Curry: Ingredients: 1 cup water, 1/2 cup red lentils, 1/2 cup coconut oil, 1/2 cup brazil nuts (powdered in blender), 1 large onion slices thin, 1 bitter melon cut in small cubes, 3 zucchini (cut thin into moon slices, 1 celery stalk (cut into small pieces), 4 roma tomatoes, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp cacyenne (optional), 1 tbsp salt, 1 tsp turmeric, 2 tsp cumin, 2 tsp curry, 4 tsp. c oriander. Directions: Cut bitter melon into small cubes and remove seeds. Soak in a bowl with 2 cups of water and 1 tsp salt for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, cut large onion into thin slices. Heat 1/2 cup coconut oil in a deep skillet at medium high heat. When oil is hot, add onions and saute for 10 minutes or until onions have browned. Add seasonings to 1 cup of water and stir well. Then add to the browned onions. Simmer 5 minutes. Next, add diced tomatoes and powdered brazil nuts, simmer 2 minutes. Then add all vegetables, simmer 5 minutes while stirring. Add Lentils and 1
Just A Freestyle
yo im'a smash dude's untill i reach the top haha and im a white fool so let me go on and bleach the spot im in this bitch high as ***xck i dont need a glock matter of fact you can keep ya thought's buddie because i don't need ya prop's!hold up im raw i will have you motherfxxckers running like you just seen the cop's,,,,catch me playing on ya vocal cord's im the evil that rock's,,,im a beast a monster a disease that will never stop!i am the speaker's in the back of ya head that always talk's///yeah i am mad ruthless how the ***xck you gone come on here and rap stupid?sit there and act tough watch me speak some fact's bruh and get this fxxckin heater booming the meter's moving like it was a digital scale i blast shooting////listen up this is real spit my flow ill sick in your mind your probably saying how can he still switch?no filled clips i will let you know right now that im good with the Rhythm bitch im not a quitter shit,,,,thought i would let you know that i am done with this bitt
Hidden Messages
There are hidden messages, you must see the signs. The one's written in their face, the perfect design. Their eyes will reflect, their true desire. It will give them away, no mistaking the fire. The eyes bring emotions to life, that cannot be voiced. But you'll hear them loudly, they don't have a choice. There are certain things, we cannot hide. Like the emotions, flowing inside. You cannot mask the power, of true loves kiss. The sensations from a touch, that can't be dismissed. Embrace these hidden messages, hold them close. They will tell you things, you may not already know. If the one you love has trouble, finding the words? Read between the lines, they are much sweeter unheard.
Area Code 503 City
Typically the code 503 services a quite small place yet with good populace. If you were showing interest to find out what regions happen to be served with this particular area code, it is simple to search for an code index chart. Now there you will see that the particular area code 503 is usually for seashore areas exclusively. But for the regions far off from the seacoast it's integrated area code 971.Some of the largest cities and towns in Oregon seem to be covered with that type of code. As an example, these specific urban areas are usually: Salem, Portland, Tillamook, along with Astoria. Well before April, '08, this kind of area code was arranging the counties of Clatsop as well as Tillamook. During those times the telephone coverage regarding area code 503 has been overlaid by area rule 971.If however you get mysterious telephone calls that originated in this particular code, i.e. area code 503 it's probable they arrive out of much bigger areas, even though you may easily at least
Already Begun!
She woke up for some water, in the middle of the night. She was surprised by a stranger, with a flashlight. Blinded by the light, she heard him speak. He said, don't make a sound, do not even blink. With her child sleeping peacefully, just footsteps away. She had no choice, but to do as he say. That's when he forced her, to lye on her back. Suddenly her body, was under attack. Trembling from fear, burning with rage. Like the lioness, trying to escape it's cage. She was confused by her emotions, uncertain how to react. The fear was telling her to lye still, the rage was screaming fight back! As the battle within herself, begins. The rage is too powerful, and wins. She took the light, right out of his hands. Then shined it in the face, of that despicable man. She said, I see you now, for all that your are. You may have won the battle, but I'm winning this war. I will NOT be your victim, another statistic in your evil little plan. I will tear out your
Acquistare Intimo e Lingerie, per sé stesse o per compiacere una ''Lei'' molto speciale non e' poi cosi' difficile. Se le vostre spiegazioni e 'descrizioni' non sono state sufficienti a far capire alla commessa del negozio, quale sia il modello e la taglia giusta per la tua desideratissima amata, non ti scoraggiare, l'acquisto di Lingerie non é poi cosi' difficile, basta seguire alcune semplicissime regole. Regola Numero 1 > Conoscere le Sue Taglie Un trucco molto semplice, ma dal successo garantito, é quello di concederti un po' di tempo per scoprire concretamente e dettagliatamente la sua taglia per la biancheria intima. La prima volta che ti trovi a casa sua, possibilmente da solo, oppure mentre dorme o si fa la doccia, approfitta per dare un'occhiata tra i suoi cassetti di Biancheria intima. Ecco cosa devi guardare : controlla attentamente sia le mutandine che i reggiseni, noterai una piccola etichetta interna, solitamente in raso, con delle sigle semplicissime che posson
Call Me!!!
I love it when my boyfriend calls me at 4:45am. I love being woken  up from a really good sleep to not only the ringing of my phone to stop, just as I pick it up...but the sound of it ringing on end as he leaves me a voice mail. I also love it how the voice mail is NOTHING. Just complete silence.       WTF is up with that, really?
Is Muscle Milk Bad For You?
As with any other energy drink that can be purchased, this supplement is the same as just about any of them. The only real difference is actually in its ingredients. Cytosport Muscle Milk has actually been known as a rip-off due to the significant fat content. This fact puts a great number of buyers off mainly because they believe they are basically likely to end up being obese! Specifically what is definitely not realized by nearly everybody is the fact that fat in the protein powder isn't the kind of fat which makes you add too much fat. This particular product was designed to imitate the way in which human milk is working for a baby. It includes a kind of fat generally known as triglycerides and that is a much less complex type and also stimulates the build up of whole body mass, just as a baby really needs. When you go to the gym and really don't only sit around, it's not going to get kept in our bodies. It's going to be processed efficiently and improve the development of good mu
Tattoos & Condoms
Me: Let's let him do our tattoos. He's really talented. BFF: No, I want to go to a shop where it is clean. Me: He's shit is clean. He has everything a shop would. He just doesn't have to pay rent if he uses his house. BFF: I don't want to get AIDS or HEP C! Me: If you are truly worried about that then maybe you should start using condoms as well. Just saying. 
There Are Moments In Your Life
There are moments in your life that make you and sets the course of who you're going to be. Sometimes the're little, subtle moments. Sometimes, they're big moments you never saw coming. No one asks for their life to change, but it does. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are.
Reason People
I think that the only reason people hold onto memories so tight is because memories are the only things that dont change; when everybody else does.
Matty's Platform When Running For President
1. everyone will now pay taxes on everything they consume, 10% not just eating, but using in general, you buy a car , 10 % tax, u buy a home 10 % tax, no exceptions. all other taxes, income, capital gains, death tax, property tax are now null and void.  Tax "loopholes" are now also null and void. If expendatures by the governemt exceed the tax money taken in, all areas, with no exception, of the government will be cut until the budget is balanced.  States may add 2% state consumption tax and counties and cities may each add a 1% consumption tax. Making no one's tax being more than 14 % addition to what they actually consume. Considering most tax payers now will keep 30-50 % more of what they make under this policy everyone should be able to afford this regardless of how much they make. Since food and water is the most essential thing to living it will be taxed at HALF the rate across the board, as all other items. 2. marriage will no longer be recognized by the state, religions will b
Romantic Charming Asian Fashion Dresses For Selling
In the summer of this year, the bohemian style is still very popular. Fashionable and uninhibited bohemian long fashion dress is favored by many girls. When wear it brings a kind of goddess-like temperament than so addictive. Next 2012 summer Korean fashion & wholesale fashion  dresses online shop introduces several bohemian dress styles, swaying summer to be a beautiful lady.   This bohemian long dress, made of light chiffon fabrics, bright colors, chest flouncing design, loose version type, gorgeous fashion. Wore exceptionally charming and seductive, full of romantic and aesthetic atmosphere.   With personalized patterns fashion bohemian dress, pleated waist pressure wore particularly significant high. Flowing skirt, dancing flying and romantic atmosphere. Exquisite classical chest beaded ornaments, reveals a deep retro atmosphere.   Dark blue chiffon bohemian dress, blue background, red and green printing, particularly fresh and eye-catching, full of exotic
Summer Romantic Pretty Style Korean Fashion Dresses
  Many girls are followers of Korean fashion, and particular like Korean clothing. Then for upcoming summer, what new and different styles for the Korean fashion dresses? Wholesale Korean fashion online shop recommends ten Korean dress that romantic aesthetic and cute.   One-piece denim dress is strongly of young girl’s style, and looks particular playful and lively, full of the sense of youthful vitality. Wearing a beautiful dress, feel the cool and energetic of summer, fresh and fashionable.   Striped vest dress, Korean fashion casual models is simple and comfortable. Classic black and white, the Slim version of the type thin lovely. Accompanied by a white perspective smock, simple and fresh, but also sunshine.   In every summer Bohemian long dress is all the rage. Filled with exotic patterns, elegant and romantic feeling is strikingly endless. Wearing a bohemian dress to go to the seaside resort.   Korean fashion off shoulder floral chiffon dress, v
Pretty Japanese Fashion Summer Dresses For Sale
  Elegant dresses are cute and pretty. Every summer is the time when girls cheer up, so many styles of summer dress are always addictive, as if wants to wear each piece in body to satisfy. Dress is the representative that most explain feminine favor. The soft chiffon, noble satin, the comfort of cotton, each piece of dress exudes a unique charm. Below new arrival wholesale dresses and dress styles from wholesale clothing online store!   Sweet Japanese fashion dress in blue dots is with a generous sense of the shoulder lace design bring a touch of playful sense. Wide belt of the same color for a soft skirt a neat feeling, and outlines the waist curve.   The pink satin summer dress is very festive, and brings a piece of bright color for summer. Straight type of design is very simple, and the skirt length is just showing slender legs. Echoes of the right of black fish head high heels and a small bag with pink with very generous.   Chiffon texture stripes and wave
Korean Fashion Summer Sandals Shoes For Women
  Summer is countdown, and it is coming to time of sandals. Do you know there are which kinds of new style shoes for women in uptime summer? Now wholesale shoes china  for women online shop introduces several high-heeled sandals that will be popular in the summer of  2012. Have a look to see if there is your favor.   When see this pair of high-heeled sandals, if you are moved by a kind of stunning feeling? Peacock blue is splicing with purple, inlaid beading and luxurious extravagance, a very beautiful feeling.   This orange high-heeled summer sandals, minimalist style, summer, regardless of dress or select shoes are seeking a simple and refreshing, two straps of the shoe design, is extremely simple.   High-heeled sandals of mixed colors, powder blue and milk white stitching, this is also the color of this year, giving the sweet feeling very matte finish by age.   Black woven upper slope wedge sandals, gold buckle ankle strap and golden Liu nail design, it h
Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.Life is beauty, admire it.Life is a dream, realize it.Life is a challenge, meet it.Life is a duty, complete it.Life is a game, play it.Life is a promise, fulfill it.Life is sorrow, overcome it.Life is a song, sing it.Life is a struggle, accept it.Life is a tragedy, confront it.Life is an adventure, dare it.Life is luck, make it.Life is too precious, do not destroy it.Life is life, fight for it.”    ― Mother Teresa
Blog 2
When other guys look at my profile i just see serveral dead guys walking i always do. When i see other guys around me wantin some trouble i dont wimp out i break some bones in self defense. So much shit i put up with when other guys wantin to rip me a new 1  well i dont play like that actions are better then words.
Blog 1
I Been threw alot of crap in my life and getting my body and soul half way taken by a impish demon last year cursed my life.. I got a demonic power from it bc my soul has already been tainted by the pain I went threw with so many ex gfs who just wanted me to die.  I also use to be 1 of thoughs people who went to church every sunday i stoped doing that when i was a kid the singing hurted my ears living with this pain this torrment of pain and dispare could be worse thank ghosts it's not.
Tea Tree Oil Substitute    Q: I love Tea Tree oil, but it is so expensive. Is there a substitute???? - Sarah Keller - Houston, TX A: There is, and, VERY reasonable - Pin sol/ Pine Sol - has all the ingredients of Tea Tree Oil, and, MORE - mix it half, and, half ( or, whatever ratio, you prefer) with your favorite oil - I prefer Olive Oil. It can then be used in the same manner Tea Tree Oil is - DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY - use only on small areas - this also applies to Tea Tree Oil, to.   What ever your goals are - freedom from arthritis pain, clear skin, lose weight, and, so on, there is a product for you - for more information/ to order, just click on the links  below, at the far right - you will be REDIRECTED.   
Dear bloggy, Ugh so I already wrote all this on Fubar but of course Fubar deleted it without saving it! Hisses! I use to write blogs everyday on Myspace about my life and things in general. I decided that today I would like to start writing blogs again on Fubar this time. I decided that this could help me in the writing department since I have been working on my writing. Basically nothing has been going on in my life that is that exciting. I watched the Olympics today it was pretty interesting. I am excited to watch track and field because I am a thrower. I am not the best thrower but this is my last year in college throwing so I am pretty stoked! I had to work today, a lady asked my manger if we were hiring and I glared at my manager, and she told the lady if she was to hire anymore people that 3 or more people would quit! She told the lady to look at my face! I am started to get more hours and I am just trying my hardest to get them to see that I have potential
Something Interesting
 Hello. How are you and your family feeling? Great
Obama And Iraq - Fact Check
My main problem with President Obama is his Foreign policy. I find extremely annoying how people either get quiet on that Issue or repeat false statements about his record on the "war on terror"  especially about the withdraw of troops in Iraq.    Problem number 1  The U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) was an agreement between the U.S. and Iraqi governments that ended the Multi-national Occupation of Iraq  . Negotiations started June 08  and the agreement was finalized in Dec 2008. SOFA signed by President Bush 14th Dec 2008 and took effect 1 January 2009     In this agreement troops would pull out of all Iraqi cities by June of that year,  and all forces would pulled out completely by 31 Dec 2011 .  The pullout was "completed" 16 December 2011.  It's been repeated by the Obama administration , supporters ,and the re-election Campaign team countless times ,that its was President Obama who Pulled troops out of Iraq,  even thou the SOFA agreement that called for the
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At the same time, a former democratic state representative Paul HuXiong people easily beat the perennial candidate Grady Abel le capture his party nomination and face cruz in the November election, but cruise to start the popular. canada goose parka   Remember the United States constitution cruz in high school, successfully describe his opponent is vague, even if they actually don't agree with small, in politics or ideology. canada goose vest   The 41-year cruz had never run for political office, but strengthened his political vouchers debate in front of the state Supreme Court the longest in the history of the attorney general of Texas. canada goose shoes   Cruz's father is a minister rafael outside in Dallas. He took part in the Fidel castro in Cuba's Fidel castro, the former rebel group seized power and finally accepted the communism, and the elders cruz fled to America only $100 to his underwear the seeds. canada goose handbags  
The Fake Family
Oh Yes 'Guys' This Blog Will Stay Up Until One of Two Things Happen.. 1)You Drop Dead & I Have Proof Of That  or 2)You Prove Me Wrong That You Aren't Fake.Which We Know You Can't or Won't Do.   The Fake Family Fubar is made up of a number of people from all walks of life.Some looking for friendship, some looking for love and some not looking at all,just a place to relax,chat and have some fun but there are some that like to take advantage of lonely people.You may be one of the lonely ones, know some of the lonely ones or you may know the fake users. The fake users are who I'm going to tell you about or at least one 'family' of them.The 'guys' in this so called 'family' use women.They find the lonely looking for love women who have been hurt before or are in bad relationships.They tell you what you want to hear,treat you sweet and kind and then when they have you where they want ya they start making demands.Yes online but if you don't do what they want, they make you feel like ch
Ok, this is my first time writing a blog before but I figured I would start one and see how it goes. If you have any ideas of what I should talk about in my daily blog comment on this. I am here if you need andvice about something and some days I might ask you for advice on somethings. If it is something private that you dont want people to know who you are ask me in a message and I will keep names out of it, just keep an eye out for something that may answer what you are needing advice or a girls point of view about.
énergie Tablet I8
L'énergie a dévoilé son budget Android Tablet i8. Le i8 Tablet est la dernière offre de l'énergie et seront mis en vente le 23 Aout pour 185 €. La tablette en aluminium dispose d'un écran 8 pouces et Android de Google Ice 4.0 Crème d'exploitation Sandwich système. Voir aussi: test de groupe: Quelle est la meilleure tablette tactile google? Engery a déclaré: Ce nouveau gadget va vous surprendre, non seulement par son écran de qualité exceptionnelle et ses dimensions parfaites, mais aussi par son rendement élevé et un design élégant." L'écran 8 pouces utilise un ratio d'aspect de 4:3, comme l'iPad d'Apple et a une résolution de 1024 x 768. L'énergie a déclaré que le Tablet i8 a 1Go de RAM, 8 Go de stockage interne plus un slot pour carte microSD pour extension. Autre matériel comprend deux caméras, Wi-Fi, un port HDMI et ARM Cortex A8 a1GHz processeur. L'énergie fournira la tablette i8, entre les bits habituels, une paire d'écouteurs et une valise de transport.
Summer New Styles Of Japanese Fashion Ladies Clothes
  In this hot season all kinds of summer women clothes have been updated, and what kind of style is your favorite? Next wholesale Japanese fashion online shop introduces you several Korean-style summer new trendy women's match.    Korean-style white strapless shirt with printed high waist pants, this fashion with, and indeed very significant high thin. Army green clutch is very straightforward, with a stylish single product. Whether it is clothes, bags, are this year's new single product.    This Korean fashion white T-shirt is that of the sexiest strapless design, the shoulder is very hot, full of temptation. Candy colored pencil pants with, highlighting the girl is tall, slim, perfect body curves.    A white lace blouse, navy blue harem-style pants with. Sweet with a bit cool feeling highlights contemporary female mature and neat temperament.    Pastoral style floral blouse looks very sweet, elegant, sweet feelings are born from the heart. This is thi
Summer Asian Fashion Chiffon Dresses Recommended
  In summer street what to wear? In fact no matter one-piece dress or chiffon blouse is a very good choice. Today the Asian fashion online shop recommended for everyone several fashion dresses and chiffon shirts new styles.    A design is very simple, Korean fashion light pink dress, and have to say, its color and red girl light brown hair color really match. And super-liner color, girl white translucent skin of the sense of water, emits infinite charm.    Sweet cherry printed pattern, filled every corner of the skirt body, the Department of cute girls, which is very suitable for this dress it. Korean fashion Pompon skirt, and again pulled the sweet of this skirt.    Mint blue light chiffon shirt with a unique hollow design than its incomparable love at first sight Korean fashion Dark khaki shorts, with a very casual, but still stylish, wild.    Such a match, the first impression is - blue and white, Korean fashion flowing chiffon shirt, pattern embelli
Korean Fashion Sandals Shoes New Styles Release
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Summer Fresh Korean Fashion Style Sweet Dresses
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I Work Hard & End Up Short End Of Stick
  All my life I work hard & end up getting the short end of the stick.  I was raised by two well know Prof.  in there flieds ( Polictal Sce.  & Social Work/ Crimal).  I have a LD ( Learning Disability).  At, CHS ( Community high) I was inteall for acdiman support, which I didn't get.  My mom thearn to sute the school district in my senior year. ( it was to late).  CHS did have an LD teacher ( durning the time I was their), but she was a flake.  I was foutly had a tutor( sameone since 4th grade), with her help I grad from CHS in June of 88.  From their I went to BC & grad. 92 ( 3rd in my class).  I worked me butt off> while some students who party at school. end up getting nice jobs after grad.  (  money talks).  I was the only poorst student who worked hard at school, after grad. end up going from one job to another.  I worked at the same school for 12 years> part-time ( never clomplaing or missing work) I was promised a full -time job> which never happened.  It seem ever time I work m
Count Dracula's Date
Once up a time Count Dracula wanted a date... He tried to sweet talk Princess Arial by pointing our her beauty. At first, Princess Arial fell for his chocolate cavity compliments and the gentle caress of his hand. His words melted her racing heart and attraction rippled in her eyes. However, Medusa was slutting it in a black lace dress and her silver high heels. Count Dracula found he was nothing more than a male whore. Princess Arial was fed of his lying, cheating, deceitful ways. She had a bag of pink fairy prixie dust and sprinkled upon them until they turned into bats.
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All Will Stop - 749
Free flying wings of a bird, say gently that the right apology wasn't heard. So many people just don't care, no hope any time or any where. The blind can't see, the deaf can't hear, and only the dead don't feel a tear. Brain injured or severly handicap can feel suffering pain, just like the blind can hear and the deaf can see the rain. Put all the madness and anger aside, find the truth and rightfulness in those that lied. Can anyone answer the question why, some hurt others cuz they want them to cry. Reasons behind hurt aren't understood, and chances are they never would. This or that is the claim and it will be, listen to few but they won't see. So go and allow it to happen again and again, When hate dies all will stop and love will begin.
I'm Asking You All To Pray For A Classmate Of Mine. . .
He was injured in Afghanistan a few days ago and needs prayers for him and his family. So if you could please say a prayer for him!!
Smile And Lick - 678
Wham Bam,   thank you mam,   I don't give a damn. Bounce and fucking bop, take me all the way; don't stop, You are under arrest now just stinking hop. After we drink and dine, go wandering to pleed and whine, I tell you the truth you are nicely fine. This afternoon at the bar, we met and mingled in your car, nobody knows how far. Can I come over...don't tell, not saying you'll go to hell, part of my story is buy or sell. Tomorrow isn't the only thing not wrong, today was pleasantly 24hrs or six inches long, yesterday was sweet, sunny, and a lovely song. Do you treat your trick? some say cock, penis or dick... walk stiffly-let it happen-so I can smile and lick!!
