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Expressing Yourself
                                                              " WHAT LOVE IS" Love is like a flower the petals soft and smooth. But,love can also be like a lion and cause a riot.Though we are apart we're together. To keep our love alive,we will have to over come all. If we don't then our love will surely fall.So take these words into your heart,where they belong...    
When You Love Someone Video
      Sometimes Women Need To Hear this Its Okay to Love Give the Best Of What we are Give it all you have... I Know it hurts like Hell When you find out  He will never feel the same Its So Very Tempting  to recoil yourself in Shame But Dont let your broken heart become the victim of His Game Just keep walking forward girl Hold that head up high You gave what he can never appreciate and doesnt deserve it anyways When his words are ringing in your ears.. the ones you wanted to be true... he's saying the same to LOTS of others And Swears it was only you... You dont deserve this heartache Yo
When I Miss Him, Poetry Often Ensues
When I miss my love, I often find poems are rattling around in my head; words float through my minds eye, begging to be written. Sometime the poems i write are sweet and loving, Sometimes sad and lonely, and sometimes quite graphic. Sometime when I write something that sexually graphic, its a recount of actual events and sometimes its a fantasy. This night in particular, I wrote about a fantasy I'd had. That poem follows...       in our bed i sleep and snore i tried to wait up for my lord but heavy eyelids one the fight between awake and good night   find me here beneath the sheets light still on, book still peeked glasses falling off my face looking slightly lacking grace   you see my sexy negligee guessing the games i meant to play your lips turn into that gorgeous smile thinking of me pacing idol   waiting for you to return to give to you all that you yearn you close the book and shut the light i turn to you ever slight   now my smile contorts my face sleepy
不可救药 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,形式主义, 1,畸形发展, 只在媒体上好得不得了的形式主义还能,骗百姓? 只在媒体上好得不得了的形式主义还能,骗多久? 正是对中国经济和社会发展的极其深刻的认识,即是,不以人为本的,不全面的
Aloe Juices, Capsules, Tablets And Other Combination Of Juices
Natural ways to make aloe vera juice is a terrific house plant which doesn't desire a lot of taking care, additionally, the aloe gel could be used on burns, pest bites along with skin breakouts to help relieve the discomfort and help with the process of healing.There are plenty of good things about the usage of Aloevera. When it's used on the outside it shortens the recovery process of our skin. Typically the gel out of this herb possesses an anti-inflammatory compound which is very effective on bug bites, and skin rashes. In case you have a burn, sun burn or breakouts you can easily break off some of the leaves of this unique herb and chop the leaves open and then take out the gel. Use the gel and place it over your injuries for rapid comfort from the ache.Whent it is put on pimples, natural aloe vera will help lower just about any scars that pimples causes by helping lower the soreness of pimples scars. And will easily fade away older scar issues which have been around several years
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When developing a web page to begin an online company you can considerably increase your possibilities of achievements by following a comprehensive confirmed strategy that will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be with your on the internet project. Many individuals create the error of thinking that if you just do something then you will create a few sales and then you can begin learning how to do factors the right way. This is not the way to strategy making a lengthy lasting, effective and effective online company. By making the effort to understand and really understand a few primary but significant factors, then developing a web page to earn cash on the internet becomes possible, easier, effective and much more pleasant. Benefits Of Creating A Website To Perform From Home * Make use of - You will be able to create an resource that can improve you 24/7 All year round, without ever once asking you for a day off: - ) * International Industry - You will be able to
Real Life.
I have come to the conclusion that the time that I have spent away from Fubar (and the rest of the internet) has become more important to me. As time progresses, I have spent less and less time on here and focusing on the real things in my life. School, family and my health have all been pushed to the top of my priorities. I guess what I'm trying to say is that a lot of the things that have happened and are happening around here have made Fubar a less exciting, less important part of what I want to do and who I want to be personally. 5 years ago, I joined Fubar. I was a newly single guy looking for an escape, and this place was it. I have met some really great people here, and others that were not so great. I have made some real friends and had some real relationships here, but the majority of those have come and gone as time goes on. That's life and I get that, and I'm moving on. With that said, I am not deleting but I will not be here as much as I have been in the past. I hope that t
Some Body....
Somebody tell me tell me why he does the things he does to me one day you wants me then he just want to be friends, forgive me it's sad but true I see in his eyes we are close but then he pulls away. I will be that girl that will get away that rag doll  out the back door. I can be that bad girl dances for him. that rag doll out that back door. I can be that hot trap.. sex him up with no feeling behind it ooOOO yes rag doll out the back door I can be that hot trap ... Somebody tell me tell me why he does the things he does to me one day he wants me then he just wants to be friends, forgive me it's sad but true I see in his eye we are close but then he pulls away. I will be that girl that will get away that rag doll out the back door sad but true.... bY Christine 12/4/2012  
The Children Of Raiju
The children of the lighting in the skies and the fire underneath the surface of the earth, in which they have total declaration in Japan from the heaven of angels, to the fire pits of hell where they have spawned from. They are the pure embodiment of two elements fuse together, and that's what makes them rarer than any creature you'll ever see." Said a woman next to him inside a pub where the cups overflow with beer, and the woman were loose. The woman across our young hero was mysterious, unlike the women who enter the pub and left with their bellies full of beer and a man shadowing them. No, this woman wasn't like them, as her appearance was claiming than the others with her ruby lips pressing against the cheery she tasted softly with her tongue slowly caresses the fruit she held so dearly in her hand, while gazing into his eyes. Yes, the girl was quite the Seducer, but there was something about her that made him realize something. Those lips... Those lips were like th
October 5th, 2012 -- Happy 50th Anniversary 007 James Bond
"Bond. Jame Bond." As uttered on-screen by Sean Connery, on October 5th, 1962 at the London Pavillion. This would become the start of a multi-movie phenomenon that would span generations of fans. From 6 main actors, 2 unofficial movies , countless allies in the U.K., the U.S., and around the the many villains and henchmen, to the exclusive 'Bond Girls' club, and right down to the spectacular open sequence to the London 2012's simply amazing to to see this milestone. I'm sure you will see countless articles in the news and online this weekend about this wonderful feat, but I figured I'd share my own little bit of BOND trivia...taken from the sleeve of the 30th Anniversary Soundtrack in 1992: "...It was a Friday night phone call from Noel Rodgers, head of music at United Artists, that put John Barry to work on the orchestration of Monty Norman's 2-minute composition that would become 'The James Bond Theme' for the "Dr. No" soundtrack. Barry
Dark Glasses
I want something more don't bleed I enjoy your dark glasses it's not that bad I see underneath you make me better person.                                           bY Christine   12/4/2012 
What Am I Doing
Really..what the hell am I doing... I really like some ppl I met on here... I am just lost.. I am sooo alone I will try and get attention any way I can.. and I am on a computer... how sad is that... my god.. just listen to me.. but I will say this  .. the feelings I have are real.. and I do want to neet ... but then what.. we live sooo far apart... kids are involved.. speaking of kids I cant get mine to call or write or even get a boo out of him .. I am willing to take alot of responsiblity for this but he has to take some as well.. I miss him sooo much and I am shur I dont even know him any more.. I see the pictuers and he is very broad in the shoulders .. as tall as me by now LOL.. good looking kid.. and I am missing all of it and I cant do anything about it.. cant even feed myself right now...   and here I sit watching TV I dont care about talking to ppl I may never even meet, and I am wasting away hoping someone on here talks to me .. so I can feel better about myself??? mabe I d
Wake Me Up
Wake me up when you make up your mind .... my love summer comes and pass winter begins.. I may not last                                                                                                                                                                                        bY Christine .... 10/4/2012
Should I jump for joy when you want to see me I'am just a girl wanting to spend time with you. Sad but true I set right in front of you my eyes can't you read them all these years telling you something as a child. Never ending story of sadness of hopeless of dead war never ending. Forgotten my real name my real farther lie lie about all my life. To bad it's not a dream for me to weak up have no grief. I'll run run faster faster to end of time wish I never had you as a mom and wish I was in a dream. I now forgive you for you as I set on the moon and end the grief they say I need help because of you... I'll run run faster faster to the end of time wish I never had you as a mom and wish I was in a dream. I am older I am fine it's October my wish is to be one year older and I am happy to know that you made me who I am that I could of not of done it with out you I thank you so much for being my mom... you made me the women I am.. love you mom             bY Christine forgiving is the best l
I feel like I'm drowning.  There is too much going on with my emotional state that it's overwhelming me and I'm drowning in it.  How can I keep my head above water when there is just too much going on?  In the middle of my job  and apartment crisis, I have to have emergency surgery to get my gall bladder taken out.  I have been going through all this alone.  I have been trying to stay afloat, but holding it all in has me drowning anyway.  I'm a huge mess, it's a wonder that anyone wants to talk to me, let alone get to know me better.
The Debates Towards Election
If Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama sees that the American people will not go along with the globalists and push the vote towards the cultist Mitt Romney then he will cause a false flag with Israel against Iran and then sign an EO cancelling the election and stating that he will still be President anointed for security reasons that he is best to lead the nation out of the ongoing war with Iran. FDR did it so why can't he do it according in his reason. A second term without elections and Congress or the UN will back him up.
Heaven Decends
I feel the heattouch my earhow sweet the escape,captured in scentsof your perfumethat surrounds you.As you draw me closeryour mouth, your tonguewarm me inside,I don't know whybut through your eyesyou burn my soul around you.I never thoughtof wanting someone so much.A brief silence and then....Heaven descendscascading from inside you,then outside burningthe fire surrounds us.
Slip And Slide
I know you are tough, and I am hoping you are gentle and not too rough. One plus one can be so damn right, every second of the day not just tonight. Can't you feel my heart beat, as I am feeling so much heat. Created was an origional the day you were born the fire was started to keep you warm.   Slip and slide, let me mount and continue to ride. Flick me, I am magic, in pulsating sync with your dick.   Kissing every centimeter, sucking every in on you, I want to please your senses just on every cue. Feeling sensations you and I have never felt before, up and in, down and out back for more than plenty galore. I need to be there, my mind needs to feel your muscles tense  and relax as next to you I am just soft and bare and ready for this to be real.
Jackets Brand Canada Goose Parka Moncler Coats Timberland Jackets Woolrich Outerwear
Who was moncler coats the first to spread the report that Philip was a prodigal, and had ruined his poor confiding father? I thought I knew a person who might be interested in getting under any shelter, and sacrificing even his own son for his own advantage. I thought I knew a man who Woolrich outerwear had done as much already, and surely might do so again; but my wife flew into one of her tempests of indignation, when I hinted something of this, clutched her own children to her heart, according to her maternal wont, asked me was there any power would cause me to jackets brand belie them? and sternly rebuked me for daring to be so wicked, heartless, and cynical. My dear creature, wrath is no answer. You call me heartless and cynic, for saying men are false and wicked. Have you never heard to what lengths some bankrupts will go? To appease the wolves jackets brand who chase them in the winter forest, have you not read how some travellers will cast all their provisions out of the sledge
Bca Salutes
ok heres all ya got to do (gals and guys) make a salute support BCA and submit it to me. It will go in a contest folder and the contest will run for a week. get all your friends to vote on your salute and the salute at the end of the week with the most votes will win a rock star bling. its that easy! lets go pink and raise awareness!!!!! ANY QUESTIONS JUST HIT ME UP!    THANKS!!
Sad But True
No one wants to hear the sad story, No one cares enough to listen. It's sad but true. Didn't you know this is all just a game? Some of us are only here to lose. It's sad but true.. I don't need you to prove, Cause the outcome is always the same. We're all made to be used. It's sad but true.
War Within
This war continues inside myself, all I can hear is the battle cry, Screams of agony, torment, and defeat.. Anger, sin, and temptation,  is devouring, taking over all me, Of who I truly long to be.. Am I too weak, can I concour? I refuse to give up so easily.. Yet, my body is beaten, and weary, I shall overcome, I will find the strength to carry on. It's time to stand again, The stone has been set in place, its time to rise now. I won't let another day go to ruins, I'll paint a picture of beauty and misery. I'll Fight, yes I'll fight!
THIS is DRAGONLADY,my son (chris)moved his pot slinging busnes and all of his guns  knowing I'M a convicted felon.And when I told him they had to go he has totally disowned me for doing so.I had to go to the E.Rfor my liver trouble,they said I need to see my liver doc at DUKE LIVER TRANSPLANT CLINIC,A.S.A.P.I tried to call cus I needed him and because I wouldn't let him do the drug selling and guns ,he won't let me see my g/bbys and won't even be here rt now or even tlk to me.AM I  in the wrong.I REALY need some input rt now pls .LOVE TO ALLLL MY FU FAMILY,PLS  gv me ur input.THANK-YOU AND GOD BLESS.                                                                                                       
Hey.  So hope all is well. Super bored but will be going into work soon.  Yuck.
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 116
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 116 of Janey Godley's podcast the comedy mother and daughter duo discuss childhood misconceptions, Adele's new Bond theme and Ashley's disturbing acne breakout.   Janey talks about her forthcoming trip to Canada and they both debate the entertainment world's attitude to under age sex and sexual predators as Jimmy Savile's abuse revelations hit the headlines in the UK. Ashley talks about all the live theatre shows she loudly heckled as a child.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.   Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 116   If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto Our Donate Page and do
Forgotten Paradise Rules
Rules These Rules are to be followed at all times when in Forgotten Paradise, No exceptions!   No Drama allowed inside the lounge, EVER!  This rule is subject to Termination of Staff and Permenant BANNING of Members!  I have a zero tolerance policy for this! Under absolutely NO circumstances should you promote ANY other lounge inside Forgotten Paradise!!!  This includes sending any SB to my members or staff.  This is subject to IMMEDIANT Banning and contact of the Owner/GM of the lounge you've promoted. There will be absolutely NO disrespecting my staff or Members, DO NOT bash tunes or Dj's! This I concider drama and is subject to Banning! NO Harassment of ANY kind! This is subject to banning! There will be NO link dropping in the lounge, the only execptions to this rule is myself and my staff. Keep your YIM's and Skype addresses in your SB, this is for your safety, not mine. Be curtious and mute your mics as you get on cam.  There will be a time and place (possibly a late n
Without You
Since I have lost you, So much of me is gone. Never to be whole again, Only pieces to carry on.   All the time I wasted, Making your heart unsure. Throughout all that time, Wondering if my love was pure.   I know to well now, Hiding deeply in my pain. Knowing in my soul, Never can I feel the same.   I see my memoreys of you here each day, And mostly a tear it brings. As I take these days without you, Sadness is all my heart can sing.
My Eyes
Her beauty draws me close, Her eyes keep me so entranced. Her soft beautiful smile. Sets my heart to dance.   A queen of all beautys, Her king my hearts longs to be. Would truely lift me to heaven, Where all the angels would sing.   My heart may never have its desire, But all her beauty still for my eyes to see. Forever etched in my mind, Forever to stay with me.
Never Ending Day
If I could hold her smile, Even if only for one day. And hold her gentle, In my arms she would lay.   That day her smile neverending, Her eyes through the night would shine. Deeply touching her heart, Wishing forever hers would always belong with mine.   For this day she would be my Goddess, For this angel fell to me from the sky. I would pray to my God for this day with her, To it I would never have to say goodbye.
Too Bad Its A Dream
Lying in my bedThere was too much space for meThen I closed my eyes And you visualizedYou were with that dressred and so fairI could see your soulI pulled my hand to youand tore your dress color of bloodleaving your naked bodyI watchedyour way bastard asking for more,waiting for the next actAnd I stopped in front of your bodywithout knowing whether the contemplatedor whether it abusedAnd with the gentle touch of my handsscoured all linesand all curvesAnd more to explore your bodynever decorate your mapIn each attack discoverednew details, new secretsAfter going through your being tiredMy mouth begging turnI wanted to feel like your sinCedi then my instinctand an endless follythose scoured againpaths already knewI got lost between your armsDo not know if dominated or was dominatedI do not know if it was or was youJust wanted that momentwere eternalJust heard your moanand the beating of your hearterraticallyIt was just a body in rhythmWe were pure horninessAnd just that moment matteredN
What Could Happen??
Why does everyone seem not to remember anything?? Today I talked to someone that didn't remember why we stopped talking in the first place. He asked me 'why haven't you called??' I want to forget but all to often remember that I have a TBI and have been told I could have seizures and a short memory. It just a reason I get ticked off sometimes. I hope everyone has a exceptionally great day!! I am gonna maybe become busy today, but I will try to be here when I am not busy.If everyone could be as nice as they would like to be treated, that would just be great. If someone is knocking at your door, chances are they need you. Please don't refuse the beings that need you. It just may be someone that could change your life into something better.
Little Tease
I had been having a house party and there was little hottie there that I really wanted to get with. We would flirt and goof around but when I would try to get here back to my room she got all weird. Finally around 3 shit was settleing down and she was amoung those that hadn't left yet. She said that her ride had left her and had no way home. The beds and sofa were spoken for so I told her she could sleep in my bed. Well fuck she didn't want to do that and I sure the hell wasn't going anywhere so I grab a sleeping bag and a pillow and tossed them on the floor for her and went to bed. I got around ten and found that everyone that had crashed in the livingroom had left except her. She was scrunched up, face down & ass up. Her little denim skirt had ridden up her ass exposing her thong. Damn that shit looked good. Since I was already sportin' morning wood I whipped it out and kneeled behind her and puled the thong to the side exposing her cootchy and ass. I rubbed the head of my cock on he
Never Saw It Coming
So I was sitting in the bar last night. A friend and his wife invited me to go. They like going on kerioka night. I had a tqeuila on the rocks in my hand and wasn't paying much attention to anything cause I really didn't want to be their. From over my shoulder a sweet voice asked the bartender for a tequila on the rocks. I turned starting at the floor and working my way up. The first thing I noticed were the boots. Dirty and worn, the bottom of the jeans stained with flecks of dirt. At the knee I noticed that they were worn. As in from someone that realy worked not some pants you buy in the store that are worn or ripped. I countinued up until I got to the waist. The rope belt was tied in a knot that I havent seen since my days at the fire department. The flanel shirt hung out over the waist, unbuttened. The white tank top tucked in showing a slender waist. I contiuned up until I saw her breasts. a small D to large C cup with no bra holding them up. Her shoulder showed the edge of a tat
Need A Laugh
‎"BEST DIVORCE LETTER EVER Dear Wife, I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever. I’ve been a good man to you for 7 years & I have nothing to show for it. These last 2 weeks have been hell. ... Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that was the last straw. Last week, you  came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me anymore; you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me anymore; whatever the case, I’m gone.Your EX-HusbandP.S. don’t try to find me. Your SISTER & I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life!Dear Ex-Husband Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It’s true you &
Pink Name For October.
Since I have also been effected personally from cancer, not me having it, but someone close to me that died from it, I am changing my name to pink to show support this month. No, I don't plan on using girl pictures for rates, lol.   Peace.
Them Crooked Vultures
6:50 Elephants - Them Crooked Vulturesby Alternatov04257,671 views
Boredom Fashion
In Our Time Of Grief...thank You
Funeral services for my husband ( JoshuaXx1NELITExX )'s grandpa will be held on Friday, October 5th. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers. * * Anyone who would like to can go view his Tribute video and then, please sign the Guest Book on the funeral home's website *  (No Fubar names in the Guest Book please) * I would like to thank everyone on our family's behalf for all of the prayers, love, support & kindness that has been shown to us in our time of grief & mourning. It has been greatly appreciated and a great comfort to both of us, especially Joshua, and we will remember it always.
What Is Happiness
happiness is blisshappiness, is when you get a new puppyhappiness, is when you get marriedhappiness, is when you go on you first datehappiness, is making your own decisionshappiness, is graduatinghappiness, is getting you first jobhappiness, is falling in lovehappinessis being proud of who you arehappiness is blisshappiness, is glowinghappiness, is funhappiness, is an amazing feelinghappiness, is when you smile all dayhappiness, is giving someone a hug just because you canhappiness, is that light in your eyeshappiness, is what makes the world go aroundhappiness, is bliss
  三,没人民币 (一),垂死挣扎 中国卡扎菲你无法控制人民币的汇市,无论你如何操纵都没得用,黔驴技穷。 1,巨量货币, 即使: 谢作诗:【涨的不是房价,而是货币量】到今年5月,M2已突破90万亿。而2008年5月M2还不到45万亿,短短4年间货币量翻了一番。再看1990年的货币总量是多少?1.5万亿
覆亡无日 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,没有美元 1,喜讯 对2011年11月21日,中国中央银行公布数据分析:本来是对我炫耀的:人民币要贬值了。 可是,我看后是:喜讯!喜讯! 央行在离岸市场大量抛售人民币,回购美元已经无法持续,已经在抛售完本
Love You Alexandria...
I love you Alexandria night falls over you I seen you grow as a women now. I love you Alexandria days gone by so fast just then I was walking you to school on a winter day with your red boots on. I love you Alexandria we play games on a Sunday afternoon and have cookies and milk that we made. I love you Alexandria you laugh at me so hard when we go snow skiing on a winter day I fall all the time. I love you Alexandria when you hold me so I  read story at night you fall a sleep before the ending. Mommy loves you Alexandria.....                           bY Christine 10/4/2012
Shaoxing Implement Industrial County Strategy Urged Foreign Trade Economic Transformation And Upgrading
  The municipal government Gongyejiangfu construction, Shaoxing County as a county of the industrial, construction, industrial county responsibility, duty-bound, but also the fundamental requirements to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the county economy we will seriously implement the decisions and arrangements of the central, provincial and municipal further realistically the focus, the formation of a joint force, efforts to promote industrial counties across the industrial county, to make new and greater contributions for the strong city building. "Recently, the Municipal Committee, Shaoxing county party secretary how to Shun said in an interview with reporters. How Shun said, the Shaoxing County rely industrial started by industrial Xingxian, the wealthy and by industry. 16,300 industrial enterprises in the county, and contribution to the financial and tax of approximately 60% of the county's total economic output, 70%, 80% export, 90% of
Halloween Auction Please Comment And Rate
Okay here is the dealio lol my Halloween Auction will begin on Saturday October the 6th, it will last until the day after Halloween or until the person in the auction accepts a bid of their choosing! Some in the auction will accept bids including fubucks but most will NOT and both groups will be clearly marked. I am in NO way, form or fashion responsible for the payment of any bids except my own!!!! That responsibility falls upon the bidder and the person in my auction but I do STRONGLY advise everyone who participates in this auction to please be sincere in your bids and follow thru with what you promise with your bid!! Also NO drama of any kind and the auction is open to friends only so if we are not friends yet and you would like to bid please add me or contact me and I will add you, violation of any of these terms will not be tolerated and I thank you in advance for respecting this as I will always respect you! Now with all of that nonsense out of the way LOL I want everyone to be
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This jerk came to my page and in my SB being rude, even after he was told to back off, then i find out he stold a pic of me out of my album and wont delete is. Ladys watch out for this scum!!!!   loverboy">@ fubar                  
I'm Back
Will try to be around more now. Hope to hear from old friends and make some new ones.
Birthday Pussy
[sigh]  Just read it, lol.   unsuspecti...:  6:44pm unsuspecti...: you don't know me where i'm at the sun is coming up bitch 7:14pm Per: oh wow...someone got their Cheerios pissed in. You're a grown ass man, grow a set of balls and get the fuck over it. 7:15pm unsuspecti...: hold up i'm not pissed 7:15pm unsuspecti...: was js 7:15pm Per: and so am I. You came in my shout box calling me a bitch. 7:16pm unsuspecti...: not in a pissing contest with you did'n't mean the bitch part i just copied and pasted and didn't see that part 7:17pm Per: oh you meant it, and I really don't care. You still need to grow a set. It's the internet, people are going to say things that piss you off. You came in my shout box and had to drag it out. If you weren't pissed, you wouldn't have said shit to me. 7:18pm unsuspecti...: no i seen you where at it with some one eles 7:19pm unsuspecti...: but look if you want
If I Could Fly - Helloween
No fear, no painNobody left to blameI'll try aloneMake destiny my ownI learn to free my mindMyself I now must findOnce moreOnce moreIf I could flyLike the king of the skyCould not tumble nor fallI would picture it allIf I could flySee the world through my eyesWould not stumble nor failTo the heavens I sailIf I could flySo here I amIn solitude I standI've got dreams insideI need to realizeMy faith has grownNo fear of the unknownNo moreNo moreIf I could flyLike the king of the skyCould not tumble nor fallI would picture it allIf I could flySee the world through my eyesWould not stumble nor failI could ravage my jailIf I could fly
Falling Higher - Helloween
I thought that I felt alright with my worldBut now what I knew seems taken by someoneProbing me, waiting if I take the baitSurrender, step into the lineWe won't give into the falseWe are not as dull as takensome will hold out if they canThey must kill us if they want us to fallWhen we uniteWe're falling higherWhen worlds collideWe'll stand straight in turmoil and fearNo harm coming nearHungry forever since we took a glanceFeared that the world was taken by someoneWe realized by the look in your eyesMetal will never dieWith magic in our handsWe are lost-and-found contendersFor a kingdom of our standCome together no surrender at all[SOLO]With magic in our handsWe are lost-and-found contendersFor a kingdom of our standCome together no surrender at allWhen we uniteWe're falling higherWhen worlds collideWe'll stand straight in turmoil and fearNo harm coming nearNo harm coming nearNo harm coming nearWe're falling higher[SOLO 1: Michael][SOLO 2: Roland]
Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Helloween
Make the peoplehold each other's handsand fill their hearts with truthyou made up your mindso do as divinedPut on your armourragged after fightshold up your swordyou're leaving the lightmake yourself readyfor the lords of the darkthey'll watch your wayso be cautious, quiet and harkYou hear them whisperingin the crowns of the treesyou're whirling 'roundbut your eyes don't agreewill 'o' the wispsmisguiding your pathyou can't throw a cursewithout takin' their wrath[Bridge:]Watch out for the seas of hatred and sinor all us people forget what we've beenour only hope's your victorykill that satan who won't let us be--kill![Chorus:]You're the keeper of the seven keysthat lock up the seven seasand the seer of visions sais before he went blindhide them from demons and rescue mankindor the world we're all in will soon be soldto the thone of the evil payed with Lucifer's goldYou can feel cold sweatrunning down your neckand the dwarfs of falsenessthrow mud at your backGuided by spellsof the old se
Never Be A Star - Helloween
No matter how big we are We dream of home The place where we all belong Therefore this songWe are who we are We'll never be a star We are where we are But we'll never be a starNo time to see all our friends There where we are Ten thousand miles are quite long And much too farWe are who we are We'll never be a star We are where we are But we'll never be a star A star, a star, a star, noWe are who we are We are who we are We are who we are We are who we areWe are who we are Never be a star We are who we are Never be a starWe are who we are We'll never be a star We are where we are But we'll never be, never beWe are who we are We'll never be a star We are where we are But we'll never be a starWe are who we are We'll never be a star We are where we are
I Had A King - Joni Mitchell
I had a king in a tenement castleLately he's taken to painting the pastel walls brownHe's taken the curtains downHe's swept with the broom of contemptAnd the rooms have an empty ring He's cleaned with the tears Of an actor who fears for the laughter's sting I can't go back there anymore You know my keys won't fit the door You know my thoughts don't fit the man They never can they never canI had a king dressed in drip-dry and paisley Lately he's taken to saying I'm crazy and blind He lives in another time Ladies in gingham still blush While he sings them of wars and wine But I in my leather and lace I can never become that kind I can't go back there anymore You know my keys won't fit the door You know my thoughts don't fit the man They never can they never canI had a king in a salt-rusted carriage Who carried me off to his country for marriage too soonBeware of the power of moonsThere's no one to blameNo there's no one to name as a traitor here The king's on the roadAnd the queen's in t
Hero's Are Hard To Find - Fleetwood Mac
Girls you knowWhen you're in the mood(In the mood)You may meet a manCan't do anything good(nothing good)But you've got to pity himAnd ty to understand(understand)That a hero, a hero is so hard to findWhen he takes youFor his love(for his love)And he tries to tell youThat there is'nt any other(don't believe him)Oh, he may kiss youAnd tell you he'll miss you(such a shame)But don't forget, a hero is so hard to findWhen he says helloDon't forget they're all the same(you know they're all the same)You may end up sitting all aloneAnd with yourself to blameOh, don't you let himSo when he tells youYou've got diamonds in your eyes(he's just lying)Don't get carried awayCause you know he's selling you lies(he's just lying)So when you get the feelingThe man you've got's no goodHe's no goodWell just remember, a hero is so hard to findWell just remember, a hero is so hard to findHeroes, heroes are hard to findHeroes, heroes are hard to findHeroes, heroes are hard to findHeroes, heroes are hard to fin
Leather And Lace - Stevie Nicks
Is love so fragileAnd the heart so hollowShatter with wordsImpossible to followYou're saying I'm fragileI try not to beI search onlyFor somethingI can't seeI have my own lifeAnd I am strongerThan you knowBut I carry this feelingWhen you walked into my houseThat you won't be walking out the doorStill I carry this feelingWhen you walked into my houseThat you won't be walking out the doorLovers foreverFace to faceMy city or mountainsStay with me stayI need you to love meI need you todayGive to me your leatherTake from meMy laceYou in the moonlightWith your sleepy eyesCould you ever love a man like meAnd you were rightWhen I walked into your houseI knew I'd never want to leaveSometimes I'm a strong manSometimes cold and scaredAnd sometimes I cryBut that time I saw youI knew with you to light my nightsSomehow I'd get byLovers foreverFace to faceMy city or mountainsStay with me stayI need you to love meI need you todayGive to me your leatherTake from meMy laceLovers foreverFace to faceMy cit
Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac
If you wake up and don't want to smile,If it takes just a little while,Open your eyes and look at the day,You'll see things in a different way.Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow,Don't stop, it'll soon be here,It'll be, better than before,Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone.Why not think about times to come,And not about the things that you've done,If your life was bad to you,Just think what tomorrow will do.Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow,Don't stop, it'll soon be here,It'll be, better than before,Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone.All I want is to see you smile,If it takes just a little while,I know you don't believe that it's true,I never meant any harm to you.Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow,Don't stop, it'll soon be here,It'll be, better than before,Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone.Don't you look back,Don't you look back.
Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin
She's into superstitions black cats and voodoo dolls. I feel a premonition that girl's gonna make me fall. She's into new sensations new kicks in the candle light. She's got a new addiction for every day and night. She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain. She'll make you live her crazy life but she'll take away your pain like a bullet to your brain. Come On! [CHORUS:]Upside, inside out she's livin la vida loca She'll push and pull you down, livin la vida loca Her lips are devil red and her skin's the color mocha She will wear you out livin la vida loca Come On! Livin la vida loca, Come on! She's livin la vida loca. Woke up in New York City in a funky cheap hotel She took my heart and she took my money she must've slipped me a sleeping pill She never drinks the water and makes you order French Champagne Once you've had a taste of her you'll never be the same Yeah, she'll make you go insane. [CHORUS]She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain
Awakening The New Day
Awakening The New Day     When night adds a chillin the breeze that passes us by,when the milky way shines like diamondssparkling in tonight's sky.Take me in your armsrelease the passion from your lips,let me feel you'll always love mein an never ending kiss.Expose me to all your beautytake the chill from the night time air,by setting my soul on fireshow me you'll always care.As you close our eyeslet my touch carry you away,let our fire kiss the sunin a dawn awakening the new day.Keep pressing your body close to minedon't let each new sensation end,this is the moment we've waited foreach sigh, each moan over and over again.
Against The Wind - Bob Segar
It seems like yesterdayBut it was long agoJaney was lovely, she was the queen of my nightsThere in the darkness with the radio playlng lowAnd the secrets that we sharedThe mountains that we movedCaught like a wildfire out of controlTill there was nothing left to burn and nothing left to proveAnd I remember what she said to meHow she swore that it never would endI remember how she held me oh so tightWish I didn't know now what I didn't know thenAgainst the windWe were runnin' against the windWe were young and strong, we were runnin'against the windAnd the years rolled slowly pastAnd I found myself aloneSurrounded bv stranners I thought were my friendsI found myself further and further from my homeAnd I guess I lost my wayThere were oh so many roadsI was living to run and running to liveNever worried about paying or even how much I owedMoving eight miles a minute for months at a timeBreaking all of the rules that would bendI began to find myself searchin'Searching for shelter again and a
Ok here it is... I am confused and I am sooo unhappy... I thought when I divorced my ex wife I would find another woman and settle down and be happy...    well that didnt happen LOL.. as you can imagine I did find another woman.. we were together for 7 yrs.. (ex wife has been married 3 times since the divorceLOL) but we were not ment to be together and we both knew I left Albuquerque and moved back to hobbs... and here I am.. lonely... out of work... broke..(I will find a job.. but that just cures being broke)..     I can do what I want and all that but I do everything alone.. if i cook... I eat it alone I go to bed and get up alone... I cant just go out and FIND a woman and say hey I dont want to be alonfe LMAO... so I will just write  ewat , sleep.. and on and on alone.    I have always known I will die alone.. dont ask how I know just that I know.. it really doest bother me that much.. but I dont want to live alone.. there is so much for me to share and I cant because I
Luv On My Owner!!!!!
Bud@ fubar
Inner Peace
If you can start the day without caffeine,If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it,If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,If you can conquer tension without medical help,If you can relax without alcohol,If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,...Then You Are ProbablyThe Family Dog!
Imagine Everything Minute
Just imagine that I never stayed, What would you say to that? Would you hate me? I’m ready to go, Imagine what life would be without me?   You’ll properly be better off on your own, ‘Cause I bring you down all the time, And I’ll never say sorry, Till the last minute when you’re gone   And I’ll sing a sad song with your name, And I’ll blame me for not, for not loving you back, Imagine if I had spent every minute with you, Instead of without you   Imagine if I said I truly love you, Instead of leaving you crying in someone else arms, What if I said sorry? Instead of leaving you in a hurry   Imagine if I was with you right now, Instead of being over here with someone else, When that someone isn’t you
Doc And Patient Dilemma
A man walks into the doctor’s office and says “Doc I think I am losing my mind?” the Doctor replies “Oh what seems to be the problem?” well the man replies “Well It all started a month ago… you see I have a woman comes in my room every night she baths me, feeds me, and dresses me and every night be I go to bed we have sex and then she comes back to bath me, feed me, and dress and every night for the last month we have sex and then she leaves and comes back the next morning… Doc this isn’t going to work?” The doctor looks at him and says “You’re a lucky man that you have someone to do that all for you… but I still don’t see the problem?!” the man takes a deep breath and says “Ok well than maybe you can pass on a message for me then” the doctor says ok to whom do you want me to pass the message on to and what is the message… the man than says “Tell your wife instead of us
Dear Lord,
Dear Lord,We lift up our children to you today. It doesn't matter how old they are, they are always our babies in our hearts. Lord, please give us strength for the difficult times...our hearts break when we see children hurting and so often we are left feeling helpless as there is little we can do to help. Please give us wisdom and guidance to help them on their journeys.For the young ones struggling with bullying and self-esteem issues we ask for your intervention for deliverance and for them to see themselves through your eyes. For the ones who have special needs we ask for you to bless them and touch them in every way only you can.  So many are troubled and making poor choices. We pray for your wisdom to know how to help. We pray for those that don't know you that they will find their way to your arms with a saving knowledge of who you are. For those caught in addiction we ask for deliverance.For all that are ill, whether physically, emotionally or mentally, we ask fo
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Something I Read And It Hit Home
Wanna kill yourself? Imagine this. You come home from school one day. You’ve had yet another horrible day. You’re just ready to give up. So you go to your room, close the door, and take out that suicide note you’ve written and rewritten over and over and over You take out those razor blades, and cut for the very last time. You grab that bottle of pills and take them all. Laying down, holding the letter to your chest, you close your eyes for the very last time. A few hours later, your little brother knocks on your door to come tell you dinners ready. You don’t answer, so he walks in. All he sees is you laying on your bed, so he thinks you’re asleep. He tells your mom this. Your mom goes to your room to wake you up. She notices something is odd. She grabs the paper in your hand and reads it. Sobbing, she tries to wake you up. She’s screaming your name. Your brother, so confused, runs to go tell Dad that “Mommy is crying and sissy won’t wake
Vitamins, Fat-soluble - Diet And Weight Loss
Vitamins are very important nourishing substances your whole body requires in smaller volumes for many different tasks throughout the system. Vitamins happen to be broken into 2 types: water-soluble (B-complex and also C) and additionally fatsoluble (A, D, Elizabeth and also K). In contrast to water soluble vitamins which need common renewal in the human body, fat soluble vitamins are generally saved in the lean meats and fatty tissue, and they are eradicated considerably more slow when compared with water-soluble vitamins. Due to the fact fat soluble vitamins are generally located for too long time periods, they normally generate a greater risk regarding poisoning as compared to watersoluble vitamins once used too much. Taking a regular, nutritious diet regime is not going to bring about accumulation within actually healthier men and women. Even so, using vitamin dietary supplements that include ultra dosages of vitamins A, D, Electronic as well as K may cause poisoning. Don't forget,
I'd Do Anything, Goodbye.
Somehow I find myself unable to hide my bliss. For some reason I miss you when you're gone. Sometimes while I sleep I'm still in your arms. In it too deep, can't dig my way out.. I gave it my all but you filled me with doubt. Something inside is starting to stir, my feelings built up like a storm. Ready to fall in tears from the sky. All in all you're the one I need, The one I'll never have, The one who sees me as who I can be but loves me as I am. The one who stole my heart, the one who tore it apart, The start to a life of confusion, you in my life was the greatest intrusion, Nothing in the eyes of others, but everything to me. I'd do anything to help you smile, so I guess I'll let you be.
Love brings magic in our life and fills it with eternal bliss and divinity. Suddenly our simple ordinary life becomes extraordinary and everything in the universe gathers together to put us through the process of nourishing our soul. Soulful love puts the earnest desire in loving hearts to live a life of truth, peace, harmony and affection...
I Wounder
If you had me in a room alone w/ u, And I had to do whatever u tell me, What would I have to do? Shhh!! It's a secret so send it to my inbox Post this on your blog and see what people say. You might be surprised...
Efficient Fiverr Tasks - They Pay, Literally
Successful Fiverr jobs come in a wide range, some uncomplicated and professional, some crazy and surprising. Both types of jobs have confirmed to be effective on Fiverr, as can be seen by looking under Fiverr's "Popularity" tab. Deciding on the best gig kind is the most essential in the development of an effective gig, for your gig must indicate you enough to be individual but be appropriate enough to be well-known. After the gig subject has been selected, it must be executed with style and managed with reliability and character to create sure do it again company. The most well-known jobs on Fiverr usually concentrate on the internet promotion of sites, items and even other Fiverr jobs. If you have access to a promotion or public social networking system with many thousands of supporters, this may be an option for you. However, it is crucial that you discover a way to promote to these supporters without dropping them in the process, as supporters will quickly be converted away if you b
Your High Maintenance Light Is On...
When a Woman says "I don't want to appear High Maintenance"  it actually means "I'm totally high maintenance, I just don't want you to know it yet"      
        I'm writing this for the few people on here that might give a damn about me and not just points on this site.. I spent years desiding if I wanted to have Oral surgery for my over and under cross bite. I had braces for 3 years when I was younger to try to fix the issue and my Ortho said the only way to fix it was surgery. At the time my parents insurance diden't cover it. They considered it cosmetic surgery... But now times have changed and I have developed other problems with it such as not being able to sleep, chewing food, always biting my tongue, lip,cheek ect. So my dentist has strongly suggested this to me for a few years and now I think I am finally ready to have a normal looking face and be able to breath and sleep well.. I am just waiting for my dentist to make the referal sence I desided this today then I will make my First appt. This will be to deside if the surgeon thinks its as bad as my dentist feels it is. And if its bad enough for my insurance for it to be consid
Rockstar Contest
I will be giving away a Rockstar this month... I will start taking entries on Monday OCT 8th and stop taking them on Sunday OCT 14th at that time (I would like at least 15 people to consider having this contest) If I have at least 15 people then I will go around and collect the 10mil fubux for the entry fee... The album containing the entries will then be opened on Monday OCT 15th til Wednesday OCT 24th... Thursday OCT 25th winner will be the person with the MOST rates Rules:  To enter you need to submit a TASTEFUL salute to me (I don't want your naughty bits or pieces, ladies no boob salutes) lets keep it clean!!! It costs 10mil fubux to enter which will be collected on OCT 14th ANYONE causing DRAMA will be pulled from the from the contest (act like adults please) GOOD LUCK!!!
Secret Huntress!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please Help her level! 25k likes today! Rockstar activated so check back often!
Men And There Double Stanards
Mercenary Need  need Mercenary come and join me
  四,共产主义, 1,共产主义, 所以新中国的成立,有且只有,只是在当时最先进的共产主义思想所产生的当时的最先进的各种各样方针政策,相互叠加形成一个巨大的磁场不断累计不断累计,最后产生爆炸式成果:建国。 比如: 微评天下:#图片新闻#国共内战时期,国防部作战厅长郭&
  7,封建吸毒, 所以当林彪知道毛泽东把不完整的大杀器不给他的时候,肝胆俱裂,刘少奇,彭德怀,贺龙,等等等等的遭遇着实太吓人,他唯一的办法,就是跑路了。他就是连自杀都不可能。结果还是让朱德把林彪在半空中给打下来了,1971年9月13日 。 来自: 可以参看《彭德怀年谱》(ħ
  三,矛盾重重, 1,战友情意, 其实,毛泽东和彭德怀,朱德早就从最开始的生死之交发展到视如你死我活的死敌。 比如: 我任第四军军长,毛泽东当政治委员。我们在井冈山上呆了六个月,击退了三次进攻。这时彭德怀在平江起义后,率部到了井冈山。一九二九年,我们留他守山A
敝帚千金 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。   一,历史必然, 1,历史怪圈, 中国,作为一个由军政结构演化来的行政专制的国家。这种国家的建立是在当时有极其先进的思想作根本,使之建国之初即摆脱了建立封建王朝,建立奴隶制部落的历史怪圈。 2,根&#
what do you put in a cunt bag? other then the obvious
The Sun Sets When Your Away
The sun shines in my hair when you are with me and when you are with me i smile like nothing is ever wrong with me. But when you are away the sun starts to set in the   october months and everything starts to crumble around me like you never made me happy before... i have always loved you and i always will no matter how mad you make me or   how bad you hurt me... i have always been here for you and i always will be i love how you make me feel in the late october months as the chilly air sets around and settles the mist onto the ground
Wolf Country,myth And Stories
        One day, Hermes, messenger of the gods, was flying over a dense wood when he saw the lovely Artimis, goddess of the hunt, stealthily tracking a wild boar. He fell in love and knew instantly that he must father her son. Swooping down through the trees he grabbed her and flew away to a nearby cave. Less than an hour later a dark-haired girl was born. Hermes was so furious that Artemis had not bore him a boy that he banished the young Vivian, daughter of Artemis, to live forever with the wild beasts and animals of the forest. Raised by a grizzly bear, she learned from all the woodland creatures, and the great hunters were her teachers. Vivian came to be the goddess of the moon. Soon she learned that not only did she have a great talent for the hunt but also that she could become a creature of it, able to shape shift at will from one form to another. The first of her forms was her human self; eyes as yellow as a cats and long rippling hair, blacker than night, that flowed s
Smells Like October
There's a truth in wanting someone,but today I'm a misanthropic liar.Just in time for muscle aches, mild mannered married womenand the overflowing cusp of ass-meat and too-young flat deliveries.A wicked homogeny of dull rejection.Sends me moaning to my authritic wrist, and a firm grip around my thickperfectly round shot glass.Contact lists of don't call backnever call menever calledPractice girlsBroken heartsand shameless flirtsSo I'll just have to tie up in my own armsand call it quietly a month.Baseball is on that quiet death of post-season and swept indifference.I can hardly identify.
Basket Cases, And Razorblade Rinses.
The last toy in the boxThe serenade of grasping fingersfalling limp around sun-beamsIf I Had TriedWorkedFasterMoreRealWould I run out of apologiesWould the plastic eyes stop staringthe hysterical laughterthe panic and self loathing just one blue daydisappearWhat I said I feltThe things I knew I did to youWould they lose what little meaning remainedWhat could have beenIf I had just squeezed a little harderStopped a little laterGave up a little soonerIt hurts to be hereOnly a little lessI want to stay.
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Dark Side Of Oz
  Scarecrow,Have you had your heart dragged over the rainbowonly to have it vandalized becauseit got in someone's way?Were you ever treated ruthless becausesomeone couldn't handle rainbowsor the thought of brighter days?Where is Dorothy now when I am loston the yellow brick highway?Did you Scarecrow ever think this way I wonderbefore Dorothy wouldn't let you go insane?Did you ever think this way I wonder before she convinced Oz to hand back your brain?Or is it because I just have no PHDthat I compare myself to you today?Like you and your traveling companions,I am intelligent, tender and brave,but why didn't she recognize?I remember she once said to you," I think I'm going to miss you the most."Why couldn't she feel the same for me.Time passes, lost loves linger, memories fade.Do you ever feel the same as I today?Scarecrow were you fooled when she jumped ship and think she decided to stay?I once remember hearing you saythat she's wearing the ruby slipperscouldn't she have found an easi
You Take My Breath.......
I can feel your body next to mine so soft like a summer night a full moon this night. You make love to me I can feel your soft kisses on my lips this takes my breath away. You always take my breath away when I am with you I can feel your body next to mine so soft like a summer night a full moon this night. You take me to a place I never been before with flowers,Twinkling stars I can tell you anything you understand. I can feel you next to me so soft.....  bY Christine   10/2/2012
As I Go
All and all I hear I could maybe be spoiled with what I wish, if the candle stayed lit and time stood still, it is only you I'd be with. Imagining you with me, I experience peace and tranquility, only with you do dreams fail to reality. Had never before actually thought I would ever come across one,  that would answer my prayers and let me know my searching is done.   If this is really my dream and it is really coming true, do I just enjoy the time I have with you?? Or gather momentos of the time we spend.... just in case it comes to a terrible end. If problems are now in the past, and I know longer have to worry its going to last.   I would love that possiblity but its new to me, will you hold my hand and heart with care, I'm not sure of how it goes or how it will be, I am crying tears of joy in a delightful scare. I hold a need to know its love that I feel, when coming from you, I know it is real.   I am going to keep that thought as I go, you never need to worr
Performing Try Out Guidelines To Help You Get That Performing Career
If you have been following United states Idol on tv, you can probably factor out some recommendations from the judges' criticisms on the tryouts and you can now probably determine what makes them say 'no' to these performers trying to get through the tryouts. If you have been doing and you want to create your art, going to ability reveals in your neighborhood or doing in groups and cinemas can be a excellent way to work out your ability and understand excellent doing try out recommendations that you can use in larger contests like United states Idol. Getting a big crack in doing mostly includes providing a excellent try out so if you are who audition to get a doing profession or getting a award, here are some doing try out recommendations you can add in your record for a excellent try out performance. * Know the competitors. It is always sensible to know the competitors or explain to you are who audition for. Be advised of the recommendations and guidelines, enough time you are eli
I Was Caught Climbing A Pole Naked
I was in seventh grade when my sexual secret was exposed. For several years I was secretly experimenting. I had discovered by accident that after struggling to climb poles and skinny trees I would get the most pleasurable feeling(Orgasm) I ever had and wanted to feel it more and more. A slow climb at first turns to a struggle to hold on feeling fatique in my arms and hands I stop for a few seconds then grab a hold again to continue where I left off.  With my erect penis protroding past the pole and my  thighs squeezing together in a rythmic way producing the flutter in my stomach that is the start of the feeling .  Sometimes spending the whole afternoon climbing and clinging to poles near my house. I had just taken my deviancy to a new level by doing the climbing totally naked. This  exhibitionism fetish I could not stop thinking about.   Spontaneous arousal anytime and anywhere ,at school, work, the beach.  When I obsessed about it at school I was quick to seek out pole after school.
Some time's life get's to be to much many question's with no answer's we try to stay in the light but find our self in the dark. Wound's that dont heal and a emptiness that wont go away we try to hold our head up but even that is to much at time's why does life bring us such hard time's. Facing what is real and step in to the world where i have been so blinded to for that happiness was only some thing you could do. feel it slipping away with out a warning had no clue. To awake and your world be gone leaves me for ever to feel im alone. In time all will pass as we move forward atlast . Finding my light ever so gone feeling as if i dont belong doubt's and fear's haunt  my mind wondering what will happen what will become. Closing the end as we take this journey what will it hold what will it be as falling right from my feet  
Aclu Supports Arizona Marijuana Law; Joins Lawsuit
A lawsuit against an Arizona county over the zoning for medical marijuana dispensaries in Sun City gains support from The American Civil Liberties Union. Now the ACLU is pushing for full implementation of Arizona's medical marijuana law. Last month White Mountain Health Center Incs' attorney filed a lawsuit against Maricopa county for neglecting to provide zoning clearances for a Sun City location, which are needed under the medical marijuana law. Now they have gained more support from the national ACLU and its Arizona affiliate to join forces in the lawsuit against the County. But this case isn't the only goal the ACLU have in their sights, lawyers with the organization are pushing for full implementation of the medical marijuana law in Arizona. Thursday they filed a response stating Arizona is allowed to make policy decisions on medical marijuana. The voter approved state medical marijuana law has been fought all the way by state officials and even the governor since it was made leg
Juvenile Probation Officer Arrested For Marijuana
A juvenile probation officer from Alamogordo was busted with nearly 10 pounds of marijuana in his government vehicle last week at a U.S. Highway checkpoint. Saul Velasco an Alamogordo juvenile probation officer was arrested with 9.7 pounds of marijuana early last week. The marijuana was inside a duffel bag when U.S. Border Patrol agents seized it from his state-issued vehicle at a U.S. Highway 70 checkpoint HSI officials said. Velasco allegedly bought 10 bundles of marijuana near a restaurant north of El Paso with the intention to distribute it in Alamogordo. According to Alamogordo Daily News, Velasco's career as a juvenile probation officer considers him as being under supervision of children, which can have a major influence in the outcome of his punishment. But this is only one of the complications of Velasco's drug arrest. "If somebody is unable to report to work at JPO because they've been arrested and in jail, they're on AWAL status, which means absent without authorized leave f
Create Html Code To Put A Picture On Your 'about Me' Or 'interests'
how to create HTML-code to put a picture on your 'about me' or 'interests' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- start with:         for a click-able picture (you go to another web-page when clicking on the picture) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- start with:    
Sept 2012 - Musings, Rants & Cons Archived Posts
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Sept 2012 - Fake Of The Day Archived Posts
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Sept 2012 - Funews Social Archived Posts
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Discretion Or Darwin
I saw a cute bumpersticker on the ride I just got back from: "America is Freedom of Speech, if you don't like it get the *expletive deleted* out!"   Nice sentiment I'm certain but there is such a thing as discretion regarding other people's rights and sensibilities.  If you don't like what I write, if you don't agree with it you can ignore it, yet if I follow you around to make sure I can use my "right" to free speech on you whether you like it or not I can get arrested on a variety of charges.   Discretion or Darwin Award -- case in point.  I once worked with a lovely lady (she had a beautiful smoky singing voice) and she related how her brother had been arrested and tried for murder.   According to the prosecutor the "victim" was a sweet innocent young man unfairly cut down too young by a heartless beast, leaving the "victim's" loving family bereft of its sole wage earner.   According to the police record the "victim" had been arrested numerous times for: possession of drugs,
Fakes...thieves...part Ii I got the fake profile on shutdown, sick fucking asshole or bitch whatever u are...I have a few suspects as the pic-stealing culprit...that's the problem here now, I'm uncertain which one of my "friends" out here took it upon him or herself to do this....   A little coincidental however is the fact that "Shydane", who resides in Copenhagen, Denmark (the city where my fake profile originated from ) friends in common with a few other ladies whose pics were also "borrowed"...hmmmmm curious indeed...   it's my thought that anyone who creates a profile on any social networking site should create a salute upon creating it...and not be allowed to create a profile unless they can prove who they are....
Individuality & spirituality have always been an interest of mine. I just recently adopted one of the two topics. Spirituality although I'v always been an Independent thinker. Plus, Confidence & Thought Process or "Independent Thinking" are topics I'v kept close to heart. I love Confidence, I Treasure it. I find it fascinating, intriguing,even attractive if you will. If a person lacks Confidence than I honestly wouldn't give them an ounce of my time. Because, without Confidence, you can't for-fill goals & achievements, which makes you vulnerable to other "naysayers" ideas, which these bombarding ideas are not yours to take credit for. Normal people would call me "Crazy" because my Thought Process is to complex for their narrow\feeble minds to comprehend. In my mind Knowledge is Attractive. Intelligence is Attractive. Loyalty & Honesty is Attractive. Plus Attractive people are ATTRACTIVE. If you can find someone who is without a doubt. Loyal, Honest, Intelligent & can think for themselv
I Shall Try An Act My Age
I shall really try, but I am allowed to slip every once in awhile right?? I figure if others can be rigid in thinking and trying to make others think they are younger or older, then I can slip every once in awhile. I am trying now to not type in circles and confuse anyone. I happen to know that I may have already lost a few. That is okay with me. I don't expect anyone to leap high buildings for me. Through out my time on Fubar I have come across a few that can be trusted, a few that can't handle shit and more than a few I wouldn't bother with any idea of mine. I knew before I came here that not everybody is the same. Some are here to not feel all alone and some are here just for the game. Its kinda like with that said... abc,123... I'll treat you like you treat me...def,456...try pleasing me with kind words and not your breasts or dicks...ghi,789...I will be your friend if you will be mine. It is that simple. Don't try an make believe that it is a difficult task, okay?? Just incase
A million stars up in the skyone shines brighter I cant denyA love so precious a love so truea love that comes from me to youThe angels sing when you are nearwithin your arms I have nothing to fearYou always know just what to say just talking to you makes my dayI love you honey with all of my hearttogether forever and never to part. S
Any Ideas On A Web Site No Limits Here
Any one i need ideas on what type of web site to make partners are welcome
Proof Over Fiction
I need you more than I can ever express, I know there’s confusion as to what I feel about you, And I know my words hard to prove, But I know when you cry there’s no stopping you, For my words are true they’re both clear and expressive   As to what I feel about you, You know your beauty captivates me, And everything about you still has me at awe, Somehow some way I’ll take you far away, Where you’re never by yourself   And I’ll prove my love for you with my last dying breath, So you’ll know I wasn’t lying when I told you I love you, But I just need you to know I’m so far into you, And there’s no going back and I don’t want to, Is it me or is it getting hard to breathe?   And If I have to do this all over again, From start to finish I hope you know I have no regrets, In the choices we’ve made and feelings we both share, And for how lost I get staring into your eyes, While the clock is ticking ag
Confronting With A Great American Political Pundit
Bill O'reilly is one of America's highly prolific commentators whose FOX News Channel program The O'Reilly Factor airs Monday through Fridays at 8 PM Eastern/Pacific 7 PM central in most cities)
Friends Forever
You know........this may sound dumb to some people but a true friend is someone that is there for you through the bad times and the good, who always has your back no matter what the cost and never give up on u because of one stupid little fight or because words are said in times of anger or sadness. a true friend is there for life someone who is not easily forgotten and someone u can turn to when u need to talk or u need to just sit and have hold u or when ur just wanting to not be alone. but most people think that a friend is just someone who u can go to when u need this or that and then just blow off when they need your help. alot of people dont really care about how you feel a true friend does. alot of people dont care if ur sad or angry or wanting to hurt yourself.......agian a true friend does. a true friend listens to your problems and helps u throiugh them with advise from the heart not just some random bullshit they pull out of their asses just to suite you. a true friend is so
Recalls From Cars To Peanut Butter.
DETROIT (AP) — Honda is recalling 600,000 Accord midsize cars in the U.S. and Canada to fix a faulty power steering hose that can leak fluid and cause a fire.       in Share    Peanut butter recall includes major retailers Associated Press  Posted:   10/01/2012 11:43:19 PM PDT Updated:   10/01/2012 11:43:21 PM PDT         WASHINGTON -- A recall of peanut butter and other nut products has some of the country's largest grocery stores pulling store-brand products off their shelves.
