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Can Ya Do This??? Lol
Dear Melinda, I _____ you. You have a nice _____. You make me ___. You should _______. Someday I will _____. You + me = ______. We should __________. If I saw you now I'd _______. I would build a _______ just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be _________. If I could I'd give you ___________. We could __________ under the stars. Love, _______________ (P.S. ______________.)   REPOST THIS "DEAR (YOUR NAME)" ON YOUR BLOG AND SEE WHAT ANSWERS U GET... this should be lots of fun!! and you can really make someone's day. Or you could just make them laugh really hard....
BITCHOLOGY ........... When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. It means I have the courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't become anyone else's idea of what they think I "should" be. I am outspoken,opinionated and determined. I want what I want and there is wrong with that! So try to stomp on me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every ounce of beauty I hold within me. You won't succeed And if that makes me a bitch , so be it. I embrace the title and
Goofballism is a way of life you got to treat it like a Jedi treats the force! If you don't all things are lost if so always go left when lost lol yes this may be a silly off the wall ridicumando blog but hey it's me well hope you lol or even haha hell or even lyao reading this short silly goofy blog enjoy the rest of your day and long live goofballism!
Booty Call Application! Lol
BOOTY CALL APPLICATION!!!! Please fill out the below application if you want to be a booty call for this person. (To be taken very seriously) RE-POST IF U WANNA SEE WHO WANTS TO BE YOUR BOOTY CALL! Name: ___________________ Age: ____________________ Occupation: ____________________ Height______ Weight______ Married(Y/N)__ Single(Y/N)___ Other_________ Sexual Orientation: __________ How often do u wanna have sex?(check appropriate answer) Daily__ Weekly__ Monthly__ As much as possible__ How long can u last? (check appropriate answer) 1min ___ 15min__ 30min__ 1hr__ all nite___ Do u like Giving oral sex? (Y/N)___ What could you do for me that no one else could?: Which do u prefer? (check appropriate box) One on one__ Doubles__ Group___ While having sex, what do u do? (place "X" in all appropriate boxes) Faint__ Cry__ Moan__ Wiggle__ Twist__ Jerk about__ Pant__ Sweat___ Scream__ Hum__ Whistle__ Just lie there__ List three positions u like: 1. 2. 3. What is ur preferred pace? (place "X" in
Dva Bounty Hunter Hall Of Fame 17
{DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED ÇLȦSSIFIEƊ and collected a bounty of $189,822,741,092, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED Joe and collected a bounty of $102,304,069,556, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED ȺɲȺЯçĦǼ and collected a bounty of $159,648,436,330, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED OMULIS MAD and collected a bounty of $65,540,531,760, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED Julie and collected a bounty of $1,561,020,060, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED YOU MAD? and collected a bounty of $4,201,860,000, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED big boy brown and collected a bounty of $73,998,408,595, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED ∑√ĮŁ ₴ᵽїɗɛƴ™ and collected a bounty of $336,1
Southern Women
 Southern Women: Southern women appreciate their natural assets: Clean skin. A winning smile. That unforgettable Southern drawl. Southern women know their manners: "Yes, ma'am." "Yes, sir." "Why, no, Billy!" Southern women have a distinct way with fond expressions : "Y'all come back!" "Well, bless your heart." "Drop by when you can." "How's your Momma?" Southern women know their summer weather report: Humidity Humidity Humidity Southern women know their vacation spots: The beach The rivuh The crick Southern women know the joys of June, July, and August: Colorful hi-heel sandals or flip flops. Strapless sun dresses Iced sweet tea with mint Southern women know everybody's first name: Honey Darlin' Shugah Southern women know the movies that speak to their hearts: Fried Green Tomatoes Driving Miss Daisy Steel Magnolias Gone With The Wind Southern women know their religions: Baptist Methodist Football Southern women know their country breakfasts: Red-eye gravy Grits Eggs Country ham Mouth-w
Official Drunk Dialing Rules
***The Official Rules of Drunk Dialing*** 1. It is okay to call someone 27 times in one night. If you don't remember it, it didn't happen. 2. Only drunk dial when you are drunk. Everything else is false advertisement. 3. If you are going to drunk dial MOM say something nice. Ex."Mom I'm in McDonald's and they're playing our song. I love you" 4. Dirty talk while drunk dialing is always preferred. Who doesn't want to hear your best raspy, phone sex voice at 3 A.M. asking to bend them over something? 5. Voicemails are always better. This way your friend can let their friends laugh at your expense for days, even weeks to come. 6. Drunk texting is alright... if you are prepared to read what you wrote the next day when you are sober. 7. It is definitely a good idea to call all of your exes and remind them that you were the best lover they've ever had and everything they know, they learned from you. This way you can sleep well at night. 8. You can also call this same ex and let him/her know,
Well, my laptop is fucked. Everything, program wise, works. My screen is just fucked up. I'm either going to have to get a new screen, check my video card or just break down and get a new laptop. If I'm not around, you all know why.   Love you all!!!
Register Domain Name
Domain registration can be pretty overwhelming for the newbies, but the process may go on very smoothly if you have done your basic studies about the fundamental concepts of domain names registry and web addresses. Reputable and excellent domain registrars are the ones who make all the process of registering and maintaining your domain name effortless and easy. Many people simply brainstorm and draft their own names of domain, hoping to think of a simple, short and catchy name for their site, they often think about the name's relevance to the business and industry as well. This process may be time consuming for many customer's because you still need to check the availability of every domain name that you have listed for its availability and there are plenty of domain name registrars that you can use today.To register domain name, you need to provide all your contact information but the disadvantage for doing this is making your contact information available to prying eyes through the W
舐皮论骨 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 1,蛇鼠一窝, 今天,即2011年11月17日,中国卡扎菲在我在街上买花菜时暗示这十几年我这个设备维修技术员穷困潦倒,入不敷出,加上现在被卡来卡去的稷蜂社鼠是王小丫母狗,栗坤之流的人,在各种各样的媒体上,&
July 11
I'm not too sure what to say about the past few days. They've been rough, but it is more the mental than physical at this point. Kick is going through some tough times, and facing a long road. However, she'd probably kill me if I give much more detail than that. Physically, she is recovering slowly. She's still in the intermediate care unit, but we think she'll be able to be tranferred closer to our parents house in the next week or so. Either the pain is gradually lessening, or she isn't letting on how much things hurt. Knowing her, either could be the truth. She still doesn't remember much after leaving to head back home, but the last CAT scan came back without showing anything major, but that doesn't mean much. She could be blocking things, or could still have short term amnesia or some concussion related issues. It is a lot of wait and see still. I just wish she'd show some sign of going stir crazy, or something. She just seem so quiet, which I guess is expected, but kind of sca
Always On My Mind
I think of you everyday. I wake up with you on my mind. Before i lay myself to sleep youre on my mind. There isn't a waking moment that i don't think of you. Is it out of the ordinary that once in your life there is someone that you feel right with? I just want to spend everyday with you. My arms fit when i hug you. My lips tremble everytime i kiss you. When i look at you and see you smile you make me happy.  When you're sad i get sad. Every minute i'm away from you i miss you so much. When I'm in your arms i don't want to let go. You're the one that gives me the affection that i've always been looking for. I don't have to sit close to you if i want a hug. I'm addicted to you. I love it when you call me honey or babe it makes me feel wanted. I hope that one day forever is in our future. Taking the time to sit here and write this blog even though it's not really a blog and don't really care if anybody reads it. I will always be there for you i will never let you go, i will nevere leave
Web Hosting Lamp – The Perfect Of Web Hosting Reviews
If you’re searching for a professional looking site, get a great web hosting lamp with positive web hosting reviews. We can help you make valued decisions by providing advanced website hosting search options. The web hosting industry is growing and today every online business regardless of its size is opting for a cheapest web hosting that is resourceful and reliable. Helping such businesses are names like ‘Web Hosting Lamp’. The site offers a source where clientele can review best hosting sites; give out their honorable opinions and top web hosting sites based on their effectiveness and performance. ‘My hosting Lamp’ has gone on to be the perfect choice among prospective clienteles owing to the website’s unique and soporiferous take on web hosting reviews. The website uses an absolute ranking system to rank websites and give clienteles a straightforward review of where a hosting service is on the basis of ranking of website. Today, the web
The Mistress Of Shadows
Forever sinking into the shadows forgotten and overlooked, transparentLong to be sought out, drowning in the woesyet there is always some deterrent. No matter how much you struggle to be seen hoping for some type of gleaming light to drive away the endless nightbut things never turn out being what they seem.~RavenMoon
First Kiss
The stars sparkle and glistenUpon the black velvet skyTo the sounds of nature they he sides his hand up her thighA cool crisp breeze slowly blowsUnseen embers begin to ignitePassion's fire continues to growEnhanced by the energies of the nightThe pond reflecting the light of the moonHe eases into her while his lips softly tease hersThe night echoing the sound of the crickets tuneYet everything around the couple blursTwo hearts flutter and beat as one...Electricity grows filling the air...Caressed by the warmth of the rising sun...with the first kiss of dawn their souls they now share. ~RavenMoon
Avail Seo Friendly Website Design And Development Services
When we talk about web world, web designing becomes one of the most challenging task where one have to choose a design which could make a difference. It defines your site fate, whether it would be attractive enough to lure the user or would be avoided by them. So in my views web designer has to go miles away to get the rare design and sometimes it becomes quite a hectic task when designer has to face the rejection. In this situations patience pays and ultimately gets the winning edge. In the real world scenario developing a website is like designing a retail outlet. A Web Programmer together with web designer develops the structure in order to make the look and feel of the site awesome, the first dealing with the coding parts as well as the logic, while the second of the ' functional and graphical parts. There are many Website Designing Company in Delhi providing the web designing services through out the world but it may be chances that among them some would be good or bad but it&rs
I Was Just A Skinny Lad!
"Fat Bottomed Girls" ( sample (help·info)) is a song by the English rock band Queen. Written by guitarist Brian May, the track featured on their 1978 album Jazz, and also appears on the band's compilation album, Greatest Hits.[1] When released as a single with "Bicycle Race", the song reached number 11 in the UK Singles Chart, and number 24 in the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.[2][3]The song is based on an open tuning guitar riff that is both bluesy and metallic, and the song begins with its chorus.[4] It was one of the few Queen songs played in an alternative guitar tuning, being played in drop D tuning.[5] The song's music video was filmed at the Dallas Convention Center in Texas in October 1978.[6]Queen performed "Fat Bottomed Girls" in concert between 1978 and 1982.[7][8][9] Since its release, the song has appeared on television and film, and has been covered by a number of artists.   Hey I was just a skinny lad Never knew no good from bad, But I knew life before I left
[sore Back Song]
I'm a little dry... let's talk about food and games for a minute.Lately I've been working on my lemon rice from my Indian cookbook. We've had lots of citrus in the house, and I've got a stockpile of spice available, so I've made it almost every opportunity I could.I actually served a leg of lamb braised in lemon and garlic sauce to people that "hate lamb", and the comments were possitive, the shock of course was that it was "tender" and "mild". I contend that people like lamb (if they like any other red meat) so long as it is cooked and prepared properly.On the side was mango salsa (bit of a misnomer, but it's red onion, cilantro, lime juice), because we had... a crate of mangos to get through.I'm not crazy about actually sharing the specifics on this dish since I didn't design any of them, but I might share some of my audibles and tweaks I made.Later though... kinda dead, and lonely.My friends are scattering. Some already have. That weird... blazing burst of sociability is pretty much
Japanese Bangs Hairstyle Farewell Childish Improve Temperament
For the hair, the bangs are very important. Not only a beautiful fringe for hair extra points, you can also upgrade your temperament. Xiaobian to introduce you to four bangs hairstyle, you bid farewell to childish, transform into fashion the influx of women.Light cooked girl bangsFor the face: round-word faceLiu Qi, the love of many of MM, Qi Liu always seem Wizard and lovely, but if want to see tired lovely Qi Liu, MM can try Qi Liu thirty-seven boundaries and bangs to be slightly curled effect , so that the Qi Liu to add a little more mature, feminine. Boundaries bangs can be modified face, round face or the MM-word face is very suitable Instyler Australia Rotating Irons Combin.Carve slightly curled bangsFor face: oval round faceCarve the bangs into something within the roll, with the overall shape of the fluffy and even more naughty and quite feminine. Carve the bangs can not be too short, or the proportion of the face look weird, and can not play the effect of the modified face. If
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I didn't say much; I just summed up michael kors handbags what had been happening to him and said it wasn't really very fair. When I'd finished, there was a funny sort of silence hanging in the dark, and I realised michael kors shoes everyone was waiting for Ruth's response--which was usually what happened whenever something a bit awkward came up. I kept waiting, then I heard a sigh from Ruth's side of the michael kors handbags room, and she said: "You've got a point, Kathy. It's not nice. But if he wants it to stop, he's got to change his own attitude. He didn't have a discount michael kors thing for the Spring Exchange. And has he got anything for next month? I bet he hasn't." I should explain a bit here about the Exchanges we had at Hailsham. Four michael kors bags times a year--spring, summer, autumn, winter--we had a kind of big exhibition-cum-sale of all the things we'd been creating in the three months since the last Exchange. Paintings, drawings, pottery; discount michael kors
Like Us On Facebook ! Hey all hope you like hip-hop Down under australia from Melbourne jpoin us show sapport and keep up to date whats new with the Dirty Cash Records
sorry but when the summertime hits the air, its time for a rant with a cold beer... sorry for those not interested as for those who may be!!!   well lets put it like this... you know when its summer... right like i have to make you go outside with a egg and make it sunny side up on your trucks hood... I shouldn't have to tell you its hot... always real hot, unless you live in the bahama's or something... but thats not what im getting at... when your stuck in a city with a stupid public pool full of crazy people it sucks... when your at the outdoor pool and theres the morons thinking its cool to dive in when the water doesn't even pass your knees.   why summertime to rant? because if i don't have a beer during the day it sucks... it just sucks, and when i work inside with a giant oven blaring 500*F temperature in my face for 12 hours and have 5 heat racks to add to it... there isn't enough time in the world... or should i say not enough customers that know when not to call so i can
Recent Photos Is A Great Place To Kill Time And Appetite.
heavenswing elsica benhaur864 GandalflorAnother image for a trailer for It Was Only On Stun. GandalflorI used this knife in a commercial for my novel, It Was Only On Stun. GandalflorThe logo of the fictional C-Con, the setting of my murder mystery, It Was Only on Stun. BUY THE HARDCOPY BOOK HERE: Rydykulus
My desktop is saddening me. It don't wanna work. Doesn't even get close to booting. I even gave it two blow jobs today... I'm thinking its time to transport some files the shuck the bitch. Unless someone has computer fixing knowledge and reads this. Something is telling me that isn't gonna happen. I won't be able to cam any till August. That means no vlogging. I would like to but I can't fix something I have no idea of how to fix. My mic cord got cut too...  I'm gonna try to get another laptop early but its iffy... This laptop is mine but I told my daughter she could use it when she ruined the one she got to do online schooling with. I wouldn't feel correct in taking it back now. She is not taking this laptop with her when she moves out. Although I am not so sure she will move out. She is not a people person. Doesn't help matters, huh?? I will try to come back when I possibly can. Fair thee well!!
I Hope - 994
All I request is for someone to realise that I tried, I am finished over and done this fucked up life hurts when I cried.   Not wasting anyones time anymore I did & if you think different you are wrong, accept the fact, close the door its time to say good-bye in this song.   I am not worth pain or grief, so party harder than before me not burdening will be a relief, avoid the omittable, close the door.   It is news headlines, haven't you heard?? everyone but me deserves the best, you can fly, you are a free bird I wasn't even pretty or well dressed.   I hope you do get what I mean I hope happy, bright days come back after I die, I am not the only Elizabeth Jean but I hope you see this as a S.M.S. cry.  
Free Beer And Hot Wings - 993
How can I say what you do to everyone that does hear, parting isn't sweet because it means sorrow I fear.   When you come back to fill in somewhere, I am filled because you care.   To those that think you are a waste, just haven't got your taste. Nobody is perfect and if they are complaining, must think they are the god damned sun while its fucking raining.   Life is busy loving alot of things, I'd like to say thank you to Free Beer and Hot Wings!!
Maybe I Should Have -992
When you are here I'm usually feeling, like your heart, I wish I could be stealing. I'll listen and act well then I get handy, as long as you don't figure every inch is candy.   I don't need to go really fast, I need this to last. With you I am warm, I would like a chance to perform.   All you want time can not measure, everything you hold to me is a treasure. I would like you to know, we will rock as far as you want to go.   Maybe I should have waited, but you teased me and had me well baited. The shocker is I hear you laugh, left before we started IDK maybe I should have.
Me In Bondage
I received an e-mail from a couple lesbian friends of mine. Angi and Jenny asking me, if I wanted to go in with them and rent a cabin at Government Camp for the weekend. For my friends who don't know where Government Camp is located, it's a small high mountain community East of Portland, Oregon at the base of Mt. Hood. It gets lots of snow there over 6 feet during the Winter. We lucked out, it hasn't started to snow yet while we was there. Anyways, the Ladies asked me to meet them there about 5:00 pm Friday at the cabin they reserved for us. When I arrived at the cabin they was already there waiting for me with ropes in their hands. As soon as I walked in to the cabin with one of my bags, they told me to take my clothes off and put on my black nylon g-string. So, I went in the bedroom and took off my clothes and put on my g-string as told. When I came back in to the living room they immediately grabbed my arms and Angi tied my hands behind my back. Then Jenny stuffed a big 2 1/2" yell
The Da Vinci Code, A Personal Opinion.
I should probably start with a disclaimer: You do not have to hate Dan Brown, any of his works, or any of the movies based off of his books, in order to enjoy my stuff. Promise. You'll see why.   My family has been big on reading since my father was twelve. I read The Once and Future King when I was in sixth grade—for personal pleasure. My freshman year of high school had my English professor confused when I finished off one Tom Clancy novel a week. And I mean the big ones that could be used for door stoppers.   So, when I started in on The Da Vinci Code, I figured it would be yet another book. You can sell me practically anything as long it's a well-designed, good story. I could not care any less about saving the whales, but I enjoyed Star Trek IV anyway. I don't think the CIA is the source of all evil, but I liked the film The Long Kiss Goodnight, since it was entertaining—and since the primary villain was a bureaucrat. From what I had gathered about the premise of Da
I! Am! Publiiissshhhheddd!
it's true. I'm published.  It Was Only On Stun! is available on  Buy it here, now.  And you can also buy a kindle copy, right here. And a schedule for a virtual book tour, and maybe even a real life book tour, will be forthcoming .....   But I'm going to take a moment here.   I'm not sure you know what this means to me.   It's been fourteen years.   Two million words. Dozens of rewrites. Entire novels spiked. Two agents. A dead economy, "the end of publishing," and every negative thing about the business of publishing you've ever read in The New York Times.   There have been bridges burned with people whom I have deeply loved. There are people that I owe this to who are no longer talking to me. People who cared just enough to encourage me, but not enough to stay. There have been people I, admittedly, drove away while I was being driven insane by the thorns of this world.   It's been a long road, with a lot of work. I want to thank all of you who st
Cover Art, Graphics, And Slowly Going Blind.
So, I was busy blinding myself.   No, I'm not kidding.   So, you know that It Was Only On Stun! will be self published. And, I gotta tell you, I didn't particularly like everything that was offered to me, in terms of cover options at the self publishing places I'm looking at --, and   So, I decided to try it myself.   I know, I know. You're thinking, "John -- or is it Declan now? -- we've seen your artwork.  Your Vatican ninjas were a bit of a joke. Why do this to yourself again?"   Well, because I'm stubborn, and because this should have been simple. Let's start with what I showed you already.   Now, this photo on the right is what I originally had up.  There are a few problems with it.  The quality isn't that good when you look at it up close, the blood spatter on the badge isn't that good, and the "Junior" has become unneccessary.   "Junior" by the way, is because my father had his own company called "Declan Finn Associates," a little side gig f
Self Publishing And Marketing Concerns
One of the dangers of self publishing is marketing. How do you get people to hear about a book that you alone published?  I don't have the money to take out a lot of internet ads.  In fact, I have only a Google adwords coupon for $80, so figure that might be it there. So, with limited amount of funding, and no big names publishing house behind me, now what?   Well, I've got a plan. Sort of. Consider Facebook, twitter, and Myspace (sort of) accounted for. And stumbleupon. And the Catholic writer's organization mailing list.  (Where do you think I met Karina Fabian?). And virtual book tours on blogs.   Celebrities: Anyone I can get my hands on, really. I'm apllying to be a guest at DragonCon in Atlanta, I-Con in New York, and NYComic Con. So, I hope to both talk at large groups of people, and bump into a few people. Peter David checks in at all three Cons, John Ringo is at DragonCon-- I don't intend to harass anyone, but more like say "Hi, I have a gift for you. Autographed. It myst
So, Now What?
So, I mentioned that I fired my agent, started the process to self-publish my own novel. I have a cover design.  I have a synopsis, a flap copy, and a novel being edited as I type this blog (I have editors, my sister's English degree has to be good for something).   Right now, as I put family members to work on editing the novel, I'm looking over self publishing companies.  At the moment, I think I have it narrowed down to either, or Amazon's self publishing outlet, Createspace.   Now, a little bit about the novel, It Was Only On Stun.  It's one of my earlier non-science fiction works, though it took place at a science fiction convention.  And, despite that it hasn't been looked at in two years, it holds up.  However, it needed an opening.   A while ago, I wrote a short story called One Way To Stay Out of Jail.  It showed Sean AP Ryan, security specialist, and weapon of mass destruction, being booked and thrown in jail by the LAPD.  Along the way, he explains where he ge
Getting Published.
So, on Friday, I fired my agent.   Why?  Don't get me wrong, I like Sam Fleishman.  I could talk to him, he could understand what I meant, what I wanted, and what I wanted to do. Unfortunately, he himself told me he had problems selling anything by nonfiction lately. As much as I would have liked to stay with him until the bitter end, it's been three years of my life. There has been no movement. And I'm only going mildly insane. I need to do something, and, even though I have my own business now, it's not exactly going as fast as I would like (granted, if it went as fast as I would like, I'd be going door-to-door, but I'm told that's frowned on. And illegal in some cases).   So, I fired Sam.  He was understanding about it.   So, while this did not lead to a sudden discovery by a publisher, this did lead to a decision.  I'm going to start self-publishing my books.   You read it correctly, books, plural.   You see, A Pius Man was never a one shot; not only was it a trilogy, i
Jelly Bean Android 4.1: Disponible En Code Source
juillet 11 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Jelly Bean Android 4.1 10.1 pouce: disponible en code source. Google continue sa philosophie d'offrir le code de son système d'exploitation ouvert aux développeurs de travailler librement. Disponibilité de sa nouvelle version, la 4.1 Jelly Bean, de sorte que chacun peut utiliser, améliorer et si l'on ose l'appliquer à nos appareils mobiles. Les fabricants peuvent également l'utiliser pour l'installer dès que possible à différents terminaux. Le code source ouvert permet à Google de continuer à développer son petit empire Android, mais les avantages à tous les utilisateurs en se cachant le travail de nombreux développeurs. Disponible pour les développeurs le code source de la nouvelle version d'Android, le bonbon 4.1. Bonnes nouvelles pour tous les utilisateurs et les différents fabricants de commencer à travailler dès que possible pour l'inclusion dans les différents dispositifs. Google vous permet d
Working, Working....working
I'm sure every guy who works more than for hours a week has the same fear that i do. I was just informed today that we are moving to a 6 day work week untilwe can get more sales people, and all i could thing is shyt, my wife will never see me. while it is foolish of me to say this, my second thought was my fear realized, working 61 hours a week leaves not time for sex, no time for sex leads to an affair, and well that would lead to a divorce. some married men wouldnt see a problem with that and quite frankly neither do i...cexcept one little detail. the reason im working my ass off is for her and the kids.  if it happens, it happens and theres nothing i can do to change it, i mean lets be real. it is what it is and if it happens that just means we had bigger problem than either of us realized, but still. just the thought of working all those hours to be shyt'd like that...yeah it hurts and makes me mad. understanding that nothing has happened and its stupid to get mad over...the though
I Don't Want To Hurt You
When He/She says I don’t want to hurt you .. What they're really saying is .. Just to give you some forewarning, I’ll never really mean to hurt you, but I will anyway and won’t take any responsibility for it .. I don’t connect my actions with the impact on you or the relationship, because I tend to only really think about myself and I’m a short-term thinker .. I think about what I can get now without real thought for the consequences :-)
Once White
Two quick slices & the river of red flows, that which was once white now becomes covered with a crimson tide. Blackness & peace follows the ruby flow. Silence becomes the master. What once spoke, now speaks no more. The crimson flow now does the talking as it runs it's course into the swirling black abyss, taking with it words & things that were never spoken. Now the silence is master & that which spoke now speaks no more.......
first of all i dont know how to say this. but i have a lot on my  mind. and i have a bf that is always on his fb all the dang time. and random girls keep texting and messaging him. espically when i am spending time with him. it just gets on my nerves. girls need to like leave him alone he is mine. i cant stand this its starting to irritate me and get on my nerves all the time now. i dont want to lose my bf.
My Back Hurts
I wanted to share this link with you from the medical practice I work for you can see the office and two of the doctor's plus our CEO. Check it out.     Main page link:
So there is a red headed lady at work who is pregnant. He husband is a black man. In the break room she and another co-worker were throwing around baby names...    APPARENTLY "Terry The Chocolate Orange" is unaccepteable. And gets your fired. 
Please Be Seated
Good tag line?
Sex And Education Mixed
Had to stop chasing points here to relate this little happening at the grocers today. I was squeezing tomatoes (check ripenesss) and this realy cute little blonde, I have seen in the store before, walks over and says "How does education affect sex" and as I chewed on my tongue I thought I would help her with an answer. We went outside to where the employees take breaks, incase I needed a witness, and I said WELL! If a girl has a HS education she will usually say "gooood". If she has a 2 year college education it is usual that "feels greeeeeat". Get to 4 years and it escalates to "fabulous". Hit the University degree and now it's "absolutely fantastic>>stop>>>go>>stop>>>go>>stop>>>>>>OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO**YES!" What I couldn't explain was why the "G" is always missing on that last go? Actually I then explained education has nothing to do with sex and how it goes, it's all in the methodology and who you are with and what feels good....OOOPS~~Phone..see ya back on my page(maybe)
Simply Yummy!
Really Men Or Maybe Women.
