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Chocolate syrup and handcuffsTwo simple ingredientsFor an edible ecstasyCool metal glintingSkin tasting sweetSweat lacing the syrup salty Satin sheets and oilLet me rub your skinUntil it glistensSoft sheets and the scent of patchouliSkin feeling softOil warming it to the touchSweet and softRough and creativeWhatever you wantYou shall have it within the hourIt's true I need to be myselfBut when we slip between the satin sheetsI'll still mold myselfInto everything you've ever wanted
My Eyesight
Hi everyone, I wanted to tell you that I am having an extreme problem with my eyes these days.This is why I have not been on fu for a few days and why I won't be here alot for awhile.The eye specialist that I have doesn't know what else to do so they are sending me to Wilmer Eye Institute to see if they can help me. Wilmer is a great place(the greatest anywhere) and hopefully they can help me!For those of you who don't know this I spent a year being blind about 10 years ago. Wilmer helped get my eyesight back for me and I sure hope they can do it agian.I am telling you all this now while I can still see some. My eyesight is diminishing quickly and I don't know how much longer I will be able to see to type.I want you all to know how much you mean to me and how much I am missing you already. Some days I can see enough to type and some days not.My specialist here says I am not eligble for cornea transplants but I am hoping Wilmer will see it differently.I will be here when I can.Hopefully
Friday "oops" And "reality" Blog...
This is the TGIF Oops and Disclaimer goes.. First of all, I forgot two people's birthdays this past week and for that I a happy belated birthday to... Ellie@ fubar annnddd... Gamer PNess Princess@ fubar ..these are two of the most quality people I know on here, so please R/F/A and show some love...maybe even make a new friend today.... ...and finally, the disclaimer portion or whatever. When Gem Girl broke the first time, I really didn't want anything to do with it. Proof was shotty at best. The only thing we really had was either he said she said or repetitive screen shots of her running a con, which clearly matches what the idiot/player blown out in the last blog does. But eventually, albiet much more slowly, the people rose up and eventually got rid of that mass scammer but there were a ton of casualties along the way. But what I don't like and reason I shyed away from it the first time, is this retraction/hiding/bs.... ...for the recor
寡廉鲜耻 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 新闻联播以及主流媒体的下意识的最爱与偏好的,几个女人的运用工程,即老调重弹之女人屄,肛,口,乳的运用工程: 操盘老嫖客、小私奶宝操盘小嫖客或者小私奶宝操盘小嫖客、操盘老嫖客吼: 中国国家安全
Naughty Survey
Reply to my INBOX with answers   1. How do you liked to be kissed? soft, slow, or hardcore?   2. Are you sexually attracted to the person who posted this?   3. If you and I were in a room alone, what would you want to do?   4. What's the best position and what would you try with me?   5. Would you explore with fruits or any other food in bed?   6. Would you have sex with me?   7. Do you enjoy oral sex?   8. Do you enjoy giving or receiving more?   9. Have you ever thought about me in a sexual way before?   10. How long would you make me wait to have sexual contact with you?   11. Would you ever have a one night stand?   12. Do you kiss on first dates? Tongues or pecks?   13. What's the one thing a guy/girl could do to get you in the mood?   14. What is the most appealing thing to you about yourself, body/personality?   15. In the opposite sex, what turns you on the most on their body?   16. Do you talk dirty in bed?   17. Do you consider yourself to be
Banana Galaxie Recording Studio
Well  if i was a betting man I'd swear it was friday!!!! That just roc's to me but everyday day is friday if ya play your cards we are waiting for our IT guy,who i'll just call "Sparkie" cause I call him everything under the sun but his name!!!! He said he remembers me from 1977-78 but i swear i never met him,but he told me things i did or said that letz me know that we did meet and I dont remember! so much for drug's of the 70's Lol...........anyway waiting for that echo st. high to take place! Capt. Buck Ozone.. PEACE
Adtronics Offers Best Electronic Signs And Displays
Led is already popular nowadays in giving a lot of advantages to the people. Indeed, it is recommended to a lot of people to use led because it is environment friendly and it is good to use. Led is available in several colors and shapes and it can beautify the place where you put the led. Most of the time led is use as illumination inside and outside the house, building, road and anywhere. They can now use in various purposes. Because led can be made in various designs and colors, it can already use in displaying and beautifying the names of the companies and business establishments. In order for you companies or business establishments can get the attention of the customers, using led sign is very effective. It can help a lot to attract customers to visit your business establishments. If you are looking for company that will give you this sort of work, you can hire Adtronics. This company is best in providing this sort of service. When you need effective communication from your custo
These Sophisticated Michael Kors Hamilton Totes Feature Saffiano Leather; Ostrich Embossed Leather, Or Quilted Leather Construction.
These sophisticated Michael Kors Hamilton Totes feature saffiano leather; ostrich embossed leather, or quilted leather construction. TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's current account surplus unexpectedly fell from a year earlier in April in a sign that a slowdown in China is weighing on demand for the nation's exports and casting doubt on the strength of its economic recovery.  Cheap michael kors watches online  First quarter economic growth was revised up to 1.2 percent from initially reported 1.0 percent, reflecting upward revisions in capital spending and private consumption, separate data also showed on Thursday. However, Japan's current account surplus fell 21.2 percent compared with the median estimate for a 2.8 percent annual increase and followed an 8.6 percent decline in the year to March. That suggested the world's third-largest economy was struggling to maintain traction gained in the first three months of the year when it expanded at an annualized pace of 4.7 percent according
My Blog Music Video... *it's Hot! Blows Baywatch Out Of The Water! Run Baby Run!
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Pint 1 And A Half
Pint 1 ½ (strange places) Not picking up where I left off in “Lets grab a pint” Pint 1, this entry will be far lengthier and serves as an informative piece… Finding yourself in a situation that may leave you feeling a bit on edge, like traveling far from home or visiting someplace new is usually an opportune time to grab a pint. Note of warning; do not follow any of the possibly perceived steps and or conduct I mentioned in Pint 1, this could lead to life changing consequences, well …in some cases good things if you are keen to opportunity. When out and about in a strange place and you are a pint sipper, stick to pints only, hard liquor could get you in some serious shit, a few examples…you visit a city and get super excited, knock back the reserve stuff (tequila, whiskey, etcetera.)  Especially when your new found peeps are supplying…suddenly you get lost. In the days when there were no cell phones this was way more common, people leave a bar
Getting It Off My Chest From Both Sides
statistics show that majority of couples who live together before the get married never end up married or in an early divorce. heres my questions fb, WHERE ARE THEY GETTING THIS CRAP? i mean seriously who in their right mind would marry someone without living with that person first. i mean that may work for some ppl but in reality i dont think it is highly recommended to put yourself in that situation. next thing..why do women think that men only want women that look perfect. personally i love it when a woman can walk around in some baggy pants and a tank top, hair tied back, wit some sneakers on, and no make up. that is amazing to me. leave it to the media to make it hard on dudes that love the realness of a woman's beauty. women understand this when i tell you. a real man dont give a damn. yea we look at skinny women and we sometimes get a lil attracted. personally i dont want a toothpick. you dont understand how awkward that is. back to the makeup.  there is no sense in putting all
Player King.
Somewhere there's a mess.A mashup of not to be trusted, and runty cum stains.Tail flagged. Prostrate, and provacative to disgust.Have a turn. Every last one of you.Just shut the fuck up about it while men are working.I don't remember where I wasor how long I had been there,but the moment had a smell tied to ithot sweat and warm urine.I'd be the man I wanted to be.Getting cut, ignored, placated, humored.Patronized.Still the scariest stranger in the room.Lighthearted smile.Can-do attitude.All the while counting the footsteps.Noting the gap between chin and throat.Some...less than others.I always knew.I did exactly what you wanted me to.Now you're just moving the pieces after I resigned.That was the only way to win.Just stop playing.You fault me for being an artificialunfeelingmeasuredlover.poet.murder in the making.But how does it feel to be something you deny?When I look in the mirror, I see an angry man with rusty nails plowing through his stomach.I see dark. Purple shadows of hauntin
Time Heals?
I was talking to someone once when a question came up. One I asked but didn't expect the answer. The question was "Do you have one day in your life you hate more then any other?" and the answer to that was a simple yes or no. Then the question was asked back to me for me to answer. I answered that I did have one day I hate and then the question arose to give a more detailed answer. The answer I gave was laughed at but to me its no a laughing matter. Its a deep and painful emotional wound that in over a decade hasn't healed over completely. I went into deeper detail and the response was "wow" because its not something that any person can imagine. This conversation sent me into shut down mode and protective mode. To those who would know the answer, There is no words to explain the fear of more emotional pain then what I am feeling at this moment. If you want to ask then do so but to laugh at any answer given is to be insensitive and the moment you have to deal with a painful, emotional l
Polo Chers
It is no surprise that the price tags on these designer clothes could actually give an average individual a heart attack.Ralph Lauren pas cher Imagine spending $300 - $400 on a designer t-shirt when the same amount can be used to do several things otherwise. Also, shopping from home for such lucrative deals like discount Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts and cheap Abercrombie Fitch shirts saves you money on the fuel that you would otherwise spend on travelling long distances to the land-based stores. The collection on online stores is much wider as all they have to do is present pictures of the stocks that are present. The fact that these designer wear cost a fortune is a waste of sorts with regards to your regular expenditures on apparels since the fashion for that particular style of clothing may fade out sooner or later.polo ralph lauren pas cherSo technically speaking the value of the investment on designer clothes from original outlets is something that is inconsistent and eventually
Polo Ralph Lauren Pas Cher
if you look further, certain online retailers omit the physical mall rents and taxes on these clothes and apply massive discounts on such designer wear. These deals are everywhere on the internet it only needs some patience on your research online in order to come across Ralph Lauren pas cher sites that offer such cheap clothes like discount Ralph Lauren Polo shirts or cheap Abercrombie Fitch shirts. There are many sites these days offering cheap and discounted clothes like discount Ralph Lauren polo shirts, discounted Gucci apparels, cheap Abercrombie Fitch shirts, cheap designer sportswear from Adidas and so on. The variety to the designer tags in the discounted clothing section is countless and the job to choose from these well sorted cheaper versions of your designer extravaganzas is much fun and convenient at the comfort of your own homes. The clothing shops understand people's needs and they have started advertising high quality clothing with discount rate. People now real
Funny Email I Got
The "Middle Wife" by an Anonymous 2nd grade teacherI've been teaching now for about fifteen years. I have two kids myself, but the best birth story I know is the one I saw in my own second grade classroom a few years back.When I was a kid, I loved show-and-tell. So I always have a few sessions with my students. It helps them get over shyness and usually, show-and-tell is prettytame. Kids bring in pet turtles, model airplanes, pictures of fish they catch, stuff like that. And I never, ever place any boundaries or limitations on them. If they want to lug it in to school and talk about it, they're welcome.Well, one day this little girl, Erica, a very bright, very outgoing kid, takes her turn and waddles up to the front of the class with a pillow stuffed under her sweater.She holds up a snapshot of an infant. "This is Luke, my baby brother, and I'm going to tell you about his birthday.""First, Mom and Dad made him as a symbol of their love, and then Dad put a seed in my Mom's stomach, and
For Those That Have Kids Online
(This was in my fubar stash but it doesnt look like you can view peoples stash anymore) After tossing her books on the sofa, she decided to grab a snack and get on-line.. She logged on under her screen name ByAngel213. She checked her Buddy List and saw GoTo123 was on. She sent him an instant message:ByAngel213:Hi. I'm glad you are on! I thought someone was following me home today. It was really weird!GoTo123:LOL You watch too much TV. Why would someone be following you? Don't you live in a safe neighborhood?ByAngel213:Of course I do. LOL I guess it was my imagination cuz' I didn't see anybody when I looked out.Go To123:Unless you gave your name out on-line. You haven't done that have you?ByAngel213:Of course not. I'm not stupid you know.GoTo123:Did you have a softball game after school today?ByAngel213:Yes and we won!!GoTo123:That's great! Who did you play?ByAngel213:We played the Hornets. LOL. Their uniforms are so gross! They look like bees. LOLGoTo123:What is your team called?ByAn
Incomprensione Delle Scarpe Che Conosci
@@Mito uno: perché i piedi del bambino continuò a crescere, in modo, quando un paio di scarpe ai bambini, al fine di risparmiare denaro, è sufficiente acquistare una taglia più grande, o otto quasi nuovi amici e parenti di seconda mano le scarpe può dare a un bambino di indossare un abbigliamento . @@Suggerimento Expert: è perché il bambino sta crescendo, così un paio di scarpe ai bambini non solo possono risparmiare denaro. In primo luogo, se il "greedy" e comprare un paio di scarpe di dimensioni più grandi, scarpe e bambini tra i piedi dello spazio è troppo grande, non può fornire un adeguato sostegno, i bambini facilmente cadere o incidente. In secondo luogo, la forma del piede di ogni persona è scarpe con deformazioni diverse piede dell'utilizzatore. I bambini mettono le scarpe degli altri attraverso, non solo non si adattano, ma interessano anche lo sviluppo dei piedi a rischio di problemi ai piedi, crescono. @@Mito: Perché questo è stato un grosso peso, persone grasse ind
Summer Tour!!!
Virginia, June 8 (AP) -- On a cool night in Dumfries, VA Good2BeDaPNessKing prepares for another long journey in this thing we call life. He closes this chapter of the book we call Life with a couple of very good friends. Lorenzo said, "I've known this lil f*$&3R for too long, I know we will see each other again," as they sat there eating chicken wings at Buffalo Wild Wings at the Potomac Mills. With Yuengling in hand, DaPNessKing cheered his friends and family on the great times he had here in Virginia, and toasted to the the well wishes on his impending drive across country. With scheduled stops in Gettysburg, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Ohio; Tennessee; Arkansas; and Texas he plans on making this drive an adventure. King was heard repeatedly saying, "How often do you get paid to take 30+ days vacation to drive across the country to see sights, family and friends." The hard part for him is saying good-bye to those that are close to him. We are always left hurting when we say farewell, but
Never Ever Always
by Kenneth Matlock on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 11:26pm ·  In the midst you find me dreaming Something awfully wicked seeming You smile too I know you do What I see now you see too You breathe in and I breathe out Working rhythm to your pout Muscles sore and breathing thrown To cover pieces of you I now own Always did I bite my way Leave you with nothing to say Choke you till you face turns red Watch you writhing in my bed What do you want me to do? I can't stop until you're through I'll dream with you till you go Share with you all that I know Let you take a piece of me To the place you'd rather be Someplace you can run all night Go until your heart feels right Maybe it's not as far as you guess I've found more near I must confess You've got me thinking I must say, but for now let's fuck all day. 
Le Migliori Scarpe Da Corsa Per I Piedi Piatti
La volta plantare è costituita dal tarsal e dalle ossa metatarsiche ed è rinforzata dai legamenti e dai tendini. Permette il piede di sostenere il peso della costituzione fisica nella posizione eretta con il meno peso.L'altezza dell'arco determina il tipo del piede e della pronazione. L'altezza dell'arco del piede può essere controllata facilmente utilizzando i piedi umidi prova.* I corridori con il ft piano devono mettere ulteriore cura nella selezione della scarpa di funzionamento miglioreIl vostro arco di piede è il vostro sistema puro di assorbimento di scossa. La natura lo ha progettato in modo che quando mettete il vostro peso di costituzione fisica sopra le vostre dita del piede la scossa fosse assorbita da questo meccanismo in modo da alleviare l'impatto (e gli incidenti successivi) che in qualunque altro caso ha colpito il vostri ft, caviglie, ginocchia ed anche. Un piede piatto è probabilmente il segnale visto del overpronation, significante che il vostro arco sprofonda nel c
Why is it some of the lamest people on here are the most jealous? People should be "allowed" to be friends with anyone they want, even if you don't like it.   I have one friend on here who has had to block someone because he thought she shouldn't be friends with me or my Hubby.  I'm sorry, but what the fuck is wrong with us? I think we are pretty damn awesome.  I'd rather not address this person by name, because that's just far more drama than is needed so I will just say "You"   Dear You:: You aRe a pAthetic peice of crap. I'm not really sure of anyone that actually likes you. All you Do is whIne about how things aren't gOing right for you. You know what? YOU have made your bed, now YOU can lay in it.  You have single handedly pushed away anyone who even thought about being your friend.  All you ever do is talk about how you want to be in a relationship. You will never get that with the way you treat a woman. You want a woman that will not be friendly to any other man. I really
New Fubar Skin Guide For Dummies :) Updated: 06/07/2012
Ok... I have been asked numerous times how to make a fubar skin... and that the blog I had done previously was confusing and out dated and folks still don't understand. So I this is an updated version of that blog... lets just call it Fubar Skin's for Dummies!  First off... when ever you are coding theres a simple method when coding on google Chrome that you should be aware of... If you are stuck and you don't know what line of code does what this is what you do...     ***NOTE: If you notice... the size of the header is also present in the highlighted div header as 985px by 300px so when designing your skin off of this platform you  will need to use that same size to match it all up... If you choose to go bigger or smaller I will discuss that later in the blog.  Now... Go to the Skin's Code for this.... it only works if you have a pre made skin you stole off of someone else cause you liked the way it looked....      Now... the skin that I am using... is this one: http://f
Michael Kors Handbags Michael Kors Bags Michael Kors Shoes Michael Kors Outlet Discount Michael Kors
 But the michael kors handbags move might not stop the flow of new payments from Bain, which has been both lionized for its record of successful investments and vilified for mass layoffs at some of michael kors outlet the companies it bought.Just last week, Romney disclosed more than $2 million in new income from Bain, the firm he co-founded and managed until departing in 1999. Finance and taxation michael kors bags experts said this week that the new Bain payments raised the prospect that Romney could continue receiving income from his former company over the next several years.A Romney campaign official, michael kors handbags speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss his finances, said the campaign's analysis of his income stream indicated that any future Bain income pay-outs were unlikely but that such payments michael kors bags were out of his control.Saul disclosed the plans for a federal blind trust after The Associated Press raised questions about how Romney would deal with
To Love Is Hard-699
Usually starts out wanting to be satisfied, its difficult when it deals with anger and pride. If everyone had their own way and all, this world would be screwed; see the wall. No rules in this damn game, can't win, so many turns, you can lose again and again. Males or females, men or women, husband and wife is it a blessing or a sin. You must decide which way to live, begin it all once more, learn to give. Troubles can become fun to fix, just take you soul and sex then mix. Might only be for the strong and smart, but miracles happen for every heart. Rely on no one there is nobody you can unnerve, once again it is the same, score is tied and its your serve. For a change that would be awful good and nice, it'd be nice if love wasn't that hot nor cold as ice. To love is hard not easy, may I ask...would you love me??
Here She Goes Again
So, I'm back. I don't know why exactly. I needed some place to go. I was here when the site first started. I can't even remember what the name was. Then it became Cherry Tap. Then I thought it was something else before it became Fubar. I had so many social sites to keep up with. In time I deleted my account. Erin Rose is not my real name. It is my pen name. I am real. She is still me and I her. Life changed andvErin needs to be front and center. That's all for now. More when I am on laptop & not iPad.m
Win, Lose, Or Trust(no Matter What)-655
You must be real strong, listen to this true song. It tells of happiness unknown, and tears just won't fall when you are alone. Triumph over sadness, its you on the top, waiting for you, my heart won't stop. When I hold you close the more I feel, that it will work, it is a real good deal. You will receive indeed so very much, a nice feelind will overcome you with my touch. Bargined alot, sold more than enough, still there is plenty in my heart for love. After every bad time that passed my eyes, I am surprised that I am drowning in your lies. It isn't fair how much I have to take, might very soon cause my heart to break. How do I even hold hope that you care, seems corrupt when its only a smile you wear. Its win, lose or trust no matter what, don't need this to be vows broken and cut.
Who Wants Some Bling ???
For The Fubar Guys
okay. you guys need to learn how to approach a woman. for real. There has been only a few (and I mean that literally) that haven't said something rude or disrespectful. I am not on here to be rudely hit on. Some examples: yesterday I logged on and someone had left me a msg saying "I want to cum all over you"..that is it. nothing else, not even a hello. this is NOT going to get a normal woman's attention. Look at my profile. Do I seem like the type of woman that would be like ooooh hell yea baby squirt your man jizz all over me? NO! I am a mother of four children. three of them are girls. If someone spoke to one of my girls like that, I would have to shoot them. 2nd example: I see a pretty face and I just want to molest...OK. NO ONE wants to be told that you want to sexually abuse them. That is just bullshit. You don't know what has gone on in that woman's life so just don't go there. That's a quick way to be ignored and/or blocked.   Learn to be RESPECTFUL!
Things That Pi$$ Me Off About Fubar
This is the place to post your fubar gripes. My list includes in no particular order: 1. People with private profiles... if you want to be Anonymous... why are you even here... 2. People re-posting as their status something that dares you to comment only if you re-post 3. People using their status to piss and moan about their real life... if I wanted to hear that I would log off and return to my own real life 4. People posting as their status that they are bored... no $h1t... do you think I would be on fubar if I had somethng to do 5. People posting in their status that they are lonely... get off the freaking computer and go meet actual people More to come later...
this is a writing from a dream i had just last night almost as if i was out of body.....   she was sitting on the bench at the picnic table where we had our first date. It was dark but i couldsee her very well from the lights on top of the levee. I was merely feet away, standing in the shadows. but she couldnt see me. she was waiting for me but i didnt want to speak just yet, i just wanted to watch her. i could feel the blood and adrenaline pumping violently through my veins. i was on fire on the inside, and my heart radiated through my chest and face. it was all that i could do to not race up to her and rip her clothes offright there in the park. my god i wanted her. to taste her... dear god that taste. it was still so vivid in my memory that i could still taste her wonderful juices on my tongue even after all this time.   my breathing quickened, and my pulse raced. the breeze changed direction towards me, and i could smell... could it really be?... yes... my god i could sm
We all know how Cinderella wanted to go to the ball but her wicked stepmother wouldn't let her and then the fairy godmother pops up and gives Cinderella some good news: The fairy godmother tells Cinderella that she will provide for her everything she needs to go to the ball, but only on 2 conditions. Cinderella asks what she needs to do and the fairy godmother replies, "First, you must wear a diaphragm." Cinderella's mouth drops open and says, "You must be crazy! I'm on the pill, and I don't need to wear a diaphragm." The fairy godmother reminds Cinderella about all the handsome princes that will be attending the ball that night, and Cinderella agrees to wear a diaphragm. "Well, what's the second condition?" Cinderella asked. The fairy godmother replies, "You must be back home by 2:00 AM. Well, Cinderella explains that if she's gonna go party with the princes, she wants to be out all night long. The fairy godmother tells Cinderella that if she's not home by 2AM, then her diaphragm will
Im Looking For A Real Woman
hello my name is leroy, im looking for a real woman. im a great man with a big heart. i deserve the best. if that is you text me at 567-377-6434 or leave me your number. no fakes please....
Dipshit Of The Day
7am number1dad: hello how are you doing today? i hope your doing great. its a very nice day out today. so you have any good plans for today? i love to make new friends. heres a few things about me. im 32 years old.i live in ohio.i work on cars at walmart.i have three beautiful kids.two girls and one boy.they are 6,8,and 9. they are my world. without them i have nothing in life. i also love my parents very much. i have 36 tattoos. i love to tavel and play pool in tournaments. i also love to travel to arm wrestle in tournaments. i've won alot of money and trophys doing so. by the way i think you are very beautiful. i would love to get to know you better if you would let me. i just wanted to tell you that. well takecare and feel free to message me if you would like to...would love to hear from you please text me 567-377-6434 12:00pm Blingy ST: Thank you for your life story I am so not interested but you can go fuck yourself.. and thanks for posting your number ill be sure to pa
Just Sayin
I never Thought I was perfect, I never tried to be!! I look back on some of the things I have done in my past and I am not so proud, I have been hurt, I have hurt people and I have always took the easy way out. There's alot I would change if I could. But what I can do is learn from all of it The the person I am and make a better future.. Enjoy the Song Its just how I feel...
How It All Began
I had gone with a "boyfriend" to a company picnic, he seen his friends went to talk and I just sat down under the shed at a table. I sat down all alone and there was no one with me when a older gentleman came and asked if it was ok to sit at the table I was at. He introduced himself just as Mike. He was dressed in black slacks boots and a white button down shirt. ( I will never forget that day) I did not respond to him and he was quick to say ''I AM SORRY, I DID NOT CATCH YOUR NAME" it was rather loud and very stern sounding. I softly spoke as I looked at the paper I was viewing my name is Angel. He told me it was very nice to make my acquaintance. I am just a small town little redneck girl and I have never had anyone respond to me in such a proper manner. When he said it to me like that I began to pay attention to him because I genuinely felt as if he was a gentleman and had something nice to say and could intrigue my intellect. I in all of my southern glory asked him how are you doin
Blings And Such
Okay so lately I'm changing my views on a few things Fubar oriented. Trial and error and hurtful experiences have made me rethink many, what do you think about this friends: Fubarians should have the option...and take blings away from members who block them...unfriend them...or my opinion, even though bling is a gift and I LOVE is a  priveledge and honor to receive them from loving friends...we should then be allowed to bestow said blings on more deserving friends...regift them so to speak lol...what a waste of money it is to gift people who decide you aren't good enough to be his or her friend anymore...or one who decides that fubar is no longer his cup of tea...I love surprising my friends...but it's a terrible waste to me...maybe I'll just stop buying bling
Banana Galaxie Recording Studio
We got to south fla. about two weeks ago, just following da $ if ya know what i mean......we just started hooking shit up and un-tangling stuff........we left NC at 5:oopm 5/25/2012 right after the movers left with the truck.......I-95 south and hang a right 6:30am 5/26/2012 and were here! We want to make global music that everyone can to.....sing to.....make love to....just good music...the world better wake da fuck up and start love'n again cause time is short and so is life! We gonna flo with an echo st. high that everyone can get off on from Seattle to Key West....... moluv,oneluv,bigluv4ya....... Capt. Buck Ozone 
Soul Music
the sun aint always sunny but the clouds bring life and in life u need to stay shinning no matter what so always look up hold ur head high cause u never know when the sun will peek its way back through!!!!!!!!!!!!    stay up to all my peple down on there luck out of work or just plain sick and tired better days are here u only need have faith and try
冷酷算计 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 我之所以把王小丫恨之入骨,还有栗坤, 她俩, 即使,就是回绝, 即使,就是敷衍了事, 即使,就是自私的模棱两可, 即使,就是为了自己今后万一的机会, 即使,就是那怕几面讨好的应景的方法和手段, 即߳
I feel the wet warm liquid dripping down my arm. I can't think, feel.. I dream of someone that would hold me in their arms and tell me that everything is okay. I hear someone screaming and I finally realize it is me.. I look down and blood is everywhere.. My life is coming to an end..I think of the nothing that I have accomplished in my life. All the hurt that I've experienced.. rape, abuse of all kinds. I know I can not go on like this. feeling like this. the numbness and indifference of what may come of this night..
Bridge Of Light By Pink
Just when you thinkHope is lostAnd giving upIs all you got,And blue turns black,Your confidence is cracked,There seems no turning back from hereSometimes there isn't an obvious explanationWhy the holiest hearts can feel the strongest palpitationsThat's when you can build a bridge of light,That's what turns the wrongs all rightThat's when you can't give up the fight.That's when love turns nighttime into day,That's when loneliness goes away,That's why you gotta be strong tonight,Only love can build us a bridge of light.When your feet are made of stoneAnd you're convinced that you're all aloneLook at the stars, instead of the darkYou'll find your heart shines like the sunBut let's not let our anger get us lostWhen the need to be right comes with way too high a costThat's when love can build a bridge of light,That's what turns the wrongs all rightThat's when you know it's worth the fight.That's when love turns nighttime into day,That's when loneliness goes away,That's why you gotta be stro
Bridge Of Light By Pink
Just when you thinkHope is lostAnd giving upIs all you got,And blue turns black,Your confidence is cracked,There seems no turning back from hereSometimes there isn't an obvious explanationWhy the holiest hearts can feel the strongest palpitationsThat's when you can build a bridge of light,That's what turns the wrongs all rightThat's when you can't give up the fight.That's when love turns nighttime into day,That's when loneliness goes away,That's why you gotta be strong tonight,Only love can build us a bridge of light.When your feet are made of stoneAnd you're convinced that you're all aloneLook at the stars, instead of the darkYou'll find your heart shines like the sunBut let's not let our anger get us lostWhen the need to be right comes with way too high a costThat's when love can build a bridge of light,That's what turns the wrongs all rightThat's when you know it's worth the fight.That's when love turns nighttime into day,That's when loneliness goes away,That's why you gotta be stro
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                            Oakley Men's Sunglasses - Men's sunglasses and polarized sunglasses technologically designed for performance, sport, and lifestyle.  Are you worried about the end of life as we know it? Then don't just look to the sky for that catastrophic asteroid that could be heading our way. The end may come from right beneath your feet. Oakley flak jacket sunglasses reviews Super-volcanoes have probably caused more extinctions than asteroids. But until now it has been thought that these giant volcanoes took thousands of years to form -- and would remain trapped beneath the earth's crust for thousands more years -- before having much effect on the planet. But new research indicates these catastrophic eruptions, possibly thousands of times more powerful than the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, may happen only a few hundred years after the volcanoes form. In other words, they may have a very "short fuse," according to researchers at Vanderbilt Univers
have you ever just felt out of place no matter where you are. i have felt that way for a year now.