How My Life Always Seems To Go !
copy`d from my facebook, about now till Saturday ( family reunion day ) had to send a posable date this note, seems i`m always between a rock and a harder place all my life, i wanted you to come over then this stuff for Saturday, but us is not the only thing it will mess up, my dad wanted to bring me some cartens of smokes on Saturday because he lives in Delaware and there cheeper there, but he has to get a friend to bring him and Saturdays are better for the friend, so me going Saturday will mess it up, dad says he could still get some here some time but don`t know when, and buying here till then will take a lot of my moneys, and i have not had the moneys like i use to to get my hair and things done like i`d like to have done before you came here, women just want to look nice frist times meeting ' we just feel better about our self`s if we look nice, so with everything on my mind, i`m so confused ""
U.s.a. States I Have Visited
I Am A Lone Wolf Still
Okay, im 18 almost 19 and I never had a girlfriend. Girls may think i am wierd or nerdy I don't know. All my life I see my friends and peers getting girls and I don't. I even considered trying to take up homosexuality. Ironically, I had trouble tryiong to get a boyfriend as well!
Once Again, Just Asking............
men can never say something funny anymore, with out offended a female anymore, some times, it's still a joke these days. what happen to us as people. what's life if you will not enjoy it, you never know which day is gonna be yours. not all of us are sick men, some of us are just funny and live our lifes that way, when you see death, you will enjoy life, it's not that serious.
So, you said you I need to get over all this shit. I need to talk to someone about it. Well, no one wants to hear about it. I guess I'm better off talking to myself or to whomever wants to read my fucked up shit.   Yes, I am angry with you. I was 6 months pregnant with twins. I was sick. I was so sick that I was in the hospital every weekend and sent BY MY DOCTOR to the ER every other day. I didn't like going. I'm sorry that you hated it so much that you decided to ask me to leave for the weekend. And on mother's day I came home to find another woman in my bed. I go to sleep every night with that in my head.  How dare you say that I just use that for the attention. Sean, until now the only person I talk to about all this with... was you. I am embarssed to admit that After you CHEATED on me while i was pregnant (I don't care if you fucked the one dollar dick sucking whore or not. You had another woman in my bed.) I took you back.  I stayed with you after I found out you were using a
Lost Innocence
I walk here Among the tattered flesh, The worn out bones, The broken dolls and charred remains Of innocence lost.Nightmare visions That reside in me. Twisted wreckage Destruction, carnage Memories eat away at all that I am. There’s  a dog loose in the wood. The wicked witch is dead. Haunting, grisly images Run rampant in my head. What big teeth you have. Childhood stories  With not so happy endings. Pain rips through my soul As leaden skies let loose their burden. I am drenched In blood and tears and fire.
If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on your shoulder, hold you close to me and answer with a smile,
Buying Perm Family Adds
Well, this is my "first" blog so please don't be to harsh on me lol. I am not a person to buy "perm family spots". Permanent is a big word,because none of us know what tomorrow will bring or if you will ever see this person again after you send credits or fu bucks to them. I can say there are few people I would put my trust in on fu because you don't know who is really on the other side of the screen. Now Do YA?? I am a very trusting person and I have and sure I will again put my trust in people that will screw me over. But as the old saying goes "Screw me over once Shame on you- Screw me over twice Shame on me. So here is my story about buying a perm spot and getting fu screwed! This person was going for her 5K likes and I bought into her family and she gets in my sb and we talk as I do a lot of people on fu and she offered me and another family member perm spots for 25 credits with the promise of running when she could pimping when needed and rating and liking daily. I will be honest
Need Friends
I am curious is there anyone here from Indiana? I am looking for friends to connect with in my state.
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Who's About To Become The Smartest Man On The Planet?
Handsome Energetic Intelligent Hard-hitting In-your-face Relevant Friendly Humorous Controversial
Bar Alone?
So, the other day I have a few hours without any kids. It was last saturday, I didnt know what to do with my time. It was about evening time so I decided to go to a sports bar and have a drink ( one of my favorite things to do). I didnt call up any of girlfriends because it was kind of last minute. Anyway, i go in the bar and decided to sit myself in between a couple and what seemed to be like a group date or friends hanging out. I did that so I wouldnt be bother with but as Im sitting there I realize how awkward it was. I cant help but listen to there conversations and im trying really hard not to look at them. Like the couple, im assuming it was their frist date because they were going on and on sharing their favorite stories... and then the group that was sitting next too started to talk about sex so do you ever go to bar alone and listen to weird conversations or are you the social butterfly? 
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  Time go to hot summer again, many school girls graduate and have set foot on the social circle. Immediately become the office workers, if you need to consider for yourself prepare a few pieces of Korean fashion OL style dresses. Next wholesale dresses online shop introduces several styles of this summer's popular OL dresses.   The biggest advantage of hip dress is that can enhance the waistline. The entire fleshy of waist is cleverly obscured. The eye-catching Korean fashion red hip skirt presumably will let you become a beautiful landscape. In addition, the upper body with beaded silk blouse which is also the eye-dotting highlight.                                                                                                             White with black color combination of the classic elements can not be ignored. The simple white shirt with Korean fashion black OL hip skirt is perfect match. So simple generous OL clothing, if you need to learn some tips.  
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Summer Essential Popular Korean Fashion Flats
  Many girls can’t endure wearing high heels for a long time, and would prefer to wear Korean fashion flat shoes that much comfortable for a whole summer. But meantime you may be worried that the fashion sense of flat shoes is not strong enough, or worry about that flat shoes did not have good-look style, and then how to do it? Now Asian  wholesale shoes china for ladies online shop brings everyone several hot models of flat shoes.   At first glance if you are conquered by this pair of flats with charming red lips? Simple but comfortable sandals slippers bring you cool and moving experience through all summer.   This Korean fashion golden colored sandals, do not worry about make up good with the clothes, do not worry about the foot does not look good, do not have to worry about wearing no white feeling, try to attempt this golden color, and will definitely be captured by the moment.   Original ordinary wonders of sky blue, but because of this sparkling d
Listen And Learn Kids
Sit down on my lap and let me tell you a story.... When I to happen with our nation was a younger man I had no clue what was about to happen to our nation... I now know with everything inside of me where,,, as a country, we went down hill. Here it is plain and simple... The Job Market Sucks, Our employers know that. They use it against us. We suffer with doing more work for the same pay so that the reported earnings for the company and the stock market share price goes up and all the while we are miserable. If we are miserable,,, most of the time what do you folks think happens.... Let me tell you... See, not all folks are like me.. Even though I'm 40 and under the scruteny of a company I can still conduct myself in a professional manner, most folks can't. See,, When they get upset they take it out on the customer. The customer then quits shopping at that place and that place suffers, Hence you can't explain the importance of keeping an employee happy to an employer anymore. Th
I Am Lost
I am lost in you love as taken over me
Car Antenna Flag
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Sumbody,please buy me sum drinks so i can git my buzz meter up.....
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Kinda Faymoos am I kinda faymoos?   Do a Google image search for "fubar real people real fun"... ....scroll down to page 2.   I'd be super faymoos if I were the first one. Damn!
I Had You For 3 Days
I had you for 3 days was the best days of my life you hold me dear to your heart say the right things make me feel like I was the one I had you for 3 days was the bast days of my life you hold me dear to your heart I could of fall in Love with you I hold my words back not knowing what to say I hold the moment as long as I can so I won't lose the time I have with you now you are gone like the wind blowing in the sky go bye my love was nice knowing you my true love
Used Car Salesmen
      I write in desperation for a friend. Even though there are people in my conscience that appear to be even so much as a used cars salesman. They try to sell me their opinion, their religion, and most of all their friendship. I can’t just look, I have to buy something. And then as I leave I feel devolved and cheap. They yell and get frustrated at me. When all I wanted was a soul that doesn’t clash with the one I wear ever so carelessly on my shoulder. It has been abused and hurt so much that I give it away to almost anyone that wants it. What choices to I have?
It's Always Something
I'm so fucking tired of bad news. My aunt is having surgery on Thursday to have cancer removed from her breast...tonight there is news from my RL boyfriend's side of the family that his brother has a spot that is suspicious in his body....oh FFS! Enough with the whole cancer shit. Who is hiding the fucking cure? There IS one in the natural world. That's what the world is for! There is a natural cure. OR WE WOULD ALL BE DEAD ALREADY! I'm just tired of all that shit! We shouldn't have to poison our bodies to cure another's insane....JFS...and I will shut up now. PEACE and HEALTH to my loved ones, online and offline. I'm just frustrated as hell....
In Search Of Title
If you know this song... please let me know who sings it and it's title.. it means a lot to me.    Missing you, Rich Petti.
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Le monde des notebook cooler augmente chaque jour, sans cesse nous rencontrons des modèles de plus en plus puissant en termes de matériel interne est concerné. Nous avons actuellement des comprimés disponibles avec processeurs quad-core, de grandes quantités de RAM, un écran HD et des fonctions multiples disponibles. Comme nous l'avons fait avec le Top 10 des smartphones le plus rapide des performances 3D, aujourd'hui nous faisons la même chose mais dans ce cas, nous allons voir le Top 10 des comprimés meilleures performances 3D. Les comprimés sont devenus un des dispositifs vraiment attractifs et il est clair que la part de marché est en augmentation. Pratiquement tous les fabricants ont un modèle disponible, parmi lesquels nous mettons en évidence l'iPad, la Galaxy Tab ou le récent Samsung Nexus 7 à partir de Google, y compris de nombreux modèles de marques telles que Asus, Acer, HP ou Toshiba. Aujourd'hui, nous pouvons facilement trouver des modèles de tablettes qui p
Morph Your Pictures
Hello fubar friends. Look at the comment to start morphing your pictures. I want you to have some fun with this awesome good site...Morph Thing.            
Famp Adds
WOW    I don't even know where to begin .    Today during my famp run i had two girls prev in my fam say " you booted me out of family :( "  i reply  & answered "yes" i explanied to them both that i needed to charge credits for a debt  i was in i had to get a rockstar so a person could to the cherry inferno for me so thats how i made my credits. so I had to kick a few people that i normally had in my fam for these  credit payers. most of these credit payers were prev in my family anyway .  I just dont get why ppl do this .  i try to rotate people around but then  again i'll probaly get the same thing going on over & over again  i will never get anywere if i just charge nothing , even to help my self or even others.  i'm just doing what everyone else is doing.  its true  and its  a good way to make credits.  i admit i used to be that way and whine about  stuff like that, not gettin my way in.  so on and so forth , but  its a waste of breath to whine and sit there and wonder hmmm hy
Let It Fall Away
Let it Fall Away By: Foxy Wife Be still my beating heart as you rattle within my chest. Where do you seek to run to if true love be not your jail. Fear poisons you, pumping from one corner to the next Leaving the heart restless Eager to flee the only home it ever sought. Shall you doubt your reflections for all time? Fearing the illusions of the false mirrors Can you not look at yourself? Are not all things worthwhile tested again and again? Is this trial of fire not but a purification right? And if failure has occurred will you give up the war? Concede all of your dreams All of your hopes All of your love for one battle lost? What of two or three? Shall you cower in shame, afraid to love and believe in love? Is THIS all you are made of? Or will you clench down and bite the leather Accepting the wound for what it is A lash of the whip that moves you forward. It will not bend you! IT WILL NOT BREAK YOU! It will not take what you deserve from your grasp! Lash awa
Dont Forget
I dont want to be wrapped in protocolBsdm has its own sort of boundaries.I want to be defined by my uniqueness,When i see you, i want you to push down my walls. When you see me, i want you to catch your breath.When you leave, i want you to crave more. I want to taste you, rub your scent on me.Mark your territory, for I will surely mark mine. When you sweat i want to taste it, when you cum i want you to cover me in it.When you feel things deeply, tell me. When you feel great sadness, cryWhen you're feeling pain, get LOUD or I'll do it harder til i hear you. Dont forget me if you ever leave for good,For you see this is all i have.
Bored as fuck...Tryna find someine 2 talk to...
Nowhere's Too Far(for My Baby)
I packed up my ponyI loaded my SonyNo one could see me for dustI'm leaving my friends thereIt's not that I don't careI just need to chip off the dustI really belong hereBut something is wrong dearI'm saying goodbyeAnd it's making me cryThat I have to goI'm crossing my fingersI'm touching my toesI'm hoping this feeling will goI know I can make itBut will I mistake itWhen I can find peace of mindDoes it come in a letterTo make you feel betterOr do you applyTo a man in the skySo you and I can beginSomebody tell meWhat am I doing here?Well I could be happyDon't leave me aloneCome with me nowOn my magical fly awayJourney through anywhereChoose a place here or thereNowhere's too far for my babyTravel through time and spaceDress you in mink and lace Nowehere's too far for my babySomebody tell meWhat am I doing here?Well I could be happyDon't leave me aloneCome with me nowOn my magical fly awayJourney through anywhereChoose a place here or thereNowhere's too far for my babyTravel through time
Harder To Breathe - Maroon 5
How dare you say that my behavior is unacceptableSo condescending unnecessarily criticalI have the tendency of getting very physicalSo watch your step 'cause if I do you'll need a miracleYou drain me dry and make me wonder why I'm even hereThis Double Vision I was seeing is finally clearYou want to stay but you know very well I want you goneNot fit to fuckin' [CD cover says: "funkin'"] tread the ground that I'm walking onWhen it gets cold outside and you got nobody to loveYou'll understand what I mean when I sayThere's no way we're gonna give upAnd like a little girl cries in the face of a monster that lives in her dreamsIs there anyone out there 'cause it's getting harder and harder to breatheIs there anyone out there 'cause it's getting harder and harder to breatheWhat you are doing is screwing things up inside my headYou should know better you never listened to a word I saidClutching your pillow and writhing in a naked sweatHoping somebody someday will do you like I didWhen it gets
The Greeting
At night she heard a soft knock on the door.Entering the foyer, she peeked between side glass at the door.In the shadows she saw a silhouette of a man.A slight excitement entered her, but she knew better than to hope. She tentatively cracked the door."May i help you, sir?", she asked.His hat was pulled low and she heard him mumble"Its been a long time, seems like its been forever", he stated. Her eyes bunched up and a thrill of intense longing overcame her.Lost from all sense of reality, she dove at him and tossed her hands around his neck with complete abandon.Deep tears of joy fell upon her breasts and her stockings along her inner thighs were soaked.
sometimes your spirit calls to me. Sometimes i recall raindrops beaded up.They remind me of tears that fell but were never delivered. In the soft moments listening in the dark, i can imagine anything.For such moments i seek for they define me
Speak Of All That Might Be
Each moment alive i dwell among dark and deep emotions.Like the ancient Inca ruins of a fallen culture buried in the jungle of forgotten dreams and passions. Tho my passion knows no bounds for you, it may only touch you as you hear the eerie cry of the eagle upon its lonely nest as it searches for new prey to give it sustenance. Or the lonely cry of the wolf among the frozen winter landscape. Cries of both life and death lonely yet strong.
My Devil Doll
Sultry, slutty tunes jazzy blues wrapped around my skullI had a devil doll on my shoulderSmoky sounds pounded out from a local band reverberated against my chestI had a devil doll on my shoulder I looked for my tatoo gurl but she was goneMy devil doll was lostSitting at the table i could not help but feel the empty chair beside meMy devil doll was lost I still feel the bites against my chest, bruised with an intensity i craveMy tatoo queen was goneNights of twisted love upon wet sheetsMy tatoo queen was gone Songs from Pink Martini echoed insideMy poetic kisses have done and goneWhispers among soft and hard embraces cut across my soulFor you see my poetic kisses have done and gone Old pictures seen, songs played pollute my mind of herHer salty kisses have been stolen backSalty lips once grazed my tongue, her taste forever rememberedHer salty kisses have been stolen back I feel her through the miles stillMy devil doll is goneHer soul of great dark and lightMy devil doll is gone...f
Water Of Life
I had told her earlier that I wanted her to meet me in the grass at midnight under the the light of the bring a blanket and a bottle of her favorite wineI desired to touch her forehead softly, to honor her submission.I had also discussed a special, secret fetish I shall not name yet. Later in the day I watched the sunset across the water and called her so she would know she was on my mind.I reminded her how much I was looking forward to this special meeting.Slave or submissive..the distinction mattered not. After the call I recalled how her soul knew how to wrap itself about my legs in deep submission. As it approached midnight I went outside to meet her.Sitting in the grass, I smoked a joint to allow my spirit to calm and feel her presence without needing to open my eyes.I sat back in the grass and began to preceive her I smelled her scent of jasmine..her scent of choice and to my liking.She stretched the blanket out in preparation and asked me to join her.It
Paths Taken
Whenever we walk the path of life, rarely is there a single right path but rather many paths each with different outcomes. Life is more enjoyed when we look forward and not dwell too much on the past. This is how we heal from tramatic events and let painful memories fade while attempting to hold close those that we particularly enjoyed or were meaningful in some way.....selective memory.
What Matters
Each event that ocurrs in my life teaches me...sometimes painfully so. But if you hold to your individual truths you are more likely to find your way. Seeking your own truth in many ways is all that matters. First find your ownself before expecting that another can merge with you and you will be happier for it. Smiles.
Whoa!! I Made It!!
Today is hotter than hot. I was going to take the bus to the bank but a friend offered me a ride. Then she took me to a bank I didn't know real well so it was like I didn't know where I could catch a bus back home. I walked 4 or 5 blocks then went to a gas station to calll a taxi. The taxi took me about 4 blocks and I owed 5 dollars. I had the taxi drop me at another gas station and then I walked two more blocks. Now when I was calling the taxi at the first gas station I had sweat dripping off of me. When I was in the taxi I still was dripping sweat. When I got home the air conditioner was on yet I still had sweat dripping. So I took a cool shower. Almost warm but cooler. Tell ya what... that was the best damn shower!! I thought I liked my morning hot showers best.... now I am not that sure. If I was suppose to mainly walk my entire life I not only have the right last name but I have a good weight loss schedule. I have driven before but never had a license. I had a permit but the dri
Big Dick Superiority
Love Me A Good Hard Dick
Read Please For All The Firefighters Medical Responders And Emts
Oh you're a Firefighter, Medical Responder, E.M.T? Thats cool I wanted to do that when I was a kid.   What do u make?   What do I make? I make holding your hand seem like the BIGGEST thing in the world when I'm cutting u out of a car. I can make 5 minutes seem like a life time when I go into a burning house to save ur family. I make those annoying sirens seem like Angels when u need them the most. I can make your children breathe again when they stop. I can help you survive a Heart Attack. I make myself get out of bed at 3am to risk my life to save people I never met. Today I  might make the ultmate sacrifice to save your life. I MAKE A DIFFERENCE, WHAT DO U MAKE?
My Plea
They say the eyes are the gateway, to the soul. Stories lie within them, yet to be told. But not everyone, cares to look. They only want, what can be took. To add to the pain, not to take it away. To gain from it, it pains me to say. That I have closed my eyes, due to the pain. I don't wanna play anymore, tired of the game. I hope and I reach only adding, to the tears. Bringing to life, my worst fears. That there is no good, left in this world. That this plague I'm corrupted with, can never be cured. How can I be strong, when I feel so damn weak. So here I am on bended knee, please hear me. For this is my plea. I'm begging you to prove me wrong, somebody.
I have been in many places, but I've never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can't go alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone. I've also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there. I have, however, been in Sane. They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips there, thanks to my friends, family and work. I live close so it's a short drive. I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump, and I'm not too much on physical activity anymore. I have also been in Doubt. That is a sad place to go and I try not to visit there too often. I've been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm. Sometimes I'm in Capable, and I go there more often as I'm getting older. One of my favorite places to be is in Suspense! It really gets the adrenaline flowing and pumps up the old heart! At my age I need all the stimuli I can get! And, sometimes I think I am in Vincible but life shows me I am not. People keep telling me I'm i
Your Last Breath!
I am having to hold, my dark side back. That voice inside, just wants to attack. All the bad guys, those with tainted souls. The ones who disguise themselves, descend from their holes. Infecting the innocent with their poison, casting a spell. This dark side of mine, wants to send you back to Hell. Where you belong, with the rest of the beasts. Time for your vacation, the perfect retreat. But I can't allow that darkness, to take control. Then I'd be just like you, an empty soul. So my weapon of choice, is the kindness in my heart. Shining light on you, from inside the dark. May it shine brighter than, it ever has before. Destroying your power, emptying your core. May you feel all the pain, you have inflicted upon the weak. May you hear their suffering while they, were unable to speak. May their tears and blood you caused, drown you in a painful river of death. May you be in agony until, you take your last breath.
Let Me Tell You How It Was, And Went This Time Around.
     Frist off let me start by saying im a recovrying alcoholic. So my relationship with my dad and step mother has not been the best. I was the tornato in there lives. My dad has my kids. has had them for 3 years now, that has been hard on me. Going to AA changed my life for the better. My hole world changed,I became a new better me.      I went to Florida last week" 7-23-2012 thou 7-29-2012" My step mother was sick and my dad had to work some. Thats ok, I got to spend time with my kids played tea party, colored, bake cookies. I bought them things for school. Went to some great AA meeting. We also seen Winter and the other sea life at the clearwater aquarium. It was so nice to be a part of my kids life and not have a drink, or even want a drink. It was a hole new world for me.      On the day I had to get back on the plan to go home. My family was sad I was leaving. The first for me....... They never miss me like that. My dad told me, when I get good and seattled with a good job and
What is the point of crying? i hate crying. it makes ur face wet and your nose stuffy and ur face all red. it's not a good look. lol. why does it have to hurt so bad that i cry? it makes me feel weak and helpless and i hate that. i know everyone goes through these feeling. y did i think i was any differant.