These last couple of days I have observed this on men, I am not saying women don't do this by no fucking means, cause I know they do.   It is these men that I am speaking about right at this moment. The juggling of women. This is what I have to say about that. Play on !!!!! With the exception of this. Don't even step here on this page to try that fucking bullshit with me. I have enough drama in my life away from here, that I do not need your so called girlfriends coming to me over what the fuck you do. Apparently you are not playing them very well for them to notice what the fuck you are doing.  Now go back to the drawing board and re-learn everythng you thought you knew. Understand or do I need to spell it out for you? You want to get to know me you better not have any ties to anyone else on here for the simple fact of this. Yes I know it is only internet, but these bitches on here think it is for real and I do not need there fucked up crap. I am going back to my other ways of
Fake Of The Day 7/10/2012
Been awhile but this is so stupid and outrageous why not?..ready.... This user : With these pictures including tons uploaded today even... ..and of course no salute. Can be found at: ..and of course, credit hungry. Why here's its' status: The only thing this dude or fat walrus looking to con credits is in need of is a salute. ..and the mindless keep spending. Amazing. Peace.
It Can`t Replace The Feel Of Real Touch "" Holding, Hugging, Arms Around You When You Really Need A Real One !
why don`t each Town get some place lonely people could meet besides a BAR " kind of forces lonely people who hurt already into drinking ! 1 hour ago · Comment · Like · View Djinn Williams likes this. Becky Leuallen 1 hour ago then they keep going to find someone, but drink more and more and after a while there Alcoholics """ William Jones 58 minutes ago hey you can go to a bar and not drink and still have a good time meet dance and just talk still a lot of fun, Becky Leuallen 52 minutes ago most bars don`t want you there if your not buying some thing while your s
Your Ramadan Guide
Ramadan starts next Friday and ends the 18th of August.  Having been over there a few times (once during the religious holiday) and also having access to military expectations/requirements, I figured I would serve as your guide to make sure that all my psychoti....I mean FuFriends are fully prepared. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and lasts about 30 days and is based on the official sighting of the new moon. It is a time for Muslims to do meditation and spiritual purification.   (NOT the kind of purification that Gallo is going to mention) You can NOT: eat, drink or smoke from sunrise to sunset (drunkenness is particularly offensive) there will be shortened work hours  (if you are a Government or State employee this means probably no work at all) Meals will be eaten twice during hours or darkness.  Most restaurants are closed during the day (so we will all be eating at Dud's). Although SOME coffee shops may remain open (for Postal's sake). It is IMPORTANT to wea
What I Learned Being On Fubar
Here are a few things I've learned being on fubar;   there is a lot of ugly dick in the world. related, a lot of ugly vaginas and titties   we have one of the following social malformations(but not limited to)……inferiority complex social retardation, borderline personality disorder, "I'm a big deal on fubar, but fail at life" disorder, voyeurs, "i just show my face cuz i have a whole bunch of mess happening full body" disorder, narcissism    people LITERALLY have secret lives.     Women will do some funky shit for money to buy little pictures.   Everyone can be a "DJ"   If someone warns you about someone, 9 times out of 10 there's correct info to back it up.   sometimes you meet great people. Sometimes you think you've met someone great and you actually meet and you're like……….. "no bitch. morph back into who you were pretending to be, cuz you aint working for me reality sized."   Apprarently men in their late 60s still like the
Never Shine
"Never Shine"Surrounded by solitude, wasting self doubtSorrow is shadowed by whispers that shoutScream I'm dying and saying I'm doneThrough with the pain but never can runConstant reminders that never leave sightNot heard over the cries that bellow at nightWorld upside down with thoughts of the choiceYou know it is there you just have no voiceAdmit your disguised and hidden beneathAll of the things that make you seem sweetPretend your content and satisfied at heartDon't ask me why its all falling apartShredded and scorched by the flames of the pastI'll never break through the wall you have castThe mountain that separates your heart from my handThe ocean that tells me the future is damnedSoft brush on my cheek or breath on my neckMy faith on the line is what this will wreckHas fate been destroyed,defeated, left bleedingIs it covered,or hiding, maybe just sleepingTired of witnessing our sheer lack of hopeThe thrown away deepness our abilities to copeWi
Chance Encounter
I found her profile in here. She had an amazing body and an even more amazing ass! We became friends and began to share our likes and dislikes. What I learned was she loved to suck cock! A very good trait for a sexy woman. :-) But even more, she loved knowing guys were ta, lking about her ability with their friends. She enjoyed the thought of meeting the guys friends and wondering how much they knew about her skills. She had fantasies about what they were thinking about while actually talking to her. When we finally met, you could feel the sexual energy. I couldn't wait to test out those lips and see if she really loved cock like she told me she did. :) We met at lunch, to test the waters (which were already boiling!). She looked awesome, dressed in a white shirt that teased with the outline of her dark bra and a loose red skirt. Her legs seemed to go on forever. :) It was pretty funny, we both were smiling like teenage kids and finally I just asked her if she really wa
It Is What It Is
Lately I Apologize!
The past two weeks have been INSANE and those of you who I chat with regularly know what's up. Family first always and formost (althogh some people don't seem to get that).Fubar is a game and a place to chat with some pretty cool and unique people. I have a FAMILY in REAL LIFE. Fubar is my SECOND FAMILY. I appreciate everyones help trying to keep my ratings and likes up while I am absent and I try very hard to return the love. My timing is the worst but I DO TRY. So, for those of you who actually read these blogs. I have children, my little one recently had major surgery and I'm dealing with that and now something is wrong with my dog. I AM VERY BUSY BUT I WILL DO MY BEST WHEN GIVEN TIME TO GET BACK WITH YOU ALL. And for those of you who can't accept that..FUCK OFF!!! To everyone else, again thank you very much for your patience!!!!!!! *Now back to the regularly scheduled programs*
寒意切骨 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 1,末日世情, 我认识某化工厂的一个工艺技术员。得知他们车间的环保经常被查,每次都是几十万,几十万地被罚款。他跟我说其间暧昧之处极多,如菜市场。我倒是看到很多环保检查车在厂里跑来跑去,这倒是&
寒意切骨 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 1,末日世情, 我认识某化工厂的一个工艺技术员。得知他们车间的环保经常被查,每次都是几十万,几十万地被罚款。他跟我说其间暧昧之处极多,如菜市场。我倒是看到很多环保检查车在厂里跑来跑去,这倒是&
Ralph Lauren Pas Cher
These shoes has been introduced into the market in 1985 with several colors and styles for men and women. ralph lauren polo and nike tn pas cher stands out of all the shoe brands for its comfort, Initially Nike was introduced as a basketball shoes and later on it was also accepted as a skateboarding wear. Nike dunks SBs seems to be longer and narrower than most other brands. Did you ever wish to possess this type of top quality shoes, comfortable and lightweight for your career? Great superstar on the track will receive the right products for the event and the Nike Air Max is one of them. This shoe is one of many running shoes designed for today's competition. Seems that Adidas is the biggest champion, however,polo ralph lauren pas cher and Ralph Lauren pas cher and Nouveau Puma femme Germany just got third. So reporters find a new way to continue the competition, they selected three soccer shoes launched for the FIFA soccer World Cup 2010. They are the Nike Superfly, Adidas A
Nike Air Max Pas Cher
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Chaussure Nike Tn
the footwear of choice for criminals with Nike Nike Air Max 95 is the most popular. Cushion Air Max has been used in shoes for almost all sports, basketball, cross country, golf, sports shoes, sandals, converse all star AND chaussure gucci pas cher tennis, etc., but the Nike Air Max is always a running shoe. Wholesale Nike Air Max 95 shoes show at wholesale prices. Comparing the Internetational production line of Nike today, it is hard for people to image only one pair and three human can build this biggest kingdom in the world. Like other running shoes, the first pair of Nike shoes also has three features. Firstly ,it must have good quality that may adapt the high strength sports.Secondly, Nike Shox For people notably more fascinated for the look of the pair of sneakers and maybe not so enthusiastic about how quick they can certainly truly be once they put within a small training, Chaussure Nike TN AND ray ban pas cher he'll at the bare minimum look quick within a
Nike Tn Pas Cher
You will see that the polo shirts of Ralph Lauren are highly simple and the designs of these shirts would definitely keep up your sophisticated image,Ralph Lauren pas cher in front of the people. These shirts can easily be purchased from Ralph Lauren's outlets and even from those branded stores, which houses all the products of famous brands, To cope with the level of expansion, the brand came up with many sub-categories or sub brands which would house different lines of their apparel and lifestyle merchandise. The main lines within the Polo Ralph Lauren umbrella would include; Polo Golf, Black Label, Polo Ralph Lauren , Since 1980. They offer many high quality designs Men's Polo Shirts ,especially Small Pony polo ralph lauren pas cher and Big Pony Polo Shirts .They are not afraid to take romance and classical and mix it in with a hip hop look. Mind you, these designers are not the ones that created the Polo shirt. In fact, the Polo shirt was around long before this nameʌ
Sexual Analysis From Fu
 you show a member of the male species a picture of a pussy your gonna get 1 of 3 response, Mmmm baby, Can i eat you, can i feel your pussy? or nothing at all. usually on this site your gonna get a pigish comment of the first to. Tonight a subject demonstrated not only the piggish side of the male mind, but the fact of his desperation for getting laid as well. Apparently after thought and analysis of this individual it's been a long time since he had seen the vaginal area aka pussy of a real female. The desperation of this person made me realize that he was stuck doing 1 of 2 actions. 1. porn and a bottle of lube or baby oil, or 2. a blow up doll. Tis sad but true, that most of the men on this site think with the 2nd head and I am not refering to the one on their shoulders. Individuals like this prove the fact that 90% of males consently think about sex in some way, shape or form. For some it maybe  pounding a womans pussy, some may prefer oral but then some may prefer a animal which i
Dj's Of The World
Hi dj mele from england here with an invite to all dj's to get in touch and make friends. Dj's of the world unite on this fantastic web site   Keep it hard   Mele
Fine Art Studio Online
I am a member of Fine Art Studio Online. If you want, you check out my art work on there. The link is I hope you like it. I don't have much on hhere, but as I draw or paint more, I will upload them on there.
X Banner Stand
x banner stand Whether you own a retail store or attend trade shows to sell your products, banner stands can aid in grabbing the attention of your potential customers. Anyone that has worked in or studied advertising will tell you that visual points of interest will capture the eyes and minds of consumers. You've probably noticed how visual advertising products can guide consumers through department stores, discount stores and even movie rental stores. Banner stands can help you easily create visual "mini-campaigns" throughout your store or at your trade show booth so you can stir interest in your products or ideas. Retractable stands (or roll up banner stands) can easily retract or fold and be expanded when you're ready to display your ad. They are compact when folded for travel, which makes them very popular for traveling salespeople and trade show attendees. Most low-cost retractable banners use a spring-loaded mechanism while some higher-end stands do not. Both types can be expan
Earth- One World Government
Imagine a world Without; Nuclear Weapons, Starving Nations, Waring factions, Hungry babies, Utility bills , Taxes, Animal genocides, Deforestation,Rampant Disease,Ozone depletion, Resource depletion.......... Then Imagine a World that shares it's Resources offering free energy and food for everyone, Eliminates disease, Eliminates borders as it Ends wars, Plants more tree's than it harvest subsequently replacing lost Ozone, Ending most extinction from stopping Animal Genocide, Destroys monitors and bans Nuclear weapons and you'll Imagine One World Government "EARTH" a Happier Planet
Michael Kors Handbags Michael Kors Outlet Michael Kors Shoes Michael Kors Bags Cheap Michael Kors
off we were michael kors outlet expecting, and in the days that followed, there were reports of guardians talking--even arguing--about the tokens question. In the end, it was announced that we would get tokens, but not michael kors shoes many because it was a "most distinguished honour" to have work selected by Madame. This didn't really go down well with either camp, and the arguments rumbled on. It was against michael kors handbags this background that Polly T. asked Miss Lucy her question that morning. We were in the library, sitting around the big oak table. I remember there was a log burning michael kors shoes in the fireplace, and that we were doing a play-reading. At some point, a line in the play had led to Laura making some wisecrack about the tokens business, and cheap michael kors we'd all laughed, Miss Lucy included. Then Miss Lucy had said that since everyone at Hailsham was talking about little else, we should forget the play-reading and spend the rest michael kors shoes
Les Ventes De Mac Couper Sa Distance Sur Le Pc
juillet 10 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois PC sont encore vendus beaucoup plus que le Mac, tablette pc android , mais la distance se réduit: selon les chiffres de Horace Dediu de la technologie dans le cabinet d'analystes Asymco 2004-lorsque le chiffre était à son apogée, ont été vendus par PC 56 chaque Mac qui est sorti des magasins. En 2011, le chiffre était de 20 ordinateurs Windows chacune avec Mac OS. Selon Dediu, la tendance a culminé après la sortie de Windows 95. Ensuite, Microsoft a réussi à attaquer l'avantage concurrentiel du Mac, qui étaient plus faciles à utiliser. Dans la seconde moitié de la décennie, explique l'analyste, l'avantage de Windows a commencé à sembler insurmontables." Cependant, cela a commencé à tomber "avec l'émergence de l'informatique mobile et la popularisation du MacBook, qui, selon Dediu-ont été regroupées dans le marché comme un meilleur produit avec les ordinateurs portables Windows. Lorsque l'on compare l
[sigh] I don't even know where to begin with this thing. I have many issues with the welfare system in my state. It's a breeding pool for lazy people. Honestly.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are people on it that actually need it, but here...there are so many people on it that don't even TRY to work and sell their pills to make money. Anyway, that's a completely different blog, lol.   I'll just get on with this one. As some of you know, a few weeks ago we had a HUGE storm roll through here and it knocked out power in my area for up to 8 days. I was lucky and we were only out for 2 days. However, EVERYONE who lost power lost their food, that was in the fridge. Everything had to be thrown out. What's my vent and how does it tie in with welfare? Well..... Our state's welfare system is offering anyone who has foodstamps a chance to get more so they can restock their food supply. This storm happened at the end of the month. These people hadn't even gotten their new months supp
I Need To Go Out And Meet People In Person ! I Can`t Stand Sitting Here Alone Anymore !
I can`t stand it anymore, gosh i don`t like bars, but i`m tired of sitting here alone, i need to meet people in person, and that`s all they  have here where i live, I got to push my self out, like i did mom when she needed to go out !   I was hoping to get good dates here, but that ain`t happening """ !
100 Innna 55
Sometimes people come into your life and you have no idea why. I believe you meet someone (weather it be online or in person) to teach you a lession, to help you grow, or just simply at that moment in time you need that one person just as they are. Weather you chose to form a bond with them is up to you. Those first words make all the difference. How you bond is what will define what could possibly be an amazing relatioship (friends or otherwise). I believe that some people are too vain to look past a mis-shaped image. I believe the we ourselves are our on worst critics. I believe that somewhere we must find a medium. Look past what is seen and let our minds paint a pictures with words.   "Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, don not go out and look for a successfull personality and duplicate it."  
Olimpiadi Estive Di Londra 2012 - Canoa Sprint
I just gotta get this out there sometimes I wonder why ppl would rather walk all over me than to just be grateful that I am helping because by the time they realize just what a good person and friend I am............ they look up to see me wave as Im walking away....... Dont take my kindess as a weakness because I can tell when Im being taken advantage of and U know what quite a few ppl have lost me as a friend. I don't look back...... I have no reason to its in the past can't change it so why look at it. LEt me tell U I have been through hell in the last few years, I have 4 beautiful children they are probably the only thing I have done right. HUnter is 9 James 7, Ellieanna 2 and Cormack is 7 mons. Now I have in that time learned alot as well I have lost love and loved ones so I know the feeling of loss and pain I also have met some really great people that I am damn proud to call my friends but I have also met some people I thought were friends and they are the ones that are now no l
Who Is This?
In each one's life, Falling stars do come. Some can see, While others know not where from. I myself saw two just last night, Amazed in their glow. My mind lept, From all it did know. Lost in those momments, Wishishing time would stand still. Wonderinging if I could catch them, Hold them so real. Maybe tonight......... Two more may fall. But my two from last night, Were the most beautiful of all.
ok,so yes of course I have had boyfriends and stuff but that was only for a short I want someone who will be there fro me no matter whta yea I'll tlak shit if I need to.but other than that I am really  nice please message me if u aint a perv/stalker
I ended up starting somewhat of a debate on facebook with my status.  I figured I'd bring it here and see what some of you all thought. I was at work and saw 2 BARELY teen girls dressed in clothes that were, in my opinion,  not appropriate for their age. I'm talking shirts that covered only their chest, shorts that barely went over their butt, their shirts also cut down low. One girl had a belly button ring and the other had writing on their side to look like a tattoo. You could tell that they were doing it to look older. Thing is, who do you blame? Is it just a kid being a kid or is it up to the parents? I know my opinion, I just want to see what everyone else thinks.     Oh, and anyone want to give me 4 credits???
Need This To Level!!!
i need to level up and need more profile rates and i need to get buzzed can anyone help???
I Spit Coffee All Over My Key Board....
Abhi King: heya... 11:52am reply Abhi King: i dont say..ur most beautiful woman... 11:52am reply Abhi King: but u got some sexy pics 11:53am reply Abhi King: u can ping me if ya looking some good time..out of ur league ------------------------ his status is lonely I guess that explains why he is willing to go "out of his league" I feel so lucky
Pop Evil - Monster You Made Me
"Monster You Made" Take a good look at me nowDo you still recognize meAm I so different insideThis world is trying to change meAnd I admit I don't want to change with itAnd I admit I can't go on like this anymoreErase this monster I've becomeForgive me for all the damage doneIt's not overSay it's not overI'm begging for mercyI'm only the monster you made meI'm better alone nowSee I'm torn from my mistakesAnd I stop believing that I could ever make things changeHow much can I take When I know that it hurts youHow long can I wait When I cant go on like this anymoreErase this monster I've becomeForgive me for all the damage doneIt's not overSay it's not overI'm begging for mercyI'm only the monster you made meBecause who I amIsn't who I used to beAnd I'm not invincibleI'm not indestructibleI'm only human Can't you seeThe beauty in meTake a good look at me nowCan't you see I've changedErase this monster I've becomeForgive me for all the damage doneIt's not overSay it's not overI'm begging
Lost Cries
While in the forest I kneel and pray.  Asking the creator to show my the way. Please Creator take away the pain, help me uplifted when I feel so beat down and disguarded. Great Spirit I ask for you help to not become bitter to not lash out from hurt. Great Spirit let me stay in nature and protect my heart from that which is mankind. Show me another way from the darkness that seeks to embrace me. God above help me not not be ashamed and hold my head up high. Creator in Heaven why do I feel this way, why do I always get the friend's page. Am I not worthy of love? If I am cut does not my blood bleed red? I feel like running, running to my lungs mean to burst and my leg give way. Howling the forest, wailing in pain. Forsaken, family yet not the same, like is cruel that way. I am lost and feeling rejected once more, crying tears of sorrow, not wanting to face tomorrow. Always smiling being happy for others but who smiles for me?... What joys
Fubar Party 2013
I am hosting a fubar party next year and everyone is invited! June 21st 2013 @ 7-830 pm central is the meet and greet at Oivers Bar n Grill inside Quality Inn & Suites in Bradley Illinois. FUBAR PARTy is June 22, 2013 @ 6pm til whenever @ Quality Inn and Suites Bradley Illinois. I will be updating this info more and more every other day or so. So far I have the DJ, band, 3 photographers, video man and a tattoo artist going to be there. There will be a small cover charge which will be determined by novemberish 2012 after I find out a guesstimate about how many are coming. Cover charge will cover the hall, food and some booze... Plan your trip accordingly. Travel, food, expenses and hotel ARE NOT included in your cover charge. This will be an epic night. If it goes well enough, I am planning on hosting one every year. here is the website to the hotel i will be having the party at, will be held in one of their banquet halls.
渣乱中华 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 1,政坛缠斗, 这到底是一个什么样的人呢? 在中国卡扎菲的故意操纵之下,我们近期看到:从红十字会之郭美美事件争总理的职位;到远华走私案之赖昌星事件争总书记的职位;到温州绝户计要死一起死之动车脱
A Love Letter To Me From Passion Fire The Hun
  Passions Fire said: Dear Jojo I don't care. I know you try REALLY hard to get my attention, and I know you spend HOURS doing what you think are hilarious pictures in an effort to garner that attention. I know you crave my approval, and I know you are desperate, so very desperate, for me just to notice you. And yes, I occasionally do, because I do feel sorry for you sometimes - like now. But I just don't care. Nor will I ever care, Jojo. I hate to break it to you like this, because I know it's harsh. But I won't. Not unless I have a serious brain injury and for some reason my family chooses to let me live with my altered personality and my much-lessened intellect; then and only then, Jojo, will you ever have a chance of me actually speaking to you as if you are not the creepiest old motherfucker in the MuMMs. But please do not place all your hopes onto the brain injury Jojo. I'm sorry, but it's highly unlikely. And if it were to occur Jojo, be assured that 'speaking to you like
Today, as I chased the mist over the eastI wished to be a mountain.Strong. Outlasting. Uncompromising.The dawn would stretch coyingly over my backthe dusk would tip and bow to unflinching grandeur.The day begins and ends with my stark reproach.The clouds pass with fleeting admiration.Brushing by with casual flirtation.There are worse things to be.More unlike things to be.You could spread stories of the gods that dwell within me.You could pay fawning tribute to my cool shade.Why wouldn't you already?
I feel alone and empty after all that's been said. I left crying after the words you have spread. Inside from the love I dying to bleed out. Yet my children keep me here without a doubt. I love you and always will but your words were the knife that tore me through. Its hard to accompany what you say with and response through the pain. But at door I stand knocking and yet in the cold is where I deserve to be.
Domain Name Registration
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The Expression Oakley Sunglasses Evokes Greater Than Satisfies A Person's Eye
Most of the sunglasses sold in merchants usually do not considerably remove your sun's ultraviolet light, affirms Anthony Cullen, professor regarding optometry on the University or college associated with Waterloo in New york, Nova scotia. As outlined by Cullen, a professional upon rays problems, this leads to the creation of cataracts or any other eye-sight problems later. Usually, folks squint to safeguard their own eyes through bright sun rays. Yet simply because sunglasses make light look a smaller amount vibrant, consumers tend to maintain their sight open up, cheap oakley sunglasses making it possible for the particular unseen uv lighting to enter and maybe destruction his or her face. God knows when she will decide to started to eat him? He seems to have quickly, otherwise under this tight for a long time, let alone to act as agent for heaven, sooner or nervous to be humane. discount oakley sunglasses We almost grew up looking at small, her daughter with us-"old mother asked. G
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"The mistress?" Pavel echoed. "I thought the master who michael kors handbags hired me was in charge." The dishwasher laughed. "The master, my lad, is just a stick of furniture around here. The mistress is the boss. She isn't here today. But if you michael kors bags work here a while you'll see for yourself." The scullery door opened and three waiters entered carrying trays piled high with dirty dishes. One of them, a broad-shouldered cross-eyed man with a michael kors outlet heavy, square jaw, said: "You'd better look lively. The 12 o'clock is due any minute, and here you are dawdling about." He looked at Pavel. "Who's this?" he asked. "That's the new michael kors handbags boy," said Frosya. "Ah, the new boy," he said. "Well, listen, my lad." He laid his heavy hands on Pavel's shoulders and pushed him over to the samovars. "You're supposed to michael kors outlet keep them boiling all the time, and look, one of them's out, and the other is barely going. Don't let it happen again or I'l
Day 266
Day 2 of Suspected Insanity. Yet again, I had "What Shall We Do Now?" stuck in my head, and snatches of sex and murder. Also, the song, when played in my head, evokes a pleasurable savagery that I cannot say I am familiar with.  I have begun to hate the song, but I cannot get enough of it.There is a possibility, however, that this is not insanity, but my suppressed persona (the things I have wanted to say/do, yet didn't, so on and so forth...the feelings I have yearned to act upon, but again have not), and the "depravities" in The  Wall have called to mine, and brought them to some light. After all, thinking the phrase "Fuck me like you hate me" isn't exactly standard material is it?Which begs the question: If i were to let down my own Wall down...what would burst forth?
The First Meeting
The mood was light as we sat across from eachother for the first time. Sure, we have had several heated video chats but this was the first time I could smell her fragerance and see the want in her eyes. Her smile could light up the room as she laughed at me meaningless small talk. We both knew why we were there and as the time passed it became more apparent that we were wasting precious time. It was already noon and her flight was leaving at 6 PM. As we made our way from the bar to the elevator, my eyes were constanly fixed on her body. The way her skirt hugged her hips, the outline of her panties pressing through as she walked. My hand was seated in the small of her back as we entered the elevator. When the door closed, she spun around, looking up into my eyes. I could not resist the urge to lean down for what I thought would be a simple kiss. Our lips locked, as her hand draped over the back of my neck. I could feel her fingernails tracing through my short hair as the heat between us
The Reason Why A Good Brought Flashlight Could Be A Life Saver
Lights are often useful for small duties, for example looking for some thing in the darker closet or even obtaining your way across the basement during a energy outage. Nevertheless, there are moments each time a flashlight might help keep your existence. For that daily individual, these moments may be few in number, however , you will probably be grateful in the long run you had such a simple instrument on hand. This is why you should always have a small number of lights readily available, either on your own person or in your car or house. Listed below are several essential features and scenarios relating to brightest flashlight and problems to assist you be prepared. High quality issues Regardless of what you are able often hear, high quality is important, particularly when it comes to purchasing Pelican flashlight. Those inexpensive plastic material types in the ease store just won’t make the grade. What you need is a resilient, resilient flashlight. Steer clear of inexpensi
Diversi Flussi Di Ricavi: Un Importante Su On La Società Residence Web
Probabilmente i cliché più riconosciuti ben potrebbe essere la messa in guardia contro tutte le proprie uova all'interno di un paniere unico. Come la maggior parte delle ripetute parole, tale divieto è costituito da un kernel molto consistente di verità. La saggezza di evitare di mettere troppa magazzino in qualsiasi punto 1 vale soprattutto on-line di proprietari di case di piccole dimensioni.Coloro che concentrare la loro sui piani internet della Società per la casa sulla promozione di un singolo prodotto o l'implementazione di una tecnica ristretta singolo può eventualmente essere in grado di generare risultati redditizi. Tuttavia, una modifica unico nel piuttosto volatile on-line mercato possono rendere i loro mesi di duro eseguire praticamente prive di valore all'interno giorni.Ecco perché più intelligenti i proprietari dell'azienda in linea di casa prevenire ripieno e un sacco di uova benefiche all'interno di un paniere unico. Piuttosto, cercare e raccogliere i benefici di flussi
To My Fubar Friends
so i have a bunch of friends here on fubar but i never really talk to any of you except for a couple every once in a while so here's what i wanna do if your one of my fubar friends send me a message just to say hi or start a convo i just want so new people to talk too and since were friends why not get to know each other better
Microsoft Surface: Comprimés Un Choix Naturel Pour Les Soins De Santé
juillet 9 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Soins de santé a toujours été une industrie mure pour l'utilisation des tablette android 10.1 . Les travailleurs de la santé sont constamment voletant autour du bureau, et ayant un accès constant au réseau de l'exercice de la médecine est un grand avantage. Les comprimés de surface hautement portatifs sur le chemin à partir de Microsoft pourrait révolutionner ces bureaux, si les développeurs sauter dans le train Metro. J'ai récemment visité deux pratiques médicales qui sont enchassés dans la philosophie comprimé. Les deux bureaux sont très différents, mais ont chacun réglé sur le Tablet PC vieux de mobiliser les travailleurs fournissant des soins de santé. Ces bureaux sont à l'aide du vieux cahier convertible avec Windows 7, des comprimés qui peuvent pivoter l'écran pour exposer un ordinateur portable complet. Les travailleurs les porter toute la journée, la saisie des informations pertinentes à chaque
Kellie Park Beats Her 10 Month Old On Video...