Stand In The Dark
I stand in the dark alone thinking sinfully thoughts of you chained of lust of your Dead in the night  I stand in the dark alone I will be alone thinking sinfully thoughts of you comforter of my feelings of love for you Your like a Vampire turns me dead in the night  I replay my thoughts over over in my mind I stand in the dark alone thinking sinfully thoughts of you Who the fuck are you Who the fuck are you Your like Vampire turns me dead in the night.   bY Christine
Thank You, Birthday Bling
I want to thank my friends that let me vent to them after reading my last blog. I did NOT mean to freak so many of you out. I just needed to vent. You all are amazing and are wonderful friends.
A Poem
a friend asked me to post some of my poetry on here so here is one i wrote in about 5 minutes. it's untitled at the moment and it isn't very good.   Here we are Worlds apart Yet still you say I'm in your heart You wonder if your feelings Will go to waste While I remeber all the heartbreak In the past I have faced Is there a connection Between us two Could the possibility of something real Actually be true You must understand how many times I've been broken in the past You say you have feelings now But will the truly last The feelings I have for you I cannot explain I'm not sure yet what they mean But they echo in my brain Maybe these things That I feel Are the same as yours Maybe we can have somethings real Only time can tell If it's meant to be If ur patient I know you will see
He Is Dead And I Am Happy About It...... Sort Of
I just found out that my step father is dead. I am happy that he is burning in hell. He used to beat me and he molested me and he may have molested his oldest daughter who is a couple of years younger than me. She tried to talk to me about it 20 plus years ago but I was a teenager and didn't want to be reminded about it at the time. I was too busy self medicating to drowned the memories of the abuse. I do regret not killing him myself. I read his obituary and his third wife had no clue who he really was. She thought he was kind and would do anything for anyone. She wrote how he served in Viet Nam which disgusted me because he joined the Air Force made it through basic training and was bounced out right after on a section 8 never going to Viet Nam. She wrote how he was a great father, the POS adopted me when I was 4 and abused me until I was 8. He was legally my father and never paid one dollar in child support. Only the 2 daughters that him and his 3rd wife had were menti
Sounding Off
Often, I look at my life...past, present and future. More often than not, I find that my friends, both off and online are more loyal than my own blood family. How disturbing is that? Being southern, you are taught that family means everything. Even when your own flesh and blood betrays you. You learn to keep your mouth shut! I have spent many years, months, days and hours worrying and mourning my blood that has betrayed me. I mourn no more. I have been used and abused by my blood. My family that is "christian" have betrayed me more than any other. Let them live with that and pray to the god they worship for forgiveness. I am a good and loving person even with my darkness, I would never hurt anyone like they have hurt me.  I assume my own demons have awakened my awareness. So be it. Maybe it is time to stop trying to make things right, that will NEVER be right. Perhaps, those that judge me will be judged by the powers that be, in the end.   I love...I do not ask f
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saying he was not sending or receiving text messages in the moments before the collision. He said he put his phone on the passenger seat and was distracted michael kors outlet and thinking about his homework when the crash occurred. He told police after the crash that he swerved to avoid another vehicle in front of him that suddenly hit its michael kors shoes brakes. His lawyer, Joseph Lussier, said prosecutors failed to prove that Deveau was texting at the time of the crash. Lussier said the number of texts Deveau sent that day was michael kors handbags irrelevant. In fact, the exit polls showed that Tuesday's voters would have gone for Obama by a margin of 7 percentage points. But that's half the margin by which Obama carried michael kors bags the state in 2008, and the decline bodes poorly for other industrial-belt states that started out with closer margins particularly the region's biggest prize, Ohio.(Obama benefits from a significant discount michael kors number of ticket-splitt
Fuck You!!!
Fuck you, bitch. You get all pissy because you got called out when you got caught lying. If I wouldn't go to jail, I'd go to your house and knock the shit out of you. I don't want to EVER hear my name come out of your mouth. You are a piece of shit. You have NO right bringing up my children OR my boyfriend in your life. You think you know it all, but you don't. You want to know why my boyfriend lives with his parents? It's because his father is disabled. His Mother has to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet. He gives his Mother money out of every pay check he gets. He lives there to help his Mom with his Dad. But you have  your head so far up your sexual offender son's ass to pay attention to anything else. You lie about absolutely EVERYTHING. People just don't have the balls to tell you. I thought you were a really cool person...I couldn't have been more wrong.   FUCK YOU..................... FUCK YOU.................... FUCK YOU....................
Perché Non Abbiamo Train You A Scegliere Il Jogging Shoes
Far more individuals require fashion and comfy working shoes. Nonetheless they do not tips on how to pick out them.So we're going to offer you some ways to teach you tips on how to opt for.Declaration the finery on-going shoe should not be challenging. A twin of sympathetic constant shoes is quite product following your kind and comfort. It may well not give just about every indication to stock up an excellent link, but when you actually pine for the bracing way of life, running as an drill will be the easiest to this day most serviceable route to about this, and a personal house yoke of working shoes alternative commence an intensive way.As each person is one of a kind, each and every yoke of feet differs. So, the fundamental motion in deciding upon the wonderful opposition shoe is usually to hit upon gone from what you require from the distinctive working shoes. You essential to ascertain your equal of pronation. In mortal anatomy, pronation may be the rotational power in the foot th
Vampire Roleplay
MY ROLEPLAY WORLD IS A ABOUT A FICTIONAL VAMPIRE CLAN AND THE LIFE OF ITS MEMBERS, NAMELY THE KING (BASED COMPLETELY ON ME AND FEATURING POPULAR CHARACTERS FROM TV, MOVIES, MUSIC, VIDEO GAMES, COMICS, ETC) PICKING UP AFTER RECENT EVENTS. SO IF NAMES AND STUFF SOUND FAMILIAR I DID IT ON PURPOSE. DEAL WITH IT. AND FOR ALL THE SICK PEOPLE (LIKE MYSELF *SMILES DEVILISHLY*) THERE WILL BE NSFW PARTS IN LATER CHAPTERS, SO WHEN IT COMES TO IT I WILL MARK THE SECTION AS ADULT OR M. ANYONE WHO MARKS THE ENTIRE BLOG AS NSFW GETS BLOCKED AND REPORTED. CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION/THE STATE OF THE FAMILY On a quiet piece of flat land somewhere in the Carolina mountains. a large stone and steel castle sits silent after the divorce its king just went through. sitting in his study, thinking of the state of the family, the king, Brian, rendered near crippled from years of strenuous battles with demons, werewolves, monsters and human enemies over the past several years ponders what could possibly be next.
Because 60+ year old women can't get enough of your tired old dick.Those boner-pill commercials break me up. It’s like mental porn for old codgers who seriously need to believe that their poor old wives can't get enough; that they NEED and CRAVE a little dickin' for continued sustenance/happiness. You know, like you HAVE to leave the cab meter running, or be late for dinner EVERY TIME,... because your medically-induced tool has her so hypnotized that she can't help but dizzily gaze frozen upon it like a king cobra with a (skin) flute.The truth however is that your biologically limp tool is nature's way of saying you're done, cowboy. It's over. Finito. Your penis' purpose now lay only with draining whatever gluten-free garbage you have to drink these days just to stay alive. And your old lady? Well, she's been counting down the days partner until it was finally over and she wouldn't have to count the stucco nodules on the ceiling anymore when you rolled on top of her every Wednesd
Words need not be spoken for actions say more. To hear your sweet laughter you view that smile of yours. I just rather not see the hurt that your heart must feel, and with every breath I here thus take I wish that I could kiss them all away. If only for a moment or second in time. To see not one instant of hurt in your eye. 
I Will Be There.
What can I do to make you smile To make the happiness move to your eyes To make you r heart flutter for only a moment for just a while for get what was. Live in the moment and savoir this time I am here to hold you and share your love. From night to day and day to night I can hold you here till everything is alright. 
Teenager Turns In Parents For Marijuana
A respected married couple was arrested for growing marijuana after their teenage son reports them to the police. Are you aware of what your children are being taught in schools? Reports are showing that it's more then academics and P.E., our kids are literally being taught to spy and report in their parents. News Flash 420 reported on public schools encouraging children to watch for criminal activity and suspicious behavior at home, and reported this and the addition of kids being taught to report their parents for using to much water and energy. This may seem unlikely, however the number of children turning in mom and dad is on the rise, and it's working as well as it did for the Nazi's. Now one Pennsylvania couple finds out the hard way that there maybe some truth to these rumors. 45-year-old Caren Shanfield and her husband 49-year-old Francis Joseph Medvedik are facing charges of manufacturing a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, criminal co
Yahoo Camgirl Diaries Part 1
I thought I would post this convo I had on Yahoo for shitz and giggles. I have no idea how these ppl get my addy, but all they want is ppl to join their camsite and obviously most of their sales pitch is automated as you will see. Usually I block them but today I really needed the comic relief. So enjoy or ignore this funny convo....bessiedanielson951: Im all urs right now if you care..Syn: What about your sister?bessiedanielson951: hi sweetieSyn: Hi there, now answer my questionbessiedanielson951: i hope you want to chat with a horny girl today...Syn: I usually dont chat with horny girls on Hump day...I'm weird like thatbessiedanielson951: wow, im so wet..i would love if u watched me...i promise u it will be funSyn: Watching you using a blowdryer in the tub would be fun to watchbessiedanielson951: i am a little busy right now, just got a new laptop trying to set my cam up..Syn: Take your time, I'm just here trying to stitch up a hole in my ski mask. Then trying to figure out where the
Lesson 1, Cherry Inferno
I've read a lot of blogs on how to do this, but I think they make it sound too hard.  I've tried nearly a dozen times to get this, and there's one main trick to mastering the cherry inferno:  ONLY BOMB FOLDERS THAT HAVE BEEN RECENTLY BOMBED. This way, they'll have the "Bomb This Folder" link already in place.  If you try to just do your friends & family, and they haven't been bombed recently, you'll have to refresh AFTER your 30 second delay is complete.  This wastes precious seconds.  There are a few ways to accomplish this:  Go to hottest --> members, and choose either the left or the right column.  This way, you'd have a numbered list to go off so you know how many folders you've bombed.  You might want a paper/pencil to tally those top members who might have private profiles or have blocked you.  Alternately, make up a bookmark list of all your friends and family, run a bomb to make sure they're all bombed, and then run a second to do this achievement.  I would have done this if
I Need To Vent!!!
I'm not one to really vent about my actual family on here....but I have to.   It's my Mom's birthday. She invited her sisters down for dinner and cake/ice cream. Only one came. One has been having some serious health issues so it's understandable. However, one lives about 10 blocks away....these are very small blocks. Her excuse was she was on a diet, so she couldn't come down and see her sister. However, on Facebook she goes on about how she had "Home made buscuits, gravy, fried potatoes, sausage, and bacon" at her daughters not even a full day ago.    Just seems like an odd day to start a diet.  She could have just came down and said hi and spent  some time with her sister. Grrr!!!!!   I know who actually wants to be with us.
It's Coming
Could be Zombies. Could be anything. You ever get an extra sense that something is right around the corner and it's bad? This past week of face eating freaks I believe is just the start. Yes I'm fully aware that the dumbfucks were on "bath salts", but it doesn't change the fact that some serious shit is happening.....and it's all man made. All I'm saying is I'm ready....Are you?
and i forgot twitter! @michael_jones89 
Other Sites I'm On... myspace tumblr there's also facebook, but that's private. maybe i'll give you the link if you get to know me. :)
so i finally got all packed to move to another location and still dont know when i am supposed to move. we are tearing down tents and closing this jcop. but have no mission and no knowlege of whats coming up.
Player, Con And Well You Have To Click To See The Rest..
This is what alot have been waiting for - A Player, con, scammer and a Gem Girl reincarnation? the link below to read the story.. Click here & then link in stash!... Gotta be careful out there kids... ....peace.
For Those Asking About All My Online Photo & Travel You Go.
Here are some of the groups I own (and/or administer/moderate) as of June 2012. The titles should be self-explanatory. Hedonism Resort in Jamaica fun in the sun with 1,345 photos & 4,591 members Fantasy Fest Key West, Florida- Mardi Gras on steroids with 3,321 photos & 1,218 members The "Balcony" at Fantasy Fest Key West with 235 photos and 591 members Fantasy Fest-the past 30 years with 224 photos and 315 members Halloween parties with 482 photos and 164 members Cap d'Agde (France's naked city) with 42 members and 159 photos The Breast Place on Earth with 12,085 photos and 3,426 members Fantasy Fest-an adult group since 2006 wi
PRIVACY NOTICE: Warning - any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/or the comments made about my photos or any other "picture" art or writing posted on my profile.You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee, agent, student or any personnel under your direction or control.The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law.UCC 1-103 1
Love On Me....
hey people i need some lovins... add, rate, like, fan me... please!!!! im flippin awesome!!!!
So My Dad came over and he was telling me about what happened to him, He said my grandma came and had to wake him up out of his sleep, cause he was screaming and crying..~ I said what the hell was u dreaming about and he dident wana tell me at first but I made him.. And he said Well you and your brother were both younger like ages 2-4.. And My dad was pushing me on a lil 3 wheeled bike.  And next thing he knew he pushed me over a bridge! He said he heard me hit the ground and I  made a lil grunting sound after I hit. He then jumped himself.. He said he woke up befor he hit the ground..  This made me wana cry.. But I know a dream is just a dream.. But this still upset me.. What are your thoughts? Plz nothing rude. U dont need to be a TWAT!
莫名其妙 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 大学毕业后,我为了有口饭吃, 四处奔波,幸苦劳作; 所得菲薄,穷困潦倒; 到处求职,次次碰壁; 入不敷出,走投无路。 不大看电视,也没得怎么时间看电视,根本就不大知道你,我是经济最底层,政治最底&#
Privacy Notice
PRIVACY NOTICE: Warning - any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/or the comments made about my photos or any other "picture" art posted on my profile.You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee, agent, student or any personnel under your direction or control.The contents of this profile are PRIVATE and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law. UCC 1-103 1-308 ALL R
My Breath, Your Lung
my breath, your lung  My love,for thee  is laden with a million perfumed kisses and drops of sunshine given perpetually to dew-dropped petals of the peril behind the very mist of your breath... I will adore you until death  and through the depths of eternity seek out the raven earth dusted abyss that you've sunk yourself within or rather the world you value yourself beneath; pity really for me I adore what you you abore, detest, despise and I suface yet and surmise and raise you on a pedestal high above all else moreso than i value even myself perhaps I am a glutton, greedily groping with scar soiled fingers of disdain to the sand of your soul slipping idly by through the groove of my grasp  hoping to catch, coddle and keep within all that you seek to discard but I often hope you will give freely without inhibition, reserve or regard you fit the curve that is me the bend in the ribbon of eternity that shrouds the moment where we united and twined our souls like a tangled thi
Missing You
Missing You by Kenneth Matlock on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 5:55am · Here I am awake again when I should be sleeping Along though in my mind my memories are weeping I shake them free to float above the melacholy smoke Then when all of it is over I tell myself a little joke Something just to giggle and rub my nose against my skin It's at this solemn moment I wonder where it is you've been Do you miss the feeling of you gliding ever so softly along all of me When your skin tightens with bumps there's no place I'd rather be The sensation of your fingertips tickling along my thigh Those minutes when I could breathe that contented sigh Hearing sounds of animals crawling in the tiny, giant speck While I kiss a trail down your spine and up around you neck Curling up you toes and kissing on your cheek Those moments I'll always love of you looking meek Silently I lay down again thinking upon my bough Wondering if you're wondering what i'm wondering now.
I Am The One And Only Freedom Og
SO i guess i pissed some one off enough for them to want to bring my name into the dirt well im glad i got under ur skin who ever you are!! yes i play this game hard and im damn good at it but im honest and i dont scam any one  and people know this so who ever it is that decided to set up a fake account under the name freedomog and rip people off  good try but i am the one and only freedom og and the pretender im guessing is just mad they cant beat me .good show mr fake ass freedom of good show loser lol make a fake account and rip people off its ur karma and the fact remains u still cant beat me  (for any one that is wondering what im talking about check out my photo album "fake freedom og fuck you 
Future Family
In the future I do plan on havinga full ACTIVE family. You will get rates and comments from me daily and I expect the same from you. If any of my family needs help please ask me and I want my whole family to be one family so you all should at least get know one another. I will be running famps and boomy when I get enough friends and family memebers. However in order me to do this I will need credit donations to pay for all this. We are all here to level, be social, laugh, and love so lets make the best of it.   All bling is excepted, especially from my family, i will make sure you get the proper shuts outs and will be promoted when I am the right level. Love you all and its great to be back. - Love Amber
Just A Quick Note
I would like to ask for your understanding.... I blacked out again. Things were going great, I laid down just to allow the heavy feeling of my head to be at rest, then all of a sudden I wake and it is after 2am. I didn't have that busy of a day. The day before was more hectic. I am not too sure the doctors can do much of anything. I already know my time is near. Anyone that knows me knows I don't like wasting anyones time. I have accepted that I won't get the chances alot of people have. In the simplest terms and the most convinent definations I am me. I may not be what I once was but I am still trying to be better than I ever have been.
I'm NOT a fu-hoar...usually. I may play the part now and then, but it's just a part-time gig.   Since I discovered the joys of the Mega-Polisher not too long ago, I've bought myself several.  One of those gets me more points in a much shorter time span than any other bling available.   The thing I like best is that it gives me a good (and convenient) excuse for being anti-social.  A mood I've found myself in more and more lately...but that's a whole other blog completely.   I run a mega-polisher when I'm feeling bored. I'll run one when I'm feeling anti-social as well.  I don't expect anyone to know what reason is behind it at that time.  However, one thing you can know is that I can't get to everyone's bling to polish.  I do have a lot of pages bookmarked to try to get some of the bigger (higher points!) bling... ponies, cubes, sparkly expensive stuff, etc.   If you are on my friends list and want me to polish your bling, please, by all means, get in my shout box.  If you are
Poll: Facebook Ads Not Working On Most Users
Poll: Facebook ads not working on most users A new poll shows the vast majority of Facebook users say ads on the social network have never led them to make a purchase.  cheap michael kors watches online  Four out of five Facebook users said neither advertisements nor comments on the social network have ever led them to buy a product or service, according to the poll by Reuters/Ipsos. The poll comes at a terrible time for Facebook as the company, which just went public last month, struggles with concerns that it hasn't figured out how to monetize its more than 900-million users effectively. Michael kors outlet bags on sale Before its IPO, the company announced that it has yet to figure out effective ways to generate revenue from users accessing the social network from their mobile devices. That disclosure, which was revealed in documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, set off some red flags for would-be investors. And even more people became concerned about the
To The Women That Broke My Heart
there are times like this past week that i am glad to have you in my life, there are times i wish i ran away long ago, there are times i think of you and i can not keep from smiling, there are times i think i can tell you anything because you understand, there are times i wished i did not tell you how i thought, there are times i cry myself to sleep because of it, there are times that i see you smile and it stops, i have put pad locks around my heart, bolted the door shut and threw away the key, I did how ever keep the window open a crack just in case. Bedrock
7630840 Buzz:   blitzed Level: Psycho (8) Gender: No, ? Location: Whitesboro, NY   10:42pm 7630840: hi 10:44pm Kloverlynn: hi 10:45pm 7630840: how are u 10:45pm Kloverlynn: im good thanks 10:46pm 7630840: you look very sexy 10:46pm Kloverlynn: thanks 10:47pm 7630840: you like sex 10:48pm
This seals the deal. Starting tomorrow, I am going to start adding people to my FuTard folder. I have tolerated enough idiots for one FuLifetime. I am done letting things slide and ignoring the rude, crude, and overall FuTarded losers on this site. Fool opens a chat with me by stating: "i want to eat ur pussy", to which I replied, "You just volunteered for my FuTard folder. Congrats." I don't think he liked that reply: 7:39pm reply duke: fuck u 9:46pm more To duke: Aw that hurts my feelings. Not. LOL. Since you will make it into my FuTad folder, would you like to continue and get your ISP blocked rom this site on top of it? Seriously LMAO at idiots like you. 9:47pm more To duke: I can't even type properly I'm laughing so hard....   Blocked. "Duke"   Newbie needs a lesson in FuEtiquette, and a life lesson on respect. Do NOT come at women on here with this garbage. If you do, you're a loser. Are there really sluts on he
The Great Love-ageless Love-between Different Ages
Hello,my dear friends:What is your view on the ageless love,right or wrong?If you think that age is not a problem as long as both sides are happy,or you want to find friends who have the same view like you?Or you want to find your true love?I am very happy to share with you my views on love , love should not be shackled by age, country and other reasons , in my opinion , as long as both sides are really in love , then they are happy , if you think so , then the you can go to this site to see more, a nice and free place for women and men to interact with each other,you can get many opportunities to find good men or women.In fact,the site was my best friend suggested to me,and i found it's really useful for singles,so i'd like to share with you.Perhaps you would be interested in or introduced to your friends .If you have registed,it's my honor which your share your username to me,so i can find and add you as friend.
Negozio Delle Donne Per Il Progettista Shoes Like Kids In Un Negozio Di Dolci
Affrontiamolo che le donne impazzono spesso sopra le scarpe: gli stiletti, pompe, cunei, aperto hanno piantato, slittamento-ONS; generalmente qualsiasi genere di calzature. Se una marca è “in? le probabilità sono che le donne la hanno o la vogliono. Le alte mode succose, Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior, Prada, Dolce e Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli e Yves Saint Laurent sono alcune delle scarpe del progettista che possono portare uno sguardo lustrato ed uncomprehending agli occhi di una donna altrimenti ragionevole.Le donne sanno che l'una cosa che perfezionerebbe il loro sguardo e completerebbe l'intero insieme è il paio delle scarpe adeguato. Le paia sbagliate possono rovinare lo sguardo non importa come piacevole le misure del vestito o quanto quella perfettamente preparata è. Scarpe sbagliate, sguardo di torto. è fondamentale quanto quello hogan scarpe 2012.Quale progettista calza dovrebbe si andare per?Le scarpe del progettista non ottengono popolari a causa del loro nome solo. In tutt
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Recent polls have indicated Romney trails the Democratic president by more than 30 percentage points among Hispanics. Republican officials have acknowledged he needs to significantly michael kors bags increase his support among this growing ethnic population to win the presidency in the Nov. 6 election. When Obama was elected in 2008, about two-thirds of Hispanics backed him over Republican michael kors shoes John McCain.Polls have indicated that many Hispanic voters have been alienated by strict immigration laws passed by Republican-led state legislatures.Republicans in Congress have also opposed the DREAM Act, which would michael kors bags create a path to U.S. citizenship for immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally as children. To deal with illegal immigration, Romney has said he favors a "self-deportation" policy, discount michael kors meaning that illegal immigrants restricted from working in the United States would leave the country because of their inability t
The Cost Of Freewill
The Cost of Freewill   The splatter from this bubble bursting is going to be quite a mess. Get a mop and lots of towels; you’re going to be up late cleaning this up, and washing your clothes.   You may never have even given this a thought in your entire life, but at that time when the payment becomes due; you’ll be glad you read this.   Freewill has been the reason for most of your not so well thought out choices. Not those that you have talked about with your parents, family members or the local authorities, but the ones that you believe no one knows about. Wrong!   If you have been convinced that freewill was a gift that had no strings attached to it, don’t feel ashamed, you’re most certainly are not alone. The memory of mankind has been clouded by the enemy since the beginning of his existence. The enemy? that’s another topic, but you must awaken from your deep sleep first.   No doubt you’ve heard about Freewill, and how you are free to
Gf Application
1. name:   2. age:   3. height:   4. weight:   5. birthday:   6. why do you want to be my boyfriend?   7. what are your hobbies?   8. favorite music?   9. thongs or boy shorts....   10. silk sheets or cotton sheets?   11. do you snore?   12. which side of the bed do you prefer?   13. favorite color?   14. play any instruments?   15. do you believe in love at first sight?   16. do you smoke cigarettes?   17. do you like to drawpaintother art stuff?   18. favorite movie?   19. can you cook?   20. do you cry during sad movies?   21. are you religious?   22. are you a dreamer, or are you down to earth?   23. favorite day of the week?   24. are you spontaneous?   25. would you rather stay in with me or go out somewhere with me?   26. do you like to be alone sometimes?   27. what do you feel is the most important part of a relationship?   28. how do you feel about drugs & alcohol?   29. your friends before me?   30. do you have an inn
You Are Everything (a Poem For A Special One!)
You are ... You are the woods in which I walk, I'll gather them for you from confiers deep, You are ... You are the fire that burns deep in my heart, I'll keep you held withing those warm arms, You are ... You are the earth on which I tread, Someday we shall walk through those plants that spread, I wish to be ... I wish to be your iron protect you from all harm, Within my walls & come to no harm, We both can be ...We can both be the stream of life, Flow gentle together in harmony, One just does not know ... I do not know what I would do, Without you my love,
If you wanna talk shit to me, then at least have the balls to keep me unblocked. You wanna call me a fat ass, at least let me tell you what you are. You're not so fucking tough hiding behind your computer screen, fucking wannabe internet gangsta. LMFAOOOO. You talk shit like you're all that, but you're nobody special. I know about your ass, I've heard from others. So keep hiding behind your block button you fucking pussy. But if you're gonna talk shit make sure you're telling the truth, not your fucking bullshit lies. Kthnx. 
My Master
My master Its begins with a dark tone, your voice, your face I am your slave, bounded and stuck in this place Give in to your control; I’m yours, I’m yours I am your whore; I’m ready, waiting on all fours You throw me down; you know I like it rough Pull my hair, it’s that hard enough? Am I good enough? It’s never enough!   He likes to bite, scratch, and squeeze my breasts I am your slave, inability to protest Deeper, deeper you go, faster and faster I am your whore; you own me, you own me Master! I always knew it would be like this No matter how far I go it’s always comes down to this Just one kiss, you’ll never miss, just one kiss   He leads me to a place I’ve never been before Such a strange feeling, kneeling, wanting more He does that thing that he does, grabbing my neck Wait, still a pulse! We’re good, in check! You want to know if you’re the best Dig my nails harder across your chest Can’t let
To Be Betrayed
    older message >> reply  forward back to folder move to Saved  delete from: loveeachother Dallas, TX subject: :) you Beautiful xoooO :) received: 06/5/2012 06:04 am replied: no   block this member Hello xoxoO!  I am Aaron, wonderful that we are to cross path! grateful i am, a benefit im sure is rewarding as already. I am honest and hope that honesty dose not offend as so with most a common trend. as we All have a gift for another a devine purpose to see/grasp or not is optional to each, Whatever happens simply was/is ment to be So the same here have many endless huggs, smiles & perfect warm moist kissies "Everywhere!" Such a Lovely thought! All that is good is good! in hopes of that which is good you are not frightend by and mentioned now/firstly as a sort of weeding out. i battle not the truth i Live so have not fear in of me nor bow to and feel sorry for those that call it sleep-walking dreaming to live and angry at those that do
True Love
June 6,2010        The day the earth stood still. The most horrific day of my life.The day my wonderful wife lost her two year battle with cancer.The world is ignorant of the magnitude of it's loss.This is the day God took back his angel.        My love,I miss you more than words can say.You were my life.You were my world.You were everything.You gave me strength to be the best I could be,and more.You helped me to find the creative side in me.You chased away the nightmares by enveloping me in your loving arms.You bouyed me when I was down.You kept me from doing really stupid things.        Thank you for everything,my wonderful wife.Thank you for seventeen wonderful years.Thank you for being my life.
What I Can Never Have
to be seeking what I can never have.I search and search and never find.then one day it hits homelike a toin of bricks onto my head it dose fallI am seeking what I will never find.I hunt and hunt and nothing comes close.I see many things that seem to be it.I fall for the tricks and for the lies.I leave my head and let only my heart seek.I seek what I will never find.My heart dose find what it seeks.But never within reach.always to be just out of reach from an out stretched handthrough my fingers it slides like sandI seek what I can never have.I look around me and see nothinglooking far away I can see my prize but it seems to ever be if the sands of times and the fates themselves stand to stop meI want what i can never reach.wants scattered through the ages betray what my heart doth seek.maybe one day I will find day i willhave what it is I seek
Need Dating Advice? Contact
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all the anger deep insidea little demon along for a rideit will make you fell its rightbut will never give you sightof what it dose to your family and friendsand what it dose to meet its endsthis demon is rageyour life is its stageyou are its buildingfor its your body its weildingand your eyes its shieldingso kick him outso you can give a shoutim free
I'm checking out your FacebookI drive past where you workYou tell me you're my girlfriendBut are you even on planet earth?I see you out with your friends butYo who the hell is that dude?You're not playing with me are you girl?Well hell, I wouldn't put it past youI hate that you just won't text meYou say you're out with BeckyWhy you dress so sexyI check my text every five seconds obsessingThat you're in another dude's bedroom undressing. He's got you pressed on your backIt's a wrestling matchWell anything he's good atI'm the best at thatMy heart was brokenI was hoping it would be left in tactSo please let's just chatJust text me back! I wasn't crazyI wasn't crazyI wasn't crazyUntil I met youCrazyI wasn't crazyUntil I met you I refresh your FacebookAnalyze all your wall postsWhy'd you leave a smiley face on that one dude's pageOr whatever you call thoseThe fact that you flirt withThat dirty rat that you work withI feel the love boat sinkingI'm trying to bring it back to the surfaceWhy do
Tiny Needs A Home In The Ohio Area!!!