The Last One Standing
Me against the world, that's how it's always been. Although I've been hurt, I always win. Because I can still live, laugh and love, despite all the shit. I was designed strong enough, to handle it. Throw something at me, and I'll catch it every time. There is nothing I can't do or overcome, in this world of mine. Size doesn't mean a thing, I'm still standing tall. With a mile long grin, ready to take on them all. All the bad guys, that wanna cause me pain. You'll have to earn the right, to speak my name. I have shed my tears, made my blood trails. Paid my dues, it's my time to prevail. Try me if you must, but I don't recommend it. I'll be the one in your face screaming, is that all you got bitch? I do not surrender, no white flag is raised. I'll be the last one standing, at the end of the day.
The True Meaning Of Pain
They had a goal, when it first began. It didn't turn out, quite like they planned. In their arms, was a baby girl. She was their gift, destroyed by the world. She became an object, a pawn in their despicable game. It started the day they gave her, her name. Through all the neglect, the time spent alone. She still had hope of it, becoming a home. She dreamed, wept and smiled, despite of it all. While desperately trying, to climb over that wall. The wall between the world as she knew it, and the one on the other side. A world where she no longer, had to hide. The bruises, the shame, just longing to be free. She was certain that, everyone could see. All that she had become, due to their selfish acts. She wasn't a person at all to them, just one more attack. But through the blood tears shed and the scars, she only seen the good. She was determined to win the war, prove that she could. Overcome it all, hold her head high. And she did, with a cost, with
So it seems we have lost a really good friend.  One I wish I lived closer too.  I "had" a George pic of him and I was going to use it as my default today in honor of his "Fu-death", but it seems I can't find the damn thing!  While looking for it in my George folder, I realized how many Fu-friends I have had through the years and have lost.  There are 3 folders, one of George pics to cut-n-paste, one of point hoars and flat out hoars (because George just can't keep his weener in his pants), and a third one of Fu-friends pictured with George.   Sifting through the friends folder I find the following "MISSING IN ACTION" George buddies: DIT, Coery, Ceri, GG, GBT, Applebottom, TJ, Jim, Kins, Julzzz, witty, Sho, Roxy, vixxenVB, boo, Gear, amy, Mrs B (sighs), Tinker, Giggity, Karma, Wendy, Love, JWH, MEL, and Wendy my fantasy wife (ok, maybe she wasn't a friend). It also made me wonder....should I load those back on? Maybe make it accessable to family or friends only?  Some of those were t
Jonathan Ruppel
To anyone who is friends with both Jonathan Ruppel ( known to many of you as Master Stormcrow or under his new name DJ Stormcrow) and I.... please understand we are no longer together. At this time he has chosen to leave me and his unborn son who is less than 3 weeks from being born and return to his wife whom he was in the process of divorcing. From what i am told they have chosen to stop the divorce and try to work things out. I do wish him the best if this is the road he has chosen to go down. I will ask anyone who chooses to keep us both on their list.. please leave my name out of things when you speak to him...if Jonathan wishes to know how His Son or I am doing he may Contact me directly his self... certain lines of communication are being left open so he always has a way to reach me... If i find you are in contact with him and giving him any information on me or Dameon you will be removed from my life permanently... There will be no second chances given on this. As of right now
Drama Revisited - Words For The Wise.
...yawn...mornin kids. Been a hot minute huh? How is everyone? I hope you all are enjoying your summer, apparently, same ol by the same ol...if you get my drift. There seems to be some stuff going on as always, regarding everyone's favorite Fubar angle..."drama." Ahh yes. That dreaded word that no one is ever about, always claims to "not have," yet seems to perpetuate en masse around here. This is as time honored a tradition as you can possibly have on a social networking website. Let's get started on some basic things you need to know about "drama..." 1. If you can't prove it - shut up. It really is that simple people. If, god forbid, I went around blogging about "what I have heard" about so many, many people from higher levels, to con artists, reds, etc...I would be here all damn day fending off and dealing with bullshit. This is not how we operate. At least not me anyways. If someone comes out and says for example that "so and so says she never cam whores or t
In Remeberance
Our Fapp is gone. He called me last night, Gave me his info and asked me to log on for him and delete his acc't. Apparently, something that shouldn't have, Made it onto his corporate acc't. The powers that be were not amused and told him so in an unpleasant manner. They let him know his job was in jeapordy. That is the reason he took the actions he did. If you have his digits, they will still work. He'll be in touch.
恶贯满盈  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没得一丝一毫更改的可能性 1,昏死昏迷, 昨天晚上,洗了澡坐在席子上,还没有回过神了,万山老仙叫家奴马上对我开打辐射剂量,我全身发软,头脑昏迷,瞌睡不已,我顿时人事不醒,睡在了床上。 2,水桶漏水, 今天,2012年07月30日,一早醒
恶贯满盈 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没得一丝一毫更改的可能性 1,昏死昏迷, 昨天晚上,洗了澡坐在席子上,还没有回过神了,万山老仙叫家奴马上对我开打辐射剂量,我全身发软,头脑昏迷,瞌睡不已,我顿时人事不醒,睡在了床上。 2,水桶漏水, 今天,2012年07月30日,一早醒
Selecting Durable {fashion|style|trend|manner|vogue} Handbags
Selecting Durable {Fashion|Style|Trend|Manner|Vogue} Handbags Handbags {are among the|are probably the|are some of the|are the|are chanel bags 2012 one of the} most important fashion accessories {of women|of ladies|of females|of girls}. They shop for {a favorite|a popular|a well liked|a favourite|popular} handbag for a {specific|particular|certain|distinct|unique} reason, but {what's the|what is the|exactly what is the|is there a|it is possible to} first thing they {consider|think about|take into account|contemplate|look at} when choosing one?{Most probably|Most likely|Almost certainly|Probably|In all probability} it is the style {or|or even|or perhaps|as well as|or maybe} design that you are {often|frequently|usually|typically|generally} watch out for. Additionally, {it is important to|you should|you will need to|it is very important|you have to} choose a handbag {in|within|inside|throughout|with} color that {match|complement|match up|go with|fit} most of your wardrobes. {
Are Hosting Review Websites Always Substantial!
There’re lots of review sites which are accommodating believable analysis on countless web-based devices, advantage and hosting service providers. If you’re planning to build your site then it is exceedingly acclaim that you take the web hosting reviews at miscellaneous sites. The good things are based upon the observations of security, uptime, speed, and quotes.There’re lots of review sites which are accommodating believable analysis on countless web-based devices, advantage and hosting service providers. If you’re planning to build your site then it is exceedingly acclaim that you take the web hosting reviews at miscellaneous sites. It’s imprecise crucial that you accept a believable hosting analysis website since there’re various hosting reviews that are not trustworthy or have limited advice. It’s simple for an effective to differentiate the accuracy of these web hosting reviews. Since the beginner or newcomers to
Vacation Packing Tips
Vacation Packing Tips Perhaps, you have prepared the perfect vacation Whether you are traveling on your own otherwise you are traveling with your family or friends, you anticipate to have a jolly good occasion. Of course, you know about planning your vacation inside the areas of accommodations, air flow tickets, car rental fees, travel insurance, places of interest, and so forth. However, packing for ones vacation is also essential. Most people start packing for their vacation a few days before the day of departure, and with so little time, it can be quite not easy to make vital and sensible decisions. The quantity of bags should you carry? What items when you bring? Obviously, you dont want to bring your current winter clothes while you are going to a warm vacation spot and the opposite does work when you are going to a discount gucci bags freezing destination. To help you pack efficiently for your family vacation, here are some great holiday packing tips. Wrinkle-Free Clot
A Diamond
A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections.
You Keep Your Eyes Closed To Block Out The Hardships
You keep your eyes closed to block out the hardships, the pain, the unwanted; but in that, the true beauty of the world is lost, because you refuse to open your eyes.
All Girls Are Insecure
All girls are insecure, they may not show it, but they are, every girl believes that they have a 'defect' but honestly, you don't! every girl is beautiful, no matter what she wears, what she looks like, or how her body is. don't worry about that senseless stuff, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
Voices In My Head
I hear voices in my head that tell me evil things in the night.I hear voices in my head can you save me from my plight?The voices they come and they go.I try not to listen but they always seem to know.They tell me I'm not worthy they tell me to die.Even though I'm breathing I feel empty inside.I hear voices in my head I struggle with from within.I hear voices in my head and I just want them to end.They are so loud at times I feel myself slipping away.I look for guidance and bow my head to pray.Dear God in heaven please take this nonstop evil away.They told me to harm and kill today.I hear voices in my head Someone please stop the pain.I hear voices in my head I feel I am going insane.I take my meds just as the doc said.Instead of being in silence I feel like the walking dead.So numb inside can you hear my cry?Please help me find out the reasons why.
I Don't Fit Into Your Box
Surrounded by darkened hearts and broken dreams. Only horrors to look forward to on a daily basis or so it seems. When I was young I was told to be whatever I wanted to be. Yet the media and the world today have no place for people like me. It has gotten so bad that the government wants to put a leash up our ass. It's a far cry from the freedoms I learned from my grandfather and in class.   Where are the freedom fighters of today? Oh that's right people like that get put away. They say we have a voice and let us scream. Yet most of us are living nothing that resembles the American dream. Politicians today spew vomit and shit. Funny thing is they attract the sheeple whom quietly sit.   Land of the free home of the brave. Seems to only be true if your a foreigner of which the government wants to save. Fuck the bureaucracy let freedom ring! Of which our founding father used to sing. All of you assholes think your as sly as the fox. The fact remains I don't fit into your
Serial Killer
She is skinned alive the blood runs down the wall.. Yet more await their fate just down the hall. I walk slowly for my next pick. Ah yes you will do just for calling me a dick. I grab her and drag her to my room I suspect she knows what lies ahead is her doom.   Kicking and screaming she puts up a good fight. Just to bad she won't make it through the night. I knock her out just for a bit, To make sure the straps are secure and fit. I sit back and wait for her to wake. After she has waken the first thing to go is an arm I twist until I feel it break.   Then I put out her eyes with a spoon. So strong to the pain she seems immune. Yet there's more to come I will break her will. I lean across the table and grab my drill. Blood and flesh fly all around. Suddenly she screams and the noise resounds.   Those little piggies must come off. She curses at me with a hateful scoff. As I saw through her flesh and bone. I hear her moan and groan. Blood squirts well into the sk
I hear your secrets deep in the night. They bring me such wonderful delight. I see your misdeeds during the day. Yet to me that's okay just know that you'll someday pay. I dance both in the dark and the light. To the terror and screams of endless plight.   Yes I see your blood soaked hands. I also know the purity of innocence  of which you demand. I was there the first time you lied. Oh no dear girl there's nowhere to hide. I have sit back as you played the thief. Yet your true reward is coming soon to your disbelief.   I have watched as some eat beyond their stomach's demand. Little do they know their playing right into my hands. I'm the little anti-conscience inside your heads. You can expect to meet me personally when you are dead. I was with you through your self-righteous pride. So know when you see me there will be nowhere to hide.   I watched you many times as you cheated on your wife. Yet the simple fee will come at the end of your life. Yes sweetie your
Have I Offended You?
I have found out today that I have offended some people.  When I can afford to buy credits, I usually start blinging people right away.  The friends I bling are usually at random, whomever came across my screen when I had credits.  If I have neglected a friend, let me know about it and I will fix the situation if and when I can. I have many friends.  Mainly because I love women.  All shapes, sizes, and ages.  I love women.  Black women, white women, women of all races and all religous affiliations.  Women from the USA, Europe, China, South America and many other areas of the world are all special to me. Some beautiful friends have made salutes for me.  The number of women friends I have and those mentioned salutes do no make me a player.  I am a regular guy.  I am on fubar to have fun, and have a little distraction from this shitty ass and tough world we live in. So if I have offended any of you, and this little blog does not explain my motives to anyone's satisfaction, drop me as a
"continuing Education Of The Heart" Short By Damon Lute
True Love in todays day and age is a rear thing. Half are always in a hurry to find that special someone and build a life together. While the other half is loving recklessly into many hearts. While it seems that just a few find that true heart that magnifies true Love.What happends when you do meet that special someone who Loves like no other. Who cares so deep that you find yourself doing what may seem, to many, foolish things to show that Love. What happends when you loose that Love and not because the lack of Love but not trully knowing how to see it within that person but more importantly not seeing that Love and independence within yourself.In life to discover and keep the Love that you find that is more precious to you than the dreams that you keep inside for you only. You have to be ready to let your pride down and give that pride to the one you Love. Never give up the power within yourself. Only enhance that power with the Love and passion of that one person that makes your spi
Thoughts To Myself
Relationships are tricky. When your going after a girl you give it your all. If its because you need the companionship or you really mean it. After a while you stop trying because youve achived what you want. I see it in relationships all the time especially mine. The lesson to learn especially in today age is never stop trying. The rewards for small things, ie. showing up to her work to pick her up and just go anywhere to help release the tension of the day, flowers, a massage or even to cook dinner at home. Even a little email works wonders.The hardest part ive had is listening to the subtle noise that a woman makes. Im not talking about the audiable type of noise but the underlying noise, ie. "My back hurts" means would you please rub my back, "I hate my commute" means can you pick me up sometime and take me home, "Lets do something" means lets do anything that gets us out of the house.Another trouble ive had is letting my wall of pride down. Ill let my fellow man know that pride do
Summer Asian Fashion Clothing Floral Striped Dresses
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Sweet Japanese Fashion Summer Dresses New Trends
The perfect combination of sweet summer dresses and romance, comfort is an important element of summer popular trends, brief but comfortable design, just need simple wear skills to show impressive mature fashion sense. For this season the most colorful summer dresses are from Japanese fashion online wholesale clothing china store   Siamese trousers this summer is still hot, such as Floral Chiffon fabric, a change in the neutral wind of the past, tenderness ladies can also be an addiction. Trousers, lace, flounced design in the details at the ingenuity that piece pants have a lady's glamorous feel. Trousers, lace, flounced design in the details at the ingenuity that piece pants have a lady's glamorous feel.   The double-layer chiffon straps dress, chiffon skirt is the essential thing each female summer, a special material so light and elegant gives unlimited imagination. The chiffon skirt is a lot of people like to dress, because it represents the intellectual no
Lovely Cute Sweet Style Korean Fashion Summer Dresses
The lovely style is the favor of many beauties, and there are many kinds of cute clothes. Choose honey-like color, fantastic clothes and bold match that lets you instantly become a cute princess and sweet caramel girl. Below these lovely and cute girl’s clothes styles are from wholesale Asian fashion online shop!   Vest plaid skirt, slim waist design, the exquisite sense of retro. Bud skirt is very sweet. Jacket Slim black double-breasted suit-type, designed as skirt-style flounced from waist at the white pearl double-breasted is more refined. Reveal some Plaid skirt, pink color to the overall look is still without losing the sense of sweet caramel girl.   The flexibility Korean fashion Floral low-cut Qunqun, sexy and elegant image, excellent body inviting endless collar asymmetric breast design, very personalized, ladies sense of style did not play the cingulate is also designed into a pretty bow . Generous sweet garland to a whole lot of extra points.  
My Boys
So here's the thing.  I am trying to get this out to as many places, and people as possible.     I've always been pretty independent.  A loner.  I've lived alone, been single, so on.   Then I got my first rescue dog.  Charlie.  He's the light of my life.  A few months later, I took in Thor as a foster.  Another georgous boy.  The thing is, I suck at relating to people.  But I can look at these two boys who were unwanted and unloved and know EXACTLY how they feel.  I can look in their eyes and see that they just want someone to give them a chance.  I had to work for it.  I had to prove to them that I wasn't going to leave them.  Once they warmed up though, it was without fail, the best thing to ever happen.   Charlie is my lil man.  He snuggles and adores everyone.  Except Thor.  He hated Thor.  Coming from being a beaten up dog that was abused, He saw Thor (a bigger dog) as a threat.  About 3 weeks ago, this all changed.  Thor started having seizures.  We did all kinds of tests,
Teaches Your Summer Proper Hair Care Small Know-how
Your hair care and cosmetology natual skin care are indifferent, if hair's condition isn't good, then has one significantly difficultly really enviablly beautiful luxuriant. Hair usually necessary kinds of problems on account of nursing method and rehearse product and also other reasons of: Loses hair, the oil, the raising one's head leather meal and hair dry, for you the tree top to spread out and the like. Luxuriant daily washes to protect feels like ordinary,instyler australia actually conceals your unexpected profound and abstruse principles and trap, even, one custom, will relate on to send a destiny. During the summer time good hair care small skill. Suppresses a leather meal. Bad food habit, slow digesting system and hormone are unbalanced and infection can make the cell renewal on scalp, usually we referred to it as a leather meal. It and massive head leather meals fall off to tell apart, the options of leather meal are the squamose greasy pellet. Topping leather meal shampoo
Trying To Fine The Right One
im a open mind person who trying to fine the right one man its hard you try to be tell the trutht about your self and they dont beleave you or get mad or they want a one night stand  i try some daTING SITE AND WHEN YOU NOT A MEMBER YOU GET 10 EMAILS A DAY THEY WANT TO MEET BUT I CANT WRITE BACK TO SAY YES LETS MEET but when you be come a member then you might get one are to a week or they want you to talk to but you have to pay for it how can any one find some one if you have everything against you  well hope someone can help
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Sam card downtown, law professor at the university of Denver, said there was a "clear" evidence that was premeditated attack, and it seems that an insanity defense difficult. "But," he said, "those who we don't know this case is to look at, this is his state of mind." canada goose parka     And thatch of orange hair, Sherlock Holmes bleary-eyed presence in his short and the dispersed of court last week for the first time to appear in court. He did not speak. canada goose vest     Friends in southern California, Sherlock Holmes grow up, describes his is a smart, sometimes clumsy teenagers obsessed with science. He came to the Colorado competitive neural science doctor project in June 2011. After a year, he gave up his annual examination after a brief consideration. canada goose shoes     District court judge William Blair silvestre tried to strictly control the flow of information to Sherlock Holmes, placed a password to lawyers and law enforcement, sealing court documents and
Alone with the shadows in my emptiness. A wonderful life this is full of loud silence. Decaying over time my heart is soon to be destroyed/ I walk side by side with my loneliness. Walking into the void
Man On The Edge
Sore jaw from yelling. I find relief in my prayer, but boy i swear. Your expectations have been denied. You can see Resentment in my eye's. I here frequently spoken words that were never heard. Reawakening the brain with words that stain. The mind overflow with hope's and dreams. Some of them are intoxication to me. pissed off, self-absorbed,regulate. Hope I get in them golden gate's. Extend my middle finger to those that win. Self superior to those that win. I lose more then you so now I win's. Enjoyed life like it is the price is right. Just keep on guessing whats next in life. Cause if you did know then this shit may be right.   By: S.A
~naughty, Nice, And Very Nice~
The cold outside was harsh on Raymond's hands. The snow was coming from the side but had broken up since he got of route 690. He gave the back door to his car a soft nudge with his knee as his hands were full. His briefcase and travel bag, along with a smaller bag containing Christmas gifts he'd purchased while out of town on business. He took a steady pace up the stone steps and along the walk to his front door. He looked up for a second to see the lights were off. "Perhaps she was in bed," he thought. It was past 1:00 AM. His flight didn't finally land until Midnight; slowed down from the snow storm they were getting. Then between getting his rental car and collecting his baggage at checking he'd lost more time than he planned. He stepped up on the stairs and grasped the door knob, when it suddenly opened and swung open. He looked up to see his wife, Tracy standing in the door. "Hi baby, glad your home," she said with a wide smile. Raymond shuffled his way forward. Tracy reached for
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Technologies (Pantel, PTPL), les technologies de l'information et du matériel de communication d'entreprise appareils a lancé un jeux tablette android , BSNL Penta TPAD IS701C à Rs 4999. PTPL a conclu une alliance avec le regroupement inverse BSNL gouvernement télécoms organisation pour atteindre les zones reculées de l'Inde et de répondre aux masses. Le BSNL Penta TPAD IS701C est une ardoise Internet et il est alimenté par un processeur Cortex A8 cadencé à 1 GHz et un 7 pouces 800x480 pixels plein angle TFT LCD capacitif multi-touch écran. L'appareil est livré avec la crème glacée dernière version du logiciel d'exploitation Android Sandwich (OS). Les BSNL Penta T-Pad caractéristiques IS701C Tablet PC comprennent appareil Wi-Fi, 3G soutien dongle USB, 0,3 MP appareil photo frontal, 512 Mo de DDR RAM III, avec une mémoire interne de 4 Go (extensible à 32 Go). Vijender Singh, directeur général, Technologies Pantel Private Limited a déclaré, et me donne un immense plaisir d'a
My Buddy.........
I have many things going on in my life, one of my concerns (as trivial to some as it may be) is my dog....the love of my life, Buddy...I have noticed lately, he is not hearing things like he used to. Yes, he is getting old. I've had him longer than my RL boyfriend. So over 12 years. He is a Lab/Chow mix. He has become so needy that it makes me a bit nervous. Almost like...."hey, I am gonna me while you can!" needy. He wakes me around 3 or 4 a.m. each morning to lift this hefty 80 lbs. onto the bed...I can't say no. Last night, I lifted him onto the bed, he faced me and slept...I did not. I cherished the moment...stroking him...his sweet face at mine. His NOT so sweet dog breath consuming my own. And I thought to myself...I can't live without this. How could I? PURE loyalty...PURE love...I thought I would die when my father will be as bad when my Buddy leaves me....and I worry about that day!   Just venting, I guess...
Smile Like Butter
You are a fucking idiot. I can't stand to see your stupid smile spread out across your face like you are "the shit". You try so hard to be sexy, but it doesn't work.    I can't believe I ever even talked to you.              Who has a pimp hand?