A 20-year-old Connecticut mother is charged with assault, intentional cruelty, risk of injury to a child, and threatening, after she sent videos and text messages to her ex-boyfriend that depicted and described her abusing their 10-month-old daughter. According to the police affidavit, Kellie Park, of West Haven, sent ex-boyfriend Erick Vece more than 50 text messages and seven videos on June 9 that show Park tormenting their daughter. The videos sent to Vece show her daughter "berated, assaulted, and tormented by Kellie Park," according to the police affidavit. The child "appears terrified and traumatized," and "appears to be crying in pain in some of the videos as a result [ of her mother's] actions," according to the police affidavit. In one video, Park is seen kicking a gate on top of her child, causing the baby to fall beneath it. She said to the child, "Don't you get it, your father doesn't care, so guess what, I'm not gonna care," according to the police affidavit. In anoth
Have you ever gotten blocked for making a comment like "Bored?", and still thought you could friend request?
Send me a message if you'd like to :o
The Way I Look And Dress
THE MAKE UP I WEAR   The make up i wear is what i want to wear, you dont' like it well it's not your fucking face it's mine. No where have i seen anything saying make up is just for girls, that is actually and official thing, all i see is shite people make up in there spare time. After shave you would probley debate thats only for men well women wear it too. Instead of wasting my time telling me what i should and should not wear why don't you spend that time finding a reason for yourself to wake up in the morning. Now i am perfectly fine with those who havn't said anything, this is based at those who have or want too. Oh and by the way people like me don't call it make up we call it CORPSE PAINT now i know thats a new word you learnt today but i'm sure you can handle learning something new. THe only peoples opinions i care about is mine and my family not some randomer who wants to try ruin my day and not realise they fucking failed terrably. Now i would tell you what would ruin m
its funny how you can love someone knowing its going nowhere but you show no intrest in the person that loves you why is it so hard to find love or even a good friend these days the quality of people and relationships have gone down hill   signing off  LOOKIN 4 LOVE
One of the biggest blasphemies made by christians is the representation of the serpent as an evil, malicious, deadly enemy. NO. Truth is the serpent is a most sacred symbol, and predates christianity by thousands of years. Held sacred in many ancient parts of the world... It represents the Kundalini force at the base of the spine. When the serpent is activated through power meditation and specific exercises, it ascends through the seven chakras, bringing intense awareness, enlightenment, psychic powers, etc. It represents the chi, the life force, the DNA. The hooded cobra, seen in many ancient carvings and paintings in Egypt, symbolizes the resulting expanded consciousness of raising the serpent. This is the TRUE foundation of Satanism. Raising the serpent. Those who are successful in raising the energy are on a much higher spiritual level. In ancient Sumerian mythology, the God Enki, is represented by the serpent. He was the Sumerian God of science, engineering, lovemaking, music, an
Heat Stroke
 Heat stroke signs in cats
Feeling Loved
I wrote this way back in 2006 during my deployment to Iraq. Shortly after I recieved the wonderful news that we were going to have a child together! "I Love Monica, I love being with her, I love that we will get to share the responsabilities of a child together. She is my best friend and she holds my heart. I love her more than I knew I ever could love someone. When I come home to her, I will hold her twice over than I ever have before. i miss her so."  
When There Is Nothing Left!
I was so in love with this guy once. When we were together it was like I was so lost in him and the good times we were having. We would lay on the couch or the bed or drive in the car and just laugh it was the most amazing time of my life. He was everything I had ever dreamed about. We split because i found out he was talking to this pretty girl so to speak. I could never compare to her and I told him it was over I wasnt even going to try. It's been 5 months and I still see him everywhere I go. He's not there but the things I do remind me of him. He trys to talk to me and I act like a Bitch I dont want him in my life anymore I'm tired of being reminded of what I once had. I just want it to go away. Yes i am greatful i felt the love but it is gone. Reality is that love isnt enuf even if its true love. I dont want to find love again I had it once so I know what it feels like. 
回到现实 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 1,走火入魔, 中国卡扎菲你已经完全走火入魔。为了自己见不得人的私欲,即永霸职位,永不退休的私欲;违反经济和社会发展的客观规律的行为,目的却如水底捞月,唯一的结果却是使老百姓使人民恶梦频频,
666. What Does It Really Mean?
Unfortunately because of popular culture, 666 is known as "The number of the beast," and seen as malevolent. This isnt the case. In ancient Western Occultism, each planet has its own numerological chart. The numbers are placed in a certain order. 666 Is the Kabbalistic square of the sun. The solar chart is layed out as so: A 6x6 square, with number 1-36. In each column, in any direction, the numbers are arranged to add up the same. They equal 111. Add them all together, what do they equal? 666.      "Unfolding the Revelation" by Roy Allan Anderson, p. 125-127: "The ancients claimed that God works by mathematics. Their religion was a conglomeration of religion, astrology, alchemy, physical and mental science, and mathematics. Ancient astrology divided the starry heavens into 36 constellations. These were represented by different amulets called "Sigilla Solis," or the sun seal. These amulets were worn by the pagan priests, and they contained all the numbers from 1 to 36. By
A Challenge For A 3,000 Votes... guys please follow the link above..
Don't Forget Your Fucking Kids!
Baby dies, toddler hospitalized after being left in cars in Indiana The temperature inside the SUV after the window was broken was 124 degrees, the Star reported, citing unnamed officials.  Fishers police said the child's mother, Meg Trueblood, 30, of Fishers, was charged preliminarily with felony neglect of a child, the Star reported. The National Weather Service said the temperature in Indianapolis hit 104 degrees, breaking the record for July 7 of 101, set in 1936. The all-time high for the city is 106, set on July 14, 1936. Search for people, places and things      Meghan Trueblood  Studied at University of Indianapolis
Are You Having A Hard Time Finding Work?
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Day 265
I feel like I'm losing my mind (yet again). All day, I had Pink Floyd's "What Shall We Do Now?" from The Wall stuck in my head. No problem, happened before, songs in my head.What makes me think I'm losin' it is that along with the animation from the movie The Wall, I also had in my head a scene of sex and murder, involving me being the murderer. I don't know who the girl was, but I recall us both being in stages of undress, and my hands wrapped around her throat...and a certain perverse pleasure in strangling something.There's three or four possibilities:1. I need to lay off the Pink Floyd.2. I'm losing my mind for real (or at least, my mind is becoming unhinged by something.)3. I'm becoming slightly depraved for some reason (judging by what precedes the poor girl's death, I think the lack of having had any romantic contact of any kind may have something to do with it)4. Something in my subconscious is coming out.By nature, I'm a very friendly guy. Touchy-feely to the point wher
One Outta Two Aint Bad
I went to see The Dirty Heads opening show to their summer tour today... (check em if you love good summer time jammin tunes,,, they rock it baby) It was totally free... and with all those tents that give away stuff as well....    I was supposed to move along Furthur at a venue not so far from where the Heads were jammin... but.................... There was a Meet & Greet with the Dirty Heads  at a bowling alley only 2 blocks away,  following their show, so.... i packed my cooler & all my freebies into the van and walked to meet the band and have em sign my Cd's & such....  picture of em in comments since i no good at this blog stuffs    after what seemed an eternity... I finally met the band, chatted, got things signed & journeyed on back  to the van to keep on trucking Furthur.... only my van was gone   WTF......    sooooo....  Furthur will have to wait Furthur but Ima so in a happy high state of mind I dont give a fuckity fuck fuck that I have to go back tomorrow & ge
Has An Angel Found Me?
Has An Angel Found Me? Written By: Heather Mechelle How can this be? Has An Angel Found Me? Has this man I’ve happened upon years before now, Possibly be an Angel sent from God above? I’ve loved and been loved in years past. But never in the way that this Angel has shown his love unto me. This Angel has shown me how to live. Love. And Cherish all that I have earned and been given. This Angel has helped me to understand things, By first explaining it to me, And then showing me. This Angel has given me advice without judging me. This Angel has helped to also think more clearly about things, Before making a choice. Whether it be important or not. This Angel has helped guide me into a better direction,
July 7,2012
Lix & I had a big day at Magic Springs Amusement Park & Crystal Falls Water Park in Hot Springs, AR planned, ending with their concert series featuring Gretchen Wilson. We even planned to stop at IHOP in the Benton area for breakfast on the way home. We were concerned with a chance of rain in the forecast.. yeah, right... Arrived early.. before 11 a.m. and got a pretty good parking place not the LAST row where we had to park the last time we were there. The line to enter the park wasn't too long either! We got a locker to stow our stuff in and decided not to change into of our swimming suits yet.. to go ride the rides while we had the required attire. We found a ride we had not ridden on our other trips, Twist & Shout! a roller-coaster. There was a line with not a long wait, and we enjoyed the thrill ride. Coming off the ride, we walked toward the park's "street" side by side, chatting about what we liked and comparing the ride to others. When I stepped off the platform, I didn't
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Blood And Water
They say blood(family) is thicker than water(friends), but often your friends are the ones telling you that its all water under the bridge and stick by you regardless.  Rarely this day and age do people grow up with family that stick by them as close as there friends.  Some of us live life following your own heart and your dreams.  Friends tend to uplift your dreams no matter how far fetched they may be.  Family tends to want you to follow thier thoughts and beliefs of what your dreams should be.  Most of us now live in familys that support you only when its what they want you to do.  No two people are the same so just because you may have a fully supportive family just remeber that is rare indeed.  Those that feel alone in this world with no support and no family to turn to.  If you are like me look to the friend next to you, if you do you just might find the family you have been missing.
Drive Through Window
Two Sci-Fi  Geeks are siting in their car wait for their turn to pick up their food they ordered at the drive through window at McDonald's.  Now they had just got done watching the Movie When Mars Attacks for the tenth time.    Now Geek one say to his friend, " You know that  Extraterrestrial haven been visiting Earth for so long,they have become Americanized."Geek two asks," What makes you think that ?"Geek one responds " look across the street there is a drive through annal probing station, that just opened up."Written by Stephen J. Vattimo March 8,2012
Think About Your Troubles Harry Nilsson
Think about your troubles   Sit beside the breakfast tableThink about your troublesPour yourself a cup of teaAnd think about the bubblesYou can take your teardropsAnd drop them in a teacupTake them down to the riversideAnd throw them over the sideTo be swept up by a currentThen taken to the oceanTo be eaten by some fishesWho were eaten by some fishesAnd swallowed by a whaleWho grew so oldHe decomposedHe died and left his bodyTo the bottom of the oceanNow evverybody knowsThat when a body decomposesThe basic elementsAre given back to the oceanAnd the sea does what it oughta
Freedom To Fly
Freedom to flyIs a God given giftDreaming  is as air is for livingFlowing down from His highly exalted throneFreedom to flyIs not a privilege granted By rulers who's  realm of authority is ground boundKnowledge of wrong and rightIs revealed to usFrom The Righteous OneWho dwells in a kingdom on highKnowledge of wrong and wright Should not be dictated by corruptible judgesWho suppress the truthFor worldly praiseFreedom to fly Is a desireLike an unquenchable fireA pilot that God  ignited in side usWhen He created you and meChains of sin Robs us of the freedom to flyKeeps our souls sinking in the mireGod so full of loveOut of His nature of grace and mercySent from His throne room a Savor to the people of the groundTo shatter the chains that keep us fastened to the gates To the entrance of the lake of fireFreedom to flyThose who God has set free is free indeed Free to Fly on the Spirit wingsThat one day will carry them to God's kingdom in the skyFor those who think the message and Gift of G
Nike Shox Femme
Known Shoes Nike Air Max 90 that the Air Max III until 2000,nike air homme and nike talon and Ralph Lauren Homme when it is in his name from the year of its appearance was years revisited. The original color white / black / infrared fresco was chosen to exaggerate the thickness of a single air unit. Nike casual collection consists of running, action sports, sports culture, swim and some sports. Nike men shoes are built to handle every variety of weather and terrain, and features metal hardware for a traditional look. A durable solid rubber outsole compound and lug pattern ensures maximum traction over turf and terrain. Nike Air Max was first released in 1987. Since the first Air Max introduction, basket air max and nike aire max classic has frequently introduced new and updated models in the same product line. Nike Air Max shoe is famous for the large air cushioning unit which used on the heel and visible from the side of the midsole. As you know, Nike Air Max shoes are the outstandi
Chaussure Requin Pa Cher
For those cold winters, if you want to keep warm in style, then you should g for the Polo Ralph Lauren jacket. This type of clothing has become very popular in today's world.Ralph Lauren pas cher In fact, it is so popular, that you will even find celebrities sporting it around. This is definitely something for someone who wants to keep up with the latest styles today. To cope with the level of expansion, the brand came up with many sub-categories or sub brands which would house different lines of their apparel and lifestyle merchandise. The main lines within the Polo Ralph Lauren umbrella would include; Polo Golf, Black Label, You will discover continually knock-offs of normal smokes, concerning perfect clothing and yes it isn't distinct with polo ralph lauren shirts.polo ralph lauren pas cher The main factors to consider at a fake polo would be the threads exhibiting at the back of the tag, sloppy sewing on the rear of the horse insignia, and stitching showing within the sh
Ralph Lauren Femme
In late June 2005, Nike received criticism from Ian MacKaye, owner of Dischord Records, guitarist/vocalist for Fugazi & The Evens,tn requin and air max 90 pas cher and front-man of defunct punk band Minor Threat, for appropriating imagery and text from Minor Threat's 1981 self-titled album's cover art in a flyer promoting Nike Skateboarding's 2005 East Coast demo tour. Besides Prefontaine, Nike has sponsored many other successful track & field athletes over the years such as Carl Lewis, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Sebastian Coe. However, it was the signing of basketball player Michael Jordan in 1984, with his subsequent promotion of Nike over the course of his storied career with Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon, that proved to be one of the biggest boosts to Nike's publicity and for a look that's unstoppable. Take to the trails or the mountainside in the Nike ACG Air Max Goadome abrasion resistant hiking boots. nike talon and Tn requin pas cher The Scruff-Proof is a high
I Wont Give Up
looking for a battlefield to lay my head to rest, i have seen and done more than enough in this life of mine, my body, mind and soul are tired after so many years being at war but for some reason i am still here and i will find the reason why regardless of where it takes me. This was my status today.   I know alot of people truly don't know who i am so i figured I would go a little deeper into this. I have deployed to many different countries to fight than i have been in the army, I have trained and hurt myself countless of times but for some reason I have never gave up. I have seen many bad things in my life endured things I would never wish on anyone. But i have always bounced back. I have a fire or a thirst so to say that has not been quenched, I dont go out looking for a fight but I wil handle it when I need to. I seek out challenges in my life and I won't give up until I am able to complete  it and if I don't watch out im on a one track mind until i make it there. It's wierd onl
For The Women Of Fubar
Ladies I truly wish you would stop putting yourself down by making comments on your pictures like. Here's my fat ass or I know I'm fat so don't look if you don't like it. The only thing your doing is giving ammunition to the haters and losers on here to attack you. Don't you realize it's not the size of your butt or chest that makes you sexy or liked? It's the size of the attitude you have and the way you present yourself that makes people like you. As far as haters goes just block their ass. Don't bother replying to them. That only tells them they succeeded and got to you. There are plenty of women on here with so called "Hot bodies" who in my eyes and in the eyes of many others are UGLY INSIDE. So take my advice and let the haters and losers stew in their own low esteem of how they view others. 
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End It
The good times are flashin like a strobe lightI want to hold you so tightI'm gettin chocked upSo sad we broke upI wish i could revoke These feelings makes me wanna croakYou said we'd be together forever and alwaysNow i walk down empty hallwaysIt's been so longYou'd expect my feelings to have goneWish someone would come alongPeople say have faith   I feel ready to face the wraithI'm a shell of a manWe had a planShould have been married nowWas ready to take that vowBut im just not enoughLife is just to toughSuck it up twitchYou're sounding like a bitchKeep telling yourself you're a manBut you cry more then a womanTears rolling down your faceYou're a fucking disgracestop crying stop trying stop prayingjust end it
“the Foundation Is The Koran” Everyone In America Should Read This
Muslim Congressman: Model America‘s Schools After ’Madrasas’ Those with a functioning memory of the years during which George W. Bush was President will recall only too well the constant furor on the Left over the administration’s supposed obsession with the idea of bringing theocracy to bear in America. This complaint was especially shrill in regards to the idea of voucherizing education, an idea that made many a progressive sit bolt upright in bed, sweating and shaking at the idea that someone, somewhere might hear the word “God” in an educational context. “Why,” they complained, “if we let him get away with it, the President would probably model all our schools after seminaries!” Fortunately for us, those nightmarish days of theocratic overreach are past. No legislator in Barack Obama’s Democratic party would ever be so backwards, so barbaric as to suggest that America shouldever model its educational institutions a
Let Love Begin
Take my hand and lead the way; tell me all you want to say. Whisper softly in my ear, all those things I want to hear. Kiss my lips and touch my skin; bring out passions deep within. Pull me close and hold me near; take away my pain and fear. In the darkness of the night, be my beacon, shine your light. In the brightness of the sun, show me that you are the one. Give me wings so I can fly; for I can soar when you're nearby. Enter my heart, break down the wall, it's time for me to watch it fall. I've been a prisoner, can't you see? Break my chains and set me free. Strip me of my armor tight; you'll find I won't put up a fight. Release my soul held deep within . . . I'm ready now, let love begin.
Fly Birdie!!
Ever wake up and feel you height has increased or your weight has decreased??  After 6 or 7 hours of peaceful sleep, it sometimes amazes me how much better I feel. By the power of sheer grace I am lucky enough not to notice my own limp sometimes. The doctor told me I would have it the rest of my life, sometimes I can disagree and thats great. Maybe someday, other than at graduation, I will have a meaningful walk. Hey it could still happen!! Right after I get my poetry noticed more, huh?? I could sit here, yeah, and blow sunshine up your aztec. Somedays I'm feeling the love that I would like to share and somedays not so much so. I have enemies and admirers. People that hate me and like me. Can't, for the life of me, figure out exactly why. I haven't given near enough of either to have earned either. I know I am not perfect and yet I know I'm all together ain't that discusting. To each their own on whether I am twinkling or dull. You have that right. I am not going to be like I will ign
Why I'm Always Sick N In Pain
ok for those who don't know aout me.I have chronic pancreatitis had it for 6 yrs now.I i live on pain pills n is in pain 24/7 some days are better than others.My insides feel like they are on fire n i can't eat or drink anything for a week so i'm in the hospital alot.When my pancreas acts up i'm diabetic usually don't find out until its to late n i'm in the hospital.Because of the paancreatitis it caused me to have hypercalcium which means calcium was being taken out of my bones n put in my blood,b/c of that it caused me to have osteoporosis on top of that i have arthritis in my spine,hips n pelvic i also have scoliosis.SEE I TOLD YA I HAVE MY OWN SO STORY LOLOL I'm always sighned in but not always here if i don't answer you right away i will get to you when i can xoxoxoxoxox
Mouth To Mouth
Your body grows more beautifulwith every move you makeYour body grows more beautifulwith every bite I takeYou won't believe I love youit's too stupid for wordsSo I lick your trembling lipsand use your hands to feed the birdsI laid with you for hoursstaring at your faceI laid with you for hoursremembering your tasteAnd when the morning cameit splattered us in lightI think I left you sleeping thereI think I left you sleepingMouth to Mouth - I asked you to stayMouth to Mouth - but you're slipping awayDown seven stairs and first on the leftArch your back and hold your breathA million fat girls and a million fat menCouldn't put me back together again.
  第四层: 中国都如此,其他国家经济更是惨不忍睹。 比如: 2011年10月28日,浙商网,希腊债务实行“打对折”减记 。经过艰苦磋商,欧盟峰会27日出台了一揽子欧债危机解困方案。会上激烈的争辩一直没有停止过,已过午夜与会国首脑还在做紧张商讨。当日凌晨两点,连续10小时的峰会终
极度深寒 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 2011年6月9日,经济数据, 本意是中国卡扎菲对我的炫耀,以及其傲睨一世,趾高气扬地对我打击。即使当时我没看到,他也会想方设法让我看到,气死我,或者马仔,小弟,打手,责任员,办事员,跑腿员,形式员A
Michael Kors Handbags Michael Kors Bags Michael Kors Shoes Michael Kors Outlet Discount Michael Kors
The white police and firemen came and stood around watching as the houseburned down to the ground. ����My father prevailed on some friends to clothe michael kors outlet and house us temporarily; then he moved us intoanother house on the outskirts of East Lansing. In those days Negroes weren't allowed after dark inEast Lansing proper. There's where Michigan michael kors bags State University is located; I related all of this to anaudience of students when I spoke there in January, 1963 (and had the first reunion in a long whilewith my discount michael kors younger brother, Robert, who was there doing postgraduate studies in psychology). I toldthem how East Lansing harassed us so much that we had to move again, this time two miles michael kors bags out oftown, into the country. This was where my father built for us with his own hands a four-room house. ����This is where I really begin to remember things-this home where michael kors bags I started to grow up. ����A
Rewrite - Fma
Wanting to spit out the jarred thoughts isBecause there's no other proof of my existenceMy future that I should've grabbed hold isConflicting between "dignity" and "freedom"Wanting to erase the distorted afterimage isBecause I'll see my limit over thereIn the window of the excessively self-conscious meThere are no dates in last year's calendarErase and rewriteThe pointless ultra-fantasyReviveThe unforgettable sense of beingRewriteThe meaningless imaginationThe driving force that creates youGive it your whole body and soulAfter cutting my feelings that grew, I regretAfter realizing that after all, I'm just a mediocrity, I cryA depressed heartA dirty lieErase and rewriteThe pointless ultra-fantasyReviveThe unforgettable sense of beingRewriteThe meaningless imaginationThe driving force that creates youGive it your whole body and soul
You Can Let Go - Crystal Shawanda
Wind blowing on my face Sidewalk flying beneath my bike A five year old's first taste Of what freedom's really likeHe was running right beside me His hand holding on the seat I took a deep breath and hollered As I headed for the street You can let go now, daddy, you can let go Oh, I think, I'm ready to do this on my own It's still a little bit scary but I want you to know I'll be okay now, daddy, you can let goI was standing at the altar Between the two loves of my life To one, I've been a daughterTo one, I soon would be a wife When the preacher asked"Who gives this woman?" Daddy's eyes filled up with tears He kept holding tightly to my arm 'Til I whispered in his ear You can let go now, daddy, you can let go Oh, I think, I'm ready to do this on my own It's still feels a little bit scary but I want you to know I'll be okay now, daddy, you can let goIt was killing me to see the strongest man I ever knew Wasting away to nothing in that hospital room
Here Is A Teacher - 474
Maybe what I am, doesn't please you, but alas it never fails, I am always trying too. Come on do understand, my unlikeable place, I am a rock in the sands, a book with no cover or face. Where I got this inspiration, the chance is unknown, I have lost this fight, the bird, my soul, has flown. As I look straight, I behold the only you, I am told somehow, here is a teacher and a friend too. This is also for my friends, without you there wouldn't be a need for a teacher, but for believes and doubts, your the story of my life; the main movie feature. So laugh a little and cry not, you are deep in my heart you can never be sold or bought. 
Blog From Twiguy28teamcullen- A Conversation I Had With An Agnostic Woman About Christianity(please Read The Entire Thing Before Coming To Any Conclus
Agnostics are much easier to talk to about this because, unlike atheists who don't believe in God at all, agnostics just don't believe the existance of God can be proven or disproven. I would like to stress that the question behind this conversation was NOT whether God existed or not. In fact, that is besides the point. The point of this discussion was that "if" God did exist and you had to live by a certain set of morals and values and did not accept the gift offered to you that would save you from the consequences that go with breaking those morals and guidelines(which, in the case, that gift was Jesus Christ being beaten and crucified on a cross for your sin), would you deserve those consequences? And in Christianity, the ultimate consequence is Hell. But, the ultimate reward is eternal life through Jesus Christ.   Now,here we go. Me-"Do you think you're a good person?" Her-"Sure, I consider myself a good person." Me-" Well, may I ask you a few questions to see if that's true?
Put Your Hand On My Leg - 502
The nights are growing longer dreaming of you is all I do, oh how strong the yearning is you know what I want you to put me through. How will others understand very few even really believe, those that may take the chance they may want me or accept defeat and leave.   Every thought I already have is really alright with me,  seen as wrong by my elders that is how it should be, you really favor my thinking therefore our feeling is free.   Times that I am without you trials and errors nee grace, seeing couples kiss and hug my emotions; leather and lace, for the two of us it is great saturdays we hit every base.   Come along with me, put your hand on my leg, go into the darkness, open your ears and hear me beg.  
Dead Beat Dad
A lot has happened since I was last on fubar. The guy I thought I was in love with turned out to be a total asshole. I found out he cheated on me and got the girl pregnant. I stayed to work things out with him. He broke up with me last weekend becuase someone lied on me and told him that I had sex with someone else more than once. Which never happened. I'm a stay at home mom dont leave the house unless i'm with my family, dr apt for me or the girls or i go to the store. Now I have to raise my girls by myself.