Places For Real Estate Dubai - United Arab Emirates
ARAB EMIRATES - A COUNTRY OF LUXURY SHEIKS Geographical information . Emirate Al-Arabiya al-Muttahida (United Arab Emirates) - State of Southwest Asia, located in the north-eastern part of the Arabian peninsula, washed by the waters of the two bays: the Persian and Oman. Land boundaries are not clearly defined, the approximate area of approximately 83.6 sq km
Emilie Autumn♥
"What Will I Remember?" What will I remember?What will I forget?When this life is ending, and goneWhat will I regret?If tomorrow I don't wake up, what happens?My sunrise, or sunset?If I never were bornIf I never diedWould it even matter at all?What should I decide?I always imagined I'd mean something to someoneIf I won't, 'least I triedWhen my body suffersWhen to breathe is painIs it really madness to think...Think of breaking this chain?Is the future mine?God knows I have a pastWhere's my second chapter?Or will the first also be my last?Is my story overIf I fall asleep?Would anybody find me?And would anybody weep?I can't even pretend I careBut songs I'll never sing...Well that means something...Yes, that means something...  ' Sort Of my Other Song.. By Emilie Autumn That pretty much explains how i  feel at times.... My Therapy Song♥♥♥
Mi Amor
You love a woman for many reasons. A goddess she seems when you are young. But finally you see she is of common clay, the same as you, with faults and fears and vain, foolish dreams and petty vices. So you cherish her, love hereven more. As she ages you cling closer and closer, holding tighter and tighter. She becomes the female half of you. The roughening of her skin, the engraved lines on her face, the thickening waistline and sagging breast, none of it matters a damn. You love her for what she is not, as much as for what she is.
Difficult Concept?
I've noticed many changes since I came back to FuBar after a long hiatus, some good and other not so good.  One thing I've noticed is some people get blocked and then want to point fingers like a ten-year-old and "this person deletes comments and blocks people" as it's a magical mantra which excuses the person doing the pointing.  Since this site is inteded for adults one would think as adults each of us woulld understand why someone might have their comments deleted from someone else's profile page, MUMM, or blog -- as I've seen it just isn't that simple.   The reason why some people can't understand why they get blocked boils down to a failure to accept that other people are deserving of simple common courtesy, and the minimum of respect needed for a, well, civil society to exist.  Yet so often those who scream the most about how their freedom to say what they want was denied don't realize their freedom to express themselves stops where the next person's freedom of eexpression begi
Got Liked 25000 Times In A Fuday
When they first came out with the achievement for 25K likes, I had a friend ask me - what do you think it would take to get 25K likes?  My response was "Two Days!"   I plan to share the details of what I did to get 25K likes and hope that in doing so it will help you plan out IF/WHEN/HOW to get it for yourself!!  It is EXPENSIVE just FYI so if you are on a budget, you may want to reconsider until you can stock up on a credit sale!!    What Day? You need to decide what day of the week you want to go for your 25K likes. If you could know what day there would be a fabulous like bonus then you'd be set cause any day with a 500% bonus for likes would be a great day.  However, you can't know that in advance unless you have BabyJ's ear, so you have to play the odds.  In general, Wed and Fri seem to be the busiest on Fu.  Wed because it's ranking day, and Fri because it's Fri! lol  I decided to go for it on Wednesday.  The Friday HHs seem to fill up faster than the Wed HHs, so my hope wa
The $50 LessonRecently, while I was working in the flower beds in the front yard, myneighbors stopped to chat as they returned home from walking their dog.During our friendly conversation, I asked their 12 year old daughterwhat she wanted to be when she grows up. She said she wanted to bePresident someday.Both of her parents - liberal Democrats - were standing there, so Iasked her, "If you were President what would be the first thing youwould do?" She replied, "I'd give food and houses to all the homelesspeople."Her parents beamed with pride!"Wow...what a worthy goal!" I said. "But you don't have to wait untilyou'r
            Some time's in life we are blinded to the things we can not see. Blinded by love blinded by pain some time's we can not fix nor change thing's that are wrong or that enable's us from living day to day. We try to face fact's and believe that the good will save us all, that love can heal all sickness which creep's in and wont let go we all have choice's we must make but what will it be when you have taken the soul Life as i know it is dark and empty i thought it would be enough to save you but nothing right to the end we laugh we cry we hurt to where we want to dye we let down wall's and let other's in when we should be more on guard to the heart for it's our only friend. Feeling alone for some time now every thing falling apart like i am in hell Looseing you was not easy but i want to live where it is truly wanted not a time passer or for your amusement my love was real though it all feeling hurt no way to go on shuting my self out and now shuting down 
New Blog  
Your The Reason
   "Your the reason" Your the reason why I smile         when I get up Your the reason why my day        shine and bright Your the reason why my night       feels glad I hope your not the reason      I feel sad Your the reason why I survive...   Thank you for coming into my Life..  
I Miss You
                      I Miss You I miss you when something good happens, because your the one I want to share it with. I miss you when something is troubling me, because your the one that understands me so well. I miss you when I laugh and cry, because I know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear. I miss you all the time, but I miss you the most when I lay awake at night, and think of all the wonderful times that we spent with each other for those were some of the best and most memorable times of my life.
The Story Of Jay Winter And His Heart
GATHER ROUND! GATHER ROUND! THIS STORY IS ONLY SHORT BUT TAKE A SEAT AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT.   ARE YOU COMFORTABLE NOW?   GOOD   LETS BEGIN  When he was 17 he felll in love with a girl who he was with for 2 and a half years they were engaged but it didn't work. Jay found out that  the relasionship was too stressful causing him to amoke just to cope  only problem was the stress he felt was not avoidable. they broke up and she chose to make him pay all because he wouln't show her how much he was hurting. she ended up hurting him more then he could of ever hurt her. the heart broke but was put back together by another who turned him into something he wasn't, she turned him into an emotional wreck. after a few more failed relasionships the heart was heeled and was ready to find the next girl sho he fell in love with.   When he was 21 he found the next one he fell in love with. can't say how long they were together he didn't keep track on the months he was just enjoying the relasion
Fu Girlfriend Application
BASICS: Name:Age:Location:Height:Hair (color and style):Eyes:Piercings/tattoos:Phone Number:OTHER: 1. Do you drink/smoke?2. Do you like movies?  3. How would you rate your kisses from 1-10?  4. Favorite body part on you?5. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 6. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, prick)? 7. Would u take me home to meet your parents?9. Do u have a specific body type that u like?10. If so wut is it? (fat, skiny, chubby, athletic,etc)?11.What would u do if i cried?12. If i were 2 ask u out what would u say? 13. If we got to the point in the relationship where I told you I loved you, what would you say?14. Would u ever cheat on me? 15. Would u ever trust me? 16. Would you ever lie to me?  Copy & Paste.. Then fill it out and answer all questions truthfully
Air Jordan Pas Cher Homme
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Nike Air Max 90 France
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The Smell Of Death
Screams echo throughout my lair, While smells of death fill the air, Bodies lie dying on the floor, Victims of acts I should deplore, But God help me, I feel no remorse, Inside me is a driving force, The voices are the manic source.
A Pirate's Life
I search the net and plunder, From the lass and land-lubber. I download me lost treasure, And share some for good measure. Give me movies rated Aarrggh, And mp3's of rock stars. I'll take all and pay no fee, It's a pirate's life for me!
Services Of Web Hosting Companies
Website hosting, the service serves as a foundation stone for online existence. The procedure can be considered as the consequently online promotion. It is a mode of communication through which companies or individuals launch their website on web or World Wide Web. The first and foremost step for a company that wishes to have a web presence is to sign up with a Web Hosting company. Benefits that a website hosting companies provides you are:   Enables you to run a site online having all the details Provides a wide exposure Lets you create and maintain databases Shopping cart for e-commerce websites Online Advertisements   Almost all web hosting companies need a computer permanently linked to Internet even if they are not web service providers for sending their email and other files. So, computer may be used as a website host by them for providing details about their services & goods. This could add to their business as clients can place their orders onl
莞尔而笑  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 1,莞尔而笑, 年高德劭,唯你德馨,虽渐老圃秋容淡,且看寒花晚节香。 -------------------------------------------------------------宋。韩琦《九月水阁》 从教苍狗浮云过,留得黄花晚节香。 -------------------------------------------------------元。张伯淳《次韵完颜经历》 但是, 你的所&#
Amarantos Cakes Melbourne
One of the best desserts in any occasions is cake. Most people love to eat cakes most especially kids and teenagers. Occasions such as birthday party, Christmas party, anniversary, wedding, engagement and christening will not be completed without a cake. Cakes can make the occasion into heart-felt and fun-filled one. They add lusciousness and sweetness to any occasion. Everyone can have the chance to choose the cake of their choice depending on what occasion it will be. It means you can have the best cake for your occasion. There are numerous types of cakes available in different occasions. The type of cake includes chocolate cake, pineapple cake, strawberry cake, raisins cake, honey cake, marble cake and spicy ginger cake. You can choose whatever cake you want. If you don’t know how to make a cake for your special occasion, Amarantos Cakes is here for you. Amarantos Cakes is the best cake maker located in Melbourne. Cakes Melbourne is sweet and delicious with beautiful design. T
Through The Looking Glass
On the outside everything seems to be normal, No-one can see the raging wars from within, Nor the torment or the guilt, That surrounds me on any giving day   If it were that simple to change and erase my past, Don’t you think I would have? If it were that simple to go on living without being reminded of my shame, Don’t you think… it’s only a pipe dream? And if it were that simple to start a new and move on, Don’t you think… it’s easier said than done?   The key to forgiving oneself, Is to never give a damn at all, The key to motivating oneself, Is to never look back, The key to loving oneself, Is to first learn what it means   And if you’re lucky, Maybe in ten years no-one will remember your name, But if you’re fortunate, Maybe they’ll remember your struggles and how you’ve overcame them   All we are is dust and ash, And it’s up to us to be something more, All we are is skin over bone,
All Purpose Gift Centres Chipped In At Your Mouse
It’s a gift genre to sizzle up your celebrations in a colorful manner. Just the exact way you wished to beautify your treasured event and makes your wish come true. Check out the link at now.  
Get A Perfect Accommodation In Central London
London is a beautiful place to visit since this place has many things to offer that will definitely attracts all the visitors. London is reach of splendid attractions which include the Tower Bridge, London Eye, The British Museum, The National Gallery, The Tate Gallery, Buckingham Palace and many more. This place is popular in historical sites and animal creatures’ parks where you can enjoy exploring here. In fact, this is a dream destination for all travelers out there. If you are planning to visit London, you can have the chance to see all these tourist attractions. However, when visiting in London, the first important thing to look is theperfect accommodation. Hotels in Central London offer luxurious accommodation for all travelers. There are many tourist attractions and activities can be found in Central London. So, when you are going to travel in Central London, you must look for a wonderful hotel where you and your family will stay.One of the best choice hotels in Central L
Back From A Small Break.
So i've decided to visit fubar again after taking a few months break, seems like nothing much has changed here. Still people begging for bling or credit packs and showing off their poorly taken nude pictures. As i've always said, if you're going to take pictures of that stuff get it done by a photographer so it doesn't look like a $5 porn flick.  Anyways, i'm back. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
Pink and frilly screams... im still a little girl
Give Thanks To Our Soldiers......
What's sad is that so many of our soldiers come home and this exact scenario happens to them. I just want the spouses out there to think hard before they screw their loved ones over. These guys are going through so much and the only thing keeping them sane over there is the thought of coming back home to you. Please have patience and wait for them, it might be hard for you but remember that what they are going through is even harder. Just a thought :-)
Exhibitionism It Is
This day was warmer than usual.  The life drawing instructor propped the art studio door open to make it more comfortable for the 30 art students drawing me in the nude.  What made this interesting for me was the fact that the ladies restroom was directly across the hall.  If you were a lady entering the restroom you had a full clear view into the studio and the model.  The excitement and stimulation I feel when I am on display for the group of 30 huddled around is a delight.  The effects of a random frequent flow of strangers viewing me totally naked additionally while in the throlls intense arousal only to add fuel to the fire,was previously only a fantasy, in my dreams.  My erection stiffens when I hear the giggles and whispers echoing from the restroom. I close my eyes to try to hide the humiliation I feel, that feeds into the  sexual pleasure of being totally exposed further.  The waves of pleasure continue and I imagine I would never grow tired of this.
me: ur watchin me in both lounges aren't u? friend: no just the one cause ur bigger me: (CRACKS UP LAUGHING) friend: lol, wait, nvr mind, too late
Me: Crack Kills .. js Friend: especially for plumbers   roflmao
Milena Velba And Alex Godaddy Jackson
If there were connections that went anywhere in the US it would lead to nowhere! But Enough about that. Today's show is brought to you by (Windows Live Messenger) Alex GoDaddy Jackson, Wow Milena your ”Sexy" as you always do Milena Velba, Why Thank You Alex Alex GoDaddy Jackson, Your Welcome How have you been? Milena Velba, I’ve been fine how you have been? Alex GoDaddy Jackson, I’ve been Alright I can’t believe that you know how to please a man Milena Velba, I’ve got a few tricks or two up my sleeve but enough about them for now. Can I ask you something if it’s cool with you? Alex GoDaddy Jackson, Sure go right ahead Milena Velba, if you got to take me out on a date what and where would you take me? Alex GoDaddy Jackson, Hmmmm I would take you to a fancy restaurant then I would then take you to a night at the beach! Milena Velba, Wow that’s OMG Alex GoDaddy Jackson, I’ve been a big fan for awhile and I wanted to take you out somewhe
I Am In Fubar Overload
I am new to all this and I tell ya what this is FUBAR OVERLOAD, I never imagined it would be this complicated to figure out. I am excited to be here, and hope to meet new friends while I am here. So if you have any advice or can help me..please do so..thanks and can't wait to meet ya'll
Star Signs - As They Ought To Be Written!
Seen a few people doing this of late and thought it would be fun to have a go at writing my own version:* Aries: Narcissistic yet full of self-loathing, the Arian believes he's the deepest, most sensitive and insightful of all beings and that everyone in the world but him is an imbecile. Hilariously for the rest of us, their own naivety is always their undoing and we frequently get to say "I told you that would happen". A train wreck of a human being. A bit of a c*nt. Taurus: A well-meaning pushover whose laid back attitude makes them perfect doormat material. They are not particularly valued and taken seriously in relationships as they tend to have the sexual dynamism on an elderly nun. Even so, they're warm, loyal and lovable like a Dachshund puppy but equally dim and probably easier to train. A bit of a c*nt. Gemini: An infuriatingly superficial and contrary little tosspot who spends every waking hour of their shallow little life trying to pretend they're all dee
Kissing An Angel
  I never felt such tendernessas when your hand took mine,or when your fingers ran through my hairjust before you started kissing me.I felt faint as I heard you sigh,you whispered in my ear,"Baby, don't stop kissing me".Your words touched my soul like a lullaby.Your words were soft and they flowedpassionately leaving me breathless,surely this is something only heavens knowswhen an angel share a kiss with you.Your hand dropped mineso you could hold me tighter,but you continued to kiss me,I knew we were falling in love.Sometimes in a lifetimea man begins to understandthe depth of tenderness in his hearta heart that's kissed by an angel.
The Art Of Kissing
The lovely art to kissing is when it's returned full blownsoft and tender on my lips, your lips feel as they're my own.If you find my kiss returnednow touching your soul, take a deep breath and feelthe beating of my heart felt on your lips, lets you'll know my love's deep and real.If you find my kiss capturing your mind, close your eyes and imagine thisa romantic place of solitudedelivering the desires of invisible bliss.A kiss is more than a feeling insideit should go beyond your heavenly lipsit is in the depths of your mind, body, heart,coming from passion found withinso deeply you begin feeling sparks.A kiss is the desire of what life is to bejust take the time, just wait and seethat the love of your life has come indeed,finally realize after all those near missesyou have found all those real and true kisses I know if I ever taste your lips under stars aboveI'll find the answer to all these secrets of love.
2012 Scariest Movie Moments (october 1st - 31st)
  Rating System:  1-5 rating (1 worse - 5 best)  ♥  any parts I especial love   Good Ratings: MMMMM  NNNNN  ¶¶¶¶¶ Bad Ratings: DDDDD    First Viewing:   ( Netflix    AMC    SyFy   Amazon Prime   Crackle   TCM     Other                                      DATE      NAME               YEAR               RATING                      COMMENT                                   &
Do You People Know How Crazy You Really Are?
If you're like me, and whether you want to admit it or not... you are, you enjoy a refreshing gulp of icy cold water on just about any given day. But long gone are the days when we would dash toward the water fountain after yet another gym class which confirmed that we had little to no hand-eye coordination whatsoever. Nowadays, those of us looking to halt our hankerings for H2O not only avoid tap water sources, we usually pay good money to drink it straight from the bottle. And don't try to pretend you're above the whole bottled water thing, telling me you've never had it before, because you have had it and you know it. Whether it's been on a lunch break, at a movie theater, or at one of those lengthy outdoor concert events where you paid 7 bux for a bottle of the stuff so you wouldn't die of dehydration, you've had it before and you'll have it again. And why not? If there's one thing mankind needs to do it's stuff our landfills with as much plastic as possible at an accelerated pace.
Drawn To Read This Book!
I love to read and am always looking for new books to capture my attention! A friend lent me the book "Beautiful Disaster" and the title in it self pretty much sums up my life! LoL but then I read what the book is about and the brief description of the characters. I feel so drawn to the main character, her desire to outrun her past and trying desperately not to fall for the "bad boy" that's pretty much the story of my life right now. I can't wait to dive into this book and let you know my thoughts!! Here's the synopsis for those of you curious, "The new Abby Abernathy is a good girl. She doesn’t drink or swear, and she has the appropriate percentage of cardigans in her wardrobe. Abby believes she has enough distance between her and the darkness of her past, but when she arrives at college with her best friend, her path to a new beginning is quickly challenged by Eastern University's Walking One-Night Stand. Travis Maddox, lean, cut, and covered in tattoos, is exactly wha
Words Of Wisdom..♥
Never Apologize For Making Your Own Choices - Livin' Your Own Life And Following Your Dreams ♥
You See All And You Know All
Dear Heavenly Father,You see all and you know all… I know you see each tear that falls today. You hear the cries. You hear the silent “where are you God?” You feel the anguish and the pain and your heart grieves right along with each aching heart.Father, for every person that is feeling like they want a way out from their pain tonight, I pray that you will put a hedge of protection about them. I pray that you will send your angels to be with them and to keep them from taking a way out that will only inflict much more pain on those they leave behind. I pray each person will find a glimmer of hope…enough to get them through tonight. Lord, please do what only you can by showing them that you are real and that you care and that you are there in the darkness. Give them strength and courage to face their pain. Please intervene and free those who are being abused and tormented. Please free those whose lives are being ruined by addiction. Comfort the parents and the l
Before The Saginess
Aging Mildred was a 93 year old woman who was particularlydespondent over the recent death of her husband Earl. She decided that she would just kill herself and join him in death. Thinking that it would be best to get it over with quickly, she took out Earl's old Army pistol and made the decision to shoot herself in the heart since it was so badly broken in the first place. Not wanting to miss the vital organ and become a vegetable and a burden to someone, she called her doctor's office to inquire as to just exactly where the heart would be."On a woman," the doctor said,"the heart would be just below the left breast." Later that night, Mildred was admitted to the hospital with a gunshot wound to her knee.
Golf & Genies
A couple were golfing one day on a very exclusive golf course, lined with million-dollar houses. On the third tee the husband said"Honey, be very careful when you drive the ball. Don't knock out any windows. It'll cost us a fortune to fix!" The wife teed up and shanked it right through the window of the biggest house on the course. The husband cringed and said"I told you to watch out for the houses! All right, let's go up there, apologize and see how much this is going to cost." They walked up, knocked on the door and heard a voice say, "Come on in." They opened the door and saw glass all over the floor and a broken bottle lying on its side in the foyer. A man on the couch said"Are you the people that broke my window?""Uh, yeah. Sorry about that." the husband replied."No, actually I want to thank you. I'm a genie that was trapped for a thousand years in that bottle. You've released me! I'm allowed to grant three wishes, and I'll give you each one wish and keep the last one for myself."
7,正道直行, (1)请君入瓮 但是以莫须有的罪名来下毒手,下狠手,甚至把我引入你自己的套子强行抓人到精神病院或者监狱,你在做的时候,你可知道,你可想过,有请君入瓮这个典故吗? 即: 或告文昌右丞周兴与邱神勣通谋,太后命来俊臣鞫之。俊臣与兴方推事对食,谓兴曰ᦂ
正道直行 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性 因为: “先生跟辛楣的交情本来不很深罢?”鸿渐脸上表示的寒热又升高了华氏表上一度,不知怎么对答,高松年看在眼里,胆量更大。 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------钱钟书《围城。第六章》 所以: 1,狠毒, 让下层以&
Meeting The Right One
the past couple of weeks I've been going out and having a great time mingling and drinking having some really conersation with couple of people and I really hit it off in my opinion with a couple of women. this one girl janet at first we got a long really good had a really great conversation she going tpo school as helo pilot and I was like that's awesome she works as a bartender in a club called the LOFT. I went back lokking for her and some one told me she only worked for a day? man I freaking swear every time I go out it seems there always women I like to talk but they always seem to be with some else or not interested. why is that? I really like my FU-WIFEY  jessica a lot I really want to meet up her for a drink or two one day or maybe a movie but she not really on here much and the times I do try to talk to her she never really answer's me back. I've ask her if she every wanted to meet up while I'm leave but she wasn't interested. what I"m doing wrong?
When Will We
Sometimes I feel as though, The world is stop and go, And we’re all here in slow motion, As time slips away   Looking out to into the world, Hate and destruction is all I see, When will we all make a change? When will we go back to good?   We stone the pure, And embrace the wicked, We shelter the corrupt, And cast out the innocent   Sometimes I feel as though, It’s easier to preach then to follow, And we’re all listening, But none of us are doing      
Long Enough
How long must I wait? To be the man I was born to be, How long must I be tested? For you to see the changes in me   How long must I prove myself? I’m not the same man anymore, How long must I convince you? I’m never going back to being that way   How long must I hurt? Being reminded of my past, How long must I suffer? Knowing I’ve fallen from your grace   How long will this pain last? Doing a good deed surly can’t erase my wrongs, Haven’t I done enough? How long will my anger towards myself last? If you think it’s easy for me to sleep at night you’re sadly mistaken   Is it long enough yet? Haven’t I endured enough? Is it long enough? Now that I’ve opened my heart, Is it long enough now? I am better now than before?   Is it enough! If not then when will it be!
Cast A Shadow
Some people say do the best you can and do what feels right. Stand up for what you believe in don’t take any shit from anyone. Keep doing the best you can and pray that others will follow in your footsteps. Live everyone moment like your last but live it the best you can! Don’t have regrets if you live a selfish life, don’t complain when compassion isn’t shared. If you have a thirst for love but you only dish out hate then its misery that you’ll be drinking. What creature that is man? Is it warm? Compassionate? Or is it cold and hatful? Out of all the animals in the kingdom we’re the only ones who kill each other over race, beliefs, and cruel hatred. Since when is proving your better than someone else the logic in life when we are equal in the eyes of God? Since when does money, a car, and job define a man? Was it supposed to be ethics, kindness, passion, respect, and peace and propriety towards your fellow man? We replaced it with things
New Changes
Two changes Loss of Properties: The leading change is as follows: A hit listed player that has withstanding enough to not mind some cash flow interval loss will have a new penalty applied: 0.25% of their hourly income seized away in the form of territory losses that are roughly equal to 0.25% of their income. A qualifying player that has $1B/hr income (before upkeep) would effectively lose $2.5M worth of territories. There were some stipulations as to re-couping cases of negative cash flow by forfeiting non-exclusive equipment, but there's too much of a mix of regular and exclusive equipment for this to be applied in an even way. That's the basic description of what's likely to happen. Careful attention to be paid to 'withstanding' and 'qualifying' as there are deductions as yet to be determined as to what players these penalties would be applied .. Looks like: MsMeanAss was just KILLED by Sniper, who collected a bounty of $421,171,417,454! Seized territory: 12xDiamond Mine 2 mins ag
My True Love....
My true love came to me on a full moon to night my heart was broken long time ago. I wanted to trust him. He takes me kisses my lips Nice's and slow and looks into my eyes with kindness. I discover hidden truth about myself I never know. I can't help myself I give into him it's like poetry to me. I forgot about my broken heart as we lay down together as one. My true love            bY Christine  Thank You for reading my blog 
Being Gay, Against God's Wishes..
Being Gay is a crime against God?Well here's a few of his rules I find slightly odd..Accusation, arrogance,judging, meddling, eating shrimp?Being baptized as a baby,seeing a woman with lustful cravings,wearing a shirt made of two kinds of fabrics,and waiting till Sunday to gather sticks..Menstruation, being raped,anxiety and having rage.Read the book you preach about,you'll understand why it fills me with doubt.You're a bigot, don't deny it.Stop using this book to justify it.
Sick And Tired...
A wise man once said: "The only appropriate response to an outrageous situation is outrage." That wise man was my Dad. I’m pretty sure he was quoting somebody, and while I know there’s a virtual equivalent of "Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations" on the web somewhere and I think I even bookmarked it once, using it right now seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Actually, outrage itself is getting pretty hard for me to muster up these days, because frankly, I’m exhausted just trying to prioritize everything intolerable I experience in five minutes. I mean, on the one hand there’s Ethnic cleansing, but on the other I just stubbed my toe, really hard, and that makes twice today. Do you know what I’m saying? I mean, yes, sure, fine, all my clothes are made in third world sweatshops by malnourished preteens and if I don’t wear this crap I have to go naked because my dead end job just barely covers the bloated, grotesque debt that I'm in.
Original Poetry Written By Me
To Many……True Greatness is equated with being famousBut to me True Greatness lies in just how positive they are inTheir daily lifeIf one can do this and inspire others to do the same then that personCan honestly claim true greatnessTrue greatness like this is not easy as life’s ups and downsHave a way of getting in the wayBut reaching out for the positive ways of life And encompassing them in their life it is 100% attainableThis Angel can honestly say that true greatnesses is rootedIn his heart as no matter what happens around meThe positives always overcome each and every negativeAt the beginning and ending of his dayOf course I have a lot of help as my co-pilot and friends Always play a major part in this success.To me I cherish, treasure and proudly carry them for all to seeIf you do the same the light and inspiration from us Can make the world around us a better placeWritten on September 29th 2012By Robert E DurbinAKA Heart of an Angel
Still Talking Shit....
unfortunatly people cant keep my name out of their mouths... i dont rank, chase rates or ask for family adds. I help ANYTIME im asked.. but yet im constantly asked y someone who doesnt visit me or help me out is removed from my family? or ive even been told the help i give is why people aren't helped or even attacked in mafia! (how crazy is this?)   my answer to you people is....EARN IT or PAY FOR IT! im sure i dont deserve many family spots im in...u wont see me EVER bitch to u that im removed. feel free to do so anytime for any reason!   2ndly (lol) STFU about how much i do on fubar...if i did nothing it would be none of your bussiness! i dont need a SS or so called "proof"...everyone ive helped knows the truth!   lastly... im in the process of un-faning all people im not friends if someone asks you wy H3rbal blocked them.... tell them its cause they r not my friend and their page is set to friends only andthe only way to remove my fan on a private profile
Original Poetry Written By Me
Promise and Hope…..Where does one find them?Two life needs to succeed in lifeTwo life needs that test us dailyI know in my life up until 2 years agoThat tested me and were missing in my daily lifeBut thanks to my co-pilot and friends on lineI was able to bring them back into play In my daily lifeTo me each and every sunset brings them with themEven in the rainy and cloudy days they are presentWhen the sunsets they are right there on my sideI pride myself to display them for othersTo take inspiration in their livesWhere do you find them……look inside your heart And you will find them waiting for youHoping that each and everyone of you can drawOn them and claim to have the Heart of an AngelLike myselfWritten on September 29th 2012By Robert E. DurbinAKA Heart of an Angel
Pain In The Ass
Friend: I missed you Me: no one misses a pain in the ass Friend: gay guys do O shit That came out wrong
The Precipice
It was something akin to that feeling of clarity right before death, I was staring off the precipice I could almost imagine that one more step in any direction would certainly be the last. Looking over the edge I think I secretly longed for the plunge and in the back of my thoughts was always her.  I looked around and rubbed my eyes I had been going somewhere but just the idea of it seemed so long ago since... I was clearly having trouble yet I was powerless to stop the current any more then a fish could change the direction of the stream, I was free to swim yet stuck within the confines of my own prison.   "You and your mental ramblings I do wonder" ... I laughed. "you love every minute and you know it!" The couple walking on the other side of the street and an old lad.y walking her dog heard my rant into thin air and smiled.  as was her fashion the object of my speech whisked me away into thin air. It was an odd feeling every time, a weightless disintegration of being, descendi
What To Wear?