So my kiddos have decided that they want to camp out...on the front porch.  I know they won't last, lol. A pizza delivery truck just went down the street. My oldest freaked out and covered up with the blankets. My youngest told hiim, "It's just a Husson's truck". My oldest then said...."Maybe it's a murderer!!!".    I give them an most, lmao.
This Weekend
OK so this weekend was bad. first my girlfriend left me cause i couldn't give her all that she wanted. she knew i wasn't ready to commit to anything but a simple relationship. she wanted marriage, i wanted fun. then i ended up working long crazy hours. them i come home and help move her out. i haven't slept in 2 days and i still have to work tonight. i don't ask for much. ohhhh ya them because i wasn't on fubar for two days i get accused of ignoring one of my friends so he defriends me. im sorry i have a life i ain't always on the PC. i just want to find the one person who makes me feel whole. I WANT MY EDWARD CULLEN! lol
On The Road Again!!
For those who know me and for the ones that don't,I will not be around for awhile,I am back driving truck and got to do 6 weeks of training and I may say it's going well for the second day..Sorry I don't give out love like I used to but I don't have that much time to be online..I will make it up when I get back..Hope all of you have a very great week and Please don't forget me:)..Hugs for all of my family and friend's..
Think About Them
Now, don't get me wrong, I know I'm wanted on fubar. I have many fans to tell me this. All I've been trying to do is get a certain spot on here since the beginning of this year. I think I have more than earned it too, lol. But, what I WANT, is to have the control of the talent.  I have many ideas and yet, i cannot seem to get this point across. Everyone tells me to just start my own lounge, and i have one, but getting people to go to it is like pulling teeth. So, I guess I'll just lay low, since no one will miss me anyhow. This way I may find out how wanted my skills really are. OR, am I just a passing fad?
Dear Angel!
Dearest Angel, How I wish you could be here, Let your wings rest, Hold your hand, Have arms wrapped around you, Where we could meet on earth, Let our love spread, A big impact made, In hearts & mind's Where everybody could be at peace, Feel the warmth & share our love, No more storms,No more bitterness, Between friends & family, Brother or Sister's, A such common divide, I'll watch you alway's, Be by your side in trust & hope, Hope to slide a silver ring on your fing
Welcome All My Friends
Use this blog to share all the good times you had I love to hear stories of wild and wackey out there hope to here from you if you want to share want to rant or just need a shoulder to cry on Im here.Joe
My Reason
This is my third starting sentence... I am going somewhere, just ain't sure where yet. Maybe I am busy on someones mind or maybe not. Having difficulty concentrating... watching Benjamin Button. Good movie!! But anyhow I know the sooner I write the closer I will be to being satisfied that I have written what I want to get out of my head. May sound really weird but that is how it is sometimes, with me at least. I wish sometimes that I was someone else all together. Someone that wasn't injured. Although I have accepted I was injured for a reason. Simply because everything has a reason. If I had waited until I was married to have kids I may be really lonely right now. But then again maybe someone would have stayed in my life. But then again I may not of met the love of my life... my dream lover. Once again==== everything happens for a reason. Its strange how things turn out. Time is around hoping to be used wisely and I am trying. Some take the time to see that and some just ignore th
I have only had two male friends growing up that I "loved like a brother". I've just learned that one of them is in critical condition after an accident. I haven't seen this guy in... well, a lot of years. I still feel devistated. I talk to his sister on FB. What do I do? What do I do if he dies? Do I fly back east?
Identity Crisis
So I was watching the news last night. They were talking to Michelle Kwan, Olympic figure skating Medalist. At one point they asked her, "How was the transition out of the skating world?" She said something that hit kinda close to home for me. Kwan said something like, "Going from years of a set schedule, with practice, school and competitions. To waking up one morning and realizing that I don't have anything to do today." She continued with, "I had a bit of an identity crisis, and it took me a while before I finally decided what I wanted to do with my life." I'm just glad to see that even people that have already found success still struggle with their own identity, just like me :D  And if a figure skater can do it...Should be childsplay for a soldier ;-) Guys Shocked Me..thank You..:)
I have to say that I am a little shocked..and that's not easily done...I have seen some pretty horrific things...hardly anything shocks me can spend as much time as you want getting to "know" someone and the truth is..when you are using the online is never a guarantee if you really "know" them or not..regardless of the time that has gone by...they can be exactly who they say they are..and still not be who you think you know only what they want you to...I know that all too well...I have wasted my time and my emotions on people that I was CERTAIN I "knew" before..and it caused a lot more than emotional trauma...but the fact remains...people like that simply do not care how their actions effect other long as they are able to fulfill that little fantasy they have in their heads..well that's all that matters to them...they could care less about the physical scarring that will eventually go away..the effects it has on someone emoti
Read On To Know All About Flea Bites On Humans
Before you care for a flea bite, you need to grab the flea complication manageable, or you will can have a whole lot of flea bites to handle. You will need to treat the home along with your dog with the help of healthy flea killing solutions and products. When you are unclear which of them to apply, check with your veterinarian and so they can suggest the suitable form or maybe sell a flea treatment solution you will have to place to the dog's shoulder area one every week.After you have handled your flea issue and you visibly are noticing the fleas falling your dog or not even moving, you should wash your dog with a oat meal based solution. Avoid the use of a flea wash since this can definitely prickle in the event the flea bites have made blisters onto your puppies body. More Information about flea-bitesIn the event your dog is very ravaged with fleas, as your shampoo the puppy, if you notice that shampoo turning reddish colored, right here is the leftover blood which dried out when
If you are call 517 315 5189 for fun and love
I Hate Having Free Time On My Hands
I hate having free time on my hands, it gives me the chance to think. And the only thing that takes control of my mind is the memories that I had with you.
Hold Your Name
I still can't decide if meeting you was the saddest or greatest day of my life. Because my heart is still spilt, into two peices made up of love & hatred. And both sides hold your name
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法不阿贵  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 顶层设计: 一,薪酬设计: 政治局常委级:    年薪:100亿人民币/年,9人,总计        9X100=900亿人民币/年; 政治局委员,国务委员,军委委员:                      年薪:10亿人民币/年,27人,总计        27X10=270亿人民币/年; 省市区书记,省市区长,&
The Forgotten
Alienated and alone Forgotten overlooked neglectedFeeling phased out as if you don't matterWhy does this always tend to happenReaching out for support, yet being blown off...groanAffection love understanding and dedicatedDreams slowly being to shatter Everything you believed hoped wished is all misshapenA victim of Fates cruel whimsPain dispare and agony let you know you are aliveA tear streaked face says quietly everything you need to say Turning up the music to try to drowned out the voices in your mindThe light that once burned bright slowly dimsDoing all that you can just to surviveHoping to find all that you seek, wanting to wake up from this nightmare some dayYet all that you seek has been declined.~RavenMoon
Bad Breath   Q: I suffer from bad breath-what natural treatments can help? - James King - San Antonio, TX A: Bad Breath, Halitosis (medical term), oral malodor (scientific term), and breath odor,  are terms used to describe noticeably unpleasant odors exhaled in breathing. Types Transient bad breath is a very common temporary condition caused by such things as oral dryness, stress, hunger (ketosis), eating certain foods such as garlic and onions, smoking, or poor oral hygiene. "Morning breath" is a common example of transient bad breath. Transient bad breath gradually disappears on its own, with the aid of chewing gum or brushing one's teeth. Chronic bad breath is a more serious and persistent condition affecting up to 25% of the popula
Tarpaulin For All Seasons
Tarpaulins are just some of the things that people need to have at home at all times, since they can be very useful for a lot of different occasions. Every family needs to have a tarp or tarps for them to be ready for an outdoor birthday party, a picnic, for the children who want to have a lemonade stand during summer, and so many other instances. What is great about tarpaulins is that they are very easy to store compared to other kinds of covering, like having a huge umbrella, or a bulky canopy, and other kinds of roof-like shelter. There are no hassles whatever, people could just simply fold the tarpaulin neatly or roll it carefully for future uses and have it stored in one of the cabinets or storages at home. Another thing why people should go and buy a tarpaulin, aside from all its uses, is that it is very affordable and any family could really get one. Tarpaulins come in different sizes, shapes, color, and they could have it customized and fit the family for all kinds of uses or
Because I Said So!
Master, "why is that when a man has sex with many women he is considered a champion . . but when a woman has sex with many men she is considered a whore?"  Listen well my child . . . "a key that has the ability to open many locks is a Master Key .. a Lock that can be open with any key, is USELESS" .. take that bit of information and run with it!
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How To Choose A Reliable Virtual Server Hosting Provider?Best And Reliable Virtual Private Server Hosting SolutionSince the world is moving forward with the internet and web technology, almost every corporate entity wants to host own commercial webpages and These commercial webpages can add some additional value to the corporate services  they are offering. The virtual private server(VPS) hosting is the best solution for these medium corporate entities accordingly.However, these  low cost vps server acts in same way as a virtual dedicated server hosting and the user can get the same benefit from vps web server for a lower cost. Because of this budget  reliable vps hosting system, now we can see lots of corporate entities try to maintain their webpages with  VPS Servers. Anyway if you are really interest on Virtual Server Hosting, it is always great to do some market research on the same as there are a large number of best vps hosting providers in the industry. Furthermore, due to the c
Cosplay Costumes - The Right Guide To Look Nice
Cosplay parties are attended worldwide by the people coming from all groups and cosplay costumes ages. Thinking about such events is to bring alive some anime cartoon characters. Such a celebration, every individual represents a selected character at a comic book or possibly computer game. Costume play is unquestionably an expanding phenomenon worldwide. We can easily easily say that it is great means of social enjoyment and entertainment. Further in the following paragraphs, we will look at best cosplay costumes online stores in more detail. To be able to look flawless inside a Cosplay party you want to do to produce. One of the main activities to do would be to try to find a forward thinking costume so you should find out how you can copy the mannerisms of your favorite anime character. It'd help you to get from the role on the character in the better way. You additionally must discover some reference pictures online. It could supply you with a detailed idea regarding the sort of l
Party Like A Rock Star!!!
If this is really bright, I do apologize. My laptop is screwed up and I can at least read this color as I type. :P   What constitutes a party? I'm being serious. Is it simply not having your children around and sitting around your boyfriend's house watching television or playing Madden a party? I mean we don't really go out and when we do, we go to eat at Applebee's.  I mean they do serve alcohol and people are laughing and having a good time. That's a party, right?   The reason I bring this up and ask what a party really is, is because I was accused of "partying" on Friday nights.  I have busted my ass to do what I have to do to take care of my chilren. I have worried non-stop about how I'm going to pay for braces for my oldest. Which I've managed to do ALONE while working 2 jobs, both totalling ONE part time job. Their "father" on the other hand has done nothing but buy himself a used car and a new laptop. Ugh, I shouldn't really have to talk about that, It's not really any of yo
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British Syria human rights watch organization also reported the battle, o le on Sunday in a blast. According to the report in the top of the o al-Hadeed fierce conflict, al-Zahraa and al-Arqoub community. canada goose outlet   The international community strong opposition may massacre in this city of 3 million people, but he also admitted they can do almost didn't stop the bleeding. Russia's foreign minister, a powerful ally Syria, said it was "not realistic" Damascus, to control, quite. canada goose parka   The rebels estimate control between a third and half of its community in this city, especially a cluster in northeast about Sakhour nearby, in the southwest. canada goose jackets   They began to try to take the key city from government control of a week ago. About 162 people were killed, most of them civilians, according to the observatory. About 19000 people have died because uprising began in March 2011, the group said. canada goose shoes
Damages Show Goes Bad The Custom, How Many Have?
Uses the atmosphere blower frequently: The moisture content that hair contains if reduces to below 10%, will be sending the silk becomes rough, furcation, but will makes use of the consequence that the air blower will blow to give in order to frequently so. Should better make hair naturally air dry, regarding frequently individual who goes to the sweetness shop, can ask the hair stylist to consider air blower, don't paste the scalp to blow .instyler Moreover any time just isn't suitable wrong in size long. Everyday combs to deliver 50 times repeatedly: Combing hair may help cleanup being linked to the dunghill on hair, and can stimulate the scalp , to develop the circulation of blood of scalp. But combs many, instead will injure luxuriant. The suggestion really need comb about 30 time and energy to be all you need on a daily basis. Only combs hair end: Correct combing sends tips on how to comb on the roots on the hair slowly to sending the tree top, specially the person of long hair.
Time has come to take and reveiw where I am. If I am not on your list of people you like then trash me. I'm not going to go way out of my way to just screw around anymore. I am in love and he knows I love him. I have taken and blocked some that thought I was little Ms. Easy.,When I am in love I am not available to cater to your horny visions. If all the men here got on to abuse and drool, thats sad. Not everyone will show you their assets. I am sure they have their reasons. Be nice and maybe more people would be nice to you. I have already ran into a few that are like too high on their clouds... Why don't we just get together and party instead of picking and choosing friends and enemies. Besides Fubar, the rest of the world can get along as soon as they put away what they got out, either rulers or diamonds bigger than those damn golf balls. Your riches or how long you shaft is won't mean shit when the end of the world comes. Don't fucking matter if it is 12-21-12 or later. Peace can'
Indiens Gagner Médaille Olympique Pour Obtenir Rs 50 Lakh De Milagrow
New Delhi: Choix netbook et de l'électronique de robot Milagrow société testateur don de plus de Rs 50 lakh à chaque athlète indienne qui remporte une médaille aux Jeux Olympiques de Londres en cours. "Milagrow sera plus beau cadeau que Rs 50 Lakh à Médaillés olympiques spéciaux avec le lancement de PC TabTop Edition et robots domestiques dans leurs noms, Business Milagrow et fondateur Knowledge Solutions et PDG, Rajeev Karwal, a déclaré aux médias. Il a ajouté dans le cas d'une équipe de remporter une médaille, le montant sera réparti uniformément entre les joueurs de l'équipe. Milagrow lancera édition spéciale d'ordinateurs personnels de tablette et de robots domestiques aux gagnants médaille d'honneur aux Jeux Olympiques de 2012 et cinq pour cent du produit des ventes de ces modèles seront donnés aux médaillés. "Dans un tel scénario, nous nous attendons à vendre facilement plus de 10.000 Tops Tab et Robots domestiques nommées d'après les joueurs au prix minimum de Rs
"darkness, The Melody Of A Poets Love Song"
"Darkness,The Melody Of A Poets Love Song" ~~~~~ My music, the words I've searched high and low for, The words that have haunted me ever since I was a child, Came to me tonight as I sat here in total darkness. ~~~~~ Darkness, comforting, cool, even sensual, yet so alluring, Whispers of nighttime calling out for all to sleep, As if like magic the words to my song came to me. ~~~~~ A lifetime spent wishing and praying for a love so true, All the loneliness, the sleeplessness nights, the heartache, A soul crying out praying for the love of a lifetime. ~~~~~ Words to a song I so wanted to capture on paper, Thinking once I had written it all down, The day would come when I could sing it to you. ~~~~~ Love songs written like a magic potion for the world to see, Telling of the way our souls would unite in the darkness, And the words came to me as I saw my love is my loneliness. ~~~~~ Loneliness is the love song that every poet knows so well, The words,
The Truth
For some time now here on fubar alot of people would rather start rummors by their own opinions!! To clear what some people may think they know this blog will let EVERYONE  know the TRUTH!! For startes yes i am married to my fu hubby...We met here on fubar and at the time he was overseas when he came home it was to me and we got married.. he knew everything in my past before he ever came home so to the people who want to talk shit about what i do and its behind his back newsflash he knows everything and if you was able to see my nsfw folder then you would know that! so before you open your mouth again and me doing things behind his back and i really do not love him you might come talk to me first!! because I do love my husband very much...for those of you who think other wise thats shame on you! If i did not love him why would I still be married to him? think about that one!!   as to what people say say about me and my nsfw i have been on here almost 4 years and I have left many tim
What You Want To Do...
A text message shared with a North Carolina friend and relative this morning: "Time is all that any of us have. You have much more than I do. I can't afford wasting much more. No one relies upon me now. Just children and grandchildren. They keep me busy. But, it's still very lonely and lonesome. Thirty-five years ago, I had a good friend, John Thumm. I was a Pastor of a small church. He was the Evangelist (by avocation), and also a "behavioral therapist" by profession and vocation. My wife and I were experiencing "marital trouble". He and I discussed options. I was having difficulty making personal decisions. I kept saying: "I want to do 'this'...I want to do 'that'. I want things to be different. I want things to be better." He said to me, emphatically..."No, you DON'T". I was offended. I argued. I thought, "I should know what I want! He can't know what I really want!" How could HE say what I want, and say what I don't want? Well, you know, he said: "W
Light Of Life
He was in the lead humvee, manning the comm gear....We had 7 more weeks of THE SUCK before we rotated back state-side.It's mostly a blur to me now.....Long story short, His vehicle , his side took a helluva blast from a 3-shell daisy-chain(suffice it to say dat thats a bad day when ur round n one those fuckers goes off).....We drove into a well-executed squad sized ambush.....MY Warriors....yea, MY 4 Warriors KNEW what my priority was and these mother fuckers went cyclic on those Haji asses....cyclic fire is a "melt the barrel"  rate of fire...within the first ten seconds of the initial blast MY Warriors put up an inpenetrable wall of lead, smoke and shrapnel.....a wall of death....I remember getting to the mangled HMVEE and seeing Brady's ass scrambling out the overturned mess. "Armor did its job" WAS MY QUICK THOUGHT.....Then he tried to standand as he reached the standing position, it became all too apparent that shit was NOT cool. Enitre right leg of pants had already saturated wit
Day 287
Today, I do believe I came close to losing both my mind, and my job today. See, last night was my hometown's Our Town Celebration, with fireworks at ten and a DJ immediately afterward until midnight. I danced till midnight, BSed with various drunken subjects, and went home, ate a meager dinner, and went to bed at 2. Four hours later, I get up, and I'm off to work. That's when shit got real...Really bad.It was a day of Murphy's Law...whatever could have gone wrong, probably did.See, one of my supervisors is a total bitchShe told a couple of assistant managers about two forgotten bags of stuff from today, and I got a talking to...a "coaching", if you will.Here's the good bit though:A couple weeks ago, I would, more likely than not, forget at least one bag A DAY (I know, I'm an idiot, but when the customers are coming hard and fast..)Never got a talking to then.Three bags in one day? Never got talked to...not that i'm bragging; I hate it when i forget shit. And as a bonus prize, me
Besties Til The End
I know we just met but it seems like I’ve know you forever. You are just like me and I am just like you. Finishing my sentences and thoughts. We can make each other laugh at the stupidest things, When you are down I can tell without a word, When I am upset you know just by a sigh, I don’t think you know how much you mean to me, I don’t think you know how much you help me out, I will always be here for you no matter what, I hope you will be here for me all the same. One day we will look back and laugh and not be able to remember the day we first met. I will always thank god for that day because without that day I would have never met my true best friend. 
People Getting Mad On Here Is Amuses Me
I just wonder why people get so damn ill when you don't return the favor of likes, rates, pokes, and etc. I know this is a "game" of sorts, but it's still a social site when you get down to the center of it. So what if I didn't add you, like you, or so on. There are some people that do in fact not say anything out of the way when the favor is not returned, but chances are high that they aren't even aware if they don't get a return gesture from you. They are just doing what they do...liking, rating, commenting, and they loose track of what they have done and on who's page they have done it. I just hope that in the end fate will weed out the ones that don't read profiles and divert them away from my profile cause I am tired of the "game players" here on this sight. You want to play the game here and that's fine. Just don't include me lol
I Blame Women!
I was speaking with a D.U.I. Instructor yesterday and he said, "I don't give a shit what anybody says, if a man isn't having sex he's depressed" .. He then went into detail about depression causing people to drink and things of that nature, and how drunk drivers kill people .. So then it got me to thinking .. If the women out here were having more sex with us guys, they could cure Alcoholism .. Would be less depression in the world .. and they would be saving lives daily!! I put the blame on you women for Alcoholism .. should be ashamed of yourselves .. smh .. makes me sick .. I shutter to think!! Don't talk to me anymore .. To think that it was you women this entire time!! I'll be back, I need a drink!!!
I swear even on line i get shit from girls who dont understand me 1 why dident you read my profile 2 wtf.
Home From Chicago
I have a great time when I go to Chicago to visit family and others I have got to know over the years, but I still sigh a big relief when I am home in Ohio. There is something about long distance drives that wears a person out, so I am still bouncing off the walls from four mountain dews and a bunch of cookies and things bad for you. Of course, along the route, I have to stop at the favorite places...we have discovered Cracker Barrel and Bob Evans usually have the best food if you have time to sit and eat. I tried living on Taco Bell on one trip and remembered the heartburn for the rest of the trip. Not good:) The car show in Wheaton was pretty cool, and I got some blurry pics, but I got to network with some other car enthusiasts from all over the m idwest. It was pretty cool to chat with a guy from Minnesota about his custom paint job on his hot rodded was Cherry:) Now back to work on the important stuff.
Chronicle (2012)
So I have wanted to see Chronicle since it came out earlier this year, but just now finally got around to it.  I think the movie itself was going for the normal "how normal people get super powers" angle of finding some sort of alien glowing thing and getting close to it.  The movie had a lot of potential and its always fun watching people learn and use the powers.  I believe it was to obvious the outcast was going to go power hungry and one of the other two was going to take care of it.  Ending was sudden and inevitable.