Tiny is my 6 Mon. old kitten and unfortunately we can not keep her due to the landlord. She is a very lovable and playful kitten. We are asking 10$ for her to insure she goes to a good home. She will come with food, litter, litter box, and collar. She doesn't have papers BC the person we got her from said she "couldn't" find them. she still has her claws and inst neutered. She is good with kids and other animals. Please HELP Tiny!!!If interested please email me   IF YOU WANT PICTURES I'M WILLING TO SEND THEM IN A YAHOO MAIL MESSAGE! PLEASE SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY!!! THANK YOU!    
Women Are Funny
boy i have to say women are funny 6 out of 10 women put nude pics up on there profile here and some are very hot  i made a comment on this womens pic about her tattoo she had on her tit and boy it open up a can of worms this is the comment i wrote   you have a nice tat i like the way it looks and oh yes u have nice tits sorry to be blunt  her message back to me was listen you old ugly pervert one i dont have tits i have boobs so get the wording right second i didnt ask u to comment and third stay the hell out of my pics i dont want no perverts jacking off to my pics  i messaged her back not to worry that my old ugly perverted ass didnt think that they were that nice anyway  she messaged back well f u you old ugly pervert i wont give u the time of day all u want to do is get down the pants of as many women as u can and score points i sent my last message to her one i know im ugly and im happy about it two dont worry your not my type three im not here to get down any females pants
Is It Just Me
is it just me or are the men on here always trying to hit on the women who are here to meet other women
Here Ya Go....
Okay here ya go... If I am liked then I like. If I am poked then generally I give it back. There are a few people that do know me more than others and I am sorry but I poke and like them to my hearts content. I don't like just anyone. I wouldn't want to waste alot of folks expectations if I don't return all the pokes I get. So be perpared. Its really just that simple. I see it like this... through out your entire life you will not do onto someone like they did onto you and that maybe on purpose but in my case it isn't. Yeah, yeah this is just a game but its like a practice makes nearly perfect too. If you can give onto others like they give onto you, it may tire you but I believe it helps you feel a little better too. I wasn't a flower child and I have known but never have been a hippie. Have a great time here then I will have a good time here and please be nice to each other.
My Prayer
My PrayerOur Father Odin Be thy name Valhalla Be thy home You give Us Mead You give Us Meat Let Me pray to You Hear Me Oh Almighty Father Give Me the strenght Give Me the Might Lets Win this fight. Blessed Be Your Sword And You Shield Please hear my War Cry. Heed My call  Answer My Prayer oh All Father. Keep Me safe, Keep Me from Harm. Bless My Family and who I hold close to my heart. FIIIIIGHT !!!!!
Complete Information About L-lysine
L-lysine is a vital protein that can not be made in the body systems of animals. Primarily vegetation as well as bacterias come with the capability to syntesize this necessary amino from the aspartic acid. Amino acid lysine is a vital component of virtually all health proteins located in the human body. It really is seen in a minor quantity in whole grain cereal, despite the fact that pulses happen to be a major resource of amino lysine. Several vital vegetable sources of amino acid lysine are usually soy bean, popular beans, lentils, buffalo grass gourd, and then green spinach. Apart from all of these, beef, primarily pork, and additionally chicken, poultry eggs, cheeses and a few species of fish for instance cod and then sardines are actually the wealthy sources of amino lysine.useful blog : www.Side Effects Guide.orgInsufficiency of L-LysineA deficiency of amino lysine can cause the growth of kidney stones and various health issues for instance a feeling of sickness, faintness, appe
Hello 42
As you might know, yesterday was my 42 birthday.  It was fabulous!  I actually started celebrating Sunday with my kids by going to Venice beach and just having a nice day out with my kiddos..then late Sunday night almost midnight, my mate provided me with a fucking gift ever!  Canon Elph camera..I have wanted a camera for a while now and he knew exactly what kind and style (h)  I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I opened it.. On to friends are the best here!  I (h) most all of you..but all of you made me birthday super awesome..THANK YOU for that..The incredibly nice emails and just wow!  And nobody gave me shit about shot gunning 2  It was a supertastic day! also included going to a wonderful lunch with my guy and getting a bitchen camera case to hold my awesome new daughter made me a beautiful card and my son provided me with a Dollar and happy  I love my family...(boyfriend & kids).. So
I find it funny to see all these status updates in which people say how bored they are. If you are bored FUCKING DO SOMETHING! Bored people are usually boring people.
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The Great Love:ageless Love--between Different Ages
Hello,my dear friends:What is your view on the ageless love,right or wrong?If you think that age is not a problem as long as both sides are happy,or you want to find friends who have the same view like you?Or you want to find your true love?I am very happy to share with you my views on love , love should not be shackled by age, country and other reasons , in my opinion , as long as both sides are really in love , then they are happy , if you think so , then the you can go to this site to see more, a nice and free place for women and men to interact with each other,you can get many opportunities to find good men or women.In fact,the site was my best friend suggested to me,and i found it's really useful for singles,so i'd like to share with you.Perhaps you would be interested in or introduced to your friends .If you have registed,it's my honor which your share your username to me,so i can find and add you as friend.
文化苦旅 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 评“十七届六中全会今日起召开 聚焦文化体制改革” 1,脱了裤子放屁,为什么? 中华民族的思想文化的禁锢和窒息的开始了。文化开始进入了艰苦的,艰难的,欲断气似断气的的境地。 在我们这里,我根据重庆ॢ
Delicious Memories Of Sensual Night
In the darkness of room I crawl on top of you, breathing deeply. Awakening, you feel my nipples press against your chest as I stroke your face gently with my hands. Your cock pokes me in the belly as my mouth draws closer to yours. Closing your eyes, you try to move your arms to engulf me, only to find they won't move. Puzzled, you try to look up at your hands as I fade away into the darkness. Your arms are pulled out to the side and above your head. You try to move them and wonder why they refuse to obey your command. You feel a very interesting sensation in your groin and look down, startled. Eyes adjusting ever so slightly in the dark, you make out your manhood being gripped in my hand, rapidly moving up and down until your erection has grown. The friction induced pleasurable sensation is replaced with an even better one as you feel my mouth close over your tip. "Whaaaa?" you gasp, now awakening more fully to find me kissing your cock. I smile at you mischievously,
June 5th 2012
Yesterday I find out that from my jump on June 1st of last year I sustained a compressed disk fracture in my L4 spine.  The only fix is with surgury and I am not sure if I can even get it.  Today I get my appointment for my next MRI to figuere out the next cource of action.  This could mean that if they cant do the sergury then my military correer could be cut short.  I really want to retier in the military so this could be a huge set back for me.  I am used to things not going my way, but I always seem to pop back out of everything so please dont worry about me I am sure I will be just fine.  I will be posting on all the up dates I get for now on.
We Grow
The Cycle   The other day I saw a group of children playing in the park I was walking by. I also, saw a group of teenagers playing basketball on the courts near the swings. I began to see how the teenagers yelling and cursing at each other. Now at the same time I looked back at the little kids playing by the swings and realize that these little kids will some day will grow into teenagers and they too will begin to develop bad communication skills, just like the ones on the basketball court. I began to feel sad due to the fact that the cycle will continue to repeat itself. I thought that maybe I should say something to the teenagers about their language and at the same time I was scared. The teenagers in a large city like New York really don't care for advice, especially from strangers. I was torn between doing the right thing which is to speak with the group (teenagers) or maybe live to my next age. Some how I didn't have to make that decision, you see another teenager that was part
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Some Writing Therapy I Desperately Need.
On July 8th, 2011 the most painful and unexpected thing happened. My grandmother died. She had an aneurysm in her abdominal aorta which resulted in immediate emergency surgery on July 6th. A couple weeks prior to the surgery itself I had a clear and vivid dream about her. In my dream she never survived the surgery. That she would never leave the hospital or even the operating room. I woke up crying and out of breath. That dream had me on edge for what felt like months. July 6th finally came and we were all holding our breaths. My mother. My sister. My brother. My grandmother's boyfriend. Even my mother's best friend. We were all terrified because of her age and her health, which at the time wasn't the greatest either. But fortunately the surgery went well and she was already on the road to recovery. When we went to visit her, it was like a house of horrors to me. My tiny 100 lbs. 5'3" grandmother was hooked up to a breathing machine, a catheter, and a couple IV's administering several
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[that's Not Happening]
... put on Rosalita, on loop if you have to.Alright, tonight I went to a full moon party.Whatever that means.Took a light nap, and had an out with some organ pain.Things were pretty slow.In a weird tense way.Tiny redhead showed, and gave no indication.No sign.So by around 10:30 I was ready to pack up and drink at home, but as about six people left, six more showed.Guy I hit on.Pseudo-brother, and his girlfriend.That's about six right?Things happened.I got a calland was sincerely advised to fuck someone tonight."That's not happening" "Why not?""I just aint got that kinda appeal babe"Smoked my first cigarette in 3 years.Went on a beer run with the little, and talked about his upcoming tour.And the weirdness we find ourselves in.I wanted to talk about something else, but he didn't really bite.2 40's, six pack, and a couple reds.We killed over half of it.Just chilled after thatbut the damndest thing happened >>lil's girlfriend gave me a hug"hope that's not weird"and paid me multiple very f
Accused Killer Porn Star Captured In Berlin Internet Cafe
Accused Killer Porn Star Captured in Berlin Internet Cafe Canadian Luka Rocco Magnotta, who allegedly videotaped the murder of his lover and mailed his body parts, has been captured in a Berlin Internet cafe, according to the Berlin Police Department.  cheap michael kors watches online  Magnotta, 29, is wanted by Canadian authorities for first-degree murder and other charges. He has been the focus of an international manhunt for the murder of his Chinese boyfriend who he allegedly killed on videotape before posting the video online and mailing parts of Lin's body to Canadian government offices. Kadir Anlyisli, a Turkish employee at Helin Internet Caffe in Berlin, told ABC News that a foreign looking man came into the cafe at around 12:30 p.m. Anlyisli gave the man, now identified as Magnotta, a username and password for a computer, but watched him carefully. Michael kors outlet bags on sale Anlyisli, 42, thought the man resembled the fugitive Magnotta, so as Magnotta perused YouT
Don't Remind Me
Too many things to think about while I sit here alone. Then the subject shifts...Oh there it is again... that love thing that everyone keeps talking about. What is it anyway? Does anyone really know what to say or think about it? I mean really. what is it about that word/action that makes ppl wanna kill for it? Why do i find myself wanting it so bad? Ugh... ppl may read this and think that i am some other emotional bitch seeking attention. If you took a walk in my shoes even for half a mile then you would understand!   What is it that makes a 4 letter word, so irreseistable to ppl to crave? Who doesnt really want to feel a heart beat against thiers? Now, in todays world its more like a "fuck n chuck" .... women are whores (not all of course) and men are players (same).... emotions have become a game or a toy to ppl to just play with then break when its no longer fun to them... they dont care who they hurt as long as they are happy, no one else matters.......... the crow said it right
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Its the same phenomenon. Its just that Venus michael kors outlet is so much farther away than the Moon. In New York City, the transit of Venus, weather permitting, will be visible until sundown, at 8:24, letting New Yorkers see just michael kors bags the first third of the event. In the 1700s, scientists realized that the transit of Venus could help determine the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Mathematical models and discount michael kors diagrams stemming from the 1769 transit put the distance at 95 million miles, just 2 million more than what is now accepted to be the average distance. If we know discount michael kors the distance between the Earth and the Sun, we can use that to get distances to other stars, said Jason Kendall, a board member of the Amateur Astronomers Association of discount michael kors New York and a volunteer solar system ambassador for NASA. Ultimately, the transit of Venus gave us a fundamental measuring stick for all distances in the universe. Mr. Ke
Pimpin 101
Pimpin as in strutin for those who don't know
Oh, Just Someone
Who is the girl that goes in the MuMMs and is a racist? I know my friends know who I'm talking about. She doesn't think women should give blowjobs....and she doesn't like white people. She's been reported many times....did they finally delete her?
Kinda Simple
General Consumption - this shouldn't be news to people, but apparently it is...go fucking figure. Don't like what I do - tell me about it. Don't like what I say - argue it. Don't think I'm very nice - delete/block/ignore me.   I did not come to fubar because I really, REALLY missed kindergarten. I have no fucking intention of revisiting it because it was apparently the highlight of some people's existence and they insist on repeating their playground tantrums ad fucking nauseum.   You don't like me - that is fine by me...there are very few people whose opinion I give a good goddamn about and chances are you're not on that fucking list.   But for FUCK'S sake...GROW THE FUCK UP.   NEWSFLASH: - not everything is about YOU - if you want a good friend, stop fucking attacking them, mocking them and generally acting like psychopathic twelve-year-olds because you're too scared to come at ME.   No you can't comment. Yes, that's you. And you. And you. And you. (ie it's everyfuc
1 question1 chance.1 honest answer.Thats all you get.You get to ask me 1 question. (TO MY INBOX)Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is.No catch.But I dare you to repost this.And see what people ask you
Dress Code Part 2
Our dress code at work. Well, the casual Friday is gone. Now let me remind you I can wear cackies and a polo or scrubs (navy blue scrubs or polo) to work but they must be monogrammed which comes out of your pocket. So the company decided to change the logo of the company and also the colors too. Now we can within the next year change to gray, dark gray, black scrubs or polo's (white polo's only) so to me that's alright because I can wear comfort clothing. But I know some of those uniforms are pricey. Grr. One other thing to buy. At least there is a year to do it.     
I'm going to try and make salutes tonight. If ya want one, let me know :)
For All The Marnies Out There "the Marine Corps Version Of Genesis 1"
THE Marine Corps Version of Genesis 1In the beginning was the word, and the word was God.In the beginning was God, and all else was darkness and void, and without form. So God created the heavens and the Earth. He created the sun, and the moon, and the stars, so that light might pierce the darkness. The Earth, God divided between the land and the sea, and these he filled with many assorted creatures.And the dark, salty, slimy creatures that inhabited the murky depths of the oceans, God called sailors. And He dressed them accordingly. They had little trousers that looked like bells at the bottom. And their shirts had cute little flaps on them to hide the hickeys on their necks. He also gave them long sideburns and shabby looking beards. God nicknamed them "squids" and banished them to a lifetime at sea, so that normal folks would not have to associate with them. To further identify these unloved creatures, He called them "petty" and "commodore" instead of titles worthy of red-blooded me
A Few Simple Rules
Okay, I have set up a few new rules for this site and everyone on it... 1. I will NOT readd people anymore.. Once you take me off your friends' list.. Do NOT ask to be readded... You won't be accepted... since    you didn't talk to me in the first place. A few have added and readded me several time. Not gonna happen again...It's your loss for removing me...2. I will not be repoking anyone that doesn't talk to me.. it's a waste of MY time..3.  Do NOT ask me to add you to my family, rate your pictures, comment, help you level, like you....or anything else for that matters when you haven't spoken to me in over a year.  4, Just DON'T even bother.......UNDERSTAND?!!These rules will be upheld and adhered to. If this means you... toooooo BAD! See ya!  *insert a cute innocent smile here* Have a great day.
A Note About Rating
1. I try to ONLY rate/earn points during Happy Hour & advise the same, for double points. Why not wait? 2. I don't post NSFW pics unless they're soooo funny & then get marked. I think I have them moved to another album so you can by-pass them. 3. I check my buzz meter. 100% means 10% bonus points for everything on fubar, is what my message says. 4. I return profile rates if possible to thank ppl who are kind enough to rate my profile.
X Sensual X
"X sensual X"In bed we talk to tickle and walkour fingertips in darkness brightly fed.We gawk, fickle sought,to linger on our hips.Dispersed tingles reverse singles, doublesthen trickles come when nipples couple numb.Periodical somber rupturesmembers of senescent sensors.What kindles our dwindling effluence spent?
Submission Is A "gift"?
Definition of GIFT1: a notable capacity, talent, or endowment2: something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation3: the act, right, or power of giving IMO submission is not the gift, but giving up control of your life/decisions is (see 3), but by definition submission is a gift (see 1) and that gift contradicts the "both ways" belief (see 2). I believe that if it works for you, so be it. Have fun and enjoy it.
Help Someone! Don't Ass/u/me
I have seen I'm guilty of criticizing today's Fubar, seeing newer Fu's aren't like veteran Fu's... I saw they lacked Fu-etiquette I had learned on the site as a n00b. I had forgotten how I learned ... I was told by a veteran Fu or I asked one.  There is an album for New Fu's in my Photos ... Rip them to your pictures (you can now get points for Rips) I will add to it when I see a need Don't curse the darkness - turn on a light...........
Everyone Needs Fans!
I'm seeing friends' statuses they need FANS - watch out for yours too! Why do I see people with 10,000 fans who are FANS OF only a few? Help your friends that have paid it forward for your benefit ... GEEZ!!
God Mode Advice
--- a little god/goddess mode advice... WRITE DOWN STARTING POINT TOTAL WHEN YOU ARE RUNNING ABILITY BLING OR MAKE A SCREENSHOT (not just advice.. that's a Note To Self) Write down time too - your icon will say Expired after an hour, but you have 24 hrs
Buying Yourself Bling?
Look for a trade when you want ability bling or that pretty new shiny! You get points for giving bling & you get points for receiving bling Double your points!!  BUYING BLING FOR YOURSELF ESPECIALLY Ability Bling: God Modes, Famplifiers, Mega-Polishers, AUTO 11'S & BOMBS I always trade blings for these during happy hour instead of buying them for myself. This gives both parties double (from HH) points for blinging & double (HH) again for being blinged, for each  --- The day I wrote this up, a god mode earned around a million points with the 111% bonus that was active - trading gets you a million going out & another million coming in - why waste one of those millions? --- If you have a Fubar member you trust - you can buy a bling pack for them & have them send you the bling you want. You both get points, you're helping your friend so the points & fuBucks for sending aren't being totally wasted (Lix & I do this)
Fubar Thoughts I Thunk Today
Thanks!! I am happy to be in the top 42 chicks today after last week. I only try to stay in top 42 so you can find me on hotness style homepage easily by going to the top chicks in the middle square. The new achievements released the past two days & the new top level 55 have more people interacting, I think.. unless you're paying to find out when to show up to polish a pony. .. If you choose to pay for a tip, that's on you, but if you are charging to give the time to get yours polished and you're getting points on top of that, I don't like how you play. I don't charge people I help out. Maybe I'm a sucker for that, in your eyes, but I can live with that. I'm posting an online cast to sign in my default pictures. Just comment and I will tag you in the picture and use your comment as the tag description... let's have some fun!! There is a FAN TRAIN being set up by CAT (I think she has Wh*recat as her screen name today, but I have always called her Cat since I met her  in my earliest f
It Would Be Nice.
So Im not sure but for some reason you are being nice. Makes me wonder if you read my last blog. Think its sad that if you had that, thats why your being nice. This dont make me very happy cause it should not have to take a blog for you wanting to care. How long will it last? Not sure. I do know is I hope that you are not fakeing it for a while to make me happy. Happy hum what is that? I havent felt it in a long time. It would be nice that you would have to worry bout how shit needed to be ran around here. It would be nice to see some kind of change around here between us. The nice thing is I think back to how nice it was when we got back together . We where always together. We made choices together. Most of all it was nice couse we had felt like we had fallen in love again. It makes me smile. It so would be nice for our ex's just "poof" and be gone. lol. But  thats not real life. Something else would be nice is that the women that are popping up out of thin air would just leave you al
Random Info About Me:
Random Info About Me: I was raised in Arkansas, lived in Louisiana, then came back to Arkansas Lixated & I met on Fubar & have made our lives together here in Arkansas He won't find a more faithful mate I have had fun shopping in a hardware store & I don't like to shop, so I can have fun anywhere My IQ is above average, let's say, though I was born blonde (look for my eyebrows) My dad had a used car lot so my gift of gab is hereditary Growing up, our family also had a restaurant, a beer joint, & a teen hangout My jobs have been as varied as a warranty clerk in a Beechcraft airplane dealership to everything but running the press itself at a newspaper (typos in print, or finished copy, are nails on a chalkboard to me... blase' homophone usage errors have me asking if getting it right is Old School) My last full-time job was as dealership accountant for a Chrysler dealer My last part-time job, and best ever, was for Thunder Roads Arkansas, selling ads for the state-wide motorcy
Good Versus Evil Quiz
Good versus Evil Quiz Do not use a Bible to take this quiz. This quiz is based on your daily working knowledge. Your answers will change as your faith and understanding develops. Study your Bible when you finish.           A. According to your current understanding; Define these words:              Circumspect, Temptation, Grace, Freewill, Righteous, Holiness,              Sin, Evil, Death, Life, Eternity, and Mercy.            B. Order them according to your level of understanding.              (Best understood to least understood.)            C. Order them according to your level of faith.              (Most believed to be true to least believed to be true.)             From the word list that you defined…           D. Select the one that you can accomplish.           E. Select the challenge given to man.              F. Select the gift that man has been given.           G. Select the penalty for sin.           H. Select the origin of sin.           I. Selec
Crazy Ass Shit I Dont Understand
Okay so ealier today i was mowing the lawn and EvilAngels (fu fiancee rl fiancee) sitting on the pourch with her lap top laughing her ass off about something. i asked her what she was laughing about then i read it. a user named Badboy told her he wanted to marry her cause she was young and beautiful she told him to look in her about me section witch she clearly states she not look to hook up with anyone on this site. she here for friends and fun of the site. I look at her and ask her why she was still laughing she tells me that she asked badboy if he seen bravo her number one on her fufamily. he said yea he seen bravo on netfelx. now i stated to laugh. with that being said dose anyone take the time to read someones profile? takes like 2 mins tops if you did take the time to read one. then you could save yourself the embarssment of being truned down called out and screen shoted for being a crepper or a fubunny. but still crazy.
Yntb..the Final Epilogues 1998-2000
For the next 14 months, in a lil Sleepy town Called Buffalo, MO., Life was interesting, Both Slo-poke and I still held the jobs at The poultry processing plant. Every 3rd weekend, we were driving down to Texas for me to see my kids, and Slo-pokes kids were coming to us from Joplin. It was a home..and family was important to me. We'd take Slo-pokes kids with us to Texas so they could meet my daughters and get to know each other... Slo-poke had bought me an engagement ring and had proposed marriage during one of our Brunches that we'd have. I accepted the ring but only under the condition that even tho I was happy..more than I've been in years...I was a lil marriage shy and also uncertain as to the true fate of Porchdawg....Neither Slo-Poke or I could confirm his wherabouts if living or truly dead.  I would work on finding out, if he would just give me the time to do so. I had to be comfortable...He agreed and said he wasnt going anywhere. I was his life and when I was was he.
Bi Woman
Attention Ladies!!!! or even men ..... I'm sure there are alot of woman out in this world that say they are bi sexual after kissing a girl once. Guess what that does not make you bi sexual. You are just a little curious. Until u have pussy juice running down your chin and wanting more and more you are not bi sexual. So remember if you like to kiss a girl when your drunk and out danceing you are not bi sexual sorry but it's only the truth.
Will You Ever Know
I don't think you willever fully understandhow you've touched my lifeand made me who I am.I don't think you could ever knowjust how truly special you arethat even on the darkest nightsyou are my brightest star.I don't think you will ever fully comprehendhow you've made my dreams come trueor how you've opened my heartto love and the wonders it can do.You've allowed me to experiencesomething very hard to findunconditional love that existsin my body, soul, and mind.I don't think you could ever feelall the love I have to giveand I'm sure you'll never realizeyou've been my will to live.You are an amazing personand without you I don't know where I'd be.Having you in my lifecompletes and fulfills every part of me.
风雨如晦 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 风雨如晦之阴阳怪气 姘头, 野姘头, 又见野姘头 在三次差点被杀死的情况之下, 在四次被押送去精神病院整得死去活来的情况下, 在警笛声的警告之下,在精神病院救护车不停地来回穿梭警告之下, 现在才明௙
Grand Glitter With Flowers For Your Gurgaon Connections
It’s a gratitude that you are to showcase to your loved terms in Gurgaon, and do it in a colorful way. It’s a floral fancy that your celebrations will bank on, and with the collection in place, you are just a click away from getting them, alongside other gifts. Join now.
Hosni Mubarak Trial: Egypt Judge To Deliver Verdict
Hosni Mubarak trial: Egypt judge to deliver verdict Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is due to learn if he has been found guilty of conspiracy in the killing of protesters during last year's uprising. oakley flak jacket sunglasses reviewsC A court in Cairo will decide whether Mr Mubarak, as well as his former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly and four aides, ordered police to shoot demonstrators. All six deny the charges. They could face the death penalty if convicted. Mr Mubarak also faces separate charges of abusing his powers to amass wealth, with his sons Alaa and Gamal. An associate, the tycoon Hussein Salem, is being tried in absentia. Two other senior interior ministry security officials are accused of failing to anticipate protests and protect public and private property. Discount Oakley Sunglasses outlet, Army 'responsible' Hosni Mubarak is the first former leader to be tried in person since the start of the Arab Spring uprisings last year. Zine al-Abidine
Bill Clinton Poses With Porn Stars!
I know, no real surprise but interesting photo here!
What Are Current Domain Name Registration Fees?
The domain names registration fee depends on domain registars , they charge from 1 USD to 17 USD's and more per domain, many of the web hosting providers provide purchase domain for free of cost  if you purchase the hosting package with them. Some of the domain registars do not  refund fees, in whole or in part, even if your domain name registration is suspended, cancelled or transferred prior to the end of your current registration term. Your requested domain name will not be registered unless we receive actual payment of the registration fee, or reasonable assurance of payment of the registration fee from some other entity. Is there any domain name renewal charges? You may renew your domain name for up to 10 years at any time. Domain name can be renewed low prices. They provide the auto-renewal feature to assure that your domain name would be renewed prior to its expiration. The renewal charge would be the same or may there be an increase on price as per that year How do I contact
stationery Office stationery Supplies is an expression that was originally applied to describe almost all items including fine stationery and quality paper that had been offered by a stationer and also as the name suggests, was initially a book store in a set area, generally around a school. The life period of stationery has changed substantially through the previous 100s of decades and no more so than during the last thirty years with the beginning of electronic multimedia.Regardless of the beginning of quite a few forms of electronic multimedia, presently there is still a stationery drawer to be found in almost every single workplace. Kinds and usage of office stationery supplies is growing to be more and considerably more detailed with new solutions being created just about all the time to preserve market demand.Office Stationery Supplies come within quite a few distinct guises and its shape and variety is subject to the kind of office environment. Presently there are nevertheless
Feeling It
Day 231
Well, I have made my decision as to who I woo: T. We have an appointment in Mad-Town for lunch and a movie, and then whatever the fuck on the 11th. Hopefully nothing fucks that up...and i just jinxed it. However i hope things work with T.Now however, I am pissed (wow! when am i NOT these days.).Today was going fine, until about 2130 when this total stranger starts telling me "You should vote, and don't vote for that bastard Walker." This character further goes on to elucidate some dumbass story about  the railroad from Milwaukee to Mad-Town, and Highway Funds being appropriated for some kinda debt. Then the cashier at the next register down pipes up and joins in on this guy's song and dance."You should vote. It's a historical moment."you should do this, you shouldn't do thatFUCK YOU ALL!Do not presume to tell me how to run my fucking life, i get enough of that shit at home. I'm sick and tired of people telling me how to run my life. I don't give a rat's AIDS-infested left TESTIC
Love Stories
I sit in a candle lit room my mind trying to conceive what my heart is feeling. Some thoughts from the past, the life I had lived, a love story that did not turn out. My mind said to not let my heart be deceived. Was it really? Home is where the heart is, this is what is told. I feel I live a good life, my heart seeking a true love. The pages are turning, waiting to fill a book of love stories.