I want to wear the dress from my profile pic?
Can You Hear Me??
I just could get really pissed off...... those that know me, know that I don't really have a fuse or bullshit scale. I don't get mad or frantically rude. Now I may or may not be on a few ignore lists and that truely is nice that I was noticed and an emotion was strong enough to make them keep my pic forever noticed. I don't love my neighbour exactly but I don't hate one soul. I don't down people just because they may make a mistake. I applaud them just for being human. Course I do feel a little bad when I screw up but I know that I tried even if its not seen by others. I believe everyone tries. With today's happy makers and yesterday's worry handlers the world is more well taken care of itself. I want to try to believe that everything will be okay in the years to come. I use to think just maybe my dreams could come true..... the chance is now nothing more than a forsaken memory. Gotta learn to not get my hopes up, because more than likely, someone is just waiting to crush the hell out
First Time Since The Last
The First Time Since the Last by Kenneth Matlock on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 5:29pm  For the first time in a long time I don't feel alone For the first time in a long time thing aren't all blown For the first time in a long time I kept my mouth shut For the first time in a long time I'm stuck in no rut For the first time in a long time I have me figured out For the first time in a long time I can blink without a doubt For the first time in a long time I don't want something new For the first time in a long time You keep me from feeling blue For the first time in a long time It hasn't been that long and for the first time in a long time this doesn't feel so wrong Is A Private, Non-routable Ip Address ip can be described as privately owned Ip, utilized by most wireless router brands as a default Ip. That is built in the firmware of the wireless router and would allow a person to locate the wireless router via the internet browser installed on the laptop or computer that is definitely linked to the product.To be a default Ip doesn't suggest that it will not be altered by the operator. In the event the client would like, he or she can alter the Ip to whatever except ip based upon his particular expectationsJust how ip Actually worksThis unique Ip is placed as default through producer for many Philips, Senao and a couple of other wireless routers and APs. On the other hand, any wireless router or personal computer in a LAN can certainly be placed to apply ip. To keep clear of IP address clashes, a single unit on the computer network will need to apply it. ip serves as a personal IPv4 computer network address which means you si
Things I Did As A Kid...
Back in the late 60s and 70s we didn’t have mobile phones or computer games, our politicians were toffy old upper class English men who sailed yachts (oh hang on that is today as well) and our pop charts were dominated with men in their 40s singing about Love and Marriage or stabbing women to death who happened to laugh at you and had the unfortunate name Delilah. It was different times.   We had yet to see children’s TV show that didn’t have really old people in upper class English voices stroking shiny dogs or they were riding about on ponies, both completely alien to an inner city Glasgow kid. Our accent wasn’t on the telly (much the same way as today am afraid) the comedians back then were all mainly English men in suits and short hair like bank clerks telling jokes about women and how things annoyed them, not many female comics were on, they mostly sang songs (much the same as today actually).   The main difference was as Glasgow kids we were inherently
Profile Skin
I need help ;) sb me.
Fakes...thieves...  check out this fucking cunt...she has ripped my pics and using them for fake profile...
Tn Requin Femme
think in our country this kind of design is so little.Right?hah!!Why don't you have a try!Doudoune Moncler With the portion of formerly, the need of modern as okay as up to the minute nike air max 90 pas cher shoes has been increased than ever before. If you believe lousy shoes from held online stores,Nike Ninja Homme you will wear them with utmost abundance and adjustability to your feet as they exchange their footwear products manufactured with magic materials and leather ingredients. As we all know that the Air Jordan 2010 featured a groundbreaking design as well as a gaping window on the upper that represented Jordan's vision on the court. This large variety of such Air Jordan 1 shoes is able to serve all the diverse needs of different customer needs and demands,Tn Requin Femme as well as to keep up with the latest trends and the modern times. Some of these shoes have just plain colors combinations such as red and white, which give off a simple and casual outloo
Air Max 90 Enfant
charge shoes, happy-go-lucky and formal shoes,Nike Air Max Femmeathletic shoes and so on are some kinds of low-priced and pass shoes categories readily obtainable on the market. just cement and stumble on your much loved cheap shoes. Trashy shoes available to accentuate beauty of a person.Jordan Brand, an Independent sport brand in American has dropped the brand-new Air Jordan 2011.Air Max 90 Enfant And the Air Jordan 2011 shows us another different design that will rock the street as it features a sheath around the toe as well as side with embossed swirly streaks which are identical to the thumbprint pattern featured on the Jordan 23. There are definitely many different types and numerous editions and improvements of these Air Jordan 1 shoes, in terms of colors, the design prints on the shoes, Timberland Bottesas well as the outlook appearance. The Air Jordan 3 shoes come in a wide variety of different colors as well as attractive designs and patterns Nike Air Jorda
Discover Your Hidden Talents With Dance School Queens Ny
The Dance School Queens NY is here to offer people in town to learn how to dance. Enthusiasts in Ballet will be given a chance to develop and be popularized. This dance school is well-known since 1994. They have professional Ballet and dance instructors. This dance school is in Rego Park, Queens in New York. This dance school brings strong ballet programs to the community. They created programs suited to dancer depending on their level and ages. The programs are from simple to complex. Professionals from Dance School Queens NY teach the trainee to the maximum level with assurance of safety and professional dance style and arts. It provides students with unique and solid techniques which guarantee every student in learning. Professionals are from best companies and studios in New York, highly literate and educated about different styles in dancing and arts especially in ballet. Some of the professionals came from Broadway Dance Center, Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Steps Studio of New York
Vitamin E Oil For Face
Vitamin E Antioxidant is a quite typical form of vitamin that many of us can make apply of. Anyone that chooses to implement Vitamin E Antioxidant in any eating habits might examine several things due to the food products which may offer this specific vitamin. These are generally food products which could be seen in a range of various sorts. The following are some of the most often used foods and nutrients on the globe in terms of acquiring the whole body's proper amount of E Vitamin.The most popular ingredients that could include Vitamin E Antioxidant are cereals. It is sometimes included in wheat or grain germ oils. In spite of this, the levels of whole grains that include Vitamin E Antioxidant will be more various than that. Vitamin E Antioxidant can be seen in a lot of distinctive ingredients in your grains family. It is usually highlighted in seed products and nut products of all kinds.The volume of E Vitamin which will be seen in seed or various nuts may differ based on the kinds
Should I Purchase My Own Domain Name ?
Buyers often get confused on the process of purchasing a domain name. Most of the people think to purchase a domain name on their own. Again there are some clients who think to get done from the web hosting company. The millions of dollar question is which way is the best? Are you also in the same confusion? This article is dedicated to this topic only. Here we have tried to get some possible answers to clear your confusion.      According to some sources, the good way would be to just use a free domain name and get domain registration on your own. The most important thing is that you can always transfer it to a 3rd party domain name registrar and it is free. This, you can do after 60 days. Isn't that great? Besides this, there are so many website hosting companies from where you can purchase a domain name. Guys, Both options are open in front of you. Some website hosting companies are also providing free Indian domain names services along with the website hosting packages. But any
  三,声气相投, (一)阿拉伯民族伟大复兴, 在万山老仙的阻挠下,所以, 1,2011年10月下旬,死亡3500人。 7月29日(2011年)由变节军成立的自由叙利亚军和9月15日于土耳其伊斯坦布尔组建的叙利亚全国委员会是反抗叙利亚当局的两个代表性反对派组织,他们致力于与抗议的平民站在一起并以最
声气相投 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,我的运气, 1,悲惨命运, (1)飘渺运气, 那你的运气有多好? 万山老仙不断地用小说《鬼吹灯》来暗示我只是运气好而已。 或者: “因为他是博士,Ph.D.。我没到过美国,所以没听见过他毕业的那个大学A
Poco Dopo Iphone 5 è Cominciato Ad Arrivare Per Posta
Alcuni notato proprio cellulare svelte nuova era scheggiato a destra, fuori dalla scatola iphone 5 uscita in italia . Altri pensano che il passaggio da una piastra posteriore di vetro all'alluminio anodizzato fatto l'iPhone - in particolare il modello nero - più suscettibili a graffi e macchie. Entro pochi giorni di utilizzo il mio iPhone proprio 5, anch'io notato alcuni chip lungo i suoi smussi iphone 5 con tim , i bordi diagonali del dispositivo. IHS analista Kevin Keller, che copre i servizi teardown, ha spiegato cosa sta succedendo qui. Apple ha integrato una costruzione unibody in alluminio per la prima volta in iPhone 5 - simile a quello che Apple ha utilizzato nel MacBook e l'iPad, che è, un pezzo unico di alluminio scavato con una macchina CNC. "Il problema, però, è che l'alluminio è un metallo abbastanza morbido", ha detto Keller. L'alluminio anodizzato è un processo di finitura che è essenzialmente un processo etch e colorante che dà colore, ma non vi è alcuna sort
Whats Good???
What is the definition of "good"? Like, how would someone can say someone is a "good" person??? If someone say "he is a good person" what does it really mean? I was thinking about this, because he might be a good person to the guy who said it, but he only know the guy as a friend, or as a coworker. Same think, you can say "she is a good mother" but doesnt always mean "she is a good person" or "she is a good wife" or "she is a good worker".You can be a "good friend" but doesnt mean "good person". Being a "good guy" to someone doesnt always mean being a "good father" or "good husband". Just as an example, a guy could be a hard worker who does good things and motivate coworkers but could be a bad husband who doesnt help around or take care of the family. A women can be a good mother to her kids but doesnt know how to manage money and lie to the husband about things.  So its very hard to say someone is good, cuz most of the time you can only know the person from one point or another, as
I need mercenaries for my mob in the game called fumafia.If you are already a member o Fubar and signed up for membership before May 31st 2012 please click on this link and join Fumafia through this link.Its a great game to play and some of the people in this game are probally some of your friends that you associate on a daily basis through fubar.So please help me out and join through this link and let the games begin.TY Copy and paste link to become a mercenarie
Happy Friday everyone hope you have a good weekend 
Yogurt Factory Débarque à Paris
Lancé il y a plus d'un an à Marseille, Yogurt Factory, la marque aux salopettes rouges de yaourts glacés, monte à la capitale pour ouvrir sa deuxième boutique.Après leur premier succès Marseillais, la Yogurt Factory s’installe rue Saint Merri à Paris. La salopette rouge n’est plus l’apanage des plombiers italiens à moustache mais bel et bien celui des yaourts glacés Soutien-gorge en silicone . À l’angle de la rue du Temple, Ouriel et Emmanuel, fondateurs et créateurs à croquer, ont choisi de rajeunir et de styliser le traditionnel petit pot de lait ! Inspirés par la tendance US, ils déclinent ainsi notre cher yaourt en une savoureuse recette glacée : 0% de matières grasses pour un délice 100% gourmand ! Alors, parce que le soleil pointe encore le bout de son nez (enfin, des fois) ou parce qu'on adore ça, on fonce à la Yogurt Factory découvrir les irrésistibles toppings, garnitures subtiles qui viennent rehausser les frozen yogurt de notre duo de choc. Du Kinde
Kinky Fantasty Fiction Story ♥ =)
There have been countless days and nights.. That I have daydreamed about you.... Lying beside me in my bed.. looking into my eyes.. Our noses touching... and rubbing up against eachother... giving eskimo kisses and then feeling your lips touch mine.... all the while running your fingers through my hair... telling me that im beautiful.. The passion between us would grow and grow... and feelings would grow stronger as well... to the point where were deeply and passionatly kissing softly and then you kiss my neck and move up to my ear and nibble on it alittle bit sending goosbumps and a huge orgasimn through my body as i Say "Mmmm" In your ear.......... I can feel you getting harder and harder as your body presses up against mine... Your arms wrap around me.... like a sheild.... of protection..... To the point where Tears run down my eyes and you whisper "What is wrong" ? I Say to you " Nothing Its just you feel so good against my skin and being with you makes me emotional in a wonderful
Bad things happen in threes.To prove my point, my airbrush's crown cap finally snapped after wearing down and locking up for months.The Royals have lost six in a row, they only need to win one game to secure third place.Daredevil is on TV.Seriously- fuck Ben Afleck and his hideous wife.The good news is I ordered a jumble of o-rings to replace the blown one, and while I was at it, I decided to buy a regulator (part of the compressor that allows me to control PSI) and a game I was going to buy anyway so I could qualify for free shipping. All indications are the new regulator will screw in easy on my compressor, managed to remove my current gauge and air trap today, but screwing it back on perfect... eluded me. It's kinda off-kilter, but still functioning, and not losing air. My bet is I can get the regulator on pretty good and seal it with epoxy or something without threading it too much/little.Just gotta wait til... Wednesday or so.*sits and rocks himself back and forth*well that ate up
Inspire-se Nos Casamentos Das Princesas Da Disney
O casamento perfeito existe na imaginação de todas nós desde que somos crianças. Quem nunca se imaginou com uma festa como a da Cinderella? Um vestido como o da Branca de Neve? Detalhes como estes permanecem em nosso imaginário e, para quem está organizando o seu dia especial, nada melhor do que se inspirar nos contos-de-fadas e trazê-los um pouquinho para a realidade. Para ter o casamento dos sonhos é preciso estar atento à alguns itens que não podem deixar de estar na cerimônia e que fazem parte das melhores histórias infantis. O vestido de noiva é o primeiro passo. As noivas que têm como inspiração a Aurora podem optar por vestido de corpete e ombros caídos, ou tomara que caia, e saia bem rodada. Um vestido inspirado no da Branca de Neve segue basicamente o mesmo estilo de saia, porém com mangas mais bufantes. Para as noivas mais despojadas, o ideal é se inspirarem na Jasmim, com um vestido longo de centim, sem armação, e com pedrarias para enfeitar o decote. Já para
The Symptoms And Causes Of Mental Alopecia
  Complex reasons for hair loss, hair loss phenomenon, most people are very difficult to accurately determine the cause of hair loss, and thus be accurate and timely treatment, which is the most mild alopecia,ghd sale australia is likely to develop malignant causes of hair loss. In all type of hair loss, the spirit of alopecia which the most flutter Su blurred a. In the spirit of alopecia is present in the mental state of being, it is difficult to change emerged from the body of the specific cause off, and therefore the spirit of alopecia is particularly difficult to accurately determine the following good head hairnet for everyone detailed about the mental alopecia symptoms and cause and hope to be able to help people have a comprehensive understanding of the spirit of alopecia. First of all, in order to understand the spirit of the symptoms and causes of hair loss, we must first understand what is the spirit of alopecia. Mental alopecia is due to psychological factors (
So I'm still working...and it's been fantastic (well other than being sick the past few days). The big bonus is...I have zero desire in fubar. I need to do a small "widow maker" to level. I don't care to do it. I also received a message that my vip is set to expire tomorrow. Oh well, You've gotten the last bit of $ from me fubar. No mas as they say in the Maldeves Islands. ;)    People will say..."But Annelid...your friends are here". If they are my friends then they have the means to reach me outside of this place. I suppose I finally wised up and realized that no matter what I do or say here, it's utterly pointless.  Add into the mix the lies, the broken hearts, the off the wall loons aka people who shouldn't have access to a computer (much less be able to dress them selves) and it all adds up to a clusterfuck of biblical proportions. No I'm not going to delete or anything. I still need a time waster (or something to give me a incentive to walk away from the pc) so this horrid plac
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The Creepers
The Creepers by Kenneth Matlock on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 7:36pm  I hear the creepers crawling just beneath the floor You can always hear them clawing; always wanting more Sometimes you can see them if you let them out You can make them big and strong feeding on your doubt Though the man keeps them at bay from atop the stairs He checks by from time to time seeing how it fairs You can smile in the light, but darkness comes once more Then again the creepers come slinking through the floor   How do they always get inside How do they always win Perhaps it's all the times I've lied Perhaps it's my every sin I do know this for sure I know it through and through Be mindful of the creepers... In everything you do.
Jackets Brand Canada Goose Parka Moncler Coats Timberland Jackets Woolrich Outerwear
A.Use the Project Server service application in ... canada goose parka Read > Business What's Home windows 7 exam with the certificate? 27th January 2012 You are the administrator for a network that runs Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011 Standard. You create a Security Group named Accounting. You assign the Accounting security group permissions to specific folders and programs. You timberland jackets need to create an... Read > Business What To Put together For The MCSE Certifications of IT individuals worldwide? 27th January 2012 You are the administrator for a network that runs Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011 Standard. After completing a migration from Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 to jackets brand Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard, you notice that not all user... Read > Business Purchase an edge over the rest with mcitp certifications of expertise 27th January 2012 The professionals related to the varied elements of Windows XP operating methods t
having a conversation about last nights events with a friend of mine and sometimes it just works out ....   Friend: im not as loose as i was yesterday Me: lube helps   lmfao
P. A. S. T / L. O. V, E,
  Amidst of my greatest lost. What it cost? My heart, another chip chiseled off. Statue sculpting, in memory of. She. Giver of a new start. Far apart, like grand canyon in between. Reality versus dream or long distant lovers chatting on computer screen. Fingertips like lips. Pressing against softly. Connected by the keys to doors of what can be.  Which can't be for me. New journey. No longer growing old together, that's whatever. That's it folks, nothing left to see. There's no truth to those rumors. Just rumors to those rumors. Left no room for us, no space to speak. On my feet, tip toeing to my beat. That slow thief stroll, sneak. Blinded in this darkness, reaching for the light I seek. At it's peak I tasted. Sugary sweet. Addicted. Gimme me. Gimme me. Feed me that L. O. V. E. Can get use of. Bring it to my future like she gave it at that present but now she's just a P. A. S. T. Let it be. Best thing for she. Best wishes. Great things come hopefully. Not as bright the star she me ma
Friends know i have recently started volunteer work at a local charity shop(thrift store for u americans lol) the one i work in is a small charity helping disadvantaged kids n young adults and im lovin every minute even though imexhausted by time iget home at night and i dont get paid.They are helping me as much as im helping them , im getting experience again inthe workforce and meeting some fantastic folks and the customers are brilliant donating as well as buying stuff and also im managing to finally furnish my own home through working there cause i get a small discount:) what i wanna say is please go donate to ur local charity shops or buy something however small cos it helps a lot :) or even go help em out
Why The Raven Is Black~
Why the Raven is Black~Great Spirit decided it was time to give the winged (the birds) their colors. Before this time all of the birds were gray. Their feathers did not carry the beautiful colors they do today. Great Spirit told all of the winged to gather at a special lake which was hidden high in the mountains. All of the winged flew to this magical body of water. Great Spirit told them to dive into the water and they would emerge with beautiful colors in their feathers. Brave little Hummingbird dove in first. He didn't stay long but when he came out he was a beautiful green and had ruby on his throat. Jaybird was next. He stayed a little longer than Hummingbird had. When he emerged he was a bright blue and had a white throat. He wore a black necklace low on his neck. Wren splashed into the depths. When he got out of the water he was brown with a golden chest. Cardinal flew into the lake. He stayed in a bit longer than the others. When Cardin al broke the surface he was bright red a
Lost -- Now Gone
after not seeing or talking to my son for several years i was just notified by my local police department (with the help from las vegas detectives) that my son has been found deciest,,not that he was lost in a physical since,,but he did find himself trapped in a world of drugs and trouble--moved to vegas to change scenery and get into treatment !! 9 months sober and clean,changing his life and doing it himself for himself !! now i find myself numb,,confused and maby a little lost..i wish he knew what he ment to me and how i was feeling all those years..a plan was in place,,the ball was in motion,,next year would bring a once severed family back togeather (december never came soon enough) i know i cant change the past,,i know i shouldnt beat myself up ---- i just wish he knew how hard i once upon a time i tried !!! god damnit how we (as a family) tried..i know im rambling (ive never blogged before) i just felt that msby,,just maby writing this out might help just a little....i love you
Writing Notes...
Hello people of earth :D One of my quirks is this: Sometimes I sit down to write a note, and it turns into a poem. Those that love me tolerate it and sometimes enjoy it. Here's a note I wrote a few days ago.   BUSY lots of work outside, lots of work inside lots of coughing, lots of reading lots of longing, lots of aching lots of writing, painting drinking lots of barking dogs, and baa'ing sheep lots of thoughts rolling in my mind lots of sunshine in the sky lots of thunder in the night lots of hopeful moments rare lots of visions oh so fair lots of dreams i wish to share lots of almost not quite there's lots of moments wanting you lots of time to sit and stew, LOL
1. Keep trying.  2. Exercise gratitude.  3. Challenge and change your dialogue.  4. Be nice to yourself.  5. Let those ideals go. 6. Celebrate your accomplishments. 7. Be mindful of what you say to those around you.  8. Take a walk. 9. Get excited.  10. Remember you’re doing okay.
Original Poetry Written By Me
If only I had a magic carpet to ride……Or a witches broom…..To pick you up and fly high Above in the clouds with youWould be the ultimate gift I wouldLove to share with youTo soar high above and hold you tightTo be able to see the beauty of our world From above and be able to share it with youTo feel the warm breezes and fresh air all Around usTo feel the softness of your hair against meTo feel warmth of your body sounds so pleasingTo see your beautiful smile and hear your laughterAs you enjoy the time shared togetherI would never want to see it end I would wish for an eternity with you Perhaps we could find a soft cloudAnd make it our home for just You and IIf only……I could make it come trueHow about you… sweet friendLovers, soul mates and one to the end of timeWritten on September 28th 2012By Robert E DurbinAKA Heart of an Angel
Original Poetry Written By Me
October……a very special monthTo a horror fan like myselfGhosts, Goblins, Zombies and WitchesAre almost upon usThe memorable Halloween, Nightmare on Elm StreetAnd Jason movies take on a special meaningAs an added bonus we now have remakes of themAnother favorite of mine is the decorationsAnd handing candy out to Trick or TreatersLots of memories from dressing my kids up andTaking them Trick and TreatingThis year I look forward to going out with my grandkidsFor the first timeFinally at this time of the year I love to watch the oldBlack and white horror movies.The Christopher Lee’s, Boris Karloff’s, Lon Chaney’s andVincent Price Movies were the greatestSo enjoyed when Abbot and Costello Met the Frankenstein and MummyOctober and Halloween….memories that will be addedEach and very Halloween.Happy Halloween to each and every one of you!Written on September 28th, 2012By Robert E. DurbinAKA Heart of an Angel
Know Your Self
"You have been telling people that this is the eleventh hour.Now you must go back and tell people that this is the hour!And there are things to be considered:Where are you living?What are you doing?What are your relationships?Are you in right relation?Where is your water?Know your Garden.It is time to speak your truth.Create your community.Be good to yourself.And not look outside of yourself for a leader.This could be a good time!There is a river flowing very fast.It is so great and fast that there are those who will be afraid.They will hold on to the shore.They will feel that they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.Know that the river has its destination.The elders say that we must let go of the shore,push off into the middle of the river,keep our eyes open,and our heads above the water.See who is in there with you and celebrate.At this time we are to take nothing personally,least of all, ourselves.For the moment that we do,our spiritual growth comes to a halt.The time
In Memory Of Toby Hornbuckle Aka Kissman!!
    I sit around and wonder,and I'll watch the days go by.I look at all the pictures,and ask, why did you have to die?You've always been there for me,because you were my best friend,and I was always there for youuntil the very end.But now it's time to let you go,your spirit now is free.Even though you won't really be gone,because you'll live inside of me.So when we have to leave youat your resting place,I will always rememberyour smiling and handsome face.This is hardly a goodbye,so I won't weep anymore,because now you're in better placethen you ever were before.Even though that I will miss you,and I'll think about you everydayyou'll always be my best friend,and that's all I have to say. ~Diane~I love and miss you Toby the ultimate 80's Kissman!!
Everythinghappens For A Reason...maybe It's Time To Find Out Wat That Reason Is
I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason....especially when it is an ongoing process..although the experiences may not be good..I believe there is always a reason for it...I mentioned Robert Smith and just some of the things him and his wacked out family did to me....but to keep on..after so much time has passed...there has to be a reason for it....I found out yesterday that he was just recently arrested and charged with aggravated assault on the person he is with now and child abuse on his own damn if that alone isn't proof enough that this guy has to be disposed of..I don't know wat is...Maybe I am the key to all his started years ago when I was a him and his family..I was nothing but a scared lil girl who had no one to help her...knowing they could do watever they wanted to me..and no one was gonna question a thing....they did it for no other reason than they could...they stole EVERYTHIG from
Best Wishes
If I didn't know any better, I'd say there is a change in the air. Seems like its going to be an action packed Friday. I do hope everyone is ready.... really I do!! I wish the best for you all and your's!! If you have a great day mine will be really good. It is really just that simple. I'm going out today and hesitating.... that ain't the best feeling. Its kinda like venturing out of bed half asleep and naked. Not the best scenario. I'm wanting to climb back into bed and lose myself in my dreams. In my dreams, I walk perfectly and don't hurt. In my dreams, I can run. Course there isn't anything or anyone I would need to run from, but still..... The last couple of days I have been giving my points to my #1. He may not be popular to everyone else, but he is to me. I have enough points to jump a couple levels anyway. Besides that I am not here for the popularity. Just hoping to be remembered every once in awhile. Kinda like a winter morning chill wh
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 115
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 115 of Janey Godley’s podcast the mother and daughter comedy duo discuss Janey and her husband’s anniversary today and the back story to a sectarian wedding.   Ashley talks about her drug experience, gives us her review of the new pilots on US TV and they both do some banter on latest news stories including Justin Lee Collins and the US election. Janey does a loud song and dance routine near the end of the podcast. The Bold Alec makes an appearance.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.   Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 115   If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto Our
Me Finding Fubar
So I am new on Fubar, and I must say its one of the most addicting things I have ever been on. A friend was telling me about and so I created an account, and I do believe I have not got anything done that I need to be getting done since I created it because I have not wanted to get off of it. But I want to thank everyone that I have become friends with on Fubar so far for helping me out with everything step for step cause I tell you what I was extremely lost when I first got on here I had no clue on what to lol but now I pretty much got the hang of it.
确乎不拔 全国人大常委会玩游戏的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,百变少年 蜂虿有毒之门神,即中国土皇帝,即中国卡扎菲,即万山老仙,即政治老泼妇在自己操纵之下,使他自己从五毒童子到百变少年之表现: 我有时说左,他以及他的老娈童们,狂拉,狂欢淫,他们说我
Sometimes you have to be strong for yourself. You have to know that you`re a good person and a good friend. What`s meant to be will end up good and what`s not - won`t. Love is worth fighting for, but sometimes you can`t be the only one fighting. At times, people need to fight for you. If they don`t, you just have to move on and realize what you gave them was more than they were willing to give you. Hopefully, people realize great things when they come around and don`t lose something real. Always fight, until you can`t anymore, and then be fought for...