I Found This City
I found this alley, it's not hard in this city I slink down the wall, it's scratching my back My head is bleeding It's dripping down my face through my eye and into my mouth There are fire escapes over my head The gentle mist is bringing up the rusting smell The streetlight is casting a pie shape light, distorting objects I'm hoping a madman is lurking maybe a bum with a shopping cart it may have something to fix my shoe heel I can't believe I hit my fucking head the blood in my eye is making a stained glass effect I need a ride, and a painkiller What prescription will chase this voice? Something that will order my thoughts and not kill my sexual desire? Where is that madman? My fear is arriving like waves it has no armour But I've willed it I called to it that it should arrive is logical but logic is a wall I built it on the other side is terror (c)2011
About Me :)
Ummm ok so idk what I'm suppose to do on here since I never made one but um, hi xD  I guess I'll start with saying a little about myself: I'm bi, I can get quite shy in person. I'm really nice and caring as long as you don't talk to me about stuff that pisses me off. I'm not a sex freak so I'm not into much sex stuff or jokes. I love shopping, I have an obsession for Pandas. I've loved them ever since I was little. I looooveee the band Black Veil Brides, they're amazing. And if you don't like them please either don't say anything or don't even bother talking to me at all. Thanks~ I also like going to the beach when I'm in the mood for it, I like camping as long as I don't get eaten alive by bugs.  Things I Hate: Bugs, Needles, Heights, Berries, People who talk dirty, Parties (I'm not a party person and I can be quite shy), Alcohol and Drugs, Horror anything, Zombies.  Things I Like: Being alone (not like, single alone but like, being in my room with my own space kinda alone.) Wat
They say that there’s a soul mate for everyone. I never was one to give in to such ways of thinking I was one who always felt there were no such things in this world at least as it pertained to me. However, one woman has changed my position on this subject. A woman I have admired from afar, A stunningly beautiful woman on the outside, blonde hair, deep green eyes that I got lost in from the first time I saw them. They also say the eyes are the doorway to the soul but little did I know what was behind those doors. Locked away behind all the no trespassing and do not enter signs was something so spectacular that  even I could have never dreamt of it, the soul of a woman full of love and caring waiting for a man willing and strong enough to forge through the hard outer shell and breakdown the walls, a man willing to look past his own tough love experiences and show her that it is possible to be loved the way she herself loves, to feel as close to a man as she has always been told wa
Bastien Aka Gastonjak & Dj Frostbreaks Air In A Few Hours On Underground Intelligence L.a.
Tune in and join us for Underground Intelligence Los Angeles featuring Bastien aka GastonJak for segment 1 and for segment 2 about a half hour later, DJ Frostbreaks! We're going hard this week adding a lil electro and dubstep to the mix. The show airs at 3am eastern (usa) on until 5am eastern. The show airs every Saturday and if you miss a show and/or like what you hear, you can tune in at the archive located at For all shows and channels visit us at   
How To Put Music On Your Profile (updated Friday July 6th 2012)
Alright so this is the new blog on how to put music on your profile. Simple and Easy. First thing you need to know is the "my trackz" no longer works on the new profiles. Lame. So the only way you can put music on your page is on your "about me" or your "comments." So first things first... removing your pictures off you page.    ***NOTE: This will not delete all your pictures that you have uploaded it will clearly just remove them off your profile page. When you get to this point you want to move you photos from the left to the right till there is no more left on the left... then hit SAVE. When you do this... it will look like this: Now to the next part... to get a video or music on your page you need to edit your "About Me" Section. Here comes the fun part! Go up to "my" and then "settings" on the top part by "home" once you are in here go to "About Me And Intrests" and somewhere inside of it... you want to put the youtube or music player link. Now I use YouTube because well
Les Ventes De Pc En Europe Occidentale A Diminué De 16,9 Pour Cent En Avril Et Mai
juillet 7 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Les ventes de PC continuent de baisser. Ainsi, selon le contexte, android firmware , dans les deux premiers mois du deuxième trimestre, la baisse des ventes de PC en Europe occidentale était de 16,9 pour cent. Netbooks a enregistré une baisse de plus de 45 pour cent. Pas un bon moment pour vendre PC. Contexte selon une étude publiée dans les deux premiers mois du deuxième trimestre de 2012 (Avril et Mai), la vente de PC est tombé en Europe occidentale, 16,9 pour cent par rapport à la même période l'an dernier. Les plus fortes baisses enregistrées dans les appareils mobiles, ordinateurs portables et les netbooks à la tête. Les ventes de portables ont chuté de 16,6 pour cent, tandis que le netbook était encore plus élevé à 45,7 pour cent. La partie positive est pour les ultrabooks, dont les ventes sont en augmentation de mois en mois. Les prévisions sont optimistes. L'arrivée de Windows 8, ce qui rendra l
Desolate Despair
What a terribly lonely solitude and a desolate despair, When the love you desperately seek... simply isn't there. You never see the sunrise or sunset's golden glow, Because you never feel the touch that only she'll bestow. And life seems deathly grim in the absence of a caress, When you lose the will to live; and your love you must repress. The anguish and the pain, when she walks on someone's arm, And the jealousy you feel when she displays her magic charm. And as I meet my God... I'll think of her 'til the last. How life could have been... if she'd loved me in the past. But no sorrow will I show and my sadness is a cure. If you think she was never a part of me... You're wrong... you always were. -Bill-
On My Dads Birthday - Rip - July 4th - God Called Another Angel Home To Heaven
My dearest uncle, may you fly to Heaven as show white dove full of glory,wrapped in God's love. The Father has taken away all your pain, a new life with Jesus is what you have gained. All your worries and all of your woes they are now just bad memories, what you endured only God knows.  He sent down His Angels to meet in the sky, to bring you to Heaven, your home upon high. Although we will miss you every day, we will sense your Angelic prescens not only at times when we pray. We will feel you always, we will know you are there.  Please stay by us always, let us feel you are here, if we know you are with us, then all these lonely nights and days we can bear. Whisper you love us and wipe all our tears, if you stand by us always then we all have no fears. Please take care of your family, guide them with all your love. You are now their Angel, you are now their Dove, forever and always in Heaven above.   I will always miss you and love you uncle Per....Memories stay with me
Now I realize too late Maybe it was just fate Why couldn't I see What you really need I am the one that could have been Why was I so blind to see? We were there, just you and me Now alone I sit Missing the fire that we lit That flame is now blown out Never to burn again without a doubt So I sit here thinking of you and I I just ask the stars, why? oh why? There is nothing to do Its time to get over you. So I say good bye to all we had This is just too sad I wish I didn't have to go through that door I realize that you want me no more.      
Who Want's To Party
Who is in the mood to party? Who is feeling Hot and crazy right now? Who want's to party and get wild with each other? Please feel free to say what you want no hold backs and no need to be shy have a great day and party on.
I Am More
Do you know how easy, it would be? For me to hate, shut everyone out completely. Loving and living, after all I have seen. Is difficult, but I'm living my dream. I won't take the easy way out. That is not what life, is about. Life is a journey, finding out your cause. What you're here for, the person you are. I am more than, the bad guys took away. I smile in their face, by living each day. What they did, made me strong. Made me who I am, no matter how wrong. It was, I still hold my head high. Because I am worth more, than the tears I cry. The tears cause a water fall, I swim through them all. Because I am bigger than the bad stuff, that seems so small. No words will break me, no actions for that matter. I can love and be loved, the vision is shattered. The vision they had of me is faded, because I am more. It just took me a while, to know that for sure.
An Erotic Vamp Short Story. Nsfw
A Kiss at Midnight       The city is bustling and the people run around like ants under glass.  Most people have no bearing to what happens in the night past their own lives. They go about their business from day to day wake up and go to sleep.  But there is another life that lives at night when they go to sleep.  The pure energy that runs through the night the lust, love, and the passion that feeding off of a stranger when the shadows grow large.  But you smell it in the air when the night is long until the sun starts to peek up at dawn.  As the keyboard stops clicking and the writer sits back in her chair.  She starts to proof read the editorial she just finished and looks at her watch and see she still has an hour to get it sent in to meet the deadline.  Then she signs her name Mortisha Draconus.   She sends off her editorial to the press office of the Gothic Tribune where she has worked at as a writer for the past five years.  Trying to show the nightlife of the local city wh
Where You've Been
Life is a mystery, to us all. Never knowing what, is on the other side of the wall. Should I climb it, or just play it safe. You only get one shot, it's not meant to waste. Live, laugh and love, as often as you can. Tomorrow isn't a guarantee, there is no plan. No one weeds out a path for you, no one holds your hand. We live and we learn, but living is the key. Don't live with regret, take it from me. Everyone dies, but not everyone dies with a smile. Take every chance, every opportunity, enjoy every mile. No matter how painful, it's worth it in the end. Leave the legacy, of where you've been.
Bang Tango Offical Fubar
go like and rate and fan and add and voteBang Tango Official fubar@ fubar
Tell That To Her Family
She walks down the hall, with her head hung down. Listening to the taunts, the laughs around town. She pretends as if she don't, but it breaks a piece off at a time. Tearing down her dreams, ruining her mind. People think it's just words, that it doesn't hurt. But tell that to her family, as they cover her with dirt. She could no longer, stand the pain. Being tortured, ridiculed, living in shame. Look beyond the exterior, and see them from the inside out. For this is truly, what life is all about.
Before I Lay Down, I Am Up Late
I would just like to thank everyone there is to thank. Whether or not you are aware of it, you have aided in letting me know niceness does still exist. And to the rough riders who have tried giving me the raw style... Thank you for letting me know that I am not grossing everyone out. I may just be another piece of meaningless meat in the earths population but you give me hope. All of you.... Today, well still having problems with my desktop. I gave it a good blow and it booted the fuck up but froze shortly after.  Must of not blown good enough.  Maybe if it wants to work I will vlog again.  No joke, dammit!! I will be back but not in black but in white.  Joking around every once in a while helps break the monotey of everyday life.  Seeing the brighter side helps me avoid the colder, dark side.  Thank you!! More will be posted providing the DT will BTFU. LOL, I'm always right where you left me. Please remember I will have a good day if yours is better!!
It Could Be You
Go ahead, turn away. Close your eyes, to what goes on everyday. Pretend as if, you cannot see. The pain in others, the pain in me. It is a hurt, not easily disguised. All it takes is, one look in the eyes. Of the victim, read their face. Visit this tragic, unfamiliar place. A place so horrific, most people can't grasp. In their protected world, they don't bother to ask. Too many times, I needed someones help. And the only person around, was myself. My plea is to open your eyes, do what you can. To help those in need, it's the only way to understand. Hear their story, it's the right thing to do. Who knows, one day, it could be you.
Been There Myself
My eyes are shut, but I can still see. The pain, the hurt of others, they speak to me. Their voices, never stop. They ask for my help, how can I not? I am the voice, for the weak. The strength for those, who cannot speak. I live with fear, but it will not consume me. I control it, use it, apply it, positively. Hate is a useless emotion, learn from everything. Big changes can be made, even from the smallest of things. Fear is easy, overcoming it, is not. A little life lesson, I was taught. The school of hard knox, taught me more than I need. The skills to survive, to succeed. I am here for a purpose, to help those who can't help themselves. Regardless of what it costs me, I've been there myself.
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You Missed the joy, laughter and fun that we had You Missed when Emma bumped her head and Kera felt so sad You Missed hearing our little girls Prayers last night You Missed kissing them this morning and tucking them in last night You Missed seeing Emma off for her first day of school You Missed hearing Kera talk about that boy she thinks is so cool You Missed the joy of watching them play You Missed Emma's new word that she learned today You Missed helping Kera making her lunch You Missed more than a little You Missed a bunch You Missed seeing the girls clean up their room You Missed laughing with Kera trying to use a broom You Missed Kera's pride in all her good grades You Missed the precious little pictures from school Emma's made You Missed the joy of watching them sleep last night You
I miss your touch I miss your taste I miss the smile upon your face I miss the nights we were alone I miss them more now that you are gone I miss your laugh I miss your cry I miss the sparkles in your eyes I miss your heart I miss your soul I miss you more than you will know I miss your hair  I miss your scent I miss a love heaven sent I miss you now I miss you then I'll miss you til the very end
It’s not true that the perception of an angel is someone who wears white dress and with wings. Instead, they look exactly like us. If you don’t want to believe me, look in front of a mirror and there, you’ll see my angel
What Do U Love About A Seriose Relationship
alot of people jump into relationship real quick wich usally end on bad terms or they go better than wat you expect...Is love at first sight or is it threw a friendship.ive been lucky to meet nice ladys but left to find out there true blood thirsty personality come out!!!!creepi but any ways let me know wat u think.?
Polo Ralph Lauren Pas Cher
Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the most popular fashion houses, working in America.Ralph Lauren pas cher This brand has really shaped up the lifestyle of people living across US. There are four categories, under which Polo Ralph Lauren has been selling its products including men's wear, polo Ralph Lauren has worked a lot. You cannot find any brand like this which is equipped with wonderful apparels which easily reach at the height of fashion. You cannot deny the fact that this company has launched myriad of variety for men and women due to which company's goodwill has been increased to the highest point. Outlet shops supply affordable prices on a large number of things that are traded during the shops,polo ralph lauren pas cher even though there are web pages that to promote the sale of polos from ralph lauren polo at an excellent discounted. These are typically however genuine designer polos,Whenever you invest in designer attires from local stores, the exception is that an auth
Ralph Lauren Pas Cher
These Nike Dunks SB are made up with leather and are specifically designed for skateboarding and a comfortable wearing for skate boarders.ralph lauren polo and nike tn pas cher dunks Sb are mostly used by sports personalities all over the world with varieties of Nike Dunk models. light blue and white, or yellow and black. The site also sells Nike Air Force One shoes. There are various types from this line of Nike men's shoes. These are custom-made; rare; airbrushed; and Spongebob. Nike Air Force One All Star can be bought at $25!! The new design of the Air Force One is also offered at the same price. On the other hand, One factor that is appears exceptionally outstanding for almost any working shoe is for it to state strength, injuries avoidance and organically grown gait management. The Nike free of prerequisite function statements this with its barefoot like capabilities rendering polo ralph lauren pas cher and Ralph Lauren pas cher and Nouveau Puma femme it possible for the
Nike Blazers Along With Nike Dunks Are Two Of The Athletic Brand's Most Popular Sneakers
Nike Blazers along with Nike Dunks are two of the athletic brand's most popular sneakers. Both designs were created for the purpose of being worn while playing basketball and over the years have evolved into icons of the street wear subculture.Nike Talon Haut Femm and Nike Shox Femme The models that were initially designed to support and enhance athletes' performance now serve as an inspiration for art and fashion. Today there are approximately 65 different products of Nike Football boots that are soft ground, firm ground or Astro/3G, available in almost every shoe size (youth- adult sizes), at a range of prices to suit your individual football needs and budget. produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Paramount Pictures. If you have ever dreamed of being Iron Man, or you have to have shoes that no one else on the block is going to have,Gucci Bottes Homme and Puma Homme Diversitile has you in mind. The shoes feature custom stitching, embroidery and pattern work that rep
德报孝廉  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。   1,性交技巧, 诚求各位大大,我怎么才能把操弄图像马甲,文字马甲,录像马甲的人,也就是操纵各种各样形象的人,也就是操纵各种各样角色的人,即中国卡扎菲的妈日舒服呢? 虽然我从新闻联播,新华社,
Jobs In Chennai, Online Jobs Chennai, Part Time Jobs In Chennai, Fresher Jobs Chennai, Jobs For Freshers Chennai
Whether you are looking for a new job opporunity, new career or change in existing job career, new job direction etc we help you in explore new world of jobs in the indian market at the right direction. Thats what we do in  we have provided list of job classified, job portal, online jobs, job website, Indian job  opporunity, so that you will be able to analysis & submit your resume, There are best resume preparation sites which help you in that as well. We provide information for the following through the job classifieds 1. Home Based JObs 2. IT Jobs 3. BPO & Telemarketing Jobs 4. Accounts & Finance Jobs 5. Banking & Insurance Jobs 6. Production Jobs 7. Freelancer Jobs 8. Online Internet Jobs 9. Sales & Maketing Jobs etc many more We provide jobs classifieds, career & recruitment classifieds and related services to job seekers, freshers, experienced candidate and Corporate Customers, (employers and recruitment consultants) on our website  w
A Beautiful Woman Uses Her
A beautiful woman uses her lips for Truth, her voice for Kindness, her ears for Compassion, her hands for Charity and her heart for Love. For those who do not like her, she uses Prayer
Could Not.
I hope you're here when I wake up.Whiskey bottomed out. Now I'm stuck on down times and an unerring sense of good.Yellow light is wandering through my window, sick wet air is adding ten pounds to everything.I don't think.The crazy jazz of morning hung over is clashing with each uneven step.Slept right through churchand two games.I'd wait for the day to stop spinning, but we're already on the final approach to orange dusk.Resume the pursuit.Numb.Still.Cool.What will we talk aboutwhen you're over ignoring meand I'm done wanting you.
Sbg Leveling Help
SBG's Post Here In A Comment What Help You Need With Leveling Requirements & We Will Help With What We Can. 
Michael Kors Handbags Michael Kors Bags Michael Kors Shoes Michael Kors Outlet Discount Michael Kors
and Thule shall not be the last ofthe worlds."In a letter which Toscanelli wrote to Columbus in 1474, he inclosed acopy discount michael kors of a letter which he had already sent to an officer of Alphonso V, theKing of Portugal. In writing to Columbus, he says, "I see that you have agreat and michael kors bags noble desire to go into that country (of the East) where the spices come from, and in reply to your letter I send you a copy of that which Iaddressed michael kors bags some years ago to my attached friend in the service of the mostserene King of Portugal. He had an order from his Highness to write meon this subject. . . michael kors outlet . If I had a globe in my hand, I could show you what isneeded. But I prefer to mark out the route on a chart like a marine chart,which michael kors shoes will be an assistance to your intelligence and enterprise. On thischart I have myself drawn the whole extremity of our western shore fromIreland as far down as the coast of discount michael k
Tablet To Grow Portables Passées En 2016, Diminuer En Taille, Devenir Encore Plus Mobile
juillet 6 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Tablet PC comme l'iPad d'Apple sont censés être le moteur de la croissance pour le marché des tablette android 9.7 au cours des prochaines années. Expéditions Tablet dépassera expéditions d'ordinateurs portables en 2016, selon le dernier NPD DisplaySearch PC Expédition trimestriel Mobile et Prévisions. Globalement les ventes de PC mobiles va crotre à partir d'unités 347m en 2012 à plus de 809M d'unités en 2017. "La préférence des consommateurs pour les appareils informatiques mobiles se déplace de portable pour Tablet PC, en particulier dans les marchés matures", a déclaré Richard Shim, analyste senior chez NPD DisplaySearch. "Alors que les lignes entre la tablette et les ordinateurs portables sont floues, nous prévoyons que les marchés matures d'être les principales régions de l'adoption tablette PC. Les nouveaux arrivants ont tendance à lancer leurs produits initiaux dans les marchés matures. Service
The Shadows
in the shadows he stands tall his scars Hidden there,As he looks upon the one once rich land now laid bare,His hardened eyes water as the memmories start to come back,To the night his land was lost to an un expected attack, Without any waring his home was gone ,to become a land where the enemy had won,As callaused hands turn to fists he stands as a stone,Knowing only rage throughout muscle and bone, Where once stood a land of the just,the knight has let his armour turn to rust,With every passing moment he becomes whole again,He finally returns to the twisted land.
Love From An Epic Fucking Loser
Charles Baker Buzz:   dry, buy a drink! Level: Freak (9) Gender: ?, 44 Location: United States   6:59pm Charles Baker: hi i have cash 7:00pm  Klover...: excuse me? 7:01pm Charles Baker: i could use some ok 7:02pm  Klover...: did you just ask me for money?
Women Orgasm
Anorgasmia Definition: Anorgasmia is an inability to reach orgasm and is thought to occur in about 10% of women. Anorgasmia may be either primary (the woman has never been able to reach an orgasm by any means) or secondary (an orgasm was experienced at some point in the past). It may also be global (orgasm is not experienced by any means) or situational (orgasm may be experienced in certain sexual situations but not others; for example, with manual stimulation but not with intercourse). Return to top Some Myths Regarding Female Orgasms There are several myths regarding orgasm. These myths can sometimes cause problems for women and their partners. Myth:   An orgasm is always an earth-moving experience and there is something wrong with a woman if she is unable to reach orgasm. Fact:   Some women have orgasms and don’t know it. Some women do not experience orgasm in the sense of feeling their pelvic floor muscles contract. They do however reach a peak o
Facts On Women
The word “woman” is believed to have derived from the Middle English term wyfman, broken down simply as the wife (wyf) of man. In Old English, women were described simply as wyf, while the term man was used to describe a human person, regardless of gender.c The English word “girl” was initially used to describe a young person of either sex. It was not until the beginning of the sixteenth century that the term was used specifically to describe a female child.c The biological sign for the female sex, a circle placed on top of a small cross, is also the symbol for the planet Venus. The symbol is believed to be a stylized representation of the Roman goddess Venus’ hand mirror.d While many stars and moons are christened with female names, Venus is the only planet in our solar system given the name of a female goddess.d Human women have proportionately larger breasts than any other female mammal The breasts of human women are much larger i
Facts About Men
In Old English, human men were referred to as wer, while the term man was used to describe humanity as a whole. During the thirteenth century, man gradually replaced wer as the term for an adult human male while also maintaining its use as an expression for the entire human species.c Worldwide, there are approximately 107 baby boys born for every 100 baby girls. Scientists believe the elevated birth rate in favor of boys may be linked to the higher mortality rates of boys in infancy and childhood.a Globally, boy babies are 25% more likely to die in infancy than girl babies.a Average height today for men in the U.S. is just over 5' 9" (175 cm) and average weight is approximately 190 pounds (86 kg). In 1960, average height for men was about 5' 8" (172 cm) and average weight was just over 166 pounds (75 kg).e Worldwide, men have a life expectancy of 64.52 years, as compared to a life expectancy of 68.76 years for women.e The most common cause of death for men in the U.S. is he
Monster.......some Thing I Wrote In A Dark Place
Monster         I wish somtimes that I had your eyes, So I can see what kind of monster I am. And your ears to hear my distorted words. growling snarling bitching and smiling his toothless grin. Your nose to smell the BS that a MONSTER spews out his mouth. Your sence of touch to see what a monster fels like, and how it makes your skin crawl. But this monster is like a child......Can't stand up for it's self. Don't show any emotion. Heartless Lifless Uncaring Usless A monster that needs a push to move, Cause he can't move himself.
It would be so easy just to shut down right now & just walk away from everything, & not caring one way or another about things. Holding back not telling people off. Keeping the tongue in check not screaming out things that shouldn't be said. Not sitting crying & moaning. Trying to keep the head up. Praying for everybody else, because nothing left to pray for self, for nothing seems to work. Trying to stir up the joy & faith inside. Trying to keep emotions in check & not let the heart wander aimlessly off track. Working on keeping the promises in front as well as the prize at the end of the race. Watching as more & more gets taken & nothing can be done. What more needs to leave, or to be stripped? Is this a joke? Is it funny to dump dung on one? How much more will be dumped? The tunnel is long & never ending. No longer know which is up or down. The light ends up being a tease of another lamp hanging from a wooden beam shining, but still not enough to show if going further into the abyss
More On The Update
I know Wikipedia isn't the best place to get your information, but this time it's all true. If you read the blog before this one, you'll know we had a really bad storm here (wv) was actually more than just my state..but yeah. Here is what happened. If you're interested in a read, go for it :) It has pictures of the storm cell(s) that came thru.
Babette Waits...
I Love You, Babette! I long to write for you, to tell you those stories you loved. long for....Simply say the word, and I will commence a story right now! She walked thru the night, her heels clicking along the street, her tight clothing rubbing on her body, each step almost forcing her to want Him, Nickolas, the man she waited for, dreamed for, longed for. She loves him, with all his heart, and the same way, HE wants her, for all time. Babette wanted her once. She wait for his, , Nickolas' draw to near, the scent of her flare his nostrils, his toungues caresses her with her flesh. Nicholas would tie her to an ice cold sheet of metal...Babette loved the cold metal causing her flesh to dimpleskin. Having the icy steel tied to her body caused Babette to orgasm to no end. Regardsless, She loved Nicholas....and he loved her!
So Much For Good News...
Well, after my last blog was posted shit went bad fast...his kids refused to get into the car with him when he met his ex. Their mother has basically painted a picture for them that if they stay with her it's going to be Disneyworld. We have decided to let them stay with her. He doesn't want to force them to come home and they resent him for it, nor do we have thousands of dollars to hire an attorney right now. They are both so brainwashed that they'd pretty much tell a judge anything at this point. We're both heartbroken, but we'll let them realize a few months from now to come home when their lives there aren't the pretty picture their mother has painted.
Onto Us This Day Was Given
As I recall, the rule; be nice to others if you want them to be nice to you. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. Sometimes you run across someone that seems to have a mighty branch up their aztec. Its a sure thing that you can, every once in a great while, find an earthly angel. It is those that I treasure the most. Its a little proof heaven can be on earth. Some people or most people need reminded of that fact. I would like to believe that tomorrow may be better than today but today can be good too. Today is the present. A gift to be treasured. To be unwrapped with care. You can trash it or value it. Me, myself, and I choose to be careful and make sure that I don't ignore the reason of the season. Whether it is Christmas or not. The choice, it is better to give than receive, is still the bestest of values to hold. To all the people that have more than they need that don't share, the worst may come to stay ten fold.  Out of each and every possibility, I choose to be happy inst
Thurs. July 5
Hi Everyone, Sorry for the long time between updates, but life goes on and sometimes gets a little hectic.  Anyway, the update - as expected, Kicks has had some ups and downs, but no major scares, at least nothing that the doctors were overly concerned with. The doctors alerted us that she would have good and bad days as her body works to repair itself, so, while sometimes scary or disheartening to see her in pain, it sounds like its part of the process. On Monday, she was moved out of critical care to an intermediate care unit. This basically means she still requires a lot of watching, tests, vitals checked, etc, but that the doctors feel she isn't in serious danger. She is also a little more lucid and the pain, while a lot, is a little more tolerable. When she is lucid, we are more letting her decide the direction of conversation, which can last anywhere from 10-30 minutes, depending on how much she wants to tolerate.  She is aware she is in a hospital, and recognizes family (bot
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背槽抛粪 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 A, 中国卡扎菲,你正在做什么?又做了些什么。 风雨如磐,暴戾恣睢, 说不尽的凶狠,说不尽的残暴,说不尽的血腥, 说不尽的恶毒,说不尽的恐怖,说不尽的邪恶, 说不尽的引蛇出洞,说不尽的东找西寻,说不
F*ck Miss Cherry....
. Ha. Well, no but she's back on a new account and one of the most unique people I've ever met here (she was here before me, imagine that?) and a former #1 overall lifetime member. And she's back with her real name if you feel like making a new friend or reuniting with an old one...go show some love to... MISS CHERRY@ fubar ..wasn't that holiday like a waste being in the middle of the week? Like it never happened. Lol..peace.
What Makes You Know How Beautiful You Really Are
                                          BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE                 Ok criosly der are hundreads of wayz to figure out how beautiful you truly are, but before going on y'all shld know dat wateva or whoeva you are, you wer nd will alwyz be beautiful..kk enof of the dumb issh....1st thing's 1st wtz is beauty? wtz bin beautiful? in what aspect or area are you beautiful at or in do u consider yourslf beautiful what will you do for beauty(real beauty). (finaly)what makes you know how beautiful u rily are.... now getting to know all dis iz just a step closer....soo hola at ma blog if u do wanna know.....