À Court D'été Respirant Pour L'été
La nicotine est une substance chimique active présente dans le tabac qui contribue à la réputation négative du tabac. Ce produit chimique, en cas d'abus (par le biais de fumer ou de mâcher) a des effets néfastes sur le corps humain et il se trouve aussi à être aussi addictif que les drogues illégales. Le ci-dessous sont quelques effets nocifs et addictifs de la nicotine sur les humains, plus tard suivie d'effets à court et long terme. Des effets néfastes: Le tabac endommage tous les organes du corps. Franklin Marshall t-shirt Elle affecte les poumons, le cœur, les reins, le système digestif, le foie, les yeux et de nombreux autres organes vitaux du corps. En outre, les personnes qui fument du tabac obtenir leur sens de l'odorat et le goût affaibli. Aussi «tabagisme passif» ou «tabagisme passif» nuit à des non-fumeurs. La fumée de tabac contient des produits chimiques nocifs. Lorsqu'il est inhalé par les non-fumeurs à proximité du fumeur, il provoque la toux, les expectorations e
Pour Plus D'konw Veste Femme
Veste femme joue le rôle majeur dans l'amélioration de la vie professionnelle de la femme dans le monde en développement de plusieurs.Franklin Marshall jacket Industrie de la mode aujourd'hui est de plus en plus l'aspect de la veste femme dans les cercles sociaux au niveau international. Donc, la dernière coqueluche de la ville est la veste femme dans la structure sociale de nombreuses nations. Il ya différents types de veste femme à venir dans le marché mondial. Les consommateurs trouveront style différents, affichage, matériel sage et les couleurs sur le marché. Aujourd'hui les couleurs, le style et la matière ne compte que l'apparence et les questions de mise en forme en termes de veste femme. Si la dame est d'acheter la veste femme alors qu'elle devrait avoir la capacité d'améliorer leur personnalité et l'apparence. Les consommateurs peuvent porter un gilet de femme Franklin and Marshall seasonly à travers le monde. Maintenant modifications variées qui s'est passé dans la producti
Il Grave Di Scarpe Giordania
Possiamo vedere un sacco di foto di Jordan e Nike scarpe scarpe Jordan offrire al sito ufficiale. Molte scarpe Jordan collezionisti hanno le Opere complete di scarpe di Michael Jordan dalla Giordania shoes1 di generazione in generazione 5, posso darvi una breve introduzione! Sperare che tutti saperne di più su scarpe Jordan.Jordan Nike nome della società prima coppia di pattini, scarpe nike, mantenuto il lato del simbolo gancio doppio, è il solo lato con un paio di scarpe dauble gancio Jordan. Jordan scarpe 1 è una tecnologia chiave a nome dei built-in unità aeree, con tomaie di cuoio cucita, suola in gomma dura hogan outlet.Jordan 1 generazione sul mercato ha scatenato una frenesia di acquisto, nel 1995, Nike ha introdotto una generazione di re-inciso la versione di Jordan, Jordan 1 anno per conto della limited edition rosso e nero inciso elencati in Cina e in Europa, ancora una volta partì per un po 'in delirio fan Giordania Per i collezionisti, questo è un entry-level scarpe Jordan,
Fashion Jewelry Coupon Codes
fashion jewelry coupon codes for off for 50$ coupon:1001180897 1001173600 100116187510% off for 100$ coupon:1000571201 1000438177 100044941720% off for 200$ coupon:1000106049 1000117698 1000121862free shippingexpiration data:06/15/2012
Bath Salts
  When I first heard about bath salts I didn't know what they were, I thought they were the things you put in bath water to make your skin soft. I mean, people smoke nutmeg, huff spraypaint, all kinds of things to try and get high so ingesting personal hygiene products didn't seem any stranger than that. But that's not what they are, they're a synthetic drug that apparently mimics meth, coke, and/or ecstacy. The reason they're called bath salts is because when a drug is brand new it's legal until the authorities discover it and make it illegal... so if they called it "New Meth" well, that might be a bit too obvious. So the first time I heard about it, it was maybe early 2011 and bath salts were still legal here. I heard two stories that were supposed to happen close to where I live: 1. A lady called 911 to report someone breaking into her house. The police arrived and didn't get an answer so they went through the unlocked door. They couldn't find any signs of forced entry, didn't s
I love when days start out great and then turn into a big huge pile of shit. It just makes things so much better.   If I'm bitchy....I'm sorry. Of course if you deserve my bitchiness, I'm not sorry. Just don't pusht it. I'll probably just MuMM so I can bitch all I want.
Michael Kors Handbags Michael Kors Bags Michael Kors Shoes Michael Kors Outlet Discount Michael Kors
He was being held without michael kors outlet bail and had $500 in his jail account, the website showed. Seminole County Sheriff Donald Eslinger said Zimmerman turned himself in to two sheriffs office employees around 1:25 p.m. near the discount michael kors jail, and was then driven there. Zimmerman arrived in a white minivan and did not respond to questions from reporters as he walked inside, handcuffed and wearing blue jeans, sneakers michael kors handbags and a button-down shirt. He is quiet and cooperative, Eslinger said at a news conference after Zimmermans surrender. The sheriffs office said the 28-year-old Zimmerman would be in a cell by himself, discount michael kors separated from the general population, because the case is so high-profile. The 67-square-foot cell is equipped with a toilet, two beds, a mattress, a pillow, a blanket and bed sheets. michael kors shoes Zimmerman will not have access to a TV. Prosecutors said last week that Zimmerman and his wife told the judge a
~dance With My Soul~
Dance With My Soul     Just for a moment a precious moment in time we have crossed paths for a reason or a season maybe for a lifetime no one knows but the heavens above weve come this far take my hand there is safety there what is there to know only few in this world have a real friendship that goes beyond the limits of our own understanding were on a totally different level its not about love or sex or long term anything its not about cheap psedo friends with benefits either thats not even an issue its about when two souls collide needing safe haven from the reality of the world finding comfort in a moment without expectations and sharing happiness and a smile Its not about pretenses or doing what is right or wrong there is no law governing the soul Its about freedom
How The World Is Now
You know, a long time ago the world based their lives on a few things such as honestly, love, faith and respect. But over time those qualities in which people used to have slowly diminished. Now it's all about how deep your wallet is, how big your dick is or how nice your car is. 90% of the people alive in the world that are under 40 have lost sight of what really matters and have become more focused on material things.   Now here is what gets me most of the time, i can't count the number of times i have seen a woman bitch about not having a "good man" and most of the time it's their own fault that they can't find one. From dressing like some gal who works the corner or going after men that look like "badasses" which i can promise 90% of the time their nothing more then worthless jackasses. Yet the good fellas like me and several others get overlooked when we stand by their side no matter what. In a way, we're foolish for standing by them but our hearts are to pure to over look some
Notecards And Boxes For Sale!!
I made an album of the note cards and boxes I currently have for sale.  I'll be adding to this album as I increase my inventory. Note cards are 5x7 and are blank on the inside.  Please send me a private message or comment on this blog if you are interested in pricing and/or dimensions of boxes. ALL of my designs (located in "YOU inspire Me" and "some of my photos and graphics") are available for box designs, note cards and larger prints (canvas and poster) Ideas are welcome :) PoSTaL
Chapters 5 & 6
Chapter 5 Gob Of Snot     Patsy's earliest memory of Nate was at a neighborhood playground during the summer.She was 8 and had long straggly sun bleached hair....very straw-like with no discernible part. He was 6 and had a dark buzz cut which he clearly hated because he kept rubbing his head in expectation of finding more hair there. She could never remember what they were wearing...she didn't notice those kinds of things until she was much older. He was new to the neighborhood and had a crippling shyness so of course she plunked down RIGHT next to him as he languished on the edge of the sand near the monkey bars. "HI! I'm Pats!" He looked at her like she was crazy but without even thinking replied.... "Goody gumdrops Pats is here"    She laughed so hard, flinging her head back with such abandon, that it bumped up against a passing stroller. She didn't even say OW...just held the back of her head and kept giggling... "What's your name?" "Nathan" Then he sneeezed a big gob of
In The Park
Its midday and the sun is beating down on me like its trying to pierce through my skin. Hot pressure sent away by the breeze that swings by so cool yet not cold enough to make a difference. I sit there on this bench in the middle of the park watching and waiting. People passing ever so gracefully going about their days as they do every time I see them. There are the dog walkers tangled up in the web of leashes just trying to stop one moment for a drink of ice cold water in the bottle strapped to their waste. Lets hope this time they don’t trip but at last they seem to have less dogs today. As I turn ever so slightly in my seat shifting from the heat, I glance over to see the playground. Full as always being it’s a Saturday afternoon and the children of this area love to be there so much. Parents gathered at a  variety of benches and tables surrounding the playground, talking amongst themselves as the children run freely chasing one another in what appears to be a game of ta
Why do I wonder why you flirt the way you do? Why do you not care how it hurts me?  Why do you lie about what you do? Why do you hide who you talk to? why do you hide what you talk about? why dont you tell me the truth? Why cant you see how bad I hurt? Why cany you tell me you love my with out me asking you? I love so much some times i hate you. I hurt and you dont even know. Its seems you dont care. why cant i even be your baby? why do I just have to be your hun. I HATE that word. Im not your sluts you talk to Im your wife. Why do I do the shit I do for you? Because Im in love with you and I would walk the ends of hell for you. Thus why I wanted to marry you.  why am I sad? why do I go to bed crying? why do I feel alone inside? why do I feel alone all together? why do I question why? why cant I voice how Im felling? why do I dont want to you to touch me the way I want you to? why do I feel like we are more like room mates than husband and whife? I just want my husband not a room ma
The Kit Kat Cake Everyone Wants
the kit kat cake is this 2 of any kind of cake mixes you'd like and frosting and any topping but has to have 40 kit kats broke off like in my photo and placed around the cake and put in the freezer over night so it doesn't fall apart so easy. I made mine with 2 french vanilla cake mixes, 2 cantainers of milk chocolate frosting and a can of cherry pie filling for topping. 
Hair Transplant Pakistan
Hair transplant in Pakistan is now common; we have seen that there are a lot of center who claims that they are best in the field of hair transplant, hair restoration and hair transplantation. The basic techniques are the same of every Hair Transplant Pakistan but the deference the client should see of the surgeon, who should have got a degree from a proper university and the second thing the equipment and the machinery, they should be latest. Any center who is updated with latest equipment and with latest technique can give you a batter result and better look, and the past work of any center is the best guarantee to the result that they can deliver. AHTCS (Advance Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Surgery) is the no 1 center in the field of Hair Transplant Pakistan, and our thousands satisfied customer make us the best center in Karachi, Pakistan and in the field of Hair Transplant Karachi. Hair Transplant
Sexiest Body Contest
Hi There Im Jake and Im holding my first contest. If you have a sexy bod submit your best picture. Creativity is up to you and your fans. First Prize is a 7-Day Blast, Second prize is a 3 day blast and third  prize is 1 day blast. its simple get the most votes get the biggest prize! you can submit up to three pictures. I discourage nudity but if you wanna strut yourself in a bikini or Lingere go for.Let the games begin and may the hottest bod prevail. You can link it through the SB or Email. Private message me for email address.
Another What Not To Do Lol
Master, Mistress, Sir, or Ma'am, The Rules... 1. I will not hum the theme from Jeopardy while Master decides which implement to spank me with.2. I will not annotate Master’s “To Do” list.3. I will not applaud when Master uses big words.4. Master’s dog does NOT stink.5. I will not genuflect at Master’s erection.6. Master does NOT hog the bed.7. I will not refer to Master’s kitty as “snake food.”8. I will not snigger at the pronunciation of Master’s commands.9. I will not perform a ventriloquist act with Master’s penis.10. I will not imitate Master’s accent.11. Master’s chair is not to be used to pile my clutter.12. I will keep my leopard print sheets laundered so that Master is not subjected to “those flowery things.”13. I will not yawn while waiting for Master to climax.14. I will not chew my collar.15. I will not giggle during paddlings.16. I will not propose letter grades when Master belches.18. I
People Snacking On Each Other's Faces Now?
So.... some guy in Miami decides that he wants to have a homeless man face-snack while being naked as hell? Cop shoots the crazed guy, crazed guy growls at the cop and then keeps ripping off face pieces to munch on so cop shoots the guy FIVE more times to finally stop the feast.... Right before this, another guy gets ran over by a taxi in a little hit-and-run fiasco, then starts beating the shit out of the people/cops trying to help his ass.... And also in Florida, some other nutjob decides he wants to stab himself over and over and throw chunks of his intestines at approaching officers. So my question is.... WTF is up with Florida???
Feeling Unwanted
He didn't see that I wasn't hurting because he attempted to take control - I was hurting because I wanted him to be in control, but didn't know how to deal with my fears being unaddressed or unrecognized. That he wasn't really in control and I feared the false confidence that said he didn't see that.
My Bestie
To my best friend===   There was a girl who met this man... Staying together was their plan. They fell in love and never fell out. They stand together without a doubt. They showed the world just what they are. That their love was a gift from a far. Nothing else could even compare. Because love this true is oh so rare. Although it's not an easy road that there walking on. But no matter what there faith remains strong. So they continue down that road. And their love continues, keeps it's hold. They would last to the very end. Because their not just lovers their best friends.   ===Love you so much
I Got Blocked Today Part Deux
This one hurts way too much friends...blocked by a close friend because of a woman who was so insecure that she insults his friends...he claimed to adore me...made me part of his family...I'm not the one she needs worry about...I was a friend to them both...I respected them...fuck fubar
Lol, It's Not That Important.
so, i went on an early morning walk today.burned a j while doing so.thug life, whatevs. between the stares of the drivers passing by,and the shit eating grins from the older gentleman i passed,i started to wonder,if maybe, just maybe,i should have put on a bra for that walk... Fuck that Shit. They can stare. :P
死去活来  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 2011年10月12日,我在我厂里医院死去活来之昏迷原因分析、揣测。 我喝了酒,我母亲不停的说是水,我不停地喝。酒有问题?或者是酒喝多了?然后,切菜,手脚不协调,把右食指指甲切了2/3,鲜血不停的流。 到我厂
Being Honest
why do people think they need to say what they think others want to hear? hmmmmm......i think we should just say what we feel cuz thats the truth! there aint no in between or maybes! just say what you feel or you think at that time cuz you can always apologize later if you feel you were wrong. but if you speak what you truely feel it is right it is never wrong! cuz you speaking from your heart! n that should never have to be apologized for!
The Old Man And The Marine
Greetings to you and blessings of our FATHER in Heaven! I recently had another opportunity to re-read this story which someone shared with me many years back.  I now share it with you, perhaps re-share it as the case may be.  I live in the hope it blesses you in ways that only our LORD will know about and be glorified in. "A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside. "Your son is here," she said to the old man. She had to repeat the words several times before the patient's eyes opened. Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly saw the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out his hand. The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers around the old man's limp ones, squeezing a message of love and encouragement. The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed. All through the night the young Marine sat there in the poorly lighted ward, holding the old man's hand and offering him words of love and stren
Sour Undone.
There's a blot between disgust and disdain.Calculating the moment you knew, and I didn't.When my dignity got caught all up in it.I remember feeling, and then not.But not in the same night.I remember a swift burn of vanilla and a fuzzy wobble down the hall.I remember both her arms wrapped around me.Shakey.Stable.Safe.You.Did this to me.Wet porches smell just like limestone...and a sunrise that never came.No post-sex wrapup and cigarette.Pants.Check.Keys.Check.Leg kicking against wood floors, neck cramps, pair of flea bites.And very dirty socks."Hey.""Hey.""I'm gonna take off.""Yeah.""Yeah."Every now and thenI find fairly delicate hands in mine.Looks.Lingery looks.Often without any deeper meaning.Those are the best.Sometimes.I could do something uncooltell you I'd miss youtell you I want to take you homeand maybe show you that sunrise that never came...
[huge Survey Is Huge]
Have you ever:    Kissed your cousin:  No. This is not Arkansas.    Run away: Yeah. Stayed in the woods for a few hours.    Gotten arrested: Unfortunately.    Played with fire: Oh my... yes. It was pretty.    Broken someone’s heart: Probably.    Been in love: Probably.    Cried when someone died: Yeah, but sometimes it takes work.    Wanted someone you knew you couldn’t have: Hah, who hasn't?    Broken a bone: Fractured several.    Been drunk: Yes.    Lied: Probably.    Cheated on someone: Nope. High road's a bitch.Which is Better:    Coke or Pepsi: RC    Sprite or 7-up: Sevenup    Hot or Cold: Cold.    Flowers or Candy: Candy.    Scruffed or Clean Shaved: I'm scruffy.    Quiet or Loud: Depends.    Brunette or Dirty Blond: Red.    Flirty or not Flirty: Depends on the situation and alcohol content.    Tall or short: I prefer my women short, but tall women dig me.    Pants or shorts: Jeans.With the Opposite Sex:    What do you notice first: Figure. And that's a broad, vague a
The Industrialist - Fear Factory
The say the world Was coming to an end Well... It was by our own hand Turned out the world kept turning Only we ended All the evidence was there The punishment of faith Creating animosty between our brethren The Dissolution for Humanity In all Cultures Reluctance and acceptance for others Bigotry, ignorance and narrow mindedness Destroying our world, destroying our world
Always Wishing
Buzzed and lonely outside the bar, always wishing for You, I'm counting the stars. You've drained me, restrained me, and named me your whore. Tamed me, claimed me, and I'm waiting for more. As I'm heading home to get some rest, I feel a stinging pain in the back of my neck. The smell of whiskey fills the air, before I black out I see You there. Syringe in the dirt, a rope in Your hand. When I come to, I'm tied to a bed. Clothes on the floor, my scars revealed, the TAMED on my chest is completely healed. I can hardly see in the moonlit room, just You at the window, distant and cold. You turn to me and stare me down. Bound by the chilling heat I feel, I tremble. Your eyes burn through me like You're the fucking devil. "I've dreamnt of this moment since the last time we met." I whispered, moaning, I'm dripping with sweat. My arms and legs strapped tight to the bed. Staggering twards me, removing His belt, He says, "Speak when you're spoken to or Ill send you to hell." To teach me a lesson
Yntb Chapter Thirty-three
YNTB...I CANT Chpt 33     Porchdawg was taken back on all levels. I had dropped an incredible 57 lbs in the time since I had last seen him. He looked like he had aged and ragged from being on the road and whatever else he was involved in. It pained Porchdawg to see me happy. I think inside I enjoyed his pain.He just looked deep at me like... wow!  Almost like he was seeing me for the very first time.  In a way he was...He was seeing me the way I shouldve been with him. We made some coffee and sat at the dining room table. I really didnt want him to be around too long. I had all of his belongings in the bedroom. Alot of paperwork and clothing. Some family trinkets of sorts. I just wanted him to retrieve them and be done with this.  He asked me what were we going to do about filing our taxes for the year since neither of us had filed for divorce yet. I didnt need to be reminded of the fact that I was still on paper, his wife, but it did offer me an interesting chance to capitalize o
Yntb Chapter Thirty-two
YNTB...I Cant Chpt 32     There is this quote that had always been accredited back to Hitler...I tried to verify this but could not. Paraphrased, it went something like this.... " We are doomed to repeat History, if we do not learn the lessons from it" Like the Holocaust, or Groundhog Day, over and over again? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A part of me wanted to just rub it in my ex's face that I had a good and simple, yet happy life.  I think Slopoke did too, but I wasnt for sure. Sure thing, my ex was making now $102,000 per year in his job..( I got his w-2 for the year). But, he didnt have a place to call home, he didnt have a family and he sure didnt have me keeping him warm at night! He also had incredible expenses associated with the upkeep and maintainence of his truck, not to mention an insatible drug habit, that I am most sure he wasnt kicking at all. Putting all things on the Libra Scales...I think I had
Yntb Chapter Thirty-one
YNTB....I Cant Chapter 31   Working at the Chicken Plant was cold wet and depressing work. But It was paying the bills and at least we were advancing in Life. We ended up with new furniture thru the rent to own places. Neither Slopoke or I had any decent credit left after our marriage dissolutions...and the furniture I had from my marriages were hand me down pieces. The rest of the nicer things that I had were all repo'd and lost due to my 2nd husbands insane coke and meth use.   Starting over again is a stressful painful situation. But we tackled it all head on...all of us and it seemed to be working out to everyones benefit.   Slopoke had promised me earlier on when we met that he was going to give me a better life. One without the heartbreak of adultery, and lies and deceit. One without drugs and losing everything you own to stupidity.  I never could understand why Slopoke wanted to have my former husband go to work where he worked at. I look back on it now and think somehow he
Yntb Chapter Thirty
YNTB...I Cant Chapter 30   Life was rolling along like a peaceful little river.....   My days and nights were filled with home and work. I would get out on the weekends and go visit my father. He never would come out and say anything that was really bothering him. I was only left to assume that it probably shouldnt be said at all and just leave it at that! I dont think I failed him...I really dont think I  dissapointed him. I think any parent that has a child that can get out on their own and make something of themselves, should be proud. Even sometimes if it takes 2 or 3 times to get it right! When I came his home, I wasnt looking for anything other than sanctuary from pain in the arms of a supportive family.  My Father had 3 marriages and 13 children within the context of those marriages. He had other children as well, from women here and there aside from those marriages. My dad was a good man. A smart man, but not a family man. He lived with his regrets. To see me,
Yntb Chapter Twenty-nine
YNTB...I Cant Chapter 29     Pure Freedom. Thats what I was beginning to feel. We had done it! We got our little home out in the country. Just enough on the outskirts of town to feel like we were detached from city life. As if this town had a "city" life! The population was a meager 2400. But it had history for me. My father and my step-mother were there. Both of my Aunts were there. This was the town where most of my ancestors were born and raised. From Wagon Trails of the late 1800's to this lil sleepy part of the world. I see why..It offered moderate climates, rolling scenery, and plenty of farmland to raise large broods of families. Our Home was perfect for all of us. My cousins had two children, and me and Slopoke. We had plenty of room and space for us all to coexist peacefully. Slopoke was still trucking, as he owned his own truck. I worked at the chicken plant. My cousin Billy worked some odd jobs at a car/salvage yard, and as a mechanic at the truck stop. My cousin Toni,
Yntb Chapter Twenty-eight
YNTB....I Cant Chapter 28 The end of January of 98 was fast approaching. I had been on the truck with Slopoke for nearly a month. I dropped a few lbs while riding that month..Slopoke was truly an anorexic man and eating wasnt on his list of priorities.   I got to see lots of the East coast, and more of New Jersey than any other state. But I really wanted to go see my kids. They were still in Texas with their father. So on the last week of January we finally made it back to Missouri. I got me a bus ticket and was bound for West Of Ft. Worthless Tx. I checked into a Motel there and called my kids. They spent the day with me in that motel room watching movies. Luckily for me there was still the video store across the street where you could rent vcrs and dvd players. All I had was 8 hrs of their day but it meant everything to me. I hadnt been able to see them in almost 5 months and it did my heart good! I didnt want to let them go... I didnt want to take them home. It was so wrong the
Yntb Chapter Twenty-seven
YNTB...I Cant...Chapter 27 (Emotional Preface)   I always have lil unfinished projects lying around...Maybe I lost interest, maybe things got too emotional all wrapped up in them and I took a breather.....I think its both. I'm not so self- centered to believe that my life is any more interesting or even more screwed up than the rest of us...We all have our stories to tell... When I started writing YNTB...I wrote it to get it out of my head, to get it up in front of me to analyze. Maybe I would find clues, red flags and insight into me, and why I always continued to make a choice, whether conscious, or put myself into situations that would bring me pain. Why was I always so comfortable with conflict and crisis and pain? I was too familiar with those  dysfunctional drama roles...over and over like its Groundhog Day everyday of my life...Massive amounts of years have been living out the scenarios without resoulution.  With no completion..... For me,   the
Yntb Chapter Twenty-six
YNTB...I Cant! Part 26   My stepmother was really caught in the middle between me and my dad. I was very empathetic with her dilemma. I told her as I kissed her on the cheek, "Dont worry about me, It's ok...Just take care of pops for me" I'm sorry to go like this, but it is for the better." "Dad is having a hard time with me being here, but we cant seem to come to some understanding". I dont want to disrespect your home and I appreciate all that you have done for me...I love you both, but it's time for me to go. I am taking with me a few of my things, I will come back and get the rest when I can move them into a place of my own" Dad was beginning to see that I was serious in leaving and tried to backtrack some for his anger. I assured him, " Hey dad, its ok. Im not wanting any trouble, and I am sorry that my being here has done this..I'm not your little girl anymore. Look at me! I am a woman! I have been married, had kids, I have to be myself and have freedom to be me! I cant fall
Yntb Chapter Twenty-five
YNTB...I Cant! Part 25   I was getting myself together finally! I had a job at the chicken plant. It wasnt the greatest job working on the thigh line. It was cold and wet and annoying. Most of the workers did not speak english and I felt pretty awkward being the new girl on the block. But it was a check nevertheless and I was grateful.   I got me a Post office box and I gave Slo-poke my address. Within days, I was receiving cards and letters from him in addition to our calls. I was really beginning to look forward to hearing from him. I had his attention. His letters were long and full of emotion. It was strange for me to have a man pour out his soul to me like this. He was very strongly suggesting that he was falling in love with me without actually coming out and saying those three words. But it was unmistakable that that was the sentiments his wished to convey to me.My heart needed to hear those things, but my mind and hurt over past events did not want to trust that it was rea
Yntb Chapter Twenty-four
  YNTB...I Cant! Part 24   I loved my dad and stepmom. They meant well. I needed the comfort zone that only home can give, but you know, that comfort always comes at a price. It usually comes with parents falling into the role of parents giving advice and they wanted me in the role of the 15 year old daughter listening to that advice! I somehow knew they would want to take my situation over and fix it all up nice and tidy quick like. Like the last 16 years of my life as an adult could be handled in the fashion of a 30 minute sitcom with a happy ending after the last commercial! Their help isnt what I needed. Their love care and support, as I worked out the difficulties in my life, is what I needed from them . Not money, not really advice, just safe haven. But I am on their terms to a point. The first thing I needed to do was find a job. I could help out monetarily. I knew it wasnt all good financially, for my parents. After a week straight of Hamburger Helper, you realize that al
Yntb Chapter Twenty-three
YNTB...I Cant! Part 23   I carried my things out of the motel room and tossed them into the bed of my husband's pickup truck. Staying with him anymore wasnt in my plans. Staying with him so Slo-poke could know my whereabouts and stay in contact with me, wasnt in my plans either. I wanted to be with my family, but I also knew that I needed to be there for them, instead of the other way around. I just felt weird about going home. Its not an easy thing to do for a prideful person. It almost feels like,  if I showed up on their doorsteps, I'd feel as tho I had failed as an adult. Maybe in some ways I had. I had failure stamped on not one, but two marriages. My kids gone from my life, and now from their Grandparents lives as well. I had the brunt of those things hanging on my shoulders, and my mind. I knew when we drove up, It might be a little difficult for my parents to emotionally  be civil to my husband. They did not like him from the word go. With all that happened over the last
Yntb Chapter Twenty-two
YNTB...I Cant! Part 22   Dammit, I wanted to feel loved and needed! I wanted to be held and touched, Some inner and deeper part of me wanted to feel sexually alive. I had been deprived of that in my marriage. I was afraid to ever have sex with my husband. After the first time, I damn near killed him with a heart attack! I was very cautious with lovemaking with him. Then when all the drug crap came into our lives, The drugs coupled with diabetes pretty much rendered him impotent, with the heart medication. My desire for him waned to nothing, and my hatred for him grew. I had shut myself off sexually except for moments of masterbation to get me thru the hard times. Having Slo-poke near me at this moment was driving me and my body nuts! In Indiana, I had been in the heavy petting stage. I wanted to make love and feel his body surround me in pure pleasure! But then I couldnt.... my conscious got to me and I couldnt handle it. But at this moment I wanted to throw all the caution out the
Yntb Chapter Twenty-one
YNTB...I Cant! Part 21   I laid awake in that musty motel room, not really afraid to sleep but more like wanting to sleep, but it just wouldnt come. I did not know how this was going to go. There was an urgency in Slo-Poke's voice..almost a pleading tone for me to stay.Something inside says to trust it..even tho everything on the outside screams RUN THE F**K AWAY! I didnt know what to make of it all. I did not want to be in a relationship. First of all I couldnt. I still had the most hated man in my life laying 5 feet away sleeping. That made me mad! How is it that there are people in this world who can shut off their mind at night and be asleep in under 7 minutes tops? I toss and turn and have to think the whole day out and plan for the next! It takes sheer exhaustion for me to get to sleep in under an hour.How is it he has no conscious that bothers him that keeps him lying awake at night  feeling guilty for all the harm and destruction he has done to me and my children and to our
Yntb Chapter Twenty
YNTB...I Cant! Part 20   Life sometimes is so full of risks.We take gambles everyday, everywhere we go, with every person we come in contact with. I knew the risks for getting back  with PorchDawg. It was desperation mixed with a blind hope that I will get to Missouri, or I was going to die trying! It didnt matter how anymore, as  much as just doing it. I had already lost everything. There isnt anything more to be taken from me. The only thing left to me, was my determination to succeed.   Realistically speaking, time and distance was 11 hours and 500 miles from where I was..... to where I wanted to be.This time there wasnt a sleeper to go crawl into and get away from him. He was in his personal truck. We were going to be less than a foot apart, on this whole trip. He told me he had orientation for the new job out of Springfield. He had to go thru it in order to be officially hired. So I calculated I would much rather go with my soon to be ex, than a stranger. At least I knew wha
Yntb Chapter Nineteen
YNTB...I Cant! Part 19     Tic Toc Tic Toc...I Love clocks but I hate time. There is never enough of it no matter how you spend it.   Why is he here?   Who told him I was here?   Did Charles? What would be the purpose?   Charles was at one time,  the assistant youth group leader at the church I attended. This was a few years back. I couldnt think if he knew my husband at all. Our circles had intermingled, but I didnt think they crossed in anyway. Then I remembered they did know each other from their previous jobs. Charles as a convenience store clerk and my husbands former business cleaning those parking lots at night. Same county, two different cities and whats the odds of them knowing each other?   Charles had been nice enough to come and pick me up from that truck stop, but I sure in God's name hope he didnt feel some sense of religious duty to try to get me and my husband to work out our problems. I know I cant stay at Charles' place for any extended period of time.