A Phone In Heaven
Remember you used to call me everyday of the week even at night around 2:30 till 3 i knew your biggest fear and i gave you away out but that same nigga you loved had a baby on you and yall fall out but i stuck by your side and you still didnt let go but the world must go on even when im dead an gone I just thought you should know i been there so stay strong until the day gone matter fact baby hold on you broke my heart but to you that was a start only difference is you fuck your x now that was a low part but you street smarts and book smart and all yiu needed was love "&hearts"  but I knew you was the best and how I broke your heart I just let you go the rest but its crazy because I LOVED YOU no need to say no name theres no one to blame i dont know why you mad is it because I gave your bestfriend my number but that was in the summer and when we did text i just talked about you with no interest either more or less but i told you best you can ask her to i never been the one to put 1+1 i
Endless Tears
Love Poetry I Wrote Awhile Back!
I wonder what it is in my brain, that makes me think so much it wouldn't be so bad, if I could just feel your touch I wonder what your doing, and with whom you're spending you days wondering if u really believe, that I have changed my ways I wonder if u still feel the same, after all that has gone down or if u even think of me while I'm not around I wonder why I acted a ass, not giiving a fuck when I could've been wit u now, but now I'm stuck I wonder if I still have your heart, and how long it will take for me to be back in your arms, for goodness sake I wonder if u believed me, when I said I love u I felt I was 6 feet under, when u said we were through I wonder if you're just payin me back, for me playin the game well I know it's workin my baby, I'm going insane I wonder if God hears my prayers, when I ask for your heart oh how amazing it would be, if we rewinded to start It's even worse and undescribable sitting in jail I wonder if I really lost u, an
Application For Girlfriend
Ok..I am taking applications for a new girlfriend...Im serious Even I know this aint E harmony, well I dont fit that anyway.. As this is non-conventional I well aware of, but its a long shot Im willing to take the risk. please no hate mail..I aint forcing no one to do this ok.. If your really interested, message me and I send you the information..
Tha Original Gata Monique Dupree New Ink
New Outlook
So recently, I was asked to reopen Club Paradise Lounge after a very short break away due to working 80-100 hour work weeks and not having time for fubar (technically not reopen since it never really closed but get more involved in it being more active).  I was told by many that Club Paradise is the only place they have ever really felt home in.  Even people that are staff in other lounges said that Club Paradise will always be where their heart is.  It was so humbling to know that I had created a place that felt like that to so many.  Over the years many have been staff or members and have disappeared and reappeared.  It has been so great to see both old and new faces in there this past month.  It is the longest running fully active lounge other than Fubar support.   With all of this said, I was kind of disappointed.   It is not like it was years ago in lounges or even on the website itself.  We reopened with a bang and still continue to remain one of the top lounges.  But my disappo
If You Want Me In The Shoutbox, You Must Read Is This You And N-e-1 Remember Johnny...plz And Thanks
how many people will wonder why im not returning thier shoutbox will probably be the same number of people that will not read this....or is this you or N-e-1 remember Johhny...Imagine that
N-e-1 Remember The "johhny" Jokes Growing Up
  But this aint no joke...   Just recently, Im on-line, dude comes over the shoutbox telling me he’d like to take me out sometime…we end up chattin…then he wants more pics than what has already been divulged….then come the hypothetical scenarios…you know….what would happen if…..what would come next…what if I did such and such..?...blah blah blah….my answer …put yourself in the scenario and find out…2 weeks later dudes still trying to get his rocks off on hypothetical situations and what if’s… I live in REALITY.  Although I do have a summer home in FANTASY, I am not currently on an extended vacation! I don’t pretend to know what I cant possibly know. And I wont pretend to know because “someone” cant. He wants to know what his cock feels like between my titties and “  why? am I NOT a sexual person?..” My mind says something like….”well if you had taken
Is This You
What is with mother fuckers nowadays? I do mean mother fucker’s….Im ready to blow a fucking gasket right now…I would welcome feedback of any type…even if its to let me know that Im the one who has lost my damn mind…and oh buddy you better back that fucking statement with some straight up –undeniable facts,  or believe that we’re going to have a problem.   Are men so lost in the internet world of eternal pussy available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, that they forget to be men? So used to having their  cocks in their hand jacking off to some females pictures, they fool themselves into believing what a fantastic lover they are and that every female is just more of that same, endless supply of eternal pussy?    Every woman is not a whore.  Every woman is not here solely for your pleasure.  I personally don’t give a fuck where you want to stick your dick, I didn’t ask to hear about it.   If you don’t know my name what fu
How To Find A Woman For A Threesome
I have been married to my wife for a little over 2 years now.  We have a wonderful 20 month old son and want to have more children.  We have had some issues with our sex life and are trying to find some new ways to spice things up.  I am straight and she recently informed me that she is bi-curious.  We don't consider ourselves to be swingers and are not even sure that we want to get involved with other couples right now.  We have decided that we would like to have our first threesome with another woman though.  Now we are running into the issue of trying to figure out how to find ourselves a woman that is interested in doing this with us.  We have tried getting onto yahoo chats and there we mostly just find single men that want to see her naked tits or watch us on cam.  We do play on our cam on there sometimes because we have found it to be exciting, but we want to find something more.  We just can't seem to find ourselves a single woman that is near to us.  We have recently started lo
This life is what you make it. Not matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you're going to mess it up. Girls will be your friends - they'll act like it anyway. But just remember, some come, somg go. The ones that stay with you through everything - they're your true best friends. Don't let go of them. Also remember, sisters make the best friends in the world. As for lovers, well, they'll come and go too. And babve, I hate to say it, most of them - actually pretty much all of them are going to break your heart, but you can't give up becuase if you give up, you'll never find your soul mate. You'll never find that half who makes you whole and that goes for everything. Just because you fail once, doesn't mean you're gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don't, then who will, sweetie? So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantl
Colorado Batman Shooting Shows Obvious Signs Of Being Staged
Home      About NaturalNews      Contact Us      Write for NaturalNews      Media Info      Advertise with Natural News       Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged   Friday, July 20, 2012by 
Colorado Batman Shooting Shows Obvious Signs Of Being Staged
Home      About NaturalNews      Contact Us      Write for NaturalNews      Media Info      Advertise with Natural News       Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged   Friday, July 20, 2012by 
Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal In Many States
      Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states as Big Government claims ownership over our water   Monday, July 26, 2010by Mike Adams, the Health RangerEditor of (See all articles...)     115K
Gone For The Week
I won't be here for at least the next five days.  I received word this morning that my last surviving brother finally lost his battle with the brain tumor that had been killing him slowly over the past year.   Some of my dear Fu friends already know of his struggle but I have chosen not to share more until now. He collapsed at work in March of last year with what was first believed to be a stroke, but was later found to be a fairly sizable tumor of a particularly nasty variety, and underwent surgery to remove it immediately.  The operating surgeons claimed at first to have gotten it all but later confirmed they had not; and he spent much of last year undergoing very heavy chemo, which was ultimately found to have had little effect earlier this year.  Not only had the original tumor mostly grown back, it began to spawn other tumors.  The last few months, he had been receving infusion treatments, which were a last-ditch effort that only held the tumors back for a short time, but which s
Just Me
蜀山剑侠  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 1,神话时代, 万山老仙拼命操纵输入法把把一些词组防盗门改成词组防盗窗,以及各种各样的暗示,甚至在我家里面的防盗窗上留一个白眉真人的长长的白色的眉毛做为这个神仙留下的标记。说明我家里面的搬来
I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”
Is é Mo Anam Trí Thine
My soul is on fire Your ashes I bleed Smoke on the altar All that I dreamed. My heart the liar That sacrificed me. Your touch is the fire Igniting  me… Your eyes the mystery Your eyes the dream, Yours the secret, Devouring  me. My heart is on fire, Emerald the flames, Questions and answers, Whispered her name, Wrapped up in answers The truth In her name.
Tears Drowing in my own tears Living all my worst fears The sorrow, the heartbreak Too painful to take My soul feels broken Keeping everything inside unspoken Dry my tears Heal my soul Take my fears away and make Me whole Fragile, Delicate and Pure Give Me my light  So I have the power of sight To see what I can do to put things right. Don't judge Me for what I do I am a free spirit so be it. I need to mend 
Like Unicorns
  Ugly girls are like unicorns                                                              They don't exist.    
I Hate It
                 I hate it when people pour my cereal                  They don't know how much milk i like                  They don't know how much cereal I want                  They don't know me                  They don't know my life                  They don't know what I've been through
Have You Seen...
If anyone finds my other page, with my pictures same as here. Please send me the url in a message. I missplaced my notes. This page has my original salutes!  
A lot of us find it easy to fall in love. But most of us find expressing the feeling of love a whole lot more difficult than being in love. If you experience this too, read a love quote or two to help you express how you feel about being in love.
You bY Christine
Here I sit, there I wander, waiting and hoping that things will finally happen. That I'll be able to hold you in my hands, and tell you I love you to your face. But you yet to come, and see what we could do together. I will wait, with heavy heart, to play you....dawnguard.   Fun, Wonder, and DAMN... The three R's of life...
I Will Post Something Funny.
== == == Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha  == == ==Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha  == == ==Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha  == == == Politicians making fools of themselves.  == ==  ==Olympics athletes send out foolish tweets. == == Any Questions?
Love is as delicate as glass; once broken it can be fixed, but there will always be cracks.
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Don't like tax plan, different people have different treat income, need weapons program is simple: no assault rifles away from the battlefield. Period. canada goose parka   Four years ago, when the candidate barack Obama announced at the democratic national convention, "the reality of gun ownership may be different hunter in rural Ohio than those who suffer from violent gangs in Cleveland, but don't tell me we can't insist on the second amendment, while maintaining ak47 criminals's hand." canada goose vest   The best way to keep ak47 and other offensive weapons of the hands of criminals is let them far from those without a duty soldier. canada goose shoes   Sent to congress a gun bill, ban sales of all assault rifles and increase punish those who illegally have them. It may not be through, but you will have to do the American people need youcanada goose handbags.
Think For A Second About The Dumbest Person You Have Ever Met.... Now Realize That 90% Of The Population Is Dumber Than That!
I can be a bit of a ranter... and at times, hard to handle.... I know this. But people are so fucking stupid sometimes it kills me! I had a lady and her kids come in for dinner the other night and all they did was sit and make fun of every other person in the dining room.... calling them trailer trash, or whores, skanks, probably homeless....YADA YADA. I bit my tongue (as a waitress, I have too) But it really got me thinking.....   Sometimes when you look at someone, your first impression can be so off that you judge someone solely on that impression and you miss out on meeting a really great person. When you look at why this is, you can tell in an instant that it is a society based misconception.   When you see a rugged looking fellow outside of a grocery store with a cup, most Americans today would assume that A, he's homeless and B, the cup is for begging for money. However, this can be one of our largest misconceptions ever. First of all when you look at his exterior, societ
Now I Sing
I hope you are well, cuz life without you is pure hell. Then I could be happy, and released from the devil in me. I use to be plain , yeah me, I use to run in the rain. Now I sing and the sun shines through, in my thoughts I am with you. Stars twinkle as much as they can, I tell you 'you are my only man.' The one that holds my heart, the one that dwells in every part. As much as I love you, my dream as already come true. I know that you care, it means enough that we are connected everywhere. Thousands of miles or more, never fulfilled me this way before. To cry with sheer joy, and to know I am more than just your toy. I smile when we are close, just a few inches away is an overdose. Always I want to thank you, you have made my gray skies crystal blue.   Take and smile then pat yourself on the back, brains with sympathy you don't lack. If the hands of time are on our side, we could still be in for one hell of a ride. We will take the corners with ease, and the b
Work Part 2
    Thurs.  I went to work, where I got the 3rd degree from one of the teacher's at work.  The office manger was on vaction.  I walked in, a (teacher that I never saw) asked me if I was sub.  I explain to him that I was permit> Then  he asked me what room I was working for, what school I came from & how long I been working with the district ( nasty tone). I told him I worked for QA for about 12 years.  The  new pric. that I work for post a letter in the Teacher's Lounge telling staff members that the school would be getting 5 new aids.  She forgot to mention are names, hours, were we came from, & are starting day.  Also, that same day, we got two new aids & someone forgot to tell them their reoom  assments. I was pissed as hell, of the lack of caucation  my new school has.      I am not quite sure what neighbrood the school is in.  I think it's in Hollywood somewhere ( near where Sunset & Hollywood become one). I only use the 2 South & get on Sunset for the rest of my route.  I have a
I'm Benjamin you can call me ben or benjie your choice. I love music more than anything. In a band well not anymore we are about to break up and i'm going to school. I'm 20 go to concerts all the time have met a lot of famous musicians and talk to some of them. I love my life very much. And i'm here looking for friends fun or something more we shall see. Ich Liebe Du
A heart now frozen, No longer able to feel. Shattered beyond belief, No chance ever to heal. Broken with shame, To be left forever alone. To wander endlessly, Lost as it aimlessly roams. No one else to blame, It has caused its own demise. To never again feel love, Or the mornings sunrise.
A heart now frozen, No longer able to feel. Shattered beyond belief, No chance ever to heal. Broken with shame, To be left forever alone. To wander endlessly, Lost as it aimlessly roams. No one else to blame, It has caused its own demise. To never again feel love, Or the mornings sunrise.
Michelle Obama's Patient-dumping Scheme
News & Politics |   Yoursay |   Must See |   Iraq |   Afghanistan |   Entertainment |   Chat |   Staff Blog |   More Blogs |   Top Leakers Michelle Obama's Patient-Dumping Scheme TheFirst Lady helped create a notorious program that dumped poor patients on community hospitals, yet the national media ignore the story. Imagineif her husband were a Republican.The University of Chicago Medical Center has received a good deal of justly opprobrious press overits policy of "redirecting" low-income patients to community hospitals while reserving its own beds for well-heeled patients requiring highly profitable procedures. Substantial coverage was given to a recent indictment of the program by the American College of Emergency Physicians. ACEP's president, Dr. Nick Jouriles, released a statementsuggesting that the initiative comes "dangerously close to ‘patient dumping,' a practice made illegal by the Emergency Medical Labor and Treatment Act, and refl
Mind Vs Heart
when i was child people use to say listen to your heart ,although its very difficult to listen  it ,try it and keep on doing its an art ,they also use to say its always right ,but when i was child everything was fair enough even the heart ,even i was a good beliver , that its the heart which is always true to you ,and anything that you do what your heart says will be good for you . I don't know how many of you agree with it but its not always good to listen to it , its always not fair enough , most of the time listening to it can be painfull ,most of the time it confuse you ,most of the time its discourage you ,here is a scenario ,there was a boy who was deeply in love with a girl who used to be her best friend ,his heart say to propose her and mind says not to finally after lots of up down ,intially there was a war between his heart and mind with all those fight he remembered what he learned in his childhood to go with your heart ,so he decided to go with his heart and proposed the g
Mind Vs Heart
when i was child people use to say listen to your heart ,although its very difficult to listen  it ,try it and keep on doing its an art ,they also use to say its always right ,but when i was child everything was fair enough even the heart ,even i was a good beliver , that its the heart which is always true to you ,and anything that you do what your heart says will be good for you . I don't know how many of you agree with it but its not always good to listen to it , its always not fair enough , most of the time listening to it can be painfull ,most of the time it confuse you ,most of the time its discourage you ,here is a scenario ,there was a boy who was deeply in love with a girl who used to be her best friend ,his heart say to propose her and mind says not to finally after lots of up down ,intially there was a war between his heart and mind with all those fight he remembered what he learned in his childhood to go with your heart ,so he decided to go with his heart and proposed the g
Supposed To Be A Start To A Story Couldn't Finish It
Very beautiful she is as she walks in the shadows of the moon. She comes across a path that leads to a pond… She comes across a man sitting by the body of water she walks over and sits down beside him “lovely night tonight” she says as the man turns toward her… “Yes it is, what are you doing out here my love?” he asks “I was going for a walk and just happened to find this trial, why are you all the way out here?” she responds… “I was just thinking about how much I love you” he responds then throws a stone into the beautiful calm lake before moving closer to her… “I love you” she says before she gets pulled into a very passionate kiss waking her up from her dream to see her lover laying beside her as she drifts back asleep in his loving arms....
Insert Name Of Blog... I Was Bored
Valentines day is here again It’s valentines day la de la da everyone happy, everyone loves... Its valentines day one again couples kissing & laughing down the street Roses & rings, clothes & gifts and again I'm not notices... Love is a word that leaves a bitter taste on my tongue... Won’t this day just go away!
The heart has reasons that reason does not understand. 
A hundred hearts would be too few. To carry all my love for you. "
狂犬吠日 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,人一刚走,茶就冷好, 1,炫耀, 掌控中国一切人、事、财、等等各种各样资源的中国土皇帝,即中国卡扎菲,也就是万山老仙老师,本来想趁我这个机会捞点好处,或者冲出宪法的限制当然更好,作为交换条
Whats This Site All About
i joined this site to do a few things such as make friends and play the slots and to promote my business in the United Kingdom however i really need help figuring out how to find people on here because i dont see what there after on here 
Short Bus Lounge Now Hiring All Staff.
THE SHORT BUS LOUNGE IS NOW HIRING ALL STAFF If you are interested in any of the following positions please contact me.  General Manager-Overseeing all actions of lounge management/staff/members/visitors, including hiring & firing.  Assistant General Manager-Reports to the GM & has all duties as GM except for firing. Promoter Manager-Responsible for all internal & external promotions of the lounge including creating & designing bully's, comment drops, blasts etc also is in charge of hiring/firing up to 3 other promoters to carry out the lounge promotions.   Promoter ( 3 postions open ) - Responsible for the external promotions of the lounge as directed by Promoter Manager & other management. This includes link dropping, inviting new visitors/guests, bully dropping etc to make lounge more active.  Enforcer Manager- Responsible for all lounge security issues including with staff, supervising a staff of 3 + enforcers making sure that all drama stays out of the lounge & away from th
The Meaning Of Life.
I, like most people, have often found myself pondering the meaning of life. I sit in the back yard, sitting in the backyard in the lotus position staring up into the stars, meditating while on peyote. One day it crosses my mind that what if the atheists are all right that when we die it is all over. What then? One day you will die, and then you will cease to be, just as once before you never was. The average human being lives roughly seventy-five years, give or take a few decades. A fruit fly lives only a few hours, which seems like a significantly short lifespan to us, to the fruit fly that is a long well lived life. Oddly, some tortoises can live hundreds of years, our lifespans must seem relatively short to them. Yet, when you consider that the age of the earth is 4.5 billion years old, then in comparison with the earth, our lives our not much longer than the fruit fly’s life. Our lives vanish in the blink of an eye when compared to the lifespan of the universe. No
Wild is the flame burns within me , brighter then almost u can imagine .. is the passion that burns .. that u can feel taste with each word i write .. everyone of them bathed in passion .. passion for people , passion for caring , passion for learning , passion for life .  each day despites lifes obsacles it burns brighter .. i sure believe without passion i would surely die. my spirit would would not soar high above the clouds .. and when things seemed to hard . there wouldn't that driving force to push me further and further ... i would feel empty .. disheartned and maybe even alone .. trappped in my own head .. 
I Will Never Fail , Cause I Will Never Give Up ...
im so determined to get what i want out of life .. im determined to follow my dreams wherever they with wisedom guide me . Im determined to find a way to give back this generation . determined to leave a good legacy for my daughter to follow ..  So much much of me is under the surface ... so much to tell you ..    my family is everything to me .. whether they be here or there their always in my heart . Family a sense of belonging but being accepted for who u are .
From "cookin' With The Swamp People" Coming In 2013!
Gator Queen's Baked/Stuffed Louisiana Creole TomatoesFrom "Cookin' With the Swamp People" Coming in 2013! Ingredients:8 large Creole tomatoes2 slices bacon, (precook crisp) chopped4 tablespoons olive oil1 small red onion, finely chopped2 garlic cloves, crushed5 1/2oz basmati rice10 1/2oz hot vegetable stock1/2oz fresh basil leaves, finely shredded2 tablespoons parsley flakes2 tablespoons pine nutsFinely grated zest of 1/2 a lime1¼oz Parmesan cheese, grated  Directions:1. Preheat the oven to 375*F. Cut a 2cm (3/4 in) thick slice off the top of each beef tomato. Scoop out the pulp into a bowl and set aside. 2. Over a medium heat, fry the onion and garlic in the oil until soft, but not browned. 3. Add the tomato pulp to the pan. Increase the heat slightly and simmer for about 10 minutes until reduced. 4. Add the rice and the vegetable stock. Cover and leave to cook gently over a low heat for 10 minutes, until the rice is just half-cooked. 5. Stir in the crisp, chopped bacon, shredded basi
Joker Massacre
I watched the news today, and was blown away by the horror that rocked a movie theatre in Colorado. A young man enters the theatre claiming to be the Joker and killed thirteen people, and put fifty-two more in the hospital. It bothers me that a comic book could inspire someone to commit such deeds. It then occurred to me that he completely missed the point of those old comics. The Joker, like most villains, was symbolic of the insanity and chaos that is this world. Batman, and other heroes like him, represents man's desire to overcome that chaos, and bring hope that a utopia might still be achieved. I remember sitting in a movie theatre in 1989, watching "Batman" for the very first time, and how much it moved me, in those days Michael Keaton played Batman, and Jack Nicholson played the Joker; I doubt most of you remember. Batman did so well in the comics despite the fact he had no super powers, but that is why he connected to so many people. Batman represents what we can become if we o
Why Is It We Always Fall For Our Best Friends?
Why is it we always fall for our best friends? Is it because we know we can trust them? Is it because we know them so well? Is it because of the way they know exactly whats going on in our heads? Or is it because they are there any day, anytime, anywhere without the promise of kisses, intimate touches or whispered sentiments of love? I think we love them because they are there when there is nothing in it for them except for that little glimmer of hope that maybe someday there will be!