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mahagun mywoods || mahagun mywoods noida extension || mahagun mywoods apartments || mahagun apartments || mywoods noida project || noida new project || noida residential project || 09999684955   Mahagun My Woods Noida Extension Mahagun bring a new affordable project with the name of mahagun my woods which is placed at noida extension. Mahagun infratech are committed to explore new magnitude to accomplish their projects, a new mode of counseling clients, new methods of doing business, and the utilization of new technologies. Hence, they stand tall on the edifice of our success by living up to their commitment and customers expectations. Mahagun residential builder developers providing residential flats, luxurious villas, 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments, 4 bedroom apartments and luxurious mansion for sale.    For More Details Please Ring @ +91 9999684955Location- Mahagun Mywood is located in Noida Extension.     Key Features:     30 kms(approx) away f
Nike Released Analysts Said The Chinese Market Is Causing Serious Concern
  September 26, analysts and investors concerned about the first quarter report released this week, Nike, along with China's economic slowdown led to decline in consumer demand, the Chinese market is led to serious concern. The Lyon ( isabel marant boots ), an analyst at investment bank CanaccordGenuity widespread product inventory backlog and excessive discounts view of the entire market, Nike's business in China, more and more cautious. Lyon has just concluded a week-long trip in China. He said, no doubt, Nike is in a strong leading position in China, however, this advantage has also been the impact of macro stress and the competitive promotional environment. Nike previous fiscal year's sales in China totaled $ 2.5 billion, accounting for more than 10% of its total sales of $ 24.1 billion. Lyon estimates that China contributed 30% of operating profit for the sports equipment giant. In June of this year, the share price of Nike, the largest decline sinc
Hewlett-packard Dégradé Amid Ralentissement Pc Et Tablet Cannibalisation
Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HPQ), n'a pas été un favori des investisseurs depuis un certain temps. En plus de cela, Jim Chanos tient le débat sur la raison pour laquelle il est court-circuitant actions HPQ,accessoire pc portable et à quel point l'activité PC tout fait. Jefferies, l'entreprise d'investissement, a rétrogradé HPQ mis en garde à Sous-performance. Les analystes de Jefferies pense que nous verrons HP agressivement attaquer le smartphone et tablette du marché, et ces investissements ne sera pas sans risque. Bilan de HP est déjà très sollicitées et ces nouvelles entreprises viendront s'ajouter aux coûts. EPS Jefferies prévoit pour 2013 est de 3,58 $, ce qui est inférieur à l'estimation du consensus Street de 4,22 $. L'objectif de cours sur les prix des actions a été réduit de 17 $ à 14 $. Les vents contraires importants pour l'avenir de HP dans l'activité PC, est l'écart entre la demande et le ralentissement de produits surabondance en Chine et en Europe. T3 e
Final Fantasy Dissidia 012
012 Kampfspiel Final Fantasy, Square Enix enthält Charakter. Das Spiel wird am 25. März 2011 Sony tragbare Spielekonsolen PSP veröffentlicht. Sie können unterschiedliche Rollen spielen, kämpfen mit ihren eigenen Kampfstil und den jeweiligen Fähigkeiten. Côté graphisme, le jeu s'en sort très bien et avec brio. De nombreuses lumières, Tous les personnages ont un style propre et défini, de plus, vous pourrez pas trouver deux fois le même personnage. Les arènes sont variées mais sparen le style fantaisiste du titre ce qui erfüllt vraiment le joueur dans le feu de l'action. La jouabilité est aussi bonne que le précédent titre de Square Enix, ayant subit tout de même quelques Meliorationen sans mal. Vous pourrez profiter de votre personnage ainsi que de ces capacités Lorsque celui-ci sera vraiment optimisé. Les Menüs sont clairs auf s 'équipe d'objet sans galère. Bon Punkt. La bande-son est encore meilleure que le premier volet. Nouveaux thèmes musicaux assez nombreux, ayant Pour référenc
Fu Marriage Is It Really Worth It And Would I Make Someone A Great Fu Hubby .
Okay Ive been off and on fu for a while and ive never really stayed long enough on fu to really even contemplate this but is Fu Marriage really worth it. I know it involves a lot.  Ive seen people come and go as i have in past 6 years. I dont care for much of the drama and Bs that goes on here. I know Theres an acheivement for Fu Marriage and Fu Divorce. Ive seen people get Fu engaged fu Married and Fu Divorced to some its a game some use as advantage to lvl and get most out of it and some do because they are serious. So just what exactly does it involve besides the Bling the Le Bling the ability Bling etc and what does make it last or fail. Would I make some one a great Fu Hubby is it all that important I dont think I trust anyone to take as a Fu wife on here and id probably get Fu divorved so leave me some input as for me dont ask me to Fuand marry you cause im not gonna do it achivement or not and not gonna Fu divorce you either just for an achivement. All commentary input advice et
You ever meet that someone where you know everything just doesn't matter as long as you that someone in your arms everyday:Or can have a conversation about anything and just able to relax around them 24/7 and be yourself:Or go out with them in public and not worry about them because its all about enjoying the day/night because you both love each other and don't need to find someone else...I thought I found that person but i was wrong so hopefully I can find a new special someone sooner or later...til then Ill keep having fun and enjoy life...:))))))
Vitamin B12 Foods
Vitamin B12 can be described as water soluble vitamin which can be contained in meats, fish and also dairy food and also adds significantly on the production of red blood cells when supporting to maintain a wholesome central nervous system. Aside from that, this is great for the updating your the energy level. In addition, it has a serious function in the doing your best with of the assimilation of folate. Additional B12 Vitamin health benefits range from the conservation concerning myelin (the particular compound which takes care of the nerve fibres as well as lets them transfer signals between neurological tissues during the entire system) plus the amelioration of the fat-burning power (metabolic rate) of one's body that helps in losing excess fat.Vitamin B12 DeficitInsufficient B12 Vitamin could come sometimes from the inferior eating absorption because of an unbalanced diet program as well as as a result of intrinsic factor deficit, resulted in pernicious anemia, a condition which,
La Pantalla Del Iphone 5 No Contará Con Grandes Cambios
Apple ha evitado apuntarse a la moda de las grandes pantallas. Mientras firmas como Samsung presentan teléfonos móviles como el Samsung Galaxy Note, con un extenso panel de 5,3 pulgadas, algunos se plantean la posibilidad de que la compañía de Cupertino presente un teléfono móvil con una pantalla más extensa que la actual. De hecho, hace algunos días te hablábamos de un nuevo rumor que se centraba especialmente en la pantalla del nuevo iPhone 5, el teléfono que en teoría sería presentado por Apple a partir del próximo mes de junio. Estos confirmaban que la empresa podría estar trabajando en una gran pantalla de 4,6 pulgadas, algo que hasta la fecha habíamos declarado como imposible. De hecho, la compañía Apple nunca ha sido partidaria de las grandes pantallas. Así lo indicó Steve Jobs en múltiples ocasiones, de manera que el hecho de mantener las dimensiones vigentes tenía una razón bastante fundamentada.-claro iphone 5 Jobs explicaba que una pantalla de 3,5 pulgadas era
What Is A Daddy Dom?
 People ask, What is a Daddy Dom. Well, to start with, a Daddy Dom is first and foremost a Dominant. His choice is to be a Daddy Dom, this does not mean incest (as has been said in the past by ignorant people) rather a Daddy Dom is One who cares for, nutures, shapes, and molds his babygirl into the image He thinks she should become. He sees in her someone who can achieve a much higher, much greater status. He often times believes more in her, than she believes in herself. His love for his babygirl goes without question. He loves her as much for who she is, as for what she will become with His guidance. she is ...... His prized possession. a Daddy's eyes will light up when she comes into a room and take great pride in her success's. Afterall, He helped to create her. She holds the most tender part of His heart and has greatest power to hurt Him. This love would not be possible without respect. A Daddy Dom needs to feel pride in his lilgirl. He needs to know she can hold her own in the
Nutritional Value Of Muscle Milk
Similar to other energy drink that can be purchased, this supplement is the same as pretty much any of them. The only real difference is within its ingredients. Cytosport Muscle Milk appears to have been categorised as a rip-off for the huge fat content. This fact puts quite a lot of men and women off as they assume they are simply likely to end up being obese!Precisely what is not really comprehended by the majority is the fact that fat inside the powdered ingredients isn't the kind of fat that causes you get too much fat. The product was created to simulate the manner in which human milk actually works for a baby. It includes a form of fat also known as triglycerides that is a significantly less complex type and encourages the creation of body system mass, similar to the baby really needs. So if you go to the gym and tend not to only sit around, it's not going to get trapped in your body. It is going to be processed very quickly and stimulate the development of good lean body mass.If
Words Of Wisdom..♥
Life Is Not Measured By The Number Of Breaths We Take, But By The Number Of Moments... That Take Our Breath Away.♥
Os Aneis De Noivado Mais Badalados
Se você está próximo do altar está em busca de modelos de anéis de noivado para se inspirar, que tal dar uma olhadinha no que as celebridades andam usando por aí? Vamos dar a você algumas referências que podem fazer a diferença em seu noivado! A atriz Anne Hathaway ganhou de seu noivo Adam Shulman um belíssimo anel cuidadosamente esculpido pela joalheria norte-americana Kiwat. O modelo foi desenhado pelo próprio noivo e o valor dessa preciosidade gira em torno de US$ 150 mil. E aí, que tal essa ideia?     E o que dizer dos anéis de noivado usados pelas cantoras norte-americanas, como a diva Beyoncé que usava há até alguns anos atrás uma aliança da grife Lorraine Schwartz, avaliada em cerca de US$ 5 milhões e que continha um belíssimo diamante retangular…mais uma entre as jóias que marcam o look da cantora, sempre cheia de brilhantes e de preciosidades de grandes grifes mundiais. E por falar em celebridades adeptas dos brilhantes, Britney Spears ganhou, no fina
Blend Of Bikinis Und Chinesischen Oper Regt Debatte
PEKING - Eine Bühnenshow von bikini-Frauen tragen Kopfschmuck gestylt nach traditionellen Peking-Oper Debatte in China ausgelöst hat, nachdem Fotos wurden veröffentlicht in dieser Woche, Hervorhebung unterteilt Ansichten darüber, wie die Traditionen des Landes zu bewahren. Die Organisatoren der Miss Bikini International Committee - verteidigen die Verwendung der chinesischen Oper Elemente wie eine kühne künstlerische Versuch - die für die Show inszeniert im April auf eine bevorstehende Bikini Wettbewerb zu fördern war. "Wir sind nur Zugabe von kleinen Elementen der Oper, um die Ost-Stil passen, und wir sind einfach nur mit der traditionellen chinesischen kulturellen Elemente auf der Bühne, um Publikum anzuziehen", sagte Li Jinkun, General Manager von Beijing Beauty Cultural Development Co. Ltd , die organisiert die bikini Wettbewerbe. "Unser Ziel war, damit das Publikum einen frischen und neuen Gefühl", sagte Li. Donnerstag. Befürworter sagen, solche Experimente in der kommerziellen
My Evil Thoughts
Evil is in use all some more then others. Sometimes it sits atop your shoulder like a trained bird waiting for it's next treat. But others it's in the backs of the mind waiting to tear through the insanity of your very soul and devour the life of another. Then you have the people who have harnessed the evil to lash out on themselves and others destroying all in its path. Some times you will find the one that has all those very same trait though very rare the Hellspawn waits and wonders the land unfulfilled and always waiting for its chance to be unleashed.
Bean Mastids
too many of them.
Spring Hair Grow How To Do?
  After the severe winter of baptism, many people find the spring came off found as increased significantly, especially long hair female friends, spring hair growing phenomenon is obvious, so, why women friends appear spring hair growing phenomenon,ghd australia spring hair growing phenomenon and how to solve? In general, the winter the body metabolism slows, so the growth of hair follicles were also mostly telogen hair growth, relatively slow, and in the spring, the temperature rose, the body that should be the new supersedes the old. Speed, hair loss will appear to fall, because there will be the spring hair growing phenomenon. Of course, in addition to the above reason, also has the possibility is the hair in winter by the influence of temperature, the growth of the hair follicle vitality is reduced, thus also prone to spring hair growing phenomenon.Then, the spring hair growing phenomenon after what must be done to solve? Good hair net here that to strengthen hair ca
Maillots Pain De Sucre: La Redoute Condamnée En Appel Pour Contrefaçon
La cour d'appel d'Aix-en-Provence a condamné La Redoute à 50.000 euros d'amende, pour la contrefaçon d'un modèle phare de maillot de bain de la marque marseillaise Pain de Sucre, a-t-on appris mercredi auprès de cette société chaussures pole dance . "La cour d'appel d'Aix-en-Provence a infligé au gérant de la vente par correspondance une amende de 50.000 euros et obligé la société La Redoute à verser à Pain de Sucre la même somme au titre des dommages et intérêts", s'est félicité Pain de Sucre dans un communiqué. Pain de Sucre accusait La Redoute d'avoir "sauvagement copié" l'un de ses modèles de maillots de bain, "déposé à l'Institut national de la propriété industrielle en 2005 et best seller de la marque", et de le vendre à un prix beaucoup plus bas que le sien.Pour l'avocate de Pain de Sucre, Me Valérie Keusseyan, cette condamnation permet "la reconnaissance du travail de création effectué par toute une équipe". Le tribunal correctionnel de Marseille avait condamné le 30 novembr
Dating Your Romantic Partner
Now Online dating is not just for young people any more. Thousands of older singles are reaching out for new ways to meet up and start a new life together. – is a focused community for older men dating older women. If you are ready for a new adventure, give them a try!
Iphone 5 Processeur Plus Rapide Aux États-unis Qu'au Royaume-uni?
Le processeur A6 dans les 5 iPhone apparemment horloges à 1.3GHz, 1GHz pas comme on l'avait pensé. Si vous avez eu la chance de mettre la main sur un iPhone 5, vous saurez que c'est un opérateur lisse, sans doute grâce en partie à Apple propre processeur dual-core logé à l'intérieur. Labs primates compter de la puce A6 commande un 1.3GHz, avec son application GeekBench à jour révélant la montée en puissance emballés à l'intérieur de l'iPhone sixième génération coque iphone 5 pas cher. États-Unis seulement?   Apparemment GeekBench déjà eu du mal à déterminer la vitesse d'horloge du processeur de l'iPhone 5, le rapporter comme 1GHz, mais la dernière mise à jour de l'application a mis cette question au lit. Toutefois, lorsque TechRadar installé et exécuté GeekBench sur son iPhone au Royaume-Uni 5, nous avons laissé un goût amer dans la bouche car apparemment notre combiné, modèle ID iPhone5, 2 seuls sports un 1.1GHz processeur dual-core. L'ID du modèle de l'appareil américain est iPhone
So Called Bff
So i try-ed to call my best friend to day and yea he did not pick up. OK so i was NOT mad i know he works so i leave him a voice mail asking him not to call back and nothing not a call or a text so i text him and ask him whats going on he did text back and was like i was about to call you ( ha-ha come on now 90% of men say that )  any ways i ask him why he has not  called or text me in days and he said " i have been asking you why you dont talk to me anymore for over a week now" i said " and when i try to tell you whats going on you always have to go"   or like the other night i called and he was at the bar about to leave (or so he told me) and that he would call me when he  got home i was like ok i really needed to talk to him about somethings what was on my mind he told me he would be home in like 5 Min's i was like ok and i waited and waited he never called he told me that he said to call when i got home i was like no sorry you told me you was going to call when you got home fro
Jackets Brand Canada Goose Parka Moncler Coats Timberland Jackets Woolrich Outerwear
saying, with an unparalleled effrontery, he repeated some gibberish, which by Woolrich outerwear the sound seemed to be Irish, and made it pass for Greek with the captain, who, looking at me with a contemptuous sneer, exclaimed, “Ah, ah! have you caught a tartar?�I could not help smiling at the consummate assurance of this Hibernian, and offered to refer the dispute to timberland jackets anybody on board who understood the Greek alphabet. Upon which Morgan was brought back, and, being made acquainted with the affair, took the book, and read a whole page in English, without hesitation, deciding the controversy in my favour. The doctor was so far from being out of countenance at moncler coats this detection, that he affirmed Morgan was in the secret, and repeated from his own invention. Oakum said, “Ay, ay, I see they are both in a story;�and dismissed my fellow-mate to his cockloft, although I proposed that he and I should read and translate, separa
Mmmmmm Beeerr
Three weeks ago I brewed some amber ale (kinda like Fat Tire) and bottled it last saturday. I hope to drink it this weekend but may have to wait another week.
Parody I Wrote
My mom Brenda and I sat down and wrote up this lil diddy!! Hope you enjoy!! Parody of My Boyfriend's Back (The Chiffons) They've been away, you hung around Botherin' us every night(I'll sing it to you) When we wouldn't agree with you You called plays that weren't even real Our REF's are back and you're gonna be in trouble (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back) When you see them comin' better cut out on the double (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back) You been callin' plays that were totally untrue (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back) So look out now 'cause they're comin' after you (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back) And they knows that you've been tryin' And they knows that you've been lyin'They've been gone for such a long time (waiting for a dime) (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back) But now they're back and things will be fine (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back)You're gonna be sorry you were ever born (Hey la, hey la, our REF's are back) 'Cause they're kinda big an
wow the amount of purple blings to hit the bling shop lately. it kills me i don't have any, but alas I have grown up choices to make lol If anyone knows me at all they know I loooove purple. End of rant. bang bang
Terrified And I Thought You Should Be Made Aware
I come here to talk to friends I have bonded with over the's that I feel beyond the pictures..beyond the virtual thing really do care about me..nothing more...just me's sad yes..but you guys are all I have besides my daughter and it's because of sick fucks like I am about to tell you about why that's not about pictures or random shit for me at this point...these ARE real life issues that effect my life..that has already effected my life and I'm's no secret that I haven't lived a fairytale life..I've never skipped through a field of wild flowers while holding hands with my true love..I have had to fight..cry...sweat and bleed to just survive...I mean obviously something is wrong with me or I wouldn't be here...we all have our issues and things that are missing in our lives.. I live every goddamn day trying to forget things from my past that just refuse to be forgotten...I am writing this because someone who is responsibl
Preview Of Impact Wrestling Tonight At 8pm On Spike
Preview TONIGHT'S huge LIVE IMPACT broadcast on SpikeTV at 8/7c as the road to "Bound For Glory" Pay-Per-View continues! Remember - if you can't watch IMPACT on Thursday night, make sure to set your DVR to record all the action! NEW TV CHAMPION TO BE CROWNED ON CHAMPIONSHIP THURSDAY! “Championship Thursday” returns to Impact Wrestling on Spike TV this Thursday with an added wrinkle; there is no defending champion.  Negotiations between TNA’s current TV Champion Devon and TNA have been ongoing over the last month and have reached an impasse.  As of today, The TNA TV Championship last held by Devon is vacated.  TNA hopes that Devon returns to the active roster in the future.  A new TV champion will be crowned LIVE on Impact! Usually, in the “Championship Thursday” format, four challengers meet with IMPACT WRESTLING GM Hulk Hogan and plead their case as to why they deserve the shot at the champion.  This month, one of the four men is guaranteed to be the n
Good Words :)
The Life You Live... Is The Life You Choose... 
A Little Advice Perhaps...
Didn't really want to mumm this, so a quick question to anyone who'll pay attention to this.   The woman who asked me out for a drink at work, we work in completely different buildings and pretty much never see each other during the course of the day.   Now, she asked me not to tell anyone at work anything, which of course I didn't, even though I really really wanted to, so talking to her with other people around is a no no.   So I'm thinking, on my way in tomorrow, I go past her office to get to the building where I work all day, if she's free, should I stop in and ask if she wants my number?
My Gothic Family
GOTHIC FAMILY   I have been looking around at other peoples family's for some idea's of what to do with my family, i havn't really had a family on here so i saw this is my chance. i noticed all family's were random people and no certain patern  and the only way to get in a few of them was by paying. i thought what do i want for my family thats when i thought i would like to have Gothic girls in my family. then i would have a family i'm happy with and a family i can be proud of i only really want Goths or dark people to be in my family.   HOW TO ENTER MY FAMILY  I don't want credits for entry, neither do i want bling i do have something i want in return for entering my family that in my opinion isn't too much to ask.  All i ask for is an add into your family i don't find that hard to do. I hope the ones i want in my family don't think i'm asking for too much, if i want someone in my family i will message them, if you want in my family by all means message me and let me know and i w
Original Poetry Written By Me
A beautiful blanket of stats above usA warm and pleasing breeze about usA soft field of grass comforting usA soft blanket laid out just for us twoA soft sounding small flowing stream near byA chilled bottle of wine along with two crystal gobletsA banquet of fruit, cheese and chocolates waitingAll that is needed now is you and ITake my hand and let a special night beginLove is in the air and calling to us softlyWhispers of love will be our dialogueThe breeze will be our romantic melodyThe softness of your gown, hair and skin I covetThe warmth of your breath, kiss and arms The gifts we give each otherThis night is the beginning of a new life for you and IOne we will spend side by side into eternityTwo hearts and souls meant to be togetherLove you so much my sweet soul mateWritten on September 27th 2012By Robert E DurbinAKA Heat of an Angel
Original Poetry Wriiten By Me
Crossroads of life are many and always Around every bendForks always offer several alternativesOne a more positive, silver-lined directionThe other a more negative, pessimistic directionThe choice is always up to the travelerAnd a tough one in this troublesome daysThe negative as always a path providedBy the dark forces in our livesThe positive is a clear path offered from aboveTo take the negative is to be deceivedTo take the positive is to be blessedWhat path would you take?Do you allow negative thoughts To control your life?Not trying to tell anyone what to doAs for me it will always be the positive oneLife is never easy but life is only what you make itWritten on September 27 2012By Robert E DurbinAKA Heart of an Angel
Hotd Sept. 27, 2012
Woof justice! After police chief resigns, town's only law officer is a dog   By NBC News staff and wire services   VAUGHN, N.M.-- A drug-sniffing dog now is the only certified member of the police force in the small eastern New Mexico town of Vaughn. Police Chief Ernest "Chris" Armijo decided to step down Wednesday after news stories reported that he wasn't allowed to carry a gun because of his criminal background. "He decided the attention was distracting," said Dave Romero, an attorney for the town. State officials said Armijo couldn't carry a gun since acknowledging that he owed tens of thousands of dollars in delinquent child support payments in Texas. Armijo also faces new felony charges after being accused of selling a town-owned rifle and pocketing the cash.
Under The Gun .. More
  Handle This I painted my eyes for you today Coal black raccoon smears from lid to brow   and back again A motivational mourning of all the soggy apologies for your absence The mirror seemed seasick. . shaky as I shyly stared into the eyes of a little girl who doesn't know how to love what you've become What i have become The clock on the wall clangs like a register closing a final sale I watch it regurgitate the minutes and hours wasted in the pride of being your sunset   Your heir   You kept blowing out my light, til all that was left were the ashes I blink again as the mirror steadies My spirit turned black as the the make-up running down in rivers against my adult child cheeks   I can handle this
Words Of Wisdom..♥
Real Friends Do Not Judge You But Support You... And The Moment... You Realize... You Are Wrong.... They Are There Not To Say "I Told You So" But To Say.... "Im Here For You". 
Mobile Based Store Analytics
Cellular centered shop services are the new hype word in shop analysis market. Applying of mobile mobile phone gadgets and pills has changed the way providers run company. Due to lots of competition providers are finding new ways to collect more information in less a while to create choice at fast stage. Every day is a new task with more extensive variety of factors causing their success in this amazingly aggressive world. Suppliers are anticipating to create changes in their company according to client's alternatives for which mobile centered methods are making life easier with entry to useful information on the go. Mobile/ product centered program, a new trend in the marketplace, allow choice creators with all the relevant information to create important alternatives even while traveling. By implementing contemporary technological innovation the performance of providers are enhancing to a great increase. Applications are been built on Stock, Finance, Commission, Employees, Business
Where's The Fire (hose)
    reply juggalofir...: do little dicks make you laugh? 6:50am more To juggalofir...: why cant you come up with another line? youve asked me that 4 or 5 times,,, 6:53am reply juggalofir...: cuz i really want you to make fun of it 6:58am more To juggalofir...: lemme see it 7:00am reply juggalofir...: theres pics on my page
Words Of Wisdom And Inspiration..
Don't let the words you speak today be the regrets you have tomorrow
Words Of Wisdom..♥
You should never be to busy for the good things in life, it would be a shame to wake up one day & realize you missed out on something great.
Hot Boys
hot  boys are nice
  Been a long time since i have made a blog I know.....I have been very busy. I wanna say thanks to all of my friends on here for their love and support and prayers especially for David(my 17 yr old).....He is doing ok for now is in the first 9 weeks and report cards come out next week....he is doing well at school....he didn't do the bread baking this year because of what happened with the state fair last year on getting his awards....but he is becoming quiet the cook though...very proud of him....the woman over his IEP at school thinks he has a good chance to graduate with his class of 2014.....and if his tremors get worse before then and we have to pull him out of school and get him on the treatments for it then she said she will find a way to help us so that he can still get his diploma....she really loves David to pieces and tries to look out for him as much as she can....his teachers are working with him as well....they normally read his tests off to him because t
  (4)假摔 2012年09月6日,上午,在平板电脑的饰品上发现一个飞蛾被压得干扁扁的,同时肛门又肿大但疼痛,虽然疼痛程度没得前面几次强烈,但是肛门比前面几次都要肿大得多。 五,原形毕露 1,颠倒黑白 (1)挖坑 这厮拼命操纵无数的人在我家里,在我家周围,在这个小镇,一天到晚&
钛金之体 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没得一丝一毫更改的可能性 一,钛金之体 1,Titaninm David Guetta Ft Sia(根据纯冲字幕组和EMGarfield的翻译改写) DJ:大卫。库塔 ;演唱:希娅 你大声威胁,但我不听教唆; 我大声嘶吼,但却说不出口; 对我吹毛求疵,但你所有射出的子弹都被我弹落; 你击中了我
Why Security Software For Pc?
In the present cybernetic robotic world , 85 % of the people use computer and internet for various purposes. Innovative technologies keeps on developing on a daily basis. The internet has improved human lives a lot. World is now so much interconnected within social networks like facebook, twitter, linked in etc. Mostly people like to spend their time online through chatting, surfing and playing games etc. Internet has enabled us to pay our bills and shop online at just one click. While we are online, Internet Security is of paramount importance. Now a days various types of viruses are created by cyber criminals and hackers. So many viruses are very tricky and they are designed in such a way that it cant be found out easily. Security software like antivirus, firewall, internet security software, antispyware and antimalware can get rid of these internet malware threats. Just choosing a security software will not help you get rid of this menace, its in choosing the right s
I’ve been dreaming bout those juicy lips The way you curve right at your hips Excuse my hands in case they slip They just want to make you drip Close your eyes and drift away Softly moan – just let my tongue play Scream the words you want to say Before the morning brings a newday
Crashing Down
Cambridge Duchess 66 Days Clad Style Evolution
A fashion magazine released British edition annual "best dressed women", British Kate princess is the magazine evaluation is the best British brand ambassador, many international brands by her "blessing", at the same time also can wear very fashionable decent.From the big marriage when Alexander McQueen wedding to Diane von Furstenberg, Catherine Walker, J Brand, Kate give full play to mix build spirit, senior fashion and high street clothes perfect mix. Whether sweet, straightforward, optional, grave, almost every style Kate can deduce their own taste and cast eternal classic.Recently, Kate princess attended "for British Olympic team cheer" when the concert by the media and the modelling of each big media heap praise, mint green "deep V" bud silk even the body long skirt from Jenny Packham 2012 chun xia series. Memory, the little princess with sexy modelling the mirror, but this long skirt was Kate princess deduced elegant. For you count the Kate 66 days princess dress style, want to
Song In My Head.....
And You May Find Yourself Living In A Shotgun ShackAnd You May Find Yourself In Another Part Of The WorldAnd You May Find Yourself Behind The Wheel Of A Large AutomobileAnd You May Find Yourself In A Beautiful House, With A BeautifulWifeAnd You May Ask Yourself-Well...How Did I Get Here?Letting The Days Go By/Let The Water Hold Me DownLetting The Days Go By/Water Flowing UndergroundInto The Blue Again/After The Money's GoneOnce In A Lifetime/Water Flowing Underground.And You May Ask YourselfHow Do I Work This?And You May Ask YourselfWhere Is That Large Automobile?And You May Tell YourselfThis Is Not My Beautiful House!And You May Tell YourselfThis Is Not My Beautiful Wife!Letting The Days Go By/Let The Water Hold Me DownLetting The Days Go By/Water Flowing UndergroundInto The Blue Again/After The Money's GoneOnce In A Lifetime/Water Flowing Underground.Same As It Ever Was...Same As It Ever Was...Same As It Ever Was...Same As It Ever Was...Same As It Ever Was...Same As It Ever Was...Sam
Ein Weiterer Bosskampf Neun Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
Neunschwänzige fox monster, haben Sie german naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 oft laufen sowohl den Angriff auf das Dorf und Naruto, um die Steuerung der leistungsstarken BIJU erhalten. Zeigen Sie das Bild vertraut mit der Szene aus dem Sprung. A Lady Whirlpool Comics oder Animations-Fans wissen. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, können Sie das Erwachen Modus jederzeit starten, natürlich, die negativen Auswirkungen. Das Chakra aufgeüllt nicht an der Eröffnungsfeier. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2013th  
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My Relationships
It begins when the object of your affection betows upon you a heady hallucinogenic dose of something youve never even daredto admit you wanted an emotional speedball of thunderous love and excitment.Soon u start craving that attention with the hungry obsession of any junkie.When its withheld you turn sick crazy not to mention resentful of the dealer who encouragedthis addiction in the frist place but now refuses to pony up the good stuff.Godamn him and he used to give it to u for free.Next stage finds you skinny shaking in a corner certain only that you sell your soul just to have that one thing one more time.meanwhile the object of you adoration is now repulsed by you,he looks at you like someone hes never met before. The irony is you can hardly blame him I mean check yourself out your a mess. unrecognizable even to your own eyesYou have now reached infatuation final destination The complete and merciless devaluation of self.