Yntb Chapter Eighteen
YNTB...I Cant! Part 18   "I'm only gonna ask you one more time..How the fuck did you know I was here? You have no right to be here! " " I knew that you would call Charles. It's not like you had anyone else to call" "You God Damned....Prick. I dont want you here, take your sorry no good worthless wifebeating ass and die in a hole." I will see you in Divorce court, before I see you in hell!" "aw,... my good lookin lil sex kitten is all that's no way to be,  is it?" "Like you really give a chit about what I feel...You never have. It's all been about you and your career and your drugs. When did you ever start caring about me as your wife or my children? You put us thru fucking hell with your thinking about you all the time. I dont even want to talk to you. I would rather watch worms eat youre corpse!" "Be that as it may, I'm here to take you to Missouri. I'm going to start that new job." " You dump me off on the side of the highway like a piss bottle, and now you show up
Yntb Chapter Seventeen
YNTB...I cant! Part 17 Charles had one of those typical bachelor style apartments. The one where the kitchen is just about as small as the bathroom. It did make navigating around here a little easier. I looked in the icebox for something to make. Old pizza, a small tub of margarine. Nope , nothing here. I looked in the cabinets and found some Ramen style oriental noodles. Yuk!  It was that, or the old pizza... and God...who knew when the coroner would show up to pronounce this stuff in a cardboard box, dead! I opted for the noodles. I would just leave out the packet that you are supposed to put into it! I sat down on the sofa to eat and turned on the tv. Why does late night tv only offer you "get rich quick,  by doing nothing from home schemes" and re-runs of "Walker, Texas Ranger"?  Finding anything at all to help me to relax on the boobtube was futile. I turned off the tv and decided to tidy this space up a bit. I looked at the phone and remembered the phone card I had. I guess I
Yntb Chapter Sixteen
YNTB.....I Cant! Part 16 I didnt know what hit me. I know who...but not the how. I was choked so hard I went unconscious. There  was a knot and cut to my head near my ear on my left side. This is where the blood was coming from. I think he may have taken my head and slammed it against the truck door. There was blood there and at the bottom of the window. I was lucky it didnt go thru the glass. He was driving wildly like a maniac. One minute he was speeding like an Amtrak Train, the next he was swerving in and around other vehicles, I thought he was going to lay this big truck over on it's side. I was stunned, in shock..and the knowledge that I was in severe danger scared me,  more and more. I didnt feel right in my head. I was woozy and felt like throwing up. My hair was sticky and matted with my own blood. I managed to get to the back of the truck in the bunk. I found the roll of paper towels and got a litre of water, to try to clean myself up.I was just smearing the blood. The
Yntb Chapter Fifteen
YNTB...I CANT!....Part 15 It was kinda neat seeing Slo-pokes yard. All the trucks. The terminal. It was under construction for things like,  driver guest quarters, a laundry and work out facility. This is where most of his loads came from. But it wasnt exactly the company he worked for. His company was down the road a bit. We went there and spoke with someone in the maintenence bays about Buzz. He wasnt there, so Slo-poke made a phone call and got him on the line and after exchanging some info, he handed the phone to Porchdawg. I could hear my husband.."Yes , Sir. I would like to be fair and give my employer 2 weeks notice. But I think I could be back fairly quickly, within a few days to fill out the paperwork and do the physical." In my mind I am Praying..."Dear God, Please dont make me stay on this truck any longer than I have to. Please open up whatever doors I have to go thru and I will walk thru them,  each and everyone, but Dont make me stay on this truck!...AMEN..."   It wa
Yntb Chapter Fourteen
You Name This Blog...I Cant! Part 14     Holy Mother Of Jesus! The calm I had earlier had been replaced with Linda Blair. My head was spinning faster and uglier than her's in The Exorcist! I needed a priest. I needed a drink. I needed something but for the life of me, short of a gun, I didnt know what it would be that I really needed! I dumped the coffee in the trash cans and went back in to the ladies room. I ran the cold water across my hands just wanting to sob. But the tears wouldnt come. My hands were screaming in pain and my mind was on total tilt! How dare he ask me to stay on the truck! Was this a sick cruel joke? There's no guarantees in this world. Why should I trust him? Why should I believe another thing that rolls off the lips of a human with a penis? So I bared my soul with him...Thank God thats all I did! Thank God I didnt take my clothes off and confuse this issue any more than it already was. He had a girlfriend. He had children and her child as well. Why should
Yntb Chapter Thirteen
  You Name This Blog...I cant! Part 13   I went back to the bunk. I had to digest what was going on here. I could smell an ulterior motive a mile away..What was Slo-poke up too?   I knew that this was no casual meeting between he and I. You just know sometimes when someone crosses your path, it isnt for the here and the right now. But looking for love or an extended relationship was the last things on my mind.I didnt want a casual fling, a fuckbuddy or anything that resembled male and female intimacy! Men have scared the hell out of me! Lesbianism was starting to look like a viable option. But I didnt want to have to fight over clothes and makeup either. So that was out! I wanted to be with my kids and my ex and I would not be seeing each other for 3 weeks. Rather, I would be going to see my kids, and I hoped that he choked on his copenhagen in his sleep and died! I just layed there as we went down interstate 44. God, Missouri needs to fix these damn roads! Every 15 feet theres
Yntb Chapter Twelve
You Name This Blog..I cant! Part 12   I felt like I was in a Carnival. Just simple and and at peace. The sounds and lights just whirling around me, but I was the one calm. Slo-Poke looked over at me and said.."you know I want to change your life, I want to give you more than youve ever known. And I can do it!" "Please dont tell me that, I'm vunerable right now. I didnt tell you my whole life story so that you would want to take pity on me and try to fix things in my life. I cant tell you enough tho, how much it meant to me for you to let me purge my emotional septic tank as it were. Thank You for just being with me as I crumbled. I didnt want to be alone.You can obviously see I dont have much of a support system in my husband. I just need to get home. So do you. You have a family at home, waiting for you there. Porchdawg walked in to the truckstop and met us at the video games. We decided to get some breakfast, some to go coffee and be on our way. Slo-poke hollered back on the
Yntb Chapter Eleven
You Name This Blog...I Cant!...Part 11   Slo-poke opened the door for me to climb into his truck. Instantly I feel why he is in nothing but his boxers! He kept his truck hotter than a pizza oven! Good God, Slo-Poke. How can you breathe in here? He turned the heater down as I am throwing open his driver side window. I hung my head out of it like a puppy gasping for fresh air! He jumped over into the jumpseat of his truck and sat back assed wards in it. His feet up over the back of the seat with his head laid back on the dash. I just sat in the drivers seat facing him. "So here we are" I managed to say. Not knowing what his response would be. I had no illusions. I had thoughts but I wasnt going to be the initiator of them. Maybe I was a coward...who knows? "Tell me what youre doing with him, why are you two still together?" (Jump right in there Slo-poke, why dontcha?) I hate mood killing conversation! For the next 3 hours we talked, more like I talked and he listened to me pou
Yntb Chapter Ten
  You Name This Blog...I Cant! Part 10 If anything I did not expect my husband to walk away from that. I'm not saying he shouldve decked Slo-Poke for that comment. But a man who loves his woman, or any man, probably wouldve addressed that, instead of walking away. But I didnt help, by starting it off with innuendo. I wasnt being innocent. I didnt want to send the issue over the top. Porchdawg had a temper that was vicious. It was slow to boil, but if it got had to be careful. You could get hit, or a planter thrown at you thru your windows, or shot. I didnt want to go right back to the truck. I was in shock, and redder than red could be. I was embarrassed by Slo-poke's statement, but at the same time physically and mentally turned on by that extreme boldness. A lil bold and out there in your face, cocky, arrogant with a splash of ego and I'm having to put on extra panti-liners! I was 33 years old being lured into god knows whatever by a 26 year old! If He had a plan..
Yntb Chapter Nine
You Name this Blog...I cant ! Part 9   Rolling back down the interstate, I reflected on the undercurrent of events that had taken place earlier. What was I doing? Was I just having some fun to take my mind off of the realities of life? Or was I really capable of throwing away all common decencies to get back at my husband???  Could I cross this line I am toe to toe with? I didnt know...but my mind was racing with excitement and fear and a sense of a strange new power that I never knew existed within me. I was beginning to think a little differently. It was just barely past the conception stage...but the seeds of change had definitley been planted. Maybe pain had alot to do with that! Immense, intolerable pain. Yes I was there. You dont rip my children from my life, Take away my home and my job, and expect me to Thank God above for it and have more faith that it is for my good. You dont give me a fucked up low life miserable son of a good woman, who is responsible for the current s
Yntb Chapter Eight
  You Name This Blog...I cant! Part 8   We find this truck stop off of the interstate, put the airbreaks on and stop. Politically Correct, and Toxic Waste, and another driver called Mignight Oil decides to keep hammerin on it. I said my goodbyes to them and thanked the for the company. They hollered back at Slo-poke... Hey Dont do nothing I wouldnt do man, and if you do dont name it after me...And For God's Sake Please Wear A Condom! Been a blast running with you guys.Keep an eye out for us. Catcha Later. We waited for Slo-poke to get parked and all, we told him where we parked and to come on over to towards the entrance. Before I could get all the way out, I seen him walking towards our truck. My husband reached out and the two men shook hands and formally intoduced themselves. Chit, now I am nervous as a whore in church! I cant believe what is going on. I shut and lock the cab door and spin around to shake Slo-pokes hand and he is sizing me up! A look at husband, then an all
Yntb Chspter Seven
You Name This Blog...I Cant ! Part 7   We'd been running back with drivers going to everywhere that night.   The conversation got kinda interesting with these guys. They had some interesting cb handles. One was Politically Correct..and he was! Another was Toxic Waste...which is what I felt like..but that was beside the point. And of couse Slopoke. My husbands was porchdawg...and he was on everyones porch but mine. So these guys had been yukkin it up all night and asked me question. It was one they had made a bet on long before i ever picked them up on my cb radar! "So ....Ragdoll" "Yep..." "Gotta ask you something..." "Shoot.." "Ok..which do you prefer? A Long Hard Petercar...or a Nice smoothe Freightliner?" "Slopoke...youre innuendo is overwhelming...but if were talking about trucks..A long hard petercar, anyday!" I could then hear Slopoke say to the other boys.."Alright you heard her...I win!" My Husband picked up the cb microphone and hollered out.."Hey Slopoke" "Yeah
Yntb Chapter Six
  You Name this Blog...I cant! Part 6 I didnt exactly like the whole idea of having to go to New Jersey with my husband. But I cracked the head on my van and it was down, so I didnt really have a choice in the matter. My Dad had quit driving since at night he couldnt see, and the same for my cute lil Mexican stepmama! It seemed like no one had any money to spare. I wasnt proud of having to ask for it from anyone. I needed it and knew if I had to move heaven and earth to pay it back I wouldve. But hard times were hitting everyone. I got on the truck. It helped that I could already drive an 18 wheeler. If I helped to drive then I wouldnt have to be on the truck as long. I could be driving while my husband slept or just kicked back in the jumpseat. I dont know why he would even bother sitting up front with me. I could not hate another person more in my life if I tried. He repulsed me. He killed me inside. I wouldve rather been shot and killed, than to have this man in my life another
Yntb Chapter Five
You Name This Blog ! I cant ....Part 5 Note:  I'm getting these out there in the open rather quickly and Im not trying to blog gag y'all! Im just putting it all out there for you to read at your choosing!   I was sitting on the floor, in total agony. 30 days had passed and my children have not come home. I was a zombie at work. The bastard responsible for taken the photos had been arrested, but his parents got him out. He was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. His parents would be coming into work as I was leaving. The horrible looks that they gave me...How their eyes made me feel. The husbands glances were more of embarrasment, maybe something there that would suggest that he knew that his son could be capable of such acts, but would never admit it. But the mother's....Her looks were so sharp so penetrating that she had murdered me many many times over. I held no anger towards them. It was not their doing. It was their sons actions. A
Scegli Le Scarpe Sportive Sbagliate Mescolare L'afta
@@Scarpe da ginnastica non è solo il popolo esercita, di viaggio indispensabile a causa delle loro scarpe, Chocolate Hogan Boots scarpe, più confortevole, traspirante, e molte persone di solito si portano spesso. Come tutti sanno, è differente per le caratteristiche progettuali di scarpe sportive, se si sceglie non è buono, è facile rischi per la salute piantati. "In effetti, la maggior parte del ginocchio, infiammazione della fascia plantare e l'artrite ad esordio precoce sono dovuti a scegliere le scarpe sbagliate sportive nel movimento causato dal contrario, di scegliere le scarpe giuste per prevenire gli infortuni sportivi." Georgia, Stati Uniti Greensboro Scarborough podiatrist Louise Parker ha detto. Gli esperti sottolineato che l'usura suole può esercitare una pressione sul sito, i piedi osservando le piante saranno in grado di determinare quale tipo di scarpe sportive adatte. @@Forefoot usura laterale selezionare smorzamento scarpe sportive. scarpe hoga
Yntb Chapter Four
You Name This Blog! I Cant Part 4The very next day they came to my home and got the photos and asked me to identify every item in those photographs. I gave them what information I could, but without knowing exactly what happened, and when, I wasnt really no help.With my daughters in the summer care of their father, they could not be questioned yet. They would have to be contacted for questioning, and so would their father. Oh my god! That bitter, bitter man will now have all the ammunition needed to do the one thing he has wanted to do since our angry divorce 18 months prior to this happening...Destroy me!  My worst pains and fears were unfolding right before my eyes and I am truly without power or the resources to stop this insane nightmare I had found myself in. All thanks to my current husband, and his insatiable, selfish drug habit..Thats exactly what happened. My Children's father was contacted by cps. Without me, he took the girls to be checked out at the hospital for any evid
Answer These
Would you kiss me? [ ] Hell Yea [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ] already did(hehe) Would you do me? [ ] In an instant! [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ] you look to sweet to fuck [ ] already did Am I attractive? [ ] Heck no [ ] hot as Hell [ ] Fine [ ] Cute [ ] Okay I think ur pretty [ ] Sexy [ ] Ugly! Do you think im a virgin? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me... 4 things you would like to know about me? 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] maybe Would you rather.. [ ] Hook up with me [ ] Cuddle with me [ ] Date me [ ] Marry me [ ] Friends [ ] Do me What kind of underwear are you wearing right now? [ ] boxers [ ] whitie tighties [ ] thongs [ ] g-string [ ] granny panties [ ] boy shorts [ ] none What's ur favorite position? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [ ] 1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 [ ] 4 [ ] 5 [ ] 6 [ ] 7 [ ] 8 [ ] 9 [ ] 10 What would you want me to be to you or what do you think about me? [ ]
Yntb Chapter Three
You Name Blog ! I Cant ....Part 3 I was mortified. I was livid, I was beyond anger and numb with a rage, that I had never experienced before and to this day do not think I have experienced since. I had to work that night, I had these pictures...And the goddamned Bastard who did this was going to work that night also. How was I going to handle this? My whole world was falling apart. How could I go and be professional? I had to work with him. His parents have alot of clout.How could my husband do this to us? How could he allow his selfishness and his desire for drugs, create the situation to which I was now facing? I was losing everything I had and now my sanity is on the line. Had he done more than just take the photos? My kids had just left for their 2 week summer visitation with their biological father. I couldnt just call them up and ask the questions I desperetly needed answers too!I grabbed the photos and took them into work with me, and got my Leuitenant to take a few minutes aft
Yntb Chapter Two
You Name this blog...I cant ! Part 2 Current mood:indescribable I couldnt believe the diologue that had just transpired out across the airwaves in the wee hours of the morning. I felt so many things at once. Like I had broke thru a barrier within myself.  Was I crazy?  This is not like me! The compliant lil goodgirl. The meek and mild mannered self... that I had always been on the outside.  Inside just faunchin' at the bit to be turned loose, be free, be me... But also a rage was flowing like molten lava underneath the once calm shy quiet girl. My husband knew better than to say one damn word to me for the actions I had just taken over the cb. He may have been shocked, but he knew not to say anything to me all!  He and I were over. It wa
You Name This Blog Chapter One
You Title This Blog! I cant This blog is dedicated to my ability to be self depreciating, and still not suffer any ill effects from it! I only offer these things to be humorous..if possible. I used to be out there rolling up and down the highways. While driving I couldnt be one of those ppl who got into audio books and chit. They would put me to sleep.  There's no job or life security in falling asleep behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler.A sleepy driver no matter how many tires you are on, is fuken scary to me!  Moving the hell on... I found amusement, education, friends and a new mental freedom in the CB Radio. I was shy about getting on it. I would hear all kinds of things being made fun of out there. I really became defensive when fat girls were made fun of. I thought it was cruel. I took it personally. I was such a snooty patooty then. I got my feeling hurt whenever I would hear this crap! But I was much too shy to say a damn word about it! One night I was coming
Wolves express themselves in many ways. There is the howl-bark, which is usually a distress call. It starts out as a high pitched bark and quickly turns into a short howl. It's a "Wolf Alarm", a warning to pack mates of possible danger. There are the yips, yaps, squeals, and chirps of play. These sounds are also used to show submissiveness to higher ranking pack members. The Wolf Growl is distinctive. It is a very bass sound, which emits from deep inside the animal. It is a warning that should be taken seriously. The Wolf Howl is harmonic. The howl usually shifts pitches to achieve a discord. It is believed that this is done to confuse unwelcome visitors as to the actual size of the pack. It appears that Wolves love a good Howl.
The Facts On Love And Life Trrust Me Its Better Then It Sounds
                   this is the fact of love   Love is blind! one minute you know where your life is going and where you want it to go this is when the lights go out and you realized that you are all alone that everything that you loved and everything that was yours is gone only for the fact that you have been blinded and you can’t find your way around this alluring empty quiet dark place which is love some might find there soul-mate but there are some who are so scarred by the ones they loved love is almost nonexistent some might find the light again but with this shallow hole of darkness only few can climb out.                   and this one is the fact on life     life is hell and hell is life but how can you die if you havent lived and why you may ask am i saying this just read and you well understandlife is hell and hell is life why do you live just to die this is the question i have been asking my self for a long time. it took me forever to find the anser i have come
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                                                                                NET                                                                         (Neutral E-Turf)                                                    Please read and understand before you acceptThis is an alliance of turfs who are willing to back each other like family. All alliance turfs have an equal voice.  Even though I am the one who is asking you to join  my voice has no more or less power than yours if you are voted into the alliance. Every  alliance turf will have 3 people to represent their turf, but  only 1 vote per turf .The only ones who can call for an all out war are the ones who your turf has chosen to represent it. To be part of this alliance your turf will have to drop all allies that are not a part of the NET.  You may keep your old allies as friendly turfs if you want, but if the alliance calls war on one of your friendly turfs you must back the alliance and attack the turf the war was called
Help On Achieving The Cherry Inferno
Lots of people struggling on lvl 50 trying to get the Cherry Inferno.  It can be done, but it is tough!!  Here is a blog that is supposed to be everything you need to know in order to get it - so check it out!! I have a few friends that have achieved it as well, so if you wanna talk to me or them about it after you read the blog, let me know!!  I'm always happy to help!!     To sum up the essentials! I rebooted my computer and cleared my cashe in my browser and only opened the browser with Fubar in it to make sure my computer didn't begin to drag Turn off your SB, Skins, HTML content - all of which can drag fu down or distract you! Bomb from the top members list, not friends friends and family!!  You want to make sure they have all been bombed in the past 24 hours!  You can do the lifetime on the left or the recent on the right but pick the right or the left so you don't end up with duplicates!! I
What Is This World Coming Too?? Geesh
  WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO????? Three frantic 911 calls reporting a brutal face-eating attack are shedding new light on the painful scene passersby witnessed. "He's beating another man. It's a naked man beating another man," one caller said. "He is going to kill that man. I promise you." The grisly assault on a homeless man whose face was eaten by a deranged assailant lasted for 18 agonizing minutes and was captured on nearby surveillance cameras. The 911 calls were releaed by police late Friday. "He is beating another man to a pulp," one caller said. Another told police they would have no trouble finding the location. "Can't miss him, he's naked!" the caller said. Rudy Eugene, who authorities suspect may have been high on a dangerous new street drug known as "bath salts," had to be shot four times by a police officer to halt the cannibalistic attack. The victim, Ronald Poppo, 65, is in critical condition after police say 75 percent of his face was devoured by Eugene. Footage t
I am amazed at some of the stupidity that goes on around here....As I am sure some of you think I am stupid as well...None of us are perfect...But what really gets me the most id how "SOME" of you are taking advantage of the NOOBS around here,,,,Do you sleep good at night,,,,or do u think "ACTING" like you like someone to get their money is OK??? I know YOU think hey if they are that stupid its their loss!!!  Is it really worth it to stay RED!!!  I have noticed some of the USERS are falling down the food chain,,,,YEA KARMAS a bitch isnt it,,,,You can only use people for so long before they are like HEY u can kiss my ass!!!      Look I am far from perfect,,,,BUT I DO NOT USE PEOPLE!!  I would so love someone to come along and buy me whatever I want,,,,AND I HAVE BEEN OFFERED,,,but then guilt sets in for me,,,I try and pay back EVERY bling I get,,,ASK around ,,,,I have been yelled at for blinging people back,,,I try and help people,,,,Level people ,,,,and just plain ole have fun,,,If u
Mine And Daddys Special Day Out
I woke up this morning so excited because daddy is taking me for a special daddy and baby girl day out:) I am so excited. I am going to wear my favorite pink dress that comes just above my knees and it has pretty lace and bows on it.I have the most beautiful new black shoes and white lacy socks with pink bows to wear:)  Daddy said to put up my hair so it has ribbons holding in my pigtails. I was in a rush this morning and forgot to put on my panties. I hope I don't get in trouble.. We got in daddies car and I asked where are we going to daddy? He says it is a surprise for his special little 4 year old! I am bouncing with excitement. We go way out into the country and I fall asleep cause it is a long drive. We come to a stop and I hear the car turn off. Daddy says is my special girl ready, with my sleepy little eyes a smile and a stretch I say yay daddy im ready:) Daddy comes around and gets me out of the car and puts his hands between my legs to unbuckle my seat hehe daddy that tickles
Cant Be With You
I know how you feel for me But im too scared to take a step forward You know i got hurt before You dont know how painful it was I wasnt sure i would even get over it, but i did Now, nothing is the same My feelings is unreliable I know that i like you I know that i love you I know that i have fallen for you And i know that i wanna be with you But i cant It's not that easy not wanting to be with you Cause every moment I think of you I think of what your doing I think of what your thinking You're on my mind all the time And sometimes you make me speechless That cute smile you make So many great thing i see in you Makes me wonder if i even deserve you Now, you're talking to me about the future Baby i'm not even ready for the present Tell me what to do
Forever Broken
You came into my life, while i was still broken You showed me the way, and i follow You lighten up my world, when all i see is darkness I lived through the moment with passion Knowing your love for me, was so real Almost ready to give love a second chance Soon as we became one, i seen nothing but pain Kept it in me and showed a smile, as my heart keep aching All i wanted is to see you happy, but you said i never did Those words was like a knife stab me straight into my heart Wounds not yet healed Lights went further away End up as i was at the beginning, living in the darkness       Written By: MaryoOm BrokenHeart
I clear my mind and close my eyes And start my imagination, as it goes far, beyond the reality Hearing your voice one more time Whispering "I Love You" hearing you breathing right next to me Eye to eye, as we stand in front of each other My heart beats faster and faster as you come closer and closer Hoping that your soft lips would touch mine Heart to heart, as my love goes to you Wondering if you would accept it or turn your back on me holding hands and never letting it go that's what makes it unreal Because once i open my eyes, i realize it was my dying dream or my dying hope Cause i know it will never gonna happen I mean, who am i for him to chooseI'm NoBody       Written By: MaryoOm BrokenHeart
Someone In My Heart
Sitting at the beach and Staring at the round full moon With a bit of cold wind I close my eyes and i saw him And i heavily breath Cause when he is on my mind, my feelings become uncontrollable Feelings of the passion Feelings of desire Feelings of my attraction to him Feelings of my commitment & devotion to him Feelings of love Wondering would i have a chance with him or a moment to be next to him or even to have a glance of him Imagining how perfect his voice with be That would only keep me awake till the following day or wake me up from this dream Would it be love in one side or he would love me back       Written By: MaryoOm BrokenHeart
You're Not Ready, Dad
Hey dad Have you notice how much i change Have you notice how much i grow Or did your drinks froze your mind Everyday and night, i pray that you would chang but u never did because of your action, you lost your wife The woman you said is the love of your life And still. You haven't waken up You mess around, chasing one woman after another When you were suppose to be our role model You were suppose to teach us the right from wrong But all you showed us is a mistake after another one Alright, back to the ladies You think you can find someone who will love you back Unfortunately, not in this world Keep your hopes up its not too late And look around, you already lost But still you have time, to fix yourself At the end of the day I will always remember you as drank father Kind of father I'm not proud to call "Dad" Not now Not ever     Written By:
New Love
Never knew I could love again Never thought that I will have someone in my life You love me from bottom of your heart You treat me like I'm your angel And now its my turn to show you my love for you I like you from the moment I talked to you I love you from the moment your kissed me At that moment, my feelings for you grown stronger When I hug you, I never wanna let you go When you are next to me, I just wanna be alone with you I treasure every second I have with you, and keep it safe in my heart and mind Some words, I can't express And Others, yet to be discover I love you     Written By: MaryoOm BrokenHeart
Maybe A Friend, Maybe Not
My mind shut me out from the world And suddenly a thousand things hit my brain at once Then i see people moving but its blurry Their mouths moving but no sound With a blink, everything around me turns black Alone, standing in the middle of no where Asking myself Why I'm alone here Why there's no one around Where are my friends Where are the people who promise to be there for me Are they real or I'm just hoping that they are For how long I'm gonna feel this emptiness & loneliness inside of me I'm so exhausted of trying to be friend with someone Knowing they ain't gonna stay for long       Written By: MaryoOm BrokenHeart
Suddenly all the people who matters to me "disappear" And make up any bullshit excuse just so to be forgiven I hope it will be the last time, but sadly it became a habit The more i hear your bullshit, the you push me away I fed up and walk away Days become weeks Weeks become month later on, you call or txt saying you miss me What you except me to do Tell you that i miss you Tell you that i was fine, but all i did was waiting for you Tell you that you left a huge emptiness in my heart when u left me Did it satisfy you to torture me or did i became a toy for you to mess with You have done enough of damage already, why did you have To come back       Written By: MaryoOm BrokenHeart
瞒天过海 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 对7.23甬温线动车事故调查报告的评述。 机械设计过程简介 1,评估, 经济和社会发展的宏观评估 经济和社会发展的可能性,可靠性评估。 属地方政府的由地方党委,政府负责,属全国性的由党中央,国务院负责。 2&#
[wish You Were Here]
Tonight centered around some porch talk.And drama.And prolonged panic attacks.I didn't really settle in til I had a bottle of water, and some light conversation.... there's the cue for Pete.Weird timing.I got the offer to be someone's father.Twice.... does that even make sense?"I think he should just live here, he's a great guy, he can cook, and he's always cleaning up whenever something falls over or there's broken glass, or closing the door so the dog doesn't get out"."yeah! he could have our little pagan babies and teach them to cook for hot ladies, and teach them to be clever!"...That happened.So did drinking too much rum, and hitting on a GORGEOUS guy.... serious.I justhad to say something.Rum emboldened me.So I told him he was beautiful.He told me I was beautiful too... and then he asked if I was gay.I smiled and said "no... at least I don't think I am".But I'm pretty sure I was blushing.Then tail-wag tiny redhead and I got the demons out.Talked a while.And she claimed she weighe
I Saw This Survey On Someone Else's File And Wanted To Fill It Out.
Have you ever: Kissed your cousin:  yes, male. Run away: yes, 12 years old to the grocery store. Gotten arrested: Never. Played with fire: yes, caught my hair on fire while smoking. Broken someone’s heart: yes, not on purpose. Been in love: yes, many times. Cried when someone died: yes, pets..people not so much. Wanted someone you knew you couldn’t have: yes, many. Broken a bone: no, cracked a rib once. Been drunk: many times. Lied: yes. Cheated on someone: yes, on boyfriends who had cheated first. Which is Better: Coke or Pepsi: Coke, goes better with Jack Daniels Sprite or 7-up: Sprite Hot or Cold: Depends on whether it is weather?(hot), drinks?(cold) Flowers or Candy: Flowers, Carnations, or Day Lilies or Spring Lilacs. Scruffed or Clean Shaved: I hope my face is smooth, but down under is shaved. Quiet or Loud: When allowed, loud.
Enter To Win A Rock Star!!! Only Takes 1 Credit
Poetry From Under The Gun
lyrical Bastard   Trapped inside the feathered silence of your smile I falter Shaky trouble and clefts that refuse to hide her excuses anymore A cage of metal mirrors nestled between broken sunshine Putrid rain that paints your corpse upon my hands in hues of canary yellow and blood orange dead I am blinded by fear and filth and cemetary birdsongs Tripping on a beak full of foul notes and haunting whoever will listen to me and my pain In those unhinged sighs beaneath the bars of your dirty fingers is where I will find rest Touching the wings of severed harmony and explode into the sky
More Poetry From Under The Gun
Route of Your Evil   I know who you think you are but in essence you are an illness A heartless disease spread by your wanton selfishness to destroy the gift of human love and trust I feel your feet settled against the walls you created trying to kick it loose blaming the bricks that you alone stacked so high that even in regret you cannot see over to find yourself Your pain is a Beacon though the light is just another lie you expect people to eat and be satisfied with the taste It's murder the way you tug at the strings of this beautiful heart i have for unlike me it is forgiving I bet the silent shame is screaming you to sleep for the miles of ache you have delivered to the highways of anothers trusting heart The route of your evil
So Alone Tonight
So alone tonight no love I cry my self to sleep tonight alone tonight moon on my face dark over me I say not a word of love hoping love will come my way So alone tonight I wish I find love one day hold me dear to my heart true love true love So alone tonight no love I cry my self to sleep tonight alone tonight will love find me one lonely night someone love me tell me will I here these words one night So alone tonight no love I cry my self to sleep tonight bY Christine
Keep It Real
So we all know someone out there in the world that lies and doesnt know how to keep it real. Some of those people we meet online and others we meet in real life. I guess that people like that have to exsist in order for us to recognize and appreciate the real ones. Ive met alot of people online and for the majority of them they have been cool (especially people in the One Nation lounge) and I consider those people to be friends. In other words, I think we should all try to keep it real, if someone doesnt like you for who you are then they dont deserve to be your friend. So as we let BS be BS and leave it in the past we look forward to the future and hope to make as many friends as possible. Peace out 4 now and much love. *one nation, one family*
By No Claim
By my way of seeing things I am by no means claiming I am the best. Even it seems that I have more heart than most of the rest. I believe if you want friends than be friendly. Therefore I am asking here and now, if you want to pretend then be gone, just get the fuck away from me. I don't want any games played!! Its not proposing way too much at all to ask that you be real. Tell me the truth and I'll do the same. I already know that this isn't the way to go to find true love. Evidently true friendship may be asking too much from everyone. But I will promise I can be a friend. I don't use or abuse people. Just as I hope to not be used and abused. I have never lied and that is the truth. It just isn't in me to lie and I ask that no one stoop so low as to lie to me. That alone is disrespectful and if you can say nuthin nice then don't say nuthin at all.