Never Go Home
Though the paths look familiar, They to have all changed. What once was clear in my mind, No longer is it the same.   Roads gone,rivers change course, Altered lands lay before me. Nothing is how it used to be, As far as my eyes can see.   Faces in front of me, No memoreys do they stir. Nothing seems in focus, With tears my eyes begin to blur.   Where did it all go, Or was it that I was gone. Things kept on moving, It all had to carry on.   Now I return,my pen in hand, Seeing home again for the first time. My memoreys are of old, Making me so sublime.   I will embrace the new, To understand I must try. To make this my home again,
Never Go Home
Though the paths look familiar, They to have all changed. What once was clear in my mind, No longer is it the same.   Roads gone,rivers change course, Altered lands lay before me. Nothing is how it used to be, As far as my eyes can see.   Faces in front of me, No memoreys do they stir. Nothing seems in focus, With tears my eyes begin to blur.   Where did it all go, Or was it that I was gone. Things kept on moving, It all had to carry on.   Now I return,my pen in hand, Seeing home again for the first time. My memoreys are of old, Making me so sublime.   I will embrace the new, To understand I must try. To make this my home again, And again make my heart fly.
Just A Short But Sweet Blurt B4 I Goto Sleep
I do all this on my phone so I tend to lag a lot and my phone is a big fan of freezing up.. Just so u know if i am slow to respond..
Taxi Services: Enjoy Easy And Safe Commutation In Big Cities
Commutation is a major problem in the metropolitan cities like Delhi. Although you can find plenty of vehicles like buses, autos etc. to commute around the city but you have to waste hours while waiting for them. Even after the long wait you are not sure that you will get the seat to travel comfortably. However, the commutation has become a bit easier now by the arrival of new buses in Delhi, but still you can never be sure about getting the seat and comfort. This is not only the scenario of Delhi but you have to face such kinds of problem in almost every big city where population is very high.Delhi and jaipur is another such area that is overcrowded and commutation is very difficult. This neighbor of Delhi has given support to countless families and is very populous making traveling a big problem. Even in such conditions you can think about comfortable travelling in such populous cities using Taxi facilities. Taxi services in Delhi will never let you down and you can roam around Delhi
Wish I Knew
so i sit here wondering is life really what we make of it? if we work hard at something is it worth it in the end? i work hard to make my life what i want it to be, bad thing is i wear my heart on my fingertips not on my sleeves. i think i put my guard down to quickly at times and then things start changing and i realize i just became the fool. so now i just dont know is it real or is it just a dream. wish i knew :(
Nowadays The Favorite Hairstyle, Is Undoubtedly Popular September
Long BOB hair, the length control while in the pate, the fine scissor the amount, making bangs comb either side the forehead, then after dark grips Gao Ji to consult with bed to fall asleep the wet hair, overnight woke is an extremely natural BOB hairstyle. The BOB head of natural volume, hair length control in chin following one inch place. Sending volume from top to bottom can increase. Was likely to bear in mind tresses are shorter, sends the degree more, the a sense of depth is stronger. Classical uneven straight bangs BOB, this was also the recent innovation cuts legal issues! If requests your hairstylist to prune this modeling, told him only to far superior! He suggested following your brain, hair trims and shortens slightly, then jumps over to front is longer, moreover don't prune the exact level. The cash of greenbacks hairstyle can simple be unique. Newest medium length level volume can be called perfect, is been long and short, could make hair seem like abundantly dynamic.
Low Vitamin D Level
Vitamin D is important for strong and healthy bone as well as our teeth. Lacking the correct concentrations in your body system, difficulties of weakened bones and sensitive teeth may happen. Throughout the next few lines we will look at what exactly are the most crucial positive effects of this kind of vitamin.Useful Resource : TheVitaminMag.comSoaks up Vital Mineral depositsCalcium mineral and also phosphorus that are a pair of excellent mineral deposits which have been a factor for healthy and strong bone tissue tend to be utilized by the system because of the levels of vitamin D within the system. It activates metabolic activities for ingestion of vital minerals such as calcium and also phosphorus. The deficit causes bad ingestion of calcium as well as phosphorus so therefore raises threat of rickets illness in kids. Grown ups might be at risk from persistent issues for example weak bones because of deficit. Suitable resources of this particular vitamin can easily confirm that bone
Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead - Bonnie Raitt
When you give more than you get You're in danger You may find that you're in love With a stranger But who knows what evil Lurks within the hearts of men? It's vanity, insanity You play what you can't win If you find that you're losing Girl, it's time to get on moving 'Cause there's danger Heartbreak dead ahead Well, it only takes one second, girl, to learn That playing with fire will get you burned So girl, don't you be foolish They say that love is blind But it's clear as the highway sign That reads 'Danger, heartbreak dead ahead' Heartbreak dead ahead Better mind, girl, read the sign, girl Yeah, danger and heartbreak dead ahead I want somebody's boy (Heartbreak dead ahead) Start packing up your heart Now listen to me, girl There's nothing to be gained So don't keep going on in vain There's danger and heartbreak dead ahead Yeah, I said, "There's danger and heartbreak dead ahead" Danger, I said, "There's danger" (Heartbreak dead ahead) I said, "There's danger and heartbreak dea
Love Will Rise Again - Loverboy
You've been hurt and left for dead Shot from the saddle And your heart, it's been cut and bled Run from the bottle You've been shattered, battered, you've had it rough But never, ever, never give up Cause love will rise, love will rise Love will rise again You've got to fight like a true survivor Love will rise again Up from the ashes Love will rise again... and again You better run and hide away Lost in the shadows You're alone, you wear the pain Just like a medal You've been shot down, brought down You've had it rough But never, ever, never give up Cause love will rise, love will rise Love will rise again You've got to fight like a true survivor Love will rise again Up from the ashes Love will rise again...and again Believe me I know where you've been I used to be one of the wounded There's something your heart can't defend I'm back on my feet, I come back alive Stand up and fight, never say die Up from the ashes, love will rise Love will rise again You've got to fight like
Les Appels Téléphoniques Sont Devenus Moins Chers De 16,6% En 2011
La crise économique obligeant les citoyens à chercher des sa poche, et la "guerre des prix qui a débuté après l'entrée en low cost des opérateurs espagnols du marché des télécommunications a tiré les prix mobiles vers le bas. En 2011, a chuté de 16,6%, passant de 11,7 à 9,8 cents par minute. Et depuis le début de la crise a éclaté en 2008, est devenu moins cher les appels mobiles de près de 50% selon le dernier rapport annuel publié mardi ce secteur du marché de la Commission (CMT). "La tendance des prix est nettement à la baisse, a souligné lors de la présentation du document, le président de l'organisme de réglementation, Bernardo Lorenzo, qui a expliqué que la réduction de prix de gros de location de charge des entreprises avec les opérateurs de réseaux Mobile Virtual Network (MVNO) pour les utiliser, imposée par la CMT ont aussi contribué à réduire les taux. Au cours de l'année écoulée a également baissé les prix des appels fixe vers Montre mobile , 12,1% (de 17 à 15 c
Really Stressed Out
between my grandparents' issues, and my own, I'm really stressed out and having bad anxiety attacks.  It would help if I had some support and help.  Grandpa needs a lot of help and grandma thinks I don't care and that I don't understand what's going on so I get the brunt of her frustration.  How am I supposed to deal with this?  Please, someone help.
Asus Transformer Pad Infinity Tf700
Il n'y a rien comme l'inventaire d'anticipation et de faible à l'exagération d'un produit. Nous avons vu que le Asus Eee Pad Transformer Premier début de cette année, et maintenant son successeur, l'Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 est sur le point de commencer une autre frénésie. Alors que le premier a ses problèmes, la TF700 Infinity est tout ce que le premier aurait dû être, et puis certains. Radios sans fil fonctionne parfaitement, les ports et les contrôles sont plus robustes et l'affichage 1920 x 1200 HD est l'un des meilleurs que nous ayons vu sur un produit mobile. L'arrière f2.2 caméra avec capteur BSI et 5 élément de lentille est également le meilleur appareil photo tablette tactile sur le marché. Accordée, qui pourraient ne pas dire grand-chose étant donné l'état des caméras de comprimés, mais la TF700 ne vraiment prendre d'excellentes photos et vidéo 1080p qui dépassent de loin le médiocre Transformateur premier et Asus Transformer Pad TF300 caméra. Fiche technique La
Discovering The Right Torch Pertaining To Self-defense
Most of my self-defense students have got questions regarding  Led flashlight. As with most categories of gear which tumble inside the strategic or self-defense type, you will find way too many choices to truly seize the complete subject using a small report. A few things i wish to carry out, nonetheless, can be strike a few of the more standard topics which aren't understood for most people. This informative article won't protect each and every probability or scenario; I'm just attempting to supply adequate standard understanding make it possible for somebody who has no experience of any type in order to feel as if they could search for the best light. Let's start having a short sum-up involving why torches create this kind of fantastic resources. Many people make a strategic torch as well as immediately think of the huge MagLite which can be used in order to hit away a Yeti. I must point out which in case a person can be assaulting me personally, I shall be all too pleased to struck
Loyalty Is It A Past Trait Or Do People Know What This Is
So I have been back on Fubar for a couple months now, left for reasons only known to a few TRUSTED people My comeback has been good for the most part except for the fact that someone I love like a brother has been burned by so called loyalty...yep thats it LOYALTY....the term we SDMF'rs use and LIVE by....someone who shall remain nameless was on staff at my brother's lounge and i was all good till he didnt get his way and while he was a staff member in the lounge he was working to steal members from ours...see im old school fubar you dont stab people in the back by stealing members LOYALTY what does that mean?? loyal to someone when it only is convenient for a little while??? LOYALTY is 100 percent all the time.....get that through your head people!!! My brother is the type of guy who would give the shirt off his back to anyone if they needed it and he doesnt deserve the treatment he has been getting MAKE a DIFFERENCE see your heart and return to his lounge and make it what it needs
Blessed By Love
Four Years ago, you came into my world, and gave it a unexpected turn, but it wasn't a turn for the worst, it was a turn to the beggining of something magical. Little did I know you were my blessing in disguise, my soul mate most of all. You've brought a new meaning to my life, but also a new meaning to live. Taz, I know we have been through so much in these last four years together, with ups, downs and the in betweens, and none of it I would trade for the world. You have been the greatest thing to ever come into my life. Showing me that love doesn't have to hurt, that true love really does exist. I don't know what would of happend if I never would of found my way back to you. Its your love and your soul, that brings me down to my knees, and thank the Gods that I have found you. Each day that I wake up knowing that I have you in my life, leaves a smile that is brighter than heaven's beam. Your everything I have wished for, but most of all you are my dream come true. With four years of
A Fallen Soldier
The Soldier gets a letter saying he has to go to war His wife is 8 months pregnant The Soldier has to leave for war His wife is almost going into labor The wife just had a daughter The Soldier hasn't slept in days His wife can't sleep cause of the baby The Soldier after 3 months finally gets a phone call home He finally hears his daughter cry The Soldier is killed by a surprise bombing His daughter says daddy for the first time Now his wife is a widow The daughter never met her father He died for his country They gave his wife a pin and flag All they could say was I am sorry The daughter never knew her father.
A Soldier
Lovers' Dance
A Friend So Far Away
Having A Relaxing Summer Finally !!!
My New CD "Lock N' Load" is completed and has been doing great so far on I-Tunes. Thanks to my friends and fans from Fubar and all my other social websites for the great support !  Also wanted to Thank you Guys for helping me climb to the Top 5 Position for Rock Artists for my City on the Reverbnation Charts.  If you havnt yet checked out my music..Feel free to check it out when you have some spare time.....You can find me on I-tunes at:   I'm Finally Relaxing now for the Summer and taking some Well Deserved Time off...before I start my next Project Late this Fall. I hope you guys are all having a Rock'in Summer so far as well !!!
Join Me For Live Interactive Chat And Interview
  My Fubar Friends are all invited to Join me for a Live interactive chat on Sunday,August 5th at 9 pm Est , while I'm being Interviewed live via Skype on the Indie Spotlight Live Show. Topics will include my New Album "Lock N'Load" and pretty much any other Topic that comes up in Conversation (...that can be . I'll  also be answering questions as well.....Hope you can Join us in the chat room. See ya There !  The Shows Web Address is
Family Adds/famp Runs
Seeing as how I've been running into this a lot, I felt the need to address this.    first, I will be running minimum 4 famps a week. MINIMUM. More than likely it'll be spread out over the weekened (weekend warrior if you want to say). So if you want to do a PERM fam add and see that maybe I've gone a few days without famping, dont freak. It should matter if I run a famp every day, or decided to do two+ a day on the weekends. Youre still in just as many famps people.   Secondly, this whole "hey if you put me in yours now I'll put you in mine later" attemp fam trade is bullshit, and not happening. I've done it with a couple of you..."more popular" folk, and I have YET to see a famp rate from you as promised so obviously, that won't be happening anymore. I have more than enough room for PERM fam adds thought so let me know if thats something youre interested in. But if I'm running one at 10 in the morning and you're starting at 7 at night, I'm not adding you to mine because I don't k
Time Is Fair To The Fair
If I could understand more than I do that would be nice. Too nice, as a matter of fact. I don't remember so much that I wish I could. Like what happened to the pennies I saved?? Thirty dollars worth. Whatever happened to my tether ball after my dog died from breaking his back playing tether ball with me?? He was a cute puppy so I named him Snoopy. He grew up and my step father called him Horse. Guess it was because he was German Shepard and St. Bernard mix. Snoopy will be waiting for me in Heaven. As will my Dad, both my grandmas and grandpas, my child that died 6 weeks after conception in 1999. Time is slow but fast. Slow while I'm living then I look back and wonder where the hell did all the time go. It seems there was so much that I thought would last forever. Getting older use to take forever. Now its going too fast. The time in between meals is too fast. It too use to take FOREVER. So I don't eat evidently as much as I should. If I could still run I would. I would like to partak
Santa Outsourced
Remarkable Obituary
Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend,Mr. Common Sense. Mr. Sense had been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valued lessons as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm and that life isn't always fair. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you earn) and reliable Parenting strategies (adults, not kids, are in charge). His health began to rapidly deteriorate when well intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a six-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Mr. Sense declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer aspirin to a
This Is So Very True!!!
Jack wakes up with a huge hangover after attending his company's Christmas Party. Jack is not normally a drinker, but the drinks didn't taste like alcohol at all. He didn't even remember how he got home from the party. As bad as he was feeling, he wondered if he did something wrong. Jack had to force himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins next to a glass of water on the side table. And, next to them, a single red rose! ! Jack sits up and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and pressed. He looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order, spotlessly clean. So is the rest of the house. He takes the aspirins, cringes when he sees a huge black eye staring back at him in the bathroom mirror. Then he notices a note hanging on the corner of the mirror written in red with little hearts on it and a kiss mark from his wife in lipstick: Honey, breakfast is on the stove, I left early to get groceries to make you your favorite dinner tonight
Stud Rooster
A farmer went out one day and bought a brand new stud rooster for hischicken coop. The new rooster struts over to the old rooster andsays, 'OK old fart, time for you to retire.' The old rooster replies, 'Come on, surely you cannot handle ALL of these chickens. Look what it has done to me. Can't you just let me have the two old hens over in the corner?' The young r ooster says, 'Beat it: You are washed up And I am taking over.' The old rooster says, 'I tell you what, young stud. I will race you around the farmhouse. Whoever wins gets the exclusivedomain over the entire chicken coop.' The young rooster laughs. 'You know you don't stand a chance, old man. So, just to be fair, I will give you a head start..' The old rooster takes off running. About 15 seconds later the youngrooster takes off running after him. They round the front porch ofthe farmhouse and the young rooster has closed the gap. He is only about 5 feet behind the old rooster and gaining fast.. Thefarmer, meanwhile, is sittin
My Celebrity Look Alikes
My South Park Character
You've Touched My Heart
You've given me a reason For smiling once again, You've filled my life with peaceful dreams and you've become my closest friend. You've shared your heart felt secrets And your trust you've given me, You showed me how to feel again To laugh, and love, and see. If life should end tomorrow And from this world I should part, I shall be forever young For you have touched my heart.
Have A Great Weekend Every One :)
Cute Graphics
  二,工作中小记之抓我前后的情况  当然只是,在工作单位,我不敢再做事了,我一做事,机器设备发疯似的损坏,所有人都忙得昏天黑地。有人说,反正你的工资是全单位最低了,每个人都可以欺负你,而且再也找不到比这个岗位更差的岗位了,你再怎么努力,也没人会多给你一点&#
苦难历程  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 乱语, 一,精神病院小记之心中的申请。 我多么想到我单位,即重庆川庆化工厂每一个单位去上班! 他们,早在2000年的时候,早在2002年的时候就都明明白白地知道我,都清清楚楚了解我,所以才开始了折腾我。 现
I Am What I Am
Intimal, obsoleteI overslept, arrived too lateIf nothing is as nothing doesI guess my time has comeWeather underground is overcast and chillyThen the truth is never prettyWhen you wield it like a gunQuick, catch me, lost controlMy pants are down, I've been exposedIt's not the way it looks, I swearThere's nothing I wouldn't dareGive a little, take a lotA kingdom built upon the rotIf power comes so easilyThen nothing but the best for meHey you, hold on, stop right thereI'm only human, let's be fairI'll make no apologiesOr full confession on my kneesNo, I won't go quietly, admit I am your enemyI'm still the one you hate to loveEverything I ever wasI heard it all, did it my wayDid it my wayYou can't change meI am what I amI am what I amNo, you can't change meI heard it allMade the callTook the fallYou can't change me
Love is the hardest habit to break, and the most difficult to satisfy."
Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well."
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Rockin Out
Clean thought with no voilance I'm just chillin out rockin until i go to sleep  not that shabby i have to say.
Figures another lounge owner being a complete dick really if your guna make a lounge dont make people listen to your shitty ass music u play then kick them its called freedom of choice.
I Am Sorry
Im sorry© By lauren robertssorry that i love you,im sorry that i care,sorry that ive taken for granted the love that i shared.sorry for causing heartache, sorry for causing pain, sorry for what you gave me if i didnt give back the same.sorry for the waiting, sorry to waste your time,sorry if im not worth it, i knew you wouldnt be mine.sorry for mistaking for something that i thought was true.sorry if you dont understand why i do what i do.sorry if my feelings wasnt enough, sorry if we cant work through all this stuff.sorry if you cant fit me into your life, sorry if all i do is cause us to fight.i know im cramping your style or getting in your way, im sorry if i dont say the things you want me to say.i know i dont measure up to what you want me to be, sorry if i cant be enough to make you just want me.
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This is not a neighborhood bar and grill, restaurant or the street corner. This is a privately owned site and the owner has his own rules and regs for us to follow. Please do not get confused on where you are at at any given time. If your avatar was removed, it was removed because it violated Fubar's Terms of Service. If you are NOT familiar with the TOS on Fubar, you can FIND them by clicking the Terms of Service LINK at the bottom of EACH page. Read them CAREFULLY. Or CLICK HERE if you are slow.  "Haters" can NOT remove your avatar. Only Fubar STAFF can do that. "Haters" can only REPORT your NSFW avatar. Please make sure you understand the difference. Hating on the "Haters" just isn't "you". It's also childish and stupid to blame someone else for your "error" in violating those terms. If you can't play by someone else's rules, you can find out how to leave by visiting a bouncer, the support lounge or the FuBible.  Fubar isn't all that strict, and all the whining and bitching abo
Come Up Wanting
Has it ever hurts so bad to look into there eyes? to see the world moving past you at such wicked speed.Had you thought you might be standing HERE? Thinking this? Was your mind wishing for more sunshine and your heart more love?Did you dream of kisses that would never end,of thunderstorms and shelter in someones arms?was your yesterday all you wanted it to be?Every step you have taken what you meant for it to be?have you made mistakes and prayed for mercy?Or have you laid down and cried a million tears?was there a day you gave your heart to that one person and you knew it would be crushed and broken, and yet you gave it with all you had?Were you the one that tried so hard or did you hide from the fight?Have you laid your will down and walked as others wanted for you?Rather than Standing for what you feel hope love and believe deep in your core? have you walked in someone's shoes?Or just pushed them around?DO you care to love others or look for only yourself?have you been beaten or so y
So today is my birthday and it seems to be a reflection on what a huge failure my life has been.... It seems like everyone has someone except for me... and I haven't had someone who loves me in a long time and I'm not talking about family or anything like that I know they love me but I still would like a companion... someone told me being single is ideal... I think that is really easy to say that when you have someone...  I am not sure how I feel about my job... I don't know how to meet people... I don't know why I can't meet someone... maybe I just need to move and start over but that scares the crap out of me and I don't know where I would go... this is my birthday and I should be celebrating but I can seem to feel anything anymore....
if your going to act like a dick you might as well look the part - put a condom over your head
Sex For The First Time
what ever happend to days . Where people could just meet up and hang out with out having sex. If you have sex the first time. It's an easy way to get hurt
Best Wishes
If I could I would end world hunger. If I could I would cure the ill, each and every person and animal. I know that my want to do this doesn't mean all that much. Who knows maybe someday I will be able to get started in doing this, maybe not. I have a dream that the world will one day be an overall happier place to live. It could happen and hopefully before the earth becomes just a hunk of space junk. If every country could realize we need eachother and one nuclear explosion could affect the entire world. Perhaps it could help erase their yearning to be the ultimate power. We need to work together to unite the power held in the human race. Probably the best ideas won't be heard because its not from the higher ups. Feed the hungry, cure the ill, and be nice to eachother. We only have one life to live. One life to love and one life to lose. I know there are more difficulties and I know people that don't hope for improvement. Let live long and prosper mean something again!!