Hi, I'm New, Stuffage I Sell, Collectibles & More
  I'm new & am totally clueless. I sell all kinds of gifts & other items here, if you're interested.
Chinese Shoes Are Speeding Up Industrial Restructuring And Upgrading
yesterday, "2012 Seventh China shoes of Expo Chinese shoes are the opening theme at the venue as the thirteenth Western China International Fair, the Expo attracted guests from 21 countries come to visit. At the same time, the Chinese Light Industry Technology Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and shoes signed an agreement to formally establish the "Chinese shoes export base, speed up the training of the core competitiveness of Chinese shoes are and own brand . Large scale new styles Chengdu shoes acclaimed Yesterday, the foreign guests from 21 countries, including the United States, Germany, Thailand, Turkey, Nepal, came to visit the Chengdu Wuhou "Chinese shoes are". Sichuan export Shoes City Wuhou direct Shoes City Wuhou Leather City the ... lap visited down, the scale of Chinese shoes are surprised so many foreign guests. Batoul representatives from Turkey Marmara city mission, told reporters that Turkey sales of women's shoes, many of which are p
For Sami
At this moment i will cry, Tears of sorrow,Tears of pain; at this Moment i will try, To forget you went away;The countless nights i lie awake, Wishing on a star, the countless nights i've cried your name,The distance is breaking my heart;At this moment i will close my eyes,And look back at the days,When it was just you and I, Each and every day;I Cannot stand being so far away,Each day the pain gets worse, I cannot stand not being able to see your face,the silence is beginning to hurt; You're the One i always cried to,over Broken hearts and scars,You're the one i always ran to, when my life just got too hard;At this moment i will look at you,And try to fake a smile, I just wish I could truly see you, Maybe then my life would be worth the while..
The Truth
The truth is you’re my hero,You truly saved my life,The truth is you’re what I need,To forever be satisfied;I want to hold you in my arms,And never let you go,I want to be with you forever,I truly love you so;When I talk to you I’m happy,Happier than I have felt in years,When I hear your voice, It makes me smile, Smile from ear to ear;I never imagined I’d find happiness,I never imagined id fall in love,I always thought it wasn’t for me,But I never gave up;And now I’ve finally found you,And I will never let you go, Do you realize how much you mean to me?Do you truly know? When you talk to her, It makes me sad, Sometimes I want to cry, But I don’t because deep down I know, One day you will be mine;One-day ill say I love you, And you’ll see it in my eyes,One day ill get to prove to you,You’re the love of my life;I Promise ill never leave you,And ill never break your heart,I promise you I love you,With my whole entire heart.
About This Blog
hey Yal, just a breef heads up, Most of these poems I have written over the years, Some of em are new, but most of em are old. I hope yal enjoy them, and Please do not steal my work, ive put alot of time into these Poems, they mean alot to me. Thanks! 
Never Back Down
Falling to pieces, Standing in tears,Wondering what I did, To Bring myself here;The hate in your eyes,cutting me deep,Dont you know that I still Love you?Dont you realize your the Boy of my dreams?Falling to pieces, As I try to scream out,Scream out that I love you,But the words Wont blurt out;I just want you to love me,ANd never let go,I just want you to realize,I Need you to know;Im sorry I fucked up,Cant you see it in my eyes?Cant you see my pain,As the tears Break through my disguise?Cant you see that I need you,more and more each day,Cant you see that I love you,And I cannot walk away?Your what keeps me alive,Gives me the strength to move on,Your what i need in my life,It Hurts so bad when you're gone;I cannot live my life like this,I KNow what I want now,I need you by my side,And i Will never back down..
What Do I Do?
should i tell myself its over?should I finally give up? Should i lie to my heart,Saying I dont need his love?Should I smile when i look at him,Tell myself it is Okay,hes moved on,And so should I,I will someday get through this pain;Should I hold back my tears,Not let him see me cry?Should I Walk away with Confidence,Or should I tell him what Ive locked inside?Should I hold onto this Dream,Or should I finally set it free,Should I Walk away forever?its not like he still loves me;Should I fall apart within his arms,Let him see how I truly feel,Should I Pour my heart out to him,Let him know what I feel is real;Should I Forget about what happened,Somehow forget he even exists,Should I tell Myself it will Be okay,Even though without him, 
Its not like i can push you,so far away from me,its not like i can hide it,this pain is killing me;its not like you dont see it,its written on my face,its not like you dont know it,its scattered all over the place;i tell you that your hurting me,but you never really care,i tell you that its killing me,and the pain is hard to bare;you tell me that you love me,but how can that be?when all you do is yell,and do hurtful things;i just wanted you to know,that i do feel this pain,i just wanted you to know,that its killing me more each day;its not like i am bulletproof,the pain it hits me hard,its not like i have no feelings left,i just let them gather on my heart;so if you plan to keep me,please change your ways,because like i said before,your killing me more each day...
Lethal Book Of Dreams
In my left pocket is a book of dreams,In my right pocket is a knife,Dont worry, Its Mine and not someone else's,It belongs to a man who ended my life;In my heart there lies a secret, That no one besides myself can know,A secret so harsh,So deadly, I will never be able to let it go;Theres a fire deep within me,Burning up my book of dreams,Theres a knife within my heartAnd it's slowly killing me;This book of dreams is deadly,Each day it weakens me,And the knife within my heart,keeps twisting and turning;The poison spreads throughout my body,Leaving scars and memories,Memories of broken hearts,And all these Lethal Dreams.
Not My Destiny
I dont know where I stand in life,I Dont know who I am;My haunting past is a part of me,That so Long ago took its stand;I want to know My destiny, I want to know the truth, But lately it has been Difficult, No light seems to shine through;The darkness set upon me,Is binding me like chains,Invisible to the Naked eye,But they get tighter by the day;They pull me closer to depression,The light keeps traveling further away,These chains are pulling me under,God, Save me!I silently pray;I'm pushed down to my knees,As my body becomes weak,I'm left here all alone,Drowning in my Misery;The tears fall from my eyes,as I silently cry,The pain is so emmense, Sometimes I just want to die;I wipe away my tears,As I struggle to break free,Break free from these Wretched chains,that are constantly binding me;I scream out to the silence,"This is not the life for me,God save me from this life of hell,This is not my destiny;But the Silence becomes stronger,As I once again begin to weep,Tears streaming down m
In a world full of darkness,The light of your love shines through;I've never felt so happy,As i feel when im with you;The way your eyes shine when you look at me,The way your smile makes me melt,I Never thought id ever feel,something i have never before felt;But Your love is like no other,Its sent from up above,God knew that i was hurting,And he granted me your love;I dont know how to explain this,its hard to put it into words,But without you I go back to the days,Where every feeling hurt;I love you more than anything,I just wanted you to know,I will wait for you forever,And I will never let this feeling go.
Concours De Costumes Pour Adultes, Les Enfants Prévu Pour Wild West Days
Cave Creek - Wild West Days, en Arizona plus grande salle de l'Ouest et un événement Cave Creek signature, se tiendra du 2-4 Novembre, 2012 dans toute la ville de Cave Creek. Cette année, le site mettra en vedette un concours de costumes d'époque pour les adultes le samedi, Novembre 3 11 heures-12 heures   Le concours, qui seront jugés par des experts costume de Tombstone, en Arizona, aura lieu sur la scène principale, qui sera situé sur le terrain de l'ouest de Frontier Town, 6245 E. Cave Creek Road à l'extrémité ouest de Cave Creek. Le dimanche, Novembre 4, un concours de déguisement pour les enfants aura lieu à 12 h au même endroit. Les enfants n'ont pas à porter des costumes occidentaux ou de la période correctes, mais peut revêtir tout type de costume qu'ils préfèrent. Le lieu est rempli de divertissement familial non-stop, le mouton Bustin ', la musique, les fournisseurs d'époque, un défilé de l'Ouest et la Marche pour la 100, courses baignoire et diverses activités équestres
False Happiness And Pain
I dont know where I am in life,and I dont know what to think,My life is constantly changing,Nothing makes sense to me;One day i can be smiling,For some reason God only knows, The next day I am Crying,telling myself I must let go;This on and off Depression,is beating me with ease,I cant force myself to Smile no more,the pain is killing me; I try to tell myself, It is all just a dream,Tomorrow ill wake up,and Ill go back to being me;But it never truly happens,I wake up and its all the same,Another worthless day in my life,full of false happiness and pain
The Mulberry In Advance Released Lana Del Rey Bags
Although Lana Del Rey is expected to release in May, but the surprise is on the 10th of this month, can be purchased at the store.Mulberry handbags Lana del Rey as the latest bags this year.Although the previously announced issue of time is May 14, but the design of Mulberry bags Lana del Rey has limited edition in the world, now has to start from April 10 to make a reservation in three stores:- 50 New Bond Street, London- Spring streets of New York 134- Singapore's Hilton Hotel, Orchard Street, No. 581Lana del Rey this package there are two colors of black and maroon. The design of this package old Hollywood spirit as well as the interesting elements mixed in a short period of time to attract a lot of fashion people and the attention of the music industry people.
Had Enough
"Smile" he keeps telling me,But I cant seem to follow through, "be happy, its not the end, At Least I still love you;"Those words cut me deeper, Than any razor or Knife blade,The fact that hes the Only one,Slowly makes its way into place;I Love him, but i cannot smile, I need him, deep down I know, But i cannot live my life like this, I cannot continue walking this world alone;I need more to put the smile,Back on my saddened face,I need more to say im happy,because my pain gets worse every day;I cant just wake up in the morning,And tell myself its all ok, I cannot Tell myself im happy, Because no matter how much I pray,Nothing seems to be working,No one seems to care,I try and Try to Hide it, But in the end its always there;This darkness that's been uppon me,wont seem to lessen up,I guess i wasnt meant to be happy,I guess I've Had Enough..
its like the whole world has forgotten,how to make the young girl smile,its like the whole world has moved on,and left the little girl behind;no matter what she does,no matter what she says,all she does is cry,because she has no life to live;her life is full of hardships,loved ones come and gone,her life is full of tragedies,that make it harder to stay strong;she tries to fake a smile,and she tries to hide her tears,but the truth is theres no hiding it,shes been like this for years;she feels so lost and forgotten,as she walks the world alone,she feels like they've betrayed her,and they've turned her heart to stone;all she see's is darkness,and all she feels is sad,all she knows is shes alone,and she has no mom or dad;the other children all make fun of her,as they watch the young girl fall,tears streaming down her cheeks,standing there alone;i wish so much that i could help her,and tell her she is loved,i want so much to hold her close to me,so she will feel for once a loved ones hug;i
I ask myself why,Must you always make me cry?I ask myself why,Do I give in to your lies?I ask myself why,Don’t I leave and not come back,Deep down I know the answer,But I cant wrap myself around the fact;I ask myself why,Do I still love you?I ask myself why,Do I need you?I ask myself why,Must I always feel this pain,I ask myself why,Am I still here today?I ask myself why,Cant I get myself to leave?I ask myself why,You have such a hold on me;I ask myself why,Must I spill my heart over you,When all you do is hurt me,Make me come unglued?I ask myself why,Your all I see within my dreams,I ask myself why,You’re meant for me?I ask myself why,Cant I break free from your hold,I ask myself why,Are you acting so cold?I ask myself why,Does your smile make me melt?I ask myself why,Pain is all ive ever felt;I ask myself why your eyes sparkle in the sun,I ask myself why,Someone so angelic can make me come undone;I ask myself why,You’re the one I love,I ask myself why,Your all I&rsq
Im dying inside because of you, I silently cry as my heart breaks in two; I’m failing at life, No one can make me smile, No one besides you, Knows how to make my life worthwhile; Im suffocating from this silence, That we now share, A week ago it was perfect, Now you do not seem to care; No matter what I do, And no matter what I say, I cannot get you to speak to me, The silence grows stronger by the day; I don’t know what I have done, I don’t know what I should do, Should I stay here and wait? As my heart slowly breaks in two? Should I walk away forever? Should I lock away my heart? Should I stand here waiting, As you completely tare me apart; I do not know the answer, Because no matter how hard I try, I cannot get myself to say it, I cannot tell you Goodbye; I cannot walk away forever, Because I know that I’ll come back, I cannot wait here however, Because my heart is under attack; I cannot decide on w
The tears fall from my face, As I finally break into tears, My life flashes before my eyes, Memories of the past 4 years; My heart breaks in half, The pain is so immense, Id rather die right now, Then have to continue to live; My eyes search the room, Searching for the unknown, My eyes focus on you, I cannot let you go; My heart shatters slowly, And my tears pour from my eyes, The pain ive bottled for oh so long, Finally breaking free from its disguise; My life feels like a tunnel, With no light at the end, The days keep getting harder, Its getting harder for me to live; My arms reach out towards you, But you seem so far away, I cannot get to you in time, You disappear as you walk away; My arms fall to my sides, As I crumble to the ground, Breaking into sobs, Sobs without a sound; I lay there all alone, Crying my heart out, Wishing you would come back to me, Wis
Its cold and wet outside, as the darkness falls, she begins to shiver, as her skin crawls. she lies there awake, for hours on end, fighting her own sleep, making coffee her favorite friend. her eyes are heavy, she wants to give in, but she knows she cannot, because the pain will begin. her worst memories, and her biggest fears, they live in her dreams,and wake her in tears. she cannot handle it, how the dreams haunt, how bad the pain hurts, or how her fears taunt. So she spends her nights, living in this hell, but her days are perfect, as far as anyone can tell.
There’s this girl, Nobody really knows, No one really notices her,As she comes and goes. She’s walks around,alone in the dark,full of pain and scars, yet not showing a mark. You don’t see them,because she hides them well,you don’t know her story, and she’ll never tell. She lives in this hell,every single day,she won’t let you in,she just walks away. You wonder about her, and how she deals, but not once do you ask, simply how she feels. Is it that you are afraid,of the answer you shall receive, if she actually told you, the you probably wouldn’t believe. So you go on about your way, pretending she isn’t there, maybe next time you’ll look deeper, into her blank stare. Invisible she will remain, until someone decides to care, when that person finally does, she will be free from this nightmare.
Go To Sleep My Child
As he walks down the hall and hides behind the door waiting for her in a dark room. She walks in her room jump on her bed and feels his hands on her and he whispers in her ear go to sleep my child and not say a word. She lays still words not come from her lips as they turn blue his hands are all over her this is the night she faded in the bed. She looks out the window making picture show in her head so she not there. It was only Min's but seemed like hr.s he walked out of her room and said go to sleep my child don't say a word no one will believe you it was just a picture show it was all in your head.            bY Christine   
Miss Brasil 2012 - Candidatas Desfilam Com Vestido De Noiva
Na última terça-feira (25), as candidatas ao título de Miss Brasil 2012, realizarm o sonho da maioria das mulhres. Em Fortaleza, no Ceará, elas participaram de um desfile usando vestidos de noiva. No Blog do Concurso Miss Brasil 2012, o texto revela que "muitas das concorrentes já fotografaram com esse tipo de traje, mas para a representante do Piauí, Jéssica Camargo, foi a realização de mais um sonho. "Sempre quis me vestir de noiva. É muito lindo! Eu já tinha o sonho de me casar, imagine agora", declarou.     A ideia de proporcionar um desfile de noivas veio da França por meio da grife Pronuptia Paris. "Isso já existe lá e quisemos trazer para o Brasil. O vestido de noiva é muito elegante e é um momento onde elas mostram a presença que uma miss deve ter", afirmou Isaí Chaves, diretor comercial da marca.
Kim Kardashian Vs Fergie : La Robe Sexy Aux ImprimÉs Tropicaux
Kim Kardashian a bien fait d'accepter que son boyfriend Kanye West refasse sa garde-robe. En effet, depuis quelque temps elle enchaîne les sans-faute, comme récemment dans une robe rouge passion Lanvin. Cette fois-ci, elle a fait sensation en Australie dans une création signée Alexander McQueen. Dans les tons noir et rose, la robe souligne la silhouette amincie de la brunette. Courte, elle dévoile ses jambes galbées. Juchée sur des escarpins blancs, elle complète parfaitement son ensemble robe de soirée pas cher grande taille . Le bémol : pas de bémol pour Kim Kardashian (qui l'eût cru ?!) elle est superbe. De son côté, la chanteuse Fergie choisit un modèle de chez Givenchy, collection Resort 2012. C'est lors d'une soirée à Las Vegas pour les Vodka Voli qu'elle a fait mouche. Plus long que pour Kim, le vêtement s'arrête pile au niveau des genoux de la jolie blonde. Dans les tons turquoise, la robe souligne les courbes endiablées de la chanteuse des Black Eyed Peas. Des imprimés roses
Msi Gx60 Signes Portables De Jeu Sur Quad Core Amd A10, Hd 7970m Gpu
Le GX60 MSI est le dernier ajout au portefeuille de la croissance de l'entreprise d'nec versa de jeux. Et contrairement à l'GE70 et GE60 a récemment dévoilé qui sont alimentés par les processeurs i7 derniers Core couplé avec DirectX 11 de Nvidia graphiques compatibles, cette plate-forme portable prend des derniers composants développés par AMD. Conçu basé sur le chipset am70 FCH, le processeur niché au sein de l'GX60 facteur de forme 55mm de MSI est un quad core A10 4600m APU de la série Trinity qui a une vitesse d'horloge maximale de 3,2 GHz. Les utilisateurs peuvent lancer sur un total de 16 Go de RAM DDR3 avec un 128 Go RAID savoir + combinaison 750Go SATA, entre autres. A 1920 x 1080p de 15,6 pouces LED rétro-éclairé anti-reflets affichage est placé pour des effets visuels, alors que les besoins de divertissement sont pris en charge par un lecteur Blu-ray écrivain, haut-parleurs 2.1 canaux et audio THX TruStudio Pro. "Aujourd'hui MSI a conclu un partenariat avec AMD po
El Iphone 5 Contaría Con Auriculares Compatibles Con Siri
Crecen nuevos rumores sobre el futuro del nuevo teléfono móvil inteligente de Apple. Mientras esperamos el lanzamiento del flamante iPhone 5, la compañía de la manzana se encuentra trabajando en todas las novedades que traerá consigo este terminal. Y aunque todavía desconocemos datos oficiales, no podemos hacer otra cosa sino seguir prestando atención a todos los rumores que están llegando desde medios estadounidenses. En esta ocasión, tenemos que hablar de un componente externo del dispositivo, puesto que estaríamos ante la revelación de un nuevo accesorio externo que Apple podría presentar junto al iPhone 5, y quién sabe si incluirlo en el paquete de venta del terminal. Nos referimos a unos nuevos auriculares inalámbricos que serían compatibles con el sistema Siri, el nuevo mayordomo virtual que la compañía inventó para el iPhone 4S presentado el pasado mes de octubre.-cuanto costara iphone 5 Apple podría dar a conocer el nuevo iPhone 5 a partir del próximo mes de oct
Now I Say Good Bye .
Now I say good bye to you there's nothing to say to you as I use to run to you .. Now I say good bye to you. I use to lay next to you tell you things but now I can't talk to you . Now I say good bye to you we use to dance hold each other now we fight yell call each other names. Now I say good bye to you. We use to sing songs in the night as we set together under a full moon. Now I say good bye to you I light a candle for the night so we make love all night long do you remember. Now I say good bye to you      bY Christine     
Words Of Wisdom And Inspiration..
You Cant Get To The Good Unless You Get Through The Bad... Just Like You Cant Get A Rainbow... Without Alittle Rain :) 
Words Of Wisdom..♥
Beauty Is On The Inside & And Not The Outside.... If Your Going To Judge-Judge Me By My Heart Not By My Skin.... Your Skin Ages.... But Your Heart Stays Beautiful
Halloween Wurde Die Schaffung Von Beschäftigungsmöglichkeiten
Missoula - Ferien nähern, was bedeutet, dass es fast ein Jahr Zeit, wenn die Amerikaner das meiste Geld ausgeben. Mit dem Wohlstand der Unternehmen auf eine neue Beschäftigungsmöglichkeiten. Halloween in Missoula Geist halloween shop, ist in vollem Gange sind die Mitarbeiter eher bereit, etwas mehr Geld zu machen. Der Geist von Halloween Ladenbesitzer, sagte Melanie Tourismus Lerum, "Es ist nur ein Feiertag ist, alle Beteiligten." Das ist, warum, nach dem Tourismus Lerum, ist Halloween die am schnellsten wachsende Urlaub. Vor etwa einem Monat Halloween Pop-up-Shop mit ihrem Geist. Tourismus Lerum sagte: "Wir beschäftigen rund 10 Teilzeitkräfte jedes Jahr, wir haben eine Menge von Familie und Freiwillige zu helfen."Jedes Jahr, sagte der Geist der Mitarbeiter des Gerichts Weston hatte er gesucht, um mehr Geld zu machen, um mit seinen Rechnungen. "Das ist gut zu wissen, dass sie kommen jeden Herbst will", sagte Weston. "Es gab mir ein paar Dollar extra zu helfen." Dies ist das neunte
New Arrival Korean Fashion Brands Releases
    Autumn is a big season of fashion. Many Korean fashion brands all released new items on market. Such as in this year the light blue plaid shirt coincided with the Cowboys resurgence, and a variety of light-colored denim blue shirt in the street, like spring flowers, like competing bloom, the retro full sense of style. Next wholesale apparel china online shop help workplaces OL solve this problem.   The short light-colored denim jacket, regardless of the field of big-name models catwalk in Milan, body or influx of people in the streets of Tokyo, you can easily find it figure. Fine acid washes and open wire pressure line, so that the overall texture gets UP.   Brush breaking styling mix and match design that large Pomo, overall this denim jacket immediately filled the streets tidy fashion sense, whether with skirt of any style or pants fashion style is immediately revealed, wear unique and show high fashion flavor.   The canvas lace sense edging layers only
Classic Korean Style Autumn Fashion Series Displaying
    Classic blue and white pinstripe shirt, loose version wears comfortable and generous. Optional free outfit modern people accustomed of binding also enjoy the comfortable feeling lazy. Deserves defeat wild single product. Wholesale clothing of Asian fashion website new released hundreds of autumn styles of dressing for female, help you create the modeling with little princess feeling. Together preview it now!   Summer is over, after entering September it means the beginning of autumn. Simple but excellent and sweet clothes help you build elegant modeling that autumn beauty. Easily catch the attention of public.   The Korean fashion chiffon dress, the pure beige makes people first fell in love. Flounced sleeves can block the fleshy arm, of course, not so simple. Lined lace edge design is sweet dress.   Romantic and elegant summer chiffon dress, of course if you want more stylish, around waist plus a belt to immediately enhance the fashion temperament! Witho Some Warm Come....oops I Mean Happiness Is A Warm Gun...right ? :p
Such a beautiful day it has been, Both in my surroundings and in the matters of my heart.   The one who makes me smile, made me smile today. the one who makes me laugh made me laugh today the one who makes me write, wrote me today the one I love, loved me today   hey hey, no puking at the sweetness! let me revel in my bit of bliss. we all have felt sadness. we all have felt joy. but rarely do i see people take time to share when they are having a good moment. So amongst the worries and complaints of the masses, here sits my little blissful, sweet, joy. And I'm thrilled to share my bit of happiness with everyone :)
Jackets Brand Canada Goose Parka Moncler Coats Timberland Jackets Woolrich Outerwear
His sister’s brat had been too well taken care of. Grandpapa was too just not make a difference between an unnatural, rebellious son and his dutiful, loving children, who took his advice in Woolrich outerwear all things;�and such expressions were vented against him with great violence; until the judge at length commanded silence. He calmly rebuked my uncle for his unmannerly behaviour, which he said he would excuse on account of his education: he told him he had been very kind to the boy, jackets brand whom he had kept at school seven or eight years, although he was informed he made no progress in his learning but was addicted to all manner of vice, which he rather believed, because he himself was witness to a barbarous piece of mischief he had committed on the jaws canada goose parka of his chaplain. But, however, he would see what the lad was fit for, and bind him apprentice to some honest tradesman or other, provided he would mend his manners, and behave for the f
Words Of Wisdom And Inspiration..
Never forget who you really are, don't let anyone change you, you're unique, perfect in your own way :)
Words Of Wisdom..♥
A person's true strength is shown in how they handle failure, not how they handle success...
Whats The Time Mr Wolf?
after packing away the yard to early, clearly some of the staff were a little bit to keen to go home... we decided to play whats the time mister wolf, after the fact that duck duck goose was little success, so the kids line up the wolf at the other end of the yard... and as they do we all call out "whats the time mister wolf?", except for the loudest little girl i know who yells at the top of her voice "whats the time mister clock?"
If you wish to recieve then you should give first
Words Of Wisdom And Inspiration..
The choices you make determine what you will have.. What you allow will be what will continue. So, if you want to change your life- then change your choices. 
Words Of Wisdom..♥
A body full of scars probably belongs to a soul full of interesting stories.
Words Of Wisdom..♥
Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.
And Then
and Then by Kenneth Matlock on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 12:03pm I need a little something to get me off this time I've lost a couple rhythyms and all my every rhyme I write this little bit for you as if you all could see What I'm feeling now drilling deep inside of me It's like a hundred voices with person all their own Sometimes they haunt me sometimes all they do is moan I thought I couldn't take it I thought I wouldn't last Though in my misery I forgot I've done this in the past It's seems my current melody is one I've sung before It keeps writhing within me from my head down to the floor I can't find a reason I do this all again Now all I can think is; What's next? ...and then?
Strategy Research Survey: Android Operating System Os Handling Program Os Os Os Income Advantage
BOSTON -- At CTIA Wireless 2012, cool automobiles and vivid cases were on display to attract consumer product clients. However, organization clients are attracted to mobile alternatives that improve worker performance and work/life balance. This is according to the recent Strategy Research Q1 2012 research of 1750 companies in the US, UK, People from france, Malaysia, China providers, Native indian and South America such as more than ten areas. Key results from the research may be found in the Strategy Research Cellular Workers Strategies service evaluation, "Enterprise Versatility Industry 2012 & Beyond," including: * Globally, nearly all cell mobile phone devices and tablets are corporate-liable devices, such as most BYOD cell mobile phone devices. Their price or monthly voice/data alternatives fees of $42 per user on regular are paid for, in part or in full, by companies. * Organizations evaluation applications to buy more Android operating system os than iOS organization tablets
Strategy Research Survey: Android Operating System Os Handling Program Os Os Os Income Advantage
BOSTON -- At CTIA Wireless 2012, cool automobiles and vivid cases were on display to attract consumer product clients. However, organization clients are attracted to mobile alternatives that improve worker performance and work/life balance. This is according to the recent Strategy Research Q1 2012 research of 1750 companies in the US, UK, People from france, Malaysia, China providers, Native indian and South America such as more than ten areas. Key results from the research may be found in the Strategy Research Cellular Workers Strategies service evaluation, "Enterprise Versatility Industry 2012 & Beyond," including: * Globally, nearly all cell mobile phone devices and tablets are corporate-liable devices, such as most BYOD cell mobile phone devices. Their price or monthly voice/data alternatives fees of $42 per user on regular are paid for, in part or in full, by companies. * Organizations evaluation applications to buy more Android operating system os than iOS organization tablets
Ever Have One Of Those Days??
I got the feeling you might know something of what I am talking of too. I sometimes wonder why the fuck people do this shit to me.  I know this is the internet and you haven't got to tell the absolute truth but come on...... I mean to tell a white lie is sort of expected. But a full out, woolly booger is just R U D E!! I never have told a lie on here or in real life. I can't cuz its not me. I can't muster the stupidy that is needed to throw the wool over someones eyes, even for a moment. I go and figure if I don't want it done to me then I ain't gonna do it to anybody else. Maybe old fashioned but that is what I am like. I guess my search is going to end on finding the mate that I'd love to share my weak and strong moments, my joys and fears, and even my words and orgasms with. Its just over, there is no hope left......