Landlord Faces Prison For Tenants' Medical Marijuana
Just when you thought the unconstitutional acts of the federal government against medical marijuana states couldn't get any worse, they cross a seemly uncrossable line yet again. Now, if you rent out property, you can be subject to imprisonment if your tenant is a legal and licensed medical marijuana grower. Jonathan Janetski is a landlord of several properties, he owns property in Montana where medically approved marijuana is legal, and where licensed growers are needed to grow and harvest medication. It just so happens that two of Janetski's tenants (Michael Kassner and Tyler Roe) where licensed medical marijuana care takers and they rented from Janetski for their legal medical marijuana operation.   Under state law Jonathan Janetski can rent to whom ever he wishes, as long as his property is up to code, maintained and he isn't knowledgeably harboring illegal activity. Two of Janetski's properties were rented out to state approved legal medical marijuana growers legally,
Marijuana And Our Economy
It might not be by coincidence that marijuana is becoming such a serious issue during the current state of our economy. Is it possible after being prohibited and looked down on, that marijuana could be what breaths life back into the United States? Experts and officials are starting to say yes. Recently 300 economists signed a petition all agreeing that the legalization of marijuana could save the federal government $13.5 billion a year, simply by cutting prohibition enforcement and taxing cannabis sales. This might not seem like much when looking at our $1.5 trillion deficit, however it's financially a step in the right direction, and a huge step forward to using marijuana to it's full possible potential. California officials are looking at the math as well seeing how the state can save money by taxing legalized pot. Tom Ammiano announced the introduction of a bill similar to Washington's and Colorado's legislation to be voted on this November. This bill aims to tax and regul
300 Economists Agree, Marijuana Legalization Could Save U.s. Billions
More then 300 economists signed a petition declaring the legalization of marijuana could save the government over $13 billion a year, and that's just the start. The current state of the economy has put millions out of work, and has led to close evaluation of government spending. The the federal deficit is over $1.5 trillion and our country is practically owned by China, Japan, UK and religion. Now the people are speaking up about "common sense" governing, better spending and ridding Washington of corrupt money hording career politicians. Now economists believe they've found a way to make a large step towards repairing our country. Over 300 economists, including well known experienced forecasters and nobel laureates, have signed a petition siting the findings by Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron. Miron reports that if the government legalized marijuana to be regulated like alcohol and tobacco, the U.S. can save over $7.7 billion a year from not having to enforce prohibition. Miron
Hawty got a body like she does pilates..swag even uses karate when she gets naughty in the back of an audi...then she confesses when she text this..about showing you what a hotmess is,,driving you crazy in a lexus from new york to texas..she could have chocolate skin or pale to cinnamon swirlzzzzz that ass like its for dividends..a body that could bend for benjamins..might call her friends,get drunk and act like lesbians as they bring out the twins Its like let me in.with those seductive grins like Gwen...........Stefani............try to stuff one calmly while the other rubs stuff on me till I get all ornery,hit them bodies like they're built in the armory.oi oi oi :P
  "Sex (I'm A...)" Feel the fire, feel my love inside you it's so right There's the sound and the smell of love in my mind I'm a toy, come and play with me, say the word now Wrap your legs around mine and ride me tonight I'm a man - I'm a goddess I'm a man - Well I'm a virgin I'm a man - I'm a blue movie I'm a man - I'm a bitch I'm a man - I'm a geisha I'm a man - I'm a little girl And we make love together Slip and slide in your wet delight, feel the blood flow Not too fast, don't be slow, my love's in your hands I'm a man - I'm a boy I'm a man - Well I'm your mother I'm a man - I'm a one night stand I'm a man - Am I bi I'm a man - I'm a slave I'm a man - I'm a little girl And we make love together Skin to skin, tongue to oooh! Come on honey hold tight Come inside, it's a passion play just for you Let's get lost in that magic place all alone now Drink your fill from my fountain of love, wet your lips I'm a man - I'm a teaser I'm a man - Well I'm a virgin I'm a man - I'm a one n
Common Default Router Ip Addresses
Aside from, an additional personal Ip that is regularly used is without question, and additionally for example the alternative personal IPs, its own role is usually to sustain the computer data that passes through it.As with every other laptop or computer machine, IP address utilises routers to be able to pass on information and facts back and forth from the World-wide-web to be able to the networking system node. Aside from applying the Network Address Translation, the modem includes a public IP address. This is just what the computer systems in the networking system utilize like identifiers anytime browsing through the Internet.It must be explained that mainly certified network systems administrators really should have authority to access qualities along with their functions, as making any adjustments towards them may have an impact on the computer units incorporated with the actual computer network. Similarly, virtually any attempt to
Love On Fubar
For all the people here on fubar what do you think is  the percentage of people who have found the man or woman of their dream here on fubar I did I love Midnight Star and am changing my life to be with her I dont think im the only one post if you found the love of your life here Sincerly Ben
My Health
For those that do care or whatever I have been sick for almost 2 years with no diagnoses. They tell me it 's not Fibro, my labs for my thyroid came back good. We just odn't know what is wrong. I'm nauseous all the time, and topping that off with actual vomitting through out the day. I'm exhausted all the time and sleep is a joke, it's never restful.. My stomach is always clinched and aching and most of the time I cannot eat. My back is also messed up, my lower back is in constant pain as in between my shoulder blades. I have sensitive "nodes" all over my back, ribs and above my breast bone that they tell me are normal...How is that normal??   I'm just at a loss and have really not been myself. I dont come here much because there is too much drama and petty bullshit that I just dont care to be around.People you thought cared about you, really truly don't on here.      
Our Vows,there So Beautiful!!!
Judge: Sonny and Marissa, you know that marriage represents one of the most significant commitments you will make in the course of your lives. These vows you are about to speak are merely an outward symbol of the inward union of hearts which you have already achieved. Remember that it is not the words that you will speak today that bind you together as one: it is the love and trust that each of you feel within yourselves. For your marriage to remain strong, you must share more than love. The foundation of your relationship must include bonds of friendship and respect. Your trust in one another, and your willingness to accept each other's weaknesses as well as each other's strengths, will be the key to a joyful and lasting union. Your life together must begin with nothing less than the utmost of honesty existing between you. Remember that the responsibility for the integrity of this pledge rests only upon your own hearts. If you desire this new estate to be permanent, then cherish your
Oh Ffs
COUGARMOUNT Buzz:   loaded Level: Rock Star (20) Gender: Male, ? Location: 13463 Status: How do you get music on your page??? Thats cool   12:43pm COUGARMOUNT: Did ya take me off your shit list??? lol 12:44pm  Klover...: dont fucking start..i rarely block people..but have no issue with doing it again 12:45pm COUGARMOUNT: lol Im just pickin on ya geesh 12:45pm COUGARMOUNT: what ya up to today? 12:46pm  Klover...: working 1:14pm
It Been Some Time I Did Blog But Its Time Move On
There been a lot change to fu since I was gone, but I too went for ride too thing have change, team addicted still here .I meet few on here not write home about but ugly and turn offs, but I keep true my self yes my mind like play games history like come back bit me in ass, I been hiding a some thing from a lot of you some thing big even some of you know what it is, when I came back did alot changes to my profile this true even on facebook it was done, still prez of team addicted, still bad ass trouble maker but there is some one who keeps me in line no name will be giving she trouble all you need to know 
Redundant Much?
MARCUS GATE8 minshey baby I never seen someone so hot like u nice pics i like them all . u have nice body add me sexy i will like to be friends with u babe.     but seriously what a catch..and hes local! Im really tempted to ask him what part of the city he is I can avoid it like the plague...
F*ck You*
God Damn It Fuck It Yes Motherfucker Fucking Kill It Kill Every Mother Fucking Thing Fuck   Just Fuck With Me All Fucking God Damn Day Fuck   Fuck Fuck Fuck You   You Mother Fucking Cocksucking Bitch Fuck   Fuck Fuck Fuck You   I Fucking Hate You You Stupid Motherfucking Cunt Fuck   Fuck Fuck Fuck You   *(Dedicated To Motherfucking Google Chrome)
Easy Tips For Fixing Your Computer
I've been working on computers in one way or another for many years now, and the one thing that has never changed no matter how advanced they get is: THEY STILL LOCK UP. Now I try TO be a responsible guy when I'm working on my computer. I try to save my work on a regular basis "just in case" something goes wrong.  But every now and then I forget, and that is the time that my computer ALWAYS decides to lock up on me. It's like they put monitoring systems inside a computer that track when the last time you saved your work was... and if you haven't saved your work in an hour it plays a joke on you by locking up on you or crashing. (computer thinking to itself) "Hmm, he's been working on that song for 2 hours straight and he's so involved with it that he's forgotten to save it! Well, it's time to ruin this asshole's day! Muahahahahahahahahah!" So what do you do when t
Nose Reshaping
Rhinoplasty in Pakistan: Rhinoplasty or Nose reshaping or Nose job is a very popular cosmetic surgery in Pakistan. The procedure which is commonly known as nose reshaping is helped balancing the beauty of the nose of people especially youngster or any common men or women. Our parts on the face like eyes, chin & lips play a good role to make us look beautiful, but our nose plays main role for our beauty. A pleasing nose is harmony with the facial features. Humps and bumps of the nose could make the look of nose ugly but the cure of ugliness is here using the procedure called Rhinoplasty or Nose reshaping. Nose sizes could be increased or decreased, also we can alter its tip or bridge as you desires. Noses can be reshaped as per desires. We can divided the nose into upper fixed root, middle dorsum or bridge and the lower moveable, lobule or the tip region. All these regions of the nose could be changed. Rhinoplasty in Karachi is doing by the best surgeon of Pakistan. Nose too larg
What Is The Funnest Way You Know To Use Duct Tape
fun ways to use duct tape  . Keep people quiet during a bank robbery   Cover your exposed butt crack Buy your sweetie a dozen duct tape roses that won’t die  Make a homemade band-aid . Make a strapless bra to hold your girls in place  Instant babysitter for your little one Lint brush yourself Secure the luggage… err… the cardboard boxes on top of your car Catch bugs  Create a homemade mailbox Make a temporary hem Wrap up your iPhone  Create the perfect girdle Keep you focused at work  Make a pair of emergency sunglasses makes a good hair remover to   ok so I started the list now you all add to it  I want to know all the stuff you do with duct tape!                      
My Countdown To Hedonism Ii In Jamaica In June Continues....
FLASH! One (1) room remains after a cancellation for our group Well, the "Krewe de Krazy Life" and "FantasyFesters" are making final preps for our 6th Annual Rendezvous in Paradise June 16-24. Let's see. 1. Passports valid in hand-------------check2. Airline confirmations done-----------check3. Hedo confirmations done------------check4. Costumes laid out-------------------check5. Mindset for fun---------------------check6. Liver & kidneys tuned up------------check7. Tanlines gone or sunscreen packed--check8. Ready to leave work behind---------check9. Smile lines already forming----------check10. Buying me a champagne @ Hedo---check---lol. See you in 16 days or 384 hours--whichever comes 1st! Ann, TS
Considerate Is The New Caring
Considerate is the new Caring   Once upon a time, caring meant sharing what you had with those who were not as well off as you. Some people still regard caring this way; but with these times being so difficult for everyone, caring has not been seen very often by most of us.   Caring has taken a turn towards less broad application; and if widely accepted, caring will be seen as a mark of a real selfishly loving person. To be caring in regards to all aspects of personal interaction with others, being considerate best fits this level of care.   Nowhere in our culture is the lack of caring more noticeable than on our streets and highways. The rising of incidents attributed to roadrage have become a national problem. Selfishness has crept into the front of our minds. Our children’s disrespect for rules and authority have become our own. What we want and what we think has become our deep obsession.   Take for example the simple act of using a turn single to let other drivers k
Please Join My Fumafia..i Need Mercs!!
I need Mercenari
风雨如磐  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 今天,2012年12月31日,看了新闻联播,我不禁高兴的潸然泪下,共产主义生活扑面而来,这一切都来源于我们万能的保姆式的政府, 原来我们政府是如此地好,所以我的同事牢头说:抓我进精神病院是为了我好,我的&
May 2012 Musings, Rants & Cons Archive
May was a busy blogging month. Enjoy these archives: Farcebook: Anonib is back: Fake Maker Update and more Liars: BabyJ's Drama on Pimpout Change Day: The truth about, and a video: Fubar's Class Warfare rant:
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Police Raid Wrong House; Cause Fire
San Diego, California-  San Diego Sheriff's Department raid the wrong house for a marijuana bust, and a southern California family barely escapes with their lives because of it. Well if there wasn't just one more reason to legalize marijuana before, we just now found one. Deputies were on the track of a gunman that robbed a medical marijuana delivery service, and they obtained a warrant to raid the suspects home. The plan was in place, in and out with the suspect and no one gets hurt. But the raid didn't exactly go as planned. They bust in on an innocent family having dinner, the Houston family was sitting down to dinner when suddenly police storm into their home with guns drawn. Home owner Willie Houston didn't know what to think when armed men started ordering him outside,  "So I go outside to the door and they tell me to stick my hand through the bar and come on out and follow the voice and the light, and as soon as I get out they handcuff me," He said. The family was orde
Http:// In its decision striking down the federal Defense of Marriage Act on Thursday, the US appeals court in Boston acknowledged that the underlying legal precedents supporting its opinion are far from clear. oakley flak jacket sunglasses reviewsC The appeals court nonetheless went ahead and did something no other federal appellate court has done. It ruled that same-sex married couples have a constitutional right to receive federal benefits on an equal basis to benefits received by opposite-sex spouses. The decision represents another landmark in the struggle for gay rights in the US. But it is not clear – even to the deciding judges in Boston – how the US Supreme Court will ultimately view the case. “Supreme Court precedent offers some help to each side, but the rationale in several cases is open to interpretation,” Judge Michael Boudin wrote in the 28-page decision. “We have done our best to discern the direction of th
Hosting Reviews Provide Valuable Feedback From Customers
Website hosting reviews are vital because they serve like a road-map that could safeguard the completeness of your work, and the long-term worth of your business. Most essentially, hosting reviews offer a wide collection of comments and reviews that could help you pick the genuine web hosting company. The reliable hosting reviews even collect current information on web hosting site and breaks down their usual one year package based on storage space, bandwidth and pricing. After that, the data are abbreviated and at least two independent web hosting reviews included in the conclusive results. Assume this scenario - You are an online small sized business hoping to discover a best hosting service provider which could help to put your business on the map of internet. You Google one up and urgent subscription on the first affordable and reasonable hosting plan you discover. Few months later, your business is in shuffles because the attractive web hosting plan you believed turn
Tips For The Modern Father
PREGNANCY: A PREQUEL TO DISASTER There's a certain pride in knowing your seed is strong, always assuming it is your seed, but trust me, after that first three minutes spent planting, the farm goes straight to hell. Think of your wife getting larger and larger as a metaphorical preview of the way your wants, needs and drives will shrink to total insignificance the instant your first child is born. You'll still feel like you're a whole person worthy of recognition, but that's pretty much phantom limb pain. TAKE NO GUFF Back in your Dad's day it was a lot easier to take no guff, especially after he went out for cigarettes right before your eighth birthday party and never returned. Today's society demands a lot more of Fathers, so it's best to make it known your 'bullshit meter' is always 'on' right away. I recommend sternly advising your newborn to 'button that lip!' the instant their head breeches the birth canal. Anyone
What exactly IS a douchebag?
The Results Are In! "what Makes A Douche Bag Mcdoucher?"
 If you complain constantly, complain constantly about others complaining constantly,(you're just as bad) degrade others, disrespecting others, etc... To sum it all up, if you have no moral values, respect for others or for yourself, If this offends you! Yes, you know inside you're a Douche Bag. And you know what you must do to correct this issue.  Stay tuned in for my next thesis. You just never know what's running through my brain. :D :P (h)(h)(h)
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Even among white evangelical Protestants one of the groups michael kors watches most strongly favoring abortion restrictions just 3 percent picked abortion as their top issue of concern. Before Thursdays vote, michael kors watches Franks conceded in an interview that the measure probably would fail but said, I think were doing the right thing buy michael kors shoes strategically by forcing Democrats to vote against it. There are other strategies that can go with this. Its not a michael kors handbags naive strategy, Franks said, adding that he wouldnt be surprised if his GOP colleagues and conservative groups use the results michael kors purses of Thursdays vote to attack vulnerable Democratic opponents. The antiabortion measure is part of a broader summer-long strategy launched this michael kors outlet week by House Republicans to hold votes on legislation with little chance of consideration in the Democratic-controlled Senate that should michael kors watches regardless generate suppor
You Are a Losing Lottery Ticket! Full of hope and promise. But in the end, a cheap letdown. What Crappy Christmas Gift Are You? Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
Bedroom Personality
Your Bedroom Personality: Healthy In the bedroom, you are open, honest, and giving. You are the ideal partner in many ways! Anyone is lucky to be with you. You see physical intimacy as an opportunity to grow and connect. You are up for experimentation, but you don't require it. What's Your Bedroom Personality? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
On3's Summer Auction
Inbox me if you have any questions!   Update*6-1-2012 - 6 entrants so far. Keep em coming!
Just Dont Know Any More :(
I fell for you hard, i tried with everything i had, to not let go, all u ever did was yell, all i ever did was cry, i dont no why, but i love u so, that 1st day my eyes saw u, i already new we were ment to be, but how can u do wat u do, an yet u say u still love me, i just dont no wat to do anymore, should i stay or should i let go, im tired of fighting, for some one who dont want to be fot for, im tired of all the lies, im tired of the fights,
Limited Edition
I'm REALLY wanting a Limited Edition bling. Why? Because I want to get the achievement and I think they are pretty. I know that they are expensive, so getting one would cost a lot of money. But I am willing to pay you, here is what I have to offer. I have fuBucks...and if you name your price, I'll pay it...just be practical, lol I have 1 pimp out's yours I have one bling credit left, I can get you a bling with it I can also boost your family, if you want.     I know it's not much, but it's all I have.  What do ya say? Please??????
Get Payed To Party
Only if you live in the LA area, Looking for good looking girls 18+ that want to make some extra money, You Join our Promo team and party for free it's that simple, get at me for more details.
Another Thing Asked On My Yearbook, And My Reply """" Coke Vs Pepsi """
ER Q: You tried Coke and Pepsi, do you think they taste the same? my answer:Coke has a after taste asked by RevRaven Ironsmith A: well "" i differ here "" i`v always liked Coke more "" to me it has more ( coke flavor ) pepsi is like it`s name it has more pep, pep = How does a soft drink become fizzy › ... › Drinks and Beverages › Carbonated BeveragesThe fizz that bu 19 minutes ago · Comment · Like · View ER Leuallen Just now ((((((mmmmmm carbon dioxide "" same as found in cigarettes ))))))))"""' Real-life applications - Solutions › ... › Real-Life Chemistry Vol 2 › SolutionsS ATURATION AND D ILUTION. The quantitative terms for describing solubility that we have reviewed are ... Carbonated soft drinks get their "fizz" from carbon dioxide gas dissolved, along with sugar and other flavorings, in a solution of water. Science Clarified Science Clarified
Here`s One For All Those Imposied More Cigarette Taxes "' What About This "" !
Becky Leuallen then there`s car stuff sounds real close to the same word """ Automotive Exhaust Chemicals: disease causing effects Air and Breathing Becky Leuallen 10 hours ago now they need to impose the same tax as they did on cigarettes """ Automotive Exhaust Chemicals: disease causing effects A short list of the likely pathogens in car exhaust: Carbon Monoxide Nitrogen dioxide Sulphur dioxide Suspended particles, PM-10 particles less than 10 microns in size. Benzene Formaldehyde Polycyclic hydrocarbons Background Information - Adverse Health Effects of Chronic Exposure to Petroleum Combustion Products. On November 18, 1994, the first-ever conference on "Air Pollution: Impacts on Body Organs and Systems" was held in Washington, D.C. by the National Association of Physicians for the Environment. An abridged version follows. The relevance of this perspective increases with increasing a
If Things Were Different
If I was a good poet, chances are I would know it. You do own my heart, every single pulsating part. I am not ashamed to admit the truth and I ain't lying. If you were a king I would love to be your queen, all of my life and even as I lie dying. as I perhaps pass into another plain, I would never want you to feel torment or pain. I would wait for you, our love story can start again too. Everyone knows another soul that to no other can compare, and given one wish they would unite, no matter when or where.   Take this how you will, I'm am not doing this for any personal thrill. If things were different we could overcome this distance hurdle completly, having no worries of any kind concerning you an me. We could join together and outlast any bad weather. I know you will take me as I am and only then, will I pass the test and be able to feel like I did win. I love you loving me, that is how I know we will last through eternity.
Basic Lounge Rules
WELCOME TO MY LOUNGE - MY RULES  to lounge by: HAVE FUN, BE RESPECTFUL, but BE WARNED: Our Staff was hired to make judgement calls to keep our lounge a great place to hang and have fun. If you choose to exhibit inappropiate behavior, you can be banned with or without a warning. Lounge staff has the right to silence, eject and/or ban you FOR ANY REASON they deem to be inappropiate, it DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A REASON LISTED BELOW, but a few reasons are listed below for you. 1) NO OTHER LOUNGE PROMOTING, that means; NO LOUNGE LINKS OR  REFERENCES DROPPED INTO TEXT,    or for that matter, NO MYSPACE or YIM, etc etc, LINKS or REFERENCES EITHER. 2) RESPECT OUR STAFF and MEMBERS. Our Staff are there to protect our members, their decision to warn, silence, eject or ban is final. If you have harrassed or are "stalking" a staff or member outside of the lounge we will protect them, your actions outsi
For As Long As I Am Alive
For as long as I am alive I shall go on protecting those I love For I will make sure that we all will survive, Never giving up, will die to place water in your cup! For as long as I am alive, I shall always strive to make ends meet, for this deadly evil I shall have no problems, fighting fire with fire, that's the one evil that I am going to beat! Listen to my words as they travel all around, feel the vibration upon your feet as you walk upon thy ground, this is the sound of the beast, for he is loose, looking for his feast! For as long as I am alive, you never have to worry, for I will never let you die!
I Am Not Racist But This Is True.
*I am not white, but mixed but found this interesting when I read it on my friends blog.* You call me "Cracker", "Honkey", "Whitey", "Gringo","Bread", and you think it's OK. But when I call you Kike, sand nigger, rag head ,Towelhead, WOP, Camel Jockey, Gook, nigger, slant eyes or Chink you call me a racist. -You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? -You have the United Negro College Fund. -You have Martin Luther King Day. -You have Black History Month. -You have Cesar Chavez Day. -You have Yom Hashoah -You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi -You have the NAACP. -You have BET. -If we had WET(white entertainment television) ...we'd be racist. -If we had a White Pride Day... you would call us racist. -If we had white history month... we'd be racist. -If we had an organization for only whites to "advance" our lives... we'd be racist. -If we had a college fund that only gave white students know w
Being Red..
I'm red!!!   Where do I start.. What a week it's been.. I never actually thought I could do it.. I'm amazed at the people who stood by my side to do it.. Sometimes u never really realize how many people are in your corner til you try to do something u've always wanted to do.. Theres so many people to thank and I'm not gonna name names cause I know I'd forget someone, and then I'd feel so bad!! I just want to say a big shout out to everyone.. Everyone who let me buy into there family,traded & even some who added me for free and kept me until my journey was over! Thank you to the ones who was there just when I needed to be reassured that I could actually do it!! They pushed me not to give up and told me how great I was doing.. That means so much to me more than u will ever know!!   Thank you to the ones that helped with a few things that I needed to continue on my journey and I hope I already said thank you enough but THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart.. Some people want to b
Please go like her. She only needs likes to level. She works her ass off helping other people, so let's help her!!!   Thanks
Dva Bounty Hunter Hall Of Fame 14
{DVA} captin hero just KILLED VyNdIcTiVe ByTcH and collected a bounty of $26,598,548,276! {DVA} captin hero just KILLED Reznor and collected a bounty of $33,294,092,788! {DVA} captin hero just KILLED NOTwright and collected a bounty of $1,645,510,289! {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED {{{HD}}} The*Ge... and collected a bounty of $3,560,816,220! {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED kaflex and collected a bounty of $1,599,455,550! {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED nate and collected a bounty of $2,908,852,000! {DVA} captin hero just KILLED Rich and collected a bounty of $40,712,704,964! {DVA} captin hero just KILLED (BR) baby bunny... and collected a bounty of $3,168,696,480! {DVA} captin hero just KILLED Under-Pug and collected a bounty of
齐东野事 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 因为我可能为全国人大常委会委员长的职位。 (一)中国财政 中国流动性,使中国财政收入在全球金融危机极其困难的情况下,不包括未见数据报告的:非财政的收费和企业利润,2009年是最困难的一年,结果全国$
Yet another idiot on FuOwned.  Who among you fails to realize that this site is a social networking GAME and one sub GAME on this site is FuOwned?   It seems as though some people feel they have a real world  claim on other players~ as if you can ever own another human being! Get real...  I don't give a squirrel's furry nut sac if you have get bent because I buy someone from you in FuOwned. I don't do it to be a psycho, I don't do it because I feel I have some claim on any other person, I don't do it to be territorial~ or ay other lame`arsed reason you true nut cases come up with. The ONLY reason I buy people is because it's one of the sub GAMES I like to play. It's part of the GAME. If you can't afford it, find something else or play the game of Fubar more and make more FuBucks. If you can't handle competition, get offline and read a BOOK (can you even read?). If you're a jealous freak, seek a mental health professional for your issues~ daddy issues? abandonment issues? attachment
Just Random
Come a little closer flicker in flightWe'll have about an inch space but I'm hereI can breathe in what you breathe outLet me know if I'm doing this rightLet me know if my grips too tightLet me know if I can stay all of my lifeLet me know if dreams can come trueLet me know if this one's yours tooCoz I see itAnd I feel it right hereAnd I feel you right hereThe vacuous night steps asideTo give meaning toGemini's dreamingThe moon on it's back and the seeminglyVeiled rooms litBy the same starLet me know if I'm doing this rightLet me know if my grips too tightLet me know if I can stay all of my lifeLet me know if dreams can come trueLet me know if this one's yours tooCoz I see itAnd I feel it right hereAnd I feel you right here
Part 2
I remember this one summer when i was eleven. We were leaving to go to Suki Bay, we always left in late May after school let out, it was a warm, muggy day with clouds scattered across the sky like specks of paint on a blank canvas. We all packed up the old station wagon that my parents have had since the dark ages it feels like. My mom so was a petite woman with shoulder length blonde hair, mesmerizing sky blue eyes, and a smile that would not just light up the room, but banish any shadow to a dark corner of another room. She loaded up my duffle bag into the rear of the car and yelled toward the house, "Stacy, Psymon, Ariel, and Kris is that all of your stuff." "We need to hurry Aunt Melissa is supposed to meet us for lunch at Brickyard," she bark, knowing we still had the long drive, "we going to be late." Kris got in the front seat with mom and my sisters sat in the middle, but being the rowdy kid I was i sat in the back with the bags so i would have plenty of room to lay down or do
Jury Ends Eighth Day Of Talks In Edwards Campaign Finance Trial
Jury ends eighth day of talks in Edwards campaign finance trial (Reuters) - The alternate jurors in former U.S. Senator John Edwards' federal trial learned on Wednesday they could to return to their normal lives as deliberations dragged on about whether the ex-White House hopeful broke the law trying to hide an affair.  cheap michael kors watches online  U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles did not officially dismiss the alternates from duty but said they no longer had to report to the courthouse in Greensboro, North Carolina, each day. There was no indication that the judge's move meant the main jury panel was any closer to reaching a decision as deliberations headed for a ninth day on Thursday. Cheap Michael Kors satchels The 12-member jury must reach a unanimous verdict to convict Edwards, 58, of conspiring to use more than $900,000 from two supporters to cover up his affair with Rielle Hunter as he sought the Democratic presidential nomination four years ago. Prosecutors say
My Ragged Company.
Sometimes you have to pull stuff out of your arm...The knife was clean, the sink was filthy.I could hear a slide guitar in the background.And I started to squeeze.I think this is supposed to hurt. So I complain, I whince, I grimace, I yelp.There's a tiny redhead that wags her tail when she looks at me.Painted on jeans, twiggy and fragile. I wouldn't mind, but I try not to invite.Talk. Favor. Advise.Wonder what she thinks of battered condom wrappers, and novelty boxers, and men rapidly approaching thirty.I think I'm supposed to be happyso I smile, I laugh, I bump, I lean, step closer by step.Sometimes we rest in long, ornate boxes.The suit was clean, the body was empty.I could hear a slide guitar in the background...I think this is supposed to hurt,but nothing comes out.No matter how hard I squeeze.She told me she loves me.In a blindside without sex, jewelry, or tragedy.I wouldn't mind.I wish it had been the first timeso I could trustplungesuccumb.I think I'm supposed to be happy...