What My Mama Taught Me
growing up with my mom wasn't the easiest thing in the world. she had little patience and quite the temper. until i was about 14 she was pretty angry all the time about a lot of things that she really had no control over. i'm the only girl so she was pretty strict. just looking out for me i suppose, but at the time it was pretty crappy. in some ways i'm thankful for the way she was, i wasn't a teen mom, i didn't die and i graduated high school and went to college. i messed up a lot and pissed her off even more. but she'd come back around eventually and we'd work everything out.  my mom had a rough childhood, as i'm sure most of our parents did. dirt poor, abusive parents (emotionally and physically), not a lot of opportunities to have a better life. i look up to her a lot. she's the first person i ask when i need advice. she's my best friend. she taught me a lot. sometimes without even trying. she always used to tell me to be careful of my words, because good or bad, whatever i say c
Life's Paltry Worth
How long til it breaks?Watching what I've worked forBe crushed by something so stupidSo fickle, so maddeningly pettyAs a figure burned in black On some piece of white paperAn imaginary numberDeigned by strangersPeople whose sole life's workIs to determine the worthOf other livesWhy should I care?Why should I bow downTo these sharks, these jackalsThese carrion creatures who don't know me,Who don't care for me?Oh but the satisfactionOf a Molotov CocktailNo, something bigger,Something meant to destroyViciously, grievouslyErasing all modes of identityLet it come home to roostThose you employThose you crippleThose you bleed dry ofTheir every resourceTaking shelter from over their headsFood from their mouthsAnd cracking cat o' nines Over their bare, bonyStraining backsSmiles dripping black goldEyes green with stamped billsWhy should I be subordinate?My worth is far in the redHounded, owned so say theyA slave to what I onceCalled my dreamsAmbition is punishedAnd sought at terrible costsTo int
A Guide For Men About Women: Word Translations.
Word Translations I came across something on Facebook that elaborated on specific words or phrases women often use when pissed off at men. And it explained what we REALLY mean when we use some of these expressions. So, I am going to elaborate. When a woman says, "it's fine" at any point during an argument, she is being dismissive. What she is really saying is, "OKAY, I am done talking about this, I don't really care, end of discussion". The word "nothing" is a bit more complicated, however. First off, it never really, actually means nothing. It's more of, "why aren't you getting it? You should know why I'm upset, figure it out". "Whatever" may also be seen as dismissive but can additionally mean, "I'm dropping this for now, but it's not done... you're going to have to deal with me later". One of my personal favorites, "WOW!", which is most definitely not to be seen as a compliment. Rather, it would mean something along the lines of, "I knew you were stupid but I am SHO
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i   tired of bing   single  i  wish find wright woman
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The Motto
Yung Lover....Made Under Cover....Trying To Get @ Me...Best We Get To Know One Another!!!!!!.....BY:Yung Robo
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Here are some really cupcake cup handy cake baking tips and tricks for you to use... 1) Preheat cupcake liners the oven first before starting to bake, make sure the rack is in the center of the oven (unless directed differently in the recipe) and keep pan in the center of the rack. If you're baking more cupcake cups than one pan at a time, keep them at least 2? away from the walls of the oven and from each other. 2) Add 1 envelope of unflavored gelatin to the cake batter, helps prevent the top of the cake paper straws splitting cupcake wrappers or cracking. 3) Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the butter and sugar called for in the recipe before mixing the rest of the ingredients. Helps make the cake lighter. 4) Separate eggs Wedding Cupcake Liners before adding them to recipes-beat yolks till golden and creamy then add to the butter/sugar mixture. Beat the egg whites until light and frothy before folding them into the butter mixture. 5) Flower Cupcake Liners Substitute o
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If I only knew more than I did and didn't have such a short memory. I would believe some dreams could still come true if I could be the kind of person I want to be. Seems like a long time ago that everything was going really good. I never knew I would meet those people I have on the internet though. I may never meet you or know certain things about you I might want to know but I just wanted to say thank you for coming into my life. I don't think I would be doing anywhere near as good as I am now. I don't have diamond necklaces or a fancy car but I have some really nice friends and that is good as gold for me. In my will I am leaving whatever my kids don't want to cherity. I have nothing I value except my kids. Sometimes they hate me and sometimes they love me. They don't thank me for what I do all the live long day but I helped create them. They wouldn't be here if I played it safe. Yeah I like to walk on the wildside every now and then. Deal with it!! I am not a theif or a killer. I
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Inner fires burning out of control Life shows no mercy, it takes its toll Can’t you see the flames flickering in my eyes Don’t you know I’m full of lies The smile on my face A deceitful disgrace Inside the anger rages Keeping good feelings in cages Past hurt and regret, stoking the fire Memories like fuel to the flames My heart is in ashes My soul burnt away But you can’t see past my fluttering lashes My loving touch, my pleas for you to stay Why do I pretend to be happy and play these silly games When I really just want to remove my feet from this mire?
Moins De 2% Des Clients Achètent Tranche Mobiles
juillet 26 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Bien que n'étant plus subventionner movistar pour attirer les clients par l'intermédiaire de Android Mobile de dernière Mars et Vodafone a suivi ses traces en Avril, les règles du marché ont peu changé. Au moins pour l'instant. Selon une étude réalisée par Kantar Worldpanel conseil, qui fait écho à ITespresso, dernière Mars, plus de la moitié (54,7%) des utilisateurs qui ont renouvelé leur téléphone obtenu par la formule traditionnelle, c.-à- La subvention, que les opérateurs continuent cette politique pour leur loyauté envers le client et Orange maintient ce modèle. Ce qui vient d'déployé à ce jour est le paiement en plusieurs versements: seulement 1,6% ont utilisé cette formule. Ni semble avoir beaucoup de succès l'option d'achat utilisé mobile. 67% ont dit qu'ils n'ont rien fait avec votre ancien mobile ou smartphone, 13% qu'il a donné à un ami ou un parent, et seulement 2,4% ont choisi de le remettr
Work Place
I am at a new school, now ( almost 2 weeks).  The old school>QA closed it's door to the public June> 29 of this year.  The following week me & the rest of the aids had to clean up the school.  I asked the old office manger when I will be working at my new place.  She told me to call her Fri. after 4p.m > I called but the line was busy.  The following Mon. I drove down to QA, were she told me to report to me new place.  She was suprice to see me.  I wish the school district would of called / sent a follow up letter telling me when to start & my work hours. A month early I got a lettter telling me whish school I will be working at ( July 26) & also stated not to call the school, but rather then show up on July 26.  I call the sub pool> to place an abst. untile July12.  Thurs.  I show up at work >  It is 20 mintues from my house & has staff parking! ( which is a +) The down fall is that it is too fucking big > around 120 students in all & 40 staff member.  The room I work in has about 40
Slinging Ink
wicked bad ass drawings
Who Knew
Pfft, Who knew? Now I know Jack Shit...Many people are at a loss for a response when someone says "you don't know Jack Schitt". Now, You can handle the situation.Jack is the only son of Awe Schitt and O. Schitt. Awe Schitt, the fertilizer magnate, married O. Schitt, the owner of Knee-deep Schitt, Inc.In turn, Jack Schitt married Noe Schitt and the deeply religious couple produced 6 children: Holie Schitt, The twins; Deep Schitt and Dip Schitt, Fulla Schitt, Giva Schitt and Bull Schitt, a high school dropout.After being married for 15 years Jack and Noe divorced. Noe later married Mr. Sherlock and because her kids were living with them, she wanted to keep her previous name. She was known as NoeSchitt-Sherlock.Dip Schitt married Loda Schitt and they produced a cowardly son,Chicken Schitt. Fulla Schitt and Giva Schitt were inseparablethroughout childhood and consequently, married the Happens brothers in dual ceremony.The Schitt-Happens children are Dawg, Byrd and Horse. Bull Schitt the pr
Ohio Valley To New England Sever Weather Alert
DAMAGING DERECHO POSSIBLE THURSDAY - If you have friends or family anywhere from the Ohio Valley to New England, share this post or give them a call. An outbreak of severe storms capable of extremely damaging winds is likely Thursday. In case you are wondering, a derecho is a long-lived, widespread, damaging wind event associated with a fast-moving band of thunderstorms. Notice the pinkish, purple area with the black hatches over it. In this area there is a 45% chance of damaging winds/large hail within 25 miles of a point. Some of the winds could exceed 75 mph. A Derecho produces very few tornadoes. Straight-line winds are the primary concern.
My Band!!   Four piece post punk band from columbus ohio. A Peaceful End. Please like us and support us. 
True Love
During my forest service days we were helping with an evacuation of a comunity in california a major wildfire tore though this little town burning home after home . As we were evacuating people out of  the area this one old man started yelling (i got to get betty !!! i got to get betty !!)And Ran to his burning home. Sadly the fire was getting to close so we had grab him and get out, When we got to the staging area (a local high school gym ) the old man was crying holding on to his on doughter and his son was by his side trying to calm him down so I walk over to ask if he was going to be ok and  told the old man we will find his wife no matter what, The old mans son walked over to me and told me that the old mans wife had passed away 2 weeks befor the fire and all he had left was a pictur of his wife and the house that they spent 48 years togeather in. the old man kept that pictur by his bed ever night after his wife passed away so that the first thing he would see when he woke up in t
To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
Time after time your thoughts race as if they are falling like a penny dropped from the empire state building. Live to die, die to live. Its all in your head bottle after bottle you may end up dead. But you see the words are speak are never so clear and day after day I just filter my fear. The wrath of anxiety or the hope of a drug, the nauseating righteousness of a path of a thug. Liberation may be death and death is a living element if there is an afterlife. Well fuck if you don't fuck if you do, if I am arogant than so are you. So tell me the ways in which I must live, to bleed for an honer to take for a give. To look to the truth which may be the sky, but the truth isn't real the truth is a lie. A flase accusation a dying sensation a love for the hate a hate for the kill will you have the parasite to write my will? 
Something Beautiful
there is always something beautiful in the pain other's cause you... knowing that one day I will be truly blessed with true happiness... within my children
Just Ranting For A Bit
I try to be a good friend.. to make people smile and laugh.. it's just in my nature. However lately I think that perhaps people have grown tired of me and my humor.. I'm the one always reaching out to check on people.. to make sure to be a shoulder to lean on.. well.. fuck it. I'm done. I'm sick of trying to make sure everyone else is alright.. making sure that everyone else is happy. If people take what i do/say out of context then fuck it.. it's on them. They should fucking know me by now. I haven't changed in the 42yrs i've been on this earth. The person they see today is the same dude as yesterday.. and will be the same tomorrow. I'm done apologizing for what I do.. I'll just say.. if something I do or say offends you.. then I'm sorry I OFFENDED you.. I'm not sorry for anything I do or say. I'm me.. if you don't like it.. oh well.. it sucks to be you because I am fucking awesome. OK.. i'm done!
Mature Toy Susie
Everybody should take a look at my Toy Susie,   she is a very interesting and submissive female that has the pleasure and priviledge to apply for a position as slavegirl in training. she does know how to present herself as well usable toy and enrichment in every form.   for sure she is a clean girl.       also a nice asshole and a clean cunt!!!       but what would a Toy be without her toys?????     and she does know how to use them!!!       and i prefer it when her asshole is stuffed.         she is a lovely toy. soon you will read and see more of this enlighting subj
No Title
I wanna killwatch the blood spilltake another suicide pillGotta get my fillnot gonna chillthis is my thrillshould i write my willTrieng to go uphillBut I keep fallingFaceing life we're brawlingHow many times will I get knocked downI feel like staying downI'm out of water but still feel like i gonna drownMy heart has a permanent frownI'm hurtingMe and death are flirtingMy eyes can't stop squirtingWalking by mirrors my pain is avertingThese thoughts are alertingDaydreaming bout a murder spreeThe body count rises to 43My heart and mind can't agreeStabbin at your neck I scream 'YAHTZEE!"Does that make me crazyYou think i'm just lazyMy memory is hazyI spend too much time with painIt's like waiting for a trainWhen will this endStarting to become a trendThe anger wants to ascendWill it ever transcendWill it become a realityI'm faceing my own mortality
Changes Are The Only Constant
if you asked me yesterday i would have told you i still cared don't ask me today because you aren't going to like my answer simple as i wanted it to be friendship is not what i remember it being like you can only keep people satisfied  if you're willing to change to no longer be yourself nobody really likes the person that you ARE they love the person they believe you CAN be truth is being yourself leaves you alone being the mold  is how you "keep" acquaintances so you know when i said i wanted to be friends i changed my mind gfy
The Laws
1. You will obey orders without question. 2. Punishment shall be swift. 3. Mercy is for the weak. 4. Terror will defeat reason. 5. Your allegiance is to the clan. 6. Justice can be dictated. 7. Any Clansman may challenge for leadership of the Clan. 8. There is only one penalty - DEATH
Hey Out There Single And Crazy
im 62 blond and blue and just getting statarted need help ingeeting started
“It is only with true love and compassion that we can begin to mend what is broken in the world. It is these two blessed things that can begin to heal all broken hearts.”
Don't Blame Me
Here are either dumb jokes or status ideas for you - curtesy of LaffyTaffy....   11. When is homework not homework? - When it is turned into the teacher.   12. Why did the skeleton cross the road? - To get to the body shop.   43. What kind of plant do you put in a cake? - Flower   44. Why don't ducks tell jokes when they are flying? - Because they would quack up.   105. Why do mother kangaroos hate the rain? - Because the kids have to play inside all day.   106. Why did the man take a hammer to bed? - He wanted to hit the sack.
Awol Family Blog
AWOL " Artist With Out Limits " ~~~~AWOL FAMILY GUIDELINES~~~~ 1.  Group were strictly a family not a gang not gang affiliated in no ways. we are not here to take over anything or anyone we are here to be here and keep the drama to a zero tolerance policy. We are a family we stick together when all else fails AWOL.   2. Begging. we understand everyone needs stuff bling points rates etc. but don't be a annoying lil shit by pestering the hell out of people for the new play thing. if a AWOL member has a few credits to spare or just wants to go on a bling spree we think about family first before anyone else.
once we were heroes, once we were fools, once there were many now we are few, once we were believers we chose to bleed sacrifice of the fallen because of the need. now we are forgotten lost  and  mocked honor forgotten lost all we bleed there was no meaning only greed power and lust why we had to bleed once there was justice now only guns massacre the meaning murder the truth once we were heroes warriors for truth but our leaders decieved us and laughed while we bleed
狂暴鸡奸  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 中国卡扎菲,怎么办? 所有给女人的电话都打不通,你刨不刨; 所有给女人的信件都没有回,你刨不刨; 所有女人其实都是没得办法,你刨不刨; 所有女人都被你控制操纵着,你刨不刨; 所有女人都在做假都在&
I Can't Sleep
I can’t sleep Coz I am burning  deep inside I cant dream coz whats real Is burned into my mind I can’t hide from this feeling From this storm inside And I can’t hope Because of all the times My heart has lied I cant’t believe I can’t see, I can feel all the tears you cried I can see all the times you tried Mesmerized I am torn apart Nothing left but scars Empty all the meaning in lies Nothing but vanity Keeps me alive Nothing but empty pride Then there you are In my arms, You pretend to run away You tell me this cannot be While you are kissing me I’d say I’d fallen But hell can’t be this far down. There’s no promise In the fire of your eyes No way for relief Only the promise dawn will release. Then he comes knocking Looking for you Like a fool I follow Like I can protect you From you… And there you go, With my smile on your face He takes you away Where you don’t want to go But sti
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Free Ecommerce Software For Your Webstore
Looking for free-Ecommerce-Software? Then you are in the right place. We are one of the the leading Ecommerce software providers in India. Our free-Ecommerce-software solution can actually give a kick start to your business in a good manner. With a great looking E-commerce shop, you can not only reach the target customers but also do business with the customers across the globe. It is really a good idea to have an E-commerce shop for your business. It not only makes you reach to the target audience. Don’t be late; get your e-commerce websites done with the help of free- Ecommerce-Software.   Our free ecommerce software typically calculates the total for the order, including the shipping and handling charges associated with taxes. This particular software builds Ecommerce shopping cart applications, ecommerce storefront, and custom shopping cart development services that turn your visitors to customers. Our free E-commerce software also integrates data management and security, s
My Love For The Man Of My Dreams
Being together under a full moon,So perfectly poetic, we are complete.An everlasting shine of our love,With unwavering levels of devotion,As is our faith in God above.Never wondering how tomorrow,Could be as happy as today,Just knowing that somehow it will be.Having faith in one another,Time’s our friend waiting to see.The passionate affection we have,Can be joyously overwhelming at times.So difficult to describe, unsure where to begin.Churning all the deepest emotions,We’re each others medicine.No matter where we are,Candles burn all around us.Signifying a wholesome romantic glow,Living by extraordinary memories,Through which our feelings flow.We whisper to the other,Through celestial daydreams,Speaking from the heart,Our lives coming together,Into a glorious work of art.
I Just Don't Get It...
As I start writing this, I haven't yet hit the NSFW button because I am not sure where this is going to take me.  On this subject, I am very passionate. Hence the fact that after 5 years on here, I am finally writing a blog.   I have a lot of friends that are military. One thing that I hear more often then not when I am talking to them is, "My ex cheated on me while I was deployed or away for training." It does not matter the branch of service or whether the person is male or female. It still bothers me to no end.  It takes a special type of person to be able to handle the lifestyle of being a service members signifigant other. I understand this fully. But if you don't think you are up for the task, don't do it.     These men and women work extremely hard. They risk their lives, and all you can think about is someone else? They leave for months at a time and as hard as it is on us that stay at home, it is hard on them as well.    I am tired, and at the rate this is going, if I ke
"Then you are mistaken, and you know nothing about me, and nothing about the sort of love of which I am capable. Every atom of your flesh is as dear to me as my own: in pain and sickness it would still be dear. Your mind is my treasure, and if it were broken, it would be my treasure still: if you raved, my arms should confine you, and not a strait waistcoat--your grasp, even in fury, would have a charm for me: if you flew at me as wildly as that woman did this morning, I should receive you in an embrace, at least as fond as it would be restrictive. I should not shrink from you with disgust as I did from her: in your quiet moments you should have no watcher and no nurse but me; and I could hang over you with untiring tenderness, though you gave me no smile in return; and never weary of gazing into your eyes, though they had no longer a ray of recognition for me.” 
Dur Ssd Dominent Le Marché Des Ordinateurs Portables
juillet 25 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois En dépit de leurs mauvaises ventes, il est peu probable que les notebook classiques équipés de disques durs comme système de stockage primaire sont menacées par ultrabooks ou de comprimés qui utilisent SSD, comme le MacBook Air, selon une étude réalisée par iSuppli. Un rapport préparé par le cabinet iSuppli indique que les ordinateurs portables qui utilisent des disques SSD (Solid State) et systèmes de stockage ne posent pas de menace pour le marché des ordinateurs équipés de disques durs. Selon Fang Zhang, analyste des systèmes de stockage chez iSuppli IHS, "ordinateurs portables équipés de SSD sont plus rapides, plus légers et plus minces, les caractéristiques qui les rendent populaire et attractif pour les consommateurs, mais aussi plus chères et proposent moins d'espace stockage en général. Par exemple, le prix d'un MacBook Air équipé que d'une 64 Go SSD peut atteindre 999 $, tandis qu'un disque d
Canada Goose Outlet Canada Goose Parka Canada Goose Jackets Canada Goose Shoes Canada Goose Handbags Cheap Canada Goose
To be sure, the Obama retains its own significant advantage. By 2-1, he thinks more of by romney. With two digits, respondents said the President can better understand americans face problems in their daily life. He has a 8% advantage is regarded as honest and trustworthy. cheap canada goose   However, Mr Romney's edge talking about to be able to "do things well," and the broad view seems to be in his favor tilt: canada goose parka   • republicans and independents to more enthusiastic support republican election, an important factor in persuade supporters to vote. By 18 points, 51% to-33%, they better than usual more enthusiastic about voting is a report. In contrast, Democrats and tend to democratic independent 4 points, they said they were not so high enthusiasm, 43%-39%-than usual.
“Life is pain, highness. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something.