God Knows
God knows your value; He sees your potential. You may not understand everything you are going through right now. But hold your head up high, knowing that God is in control and He has a great plan and purpose for your life. Your dreams may not have turned out exactly as you’d hoped, but the Bible says that God’s ways are better and higher than our ways, even when everybody else rejects you, remember, God stands before you with His arms opened wide. He always accepts you. He always confirms your value. God sees your two good moves! You are His prized possession. No matter what you go through in life, no matter how many disappointments you suffer, your value in God’s eyes always remains the same. You will always be the apple of His eye. He will never give up on you, so don’t give up on yourself. 'Like' if you agree and Share to tell others. God Bless and enjoy a blessed day!!! 
Train Of Thought: Becoming One/grand Finale
i lay there, feeling like a part of a scheme asking myself, was i on the right team? watching the rising steam inside my never ending dream while my soul and my conscious fought i watched them raise the knife stabbing me, ending my life ending the strife i have become the train of thought
Train Of Thought: Metropolis
After breaking from his internal cage The Sleeper caused him rage And The Miracle turned onto the page Writing for hours at a time for a wage Thinking, "What should I have brought?" As the Lake Of Fire continues to burn The Miracle and The Sleeper learn That the Scenes From that Memory still yearn As Metropolis rides away on my Train Of Thought
Train Of Thought: The Lake Of Fire
As I watch my brothers die in vain executed, standing like a human chain pools of blood, as thick as a glass pane so much death, so one can reign with patriotism overbought bullets and shrapnel fly filling this lake of fire high as i sit here and watch them die on top my train of thought
Train Of Thought: Bloodshot Dreams
Fears have been stirred as our dreams are brutally massacred now our lives, blurred as our speech is slurred because our eyes are bloodshot feeling like a hired gun and I'm trying to outrun the blast from a shotgun on top of my train of thought
Train Of Thought: Psychotic Chaos
Entering this sleep, hypnotic the world around me, chaotic why is life considered exotic when everyone here is psychotic? thinking as an afterthought the only thing left is doubt are we all supposed to fade-out? because someone sold out? are our minds that distraught?
Train Of Thought: War Inside My Head
They decide to leave and flee we see their decision and agree maybe, once again, we'll be carefree since we are home free like it or not this fight was inside myself can I put this chapter on the shelf? my soul has lost itself on this train of thought
Train Of Thought: The Struggle
Finally we're face to face right here in my own birthplace feeling a bit out of place can you feel the disgrace in this tightspot? she distracts he attacks could this be the climax aboard this train of thought?
Train Of Thought: Seeing Your Prison
As my emotions swung to my slain dreams, I clung the pain stung and screams unsung can't be heard from a blindspot realizing, shock seeing your own cellblock like a movie from Hitchcock floating through my train of thought
Train Of Thought: Tearing From The Inside
Have I gone too far to overexpose why I've come to blows with the sense that overflows the sense that only heaven knows that which is self-taught this brain corrosion causing a cranial explosion and the body's implosion on board this train of thought
Train Of Thought: The Crimson Awakening
"Who would wish this on our people?" people cried as one by one, our sacrificed sons died as the non-believers lied and the true heroes tried to expose the self-proclaimed messiahs, red handed, caught who chose to drop these death balls that were sent to eroded these halls that make and design these walls that entrap my train of thought
Train Of Thought: A Thousand Midnights
Wandered here to mesmerize stayed here to scrutinize layed here to buglarize our souls from our own eyes like a damn cheapshot waiting for daylight when we'll raise arms and fight until a thousand midnights go by my train of thought
Intentions were great  Needy was I  Flipping each other the bird  Looking back with mean faces  Intending to apologize  Cracking to the pressure  Tracking down my past  Idiotic questions answered  On tense ground  Now it's over.
Life & Death
Life and Death come so natural  With children being born here  cooing and crying in the place rural  with people dying in places so drear  People gather together at birth  to celebrate life as it is today  People gather to bury someone in earth  crying and sceaming to their sad dismay  Immaturity is so big  In the beginning which it is  Maturity grows swig after swig  before their journey into the abyss  Without the majority of the world  who would rule when the flag is unfurled?
A Music Fan's Private Hell Revisted
A song, evil when buried in the ground  Bark At The Moon with your face bright red  Stricken with a virus so sound  As I visit your burial mound  While Dropping Plates on your head  A song, evil when buried in the ground  Your own private hell, I have found  Hypnotized by the scenery, I fled  Stricken with a virus so sound  The gateway is blocked, I must be bound  Don't Tread on me, I said  A song, evil when buried in the ground  The ground I pound  Immortal, the words I fed  Stricken with a virus so sound  As the world stares at me, round  In the End, laying on my bed  A song, evil when buried in the ground  Stricken with a virus so sound
The Unknown Rock Show
One  Crowd is  Full of fans  Watch them mosh now  Crowd surfing happens  Guitar solos are heard  The drumbeat keeps the soul still  As the pyrotechnics fire away  The crowd knows every song in their set  As the night dies down after a while
A Music Fan's Private Hell
A song, evil when stuck in the head  Escape From Hellview, I ask why  please turn it up before I'm dead  From insanity I fled  The Human Drive in Hi-Fi  A song, evil when stuck in the head  My face, bright red  Cemetary Gates, I cry  please turn it up before I'm dead  Choking, I lay on my bed  Breaking The Habit, what a lie  A song, evil when stuck in the head  Call 911 is all that's said  Down With The Sickness, I sigh  please turn it up before I'm dead  My body, the ground has been fed  Frentic Amensic, I die  A song, evil when stuck in the head  please turn it up before I'm dead
Kashmir And Ladakh Tour Packages Enjoy The Perfect Tour In The Perfect Way
Kashmir is the best holiday destination for adventure and fun seekers. Additional charm is added by the Ladakh that is the famous tourist spot and part of Indian state Jammu and Kashmir. You will definitely take pleasure in riding around the beautiful places of Kashmir such as Ladakh. If you are not familiar with the roads and routes of these places then also you can plan a perfect trip to this north Indian state with the help of certain tailor made and customized Kashmir tour packages. These packages wrap the tourist attractions of the place and give you a fantastic way to enjoy your trip with your family and friends. The Kashmir tour packages cover some famous places such as Gulmarg that is one of the most famous tourist destinations and surrounded by dense forest. Here you can enjoy beautiful high land golf course. Then you can enjoy the famous Sonamarg, located at an altitude of 2730 meters from sea level. Raghunath Temple is another famous religious tourist destination that is co
Ladakh Tourism Has Endless Possibilities For The Tourists
Ladakh Tourism   has a lot to offer to the tourists of all over the world with its captivating beauty and charming surroundings. If you are in the search of divinity and serenity then Ladakh Tourism   can be of great advantage for you. Major tourist spots of Jammu & Kashmir are divided into three regions, Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. The summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar, is itself a wonderful tourist destination. One can enjoy watching an array of tourist places including temples, mosques, gardens, lakes, waterfalls and other enthralling sightseeing places during the Ladakh Tourism  . If you have come from other countries or other part of India then you will find numerous hotels for accommodation in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Jammu is a wonderful and charming place and tourists can see diverse attractions here. One can see ancient temples, gardens, forts, amazing landscapes and different Hindu shrines etc. here in Jammu. Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary is another famous tourist de
Sector 70 Apartments Noida By Amrapali Group @ 09999684955 @ Amrapali Pan Oasis
Amrapali Pan Oasis Sector 70 Noida Amrapali Pan Oasis is a new residential project located at sector 70 in Noida. Amarapali Pan Oasis offers 2 BHK/2+Study/3BHK and  3+Study bedroom apartments with quality living you have always dreamt of Where each apartment has been efficiently designed to maximize space and sunlight while ensuring a superb community living experience. Amrapali Pan Oasis having excellent location advantage and also offers an exclusive lifestyle, knitted with the fabric of caring and sharing, the joy of good life. Amrapali Pan Oasis is easily accessible from Sai Temple just 500 Mtr. and within 2 Km from Metro.  For more details please visit here:   location -Amrapali Pan Oasis is ideally located at Sector – 70, Noida.   Key Distances• 2 Km from NH-24 Express Highway• 5 minutes drive from Metro Station• 10 minutes
True Love Tannin Cowboy Single Product Fashionable Wear
True love tannin cowboy single product fashionable wear cowboy sheet is tasted almost hand a, but the more common sheet is tasted dress nicely more reveal strength, even if is burning hot summer also wearing, European and American female stars in the holiday leisure time to choose a different style of cowboy clothing out of the street, and displays the cowboy's love, see female stars will jeans play out what pattern come.Bull-puncher knickersThe summer, fashionable girl often choose bull-puncher knickers collocation T-shirt relaxed out street, sexy ultra short design show slender leg, neutral leisure pie will choose long to ankle cultivate one's morality jeans turn up pants edge collocation neutral system belt leather shoes, another to cool dress up. Jeans symbolize the hale and hearty and neutral, but the cowboy dress presence seems to have soft change the characteristics of jeans, which makes the cowboy more feminine. Simple a type design can be very fashion, casual collect waist bel
Always Something
Always Something by Kenneth Matlock on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 5:03am It's a little word we use to describe what we don't know All more the reason to have something more to show I think my little something has finally gotten me But my somethings not a something that all of you can see It's a little darkness Maybe a spark of light To guide me near the known on the black and empty night It's a bit of foolery and a bit of might It's what makes me get back up and continue on the fight What happens when you lose it What happens when it goes I'm afraid I'm just like you, something no one knows   It's something wrapped in mystery, something so sublime It's just another something to eat up remaining time Counting down the ticker is what I do in life Counting every moment to forget about the knife It's getting harder to forget as the clock counts down to one Yet I keep getting up to count the things I've won Though I don't. What's the point of winning Wh
There are times that someone will say have a good day and I cringe my teeth. There are days I want to hide under the covers and sleep through the bad things. The times I do cry I hide so no one sees. I don't run to anyone for anything. I been hurt a lot and recently its got me in a deep depressive state. Some might not understand how deep. I wrote a letter and I think i should share it now. I will explain what decision brought me to share it now. I am asking you not to be angry and not to post anything on this post unless it is positive and uplifting. Here is the letter... To my dearest friends,          If you are reading this, it means I didn't have the strength to deal with anything else that could go wrong. I am sorry if this upsets you but it was the only way for me. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have lasted this long. You all meant the world to me. I couldn't imagine not having you in my life. Thank you for holding on to me for as long as you did. Please remember this is not
Fake Crocs Trademark And Line Bribery Case Hearing
yesterday, the social concern Dongguan Dasan counterfeit Crocs registered trademark counterfeiting, as well as the cases of bribery in Dongguan City People's Court hearing. The trial, Zhang Mousong, Guo Mouming six defendants were in court pleaded guilty, but there are different views on the value of the goods identified in the case identification methods. The court fully listen to the views of the public prosecutor, the defendant and counsel will be collegial panel collegiate chose a sentencing date. Production of fake Crocs shoes The case of the value of 56,433,012 yuan According to the Public Prosecution alleges that: in September 2011, Wu Chao Shangyuan last week, Tong Village set up in the city Chashan Town beyond the isabel marant boots materials processing plant, together the defendant Feng Moujun, Li Mouliang illegal processing production of fake Crocs brand shoes sub . May 24, 2012, the Dongguan Municipa
Bikini Babes Um Bikini Babys!
Mit einem Anstieg der Zahl der Designer-Outfits für Kinder und beliebtesten Marken lanciert kosmetischen Bereich für Kinder ab sieben ist die Welt debattiert das Problem der Sexualisierung der Kinder Kleidung und Zubehör für über einen Zeitraum jetzt. Die letzte zu dieser Kontroverse hinzuzufügen, ist eine neue  tangaland Linie durch US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und Model Elizabeth Hurley eingeführt. Diese Bikinis für junge Mädchen im Alter zwischen Gruppe von acht bis 13 schafft riesige Wellen auf dem globalen Markt. Während Hurley nennt sie neue Linie "Spaß" haben Eltern in UK als unangebracht und störend bezeichnet und beschuldigte sie sexualising kleine Mädchen. "Es ist sehr beunruhigend, einige unpassende Elemente in diesem Bademoden-Bereich zu sehen", Claude Ritter, der Direktor des Charity Kidscape sagte der Daily Mail. Siobhan Freegard, Gründer der Gemeinschaft Netmums fügt hinzu, dass sie weiß, "eine Reihe von Müttern, die über die Sexualisierung ihrer Kinder besorgt sind
Have You Register Domain Name?
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Custom Car Stickers
car stickers Cars have been used as a mode of transport for many decades and have become something that many of us rely on. We use our cars to get to work, on shopping trips, to visit friends, for outings... Because we tend to drive around so frequently, many of us want our cars to look good. This means not only to be clean and well kept, but to look cool and eye catching. An easy way and fairly cheap way to make your car stand out in a crowd is to brighten it up and decorate it using car stickers. Small car stickers often used to show your support of a brand, charity or sports team for example. You can also buy small stickers such as flowers and hearts which are simply for decoration purposes. Large decal stickers are usually stuck on the sides of your car, or on the bonnet. Flames and slogans are quite a popular choice. Adhesive stickers are usually peel back, and the sticky adhesive backing sticks firmly onto your car. That's a pretty strong statement I made in the title, saying t
Introduce 3 Points "make A Difference In The Romance" In The Use Of Small Accessories!
 ★The point become popular Girls' secret is in the ribbon motif! Rika is usually use ribbon to show her fashion style. If you want to to raise your romance luck,you can wear clothes and accessories with a ribbon. Ribbon's shape is a triangle with another triangle.Because there is energy of development in the triangle, such as wearing a pale pink ribbon reminds men that I want to be protected. By the way, I may put a scarf bag with ribbon ties If you would work to raise the luck. When you take advantage of the knot ribbon scarf, It is conveniently attached to anything. ★ Plus One when I want to make a game Up by adult attractive plus Pearl In addition to the Fashion ribbon accessories, please positive if the pearl measure force women further up. Item out the goods as adults because it is elegant and lovely motif ribbon itself, recommend the Pearl. Repeated in about pearl ribbon, I kept other. I will be excluded from the love and too childish. ★ Th
Borderlands 2 Cosplay Lilith: «c'est Incroyable!"
Nous sommes sur un Borderlands 2 élevées, et nous devons remercier Sarah Jones de garder ce perfusion IV qui coule avec sa soumission picturale de son cosplay Lilith.costume cosplay Comme vous le savez peut-être, Lilith fut l'un des personnages jouables dans les Borderlands première et elle fait un grand retour dans la suite comme l'un de ses personnages les plus en vue.   Sarah dit que c'est son cosplay première fois, et malgré cela, elle a réussi à faire un travail helluva avec son interprétation de la sirène emblématique. Vous pouvez consulter plus de son travail à sa page DeviantART.
Introduction ....
If you took a big mixing bowl and placed the following ingrediants: Perfection, Obsession, Complexity, Over Bearing, Always in Line and never whines. Take all these ingrediants and you get someone else lol. Im a simple person, who likes simple things.. Cold beer and a ball game, Family and friends. I do whine (100%male cant help it) I get pissed off and I do make mistakes...sometimes ;) But I Love a good joke or a dirty bad one. as long as its kinda sorta maybe funny a little bit. Goofing off and taking care of business. A living, breathing, walking, talking contradiction partly truth and maybe fiiction. (thx Johnny Cash) Anyway, thats me in a nut shell.. and I am a nut for sure.
A Camgirl's Diary
Some ccrazy shit happens in free chat! Someone kept asking me to fart, others kept wanting me to see their cam's balls deep! Still a pretty good night though! I have to say that cammin is definitely a learning experience. I am learning that men are just as hot n heavy as women except men get off on almost anything,  women get right down to brass tax and tell you what they want. As a bisexual woman I appreciate the womens style and mens unabashedness. AlsoI learned some new positins just being creative on my own, and learning what I look like on cam, better than i thought lol. :p
Knowing The Fundamentals Of Web Page Statistics
Learning to understand your website research can help you improve your website for guests, assess if your advertising models are working, and find new opportunities to market your company. How can you assess your website statistics? There are two anxiousness to assess these important info. One is with program that investigates the web host hosting server logfiles. Whenever someone trips your website the web host hosting server details details about the visitor and what they did on your website. With program like Webalyzer or AWStats that details is put into a form you can easily study and understand. Many website provides offer this program already set up on their provides and available to clients through a cPanel or Plesk control place. The second way to keep a history of your research is with a javascript involved to all of your websites that provides details to another web host hosting server when a visitor a lot a website, such as Google Statistics or Ridiculous Egg. With these ser
Original Poetry Written By Me
Tonight I was transported to a very specialParadise and Heaven……..One I never thought I would ever seeIt came from a source I would haveNever suspected….It happened when I looked in the eyesOf a most beautiful stranger….As I danced and swayed across aDisco ball lite dance floorBeing in her arms brought meA special warmth and euphoria….Truly felt I entered into a new worldAnd direction of my lifeThis heaven and paradise I know Was fate entering my life…..Life changing forever into timeAnd spaceTwo Heart beats and souls mergedInto oneTwo special lovers destined to spendEternity side by sideFinally in my life truly loved, cherished and treasuredWritten on September 26th 2012By Robert E. DurbinAKA Heart of an Angel
List Of Jungle Animals
Contrary to wildlife from the other types of woods, there are way more rainforest animals for every sq . in . of those forests staying in absolute tranquility. Rainforest wildlife normally include small to medium sized pesky insects, beetles as well as butterflies, spiders as well as scorpions, snakes and reptiles, frogs and toads, wildlife, apes, and therefore the checklist continues. And these are definitely simply to list those we are familiar with.Besides these, there are many rainforest wildlife which may be unknown by researchers simply because they are located too deep or way too high in the woodlands to be noticed or recorded. On top of that, rainforest is in fact a forest, there does exist a particular stratospheric concept of these animals. For example birds are living nearly on top of the thick plant life, having their own nests over the highest trees and shrubs. Under the birds you can locate the monkeys and snakes. Bugs are practically located in all levels, although the m
Someone Please Explain This To Me
The other evening I was out with friends from work when I ran into a former co-worker from another job. I noticed that she wasn't with her husband and was hoping she wouldn't spot me. As luck would have it, I was on my way back to my table and she did spot me. We made small talk for a few, then the guy she was with came over - I recognized him as another former co-worker from that same job. Fine, whatever, it is not my business. She made it my business when she started asking me not to tell anyone that I had seen with this person at the bar. I wasn't going to say anything because, like I said, it wasn't my business. The whole situation just kind of pissed me off. I've known her and her husband for almost 12 yrs. He is a great guy - will do anything in the world for her, usually sends her flowers to work once or twice a week, brings her lunch or dinner a few nights a week. Basically this guy honestly would give his life for this woman and how does she repay this? By cheating on him!!!
What Pisses Me Off
Women Wants To.....!
Women  wants to  love you and hold at night .... Women wants to make you coffee before you go to work .... Woman wants to make you happy when you having a bad day.... Woman wants to be close to you and enjoy a night out.... Women wants to be your best friend.... Women wants to be there  take care of the kids when you take a nap.....Women wants to take care of you when you are sick... Women wants to make you nice dinner when you get off work....Women wants to be sexy for you when the mood is right at night.... Women wants to.....                                                                                                                                                                                     bY Christine  
I Don't Dance Lyrics
[DMX]Y'all lookin' for names, I'm lookin' for beatsY'all lookin' for fame, I live in the streetsY'all talk the talk, but I walk the walk School street, home of the brave, NEW YORKY'all make movies, but I make movesStraight up, y'all got somethin' to proveY'all niggas duck, but I swing backY'all niggas run, but I bring gatsY'all niggas whisper, "X is a crackhead"Aight fuck it, I'mma just crack headsI bang niggas that cross the lineY'all niggas talk shit from way behindI stand my ground, but y'all niggas don'tShit I go to jail, but y'all niggas won'tY'all niggas walk around and get scaredBut I don't give a fuck, I don't care[DMX]I ain't a dancing nigga, I just move to the beatSit there and nod my head but won't move my feetGangsta, so I'm holdin' up the walkThat dancing shit up to the rest of y'allI ain't a dancing nigga, I just move to the beatSit there and nod my head but won't move my feetGangsta, so I'm holdin' up the walkThat dancing shit up to the rest of y'all[Machine Gun Kelly
Setting A Goal And Forcing My Way Through It.
So I have had wicked writers block for a while, plus with the move, the flood, the cold, and the job hunting I have just not felt like writing at all.  This week I told myself that every day I will write at least one page (doesn't matter which story it is for, or for what blog it is for), so far it has been hard because the two pages I've gotten done on Wrong Number are having to be pulled out of my brain kicking and screaming and biting.  There were many a times where I had to just walk away from the laptop because it I came close to just throwing it across the room.  So far I feel no real accomplishment with the story, most of it has been character development and if I am lucky I wont end up scraping it all for right now I feel it all forced and unnatural but later when I come back to reread it I may feel differently.  Now I'm going to take a long hot bubble bath and blare some music (singing along very off key of course) and relax for a bit.
Non Physical Punishments
There are some good reasons to use Non Physical Punishments. One is in certain relationships the sub just cannot handle pain. Another is the opposite the sub loves pain. Some say it depends why the sub is getting the pain and this is true as well. I have tried both ways and they are effective but this will be a list of non physical ways of punishment. Write about the error, Why it was wrong, What possibly caused it and What you can do to avoid repeating it. (This can be done on paper or email) Writing an apology letter to the Dom, Through Email or on paper. Removal of certain privileges for a set amount of time. Writing an essay on a topic the Dom chooses. Writing lines 50 is a good and fair amount to start off with. Solitude for a short time. (Though this is not My favorite and I rarely use it because it can be abused, some say it works well, Just make sure its not going to harm her mental well being.) These are a few of the ones I use, feel free to add
Afinal, O Que Devemos Carregar Na Bolsa Quando Vamos à Um Casamento?
Que as bolsas femininas são indispensáveis, isso todo mundo já sabe. Porém o que ainda deixa muitas mulheres em dúvidas é o que não pode deixar de estar dentro da sua bolsa, de acordo com cada ocasião, e o que não vale tanto a pena e pode ser deixado um pouco de lado. Quando nos referimos a casamentos a atenção deve ser redobrada, seja pelo tamanho das bolsas de festa, que acabam limitando um pouco o desejo das mulheres de levarem tudo sempre com elas, ou mesmo pelo fato de que, por ser uma ocasião tão especial, exige sempre muitos detalhes e muitos objetos que devem ser usados ao longo da cerimônia e que não podem ser excluídos da lista. Na lista dos itens indispensáveis começamos com a maquiagem. É natural que se queira levar várias opções para o retoque do make-up, porém lembrando-se da limitação do espaço é importante eleger prioridades, como o batom e um mini estojo com pó, sombra e lápis. Atualmente, a maioria dos casamentos já contém kits especiais de banheiro, ma
El Problema De Las Cuatro Pulgadas Del Iphone 5
Hace apenas unos días, técnicos y medios de distinta procedencia nos informaban acerca de la posibilidad de que el nuevo iPhone 5 pueda contar con una pantalla mucho más grande que la del actual iPhone 4S, llegando incluso a las cuatro pulgadas, por contraste a las 3,5 pulgadas que actualmente presenta el terminal de Apple. Según estas previsiones, el equipo de Tim Cook (actual CEO de Apple) estaría saltándose a la torera los alegatos de Steve Jobs, fallecido en octubre de 2011, sobre el tamaño de las pantallas. De hecho, ya debes saber que el antiguo CEO abogaba por los paneles de 3,5 pulgadas para seguir manteniendo vivo el espíritu de Apple y conservar una excelente visualización de las aplicaciones, adaptadas a la resolución y al tamaño de pantalla vigente. La cosa está en que Cook estaría intentando crear un iPhone 5 con pantalla de cuatro pulgadas, con la intención de equipararse a los smartphones más exitosos del mercado. No hay que olvidar que su máximo rival, el
Pills take a blue one at this time make you happy.. Pills take this one at this time make you cry... Pills take this one at this time make you sleepy... Pills take this one at this time make you eat...Pills take this one at this time make the racing thoughts stop... Pills take this one at this time when is going to stop...  bY Christine  
Valentino Dessine La Robe De Mariée D'anne Hathaway
Quoi de mieux qu'une robe de mariée de créateur pour un mariage de star ? Pour l'actrice Anne Hathaway, le rêve devient réalité grâce à Valentino... Valentino offre à Anne Hathaway un magnifique cadeau de mariage ! Le créateur italien a assuré jeudi dernier lors du gala du New York City Ballet qu'il avait dessiné la robe de mariée de l'actrice robe pour ceremonie pas cher . © BangValentino a décidé la robe de mariée d'Anne Hathaway.Le couturier a en effet déclaré au micro de E ! News : "J'ai créé la robe. Elle est une très bonne amie. Je la considère comme ma fille". Voilà qui est dit ! Sur les tapis rouges, Anne Hathaway porte à merveille les créations Valentino... L'actrice de 29 ans, prochainement à l'affiche du film "Les Misérables", pose d'ailleurs régulièrement avec son ami lors de soirées mondaines. Cette belle amitié lui permettra donc d'arborer une magnifique robe de créateur pour le plus beau jour de sa vie. Le génie de la mode avait déjà émis l'idée de signer la tenue de
Walking Alone...
Walking alone is a dark place a full moon with no smile on her face... with black eyes caged in a box  pain thoughts of thinking things where true.... but was all a lie just a brief moment a window was open there was beauty then it was gone cutting out the darkness hopping for the best.... stand back walk away don't say a word you lost this moment..... tears run off her face it took her forever to a burning place...    bY Christine  
Iphone 5 Kommt In Dubai
Die SIASA Telecom ist das erste Handy Verteiler in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten grosshandel iphone 5 eingeführt, wie es begann offiziell Verkauf am Freitag, 21. September 2012.  Ist ab sofort in Dubai, SIASA iPhone 5 verabschiedet wird in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten und den Golf-Kooperationsrat SIASA Vertriebskanäle werden, um andere Einzelhändler und Großhändler iPhone 5 verteilt, begann der Welt lang erwartete Smartphone verkauft global (Freitag) 21 nach September 2012 startete in Australien, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapur, dem Vereinigten Königreich, Frankreich und Deutschland. 22 Wochen nach dem Start. Es ist noch nicht klar, Apple wird iPhone 5 im Nahen Osten zu lösen, eine direkte Möglichkeit, internationale Telefon-Distributoren wie SIASA Verbraucher ermöglichen. Direktor Mohammed Sadiq sagte: "Wir freuen uns sehr, in der Region eine der ersten Händler sein, die iPhone 5 bieten erhielt zweimal die Anzahl der Bestellungen auf dem iPhone 5 im Vergleich zum letzten Jahr
Posté Le Manuel De L'iphone 5
Il ya quelques heures, Apple a publié sur son site le manuel d'utilisation de iphone 5 prix. Dans ce but que les utilisateurs savent tous les développements et des améliorations de l'iPhone 5, et le fonctionnement de tous les accessoires avant d'avoir la main sur le smartphone. Apple décrit le livre comme un manuel "où vous trouverez tout ce que vous devez savoir sur l'iPhone 5 lui-même. Vous savez tout ce que vous pouvez faire avec le dernier smartphone de la marque de la pomme croquée. "Comme handycap, les personnes intéressées devront avoir une connaissance de l'anglais ou, au contraire, attendre le lancement en espagnol. Le manuel peut être téléchargé po format Pdf et évidemment epub pour qu'il puisse télécharger et lire dans iBooks sur votre coque etanche iphone 5, iPad ou iPod.
Little Blue Eyes
Little one with eyes of blue Hands small  Smile broad Dreams big  Heart pure How you're so forgiving of my faults I have no clue To be your hero is an honor I have let you down so many times But you still say I love you With your eyes , with a smile  You remind me that life is so worth while  I have to believe while I held the bottle my little one GOD held you Now as I grow as adults sometimes have to do  I know no one could ever love me as much as you Thank you little one for your trust and faith You knew I could be more than I ever showed  And because of your love I can grow Has To Allow Visitation?
A Massachusetts man is seeking visitation rights to the child he fathered after raping a 14-year-old girl, setting the stage for a legal battle in the Bay State. The teen mother was raped by the 20-year-old family friend three years ago and says she still suffers from severe anxiety and depression. She says she is terrified at the prospect of  having any dealings with her tormentor, reports The victim and her family are fighting back, saying the toddler’s biological father is only showing interest in the family now that the child support bill is coming due is not identifying any of the subjects to protect the rape victim’s identity. "She got raped at 14. She decided to keep her baby. And now she has to hand her baby over for a visit with her rapist?" the victim’s mother told the station. The man, who the victim knew from church and who was the boyfriend of her friend’s older sister, pleaded guilty to statutory rape in Norfolk Sup
What Causes Hair Loss In Adolescents?