I Delete My Own Smumms
Problem?  Didn't think so
Best Places For Games!
I'm constantly on the pool table at
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 99
  (Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 99 of Janey Godley’s podcast, the mother and daughter comedy duo batter into subjects like The Queens Jubilee, Nazi football hooligans and a human cannibal.   Ashley debates the reasoning behind national identity and Janey does an impromptu rap. Podcast questions are asked and answered and William Shatner gets a mention which makes Ashley angry.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.    Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 99   You can check out all our videos on YouTube.   Check out Janey Godley’s Podcasts Comic Strip   Order “Handstands in the Dark” Paper Back or in EBook   Please rate us
Is It Only A Dream Or A Taste Of Heaven?
Chapters 3 & 4
Chapter 3 Infectious Grooves Nate is hating life so hard right now. He is seething in his car, waiting for Patsy to get her shit together. He will NOT sit in the living room with Sorry... GOD DAMNED WRETCHED SMUG PIECE OF TWATTY ONE LINER SPEWING SHIT! Patsy appears at his car door out of nowhere it seems, chirping like a bird... "Goody gumdrops Pats is here!" Her smile fades immediately as she sees his face...pinched and uncharacteristically sweaty. He manages to clear his throat and  croak out "Is that all you're bringing??" "Oh dear..." she says ominously     Nothing else is said as she gets in the car and lights a cigarette. Nate can feel Sorry's beady charcoal eyes on him from the second floor window and visibly tenses. He pops the clutch too fast and stalls out....purposely bangs his head on the steering wheel and lets out a long sigh. He then abruptly sits up and tries to start it again, this time pumping the gas too violently until it floods. "FUCKING SO FUCKING AWESO
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the michael kors outlet gunmen descended on Houla from an arc of nearby villages, making the deaths all the more horrifying because the victims michael kors purses could have known their attackers. According to activists in the area, the massacre came after the army pounded the villages with buy michael kors shoes artillery and clashed with local rebels following anti-regime protests. Several demonstrators were killed, and the rebels were forced to withdraw. michael kors purses The pro-regime gunmen later stormed in, doing the bulk of the killing. Syrian activist Maysara Hilaoui said he was at home michael kors purses when the massacre in Houla began. He said there were two waves of violence, one starting at 5 p.m. Friday michael kors handbags and a second at 4 a.m. Saturday. "The shabiha took advantage of the withdrawal of rebel fighters," he said. "They started michael kors handbags entering homes and killing the young as well as the old." Ali, the 11-year-old, said his mother began
Ups And Downs
“Life is a series of pulls back and forth. You want to do one thing, but you are bound to do something else. Something hurts you, yet you know it shouldn't. You take certain things for granted, even when you know you should never take anything for granted.” This quote is from the book “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom. Morrie calls it “The tension of opposites”. Never in my life have I felt this more real than I do these days.I know I’ve wanted things to happen to me recently. I’ve taken steps believing that I’m heading towards my goal, yet I already knew from the start that I’d never make it. At the times I am happiest, I am also the saddest. I’ve taken two steps forward and two steps back. Knowing that I’m at a dead end in my journey, I still trudge along doing the little that I can.“The tension of opposites”, I’m living it.
Getting Rid Of The Trash
Contrary to popular belief, it does not take a villiage to raise a child, it takes a good parent. I see kids running the streets at night. I see them violating my property, my neighbor's, threatening adults, they have even burglarized homes to just "hang out" in them. I was informed today that they will break in, hang out, have sex, leave condoms and drug paraphenalia around, then set fire to the house before they leave. And all the while, where are the parents? The police finally round up a few of them, and the parents then threaten the person who had their home violated. Are you kidding me? What the hell kind of parent lets their child be trash. Once upon a time, parents were held liable for the actions of their children. Parents actually cared and knew where their kids were, who they were with, and taught their kids to respect people's property.  At one time, the worst thing you could ever do is talk to someone's mother about their behavior, and momma would handle it
Trying To Help A Friend See.....
I suspect my friend's boyfriend is cheating.  I don't know if she's just in denial, or is just plain stupid.  I've been cheated on FAR too much to know that everythng he's doing (NOW), he isn't doing for her.  It seems his (all around) behavior has changed.  You would's for the better...but my assumption is, that's not the case.   Things he's doing differently: 1. He's showering more regularly.  Twice per week as opposed to his usual twice per month.  No, that's not a typo.  This guy is really dirty.  HORRIBLE HYGENE.  UCK!!!! 2. For the first time in the YEAR that they've been together, he shaved a certain body part (or at least trimmed it).  He's never done that one before.  Why now???? 3. He's been doing his laundry.  Most guys do the "sniff" test.  That's how they do laundry.  This dude is now, regularly doing his laundry.  Not only washing and drying.  He's also hanging and folding his clothes as well.  4. His house is suddenly cleaner.  No more dirty dishes in t
Sometimes You Just Have To Ask Yourself Are You Ready? ...
and after today I welcome change if the outcome is good or bad I welcome change if there is one thing I do get from this change is to be better but you always want more so you have to ask yourself what is for you in this life I like to think anything you want in this life you just have to have a need and I need this ... whatever the outcome is from all that I do will be who knows ... who knows.
I Do Not Know What To Do
I do not know what to do      bY Christine
Rockin It!
I'm totally rockin Hello Kitty pajama pants and a tshit today.       I'm not sure why I thought this was of importance, but yeah.
I just want to let  people know that i do know, that i am loved out here . i never talk about my  problems or life on this site ,cause it is a game. But now i have some people asking i guess it is time after 3 years of being on here to talk and not hide my daughter. I have a 15 year old daughter  named jessica, she was born with  many  medical problems. she is G-tube fed and has a seizure disorder and she does not feel and pain. she is roded and fused  in her back . she is my  Angel.Some people think i am a low life and just sit on fu all day, but i don't. i have a full time job. keeping my daughter alive.she has not gag so she can choke and turn blue and stop breathing at have no clue what it is like to resuscitate ur own child .this isnt not for ppl to feel bad for me. but maybe for ppl to understand me. and DONT FEEL BAD FOR HER SHE IS A FIGTHER . she  has made it  agaist all odds and she walks and tries to talk and can understand everything,BUT FORM TI
Growing Up Or Being Immature
Its really funny that when i joined this site it was for 21 and older.Just today a pic in my defult album was marked NSFW well to be blunt about all of this if its in a folder and you dont like it leave my page i am not forcing you to look at anything of mine.Now that this site has openned to a younger generation stiffer rules and regulations have been placed and everything has to be handled with kid gloves,remember you shouldnt try and judge me less ye be judge thy self.....or everyone lives in glass houses and all yall shouldn't throw stone if you get my point.
Cell Phone Bill. When Do U Stop Paying?
When should you stop paying ur child cell phone bill?
A Life Changing Career Decision
A life changing career decision   Two years ago I decided to pursue a new career; with all of my professional driving experience the most logical progression for me was to become a tractor-trailer driver. Big rigs have always fascinated me, the power and ability to move 40 American tons down the highway.   I made up my mind and chose Stevens Transport to train me. What a life changing decision that was. Stevens Transport is a family oriented company. They are focused on safety and fuel efficiency. I learned some of the most important information of my life from my teachers and trainers in school. After completing school and acquiring my CDL class A license, I found out what people who don’t drive big rigs hardly know or understand. So I started this blog to share my experiences and understandings with others. I hope that more people will consider being more cautious in their driving.   
New Metal Blog!
METAL Hello to all of you Metalheads out there. Just trying to get in touch with the Metal community here on Fubar! Just tell me some of your favorite bands, songs, etc. I am in a metal band myself by the name of Bovicide. We play death metal. My passion is music and I am heavy in to a lot of different types of metal and music in general. Respond and lets build the metal community here even bigger!     -RyanMeeks
Nothin Particular
hey everyone what up? i'm just being bored and frustrated tryin find some music to put on my profile and i'm havin no luck so i don't know. i wish i had a more interesting profile but idk i guess it isn'tthat bad.  if anyone wants to be fiends then just send me a request, peace.
我行我践 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性, 中国卡扎菲为了小私奶宝,为了自己永霸职位,永不退休的私欲,象发了母猪疯一样,用几个毫无关系的女性奴来腾挪。 要知道万山老仙是什么货色的老杂种。 看看吸毒成瘾的人, 各位网友就明白中国土皇帝是ߌ
Top Charming And Interesting Places To Visit On Darjeeling Trip
Situated high in the lap of the inviting and enigmatic Himalayas, the quaint and picturesque town of Darjeeling is globally famous. The town is known all over the world for its enigmatic and charming natural beauty, inviting landscapes, sprawling tea gardens and exciting collection of tourist attractions. More of all the pleasant and the cool atmosphere, scintillating sightseeing spots and more of all the cool and warm hospitality make it the most beautiful place and sought after holidaying destination in Northeast India. Darjeeling has so many charming tourism attractions and among those many some of the enticing and alluring attractions that are worth to visit during Darjeeling tourism packages are listed below: Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park Located few kilometres from the main town of Darjeeling, PHNZP or Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Park is home to many endangered which are on the verge of extinctions. Some of the worth to see animals are yak, Himalayan Tahr, Barking Deer,
Spazio Libero Nel Vostro Armadio O Camera Con Questi Suggerimenti Su Shoe Organization
Avete mai fatto un passo dentro il vostro armadio per prendere un maglione e vi siete trovati inciampare le scarpe che rifiuti il ??tuo spazio limitato pavimento? La tua collezione di scarpe occupano spazio prezioso scaffale che potrebbe essere utilizzato per memorizzare altri oggetti? Segui anche uno solo di questi suggerimenti in materia di organizzazione scarpa e sarai in grado di liberare più spazio nel vostro armadio o camera da letto per abbigliamento, borse o altri oggetti.Lascia la tua collezione di scarpe proprio spazio scaffale con la Cube Shoe melamina. Questo organizzatore è un modo divertente e veloce per portare ogni coppia nel suo insieme Cubbie proprio piccolo. Il pannello di truciolato laminato è robusto e la parte anteriore aperta permette di vedere tutte le scarpe a colpo d'occhio. Ordina qualsiasi dimensione è necessario gestire la vostra collezione poi metterlo nell'armadio o un angolo comodo della vostra camera. è anche possibile posizionarlo in un luogo in cui è
The Oakley Sunglasses Online Store Sale Discount Oakley Sunglasses, Cheap Oakley Sunglasses At Up To 30 To 60% Discounts,
The oakley sunglasses online store sale discount oakley sunglasses, cheap oakley sunglasses at up to 30 to 60% DISCOUNTS,   Joy Ellinger's pleas to get people to the polls paid off. The incumbent candidate to lead the Taylor County Republican Party has been encouraging area residents to vote for months, and she won as chairwoman again Tuesday night with 67 percent of the vote. oakley flak jacket sunglasses reviews "I'm honored that I have been elected to serve another term as Taylor County Republican Party Chairman," she said Tuesday evening, "especially in this critical election year when we need to get Obama out of office." The GOP chairman or woman is responsible for overseeing the county's Republican campaign and activities and for coordinating volunteers and precinct chairmen and women. Although excited about the win, Ellinger expressed concern about the low voter turnout, calling it "shameful" that people do not exercise their right to vote. Of about 72,000 registered voters
[while I Pass Time Hydrating]
1. What time did you get up this morning?10:00.  2. How do you like your steak?Medium, with some rice, couscous, good bread, or potatoes to soak up the juice.  3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?Avengers. Fuck yeah. 4. What are your favorite TV shows?M*A*S*H, Good Eats, Iron Chef... the one from Japan. 5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?Somewhere in the country, preferably with a mild climate.  6. What did you have for breakfast?Liverwurst and roast beef sandwich with horseradish/mustard. And granola. 7. What is your favorite cuisine?Yes. ... oh. Fuck. That's a very complicated question for me. I'll defer to "Spanish" for the moment. 8. What foods do you dislike?Peas. Genitals/reproductive/excretory organs. 9. Favorite Place to Eat?My kitchen. ... or The Plantation Steakhouse in Topeka. Five hundred yards from the ranch/slaughterhouse. Best prime rib I've ever had. Or Haywards in KC That place is magical. Or Jasper's in KC, that place is noice. Or
Part 1
My life started out simple, I was the son of parents from a middle class family, we were far from rich, but we had a good living. I grew up the youngest of four kids, my brother Kris was the oldest was five years older than me. He was your average bookworm, always had his nose stuck in a book or working on his schoolwork. Then there was Stacy, my oldest sister, she was four years older than me. She was like most blondes, had the drop dead looks that would make traffic come to a stand still on the interstate, but had the smarts of a deer in the headlights of a oncoming car. Next, is my sister Ariel she had the looks and brains of my brother and sister put together. She was the real deal, with the looks that would drop your jaw and the smarts to blow your mind. Even though she was only a year and a half older than me she taught me everything i learned as a child. We lived out in the country roughly seven miles from Turtle Creek in Cali. Every summer my brother, sisters, and I would all
HARD TIMES Buzz:   tipsy Level: Grasshopper (3) Gender: ?, ? Location: 98701 Status: NOT DECENT.   10:37pm HARD TIMES: I bet your cunt stinks like old tuna fish thats been sitting out in the sun for too long 10:38pm FvckingCan...: is pretty clean, i keep tidy down there. 10:38pm HARD TIMES: yeah right 10:39pm HARD TIMES: i bet you don't shower or have AIDS 10:39pm FvckingCan...: disease free too  imagine that.. 10:39pm HARD TIMES: so you're insecure about yours and
In this walk through life I have learned that we all experience a plethora of emotions and feelings that range from Pain to Passion, Charity to Greed, and most of all Love to Hate. This is the story of a man's journey with an over abundance of twists and turns that come from the experiences in both his life and the lives of others. I welcome you to travel with me through the journey seen through his eyes. If you choose to observe this story unfolding who knows maybe you will learn a thing or two, and then again you might not learn a damn thing. If you do i hope you can picture in your mind's eye the details surrounding this narrative. I hope you enjoy this story as much as i enjoy writing it. I am in noway a writer, but the positive criticism are more than welcome, and for all the haters get over it.
Let Me Help.
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In eight career starts michael kors watches at Rangers Ballpark, Oswalt is 2-5 with a 4.78 ERA. He lost his last five starts there, but those were buy michael kors shoes against the power-packed Texas lineup that would now be playing behind him. Oswalt last pitched against the Rangers on June 27, michael kors outlet 2010, a night when slugger Josh Hamilton hit a homer several rows into the upper deck in right-center field way michael kors handbags above the Texas bullpen. The drive was measured at 490 feet, the longest home run ever hit at Rangers Ballpark. Hamilton, michael kors watches talking before the team had confirmed the deal, said Oswalt is a good pitcher that would be a good mix michael kors purses with the Rangers. "He's been around a long time, he's had a good career and obviously it's still going on," Hamilton buy michael kors shoes said. "I'm sure just like anybody else, he'll come into the clubhouse and fit right in just like anybody else michael kors purses would.
Get To Know Me!
  1. What time did you get up this morning?  11:30 =]  2. How do you like your steak?  Well done 3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?  The Lorax 4. What is your favorite TV show?  I really don't watch much TV 5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? This place is looking pretty nice 6. What did you have for breakfast? I don't eat breakfast 7. What is your favorite cuisine? Mexican 8. What foods do you dislike? Liver 9. Favorite Place to Eat? Casa Garcia 10. Favorite dressing? Ranch 11.What kind of vehicle do you drive? One that runs  12. What are your favorite clothes?  Jeans and a hoodie 13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?  Ireland 14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?  Half full, most of the time 15. Where would you want to retire?  No clue 16.  Favorite time of day?  night 17. Where were you born? A hospital 18. What is your favorite sport to watch? I don't watch much sports.
First Names
A guy and a gal met at a bar and hit it off. after several hours of drinking and just having a great time. the guy asks the girl what her name was, she says "carmen".  He replies, "wow , your parents did a great job of naming their daughter, carmen is a beautiful name for a beautiful lady!" Carmen says, "thank you, but I named myself carmen." the man asks, "how come?" carmen replies, "I named myself after the two things i love most, cars and men" carmen then asks, " hey, whats your name?" the man replies. "B.J. Titzangolf"
Dress Code.
Coming to a determination that not all dress codes mean the same thing when it's business casual. So us group of gals in our department was pulled into a quick meeting that our casual Friday was placed in jeopardy last week. One of the doc's got highly pissed about an un-named individual for the attire worn. It's funny cause I can think of one that has direct patient contact and blatently had her huge arm tattoo's showing. I don't mind seeing that but not sure I'd feel the same way if I was the patient. Does this type stuff offend you in a doctor's office? We may have our casual Friday's taken away because of this. I try to keep in mind if it's a question about it in mind, just don't do it. Oh well more to come I'm sure.    
In My Time Of Dying......
I tear my heart open...I sew myself shut My weakness is that I care too much My scars remind me that the past is real I tear my heart open .........just to feel.....hell of a life I'm existin' in...... no benefits for PTSD, TBI...nothin'.....just because I put my hands on a bitch-ass LT. when he made a fucked-up comment about the emotion I was displaying for a member of MY fuggin' fire-team who had bled out not ten minutes before........I was still covered in his mother fucking blood cause I had my mother fucking HAND jammed in his leg trying......trying so so so very hard yet so very futilely to close off the femoral artery that had been torn......So , yea....I kicked the LOT's ass right there on the the boot....but fuck WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!
Station Closing
Station was closed back in December of 2011, due to lack of interest by the staff and a lot of bs from several people here on FU. I had invested every penny possible into the station, paying for the servers, licensing fees, music rights, website, domain name, high speed internet, a second computer as a server, a backup hard drive, music, etc., etc., etc. Not to mention all the countless hours spent online DJ'n and building the station and website. Since I only have one income, it was a real strain on me financially, to provide this service, but I did it for people to enjoy it... Just as I am very passionate about music, I felt I could provide a quality online station that anyone could love. Apparently NOT, since most people wanted to argue and fight about who was where, when they were there and why. The kind of things you would expect to see 5 year olds do... NOT grown ups... Seems like they never grew up. I had spent most of my time on FU just trying to keep peace between a few of
Stupid Encounter #95 (internet Thugs)
SinAfterSin: tough internet thug...i would give u my address but u wont use it 2:34pmmore To SinAfterSin: some little country boy kentucky perhaps?? 2:34pmreply SinAfterSin: indiana, born in chicago 2:34pmmore To SinAfterSin: LOL im not the one talking shit of kicking your ass now am i so how am i a thug?? 2:34pmreply SinAfterSin: dumb ass 2:34pmmore To SinAfterSin: ohhh hoiser that explains it all lol 2:35pmreply SinAfterSin: 7434 meridian hills ct apt f 2:35pmreply SinAfterSin: indianapolis 2:35pmreply SinAfterSin: feel froggy, leap bitch 2:35pmmore To SinAfterSin: and trust me ya wouldnt want me knocking on your door lmao 2:36pmreply SinAfterSin: whatever, lol 2:36pmmore To SinAfterSin: lmao did you just use the 1980s froggy saying damn 2:36pmmore To SinAfterSin: you dont have any new material do you 2:36pmreply SinAfterSin: im a 70's baby fool 2:36pmmore To SinAfterSin: let me guess you are googling the cut downs 2:36pmmore To SinAfterSin: well ya got t
[from A Married Woman]
Can you fill this out without lying?Probably, but I'm not saying that I won't. Whats the last thing you put in your mouth?My tongue. Where was your default picture taken?My room, next to some very old curtains. Last time you cried?uuuh... man, I dunno... It probably had something to do with dogs Can you play a musical instrument?I play a mean stereo. Last time you walked further than a block?Today. Name someone that made you laugh today?I haven't really laughed today. How late did you stay up last night and why?At least 3:20. Later, but that was about the last time I saw the clock. I don't really sleep all that well. If you could move somewhere else, would you?Yes. Ever been kissed under fireworks?Yeah, and they were professional grade, downwind, and I got a nice hot chunk of rock-sand lodged in my eye from one of the effects... Do you believe exes can be friends?Dear. God. No. But then, my exes have all done pretty terrible things to me. Do you like calling or texting bette
I was hopitalized back in Febuary for awhole month come to find out i had a virus called sepsis and my mom is bitching saying Tim is the cause of the situatiom what fucking situation He did give me the dam virus its not contactable dam.Also She likes to judge dam people before She even gets tp know them that pisses me off bad.Also she is saying that prison is the same thing as jail it isent he is in jail and the dam envalope has the word jail on it no prison he isent sentence to there yet and wont be cause he fucking just got it for possesion of stolen property and breaking entry and assult shit.Everybody makes mistakes and hopefully learns from them.
Bridge For Hologram
I know you miss me I know you miss me I know you miss me, I miss you too I've been wandering the world, looking for you But it's time to face the truth The cold hard fact That I'm dead and I'm gone And I ain't never coming back Never coming back Never coming back Ain't coming back home
Hello to all I hardly ever ask for help but this will cost you nothing but a few seconds of your time I need 5k in likes to level up so plz just a click is all I ask.. Im having a Happy Hour tonight also and I will be running a raockstar so come get ya some points.. Thank you all in advance much love Heather
Im on bedrest right now so I have nothing better to do than think about stuff. Can someone tell me what the big deal is about being red? I mean i have seen people loose friends over this. Is it really worth all the money u spend on it? Sure I have spent some on here.. I love the site.. Im not hating in anyways. I was just curious as to what the big deal is? Was you made fun of in school or somthing and u gotta spend money to be popular on a internet website? Im just so glad I got a real life outside of this place. cause if having friends means i gotta buy into a Family then thats pathetic. Alot of ruthless people i have seen on here.. And somthing eles that bothers me while im Why is it red people think its ok to talk to me when i run a GM or FAMP but not while im not running a damn thing! Cause from now on if u cant be a real friend and talk to me while im not running then dont think im gonna let u buy in my fam. Im very good at ignoring people..  When i run stuff t
I had surgery on Friday for Carpal tunnel on both hands.. sorry if im slow at getting back with u all. im still in alot of pain but i have not forgot about u.. i should feel alot better in a week or so,,please dont think im ignoring u.. love Megan
Set Sail!
I set sail upon this winding river to travel as far as I can in hopes in finding all that I am the beer drowning my pain but at the same time is harsh on my liver as I place a message in this bottle and set it lose in hopes that the answers to my questions on who I am will be delivered! 
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Advice on Getting Burberry handbags Currently Burberry handbags tend to be attaining more and more popular between many other high-class manufacturers of purses. If you are burberry bags on sale cheap looking for any right females Burberry bag, then there are several options for you to pick a great one. If emilio pucci dress you need to end up being special, you can even buy some pre-made as well as tailored ones. Not too long ago day spa san francisco plus much more Burberry handbags you can purchase, and you'll get them through many different ways. For instance, either invest in these inside the a store inside the area or perhaps purchase on the web. It is possible to choose the best getting strategy. Apart from the variations along with spots to purchase, it's also wise to take good contemplation on the costs. In the event that moment is actually permitted Cheap Burberry Bags Outlet you can search the world wide web and compare concerning the prices burberry crossbody bags made
On My Yearbook, I Had One Hell" Of A Life !
  Becky T.I. - Whatever You Like [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Source: © 2009 WMG Whatever You Like (video) 35 minutes ago · Comment · Unlike · View You like this. Write a comment...   Becky
Sever.........written By Syn apart Quickest way to my heart the bone Pain is like a pheromone in half No better way to make me laugh   Now take your shiny knife!! (if you want to abuse me) You can scar me for life!! (you can never refuse me) by limb Don't hold back just make it grim the lung Now lick the crimson with your tongue the face Maim the parts I can't replace   So take your shiny knife!! (if you want to abuse me) You can scar me for life!! (you can never refuse me) Watch as blood pours out of me your nails Bleed me dry when all else fails a grin Cauterize then start again  
What Are People Saying About The New Album?
“The Reticent is progressive in the truest sense of the term, and remains one of the best-kept secrets in metal. Hopefully this time around Le Temps Detruit Tout gets the attention it deserves. It's already a contender for 2012's best album.”  - Hard Rock Haven  -   "...Le Temps is a remarkably solid affair. The album is filled with various harmonies and textures that all blend perfectly together to produce an ambiance that not many albums have." - Metal Blast  -   "The different textures populate this CD providing a unique, peaceful sound as opposed to a gloomy atmosphere and a good flow between these cuts. " - Queens of Steel -   "Truth be told, anyone who doesn’t like to think should readily avoid The Reticent. The songwriting and performan
High Potassium Side-effects
Potassium is usually a natural mineral that will help all of us look and feel and also be healthy everyday. Although the majority of of the potassium in the body is within the cells, smaller volume, around 2 or 3 % of the whole potassium contents within the entire body, of this mineral is available out of the body cells. Potassium is needed by our own body for the purpose of smooth muscle as well as cell running, cardiovascular system performance, muscular contraction, neural transmission, regarding the conversions of glucose right into glycogen as well as building muscles, and so forth.It is known as 'natural diuretic' since it is effortlessly utilized by the body and just about 85-90 % of it is passed from bowels and also filtering organs. Mainly because of its actual alkaline function, it can be a extremely important mineral which assists the body system retain ph levels as well as to keep appropriate amount of water inside of the human body. The most vital features of potassium ins
断子绝孙  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 断子绝孙之人形肉盾。 为了给既成事实的小私宝和自己不退休拖时间,每过几天,又要祭出王小丫,栗坤两具人型肉盾。 2011年7月11日,今天老杂种又故计重演祭出王小丫,栗坤两具人型肉盾,为了给既成事实的小私
Breathless Life: A Life Without Limits
Breathless Life: A life without limits If you have ever wanted to use your imagination to reach a level of existence you have never heard about, here is your chance. This topic is not far-fetched and it is not science fiction. It is true and real, and nowhere will you find other people freely discussing it. Why (?), because the world, and the rulers over people, do not want this topic ever to be shared. And they are willing to do anything to stop it from happening.   This topic is not for anyone who has placed all of their faith and trust into the things seen in this world. If that is you, then leave this article and go play with something. If you want to know the hidden truth behind man and the deep mysteries of life, then this will surly set you on a path of discovery that will not have anything that resembles an end.     To first grasp the depth and the truth behind Breathless Life, you must be willing to seriously consider the Word of God written for all of mankind. Without t
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Absolute VIBEZ Radio; 24/7 Hit Music. Check out Absolute VIBEZ Radio tune in listen, chat or just hang out with us today.     Absolute VIBEZ Radio
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Keep your bold and sleek style on lock down with the posh Hamilton Small Shoulder Flap by MICHAEL Michael Kors.   Former British prime minister Tony Blair’s testimony at the Leveson Inquiry into media ethics was interrupted on Monday by a heckler Michael kors outlet bags. At the time Blair was being questioned over his government’s relationship with Britain’s powerful newspapers in particular those owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch.  cheap michael kors watches online  Blair had already admitted he had avoided challenging the influential press because it would have drawn him into a potentially damaging fight, when a man burst in accusing Blair of corruption and calling him a war criminal. Blair who remains deeply unpopular among some for his decision to take Britain into the Iraq war, quickly denied the heckler’s allegations. But Iraq and Blair’s subsequent accruing of a substantial fortune since leaving office continue to divide the British public
In Loving Memory Of My Mom
I think about you night and day Trying to keep myself occupied But nothing takes the pain away I can feel you smiling down on me Knowing Together is where we'll  always be It hurts when i think bout the past Wishing our time didnt go by so fast You were more then my one true friend You were my Hero, my Teacher Who always had a shoulder to lend Above all the wonderful things you were to me You were my MOTHER In my eyes, the greatest there will ever be My only regret is I never let it show How much I love & need you still You'll never know In my heart i can hear you say To not dwell on what was done yesterday And for me to think about all the beautiful & positive things Cause you never know what tomorrow brings So now, I wont think of this as its where it all ends Even though I cant touch you I know your here with me as my life begins
Why are ex's such assholes? When do they decide to become the person they claim they're not? Seeing the way they act after leaving them makes me wonder what the hell I was thinking. I wish sometimes I could record what I see and play it back to them and say "See, this is why I wont take you back! You're a pathetic loser!" You think you're still in control? Think you have power over me? Well thats where you're wrong. You nor anyone else ever will. I appreciate your attempt to win me back with the "Oh I'm still in love with you" and the " I need you baby, you're the only one for me" Well sorry babe, I've moved on. LIKE A G6!!!!
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FuWhores love calling other FuWhores a FuWhore... Hypocrite much? Let us break it down, shall we? This website is nothing more than a social networking game, and the keyword in this sentence is "game". Why then do some people seem to take a game so seriously? Some people on here take this site so seriously that they are willing to whore themselves out for pennies, hurt people's feelings, lie, cheat and become morally bankrupt by just about any ethical standard. For what purpose~ that is the question.  I have been contemplating this one. I suppose one could hypothesize that Fubar itself is like any other social group. In any social group, you have tiers~ like rungs of a ladder, there are some people at the bottom of the social order, while others sit at the top looking down on everyone else. All societies and social groups have this hierarchy, so why would this type of environment, an online society of sorts, be any different? From what I have observed, it is no different and holds
[your Viewing Pleasure]
I didn't have anything notedly insightful or markedly poetic to say today.You may have noticed a flood of music in my videos section.It's shit you mostly don't listen to.Nobody does.The Jpop is about true love.The James Brown is about some niceharddrugscalled funk.Beck is Beck. Always has been.And then there's the Blues.The words. The rhythm. The melody.It's about exploding. Very quietly, and hopefully out of everyone's way.It's about going to bed by yourself, and still sleeping with the enemy.I've not had a particular emotion the last few ... weeks?Mostly an irritation and lonliness.Prevailing. Not really subsiding.If you watch, and maybe re-arrange, and put it all back togetheryou'd have a better picture than I do.Fuck I want to stay home and drink tomorrow.Just long enough to miss work, and smoke a cigarette.These feelings might not be relevant in six months.The trophies might fall off the wall.The scars might fade.But the music will remain.