Drinking Stories....please Help Get This Started
Soooo, we are playing a drinking game so why not share some real drinking stories? Do you have any funny ones? Those are probably the best, because we all need some good laughs, right? Be the first and maybe the best...
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Solar Tsunami
1859 The Carrington Event (Solar Superstorm) +  11  year cycle solar flares ------ 1870 1881 1892 1903 1914 1925 1936 1947 1958 1969 1980 1991 2002 +  11 _____ 2013
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Brightest flashlight they use only the diameter of 5mm LED assembly into a lamp, powered by three AAA batteries; some 3, 6 or 9 0 5W of straw hat LED combination of a rechargeable battery. The practical effects of this flashlight is not ideal: the absence of reflective bowl, use of LED lens of its own scattering angle, issued by the light scattered and can not be taken away; This article describes the flashlight to overcome these shortcomings of the traditional LED flashlight using a single high-power LED production, allows the LED to avoid weaknesses. The single LED high-power flashlight is a single light-emitting diode (LED) as light source of a new lighting tool, it has low power consumption, durability, brightness, etc., can be used for nocturnal, climbing, camping, medical, maintenance, etc.. However, this flashlight price several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, and usually the market is difficult to see. I make a single high power flashlights, the cost of only a few
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juillet 5 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois La Corporation municipale de Delhi (MCD), avant qu'il ne soit trifurqué en Avril de cette année, a décidé de fournir gratuitement des ordinateurs tablette android 4.0 à 1,98 lakh étudiants des écoles municipales. Mais le régime a été mis en attente parce que les trois sociétés civiques maintenant "passent par des contraintes financières", ont indiqué des responsables. Les ordinateurs, semblables à faible cot du gouvernement Tablet PC Akash, n'a pas pu être achetés et distribués parmi les étudiants "parce que le budget de l'éducation ne suffit pas à couvrir les frais", ont indiqué les responsables. La plupart de l'argent alloué dans le budget de l'éducation passe en acquisition de manuels et de paiement des salaires. Nous avons d'autres taches importantes qui ont besoin de fonds, "un Nord Corporation municipale responsable. Le MCD unifié avait passé un fonds de Rs 45 crore pour le régime de l'10.1 pouc
Contradictions Of Us
Contradictions of Us 7/4/2012     It hurts so badly. It feels so good… I don’t want it to end. I don’t fear that it could.   This pain is pure pleasure, this pleasure, pure pain. I know I’m not crazy. I think I’m insane.   I can’t feel what I’m touching. I can’t touch what I feel. This is so overwhelming. So real, yet surreal.   This feeling stays with me, through the day and the night. It can’t possibly be wrong. It can’t possibly be right.   You’re with me each moment, yet we’re so far apart. You live there, you live here, inside of my heart.   We can’t be together. We’re together all the time. We can’t have each other. I’m yours and you’re mine.   You own me, I’m his. I own you, you’re hers. I can tell you what I’m feeling. I can’t find the words.   What’s happening here... I can’t quite explain. The contradictions
The Sound Of Abuse
Dishes breaking, fists are shaking, children crying, mom's denying. Father's yelling, but no one's telling about the sound of abuse from behind the door.   Baby's sleeping, mothe'rs weeping, brother's screaming, father's gleaming. Sister's crying as father's trying to force her down upon the floor.   You hear the screams, you hear the shouts, you here the abuse; there is no doubt. You hear the yelling and are finally telling about the sound of abuse from behind the door.   Now brother cries as he testifies, sister's in the loony bin. Baby's dead and mother's head feels as if its caving in... but the sound of abuse from behind the door, wont be bothering you... not anymore.
Think About It
If our troops in Afghanistan “lose”; if they were pushed out of the entire country and “lost” the war, would we here at home suddenly not be “free”? Would our lives change? Would we lose our rights? Would we have to speak another language or adopt a scary religion? None of that would happen. That’s how you know that none of our soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq are fighting/were fighting for our freedom, or our rights. I don’t say that to discredit them, their service, or those who’ve died serving. I served. I say it because I’m still hopeful that a day will come where people will learn to think for themselves, and learn to see truth. But, I realize it’s unpleasant to think down that road, that if our troops aren’t defending our freedom or our right to be ignorant chauvinists, then what are they dying for? What are they killing people for? It’s much easier, on a day like today, to post videos of “God
Where'd It All Go?
So, got to weigh myself today for the first time in a good few months. Weighed in at 12stone, or 168lbs for you lot. I am very surprised, and happy as that's a big drop from 17.5stone (245lbs).   in other news, job interview tomorrow, wish me luck, please.
Could I Ask For Freedom??
Maybe its asking for too much. Being kept away from the life outside sometimes isn't so bad. When you start yearning for a touch, or a hug, or maybe just a pat on the back. It is the last hope sceaming out. If no one hears its no wonder. Some think I am losing my hearing. I say they fucking mumble. Sometimes my ears ring and sometimes it hurts like hell. I have no sweet sounds to hear so I don't mind. I was hoping that I might be able to ask for freedom. I use to have the ability and freedom to run. Haven't ran well since the winter of '89..... not that awful long ago. I miss it. I can feel the breeze blowing therough my hair when I am on my three wheel bicycle. Feels real good. I use to feel it every now and then when I got to ride a horse. Even use to feel the breeze through my hair when I rode my motorcycle. I was only six and then seven years old. The yesteryears are just that but I wouldn't be who I am today without them. I know freedom, I know how to enjoy life. I know that I d
I have often heard of people having those "A-Ha" moments and thought to myself, "What a bunch of crap!" But as I was driving that long commute to work early this morning, I actually had one.   Six days a weeks I drive 35 miles on I-75 to a small town where I work.  At 5:30 in the morning, there isn't much traffic... usually just me and the truckers.  Often my mind wanders as I listen to the radio or some CD.  On this morning, I was thinking on how much I would like something... some material object that is out of my financial reach.  When all of a sudden it hit me.  I HAVE A GOOD LIFE!   That made me stop my wandering mind and actually focus on what I HAVE.  I may not own my own home, but the apartment where I have lived for the past 10 years is nice.  Small, yes, but just enough for me.  The furnishings are quite lovely, and I am comfortable there.  I keep it up (OCD won't let me do otherwise) and have had many compliments on it.  I may not drive an expensive luxury car, but drive a
The Dangerous Summer Lyrics
“Are you serious?” She said“I never should have let you in my headWho the hell do you think that you are?I see you climbing over innocent hearts.I’ll say exactly what I feel; “I’m not impressed at all”You really want to know just what I think?You’re lost.I’m tired of always being second best.Get out, and find that pseudo comfortSomewhere else.”We fall to miscommunicationAnd in that moment I might dieI’ll let you go; if you really mean itAll this time, but you didn’t knowI felt misleaded in my mindWe’ll take it slowLeave all the people to their lives and find our homeI was tearing at the threads that you areAnd it never seemed to get me too far ‘til now“I’m not impressed at all”You really want to know just what I think?You’re lost.I’m tire
Just For Fun
YOU JUST WOKE UP IN MY BED NAKED NEXT TO ME...using 3 words what would you say to me? If you comment you must post as your status so I can comment on yours. See what the others say !! (just for fun :D)
There's Only 1 Girl I Love
I just have to clarify that. It doesn't necessarily mean we will experience this together. Don't take advantage of your loved ones, ever. That's something I should have solidified in my life years ago. I love you Adele. Thank you for ever being in my life.
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Video Games And Websites
Its amazing how many people out that are so against video games (World of Warcraft, Diablo Series etc etc etc) it breaks up relationships, causes stress and moon swings rules your life. Yet they can sit on a website all day long, and THE SAME THINGS HAPPEN!Video Game: You get your ass beat your pissedWebsite: Someone Causes drama your pissedVideo Game: You spend so much time playing your signifigant other breaks up with you.Website: You spend so much time on said website your signifigant other breaks up with you. (or your caught with your hand in the candy jar making lovey dovey with someone else)Video Game: You lost a really cool item sadnessWebsite: Someone posts something sad sadnessVideo Game: Another player gives you a great item you really needed Friend!Website: Another user gives you a picture or some virtual wealth Friend!Am I the only one missing something here? Or do some people need to pull there fucking heads out of there asses or have some sense slapped into them. I am so
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The Past Comes Back
07/04/2012 @ 05:07 am   Born in November of 1982. A few weeks after my birth my father's mother (my grandmother passed). I was the only grandchild she knew about when she was alive. Time passed and here came middle school. 1st Friday of the school year, I trip over a curb and fracture my left hip. Ok its the pelvic bone at the hip joint. I was on crutches for 13 weeks. I was off crutches for 2 weeks when some friends and I were playing around and I tripped on my friend landed on my right ankle. Sprained my ankle and was on crutches another 8 weeks. over the years I will have many injuries. The summer of 1997 changed me. I had 2 best friends who were twins 4 years older then myself. July 24th, 1997 we lost my best friends parents to a head on crash with a drunk driver. August 14th, 1997 I watched my best friend (Kev) get murdered saving me from a psycho who wanted to date me and wouldn't take no for an answer. the end of August 1997 princess Di died in a car crash. There was more loss
流离颠沛 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 1,干部市场, 看了新闻联播暗示,王小丫,栗坤,你俩在全国领导干部交易市场的比例占多大。你俩所占交易份额是在, 县团级领导干部交易市场,占的比例多大? 地市级领导干部交易市场,占的比例多大? 省
The 4th Of July
I can't think of the fourth of July with out first thinking of my father and all the others who have served in our armed forces both past and present. With out your courage, passion, and dedication I wouldnt be enjoying the level of comfort and freedom that exist in my life now. I am, and forever will be, in debt to all of you. My dad loved the fourth. He spent hundreds of dollars every year and was very proud of the number of times his neighbors called the police on him for excessive fireworks. When I was a kid I always thought he just enjoyed putting on such a great and intense show but as I aged I realized he did it because he was so proud of his country and its history. Thankfully I was there for the last two 4th's of his life. They were both incredible gatherings of friends and familiy, oh and we had a policeman already there on standby before we even shot off one firework. I will never forget those last two years. I love you dad and miss you dearly. Now I have my own tradition wi
Cinderella Fellow
Cinderella FellowCinderella FellowOnce upon a dreary dayHe had to appear before a juryTo see if he would be hand over to zoo keeperTo be sentenced to captivity in a cageor put on a leash until he earned his freedomCinderella Fellow   Cinderella FellowHe dressed his bestto impress the juryThat he was tame not insaneJust a victim of mistaken identityCinderella Fellow   Cinderella FellowHe hoped in to his chariot To make his journey to appear before the courtAlong the wayhe stop off in the market placeTo purchase a potion mad from a magical beanThat would Energies him with the power of caffeine In market place every maiden's eye was caught in a tranceby his fancy sport coat,tie,and pantsEvery maiden he passedshowered him will flowery ComplimentsCinderella Fellow   Cinderella FellowWhen the jury was heldThe King Of Kings pulled the strings of the hearts of the noble of the courtTo show mercyTo grant Cinderella Fellow the privilege to remain freeCinderella Fellow   Cinderella FellowThe next
Lock Your Windows,doors,and Hide Under Your Bed
I wrote this short humorous story , be cause so many people sound unintelligent  by their use of foul language in every conversation they have with some one.  This is such a cultural problem,that in the movie Star Trek The Journey Home,Captain Kirk Tell Spock that People use foul language so other people will listen to what they have to say. A man work in a warehouse ,and he is filing some paper work ,when he overhears a conversation between one of his fellow worker and a manager from a different department.       The manager is upset because something he ordered had disappeared from the ware house.   So The manger and the warehouse co work come to the conclusion that some one else stole his order when they came to pick up their own.In anger the Manger blurt out, " Those Mother Fuckers struck again!"The man who is file the paper work run up to his coworker with a distressed look on his face,and asks, " Can I barrow your cell phone ?     It's argent I call my mother at once!"His co work
It certainly michael kors outlet has," Nathan echoed. They knew he had gone into his family's business, which hadoperated pretty much the same and had been a part of the local community for as long michael kors handbags as they couldremember. So, they were surprised when he seemed concerned. He asked, "But, have younoticed how we don't want to change when things change?"Carlos said, "I guess we resist discount michael kors changing because we're afraid of change.""Carlos, you were Captain of the football team," Jessica said. "I never thought I'd hear you sayanything about being afraid!"They all laughed as they realized discount michael kors that although they had gone off in different directions - fromworking at home to managing companies - they were experiencing similar feelings. ����Everyone was trying to cope with the unexpected changes michael kors bags that were happening to them in recentyears. And more admitted that they did not know a good way to handle them. ���ï
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What Movies Either Cheer You Up, Or Set You Straight?
If there's a movie that can cheer you up at a bad time, or put you back on the right path, I'd like to know about it.
About Me And My Time Here
ok all since being back i have tried my best with everyone, tried to be there if they needed me, been a shoulder to cry on, a friend to listen. Just more or less tried to fit in, i know some ppl like me, some ppl cant stand me, there are lots of fakes on fu, just trying  to make u think u mean something as a friend but they still try to worm  anything they can from u. Yes i know fu is a game , it does say that on login page. i have made some very good friends on here in both times i been here but its the ones now i have in family i care about most. With that in mind, i have taken the top family away I WILL NOT have a top family. I cannot  rate my friends on how i like most as each one has there own special things i like about them. ppl  have come to me and asking why they are not in my top family when they have me there, GET FUCKIN USED TO IT ur not there for a reason. you have not earned the right to be there yet. Most ppl in my family are ones that have taken time to know me over bo
Sometimes You're Not Afraid
Sometimes you're not afraid of letting go, you're just afraid of accepting the fact that its gone.   Some nights are made for torture, or reflection, or the savoring of loneliness.  The loneliness you feel with another person, the wrong person, is the loneliest of all. Lonely is not a feeling when you are alone. Lonely is a feeling when no one cares.  Someday, you're gonna wind up all alone, and you'll have no one to blame but yourself.
Sometimes You Think
Sometimes you think you wanna disappear, but all you really want is to be found.
Goodbyes Are Hard
Goodbyes are hard. It may be hard for the person leaving, but it's always harder for the one left behind.
We cast upon this world but a small shadow some seen other's not. Does it mean that no one means the right person hasn't noticed.   Walk not in the shadow of other's, stand tall and be noticed Other's may not appreciate you for who you are but do they matter? All too often we are told to "kill them with kindness".   Deliver me not from this world but raise me to a height beyond what is known. Let me not hide in anyone's shadow anymore but shine brighter than the sun and the stars combined. Once again I find myself lurking in the shadows hiding from the light in which I use to find enjoyable. What do I have left to lose except my ownself to the dark pit in which I tried to climb out of. Shall I ease back into the depths of this abyss or just plunge head first falling fast and free and not worry about hitting the bottom or not. Does anyone really care? I reach not for a hand to pull me out of the doldrums except one but its not even reaching out to help so wh
Everybody At Least Once Needs
Everybody at least once needs somewhere they can be alone, a space where they could hold tight to the serenity and privacy of their own.
2012 The Latest Straight Hair Style
For straight hair is concerned, many women friends are very one-sided think straight hair is very monotonous also is very simple, it kind of style, actually otherwise. Straight hair can also make a variety of different hairstyles out, can be fleeciness, can be radian, also can be hair at the end slightly curly, etc, to see small make up the collection of seven in 2012 the latest pictures straight hair!!!!Wine red straight hair: if feel black straight hair looks too drab, that is dyed bright beautiful wine red, right is very good ah, the bang that divides in combined with a shawl hairstyle design embodies the atmosphere and fashionable woman side.LiuHaiChang inclined straight hair: whether very pure very fair lady feeling, straight hair hairstyles made come out is this kind of effect, complaisant straight hair fell straight down, let a person cannot help to touch once!The curly hair straight hair: straight hair style with blower, a slightly fleeciness feeling and curly is a natural look
Well I'll Be...
Was reading the news of Andy Griffith passing, and kinda reflecting for a moment at another figure from childhood passing on, reminding of how much time has as well. He was often spotted about the outer banks (coastal carolina islands), and I would see him here n there as a kid. He was pretty much a resident  and actually got his start right down there in the continual running play The Lost Colony, depicting the disappearance of the settlement in Manteo if anyone remembers that from history class. Sidebar..My uncle was VP of one of the iconic boutique shopping meccas there called the Galleon Esplanade, which was booming plaza centered around an actual spanish galleon, so whenever I was with my stepgram down there it was routine to stop in and see him. Alston was very.. I guess what folks call metrosexual now, he was the spitting image of Tony Orlando lmao. He had a killer pad with all the latest of technology, Bang & Olfson audio, nice toys etc, and was involved with beauty pageants
Sitting in her room,All day long.She is sitting there singing,Her own sad song. A song about misery,A song about hope.A song about a problem,and how to cope. She wants someone to love her,She wants someone to care.But when she turns around,Nobody is ever there. She wants a family,and some friends that she can call her own.She wants all these things,So she doesn't have to be alone. She's hoping someone will love her,She's hoping someone will care.She hears something and turns around,And notices that nobody's there.  
Some People Can Not Read
Apparently some people can not read on this social site.. Makes one wonder how you filled out your profile because in order to do so you must read.    To those who are calling me names like Mummy Hand etc...remember Karma is a bitch and it will come back around to bite  you in the backside..   I could in return call you all kinds of names but see i was taught better then that. And i refuse to stoop down to the level of ignorant... So why not grow up...get out of your diapers..and on to the big toilet because the way some of you are acting you are acting like toddlers in preschool!    Oh i am sorry ..toddlers act way better then that because a little 3 yr old was nice enough to ask me what happened to my arm and said he hopes i get better..   Pretty sad a 3 yr old is smarter then a WHOLE lot of the members on this site!  
Sitting in her room,All day long.She is sitting there singing,Her own sad song. A song about misery,A song about hope.A song about a problem,and how to cope. She wants someone to love her,She wants someone to care.But when she turns around,Nobody is ever there. She wants a family,and some friends that she can call her own.She wants all these things,So she doesn't have to be alone. She's hoping someone will love her,
American Dream
The Dream, good job, nice house,car, husband/wife, kids, general prosperity. Everybody wants it, a good handful achieve it. The American dream; instilled in our minds early on in life. Other countries model themselves for it, while others want to destroy it. How did this idea become so highly regarded that some people are willing to do anything to have it? No matter what the cost, some of us try so hard to get to that "American Dream" that they can almost taste it, while in the same breath envy those with it already. So how can a person be upset with another who has that "Dream" or are really close to obtaining it? Envious of where they are and where they are headed. To that question I answer, everybody has a choice no matter how difficult it is, to find a path to thier "American Dream". To be envious of another person's ladder climb to that "Dream" seems in my opinion a little shameful and unfair because you have the choice to get to where you want to be. If you really want somethin
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Ctia 2005 Star Wars Battlefront Hands-on
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Asus Lance Le Premier Comprimé Arm Windows 8
juin 4 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Asus Tablet appelé 600, le nouveau produit dispose d'un écran de 10.1 pouce et une unité de traitement quad-core, Nvidia Tegra 3. L'équipe a montré un aperu de la RT système d'exploitation Windows, lors de la conférence que la compagnie a donné au Computex Taipei. La nouvelle tablette pèse 520 grammes et a une épaisseur de 8,35 mm et un modèle destiné à être très mobile, dans les mots de Jonney Shih, Asus président. Le nouveau modèle a eu la collaboration de Microsoft et ARM, qui ont travaillé ensemble pour adapter le système d'exploitation à l'ordinateur. Les processeurs ARM se trouvent dans les smartphones les plus courants et les comprimés et le nouveau modèle Asus offre la place pour Microsoft de concurrencer les autres systèmes d'exploitation, y compris l'iPhone OS d'Apple et tablette android 4.0 de Google. L'Asus nouvelle est le principal avantage de Microsoft pour entrer dans ce marché émergent, ma
You just want me 'cause you can't have me, Like a starshine you cannot touch, Or a wave of a storming swiftly, Dark and secret and chilling sea, Or a fistful of ashes, drifting, Dreamlike, shadowlike, 'tween your fingers, Just a thought that, for heartbeat, Lingers In the recess of fickle mind, To be changed or replaced in kind.     You imagine me to be perfect, Yet I drasticly lack perfection, And you fail to make connection: I've no patience nor emotion To respond to erratic longing - For it barely masks your fear Of a child left all alone, Looking desolately for a home, And all-comforting sense of belonging With a mother who holds you near.     I've got news for you, my sweet darling, I'm not playing at hard to get, Just don't care to have regrets And've no use for another child, For I've lost at this game before: Love until it explodes in anguish Of an argument every week, Screaming till you're feeling weak, -- While murderous yawning boredom Takes
The Dr. Seuss Purity Test
The Dr. Seuss Purity Test Have you done it on a boat? Have you done it with a goat? Have you done it in a bed? Have you done it with the dead? Have you done it in the ass? Have you done it, high on grass? Have you done it in the car? Have you simply gone too far? Have you done it on the beach? Have you done it with the teach? Have you done it on your back? Have you done it strapped to a rack? Have you done it in a box? Have you done it with a fox? Have you done it in a tree? Have you done it with more than three? Have you done it in the rain? Have you done it for the pain? Have you done it 'tween the tits? Have you done it wearing mitts? Have you done
Which Are Stupider?
Which are stupider?  My smumms or my blogs?
Another Legend Gone
Beloved TV icon Andy Griffith, star of “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Matlock,” passed away this week at age 86.  This is yet another great one gone forever :( its sad I really loved his two shows Andy Grifith and Matlock they were my fave shows.
My Heart...
I put my head into my heart, but there was nothing there to see. nothing left for me. no air I couldn't breathe, So i tore the damned thing out, it was nothing that I need, Dead weight restraining me.... I gave all my love away, emptied my veins... sweated out my desire, bled away all my dreams... accepted that love is madness accepted that I am insane...
Tomorrow Is But A Day Away....
July 4, 2012 is but a day away. Two hundred and thirty six years ago The Declaration Of Independence was signed.  IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. 561-12July 03, 2012 Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta's Independence Day Message             “On this Independence Day, I would like to extend my gratitude and best wishes to our entire military family:  our men and women in uniform who serve around the world, and their families, and our Department of Defense civilians who support them, and their families.  On this day, we honor all of you for your service and the many sacrifices you make to defend our freedom.              “While many Americans will spend this holiday with family and friends enjoying summer weather, fireworks, and outdoor barbeques, others will be on the front lines defending our country.  Today, in particular, the American people pay tribute to those of you deployed overseas for your strength, your courag
I Love You But I Don't Like You - 415
What did I ever do?? treats were given, thank you. Wait, now what is wrong?? why is your touch all gone?? No love was ever there, only lust and that isn't fair.   My friend, please trust me, will you ever even see. I won't try to destroy, because you are my #1 boy!! You don't see with your heart, I do and it says don't fall apart.   Blame is directed my way, why?? very badly, I no longer want to cry. No fucking way this is my baby, there just ain't no maybe. Oh my hurts have no part, listen to my loving heart.   I love you but I don't like you, what can I do, my love is true. 
Poetry By Me
Im drowning in darkness and cant see the light, I know its not fair and i know its not right.... but im drowning in darkness and cant see the light, go up the stairs and turn to the right, im drowning in darkness and cant see the light.... three more pills and ill be alright, im drowning in darness and cant see the light, laying back in my bed eyes closed tight....  death is coming in the black of night, im drowning in darkness where is the light, if someone had cared shed be here tonight.... but she was drowning in darkness as she searched for the light, so hold out your hand ill grip it with all my might, for im drowning in darkness, ive lost my light... plase whisper softly itll be alright,  just take my hand ill show you the light, cuz im drowning in darkness and cant see the light.... i know its not fair and i know its not right,  but you see, im drowning in darkness.... wait.... is...that....light..... (this poem is mine the original date i wrote this has sinc
Rude Comments
This afternoon I have had to spend time deleting and blocking people. This is after they requested friendship etc . If you are going to request friendship why leave rude comments? Let me address some areas of comments that were left! 1. I only have one arm and hand and a stump of an arm. Why? About oct 2009 I came down with cellulitis in my right elbow which got infected. I went thru 11 wash cut and drain operations and at one point also had a major flap surgery where they took a muscle from my back and fed it into the arm. It was healing well..until during the winter I fell which caused a setback and the infection returned the bone became infected completely. So i had a choice. A. Keep the arm and take the chance at going septic (meaning infection spreads thru blood and i would die) B. Amputate and have the arm heal. I chose to amputate which means i got rid of the infection. Am i anorexic? The answer is no. I also am not bolemic. I was a premie by 2 months and i was only 1.5 lb
We All Fall Down
Put your hands in mine. Pull yourself up to your feet. Get your balance. Let go. You laugh, you fall down, you cry.   Take my hands again. Pull yourself up to your feet. Get your balance. Let go. You take a step, you laugh, you fall down, you cry.   Take my hands once more. We'll try it one more time. Get your balance. Let do. You take a step, you laugh, you take one more, I smile, filled with pride.   I close my eyes a moment. Pull myself up to my feet. Get my balance. Open my eyes to see how much you've grown. I laugh, I fall down, I cry.
Little Caterpillar
It's time, little caterpillar, to come out of your cocoon. Come out of your self-built, second womb.   I know that you're scared, the world is a frightening place, but take a chance, poke your head out and let the sun shine upon your face.   Know that you are lovely, one of the loveliest creatures on earth. Open your eyes to the beauty that is you, so that you can see your own worth.   Climb out of the shell of your own making and rest upon the side. Feel the warmth of today all around you and stretch your new wings out wide.   Let go of the last, of all fear and all pain. Embrace your new wings, it's your time to reign. Let go of the loss, of all of you fears. Embrace a new day with only happy tears.   Take your time, there is no rush to get up off the ground. With a lot of patience and a little practice, you'll soon be flying around.   Flap your wings to go faster, or let them rest and ride the wind. Drop low to kiss a flower, or maybe to hug a friend.   Fly abov
Holding My World On My Shoulders
I'm holding my world on my shoulders. It's up to me to not let it fall. Sometimes I almost lose my balance; It is a lot of pressure, after all.   It's my job to do all the thinking, It's my job to plan ahead. It's my job to make the world safer, I'm so tired I look like I'm dead.   Most of the time, I'm busy working, But today I just want to play. I'm holding my world on my shoulders because... She says she can see her world better that way.
There Are Various People That Need Vitamin B12
Insufficient intake of a sufficient amount of B-vitamins can lead to vitamin B insufficiencies. It might lead to various types of health problems. The absence of Thiamin or simply vitamin B1 could cause Beri-Beri Disease. The standard signs can include weeknesses, dysfunction in nerves inside the body, major weight-loss, unpredictable heartbeat, and also edema. Vitamin B insufficiencies may also result in ariboflavinosis. Inadequate consumption of vitamin B2 in the diet regime could potentially cause this kind of side effect. The regular signs and symptoms might include sensitivity to the sun's rays, edema, cheliosis and also dental mucosa. Pellagra is yet another health issue happened as a result of vitamin B insufficiencies.Niacin performs a big part in this case. Deficiency of niacin within standard eating habits can make sure the chance of this particular health difficulty. Typical signs or symptoms can include lack of control, skin diseases, distress, sleeping disorders along with
Easy it just makes an ass out of u and me
The Almight Pimp Hand...and Other Annoyances...