Hair loss should usually learn more about some of the knowledge of hair loss, especially now the society, many young people have started hair loss, but compared to the elderly hair loss is not at all this,ghd australia online is also a lot of hair loss.So what exactly is the causes of adolescent hair loss, the problem many people also have very puzzling, because adolescent body is generally very healthy, but full of vitality, have less hair loss.Now the society of many teenagers are severe hair loss.For these severe hair loss in adolescents we asked their reasons for hair loss, they also could not answer, finally, we according to the inquire crowd, made a analysis showed that these alopecia, young people have similar place.It is many people online, and it is often late. Is better to adolescents is often studies late into the night. The diet is not very standard.The causes of adolescent hair lossAdolescent male hair loss not only to symptomatic treatment, more attention sh
People say love is a gamble. That's not true. Love is stable and consistent and never fails or changes and doesn't need the other person to be it. The gamble only comes with the lie existence to give your heart to someone instead of for someone. To give your heart to someone gives them control over your life and puts a yoke on them to perform for your love as an action. They have to do things to k eep you happy. They have empowerment to make you hurt. To give it for someone takes the yoke off of them and never empowers then to control your emotions or life. You now don't get hurt by them but for them. You now rejoice for them not because they control your happiness. Jesus, He doesn't do love, He is love.
Everything That Is Happening In Your Life!!
Everything that is happening in yourLife is just a product of faith. What's your Trust in? You can blame circumstances or others for things happening and consider it bad luck or karma so to speak, but truth is, there is no curse but one you put yourself under. There is no circumstance that can override a greater reality of Gods love and finished product of you( which is the original and only u).  When the heavens are contained in you because you are in Him and He is in you, how can you accept a life that isn't abundant because you think it is the hand you have been dealt. Life is not a gamble. Jesus Christ is your card. His perfect hand is above it all. You are and have been perfected with Him and can partake in His perfect work for humanity and the cosmos.
I've Gotten My Groove Back :d Really :d
The last few months, I've been quite irritated with this site entirely. When you are single and lonely, its a beautiful free for all of sexuality and craziness, and that is fun. But when you have love, the sexuality and craziness, at least in me, turns into something else. The energy here is fun and free, and because of that we (participants) say things we might not normally say, flirt more aggressively, lust more openly, fawn over others more flagrantly. It is indeed part of the fun. But when you are me, and you are in love, it starts to look like a den of countless women, all lusting after the person you love. Now, rationality should kick in, i should remember what the site is about, and jealousy should stop. But sometimes it doesn't. And then I make an ass of myself. You might jump to my aid at this point, thinking...hmm, maybe she's just with a jerk that is encouraging woman to flirt...DON'T. Because this is how the site is. it hasn't changed, i have changed, and not for the better
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Mrs Amedroz, timberland jackets the wife of Bernard Amedroz, Esq, of Belton Castle, and mother of Charles and Clara Amedroz, died when those children were only eight and six years old, thereby subjecting them to the greatest misfortune which children born in that sphere of life can be made to suffer. And, in the Woolrich outerwear case of this boy and girl, the misfortune was aggravated greatly by the peculiarities of the father’s character. Mr Amedroz was not a bad man as men are held to be bad in the world’s esteem. He was not vicious was not a gambler or a drunkard was not self-indulgent moncler coats to a degree that brought upon him any reproach; nor was he regardless of his children. But he was an idle, thriftless man, who, at the age of sixty-seven, when the reader will first make his acquaintance, had as yet done no good in the world whatever. Indeed he had timberland jackets done terrible evil; for his son Charles was now dead had perished by his own ha
Ragencobra/ What Instrument Do You Play
Check out some Ragencobra if you're bored and need like n points! Leave a message with Any comments or What you like to Rock out to
Some call it crazySome say it’s sickBut I think it’s freedomThe pain is fierce but quickSome say that it’s a sinJust a little to riskyBut it helps release the painThat I go through every dayThe blade is sharp and coldAs it runs across my skinLeaving me to ponderAnd decide how deep I cut inThe icy chill running down my spineMakes me feel at easeI no longer feel like a cowardFucking up on everything with every breath I breatheBut some days I want to stopFeeling like everything's wrongTrying to let go of the bladeSometimes I can but not for longIt’s like I'm addicted to the painThe feeling taking refuge in my veinsLeaving me feeling confused and aloneWiping at the streaked tears that seem to be stainedBurned into my skin foreverBecoming a part that I cannot escapeSometimes I just want to hurt all overTo scream at the top of my lungs until they breakI want to escape from my sadness It’s taking over me
Im Nothing
Crushed like ice Like twenty tons have been thrown on my soul You spoke those words that emitted through your vocal cords like venom A snake you were Looking through my eyes into my core So delicately You devised your plan, to kill everything inside me Skillfully you weaved your web, planted your trap And with your love decoy blindfolded my logic All which was open was my trust Your weapon You deceived, I believed Your arms were so warm, Now the only warmth I feel Is that of my blood Spilling from my soul As my life swings carelessly Like a pendulum Back and forth Higher and higher But going nowhere The 5 senses have gone numb I scream louder and louder But no one hears me They speak they call out to help I cannot hear Look at me look at the nothingness you have brought onto me The well hath run dry As she lay Crippled from loves fangs Until nothing remains But her backbone He hath eternally forsaken her Her life has become Life's lesson to women Better to have Loved Then never at all.
Dark Place
Cold crisp air filling a dark insufferable room. This room being more of a prison or coffin in whatever      perspective you wanna take it. The doors keeping all hope out as well as anything ever      positive from entering these four walls. The shades pulled down for no light will enter or be      welcomed in. All who enter see this dark, suffering and hopeless      place, yet it is home to many at some time. A place of solidarity and hopelessness. But a place comforted by the cold walls that close them      in. This is their world, their home for they are locked into it. Once you have visited this place, leaving requires great      strength. It is a frightfully lonely place. But for those who enter, loneliness is already a part of      who they are. The time is dull and passes rather slow. Sleep is an endless hobby for many. The endless dreams of what may never come brings      more defeat into this world.  A world that welcomes all those like them; who sees the
Beauty At The End ....
Beauty at the end .. Sharp as a knife hits me it's hurts Beauty at the end ....if you don't want me to be around just tell me I will just walk away say nothing to you Beauty at the end ... I am use to not being part of Beauty at the end ....... I walk in deep dark woods in darkness Beauty at the end... no broken strings betweens us beauty at the end  bY Christine
It Took Me Forever To Find It But Ther Is An All Big Beautiful Women Web Cam Site! It Does Exist!
I have been camming for a year now and have been scouring the internet for a great BBW only website. BBW has a huge following and I would not believe that there was not a segregated website for us. Lo-and-behold there is! When I saw the main pictures for the first time my mouth dropped and even I was like like "that's fucking hot!" And not only did I sign up I went online ASAP! So just a little info about the website-its a free web cam chat room, its only free to flirt and talk, no nudity is allowed, but of corse for a price myself and all other online modles are available to either watch (voyer chat) them in a private show that someone else has started (cheapest rate), private chat means all and any user can join and interact with the cam model-in private chat this is where you can get your requests filled, make sure you ask the model in free chat to accomopdate you just incase she may not have the tools she needs to accomodate at that time; also there is VIP chat which means you have
From Jesus To His Wife.
A tiny bit of background.  There is a scroll now that seems to indicate that Jesus has a wife.  This is what Jesus might text his wife and if texting was around.   Jesus: Don't get me wrong, I am happy for the enthusiasm in bed last night...but do you have to scream "Oh God I'm cumming"?  It is a little weird him being my dad and all. 
Just Some Thoughts...
"Hey if any of you are looking for Christmas gifts for me, I have one. I'd like the ref's from last nights game (Seattle vs Green Bay), brought right here to me tonight. I want them brought from their happy slumber over there on Monday night football, with all the other rich owners, and I want them brought right here, with a big ribbon on their head. I want to... look them straight in their eyes and I want to tell them what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug eyed, stiff-leged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit they are!!!! Hallelujah!! Holly shit!!! Where's the Tylenol!!"
Brief Income And High-class Homes And Estate
Most people know that Arizona, Condition of phoenix ( az ) as an fashionable position where you can find magnificent, fashionable homes. Brief income has become well-known over the past few several weeks, due to the marketplace and property market. What does this mean for you, as a buyer? You can get a house that was most likely beyond your budget formerly. When you will work with this process, having a qualified, efficient and experienced broker would make the conversations much quicker and sleek. Why would property entrepreneurs be advertising their homes for costs that are affordable? The marketplace has activated many people to reduce their projects, and all over the country people are having hardship. This happens, even to the wealthy! They find out that they cannot pay their mortgage mortgage, and don't want to cope with property or house property foreclosure. In Arizona, discovering a brief purchase house can mean that you get a lot of house for your money! An Condition of pho
~~~ Thoughts~~~
We come on here everyday and we sit and chat and enjoy talking to others, but some who come on here are out for more then just that , they are out to hurt others without even giving it a second thought, i do have a moral to this story if people bother to read it its called the GRass is never Greener on the Other Side.Every day we think our lives are bad or thatwe could change the way we look or our hubbys or wives dont like how we look or how we dress or we dont get enough attention or whatever the case may be, Well NEWSFLASH!!!!!!!!!! for those of you who have small children when u get up think about what ur lies and deceit is doing to the other in your life have u even asked yourself have i tryed talking it out have i tryed even listening to the other person and what may or may not be bothering them, more then likely u havent for most all they care about online is a quick escape whetrher its to some fantasy or to some site somewhere to hide behind a screen and try to be something the
The State Of The Nation
     If I were the Commander in Cheet I would do the following.....Have real elections not just appointed by the mega banks and the globalists to get elected as the puppet President. We are going into a war with Iran and China and Japan are almost in a war and Barry Soetoro is on the View talking with Woopie!      No one cares cause everyone is asleep. 23 million unemployed....12 percent the real unemployment rate.....drones and the military police across our skies. Chem trails dumbing down the population....TSA grouping female airline passengers in the airports......RFID chips by law for every citizen ib Obamacare by March 23rd 2013.....the Mark of the Beast on every chip......cameras everywhere.......and the rise of the antichrist very very soon.       Every pastor and preacher should be preaching about the End Times but NO one is doing this! Everyone is asleep are sheep.   Leonard Bruce
Whats Up
whats up its trizzy yall im new to Fubar so ladies.. holla at me ;)
View From My Window....
If i could choose to live my life  there'll be no if's to say if i would choose to hold ur hand there'll be no words to say without thought without pride leave the things that see to weaken us without fear without lies let the magic turn ur life aroundif i would choose to touch u there                                                                                                                                                           would u touch me there too if u would choose to stay with me i'll spend my life with u without thought without pride leave the things that seem to weaken us without fear leave ur lies let the magic turn ur life around -ael- 09/25/2012
Most Liked...with And Without Rockstar
Okay so I think the Fubar powers that be need to create a new "Most Liked" list...the one where members cheat (of sorts) with a Rockstar ability bling...and the REAL list...where members get the most likes without an ability seems a shame that 500 and more likes, done on your own without an ability bling to help you out, don't earn you your name in green need to spend money to do that...   I'm not saying no one should use a Rockstar...i've thought of's amazing to see members get 10K likes (only because of a Rockstar though lol)...I say...that's all fine and good...just separate the Most Liked lists...let some of us have our name in green on our own merits...and let some do it with the help of the almighty ability blings...
Domain Registration India
Do you know how important is domain registration india to your website? as I have looked into the creation of many websites, both for myself or for my business, it has become clear that one of the big important steps in the process is the domain registration, I was always taught to take things one step at a time, and without those first two steps in the process, your website will be marginal the best. Quality domain registration is going to cost you more money, but it is worth it, when you proceed with a free domain web hosting service, you do not end up with your own domain name, the idea is to have the perfect address of your website in the format of rather than one that is generic to a free domain name registration India.     The initial step in cheap domain name registration is to choose a desired domain name, your domain name is that web address that you want and do remember that the registration should not cost more. Just go online and do research for various services to find
Jokes Version 1.0
I'm marking this as NSFW just on the off chance I find a joke I WANT to post, but has NSFW attached to it. :)   ------------   A man calls home to his wife and says,"Honey I have been asked to go fishing at a big lake up in Canada with my boss and several of his friends. We'll be gone for a week. This is a good opportunity for me to get that promotion I've been wanting so would you please pack me enough clothes for a week and set out my rod and tackle box. We're leaving from the office and I will swing by the house to pick my things up. Oh! Please pack my new blue silk panamas." The wife thinks this sounds a little fishy but being a good wife she does exactly what her husband asked. The following weekend he comes home a little tired but otherwise looking good. The wife welcomes him home and asks if he caught many fish? He says,"Yes! Lot's of Walleye, some Bluegill, and a few Pike. But why didn't you pack my new blue silk panamas like I asked you to do?""I did, they're in your tackl
love is in the heart
Herbal Medicine For Diabetes Treatment Made From Pure Herbs
Diabetes mellitus has become the world’s biggest silent killer. People dying each year all over the world due to diabetes mellitus, but no proper treatment for diabetes has been discovered yet. It is very difficult to diagnose diabetes in early stages. However, a person sticking to an Herbal diabetes treatment preventive this diabetes disease. Diabetes is a life style disease. India has the highest number of diabetics in the world. By 2030, about 10% of Indian adult population will suffer from diabetes.Diabetes and it’s complications can be treated and/or prevented safely without prescription drugs. If you have diabetes or any of the risk factors for diabetes or are just concerned about diabetes, you should start now with our herbal diabetes treatment to reduce your risk. If you are a diabetic looking for a new lease of life, contact Diabetes Treatment Herbal Pharmacy for diabetes treatment. We offer customized herbal Diabetes treatment – Herbal Medicines of Diabete
The Printed 2013 Chun Xia Visual Impact
Printing agitation for big heat, from 2012 chun xia frivolous printing extend to 2013 chun xia connect body to printing, also are printed but the style had different change: 2012 chun xia designers to wield real silk and gauze, long skirt with lightsome and open attitude back to fashion bridge, big profile big line purpose is to let some air out of the skirt rocks, in your move slowly born wind, such as the goddess of xianlin like beautiful light. 2013 chun xia enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained printing design instantly brightens the skin tone, or try to have artistic aesthetic feeling of abstract pattern, retain mature lasting appeal at the same time, much one minute mysterious foreign style. Is not only the New York fashion week on T stage has been constantly deductive printing art, even the street fashion of people also particularly of infatuation printing outfit, charming and romantic flowers, elegant wind restoring ancient ways is unstoppable.Proenza Schouler brand behind the ja
Female Sexual Stimulant - Fezinil Capsule
Safe and Sound Cure for Women Sexual Health Fezinil Herbal cure not only replenish the iron in the body but also it may reduce menstrual discomfort and cramping. You will get relief from leucorrhea as well as it will solve your irregular menstruation problem and reduce sexual problems caused by stress. This supplement has an abundance of fatty acids which can reduce dryness, this cure reduce pain and speed healing of female problems. You can increase the likelihood of starting a menstrual cycle and menstrual regularity as well as it enhance your stamina, improve your body image, elevate your mood and boost your libido.
Natural Treatment Of Diabetes To Cure Diabetes Symptoms
If you are diabetic and frustrated of taking insulin or unable to control your diabetes and looking for a natural approach to control your diabetes then our natural diabetes treatment helps to generate the hormone that controls blood sugar levels naturally. Everyone loves their life. But there are situations when there is no activity in their life because of diabetes. People cannot eat things which they like most, people cannot move around, where they love to go. Perhaps if you want to enjoy your life, they way you want then our diabetes treatment capsule helps you to re-gain the energy in your life. Our natural diabetes treatment formulation meant to control your blood sugar level and increased sensitivity to insulin.Our Diabetes treatment capsule could be the correct improvement you been searching for. If you’ve diabetes, our diabetes treatment capsule can reduce the symptoms of diabetes, weakness, excess thirst, frequent urination and make you really feel much better with enh
Paralyze Mind's
Paralyze mind's never think for they don't illuminate. potential to be but no spark. Limited to half a world, never can appreciate the other half.Like living life with out the eye's right.your mind unjustified cause your compass never point's north..   BY: S.A
Inner Peace
Let your your pain perish into a scattered warmth & richness.Trade your wishbone for a backbone, Let pain only tickle your funnybone. Feel the wind speck to your soul without word's.close your eye's see with your mind.lose trick of time.This is a society that one only finds inside.   BY:S.A
Final Fantasy 25. Jahrestag Der Tokyo - Reader-funktion
In meiner Jugend, ist die final fantasy pc-Spiel ein großes Ereignis in meinem Leben. Wenn so viele Jahre in Europa betrachtet wird, eine tragfähige Markt sein, diese Spiele, mein erster Kontakt "Final Fantasy VII., Wie viele andere auch, war ich eingeschüchtert als nächstes zu tun. Dann, eines nach dem anderen aber bis die tatsächliche Erfahrung des zwölften Tranche verdunkelt meine Erwartungen. Leider, denn dann scheint es, wie die Dinge nur erhalten schlimmste, aber diesjährigen 25. Jahrestag der Debüt von Final Fantasy, es alle Umarmung wie eine ganze Reihe, wenn wir ein Zufall, dass ich in Japan zur gleichen Zeit wie der 25. Jahrestag zum Gedenken an den Fall in Betracht gezogen werden platzieren möchten gefunden, meinem wunderbaren Ehemann Ansturm auf Bahn-Tickets nach Tokio zu kaufen, ging ich. lief die dreitägige Veranstaltung, die Messe in Shibuya, zwei Tage nach der öffentlichen teilnehmen Dies ist eine freie Tätigkeit, aber es gibt auch nicht-monetäre Preisschild -. eine War
El Iphone 5 Llevaría Un Procesador Qualcomm De Cuatro Núcleos
Los más aficionados a los productos de la compañía Apple esperan con ansia la llegada de la sexta generación de su dispositivo estrella: el iPhone 5. Lo cierto es que a estas alturas, todavía no se han dado a conocer detalles oficiales al respecto, pero todo el mundo especula sobre un lanzamiento completamente renovado. Hoy tenemos que ofrecer algunos datos relativos al procesador que vendrá integrado en el dispositivo. Y es que algunos medios han empezado a divulgar información relacionada con lo que sería, en definitiva, el corazón del aparato. Según explica Digitimes, la demanda de los chips Qualcomm Quad-Core podría verse incrementada durante el cuarto trimestre del año por la integración de los mismos en el nuevo iPhone 5. De esta manera, Apple podría haber decidido implantar esta nueva tecnología de los cuatro núcleos en su flamante dispositivo. Pero, ¿qué hay de cierto en todo esto?-precio del iphone 5 El poder de los cuatro núcleos ya está más vigente que nunca. D
Reebok Reebok Brand Start "asian Star-light" Cooperation Project Wu Jianhao Are Become One Of Its Official Partner
On July 30,, Shanghai world famous sports brand Reebok Reebok recently announced that its classic series (Reebok Classics), is expected to start in the fall of 2012, called "Asian star-light" cross-boundary star cooperation projects, including China Taiwan artiste wu jianhao are, Japan can artist Verbal, and famous South Korea music producer PiaoZhenYing (JYP) its 2 PM and Miss A part of the members, the numerous Asian artists become the Reebok brand partners, roll out their cooperation) series, for the Reebok classic series injection new elements. Tailored classic style, using manual air PUMP, bring more stability and light resistance. Outsole using super wear resistant rubber, more durable. 3 d wave speed technology sole and cellular air cushion collocation for isabel marant boots navy money bring excellent buffer sex, in a stylish appearance at the same time for the double foot to provide more comprehensive protection. In the Asia Pacific male artist, wu jianhao are across the m
Htc Apresenta Os Primeiros Smartphones Com Windows Phone 8
A HTC é uma das primeiras fabricantes de telemóveis a apresentar os novos modelos com Windows Phone 8, que ainda não foi oficialmente lançado no mercado. A marca asiática revelou as novidades num evento em Nova Iorque. Depois de ter sido das que teve mais sucesso no início do Android, a HTC não tem conseguido crescer e sente a forte pressão da Apple e da Samsung, que combinadas têm dois terços do mercado. Os telemóveis são o Windows Phone 8X e o Windows Phone 8S. A Microsoft esteve presente no evento, a cerca de um mês do lançamento oficial dos novos sistemas Windows 8 e Windows Phoone 8. A verdade é que a parceria com a Nokia não deu grandes resultados e a Microsoft tem menos de 5% do mercado mundial de telemóveis- telemoveis online. O 8X é o topo de gama da HTC neste sistema. Tem um ecrã de 4,3 polegadas, ainda maior que o do novo iPhone 5 e uma câmara frontal com ângulo de 88º, para que nas vídeo-chamadas se veja mais que uma imagem grosseira da pessoa. O New York Tim
B Word
I cannot stand when people need to refer to women as bitches!
my new website
Während Apple Discounter Behält Den Preis Der älteren Iphone
Großen Elektronik-Einzelhändler weiterhin die alte iPhone-Modell zu ihren alten Preisen zu verkaufen, trotz des Rückgangs in Apples $ 150 unverbindliche Preisempfehlung. Allerdings verkaufen einige weniger als die günstigen Preisen - ein Einsparpotenzial von mehr als 200 Dollar. Vor zwei Wochen, Apple die Markteinführung des neuen iphone 5 preis alte Modell vergangenen Wochenende Preise von $ 1.049 bis $ 899 gesunken angekündigt, sinken die erwarteten Zinsen als am Freitag angekündigt, die neueste Modell. Allerdings Leeming Harvey Norman, digitale mobile, Anleihen und Schuldverschreibungen und Noel gestern alle iPhone 4S1049 Umsatz. Noel Leeming Group, die Gruppe hat auch Anleihen und Schuldverschreibungen, sagte der Sprecher, Apple noch den Verkauf des iPhone 4S seinen alten Preis. Der Rückgang in der erwarteten "innerhalb von Tagen". Der Sprecher sagte, dass alle Geschäfte noch lassen sie in der gleichen Einstandspreis. Consumer Redakteur David Naulls sagte, dies ist ein Beispie
Huawei Paris Sur Les Smartphones
Huawei Technologies, le sixième plus grand fabricant de etui iphone 4s dans le monde, à la recherche de leurs smartphones dépassé les taux de croissance globaux et devenir une source de revenus solide. La société basée à Shenzhen (Chine), fondée il ya 25 ans par Zhengfei anciens soldat de l'Armée populaire de libération du Ren, est actuellement le numéro deux mondial des réseaux de communication, une entreprise qui l'an dernier a donné environ trois quarts de ses revenus totaux. Cela pourrait changer à mesure que trace Huawei envisage de lancer une marque mondiale des smartphones, Apple Samsung Electronics bataille avec, en particulier en Chine, qui cette année est appelé à devenir le plus grand marché au monde pour les smartphones. Dans le marché très convoité smartphone, Huawei espère augmenter sa gamme de produits basés sur les téléphones Android grâce à Microsoft Windows 8 et tablettes, et peut-être appelé phablets - téléphones, tablettes. La société envisage égaleme
Gary Johnson Wants Marijuana Legalization
It is no secret that presidential candidate Gary Johnson is all for ending the prohibition of marijuana, and he is growing impatient of the current candidate front runners whom show no support for ending the failed war on drugs. As the former governor of New Mexico (a bordering state with Mexico), Gary Johnson saw first hand the crime activity that spilled over into the US across the border. Illegal drugs were more accessible in his schools due the war on drugs and all crime was climbing because of it. The failed war on drugs reminded Johnson of failed alcohol prohibition, and now decades later the related crime is down and abusers are treated in clinics and support groups rather then over-crowding prisons. This ended the maturity of harder criminals and gave states more money in the taxation of alcohol, funding both state and social services. But the problem has been simply moved to the prohibition of marijuana creating the exact same conditions that lead us to ending alcohol prohibit
Since People Are Asking
I figured I should write this all down now so I don't have to keep saying it and before I start zoning out from my medication. For about 3 weeks my hip/lower back has been hurting me. I had no idea what was going on with it. I finally had enough of the pain today. I went to work with a limp, just like I always had been for the 3 weeks. However, after being there for about 30 minutes the left hand side of my lower back went numb. I really couldn't feel anything except for a tingle. I tried just leaning on the counter at work but it didn't really help. I worked my whole shift, in COMPLETE pain. I couldn't tell you how many times I was in tears from the pain. I feel like I need to say that my pain tollerance is very high. I went into labor and was 7cm when I decided I'd had enough of the feeling of "gas" I had. It did NOT hurt at all. I was in full on labor and had no clue.  Anyway, I left work at 4 and by 5pm I was at the hospital. After finally getting seen, I was told it was my Scia
La Statue De La Liberté à L'heure Suisse
On connaissait déjà le penchant de l'horloger suisse Romain Jerome pour les montres commémoratives, en particulier depuis la sortie d'une montre en édition limitée pour marquer les cent ans du naufrage du Titanic. Et quelques jours après avoir présenté deux lignes de montres en hommage aux jeux vidéo vintage, la célèbre marque haut de gamme renouvelle aujourd'hui l'expérience avec la Liberty-DNA. Un design inspiré des formes et couleurs de la statueFruit d'une collaboration entre l'horloger RJ-Romain Jerome et la fondation Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island, la montre présente un aspect rappelant volontairement certaines des formes et des teintes du fameux monument, sans toutefois tomber dans des références trop lourdes et appuyées montre v6 . La lunette de l'appareil, réalisée entièrement en bronze, s'orne de douze pics qui semblent jaillir du cadran. Le bronze, annonce le fabricant, devrait se patiner au fil des années afin d'adopter progressivement une teinte comparable à celle de l
Iphone 5: Avantages Et Inconvénients De L'entreprise
Si l'iPhone 5 vend aussi bien que les analystes prédisent, son impact sur ​​l'informatique magasins aux prises avec le bring-your-own-dispositif (BYOD) tendance pourrait être dramatique.   Selon certains analystes, une utilisation en entreprise de l'iPhone nouvelle, qui est capable de se connecter à des réseaux LTE 4G, augmentera les risques de sécurité et donner lieu à des frais de données plus élevés sur les factures de téléphone cellulaire. D'autre part, certains gestionnaires de TI a déclaré que l'iPhone 5 sera gérable,coque iphone 5 pas cher tant en termes de sécurité et de coût. Un CIO a déclaré qu'il pourrait même être une aubaine pour la productivité des travailleurs. "Business fonctionne en temps réel, et les travailleurs veulent faire les choses rapidement. L'iPhone 5 LTE peut fournir cette capacité en temps réel», a déclaré Oliver Bussmann SAP CIO. «L'avenir est un mobile, et nous sommes constamment à la recherche à tout application de bureau que nous puissio
Executive Summary For Business Intelligence And Analytics
Looking at the huge need of cellular mobile phone devices, pills and cellular solutions we will discuss the benefits, issues, information management problems and recommendations for cellular organization intelligence and research. It may be Apple's iPad or any other identical system on technological innovation website we will see that the whole marketing is only as per client's wish like game enjoying, video getting touching, and watching movies in HD or just looking the world wide web. But seeing at the remarkable use can these devices do anything for the experience of taking, providing or getting organization data? Business clients are getting more excited to know whether they can use their sensible devices for modifying the part of information in customer devices, preparing and forecasting, performance management or take their daily efficient alternatives while on the go. Company Intellect can do all these, they are essential if cell mobile phone devices are to live up to their pro
People Annoy Me
A customer spent a considerable amount of time ranting to me about Target coming to our town. She carried on and on about how we were making America rich and how ridiculous it was to accept these American companies into Canada we should keep the money in Canada and  Canada was being damaged. She poo pooed me when I said well it will fuel our local economy giving jobs to the people and they have to carry a large percentage of Canadian made products.  this is what happened after her rant about giving money to America  ME: *handing her a  price list* just wanted to  let you know we dramatically lowered our cheese prices    Her: OHHHH no ... I go across the border to get my cheese milk and gas its way cheaper      she is lucky I did not punch her out really 
You ....
You make me happy.. you just don't know...                                                                                                                                                                                     Part 1.                                                                                                         bY Christine
Jason's Experience
Good evening everyone.  Tonight I am out there looking for someone who is looking for love and now the plans are up in the air.  I have been going through more drama lately then I need to, but now that things have calmed down, I am now able to look again.  Any ideas?

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