Nike Air Max Tn
Many thanks for this amazing test facility, The quality of testing that switches into new nike golf is remarkable,Chaussure Nike TN and NIKE AIR MAX TN with technical engineers testing a clubs sweetspot, centre of gravity and second of inertia. There is also a sound testing where clubs can be tuned. Unlike the first releases, these new colorways of the Jordan Take Flight 2011 are rather more plain and simple in two-tone design. One is in a combination of red upper with black detailing, the other is in blue with white accents and the third is in black with minimal white shades. men nike shoes All these feature tonal stitching. It seems to combine mesh with nubuck material in grey upper, plus it also features speckled sole that gives it some contrast. The shade of the sole then matches the color of the laces, which pops out from the dominant grey upper.Nike Chaussures Homme and tn nike Actually, it is said that the colorways available are inspired by a "color correction" combo o
Nike Chaussures Homme
Many thanks for this amazing test facility, The quality of testing that switches into new nike golf is remarkable,Chaussure Nike TN and NIKE AIR MAX TN with technical engineers testing a clubs sweetspot, centre of gravity and second of inertia. There is also a sound testing where clubs can be tuned. retailing for $104. Back in October and December 2010, only two colorways of the Jordan Take Flight have been released. nike dunk shoes Now if you think the choices are limited, then you should be glad knowing that there are more colorways coming for the year 2011. Three colorways are actually set to come to the Jordan Take Flight and all three are bound to be available this month. Quality shoes will do a end more for you than right-minded gauge you look good.Nike Chaussures Homme and tn nike They intention also make you feel marvy and usurp you get through the day. Wholesome shoes determination elect your feet joyous and when your feet are happy, the end up of your trunk and mind
Nike Air Max 95 Prix
Different types of Nike shoes is like a feast. From shoes to boots, Nike has changed its style all year round. At beginning, Nike just famous in basketball shoes- Nike Air Max shoes, but after year development,Chaussure Nike TN and NIKE AIR MAX TN Nike has changed their style to boots. Nike's boots is designed for women who trade wearing boots as fashion. Nike boots is different from other boots, You can find Nike 6.0 Shoes for children in a wide variety of colors and styles, the most common being black, dark blue, red, white, and pink. Look for cheap air max shoes that are well constructed, flexible, durable, and that fit your child well and your child will be ready to begin learning martial arts sparring moves, the safe way. which is a trademark for the Take Flight shoes; plus there's also the full length Air sole unit,Nike Chaussures Homme and tn nike which as well holds minimal branding on the columns that section off the Air sole unit. It is expected that these Jordan Ta
Ralph Lauren Homme
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Rayban Pas Cher Femme
With "The Oven", Nike Golf's state of the art study and also development service.Chaussure Nike TN and NIKE AIR MAX TN With the inovation of Golf club as well as Golf ball, Nike want to implement great steps forward. Nike Golf had been one of the first manufacturers to present varied club head technologies and they launched the polyhedral groove technologies inside golf putter development. what makes this Adidas Originals Stan Smith 80s White/Green a classic is its aged midsole, which is created by using a softer vintage brush. This indeed made the shoes look aged like it's been in your shoe cabinet for years now. The Adidas Originals Stan Smith 80s White/Green is now available at Cali Roots, You might still have doubts about these DC Life Boost LC Running Shoes with regards to it being a running shoe, lovers nike shoes but who knows,Nike Chaussures Homme and tn nike it might work perfectly just as their Skate shoes are doing. Look for these in stores in Fall 2011. The Voice o
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the material is soft,Chaussure Nike TN and NIKE AIR MAX TN the style is changed from long to short, also the unique are permeability and bright appearance. Also Nike introduced Nike Kobe series, with bold yellow color, it is hard for youngers to move their foot into other brands. You can find Nike 6.0 Shoes for children in a wide variety of colors and styles, the most common being black, dark blue, red, white, and pink. Look for cheap air max shoes that are well constructed, flexible, durable, and that fit your child well and your child will be ready to begin learning martial arts sparring moves, the safe way. You might still have doubts about these DC Life Boost LC Running Shoes with regards to it being a running shoe, lovers nike shoes but who knows,Nike Chaussures Homme and tn nike it might work perfectly just as their Skate shoes are doing. Look for these in stores in Fall 2011. tangible leather allows your feet to breathe. This last wishes as stop abbreviate moisture an
Rant= The "f" Word
So with the recent turn of events, the key phrase most often used "Fat" usually attached to the word bitch, whore, slut, or cunt. Really? This is just an outcry for our society to change. Are you even aware that in the time of the Roman Empire, being skinny was a sign of poverty? In the past of the British Empire, if you were skinny, you were often ridiculed or pronounced unable to bare children due to insufficiency. Women would wear hooped skirts to define a more rounded figure, or even poof their sleeves to give the appearance of heaviness. But that's not even the bigger picture. What's the point? Why are you rubbing my weight in my face? I'm pretty sure when I woke up this morning, I weighed this much, and when I go to bed, I'll weigh this much. It wasn't a secret. It's not like if I put a hat on I'll be able to hide it. I know you're not worried about my health, shoving it in my face, all things considering. Bulimia (type one and two) never completely go away. However, I can hon
Think About It.
This is some random bullshit because my head is about to explode. No one reads my profile, no one cares. I still hear the same old Bullshit day in and day out. Is there no real man out there that understands or knows what a woman truly wants. Yes my page and what I say in my status can be bad at times, but it is my fucking page. It does not give you the right to dis-respect me or talk vulgar shit to me with out my permission. I piss off a lot of people I know that. The truth is, when they get pissed off it is because I will not put up with there bullshit or I will not back down. So lets get back to the basics. Read my profile please.  It plainly states what I will not put up with. I am here for me and no one else. Take it or leave it. Your choice. I am tired of feeling like I will hurt peoples feelings if I leave this one a comment or that one, that is called page stalking which was also in the profile. From this day on. I will be who I am. If I leave a comment to a mortal enem
i am so bord and no one what to talk to me :( i need more men to add me !
Found This
Found this elsewhere and liked it enough that I thought I would share it.       Recently I overheard a Father and daughter in their last moments together at the airport. They had announced the departure.Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the Father said, 'I love you, and I wish you enough.'The daughter replied, 'Dad, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Dad.'They kissed and the daughter left. The Father walked over to the window where I was seated. Standing there I could see he wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to intrude on his privacy, but he welcomed me in by asking, 'Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?''Yes, I have,' I replied. 'Forgive me for asking, but why is this a forever good-bye?'..'I am old, and she lives so far away. I have challenges ahead and the reality is - the next trip back will be for my funeral,' he said..'When you were saying good-bye, I heard you sa
some one talk to me iam bord!
hey whats up! add me i am new
September Fantasy(the Beginning Of The End)
Close your eyes and hold my hand as I walk you thru my fantasy land. Lets talk about life and the scars that it gives..let me hold you tight...let me chase away your fears. I love you forever or however far that it goes. Keep your eyes closed, dont open them up..I dont want you to see the demons flying over my head. Dont be afraid of the snow white woman owl perched on the limb of the tree, she doesnt want to see you hurt-she's really just watching me. She sits there with those piercing glowing eyes as a constant reminder of what ive done. You hear her screech but I hear her scream. Its ok my love, I hear you say as Love Me Two Times softly plays yet I know it wont be long before ive let you slip away.
Thanks To Me
There is a monster among us, that all of you see. The only one who sees him for what he truly is, is me. He comes across as sweet, genuine, and kind. But that's his way in, he'll fuck with your mind. Gain your trust, saying everything right. Then steal your innocence, in the middle of the night. He'll be the last one you'll suspect, smile back into your eyes. As you cry those blood tears, the worst kind of disguise. He is wolf, sinking his teeth in. While portraying this perfect image, but under the skin. There lies the evil, the hate that destroys so much. With every disgusting look, every despicable touch. He is the enemy, no one can see. But you will soon enough, thanks to me.
When I Get To Where I'm Goin
The path of life. What does it all mean? As I weed out my own, both brown and green. The brown represents sorrow, along the way. And the green is the beginning, of a whole new day. Each day something new, is learned. Either it's a wonderful lesson, or a punishment unearned. But through it all, I appear lost. Destined to find my home, at whatever cost. Each day that passes by, I cherish life a little more. Than I did, the day before. This path may be thick, and hard to get through. But there is no limit, to what I can do. I appreciate every flower, even the thorns along the way. Because it'll all be worth it, when I get to where I'm going someday.
I Only Have Two Words For You
You may get me down, for a little while. But I will always get back up, with a smile. Because through the bruises, and the pain. I will never hang my head, in shame. With every punch I only get stronger. I smile through the blood stained wall. Feeling you weaken, while giving me your all. People like you, who speak with their fist. Are responsible for me, turning out like this. Because I can now smell the fear, see the hurt in the eyes. Of those suffering, it can't be disguised. You have given me a gift, through years of abuse. And for that, I only have two words for you. For all the suffering, you put me through. All I have to say is, thank you.
Paintoy A !! Update!!
It is time to update with some infos and material of my Paintoy A it is the best when she does introduce herself on her own: Hi. My name's Alexandra, but I prefer Alex. I like to read, write, draw, take walks, and have sex. Im quite shy, and pretty reserved. I mostly keep to myself and just stay quiet. I enjoy attention from both the male and female population. I expect that this is going to be pretty difficult and painful, but Im sure Ill get through it. What I love about this is the pain, attention, and how it makes me stronger. I have a greater pain tolerance now. What I like about my Sir is that hes forceful, but hes also understanding. When he wants me to do something, he makes me do it. But there are also times where he will let me rest and do what he wants later. Im looking forward to continuing my training and pleasing my Sir.   Paintoy A just started with her Position training as you all can see:             soon you will find new material and infos ab
I Won't Give Up
Hmmmm ... Hmmmm ... Hmmmm ... Hmmm ...When I look into your eyesIt's like watching the night skyOr a beautiful sunriseThere's so much they holdAnd just like them old starsI see that you've come so farTo be right where you areHow old is your soul?I won't give up on usEven if the skies get roughI'm giving you all my loveI'm still looking upAnd when you're needing your spaceTo do some navigatingI'll be here patiently waitingTo see what you find'Cause even the stars they burnSome even fall to the earthWe've got a lot to learnGod knows we're worth itNo, I won't give upI don't wanna be someone who walks away so easilyI'm here to stay and make the difference that I can makeOur differences they do a lot to teach us how to useThe tools and gifts we got yeah, we got a lot at stakeAnd in the end, you're still my friend at least we did intendFor us to work we didn't break, we didn't burnWe had to learn how to bend without the world caving inI had to learn what I've got, and what I'm notAnd who I a
Bling Wishlist
As a coder, I am allowed to accept any kind of payment. So I will also accept blings and even credits that can go towards getting blings for myself or for others. Below is a wish list of blings I would like to receive. Any that have * by it are ones I would like to have credits to get for people, more specifically my own wife but some exceptions may be made, depending on the situation. The blings are in order by credit cost. Other blings are appreciated :) Baby Dragon ~ 5 credits Best Friends ~ 5 credits Jolly Roger ~ 5 credits Lava Love Lamp* ~ 5 credits Forever Together* ~ 6 credits Salut ~ 8 credits Gold Gemini ~ 10 credits Silver Hatchetman ~ 10 credits Golden Eagle Nugget ~ 12 credits Little Red Corvette ~ 15 credits Platinum Gemini ~ 15 credits Precious Love ~ 15 credits Charcoal Black Lotus ~ 20 credits Diamond Gemini ~ 25 credits Timeless Diamond ~ 25 credits fuCherry ~ 50 credits
Just A Thought V.1
What makes you better than me; what makes you better than the homeless man living under a bridge? Do you judge me? Do you know the choices I have made or haven't made? How do you know what I've been thru? YOU DON'T.  Do you judge the homeless man for the decisions and choices he has made for living on the street? How do you know that, the homeless man didn't have a career a year ago? That his wife and children were killed in a car accident, that he was and still is overwhelmed with grief and lost everything. That is just it - you don't know, you assume. Just because the decisions you've made are right for you, doesn't make THOSE decisions right for me or anyone else. -(and vice versa)- Everyone lives their life accordingly. According to their own standards, right or wrong. The sky is BLUE - water is WET. You don't know why, it's simply what you're used to. It's simply what you were told, what you learned.  Change your perspective, don't judge, open your eyes and your heart.
I Am Your Woman, A Poem Of Truth By Me
I Am Your Woman Love me, don't ignore me Make me laugh, don't make me cry Treat me like your equal, not your child Talk to me, don't shut me out Hold me, don't turn your back on me Be good to me, don't be cruel Be honest with me, don't lie to me Dry my tears, don't just watch them fall Cherish my heart, don't break it Appreciate me, don't take me for granted Comfort me, don't hurt me more Respect me, don't ridicule me Be a man, don't be a child Be silly with me at times, other times be serious
June 2012 - Fusocial & News Archived Posts
Here's the FuSocial/Birthdays for June 2012: Toni Terror : Page Six Girl Ellie and Gamer Princess:
June 2012 - Fake Of The Day Archive
I didn't blog any fakes in June? Guess not. There's some for July though. I truly am slacking. lol.
June 2012 - Musings, Rants & Cons Archived Posts
Here's the June 2012 Musings Rants & cons archive: "State of Fubar" Rant: Scammer Update III: Scammer Update II: Scammer Update IA: Early June Rant: Original BryGuy aka Gem Girl Blowout:
沾花微笑  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 在中国卡扎菲的强力操纵之下,为了自己永霸职位,永不退休的私欲,所以我们看到的是其走狗的人、其跑腿的人发狂般的,千方百计地,要来抓我进精神病院或者枪毙。或者第四次搜脑子。现在更是天天在我家
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Thy Thow Love
i love my
Your Hair Retracted
Popular this is a terrible thing, whenever you will attack it is not easy to manipulate the infectivity with the virus. Previously number of years, anytime I taken part in one contest or beauty contest, looking to stage an all-negative ion hair beauty who has recently poured from a mold was somewhat disappointed.You will want to a beautiful dare to set her hair wound up the actual it Because less popular, because beautiful women are always in Jingan products, hair gurus say swift straight hair and also the most stylish advisors not a soul would dare rash go to the original position. But I bet, T stage, even the great thing about the head of hair all the time might be rolled up, no one dared to stay straight hair, why Hair master who made the widely used hair began to roll!Tired ah Sometimes of direct volume suddenly, good hair have this pandemic virus torture devastated. That is Dong decade, Hexi feng shui. Last year's the latest fashions predicted the favored Monroe beauty, Monroe is
Mesmerizing Shimla And Manali Tour With Tour Packages
Manali is breathtakingly beautiful and its beauty can never be described in simple words. This place is specially blessed by nature and one can experience memorable vacations here. The exceptional beauty of the place during winters makes it a perfect tourist destination for the adventure lovers. The lavish ostentation of natural beauty is the main factor that attracts tourists towards itself. Whether you want to go for a simple holiday with family and children or you want to have fun with friends, Manali is the best place where you can enjoy your life the way you want. Manali tourism will give you some amazing touring experience that you can never forget. Another tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh is Shimla that has the capability to win the heart of every tourist. The lavish green beauty and surrounding mountains, add extra charm to its beauty. The once summer capital of India and current city capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is famous among the tourist of every age group. In
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I think about revenge the way most men think about sex.I can't fault that any more.Revenge is a candy wrapped in a cage of wagging fingers and reproachful glares.For a long time It's all I lived for. The outside chance I could pay it backward.I lost entire years to it.People with the sweet life can't understand. They judge, they nitpick nettle and nag.They keep asking whyand how could I lose myself to that place that moment where something diedleftand never came back.When there's so much goodso much light.Day always gave me a headache.Sensitive skin and freckles too...Good joke.
Les écrans Tactiles Et De Windows 8, Est Le Salut Du Marché Des Pc?
juillet 24 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Bien que les dernières ventes de PC chiffres ont montré que le marché reste, tablette android 10.1 , le fait est que le segment des ordinateurs pas à son meilleur. Cependant, les fabricants ne cessent d'innover pour suivre les tendances sans perdre des ventes. Donc, il ya espoir pour le marché des PC? Nous avons vu différentes faons de lever le secteur. Le modèle d'ordinateur portable appelé ultrabooks normalisé par Intel et le lancement de Windows 8 est la preuve. Mais leurs grands rivaux, les smartphones et les comprimés, font beaucoup de dégats. Microsoft lui-même annoncé en TechEd Europe que les comprimés devaient être les stars de l'année prochaine. Un produit qui n'a cessé d'augmenter en popularité et les ventes. D'où les ventes de PC au cours de l'année ont été en chute libre pour les iPads marché différentes. Mais la tablette android 4.0 n'est pas le seul concurrent aux ordinateurs traditionnel
Bish ♥
Once upon a time, far away in a ,  lived a princess, named   She was so pretty, a beautiful  wouldn't even compare. But the princess had a secret, every time a   would appear the princess would turn into a beautiful
Ecommerce Shopping Software
These days people put more interest towards online shopping rather than choosing the Malls for their requirements. So, many small and medium businesses now think about how to Create an online store to reach the global audience. For those who are in need of a shopping cart with more advanced features and unique themes, here is the solution BigRaja. BigRaja is lanuched by our parent organization Adodis Technologies, one of the leading web technology companies in India, having an ample experience to understand the evolution of web and Ecommerce Solutions. Our R&D team has been working consistently to come up with solutions which are unique and user friendly. The team consists of engineers who have worked on several E-Commerce sites and designers who have designed more than 1500 websites. The advantage in choosing something is Bigraja is that you can customize the website according to your needs. We provide more than 100 features that will excite you. If you were to develop a website wit
How To Find A Good Guy
is there any noble guys left in the world? I want a guy who will be 100% honest at all times about everything. I keep nothing there for they shouldn't have to keep secrets from me. I want a guy who is 100% loyal I want a guy who doesn't cheat I want a guy who doesn't lie I want a guy who don't talk shit behind your back about you just to make his own self look good I want a guy who likes kids, but he either has to have children of his own or don't want any of his own because I can't have any more I want a guy who enjoys the small things, like kissing and cuddling, and time together. and who isnt judgemental and most of all the guy must be willing to make a commitment to the relationship otherwords he has to want to be in a relationship and take it serious not like oh yea i have a girl but i just ignore her and lie etc im not into them kind of games. And the guy can not say love u onless he really mean it i don't need fake or hopeless love i would rather go with out. non norm
Getting Alone
Hello, You should know that I believe that Fubar is/should be a place, where people hang out to  have a little fun and let out a little stress. However that does not mean that everyone, you happen to have contact with on Fubar will agree with, you politically or religiously and that is ok. I will suggest that, if someone does offend you in a lounge or what not, that leave that area, logoff fubar, or logoff the internet and do some else for a while.   I believe the key to getting alone with anyone is respect. I also, think that being able to talk to someone and still capable of being civil with them is a great accomplishment that can hopefully be leading to increased respect and tolerance toward on one other.   I also believe that there is rarely an absolutely right or wrong answer to any problem or situation. You should also know that I think that being able to talk and work with someone that you may not always agree with politically and/o religiously to accomplish someth
The 10 Types Of Guys Woman Have To Choose From
THE 10 GUYS WOMEN HAVE TO CHOOSE FROM. 1.) The Listener: This is the guy who is the shoulder to lean on when they need one. The guy who is sensitive and listens to their problems.He does this because he thinks he’ll eventually get to hit it. He won’t. He gets friend zoned. 2.) Mr. Fix it: This is the guy comes around and fixes things for her. The guy who thinks by helping out with her clogged sink or changing the fuel filter in her car, he’ll get her in bed. He usually never does. If he does, it is mostly because she feels really bad or just temporarily desperate. She will more often than not, regard this as a mistake after. 3.) Money Bags: This is the big shot money guy. He has a great job and loves to spend lots of money on her. Fancy dinners, jewelry, expensive clothes, purses, etc. These guys get her in bed, but not nearly as often as you’d assume. Women usually sleep with this guy when they feel they owe it to him or reluctantly give in to his persistenc
I Love You
I won't even start to claim, that I know your troubles by name. I am calm and true,  I don't want any sex from you. I just want you to know, I have no where I need to go. I'll stay right here, to comfort your soul and dry your tear. While letting you know I won't leave, I want you to see that I believe. Not too many are slower than me, I know how lonely and sad can be. I know how a dirty and poor soul, can scream within to want to lose control. If you cover up at night, and don't quite feel right. If you long for someone to show, a tenderness that will really know. You may not want to be tough all the time, I'm here to waltz in with the rhyme. If you have a day that beats you down, I want you to smile and I'll be your clown. I am not here to beg you but I would like you to come back and stay, I love you, I need you to be near
From the darkest of shadows of the Abyss one by one shall be Resurrected from the dead to be one again to take there right full place on this earth with no mercy to none it shal be done it had been fortold. By Devilina Demoness
Acid Reflux - (part 2 - Continued)   Surgical treatment The standard surgical treatment, sometimes preferred over longtime use of medication, is the Nissen fundoplication. The upper part of the stomach is wrapped around the LES to strengthen the sphincter and prevent acid reflux and to repair a hiatal hernia. The procedure is often done laparoscopically. An obsolete treatment is vagotomy ("highly selective vagotomy"), the surgical removal of vagus nerve branches that innervate the stomach lining. This treatment has been largely replaced by medication. Other treatments In 2000, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved two endoscopic devices to treat chronic heartburn. One system, Endocinch, puts stitches in the LES to create little pleats that help strengthen the muscle. Another, the Stretta Procedure, uses electrodes to apply radio frequency energy to the LES. The long term outcomes of both procedures compared to a Nissen fun
Acid Reflux - (part 1)   Q:  What is gastric reflux and what natural remidies are there for it? - Clayton Morris, San Antonio, Texas   A:  Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD; or GORD when spelling oesophageal, the BE form) is defined as chronic symptoms or mucosal damage produced by the abnormal reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus.   Gastroesophageal reflux disease, commonly referred to as GERD, or acid reflux, is a condition in which the liquid content of the stomach regurgitates (backs up, or refluxes) into the esophagus. The liquid can inflame and damage the lining of the esophagus although this occurs in a minority of patients. The regurgitated liquid usually contains acid and pepsin that are produced by the stomach. (Pepsin is an enzyme that begins the digestion of proteins in the stomach.) The refluxed liquid also may contain bile that has backed-up into the stomach from the duodenum. (The duodenum is the
Cold Hands Pt1
She lives like a ghost, nobody can sense her except touched by cold hands she gets. So isolated. So frustrated. Preying on happiness seed, life, the beast, never get enough feed. She knows it deep down inside, can do nothing about it but live like a ghost. So isolated. So frustrated. No matter what, still have to move on, even name rarely got remembered. Beyond dreams most people have, spending life with someone they love or making a big fortune for luxurious life, she is long for nothing special but hands gripped tight like melting the icecap in palm, not if with a drowning man for help. Stepping between vanquish and wish, she regressed into boulevard solitude, like last night she did.
One Crazy Fu-mafia Bitch
RokStar: what part dont u get...u wanna go rack up kills go do it..just stfu about it cuz i dont that makin any sense all to you 8:58am Diz: haha im fixen to have every mobbie on here sb you now lol have a great day u dumb ass 8:59am RokStar: whateva wets ya panties 8:59am Diz: im in hospital bored so this is fun and keeping me intertained 8:59am RokStar: mmmhmmmm 9:00am RokStar: and when someone tells u flat out do wtf u wanna do why keep running your trap? 9:00am Diz: and everyone knows i had surgery and in hospital so you messing with me just pisses everyone off cause they  me lol 9:01am RokStar: and yet u still continue to type to me 9:01am Diz: Im bored and hooked to IV nothing better to do kinda hoping youd quit being dick and truce up but what ever 9:02am RokStar: and its ruining your day that i just really dont give a shit isnt it 9:02am Diz: R you kidding me im g

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