Okay so there's another thing they REALLY need to fucking change here folks...the Pimp Hand ability is a member, who has been blocked, permitted to use the pimp hand on the member who blocked them??? Doesn't that totally defeat the whole purpose of BLOCKING some annoying fucking asshole out here? Ok, we aren't permitted to use any other ability bling on someone who has blocked us...we cannot even view the members bling...or polish why the fuck is someone I blocked permitted any access to my profile? This mostly pertains the fucking queen c*nt of fubar...she thinks she's phasing me by taking away my ability to comment for 30 mins only objection is that she's permitted access to me when I blocked her vindictive, bitchy, spiteful fucking ass...just sayin
Behind The Mask
CONFESSIONS FROM BEHIND MY MASK   Not really much to confess actually. All i can say is wearing it was uncomfortable even when it was only for pictures. I like to think it's obvious that the mask and last name are both from phantom of the opera of which i'm a big fan. i realised that wearing the mask all the time kind of took away the image i was trying to go for. so now i'm going to try be myself in pictures instead of wearing the mask all the time. Just because my last name is Phantom doesn't mean i have to try look like the Phantom   thank you
You're a beautiful flower on a field full of weeds, You're my wish, my desire, your love would forfill all my needs. I know you don't want me, I know you don't care, But I have to tell you this, cause you are so very rare. I hope you can forgive me for being such a fool, The things I say and do is against my every rule. If you want me to, I will never bother you again, But please, don't hate me, at least be my friend.
鼎鱼幕燕 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 一,瓦釜雷鸣, 中国卡扎菲干了些什么事情了? 1,铁路 “7·23”动车追尾事故之铁道部;截至2011年6月底,铁道部负债合计为20907.15亿元,其中流动负债6376.73亿元,长期负债14530.42亿元。 2,公路 高速公路悄现债务危机信号 部分省&
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 It was there in the kitchen that he had dropped the tobacco into the dough. No one had seen him do it, but the priest had guessed michael kors bags at once who was to blame. The lesson ended at last and the children poured out into the yard and crowded round Pavel, who maintained a gloomy silence. Sergei Bruzzhak discount michael kors lingered behind in the classroom. He felt that he too was guilty, but he could do nothing to help his friend. Yefrem Vasilievich, the headmaster, poked his head out of michael kors handbags the open window of the common room and shouted: "Send Korchagin to me at once!" Pavel jumped at the sound of the headmaster's deep bass voice, and with pounding heart michael kors handbags obeyed his summons. The proprietor of the railway station restaurant, a pale middle-aged man with faded, colourless eyes, glanced briefly at Pavel. "How old is he?" "Twelve." "All right, he michael kors shoes can stay. He'll get eight rubles a month and his food on the days he works
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Simple Wonderful Ride Model With Spring Sweet Fa Type
Lead: After the beginning of spring, people all full of anticipation! This spring, what made ??most eye-catching? Teach you several sets of spring-VS Fa wonderful ride, and definitely make you to become the most dazzling the crowd!Feminine with Fa bun, cowboy small coat.Feminine with Fa bun, denim jacket, beautiful yet still able temperament, seemingly random, but in fact carefully machine. This Fa bun, Volume Fa than straight Fa more good-looking, more natural GHD Cylinder Black-NEW. Stylish mix and matchThe most fashionable elements mix together, Fa type can not easily try it. Little attention, the effect will be ruthless "village".Gentle, elegant Fa bun with suitsGentle, elegant Fa bun with suits GHD Deluxe Midnight 2011Gentle, elegant Fa bun with dress, shape the career LOOK, this suit Xiaobian especially like the orthodox inner tube a little playful, interesting. Strong sense of style long-Fa with a little silver suitLong Fa strong sense of style with little silver suit, handsome
Relax And Chill Out Your Stress With Spa Breaks
Nowadays, doing work for prolonged time signifies slipping on a hell huge aggravation. It will dehydrate your body and blacken your existence away from your own body. In other words you may exist depleted. So, it is very important that you will give time for yourself. It is necessary that you need a short break in order to relax and chill out all your stress in order to regain back again your competent healthy life. A healthy life is typically the main point in your fulfillment and with this you may need a modicum of everything right from a great career to a great dwelling. You must need to take always in your mind not to forget to give refreshment to your well-being which is providing spa breaks to your body. There are finest quality spa breaks that will chill out and rejuvenate your body from stress. It will help you relax all the anxiety and stress you have gathering through on your prolonged work. When you engage in spa sessions, you can get total leisure to your entire body. Spa s
Domain Registration India
Domain is a most crucial part for any size of business which is been launched on Internet a Domain works on the same principle as resident address, We use resident address to locate or find a person in the city, Domains are used on the same role to find a particular website on the world wide web. But the domain not only plays a role of locating or finding a website in world wide web but also plays a role of naming and branding a company,As this has made domain selecting a hard task. hence having a good register domain name is intended by every businessman.There are some things that will help in selecting a good domain is try to have your domain under three words,short but not too short,Avoid using hyphens or numbers in the domain,do not use any old or inactive domain names, do not use popular domain with spell mistake this may cause problems in future. and Name the domain related to your business nature,Try to add a keyword in your domain,IF you have any old names of your business avoi
[see That's What You Think]
this is a drunk posta pretty... damn drunk (had to fix it from durnk) post.Head's swimming, room is swaying butheyheyeh..heyCan I tell you something if you promise not to take it the wrong way?You're a whore.And I don't like whores.See? How many wrong ways are there to take that?Exactly!Man. Substance abuse is a bitch.I'm trying to reign it in, at this exact momentbut things aren't as clear.For a minute there, I had a hit-streak.And chicks with boyfriends (and girlfriends) were all over me.Wonder if they started to call bullshit...or just saw me for the alcoholic wreck I am.One besty is moving to Oregon.One besty threw out his back and is stuck in Kuwait with no treatment or surgery for his bulging disks.One besty has been on the threshold of suicide for the last ten years, and just got out of round two with his significant other.So let's have a fucking dance party.But me? I dunno. My shit is the same as it has been for five years.And I took long, loving, hating looks at the bottle bef
Shimla And Manali Tour Explore Indian History In The Perfect Climate
Shimla and Manali are two major tourist attractions of India that are famous not only in India but also in foreign countries. Tourists from different parts of the world come here to spend some quality time in the lap of nature. These are the places that have given remarkable contribution in influencing the tourism in India. With rich history and fabulous culture, these cities have won the hearts of countless tourists. Shimla and Manali tour is preferred by the people who want to spend some quality time in the lap of nature with friends and family. Shimla used to be the summer capital of India during the British Rule due to the beautiful weather and splendid surroundings. This is the place that is known for its glorious history and amazing weather since the British Empire. In fact, this city was actually known for the temple of Hindu Goddess Shyamala Devi, not as a tourist attraction and a famous city as known today. British used to come here with their wives or other family members to
Jason Morrissette Professional Skater For Silkski From Wu Tang Killa Beez
Hi I am Jason Morrissette aka “Mighty Mouse” the Official Sk8 Board Rider for Silkski of WuTang East Coast Killa Beez. I met Silkski thru my Spiritual Advisor/Fashion Designer Dana Russell, who is Silkski's West Coast fashion Consultant, and myself being a fan of Silkski, found that he was a former Sk8 board rider, from New York City. Here is a photo of Silkski riding a Sk8 Board doing a hand stand. Silkski is currently working on a song about us teaming up, him as an artist and me as a sk8board rider and his appreciation for my skills; as he says, and also about his early on dedication and continuing love for the Sk8 Board World. As far as my background, this is how I got started. I was born and raised in LA, and as I was growing up, life was not easy. I moved from LA to San Bernardino when I was 10. I remember going to school thinking then how exciting it was to see other skaters to be doing their thing, that’s when I knew I had something special about my own techni
Too Frustrated
I already know that my desktop is "ancient" but come on already.... It has a shitty attitude problem. I'm either going to shoot it or throw it halfway across the room only because I don't own a gun. Its like not wanting to boot the fuck up. I just don't know but maybe I am just frustrated. If I destroy it before August I will be online alot less. Anyways... I posted another try at my vloggin...yeah any how I do think there may be another avenue I have yet to try. There always is isn't there. One way you don't think of origionally but when you think of it you wonder why you didn't think of it first of all. I have a long way to go and I shall keep on reporting of my vlogging. It helps me so I know that I have written or typed verification of my progress. Incase I have a memory lapse. That is something I do already through out other events in my life. Then again maybe I just have too much free time. Take it easy. Stay safe.... I shall return.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Us Bloquée Par Apple
juillet 3 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Samsung Galaxy Nexus: US bloquée par Apple: La guerre des brevets appelé en arrière pour prendre son péage, achat tablette android , il ne fait presque tous les jours. Dans cette guerre, ils sont impliqués quasi-totalité des grandes entreprises, est un drle de guerre. Surtout dans le cas de Samsung et Apple, comme presque toutes les parties de l'iPhone d'usine Samsung, qui est à la fois le meilleur fournisseur de concurrent le plus dangereux d'Apple, qui met Samsung dans une position difficile: il veut gagner mais pas nuire à votre meilleur client. Apple a réussi à arrêter le Galaxy Tab, mais maintenant, grace à des tribunaux des états-Unis n'a pas réussi à enrayer le Nexus Galaxy, par une violation de brevet. La firme de Cupertino disent qu'ils ont enlevé l'interface de votre aide vocale, Siri, déverrouillage coulissantes, et les recherches unifiées. Ces demandes, la haute cour des états-Unis ont ren
I won't be on here long, but I feel like I should do a little update. If any of you have watched the news, yes it's made THAT kind of news, you know that a huge storm went through my area.  Here is the link to the evening news:: We were out of power for about two days. That meant no air....and yes, we had around 100 degree weather. It sucked so bad. Getting ice and gasoline was impossible. Put it to you this way, if you wanted had better have enough to wait about 30 minutes or longer to get it. And if you needed ice, you were shit out of luck. My boyfriend and I waited for 30 minutes to get some. We ended up snagging 7 bags.  We were told that it was coming from three different stores that didn't have power. We THOUGHT it was coming in a big truck, nope. They brought the ice in a compact car's trunk. It was gone in as little as 2 minutes. It was really
Bad Sorms...
I have not been on last few days due to the tornados we had in Ohio.  I knocked out my electric for almost 3 days. It finally came back on lastnight.. Just wanted to say thank u to my family for all the luv the sent my way.  Yesterday I had a experience that after it was all over.. I look back and laugh over..and can say I had a adventure. The whole weekend was miserable and hot..and down right depressing so I decided to go tubing with boys and bruno. We went down the road whre the bike trail comes out at..which taking the trail is only mile and 1/2.  (not realizing the  river is way more miles..and takes longer) Anyways..was fun. water was nice and warm..but cool somewhat to.  By time got 3 miles into it..I was getting tired some what.  I had on sandles..which are no good to wear in the river. STUPID me.  About a mile from where Wanted to get out at ..(across from my house)  It started storming.  The winds picked up..etc.  The boys and I got out on the shore..all huddled toge
How To Join Sarge's Bad Girls
Ready Or Not Sarge's Bad Girls Are Back With A Vengeance. If You Were A Part Of SBG's When I Originally Had Them And Want To Be A Part Again Let Me Know. If You Want To Join Let Me Know. I will have a few rules to start out 1. Must Make An SBG Salute. SFW Or NSFW Or Both. Your Choice. Be Creative 2.Must Have SBG Pic Folder. And SBG In Your Name Or On Your Page Somewhere. 3. Add This Page To Your Family. 4. Help Each Other In Anyway We Can. 5. I Will Be Choosing A Day As SBG Day, On That Day Everyone Wears Their Tags And Puts In Status That It Is SBG Day Or Something Saying They Are Part Of SBG's 6. Will Need To R/F/A/L/ All Members Of Sarges Bad Girls.. Don't Want To Do That You Can Not Join. 7. There Will Be NO DRAMA When you agree to these rules I will add your link to my profile. If you are interested in joining you can contact either myself on this page or my personal page The Sarge Ecuadorian Goddess Fu Hubby
Sarge's Bad Girls List
Like Bad Girls? Come Check Out The Best & The Baddest Sarge's Bad Girls. Once You Go Bad You Never Go Back.  The Original Bad Girl My Fu Wife Ecuadorian Goddess fuwife to The Sarge Once A Bad Girl Always A Bad Girl Metal BabylFE2Armyguy09 pepsikola BadGirl Angel SBG@ fubarThe Newest Bad Girls Miss DeAna I am Dallas girl
Self Balance
Sometimes I wonder why & realize I don't like the answer. Then I ask myself how & find more of me then I had known was possible. Sometimes I may not like what I find but I know that I can either stand, fight & change it or just be a coward & walk away. I just have to remember that the easiest paths are not always the best. I also need to keep in mind that the road less traveled may seem appealing but it also may lead to destruction. Balance is required in all things. We as selfish beings tend to believe that we can always keep ourselves in check, when the reality is that it takes others to help us stay that way. We only see the part of ourselves that we want to see & know. Others see what we keep hidden from ourselves, while constantly trying to fool others that what they see & experience is false about you. We need others to maintain who we truly are & keep us honest. Be able to look at yourself with respect & love, knowing that the people around you don't confront you about your flaw
11 years ago today, a really good friend was taken away.  I still think of him each day that passes by, and relive the pain as the time goes by.  5 months ago, a woman came into my life, she took the pain away, made me think of something better, she made me think of our life together.  She helped me to forget the pain that I have dealt with all my life, from losing people close to me, all the way through to my father's lies.  I screwed things up with her, now my happiness I shall deny.  When she walked away from me, I felt as though I should die.  All I can do is sit here and cry as life just passes by.  I have dealt with heartbreak before, but this time, my heart was tore from my chest, I have no heart any more.  People say that I will be okay, that I will be just fine... but I feel that is just a line.  No one will ever know what she means to me, words will never describe.  I hate myself with all I have, I feel that I have died.
Holy Shit...
Yeah really..."Holy Shit!" When I first joined FUBAR I was among the first 160k or so to jump from Myspace...then somewhere near 1 million members here, I bailed on my main account, deleting the Original Nomad account and moving on. (Luckily I had a few reserves I set up under my other email addresses back in the day when it was easy to make the top referral board with a little cheating ...) Anyway, after a few fitful restarts with this particular account, I've actually taken the time today and really see what has change...and...HOLY SHIT! I'm lost...I have no idea how to find my people! My clicks, my WoW people, my Trucker friends and other people who share my interests. This site has become massive, and massively more impersonal than it was when it was only 200k members lol... I suppose in the end, I'm going to have to go out and figure it out all over again, like I did the first time I logged into LostCherry all thos years ago, and had another 'Holy Shit' moment...well...
My step kids are coming home today! The guardian ad lidam decided that their mom was fabricating everything and also found out that their mom has been living with the pedo who sexually assaulted my step daughter when she was 6 and has been making the kids lie about staying with him.    I'm glad they are coming home...but all I want to do is beat the shit out of that cunt right now. How in the world can you make your daughter live with the person who stole her innocence? Seriously...who does this?!!? It's just unreal. I don't know how my husband is even keeping his cool about it right now. 
My Instant Messengers
MY INSTANT MESSENGERS    All together i have 4 instant messengers 1 of which will be uninstalled shortly. I have Skype, MSN, yahoo and cam frog, camfrog will be uninstalled shortly. i have now decided to put a time limit on add's on my instant messengers due to having so many people on them who are never accepting all these people give me their addy's then i tell them i add them  but they never accept.   Due to this instead of leaving it i have now decided to put a 2 day time limit on all adds if there is a good reason why you can't get on then fine aslong as i am told. I can't keep having all these people on my list. When they are not accepting requests.   this action will be perminant with another action being put in place. If a request is accepted and the person does not talk they will be given 4 seperate convosations if all of them are ignored then that will also result in a deletion. I'm not trying to be bossy or mean i'm doing it to lower my contacts lists to people who
Ralph Lauren Home Polos Ralph Lauren Pas Cher
However, the price tag on these extravagant footwear designs is what puts most of us off. ralph lauren pas cher You might fall in love with a certain Prada shoe but end up dejected at the knowledge of its actual cost. Showrooms for designer shoes also have other expenses that tag along with the original price of the shoe. Ensure that you are purchasing from genuine people online, however, there is no reason to be alarmed or alerted because everyone's on the internet to do business they earn the profits by cutting down the extra costs on showroom rent and taxes by doing business online and you are the smart customers who save your hard earned money by not blindly following your other brand addict peers. Actually ,polo ralph lauren We can find that in the society today, many of us are not able to afford to pay the big price for this name brand clothing. You should not let this one bother you, because there are ways to find this at an affordable price. That's right, even if you
Jeans Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren France
ralph lauren pas cher Have you ever wondered why people stick immense significance to the brands that is worn on various parts of our physical persona? Brands echo quality and durability. Nevertheless, they are much in demand for their popularity quotient. Top brands that are established and bathed in fame like Nike, Air Jordan, Gucci, Prada and so many more bring to your innovative and voguish designs and footwear materials that sweep you off your feet. Polo Ralph Lauren , Since 1980. They offer many high quality designs Men's Polo Shirts ,especially Small Pony Polo and Big Pony Polo Shirts .They are not afraid to take romance and classical and mix it in with a hip hop look. Mind you, these designers are not the ones that created the Polo shirt. In fact, the Polo shirt was around long before this name. However, Ralph Lauren is more than likely the name that sticks in your mind. They are the ones that made polo the way it is today. Online purchases are nowadays becoming mor
Chaussures Sportswear Femme Basket Shox Nz, Modèle Junior Nike
Manolo Blahnik is very much steady to hint to you:"Of way!" who is known as "high-heeled shoes of the Emperor". Nike Requin and Nike TN The Italian of Acute heels is Stiletto, as opulently as a cutlass wound which is close and extraordinarily thin. In support of all the women, turbulent heels like a sharp-witted, seductive, wan knife, so that women can subdue men. In contemporarily social, costly heels is the apophthegm of sexy woman Christian louboutin pas cher. Now with all the shox technology and high quality sneaker, the sole come with nike shox outlet. They're in afresh with the archetypal abundance along with the avant-garde blow of style.These cheap nike shox shoes will be able to provide them with the comfort and performance that they need while partaking in the intense activity of running. One sneaker that is able to provide women runners with what they need is the chaussure nike shox. 1985 was a memorable year for Nike Jordan because this was the year when they laun
Vente Tn Pas Cher Nike Pas Cher Livraison Gratuite
Nike Requin and Nike TN Another issue to carry into concern is comfort. Attempting on footwear could be the only way any person could be positive on the comfort degree they will have. stroll close to with the footwear for several mines and make a decision how they feel, when the outcome is the actuality that they are secure then they may perhaps be considered a good choice. Now with all the shox technology and high quality sneaker, the sole come with nike shox outlet. They're in afresh with the archetypal abundance along with the avant-garde blow of style.These cheap nike shox shoes will be able to provide them with the comfort and performance that they need while partaking in the intense activity of running. One sneaker that is able to provide women runners with what they need is the chaussure nike tn,nike tn pas cher Do you get news about nike shox shoes.If you're the fan of cheap nike shox sale,you should know the latest asics tyles.The shoes are made for preci
Lunette Montures Lunettes
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Ray Ban Miroir Lunette Soleil Ray Ban Homme Ray Ban Soleil
lunettes ray ban Ninety nine of the harmonize, it's worthwhile to execute an absolute noteworthy make the most. Plenty of areas and even present you Terminator-inspired sunglasses produced entirely students while having less glasses and moreover Ray Ban 3025 upgraded lenses ideal for specific cope with over all size. For the men, the RB2030, RB3025, RB3136 and the RB3211 always make the cut. A famous pair of predator sunglasses is what you get with the RB2030. The shape is has is contoured with the brand logo embossed on both lenses. The temples are made in a sleek and thin shape to give you a sophisticated look. Rayban glasses came from the brand that was founded by Bausch & Lomb in 1937. They were used by the United States ray ban pas cher and ralph lauren pas cher ,Nike Requin Army Air Corps and the design that the Ray-Ban glasses had were innovated into something that would give protection to the wearer as well as look elegant when one Lieutenant John MacCready returned
唇焦舌敞 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 从2008年开始说起,从2005年开始说起,从2000年开始说起,不停地说个不停,一直到今天中国的一切结果还是全盘溃烂。 焦唇干舌,苦身劳力, 上事群臣,下养百姓。 -------------------------------------------------汉。赵晔《吴越春秋。夫差内传》 而你
Smith & Wesson M&p 15x 5.56mm
Smith & Wesson M&P 15X 5.56mm Posted by Rich Grassi. Author Archive » Images by Sovanski / Smith & Wesson Proven law enforcement favorite—a no-nonsense patrol carbine! I was surprised a few years back when, on a trip to my licensee’s premises, I found Smith & Wesson had shipped a long gun to me. Opening the polymer container, I found the M&P15T. The “Tango” had a free-floating 16-inch barrel, 1-in-9-inch rate of twist and was chambered for 5.56mm NATO. The sights were flip-up, front and rear, made by Troy. I took the new rifle out to the police range and the rangemaster had some fun shooting it, as did I. I immediately took to the M&P15 line of AR carbines. Since then, I’ve been the beneficiary of several trips to Wyoming with S&W and SureFire, among others. The M&P was prominently featured, especially the Performance Center versions with big optics, fairly light and really clean triggers as well as specialty barrels. Last summer was no exception.
Save Time And Cost With Online Shopping
During the recession worldwide everyone tends to save money wherever they can. Especially when it comes to shopping of clothes, food, electronics, furniture or appliances everyone tries to save some money from wherever possible. Online Shopping is one such place where you can save money as well as time and stay away from all the hassles that you has to suffer while shopping offline. Online shopping provides the shoppers to shop from variety of products and brands like and look for the best deals given by the merchants. It reduces the overhead cost in variety of ways which can result in low cost. Many shoppers can save money while shopping online by using Compare Prices and Product deals . These deals are offered by different merchants online to attract shoppers to buy the products while saving. compare prices are nowadays not new to anyone. Everyone can use these coupons free of cost and avail different deals and discounts. Coupons can be availed from different websites
Trouble With The Cherry Inferno Achievement?
     Ok.. So I know alot of you are having some trouble with the "Cherry Inferno Achievement." As it being a leveling requirement for all of us to get to level 51, we ALL have to do it at one point or another.. Some have tried it many times and have failed miserably.  I thought I would too.. But I was running a God Mode one day and I decided I'm gonna come up with the perfect way to do this.. Luckily for myself.. I succeeded in the way to do it. Lucky for all YOU too.. cuz I will tell you exactly how it was done..       First off.. There is a blog on fu that I read and helped me a lot. In case you haven't seen it, it's worth it to check it out so please do so and follow it exactly.. There are a few Very Important details they decided to leave out.. Have no fear though.. I am going to explain that as well.      Second thing you need to know is that you need to be comfortable and relaxed. No distractions. You will be sit
"A mistake is always forgivable, rarely excusable and always unacceptable." -Robert Fripp
Register Domain Name
Domain is a most vital part for any type of business this will power your website or business undertaking in a better way,practically it's a address to find your website in the world wide web,by your visitors and there thing which concern to have a good Domain name has it will be your business name in the virtual world,Domain is some thing which every businessman wants the best to start their business from so having a good domain will help you in many terms like,you may grab many customers if you domain name is easy,catchy,memorable and search engine friendly all these can happen if you domain is a best of all. you may face many problems if you're not choosing a suitable domain name Don’t use made up work unless you are a professional marketing or banding guy,because they are not search engine friendly.Don’t use long words not more than four words it must always be less than four words.Avoid grouping words which does not make sense because the will effect the average reader
Why Not Join? Can't Hurt Ya
IThis is my first blog and I guess it should be about stupd shit but actually it's not. Alot of people complain about their lives I say this if u don't like ur life change it noone is going to change it for u. Get off ur ass and do something about ur situation and stop whining. Life is wat u make of it. I want the beat out of life so I'm not standing around waiting for a magic lamp to rub and a genie pop out to grant my wishes. I'm going to make my life happen the way I want it to be. I think that's wat everyone should do. Don't be lazy get to wrk and make ur life better.
Love On Fu
When I joined fubar on Halloween 2011, I really didn’t know what to expect. Fu became an escape for me; something to pass the time. When I joined Fu, I was going through some RL drama with former friends, family and a douchebag. I didn’t join this site to find love.  Which is funny. Someone from this site has caught my interest, my emotions, and my heart. He’s captivated and ensnared me with his charm, his wit, his smile, his nerdiness, and his love for using smilies on Y!M to capture the moment. This person when they first did the like, rate, fan and friend me thing, I looked at their pictures and told myself, “Eh, I’ll pass on that.”I was so fucking stupid but had I taken a chance then, I don’t think we would have been together for long. We would have been like the millions of online couples that don’t work out. We would have been a statistic. I think I would have been a rebound instead.  So in April, when my life was filled with m
I told 'im you was out, but I'm a bad liar." The girl groaned. "I wonder if I shall ever get to the end of those debts," she said michael kors outlet in despair. "I've enough writs in the drawer to paper the house, Mrs. Morgan." Three years ago Lydia Beale's father had died and she had lost the best friend and companion michael kors shoes that any girl ever had. She knew he was in debt, but had no idea how extensively he was involved. A creditor had seen her the day after the funeral michael kors bags and had made some uncouth reference to the convenience of a death which had automatically cancelled George Beale's obligations. It needed only that to spur the girl to an action michael kors handbags which was as foolish as it was generous. She had written to all the people to whom her father owed money and had assumed full responsibility for debts amounting to michael kors shoes hundreds of pounds. It was the Celt in her that drove her to shoulder the burden which she was ill-equipped to
Le Belle Scarpe Hanno Chiamato Nike
Le scarpe d'escursione. Potete avere alcune scarpe con le funzioni pratiche da scegliere da. C'è una marca di scarpe vuole fornisce tutti gli scopi differenti per voi. L'una scarpa di marca è Nike e ci inciterà a ritenere bene con così buona qualità. Nike ha un bello nome a causa di buona qualità e le migliori scarpe nei mercati. La società di Nike sta producendo molti generi di scarpe quale baseball, il calcio, il tennis, le lacrosse, pallacanestro e Nike che fa un'escursione le scarpe è fra loro. Possono fornire molti modelli differenti delle scarpe sia alle donne che agli uomini scarpe hogan.Le scarpe di Nike sono andate d'accordo con tanta gente con grande e buona reputazione. Troverete un genere di scarpe affinchè duriate in Nike. Ci sono molti elementi alla moda e le scarpe di Nike sono inoltre così utili. State cercando per questo genere di scarpe piacevoli di qualità come questa continuamente. La qualità della prova di tempo delle scarpe sarà portata per voi e la sensibilità pi
Est Amazon Prépare Deux Nouveaux Comprimés Allumer Le Feu?
juillet 2 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Avec la pression de la Nexus 7, accessoire pc , il semble probable que la prochaine itération de l'incendie Kindle sera disponible en deux tailles Google 7in Nexus 7 est appelé à prendre une bouchée des ventes de l'incendie Kindle aussi poche amicale - de sorte Amazon semble être en passe de super-taille avec la prochaine version de son budget tablette android 4.0 . Il a déjà été signalé que l'incendie Kindle 2 devrait atterrir en Juillet. Or, selon des sources anonymes de BGR, Amazon va également dévoiler un feu 10in Kindle 2 comprimés en concurrence directe avec l'iPad d'Apple. Bien que les détails sont rares il est prévu d'offrir microUSB, un appareil photo de face et une sortie HDMI-out. Que ce soit Amazon peut miner d'Apple sur le prix une fois de plus - comme le feu premier Kindle - reste à voir. Migration le Kindle semble aussi mettre en territoire iPad où les comparaisons ne sera pas tendre.