Indiani Di Pelle Di Capra Prezzi
@@India, la situazione migliora di approvvigionamento di pelle di capra, capra, i prezzi alti è salito 2,00 rupie. hogan scarpe Pulire un numero considerevole di attesa riserve transazioni sono ridotti. Di categoria TR1-2, 3/4 e 4/6 metri quadrati di domanda lana, i loro prezzi sono aumentati del 2,00 rupie. I concessionari piuttosto venduta una piccola quantità di produttori di 3-4 piedi di pelle di pecora in pelle scamosciata, perché permette loro di ritirare il proprio punteggio inferiore, il rating più basso per TR2 categoria non sarà acquirenti ad accettare. 5/8 metri quadrati di domanda di lana, ma l'offerta è limitata, il suo prezzo nominale è aumentato 3,00 rupie. Domanda di pelle di pecora Suede costante ha continuato ad aumentare ogni settimana, ed i prezzi pecore sono aumentati del 10 per cento negli ultimi sole 3-4 settimane, e si aspettava i prezzi migliori marche salirà ulteriormente. La stabilità dei prezzi, delle persistenti necessità dei produttori locali d
Defense And Love
I have found a new strength, a new faith. I have a new facet and it does fight back when you awaken it. But, this facet is not your past demons and evils, so do not dare compare it to them. It will never degrade you, make you feel less than you are. It will never strike you down and never strike back physically. It will restrain you when you strike it and envelop you with it's loving arms.
Say What??
I see many people on this site with some type of warning about not using their information for purposes of studies, etc. Warning to any institution and this or that, attempting to prohibit such institutions or individuals from using their information for the purposes of studies. *laughing* Well, sorry to say, ladies and gentlemen, that you gave up your right to privacy as soon as you posted publicly. Granted, you may have certain considerations extended to you if your profile were more privatized, such as viewable by friends only;  however, I want to know what ignoramus originally came up with the copy and paste version of this nonsense, and who further encouraged others to follow along.   Observing what you do on a social networking site is fair game, similiar to observing human interactions at your local public park. You know that People of Wal Mart site (if not, check it out~ it's hilarious!)? They cannot be sued because going to Wal Mart is a public action, and there are no crimin
Fall In Love
Fall In Love is a funny thing you do not know how long it will last or it's true. Fall In Love can be a mask just to get in your pants. Fall In Love can be laughter in your life . Fall In Love can be spontaneous at times and playful. Fall In Love tension and to menage to stress. Fall In Love smile and have laughter in your life. Life is about choices understand yourself, your behaviors, you thoughts beliefs, and you motivations. Fall In Love yell to the sky build each step that is important to you never look back Fall In Love for ever.. bY Christine
Word And Acronym Of The Day
It's been a while since I've made one of these. I hope I see you all use these tonight!!! ;)   Word of the Day:: Logslam To fuck a girl so well, that she will never be able to forget your name. Acronym of the Day:: ASAGDMFPB As Soon As God Damn Mother Fucking Possible, Bitch   When do you want me to logslam you? ASAGDMFPB   Just trying to keep you all smart ;)
Sport Bottles
Caps If there are products that are always in demand, all through the year and all around the world, they have to be caps and plugs. These are universal products with an amazingly wide range of applications, which means that there would be industries that may not be able to come out with their finished products unless they had caps and plugs to complete their work in process. Every container and every thread needs sealing as well as protection, and every fluid has to be kept in its place, safe and secure inside the bottles or other forms of containers that they are transported in, from the manufacturing plant through the supply chain to the ultimate selling point before it reaches the customer. Caps and plugs are involved in this highly important activity of protecting edges and threads from losing their mettle or damaging other surfaces, while also preventing vital ingredients and materials from leaking out of their containers. Further, caps and plugs also play a key role in protecti
Sexiest Man Contest
I am holding a sexiest man contest.. I figured men have all kinds for women so why not for men? The contest will begin 5/29/2012  at 12am (est) and end 6/1/2012 at 12am(est) *Entry fee is 6 million fubuck * NSFW pics are accepted ONLY IF your face is in it * Prize for winning is 20 million fubucks   ** Daily votes are encouraged.    ** Rules are final so have fun and good luck!**  
Who Are The Biggest Liars? - Chris Rock
Who are the biggest liars, men or women?   -Men!-Women!Men lie the most,women tell the biggest lies.   Men, we lie all the time.We lie so much, it's damn near a language.   lt's like, to call a man out for like playing basketball with a retarded kidand calling him for double dribble.You gotta let some shit slide.   Men, we lie all the time.You know what a man's lie is like?A man's lie is like, ''l was at Tony's house.''l'm at Kenny's house.'' That's a man's lie.  A women's lie is like, ''lt's your baby.''   We've all heard that one.-''lt don't even look like me.''-''He's got your hat.''   That's right. Who the biggest liars?Women the biggest liars.   Look at you, all of you.You're a fucking liar. You!You're a liar!   You're all liars. All of you are fucking liars!   Masters of the lie, the visual lie.
About To
I like to think that I'm one of those users that rarely blocks  people and has my profile set to anyone on here. But I'm about to set my shout box to friends only.   What makes BOYS think it's okay to come in my shout box asking me if my boyfriend is the one asking me to poke me in the ass.   WTF? Really?    Some people have absolutely NO class.
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And that's why here today we resolve that it will not happen again," he said to applause.The president noted that many Vietnam War veterans have gone to airports to personally greet soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, many michael kors handbags of whom joined the military in response to the September 11, 2001, attacks that triggered the now-unpopular wars."Across America, communities have welcomed home our forces from Iraq, and when our troops return from Afghanistan, America will give this entire 9/11 buy michael kors shoes generation the welcome home they deserve. That happened in part because of you," he said.Obama asked all of the veterans in the crowd to rise to be recognized. "Welcome home. Welcome home. Welcome home," he said.Veterans and family members wiped michael kors watches tears and sweat from their faces during the ceremony, which ended with a fly-over by Vietnam-era aircraft including a B-52 bomber.ohn Hoffmann, 67, of Springfield, Virginia, served a year in V
Darkforce was'nt seen getting obscene on your scene..just came through and threw obscenities in your many of me like I'm a fucking you from those amenities when your an enemy..pick them bitches out like stems and seeds stomping'em as I please.Pimphand your fam like a brothel...They'll find your fossil..thinking your death was so hostile its possible you were an apostle...possible you thought its optical and later was always optional..All that return to sender..looking at why to hit enter??when its set a soul on fire and leave the heart a cinder..Get mad stay mad!!miss what we had??dont fit those you took the risk to keep it crisp,thinking I won't feel dissed tooken off your list.shake my fist cause that shit got me pissed!!!losing reason to reminisce the moments that did exist! !Not a fan?? Fantastic!!Understand I have no plan to stand in the stands with your klan thinking you're bombastic..not popping a rubber band or swiping the plastic...I'm the
I can never get my mind off her, I wonder if she'd mind if i'd, make her my own, and never let her go, hug her tight, treat her right, act all polite, take her on a date, make sure i'm never late, kiss her on her lips, talk about our kids, Make her feel like princess, living in a castle, hope that is not too much hassle, But i am so blessed, hope i can be the best, hold you tight, have your rest, on my chest, pass the test, NOW YOUR MINE!
What Is Happiness?
i'm a weird kind of guy yes i dress werid to a lot of people like right now i'm wearing black tripp shorts a black dickies shirt a pink and black tie with special chuck taylors with the riddlers and question marks all over them in 98 degree texas weather but in my opinion in what makes me so weird is that i havent trully felt happy in a long ass time and yes it's the same bs story that a lot of people have.  I lost my mom when i was 17 years old and i lost my grandma when i was 12 i delt with the depression and pain and i'm ok with both of them being gone now yea it still hurts but i know there still here with me but what gets me is if i'm so ok with them being gone why cant i get happy i've had some really good things happen in my life in the past 4 months i finally came home from being over in south korea for a year i got to see my family i recently just got my first brand new car a 2012 mazda 6 (yes i know i'm a american soldier and i'm driving a foreign car 31 mpg that's all i gott
Life And All The Bitching
my life is not easy by no means the life of a soldiers is trough but i steady the crose and drive on we cant let life get us down when we hit a wall as a soldier we go over it under it arounf it or through it life is the same way so stop bitching and just man up and get back inro the fight bacuse we can use the man power that we alll have in our hearts and use our pride and desrtoy the enmy and be the best, so fight and dont give up dont quiet and dont say never
Love Blinded Me - 621
Don't leave me all alone, don't go far away, there will be no light and you won't hear me say..... Trust me, I won't burden you, I am able to make you feel good, in the early morning or late at night I have, will and would. By the light of the moon I have dreamed of me and you, even I need and want it so much but no other male would do. You are the first I have seen and until your attention is caught, the truth will stand and hold your heart and soul is always what I've saught. I can't see your attempted tries, and my heart it slowly cries. I don't know the words to say, so you will not leave and want to stay. Its true, love blinded me, it hurts that I can't see.
This Is Why I Say Do Not Fall For Me.
  :00pm DemonHawkx...: unplugged the wrong usb cord when i tried to reset my cam lol, thats why i dropped the call 2:05pm Blingy ST: k.o have fun on ur drive 2:15pm DemonHawkx...: dont know if im gonna go or not, gas isnt cheap 2:15pm Blingy ST: well ok 2:16pm DemonHawkx...: its taking everything i have not to come back to you for more. i just dont know if i can handle it either way 2:17pm Blingy ST: RaWr Dan. Rawr. you dont want any of this . 2:18pm DemonHawkx...: thats the prblem i want all of it. i want you, i need you no matter what i will always love you. and its goin to be the death of me 2:18pm Blingy ST: lol you should go comment your real feelings on my new photos 2:19pm DemonHawkx...: lol i got sum pics i should have comment on 2:19pm Blingy ST: ill comment you if you do me.. comments of course  2:20pm DemonHawkx...: lol well id have to give you access
As the words "I ♥ you" escape my tounge, your breath carries into my lungs. 1 by 1. I feel velvet lips attach to mine as I feel 2 ♥'s intwine. As I gaze into the depths of your eyes, I see they luminate more than the sun. When you grasp my waist and our souls pull together I know it'll last forever
Seeing And Believing
Seeing and Believing Contrary to all the popular acceptance of the two being different, they are not. Seeing is believing on the surface, and believing is seeing beneath and beyond the visible.   Seeing is not limited to those who have eyes, seeing is perception made by the senses; all senses see, just differently. Anyone can argue that a nose cannot see, but the smell of a rose will bring to mind a rose just as clearly as it would be to someone looking at one.   Believing is the highest form of seeing. But not just your everyday level of believing; Man is the only living creature that has the ability and the responsibility to believe deeply.   Many have tried to change their life situations by believing themselves into a different level or type of living experience. If believing only involved man, then the depth and power behind it would be limited to what man could do.   Believing involves a connection; with man, and a power greater than man. Seeing this connection and cons
Sign Of The Times Ii...and A Memorial Day Special.
First of all kids, have a happy and safe Memorial Day, especially those in the upper midwest and in the southeast that got smacked with the backwards Tropical Storm....and it's HOT!..anyways, just wanted to say hey and leave you with some "sign of the times" thoughts this holiday weekend. Figured I'd share something for ya all on this holiday. Big time player/fake/old/con/whatever it is coming soon...stay tuned...remember, I can't make this shit
How About Relationships
Still Here
Yes, I'm still here and yes, my foot still hurts. Still no swelling. I think I have figured it out..... I walk on my heel and lift myself out a chair or off the couch on my heel. Never put pressure on the heel or I am in of world of pain. But other than that I am A-OK. I'm still asking that no one make me concentrate. I took some pain releiving meds and they are not helping yet. I'm gonna try to make it until I can get into the emergency room. This is just another wall that I will get through. No worries....   If you try, everything can go alright. Even when you might start second guessing. Just stop yourself and know that everthing will be alright. There are those people that hurt others when something isn't going right and that is just not cool. Its stupid!! How does that fix the problem? It doesn't. No how, no way!! So just step back and come to the realization that everything happens for a reason and everything will be alright.
Lonely for the one I’ve said goodbye to though knowing it best for both her and me still ... still there is the hole within where our improbable love had been.   Though I’ve never seen the lady,  though she’s never seen me…   Lonely for the words we’ve written and the thoughts we’d shared and the countless lines of...   She has a husband I have a wife neither, we say, will leave our life, still…  
明目张胆 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 整了你,又如何,我们有靠山。  2011年7月22号今天开会,因把我整进精神病院的一些同事大闹车间, 我猜:甚至可能为此找了厂里的许多领导, 他们愤怒地抗议: 为什么同样是整我的人,有的人升官了,有的人发财
Fall Säsong Med Snygg Jacka
Bli kär i igen med tidlösa klassiker uppdaterade med en lekfull kant för 2010. Viktiga modetrender i år representerar bärbara stilar och lyxiga tyger som handlar om att bygga en vacker, funktionell, långvarig garderob. Djurtryck får en stil uppdatering i en blandning av toner och texturer. Styles är romantiska men edgy, Franklin Marshall t-shirt blandning denim och spets. Militärt inflytande fortsätter att vara en het trend i vinter. Ytterkläder är Calgary: s uttalande Piece Vuxen mode återspeglas i fint skräddarsydda rockar, slängkappor och tröjor med betoning på minimalistisk, rena linjer från Sao Paulo och Spanner. Höstens neutrala färger kryddat med kontrasterande tyger och glamorösa accessoarer från Snö of Sweden smycken. Stickat är en minskning Must Have Tunga texturerade stickat förkroppsligar allt som är mysigt om kallare dagar och designers som Eric Alexandre och Sandwich lek med andelen i allt från ärmlösa linnen till draperade golvet längd Cardigans.Franklin Marshall pol
Plus Size Mode Kjolar
När det gäller shopping för plus många size kläder kvinnor ofta hamnar i samma gamla köpmönster och undvika att prova nya saker.Franklin Marshall polo t-shirt Titta på kläder på rätt sätt kommer att hjälpa dig att inte bara ser bra ut men det kommer också att göra inköp mycket eaiser. Här är några bra tips på vad plus size kvinnor bör överväga med sina kläder som kommer att göra dem ser ut och känns bra. Klä dig för din kroppsform Kvinnor finns i alla former och storlekar och hur du kan klä kan antingen plattare eller förstärka de problemområden Franklin Marshall t-shirt vi alla har. Vad kan se bra ut på din vän kanske inte fungerar för dig, det är förmodligen för att du har helt motsatta kroppsformer. Det är därför det är viktigt att du räkna ut vad din kroppsform är och identifiera de områden som du föredrar att hålla sig gömd, så att du kan klä att se din bästa. Håll borta från baggy kläder Många plus size kvinnor tror bär säckiga kläder kommer att smickra deras siffra genom a
Stupid Encounter #94
vandeph: hi there, how are name is Heavy Duty, and i film and produce adult movies here in Phoenix, im in have the look i need for a project. ever thought of some print and film work? 4:02am iC51NerdyB...: Heavy Duty? Now thats a name I can trust... May 28, 2012 2:47am vandeph: it is a name you cant trust, 2:47am vandeph: ??? 2:49am vandeph: hello again, you dont think you can trust a name like Heavy Guty, its just a name i picked up working 2:51am iC51NerdyB...: Yeah but its like... If you asking me to get nude for you shouldent you have like a professional real name when you introduce yourself? How approprite is it to be like my names heavy duty... If you were an agency you would not use a name like that which is why people dont trust you 2:56am vandeph: im not an agent, thats why i dont use my real name. my company name and real name are on all contracts and documents that are signed, i prefer no
Best Winter Tour Package In Delhi Shimla Manali
Delhi is the capital of India and is famous in the whole world for several reasons. shimla and manali are two nearby places of Delhi and come under the state Himachal Pradesh.  shimla and manali are two most preferred tourist destinations and are known for their captivating natural views and wonderful environment. Most of the time shimla and manali tours are planned from delhi and people from different parts of the country as well as world arrive in Delhi and then proceed their journey to manali or shimla. Delhi being the capital of India is famous in the whole world and is known for the perfect blend of Indian culture and modern tradition. Also called as the heart of India, it cordially accepts the people of different religion and culture and hence, it is the most loved place of India. Tourist from different parts of the world arrive here to explore the heritage of India and to view the rich culture and tradition of ancient India. Emphasizing on the demands of tourists, the special D
I have friends and I have "friends" now I am slowly maybe to slowly learning who fits where in my life. Now you may be wondering "What the hell is she talking about?" Let me explain: I am sitting a friends house right now yes a friend not a "friend" and just an hour ago I was sittting here telling My Baby and a few others in their Lounge that I was told to leave because he thinks I ran mouth about his kids. When in all reality I was trying to stand up for him and his kids to someone who would do just that and run their mouths as he was telling this girl everything that goes on here, now just so u know I dont run my mouth about anyone. Well as I was gathering my thing to leave he stopped me and asked me what I was doing. I stopped, looked at him with my *are you serious* *Ur an idiot* look and asked REALLY!? He looked confused (keep in mind hes trashed) and I said "Don't talk to me" "leave me alone" and turned and walked back into the bedroom to get my stuff, he proceeded to follow me a
Herve Leger Black Bandage Dress White Edge
When it arrives to prom night, the preparations get began quiet earlier specially amid girls. Prom evening is recognised as a unique celebration held in educational institutions and substantial educational institutions normally on the finish of year. So a The Herve Leger Bandage Dress is not total using a total attire up and total fledges character that night. a single understands quite properly that how significantly value does a prom attire have, not just on for your prom evening but additionally for other occasional in which there is must carve the character prints. Now how the prom apparel of 2009 are obtaining ready right after the Cheap Herve Leger Strapless Dress 2012 created a remarkable mark inside the market. These are all valued for getting offered to just about every a single and also to any type of customer. Prom attire assortment is truly a worried subject and now web have created it less difficult to obtain it according for your pocket and thoughts from divers
Nepal Braces For Instability Ahead Of New Election
Nepal braces for instability ahead of new election KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Nepal braced Monday for months of political instability and street protests after a midnight deadline passed without agreement on a new constitution, triggering fresh elections. Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said the country's political leaders had failed to achieve their goal since their election four years ago and he said a new vote would be held in November. oakley flak jacket sunglasses reviewsC "We have no other option but to go back to the people and elect a new assembly to write the constitution," Bhattarai said in his announcement broadcast live over television. The government put security forces on high alert and riot police were patrolling the streets of the capital, Katmandu, though there were no reports of violence Monday, police spokesman Binod Singh said. Police clashed with protesters Sunday outside the Constituent Assembly, where political leaders from the country's four main p
Honky-tonk In The Garage.
I tried to take the road without footprints or signs.I tried to laugh at your mistakes.I tried to smile at the blatant attempts.I tried to say goodbye.Instead I held my breath.Waited for you to turn and walk away.A handful of hope, and mischief.Trampled fine, dribbles a faint trail home.Whatever that is...Bleeding quietly from tightly clenched fists.Grasping desperately at the fade.Didn't mean to lose it. Bit by bit.The moment where there was nothing came silently.My hands. My mind. My heart was empty.I feel like I could find my way back...But there's a lingering impression that I shouldn't...What changed about me?What broke, fell off, burned?Or was I always this defunct?Hey... if I told you the truth.Right now.About everything...Would you hate me too?
Obligatory Jpop.
I wanted orange.Backlit smoke and porch-talk.A damn site stranger than table.This is the song I fell in love to.Swaying a bit, keeping that involuntary rhythm my awkward father taught.Dances across your fingers, wiggles in your knees."I love you... have I ever told you that"My eyes were distant.It hurt not to say it back."Nah kid. Not once."She held me. Not quite reaching my neck.Not quite melting.I gave a non-commitalbeer-holding return.I had to be honest...I was thinking about otherslight, fragile vegetarians."Well I'm gonna tell you twice."It dangled waiting to dissapate like the richchocolatey smoke, and flowery smell of young woman.A faint trace of iron and sweat."Thank you".A trace, a guide, a linger.Seated. Crickets. Napping.My brother left this place years agoto the wild urban deserts to the west.Thing he missed the mostThe sound.The creek, chirp, and chaos of life.Beautiful, fickle, and some nights still.I watched her for unbroken eons.Quiet. Unflinching. Pacified.Maybe for th
Love is never lost.If not reciprocated,it will flow backand soften and purify the heart.At least be there to wipe away my tearsif you're going to make me cry.You can fall in love in an instant.It's letting go that takes time.
How This Website Maintenance India Making Your Business A Globally Competitive
Making business is a big task that you get into. You should have the idea of how you can increase the traffic of your store and make it more popular. But how? Because of what modern technology can do to us, having your own website online would be such a good idea. You will no longer going to somewhere else to promote your business. People are fond of using the Internet and the computer at home and for this reason making your own website can help a lot to your business in increasing your popularity as well as your products. But you must take into consideration that maintaining a website can be undertaking to you and it you are not aware of how to maintain your website then it is useless because nobody will take time to visit your website. You should have the maintenance and the expert for your website. There are a lot of webmasters now but you should choose the best one that can give you what you are like for. This website maintenance india is what you are looking, for making your websi
Today, as part of our team meeting, a colleague and I took the team through an exercise. It involved splitting them into smaller groups, and getting them to rate each member of the full team on a number of personality trait 'spectrums' (eg: most extraverted to most introverted). That colleague and I get along great, but are polar opposites in most things (he drives me fucking bonkers half the time, as I do him). On any decent measure of personality (ie objectively judged), whilst we have some traits in common, we are extremely different  - this is relevant, trust me. Each team had 16 personality spectrums, and there were 13 people to rate across each spectrum. With the exception of one group's rating of one parameter, I was at the extreme end of all the parameters. Sometimes DIFFERENT extreme ends (I was most open, and most closed, for instance) but always an extreme.    So was my colleague.   At the same end.   Every time. We jockeyed between 1 and 2 but it was always way out
Stupid Encounter #93 (ffs)
9:23pm MrBigDick: a question. What would you do if you stayed the night at a party, and woke up to find some jokester literally glued my open mouth around your bare asshole and you woke up with bad stomach pains and having to fart? 9:45pm iC51NerdyB...: Turn around and Shoot you in the head... sorry I sleep with a Gun under my pillow... and if I had to drag you to the hospital with me at least your'd be dead first! 9:45pm MrBigDick: That's better than a fart or shit in my mouth, so it works for me 9:46pm iC51NerdyB...: Smart I believe Id shit first 9:46pm MrBigDick: What? 9:47pm iC51NerdyB...: Shit then shoot 9:47pm MrBigDick: Why? 9:47pm iC51NerdyB...: IDK seems more fun 9:48pm MrBigDick: But there would be no point in shitting 9:48pm iC51NerdyB...: Yes there would cause think bout the person that has to clean your mouth out at the odtopsy 9:49pm MrBigDick: Okay, well atleast you would
L'arte Di Professionisti Scarpe Da Donna
@@Come una donna in carriera, piedi, scarpe sicuramente non va presa alla leggera. Piccola area della scarpa, hogan scarpe ma ha una grande influenza sull'immagine complessiva. Le cosiddette "scarpe buone" deve essere in grado di proteggere i vostri piedi e fare delle passeggiate comode e guardare bene, e la vostra carriera, il ruolo commisurato con la forma complessiva impeccabile. Se si riesce a prestare attenzione ai seguenti principi, possiamo farvi graffiare gli Stati Uniti ai piedi. @@"Comfort livello di" principio di priorità. @@Donne professioniste a lungo, accompagnato da un paio di scarpe comode. Quando il piede non è più soggetta ad eccessiva oppressione, schiavitù, il 100% della fiducia in se stessi si viene naturalmente fuori. @@Si consiglia di acquistare le scarpe nel pomeriggio, perché i piedi nel pomeriggio sarà una leggera espansione in questo momento per comprare le scarpe da indossare più comodo. @@Prova
This Is From A Friend, Written For Me... Please Comment If You Like It As Much As I Do!!!
"Damn, that air feels good," he said as he lifted his finger off the electric window switch and put his finger out of the car and into the cool night air.You glance at him with only your eyes. The bulge in his pants has gotten larger. He slides his hand closer to his inner thigh. You turn your attention back to the road and grip the steering wheel a little tighter."I fucking love nights like these," he says as he stares out the window. The scent of night now dominates the car. "Cool, cloudy... just a bit of moon."He turns to you. You feel his hand push away your hair, leaving your neck exposed."God, your neck is fucking gorgeous," he says as his fingers barely slide down your neck. The sensation sent down your body feels like the night air inside your body. Your tummy glows with warmth. "We should pull over," he says as he slides his hand up your sundress. His moves closer to you and kisses your neck. His lips are wet and warm and intensify the warmness in your tummy. Musc
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 turning to Afghanistan, which might be one of the biggest challenges C definitely one of the biggest challenges that the nation faces right now and you face. At the NATO michael kors purses summit, President Obama and the administration made it clear that the combat mission ends come midnight December 31, 2014. But the chairs of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees just returned from Afghanistan and they say that from their briefings michael kors handbags there, they believe that the Taliban is actually stronger now than since the surge began. Do we have a plan in place in case after the U.S. combat mission ends, Afghanistan or parts of it start falling to the Taliban? michael kors watches PANETTA: Well the most important point is that we're not going anyplace. We're gonna, we have an enduring presence that will be in Afghanistan. We'll continue to work with them on counterterrorism. We'll continue to provide training, assistance, guidance. We'll michael kors purses continue t
Birthday Memories
sitting here i start to dream, i think about a lush flowing creek. Gently flowing through the woods, natural walls of rocks surround this quiet little stream.... then i start to almost hear your feet lap against the water, as you stand behind me grinding into me, what i most desire.... remember back to what i wore, that short grey skirt (i am such a flirt) with satin underwear.... my bare feet planted on the cool flat rock, you simply bent me over and slid in your cock.... the stream couldnt drown out my moans and cries, as you brought me to orgasm again, and again... your fingers in my ass and on my clit while you drove into me so deep... we finished together enjoying the wet hot explosion with your grasp on my breasts... i melt from your touch, since the very first one, memories of times like this, remind me again, and again...
My Dream
I had a dream the other night... its been hanging with me for a couple days... i keep thinking about it, it was so hot wet steamy and just mmmmmm..... u were there, so i want to share it with you.... maybe u will know why im so stressed when u hear about it, i hope i do it justice im not sure i have the vocabulary to actually paint the picture for you.... but i will try....i was dreaming and asleep alone in bed.... i was just taking an afternoon nap... needed a little rest... i started feeling a warm hand on my leg... slowly making its way up.... waking up my senses on the way toward my knee... then a second hand joined in on my other leg.. slowly just gliding up my legs....stopping on my theighs for some light massage... and gently pressing them open....then i felt a warm breath on my inner theigh followed by a warm wet kiss.. gently working upward..  gliding by my pussy to the other theigh to give a warm wet kiss there too, then slowly working up to my pussy lips where
My Vision
i have a vision... i want to share with sitting on the leather sofa wearing a tank top and shorts. we are just sitting here watching the news with a couple glasses of wine....when i stand up to go to bed after the news you grab me gently wrapping your arms around me with a warm strong embrace you kiss my neck and nibble my ear gently... your hot breath on my ear and neck, makes my whole body get weak from desire... my knees start to bend slightly and your hold on me tightens so you can work your way to the other side... you are gentle but firm you are taking what you want... doing something you have been thinking about doing for a few hours while watching me drink wine relaxing with you after a long day... you take one hand to grip my breast... holding it, rubbing it, starting a fire inside me... you lay me down on the couch, continuing with your hand on my breast working it out of my shirt so i can feel your hands on my skin burning me up with desire... anticip
Broken Arrow
What do you do when you're stuck, Because the one that you love, Has pushed you away, And you can't deal with the pain? And now you're trying to fix me, Mend what he did, I'll find the piece that i'm missing, But I still miss her, I miss her, i'm missing her, Oh I miss her, I miss her i'm missing her And you're sitting in the front row, Wanna be first in line, Waiting by my window, Giving me all your time, You could be my hero, If only I could let go, But her love is still in me, Like a broken arrow. She's the thorn in my flesh That I can't take out She's stealing my breath When you're around, And now you're trying to convince me, She wasn't worth it, But you can't complete me, She's the part that is missing, I miss her, I'm missing her, Oh I miss her I miss her, i'm missing her, And you're sitting in the front row, Wanna be first in line, Waiting by my window, Giving me all your time, You could be my hero, If only I could let go, But her love is still in me, Like a broken arrow. Like
Burnt Dinner
im cooking dinner... its almost ready... everything is on low just simmering.... u know ive been in a bad mood for a couple days and just dont know what to do for me... but you decide to be sweet, and kiss the back of my neck while im bent over the stove.... and the warmth of your lips and the heat of your breath just drives me over the edge.....i lean into your kiss as you bring your hands to my hips causing a burst of flames to shoot from my neck to my hips... and below... you turn me in your arms, and grab my butt ... while you kiss my neck, and nibble my ear... all i can do is moan from the pleasure of your touch...  im instantly on fire from your attention... the look in your eyes as u pull away from my face tells me how much you want me, your eyes are clouded with passion as you gently pull me around the corner toward the bedroom...  i follow you as if there is an invisible leash connecting us... our eyes are locked as you lead me to the kiss my neck, and

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