Stuff We Must Consider Before Financial Commitment
It's me, Sexy Red with a word about spending and saving.  Greed is good only for the rich.  The less fortunate wind up spending more and more of their own hard earned money.  Beware this fact as we all plunge into 'Fubar' political season.  Fubar bucks are kewl and easy to reciprocate.  When you fill out Internet surveys you lay yourself open to all kinds of greedy and lustful people.  Sometimes deceitful, always dangerous. And hey, December 21st is no biggie.  We all just stop using our calendars and clocks.  The Ding dong has spoken.  Good night.
In the end, when it comes down to it, karma will get those that have hurt me.
I am here to meet friends from around the world, two years ago I met my husband on here and he is the best thing that has happned to me. The only thing that sucks is that all the people I talked to before I got married are either no longer on fu or don't talk to me because I am married. The people I do talk to on here only really say Hi and thats all, I am a person with feelings and I do notice when someone doesn't talk to me more then once. I don't have many friends in RL due to my ex bf.  I just wish people would see me as a married woman but I am also a fun chick to be with and talk to.
Love To Have Someone Say I Love You
Your lips speak soft sweetness Your touch a cool caress I am lost in your magic My heart beats within your chest I think of you each morning And dream of you each night I think of your arms being around me And cannot express my delight Never have I fallen But I am quickly on my way You hold a heart in your hands That has never before been given away and this is what i also do write jingles and songs and live off my roylties never have to work no more if a women found me she would be very happy with us 4 eternity if anywomen single out there would contact me its 32 track studio here in my home 843-808-2791 roger
So Much Happens
Trains are my friend, unless fate decides to halt the trains, through landslides, fire and flood and then in that case, I get worried sick. I had to get a train to London last week; firstly I was heading to Tom Parker Bowles book launch for his stunning “recipes from my kitchen notebook” ‘Let’s Eat’. The good news is the train did get there and on the way I managed to tune into a relationship between a guy called Tim and woman called Freya and I basically tweeted the whole conversation, I imagine I broke the laws of privacy but it was fun and you can check it out on twitter under JaneyGodley #traintales.   I finally made it to the book launch, it was on the roof of Selfridges which was an absolute puzzle to find from inside the store, I kept walking in circles through the perfume counter and banging into women trowelling on makeup and irate customers pushing each other about . None of the sharply dressed staff seemed to know which lift took you up to the
A Bigger Man
my father told me alot of things and showed me just as many he said it takes more to be the bigger man i said like walking away in a fight over something stupid he said no like putting ur heart and feelings aside so that someone else can be happy its knowing the pain is going to come and willing to embrace it in the warmest hugs and make it ur best friend just so someone else is happy ...........i am a bigger man   i know she is telling my boys all kinds of bad things about me an i know they will soon beleave everything she says, to them she is only telling the truth and they will soon hate me never to know the truth that i do love them and miss them so vary much but i know they will deal with this in there own way and will get through it just fine with out me in the picture so why would i want to shater there happy world ?? for my own selfish happyness? to prove myself right? is shatering there world worth it ??no most definetly not so i will play the bad guy and step aw
Missing Being A Father
These feeling I have I try to hide but it is me they seem to find from time to time they beat me down sometimes they just lead me to cry most the time they make me want to die why why couldn't i see the lies bestowed upon me if only my head was clear you would all still be near sometimes i wonder if you even remember this estranged family member i hope and i pray that there will come a day that i can once again hear you say say that word that makes my heart melt until you i have never really felt anything greater than this feeling there is no other greater than being a father
Current Music Library As Of 7/1/12
the acacia strain Anybody Killa  Atreyu Attila Avenged sevenfold Boondox Combichrist Disturbed DJ Clay Emmure Five Finger Death Punch Hatebreed  (HED) PE Hollywood Undead Hopsin In this moment Insane Clown Posse Kittie Korn Marilyn Manson Pantera Rage against the machine  Red Hot Chili Peppers Shinedown Skrillex Slipknot Tech N9ne  Twiztid .......note i may add more so just be aware of that also if i dont have some thing ud like to hear while i dj let me kno and ill try to get it 
Yesterday I Did Something.....
I think, I thought that I could remember. Yeah that is it, sounds good to me. No but really.... I did. Came up with more ideas and they are good. Please believe me, I would not run it by y'all first if I had any sort of reckoning that you wouldn't be honest. There are honest people on Fubar, it just takes a keen eye to see through all the bullshit and masquerade balony... and that sounds too nice!! There seems to be some difficulty on the horizon. But, ya know what, I don't give a damn!! That is right. I just don't, not anymore. I have started to realise that my being nice is not that great all the time. Gosh golly darnit, take that and then sit and spin!! May not be kosher to y'all that know me or think ya do. I am breaking my shell somewhat. I was thinking I may just have made some difference yesterday. But I guess not. So today, a new day as dawned and I am ready to try again. And no more Miss Nice Girl, I am serious. Rawr!! Grrrr.... kiss me arse!!
The Prettiest
The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.
表里为奸  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 1,暴露无遗, 在中国政坛特有的陋习是, 一般是把事情办好了才说出来,尤其是在人事安排上更是如此,到那个时候才通过新闻联播,新华社,人民日报说出来。 未对我做任何好事情,现在还在时时刻刻的对我$
Going Well....
My therapy is going well but has been leaving me drained, tired and in a bit of pain. However, it is no where as bad as when I first started so I should be able to be here a little more often. Just wanted to touch base with all my great friends here on the fu who truly care. Ty for all the wonderful comments and well wishes in messages. Much love, Sue aka Dreamy :):):)
Crystal Clear.
Knots in my spinebells in my head.Could be the sinkhole. Draining straight down.Hand just kept itching for the hold.Pull the plug.Marvel at the spin.Propping fine glassware on a pedestal of cure, and silence.I can do this.I can do this.My hand's just eager.The spirit, willing.I can do this.Doesn't even burn anymore.But the room does dialate a bit.There's a stillness,like the moment before some crucified tyrant falls clattering to the ground.Gasps were heldbut that second, contemplative glance passed.Couldn't get much worse.So it won't.
Some People
Some people still do not get it. They post on my photos that I should eat more ..they post on my photos rude comments.. this tells me that you have not bothered    to read my profile. This is simple ignorance and earns you to have your comment deleted and have you removed from my friends list... I have NOT asked anyone to be on my friends list. I have not asked anyone to be my friend. So if you do NOT like what i look like ..then its simple do not request to be friends and do not look at my photos. You will not hurt my feelings at all....   Certain ones i talk to on a consistent basis...these are ones that treat me with respect with a capital R..   1. Okthen is one because he has ALWAYS treated me with respect. He KNOWS i have a man and respects that which makes him a real gentleman in my eyes.. 2. Forddiesel and forddieselswench... they have always treated me with Respect ...    Respect earns you the ability to become one that i will talk to and care about ...   Rudeness ear
Everytime someone pimp slaps me, they get 100 fubucks, and a family boost if I have it.
What To Do If You Are Sad
when you are sad do these 10 things to make you happy: 1 laugh things could be worse 2 dance like there is no tomorrow 3 color or paint a picture 4 go for a swim in the pool 5 cook or bake your favorite food 6 update your wardrobe 7 sing like Jessie J 8 go for a bike ride in the park 9 feed the ducks and the geese 10 make a handicapped or an elderly person smile
8 Long Years And Still Going
Passing my 8 year mark in serving in the army, i start to look back to the many challenges, heart break, and just how my life has turned since I raised my hand and put on the uniform. 2 divorces, 2 children later I'm still no closer into finding happiness than i was when i was 17.  I have traveled all across the world have seen such wonderful sights, and some not so great to remember. Done things the common man would shit himself, yet I do not feel proud. infact I do not feel anything, so much has happened it hard to put into words, but yet i keep going on, I continue to serve afraid of what would happen if i ever got out. Now I'm starting over again, new post, new home, new state. Alone again, missing my sons like a piece of me is missing, though that is the army life. Some families cant survive the long deployments, the constant training. Though I wish all could.      These are just my random thoughts n rants, better to get them out than keep them in.
Wet Dream
Imagine a king size bed with silk sheets, full of yellow and white rose petals. The only light will be from the scented candles all around the bed, and the full moon outside the window. I look at you and you can see my very soul. I whisper in your ear to close your eyes, relax, I will take care of you. Kissing: I will cover you with light soft kisses, I want to kiss every inch of your body. Your wrist, the back of your neck, the back of your knees, your lower back. Everywhere you didn't even know you were sensitive, and where you are, I will find it. Breasts: Anyone can suck on a nipple, babies do it all of the time. I will caress them, cradle them in my hands. Kiss and lick underneath them, on your side where they are by the ribs. The nipples I will leave for last. Blow on them, lick around them. Simple tease you until they are hard, finally put my mouth over it, and flick with the tip of my tongue really fast. Can you feel my hot mouth over them? The pleasure from my tongue?
The Elevator Ride, Part 2
It was then that Cassie looked into his eyes, and she saw the hunger in them. He looked at her and said, "I wonder what we can do to pass the time", as a grin spread over his face.  Being more brave than her usual self, she looked back at him "I have been considering a few ideas", as she then began to feel her face become flush after being so bold.  It was then that Dane placed his hands on her shoulders, sliding them down the length of her arms, his hands then landing on her thighs.  His hands roamed upward, bring up the skirt of her dress, bunching it in his hands as they proceeded up her thighs landing on her hips.  Cassie knew that her black lace panties and thigh high black stockings could be easily seen now, and the thought made her pussy clinch and become wet,  soaking her lace panties.  Dane then knelled before her, pushing her to the wall of the elevator car as he looked up "I am suddenly very hungry, you look good enough to eat".  Cassie without realizing it, reached down to
Best Eyes Contest
Hold Me
  "Hold Me" I'll hold you, and touch you And make you my woman And give you my love with sweet surrender Tonight our hearts will beat as one And I will hold you, touch you And make you my woman tonight There's something in your eyes I see A pure and simple honesty  Hold me in your arms tonight Fill my life with pleasure Let's not waste this precious time This moment's ours to treasure Hold me in your arms tonight We'll make it last forever When the morning sun appears We'll find our way together I believe you when you say that you love me Know that I won't take you for granted Tonight the magic has begun So won't you hold me, touch me Make me your woman tonight There's something in your eyes I see I won't betray your trust in me  I'll hold you ... And touch you And make you my woman, make me your woman ... tonight
I Thought You Needed Me - 148
I do realise how wrong I was, then it didn't matter, now it does. I played you ultimate fool, and you played it totally cool. I was oh so wrong, it has been too long. I thought you cared, but you wanted me scared. I should not of fell, I was chained in hell. First you told a lie, you didn't even say goodbye. Honestly I needed you, I thought you needed me too.
It Was So Easy - 275
I see so much, when I feel your touch.  I find somethings hard to say, must you run away?? I can't see your eyes, but I do feel my heart as it cries. We needed no other, when we found eachother. You had been hurt before, just needing someone to adore. You took my rain away, must  you really go away. You'll stay on my mind, it was so easy with your gentle kind.
After All - Maybe You Can - Say Goodbye - 274
You think I should forgive,but I have my own life to live. You want a taste of something new, I lost all the faith I had in you. You can love me and one more, I'll leave, then I'm blocks away from your door. You can leave after the love I gave, float away on a god forsaken wave. I really want to forget the past, it won't come back and want to last. Let me save my tears, I still have a few good years.   After all maybe you can cry, after all maybe you can say goodbye.
If What You See
If what you see by the eye doesn't please you then close your eyes and see from the heart. Because the heart can see beauty and love more than the eyes can ever wonder.   If what you see here doesn't rev your engine you are more than able to go elsewhere. I am but a maiden in a tower waiting for a brave soul. I will continue to wait forever if need be. Those that I have tried have failed. If your heart is as small like your eye, don't look at me. If your goinng to wrap your hands around my neck, I won't wrap mine around anything of yours. If you want to slap my ass, I will break all three legs.
Samantha's Handmade Jewelry
Wedding Ring Sets $50.00 Rosary Cross Set $65.00 Rosary Necklace $20.00 Cross Bracelet $20.00 Cross Ring $20.00 Earrings $5.00 Plan Set $35.00 Plan Necklace $10.00 Plan Bracelet $10.00 Plan Ring $10.00 Earrings $5.00 Lil Kids Rosary Cross Set $40.00 Lil Kids Rosary Necklace $15.00 Lil Kids Cross Bracelet $10.00 Lil Kids Cross Ring $10.00 Earrings $5.00 Lil Kids Plan Set $20.00 Lil Kids Plan Necklace $5.00 Lil Kids PLan Brcelet $5.00 Lil Kids Plan Ring $5.00 Earrings $5.00 E-mail: Url:  
The Story Of Mfkn
My Bestfriend on Fubar in the spring of 2009 (Bubzy) and Myself (Cruser) were talking and I seen that Bubz had changed her name to MFKN Bubzy.But she had hearts and something else around here name.I said Bubz whats up with that? Your a Bad A** Girl get rid of the hearts and change them to pitchforks, cuz you have a heart of gold but you also dont take no sh*t from anyone.She said why dont you put MFKN in your name to and we both did and added the pitchforks.Mfkn was started as something only that Myself and Bubz were gonna have in our names and we were gonna keep rockin the fu together.We ran auto's 24-7, and ran cherry bombs 4 or 5 times a day.Then people started seeing MFKN in our names and started asking if they could join us and put it in their names too.So Myself and Bubzy decided we would turn MFKN into a FAMILY of all the good hearted loving people on Fubar.And the next thing we knew The MFKN Family got so big we took over The Fu, you couldnt go a second without seeing a MFKN Fa
Happy And Tired
I just came home from a fun night with friends. Turned on my lights and my pc and was staring blanky on my screen. I am nowhere. That's the thought that came to my mind. Not that I party all the time but because I am not inspired...motivated...undecided. I don't need anyone to do it for me but I feel lonely. My heart keep wishing for someone to provide me with that smile, happiness, inspiration. Will I ever find that someone? I know i can be mean sometimes insensitive. But i'm giving the best that I can to be special. I am grateful of the people that like me. Only wish I have is that I hope I can like them back as well. If I felt the same way as one of them did, then I wouldn't have thought of writing this.:(
A Life Of Changing
In the middle... Succeeding her deplorable existence, she surrenders her course and hits the road (er, cracks the books) in search of a variant continuation. What she found, while at first felt irrelevant, in times left her awe struck... Stay tuned for beginning and end.
A Child
A Child   Once in a dark shadowy place I came upon a small child's face With hair so long and blond It almost shrouds the laughter and the song I've seen beauty where it dwells And yes I've seen the mouth of hell But nothing so pure and  fetching as this child's face Leaves me so wanting of His grace
Not Afraid - Eminem
(Hook) I'm not afraid to take a standEverybody come take my handWe'll walk this road together, through the stormWhatever weather, cold or warmJust let you know that, you're not aloneHolla if you feel that you've been down the same road (Intro) Yeah, It's been a ride...I guess I had to go to that place to get to this oneNow some of you might still be in that placeIf you're trying to get out, just follow meI'll get you there (Verse 1) You can try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay 'emBut you won't take this thing out these words before I say 'emCause ain't no way I'm let you stop me from causing mayhemWhen I say 'em or do something I do it, I don't give a damnWhat you think, I'm doing this for me, so fuck the worldFeed it beans, it's gassed up, if a thing's stopping meI'mma be what I set out to be, without a doubt undoubtedlyAnd all those who look down on me I'm tearing down your balconyNo if ands or buts don't try to ask him why or how can heFrom Infinite down to the
Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na [2x] If I was a rich girl (na, na....) See, I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl No man could test me, impress me, my cash flow would never ever end Cause I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl Think what that money could bring I'd buy everything Clean out Vivienne Westwood In my Galliano gown No, wouldn't just have one hood A Hollywood mansion if I could Please book me first-class to my fancy house in London town All the riches baby, won't mean anything All the riches baby, won't bring what your love can bring All the riches baby, won't mean anything Don't need no other baby Your lovin' is better than gold, and I know If I was rich girl (na, na...) See, I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl No man could test me, impress me, my cash flow would never ever end Cause I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy gi
If I Were A Rich Man - Fiddler On The Roof Song
"Dear God, you made many, many poor people.I realize, of course, that it's no shame to be poor.But it's no great honor either!So, what would have been so terrible if I had a small fortune?"If I were a rich man,Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.All day long I'd biddy biddy bum.If I were a wealthy man.I wouldn't have to work hard.Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.If I were a biddy biddy rich,Yidle-diddle-didle-didle man.I'd build a big tall house with rooms by the dozen,Right in the middle of the town.A fine tin roof with real wooden floors below.There would be one long staircase just going up,And one even longer coming down,And one more leading nowhere, just for show.I'd fill my yard with chicks and turkeys and geese and ducksFor the town to see and hear.And each loud "cheep" and "swaqwk" and "honk" and "quack"Would land like a trumpet on the ear,As if to say "Here lives a wealthy man."If I were a rich man,Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle
**** this one is not good at all, but i had to get it out there **** i feel the way i feel and you feel without feeling if i could make it another way i would go back back to yesterday last week any moment but this when i realized that you have never really been here you couldn't be me you could never walk a moment here so take your judgement and burn i hate you for making me be the strong one all the time i hate you for making me love you i love you for not hating me too much too many thoughts just give me peace where are the drugs?
Having Fun On Fubar
is everyone having fun meeting people and enjoying themselves
Sun Diamond
Just talked with Sun Diamond (Mary) last night and she wanted me to pass on her current status. She is currently going through therapy to strengthen her right side and is progressing greatly. She is up and walking with the aide of a cane and is hopeful of a complete recovery. Her largest obstacle right now is her sight. She can read with the aide of a magnifying glass and she should find out in the next few weeks whether or not she will completely regain her vision. She's worrking on it one step at a time, first to be at her saughters wedding in October, then returning to driving herself around and finally climbing back onto the I'll try to keep you all updated...Salutes2William
挖空心思  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 1,操纵中国主流媒体, 一点都不想看电视等各种各样的媒体, 每次打开就会看到各种各样的文字马甲、图形马甲、录像马甲作出各种各样的心理暗示, 每次打开就看到各种各样的人物形象、马甲、角色狂动作: &# | Deal Keren Diskon Murah Dan Diskon Promo Indonesia
Will U Still Love Me???
Will you still love me even if I’m not perfect? Will you still love me even if I’m not the kind of person you wish I were? Will you still look into my eyes with warmth even if you saw my shadows? Will you still hold my hand even if you knew there will be times I’d let you down? For though I yearn to take care of you as I should, though I desire to love you with a love that never falters and fades, my knees tremble this very moment that you hold me in your arms. Shall I kiss you? Shall I hold your hand and bask in the light of your spirit knowing that I have my darkness, knowing there will be times that the light of my love will sometimes be overshadowed by the darkness that is in me? Sometimes I’d be silent and I might bore you. I may not laugh at your jokes, and you may not understand the spell that’s enshrouding me. Sometimes I’d get troubled and I’d fail to put into words what the hell it is that troubles me. I wouldn’t be good company then, and I couldn’t make you smile.
Nike Tn Requin Foot Locker,vrai Tn Requin,chaussure Tn Pas Cher
First of all, Such as Timberland 6 Inch Premium Boot, ants TN Pas Cher and loads of other hazardous species.. This Timberland 6 Inch Premium consists of a increased design and design with padded sides and lug nut grommets. Tn 2012 provides high quality, and delicate products to satisfy the different requirements of the outdoor customers. The products have market in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, South Africa and the Middle East, where the stores are welcomed by their people. In 1973, Swartz family established Tn Nike brand in the 70 s, he took the unique shoe-making technology in the world, producing the first pair of bottom and stitches completely close shoes, making the real meaning of waterproof shoes.Timberland boots - almost everyone knows it. As famous boots, Nike Tn Pas Cher with its high quality and warm feeling become the most popular one among the crowd. For the long development of boots, Timberland company introduce Timberland sale activity to attr
My Best Time Ever!
I remember it was one of those boring Monday morning lectures, something to do with Moslows theories, I mean what’s the point I could have stayed in bed. Fortunately I’m in a class with real boff’s therefore been that little bit late always means that I get to sit at the back. In this serene setting I’ve often slept through the lecture or scribbled eligible notes that encrypting them is a task worthy of an encriptionologist.   But today was surprisingly to be not unlike any other day. It opened with a drole and I’m sure it was the case throughout but I had become so completely separated from the lecture that I’m sure others must have thought that I was on some illicit substances. I diverse. Anyway I came in, sat down and feeling so tired as Anna came round again, I just put my head down on the desk and rested it on my hands, and that was all it took. One sniff and Anna was there again before me, naked mochican pussy, huge tits and those deep brown
Tn Pas Cher,air Max Chaussures,nike Air Max
The site also sells Nike Air Force One shoes. There are various types from this line of Nike men's shoes. These are custom-made; rare; airbrushed; and Spongebob. In the 95S and 96S have accents, but the tn Requin Pas Cher was literally covered in 3M material. This caught the eyes of many runners make themselves more visible to, but draws the attention of many fashion forward eyes and is separated from the Nike Air Max 97 shoes all the shoes of others. Nike dunks Sb branded shoes are became very popular as stylish, comfortable and passionate shoes to all type of ages. These Nike Dunks SB are made up with leather and are specifically designed for skateboarding and a comfortable wearing for skate boarders. The first edition of Air Jordan shoes introduced in 1985 were sophisticated as well as fashionable and are worth quite a fortune to a hardcore basketball fan. The 1985 collection of Jordan shoes were designed by Peter Moore and they were as simple as any basketball shoes can be.
About is default IP for lots of home high speed broadband modems. It is primarily utilised by Linksys although has been discovered utilized in several other home network products including these manufactured by Netgear and even Westell for starters.Useful Resource 19216811ip.comDespite the fact that stands out as the default ip for the majority of internet modems, this does not always has to be. A number of manufacturers set the default IP address to to be able to endorse a much more standard processing conditions and to make it simpler for new customers to setup their own networking systems fast and easy.Could only Linksys and also other modems work with the IP?Basically no, given that can be described as non-public IPv4 address, any type of personal pc, wireless router, switch, as well as other net product could be crafted to employ this specific IP. Nonetheless, it isn't often advised because there are lots of units which default
The things she says and gives to you; she said and gave them to me, too. Yet since I ripped her hooks from me I bleed from wounds I cannot see. I do what's right but I do it all wrong. I'll hurt all my life, try to go on. I am one of her tattered dolls behind her many secret walls.
How Tp Pass The Cherry Inferno Achievevement And Move Beyond Level 50
If u need the cherry bomb achievement chrerry inferno and have been unable to pass it and u need some help or would like me to try and get past it for you message me :) i passed it my first try with a broken wrist.
Check This Out If You Kidz Or No Someone Who Does....
She's a collector An emotional specter She keeps you plugged in even when you disconnect her. She gives you a name Says she feels the same She breaks your defenses as part of the game. How long has she played? For years I'm afraid. Her toys piled in closets, neglected and frayed. She acts a good care But she's only there Long enough to make sure her toys land in her lair.
Vendite Della Manifestazione Aumentante Di Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly L'avanzamento Di Tecnologia Mutevole Di Nike
Dall'inverno che viene, la popolarità delle scarpe buyying di calcio per la partita non ha ridotto mai entrambi in depositi ed online. Con tante stelle famose in coppa del Mondo, questo aumento l'interessante di giocar a calcioe. Come stella di Adidas e di Nike la loro guerra circa le scarpe di calcio, vapori mutevoli di Nike mai dalla vista della gente.è ture che azionamento di C Lo la popolarità dei vapori mercural di Nike, oggi, può qualche gente non conosce il Nike Talaria mutevole, ma tutti conoscono i vapori di Nike Mercurial come pure la C Lo. Inoltre l'interessante della manifestazione di Nike Mercurial Vapor superfly l'incanto di tecnologia avanzata di Nike. C'è un'alternativa che può essere considerata ed è la selezione di scarpe di Nike Mercurial Vapor superfly che sono destinate specialmente per dare il conforto ai giocatori mentre sono sulla terra.Il vapore mutevole di Nike superfly come il quarto in serie prestigiosa, è stato progettato con una cosa in mente: velocità pur
Making Friends
Making Friends Every person is different, knows different things, acts differently, does ralphs lauren different things, and you wonder how we all get along? Well, some of us do get along with everyone, some people don't get along with many people. Some people need encouragement and some people need advice and some people need compliments. Everyone enjoys all of those things. If you want to be a realtor, and someone says that you could be a realtor. Chances are, you might just be a realtor. Everyone just needs a little encouragement. Ok great, all things you already know. Let's talk about work and fun. If you are in college and you are studying that's work. If you are writing, that's work. If you are talking with someone, that's work. You may think, how is hanging out with my friends work? Well you are talking, when you could be writing, and talking and writing are the same things. You are also learning, everyone can help you with different kinds of ralph lauren shop advice. You can't
I Will Bring Back With Me New Things," Discount Michael Kors Said Bosambo Enticingly; "strange Devil Boxes, Large Magics Which Will Entrance Y
I will bring back with me new things," discount michael kors said Bosambo enticingly; "strange devil boxes, large magics which will entrance you, things that no common man has seen, such as I and Sandi alone know in all this land. michael kors shoes Go now, I tell thee, to your people in this country, telling them all that I have spoken to you, and when the moon is in a certain quarter they michael kors outlet will come in joy bearing presents in both hands, and these ye shall bring to me." "But, lord!" it was the bold Notiki who stood in protest, "what shall happen to michael kors bags such of us headmen who come without gifts in our hands for your lordship, saying 'Our people are stubborn and will give nothing'?" "Who knows?" was all the satisfaction he got michael kors bags from Bosambo, with the additional significant hint, "I shall not blame you, knowing that it is not because of your fault but because your people do not love you, and michael kors shoes because they desire another
Go Around Go Around
I stand still in the night  I go around go around  knowing my thoughts of love I stand still in the night I go around go around One day at a time knowing love in my heart pass bye me in the wind I stand still in the night I go around go around lost Don't here my cry Fireflies pass me in the night  love me love me bY Christine
Access To My Nsfw Folder
Getting into my NSFW folder can be done as follows: Go to and purchase the printed version of the book "A Shiver at Midnight: A Collection of Spine-Tingling Tales" for $9.99.  You can copy and paste the address below to go directly to the page. Then, send me a salute holding this book, and send me a bling of your choice.  Voila!  You will gain access!
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Polo Ralph Lauren Pas Cher
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**this Is A Note To All**
The R-word Take The Pledge I pledge that I will not use the words "retard" or "retarded". I understand that this is hurtful to people who have developmental disabilities and people who love them. I will be careful with my words, and will ask others not to use their words either. The R-word is hate speech that reinforces negative attitudes about people with physical or mental disabilities. When the word "retard" is used to describe someone or something you think is bad or stupid it is pure predjudice. It is hurtful to people with disabilities and people that love them. The Language of Bullying Bullying is a hate crime. Calling people with disabilities "retard" is a form of bullying. Silence is golden. Silence means agreement. If you hear bullying, say something. Words have power. People with disabilities and their families know that negative language leads to harmful actions; like isolation, abuse, and violence. Listen, learn and love.
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lunettes ray ban Though the early Ray Ban sun glasses bear the integrated and inherited merits of Bausch Lomb, Ray Ban Company are still pressing to make more progresses. For example, Ray Ban sun glasses have become the appointed products of some famous car manufactures. To learn to read product logos, not all sunglasses have a UV feature, a meet basic standards of sunglasses, can only block the light but not block more UV. If a pair of sunglasses can block light and can not block the same amount of ultraviolet light. On May 7 of the same year, Bausch & Lomb started working with a prototype known as the anti-glare which was made of ray ban pas cher and ralph lauren pas cher ,Nike Requin gold-plated metal and green lenses made of mineral glass that helped filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays. Getting a square struggle with - or developing a strongly angular jaw - also proves to be tricky when contemplating the proper experience form. Here, contrast along with size is crucia
Lena Gercke, La Plus Sexy Fille De L'euro
juin 30 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Tout a commencé en Février de cette année. La version allemande du magazine GQ a publié une longue interview du couple formé par le jeune top model Allemagne Lena Gercke et le Real Madrid Le milieu de terrain Sami Khedira. Headlines, footballeur, robe de mariage pas cher , vêtu d'élégant smoking, avec ses mains couvrant les seins de sa petite amie, qui a comparu sans vêtements. A l'intérieur, des images de style plus similaires illustrant une interview dans la capitale espagnole. Sans ce précédent ne comprend pas l'excès de zèle de la Fédération allemande de football de demander à la jeune Lena modérer ses costumes, et la jalousie excessive de couple à partir de d'autres membres de l'équipe allemande. Apparemment, ils ont exprimé des plaintes sur le rle de la petite amie de Khedira avant, pendant et après les matches à la sélection Euro. CHOISI LE BEAU LA PLUPART DU FORUM En outre, le tablod Bild, le pl
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Bling For Friends
I'm trying to get more frinds on here so im going to start giving bling out.  For every 25 new friend requests I recieve i will be selecting one person to bling out of that 25.  It will be a random selection but it will be one of the 25 new friends that I add.  So start getting those friend requests sent to me and you could be one of them that gets blinged.   ****It won't always be a 1 or 2 credit bling either.  Last time I did this I gave out a couple 10 credit blings and a couple boomies also****
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Nike Air Max 2011 feature the uncaged 360 Air from the Air Max 2009 with a super-breathable triple-layer Fuse material on the upper. With the absence of Flywire and complete use of Fuse,Nike air max pas cher Nike is focusing more on the breathable aspect of a running shoe - a requirement of a good running performance shoe. Keep in mind that air max 90 pas cher shoes want "break in" measure with bring into play, becoming molded to the contours of your feet; even so, reduced discomforts like pinches or places where the shoes rub can quick become intolerable an eye to natural use. Don't be weak-kneed to look over on dozens of shoes to realize the blameless fit. Seemliness shoes are an all high-ranking business of any health routine; a health tiresome is in any event quite bizarre from participating in a frolic and you should wear different shoes for sports.Nike Pas Cher Buying shoes due to the fact that any skip about requires a an enormous number of your regard as you procure a
It's early eveningAnd night's shroud has fallenA silent, stealthy darkAnd the fireflies flutterSafe in the impenetrable coverOffered by the depthsAnd crevasses Of spruce boughsThe smoke trailingFrom the cigarette in my handReminds me as I watchOf the trials, the testsOf everything I've enduredTake a hit and ponderAs the fireflies wanderLittle moving starsIn the deepening darkRecalling things you saidThings I saidThe tears fall unbiddenMy self loathing deepensAnother draw off the smoldering stickI bitterly press to my lipsAnother nail in the coffinSome have saidAnd I can't help but wonderIf a quick deathIs better than this slow oneSuck in anotherLung-ful of smokeExhaling and watching thoseLiving, sweet, mini starsStill twinkling and shiningMy fate they're diviningSending my wishesTo fall on their wingsLove is always conditionalIts truth truly fictionalI no longer meetThose set termsAnother puff of smokeIts trail as fragile as hopeAnd the night windPicks up and takes it awayThe cigarette
The Sleep Shack has the cure for overnight visits by pesky in-laws and children whowant to move back home! We've made it simple. We offer the world's crappiest, most uncomfortable mattresses, guaranteed. That's right! All it takes is one of our mattresses in your guest room and VOA LA, no morevisitors! The Sleep Shack offers the lack of comfort and the poor quality you need,guaranteed. So go ahead, let them wake up angry because of a bad night's sleep. For unparalleled crappiness and the poorest quality guaranteed, it's the Sleep Shack. 486 North South. Come feel the difference.
I Don't Even Know
I went and graduated from high school and I took some college courses but sometimes I don't even know how much longer this ancient desk top pc has. I have been trying for 10 hours to get the pc working. The computer freezes usually after I get on the internet. Sometimes before. Today I didn't need to blow inside the tower. Just gets me a little pissed. My daughter is using my laptop. She is going to the library tomorrow so I may be on earlier. I know what you may say....its my laptop, not hers. I may not be like plenty of other parents but I said she could use it when she spilled pop on hers. I ain't really wanting to piss her off and start using it again. She goes to bed earlier than I do so I could use it then too. Onto somewhat better news.... I have plans to purchase another laptop in August. I have a cam now but it only works on the desk top. So its like in order to blog and have cam talks with friends I need to use the desk top that doesn't always want to work. I'm thinking ther
Straight Up Word To The Male World...
Hey you Dude… Yeah you, hiding over there in the fu shadows.  I am here to let you all know, that I am wise to your sneaky ways.   How you hide in the shadows and wait for a sign that I just might be online and then pounce me all up in my shout box.  You’re Never brave enough play with me on my statuses or page, just always wanting to tell me what you want to do to me in my box.  There are usually countless others you tell the same song and dance to and then never learn when the drama unfolds.  Just because you do your best to keep it as out of public eye as possible, you cannot control the other’s involved and eventually one or two will find out and the bitch shit will fly. You dudes just never learn, you turn around and start all over again.  It is a game, an old and boring game that has been used and abused.  It’s such a shame too, because if you would give just one or two a straight up fair chance, you might just find out you enjoy getting to know someon
Tutorial - Glittering Lizard
Glittering Lizard  Today's blog is a tutorial on how to get the nails I uploaded yesterday. There are only 4 products that you'll need besides your base and top coat. The best part is that everything I used has a dupilicate that you could substitute. Besides your base and top coat, you'll need: OPI Don't Mess with OPI (OPI Jade is the New Black) OPI Just Spotted the Lizard (Sephora Diving in Malaysia OR Chanel Peridot) Essie Shine of the Times (Nubar 2010 OR Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure OR Essence Waking up in Vegas) OPI Black Shatter (China Glaze Black Mesh)  } STEP ONE Prepare your nail by laying a thin layer of the base coat down and allow to dry.   } STEP TWO Lay down a thin but even layer of Don't Mess with OPI so that your nail is completely covered. This may be a one or two coater. Allow to dry.   } STEP THREE (OPTIONAL) You may wish to create an accent finger or do your entire hand like this. I personally just did accent fingers. It adds a nice glitzy flash.
Windows Live Id Service Status
Both of these processes interact with each other to create the Windows Live Sign-In Assistant services, that will help you stay signed in Windows Live. Typically the WLIDSVC.EXE is a real Windows Service, along with the WLIDSVCM.EXE is definitely the “Service Monitor”.This particular service offers a lot of positive factors, which includes simpler sign-in to different user accounts when utilizing Windows Live. It’s additionally totally needed in case you’re working with Live messenger. Indeed, when you disable these services, you’ll receive the error message “Signing in Messenger Beta was not able as the services are momentarily inaccessible. Make sure you do this again later on. Error code 800706ba”.What goes on in cases where you are not working with Live messenger? That’s the situation that we bumped into and that triggered this post. We are making use of Pidgin for all those instant messenger necessities, and also the only Windows Liv
Poem (sad)
living in grievance, to all that is near, feeling rememberance, for the past that was dear.   forever longing, but never to disapear, a love that is lost now, for all that is here.   never knowing, the times of the past, hoping the fear, is never to last. now as i sit here, crying in pain, i stare out my window, at the falling rain.  
What Does Urban Dictionary Say About Your Name....
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Some pretty interesting things here.. Dennis The most amazing guy you'll ever meet. He's always there for you when you need him and he's someone you can count on. He doesn't know how special of a guy he is. He's like a warm snuggly blanket on a cold winter's night. He's the sexiest, handsomest most gorgeous guy! Anyone who knows him is lucky to have him in their life,  He's stubborn sometimes, but everyone is. He's the perfect guy to have in your life. Any girl is lucky to be able to call him hers...  A fun-loving dude. Loves to collect things and display them for all his friends to see. Great family man will always come through for people he loves. Shy at first but once he gets started he doesn't stop! The sex is amazing! One of the sweetest boys you could ever meet.someone who is perfect in every way.Probably the most amazing person you will ever meet. He's sweet, kind, funny, loving, and caring.
Grand Opening!
we are now independent business owners we where wondering if u would like to support us and buy our products plz look at our websight @
Please Help!
The next town over from where I live is in a contest to win $100,000 towards a dog park. Your votes would mean SO much to me! You can vote once per day on both of the following links.     PLEASE VOTE FOR DERBY, VERMONT (VT)   If you could pass those links along to others it would be wonderful too! This is much needed in our area!    Thank you  for your time ~Sassy (Amber)
How Much Protein A Day To Build Muscle?
Protein is really a complicated macromolecule, that includes lots of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen plus sulfur. It is actually constructed from unbranched chains of amino acids. A standard protein is made up of almost 200 or 300 amino acids. It's a elementary piece of virtually all living cells. Proteins must generate, manage as well as fix almost all protein components of our bodies which includes our bones, hair, your skin, muscle mass along with other body parts. Proteins perform a serious part in the production of bodily hormones, enzymes and in many cases genes. Additionally they offer vitality, however not that much as carbohydrate food do. Proteins are obtainable out of a variety of food products like dairy foods, eggs, animal meat, seafood, fresh vegetables along with beans. The requirement for ProteinsProteins are considered as being the blocks of the overall body. They're necessary for regular working of the whole body. The proteins have a vital role in the creation of D
Ability Bling Needed For 7/29
I will be fm 1 yr on 7/29 and i wanna make it special.I usually buy or trade my ability bling but i am in the process of moving so I can't spend what i usualy do.So i'm asking for any help i can get :D.            ABILITY BLINGS I WOULD LIKE TO GET  2 rock stars ..........2 make it rains  NOW I AM NOT ASKING FOR YOU TO GIVE IT TO ME i can offer fubux,ability points,my points,rate ALL your pics on unlimited 11s day my soul (just as long as i can keep my clothes on)  HIT ME UP IF YOU WANNA HELP N MAKE A DEAL .....................ty to all that have helped 
Quite Simply Love !
Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you. - Vipin Sharma Love is a wonderful thing. You never have to take it away From one person to give it to another. There's always more than enough to go around. - Pamela de Roy Teach love to those who hate, and let that love embrace you as you go out into the world. May the teachings of those you admire become part of you, so that you may call upon them. Remember, those whose lives you have touched and whose have touched yours are always a part of you, even if the encounters were less than you would have wished. It is the content of the encounter that is more important than the form. The buddy system is essential to your survival; it gives the enemy somebody else to shoot at. - Murphy's Military Laws True friends can see the hurt in your eyes when everyone else is fooled by your smileAnyone can make you smile or cryBut it takes someone special to make you smileWhen you already have tears in your eyes Throughout your l
I feel as though my hands are tied yet still my eyes are open wide clouded thinknig, my thoughts confused betrayed, berated, then excused I pay the price for spoken sins while standing outside looking in penalized and heaped in shame unable to defend my name writing thoughts best left unspoken painting pictures deemed provoking how can I not but speak my mind although some find the truth unkind an ounce of truth can set you free from those who call it blasphemy... Michael H. BodorCopyright © 2012
Sex And Whats Ok Or Not
So I bet we have all seen and heard what is considered ok and what is not ok regarding sex. Me, I'm tired of the missinformation and cultural pressure to have less joy than I should!!! How bout you? The following links have interesting and educational info on the subject. For example, how many of you feel that religion/the bible are negative toward sex. How many of you believe that the bible says that oral sex is wrong? Well God and what is written in the bible are for sex and oral sex is not described as wrong in the bible. But for some reason, we keep getting the message that it is. Ever hear sex discussed in a positive manner during a Sunday sermon? Our culture has enforced the filtering of what they don't want discussed. So where do your critical views of sex come from? You were raised conservatively. The American media in particular are outright prudes. Photos, ads or film of breasts, nipples, G-strings and ass are taboo (you guys are behind the rest of the world, grow up!). You
Need Fans And Friends To Level Up.
Pure Happiness!
There aren't very many words to describe how happy I am right now! After leaving a man I had been with for 5 yrs due to domestic violence, I never thought I would find a man that would make me so happy! I am so glad that I was ablw to find him after all this time! I am so glad he remembered me from that drunken night in Atlanta back in December 2005! I really friggin am glad! I knew then I LOVED him! But back then, he and I were both young and stupid! Now, we are in the best relationship that either of us had ever thought was possible. He knows what my situation is and that I am a single divorced mom. We've been dating about three months and I couldn't be happier! He is amazing with my daughters! Living with him for the past week has been the best week EVER! I love my Juggalo more than he will EVER realize, more than word can ever hope to express. He brought back a side of me that I thought was long dead thanks to my ex-hubby(that's something I never thought I would say)! I am so glad
The way I feel inside Everything is broken It's like having a twin that died I'll never be the same again   The world seems flat without you The stars shine dimmer at night Neither of us will glimmer as bright As when we were together, my friend   That which doesn't kill me Only makes me hopeless I don't want to be broken And you don't even notice That anything, would be better than this   The way I feel inside Broken and pathetic It all means, absolutely
The Philly Ghost...
Someone gave me this nick name and I decided to stick with it... I'd like to hear what people think about it.   ''The Philly Ghost,'' Blake Raditz.
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There is actually a great lie which your more dark unquestionably the upgraded lenses making use lunettes ray ban of ray ban 2140 sunglasses, higher paid for up your eyes may possibly be produced by severe ultraviolet uv rays. The fact is just that Ray Ban skiing dark-coloured athletics sunglasses may very. For the men, the RB2030, RB3025, RB3136 and the RB3211 always make the cut. A famous pair of predator sunglasses is what you get with the RB2030. The shape is has is contoured with the brand logo embossed on both lenses. The temples are made in a sleek and thin shape to give you a sophisticated look. This brand of eyewear is a trusted name for eye protection and style throughout history, from then until now.Ray Ban glasses can be worn by both men and women. ray ban pas cher and ralph lauren pas cher ,Nike Requin The design that it has is functional, the style is innovative and the models of sunglasses they have appeals to both famous people and regular people. It can be th
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lunettes ray ban Ninety nine of the harmonize, it's worthwhile to execute an absolute noteworthy make the most. Plenty of areas and even present you Terminator-inspired sunglasses produced entirely students while having less glasses and moreover Ray Ban 3025 upgraded lenses ideal for specific cope with over all size. To learn to read product logos, not all sunglasses have a UV feature, a meet basic standards of sunglasses, can only block the light but not block more UV. If a pair of sunglasses can block light and can not block the same amount of ultraviolet light. Timeless design, simple style and high quality style, will undoubtedly become the brand Le Pen came nearly 70 years after ray ban pas cher and ralph lauren pas cher ,Nike Requin the important element is still enduring.Ray Ban Sunglasses are one of the leading brands of sunglasses in almost all part of the world. It can be the glasses to wear when you want to show off your sporty side. The RB3136 is shaped in a squar
Packers Movers Pune Provide Quality Moving Services
There are many professional moving companies or packers and movers in Pune. These companies are committed to make relocation easy and smooth with their quality services, expertness and experiences. They are providing comprehensive solution to different relocation needs such as local household goods shifting, residential relocation, commercial shifting, corporate relocation, industrial goods shifting, office relocation, shop shifting and international relocation. They are providing a variety of helpful services to simplify the complicated process of different relocation situations. They have dedicated team of professionally trained workers and staff to handle the situation and turn it into easygoing and smooth affair. They are committed to deliver safe and happy relocation experience to their clients. Professional Movers and Packers Pune are providing a variety of services. They are providing services such as packing services, loading services, transportation services, unloading servic
敲骨吸髓 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性. 1,红颜知己, 看了新闻联播领导形象和动作的暗示,以及新闻联播里不停地出现打电话的镜头,不断地出现写信的镜头。但是,在2012年3月22日,我的手机又摔坏了,又时通时不通的,又没得钱买怎么办? 所见之人全部ᦁ
The State Of Fubar - June 2012.
Sometimes you know when things aren't right. This is one of them... Yesterday, the biggest tax ever in the history of the United States was upheld by the Supreme Court. Thus proving what we've said here for about 3 1/2 years now - that Obama is the biggest liar and Socialist we have ever had in the White House. Also, our Attorney General was found in criminal and civil contempt of Congress for failure to provide documentation required regarding the Fast and Furious gun running operation to Mexico. If you don't know what that is, Google it. That too, was historical. But you know, if you looked around here, you would think it's just like any other day. Nary a peep or a word or anyone really paying attention to the outside world.... ...there was a time when this actually mattered to users on here. That time has long since passed. There was a time when real life things like marriages, babies, job promotions, etc, were celebrated by packs or groups of people here. Those days have also
Forever Loved
All those sleepless night That I used to think When you are still with me All those crazy talks and laughs and dreams It felt like it was just yesterday   Every time I remembered your smile, I smile back You are so patience Always understanding Always loving   Did I take you for granted? I do not know But one thing I'm sure of I do love you    How I wish you were here 'Cuz I missed your loving touch And I missed your kisses And those lovely songs, that we used to sing   You never get tired You let me wandered off And when I come back You were there with open arms   If I could turn back the time I would do so So I can be with you again And show you how much you mean   Regrets? Yes it is For not making your wishes But I know you are happy Of what my life have turned out to be   Even though you're so faraway You're always here with me In my heart and soul Forever Loved   -FD
What Leh Ladakh Tourism Has To Offer To The Tourists?
Ladakh is the place with immense beauty and amazing culture. If anyone is interesting to know about the culture of India then he/she must plan a tour to Ladakh to enjoy the wonderful blend of Indian and Tibetan culture. Ladakh, home to several monasteries, is also considered best place for a spiritual tour.  In the monasteries, you can find several monks gathered together and offering prayers to the lord Buddha. Located proudly in the lap of great Himalaya in the north most side of India, this is the part of Republic of India and a great tourist spot. Countless number of tourists visits Ladakh every year for vacations or enjoying some quality time with their family and friends. The largest town in Ladakh is Leh which is famous for its markets and you can do some shopping and can buy traditional Ladakhi items from these markets. In fact, Ladakh has lot more to offer to the tourists. People also plan a trip to Ladakh to enjoy the amazing flora and fauna of the place that can never be fo
Whatcha Think Of Me Now??
Ifin I had the power of the wealthest around I wouldn't buy the fashion of the day. I would purchase a house and a car. My house would have a garden inside and outside. I love plants in general. May sound creepy or earthy then again I don't know you and you don't know me. Now for my garden, I would need a trowel and hose, a hand rake and a sprinkler. With loving care, I would plant carnations and roses. With percise timing, I would plant lettuce and tomatoes.  My roof would be part sunroof and part shingles. There would be a balcony surrounding the second floor. There would be a bathroom per bedroom. The kitchen would have an island. A full deck would be just outside of the living room. With a table and chairs, a couple of sunning chairs  on each side. If I was a wealthy girl. This maybe only in my dreams but my dreams are just that, my dreams!! I may say I am sorry for interrupting your day or sorry that I may get in peoples way at the store but I won't apologize for having dreams. W
Laugh, even when you feel too sick or too worn out or tired. Smile, even when you're trying not to cry and the tears are blurring your vision. Sing, even when people stare at you and tell you your voice is crappy. Trust, even when your heart begs you not to. Twirl, even when your mind makes no sense of what you see. Frolick, even when you are made fun of. Kiss, even when others are watching. Sleep, even when you're afraid of what the dreams might bring. Run, even when it feels like you can't run any more.And, always, remember, even when the memories pinch your heart. Because the pain of all your experience is what makes you the person you are now. And without your experience---you are an empty page, a blank notebook, a missing lyric. What makes you brave is your willingness to live through your terrible life and hold your head up high the next day. So don't live life in fear. Because you are stronger now, after all the crap has happened, than you ever were back before it started.&rdquo
Easy Way To Buy High-quality Flashlight
Easily buy high-quality bright flashlight: A. at face value: Fine B. look Material: Aluminum alloy C. see the light source: CREE is currently regarded as good. D. look at the brightest flashlight circuit: uniform solder joint rules, do not select the "chicken feces welding or gluing the flashlight (not professional for imitation to do), select the "fish-scale welding, quality, dense, and uniform; bright flashlight or packaging above must have a manufacturer certificate, model, name, address, etc. If your battery with protection circuit (with anti-overcharge and over discharge function) do not have to look at the following describes the following: New battery power for the protection circuit lithium explain not too much; To the first use, the battery does not require long charging time, based only on the charger charging instructions can; in the charging, the charging speed of the charger, when the indicator color changes immediately remove the battery, do not overcharge, the recommende
Protegga I Vostri Interessi Mentre Nike Trovato Calza Le Vendite
Come una di migliori scarpe nello sportworld, Nike è famoso delle sue scarpe di Nike Air, quella prima che ha progettato per i giocatori di NBA. Dopo lo sviluppo di anni, Nike ha cambiato il suo stile ad area corrente - scarpe da corsa di Nike; trasformato nell'area delle scarpe di calcio; il competetion con altre scarpe nell'area del golf, ciascuno dello sport caldo è che cosa Nike vuole toccare.Tuttavia, Nike ha raggiunto il suo scopo nelle aree di pallacanestro. Dalle scarpe della Giordania dell'aria, sempre più i youngers ha cambi ideaare alle scarpe di NBA di Nike. Con la conclusione di tempo della Giordania, Nike ha trovato il suo nuovo spokesprison - Kobe alle sue scarpe uniche - serie di Nike Kobe V. Kobe è i migliori giocatori di pallacanestro durante la stagione di NBA. Oggi il supporto a Kobe è superiore che mai, è grande momento per scegliere Kobe per trasformarsi nella sua voce. Inoltre la progettazione delle scarpe di Nike Kobe è avanzata. Facendo uso di Nike Flywire la t
Been A Helluva Day...
Sometimes it's easier to do this (a blog) when I am unable to be on. I have not been on today for various reasons. My mother got her stitches out from eye surgery....she wanted me there and all has gone well. My quasi mother in law needed to be settled in at home after her pace maker surgery, we did that....Someone will be with her for the next few weeks (cuz she is old as dirt, no disrespect to her, but she is in her 90's! And an amazing woman). And I'm just tired....when I'm tired, I am quiet. Simple as that. No disrespect to ANYONE...just tired....I love my Fu's, you all know that.   Kelly
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visited 22 states (44%)Create your own visited map of The United States or jurisdische veraling duits?
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juin 29 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Apparaissant comme un couple heureux engagée, Miley Cyrus et Liam Hemsworth ont été vus à la cérémonie des IDA 2012 et le dner de charité à la Ville d'Accenture, robe de mariage pas cher , CA, mercredi soir (Juin 27). L'acteur de "The Hunger Games" et sa petite amie avait l'air un tableau parfait va mettre noir robes colorées et élégantes que posée au photocall à l'Htel Intercontinental, puis entrez dans l'htel et profiter de la remise des prix. Parmi les lauréats, Liam et de l'actrice Yvonne Strahovski est fourni Prix de la percée des bénéficiaires du FIA, a été adoré comme le Australiens qui ont apporté des contributions importantes à l'industrie des loisirs et du film." Dans le choix de M. Hemsworth, président de l'IDA, Andrew Warne dit, Nous sommes ravis d'honorer Liam Hemsworth à 2012 Prix Révélation. La chane de films à venir démontre le pouvoir étoiles indéniable. De The Expendables 2, avec Sylv
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Your warm embrace.Your elegant taste.Your ace lights up my world.                                                                                                      Your loving smile.Your quirky style.Your ways keep me on my toes.                                                                                                      Your sensous eyes.Your little white lies.Your always my best side.                                                                                                         Your hidden love.Your love above.Your love is all i want.                                                                                                                    Love and lust,Lust and love if not acted on soon will for sure turn to dust           
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If you want or need help getting past the "cherry inferno" achievement please msg me I might be able to help :)
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TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name:  Victoria Birthplace: Tennessee Current Location: Tennessee Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color:  Black Height: 5'5" Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Your Heritage: American? I'm part Scottish, Irish, English, Cherokee, and Welsh, though. The Shoes You Wore Today: dorky work shoes Your Weakness: The inability to fly Your Fears:  Crickets! And abandonment. Your Perfect Pizza: doesn't exist. The best pizza I've had though was from a local pizza place and had roasted peppers, tomatoes, and... I'm not sure what else, actually. Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Submit an article for publication Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: lol Thoughts First Waking Up: Where's my phone? What time is it? Your Best Physical Feature: Uh... I think my eyes. But this is obviously the most subjective question on this list. Your Bedtime: When I'm exhausted or midnight if I'm in school Your Most Missed Memory: High school band Peps

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